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Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
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Are you ready?

Things That Mix - 48G FanFic
Shimazaki Haruka (I)

This is a fanfic I made just to ease my boredom. Please feel free to read but please don’t copy without my permission. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort with this. I’m sorry. This is my first time doing a fanfic. Bare with me please. I’m also not a native English speaker so I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes. I do this at night so there’ll be a lot of typo errors for sure. Your oshis might be here. Just imagine yourself being the original character. Thank you. :) This will include a lot of members.

I'm also in tumblr with the same name. [shortcut48]
I have uploaded a lot there but akbdaisuki48-san told me that I can also post in here. I hope that you enjoy this.

This is the small part of the first chapter


Why is it
That you appeared so suddenly?
Blending in with my heart just by existing
I can finally accept the colours of another
That I had refused until now
You and I are a mixture
That I have never seen or felt before


First Encounter

PARURU found herself trying to read the bus route posted at that certain bus stop she’s in. But no matter how long she stares on it she can’t read a thing because it is all written in Hangul. She was just roaming around with her senpai and co-team A member, Miyazaki Miho, but now she’s nowhere to be found. Her phone died long ago and can’t even find an outlet fit for her charger.

Now almost an hour of being lost, Paruru started to tense up. She’s in a land where she thought she can go and take some good rest; be a normal girl and stroll around without the fear of being seen by fans but now she’s lost and feeling more stressed than ever.

She’s been walking for so long that her injured foot started aching. She decided to take a rest at that bus stop and try to find her way back to their hotel but much to her dismay, it is impossible.

People started to crowd the said bus stop. This made Paruru more anxious. She’s really not good at dealing with people and it has been a long while that she’s been alone in a crowd without security. Being in the top idol group of Japan is really a huge thing.

“Myao-san, hurry up and find me.” Paruru muttered under her breath, trying to calm herself.

She watched people ride their respective buses. The crowd got thinner and thinner in no time. It made her breathe a little.

“Mitsumeraretara PURESHAA~ Ai ni naretenai kara~ Watashi ni kitai shinaide~ ima no mama ja dame nanda KIREI ni naritai~ PURESHAA~”

Paruru’s eyes widened when she heard that song. There’s no mistake about it. Well, how can she mistake the song where she centered? She slowly looked at the stranger on the other bench who is singing Eien Pressure. It was a girl wearing a gray hoodie with hair as short as Hirate Yurina of Keyakizaka46. The girl is wearing round spectacles, her Bluetooth earphones plugged into her ears. She’s happily singing the song stressing on every PURESHAA word.

“Oh yeah! PURESHAA is life!” The girl interjected as she moves her head to look at the arrival time of her bus. The screen is just right above Paruru’s head.

Paruru immediately turned her head on the other side to hide her face.

The stranger’s eyes widened as her she immediately flushed. She thought that she was the only one left in the bus stop that’s why she started singing audibly. Someone heard her weirdness and that’s terribly embarrassing.

“죄-죄송합니다.” (I-I'm sorry.) She murmured. She minimized her sounds and remained quiet.

Paruru’s head is being invaded by ideas. The girl will surely recognize her if she knows their song. She can be a help sent by God. But what if she is a hardcore fan? What if she’s really not a girl? At the very least, will she even be able to understand her?

“Maa~ Whatever!”

Paruru got a resolve. She’s going to talk to that girl and ask for help. The salty bishojou tried to take another look at the girl on the other bench. She seems to be harmless. They might even be on the same age. She has to get help before her asthma strikes back.

“죄송합니다, 누나가 혹시 길을 잃어버렸어요?”
(I'm sorry, are you, somehow, lost?)

Before she even muster the courage to ask the girl, a guy came before her and talk to her in some language she doesn’t know. Now, she started to curse herself why she is such a ponkotsu. Losing Myao at this place is really a foolish thing to do.

“어디 가야 돼용?” (Where you goin'?)The guy somehow irritates her as he reeks the smell of kimchi. He also seems pushy. “뭐가 도와드릴까용?” (How can I help you?) //sorry, I don't know how to translate aegyo in english.//

The guy even sat next to her. With disgust clearly written all over her face, Paruru tried to shake off the guigui guy but he just continued saying stuffs she cannot understand. With this Paruru knows that she’s really in danger. She tried to look for the girl on the other bench but she’s not there anymore.

Crap. Help me. Someone.

“누나 같이 노래방에 갑시당. 시간이 있죠?” (Nee-chan, let's go to karaoke. You have time, right?) The aegyo of the guy didn’t seem to get through the salty queen of Akihabara. She kept ignoring him until the guy tried to drag her.

“C-Chotto matte kudasai!”

Paruru exclaimed as the guy forcefully pull her to stand. The guy formed grimace.

“일번 사람이구나. 일번 사람은 잘 하죠? 그런 걸…”
(Oh! You're a Japanese! Japanese people do that thing well, right?)

The guy tried to drag her again. Paruru’s eyes started to tear up. She doesn’t know what to do anymore. She’s really hopeless.

“예, 경찰서이지요?” (Yes, is this the police?) The commotion stopped when they heard a voice. Their eyes darted to the girl who’s talking to her phone. It was the stranger with round glasses.

“저는 지금 KBS 스포츠월드 정류장 있는데요. 한 남자가 어떤 예쁜 아가씨를 괴롭히고 있어요. 네, 네. 성희롱입니다. 네, 네. 빨리 오십시오.”
(I'm in the KBS Sports World Bus station. One guy is harassing some beautiful lady. Yes, sexual harassment. Yes, yes... Come fast, please.)

The guy froze on the spot. He suddenly let go of Paruru and dashed to the stranger. He lifted her with her collar. His face is red in anger.

“경찰 불렀냐?!”(You called the police?!) He shouted at her but the girl doesn’t seem to get fazed by his exhibition of anger.

“응. 불렀어요. 좀 기다려 주십시오.” (Uhm, I called them. Please wait some more.) She even showed her call logs to show him that she really called the police. The guy suddenly slapped her. Her spectacles flew and made a cracking sound when it hit the ground. The scene attracted the attention of a lot of people and the crowd started gathering again.

An angry citizen who saw how the guy hit the girl straight to her face grabbed the rude man’s arms and scolded him to stay still. The stranger silently picked her cracked glasses and wore them back. Paruru felt a hand pulled her from the gathering crowd. Still shocked by the commotion she just let herself be taken. It was the stranger.

“Are you alright?” The girl asked as she took a short look of Paruru in her back. Paruru caught a glimpse of the wound in the girl’s lips. The slap must be really hard. Wait, did she hear her speak in Japanese.

“Y-Yes, I’m alright.” The damsel in distress finally answered as she finally got the grip of her voice.

“It must be hard on you being treated like that. That guy has no shame. Please don’t misunderstand. Not all Koreans are like him.” The girl explained without looking back at Paruru. “Let’s go somewhere to rest. Is it okay to go at my place?”

Wait. Did she just say go at her place. Paruru stopped walking and took her hand away from the stranger. Salty queen is sure salty.

The girl turned to her with a curious face. This is the first time that Paruru got a full glimpse of this girl’s face. She’s kind of cute. Her round black eyes are hidden behind her damaged glasses. Her face so small and cute that Paruru thought she can be an idol. Her seemingly flawless skin got damaged because of protecting Paru. But now she doubts her savior. Paruru looked down, trying to avoid the gaze of the girl.

“I need to get back to my hotel.”

The girl smiled at her. The wound stung a little but she didn’t mind it.

“Sorry. It was rude of me to ask you to go at my place. It’s really near so I thought it’s a good place to rest. I’ll take you to your hotel. What’s the name of it?”

Paruru stared at the girl for a moment. Name of the hotel? You’ve got to be kidding. She even forgot the name.

I hate this ponkotsu character.

The other girl tilted her head to the side. “You don’t seem to remember.”

Paruru just stayed quiet. She’s so much embarrassed.

“Do you have someone with you?”

“Yes, I am with a friend but we suddenly got separated.”

“Have you tried calling her?”

“I wanted to but my phone died.”

“You memorize her number?”

The girl handed her phone to her as if telling her to call Myao but she has zero idea of Myao’s number. Everything is on her dead phone. She just stared at the phone being handed to her.

The stranger heaved a sigh.

“So? Wanna go now at my place?”

Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
Shimazaki Haruka (II)

THE stranger led Paruru to an apartment complex. In Korea, apartment is where most people with money live. The salty queen saw that the place is quite fancy but she still doesn’t let her guard down.

They went to room 808. The lady entered a very long password before they went in. She just casually led Paruru inside her room. She obediently just went in and her eyes started to travel across the room. It was quite huge. What welcomed her is the living room where a UHDTV is on together with a big sofa. The walls are covered with white wallpaper. The kitchen is also in the same room, only divided by a short table. The window also is so huge and it leads to the balcony.

“If you want to use the restroom it is the door on the left.” Said the girl which broke Paruru’s sight-seeing. She hand her a pair of indoor slippers. “I’m sorry. That’s mine. It’s the only thing that’s around so bear with it.”

With that Paruru concluded that this girl is living alone. She wanted to ask about her family but she cannot find the courage to do so. She made her sit at the sofa while the girl went to another room. It must be her bedroom. She immediately came out holding her charger.

“Give me your phone.” She ordered as she presents Paruru her phone charger.

Paruru immediately hand her phone to the girl but she suddenly slapped her own forehead and sat on the floor.

“Why are you using an iPhone? My charger is for Android phones?” She scratched her head which ruined her perfectly fixed hair.

“G-Gomen nasai…” Those are the only words that went out of Paruru’s mouth.

The girl immediately stood up as an idea came flashing on her mind.

“Wait here. I’m going to borrow a charger from Ae-ri at the next door.“ She ran outside barefoot, leaving the door open. Paruru is just amazed of how active the girl is. Right now she has a lot of questions in her mind; like how the girl didn’t recognize her when she is just singing her song a while ago. Wait, isn’t that a good thing that she doesn’t recognize her so that she can act normal? But, why is she feeling irritated about being unrecognized.

She took one more look around the room. The stranger left her bedroom door partially open. There’s a faint light from the inside. Paruru’s eyes widened. She’s seeing a little part of the girl’s room but she can see AKB48 related stuffs.

She’s definitely a fan but why doesn’t she recognize me?

The spectacled girl came back rushing with an iPhone charger on her hand. She’s smiling at Paruru with that wounded lips.

“Now charge.”


PARURU has already called Myao. They are just waiting for her to arrive. There’s no mistaken through Myao’s cracked voice that she has been crying in search for Paruru. She’s now on the way through a cab.

She also saw a screenshot of Myao’s deleted tweet about her being lost. Apparently, her senpai got so worried and panicked that she even asked help on Twitter. Probably realizing that what she did is wrong, she immediately deleted the tweet but too late that it was already screen captured. Now the whole world knows her being lost.

She heaved a sigh. Tomorrow’s newspaper will be about Shimazaki Haruka’s being an idiot in Korea. She looked at her savior who has been constantly receiving calls but isn’t answering any of it. She’s just sitting at a chair in front of Paru.

Irked, Paruru gathered her voice and asked, “Why aren’t you answering them?”

Somehow surprised that Paruru suddenly talked, the girl explained, “It’s nothing. They are just voice phish—“ She wasn’t able to finish her sentence when another call came. Seemingly tired of the upcoming calls she answered it.

“여버세요? 네 선배님. 죄송해요. 오늘 진짜 못 가요. 네, 집에 갑자기 어떤 특별한 손님이 왔는데요. 정말 죄송해요. 다음에 뵈요. 예.”
(Hello. Senpai, I'm really sorry. Today I really can't come. A sudden important visitor came into my house. I'm really sorry. See you next time.)

That’s all and the call ended. Paruru noticed how the girl heaved a sigh of relief.

“That wasn’t just a voice phishing, isn’t it?” She asked.

“Yeah, you’re fast enough to notice that, huh?”

Paruru’s eyes narrowed as she heard the sarcasm but she just let it past.

“That was a call from a senpai in the university. I am actually on my way to meet with people from my school for a karaoke night when I saw the incident in the bus stop. Now that I have a valid reason of not going, I can finally stay home. I don’t really want to meet with people I don’t know.”

Paruru felt a little happy from that explanation. She’s been waiting to hear explanations from her since ages ago.

“Y-You know me, right?” Finally Paruru went to ask for that question.

The girl just stared for her in a while. Paruru’s heart skipped a beat looking at those piercing gaze on the back of cracked lenses.

“Maa~ we can’t help it. You heard me sing your song in the most out-of-pitch way.” Her lips formed a little smile but her eyes seemed so sad. “I know you. I recognized you at first glance.”

The last sentence echoed at Paruru’s ears over and over. She doesn’t know why but she feels strangely happy. Right now she wants to know why she isn’t as excited like her other fans whenever they meet her. It’s a normal fan reaction, right? To be static when seeing their idols. But here is this girl. Completely acting like nothing big is happening in her house. One of the aces of AKB48 is sitting right in front of her and it feels like she’s just talking to a normal person.

“I immediately drag you away from the crowd to protect you. It will be bad if someone knows you and take a picture of the scene. You’ll have a hard time explaining to people which you hate to do, right?”

She just nodded in approval. This girl might really know her.

“Though I wanted to punch that guy’s face or see him being taken by the police. Your safety is on top priority.”

Paruru felt weird warmth on her cheeks. She looked at another direction to avoid being seen.

“You should’ve filed a case against him. He hurt you.”

“No worries.” The girl sighed. “I’m not a citizen here so they won’t favor me that much.”

“Are you Japanese?”

“No, do I look like one?”

“Really? But you are speaking fluently.”

“Hmmm… Maybe because I studied?”

“Your name?”

The girl just laughed at her, making Paruru show her signature grumpy face.

“There’s no need knowing my name.”

“I want to know.”

“What makes Salt want to know a stranger’s name?”

Paruru puffed her cheeks. She doesn’t want to be called Salt anymore as she proclaimed that she is Sugar.

“Just tell me your name.” she ordered.

“Say please.” The other girl taunted.

“P-Please!!!” she struggled saying just one word. The other girl smiled at her and pats her head.

“My name… is Mumei.” [Mumei in Japanese literally means Anonymous or Nameless. 無名.]

Paru rolled her eyes in disbelief. She was about to complain about the name but the doorbell suddenly rang. Myao flashed on the little screen by the door.

“It’s your friend.” She removed her hand at Paru’s head and went to approve Myao in entering the building. “She’ll be here in a minute.”

“About your name..” Paru insisted as she follows the other girl with her gaze.

“I never knew you are this stubborn.”

“I’m serious. I want to know you.”

“Ehhh?” The girl went near her with a teasing smile. “You like me?”

“Shut up! It’s not like that!”

The girl gave out another laugh. “Tsundere.” She looked up a bit and looked back at the irritated Paruru. “It’s true. I don’t have a name. So, how about give me a nickname?”

Paruru tilted her head to the right. She doesn’t have a name and now she wants a nickname. This girl is far beyond eccentric. And what are with those arm bands? Mottejanai.

The doorbell started ringing again. The button is being pushed constantly as if the person is making the doorbell a computer mouse.

“Wait a second!!!” Mumei hurriedly went to open the door, worried that Myao might break her doorbell. The moment she unlocked the door, it just flung open making her squashed by the door to the wall. Myao dashed to where Paruru is and kneeled in front of her.

“Paruru~” she cried. Her face messed up by her tears. “I’m sorry for losing you~”

“It’s okay now Myao-san.” Paru comforted her as she tried to make her stand. She looked at the squashed Mumei who’s rubbing her ruddy forhead. She looked at her with worried eyes, asking if she’s alright. Mumei just signaled an okay sign.

“Thank goodness you aren’t hurt! Your fans will surely skin me off alive if something bad happened to you!”

Myao looks terribly messed up. She has been searching for her for a good three hours. A lot of people even mistook her as a crazy lady; walking in the streets while wailing.

“It was my fault getting lost.”

“Oooh… So you are actually nice to your senpai…”

Their eyes darted to Mumei who just commented again about Paru’s salty behavior. Myao rushed to her and held her hands.

“Thank you for saving Paruru! You are a gift from heaven!” She cried as she pressed her hands tightly.

Mumei let out a snicker and shook her head. “I’m a trash in heaven that’s why they sent me here. Take a good rest at the sofa. You look as dead as your friend’s phone a while ago. I’ll go borrow a pair of slippers from Ae-ri.”

“Can I use the restroom?”

“Sure, it’s the door on the left.”

Mumei turned around to go out but before she took a step outside she heard Myao screamed. She hurriedly went back inside and to her shock; she found her bedroom’s door wide open.

“Are you an idiot? Don’t you know which is left and which is right?” Mumei irritably commented.

“You are an AKB fan?!” Myao screeched.

“And a Nogi fan too.” She responded casually. “So what’s the deal?”

Myao marched to her with an angry face. She violently stretched her arm.

“Give me your phone!” She ordered.

“What? Just a while ago you are treating me like a savior and now you are ordering me around.”

“Just give me your phone!”

Mumei rolled her eyes and sighed. She reached the phone from her pocket and handed it to Myao. Myao couldn’t open it because of the password so she ordered her again to unlock it.

“AKB girls are sure weird.” She murmured while inputting her password. “Here.”

Myao immediately went straight to Mumei’s gallery. The owner is just looking at the invasion of her privacy.

“If you are looking for your pictures, I have none. You are not my oshimen.”

“Shut up.” Myao hissed. “I’m looking if you secretly took Paruru’s picture.”

Paruru got intrigued. Did Mumei take her pictures? And whose pictures are in Mumei’s phone? Her oshimen?

Myao returned her phone; surprised that she didn’t see even one stoled Paruru picture.

“Why do you think I will secretly take her photo like a stalker?” Mumei asked.

Myao’s eyes widened. “You are asking me why?! Shimazaki Haruka, the ace of the group that you admire, is right inside your house and you’re not going to take a single photo?!”

Mumei looked at her with a blank expression. “Look, do you actually think that if I freak out and started fangirling it will help her. She got lost and stressed out already to deal with a crazy wota. Now go and relieve your urinary bladder.”

That’s all and Mumei went out. Paruru and Myao were left dumbfounded.

“She’s a weird girl.” Myao uttered and then went straight to the restroom.

Paruru just stayed quiet, confused of the warm feeling she’s feeling inside.


MYAO decided to leave Mumei’s apartment after she got some good rest. The girl didn’t talk at them again on the period of resting. She’s just at the balcony with her earphones plugged on. She didn’t even take another look of the two AKB48 members inside her house.

Paru was just sitting in the sofa, thinking of how she can thank the strange girl from saving her while taking short glimpses of her. Her wound in the side of her lips is not yet disinfected and her glasses are broken. She should’ve atleast do something about those things but she got shy again with Myao’s presence.

“Let’s go back to our place now, Paruru.” Myao whispered. “We might be disturbing her for a while now.”

Paruru, confused of what to do, just nodded to Myao. They stood up to say good bye to Mumei but the apartment door suddenly flung open.

“AH KOI SURU FORTUNE COOKIE!!!” Mumei blabbered in surprise.

A lady came in panting heavily looking for Mumei. But when she saw the two girls, she shortly smiled at them and then went straight to Mumei.

“NEKO-CHAN!!!” she shouted as she hugged the startled spectacled girl at the balcony.


Mumei finally pushed the middle-aged lady away from her. The lady is crying looking at her bruised face.

“Stop with the overreaction Hiroko-san. This is nothing.” She assured her.

“Who did that to you?! I’ll go jail him because of hurting my Neko-chan!”

“Neko is your name?” Paruru unconsciously butted in.

“Ara!” exclaimed Hiroko. “We have guests?!”

“You’ve passed them a while ago, didn’t you?”

Myao and Paru looked at each other before greeting the Japanese lady.

“Konbanwa.” They greeted in chorus.

“Shimazaki Haruka-desu.”

“Miyazaki Miho-desu.”

“Park Hiroko-desu~” Hiroko blinked twice after hearing their names. “Shimazaki Haruka? As in Paruru of AKB48?”

Paruru just nodded. It took roughly five seconds before Hiroko digest everything. She started jumping as if rejoicing of a miracle. She held Paruru’s hands and shook them.

“Oh good Lord! Paruru!!! I’m a big fan!”

“There she goes.” Mumei sighed and plugged back her earphones.

Paruru just awkwardly smiled at Hiroko. She tried to ask Mumei for help by looking at her with those puppy eyes. Mumei scratched the back of her head violently before taking Hiroko away from Paru.

“Okay, 10 seconds have passed Madam.” Mumei escorted Hiroko away like an usher at handshake events.

“It’s the first time that you brought friends in here Neko-chan! I never thought that it will be Paruru!”

“I’m also here.” Myao hesitantly raised her hand.

“Are you Paruru’s manager?”

Paruru gave out a cute snicker with the lady’s remark.

“Mou~ I’m the original 5th Generation ace!” Myao bubbled.

“They are not my friends Hiroko-san. It was quite a story that they came here.” Mumei explained.

Hiroko gave out a motherly smile. “Ehh? Not your friends? Here I am expecting that you got friends.”

“In your dreams, Hiroko-san. Anyway, what made you come here? How about business?”

“Ae-ri phoned me. She said that you went at her room borrowing a charger with a wound on your lips. The girl is dying to know if you’re alright. Lift the ban now will you, Neko-chan.”

Mumei gradually shook her head. “No, your daughter will destroy her future if she continues to see me as a guy.”

She looked back at the two AKB members who are obviously getting out of place.

“I think they were about to say goodbye when you suddenly came.”

“Ah yes!” Myao answered. “We should leave now. Right, Paruru?”

Paruru looked at Mumei’s smug face once again. She still hasn’t repaid her. She wants to stay. Hiroko saw the look on Paruru’s face and instantly knew what she wants.

“You’re leaving, right away? Why don’t we eat dinner first?” Hiroko suggested.

“Let them leave, Hiroko-san. Idols can’t be—“

“여버세요? 예, VIP룸 하나 예약하러 전화 드렸어요.”
(Hello. Yes, I called to reserve one VIP room.)

“Hiroko-san, don’t just go and reserve rooms.” Mumei protested.

“예, 10분 후에 바로 도착합니다. 감사합니다.” (Yes, We will arrive within 10 minutes. Thank you.)That’s all and the call ended. Hiroko looked at Paruru and gave her a wink. “Who’s in for 삼겹살(Korean Barbecue) tonight?”

“Korean Barbecue?” Myao murmured. Her mouth started watering. Looking for Paruru for three hours sure made her hungry. “I think I can’t afford to miss this offer.”

“Let’s go!” Hiroko cheerfully led them to the door.

Mumei = Facefalm
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (Shimazaki Haruka [III])
Post by: shortcut48 on October 11, 2016, 05:48:13 AM
Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
First Encounter: Shimazaki Haruka (III)

I’m getting late from the real time scenarios so I’m just going to upload everything of the first arc.

THE sound of the meat being fried makes Paruru and Myao hungrier. There are a lot of side dishes in the table too. It’s the first time that they’ll eat this Korean Barbecue. (Yeah, it’s a barbecue even though it is being fried.)

“Go and dig up, ladies~ It’s all on your beautiful aunty~” Hiroko told them when she confirmed that the meat is ready to eat. “This is thanks for being the first friends of Neko-chan.”

“I told you they are not my friends.” Mumei resisted, rolling her eyes once again.

“Oh you, little Tsun tsun.” Hiroko teased. “Go on and eat, Paruru and Myao.”

The two girls grabbed their chopsticks. “Itadakimasu.”

Mumei watched Paru took a piece of meat and ate it just like that.

“That’s not how you eat samgyeopsal.” She commented. “I’ll show you.”

She got a piece of Korean lettuce and put some rice on it. She then put the meat and added a bit of bean paste. She also put a slice of garlic and kimchi before she wraps them all with the lettuce.

“Here you go. Open up.”

Paruru looked at Myao and Hiroko before looking back at the samgyeopsal on Mumei’s hand.

She’s going to feed me?!

She felt a sweat break on her forehead. This is just embarrassing for her.

“What are you waiting for? I can’t hand you this or the wrapper will open. You want me to cool this for you?” She started blowing softly on the food and then she stretched her arm again to give it to the lady opposite of her.

Paruru gulped. It seems that she can’t say no to it. She gradually opened her mouth and ate the food from Mumei’s hand. She started chewing the food and a good blend of taste hugged her taste buds. Her eyes sparkled with joy.

“How was it?”

Paruru swallowed first. “It is really good!”

Mumei smirked. “That’s how you eat it.”

“Hey Neko-san, make one for me too.” Myao cried. Confused on why Paruru is the only one receiving special treatment.

“A-A-Ah~” Hiroko suddenly barged in. “Don’t call my Neko-chan “Neko”, Myao.”

“Why? Isn’t her name Neko?” Myao asked.

Hiroko shook her head. “Neko is the nickname I gave her. This girl is nameless.”

Paruru looked at Mumei who is busy making one wrap for Myao. Mumei felt Paruru’s heavy stare and looked back at her. “I told you about it earlier, right? Myao-san, open up.”

“It’s impossible! How can someone be nameless?” Myao commented before opening her mouth for the food. “Dewicious!”

Hiroko laughed a little but somehow that laugh seemed lonely.

“That was also the first reaction I got when I first met her. She has no name and she doesn’t even speak. I just took her in because she’s so cute! I saw her wandering at a park so I just named her Noraneko.” (Noraneko = Stray cat, 野良猫)

“Neko is the name Hiroko-san gave me. That’s how she knew me so the usage of the name is just between us.”

“That’s so confusing! How about in other places? Like school or anything.” Myao kept on throwing questions that’s also popping on Paruru’s head. It’s really convenient to have Myao around.

“I have another name on school. Since I have no attachment with anyone, I’m going with a fake name.”

“So, if you want to be close with her you have to name her too.” Hiroko gleefully stated.

“Enough with the name talk. Let’s just eat quietly.” Mumei protested with a knot between her brows.

“Eating quietly is not fun Neko-chan~ How about we order some soju?”

“Don’t make the idols drink!!!”

That’s all and the barbecue night went off smoothly. Paruru did enjoy the food and the company of Hiroko and Mumei. But the things she discovered while eating just covered Mumei into more mystery. She’s so interested. She can’t deny it.

Nickname, huh?


THE barbeque night ended up into a stay over. Apparently, Hiroko is the owner of the whole apartment complex and it is her business; one of her businesses to be exact. Hiroko is a wife of a rich Korean businessman. Yes, Hiroko is Japanese. You know the details.

Since it’s already late and the hotel where they stay is far, Hiroko just recommended them to stay and spend the night at Mumei’s room. It’s not a recommendation if viewed in Mumei’s perspective. They were forced to. Hiroko even ordered one of her secretaries to buy them change clothes and blankets and it arrived at the front door in no time.

The two idols just accepted the offer. Since Hiroko is Japanese too and she seems nice, she easily won the trust of the two foreigners in the land. It’s just that Mumei finds this stay over terribly awkward.

The girl is not used of having other people around. She likes being alone and for her it is the safest thing but now she has to deal with visitors that she just met a while ago and now going to sleep at her house. That’s just ridiculous.

Paru and Myao are at her room changing clothes. Myao is so amazed on the collection that Mumei has. She almost has all the stuffs related to the 48 Group. Posters are posted in the walls even in the ceiling. The CDs are in the shelves and are all in order. She even has the limited editions. Of all those things, Myao can’t figure out who is Mumei’s oshimen.

“This kid might be a DD. (Daredemo Daisuki)”

“She seems to really like AKB.” Paruru commented while pulling out a pajama that Hiroko bought.

“You can tell by just looking at her stuffs.”

Paru noticed the price tag still attached at the pajama so she went on looking for scissors. She can’t find anywhere so she went outside to ask Mumei but she’s not in the living room neither in the balcony. Paru with her ponkotsu character went to search in the bathroom. She just opened the door and saw Mumei washing her face on the sink.

Before she even say a word, her eyes automatically went to the direction of Mumei’s arms. There are scars. A lot of it. There are a lot of cut marks even on her wrist.

Mumei getting aware of Paru’s presence hurriedly removed the soap on her face and dried herself with the towel. She picked her broken glasses and covered her arms with the towel.

“What’s up?” She asked Paru. She’s obviously trying to hide her scars.

Paru snapped back into reality. “I need some scissors to remove the tag.”

Mumei looked at the pajama, grabbed it from Paru with her arms still covered by the towel and removed the tag with her bare hands.

“Sharp objects are not allowed in this place.” That’s all and she handed back Paruru the pajama before going out of the washroom.

Scars? Now what?


IT’S already 2 in the morning but Paruru is still wide awake. Myao has been taken to the land of dreams hours ago but Paruru refused to go. She’s been thinking of repaying Mumei until now. She’s also thinking of the name she will give her.

Wait, does this really mean that I want to be friends with her.

They are sleeping at Mumei’s bedroom. The girl said that she can’t let them sleep anywhere else. Her bed is the most comfortable space available. She’s just going to sleep at the sofa in the sala. Paru cannot deny the curiosity she feels for the spectacled girl. She’s a fan but acting like not. She’s nameless and terribly scared. She’s not Japanese or Korean but she’s speaking both languages fluently. She doesn’t even look western or anything. She’s just a mysterious entity.

Cannot sleep, Paru stood up and take a good look at the AKB related stuffs all over the room. There’s not a single poster with only a particular member. They are all in groups.

Who the hell is her oshimen? I really want to know.

Paru slightly opened the door to see if Mumei is already sleeping but she’s nowhere in the living room. She went out to search for her. The girl is on the balcony, still with her earphones plugged in her ears. She’s just sitting at the chair in there with her right elbow on the railings, looking at somewhere.

Mumei noticed Paruru looking at her. She removed her earphones and started talking.

“You’re still awake?” She asked Paru with a confused look in her face.

“You talk.” Paruru replied with her character on.

Mumei flashed a faint smile and looked back at the scenery she’s looking at a while ago.

“It’s summer and there are things that I can only do during this season. Like enjoying the breeze and looking at the stars.”

Paruru went out to the balcony to look at the scenery Mumei is talking about. Right after she set her eyes on the sky, her jaw dropped. It’s a very beautiful horizon with lots of stars. When was the last time she saw the night sky like this? When she’s not busy with work, she’s sick. She never had the time to look up the sky and enjoy an amazing scenery like this.

“Sugoi.” Paruru muttered under her breath.

“Deshou? People are already asleep by this time so most lights are off giving way for the stars to shine.”

Paru looked at the spectacled girl who’s smiling at the night sky.

“Does the wound in your lips still hurt?” She worriedly asked.

Mumei got surprised. She put her fingers to her lips to feel the wound. “I forgot I got this.” She started to flick her wound. “See, it’s nothing so don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t flick it like that.” Paru grumpily commented. “I’ll pay for the repair of your glasses.”

“Ah! My glasses?” She removed it and looked at the damage.

She’s really cute especially without those glasses.

“They’ll still do so don’t stress yourself about this. You’re not the one who should pay for it anyway.”

“But it got broken because you saved me.”

“No, it got broken because that guy slapped me and it hit the floor.”

“But it is still because of me, right?”

Mumei looked at Paru without her glasses with a “Dude, seriously” look. She heaved a sigh and leaned her back at the chair.

“You, sure, are stubborn. It’s just a little crack.”

“Just let me fix that for you.” Paruru insisted with her cute, puppy face.

Mumei looked at another direction avoiding that cute, irresistible face.

“If you insist.”

“Yey~!” Paruru gave out a cute snicker after Mumei’s surrender. They went to look at the sky once again and the cold early morning breeze started blowing.

“’You cold?” Mumei asked when she noticed Paru hugging herself. The other girl just nodded.

Mumei smirked. She tapped her lap before spreading her arms.

“Sit in my lap then I’ll hug you.”

Paruru’s eyes widened together with the flushing of her face.

“B-B-BAKA!” she stammered. “Why do you think I’ll agree with that?”

Mumei just laughed at her reaction. “What’s wrong? We are both girls!”

“T-T-That’s not it! We are not even friends!”

“Then give a name to me, right away.”

Another moment of silence and stares. It was only cut when Paru’s phone suddenly rang. She turned around before answering it.

“Moshi moshi? O? Yuihan?”

It was Yokoyama Yui, the new general manager of the 48G and Paru’s closest friend. She called to confirm if Paruru is safe.

“I’m safe Yuihan. There’s nothing to worry about. I can say that I just played hide and seek with Myao-san in Korea. I think the media might bite that.”

The wind started blowing again and Paru shivered. She’s vulnerable with cold since her respiratory system is not that strong to start with.

“No, it’s okay. I’m still not sleepy. Eh? You just finished filming now? That must be hard—“

Her sentence got cut when she felt warm from her back. Mumei just back-hugged her.

“Moshi moshi? Paruru are you still there? Are you okay?” Yui bombed her with questions when she suddenly went quiet. Paruru’s heart is beating fast and there are butterflies in her stomach.

“H-Hai.” She stammered, catching her voice back. “I’m fine.”

“Make sure to take care of yourself. We have a group to take care of and you’re the ace.” Yuihan worriedly reminded her. “And I cannot afford to let something bad happen to you again.”

“Yes. Don’t worry. Go and take a rest now.” Paruru said those words while looking at Mumei who is resting her head on her shoulder. She’s listening to their conversation. It is so obvious with her smirk.

“Okay, see you soon. Come back safe. Oyasumi.”

“Uhm. Oyasumi.”

That’s all and the call ended. Mumei is still hugging her.

“Wahh~” She started. “She sounded like your boyfriend.”

Paru looked down. Mumei’s scarred arms are not covered. Those scars do look fatal. But wait, that’s not the important thing now. This girl is hugging her and she must be angry about it. Now she is starting to doubt herself because she finds it completely fine.

“W-Well Yui is like a boyfriend to me. She did say that she likes me.”


Mumei slowly departed from her. Paru turned around to look at the taller girl but her eyes are back to the stars. She’s still smiling but why does it feels like she’s crumbling.

“YuiParu is such a good ship, right?” Mumei commented and the looked at Paru. “You better sleep now or your health will not improve. You need a lot of rest, you know?”

“How about you?”

“I’ll go sleep a little later.”

“Okay, I’ll go sleep now. Oyasumi.”

Mumei laughed a little and Paru started to become curious again.

“Is there something funny?”

“Nah.” She assured her. “It’s just that I haven’t heard being wished a good night for a long time now. Go and sleep now.”

Paruru nodded and went back inside. Before she went inside the bedroom, she took one last glimpse of Mumei in the balcony. A picture of a cute, mysterious girl sitting under the light of the moon and stars—that’s the same thing she saw before she fell asleep.


“THANK you so much for letting us spend the night and for everything else.”

Myao and Paruru bowed to Mumei and Hiroko as a sign of gratefulness. It’s 8 in the morning and the two are ready to set off. Their return flight is at 3pm but they have to return to their hotel for their stuffs.

“You don’t need to bow like that. You guys are so formal now but rude most of the times.”

Hiroko spanked Mumei’s back, telling her to stop with the Tsundere behavior.

“I’m sorry for this child’s tongue.” Hiroko said with a smile. “I hope you enjoyed your trip here in Korea. Next time make the trip a bit longer and don’t forget to contact us. Here is my calling card.”

Hiroko gave each a copy of her contacts and the two thanked her for it. Paruru made sure that she keeps the card at a safe place.

“I’ll ask one of my drivers to take you to the hotel and then to the airport so you will not get lost again.”

“Wow! Thank you very much, Hiroko-san! That sure is a big help!” Myao thanked her with a very bright face.

Paruru looked at Mumei who is now wearing a new pair of glasses. Hiroko bought her a new one even before they go to a shop to repair it. She tried to pay for it but Hiroko declined her offer. She’s like a mother to her Neko-chan.

“Uhm….” Paru murmured.

“What is it Paruru-chan?” Hiroko asked.

“Uhmm… I know it’s not allowed to take a picture with a fan but can we all take a picture together? Will it be okay?” She bashfully asked.

Hiroko jumped in joy and grabbed Paru’s hand. “Ofcourse Paru-chan! Who are we to decline?”

Who would’ve thought that this woman is a company’s CEO? She’s acting like a wota.

“Okay, I’ll go take the photo.” Mumei volunteered and grabbed Paru’s phone from her.

“Wait!” Paru grabbed back her phone. “Who said you are not included?”

“Eh? Are you seriously including me? I don’t want my picture to be taken!”

“Look who’s acting like an idol here.” Myao rumbled.

“Join the picture. I just want a remembrance.”

Paruru looked at Mumei with determined eyes followed by the magic word “Please”. Mumei rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Fine then.”

“Good, good!” Hiroko interjected. “I’ll go call Ae-ri to take the picture.”

Hiroko rushed outside and came back dragging her daughter Ae-ri who is obviously half-asleep. It’s just 8 in the morning and Korean kids normally wake up late during summer.

“엄마 왜? 난 자고 있잖아.”
(Mom, why? I'm sleeping, can't you see?)

“Speak Japanese halfie. We have guests.”

Ae-ri, who is a beautiful 17 year-old girl, rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She opened her eyes widely and noticed that they are at Mumei’s room. She also noticed Mumei looking at her with her smug face. And then she noticed the other two girls then it came to her.

“NANIII?!” she shouted. “Why am I at Mi-nam’s place? I’m not allowed to be here!”

Mi-nam is the name Ae-ri gave Mumei. It literally means ‘handsome guy’ in Korean. Paruru remembered the name thing again.

Hiroko handed her Paru’s phone that’s already in camera mode.

“Yes. You only have a minute to stay here or else Neko-chan will hate you forever. Now go and take our picture. A good one, okay?” Hiroko rushed to organize their positions. She put the two visitors in the middle and dragged Mumei to stand beside Paru. She then stood beside Myao.

“I don’t get it.” Ae-ri questioned. “Why is Mi-nam letting you take his picture? And why are there two girls in his place?”

“You have thirty seconds left Ae-ri.”


Ae-ri took a lot of pictures. The first ones look weird because Paru and Myao are confused with the happenings but they managed to smile in the latter pictures. Mumei was just on wry.

“Okay daughter, one minute over!” Hiroko patted her head and took Paru’s phone. “You did well.”

Ae-ri instantly went out the door. “Omma, tell Mi-nam to explain everything to me! And please lift the ban now!”

“Neko-chan heard you clearly!”

That’s all and Ae-ri left. They heard her murmurs before they heard her door slammed. Mumei shook her head in embarrassment.

“What’s up with your daughter Hiroko-san?” Myao asked. “And what’s the ban?”

“That girl is crazy.” Mumei answered. “She sees me as a guy and thinks I’m her boyfriend. You heard it, right? She addresses me as a ‘he’.”

“That’s why she bans her from talking to her and for coming near her. If she doesn’t comply she will be hated forever.” Hiroko added while looking at the pics. “Oh, she really did a great job.”

“She tried cutting my hair once, you know? She’s like a maniac.”

Myao and Paru looked at each other. Looks like they encountered a weird family.

“But she’s a nice girl. It’s just that she has problem with her eyes.”

Hiroko looked at her watch. “Oh! Time flies so fast. We should go now girls.”

“Wait, Hiroko-san!” Paruru halted once again.

“Is there anything more you need?” Myao asked.

Paru turned to Mumei. The girl started to become uneasy?

“W-What?” Mumei asked.

“Let’s take a two-shot together.”

Mumei’s jaw dropped. She looked at her right and left and then back to Paru. She pointed herself. “Two-shot with me?”

Paruru nodded and then the magic word again. Mumei slapped her forehead.

“Only one, okay?”

“Sure! Let’s take it at the balcony!”

Hiroko and Myao watched how Paru dragged Mumei to the balcony and instructed her to pose on the camera.

“Paru sure is acting weird. I never saw her like this to a stranger.” Myao commented.

Hiroko smiled. “They are a weird pair, right? Both tsunderes in their own way.” Hiroko patted Myao’s head. “Thank you for losing Paruru-chan here in Korea, Myao-chan.”

“Wait! You said you are only going to take one!” Mumei complained after Paruru took a second picture.

The girl snickered. “I said I’m going to take a proper one but you’re not even looking at the camera!”

“Hmp!” Mumei interjected but then smirked. She just came up with a naughty idea. She moved her face closer to Paruru.

“Since I cannot look at the camera I will just stare at you like this.”

Paruru flushed but her determination cannot be destroyed.

“Fine. I’m taking the picture now.”

“Hurry up, Hiroko-san is waiting.”

Paruru took the picture. It was a cute one. It gives the feeling that they are close. Mumei looked at the picture and she kinda felt impressed on the way it turned out.

“C-Can you pass me this picture?” She requested.

“Sure.” Paru affirmed. “But how?”

“Do you have Share-It app?”


“Oh my gosh, I forgot you are using an iPhone.”

“How about on Line?”

Mumei looked at Paru. It seems that she’s hesitating about Paru’s suggestion. She just sighed.

“Okay, scan this QR code.” She showed Paru the QR code on her phone and the girl immediately scanned it.

“What’s this? Your username is ‘Name me’?” Paru asked in disbelief.

“Did you forget that I don’t have a name?”

Paruru puffed her cheeks and smiled. Mumei heard a notification.

You are now friends in Line with 島崎遥香.

島崎遥香 sent you a photo.

島崎遥香 Changed your name into 星

Mumei’s eyes widened after reading the last notification. She then looked at the smiling Paruru beside her.

“I gave you a name.” She smiled sweetly yet bashfully. “Hoshi.” (Hoshi means Star)

Mumei froze on the spot. She felt all her muscles stopped working. Paruru went back inside with a smile on her face telling Hiroko that she’s ready to go.

“Okay then, let’s go.” Hiroko cheerfully said as she leads them to the door.

“How about her?”Myao asked pertaining to Mumei who is still frozen on the balcony.

“She’ll be alright. It looks like she received a gift.” She smiled at Paruru and winked. Paru smiled back at her. That’s all and the crazy tour in Korea ended.

When they went back to Japan, Paru immediately messaged Mumei.


20:14 Are you moving now?

Paruru got thrilled waiting for a reply and she couldn’t believe how happy she was after receiving a reply.


                                                                  20:14 Are you moving now?

What do you think of me? A statue? 20:19


                      20:21 Haha. I’m already home. Thank you for everything.

No worries. Sleep early to be healthy. 20:26


                       20:27 I still have to update my blog so I’ll stay up more.

                                                                    What are you doing now?

I’m waiting for you to update your blog. 20:30


                                                        20:31 I’ll update it fast so wait, okay?

                                                                                       (happy sticker)

Sure. Do it fast. 20:32

After that Paru focused on writing her blog. Her blog was soon updated and Mumei started reading it as soon it was posted.

Shimazaki Haruka’s Blog

(Pic of Paru with Myao on the Namsan tower. This was taken on their first night there.)

I just got home from a three-day trip in Korea. It was really fun. The food was great and the weather is nice. I really love the Korean Barbecue. (KBBQ pic)

As all of you have heard, I got lost in our second day of trip. It was really stupid of me to get lost. But somehow, someone came to save me.

(2-shot picture of Paru and her Hoshi. The not so cute one. Hoshi’s eyes are covered.)

She saved me from being lost and became the way to be reunited with Myao-san. I’m sorry that I covered her eye. She’s a shy one. I also got a cuter picture but I’m no sharing it. (flowers, smiley face) I’m surprised on how good she is in Japanese.

Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. This girl pampered me really well especially her “mother.” (picture with Hiroko, still eyes are covered)

I’m sorry for making you all worried. I’m more than okay~~

Have a good sleep~ Oyasumi~ ★~

Mumei choked when she saw her picture being posted. Her eyes are covered for her identity’s protection but it is still her picture. She thought that Paruru will just use it for memories. She suddenly got tamed after reading the closing remark.

Have a good sleep~ Oyasumi~ ★~

It has a star in the end. It feels like Paruru sent her the greeting personally sinced she named her Hoshi. After reading the blog, she messaged Paru.

I’ve seen it. 20:56


                                                                                   20:57 How was it?

                                                                                        (happy sticker)

You surprisingly said a lot.

Why is my face in there? 20:58


                                                                       20:59 I covered your eyes. :P

You’re mean. :p 21:01


                                                                                               21:02 IKR

                                                                                    (laughing sticker)


Thank you.

I like the name. ★

Thank you, Haruka. 21:06

Paruru blushed again after reading the last message. Her Hoshi called her by her first name. Haruka.. It’s been a long time since someone called her with her real name. Even her family has started calling her Paruru. Someone calling her at her first name makes her ecstatic.

She covered her face with her pillow and shouted before going back to her phone.


                                              21:20 I’m going to sleep now. Oyasumi Hoshi~

Umm. Sleepwell, Haruka. 21:21

That is where their chat ended. Since then they became chat friends. No matter how busy Paru is she doesn’t forget to send a message to her Hoshi. Mumei is sure to reply even though it is not that fast. She discovered that the spectacled girl is also working on a part-time even though a generous person like Hiroko is supporting her so she’s a little busy too.

A lot of members noticed how cheerful Paruru is in the past days. She’s always on a good mood and she’s talking a lot with her juniors. If she’s alone, she will always be seen facing her phone. Smiling on it like a girl receiving a message from her boyfriend. Even Yui noticed the changes.

But then, after a month, she never received mails from her Hoshi again.

First Encounter End

Second Encounter : Watanabe Miyuki
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
Post by: shortcut48 on October 12, 2016, 02:06:24 AM
Things That Mix - 48G FanFic

MILKY heaved a deep, deep sigh while looking at the headline of the newspaper. It’s about her graduation. She didn’t say the reason of her departure from the group but people has so many things in their mind. Particularly, they are thinking that she’s leaving because she cannot answer her last scandal. It has almost been two years but people still think about it.

She cursed herself knowing that she’s also at fault. Now her mind is all blurry.

Milky is in an arcade shop in Akihabara sitting on bench. She’s on a disguise ofcourse. She thought of going around the place where AKB48 was born before graduating. She invited Sayanee to wander around with her but the other girl seenzoned her. Sayanee hasn’t spoken to her even once after she announced her graduation.

“Come on! Let’s take a purikura together~!” Miyuki’s attention was caught by a girl dragging another girl inside the purikura machine.

“Stop dragging me! I will not enter that machine!” The other girl shouted at her as she shook the other girl away.

Milky laughed to herself as she remembers herself and Sayanee. They are almost like these two girls. She really misses the most destined person for her.

“Come on, Mi-Nam! 빨리 와~!” The other girl insisted. Milky started deducing that the two girls are not natives after hearing a foreign word.

“야! 미친년아!” The other girl spanked the other girl’s head and then fixed her round glasses. It seems like the guigui girl is not going to surrender at any moment. She even hugged the other girl which made her flash a more disgusted look.

“Come on. Mi-nam! You took a two-shot with some other girl before, right? Why not take one purikura pic with me?” Ae-ri pressed on, radiating a cute, puppy face.

Mumei rolled her eyes in disgust. “I shouldn’t have lift off the ban from you.”

She looked around and saw the crane game and an idea popped on her head.

“Hey, you see that game?” She pointed at the machine. “I want one of those, hmmm, panda stuff toys. If you get me one, I’ll go in with you on that machine. ‘Got it?”

“Okay! You promise me that!”

“Promise~” Mumei raised her right hand that is covered in bondage.

That’s all and Ae-ri rushed to the counter to buy some credits. Mumei heaved a sigh of relief and fixed her clothes. She looked around to find a bench and she happened to find the bench where Milky is sitting.

“Mind if I sit beside you?” She asked the masked idol.

“I don’t. Take a seat.” Milky answered with her cheerful, fishing voice.

“Thanks.” Mumei sat and relaxed herself. She seems so exhausted with Ae-ri dragging her around.

Milky, believing that the girl is a foreigner started a chat with her.

“Your girlfriend is a pushy one.” She commented with her signature gum smile but only her cute eye smile is being seen because of her mask.

Mumei’s jaw dropped after hearing the comment. “I’m also a girl, Onee-chan.”

“I know.” Milky naively answered.

Mumei facefalmed. “What’s wrong with Japanese girls, really?”

“She’s cute, you know? She looks like she really likes you.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know she’s crazy for me.”

They watch as Ae-ri struggled to get the prized panda on the crane machine. She was about to get it when it suddenly fell down. Ae-ri almost punched the machine while wailing on the fallen panda. Mumei just laughed at the scene.

“That’s mean.” Milky said. “Why don’t you just take a purikura with her? What’s the big deal?”

Mumei looked at the masked fisher. “I don’t want my photos to be taken. It feels like I’m having a scandal.”

Hearing the word ‘scandal’, Milky suddenly fell silent.

Mou, I really don’t like hearing that word.

After a moment of silence and more failed attempts on getting the panda, Mumei started the conversation.

“Are you sick, Onee-chan?” she asked while looking at Milky’s mask.

Milky frantically nodded and even faked some coughs. “I’m actually spending the last days of my life…” as an idol.

“Eh~? You’re terminally ill?” Mumei asked her as she turned with her whole body to face her.

“Y-Yeah~” Milky looked up as if thinking of what story to invent. “M-My doctor said I only have few months left that’s why I ditched the hospital and just wander to the places I want to go.”

“Ohh~ I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Is your right hand okay?” Milky asked, pertaining to the wrapped arm of Mumei.

“Oh, this?” Mumei raised her hand. “This happens once in a while so I’m used to it.”


Mumei just smiled at her and then they fell silent again. Suddenly a guy sat on the space behind them. He just sat so abruptly and even bumped Milky. The idol yelped a cute ‘ouch’ for the bumping really hurt her. The guy, hiding his face, quickly said sorry and then went on with his phone. It seems like he’s talking to someone.

He kept on looking around with his whole body as if he’s waiting for someone. There’s nothing bad on it if he doesn’t keep on bumping Milky. He’s like swaying his whole body and hitting Milky intentionally.

Seeing this, Mumei sighed. “Onee-chan…” she whispered. “Would you mind going somewhere with me?”

Milky couldn’t even say a word when Mumei just dragged her inside the purikara machine. Mumei secured that Ae-ri is still unsuccessful on the crane machine before entering the said photo booth.

“Hey, why did you drag me here?” Milky asked the girl who is peeking at the curtain, looking at the guy on the bench. She heaved a sigh and looked at Milky.

“Run the machine. I don’t know how to operate this.”

“E-Eh? But I thought you don’t like your pictures to get taken?” Wait, it’s not the case in here, right?

“Just go, I want a remembrance with a terminally-illed Onee-chan.”

“W-Wait, what?”

“Come on.”

Milky didn’t know what to do so she just started the machine. She put a coin and randomly clicked the screen. The five-second timer started.

Mumei sighed. “I really don’t want my photo taken, you know?”

Without any more words, she removed Milky’s mask from her face and quickly wore them. “Hai, pose!” She even arcked her arms around Milky’s shoulder and gave out a peace sign. Milky, stunned by the fast happenings, froze on the spot with her mouth open. Then click! The photo started printing in a short while.

Mumei quickly removed the mask on her face and returned it to Milky. Snapping back to reality, the idol slapped her shoulder.

“Why did you do that for?” Milky looked at her violated mask. “How do you think I’m supposed to wear this now?”

“Don’t worry, I wore the other side.” Mumei didn’t even bother looking at her. She’s just looking at the photo being printed. “This is a nice machine, huh?”

“How am I going to get out now?” Milky complained.

“Then wear the mask.”

“But you wore them!”

“But you are also wearing them before I wore them~!”

“That’s not the point!”

Mumei ignored her. She immediately grabbed the printed photo. She even laughed seeing Milky’s dumbfounded face.

“What are you laughing at?!” Milky shouted at her.

“Shhh… Calm down.” Mumei made a small parting on the curtain and invited Milky to look outside. “You see that guy? His phone call is obviously fake. He is just harassing you.”

“What are you talking about? You are the one harassing me!”

“Shhh… I clearly saw it. His wallpaper is your gravure picture. See? He’s looking in here. I think he still doesn’t know that you are what he thinks who you are. He just wants to confirm things by hearing you talk— oh, he got tired of waiting and walked away. You are safe now.”

Milky watched the guy as it went away while taking glimpse at the purikura machine until he got lost in the crowd. Milky looked at the girl with glasses in disbelief.

“Mission accomplished, Watanabe-san~!” Mumei winked at her while waving their photo.

“Y-You know me?!”

“Slow one, aren’t you?”

“Mi-nam! Where are you!!!”

“Oops, looks like the maniac is looking for me now. See you around~”

Milky dragged her back the booth before she even makes her second step.

“Give me that photo!” She tried to snatch it away from her but Mumei is a tall girl.

“Let’s say this is the sign of your gratefulness. Don’t worry this is safe~ Jaa~”

That’s all and Mumei left her inside the machine. Milky looked at her violated mask and heaved a sigh.

“Which side did she actually wear?!” She stumped her feet as a tantrum. “Whatever!”

In the end she wore the mask back.


“IF I see her again, I’m going to punch her in the face.”

That’s all that’s in Milky’s mind as she stealthily went inside the mall where AKB48 Theater is at. She immediately went to the 8th floor and went directly to the staff room.

“Oh? Milky? What’s up?” Yuihan greeted her as she met her on the staff room. The GM is having her green tea.

Milky pulled down her mask and smiled at Yui.

