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Title: [CHI] Myolie Wu Hang Yee 胡杏兒
Post by: daigong on October 04, 2009, 12:35:28 PM
Myolie Wu Hang Yee 胡杏兒

From stereotypical kid-sister on practically every TVB Drama to one of the top stars in Hong Kong!!  

( (
Reminds me of Sora Aoi - with a bit of Soo Young :P
She entered the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1999 and won second runner-up. She joined TVB shortly afterward and started out as minor characters in a few of her first TV dramas. Her popularity rose significantly after starring in Golden Faith as the mentally challenged little sister of Gallen Lo. As a result, she ended up winning the Most Improved Female Artist Award at the 2002 TVB Anniversary Awards. She has been gaining popularity in recent years.

English Name: Myolie Wu
Chinese Name: Wu Hang Yee
Date Of Birth: November 6, 1979
Blood Type: O
Height: 172 cm
Family Members: Parents and 2 elder sisters
Education: Finish first year of Bio-chem in Hong Kong University

Official Site (
Official Blog (
Wikipedia (

Of course she sings :lol:
 胡杏兒Myolie - 光明日MV (
new disc dropping soon!

and charity work
樂施大使胡杏兒分享夢想 (

sexy, she does the full range. once she gained 18 lbs for a role.

( ( ( ( (
( ( ( ( ( ( (

Title: Re: [CHI] Myolie Wu Hang Yee 胡杏兒
Post by: Masa on October 04, 2009, 10:27:44 PM
胡杏兒-戀愛妄想 (
[720p 高清] 關心妍、胡杏兒《心淡》- 2009-01-14 勁歌金曲 (
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Post by: daigong on November 05, 2009, 02:41:41 PM
myolie wu....fuck whatta hair!
2009-10-07 My Name is 邦 CH73a (

her Hero must be Rihanna :lol:
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Post by: daigong on December 05, 2009, 11:19:37 AM
of course she sings!! Hell, she's concentrating on her music more than the TVB Awards.

LoveHolic (2009年11月29日)


01. 戀愛妄想
02. 光明日
03. 同情分
04. 靈魂伴侶
05. 一刀了斷 (張智霖合唱)
06. 有意 (TVB烈火雄心3 插曲 - 鄭嘉穎合唱)
Bonus Tracks
07. 尋愛 (國)


同情分- Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 Loveholic Neway Star MV (

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Post by: daigong on January 03, 2010, 12:10:33 PM
sexy bowl do :fap

( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( (
( ( (
Title: Re: [CHI] Myolie Wu Hang Yee 胡杏兒
Post by: daigong on August 23, 2010, 07:22:34 AM
Looks like Sora Aoi XD
72家租客 胡杏兒 (
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Post by: daigong on September 15, 2010, 10:36:55 AM
Myolie dressed in a red low-cut dress talking about weight loss tip


Recently, TVB's popular artiste Myolie Wu attended as a representative opening the slimming centre company ceremony in Beijing. That day, Myolie was dressed in a red dress attending the activities, showing off a good posture.

She revealed her long pair of legs, sending seductive charm, which attracted numerous of Beijing media attending the opening ceremony. Myolie generously talked about slimming tips.

It can be said that this year is another good year for Myolie. Not only in Hong Kong is the filming constantly, but she also frequently appeared in Mainland TV series, attending brand endorsement, becoming a a true "flying trapeze". According to the staff, Myolie had been filming all night long for the grand costume drama "The King Among the Phoenix" in Hong Kong yesterday. But at the event, Myolie still sparkled, the skin can break wind shells. Myolie introduced her character in the currently filming TV series that she will break the previous dramas she had filmed. Acting as a ruthless queen, the story talks about women in the palace, how they grow and how they change. The main point is two women are deducting, the clue is very different. It should not be similar as the preceding palace series. But the pressure is still big, mainly because the script is too good, I believe when airing we will see a different Myolie than we use to see her.

That day of function, Myolie had frequently interaction with the audience. During the questioning part, the audience asked her about her slimming secret. Before, Myolie had to gain weight for filming TV series "To Grow with Love", increasing weight up to 150 pounds, after finished filming, she lost weight and be back to 100 pounds in shortly two months. Myolie revealed: "During the slimming process, I have told myself to control appetite, do many sports exercises, then hinting myself that during gaining weight I have already eaten that food. Some food I really want to eat then I will smell and regard as eaten. Support of my determination I have my slimming centre to help me. They use a lot of high-end equipment to help me lose weight and not rebound."

Credits: go myo @ (

Exclusive Interview Myolie: Best time to meet you

Autumn is the best season in Beijing, there is blue sky and fresh air. Myolie chose this season to come to Beijing to attend a function, unfortunately she can only stay for a short while; arriving in the morning and departing in the evening. Lucky she didn't appear exhausted and took time out to accept our interview in the rest area of the newly opened slimming center.

There are many types of artistes. When you meet Myolie, you will realise why she is able to remain firmly in the niche among the stars in TVB. Miss Hong Kong Second Runner Up, needless to say about her height; is TVB Fadan, by right, she has the right to appear arrogant. However, Myolie is always smiling, the way she treats people is very appropriate. As it is a slimming center function, so our interview starts off from the slimming direction.

Some questions she has probably answered hundred of times, but she still consider the question seriously and gives an answer. She is different from those over warm characters on tv. Although she is very cheerful, but her answer is always very calm.

