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Author Topic: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)  (Read 23398 times)

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
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Hello!~ OMG its been so long since I updated this fanfic! IM SORRY GOMEN!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
I left alot of you guys hanging with my last chapter and I wanted to end it here once and for all!  :cathappy: :cathappy:
ALSO THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS MY FANFICS AND FOR EVERYONE WONDERFUL COMMENTS!  :deco:I never would have realized how much people read my fanfics and I want to spread my love for writing to you guys! SO THANK YOU EVERY MUCH!!! :bow:  :cathappy: :deco:
Chapter Nine: What Now..

I could hear voices around me, trying to open my eyes I could only see a blur of people around me maybe like 5 to 3 people surrounding me with voices of urgency… was I in the hospital...

The pain started to hit me as I started to scream out of my lungs, it hurt like hell I couldn't describe the pain I was feeling right now. I cried out in a horrible cry, this pain in my lungs the taste of metal everytime I coughed violently.. its hurts...

"Doctor she's losing to much blood!" An urgent voice yelled across from me trying to calm me down as I screamed out of pain.

"Hurry! We must keep her alive" another said more calmly

I could feel a cold hand on my shoulder pushing me down. This pain it's hurts.. soon the pain started to slowly fade away. I could feel myself getting lighter all of a sudden

"Matsui Rena please stay with us! Stay..."

I soon lost the words that followed and my vision sooned turned dark. That slowly started to subside till I felt nothing and hear nothing around me…as I felt myself getting into a peaceful slumber….





Oh a voice... how long have I been sleeping…

"It’s Mayuyu…. Rena"


"Just wanted to say Me and Yuki are fine, she bad at cooking, but she a good wife" Mayuyu said beside me as I felt warm hands on top of mine.

Mayu and Yuki are married huh.. i'm glad Yuki is ok..Yuki everyone….

"Airin and Churi and the rest are still worried sick" Mayuyu said "The news keeps updating about your current condition, but somehow after a few years people seem to care less and less about you.. even you Mr. Matsui, your father seems to have given up.. he plans to pull the plug on you after keeping you like this for soo long..."

So my career is gone.. dad.. he must be worried sick… their planning to pull the plug on me.. but I’m still here, alive

"Anyways, I came to say that we're all doing fine Rena, I just miss the times we shared haha, after your incident everyone became distant even Jurina doesn't talk to us anymore" She said sadly "I haven't talked to her in almost a 4 years, but I heard she still visits you huh, i’m glad she must be still worried about you"

Jurina.. I miss her.. Jurina

"Anyways Rena please wake up.. they're going to pull the plug on you soon maybe 3 days from now.. they're going to cut your cords that are keeping you alive.. your dad doesn't want to see his daughter like this, but I don't want to see you go" I soon heard loud sobs as she continued  "Rena please.. don't leave us.. please fight this! Don't give up Rena keep fighting Re..."

Soon all of a sudden voice disappeared like thin air, I tried everything to hear that voice again to try to move my body, but nothing happened. I'm just a soul stuck between the outside world and the world within my lifeless body…

I need to wake up.. but how..


"Re.. “



A voice? How long has it been since I last heard a voice... Mayuyu could it be Mayuyu...

"Rena I came back to visit you" a gentle voice called for me. I could feel a warm gentle hand on mine stroking my hand gently "Rena"

That voice... it sounds so familiar...  but sounds more mature... could it be, no it couldn’t be… could it? Jurina...

"I came to visit you Rena ….it's me Jurina"

JURINA! Jurina oh God Jurina... she must be mad at me... Jurina...  she must have found out sooner or later about me being a girl hahah.. stupid.. why did u get into a car crash.. stupid..

"Rena it's been years since your incident please come back.. I forgive you about everything... about pretending to be a guy, my feeling towards you Rena i'm ok now.."

Jurina… I’m sorry about everything, Jurina….

