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Author Topic: MsSmigge's writings // 13.2 Hello, hello Well, let’s get started!  (Read 7561 times)

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Yeah, I decided to have a go xD yesterday I had one kind of "job" to do in the night and at this morning I had the same thing. The job is boring as hell so I decided to write a story so I wouldn't fall asleep.

Maybe later, when I am less sleepy, I will write more stories xD This was just an idea and I really haven't thought that I could write more in the future xD But lets see...

Also, sorry if my English is... well hard to read or something but a) English is not my first language b) I am VERY VERY tired right now. Because of the job, I had 2 hours sleep last night.....  :depressed: So try to bare all the mistakes, please  :kneelbow:

Anyways, here's the story! xD And for your surprise, it's TakaGaki.   



                                                                                        Mission get Risa back to bed

Risa sighed, as she put the last dishes away. Sun was slowly rising and it's rays peered through curtains which were still closed. It was quite early but Risa, being the responsible person and all, couldn't sleep very late, unlike her girlfriend, who in turn, was still sound asleep. Risa chukled a bit; Ai was never a morning person and probably would never be. The Bean had to, once again, fight her way from the bed, when her sleepy monkey had tried to prevent it. It was the same thing every morning. Risa would wake up early and Ai would always be very grumpy.  And every time Risa tried to leave the bed, Ai would clung onto her like some koala, trying to get the Bean stay in the bed with her.

Risa tried her hands and checked her wristwatch. It was 6.55. Well, now she could take a shower and after that she could make some breakfast for herself, since Ai wouldn't be up for next 2 hours.
Just when Risa was about to leave for the bathroom, A brown fur ball ran from the bedroom, barking sharply.
"Ouji, hush! Don't bark!"
Risa commanded the dog but when she got closer, the animal would only run away and continue barking. Risa frowned. This wasn't normal of Ouji... Soon the dog run into the bedroom and continued barking in there. Risa's eyes widened; was something wrong with Ai? Soon Risa was running into the bedroom where Ouji was still barking.

In the bedroom, she found Ai on her back on the bed. She had a frown on her face and she was tossin her head from side to side. Risa went immediately beside her girlfriend and tried to wake her up.
"Ai. Ai, please wake up."
She stroked the older girl's cheek gently and grabbed her other hand.
'She must have a nightmare...'
When nothing happened, Risa tried to try one more time.
"Ai, it's just a nightmare. Please wake up. I'm he... UAAAAHHH!"
Suddenly Risa found herself on her back on the bed, Ai laying on top of her.
Before she could say or do more, The monkey wrapped her hands tightly around Risa's waist. Their legs got tangled and Ai's head went next to Risa's. The Bean could feel the older girl's hot breathing on her ear, when Ai spoke:
"I had a bad dream because you left me alone in the bed...."
Ai murmured softly, as she snuggled closer to Risa.

For a while, Risa was very stunned but she gathered herself soon. She gave a deep sigh and poked Ai's side, which caused no reaction from the monkey.
"Jeez, Ai, I really thought something was wrong..."
After a few seconds, Ai lazily lifted her head up to meet Risa's face. She gave a slight frown as she looked deeply in Risa's eyes.
"Isn't it a bad thing if I am having a nightmare?"
Risa just couldn't resist that face. She laughed a bit and the frown on Ai's face only got deeper. The older girl's "morning face" was just too cute and the frown only made it better.
"Well of course it's not a good thing but you know, it's normal to have nightmares sometimes."
Risa said as she ruffled her girlfriends hair lovingly, which caused the frown disappear immediately.

"Now, let me up and get up yourself too. We have a.. AAAGGH!!"
Next, Risa found herself on her side, facing some of Ai's hair. The monkey had flipped on her side and clung now even more on the Bean.
"We, and especially you, are not going anywhere."
Ai growled cutely and snuggled closer to Risa, if it was even possible.
"Aww, Ai come on! It's already 7 o'clock and we have a lot to do...."
Risa was cut of by Ai's lips on her own. Ai kissed her lazily but deeply and Risa found it hard to keep up with the monkey. When Ai finally let go, Risa was breathing a bit faster than normally, while I just put her head back besides the Bean's neck.
"Honey, it's Saturday, 7 o'clock and we have nothing special to do, so just stay with me in the bed and scare my nightmares away."

Risa blinked few times before she sighed once again.
´Damn that girl, always having her way...´
Risa thought, as she wrapped her arms around Ai's body. She could swear, that she felt the monkey grin like a crazy in her neck.
"Fine, but only this time."
She mumbled as she stroked Ai's back slowly.
"Mmm, we'll see about that..."
Ai murmured and soon, Risa could hear light snoring. That girl really fell fast asleep!
Risa laughed a bit and kissed Ai's neck. She really should think some ways how to not fall for Ai's charm and she definitely should think something against that damn "puppy dog look" of her...
"One day..."
Risa mumbled as she yawned.
"One day, you wont charm me this easily..."
Soon, Risa followed her girlfriend in the dreamland and dozed off.

After a few minutes, Ouji jumped on the bed and sat down behind Risa. Soon, Ai's head came out behind Risa's body, which cause the dog to wag it's tail happily. Ai grinned to the dog and reached out to pat the dog, which the fur ball accepted happily.
"Good boy Ouji, Good boy. You did very well."
She cooed to the dog. Ai gave Ouji some doggy treats and after getting that, the dog jumped off the bed and went somewhere to do some doggy things.
Ai smiled and settled back in her previous place. She watched Risa's face for a while and stroked her hair, before giving her a kiss on the forehead. This caused the Bean to move a little bit and murmur something. The smile on Ai's face got even bigger when she heard her own name escape Risa's now smiling lips.
What a luck I have Ouji... There's no way I would have gotten Risa back in the bed, without getting up myself.
Ai thought, as she snuggled back to her girlfriend and soon fell asleep.

Outside, the sun was rising higher and higher and it's light filled the room, where the two lovebirds were peacefully sleeping in each others arms.