CNTV & Myolie Wu

"Because at the point of time, i really didn't know what i was doing. I was totally delusion...That was a very difficult period, kept looking for a way to act...That drama is very good, if there is a chance to film it again, should be able to do even better."
CNTV: Your chubby looks in "To Grow with Love" has remained onscreen for a long time. When you look at those past looks on TV, will you feel awkward?

Myolie: (a surprised look) won't, why will i be. Many people feel that i look cute when i was fat, so i feel that the fat me was a part of me in the past. Of course everyone will feel that it's very amazing that im suddenly fat and suddenly slim again and will try to look for an answer. Actually turning fat and slim in such a short period of time will give some pressure to the body. But it may be different from what others think. When i was slimming down, there are doctor and dietitian coming alongside with me, so i feel very safe. Actually it is tougher to put on weight.

C: You are filming "King among the Phoenixes" now right? Many fans are very concern, when this new drama will be shown onscreen?

M: I also want to know! (Laugh) Actually the filming progress is not bad, but the weather in Hong Kong isn't good at times so it will affect the filming process. I still need time to slowly get used to ancient drama. Initially i didn't have much experience in ancient drama, i need time to learn the dialogue and the posture, then slowly get into my character. Have been filming for more than a month already, getting more used to those idioms. Actually i quite like those idioms! Other aspects, it's because the ancient costumes are very thick and the head wear is very heavy, plus it is summer, i am always sweating, so i lost quite a bit of weight while filming this. Compared to the previous ancient dramas, it talks mainly about two ladies who matured in the palace and how they change. Mainly about two ladies deducing, the thread of the story is very different. Shouldn't be similar to other palace dramas. But the pressure is still very big, the main reason is because the script is really very good. I never film many ancient dramas but i really like this script, and this character, hope that i can do my very best.

C: In real life, sometimes one will experience some stuffs that is just like those faced in the palace, how will Myolie usually handle it?

M: Mmmm... I don't like to snatch, and i don't like to have bad relationship with people. I really wish to be happy with everyone so i will usually try to give way. Most importantly, no matter what happens, don't let it affect my feelings.

C: It has been many years since you joined the entertainment industry and you have filmed many dramas. Which drama is the most unforgettable, most favourite, wish to re-film it the most and has the most breakthrough?

M: (Laugh) slowly slowly. One at a time. Most unforgettable, very hard to say. Many are quite unforgettable, every drama has something that is most unforgettable to me (thought for very long). Still very hard to choose... "Golden Faith", "Triumph in the skies", "Burning Flames", these early dramas are all very unforgettable. Most Favourite drama also hard to choose. Actually to be honest, up till now, there isn't any one drama that i'm most satisfied with. But i hope it is "King among the Phoenixes", maybe because i'm filming it out so i feel it better. Ancient drama is a test.

A drama that i want to re-film is definitely "Triumph in the skies". (Lower head). Because during that time, i really didnt know what i was doing, is like a delusion period. But it is from that time, i really realise that i didn't know how to act. It was a tough period, i kept looking for ways to act. Francis Ng Brother taught me many things that time. Hence i was learning and suffering at the same time. That drama is very good. If i have a chance to re film it, should be able to do even better.

As for the drama with the most breakthrough, everyone will probably think it is "To Grow with love". But i really don't think it is this. Chubby is probably just a breakthrough physically. I feel that the real breakthrough drama is probably "King among the Phoenixes". Because during this 10 years learning period, i think i already have many improvement areas, and starting to understand a few matters regarding acting.

"Actually this kind of thing is very hard to plan, especially in this career, many things are beyond what we can i will imagine, i still have 10 years before i reach her age,so in other words, i still have 10 years to continue filming."

C: Now regarding artistes, there will always be some form of negative news. Some artistes just don't bother reading anymore, some artistes just treat it as gossips, how about you?

M: I really don't read gossip magazines because i feel that it is a waste of money. (Laugh) Some news need to look for some bad ones, writing from a negative point of view. If one feels unhappy reading it, why bother to read. If it is others' fans, (Lower head to think)... Everyone has their own fans, people that they like, can't get everyone in the world to like you. Like some fans will console me "You aren't US dollars, and aren't Chinese Yuan, how to get the whole world to like you?" I feel that it is true. Hence when i see some negative news, i don't feel anything.

C: Recently you only have one new dramas that has been shown, do you think there isn't enough exposure?

M: This kind of thing, i usually won't take it to heart. Because i really have a lot of areas to improve on, it's not time yet. Including receiving awards, is the results of many factors, so i won't think so much. I only think of acting the drama well. Hence i will not be unhappy or anxious.

C: In China, many audience has been chasing TVB dramas for many years, but recently it has dropped because they feel that it isn't that classic anymore. The new dramas aren't that popular anymore. Do you feel that the China audience's reaction is reasonable?

M: A company's progress has many different stages. From the beginning till now, has already filmed many topics. But audience's expectations will also increase as they know how to watch dramas now. And the audience now has various options too, Korean Dramas, Taiwan Dramas, China dramas have also improved a lot. Everyone has many choices, hence it is more and more difficult to film classic dramas. For example, everyone loves occupational dramas, but if there are too many of it, everyone may say no more ancient dramas, romance dramas, etc. Hence the company may film various different dramas each year.

But this exceeds my abilities, this is mainly the scriptwriter's job. I am only an artistes so i can only do my best in bringing out my character from the script.