“I want to watch today’s stage.” She said and both of them started walking towards the changing room. “I want to see Team A’s performance.”

“Sure. Today is M.T ni Sasagu Stage.” Yuihan answered then she took a sip of her beloved green tea. “How’s NMB? Particularly Sayanee… She has been quiet these past days.”

“Hmmm…” Milky thought aloud. “I don’t know. She’s not talking to me either.”

Yuihan released a sigh. “Let’s just wait for her to gather her thoughts. I believe she still can’t believe that you are leaving.”

Milky, who seems like she can smile to everything, still managed to smile after Yui’s comment. “It’s because we are SayaMilky. And, SayaMilky is forever~”

Yui laughed. “I know, I know.” They stopped in front of the changing room. ”See Milky, I got a problem now.”

“Hm? What’s it?”

Yui sighed. She gradually opened the door and they peeped. The dark aura lurking on a corner easily got Milky’s eyes. She squint her eyes to see who’s that girl emitting dark clouds around her. The other members are careful to enter her personal space. It’s non-other than the Salty Queen—Shimazaki Haruka.

“Paruru-chan? Why is she looking grumpier than her grumpiest form?” Milky innocently asked.

“It started like that one month ago. She just suddenly became like that. But you know, before that she was cheerful almost every day.”

“Eh? If that’s the case I think she already ran out of all the cheerfulness because she used it all already. She’ll be salty forever now.” Milky commented and chuckled.

“Yayaya…” Yui shook her head. “I think this is a serious problem. If she stays like that she will not be able to come back at Kami7. I also think that there is some heavy reason why she’s acting like that. Look.”

They watched how Paru looked at her phone and crumpled her face as if she’s waiting for something that’s not coming.

“See, she’s always checking her phone but she always ends up with a grumpy face. Do you think she’s seeing someone and that someone is ditching her now?”

Milky frowned but still smiling. “Paruru-chan? Dating someone? I can’t imagine her doing that. Although we all know that she likes ikemen. And if she really is, she will tell you first since you are practically her ‘boyfriend’.”

“I don’t get your point, Milky. But yeah, I did tell her I like her but she just said ‘Arigatou’ then the conversation ended.”

“What?! You guys are YuiParu, right? So, you are also getting salty reactions from Paruru-chan? Eh~? Sugoi~”

“What’s ‘sugoi’ in that?”

“Everyone on stand-by! The show is about to start!” A staff shouted to call the attention of the girls inside the dressing room. Yui dragged Milky inside to join the group hurdle. Milky is a Team B Kennin but joining the Team A hurdle isn’t bad.

“Milky~!” Shiroma Miru, one of the future NMB ace candidates called her. “I’m glad to see you here!”

“Same here Mirurun. Do your best on today’s stage as well.”


They started to form a circle and shouted the team’s battle cry. They soon head-off to the backstage while Milky went on the spot where the members watch performances.

The overture stated. People are so fired up, singing their chants and waving their light sticks. Milky is also excited. It’s been so long since she has watched a live stage performance.

The audio started playing ‘Hajimaru’. The lights tuned on and the girls started dancing. The energy of the crowd boosted on another level. The crazy wotas are even giving the idols their energy. The show went on smoothly and then the first M.C. part came in. Yuihan, Myao, Nakanishi Chiyori, Ogasawara Mayu and Nakamura Mariko lead it. They are discussing the things going on in the dressing room.

“You see, there’s been a dark aura lurking in the dressing room.” Mariko started but the other girls halted her right after her sentence.

“Yabai, yabai! Are we even allowed to talk about ‘that’ Komari?” Chiyori asked while waving her hand.

“Don’t worry, I have nothing to lose!” Komari event stepped forward to start her story.

“This incident happened around a month ago. Paruru is—“

The crowd gave a loud “OHHH” after hearing Paruru’s name.

“Yeah, yeah. The story is like this; whenever we have a performance and Paruru is around, she will just gloomily enter the dressing room and sit at a corner with her cute, grumpy face. We all know Paruru is super beautiful yet salty but lately it seems like it reached the peak.”

“Yeah, I agree with you.” Maachun affirmed while nodding.

Komari continued telling the story enthusiastically. “Paruru will just sit in the corner, look at her phone and sigh then drop her phone then emit unbelievable amount of dark aura.”

Maachun even did a monomane of Paruru emitting the black aura and everyone laughed.

“You’ll get killed after this Maachun.” Myao commented while laughing hysterically.

“I wonder what happened to Paruru.” Chiyori asked. She looked around and saw Yuihan. “Do you know anything Soukantoku?”

Yuihan laughed and just shook her head as a response. The audience together with the other girls gave out a loud “EH???!”

“Really? You of all people don’t know anything?!” Komari interjected.

“Really! I don’t know a thing. Paruru is upset about something but she isn’t telling me a thing.” Yui said with a forced smile on her face.

Milky laughed to herself. She didn’t think that this topic will be brought up on stage. If her theory that Paruru has run out of cheerfulness, they will all be dead after this stage.

Paruru-chan must be planning now how she will wipe them all.

“아무 의미를 이해 못 해. 빨리 가자 미남아~!”

(“I don’t really get what they are talking about. Let’s go now Mi-nam!”)

Milky’s eyes widened when she heard that strange language from the back. She thought that the voice sounds familiar so she hurriedly searched of where the voice came. She looked around and saw the two girls she encountered at the arcade a while ago. The other girl is clinging on the girl who violated her mask. Milky’s blood started boiling.

“끝까지 보자. 한 친구를 보고 싶으니까. (Let’s finish the show. I want to check out a friend.)” Mumei answered as she shook off the girl who is holding a stuffed panda.

“친구?! 친구라니? 여기 친구 있어?! (What? A friend? You have a friend here?”

“아이시, 주용. 그리고 일번말 해줘. 우린 한국에 없잖아. (Aish, be quiet. And speak in Japanese. We’re not in Korea.)”

“So she’s a fan, no doubt she knows me.” Milky thought to herself. “And looks like the other girl managed to get the panda.”

Milky smirked. She has decided. She will go after them later and punch the girl in the face.

“You know guys,” Myao started. “I have a hunch why Paruru is being like that.”

“Eh~?! You have an idea Myao-san?” Chiyori asked.

Myao nodded her head. She looks like she’s in a deep thought. “Yes, I think I know the answer but unlike you guys, I like to keep my life so I’ll shut my mouth up.”

The other members cried to Myao to tell them. Even the audiences are pleading her for the answer but Myao just shook her head.

“No, no, no! I still have a sin to Paruru because I lost her in Korea so NO. Anyway time is up! Our dearest Paruru is going to perform next together with Kojiharu-senpai. We created a good atmosphere for them. Good job guys.”

The whole audience laughed with that parting note from Myao and the lights dimmed off again. The ever-gorgeous Kojima Haruna♡ and Paruru entered the stage. The lights went back as they started performing the song Risuke.

Paruru is just singing the song with no emotion at all unlike the way she originally sings it. Even Nyannyan noticed the strangeness in Paru’s singing so she’s trying to lift of the mood.

When Paruru walks to where Milky, somehow, a familiar pair of glasses caught her eyes. Her eyes widened and became teary after recognizing the owner of those glasses. The eyes behind those spectacles are looking straightly to her. Their eyes met.

Milky noticed that Paruru got frozen with eyes fixed somewhere at her back. She looked to where Paruru is looking and it leads her to the odd pair she met earlier. The other girl is busy with her phone while the other one is looking at Paru. She noticed the strong gaze she throws at the idol on the stage. She confirmed that she’s the one Paru is looking at when she signaled Paruru to sing now that it’s her turn to sing.

Paru managed to sing her line and suddenly started smiling. The whole audience was shocked at the sudden flash of a happy smile. The mood of the performance lightened and brightened now that Paruru is singing the song with a lot of emotions on it. Everyone noticed the tears that she tried so hard to pull. Nyannyan smiled at her and the finished the song with a huge cheer from the crowd.

Milky cannot comprehend what she has just seen. Paruru-chan smiled after seeing that person?! She smiled and even wanted to cry?! What’s happening, really?”

She even noticed how Paruru steals glances at the spectacled girl during the following performances that she participated. Every time Paru looks at the girl she’ll also look at the girl. The mysterious person is not smiling but her eyes are fixed on Paruru. This made the ‘fisher’ more curious.

The show ended very well. The wotas even deemed it as one of the best performances of M.T ni Sasagu. Maybe it was because the members noticed how Paruru glowed all of a sudden and they got challenged not to be outshone by that light.

Milky didn’t lose sight of Mumei after the show ended. Normally, the audience should go in front to say goodbye to the idols but the odd pair just went out without doing so. She immediately get her mask, cursed it before wearing it. She rushed to catch the culprit.

She caught her alone in front of the picture frames looking at the Paru’s picture.

“Chotto!” Milky shouted at the girl which immediately caught the girl’s attention.

“Oh? Terminally-illed Onee-chan. We met again.” Mumei waved at Milky using her injured arm.

Milky caught her breath before speaking. “You… You committed a crime against me!”

“Crime?” Mumei innocently asked. “Oh! You are wearing the mask!”

“Shut up!” Milky swayed her arms to punch her but Mumei was fast to dodge her.

“Hey! Only-left-with-a-few-days Onee-chan, are you seriously trying to punch me? Why are you so mad? I seriously saved you from a while ago, remember?”

Milky went for another strike but Mumei dodged it again by catching her fist with her uninjured arm. Milky tried to pull back her arm but Mumei is holding it firmly.

Mumei looked around and sighed at Milky. “Why are you angry, honestly? You’re lucky the wotas already left or else they will see an idol trying to punch an injured person.”

“I don’t care! I’m going to graduate anyway! Let me do the things that I want!”

“And you want to punch me? Because of what? Because I took you inside the purikura machine?” Mumei sneered. “Or is it because of the indirect kiss through that mask?”

Milky flushed after hearing her provocation. She doesn’t want to be provoked and teased. It’s something she excels at so she just can’t accept that someone is doing it to her. She readied her free hand to hit her but Mumei turned her around, wrapped her captured arm around her and prevented her other hand from moving with her injured hand.

Feelin Mumei’s body from her back, Milky turned bright red. She struggled but the other felt like she’s as strong as a boy.

“Surrender Onee-chan.” She whispered at her. “I’m not an M. I don’t like people hurting me unless I inflict the damage myself.”

“Let me go!” Milky told her while still struggling.


The two ceased their movements when a frail voice suddenly echoed at the lobby. It was Paruru, still on her costume, chasing her breath. Milky felt Mumei slowly departing away from her as the girl gaze on the panting Paruru.

“H-Hoshi, I thought you already left. I’m glad I caught you.” Paru said with a smile as she tries straightening her back. She noticed Milky standing closely in front of her Hoshi. Her expression immediately changed. “M-Milky-san?”

“Did you seriously run right after a heavy performance?” Mumei asked her in a flat tone.

Paruru snickered but still she cannot stand well. She’s making the wall her support and there’s no change in the way she breathes. “I-I had the feeling that you’ll sneak out so—“

Paruru fell down to her knees. Her hand on her chest and her breathing became heavier. She’s having an asthma attack.


Milky felt a sudden blow of the wind as the person behind her suddenly appeared in front of her. She immediately went to assist Paruru. She raised her head in order to breathe and carried her like a princess.

“Watanabe-san! Hurry up and tell me where I should bring her!”

Milky, snapping back to earth, started running and led her to the staff room.

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Who is this muumei? O.o
I was about to comment about you put hangul in this story (because i dont understand about it)  it would be nice if you wrote the english trans beside it. Then voila in this chapter you wrote it  :lol:
So its basically Muumei as main chara(?) hahaha aeri is so guigui like i imagined her chara as murashige or chori XD

and welcome aboard ^^
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Who is this muumei? O.o
I was about to comment about you put hangul in this story (because i dont understand about it)  it would be nice if you wrote the english trans beside it. Then voila in this chapter you wrote it  :lol:
So its basically Muumei as main chara(?) hahaha aeri is so guigui like i imagined her chara as murashige or chori XD

and welcome aboard ^^

Thank you for being the first one to comment here. Also thank you for welcoming me.
I will work out at the translations in the first chapters. Sorry, I was kinda mean not to put them. I'll fix them ASAP. :)
Mumei... Hmm... I'm still thinking who will she be to be honest. She's some sort of my original character.
The manga AKB49 inspired me to do this. It is based to the real happenings within AKB with original characters. The main character... will be determined in the following chapters so please stay tune. :)
Thank you again. :)
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Paruru! No!

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I already added the translations of the sentences that are in Korean. If I missed one, please notify me. Thank you. :)
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hi there,
i hope its not to late to say welcome
I wonder who is muumei are
but i think it could also stay as Anonymous and we could imagine our self as the muumei lol
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hi there,
i hope its not to late to say welcome
I wonder who is muumei are
but i think it could also stay as Anonymous and we could imagine our self as the muumei lol

Hello. Thanks for welcoming me. :)
I'm still thinking about Mumei. Right now the feeling that she must stay an original/anonymous character is much bigger than basing her to someone. We can all imagine that we are her.
(I don't know about me though. I don't think I can remain calm if I see my oshimen.  XD )
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

YUI rushed to the staff room after hearing that Paruru got an asthma attack. She found the girl lying on a folding bed in a position that she can breathe well. She’s also having the help of a nebulizer.

Yui knelt down in front of Paruru. Her face covered in worry. “What happened, Paruru?”

Paruru inhaled deeply before speaking. “I’m fine, Yuihan. I just got tired.”

“Fine? You call this state fine?”

Yui stood up and looked around the room. She noticed Milky and two more unfamiliar faces.

“Who are you? She asked Mumei and Ae-ri. Ae-ri managed to comeback from the restroom during the time where the other two rushed Paru to the staff room. The halfie is also shocked.

“I think you are not one of the staffs so why are you here?”

“She’s the one who carried Paruru-san when she collapsed.” Milky said, pertaining to Mumei. “The other girl is her companion.”

“Is that so?” Yui turned to Mumei. She noticed the girl’s injured hand and can’t help but to ask herself about how the girl managed to carry Paruru with that injury. “Thank you so much for helping Paruru. You guys can leave now since the situation is already handled.

“Wait, Yuihan. Don’t drive them away.” Paruru tried to sit up.

“Haruka, just let your body rest.”

All eyes turned to Mumei. She was about to get near to Paru when she was halted by Yuihan.

“You’re not allowed to come near her anymore. You’ve done enough.”


“Are you her bodyguard? I just want to assist Haruka.” Mumei said with her smug face. An angry knot formed on Yui’s forehead. It hurts her ears whenever she hears the girl address Paruru at her first name like she’s so close to her.

“You are a fan so, it’s better you just go. We don’t want other fans to know this. They will think that this is unfair.” Yui emphasized. “You should go.”

Mumei started getting pissed.

“Aren’t you supposed to treat me well because I just helped Har—“

“Just go!” Yui shouted and everyone on the room fell silent. Even the staffs that are just silently doing their job stopped what they are doing and looked at the commotion.

Mumei smirked wryly. She returned Yui’s piercing stare.

“Why are you acting like a bitch? Is this what being a general manager can do to someone? You are seriously annoying the hell out of me. You’re acting like a boss when you’re obviously useless.”



Their attentions all darted to Paruru who rushed in between of them. She looked at Mumei with angry eyes before she slapped her. The sound of the slap echoed at the whole room, giving another shock to the people in there. Ae-ri and Milky gasped.

“Do not talk to Yui like that! You don’t know how much she gives herself for her work!”

Mumei returned from the shock. She looked at Paru, on the ceiling and back at Paruru. The salty queen suddenly felt guilty of what she has done.

“Fine.” Mumei said, still wearing the wry smile. “I’ll go. I’ll never return.”

The nameless girl immediately went outside without looking back. The door opened right after she shut it and Myao entered the room with a surprised look on her face.

“Paruru, that’s the nameless girl we met in Korea, right?” Myao asked pointing outside.

Their eyes darted to Ae-ri who laughed a sarcastic laugh.

“I don’t understand it. Checking out a friend, huh? So this is the friend Mi-nam is talking about?” She sharply looked at the people around her, her eyes started to tear. “I will never forgive you if she cuts herself again!”

After that Ae-ri rushed out while calling Mi-nam’s name. Everyone in the room was left speechless. Yui deduced that Paruru and the other girl know each other. She cursed herself. She made two people fight because of her jealousy. She looked at Paruru who weakly went to wher she was lying and then dropped herself there. She too was dumbfounded.

Milky went outside to follow the two girls. She somehow got worried after hearing Ae-ri’s last sentence. But the two girls are already out of sight.

“What the hell just happened here?” Myao asked herself.

TEAM A is supposed to be having a celebratory dinner after such a wonderful stage but because of the earlier happenings, Paruru doesn’t have the appetite to eat. She’s also not in the mood to talk to anyone. She became the main star of the show so she must not be missing. The staff just decided to postpone the dinner since they will also track the happenings on the web. They are worried that the two girls will make a ruckus through the internet.

Paruru went home without saying a single word. A while ago she was just so happy after seeing her Hoshi but did she slap her? She knows that Yui is also wrong but she just got angry after hearing the belittling words from Hoshi.

The lady went inside her room and dropped herself to her bed.

“Hoshi is in Japan. Why is she here? And she is with Hiroko-san’s daughter—“

Paruru jerked up when she remembered a certain someone. She knocked her head for not remembering that person for the whole month that she’s worried about Hoshi. She went to look for the bag she used in Korea. She almost flipped her room upside down before she found it. And there it is—Hiroko’s business card.

She looked at it and grabbed her phone. She registered Hiroko’s number and the lady’s LINE account appeared in her own Line. Paruru stared at the Hiroko’s respectable profile picture, thinking of she is going to start the conversation. She gathered her thoughts and listed down the questions in her head.

She took a deep breath before starting to type but a message from Hiroko came even before she sent one.

박 히로코

Isn’t this Paruru-chan?

Yey~! Paruru-chan finally added me on Line~ o(*>ω<*)o 22:10


                                                             22:11 Yes, it’s me Hiroko-san.

                                                            I’m sorry I forgot about you.

박 히로코

Don’t worry. I have faith in you. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Have you seen Neko-chan and my daughter?

They are at Japan now. 22:12


                       22:15 I’ve met them already. They went to see our show today.

                               But something bad happened. Can I call you Hiroko-san?

박 히로코

That seems serious.

Call me in Facetime. 22:16


                                                            22:16 Okay.

Hiroko’s last message has no emoticon so Paruru immediately called Hiroko through FaceTime. Hiroko immediately answered the call. She looks like she’s in her office facing her computer. The CEO is smiling at her but she’s giving off a serious aura.

“I’m sorry for calling you Hiroko-san. Do I disturb you?” Paruru asked.

“Don’t worry Paruru-chan. I still hold my time as the CEO. What’s the problem dear?”

Paruru fell silent. She already knows what to say but she’s looking for the courage to tell it. After a while she managed to tell Hiroko the story. The lady patiently listened to her story. She didn’t say a word when Paruru was telling the story but her smile vanished.

“So… that’s what happened.” Hiroko said after hearing the story. “Ae-ri hasn’t contacted me yet so I guess Neko-chan is not doing anything weird.”

“I’m really sorry for what happened Hiroko-san. I really didn’t mean to hurt her.” Paruru apologized.

She heard Hiroko sighed. “You see Paruru-chan, no matter how you hurt that child physically she won’t feel a thing but she will be scarred inside.”

“What do you mean Hiroko-san?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you this but since you are one of the few people who have given her a name and she also acknowledges you, I think there are things you should know.”

Paruru listened to Hiroko’s story this time. Her heart got broken after hearing the story. She didn’t know that she already started crying. Even after the call she is still shock. Hiroko told her not to cry and she’s not angry at her but what she has heard really shocked her whole being.

“Neko-chan… She is a kid I found in a train station. I lied to you when I told you that I found her on a park. I was waiting for the train when I saw her standing on the edge of the platform. I had the hunch that she’s going to kill herself and it’s true. She tried to jump when the train was approaching. Thank goodness my husband and the other people in the station were fast to prevent her from jumping.

She was heavily bruised and her arms were full of fresh cuts. She was shouting on a language that nobody in there cannot understand. She didn’t calm down until she just collapsed. We brought her to the hospital. I don’t even know myself but I felt so attached to her on the very moment. I felt like she was shouting to let us have her death.

When she woke up in the hospital room, we learned that she can speak Korean very well. She doesn’t have a name. That’s what she said. She didn’t say that she forgot her name; she just said that she doesn’t have a name. I believe she also remembers her past clearly. She just doesn’t want to talk about it. I remembered how she cried while telling me to kill her. Right there I decided that I’ll take care of her and make her live. I don’t care about her past or who she really is. I just want her to experience the joys of life.

Her attempts to kill herself didn’t go into a halt until she accidentally she heard me singing the song Dare ka no Tame ni. Sounds familiar isn’t it? After that I introduced her to your group and she seemed to like it. I was so thankful to see her functioning as a normal human again. She even started studying Japanese.

But just a month ago she tried killing herself again. One night, Ae-ri called me that she heard a sound of breaking glasses from Neko-chan’s room. I rushed to their place but we can’t open her door. The security had to destroy the door before we were able to go in. We saw her on the balcony. Her right arm broken and bleeding. Her knuckles are dislocated and are pierced with the pieces of the window. It seems that she punched that thick window until it broke. She used a shard to cut her left wrist. I remember how bloody the scene was. She just looked at me with her swollen eyes and she smiled at me.

“Hiroko-san, look at the blood. It’s a lot isn’t it? But still I’m not dying. Why can’t I die?”

I hugged her as she cried. We rushed her to the hospital. Apparently, the amount of blood she lost is enough to kill her. The doctors were amazed to see that she still hasn’t lost consciousness at the very least. She still needed blood transfusion. Luckily our bloods are both A type.

She survived. But she fell asleep for almost a week. When we went back to her place we saw her phone crushed into pieces. I think that someone from her real family contacted her and I was not wrong.

“Someone died.” That’s all that she said. She destroyed her phone after reading the message. Poor kid. She must have loved her family so much.

She promised me that she’ll not try to kill herself again. Since I gave her blood, she said that she’ll do whatever I ask her. I simply told her to live and I will support her.

After a week she talked to me about wanting to study a lot of things like astronomy and photography. Though I thought that it would be bad for her to be away from my sight, I suggested her to study in Japan with Ae-ri. She agreed with it.

“I’ll have to see Haruka too. I don’t think she’ll be worried about me but I just want to see if she’s doing well.” That’s what she said and for the first time after the incident she smiled again. Paruru-chan… I sent her to Japan not because of the education level but because it is where AKB48 is. It is where YOU are. I thought it will help her a lot.

But hearing your story made my heart ache. I think I should just call her back.

Paruru cried herself to sleep. She didn’t know of what else to do in order to help her Hoshi. She realized that Hiroko named her Neko not because she was a stray cat but because she has many lives like a cat. And, the reason why the message stopped is because of the incident.

She asked Hiroko about Mumei’s contact details. Hiroko hesitated in a bit but she informed her about where the girls are staying. She’ll go look for her Hoshi and have peace with her and then take care of her. That’s what she decided.

MILKY decided to stay at the hotel where she usually stays in Tokyo. She is supposed to go back to Osaka but she went on a dinner with the frustrated Yuihan and Myao. Their dinner finished late and they even went to Karaoke to relieve the stress.

Milky and Yuihan learned from their senpai who Mumei is; that the girl is the one that saved Paru not just from being lost but also from a guigui guy. She also informed them about her being nameless and all the other stuffs that she knows.

A little tipsy, Milky just went to her room to change clothes and then went to the rehearsal studio of the said hotel. Since she loves dancing, she personally searched for a hotel that will cater her needs. During this time she believes that no one is in the dancing room. It’s the usual time she goes for a practice.

“What? Someone’s in there?” Milky gasped to herself when she saw the lights open and she can hear a familiar sound. She silently peeked to see who that was.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped when she recognized the figure who’s dancing one of AKB’s hardest choreography. The girl with the bondage in her right arm dances UZA perfectly in amazing amount of energy. She was surprised by how good this girl is dancing but her eyes seem like they can kill.

Mumei is only wearing a tank top, a jogger pants and a pair of trainers. She isn’t wearing any armband so her scars are all exposed. It doesn’t escape Milky’s observant eyes.

It was on the last term that Mumei suddenly got off-balanced and she fell hard to the floor. She managed to support herself with her fine arm. Dancing in such a great amount of power tired her that she couldn’t stand up. What made her more frustrated is she remembered the scene earlier.

“You promised Hiroko-san. You promised Hiroko-san!” She repeatedly said those words, reminding herself about her guardian. “Haruka…”

She looks like in so much pain.

The fisher watched her raise her injured arm as if she’s preparing herself to punch the floor. Seeing this, Milky unconsciously entered in and stopped her.

“What do you think are you going to do?!” She shouted. She was surprised of herself that she even stepped backward but it was too late.

Mumei looked at her sharply as if she’s trying to identify who she is. She removed her glasses that’s why she can’t see well.

“It’s me, Watanabe Miyuki.”

Mumei rolled her eyes and dropped her hand. She tried to stand but her legs are shaking. Milky tried to help her stand but she shook her helping hand away. The girl went to where her things are while dragging her legs. She wore her glasses and turned off the audio.

“Just how long have you been dancing that your legs started to shake?” Milky asked worriedly.

Mumei ignored her. She just sat at the corner, wiping her sweat. She looked for her tumbler but she realized she forgot to bring one.

“Here.” Milky offered her own water but Mumei continued to ignore her. Milky sat beside her insisted her to drink the water. Mumei rolled her eyes and tried to stand up but her legs are at her limit.

Milky heaved a sigh. She threw Mumei her tumbler and she started massaging the girl’s legs.

“Just drink the water and rest, will you?”

“You are so annoying.” Mumei once again removed her glasses and covered her eyes with her towel. She raised her head to search for air.

“You didn’t stretch before you dance, am I right?” Milky asked while massaging the girl’s legs gently. “Stretching is important. Remember that.”

“Stop acting kind, will you? Earlier you are just hungry to punch me, right?”

“It’s because of the mask, you know?!”

“And now you want me to drink from your tumbler? UZA!”

Milky removed the towel covering her face. The sudden flash of light blinded Mumei for a while then she felt the cold tumbler on her cheek where Paruru slapped her. When her sight returned she saw Milky’s flushed directly above her own face.

“I won’t mind so just drink.”


After that Milky returned on massaging her legs. Mumei got no choice but to drink from Milky’s tumbler. The fisher even took a glimpse of Mumei drinking.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” She teasingly asked.

“I told you she isn’t my girlfriend. She’s already asleep”

“Then who is she?”

“She’s the third person to give me a name. She’s like a sister to me.”

“You aren’t into girls?”

“I am not into anyone regardless of gender.”

“Eh~? So you won’t like me either?”

Mumei ruined her hair because of being annoyed. “Exactly, what kind of questions are you asking? You are so annoying.”

“I just thought that you are into girls because of the way you look at Paruru-chan.” Milky stopped what she’s doing and look at the girl who suddenly fell quiet. She’s looking at her own reflection in the mirror.

“Haruka… She’s angry at me, right?” Mumei finally broke the silence. Milky flashed her signature gum smile and the sat beside Mumei.

“You know, you are so cute!” Miyuki said as she pat her head. The girl automatically shook her hand away. “You’re really cute. In the end you’re worried about Paruru-chan. You like her don’t you?”

“Shut up with the like thing. Are you seriously trying to force me with girls?”

Milky hugged her arm and pushed herself onto the girl. “If you don’t like Paruru-chan, how about liking me?”

Mumei’s eyes widened when she heard Milky’s suggestion but she immediately realized what Milky is trying to do to her. She smiled.

“Are you trying to fish me, Tsurishi-san? Don’t be clingy to me. I have my hands full of Ae-ri.”

“Mou~! I’m not Tsurishi. I’m Coby!” Milky puffed her cheeks and Mumei started pinching her cute cheecks.

“Are you a puffer fish? Why are your cheeks this chubby?”

Milky got her hand and press it to her own cheeks by her hand. “Your palm is so cold. I guess you have a warm heart.”

“You are such a great fisher, aren’t you? Stop fooling around dying Onee-chan. Return my hand and put your face away from me. You smell like booze”

Milky snickered as she let go of Mumei’s hand. “Still not fished?”

“Sorry, you failed.”

“Souka na?” Milky hugged her legs while still looking at Mumei who took another gulp from her tumbler.


“What?” Mumei looked at the girl who is dreamily looking at her. “Did you say something?”

“I’ll call you Ijiwaru from now on. Do you like the name? You are always calling me different names so I guess I’m going to name you.” Milky cheerfully said. Ijiwaru 意地悪 actually means ‘unkind’.

Mumei went frozen again. She’s just looking at Milky with her mouth wide open.

“Hey, why are stuck up like that? Are you okay?” Milky tapped her on the cheek.

Mumei swallowed. “A-Are you seriously naming me?”

Milky chuckled. “Look at you! A while ago you can’t be fished but you got caught with a bad name?”

“I’m asking if you are seriously naming me?” Mumei asked holding Milky’s hand. Milky moved backward in surprise. Her cheeks got tinted with red.

“Y-Yeah. I’m naming you. I thought you are really unkind but when I saw how worried you got when Paruru-chan collapsed and how your smug face turned into a half-way-crying face. I thought, ‘Ahh.. I want someone like that in my life.’ I heard from Myao-san that you’re nameless and you want people to name you before you befriend with them, right? So I’m naming you because I want to be your friend—“

Mliky was surprised when Ijiwaru suddenly pulled her and jailed her into her arms. She felt her heart resonate with the loud throbbing of her Ijiwaru.’

“Mou~! I named you with an annoying name. It’s not something to be happy of—“


Milky smiled while blushing. She slowly pushed Ijiwaru and looked at her in the eyes.

“Now Ijiwaru-kun…”

“Ijiwaru-kun? Do you also see me as a guy?”

The fisher laughed then she turned serious. “I have a favor to ask Ijiwaru-kun?”

“What is it?”

“Please, do not hate the 48 Group.”

Mumei break their stare connection but Milky grabbed her face so she’ll focus at her.

“I know Yuihan and Paru-chan hurt you in some way. I believe they have a reason that’s why they did that and I believe they also feel guilty about it but please do not hate the whole 48 Group. I love this group so much and there are many hardworking girls. As a graduating member, this is my only request to you. Please continue to support the 48 Group.”

Mumei smiled at her and patted her head. “Rest assure. The group has helped me in some way you know? I even told Ae-ri not to post anything in the net about the incident earlier. She agreed on doing so even though she’s so angry.”

Milky smiled widely and hugged her again. “You are really cute!!!”

“I wonder why there are people who get so clingy to me just after meeting for a short time.” Mumei rolled her eyes and just let Milky hug her. No doubt a part of her has been fished.

“Hey Ijiwaru-kun…”


“What’s your room number?”

“It’s a secret. :P”

“Eh~?!” Milky puffed her cheeks again. “How about you stay in my room tonight? Issho ni chapu chapu shiyo?”

Ijiwaru = Facefalm
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

Sorry. I know this fanfic is quite different from the other fanfics. This might be a little boring but AKB49 (Manga) inspired me to do something similar. Things that happened in real time + some fiction. And you may say this is late. I dropped the fic after SSK but now my kami-oshi is graduating so I got the urge to pic it up. Hope you enjoy it. :) Looking at it this update is kind of short. After this maybe I will not update everyday anymore. I might update twice a week. I'm still thinking which days should I update. And it's okay to leave a comment. I don't bite. XD "I'm someone who thrives on praises!" Hahaha. jk. If you know this line then you know that drama. :) Even though it's not a praise, it's okay. Just go mildly, okay? :) Anyway... Here is the next chapter.


PARURU woke up early and fixed herself. She’ll be on a disguise but she made sure that Hoshi will see her in a cute way. She’s wearing a pink one piece dress which made her look like a living doll. She didn’t waste any time. The salty queen went straight to the hotel where Mumei and Ae-ri are staying. It’s a familiar hotel. She has stayed in it in the past.

She went straight to 20th floor where the room is located. Mumei’s room is on the room on the end of the hallway. Making little but fast steps, Paruru prepared her heart to see her Hoshi.

Suddenly the room before the last room opened. Paruru, in fear of being recognized in public, hid her face with her hat.

“Let’s go grab some breakfast!”

“Don’t be so loud idiot. Ae-ri is not here but you are here. Give me a break.”

“Don’t be such a tsundere~ You enjoyed the night with me didn’t you~?”

“You are seriously annoying.”

Paruru dropped her bag after recognizing the pair who went out of the same room. She immediately got the attention of the two. It was her Hoshi with Milky clinging on her uninjured arm. Recognizing Paruru, Milky unconsciously let go of her Ijiwaru.

“H-Haruka?” the startled Mumei uttered.


Milky secretly tapped her Ijiwaru in the back and winked at her.

“I’ll go get breakfast first. You two should go and talk.” Milky leaned for a quick kiss in the cheek which Mumei immediately wiped off.

“Seriously woman, what’s your problem?”

“See you later Ijiwaru-kun, Paruru-chan~”

Before she even made a third step, Mumei grabbed her by the arm into a halt.

“Haruka, want to join us for breakfast?”

THE atmosphere was so awkward and tensed. Paruru already removed her mask since she’s already safe having the two together. She can’t even look at them. Her chest tightened so much after seeing them went out of the same room.

“Paruru-chan, eat your vegetables.” Milky cheerfully commented while eating her salad.

“Ah… Yes.”

“Should I get you some bell peppers? You like them, right?”

“N-No, it’s okay.”

“I’ll go get some for you, Paruru-chan.” Milky hurriedly stood up to ask for bell peppers. She turned to Ijiwaru and winked. “I’ll be back in a flash~”

A deafening sound of silence covered the two soon after Milky left. Paruru kept playing with her food, thinking of what to say.

“Say Haruka,” Paruru jerked to her seat after hearing Mumei speak. “You know that I’m not allowed to get near you, right? Why did you come here?”

Paruru took a deep breath. “Yui got the wrong idea about you. She just thought of the group. The pressure of being the general manager is consuming her so please understand Yuihan.”

“Okay. I understand it now so you can leave now.”

Paruru fell silent. She doesn’t know what to respond. This is exactly what Hoshi felt yesterday. She felt a lot guiltier.

“I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday.” Paruru started talking after gathering all her strength. She’s facing downwards and can’t even take a look at Mumei. Her hands are shaking. She never felt this nervous before.

She felt a warm hand on top of her head. She automatically looked up and saw Hoshi looking at the window wearing her tsundere face.

“I’m not angry at you but I’ll never forget that you slapped me because of Yokoyama. I made promises with certain people. Anyway, you are one of the reasons I agreed on going here in Japan. Even before going here I prepared myself about the possibility that you might have already forgotten the stubborn kid you met in Korea so—“

“I didn’t forget!” Paruru exclaimed, garnering the attention of the few people around them. “I never forget you. I was always waiting for your messages!”

Hoshi’s hand got heavy forcing Paruru to bow down. She tried to look up but the other girl is preventing her to look at her face. She somehow had a glimpse of a faint smile.

“Something just happened. I’m sorry for making you wait. I’m here.”

Paruru felt a warm spring coming from her heart. All of her anxieties suddenly vanished after hearing those words. A smile was drawn to her face, she almost felt like crying.

“Ara, ara… That didn’t take long, did it?” Milky smiled at them. She came back with the promised bell peppers. She placed them before Paruru before going back to her seat.

“You’ve been a good boy, Ijiwaru-kun~” She tried to pat Mumei’s head but she quickly dodge.

“I’m not a boy for the bell peppers’ sake!”

The curious Paruru just look at them. Milky noticed her stare and smiled at her.

“I named her yesterday. Ijiwaru is a cute name, isn’t it?” Milky tried to pat Mumei’s head again but she continues to dodge. “She saved me from a guy and the violated my mask in return.”

“I don’t really get your story, Milky-san.” Paruru just tried to smile then start to slice her bell peppers. She wanted to ask questions about how the two met and how they are suddenly became this close but she’s not the type to do so. Did Hoshi meet Milky even before she went in Korea? They also came out of the same room, didn’t they?

“You are seriously annoying Miyuki. Just eat quietly, you puffer fish!”

Paruru’s ear cringed. Did she hear it right? Her Hoshi called Milky in her real name. She suddenly felt the warm spring in her heart disappear after an idea entered her mind.

“Are you guys dating?” Paruru finally asked as it really bothers her. Her heart even quaked after asking it. The two girls looked at her for a moment and then in sync gave different reactions. Milky smiled widely while Mumei slapped her forehead and heavily shook her head.

“Why do you, girls, constantly see me as a guy?” Mumei protested. “Do I really look like someone with that? I don’t even grow a beard. Was it because I’m flat? Sorry for being flat!”

“No, no, no.” Milky clung to her arms again. “It’s because you make ladies’ hearts flutter.”

Mumei heaved a sigh and looked at Haruka. “Seriously Haruka, I’m not going out with Miyuki, Ae-ri or any other girl. I don’t go out with a guy either. I have never felt being romantically attached with anyone in my entire life and I never dream of experiencing it.”

“Are you serious?” Milky asked in disbelief.

“I don’t believe that something like romantic love will last. It’s all just illusion.” Mumei replied casually and then continued to eat her food. “It’s all illusion.”

Milky tried to laugh off Mumei’s serious answer. “You are so bitter. You and Paruru-chan are a good fit; Paruru is salty and Ijiwaru is bitter.”

“Milky-san~!” Paruru puffed her cheeks in terms of protest.

“You’re not funny, Miyuki.”

PARURU left right after they went for a short walk in the garden of the hotel. She has a taping to attend to. She exchanged mails with Hoshi so she could contact her even if she’s not using line. She didn’t say anything about her hearing the story from Hiroko. It’s evident that Mumei doesn’t want to talk about it so she’ll just wait for her to open up to her.

They also promised to go at a pool. Hoshi suggested that she should go to a beach because she believes it heals asthma but since she’s an idol and doesn’t have the leisure to go to a beach they decided to just go at the hotel’s private pool at her day-off. Milky also promised to tag along.

It was around 12 noon when the sleepy head, Ae-ri finally woke up. She had no idea that her Mi-nam went to sleep at someone else’s room. Since Milky so into her Ijiwaru, she dragged her into her room and forced her to sleep together with her. They just talked all night until they fell asleep.

After that Mumei and Ae-ri went to Universal Studio Japan for a tour. Milky didn’t tag along because it seems like Ae-ri is going to kill her if she tries to. She also had a radio broadcast to take part to. It didn’t last long and no one is there to go wandering around with her since Sayaka still seenzoned her. She just decided to dance in the hotel’s dance room.

Milky is not used of having so much time in her hand. She has been so busy from a young age and having the freedom of time is such a foreign thing for her. AKB and NMB works made her work her ass off. Gravure here, guesting there; Variety here, concert there; those are the things that consumed her youth.

She didn’t regret anything. It’s just that she’ll now face a new chapter of her life. She’s a lot nervous if the people are still going to accept her as Watanabe Miyuki without the NMB48 tag on her. She’s going on a path without the other girls. That’s the reality that consumes her now.

Milky was dancing the latest NMB48 single Amagami Hime when someone entered the room.

“Are you practicing NMB48’s song? Man, you are graduating. Practice other things.”

That was Ijiwaru. She threw her a can of Pocari Sweat. The girl sat on the same spot where she sat yesterday.

Milky smiled at her while chasing her breath. “You don’t have to tell that to my face, you meanie.”

“You named me Ijiwaru for that reason, didn’t you?”

Milky reached for her towel and then sat beside Ijiwaru. “How was your tour with the Korean girl?”

“It was good. I wanted to see the USJ long before. Never thought it was that huge. When I was young I wanted to make movies, you know? It was my dream.” She sighed. “Ae-ri’s so tired that she went straight to our room.

“Aren’t you tired?”

“I am.”

“But you came to see me? How sweet~!”


Ijiwaru opened her own can and had a drink. She even opened Milky’s can which made the girl blush a bit. Ijiwaru acting like a gentleman has become her weakness.

“Wait, you said making movies was your dream? Did you change it?” Milky curiously asked.

Ijiwaru smiled faintly. “My dreams died long ago. I don’t have a dream anymore.”

“Eh~? Are you serious?”

“I am, puffer fish.” She pinched Milky’s soft cheeks and then smilingly heaved a sigh. She leaned her head to the wall. “What are your plans after your graduation?”

“Hmm… Plans, huh?” Milky thought aloud and imitated Ijiwaru in leaning her head to the wall. “I’ve got plans. Not a lot though. But the management has plans for me. I’ll still be active as a TV personality, I think.”

“Uhm… Okay.” There a long silence after that. They were just looking at the ceiling as if asking the ceiling of what to do next. Milky’s head slid down to Ijiwaru’s shoulder. The girl felt surprised but she doesn’t seem to mind. She just let Milky rest on her shoulder.

“I’m going to support you, Miyuki.”

Miyuki looked up at her Ijiwaru after hearing that. The girl is still looking at the ceiling.

“I’m going to support you with your dreams. You made me laugh a lot of times anyway.”

“I made you laugh?”

“I’ve watched your shows. I liked the Geinin the most. It was a lot of fun.”

“Really?” Milky blushed and went back to lean her head on Ijiwaru. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Ijiwaru gave a soft snicker. “I really like the way you smile to the point of showing your gums. It’s an eye candy.”

Milky laughed in response. “You don’t have to mention the gums, you meanie.”

“Just as I thought this is where I’ll see you.”

Milky jerked to the sound of a familiar, beautiful voice. Their eyes darted on the person by the door wearing a leather jacket.

“S-Sayaka…” Milky uttered as she stood up. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m just here to deliver some news.” Sayaka looked at Mumei who is still sitting on the floor then back at Milky. “But I’m surprised to see someone else here.”

Sayaka went near Milky while taking short glimpses of Mumei. She doesn’t seem to like her presence. Mumei just stayed quiet and observed the situation.

Milky smiled at Sayaka. It’s been a long time and she has finally spoken to her. “Sayaka, I really missed you~!” She tried to hug her but Sayaka raised her right hand as a halt.

“I didn’t come here for this.” She gave Miyuki a booklet. “It’s a script. We were invited to do a program in Nihon TV as SayaMilky. Make sure to be there.”

“Wow! Ofcourse I will be there!”

“That’s for your Graduation special.”

Milky suddenly felt quiet. Sayaka looked at her with a poker face.

“That’s all. I’ll be going. See you at the taping.” Sayaka went to the door and stopped. She looked at Mumei again. “One more thing, don’t get involved to another scandal. Make one after your graduation.”

That’s all and Sayaka left. The NMB ace is so serious. Milky stood there looking at blank space. She felt a hand on her head which made her snap back to reality.

“She’s pretending to be cold but she actually wants to see you.” Ijiwaru whispered to her.

“How can you be so sure?” Milky asked in a cracked voice.

The other girl smiled. “She wants to see you but she got jealous because she saw me. Probably the thought of having you go and enjoy the company of other people besides her hurt her. I’ve got an idea of Yamamoto’s personality so calm down. Though I don’t understand why she said the word scandal. Does she also see me as a guy?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yup. So let me see that gum smile again, puffer fish.”

Milky wiped her incoming tears and smiled. She jumped to Ijiwaru for a hug.

“I really love you, Ijiwaru-kun~!”

Third Encounter: Yamamoto Sayaka + Yokoyama Yui
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 This is a really good fic!! But i wish the pairs will remain as yuiparu and sayamilky pair... :D

Sorry to say this...isn't Hirate yurina is Keyakiza46 group's member? I' m sorry if i wrong...😅

Btw, love your fic... nice one you've got there...😉🐱
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So far i enjoy this kind of fic and pace.
Jealousy are here and there 😁😁

I think you should keep the "mobile convo"  eg. Like hiroko-san and paruru in just normal way( align left) . Since it didn't quite work with "line convo in LINE(?)".
Because i assume you  want to see us like that.

Its okay people read yours, even though sometimes readers in here are just too shy to comment 😁😁.

And i would freak out if i met my oshimen too 😂😂
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-16) Sayanee + Yuihan (I)
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@no-chan, Thank you for reading the fic. I don't want to say what will happen in the rest of the story especially about the pairs. But one thing I can assure is I am also a SHIPPER.
And yes, Hirate Yurina is from Keyakizaka46. I just kinda liked her hair in Silent Majority. Looks so badass. :)

@buciq -san, That style worked fine in Tumblr but apparently I got tired of doing it in the following chapters so I didn't use that style anymore. XD
Really, thanks for enjoying the fic.

notice: updates will be every Sunday and Wednesday night. 21:00 KST :)
Today is a little late because I'm preparing for my midterm exams this week. Anyway, I hope you also enjoy the next chapter~

Things That Mix - 48G

AE-RI is clinging as tight as she can to her Mi-Nam while looking angrily at Milky and Paruru. Mumei is lecturing her about everything she’ll need on flying alone back to Korea but it seems like she isn’t listening. All she does is glare at the two girls who tagged along to the airport.

The beautiful Korean girl is going back to Seoul to take the entrance exam at the prestigious Seoul University. It is her dream to enter that university since she was young. It’s the home of the elites in Korea. As someone who grew up in Korea, even though she is a halfie, she’s more accustomed to it. Also, as an heir, she has to study on a well-known university.

Hiroko told her that she can go and study at the also prestigious Tokyo University so she can stay with Mumei but the bespectacled girl asked Hiroko to just let Ae-ri do what she wants since it is her dream. But now, the Korean-Japanese girl is having troubles leaving her Mi-nam behind.

“I really wonder why you two have to come here at the airport.” Ae-ri grumpily said, still flashing those killer eyes.

“We can’t let Ijiwaru-kun go back alone, right? She might get lost.” Milky answered, flashing her cute eye smile with her real smile being hidden by a mask.

The girl wasn’t a bit convinced since she knows that Mi-nam is smart enough to memorize everything she needs to know about Japan in just a week. She is also the one who lectured her about all of those.

“I don’t believe you.” She strongly stated. “You’re just here to see your rival off and then have a party after I get lost— OUCH!”

She looked at Mumei who gave her a knock on her skull. “You’re not a part of the 48G to be their rival.”

“But what I mean is another thing!”

Mumei released a sigh. She gently patted Ae-ri’s head which made the girl flush.

“Stop thinking of other things, idiot. You take care of yourself and make sure to pass the exam. I’m going to miss you.”

“Waah~” Milky giggled to Paruru. “Ijiwaru-kun certainly knows how to tame girls and make their heart go ‘dokidoki’.”

The strong gaze from Ae-ri’s eyes disappeared and was changed by eyes that are deeply inlove. She looked at the injured arm of Mumei.

“Don’t worry. I made a promise with Hiroko-san. Rest assure.”

Ae-ri just nodded. Paruru noticed how Ae-ri is getting pampered by her Hoshi. She somehow felt a strange feeling deep inside. The same feeling she got when she first saw Mumei with Milky.

The announcement about Ae-ri’s flight echoed throughout the whole airport. It’s the signal that she has to go to the gate. She gave another tight hug to Mumei.

“Take care of yourself, Mi-nam. I’ll be back to visit you.”

Mumei smiled at her and returned a hug. “Good luck to your exams and say hi to Hiroko-san and Choon-soo samcheon for me.”

She just nodded again and let go of Mumei. She took another look at the two girls but now a kind one. She took a polite bow and said, “Please take care of Mi-nam.”

Milky and Paru smiled and then bowed too. “We will take care of her.”

The kind smile on Ae-ri’s face suddenly disappeared, changed with a cunning one.

“Thank you, but…” She pulled Mi-nam for a quick kiss in the lips which made the receiver of the kiss and the two bystanders shocked. Ae-ri giggled before running to the escalator. “You can’t steal Mi-nam away from me! HE IS MINE!!!”

That’s all and the girl disappeared from their sight. Milky and Paruru’s jaws still on a drop. The receiver of the kiss also looked frozen.

“That girl is a tough competitor.” Milky finally uttered.

Mumei slowly turned to them while feeling her lips with her fingers. “That girl just seriously took my first kiss.”



TOGASAKI-SAN can’t help but to crumple his face while looking at the heavily masked Mumei together with Paruru.

“Is she the one you are talking about, Shimazaki?” The AKB48 manager asked while swiveling to his chair. “Doesn’t she know that coming here with that mask is extremely rude?”

Paruru looked at Hoshi, “Hora, you take off the mask now Hoshi.”

Mumei heaved a deep sigh before removing the mask from her face. Togasaki stopped from swiveling, probably taken aback with the cute face under the mask but he managed to keep his cool. He then turned to Paruru.

“This is one of the rare cases that you ask a favor from me, Shimazaki. I don’t know how to decline you but hearing all these stories about her doesn’t seem good. She’s nameless and everything. She also had a heated argument with Yokoyama, right?”

“But Togasaki-san, she really has to find a part-time job. She’s new here in Japan and I can’t just let her work on other places.” Paruru pleaded which made Togasaki’s heart more troubled.

The manager released a deep sigh. “Right now we are in need of a photographer who will take pictures that will be uploaded at the official site. The work is a little busy since it’s a field work in some way. Can she handle that?”

“She is actually taking photography classes and she told me that her schedule is flexible.”

“Are you her guardian, Shimazaki? Let her speak for herself.”

Paruru looked at Mumei and gave her a nod.

“Ah… Uhmm… I’m taking exclusive photography classes and most of them are held in the night and they are not done everyday. The lecturer, I heard, is quite famous here in Japan so he just does lectures whenever he likes it. I also honestly think that field works will help me a lot.”

“Okay, I’ll hire you.”

A smile curved to Paruru’s lips while Mumei was a little shocked.

“You’re a weird one. Too weird to even make The Shimazaki Haruka smile like this.” Togasaki pulled a paper from his desk and handed it to Mumei. “Sign this form. I’ll also take your picture.”

“Picture?” Mumei whispered to Paruru with her face covered in disbelief.

Paru just told her to be an obedient kid and let her picture be taken just for this one. Since it was them that are asking the favor, they can’t help but to agree with the conditions. Togasaki took her picture through his phone and then let her answer the form.

“Are you seriously passing it without a name?” Togasaki irritatedly asked while reading the form.

“I haven’t thought of a name to use, Sir. Haruka doesn’t want me to use the name she gave me.”

“You guys are so troublesome.” Togasaki pulled a pen from his pen holder and wrote on the application form. After that he handed it back to Mumei. The bespectacled girl’s eyes went wide as soon as she saw what the guy wrote.

“You’re naming me?!” She asked in excitement. Paruru also took a look at the paper.

“Since you can’t go out there without a name, let’s just say that will be your name in AKB. No one should call you any other name than that if you are under the premises of AKB. You also understand it, right, Shimazaki?”

Paruru nodded in approval. The happy kiddo is still looking at her application form.

“But, I’m sorry but I’ll have to test your skill. This week, Friday, there will be an SP about Watanabe Miyuki’s graduation. I’ll send you there. Since Shimazaki and Yokoyama will be there as well, I think you will be fine.”

“H-Hai! I will do my best!” Mumei returned to him the application form while bowing.

“O, Gambatte Maru-chan.” (Maru means round. Probably Togasaki named her Maru because of her round glasses. )

Togasaki accepted it and the two girls bid good bye. Togasaki made sure that they are really gone before he scanned Mumei’s form and pasted her picture on there. He made an email, sending it to the mastermind of the whole 48G.


MARU has finished moving all her things at her new apartment. She decided renting one instead of staying at that five star hotel. She doesn’t want to bother Hiroko with her expenses even though the latter is so eager to support her. Maru thinks that it is already enough that she’s giving her the opportunity to study and monthly allowance.

Maru believes that she has to work to support herself especially her hobbies. She would be a thick-skinned human being if she continues depending on her guardian. That’s why Paruru helped her in finding a job. The apartment that she found is also just two blocks away from Haruka’s home. This lessens Hiroko’s anxiety but Milky was so against it because she was left alone at the hotel.

Paruru sat down at the sofa, looking so exhausted after helping Maru in fixing her room. Maru gave her a glass of water to rehydrate. (I’m gonna stop using Mumei because I feel like it is so lame. I’ll use Maru from now on.)

“I told you I can handle this alone.” Maru commented as she also sat at the sofa. “I only have a few things. I can handle this by myself.”

Haruka wiped the water from her lips. “I want to help you in all the ways that I can.”

“You sound like a different person, you know? You are supposed to be salty.”

Paruru puffed her cheeks. “I’m starting to hate being called like that.”

Maru leaned her back to the sofa and closed her eyes. “Thank you for everything, Haruka.”

Paruru’s heart skipped a beat. She has heard her Hoshi calling her in her real name in many circumstances but it never failed to shake her heart for a moment. It sounds like sweet melody to her ears. She also rested her back to the sofa and started to stare at the ceiling.

“Haruka…” There it is again–the melody that she loves.

“Uhm?” Paruru looked at the girl beside her. Maru’s eyes are still closed.

“You know something about me, right? About all these scars?”

“Uhum… Hiroko-san told me about it.” She answered in a soft voice.

Maru opened her eyes and looked at the girl beside her. “Aren’t you afraid?”