There, done xD
There are A LOT OF MISTAKES, but as I said before, I am tired as hell, thanks to my night sift.  :dizzy:
But practice makes perfect and we got to start from somewhere xD

Lets see if I write more in the future... xD
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Re: MsSmigge's writings
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 :lol: Devious Ai, using Ouji to get her way. It's cute! But Risa's not a morning person either. XD

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Re: MsSmigge's writings
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i like how ai has got her girl back to bed.
please update more often and take care of yoursellf... don't overburned yourself.
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Re: MsSmigge's writings
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Lmao. Ai getting her Honey back to her through Ouji. xD

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Re: MsSmigge's writings
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rndmnweird: Yeah, I kind of forgot that Risa too is not a morning person!  XD I realized it after I had written this so I thought what the hell, she is a morning person now! But I don't know why I like the idea, where Ai is the childish and lazy one while Risa is the reasonable and level-headed person xD Don't know where I have got this image...

yellow: Lets see, if I get new ideas/time to write more x3 I like writing but I am so self-critical, so it might take time before I write next time. And I wont work too much XD That was just one kind of job I had to do but I wont have them much in the future. At least I hope so....  :sweatdrop:

risa_ai: I got the idea of Ai using Ouji when I saw a dog during my shift. XD I intended to make this story a bit different first but then that dog gave me an idea x3

Thank you so much guys for the comments!  :) I was very happy when I noticed someone had commented this. Really, thank you!  :kneelbow:

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

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Re: MsSmigge's writings // A story for Christmas
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Hey guys!
Yeah, I decided to write another fic, cause I got an idea + I wanted to write something for Christmas.
So here we go~

For a little while love is as white as snow is

The market was full of people, who were fussing around and doing their last Christmas shopping. It was December 23 so it was no wonder that everyone was in a hurry. There was one person though who wasn't in a rush. She was sitting in a little cafe, drinking something liquid and eating something sweet. There were some bags beside her which revealed, that she too, had done some shopping today.

Risa's gaze wandered around the cafe, which was quite quiet right now. People were too busy to stop for a break, so almost all the cafes in the market were quite empty. After she had scanned the place for at least ten times, Risa decided she would go now. She had been here at least for 20 minutes now, waiting for her girlfriend to come back from whatever business she had had a while ago.

'Damn that Ai.... She said this wouldn't take long. Where the hell is she?'

The brown haired female got up and took the cafe cup and now empty plate away. Just when she was about to leave the cafe, she bumped into something, or rather, someone.

"Going somewhere?"

A way too familiar voice asked her. Risa felt, how one arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her close.

"I told you to wait here, didn't I?"

The older female whispered in Risa's ear, which caused shivers run down her spine.

"Ai-chan! Damn that  took long! You said you would need only like 5 minutes and it has already been more than 20! What on earth were you doing?"

Ai pulled a bit away from Risa and looked into her eyes, smiling sheepishly.

"Ano... There were more issues than I had thought..."

Ai said. She studied her girlfriends face for a while before she pulled away and spread her arms, smiling like a sun.

"But now I'm here! Are you happy?"

"Yes and no. Now, lets go..."

Risa grumbled, as she walked pass Ai. The older woman frowned and dropped her hands down. She waited for a hug or something like that and maybe some sweet words, but all she got was a cold response. After recovering from this "shock", Ai ran after Risa and when she got beside her, she entwined their hands together. Risa didn't look at Ai, neither did she resist holding hands whit her.

"Nee, Risa, don't be mad. I am sorry it took so long, but there really was something I was unprepared for..."


Risa only mumbled as she kept her gaze straight ahead and kept walking on. Ai sighed and decided, that it would be easier to do the talking and apologizing later.

The couple kept on walking in silence, Ai watching all the things around, while Risa, was deep in thoughts.

'Where would she have gone? I know she has done all the Christmas shopping but this one was something uncalled for...'

The Bean did her best to wrack her brain, but nothing came out. She even tried to recall the situation, when Ai had left for this business of hers.


The two of them were walking through market aisle, watching all the fuss around them. They both had finished their shopping for today and were now just hanging around together. They passed some souvenir shops when Risa noticed something. She was just going to inform Ai, when something else happened.

"Ai-Chan! Look at...."

Risa was cut off when she felt something under her feet. She moved her leg and saw a small stuffed animal, which looked like a bunny, under her shoe. She had luckily stamped on it's ear, so the whole toy wouldn't be covered under her shoe. Risa watched the toy for a while, before Ai got her attention.

"Ne, Risa, what is it?"

She asked, as she tucked her arm. When Risa didn't answer and just looked the ground, Ai followed her gaze and also noticed the toy.

"Eh, a bunny? Whose is it..."


A small voice asked. Both females looked up to find a small girl in front of them. She was holding her hands in front of her and had her shoulders in her ears, which showed, she was A BIT nervous. Ai just looked at the girl and the bunny for a while, before she realized she should do something, but her lover was faster. Risa sat her shopping bags down and crouched down taking the stuffed animal in her hand. She stayed on the little girls level and smiled her warm smile, which Ai had  seen only, when the two of them were alone.

"Is this yours?"

She asked gently and kept that dashing smile on her face. The little girl watched Risa for a while and she still looked like she had seen a ghost. Ai was sure the girl was going to run away or cry but then something happened: The little girl walked very slowly to Risa, who was still smiling that warm smile of hers, and took the bunny in her hands. After she had gotten the bunny, the little girl turned around and dashed away. However, she took only few steps, before she stopped and slowly turned around. She then walked back to Risa and looked shyly in her eyes. Risa tilted her head to side a little bit, as if waiting for, what the little girl was going to do next. Then the little girl did something surprising: She threw her hands around Risa's neck and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you for saving Felix."

She mumbled quietly. Both adults were taken by surprise, but soon, Risa just laughed and embraced the little girl gently.

"You are very welcome. But remember to take good care of your little friend, ne?"

Risa said, as she padded the little girls head gently. The girl, who was smiling like an angle now, nodded her head with "un" and clutched the bunny to her chest. Then someone, probably the girls mother, called for her. The little girl turned around, but as she ran away, she waved for Risa and Ai. Risa laughed a bit and got up, watching after the girl. Ai examined her girlfriends face: When Risa was with that little girl she looked so... happy. And that smile; never ever had Ai seen, that Risa would smile that dashing smile of hers to anyone else but to her. Also, right now, when the Bean was looking after the girl, that warm smile was still there...


The monkey shook her head, when she heard Risa's voice. The younger girl was now standing in front of her and watched her curiously.

"You were spacing out, is everything ok?"

Ai watched Risa for a while and didn't say a word. Risa started to get worried, when suddenly, Ai grabbed her shoulders and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

"Wait me in that cafe out there. I just remembered I forgot to do something. I'll be back in 5 minutes."

