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Author Topic: One-shot Scraps: February Project [02/14]  (Read 29187 times)

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Re: One-shot Scraps: November Project [11/28]
« Reply #60 on: November 29, 2013, 11:41:22 PM »
Really cute story (=^x^=)

Aho Kame XD

Reina and the kitten brought so many similarities in their personalities throughout the whole story.  Thanks for doing it  :thumbsup
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Re: One-shot Scraps: Nosebleed Chronicles 1 [12/06]
« Reply #61 on: December 06, 2013, 06:16:37 AM »
MsSmigge: Procrastination FTW. If you ask me the best motivation to make assignments and projects would be... *drumrolls* the last minute rush.  :twothumbs
It's kinda obvious who'd be the other sober person in the group. I wonder what would happen if it were the other way around?

kuro_808: Aho... Damn, I haven't seen a turtle emoticon yet... ȯД<- good enough xD

Nosebleed Chronicles 1
Chronicles might not be the best word to use here but let's not go into details

₪₪ Eri wasn’t exactly the brightest turtle in the block. Just as her friends have lovingly dubbed her “Aho kame” Eri took pride in that and made sure the title would stick for a very long time. What she wasn’t was one to easily give up. She couldn’t exactly be called stubborn. It was very easy to sway her decision, if you knew the right bait to dangle in front of her. But when it came to problems she wouldn’t just drop everything like that, at least not until she had exhausted her efforts to at least try to address her problems, which would take around half an hour of serious thinking, give or take. Afterwards that’s when she would finally admit defeat and ask for someone else’s help, usually in the form of one bean-faced girl. Unfortunately in this case she didn’t have much time and she couldn’t ask anyone for help, not unless she wanted to get a zero on her pre-test.

It was still the first weeks of classes, and as per usual the school has given out a pre-test. It was supposed to be used to gauge how much the student had learned from the beginning to the end of the school year. Something Eri thought was weird. Wouldn’t they know after averaging their scores after every term?

She sighed, staring at the test paper before her. At least it was the last one for the day, after this maybe she could spoil herself for getting through with the entire tests. It wasn’t easy going through her mind to find the answers; she swore some of them weren’t even in a language understandable to humans, or at the very least to her. Like this one for example. Why were numbers infused with letters and those weird circular things?

Then there were some word problems like “Hose A takes 45 mins to fill the bucket with water. Hose B can do the same in 30 mins. If you use both hoses, how long will it take to fill the bucket?” Who honestly cares how long it takes? In the end the bucket will still be filled and that’s what matters right? And by adding another hose it would obviously take an even shorter time to wait for it to fill up. And why does it take 45 minutes for a hose to fill up a bucket in the first place? How big can a bucket get? Why does math have to make everything so hard?

Eri rubbed her temples, trying to ease the forming headache. She snuck at glance up at the facilitator. She was too busy looking through magazines to care what the students did. Feeling like she wouldn’t be caught Eri turned to the others around her. Just as she expected a lot of them were having trouble with the last test as she was.

She could faintly hear someone from her side, Sayu she guessed from the direction and the very distinctive tone, mumbling “what was it?” over and over again. Behind her she heard a string of cusses being muttered followed by a low banging sound as a hand, or head, was brought down the desk. Reina must have reached her limit.

Eri shook her head. It wasn’t the time to be idling around; she still had about three pages to go and around half an hour to finish. She needed to focus now. Alright next question.

“Boys V, W, X, Y and Z went fishing. V caught 8 more fish than Z. W caught 20, while X and Y caught 24 and 18 respectively. They caught an average of 20 fishes. How many did V catch?”

Eri stared at the questionnaire then turned her attention to the answer sheet. Her eyes began scanning the paper, looking for patterns or something that could help her. Seeing that she hasn’t answered the letter “c” in a while she decided to make that her answer and shaded the box before jumping onto the next question.

Two questions later Eri felt something wet starting to dribble down her nose. Great, instead of just worrying about math she now has to worry about a runny nose, and she had used up her tissues in the bathroom earlier. Talk about bad timing. Pinching the bridge of her nose to stop the flow she turned her head to her left where Risa was busily writing something on her scratch paper. She might have some she could use. She wouldn’t be scolded for just asking some tissues right?

“Gaki-san, do you have some spare tissues with you?” she whispered.

Risa slightly tilted her head to where Eri was. Without taking her eyes off the scrap paper she began digging through her bag. After a few seconds she sighed and shook her head. “Sorry, looks like I’m all out... Kame, you do know you can’t use the bathroom until the test is over, right?”

Eri pouted in disappointment. She eyed her white blousethoughtfully then pinched the top part and held it under her nose. “Un. Don’t worry, I just have a runny nose.”

Risa paused in her work. Ever the motherly girl she looked up to the turtle in worry. She was about to ask if she was alright when she spot the slowly growing red dot on the white cloth the turtle had used as a substitute tissue on her nose.

“Oh my God! Kame! Are you alight?” Risa screeched. Every head turned to her direction, shocked from the sudden outburst. Forgetting the test Risa went over to the bleeding girl beside her. Eri only stared as Risa began calling for the facilitator’s attention.

It was only a runny nose, what was the problem?

Before she could voice out her thoughts she felt two pair of hands pulling her up from her seat from both sides.

“Sensei! I’ll take her to the clinic!” Sayu volunteered at her right.

“Yeah! I’ll help!” Reina readily agreed at her other side.

“Ah… her nose is bleeding.” Eri had let go of her ‘substitute tissue’ as soon as the two girls pulled her up. With nothing to stop the flow the blood had freely dribbled down her face, some dropping on the floor and some quickly seeping onto her once white shirt.

“Quick Reina, stop it!” Sayu shrilled.

“Why should Reina stop it? Sayu, you stop it.” Reina shot back. Sayu was repulsed by the idea, she didn’t even bother to disguise her disgust, best friend or not she wasn’t going to touch Eri’s blood.

“Ew, no way.”

“My nose is bleeding?” Eri obliviously asked.

Reina muttered something under her breath before reaching up to pinch Eri’s nose and, a little forcefully, pushed her head back.

“We’ll take her to the clinic now.” Sayu announced as she began pulling the two girls along with her before the facilitator could stop them.

“Hey wait! You only need on-“

“Bye!” Sayu slyly grinned before closing the door after them, cutting of whatever the facilitator was going to say.

₪₪ “Eri hold still.” Sayu reprimanded as she dabbed a wet cloth under Eri’s currently clogged (with a tissue) nose. Thankfully the bleeding had already subsided so Sayu had begun cleaning up the aftermath, only because she lost at janken. Reina was busy shoveling through t-shirts in the small wardrobe the clinic possessed in search of something that could fit the turtle. The nurse was currently out for some emergency on what appeared to be faculty room related, so with no other choice the two girls immediately went to work on their friend.

“How come you didn’t know your nose was bleeding anyway?” Sayu asked.

“I thought my nose was just runny.”

“Your fingers were practically covered in blood.”

“I didn’t notice.”

“How can you not- Never mind.”

“I thought getting a nosebleed from reading something hard was just a myth. Guess that myth’s busted.” Reina smirked as she hopped onto the bed Eri was currently sitting on. She lightly nudged the turtle’s side, much to Sayu’s annoyance and Eri’s embarrassment.

“The test was really hard.” Eri defended herself.

“Got that right. Man, you sure saved me. I really didn’t know what to answer anymore, and it was giving me a headache. Here, I got you a change of clothes.” Reina said, pressing the clean shirt onto Eri’s open hands.

“Eri, stop moving.” Sayu snapped.

“Eh, but I didn’t do anything.”

“Shush. I’m concentrating.” Eri whimpered. Reina rolled her eyes.

“And… okay, done.” Sayu said, softly patting Eri’s cheek. “You can get dressed now.”

“Take your time.” Reina huffed as she plopped back onto the mattress, closing her eyes. “I want to stay away from that room for as long as possible.”


“What now?/What happened?” Reina and Sayu simultaneously asked turning to the turtle standing a little ways from the restroom. She turned to face her two friends, holding out the ends of her blouse and grinning widely.

“Look,” she pointed at the long blot of dried blood on her blouse “it’s the map of Japan.”

kamehameha~ ȯД

There's two more like this that I might post at a later date. Keyword: might.
By the way this actually happened to me. In the middle of my DT "math" exam I suddenly had a nosebleed. It was embarrassing, but I got a helluva laugh out of it.

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Re: One-shot Scraps: Nosebleed Chronicles [12/06]
« Reply #62 on: December 06, 2013, 04:28:24 PM »
Seeing that she hasn’t answered the letter “c” in a while she decided to make that her answer and shaded the box before jumping onto the next question.
For some reason this sounds very familiar... Wait! Yes, I do that every time in exams when we have "circle the right answer". No wonder I never got too good grades from those, hehe...
And yes, the last minute rush is something I am more than familiar with. XD But hey, results are usually better under a slight pressure, ne?  :nervous

Reina ans Sayu were sneaky when the used Eri's nosebleed as an excuse to skip their test  :lol: Anything, in order to avoid math, lol.

