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Author Topic: モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles  (Read 9295 times)

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モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles
« on: July 10, 2012, 06:29:56 PM »
Any suggestions for a better title can be posted here or through PM :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Essy came up with an idea to celebrate their 50th single and might as well make the thread to open it up to the writers

Here are some of the parameters:

Hm parameters? Ok here's a few so everyone doesn't go off track. Haha.

1) All 50 single titles have to be referenced either directly or indirectly. If indirectly, it has to be obvious enough for the reader to figure it out. Eg. Soap bubbles = shabondama.

2) Let's set a word limit at 1000 words max. We don't need to write anything that long. XD feel free to exceed it if necessary though.

3) Crack is the preferred currency, but if you can make a sad story out of it by all means go ahead.

4) Have fun. There is no deadline.

So to keep us in line and to control chaos among the writers, I will monitor the thread so we don't overlap each other, I don't know if anybody will save spaces or not but one at a time would be preferable and last thing have fun. 

Any additions?  PM me :lol:

Also, don't forget to thnx Essy for the idea!  I'd be killed if I didn't mention that :lol:
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Re: モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2012, 11:11:58 PM »
LOL Thank you Essy for the idea it's brilliant!!! And thanks to Kuro-sama for making the thread!! Here it goes my small contribution. All over the place like the song and the thoughts of the one who actually sung it solo on a ferris wheel.

From 1999: Morning Musume.'s 4th single:

Memory Seishun no Hikari

This memo I’m writing is a bit long… but please read it ‘till the end. It’s the only way my mind can cope with the harsh reality of what happened that night. It’s the only place I find freedom to look into my memories of you…our memories together.

Ever since the auditions we’ve been together…even if my audition that time wasn’t the longest one, your smile when you first saw me still remains in my heart. Funny how not having you by my side makes me remember things I should have remembered when we were together. Maybe that way I could have made a choice and my heart wouldn’t be as broken as it is now.

Hey, I know it may be a little long but…will you still read this memo all the way to the end?

My first audition was a total failure since I was still a child. I came to you and you patted my head telling me to work hard so that we may work together again somewhere. Those big eyebrows as you smiled at me and the bounce of your pigtails when you pulled my cheeks to make a smile come to my face… They haven’t changed a bit have they?

My second audition was a success and we were reunited once again. But they weren’t all happy times and I used to cry a lot, remember? I was still a child only just a year older. Yet you consoled me and listened to all my ramblings. Those doe like eyes pierced through me and I always finished my tears by laughing at your accent when you gave me advice. The advice worked but… your comforting voice was better therapy than I could have ever asked for.

I was a lone wolf when I got into the group and both Sayu and Eri were the only people I talked to. Remember how afraid I was of talking to others? I didn’t want to insult them with my immature words but you didn’t really care what I said and stood by my side. You know I can’t express myself well and that I tend to go off topic sometimes.

But even if I go off topic and make this memo long…can you please read it until the end?

We first got together on our Kashimashi single due to a kiss. I was a thank you kiss you gave me for suggesting you should cut your bangs for that video and the staff agreeing to it. I blurted out I liked you after that chaste kiss. What can I say? I’m blunt that way. You were so surprised your accent came out and that made me stutter. When you told me to hurry up I got scared! I thought you had told me to go up and die! I almost cried right there but to my surprise you kissed me again and nodded your head with a smile. We were going out.

I was surprised we lasted as long as we did since…what I felt for you at that time was just a teenager’s crush. But right now I’m truly crushed because…I fell in love with you… I truly did.

I found out I fell in love with you thanks to Cinderella the musical. Your gentlemanliness as you spoke each and every line…I was the princess you sang your honest love confession to when we practiced at your houses. Though it didn’t happen in the actual play, we ended each session with a kiss right before midnight when I escaped from your gentle hold.

I fell in love with you when you called me right after midnight frustrated because you couldn’t grasp the lines. I was your prince and looked for many ways to find you and help you understand that it was possible for a pumpkin to become a carriage and for you my princes to fall in love with me.

All these things…you probably don’t want to remember them like I do so you can tear up this memo and throw it away but please do so after you read it ‘till the end.

I’ve always wondered when it was that this blissful dream turned into a nightmare and began to break apart. Maybe it was how close you became when you were named leader and sub leader. I knew something was different when we had that ice cream whilst filming for HM@ and you were so engrossed in yourselves that I was ignored. You kept exclaiming how sweet it was but to me it tasted bitter…everything was bitter. It felt like you were together and I was you chaperone. It wasn’t what I wanted, the cameras were right there and I was in the middle of your bliss; all dark and unnoticed.