"Rena I found someone, haha I guessing I told you already, but he asked me to marry him"


"He asked me today, I didn't tell him yet, but I'm still considering about his feelings, and maybe I do love him"

So Jurina already found someone, he must be a lucky guy whoever he is.

"But I wanted to say that the day of our graduation I wanted to tell you that I love you.. I never noticed you were Matsui Rena till Churi told me, I was mad at first at first and never considered that you were in this condition.. I noticed after Churi and the other forced me to come see you then it hit me hard.. seeing you like this lifeless.. I never wanted to see you like this I cried everyday waiting for you to wake up  till I met him, he conforted me and helped me get through this... but Rena I still love you.. I don't care about  what happened to in the past about you being Ren I.. I don't care if you're Ren or Rena.. I just want you to come back"

I could so  hear soft sobs beside me as I felt cold tears falling on my hand. Jurina, please don't cry I still love you.. Jurina please don't marry him I still haven't told you how much I love you.. Jurina

"Rena I decided to marry him.. I plan to tell him today after I visit you" she said sadly "Rena, I love you"

After she said that I could feel soft warm lips against mine. Oh how I wanted to pull her into that kiss, but how could I was stuck in my lifeless body unable to move, unable to show Jurina that I was always here. Jurina... Jurina.. Jurina!!

I tried to moving my arms legs any part of my body but no matter how I moved it there was nothing...  no no i can't let Jurina marry ... no I love her noo Jurina!

"Good bye Rena, I won't see anymore i'll be moving to Kyoto after with him.." she said sadly before kissing my forehead "they're going to pull you plug on you today.. I don’t want to see them do this to you and it hurts so much...  this is the last time I get to see you.. I always love you...Rena.."


With all the ounce of strength I had I tried to make my fingers move. Come on... Fingers.. don't fail me! Soon I could hear my heart meter go crazy, Jurina seemed to react to that as she quickly held my hand calling the nurse to come in. Jurina don’t go! Jurina I don’t want to die.. Jurina, everyone!

"Rena are you ok!" She said loudly "Rena can you hear me!"

Of course I can hear you Jurina! JURINA JURINA!

soon I felt a little twitch of my fingers moving.. yes finally!

"Ee Rena! RENA!" She yelled holding my hand tightly as she sobs echoed the room "Rena!"

Soon I could hear the nurse rushing in pushing Jurina aside as she let go of my hand and I soon feel back to sleep as they put a sharp needle into my arm.


A few days later

Soon after my encounter of Jurina and me finally moving my finger after 4 years I was finally awakened. The other soon heard the news and was overjoyed with me waking up even my father cried the whole day saying it was miracle. I missed everyone and they all seemed mature and old and apparently i'm 22 right now! I’m so thankful that I’m ok now.

"Rena you shouldn't be doing that!" Churi cried taking the plastic knife away from me as I was my food.

"G-gomen hahah- ha" I shuttering

"Gosh, after so long of sleeping you plan to hurt yourself again!"

"Go-men" I said again in a shutter letting Churi take the plate of food from my hand.

"Geez Rena it's only been 4 days since you woke up and you're still stubborn"

I laughed a bit as a knock came to my room. Churi opened the door relieving Yuko, Haruna, Meada and Minami at the door. I smiled at them as Yuko came rushing into my room holding me tight like their no tomorrow.


I sighed patting her head as I saw Haruna pulling away Yuko as Minami came up me holding flower as she hugged me more gently.

"Rena welcome back we've missed you"

"It's been so long Rena hehe I'm glad your back" Meada added patting my head “I’m glad your ok”

"My girlfriend and I have been worried sick about you ever since Churi here told us the situation 4 years ago..." Haruna added trying to calm down Yuko as she held my hand sobbing like crazy.

"Gu-guys haha thank you" I said slowly forming a smile on my face.

"Rena!" Yuko cried again be taking free of Haruna as she hugged me.

I laughed a bit as the day went by. One by one the left leaving me alone in my room to cope up all the stuff I missed. I looked through the yearbook that was taken 5 years ago as I smiled seeing my friends in their younger years, seeing them in their graduation gowns. Then suddenly a knock echoed into the room.

