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Author Topic: ZAKA46 ONE SHOT COLLECTIONS  (Read 4262 times)

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                      COAT AND GOWN

"Are you still willing? I can't even take care of myself, how can i even take care of you?"


Nagahama Neru exasphatedly sighed as soon she went outside from the operation room. She leaned her back to the wall and closes her eyes, feeling drained and exhausted after the seven hours straight procedure she took in. It was a hell, especially the patient that was almost in the brink of death. Neru hate losing her patient, everyone don't want of course. She hate seeing the cry of the people that losing someone.

A low groan escaped from her mouth as she felt the pain in every corner of her body especially from her arms and feet. Seven straight of standing and her arms moving non stop, also add the pressure and intense are what really made her worn out. She think, she can't even move for a second. 

She opened her eyes when someone pulled her mask. A smiling face of her bestfriend and also her assistant, Saito appeared in front of her.

"Good work, Doctor Nagahama." Saito greeted cheerfully, Neru can't understand why she have the energy to smile and act cheery despite of what they through just a minutes ago.

"I envied how the way you smile." Neru said as she remove her gloves and walk straight to the sink to wash her hand.

"Because it's a success."

Neru faintly smile at Saito responded. She really doesn't have energy to retaliate the cheerfulness of the girl, she badly want to slam her dead tired body to the bed.

"Seriously, I'm so tired." Neru heard Saito laughed.

"You better sleep Neru, I don't think your body will last any second." Saito said, washing her hands in the sink . "I can't even believe you took three procedures without even taking a break. Im sure you missed your date again with Risa?"

The question from Saito made Neru stop from what she's doing. A regretfully sighed escape from Neru mouth which confirmed it. She looked at the clock in the wall and it read 3:36 am. Their date is 4 pm at their favorite restaurant. Nothing special, just a simple date which Risa asked for her for a week but she missed it.

Neru want to knock herself or strangle herself to death. It really slipped from her mind and she doesn't even call her fiance to apologizes because she forgot it and It's really too late to do that. She doesn't even know if the girl already went home or her whereabouts. She really feel worse, she's the worst.

"You must call her, she must be waiting for you." Saito pat her shoulder and give her a assuring smile. "I'll finish this, you can go home."

Saito pertaining to the finishing of their operation, Neru could only nodded, accepting the offer from her friend. She really doesn't want to leave it to her friend all alone, but she want to see Risa now. She want to know where her fiance is.

Despite the heaviness and drained body, she walk a bit fast to their department call room. She's planning to get her things out faster and head straight home. But as soon she open the door, her eyes catch first the face of the person she want to see the most.

"Risa.." Neru could only mutter her fiance name who is lazily smiling at her while sitting in the sofa.

Before she can ask her, she stop by Ozeki who's in the table, eating. "Oh, Neru is finally here. Risa's been waiting for you."

Ozeki said as she throw Neru a second look before she turn to her plate again. Neru can't produce a word as her eyes stuck to Risa, who is gently smiling at her despite how sleepy she is. Her mind is thinking why Risa is here inside their room, especially in this hour.

It's not Risa's first time here inside their room, exclusively for only doctors. To their nine years relationship, Risa knew Neru friends so well and Neru friends knew Risa well so going in and out from this room is not really a big deal. Neru's fellow mates treat Risa as their friend too.

"Neru.." She came back to senses when Risa called her name softly, not really minding the two people in front of them who only snort their noses. She walk towards her, as soon Neru body is near at Risa. The short haired girl pull her and wrapped her arms around her waist, leaning her head to her stomach, finally closing her eyes in comfort. "I'm sure you're hungry, let's eat."

"Yeah, come on Neru. Risa brought food. Join us!" Uemura said as she remove one by one the boxes out from the plastic paper.

Neru can't understand herself at the moment, the emotions that pouring her currently. It's overwhelming her that she can't help but to feel worse. How come Risa didn't even get mad at her as soon she saw her? Why Risa is here? Why Risa is spending her night here in the hospital waiting for her instead resting? How come Risa could smile at her? How come?

"I want to go home." Neru mumble but enough for Risa to heard. Risa tilt her head and notices the strange behavior of her fiance, so she didn't ask more and nodded, bidding goodbye to the two who left curious.

There is something wrong, Risa thought.

All her sleepiness and tired faded as she notices that something wrong with Neru. She can't help but to worry because of the girl quietness during the drive. Maybe because of the rough day she had or something bad came up with her work. She want to know and if possible, she want to try her. best to help Neru. She doesnt want to see her fiance feeling trouble.

"What's wrong?" Risa open up, side eyeing the girl in the passenger seat. When the girl didn't even flinch, she continued. "Care to talk about it with me?"

But the long haired girl didn't eve. bat an eye to her or respond which Risa confirm that there is really something wrong. She chooses not to follow a question and decide to take care it in their shared condominium.

"Neru," As soon they reached home, Risa pull Neru hand before she walk inside the bathroom inside their bedroom. "I know you're tired, but I don't want to sleep knowing something wrong with us."

With that, Neru can't hold it anymore. She broke into tears and knees collapse in the floor, she cover her face as her sobbed grew louder. Risa become panic at the sudden break down of Neru in front of her, she bent down to reach for her body and wrapped it inside her arms.

"Neru, why? Why are you crying?" Risa tighten her embrace. "Neru, tell me please. Please."

"Why?" Neru mumble in the middle of her sob, she hold a grip to Risa blouse. "Why are you not mad at me? Why did you wait for me?"

Neru slowly releases her hand from Risa to look at her, Risa felt the knife stab at her heart as soon she got a glimpse of Neru pity face.

"You should be mad at me, you should shout at me. You have the rights to get mad at me for stooding you up." Neru move away to Risa body and lean her back to the wall, cover her face by her hands. Risa can't find the words to respond to Neru, she is dumbfounded, but she is dead worried. "But why are you still smiling at me? You even wait for me. Risa why are you so nice to me?"

"It's because I love you Neru." Risa replied, eyes staring to Neru deeply. She can't really understand her but she easily answered her because that's what she really feel. Because of that, Neru felt bad more.

Memories start to flood her. Back when Risa is too good for her and still until now. The days and nights where she spent mostly her time to the hospital, even forgetting their anniversary and dates. Only a smiling Watanabe Risa will approach her and tell that she understand her, and maybe they can spend it next time. But those next times rarely happen as being a doctor really eats Neru whole. There is also a time where she didn't go home for two days and when she went home, a burning Risa in fever surprised her. She remembered it as worst, she blame herself repeatedly but Risa assured her that it's not her fault. But no matter what Risa said that, she can't help but to feel bad that she even cry secretly.

She think, she can even help other people but her she can't even help her own girlfriend.

Do i really deserve her?

That is when she start thinking it. If she as a person and a future wife really deserve a too good and gentle Watanabe Risa. She rarely spent time with her, she doesn't even remember when did she last serve her or tell that she really love her. She's starting to fear that one day if Risa will hate her when she reach her limit. She doesn't want to hate her.

Guilt gnawed her.

She slowly remove her hands from her face, Risa words is too sweet, her heart is thumping in happiness but she doesn't want this. She can't hurt Risa anymore, she deserve more than this. She deserve someone who will spend happiness with her and she think she's not that person.

She think, she need to stop this before Risa will hate her. It's better to be stop.

Her eyes stop in her ring finger of her left hand, the sparkling silver ring that prettily envelope around. She won't ever forget the day when Risa bend her knee in front of her and asked her to marry her. It's one of the memories she will forever cherish.

Risa also looked at Neru finger when she brush it by her tips, tears still flowing from Neru cheeks. Risa start to feel nervous, she's having this feeling which she doesn't like where this head to.

"Risa, I'm so sorry but let's break up."

Neru words left a impact to Risa heart, she wishes she heard it wrong.

Neru continued when Risa left with no words. "I can't do this anymore, I can't hurt you anymore."

"But you're hurting me now." Risa lowly said, fighting the tears that want to escape from her eyes.

"Risa, I don't want you to hate me."

"How can I hate you when I love you so much?!" Risa voice rises while her eyes can't take off from Neru eyes. This made Neru cries more,.

"That's my problem, you love me so much. You love me so much that im scared to hurt you, I'm so afraid to see you in pain because of me. I don't want that. So before that happen, before this thing become deep, It's better for us to split."

Risa felt a nerve, Neru choice of words really picked her. She grab Neru wrist to pull her into her. "Aren't we already deep Neru? We're going to marry each other soon, you're going to be my wife soon. Isn't this deep? Are you taking things lightly?"

This time, It's Neru turn to lose her tongue. Isn't she taking this lightly? Accepting Risa proposal without thinking their future, the obstacles that will hindrances them, her profession that eating her whole, the time. All of it, because of too much happiness, she forgot to think this through.

And if the time come where they both marry each other, will this situation still continue? Which she spend her time with Risa rarely? Thinking that Risa will be alone most of time hurt her so much.

She's so selfish. Risa is selfless.

"Maybe I am, I didn't really think of this thoroughly." Neru bit her bottom lip, a trembling hands touch Risa cheek. "Risa, you are too good for me, you are so precious. I don't want to hurt you any longer. Please consider what i said."

With a last drop of tears from her eyes, Neru uses her remaining strength to stand. But before she can take a step, Risa embrace her from behind. She can feel Risa arms trembling but It's so tight like she's scared that Neru will lose from her vision.

Neru can feel her right shoulder wet where Risa head is leaning, maybe from Risa tears. Neru can't help but to move her hands to the arms around her.

"I only want to hear those words from you Neru then I will do the consideration." Risa whisper to her ear before she uses her strength to spin Neru and pinned her to the wall. Faces so close that Neru can almost feel her breathe, somehow she misses her this closes to her. When did she last kisses her with so much intimate? When did the last time she become so intimate with Risa? She failed to remember.

"I will only ask you one time," Risa brush her lips to Neru cheek, down to her jaw and to her neck that leave to holding her breathe. After that, Risa look intensely to her eyes. "Do you love me, Neru?"

No doubt, no hesitation, no need to think twice because what her heart the most is only Risa. She said while crying, "Of course, I love you so much. I really do, I love you so much Risa."

This made Risa smile gently, she giggle a little bit before she leaned her forehead to Neru. "Then why do you need to leave me? I'm so sorry Neru but I can't break up with you, not when I love you so much."

"Please don't leave me." Risa added as she closes her eyes, run her hands to Neru cheeks.

"B-but I don't want you to hate me--"

Risa cut her off. "There's no way I will hate you Neru, you're the only person I can least think of to hate."

"Risa, we rarely spend time to each other. Im so busy, if this continue I will mostly leave you alone. I don't want to see you in that."

Neru tears continue while Risa giggle as she open her eyes. "Is that what you thinking? You're wrong. If you can't make it up with me, then I will do it all. You might think that It's unfair to my side but no, because it made me happy. It made me so much happy to serve you, Neru."

"And if you feel bad, don't be. Because your existence and the fact that you love me is so enough to make it up." Risa remove her hand from Neru face, she then gently grab Neru hands to snake it around to her neck. Then she pull Neru waist to her, spaces can't be seen between them. "Because I know, we still can spend our precious time together any longer someday."

And that what it takes for Neru to cry harder again, she return the same warmth to Risa by hugging her. Her heart is shouting from so much happiness, she want to explode. This is too much.

"Can I ask you again? For you to think this thoroughly." Neru asked which made Risa chuckle.

"Go on, baby."

"I'm a bad cook, I can't cook anything but I'm willing to learn someday with you."

"Sure, we can learn it someday."

"You need to think about this a million times Risa, i cant spend the my entire day with you. I will rarely spend it to you."

Risa brush her hair and nod. "I will think of million ways to spend the day with you even for only minute."

Neru heart joy because of her answer. "I will also think a million ways to spend my time with you."

Silence envelope them after that, as they remain attach to each other warmth.

"Are you still willing? I can't even take care of myself, how can i even take care of you?" Neru asked, tightly embracing Risa.

"Neru you should remember this, if a person giving you so much love, it doesn't mean that you need to return the same amount. Because I, is happily enough to give you happiness without thinking of returning." Risa softly whisper to her ears. "Because the day you accept me wholeheartedly is already too much, you gave me so much happiness."

"Risa.." Neru pull away a little to see those lovely eyes. "I'm so sorry, I won't say it again. I don't want to leave you, I'm so sorry. I love you so much."

Risa smile softly, leaning for a short but passionate kisses to Neru. "I love you too so much."

"But of course, I also want to feel how you spoiled me. I want to be under your care, Neru." Risa chuckle which also made Neru. She tiptoe and reach for Risa top.

"I will be glad to spoiled you baby." Neru said and cling to Risa Neck that made them laugh, Neru yelp when Risa caught her in the waist and lift her, both jumped in their bed and spend their entire night in each other warmth.


A/N: I really don't know if I did it well in the end, it sucks I know but I really love RISANERU, I'm living for this couple. This is my first time doing a one shot, hope you like it. Love lots!

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More please :D Doesn't have to be RisaNeru, but please write more (if you can write Yuukanen it'll be appreciated :D )

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I love this OS.
I really like Risa&Neru copie. I'm Techi&Neru fan too!
I hope  you write more Keyaki (kanji) OS.

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"We will do it when you are ready, I am ready, when we are both ready. And with God permission and when you become my wife."


