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Author Topic: Mafia Princesses [6] - Monster and Sinner.  (Read 27228 times)

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-1] - Their Bodyguards.
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Can't wait till next update  :lol:

The posters are awesome  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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Thank you!

2 - 2

Haruna changed her attire in a high-speed motion. Pounding the door of Mayu and Atsuko, signalling the two to come out their room when Haruna refashioned herself. The tall girl caught Jurina’s figure going out of the house and motioned the badass girl to approach for a small assembly. Atsuko dialed Mariko’s phone, ordering Sayaka and Mariko to go back home already and told the details over the phone about what is happening. The moment the two girls arrived, they sneaked down the basement to take their best-loved guns.

“I’ll take these.” Haruna chosen the Lamborghini Reventon inside the Mafia Princesses own garage.

“If you don’t want to be noticed. Picked the GMC Yukon Denali.” Yuko offered out of the blues. The five bodyguards beside her were showing the keys for the chosen car.

“We don’t need you op—“ Haruna was trailed off by Yuko who tossed the keys towards Haruna.

“Most of your capos, soldiers and associates selected the car. You don’t want to get busted by the Madams right?” Yuko cunningly smiled on her sharp comprehension of the girls trying to join in the war declared by the Akiba Madams… in a sneaky way.

Before Haruna could open her mouth, she has been interrupted by Mariko. “Guess the bodyguard is right this time.” Mariko sly smiled to Yuko’s smart thinking. Though, she can feel Haruna’s annoyance on losing to her bodyguard’s antics.

“Thank you.” Yuko lowered her head. She then headed to where the GMC’s are parked which they stole from the garage by sneaking in.

“Smart bodyguard you have Goddess Haruna.” Mariko whispered. She is making fun of Haruna’s knowledge by comparing to Oshima Yuko. Wishing she can have Yuko instead of the immature Minegishi Minami.

All the girls went to their respective bodyguards.

“Oi. There is no way for you to drive the car with that deformed thigh.” Jurina attempted to push Rena away from the driver seat but she sink hard on the passenger seat when Rena already ignited the engine and accelerated the car with a speed velocity, giggling on her wicked time.

“Sorry. Too small to reach the pedal.” Atsuko winked at Takamina in a tease way. Atsuko knew Takamina don’t know how to drive as she is just a student from a yankee school.

Sayaka, Mayu and Haruna let their bodyguards to drive the cars while Mariko didn’t let her bodyguard. The four bodyguard who is driving made a little fun time on their driving. Rena and Yuko was fighting head to head, overtaking in the middle of the road. Yuki and Sae were raging up in challenge to caught up with their two friends. Rena and Yuko gave the two cars behind them their fun by spreading in each side of the road. Yuki smirked by the fact the two give her a way to accelerate at the front. Sae knows what Rena and Yuko is thinking so she stayed at the back. The two cars at the side was overtaking to each other by swapping positions while Yuki and Sae was swapping positions back and forth.

The whole ride from Akiba to Asaka took nearly a hour. Some Wakamiya members are already firing their guns in one of the Akiba cars. The Wakamiya cars are all lined up in front of their mansion’s gate. Bullets of shotguns and armalite is blaring at one of our associates and soldiers. The Mafia Princesses and the Bodyguards separated on their own ways, for some reason the princesses does not want to be be with the bodyguards.

“Welcome to Rena’s hell!” Rena shouted, making a rain of bullets inside the mansion using her two SA80 L85 in each body of the enemies. Laughing demonically on the bloody place. There are two HK G36K and M32 grenade launcher are dangling around her shoulders which she take along with her when they had moved in to Akiba house.

Yuko and Takamina did a triple back flip together and landed in the middle of the room. They get down on their knees in unison, resting their gun on their arm and started firing bullets. Yuko blasted her AKS 74U grenade launcher at the main door whilst blasted all the Wakamiya members who keep coming inside the main door.

“Now for our 360 kill, Takamina!” Yuko shouted over the crackles of the guns, signalling Takamina to do one of their signature kill.