And about that
It's kinda obvious who'd be the other sober person in the group. I wonder what would happen if it were the other way around?
You just gave  me a magnificent idea!  :twisted:

Can't wait for more of these~ Nice job once again!

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Re: One-shot Scraps: Nosebleed Chronicles [12/06]
« Reply #63 on: December 06, 2013, 09:30:32 PM »
Kame and her bleeding nose.  Kame don't overthink XD
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Re: One-shot Scraps: Nap Time [12/12]
« Reply #64 on: December 12, 2013, 11:34:52 AM »
MsSmiggie: The hang and drop method works wonders, that is if it's a multiple choice question.
Exactly! It says so in the book entitled: The Lovely Art of Procrastination, combined with The Last Day: The End Results.
Thank you~

Kuro_808: I think it would be better if she left the thinking to other people. We wouldn't want her lovely face to get any paler.

Nap Time

~ I let out a satisfying yawn as I stepped back into the cool interior of the house. I stifle a giggle. I couldn’t really call it a house. It had walls, floors and a roof and it gave everyone under it shelter so yeah that would be the perfect definition of a house, but this one is huge. I bet it could fit five household and still have room for everyone to run around in. It even had a garden, with a koi pond in the middle of it.  The first time I walked around here I was blown away by how massive it was. I still am, but I guess after staying here for a few days I’ve gotten used to it.

Back in the olden days I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a mansion, of course I don’t know this for a fact. I would have asked the owner but she was currently out of town at the moment. I thought about asking the next of kin, but from the way she reacted when she saw the place I doubt she even knew they owned such a grand place. I can still remember her face that day. Her eyes were as huge as plates as she gawked at the house, checking and re-checking the address written on a piece of paper her mother had passed her and the wooden plate at the entrance. She called her mother afterwards, practically yelling at the phone about how come she was never told about it and if we really were at the right place.

“Ah… it’s about time I get the futons in…” I mumble to myself as I retraced my steps. I may have stayed here for a week but if I weren’t careful I could easily lose my way. If memory serves me right, and I hope it did, I laid out the futons on the next corner.

“Ah…” I was right. Though besides the futons I found something else, two something’s actually, comfortably sprawled out on the futons, snoring softly.

“Sayu… and Eri too.” I’m not really surprised at the latter. I figured Eri would do something like this, but Sayu… It is a pretty warm day and the place is so peaceful, I guess it could put anyone to sleep. But still…

“Come on, Sayu!” I call, going into a crouch I gently nudge her side. Sayu shifts position, her eyelids slowly peeling back to reveal glazed dark pupils.

“Oh… Ai-chan.” She slurs, grinning sleepily up at me in a way that reminded me of the sleeping turtle snoozing next to her.

“You guys will crumple the futons I spread out to air.” I tell her in a strict tone. Groggily she pushes herself up, rubbing her eyes as she did.

“But it feels really good here. They’re warm and smell nice.”

“That’s why I put them out here fo-“

I don’t get to finish my sentence as I feel arms going around my neck and, out of surprise and the laws of gravity, I end up on top of the futons. I tried to pull myself up but the arms around my head don’t seem to want me to go anywhere.

“Ai-chan, sleep with us too.”

“Like I said, they’ll get crumpled!” I whine, struggling to get up while at the same time careful not to crumple the futons.


“Ai-chan is a good girl…” Sayu mumbled, one of her hand lightly massaging the back of my neck. It feels pretty good. I wonder if it’s because of the run I did just earlier, but my eyes suddenly feel heavy. Sayu’s breathing starts evening out and it doesn’t help me any, in fact it makes me even sleepier. I hear the light ringing of the wind chimes and my eyes roam up to the door frame above us. The colors of the designs blur and my eyes start to sting from being opened.

It’s such a nice day out.

~ Risa stared blankly at the scene in front of her. Three grown women were laid out on futons in the middle of the hallway, softly snoring as their minds went off to dream land. The one sleeping on the farthest end was less of a surprise since Eri was known to be able to sleep anywhere and everywhere and in a nice weather like this she couldn’t put it above Sayu to side with her best friend and catch a little shut eye. What surprised her was the sight of the oldest girl, her head snuggled comfortably around Sayu’s arms, sleeping soundly like a little baby.

“Should I wake them?” she mumbled to herself. They were sleeping in the middle of the hall, and though it was just them in the house it still wasn’t appropriate behaviour to just lay down anywhere convenient for them. Her eyes lingered at Ai’s back, watching her back move with every breath she took. “It does look pretty comfortable though…”

She crouched down beside them. There was still enough room behind Ai for another person. If she could just ease in slowly…

“What are you doing?”

“Gah!” she springs back up, turning around to find, to her horror, Reina staring at her, a devilish smirk in place.

Millions of excuses ran through her head, most of them absurd, as she felt her skin breaking in a cold sweat and her cheeks getting really warm. She was caught in the act, and of all people Reina had to be the one to catch her. What kind of excuse can get her out of this?


“Nope, I don’t wanna hear it.” Reina cut in, silencing Risa with her index finger. “But sheesh, those guys can really sleep. Well.. it does look inviting…” Her end sentence trailed as she crawled close to the futon, situating herself behind Ai. She gave a hard stare at Sayu’s form, as if she was calculating something in her head, then gently she pried off Sayu’s arms from around Ai and pushed her to the side, happily jumping into the recently evacuated space.

“I got the first-class spot!” she cheered.

“Hey! Reina, you cat burglar! That’s my spot!” Sayu whined, grabbing the back of Reina’s shirt and began tugging.

“Well, you snooze, you lose!” Reina said, sticking out her tongue for good measures.

Sayu growled, her grip tightening around Reina’s arms. Before Reina, or Risa, could react Sayu dove down to Reina’s arm and bit down on the flesh. Yelping Reina sat up and started pulling at Sayu’s cheeks, trying to get the older away from her.

“Ouch! Alright! I get it! Get off of me!”

“Sh! You guy’s will wake them up!” Risa hissed, pulling the two girls apart. All three of them turned to stare at the sleeping girls.

“I’m actually surprised they aren’t awake by now.” Reina commented, inching closer to the oldest girl. “Well, Eri might not… but is she usually like this?”

“She… usually wakes up pretty easily…” Risa mumbled, leaning over to gently pat the side of Ai’s face. “Eh, she’s not waking up.”

“She won’t.” Sayu scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “I made sure she won’t.”

“OH MY GOD! SAYU! WHAT DID YOU DO?” Risa shrieked.

Grabbing Sayu’s shoulders Reina started to shake the older girl. “What did you do? Rather, what were you thinking?”

“I just wanted to sleep with Ai-chan.”

“Whattodo?Whattodo?Whattodo?” Risa murmured. She began slapping the side of Ai’s face, only to receive a pained, low grunt in response. “Oh my God! Is she dead? What are we going to do!”

“Gaki-san, that’s too much.”

Sayu puffed up her cheeks. “I got it. Sheesh.” Then she grinned. “But… Are you guys really sure you want me to wake her up?”

Reina’s brow arched. “Whaddaya mean?”

Sayu crawled over Ai’s form. Risa pulled back to give the younger space, and she and Reina silently observed from the side, both wondering what the evil bunny was thinking. Grinning Sayu bent down, her lips puckered.

“What are you doing?!” Reina boomed, grabbing Sayu around her arms and pulling her back.

“Waking her up with a kiss, duh! A kiss from a princess will wake anything up! It says so in the books!”

“Those are fairy tales! And it’s the other way around!”

“Do you want Ai-chan do sleep forever?”

“Of course not!”

“Then let me kiss her!”

“Absolutely not!”

While the two girls were battling out Risa continued to stare at the oldest girl in worry. On the outside she looked like how any friend would in a situation like the one she was in now, though, she thought, it was pretty strange for anyone to be in a situation like this in the first place. On the inside though she was way beyond panicking. Her mind, as sick as it sounded, had already constructed a way on how to get rid of the evidence that could lead back to them. Realizing where her train of thought was going she shook her head violently. She grabbed one of Ai’s limp hands and held onto it like her life, or rather her sanity, depended on it. That was when she realized there was something else rather odd with their predicament.

“Hey, why is Kame still asleep?” she asked.

The two bickering girls turned quiet, their head turning to the sleeping turtle curled on the other side of the futon.

“Well, I had to test it out on someone first.”

“Oh, dear God.”


Got the idea from an anime. Me and my anime.

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Re: One-shot Scraps: Nap Time [12/12]
« Reply #65 on: December 12, 2013, 04:41:44 PM »
That sounds exactly like a book I would write. Maybe I should do my bachelor degree about that! XD "The most famous persons of procrastination of history" or something like that...  :nervous

Oh my gosh this was cute  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: I can so imagine how they are all sleeping on the futon in the afternoon and how everything is so calm and quiet~ Though, I wonder what on earth Sayu did... XD Well, Gaki-prince (or well... the reaction queen, lol) is there to save her lovely Ai-chan!