Hirate Yurina wipe her forehead and nervously stomp her feet while thinking thoroughly which flower will make her girlfriend happy. After 30 minutes of contemplating, she came up with a decision and bought a bouquet of tulips. But her nervousness still didn't die down, it even grew bigger and big drop of sweat start to form from her forehead.

What made her like this is because of Neru.

Subject: Techi~
From: Neru <3
Content: Good afternoon, Techi. It's Sunday tomorrow,I would like to spend that day with you. Do you like to come over in my house? My parents are not here. I don't want to be lonely, I want to be with you :3 I will wait for you~

The message itself doesn't mean anything to her, but it normally made her happy and she really like to spend that day with her. But things got different and the message sent another impression to her, as soon she read it, she turn into a tomato and uneasy. This thing won't happen if not because of the constantly teasing of her two bestfriend.

"Have you done it with Neru?" Shida ask her during their art class, she raises her eyebrow.

"Done what?" She doesn't understand why her respond made Shida and Akane widen their eyes, as if her words is foreign. She almost lost her grip to her pencil when Akane grab her both shoulder.

"Seriously?" Akane ask, whispering but her words is strong. "Are you freaking serious Hirate? You haven't done it with Neru?"

Her eyebrows meet in the middle. "What are you saying? Will you get straight to the point?" She turn to her cardboard and continue what her doing.

"Have you had sex with Neru?" Shika ask straightforward, not minding the tone of her voice.

Hirate slowly turn beet red as the question slowly registering to her mind. As soon it sinked her, she push Shida away from her.

"What the hell are you asking?" She said stuttering, shades of red cover her face and she become nervously. This made Shida and Akane grinned wider.

"So you really haven't done it with her? What a bummer, Techi." Akane teases which made Hirate blush more.

"It's not like that!" She cursed under her breathe for stuttering again, the two laugh even more. "So what if we haven't done it?"

Shida rolled her eyes. "You guys been for what? 2 years more or less and still haven't reach that stage yet, don't you think it's time to question you or her if you guys both still interested to each other?"

Hirate hissed. "We both love each other!"

"Are you sure?" Akane raises her eyebrow. "Okay, let's stay at that. But the question is until when?"

"Or don't you think that maybe Neru slowly lose her interest to you?" Shida teases again. The question made her stiff.

Neru slowly losing her interest to me?

"Shut up!" She huffed, turning her back to her two friends. Trying her best to concentrate to her work but still, the teases of her friends can't easily get off of from her mind. It continue to play and she can't stop it.

When was the last time she and Neru become so intimate to each other? No, the question is, did it even happen once?

For two years that they become couple, Hirate can't remember a time where they become so intimate like touching each other or more than lip locking recently. The last time was both of them are alone inside Hirate bedroom, both decide to study but ended up in each other warmth. She can't stop herself that time, lust written all over her face. Before her hand touch Neru legs, she heard the older girl squeak and when she looked at her face, Neru helpless face and in the brink of crying surprised her. Since then, she promised to her self to restrain and won't do anything that will hurt Neru. Since that day, she didn't let herself to be in private with Neru as she's scare to do anything ridiculous to her.

And now, Neru invited her to her house alone. Only both of them inside the four corners of the room.

She took a deep breathe and wipe another group of sweat from her forehead, fix her clothes as her trembling hand tightly grip to the bouquet. She's now in front of Neru house, she can't turn back. She will do her best to restrain herself. She need to think clear.

But all her prayers faded when she saw Neru coming down from the stairs, she gulped nervously as she can't take her eyes off from Neru body. Her girlfriend is wearing only wearing a one piece under the half of her thigh that showing her milky white legs.

A temptation indeed.

"Techi~" Neru jump to her and embrace her, Techi can feel the smoothness of her hair and caught the whiff of Neru perfume. Techi can feel the heaven just by the presence of Neru. "I miss you."

Hirate chuckle awkwardly as her trembling hands run to Neru back. "I-i miss you too."

She cursed under her breathe for stuttering again. Neru pull away and return her with a cheeky smile. The smile took Hirate breathe away, she didn't realizes that Neru already dragged her inside her bedroom.

"Thank you for the flower, I love it." Neru said, arranging the tulips in the vase. Techi smile gently.


Hirate found herself sitting in front of the table beside Neru bedroom. The nervousness still hasn't die down and she can't stop herself from looking every corner of the room, it's her first time to be in Neru room. The room is very neat and cover by blue and white wall.

"So what are we going to do?" Hirate flinch when Neru bump her shoulder to her and lean closer to her, her eyes move to Neru shoulder where her clothes slightly tilt, showing her shoulder naked. Her eyes also caught the chest part of Neru, where it showing her cleavage.

Hirate blush hardly and nervously look around, looking something to help her. Her eyes caught the television. "H-how about watching movie?" She said, subtly pulling from Neru.

Neru stare at her for a minute then nodded happily. "Good idea, I'll set it up."

She grab for air as soon Neru detached from her, she think she's going to choke because of the closeness. That almost kill her.

She watches Neru set the DVD player and climb down the stairs to grab some popcorn and drinks. As she do that, she notices somethung different from Neru. It's like her girlfriend is sparkling and become more beautiful. No doubt, no question, Neru is really gorgeous. She notices the light make up that Neru applied to her face, she can't help but to think that maybe Neru prepare for this?

But what she notices the most is Neru movements. It's very different from her usual moves, something like alluring and seductive? Like how she notices that Neru slightly tilting her dress in side to show her legs purposely to Hirate, also from her luring smile. If Neru is doing this on purpose, then Hirate need to say that it's effective.

"What do you want to watch?" Neru asks, turn to the DVD in front of Hirate. The short haired girl is about to reply but become stiff when Neru bend her body, moving up her lower body, and now Neru butt is facing her. Her eyes widen and her cheeks turn red, she can't find her tongue at all. She doesn't know if Neru is doing it purposely or the girl is becoming oblivious but this is torture for Hirate, it may pervert to be sound but she's tempting to touch Neru squishy butt. She avert her gazes as she realizes that she's becoming a dirty pervert especially when she almost see Neru black underwear.


Hirate cursed under her breathe, Neru called her name in a very different tone.

"What do you want to watch ?" Neru asks above her shoulder.

"It's up to you." She replied, subtly wiping her forehead. Neru stare at her for a minute before she nodded happily and turn to the DVD player.

Hirate thought that the torture will end there, she underestimate it because it's not. Not when Neru turn off the lights, scooted beside her, cling her arms to her, legs tangle over her legs and Fifty shades of gray in the screen.

Does she have strength to stop herself? It's like Neru is asking her and willing to give herself. She closes her eyes and curl her fist, no, this can't be, she need to stop herself. She doesn't want to see Neru in that state again.

And the part she don't want to appear in this moment, where the main characters of the film start to contact with each other.

Hirate can feel every part of her muscle start to weakened, electricity start to run in every vein and her heart start to beat crazily. Because of the closeness, Hirate can feel Neru breathe start to low, as she feel the girl scooting more closer to her, finally closing the distance between them. She can't move, she turn froze all of a sudden.

"Yurina~" Hirate cursed under her breathe again, the way Neru called her first name and the tone of it bring her into another dimension. But what surprised her the most is the next words that Neru will whisper. "I want to have sex with you."

Before Hirate can react, Neru reached her hand and place it gently above her legs and that made Hirate shrieks in panic. She literally push Neru away from her and quickly move away from her, face burning from too much shame and nervous. The girl wear the same expression, blushing hard but there's a pain written to her face.

"W-what are you doing N-Neru?!" Hirate almost shout, shocked and flustered at the same time. Instead of answering her, she slowly crawl to Hirate, still her face cover by pink shades.

"Do you want me right?" Neru whisper as soon her face near Hirate ears. She felt shivered and her throat become dry all of a sudden. What the hell Neru is doing? Is she killing me again? She thought.

But before she answer, Neru pull away from her and what she did surprised Hirate the most. She took off her one piece dress, revealing her in a lacy black bra and underwear. Hirate felt her whole body, outside and inside turn heated as she can't take her eyes off from Neru alluring body.

It's her first time to saw her body. Not being a pervert but sometimes she have this moment where she imagine her girlfriend naked, what does she like if she doesn't have clothes. It sound naughty but now it happened, and she didn't expect that Neru looked so goddess and breathtaking without a clothes.

"N-Neru what are you doing?"

Neru responded with a heavy lidded gazes, moving her hair to the other side, revealing her milky tone neck. Hirate gulped. Neru leaned closer again to her, she shiver again when she felt their bodies touch each other.

"I want you." Neru sultry whisper.

Hirate shout at herself to calm down, because she think she's at her peak. One more push and she can't stop herself. She know she can stop this temptation, she love Neru so she will do all her best. She closes her eyes, took a deep breathe and took off her jacket and put it around Neru naked body.

"It's cold Neru." She said, averting her eyes. Silence cover them for about minutes before she heard Neru sobbing.

Her eyes widen. "N-Neru, w-why are you crying?!"

"Am i not really attractive anymore to you Techi?" Neru said, head down while her both fist rubbing her eyes. "Did you realizes that I'm already old enough for you? Am i not beautiful anymore to you? Did you realizes that Memi is cuter than me? Yurina answer me!"

All of that made Hirate speechless, eyes staring at Neru. Of course, she want to answer no to all of those question but her tongue tied at the moment, making it difficult for her to talk. But as soon she regain her strength again, she hold Neru wrists and pull it away from her face.

"Neru, of course not. What made you think of that?"

Neru avert her gazes, bite her bottom lip. "Because you don't want to touch me, i-i'm giving all myself to you. But you rejected me."

She cupped Neru cheek and tilt it to looked at her eyes. "It's because y-you surprised me. Therefore, I always think of you, you're the most beautiful girl for me. You are the only one I see Neru."

A smile showed her face when she saw a tint of pink in Neru cheeks. "Then do you want to do it with me?"

She stare seriously at Neru eyes for the moment, somehow she think she calm down herself. "Neru."

Neru hands snake around Hirate neck, pulling her closer. "I want to do it with you Yurina because I love you. I want to give all myself to you, I want you to be happy because I love you."

Hirate can't think straight anymore, Neru pushed her limit. With Neru blushing face, alluring voice, attractive lips, body heat and the sound of her heartbeat are the reasons she can't stop herself anymore.

"I'm sorry if I can't stop myself anymore." Hirate whisper before she give in to Neru lips, hands snaking around Neru waist, pulling the older girl closer to her. Both tangle with each other warmth on the corner of the room, the short haired girl carefully lay Neru on the floor, hovering her above as she nibble her upper lip. Hirate mind went hazy, only Neru is the one she's thinking, she's getting addicted.

Hirate pull away from a moment, stare at Neru face to observe, she's about to say something but interrupt by the moans and groans from the television. Both releases a giggle after Neru reached for the remote and turn it off.

"L-let's move to the bed." Neru said shyly, Hirate calmly nodded as she uses her strength to lift Neru and gently lay her on the soft bed. She crawl above Neru, took her t-shirt off and locking her between her arms as she ghost her lips to Neru's nose.

"I want you so bad, Nagahama Neru." Hirate whisper, Neru can see lust, love and darkness written from her eyes. She felt a sudden fear, she gulped. She can't back out anymore, not right now where she pushed Hirate limits. She doesn't want to see her get dissapointed again.

"I won't stop until I can't hear you screaming my name." Hirate say sexily, earning again a gulped from the girl below her. Her hand slowly move to cupped Neru breast which made her stiffen.

Neru doesn't realizes how fast Hirate unhook her bra, revealing her two healthy breast. She start to form a sweat from her forehead and her hands start to tremble.

"Y-Yurina.. "

Hirate hummed, diving to claimed Neru lips again with much force and deep. Her hands move to fondle Neru breast, earning a low moan from the girl which excites Hirate more. Unsatisfied from the outer lips, Hirate ask to open Neru mouth by licking it which Neru gladly agreed. The atmosphere got heated more when their tounge started to fight for dominance, both running from breathe but doesn't want to stop the pleasure. It was Hirate who decided to cut it, her mouth started to travel to Neru jawline, nibbling it down to Neru neck which made Neru moan louder.

Hirate really went wild, Neru is like a drug that she won't ever regret using and taste. It fascinates her how the older girl easily make her crazy, she want to taste Neru all by herself, every part of her. It's really impossible for her to stop herself anymore, not when she already reached her limit. For a year that she refrain herself from all the temptation, she can't help but to pay back from Neru. She didn't notice that she become slowly aggressive, she suddenly bite Neru neck which made the girl flinch in pain. Because she's under of pleasure, Hirate didn't notice it. Her hands travel down to grope Neru legs, lifting it to put around her waist.

She cut herself to have a look at Neru face but her crying face, helpless and panting heavily made her stop as she felt cold water showered her whole. It's the same face Neru had when she first made her way to her.

"N-Neru, i-im sorry! I'm sorry." She move a little away but stop when Neru pull her closer by holding her shoulders.

"N-No, I'm fine. Please continue it Techi." Neru said but her words contradicting her face as her tears continue to drop tears, fear written all over her eyes.

"No, I can't continue seeing you crying like this Neru."

Neru bite her lip to stop her self from choking. "No, I'm really alright. You can continue!"

