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Author Topic: (Short Storys) UPDATED:Love Triangle (10/07/2015)  (Read 15698 times)

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN PT. 2 ending (Wmatsui)
« Reply #20 on: January 25, 2015, 05:32:39 AM »
Finally FINISHED THISSS YAHH!!! :cow: :cow:
I was thinking of writing a epilogue for this with Mayu and Yuki in it alsoo.......
I'll let you guys decide hahah! if you want me to make an epilogue for this just comment below!!! :cow: :cow:
I'll be trying my best to post chapter for my 2 on going fanfic now!! but I might have writer block so please hang on!!! :bow: :bow:
I'll be also trying my best to write new one shot fanfic wit other couples I don't usually write!! :otomerika: :otomerika:
enough talk from you should be reading now!! :shakeit: :shakeit:
ENJOY EVERYONE!!!!! :yossi: :yossi: :yossi: :yossi:
“I swear Rena, you need to stop hanging out with Jurina!” Yuki yelled at me as we were walking home from work  “She using you for sex! I can’t believe you're still seeing each other for 2 weeks now!! I also can’t believe you even agreed to do this sort of thing often, when you know deep down this is wrong!!”

I sighed, of course I know its wrong.. it just I can't seem to stop myself from doing it no matter how hard I try. She has this sort of, force inside me that makes me do these things with her, even though I know it was wrong.

“Well aren’t I using her also?” I questioned “Aren’t I using her to get my stupid ex out of my head”

“But Rena, Jurina a freaking sex monster!” Yuki replied as we entered my house “She fucks girls when she finds someone interesting, and then throws them away like trash! Heck she even tried to hit on me in the club before! ON ME! when I was dating Mayu! she just gets people to fall for her and she flirts with them, then takes advantage of them!”

Yuki continued ranting about me and Jurina again as I popped a new bottle of wine filling two glasses. When Yuki finally stopped talking her silently sat down on my couch with her arms crossed. I walked toward her, handing her glasses as she muttered a quick thanks to me. I sat beside her as we drank the liquid down.

“Rena I’m just worried about you ok?” Yuki said “Jurina is a dangerous person.. please just don’t fall in love with her, when you know full well she just using you..”

“Thanks Yuki..” I said slapping her arm playfully before smiling bitterly to myself “I’ll try not to..”

Two days later

“Fuck.. I need to stop this..” I said under my breath as I got out of Jurina bed

For the last couple of weeks, I been willing coming back to Jurina place every time my ex came to my mind. She been my sort of relief in a way and for her, she's just using me to please her sexually intentions. I quickly got dressed before heading down stairs. It been like a daily routine for me, going to Jurina house, having sex, then waking up in the morning to make breakfast for us before I would head home to go to work. I looked through her fridge again seeing only boxes of boxes of leftover food.. she must have bought these at some fast food places. I sigh quickly grabbing a couple of eggs and a can soup that I found laying around.

"Well... better than nothing "

I started making us soup and egg, I could hear the sound of the food cooking, filing the silent room. As I was frying the egg, I suddenly felt slender arm wrapped around my waist.

"Umm!!~ Smells good Rena" Jurina said placing her chin on my shoulder "Want me to help you?"

I shook my head before placing the egg on each of our plate, I slightly turned around to face her holding both of our plates of food.

"You could help me take this to the dinner table, if you don't mind" I replied "I'm almost done with the soup, till be ready in 3 minutes"

"Sure thing!" Jurina said cheerfully taking the plates from my head before sneaking a quick kiss on my cheek.

I blushed a bit at her action before she left the kitchen. I turned around trying to focus my attention on the food ,then the kiss Jurina gave me. After I made the soup we silently ate. I could feel Jurina gaze on me as we ate our food as I tried my best not to look at her in the eye. When we finish our food I quickly stood up taking the plates of food to the sink before taking my bag that was hanging from the chair.

"Well I better go.." I said

Just as I was about to leave the kitchen I could feel Jurina sender arms wrapped around my waist again. I could feel her hot breath on my neck.

"Wait, don't leave me" Jurina said in an almost desperate tone "I need you still"

Saying that again..she's always telling me every night that she loves me.. need me.. but what I'm I to you really? a toy to play with and be thrown away?.. well I'm doing that to you in a way, using you also..

"Not now Jurina.." I replied "I need to go home… I have work after.."

"No" She whispered into my ear “I want you now”

Jurina quickly turned me around kissing me forcefully against the wall. I kissed her back with the same force as she let her hands roam around my body. I moaned a bit between kisses, before she broke off leaning her forehead with mine.

