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Title: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 8 (9/6/2018)
Post by: Bukiyou Taiyou on March 27, 2018, 05:07:36 PM
Hi, this is my very first WMatsui fic. It was supposed to be only one single page (I had difficulties to write down what I had in mind on paper), but then a nice senpai motivated me to continue writing and even offered to proofread my fic. So here it is!

WMatsui is my ultimate pairing. I realised WMatsui shippers have been torn between staying on the ship or leaving it to find a new one, especially after Rena’s graduation. I wrote this fic with you-who-stay in mind.



It takes courage to confess to people you love, but it takes a greater amount of bravery to befriend someone who rejected you and stay by her side no matter what.

Matsui Jurina knew it very well when she just got rejected, and still asked the girl sitting next to her to continue their daily routine as if nothing happened.

“I understand.” That was the first thing Jurina said after hearing such painful truth coming from the girl she adored so much. Somehow, Jurina knew that would happen; she even kind of expected it.  The girl told her about her past. When she confessed to the girl, she knew she only had 20% of chance. Now, it was over. Not that she regretted her choice to confess. She simply had to. She had to make it clear that she had feelings for her. Their time together was limited.

Jurina could feel the worry she was causing the other girl. When she didn’t say anything between her constant sobbing, Jurina knew she had to do something to lighten up the mood a bit. The café they had settled in for dinner was cosy and warm. The lounge music playing in the background was soothing and relaxing. But Jurina could hardly enjoy it, even less the girl who was now looking terribly guilty and sad. It was hard to tell who just got her heart broken. The situation was just too heavy for both of them.

As if she didn’t understand the implication of such rejection, Jurina told her almost casually. “Alright then. It’s already late. I will drive you home. I will pick you up tomorrow as usual.”

“Don’t you need time?” after a long pause the girl finally answered.

“Time for what?” Jurina now looked at the girl innocently. The girl couldn’t read her expression at all. It was Jurina who should be crying right now, not herself.

“I mean..,” the girl was hesitant. I have just rejected you and you still want us to be as close as before? She almost blurted out, until opting for a better choice of words, “...I think it’s best if we don't see each other for a wh-“

“Rena...” Jurina cut her off, chuckling a little, “We work at the same place. We will meet five times a week, eight hours a day. It’s impossible for us not to meet.”

When the girl didn’t seem convinced, Jurina added, “Let’s just forget what happened tonight, okay? Can we go back to the way we were before we entered this café?”

Jurina could practically hear her brain saying. It was just wishful thinking. So when she got the short reply, “Okay,” she believed tonight was not that bad after all. They could just start over.

Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Prologue
Post by: LuckyMatsui on March 27, 2018, 07:42:18 PM
This ff satisfied my masochist WMatsui heart. I'm really happy to read a new fanfic of my ultimate favorite pairing. Waiting for the next chapter Author-san. :thumbup
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Prologue
Post by: Minami-chan on March 28, 2018, 12:59:55 AM
Good Start of the story!
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Prologue
Post by: firebird123 on March 28, 2018, 02:42:57 AM
I really like this it looks really promising and I feel the same about Wmastui, its kind painful to think about them, but I can´t help but enjoy it  :nervous.
Looking forward to the first chapter  :twothumbs
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 1 (29/3/2018)
Post by: Bukiyou Taiyou on March 29, 2018, 03:55:32 PM
I really like this it looks really promising and I feel the same about Wmastui, its kind painful to think about them, but I can´t help but enjoy it  :nervous.
Looking forward to the first chapter  :twothumbs

Good Start of the story!

This ff satisfied my masochist WMatsui heart. I'm really happy to read a new fanfic of my ultimate favorite pairing. Waiting for the next chapter Author-san. :thumbup

Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it. :k-wink:

Here's the first chapter. I need to acknowledge Sophcaro for her help in proofreading this fic and giving me insights for its development. She helped me a lot during the writing process and I thank her for that.


Matsui Rena hated confrontation. She wanted to make peace with everything, and everyone. When Jurina – the girl that shared her surname – confessed to her, she was not really surprised. It only confirmed Jurina’s recent behaviour towards her.

But she should have known I can’t accept her feelings. Rena sighed. Jurina knew her story.

Rena remembered the first time she saw Jurina. It was almost a year ago, at a meeting during which she became project chief for the very first time. These past five years, Rena worked in a start-up real estate company that provided affordable yet multi-functional smart housing for people who lived in the suburban of Nagoya. Her company needed an architect whose ideas could fit the requirements. Rena was shocked to find out that the new architect who would join her latest project – the one she was appointed as chief  – was a young girl; a fresh graduate from Tokyo University.

Despite the famous institution Jurina graduated from and the fact that she was chosen by the Management Board, Rena believed 21 years old was still too young to handle such a big project. She would be spending a lot of time with her, and she wasn’t sure their six years age gap wouldn't be a problem for both of them.

Never had Rena been so wrong.

That new architect was brilliant. It didn’t take a lot of time for Rena to fully understand why she was chosen among other more experienced candidates. Jurina was considered new in the field; her ideas were original and innovative. However, that was not why Rena got along well this young fellow; Rena was more of a conservative when it came to her work. No, it was Jurina’s personality that she enjoyed the most.

Jurina was never pushy about her ideas. She knew how to approach people. Rena had met young people who thought they knew it all; Jurina was different. And it was not because Jurina was only a part-timer for that one project. It was her nature. Rena always believed her company was unlike typical Japanese companies which upheld seniority. As lead project, Rena made sure everyone’s opinion in the team was being heard. Albeit the fact she was the youngest one in the team, Jurina was mature enough to deal with other older members.

A small pang filled Rena’s chest when she remembered how calmly Jurina accepted her rejection last night. The younger girl was always composed but her reaction was unbelievable, even for Rena’s taste. Jurina had driven her home and if she followed the usual pattern, she would be picking her up at any moment.

Rena checked her phone, expecting to receive a certain text. Jurina should already have arrived 10 minutes ago. 

Should I text her? Rena thought. Maybe it’s better if I call her.

She was about to press a particular name on her phone when something crossed her mind.

What if Jurina decided not to pick me up today? What if she regretted what she said yesterday about continuing our weekdays ritual as if nothing happened?

Rena refrained herself from calling her.

But she would have had at least warned me beforehand.

Now, she was worried. Jurina always let her know when she was late. This morning, she woke up feeling terribly bad about last night. Jurina may have had feeling even worse.


One online notification appeared on her phone screen.

[Matsui Jurina: I’m here. I’m sorry I’m late.]

Rena had never been so happy to receive a text. At least, she knew that Jurina was okay.

She replied.

[Matsui Rena: I’ll be out in no time.]

Rena went out walking through a small garden to find a familiar white Honda Jazz parked in front of her apartment building. Jurina smiled. Rena returned the smile, hoping it was not awkward.

Jurina absolutely didn’t look okay. She had panda eyes; she looked sleepy and very tired. But somehow, Rena could feel she became a bit more cheerful when she sat next to her.

“You woke up late?”

“Yeah...,” Jurina yawned, “I couldn’t sleep last night.”

Rena shot her a concerned look.

“I watched movies,” Jurina explained nonchalantly.

“Oh,” Rena murmured, suddenly remembering something. However, she chose not to mention it. “Are you sure you can drive?”

“Sure. I already drove all the way from my place,” The younger girl grinned and started the car, “Please put some music on. I need to listen to something groovy.”

AAA’s Wake Up filled the air. Jurina was humming, tapping her fingers against the steering wheel. From her peripheral vision Jurina knew Rena was looking out the window; she seemed lost in her own thoughts. She probably wasn’t even listening to the music she had just chosen.

Jurina smiled a little. Rena chose a perfect song for her. Rena just knew her too well without her even knowing it.

She felt way better than when she woke up this morning. However, she wasn’t sure if it was because of the good music, or the presence of the girl who broke her heart last night.

Jurina didn’t shed a single tear in front of her but after Rena entered her apartment last night, her tears sprung to her eyes before she realised it. She stayed in her car for a while, crying.

Jurina didn’t want to go home immediately, dreading the silence of her apartment. When she left Tokyo for Nagoya, it was because of the project. Tokyo was not only the place she favoured the best, it was her real home. Her family and friends were all there. It had already been 10 months since she started her work in Nagoya, and she was now used to living alone in her apartment. However, tonight she felt terribly lonely.

She drove without any specific destination in mind. She just kept driving on the highway, hoping the fresh air of the night and the loud music would ease her pain a little. It was almost 3 am when she headed back to her apartment.

She was exhausted and terribly sleepy, but her heart was no longer heavy; especially when she turned on her phone she had switched off earlier on to discover a new message.

[Matsui Rena: I hope you’re sleeping well, Jurina.]

Jurina looked at the time of the message: it was sent an hour ago. Apparently, the other Matsui wasn’t the only one who had trouble sleeping.

“Do you want to stop by at The Yamada’s?” Rena’s question brought back Jurina to the present moment. The thought about last night suddenly disappeared.

“Uh…I don’t think so. We’ll be late,” Jurina looked at her watch.

“No, we won’t,” Rena convinced her, “Besides, you badly need coffee this morning.”

Jurina knew Rena was right. A few minutes later, she pulled over at The Yamada’s.

“As usual?” Rena asked.

“I need something stronger. Espresso will do the trick. Wait...” Jurina said before Rena left, “Should I come in with you?”

“No, Jurina. Wait here. I’ll be back soon,” Rena closed the door and went inside The Yamada’s.

The Yamada’s was not as busy as usual. There were only few people at the coffee stall, sitting at their table, sipping their coffee. Rena went straight to the counter.

“Good morning, Rena-chan! Caffé latte for two as usual?” An old man with a friendly face behind the counter asked.

“Good morning, Yamada-san. Jurina wants to have espresso today. I want caffé latte,” Rena sat on the high chair in front of the counter; waiting for her order.

“Tell her she should come in sometimes. I miss her puns,” the old man said while preparing two cups of coffee.

Rena smiled, remembering Jurina’s puns that – however bad they were – never failed to make Yamada laugh. It was Jurina who introduced this place to Rena when they started to go to work together. Rena couldn’t drive; she used to go to work mainly by subway, or on a few rare occasions by taxi. Knowing that, Jurina asked her whether she wanted her to drive her to work. After all, their apartment buildings were not that far from each other. Rena was hesitant at first, but Jurina’s persistent effort to persuade her was finally rewarded. Eventually, she agreed and that was how they went to work together. There were very few times when they didn’t go together, as when one of them had a business trip outside of town. But for the major part of these last nine months, Jurina would pick her up in the morning and drive her home after work.

Rena remembered the first time Jurina brought her to The Yamada’s. Jurina said the coffee there was the best in town. Rena was not a fan of coffee but after they stopped by at The Yamada’s at least three times a week, she was tempted to try Jurina’s latte. Rena should agree that the coffee was indeed nice. It was not too strong but it kept her fresh. She then started to order the same latte as Jurina, only with less foam.