"No, let's stop." Hirate hold her trembling hands from her shoulders. "You are trembling, I'm really sorry Neru."

She get off from Neru to pick her jacket to give it to the older girl but stop when Neru embrace her from behind. She felt Neru leaned her head on her neck and start to cry.

"I'm really sorry Yurina, I'm really sorry if I cried again, for ruining this moment. I'm really sorry but I got really scared, I can't help but to cry. I really want to give myself to you, only to you, I want to give you happiness that I even prepared mentally that I'm ready for this, that I'm ready and I'm not going to gnaw by fear but when you start to kissed me and saw your expression, I can't help but to cry in fear." Neru tighten her hug. "I'm really sorry."

Hearing all of that, there's no way she can ended up getting mad to Neru. She's so fragile and vulnerable, making her want to protect so much. She gently smiled, picking her jacket and turn to Neru to carefully dress it to her. After that, she wipe the tears away from Neru.

"Thank you so much Neru, but I want you to know that it's not your body that all i want, it's not your body that will make me completely happy." She leaned her forehead to her. "What will make me fully happy is your heart and soul, and the day that you become my wife."

What Hirate said made her heart melt in happiness, she puffed her cheeks in embarrassment. "I start to get worry when I heard my friends talking about their partners that they slowly lose their interest because they are lousy when it comes to bed."

"I'm lousy, crybaby." Neru added, Hirate joint her eyebrows in the middle.

"No way."

"That's when I had thoughts that what if I didn't give it to you, then you'll lose your love for me?" Neru said, averting her gazes. Hirate let out a giggle as she lock Neru chin between her fingers and turn it to her.

"There's no way that will happen Neru, don't you realizes how madly I am inlove to you in this 2 years and until now?" Hirate lovingly said, earning a blushes from Neru face. "You have no idea that you are the one in always asking to God."

Neru softly smiled, hands gripping to Hirate t-shirt and heart melting. "Now, I have an idea."

Both giggled, and eyes closes while forehead leaned on each other.

"We will do it when you are ready, I am ready, when we are both ready. And with God permission and when you become my wife." Hirate sweetly whisper, making Neru realizes how lucky that she have a kind and understanding cute girlfriend.


A/N: Thank you so much for comments and for reading it. It really made me happy. The second one still look terrible but I will give my best to make the next better. Is Neru spoiled to me? Well, she's my favorite next to Berika (my oshimen) Care to tell me the next pair you want? Thank you so much!

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interesting OS.
The situation of Moriya and Shida cornering Techi, asking about sex with Neru, I thought it was great. Both Akane and Mona are the kind of person that I think they did.
Techi and Neru are great together.

As I already told you in the message above, I am a fan of the two couples that you have made the OS. To be honest, my favorite is Neru, so whatever story she comes out, I'll like it.

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I like both stories both are interesting and great  :D
I like the two couples but I prefer Neru a little more with Risa for the Tokuyama drama
Thanks for taking the time to write  :heart: :heart: :heart:
I'll wait for more  :cow: :twothumbs

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                   REACHING YOU [YUUKANEN]

"She loves me, i love her so i'll fight with her. Im sorry but i don't think there's any way to get between us."


Moriya Akane doesn't believe in love until she saw Sugai Yuuka for the first time. She didn't expect that her will beat louder more than she feel as she wait for the test results. She never thought that someone is capable to shake her calm and compose character. How that princess type girl easily made its way to her heart. She doesn't have any idea that she will break her strongest wall just for her.

Most of all, Moriya Akane felt the happiest when Sugai Yuuka accepted her feelings and felt the same way. She also never thought that this love will bring the different sides that hidden beneath her. The fact that she hates losing is also one, where in time they fight for the small things, she want instead to give way, apologizes and break the upcoming pride. That's what she learn, she's ready to set aside her pride just for the girl that she treasure the most.

Love also taught her to fight for their happiness.

Moriya Akane know the consequences and the hardship she will get through once she decide to follow the only one daughter of the president of Japan. She already the know how far the status of their lives. She is only a simple citizen,--a daughter of a salaryman-- which granted by a scholarship of a prestigious school.

In her two years in highschool, the day that Sugai Yuuka looked at her with same emotion is the first time she felt happiest in the school. The girl is the reason of all why she feel alive after two years.

But not only their status is the problem, it's also the fact that they are both girls and they dating secretly. Living in a society where expectation is high and discrimination is present, no way they can survive from the eyes of the judgers.

Moriya Akane knows she can fight her love with Sugai Yuuka, she's proud to have her and doesn't care a bit about their surroundings but a request from Sugai Yuuka and her status are what keeping them.

"I love you, I really do but for now let's keep it just between us. Give me some time to tell it to my parents. Wait for me, please."

She agreed because she loves her, she doesn't want to trouble her that's why she agreed. Most of all, she is willing to wait for the right time.

Going back to the present, Moriya Akane felt her cheeks heat when Sugai Yuuka casually leaned her head to her shoulder as they both sitted in the queen sizes bed. Moriya caught a whiff of Sugai perfume which really calm her inside, but not her heart who beat crazily when Sugai is around.

"You looked stiff." Sugai mumble as she wrapped her arm around Moriya waist. "What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable inside my room?"

The brown haired girl abruptly shake her head. "No, it's not like that." But deep inside, she really feel nervous and uneasy.

Being alone with Sugai make her nervous, what more to be alone with her inside her bedroom. Her knees getting weak and sweat starts to form in her forehead. Sugai didn't give her a chances to say no when she invited her to her house. In their half of year dating, it's her first time to be in Sugai Yuuka house or nearly say mansion.

As expected from the daughter of the busiest man of their country, their mansion is extraordinary big with major interior that she think only high profile architects made them. Sugai Yuuka own room is two times bigger than their house.

Seeing all of this, she can't help but to realizes the big difference of their lives. She's a commoner while Sugai is a princess. Am i really worth it to be with her?

"Hey, I didn't brought you here to see your face like that." Sugai scooted closer to her, raising her two index finger to and place it at the both ends of Moriya lips and lift it up. "You know I love to see your smile."

That made Moriya smile genuinely, Sugai never fail to make her smile.

"I'm sorry." Moriya hold her hand and squeezes it softly, her eyes wander around the room and something caught her attention. Knowing how shy her girlfriend is, she grinned and climb down the bed.

"How about you show me your baby photos?" Moriya teases as she playfully wave the photobook in her hand, creating a blushes from the long haired girl.

"Not that Akanen! Stay away your hands from that!" Sugai shout as she run down to Moriya.

"But I had my hands already here!"

Despite that Sugai is taller than Moriya, it's still hard for her to grab the photobook because of how fast Moriya is. Moriya laughter can be heard from the four corners of the room as she continue to make fun of her girlfriend, seeing how fluster and cute are what she love the most.

They continue in that state until their feets bring them at the end of the bed, Sugai smirked as she spot a chances to grab it from Moriya, but before she can do that, she already fell on the bed. Her hands reach for Moriya collar which also made the girl fell above Sugai.

"A-Akanen, you're face is t-too close." Sugai whisper as her eyes can't leave the eyes of the girl above her. They both turn into tomatoes as they realizes how closes their face is, one more push and their lips will crash.

It's not her first time to be this close with Sugai but everytime it happen, it feels like a first time and her heart will beat uncontrollably again. Both fell silence, only their breathes and beat of their hearts will be heard.

"You're so beautiful, Yuuka." Moriya breathe unconsciously which bring shades of pink to Sugai cheeks. Somehow, her blushing face is really attractive for Moriya.

"T-thank you." Sugai said shyly, hands gripping tightly to Moriya collar. Sugai hold her breathe when Moriya hands slowly move to her shoulder and the other is gently cupped her cheek. Sugai didn't know how she read Moriya eyes, asking for permission, she nodded as she closes her eyes.

Moriya smile first before she gently pressed her lips to her sending butterflies to both of their stomachs. First, it was a peck, it follow by a longer kisses when Sugai pulls down her collar. Their lips perfectly molded to each other as it's dances to the rhythm that both they only knew.

"I love you." Moriya whisper as she pull back for a air for a second and dive again, admitting that Sugai lips is addicted.

It's not their first time to kisses or hold each other but they both sure that it's their first to get intimate. The scenes start to beat when tongue start to fight for dominance, Moriya win by leading her. Sugai feel she will run out of breath but she doesn't want to end this.

Sweat start to form from their bodies, Moriya become aggressive as her lips pull away from Sugai lips, traveling down to her cheeks, jawline and now, nibbling her expose neck.

"A-Akanen.." Sugai can't help but to moan her name, she moan even more when Moriya cupped her bosom. The brown haired girl stop for a moment, look up to observe Sugai face. Somehow, her face making her want to do more but she will only do that if Sugai will agree. Again, Sugai read what she's asking, she agreed by smiling softly and nodding her head. A smile showed from Moriya face as she about to lean down but stop when a couple of knocks interrupt them.

The knocks made their bodies abruptly separate as if it sent electricity. Their faces shows how flustered they are, realizing what they did several minutes ago. Someone knock again, waking Sugai.

"W-who is it?" She remain to calm her voice despite how nervous she is inside.

"It's Butler-san, Ojou-sama. Your father is here and want to meet you in the dining room."

"O-okay, I'm coming."

On the other side, Moriya feel so nervous and can't look Sugai in the eyes. It scares her to know if she scare the girl or creep her out, but all her negative thoughts wash away when Sugai embrace her from behind.

"I love you too." Sugai sweetly said, buried her head on Moriya back. "Lets fix ourselves first, I want you to meet my father."

Her nervousness added when Sugai mentioned her father, it means she will the president of Japan in person, the father of the girl she loves. But it all lessen again by the magic Sugai brought to her, especially when the princess hold her hand and give a soft squeezes.

But they broke it as soon they arrived in front of a tall door, opening by the butlers and approach by a old man and young man. Moriya squint her eyes, sensing that something not good will coming.

"Oh, there you are Yuuka-chan and you bring your friend?" The old man approach, sitting in middle. His voice made Moriya gulped in fear.

"Good evening, Otou-sama." Sugai casually greet as she bow her head. She turn to Moriya. "I would love to introduce you my friend, Moriya Akane."

Moriya ears didn't misses the part where Sugai called her a friend, it's still hurts and it still upset her but what else she could do?

Shaking that thought, she respectfully bow her head to the president and sweetly smile. "It's pleasure to meet you Mr. President."

"It's pleasure to meet you too, Moriya-san. You two have a seat and join us." The President smile shortly, then turn his attention to the man beside him. "Yuuka-chan, I would like you to meet Habu Mizu-kun."

The man in front of them handsomely smile at Sugai which made Moriya squint her eyes. Knowing Sugai, she nicely return. the smile.

"Pleasure to meet you."

The President coughed. "He's the son of Mr. Habu who owned five of strongest companies here in Japan, his son asked me if I could introduce you to her. See how happy he is to know you?" The President laugh, while Sugai and Mizu shyly chuckle. Somehow, the scene in front of Moriya doesn't make her happy, it upset her.

"So, Yuuka I would like you to take care of him."

Moriya expecting Sugai to refuse or question again her father but what happened is opposite. Sugai nodded and said smiling.

"Yes Otou-sama."

Oh crap.

Its been hours since the two men decided to left and the two girls found themselves inside Sugai room again. Moriya can't help but to sighed deeply as she fix her bag to prepare to go home.

"I'm going home." Moriya said, her voice is serious and cold. Sugai bite her bottom lip.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry." Sugai apologizes as she reach for Moriya hand. She knew that everything she did upset and hurt her girlfriend, but what she can do?

"You don't have to be." And Moriya is weak when it comes to her, she can't stay mad at her. "We can't do anything about that."

"I'm really sorry." Sugai hug her tightly which return by the same intensity by Moriya.

"I'm sorry too, let's see each other tomorrow morning. I'll wait for you in the school gate." Sugai nodded and they separate ways. Though it still upset Moriya what happened earlier, she can't stay mad at her because she knows Sugai loves her. She just hoped that she won't see that Mizu again especially around Sugai.

But what she hope didn't happen as first thing in the morning, she saw Sugai with Mizu, sending her to school with a car. Moriya felt stupid for waiting for about two hours just to saw her girlfriend with another guy. She felt dissapointed.

"Why are you with him?!" She can't help but to raise her voice to her when both of them are alone in the ladies washroom.

"My father sent him in the morning, I didn't know about that." Sugai said, reaching for Moriya hand but the girl jerk her hand away.

"You should refused and told me about it."

"How can I refuse it when my father asked for it, and what else could you if I tell you about it?!" It's now Sugai turn to raise her voice, but the outcome went really worst as her words hit Moriya heart. Realizing how harsh her sentence is, Sugai walk toward Moriya but stop by her.

She shook her head and faintly smile. "You're right, what would a commoner can do? Of course, nothing. Great." She looked sadly at Sugai, making the princess regret her own words. "Have a great time with him then."

Moriya said before she left Sugai alone, tears drop from her eyes.

Moriya Akane clearly knows that she's not upset or mad to Sugai, what she said hurts her of course but as far as she remember, she can't really stay mad at her. She's looking blankly to the ceiling when her phone ring. Her heart jumped when the caller is none other than her girlfriend.

She coughed first, before she answer it. "H-hello?" She tried her best to sound cold, but it easily change when Sugai respond by her soft and sweet voice.