With that, the older girl left for her business, leaving the stunned Bean alone in the middle of the crowd.

"What the... Wait! Ai-Chan!!"

But Ai was too far away now and Risa couldn't even see her anymore. The bean sighed and looked down, only to sigh again.

"And you left all the bags for me to carry...."

End of flashback

"Risa, do you have the key?"

Risa snapped back from her thoughts as she heard Ai's voice. The couple was at their apartments door now. Since the mall wasn't so far away, they always went there by foot and now they had walked back home. Risa blinked for a while before she returned back on the land.

"Yes, I have them. Just a second."

With that she rummaged through her pockets and got the keys. She opened the door and went inside with Ai. Still, the business Ai had had didn't leave Risa's mind.

In the evening

Risa was sitting on a couch in the living room, watching out, as the snow glistened outside. She had been there for a while, still thinking what happened earlier in the day. Suddenly she felt how two arms wrapped around her waist from behind and a kiss was planted on her cheek. She jumped a bit but relaxed soon, when she realized it was just Ai.

"Are you still mad at me?"

Ai asked quietly, as she held the Bean in her arms. Risa frowned a bit and looked the female behind her.

"Mad at you? Of what?"

She asked confused as she watched Ai in the eyes. Ai looked stunned for a while. Wasn't Risa mad at her?

"Umm.... I mean earlier today... You seemed a bit pissed of in the mall..."

Risa looked Ai for a while before she remembered that she indeed had been a bit cold towards Ai. But she wasn't mad; her mind had just been occupied with thoughts. Risa smiled a bit and gave Ai a peck on lips.

"No, I am not mad at you. I was just... in thoughts."

Ai, being relieved by the fact, that her lover wasn't mad at her (though she has a good reason for that) smiled too. She hugged Risa a bit tighter and snuggled her nose in the Beans neck.

"What were you thinking then?"

She asked. Risa laughed a bit, and embraced Ai as well.

"Just that, why you left so suddenly for this "secret business of yours."

Suddenly, Risa felt how Ai tensed. The Bean frowned and tried to pull away so she could look in her lovers face, but Ai wouldn't move. She more likely embraced Risa even tighter, like she didn't want to let go and face her.

"Ai, is everything ok? You feel a bit tens..."

"Risa, do you love me?"


That was all Risa could answer. This was very weird behavior from Ai; she had never acted so nervous like this so suddenly and now she was asking, if Risa loved her.

"Ai, is everything ok?"

Suddenly, Ai pulled back and stared deeply in Risa's eyes. She had quite a serious expression on her face.

"I asked you; do you love me?"

"Ai what is this..."

"Risa, answer me."

Ai's voice was firm and Risa saw something different in her eyes, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Ai, you know I love you."

"More than anything in this world?"

Risa frowned, but decided to go along with this.


"Do you want to be with me forever?"

Risa was quiet for a while. Then she raised her hands and put them on Ai's cheeks. The older girl seemed shocked but soon she had something else to think about: Risa had connected their lips together and was now kissing the monkey like there was no tomorrow. Soon, Ai gave in and just kissed back, with the same passion as Risa. The kiss ended soon and the couple stared each others for a while before they started again. Ai's arms sneaked around Risa's waist, while the younger one encircled hers around the monkey's neck. Eventually, Ai took charge and gently laid Risa on her back on the couch. She pinned Risa down and kept attacking her mouth, as the Bean moaned in their kiss and tried to keep up with Ai's pace.

After a while, Ai finally parted their lips and just snuggled close to Risa, who was  also trying to catch her breath.

"Is.... Is that enough... for an answer to your... question?"

Risa huffed and tried to calm her breathing. Ai tensed again but relaxed almost immediately. She raised her head and looked lovingly in Risa's eyes. She stroked her hair, and kissed her, this time way more gentle than a while ago. When they parted again, Risa saw again something different in Ai's eyes but this time it wasn't anything weird; now, she could see love and determination in her lover's eyes.

"Yes, but...."

Ai kept a small break, inhaling deeply. Then, she sat up and reached her hand in the pocket of her jeans. Risa watched with a frown, what her lover was doing. She saw Ai take something out of the pocket, but couldn't say what it was.


The Bean turned her head towards Ai, who was now straddling her waist, holding something in her hands and looking... Nervous?

"Risa... Risa... Oh, God, not now...."

Ai mumbled, as she turned her face away, blushing heavily. After seeing this, Risa sat up and gently took a hold of Ai's face again, turning the older girl's head towards her.

"Ai, it's ok. You know you can tell me anything."

Slowly, Ai turned her gaze back to her lover. Then it happened: Risa started to smile that dashing smile of hers, which always turned Ai's knees into jello, whenever she saw that smile. The determination, that was in Ai's eyes a while ago, was back again. It was now or never and the monkey would not lose her courage now. Risa saw the change too and she waited patiently, what her lover wanted to tell her.

"Risa... When I saw you with that kid in the mall today... I.. I have never seen you smile like that to anyone else than me. And the I realized, you were happy when you were with that little girl...

Ai kept a small pause. Her face was as red as tomato and she was sure, that the temperature in the room had raised. Risa sat still, waiting, cause she knew, that Ai wasn't finished yet. After Ai had calmed down a little bit she continued:

"And... I realized too, that I want to see that warm and, the most beautiful smile on the world, of yours everyday. Risa, I want to make you happy. I want to give you all you desire in this life and I want to protect you. I want to built our future with you and someday... I... I want to have a family with you."

Again, the monkey kept a pause. She looked deeply in Risa's eyes, which were now filled with awe. The Bean was wordless but after a while she could utter few quiet words.

"Ai.... You...."

There was a small clank and Risa knew where it came from, but she could not look down now; she was too busy looking in Ai's eyes and right now, she didn't have the courage to look down in Ai's hands. Ai breathed again before she continued:

"R-Risa... I love you more than anything and I need you more than anyone in my life and I want to share my life with you forever. Risa.... Will you... Will you marry me?"