“Here they are. Espresso for Jurina-chan and caffé latte for you,” Yamada gave Rena two cups of coffee.

After paying for the coffee, Rena said thank you and went back to Jurina. Jurina’s head was on the steering wheel, sleeping. Rena knocked on the window car, which woke up Jurina at once.

“I’m sorry I felt asleep,” Jurina yawned.

Rena gave her the espresso. “Have this before we go. You need coffee,” she said.

Jurina sipped the coffee then put it on the dashboard, “I feel much better now.”

The car started moving.

“Yamada-san says hi. He said he missed your puns.”

“I told you I should have come with you.”

“No. The last time you did, you spent almost half an hour to chat with him. I can say you’re his favourite customer.”

“It’s because I’m loyal. I’m also witty and funny,” Jurina grinned, looking proud of herself.

Rena shot her a fake annoyed look.

“I guess the coffee already did the trick,” Rena said before continuing, “you’re always a bit too cheerful after having a cup of coffee.”

“I need it, Rena. Especially today.”

Especially after last night. Jurina wanted to add but she chose not to say it out loud.

Rena could feel Jurina’s melancholy in her tone. She suddenly felt uneasy. She was well aware that she was the reason of her sadness. She knew there was nothing worse than unrequited love. She felt it before. She didn’t want to be the reason of someone’s heartbreak. If only she could return her feelings…

Noticing the change of mood in the car, Jurina wanted to say something funny to make the girl sitting next to her laugh. If there was one thing that Jurina hated the most, it was the gloomy look she caused the other girl. She wished she could come with her infamous puns only to make Rena giggle a little. But she couldn’t, even after she finished the last sip of her coffee. They remained silent for the rest of the trip, lost in their own thoughts.

(to be continued)
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 1 (29/3/2018)
Post by: Guacamoolee on March 30, 2018, 04:29:12 AM
OH IT'S HEEEEERE!!! :shocked
Yaaaaayyy... finally an official debut!!
Soooo glad to see another WMatsui fanfic writer appears in the middle of the hustle bustle of 46 groups pairings... :cow: :cow: :cow:
Please continue :rockon:
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 1 (29/3/2018)
Post by: Haruko on March 30, 2018, 04:43:19 AM
Thank you for not let it die our ship! Welcome and nice beginning :D
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 1 (29/3/2018)
Post by: Minami-chan on March 31, 2018, 01:10:33 AM
Thank you very much for the continuation.
I hope that Jurina doesn't have difficulties to spend the day.
 If she can't, always can say that she feels sick and go to rest for a while.
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 1 (29/3/2018)
Post by: four4four on March 31, 2018, 07:13:40 AM
This is a really good story so far.
Can't wait to see the updates.

Poor Jurina, she got rejected by Rena. :cry:
At least she still wants to be friends with Rena. :)

Chapter 1:
Ah man, Jurina, don't give up.
I don't know what Rena's reasons are, but I don't want Jurina to give up. :yep:
Jurina clearly still cares for her. :(
Hopefully, nothing bad happens during their day.
Jurina clearly doesn't have enough energy for the day. :(
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 1 (29/3/2018)
Post by: Rhythm on April 06, 2018, 04:18:34 AM
Got rejected at the beginning? The heart of yours is made by steel jurina  :farofflook:

Good fanfic author San! I hope you finish this story. And let wmatsui shipper alive again!!
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 1 (29/3/2018)
Post by: Bukiyou Taiyou on April 07, 2018, 01:51:03 PM
OH IT'S HEEEEERE!!! :shocked
Yaaaaayyy... finally an official debut!!
Soooo glad to see another WMatsui fanfic writer appears in the middle of the hustle bustle of 46 groups pairings... :cow: :cow: :cow:
Please continue :rockon:

Thank you for not let it die our ship! Welcome and nice beginning :D

Got rejected at the beginning? The heart of yours is made by steel jurina  :farofflook:

Good fanfic author San! I hope you finish this story. And let wmatsui shipper alive again!!

Thanks! I will surely continue this fic. Let this ship sail. :glasses:

Thank you very much for the continuation.
I hope that Jurina doesn't have difficulties to spend the day.
 If she can't, always can say that she feels sick and go to rest for a while.

This is a really good story so far.
Can't wait to see the updates.

Poor Jurina, she got rejected by Rena. :cry:
At least she still wants to be friends with Rena. :)

Chapter 1:
Ah man, Jurina, don't give up.
I don't know what Rena's reasons are, but I don't want Jurina to give up. :yep:
Jurina clearly still cares for her. :(
Hopefully, nothing bad happens during their day.
Jurina clearly doesn't have enough energy for the day. :(

Yeah, she just needed to take a rest to heal her broken heart. Poor J.  :fainted:

Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 2 (7/4/2018)
Post by: Bukiyou Taiyou on April 07, 2018, 02:19:03 PM

It had been weeks since Jurina confessed to Rena. Nothing had really changed after that. They were still following their everyday routine. Things were much better now between them.

Rena woke up this morning because of the loud noise from her phone’s ringtone – Scandal’s Stamp! It was earlier than what she set on her alarm. She frowned to see the caller: her dad. What happened that prompted him to call at such a time?

Apparently, her dad wanted to say happy birthday to her. He lived in Toyohashi, only one hour away from Nagoya. Her dad rarely called her, but one thing was for sure: he always called her on her birthday since she moved to Nagoya. And it was always in the morning. Somehow, it reminded her of her late mother who had started the tradition. Rena almost forgot that today was her birthday. Recently, she was so busy that she didn’t really pay attention to dates.

After her dad called her, Rena checked her messages. She got some texts, mostly from her colleagues at the office. She didn’t really have many friends, so it didn’t surprise her that she only got a few texts. Jurina was the first one to say happy birthday. Rena was almost sure that Jurina waited for 12 am to text her. She was smiling reading all the texts she got, only for her smile to vanish when she realised that a certain person didn’t text her this morning. It was the second time now that she didn’t get any text from that person for her birthday. In fact, it had been two years that she didn’t catch up with her best friend Furukawa Airi. Airi used to be the first one to text her on her birthday. Rena thought that it would have been different if she didn’t make that terrible mistake two years ago. They would be still be fine.

Jurina’s bright smile was the first thing that greeted Rena in the morning.

“Good morning, Rena. Happy birthday!” Jurina handed her a yellow wrapped box.

Rena couldn’t help but smile at the girl standing in front of her, saying thank you.

“Can I open it now?” she said, trying to guess what was inside.

“No, later. Open it tonight when you can’t see me.”


“Rena, just open it tonight, okay? I don’t want to see your reaction.”

“You’re evil,” Rena sighed, “what’s the point of giving it to me now if I have to open it tonight?”

Jurina pretended not hearing what Rena said.

Rena’s day at the office passed by quickly. These past weeks had been busy for her and her team because of approaching deadlines. That was why she was more than happy when her colleagues surprised her for a birthday party after work. She badly needed a break. Rena had four friends at the office who were close to her because they started working together the same year. They were in different divisions, so as time went by, it was difficult to catch up with one another. For Rena’s birthday, they had booked a karaoke place which was also famous for its delicious food. It was their favourite place to hang out, and Rena forgot the last time they spent time together.

Rena was busy tidying her desk when Jurina came to see her.

"Ready to go home now?” Jurina asked. Her bag was on her shoulder.

Rena was so excited about the party that she completely forgot to tell Jurina about it. For a moment, she was torn between inviting Jurina to her party or not. If she was the one who arranged the party, Rena would definitely had invited Jurina. However, it was her friends who organised everything. It would be like a small reunion; Jurina would feel like an outsider. Rena made up her mind.

“Jurina, you can go home first. I... I have something to do later.”

Jurina wanted to ask something, but she kept it to herself.

“Alright.” That was all she said.

For some reason she herself couldn’t understand, Rena chose not to tell Jurina about the party, something that she regretted later when a friend suddenly showed up. Shiraishi Mai - well known as Maiyan - worked in the Finance division, two floors below.

“Rena, are you ready for karaoke? Please sing cheerful songs for tonight. It’s your birthday! You always know how to drop the mood with sad mellow songs. Tonight should be the exception,” Maiyan giggled, “Oh, hi Jurina.”

“Shiraishi-san,” Jurina tilted her head a little for her senior.

“Jurina, you can come with us. We are celebrating Rena’s birthday tonight.”

Rena gave Jurina an expectant look. Jurina didn’t bother to look back at her.

“I would love to, Shiraishi-san. Too bad I already have plans. Alright then, have fun,” Jurina slightly bowed and left.

Rena somehow could feel Jurina’s anger – no, sadness mixed with disappointment– when she said that. She sighed, partly blaming herself for not being completely honest with Jurina.

The party was really nice, but Rena would enjoy it much more if only she didn’t think about Jurina every now and then. When she arrived home, the first thing she remembered was the gift Jurina gave her. She carefully unwrapped the gift. She found a green scarf inside, and a letter.

Dear Rena,

When I was a teenager, my grandmother taught me to knit. I didn’t think it was going to be useful until a few weeks ago. I didn’t know what to give for your birthday, so I decided to knit you a scarf. I know it’s still summer, but you can wear it in autumn and winter. I hope it can warm you up. If I’m not mistaken, green is your favourite colour, right? I think the colour suits you.

I know you’re probably reading this after work. I’m shy. I’m sorry if the scarf is not that neat, I tried hard, trust me. ^^"

Anyway, happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day.


Ps. Since tomorrow is Saturday, can we have lunch or dinner together to celebrate your birthday? It’s on me.

Moved by Jurina’s sweet intention, Rena took her phone to text Jurina.

[Matsui Rena: Thank you for the birthday gift, Jurina. I like the scarf. I will definitely wear it. Anyway, I would love to have lunch with you tomorrow. Any recommended place in mind? See you tomorrow?]

Rena waited for Jurina’s reply. She wanted to know that Jurina was fine, that she only imagined Jurina’s sadness – or even worse – her disappointment. When she didn’t receive any reply after a few minutes, Rena was almost tempted to call Jurina. It was still early for a Friday night. Rena was sure Jurina was not sleeping yet. In the end, she chose not to call her. She would wait until the next morning to talk with her. If Jurina was really feeling sad or angry, Rena hoped tomorrow she could come up with good reasons to explain her omission about the party.

Checking her phone was usually not the first thing Rena did after waking up. She liked quiet and peaceful mornings; her mind would be troubled by any noise even if it came in the form of text messages. After all she had only few friends, she didn’t really expect any messages from other people.

Today was one of few exceptions. Rena unconsciously reached out for her phone as soon as she opened her eyes. When there was still no answer from Jurina, she felt ill-at-ease. Apparently, Jurina had read the message but chose to ignore it. As far as Rena could remember, Jurina never ignored her messages, even less when she was asking her a question. Now, she was positive her intuition about Jurina was right. Rena called her, hoping this time she would pick up her phone.

The first time, Rena ended up falling on the voice mail.