"Come i-in"

Slowly revealing a familiar face she rushed to my side hugged me as I hugged back.

“Y-Yuki” I said happily as I opened my arms wide as she  jumped into my arms like a little child.

Yuki cried on my shoulder as I patted her back to calm her down. Yuki grew to be a fine young lady her black hair was now a light brown and she wore a light blue summer dress.

"Rena, i'm glad your ok now" she said in soft sobs "i'm so happy"

I chuckled a bit as I nodded my head. After a few minutes Yuki sobs subsided as she pulled up a chair beside me.

"So hows your marriage" I said “I heard Mayuyu when I was still in a coma that you and Mayuyu were married”

"It’s great me and Mayuyu are planning to adopt a child" Yuki said with a smile "we wanted you to be the good mother if you wanted tho"

"Of course" I said happily holding her warm hands against my cold one "B-but Yuki i'm sorry for everything " I added seeing her eyes widen then soften.

"it's ok Rena it's all in the past, I'm just glad your ok now" she said softly "So have you seen Jurina after you woke up?"

I shook my head as she sighed.

"She told me she canceled the wedding for you because she wanted you to fully recover before she gets married" Yuki soon noticed my eyes looking at the covers of my bed "Rena.."

"I'm ok" I said sadly "I’m glad she found someone she loves, but I still need to tell her my feeling like I was going to do 4 years ago"

Yuki smiled patting on the head.

"You should and also once again I’m glad your back Rena " She added before standing up to take her leave "I’m sure both of you have some catching up to do"

"Yuki" I called out before she exited the door " can you tell Jurina to meet me a week from now when I'm strong enough to walk" I asked her as she nodded slowly

"Sure "

She sooned left and I layed down on the bed staring up at the ceiling wishing for the day I could talk to Jurina again. I wished I never got in a car crash, because if I didn't I wouldn't have to see the love of my life, 4 years after I woke up from my coma falling in love with someone else.
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 9 UPDATED (09/25/2015)
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Poor Rena. Wake up oneday and the lover going to get married. Its hurt. So i dont know, Jurina still love her, but she had another man who care of here for years when she down :panic:
WMatsui in my heart <3
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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 8 UPDATED
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Thanks for the update~ :cow:
"Mayuyu.. this is a bit too fast.." i rolled as Mayuyu looked down a bit "but will you be by my side.. so ill forgot about Rena
Aw~ Its nice how Yuki gave Mayu a chance. Mayuyu will definitely do anything for her Princess  :mon fyeah:
"Love is love isn't it!" He replied as the audience clapped "Whatever my daughter loves male or female i'll support her!"
Rena's dad is so supportive! :mon determined:
Now that the whole media knows about Rena liking someone, there will no longer be admirers asking to date her :mon sweat:
but... I dont want to die... I...I have to tell Jurina.... I have to tell her...why does God have to do this to me now...I need to tell her...
That I love her...
No! Rena don't die!  :OMG:
Just when she was going to tell Jurina her feelings and the truth that she is a girl! :depressed:
She soon placed the broken frame down, a crack was shown placed right in between Jurina and the Rena.
That broken picture frame is adding to the suspense!! :on freeze: I hope Rena survives  :mon prayer:
Update soon :tama-heart:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 9 UPDATED (09/25/2015)
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it's too much! i'm happy rena wake up at the moment!
update soon! :) :)

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 9 UPDATED (09/25/2015)
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Rena you still have time! Just kiss your girl and claim her! XD

"Once I told Yui a message, 'no matter what happens, I only want Yui to be by my side.' To think of it, it just become a vogue, isn't it?"

