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Author Topic: Yellow's Randomness - [14-Feb-2013] Wedding (TakaGaki)  (Read 19128 times)

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Yellow's Randomness - [14-Feb-2014] Wedding Day (TakaGaki)
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Part 1: Wedding Day

Ever since the proposal two years ago, Niigaki Risa and Takahashi Ai finally graduated from the group and decided to settle down as a true couple so they decided to hold a simple wedding ceremony.

So, they invited their ex-colleagues and once group mates to the ceremony.

~At the bridal room~

“Konkon, I am anxious” the bride felt her palm is getting wet.

~the other room~

“How come you are the groom?” her best man asked.

“Ahem” the groom tried to be composed.

~At the ceremony hall~

Everyone who was invited arrived at the ceremony punctually but there is still no sight on the going-to-weds.

“I wonder who the bride?” Guest A asked.

“I wonder who the groom then?” Guest B asked.

“I wonder who the minister for their wedding?” Guest C asked.

“Ahh… Nakazawa-san is here.” Guest D announced.

“A… why is she walking to the front?” Guest E asked.

After Nakazawa Yuko walked to the front of the ceremony hall, the wedding bell rang, accompanied with the wedding song played where announced the start of the ceremony and the new wedding couple entered the ceremony hall walking down the aisle.

However, as the couple was walking down the aisle, their guests started to have a dispute over their respective roles.

Guest F: “A… how come she is the groom?”

Guest G: “Yup… how come she is the bride?”

Groom: “Can’t I be the groom? What so surprising that I am one?”

Bride: “-_- |||”

Finally they reached the front of their wedding minister.

“Welcome to family and friends:

You are here to witness a wedding.

I am Nakazawa Yuko, the appointed minister of the wedding ceremony of Ms. Takahashi Ai and Ms. Niigaki Risa. Now, I announced the start of their wedding ceremony. ”

Ms. Takahashi Ai and Ms. Niigaki Risa, you have requested that to marry each other. Do you both do this of your own desire and free will?”

Groom & Bride:
"We do."

“Do any of the witnesses have any objections to their their wedding?”

Witnesses *silence*

Then there were a few hands being raised up to object their marriage.

Groom & Bride *Cold sweat*

Groom (Bride): “How come I did not know I have so much rivals in the past?” and they looked at each other, feeling ridiculous over the situation.

Then, some of them looked at each other and smiled awkwardly at each other and their hands were put down. However, there is still one hand being raised.

“Ms. Ikuta Erina, may we know your reason for objection?”

Ikuta Erina:
“Niigaki-san is my bride-to-be. I vowed…” However before Ikuta could finish her reason for objection, a hand from the person sitting besides her went to her mouth as their current group leader has hinted her to stop the nonsense by this fellow 9th generation mate.

The 8th generation group leader, Michishige Sayumi, who was sitting at the front, got up and bowed to apologise on behalf for the nonsense by fellow 9th generation member of the group.

“Ok, since there is no objection. Then let us continue.

Ms. Takahashi Ai and Ms. Niigaki Risa, if it is your desire to become each other’s spouse, please exchange your vows.”

Groom, smiled while looking at her bride devotedly:
“I, Takahashi Ai, take you, Niigaki Risa, to be my spouse. In this moment I promise before these witnesses to love you and care for you all of our days. I accept you with your faults and your strengths, even as I offer myself with my faults and strengths. I promise to support you when you need support and to turn to you when I need support. I choose you as the one with whom I will spend my life.”

Bride, smiled back while looking at her groom devotedly:
“I, Niigaki Risa, take you, Takahashi Ai, to be my spouse. In this moment I promise before these witnesses to love you and care for you all of our days. I accept you with your faults and your strengths, even as I offer myself with my faults and strengths. I promise to support you when you need support and to turn to you when I need support. I choose you as the one with whom I will spend my life.”

“Ms Takahashi Ai and Ms. Niigaki Risa, you have shared promises in our presence. Do you have a ring that you wish to exchange?

Groom & Bride:
"We do."

~the exchange rings ritual~

Ms. Takahashi Ai, will you give your ring to Ms. Niigaki Risa and repeat these words:
I give you this ring as a reminder of the promises we exchanged today.”

Groom, looked at her bride devotedly, holding the ring she has for her and laid a simple peck, before she held her left hand up and put it on her ring finger:
“I give you this ring as a reminder of the promises we exchanged today.”
Then she smiled gently while looking lovingly at her bride, and her bride returned her the same attention.

“Ahem, can we continue?”