Was that the beginning of our end?

This memo is too long, I don’t truly know if you’ll read it. But please do so until the end. It may not mean anything to you but it means everything to me. I’ve never been hold as tenderly as I had ever been by your hands…I’ve never been loved as sweetly as I was by you. The only thing I hope for is that you don’t love her the same way you loved me.

Alongside this long memo I’ll return to you the key to your apartment. What was once your spare key and then turned into my own key to the place.


-Your Rei. Your Tanakacchi.-

After writing and drying her tears, she stood up from her desk and took her purse where she placed both memos for the ones she loves as well as the set of keys that lied beside them. She stepped out of her apartment and faced the cold Tokyo weather that evening. It was almost 3 am, but she had to give that memo to them.

They…who had found each other while she enjoyed both their hearts… they had found each other in love and she had found them together in a bed.


Thank you for reading!

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Re: モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2012, 07:33:35 AM »
Author's Note: I altered the song to make it mutual feeling rather than one side with a feel of chasing, I also figured that it could go with another single but I didn't want to be a forced smile but a genuine smile :)

Egao YES Nude

Our first meeting, you fell into my arms after the run through the sprinklers with that glare in your eyes, I know met the right person.  Your body as dead weight, you still smile despite your heavy eyes closed.  We land into bed my arms wrapped around you nesting your head on my chest, you whisper my name seductively.  Holding you tightly, I whisper good night to your ears.

The first date showed my nerves shows across the room looking at the time, pondering over picking you up or taking your own ride to the restaurant.  This clock doesn't stop ticking away with the patience of the staff slowly melting away.  Then, out from the sky, you dazzle in red, your hair tied up parting your bangs away from your eyes.  The thousands of eyes staring at you while you rush over to take a seat across of me.  That smile drives me up the wall as I spill my water on my lap.

You delicately wipe the wet area with your napkin, yet naughtily smile when you dot my cheeks with the napkin, I couldn't feel happier in my life.  Then, dinner was a quiet experience as you elegantly chew on your meat and you catch me again with your eyes as you smile again and cut my steak for me.  Receiving the piece, I closed my eyes again to only open to the sparkle across of me.  Grabbing your hand, we head to the roof to the fireworks as you rest into my arms.

That return home, I couldn't help but to make you laugh to see that smile again, although you force couple of them to make me happy.  I wanted to kiss you goodbye but flashing that smile, I let you sleepover again, laying on my chest sprawled on top of the bed.  That grin made me feel comfortable throughout the whole night.

The spring never left with you around, the flowers' scent was sweeter, the smile pure with the gentle rain.  We could never leave each other even if we raced across the park, with a little bit of help with your hands surprising me.  The warmth grew throughout with summer coming in drying out the grass.  Thus, the beach picnics, where we had little food but lots of fun in the water as we tangled with each other in trying to gain an advantage.

Then, the smile would show and I lose my balance surrendering to you.  My eyes gazing into yours, we exchange a kiss out of nowhere; we were beyond the surface of friends.  The days would past into autumn where the climate would change around us and embrace with our hearts now as one.  The cold temperatures couldn't change how warm your smile was and we lay down again dreaming for better days.

Winter flew by with ease as we stayed cuddle together and our friends encouraged us to take the leap to be permanent.  You deny their advice but I took it to heart and kneel down in front of you, your smile captivating as ever when you accepted my proposal and wear it on your finger.  You show it off as a piece of my heart to everyone but the smile was my biggest gift.

One day, I saw you walk off with that smile only to hear the phone ringing.  That voice haunted me and I ran to your room with a smile.  You told me to not speak anymore and you said everything I never wanted to hear.  Holding your head, close I remember that night when the fireworks went off, and lend my support through faith.

“Why do you like me when I smile?”  She asked as I headed toward the door.

“It’s pure, many people cannot possess a pure smile.  I may sound smart right now, but that is how I feel about you.”  My explanation made her smile again.

“Do you think it will last forever?”

“Yes, I think so, I won’t let it leave me.”

I left the room with tears rolling down my eyes.  I wanted to switch positions with you.  A few days later, I heard you were rolling around doing your “surprise attack.”  The nurses complained that your energy is enviable and they explained I was the reason, I was happy that when I return, you sat up waiting for me with your arms extended.  They told me not to force you to walk but I didn’t listen and picked you up and twirled you.  Your smile appeared again as we crashed to the bed.

“Thank you.”

“You did everything.”  I replied.

“If you weren’t here, I would be lying here dead.”

“… I should thank you for walking into my life.”