Ai lifted her hands a bit, so Risa could see the small, black velvet box which had something shiny inside it. But Risa could not look at it now. She could not take her eyes away from Ai's. She couldn't even move. The time froze as the two looked in each others eyes, the other one still holding the box, and waiting for an answer; answer for the most important question in her life.
Then the silent was broken by Risa, as she whispered quietly to her lover:


The word "yes" had never sound so beautiful to Ai, as she heard her lovers answer. Ai's lips curved into a huge smile as she took the ring out of it's box and put it in Risa's hand. Her hands were trembling like she was freezing or something, but somehow, she managed to get the ring in it's right place. When Ai raised her head, she was immediately met with Risa's lips, as the younger one kissed her passionately. Ai didn't fall behind; she kissed Risa back, wrapping her arms again around the beans waist and pulling her as close as she could. They fell on the sofa again, but this time, Risa being on the top.

After a while, the couple parted again, but they stayed close to each others. Risa pressed her forehead against Ai's and smiled to her lovingly. Ai was the same, as she examined the chocolate eyes of her lover, never getting tired to see that smile, which was again on Risa's face.

"So... This was your business today?"

Ai could hear, how Risa's voice cracked a bit and soon she felt something wet on her cheek. She wasn't any better, because the tears were also rolling down from her own eyes.

"Yes, this was it...."

Ai whispered quietly as she gently stroked Risa's hair. The younger girl leaned in again and gave Ai a slow and loving kiss, which the monkey happily accepted.


Risa whispered, as she pressed her head in Ai's neck. Ai just laughed a bit and hugged Risa even closer.

"But there's still one thing I want to know."

"What is it my love?"

"What the heck took you so long in the mall, if all you had to do was buy the ring?"

Risa asked as she raised her head so she could see Ai's face. The monkey blushed and looked a bit away.

"Anoo.... I.... I didn't have the courage to go in the shop at first.... So, I just walked in front of the shop for something like 15 minutes, before I got myself in...."

Ai said sheepishly. Risa watched Ai for a while, before she started laugh. That monkey really was an aho. Maybe even worse than their friend Eri.

"Hey don't laugh... It was very difficult to gain the courage to do that!"

Ai whined, and poked Risa a bit in her side. The bean controlled her laughter, so she wouldn't hurt her lovers feelings.

"Gomen, gomen, but that just.... I can so imagine how you would just lurk around the shop and be all nervous..."

"There's nothing funny in that..."

Ai grumbled, and nuzzled her head in Risa's neck. Risa just chuckled and decided to leave the subject there. She had something better to do now, and it was to snuggle with her fiancée.

They stayed on the couch, close to each others, in a comfortable silence. But then, Ai broke that silence.

"Risa, would you lie down beside me?"

Risa frowned a bit, cause she was very comfortable right here where she was now. But she obeyed Ai's will and did as she was asked to. Immediately, when she was in her new position, two arms were around her again and she felt, how Ai pressed her face next to hers.


Ai pointed up and Risa followed. The bean gasped: Outside, snow was slowly falling down and the light that came from inside, made it glisten beautifully, like the flakes where diamonds. Risa watched the scene in front of her in awe. For some reason, the slowly falling snow was something so beautiful, she had never seen before. Next, Risa's gaze moved to the female beside her, who was also watching the falling snow. When she noticed, that other one was staring at her, she moved her head so she could see her lover better. Risa smiled and gave Ai a gentle kiss on the lips. The older responded to the kiss, which grew deeper and deeper. Soon, Ai rolled so that she was on top of Risa and started to unbutton her blouse. Risa moaned and her hands also started undress her lover.

As the two lovers expressed their love to each others through the night, the snow kept slowly falling down outside. Love, that was as pure as the falling, glistening white snow. But their love was even more pure than the snow outside; when the snow would fade away someday, the couples love would stay. It would last forever and it would never fade away.


For some reason, I'm in a very very very emotionally mood...  I intended that this story would be a lot shorter but I have typed this now for.... almost 2 and half hours. I got carried away a bit... :sweat:
Anyway, I got this idea when I was walking in a snowy forest. It was snowing and it was very beautiful out there. Then, one song came to my mind and I got an idea for a story.

I tried to write the refrain of the song in English in here, but it's very hard to translate it from word to word, so I changed the lyrics a bit, so they would make some sense. This song is one of my favorites and it's very very beautiful, at least in my opinion.

There's an English version of this song, but I think the lyrics doesn't have the same meaning as in the original version. Also, the headline of this chapter is a rough translation of the name of the song.

Here are the lyrics for the refrain in English:

For so little while love is as white as snow
It's as pure as the snowdrift of February mornings.
Oh, I wish it's shine would last longer,
but when the night comes it darkens and fades away.

Hehe... I have never ever done something like this before....  :err:

Well anyways:

Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year!  I hope, everyone has a great year ahead.

(I wanted to say this now, cause there's a possibility that I might have to work at Christmas or new year. Or both. Yeah, it's kinda early, but I like it better early than late...)

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

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Re: MsSmigge's writings // A story for Christmas
« Reply #6 on: December 16, 2012, 11:17:46 AM »
So romantic! >.<! I know it's a bad comment, but I'm tired.. :sweatdrop:

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Re: MsSmigge's writings // A story for Christmas
« Reply #7 on: December 17, 2012, 02:13:13 AM »
i like this one :P
aho aichan is cute...
merry x'mas and happy new year to you too!!

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I don't know if there's a topic for Hello project dreams or something like that, but I think I can post this here, ne? XD I am too lazy to search for that topic, if it even exist.

Okay, I just got this idea when I woke up today, for I had so weird dreams through the night.

So, because I had a dream of morning musume, I decided to write it down and make a fic about it XD So, this is a story of me in my dream, where some hello project person's were present.

And because this is a dream, this doesn't make any sense in some parts, for my dreams are never very sane... Also, I don't remember it so well anymore, though I tried to write it down immediately after I woke up.

Here we go~

For some reason, I had ended up meeting with my friends from junior high school times. We were friends, but we never spent our free time together. We were walking in the city and they were dragging me with them. We ended up to the city hall and went inside. What on earth were we doing here? Then, I heard a loud music and we entered a huge gym, which had some kind of concert in there. There were about 50 people inside, everyone dancing and shouting. My friends dragged me to the front and then I saw who was the artist; my heart stopped, for it was Morning musume!

What on earth ere they doing here?? How are they having a concert in the city hall? They were wearing the same costumes as they had in Ai's graduation concert and they were performing Tomo, which was just ending. I watched the girl group, which was now starting namidacchi, sing as I had seen them in videos, always so happy and full of energy. They had the eight girl group, which was formed after Koharu graduated, but for some reason, Aika was not there, but Koharu was. As we went to the front, I found Aika dancing among the other fans! Why was she here? Why wasn't she with the musumes?

