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Japanese / Re: Yuuno Ohara / 大原優乃
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Young Champion 2019 No. 01

Japanese / Re: Nana Asakawa / 浅川梨奈
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Big Comic Spirits 2019 No. 02-03

Japanese / Re: Jun Amaki 天木じゅん
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Jun was a ring girl for a kickboxing event:

AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] The AKBINGO! Thread
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For Wakatsuki Yumi her family is a curse. At times, she felt like she should be grateful. Despite the dark business that she wants nothing to do with, her father still loves his family so much and her mother even chose this family over her other lover whom she has a daughter with. Yet still, it is a curse. She knows that they're always in a dangerous situation and how her father is away from the prison bars is from his careful techniques that have always draw suspicion to somewhere else. Not to mention the important people all over the country who secretly does business with him.

This is the reason she declined her lineage, refusing to continue the house business.

It wasn't easy at first, of course her parents think she's mad. That she's going to be a liability. A weak points that their enemy will take advantage of. But somehow, after several years of stubbornness, she won. Well, every once in a while she still needs to represent people that her father asked her to, but at least this is much better than running the gang business. She loves her job, it's her satisfaction to defend people instead of hurting them. Especially those who actually deserve justice.

Everything goes smoothly until Shiraishi Mai comes back. The very same person who destroyed her parent's marriage just by existing.

But no matter how much she tried to hate her it has never worked. Her best friend- one she considers just like a sister falls in love with the girl. Her mother whom had hid the girl's identity away from them for years are still keeping tabs on her. The jealousy was too much for Wakatsuki to handle, yet because of these two people has always been a very important part of her life put her in a place where she would at least respect her.

The reason she nodded when her mother asked her to represent Nogizaka company on their case. And the reason she said yes when her best friend asked her to be an accomplice on throwing her own father. Trying not to mind that she would be siding with a group of people that kidnaps her own sister.

"Yumi, are you sure about this?" Her mother asked. Her forehead wrinkles in worries as she keeps her focus on the road ahead of them. The car goes smoothly just above the speed limits.

"That person was father's right hand. I can't see why else he would try to kill Mai-san if not because of father's order... These people... Who contacted me, they have Hina. This would be a way to keep her safe." Wakatsuki said. Her fingers traced the file displayed on her phone screen, one that Nishino has sent her earlier. "I think he has gone cross the line this time, mom. Would you be mad if I conspire against him?"

The daughter knows how hard it is for her, she knows that the woman still loves her husband despite how her mother hasn't sleep in the same room with her father for the past couple of years.

The woman sighed, slowly stopping the car in the house they haven't been to in a while.

"My children come first... That includes you, Hina, and also Mai." She declared before opening the door next to her.

Wakatsuki plan was really going inside the house calmly and act like she doesn't know what's happening. This so she could go near one of the computers without raising suspiciousness. And maybe if luck is on her side she can somehow navigate where Shiraishi Mai is along the way.

Yet her mother, slammed the door opened and sternly command one of the men they saw in front to bring her to where her husband is. Which means it ruins everything she planned beforehand. At first, they tried to make them wait in the living room, but her mother really did turns really scary when she's angry so they gave up and lead them towards one of the rooms with a defeated face.

Her father was inside the reading room, observing television in front of him as he sipped on his coffee. The screen was split into 4, 3 being a different view of cameras in one room another one is more in the level of human gaze and moves every now and then.

She doesn't even need a zoom in to recognise the person showed on the screen. The white skin is enough to confirm her suspiciousness that she's, in fact, the one that her best friend is looking for.

The face of her father when he noticed that she and her mother saw his pitiful project is really something else. For a moment, it looks like he's at loss of words. Something that is not his character

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY DAUGHTER?!" Her mother yelled before he could defend himself. Giving the man a really hard slap in the cheek that enough to make everyone including her turn away from looking at them. "I swear to God you're not going to come near any of them ever again."

Her mother stormed out from the room, her father followed suit behind her with some other men quickly tailed them.

Wakatsuki knows that it's her chance, little by little she comes near the pc on the table, silently praising gratefulness when she found it already on and connected to the house network. Then she took out the cable from her pocket and connected her phone to the machine.

"Pardon me, Ojou-sama, the computer is currently in use..." one of the men said to her.

"So? I just need to charge my phone. It's not going to stop you guys from whatever shitty things you're doing, am I not?"

The man looks like he wants to argue, but in the end, decided to let her be with a slight nod. She silently looks at the clock on the wall, trying to count whether 2 minutes have passed since she plugged her phones in. That's all she needs to do, all the times she needs to spare.

Her mother by now has entered the room where Shiraishi is, pulling the girl into a protective embrace as she observed the daughter from head to toe. Wakatsuki doesn't need to be there to know that she must have gone through a lot, the wrinkled pyjamas, her barefoot feet, the way she doesn't seem to react much at what her mother is saying to her.

When her phone vibrates she swiftly pull the cord, giving the man next to her a quick nod before departing to where her parents are.