Your head turned and that grin caught me off guard from before.  I carried you like before and left the hospital still with that same smile that brought us together.
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Re: モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2012, 08:59:04 AM »
Um, long time no see, H!P Fanfics' folks!!! My <REBIRTH> is still Hiatus, but I had this inspiration, so... Yeah... :)

1st of all... Estrea-sama, thank you for this wonderful idea (and for your wonderful fics)  :bow:
2nd, kurosawa-san, thank you for making that idea into reality, creating this thread and letting us participate in posting our crack stories  :bow:
3rd... I really like the song, but I think I will give a new meaning to her... Hope you like it... Here goes nothing...


Iroppoi Jirettai

Everywhere I go, people wear little clothes. The air is kinda refreshing, and the sun is not too hot. Here people freely kiss or make out in public. They drink, eat, chat, party, look for potential romance adventures. They spend their time leisurely. Because here, where I am, people relax and have all time to themselves. I was not supposed to come to this sexy island, especially without you, but...

I’m here three days already. All the weekend I spent mumbling under my nose that I’d be happy if I was with you, that I want to meet you soon, and that I wish you’d hold me to the end of life, no, forever. Again but...

I remember the beginning so clearly, like it happened only yesterday. When it comes to us, girls, we all feel that way. That is, we want to meet a prince of our dreams, who is destined for us in the stars. We want to be loved, taken care of, treated nicely. But after I met you, I understood not all women feel that way. You never wanted the same thing. On the contrary, you wanted to be the prince...

It surprised me at first, when you started giving me flowers, sending me gifts, or when mails from you bombarded my phone in the middle of the night. It went like that for a while: lonely evenings, spent watching TV or reading a book, then happy times, reading your mails at midnight, writing you back in one word sentences. I, being a tsundere and yankee type, never thought someone will take interest in me. But you did.

It was really nice, being treated so well, BUT... I was going to ask you for more... Because as the time went by, I felt more and more attracted to you. All the times we went to cinema, had dinner or simply watched at the smiling stars... One day its afternoon became a witness of this love in my heart, when I couldn’t hold it in anymore and confessed to you. You blinked a few times and looked confused. I thought I’ll say it again, that I love you, but finally you came out of your stupor and kissed me. Loving each other and getting so close was a huge step forward for us.

I was always impatient for more of your kisses, and very clingy towards you. In a very sweet voice you jokingly sometimes called me your ‘sexy fool’. I was happy, hearing that I was yours, but actually we never did THAT, so that declaration of yours was unofficial. And before I knew it, one night you took the initiative and made me YOURS. I asked you afterwards to hold me tight and never let go. You agreed and I was really happy, until...

The journey to your parents’ house. You were driving, the road was slippery from the hard pouring. You said the god was weeping, his tears were for us, for our happiness. I laughed, then we turned on the music and sang along. But suddenly... I don’t know the details of the accident, but I know you cried a lot, I know you just couldn’t move on. You became a matchmaker, or as I call you, a sexy cupid. You have a hunch for this kind of things, and you look damn gorgeous from up here.

Walking by the sea, I always notice happy couples and cringe. It’s a paradise here, in heaven, yet for me the sea highlights jealousy. My jealousy. As I am separated from you... Ai-chan... I love you so much... And I miss you so much... Your Reina-chan needs you. Your sexy fool will be waiting for her sexy cupid in this sexy island... You can even call this craving to meet you a sexy impatience... As we use that word a lot in our vocabulary... I shouldn’t say it, but I want you to hurry and come here, were I won’t be all alone... Ai-chan...


It's totally crack, made out of inertia, sudden inspiration while listening to the song... So, forgive me if something is not okay  :bow:
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Re: モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles
« Reply #4 on: November 09, 2012, 07:21:20 PM »
It super sad crack, yo. But good!

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Re: モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2012, 06:24:37 AM »

The city was cruel living, being packed like sardines in a concrete jungle.  The lid left ajar with the rotting attitudes of the people.  Sayumi wanted to leave that behind and head back to a place where the air was fresher and people were nicer.  The departure, however, was of another reason.

She stood at the edge expecting the car door to arrive in front of her but having to relearn the positioning she once learned leaving the country was now a new experience for her.  A meter from the where she once stood was now an entrance onto a sight she hadn't seen in ten years.  Despite the miscalculation, she held suitcase firmly as the passengers waddled into their seat and luck gave a window seat to the sun.

The sun wasn't as harsh as she expected but a towel wrapped around her head was her only protection letting her long, jet-black hair out from the back.  An elderly man took the seat next to her and presented a toothy grin to her as she returned one herself.  Before a word was spoken, he offered a pink/white carnation as his lone gift to the lady with a hug in return.  Sayu admired the flower as a turning point in her life.