C: This year's acting jobs seems to be more, will you still be releasing an album? What are your plans for the China market?

M: Releasing an album should be next year. It's really rush this year. Not enough. One album per year, will force myself to simply just release songs, then there won't be much meaning anymore. I feel that there is a need to include my thoughts. When the song belongs to me then it will really be my album. As for my advancement in the China market, will definitely come to China to advance. But there are many types of dramas in China, you guys recommend some to me ba! (Laugh) I like qipao, those old Shanghai feel.

C: Idol Dramas?

M: I am too old! haha (LOL)But i know China has many handsome guys. If there is an opportunity i would like to try the idol dramas.

C: With regards to your path in the future, do you have any specific plans?

M: Actually this kind of things very hard to plan, especially in this career, many things are beyond my control. But i am filming with Jessica Hsuan now, she doesn't look 40 at all! I feel that she is very young! Hence i will imagine, i still have 10 years before i reach her age, in other ways, i still have 10 years to act in dramas.

C: Today's schedule is very rush. Arrived in the morning and you are leaving in the evening, is it very tiring?

M: I will rest on the plane. I'm a person that can sleep on the floor. (Laugh) Actually i haven't had such a tight schedule for a long time already. So when i woke up at 5am, i did a light make up and rushed to the airport, didn't rest much.

C: When you face a lot of pressure, how will you usually cope?

M: When i'm tired and facing a lot of pressure, i will rest. I enjoy shopping online, as i don't have time to shop in the streets, so i will go online and surf. I already have a lot a lot of shoes at home. (Lower head and laugh)

C: You are also addicted to Weibo?

M: (Lower head and laugh) Actually i don't come to Beijing often, so i want to inform the fans earlier. Normally when i feel like writing something, i will just write. Definitely cannot affect my work. Actually during filming, there is a lot of waiting time, very boring, so will write a few things, let everyone see, enjoy together.

C: On Weibo, Bosco and Oscar's "Ambiguous brother" matter is very popular, do you know?

M: Is it very popular ? (Very surprised, covers mouth and laugh) I feel that it is very fun, is like... (Hesitation), they are very into it, very suitable for the "ambiguous brother" character. (Laugh)

C: Finally, give a recommendation of a movie and a book to everyone.

M: Wayne Lai's "Life's Theater" is a very good book, i also recommend to my colleagues to read. As for movies, i recently rewatch "Elizabeth", its really nice, i really admire Cate Blanchett! She is a very good actress!

Credits: Linnette @ (

Happy 1st Anniversary! (

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Post by: daigong on February 18, 2011, 07:36:36 AM
Finally working with THE GREATEST!

Myolie Wu feels like it's a dream, plays Chow Yun Fat's 7th Mistress in new film

胡杏兒MV 浪漫世紀 晴朗導演 ('#ws)

Yesterday Myolie Wu had jobs one after the other. First she went for a radio interview and went to the recording for a TVB program. Myolie first had a radio interview with Eileen Cha where she happily reveals that when she was shooting in Hengdian earlier, she was invited to take part in the film The Founding of a Party (建黨偉業) and had the opportunity to collaborate with Chow Yun Fat. In the film, Fat Gor plays Yuan Shikai, while she plays the 7th Mistress. There was one scene where she was worshiping Yuan Shikai and there were many other famous stars also at the scene. Myolie felt like she was dreaming, at the time she first got Virgina Lok's approval. She said that even if there was no pay, she would still do it, but unexpectedly the price offered wasn't too bad. Fat Gor is also very good, told the director not to cut her camera shots, in hope that everyone can see her. That night after shooting, Fat Gor waited for everyone to have dinner together, very enjoyable.

Later, Myolie and Selena Li recorded for TVB program Mr. Sweetheart (Sweet Corner) and made desserts on the spot. She expressed: "I have an oven at home too, I like to make basic foods and then force my sister to taste it. I personally really enjoy the cooking process. (Has Bosco Wong tasted before?) No, didn't ask him to eat it. (What does he like to eat?) From what I know, he doesn't like desserts."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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Deep Interview!

Myolie Wu overcomes the devil inside, TV Queen is her goal

( (

As a Scorpio, Myolie is very much like one having self-confidence, determined, prudent and a clear goal. In her career, TVB Dong Ka FaDan Charmaine Sheh is leaving, the other FaDans now have a chance to fight for the big sister position, Myolie has already entered the battle. She said that the TV Queen title is one of her goals. As for her love life, she is surrounded by rumors on her developed relationship with Bosco Wong, who is a year younger than her.

Sonjia Kwok exposed that she's dating and shared the good news with everyone. On the contrary, Myolie avoids talking about her love life, she said: "I don't want to just talk about relationships, well...I'll go back and think about it." Regarding Bosco, Myolie just gave short answers on what she's asked. In fact everyone accepts them, otherwise TVB wouldn't have made arrangements for them to collaborate as a couple team so many times. Myolie said timidly: "I guess." Myolie and Bosco sparked in 2005 after their collaboration in War of In-Laws, in a blink of an eye it has already been 6 years, she admitted that there was once a pretty good pursuer that appeared in her life, but in the end it was "better to be friends". Why didn't she give other people a chance? She laughed: "I will envy a little, girls are not afraid of having many pursuers, but perhaps of my horoscope, I'm not that type that locks up, I don't want people to misunderstand." But in reality, her 'lock' is on Bosco.

