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Title: [CHI] Joey Yung Jo Yee
Post by: daigong on February 09, 2008, 09:34:17 AM
Joey Yung 容祖兒

Considered to be one of the top singers in Hong Kong. She has spanned such hits as "Loving U" and ... and...also acts.


Born  16 June 1980 in Hong Kong


Any fans?
Title: Re: [CHI] Joey Yung Jo Yee
Post by: daigong on February 09, 2008, 09:34:57 AM
her greatest hits + LIVE hits just came out last month

Joey Yung Jo Yee / 容祖儿 - Love Joey Love


Superstar Canto Pop singer. Her greatest hits and new shit, live shit. Four CDs.

CD 01
01. Lucky Star
02. 貪嗔癡
03. 陪我長大 [國語]
04. 愛一個上一課
05. 華麗邂逅
06. 天之驕女
07. 最後的茱麗葉
08. 流淚眼望流淚眼
09. 摩登時代
10. 損友
11. 罪魅
12. 還未
13. 黃色大門
14. Be True
15. 爭氣
16. 告解
17. 阿門

CD 02
01. 越唱越強
02. 16號愛人
03. 喜喜
04. 蜃樓
05. 跟珍芳達做健身操
06. 習慣失戀
07. 心淡
08. 赤地雪
09. 我的驕傲
10. 心花怒放
11. 一拍兩散
12. 好事多為
13. 明日恩典
14. 世上只有
15. 痛愛
16. 小天使
17. 最後一課

Live CD 01
01. 我的驕傲 [Opening]
02. The Way We Were
03. 零時零分
04. 離家出走
05. 愛情萬歲
06. 花無雪 [泳兒]
07. 送我一個家 [泳兒]
08. 富士山下 [泳兒]
09. 星光遊樂園 [泳兒]
10. 傷痕
11. 淘汰
12. 情歌
13. 愛無膽 (洪卓立]
14. 躺一躺 (洪卓立]
15. 心淡 (洪卓立]

Live CD 02
01. 可人兒
02. 與貓共舞
03. 心甘命抵
04. 借過
05. 他都不愛我 [容祖兒/吳浩康]
06. 自卑 [吳浩康]
07. 感覺蘇豪 [吳浩康]
08. 明日恩典 [Interlude]
09. Be True
10. 華麗邂逅
11. 心花怒放 [容祖兒/吳浩康/洪卓立]


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Title: Re: [CHI] Joey Yung Jo Yee
Post by: daigong on August 16, 2009, 02:04:50 AM
WOW! I made a thread? When did that happen? Masa, you didn't split this from the Chinese thread? :lol:

Hmm. well, I first heard of her when she had that annoying "Loving you" single in 2001. Cuz of her, I tuned into Morning Musume and the rest is history. Her sex didn't sell, Cecilia Cheung >>>>> Joey. But who lasted 10 years in the bidness??

Here she is pretending to be Ronald McDonald:
MC Donald CM - Joey Yung (

AND Joey JUST dropped a new album!! The originality BLOWS ME AWAAAAAAAY!!

Joey Yung - Very Busy  (2009-08-14)


Yesasia sez: There is no question that Joey Yung is a busy bee, as 2009 marks the 10th year since her debut as a singer. To celebrate this wonderful milestone and her successful career thus far, the Hong Kong pop diva first released the Canto-pop collection A Time for Us earlier this year, and has now followed that up with a Mandarin album called Very Busy. The new album offers 10 songs, including the first plug and CM song "Is This Love?", the title track "Very Busy", and the ballad "Answer".

1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎 ?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 夢非夢
9. 赤地之戀
10. 永遠的愛人


Mando? Really?
Title: Re: [CHI] Joey Yung Jo Yee
Post by: daigong on September 30, 2009, 11:39:43 PM
I have pix of her really? The first few are with Grace Yip, before she got FROZE out for dating some dude.

( ( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (

So Joey went on to become Canto Pop Queen. Lord have mercy.
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Post by: Masa on October 04, 2009, 09:29:14 AM
Behind Cosmogirl's cover with Joey Yung (容祖兒) (
Not bad :yep:
Title: Re: [CHI] Joey Yung Jo Yee
Post by: daigong on October 04, 2009, 09:59:33 AM
werd. She been looking better since her diet spokesperson days :lol:

Follow her on twitter!!! (
coolest jacket since Rika's usagi bunny! :shocked

Katy Perry knows wassup!!