As we got our spot, my friends started to cheer and dance with others, while I just stood stunned. Really, what on earth was going on? I watched the people around me, not really knowing what to do. From time to time, I saw how Aika joined the other singers and sang with them. Then she would go back to dance with others.

"Hey, what on earth are you wearing?"

Suddenly one of my friends shout over the music. I raised an eye brow as I examined my clothes. I was wearing blue sweatpants and a hoodie, which had black, white and mint green stripes. In my feet, I had my white black sports shoes.

"Mmm, I am wearing the same clothes I have had all day on me..."

"How have you done your hair?"

Another friend shouted as she watched me frowning. I had my fair in it's usual ponytail, parting going almost in the middle. I could not give my answer when
suddenly, one of the fans fell and held his foot. He had hurt himself somehow and it was decided, that the girls would keep a break here. Meanwhile some fans, including me had to clean the area! What the... Why me? I had to carry some boards in some kind of storage, which I still don't get, why I had to do that...

When I returned, the girls were still on break, but what surprised me was that they were among the fans! There they were, walking around and talking with people, like they were all a one big fan group. I went to my friends who were now sitting around a table. I sat down and noticed a pink hello kitty laptop on the table. When the person using it turned towards me, I almost fell down; Tanaka Reina was sitting beside me and she smiled happily at me.

Oh my gosh, I must have died and gone to heaven...

I thought as I smiled back at her, nodding my head a bit. Then, I turned to examine my surroundings and saw Sayumi do her nails on one bench.

"Great, Sayu is doing her nails..."

I heard suddenly behind me and when I turned to watch, I saw Reina rubbing her hands together, like she was planning on something.

"Come with me."

Suddenly, the kitten took my hand and led me to the stage. I was stunned as I walked after her, hearing all kind of whispers around me.

"Oh, look! She gets to the back stage!"


"Unfair! I want too!"

"What a lucky girl.."

'Lucky girl indeed...'

I thought, as Reina dragged me after her, stopping behind one kind of table which was in the middle of the stage. My heart was beating like I was running a marathon and I was nervous as hell. Here I was with Tanaka Reina, the superstar of morning musume and one of the greatest singers in the whole world. We crouched down, Reina looking around, as if she was making sure no one was listening to us.

"Here's the plan; go to our hotel and buy a small bottle of water. Bring it to me then and I'll take care of the rest. There's a list in the hotel, which shows what I have bought."

I watched Reina, like she had had another head. Just... WHAT? I didn't understand her at all! What was she talking about? After that, I heard her whisper something about alcohol and filling something, but I didn't quite catch what she was saying and I wasn't sure, did I even want to.

"Hey, hey, hey! How have you done your hair and what on earth are you wearing?"

I turned to watch my side and found Takahashi Ai approaching me with an amused smile on her face. Now, I was sure my heart stopped and I wasn't breathing. But somehow, I got to answer her:

"Well... It's my day off, so I can look like I want to?"

Ai was silent for a while, till she started to laugh.

"Oh yeah, that's true. But next time, make sure your hair is open, curl it here and here and..."

She showed with her hands and talked about my hair at the same time. Then, I felt some tugging in my arm and again, Reina was leading me to somewhere. We went to the backdoor and exited the building. There were some shoes outside, which were drenched, for it had started raining by now.

"You can borrow our shoes."

Reina said pointing the wet shoes, till she seemed to realize how they were. Suddenly, she took her shoes of and took sandals from somewhere.

"Here, borrow my shoes."

Well, I did, but damn did she have a small foot! My hurt all the time. Well, anyways, we started to walk towards the town square and by now, Reina had also gotten a pink bike from somewhere! Damn, where did she get all those stuff. I also had noticed that Ai had left the city hall with someone, but I didn't have time to recognize her companion, for they disappeared so soon.

"Ano... Where is your hotel?"

I asked Reina, who watched me with surprised expression.

"What? You don't know? Duh, you should..."

Somehow, I dropped the subject there and just kept on walking. We kept on moving on together and by now, Reina had an umbrella with her and I didn't even bother to guess where she got it. We were about to go under a one kind of tunnel, when I realized that Reina was on bike. People were not allowed to ride bike's in the city in here! If police saw her, she would get penalty for that...

"Oi, you can't ride a bike here..."

"I can't?"

"Yeah. This sign says so."

I pointed a yellow red sign, which had two person's walking in it. I had never seen such a sign, but somehow I knew what it meant.

"When this is blue white, it's okay to ride bicycle on the street."

And here I realized, that I was telling something which was not true, for if that kind of sign was on the street, it meant, it was only for them who were walking by foot.
Reina nodded her head and left the bike there. Then, she was the one leading where we would go. We went to a building, which seemed to be under some kind of rent. We went up some stairs, till we arrived to a balcony like thing, which was under all kind of plants.

"Reina, where are we?"

"What? You don't recognize this place? It's where all the movies are filmed!"

'What the....'

Well, I had no idea which kind of movie would be filmed in a place like this. As I watched down, I saw one kind of monster band approaching the place we were in. They had camera men with them and I guessed they were going to film a music film in here or something.

"Reina, I think we should go..."


Was the kitten's answer, as she took my hand, and we hid behind one kind of rock.

"Lets play hide and seek with them!"

She whispered enthusiastically and started to run away. Then, I heard music and I recognized the song quite quickly. It was Nakazawa Yuko san's Shanghai no kaze! Suddenly, Reina got away from me and everything turned black as the music grew louder and then...


I woke up, for I have Shanghai no kaze as my wake up call in my phone.... Dang, I almost threw by phone to wall, for I wanted to know what would have happened!!! XD

I had a funny feeling during the whole dream and for a long time after it.
So, here's a bit different kind of fic for you~

Btw, I am very surprised it's wasn't TakaGaki dream. I didn't even see Gaki-san well out there.  XD

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Interesting dream although just being there was a treat in its self
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Re: MsSmigge's writings // 13.2 Hello, hello Well, let’s get started!
« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2014, 09:00:32 PM »
Kuro_808: Lol, I was so mad after waking up xD And it indeed was a treat to be in there... Thanks for the comment!

Phew, been ages since I have post something in here  :nervous Well now I'm back! (Thanks to some pressure... ahem xD)

So, it's valentine soon and I decided to write something short. I got inspired by the morning musume's song tomo. And the lyrics translation I took from Not my own translation.