Takamina loaded her two Micro Uzi SMG. She stood at the back of Yuko and started firing her Uzi’s clockwise, she kept circling into a 360 angle around the location they are in now. Yuko kept on her knees and started circling too under Takamina, moving anti-clockwise. Takamina is loving her moment. All the bad memories she had with Maeda Atsuko was gone. Her visuals around the room is full of Atsuko’s faces which she aggressively firing her gun around the room. Yuko on the other hand wanted to prove her skill is too hard too reach by having this kind of height given to her by Kami-sama.

“YOSHA!!!” The two shorties high-fived when the room is dead empty just by doing their 360 kill.

“Ehh. Where are all the freaks? I’m still warming up.” Yuko pretends to do an exercise motion. Takamina giggled on her close friend’s silliness.

“Outside. Upstairs. Rooms. Everywhere.” Takamina replied before running her way out of the house. “Meet you in the end!” She shouted over her shoulder.

Little did the two know… Earlier when they were doing their 360 kill - Mariko, Haruna and Sayaka dropped their jaw on the floor. They never seen a slaughter like that before.

“I HATE BEING QUIET!!!” Yuki screamed. Darting all her M9 Bayonet knives to each enemies.

“So you have a voice?” Mayu asked, holding Yuki’s hand for a tag-team. Mayu give her spare M44 Rifle to Yuki as she notices her bodyguard has been using knives since from the start.

Yuki only nodded and smirked at the other girl. The two girls kept their hands clasped together while blaring their guns to the enemies.

Miichan jumped over Mariko the moment she saw a certain Wakamiya member was about to shoot Mariko at the back. Miichan then shoot the guy straight on his chest.

“Move!” Mariko kicked Miichan away from her. She then aimed her gun to Miichan’s head. Miichan recovered fast from the kick.

“I don’t want him to shoot you. I want myself to shoot you.” Miichan took a few step closer to Mariko and place her SIG 550 onto Mariko’s chest.

“Wow. What a bodyguard I have.” Mariko rolled her eyes.

Setting her gaze above. Yuko saw Miichan and Mariko points their gun to each other. What they are doing right now is so immature and they aren’t thinking an enemy will appear soon. Yuko run along the rail of the stairs to get at the top and shot the capo she found.

“AH! A HUMAN SQUIRREL!” Haruna pointed her gun to Yuko almost shooting the bodyguard. Feeling amused, she quickly run on the stairs towards Mariko and her bodyguard.

“Are you sure you’re from a Yankee school?” Sayaka asked Sae who killed a number of Wakamiya members. Sayaka is still having a vague thoughts about Sae and her fighting skills. The moves her bodyguard do is so professional just like the skills of the Mafia Princesses.

“Yes and I trained hard to be your bodyguard.” Sae answered. “You trust me right?” Sae fired her Suomi M31 to the last Wakamiya associate. She dropped on the floor, feeling exhausted.

“Heck, you easily get tired?” Sayaka scoffed. “Get up. The war is not finish yet.” Sayaka then run inside the house to kill some more. Sae sighed and followed her princess.

“OH SHI—“ Takamina exclaimed when a familiar dart almost hit her face. Atsuko’s dart. Takamina looked on the direction where the dart came from. Atsuko was giggling and winked at Takamina.

“I swear to Mafia Gods.” Takamina muttered. She then realizes she was holding something in her hand. “Oh god the guns!” Takamina quickly tossed the Uzi’s at the side so Atsuko won’t see she’s using one.

“Damn it, now I’m going to die.” She grumbled. Takamina is sensing that there are lots of Wakamiya members coming inside the room. “Yuko, Miichan, Sae, Rena and Yuki. I’ll meet you guys in heaven.” Takamina closed her eyes but she felt a presence of someone in front of her.

“You really are useless.” Atsuko sighed and fired her Remington gun to the useless enemies. After killing, she grabbed Takamina’s hand and headed to where the other Mafia Princesses is at.

“Stop living by the fiction! Get real!” Jurina barked. She felt alive and hyper again. To Jurina’s careless state, one Wakamiya member shot Jurina at her shoulder using the pistol.

“Fuc—“ Jurina exclaimed. No one ever tried to shoot her before. She never expects her flesh to be screaming in pain. Jurina stood up and killed the person who give her bullet. She leaned on the broken side table near her and pressed the shoulder which she winced in pain.