Aww, you just made my evening~ I became very happy when I read this. Thanks~

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Re: One-shot Scraps: Nap Time [12/12]
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Gaki-san FTW :lol:

As the cat and bunny fight leaving Gaki-san with the perfect opportunity and yet she does herself in with the question of a lifetime XD
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Re: One-shot Scraps: From the Backseat [12/25]
« Reply #67 on: December 25, 2013, 11:06:28 AM »
Oh God. Something happened last night... which reminded me of this story. I've written this months before, but forgot about it until last night.

From the Backseat

öД “Now it’s just like before. Keep calm, everything will be all right.”

“Easy for you to say.” Gaki-san grumbled, her hands planted firmly on the steering wheel as she stared- or was it glared- out at the gradually ascending road.

“Don’t worry, you’ve already got the basics down. This time we’re just taking it a little step further.” Ai-chan said energetically, confident in Gaki-san’s knowledge in driving.

Her positivity was replied with a grumble before Gaki-san’s head snapped to the side to stare straight at her. “But why go out of the city to practice on a hill? We live in the city! Last I checked there wasn’t a hill in the city. There’s no need for me to practice on a hill! Why are we here?”

“There are some parking area’s that reaches five floors, some even more, and getting up there is like getting up on a hill.”

Gaki-san was silent for a whole minute, her facial expression frozen in a stern look, probably running over Ai-chan’s argument in her head. “But why a hill?”

“Gaki-san, I already answered that.”

Gaki-san flung her hands up in defeat. “Fine! Then why is she with us?!” Gaki-san and Ai-chan turned simultaneously to look at me at the back seat. Out of habit I smile at them and wriggle my fingers.

“Eri wanted to tag along.” That I did. I heard about Ai-chan teaching Gaki-san how to drive, and that they would be having another session today. It sounded fun, and I didn’t really have anything to do so I decided to tag along. I wanted to see for myself how Gaki-san’s driving skills were. It’s not that I knew how to drive- outside of a racing arcade simulator- but it couldn’t be that hard. A lot of people drive, and Ai-chan, the only person I know outside of my family to have a driver’s license, was teaching her.

“Relax Gaki-san, I’ll just be watching quietly back here.” I tell her. I hear her snort as she shakes her head, her eyes once again looking forward.

“You just being there make me nervous.” She grumbled.

“Eh? It’s fine! It’s fine!” I lean over and wrap my arms around the driver seat and Gaki-san for a loose hug. “I promise I’ll stay quiet. Besides, I just want to know how good Gaki-san’s driving is now.”

Maybe it was just me but there seemed to be a tense kind of silence before Ai-chan started to laugh.

“Alright everyone, seatbelts.” Ai-chan ordered. She reaches over her seat to the driver side, securing Gaki-san’s seatbelt for her. I fake gag at the back as I put on my own. I’m quite surprised that these two haven’t become official yet.

“Eri.”  Ai-chan calls. I jump in my seat. Did she see?

“Uh… yeah?”

“Tighten your seatbelt okay?”

“Ah.. oh. Yeah.” I adjust the belt so that it fit around my waist. After that I give her the thumbs up and, catching sight of Gaki-san staring at me from the rear view mirror, zip a finger across my lips and smile encouragingly. She rolls her eyes at me and her sights return to the road before us, and I swear her left eye was twitching.

“Okay. You ready Gaki-san?” Ai-chan asked.

Stiffly Gaki-san nods her head. She takes a deep inhale and move the stick thing, the racing simulator didn’t have this, in between them towards herself and up. Ai-chan reached over for the one with the button, the hand break was it?, and pushed it down. Slowly the car rolls forward and up. I smile and raise my hands up to clap, then remember that I was to be silent and instead hug my hands to myself, but inside my head I was cheering for Gaki-san.

“That’s it Gaki-san.” Ai-chan says over the roar of the engine. I peer out the window, watching the rice fields slowly pass by, until the speed gradually increased and the roar decreased. By then we had already cleared the hill and was on straight road. I could see Gaki-san beaming through her reflection on the rear view mirror and Ai-chan was clapping her hands lightly.

Imitating what game announcers would say I cheered “Stage clear~ Yeah! I knew you could do it Gaki-san!”

“Thank you, Kame. And what happened to being quiet?” I grin sheepishly at her and hold up a piece sign.

“Okay, now go back again.” Ai-chan says. Gaki-san doesn’t question her and immediately turns the car and heads back to the base of the hill. Once we were back Ai-chan instructs her to go back up the hill, and this time to switch to second gear half way up. She complies.

“Now it’s fine to stay in first gear but it takes up too much gas and is too noisy, and on a small slope like this you could easily change to second no problem. You can now change to second gear, but I have to warn you, you have to be fast in changing gears and putting pressure back to the accelerator or else…“

Ai-chan’s sentence cuts of as the roar quickly diminishes and, for some reason, the car vibrates then all of a sudden dies. The car stops for a second. I see Gaki-san’s face through the rear view mirror turn pale as she stares at the gauges in front of the dashboard and slowly we roll down where we came from. From what little I could see from Ai-chan’s side on the mirror it doesn’t look good. Her eyes had gone wide, her face frozen in a shock state. I probably look the same, if not worse, as my fingers dig into the leather seat.

“Brake! Brake! Gaki-san hit the brakes!” Ai-chan breaks the freezing spell casted on us as she instructs from her side, her voice going into a higher pitch at each syllable.

I feel the hairs on the back of my neck prickling, my heart beat pounding like no tomorrow in my chest and my stomach did a hurl-worthy flop. I was beginning to regret stepping out of my comfort zone and was mentally kicking myself for doing so. Gaki-san’s mind must have short-circuited as we only seem to gain more speed. Despite my current strapped to the seat status I turn around to look out the back window. We were heading towards the shoulder of the road, straight onto half a bark of tree.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!” I yell at them, my hands shooting onto the back of the driver seat to hold onto for dear life. “Stop! Stop! Stop!” I shut my eyes on instinct, preparing myself for the crash.

I feel myself press back further into the seat for a fraction of a second… then I bounce back like it was nothing. I peel back one eyelid to see if it was over.

Ai-chan was looking back, out the back window, her form heaving slightly. Her hand was wrapped securely around the hand brake, and it takes me a moment to realize that she was the one to stop the car. I stare at her for a few more seconds then the need to get out of the car seems to predominate in my mind. I unbuckle the seat belt and fling them to the side in my rush to get out. As soon as I feel the hard ground on my feet my knees buckle and I sit there in the middle of the road. I don’t even care about the oncoming traffic and if they can see me, I’m just too happy to be out.

I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting there staring at the pavement, everything around me seems to go in slow motion, then again all I can see is the grey pavement but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been that long. I grasp my shirt, I can feel my heart beat even though my hand wasn’t firmly planted on my chest, that was how scared I was. I shut my eyes and take a huge breath in, willing my heart to calm down.

I hear long sigh from my right side and a ruffle of cloth on cement followed by a light bump to my shoulder. I open my eyes and turn to find Gaki-san sitting beside me. Her face was still pale, and she even seemed jittery.

“I’m sorry Kame… I…  Are you alright?” she croaked.

Instead of a normal answer I burst out laughing. I’m laughing so much that I topple to my side and still I keep laughing. I can clearly imagine Gaki-san’s face staring at me weirdly and that only intensifies my laughter.

“Kamei-san? What did you tell her Gaki-san?” I hear Ai-chan ask. I cover my mouth to try and stifle my giggles.

“I- I just asked her if she’s alright.”

“… I think you broke her.”

I feel an arm go around my shoulder, Ai-chan I think, and, with a bit of difficulty, I am right back up. My stomach hurts from laughing so much and my cheeks feels like as if they’ve been stretched way too long, but that’s fine. It’s a good kind of pain. Once I’ve gain control of my laughing I look back to Gaki-san.

Bad move.

“Pfft..” I bite my lower lip and divert my gaze. “Ahem.. so- sorry. Ah~ that was a good laugh.”

“Kame are you gonna be alright?” I hear Gaki-san’s concerned voice and I feel a little guilty.

“Yeah.” I say and look back at her. I can feel my lips hiking up again. I should be serious… but “You should’ve seen your face Gaki-san.”

Her expression quickly changed from that of concern to disbelief in a nano second. I laugh again.

“Wha! But- You! Argh! I can’t believe you! And here I was worried about you!” she flings her hands up, nearly hitting Ai-chan in the process. Fortunately Ai-chan, managed to evade at the last moment, letting out a squeak in the process.

Gaki-san’s head snaps behind us, her face changing to concern once more as she motions to stand to check on Ai-chan. I take the chance to get a running start and a moment later I hear Gaki-san shouting behind me.

I’ll probably forget this ever happened, maybe when I wake up tomorrow or when I lay down to sleep tonight, but there’s one thought that will probably stick to my mind… I’m not going to be riding anything Gaki-san drives for a while.

And the story of why last night reminded me of this...