Changes mind, accepts 'sister-brother love'

Since Myolie and the one year younger than her Bosco were surrounded by rumors, she broke through the fate of TVB's heavily rumored FaDans, she laughed: "You all wanted to write just about him that's all." Back then, when the rumors were going around, Myolie publicly said several times: "I will not accept guys younger than me." How about now? She said: "Well of course it's better to choose someone older. It's enough if he's just older than me mentally (his personality)." Things have changed, Myolie is now able to relax her restrictions, she laughed: "Yes, as long as I keep it well myself." Is Bosco's personality mature? Myolie laughed brightly: "Not really, he's basically like a little kid." Are they dating, but refusing to make it public? She couldn't help it anymore and shouted: "I don't know how to answer you..Ah!"

Although women have many strengths, the majority of them would announce their 'final destinations' by age 30. The 31 year old Myolie also has her own views: "Have to see if that partner, really is the happiness. I am rather pessimistic, unless I'm really sure it's that person. If not, then it's better to leave the most beautiful memories instead." Myolie grew up in a single parent home, her parents' divorce indeed had an impact on her. Will she ever get marry? She thought for a moment: "If I find the right person, I will. But it's not easy to find one."

Regarding her future direction, Myolie didn't think about it: "Every stage in life have different needs. I see many girls, like Jessica Hsuan, she's 40 years old and still very happy and young. Thinking for a moment, can I really work 10 more years? Before I thought, am I going to be married by age 35? But a few years later, will that marriage be too early? I would feel like it's a waste." She seems to be feeling 15/16.

How about having children? Myolie said: "I see my sister so happy because she already has 3 babies. It's one thing to be happy, but there are also a lot of sacrifices. You have to give your entire self to the child, I think I'm not ready for that yet. I have to find a reliable person and take this step with him together, that would be better. I have this thought, but if my other half doesn't, then it's going to be difficult."

Her roles are starting to have development, like in TVB's new unreleased series Ghetto Justice, where she plays an attorney and Queen of All as a scheming queen. She's no longer 'Wu Gwing Gwing'. Regarding making the Chinese yuan, Myolie felt it doesn't matter: "As long as I'm happy, just having jobs is enough. If there are jobs, then it proves I have a market. Also, I'm a killer (hardworking), constantly shooting series." As to Netizens once said she looks like a "Sad Rock" ('Gwing'), and taking her crying face to joke around with. She said: "There are a lot of different fans online, some supports you, some don't. They can do anything they want, I will listen to Netizens' comments. If there are negative comments, then I will look to see if it's reasonable and then I will see how I can change."

  ( (     

Not giving up on singing

In 2005, Myolie gained 42 pounds to play the role as Fei Tin (To Grow With Love), but in the end the TV Queen award went to Charmaine Sheh for her role in Maiden Vow. However, now that Charmaine is leaving, Myolie directly admitted that she wants the TV Queen title: "TV Queen is of course one of my goals, but it needs to be the right time. If it comes, it comes, if I doesn't, then it's fine too. I am not going to fight for it, the most important is to work hard on my jobs. That year when I did Fei Tin, people pitied me a lot because it was a big sacrifice and I didn't get anything back. In fact, I wasn't unhappy because I already tried my best on completing my duties. Right now I won't think too much, like singing, I just like to do it. How many 20-30 years old do we have in life? It can't be that I start singing at age 40 right? Every person wants the best, to be the top, going up to Joey Yung's status as the big sister in the music industry. But, how many can be the big sister? Only one. TV can only have one too. I have thought about focusing on singing and giving up on TV, or just focus on TV and give up on singing. However, I can do things that I like doing, so I kept both."

Source: Apple Daily, (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

as she tours Singapore!! I think I can spot mal!
[11-02-26] 林峰 Desire Tour @ Singapore - 14 - 我愿意 (峰 & 胡杏儿) (
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TOPLESS :shock:


for TVB Magazine
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one is better than none!! GJ MYOLIE :heart:

Myolie Wu 1 second cameo as Chow Yun Fat's 7th wife, a great undertaking in the movie scene


TVB FaDan Myolie Wu had a 1 second opportunity to appear on EEG's film The Founding of a Party (建黨偉業). Although her cameo appearance can easily be missed, Myolie still feels grateful to have 'Heavenly Film King' Chow Yun Fat's guidance. It was said that when Myolie was shooting a Mainland drama in Hengdian with Bosco Wong last year, a friend arranged her to visit the set of The Founding of a Party, that Chow Yun Fat was shooting at the time. Myolie stayed behind and stole some tips from Chow. Chow had always been guiding his juniors, seeing Myolie's sincerity, he immediately asked her if she was interested in playing his 'wife' and recommended Myolie to the director for this role. Myolie successfully won the role as Yuan Shikai (Played by Chow Yun Fat) 7th wife and appeared on screen for a second.

Source: The Sun, (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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whoa!! moving on up Myolie!

Myolie Wu remains by Johnnie To's side


Since Charmaine Sheh Si Man left TVB, Myolie Wu Hung Yi has been considered one of the top actresses to take her place. Earlier TVB even arranged for her to appear on the big screen. First she guest starred in BEGINNING OF THE GREAT REVIVAL, recently she also worked on the Johnnie To Kei Fung directed new film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM). With the golden opportunity in front of her, Hung Yi did not take a step away from To Sir. When she was not in a scene, she would rather stay on the set!