Rena saw Jurina along the corridor, her left shoulder is bleeding. She quickly run towards the girl. Rena looked at Jurina’s shoulder for a second and blasted her M32 Grenade Launcher on the enemies who are marching towards them.

“Re-rena.” Jurina squinted her eyes. Rena hugged the girl. Her anger is increasing again. Rena take an action by firing her guns to the unwanted weaklings while hugging Jurina.

“Lets go.” Rena carry Jurina over the threshold but Jurina wriggled her body as she does not want Rena to carry her and for Rena to think she is weak.

“Carry on your work. I have to finish my war.” Jurina loaded her gun and left Rena behind.

Haruna is the only person who has got a lot of space, she killed most of the foes. Now it is her time to kill the Wakamiya Boss. Haruna went her way up to the stairs, firing her gun on each Wakamiya members who keeps appearing in her way. Haruna sly smiled from the fact this scene reminds her from a line in her favorite foreign show… Gossip Girl.

Queens aren’t born at the top. They climb their way up in heels, no matter who they have to tread on to do it.’ Haruna chuckled on the line. Her Goddess attitude is creeping up inside her even more.

A sudden appearance of a familiar face blocked Haruna’s way on the hallway. The Wakamiya Underboss.

“If this isn’t the Kojima Princess.”

“Ye-yeah.” Haruna attempted to smile but her panting is on her way from running endlessly.

“Tired are we?” He give Haruna a cunning smile and pulled down the hammer on his gun.

“Yes. But for now, step back and relax while I murder you.” Haruna shot back a same smile.

“Show off, just like you mother.”

Now that he mention, where is their mothers anyway? They should be here having a war against Wakamiya as well. The Mafia Princesses completely forgotten about them from too much enjoyment this war is giving them.

Haruna nodded in agreement. Yet, she doesn’t have any time to create a conversation to him. Haruna fired a bullet of her AK74 Rifle to the Underboss. However, she missed it. The Underboss is fast. He fired his revolver, yet Haruna quickly dodge the bullets. She broke the vase near her into pieces, throwing the one piece in her hand at the Underboss to get him distracted.

“Our world is not a fantasy. This is life and it’s real.” Haruna warned him as she fired her AK47 to him… 7 times. She took a few steps to him and marked a ‘K’ on his forehead using his own blood.

Haruna breathed heavily. Next stop, Wakamiya Boss. Haruna headed to the room where the Underboss come out earlier. She knew that it is the room where the Boss is hiding in his secret door. Haruna searched the room, hoping to find the secret door inside. Yet, she can’t find any trace or hint where the secret door locates. Searching around the room and not giving up, she found a dirty shoe mark by the closet. A dirt that probably from the Underboss’ shoes.

“Closet?” Haruna crossed arms, pouting her lips and pondered for awhile. “Closet!” She clasped her hand together by her smart thinking. ‘This proves Kojima Haruna is not an airhead.’ Haruna smiled.

She went inside the closet and kicked wall behind the clothes. As soon as she entered there are two men waiting for her and darting their guns to Haruna. She also darted her gun to the Wakamiya Boss. Haruna frowned, wondering who is the other person standing next to him.

“You think by killing him doesn’t make you think he is the FAKE underboss?” The Wakamiya boss emphasized the word fake to Haruna.

That person I killed is fake?! Now, this person next to him is the real underboss?!’ Haruna asked inside her. She felt stupid for falling to their trap.

“I’m the daughter of the Kojima’s. I, Haruna Kojima is not stupid.” Haruna lied. She really does feel stupid right now. Her gun is till targeting the Boss. The consequences if she killed the Boss is she will get shot by the Underboss too.

The Boss pointed his hand to the couch. “Take a seat kid. We’ll show you how to kill.” He smirked. Haruna didn’t move a single motion, her gun is still aiming to the Boss.

Out of a sudden, someone bursted in. “PRINCESS!” The not-so familiar voice shouted. Haruna saw at the corner of her eyes that it is her bodyguard – Oshima Yuko.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Yuko shouted, not setting her attention to the current situation.

“Can we talk about this later?!” Haruna hissed. Up to this time, her eyes are locked on the Wakamiya.

“I’ve never seen this one before. Does the Akiba Family is becoming a circus now? Having a dwarf to perform infront of me?” The Boss looked at the Underboss and chuckled.