Quote from: Ming Pao
Tsui's The Mira Hong Kong Hotel held a grand opening celebration last night for the (千億新抱). Stars that attended includes Joey Yung, American pop queen Katy Perry, Cathy Tsui and her husband Martin Lee.

After the two pop queens Katy Perry and Joey Yung met, Katy strongly praised Joey's beautiful skin. Joey also praised her back saying that she has big eyes, which is very sweet!

The other night Katy performed in Hong Kong for the first time, during the interview, she praised Joey: "I really like her dress!" She then expressed that she will be staying in Hong Kong for two days. Towards the doggie team following her when she's out on roaming the streets, she frankly expressed that she does not mind, but is a little frightened. Asked if she would come with her boyfriend to HK again? She then stressed that she has no boyfriend, however a few days before the performance, she was seen with a boyfriend with a bread accompanying her.

Joey was dressed in Miss Sixty's dress and Balmain boots to make her appearance. She was asked about how she felt about the two pop queens meeting? Joey expressed modestly: "No." Speaking of her and Katy getting along pretty well, Joey said: "Katy praised that my dress was pretty and my skin was nice. What I noticed most was about my skin because from my whole body, my skin is probably the prettiest." Joey then laughed and joked: "Katy wanted to steal my Miss Sixty's dress." She also praised Katy back: "Her eyes are really big and is very sweet, while havng a retro feeling!" Towards good friend Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) said to have been secretly engaged to Ronald Cheng, Joey asked the media back if there is really such thing, as a good friend, she said: "Actually she's a very strong woman, let her announce it."
Title: Re: [CHI] Joey Yung Jo Yee
Post by: daigong on December 25, 2009, 11:04:15 AM
Interesting interview. ...I don't think she ranks as one of the all time greats even tho she's chalked up 10 years somehow XD

Joey Yung: On our first meeting, Albert Yeung Drew A Picture To “Humiliate” Me


To celebrate 10 years in the industry, Joey Yung toured China to hold autograph sessions. During one autograph session, some fans had made Joey a picture of her image that was created using candy, and this made her very happy.

On the day of Joey’s 10th anniversary documentary premier, Mani wipes away Joey’s tears, and they are as close as mother and daughter.

This year, looking at the few female singers who are regarded as the Queens of Cantopop, it looks as though their momentum is starting to diminish. Sammi Cheng has only just returned to the music industry after recovering from her depression; Miriam Yeung has just got married and her career is starting to stagnate; Denise Ho is not mainstream enough and the newest Queen of Cantopop, Kay Tse, still needs to develop some more. This is why, for this year, Joey Yung looks to be in the best position and it also happens to be her 10th year in the industry.

Although many people have said that she isn’t pretty enough, and even today, as a Queen of Cantopop, people are still criticising her looks, but 10 years ago this average-looking newcomer female singer managed to top the IFPI sales charts with her first EP, and managed to stay in the charts for 23 weeks, which is a record that no other newcomer has since managed to break. It can be said that Joey Yung is a singer who doesn’t rely on good looks to become successful, which in the Hong Kong music industry makes her in the minority, and as she thinks back to when she first started her career, she remembers meeting the boss of her music company and he devalued her to the point of making her feel worthless.

Looking Back Over The Ten Years


From the many ‘first times’ up until the present, as she thinks about all the changes that have happened to her during the ten years, Joey reckons that she has travelled along a very long road, and how she is today is completely different to how she was back then. However, to give an overview of her career, there are actually 3 main stages to it.

During stage 1, not many people realised that I was an R&B singer

“I feel that the first stage of my career was from 1999 to 2001. At that time, my singing career can be thought of as being in its infancy, and my voice was only starting to develop and become more resonant. I didn’t need to use any special techniques to sing because it was already quite powerful.”

Joey said that she remembers that when she first sang a duet with Roman Tam called ‘誰領風騷” (Shui Ling Fung So), the audience felt that it was very interesting, and the strengths of her voice were more apparent when she performed older songs. However, Joey mentioned that not many people had realised that before 2001, her music company had planned for her to be an R&B singer: “At that time, Japanese and Korean music was very popular, and many of my songs were cover versions of Japanese and Korean songs, so that is why the R&B style was not very apparent.”