"Fuck.. Rena I want you again.." she said breathlessly "So badly"

She quickly crashed her lips on mine again, wrapping my arms around her neck, pulling her closer to deepen our kiss and after a few minutes of kissing I pulled away. She carried me upstairs to her room again as we had our sort of morning sex. After our heated intimate exchange, I left Jurina house to get ready to go to work like always. When I finished my business at home I went straight to work, I entered the building taking my seat in my office. As I entered, Yuki came also behind me, knocking at my door before coming in.

"You're late again Rena" Yuki said

"Yah, Yah and You'll give me a lecture again, ,like yesterday about how bad Jurina is blab blab"

I could hear Yuki sigh a bit taking a seat on the chair in front of me.

"I not going to anymore Rena" Yuki said in a serious tone "You can do whatever you want, this is your life, not mine"

I turned towards her raising my eyebrow at her in disbelief. Did she just say she not lecturing me anymore? This isn't the Yuki I know, she should be talking nonstop about me being late again and about Jurina.

"Yuki are you ok?" I asked leaning on my desk to place a hand on her forehead "You're not sick right?"

Yuki lightly pulled my hand away, sighing to herself.

"Rena i’m serious.. i’m not going to babysit you about your problems anymore" she said before standing up "Rena.. please don't go running to me about Jurina leaving you when I told you millions of times about her.. I don't want you to get hurt again"

Yuki right.. I always go running to her when something happens..  she must be tried of my childish action by now. I’m so stupid aren’t I, being with Jurina hahah… i’m pathetic...

"I'm sorry Yuki.." I replied just as she was about to leave my office "I’m sorry for being a fucked up friend.."

Yuki smiled to me bitterly before replying.

"It’s fine ...were friends for a reason Rena, I'll always be here for you... It's just, you have to fix your own problems for once thats all"

"Thanks Yuki" I said "For taking my crap everyday"

She laughed a bit at my comment.

"Haha, well thanks for taking my crap about Mayu when we fight also"

We laughed a bit before she left my office…. I sighed leaning my chair back, looking up at the ceiling. I remember all the things Yuki told me about Jurina, all the things she done to girls in the past. I felt a small tucked in my heart knowing that soon, Jurina will let me go like she does countless of times with other people.

"Fuck.. I can't believe I fell for you" I said to myself placing my hands on my face "After knowing that we just used each other..."

One week later

Its been a few days since me and Jurina had sex. It must be that she found some else to fuck around with. I also can't believe after she left, I felt like crap like when me and Airin broke up. I'm a fucked up person right? Loving a person I know fully well, who’s just using me for sexually pleasure and now here I am, at the bar again drinking my problems away.

"I fucking hate life" I said to myself drinking down my last glass of alcohol before heading home.

As I was walking home. I noticed a familiar figure in the distance, but they weren't alone. I stopped a bit to see the person was Jurina and someone else I didn’t seem to know. I quickly hid behind a vending machine watching them for a bit.

"Mou!~ Jurina lets go home" A girl said, before putting her arms around Jurinas

"We will Nanna, don't worry" Jurina said before leaning to kiss her

I felt a furry of angry building up inside me, watching Jurina kissing another person. I quickly ran up to the couple before pulling them away from their kiss. I saw Jurina eyes widen when she say me in disbelief.

"Rena ...w-why are you here?" She questioned

I didnt replied to her, but slapped her across the face.

"What the fuck are you doing!" Nanna said before slapping me also "Fuck off!"

I death glared at her as she back a bit from. I turned my attention to Jurina to she her still shock from my actions.

"You're a fucked up person you know" I said bitterly

She turned towards me before angrily grabbing my coat jacket.

"Well you're fucked up as well Rena" she replied back

I laughed at her comment before pushing myself away from her laughing like a crazy person.

"HAHAHA!" I said laughing out loud "Were the same aren't we? Using people to rid of your problems of life i'm a right Jurina?"

Jurina looked down a bit as I could see the other trying to comfort her, but Jurina pushed her away.

"What do you fucking want... Rena!" She yelled

"I fucking want you to take my feeling for you away from me!" I yelled " I fucking dont want to live with this feeling!!"

She stood there shocked for a bit before I walked away from her. As we were facing back to back from each other I chuckled a bit before walking home.

"I hope you have fun with your fucked up toy Jurina" I said, laughing a bit “We had fun while it lasted did we? I hope you have fun fucking other people”

I didn't hear Jurina reply after as I keep walking forward not daring to look back

A few days later

After my encounter with Jurina I felt a bit better. I did still have feeling for her, but I finally figured I would forget about her like Airin.

"Are you sure you ok?" Yuki replied as we were eating at the SKE cafe like always after work

I told everything about what happened to Yuki, to when we we first meet to currently me slapped Jurina for good measure. She was shocked when I told her, but after she told that Jurina deserved it.