Yuko give a black look to the two men laughing and aimed her AKS 74U to the Underboss. Feeling blissful to this short time, Haruna smirked on her bodyguard’s attitude.

“Fierce Army huh?”Haruna communicated to Yuko by signalling one of the Mafia Princesses’ line when it comes to their armies. Haruna showed her victory smile and Yuko did the same.

“Count to six, three times and we’ll meet you in hell.” Yuko announced, pressing her finger slowly to the trigger.

Three from Kojima Haruna and three from Oshima Yuko.

“Akiba is your karma.” Haruna scorned and drew a ‘K’ letter on the Wakamiya Boss.


All the girls assemble outside the Wakamiya’s mansion. The mission fiercefully succeeded. Blood splattered on their clothes and faces, heavy breathes can be heard from the girls, rapid speed rate of the heart from the thrilling action and of course, their ecstatic victory for burning the Wakamiya Family in the name of Mafia. Though, the girls are curious why the Madams are not here killing with them. The Mafia Princesses are amused on their bodyguards skill but that won’t change their minds of being furious to them. Mafia Princesses feel the threat on the aura of their bodyguards.

“Uff. I wanna cling at your back and sleep.” Yuko whispered to Takamina’s ear. Afterall her muscles were beaten for doing so much action.

“Control yourself.” Takamina whispered back. For some reason, her cheeks are starting to get hot again.

“Eh? Jurina? Where’s Jurina?” Atsuko asked and examined the girls properly as she felt Jurina’s presence isn’t with them.

“Souieba, I haven’t heard her voice yet.” Mariko confirmed Atsuko’s question. She then looked at Jurina’s bodyguard and raised an eyebrow while crossing her arms to her chest.

“I—“ Rena was cut off by the sudden sound of a car engine.

A black Hummer curved around outside the mansion. The girls quickly fired their guns to the car as they knew Jurina might be inside it. Unfortunately, the car is bulletproof which a single bullet isn’t trashing the car. The girls who has a grenade launcher with them is no use at all as they had used all the ammo’s already. Three shots coming from the car is the only conveyance they did to alarm the girls.


A's Note: Ahhhh I want to start with the ROMANCE already!!! Sorry guys if it is getting boring on the action stuffs. I swear, I will start with the romance soon. Blame the plots on each of my chapters. :thumbdown:
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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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WOW a 360 kill  :shocked !!! awesome

more actions yey!!!

aww acchan looking down on taka   :smhid

jurina got injured huh o.o....

what happened >_<
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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They got JURINA~!!  :bleed eyes:

Hurry & save her everyone~! Rena you must save her~!  :panic:

Please update soon~  :bow:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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Oh no, they have to save Jurina!

Rena go GEKI and shred the hummer  :lol:


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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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Takamina & Yuko 360 combo is AWESOME!!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

I love the action!!!!  :mon woo:    and romance soon!!! yeah!!!  :mon squee:

cant wait for them to save Jurina~~~  :mon pray2:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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Waa~~~ I love playing Mafia Wars so this is definitely one of my faves here!  :onionwhip: can't wait for more Takacchan moment!  :luvluv1:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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more action!  :mon thumb: :mon thumb:

please update soon..^^  :mon cute: :mon cute:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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JURINA!!! :shockedi hope she won't get hurt..

love the action  :twothumbs

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-2] - Black Hummer.
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JURINA!!  :shocked

Do continue!  :twothumbs

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Exprience.
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3 - 1


The loud bang of the fist that slammed on the oak table, startle all the ladies inside the room. Silence; entered the room as no girls is interrupting the outburst of one Madam. Madam Matsui is transforming into a dragon spitting fire. How could her daughter become so careless and been kidnapped by some unknown people inside the black Hummer that has no number plate and three shots in the air is the only answer they give them? Madam Matsui knew this will happen soon. Jurina’s spunky attitude will lead into a careless situation. Now, Madam Matsui is putting all the blame to Jurina’s bodyguard – Matsui Rena.