During stage 2, my natural singing voice was overused and it was lost

After 2001, Chan Fai Yeung suddenly appeared by Joey’s side, and she stressed that he was a very important person in her life: “It was due to singing his songs that the general public got to know me better. At that time, he compose many songs for me, such as ‘Painful Love’ and ‘Cuddle’, which, to a certain extent, made me more well-known in the karaoke field." From that time onwards, Joey Yung officially had her very own territory.”

However, after a year in which her career had quickly risen, Joey faced the biggest obstacle of her singing career, which is when she lost her voice: “The voice I had which was originally strong and powerful was suddenly lost. At that time, apart from seeing the doctor to treat my throat, I also had to find ways of singing differently. That is why, at that time, I discovered that something you are born with does not last forever, and there is a limit to it. As soon as you overuse it, it will quickly go away.” That is why, after 2001, Joey Yung had changed from being a girl who was born with a good voice to become a singer who achieved success by singing using a good technique.

At stage 3, it started to become clear to me what I wanted, and I also had a say in it.

After a few years in the industry, Joey frankly admitted that she was a singer that was under strict control by her music company. Therefore, all the planning and future directions of her career was determined by professional people in the company, and Joey rarely expressed her opinion about it. However, due to her obedient attitude, her music company started to have some free space during those few years to push Joey to greater success. In 2005, Joey started to feel that it was time for her to think for herself: “In 2005, I released an album called ‘Ten Most Wanted’. There was part of me that didn’t want to be limited to mainstream music, so that’s why I started collaborating with alternative style musicians, such as Mavis Fan and Hanjin. The end result then proved that my way of thinking was also correct.” In 2008, Joey held her StarLight concert, and this had a great significance for her because out of all her concerts, this was the one in which she had the greatest say in the matter. “When I was 28 years old, I started to understand what the things I wanted were, what things I was confident with, and what aspects I was lacking in. This is why I slowly began to feel that I could be more assertive than other people at planning my career.”

My First Humilation

Albert Yeung said I was “cross-eyed and had sloping shoulders”

Joey Yung is a singer who has stayed with the same music company for 10 years, which is rare in the Chinese music industry. Before 1999, she was with a Japanese music company for a few months, but shortly after she was signed by them, the company withdrew from Hong Kong. After that, someone from the same company introduced Joey to Mani Fok.

The first thing that Mani and I talked about was my zodiac sign

“When Mani and I first met, I remember clearly the first thing she said to me, which was what my Chinese zodiac was. I told her it was the monkey and then she went quiet. This might’ve been because she thought people with this zodiac sign would not have a good chance of becoming famous.” Afterwards, Mani Fok looked over Joey like a talent scout, and then she gave a facial impression that didn’t look too good. “At that moment in time, Mani thought I was just a very ordinary girl and she hadn’t heard my singing yet so she had no special feeling towards me.”

After Joey quickly finished her meal, Mani Fok gave her a chance: “Mani said to me: I’m not going to concern myself with too much just now. Actually, even though you’re not too pretty, you are easy on the eye. How about you go for a song audition first? Afterwards, I went to the recording studio to sing a few songs.” Joey remembered that she sang Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Love Me’, Faye Wong’s ‘季候風’ (Monsoon) and Kit Chan’s ‘等了又等’ (Waiting and Waiting). “After listening to me sing, I could see that Mani Fok had an unexpected surprise. In the end, she said to me: OK, I’ll take you to meet my boss.”

Albert Yeung made me feel worthless

Joey had passed the first test, but an experience that Joey will never forget was about to happen. A few days later, Mani took Joey to meet the boss of EEG, Albert Yeung. “At that time, the way that Albert looked at me was in a special way. He treated me like a painting, and having a few gazes, he used a pen to draw some symbol-like shapes on a piece of paper. In fact, he was drawing me.”

Afterwards, Albert Yeung then used an impolite attitude to speak to Joey, and he said some things that nearly made her burst into tears: “At that time, he pointed towards his drawing and he said to me: Look at this, these are your eyes, they are crossed together. Look at your shoulders, they slope like an ‘A’….He then continued to criticise me from head to toe, which made me sound as though I was worthless. In the end, he said to Mani: If you want to sign her, then here are the things that need improving. He then listed many things which made me a bit depressed, and I nearly burst into tears. At that time, what I felt was: Wah! To actually join a music company requires facing so much pressure.”