"I'm fine now" I said "Better than I was a few weeks ago"

She smiled at me before lightly patting my shoulder.

"If you happy! I’m happy Rena, thats good to hear that you ok!" she said "By the way I can't go with your to the movies!"

"Huh? Why?" I asked

"Well Mayu asked me yesterday ,that she wanted to take me out on a date" she replied a bit shyly "And... were always busy with work... and yah.."

I laughed at her shy side when she mentioned Mayu. She pouted at me before slapping me on the head.

"Stop laughing ok!" She said out loud

"Haha! but you're so cute when you talk about Mayu!" I said before patting her on the shoulder to calm her down a bit "Its fine! you can go have fun with your Mayu! Oo tell me when the wedding comes ok?"

I winked at Yuki before with her full force she slapped me hard on the head again. I yelled in pain before I laughed seeing Yuki now redden face from both anger and embarrassment. After the cafe we went home our separate away. As I started to walk around a bit as the sky darkened. As I looked around I saw the same bar that I met Jurina in. I sighed to myself before feeling a tug in my heart.

"Why can't I forget you Jurina.." I said "How can I forget about you now.. it like Airin all over again.."

I entered the bar taking a seat before ordering myself a drink. When the drink arrived I drank the content down in one go. Then someone suddenly tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see a familiar face that I haven't seen in awhile.

"Its been a while Rena"

"What do you fucking want now Airin" I replied turning my back on him "Do you want me to see you fuck your girl infront of me"

He quickly sat beside me as he order a glass of beer for himself.

"No Rena, i’m sorry for whatever I've done to you!" He pleaded to me "I-I was stupid to leave you....But Rena, I always loved you ok!"

I laughed at his comment. Does he think im stupid. Hahaha. Funny.

"You think I'm stupid Airin!" I yelled at him "After I saw you with her more than 2 times! For god sake AIRIN!!"

"Rena! please hear me out!" He pleaded to me

I rolled my eyes at him as I hopped out of the chair, quickly exiting the bar, he followed me closely behind till we were near a park. I sighed turning around to face him. He suddenly got my arm.

"Rena please hear me out babe!" he said tightening his grip on my shoulder

"Airin stops that hurts..." I said trying to loosen his grip on my arm, but he tighten his grip more every time I tried to loosen it.

"Fuck Rena, can't you cut the crap already and be with me" he said angry holding my arm even more tightly.

I yelled a bit when he tighten his hold. It hurted a lot, but no matter how hard I tried to loosen his grip, he was still ranting at me about us being together again.

"Airin please I don't want you in my life anymore.." I said "Please just leave me be…”

"How can I leave you!" He said forcly pulling my arm up before leaning into my ear "How can I when we been together for so long.. Rena... I know you want me.. I need you, without you I'm  incomplete .. please come back to me.."

I shook my violently side to side, but he pulled me close our noses a mere inch apart.

"Why! tell me why.." he said "I'll change, Rena for you I'll change.."

"Airin I don't love you anymore.." I said

He loosened his grip on my arm as I pushed him away. Back up a bit from him.

"I love someone else Airin.."

"Rena who! WHO THE HELL IS IT!" He yelled at me before running up to me forcly grabbing my shoulders "WHO THE FUCK IS IT RENA! IS THIS PERSON MORE BETTER THAN ME, WHEN I FUCKING HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOUR CRAP!"

He pushed me on the ground with full force. I landed on my hands and knees before I stood up. I started bleeding as Airin came close to me his hand ready to punch my face as he screamed at me.


Just as he was saying at I closed my eyes to feel no impact on my face. I looked up to see Jurina in front of me holding onto Airin fist.

"Didn't you learn not to punch a women" she said seriously

She suddenly punch him in the stomach as she fell. He quickly stood up, his fingers touching the blood coming from his mouth. His veins popping out of his forehead before launching a punch at Jurina face. She took the full blow in the face before getting back up again. She suddenly kicked him in the stomach once more. He fell down hard with jurina kick. He picked himself up before holding onto his stomach as he smirked at Jurina.

"Well, well, well.. if it isn't Matsui Jurina!" He said laughing "What a pleasant surprise, I haven't seen you in a while"

"Fuck off Airin" she said bitterly "leave Rena alone.. she doesn't need you anymore.. she moved on"

"Im better than you Matsui!" He said standing up a bit, his hand still on his stomach "I heard Rena here was one of your toys, and now shes’ telling me she loves someone else, pathic!"

"Your a jerk Airin" she said before looking at me "Cheating on Rena, when you're in a relationship.. I even saw you once or twice in the bathroom jerking off with some girls"

"Well you're the same Jurina" he said smirking at her "You just fuck people also! Were the same"

"Were not.." she replied

He was taken back at Jurina words. He suddenly started laughing again like a crazy person.