Is Jurina that angry at me that she doesn’t want to talk to me? Should I say sorry? But for what? I was not completely honest with her about our plans yesterday night, but I didn’t lie to her.

Rena felt relieved when the second time, she finally heard Jurina’s voice.


It was a bit cold to Rena’s taste, but it was better than no answer at all.

“Hi, Jurina. Did you get my message last night?” Rena knew the answer but she still asked to be sure.


“I like your gift. I really appreciate it.”

There was a long pause.

“So, is your invitation still on for today?” Rena continued when she didn’t get any answer.

Jurina still didn’t say anything. It seemed like she was trying to choose her words carefully.

“Jurina, are you okay?”

“Alright. So you prefer lunch, right? I know a nice place.”

When Jurina came to Rena’s place to pick her up for their lunch, she couldn’t help but admiring how beautiful Rena was. It was almost unbelievable that this girl could break her heart again and again yet she still found herself falling for her nevertheless.

Jurina knew it could be hard for her to maintain her friendship with Rena after she rejected her a few weeks ago. She accepted the rejection, and knew she couldn’t impose her feelings on her. But what happened yesterday was a whole different story, and it surprised her that it hurt her that much.

She didn’t talk much during their way to the restaurant for their lunch, even though she realised Rena tried so hard to build a conversation with her. Jurina just didn’t feel like talking.

They went to a famous monjayaki restaurant in Nagoya. With the help of a waitress, they occupied one of the private rooms there. It didn’t take long time for them to order their menu – Jurina basically said yes to whatever Rena chose – and the waitress started to explain how to cook monjayaki.

Jurina had been very excited to bring Rena to this restaurant because they wouldn’t be only eating there, but also cooking monjayaki together. She liked the idea of cooking with Rena, but now Jurina regretted her choice. She should have just chosen a beef-katsu restaurant so she wouldn’t need to spend so much time with Rena. It really annoyed her when she realised that she was still mad at Rena because of what happened yesterday.

With Jurina’s lack of cooperation, Rena was practically cooking by herself. The cooking was simple and Rena didn’t mind it, but she didn’t like the atmosphere in the room. Jurina was physically present with her but in reality, it was as if she was really alone.

Their monjayaki was almost ready. Rena asked Jurina to taste it.

“How’s it?”

“Good,” Jurina answered with a short reply.

Rena couldn’t stand it any longer. She was frustrated by Jurina’s cold behaviour. She turned off the stove in front of her.

“Jurina, are you okay?” Rena repeated the same question she asked this morning, only this time on a more demanding tone. She needed answers.

“I’m mad at you, you know,” Jurina’s voice wasn’t full of anger as Rena would have expected. No, all she could hear was the other girl’s sadness.

“Is it because of my birthday party?”

“You didn’t invite me. I know you can’t return my feelings, but now I realise you don’t even consider me as a friend...”

“I didn’t mean to-”

“What am I to you?” Jurina cut her off, now sounding a bit hopeless.

Rena hated that question. She hated Jurina’s trembling voice because she knew she was responsible for that question. She hated the fact that she broke her heart again. But most of all, she hated that she didn’t know how to answer her question.

“I’m sorry, Jurina…”

Rena wanted to explain many things but in the end, that was all she said. She understood it was not only about the party; it was more than that. Jurina wanted to know her place in her heart. Jurina was the closest person in her life now, and she felt comfortable around her. That was something she rarely found in someone else. But she knew it would be unfair for Jurina to be with her while she couldn’t even give the answer for her simple question.

The silent in the room was like eternity. Their monjayaki was cold and untouched. Jurina wished she hadn’t let her emotion show up. Today was supposed to be a nice day. Rena was kind and sweet since this morning and Jurina felt she was being childish the whole day. And the question; she wished she hadn’t asked Rena the stupid question.

When she heard Rena’s apologetic tone, she knew she should have taken a decision. She should have moved on; she couldn’t just stay and hurt both Rena and herself. This triggered her to tell Rena about something she hid from her these past days.

“Few days ago I got an offer from Head Quarter to move to Yokohama for a new project,” Jurina just spilled it out. She couldn’t look straight at Rena’s eyes when she said that. “I think I want to take the chance.”

Rena couldn’t believe her ear. She knew about the latest project in Yokohama which will be started in the following month. But she hadn’t heard about the plan that Jurina would be transferred to another city. How come Management Board didn’t tell her beforehand? Jurina was in her team where she was appointed as the chief. She should’ve known before anyone else.

“What about our project?”

“It’s almost finished,” Jurina tried to sound as calm as possible.

“We still have two months left!”

“It’s almost finished, Rena. Management Board know better. You practically don’t need me anymore.”

“You said you are interested to do another project in Nagoya with our team,” Rena sounded upset, “You can reject their offering, right? It’s not mandatory, right?” Even Rena could hear the selfishness in her own voice. Not that she cared; the news caught her by surprise in the most unpleasant way. Rena was not ready for the unexpected turn.

“Yokohama is closer to Tokyo,” Jurina sighed, “besides, I don’t have anything to make me stay here.”

Or anyone. Jurina almost voiced what she thought.

Rena didn’t say any single word. She realised Jurina had a point. Her appetite was completely gone now. The fear of losing someone dear to her suddenly crossed her mind. She had had such experience two years ago. Now when her heart was almost healed, she was about to experience the same thing. As much as Rena thought she could handle it well, her heart didn’t believe so.

(to be continued)
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My masochist heart is pleased. More angst, author-san!

See you on the next update!  :cow:
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No! Don't let this happen! :cry:
Don't separate WMatsui.
It already broke my heart when Rena didn't tell Jurina about the party; but now they may be split up?
Ahhhh, my heart won't be able to handle that.  :banghead:
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Rena please make up your mind or else she'll lose Jurina too  :cry:
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spread in panic!
No Jurina ... do not walk away from Rena.
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Yeah!.. It's ok to take time I agree with J, go away a little kiddo if you need time take that oportunity to heal your heart
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My masochist heart is pleased. More angst, author-san!

See you on the next update!  :cow:

me too..  :lol: :lol: :lol:
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My masochist heart is pleased. More angst, author-san!

See you on the next update!  :cow:

me too..  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well, let's see if the next chapter will please you (or not)  :hee:

No! Don't let this happen! :cry:
Don't separate WMatsui.
It already broke my heart when Rena didn't tell Jurina about the party; but now they may be split up?
Ahhhh, my heart won't be able to handle that.  :banghead:

They deserve to be something more, right?
Rena please make up your mind or else she'll lose Jurina too  :cry:

spread in panic!
No Jurina ... do not walk away from Rena.

Yeah!.. It's ok to take time I agree with J, go away a little kiddo if you need time take that opportunity to heal your heart

Rena and Jurina really need to make up their mind. :cool2:
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Airi was the first person that gave Rena the real definition of a broken heart. Yes, her own best friend Furukawa Airi that had been used to be the first one to text her on her birthday.

Two years ago

Rena couldn’t sleep. Airi just left Rena’s apartment few hours ago and rushed back to Toyohashi. She should had a sleepover at Rena’s place in Nagoya like their plan. Rena felt terribly guilty and sad at the same time.

Rena and Airi were childhood friends and they practically spent most of their time together since they had been in the same school; from elementary school to high school. They had been in a different college; Rena had chosen architect study while Airi had followed her passion to study graphic design. Since she was a kid, Airi had always wanted to be a mangaka artist.

Despite had been being in different college, they often hung out together since they had lived in the same neighbourhood. It was before Rena moved to Nagoya to work on a real-estate company three years ago; meanwhile Airi was still in Toyohashi to be a mangaka artist in a small studio at town.

Rena and Airi were the only best friend for each other. They both were introverts, so they understood each other very well it was almost like a telepathy. Their appearance was also similar. Their long black hair was something that people couldn’t ignore when they talked about them. However, while Rena’s introversion made her look distant and somehow cool, Airi was more shy and awkward. Airi was more expressive in her drawings.

Rena couldn’t tell since when that she realised she liked Airi more than just a friend; more than a best friend. She felt it was not right and she was not sure if Airi could return her feeling. Airi adored her; Rena knew it wholeheartedly. Rena could also feel Airi’s affection to her, but that could be completely different with what she felt about her now. Rena would never know if she didn’t ask her.

They both were 25 years old, and Rena thought they were mature enough to talk about this matter. So when she knew Airi would sleep at her apartment, she thought it would be a perfect time to confess to her.

Even though Rena prepared her heart for a rejection, when it really came she couldn’t believe it could be this awful. Airi rejected her without any reason.

“Rena, I can’t believe you ruin our friendship!” That was all she said; that was the last thing she ever said to Rena before she left Rena’s apartment. Rena believed she deserved some explanation but Airi just went away. Rena didn’t know how this could end wrong. She didn’t expect Airi would be very angry at her. Rena never saw Airi again ever since, not even when she went home in Toyohashi. The last time she heard Airi moved to Tokyo to work in a bigger film studio. Rena texted Airi to congratulate her, but she never got a reply.

Rena didn’t only lose someone she secretly loved for years, she also lost her only best friend.

Jurina’s intention to leave Nagoya was still on Rena’s mind. Rena didn’t want Jurina to be like the second Airi. Realisation hit her hard when she found herself didn’t want to lose Jurina.

Their lunch ended up nothing but awkward and uneasy for both of them. Rena still remembered what Jurina said yesterday.

“Besides, I don’t have anything to make me stay here.”

she thought, maybe I could make her stay.

Rena felt Monday morning came too late. The night before she couldn’t sleep well. Her mind was occupied with the thoughts of her fellow architect. She wanted to meet Jurina. She had something to say to her.

The luck was not on Rena’s side. The first text she received was from Jurina, informing her that she would take a day off today.

[Matsui Jurina: Rena, I’m sorry I can’t go to work today. I got fever; I felt unwell since yesterday. I will meet a doctor soon.]

Rena couldn’t help but felt worry about Jurina’s health. She called her right away. Rena knew Jurina was a tough girl but she was only by herself right now.

When she woke up this morning, Rena didn’t have any specific plan after office hours. But now she knew.

Jurina still felt dizzy despite having taken the medicine that the doctor gave her. After her doctor’s visit to her apartment, she only stayed on the bed all day long. Jurina didn’t know what time it was when she heard her apartment’s bell rang.

She didn’t expect anyone to come, but when the bell rang for the second time, she tried to move out of her bed. Jurina believed she looked like a mess right now, but she didn’t care. She wanted to know who came to her apartment– she glance at the clock on the living room – at this hour; 6 o’clock in the evening.

When she opened the door, she was more than surprised to find a girl standing in front of her. From all the people she could ever think of, why her?


Why now?

“Good evening, Jurina.”

That girl with a long brown hair casually kissed Jurina’s cheek before she let herself enter the apartment. It was like she had done it for many times before. Her concern voice didn’t go unnoticed when she placed her hand on Jurina’s forehead. Jurina stepped back a little.