Hung Yi was the happiest about the chance to work with big director To Kei Fung on his new film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE. The film starred Lau Ching Wan, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai). Its production took over 2 years to prepare for, Hung Yi in the film played Yam Yin Chai's wife.

Reportedly Hung Yi valued working with To Sir very much. Every time at work she would only be early and never late. She would commit her lines to memory. Earlier when they shot on location at a Happy Valley property agency, Hung Yi arrived early. At the time To Sir was still scouting the location and the worker told her that since the production would not officially start until a hour later she should eat first. However Hung Yi shook her head to decline and then went to the bakery next door for some buns.

Hung Yi returned to the store in less than 5 minutes, stayed in To Sir's sight as she ate and waited while she seriously studied the script. When the shoot began, Hung Yi dragged a child actor around. To Sir often instructed her on how to take her marks. Hung Yi's performance did not disappoint To Sir either, after three takes she was OK. In comparison, Yam Yin Chai who has worked with To Sir countless times was much more relaxed. When he was not in a scene he was chatting and laughing with the crew!

Hung Yi also posted her photo with To Sir online. "LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE has finally wrapped. Thank you To Sir for giving me this rare chance to play a little woman. I am very glad about gaining a lot of valuable experience this time!" Hung Yi revealed that she learned a lot from To Sir and witnessed him yelling at someone, luckily she was not on the receiving end. Before making this film, To Sir asked her to wipe away her previous acting and play this little woman role in an all new way. At the same times she even complimented him as a good director who would instruct actors from the heart. He even caught small gestures that she did not recognize, like snickering and blinking while delivering her lines. Hung Yi was very appreciative and hoped to have a chance to work with To Sir again in the future.

Source: singtao
Translated by: hktopten
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Post by: nunul21 on September 06, 2011, 10:20:17 AM
i see her in many drama, loll love her
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^ which drama?? why? these pictures and articles to evoke discussion, not brain dead farts. LIKE SHIT! Johnnie To. Legend of Legends. TVB wish he was still there working.

She keeps on rolling with the B.o.B. !! like Lau Ching Wan!

Myolie Wu excited to attend her first movie event Venice Film Festival


Myolie Wu and Sean lau attended The 68th Venice Film Festival, where the film (Life Without Principle 夺命金) the two participated in was last to appear at the event representing the Chinese language films. Dressed in a white short skirt, Myolie showed off her legs and attended an event as a movie star for the first time. She felt particularly excited.

Myolie expressed through a long-distance phone interview: "I never thought I would have such an opportunity. After all I'm not a movie star, I'm just carrying Johnnie To's light." Myolie also expressed that Johnnie took them to a seafood restaurant the other night and enjoyed red wine. She said: "I also went shopping for an hour and had a 'great blood loss', spending 5 figures on 3 pairs of shoes. A rare chance that I'm here, so might as well reward myself, since worked so hard in usual days."

Later, Myolie went to a small shop in Marco plaza to buy a Triangel doll, which was seen in Triumph in the Skies. Myolie later ran a raffle on Weibo and gave Triangel to the winning fan. As their film was the last to appear at the festival, Myolie sighed she regrets not being able to see the Hollywood stars.

Sean Lau expressed he arrived in Venice a few days ago and toured Rome with his wife (Amy Kwok). Sean laughed: "Of course I hope to get an award, but if not I don't mind either."

Also, Myolie was dressed in glamorous clothing to attend the press conference to her new film with Johnnie To and Sean Lau. Johnnie said that in 2008 it suddenly came to him that he's going to shoot a movie without guns. At the time it was during a financial turmoil, which facilitated the idea.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
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Post by: daigong on October 30, 2011, 10:49:48 AM
FUCK so banging, Myolie.


some article about TVB Queen :yawn:
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Post by: daigong on January 29, 2012, 02:17:53 AM

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng share Lunar New Year greetings

Gung Hey Fat Choy! Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) sent their Lunar New Year greetings to everyone. Last year was a fruitful year for the pair, especially for Myolie, who was lucky in both her career and love life. Revealing her romance with Bosco Wong publicly, Myolie was able to concentrate on her career. Although Kevin’s romantic life was not settled yet, he earned a large amount of Yuan in mainland China and saved enough money to get married, only waiting for the right woman to appear in his life!


Myolie was grateful that she came across good scripts and onscreen partners last year. She hoped to continue having good luck and was happy that her new dramas, Ghetto Justice 2 and House of Harmony and Vengeance will be released in 2012, thus her exposure level will not be reduced. She had an agreement with TVB allowing her to film mainland dramas and will shoot Triumph in the Skies 2 in May. Since Triumph in the Skies 2 was a classic, Myolie hoped to produce another masterpiece.

Asked what will be her next target, Myolie said, “Since I just won the awards, I hope to savor this moment. I do not want to set another target so quickly. Many thanks to the people who voted for me. I will not become arrogant and will continue to work hard!”

Dating For Now


Myolie enjoyed dating and was not in a hurry to get married with Bosco Wong. Since Myolie will be filming in mainland China, will she be forced to give out lucky packets? Myolie said loudly, “Aiyah, I have been giving out lucky packets in recent years although I am not married! I have not dated much in the last few years, let me [enjoy] dating for now!” Myolie was grateful towards TVB for all the opportunities bestowed upon her, thus she will focus on her work. She revealed that she will distribute lucky packets in Yuan dollars and hoped that her colleagues will be happy.