Wakatsuki always hates to see her parents arguing, so when she comes in she already prepared herself for the worse, harden her heart not to stop her mother from unleashing her anger to her father whom she knows deserves more than just sharp words to be thrown at him.

"You sick fuck!"

Wakatsuki winced, silently heading to the end corner. One hand still fiddling with her phone inside her jacket pocket, pressing the record button in the voice recording. Knowing that might come in handy if the situation goes even worse.

Silently she observes Shiraishi, which hasn't really make any movement from where she was standing. Quite strange considering the arguments heating up behind her seems does not waver her stance, especially when it is basically about her. Her puffy eyes which are a bit more red than usual tells that she's somehow still there. Trying to break free from whatever it is that's holding her.

Wakatsuki follows Shiraishi's eyes, which leads to the laptop screen on the top of the table. The screen saver animation playing slowly, a sign that it hasn't been long since it's abandoned.

Shiraishi took a step closer, her hand reached the keyboard to press one of the buttons, going back to the main screen before pressing the spacebar. Eyes empty as she stared at the footage that's playing in full screen.

That's when the young Wakatsuki see it. Her best friend on the screen, helpless as one man dunk her head onto the water. It happened over and over again. Too many times for her to count.

Wakatsuki took a step back away from her parents, shivered when she realised what had happened under her fathers' command. The disgust and resentment she has for her own bloodline appear once more. She approached Shiraishi, slamming shut the laptop in front of her.

However, the older girl flips it open once more. Fingers grazing the keyboard to open it.

"Enough!" Wakatsuki Yumi screamed. Grabbing the machine with both hands and throw it hard into the floor. The gesture was enough for her parents to snapped out from their arguments and pay attention to the two girls. She looked at her father in disbelieves. "How dare you do that? You know who she is... But you-"

"Yumi, that friend of yours was on the verge of exposing my business. You understand how risky it was. She left me with no choice." Her father tried to explain.

"You know damn well she will never have any interest in your disgusting business if you just leave Mai-san alone. But of course, your ego will always be the one that's most important. Knowing that your wife used to have a past lover before yours just never going to sit well with you. And what's worse is that you can't do anything about it, hence you tried to kill her." The daughter snapped. Crouching down when she realised Mai is still trying to use the laptop, violently she smashed it onto the wall tearing the screen away from its lower parts.

Yet still, that doesn't stop Mai. She moved closer to the wall and started to try operating the laptop which is really broken beyond quick repair by then. As if her brain couldn't think of anything else but playing that video.

"Can you please make her stop?" Wakatsuki asked her father. When the man doesn't budge she took out the phone from her pocket. "Make her stop or else I will call the police here! Right now."

The man gave her a stern look for a while before nodding to one of the men standing near the door. The guy bowed a bit before fetching a laptop, typing several commands that she couldn't read from the distance.

The young lawyer sighed when Shiraishi relaxed a bit and her fingers stopped pressing the button on the laptop. She takes out the bomber jacket that she's wearing and put it on the girl's shoulder.

At that moment, getting Shiraishi Mai safely to her loved ones has somehow become as important as getting her sister back.

Her father gave her a serious look and started to reason. "What happened was not out of rage it's just simply the way to get what we need. Your mother and I- we had enemies. And this girl was her weak link, they found out that she.. is what she is and threaten your mom to do their biddings in exchange for her safety. I just did what I had to, taking out the source of the problem so they don't have anything against your mother anymore."

Wakatsuki raised her eyebrows. "Your twisted logic just make it even worse, father. At this rate, I can't even think what sick idea are you trying to make her do."

"Listen. Our house runs a business. And Nogizaka company have the most demanded items. If we somehow able to have some of its shares, we can get the drugs with less hassle. This means the business will be safer for your sister who has no options but to succeed me because you rejected the offer.

My plan is simple. Borrow Shiraishi for a few days, do what I need and after that, I will let her go to do whatever she wants. But of course, every single one of you has to complicate this. All I wanted to do is to help Hina and the two of you out of everyone should realise that."

As if on cue, her phone rang, an unidentifiable number is shown on the screen. She sighed, knowing well that it's finally happening.

She picked up the call. Not even bothering to say anything before placing it on her father's hand.

"It's for you."

~ To Be Continued ~

NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE THE cLIMAX WHOOP  :deco: :deco: :deco: As usual I would like to thank you for all your support  :heart: :heart: :heart:

I'm glad that it caught you off guard. I'm really really grateful that you've been sticking with this story for years. It's bittersweet that it's almost the end now  :cathappy: Hoping you like this chapter as well  :deco:
Girls' Generation / Re: THE Butt Thread!
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Japanese / Yasui Kaoru / 安位薫
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Name: Yasui Kaoru / 安位薫
DOB: December 1, 1999

Weekly Playboy #51 / 2018

The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
« Last post by ball7 on Today at 12:39:52 AM »
Flashback to when they visited Ui Mita's "apartment"
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