“Feeling unwell, Jurina?”

“Why are you here?” Jurina retorted.

Annin sat on the blue sofa in the living room. She looked so relaxed despite being uninvited. And unwanted.

“I moved here,” Annin said. When Jurina didn’t give any respond, she continued, “I personally asked my boss to transfer me to Nagoya.”

Jurina stayed still. She didn’t sit on the sofa despite feeling dizzy. She wanted to show Annin that she didn’t wish to have a longer conversation with her. But Annin could be a very stubborn girl. She continued her explanation, completely ignored Jurina’s disagreement look.

“I admit it that I was wrong, Jurina,” Annin tried to reach Jurina’s hand which only met with another gesture of rejection.

“I want to make our relationship works.”

“We are not in a relationship anymore,” Jurina snapped.

“I know. It was my fault. I can’t survive long distance relationship, Jurina. You know it.”

“You only survived for a month before you wanted us to break up.” Jurina didn’t mean it but she could feel the anger in her voice.

“I regret it, Jurina. That’s why I come here. I haven’t found any apartment yet, I’m staying in a hotel. I thought we could live together-“

“No,” Jurina have had enough, “Annin, I really don’t want to talk to you right now.”

Annin carefully considered her options. She knew it well when Jurina meant each of her words.

“Okay. I’m leaving you then. I hope we can find another time to talk.” She stood up.

Jurina didn’t answer.

“I miss you, Jurina.”

That was her last attempt to get Jurina’s attention. Annin waited for Jurina to say something back to her, but she didn’t.

When Annin finally left her apartment, Jurina felt relieved. She didn’t need any more drama to add in her life now. Just when she was about to go back to bed, the bell rang again.

Really? She thought. Annin never really changed. She was as stubborn as Jurina could remember. Jurina thought she should tell her straight forward that she was not interested to talk about their past relationship.

Jurina opened the door and she was surprised to find another girl in front of her door.


Rena noticed well Jurina’s surprised look. The older Matsui smiled at her and Jurina swore that was the best thing that ever happened to her that day. They could spend practically five days in a week together, but never once Rena came to her apartment.

“May I come in?”

“Ah, yes. Sure. Please...”

“How are you, Jurina? Still feeling unwell?”

Jurina took a brief look at herself from a small mirror decorating her living room. She hoped she didn’t look that awful.

“Yeah… But I’m feeling better now…,” she said.

Like, way better now that you are here, Rena.  Jurina added those words in her head.

“I left the office early to come here. I can tell you haven’t had dinner, Jurina.”

“I don’t feel like eating,” Jurina sighed.

“Wait until I cook you dinner,” Rena’s teasing tone startled Jurina.


“Where’s the kitchen, Jurina?”


Jurina slowly registered what Rena asked. She was afraid it was only her imagination. What if she was too sick that she imagined things – from Annin to Rena?

“Jurina, are you alright?”

“Yeah. It’s just…”

Jurina looked at her and realised Rena couldn’t be more real. The girl who stole her heart was really standing in front of her. And now she wanted to cook for her. Jurina hated being sick because she couldn’t stand doing nothing aside from sleeping and taking a rest. But now, she had a completely different idea about her condition. She was beginning to believe it was a blessing in disguise.

Jurina noticed the plastic bag Rena carried. She could tell Rena bought some vegetables along her way here. She might have lost her appetite, she couldn’t wait to taste Rena’s cooking.

It took almost an hour for Rena to cook a simple chicken soup for Jurina. Rena might not be a very good cook, yet she believed she could cook a chicken soup well. After all, it was her family receipt. Her mom used to prepare her soup when she was sick.

While Rena was cooking in the kitchen, Jurina didn’t help much. She just sat and every now and then would take a look at the busy girl. She wondered why Rena was being nice – too nice – to her tonight. Was it because of her plan to leave Nagoya for Yokohama? Jurina felt a pang in her chest because of her own thoughts. Her head was dizzy again.

When Rena finished cooking, Jurina helped her prepare the table. That was the least she could do. Both of them now were now sitting next to each other.

“How is it?”

Rena excitedly looked at Jurina with her first spoonful of the chicken soup.

“It’s… nice.”

Jurina didn’t lie. The soup was nice; it made her feel warm.

“I’m happy to hear that,” Rena smiled.

They ate silently. Jurina was still bothered by her previous thoughts. This moment would be wonderful if she was not overthinking. She slowly ate the soup to enjoy every sip of it. If only she could freeze time.

“You seem to enjoy your dinner so much, that you forgot how to speak,” Rena playfully said.

“It’s the first time you cook for me. I really enjoy it. Thank you,” Jurina looked at the bowl sadly.

…and it could be the la-

“I can cook for you another time, you know.”

There was something about what Rena just said. Jurina couldn’t decipher its meaning.

Rena hesitantly reached for Jurina’s hand.

“Jurina, please stay…”

“I-I don’t understand.”

“You know about my story with Airi. I… still can’t get over her. I’m not sure about my feelings for you. But I know for sure that I don’t want to lose you. I like you, Jurina.”

“Yeah. Airi. Of course...” Jurina mentally cursed herself for giving more importance to the fact Rena brought Airi into their conversation, rather than on the fact that Rena clearly stated she liked her. Sometimes, she really hated her own selective hearing.

“It takes time for me to love someone. I might sound selfish, but please… would you give me more time to be sure about us?”

“For how long, Rena? We stay friends until you can make up your mind?”

The tension in the room was getting heavier.

“I don’t know…” Rena felt helpless. Then, something crossed her mind. “I never had a girlfriend before. I think it’s nice to have one.” Rena was feeling so nervous, she couldn’t even look at Jurina.

This girl. Sometimes, she really speaks in riddles. Jurina groaned. She was not good at reading between the lines; she needed to make it clear. “Are you confessing to me?”

“I think so?”

The tension dropped and everything seemed lighter for Jurina. She didn’t need to clarify. This was the right moment; and she didn’t want to lose it.

“Okay,” Jurina quickly said, before Rena could have the chance to change her mind or realise what she said.


“Let’s try this, Rena. You’ll see: I can be an amazing girlfriend.” Jurina sounded so sure about herself.

“So, you won’t go? You’ll stay here?”

“I have a reason to stay here. So, yes. I’ll stay here. Will you stay here?”

Rena was confused. “Yes, sure. Why did you even ask me that? I’m not going anywhere.”

“I mean… will you stay here tonight? Your girlfriend is sick and she is weak now and-”

“I can see she’s feeling much better now,” Rena couldn’t help but laugh.

Jurina could predict Rena would reject her idea. At least, she tried.

“But… I will consider it if she finishes the food I cooked for her,” Rena pretended to think.

“Really? Then I will finish everything.”

“But I didn’t bring a change of clothes.”

“Don’t worry, your girlfriend has plenty.”

Rena was amused by Jurina’s words. Jurina was her old cheerful self again, and Rena realised that even when she was sick, Jurina was still terribly cute.

Rena didn’t understand how she ended up in Jurina’s bedroom. Her initial thought when she planned to visit Jurina’s apartment was to make her stay. She didn’t plan to confess. She didn’t plan to get herself a girlfriend.

A girlfriend.

It was new to her. What if I screw it up? What if Jurina expects too much from me? Rena was terribly worried. She wore Jurina’s pyjamas; she could smell Jurina’s scent all over her body. Earlier on, she clearly didn’t think straight. Rena felt like she was playing with fire. Jurina was already in her pyjamas, and could see Rena being slightly uncomfortable on the bed.

“I’m sorry, I only have one bed.”

“It’s okay…”

“I shouldn’t have asked you to stay here tonight. You might not feel comfortable.”

“It’s okay, Jurina. I’m the one who decided to stay here.”

Jurina sat on the far left of the bed. Rena was on the right side.

“You can actually come closer,” Rena told Jurina.

They both lied down on the bed.

“You know I won’t try anything unless you are okay with it, right?” Jurina looked back at her. 

“Yes, I know.” Rena changed her position to face Jurina.

“I wonder if I can kiss you-” Jurina said it almost inaudible.

“What?” Rena was flabbergasted.

“…on the cheek?”

“Okay, on the cheek.”

Before Rena changed her mind, Jurina kissed her on the cheek. Quick yet tender. She could change direction and kiss her lips easily, but she held herself. She needed to gain Rena’s trust first. A simple kiss on her cheek was enough. For now.



“When did you realise you liked me?”

“Hmm...” Jurina leaned on the edge of the bed. “The first time I met you, when I was introduced to your team, I had this impression that you were a serious – no – cold person.”

“You are not the first person to tell me that. Did I look intimidating?”

“Intimidating? No. You looked… indifferent. You seemed not to care about anyone or anything than your work. Until one day, you suddenly asked me to have dinner with you. You noticed that I was not my usual self. You, from all people at the office.”

Jurina made a short pause, before continuing. “We had dinner and we talked about random things. We didn’t talk about work; you didn’t ask what was wrong and I really appreciated that. Then I realised that you were… special. I wanted to know more about you. It was like… peeling onions.”

“Peeling onions? Really?” Rena laughed.

“You had so many layers, but I was willing to make the effort to know you better. That was why I insisted to pick you up to work every morning. I was happy just to drive you and talk to you.”

“I’m touched, Jurina. Thank you…”

Jurina moved back on her side, before turning the light off. Her headache had disappeared, and her fever was long forgotten although she still felt a bit cold despite the normal temperature. She tightly clutched the blanket, before suddenly feeling Rena hugging her from behind, effectively keeping her warm.

(to be continued)

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What a giant step Rena has taken.

By the way, I love your avatar: D (Neru neru ~~)
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We need a jealous Rena to clarify her mind
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A desperate move from Rena. I think Rena didn't like Juu as a girlfriend. She just don't want Juu to leave and that's all. I also think, in the near future, Juu will be hurt AGAIN because of this.

PS I'm still pleased, author-san. When Annin entered the picture, I know there will be an action on the following chapters :)

Waiting for the next chapter  :cow:
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By the way, I love your avatar: D (Neru neru ~~)

Hehe.. I like Neru in Kokkyo no Nai Jidai where she was the center for SakamichiAKB.

We need a jealous Rena to clarify her mind

A desperate move from Rena. I think Rena didn't like Juu as a girlfriend. She just don't want Juu to leave and that's all. I also think, in the near future, Juu will be hurt AGAIN because of this.

Rena really needs to be careful; she'd already made a hasty decision.
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It had been a month since Rena stayed at Jurina’s apartment that night; since she proclaimed herself as someone’s girlfriend. Jurina was a sweet girlfriend. Never once did she try to kiss her or touch her without her permission. If there was one thing that changed, it was the nature of the kisses. Jurina’s quick kisses started to be lingering. They didn’t simply target Rena’s cheeks anymore, but also her lips. Their first mutual kiss was sweet and soft. Rena had no idea how Jurina could be that good at kissing.