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 9 UPDATED (09/25/2015)
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Rena what the hell are you doing? Jurina still loves you. You woke up from your coma because she said she still loves you. Don't just give up on her :doh: Jurina can not marry that man she doesn't love him, she loves Rena. :banghead: I hope Rena gets to tell Jurina her feelings and win her back. Can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work. Bye bye  :peace:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)
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HELLO Fellow readers! :welcome :welcome
I'm back with another chapter for FIGHT or FLIGHT series! :cow:
I'm very VERY greatful for everyone comments and for everyone who read this I'm very happy that my first fanfic, people liked it THANK YOU :cow: :cow:
Anyways thank you guys very much and sadly this series will end very soon!
ANYWAYS ENJOY AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAYY!!!  :yossi: :otomerika: :yossi: :otomerika:

Chapter 10- Moving on

A week later..

After that week, my strength grew back and I didn’t shudder as much and I was glad that I was finally able to walk after staying in bed for 4 years, however I still needed to use a walking stick to help me, but it beats sitting in my hospital bed all day. I waited outside for Jurina present to arrive as I urgently texting Yuki when she was coming as she texted back saying in a few minutes still a gentle voice spoke in front of me. 


I turned around seeing a very familiar face in front of me. My mouth widens a bit seeing Jurina, as she is 4 years later. I could see how well she aged from being a younger lady to now an adult. Her hair grew a bit longer and was now pass she shoulders as she wore a sundress toped off with a pair of cute flip-flops. Our first meeting after 4 years I had to dress badly! She had to dress up nicely and me… I only had a pair shorts and a sweater that said “Surfer” on it that I got from Airin because all my other clothes were still at home.. AAA good job Rena!

“You look nice today,” I said blushing a bright pink

I could hear her chuckle as she replied back

“You look pretty also Rena”

Thump Thump

My heart started to beat faster as she said that. I quickly grabbed her hand leaving the walking stick beside me behind trying to hind the noticeable blush on my face.

“Lets go!” I said grabbing her hand gently pulling her beside me

“B-But Rena your walking stick!”

“Its ok you can help me walk Jurina” I replied linking arms together as it brought a slight blush to her face “I want to spend time with you, since it’s been such a long time”


I noticed her stop at her tracks as I looked beside me seeing Jurina facing the ground looking at her feet.

I quickly tired to make her look at me as she launched herself on to me pulling into a hug. It been so long since I’ve hugged her, like this. I hugged her back as she let a few tears roll down my shoulder.

“Rena.. I was so worried about you..” She said hugging me more tightly “I thought we lost you for good..”

I smiled a bit, hugging her back as I whispered into her ear.

“I’ve been worried too.. I thought you hated me after keeping the secret that I was a guy Jurina”

She quickly pulled away as she suddenly slapped me. OUCH that hurt a lot, like literally. I stood still for a bit holding my now redden cheek as I saw Jurina face filled with worry and sadness.

“That’s for you not telling me 4 years ago” Jurina said before she before pulling into a hug again “Rena, I already forgive you, I’m just glad you’re ok now.. I was worried sick.. I cried everyday for you to wake up.. I’m just happy your ok now..”

I pulled her closely to the hug before letting my own tears fall down.

“Jurina.. Gomen” I said with soft sobs “I never wanted to hurt you like this”

After our meeting, we wiped our tears, as we wanted to fill our day with happy memories than sad ones. We quickly started the day as we walked around, passing by parks and our old high school. Jurina showed me all the things that didn’t change when I was in my coma. I glad I had to spend more time with Jurina; she grew more beautiful than I ever image. But.. Somehow I still had the unsettling feeling in my heart knowing that Jurina liked someone else…

“I’m glad you’re ok now Rena” Jurina added as we stopped at the bridge as we watched the sun starting to set “I was so worried about you”

I slowly watched her as she tucked a few strained of hair beside me as we watched the sun set quietly.  I remember this bridge the railing, the light that was above us. This was the same place I told Yuki that I had feeling for Jurina… and now here I am with Jurina at the exact same spot..

“So I heard your getting married,” I added seeing Jurina head turn, as I counted to watch the sky getting darker each second. “I heard it from Mayuyu and the others.. I’m happy you’ve found someone you love Jurina”


Soon it got quite again as I quickly grabbed her hand beside me. She jumped a bit, but slowly gently squeezed my hand, insuring that she was ok.