"Shut up" she said glaring at him "Your love for Rena is nothing compared to mine.."

Wait did she just say she loved me!

"HAHA" he laughed again "me and Rena have been together for almost 2 years! And how about you guys! what? like fucking 2 weeks!"

I could see Jurina holding onto her fist tightly before finally launching Airin square in the face. He yelled in pain as his body was in a baby position on the ground.


"Jurina..." I said softly as I  watched Jurina.

"I know I've been a jerk also" she said finally calming down looking down at Airin who was still on the floor "But I wasn't serious about being in a relationship... that why I fucked others when ever I felt like it.. but if I wasn’t... I wouldn’t do these things you're doing"

She quickly grabbed my hand as we walked away. I silently followed Jurina till we stopped. She turned in front of me, letting go of my hand as she in to my eyes.

"Did you mean it?" I asked seriously "When you told Airin that you loving me.."

"No, of course not!" She said "Rena I love you.."

"How can I love after all the things we done to each other" I said as hot tears fell down my face my bloody hands trying to cover my face.

She suddenly pulled my hands away as she wiped my tears away from my face.

"Rena.. at first I thought you were another toy I could fuck with.." she said "But after the weeks of being together I got closer to you.. I know we only had sex most of the time, but I felt something inside me that I haven't felt in a while.."

She held onto my shoulder gently, her gaze on me.

"How can I know you love me.." I said softly "After hearing and knowing you just fucked people, throwing them away like trash.. how would I know, you wouldn’t do that to me again"

"After you told me you loved a few days ago.. about your feelings, when you slapped me I finally realized my love for you!" She said seriously "Even before we met each other, when I saw you at the SKE cafe, I would always get a feeling inside of me.. and when we had sex I felt as if my insides were burning.. I never noticed it, but I always love you.. even before we used each other.. "

Is what she's telling me ture... Jurina..

"Rena I'm serious about loving you" she said to me, her voice cracking a bit "I fucking love Rena.. I dont just want have sex with you, I want to know you better, feel your pain, hold you tightly at night, kiss you when you're sad, feel your warmth beside me, to know your only mine"

She suddenly held both my hand in her as she stared straight into my eyes. I could feel her true feeling coming from her, she wasn't the Jurina I met 2 weeks before she was different...

"I'll treat you better than he did" she said "I'll never hurt you again.. I promise to make you the happiest person alive, even if i'm the most miserable.. I 'll sacrifice everything to make you happy "

"And..what if you break that promise..."  I said

"I'll forever be torchered, knowing I broke a vow that I committed myself to" she said seriously "I’m not like Airin.. to me a relationship is more than just fucking each other, its.. just more than that, they mean the world to you, they shape who you are, there a part of yourself"

I slightly chuckled to myself hearing the awfully cheesy speech from Jurina. Jurina truly telling me her feelings.. maybe we both finally realize how much we mean to each other, after all the thing we've done. She looked up at me seeing my giggling a bit.

"What so funny" she asked, pouting at me

"It just... that your phrase is a bit cheesy" I laughed

She laughed with me before leaning her face to mine, our noses almost touching.

"Its true though" she replied

I suddenly turned to the side blushing like a tomato as Jurina chuckled a bit at my actions.

"You cute when you pout" she said creasing my cheek "I specially like it when you smile.. it suit you better than you frowning all the time"

"Shut up" I said "I don't frown that much.."

I blushed at her comment as she laughed a bit.

"I want to make you smile Rena" she said before leaning to kiss me

I quickly dodged the kiss before we make contact. I could see her in the corner of my eye pouting at me.

"Mou!" She said, a bit of sadness in her eyes.

"Were not dating you know" I said playfully smirking at her "You didn't ask me and I didn't say yes"

She looked at me before looking down at our hands.

"Well will you date me now Matsui Rena" she said, her eyes looking up at me now.

Jurina does love me as I love her.. even though were fucked at people, we let ourselves fall head over heels for each other. I tightly squeezed her hands before looking into her eyes.

"I’ll be glad to" I said smiling at her.

Her eyes lighten up before hugging me into a tight embrace. I hugged her back before she pulled me into a kiss. It wasn't the kiss that we were use to.. it had more feeling into it.. not lustful love.. but our true feelings for each other poured out into one kiss. When out intensive kiss was over Jurina we went to my place to rest up for the night. Jurina was lying in bed with an ice pack on her left eye with me on her right. Her arm around me as we snuggled closely together.

"How you eye" I asked in a concerned voice "It look like it going to be sore tomorrow.. "

"Its fine haha! I can manage " she replied back "I've been beaten up by many people in the past so im use to it!

“Hows you hands and knee?” she said me before kissing both of them “Does it still hurts?”