They still went to work together. Now that they were a couple, there were times when Jurina sometimes stayed at Rena’s place and vice versa. Jurina continued her project with Rena to build smart housing for people in Nagoya. She rejected the offering for the other project in Yokohama. Management Board carefully considered her decision and finally appointed the other person. Apparently, their first project was a big success. They knew they still needed Jurina for more projects in Nagoya.

Saturday morning. Rena was in Jurina’s apartment after spending the night there. That morning, they planned to go to Sunshine Sakae to do some shopping. She was all set while Jurina was still getting dressed. Rena was reading the latest edition of The Japan Architect when Jurina was finally ready.

“I’m sorry you had to wait.”

“It’s fine.” Rena put down her magazine.

“I think I know how to make our time more efficient.”


“Next time you want to take a bath, ask me to join. We both will be ready at the same time, not like now,” Jurina let out a fake sigh.

“Jurina…” Rena warned her.

“I’m just kidding, okay.”

Rena came closer to her girlfriend. “I know,” she said while kissing her cheek playfully.

That was all Jurina needed to make her day brighter. She thought her day couldn’t be more perfect, but realized her mistake when they left the appartment, and she saw Annin standing in the corridor.

Again? Jurina mentally groaned.

“Hi, Jurina. What a coincidence! I was about to visit you.” Annin said while looking at Rena curiously. “I moved in today; we will be neighbours from now on. And oh, she’s...?”

“Rena,” Rena slightly nodded. She believed she had seen this girl before. Rena didn’t like the way she behaved with Jurina, but she tried to be polite.

“A new girlfriend, huh?” Annin noticed their hand holding. She turned to look at Jurina. “Now I understand.”

“I’m sorry, Annin, but we need to go.”

Jurina firmly grabbed Rena’s hand, and they left the building without a word. Rena remained quiet, until she couldn’t take it anymore when, a few minutes later, they sat in Jurina’s car. “Who is she?”

“Annin. My ex-girlfriend. The one who dumped me and broke my heart that day when you found me.”

“That day when I asked you for dinner for the first time?”

“Yes. If you hadn’t asked me, I would probably have gone to a bar and got myself drunk.”

Jurina started the car. Rena remained silent for some time.

“Why didn’t you tell me about her? I told you about Airi.”

“She didn’t mean anything to me anymore. I didn’t feel like talking about her.”

When Rena didn’t give a response, Jurina continued. “I’m sorry, okay. I should’ve told you about her. You have the right to know.”

“I feel like I saw her before…”

“Last month, she came to my place when I was sick. She wanted us to get back together, but I refused.”

“So that’s why; I did meet her before in the corridor. She was coming from your appartment.”

“She can be very stubborn. And now she’s moving in the same building,” Jurina was frustrated. She couldn’t imagine the possibility of Annin being her neighbour. It was funny how the person you once loved the most could now be the same person you wanted to avoid at all cost.

“Jurina…” Rena’s voice trailed away hesitantly. “Stay with me. Move to my place.”

Jurina’s heart skipped a beat. Her girlfriend was so full of surprises: she had to repeat Rena’s words inside her head to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“You want our time to be more efficient, right? That way, you won’t need to pick me up every morning. We can go home together. We don’t need to talk on the phone for hours. I prefer to talk to you directly. I love to see your expression,” Rena continued.

“Rena, are you okay?”

“Yes, absolutely. What do you think? We can try it for a few weeks at first.”


Rena gave her an assured look.

“So, when should I move in?”

“What about today?”

Jurina pondered over it. “Rena, do you really need to go to Sunshine Sakae right now?”

“Hmm... not really actually.”

Jurina smiled, and changed direction on the road to go back to her apartment. She was so excited to start living with her girlfriend.

Rena’s apartment was bigger than Jurina’s. It had two bedrooms. Like its owner, the apartment was tidy and neat. Jurina was almost afraid to put her belongings recklessly like she usually did at her own place. But after only a few weeks, Jurina was getting used to it; it already felt like home. Or maybe, her home was Rena.

Since last September, it had been four months since they started living together.

Rena did cook for Jurina, but only twice since the last time she prepared her chicken soup when she was sick. Now, it was mostly Jurina who did the cooking. Rena didn’t need to be an expert to realize Jurina was a better cook. Moreover, Jurina was more than happy to cook for Rena.

Despite the fact they lived together, Rena still didn’t feel comfortable enough being naked in front of Jurina, so they took their bath separately. Like now. Rena was in the bathroom, while Jurina was lazily watching a movie in bed. Jurina heard the familiar ringtone – Scandal’s Stamp! – coming from Rena’s phone. It was past 9 PM. She took a peek to see the caller.

Furukawa Airi.

Jurina’s heart skipped a beat.

She was tempted to pick up the call, but refrained from doing so. When Rena came out of the bathroom, the phone rang again. Jurina could see Rena hesitantly answering the call after checking the caller.

“Hello, Airi.”

The tone. Never once Jurina ever heard Rena speaking in such a soft tone, not even when she talked to her. It was different.

Rena seemed absorbed in her conversation with Airi. Jurina pretended to be busy watching a movie, while desperately wanting to know why Airi could be calling at such a late hour.

“I will ask Jurina about it.” Jurina caught that, but the rest was not clear until the very last sentence. “I’ll call you back, okay?”

Jurina prepared her heart for something unexpected.


“Yes?” She turned down the volume of the television.

“It was Airi. She has an exhibition this weekend, and has no place to stay. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding with the hotel she booked, and all the other hotels around the venue are already full.”


“She asked if she could stay at my place; it’s only for two days. I told her I would ask you first.”

Jurina could feel her heart warm. The fact that Rena was asking for her opinion, made her feel important in Rena’s eyes.

“Does she know you’re with someone?”

“I just told her about you.”

“Yes, she can stay here. Of course.”

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind. After all, she’s your best friend. We should be nice hosts.”

After that, Rena called Airi back and talked to her for a little while longer. Jurina felt apprehensive; she didn’t know what might happen when Rena would meet Airi again. Deep down, she really hoped she hadn’t put her relationship with Rena in danger.

(to be continued)
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Why do I expect something like more drama after this? Haha. Don’t mind me though. Nice story and I totally can’t wait for your next update. So far I’ll enjoy them being all good and cute.  :D :D :D
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I suspect that suddenly, everything is going to get complicated.
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poor annin, she tought a good idea for moving near jurina's place and got left behind lol
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I'm hoping for a pro active J with their relationship like more kisses... and of course annin she need to do something.. for drama's sake
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Nagoya Station on Friday night was full of people. Most of them were in a hurry, trying to avoid the unpleasant cold breeze of January’s weather and impatient to reach their warm, cozy home.

Rena looked expectantly at the neon schedule board which indicated the time arrival of the trains. The green scarf she wore made her warm despite the autumn weather. When Airi told her she would arrive by train the evening before the exhibition, Rena insisted to pick her up.

“The train will arrive in five minutes,” Rena murmured.

“I know.” Jurina held her hand. It was really cold.

In fact, these last thirty minutes, it had already been the third time Rena announced the time. They arrived to the train station after work. The traffic was surprisingly smooth. Rena was nervous to meet her old best friend; their last meeting was not a pleasant moment to remember.

Initially, Rena wanted to pick her up by herself. Even though Airi knew about Jurina, Rena understood very well that Airi didn’t feel comfortable meeting new people. But later, she changed her mind. The sooner Jurina and Airi met, the better they would get along.

“There she is!” Rena quickly approached a girl with shiny long black hair holding a purple suitcase.

Jurina immediately followed her.

“Airi!” Rena waved at her, and smiled when Airi’s eyes met hers. Airi returned the smile. It was like years ago; it was as if they were fine.

“Airi, this is Jurina. Jurina, this is Airi,” Rena introduced them to each other.

“Nice to meet you,” Jurina slightly inclined her head.

Airi replied with the same gesture. “Nice to meet you too,” she avoided Jurina’s gaze shyly.

Jurina had seen Airi on one of Rena’s pictures, but meeting her directly was a different story. It didn’t take long for Jurina to notice that Airi was a quiet and timid girl. Jurina wondered how this awkward girl standing in front of her was once the same girl who broke Rena’s heart.
They left the train station, and walked in silence towards the parking lot where Jurina had previously parked her car.

“What about barbeque for dinner tonight?” Rena broke the silence.

Contrary to Jurina, Rena didn’t like meat and they rarely went to a barbeque restaurant. Even though she found Rena’s suggestion a bit odd, Jurina nodded in agreement. Both looked at Airi in expectation, who immediately agreed.
They went to a barbeque restaurant in the center of the city, and chose a table in a quiet area. Rena took a seat next to Jurina, while Airi sat opposite them.

“Apparently, you’re still fond of this place,” Airi said, suddenly feeling nostalgic about the place. Rena used to bring her to this restaurant each time she visited.

“Yes, I like their soup. Jurina also says the meat is tender and juicy.”

Jurina couldn’t agree more; they had indeed eaten here a couple of times now. While she often chose grilled meat, Rena usually ordered the vegetable soup.

“You come to a barbeque restaurant only to eat soup? Rena, you never change!” Airi suppressed a laugh, before adding. “I thought you would be more tolerant to meat after all this time.”

“Not really, but both of you enjoy eating meat, so I think this place is perfect for us,” Rena smiled.

The waiter arrived with the menu: plenty choices of different meats and vegetables. He turned on the stove and put the fat on it to melt. On the same table, he also started to boil the water in a pot for the soup. With her chopsticks, Jurina began to place some meat on the grill, while Rena put some vegetables in the pot.

“Airi…” Rena started, while cautiously stirring the soup. “What kind of exhibition will you be attending tomorrow?”

Airi explained that her company was launching a game based on their anime adaptation at the Japan Anime Festival. It was an annual event, and this year Nagoya was chosen to be the host. Airi was one of the illustrators of the anime so she – along with with her small team – would be attending the event at the Nagoya Convention Center.

“I’m one of the junior illustrators in my team so initially, I was not on the list of people who was supposed to attend the exhibition. Later, my company added me to the list,” Airi said while seasoning the prawns, before placing the food on the grill.

“My company had originally booked four rooms in a hotel near the venue, then booked another room for me. Apparently, the hotel staff forgot to add that room,” she sighed. “I checked other hotels, but all are fully booked this weekend. This exhibition is pretty famous, even among international visitors.”

She turned some prawns upside down and continued. “I can go back and forth from Toyohashi to Nagoya but it’s not practical,” she referred to her hometown. “Not to mention, it will take a lot of time. Then I remembered you,” Airi said sheepishly. “So I called you to ask if I could stay at your place.”

“You are always welcomed,” Rena smiled. She turned to Jurina who – unlike her usual distracted self – was attentively listening to their conversation tonight. “Right, Jurina?”

“Yes, sure,” Jurina confirmed.

“Thanks. This exhibition is really important for me. I will meet many senior illustrators there. It’s a great opportunity to learn a lot from them,” Airi said enthusiastically.