“Jurina I love you” I said turned to see her expression on her face filled with shock “I always loved you Jurina, I didn’t consider it still it was to late.. I’m sorry for everything, all the sorrow I’ve brought, all the pain that you felt.. I’m sorry I lied about you saying I was a guy.. I’m sorry that you had feelings for a girl.. I’m sorry for making you fall for me… Jurina I’m sorry.. I’m sorry you had to wait so long for my reply.. Jurina…”


“Jurina I-I still love you.. But I know you love him..”


“You don’t have to explain Jurina, it ok” I said as tears started to fall down my face “I’ve been a bad friend, playing with you feeling, pretending to be a guy and everything”

Suddenly Jurina came up to me wiping the tears with her thumb as she slowly stroked my face

“Rena I-“

“Jurina, Baby this is where you are!” I husky voice came from behind me

 Jurina quickly let go of her hand from my face. I slowly turned around seeing a very tall guy behind me as he quickly went beside Jurina wrapped his arm around her waist as he kissed her cheeks.

“What are you doing here?” He asked looking at me from head to toe “I looked all over for you and here you are with umm…?”

“I was with my friend here” She added letting herself free from his embrace as she stood beside me “This is Rena, Haku and Rena this is Haku my fiancé”

My heart sank.. So this is Jurina soon to be husband…

“Hi” I said in a cold tone as I waved at him a bit

“Yo!” he replied patting my head “You’re Matsui Rena? I’m guessing”

I nodded as he pulled Jurina back to him from me.

“I see… did you tell her about the wedding” He added

“Oh no I haven’t” Slowly Jurina pulled a white enveloped that said Mr. and Ms. Takahashi on it “Rena, we were planning to have the wedding in 3 months, we were suppose to have it a few weeks ago, but you woke up and well, I wanted you to be one of my bridesmaid..Like the person who will be my leading friend at the event.. If you wanted though”

Couldn't hold the tears in my eyes as I took it from her hand as tears slowly started to fall. Why was I crying? Damn it Rena you’re not suppose to be sad, you have to be happy, HAPPY!

“Rena, Rena are you ok?” Jurina added seeing me in tears

“Whoa are you ok?” Haku said placing a hand on my head “Why are you crying?”

I quickly slapped his hand as I threw the envelope to the ground as I started running away.

“Rena! RENA!”

I started run as fast as I could away from them. After a few minutes of running I stopping at the park as coughed heavily trying to caught my breath as my tears started to fall down my now redden face. I’m so stupid.. Saying my feeling to her, when she’s already with someone else … why did I have to that. Jurina is already happy why do I have to bring her sorrow again..


3-month later

After a few weeks of the encounter I started to slowly move away from Jurina. She called me a few times and Yuki also tried to text me to talk to her, but I just said that I didn’t have the time since I was still being rehabilitated from my coma, which was actually a lie. I didn’t do it because I hated her, but because I didn’t have the strength to see her as it brought sorrow in my heart. After weeks of slowly getting my strength back went back home after almost 2 months for being at the hospital. I soon when back home, and being greeted by my dad again was a great feeling, but the pain of Jurina kept coming back again even after not seeing her or even talking to her for 2 months. Then I started to do baking, and I slowly started to forget Jurina when I baked. Baking was the solution to ease my pain and the more I baked the more I forgot about Jurina… I then suddenly decide to go to France after learned my ability to bake, and how much baking eased my mind.. I never imagined I would decide this so quickly, but I didn’t want to see Jurina marry someone when I still loved her and baking was the only way for me to be able to let her go.. I loved her, but I didn’t want to hurt her anymore, after what I did to her…

“HUH FRANCE!” Airin and Mayuyu said out loud from my room as Chrui tried to shut her up them up.