So without any further explaining, to the story~

                                                                                                           Hello, hello Well, let’s get started!

The sound of the instructor boomed in the small dancing room where the actors were having their training. After hearing the familiar ”Owari, minna-sama, otsukaresama deshita!” everyone started to slowly pack their things up after bowing to each others. Everyone, except one person. Her long brown hair flew in the air as she ran to her bag and like a wind stormed out of the room. She went to the dressing room and in a record time she was on the go again, her hair well done and clothes changed. She had quite casual clothes under her winter coat which considered jeans, a button up green blouse which was open and showing the brown shirt underneath it. Her curly hair was down and hanging freely against her back.

Risa was so full of energy as she ran out of the building an headed to a place where she had promised to meet one certain person. As she moved along the people she took happy skips once in a while. There was a huge smile on her face and it looked like the bean had just heard the best news in the whole wide world. And in a way, she had, though it had already happened a while ago.

It took only five minutes before she reached her destination, which was a small cafe. But the cafe wasn't what she was looking for but the person standing in front of it. She seemed to be waiting for someone. The woman had also quite casual clothes, jeans, a hoodie that was partly visible underneath her coat and sneaker like shoes. She had a small bag with her and the hood was pulled up to cover her head from the cold weather. Her hands were in her pockets but it didn't look like she was cold. More likely, she seemed to be waiting for something to happen.

And then she noticed Risa. A huge smile spread on her face and she started to approach the bean. Risa ran even faster and when she finally reached the person she launched herself on her neck, giving her a tight hug.


The bean exclaimed and she could hear how the older female laughed and hugged her back. When they pulled apart the two looked in each others eyes, smiling warmly at the same time.

”Shall we go?”

Ai asked and took the bean's hand. She made sure to held her gaze on Risa's all the time as she did so. The bean smiled back and as she felt the warm hand in her own, she held back tightly.


And with that they started to walk along the street. They didn't share much words, just usual how was your day and if there was anything special going on. Otherwise, they just walked in silence, smiled brightly and made sure to held each others hands tightly, never letting it go.

I’ll tell you outright
I’ll make it fun
Don’t ever
Let go of my hand

They kept on walking towards their destination and just when they thought that nothing could break this great feeling between them, someone did. Ai had just started to ask something from Risa, which of course caused the bean to turn her head towards her. This caused that Risa couldn't see the two other persons who were just walking around the corner and since her head was in front of Ai, the older female couldn't see them either.

Ai soon found the younger girl in her arms as someone bumped into Risa and caused her to fall forwards. The older one caught her quickly and after making sure that she was okay turned to look who on earth had been so careless.

”My gosh, I'm so sorry!”

A female's voice was heard as the another couple looked at Ai and Risa with a concern. There were two females as well, one having two pigtails above her head while the other one had her long hair open and almost like Risa had it. The shorter one of the two was holding her partners arm while she seemed to be trying to hold her balance. Ai thought that Risa must have bumped in her, since she was looking a bit like she didn't know that had just happened.

”You should have looked where you go you aho... I warned you about talking too enthusiastically and not looking where you're going!”

The girl with pigtails scolded the other one who finally seemed to land back on earth. She seemed to pout a bit because of the slightly harsh words and gave the shorter girl a puppy dog look.

”Aww, Reina, loosen up a bit! Nothing bad happened and you must admit that you were as lost in thoughts as I was a moment ago.”

The girl defended herself causing her companion to only roll her eyes. Then she seemed to remember Ai and Risa again. She shot a concerned look on them as she watched how Ai helped the younger girl to stand up.

”You're okay? I'm so sorry that my friend didn't look where she was going. Eri is such an airhead sometimes and don't remember to look where she is going” Reina apologized and caused the girl beside her to grumble how she didn't look in front of her either. This in turn didn't went unheard by Reina who immediately shot back and soon they were debating who was daydreaming a while ago and who wasn't.

Ai couldn't help but laugh at the two and Risa wasn't far behind. She had been a bit disappointed how their ”moment” had been ruined but this couple kind of made her forget it. They were just too hilarious to follow.

”It's okay. No one was hurt and nothing serious happened.” Ai said as she tried to get the two arguing girl's attention. ”We should have been more careful ourselves.” She smiled at the two who seemed to finally calm down. It was silent for a moment when Eri suddenly tilted her head to the side a bit as she was examining Risa. The bean rose an eyebrow but could't help the feeling that she had seen this girl somewhere.

”Ano, I don't want to sound rude but do you happen to be Niigaki... Ah, I forgot the first name...”

”Risa. Hai, Niigaki Risa desu.” Risa finished Eri's sentence and then she remembered that she had heard the name Eri somewhere.

”You're the one from the acting class!” The two suddenly exclaimed at the same time, causing their companion to frown and look at each others.

”Now I remember!” Risa said as she remembered where she had seen Eri. They were both attending the same acting lessons in the same place where the bean had had her dance training today. Though, Eri she didn't remember seeing Eri there today. Maybe she skipped...

”I remember too! What a coinsidence!” Eri said happily and almost punched Reina in face as she was slashing around with her hands.

”Hey, hey, hey watch it!” The kitten finally snapped and gave Eri a look. When the older girl only laughed sheepishly and apologized, Reina seemed to look satisfied and had her calm expression once again.

”Ano, I wouldn't want to be rude, but we have to go now.” Ai interrupted as she once again took Risa's hand in hers. The bean turned to look at the older one and smiled at her briefly. She then turned back to Reina and Eri, who were linking their arms as well now.

”No problem.” Reina said and smiled politely. ”Actually we have some plans as well and we should go. Sorry again for the interruption.” She bowed a bit which Ai and Risa only waved off. Eri turned to look at the bean before they parted their way.

”See you around on the lessons.” She said and waved to her. Risa did the same and gave her one last smile before the two couples parted their ways.

”See you.”

Let’s have big hearts
Forgive and be forgiven
Let’s be friends
With everyone we meet

The two continued walking and after a while they finally reached their destination. They entered the building and climbed few stores up before arriving in front of one apartment's door. Ai took her keys and let the two in her small apartment. After taking of their shoes and putting their bags out of the way, the couple headed to the kitchen where they started to prepare dinner.

At first they were in a comfortable silence as Risa was slicing vegetables and Ai was working in front of the stove. Then, the bean remembered something.

”Oh, I forgot to mention something!” She said, causing the older girl to turn around a bit and look at her questioningly.