“There ok now” I replied smiling at her “You warped them up nicely! I don’t feel that much pain anymore”

After our quick conversation we silently laid down beside each other. We could just hear each other breathing. suddenly out of the blue Jurina climb up on top of me. I could see her eyes glaring at me with love.

"What wrong?" I asked

"Rena I want you" she said "But I don't want… to use you for sex.."

I was shocked at Jurina answer.. I thought Jurina would rip my clothes alert to a heart warming sex, like she usually did.

"Rena I want to have sex with you.. But I just want to have sex with you in this relationship... that is…" she said seriously "But now.. I just want to have sex with you.. but my body says to have… but my heart tell me not to...."

I blushed at her comment before hiding my face in my hands.

"Jurina.." I said shyly

"Umm?" She asked in a soft voice, brushing my hands away so she can see my face "what is it?"

"I.. can't hold myself tonight either..."

Her eyes widen to my answer, I could see her hand clutching the bed sheet behind me. She suddenly kissed my neck as I moaned a little. Her hands roaming around on my body as I could feel the pleasure building up inside me.

"Rena.. this has to be our last sex session.. till I can hold this sex habit of mine" she said breathlessly  "But..I love you"

"I love you also" I replied back "When you can hold this habit... can we do this often right?"

she chuckled at me before leaning in to another kiss.

"Yes, we can do this sort of thing often"
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN PT. 2 ending (Wmatsui)
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Goooooood job!!!!!! I love ittttt <3
I want mayuki part too. What happen when yuki found out about wmatsui relationship. Hahaha
Anyway. Awesome fanfic. :3

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN PT. 2 ending (Wmatsui)
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Wow, using each other for sex and ended up loving each other because of the previous sex.

Anyway, Airin deserved that punch!

Write more, author-san! XD

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN PT. 2 ending (Wmatsui)
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Ohhhhh I like it,

You are amazing author San. Write more please

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN PT. 2 ending (Wmatsui)
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Nice ending!!!

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: OFTEN PT. 2 ending (Wmatsui)
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that fight make my day! :D

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: My Sun (Wmatsui)
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Yah another OS fanfic I worked on! IF you haven't heard Rena has finally graduated from SKE and i've been crying for the past few days..... Yes it's a very sad moment, but lets conutine to support Rena and this graduation won't stop me from writing my fave pairing in the AKB fandom!
Anyways enjoy guy! and I'll be writing once in a while when I have the time! :cow: :cow:
Oneshot: wmatsui

My Sun
"People always say that i’m the sun and you’re the moon..."

Knock Knock

I slowly opened the door revealing a very tomboyish girl from the sliding door of my bedroom.

"You shouldn't be here!" I whispered angrily to her as she entered my room closing the dorr behind her "If you get caught will be in big trouble! "

She suddenly put her finger on my mouth before  moving closer to me.

"It ok, they're asleep now Hime-sama" she said calmly

"I told you to call me Rena, Jurina... "

She laughed softly patting my head a little

"Hai hai, gomen ne"

Jurina is the one that understands me the most beside me being a princess and all. My life consist of people fighting for me and many samurai and rich emperor asking my hand in marriage till I meet Jurina. Jurina is a servant of mine that my parents hired. Jurina was 16 when she started working for me as I was 18. She had a family, but they hated her and so Jurina asked my father about getting a job to support herself and so he agreed. It's been 2 years since Jurina became part of my life and our relationship was bitter sweet till we found out that we were kind of similar in ways, she was an energetic child as I was more shy and timid type of person we some how clicked. She’s only 2 years younger than me, even though she seems much older from her appearance and as you know were secretly dating. Its forbidden for me to date as my parents want me to marriage someone of their choosing, on top of that Jurina is a girl... .

"Ne ne Rena chan lets run away" Jurina said out of the blue as she held me in her arms from the futon we were currently laying in.

"What! How can we do that...  if we get caught you be killed I don't want you to die..."

I turned my body so I could face Jurina, she stood up hugging me tighter as our bare skins made contact with each other that sends chills down my spine.

"I rather let us die, than letting you get married to someone you barely know!"

I was shocked in what Jurina had to say, did she really mean it...

"But if we do run away i'll just slow you down Jurina... i'm not as fast as you and on top of that i'm ill!"

Jurina just chuckled a bit before kissing my forehead in a gentle manner.

"Ill just have to carry you then" she said with a smirk before I punched her lightly

"Come on are you being serious here" I questioned her as her face changed suddenly.

"Rena I want to live my days with you.. I mean it! I want us to live on the countryside just you and me! I'll be like we always wanted and I know a village a few miles away, ill take 5 days to get their but ill be worth it"

I look at Jurina determination in her eyes, I could see she was serious about run away, but to be honest I was scared... scared of getting caught by my parents seeing our relationship.. I was scared of the possible things that could happen...sacred of what's ahead of us...