Paruru just gradually shook her head and returned the stare.

“You know? People who hurt themselves aren’t normal, right? I might go crazier one day and I may end up hurting other people. I might hurt you. Are you still not afraid?”

Again, Paruru shook her head. “Let’s just prevent that day from coming.”

A smile curved on Maru’s lips. “Aren’t you curious about my past?”

“Hmmm…” Paruru thought aloud. “It is something that even Hiroko-san doesn’t know, right? If it will only hurt you if you started talking about it then I don’t want to know it anymore.”

Maru laughed a bit. “Yes. Why am I even bringing this up now? I don’t want to go back there.”

Paruru took another look at the scarred arm and injured hand of Maru. Those are the proof of her sufferings. Like a tattoo that will remind her of everything.

“How will you work with your injured hand?” Paruru asked.

“I carried you with this injured hand, you know? This body is immortal and heals quickly. I will not even need this bandage on that day.” Maru even tried to pop the knuckles of her injured hand as a proof. Haruka immediately turned her head away. The glasses girl laughed.

That scene was followed by an awkward rule of silence. They can only hear the songs of the cicadas. For Paruru, this is one of the best nights that she ever had in her life. Just having this friend beside her makes her feel a lot of warmth in her heart.


“WHY do I have to go at the same bus with them? Am I supposed to go with the staff and crew?”

Maru’s complaint is being heard all over the parking lot. Inside the mini bus are YuiParu together with SayaMilky. The assistant director just shook his head.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you kid but you are going on a bus with these idols, you know? Shouldn’t you be ecstatic about this?”

“But, this is for the idols. I’m supposed to be with the crew so I can ask tips from them.”

The AD heaved a sigh. She turned Maru around and pushed her into the vehicle. “The crew has already set off so enough of this meaningless argument and get on. You are causing delay, kid.”

Maru had no other choice but to ride on. The pairs are sitting together. She suddenly felt heavy from the stares of the NMB Ace, Yamamoto Sayaka and the 48G General Manager, Yokoyama Yui. They were sitting at the seats next to the aisle as if blocking her to sit with their partners.

Maru sighed and marched on the backseat and sat on the center. She grumpily pulled her mask from her bag and wore it. She also readied her camera. The bus went off.

“Maru-chan~” Milky called her but she just ignored her. She knows that Milky is just up to something. The girl called her again but she gave the same response.

“Maru-chan…” This time Paruru called her but she just looked at her for a bit and started to pretend that she’s sleeping.

“What’s with that attitude?” Sayaka murmured to Milky. “She didn’t even greet us.”

“She’s just a tsundere, you know?” Milky answered, flashing her gum smile to Sayaka.

Sayaka rolled her eyes. “She’s working. She has to be professional. You’re just defending her because you like her, don’t you?”

Milky puffed her cheeks. “What if I like her? Do you have anything to do with that?”

“Hold your horses, Milky. Wait until you graduate before you put yourself to another scandal!”

“What the hell are you saying?!” Milky stood up. “I had enough! Let me through!”

Milky barged her way out of Sayaka’s jail and sat beside her Ijiwaru who is still pretending to be asleep. She hugged Maru’s arm and stuck her tongue out to annoy the NMB ace.

“Nandeyane?!” Sayaka dropped herself back to her seat with crossed arms.

Paruru suddenly stood up, drawing all the attention. She also made her way to where Maru is and sat on the other side. Unlike Milky, she just sat there with a blank expression on her face.

“What the hell was that, Yuihan? Even Paruru is being dragged by that kid?” Sayaka murmured.

Yui heaved a deep sigh. “Paruru is so sensitive in regards with that girl so I’d rather choose not to make a comment. I got served the last time I commented.”

“Just who the hell is she?”

“To make the long story short, that girl is a savior for both of them.”


THE graduation special will be held at Milky’s hometown. They are going to Milky’s favorite places such as her high school, the playground she usually plays when she was young, her favorite ramen shop and her former dance school.

Even though she had a fight with Sayaka, they both managed to portray a perfect SayaMilky when the camera is rolling. The same goes for YuiParu. Let’s just say that’s how professional they are. But, everytime the camera stops rolling, the two girls would go flock a certain photographer and leave their partners behind. The staff noticed how they chase the masked photographer which made them curious about it. The director even ordered to film the happenings secretly.

After the shooting at the ramen shop, Milky rushed to the masked Maru who is busy looking at the photos she has taken. Milky pulled her to the table at the ramen shop to finish the ramen with her.

“I’m working, Watanabe-san.” Maru complained when she was forced to sit together with the idols.

“You also have to eat, right? The shooting will be until late at night so you also need some food.” Milky insisted as she placed the bowl of ramen in front of her. “Saa, dig in.”

Maru heaved a sigh and shook her head. “I can’t eat that. I will eat the lunch that will be prepared for the staff.”

Paruru also moved her bowl. “You can also have some of mine. This is really delicious.”

Maru looked at the NMB ace and the GM who obviously don’t like what’s happening. She stood up and took a short bow. “I’m sorry Watanabe-san, Shimazaki-san, but I really can’t eat—“

“Sit down, kid.” It was the AD from a while ago, carrying another bowl of ramen. It’s a freshly ordered one. “Here, eat this.”

“W-Wait, you ordered this for me? But this is exclusive for the idols—“

“Urusai, urusai. Just eat, kid.” That’s all and the AD left, leaving all of them clueless.

“Man, this is a tough first day.” Maru just grabbed a pair of chopsticks. “Itadakimasu.”

Maru didn’t remove her mask. All she did is just raise it up to show her mouth. She knows that she is being secretly filmed that’s why she’s tactful with her every move.

“What’s up with you eating like that?” Sayaka commented with a sneer on her face.

Maru swallowed before she talked back. “I don’t want scandals.”

Sayaka’s eyebrow flicked. “C-Chotto!!! Are you—“

She felt a hand stopped her from raising her voice. It was Yuihan, she even gestured her to look at Paruru and Milky. The two girls are flashing their Maji faces. Sayaka calmed herself down and just went back to her ramen.

“Are you capturing her face?” The director asked the cameraman who is stalking the idols.

“No Sir. She still has a wide portion of her face covered. I think she knows that she’s under surveillance.”

“Hmmm.” The director thought aloud. “She’s a wise one. I wonder why Togasaki-san contacted me and told me to treat that girl like an idol. This is really getting interesting. The way that Milky and Paruru are flocking to her, leaving their pairs behind is also making me curious. Just who is that girl?”


THE night came and the schedule is to have a dinner together with the duo, Football Hour. They helped NMB48 a lot especially during the time of Geinin. It will be like a confession night while they are eating. The staff is already preparing everything. The theme is barbecue night which all the girls love.

Milky is quietly sitting with Maru at the waiting room. The masked girl is charging the battery of her camera. Paruru went to the rest room with Yui while Sayaka is talking with Football Hour. Exhausted of the trip, Milky closed her eyes to rest her sight.

“You’ll be really exhausted after chasing for me the whole day.”

Milky opened her right eye to look at Maru who is busy cleaning her lenses. “Did you say something, Ijiwaru-kun?”

“Nothing. Just go and take a rest.”

Milky sneered and closed the distance between them. She placed her head on Maru’s shoulder. Somehow it has become one of her special places as well.

“I’ll go take a rest here.”

“Do as you wish.”

Milky giggled as she closes her eyes. “I’m nervous, Ijiwaru-kun.”

“I know. Is it about Yamamoto and the confession dinner?”

“Are you a psychic? How did you know?”

“You have a lot of things to tell her, don’t you?”

Milky just nodded, tightening her hug to Maru’s arm.

“Take the opportunity to tell her what you feel. When you graduate the gap between you two will surely widen even more. If you are not going to tell her now, you may never have another chance. I’m sure she’ll listen to you.”

“You think so?” Milky asked in a soft, endearing voice.

“Don’t you believe the years you spent with her? Do your best, Miyuki.”

“’You may never have another chance’, huh?” Sayaka repeated Maru’s line to herself. She’s quietly eavesdropping at the conversation of the two girls.

“Everyone on stand-by! We’ll start the shooting in five minutes!”

Hearing the call of the staff, Milky immediately stood up and left the room. She was surprised to see Sayaka by the door. The ace just looked at her and shyly reached out her hand to her. Milky smiled at her and reached for her hand. With hands clasped, they went outside to join everyone.


Maru looked at her camera and smiled in relief. “Seems like I just captured a good one.”



The Sayaka in this fic is somewhat similar to her character in Geinin. :)
Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-16) Sayanee + Yuihan (I)
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is it OC fic? :?
that was interesting story, maru-kun looks like an ikemen in this fic  :inlove: is it just yuiparu and sayamilky here? hope you add more character here to make it harem for the cool maru-kun  :cow:
anyway, thanks for writing and sorry i have just comment now (i'm a silent reader)
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Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-19) Sayanee + Yuihan (II)
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@ミサキ OC fic? Original character?
After this arc there will be another member to join the gang. :) So, wait for it, okay? ;)
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Sorry for waiting. I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Yes, you.  XD Nah, I'm not pressuring you. Just enjoy and take your time reading.  :peace:

Things That Mix - 48G


The title call was led by the Football Hour. This is it. The confession night has already begun. They were all seated in a table on that grassy part of the hot spring hotel.

“Tonight we have NMB48’s ace Yamamoto Sayaka to complete SayaMilky.” Said Terumoto Goto.

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~” Sayaka bowed to the camera.

“We also have ex-NMB48 kennin and now the general manager of the 48G, Yokoyama Yui!”

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~” Yuihan did the same greeting as Sayaka.

Goto paused as he saw Paruru. Paruru just laughed at him.

“You know, I see why Yokoyama is here but… Shimazaki?” Goto even tilted his head. “Why are you here?”

“I was free so I just tagged along.” Paruru’s answer brought laughter to all the staff.

“So, let’s start this confession night. Watanabe!”

“Hai!” Milky is sitting in the middle of Football Hour, busy flashing her gum smile.

“What can you say that these people, together with Shimazaki, gathered just for you?”

Milky just smiled sweetly. “To be honest, today was really fun. I don’t want it to end. I want to cancel the announcement of my graduation and then announce it again after a month just to do this again~”

The staffs laughed. This is Milky’s trademark—cunningly cute.

“Are you an idiot? That time everyone will hate you and will not throw you a grad special like this.”

The barbecue was served by the staff and the girls delighted to the freshly grilled meat. Maru was even surprised to receive a serving to where she is. She’s the only one from the staff to receive one. But it was delicious nonetheless.

“Looking at the questions,” Goto started. “All of them are just to please Watanabe. So if you want, you can dis her so this will be a more memorable night. Saa, ikemashou.”

The question and answer started. As Goto said, the questions are made to somehow improve Milky’s reputation. As far as Maru has been observing it has yet to come to the emotional part. She has also observed how Sayaka is trying to pull her tears back. Yuihan was there as support everytime Sayaka’s voice would crack; she’ll be there to save her. And then there is Paruru who is busy eating her barbecue.

“To you, what is Watanabe Miyuki? Yokoyama, why don’t you start?”

“Milky…” Yui thought as she looks straight to Milky. “Milky is one of the first person who approached me when I became a kennin. She made her easy for me to adjust and adopt. To be honest she doesn’t give the image of someone you can easily approach. As we all know all her roles at dramas are cunning and evil.” Yui paused to laugh a bit.

“But Milky is a reliable person. She takes good care of her juniors. She loves NMB so much that she even cried her eyes out when she committed a small mistake at one of our tours. She might have that air-head character but actually she thinks of everything sincerely. She has sacrificed so much of herself for the group. That’s the kind of girl Milky is to me.”

“Thank you, Yuihan~”

“Saa, Yamamoto.”

There was a short term of silence before Sayanee cleared her throat. She was just looking to Milky, trying hardly to suppress her feelings. Milky bowed her head down. She can already feel the tears prickling from her eyes. She doesn’t want to cry again but here are the tears.

“From the very start…” Sayanee started. “From the very start I was with Milky. When we went to Tokyo for our debut at AKB48’s Fall Festival we sat together at the bus. When we were challenged to play boke at the Stand stage she was also with me. From the very beginning, Milky has been a big part of my career.”

A tear escaped from Sayaka’s eyes which she immediately wiped. The atmosphere began to grow heavier.

“I heard from someone that if this chance isn’t used well, there might be no other chance so right now I want to be honest.”

Maru almost choked herself when she heard Sayaka’s words. She immediately grabbed her bottled water in order to swallow that piece of meat that obstructed her throat.

“The truth is… I really hate what’s happening now. I hate the fact that you are going to leave NMB just like this. I hate you for deciding to leave me behind. You are… You are… Unfair.”

Milky just nodded. Her usual gum smile is changed by a half-crying face. Everyone is quiet, waiting for Sayanee to regain her cool and speak again.

“There are dreams that we share. Almost all of them are already reached. Is that the reason why you decided to graduate? Because there is nothing more to achieve in NMB? But we still haven’t reached the Teppen. We aren’t still Japan’s number 1 idol group. We aren’t even close to that.

But, I don’t want to be selfish. Of course Milky has a life of her own. You also want to do things that you can’t do if you stay being an idol. But please…”

Sayaka’s tears started rushing. It’s a very rare situation to see Sayanee cry like this. She’s somewhat a stoic idol. But, here she is now; crying in front of everyone. Crying in front of many cameras. Crying because of a rival.

“Please Milky… What the hell with being honest?” Sayaka tried to smile to lighten the mood. “As much as I want to jail you in the theater so you won’t be able to go, I want you to fulfill your own dreams from now on. Don’t be discouraged by what’s blocking your path. After you graduate, reach all of them. I promise that I will not stop chasing my own dreams as well. And if you reach your dreams, don’t forget to share the happiness with me.”

Milky let go of her tears and started sobbing like a child. Yui also shed a tear while Paruru was just quietly watching the scene.

“Watanabe,” Goto called her. “You want to answer Yamamoto?”

Milky nodded and wiped her tears before talking. “I also want to be honest. I don’t want to waste this chance.” She looked directly at Sayaka’s eyes. Her heart is throbbing so fast but she can’t let her emotion hinder her.

“Sayaka, as I have said you are the most destined person for me. We’ve been chasing our dreams together but somehow the gap between us became wide. You kept increasing in ranking while I went on a very rocky road. You are someone who makes me feel at ease knowing I can depend on you, but seeing you now also make me feel a lot frustrated. We are a pair but rivals as well. But, I wonder if I can still consider myself as your rival now.

After I graduate I will work harder so that I can also make a name for myself. I will pursue my dreams. I will never forget you Sayaka. I will continue to run until I can call myself your rival again.”

Milky flashed her signature gum smile. “Sayaka, daisuki~”

Without any word, Sayanee stood from her seat and hugged the crying Milky. “Watashi mo. Milky no koto daisuki~”

“So do we have to organize a wedding now?”

Everybody laughed at the sudden comment of Iwao, the other half of Football Hour. As expected from the comedians. They know when to make the mood light. They started joking about the pair so the show may end in a light note. Milky transferred to the seat next to Sayaka and they continued eating.

One of the staff held a cue card and Goto read it.

“Eh? What is this? We have a question for Watanabe and Shimazaki.”

The two looked at each other before looking at the cue card. It also says that there is a VTR. The VTR started rolling. It was every scene that they were caught with Maru. It’s either they are chasing her or pampering her. There are also scenes of Milky abusing her. (You know what kind of abuse that is.)

When the VTR ended, another cue card was raised. ‘Who is the girl in the video?’ Since Maru is not anywhere nearby the table, she wasn’t able to see the video. She was also curious of what they watched. Paruru and Milky were laughing while the other two had a poker face.

“Saa, Watanabe, who is that girl in the video?”

“Girl?” Maru asked herself. “Could it be–?”

She saw Milky looking her wearing that cunning smile on her face. The hosts followed where Milky is looking at and they saw her. Thank goodness she already had her mask back. Maru felt her life is in danger. She was about to run but the staff has captured her.

“That is her?” Goto asked. The two girls just nodded. They watched how Maru struggled from the staff but to no good fruit, she was made to stand with them in front of the camera.

“Just what the hell is this?” Maru asked herself as she makes sure her mask is hiding her face.

Goto asked her to remove her mask but she’s stubborn. No one in there was able to convince her to remove it even Milky. Right now she believes that her face is so red in embarrassment. Even her whole body is sweating furiously because of it.

Milky stood up and clung to her. She tried to sway Milky away but she remembered about the fans. If they saw her swaying Milky away she’ll be dead in no time. She just let the girl do the talking.

“I have an idea.” Milky whispered to her. “Trust me.”

Milky faced the camera and took a deep breath. “This girl is my child.”


The whole place was filled with ‘eh’. Even the cicadas shouted the same.

“That girl is your child? What are you talking about Watanabe?”

“Yes, she’s my child. And, Sayaka is the father.”


Goto stood up from his seat and gave Milky at slap on the head. The crew started laughing as if on cue. The girls were all dumbfounded with Milky’s sudden confession.

“How can Yamamoto be the father and how can you have a daughter who is almost bigger than you?”

Milky smiled at him. Her eyes are still swollen.

“Sayaka, she’s our child, right?”

A tint of red was seen on Sayaka’s cheeks. She first looked at Yuihan before she gave an awkward nod. “U-Uh…”

“Just when did I have parents like this?” Maru said to herself. She’s trying so hard not to speak. She doesn’t want her voice to be recorded as well.

Paruru suddenly stood from her seat which drew all the attention to her. She stared at Milky and Maru with her signature salty gaze.

“What now, Shimazaki?” Goto asked. “Don’t tell me that you are also going to claim to be this kid’s mother? Who is the father then? Yokoyama?”

Yuihan was surprised when her name was called. She looked at Maru who is also looking at her. Her eyes clearly telling her that she’s tired of the weird things that are happening. They just had an argument and now she’ll become the bespectacled girl’s father?

“Yuihan? Are you also her father?” Sayaka curiously asked.

“E-Eh? If Paruru claims to be the mother then I want to be the father.”

“Wait, wait! I’m the first one to claim her so she is me and Sayaka’s child.” Milky butted in.

Sayaka stood at the other side of Maru and arced her arm around her. Maru’s face is so crumpled proof that she’s not enjoying the happenings anymore.

“Yeah, yeah. This girl is our child. Right, kiddo?”

“Wait, wait.” Yui halted. “I believe Paru first found her so Paru has the right over her.”

Paru just nodded and Maru slapped her own forehead. She’s getting dizzy of the happenings. Even Goto did the same. Everyone watching them is all laughing.

“Just what the hell is happening to this graduation special?”


THE shooting ended with Maru running away from the set. The girls are fighting over her custody like they needed the help of King Solomon. The cameramen were not able to chase after her lightning like speed. She felt like she’s going crazy with all the happenings.

It was around 10 in the evening when the crew packed up. They gave the four girls a free stay at the hot spring hotel as a gift for Milky as well. The staff and crew all congratulated her on her upcoming graduation before they left. The girls are now free from all the cameras after being under surveillance for nearly 14 hours.

“It was a fun taping, right?” Milky asked the other three girls. They just finished taking a bath from the hot spring and are now in their private room.

“It was really fun.” Sayaka smiled at her while drying her hair.

Yui is lying on the tatami like a drunken salary man. This is the first time that she was able to have her leisure time after becoming the General Manager. While on the other hand, Paruru is busy with her phone. She has her salty face on while grumpily typing.

“What’s up, Paruru-chan?” Miyuki asked while brushing Sayanee’s hair.

“I’ve been contacting Hoshi but she’s not answering.”

“Hoshi? Do you mean me and Milky’s child?” Sayanee asked.

Yui jerked up from the tatami. “Who said she’s yours? Maru-chan is ours.”

“Mou. This is your fault Milky-san. You shouldn’t say that she’s your child. Now she’s missing.” Paruru tried to send another text. That has been her 9th one.

Milky just snickered. “Ijiwaru-kun will be fine. It is the director’s idea anyway. I know she will understand. Ijiwaru-kun is so cute. I bet they noticed her cuteness.”

Paruru’s phone suddenly made a buzzing noise. She immediately opened the message. Her eyes widened after reading it.

“Is that Maru-chan, Paruru?” Yui asked.

Paruru gradually shook her head. “No, it is from the staff. They said that they didn’t go with Hoshi. They thought she’ll go meet us afterwards.”

Everyone got alarmed at the news. Milky even forgot that she’s combing Sayanee’s hair.

“What should we do, Yuihan?” Paruru asked. Seems like she is about to cry. “Hoshi is a newcomer in Japan. She may not know how to get back to Tokyo by herself. Where is she now?”

“Calm down, Paruru. That kid went inside this hotel when she ran, right? She might just be somewhere in here.” Sayaka tried to control the situation.

“Let’s go find her.” Yui suggested and everyone went off to look for the missing Maru.

They went to look everywhere. They even asked the hotel hostesses if ever they found a girl with short hair and round glasses. But since that fashion was quite a trend now, they weren’t able to confirm if who they saw is really Maru.

They even searched back in the hot-springs even into the open-air bath but there is no sign of Maru in there. They are also quite sure that she’s not the type to go into a public bathroom.

“Maybe that kid just went to back to Tokyo.” Sayanee said. They are now in the lobby taking a rest.

“No,” Paruru negated the possibility. “I don’t think she can go back by herself.”

Milky is just quiet, feeling a little guilty for it might be her fault that the girl is now missing. Sayanee tried to comfort her by holding her hand. She gave the ace a faint smile and returned the grip.

“Excuse me, visitors.”

It was one of the hostesses of the hotel. She greeted them with a bow before speaking again.

“I think we might’ve found the one you are looking for.”

A glimpse of hope shone in front of the four girls.

“WHAT the heck is this—-“

Sayanee’s mouth is immediately covered by Milky. The hostess led them to a room in the 3rd floor. The staff quietly opened the tatami door and everyone was surprised of who is inside.

It was Maru, sleeping on a futon in the floor. She’s sleeping so soundly that the noise the girls brought didn’t manage to wake her up. Paruru immediately saw Maru’s phone being charged next to her. It is probably in silent mode that’s why her calls are not answered.

“The girl checked in looking a bit suspicious. She speaks Japanese fluently but she doesn’t seem to know anything about hot springs so we concluded that she’s a foreigner. She looks insure of things to do.” The hostess explained.

“Thank you so much.” Yui thanked the hostess and she immediately left. ”Who would’ve thought she’ll just be next to our room.”

“And she’s sleeping like a cute kid while we were out there searching for her.” Sayaka flicked Maru’s forehead but the girl just flinched like there was just a mosquito that tried to bite her.

“Ijiwaru-kun is surely bad.” Milky sighed after the fact that Maru is safe sink in unto her. “She sure got exhausted in her first day at work.”

“How about we write something on her face to troll her?” Sayaka suggested with a huge grin on her face.

“Just when did you become Milky, Sayanee?” Yuihan asked. “Why don’t we just roll her in her futon like a sushi?”

“What? You both are father candidates and you’re going to troll her like that?” Milky nagged at the two. Sayaka arcked her arm around Milky and flashed a shakure smile.

“I’m going to sleep here.”

The three girls looked at Paruru who is staring at the sleeping Maru.

“U-Uh.. Yeah.” Yui followed up. “We’ll just sleep here with her since she’s our daughter.”

“Nandeyane? She’s ours!”

“Are are? Is that the troll you are thinking Paruru-chan?” Milky asked with her gum smile. “We’ll all sleep here and she will be like ‘nandeyane’ when she wakes up! Good idea!”

“W-Wait, I don’t mean it—“

“Yosh! Let’s all go and get our cushions from the other room!”


The three girls immediately went to get their futons. Paruru sighed. Having these girls with her makes life hard for her but it is also thanks to them that she’s able to laugh and enjoy the day. She once again looked at the sleeping Maru. She didn’t know why but her heart finally felt at peace after seeing her. She cannot afford to lose her again. She didn’t know that Maru has become an important existence to her.

MORNING came and the four girls woke up together on the same time as if on cue. Paruru and Milky slept beside Maru while the other two slept on the free side of their partners. Paruru wiped the sleep away from her eyes and what surprised her when she woke up was Yuihan’s face covered with doodles. Paruru laughed her heart out.

“What’s up?” Yuihan asked while wiping her eyes.

Suddenly, Milky also gave out a loud laughter after looking at Sayaka’s face. Her face is also vandalized by a permanent marker.

“Nandeyane?” Sayaka asked. “What’s wrong with the two of you?”

The NMB ace then tried to look at Yuihan and the latter did the same on her. Their eyes immediately transferred to the blanket in the middle. They immediately stood up and uncover it but there is no Maru inside that thick blanket.

“That brat! She’s definitely the one who did this.” Sayaka gritted her teeth.

“Did she escape?” Yuihan asked with a sharp look in her just awoken eyes.

Paruru shook her head while still trying to hold her laughter. “Seems like she just went somewhere. Her things are still here.”

The angry Sayaka immediately grabbed her towel and rushed to the shower room.

“Let’s go Yuihan! We have a spoiled kid to discipline.”

“Wait!” Milky halted them. Let me take a picture of your faces first!



THE ANGRY general manager and NMB ace started hunting right after they finish cleaning their faces. The permanent ink was sure hard to remove. It was like they were punished in a variety game for no reason at all. Milky and Paruru went ahead to grab breakfast.

Clueless of where to find the girl, they wander off for some time before they reached the recreational area where they heard a sound of a guitar and a familiar melody. It was 『Tsubasa wa Iranai』, AKB48’s latest single.

The two sneakily tried to see who is playing it. If it was a fan, they really should be careful with their steps especially now that they are only on light make up. Idols just don’t want their bare face be seen.

Both of their eyes widened when they recognized who it was. It was the culprit for the vandalism of their sleeping faces. Maru is playing the guitar while listening on the original music through her earphones. It seems like she’s figuring out the chords by ear. Sayanee was surprised to see that the girl has a talent in playing the guitar.

“Man, I think I got it wrong.” She erased something on her notes with a permanent marker. That’s when the two remembered why they were searching for her. The two of them rushed to her which made the girl shock. Yuihan immediately grabbed her hands and pinned them on the wall over her head. The guitar almost fell but Sayanee was there to save it and place it on the floor safely before grabbing the permanent marker. She sat on Maru’s lap to prevent her from struggling.

“W-What the heck are you girls, doing?!” Maru shouted at them. She’s trying hard to avoid the pen on Sayanee’s hand.

“We are here to punish a bad kid!”

Maru continued to struggle but it was futile. Sayanee and Yuihan both have the same inhuman strength. She was easily pinned down and Sayanee made an abstract artwork with her face. After the entire struggle, the two succeeded on taking revenge.

Maru sat there with her vandalized face looking at an empty space. The two girls were also exhausted after the action. They sat beside her while laughing victoriously.

“Seriously, you two.” Maru sighed.

“That’s for drawing weird things to our faces while we were sleeping.” Yui said while trying to mess Maru’s hair. Maru immediately swat her hand away.

“You don’t do that to the general manager, kiddo.” Sayaka teasingly stated as she put her elbow on Maru’s shoulder. “And also, no one does that to an ace, you know?”

Maru released another sigh. “You, sure, are full of yourselves.”

“You will not remove that until Paruru and Milky see your face. That’s another punishment. That’s an order from the general manager.” Yuihan also put her elbow on Maru.

“Come on. I’m not part of the 48G so I’m not under your authority. And please remove your elbows on me. It’s heavy!”

The two girls didn’t listen on her. They even put more weight on their elbow to piss Maru off. Maru rolled her eyes and just let them to what they want.

Sayaka went to pick the guitar and started to play some random chords.

“You can play the guitar quite well.” She stated casually.

“Is that a compliment or something?”

“That’s a compliment from the NMB ace, Maru-chan. Be thankful.” Yui commanded once again.

“Come on. Stop being full of yourselves.”

“Do you also sing?” Sayaka asked. She started playing 「Bokura no Eureka」.

Maru shook her head. “My singing voice is like a cat being killed with bread knife.”

The two girls laughed out loud with her joke. “That would be a good item for Manzai, won’t it?”

“Saa, Maru-kun.” Sayanee started. Maru’s eyebrow flinched after hearing the suffix –kun. “You should listen to your father well and give me the respect I deserve.”

“W-Wait, wait.” Yuihan interrupted. “Who are you pertaining as Maru-chan’s father? You?”

Sayaka wore a smug face. “Are you thinking of someone else, Yuihan? Milky said that.”

“I disagree. She is mine and Paruru’s. Paruru found her first.”

“No, Milky claimed her first.”


“When are you guys going to stop?!” Maru irritably butted in. “Are you all serious with this father thing? Seriously, you are both GIRLS!”

“We’re serious about this, Maru-kun.” Sayaka even pinched Maru’s cheeks. “We saw the scars.”

Maru’s eyes widened and she tried to hide her scars with the sleeves of her yukata.

“Don’t try to hide them.” Yui added. “We saw them while you are sleeping. You can’t hide those forever.”

Maru rolled her eyes. “And what now if you see them? They are the proof of my strength.”

Sayanee and Yuihan gave a faint smile.

“They might be. But they are also made with so much anguish, right?” Sayaka stopped strumming and looked straightly at Maru. “You should remember that we are idols.”

“Sayanee is right.” Yui added. “And as idols, our role is to give hope and inspire people. Our lives might be tough as well but Japanese idol industry started with that purpose—to give light to people and tell them that we can work hard together. It was the time that the economy was really down and a lot of people has lost their hope and ended up killing themselves where the idol industry was born. No matter how many years have passed, the idols today carry the same purpose.”

“If we can be of help to you by being your father figure despite the fact that we are girls, we will gladly accept the role.” Sayaka then patted her head.

Maru avoided the eye contact. Hearing those words sure give her heart a small pinch. She’s not used to this kind of warm feelings. Her childhood, for her, is a long period of icy winter. Her heart has frozen and wasn’t able to feel any other emotion until she met all these people starting from Hiroko and her family.

She can act like a normal person most of the time but the bitter belief that all of the other feelings aside from cold are imaginary is thick. She can fake her laughter in order to socialize in a way but deep inside it was never funny to her. It was just lately that she noticed her ability to smile genuinely. Thanks to Hiroko and to these annoying members of the 48G.

“You get it, Maru-kun? Always listen to your Saya-papa, okay?”

“Don’t listen to her. Listen to your Yui-papa.”

Maru smiled. Somehow the other two girls were in a short trance when she flashed that smile. “Stop this. I can only have one dad and I can’t accept any of you two because you are both too lame.” There it goes; her tsundere attitude.

Maru stood up casually and started walking away. The two smiled at each other and followed her.

“Are you sure you are going around like that?” Yui asked.

“I’m so hungry. Washing my face will not come first over food.”

“Eh~~” Sayanee smiled at her cunningly. “You just like my masterpiece, right?”


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isn't it maru an original character you made?  :huhuh
yui-papa and saya-papa? :lol: :lol:
perhaps wmatsui(?) jurina have the same condition as sayanee too :(
thank you for updating and please keep writing :cow:
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@ミサキ Yeah. Maru is an original character. :) I was just making sure what OC means. :)
Right? Saya-papa and Yui-papa sounds really funny. I was laughing when I was writing that. Dunno what came into my silly mind. XD
Please look forward for the next member to come along. :)
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-23) Sayanee + Yuihan (F)
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@9purple -san, please don't call me Author-san. You can call me Cut-san. If you add 'e' on it, it will be Cute-san. haha. Sorry for the bad joke. XD Thank you for reading. I hope you also enjoy the next chapter as well. *winks*

And to all who have waited, here it is. Dozou~ :)

Things That Mix - 48G

THE FIVE girls left the inn after lunch when their service bus arrived. All of them sure had fun. Paruru and Milky also took a nice laugh at Maru’s littered face. The bespectacled girl just let them have fun with her. The cunning Milky even tried to sneak a photo but Maru’s camera sense is so superb that Milky didn’t manage to get one. They even forced Maru to the open bath with them but the girl went in with clothes on and a blindfold. She told them that bathing together like this is weird on her culture.

On their way home, the sitting arrangement was changed. This time they were all sitting at the seat row with Maru in the center. Haruka and Miyuki are sleeping on Maru’s shoulders. The other two are also sleeping in their own positions. The camera girl was busy reviewing the pictures she has taken. Little do the four girls know that Maru had their sleeping faces captured in her camera.

That was the real test Togasaki has given her. She received the real task through e-mail. If she would be able to take the pictures then her ability will be recognized. It wasn’t about getting good photos but getting those odd, sleeping faces captured on cam. ‘Japanese people are sure weird’ is what came into her mind while reading the mail. She was also surprised that she was able to devise a plan to complete the task.

Since they are already in Osaka, Milky and Sayanee were dropped first near the NMB48 Theater. Milky even kissed Maru on her cheek before she went off. Sayaka’s jealousy already vanished believing that Maru is their child. She just messed up Maru’s hair as a goodbye.

The general manager was dropped at the AKB48 Theater. It seems like she still has a job to do. She has had a time to rest at the hot spring even though it was crazy having all those girls. She whispered, “I’m sorry about last time” to Maru before she went on her way. Maybe she’s pertaining about the incident that led Paruru to slap Maru. Surprised of the sudden apology, Maru wasn’t able to apologize with her harsh words. She decided to apologize the next time they meet.

Paruru was left with her. It seems like the girl’s schedule is as free as the birds in the air. They were dropped down near their houses. Maru is careful to hide her face. She is already wearing the mask even though they are still in the bus. There might be a hidden camera set up somewhere.

Maru thought that she will part ways with Paruru at one corner but Paruru continued in following her. Confused, she stopped and looked at the Salty Queen.

“Where are you going?” She asked. “Your house is on the other side, right?”

Paruru looked at another direction before answering. “I just want to hang out a little.”

Maru released a sigh. “Hang out? But when you’re at my house all you do is submerge yourself with your phone, right?”

Maru’s point hit her. All she does is focus on her twitter and other SNS. Can she blame herself that she can’t think of things to say and just having Maru on her field of sight is enough for her?

“If you don’t have anything to do, you can go home now and take a good rest. I know you are tired from that travel. Jaa ne.”

Before Maru even take her second step away, Paruru stopped her by holding on to her arm.

“What?” Maru asked; a little annoyed.

“Today is a little different. I want to talk about some things.”

“Like what?”

“Like…” Paruru thought for a little while and a thought came into mind. “Like, something about your AKB oshi. I want to know—“

*문자 왔엉~ 문자 왔엉~”

It was a notification sound from Maru’s phone. Maru immediately got her phone from her pocket. Knowing that her plan to go to Maru’s house may go abolished, she let go of the girl’s arm. But when she reluctantly dropped her hand, Maru’s hand was there to catch it.

Paruru, with great shock, looked at Maru who is busy reading the message she got. She’s holding her hand as if it is nothing while here she is feeling the rush of blood in her face. Why is she feeling like this? Paruru, herself doesn’t know. Should she return a grip? Or should she pull her hand back? She is confused herself.

“Sorry, Haruka. I think tonight is not good.”

Maru showed her the message that she received. It is from the Photography class that she is taking. It says that the lecturer will have a class starting at 8pm. Paruru’s heart sulked.

Maru kept her phone back in her pocket before she spoke again.

“Don’t make such a face. That’s too cute.” She patted Haruka’s head with her freehand. Paruru tried so hard to do something like shake her away but her heart is tipsy with the feeling. She’s being pampered well; being called cute and receiving a pat on her head.

“It is my oshimen you want to know, right?” Maru asked. “Hmm… Yes, I do have an oshimen. I’m not a DD. I haven’t met her yet and if I meet her, I don’t know what kind of reaction I will make.”

That statement was followed by a foolish smile. Paruru heard an imaginary cracking noise from her heart. She’s not her Hoshi’s oshimen. It’s the first time that she felt upset with this kind of situation. Normally, she doesn’t care if people will like her or not but this is a different scenario.

She slowly pulled her hand back. She hurt herself by asking that question.

“Is that so?” She weakly confirmed.

“Yes. So I don’t want to meet her. I might forget to talk if ever I see her.”

“You’re weird. Not wanting to see your oshimen.” Paruru tried to make another comment.

“I just find her so cute. I may not be able to handle— Hey, wait!”

Paruru suddenly turned around and walked at the direction of her house.

“Hey, Haruka! Where are you going? I though you like to know who my oshi is.”

“I got all I need and I’m tired.” She said it without looking back. She just grumpily marched out until she went lost from Maru’s sight. The other girl just smiled after being left alone.

“My oshimen, huh? I wonder why she’s interested.”


THE GRADUATION special of Milky is yet to be broadcasted but commercials about it are already being shown on TV. The confession segment where Maru appeared also had some second on the commercial with the title, ‘Mysterious Masked Girl’. It already became a trending topic in twitter with the same hashtag #MysteriousMaskedGirl. Maru slapped her forehead after seeing the trending topic in twitter. She even saw the ones who are involved with the incident tweeting about in on the thread.

Sayaka Tweeted: #MysteriousMaskedGirl is a product of love.

Milky replied to Sayaka’s tweet with:  @SayakaNeon #MysteriousMaskedGirl is ♡.

The General Manager never let their tweets escape. She replied with: @SayakaNeon @miyukiofficial9 We all know whose love is it, right? #MysteriousMaskedGirl

Paruru also replied but she just said something very salty: @SayakaNeon @miyukiofficial9 @Yui_yoko1208 Let’s stop this, shall we?

But Sayanee replied to the thread with: Sorry @paruruchan0330 but I can’t stop talking about her.

Maru released a sigh. She felt that her life will be in more chaos now that idols are all around her. She never thought that it will be like this working with these dorks. She always wants keep her profile low but now a hashtag about her managed to enter the trend list of the whole of Japan. A lot of people in Japan have already taken notice of her.

She’s at Togasaki’s office waiting for the said manager. She has emailed her all the pictures that she took especially the sleeping picture of the idols and now she is being called in the office. The heavily eye-bagged guy went inside and they both greeted each other. Togasaki told her to go back to her seat as he also sit on his.

“The photos you took were really good. I’m sorry for checking them out this late.”

Yes, her email took around 3 days to be checked. She even thought that she didn’t make the cut.

“Since you also manage to capture their sleeping faces, I think you are really skillful.”

“Thank you, Sir. But, may I ask where are you using those pictures?”

The manager laughed a little. “Maybe upload it in some sort of scandal website?”

“Are you serious?” Maru asked, her voice raised a little.

“No kiddo. Of course I will not do that.” That’s what Togasaki said but he is wearing a cunning smile. “By the way, it seems that you are trending today. Is that the reason why you didn’t come with a mask today?”

Maru sighed. “I only took off the mask when I arrive here in your office.”

“You seemed like you enjoyed the trip to Osaka with the others.”

“Can I ask another question, Sir?”


Maru took one deep breath before finally asking the question. “Do you have any idea why I was being treated like an idol back then?”

“You were being treated like an idol?” The manager asked innocently.

“Oh, it seems like you don’t have any idea about it.”

“How can you say that you were being treated like an idol? Are you dreaming, kiddo?”

Maru laughed a little. “You’re right, Togasaki-san. Maybe I’m just dreaming. Why would I be treated like one in the first place?”

“Anyway, since your talent is already evaluated, I can say that you are already part of the staff. You are now officially a part time worker here. Congratulations.”

A smile was drawn on the girl’s face. “Thank you so much.” She said with a bow.

“But,” the manager stressed. “I know you are a little close with some of the members especially Shimazaki. I hope you don’t do anything that will ruin their careers.”

Togasaki is obviously pertaining to her looking a little suspicious.

“I don’t have any plan on doing that.” Maru stated with full confidence.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page with that. Now go to the theater and Shinobu-san will introduce you to the girls that are practicing today.”

“Yes, thank you so much Togasaki-san.”

That’s all and she left. Togasaki let out a deep breath when she is finally gone.

“She’s got good senses. She noticed that she was being treated like an idol.” He then turned to his computer and went to compose a mail. “Time to report this to Sensei.”


“OH! SHE’s the ‘Mysterious Masked Girl’, isn’t she?”

The practicing Team A was suddenly set into uproar when Kayano Shinobu, the 48G’s current over-all theater manager and main stylist, entered the scene and introduced Maru to them. Her famous mask is on. She wished she hadn’t wore it.

The glasses girl remained quiet with the entire ruckus going around her. Shinobu-san nodded to Yokoyama as a gesture to tell the other girls to be quiet. Yui clapped her hands thrice to catch their attention.

“Listen to what Shinobu-san is going to say.” Yokoyama ordered followed by a chorus of ‘hai’ and then silence. As expected from the General Manager.

“Everyone, this is Maru-chan. She will be taking your official photos during theater performances or even in the field. Maru-chan, this is AKB48 Team A.”

Maru bowed and politely said, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

The whole Team A did as well. A short moment after that Oya Shizuka raised a question.

“Why is she introduced only with her first name? What’s her whole name?”

The question was followed by a buzzing sound. Shinobu tried to calm them down again but the girls are really noisy. With this Maru broke her silence.

“I’m sorry for that. Shinobu-san only knows my first name that’s why. My name is Hoshino Maru. It’s nice meeting you again.”

The noise stopped. Yui was also surprised with the sudden announcement of a name. She even used the name Paruru gave her and just altered it a little. Now it sounds like ‘Maru of the stars’. If Paruru heard this she will surely be happy but the girl isn’t around because of other schedule. The kennins from NMB and HKT are also not around that moment.

“So,” Shinobu started. “Do we have any other questions?”

“Is she really the mysterious masked girl?” Maachun asked.

“She is.” Everyone looked at Yuihan’s way. “But even if she is the one, don’t bother her so much. She also has a work to do like us.”

“Okay, if we don’t have any more questions, I will leave Maru-chan to your care.”

Maru thanked Shinobu before she left. The girls went back to their practice while she just sat on the same seat she sat on the first time she watched the theater show. Maru was preparing her camera when Yui went to her.

“Congratulations on being officially hired, Maru-chan.” She said then sat at the seat beside Maru.

“Thank you so much, Yokoyama-san.”

Yui laughed a little. “You don’t have to be formal. You can call me Yui-papa.”

Maru rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Soukantoku-san.”

Yui laughed more, seeing the annoyance on Maru’s eyes is entertaining. There was a short silence between them before Maru spoke.

“I’m also sorry.” Maru said in a flash. Probably a little shy to say it.

“Sorry for what?” Yui asked curiously.

“I know you know why I’m apologizing, Soukantoku-san.”

Yui just smiled at her and tapped her shoulder. She then got her phone, opened an app and showed it to Maru.

“What’s that?” Maru asked after looking at the phone.

“I want to connect with you in LINE. Sayaka is also asking for it.”

Maru blinked her eyes twice. “But why?”

“Are you seriously asking me why? Of course I am your papa and your hoax papa wants to play the role too. Come on.”

Maru sighed. “Kidding aside please, Soukantoku-san.”

Yui smiled and just forced to her the phone. “We are your friends, right?”

The word ‘friends’ echoed continuously at Maru’s head. It gave her sudden warmth in her heart but she also sensed danger. The pinch she felt was just ignored and she let herself be absorbed by the wonderful image of the word ‘friends’.

She first reached for her own phone and changed her name on LINE to Hoshino Maru. Right now she doesn’t need to receive new names because of Togasaki’s rules although it would be really nice to receive more. Maybe next time.

After changing her name, she input her LINE I.D. to Yui’s phone. After being connected with her, she also sent a copy of her I.D. so Yui can send it to Sayaka.

“Thank you, Maru-chan. You changed your name, right? I heard from Paruru that your LINE name was ‘Name Me’, right?”

Maru just nodded and then went on in cleaning her camera’s lenses. “I had to change it.”

Yui stood up and stretched. “It’s okay since I haven’t thought of a name for you. But as soon as I thought of something really nice, I am going to give you one. Is that okay?”

Again, Maru just nodded. Probably now feeling a lot happy inside her.

“Nice, I’ll go back to practice now. Please capture good picture of us.”

That’s all and Yui returned to the stage. Maru released a sigh and rested her back at the chair. She went to fix her mask a little that went a little out of place when she spoke. She looked at the stage full of lively girls who are chasing their dreams. They’ve risked their future for this. Some of them were not able to continue until college because of the activities but none of them look tired in spirit. It might show physically but their hearts are all crying for that dream without assurance.

Maru got a little inspired. Probably, it is not that bad to work with hardworking girls like this bunch. She somehow got something to push her in her life. Now that she gained friends, probably the hell that is engraved in her memories will be slowly taken away.

That’s what she thought.

Next Encounter: Miyawaki Sakura

If you want to read the next chapter before Thursday, tell me. I might be in a good mood and upload it before the scheduled update day. It depends to the demand.  :lol: Have a good week everyone. :)
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“It is my oshimen you want to know, right?” Maru asked. “Hmm… Yes, I do have an oshimen. I’m not a DD. I haven’t met her yet and if I meet her, I don’t know what kind of reaction I will make.”

That statement was followed by a foolish smile. Paruru heard an imaginary cracking noise from her heart. She’s not her Hoshi’s oshimen. It’s the first time that she felt upset with this kind of situation. Normally, she doesn’t care if people will like her or not but this is a different scenario.

She slowly pulled her hand back. She hurt herself by asking that question.
someone jealous right now^^:

it's a good news right, maru? you hired for a part timer and have friends^^
hope akb48group will make you forget abaout your past^^

i think everyone want you to post the next chapter imediately, shortcut-san :on ksweat: :hee:
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-5) Sakuratan (I)
Post by: shortcut48 on October 25, 2016, 06:10:21 AM
Your requests have reached me loud and clear.
ミサキ -san, 9purple-san, Thank you for the comments. They make me happy. :)
Here is a bonus update. I'm still going to update this Thursday. Douzou~

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
Miyawaki Sakura (I)

IT HAS been a week since Maru has become one of the photographers of AKB48’s theater performances. Her works are all splendid. She was able to capture the pure cuteness of the members in her every shot. There’s not a shot to be trashed. Whenever her photos are being uploaded in the net, the initials MMG are on the bottom left part of the picture with AKS on the right.

As someone who changes her place every time, she has also gained notice from the fans. They all know that she is the trending #MysteriousMaskedGirl. There were fans that have tried to take picture of her but her pictures turn out weird or blurred every time. She is now being rumored as someone who, for the sake of taking magnificent pictures, sold her own reflection. That’s the reason why no one can take a proper picture of her.

Maru doesn’t work every time it is Team K’s day to perform. No one knows why but she always receives a call from the class that she’s attending every time Team K is performing. All the members of the said team are all waiting for her to take pictures of them.

Despite being a little popular with the members and some of the fans, Maru is also rumored of not having a very good relationship with the members. She only speaks to Paruru, Myao and Yui. She also talks to Milky and Sayaka but they are rarely seen in the AKB Theater that’s why they are exceptions. Other than them, she never talked to anyone else.

Another Team A stage has been to an end. Everyone was packing up and cleaning the theater. Everyone is with their friends preparing to go home. Miyawaki Sakura, originally from HKT48 was alone doing her own stuff. She has been a kennin in AKB for a long time now but she still hasn’t made friends with most of them. Her relationship to them is either senpai-kouhai or just a fellow member. After that there is none. She can’t call anyone her friend. She even admitted it in the HKT48 Documentary.

Everyone is chatting around with their own circle of friends while she’s being left alone in one corner. Being pushed by the management is also hard for her. It is one of the reasons why she can’t easily attach herself to anyone. Suddenly being the center of the 43rd Single and becoming one of the double center of Team A’s 「Set me Free」, together with Paruru is something that a lot of members and fans cannot accept. Why? Because basically she isn’t originally from AKB.

She is tagged as the Destroyer of AKB– Destroying the current one in order to create a new one.

Despite the attention she is gaining, she also finds working with no friends a little troublesome.

The dressing room’s door suddenly opened and a certain masked, bespectacled girl came in. Everyone fell silent while looking at her. On her hand was a phone with a cute cat strap.

“Sorry, I saw this at the rest room. I wonder if it belongs to someone in here.”

Sakura immediately recognized the phone because of the strap. She raised her hand.

“I-It’s mine.” She stammered.

Maru walked to where she is sitting and handed her the cellphone.

“A little scattered brain, are we?” Maru started which made Sakura flinch an eyebrow. “What if some random fan was the one who picked this? Luckily the restroom is exclusive for the staff and members.”

Sakura just looked at her with her mouth open. It has become one of her trademarks. Someone she doesn’t know is lecturing her.

She was even more surprised when she felt a palm on her head. Gasps from the other members can be heard. Maru just patted her head.

“Take care of yourself. Here.” Maru handed her a chocolate drink in a pouch. “It’ll help you clear your mind.”

That’s all and she walked towards the door. She bowed to the other members and looked at Paruru who was obviously in shock with what she did. “See you in a while, Haruka.”

And then she left. The dressing room was then filled with clatters. Every member was giggling at what they saw.

“That was just cool, isn’t it?”

“That was a little tsundere-ish but somehow so romantic!”

“Maru-san patted her head and handed her a drink. Why does it always have to be Miyawaki? Maru-san doesn’t talk to anyone but she talked to Miyawaki and treated her like that.”

Sakura felt her heart beat fast when she heard her name. Someone’s being jealous of her again? Does being treated kindly by that certain girl something to be envied?

“But isn’t Maru-san also sweet with Paruru-san? She just said, ‘See you in a while, Haruka’. She called Paruru-san with her real name!”

“It’s the first time I heard Maru-san’s voice! I hope she will also have a word with me. I wonder how she looks.”

“I bet, Miyawaki will see her face in a bit.”

Sakura cannot stand it anymore. She stood up from her seat and carried her bag.


That’s all and she left. She didn’t even take the chocolate drink with her. Paruru noticed Sakura’s action but she chose not to say anything. She understands her well. Being pushed by the management will bring you one thing for sure—being hated by other members. Fame is not guaranteed, but being hated is.

Paruru was once the pushed one. She knows how terrible it is to have the entire spotlight on you together with the title of being the ‘future ace’. What a heavy burden it was.


IN THE MORNING, they had a shooting for the promotion of the 45th Senbatsu Sousenkyo where the girls are seen running. All the girls who participated at the shoot are all considered the future 48G aces. (I’m not actually sure about the participants though.)

The General Manager, Yokoyama Yui was also there. As expected for the soukantoku, she’s doing her job pretty well. It’s the first SSK with her as the GM anyway. She has to do well.

All the members have to do is run and there are cameras in every corner. After running they will get interviewed in the finish line. The last one to run was Sakura. She readied herself so that she will be able to run nicely, not her Evangelion way of running.

She ran well as she practiced although her arms circled a little midway. She was surprised to see who is with the camera man in the finish line. It was Maru with her DSLR focused on her. After the interview with the camera man, she went to rest on a shade away from the others. Sports isn’t really her forte. Her athletic skills are nothing compared to Jurina’s.

“So you can really run normally.”

She suddenly jerked after hearing that voice. She looked up to see that it is the masked girls with round glasses. She suddenly remembered the scene yesterday when some members started talking ill about her because of this girl. Sakura ignored Maru.

Maru opened a can of chocolate drink. It was the same brand as the chocolate drink she gave to Sakura yesterday. “You want some?” She asked the HKT ace but she was ignored once again.

Sakura heard gulping sounds. Maru is drinking the chocolate drink which means she has her mask off. She immediately looked up to the girl to see her face but to her dismay the girl’s nose and eyes are covered with the mask.

“What’s up with her? It’s too hot today but she’s still wearing a mask and those arm bands.” Sakura thought. She shook her head, discarding the thought that she wants to see Maru’s face. She closed her eyes to take a little rest.

“Hey, you two! What are you doing out there? Come here and take a rest at the tent.” That was Yuihan waving at them from the tent. Sakura responded to Yui’s call and stood up. Before she even took her third step Maru spoke, “Don’t overwork yourself.”

Sakura turned to her but didn’t look straight to her eyes.

“I don’t know why you are suddenly being nice to me but… please stop treating me differently from the others. It doesn’t help me at all.”

Maru didn’t respond a word. She just looked at Sakura’s poker face. Sakura gave a bow and then left. She ran to the tent and was welcomed by Yuihan.

“Hey, Maru-chan! Come here!” Yui called her again.

Maru just raised her right hand up and nodded. She stayed at the shade and checked her camera. The most recent photo she captured got her attention. It was Sakura running but looking a little shock while staring directly at her direction. Her eyes and mouth were wide open.

“Why a reaction like this?” Maru asked herself curiously.


MARU just got out of the shower room when her phone buzzed. Her hair is wet making it look a little longer. She went to open a can of root beer before she dropped herself at the sofa and focus her attention on her phone. It was Paruru who sent her a message through LINE.

(I’m too tired to make the conversation like what I did before so bear with me, please?)

Haruka: Good evening Hoshi, have you already eaten your dinner?

Maru raised her eyebrows after reading the short message of the salty queen.

Hoshi: It’s already 10:30 in the evening. Of course I have already eaten dinner.

Haruka: Oh, I didn’t notice the time. We are just about to take our dinner.

Paruru sent Maru a picture of her with her dinner. She’s currently on a shooting of her drama called ‘Yutori desuga nanika?’ She sent another picture together with her co-stars.