There it is, Jurina thought. Airi transformed into a completely different person once she began talking about a subject she liked. She didn’t look anymore like that quiet and awkward girl Jurina barely met an hour ago. She changed into a girl who was proud of her passion and her dreams. Jurina couldn’t help thinking that it might be one of the qualities Rena liked the most about her friend. Not to mention, she looked really cute and sweet with her long and black perfect shiny hair.

Just when Jurina was lost in her own thoughts, she was startled when Airi suddenly put a grilled prawn on Rena’s empty plate. Rena didn’t like meat or seafood. Or at least, that’s what she always believed.

As if realising she made a mistake, Airi stopped herself. She shouldn’t be doing that kind of thing - not when Jurina was with them - even if what she did was something very ordinary. Something she casually had done pretty much before. She liked barbeque a lot, but felt terrible that Rena couldn’t enjoy the meat and only ate soup. So, one day, she had suggested Rena to try grilled prawns.

Rena had enjoyed it, but for some reason she wouldn’t take it unless Airi put it on her plate. That was something Airi did unconsciously, without thinking.

Rena could see her best friend stiffening. “Thank you, Airi,” Rena carefully peeled the prawn’s shells. “It’s sweet and fresh. I like it. You should try one, too, Jurina.”

Jurina did as she was told and tasted one: Rena was right. It was really good.

Jurina always thought she knew Rena very well but that night, Jurina learned something new about her girlfriend.

They arrived home before 9 PM. Airi still felt familiar with the ambience of Rena’s apartment; it didn’t change much. Tonight, she would be sleeping in the guest bedroom for the first time. Usually, she stayed with Rena in the main bedroom.

Since the exhibition would start early in the morning, Airi preferred to go straight to bed. She remembered all those nice moments she had spent with Rena, and felt a pang in her chest when she realised how badly she had treated her friend in the past. Deep down, she missed her so much.

What made her feel even worse, was the fact that Rena hadn’t changed at all. A few days ago, when she called Rena for the first time in years, she wasn’t sure how Rena would react to her call. But Rena was still the nice and warm person Airi remembered.

When Rena told her about Jurina, Airi wondered what kind of person was dating her dear friend. She knew Rena would pick her up at the train station, but she didn’t expect Rena to come with Jurina.

The first time she saw Jurina, she was amazed by her beauty. Fair skin, short hair, adorable small brown eyes. And what about her perfect smile? It could warm any cold heart. Airi might have avoided looking directly at Jurina, she was a good observer. Her intuition as an artist helped her capture every moment acutely. Airi believed that Jurina was that kind of magnetic person who could capture people’s attention effortlessly.

At first, Airi feared Jurina might be not be a good person; like many girls she knew with pretty faces, who were extremely presomptuous and arrogant. But Jurina was the complete opposite. She was incredibly nice, even with her, a stranger she had just met. Jurina treated her with respect, Airi could feel her sincerity in every word. When, earlier on in the restaurant, she sat opposite the two other girls, Airi didn’t miss the love shining in Jurina’s eyes each time she gazed at Rena. Yes, this girl was definitely one of a kind, and was a good match for her equally adorable Rena.

At that thought, Airi let out a small sigh, before progressively closing her eyes to sleep. Tomorrow, a long, busy day awaited her.

Airi couldn’t be happier with the outcome of her first day at the Japan Anime Festival. She got recognition for her work, not only from the medias but also from her seniors. Jurina and Rena even came to her booth, a nice surprise that made her extremely happy.

Tonight, they decided to have dinner at home. Both Matsui prepared the meal so when Airi came home, the food was ready. Airi told them about the exhibition, that a movie producer was interested in working with her team for a new anime.

It was still early when they finished dinner.
Jurina entered the main bedroom, followed by Rena.

“Are you sure you want to sleep now? You just had dinner,” Rena asked her.

“I’m not sleepy. I want to watch a movie,” Jurina turned on the TV.

Rena sat next to her and stayed quiet.

“Rena, I think you should talk to Airi. Both of you have a lot of catching up to do. Tomorrow night, she will return to Tokyo.”

“Why don’t you join us? I don’t feel at ease leaving you watching a movie alone while I’m with Airi.”

Jurina’s heart warmed up at Rena’s statement. She stroke her girlfriend’s hair gently.

“It’s okay. It’s only for tonight. I can spend the rest of the night and many other nights with you,” she said with assurance. When Rena leaned over to capture her lips in a kiss, her mouth tugged into a smile of pleasure.

“Airi, are you sleeping?” Rena knocked on the door.

“No. Come in, Rena.”

Rena slowly entered the room, seeing Airi playing with her phone.

“Where is Jurina? Is she sleeping?” Airi asked.

“She’s watching a movie,” Rena answered, moving closer and taking a seat on the bed next to Airi.

There was a lasting silence, althought it was not as awkward and uncomfortable as they anticipated.

“I forget the last time we sat like this,” Airi started.

“It feels like yesterday, right?”

More silence.

“I’m sorry, Rena, for what I’ve done to you. I didn’t deserve a good friend like you.”

“No, please don’t say that. You were my best friend, and you still are. People make mistakes; we’ve made mistakes. Let’s learn from our mistakes, okay? I’m happy we can be friends again.”

“Me too.”

“Rena, I missed you.”

“You have no idea how much I missed you too.” Tears began rolling down Rena’s cheeks.  She didn’t want to remember those painful times when Airi avoided her, but those unpleasant memories resurfaced without her consent.

As an introvert, Airi was not the type of person to naturally initiate a hug, but she felt she had to make the first step. She leaned forward and hugged Rena tightly, apologizing once more. Against Airi’s shoulder, Rena couldn’t stop crying. It was almost as if a heavy burden had  suddenly been lifted. She had really missed Airi. She had truly missed her best friend.

For the rest of the evening, they talked and talked, going through what had happened in their life during those last years. Without even realising it, it was already past midnight.

When Rena left Airi’s side and joined her bedroom, Jurina was sleeping with the TV on. It was not the first time such a thing occurred, and Rena always wondered how Jurina was capable of sleeping with so much noise. Rena turned the TV off, listening to Jurina’s soft and quiet breathing. Before turning the light off, Rena paused to admire the beautiful, peaceful expression of her girlfriend. Day after day, her affection for Jurina was growing stronger and stronger.

At first, she was afraid Jurina wouldn’t get along with Airi. She feared feelings of jealousy towards Airi might emerge, but none of it happened. During Airi’s stay at her place, Jurina had acted as the mature person she had always known.

Rena turned the lights off and kissed Jurina’s temple, carefully enough to not wake her up. “I love you, Jurina,” she whispered.

Words of love she hadn’t had the courage to utter out loud until now.

(to be continued)
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Yayyyyy.... an update~~~
So happy to see all the interaction
I thought there would be drama but it seems that I am wrong
Still, this update is perfect as it really brings smile to my face
I’ll patiently wait for your next update
Great job for this one 👍👍👍
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That heart of yours jurina, is something :ptam-aww:
i missed 4 chap!? :shock:
Anyway I'm so happy you updated! Keep fighting author San! Goodluck!  :mon beam:

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God lord! I though cute puppy J is amazing, but mature J was better!
Title: Re: [WMATSUI] A Journey to Her Memory - Chapter 6 (16/5/2018)
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The last day of the Asia Anime Festival was packed with people. The Nagoya Convention Center was so crowded, that it was hard to make your way around the boothes. Airi was busy explaining her drawing technique to some visitors when she suddenly saw Rena approaching her booth. The day before, Rena and Jurina had already visited her, so Airi wasn’t expecting to see them again today.

“Where’s Jurina?” Airi looked behind Rena’s shoulder in curiosity.

“She needed to make final preparations for her business trip tomorrow. She will come by later in the afternoon.”

The visitors’ attention was suddenly caught by what was happening on the main stage. Several international cosplayers had just arrived on stage, looking dashing with their beautiful, elaborated costumes and confidently filling the shoes of their characters. Considering the loud screamings and cheers in the venue – mostly from young girls – it was easy to guess that those cosplayers were very famous.

Rena shook her head unconfortably; the noise was starting to make her feel a little dizzy.

“You don’t want to watch them? I know you’re a big fan of cosplayers,” Rena teased.

“I was, but I’m not really into it anymore,” Airi casually replied. “Do you want to go out to get some fresh air?”

Rena nodded in approval, more than welcoming the suggestion. Airi checked first with her colleagues if she could leave for lunch. They always took their lunch breaks at different times, to make sure there was always at least two or three people on the booth.

They went to a small café outside the Nagoya Convention Center, only a few minutes away by foot. Rena felt relieved to discover there were only a few people there; she was afraid it would be crowded like the other cafés inside the venue.

They didn’t have to wait long for their order. Both were enjoying their meals when Airi – out of nowhere – suddenly said, “Sometimes, I wished I hadn’t been so childish when you confessed to me.”

Rena – who didn’t know where this conversation was heading – instantly looked back at Airi in surprise. The night before, they had apologized to each other and admitted deeply missing one another. Rena believed it meant that they were fine now; that they were still friends.

“I think you deserve an explanation, Rena.”

“What? Airi, I’m okay now. You don’t have to–,” Rena looked around nervously, but no one was paying attention to their conversation.

“I was shocked by your confession,” Airi continued. “I was partly blaming myself that I was not as brave as you. That I wasn’t honest with my feelings.”


“I really enjoyed our friendship. You were my only best friend, Rena,” Airi confessed. “I was afraid that if we moved to the next level and something bad happened, I would lose you completely. I hear it from many people. I saw it myself… how a nice friendship can turn badly once romantic feelings are involved.”

Rena, I can’t believe you ruined our friendship!
Rena could still vividly remember what Airi had said to her before she left her apartment that day. It still hurt to think about it.

“Then I avoided you. I thought I needed time. Gosh, I can’t believe I was so immature back then. So selfish. Later, I realised that it was because I was unsure of my feelings…” Airi drank her cold beer. “When I moved to Tokyo, I wanted to tell you about the good news. But my pride overshadowed my logic.”

“I texted you to congratulate you. But you never replied,” Rena murmured back.

“Believe me, I wanted to,” Airi assured. “But I kept delaying my reply again and again, until my new work at the studio began to completely consume me. I know I was a coward back then and I’m not proud of it.”

Rena could sense the uneasiness in her best friend.

“Sometimes, I ask myself if things could have been different between us if I had told you yes.”


“A few days ago, when I called you, I mustered all my courage to dial your number. I almost cried in happiness when I heard your voice again. But then you told me about Jurina and, for a moment, I almost thought of cancelling my plan to visit.”

Rena unconfortably sipped her iced Asian Dolce latte; she didn’t know what to respond.

“But I was curious to meet her, and now I can see that she is a really nice girl. I guess it’s too late for me, right?”

“Too late for wh-”

“I love you, Rena,” Airi interrupted her. “There, I said it. It’s useless now, I already know it.”