Suddenly jurina saw me shaking before hugging again in a warm embrace as she stroked my hair in a gentle manner.

"Don't worry Rena, i'll be alright.. I won't let  anything happen to us"

After that day I agreed to Jurina plan, we planned to go in two days and during those two day has been hectic. There have been request of marriage which I declined and even my parents arrange an engagement!  But soon the day came for me and Jurina to live on our own and I was excited and also scared about it.

I secretly moved out from my bedroom to the horse's stable where I meet Jurina as she was preparing the horse for our 5 days journey. As I went closer to her I noticed that her shoulder length hair has been cut to a much boyish style.

"Oh hey Rena" Jurina said as she peeked me on the lips "what's with that face? Is their something on me?"

 Jurina started frantically touching her face as I checked a bit. I patted her head as her hands stopped.

"Haha Jurina you cut your hair is looks very stylish on you"

I couldn't see the blush on her face at it was dead at midnight, but if I were guessing she would be bright red from my comment. After we got ready we started to our journey it was a bit hard not getting caught by the guard, but we found a way through our of the palace.  With a sigh of relief we were free....

Till after a few minutes guards on horse started to chase us I was scared and gripped Jurina shirt tightly as she lend the horse to out run them.. no this isn't what I wanted.. I don't jurina to die!

"Damn it" jurina hissed under her breath as she looked back seeing 4 guard chasing us

Suddenly a loud yell was heard


"Jurina we have to move faster!" I cried aloud from hearing my father yell

The guard we 2 meters away from us before jurina saw an opening to escape. She quickly motioned the horse into the thick forest of horns. I was glad Jurina choose a horse that was small as it was able to go through the horns as the bigger horse stopped. The horse continued to run for about a few minutes before Jurina halted it. I could hear the beating of my heart as jurina turned around to hug me.

"Rena we did it, were finally able to be together"

I nodded as I hugged her back as our tears soaked each other clothes. Finally I was able to live a life with Jurina happily... happily

A few years later

"Im sorry Jurina we asked all the doctors around here" Said a bird like person as she sat in front of me

"Their has to be a cure!" I yelled at her holding tightly at her shoulder “Churi.. please Rena is so sick she can’t even stand up on her own..”


I soon noticed I was hurting my friend as I slowly let go slamming my fist on the wooden table.

"I’m sorry Churi” I said before muttering

“Damn it”

After our long journey a few years back to the village everyone was shocked to see the princess of Nagoya coming in ragged kimono with me. We told them the situation and in a friendly gesture they choose to help us hind our identity from Rena family. After our arrival the guard came to the village looking for their princess and the traitor that stole her. Me and Rena had changed our appearance as Rena has cut her hair that was once up to her butt and the guards asked us many question, but dismissed it as Rena wasn’t the princess they were looking for and after that encounter they never came back, however Rena illness grew worse.. she was always sick as a child as Rena father has told me but after run away it has been getting worse and worse every year and after 7 years of living a peaceful life with Rena her sickness is taking her life.

“Oh your back, Okaerinasai” Rena greeted as she slowly stood up from the futon she was laying on “Where did you go, I was looking for you around the house”

“Sorry, I was looking for a doctor with Churi, it’s just your condition is getting worse.. I’m sorry they can’ do anything..” I said crying “Rena gomen.. I’m useless”

She suddenly came up to me as she hugged me tightly as my tears soaked her kimono

“It ok, I knew this was coming, gomen ne Jurina your so worried about me, but lets enjoy the time we have left until the time comes ok, promise me”

I held her her even tighter, I never wanted this to happen, I always wanted us to be together.. I wanted us to be together forever…. Rena.. I’m sorry…….


“Jurina” Rena said weakly as I held her hand, she was laying on the futon “Gomen.. Im sorry”

“No it not your fault Rena” I said kissing her forehead “It was never your fault.. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a proper doctor Rena.. gomen”

She smiled at me before slowly lifting herself up as I held her in my arms.

“Ne Jurina do you remember the time you told me you loved me” Rena said in a soft tone before looking at me

“Yeah, I was a dorky 16 years old back then falling for a hime sama like you” I laughed at bit as Rena motioned me for us to sit so we were looking outside at the countryside “I was glad you fell for me also”

She nodded as we sat side by side. She soon place her head on my shoulder as she coughed fiercely I could only hug her as he continued to cough until she stopped coughing as her beautiful kimono sleeve was now a crimson red.

“Jurina you have to be strong for yourself now, ok” Rena said facing me “You have so much ahead of you”

“But how can I move on after you’re gone Rena! I only Love you Rena!” I yelled “We were suppose to live our days together..”