“YOU!” Jurina’s mother pointed her index finger to Rena. “YOU ARE HER BODYGUARD RIGHT?! HOW COME YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS IN HER SIDE?! IF YOU WERE THERE, THIS SITUATION WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! FOOLISH!” Madam Matsui angrily shouts to Rena who is looking straight into the furious Madam, accepting all the blame that Madam Matsui is spitting at her.

“Im sorry.” Rena apologized. She clench her fist behind her back. No one ever shouted to Rena at the past like this. Yet, she has to remain calm for the sake of their assignment.

Madam Matsui rested her hands on the table and lowered her head. “FIND MATSUI JURINA! ALL OF YOU! FIND HER!” She suddenly ordered to the girls, including the Mafia Princesses.

“THEY CAN’T! YOU WOULD PUT THEM IN DANGER!” Madam Shinoda protested. Madam Matsui suddenly jerked her body straight and grabbed Madam Shinoda’s collar.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY THE KIDS ARE NOT GOING TO HELP?!” Madam Matsui is triggering Madam Shinoda’s eyes with daggers. The two Madam’s glared at each other, forehead to forehead. “I’M NOT SAYING ANYTHING. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BRINGING THAT UP.” Mariko’s mother shot back at Madam Matsui, her arms are crossed in her chest.

The four Madams are making an effort to pull the two Madams away from each other while the Mafia Princesses and Bodyguard just stood on their position with their blank expression, watching the silly fights their mothers are showing them.

“Leave it to the two Hara.” Madam Akimoto proposed to the two mother. No, to all the mothers. She knew the two Hara is the only solution for this situation. Madam Matsui and Madam Shinoda parted their forehead away and stare at Madam Akimoto.

“Bring Sashihara Rino and Kitahara Rie here.” Madam Akimoto ordered the girls to call the pair.

“HAI!” Coming out of nowhere, a unison voice presented. Appearing at the back of the girls. The existence of the two girls surprise each souls inside the room.

“E-eh?! Wh-where did you two came from?!” Madam Kojima stammered on her words as she cannot believe the Hara pair are already in the room.

“Gee. Kitarie and Sasshi coming out all of a sudden.” Maeda Atsuko placed her fingers on her forehead, shaking her head in disbelief. The pair stick their tongue out and winked at Atsuko. “We were just behind you guys.” Sashihara Rino pouted and played with her fingers.

The Madams did the same thing as Atsuko. Surely, these two girls are like camouflage that always hide and come out if they feel like it. “Okay, enough. Matsui Jurina is in a hands of Devil’s worshipper right now and we need your skills to search the Mafia Princess.” Madam Matsui ordered to the two. “There is no need for details as you had heard everything right?” Madam Matsui flashes the two girls a smile.

“Off we go!” The two said in unison again and left the room.

“Now you girls, you can have a rest now. Leave it to us.” Madam Matsui gestured her hand, ordering the girls to get out of the room.

Waiting for a minute or so, Madam Matsui sat herself on the couch and rub her temples. “If only we didn’t plan to make them go in to that war just to prove the skills of their bodyguards.” Her words earned a nod from the five Madams.


Haruna shut the door in her room, to her laziness she didn’t bother to turn on the lights, either way she knew from the heart her way around the room. The blank silence in her room is calming her down and the shine of the moon coming from the big glass panel door illuminates inside her room. Her body is bruised and dirty and it has been a very very long day for her.

She entered in to the shower room and took a cold bath. Resting her head on the edge of the bathtub soothed all the irritating events occurred. Of course, her bodyguard – Oshima Yuko are number one on her anger.

Yuko Oshima.

I’m vowing to God, she’ll be a goner not lasting this week.’ Haruna smirked, the blood in her body is starting to get warmed up. Staying for 30 minutes long in the bathtub. Haruna finally came out of the shower room, her body is dripping wet and get the towel in the closet. Fixing and dressing herself while humming.

Opening the lamp shade beside the door of the bathroom, she had been greeted by a figure comfortably sitting in her bed; supporting the back by leaning in the headboard, arms crossed, legs steadily resting on her bed and the figure’s eyes were closed. Haruna almost stumble backwards.

“Why the hell is your body resting on my bed?! Second, what the hell are you doing in my room?!” Haruna shouted at the close-eyed person. The girl open her eyes and gaze at Haruna.