Hoshi: Your dinner is late. You guys should eat on time, especially you.

Paruru smiled with that ‘especially you’ at the end of the sentence.

Haruka: Don’t worry; I had some chocolates during short breaks. I didn’t run out of energy at all. Thanks to your advice. J

Hoshi: Good. You’ll not grow fat with that because you are using your energy continuously. Trust me.

Haruka: You sounded like my guardian. Haha. Can I call you?

Hoshi: Aren’t you busy? You should take this time to relax.

Haruka: Don’t worry. It’s pack up already.

Hoshi: If that’s what you wish Ojou-sama.

Soon after she sent the last message her phone started ringing. Maru picked it up.


Paruru’s heart jumped in excitement after hearing the first word from Hoshi. It is something that will give her more energy enough for her to keep going for another six hours.

“Hello? Haruka? Are you there?”

“Yes, I’m sorry I just swallowed my food first.” Paruru lied. She was actually at a daze for a moment that she wasn’t able to speak. “How are you? How was today’s work?”

“I just got out from shower.” Maru answered while drying her hair with her towel. “Today’s okay as well. I got to work with Soukantoku-san and the others. After that I went to a lecture. How about you? How’s your day?”

“It was also okay. The story is nearing its end. It’s really interesting. I got to work well today and I got praised by the Director.”

“It’s nice to hear that. You’ve already grown as a real actress.”

Paruru smiled to herself. Being praised by her Hoshi brings her joy as well. Really weird. She suddenly remembered the main reason why she called. She took one deep breath.

“Hoshi…” she called. “I heard from Yuihan that you were all over Sakura-chan at today’s shoot. Is that real?”

“Ah? That girl?” Maru paused a little which made Paruru thrilled in suspense. “The girl from HKT, right? She seems like she doesn’t have a lot of friends in AKB that’s why I’m trying to help her.”

“You’re the one to talk?” Paruru laughed at the other line. “Thank you for taking care of Sakura. I know that she’s having hard times but I just don’t know what to say to her. I’m not a good senpai to start with.”

“Oh,” Maru said in a teasing tone. “So the Legendary Salt is worried about Sakura, huh?”

Paruru puffed her cheeks. Here goes Hoshi again.

“I’m sure you puffed your cheeks, right?” Maru laughingly teased her from the other line.

“Eh? How did you know?” Paruru asked.

“I just know. Haruka is so cute when she puffs her cheeks.”

Paruru smiled sweetly. She felt blood rushed in her cheeks. She looked around her if others can see her. Good for her everyone is busy doing their own stuffs.

“I have one more question Hoshi.”

“Go on.”

“Is Sakura-chan your oshimen?”

“Eh?!” Maru shook her head in disbelief. “I thought you are going to ask something important. Why are you so curious about my oshimen?”

“I just want to know if it is Sakura-chan or not.”

Maru released a sigh. “It’s not her. I told you, if I see my oshimen I might not be able to talk. Do you want me to tell you who she is? I don’t really mind.”

“No, no, no. I don’t need to know who she is now.”

“You’re weird, Haruka.” Maru laughed.

“You too, Hoshi.” Paruru snickered. “Okay, have a good—“

“Wait, are you hanging up?”

“Yes, why? My manager already gave me the signal.”

“Are we going to see each other tomorrow? Tomorrow… there will be a handshake event, right?”

Paruru’s heart was once again shook by Maru’s words. Her tone even felt like she really wants to see her. Paruru felt like jumping.

“I’ll be there of course. There are still people who want to meet me anyway.” She tried her best to keep her voice calm.

“Okay, I’ll bring you some chocolates tomorrow. Take care in going home. See you tomorrow.”

“Yes, see you tomorrow. Good night, Hoshi.”

“Good night, Haruka.”

After the good night greetings, Paruru hung up. Biting her lower lip, she hugged her phone and started walking towards her manager.

“You seem to be in a good mood, Paruru-chan.” The manager noticed. “What’s up?”

Paruru just shook her head and flashed a super cute smile.

“Let’s get home fast. There’s a handshake event tomorrow.” *another extra cute smile*

After the conversation with Paruru, Maru opened her chatroom with Hiroko. She then left a message.

“Hiroko-san, how are you? I’m doing fine. I decided to help the people around me. I wonder if I’m doing well. I just don’t know how to really express myself. Working as a photographer is really fun especially I’m working with AKB. It’s all thanks to you and your family. I think I’m finally living. I’ll work hard as well tomorrow. Wish me luck.”

Her message went that way. She messages Hiroko every night to avoid giving worries to her guardian. She knows deep in her heart that she’s already attaching to these people. Her instinct tells her to start making distance but her inner child wants to try trusting. Someone with a past like hers has lost the ability long time ago but can that be developed?

It didn’t take long before she received a reply from Hiroko.

“I’m glad to know that from you, Neko-chan. Sleep early if you have a work tomorrow. Ae-ri’s busy studying for the entrance exam but we’ll see you soon. Good night my Neko-chan~O(≧∇≦)”

Maru smiled and closed her eyes. She rested her back at the sofa.

“Somehow, this feels nice.”


“WOW, so this is how the legendary handshake event looks like.”

Maru whistled looking at the huge amount people flocking in that place. It’s still an hour early before the event starts but the place is almost full with people who want to meet their idols.

Speaking of the idols, they are already preparing at a certain tent. Some are busy with their make-up, some are having their breakfasts and some are just busy taking pictures to be uploaded to their social media accounts. The atmosphere of the place seems really nice. Everyone is on high spirits.

Togasaki spotted Maru and went near her. Maru immediately greeted him. “Ohayo gozaimasu.”

“Ohayo, Maru-chan. I’m counting on you today as well.”

He tapped her in the shoulder and immediately left. Looks like he really is a busy person. He’s like a father to all those girls; busy preparing all the things for his babies.

Maru jerked when she suddenly felt an arm arced around her neck. She looked back to see a smiling Sayanee.

“Long time no see, Maru-kun. Did you miss your Saya-papa?” Sayaka greeted her while raising her eyebrows up and down.

“Distance please. You might kill me with your chin.”

“Hora!” Sayaka messed Maru’s hair. “You’re just like your Mama; always teasing me with my chin!”

“You’re so lively this early, Sayanee?” Both of them looked at the back to see Yuihan with her hands in her waist. Standing behind her is Paruru.

“Don’t abuse my child right there.” Yui said to Sayaka.

Maru shook her head. “Here they go again.”

“Your child? This is my child right here.” Sayanee tried to mess Maru’s hair but the latter was fast to swat her hand away.

“Do you want to decide who the father is with a battle?” Yui suggested. “If you got more people in your line than mine then I’ll surrender my fatherhood. If I got more then stop claiming to be Maru-chan’s father.”

“Hey, hey, hey! Aren’t you having goose bumps with your terms? Stop deciding about my—“

“Fine, Yuihan!” Maru released a heavier sigh after being ignored by Sayanee. “I’ll accept the challenge like a real father! But first let’s go get something to eat for now.”

“Okay! I’m starving as well.” Yui looked at Paruru. “You want to join us for breakfast?”

Paruru shook her head. “I’m fine. I had breakfast at home.”

Yui then turned to Maru. “How about you, Maru-chan?”

“I’m also fine. I already ate.”

“Okay!” Sayanee then arched her arm to Yui. “Let’s go Soukantoku-san~”

“You’re just trying to be cheerful because Milky is not here, right?”

“Shut up, Soukantoku-san.”

“You called me Soukantoku but you told me to shut up just like that?”

Maru and Paruru just watched the two dorks go away.

“Those two are really into the role of being my father, huh?”

“Seems like they.”

Maru then turned to Paruru. She was not able to notice it earlier because she was standing behind Yui but Paruru is out-of-this-world gorgeous today. Her bangs are swept away from her face with a braid and her hair is beautifully and naturally down. Her cute one piece outfit completes her doll-like fashion.

Maru wasn’t able to speak for a moment. Although Paruru isn’t her oshimen, the fact that her weakness is cute girls will never change. All people who like idol groups are like that, aren’t we?

“Hoshi?” Paruru called her, more of a whisper. The dazed masked girl snapped back to reality.

“You look a lot more beautiful today, Haruka.” That sentence slipped from her tongue. She immediately bit her stupid tongue after saying that; cursing herself for being into cute girls.

Paruru’s cheeks got tinted with red. She didn’t know why but she just wanted to look at her best now that she’s going to meet a certain eye-glassed girl.

“Well, you won’t be in the top 100 most beautiful women on earth if you aren’t beautiful.”

Maru finally got her cool back and pulled something from her bag. It was a pack of chocolates. She reached for Paruru’s hand and handed it to her.

“In case you need more energy for today.” She smiled at her and as usual patted her head. “I’ll take your pictures during the event so smile a lot, understood?”

Paruru nodded in affirmation.

“Good, see you around.”

Maru was about to go when Paruru halted her by pulling her arm.

“U-Uhmm… You want to go around with me? It’s still a little early isn’t it?” The beautiful lady suggested. Maru noticed the different vibe Paruru is exceeding.

“O-Okay.” Maru stammered. “I also have to familiarize myself with the venue.”

Paruru smiled at her so sweetly. They walked around while talking of small things. The members who see them are either surprised of being taken by storm as if a royal couple is walking right before their sight. Maru has already taken a lot of titles. One of it is being an Ikemen-like lady. She doesn’t talk a lot to them but when she takes their pictures they all get excited at some point. Seeing her with the immovable ace, Shimazaki Haruka, feels like a hot topic among members. Well, no one can blame the girls from shipping girls to girls. They aren’t allowed to fall in love in the first place.

They were walking near some members when Sakura came rushing. She arrived a little late which is very unusual of her.

“Sakura-chan, ohayo.” Maru was surprised to hear Paruru greeted first. Normally, she’s the one who returns the greeting. The salty queen has some people close to her, hasn’t she?

Sakura stopped before her. Chasing for her breath she greeted back. “Ohayo, Paruru-san.”

“You’re a little late today. What happened?”

“Oh, she’s acting like a real senpai.” Maru thought to herself.

“I overslept a little. I slept late because of the Show Room. Sorry Paruru-san, I have to go ahead.”


Sakura turned back. She was surprised to see a flying chocolate bar towards her but she was fast enough to catch it. It came from Maru.

“You don’t have time for breakfast now. You can have that as a substitute.”

The members seeing them started to giggle but Sakura misinterpreted it as sounds of murmurs against her. She looked at the chocolate in her hand before marching towards Maru. She stretched her hand to return the chocolate.

“Sorry, I don’t eat chocolates.” Sakura stated without looking straight to Maru.

“Oh, my bad.” Maru received the chocolate back. After that Sakura ran away.

All the other members started to talk about her for real because of what she did to Maru’s kindness.

“What’s with Miyawaki? Last time I saw her she was munching some chocolates.”

“Receiving chocolates is like a love confession and rejecting it is like a love rejection. Why did she do that?”

“Hey.” Maru called out to the gossiping girls. “Who wants this chocolate?”

The girls shrieked with joy and all of them raised their hand. Maru just threw them the chocolate and turned her back to them. She didn’t bother to see who won over it.

“That’s a nice way to silence gossip.” Paruru stated, smiling to her Hoshi.

Maru smiled back at her. Even though she is wearing a mask Paruru knows that she smiled.

“Ne, Haruka. Since you are that captivating this early morning, ‘want me to take picture of you? Something that you can upload to twitter or instagram?” Maru suggested.

Paruru’s smile widened. “Sure. Would you also take a two-shot with me?”

Maru laughed but then her expression changed. “Hell no.”


note: this is just a fanfic so don’t take this seriously. :)
Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-25) Sakuratan (I)
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Please more! I would also like to see Komiharu too in this story.


Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-25) Sakuratan (I)
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nice fic Cut-san...
actually, I've been in hiatus from this site (college is suck >_< ) but after reading your fic, I can't hold myself to come back and lurking this site waiting for your updates...
I keep wondering how maru kun looks a like, I try to imagine it butI keep seeing Hirate yurina face. (^_^)

PS: I hope Maru kun will meet and befriend with some future girls like mako, ryoha, mion, or Naachan.
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-25) Sakuratan (I)
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@hackata48 -san, KomiHaru? Let me see what I can do about it. You also like chocolate?  XD

@gee -san, Wow. That's so nice to know. I'm glad that you are enjoying this fic. The time when I was starting this fic, I was so into Keyakizaka46's Silent Majority and I love the way Hirate stares at the camera. (As you know, I like girls in short cut and she got a cute face so she got me straight in the kokoro.) Maybe that's the reason why I said that
It was a girl wearing a gray hoodie with hair as short as Hirate Yurina of Keyakizaka46.
Looking back at it, I wrote Nogizaka instead of Keyakizaka. That was a careless mistake. @no-chan pointed me about it but I thought she was just asking why I put Hirate even though this is a 48G fanfic. That was careless of me. Forgive me, I've fixed it.  :cry:

In my imagination. Maru, aside from wearing glasses and having a short hair, is a tall girl. Her height is around 165cm. This makes her taller than the other girls and around 2cm taller than Sakura and Jurina. She's around the same height as Miyazawa Sae. She also got some wide shoulders like Kodama Haruka. She's slim but her muscles are well-formed since she has experience working as a part-timer. And if we are talking about Korea then most part-times are factory jobs. In other words, she has a slender body but she is strong.

Maru, also, has a poor fashion sense, I guess. Since she is covering her scars, she doesn't care on how she looks as long as she covers them. You know, like wearing arm bands at summer. She was never seen wearing skirts because she moves around so much (cause she's a photographer.) She claims that she has never worn a skirt in her entire life. Most of the time she is just wearing a tracksuit like Yato of the anime Noragami, if not she will be wearing a hoodie. Her wardrobe is just normal. But if she catches people's attention with that fashion sense then maybe she is really cute.

Hmmm... In other words...

Imagine a 165cm-tall girl with shor,t jet black hair and eyes that pierces through your soul under round glasses with a well physique and wears a grey tracksuit. In my imagination that is Maru.

I hope this also helps in your imagination, dear readers. :) This may not be necessary cause Maru is just an OC but yeah, I'll leave this here.
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thank you for an early update^^ you make my hard days gone :cow:
so, paruru trying to be a good senpai huh^^ but still curious about maru's oshimen :smhid
Maru jerked when she suddenly felt an arm arced around her neck. She looked back to see a smiling Sayanee.

“Long time no see, Maru-kun. Did you miss your Saya-papa?” Sayaka greeted her while raising her eyebrows up and down.

“Distance please. You might kill me with your chin.”

“Hora!” Sayaka messed Maru’s hair. “You’re just like your Mama; always teasing me with my chin!”

“You’re so lively this early, Sayanee?” Both of them looked at the back to see Yuihan with her hands in her waist. Standing behind her is Paruru.

“Don’t abuse my child right there.” Yui said to Sayaka.

Maru shook her head. “Here they go again.”

“Your child? This is my child right here.” Sayanee tried to mess Maru’s hair but the latter was fast to swat her hand away.

“Do you want to decide who the father is with a battle?” Yui suggested. “If you got more people in your line than mine then I’ll surrender my fatherhood. If I got more then stop claiming to be Maru-chan’s father.”

“Hey, hey, hey! Aren’t you having goose bumps with your terms? Stop deciding about my—“

“Fine, Yuihan!” Maru released a heavier sigh after being ignored by Sayanee. “I’ll accept the challenge like a real father! But first let’s go get something to eat for now.”

“Okay! I’m starving as well.” Yui looked at Paruru. “You want to join us for breakfast?”

Paruru shook her head. “I’m fine. I had breakfast at home.”

Yui then turned to Maru. “How about you, Maru-chan?”

“I’m also fine. I already ate.”

“Okay!” Sayanee then arched her arm to Yui. “Let’s go Soukantoku-san~”

“You’re just trying to be cheerful because Milky is not here, right?”

“Shut up, Soukantoku-san.”

“You called me Soukantoku but you told me to shut up just like that?”

Maru and Paruru just watched the two dorks go away.

“Those two are really into the role of being my father, huh?”

“Seems like they.”
really these two :banghead: :banghead:

anyway, please update soon shortcut48-san^^ looking for next chapter
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-27) Sakuratan (II)
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@9purple -san, look at this gem who keeps calling me cut(e). Thanks. You can remove the e now. I will finish this story, dont' worry. :)

@ミサキ -san, Saya-papa and Yui-papa are so cute. :) About Maru's oshimen, I must say that patience is a virtue.

sorry, I'm a little late again. I arrived home a little late and I woke up my lappy so fast but it didn't respond for a few minutes. But anyway, here it is~

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
Miyawaki Sakura (II)

THE HANDSHAKE event started smoothly. The members are on their booth shaking the hands of their fans and cheering them up. The handshake only lasts for 10 seconds per ticket. Each fan has only 10 seconds to convey their feeling to their idols. 10 seconds may seem a very short time but for them, it is more than enough even though they’ll wait in line longer.

Maru goes around to every booth and does her job as a photographer. She makes sure that she does not capture the face of the fan whenever she’s taking the picture. Everyone seems so happy.

She has never been into a handshake event so she also took the time to observe how the members perform during this event. She observed how they treat the fans with all smiles and high energy.

There are booths with long lines but there are also booths with a few people on it. The ones with the longest lines are the top 3 of the last year’s election. Watanabe Mayu of the 3rd generation is actively listening and even doing poses for her fans. The idol cyborg has grown up into a fine, beautiful lady. Her hairstyle also suits her and she looks so ready for this year’s showdown as well.

Kashiwagi Yuki’s booth is also over flowing with people. Maru always hear the word ‘God like!’ whenever a fan gets out of the booth. Everyone is so happy to see the beauty from Kagoshima. Who would’ve thought that she once failed an audition of another idol group before? She’s now one of the frontliners of AKB and is doing national solo tour.

And on the top, the one unexpected to outshine everyone, Sashihara Rino’s booth is like a factory of fans. Once the bullied one, here she is as the reigning queen of AKB. She has overcome the damage of the scandal she encountered at her early years and it even made her stronger. Exiled to Hakata, Sasshi has taken the top! Who will forget the comedy skit they had before with her as the center but being mocked by everyone? The writer of that skit sure has eaten his scenario.

The new generation is also giving a nice fight. The 44th single center, Mukaichi Mion, is also taking everyone by storm. Also she is short in terms of height her bubbly nature is taking every wotas heart. She is also Oshima Yuko’s pick to center the legendary song 「Heavy Rotation」.

The first-time senbatsu members, Hiwatashi Yui and Yamada Nanami’s line is also quite good; the same with the first-time AKB48 Senbatsu members, Kato Minami, Goto Rara, Sutou Ririka and Takakura Moeka. This is a generation to be watched.

Short break. Maru went to Paruru’s booth to see that the girl is already sitting while eating some of the chocolates that she gave. Maru smiled and secretly took a picture of her. Hearing the sound of the camera, Paruru turned to her with a surprise look.

“Chotto! Why did you do that?” Paruru asked with a knot on her forehead.

Maru snickered. “You look so happy eating that. Do you like chocolates that much?”

“Mou~” Paruru puffed her cheeks and Maru couldn’t help but to pinch those cheeks.

“After you eat drink lots of water so you’ll not get an itchy throat.”


“When did you become all lovey-dovey like this?” The two turned to the direction of the husky voice to find out that it is Sayanee. She is with her co-NMB member Sutou Ririka. “I wonder if you are really claiming her as your child or she is a threat to Yuihan.”

Paruru blushed bright red. Thankfully Maru didn’t notice it.

“What are you talking about Shakure King?” Maru grumpily asked.

“Who are you calling Shakure King, baka?” Sayanee shouted at her. “Anyway, this is my fellow NMB member, Sutou Ririka-chan. Riripon, this is Maru-kun, and he’s my son.”

“I’m a girl Shakure King.”

“I’m also a girl so don’t call me a king!” Sayanee protested.

“Pfft.” Maru rolled her eyes and then turned to Riripon. “.Anyway, nice to meet you Sutou-san.”

She gave a little bow to her and the girl did the same.

“She’s one of the kids in my camp that’s so interested to you. Would you mind letting her see your annoying face?” Sayanee tried to uncover her face but Maru swatted her hand.

“Hell no.” She answered. “My annoying face is only for me.”

Riripon gave out a cute snicker. “You are exactly what Milky-senpai talks about.”

“Miyuki?” Maru asked. “What’s up with Miyuki?”

“Milky-senpai always talks about you. Sometimes she calls you Maru-kun but sometimes she says that you are also Ijiwaru-kun. She doesn’t stop talking about you. Like ‘I want to see Maru-kun’, ‘I want Maru-kun to see me perform today’. She’s mumbling to herself things like that. We also know that she’s pertaining to MMG.”

“Miyuki is like that about me?” Maru asked in disbelief. Paruru’s just listening quietly.

“Your Milky-mama wants to see you.” Sayanee laughed. “Prepare to be officially called my son today. I will win the showdown against Soukantoku! Jaa~”

That’s all and Sayaka left.

“Nice meeting you, Maru-san.” Riripon greeted as a good bye and then left.

Maru turned to Paruru who is busy eating her chocolates.

“Are they seriously fighting after my custody?” Maru asked. Paruru just shrugged her shoulders as a response. The photographer sighed. “If Soukantoku-san wins then you’ll be my Mom, right?”

Haruka almost got choked with what she’s eating. She immediately grabbed the bottle water on her table and took a sip. “What are you talking about Hoshi?”

“Well you know, you are a pair with Soukantoku-san, right? If she wins the showdown with Shakure King then you’ll be my Mom.”


“Eh? You don’t like it?” Maru asked innocently. “Then why did you get angry when Miyuki declared that I’m her child?”

Paruru froze. Why did she get angry in the first place? Are these confusing feelings that she feels for Hoshi just feelings of wanting to be her guardian? She couldn’t even answer. She’s confused herself.

Maru patted her head to release her from thinking. “As if I’m going to agree with those two. I’m not anyone’s child. I better go now. I have to change my cam’s battery. See you later.”

The glasses girl left Paru’s booth with the girl left lost to her thoughts. She’s now in the edge of being a mom to Hoshi but she doesn’t like the feeling at all.

“Ahh~ Wakaranai~”


THE eleven-hour handshake event is finally about to finish. Most of the fans have already gone out of the venue. Maru has taken enough pictures to fill the memory of her camera but she decided to take one final stroll. It happened that she’s near Sakura’s booth that time so she decided to have a look.

The stoic idol is just treating her fan like an idol should do. She can’t trace any sort of special character from her aside from her being Sports Unchi. She’s cute, there’s no way denying it but it seems like she hasn’t broken up to her core yet. She has yet to expose her true self.

It is finally the last fan’s turn. These are the fans that combined their tickets to have longer time in seeing their idols. Maru noticed the usher yawned. His job is really tough. Like these idols, the ushers have been standing for a long time, sometimes dealing with thick headed fans.

The last person looks like a guy in his mid-thirties. He looks gloomy and is murmuring to himself even before he entered Sakura’s booth. The girl stretched her arm to the guy but he isn’t reaching back. Sakura’s curiousness is so evident to her face.

Maru’s danger sense suddenly got activated while the usher released another yawn while looking at his timer.

“Why?” The man whispered to himself.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t hear what you said. Can you say it again?” Sakura asked.

“Why? Why do you have to be the center of AKB? It could’ve been someone else from AKB itself but why someone from HKT like you? You never even had a solo center in HKT.” The man continues to murmur to himself.

“I’m sorry?” Sakura asked. She heard his words but she chose to ignore them as an idol.

The man looked at her straight to her eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and the dark circles under his eyes are severe. The man took out his hands from his pocket but after that Sakura’s sight went black. She felt that she is pushed back by someone.

“Don’t remove that!” That familiar voice prevented her from removing the cloth that is covering her head. “And don’t make a noise.”

Sakura shook in fear. She’s hearing sounds of being slashed and the fan mocking her in a loud voice. She heard the guy groan in pain as if it is being subdued in the ground. Followed it were footsteps rushing towards her booth.

“Oh my God, Maru-chan!” She heard Shinobu-san’s voice and then she felt that someone picked her up from where she fell. She was escorted out from her booth. The staff who helped her removed the cover from her head to reveal her crying face. The cloth that covered her face was Maru’s towel.

Sakura looked at herself for she felt like some liquid splashed to her and to her surprise; she saw her dress with stains of fresh blood. She almost fainted seeing those.

She looked back at her booth that is being flocked by other members of the staff. Her head is already swirling. In the midst of the chaos in her booth is a girl with a very cute face but the right side of her face is filled with blood. Under the girl was the attacker struggling hard to set himself free. On the floor was a pen with a knife like body and a lot more blood.

The staff helped the girl to subdue the guy and she was as well escorted outside. Her both arms have cuts as she used them as a shield for Sakura. Her right hand is bleeding as well as she used her bare hand to hold the knife.

The girl’s precious camera is on the floor, severely damaged when the strapped was sliced and hit the ground. The mask that hides the identity of MMG is also seen on the ground together with the cracked glasses. Those were taken of her face when the attacker aimed for her face. Luckily she was fast enough to dodge but the attacker managed to give her a small cut near her right ear.

“You’re Miyawaki, right?” Maru asked as she was escorted near Sakura. She’s squinting her eyes because her glasses are done. “I told you not to remove the towel or you’ll get traumatized.”

“Quick! Bring them to the Staff’s tent!” That was Togasaki-san who is obviously panicking.

The situation was put in control as fast as they could. Thankfully there are only a few people remaining in the venue. The management claimed that the noise coming from Sakura’s booth was just a wota that went out of control and tried to hurt himself and not Sakura.

Maru received a lot of cuts in her arms. Apparently the crazy wota swayed his blade in pointless directions until Maru managed to catch the blade with her hand. She head butted the guy and twisted his arm when he fell on the ground. That’s the only injury the attacker got.

The staff immediately applied first aid to Maru’s cuts. It was good that they had their resident doctor with them and she was treated with expertise. They were all thankful that the man didn’t try to stab her or else she will be rushed to the hospital.

“Oh my God! This happened again!” Shinobu-san shouted in her seat while clearing her face from her hair. “Weren’t you able to detect that he has a knife on his pocket?”

“It seems that he planned the attack really well. He made the knife look like an ordinary pen.” One of the staffs answered with his head facing the ground.

Shinobu turned to the usher at Sakura’s booth. “What would happen if Maru-chan was not there? Sakura-chan might have been killed! What are you even doing as an usher?”

“I-I’m terribly sorry. He was the last person so I got my defense down knowing that it’s the end. I’m terribly sorry.” The usher bowed a 90 degree bow.

Shinobu shook her head with a sigh. “I’ll have you out of this job.”

The usher look terrified after hearing that he’s fired. He fell into his knees and begged.

“Please, I don’t have any other job than this. I have a family to feed—“

“No, you’ve been loose. No one hires a loose security.”


Everyone turned to Maru who is being treated by the doctor. It’s somehow odd to see her without a mask and glasses.

“He got tired. He’s also a human. Give him one more chance. It happened once; he will never let it happen again, Right, Usher-san?”

The usher made a dogeza and cried on the ground. “I’m really sorry Miyawaki-san, Maru-san. I’ll be more careful next time.”

Shinobu heaved a deep sigh. “I’ll get you suspended. Reflect more with your actions. Thank God that no one was killed. Spread no news about it.”

Shinobu ordered for him to leave the tent. The usher thanked Maru in tears before he left. The members started flocking over the tent to see what happened to Sakura. They just know that something happened with her but they didn’t know that it was Maru who saved her.

Some of her Team A co-members came rushing to her together with Sasshi and Kodama Haruka from HKT. They were all in the verge of tears when they came to her. Sasshi immediately hugged her like a mother. She was still shock. Her tears started flowing again when she realized how the other members are worried about her.

“Thank goodness you are okay Saa-chan.” Said Haruppi who almost tripped with her words.

Sakura nodded at her while sobbing. Matsui Jurina of SKE48 also entered the scene with her worried face. It looks like her world crumbled when she saw Sakura’s helpless state. She also noticed her blood-stained dress. Jurina slowly walked towards Sakura. She hugged her and the HKT ace returned the hug. Jurina wasn’t able to say a word.

“Sorry, but your hand needs to be stitched.”

All heads turned to the doctor who is attending Maru. Apparently, the grip Maru applied to the knife gave her a deep cut.

“I’ve tried to apply first aid for the bleeding to stop but it’s useless at this case.” The doctor added. “You need to go to the hospital.”

The members started to notice the girl on the other side of the tent. Her whole face is bare for everyone to see.

“Is that Maru-san? Was she also attacked?”

“She was the one to save Sakura. I heard she was the one who received the attacks and also the one who subdued the attacker.”

“Isn’t she too cute? Poor Maru-san. I never thought that she has that beautiful face but it was attacked.”

“Excuse me, excuse me! Daddy’s coming!” Sayanee made way to the see of members for Paruru and Yuihan. They rushed inside the tent to check their friends.

Paruru froze on the spot when she saw her Hoshi’s injury. There’s a plaster on her face and her arms are covered in bondage. Her shirt is also filled with blood. Maru felt a heavy stare and looked at Paruru’s direction. She squint her eyes.

“It’s you Haruka, right?” She raised her left arm to wave. “Yo.”

A tear escaped from Paruru’s eyes. “What are you ‘yo’-ing for?”

Maru smiled at her like nothing happened to her. Paruru had a friend graduate because of an attack like this and now she got another friend who was attacked.

The girl stretched her hand to her. “Come closer. I broke my glasses. Far things are blurry to me.”

Paruru went near her and held her hand. When Paruru was close enough for her to be seen in HD, she noticed the tears in her eyes.

“Don’t cry. I didn’t die. Don’t waste your tears.” She smiled at her again.

“Excuse me.” The doctor interrupted their moment. “You really have to go to the hospital to receive some stitches.”

Maru shook her head as a response. “I don’t want to go to the hospital. This might end up in news. AKB’s Sousenkyo is very near and I don’t want to spoil it with this attack.”

“But Hoshi, the doctor said—“

“I can stitch this myself. I can watch a youtube tutorial about it.”

“Are you crazy, kiddo?!” Sayanee spanked her head. “You’re going to stitch yourself?”

“I don’t like hospitals in the first place. And things like personal information are needed. I don’t like exposing myself.” Maru answered with the last two sentences in a whisper.

“But Maru-chan, you have to—“

“Don’t worry Shinobu-san. I will not die with just this. This is also for AKB.”

The doctor slapped his forehead and shook his head.

“What a troublesome kid.” He got his medical kit from his bag. “I had quit doing stitches long time ago but you are making me do it.”

Maru smiled to the doctor. “Wow! So you can stitch it here? Nice, this will save my time from scanning effective Youtube tutorials.”

“Baka.” Sayanee wanted to her spank Maru again but she already knew it was coming and dodged. While the doctor was preparing the needle, Maru asked Paruru and the others to go out so they will not get traumatized by the scene of wound stitching.

Paruru didn’t want to leave her but Yui convinced her to. They all went outside aside from Sakura. The management took this chance to meet the girls and orient them on what really happened. She was just watching Maru’s back from where she is sitting. This girl saved her life even though she was rude to her. She received a lot of injuries to protect her but she doesn’t know how to give thanks to her.

“It’s done.” The old doctor said with a shaking voice. “I’ll cover it with bandage. It’ll be good if you don’t move your hand for a while.”

“Thank you, doctor, for understanding my reason.”

The doctor sighed. “I know you love this group so much. Oh Lord, let me go out for a while. I need some fresh air after doing these stitches.”

The doctor left and the two were left alone together. Maru released a very deep sigh while looking at her injured right hand.

“I just got rid of bandage for about a week now and here I go again.”

It seems like Maru isn’t aware of Sakura’s presence. She looked at her wound with such a heavy stare. She licked her lips and her left hand automatically move to remove the bandage from her other hand.


Maru looked at Sakura’s direction. She narrowed her eyes to have a clearer look.

“I thought you also got out.” Maru said with a blank expression on her face.

Sakura stood up and went near her. “Just what do you think you are doing removing your bandages?”

Maru saw how serious Sakura’s face was when she came nearer. Maru smirked. She grabbed her broken camera on the table.

“Just what’s with that serious face?” She asked while inspecting her camera. “This little one’s beyond repair. Can you help me pull out the memory card?”

Sakura did what she was instructed to do but she still has her serious face on.

“Here.” She handed Maru the memory card. The girl was about to receive it with her right hand but she noticed that she was using the wrong hand and changed it immediately.

“Why are you removing your bandage?” Sakura asked.

“I love the sight of my blood.” Maru murmured to herself while smirking.

“What did you say?” Sakura asked once again; unable to hear her clearly.

Maru stood up from her seat. “No particular reason.” She answered while playing the memory card in her hand. Then, she waved her hand as a sign that she’s going to leave but Sakura stopped her by holding to her blood stained shirt.

There was silence. Maru just looked at her while she seems like lost to her thoughts; probably pondering which right word to say. Sakura snapped from reality when she felt a hand on her head. She looked at Maru who is looking somewhere else.

“I’m glad you are safe.” That’s all and she left the tent. Sakura was left alone; unable to say the simple word ‘thanks’.

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The photographer sighed. “If Soukantoku-san wins then you’ll be my Mom, right?”

Haruka almost got choked with what she’s eating. She immediately grabbed the bottle water on her table and took a sip. “What are you talking about Hoshi?”

“Well you know, you are a pair with Soukantoku-san, right? If she wins the showdown with Shakure King then you’ll be my Mom.”

she will, if the father's role is you Maru-kun^^

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The photographer sighed. “If Soukantoku-san wins then you’ll be my Mom, right?”

Haruka almost got choked with what she’s eating. She immediately grabbed the bottle water on her table and took a sip. “What are you talking about Hoshi?”

“Well you know, you are a pair with Soukantoku-san, right? If she wins the showdown with Shakure King then you’ll be my Mom.”

she will, if the father's role is you Maru-kun^^

Good job Maru-kun for protect sakura-tan :thumbsup
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Things That Mix- 48G Fanfic


The scream of pain was in tune with the rumbling sound of mono block chairs. The meeting with Togasaki-san and Shinobu-san was halted because of that sound. They all looked at Maru who got tripped by the chairs. Other staff members immediately helped her to stand.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized with her eyes squinted. “I’m just looking for a new mask.”

Paruru got up from her seat to assist her Hoshi. Maru winked her eyes a couple of times to confirm who helped her. Paruru helped her to take a sit. Sakura also entered the scene.

“Sorry Haruka. Did I interrupt something?”

“No, the meeting is about to finish.”

Togasaki cleared his throat to bring back everyone’s attention to him.

“As I’ve said, no one should post anything on the internet regarding today’s incident. The attacker is still being investigated. For now we said to the other fans that the wota didn’t attack Sakura but just hurt his self to show off. I’m afraid that there are fans that are aware of what happened. We’ll be monitoring the internet to make sure before confirming anything to the media.

We will also have a meeting with Akimoto-sensei on what kind of move we should make to turn the things in favor of us. I know this is such another terrible incident for every one of us. I’m really sorry for this. Next time we will improve the security more.”

Togasaki bowed down followed by the rest of the staffs. The girls said that they don’t have to be sorry because they didn’t want to happen it in the first place.

“We also sincerely thank you, Maru-chan, for protecting Sakura and risking your life.”

They gave a bow of respect to Maru, the girls did the same.

“You don’t have to do that. Anyone would help her. I just happened to be there and did what’s obvious.” She returned the bow to them. “I just need a mask now.”

Every one smiled with her trivial request. Shinobu ordered a staff member to give her a new mask which is shortly handed to her.

“I’m expecting everyone’s cooperation regarding this incident. That is all for today. Otsukaresamadeshita.”

The members greeted back the same thing and they all stood from their seats. Maru asked Paruru to lead her to Togasaki. She handed him the memory card.

“Seems like it’s the end of my job here.” Maru started which surprised the people who heard her. “I got my hand injured and on top of that my camera got broken. It might take long before I can get back or something.”

Togasaki looked at her with a straight face. “You can still come to the theater. I guarantee you free entrance. You can work again when your injury is already healed.”

“Thank you, Togasaki-san. Thank you so much for today.”

That’s all and she left with Paruru. Yuihan and Sayanee followed her saying things that she can’t quit her job and she must come back. Sakura was just following them with her eyes until Jurina and Haruppi came to her saying that they should go back to their hotel now.


“WHAT?! Neko-chan got attacked?!”

Hiroko was about to faint after hearing the news from Paruru. They are talking through FaceTime again. The lady on the other line almost swallowed her own tongue after hearing what happened.

“Where is she? Is she okay now? Why isn’t she telling me anything? Is she on the hospital?”

Paruru almost got dizzy after being bombarded with questions.

“She’s okay now. She’s already home. She got some cuts and her right hand got stitches. Her glasses and camera also got broken.” She explained. “Please don’t tell anyone about this Hiroko-san. The management is still taking measurements regarding this matter.”

Hiroko tried to calm herself by taking deep breaths. “I’m glad she’s fine. There she goes again with her heroic acts.” Again she released a deep breath. “Did she bleed a lot?”

“I don’t know what exactly happen but it seems like she did.”

“Aigoo~ Does that child want to go blind?” Hiroko slapped her forehead.

Paruru’s ear cringed. “Blind? What do you mean Hiroko-san?”

“That child might consider herself immortal after trying to kill herself a lot of times but it has already taken a toll on her through her eyesight. Extreme blood loss may lead to blindness, Paruru-chan. That’s the reason her eyesight is getting worse.”

Now it is Paruru’s turn to get shocked. Her jaw dropped.

“Last time she tried to kill herself there was a sea of blood in her room. When she woke up after that incident, her eyes don’t match her glasses anymore. Her vision got worse! The doctors said that her eyesight will revitalize after resting but her eyes are different. If she suffers extreme blood loss again she might go blind!”

Paruru gulped. When they went to the eye center earlier to buy a new pair of glasses she heard Maru murmuring, ‘Did it got worse?’ after taking the eye exam.

“Also Paruru-chan, I got one big request to you.”

“W-What is it, Hiroko-san?”

“Could you accompany her tonight? Maybe sleep with her?”

Paruru’s face immediately turned red after hearing the request. “S-S-Sleep with her?”

“Yes. It has been a long time since she got a sight of her blood. Seeing once will make her want to see more. She might end up hurting herself once again.”

“R-Really?” Paruru cursed herself in her head for thinking of something else. “Okay, I’ll call Hoshi now. I’ll ask her where she prefers to stay.”

“Thank you for the news Paruru-chan. Please take care of my Neko-chan.” Hiroko pleaded.

“I will Hiroko-san. Have a good night.”

Right after the call finished, Paruru’s phone rang. She almost lost a hold of her phone when she saw who is calling her. She answered it right away.

“Moshi moshi, Hoshi? I was about to—“

“I’ve been calling you a lot of times but your line was busy. Thank goodness I finally got you.”

Paruru noticed the difference with Hoshi’s voice. Her voice is cracked but she’s trying to cover it.

“I’m sorry. I was on another call. Is there something you need?”

“Can you… come over? I got some troubles with my hand.”

And with no hesitations, Paruru got up from her bed and prepared herself to set off to Hoshi’s apartment.


“I’M SORRY if I called you out this late. I know you are tired and might have a busy schedule tomorrow. I’m really sorry.”

That was the welcome statement of Maru to Paruru when she arrived. The salty musume was chasing for her breath. She rushed that she even risked herself knowing that she might get another asthma attack. Maru guided her to the sofa and handed her a glass of water. She did her best to serve her water with just one hand.

Paruru drank the water in just one breath and then she quickly inspected Maru’s condition. As far as she can observe she hasn’t done anything weird to herself yet. She released a sigh of relief.

Maru sat beside her. With her arm on a sling, she really can’t move it. The doctor made sure that she will not do anything that will make his cheap stitches open. It’s only up to her if she will remove it.

There’s a reign of silence between the two. Maru is just looking at the place of her veranda; probably thinking of what to say. Paruru moved her eyes around the room and saw 3 big boxes and five smaller ones on one corner.

“What are those boxes?” Paruru started the conversation with that question.

“Ah?” Maru looked a bit tense. “Those are gifts from Hiroko-san and her husband. They sent me some Korean goods.”

“Korean goods?” Paruru repeated. “May I see?”

“N-N-No!!!” Maru put her into a halt before going to the boxes. “I can’t open the boxes now. Just look at my arm.”

“Ohh…” Paruru went back to her seat while still curiously looking at the boxes. “Hiroko-san sure sends massive amount of gifts. The boxes’ writings are in Japanese though.”

“Yeah, yeah… She uses Japanese delivery boxes; that’s why.” Maru cleared her throat. “Anyway, are you going to be busy tomorrow?”

“Yes, I have a shoot for the drama tomorrow.”

“Around what time?”

“The call time is 8 am so I have to go a bit early.”

“Wow! That’s early. Should I walk you back home?”

Paruru just looked at her then leaned back at the sofa to relax. “No. I want to stay here. You called me so there might be a deep reason behind it.”

Maru imitated her and relaxed her back. “Yeah, it’s a little hard to do a lot of things with just one hand. It’s hard to take a shower and all.”

Paruru blushed with a thought. “Y-You want me to help you take a shower?”

The girl with a new pair of glasses just looked at her with lazy eyes and pressed the cap Paru is wearing to cover her face.

“Silly. In my country those things are embarrassing. It might be normal here and in Korea but never to me.”

Paruru snickered and raised her cap but what she saw next is a face full of uncertainty. The smile on her face faded instantly.

“Just tonight.” Maru whispered. “If I survive this night then I will be okay for tomorrow.”

Paruru, even with her ponkotsu character, immediately got what the other girl meant.

“I’ll stay here with you… If you think I can help.”

Maru gave out a faint smile. She patted Paruru’s head. “Thank you, Haruka.”

The salty girl smiled back. “So what should we do? How about card games?”

“We will not play, Miss Beautiful. You are going to sleep.”

“Eh? Sleep?! But why?”

“You got work early in the morning aren’t you?”

“Yes, I do have but—“

“No but’s. You go to sleep and I will stay awake. I will not be able to sleep anyway.”

Paruru’s salty face started to show up. Maru released a sigh.

“Okay. Let’s do it like this.” She started thinking. “Let’s say you are a princess and I am a servant in the night shift to watch over the sleeping princess. How about that?”

“How can an injured servant watch over a princess?” Here comes the salt. “How about the princess is kind enough to make the servant sleep with her because the annoying servant got herself into trouble protecting another princess and she has to sleep early to recover some iron?”

Maru sneered hearing the long scenario. “Annoying servant, huh?”

“Indeed. Keeps saving every princess she sees.”

“Is the princess jealous?” Maru teased her more.

Paruru puffed her cheeks which invited Maru to pinch it.

“Okay, okay. You’re too cute. I’ll go to sleep as well.” She looked at the wall clock. “How about we sleep now? The princess needs to wake up early. I’ll go fix the bed for you; I’ll sleep in the sofa.”

Maru stood up and walked towards her room. Paruru was just looking at her, thinking if she’s going to stop her or not. But after a debate in her own mind she stopped her… with a kabedon.

She stopped the other girl from walking, made her face her and then pinned her to the wall. She was surprised that she got the strength to do that.

“W-W-What?” Maru stuttered.

“The servant will sleep together with the princess and that’s a… that’s a… that’s an order!”

The blushing, embarrassed Paruru looked at her straight to her eyes. Maru got embarrassed as well. She threw her sight to another direction to avoid that look.

“F-Fine, Haruka-hime-sama.”


<A/N: This is actually the third part for Sakura but it doesn’t seem like Sakura’s so I changed the title. Sakuratan will be back next.>
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And Woah... That's must be your lucky day Maru-kun, get a Kabedon from your Hime~  :mon blood:
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Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-30) Sakuratan (III)
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KYAAAAAAAAAA~ THANK YOU FOR AN UPDATE!!!  :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:

E-eh?! Maru is going to be blind? Please take of yourself Maru :on thumbb:

And Woah... That's must be your lucky day Maru-kun, get a Kabedon from your Hime~  :mon blood:

No problem. :) I might post an update later. Depending on how things go.
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naturally I don't comment to any fics that's why I always hit the "thanks" button after I read

I like your fic especially the harems of the main char Maru-chan and her heroic acts to our beautiful fairies in 48G 😂 plus I got my dose of Paruru-Fic before i sleep.

going to hit that button again and again when there are updates here since I rarely comment.

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Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-31) Sakuratan (IV)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“OH, did you hurt yourself, little one? What happened to your knees?”

Maru looked at her knees. She was surprised to see how short her legs are. She looked back to the woman who noticed her wounds. The woman is wearing a very gentle smile that warms her heart. She got her a damp towel to clean her wounds then she put bandages on it.

“Be careful next time, okay?” The lady smiled at her. It was ironic how she reminds her to be careful when she herself has a black eye and swollen right cheek. Maru reached for the lady’s face and gently caressed it. The lady felt her caress and smiled sweetly on her.

“He hurt you again, didn’t he?” Maru heard her voice and there’s no mistaken that it’s a child’s voice but she didn’t care. The woman in front of her is the most important woman in her life.

The woman didn’t answer her question. She just smiled at her as if she heard nothing.

“If he sees I got wounded will he notice me?” she continued asking questions but the woman didn’t answer. She was smiling but tears came flooding her eyes. Suddenly everything went black. The woman in front of her disappeared in the darkness and she heard a familiar rampage.

Her heart started beating fast when she saw the silhouette of that man. She wanted to hide somewhere but there’s nowhere to keep her tiny body. The man looked down at her with bloodshot eyes. She can’t stop the shaking of her legs.

“So what if you got wounded? You’re stupid if you trip like that. You’re not broken enough to be noticed! GO DIE!”

The man kicked her which made her small, frail body to lift from the ground. She vomited blood after taking the blow straight to her stomach. The man lifted her head up by pulling her hair.

“You see that amount of blood?!” He made her face the blood she just vomited. “That’s not even enough! Show me more to get me entertained!”

After that he banged her head to the ground which made a cut on her forehead. It was a hell of a pain but it slowly faded. Maru stood up and she’s back to her current size. The man is gone, so is the woman. She tried to walk, her vision is slowly blurring. She can feel the dripping of blood from her head. She wandered aimlessly until her foot hit into something.

She slowly looked down and she felt aghast with what she saw. It was a body of a man with a knife stabbed in its chest. She suddenly heard sobs and the woman suddenly appeared, wailing for the dead body.

The sound of the woman’s cry hurt Maru’s ear more than anything. It drives her crazy. She tried to cover her ears but the sound still penetrates the corners of her mind. She tried to shout to cover the sound of the wail but no matter how hard  she tried there was no voice that came out.

She covered her eyes but she felt her hands are extremely wet. She looked at her hands only to see that it is filled with blood. She fell to her feet; appalled by what she saw. Everything is driving her nuts. She gritted her teeth and pulled the knife from the dead’s body. She prepared her wrist, closed her eyes and—


Maru’s eyes opened widely. She immediately saw Paruru’s worried face above her. It was all just a dream, rather a nightmare. She sat up and tried to catch her breath. Cold sweat is running throughout her back and forehead. She wiped her face with her left hand.

“Are you okay, Hoshi?” She turned to Paruru who is obviously worried about her. The girl is on her shirt that she lent her. She remembered now. She asked her for a stay over.

“I… I got some nightmare.” She tried to shake her head to wake herself. She reached for her phone to look at the time. It’s just 6 in the morning.

Maru looked back at the worried Haruka. The other girl was surprised when she suddenly put her head on her shoulder.

“I survived the night.” Maru sighed and then closed her eyes. “Thank you for staying with me, Haruka.”

Paruru drew her closer into a hug. “You did well.”

Maru looked up to Haruka. Her smile is back to her face. “Nice scent, Haruka. I might get addicted.”

Paruru slapped her softly at the forehead. “Baka. I’ll go make your breakfast.”

“Wow. You can cook?”

“What do you think of me?”

Paruru went straight to the kitchen. Maru just followed her while trying to forget every part of the nightmare. She watched how Paru tied her hair into ponytail and started cooking some omurice.

The salty idol takes a glimpse of Maru every now and then. She’s looking at her but it seems that her mind is into something. Should she tell her that she heard her mumble while she is sleeping?

“Aren’t you going to be late?” Maru asked her.

“I got a lot of time. I prepare fast. I can do my make up at the set. My manager will also pick me up 45 minutes before the call time.”

“How nice.” Maru smiled faintly.

Paruru did the same. “But I’m thinking of quitting.” She said; more of a whisper.

“What? I didn’t hear—“

“It’s nothing. Come on, let’s eat.”

The two ate their breakfast while chatting about whatever that enters their mind. They were chatting with so much fun they lost track of time. Paruru rushed to get her bag. Thankfully she brought the things she needed but not the clothes to wear. She decided to go out with Maru’s shirt on but there was an argument before Maru let her do what she wants. It was just a plain back t-shirt. It’s not something that AKB’s fashion leader would wear outside.

“Sorry Hoshi. I have to go now. I’ll come back as soon as the shoot finish.” Paruru said while tying her shoelace at the entrance.

“Don’t worry yourself about me. I’ll be fine. Have fun at the shoot.”

“When I come back I’ll help in changing your bandages.”

“When did you become interested to people like this?”

“I’m only interested to you.”

They looked at each other, both having a surprised expression. Paruru’s cheeks didn’t need blush on for her hangover make up because it is already pink in embarrassment. She was hurrying that’s why it slip from her tongue.

“I-I-I’ll be back fast!”

She hurriedly opened the door and to her surprise, an unexpected kouhai is standing in front of it.



It was a surprise after another.


“ARE you close with Paruru-san?”

That was the immediate question of Sakura right after Maru served her some tea. Paruru already left even though she was uncertain of leaving the two alone. She left in a rush, hearing the blow of horns from her manager.

“Close with Haruka?” Maru thought as she sat opposite to Sakura. “Kind of. I guess.”

“She slept here?” She followed up.

“Yeah. She spent the night here.”

Sakura’s jaw dropped. “Is that the reason why she is wearing your shirt?”

“She came here wearing some uncomfortable shirt so I lent her one.”

Maru looked at the frozen Sakura. She shook her head heavily.

“Just what the heck are you thinking? I asked for her company, that’s all. You weird Japanese girls.”

“S-Sorry.” Sakura took a sip of her tea.

“Anyway, why are you here?” Maru’s turn to ask questions. “It’s so early. You should be sleeping.”

Sakura put her tea cup back at the table. “Actually, I was standing outside for about an hour.”

“Eh?!” Maru’s eyes widened. “You were outside for an hour? Why didn’t you knock? What if some people recognize you? You should be careful.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Maru heaved a sigh. “Don’t be sorry. Now, tell me why are you here and how did you know my address.”

It was not a question anymore but rather a command. Sakura tried to look straight to her eyes but she found her stare piercing to her whole so she bowed her head.

“I wasn’t able to utter a simple word of thanks yesterday. I want to thank you and somehow help you because you saved me yesterday. You got injured because of me.” She answered in almost whispering voice. “And, I asked your address from Togasaki-san.”

“You don’t really have to thank me, you know? I just did what I think it’s right. Even if I died there it would be fine for me because I believe it is right.”

There it comes, Maru’s tsundere side.

“I’m also really sorry for being rude to you even if you are showing kindness to me.”

Maru nodded her head. “It was my fault. Suddenly being kind towards you would really feel weird.”

“U-Uhmm. May I ask the reason why?” Sakura played with her fingers before trying to look at Maru again.

“Hmmm…” The girl with glasses though aloud. “I just happened to observe everyone through the lens of my camera. You caught my attention.”

“W-What do you mean?” Sakura got more curious.

“To tell you the truth, I’m a fan of the 48G even before working there. I’ve seen how you grew up from watching your TV shows. I liked the way you smile before. The wide smile of a child that is innocent and pure. But lately, I noticed that that smile is nowhere to be seen.”

Maru saw how Sakura’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Okay, I got it. I will explain more. Kimi wa Melody. Centering that song sure gave you a hell of a pressure didn’t it?” Sakura nodded as a response. “I just noticed that your smile changed. It feels kind of forced.”

“Eh?” Sakura waved her hands to negate her. “I don’t fake my smile.”

“You say so. I’m just saying what I’ve observed.” Maru crossed her legs and rested her back at the chair. “Also, I heard you crying at the restroom.”

“W-What?” Sakura knows what Maru is saying. She cried a lot at the restroom the other day. The pressure just got into her. Centering with ‘the’ Shimazaki Haruka for Team A’s Set Me Free plus the upcoming Sousenkyou got into her that she just felt like crying. She wants to see her family but she can’t. She’s been going back and forth to Tokyo without a single rest. She felt like she’s missing a lot of her youth.

“It was the day you left your phone in the restroom. I know it was yours. I just don’t want to let you know that someone heard you saying things like, ‘I want to see my brother. I want to see my grandma. I want to see Maru-nyan~’ in a cute crying voice.”

Sakura’s face turned bright red. Her mouth is wide open while looking at Maru in disbelief.

“See? That’s why I don’t want to tell you.”

“Y-You’re so mean.” Sakura whispered.

“W-Wait? I’m the one who’s mean?” The girl in glasses released a sigh.