A permanent trip to a place that she knew half her life was more of a torture than a relaxing visit.  Her mind was filled with scenarios of that confrontation.  A picture of her parents carried fear but a sense of comfort for her.  She couldn't remember what seemed worst, the first trip away from home or the final trip knowing that she would be a member of MM.

With it seemingly flying around like a bat in a dark cave, Sayu looked back at the man to see him dozing off as the sunlight gently touched his skin.  She saw him as peaceful but yet a sense of regret grew upon his expression.  He seemed content with life as his head tilted back and his eyes closed.  He didn't fear the death lingering over him.  He was only concerned that the train would take him back to a place he knew.

A figure came from the front of the train rolling a small tray of snacks and drinks.  Standing tall, she had a smile on her face as she greeted the many people that she passed by.  She had layers of stress built over the youthful face.  An occasional sigh would come and approached her with a snack and drink in hand.

"Thank you for riding."  She said as Sayu grabbed the complementary items from her hands without changing her expression.

She glanced outside at the fields of rice paddies that seemed to form large lakes in a green pasture.  Workers picked out the grains by hand and placing it into a bamboo container, occasionally looking up at the autumn sun as they wiped their sweat away from their faces.  Sayu began to wonder about her life so far and the happiness that she experienced.  Then a slight tilt of the head brought back the images in her head.

A wild night with friends gave her a true celebration of life and met with a few men, who were businessmen from the top companies.  Offered a few drinks, before Sayu let one to lower her guard.  His eyes were of hazelnut, his hair was short and parted down the middle, and a laugh that many women would fall for.  A night that she wouldn't forget became a dark nightmare.

She awoke one morning a few months later and launched a gray assault into the toilet.  Sayu watched it swirl down as the feeling of drunkenness came over her again but the gray matter wouldn't stop being released and decided to pass on work and walked into the doctor's office.

A brief explanation only brought up a conclusion that made her fear her parents and broke down admitting her fault in everything.  Luckily, she remembered the face and the place he worked for and approached him with the news.  A chuckle came out before turning serious as he bulled passed her.  Her pleading never went away until his hand blindly knocked her to the ground.  His companions laughed at the fallen woman before walking off into the sunset.

She began to wonder if it was the right decision to be on this train and never say those words to them as she would be now on the streets.  Sayu knocked it out temporarily with her eyes slightly closing to the sun beaming in.  The words were of bee stings if she heard it but accepted fault.

Sayu awoke to the announcement of her stop and shook off the sleep from her eyes.  She gripped onto the suitcase as they approached the stop.  The old man flashed another smile before letting Sayu out of the seat.  She walked slowly making sure her feet didn't get tangled and held onto the pole until it made a full stop.

She jumped off the train and landed in a crouching position with the forward momentum of the suitcase dragging her forward.  Sayu exited the train station and faced a long road with few cars passing by her.  The one car that was left was a blue Toyota with a smiling man waving a familiar face.  Sayu nodded her head and took the backseat trying to avoid the news.

Sayu concentrated on the outside beauty of the evening.  She never experienced the view before on her previous trips back and the new landscape interested her along the long road.  Her eyes closed for a few seconds before waking up in the driveway.

Arriving at the house, she felt her heart pulsing quickly as her mother laid out tea and snacks as Sayu was an honored guest.  She felt grateful that she returned home but the suitcase seemed to indicate something to her parents.

Words were still swirling in her mind as her parents took their seats across of each other.  She gave a passing glance to each of them before taking a deep breath.

"I'm..."  She paused as her parents leaned in closer.

“Sayu, are you okay?”  Her mother’s voice rang in her ear and turned her head towards her.

"I'm pregnant.  I'm sorry."  Her voice faded as her head hit the table.

They peered down at their daughter and felt the obstruction stuck in their throats.  A soothing rub was the only cure as they realized that life was going to change.  It wasn't moment to lecture their daughter for mistakes in life and they hugged her.  She never accepted the pity of the moment but her parents' gesture was a confirming feeling of forgiveness.
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Re: モーニング娘。Fifty Cracks for Fifty Singles
« Reply #6 on: January 18, 2013, 11:35:29 PM »
This is a weird one, but I just came with it off a whim.  Hope you like it


Sayu is having fun with Riho and stealing our toys again.

-Maa-chan :D

A smile grew on her face like a sunflower to the sunrise.  Reina knew the constant updated from her little rascals always cheered her up.  They were transforming her into a person she couldn’t believe that was stuck into her petite body.  She was surprised that the youth of the members changed her into a new Reina, an introvert who only cared during shooting but kept to herself during her private time.