Joey said that at the time, she had only stepped foot into society for a short period of time. Previously, she had never been criticised like that before, and all the criticism was directed at how she looked, which made her feel ashamed. Even if she was made fun of by the media during the following 10 years, it would still not have been as painful as the scrutiny she faced from Albert Yeung.

The first time I was “followed” by fans

They waited for me in the Tun Mun industrial park until dawn

Of course, during these 10 years, there have been many happy things that have happened to Joey which deserve reminiscing about. For example, 10 years ago, she had her first group of fans for the first time, and they are still supporting her to this day. Each time she thinks about this, Joey feels that all the difficulties she has faced has been worth it: “Even though they are called a group of fans, it was actually only 2 or 3 people. There was one time, when I had only just started my singing career, and I had to go to a Tun Mun industrial park to do some filming for a performance. Before that time, I hadn’t ever felt I had any fans, and I didn’t think that people who didn’t know me would pay any attention to me.” Joey said that during the Tun Mun filming, she was accompanied by her mum and some co-workers. Since the Tun Mun industrial park was far away from the city centre, there weren’t many people in the streets. The filming also took place at night so the streets were more empty than normal. Joey then said: “At that time, after the filming was completed, it was before dawn and I had to walk to the car park. I then felt that there were a few girls following behind me, but at that time, I didn’t know about the concept of music fans, so I thought it was strange. Judging by the clothes that the girls were wearing, they didn’t look like they were from the industrial park, so this was why I deliberately looked around and stared at them. The girls then looked nervous and stared back.”

Afterwards, Joey made the first move and walk towards the group of girls to speak to them. This made the girls very happy, and this was the first time that Joey realised how heart-warming it was for a group of fans to be waiting for her: “It was already very late at night and the girls were waiting for me for a long time in this remote area, and this was the first time I was moved by it.” Afterwards, after considering how late at night it was and that it wasn’t safe for the girls to be in this remote area, Joey asked a co-worker to drive the girls back to the city centre. This group of girls then eventually became some of the staunchest supporters of Joey.

“To this day, these girls are still my fans, and they have followed me for 10 years.” Joey then slightly proudly said that some of these girls have now become adults and some have even become mothers: “A couple of months ago, during a fanclub meeting, I looked for these girls and asked them if they still remembered the Tun Mun event from 10 years ago, but they said they didn’t remember it, which hurt me a little, but I knew they were only pretending not to remember. Nevertheless, that event will always be in my heart."

The first time I went on a diet

Each day, I only ate an apple and a skinless chicken leg

When Joey first started her career, she weighed around 100 cattys (around 68kg), but as her resting times became chaotic, she started to gain weight, which caused some members of the press to give her the nickname “Western District Floating Corpse’. Joey said: “There was one time when Mani and I went to Japan for a vacation, and we shared a room together. When Mani was in the bathroom, I walked past the bathroom door, and the footsteps were quite loud. Mani then said: ‘There’s an elephant outside!’ At that moment in time, what Mani said made me feel uncomfortable, but I knew she said it to make me face up to the problem.”

At that time, even though people were making fun of her because she was overweight, Joey still could not face up to the problem. No matter what, she would not disclose her weight to anyone; not even Mani. When she eventually did face up to the problem, she was nearly 82kg.

“In the end, with the help of Mani, I managed to lose the weight. At that time, Mani’s belly was also large and many people thought she was 4-months pregnant, but because she wasn’t an artiste, it didn’t really matter. But because she wanted to give me the motivation to lose the weight, she decided to go on a diet with me. The period afterwards was quite hard because I had to force myself not to eat. Each day, I would eat only an apple and a skinless chicken leg.”

Joey said that at the time, her belly felt cold all the time: “To lose the weight, Mani didn’t let me eat anything, and at that time, she scared me to death. That was why I hid under the bed to eat some potato chips, but if she were to discover me doing this, she would not scold me for it. Instead, she will coldly say to me: “You must really want your singing career to end before it’s even begun”. To this day, this phrase has been my motto.”

In the end, Joey managed to successfully lose the weight because a weight-loss company saw the fat on her and invited her to be a spokesperson for the company, which eventually led to her having some professional weight-loss therapy.

Major events during her 10 years

First album
The EP released in 1999, called ‘Joey’, sold 130,000, and she broke the record for being the first singer to have an album stay in the sales charts for 23 weeks, across two centuries. This record has yet to be broken by any newcomer.