Rena soon kissed me on the lips as I could taste metal from the blood, we kissed passionately as I pulled her closer trying to savour the moment before I could never kiss her again. We soon broke off as Rena started to cough again, but not as intensely as before.

“Jurina I’ll always love you even after I part ways with you” She said as she looked up at the moon “You’ll always be the sun to me as I am the moon, I’ll always be watching you”

“Rena you’re always my sun” I said holding her hands together shocking her from my comment “Rena chan is my sun even if everyone think I’m the sun and you're the moon, to me Rena is my sun you’re the light of my whole life always and forever”

Rena smiled at me before I pulled her in for another kiss under the night sky.

Life is short as Rena soon passed away, but I’ll always remember the time we shared the memories we cherished and the time we spend and one day we'll meet again and be together for eternity.

"But I don’t think so. For me Rena-chan is my sun” -Matsui Jurina
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Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: My Sun (Wmatsui)
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Author-san you make me cry... :cry:
Rena is gone, Jurina is hurt.. :banghead:
And please don't stop writing about them.. :bow: Thanks for the OS :twothumbs

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Re: (Short Storys) UPDATED: Love Triangle (10/07/2015)
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Hello everyone lol! This is a short fanfic that Anon from Tumblr wanted me to write its kind of a mix of RenChuri, Furuyanagi and Wmatsui so enjoy!  :cow: :cow: :cow:

Love Triangle

So here I am sitting on the roof top with 2 of my closest friends eating lunch, but… I have one slight problem, you might be asking me “What it is?” and well I’m in love with my best friend, well Churi to be exact… so you must be asking, “what wrong with loving Churi?” Well nothing it just that… well my other friend Airin likes her as well… kind of awkward that theirs an actual love triangle with myself, Churi and Airin. With both me and Airin liking Churi and well, for Churi we both don’t exactly know whom she likes between the both of us…

“Churi I like you!” Airin said as she grabbed Churi hand as I watched besides Churi as Airin declares her love for Churi

“A-Airin” Churi said with a deep blush “I-I don’t know what to say..”

I couldn’t take this anymore, no one… And I mean NO ONE takes Churi away from me like that. Even if Airin is my best friend I won’t lose to her when it comes to Churi, I’ll fight for her till the bitter end and I WILL win her heart.

“Churi I love you also” I said grabbing her other hand as Airin and Chrui faces were filled with shock

“R-Rena” Churi said with a deep blush

“Rena what’s the meaning of t-this” Airin said with shock as I could feel her angry coming from her as she looked at me with a serious face “Are you saying you love her also?”

“Airin I love Churi the way you love her” I said going up to her to Airin looking at her at eye level “Even if you’re my best friend Airin, I won’t lose Churi to you, I know this will change our friendship forever, however I still consider both of you as my closest friends, but for now on Airin you’re my number one rival and I won’t give Churi to you that easily”

“Rena.. Airin” Churi said behinds us as we Airin and me has a sort of show down.

“Rena, you’ll always be my best friends” Airin said with a smile that soon turned bitter sweet “But I won’t give up also, Matsui Rena from now on it’s a fight on winning Churi love”

And well there you go that how me and Airin rivalry started.  Churi was still confused on who she was going to choose to be with. I could see that she loved Airin for a while, but with my sudden confession she became confused again. Me and Airin always tried to get alone time with Churi when we had a chance. However Airin was always one step ahead of me. I hated the fact that Churi and Airn were closer than me and Churi.. But I won’t lose to Airin, I love Churi to much to just give up 4 weeks into wheeling Churi. Then a certain day happened, Airin became to sick to come to school and well it now my only chance to get Churi alone with me. I asked Churi to hang out with me afterschool at the park as she agreed.

“Achoo” Churi sneezed cutely “Sorry for sneezing loudly”

I laughed again sharing my scarf with her as she bushed a deep red.

“Hehe, Churi it must be cold” I said with a smile wrapping the scarf arounf our necks as I could see the blush coming from her face.

“R-Rena EE isn’t this embarrassing” She said bright red hiding her blush from me from my scarf.

I chuckled a bit as I grabbed her right hand as I hid our hands into my pocket of my jacket.

“Umm, not really” I said as Churi blushed harder from my sudden action “I just miss having this kind of quality time with you, ever since.. Well me and Airin declared our love for you and all.”

“Rena” Churi said looking up at me as I squeezed her hands a bit.

“Come one Churi were almost at the park!” I shouted a bit we started running.

Churi just nodded till we arrived at our destination, Churi quickly removed the scarf from her neck as she quickly removed her hand from my pocket. I chuckled a bit seeing her all excited.  We played for bit


I suddenly cut her off as I pressed my lips with hers. Churi seemed shocked at first, but she slowly kissed me back. I quickly ended the kiss hugging Churi closely to me as she hugged me back.