Asked whether Bosco Wong or Kevin Cheng was her best partner, Myolie said, “Bosco and I have not worked together in a long time. I have a lot of chemistry with Kevin.” Myolie praised Kevin for being a good man, who was unfortunately still single. Myolie joked, “Kevin has very high standards: requiring beauty, intelligence, and compatibility. I wish that he finds the right person soon!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were crowned TV King and Queen last year. Since then, their popularity has been on the rise, their workload had a major increase and they've been accepting jobs nonstop. The other day, this pair came out together doing a dragon dance downtown. During the time, the playful Kevin surrounded him and Myolie with the Dragon head, hoping for good luck and another smooth year.

As for the reveal of last year, Myolie had been quite fortunate, she said: "Because I blessed with good scripts and co-stars. Many times, good scripts and partners, we cannot choose ourselves. Just like when the series will broadcast, the genre of the series, if audience likes it or not, so we will have to put in our best effect no matter what and when there are good results, then its like a bonus. I'm very happy to have experienced a fat year (prosperous)." Myolie reveals she would help her mother make turnip cake when she was young, but this year she won't be in HK to spend the new years, so she'll take the turnip cakes with her to prevent homesickness.


Now that Myolie is the TV Queen, she frankly said there are many Mainland scripts to choose from, when asked what her next goal is, does she want to break into the Mainland market? She smiled and nodded: "Yup, but I want to balance, since if Triumph in the Skies II starts in May, then I want to take advantage of this period to go shoot Mainland series Happy Ever After (金玉滿堂) first!"


Developing well in the TV series realm, what about the music scene? Also, remember she did participate in Johnnie To's production last year and was fortunate enough to charge out of HK and step on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, interacting with several big movie stars, so it's considered a good start for her. However, Myolie frankly said she's still new in the film scene, so she will try to immerse herself more into the field when she has time. Her next goal is to reaching for the Film Queen title. She said: "Although this is a very distant goal, but as an artist, I should have goals. Of course, I hope one day I can give people a sense of certainty! So, I will continue to work hard."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum[/i]

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Myolie Wu: “Bosco Wong Healed My Childhood Emotional Scars!”


Last year, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒 ) won the TVB Best Actress Award for her performance in Curse of the Royal Harem "萬凰之王". For the career-minded Myolie, winning the TV Queen title was not her ultimate goal, but rather marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life. After 12 years, Myolie finally received this public acknowledgment [of her acting]. She vowed to work hard to repay the audience’s support, while thanking TVB executive, Tommy Leung (梁家樹), and Producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) for granting her opportunities. In 2006, nominated for her role in To Grow With Love "肥田囍事)", Myolie lost in the Best Actress race despite being one of the initial favorite contenders. Fortunately, boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), attentively comforted her, allowing Myolie to emerge from this difficult period in her life.

Grateful Towards Father


Myolie was extremely grateful towards her father in sending her two sisters and herself to study abroad in Belfast, Ireland. Since Mr. Wu was a civil servant in Hong Kong, his children received the benefit to study abroad. In Myolie’s mind, her father deserved a lot of respect. He loved to read books and was currently enrolled in a Translation program in university. In his spare time, he utilized the dictionary heavily to perfect his fluent English skills. Mr. Wu was interested in continuous self-improvement. In this aspect, Myolie was influenced by her father’s hard-working ethics, making her realize that had effort was required in accomplishing her goals.

In a Constant State of Anxiety


Myolie only studied for several years in high school in Ireland. Due to living overseas, Myolie’s perspective in life was broadened, increasing her independence. Since her father possessed a traditional Chinese personality and kept his feelings internalized, it was difficult to outwardly display their love for each other. Initially in the interview, Myolie only spoke of her father. Upon prodding, Myolie revealed that her parents had divorced when she was 8 years old, in which the 3 Wu daughters lived with their father. When Myolie’s mother was 24 years old, she gave birth to her first daughter and subsequently, two more daughters every two years. Perhaps too young at the time of marriage and motherhood, Myolie’s mother did not have enough fun in life yet and was unable to sustain the marriage.

“Ten years later, when I was 18 years old, I saw my mother again.” Reserved in speaking about her family situation, Myolie said, “I had studied abroad during my teenage years; furthermore, young children cannot understand adult matters. Under my elder sister’s arrangement, I was able to meet my mother again.” After years of separation, Myolie did not possess any special feelings upon seeing her mother; the meeting felt as if it were a meeting between strangers. Mother and daughter see each other frequently now; Myolie’s mother would go to Myolie’s house to prepare soup for her.

Myolie’s parents often argued in front of their 3 young daughters. After divorcing, perhaps Mr. Wu was upset and thus did not like to bring up the girls’ mother in conversations. Myolie said, “Initially, I was afraid to even mention my mother and we were not allowed to see her. If I violated this rule, it was as if I had committed a great sin! After growing up, I realized that there was no need for my parents to have ended their marriage on such a poor note. Divorce was not a big deal.”

Growing up in a single-parent family, Myolie stated that she did not possess any sweet childhood memories. There were no incidents where the entire family went out to have fun together. Her elder sister got married and have 3 children. Witnessing her sister’s family when they were together, everyone very warm and happy. Myolie said, “My sister is very protective of her children. Perhaps she did not want her children to experience what she had in her own childhood.”