First Award
In 1999, she won the best newcomer award at several music award ceremonies for the song ‘Not Know’, which was the main plugged song from her EP.

First Concert
In 2001, she held the ‘Solemn on Stage’ concert. (rsung: shouldn’t this be the H20+903 concert?)

First Film
In 1999, she had a guest appearance in ‘The Accident’.

First Commercial
In 1999, she shot a skincare commercial.

10th Anniversary Commemorative Activities

10th Anniversary Concert

At the beginning of October, Joey held a concert in Hong Kong called the ‘Perfect 10 Music Show’. This music show took her classic songs from her past 10 years and new arrangements were given to them. Arrangement styles such as Big Band and Bossanova were used, and this highlighted Joey’s development during these 10 years. In particular, ‘Not Known’, which made her famous, was given a jazz arrangement, and this song was one of the highlights of the show.

10th Anniversary Documentary

Last Sunday, a premier was held for the screening of Joey’s 10th anniversary documentary, and the DVD for it was released last Thursday (rsung: yeah, right! haha). The documentary looks back at the illustrious 10 years of Joey’s career, and it also includes her classmates from school, her close friends and her mentor talking about their memorable events with Joey and how she feels about them. Furthermore, the DVD also has a precious clip of Roman Tam suddenly appearing at one of Joey’s concerts, which gave her a big surprise. Also included on the disc are clips from the commercials and MVs she has filmed over the years. Mani revealed that the preorders for Joey’s documentary DVD has already gone past platinum status.

Source: Nanfangdaily
Translated by: rsung @ (
Title: Re: [CHI] Joey Yung Jo Yee
Post by: daigong on February 10, 2010, 06:16:06 AM
how does she win all these awards?  :lol:

Joey Ten (Limited Edition EP)  

release: 2010-01-29

1. 桃色冒險 (2009亞洲遊戲展主題曲)       
2. 雙冠軍 (百老滙廣告歌)                             
3. 世界小姐                                                   
4. 一直看見天使
5. Just for You


peep the MV
容祖兒 - 這就是愛嗎 MV [EEG] 劇場版.mp4 (
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 :rofl: :rofl:
Joey Yung fights to take a photo with Yao Ming

Earlier Joey Yung attended the public event (Stars Take You On World Expo) in Shanghai along with Yao Ming and Li Ning. When Joey encountered Yao Ming, she was very excited and the two gave each other a warm greeting. Joey and Yao Ming took a group photo, but even if Joey was wearing 4 inch heels, she was only up to Yao Ming's chest. She laughed: "Yao Ming is a giant!"
Joey and Jie Xiao Dong will be singing the theme song (Sunshine Life) to the World Expo 2010 Life and Sunshine Pavilion for disabled people. Joey said: "The World Expo community is concern for the people with disabilities, I feel honored to be able to sing the theme song."

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@
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Post by: helldom on July 29, 2010, 10:23:40 AM
Damn Yao Ming's huge! I mean I know he was huge, but the difference is scary
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As first reported by's DJ Ping on AJAX earlier this week, Hong Kong singer Joey Yung's new EP "2010 Kong Gang" will be released on Friday, August 20, reports.

Asked for her favorite track, the Cantopop singer said, "It's hard to choose because each one took so much time and energy. But my most memorable one has to be 'Po Xiang' because I cry every time I record it."

"2010 Kong Gang" comes with an impressive album cover, featuring Italian-style clothes which look like porcelain.


Pop music queen Joey Yung is currently preparing for her upcoming Hong Kong Coliseum concert NOKIA JOEY YUNG NUMBER 6 CONCERT occurring on November 20-23, a total of 4 nights. Joey expressed that this time the "Number 6" is her concert theme. She said: "My birthday is on June 16th, so the number 6 is my lucky number. Also, this time it is my 6th time having a concert in HK Coliseum since my debut. It's really all six, six and more to come!"

Posters Everywhere

To welcome this concert, Joey is putting a lot of effort into her design. She appeared with a white snowy modern girl look for the shooting of the concert poster. Her eye shadow, eyebrows and lips are deliberately made with white male-up, making it a white elegance. Joey said: "From the start I was really worried about the design, was afraid that people will think I look like I don't have any spirit. But later when the photos came out, the results weren't too bad. Now there are my posters everywhere, this snow girl can also help people cure some of the heat going on right now."