Control yourself Yuko Oshima. Remember your character. A conceited person. Behind that short white towel is a… naked body.’ Yuko gulped. For some reason, she really is making an effort to control herself. Yuko let her hand do a rectangle shape and observed through it. Her body is tensing up as it will explode in a minute. The tall girl in front of her is dripping wet while a towel is wrapped around her body. The round ears… of a cat is a must.

“Nyan Nyan.” Yuko smiled and stepped her feet on the floor. Haruna tilted her head on the side, confused on what her bodyguard is saying. Yet, a little tint of red appear in her cheeks for no apparent reason.

Yuko let out a big grin in her face. Without a second, she squeezed her two itchy hands on Haruna’s breast, “I’ve seen your dripping wet naked body in the dark.” Yuko said in a fast way and quickly run out the room, earning a loud shrieked from Haruna inside the room.

“KYAAAAAAAAA~!!!” Haruna screamed, her throat are nearly going to come out on her mouth from screaming.

“A pervert bodyguard!” Haruna started to pant from anger. She opened the drawer beside her bed and took out her Colt 45 Revolver and dashed out the room. Towel still wrapped around her body.

“I thought you are only a human squirrel. Now, a pervert squirrel!” Haruna groaned, tracing the pervert squirrel who groped her virgin breast.

“COME OUT COME OUT PERVERTED SQUIRREL!!!” A loud bang coming from her revolver echoed through the hallway.

“I’m sorry Princess. I’m sorry!!!” The voice fading out leading to the garden made Haruna sprint even more while holding tightly on her towel.

“Genking, help! Genking!” Yuko cried out on the person she saw and hides at the back of the tall girl. Feeling lucky she caught up to see Sae in the garden with Sayaka. Haruna rushed in and fired one bullet in the air.

“Don’t hide at her back! Face me!”

Sayaka and Sae stared at each other, wondering what is happening to the two and for Haruna ready to kill Yuko. “Wh-what’s going on?!” Sayaka asked looking at Haruna and looked to Yuko at the back of her bodyguard.

The whole face of Haruna become red, too embarrassed to say what Yuko did to her. Yuko stepped in front of Sae and set her eyes straight into the mad Princess. Haruna pointed her revolver at Yuko and pulled down the hammer of the gun, ready to fire her revolver to Yuko.

“Don’t stop the beating of my heart by killing me. If you do, I wouldn’t be able to protect my Princess. I don’t want my heart to stop so I can protect my Princess forever. I’m sorry.” The wholehearted smile of Yuko catches Haruna. Sayaka and Sae’s mouth are hanging open on the sweet statement of Yuko. Yuko said her last sorry to Haruna and left the garden. Sayaka and Sae left the garden too. Leaving Haruna alone, her revolver are still pointing where Yuko is standing seconds ago. Stunned on her bodyguards words of honor.

Haruna’s soul went back to Earth. She melted her arms on her side, dropping the gun on the floor from her grip. Her body heated up, the hard blush in her cheeks will combust any seconds now, her heart is palpitating fast.

Not a single soul ever give her an experience of a bliss throughout her 23 years of living.


After refreshing her mind and body from taking a cold shower, the feet of Takamina dragged her to the garden, the light of the pool are illuminating in her skin. She had a deep thought earlier to use her barefist for fighting in order to make Maeda Atsuko not discover what she really is. Takamina throw different punches, kicks and other techniques in the air, making it as her personal sparing.

Takamina spins around and jabbed her right hand the moment she stop on her spinning. The size of her eyes increased when she saw Atsuko right infront of her, the right hand of Takamina are inches away on the middle of Atsuko’s assets.

Atsuko created an amused smirk. She leaned in closer, making her assets touch Takamina’s knuckles and pointed her pistol to Takamina’s hand. “Nice jab.” Atsuko swing her arm and grabbed Takamina’s hand. She quickly went to Takamina’s back, putting the small girl’s hand behind Takamina’s body.

The bodyguard flail her arms to reach and hit Atsuko’s face but Atsuko dodge quickly which made the hit miss. Atsuko kneed Takamina at the back of the knees, dropping the small girl on her knees and kicked the back of Takamina which Takamina’s face hit the grass.