Parents’ discord resulted in the emotional scarring of a person’s childhood. It was a painful experience and gave the child a lot of stress. “I could only force myself to grow up [quickly]. Although I also suffered reverberations of my parents’ divorce, my eldest sister was impacted the most. As a result, I developed an extremely high alertness level in protecting myself well.” Myolie became less cheerful and more sensitive, often in a state of anxiety. Possessing this type of personality, it was even more painful to work in the entertainment industry.

Myolie did not carry any ounce of blame towards her father, instead possessing only gratitude upon realization that her father worked very hard to raise his daughters and send them to school in Ireland. Mr. Wu straddled a great deal of responsibility upon his shoulders, why would Myolie discredit his efforts? “He tried so hard to ensure that my sisters and I received a good education. This is already very important!”

Similar to the scenario found in dramas, Myolie’s mother warned her three young daughters to not address her as “Mother” in public. Myolie’s mother often went out with her female friends and was nowhere to be found. Did the girls have to worry about their mother and where she went? Myolie said, “I learned how to take care of myself at a young age. There was no need for me to cook, but I learned how to clean the laundry. Growing up under such circumstances, it was impossible to develop a ‘Princess Attitude’ in life. Instead, I became very tough!”

Studying in Ireland

Studying in Belfast, Ireland was also a defining experience that trained Myolie’s endurance. Living abroad as a young teenager, Myolie did not know anything and was faced with prejudice. “Arriving in another country, my English skills were weak, how was it possible to communicate with other people? I remember that I was very poor at the time. It took me 3 years before I was able to catch up in my English!”

At Myolie’s school in Ireland, her living and food arrangements were provided. “However, the money for extracurricular activities was not included.” During her summer vacation, Myolie returned to Hong Kong in which she found a job at a restaurant as a juvenile worker, escorting customers to their tables and giving them their dining tabs. While working, Myolie thought to herself why she was servicing other people and not the other way around? If Myolie were to work 20 days at more than $100 HKD per day, she would earn over $2,000 HKD. Exchanging into approximately $200 British pounds, this would provide for half a year of her studying abroad expenses.

Myolie recounted living in a small town while studying in Belfast, Ireland, “It would take 15 minutes of driving to go through the entire town. In order to save bus money, I would walk to the town center in the middle of the cold wintry weather. I only ate French fries because they only cost one British pound. Adding fried fish filet would cost $5 British pounds, which I could not afford.” During those years, Myolie did not own a down coat, thus she was chilled to the bones. Although the town did not have a Chinatown, it did have a Chinese restaurant. When her friends asked her to have dim sum with her, Myolie did not have money but she still joined her friends. If she were to eat with them, she would have to pay over $10 British pounds, thus she would claim that she already ate elsewhere.

Joining Miss Hong Kong Pageant On A Whim

Money could not buy a poor experience in one’s youth. With her poor youth, Myolie learned to cherish things in life. Realizing that her father already tried his best in paying for her education, Myolie did not ask her father for additional money. After completing high school, her grades were quite good. She was accepted by several universities’ Pharmacy programs in the United Kingdom. Myolie said, “I wanted to become a doctor, however I did not get straight A’s in my grades. Thus, I applied for the Pharmacy programs despite knowing that my family had no money to pay my tuition. If I were to attend university in the United Kingdom for 4 years, the tuition would cost $1 million HKD, without factoring in dormitory and food costs yet!”

Without the proper funds, Myolie enrolled in Hong Kong University to study Biology. At the time, her father had just retired and Myolie did not want him to find a job as a security guard to pay for her education. “Many things in life seem to be pre-arranged. My friend in school applied for the Miss Hong Kong pageant. I enjoy singing and had performed in my school drama club. I worked as a model to earn side income. However, I never considered entering the Miss Hong Kong pageant. My friend asked me to go with her, thus I bought high heels and a swimsuit last minute to enter the pageant.


“I was afraid to tell my family that I had applied for the Miss Hong Kong pageant, until I was selected as one of the official contestants. My father was conservative and insisted that I complete school before entering the contest. Fortunately, my stepmother, who was Japanese and was more open-minded, supported my decision. I was selected as a contestant in April/May while my university exams were in June.” Weighing her options continuously in her mind as to whether she should participate in the pageant, which posed a low chance in winning, Myolie wondered whether she should waste her one year of studies at Hong Kong University. “Finally, I thought of a solution. I went to my professors and told them that I intended to participate in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. I begged them to allow me to take the final exams early.” Her professors, who were from overseas, agreed to allow Myolie to fulfill her dreams and requested that she not reveal the examination questions to the other students.

After Myolie became the second runner-up in the 1999 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Hong Kong University kept her grades active for one year. When she started filming dramas, she officially withdrew her enrollment status. After working, she started earning a salary. As a student, she did not have high expectations for her salary. Realizing her weaknesses during filming, Myolie could only continue to learn from each of her costars. Filming day and night, there was an occasion in which Myolie only slept ten minutes [in one day] and three hours within a six day period.

Risking her life at the job, Myolie no longer need to be concerned about the days of having no money. Requiring a basic lifestyle, she did not love buying designer brands or especially expensive clothes. Possessing the financial strength to invite her elder sister to live with her, Myolie’s motivation to earn money stems from the desire to not lack money in her life. Realizing that money does not mean everything, money can buy one moment of happiness, but not necessarily everyone’s acknowledgment, which was especially important in the entertainment industry. If the audience were to disapprove of her acting, then the results would be undesirable.