"I'm really sorry," Sugai start on the other line. "I didn't mean what i said, I'm sorry if it hurts you. Akanen I love you so much and it hurts me when I hurted you, I want you to know that it's only you who I will choose no matter what. It's you who I want, it's you who will make me happy. I want you to know that you are capable to do many things and one of those is to make me happy. You are the only who are capable of that. I'm really sorry, I love you."

Moriya bite her bottom lip, fighting the tears of happiness that about to fall. "Yuuka, please tell me where you are. I want to see you."

She heard Sugai giggle. "I'm outside of your house."

Moriya run to the window, open it and look down to see Sugai standing in the corner near the light post, waving her hand and smiling sweetly with her. She didn't wait any minute and Sprint outside their house, jump to Sugai to give her a warm hugged.

"Apologies accepted, you should also know that I can't stay mad at you." Moriya whisper, embracing the older girl tighter. "You trouble yourself coming here."

"No, it's fine. You know I love seeing you in your pajamas." Sugai teases, Moriya squint her eyes as her face turn beet red realizes that she show herself in front of Sugai with pajamas only. How embarrassing. They stayed in each other arms that night under the light post.

Moriya Akane thought their fights and problems will end after that, another problem come in their way when Sugai Yuuka didn't show herself in school three days after that night. It made her dead worried, she can't sleep without seeing the girl. She try everything, she messaged her and called her but it all went waste. She also went to her house but always the butlers and maids are the ones who approaching her and feeling sorry, saying that Sugai is not in the house.

Is the girl ignoring her? Do Sugai realizes that she won't get any benefit from a commoner like her? Do Sugai realizes that she really doesn't love her?

The thoughts made her cry silently. It made her desperate and frustrate. She missed her so much. She's not sure if her soul is with her because she feel weak and really doesn't feel moving. Everything is so bland and senseless.

She stood up from her feet when the doorbell ring, her eyes widen in surprises as it reveal Mizu when she opened the door. Standing in front of her, with her serious look. Something she sense that he knows something.

"What are you doing here?"

Mizu didn't answer her, instead his eyes wander to his surrounding and ended up with her.

"Break up with her." Mizu simply said. She's right, he already knew something. She doesn't know how did he find out but she doesnt care.

"Where is she?"

"If you really care about her, you better break up with her, you know a relationship like tha--" she cut him off by grabbing her collar and cursed under her breathe.

"I don't give a damn about what you say, tell me where is Yuuka!" Mizu eyes waver in fear, but he try her best to hide it as he glare at the girl.

Moriya Akane never run so fast in her life, she's running out of breathe but that's not important right now. She wanted to see Sugai, so running in full speed to Sugai residences is not a big deal. She doesn't know what to feel at moment when Mizu told her everything about what happened these past few days.

"Sugai-san really loves you. Three days ago when her father announced our engagement, minute after he said that, she suddenly refused and told us that she love somebody else and there's no way she can leave that someone. When her father asked who is it, she bravely said your name without a pause. She said it with a smile, that is I realizes that she really loves you. Of course, the news made her father angry and discriminate the preference her daughter have but Sugai-san still fight for you until her father cornered her. Threatening her to cut off the ties with you or else he'll kick her out of the house."

"What Sugai chooses?"

"She chose you."

To be continue.


A/N: One of my favorite couple in Keya! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I'm really happy to read it.

@Minami-chan: Me too! Neru was my oshi at first but Risa caught my heart. Well, Moriya and Shida giving me those naughty vibes that's why hahaha.

@clin-nolan: Techi and Risa are too good for Neru so I can't really choose between them hahaha. Thank you for reading!

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« Reply #7 on: December 09, 2018, 04:00:45 PM »
As a YuukaNen shipper give me more! T^T I wanna know what happens!

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"I shook away all of that because I believe love never ask for return but I'm just a weak girl, I also want to feel that you care about me."


"Memi, will you get off of me?"

"I can't breathe Memi."

"Memi, I'm studying."

Hirate sighed for the umpteenth times as she put down her pencil and slumped her back to the swivel chair. She heard giggles from the small girl that sitting in her lap. A complete set of white teeth beamed at her as the girl fix the eyeglasses from Hirate eyes.

It Sunday in the afternoon where Hirate is spending her day peacefully by studying in her dorm but interrupt when her five months girlfriend came and start clinging to her like a monkey.

"I missed you." Kakizaki Memi cutely said, a shades of pink flashes from her cheeks. "I missed my Techi so much~"

Hirate sighed again. "Don't you need to study? We have test tomorrow."

"I already did last night. I spend my entire night to study." Memi cheerfully said and that will explain why she haven't email or call her last night like she usually did. Hirate nodded. "Even though I hate to study, I did it. Don't you think that I deserve a prize from you for being such a good girl?"

Memi sheepishly smile as she showed to Hirate her cutest smile. Hirate tilt her head and pretend she doesnt have any idea what Memi is asking. She can't do that, she is too shy to do that.

"Good job." She quickly said and avert her gazes, focus to the book she's reading. Memi huffed and pout as she stand beside Hirate, feeling down. But it quickly change when something came up to her mind. Hirate silently watches Memi as the girl run to where her bag is.

"Here, I cooked you some cookies. I woke so early in the morning to cooked this." Memi said as she put the box of cookies in Hirate table. "Eat this please."

Hirate give a look at it then shook her head. "I'm studying."

"You can eat it while studying."


"Please?" Memi uses her baby talk as she flashes her beautiful eyes, a move that make Hirate weak but never admit to Memi. Hirate avert her gazes as she feel her cheeks heat and before Memi notice it. She open the box and eat one.

"How is it?" Memi asked excitedly, her face is so close to Hirate that making the short haired girl avert her gazes again.

It tastes familiar. The cookie taste familiar. Hirate doesn't like too much sweet but she's sure that she already taste this. Ah-- this cookie is from the popular bakery near their school. She's 100% percent sure that it's from them and Memi can't cook, she doesn't know how. So why Memi will lie to her that she did it when the cookie is originally from the bakery? Maybe to impress her?

"Good." She replied as she cover her face by her free hand when blush start to spread her cheeks. She heard Memi clapped her hands as she squeal like she did something she's proud of.

"I'm happy you like it!" She exclaimed, eyes shining and admiring the girl sitting in the swivel chair.

At first, Hirate Yurina really didn't know how Kakizaki Memi become her girlfriend. Actually, she hate her for being so noisy, stupid, talkative, crybaby, childish, and clingy. Since the day it transferred to her school and assigned to sit beside her, the girl didn't stop bothering her. She's the complete opposite of Memi, she prefer to be alone with books or sleeping in the table, she doesn't have much friend and very shy. But contrary to her personality, Hirate Yurina is very popular to girls and boys. And Memi is one of those girls who hooked by her charm.

Hirate Yurina is not dense not to notice that the younger girl likes her, but what she's wondering is why the girl didn't normally confess to her like the her other admirers do. The girl keep sticking to her like a glue, telling stories she's not really interested, asking to teach her in one subject she's having trouble. Hirate wanted to say no, but it's weird that she can't say it. Seeing the smile from Memi keep her wondering why. She told her many times to the girl to stay away from her because she hate it when other is interrupting her but the girl didn't obey her. And as time goes by where she let Memi stick to her as she get tired.

But the thing is she can't deny that Kakizaki Memi are very kind, reliable at times, sweet and funny.  What made her drawn to the girl is the kindness inside her heart and her sincerity. Memi told her many times that she like her, that she loves her and what Hirate doesnt understand is how she find sincerity from her voice, like it's all true from her heart.

Once, it was summer festival, where her eyeglasses accidentally broke because of the wave of students ran to the direction she's walking when someone announced that there's a girl group who will perform in the auditorium. She felt nervous at that time as she can't see anything clear, all was blurred. But Memi came to rescue, forgetting the girl group she's looking forward and instead help her out of the crowd. After she put Hirate safely in the corner, she then search for the eyeglasses. It took her three hours of searching and another four hours of fixing the eyeglasses, while Hirate stay beside her, unsure of what's happening around her. And her eyeglasses was done, she came back to see clearly and only to find out Memi smiling sweetly to her while there's some scratch from her cheek.

They didn't really did the official way of asking to go out, Hirate didn't ask her. The short haired girl didn't know where she got the courage to pulled the younger girl into embrace and pressed softly her lips to the girl. Since then, Memi think that they are dating and Hirate also like her.

As time goes by, Hirate knew that she likes her, no she loves her. She want to see Memi everyday, she want to talk to her always and she love the affection the girl that showing and she want to see Memi smile because of her. But the thing is, Hirate doesnt know how to show it. She didn't know if Memi already notice it but she can't bring herself to hug the girl, respond the sweet words and even kiss her again. She want to do it all to her but she's nervous, she's embarrassed and she's scare that it disappoint Memi.

Hirate Yurina grew up in family who didn't show any affection to her and always told her not to disappoint them the most. Since that, she build a wall to herself, telling that she didn't need love that will make her weak. But all of that ruined by Memi, the long haired girl made her realized that being inlove is really amazing and wonderful. Making her addicted to every little thing they did.

"I love you, Techi." She abruptly turn her head to Memi at the sudden words. At this moment, Hirate find Memi so beautiful. Like her eyes and lips calling her. She can feel the overflowing love from Memi.

She want to reply and say those words to her too but something deep down inside stopping and telling her that if she let it, everything will turn worse. She curl her first into ball.

"M-me too." She respond before she turn her head to the book but it didn't miss to her the disappointment and pain written from Memi eyes. But she heard her chuckle, stretching her arms.

"Yosh! I'm gonna take a look at Chichi for a while." Memi said as she happily sing a song while making her exited the room. As Memi gone from the room, Hirate cursed under her breathe.

"You're the worst, Yurina."


"Let me remind you again Techi, don't be late in Saturday, Its our six monthsary. I'm really looking forward to it!"

Memi joyfully said before she left Hirate only nodding her head. The short haired girl walk back to her room, lay to her bed then blankly stare at the ceiling. She's been thinking these past few weeks what she would do to make Memi happy to their celebration. Of course she didn't forget it, Google and Twitter are her friends these days. Searching for the good thing to do in anniversary.

She want to make Memi happy this coming Saturday, she want Memi to feel that she also loves her.

Because their last monthsary went worst. Hirate felt that time that she's the worse human-being when she made Memi stood up for about six hours in their called time. She didn't forgot that day, she also looked forward to it. Her parents called her that day and discussed some important things to her.

"I'm sorry I forgot it."

She reasoned out to Memi which she think the lamest. She's expecting her to get mad or shout at her but the girl only smile while nodding her head; saying it's fine. It may sound insincere but she really feel sorry for the girl that she lack showing her feelings.

That's why this time, she will do better.

Saturday came fast, she prepared everything. Herself, the bouquet of flowers that Memi love, the restaurant she booked one week from the date and the things she wanted to say to Memi for the long time. Everything may look plain but she's willing to learn and find everything that make the girl happy. But for now, this is all she can manage and she promise to pull off this date.

She's nervous of course. She checked the time and messaged Memi that's she's on her way now to their meeting place. The girl replied with a heart emoji which made her smile. She put her phone in the table for a while then she turn to the mirror to fix her clothes and hair.

But someone open the door and interrupt her, she turn her head and find out it's Imaizumi Yui.

"Nice to see you again Yurina." She says, earning a bowed from Hirate then she return to what she's doing.

"You going somewhere?" She asks as she stand beside her, she nodded again. "Where?"


"Ah that's why you look handsome." Imaizumi grinned. "But I'm afraid to tell you that your father calling you, he have something to discuss with you again."

She cursed under her breathe again, no, not again. She looked at her wristwatch, she still has one hour left before the meeting time. She can't afford to be late again.

"I'm sorry but tell him I need to go."

"And where are you going, lady?" That voice entered the room, she sighed as she looked at him. It's her father. "You can't go until we haven't discuss it."

"And what is it?"

"Your engagement to Imaizumi. Come down, her parents is there don't make me feel ashame."

Again, this topic will start again. How many times she told them that she's not interested to this girl? She's not going to marry anyone in this age, and if she's going to, Its only Memi she could think of.

She huffed as she curl her fist into ball. "I'm not going to marry you." She glared at Imaizumi which made the shorter girl, smirk.

"The feeling is mutual. Why don't you show your guts and tell them that we are not interested to each other?"

Hirate could only rolled her eyes and left her in the room. She hate the girl guts, she also hate how little guts she has for herself. She want this to finish as soon as early.

She cursed again, feeling stupid for forgetting her phone in her room and didn't have the courage to stand and leave the room. Time is running, she's already late and she's starting to worry. She gutted her teeth and throw a glare to every faces inside the room. She hate them, she never felt so much hate towards other like this.

Memi, please wait for me.

After the discussion which Hirate didn't really pay attention, she stood up faster and exit the room but she stop again by her father.

"What?!" She growled, didn't think it's her own father. "I'm done with all of you so let me get out!"

"You should remember what i told you!" Her father roar back but it didn't scare her. Everything felt sick to Hirate, she's tired of the people holding her life.

"No, I don't want to remember and I'm telling you, I'm not going to marry that girl. I already have someone I like." She said then stormed out of their house, ignoring the shout and voices of her parents.