My sisters and I were on our way to my grandmother's place for the annual Christmas eve diner. See it was raining and dark and I forgot to bring an umbrella, so instead of parking at the front we decided to take the back entrance (the house was on top of a hill so we had to go up a narrow incline to get to the ground level of the house). Normally I'm level-headed and am a pretty decent driver, but then I'm driving a new (lowered) car that had it's seats lowered so on top of not being able to see much due to the darkness and the rain I could barely see the road in front of me. Anyway on the way up I might've accidentally put the car on third gear instead of the first, which was my intention, and the car sputtered and died. This was the first time I've had a car die on me while going up. I didn't know the foot brakes become useless once the car dies so the whole time I was stomping on the brakes, cursing and wondering why I can't make the car stop, while blindly guiding the car as it goes down the hill, hoping I don't hit the gate or the stone walls around us. Then I remembered the handbrakes, but by then we had safely arrived at the base.

... Merry Christmas everyone! :D

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Re: One-shot Scraps: From the Backseat [12/25]
« Reply #68 on: December 25, 2013, 03:53:23 PM »
Oh my gosh I freaking hate it when you change the gears and it doesn't go as you intended xD Been there done that...

You place and tell your own experience very well in this story. And I cracked when Eri was with those two lol  :lol:

Merry Christmas for you too and be careful when driving! (At least in here the weather is so awful that you can easily drive off the road if you're not careful...)

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Re: One-shot Scraps: December Project [12/26]
« Reply #69 on: December 26, 2013, 03:34:49 PM »
MsSmigge: Ikr? It's even more embarrassing when that happens on an intersection in the middle of rush hour.

And now for the...
December Project

öД “I see skies of blue… clouds of white… bright blessed days… dark sacred nights…” Ai softly sang. Carefully balanced in one hand was a tray with a nicely cooked sunny side up and two toast in a plate along with a steaming cup of chocolate in a small coffee cup, and though it was impractical to use it since she was at home it did add class to the simple breakfast. She couldn’t wait to see the reaction she would get when the recipient saw the results of her hard work. It had taken her a couple of weeks practicing and bribing a certain friend to take her on as a student, and of course all the hiding- and when asked about it was answered with badly thought of lies which always got a raised brow and a disproving click of the tongue- but seeing her hard work pay off was worth it. Seeing the happy, surprised look of the recipient would be the proverbial icing on the cake.

With her free hand she slowly turned the knob of the bedroom door, pushing it back to present her with a lump hidden in the heavy layer of the pure white comforter in the middle of the room. The sleeping occupant didn’t stir and continued snoozing away, the almost inaudible, and quite adorable, snores being Ai’s clue to this. She grinned “And I think to myself… what a wonderful world…”she sang, louder.

The lump shifted and a dishevelled head of brown hair popped up from under the cover. “Ai… chan?” The girl mumbled as she realized that the warmth that was supposed to be next to her was missing, her hands sleepily roaming over the bed. Ai chuckled as she walked into the room. Placing the tray on the nightstand she sat on the edge of the bed, her hands reaching for searching ones before pulling it towards her face and placing a small kiss on the back of the hand.

“I see trees of green… red roses too…” she continued, pulling the cover down and carefully helping the groggy girl to sit up. “I see em’ bloom… for me an’ you…” Gently she brushed the hair out of the girl’s face, leaning in to place a chaste kiss on pink lips. “And I think to myself… what a wonderful world…” she ended.

“Good morning, Risa.” Risa grinned sleepily, mumbling a greeting back before reaching her arms around Ai’s shoulder and pulling her for a morning hug before slowly drifting back to sleep, content to have the missing warmth back.

“Come on, time for breakfast.” Ai said, gently pulling away from the hug. Risa whined at the loss of contact and attempted to burry herself back into the warmth, but Ai had a sturdy grip around her shoulders and that made it impossible to accomplish, not when Ai was determined to wake her up. With a groan Risa abandoned that thought and instead flopped back onto the mattress, turning her back to Ai.

A second later she felt Ai crawl up from behind, wrapping her arms around her waist and resting her chin by the nape of her neck. “Come on, sleepyhead. I made you breakfast.” She whispered to Risa’s ears.

“Five minutes…” Risa mumbled back, letting out a contented sigh. She could feel Ai’s chuckles vibrate from her chest on her back and her warm breath tickled the side of her face. Then she felt Ai shift and a pair of lips pressing on the nape of her neck.

“Breakfast will by cold by then.” Ai said. “It’s breakfast in bed. You don’t have to move much, just sit properly.” She added.

“That’s awfully sweet of you. What’s the occasion?” Risa asked.

“There’s a very special girl in my bed, what more reason should I have?” Ai said grinning as she slowly sat up.

That seems to do the trick as Risa, her face a little flush, turned right back over and pushed herself up with her elbows into a sitting position. Her sleepy eyes found the tray on the nightstand and immediately a loopy grin found its way home on her face. Ai reached for the tray and carefully brought it in front of Risa. But before she could set the tray down she heard a gasp from Risa as she plucked the coffee cup from the tray to examine the content carefully.

“Uso! Wa-! It’s so cute~” Ai could feel her grin getting wider by the second. Risa was beaming at the image of snoopy the dog with a santa hat carefully etched over the white milk foam in the middle of the cup. It had taken Ai a couple of minutes to make it so the drink had gotten a little cool, but she wanted it to be perfect, it was for Risa after all.

“Ai, did you make this?” Ai nodded her head.

“How? I didn’t know you…” she trailed, her eyes widening in realization.

“Was that- All those afternoons?” Again Ai nodded.

“I know you love those latte art. I wanted to surprise you.” She beamed when Risa turned to look at her with an awestruck face. Carefully Risa reached over Ai to place the cup back on the nightstand, careful of the tray of food on the bed. Still beaming she leaned up to place a small kiss on Ai’s cheek.

“I love it.” Risa said, intertwining their fingers together. “But now I don’t know if I want to drink that anymore, it such a waste.”

Ai laughed. “That kinda defeats its purpose.”

Shifting her leg she moved to seat behind Risa, wrapping her arm around the younger girl’s waist and pulling her slightly back so Risa could rest her back on her. Risa gladly tilted her head back to rest against Ai’s shoulder and turned her head towards Ai’s face. Smiling Ai tilted her head and leaned down to capture Risa’s lips.
“I love you.” Ai whispered once they broke apart.

Risa grinned up at her. “I love you, too.”

öД “Eri, slow down!” Sayumi huffed as she powerwalked through the crowded walkway. In one hand she held tightly onto the bag of gifts she had bought while the other clutched the side of her pink jacket close to her body. The temperature had dropped significantly since that morning when she left her house, and internally she was cursing herself for forgetting to bring along her gloves, then again who would’ve thought that it would suddenly get cooler during the afternoon. She shook her head.

“Sayu~ Come on!” Eri called. Her hands were planted against the glass, peering into a candy store. The store clerk, a girl who sported a wide smile that reached her eyes, Eri faintly remembered having chatted with her a few times whenever she went shopping for candy, was setting up a small Christmas tree in the middle of the store, hanging candy canes and lollipops around the green plastic branches. Eri, a loopy grin in place, reached for the door handle, but before she could twist it open Sayu caught up to her and pulled her hand away, forcefully dragging the squirming girl with her, and more importantly away from the store.

“Wait! Sayu! Sayu! Can’t we go in? I wanna buy some candy!” Eri pulled at her hand but the grip Sayu had on her tightened at every pull to the point that it was starting to crush the poor girl’s fingers.

“I think you’ve had enough sweets for today.”

“But… but it’s my birthday.” Eri whined, tugging some more. True, this was the reason why they had gone out this day, and of course to do some last minute Christmas shopping while they were at it. Eri had gone around the mall buying cupcakes and gingerbread cookies and anything that looked sweet or caught the girl’s interest. The only time she stopped running around was when Sayumi presented her with her birthday gift, a silver bracelet with a turtle and a rabbit charm, and even then had only lasted for a few minutes as Eri profusely thanked her and admired the gift before going back to her sugar induced spree.

“You’ve ate more sweets today than you did for the whole month.” Sayumi said. She held her other, cold, hand close to her lips and puffed into it, trying to warm them. She looked up to the sky, taking note of the greying clouds, and hoped it wouldn’t rain.

“Sayu?” Sayumi hummed, turning her ear towards Eri’s direction. “Are you cold?”

She nodded her head. “It’s getting chilly. And it looks like it’s going to rain soon.”

“Really?” Eri asked, tilting her head to watch the grey clouds. She was quiet for a few seconds, her face devoid of emotion, much like when she was daydreaming. Then she grinned. “I think it’s going to snow.” She said confidently. Sayumi giggled.

“I thought it was rare to snow here.”

“It is. But it’s going to snow today, I know it is.”

Sayumi rolled her eyes. “How can you be so sure? Did your alien friend tell you that?”