Sister Is An Understanding Confidante

“I have returned to Ireland with two of my friends, changing flights in London. The London airport is very lively and each time, I will pass a restaurant which serves caviar and seafood. In the past, I did not have money to purchase such items, now I can enjoy them anytime and shop in London and stay at the most expensive hotel in Belfast, which cannot be compared to the past hotels I stayed at. In the past, the hotels I slept in were very basic. At the time, I wanted to stay at such high class hotels for the experience.”

When Myolie approached a bottleneck in her career, her elder sister was her confidante. She was a very understanding listener, who had studied psychology. Since Myolie’s sister experienced an unhappy childhood, she tried very hard to help others attain balance and happiness in their lives.

“Bosco Wong Complements My Life”

Accepting the TVB Best Actress Award from Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Patrick Tse ( 謝賢), Myolie cried tearfully, while publicly thanking boyfriend, Bosco Wong. She stated, “I know that I have many faults, but so do you! However, I hope that we can continue to support each other.”

Myolie and Bosco have dated for 7 years, maintaining an underground relationship all along. Dating secretly, Myolie was often very alert. She often scanned her surroundings carefully to make sure she was not photographed, “I am rarely photographed by the paparazzi!”


Due to their secret romance, they had to be extremely careful when meeting. While filming To Grow With Love "肥田囍事", Myolie experienced a difficult period in her life, causing her personality to become more extreme. “When I gained weight for my role in To Grow With Love, he (Bosco) said I was quite intolerable. It is as if I had to face a difficult obstacle and did not know if I can handle it.” Former TVB executive, Stephen Chan (陳志雲), even suggested that a production crew follow Myolie around everyday to film a reality show on her weight gain, which was a promotional tactic.

“After filming for one day, I was very stressed out and cried in front of the camera. Although I had to eat non-stop to gain weight for my role in To Grow With Love, I had no appetite.” Bosco Wong completely understood Myolie’s psychological dilemma and was very gentle towards her. Cooking noodles for her to eat, Bosco also provided emotional comfort to Myolie.

Bosco Left an Initial Poor Impression Upon Myolie

Myolie and Bosco met on the set of Triumph in the Skies "衝上雲宵". The first impression that Bosco gave Myolie was not a good one. Myolie thought that he frequented night clubs and was not faithful to his girlfriend. She felt that he was not a good man, in which she said to herself, “This is definitely not my cup of tea!”

When it time to film in War of In-Laws "我的野蠻奶奶", Bosco had just started leading TVB dramas. In Myolie’s mind, she thought that Bosco would only be focused on playing and not working hard. However, her initial judgment was wrong, “It turned out that he was very hard working and adapted quickly! He also possessed another good quality, in which he was very respectful towards elders. Aside from being respectful towards Liza Wang (汪明荃), Bosco was also respectful towards Peter Lai (黎彼得) and Wong Ching (王青). He put in a lot of effort during filming and was not late to work. He was also good in his martial arts scenes. Slowly, my impression of Bosco changed….”

Working Hard Because of Family

Myolie and Bosco were afraid that if they were to admit that they were involved in a relationship, TVB would think that they prioritized dating and not their work. Since it was a trend to keep romances underground in the industry, Myolie and Bosco felt that the only way was to date secretly. However, this was the wrong mentality. Myolie was 32 years old and Bosco was 31 years old; it was perfectly understandable to date.

When Myolie was a teenager, she thought that she will never get married due to her parent’s divorce causing emotional scars in her childhood. She felt there was no guarantee in marriage and witnessed many couples divorcing despite being married for a decade. Encountering a person she can trust and a suitable marriage partner, Myolie’s perspective has changed. If she were to get married in the future, Myolie will definitely have children, which was an inevitable part of life. “Two people have to be very sure about their love for each other. No matter what happens, they have to face the problems together and work hard for the family they have created!”

If Myolie had any emotional problems, she was the type of person who needed to discuss all the issues out in the open. On the other hand, Bosco did not like to discuss his problems. Myolie said cheerfully, “When he does not talk about the problems, I force him to do so!”

Bosco possessed a cheerful personality that was able to withstand the “sky falling down.” Due to Bosco’s influence, Myolie became happier and her perspective in life has changed as well. Myolie possessed an alert and careful tendency. “Since our personalities are different, we are able to remind and complement each other!”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars

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Next Magazine TV Awards 2012 (Results & Photoshoot Special) :w00t:

Two months ago, we saw Myolie Wu crowned TV Queen and knew she was getting awards nonstop. Lately she has been in Mainland shooting and earning some extra income, but when we mentioned the 'Next Magazine TV Awards', we thought Myolie would put up the TV Queen attitude and could careless, but Myolie really gave us face. She said if she's that lucky to make it in, then she will definitely make time on her schedule to be back in HK to attend the award show. Results, Myolie made it the Top 3. For this special edition, Myolie sacrificed her sleep time, and came to do her make up and hair at 4am.

Source: Next Magazine, TVBChannel
Translation by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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just smokin in 日前胡杏儿为《风尚志》拍摄的海岛大片曝光,性感出镜大秀美背,胸前黑丝性感十足。
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