After that was another long term of silence between the two. Sakura just played with her fingers while Maru is busy with her phone when suddenly…

“I also loved them…” Maru whispered while looking at her phone.

Sakura jerked her head up. “I’m sorry?”

“I said I also loved them… My family.”

“L-Loved? What do you mean?”

Maru stayed quiet for a while. The sadness in her eyes is so evident that Sakura noticed them under those round specs.

“It’s nice to have your own family around, isn’t it?” Maru yawned. Probably she needs more sleep.

Sakura was about to ask another question when her phone suddenly rang. It was Jurina. She looked at Maru who gave her an okay signal before answering the call.

“Hello, Jurina-chan?”

“Sakura-tan, where are you now? I went to your hotel room but you are nowhere to be found.”

“I’m sorry Juu…” She took another glimpse of Maru before continuing her sentence. “I went to visit Maru-san.”

“Oh, you went to visit your cat?” Maru and Sakura’s cat share the same name. Sakura just noticed it.

“N-No, not Maru-nyan. I visited Maru-san. The one who saved me from yesterday’s attack.”

“Ahh! MMG? How is she? Is her injury healing just fine?”

“I guess she’s okay…”

“Ah, good to hear that. If that’s the case then come back here now.” Jurina’s tone suddenly became serious.

“Eh? But I just arrived here. And I want to assist her.”

“But you said she’s okay, right? Come back and let’s play~!”

“But Juu, she saved my life. I just want to return the favor.”

“Mou, yadda! I even woke up early to play with you.”

“I’m really sorry. Maybe we can go play next time. You can take your rest.”

“Waaah~” Sakura listened to Jurina’s tantrums when suddenly. “Is MMG-san listening?” Jurina asked in a serious tone again.

“N-No. She can’t hear you.” Sakura looked at Maru just to see her still busy with her phone.

“Really? Can you put this call on loud speaker?”

“Eh? But why?”

“Just do it Sakura-tan~”

Sakura did what Jurina said. She placed the front in front of her. “It’s on now, Juu.”

“Cool!” Jurina interjected. She took one deep breath which is very audible. “MMG-SAAAAAN!”

Maru’s ears twitched after hearing Jurina’s call. Her attention to her phone was caught by the SKE ace. She even pointed at herself to ask Sakura if she’s really the one being called.

“I hope you are hearing me. I’m really grateful for saving Sakura-tan~ I hope you heal fast~!!! But, please tattoo this on your mind, ‘SAKURA IS JURINA’S PROPERTY! Bye bye~!”

Blood went up to Sakura’s face. She almost forgot how to talk. “B-B-Baka!”

Jurina just laughed at the other line. “Daisuki! Mwah~!” That’s all and she ended the call.

“Mou!” Sakura almost threw her phone due to so much embarrassment. She looked at Maru who seems really amazed and dumbfounded at the same time.

“Man, the 48G ships are not ‘just’ ships, huh?” she asked Sakura with eyes twinkling with curiosity. “Sometimes I think ships are just fan service. Are you girls dating?”

“N-N-No! We’re not dating!”

“Eh~” Maru eyed her suspiciously. “Why did Matsui-san said that you are her property? Man, getting jealous because of me again? How many times will this happen?”

Maru shook her head then went back to her phone. She’s currently looking at a certain video that is circulating the internet and making a huge wave among wotas.

“Anyway, I think we got a bigger problem than that.” Maru showed Sakura the said video. Sakura’s eyes widened in fear.

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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

PARURU, rushing, entered a coffee shop. The shoot finished early and she thought she’ll be able to go back to Maru but she suddenly received a call. Yui, who is sitting at the corner table, waved to get her attention.

“Why a sudden call, Yuihan?” She asked as she sat on the seat opposite to the GM.

“I just want to talk about this personally!”

Yui showed her phone to her. It is her last night’s message appearing on the screen.

Yuihan, I’m planning to graduate.

“What is the meaning of this, Paruru?” Yui asked in cold manner, just like a boss who is angry at her employee. “Is this something to be sent through text message?”

“It is what you read, Yuihan.” Paruru sighed. “I’m planning to graduate and I want to discuss this with Aki-P as soon as possible.”

“What?!” Yui’s voice started cracking. “Paruru we are having the SSK! You can’t just leave the group like this.”

“Hear me out, Yuihan. I’m tired of doing these stuffs. I’m just practically being me but a lot of people still hate me. I’m somebody who doesn’t belong to AKB.”

“How many times are you planning to repeat that? You belong to AKB!”

“I’m tired of this, Yuihan. AKB doesn’t need me anymore. There are new members that can take my place.”

Yuihan snapped and flicked a finger to Paruru’s forehead. Paruru yelped a loud ‘ouch’.

“What’s that for?” The salty girl asked with her crumpled face.

Yuihan’s eyes are already tearing up when she looked back on her.

“Stop saying those things you salty ponkotsu. The group still needs you! I need you!” Yuihan gritted her teeth. We all know how Yui cries. She always seems out of her breath. “If you leave there will be another huge gap to fill in. The seniors have left a space that no one can fill. Don’t leave another until we’ve sufficed what the seniors have left.”

“But Yui—“

“Are you troubled by yesterday’s accident?” Yui tried to catch her breath. Paruru went quiet.

“You are worried about Maru-chan, am I right? You’re furious about her not being sent to the hospital despite the doctor’s suggestion, right? You didn’t like what the management did about her case, right?

Paruru, Maru-chan insisted not to be sent to the hospital because she has a reason. Don’t you remember? She wants to protect the 48G for yet another handshake scandal. She doesn’t want this thing to affect the SSK or any of AKB’s activities.

Last night she even told me that she protected an ace candidate of AKB and it made her feel accomplished as a fan herself. Don’t leave the group that Maru-chan is trying to protect. She even risked her life for us.”

At this moment, Yui’s face is already wet with tears. She tried to stop sobbing. Luckily there were only a few customers at the said coffee shop or else Yui has already made a huge scene.

Yui grabbed Paruru’s hands and held them tightly. She then bowed her head to beg.

“Please, Paruru… Stay in AKB with me. Let’s make the group great again. I don’t know if I can accomplish anything without your help. Let’s make AKB the home of national idols again!”

Paruru sighed and a tear escaped from her eyes. Seeing her dearest Yuihan crying and begging for her like this made her heart a lot heavier. Also the idea that Maru really loves the group to the extent of risking her life is another heavy factor. With the space the little table makes, she tried to hug Yui and the other girl hugged her back. She tried to console her and stop her from crying.

“I’m not leaving. I’ll stay with you, Yuihan.” She whispered to her. “I’ll support you in your goals for AKB. Let’s do this together.”

TOGASAKI and SHINOBU entered the conference room. The two fell curious by seeing only one person inside. They were called to have a meeting about AKB’s future but the normally full conference table is empty of people aside from the father of the whole 48G—Akimoto Yasushi.

“Good morning, Sensei.” The two greeted.

“Go on, take your seats.” Aki-P ordered which the two immediately followed.

“Where are the other staffs? And where are the core members?” Togasaki asked as soon as he took his seat. “Did we arrive a little early?”

“No.” Akimoto answered. “I originally called only the two of you.”

He turned his laptop to show them a video which the two already knew about. It was the video of the attack that happened in the last handshake event. The video started with the fan before the attacker taking a video of himself; talking how it was to have a handshake with Sakura until a loud, rampaging voice of the attacker was heard.

The fan changed the focus of the camera to Sakura’s booth where the shouts can be heard. A lot of staffs came in the booth afterwards and someone took Sakura out shortly. She has blood on her clothes and in a shock. The next one who came out are two staffs escorting Maru with her arms dripping with blood. The camera was about to capture her face when suddenly a hand of a staff member intervened the footage.

“Stop recording, stop recording!” is what you can hear that the staff is saying. The staff tried to confiscate the phone but the fan was too quick to run. Everyone was busy in the booth that no other staff member tried to chase him. The video ended there.

“We’re sorry, Sensei. We tried to pull the video down but it was already uploaded at many fan and social media sites. Reuploads were also uncontrollable.”

Aki-P stayed silent for a long while. He seems like he is thinking of the right words to say. The other two feel like there will be a verdict upon them. Aki-P grabbed a snack from the snack plate in front of him and had a bite.

“I’ll be calling a press conference for tomorrow. I want Yokoyama and Miyawaki to be there.”

“P-Press conference? For this incident?” Togasaki asked, stuttering.

Aki-P nodded as he swallowed. “The fans have the right to know what happened and see that Miyawaki is doing fine. We also have to reassure them about the safety of the girls and the handshake event as well.”

“Okay Sensei, we got it.” Shinobu wrote a memo on her phone about it.

“Also, about this girl…” Aki-P pointed at Maru on the paused video. “I want to thank her for risking her life just for our girl. Let her go to Sakura’s scheduled gravure shoot tomorrow as an observer. Give her free pass for AKB’s events for the rest of her life.”

Hearing the order from Aki-P, a wide smile curved on Shinobu’s face. She knows how the girl loves the 48G and she believes she will be happy with the reward. Togasaki is still on his poker face but deep down in his heart he is happy for Maru.

“Another one…” Aki-P went on for another bite. “I want her to be at the press conference tomorrow.”


“T-Thank you… Thank you, M-Ma…”

“Say it clearly.”

“Thank you, M-Ma… M-Ma…”

“It’s just a simple name. M-A-R-U. Maru. Why can’t you say it properly?”

Sakura was blushing furiously because of Maru’s muchaburi. She was insisting of saying thanks to her savior but Maru doesn’t want to accept it, mainly because she thinks it is the right thing to do and it doesn’t need to be rewarded. But Sakura kept on pushing it to her so she said to add her name in the end but she suddenly can't say Maru's name even though she perfectly said it while talking to Jurina.

The two just decided to ignore the video for now because panicking wouldn’t bring any help. They believe that the management is thinking of things to do.

“You have the same name as my cat!” Sakura protested.

“So what?” Maru asked with her drowsy eyes.

“It feels weird. It feels like my cat turned into a human!”

“What?!” Maru shook her head. “Japanese girls.” She uttered under her breath.

“I’ll give you another name then!”

Maru’s drowsy eyes woke up in a flash after hearing Sakura’s words. She even felt her throat dried up so she gulped.

“What? Why are you looking like that?” Sakura curiously asked.

“Nothing.” She moved her sight to another direction. “Go on.”

“Hmmm…” Sakura thought a loud. “Ah! From now on I’ll call you ‘Haruhi’. (春日)”

“H-Haruhi?” Maru blushed a bit. Suddenly receiving a name is too bad for her emotions. Receiving a name is her weakness. She tried to maintain her cool. “Why Haruhi? When did you become an nickname-giving-idol?”

Sakura smiled, noticing that the other girl is trying hard not to release a grin. “It means ‘Spring Day’, right? Spring days is when Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) bloom, right?”

“Why are you suddenly so enthusiastic about this?” Maru protested as if she’s the one who is receiving the punishment. She didn’t tell anything about her being nameless to Sakura. It is just that she is using the same name as her cat. She didn’t break the rules Togasaki has set, right?

“Is the name okay with you?” Sakura asked, finally becoming more relaxed with Maru’s presence.

“You do what you want.”

Sakura smiled sweetly. Somehow the child like smile came back and Maru noticed it with her very own eyes. She couldn’t help but to smile, too.

“You smiled, Haruhi-san!” Sakura pointed at the rare smile on her face.

“Silly. I just saw your child-like smile. You’re really cute, Sakura.”

Hearing Maru called her ‘Sakura’ and not ‘Miyawaki’ made her heart skipped a beat. She was even called cute. It’s not rare to be called one but why does it seem a little special? She looked at another direction and noticed the clock. She made it as an excuse to escape the awkward situation.

“I-It’s about lunch time. I better prepare some food for you.” Sakura stood from her seat and looked at the direction of the kitchen. “Can I go use your kitchen?”

Maru leaned back to her seat. “Wow, second person to use my kitchen, huh? How nice it is to be injured. Go on, after cooking for me we are quits, okay? I don’t want you to feel burdened about me just because I saved your life.”

Sakura just smiled at her and then she hurried to the kitchen. Maru went back to her phone. She grinned after making sure that the other girl can’t see her. She just received another name, another treasure. For her that reward is more than enough.

The Hakata princess made her one of her specialties. She was lucky enough to see all the ingredients available in her fridge. When everything is ready, she went back to the living room only to see Maru sleeping at the sofa while sitting. Her head is hanging around.

“Mou, I cooked and she just slept.” Sakura ranted to herself. She sat beside her and observed her face. She is happy to see this face. She knows that if she goes back to work she will wear a mask again and cover this cuteness.

Sakura removed Maru’s glasses and noticed the plaster near her right ear. It was because of her that the beautiful face was injured like this. Her ear also could’ve been sliced off. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. She was injured just for her to be saved… How can she just leave her like this?

Sakura made her sleep on her shoulder; carefully moving her head so she won’t wake her up. Sakura smiled. This person speaks like a tiger most of the time but she sleeps like a cute cat. Maru suddenly slid down to Sakura’s lap which made the other girl squeak. Sakura blushed furiously. At a moment she panicked, not knowing what to do. But since there are no other people, she just let her sleep at her lap while she combs Maru’s hair with her fingers.

They were like that for almost five minutes when suddenly…


The door flung open and burst out Milky with Sayanee behind her.

“Ijiwaru-kun, I heard about the incident. Are you o—“

Milky wasn’t able to finish her question when she saw the scene in the sofa. Sakura was caught red handed. It seems like all of the blood of her body went up to her face.

“S-Sakura-chan?” Sayanee called her. “Why are you here?”

“E-E-Eh… Uhm…” She couldn’t say a single word. She has swallowed her tongue.

“What’s the meaning of this, Sakura-tan?” Milky asked her.

“W-Wait, Milky-san… It’s not what you—“

“야, 난 자고 있잖아. 시끄러워.” (Hey, I’m sleeping. So noisy.) Maru tried to sit up, wiping the sleep from her eyes. Sakura helped her stood up. She also gave her the glasses that she removed. Maru looked around, still half asleep.

“Miyuki? Shakure King? Why are you guys here?”

Milky looked at her with watery eyes. Seeing the sling and the plaster on her face made her heart broke. She ran to her Ijiwaru and gave her a tight hug.

“I’m so worried about you. I’m sorry I couldn’t rush here as fast as I can because of work. Are you, okay? Do the wounds still hurt?”

Maru felt Milky’s tears in her shoulders. She hesitated to return a hug but she did. She looked at Sayaka who is also projecting a worried face. These people got worried about her. Does being hurt really attract attention just like the man in her dreams said? But she was injured more than this before but she never had the attention of that man even once. Why is it different with the reaction of this people whom she just met?

“I’m okay, Miyuki. Stop crying. It’s not worth your tears.”

Milky released her and looked straight to her. Her cute face is wet with tears.

“Stop being a tsundere even at this moment. You got yourself injured yet again, you know?”

“You got hurt this bad, kiddo. Your parents here would be really worried about you. When I picked her up she is already crying like that.” Sayaka said. “So just accept her feelings now. You made us all worry in the first place.”

Maru looked at Milky’s swollen eyes and her heart melted. She pulled her closer and hugged her. She caressed her head to make her stop crying.

“Don’t worry. I’m okay, Miyuki.” She doesn’t know what to do. Her heart is being filled with warmth but she is also curious at the same time. The mysteries from her past are bugging her.

Milky slowly broke the hug. Maru wiped her tears with her left hand. Milky smiled at her faintly.

“I also have one question.” Milky started. “Why were you sleeping at Sakura-tan’s lap?”

The cunning smile went back on Milky’s face. Maru started to break a sweat. She sensed danger but she returned a grin.

“W-Was I?” She looked at Sakura who immediately looked away. “I guess I was. I got a nice sleep. Her lap is so soft.”

The other three girls’ eyes widened after hearing her words. Sakura bowed down in embarrassment.

“Are you messing up with me, Ijiwaru-kun?! If you want a lap I can lend you mine!”

“Haruka also slept here last night, you know?”

“What?! Paruru-chan slept here?!”

Sayanee burst into laughter and messed Maru’s hair. “My son is quite a player, huh?”

“You slept here, Paruru?”

Their attentions were caught by the two girls standing at the open door. It was Yuihan and Paruru. Yuihan looked shocked the same as Paruru. Paruru is just looking at her with those surprised eyes.

“Oh no.” Maru bit her own tongue. “It seems like I just said something that I shouldn’t have said...”

With all of them present at Maru’s place, let’s get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLE!

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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“SOMEONE pass me the sake here.”

Sayanee waved her empty shot glass. Milky passed poured her more drink. It was already 10pm but they are all still at Maru’s house. Everyone decided to stay for the night. They didn’t even ask for Maru’s permission. They said that Paru slept there so everyone can do the same. Yuihan was the one who suggested it. They are just busy idols who found some leisure time and that time turned into drinking time.

They are all sitting on the floor. Sakura prepared some hotpot. It was weird to prepare some hotpot during summer but it’s all she can think with the ingredients in the fridge. The other girls liked it very much anyway.

“Why did my house turned out like this?” Maru mumbled.

“It is your fault having this much sake at you fridge. Are you alcoholic?” Sayaka answered her and gulped her sake straight. Her face crumpled for a moment. “Ahh~!”

“I only drink when I can’t sleep. And don’t ask me if I’m alcoholic. You already drank a lot and still you’re standing!”

“Haruhi-san, I cooled this down already. Say ‘ahh~’”


Maru opened her mouth automatically. She really likes the food prepared by the girl from Hakata. They are all sitting in pairs and she is paired with Sakura who is busy helping her with the food. Paruru is just watching them. She wants to be the one helping her Hoshi out but someone else is sitting beside her. She also noticed that Maru has received a name from Sakura. She heaved a sigh before drinking.

“Why don’t you drink, Maru-chan?” Yuihan asked while raising her cup.

“Nah.” Maru shook her head. “My wounds might open if I drink.”

“Sou? Sakura-tan, how about you?”

Sakura was surprised with the invitation from the general manager. She was about to answer her but the girl beside her answered for her sake.

“Sakura is under age. Under the law she must not drink alcoholic beverages. I can’t believe you invite her for drink Soukantoku-san.”

Yui just laughed at her. “Gomen, gomen. It’s just us so I thought it is okay.”

“It isn’t.”

“My son is such a good boyfriend, am I right, Sakura-tan?” Sayanee asked Sakura which immediately turned red.

“Shut up, Shakure King.” Maru looked at her sharply.

“Hey! Don’t look at your father like that! And stop calling me Shakure King!”

“Shakure King!”

“YOU!!!” Sayanee was about to mess her hair again when she noticed the boxes at one corner. “Hey, what are those?”

“Eh?” Maru looked at what Sayaka is pointing. She started sweating. “Those are packages from Korea.”

“From Korea? Really? Let me see!” Sayanee stoop up but Maru stopped her by holding her foot.

“No. Those are not to be viewed by anyone else. Hiroko-san told me that.”

“Eh? I’m just going to look at one. Let me see it.”

Sayanee brushed her away and headed to the boxes. “If this is from Korea, I really want to see it. Hold the kid, Yuihan.”

Maru tried to stand up but Yui hugged her from the back so she can’t stand.

“Stop! Don’t open it! Those are all private properties!” Maru pleaded but Sayanee is too stubborn to listen to her. “Yokoyama-san, let me go! Don’t take orders from Shakure King!”

“Is there any cutter here?” Sayanee tried to look around but she found none. “Maa, I’ll just use a coin.” She flipped a coin before cutting the tape of a small box with it.

“NO! Please!”

The three other girls were clueless of why Maru is reacting that way. If those are just good from Korea then why doesn’t she just let them see it? The two other pranksters are just laughing while Maru is begging at them. Sayanee was about to successfully open the box when suddenly…

“Don’t open it!!! S-S-Saya-papa…”

Everyone in the room fell silent. Sayaka froze on where she is standing when she heard the murmur of Maru. Everyone’s mouth is open, looking at the girl whose embarrassment almost turned her into a tomato.

Sayanee ran to her and put her hands on her shoulders.

“What did you say?” Sayaka shook her with a lot of excitement.

“D-Don’t make me say it again!”

Sayaka stood up and return to the boxes.

“Alright, alright! I said ‘Saya-papa’ so please just leave those boxes alone!”

Sayaka rushed to her again and rubbed her chin and head like she’s a puppy. “Good boy, good boy! Yes! I am your Saya-papa~”

Everyone was laughing when Yui suddenly stood up. She looked at Maru and Sayanee with those sharp eyes before she also marched unto the boxes.

“Oh, man!” Maru shook her head and stood up. “You can’t also open these, Yui-papa.”

A wild cunning smile curved up to Yui’s face after hearing Maru call her Yui-papa. She then looked at Sayaka with a challenging stare.

“What are you up to, Yuihan?” Sayaka confronted Yui as she look straight into the other girl’s eyes. “Maru-kun already called me his papa so don’t use the same strategy!”

“Ha-ha-ha! She also called me papa, you know? She did it at her free will.”

“None of it is of my free will.” Maru sighed. She took a blanket from her room and covered the boxes. “Don’t touch these boxes or else everyone will sleep outside.”

The two girls went back to their seats bragging about their achievement to their partners. Sakura helped Maru in covering the boxes.

“You see that Milky? Our son called me papa for the first time!”

Milky smiled at Sayanee and patted her head. “Good job, Sayaka~”

“Ha-ha-ha!” Yuihan laughed her Honmayan laugh. “Our Maru-chan called me Yui-papa.”

Paruru just looked at her with a pout. The difference between the kami taiou and shio taiou.

Milky noticed how protective Maru is to the boxes and she finally get why.

“Hey, tonight’s my Graduation SP, right?” She suddenly blurted out as a distraction from the boxes. “Let’s go and watch it while eating. It’s almost time!”

Everyone agreed with her suggestion. Maru turned on the TV and they tune in to the Milky’s Graduation SP. They were all laughing at the scene where Maru is being chased by Milky and Paruru. The master fisher and the salty queen after just one prey is a thrilling thing to watch. They couldn’t help but laugh at the footage where Maru is eating ramen with her face still covered. They didn’t know they were being filmed that time. Maru thanked her camera sensor; she was able to protect her face because of that.

After the show is finished, they congratulated Milky to her upcoming graduation. Graduation is a sad thing, but idol graduations, just like any other graduation, is a beginning of the new chapter of that certain idol’s life. Soon, Milky will be no more but just Watanabe Miyuki.

Maru was a little bit frustrated about the special. She said sorry to Milky a thousand times because she felt like she has stolen a part of the show. Milky didn’t mind. She even praised Maru for making the show more exciting.

And, it trended again. Together with the trend #MilkyGradSP, the #MMG is on the trend list for another time. They all checked it excluding Sakura. She doesn’t have a twitter account.

Isn’t she the girl who rescued Sakura from the attack?

I’m honestly thrilled to see how she looks. She even has Milky and Paruru crazy about her.

Haha. Sayanee and Yuihan seemed a bit bitter about her.

This girl is another way of AKS to attract attention. But I’m honestly excited to see her. Seriously, her stare itself is piercing.

Reveal her immediately. And tell the public what happened at the HS event!

Those are few of the tweets that made the #MMG trend. The tipsy girls read all of those with seriousness.

“I think the timing of the airing of Milky’s SP is just right on the mark.” Yuihan broke the silence.

The other three just nodded. Sakura tried to read some of the tweets through Maru’s phone.

The noisy gathering suddenly turned into a serious meeting when the Soukantoku mode was turned on.

“Maru-chan, for what you did during the incident, the management decided you to be an observer during photo shoots as a reward. Tomorrow, you will observe Sakura’s gravure photo shoot.”

“E-Eh?!” Maru and Sakura exclaimed in chorus.

“As a reward? Observer at photo shoots?” Maru’s eyes twinkled. “But I’m going to start with gravure? Why gravure? Well, it’s not that I am protesting.”

“After the photo shoot tomorrow, there will be a press conference.” Yuihan continued. “Sakura-tan, your presence is needed at that press conference.”

“H-Hai.” Sakura stammered.

“The press conference is obviously about the recent HS event incident. I’m sure you are all aware of the video circulating online. This is a serious matter.”

The soukantoku took a deep breath before continuing.

“Maru-chan.” Yui called her which made her jerk from her seat. She looked at the other girls at the room just to confirm that she’s really the one Yui called. “I don’t know why but Akimoto-sensei asked you to be there. It is Akimoto-sensei himself who called me and informed me about this. He left a message for you…”

“In order to protect AKB, how far are you willing to go?”


Maru handed Sakura a bath robe. She just finished her gravure photo shoot and as promised, Maru is there as an observer. She’s now back to her usual masked look. The staffs of the photo shoot immediately recognized her as MMG. That’s the only time she thought that not wearing a mask will be better for her.

Sakura immediately covered her gorgeous, former loli, body. She’s a little shy with Maru being around. It’s weird that she got more nervous with a girl being there than half a dozen of guys working as staff.

“The hot pot didn’t make me look fat, right?” Sakura anxiously asked.

Maru gently patted her head. “Silly, those things aren’t to be worried about.”

“Is your hand, okay?” The Hakata princess asked as she reached for the hand of Maru in her head.

“I met the doctor earlier, today. He got angry that I removed the sling so he made me put it back.” She answered while looking at her injured left hand. “He said that wearing a sling will remind me that I must not move it so much.”

“Sou?” Sakura spaced out while looking at the injured hand so Maru pulled her hand back from her and pinched her nose. Sakura immediately escaped from the attack.

“W-Why did you do that?!” she asked, blushing.

“I told you to stop pitying me, right?”

“Sakura-tan…” They both looked at the manager’s way. “You have to fix yourself fast or we’ll be late to the press conference.”

Sakura nodded her head to her manager and dashed to the changing room. Maru took a bow to greet the manager and the guy did the same.

“Did you enjoy observing the shoot, Hoshino-san?”

Maru sneered. “I will enjoy this kind of photography if I were a guy but I guess it helped. Thank you for your hardwork, Manager-san.”

The manager waved his hand. “It’s my duty, Hoshino-san. Anyway, someone wants to talk to you.” He handed Maru his phone.

“Eh? Who is it?”

“You’ll know when you receive it.”

I called you because I know right now you are having second thoughts.

Yuihan and Sakura are in the center of a huge conference room. A sea of camera is endlessly flashing as they speak. The main managers, Togasaki and Shinobu are also present. They are standing at both ends.

As far as I have observed, you are a person who values your privacy like you are an idol yourself.

“We are sorry for having you all wait for two days before we make an official statement regarding this incident. We are terribly sorry.”

The four took a 90 degree bow after that line of Yuihan. The cameras flashed like there is no tomorrow.

I don’t know why or how, but it seems that you have gotten some of the girls all over you. But according to my investigation, you met Shimazaki and Watanabe only by chance. I’m sorry if I had you investigated. I can’t just let my girls deal with an unknown, mysterious person just like you.

The mug shot of the attacker is being shown in the screen but his eyes are being covered. The guy is said to be a long time AKB fan and someone who is familiar to the older members. He is said to be an enthusiastic fan but being overcome by the changes that is happening to the group made him think that the group he loves is in danger so he made a way on his own.

The management still honors him as a fan so they chose not to humiliate him in public so they covered his eyes. AKB is a group that is made for the fans, anyway.

I know that you are fully aware that the 48G is in a pinch in Japan right now. The sales might not be the basis of this statement but the power it has now is not the same with the older generation.

“Is Miyawaki-san okay now? Did you get hurt?” A journalist asked.

Sakura nodded. “Thankfully, I was not hurt during that incident. I was saved.”

The murmur started among the press people. It was like a loud buzzing sound from a huge bee.

I don’t know what’s with you but you have already taken a lot of recognition even though you are wearing that mask. You only appeared on TV only once but people already started talking about you. Somehow I questioned my own ability.

“Is it true that the one who saved you is the same person who is in Watanabe Miyuki-san’s graduation SP?”

The video of the incident that circulated the internet was shown on the big screen behind them. The media started to fuzz around as it was paused on the part where Maru is being taken out.

“It is true. It is the same girl.” Yui stated. Maru’s knees started to shake.

I got one request for you. In order for someone to live in this industry, it has to make a noise. I need the ‘noise’ you are creating right now.

“She’s a photographer working for our group. She’s not been in the work for so long but she is really good in taking photos that’s why she is hired.” Yui explained.

“She was the one who subdued the attacker.” Sakura continued. “She covered me with her towel so I won’t see the horror but in the end, she was wounded quite a lot to the extent that her right hand needed to be stitched.”

Your mysterious but loud aura combined with the 48G’s girls… I’m really curious of what’s going to take place.

“The doctor from our team recommended that she should go to the hospital but she refused; saying that it will only ruin the air of the SSK. She risked her life to protect the group but this video went viral and we couldn’t even pull it down.”

“Man, this people are making me a hero, aren’t they?” Maru whispered to herself; getting more and more nervous with what she is hearing.

“Is MMG alright? Is she doing fine? When are you going to let the public see her?”

“Actually,” Yuihan started. “This girl never removed her mask even in front of the other girls. It was only on that incident where her mask was cut by the attacker.”

“What is her name?”

Like the risk that you did, I’m also going to make mine. I’m going to let you do whatever you want inside my group. You do whatever you think that will make noise. It’s an offer. I’m not forcing you. The only question I have is—How far can you go for the sake of your beloved group?

Maru heaved a deep sigh. She received an order from the director of the presscon. If she decided to go out and reveal herself to the public, she just has to step out of that white curtain but if she didn’t, she can just stay seated at the backstage and wait for the event to finish. He didn’t receive any sort of pressure from the director; she just has to make her choice.

No one is answering the question raised by the reporter. The four people on stage are just looking at each other, waiting for someone who will answer the question. The journalists insisted on asking the question.

Yui thought that it was about time for Maru to reveal herself but she’s not coming out. Yui released a sigh of surrender.

“We are really sorry. That person didn’t give us the permission to say her name.”

Yui’s answer seems to agitate the press people.

“So you mean you called us here without the plan of presenting her?”

“We thought that this presscon is for MMG herself!”

“There’s not even a piece of information that can be on the headline!”

“You are wasting people’s time!”

Man, this group of press sure is rude. They kept on blabbering nonsense until…

A silhouette of a girl is seen on the back of the white curtain. All the cameras directed to the direction of the curtain which is located just below the big screen. The media’s noise went louder.

The four people on the stage where all dumbfounded. Slowly the curtain opened and released Maru. With her whole body trembling, she went in the center, in line with the people on stage. She looked at them and gave them a nod. The only problem is she still wears a mask.

“E-Eto…” There was a small feedback when she started speaking which silenced the noisy media. “G-Good day to all of you. I’m Hoshino Maru. It’s nice to meet you all.”

The crowd started to go wild, asking questions like a machine gun. The bright flashes of camera almost blinded Maru. She even thought that it will be the end of her poor eyes. She wanted to cover her eyes but she went on maintaining a proper posture.

Togasaki-san signaled to the press to be quiet. The room suddenly fell into deep silence like an angel has just passed by. Maru looked at the eager press people who are waiting for her to talk.

“E-Eto…” She cleared her throat. “No idol got injured during that incident. I am happy that I saved someone who is a source of happiness to a lot of people. I don’t care if I have to do it again as long as I will protect someone who makes people smile.

These girls are all hardworking. In my short time of doing the photographer job at AKB’s theater, I saw the reality these girls are facing. They are also humans who have emotions. They may be smiling in front of everyone but some of them, maybe, are in the middle of depression and frustration.”

Maru felt someone touched her back. It was General Manager Yokoyama. It was a gesture to prevent her from trembling.

“If this is what you want to hear then here it is…” She took a deep breath. ”I want to protect these girls. I’m also a fan. I have my oshimen but they are all in one group. The name was carried by their seniors whom we all loved. I hope that this type of incident never happen again. Let us protect them, as fans and supporters, for they are sacrificing a lot just to bring smiles to our faces.”

“Are, are… Our Maru-kun sure knows how to talk big.”

Everyone looked back and saw Sayaka, Milky and Paruru get out of the white curtain. Maru’s eyes widened when she saw them. It seems that it is also a surprise for the rest. They all stood a step behind Maru and tapped her back. Paruru held her hand in secret. She smiled at them and then went back to the fuzzing press.

“The incident is already under control so please don’t focus a lot to that or even to me. Please focus to the SSK. Vote for the girl whom you think made you smile a lot and cheered you up. This is one of the major events where we can show them how much their works are being appreciated.”

Maru bowed a ninety degree bow. The other people on stage followed her.


Thank you.

Have an exciting ride.

Maru read the text message of non-other than Akimoto Yasushi, the founder of AKB48. Her face still burns with the embarrassment that she did in front of the whole Japanese nation. For sure the news will also spread in other parts of the world.

She covered her eyes with her arm followed by a very deep sigh. She’s lying at the rooftop of the apartment, trying to cool herself with the breeze. Her glasses are just lying beside her.

She wanted to believe that Akimoto Yasushi is just using her for money but he sounded so sincere when she talked with him through phone. It feels like he is a father worried and willing to do everything for her daughters. She kind of doesn’t like him because of ‘favoritism’ but somehow he has won her trust by that simple call.

“And now, what about my life?”

“You’ll be okay, I guess.”

Maru jerked from where she is lying and immediately wear her glasses. Looking at the girl in the door, she smirked. “That’s some reassuring line, Haruka.”

The usually salty girl sat beside her with a smile. She just looked at the stars that are exhibiting some good view that night.

“I don’t know about the future so I cannot say anything that is assuring.”

“Yeah.” Maru looked at the sky too. Just meeting this one girl turned her life upside down. She didn’t plan any of this to happen. It just happened.

“You see…” Paruru started that ended the deafening silence. “This year I want to be first at the election.”

“You finally got some desired ranking, aren’t you?” Maru smirked at her.

The other girl chuckled. “I guess I am the only one not doing anything for the group. This time I want to be number one and give something back for the group. I feel like I have taken everything for granted. For someone who is not worthy of being an idol, I have to give something back to the group that established me.”

She felt a palm rested on her head.

“Stop saying that you aren’t worthy.” Maru said as she gently patted her head. “I’m sure you are making a lot of people smile.”

“That would be really nice.” Paruru whispered.

“Sure you are.” Maru smiled at her, telling her that she is one of those people with that smile.

Haruka smiled at her and rested her head at Maru’s shoulder.

“Are you worried of what’s going to happen?” she asked her.

“Hmmm…” Maru thought aloud. “I tried to kill myself countless times, you know? I’m just fooling myself if I am worried about my life. I’m just worried if they are going to make me do things like your girls do.”

Paruru’s heart was pinched a little after hearing the first sentence but she felt a little happy now that she somehow has something to live for.

“They’ll make you eat exotic dishes.” Paruru joked to make things light.

“Ugh. That’ll be really bad.” Maru commented while surfing the net with her phone. “Net articles about the presscon are already out. The media is so fast.”

“What does it say?” Paruru asked, intrigued.

“Uhm… Things like MMG finally named but the mask is still not off. Requested to focus more on AKB48 than to her. It’s amazing how they treat me like a hero. WHAT?!”

Paruru raised her head up after that sudden scream. “What happened?”

Maru let Paruru view what’s on her phone. Paruru just laughed at what she has read.

“Maru Maru Gundan? That sounded like the show I’m in.” Paruru continued to chuckle teasing Maru. It was a newly formed website that is dedicated in protecting the 48 girls. The name is Maru Maru Gundan (MMG) which is translated as Maru Maru’s Army. The header of the website is Maru’s masked face and piercing stare.

“Stop laughing.” Maru rolled her eyes. “They even named it after me. And what is with repeating my name like that?”

“You just entered one crazy world, right, Hoshi?”

“Seems like it. Shakure King and the others even posted pictures of the sleep over. I’m just glad that they are careful not to let my whole face be seen. I’m still not ready to show my bare face.”

“You’re cute, Hoshi. You have nothing to worry about with your face.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not cute or anything!” Maru’s tsundere mode is on. “I’m worried if someone recognized me.”


“Nothing. I said I will protect you.”

“You said something different!”

“I didn’t!”

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Thank you!! XD XD
I'm curious who's the next AKB48 girl that will be appear! :cow: :cow:
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-04) SSK 2016 (I)
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An everyday update is amazing. More for a reader like me who almost every hour checking this website. Seeing an update from the stories I'm following is a happiness somehow. Please keep up with this good story.  :on GJ: :onioncheer:
Thank you, @Genkikid-san but the everyday update will be until Sunday only. After that it will be back to the original schedule. But I hope you still read this. Thank you again. :)

@ミサキ -san and @9purple -san, thank you for commenting every chapter update. It serves as my fuel.  :twothumbs

Here is the update~ :)

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2016

THE WOTAS started to be crazy again after Sakura posted a picture of her on Google+. Of course, the lovely Sakura-tan sure is captivating again to that picture but it was a two-shot with one of the biggest talk of the town nowadays—Hoshino Maru.

The said masked girl is sleeping soundly on the picture. As Sakura’s caption goes:

We’re on our way to Niigata now. We have to hurry up so we had to ride a plane. And look who is sitting beside me! Yes, it is Maru-san with me. I won the seat by beating Paruru-san, Yokoyama-san and Yamamoto-san in Janken. I feel like I can win the Janken Tournament this year. ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

Maru-san looks so tired. Right after she sat on her seat she fell asleep. She is so cute. I also want to take care of her. Her injuries are healing very fast. That’s good to hear isn’t it? (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Everyone in Niigata, please wait for us~ o(^▽^)o

Jurina’s eyebrows flicked when she saw what Sakura posted. She is also at the same plane which is about to fly now. She immediately read the comments before the stewardess sees her.

Unknown5676: Glad to see that you are doing fine with Maru-sama. She’s your savior and our hero! I think it is your first time to post a two-shot with a non-member.

SakuratanOshi: Wow! You won janken over Paruru? She might be furious LoL. I wonder what will happen if Milky is also there.

YLover: You two look good together. The sleeping Maru-sama is so cute. I wonder what will be the name of your ship.

Woooota: MaruSaku? SakuMaru? Let’s make the ship sail!

FanGirl97: I can’t wait to see Maru-sama’s face and see her try danso!

Jurina got annoyed of what she is reading so she turned her phone off and grumpily leaned on her seat. “What’s up with the way they call her? They are using –sama to her just like Mariko-sama! Are they nuts?!”

“Are you talking about Maru-kun?”

Jurina jerked to her seat when she saw Sayanee looking at her. Her grumblings must’ve waked her up. They are sitting together, tagged as the lone aces for their partners have already left them.

“You surprised me, Sayanee! I thought you are already sleeping!”

“That’s what you thought.” A smirk was formed on Sayanee’s face. “You jealous?”

Jurina rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “She’s destroying the ship that I am making! I’m glad I am making another ship after WMatsui but look! The fans are starting to ship them together. Look at Sakura!”

The angry SKE ace directed Sayanee to look at Sakura who is sitting a few rows in front of them, on the other side of the aisle. The girl looks so happy and blooming while looking at the pictures of sleeping Maru that she took.

“Look at that smile! Why is she smiling like that just because of a picture with that masked girl?!” Jurina is half whispering and shouting. Sayanee released a sigh.

“It’s normal though. Maru-kun saved her. She became like a hero for her. It’s normal that she goes giddy while being with her.” Sayanee answered. “She saved Milky once so I understand why she feels clingy to her.”

“Eh?” The surprised SKE Ace looked dumbfounded. “She also saved Milky once?”

“Yes, Milky told me about it. Maru-kun is a ladies’ man.” Sayanee rubbed her chin while nodding to her own statement as if she is proud dad.

Jurina sighed. “Aren’t you jealous? You know, with Milky being all over her?”

Sayanee laughed. “You see Jurina, Maru-kun can never steal Milky from me. If there is someone who has to be jealous here, it will be you. Your new ship is hard for fans to absorb after that legendary WMatsui.”

Jurina started to grumble once again. Sayaka just ignored her and looked at the girls sitting on the row behind them, on the other side of the aisle. The girls are Yui and Paruru. The GM is already sleeping while Paruru is just looking at Sakura’s seat.

“And also that sleeping one over there.” She whispered.

“MARU-SAN, Maru-san! Why are you still wearing your mask? We already saw your face after the HS incident, right?”

Nishino Miki-chan is bothering Maru while they are on the line for the catering service. The rehearsal for tomorrow’s opening concert just finished and almost everyone is tired but it is a different story to hyper Miki-chan.

“It looks like you are healing very fast. You don’t need the sling bandage now, do you?”

Maru tried to shrug her off but the girl leaking with so much energy didn’t stop to bother her. Knowing that ignoring her is pointless, she looked at her and smiled.

“I heal fast and you still have energy after that tiring rehearsal. Aren’t we both super humans?”

That sentence was followed by a wink and then she immediately turned her back to Miki-chan. The hyper girl froze to where she is standing and the line also stopped moving because of her.

“Miki-chan!” The angry Takahashi Juri shouted at her. “Don’t cause traffic! Everyone is already starving!”

Miki snapped back to reality and smiled widely. She skipped her way to follow Maru.

“Maru-san spoke to me, smiled at me and winked at me! She even said that we are both super humans! Yosha! I’m gonna rank high tomorrow!”

Miki is like dancing with joy as she celebrates. Maru just ignored her and immediately find a vacant seat to eat. With this so much number of girls, the management rented one whole hotel for them and now they are eating at the big dining area of the said hotel. And since Maru is a VIP as Aki-P said to his subordinates, she is being treated like one of the idols. Probably she is treated better than them. Everyone is sharing a room with four people in it but she got a room all to herself. Lucky nameless girl.

The hungry, little idols are all seated by group. AKB to AKB, SKE to SKE, etc. She wonders where she is going to sit. Everyone seems to be having fun with their own circle and it is too noisy. She is not used to this chattering noise.

“Maru-kun! What are you doing standing there like a lost pup?”

Sayanee waved at her. Maru’s eyes widened after seeing the people Sayanee is with. She is sitting with the other aces from the other groups. Everyone on the table is looking at Maru.

Last year’s top three; Sashihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu are on the table. Jurina from SKE, Kodama Haruka and Sakura from HKT, Kitahara Rie from NGT and YuiParu tandem from AKB. These are the people sitting on that elite table somewhere at one corner.

“What do we have here? The talk of the town, Maru-chan.” Sasshi greeted her with a big smile on her face. “Come and sit with us. It seems like Kojiharu-san is not coming so go take her seat.”

“E-Eh?” Maru stammered. She gulped. “Me sitting with you guys? No way.”

“What a killjoy.” Yuihan stood up and forced her to sit on the empty seat beside Sakura. The girl from HKT immediately blushed which made Jurina roll her eyes. Sayanee, who is just sitting beside her, immediately noticed it and smirked.

“’You going to eat with a mask, Maru-san?” Yukirin asked her. Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.

“Come on, Maru-kun. There are no cameras anywhere so it is fine. It is rude to eat with a mask with ‘these’ people, you know?” Sayanee teased her.

All the people on that table seemed to be waiting for her to remove her mask before resuming dinner. She heaved a sigh and slowly wore off her mask while glancing at the members.

“Wah! Mecha kawaii!” Mayuyu, the cute girls’ hunter, exclaimed when the mask is finally off. The other members are murmuring about her removing her mask.

Maru bowed her head in embarrassment. “Itadakimasu.” She whispered and proceeded eating.

“This is the first time I see her face this close. She is really cute!” Mayu excitedly told the other members. “I want to eat her!”

“Yadda Mayuyu, you’ll make Maru-san embarrassed. See?” Yukirin patted Mayu’s head to calm her.

“She’s like a bomb. She suddenly appeared and exploded.” Sasshi commented. “Thank you again, Maru-chan, for saving our Sakura-tan.”

“It’s nothing Sashihara-san. I’m sure anyone on the same situation will do the same.” Maru answered politely. She just wants to finish eating as fast as she can but it seems like she’ll be undergoing some interview.

“SASUGA!” Sayanee exclaimed. “That’s what you can expect of my son—A real hero indeed!”

Maru rolled her eyes. “Come on, I’m not a boy, Shakure King.”

The other members started laughing at the two.

“Well, you need members who can be ikemen to make this large group of girls livelier, right?” Kitarie stated before she take a bite of her food.

Everyone agreed with her statement with a synchronized nod. Everyone went back to their food except from Mayu who is still eagerly examining Maru’s face. Maru, being irked by the stare, looked back at Mayu.

“You can really do good danso.” Mayu finally stated. She even tilted her head cutely.

“If you are the one who said that then probably Maru-chan can do it!” Sasshi seconded.

“Tss.” Everyone looked at Jurina with her sudden expression of annoyance. “After Miyazawa Sae-san graduated, she has passed me the title of ‘The Ikemen’. Don’t look for another.”

Mayu looked at Jurina with narrowed eyes. “Are you saying that my judgment is wrong? And who told you that Sae-chan passed it to you? I’m also ikemen, you know?”

“I kissed almost everyone!” Jurina shouted back at Mayu. She will not be tagged as Kissing Monster for no reason at all.

“That’s not what being an ikemen is like!”

They gritted their teeth at each other and Yukirin, who is in the middle of them, tried to calm them down by pulling them apart.

“Here comes the childish Center-Nezumi fight again. Don’t fight in front of the food.”

“Ne, ne, Maru-chan… Did you also vote?” Sasshi asked to divert the attention from Mayu and Jurina. Maru just nodded and all the girls were taken aback. “Who did you vote?”

Maru chewed the food in her mouth and swallowed it. The other members also swallowed with her. Paruru was just trying to make herself busy with her food knowing that she isn’t Maru’s oshimen.

“I indeed voted but I betrayed my oshimen.”

Sasshi’s jaw dropped after hearing the statement. “A-A-Are you saying that you didn’t vote for your oshimen?!”

Maru nodded as a response and everyone was shocked. For an oshi, she must surely vote her oshimen but she is saying she betrayed her oshimen for voting another girl.

“Did you get ‘oshi-hen’ed?” Kitarie asked which means if she changed her oshi.

“No. For some reason I just want to support that certain girl for now but my oshimen is still the same. I just don’t know how I will face her as a fan who betrayed her.”

“You call yourself a fan, huh?” Jurina stated with an annoyed look. “You betrayed your oshimen for supporting another girl at the most important event and you say you didn’t get oshi-hened?”

Mayu rolled her eyes to Jurina then looked at Maru. “Who did you vote then, Maru-chan?”

Maru gulped the water in her glass in one breath and spoke.

“Someone from this table.”

Everyone became speechless and looked at one another. Maru, then, brought her palms together and uttered a ‘gouchisousama’ and stoop up. She gave a bow to the members and left with her tray. She ate so fast.

“C-Chotto matte yo.” Sakura halted her before she move farther. The others were also surprised with Sakura’s sudden movement. Maru turned to her with a poker face.

“C-C-Can I…” She stuttered. “Can I, you know, probably stay at your room tonight?”

Sasshi suddenly held her head with her two hands and Haruppi’s mouth was left wide open. Jurina’s eyes were wide open as well. Paruru was as shock with everyone from the table. She was too disappointed with the seat arrangement at the plane that she hasn’t said a word to Maru.

“Why?” Maru asked. Her eyes look a lot sleepy.

“You said you are alone in your room, right? I just want to give you company.”

After they got their room assignments earlier, Sakura immediately asked the other girl about it.

“Do what you want. There’s only one bed though.”

The Hakata ace flushed. It means she’ll be sharing the same bed with Maru, right?

“If you really want to go, finish your meal fast. I’m the only one with the key and I’m so sleepy right now.” Maru then continued walking towards the place where the used dishes go.

Sakura stuck up all the remaining food in her plate in her mouth and just drank water to swallow it without enough chewing. She bowed to the other members and ran after Maru.

“What did just happen?” Kitarie asked. “When did those two become close like that?”

“I can’t believe this.” Sasshi said while shaking her head. “The lone-wolf, Sakura-tan, just approached someone for a sleep over. What’s happening with this world?”

Sayanee looked at Paruru who tried to avoid her glance. “I thought you were at the same room with Maru-kun, Paruru.”

The other girls also looked at her but she didn’t give an answer. She just can’t say that she focused so much to the preparation in order to forget the annoying feelings she felt at the plane.

“Tss! That Hoshino Maru stealing Sakura from me! How dare her!”

“Jurina, you are being too loud with your feelings.” Sayanee commented.

Jurina ruined her hair and slapped herself with her two hands. “She’ll pay for this!”

THE OPENING concert of the 45th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo finished with a bang. All the participating had an appeal time because the audience will also cast their votes and will be added to the votes from the other merchandise.

Everyone went back to their hotel to rest for a little while. A bit tense and excited at the same time, the little idols relaxed their heads from thinking and tried to enjoy their stay at the lovely place of Niigata. Others tried to wonder a little but careful not to get noticed because a lot of wotas are in the same place now while others just grabbed the opportunity to sleep.

Maru, our heroine who seems to be at lost at this herd of cute little rabbits, also spent the time to get some sleep. She wasn’t able to sleep for some days because she did what a 48G wota supposed to do during this time of year. What complicated it is her injured hand that stings from time to time but she was able to cast all the votes that she has.

It was also her first time to watch a live 48G concert. The management gave her a special seat. She was sitting with other stock members and important personalities. She felt so much discomfort that she can’t even cheer with the crowd.

Paruru took a stroll with Yuihan, Sayanee and Sakura at the hotel’s garden. They are enjoying the Niigata breeze before the announcement of the ranks.

“Maru-chan went to sleep again?” Yui repeated what Sakura said. “Why is she just sleeping at a time like this?”

“Maru-san looks so tired. Last night she just took a shower and then went straight to sleep without drying her hair. I’m glad she didn’t catch cold.”

“Do you know what’s happening with that girl, Paruru?” Sayanee asked while looking at the small fountain.

Paru shook her head. “I finished some tapings before the sousenkyo, I wasn’t able to go to her apartment. There was a time that I wanted to visit her but she said she is busy with something so I didn’t go.”

“I wonder what’s happening with that kid.” Yuihan sighed. They stopped walking and sat on a nearby bench. “Anyway, almost everyone is shipping you with Maru-chan, Sakura-tan. You guys even trended.”

Sakura blushed and tried to hide her smile. “I-Is that so?”

“Yeah. Everyone is calling her ‘Maru-sama’ now. The picture that you posted yesterday ignited the fire even more.” Sayaka seconded Yui. “I believe Akimoto-sensei is happy now. Finally, you are having a ship that is sailing smoothly.”

What Sayanee talks about is the ships that Sakura has. All of them seem to sail in stormy seas. Somehow, a lot of people don’t feel her pairing with Haruppi while a lot can’t accept the JuriSaku ship because of the legendary WMatsui. Everyone is still caught up with WMatsui.

Yui nodded her head, in full agreement with Sayanee. “Ship is somehow essential for us. The beauty of friendship and some bit of romance-like things are what it shows to the fans. Since we can’t have relationship with boys, this is a good substitute to express our emotions.

AtsuMina, KojiYuu, WMatsui and SaeYaka are a few of the most successful ships. Even after one or both of them graduated, the fans still follow their activities and still go crazy when they see updates of them being together. I’m glad you are also having one that seems to be fit to the taste of the fans, Sakura.”

[A/N: Based on this fic, you already know who I ship, don’t you? XD]

Sakura shook her head while waving her hand. “Maru-san is not a member of the group. I don’t think this is something that will last. I think we will also not be seen together quite often because I go back and forth to Tokyo and Hakata. We are also not that close.”

Sayanee and Yui posed a face of disbelief. “Not that close but you slept at her room last night.” They said together.

Sakura blushed heavily. “I-I-I just wanted to give her company. I often stay at a hotel room alone and I know the feeling. I don’t want her to experience that. A-A-Also, in my original room, we were accidentally grouped into five so someone must really go out.”

“Ehhhhhh~?” YokoYamamoto doesn’t seem to believe her statements while Paruru is just silently listening to them.

With the feeling that she can’t convince the two, Sakura changed the topic.

“Ah! Paruru-san,” Sakura called. “Before I left the room today Maru-san asked me about you. She told me that you look like you are sick and she is worried about you. She said that she’s been calling you out during breakfast but you didn’t even look at her.”

Sayanee’s eyes widened at the sudden information. “What is this about, Paruru? Are you avoiding Maru-kun?”

“I also noticed that she called out to you when we landed here and also at the hotel’s lobby but you seem like you didn’t see her.” Yui witnessed.

“I-I…” Paruru stammered. “I am just too focused at the SSK.”

“Liar.” Yuihan said. “When did you have that much interest for the SSK? Did something happen between the two of you?”

“There’s none!” Paruru pouted as her eyebrows meet. She stood up and put her hands on her waist. “I’m serious about this SSK and I’ll prove it to you with my speech later.”

That’s all and she left embarrassed. She felt that those three can read her actions like a story book. She ran inside the hotel to get away from them fast.

“That’s Salt for you.” Sayanee stated.

“Paruru is Paruru.” Yuihan sighed with a smile as she watches her salty girl disappear from her sight.