She hurried as she drive faster and hissed when a sudden rain poured down which added her worries. She's five hours late, she dialed her number but it keeps rejected. Oh no, everything went wrong again.

As she arrived at the meeting place, she run out from the car, not minding the rain pouring to her as she keep looking for Memi but she can't see her everywhere. She spend hour looking at her, she's already drenched but it didn't cross her mind. The important is to see her. The rain stopped and that is when she decide that she will go to Memi place.

She arrived, knocking to the door, only to approach by Memi mom who were surprised to her drenched state. She paid her respect and ask if Memi is home.

"Oh yes, she went home drenched too. What's happening to you kids? Flu is active these days." Memi mother clicked her tongue before she hurriedly pick some towel for Hirate. "Dry yourself. I'm going to call her."

She said her thanks and nodded. She can't but to feel bad. It only took minutes before Memi mother came back with a worried and awkward face.

"I'm sorry Hirate-chan but Memi said, she doesn't want to see you for now."

She felt pain for the first time that made her stiff until Memi mother hold her shoulder and ask what's wrong between them. She only shook her head and bid a goodbye, saying she will visit again soon.

Before she left Memi house, she looked at Memi window sadly before she get in the car and drive home with a heavy heart.

She made Memi upset and she doesn't know what to do.

Monday morning came without a phone call from and sweet messages from Memi which she always do. It's the second time Hirate felt pain. She can't also bring herself to message her first, she's scared. The third time she felt pain is when she didn't see Memi figure waiting patiently to her in the school like she always do.

She misses her.

She's scare to step inside the school and see Memi, she doesn't know what to say or to do. But she's willing to do everything to have Memi forgiveness. Her eyes moving around, searching for a certain girl. She stiffened to her position as she see the girl walking to her direction.


But to her surprise, the girl walk passed by her, not even looking her in the eyes and ignored her. She felt pain again for the fourth time, it's the first time Memi ignore her. The fifth time she felt pain is inside the room where she feel Memi is so far away but she's literally near beside her.

The class is running and it's so unusual for Memi to listen carefully to their teacher where before, she spend the entire time bothering Hirate. Memi is really mad at her and completely ignoring her existence. She took a deep breathe and tell to herself that she's going to talk to her after class.

As the ring bell, Hirate immediately stand and about to call the girl but Memi already rushed outside the room which left Hirate again.

"Memi is ignoring you, am I right?" Suzumoto Miyu asked as she walk toward Hirate.

"Maybe she got tired chasing Hirate all this time." Oda Nana laughed but stop when Miyu glare at her.

"What happen?" Miyu asked again.

"I made her mad at me and I don't know what to do."

"That's bad. Just keep apologizing, Memi really loves you and I know she will forgive you soon." Miyu positively said, which make Hirate inside alive for a second.

"Yes she loves you but you can't ignore the fact that you keep her hurting because you are coward." Oda Nana said with a straight face, Miyu glare at her again but this time she ignore it. "One little advice from your bestfriend, tell everything you feel to her. Be brave enough before you completely lose her."

Oda Nana words scared her. It scare her just by thinking that Memi will lose from her. A part of her can't accept that, she doesn't want that to happen. The whole day goes by as Memi really ignored Hirate.

As the class ended and the students run outside the room, Hirate took a deep breathe first before she chase Memi outside the room.

"M-Memi!" She shout but the girl didn't stop. "Memi!" she shout louder than before which made the girl stop walking. Hirate run to her, holding her shoulder to turn her around. As their eyes meet, Hirate can tell that Memi is already in the brink of crying.

"Memi, let's talk please."

Awkward and silence filled them as they choose to talk in the park near the school. They are sitting in the swing while both holding a can of coffee that Hirate bought. The short haired girl want to speak, but something stopping her inside and she hates it. She's throwing glances at Memi which very unusual for being quiet. Her eyes fall down to her Memi hands, she want to hold it, she want to squeezes those small hands and tell her everything she feel but she can't do it.

"If you're not going to say anything then I will go home, I'm tired and want to rest."

Her eyes widen and panic creep inside her when Memi stood from the swing and about to take a step. She quickly pull the younger girl hand, stopping her. Memi turn to look at her then to their hands which quickly let go of Hirate.

"Memi.." Her heart is beating so fast, she feel she's going to faint any moment as Memi eyes not leaving her. "I'm sorry for what happened."

She knew to herself that there's something lack to what she said, sincerity. Memi only sighed.

"You know what, I've came to realized few things." Memi start, Hirate can feel her heart bursting from the way Memi talk. She hates it, she don't like what's coming ahead. Memi sadly smiled. "That it's all one sided love. I like you so much while you, don't."

No, Memi that's not true. I like you, I really do.

"I really like you because you're the only one who let me stay by their side without thinking me as a nuisance." Memi said making Hirate stare at her and speechless for a moment. "That's why when you kissed me, I felt so much happiness that I wanted to cry."

"I thought you like me too but it looks not. I'm the only one who wants this relationship. It's all my fault for thinking that you like me too. I've waited for you to say that you like me too but I never heard it. I've waited for you to return the hug but you never did. I shook away all of that because I believe love never ask for return but I'm just a weak girl, I also want to feel that you care about me." That is when Memi tears start to flow, the sixth time she felt pain is when she saw Memi cried because of her.

Please don't cry Memi, it hurts me.

"If you don't like me then say so then I will stay away from you, not like this when you raising my hopes."

No, don't go. I don't want you to go.

"I'm sorry for pushing you, for being such annoying brat." Memi sadly chuckle. "From now on I'm not going to bother you anymore. You're free Hirate."

Hirate felt her feet glued to the ground, her muscles not working together to move. She hates herself for letting Memi to walk away. And that is the first time, Hirate tears drop from her cheeks.

The news about Hirate and Memi broken up quickly circulated the whole campus making the girls start to surround Hirate again and make their confession. It's been one month since they broke up and Hirate can say that everything become dull and dark to her. She doesn't have any idea to move on from this, as if Memi brought her soul.

"I like you Senpai."

She look up to the junior who asked her to come to the rooftop and confesses to her. It's the third girl for this day. Hirate releases a trouble sighed.

"I'm sorry but I can't accept your feelings." Hirate said as she bow her head and about to walk away.

"Why? Is it because of Memi? She doesn't like you anymore! Shes about to accept that senpai who's courting her now."

Hirate curl her fist inside her pocket as she bite her bottom lips. She ignore her again and walk away as if she didn't heard her.

They didn't interact to each other since they broke up and lot of Memi's admirer surround her too. It hurts Hirate deep inside, though Memi doesn't accept anyone but lately there's this one senpai of them confessed to Memi. She saw it, she saw how Memi cheeks flustered and told that senpai that she will think about it. It put Hirate in pain, making her frustrate just thinking about it.

She's the biggest coward in the town, she think. She can't even bring her courage to win Memi back. And now, Memi is about to accept someone feelings.

She walk back to their classroom when she notices she forget her book in the room. She open the door and little got surprised to see Memi sleeping in her desk. She walk slowly, carefully not to startle the younger girl. She stopped in front of her, leaned to the desk beside and found her self staring at the girl she misses the most.

A softly smile drawn to her face. It's the girl that made her believe love is really wonderful, amazing and frustrating at the same time. If you did something wrong, its making you hope so hard to turn the time back. Memi sleeping face looks so peaceful and pretty.

"Memi, I love you. I really do since the day you talked to me." She whispered. And before she could brush the hair from Memi cheek, she startle by the door that suddenly opened.

Her heart squeezes when it showed the senpai that courting Memi right now, Memi also woke up.

Hirate bowed at their senpai while the other greeted her nicely. She looked at Memi who couldn't look at her in the eyes. She wonder if Memi heard her?

"Are you ready to go?" Their senpai happily asked, Memi could only nodded her head, putting a force smile.


"Well then, Hirate-chan were going now. Please excuse us." The senpai said as she bowed her head, which also responded too by Hirate. She grab Memi hand which didn't misses by Hirate eyes. "Lets go."

Hirate and Memi exchange look before the younger girl dragged by her senpai. Hirate know deep inside that there's something written in Memi eyes when she looked at it.

She releases a heavy sighed. "I've lost her."

She found herself sitting weakly to her table, eyes looking outside the window where she found Memi and that senpai walking holding hands on the ground. Just by watching it making her heart shattered into pieces. The girl she owned got taken away.

"She's now walking away with other someone who would make her happy, who's not afraid to show her emotions, who would bravely make her feel that she loves her. And it's not you, it hurts you to know that it's not you. You will end up thinking why it's not you who suppose to be beside her. Then it crosses to your mind how you take her for granted, how you made her worry and think if both of your feeling are really mutual, you made her sad, disappoint, upset, and worst, you made the girl cry who cherishes you so much. Now, think about it. The time she lose in your eyes and walk away with someone, will be the day you will really lose her. Time is running, voice out your true feelings. It's still not too late, tell her all inside you."

Hirate believe that it's not too late because what she read in Memi eyes is the love for her. So she stormed out of the room and run to her best to reach Memi. She want to talk with her, she want to tell her feelings. She want her back.

Asshe reached on the ground, her eyes search for the certain figure, it become difficult for her to search for Memi since many students are on the ground. She run, run, though she's running out of breathe, she can't just give up because it her last chance. If she won't see Memi then it's all done.

"Memi!" She shout above her lungs, turning left and right. Students around her start gossiping and looking at her. Why the popular Hirate Yurina looks depressed and frustrated in the middle of the ground, shouting her ex-girlfriend name? But the short haired girl doesn't care.

She continue to run and carefully look everywhere until she totally exited from the school. She knows the two are still near and she's feeling that she can see them. And she's right, because when she turn left, she finally saw them.

"Memi!" She shout but the younger girl didn't stop, still continue to walk while the senpai beside her stop and look back to Hirate. Hirate shout again which made Memi stiffened but didn't the her head. "Memi, please listen to me!"

"I don't want to hear anything from you! Please stop!" Memi shout back with trembling voice, her fist curling into ball. The senpai just exchanging look at them, worried written in her face.

Hirate run towards them, but give Memi enough space. "Memi, please. Just this once, listen to me. Please heard me." Memi remained her back to Hirate.

"I know I've been dense and I taken you for granted during our relationship. I believe that I don't need to use words since I'm already showing it by my actions. I belive that's it's alright not to say to you directly what i feel because it's already okay just to be by your side. I belive love doesn't need words, Its all need actions. But all my beliefs gone since the day you left me, it made me deeply think that love wouldn't be survive with only words or actions, it needs both. That's what I realized."

Hirate gulped. "The truth is I'm a coward, I fear rejection and disappointment from other people, I used to perfect and think carefully and logically what will I do. I grew up with that thinking, but when im with you, it made me also realized thats its alright to have mistakes and failures but you cant forget to fix it in the end. That's why I'm trying to fix everything even though it's too late."

She notices Memi shoulders that moving up and down. "Kakizaki Memi, please listen carefully. I love you, I really do. And if you will give me another chance, I will bravely steal you from her."

She looked seriously at their senpai, then her eyes turn softer when she turn to Memi. "I will learn to speak into words and act how I feel about you. Losing you Memi will put me into despair."

Hirate tears fell from her eyes, it made her weaken when Memi still remain unresponsive. Their senpai who watching them in the side, suddenly blurt out laughing.

"Geez, Memi this hurt me a lot, noticing how you still like Hirate-chan. I can't date a girl who still like someone else, you should be sorry to me." Senpai said, gently tapping Memi shoulder. Memi can't still speak, her head still lower. "Try to apologizes to me next time, right?"

She nicely smile while it change quickly when she turn to Hirate, eyes are serious. "And you, you should thanks me for making you realizes how precious Memi is and giving her up to a coward like you. Make her cry again and you won't see her again."

Hirate only return the same serious they both on their eyes.

"Well, I have to go." Senpai silently made her exited, leaving the two in the street.

"Memi." Hirate called out after their senpai gone. Memi couldn't turn to her so Hirate muster her strength and gently spin the shorter girl to her. "Memi, I'm really sorry."

Hirate felt her heart pinch when she saw how pity Memi face, from the tears that stained her cheeks but it quickly change when Memi tilt up her head and looked at her. in the eyes.

With her trembling hand, Hirate grab Memi hand and give it a squeezes. "Please accept me again."

"I don't know what to say," Memi start as tears frowned which scared Hirate but a sweet smile from Memi change it all. "I'm so happy to heard that, what should I do Techi?"

Hearing her favorite nickname from Memi mouth was the confirmation that they are back in each other arms again. Hirate didn't know that there's courage inside her to pull the younger girl into embrace.

"Thank you, Memi. I will never waste this chance, I promise." Hirate think she's wearing the widest smile right now and the girl inside her arms is the reason of it. Memi sniff first before she wrapped her arms around Hirate.

"You stupid Techi," They both laughed. "All I need is to know if you love me."


"I'm happy that both of you are back again." Her senpai said as she smile, Memi could only give a smile as she bowed her head to apologizes again.

"I really guess I'm not the one for you, Its really Hirate-chan right." She added which made Memi blushes.

"I guess so."

Both of them fell on silence until Memi phone ring loudly with a very unique ringtone.

'Memi~ Memi~ are you-- argh are you already sleepinh? Argh, this is really embrassing. Anyway, I love you Memi. Night!'