Despite the message, she felt pent up in her house.  The weather gods were pouring out their frustrations out into the streets and watched the combination rain on top the earth.  She watched the cursor blink a few times before letting it turn into the black screen.

 Letting out a sigh, she stretched out onto her plain, brown couch and felt the head land on the pillow.  The warmth from it intoxicated her with sleep.  Her body relaxed into goo as she passed onto her fantasy.  Relaxing onto the comfortable bed, Reina observed a door in front of her.

Grasping onto the knob, the door flew open, sucking her body into the black abyss in front of her.  She barely felt out the steps below as the body was being tugged by a rope and safely landed on the couch.  Noticing the stain patterns, she was on her own couch but before she could realize it, the bell ran through the house.  Quickly, she opened the door to the dark shadow in front of her.

Walking into the apartment, the light spotlighted the former leader with a grin.  She passed by Reina, closing her umbrella from the terrible weather outside and removed her shoes on the steps.  She approached the couch and plopped her body onto the cushions and let out a sigh as her gaze fixed onto the kitty.  Laid out in a t-shirt and a skirt, Ai smiled at Reina.

“Reina, ohisashiburi~” she greeted with her body sprawled out onto the couch, resting her head on the pillow she had been sleeping on.

Her feet were floating as she saw the former leader snugging up to pillow.  Reina stood in front of the former leader, crossing her arms.  “What are you doing here?” 

“I cannot rest here for the night?”  Ai aimed her attention towards the kitty.

Before she could answer, Ai rolled away scrunching her body into a ball leaving a seat for Reina.  The place was warm from the heat coming from her body, Reina sat down comforting the smooth legs of the former leader.  Her eyes trailed to the end of the skirt and allowed her hands to reach for it but turned her attention to her attractive eyes.

“You never answered my question, Reina.”  Ai said with a grin on her face.

Ai’s right hand reached out and grasped Reina’s lukewarm hand, forcing it onto her hip.  Reina collapsed into the wedge behind the former leader.  The aromatic scent from her soft hair was enticing but pushed her off before she felt too comfortable.

“I was just surprised,” Reina answered.  “I don’t expect many people here.”

“Sayu said you were alone and most likely bored, I assumed,” Ai explained.  “If you don’t want me here, I can leave.”

Reina stared down at the leader’s seductive position and fell back into position.  Her warm body, the smile that was present, everything seemed to be perfect.  She pressed her face into her back, letting the frustration take over the moment.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, Ai-chan.”  She replied as she wiped her eyes.

Shifting her body, she saw the tears rolling down her eyes.  “Just say it.  We are alone here.”

Continuously wiping her eyes, Reina lips started to stiffen up.  She pressed closer to Ai, shielding her face from her.  “I miss you a lot.”

Ai forced a grin onto her face and wrapped her leaf arm around the kitty’s waist.  Holding onto the arm, Reina released the river within her.  She couldn’t explain it.  It was an image that she never wanted to release.  It was etched in her memory.  She couldn’t let it go.

Reina felt the buzzing in her hand.  She rolled off the couch realizing that no one was there holding her.  It was a dream, a good dream but still a dream.  Grasping the phone, she swiped the phone to open it to the front screen.  Seeing the icon in the top left corner, she opened up her messages.  Two were staring back at her.

One was from Sayu.


Maa and Duu are bickering again.  Please help me >_<

She was ready to reply but the other message got most of the attention in her mind.  The sender was not unusual but something seemed to foreshadow the events in her dream.  Opening the message, her heart began to pump quickly as it appeared on the screen.


It’s Ai-chan.  Don’t you love the rain?  It reminds me of the first time we met.  We were once butting rams but that day, it reminded me that I cannot challenge people to get their respect.  You were not the best with people but the new generations seemed to warm up to you.  Maybe you were just testing me, but I wish you luck when you do graduate.


She pressed on reply and looked at the blinking cursor.  She went directly to the small keyboard and let her thumbs take over.


Long time no talk.  I never liked the rain.  It made my hair frizzy and depresses me.  I remember the time we were together but I was scared to talk to you because everyone wanted to talk to you.  I didn’t want to either but I was coerced into by everyone.  Only you really did but I never wanted to admit you were my sempai.  It was too hard.  I finally realized that I had to open up to get any respect.  I guess I’ve grown up.


She quickly closed the phone and placed on the floor.  She looked at the ceiling again before hearing the buzzing of her phone and looked down to find a message reply.

Not as tall as me :P

She belted out a laugh.  It felt close to her new beginning but she could finally surrender the dream of Ai.  Reina turned onto her couch and replied to Sayu before crashing again.  It felt wonderful to be forgiven and loved at the same time.
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