Rena was left completely stunned; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Airi, it’s not fair. And not fair towards Jurina either…” Emotion took hold of her; tears slowly began rolling down her pale cheeks. Why is it happening now? Sometimes, life really liked playing with people’s feelings.

“I know,” Airi smiled sadly. “But at least I said it to you. You see, I didn’t want to live with regrets.”

Airi gently wiped the tears away from Rena’s cheeks. “Rena, I’m happy that you are with her. Jurina is a nice person.”

“She is…” Rena felt her chest warm up when she uttered her next words. “I love her.”

All of a sudden, a small beep from Rena’s phone grabbed her attention.

“It’s from Jurina.” Rena’s face lit up at once, until disappointement clouded her features. “She says she can’t come this afternoon.”

“Ah, too bad. I wish she was here, too.”

After that, they decided not to talk about the particular subject anymore. Somehow, they both didn’t want to end the day on a sad, melancholic note.

“Rena…” Airi hesitantly spoke up when they left the café and made their way back to the venue. “Are we… okay?”

“Yes.” Rena smiled confidently. “We are okay, Airi.”

Later that evening, Airi took the train back to Tokyo. Rena couldn’t help but give her friend a long, warm hug before she passed the ticket gates.

“Thank you. Both of you,” Airi kindly addressed Rena, then Jurina who was standing by her friend’s side. “Take care of yourselves!”

“You too, take care of yourself!”

For years, Rena felt terrible for losing her best friend. But now, she was happy to have her back, and she put at the back of her mind Airi’s recent, unexpected confession.

“Let’s go home,” Jurina suggested.

Rena looked back at her lovingly.

“What?” Jurina grinned.
“Nothing. Let’s go home,” Rena smiled and took Jurina’s hand.

Not only was she happy to be friends with Airi again, Rena also realised that she was sure of her feelings for Jurina now. At first, she was only a colleague with whom she shared her work vision. Then, she became a friend she spent a lot of time with, and who drove her home and work 5 days a week. Without realizing it, Jurina had become her best friend, a person with whom she shared her stories and secrets. And now, Rena was more than proud to call Jurina her girlfriend.

(to be continued)

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A beautiful chapter!
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Go away Airi! HAhaha BUT Rena said the important three words~
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Luckily Rena finally fell for Jurina after all this time being unsure
And for a second, when Airi confesses to Rena how she felt, I thought there would be drama and heartbreak
Lucky enough things going on smoothly, no drama and all
This is a great chapter
Will wait for next update patiently
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Aww Rena you fall in love! :hehehe:
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Hi, thank you for the comments. I appreciate it ^^ Before I update chapter 7, let me tell you something. It's gonna be quick, I promise.

I started writing this fic almost two years ago. I have finished it last year so you don't need to worry that I might abandon it, because I won't. It's already had an ending. Initially I wrote this for one or two friends, but then I thought it would be fun to share it here on JPHiP as well.

I rarely read fics (my ultimate pair is [obviously] WMatsui), though I'm very loyal once I found fics that I love. But recently, I've explored more fics and I was amazed by how diverse the themes are and how wild the imagination could be. Then I take a look at my own fic and I couldn't help but cringe for its cheesiness/cliché, especially for this chapter >,< Please bear with me ^^"


Jurina groaned when she heard the sound of the alarm ringing; Monday morning had unfortunately arrived. She didn’t despise Mondays in particular, she just didn’t like waking up earlier than usual. This morning, she had to catch an early Shinkansen to go to Tokyo for her business trip. Still half-asleep, Jurina reached across the bed to turn the unpleasant sound off, before realising that Rena’s right hand was lying on her chest. Jurina paused, a smile unconsciously falling on her lips at the sight. Rena was not the kind of person to be big on demonstrations of affection, contrary to Jurina who adored cuddling and kissing. Jurina couldn’t remember how they ended up in such a position in the first place, not that she really minded. 

Despite trying to stay quiet and still, the annoying sound coming from the alarm finally got on her nerves as it kept getting louder and louder. Jurina reached out for the alarm, careful not to wake up her girlfriend in the process. At once, the bedroom plunged into a peaceful silence again. It was such a perfect morning; Jurina didn’t feel like leaving Rena’s side yet. Five more minutes in bed wouldn’t hurt, she thought. Jurina had always been a responsible person but for a moment, she wished she didn’t need to go to Tokyo today.

By her side, Jurina could feel Rena progressively stirring up.

“Good morning,” Rena squinted her eyes to take a look at the clock on the wall. “Wait, today you have a trip to Tokyo, right? Why are you still here? You haven’t even taken a bath yet?”

“How could I wake you up? You were sleeping so peacefully,” Jurina pouted.

“I was sleeping so deeply that I didn’t hear the alarm,” Rena admitted sheepishly, “I don’t remember the last time I slept so well.”

Jurina had something else on her mind, “You could actually come with me to Tokyo, you know,” she gently caressed Rena’s cheek.

“Jurina, you need to take a shower now.”

“Take a shower with me?” Jurina teased, “I promise it will be quick.”

“Nope,” Rena couldn’t help but laugh. Sometimes, Jurina’s determination was really admirable.

“I don’t feel like going. Can we stay here longer?” Jurina sighed, “At least give me a kiss? I will miss you.”

“It’s only for three days, Jurina. But okay…”

Rena leaned forward and closed the distance between them. Jurina expected to receive a simple kiss on the cheek, yet was startled when Rena claimed her lips instead. Jurina blinked a few times in surprise when their lips parted, before smiling when she noticed the adorable small blush on Rena’s pale cheeks.

Jurina had left for the train station only a few minutes ago, yet Rena could already feel the emptiness of the apartment without her presence. Rena was not the kind of person to easily get attached. She always believed to be a very independent person, capable of doing most of things by herself. Before Jurina came to stay at her apartment, Rena was used to the quietness. In fact, she relished it. Rena once thought that if she ever had a partner, she wouldn’t mind sleeping in separate rooms. She couldn’t stand the idea of being with the same person all the time. She would need her own space.

But Jurina was different. In fact, Rena loved spending time with her and she was now completely used to her presence around. She knew that she was going to deeply miss her during those three days, but she kept her thoughts to herself. Rena could almost predict how Jurina would react if she told her that she already missed her.

Later on, Rena hailed a taxi to go to work.

For the next three days, she would need to return to her old daily life without Jurina by her side.

Tokyo’s nightlife was enchanting, always lively and crowded. Jurina had missed this kind of atmosphere; it gave her so much energy while Nagoya was more laid back. After a long, tiring meeting today, she had planned to catch up with an old friend in their favourite café. Since Jurina had left Tokyo for Nagoya, they had only been able to meet on a few, rare occasions. Jurina briefly checked the time on her watch: her friend should already have arrived by now.

Her phone’s ringtone distracted her. For a minute, Jurina believed it was her friend Watanabe Mayu calling her – probably to warn her that she would be a little late – but, to her surprise, it was a completely different name flashing on the screen.

Matsui Hideki.

Jurina frowned in perplexity when she saw the name of the caller. Why on earth was Rena’s father calling her?

The news she received from Rena’s father left her stunned and speechless. Jurina was trying desperately to comprehend what he was saying, but it hardly made any sense to her. It was only a five-minute call, yet it was enough to turn her world completely upside down.

When she hang up, a familiar voice brought her back to reality. Jurina looked up, only to see Mayu standing in front of her.

“I’m sorry I’m late… My boss is being a real jerk lately, she just gave me-”

“Mayu, I need to go back to Nagoya now,” Jurina said urgently.

“What? I know I’m late, I said I’m sorry,” Mayu wanted to add more but Jurina’s troubled expression told her something terrible must have happened.

“Jurina, are you okay? Who just called you?”

“Rena had an accident. I was on the phone with her dad.”


“I don’t know the details. I’m sorry Mayu, I need to go now.”

“Let me drive you to the train station.”

Jurina held Rena’s fingers for a while before carefully placing them back on her chest. She didn’t have the strength to look at Rena’s current condition. When she arrived at the hospital around midnight, Rena’s dad was already here. He looked so exhausted, that she told him to take a rest while she would stay with Rena. Rena’s father told her everything about how Rena had ended up at the hospital. Apparently, a car had hit Rena while she was hailing a taxi after work.

From the police investigation, it was discovered that the driver was under drugs and had lost control of his vehicle. Several pedestrians got injured in the process, Rena being one of the most seriously injured ones. It was the worst car accident that had ever happened in Nagoya in the last ten years. Jurina didn’t really care about the details; what she was worried the most about was Rena’s current condition. She still hadn’t regained consciousness.

“Rena, please wake up…” Jurina whispered.

She couldn’t help but blame herself for leaving Rena alone. This morning, she had felt that something was not right, and she now wished she had followed her intuitions and not left Nagoya.

Rena slowly opened her eyes, groaning in displeasure when she felt a sharp pain in her head. As she progressively assessed her surroundings and noticed that she was at the hospital, she tried to remember what had brought her here. The last thing she remembered, was waiting for a taxi when a car suddenly came out of nowhere, followed by the sound of screeching tires and people screaming.

The rest was a complete blur.

As she tried to move in bed, the first thing she noticed was that someone was holding her hand. She couldn’t see properly the person’s face and those shoulder-length black hair didn’t remind her of anyone. Maybe it was someone who had helped her and had brought her to the hospital? Maybe it was a nurse? But why was that girl holding her hand?

The room was quiet, and Rena was hesitant to wake up her unknown visitor. Suddenly, Rena wondered if her dad knew about the accident and that she was at the hospital. As she looked around for her phone to call him, she realized that her handbag was nowhere to be found. 

Rena didn’t know how long she stayed quietly immobile in bed, yet eventually she saw the stranger finally waking up.

“Rena, you woke up! Oh, thank God!”

Rena was completely caught off guard when the girl hugged her without warning.

Who is she?

When the girl tried next to kiss her temple, Rena retreated.


Out of instinct, she pushed the girl away. Rena didn’t believe to have pushed her that hard, yet the gesture immediately made the other girl stop.

“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

The girl’s voice was soft, yet sounded also slightly hurt.

“I-I don’t know why you suddenly hugged me, and tried to… kiss me?”

“I can’t?” Now the girl looked truly hurt. “I’m so glad that you finally woke up. I was so worried about you. I’m sorry if you think it’s not appropriate.”

“Does my dad knows I’m here?”

“Yes, he arrived last night. He looked so exhausted, I advised him to take some rest. He’s staying at a hotel not far from here.”

“Why… are you here?”

The girl looked back at her in frustration.

“I knew you would ask about office matters. Don’t worry, I asked someone else to replace me for my meeting in Tokyo. You don’t need to worry about work, it’s all settled-”

“W-What?” Rena asked, completely confused. Not only was her headache getting worse, none of what the girl was saying was making any sense. “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Did my dad tell you to stay with me?”

“Not really. I wanted to be here with you.”

“Who are you?” Rena asked seriously.

The girl was taken aback by the question. “Rena, you don’t remember me?”