Maru no oshimen daredarou ka?  :?
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thank you for fast update shortcut48-san!! :cow: :cow:
paruru and jurina are jealous with MaruSaku ship LOL XD
wew.... that lucky Maru, sit in one table with the elites :twothumbs

“’You going to eat with a mask, Maru-san?” Yukirin asked her. Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.
Is Yukirin Maru's oshi? :huhuh
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Even if the everyday update only last untill Sunday it will be allright as long as you don't suddenly drop the story (please don't) .

Oh Maru-sama, who is your oshimen?? Is it one of the regular senbatsu? How much vote you give in the SSK?
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-05) SSK 2016 (F)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

SASHIHARA RINO won the first place again with an outstanding 243,011 amount of votes. The margin with the 2nd ranker, Watanabe Mayu, who received 175,613 votes, is just an awful lot. Sasshi is still the queen of AKB48 as the first one to get consecutive wins.

Yuihan landed on the 11th spot, Paruru on 8th, Sakura on 6th while Sayanee on the 4th. None of Maru’s close friends got on the top 3 but she is happy for whatever result came out. After all, all of those votes were fans' effort. A lot of people starved themselves just to cast a vote. It is something to be thankful for.

Paruru delivered her last speech very well that even Tokomitsu-san, the emcee, praised her. Her voice was a bit shaky due to the cold breeze but she managed to say what she wanted to say. She also proved to Yui and the others that she is serious. Before her speech finishes, the screen suddenly showed Maru on the VIP seats, taking a video of Paruru’s speech through her phone.

The whole audience was surprised to see Maru on the screen. Even the girl herself was surprised. She was lucky she is wearing a mask. She managed not to show any tension and even posed a peace sign to the camera. Everyone suddenly cheered ‘MaruParu’ which made Paruru shy. She sat on her seat with her heart throbbing so fast.

The same thing happened when Sakura was called. The girl was crying and asking people if it is okay for her to aim for the first place next year since a lot of members are not participating. Maru was shown again on the screen which made Sakura cry harder. Maru was just listening to her speech. Sakura thanked her for saving her and the cheer ‘SakuMaru’ went on. It was louder than the other.

Another SSK just finished and the audience went home still with the hype from it. The girls, on the other hand, went straight to the hotel to celebrate the success of the SSK. It was really a big success after gaining all those votes.

Paruru immediately looked for Maru to apologize for her sudden coldness towards her. Her heart still feels warm after knowing that Maru took a video of her and there are people who also ship them. She found Maru at the hotel’s lobby, standing by the elevator. She was about to call her when…


A familiar girl jumped to hug Maru which surprised the girl. The shocked expression was suddenly changed by a smile. She rubbed Ae-ri’s head and ruined her hair. Coming behind Ae-ri was Hiroko. She looks very happy seeing Maru that she hugged her until she can hear her bones cracking.

“What brought you guys here, Hiroko-san?” Said the surprised but smiling Maru. Her mask might be concealing it but her eyes do not lie. “You didn’t tell me that you are coming here!”

Hiroko smiled at her sweetly. She looked at her daughter and,

“Happy birthday Neko-chan/Mi-nam!”

They hugged Maru at the same time. The spectacled girl was again brought to shock. The same thing with the eaves-dropping Paruru.

“T-Today is my birthday?” She asked after they freed her.

“Yes!” Hiroko answered ecstatically. “It’s exactly one year since we found you! Today is your birthday!”

Maru bowed her head and fell silent. She smiled faintly, her eyes started watering.

“Are you crying, Mi-nam?” Ae-ri asked worriedly.

“No, idiot! It’s the first time that I received a birthday greeting. I’m just happy.” She hid her tears back and arched her arms around the two girls. “Happy birthday to me!”

“Happy birthday to you, Yeo-reum.” A tall man suddenly casted his shadow over them. Maru’s eyes widened after seeing the guy. His deep voice also shocked her. He is towering over her and looking at her sharply.

“S-Samchon…” (this means uncle in Korean and 여름 Yeo-reum means summer.)

“WAAAH!” The man suddenly cried in front of her and shook her violently. “KOJIHARU only ranked 16th and it is your fault, Yeo-reum-ah! If you didn’t convince me that she isn’t going to graduate, the votes from my company should’ve gone to Kojiharu and not to your salty girl!”

“Appa, stop that! You are making such fuzz. You are embarrassing!” Ae-ri pulled her father, Choon-soo away from Maru. Maru fixed her clothes.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t think that she will announce her graduation today! I watched Akimoto Yasushi’s interview with Takamina saying that she will have Kojiharu stay until she is 30. I didn’t think that it’s not—“

“Kojiharu is going to graduate now! I should’ve sent all the votes for her. It was her last election!!! It’s your fault! How come that your girl ranked higher than my Nyan Nyan Kamen!?!?!”

Ae-ri rolled her eyes. “Appa, seriously?”

Maru and Hiroko laughed at the grieving Choon-soo. He is a die-hard Kojiharu oshi from the very beginning. He feels like he betrayed her at her last election.

Hiroko somehow noticed Paruru standing from a far. The idol just gave a bow as a greeting. Hiroko sneaked out from her group and went to Paruru. The two were left with the crying Choon-soo, trying to soothe his pain while making fun of his awful look.

“Hello, Paruru-chan. How are you?” Hiroko greeted her. “Congratulations for the 8th place.”

“T-Thank you, Hiroko-san.”

“You heard a lot of information, right? You find it hard to digest?”

Paruru just nodded with her eyes covered in confusion. “Does it mean that Hoshi—“

“Yes, you heard it right. Neko-chan voted for you. She went all out just to vote for you. The money that she saved for months just to vote for her oshimen, she used it all to vote for you. She even convinced me and Choon-soo to order all our employees to buy atleast two CDs and vote for you. You can see why my old man is crying over there.”

“S-She did that for me?” Paruru asked. Her heart feels like working double time. She took a glimpse of Maru who is laughing happily. It’s the first time she saw her laugh like that.

Hiroko nodded. “Yes. She casted enough votes that made you get a strong hold on the 8th place. It was so rare that she asked favor from my husband. How can he say no to her? He immediately asked his employees to buy not two but three CDs and vote for you. I also did the same with my employees. I can see that you two became so close, am I right?”

Paru wasn’t able to say a thing for a moment. She was just staring at the spectacled girl.

“D-Do you know how much vote she casted for me?”

“Hmm…” Hiroko thought aloud. “Looking at the data… Let’s just say that if she voted for her oshimen then there’s a possibility that you might stay at the 9th place.” Hiroko winked at her, still wearing that smile. It’s a sudden flood of information and Paruru can’t process it all.

It is her Hoshi’s birthday today. Hoshi also voted for her with all her might. And she finally discovered who Hoshi’s oshi is.

“Don’t tell Neko-chan that I spilled all these things to you. She will be mad at me.” Hiroko snickered. “I’m just amazed at her changes that I couldn’t help but to tell you all of these! I can’t wait to go back to Korea with her and spend more time with her.”

Paruru looked at Hiroko with another surprised face. Hiroko is still smiling at her.

“You heard it right. I’m bringing Neko-chan back home to Korea.”

“TOAST for another great SSK! CHEERS!”

Akimoto Yasushi, the founder himself, led the toast. Everyone who is allowed to drink alcohol went for it while the under aged ones are having juices. The staff and managers are also there to celebrate. They all cheered with the sensei.

Choon-soo was also introduced as a new stock holder of the AKS. His vibe was a bit different than earlier where he was wailing like a kid who lost his toy. He even gave a remark and in a very cool manner. But deep inside, he is still hurting, taking stolen glimpse of his Kami-oshi Kojiharu. Hiroko and Ae-ri are also there but they kept their distance from Maru. They decided to keep their relationship with Maru as a secret especially that Choon-soo is now a stock holder. Issues might just sprung out of it.

“Also,” Aki-P continued. “I also want to thank Hoshino Maru-san for saving the group from another disaster and even encouraging people to vote. Thank you so much.”

Maru was surprised with the sudden call, she was about to drink something when the cameras focused on her. Lucky she hasn’t removed her mask yet. The girls and the staff also thanked her.

“M-Man, you don’t really have to thank me like this.” She murmured to herself.

“If you were not there I wonder what will happen to one of our aces.” He then turned to his right. “Shinobu-san…”

On call, Shinobu went to Maru and handed her a black bag. She was ordered to open it and Maru’s eyes widened. It was a new camera. A better model than her previous one.

“I hope that you continue to work with us. Treat that as my gratefulness.”

“W-Wow.” Maru stammered. “Thank you so much for this Akimoto-sensei.”

“After my speech the cameras will stop rolling, just enjoy the rest of the night together with your friends. Please everyone, do not take pictures of Hoshino-san. Good job for today! Enjoy the rest of the night!”

After Aki-P’s speech, the cameras indeed stop rolling. They all went back to their cases. The founder of the 48G went to Maru and immediately shook her hand. He isn’t smiling or anything; it’s just his usual poker face.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Hoshino Maru-san.” He greeted. “Please take more wonderful pictures with that camera.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Akimoto-sensei.” Maru removed her mask as a sign of respect to the well-known lyricist. Aki-P paused for a moment to look at Maru’s face as if he is examining it.

“Well, as I said, enjoy the night. You are a part of this success.”

“T-Thank you, Akimoto-sensei.”

The sensei gave out a faint smile and turned his back to Maru but even before he made a step, he looked back to her. “I have some plans for you, Hoshino-san. Please prepare yourself.”

That’s all and he left. Maru took a gulp. This reality that she is in now is finally sinking down on her. How come she has entered the world of these idols that she was just watching months ago? The questioning stopped when Sayaka suddenly put her arm over Maru’s shoulders.

“What’s kiddo? See that? Your Saya-papa just went out of the 6th place! See that?”

Maru rolled her eyes. Sayanee is already on her third glass of wine.

“Congratulations for the fourth place, Shakure King.” Maru said monotonously.

“Maru-san!” Sakura came to them with a wide smile on her face. “I went up one rank!”

Maru smiled at her and patted her head. “Good job.” She knows that even Sakura ranked up, the girl is a bit frustrated about her losing votes but she is glad that she came running towards her with that child-like smile.

“That was a loud a SakuMaru cheer you got there.” Yuihan suddenly appeared from the back. “And what’s with that MaruParu ship? Remember, Paruru is your mom. You can’t go incest!”

“What’s wrong with you, GM?” Maru asked, almost laughing. “Congratulations to you and to the whole AKB48 for having the most number of rankers.”

Yuihan smiled at her. “Thank you, Maru-chan.”

Maru looked around as if looking for another person.

“What’s up, sleepy head?” Sayanee asked. “Don’t worry, when Aki-P said something, everyone must obey it. No one will take your picture.”

“Ah? Okay.” She answered, seems to be at lost with her thoughts. “How about I take pictures of you three with my new camera?”

The three girls suddenly went excited with the suggestion. They rushed to make a pose. It will be the first picture on the new camera after all. Maru smiled widely after taking a very nice picture of the three. They all flocked to her to see the picture and they were all amazed on how good it turned out.

“I’ll give you copies later.” Maru smiled to them but then she started to look around again. “Wait, I’ll go try to take pictures of the sky.”

She rushed somewhere without looking back at the girls which left them all speechless.

“What’s up with Maru-san?” Sakura asked.

“That girl loves to take pictures of stars.” Yui answered.

“Are you sure she’s looking for stars or ‘that’ star?” Sayanee murmured to herself.

“HEY, what are you doing here alone?”

Paruru was surprised when she heard that certain voice. She’s standing at a terrace outside of the hall where the party is being held. She already heard Maru but she didn’t look at her.

Maru heaved a sigh. “Are you, somehow, angry at me?”

Her tone was very low. You can easily sense the pain in her voice.

“I’ve been calling out to you since we arrived in here but you don’t even care to look at me. Did I do something that made you angry?”

Paruru slowly turned to her. She tried to look straight to her eyes but she can’t stand even a second looking at it.

“It’s nothing. I just want to take some r—“ Paru’s sentence were halted when she suddenly sneezed. The wind is blowing refreshingly that time but for Paruru who is sensitive to cold, it is already like an autumn breeze.

She was surprised when some cloth embraced her from behind. Maru just put her sweat shirt over her to give her warmth.

“Some silly girl we have here. You know that you get cold easily but you’re here outside.”

“How about your—“ Paruru stopped midway of her sentence. She’s pertaining to the scars that are now visible for Maru is only left with an unstylish tee.

Maru raised her arm. “This? Don’t worry. Everyone is inside. No one will see this. Now tell me what the problem is.”

The bespectacled girl also leans to the grills and look at the night sky. Paruru heaved a sigh.

“Is it true that you voted for me?”

“EH?” Maru’s eyes widened. “Who told you that? Miyuki? That puffer fish, I told her not to tell anyone.”


“Yes. Miyuki helped me casting all the votes. W-Wait! Are you saying that it is not Miyuki who told you?”

Paruru nodded. Maru took a deep breath with her eyes closed.


“Yes. She was the one who told me. Although she told me not to tell you.”

Maru slapped her forehead and combed her hair with her fingers.

“So you already met her, huh? I guess she also told you about the story of the votes?”

Paruru nodded. She can sense that her Hoshi is a little bit agitated. “I’m not your oshimen, right? But… why did you vote for me?”

Hoshi looked at her with a doubting face. “Because Haruka is my friend. A friend’s value is heavier than the value of the oshimen.”

Paruru’s heart started to throb fast again. She heard before from Hiroko that Hoshi never treated anyone as her friend but here she is, straight from her lips, saying that she is her friend. And she has a greater value than her oshimen.

“You said that this will be your last SSK, right? As a friend I want to support you with all my might. My oshimen seems like she’ll participate at the next SSK and she did well this year so it’s okay. I wanted to keep it a secret from you but as I expected, Hiroko-san can’t keep her mouth shut about this.”

“Thank you so much.” Paruru said, almost in a form of a whisper.

“You don’t have to thank me. I did what I think a friend would do. I wanted you to reach the top but it seems like Sashihara-san is a monster hugging the throne. She’s so powerful!”



“How many votes did you cast for me? Not including those from Hiroko-san.”

Hoshi looked into her eyes and then back to the sky. “I don’t really know how many votes came from Hiroko-san and Samchon but I guess I casted around 1500 votes.”

“WHAT?” Paruru gasped. “You casted that much vote for me? That sure is a lot of money!”

“Silly. I’m sure someone out there out did this. You have a lot of great fans, you know?”

Hiroko said that their vote is the one that gave her a stronghold of the  8th place. If Paruru has a lead of 8,000 votes from the 9th placer and Maru has 1,500 votes… If it’s true then, if Maru voted to the 9th placer she’d have a 6,500 lead. The votes coming from Hiroko and her husband must’ve been more than 2,500.

Paruru felt so much gratefulness in her heart. Who is she that a lot of people think so much and worry about her? Sometimes the support being given to her feels scary because she thinks she doesn’t deserve it.

“You’re still not telling me the problem though.”

Paruru looked at Hoshi who is smiling very faintly at her. The other girl released a sigh. She felt her palm over her head which gave her gentle pats.

“You don’t need to say it. It’s fine.” Hoshi removed her hand from her. “Anyway Haruka, I’m going back to Korea.”

Time seemed to stop for Paruru after hearing those words. The shock made her head turn blank. She noticed how Hoshi’s face turned worried as she felt her hand on her cheeks.

“Are you seriously crying, Haruka?”

Next Chapter: Watanabe Miyuki (Graduation)

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“’You going to eat with a mask, Maru-san?” Yukirin asked her. Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.
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Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.
let's see hmm... Maru's oshi not ranked in the previous senbatsu(?) But Haruppi who was not ranked in sit in the elite table, but you didn't mention Tomu's name... That Maru's oshi maybe Haruppi or Tomu? or the girls that ranked in this year SSK (like mion or okada nana??) :huhuh :huhuh

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Seriously is it Haruppi or someone else, I even googled the senbatsu list from this year and from the previous year to guess this, but still I don't think if my guess is right or not....
LOL i'm doing the same thing, googled for SSK 2015 and 2016 list. and i even count the SSK result to guess it :banghead:
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“PARURU-CHAN, congratulations for the 8th place~”

Paruru blushed as the eternal ace, Maeda Atsuko, welcomed her with a hug when she arrived at the said senpai’s home. Her other beloved senpai, Itano Tomomi, is also there and congratulated her as well.

“Sasshi is so strong~!” Acchan exclaimed with her very cute voice. “I know it was tough for all of you girls. You’ve done well, Paru-chan~”

“Thank you, Maeda-san.”

They all sat at the sofa. Acchan prepared some snacks for her visitors.

“Were you bored that’s why you called us?” Tomochin asked Paru. “You’ve been hanging out so much with the masked girl. It’s been so long since you’ve called us.

Paru tried to cover her embarrassment with a cute laugh. It is true that she is a little bored since Maru went back to Korea. The girl left right after the SSK. Maru didn’t tell her the reason but she assured her that she will come back. Well, how can she tell her senpai that it is partly the reason why she contacted them?

“I just want to ask if my last speech was good enough.”

The two senpai chuckled after hearing her.

“You called us just to ask about your speech? You’re so weird, Paru-chan.” Acchan took a sip of her beverage and her expression suddenly became serious. “Are you sure with this already?”

Paru gave out a faint smile. “I’ve thought about this many times. I just don’t know how to say no to Yuihan especially when she cries. I know I should support her as the foundation of the new AKB but…”

There was a short silence which was ended by Tomochin’s sigh.

“We can’t do anything about it.” She started. “You must take care of yourself and that is more important. I’m just really frustrated because I really wanted you to be the center.”


“Mou, don’t be like that to Paru-chan.” Acchan tried to lighten the mood. “I understand you. It is really hard to stand in the zero position. Let’s just celebrate the gift of your fans to you~”

“When are you going to announce it?” Tomochin didn’t want to lighten the mood.


“It’s okay, Maeda-san.” Paruru smiled. “I always miss the chance to announce it, but I will definitely announce it this year.”

“Well, what can we do?”Tomochin released another sigh. “I just want to ask when are you going to introduce us to the masked girl and what is this ruckus all about?”

Paru’s eyes widened. “E-E-Eh? Hoshi?”

“Eh? Is her name Hoshi? I thought her name was Maru?” Acchan asked curiously.

“Ara… Something is really fishy in here.” Tomochin said with her eyes squinted.

“W-What are you talking about, Itano-san?”

“You know, I would like to believe that your face is read because of your trademark make up but I know that you are not on that style anymore.”

Acchan laughed at Tomochin’s comment. “If there’s a chance introduce us to this Maru-chan, okay? How about we take a picture?”

(Photo from Acchan’s instagram or Paru’s. Lol. I forgot.)

“Why are you laughing like that, Paru-chan?” Acchan asked while snickering.

“I just thought that the photo will be better if taken by Hoshi.”

“Hoshi again, huh?” Tomochin sneered.

FIFTEEN days after the SSK and after Maru left, Milky’s graduation concert took place. The Kobe World Kinen Hall was filled with wotas who were sad yet also happy that Milky is now taking the next step in her life.

Milky, as known to everyone, is a girl who always smiles. Whatever situation it might be, a beautiful smile is always pasted on her face. Even though this event must be a time for her to shed tears, she showcased her elegant smile until the end of the concert. She bid good bye to her loyal fans with that wonderful warukii smile.

The one who cried the most was Sayanee. She even swore she will not cry but she couldn’t stop her emotion and cried. She cried to the point that she couldn’t even sing. As usual, Milky teased her after the concert. The other graduated first generation members were also there to see Milky take her first step of being solo. For her, it was a very wonderful night.

Milky arrived home very late. They didn’t go to a party next but parting with the other members was a little tough for her to do that time. She told her mom to go first and she spent more time with her friends.

It was around 2AM when she arrived but she was surprised to see the lights are still on. Her mother welcomed her from the front door.

“What’s up, Mom? Why are you still awake?” Milky asked in disbelief.

“I came home with your friend. We are talking about much stuff while waiting for you. It is really fun talking with her, I didn’t notice the time.”

“A friend?” Milky noticed an unfamiliar pair of shoes in the shoe rack. “All my friends were with me. Don’t just let anyone who says that they are my friend in the house.”

“Hey, puffer fish! Don’t talk to you mom like that.”

The visitor suddenly appeared behind. Milky dropped her baggage when she saw who it was. She even blinked her eyes many times to make sure that she is seeing the right person.

“W-Waru-kun?” she stammered.

“You got it right.” Maru even winked at her.

“HEY, are you still awake?”

Milky asked Maru who is lying on a futon. The girl is busy with her phone. Milky is in her bed.

“Sorry, is the light from my phone disturbing you?”

“No, I just can’t sleep. I feel like I still have much energy to be used.”

“Sleep now. Your mom will get angry. She told us that you have to sleep now and leave the talking for tomorrow or else your precious skin will not regenerate.”

Milky didn’t listen instead she rolled to a position where she can take a better view of Maru.

“I’m just messing up with Shakure King telling her that she is a crybaby. I’ll be over with this in a while so go ahead and sleep first.”

“Did you watch the concert?”

“I did.”

“When did you come back?”

“Today. I went straight here. My things are sent to my apartment ahead of me.”

“Have you told Paru-chan about it?”

“No, she doesn’t know anything. I’d like to surprise everyone.”

“What happened to your glasses?”

Yes, she was really curious starting from the moment she saw Maru. There was something different about her and it is her missing glasses. The mystical thing about it is she seems like she can see clearly.

“I don’t use glasses anymore. I underwent LASIK operation in Korea.” Maru sighed. “That was really tough. I got both of my eyes operated at the same time. But the healing process was really fast.”

“Eh? Surgery? Wow!” Milky exclaimed. “Should you abuse your eyes like that? You should sleep now.”

Maru turned her phone screen off and looked at Milky. “How about stop bombarding me with questions?”

“You suddenly appeared in front of me so I can’t help but to talk to you.” Milky puffed her cheeks.

Maru rolled her eyes and sighed. She sat up. Milky smiled seeing that her Waru-kun is ready to talk to her. She went down from her bed and sat in front of Maru.

“Ne, ne, Ijiwaru-kun…” She called. “Where’s my reward? You know, I helped you cast the votes and kept it out secre–”

“Haruka already knows it.”

Milky’s eyes widened in shock. “W-What? I didn’t tell her anything about it!”

Maru heaved another sigh. “A talkative ajumma told her about it. My guardian.”

“That’s a waste. I even kept my mouth shut about it even though I really wanted to tell her.” Milky snickered. “So, what about your real oshimen? She did well in the last SSK, right?”

The other girl smiled. “It’s nice to know that she finally made it to Senbatsu. It’s just hard for me that I didn’t become a part of that success.”

“Have you fallen for Paruru-chan that hard that you even chose her over your oshimen?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? I will never fall in love with anyone. Haruka is my friend so I voted for her.”

“So Sayaka, Yuihan and Sakura-chan are not your friends?”

“It is Haruka’s last SSK!” Maru argued.

Milky just snickered at the tsundere Maru. “Well it’s good that your oshimen ranked in the Senbatsu after last year’s frustrating rank. I’m just wondering why it is her.”

“Are you asking why not you?” Maru rolled her eyes in disbelief. “I told you already about it when we were voting, right? Why do I have to tell you again?”

“When I smile, am I not able to make you smile like she does?”

Maru took another deep breath. But, instead of throwing another argument, Maru just stared at her, straight to her eyes as if she is observing her intently.

“W-What’s up with that look?” Milky asked; taken aback by Maru’s sudden stare.

Maru smiled a bit. “You can cry now, Miyuki.”

The fisher was slightly taken a back with Maru’s statement. “C-Cry? What are you talking about?”’

“You know what I mean, Miyuki. Don’t worry I will not laugh when you cry.”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

Maru combed her fringe a back with her fingers. “I remember… You once said that you often push your own emotions behind and hide them with your smile. It is your way of surviving, right? Well, if you keep pushing them like that you will suffer in the future.”

“H-How did you know that?”

“You talked about it in an MC part before.”

Milky was surprised. Everything Maru said was true. She doesn’t even remember when she said that but she knows it was already a long time ago. She was surprised that something like that information is engraved in Maru’s memory.

“It’s okay to cry. I’ve seen you cry before so don’t worry. You’ve managed not to cry today at the concert. Congratulations for successfully pushing your tears behind. Now it is time to let them out.”

Milky laughed. “You’re weird, Waru—“

Her words were halted when she felt Maru’s palm on her head. The girl gently pats her.

“You’ve done well, Miyuki. Congratulations in your graduation.”

Milky felt a drop of tear rolled down her cheeks. She was surprised to see it and tried to wipe it but the tears just kept on rolling without her being able to handle them. Milky covered her face as she started sobbing. She felt a gentle tap on her shoulder which made her jerk up.

She saw Maru’s smiling face but her eyes tell that she empathize with her. Milky cried even more as she jumped to her Ijiwaru’s arms. Maru just let her cry in her while gently patting her back.

Milky calmed down after almost three minutes of crying. She let go of Maru whose shirt is wet with her tears.

“Do you feel better now?” Maru asked.

Milky just nodded. Maru smiled and released a sigh of relief.

“You know?” Maru started. “I was supposed to come back later but I tried my hardest to be able to attend your graduation concert. I believe you are just going to hide all your true emotions with an idol smile. I was right. I know how much you love NMB48 and it pains you to leave the group just like that. It won’t help if you won’t let this emotion out now or in the future you will only feel more regretful about this.”

Maru suddenly laughed. “If you think about it carefully, I came back just to make you cry.”

A smile went back to Milky’s face. “I didn’t name you Ijiwaru for nothing.”

Both of them smiled with that statement.

“Now that you will have more time for private life, spend more time with your mom.”

“My mom? Why so sudden?”

“Nothing. It’s just nice having your mom with you, right?”

Milky didn’t grow up with a dad. It has always been her mom to support her. Before she joined NMB, the only person she can always be honest to is her mom. She protected her and provided her with love. Her mom worked so hard so she would never feel how hard it is without a dad.

Milky nodded in agreement. “You’re right. Maybe I should go on a tour with my mom.”

“That would be awesome.” Maru flicked Milky’s forehead which made her yelped.

“What’s that for?!” Milky asked with wide eyes.

“That’s my good night. Go back to your bed and sleep.”

Maru laid back to her futon and covered herself with the blanket. Milky was left dumbfounded when suddenly an idea came into mind. Her cunning smile went back to her face.

She crawled under Maru’s blanket and hugged the girl from the back.

Maru sighed. “Seriously, Watanabe Miyuki-san?”

“I missed teasing you so let me sleep beside you.” Milky whispered in a seductive tone.

“Go back to your bed!”

“Hey Waru-kun, why do you always look so cool to me?” Milky ignored her order and changed the topic.

“I was raised like a boy.” Maru answered, more of a whisper.

“Eh? What did you say?”

Milky waited for an answer but she heard nothing. She looked at Maru and saw that she is already sleeping. She smiled. She’s decided to sleep beside her Ijiwaru-kun no matter what.

© NMB48

THE NEXT day, AKS published Miyuki’s beautiful graduation photos. What made everyone surprised was the MMG mark on the lower left. It has been a long time since the public saw a photo taken by MMG. Speculations arose that her injury is already healed and she is now fit to work.

Paruru saw the pictures while she was on a taping. She almost dropped her phone when she saw the picture on twitter. Thankfully the shoot was already over when she saw it or else she won’t be able to act with her disturbed mind.

She immediately dialed Maru’s phone but the girl’s line was busy. Paru pouted. Her grumpy face made her manager worried. She still has another schedule after this shoot so she can’t have her mood ruined.

She was already pissed when her phone suddenly rang. Hoshi’s name is flashing on the screen. She immediately answered it.

“Haruka, did you ca—“

“Are you back, Hoshi?”

Maru stayed quiet for a while, probably thinking of what to say.

“D-Did I got caught already?” she stammered.

Paruru took a deep breath. “Why didn’t you tell me that you have come back already?”

Maru laughed. “I was planning to surprise you but I guess my plan is a failure.”

“You already surprised me!” Paru’s sudden shout caught the attention of the people around her. “Where are you?”

“Waru-kun~ What’s taking you so long?” Paru’s eyes widened when she heard Milky’s voice. “Sakura- chan, stop bothering Waru-kun already!”

“Shh… This is Haruka this time, Miyuki.”

“Ehh? Paruru-chan?”

“A-Are you with Milky-san? And you were talking with Sakura-chan before me?”

Maru bit her lower lip. She already traced annoyance in Paruru’s tone.

“I’m with Miyuki. We are heading to the train station. I’m going back to Tokyo now.”

Paruru heard another giggle from Milky which irked her a little. But, Milky’s next statement splashed cold water unto her. “Is Waru-kun’s girlfriend getting jealous?”

The salty musume’s heart quaked. Why is she even this pissed at the first place? She isn’t her girlfriend or anything. She doesn’t even consider Maru her best friend but why is she this… jealous? Was that really the right word?

“Shut up puffer fish!” Milky giggled again even after being shouted by Maru. This girl is somehow an M. “I’m really sorry, Haruka. Don’t worry, I’ll be back today but I think we won’t be seeing each other. I got something to attend tonight and I know you got a tight schedule as well.”

“I-I… I’m also sorry, Hoshi. I didn’t mean to shout at you.” Paruru finally got a hold of herself.

“Don’t worry. It’s my fault in the first place. You have AKBingo shoot tomorrow, right?”

“Y-Yes. Tomorrow is AKBingo.”

“Okay then, see you tomorrow. I will be there as photographer. Finally I can work again.”

Paru released a sigh. “Okay then, see you tomorrow.”



“Thank you for missing me that much. See you.”

That’s all and she hung up.

The call is long over but Paru still has her phone in her ears. She was just looking at an empty space. It’s true. She missed her Hoshi so much. She wants to see her as soon as possible. She felt her heart beating so fast. She wiped her face with her palm and shook her head.

“It can’t be. I can’t be inlove with Hoshi. What about Yuihan?”


I'm really sorry for the confusion I made last chapter. I never expected that many people will be curious about Maru's oshimen like that. I dropped one hint in the beginning of Sakura's Arc. I think that's the only hint I have given before this chapter. (I really thought that my explanation with the votes would reveal it but I guess I'm really bad with numbers. I'm really sorry about that.) But I've given another clue here. I think it narrowed the choices, right?  :glasses:
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I will surely add more. :)

Hmmm.... Haruppi? And your oshimen is Paruru? If i got this wrong... Then i give up  :P XD I'll just enjoy the rest of this story peacefully  :lol: :D :cow: otsukare~ Cut san

I really don't want to reveal the answer by myself. I want my precious readers to figure it out. But yeah, my oshimen is Paruru. I think it's so obvious with my avatar.

I got so curious, that I can't hold myself to type this as soon as I read the updates.... (take it as a compliment please)
Seriously is it Haruppi or someone else, I even googled the senbatsu list from this year and from the previous year to guess this, but still I don't think if my guess is right or not....
AAAAÀAAHHHHHHH.... I hate you for making me so curious at 1 a.m in the morning (again, take this as a compliment)
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Haha. Sorry for making you so curious that night. I hope you got some good sleep despite of that. :)

Thank you all. There were two people who voted Yes. 4 people for No and 3 people for the other option. Haha. Please stay with me until the end.  :cathappy:
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-09) Music Station
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
MUSIC STATION (A Sudden UZA Dance Battle)



All the girls of the senbatsu were surprised to see the second generation ace and their dai-senpai, Oshima Yuko, at the practice room of TV Asahi. They are there for a guesting in the famous M-Station where they will promote their newest single. It is also a two-hour special where the show ranked the top ten idol songs with the hardest choreography. UZA ranked in.

Yuko stood up from her seat. “Yo! Long time no see, everyone!”

All the younger senbatsu members flocked at Yuko. Yuihan looked at Kojiharu but it seems even NyanNyan doesn’t know that Yuko will be there. The face of the girlfriend is stained with bewilderment.

Yuko clapped her hands to gather their attention. “We don’t have much time left, let’s practice UZA!”

“W-W-Wait…” Yuihan raised her hand and stepped forward. “You are going to perform with us, Yuko-san?”

“Of course, this is UZA, you know?” the squirrel answered with an innocent face.

“But I was not informed about this.” The GM mumbled.

“Because this is a surprise, Yui-sou-chan.” Yuko winked at her and tapped her shoulder. The squirrel then went to NyanNyan and spanked the girl’s butt. Kojiharu’s usual tsundere behavior towards Yuko surfaced and shouted at the sneering squirrel. She then turned to Mayu and made the oshiri sign with her hands. The other girl did the same. It’s like their secret handshake.

Everyone was pumped up that they can perform again with Yuko. They immediately made adjustments to the positions because there are already 5 members of the original UZA senbatsu that graduated (if you add Yuko then it is 6) and Miichan is not part of the top 16. The front part is obviously taken by the members who ranked higher but the centers are the original WCenter. Since UZA is an original 16 senbatsu song, they have to subtract one from their lineup. Paruru offered herself as the sacrifice. She cannot dance this song anymore.

They practiced around five times and they were sent to the dressing room. It’s now the matter of how professional they are to memorize the new formation and steps.

“I’m glad that I can dance with you again, Yuko-san.” Jurina said with a wide smile as they were heading to the dressing room.

Yuko smiled at her. “It will be another showdown between the two of us, Jurina.”

The pup got more pumped up after hearing the word ‘showdown’. She is overflowing with the spirit of competition since she was young and it never runs out.

“I won’t let you down, Yuko-san.”

“I’m expecting for a good show.” Yuko sneered.

THE SHOW is already almost over. The group has already promoted their latest single, Love Trip, at the earlier part of the show. Now it’s time to announce the rank 1 of the idol song with the most complicated choreography.

The girls went to their position as a VTR about UZA is being shown. The lights are dimmed and they are waiting for Yuko to join them at the formation but the former ace is nowhere to be found. Yuihan calmed them down that maybe Yuko will come out as a surprise. It is a live show so they can’t really mess up.

The VTR contained an interview with Yuko. Everyone on the audience cheered when they saw her. The power of this squirrel is really immeasurable. Even though she has graduated, she remains popular to the fans.

In the VTR, Yuko first talked about the song. She mentioned how hard they practiced it that time and how they wanted to perfect it because it is the first single after Acchan left. Everything suddenly become suspicious when Yuko was shown practicing with a certain girl. The shot was taken from behind them that’s why they cannot see who the girl was.

And then Shinobu-san also appeared at the interview which made everything more suspicious. She was being interviewed while Yuko and another girl was seen practicing.

“I don’t know why but I received an order to make her center the song with Jurina-chan. I was also surprised to see Yuko-chan came here just to convince her.”

“She doesn’t want to do this?” The interviewer asked.

“She doesn’t like to. I tried to convince her with everything I got but she said that it will be crazy to do this. She said that it is unfair to the girls who are striving hard just to get the position. It took an Oshima Yuko to convince her.”

The interview went back to Yuko who was smiling from ear to ear.

“Do you guys remember when I picked Mukaichi Mion-chan to center Heavy Rotation? Well, I’m going to pick another center again…”

The audience’s expectation was raised above the ceiling after that statement. They are all on the edge of their seats.

“What the heck is happening?” Jurina asked herself. All of them are clueless of what’s going on.

[Will start in 10 seconds]

That was written in the cue card which alerted everyone. They don’t know what’s happening but they know they have to perform.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is UZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

The music started and all cameras are on the group. Jurina came out with the first explosion. She got her performer face on. Whoever the picked center is, she is willing to have this showdown with her. She looked at the other side of the stage to see who is coming and…

Walking with angst as the song requires, Maru came out. She’s on the same outfit but she’s wearing a mask and a lensless glasses. The whole audience stood up from their seats as they recognized who it is. They were so loud that the floor director couldn’t handle them.

The second explosion came in and Maru removed everything that covers her face. She sneered as her face was being focused by the camera. Everyone on the studio was in such a hype even the hosts of the program are standing to take a better look.

MMG has been unmasked and who knows that the noise will be this big. She was just a wandering girl at the bus stop where Paru met her months ago. And now she is dancing as a center of AKB48? Aki-P must be crazy?!!!!

The surprised members, because they are all professionals, managed to dance the way they are expected to dance even though they were surprised. Maru goes along with the formation smoothly as if she had practiced with them. She knows exactly where to go. Her lips are seen moving but she doesn’t have a mic attached to her.

Jurina felt like she is being outshone as the other center. At one point, she saw Yuko sitting with the audience, quietly watching the performance.

“I’m expecting for a good show.”

Jurina smirked when she remembered what Yuko said.

“So, this is what you are talking about, Yuko-san? Then, I’ll give you a good show.”

Jurina started to shine as the original center of the song. The two centers are shining in such a light that the other girls caught the virus. They started dancing with more coolness.

The UZA version they are performing was the version that they first presented. It was the one with dance showdown as the bridge part. The only difference now is that they don’t have back up dancers. They will dance through that showdown. That gave them some tough time during rehearsals. (It will be nice if you can watch it again. :D )

There goes the part of the drum solo being danced by Juri, Mion, Nana, Akari, Kitarie and Tomu. None of them is showing that they will be left out. Everyone danced in great synchronization.

The next drum pattern was danced by NyanNyan, Haruppi, Yui and Sasshi. Everyone is doing better than expected. Next was the solo of Mayu and Yukirin. They successfully did that pumping choreography.

And now with eight counts each, Sakura and Sayanee performed their solo. Followed them is the WCenter’s term. Each move is like raging war to each other. There were times that their stares would meet and they will just sneer at each other. Sakura and Sayanee joined them after 16 counts. The dance floor is on fire as they dance the final four eights of the bridge. No one is there to lose. The audience cheered loudly when the monster bridge ended and the outro of the song came in.

The song ended with a bang and all the audience were cheering, shouting ‘AKB, AKB, AKB’ again and again. They haven’t felt so much hype from AKB after such a long time. Even the twitter universe is going to explode because of that performance. It isn’t just because of Maru’s unmasking but everyone really pulled off a wonderful show. It is like all the fans that are posting on SNS [Make AKB Cool Again] jumped out of their seats and cried in gladness after seeing that cool UZA number.

The hosts of the show joined them and congratulated them for a job well done.

“Wasn’t that just a super great performance?!” Tamori exclaimed. “This type of is AKB, I haven’t seen this for a very long time!”

The audience gave another round of applause to them and they all returned with a bow.

“That was really, really cool!” The co-host, Hironaka Ayaka, seconded. “I got goose bumps while watching them. May I also call on stage Oshima Yuko-san and Shimazaki Haruka-san.”

Yuko went up on stage while wearing her signature squirrel smile, waving and greeting all the audience. Paruru also went up as she was invited. She’s still awestruck by the sudden happenings on the stage.

“Oshima-san, what can you say about the performance?” Hironaka asked the former ace.

Yuko smiled while shaking her head. “That was really, really great! I was kinda worried because it was UZA with the crazy bridge but they set the house on fire! Right, minna-san?!”

The audience shouted a loud ‘YES’. Yuko was very delighted.

“Shimazaki.” Tamori called Paruru that got a bit surprised. “What can you say?”

“Ah? Uhmmm…” Paruru looked at Maru’s direction and the girl just barely raised her hand to greet her. “What should I say? M-Maru-san just…”

Everybody’s attention went to Maru who was standing around a meter away from the group. Maru felt her sweat suddenly turned into cold water.

“Oh yes!” Tamori slapped his forehead as if he has forgotten. “The Mysterious Masked Girl was finally unmasked!”

The camera was focused to Maru and she bowed to greet the audience. The live audience started cheering again. She bowed a multiple times to show how thankful she is.

“What is her name again?”

The members are all saying ‘Maru-chan’ in a very cute way. A staff gave Maru a mic. Looks like it’s time for her to speak again.

“Konbanwa, Hoshino Maru-desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” Somehow she managed to say that clearly. The audience cheered ‘MARU-SAMA!’.

“MMG really seems well-known to your fans. She’s so pretty~” Hironaka commented. Everyone on the audience agreed with her statement. “Anyway, somehow the members looked a little surprised when she came out. Was that a surprise?”

“It’s a surprise!” Sasshi emphasized. “You see, you see? When we came at the practice room we were surprised to see Yuko-san there. She said that she will perform with us and then Maru-chan just came out of nowhere!”

“No one was informed even me.” Yui stated with a smile.

Yuko laughed at the reactions of the members. “I was a little curious about this MMG so I came to Akimoto-sensei personally just to find out about her but I arrived in the office where Shinobu-san is convincing her to dance UZA. It was really funny. Shinobu-san is almost begging to her so I butted in.”

“Meanie. You surprised us!” The members started murmuring to each other.

A cue card was suddenly raised. [Tell Hoshino to stand with AKB]

Maru didn’t notice it because she was just fidgeting with her mic. The MC noticed the distance she has away from AKB. It will be tough for the cameraman to get a full shot.

“Hoshino-san, why don’t you stand with AKB?” Tamori suggested but it felt like a command.

Surprised, Maru shook her head. “Focus with AKB, please.”

“What are you talking about? You just danced as a center.”

Suddenly, everyone fell silent when Sakura walked to where Maru is in little, awkward movements. She then held on to Maru’s arm and escorted her to the group. Jurina’s eyes twitched with the scene. Maru was made to stand on the side where a certain Hakata girl is also standing. The girl smiled at her but Maru avoided eye contact and looked down.

“What was that little show all about?” Tamori asked; dumbfounded at what he witnessed.

“Did Sakura just escort her in? The lone wolf Sakura?”

“Sasshi!” Sakura shouted at Sasshi with a smile, telling her to stop teasing her.

“Hora,” Yuko shouted. “That’s why I really wanted to check her. Before Sakura-chan, she got Paruru and Milky. I wanted to meet her personally to warn her not to make a move to my NyanNyan.”

“YUU-CHAN!” Kojiharu slapped Yuko’s shoulder but the squirrel didn’t mind. She jumped to NyanNyan for a hug but tsundere Nyan continually shoves her off.

This time another cue card was raised. [End the show.]

“Anyway, before this cool stage became a Yuri paradise, let’s end this show. It was a really great way to end the ranking with that superb dance number. Again, everyone, AKB48 plus Hoshino Maru-san and Oshima Yuko-san~”

They bowed to the camera and waved.

“This is the MUSIC STATION!”

UZA was played as the outro. After about ten seconds, the ON AIR light turned off. The live is already finished.

The girls thanked the audience before they went backstage. Sayanee and Yuihan immediately went to Maru to congratulate her. Sayanee messed her hair and pinched her cheeks so hard.

Jurina was just staring at them when Yuko tapped her in the shoulder.

“That was indeed a great show. You didn’t fail me, Jurina. You’re a real center.” That’s all and Yuko walked in with her NyanNyan. As usual, Yuko is all over Haruna but the girl is just pushing her off. Jurina was a little tired because an SKE song also ranked in but she gave her best and shone brightly during the dance battle. Everyone who watched the performance surely has noticed it.

Jurina smiled. It is always a joy for her to be praised by Yuko. It felt like she has found another rival and she is so much ready to wage war.

“WHAT the heck was that, Maru-chan?! That was very cool!”

Yuihan cannot help but to praise Maru after the performance. It was a tough dance and she just had a showdown with non-other than the ace of Sakae, Matsui Jurina, who is also known as a monster in the dance stage.

Maru threw herself at an empty seat and closed her eyes. “It’s finally finished. I’m glad they didn’t make me wear a skirt.”

“You are really something, kiddo.” Sayanee exhaled. “Hey, where are your glasses? You are almost blind without them, right?”

“I got my eyes operated when I was in Korea. My eyesight is much better now.”

“You were really cool back then Maru-san.” Sakura commented after gathering her courage to talk. “I didn’t know that you can also dance.”

Maru opened her eyes and lifted her back from the chair.

“I was forced to do so. If you only know how I felt after being terrorized by Oshima-san. I’m glad I was flat or else she might’ve done something more.” Maru released a sigh of relief. “I will put that puffer fish into bondage next time I see her for telling Akimoto-sensei that I can dance.”

A towel fell over Maru’s head. It was thrown by Yuko.

“Not bad, Maru-chwan. That was cool.”

“T-Thank you, Oshima-san…”

Yuko laughed. “I’ll be watching you but now let me have a sweet time with my NyanNyan.”

“Yuu-chan!” Kojima shouted as she felt Yuko groping her butt.

Yuihan and Sayanee laughed at the KojiYuu scene.

“I should go change now. We still have AKBingo filming for tomorrow.” Sayanee stated.

“I should go to. Sakura-chan, Maru-chan, you should also go.” Yui told them before leaving.

The two just nodded but they stayed at that place for a little while.

“You’re not going to change, Haruhi-san?” Sakura asked.

“I’m gonna go change if everyone is finished changing. You should go.”

“Ah… Uhm… I’d like to—“

Suddenly, coming swiftly like a wind, Jurina came and stole Sakura. She grabbed Sakura’s arm and ran to the dressing room.

“Sorry, I’m taking what’s mine!!” Jurina shouted and laughed while running. Sakura was so embarrassed that she can’t help but to follow Jurina’s lead. She wanted to talk more with Maru but a puppy just stole her.

Maru just released a sigh as she watches them disappear from her sight. She leaned back to the chair and closed her eyes. She remained that way for almost a minute until…


Paruru jerked when she heard her name being called. She was hiding on a pillar and was just looking at her Hoshi. She moved from where she is and stood in front of the exhausted girl.

“How did you know I was there?” Paruru asked.

Maru opened her eyes and looked at her. “Your scent… It’s the same as last time, right?”

“Gross.” Paruru commented although she is trying so hard not to blush. Actually, she hasn’t changed her perfume since the last time Maru complimented that she smells nice. “Are you some kind of a dog?”

Maru just laughed. “Don’t change that scent. It might come handy in the future.”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

Maru shook her head slowly. It feels like she’s just saying to forget about what she said. She looked at Paruru straight to her eyes and smiled.

“Haruka… Tadaima…”

Paruru returned a sweet smile. “Okaerii… Hoshi.”


They both turned to Shinobu who suddenly appeared. Paruru hid her face because of the sudden rush of blood.

“I hate to interrupt this sweet reunion but Maru-chan… Can you come with me for a moment?”

“Sure.” Maru stood up from her seat. “See you later, Haruka.”

Paruru just nodded and the other girl went away with Shinobu. Paruru took a deep breath.

“I’m not inlove with her.” She said as she released her breath. “It is Yui. It is Yui… Not Hoshi.”


She looked at the source of that voice. She saw Yuihan waving at her from the door of the dressing room.

“Get changed already. You have to rest early.” Yui ordered her with a smile on her face.


She rushed to Yui and the GM arched her around Paru’s shoulder. She started talking about how cool the performance was and how she felt so happy seeing all the hype from the audience. Paruru just listened to all what Yuihan said with a smile.

“Yes, it is Yuihan that I like. But why do I feel…”


Next chapter is crazy as well... *wink*
Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-09) Music Station
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YOSHAAA!!! ARIGATOU SHORTCUT-SAN :farofflook: :farofflook:

Maru released a sigh of relief. “I will put that puffer fish into bondage next time I see her for telling Akimoto-sensei that I can dance.”
LOL good job miyuki~ :nya:

Paruru just nodded and the other girl went away with Shinobu. Paruru took a deep breath.
“I’m not inlove with her.” She said as she released her breath. “It is Yui. It is Yui… Not Hoshi.”
i feel MaruParu here. Maru-kun, please don't go for incest with your mother :bingo: :bingo:
Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-09) Music Station
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I feel like someone is going to be a sadist to a certian fish in the group hahaha😂😂😂

UZA!!! :yossi: :otomerika: :cow: :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

are you in love? or are you in love~~~~? haha 😍😍😍
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-13) AKBINGO! (D_N_O)
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Good evening, everyone~ I got caught up with lots of things today. Sorry, I got home late and posted this late. I'm really sorry for making y'all wait. Thanks for those who messaged me to remind me about the update. The chicken I ate was really nice and I savored every bit of it and the bus I rode was very slow; the 30 minute ride felt like almost an hour. Really sorry... Here is the update. Hope you enjoy this as well~  :heart: :yep:

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

In a world where the Bad Boys didn’t graduate…

AKBINGO got a special episode with only the senbatsu members present. It is very rare to see an all senbatsu set. Since they are all busy or caught up with another schedule, most of the time the younger members are in charge of AKBingo. But today is a very special taping.


Sata did the title call of the segment with so much energy. It’s not that he doesn’t like the other members but he and Kiyoto are just happy to see the members that they do not usually see but were the ones who started the show with them. Sadly, Kojima Haruna and Kitahara Rie couldn’t make it today. They were the only ones who are absent. Kojiharu had a pictorial abroad while Kitarie had to go back to Niigata for her babies.

“Saa, today we have all these girls!”

The camera got a full shot of the girls on the seats. They are all wearing their casual clothes.

“C-Chotto matte, Sata-san!” Juri cut out. “I understand why Kojima-san and Kitahara-san are not here but where are the others?”

Juri is pertaining to the group that got separated to them. Sayanee, Jurina, Tomu, Naachan and Mayuyu where put in a separate dressing room. They were also told not to go to where they are.

“Yes! You didn’t even orient us on what we are going to do.” Yukirin complained. “What are we really going to do exactly? You made us sit here without anything.”

“What a noisy giraffe.” Kiyoto’s ridicule made everyone laugh and had Yukirin up from her seat.

“Saa, saa… Actually, among you, there are two people who know what is going on.”

The members looked at each other to confirm who those two are. They looked around as if they are looking for criminals.

“Saa! Those two, reveal yourselves!”

Suddenly, two girls who are sitting on the front row jumped out from their seats.

“It’s us!” Sasshi and Yuihan raised their fists to the camera. All the girls at the back where pointing and shouting at them of course except Paruru. The two went to join the Bad Boys at the MC side.

“I-Is this some sort of a dokkiri?” Mion stammered.

“No, no, no. You two, go and do the title call again.” Sata ordered the accomplices.


“G-Group date?”

The tension rose up after that title call part two. Group date? They are in a love ban so surely there will be no real boys that are going to appear. It only means one thing…

“Oy, Shimazaki! Why is your face like that?”

Paruru doesn’t seem like she is having fun. She is showing her usual salty face.

“The reason why you move the others to another dressing room is because they will be doing danso, right?” She answered frankly.

Sata swatted her with his pointer. Sasuga, even senbatsu members are not exempted to Sata’s swats. “You are ruining the surprise, you know?”

Paruru just laughed off the abuse from Sata. “I am right, am I not?”

Sata just shooked his head while smiling. “You know, we even told them to act like real boys!” He tried to give Paruru another swat when Yuihan stopped him. Everyone on the bench started cheering YuiParu.

Paru clung to Yui the same she found refuge in the GM when Komiyama Haruka wanted to have a pair with her. “I already have Yui so I don’t think I can go on a group date.”

“Wooh~” The girls started to tease them. Paruru is suddenly so clingy to Yui and saying sweet things to her. Even Yui found it a little bit strange since it was a long time since Paru expressed fondness of her like this. Well, she didn’t mind. To her, having Paruru cling to her like this is such a nice feeling.

“Are you telling us that you are not joining, Paruru-chan?” Sasshi asked.

Paruru looked at the girls in the bench. It seems like she counted them. She also looked at the empty stools in front of them. “There are only six stools but there are seven girls if you include me.”

“Are you doing math now?” Kiyoto sarcastically asked which made everyone laugh. “This is work, you know?”

Paruru just giggled. “Maybe I will just watch.”

Sata shook his head again. “You’ve analyzed it well, Shimazaki. But if you analyze it more, there is some abnormality in here. If the senbatsu has 16 members and two of you are absent and another two here are commentators, how come there will be six stools if there are seven girls on the bench?”

Everyone looked blankly at Sata. It seems like they are having hard times doing the math. It was a term of awkward silence.

“They all look stupid. Simple math they can’t even do.”

The girls tried to defend themselves with Kiyoto’s comment but it was true they can’t even get the answer of the simple math. That’s BKA, I mean, AKB for you.

“Quiet! Quiet!” Sata silenced the girls with wild hormones. “I know you are all waiting for this. You can go all out to find a match without worrying about scandal.” He then had a glimpse of Sasshi. Sasshi slapped him in the back.

“What’s that for, Sata-san? Mou, that was long time ago!”

Sata and Kiyoto just laughed. They just missed picking on Sasshi that’s why they are not holding back today in doing what the Bad Boys do.

“Let’s welcome all the boys!”

The lights dimmed and the spotlight transferred to the infamous shadow door of AKBingo.

“DANSO NUMBER 1!” The announcer, Iwami Seiji’s, voice put more tension to the event. On the shadow door was a silhouette of whom they don’t know. The door rose up and Okada Nana came out. She is in a blazer school uniform. The same outfit she wore on the mousou drama she did with Yuiri.

“Favorite place is the school rooftop. Doesn’t like to see people being bullied. He might be popular in school but he definitely notices you! Presenting the school’s top ikemen—“

The background music stopped and the camera focused on Nana’s face.

“Okada Nanao-desu. They say I’m so friendly at school but actually I want to be friends with you.”

The girls at the bench giggled after seeing Nanao-kun. Nanao-kun indeed became famous after that mousou drama and now he is back by popular demand. He then sat to her designated stool and the next ikemen came short after.