Eri, grin still present on her flushed face, shrugged. Pulling Sayumi’s hands closer to her she slipped them in her jacket pocket and began leading them through the thinning crowd. They were silent, Sayumi pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful and wholesomely sweet act to think to talk and Eri, well, being Eri. After a while Sayumi noticed the familiar shop signs that she usually paid little mind to, they were nearing the train station. She cheered in her mind thinking of the warm room she would soon be in. Within a few seconds the train station came into view and Sayumi hastened her pace, pulling out their intertwined hands from the warmth of Eri’s pocket. After a few steps she felt resistance on Eri’s end and turned her head wondering what was wrong.

She was about to ask when a cold pin prick stung her cheeks. She flinched and reached up to swipe a cold droplet off her face, great now it was going to rain.

“Look.” She heard Eri whisper. Her head was tilted up, staring out to the sky, a large smile in place. She raised her free hand up to point upwards, indicating that Sayumi should look up. “It’s snowing.”

And indeed it was. A white powder of frozen water lightly fluttered down to the ground in the beginnings of a flurry. Eri reached up to catch a few of the ice crystals which immediately melted upon contact with her warm skin. She frowns at this and tries to catch some more. A step in front of her Sayumi looked on baffled, both her eyebrows shot up to her bangs and her jaw slack.

She blinked and shook her head, her lips quirked in a small grin and she chuckled humorously to herself. Reaching up to Eri’s head she brushed away the few speckles of crystalized water from her fringe, admiring the smoothness of the girl’s hair as her cold fingers brushed them. When she was done she tugged at their linked hands. Eri looked curiously at her, eyes shining with glittering excitement, an award winning smile still in place.

Sayumi, smiling, stepped forward. Before Eri could think, let alone ask, Sayumi had already leaned in catching Eri’s lips in a short, soft but sweet kiss. Pulling back Sayumi giggled at the wide eyed look Eri had, coupled with a goofy grin as if the girl had just found out that she won a year’s supply of candy canes and gummy bears.

“Sayu…” she breathed and motioned to catch another kiss, but a cold finger pressed onto her lips, stopping her midway, and the warm hand in hers pulled away.

“Ah, ah… you have to catch me first.” Sayumi giggled before shooting off towards the direction of the station.

Just some light writing.

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Re: One-shot Scraps: December Project [12/26]
« Reply #70 on: December 26, 2013, 10:08:51 PM »
From the backseat: oh my god that must have been one of those things where frutrations filled up only to realize a good thing was luckily made out of it XD

The december project  :thumbsup  Great job on it
Random Thought:


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Re: One-shot Scraps: December Project [12/26]
« Reply #71 on: January 20, 2014, 09:18:28 PM »
First I have to say that I intended to comment on this story a looooooong time ago but somehow I forgot....  :nervous I remembered this after reading your latest comment on my fic and was like "Oh snap! I forgot to read that one! x___x" Lol, first I question why others haven't commented my writing and then I forget to do it myself...  :lol:

But about this fic! I melted on the Takagaki part~  :wub: I was so warm and cozy and sweet and.... I could go on forever  :lol: But it was so cute~

And for some reason Eri whining about candies made me lol. But the ending was sweet~

I should have probably read this during the Christmas time so it would have more feeling, but better late than never. Also the weather in here is much more "Christmas like" than what it was about a month ago.

Nice job~ Hoping to see more of these in the future  :cow:

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Re: One-shot Scraps: December Project [12/26]
« Reply #72 on: February 02, 2014, 06:01:58 AM »
Kuro: More like fear. Now I’m hyper alert whenever I have to go up hill.
And thank you very much. :)

MsSmiggie: Welp, better late than never. If you like that, you’re gonna love this next one. Pure TakaGaki one-shot. Enjoy~

I made this over a year ago, around the same time as Loving You Forever. This took me even longer to decide to post online since it was originally a perv based on a hawt, sexy dream so it was a bit heavy. After a bit of debating I made it kid teen friendly.

Home Alone

“Ai-chan” Risa sighed as she belly flopped on my bed, disturbing the sheets I had just arranged under her as she made herself comfortable. She began to stretch out, moaning in content as the cool air from the air conditioner cooled her body.

“Oh God, it’s so hot outside.” She says. She shifts on the bed, propping herself up on her elbows as she turns to look at me. I hum in response, just to let Risa know I heard, and turn my attention back to my book to continue flipping through the pages.

“What are you reading Ai-chan?” She asks.

I tilt up the book somewhat, just enough that she can see the title while I keep reading. I am half way through the story and it is just starting to get good. But my back is starting to ache from sitting in the same position for so long and my butt and legs feel numb. I’m just glad I got a carpet for my room, it would have been a lot more uncomfortable sitting on the floor without it. I stretch my legs, there is a prickling sensation shooting up from my toes and I freeze. I hate this feeling, the pain is bearable, but just barely so I try not to move a muscle until it passes.

When the prickling feeling finally subsides I push myself up and begin stretching, just to get the kinks out of my back. I take a look at the clock and am a bit surprised at the fact that it was already nearing noon. Have I really been reading for that long? I put the book down, after marking the page I am on, and take a seat on the foot of the bed. Risa scoots a bit inside to make room for me.

“I thought you had somewhere to go to today with Kamei-san.” I say. I pull my legs towards me and wrap my arms around my knees. I hear a shuffling sound behind me as Risa turned to her back, her head resting on her arms.

“She had to cancel. Kame forgot that she had something else planned with her family today.” She grumbles. I chuckle. Sure Eri could be an airhead sometimes, but forgetting plans she made before, to her family no less, was just plain irresponsible. But then again, it was the Kamei Eri she was talking about, she wouldn’t be herself if she did remember. Knowing Risa she wasn’t really as much upset as she was trying to portray.

“Are you sure you don’t mind me coming here?” Risa asks slowly. She had turned to her side, propping herself on her arm. Isn’t she a bit restless today? “Your parents look like they were getting ready to go somewhere too.”

“Yeah, they’re going to visit my aunt. Don’t worry. I’m not going with them. I volunteered to house sit while they’re away. They’ll be back tomorrow.” I tell her.

Risa nods her head in understanding and grin.

I yawn. I turn so I can lie down on my back. Risa returns to her back. She is staring at the ceiling, must be looking for the Libra’s constellation. I had painted the major constellation on my ceiling last winter, the original plain blue was too boring.

While she’s absorbed with the stars I take the time to study her attire. She was rather light with her choice of wear, maybe the heat was much too unbearable to go out with the usual conservative look. She had picked a thin white cotton t-shirt, that if she stretched ended just above her navel, and a pair of pink short shorts. I myself picked out a less than conservative look, just a light pink cotton tank top and a pair of short denim shorts. I was stuck at home anyway.

“Hey.” I nudged her softly from the side. Risa turned her head and hummed. “Want to go down and eat?”


Time flies when you’re having fun, or so the saying goes. That was exactly what I thought as I checked the time.

After wishing my parents a safe trip and watching them off I dragged Risa to the living room to have a one on one racing battle with her. Though I purposely let her win from time to time it had not affected her the way I thought it would. After six rounds and with both scores tied Risa had claimed that she would rather watch me play, so I switched to my favorite game and threw all my focus on the screen. Time wasn’t of the essence and was promptly cast aside. That was why three level ups later I hear Risa sigh loudly. I check the time. Over two hours had already passed. Oops.

“Crap.” I say. Risa chuckles beside me. I send her an apologetic look, she just rolls her eyes.

Feeling guilty that I had ignored my visitor for the past two hours I switch off the game. Based on the time I know there is nothing worth watching on tv, unless I wanted to watch reruns of every drama I could think off, which I don’t. I remember mom renting a couple of dvd’s a couple of days back so I head over to the dvd rack.

She doesn’t disappoint. There are ten dvd’s of new movies I haven’t watched yet. I look through the titles and discard the ones that are in the horror category. There are only half left, which I don’t get. No one in this household likes horror movies so why bother renting them?

I raise the one’s left. “Pick one.” I tell her.

She squint her eyes, trying to read the titles from our distance. I shake my head and pass her the cases. It takes her a while but she grins and holds up one that got her interest. I take the case and load the dvd before plopping myself next to her.

It was a sappy romance movie. It was in English, and though I’ve improved in that subject I didn’t really care enough to remember the title. Risa was fully engrossed with the movies story. Her body was slightly tilted forward, her elbows planted on her knees while her head rested on her palms. She looks cute like that. Then again everything Risa does is cute. She’s just too damn adorable.

I turn back to the movie. The couple was preparing for diner, talking about something that had to do with a fish. Now I really don’t get the movie. The guy suddenly leaves the kitchen. A short while later he comes back to take their food and then comes back for the girl, who was till then cleaning up. He leads her outside where their food is placed on a picnic blanket, facing a beautiful sunset, and there is a single candle in the middle. Talk about romantic. I’d sure like to do that at least once. If I did that to Risa I wonder how she’ll react.