It ring loudly which causes the people in the cafe shop look at her weirdly, some of them laugh and some of them mumble. Her senpai find it weird but Memi find it so adorable.

It was Hirate voice, one night when both of them deeply immersed in their call time. Memi just found herself smiling just hearing Hirate voice, she didn't speak for about minute which wonder the girl on the line. She recorded Hirate voice and set it a ringtone.

"Argh, answer it seriously. It gives me creep!" Her senpai joke as she stood and grab her coat. Memi just chuckle as she stood also and bowed her head. "Well then, see you again."

"Thank you so much senpai."

It was afternoon when she invited her senpai in the cafe, to thank her for all the sincere feelings she had to her and also apologizes for rejecting her. She feel really sorry and also glad that her senpai accepted it nicely. It just a shame to turn her down since she's really a good senpai but she guess, forgetting Hirate is really hard. After she watched her senpai walled away, she exited the cafe and went to her next destination.

As she reached and spot a certain figure, a giggle escape from her mouth when she saw Hirate glaring at her and waiting impatiently beside the fountain.

"W-why do you need to see that senpai first of all?" Hirate approaches, Memi want to pinch her cheeks because of her cuteness. When Hirate notices her jealous behavior, she avert her gazes and try to hide her blushing cheeks. "Forget it."

Since they returned to each other, Hirate really didn't changed that much. She's still the shy girl Memi love so much. There were some times where Hirate is leading them, unconsciously speaking her feelings and showing it at the same time. But what she notices the most is Hirate become really jealous, though she's not showing it or telling directly to her. It's obvious from her face when some other guy or girl that will talk to Memi. She simply become protective which Memi really like.

Memi could only chuckle as she loop her arms around Hirate arms. She giggle when she saw the shades of pink from Hirate cheeks. "We just talked, im sorry I'm late. Did you wait long?"

Hirate shyly fix her bangs. "Not really, anyway where do you want to go?"

What Memi said bring bliss to Hirate. "Anywhere with you is fine. You, do you have something in mind?"

"Anywhere is fine with you." She smiled as she gently hold Memi hand and intertwined their fingers tightly and walk along with the crowds.

Hirate Yurina might be not the perfect and very poor to show her true feelings, Kakizaki Memi still think that she's the best one she had, because knowing that she sincerely love her is really enough. And for Hirate Yurina, Kakizaki Memi is the only girl she could think of that she's not scare to show her true self, where she know that Memi will sincerely accept and love her whoever she become and that is enough.


A/N: I'm really sorry if it's really long and I didn't have any time to re-read and edit this. I'm really sorry so bear with the bad parts you will encounter. I really love this pair seriously, im starting to love Hiragana keyaki these days and Memi is the first thing that caught my attention though I can't say that she will be my oshi from Hiragana since Saito, Kato and Ayaka are really attractive.

Thank you so much for reading it! I really appreciate it. Love lots.

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Thanks, see you in the next update.

Really these couples, I don+t like them.

But thanks for the effort to write about Kyk46.

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"It's just we both spent for three months but nine years already passed and I can't still get over from her."

"Risa, how does it feel to be inlove? How does it feel to be love by someone? What does first kiss like? Are you going to have a hard time to breathe when you are being hug by the person you like? Is it really addicting? Will you really be nervous once you hold her hand? Can that someone really bring you happiness?"

The long haired girl who's pale and look weak, sitting in the bed softly smile at her.

"If only I know that I won't last long then I spend my remaining days, enjoying my youth and confessing. I'm scare to die with regrets, I don't want to die like what happened to my parents."

She can see how the girl hands tremble and eyes move in nervous though she still have this gentle smile to her face. Then, the girl slowly climb down from her bed, revealing her wearing a hospital gown then she look at her eyes.

"You don't know me at all but you still came here and I'm really thankful. It's really absurd of me to ask you this but its now or never, it's first and last."

She doesn't know where this talk would lead them but something in this girl eyes that keep her in her position and stare deeply at it.

The girl bit her bottom lip then she bow her head to her. "Watanabe Risa, I like you so much please go on a date with me."


Watanabe Risa is a first year college, popular in school and known as cold and blunt, despite of her personality, many girls and boys drool because of her but none of them catch her attention. She think of them as a nuisance, and importantly 'love' doesn't exist from her vocabulary. She think it's stupid and only weak minded fall for that.

That's why she doesn't know why she agreed to go on a date to a girl she doesn't know at all. Is it because of pity? Or is it because she sees something sincere inside that girl eyes? And now she doesn't have any idea why her feet leading her to the fountain where a certain girl waiting for her.

She stopped walking and stare at her a meter away from her. Kobayashi Yui, of course she know her but not personally. She's quite popular in their school, she sees her sometimes in choir club and that's all. She knows nothing about her. And to be honest, it's her first time to stare at her face completely. She admitted that the girl is beautiful, she look peaceful and gentle.

Risa, didn't notice that she's been staring at Kobayashi for a minute that she turn stiffen when Kobayashi look at her. Risa feel her heart jump when Kobayashi softly smile at her and wave her hand.

"H-Hey," Risa could only muttered as she walk towards her and think why her face heat all of a sudden. "So why do you want to meet here?" Risa eyes scanned the park. It's quite beautiful and only few people are here, it looks peaceful in night.

"It's beautiful here, and i want my first date to be here." She exclaimed excitedly, not really showing that she's really weak. Risa could only nodded and she can't stop herself again to stare at her, especially when she notices that the girl put a light make up to her face.

"Let's go."

They walked around the park, stopping when something caught their attention and when they want to buy a food. Risa clearly see how happy the girl is, it's all written to her face. Risa think, is that how she really like me? Did I really make her happy just like this?

Both are really quite, not really exchanging words except when someone ask a question but mostly it's Kobayashi. It's not boring for Risa, she just can't bring any conversation and she always fell to stare at Kobayashi face everytime silence gnaw them.

Because Risa notice, this girl is prettier under the moon light.

And during their walk, she's not too dense not to notice that Kobayashi wanted to hold her hand, how the girl nervously looking everywhere then to her hand and how she keeping her pace because Risa walk faster than her. Does she really like me? Risa thought.

So she gave in, she's the one who initiate by grabbing her hand and holding it tightly, leaving the girl blushing.

"There's so many people, you might lost." Risa said bluntly, but its contradict to what her face showing. It's good that Kobayashi is behind and she can't see Risa cheeks that has a pink shades.

Kobayashi feel her heart beating so fast and butterflies inside her stomach, she could only lower her head and hide how wide her smile is.

It's her first date to the person she like, first time to hold her hand and she's nervous and happy at the same time. So that is the feeling to hold the hand of the person you like.

The first date turn many times in one month, they sometimes spend their times with each other company, the short haired girl learned many things about Kobayashi and that way, she slowly know who Kobayashi really is. The things she likes and not, the things she wanted to do and not but mostly, she also learned how Kobayashi fell for her. Hearing from the flustered girl making her feel so special, somehow it feel so good to ears and while listening to her, Risa heard her heart beat uncontrollably. She wonder why.

But there's one thing Risa badly want to ask.

"How.." Risa start, Kobayashi turn her head to her. "Until how long you are here?"

Risa can see the sadness written from Kobayashi eyes but it quickly fade and change by her timid smile. "That's a secret."

She wants to know but Kobayashi doesn't want to talk about that and she respect it. Probably it scares the other girl, especially when you are talking about your own life or how long will you breathe. She's scare to admit that she's also fear that day where Kobayashi will disappear because her presence already marked Risa.

By the days that they are always together, seeing and talking random things, Risa realized that she ate all the things she said before. Because she's falling to Kobayashi, her heart beating everytime the longer haired girl smile and stare at her with so much obvious admiration.

She seen many amazing things from Kobayashi that still amazes her and take her breath away. Like today, she can feel butterflies roaming inside her stomach as she watches the girl singing and playing guitar in front of her.

"That song is for you, Risa." Kobayashi shyly smile. "Did you like it?"

Nothing is beautiful except Kobayashi voice for Risa, her voice slowly moving her to euphoria. To a place where so peaceful. And this time, her mind is hazy and only Kobayashi.

She stood from her seat and walk towards the girl, Kobayashi watches her confused until the taller girl leaned closer to her and kissed her in the lips.

It surprised Kobayashi but eventually closes her eyes as she feel Risa soft lips to her. She can hear her heart beating rapidly and to imagine that she can also hear Risa heart beat.

"I love you." Risa whisper, cupping her cheeks and pulling her closer until their forehead touch each other.

Kobayashi want to cry in happiness, what happened is overwhelming her. "So that how it feels to be kissed."

Risa smile genuinely, it's the first time since she's with her. "Do you want to try it again?"

A pink of shades shows to Kobayashi cheeks, lightly hitting Risa to her arms as they both chuckle at their own silliness. "I would love to."

Watanabe Risa gladly obeyed, kissing Kobayashi Yui softly to her lips inside the choir clubroom in the afternoon.

Not knowing how long Kobayashi is, Risa used the remaining days to spend every bit with Kobayashi. She don't want to waste another day, she dont want to regret anything, because every seconds is important for her. Three months through, Risa prayed everyday to see her girlfriend well and to be better. But still, it can't erase from her mind the thought that someday Kobayashi will go and leave her alone.

It scares her so much, she can't imagine the day without her.

She want to cherishes the moment she trace Kobayashi body by her lips, she want to remember how it feels her hand to touch her, importantly how warm her body next to her. Her voice that moaning her name, the sweet words from Kobayashi mouth.

"Are you alright?" Risa ask worriedly, brushing her bangs and wipe the sweat. Still panting, Kobayashi only smile as she snake her arms around to the girl above her.

"I'm fine, I'm so happy."

Risa gave her a soft smile as she leaned down to capture Kobayashi lips again, tounge exploring every part then her hands gently touch her.

"You also made me happy." Risa said between their kisses, sighing as she pull a little bit to have a look at Kobayashi. "I love you so much, Yui."

Kobayashi giggle, didn't notice that tears already flowing from her eyes. "I love you too, Risa."

"I want to buy that."

She stopped in the jewelry shop where couple bracelet caught her attention, just by looking at it reminds her of Kobayashi. She can't wait to give it to her later, she can't wait to see her smile once she wear it to her.

They have a date today, to the favorite beach of Kobayashi and now she's walking to her house to pick her girlfriend. And as she walking, she felt a familiar presence behind her. She turn her head only to find her girlfriend cheekily smiling at her, hands hiding at her back.

"Yui?" Risa was surprised, confused why her girlfriend is here. "Why are you here? Didn't we talk that I'm going to pick you up?"

But Kobayashi didn't answer her, instead softly smile at her. Her eyes are different, one thing Risa notices. Something is wrong with Kobayashi today.

"Risa, thank you so much. I'm really thankful to you." Kobayashi said which made Risa raises her eyebrow in confusion.

"Why are you thanking me?"

Kobayashi looked down and shyly shook her head. "Also," she looked up and meet her eyes. "I'm really sorry for being selfish, and to selfishly ask you to always remember me."

From Kobayashi words and her eyes, Risa knew that there is definitely something wrong and that is where her heart start to beat.

"Why?" She stammer, start to feel something weird. "Why are you apologizing? Of course, I will always going to remember you."

She walk towards her to grab her hand but the girl step backward, Risa couldn't move her body as she watches Kobayashi widely smile at her and run away.

"Yui!" She shout her name, calling her to come back but no matter how loud her voice is, Kobayashi didn't return.

She saw how Kobayashi slowly disappear from her eyes until she received a message from Kobayashi parents that totally rip her world apart.

I'm really sorry Risa but Yui passed away.

Someone told Risa that the story of her love life is funny, it went fast and also gone quickly. Also someone told her if she's going to repeat the time, will she either choose to met Kobayashi earlier or ignore the girl request who broke her world. She didn't think twice and choosing the first choice quickly, without a doubt. Because if she would repeat the time again and again, she will always chose the time where Kobayashi requested to date her. Risa think that's the most special and unforgettable moment happened between them. It's irreplaceable just like Kobayashi.

Locking herself to her room, not allowing any visitor and crying her heart are what she did during Kobayashi funeral. Then she realized, it's really worst when you finally found your happiness and it will disappear in just a short time. Risa become depress, badly missing the moments she had with Kobayashi, badly missing her.

She can't bring herself to the day where Kobayashi will send to her last destination, it breaks her and it scares her so much. Everything was so sudden that made her want to repeat the time so bad buy she knew it's impossible.

If she knew Kobayashi would mean so much to her then she talk to her from the start. But now that Kobayashi gone, she never once blame the other girl for making her miserable due to her lost. Instead, she's thanking the girl for bringing her happiness even for a short time. She love Kobayashi Yui so much, so much that she misses her so bad.

But the day came where she muster all her courage, strength and lumped down her coward. She went to cemetery and visit Kobayashi for the first time, and there she broke down. Crying so much and apologizing to Kobayashi for coming so late, there she spent her day telling all the things she wanted to say to her.

Even nine years has passed, her heart still screaming for Kobayashi name. She's still the one she want to see the most, she's still longing for her.

"Do you miss her?"

She heard voice and turn her head to find Nagahama Neru stand beside her, looking at Kobayashi Yui grave. The long haired girl pay her respect to Kobayashi and look up to Risa.