”What is it?” Ai asked as she kept on making the food.

”I'm going to attend one camp next week. It will be held in Okinawa and it will last for two weeks...” Risa explained, her voice somewhat telling that she was a bit sad to tell this.

”Oh.” Ai said and was quiet for a moment. She didn't have much to do on next few weeks and she had hoped to spend some time with Risa, but it seemed that those plans would have to be changed. The two had also done some actual planning as well, but nothing had been decided yet.

”I was about to inform you earlier, but I forgot... Sorry...” Risa said as she looked at Ai. Her eyes showed that she was indeed sorry, for she remembered that they had intended to do something together with Ai on next week. The older on slightly nodded and then to Risa's surprised smiled at her.

”It's okay. You go have a nice camp. I'm sure you will learn some nice new dancing and singing tricks.”

Risa only stared at Ai. She wasn't disappointed at all? They had made plans and now she was breaking them and the older girl was like nothing was wrong.

”But our plans....” Risa started, but Ai only rose her hand in order to silence the younger one. She placed the spatula in her hands on the stove and walked closer to the younger girl. Leaning her hands on the table Ai looked down at Risa, Who in turn had a very questioning look on her face.

”It's only two weeks and we're going to have a plenty of time after that.” Ai explained calmly as she smiled down to Risa. ”Besides, you can always call me. Anytime and anywhere.”

The smile on Ai's lips soon transported on the bean's and in no time they were once again smiling at each others. Risa nodded her head a bit and said a small ”un”, agreeing with the older one. Yes, they had plenty of time and the distance wasn't a problem if they wanted to spend some time together. It didn't matter if it was via phone or computer, just hearing the other ones voice was enough.

”I'll make sure to call you often.” Risa said as she patted Ai's hand gently.

”You do that.” Ai said in a calm and low voice as she slowly leaned in. She placed her lips on Risa's cheek and gave her a quick kiss. When she withdrew the younger girl didn't however let her go far away. She captured Ai's lips with her own and they shared a brief kiss, which soon turned in to a series of slow and sensual ones. At some point Risa stopped the kisses and frowned. She was smelling something quite not so pleasant. Ai didn't seem to notice it and tried to kiss the younger one again but only to be stopped by Risa who put one finger in front of her lips.

”Ai-chan, did you remember to switch the stove in lower heat?” Risa asked as she tried to peek behind Ai's back.


Even though
We’re far apart
We don’t need to worry
There are things we can do

After they had manage to save some of their cooking the two started to eat their dinner. They went in the living room and Ai switched the tv on. They watched some shows and at some point they decided to watch a movie. Because it was valentine, they decided to look something way too sweet for their liking but both just were in the mood to watch something they would end up assessing in the end.

The film played and after they had finished their food, the couple curled up on the couch. Ai circled her arm around Risa's shoulders while the bean circled her arms around her middle section and curled up against the older one. They were in silence for a while, just ”enjoying” the movie.

”Ne, Ai-chan?”


Risa looked up at her girlfriend while the older one kept her eyes on the TV. The bean was silent for a moment and when she said nothing, Ai finally turned her gaze down. A smile crept on the bean's face as she leaned up and kissed the older girl. It was just a brief kiss and it wasn't followed by another. Risa just held her forehead against Ai's and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment.

”Will you always be my friend?” Risa asked suddenly. Ai only laughed shortly as she circled both of her arms around her girlfriend's waist and pulled her a bit closer so that Risa was now sitting in her lap.

”Always.” She whispered and kissed the bean's forehead.

”Will you always be with me?” Risa asked a new question which Ai answered the same way but this time kissed her cheek.

”Will you always love me?” After her third question, Risa pulled a bit away and looked deeply in her girlfriend's eyes. Ai smiled warmly at her and before she leaned in to kiss the bean on the lips, she gave the same answer she had already given twice.


The next kiss lasted longer and even turned a bit more passionate one than before, but the two still held back a little. Risa pulled a bit away so she could catch her breath. They snuggled up against each others, hugging the other one as close as possible. It was silent again till Risa decided to break it.

”Even after the years, will you still say always? Even when I'm old and grey and wont look like I now do?” Risa asked a hint of mischievous playing in her voice. It soon however turned into a surprised yelp when she felt something poke her side quite harshly. The bean jumped a bit but didn't get a chance to escape when Ai hugged her tighter against herself and growled in her ear.

”Stop asking stupid questions.” Though her tone was harsh, Risa knew it wasn't meant to hurt. She had to admit herself that she indeed had asked silly questions, but she just couldn't help but ask them. Even though she had already known the answer, she just wanted to hear Ai answer those questions. It gave her some kind of a relief, as if it was a proof that they would be together forever.

”Yes dear.”

Risa said and as soon as she had finished her words she felt searching lips on her neck and cheek. Only by tilting her head a bit to the side, she soon found her own lips on Ai's once again as they shared a new kiss.

I love you
We’ll always be friends
Even when we eventually get old
And have grey hair

We can be nice to each other
We’ll always be friends
And sometimes you’ll give me a strict telling-off

The kiss was a bit different this time. The two got totally lost in each others lips and the movie playing in front of them was long forgotten. It didn't take long when Ai was on top of Risa, kissing her lips hungrily while the younger one was trying to keep up with her and pace and at the same time roamed her hands in Ai's hair.

They continued and only when they started to get rid of their clothes, both stopped. They wanted to go on, but something just held them back. They had had this unknown feeling that always made them stop whenever they reached this point and not wanting to ruin this moment with that, they both decided to not go any further. Catching her breath, Ai leaned her head down and rested it against Risa's who was breathing quite heavily as well. They stayed like this for a while, not moving around much.

Finally, Ai decided to rise her head up and look at her beautiful girlfriend. She smiled when she saw Risa's half closed eyes. The bean turned her brown eyes to Ai's and a soft smile spread immediately on her lips. But as she was looking at her girlfriend she couldn't help but feel how she would be apart from her for two weeks. She felt guilty for not telling sooner and ruining their plans.

Ai seemed to read her mind and when she leaned in closer and kissed the bean, she whispered against her lips.

”Stop thinking the next two weeks. I already told you that it's fine.” Ai murmured. She had noticed how the bean's gaze had been wandering around and she had looked like there was something bothering her mind. Ai had immediately known what was it and though she had to admit herself that she was a bit disappointed that they couldn't do what they had planned, she was totally okay with it. As she had said before, they would have a plenty of time later.