“Ai-chan” Risa suddenly piped. I hum. I tilt my head so I can see her face. She is blushing. Why is she blushing? My brow quirk as I watch her shift in her seat to face me properly. “Ai-chan…” she repeats, her hand reaches forward and close over my own. Electricity zaps through my spine and I suddenly feel stiff. I continue watching her face as she comes closer and closer. Wait she’s not… No, this is Risa I’m dealing with here. I swallow down the knot in my throat and I mumble a “Yes?”
“Ai-chan, can I… can I try something? Promise you won’t get mad.” She said slowly. Her eyes drops, there is something in her gaze that isn’t normal, well normal for Risa’s standards. I open my mouth and her eyes shoots back up to stare at me. Weirdly enough I start feeling hot. I swore the air conditioning is on, but at the moment it felt like I was outside, under the summer heat. I lick my lips, they suddenly feel dry.

“Okay.” I croak out. She starts leaning in, closing the gap between us. I stiffen more, how that’s possible I don’t know but I just do, and just stare at her. My breath catches as I watch her getting closer and I don’t dare move a muscle. Weirdly enough even though a part of me is screaming that this isn’t real another part of me wants it to be and is cheering for her not to pull away. Then I feel a soft pressure against my lips and every cell in my body seems to come alive.

It wasn’t a dream.

My head feels light, I feel like I was floating on air. My cheeks heats up, so does the rest of my body. There is a weird feeling in at the pit of my stomach, it’s not unpleasant, just unusual. I feel her breath against my face, I can smell the sweet scent of wild berries from her hair, most of all I feel her warm, soft lips on mine. There is a tingling sensation from where our lips touch that spreads to the rest of my body. It’s kind of addictive.

I feel her pull away, much too soon. Without thinking I lean back in for another kiss. Her mouth opens slightly as she gasps softly in shock, but she doesn’t pull away. After a short while I pull away, curious to her expression.

We are close, close enough that if one of us just leans in a little our lips would undoubtedly lock in another sweet kiss. I watch Risa’s expression as the light from the tv danced across her face. There is no trace of her earlier shock. Her expression I can’t quite read, which is quite shocking and a little unnerving, but I can tell her mind isn’t all there. Her eyes are half closed and her lips are slightly parted, I think I may have the same look.

I pull further away, just a little bit, and the glaze in her eyes fade away as they come back into focus and her face falls slightly, and inside I feel a surge of relief and giddiness. I extend a hand, she looks questioningly at it at first but she slips her hand in mine. I lean all the way back, until the back of my head rests on the arm of the couch. Slowly I pull her along with me, she doesn’t resist. Her free hand stretches out the side of my head to act as a balance. I bring her other hand to the other side. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her closer to me, wanting more contact from her. We are so close our foreheads are touching. We are literally breathing each other’s air. The only things separating us were the few layers of clothing on our back and the small space between our lips.

Risa doesn’t move. She just stares at me. It isn’t uncomfortable; there is something in her gaze that makes me want to kiss her again and again. Finally she moves. She closes the distance, her lips hovering over mine with just a few millimeters to spare. “Ai” she breathes out.

I can’t take the wait any longer and I lean up, closing the space between us. My eyelids flutter shut as we exchanged another soft contact, her lips starts moving against mine and I try to follow her lead. I’m probably not doing it right, I’ve never kissed anyone before, but it just feels so right. I don’t want to stop anytime soon. Unfortunately the need for air was too much and we break apart. I watch her quietly as she tries to even out her breathing. Her face is flush and her gaze is dark, alluring. I hear her sigh my name again, and my heart sores.

“Risa” I breath out. My right hand comes up to gently caress the contours of her soft face while my left slips up inside the back of her shirt. She gasped as I rub small circles on her back, I feel her shiver slightly and I feel elated that my touches can make her react like this. I lean up, placing butterfly kisses to wherever part of her face I could reach without straining my neck too much. She responds by trying to catch my lips whenever I pull back from one of the many kisses I leave all over her face. I feel her slip a hand into my shirt, lightly running her hands over my stomach. My torso lifts off the couch as a small moan escapes my lips before I slowly settled back down.

Risa jumps off me as a booming sound echoes around the living room. With wide eyes she stares at the tv in shock as the advertisement for the new phone played. We must have squished the remote by accident.  I groan at the interruption and push off the couch. I snatch the stupid contraption from in between the cushions and switched off the distracting tube.

With the buzz of the tv gone, and the hypnotizing moment passed, we were left with an uneasy tension in the air. Risa had scooted to the far side of the couch, her cheeks painted a heavy red. She curled into herself, trying to make herself look small. I sighed as I plunked down on the other side. Normally I wouldn’t have minded the silence but with Risa looking like that, it just made everything awkward. And I hate awkward, it never ends good.

I rub my face, getting a hold of myself. My body still feels a little jittery, I can feel my heart pounding against my chest. God, how I wish I left the remote on the table. Stupid remote ruined the moment. I sneak a glance back at her. Even when she’s like that she still looks so adorable, I just want to kiss her again, but I don’t act on it. I don’t want to scare her. I look up at the clock. It was already half past 5. I look down to the stacked up dvd cases I left by the couch, the case of the movie we were just watching was on top.


It was crazy, but it’s not like I have anything to lose.

“Gaki-san?” I tentatively call. At first there wasn’t a response, and I feel my gut sink, but after a few seconds she raised her head. I would have sighed in relief, but I hold it back. “Would you… like to stay for dinner?” I finish, silently hoping she would accept the offer.

Slowly her head bobbed up and down. I smile at the action and push off the couch. I station myself in front of Risa, holding out a hand. She stared at the hand for a while before she allowed her eyes trail up to my face. I grin at her.

“Let’s cook together.” Slowly Risa’s lips quirk into a smile, a small one but it was still a smile none the less, and she takes my hand. I pulled her to her feet and led the way to the kitchen. I don’t pull my hand back until we reach the fridge.

I pulled out a Tupperware of beef mix mom had placed in the fridge earlier and place it on the counter. I return to the fridge and begin pulling out lettuce, tomatoes, anything you could put on a burger that I can remember.

“Ai-chan, what are we going to do with this?” Risa asks. She’s stationed herself by the counter, turning the plastic container this way and that to try and guess what’s inside. Balancing the various condiments and vegetables in one hand I got the piece of index paper stuck to the fridge’s front and slipped it in her hands.

She took a look at the card. Her eyes widened as she stared at the things I lay out on the counter.

“Uso!” Her face brightens as she gleefully opens the container. “Are we really? Ah, yatta. Yatta! Ah, I want to eat it now.”

I take the container away from her. She pouts at this. She’s very cute when she does that and I can’t help but reach out and pinch her cheek. “No. I’ll take care of the patties. You clean the vegetables and chop the tomatoes and onion.”

She takes my hand and pulls it away from her face, she is blushing. “Fine.” She mumbles.

Just like that we get to work. I start frying the burgers while Risa takes care of the rest. The kitchen fills with the soft sizzling of cooking meat and the monotonous thuds of the knife hitting the chopping board. She starts humming a song. It is a familiar tune, something I’ve heard some time back but I can’t seem to place the title. I hum along, all the while trying to find the lyrics to the melody. Softly Risa starts adding the lyrics, her lovely voice stringing the words into the melody. The lyrics come to me and I start singing along. I glace back at her, at the same time she turns and our eyes meet. She’s smiling widely now, her eyes shining in delight, like they always do. The awkwardness was gone, thank God, and at that moment I felt that everything was right with the world, that I am where I’m supposed to be.

It’s a little past six by the time I finish.

I volunteered to set the table while Risa decorates the patties with whatever I’ve taken out of the fridge. I trust her better judgment in the taste department and leave her. I place the placemats in the middle of the table, on opposite sides, and put away the extra chairs. I go back to the kitchen in search of candles and matches. Risa sends me a confused look but I wave her off and I hasten my search. I find them in a drawer. The candles were already attached to a candle holder; dad must have forgotten to take them out of it. The match box was right beside them.

I slip out of the kitchen, hiding the candles behind my back. Risa just rolls her eyes as she continues decorating the plates. I set the candles in the middle of the table, light them and switch off the lights. I hurry back to the kitchen.

Just in time. Risa was trying to balance the two plates in one hand while trying to grab the pitcher of iced tea with the other. I slip beside her and take the plates from her hands. She gasps and jumps away a little, her eyes wide. “Ai-chan! You scared me.”

“I’ll take these. Come on.” I smile and head for the dining room.

I put the plates down and turn back to her. She is standing stock still in between the border of the kitchen and the dining room, her mouth slightly hanging in shock. I walk over to her, gently take her hand, and take the pitcher in the other, and lead her to the nearest chair. I pull it out, acting like the perfect gentleman and motion for her to take a seat. She blinks back at me, still not quite believing what’s happening, but she sits. I pour her a glass of the drink and shuffle over to the other side and do the same to my glass.

“It’s not as romantic, but it’s the best I can do.” I say. She just stares back at me uncomprehendingly. I can imagine the gears in her mind slowly work as they pieced together some elaborate theory just to end up with a simple answer.

Her eyes go wide. “Ai-chan… this…”

I open my arms and make a sweeping gesture to the table. I look up at her and put on my most sincere smile. There is no hesitation to my voice as I speak. “I’m just picking up where the movie left off.”