Atsuko blared a single bullet near Takamina. To Takamina’s eyes, she saw the bullet digged in to the soil next to her.

“You’re weak. Tomorrow, be prepared.” Atsuko declared.


I’d walk a thousand miles just to see her.
But she’s far, far away~
The moment I left, I regret it.
Not seeing you right now makes me want to do anything,
Just to see your face.
Protect you in my arms,
With you I’d spend my life.
But you’re far, far away~

Rena chanted in the open air of the balcony. The lyrics that the song is playing in her phone make her sing without a further notice that she’s singing it out loud. A tap on her shoulder stopped Rena on singing. The person went beside her, she leaned her elbow on the balcony railing and stares at the dark sky with a smirk on her face. Rena removed her earphones and glance at the person next to her.

“Miichan.”Rena spoke in a mere whisper.

“Find Jurina. She needs you right now.” Miichan pulled away from the railing and stretches her arms and yawned. The girl beside her scoffed. “Find Jurina?” She repeated Miichan’s words by asking.

Now it’s Miichan’s turn to scoff. “You miss her don’t you?” A clever smile formed in the small girl’s lips.

“Miss her? No. Why would I? In fact, she deserves to be kidnapped. I thank them for doing so.” Rena broke her gaze to Miichan and looked away, feeling uncomfortable.

Miichan nudged Rena’s arm with still a interested smile on her face. “Then what is this – ‘Not seeing you right now makes me want to do anything, but you’re far, far away~’ that you were singing awhile ago?” Miichan’s eyebrows moved into an up and down way, teasing the tall girl.

“For your information, I’m not singing. I was listening to my—“ Rena paused and thought, how did Miichan knew the lyrics if she can’t hear what Rena is listening to? Rena sighed at her dense. “You know me, I always sing along to the song whenever I’m listening.” Rena stated her excuse, earning a ‘You kidding me?’ look from Miichan.

“By the way, why are you here? Aren’t you suppose to be with Shinoda Mariko-sama?” Rena change the topic to avoid the Jurina situation or whatever Miichan is trying to come up with.

It is now Miichan’s turn to sigh. “Every time I’m with her, I always hear her insults. For real, I don’t understand her for spitting insults to me. So it is better to stay away from her…” Miichan stopped for a moment and made a silly face expression “… That tall stick! Have you seen her thumb? It’s a TOE THUMB!!!” Miichan then showed her thumb in her foot which is a bit longer than Shinoda Mariko’s finger thumb. Rena burst into laughter and so did Miichan. “You should see it, you’ll laugh more than this laugh.” Miichan suggested while still holding her stomach from laughing.

Behind their laughter, Rena couldn’t stop the sense of a worried feeling inside her.

Can't wait for Jurina to be saved?  :pimp: Now off to dance!!!  :shakeit:
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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
« Reply #31 on: July 16, 2011, 03:51:32 PM »
AWWEEEESOMEEEEEEEE update update!!! xD i'm soooooooo looking forward to the next chapter!! update soon~ :D :on woohoo:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
« Reply #32 on: July 16, 2011, 03:57:43 PM »
This is awesome ! You added sasshi and kitarie lol love their appearance out of nowhere keke

Awww Rena miss Jurina, must go find her now XD

I was getting weird looks from coworkers when i started to laugh while reading the Yuko and Haruna scene.

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
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Rena is the best!!!!!
Yuko, nice move ;)
And the 2 hara made me laugh

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
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PLEASE  update soon.. :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
« Reply #35 on: July 16, 2011, 05:17:58 PM »
hello. i'm just read all your story..
nice nice nice.  :twothumbs
please continue~


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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
« Reply #36 on: July 16, 2011, 07:18:16 PM »
need to save Jurina!!!!  :banghead:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
« Reply #37 on: July 17, 2011, 03:44:20 AM »


Needs to save Jurina now.  :panic:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
« Reply #38 on: July 17, 2011, 05:00:45 AM »
the kojiyuu part  :rofl:

 i love yuko's words to haruna..

Rena miss jurina..awww, so sweet..

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Re: Mafia Princesses [3-1] - A Bliss Experience.
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We understand how you feel Rena~  :(

Hope they can save Jurina soon~  XD

LOL at Sasshi & Kitarie part~  :grin:

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