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Author Topic: POSTWHORING AWARENESS MONTH (2023/08/22) dedicated to the memory of Fushidigane  (Read 2986 times)

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dedicated to the memory of Fushidigane

OK in spirit LETS DO THIS. Every August 22 is a time we take to recognize the postwhoring prowess and spirit of REBRAND. REINVENTION. REJUVENATION. Today 18 years ago we gave ourselves that identity so special shout out to kuno_thunder and Sexy Beam!! with the quick graphics and bowchickabowwow sound bite!!! Shout out to Da Crack Staff who voted the name into power!!!

:hip smile:

And around this time ten years ago late August we lost our home girl Fushi aka Fushidigane aka Veera (

She was a fun loving beautiful Finnish girl of H!P Fandoms, SUPER Reina Fangirl whom we had the pleasure of knowing during my hANGRY & ANGRY tours around the globe. To this day we do not know what happened but her loss is still felt to this day. Fushi's spirit remains in just being silly and WHY SO SERIOUS!? Here she is seen with our dear friends in France the late ChrNo  :deco:

SO in the spirit of FUN! and HAPPINESS!! let's crack open a STRONG ZEROP DOUBLE LEMON and reflect on what 8/22 is all about. The Spirit of Postwhoring. The Spirit of Being Who We Wanna Be. Fushi would post funny off the wall stuff YET have the time to have DEEP CONVOS while wearing adult diapers chugging redbull with kurosan808 and Masa GREAT TIMES!! Check out the archives! The old threads where guys woke up at just whored the fuck outta stuff and the forum went into mod`s nitemare XD SORRY SHIZZLE!

Your mental health, speak out and help each other!!! Throughout this 'RONA I am so thankful to have JPH!P in my life, the freedom to bullshit and be stupid. To have made the friends that I have and thankful at anytime with the touch of a screen or click of a mouse they are THERE.

THE SITE RENEWED we continue the memory of our fallen homies ChrNo, marimari, Jabronisaur, Fushi, and KURO808. We will continue to bring awareness to cancer research, mental health awareness and just being good peoples.

I've been meaning to process and archive all the JPH!P World Tour videos (some dokyu got lost?) and man oh man, here's a quick random snipped of the LIVELINESS and hilarious nature of Fushi in a nutshell, a bit of background - we just passed by a Granny with Pink HAIR LOL  :hip smile:

This was from May 26, 2010 JPH!P live from Finland 5/26/2010 as we headed to the amusement park LINNANMAKI  :jphip: :finland:

ALWAYS. NEVER forgetting where we came from. Being YOSELF. That is what 8/22 means to me.

New to the forum? Go on and jump in the HiP JOINT and speak up!!! Make a thread! HAVE FUN!!!

Old to the forum - rediscover JPHiPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP for the first time!!  :jphip:

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