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Re: One-shot Scraps: December Project [12/26]
« Reply #73 on: February 02, 2014, 10:13:21 PM »
Gyaaaaah the TakaGaki cuteness is killing me  :inlove: :inlove: :wub: :wub: In a good way~

Omg, this was so adorable! I was grinning stupidly the whole time I read this, lol. And the kissing part... haaawt  :drool: Stupidremoteruinedallthetakagakikissinggoingon...  :angry:

And the ending, I definitely didn't see that coming. It was so romantic and sweet  :wub: Ai-chan is just a gentleman~ I wonder what they did after the dinner  :roll:

And now my face muscles are sore because of all the stupid grinning...  XD The takagaki cuteness of this story got me totally and I enjoyed it. Thanks for that~ Great job once again  :)

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Re: One-shot Scraps: December Project [12/26]
« Reply #74 on: February 03, 2014, 08:32:48 PM »
That was really good to watch although the hint of perv excites me a lot.

Crazy me going off about the usual perv fics XD
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Re: One-shot Scraps: February Project [02/14]
« Reply #75 on: February 13, 2014, 06:04:26 PM »
MsSmiggie: What I planned for them to do after dinner, in this version at least, is far from what you're imagining. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Naughty. But you already know what I'm planing anyway.

Kuro: I'm always stopping at hints, but it's becoming obvious that my subconscious is planing to got further. In due time.

Took longer than I thought. Work has been hell on me recently.


February Project: Valentine's Day

Warning for the little kiddies, the last part is kinda hinting at a you probably know what. Fair warning.

₪₪ “Ai~chan~ Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Nee, Ai-chan. Do you want to watch a movie with me? It’s Valentine’s.”

“This chocolate is so good! Thank you Ai-chan!”

“I’ll be your date, Ai-chan!”

“Nee, Ai-chan.”




“Ai… chan?”

“Ai! Wake up!”

“Wha-!” Ai jerked upright from her position, forgetting the backrest-less chair she was sitting on and nearly toppled over, just managing to grab onto the table before her whole weight tipped too far back. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she scanned the dimly lit room, blurry vision honing onto the other figure, a bright violet merging with the white fluorescent lighting, leaning against the doorframe.

“Reina? Dat’chu?” she asked, her words slurring, hands going up to rub her face. How long had she been asleep? And what was that God awful taste in her mouth? She glanced up, some blurry object was reflecting the light back to her. Oh right, alcohol.

“Who else is gonna be here, dope.” Reina grinned.

“Wha- what time is it?”

“5:30.”Ai groaned.

Pushing off the frame Reina walked over to Ai, stopping just a foot away from her. Reaching up she plucked a small card from Ai’s forehead, “What? No plans for today?” She asked, turning the card around. It was a business card of Risa’s work place.

Again Ai groaned, resting her head against the cool tile island. “I haven’t had anything planned for weeks. I’ve been busy working.” She began, then, turning her head to Reina she grinned “But now that I’m free, how’s about you and me spend the rest of the night watching movies? We’ll order pizza. I made jello-shots.”

“Sorry Ai, but as appetizing as those jello-shots sounds…” Reina began. That was when Ai noticed the purple strapless dress Reina had on. It looked lovely on her petite frame, especially with her hair tied up in a bun leaving a few strands of curly light brown hair at the front to frame her face. She looked beautiful, too beautiful to have just come home. Ai’s eyes widened.

“You’re not gonna leave me here are you? Ren-chan!” Ai wailed, reaching for the half bottle of vodka to hug to herself. “Don’t leave me here all alone.”

Reina laughed. “Sorry Ai, but I’ve got plans tonight. Why don’t you call up Gaki-san for a date? I’m sure she’d love to go out with you.” She suggested.

“Can’t… She’s busy.” Ai grumbled, resting her cheek on the tiled island top while the other was pressed onto the cool glass.

A raised brow. “She’s busy? At this day?”

“She is. I just finished my work this morning too so all I managed to do was make jello shots since you weren’t here.”

“Wait! Gaki-san is busy. Today?” Reina repeated, putting more emphasis on the last question.

Ai raised her head, turning her face towards Reina. “That’s what I said.” She said slowly.

“Are you sure?”

“Reina is there something you know that I don’t?” Ai said, eyeing Reina suspiciously.

“Well…” Reina hesitated, turning her head to the side “Eri mentioned earlier that Gaki-san was free the whole day, and that she had nothing planned and was staying home...”

Ai’s brows furrowed. “What?”

“Yeah. She said that they were done with work and that Gaki-san was heading straight home to rest.”

“That’s funny. She didn’t say she was going to finish a day earlier.” Ai grumbled bitterly. Repositioning her arms she hugged the bottle once again, liking the cool glass against her cheek. “So, what’s the occasion Ren-chan? I don’t see you dress up this fancy every day.”

“Ai-chan, do you even know the date today?”

Ai shrugged. “… February 13th.”

Reina sighed, lightly slapping her forehead. Figures. “… It’s February 14, Ai. It’s Valentine’s day.”

“Ah. That so…” A pause.

“What?!” Ai screamed, standing up and slamming her hands down on the island surface. The sound of glass sliding on tile reminding her of the clear bottle of vodka she have in her arms, well, had. With wide eyes Ai blindly snatched at the bottle on instinct, her fingers curling around the neck just before it went over the edge.

“Yeah.” Reaching for the bottle Reina gently pried of Ai’s fingers, placing the bottle as far away from Ai’s reach as possible. “And I’m gonna assume you don’t have anything planned.”

“No.” Pause. “I am so dead. No worse. She’s gonna hate me. I just know it!” Ai moaned, sitting back down on her chair and planting her face against the tile surface once again.

“Ai-chan I’m just gonna say this once. Gaki-san’s rubbing off on you.” Ai’s head shot up as she glared at Reina before slapping the younger girl’s shoulder.

“Okay. Okay. Reina’ll be serious now.” Reina said, holding up her hands in surrender. “So, how do you plan on going about this?”

“I don’t know.” Ai cried. “It was supposed to be a surprise! I was supposed to call for reservations later… I mean yesterday! Stupid.”

“This is a disaster! Risa-chan’s gonna hate me for sure!” Ai wailed, turning to engulf Reina in a teary hug, or at least that was her intent. Reina, seeing the action, quickly held onto Ai’s shoulder, pushing her at an arm’s length.

“Hey, hey. Reina’s got a date later. I don’t want to be covered in tears and snot.” Ai pouted but let her hands drop anyway and instead placed her elbows on the island top and rested her forehead against her hands.

“What am I gonna do Ren-chan?”

“Simple…” Reina began, lightly patting Ai’s shoulder “Ask her out.”

“Didn’t you hear? I didn’t make reservations.”

“You don’t have to actually take her out.” Reina said, rolling her eyes. “You made jello shots right?”

“Oh, yeah Ren-chan, that’s soo romantic.” Ai replied sarcastically.

“Hey! I’m not done yet.” Reina snapped back, holding up a finger and waving it around. “What I was going to say was why don’t you cook dinner for two? You guys could have those jello shots for dessert. And before you go ‘it isn’t as romantic as a gourmet meal out in an Italian restaurant’ or something… Do you really think Gaki-san would prefer that over a special home cooked meal?”

Ai stared at her younger companion, the last statement ringing in her mind. Reina had a point. She turned her head to stare at the tips of her fingers, noticing a small chip on one of her perfectly, well not anymore, manicured French tips. She should take care of that soon. God, she could use another shot of vodka.

Noticing the far off look Ai had donned Reina, grimacing, began waving her hands in front of the dazed face. “Hello? If you’re just gonna ignore Reina then Reina’s outta here.”

“No wait. You’re right. I should just invite her here.” Ai said. It was easy. She’s invited Risa out multiple times before, no problem. They could watch a romantic movie here, sure it’s gonna be an old movie but the perks of staying home means having a couch where they could cuddle without having to worry about proper etiquette and all that. This could work out.

“Great!” Reina said, reaching over the other end of the island where Ai’s phone was and passing it back to its owner. “Call her. Set up a date. And I’m outta here. You’re welcome.” She said quickly, turning around on the balls of her feet to walk out their shared apartment. She has a date waiting for her and it’s impolite to let a date wait.

“No wait Ren-chan!” Ai called, grabbing onto Reina’s wrist to stop the petite girl from running off.

“What?” Reina groaned.

“Aren’t you gonna help me?”

Reina scoffed. “With this dress? Nu-uh. You’re on your own here Ai-chan.”

“But, what am I supposed to make? It’s already 5:30.”

Reina shrugged. “I ‘unno. Omelette rice.”

Ai levelled her companion a narrow-eyed stare. “Ren-chan, I’m serious.”

“Yeah. So am I.” A pause. “Aw, come on Ai, don’t gimme that glare. You make a great omelette rice. And after that you can just write over the egg to make it look cute. Write her name or something. Besides can you think off another dish that’s fast to make?”

Ai bit her bottom lip, hanging her head down in defeat and let Reina go. “I didn’t think so. So unless you want to order Chinese or something you better get your ass moving.”

“Alright already…” Ai sighed. “We still have chicken right?”