Risa only smile. "Yes, so much."

Neru returned the smile as she leaned her head to Risa shoulder and intertwined their hands. "I think she missed you too, Risa."

"It's just we both spent for three months but nine years already passed and I can't still get over from her." Risa shared.

"I guess that's what really love is."

Risa look at her, pull away her hand from Neru and place her arm instead to around Neru shoulder, pulling the girl closer to her.

"And thank you so much Neru for showing me another love." She said sweetly, planting a soft kiss to Neru forehead.

Nagahama Neru is her five years girlfriend, the girl who pulled her from her misery, from the time she's moping over Kobayashi death and the girl who understand her the most. She didn't know Kobayashi personally and only seen her from the pictures that Risa showed her before, but from the stories that Risa told her about Kobayashi, she knew Kobayashi is a wonderful and amazing girl that brought the best out of Risa.

Also, she knew that Kobayashi is Risa's first love and still the love of her life. She accepted it wholeheartedly. It's already enough to her that Risa love her sincerely.

"I already told her that we are going to marry each other soon, I knew she's happy for me." Risa said, pulling away from Neru and kneeling down to fix the flowers.

Neru also kneel down. "Please be happy for us Kobayashi-san and guide us."

Risa softly smile watching her fiancée, she chuckle and ruffle her hair. She stood up and help Neru to stand. And before the leave, they both sent last prayers.

"See you again Yui, bye." Risa gently said, feeling the cold wind hugging her. She took Neru hand and they both walk away from Kobayashi grave.

But before they completely leave, Risa felt a presence behind her and the wind grew stronger.

"Risa, I love you."

She heard Kobayashi voice, she heard her sweet voice. She stopped walking and turning her head to her grave, there she see Kobayashi smiling sweetly to her, waving her hand in white dress.

She look so beautiful.

Risa softly smile as she said this words.  "I love you too, Yui."


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"But someone taught me that no matter how complicated it is, no matter how hard to understand it, if you really sincerely love someone then you will do everything to tell her how much she mean to you."

Rain pouring so hard, she didn't expect it to be like this and so unlucky of her to forget her own umbrella. She doesn't have a friends to ask to stay under the umbrella together, everyone thought she's weird. She admit it that's why she's always alone with her stuff toys.

She sighed, hoping the rain will stop and gets home before it get dark. Feeling cold and alone in the classroom is worse, she thought.

Until her peaceful afternoon interrupt by a first year high school girl who stormed inside their classroom, looked nervous and flustered. She then heard a group of laughter outside.

"Do your best Hirate-chan!"

She notice the red shades cover the girl face as she cursed under her breath.

Questions filled her mind but she chose not to speak, until both of them stare at each other eyes. The girl face turn more red.

The other day, a question stick to her mind from the book she's reading. A question of how does it feel when someone confess to you. She have no idea, she never imagine it. It never cross to her mind but it make her think, what does it really feel?

And it seems today, her question got an answer.

"W-Watanabe Rika-san, I like you. Please go out on a date with me?"

And at the situation like this, she could only mutter a small, "Eh?"

She experienced it for the first time and she doesn't know what to do or to say. It caught her off guard that's why she rejected her, if you could count that she bow her head to her and run away without saying a word. She didn't mind the rain that drenched her, she just wanted to go home. She have no idea why she's so scare.

She went home drenched, her mother asked her what happened and she didn't answer her. Her mother scolded her after that but the words didn't pierce her because her mind is occupied by what happened earlier. After she changed to dry clothes, her mother prepared her a hot chocolate.

"Mom, I think I'm going to die." She said then she received a smack in the head from her mother.

"What are you saying Rika?"

She tightly grip to her left chest. "My.." She looked down and feel her cheeks heat. "My heart is beating fast."

What happened result her to a fever. Nights didn't came easy for her, she kept thinking of the girl and why she's feeling this way. It scares her. She rested and took a two days absent.

Hirate Yurina first saw her in the school garden, eating alone with a cat. Her smile is beautiful, her eyes twinkling to everything she see and sincerity is visible to her face. That's what made her interest to her. She always see her wearing that pretty smile though she's always alone and seem outcast by her own classmates. Nothing really particular happen between them but she's really attractive to her eyes.

And what made her more interested to her is when she saw her kindness. She's going home that time when she saw her giving food to the beggar kids and playing one of them. She think, she's childish but she's cute.

Since then, she didn't realizes that she's falling to her. She secretly took all the information about her. Her name, likes and dislikes, her grade and section, she also didnt mind their age gap. She love when she saw her, her eyes always spotted her even though in the crowd. She wants to walk in the college building though it's the opposite way of their own building. Well, she wants to see her always. She can't help but to babble her to her friends everytime she see her.

And it's too late for her to realizes that a mere crush turn into deep. She wants more, she want to talk to her and to know her better. She wants Rika to know her.

That's why when she confessed and got no answer, her world shattered into pieces. She cried and cried but in the end, she realizes that she's wrong. Her confession is wrong, maybe it scares the girl and she can't accept the rejection when she haven't show any to prove herself that she likes her. Mustering her broken courage, she told to herself that she's going to do her best from now on.

She learned from her friends that Rika got sick and she felt bad for that, mustering again her courage she wait for Rika class to finish. She want to introduce herself properly and give the chicken soup she cooked with her mother.

She heard the bell ring, quickly picking her bag and told her friends that she's going first. She's nervous and she never heard her heart beat louder just thinking that she's going to see her senpai again but mostly she's excited and happy at the same time.

As she arrived in front of Rika classroom, she saw her first. A smile showed to Hirate face. She practices mentally all the things she's going to say again and when Rika walk to the door, she bravely block her and put her smile.

"Senpai, good afternoon." She try her best to remove the trembling from her voice. Rika eyes turn wide as she saw the other girl again, she feel her cheeks turning hot.

But before Hirate can follow her sentence, Rika nervously lower her head and run away from her. "I'm sorry."

Again, it broke Hirate heart. Rika must already had a bad impression to her and she think, it's all her fault.

Her friends teases her, saying that she have no chance with her. Taking it all from her heart, she really think so but still a part of her saying that she shouldn't give up when she haven't show anything. So she didn't.

She start by slipping a love letter to Rika locker and when she secretly waited for the girl to open her locker, she notices how Rika face turn red after she read the letter she slipped in. Seeing that, it give her motivation.

It rains again, she saw Rika standing in the porch, watching the rain fall down. She maybe forgot her own umbrella, Hirate thought.

Taking a deep breathe and mentally practicing the words she's going to say before she decide to walk towards her.


Rika turn her head to her and turn red again. Hirate knew what's going to happen so she stop her before she run away again.

"Please don't run, I just wanted to give you this." Hirate lend her umbrella, Rika look at it then to her face. "It's getting late, you should go home."

Rika shook her head, lower her head as she pressed her lips. "N-No, i-its yours."

Hirate feel her heart skip a beat, Rika finally speak and her voice is so soft.

She's so cute. Rika thought.

"No, I'm fine. My brother will fetch me with a car." She replied but Rika stayed her eyes down, really embarrassed so Hirate decide to pull her hand and put the umbrella which surprise the other girl.

"Please take care on your way home." Hirate softly smile. "Senpai, I really like you and I mean no harm."

She didn't know what courage she have at that moment to let out those words. But she's happy, leaving the clueless Rika and running away in the middle with a big smile and feeling giddy.

But what happened didn't really progress their relationship as Rika avoid her more and turn nervous whenever they bump to each other or see. And it's getting Hirate frustrated, she really doesn't know what to do anymore.

"I don't really know what to do anymore." She suddenly mumble but enough for her friend to heard. She mindlessly dribbling the ball while looking at the floor. Miho sit beside her, tapping her shoulder.

"Love is really complicated, isn't it?" Miho chuckle as she play the ball to her hands, they are both sitting in the bench, resting after their practice in the basketball club.

"Yeah, you're right."

"But someone taught me that no matter how complicated it is, no matter how hard to understand it, if you really sincerely love someone then you will do everything to tell her how much she mean to you."

Hirate look at Miho like her another head grow from her then realizing what Miho said, they both end up laughing and only stop when their captain told them to shut up and go home.

Bidding goodbye to her friend Miho, she take the another hallway. Walking and still thinking what Miho said, somehow it went smoothly to her mind. She guess, she really didn't do everything for Rika to realizes that she likes her. She think.

As she walks and pass by to the garden where she first saw Rika, a unexpected person caught her eyes.


Rika standing in front of the tree, tilting her head up and her face seem worried. Hirate wonder why, so she narrowed her eyes to the thing Rika's looking at and find out that there's a cat up in the tree.

Worried and not thinking twice, Hirate move towards her. And when she arrived near Rika, her heart clench a little when she saw Rika sad and worried face.

"Senpai, what's wrong?"

Rika pressed her lips again, looking down and up again. "Pe-chan.."

Hirate arched her eyebrow. "Pe-chan?"

"Pe-chan is stuck up in the tree, I'm scare to climb. I'm worried to Pe-chan."

Slowly sinking what she's pertaining, Hirate nodded her head and look up to see the cat, crying and tightly holding to the branch of the tree. She look at Rika again and seeing her not wearing her peaceful smile is hurting her, she don't want to see like this.

"W-what are you doing?" Rika asks when she saw Hirate removing her shoes. The short haired girl just smile at her and wink.

"I'm going to get Pe-chan."

Rika widened her eyes a little. "Eh? W-why? I-its dangerous."

Hirate took a deep breathe after she removed her shoes and place it properly in the side. "It doesnt matter, what important is to save Pe-chan right, Senpai?"

Rika stare at her, didn't know what to say but before she compose her words, Hirate already walk towards the tree and climb.

Rika watches her with hands clamped together while Hirate climb the tree carefully. The truth is Hirate is also scare to climb a tree, the last time did is she fell and received a broken arm. It still scares her and told to herself that she's not going to climb a tree no matter what.

But why she's doing it now? Hiding the nervous and doing her best to remove the sadness in Rika face? Is this what love really can do?

Carefully placing her feet and holding, she finally on the branch where the cat is. She look down and drowned in fear from the high, she tightly grip to the branch and she can feel her hands getting sweaty.

"Pe-chan," She called the cat which look at her mutely. "Pe-chan," she extend her hand to the cat. "Pe-chan, come near me, Senpai is worried to you."

But to her surprise, the cat jumped down to Rika leaving her in the tree. She mentally cursed but it change when she saw Rika become happy and relieved, hugging the traitor cat. Somehow, she can't help but to smile too.

"G-get down, it's dangerous." She woke up from reality, remembering she's still up in the tree. And it starts for her heart to beat louder, her hands tremble and her mind get hazy.

"Please be careful." She heard Rika sweet voice and somehow it made her brave, fighting the fear and doing her best to climb down.

But still, she can't still do it.

Hirate hear Rika voice before she passes out.

"You should be grateful that you only have a scratch in your leg and arm, Hirate. Thank God you didn't broke your arms again."

Hirate could only shyly scratch her head as she bowed down to the doctor before the school doctor left her alone in the clinic room, sitting in the bed.

She's really grateful that she only had this and not the worse. She really don't know what happened after she passed out, she just woke up in the bed and her wounds already cleaned. Her eyes search for the certain girl but its nowhere to be found.

She looked outside the window and found herself smiling, just thinking of Rika smiling face made her smile too. She must be idiot for smiling like this despite the wounds she received.


A familiar voice called her that made her jumped a little, widened her eyes.


Rika look at her with innocent eyes as she lower her head again and pressed her lips, her habit that Hirate noticed. Hirate is confuses and surprise when the elder girl walk towards her and stand beside the bed, carrying the cat in her arms.

Seeing the cat again, Hirate remember how the cat betrayed her but mostly her attention caught by the girl.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault." Rika said as she bowed, Hirate quickly shake her hands.

"No, it's not your fault Senpai."

Rika looked up and Hirate saw the tears forming in her eyes. "It's my fault why it happened to you. I'm really sorry, Hirate-chan."

Staring at her face, Hirate unconsciously lift her hand and gently wipe the tears from Rika cheeks using her thumb.

She smiled softly to her, feeling the butterflies roaming inside her stomach. "It's not really your fault Senpai, please don't cry."

She's about to pull her hand when Rika hold it and nervously squeezes her hand, surprising the younger girl. 

"A-also," she avert her gazes, she think she's going to faint because of embarrassment but muster her courage to return the gaze. "Also, I'm sorry for avoiding you. It's just that I'm really shy a-and.."

She stop her. "It's okay Senpai, it's really alright."

Silence filled them, only their own hearts beating nervously.


Hirate look at her, eyes curious and starting to love the way she called her name. Rika pressed her lips as she took a deep breath.

"Are you busy this coming Sunday?" Rika asks, Hirate tilt her head at her sudden question but she answer back.

"Yes, I think so."

It caught her off guard when Rika gently smile at her, it's the first she smile at her and Hirate think her world stop spinning for a moment.

"If you're not busy then I would like you  to invite to my house, Mom going to cook a lot of food." Rika fish a piece of paper from her pocket and give it to Hirate. "Email me so I can tell you my address."

The cat meow and Watanabe Rika left her dumbfounded. Slowly letting the words Rika said and the paper that has Rika email address to her mind.