“I always wanted to go to France,” I said with a smile as I laid down on my bed “I always wanted to try all the bread and sweets they have! I’ve planned to do my passion for baking from now, I want to do what I love best and my father agreed for me to go and I just wanted to tell you guys first”

“But Rena, Jurina wedding is tomorrow and you leaving TOMORROW!” Churi said in angry “WHAT WRONG WITH YOU!?”

Mayuyu and Airin shook their head as I sighed deeply hugging the pillow in front of me.

“Churi, I can’t see Jurina marry him” I added sadly “How could I when I ran away from them and throwing the card in front of them AND telling Jurina my feelings!”

“Rena.. Jurina still loved you” Mayuyu said “I can still see it in her eyes!”

I quickly shock my head as tears started to fall again

“I don’t want to feel this pain anymore” I said “I want her to be happy and I rather have her, have her life with him than me messing her feeling like I did in high school, this is the only way for me to forget about her guys… I can’t anymore.. I can’t see her anymore.. I don’t want to ruin her life again”

The three of them just sat in silently in my room.

“Rena..  I hope you making a good decision,” Airin said with a firm voice

“I know I am” I smiled quickly pulling an envelope that was hidden from underneath my laptop “Here, can you give it to Jurina after she gets married”

“What is it?” Churi said taking the envelope from me as the other two stared at the words that were written Jurina on it.

“Just something I wanted to tell her that I couldn’t do in front of her” I added smiling bitterly “Saying how sorry I am for not being there and for being a bad friend”

3 years later

After telling my friends of my decision of going to France, the day of Jurina wedding I took my flight to France. It was bittersweet for me to leave my friends and family when I just woke up just about a few months ago and now having to leave them to go to France. My dad was upset that I had decided to leave him after almost having to lose his daughter, but her agreed seeing that I wanted this chance to live my 4 years that I missed. And here I am in France learning the arts of cooking at a rising baking shops called AKB café that was now a hit among young people, being taught the ways of baking cakes, chocolate and sweets that you can ever imagine. I was trained by Yuka who was actually a baker in Japan, but wanted to learn the arts of baking and took me in as her student. I even got to make new friends such as Yukiko, Hirata who were half Japanese and Meiko who was also Japanese studying aboard like me, I even told them about my past and how I was famous and they were shocked that I was, thee Matsui Rena, and they slowly accept me into the family of baking and here I am haha. However even After I moved to France my feeling for Jurina, the pain I’ve felt slowly started to subside… But I still loved her from the bottom of my heart, it was just that the pain I felt 3 years ago was disappearing and I didn’t worry that much about Jurina, because I know now that she is living a better life without me in the picture, but at times the pain would come back…

“Yoo Rena you’re zoning out again!” Yukiko said to me, slapping me on the head with her wooden spoon “Your chocolate is over flowing”

I quickly looked down at the container that was now over flowing with chocolate as I dropped the bucket of melted chocolate down, quickly grabbing a towel wiping the excess chocolate from the table.

“OMG I’m sorry” I said “ I didn’t mean to that!”

“Haha its ok Rena!” Yukiko said with a chuckle “It just not like you to lose focus”

I laughed also cleaning the rest of the spilled chocolate into the garbage. Suddenly a voice boomed into the kitchen as our head chef Yuka came rushing in with a white sheet of paper in her hand waving it back and forth.

“OMG RENA!” Yuka said excitingly as she pulled the sheet to my face “you’re dad is planning to have you in his new show!”

Suddenly Hirita and Meiko came in also from the other side of the kitchen as they came to see what Yuka was yelling about.

“What is it?” Hirata said with a curious voice

“I wonder” Meiko added

I quickly took the paper as the 4 of them all cramped up beside as we all read the letter. I quickly read it as it was a letter from my dad announcing a new show that was called “Kitchen in Love” and apparently they wanted to have some for the filming done here and wait a second… and now staring Matsui Rena…Rena huh? ME!? HUH?

“OMG Rena, you might be able to have her entertainment career blossom again!” Yukiko said excitingly clapping her hands

“OMG RENA I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!” Hirata said in her English hugging me “YEAH RENA”

“OMG our shop is finally noticed in Japan!” Mieko said happily “I’m glad!”