”Just, lets enjoy this evening and the few other days before your leave..” Ai whispered as she kissed the bean again. She moved her lips more aggressively against Risa's which caused the bean to widen her eyes in surprise. But she soon caught up with Ai and was kissing her back as much as the older one was. She should indeed concentrate on this moment and not to worry too much about the future. And Ai had already said that it was okay, so she should accept that and not to worry too much. And that Risa would do.

I’ll tell you with my smile
I’ll be nice
I’ll always be here
That will never change

Makes mistakes
So let’s make up
For all of them now

As they kissed, Risa got a sudden feeling to get a bit further. They had been going out for a long while now, but hadn't done that. Not yet. Because of their busy schedule neither hadn't found a good time or just wasn't in a mood when they finally had had time. But now, on valentines day when they both were feeling strangely happy, Risa thought it might work this time. They had tried many times, but every time something just went wrong. Now, it seemed like nothing could break this moment.

Out of nowhere, the hands that were roaming in Ai's hair went lower and lower and when they reached the hem of her shirt and lifted it up, both females stopped. Ai gave a questioning look to Risa who in turn started to feel nervous. She knew that the older one had gotten the hint and knew what she wanted but suddenly a fear that she had been too hasty crept in Risa's mind. What if Ai wanted to wait a bit longer? What if she didn't want to do it right now?

But before Risa went any further, she banished those thoughts from her mind. Damn, she wanted this. She wanted to show to her lover how much she cared for her and how much she wanted to be with her. And truth to be told, Risa was quite sure that Ai felt the same. They were both quite shy about this so maybe that was the reason why they hadn't gone any further. Also, Ai tended to be quite protective over the younger girl and didn't want to hurt her in any way. But now, Risa wanted this damn barrel between them to be ripped down. She wouldn't run away.

Gulping a bit, the bean leaned in slowly and gave Ai a firm kiss. She kept her eyes on hers and when she noticed how the older one looked confused the bean held her close, not letting her escape. She wanted to tell her that she was ready and not afraid.

To her surprise, Ai answered the kiss. She was a bit careful at first but soon, she was hugging Risa close as well. When they finally pulled apart the couple searched each others eyes. Without words, Ai suddenly got up and took Risa's hand. No words were needed and soon the bean found herself following her lover to the bedroom. Once the curtains were closed with the door, the couple immediately searched for the other one and attacked each others lips hungrily. In no time they were making out on the bed and ripping down the damn barrel which was the last one between them. And neither of them was regretting this idea.

My heart aches
Like my first love
But I won’t run away
It’s proof that I’m alive

I’m sure we can understand each other
I mean, we’ll be friends forever
Even if everything doesn’t go well
From the very beginning

After some quite pleasant moments the two were curling on Ai's bed, holding each others as close as possible. They were tired but damn were they happy. They had finally faced the last thing that was holding them back in this relationship, but now it was gone. And it felt so good.

Risa snuggled up against Ai as the older on pulled her tighter against her chest. She just wanted to stop the time and live this day, this evening and this moment over and over again. She didn't want this great feeling to stop and she was damn happy to know that this wasn't the last one.

Then suddenly, the bean started to move away. Immediately the older one was stopping her and questioning what was going on.

”I forgot to give you your valentine's present!”

The bean said suddenly as she tried to get up and out of the bed. For a moment Ai thought of letting her go but then she thought again. Instead of letting the bean go, she flipped her on her back and made sure to get on top of her so that she couldn't escape. Risa fought back for a moment but when the older one kissed her firmly, she finally calmed down and let the older one have her way.

When they finally pulled apart, Ai looked deeply in Risa's eyes.

”I think you have already given me your present.”  The older one whispered and kissed the bean again.

”What?” Risa asked confused. What kind of a present had she given to the older one? Sensing how the bean didn't get her words, Ai decided to explain.

”This evening has been the best valentine gift I have ever gotten.” She said and before Risa could argue, Ai kept on talking:

”I don't need any kind of material gift, money nor anything else but you. If you're not here I don't know what should I do. And only knowing that you're somewhere out there, thinking of me and waiting our next encounter, I don't need anything else in this world.”

The older female then leaned down again and gave her lover a very soft and sensual kiss. She pulled away for a moment only to whisper three words, before kissing the bean again.

”I love you.”

Risa didn't know what to say. Her lover had just said something so beautiful that she had no words for answer. She wanted to say something but after such confession she couldn't find anything to say. Instead, she kissed the older one back, pouring all her feelings in the one single kiss which soon turned into many more.

”I love you too.” She whispered. But a small frown still crept on her face as she was still thinking of her present in her bag. ”You're sure this is enough? I mean, I just....” Before she could continue any further Ai had placed a silencing finger on her lips.

”Believe me, this was far better than any kind of a material gift.” She whispered and kissed Risa's cheek and jaw before continuing beside her ear. ”And have some self-confidence. You're damn good in this, just for your information.”

This caused the bean to blush and she punched her girlfriend quite harshly, which only caused her to chuckle. When Ai came back in to her view the two smiled gently at each others. No words were said as they leaned in to seal their lips again and continue where they had been left.

They didn't need gifts to show each others how much they cared. Money wasn't the measure of how much they loved each others and no one else could never show as much love as they did for each others. If they just could spend their time together with each others and never be separated, they couldn't ask for more.

Believe in yourself
Feel your destiny
So that you don’t get caught up in the flow of time

Hello, hello
Well, let’s get started!


I think I should have re read this more often, but if I do that I will never finish this one before the valentine... x__x Sorry for the mistakes and maybe a bit confusing parts in the story.

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Re: MsSmigge's writings // 13.2 Hello, hello Well, let’s get started!
« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2014, 12:29:23 AM »
That was rather amusing between Risa and Ai just trying to be lovey-dovey XD

One year apart XD
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Re: MsSmigge's writings // 13.2 Hello, hello Well, let’s get started!
« Reply #12 on: March 11, 2014, 06:22:08 AM »
How did I not see this before? I blame my brain and my work… but mostly my work.
Lol pressure? I wonder what pressured you…  :roll:

TakaGaki and TanaKame!!!  :w00t:
xD at the encounter, now all they needed was Sayu telling the rokkies off and let the harsh three-way banter commence.

Oh Gods the kitchen! Now where have I heard that before?  :rofl:

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