“DANSO NUMBER 2!”The door rose again and Muto Tomu came out. Wearing a short brown hair and a hiphop dancer like outfit, she came out with angst and started posing in front of the camera.

“You may call him dance-baka for his passion for dancing but that’s his way to communicate his heart out. His eyes might look bored whenever you talk about other things but he is listening. The dance master ikemen—“

“I danced for many years of my life and it became hard for me to talk to girls. I’m the type who likes to be lead. Muto Tomuyuki-desu.”

Tomuyuki received a lot praises from the giddy girls. It wasn’t the first time that Juri and Mion saw him but they still think he is very cool.


Everyone got more excited knowing that the next three names are big. Their jaw dropped when the door rose up making way for Sayanee who is wearing a suit. His aura looks sophisticated and well-mannered. His hair was brushed in the side to make it look flat but he has bangs as his hair is parted on the side. The girls cannot stop their excitement. He is the rich kei danshi!

“I’m a CEO’s son. Huh? I’m not bragging about it. It just came as a habit. I would really like to be a musician but I’m an heir so I don’t have a choice. I came here to somehow have fun from my stressful life. Yamamoto Sai-desu.”


All hell broke loose when Jurina came out. His hair is light brown and styled like a Korean ikemen. He is wearing some outgoing, stylish clothes which made every heart pump twice the normal speed. He is the naughty-type danshi.

“I’m not a player as everybody says. I’m willing to be committed to one person only.” He then winked at Sakura on the bench. The girl immediately flustered. “I’m Matsui Jun at your service.”


Everyone almost fainted after seeing the next danso. It was the most famous danso of Mayu. He is wearing a white coat which she then removed after coming out. He then fixed his glasses and combed his hair with his fingers.

“Taking a break from the medical school. Please don’t tell me that I’m hopeless for love. Watanabe Yuma-desu.”

(Dunno. She used Minami in AKBingo before, but Takamina and Miichan always come to my mind so I decided to go for Yuma.)

“Wow! The danso level we have now is very high!” Sasshi commented. “Why did you make me a commentator? I want to choose from them too!”

“You’ve had enough experience, you know?”


There was another roll of laughter in the studio. Sasshi is being picked like the old times. Sata calmed them down.

“And now, the next ikemen for the sixth stool—“

“What? There is another one? But it’s all of them already, right?”

“K-Kojima-san? Is Kojima-san coming out?”

The four MCs looked at the girls with blank stares. Yui shook her head in frustration.

“Yokoyama,” Kiyoto called. “This is what Takamina left you--A group of slowpokes.”

Yui slapped her forehead knowing that she will deal with this bunch for a long, long time. With all of them not knowing what is happening, the lights dimmed again and the main camera focused to the shadow door.

A shadow of another ‘guy’ is casted on the door. Everyone’s breath is on halt. The door rose up and a guy in white tee topped with a black leather jacket came out. His jet black hair is parted to the side but still leaves only a few fringes. It’s a cool, clean look and he looks like a real ikemen. But the question is: who is he? They can’t identify who it is because of the sunglasses he is wearing.

“Flew from the other side of the world to meet you; Are you ready for the noise he is going to make? The guy from Paris, the half-blooded kei danshi!”

Sata and Kiyoto are seen laughing in the background while Sasshi’s mouth is wide open. It looks like the other danso contenders don’t know anything about it. The lights went open without the ikemen giving his self-introduction. The Bad Boys stood at the both side of the guy while still snickering.

“Who is he? His style looks so Korean.”

“But Iwami-san said he is from Paris. He looks so cool.”

The members, again, are murmuring in the back. Sakura felt like she knows who this is.

“Before I let you know his name. Let me call on Nakayama Kazuteru-sensei~!!!”

An old guy in a doctor’s robe came and joined them in the studio. All eyes are glued on the somehow familiar guy. Jurina suddenly stood up from her seat.

“YOU?!” She shouted while pointing at the doctor. “You are the doctor from that time!”

“Yes!” Sata answered. “He is the doctor that came long time ago that hypnotized Maeda, Takahashi, Miyazawa and the other girls. That episode really made a fuzz.”

“That was ages ago! I’m glad you’re still alive, Nakayama-sensei.”

The doctor just laughed at Kiyoto’s joke. “I’m glad I was called back. That was really long time ago.”

Jurina grumpily sighed and went back to her seat. “I will never forget him. He hypnotized Rena before. Why is he here?” She murmured.

“Calm down, pup. We’re on a show.” Sayaka whispered.

“Back in the episode 26 of AKBingo, Nakayama-sensei came to hypnotize the girls so that they can overcome their fears. But today, he came especially just to hypnotize one person! And that person is the person beside me.” Sata tapped the shoulder of the danso beside him.

The guy removed his sunglasses and a pair of piercing eyes was shown in the camera.

“M-MARU-CHAN?!!” Everyone was dumbfounded. They know that Maru has some ikemen aura but they didn’t know that she will look this good in just simple men’s clothes. Paruru realized that the reason she wasn’t able to see her even though she said that she will be coming to the studio is this.

“I don’t have much time for self-introduction. I’m Hoshino Marco. It’s nice to meet you all.”

Her voice is a little low pitch as well fitting to her character.

“It’s MMG, ladies and gentlemen!” Sata introduced. “We all know that she will not obey orders unless she is thoroughly convinced so we made a huge plan just for her to be tamed. Right now, she is under some deep hypnosis, right Sensei?”

The doctor nodded in agreement. “I hypnotized Hoshino-san and made her believe that she is a real boy.”

“EHHHHH???” Even Paruru’s eyes widened after hearing the news. Right now her Hoshi is in deep hypnosis and thinks that she is a real boy. Just what the hell was on her mind when she said she will not join the game? She then looked at Yui who seems like enjoying what is happening.

“I can’t betray Yui any longer.” She thought to herself and went back to watching.

“Right now, everything that Hoshino-san will do or say will be based on the boy side of her. You will all meet her real boy side.” Sata explained further.

“The hypnosis took a really long time before her subconscious surrendered so you better not miss this chance.”

The girls in their seat started to have goose bumps after hearing the statement. “Scary.” They all complained. It is really a scary thing to be hypnotized, right?

“Pfft. Here she comes again.” Jurina rolled her eyes. Sayanee was just observing her.

(At this point, I will call the girls in danso in their danso name and use male pronouns for them.)

Marco went to his seat. He is sitting at the top right corner beside Tomuyuki. Sai, Jun and Yuma are sitting in the front row.

“The goal of this group date is to find the pair at the end of the day. If a pair was made, they will be given a date to the aquarium as a prize!”

Everyone became ecstatic after hearing the prize. It was like a dream to many because they were not allowed to go on things like this. They always grab the chance to enjoy this kind of variety.

The boys and girls were made to sit in front of each other. The usually full benches are emptied. Paruru was also made to sit with the girls but she will not pick a pair as she has said in the earlier part.

The members are being called one by one and are interviewed secretly. They were asked who their pick at first impressions is.

Juri picked Sai for she wanted to date an older guy while Mion picked Nanao because it seemed like they are in the same age. Haruppi thinks that Jun is really cool and stylish so he is her first pick. Akari picked Tomoyuki because she said that she also loves dancing. Yukirin, as expected, picked Yuma saying that he is her type. Sakura picked Marco because of his style and she said that she wants to know him more.

The girls looks like evenly distributed without any rivalry. But when the others were asked why they don’t pick Marco they give the same reason—He is mysterious and hypnotized. They are worried that he will suddenly attack like a wolf. Little rabbits are afraid of wolves. XD

They also called the boys and asked them the same thing. Nanao said that he is torn between Mion and Akari. He thinks that Mion is cute but he also thinks that girls in short hair like Akari is also cute. Tomoyuki chose Juri. He thinks that her aura looks nice. Sai also picked Juri saying that he likes girls with dead eyes. Even the Bad Boys are confused is he is complimenting or insulting her. Yuma, without second thoughts, chose Yukirin while Jun had his eyes set on Sakura from the very beginning. Marco, on the other hand, didn’t pick anyone saying that they didn’t leave much impression to him. Looks like the much undesired Marco’s taste is high.

The producers of the segment thought that this will be a rather crazy group date because they are not in the same age group and not from the same generation. There is even one extra but they are the ones who are being sought after nowadays. Ratings are important. $___$

In the first part of the segment, it is free talking. They will basically just raise and receive questions in order to get a wider knowledge about each other.

“I know this is kind of a cliché question but,” Juri started. “If ever what are you going to do in the first date?”

“I would love to bring my date into my school. I know you, girls, don’t really have much time to enjoy a normal school life. I would love to tour you around and maybe introduce you to my club members…” Nanao answered; looking a little bit shy.

“Which club are you in?” Mion asked.

“I’m in the basketball club.”

“Oooh.” Looks like the girls liked the fact that he is in a sports club.

“You just want to show them how popular you are at school, right?” Sata dissed him but Nanao politely negated what he said.

“It’s not like that. I also want to present to everyone the girl that I like.”

“Subarashi!” The girls clapped at his answer. Even Sasshi who is supposed to be a co-MC is listening so attentively with her eyes sparkling. This girl looks like she is about to prey on someone.

“It’s good to have a boyfriend who is proud of you, right?” Everyone nodded at Yui’s comment. “How about you Tomuyuki-kun?”

“Hmmm…” Tomuyuki thought aloud. “I’m not really good in talking generally. Dancing is the way I express myself. Hmmm… How about I take you in one of my dance battles? It would really be nice to have someone cheer for me.”

“I’m sure you got a lot of girls cheering for you during dance battles.” Akari commented.

“Not really. Hmmm… There are girls who cheer for me but… wouldn’t it be nice to be cheered by a girlfriend?”

Again the girls clapped at the answer. This kind of answers make their hearts flutter. Paruru was just there laughing at them. Some might say that she is low-key judging them.

“I would like to bring you to my music room.” Sai thriftily answered which made their eyes widen.

“Sorry? You’re going to bring the girl at your room? Sai-kun is such a carnivore!”

Everyone shrieked at Kiyoto’s comment.

“It’s not like that. I said MUSIC room.” Sai stressed out. “I like making music but none of my family members are listening to it saying that it doesn’t have anything to do about my future as a CEO. I would like you to hear my music.”

All of them released their breath when the confusion was brought to light. They really thought that Sai is one step ahead since he looks like a really mature guy.

“Let’s go wherever you want. I will treat you like a princess.” Jun answered while eyeing Sakura. Sakura bowed her head to hide her flustered face.

“That sounds like something a player will say.” Sata interrupted.

Jun just laughed out the allegation. “I always receive that kind of impression but I’m not really a player. I just like to treat girls as precious gems.”

“Ha. Like stealing a kiss from girls whose guards are down?” Yuma commented.

Everyone fell silent as the atmosphere of the room became heavy. It looks like there is something going on between these two guys. Jun rolled his eyes as he looked at Yuma. It was a stare down.

“Stahp, stahp!” Sata got in between them to cool down the heat. “No fighting, okay?”

“You go answer now, Yuma-kun.” Yuihan gave the floor to the medical student.

Yuma fixed his collar before talking.

“My major is a very serious thing. I might end up accidentally killing someone in the future if I don’t study seriously. It would be nice if you can help me study at home. I can’t assure you that I will be a sweet boyfriend but I will surely take care of your health.”

“Yeah, like checking if they are wearing the right underwear?” Jun avenged.

Yuma looked at him with sharp eyes. Everyone laughed because of the scene they are making. Jurina is known as a kiss monster while Mayu loves to peek at Yukirin’s skirt and look at her underwear. This feels like real to them.

They moved on to the last guy who was just quietly observing everyone from the very beginning. He looked like really surprised when his turn finally came. Everyone is waiting for her to speak.

“I don’t really know where to take you.” Marco sighed. “Honestly, I grew up in a house where love never existed. I do not believe that romantic love would last. I’m being honest with you now so that you won’t be disappointed at me in the end. For me, this kind of love may last for a year or two… You’re lucky if it survived for five years… But for me, this thing is just something to pass time.”

The girls looked at each other, feeling a little bit sad after hearing Marco’s story.

“I didn’t say that for you to pity me. I hate being pitied. Don’t look at me with those sad eyes.”

Paruru is just listening. Her heart is telling her that somehow, the things he is saying are really true. She can see right through those eyes that it is not a scripted answer.

“I-I-I…” Everyone’s stare transferred to Sakura. “I don’t think that all romantic love is the same as what you have said. I believe that there are love which stand up the test of time.”

Sasshi got another surprise from Sakura. Talking about things like love, is she really the Sakura that she knows?

“Ohh?” Marco reacted with clear disbelief in his face. He leaned forward while looking at Sakura with those piercing, lazy eyes. “Prove it to me then.”

[CHALLENGE] That was the subtitle that was printed out in the screen after Marco said those words. It was indeed in a challenging, provoking tone.

“Tss.” Jun crossed his arms and leaned on his chair. “Here she goes again.” He thought to himself.

“Can you tell us why you think like that?” Haruppi asked all of a sudden. Marco was taken aback and looked at another direction. He tried his hardest not to meet Haruppi’s eyes.

“Eh? Eh? What’s up with that reaction?” Sasshi asked as she stood up from her seat. Everyone was looking at each other while Haruppi was left curious. She doesn’t know if she has said something rude. On the other hand, Paruru actually knows what is happening.

Sata tried to control his laughter. “For you information everyone, Kodama is Marco-kun’s oshimen in real life.”

“What the hell? Don’t tell them that!” Marco shouted from his seat then covered his face with his shirt. “I told you it was our secret, Sata-san!”

Sata and Kiyoto laughed even more as he covered his face like a real guy. Everyone’s jaw dropped. It isn’t Sakura or Milky or Paruru. Maru’s oshimen is Kodama Haruka! Haruppi is in loss of words. Sakura who is just sitting beside her is looking at her with an open mouth. Paruru just released a sigh and bowed her head. So this is the kind of reaction she will do when she sees her favorite member, huh? That disappointed look didn’t escape Yui’s sight.

“So, is the reason why you ate so fast on the day of the SSK is because you are ashamed to face Haruppi? Not because you are shy of us?”

“What is that story all about, Sashihara?” The curious Sata asked.

“We ate together during SSK with the other girls that are also here. We asked her who did she vote but she said she didn’t vote for her oshimen. She even said that she doesn’t know how she will face her oshimen. I thought she just gulped all her food because we are asking her a lot of questions but it turned out that her oshimen is also in the table with us, which is Haruppi.”

That was Sasshi’s fast-paced story-telling. Marco’s head is just hanging with his eyes closed. Maybe asking himself why is he even there.

“If you didn’t vote for your oshimen, then who did you vote?” Sata asked.

Marco opened his eyes and sighed. He looked at the salty girl and their eyes met but Paruru immediately diverted her eyes. “I voted for Shimazaki-san.” He said under his breath.

Now everyone’s attention went to Paruru. Their heads turned to her as if on cue. Paruru tried her best to put a smile on her face. It’s the first time people close to Maru aside from Paruru to hear this news.

“Shimazaki!” Sata called her. “Marco-kun voted for you despite having an oshimen!”

“I just wanted to support her because she said that it will be her last.” Marco explained.

“Ha! You chose her over your oshimen but she didn’t change her mind about participating when she saw you.” Kiyoto tried to antagonize him. “Zannen.”

“It’s okay, Kiyoto-san. I did it for her without asking anything in return. I didn’t vote for her with ill intentions.” Marco then turned to Paruru. “Haruka, don’t let it bother you, okay?”

Paruru just nodded but still tried to avoid Marco’s stare. Marco then turned to Haruppi but then after three seconds of trying to look at her in the eyes, he couldn’t stand the cuteness and surrendered.

“I-I-I’m really sorry.” He started. “I’m going to make up in the next election.”

“D-D-Don’t worry about it, Marco-kun. It’s okay.” Haruppi even gave him a thumbs-up for him to stop worrying. Haruppi smiled at him which made him blush a bit. Sata couldn’t help but laugh at him because his weakness is undeniably Kodama Haruka.

“Why made you choose Haruppi to be your oshimen, Marco-kun?” Akari suddenly asked.

Marco was surprised for a moment but he immediately brought up his tsundere face. “B-B-Because whenever she smiles it makes me smile as well.”

“Kawaii~” The other members cheered for his sudden cute, tsundere actions. Marco blushed hard as well as the oshimen. That time he really wanted to be a bubble and be lost in the wind.

“Stop talking to me, weird girls.” He murmured.

The interview went on for 30 more minutes. The producer of the show is making sure that they are getting the best out of this segment. After it, they had 15 minutes break.

Sayanee went and arched her arms around Maru’s neck. “You, little brat! I didn’t know that Haruppi is your oshimen.”

Maru just sighed. “Get your face away from me or your chin will stab me.”

Sayanee just laughed and pressed her fist on Maru’s head. “You little punk!”

Maru felt another arm arched on her. It was Jurina.

“I thought you are a rival but you are a Haruppi-oshi!” She said with a huge smile on her face. “I just have to go all out for Sakura!”

Maru freed herself from the heavy arms on her back. She then turned to Jurina and looked at her with serious eyes.

“If you are really going after Sakura, you better be serious. If you ever try to hurt her…” Maru tilted her head upward and looked down at Jurina. “I will not forgive you, Matsui-san.”

Maru then left them and went out the studio for a while.

“What’s up with that kid, Sayanee?” Jurina asked with her eyebrows meeting. “I was ready to be friends with her but look at that. She even threatened me.”

“Maybe she thinks that you are not serious about Sakura-chan?” Sayanee answered innocently.

“Who’s not serious?” the furious puppy asked.

“Hmmm…” Sayanee paused. “If you are just trying to make this ship just to forget about Rena-san, you’re goin’ to have a bad time.”

“Eh? Why is Rena’s name dragged in this conver—“

Sayanee tapped her shoulders, nodded at her and then left. Jurina was left hanging.

“What the hell is going on?”

On the other corner of the studio…

“You two! Why are you so quiet?” Sasshi asked the two aces of HKT. They were just sitting together but not making any noise. The queen sat between them.

“Is it a little bit awkward after you found out who Maru-chan’s oshimen is?”

The two looked at her with faces that are obviously trying to deny what she said. “Don’t flash me those faces because you two are too obvious.” Sasshi pulled their heads closer.

“Right now Maru-chan is beginning to be the center of attention in this segment. Her danso look is just as perfect as Mayuyu said it will be. The female fans will surely like her even more.”

The two Hakata princesses are just listening to the queen.

“Take this as my advice. If you want to appeal more, go and fight for Maru-chan. Nothing is more exciting than the rivalry of the aces. It would be fun to watch some rivalry action coming from the two of you. I’m not telling you to fight, just be professionals.”

Sasshi stood up and fixed her clothes. “If you want to make noise, make a ruckus.” She winked at them and left. It was a long term of awkward silence between the two of them until…

“I’m going for it, Haruppi.” Sakura said as she turns to the other girl. “From the beginning I chose Maru-san. I don’t care if you are her oshimen. I want to be chosen by her as well.”

The word ‘chosen’ echoed at Haruppi’s mind. She might be the first generation ace but she wasn’t chosen as the center to their debut. She didn’t rank during their first election but Sakura did. She is called the fallen ace until she regained the title and became the center for their past singles. But still, Sakura is more favored over her. Being selected to be the first original HKT member to be in an AKB senbatsu, being selected as the center of the 43rd single, being given the main roles in a lot of dramas—Sakura is always the chosen one.

Haruppi balled her fists. She took one deep breath. “If that’s the case, I will gladly take up the challenge. I won’t let her get oshi-hened by you.”


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woahhh.... challenge between HKT princess begin!  :cow: :cow:
too bad paru not joined them :smhid

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The word "fallen" in  "the fallen ace " is more hurtfull than it sound
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

AFTER the break, they were brought into a different room where everything is set like a huge living room. There are hidden cameras in that room. The BadBoys together with Sasshi, Yuihan and the doctor are in a separate room. They are there to watch the group date in a different outlook and give commentaries about the interesting happenings.

(If you remember the show Renai Sousenkyo, this is somewhat similar.)

Paruru was made to join the next scenario by the producer. She may not do anything. She can just relax at the seats or talk with the girls. As long as she is being seen in camera it will be fine. That’s what the producer said. As it is also work, Paruru agreed.

When the participants entered the room, they all first looked around and see what they can do inside. On the other hand, Marco just sat at the sofa and picked a random book in the table in front of him. Sai, then, joined him trying to invite him in playing billiards with the other girls.

“You know what will Miyuki do to you if she gets to know about this, right?”

Marco’s line made Sai leaned backward. The latter imagined the torture he will suffer the moment Milky knows about it. He pinched Marco’s left cheek so hard that made the guy’s eyes watery.

“What’s that for, Shakure King?” Marco cried.

“This is work, you idiot! Don’t mention your Milky-mama’s name here. This is different.” Sai gritted at him with his face near him. Marco immediately pushed Sai’s face away and then shouted in pain.

“Ouch! My hand got stabbed!”

Everyone on the observation room laughed at that Marco and Sai scene. The two are being hilarious in their own world. Sai pressed his fist against Maru’s head again.

“You got stabbed? Huh? You got stabbed?”


Their attention was caught by Juri who has two glasses of juice in her hands. Sai stood up, fixed himself and got back in character.

“What is it Juri-chan?” He asked.

“You want some drink?” Juri answered with another question, raising one of the glasses. Her body language says that they should go on another place.

“Sure.” Sai went on with Juri but took one glimpse of Marco with a smug look before he left.

Marco shook his head and went on with his book. “He’ll be dead once he gets back to Osaka.”

Tomuyuki and Nanao are hanging out with Mion and Akari. They are having fun playing billiards. It looks like Tomuyuki is good at it. He is teaching Akari how to handle the billiard stick with Nanao jealously looking at them.

Sakura is being cornered by Jun. The Sakae prince is having his way to the Hakata princess just as he planned. He got her some snacks from the mini bar and they are eating it together while talking about themselves.

“This is bad for Kodama.” Sata commented. “Her initial pick is Jun-kun, right?”

The others just nodded and then Kiyoto gave a comment. “Jun-kun is all over Miyawaki.”

“Let’s see where is Haruppi.” Sasshi asked.

The focus went to Haruppi who is slowly going to the mini-bar to where Paruru is sitting alone.

“What? Is Haruppi-chan going for Paruru?” Yuihan suddenly blurted out.

Sasshi laughed at her at patted her back. “Not going to happen, Yui-sou-chan. Look at how scared she is in just trying to get close to Paruru.”

After a while, Haruppi managed to sit on the stool next to Paruru. The ‘salty’ girl, though surprised with Haruppi suddenly sitting beside her, greeted her with a smile.

“What’s up, Haruppi-chan?” Paruru asked.

“Uhm… Paruru-san…” The younger Haruka took a deep breath. “Wash should I jyu?”


It was another roll of laughter at the other room.

“Did she just stumble with her words?” Sata asked in between laughter.

“It was a very serious set up but then she ate her words.” Sasshi wiped the tears from her eyes.

The way Haruppi stumbled was so cute but she looks so tense. Paruru tried her hardest to control her laughter.

“I’m shorry, I really eat my words when I am nervous.” She took another deep breath. “Please help me, Paruru-san. I want to talk with Marco-kun now but I don’t know how I shall start.”

The expression on Paruru’s face changed for about a second but she managed to get back. She had a quick glimpse of Marco on the sofa before looking back at Haruppi.

“Are you… going after Marco-kun?” She asked with hesitance.

Haruppi’s face got a little flushed. “Y-Yesh…”

“WHAT?!!” The BadBoys shrieked. “She is now after Marco-kun!”

“Maybe it is because she found out that she is Marco-kun’s oshimen.” Yui said while looking intently on the screen. “It made her change her mind.”

Sasshi is just smiling as she watches. Finally Haruppi is making a move; she just has to wait if Sakura will also do something.

“I want to talk with him… But I really don’t know what to do,” said the nervous Haruppi.

“Ehhh…” Paruru thought aloud. “I don’t really know. When we talk we also just talk about random things. Hmm… How about ask him about his hobbies? You are his oshimen. I bet he will be really happy whatever topic you may open as long as you talk to him.”

“Really?” Haruppi jumped a little on her seat and then had an anxious glimpse to the guy she is talking about. “Should I just go and talk to him?”

“J-Just go.” Paru stammered. “He’s a good person.”

“Thank you, Paruru-san.”

That’s all and Haruppi left her seat. She then traveled to where Marco is. The commentator’s room is filled with anticipation as Haruppi went on her way to Marco. Even Paruru is watching her as she goes closer. Can she manage to talk to him?


Marco lifted his head as he heard a shy voice. His eyes automatically widened when he saw Haruppi standing near him. The girl is fidgeting with her fingers, trying to find the courage to talk to him. Marco turned to a statue.

“C-Can I sit beside you?” Haruppi asked. She tried so hard not to trip with her words.

Marco’s stiffed body moved like a robot that lacks oil. “S-Sure.” He made some space so that Haruppi can take a sit.

“Haruppi, go!” Sasshi cheered even though she can’t hear her.

There was a force field of awkwardness surrounding the two. Marco is covering his face with the book but he keeps on taking glances of the shy Haruppi. The Bad Boys are laughing so much at him because of his actions. They said that he is just like an elementary student experiencing his first love.

“T-Today’s weather is fine, right?” The girl tried to start a conversation.


“It would be nice to go out and take some walk to a park or something.”

“I-I-It would be better if this weather persists until night time. The sky will be filled with stars.”

“CHANCE!” Sata shouted. Even the uncles are excited of what is happening.

“You like stars?” Haruppi asked. She was surprised when Marco put the book back into the table.

“I like taking pictures of stars. Sometimes I will just look at them and it makes me at ease.” He answered as he makes himself comfortable at his seat. It looks like he is opening up.

“Can you show me the photos you have taken?”

“Sure, if you have time and I have my laptop with me I can show you. Stars are not be captured just by a normal cellphone camera so I don’t have any with my phone now.”

“That would be really nice.” It looks like the ice between them is beginning to break. “Do you have a favorite constellation?”

Marco smiled. It was the first time he smiled after the taping began. Everyone on the separate room is already so giddy about the two.

“Of course I do.”

“His favorite is Orion.” Paruru murmured to herself. It seems like she can hear their conversation. She forgot that she has a mic attached to her. The technician noticed a signal from her channel in the audio mixer and made her audible to the commentators. “And he likes it because it is very easy to find.”

“I like Orion the most. It is very easy to see because of its belt.” Marco answered. The MCs jaws dropped after they confirmed that Paruru’s answer is right.

“Sugoi…” Sasshi uttered. “It seems like they are really close in real life.”

Yui just nodded her head. She didn’t say anything. Her heart is starting to feel so much unease.

“Ah! Orion? I know that. That’s the one with three stars as his belt, right?” Haruppi even clapped her hands in excitement.

Marco nodded his head. “Orion was a great hunter according to stories. He fell in love with the moon goddess, Artemis but the brother of Artemis, which is Apollo, didn’t like that idea. That brother complained to Gaia. Then this Gaia sent Orion into a battle with Scorpio. In the end they both died. Zeus, then, put Orion in the winter sky and Scorpio in the summer sky so that they won’t fight again.”

Paruru was saying the exact same words as Marco while he was telling that story. Everyone was amazed with Paruru’s precision.

“Looks like it is Marco-kun’s favorite story.” Kiyoto commented with a weird smile on his face. “Shimazaki was able to memorize it.”

They heard how Paruru released a vexed sigh while playing with her glass of juice.

“Look! What is that sigh for?!” Sata’s tension sure is high today. “I think she is regretting her decision earlier.”

“Ya, ya, ya…” Yuihan raised her hand. “She’s not regretting anything I tell you.”

“Ha! Someone’s jealous!” Kiyoto teased.

“Did I bore you with that story?” Marco asked. “Sorry, I always get excited whenever the topic is about stars.”

Haruppi shook her head violently. “No, it wasn’t boring. I just thought that it is quite a sad story. Orion was not able to offer his love to the moon goddess.”

“Uhm.” Marco nodded. “But it is somehow nice. He was put in the sky where he is much nearer to the moon. I think that is enough. He can adore the moon as much as he likes.”

The conversation went on like that. It’s a chance to talk about love but it seems like Haruppi can’t bring up the topic. On the other hand, a cue card was raised on the other room.

[Sakuratan is moving.] This alerted the MCs. They remembered that Marco is Sakura’s initial pick. The focus transferred to where Sakura and Jun are.

“Sumimasen Jun-kun, I’m kind of full so…” Sakura tried to stand up but Jun was fast to stop her by holding her hand.

“Eh? Where are you going Sakura-chan?” Jun asked with his puppy face.

Not knowing how to answer, Sakura just bowed at him followed by another ‘Sumimasen’ and then she left. She’s heading towards Haruppi and Marco’s location.

“A rival has arrived! This is gonna be fun!”

“I’ve been waiting for this.” Sasshi stated with excitement. “IKEEEEE SAKURA! Go and fight for love!”

“Look at Jun-kun!” Yuihan laughed. “He looks so frustrated.”

Jun has his hands up to his head. Looks like he is thinking of what to do next so he decide to observe the happenings first. He moved to the mini-bar where Paruru is. The conversation at the nearby sofa is clearly audible there.

“Marco-kun~” Sakura caught his attention with an admirable call. “How is it going?” Sakura didn’t even bother asking if she can sit with them, she just sat at the other side of Marco. Haruppi suddenly became quiet.

“Ah, Sakura? What’s up?” Marco asked as he tilted his body to face Sakura.

Sakura just cutely shook her head while smiling sweetly. “I just like to talk to you.”

Marco sneered at her. “If you are asking for souvenirs (from Korea), I have it in my apartment. I’ll give it to you when we see each other again.”

Sakura gave out a cute snicker. “It’s not for the souvenir. I just really want to talk to you. You suddenly disappeared for how many days.” Sakura’s cheeks started to have a pinkish tint. “I kind of missed you.”

Marco smiled at her, stretch out his hand and gave some soft pats in the head.

“Silly. Why are you acting like that? I’ll double your souvenir then.”

Sakura blushed so hard. “It’s not about the souvenir, I said.”

“Tss.” Jun rolled his eyes. “Look at that, Paruru-chan. That guy is really dangerous.”

The staff didn’t notice Jun’s whisper because they are all concentrated with the battle of the Hakata princesses after Hoshino Marco. They are waiting for Haruppi to move but it seems like she is being overcome by shyness. They’ve seen her sighing a few times while watching the Marco x Sakura scene in front of her.

“Ah!” Marco suddenly remembered about Haruppi. Marco tried to look at Haruppi straight to her eyes but as expected, he still can’t. “I also have… Uhmm… here… I also have… ”

“What’s up with that? Can’t he say Kodama’s name?” Sata asked. The other room is full of excited people. Their bodies are even leaning on the table just to get a good view of what’s happening.

“About stars… I’m just talking with…”

Haruppi tilted her head. She finally realized that he can’t say her name.

“Haruka…” Haruppi said. “You can call me Haruka.”


A sound of a glass breaking followed Haruppi’s innocent statement. Even the guys who are busy playing pool got their attentions caught by that sound. It came from the mini bar.

“S-Sumimasen.” Paruru immediately got off the stool to pick the glass that she accidentally dropped. Everyone was frozen in their places, just watching Paruru pick up the shards.

Paruru is cursing herself in her mind. What happened and she dropped her glass? Even her she doesn’t know. When she heard Haruppi’s suggestion to be called ‘Haruka’ by her Hoshi, her heart suddenly felt like being crumpled. She lost all the energy in her body and there goes her grip. Until now her heart is beating so fast.

She was surprised when a hand stopped her for taking the shards. She looked up to see that it is Marco. Her heart felt like it is going to explode. It is the first time she has looked at Marco this close. (Pertaining to Maru’s danso.)

“Give me those.” Marco took all the shards she has picked up. “I won’t like it if you hurt yourself with this.”

Paruru just stared at him while he is busy cleaning. She wanted to reach for him but her head is saying no. She wants to say something, to say sorry but she can’t open her mouth to utter those simple words.


She looked up to see Yui, chasing after her breath as she ran so fast just to be with Paru’s aid. She grabbed Paruru’s hand and made her stand.

“Are you okay? What happened to you?” Yui asked. Worry is evidently painted in her face.

“I think you better let Haruka rest, GM.” Marco said without looking at them. He’s still busy with picking up the shards. “She doesn’t look well.”
Yui looked at Marco, then to Paruru then back to Marco. “Thank you, Marco-kun. I’m sorry you have to pick them up. Be careful and don’t let yourself get a cut.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Let’s go, Paruru.” Yui escorted Paruru back to the commentators’ room. The girl was still in shock and was not able to say a word. She took one quick look at Marco before going out.

What was that all about? She is confused. But… Yui sure knows what is going on.


Finally, it is time for the confessions. It became a lot awkward after the scene Paruru made but thankfully the participants were able to take the tension up to another level. There was an awesome love square between Nanao, Mion, Akari and Tomuyuki. There is also the love triangle between Sakura, Marco and Haruppi. It was evident that the two is fighting for Marco’s attention especially when they started making him eat a lot of food. They were gentle but it feels like the aura between the two of them is going to eat the clueless Marco in just one bite. Jun then joined the commotion and everything became like a riot.

Sai and Juri seemed like they had a nice time but the Yuma x Yukirin couple outlast everyone in terms of sweetness. They were just like a real couple. The amount of fanservice that they made will make a shipper last for a week without food. Yuma was a little tsudere-ish at first, only thinking of his studies but Yukirin managed to break his core.

The girls are confessing their love one by one. It is one thing that fans are waiting from the girls. Seeing these idols who aren’t allowed to fall in love confess their love for someone is just a guilty pleasure for most of the fans.

But, it seems like the unexpected is happening in the set. Rejection after rejection is taking place. Mion confessed to Nanao but the guy gave her a bow and a sorry. He said that he was after Akari who obviously didn’t pick her. Akari then confessed to the cool Tomu-kun but it was the same. He said that he actually had his eyes to Mion.

Then, they moved on to Juri who seemed to have a great time with Sai. She seemed like she was heading to Sai’s direction but everyone was surprised when she stood in front of Jun.

When asked why she stood up before the Sakae prince, Juri replied.

“Sai-kun is a very rich guy. I like him the way he is and not his money. But I know that a time will come that his parents will pick a girl for him. I just know that I can’t be that girl so I’m saving myself from a heart break.”

“You’re just too serious!” Sata blurted out.

Jun was waiting for Sakura to object and then come to him as well but no Sakura came. Disappointed, he also rejected Juri. Juri knows that it is coming so there are no hard feelings.

Next, the couple who almost kissed during the shoot! All they did is to tease the cameras and give tons of fanservice. Yukirin as expected stood before Yuma.

“Yuma-kun… From the first time I saw you, I got this unexplainable attraction towards you. I don’t know if it is love in first sight but all I know is I really like you. It looks like you are busy with all your studies but spending some time with you made me feel that I can always enjoy your company. I hope that you feel the same way. Please go out with me.”

Yukirin stretched out her hand to Yuma and bowed her head.

“Her confession feels like real.” Sasshi murmured while snickering.

Yuma looked around and gave out a sigh. He looked at the outstretched arm of Yukirin and then sighed again.

“I’m sorry.”


All the people in the studio were not able to comprehend everything. Yuma just rejected Yukirin when they thought that they will be a couple. What the hell is happening?

When asked why he rejected Yukirin, the serious Yuma answered:

“As I said, my studies are my first priority. I can’t have my time be used in dates and other stuffs.”

Sata almost wanted to spank Yuma’s head after hearing his explanation. This is just unreasonable. They were expecting that more than three couples will be formed but confessions were all rejected.

When Yukirin and Mayu stepped aside, frustration is so evident at the Reaction Queen’s face. She doesn’t even want to look at Mayu. She wanted to go to the aquarium with Mayu but she didn’t expect that she will be rejected.

Mayu, shedding off Yuma’s character, embraced her from the back and whispered to her.

“Yuma may not be able to accept you confession, but… Mayu can.”

The gloomy heart of Yukirin lightens up after hearing Mayu’s words. She smiled as she felt a little ticklish with Mayu’s whisper. “I’m not going to take you to the aquarium. I’m taking you somewhere else.”

And now! Down to the last danso. Everyone is already worried. They have guessed from the beginning that Marco will reject anyone who will confess to him but everything lies on him now. The tickets to the aquarium will be such a waste if he also rejects the people who will confess to him. Even Marco himself is quite confused on what is happening with all those rejections.

Sakura slowly went in front of him but Haruppi was fast to shout ‘Wait!’ and ran to stand in front of him. The Bad Boys, as usual, found his reaction so funny.

“He looks like he doesn’t know what to do. Saa! It’s time for confession, first! Miyawaki!”

“Hai~” Sakura answered with her shaky voice. “Marco-kun, do you remember when you said that you believe that romantic love doesn’t last? I want to prove to you that there are those kinds of love that can last long or even forever. I hope that you could open up yourself to me. P-Please, make me your girlfriend.”

“Ohhh~ What a brave confession from Sakuratan.” Yuihan commented. Paruru is standing beside her; silently watching.


“Hai~” Haruppi took a deep breath before speaking. She had her tongue of a failure straightened up. “Marco-kun… I know you might think that I came to you because I got to know that I am your oshimen. But… In all honesty, I am really curious of you. I want to know you more… Go to the aquarium with you and maybe watch the night sky with you… I want to be your girlfriend!”

“Another brave confession! Saa, stretch your arms!” The girls did what was instructed. They stretched their hands to Marco and closed their eyes. Tension up! Is Marco going to pick someone from the two or it will also end up into rejection?

Marco took one deep breath as he look at the two girls’ hands. He couldn’t believe that HKT’s aces are lining up in front of him. And one of them is not just an ace but also his oshimen. He’s having hard times deciding. From the start he decided that he will reject anyone who will confess to him but everyone just rejected all the confessions.

On the sideline, Paruru is waiting anxiously. She can’t look at the happenings anymore. The pain in her heart together with the feeling that she keeps on denying kept on bugging her.

“Why don’t you object and confess as well?”

She jerked up and looked at the source of that whisper. It was Yui; her eyes are focused on the happening confession. Her voice is a little cracked. She then turned to Paru with a poker face.

“You want to date Marco-kun as well, right? Go on.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Paruru stammered.

“It’s so obvious. Go. You will make the program livelier if you confess now.”

“But Yui—“

They suddenly heard shouts of joy from the others. Paruru tried to look but there are people rejoicing in front of her. When everyone is cleared, she saw that Marco’s hand…  has already reached someone.


Saa! Who is your pick? Sakuratan or Haruppi? Vote in the poll on the top~! Haha.
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What a chaotic kokuhaku taimu :grr:
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dont like how jurina seems so desperate but other than that keep it up :thumbup
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thank you for another chaotic episode^^
two hakata princess are going for marco-kun, yuihan that jealous, and yuma who rejected yukirin :banghead: :banghead:

please update it, i'm curious about marco's choice.. :cathappy: hope he choose the older haruka :twothumbs
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What a chaotic kokuhaku taimu :grr:
indeed it is!  XD Thank you for reading~

Uwaaaaawaawaawaaaa VERY NICE EPISODE CUT SAN!!!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbsI can't wait for the next chapter!!  :cow: :cow: :panic:  i want to choose sai for the vote but there is no option for that.... Hehehe i just like Maru and Sayaka banters
It's really fun ... Aahhh you've made my day Cut san :D :D good job!!! :thumbsup :cow:

Thank you~! :) i think I should've added more options like sai or jun on the poll. i added Paruru just for lol but it came out that she is winning. Dunno if she is leading because of troll or readers like MaruParu ship.  :?

dont like how jurina seems so desperate but other than that keep it up :thumbup

Thank you for commenting klaw-san~! it's nice to see a new username commenting. And thanks for using your first post in this fic~ i hope you have fun reading this.  :kneelbow:

thank you for another chaotic episode^^
two hakata princess are going for marco-kun, yuihan that jealous, and yuma who rejected yukirin :banghead: :banghead:

please update it, i'm curious about marco's choice.. :cathappy: hope he choose the older haruka :twothumbs

oh, here is someone who likes MaruParu?! haha! Let's wait for the conclusion of this Danso arc. I'm glad that you guys are enjoying this (hopefully). Update will be out on Sunday together with some announcement~ Stay tuned~ :bingo:
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are you planning on adding 46 girls in the cast?
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Pls don't choose Sakura! She's mine!

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Huh? What? Whaat? Whaaaaaat?
What is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis?
Where have I been when this story unraveled itself???

*Oh, yeah...I was drown in work then got sick then drown in work then got sick then drown in work... Well, you get the drift XD

What I'm trying to say is: this is a great story!!!!!!!

Well, I can't say that I like it... as a big YuiParu shipper, I kinda have a love-hate relationship with both the story and Maru. To be honest, for the first few parts, since it was Paruru, I was imagining a short haired Yuihan casted as Mumei... well, that until you put Yuihan's character in and her position did not look good at all from the start with Paruru clearly falling head over heels with her Hoshi (even before she knew it herself). But, I really like the plot and how you depicted the characters feelings through their behaviors :) . So, well, just like her graduation, whoever Paruru ends up with, as long as she is happy, I should just support her, shouldn't I?   :cry:

Keep up the great work, Shortcut48-san! Your story had kept me awake all night (despite the fact that I still need to go to work this morning). So, I'm expecting some amazing continuation and ending for this story XD
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are you planning on adding 46 girls in the cast?
I'm thinking about it~ :)

Pls don't choose Sakura! She's mine!

*grabs AK47 (if you get the joke)*
Lol. Only one person voted for her. XD

Huh? What? Whaat? Whaaaaaat?
What is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis?
Where have I been when this story unraveled itself???

*Oh, yeah...I was drown in work then got sick then drown in work then got sick then drown in work... Well, you get the drift XD

What I'm trying to say is: this is a great story!!!!!!!

Well, I can't say that I like it... as a big YuiParu shipper, I kinda have a love-hate relationship with both the story and Maru. To be honest, for the first few parts, since it was Paruru, I was imagining a short haired Yuihan casted as Mumei... well, that until you put Yuihan's character in and her position did not look good at all from the start with Paruru clearly falling head over heels with her Hoshi (even before she knew it herself). But, I really like the plot and how you depicted the characters feelings through their behaviors :) . So, well, just like her graduation, whoever Paruru ends up with, as long as she is happy, I should just support her, shouldn't I?   :cry:

Keep up the great work, Shortcut48-san! Your story had kept me awake all night (despite the fact that I still need to go to work this morning). So, I'm expecting some amazing continuation and ending for this story XD

Hello DeNight-san, welcome back in Jphip and welcome to this thread. I hope you are doing fine now. :)
I'm practically new here and this is the first ever fanfic that I started.
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Please continue to read this fic until the end. I really want to give an ending to this. Until then I hope you are all still reading this. There might be things that may annoy you (I know there are already), I'm sorry for that. But a story will never be a story without a conflict. (and I guess Maru is the conflict in here??? lol)
But thanks, really, for reading the fic I almost gave up on.  :kneelbow:

This might be the chapter with the most comments here. I felt like the fic is being appreciated (although this chapter only got one note in tumblr XD). Thanks for those who pm me as well. I got the energy to write again. (I have a project due next week but here I am writing lol) See you on Sunday~~ Have a good day~
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“Why don’t you object and confess as well?”

Paruru jerked up and looked at the source of that whisper. It was Yui; her eyes are focused on the happening confession. Her voice is a little cracked. She looked at Paru with a poker face.

“You want to date Marco-kun as well, right? Go on.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Paruru stammered.

“It’s so obvious. Go. You will make the program livelier if you confess now.”

“But Yui—“

They suddenly heard shouts of joy from the others. Paruru tried to look but there are people rejoicing in front of her. When the scene was cleared, she saw that Marco’s hand has already reached someone. The owner of the hand that he chose had tears prickling in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that she was chosen—the other Haruka.

“Marco-kun picked Kodama!”

Everyone was cheering at them. Marco turned to Sakura and said sorry at her. Sakura said that it was okay but she stepped aside with a very heavy heart. Jun was there to pat her head and comfort her.

“Haruppi, omedetou!” Sasshi congratulated her. She’s still surprised. She got picked over Sakura. She got picked by Marco. She was able to keep him in her side. She couldn’t help but to cry in happiness though she feels she will look silly for crying over this.

Seeing her tears, Marco was alerted. He went near her and held her face with his two hands.

“Don’t cry.” He said worriedly as he wipes her tears away.He looks clueless unto why the girl is crying. Kodama blushed heavily and cried even harder. She buried her face to Marco’s shoulder as she hugs him. Marco got flustered as well but he hesitatingly returned a hug.

The crazy members rejoiced even more. They were spreading confetti which nobody knows where they got. Sata and Kiyoto are even dancing with joy.

“Seems like you are late.” Yui told Paruru before she went with to party with the others. The girl just followed Yui with her eyes. She doesn’t know what to do anymore. She wanted to disappear immediately but that won’t help her.

“A pair was made!!!”



Everyone clapped at Sasshi and Yuihan’s title call. They are outside the aquarium where the date will happen. It’s already around 7 in the evening. They have to travel from the studio and set the things up that’s why they started a bit late.

“Thank goodness we are here and we are doing this!” He looked at the girls who are gathered around the table. “If you didn’t all go on rejection spree you could’ve gone in there as well!”

The girls just waved their hands and shook their heads.

“I think it will be more enjoyable to watch this.” Juri commented while pointing at the monitor. Everyone agreed with her.

“More enjoyable, huh? Look at you sitting in pairs!”

Kiyoto is pertaining to their sitting arrangements. They are all in pairs. Probably making up for the rejection spree they did earlier. Mayu and Yukirin are even sitting on the same seat. Paruru is sitting beside Yui as usual even though there is an awkward tension between the two of them. Jurina is sitting with Sakura; trying to console the girl in a not playboy-ish way.

“Sashihara is the only one without a pair!” Sata teased the Hetare Queen. “You can have the Doctor here.” Sasshi looked at him with sharp eyes but then just laughed out to shrug Sata’s antagonism.

“They are now starting to move!” Kiyoto said as he saw the Marco-Haruppi pair entered the aquarium. They entered so casually, they aren’t even talking.

“What the heck! Marco, be a man and at least hold her hand!” Sata shouted at the monitor.

“It’s just starting, Sata-san!”

“Did the hypnotism already wear off?” Kiyoto asked.

“No.” The Doctor suddenly answered. “Before they went in I hypnotized her a bit more.”

“What?!” They asked in chorus. It’s true that they saw Maru being called by the doctor while the staffs are organizing the equipment.

“What did you tell her to do, Sensei?” Sasshi asked.

“Do what a man usually do on dates.”

“Yabbai!” They all shouted.

“Haruppi is in danger if Marco-kun suddenly becomes carnivorous!”

The couple continued to move on with Marco taking the lead. It seems like he doesn’t have a companion. He walks steps ahead of Haruppi enjoying the aquarium by himself. Haruppi is just looking at him. She realized that nothing will happen if she would just let him do what he does so she gathered all her courage to walk beside him.

“Marco-kun, what do you think of that sea lion?” She cheerfully asked. They are currently in the area of the sea lions.

“Ehhhh…” Marco took a better look by coming closer and leaning on the railings. “It’s the first time I see one in real life.”

“Eh? Really?” She also leaned on the railings. She tried to look at the sea lions but she can’t help but look at Marco who is busy observing the creatures.

“Yeah, it’s my first time in an aquarium.”

“Eh? Why? Don’t you like going out?”

“Hmmm…” Marco thought aloud. “It’s not that I don’t want to go out. It’s just recently that I’ve got freedom.”

Marco started to walk again and Haruppi followed him. Making another plan, Haruppi went to the polar bear’s area and presented it to Marco.

“Look, Marco-kun! This guy is so big!” She pointed the polar bear that is on top of a rock.

Marco went beside her to have a look. “It is sure big~!”

All of a sudden the polar bear jumped into the water which made a giant splash. Marco, thinking that the water will hit them, instinctively pulled Haruppi away from the glass. This action resulted into a hug-from-the-back like scene.

The audience started to giggle again. It was like a scene in a drama. Marco apologized for his sudden movement; saying that his eyes are still adjusting. Haruppi said that it was okay though her cheeks are bright red.

“Are you cold?” Marco asked her. “It felt like you were shaking.”


She wasn’t able to finish what she is saying when Marco suddenly took of his leather jacket. He is wearing a long sleeve shirt so his scars are not seen. That somehow made Paruru, Yui and Sayanee nervous for a while.

He made Haruppi wear it. At first she rejected the offer but Marco is persistent in making her wear it. It somehow matched to her outfit. Marco smiled at her and fixed her hair.

“Cute.” He said and then started to walk again. Haruppi was left standing as if she was in trance.

“It seems like Marco-kun’s nervousness around Haruppi disappeared.” Yui noticed.

The doctor nodded in agreement. “I made her forget that.”

All of their jaws dropped. They should all be careful of this man.

The couple continued walking around with not much couple-like action. They came to the point where there is a long passage where the ceiling is a glass. (Just like in Sayonara Crawl MV.) Marco entered in but Haruppi stood by the entrance.

“What’s the matter?”

“Isn’t it just a little weird?” Haruppi asked. “Aren’t we shupposed to—“

She suddenly covered her mouth after tripping with her words again. She heaved a deep sigh, starting to feel that it is hopeless.


She raised her head up only to see Marco’s hand reaching out to her. Her heart started beating faster.

“I want to hold your hand from the very start but I want you to take your time. I don’t know anything about dating; let’s just take everything slowly… I’ll follow your pace.”

“Subarashi!” Sasshi clapped slowly. “Marco-kun is a really thoughtful guy.”

“That’s my son, right there!” Sayanee shouted as she also slow clapped. “I raised him well!”

Sayanee was waiting for Yui to say something but she was surprised that she didn’t claim Maru as her child. Yui just smiled at her and went back to watching.

Haruppi slowly reached for Marco’s hand. At first she just wanted to have a showdown with Sakura but why is it that she feels like she is getting fished? Is it a trait that Marco inherited from Milky?

When Marco felt Haruppi’s palm on his, he held her hand by intertwining their fingers. This made audience giddy and cheer for them. Of course you have to exclude two girls.

The two were walking happily when the director raised a cue card.

[Sensei, please reveal it now.]

“Eh? Reveal?”

“Is there a secret or something?”

The members started to murmur at one another. Even the supposedly accomplices don’t know anything about this revelation. Actually, this is something that the writers have already prepared beforehand.

“What is it, Sensei?” Sasshi asked with a very curious face.

The doctor fixed his tie and cleared his throat before speaking. “The truth is, deep hypnosis like I did with Hoshino-san are a little different than the normal ones. When I say normal ones, those are the hypnosis that I can undo by myself.”

“What do you mean, Sensei?” Sakura asked. “You can’t break the hypnotism–”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”


“She’s been under it for more than six hours now. She might believe that she is a guy all her life.”

“Nandeyanen?!” Sayanee blurted out. “Why are you guys going that far? It is against her will!”

“Is there a way to undo the hypnosis?” Yukirin asked.

“There is.” The doctor confirmed. “It’s a kiss.”

There was another roll of ‘EHHHH’ after the doctor’s unbelievable statement.

“Are you sure about it?” Yui asked in disbelief. “It’s like a fairytale!”

“It may sound like that but when people kiss, a lot of emotion came into mind making it blank. This is a way to reset her subconscious back to normal.”

“Are you saying that Haruppi should kiss her to wake her up?” Jurina asked.

“It is not necessary for her to be kissed by Kodama-san. Right now she believes that she is her boyfriend. If they kiss then the hypnosis will just get locked and we can’t break it anymore.”

“What?! That is too mu—“

Yui wasn’t able to finish her statement when she heard the seat beside her screech the ground. Without saying anything, Paruru ran towards the entrance of the aquarium. Soon after her, Sakura also ran to get inside.

Everyone was in shock by the sudden movement of the two especially Paruru. It looks like there are camera men who were on stand-by if someone will rush inside. Two cameramen followed them.

“Sakura-chan!” Jurina shouted. She followed Sakura inside after being frozen for a while. Sayanee eyed Yui; telling her to go after Paruru as well but the other girl just shook her head with a bitter smile on her face.

When all the people they believe are going to rush inside to find and kiss Maru are gone, the Bad Boys started to laugh.

“What the hell is really happening here, Sata-san?!” Sasshi asked with a little hint of annoyance in her tone although she is smiling.

“The truth is Hoshino is not really hypnotized!”

Sayanee rubbed her face with her palm. She couldn’t handle everything that is happening now.

“We were really planning to hypnotize her but she said that if it is pretending to be a boy then she thinks she can do it perfectly. We just told her to pretend to be under hypnosis in order to organize this dokkiri in the end!”

“Maru-chan is an accomplice as well?” Mayu asked.

Sata shook his head. “We just told her to pretend to hypnotized so that the doctor’s appearance won’t be in waste. She kindly agreed. Now, she doesn’t know that there are girls who are coming after her to kiss her!”

“Adults are very scary.” Yui commented with a hint of disgust in her face. “So this is a dokkiri?”

Even though their feelings are being played off, idols are idols. They can’t really get angry with this. Dokkiri is something that can make them leave an impression to the people.