“But.. I’m ok with my job now” I said shyly “It not like anyone would remember be after what 8 years”

“Who knows!” Yuka said “At least call her dad about it, Rena you should take the chance to do it! It would great to have our café be noticed”


Later that night

“Dad you want me to go back to Japan?” I questioned sitting down on the couch of my apartment

“I want you to be the star of the show” He said “I always wanted someone who knows the French baking and Japanese baking and you’re perfect for the role honey”

“But dad.. Why can’t you pick Yukiko or Yuka or anyone else in the shop, you know them well enough since you visit me every year”

“There not perfect for the role and I made this show about you,” He said “It’s a prefect way for you to be in Japan again and you can still bake in France since the filming is on site of you shop”

I sighed, “Is it ok for me to go back to the entertainment industry, I always hated being noticed by big crowds since I was little and a lot more people would question me for being absent for 8 years”

“Its ok Rena” He said calmly “Everyone would be glad you’re back don’t worry I won’t the media get into you private life like before, I promise”

“But dad…”

I could hear my dad sigh again before finally telling the reason behind this show.

“Rena, I can see you’re worried about something.. Even when I came to visit you, you were still sad even if you tried to hide it. I did this show for you to be able to be move on, I though it would be a great way for you to let go of the feelings you’re not telling me Rena”


“Rena, I’m just doing this for you to be an adult.. I haven’t seen you grow as young lady when you were in you coma” Dad said sadly “Rena”

“Dad.. I didn’t know you did it for that reason” I replied

“I’m always worried about you,” He said warmly “I did this show in order for you to be happy, I though it would be a push for you”

“Dad…Well.. ummm… Ok I do the show, when do I have to got to Japan?” I said remembering that Jurina was in Japan still as I sighed a bit

“In a week from now” Dad said with a happy tone “I already paid you flight you just have to show up to the airport and the rest is taken care of, and Rena, don’t worry I’m sure Jurina is ok and everyone else”

I smiled bitterly at Dad comment, I never told him about what happened with me and Jurina, 3 years ago after she told me about her getting married. He never asked me about what happened like what other parents do, he was more of the type that wanted me to figure it out and if he noticed I was to stress he would always tell me it was ok. I’m glad he was looking out for me and maybe this show will make me filly forget about Jurina, and I did kind of miss being in the entertainment industry. Maybe it would be a kick-start for AKB café and for me also.

“Thanks dad” I replied back “I love you”

“I love you to sweetheart” He replied back “I’ll see you in a week, and you friends will be every happy to see you again”

I hanged up the call staring back into the ceiling of my living room as I felt the heavy feeling that I’ve haven’t felt in 3 years. I sighed deeply closing my eyes.

“How can I ever face her” I said to myself putting my hand out in front of me closing my fist as if I’ve caught something in my hand “Is it worth it to keep fighting these feeling or to run away from them...”


Different POV

I slowly took looked through from my laptop as my eyes stopped to seeing a new show called “Kitchen in Love” that would aired soon. My eyes widen seeing the cast named… wait Matsui Rena… Rena was part of it. It’s been 3 years since ran away from me after giving her invite for the wedding. I even waited for her when the wedding was going to start, but Rena.. You never came. Tears slowly started to fall down my face remembering the letter Rena written for me 3 years ago.


Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)
« Reply #49 on: October 04, 2015, 02:44:02 AM »
Authorchi please make this a happy ending,I really love this story T^T

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)
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so.. jurina didn't married that guy right?
i know you just update this fic but update soon pleaseeeee!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)
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Jurina can't marry that guy she doesn't love him. :tantrum:

Please don't tear apart Wmatsui love.  :bow:

I can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work. Bye bye :peace:

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Re: Wmatsui fanfic- Fight or Flight? CHAPTER 10 UPDATED (10/03/2015)
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Jurina just went to get married like that :( why why why :(((
WMatsui in my heart <3
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