“I don’t…” Rena answered truthfully. The girl was attractive and she would never forget such a pretty face, yet she really couldn’t register that face staring back at her.
Now, the girl looked deeply worried.

“Do you remember what year is it?” the girl hesitantly asked.

Rena sighed. She might not be sure of the date or how long she had been staying at the hospital, of course she knew what year it was. That girl was really asking silly questions.

“It’s 2013,” Rena answered confidently.

The girl immediately stepped back. “I’ll call a doctor.”

As the girl reached the door and was about to leave, she turned around in Rena’s direction. “By the way, my name is Jurina. I hope it rings a bell.”

(to be continued)

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I'm happy you had an ending already!  That's mean I can read this until the end!
R-Rena!?  :mon scare:
What going to happen with Rena now?
I can't wait to see the next chapter bukiyou San!
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Yayyyyy... you updated
I totally didn’t see this coming
And it’s not cringy at all
This is dramatic
Somehow I love it 😆😆
I love drama
And I wonder how you’ll make Rena remember
It seems that Jurina needs to remind Rena of everything
The drama comes at the most unexpected time, just when Rena realizes her feelings for Jurina
Update soon~~~ I’ll be waiting
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Woah! Rena has amnesia! I'm getting the vibes of 50 first dates here.

Waiting for the next chapter  :cow:
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With a title like this, I figured this might happen sooner or later! XD

So now Rena has forgotten Jurina... What's next?!
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What going to happen with Rena now?

So now Rena has forgotten Jurina... What's next?!

And I wonder how you’ll make Rena remember
It seems that Jurina needs to remind Rena of everything
The drama comes at the most unexpected time, just when Rena realizes her feelings for Jurina

Now that Rena lost her memory, Jurina would try even harder to bring her back in her life.  :cool1:

Woah! Rena has amnesia! I'm getting the vibes of 50 first dates here.
I've watched 50 First Dates and I like it! ^^
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The doctor explained everything to Jurina and to Rena’s dad. Rena had partial amnesia, mostly caused by the trauma of the accident. It could be healed, but the doctor couldn’t give an approximative time. The medication and treatment could be short, but it could also take a long time for her to recover. Rena remembered almost everything, except for the last four years of her life. As Rena didn’t know Jurina before that time, it was impossible for her to recognize her.

The doctor couldn’t explain why Rena had specifically forgotten those last four years of her life. The human brain works in a strange way. Jurina sighed. She was now sitting beside Rena’s dad, listening while he was patiently explaining the situation to his daughter.

“It’s… 2017?” Rena took a moment to fully grasp the shocking revelation.

“Yes, my dear.”

“I don’t remember anything between 2013 and 2017. The last thing I remember, is that I was about to go home from work. I don’t understand...”

“You will get your memories back. It’s only a matter of time,” Rena’s dad spoke tenderly.

Jurina remained silent. Somehow, she felt a little awkward. She doesn’t even remember me. Maybe I should let them talk, just the two of them.

“Excuse me but… I think I will get a cup of coffee. Would you like to have one, Mr. Matsui?” Jurina looked back at Rena’s dad in expectation.

“Thank you, Jurina. But I’m fine.” He shook his head negatively.

Just when Jurina had left the room, Rena immediately questionned her dad. “Who is she?”

“Ah, Jurina? She’s you friend. You both work at the same company.”

“My officemate?”

“Yes. You live with her,” Hideki cleared his throat.

“What??” Rena couldn’t believe it. There was no way she could be living with someone she barely knew.

We must be very close.

“During one of our Skype conversations, you introduced her to me. I think you’re good friends with her. A very good one.”

Rena suddenly remembered how Jurina behaved this morning.

Was she trying to kiss me?

“Dad, are you sure she’s only a friend to me?”

Rena was not a person who opened up easily to others but after her mother died, she got closer to her dad. She wondered how much he knew about her relationship with Jurina.

“I believe she’s more than a good friend to you, sweetheart.”

After two weeks of convalescence, Rena was finally allowed to leave the hospital. Her dad had already returned to Toyohashi as he couldn’t afford to miss work for too long. Rena felt actually much better. The bruises she had received from the accident had almost all healed and disappeared. Now, she only needed to work on her memory, which sometimes gave her terrible headaches when she tried to remember.

Jurina was wonderful with her during those two weeks. She took care of her so well that her dad didn’t have any problem with leaving her alone with Jurina. They were still feeling a little awkward around each other, but Rena didn’t really mind. She could tell she was in good hands. Not only was Jurina her officemate, she could probably also help her regain her memories.

“Are you ready to go home?” Jurina gently asked. She looked very happy, ready to turn on the car engine.

“Uhmm… yes,” Rena answered hesitantly. Deep down, she hoped that the place they were heading to was really a place she would be able to call home.

“We’ve arrived,” Jurina announced once they reached the apartment building. It was not necessary to say that, Jurina knew that. It was not like Rena had forgotten about her own apartment. She just wanted to break the silence between them. From the moment they had left the hospital, Rena had remained very quiet.

Rena relished the familiar atmosphere when she entered her appartment. She couldn’t believe she had forgotten the last four years of her life: her home hadn’t changed so much from what she remembered.

Well, there were actually some changes here and there, she gradually noticed as she progressived further inside the appartment. Rena clearly didn’t remember buying that bright, pink round sofa sitting in the corner of the living room. Wait, did she finally add a mini bar to her living room? She had always wanted to have one!

Approaching her book shelves, Rena gasped when she realized that her favourite comics series were completed. She was positively sure to have only gone through half of them. Rena thought it would be nice to read them again, since she didn’t remember the ending anyway.

Jurina cleared her throat, trying to get Rena’s attention. Rena had been so engrossed in her observation of the place, that she hadn’t even notice Jurina’s presence.

“How are you feeling now?” Jurina asked in curiosity.

“It feels familiar yet somehow distant. Some things are new to me. I don’t know… It’s like I’m going back to the future,” Rena answered in all honesty.

Jurina had to muster all her willpower to not hug the girl standing next to her. She desperately wanted to pull her into an embrace, gently stroke her hair, and tell her that everything was going to be alright. That she would always be at her side, and together they would manage to go through this terrible nightmare.

“You will recover soon, don’t worry,” Jurina said reassuringly.

Jurina didn’t try to interrupt Rena when she fell deep in her thoughts again. Rena still couldn’t get over her ‘new’ apartment. Her mind made a quick comparison with what she remembered, then proceeded to the more detailed ones. She wondered if Jurina had influenced her for some changes. Something suddenly crossed her mind. Rena scanned every picture in her home. She still remembered some pictures she hang on the wall, most of them were natural scenery and a few were pictures of herself. She then realised there was no picture of her with Jurina.

How come?
She asked herself. She decided to find the answer in her bedroom. Maybe their pictures were there? Rena was taken aback when she found no picture of them in her bedroom either. She began to wonder about the true nature of their relationship. She wanted to know what place Jurina had in her life. Unfortunately, her phone got broken in the accident: she had lost all her texts and pictures in the process.

“Hmm… Jurina?”

“Yes?” Jurina was silently following her.

“Did we rarely take pictures together?”

Jurina didn’t understand why Rena was asking such an odd question, but if it could help Rena gain her memory back, then she would gladly do anything for her. Maybe some pictures would remind her of something. Jurina took her phone out and browsed through her picture gallery.

She handed it to Rena sheepishly. “Well… you didn’t really like to take pictures. But sometimes, I took your picture without you knowing it.” Deep down, she hoped she didn’t sound too creepy.

Rena took a look at the pictures. Amongst them, there were only two or three pictures of them. Yet, on each of them, they acted and behaved very casually towards each other, like two good friends. 

Wait, what kind of pictures was I expecting to see? Rena felt a little silly.

“Alright then, sleep well. I will sleep in the guest bedroom. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.”

Jurina knew Rena all-too-well: she wouldn’t feel comfortable at the idea of sleeping with a stranger.

Rena didn’t protest. For some reason, she felt slightly bad for letting Jurina sleep in the guest room, but the truth was, she was still overwhelmed by this whole, unsettling situation. Maybe talking to someone she trusted would help. Her face brightened up when a name immediately came to the forefront of her mind.

She had decided.
Tonight, she would call her best friend Airi.

It was the first time Jurina was sleeping in the guest bedroom. All this time, she had never even really entered the place, and her eyes traveled around the place in curiosity. It was still quite early, yet Jurina locked herself in the room. She understood very well that Rena needed her space and some time alone to process everything that was happening to her. 

There was no TV in the room and Jurina was not really fond of reading. She tried to listen to music to pass time, but her mind was not at it. It wasn’t like her to not do something. She was a lively, energetic girl, always busy or occupied with something. It crossed her mind to have a chat online with her best friend Mayu, when she suddenly heard footsteps coming closer to her room.

“Jurina, can I come in?”

Did Rena change her mind? Jurina wondered.

“Yes, sure.”

Maybe she wants us to sleep… together? Jurina felt a little silly for thinking such a thing. 

Rena slowly opened the door. “I’m sorry to disturb you. Can I borrow your phone?” She asked hesitantly.

Jurina agreed, thinking maybe Rena wanted to check their texts or pictures.

“I want to call my friend Airi,” Rena explained. “You must know her.”

Oh well, that was unexpected.

“I know her,” Jurina confirmed. “She actually stayed here a few weeks ago.”


Jurina could perceive the enthusiasm in Rena’s voice. In fact, it was the first time Rena looked so excited since the accident.

She handed her phone to Rena. “But I don’t have her number.”

“Let me try call her old phone number. Maybe it hasn’t changed,” Rena said hopefully.

Rena pressed the numbers she was familiar with. Her heart beat faster when she patiently waited and heard the dial tone ringing.


“Airin!” Rena couldn’t help but shriek.

“Rena? Wow… it’s been years since the last time you called me by my nickname.” There was slight melancholy in her voice. “Anyway, did you change phone number?”

“No, I’m calling from Jurina’s phone.”

“What’s up, Rena?”

“It’s a long story. I was wondering if we could meet this weekend.”

“You’re going to Tokyo?!” Airi exclaimed in surprise. “Will you go with Jurina, or by yourself?”

“Tokyo? You are in Tokyo now? You’re no longer working in Toyohashi?” Confused, Rena looked back at Jurina. Jurina might know something about it.

“I don’t understand. Rena, are you alright?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Rena confessed desperately. “I really need to meet you in Toyohashi as soon as possible.”

(to be continued)
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Wait since Rena forgot her memories, airin wouldn't be the bad guy here right?
Poor Jurina, your life is unfortunate  :cool2:
Anyway thanks bukiyou taiyou san! I can't wait for the next update!
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so hard for both girls, J needs to be very patience and not all touchy like always also the love of Rena gonna be tested.
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I feel bad for Jurina but I hope she would be alright with Rena contacting Airin
Hopefully slowly Rena could regain her memories back as the longer she forgotten, I feel that Jurina would be more in pain
And I feel that drama is coming
Somehow I feel excited with it. Haha
Update soon author