Groom & Bride * blushed and nodded*

“Ms. Niigaki Risa, will you give your ring to Ms. Takahashi Ai and repeat these words:
I give you this ring as a reminder of the promises we exchanged today.”

Bride, like how her groom has done previously:
“I give you this ring as a reminder of the promises we exchanged today.”

“Ms. Takahashi Ai and Ms. Niigaki Risa, you have exchanged your promises and given and received rings in my presence. By these acts you have tied the knot. Now, I hereby pronounce you are officially married. You may now kiss.”

So, in front of their witnesses, the new wedding couple looked at each other’s eyes devotedly and they went closer and closer where their lips meet and consigned the commitment agreement with their seals of devotion.

After they have exchanged their kisses of devotion, the newlyweds walked down the aisle, and stopped at the exit where the bride threw the bouquet of flowers to the crowd and some couples who were there, joined in the fun to catch the flying bouquet and it landed on KameShige, where the 8th generation group leader was on her turtle’s embrace, on the ground while catching the bouquet.

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Yellow's Randomness - [14-Feb-2014] Wedding OMAKE #1 (TakaGaki)
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OMAKE#1: Voices of the witnesses

Some of the guests whom managed to be captured by the hidden camera around the bushes during the wedding reception and here are some of the private conversations by these guests after attending the wedding ceremony…

Ikuta Erina: “Mizupon, why did you stop me?”
Fukumura Mizuki: “Because leader has threw me the hint to silence you.”
Ikuta Erina: *folded her arms* “I don’t care, you have to compensate me.”
Fukumura Mizuki: “Huh?! Ok” *in tears*


Kamei Eri: “Sayumin, why did you raise your hand just now?”
Michishige Sayumi: “You too.” *folded arms*
Kamei Eri: “Sayumin, but you should know you are the destinated one for me” *hugged her girlfriend who has the bouquet on her hands to appease her*
Michishige Sayumi: “Erm” *turned her head to ignore her turtle and blushed*


Yoshizawa Hitomi: “Rika-chan, why did you raise your hand?” *engulfed her lover in her arms*
Ishikawa Rika: “I am only doing it for fun, doing it for Mikitty” *lay back on her lover*
Yoshizawa Hitomi: “Ok” *tighten her embrace*


Mitsui Aika: “Reina, why you raise your hands just now?”
Tanaka Reina: “Did I?” *fake ignorance*
Mitsui Aika: “I saw it”
Tanaka Reina: “No, just now I am only giving myself a stretch” *grin*
Mitsui Aika: -_-|||


Junjun: “Why Tanaka-san raised her hand just now?” *upset*
Linlin: “Jie jie, don’t upset already, come *grin* have a banana?” *hand Junjun her favourite banana*
Linlin: “Finally Papa and Mama are formally married” *touched*


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Yellow's Randomness - [14-Feb-2014] Wedding OMAKE #2 (TakaGaki)
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OMAKE#2: Who's the Groom? Who's the Bride?

Risa: “Love, why I have to be the bride?”
Ai: “Ahem, because you have been my groom before?”
Risa: “Did I?” *tried to recall*  :dunno:
Risa: oh yeah, I did.  :yep:
Ai: So, this time round, you shall be my bride.  :peace:

*: The last part on Bijo Gaku #32, aired on 11 Nov 2010, if you know what I mean

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Yellow's Randomness - [14-Feb-2014] Wedding Night (TakaGaki)
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Wedding night

“I’m beat” both Ai and Risa fell flat on the couch in front of their bed.

“Love, get up” Risa elbowed Ai, lying beside her.

“Please give a second” Ai was beaten until she was lazy to get up anymore.

“Cannot” Risa got up and tried to pull Ai up after she has stood properly.

However, Ai refused and pulled her down where her wife now landed on her.

“Aichan” Risa hitted Ai on her chest lightly.

“Huh? Risa-chan, I am beat” Ai tried to close her eyes to nap.

“No no. We have to get clean first” Risa tried to get up and pulled Ai up again.

“Huh?” Ai opened her sleepy eyes and looked at her wife.

“Ok” Ai got up and dragged by her wife to the bathroom where they decided to take a bath together since they are quite beaten tonight.

Ai quickly removed the suit and got into the bath after it is ready.

“Aichan, can you help me with the zip behind?” Risa got near and sat at the edge of the tub, hoping her husband to help her with the zip of the gown.

“Ok” Ai got up slightly and helped her wife to unzip and then fell back to the tub.

“Aichan” Risa saw Ai being so exhausted and shook her head.