“Churi I can’t hold these feelings anymore” I said with a few tears in my eye “Churi..”

“Rena..” Churi said before pulling me away from her as she wiping the tears from my face with her cold hand “Rena.. I decided on something”

My face lightened up as she smiled at me. I quickly pulled her hands with mine, as we looked into each other eyes.

“Rena… I- I love Airin” She said sadly as my face darkened “Rena, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry..”

“B-But why?” I said with tearful eyes “That kiss.. Why did you kiss me back then?”

Churi looked away shaking her head as she quickly let go of my hands.

“Churi” I said in urgency waiting for her reply “Churi‼”

“Rena, I love you, but Airin.. I love her more” She replied looking at me with a few tears in her eyes “Rena I love you, but I love Airn more.. I’m sorry Rena, but I still want us to be friends”

Before she could grab my hand I smacked her hand way. My eyes were water from the tears that were about to form.

“Just go to Airin already” I said sadly letting my tears fall “Why are you telling me this, go tell Airin, I’m glad you found who you love Churi.. I’m happy for you tell Airin I’m happy for her also.. I’m glad you picked someone who can take care of you…”

I suddenly got up running away from Churi as I could hear her yelling my name. Churi.. Churi why is it always me ending up at the bottom. Ever since me, Airin and Churi were smaller those two always ended up together and I was always the one with no one. And here we are again with both of them in love and with me as the outcast heartbroken and sad. As I started running I quickly bumped into someone at the corner of the street.

“Ouch” I said landing straight on my butt as I felt the sudden impact of the hard concert floor. Ouch..

“OMG I’m so sorry!” A voice replied pulling me up by my arms “OMG, are you ok?”

I shook my head keeping my head low trying to keep my ugly crying face from them, as I nodded my head.

“Hey why are you crying?” They said as she tried to lift my face

“Why do you care?” I said looking up “There are you happy now!”

She looked at me with shock, seeing my redden face not from the cold but from the tears that were still falling down my face. I suddenly got to see the teenager much better. She was very attractive for a girl like her, her had jet black hair that was shoulder length as she wore a school uniform for a high school just a few blocks away from my school, wearing her shoulder bag to the side as she pulled our her head phones from her ears.

“Why are you crying?” she said handing me tissue from her pocket

“Heartbroken that is…” I relied taking the tissue from her “thanks”

“No problem!” She said happily “That got to suck”

“Yes, Yes it does” I replied back looking at her as I wiping away my tears

“Well, funny and weird as it sounds I got heartbroken too” the stranger replied as I raised an eyebrow at her in confusion.

“You did?”

“Yes just a few hours ago”

Wowow that really and I mean REALLY weird, I just meet this stranger just minutes ago and we both got heartbroken on the SAME day.

“That weird aren’t you suppose to be sad like me” I asked as she chuckled a bit

“I did, till I bumped into someone which is you, and well here we are talking about it” She chuckled a bit

“You’re a weird one” I replied as she laughed again “Who did you get dumped, a friends, crush, your boyfirends?”

 “I got dumped by my best friend Mayu today who apparently had a thing with my other friend, hahaha funny isn’t it”

I looked at her shocked, what she in the same situation as me WTH! And weird thing is… we both got one-sided love for a friend who likes someone else! WTHHH‼!

 “Wowow Same situation also” I said “Churi, my friend told me she loved Airin my other friends more than me.. I’m happy for them, but I can’t stop thinking how much it hurt being told that they don’t love you, but someone else…”

“That depressing” she said before laughing “I’m guessing fate got us to meet huh, since we got heartbroken at the same day in the same situation”

“I guess” I replied

She chuckled a bit as she looked at me. I swear I blushed when she started to laugh. Her laugh was so cute, and well when you got to see her more closely she seemed more attractive then when I meet her a few minutes… wait Rena get a hold of yourself, she a stranger remember.

“Umm maybe I ask for your number?” She said shyly “He he sorry, Im guessing it weird having to give to someone you only meet only like a few minutes, but someone how I can see us getting along and becoming friends!”

I shock my head handing out my phone to her.

“Its ok it seems we have a lot in common” I smiled a bit “Since well we get dumped, and stuff”

She smiled before taking my phone in her hands as she added her number on her phone.

“Here you go, well I got to go!” She said as she looked at her watch “My mom going to pick me up soon, so see you soon umm..?”

“Rena” I said

She chucked before waving back to me as she ran away to the other side of the street .

After she was gone I looked at the contact seeing her name.. umm Jurina huh?

“Jurina” I said smiling at myself as I said her name again

Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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