₪₪ “Right so, candles, check. Movie, check. Did I miss something?” Ai murmured worriedly as she carefully guided the ketchup bottle over the steaming plate of omelette rice. Risa was due in a few and she just had to make sure everything was perfect. She already blotched the original plan for her perfect Valentine, it was supposed to be dinner out under the stars near a lake, the perfect setting for a perfect evening. How did she lose track of the dates?

“Omelette rice for two, check. Cute writing… check. What am I missing… Ah! The chocolate! Ah… no time. Damn it.”

She glanced up, checking the time. Only 5 minutes till Risa, supposedly, arrives. There’s something she’s forgetting, now what was it? Placing the ketchup bottle on the counter she absently passed her hands through her shirt, wiping away any moisture and dirt.

“Ah.” She glanced down, checking her white boxer shorts and the loose red long sleeves. “Clothes! 5 minutes!”

Scrambling for her room she quickly comb through her closet, pulling out a black dress, with white lacings around the top, that also served as its straps, which caught her eye. Quickly shedding her house clothes she slipped on the dress, pulling a comb and hastily brushing it over her hair.

Just as she finished dabbing a light pink shade of lip gloss over her lips she heard the familiar knock on her door. Three quick ones followed by two more hollow sounding ones. Throwing the lip gloss back in the drawer Ai hurriedly shuffled over to the door calling out a “coming” as she went.

“Hi, com-“ Ai stopped, her voice catching in her throat. Risa smiled widely at her, raising her hand up for a hello. She was wearing a white tube dress with black flowery patterned lace running along the left side going to a downwards slope to the right of her dress, designed to run up her left shoulder as a strap then back down to her waist at the back. She had a black belt that hugged the curve of her waist rather nicely and a matching black shoulder bag and white t-strap. Her hair was tied in a low ponytail, brushed over her left shoulder, following the back lace down to her breast.

“Are you gonna let me in?” she asked, her voice snapping Ai back to reality.

Absently licking her lips Ai took a step back, opening the door wider to permit her guest entrance. “Com- come hi- I mean… come in.” Ai stuttered. She took another step back, but this time extended her arm invitingly. Risa took a step inside, reaching for Ai’s hand and automatically intertwining their fingers.

“Hi. You look… wow.” Ai said.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Ai-chan.” Risa grinned. “Smells nice.”

“Yeah, you do.”

Risa giggled. “I meant the food.”

“Oh, yeah.” Ai mentally slapped herself. What was with her today? Must be all the stress she’s been putting up with work for the past weeks. But Risa really looked wonderful this evening. It’s just been way too long since the last time they’ve been together and she really missed her.

Squeezing their hands she guided Risa to the dinner table and Risa gasped, taking in the romantic setting. The place was dimly lit, there was a single lit candle at the center of the table and the surface was littered with red petals, courtesy from the few roses Ai nicked from Reina’s bouquet, much to the smaller girls chagrin. Simple yet elegant. Ai pulled a chair for Risa to sit in, pulling a little at their hands to get Risa’s attention back. Still with eyes full of awe Risa let herself be guided to her seat.

“Ai, did you do all this?” she asked quietly. Ai smiled.

“Well, Reina refused to help, so yeah, I did.”

Turning around Ai went to the kitchen to fetch the plates she had readied earlier and carefully brought them back to the table. She laid down her plate first before Risa’s, but before she could lay the plate down properly she heard Risa gasp again, taking that as a good sign.

In ketchup she had wrote 愛しています. It had taken a lot of concentration and a steady hand to keep the strokes right, while keeping in mind the short amount of time she had to finish everything.

“What has gotten into you?” Okay, that wasn’t what she was expecting. Ai raised her head, eyes wide, to stare at Risa. Risa was smirking as she met the surprised stare head on. “Did you eat something weird?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ai said, blushing. “I can be romantic too.”

“Since when? Last I checked the most romantic thing you could do was give chocolates on Valentine’s, and that’s if you remembered.” Risa teased. Ai felt her cheeks getting warmer.

Risa chuckled and, satisfied with her teasing, motioned for Ai to sit down. “I’m just kidding. This is sweet of you Ai, really.”

Ai pouted “Yeah. Haha… Did you really have to say it like that?”

“No, but I miss seeing your embarrassed face.” Risa admitted softly.

Ai paused, wondering if she heard right. “What did you say?”

“Hm… Nothing.” The younger girl responded. “Wah~ this looks great! Shall we dig in?”

Ai was quiet for a moment, wrestling in her mind whether to probe the girl more or leave it as is. If she did the former Risa would eventually yield to her, probably grumbling about Ai being an annoying monkey while she was at it.

Risa was already digging into her meal, making delighted noises after ever scoop. Ai chuckled silently, shaking her head amusedly and turned back to her place. Just as she was taking a seat she felt her whole weight suddenly shift downwards, her heart feeling like it skipped a beat, accompanied by a crushing sound. With a start Ai jumped to the side, screaming in her famous low pitched way. She paused, staring wide eyed at her companion, who, for a brief moment, stared back at her equally in shock before falling into a fit of strangled giggles.

“What was that?!” Ai squeaked, squinting her eyes to see the unusual lump on her seat.

“That would be my Valentine’s gift to you.” Risa replied, straightening up from her seat to look at the weird shaped lump that was originally box shaped and giggled. “I was hoping you’d notice it earlier, but your face when you sat on it was priceless.”

Cheeks burning, Ai reached for the squashed present before once again taking her seat. “Mou… You should have told me… Actually you really didn’t need to buy me anything.” Ai grumbled, though she couldn’t quite supress the small smile tugging at the side of her lips.

Risa waved a dismissive hand in front of her “I want to. And you’ll love this one. I know it.” She motioned to the present. “Go ahead open it.”

“What’s in it?” Ai asked, shaking the present near her head, trying to decipher the light thudding noise coming from within. Risa rolled her eyes, but kept her mouth shut, once again motioning for the present.

Carefully tearing the red paper wrapping Ai gently lifted the disfigured box lid. Lying inside was a nightgown in its crumpled state, due to the earlier shaking. Not a fan of wearing nightgowns Ai sent Risa a small forced smile, hoping the younger woman wouldn’t notice.

“It looks lovely Risa.” She said. Carefully lifting the dress she held it up to herself, belatedly noticing that the gown cut off mid-thigh and was also transparent. Ai blinked, her mind lagging at the additional detail. When her brain synapses finally clicked her eyes slowly widened in realization and her head snapped back up to Risa’s smirking face.

“It would look lovelier if you were wearing just that Ai.” The younger teased.

Ai felt her body temperature spike, even more so when she felt a smooth leg brush against her own and she immediately stiffened. Her lips pursed tightly, her gaze deliberately straying towards her untouched plate, realizing she had lost her appetite and in its place another growing hunger.

“Nee, Ai.” Risa called, her voice getting a deeper, huskier tone. One of her feet slipped up to Ai’s thighs, brushing softly against the heated flesh, receiving a shiver and a strained moan from the older. Risa bit her lip, smouldering eyes never straying from Ai’s reddened face as she applied a bit more pressure.

Ai suddenly stood up, catching the younger by surprise. She stared at Risa evenly, her hands twitching at her side, the babydoll clutched in her hand, her chest visibly heaving. Slowly she turned, unhurriedly walking towards the direction of the bed room. She turned her head once, catching Risa’s stare with her own darkened ones, her lips quirking up.

“You coming?” she said slowly before disappearing behind the bedroom door.

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Re: One-shot Scraps: February Project [02/14]
« Reply #76 on: February 13, 2014, 09:42:17 PM »
MsSmiggie: What I planned for them to do after dinner, in this version at least, is far from what you're imagining. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Naughty. But you already know what I'm planing anyway.

You're giving me way too many ideas and I can't help my perv mind! XD Okay, now I just sound strange...

But of my gosh, this was so great! I was grinning stupidly once again I was reading this. Got to love hangover Ai~  :lol: The discussion with Reina was way too funny and the bottle hugging and Ai going crazy... I loved it XD

“You don’t look bad yourself, Ai-chan.” Risa grinned. “Smells nice.”

“Yeah, you do.”

Risa giggled. “I meant the food.”


I was lucky to finish my cocoa  5 seconds before I read this. So smooth Ai, so smooth XD And the ending, gooooossssh x___x This needs sequel. I demand for it.

Great job once again! My cheeks are hurting once again after reading your story, thanks to all the grinning  :lol:

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Re: One-shot Scraps: February Project [02/14]
« Reply #77 on: February 14, 2014, 12:25:24 AM »
Woman another one left hanging XD XD XD

Ai is so hilarious in trying to be smooth XD  Although the dinner was rather quick and Reina playing her tsundere card :nervous
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Re: One-shot Scraps: February Project [02/14]
« Reply #78 on: February 14, 2014, 01:15:04 AM »
Oh man, that was a fabulous reaad xD

Hungover Aichan xD

Tsun Reina xD Love how you write her!


And Aichan being so smooooth lul

Good fic to distract me from what will happen in god knows how many hours left ;n;

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