“How do continue our next activity of the night when she is so beaten now?” Risa pouted at her thought.

“I have to catch some rest now so that I have strength of the heat later” Ai closed her eyes to catch some rest.

Then Risa came back and sit the space in between her husband’s spread legs when she got into the tub and lean against her husband.

“Aichan” Risa brought Ai’s hands over her and started massaging.

“Mmm” Ai gave a comfortable moan at the pleasures of the massage of her stained arms, which Risa could only smiled at her husband’s reaction.
Then Ai tightened her arms around her wife and opened her eyes.

“Ahh” Risa got a shock upon the sudden restriction around her.

“Love, can you go into the heat now?” Ai leaned forward to whisper.

“So unromantic!” Risa pouted and played with the water in front of her.

“Romantic?!” Ai frowned and leaned back to try to think about a romantic way to start the heat while released her restriction around her wife.

“Aichan” Risa leaned back, where her hands went to her husband’s.

“Huh?” Ai played with the younger’s hands on her.

“Tonight we just sleep?” Risa suggested as she felt what they need now is a good night’s rest.

Ai pondered over her question for a while.

“But Risa, tonight is a special night” Ai reminded.

 “But you are beat, isn’t it?” Risa asked her husband in concern.

Ai could only smile and relaxed for now to regain her strength again.

Hearing no response, Risa got up and turned to face her husband who is lying on the bath.

“Or tonight I take the initiative?” Risa suggested again and Ai hugged her closer and pressed her lips against hers for a simple kiss. Risa looked at her where their eyes meet and Ai just smiled and stroked her hairs lovingly.

“Maybe if you settle your nails first” Ai looked appreciatively at her wife’s long and beautiful nails.

Risa looked at them and frowned, then laid her head on Ai’s chest.

“Aichan, I think we just finish our bath first” Risa started to feel cold.

So the couple quickly got done with their bath where they quickly changed into their couple night wears.

When they got onto bed, Risa suddenly blinded Ai with a bind. “Love, cannot remove” Risa whispered into the older’s ears when she saw the older hands went up with intention to remove the bind.

So Ai has no choice but to put down her hand and let the younger girl has her way.
“Say Ah” Risa instructed.

Ai followed accordingly “Ah”

Then Risa held the favorite fruit of the older near her mouth and instructed her to bite.

“Strawberry?!” Ai was surprised and delighted and automatically took another bite, and another until their lips connected.

Ai tensed up and immediately deepened the kiss while Risa just smiled at it.

As they were engaged in their kisses, Ai’s hand went up and wanted to remove the bind on her but was immediately stopped by the younger when she broke the kiss instantly.

“No, love” Risa held her hand down and got near and left a peck on her lips.

So, Ai has no choice again and has to patient with the plan her wife has for her tonight.

“Hee” Risa patted the older girl’s head lightly for her obedience.

As Ai waited patiently for the younger girl’s next move, Risa, in front of Ai removed her clothes and took another strawberry to feed the older.

“Say Ah again” Risa instructed.

“Ah” Ai followed accordingly again and like previously, she continued her bites until their lips met.

Then they broke the kiss and Ai was expecting the younger to feed again after the kiss but there is a long silence, so feeling curious, Ai intended to remove the bind but she scared that the younger will stop her again.

So, she now could only tried alternative by slowly move her hands to feel around but soon, she feel something familiar in front of her. That familiar feeling is her favorite and one and only sensation that she will never got tired with, hence she smiled at it and carefully trailed along the contour to feel the softness in front of her.

“Hee” Risa let out a giggle as the older girl is giving her a tickling sensation by feeling her so carefully and slowly where Ai could just smirked at it.

So, she continued to feel the younger carefully and slowly. However, she started to feel the younger starting to shiver due to exposure of the cold airs in the room where her immediate reaction was to keep her warm so she went to hug the younger and removed the bind on her.

“Are you cold?” Ai looked worryingly at the younger as she embraced her as much as possible trying to keep her warm where the younger could only smiled and cuddled herself close to her only love.
“Keep me warm then” Risa closed her eyes and whispered into the older’s ear after laying her head on her shoulder.

“Keep you warm?” Ai smiled and purposely faked her ignorance on the warmth the younger wanted most now, “Love, ain’t you warm in my embrace?”

Risa pouted at Ai’s tease and shook her head.

“Not warm?” Ai pretended to be shocked and went to hug the younger more closer, “Warm now?”

Risa still shook her head and pouted, now folding her arms to show her displeasure over the older girl’s deliberate unawareness.