Internal pre-sales are all full

Today the concert tickets are officially out for pre-order via credit cards, but turns out that internal pre-sales are already passes the quota and is full. Looks like Joey really does have to add more shows. Joey said: "Seeing such a heated response from everyone, I am happy too. It's really good encouragement for me to do my best. I am currently starting to train myself, hope I will be able to handle more shows. (Want to break the 10 show record?) Well will have to rely on all of your feedback, I do want to challenge the record too."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@asianuniverse
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I don't know why but I'm somehow weirdly attracted to her.  :w00t:
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Post by: daigong on August 22, 2010, 07:17:55 AM
^ cuz u have a penis?

容祖兒 - 破相 (原版MV) (
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Post by: daigong on August 28, 2010, 04:29:51 AM
hot new shit...

容祖兒 - 空港 Hong Gong EP

Release: 2010-08-24

( ( (

Apparently there's supposed to be a 3D video too :lol:
01. 空港
02. 破相
03. 飛
04. 綠野仙踪(“百老滙”廣告歌)
05. 星圖


容祖兒 - 綠野仙踪 MV [EEG] (
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'Strongest in Film & Music' Donnie Yen and Joey Yung sends out CNY greetings


The year of the Rabbit is here! 'Strongest in Film' Donnie Yen and 'Strongest in Music' Joey Yung wishes everyone an upward movement! Both promises to continue their hard work in the music and film scene, bringing more entertainment to audience!

On the strongest first day of Chinese New Year, Donnie Yen and Joey Yung sends new year greetings, wishing everyone 'Everything goes smoothly, strong in everything." They also mutually praised one another. Donnie praised that Joey not only knows how to sing, but she can act too: "I have seen her acting before, very natural! Actually I can sing too, one time I sang Jacky Cheung's Goodbye Love to my wife! (It's a sad song!) I sang it with smiles!" Joey also expressed that she will buy tickets to watch Donnie's films: "The most memorable one was Ip Man, he was such a good fighter! (Are you going to be a female fighter?) Not really."

The Music Scene has to be in Harmony


As for Pop Queen Joey Yung, she became the Queen of Awards earlier this year and broke the record for JSG's "Most Popular Female Singer" award, getting it for the 6th time. Although the music awards have come to an end, the royalty issues still have not been resolved. Joey wholeheartly hoped that everyone can make a better music scene together. She also enjoyed Rice Ball Soup (Tong Yuen), meaning everyone in harmony: "Eating one rice ball, everyone will reunite, don't fall apart. The music scene is a large-scale party, have to put all the negative feelings at the end of the water, this is a problem for 'big people', what's most important is to think in the perspective of audience and music fans. (Help?) I don't have much ability to, but I will try my best to help in my own context. Have to let everyone understand that the music scene is very important, don't cause chaos and let it fall apart."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU
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Post by: daigong on March 10, 2011, 08:22:44 AM
Joey to perform in London in remembrance of Roman Law

Joey Yung will be holding a concert in the famous Royal Albert Hall in London, England. For one night only on April 26th, Joey will be in Europe for the debut concert.


Since announcing this concert, fans has posted messages and made enquiries to Joey’s record company about her visit to England and the concert details. Joey herself is very excited about this one night and hopes she will have a unforgettable night with her fans in UK. Joey revealed she has visited London many times and loves the culture and the city. She is very happy to be able to get the opportunity to perform in the Royal Albert Hall. One more reason is because her singing teacher Roman Law has also performed at this venue. The Royal Albert Hall is a very prestigious place to perform at for any artist.

For more information, visit (

Source: Singtao
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

pretty awesome, Roman = Legend in Canto Pop :bow:

2011-03-08 [ontv] 容祖兒恨非一般愛情 (
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Post by: daigong on October 08, 2011, 11:53:20 AM

Joey & Joey

Release Date:    2011-10-11

Joey Yung doubles the stakes with her 2011 Cantonese album Joey & Joey. The Hong Kong diva's new plug "One Flower and a Thousand Trees" is a heartfelt ballad penned by Wyman Wong. Other new songs include the refreshing, uptempo number "Mayfly" co-produced by Jun Kung and the Mandarin song "Last Lover". Her upbeat hits "Surge" and "13 o'clock", previously released as CM songs for a major electronics chain store, are also on the album.