Hirate felt her cheeks heat and can't stop herself from smiling widely, smacking her forehead and silly for too late to realized it.

A date.

Hirate couldn't blame the cat anymore because if not for Pe-chan, Rika wouldn't ask her for a date. Hirate could only worship Pe-chan at this moment and thinking the pain from her wounds are really worth it.


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"You know you're not a good cook but still made one for me, you tried your best and I can't waste your effort."


The bell rang, indicate that their class will start in a minute. Imaizumi sighed for how many times she can count, looking outside the window and waiting for their teacher to come. She looked down to her phone and still she haven't received any messages from her. She mentally cursed, putting her phone to her pocket then her eyes landed to a vacant seat beside her.

She pull her eyes away from it as she frowned. Wondering why her girlfriend hasn't contact her for two days since their last fight. Their big fight since they became a couple. Did she grow tired because of her? Doesn't she love her anymore? Is this the end of their one year relationship?

Gripping tightly to her skirt, feeling the pain creeping to her chest. No, she can't bear to happen that. She doesn't want her to lose. Thinking it, she want to blame herself more. It's all her fault after all.

But she missed her so much, without her for days feels suffocating and plain. She's thinking that she should gulp down her pride and apologize but when she's about to do that, Kobayashi didn't attend the class today.

She's contemplating if she should call or text her but the days they didn't talk to felt a large gap that she's starting to feel shy. What if Kobayashi ignore her? That would be freaking hurt. She's also expecting that Kobayashi will apologizes soon as early but two days already passed, she haven't heard anything from the girl. Usually between them, Kobayashi is the one who apologizes first from their fights though Imaizumi is the one at fault.

It started when Imaizumi had enough to all Kobayashi admirers like their classmates Oda Nana, Ozeki, Ishimori and Fuyuka. Normally, it is usual setting where they have vacant class and Kobayashi admirers gather in front of her and throwing their admiration to the girl. Kobayashi would only sheepishly smile at them which Imaizumi didn't like when she caught it.

Kobayashi always remind her that her heart will never be away by their classmates and it's only hers but Imaizumi can't help but still feel jealous. Knowing how beautiful and sweet her girlfriend is, she should know by now that she have many rivals.

"Stay away from my girlfriend, don't you have anything to do than to flirt with her?!"

Snapping in front of them and revealing their secret are never her intention at all in the first place, it's just she really feel jealous and she need to shout out the words from her chest. It surprised the whole class especially Kobayashi.

She thought Kobayashi will go to her side but the younger girl only look at her with dissapointed eyes, making her feel that she did something terrible.

"Why do you have to do that? You know they're just joking. You don't need to be rude to them!"

"So I'm the wrong one here!"

"Yes, you're wrong and you need to apologize to them."

"I guess you're just enjoying their accompany more than your girlfriend."

"You know it's not like that. Imaizumi, we need to talk after we both cool our heads."

Tears flow from her eyes as she watches Kobayashi walk away and leaving her in the rooftop. She really feel bad towards Kobayashi and to their classmates.


She came back to reality and quickly wipe her eyes then look to the person who called her. She looked up and find Oda Nana, Ozeki, Fuyuka and Ishimori standing in front of her.

"We just want to apologize to you from what we did, it causes a fight between you and Kobayashi." Fuyuka started, her voice is soft that made Imaizumi feel bad more.

"We are really sorry." Ishimori added.

Imaizumi chuckle lowly. "No, I should be the one who apologizes for saying rude words."

She stood and bow her head which made Oda Nana quickly wave her hand.

"No, I understand you. If you really have a girlfriend like Kobayashi it's really normal to act like that." Oda Nana said that causes them to laugh. "But seriously, I didn't know you two are dating each other."

Ozeki butted in. "Yeah you should told us."

"I'm really sorry for not telling you guys, we're not really hiding it. We just didn't tell anyone thinking it's not necessary to publicize your relationship." Imaizumi bow her head again then look at them with soft stares. "But guys, I'm really sorry if I act that way. I'm really sorry."

The four bow their heads too. "We are sorry too."

The group exchanges smile but Imaizumi smile faded when Ishimori ask a question.

"We didn't see Kobayashi these days, what happen to her?"

Noticing the change reaction from Imaisumi, Fuyuka elbowed Ishimori for asking that question.

"We haven't talk or see each other for a while, it seem she's still mad at me."

The four can still sense the loneliness from Imaizumi voice, it's like she's different from a bubbly Imaizumi.

"How about you visit her house?" Fuyuka said that made Imaizumi eyes glint in anticipation but she felt suddenly nervous and various images left her mind.

But she didn't forget to take Fuyuka recommendation, she also think about it but she left it aside because nervousness gnawing her but now, it left her with no choice. After school, she's going to Kobayashi apartment and they will definitely fix their fight.

Imaizumi Yui can hear her heart beating so wild that it looks like it want to jump out of her chest. She also repeatedly mumble the words she's going to say to Kobayashi. She thought it's easy but it's not. Taking a long and deep breathe as she firmly stand in front of Kobayashi apartment, it's today or never.

She raises her hand and bring it to knock to Kobayashi door. No response to her first knock so she did it again, but it still same. No response from Kobayashi.

Worries start to pool her inside, thinking what possibly happen to the girl she loves. As stubbornly she is, she knock repeatedly. Louder.

"Yuipon, are you there? Yuipon, it's me!"

She stopped. Fishing her phone out from her pocket then dial Kobayashi phone number. But before she place it to her ear, the door open and show the person she missed the most.


Finally seeing her after a long time, Imaizumi want to burst crying because she missed her and also the surprisingly appearance of the girl. She look in pain, weak and pale. She's wearing a thick jacket, despite her weak voice, it still sound soft which Imaizumi love the most.

The shorter girl about to speak but stop when Kobayashi lean closer to her, falling to her arms as she closes her eyes in comfort.

Imaizumi nearly yelp in pain because of Kobayashi body temperature, it's hot but Imaizumi ignore it. Snaking her arms around Kobayashi more as tears fall from her eyes.

Imaizumi wishes to see Kobayashi but not in this state.

Imaizumi Yui is a spoiled kid, growing up with a lovable parents and her four older brother who spoil her with with anything. She didn't even remember that she lay her hands to wash the plate or take care of someone sick cause she used to be that someone who always taking care of. Though she didn't know anything, wanting to take care of Kobayashi made her all of sudden know how to take care of someone.

She gently wipe the wet towel to a sleeping Kobayashi, she then brush the hair upward from her forehead so she can place the towel above her forehead. She also did changed Kobayashi clothes to clean ones, seeing her naked body is never new since they already shared a intimate moment with each other but it still speed her heart and can't help but to praise her girlfriend body.

After that, she let Kobayashi sleep while she think of what should she cook. She want to do something good and special for Kobayashi that make her heal fast, unfortunately she's not like Suzumoto who's good in cooking. She's bad at it. She don't want to leave Kobayashi alone again so buying outside is a no. Maybe she can ask for a help to her good friend, Suzumoto.

She take her phone and compose a message which Suzumoto reply fast.

What food is good for the sick?

Porridge..anything they want. Why?

Yuipon is sick and I want to make something good for her. Teach me how.

Oh no, u better order outside. You will kill Kobayashi instead.

That's so rude of you :'<

I'm sorry hehe okay. Gonna send you the recipe and how to make it.

Thank you so much Monta!

She grinned widely after she read the message that Suzumoto sent to her. Thinking it's so easy but it turn out it's not. As soon she lay her hands to Kobayashi kitchen, she knew she made a disaster. But she didn't stop, though her fingers had cut and got a little burn because of her being clumsy, she still continue.

Finally after hours of making the soup she think it can heal Kobayashi, she give a thought to try it first. She get a scoop of it and when she got a taste of it, she grimace harder then let out her tongue in disgust. It's a poison indeed, it impossible to heal Kobayashi by this soup. There's no way she can make her eat this, she better throw it away.


She turn around in surprised when Kobayashi appeared, wearing again her thick jacket that looks cute on her.

"What are you doing?" Kobayashi asked, Imaizumi scanned the entire kitchen which on a mess right now.

"Just searching for something, you better go back to your bed." Imaizumi voice waver as she hide the soup behind her.

Kobayashi look at her suspiciously but it faded as she sighed. "I'm hungry, bring that soup to me."


Kobayashi cut her off. "I'm hungry, I want to eat that soup."

Imaizumi Yui nervously sighed as she gently lay the tray in the table, in front of Kobayashi. She can feel her heart jumping again and she didn't even want to see Kobayashi dissapointed eyes again. What if Kobayashi thought leaving her because she's no good? A spoiled brat with a jealous attitude and not good in cooking.

She then sit beside her, waiting for Kobayashi to judge her. She start to fidget as she pursed her lips. Kobayashi feeling a little good than before, sit also and face the food.

"Itadakimasu." Kobayashi said before she pick the spoon but stop when Imaizumi pull her hand. Worries written all over Imaizumi face

"Are you really sure you want to eat that? It tastes no good. I can buy another." Imaizumi said, feeling the lump to her throat. But Kobayashi ignore her.

"No way, I'm really hungry you know." Kobayashi only replied as she completely ignore the smaller girl and take a spoon of soup that Imaizumi made.

The smaller girl breathe hitch when Kobayashi eat it, ready for the negative comment from her as she watches Kobayashi reaction. She waited and it's still the same until Kobayashi took another one, and one, another until the soup reach half of it.

"H-hey, are you really going to eat all of that?" Imaizumi tries to stop her but Kobayashi didn't let her. Kobayashi nodded as she continue to eat. "Mou~ please stop."

"Not until I finish it."

Imaizumi cursed under her breathe as she watches Kobayashi eat all of that. After she ate all of it, Kobayashi bow her head and say her thanks for the food.

"You know it taste bad, Why do you need to eat all of it?" Imaizumi break the silence, eyes staring to her feet that wearing a cute bunny house sandal.

Kobayashi eyes turned to her. "Yes, it taste bad. A little salty and sweet. I don't understand," She then heard the younger girl chuckle. "But it's still edible"

Imaizumi pout, try her best to avoid the softest stare from Kobayashi but no matter resistance she did, her eyes still calling her. "You know you're not a good cook but still made one for me, you tried your best and I can't waste your effort."

Hearing those words from Kobayashi, her heart speed faster which only Kobayashi is capable of. She can feel the butterflies roaming inside her stomach and she never feel so good like this. Also, it never escape from her mind how wonderful her girlfriend is unlike her.

And it made her think if she really deserve Kobayashi.

Lowering her head, hiding the tears that forming from her eyes. She take the tray and stand to put it to the kitchen. But before she take another step, she heard Kobayashi gentle voice again.

"Zuumin, can i ask you something?"

She turn her head, looking directly to the younger girl eyes that melting her. They both stare at each other before Imaizumi respond.

"What is it?"

Kobayashi sighed, her lips and eyes curved into smile, a loving one. "Will you get mad at me if I ask you to hug me right now?"

And that all made Imaizumi tears fall in bliss, biting her bottom lips to prevent herself from looking like an idiot. She quickly put the tray in another table before she jump to Kobayashi with spread arms which also the younger girl gladly welcome her with open arms.

"Did you think first before you answer?" Kobayashi said, laughing as she tightly pull the older girl in her arms. "I'm sorry if I asked you this, my fever may spread to you but I really want to hug you right now."

"I don't care." Imaizumi sniff as she lean closer her head under Kobayashi jaw, her hands tightly grip to the younger girl clothes. "I also want to hug you so much, I missed you Yuipon."

Kobayashi chuckle again, thinking who's really the younger one between them because Imaizumi is so cute that she want to keep her all by herself.

"I missed you too Zuumin, so much."

Silence envelope them as they only heard their own heartbeats and breathing, their bodies attach to each other not wanting any space between them.

"I'm sorry."

Imaizumi break the silence with a sincere voice, letting out the emotions she keep by those words. Kobayashi nodded, understand what the girl pertaining about.

"I'm sorry if i acted immature, a jealous brat. I'm really sorry." Imaizumi pull herself to look at Kobayashi eyes, hands gently rubbing the younger girl shoulders. "I'm sorry too for not knowing that you have a fever, I should've take care of you early than sulking and holding my pride."

Kobayashi warm palm touch Imaizumi cheeks, thumb rubbing that sending a sensation and comfort. "I'm sorry too, I should say sorry sooner, fix our fight and didnt hold my pride too."

"I'm sorry too for not telling you my condition, I just don't want you to get worry but I ended up worrying my girlfriend more." She added, thumb gently place to Imaizumi bottom plump lips.

"I will take care of you more from now on, so let me please." Imaizumi smile, wrapping her arms around Kobayashi neck as she leaned her forehead to hers. Kobayashi nodded, feeling her heart dancing to the music that only Imaizumi can.

Kobayashi tilt her head, pressing her lips to Imaizumi then smile sheepishly. "I think I'm heal already."

Imaizumi laugh loudly, her cheeks burning. "Should I give you more kisses for you to heal completely?"

Kobayashi pull Imaizumi by holding her waist, wondering why she all of a sudden have a energy where she's completely weak and drain earlier. It must be because of her sunshine, her girlfriend, her Imaizumi.

"I also think so."

Laughters filled the whole apartment as they shared kisses, passionate, chaste, peck, even long and for how many they can't count.

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