“Still not warm?” Ai really have no choice and took the thick blanket over and covered themselves with it. “Warm now?” Ai purposely rubbed against the younger’s exposed skins to give her some warm.

“Aichan” Risa pouted further and threw her tantrum soon over the older’s immune self where she removed herself from the older girl and took the thick blanket over her and laid her head on the pillow, back facing the older girl, ignoring her unromantic spouse.

“Baka, Aho” Risa shouted the older girl softly under her breath.

Ai could only smile at the sudden angry mode of her beloved wife.

“My little precious, Aichan know her wrong now” Ai went over to lie down beside the younger girl and try to hug her from behind “Can you forgive me?” while appeasing her.

“Erm” Risa removed Ai’s arms over her and tried to sleep.

“Aichan is sorry” Ai decided to change her tactic and got of the bed and went in front of the younger where she was facing to apologize to her.

There is still no reaction so Ai went forward to capture her lips and deepened the kiss.

“Hey” Risa opened her eyes and stared at the older angrily while she pushed her away to break the kiss.

“I don’t like you” Risa got up and pouted, hiding herself in the thick cover.

“How could you don’t like me?” Ai pretended to act her innocence.

“I don’t like you. I don’t like you.” Risa, like a spoilt brat, vented her displeasure.

“Really don’t like me?” Ai pretended to play along and pouted as she asked the younger back.
“I don’t like you because you are bad.” Risa continued her spoilt brat mode and justified herself.

“Since I am bad to you, why do you want to marry me?” Ai pouted and folded her arms and imitated her girlfriend and got into her own spoilt brat mode.

“I marry you because you are good all the other days in the past” Risa reasoned herself.

“Really? Did I?” Ai pretended to look surprised, “Then can Risa-chan please kindly tell Aichan what do you mean by your good Aichan?” where she has succeeded to get the younger into appeasement.

Risa, still in her spoilt brat mode, looked at her and pouted.

“You get on bed first” Risa instructed and Ai followed and sat in front of her, waiting patiently for the next instruction.

“Come closer” Risa instructed again and Ai followed and got closer to her.

“Come closer” Risa instructed once again and Ai followed and got much closer.

“Kiss me” Risa instructed, but this time softly but Ai heard it and followed through and pressed her lips against her. Subsequently, Risa deepened the kiss by wrapping her arms around her neck to bring the older closer to her.

“Risa-chan is cold, wants Aichan’s hug now” Risa broke the kiss and said and Ai followed through to hug her. However, Risa shook her head and refused to let her hug.

Seeing this, Ai frowned and pouted and could only see the younger looking at her night wear.

So, she pointed at her own night wear where the younger just nodded her head.

“You want me to remove?” Ai asked and the younger just nodded to imply that what she has meant where Ai smiled and tapped the tip of her nose to tip her off for her naughty idea.

Subsequently, she generously removed all her clothes until bare and got near the younger to hug her.

 “Aichan, cold?” Risa whispered innocently over the older by her ear and intended to share the thick cover over her with the older.

Ai just nodded and got into the warm blanket and cuddled closer to the younger.

“Aichan, can feel Risa-chan?” Risa asked innocently again.

Ai pretended that she has no idea how she could have done it and wanted the younger to guide her through. Therefore, Risa smiled and held the older by her head and slowly guided her to feel herself, the older is nuzzling on her.

As she was guiding the older to feel her, she moaned pleasantly and quietly at the tickling sensations as the older’s breaths hitting her.

“Aichan, lick me” Risa instructed again while guiding the older in feeling her.

“Lick you?” Ai removed the younger’s guiding hands and went up to look at her.

“Don’t want?” Risa pouted and the older could just smile and decided to take control from now on.

“Don’t want” Ai purposely shook her head and hug the younger closer and engaged her in a intense waltz while trekking her hands along her to adore her.

At this meanwhile, Risa could only smiled as finally, her Aichan finally wanted to adore and love her properly for the night.

When they broke the kiss to catch their breaths, Ai looked at the younger and smiled.

“My beloved lady, may I continue to consummate our marriage tonight?” Ai, like a gentleman, took one of Risa’s hands and left a peck to seek for her approval to continue the real thing for the night.

Risa just played along and smiled like a lady and whispered, “Yes, my beloved” 

Ai looked at her and smiled as she got closer.

“Thanks, my lady, it’s my pleasure” Ai whispered the last confession and started the real thing for the night where her beloved lady could only moaned pleasantly for her love to her.

hope you like it :kneelbow:
and Happy Valentine to everyone!! :omamori:

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