01. 蜉蝣
02. 13點 (百老匯廣告歌)
03. 戀人未滿
04. 澎湃 (百老匯廣告歌)
05. 花千樹
06. 垂涎
07. 馬賽克
08. 牆紙
10. 山口百惠
11. 最後情人 (國)


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容祖兒 ﹣ 牆紙 OFFICIAL MV (

grimy as fuck!
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WHOA flexible too

Yesterday EEG artists Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Twins and a group of newcomers and their manager Mani Fok appeared on Mainland variety show Happy Camp (快樂大本營). Aside from being a guest host, Joey showed off her flexibility by bending her back; Charlene Choi blew a balloon through her nostrils; Gillian Chung stuffed herself inside a suitcase and Mani demonstrated her cross-eyed look.

This episode of Happy Camp was to celebrate their 15th anniversary. They really put in great effort with all the performances to boost the ratings. According to the official Weibo, this episode achieved ratings of 2.99%, and the entire show 7.09%, which makes them the top rated variety show in all of China.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

:fap new album, Mandarin fans rejoice!

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FUCK!!!! SO HOT never thought of her as any sexual thickness before.

LEAKS!!! gotta say this is some of her finest ballads yet.
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and the headbanging trance number
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Fuck. Joey. Stop trying to be a victim and be yo'self and not be dictated by fuckin gossip media.

Joey Yung's Emotional Break Down by Denise Ho's "Bisexual" Comment


Joey Yung and Denise Ho (Hocc) have been good friends for over 10 years. Since Hocc's ex-rumored boyfriend Wilfred Lau announced his relationship with Joey in June, it was rumored Hocc was so upset she unfollowed Wilfred and some other friends related to him on Weibo. Last Saturday, Hocc announced her true sexual orientation, that she is in fact a lesbian at the Hong Kong Gay Pride Parade. Joey instantly became the media's target for interviews and the other day, Hocc ends up dragging Joey into the situation when reporters asked if Joey is bisexual? She said: "It's hard to answer!" This left Joey in a troublesome situation.

 Yesterday reporters contacted Joey's manager, Mani Fok, to ask her about Hocc's comment on Joey's sexual orientation. Mani said: "Joey will not be accepting interviews right now, she is in a very bad mood! (Because of Hocc's comment?) Actually Joey respects Hocc's personal decision, and as a friend she really does support her. However, Joey's emotions has been greatly affected by the comments made in the past few days. She broke down emotionally. All her colleagues and myself are very worried about her."

 It was understood, Joey suddenly disappeared for two days and isolated herself at home, refusing to see anyone. Yesterday when she found out about Hocc's bisexual comment, she lost control and cried madly at home. Mani said: "Joey is a very hardworking artist. She had always been silently plowing through, keeping her family and relationships low-key. I hope she (Hocc) will respect Joey's views of keeping her relationships low-profile. However, Ms. Ho's comment has really triggered a lot of speculations that the public has on Joey, and this caused a troublesome situation for Joey. I suggested to Joey, that she should not respond to anything related to Denise Ho. I hope Miss Ho can really treasure Joey as her friend. Don't add to Joey's stress and don't hurt her anymore."

 As Hocc expressed Joey supported her to "come out" [on her sexual orientation], Mani said: "As a friend, of course Joey will respect her decision. I think this is Ms. Ho's personal decision and action. While her action may have reduced her own pressures and she finally released herself, but at the same time the pressure shifted towards Joey. I don't think this is fair at all. If she is Joey's friend, then I hope she stops mentioning Joey."

Twins hope Joey emotionally recovers soon

 Joey's good friends and colleagues Twins (Ah Sa and Ah Gil) hoped she'll get better soon. Ah Gil expressed: "Denise Ho released herself after announcing her sexual orientation, I'm happy for her. But, I don't want this to be troubling Joey. I hope she can live her life the way she wants and not be affected by this issue." Ah Sa said she won't try to contact Joey right now, but she hopes the public will give Joey some space, so she can emotionally recover. Ah Sa said: "I support homosexuals, and I have many homosexual friends. I don't think 'love' has to be separated by sex. I just hope the public will stop labeling homosexuals. Artists are humans too, they need their own personal space to develop relationships too. So, for now I won't try to contact Joey, I hope to give her more space to handle her emotions. Joey is a very very good girl, she is worthy of our love."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
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she was at MAMA 2012 awards too? lol it's a bad look