On the monitor, the footage from the cameras following Paruru and Sakura are started to be shown. It seems like the two cannot find where the tunnel is. They have separated ways.

Sakura was seen running with signature running style. It somehow lightened the mood of the audience.

“Open your eyes, Miyawaki! How will you see them if you are running like that?” Sata shouted.

On the other hand, Paruru is chasing for her breath; leaning unto walls time to time. She is also not good at sports and her stamina is not that good as well. But everyone can see right in her eyes the determination to save Hoshi whom she believes is hypnotized.

The couple already went out of the tunnel and now they are just sitting in a bench in front of a huge glass. Big fishes can be seen swimming around while they are just talking about random stuffs.

Sakura finally found them. Chasing for her breath, she called unto Marco using not the danso name.

“Maru-san!” She called with all her strength. The two looked at her and they were evidently surprised. She ran towards them but her stamina is on its limit.

“Sakura-chan!” That was Jurina who finally found her. She paused a bit and saw Marco and Haruppi sitting on the bench. Jurina took a deep breath and run towards Maru, over running Sakura. The two got alerted and stood up from their seats. They tried to run but Jurina was fast to pin Maru on the wall.

Paruru finally arrived but got so shocked with the scene that she saw. Jurina kabedon-ed Maru and the former’s lips are on the latter’s. She, together with Haruppi and Sakura, got their mouths wide open as Maru also froze at Jurina’s kiss.

“Yaoi alert! Yaoi!” Mayu blurted out while laughing her heart out. Everyone was shock yet laughing at the hilarious outcome of the dokkiri.

Lead by Sata, they all stood up to go the scene with the placard saying, ‘Dokkiri Success!’

Maru finally found the strength to push Jurina off of her. She immediately wiped her lips with her shirt. “What was that for?!”

Jurina, who also seems like surprised of what she did, answered, “Are you out of the hypnosis now?”

“What hypnosis are you talking about?!” Maru shouted. “I’m not hypnotized or anything! What is that kiss for?”

She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)

Everything was caught on cam. The kiss and everything, all the drama!

Sata and the gang arrived with the banner on the leader’s hand.

“D-Dokkiri?” Maru and Jurina murmured. “What the hell is this?!”

Laughing so hard with their reactions, Sata explained everything. This made both Maru and Jurina angry. They went to chase the Bad Boys even the writer and the director.

“Dokkiri, you said?” Maru destroyed the placard while Jurina still chase Sata and Kiyoto. The three girls are still in shock of what is going on. It was another riot. Everyone was laughing at the two dansos getting wild after being tricked. Even the staffs are laughing uncontrollably with the ruckus the two are doing.

They had to tie the two girls with a rope to control them.

“And this is where we are going to end!” Sata said as they are all gathered in front of the camera. Maru and Jurina are tied down; struggling to free themselves. “See you next week!”

They all said their good bye remarks until…

“3, 2, 1, hai cut!”

They all suddenly became bodies that were out of energy. Sata and Kiyoto sat down as if they were grandpas who just ran a marathon.

“T-This episode is really tiring.” Sata sighed. He looked at Maru who is looking at him angrily. He quickly spanked her head to stop her from staring like that.

Suddenly, out of the sudden silence, an uncontrollable laughter was heard. Everyone looked at Maru who is having her time to laugh her heart out.

“Today… Today is really fun!” She said in between snickers. “Thank you, everyone!” And then she started laughing again until her eyes got teary.

It was the first time they saw her laughed like this. Jurina started laughing with her and everyone followed. Sayanee messed with her hair and congratulated her for a job well-done.

It is time for pack up and the members are taking pictures with each other. It seems like the senbatsu has formed a bond. That is one of the main purpose of this AKBingo special. Coming from different groups, it is hard to make an atmosphere of a team so the management organized this one.

Maru is helping the staff to pack all the things. She is still not in the mood for pictures or anything even though she has already shown her bare face to the whole of Japan. The director told her not to help but she insisted. She also got praised by the Bad Boys for her kindness.

“Hey, Maru-san!”

Maru looked behind and saw a flying can of chocolate drink coming to her. Thank goodness she was fast to catch it. It came from Jurina.

The two sat on the ground while drinking their chocolate drinks. They are still on their danso outfit, too tired to get changed.

“Today was fun, right?” Jurina asked after taking a gulp of her drink.

“It is. It is just so hilarious. I feel like dreaming.”

“I’m sorry about earlier.” Jurina is talking about the kiss.

Maru laughed. “Don’t worry about it. We all got tricked.”

They both took another gulp of the delicious chocolate drink.

“I guess you are serious about her.” Maru started. “You know… About Sakura…”

Jurina just smiled at her.

“Kissing me on behalf of Sakura… Is that how you protect her lips from others?” Maru nodded in her own idea. “But seriously, if you are serious about Sakura you should stop acting like a dog in mating season. Stop posting pictures in twitter that shows you flirting with other members.”

“That’s me. I grew up like this.”

“That’s also the reason why she is not responding to your mails, right?”

Jurina stayed quiet. Just who is this girl? Just casually saying sensitive things. She knows who is that she Maru is pertaining to.

Maru stood up and took a stretch. “Thanks for this.” She raised her empty can and started walking away.

“Wait.” Jurina halted her. “How old are you now?”

“What’s with that sudden question?” Maru scratched her head as if she is thinking. “I don’t really remember exactly how old I am but I think I am definitely older than you.”

“You’re weird. You don’t even remember your birthday?”

Maru shrugged her shoulders. “You are weird as well. Suddenly asking about my age.”

Jurina stood up while laughing. “Let me call you Aniki from now on.”

(Aniki is an honorable term for an older brother or a superior.)

Maru laughed. “So are we Yakuza now? Don’t dare calling me that.”


“I said don’t call me that.”


Maru threw her empty can to Jurina but the girl was fast to catch it.

“Nice pitch, Aniki!”

“Shut up, Koinu!” (puppy)

On the other hand…

“Mayu-chan, Sayanee…” Yukirin called. “Please wipe your drools off.”

The two are currently busy secretly taking pictures of the newly formed kyoudai relationship. But for the two of them, it is another meaning if they are in their danso outfits.

“Can’t get enough of this yaoi fan service.” Mayu stated.

“Send me the best pictures you got. I’ll send you my best shots.” Sayanee suggested.

“Sure, sure.”

Yukirin face falmed.

On the other, other hand… After a week…

The AKBingo episode featuring the senbatsu and Maru was finally aired. Togasaki is just chilling at his home when he received a text from Aki-P.

What do you think of tuning Majisuka Gakuen into a Cabaret Club?

Togasaki spitted out his beer after reading the text. He immediately replied asking where Aki-P got the idea.

Watching the AKBingo episode, it came into my mind. Kodama and Miyawaki got an aweome stunt just to impress Maru. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Togasaki shook his head in disbelief.

“But Sensei, they all died in season 5.” He replied. “And a cabaret club??!”

Jurina won Maru’s lips so I guess she should be the number one cabaret girl. There was such a high tension in that episode.

Aki-P just ignored his reply. Togasaki sighed and another mail came.

High Tension. Sounds nice, right? That will be the title of the next single.

Togasaki slapped his own face. The Sensei has just decided about important things after watching AKBingo. Well, that’s how his brain works from the very start. Another message arrived and Togasaki thought of not opening it but another shock came after reading it.

"It will be her last single. The girl has already made a decision."

NEXT: Another member with M.J. as initials. Lol.

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She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)
Agreed!! No one can object Ju's kisses
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She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)
Agreed!! No one can object Ju's kisses

Agreed ! those people who kept rejecting Ju kiss need to be brought to Hospital and get their head checked! seriously!

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She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)
Agreed!! No one can object Ju's kisses

Agreed ! those people who kept rejecting Ju kiss need to be brought to Hospital and get their head checked! seriously!

and thanks for the updates author san!
Jurina, the kiss monster. XD

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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


JURINA took another check of her mail notifications before taking a bite of her katsudon. She refreshed and refreshed but the mail that she is waiting for still hasn’t arrived. How long will that person make her wait? Has she even saw and read her mail.

The SKE dressing room is so lively. Everyone is so busy and excited; preparing for the upcoming event. At one corner, Azuma Rion and Furuhata Nao are seen reviewing their music sheets for their sax and piano duet while on the other corner, Takayanagi Akane is looking at her gallery for the pictures she will present everyone later.

The SKE’s lone ace was about to take another bite when Milky entered the dressing room.

“WARU-KUUUN!” Milky shouted. She got everyone stopped at what they are doing and greet the former SKE kennin. She greeted them back with her fisher smile. She looked around and saw no traces of Maru. Jurina almost dropped her katsudon.

“What’s up, Milky?” She asked with furrowed eyebrows.

Milky ran towards her. “Have you seen Waru-kun, Jurina-chan?”

“Waru-kun? Do you mean Aniki?”

Milky just nodded; her face cannot be painted. Now that she asked about that, they haven’t seen even the shadow of Hoshino Maru. After her unmasking, she has begun to take the internet by storm again. The twitterverse couldn’t handle the UZA performance they did.

eienDD: That #UZA is just so amazing. The girls danced like never before.

mmGofficer: #MMGUnmasked What a great way to introduce her to the public. Aki-P is really something. He is a genius! MMG is so cool and cute at the same time!!!

AKBNG: They just made a performance of a decade. Where can you find an idol group digging up a song and killing it again a hundred times? That MMG really mixed well to them, I may say.

Maru received a lot of good comments but she is not excused to the negative ones. Comments such as

WTF is AKS thinking making a non-member center a song? That is worse in making Miyawaki or Matsui a center. This whole thing is fucked up.

Paruru found that MMG in Korea, right? Is she Korean? Someone with Korean blood? (There are still citizens who can’t forget the past. It’s the same thing in Korea.)

If I were her, I would consider getting the mask back now.

That caused a serious heated argument between fans and antis. They really don’t know what the plan of AKS is for this Hoshino Maru. Even the girl herself is not taking any kind of interviews. Now the fans are betting if she will come out and perform during the AKB Fes 2016 which will be shoot in a moments from now.

“I haven’t seen Aniki around.” Jurina answered. “Have you seen Paruru-chan? She might be with her.”

Milky shook her head. “I already saw Paruru-chan but Waru-kun is not with her. Paruru-chan looks really exhausted. I heard that her health is not improving.”

“Paruru-chan’s immune system is really weak. Especially now that the weather is slowly changing, she is prone to cold. Her schedule is also tight which makes her restless.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Milky heaved a sigh. “Where is this Waru-kun?! I finally had the chance to work with her again. Jaa, I’ll go look for her at the HKT dressing room.”

That’s all and Milky left. Jurina just shrugged her shoulders and continued eating. She checked her twitter only to see a tweet from her SKE co-member, Churi. The said member is hanging out with non-other than the other half of WMatsui, Matsui Rena.

“I guess her phone isn’t broken. She can clearly see mails.” Jurina sighed.


She suddenly jerked when she heard that call. She looked at the door only to see Sakura looking worriedly at her. She’s already in her costume. As expected of the young ace. In public she calls her Jurina-san but in private she only addresses her as Juu. This makes Jurina somewhat happy.

“Are you okay?” Sakura asked. “You somehow looked lonely.”

“I’m saving my smile for later.” She lied and winked at the other ace.

Sakura just shrugged her shoulders and put an envelope on the table and slid it near Jurina.

“Milky-san forgot to give it to you.”

“What’s this? Bir—“

“Shhh!” Sakura halted her from reading it aloud. “It’s a top secret.”

She then winked at her and left. Jurina was left speechless. She smiled foolishly remembering how Sakura winked at her. “My girl has definitely grown up well.”

THE THREE-HOUR show is already about to finish but there is no sign of Maru. The audiences are enjoying the show but they are anxious about a certain girl’s appearance. Even Paruru hasn’t got out to perform as well.

They are already in ACT 5 where the Special Units will perform. Milky already surrendered contacting Ijiwaru for she is not receiving any of her calls. If Maru doesn’t appear before she performs Warukii then she is sure about punishing her just like what she did to Sayanee after that Danso taping. Maru told her everything that Sayanee did together with Juri.

Ame no Pianist is already about to end when Maru arrived at the studio. She immediately went in front of the stage with her camera ready for battle. She seemed like she is rushing. Her white with black stripes hoodie somewhat caught the attentions of the audience. They’ve just seen her bare face once but her face is already the internet that they can’t mistook her. (AKBingo episode hasn’t been aired here. Last time was just a shoot.)

“She has her camera with her. Does that mean she is not performing?”

“I thought she will also perform?”

“I think UZA is just one shot for her.”

Maru ignored all the buzzes she could hear from the background. All she wants is to enjoy the current show as well. If she isn’t stuck with something, she could’ve been there and watched the show from the start.

The 25th song ended and a very familiar song started playing. She was surprised to see Paruru and Sakura got out and perform Heart Gata Virus with NMB’s 2nd Generation Ace, Yagura Fuuko.

“It looks like I arrived in a good time.” She whispered to herself.

Paruru and Sakura saw her. The three performers’ presence plus Maru’s has energized the crowd once again. The said unit performed well with the cheer of the crowd.

“Haruka looks tired.” She thought as she focused her camera on her. “Look at those eyes.”

She suddenly got surprised when Paruru looked right to her lens. The salty queen gave her a very sweet smile. Somehow that made her heart thumped wild.

“What?!” She suddenly removed the camera from her eyes. She felt her heart and it is still beating fast. “Did I drink a lot of coffee today?”

Maru tried to calm herself and continued with her job. She was not able to meet Paruru for days because of the girl’s schedule while she was also in Shinobu’s care during those time.

“Well, she seemed happy seeing me. Is that what she gives me after not replying at my messages?” Maru continued to talk to herself.

The HGV performance and was followed by Candy performed by Yuki, Tomu and Miru. Next to it is Warukii. Maru already knew that song with just the intro. Milky rose up from under the stage and started singing. Maru’s head is nodding in the beat of Warukii.

Milky smiled widely after seeing Maru; she almost got out of tune due to excitement. Maru just raised her hand to greet her. Milky performed her last Warukii performance that will be shown on tv with the loud cheers from the audiences. Her wings fell off but it didn’t matter. She even used it to appeal to the camera. As expected of Milky.

Maru laughed when Sayanee came out as Warunee. Sayanee asked the audience which they like more. Everyone answered ‘Warukii’ together with Maru.

“As expected it is always Warukii, right?” Milky said.

“But I am also trying hard as well, right?” After Sayanee’s line they continued singing. When the song finished Jurina immediately entered the stage to perform Kiseki wa ma ni Awanai together with Haruppi and NGT’s Kato Minami.

Jurina shouted ‘Aniki’ when she saw her. Thankfully she didn’t shout it on her mic or else she’ll have to teach a pup a lesson later. Haruppi waved to her and she waved back with a smile. She had a nice time talking with her oshimen back at the AKBingo taping. She somehow overcome the awkwardness she once had whenever Haruppi is around. What worries her now is the fact that people may see her as a guy and not a girl.

After the entire special unit performances is ACT 6 which involves the AKB48 Band. It started with Team 8’s First Rabbit followed by NGT’s Iiwake Maybe performances. Coming next to it is HKT’s Melon Juice, NMB’s Seishun no Lap Time and SKE’s Kataomoi Finally. When it is time for AKB’s Ponytail to Shushu’s performance, Maru was searching for a certain salty idol but she is nowhere to be found. She suddenly got curious. Paruru is there. She even performed Heart Gata Virus but why is she not performing with the group.

All the members came out to perform Halloween Night but there is still no sight of Paruru. This somehow made her worried.

Encore came and the new single was performed. She finally saw Paruru which made her heart at ease. But, no matter how she looks at the girl, she feels like there is something wrong with her.

They also performed 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki and To be Continued as the last encore song. A cake was taken out for Sayanee. Today is her exact birthday. Maru bit her lips for she has not prepared any gift for her. Well, she just took a lot of her good pics as a gift.

And that’s how AKB48 Fes 2016 ended. It was a waste that she wasn’t able to start it. She may not have the chance to watch next year’s fest but she is really happy she managed to watch it live and take pictures of it.

Maru headed to the backstage shortly after the taping ended. She was surprised that the younger members are greeting her politely. ‘Shouldn’t it be the other way around?’ she asked herself.

She was surprised when a sudden puffer fish jumped to hug her.

“Waru-kun! I thought you are not coming!” Milky said while hugging her tightly.

“W-Wait, I-I can’t breathe…”

Thankfully Sayaka was there to pick Milky away from the struggling Maru.

“Stop punishing her with a tight hug because she’s late.” Sayanee turned to Maru and smiled at her. “What’s up, son? You missed me?”

Maru rolled her eyes. Somehow she has already got used with Sayanee calling her ‘son’.

“Your chin is still amazing.” She dissed her. Sayanee’s eyes widened. She locked her head in her arm and messed her hair.

“It’s my birthday, you idiot. Is that you greet someone who is celebrating her birthday?”

Milky laughed at the two important people in her life. Jurina suddenly arrived. She also arched her arm around Maru’s neck giving more weight to her.

“What’s up, Sayanee?” She asked innocently. “Why are you torturing my Aniki?”

“This kid has a very disrespectful mouth.”

“S-Stop! You are also torturing me, pup!”

Maru finally found the strength to free herself from the two. She fixed her hoodie and hair that got messed up. “Anyway, have you seen Haruka?”

“Ehh~” Jurina looked at her with a meaningful smile. “Are you looking for Haruppi?”

“Haruppi? I don’t call her with her first name. It might confuse them.” Maru innocently answered. “I’m talking about Shimazaki Haruka.”

“Oooh~” Sayanee and Jurina backed off with annoying faces.

“Seriously, what’s with the two of you?” Maru squint her eyes to the two aces.

“If you are looking for Paruru-chan, she’s just over there.”

Maru looked at the direction where Milky is pointing. There she saw Paruru still in her Love Trip costume, leaning on the wall and is busy with her phone. Maru got her gaze locked on the beautiful damsel. She made her way to the sea of idols to get to Haruka.

She was about to call her when Yuihan suddenly appeared and gave Paruru a pat on her head. The same hand traveled to the other girl’s waist and pulled her closer. Maru saw how Paruru smiled after seeing Yui. What they were talking about wasn’t audible but it seems like both of them are having fun.

Maru froze to where she is standing. She heaved a deep sigh and turned back to the three. Sayanee and Jurina noticed how she backed out after seeing Yui.

“What happened, Aniki?” Jurina asked. “I thought you are going to say hi to Paruru-chan?”

Maru just smiled. “I changed my mind. I’ll just go and give this memory card to Togasaki-san.”

That’s all and Maru ran off. The three just watched her turn right and disappear from their eyes.

“What’s that for?” Jurina murmured. “Suddenly backing out with that kind of face.”

“Kiddo must’ve been—“


Sayanee was not able to finish her statement when they heard a loud bumping sound from the direction where Maru went. The noisy hallway was silenced by that sound. The girls flocked to the area where the sound came from. The three also went to check it out.

They saw Maru on the floor holding her head. They rushed to her and helped her.

“What happened to you, Waru-kun?” Milky worriedly asked.

Jurina looked at the glass door with visible little cracks on it. “Don’t tell me you bumped on the glass door, Aniki?” She asked in disbelief.

Maru raised her head. She looks so dizzy; she shook her head strongly to fix her circling sight.

“I-I didn’t see the glass.” She answered in embarrassment.

“Are you sure your eyes are already okay? Sayanee asked. “Are they getting worse aga—“

“O-O-O-OUCH!” Maru suddenly yelped. She got quite a big bump on her head. “Can you help me go somewhere else? It’s so embarrassing, everyone is staring at me.”

“Okay, kiddo. Got it.”

Sayanee and Jurina helped her stood up while Milky followed them.


“WHERE are we going?”

Maru asked giving the bump on her head a cold compress. She is on a car together with Sayanee, Jurina and Milky. She is sitting in between Jurina and Sayanee while Milky’s on the passenger seat.

“I don’t even know, kid.” Sayanee answered. “Milky just dragged me too. Do you have any idea about this, Jurina?”

“Eh?” Jurina hid her phone. She was just checking her mail again. “I don’t know anything as well.”

The manager dropped them in front of a hotel in Roppongi. Maru looked around. Night life in this area is really alive.

“Thank you, manager-san, for giving us a ride.” Milky winked at the driver and he blushed furiously. She then went to lead the other girls inside the hotel. “Let’s go.”

“As expected from a fisher.” Jurina grinned at her.

They all went to the 11th floor of that seemingly grand hotel. They all stopped at room 1108.

“Are you all ready?” Milky asked them. Sayanee and Maru just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Milky slowly opened the door. The room is dark with all the lights off. They followed Milky as she stepped inside. And then together with some popping sounds, the lights turned on.

“Happy birthday, Sayanee!!!”

Sayanee was surprised to see the gang present. Yui and Paruru are there. HKT’s two-top, Sakura and Haruppi are also there. The MaYuki pair is also present despite their busy schedules.

Milky pushed her in front of the cake and everyone started singing happy birthday. They have already sung earlier at the NHK Hall but they are singing again for her.

“So it is Shakure King’s birthday party.” Maru said.

“Seems like it.” Jurina answered. She then went inside to sing with them. Maru just stayed to where she was standing for some seconds before she got her phone and started taking pictures.

Sayanee was in the verge of tears when she blew the candles. She never thought that she could celebrate like this despite the business of the day.

“Milky organized everything for you, Sayanee.” Yui said with her hand arched on Paruru. Maru noticed it and she just shook of the foreign feeling.

“You did it for me, Milky?” Sayanee slowly pulled Milky for a hug before she gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Thank you so much.”

Milky giggled and returned a hug. “I organized a party where we can celebrate with our friends who we usually meet in Tokyo. The girls in Osaka will surely throw you a party, too.”

“So much gay in this place.” Maru thought. Everyone is like giving their message to Sayanee but she’s just watching. Jurina stood beside her so she will not feel out of place.

“I’m the only one from SKE here, Aniki.” Jurina whispered.

“So what?” Maru asked.

Jurina smiled. “It just means that you are not alone.”

A faint smile was fainted on Maru’s face. “I don’t fling that way, Koinu.”

“Anyway, are you straight?” Jurina casually asked which surprised Maru.

Maru looked at her from head to toe but then her weird expression changed.

“Now that you asked it,” she started. “I don’t really have any preference. I just don’t think I will fall in love with someone.”

“Eh? Liar.” Jurina commented in disbelief. “How can you not fall in love with all of these cute girls around you?” She even presented the girls who are busy chatting.

Maru looked at the girls and one girl caught her attention but she just rolled her eyes.

“Impossible, pup. It’s just impossible. I told you I don’t believe that romantic love lasts.”

“Do you really mean that?” Jurina asked. “I thought that was scripted.”

“That’s the truth.” Maru bitterly answered. “But somehow, I am hoping that they won’t end just like that.” She is pertaining to the pairs present inside the said hotel room.

Jurina laughed at her answer. “Let’s just hope SayaMilky won’t turn like—“she stopped midway of her sentence when she felt a pinch in her heart.

“I didn’t say anything, Koinu. You said that.” Maru answered and then took a stolen picture of Jurina’s buffering face.

A flash suddenly blinded the two of them. It came from Mayu’s phone.

“Yadda, Mayuyu!” Yukirin called her. “Don’t just take pictures of them with a flash like that!”

“I just want to make sure I can take their pictures well!”

“Seriously, Mayu-chan! Are you shipping them?” Yukirin asked with hands on her waist.

Mayu turned to her and smile brightly. “HAI!”

Mayu then skipped to Yukirin’s side and showed her the photos she got. Yukirin just bowed to them as an apology in behalf of her Mayu.

“Do you want to be shipped with someone from the group, Aniki? Jurina suddenly asked.

“Your questions really have good sense and value, you know?”

“Just answer my question, Aniki. You are being shipped with Sakura-tan and Paruru-chan, right? If that AKBingo comes out, there will be people who will ship you with Haruppi as well. And people like Mayu-chan will also ship you with me. Who will you choose?”

Maru glared at her. “It would be really nice if people will not ship me with anyone.”

“Why?” Jurina asked. “Shipping won’t be bad.”

“It just won’t last, pup.”

“Here we go again.” Jurina sighed. “It won’t last if you will go away. Are you going somewhere?”

Maru took another look at the girls who are having fun. She just smiled. “Just seeing them having fun like this… This is enough for me.”

“You sounded like an Ojii-san.”

“Haru-san! Juu!” Sakura came to them and handed them some cupcakes. “Why are you excluding yourselves from us?”

“Look who’s talking.” Maru smirked at her.

Sakura smiled at her and grabbed her free hand. She dragged her to the other table. All the other girls followed them. Jurina looked at the invitation card Sakura gave her earlier.

“Invitation to Sayaka and Maru’s Birthday Party”
Maru was shocked when she saw a cake especially made for her. Thanks to her aloofness, Milky managed to tell Sayanee that they are also having a surprise celebration for Maru. It was a chocolate cake with pink and white stars on it. On a chocolate card it says, ‘Happy birthday MARU <3’

She looked at everyone around her with surprised eyes. “W-What is the meaning of this? It is not my birthday.”

Milky stepped forward to explain everything.

“We’ve been wanting to celebrate your birthday long ago but you went to Korea right after SSK. Your birthday was the exact same day as the SSK, right? This folks were there with you but they didn’t even greet you.” Milky looked at Paruru and smiled. “I and Paruru-chan prepared this surprise for the two of you.”

Maru looked at Paruru but she immediately noticed Yui’s hand on the other girl’s waist. Again, she shook off the annoying feeling and smiled at them. “Thank you, Haruka.”

Paruru just smiled at her. She felt like there is a wall that suddenly stood up between the two of them after that AKBingo shoot. She then turned to Milky and thanked her, too.

They started to sing the birthday song again but this time it is for Maru. It really felt nice to hear her name being sung. It felt good blowing the candles of her own cake. It felt wonderful seeing her name written on a birthday cake. Her own name… Not someone else’s.


Still waiting for your questions. XD How about I don't update if the number of questions do not increase? Lol. I'm definitely not in Salt mode. I hope you had a good time reading. :)
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It felt wonderful seeing her name written on a birthday cake. Her own name… Not someone else’s.
eh? nani, nani? not someone else's?
thank you for updating, and please keep your work shortcut48-san :cow: :cow:
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Julinahhh  :inlove: :inlove:
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Maru-kun, I think you're starting to fall for Paruu
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-27) Jurina (II)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“LOOKS like Maru-kun is enjoying Jurina and the two HKT girls’ company.” Sayanee commented as she looks at the other sofa.

Maru is eating and talking with the said girls. It’s the table for people who are underage and can’t drink alcohol. Although they are quite sure that Maru can drink due to the amount of sake they found at her fridge before.

“Of course her oshimen is right there.”, Mayu commented.

“It is good that she is getting along with them, right?” Milky said before she took a bite of the meat served to them by the hotel.

Sayanee suddenly remembered the scene earlier at the backstage. She also noticed the extreme closeness Yui and Paruru are showing to each other. During the AKBingo taping Yui seemed like she was close to breaking when Paruru went on to wake Maru from the hypnosis with a kiss. They were also awkward to each other that time but what happened and they are suddenly like this?

Normally Paruru will be at Maru’s side but she keeps on sticking with Yui like the old days.

“Paruru,” Sayanee called the salty girl who was about to eat her salad. “Did you know that Maru-kun bumped her head in a glass door earlier?”

“Eh?” Worry got painted all over her face. “She did?”

“Yes, she did!” Milky answered. “She just didn’t hit the door, she almost broke it. I’m glad her head didn’t bleed.”

“Why don’t you go and check her?” Sayanee suggested.                                   

She saw how Paruru pondered her suggestion with Yuihan just looking at her, waiting on what she is going to do. Paruru just smiled and tilted her head a little.

“I guess Hoshi is okay. She seems okay to me.”

“Ehhh~” Sayanee’s sure something wrong is going on between these three’s actions.

“Minna!” Jurina suddenly jumped in front of them holding microphones. “Why don’t we do some Karaoke battle?”

“Man, Jurina.” Mayu moaned. “We just performed for more than three hours, right?”

“Don’t be such a kill joy, Mayu!” Jurina pouted. “It would be nice if we can enjoy this party as one group!”

“Well, you have a point, Jurina.” Yui said. “What will be the price of the winner then?”

“Hmmm…” Jurina thought aloud. “We’re sleeping here as well, right? How about the winner takes the bed to herself and the losers will sleep wherever there is a space to sleep.

“Yosha!” Mayu pulled her sleeves up. “I’m gonna show you the meaning of regret, Jurina. Remember that you started this.”

Jurina gave Mayu a smirk. “See, you got excited as well!”

Mayu jumped out of the table and grabbed the other mic from Jurina. They went to the spacious karaoke of the said room. Anyway, this room they rented is being used to hold big parties that’s why it is really spacious.

“Gosh…” Yukirin groaned. “They just decided by themselves again.”

Yuki stood up to follow them. Milky also stood up and held Paruru’s hand.

“Let’s go, Paruru-chan. This looks like fun. Let’s force Ijiwaru-kun to sing!” Milky excitedly said as she drags Paruru. The salty girl was surprised but she just let Milky take her.

Yui released a sigh with a smile on her face. “I guess we should go too, Sayanee.”

“What happened?”

Yui was halted by Sayanee’s sudden question. She looked back at the Namba girl with a curious face. “What happened to what?”

“Don’t try to act innocent, Yui. You know what I mean.” Sayanee looked at her with a serious face.

Yui gave out a smile. “Paruru finally gave a response to my long-standing confession.”

That’s all and Yui left Sayanee hanging. She ran towards Paruru and stole her from Milky. She then grabbed the mic from Jurina who is giving the opening remarks of the Karaoke Taikai. Everyone was surprised at the sudden move of the General Manager.

With all of the attention on her, Yui started talking.

“Hmm… Before we go on with this joyful night, I want to announce something.”

“Yadda, don’t tell me you are graduating Yui-sou-chan!”

“It’s not that Jurina!” Yui laughed. She looked at the girl by her side and smiled at her. She took one deep breath. “I and Paruru… We have moved out from the ship zone!”

Everyone smiled after hearing her announcement. Moving out of the ship zone is one of the codes they use inside the group. But it looks like Maru and the two young HKT girls are yet to learn this code. It is so evident with their faces.

Yui laughed after seeing their cute, curious faces.

“We’ve moved out of the ship zone. It just means the same as moving out from the friend zone.” Yui raised Paruru’s that she is holding. “We are finally a couple! Official couple!”

“So the response she got is positive.” Sayanee murmured to herself. She took a view of Maru who is just silently looking at the lovey dovey YuiParu. It looks like she is having a lot of thoughts in her mind now. “Your move, kiddo?”

Everyone clapped at their announcement. Maru tried to clap as well.

“No one will be surprised if you get out of that zone!” Mayu commented; waving the mic in her hand. “You, guys, are like a couple for years now!”

“Yeah! That’s an inevitable outcome!” Jurina seconded. “Let’s start this battle now!”

Yui laughed at them. “Thank you, minna.” She then guided Paruru to sit on the sofa.

“Aniki! Sakuratan! Haruppi! Come on over! What are you waiting for?” Jurina called the girls who are still on the dining table.

“So troublesome…” Maru sighed as she stood up. “Don’t make me sing, I’m just going to watch.”

“Unfair! Everyone has to sing!” Mayu said.

“I’m sorry, Watanabe-san, but my singing voice is like a cat being killed with a bread knife.”

They all laughed at Maru’s statement. She took her sit together with Haruppi and Sakura. Sitting arrangement goes on the L shaped sofa like this:

          Yuki    Mayu     Yui   Paruru   Milky   Sayanee   





                              Karaoke Monitor

The Karaoke battle started. Most of these girls have really good vocals. They have been singing for years and it is automatic for them to improve their singing. Maru cannot deny that Sayanee and Mayu’s vocals are really something.

It was a rather crazy karaoke battle. Mayu and Jurina kept singing until Yuki decided to only have one song and the score for that song will be their final score. When it was Sakura’s turn, they all went to the point when they have to cover their ears because her pitch was all over the place. Maru knows that Sakura is not good with Karaoke but she didn’t know that it is that bad.

They all have great scores, excluding Sakura. Paruru managed to get a good enough score after singing Maeda Atsuko’s Flower. Sayanee is leading the score charts with a magnificent score of 98, coming after her is Mayu with 97 and Yuki with 94. Jurina grumpily passed the mic when she only scored 90 at her final song when she scored higher with her first songs. Maybe her voice got really tired already.

“I guess we know now who will sleep on the bed.” Sayanee laughed at them.

Jurina and Mayu rolled their eyes. Their arms are crossed and cannot accept the defeat.

“Eh?” Milky jerked as if she remembered something. “Waru-kun hasn’t sung yet.”

Everyone eyes Maru who is currently busy at her phone. “Don’t ask me to sing, I told you I’m not going to—“

She almost choked when Sayanee suddenly appeared in her back and gave her a reverse facelock. “Sing or you will die.”

“Shakure King! Y-You smell like booze! G-Get of me!”

Maru felt someone sat on her lap and hugged her. She felt a very ticklish, soft blow on her neck. It was Milky who is also already light red because of alcohol.

“Let us hear you sing, Waru-kun.” She seductively whispered.

“S-Stop! I-I can’t sing!!!” She tried to free herself but Sayanee is too strong and Milky makes her weak. What made it worse is when Jurina started tickling her on her side. She almost shrieked when Jurina’s finger suddenly pierced her. Everyone laughed at the torture scene.

“F-Fine! I will sing! But don’t regret a-abou—“

“Just go and pick a song!” Mayu said while swirling her glass of wine. She looks mad because she lost from Sayaka with only one point. “Don’t make me wait or el—“

“Hai! Hai! I will sing!” Maru nervously answered. Sayaka pushed her in the front. Using the remote control she shakily searched for the song that first came in her mind. She got more nervous when she found it and pressed the play button.

“Are you singing a Korean song?” Haruppi asked after looking at the title of the song.

“I can’t sing your songs and your songs are the only Japanese songs I know. Your pitch is different than my voice’s.” Maru explained, trying to regain her cool. She even adjusted the key of the song that she picked.

The song started playing. It sounded like a sad song that started with the sound of an acoustic guitar. The intro is just short so she started singing right away. (A/N: This song is 그럴 겁니다...잊을 겁니다 by CN Blue. Translation is from me. You can play it while reading. XD)

그럴 겁니다 잊을 겁니다

(I will forget you, I will…)

오늘부터 난 그대란 사람

(Starting today I will forget you.)

모르는 겁니다 한번도 본 적 없는 겁니다

(I don’t know. I will pretend I never saw you.)

길을 걷다가도 스친 적 없는

(Even if we accidentally meet, I will not look at you.)

Everyone suddenly felt goose bumps. She started a bit shaky but her voice is really good. They don’t understand a thing of what she is singing but the pain in her voice is so evident. It is one of her favorite songs. Maru is singing while looking on the floor; trying to avoid everyone’s graze.


괜찮습니다 잊었습니다

(It’s fine. I forgot everything.)

바쁜 일상에 행복하죠

(I’m happy with my busy life)

근사해 보이는 사람도 만나고

(I will meet someone great too.)

She tried to raise her head only to meet Paruru’s eyes. She didn’t cut the connection of their stares but Paruru broke it first by bowing her head down. Maru felt a sudden pinch in her heart. Maru just closed her eyes and just focused on singing.

사랑이 다 그렇죠 시간이 가면 희미해져

(Every love is the same. It will all vanish as time passes by.)

기억조차 할 수도 없겠죠 Oh

(There’s not even a single thing to be remembered.)


사랑이 가면 또 다른 사랑이 다시 올 겁니다 꼭 그럴 겁니다

(When a love goes, another love will come but it will end up the same)

지금은 아파도 조금만 지나면 아물 겁니다

(It may hurt now, but endure it a little and it will be nothing.)

그럴 겁니다 잊을 겁니다 나도 그럴 겁니다

(I will forget it. I will forget you. I will do the same.)

“Yabbai, Sayanee, you might lose the bed.” Jurina whispered to Sayanee as she is now sitting to Maru’s seat. Sayanee just put signaled her to stay quiet.

“Listen to your Aniki.” Sayanee said who is obviously caught up with Maru’s singing.


어렵진 않아요 오늘만 아프면

( It’s not hard even if it hurts today )

모든 게 잊혀질 겁니다

(I will forget everything)

달라진 일상에 어색할 뿐이죠 Oh~ NO

(All I have to do is get used to my changed life.)

The chorus repeated and a lot more emotion surfaced as she sang. Haruppi even started to tear up even though she can’t understand a thing. The same thing with Sakura; her eyes are fixed to her singing savior. The emotion she is delivering with her song is swallowing their hearts.

Paruru tried to have a look of Hoshi again. It hurts seeing her like that. It is very rare that she is being moved by a song. It somehow felt that it is being sung to her. She suddenly felt her hand being pressed by Yui. She looked at her girlfriend who is smiling at her. She tried her hardest to smile back.

모두 지울 겁니다

(I will erase everything)

꼭 그럴 겁니다

(I surely will)


사랑이 가면 또 다른 사랑이 다시 올 겁니다 꼭 그럴 겁니다

(When a love goes, another love will come but it will end up the same)

눈물이 흘러도 조금만 지나면 웃을 겁니다

(Tears may fall but I’ll endure and I will be able to smile again.)

그럴 겁니다 (이젠)

(I will do that. [from now on])

잊을 겁니다 (이젠)

(I will forget you. [from now on])

상처가 아물 듯..

(Until the wounds heal)

그럴 겁니다 그럴 겁니다 잊을 겁니다

(I will… I will... I will forget you.)

The song finished and Maru slowly opened her eyes. She turned to the screen to see what score she got.

“72.” She’s just two points lower than Sakura. “You see, I can’t really sing well.”

She turned to the girls with mouths wide open. They couldn’t believe that she only got that score.

“I know it is bad. Don’t look at me like that.” She went back to her seat after Sayanee moved out.

“It was really nice, Haru-san.” Sakura commented. “I almost cried.”

“It is! It is!” Haruppi seconded while wiping the tears from her eyes. “I got really moved.”

Milky suddenly hugged her from behind. “Of course, my Waru-kun is best at everything. She’s a perfect human!” Milky then kissed her at her cheeks which also surprised Sakura and Haruppi.

Maru wiped the kiss mark off of her cheek. “Don’t just kiss me like that!” Maru shouted, flustered.

Jurina, as the host of the battle, stood up from her seat and grabbed the mic. She’s still in shock with Maru’s singing but she has to do something to break the ice that the girl has made.

“SAA! The winner of the battle is the annoying birthday girl, Saya-CHIN!”

“YOSHAAA!” Sayanee raised her fist as a sign of victory. “Who are you calling SayaCHIN, puppy?!”

“Okay! Now, let us all go to bed because it’s already 1AM.” Jurina declared.


“YOSHA! Let’s now start the second game of the night!”

Sayanee and Maru shook their heads after hearing Jurina’s unlimited, energetic voice.

“Seriously, Koinu, what’s the matter with you?” Maru asked her. They are already in their futons around the bed where Sayaka is. “I thought we are going to sleep now?”

Mayu and Yukirin already left. Even though the management has granted them free schedule tomorrow they still have works from their agencies in the afternoon that’s why they had to go. All of them who remained are either free in the morning or free all day.

Sayanee is on top of the bed but she doesn’t like the view from up there. Maru is being surrounded by the girls including Milky. She invited Milky to the bed but the girl insisted that she likes to sleep beside her Ijiwaru. Even Maru finds it a little troublesome because she can’t move freely.

“Let’s just have a little chitchat before we sleep. Let’s talk about things that we have never told anyone before!”

Sayanee rolled her eyes. “You just want some gossip, right?”

“Yes!” The puppy cheerfully nodded. Actually, she’s just doing it because she wants to know more about her Aniki. She makes her so curious but she just doesn’t know how to properly approach her. Every time she looks at Maru’s eyes, she always sees mystery.

“Sure!” Milky suddenly affirmed. She’s lying on Maru’s lap. “It sounds nice! You begin, Jurina-chan!”

Sayanee heaved a sigh. She went down of the bed and sat with them for a while. “You start, pup, because you’re the brain of this.”

“Ehhh?” Jurina started thinking. “What could it be?” She looked at everyone and an idea came into her mind. “Actually… I and Mayu-chan were into a relationship before.”

“EEEHHHHH?” Based on their reaction, she’s right to think that they have never heard about it before. Jurina just proudly smiled.

“Majisuka Gakuen 2?” Yui asked. Jurina just nodded. “As I thought, there was something fishy between the two of you during those times!”

“I and Mayu-chan got so close that time. Those were the times that she had conflict with Yukirin because of Sae-san. CenNezu became more than a ship.”

“But you were with Rena-san, back then, right?” Yui asked again.

“Yeah. I was really a stubborn kid.”

“Was?” Maru asked with a troll face.

Jurina smiled faintly. “I promise that in my next relationship, I will be loyal.” She then looked at Sakura and winked. Sakura immediately blushed and looked at another direction.

“Hai! My turn.” The tipsy Milky raised her hand. “Actually, I took a measurement of Sayanee’s chin while she was sleeping long time ago!”

“Ya! Nandeyane?!” Sayanee threw a pillow on her Milky while everybody is taking their time to laugh. The turn was passed to whoever has something to say. Everyone is just giving hilarious secrets.

“I actually farted during a rehearsal and then I told them that it was Sakura who farted.” Haruppi cheerfully said which made Maru laughed hard. Sakura didn’t find it funny. Haruppi forgot that an oshi was there so she kind of felt embarrassed but it seemed like Maru enjoyed it so she shrugged it off.

“I actually saw Haruppi’s fart collection in her house. She farts in a jar and closes it tightly so her fart won’t escape. She even labels them with the date!”

“Sakura! That’s not your secret! That was mine!” Haruppi cried at Sakura’s revenge.

“I actually took a picture of Sayanee while she was changing back when I was a kennin in NMB.”

“What the hell, Yuihan!” Sayanee blurted out. “Why would you do that? And why is it about me again?!”

“I sent them to your fan girls from AKB.” Yui laughingly answered.

“I got a lot of Yaoi manga at home.” Sayanee said while blushing terribly.

“All of Japan already knows that!” Milky commented.

When it was Paruru’s turn, she took a very long time before coming up with an answer. “I really don’t like the smell of Yui’s futon.”

“Wait! You also already told the whole Japan about that before in AKBingo!” Yui snickered.

Jurina turned to Maru with a wide smile on her face. “Aniki, the floor is yours. I know you’ve been thinking of something, right?”

Maru smiled thriftily. Jurina was right. She has been thinking of what to say. Something that she hasn’t told anyone about? Well, that would be an awful lot. She took a look of the girls around her and sighed. Milky sat up to hear what confession Ijiwaru is about to make.

“Well, this might destroy the mood but... let me tell you a story…”



It felt wonderful seeing her name written on a birthday cake. Her own name… Not someone else’s.
eh? nani, nani? not someone else's?
thank you for updating, and please keep your work shortcut48-san :cow: :cow:
Sorry, I guess you still have to wait for Wednesday for this???  8)2

Julinahhh  :inlove: :inlove:
Here she really is~ I know this chapter might give you a feeling like 'is it really for Jurina?' But yeah, it is~

Maru-kun, I think you're starting to fall for Paruu
Bitter Maru: definitely not happening.

See you again on Wednesday~ :)
Oh! And the song's title in English is 'I Will Forget You' (which is very obvious) It has an English version 'Teardrops in the Rain' also from CN Blue but the message of each is different. I prefer the Korean one. It is Bitter Maru's life anthem. XD Anyway, so much info just for this song. XD
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Oohh that CNBlue song is on my favorite playlist for a long time. Never thought someone gonna use it in fanfic. Yeah it is such a sad song.
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thank you for the heart-breaking scene shortcut48-san :cry: :cry:
too bad MaYuki pair can't join them beacuse of works :(

“Well, this might destroy the mood but... let me tell you a story…”
there's more a sad story on wednesday? :cry:

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i... don't really listening to k-pop before (PLEASE DONT KILL ME)
i do listen to J rabbit a lot but not anything else much
so err..this is the fist time  i listen to this song you put...
its a song just for this chapter (why...why do you do this???)

now I'm a bit angst

... please pardon me, and let me reminiscing this golden sweet Jurisaku part from the last chapter to brighten myself

She then winked at her and left. Jurina was left speechless. She smiled foolishly remembering how Sakura winked at her. “My girl has definitely grown up well.”
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-30) Jurina (F)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

Please read this chapter with a warm heart~


“I DIDN’T think that it was that… how should I say it? Terrible?”

Jurina murmured. She is with the other girls at another TV guesting to promote their latest single. The shoot just finished and they are now in the dressing room. It has been three days since their last gathering and it is the first time that they have talked about it.

“I didn’t know that such things happen in real life. It sounded like a drama.” Yui sighed.

Everyone nodded. It has been three days but they are still in shock.


“Well, this might destroy the mood but let me tell you a story…”

Everyone fell silent and opened their ears. Based on Maru’s tone, it looks like a very serious story. She took one deep breath.

“There was once a couple who loved each other even though they are from different nations. The guy is really rich, while the girl was just a worker in his company. He fought for her even though his father is against to marriage with a foreigner.

In the end they got married. They lived at the girl’s country where the power of the guy’s company is also overwhelming. They were happy about the upcoming birth of their twins. It was a boy and a girl. The guy’s family values the male for many generations so they focused more on the boy and prepared a name for it.”

Maru smiled bitterly and sighed.

“Unfortunately, the boy was not even breathing when he was delivered. The girl was perfectly fine. She was very healthy. But no one rejoiced to her birth. Everyone is mourning to the death of the heir. With much disappointment and frustration, the father decided to raise the girl as a boy, giving her the name that was prepared for her brother.

The girl was raised believing that she is a boy. Her parents kept on trying in order to have a son but it would always turn out to be a girl. After knowing the gender, the guy would immediately order his wife to abort the baby.”

Everyone gasped after hearing that statement. Maru paused to smile due to their reactions. She tried to lighten up the mood by rising up the tone of her voice.

“The girl was imprisoned at home. She was made to wear boy clothes, her hair was kept short. She never went to a normal school. Tutors would just visit her every day. The number of people she knows can only be counted by fingers.

The pressure from her grandfather has killed the human in his father. There were times that he would just hit her wife without any reason at all. He would also do the same to his child. She never experienced being caressed by her father. She would always tremble in fear every time she sees him.

She lived that kind of life. For 13 years she believed that she was a boy. Her birthday is being celebrated but the name on the cake is always somebody else’s. It was by that age that she got her first period. She thought that she was sick so she consulted her mother about it. She was given medicine. After the first period, she never got one again. The medicine she was given was actually a pill that will produce more male hormones. Her body was once again manipulated.”

Sayanee’s face crumpled. She bit her lower lip because of anger towards Maru’s family..

“She studied about it… secretly… Those pages that her science tutor would always skip. She was enlightened but darkness covered her heart. She stopped taking the pill and her father has noticed her hair getting long. She got tortured to the point where her head would always hit the ground. Until there is no blood, her father will not stop.”

Maru combed her hair with her finger. Jurina immediately noticed the scar on her forehead.

“Years went on like that. The grudge in her heart kept on growing until she is 17. Once again her father was on berserk, hitting her mother continuously. That was the point when she couldn’t handle it anymore. She got a knife and stabbed him when she found an opening. She watched how her father fell on the ground with blood flowing from his chest. She watched him die with a huge smile on her face.

The thought of freedom filled her mind for a moment until she heard her mother mourning for the dead guy. She got confused. ‘Why are you crying?’ She asked her. ‘We are finally free now.’ But her mom just kept on crying. The sound hurt her ears and it drove her crazy. The police came but instead of her, her mother was taken away and got imprisoned.

Her grandfather came from his country and took her with him, taking her away from her mother. She was left there for more sufferings. It didn’t take long that the controversy of her family was exposed and their business got bankrupt. At least her grandfather managed to hide it for two years. Her grandfather died due to stress and the allowance she is receiving stopped coming.

The weight of the guilt with having her mother suffer in the prison because of her was so heavy. She tried to finish herself since nothing good is happening but she would always wake up as if nothing happened. It was probably because her body is already used to the pain. She became a wanderer for three years… Barely surviving.”

The aura of the room was really heavy. Everyone is just looking at Maru or looking somewhere else. She isn’t saying that the girl in the story is her but they are very sure that it is her.

“Was the story boring?” Maru asked, trying to avoid their stares. “Just hang on, it is about to be finished.” She took another breath before continuing.

“The girl with no name came to the point of where she stood in a train station platform waiting for the train to arrive. Her mind was so fixated in killing herself but she was saved by a couple. She was kindly treated and the couple welcomed her to their home. It was the first time she felt warmth in her whole life but the episodes of her trying to kill herself didn’t stop.

Through those couple, she got to know Japan and a huge idol group from that country. She found hope in their songs and their stories. She even studied the language and became good at it in a very short time because it was the first time that she wanted to do something.

But then the girl… tried to kill herself again even after meeting two of those idols that she admires. She received news about her mother dying on the prison after catching a deadly disease. The guilt flooded her once again and she went nuts but then she survived again.”

Maru smiled. “And now, with all the crazy things that happened to her, she is with those idols. Having fun like a normal person with no dark pasts. It is crazy, right?”

Milky, Sakura and Haruppi are already crying. Milky jumped to hug her and she just let her be.

“Don’t cry, Miyuki.” She said with a cracked voice. “You should be scared at me because I killed someone before.”

“Baka.” Sayanee blurted out. “You were in a tight situation back then.”

“Would it justify my crime?” Maru laughed. “I’m surprised that you are not running from me after hearing that story.”

“You got such a tough life, Maru-chan.” Yui said with a very sad voice.

“I just want to be honest with you all. You’ve been trusting me even though you really don’t know me. I also want to see if you will still see me as the person you treat as a friend after hearing that story. You even made a cake with my name on it…” Maru’s voice started to crack even more but she can still handle her tears. “It made me happy. If you all leave today because of my past, it will be fine with me—“

“Stop saying things like that, Hoshi!” Everyone turned to Paruru who is also in the verge of tears. “Everyone here liked you because of who you are to us. You aren’t fake...  you are always sincere. Please don’t…” She paused for a moment to bite her lips. “Don’t say things like that.”

“T-Thank you for entrusting us your secret… Especially to me who you just recently got along with.” Jurina stated. She was surprised that her idea would turn out like this.

“No worries, Koinu. I felt like I will be spending more time with you, guys, from now on that’s why I want be honest with all of you.” She sneered. “If this secret leaks I already have suspects. And don’t even pity me because of this. I would really hate you if you started acting out kinder towards me.”

Maru stood up and walked away from them.

“Where are you going, Haruhi-san?” asked the teary Sakura.

“I’m going to sleep at the sofa.” She answered as she stopped by the pillar. “I know I surprised all of you. It will be a little awkward if I stay. I’ll give you all time to digest it.”

That’s all and she left. Everyone was left silent. Paruru wanted to go after her but she couldn’t go. Jurina just broke the ice again with her voice and just invited everyone to sleep.


“LET’S just face her like normal.” Yui broke the silence. “Maru-chan has rested her trust on us. She even risked her relationship with us when she told us the truth. Let’s help her to forget about her horrible past.”

“ARGH!” Sayanee messed her own hair. “Should I stop calling her son? I already got fond of it!”

“I think she will think that we are being careful of her feelings if we stop calling her with what we used to call her.” Yui answered.

Everyone nodded in sync.

“She will be having a hard time now that the whole Japan is curious of knowing who she is.” Sayanee sighed. “We just have to support her and cover her up if something happens.”

“I’m just wondering how Aki-P will present her.” Jurina said. “Will she be absorbed as a member? I can see Aniki hanging out with Shinobu-san these days. Is she being trained in secret?”

“I don’t know, Jurina.” Yui leaned on the wall. “There are things that Aki-P won’t tell me as well.”

Sakura suddenly stood up from her seat. “I’m going to visit Haruhi-san, today.”

“Wait.” Jurina halted her by holding her by her arm. “Don’t you have any schedule after this?”

“I got the rest of the night empty.” Sakura answered and then she went on. She gave a bow to the others before marching out.

“Ahhh!” Haruppi sighed. “I want to go to Maru-san as well but I have to go back to Hakata tonight. Uhhh! I want to see her, too.”

Jurina shook her head a little and then grabbed her bag. “I’m going to see Aniki as well. See you later, peeps!”

SAKURA was surprised to see Jurina catching up. She was about to ride the elevator when the Sakae ace suddenly popped out from her back. The elevator opened and they both went in.

“Are you also going to see Haruhi-san?” The Kagoshima girl asked after pressing the button for the first floor.

“I like to see Aniki as well.” Jurina leaned on the wall. “Are you sure that she is home?”

Sakura nodded. “I asked Shinobu-san earlier about her and she told me that she got the day off.”

Jurina slowly nodded her head. She looked at the floor indicator with a plain look. “Are you somehow… interested in Aniki?”

Sakura couldn’t help to look at Jurina after hearing that question. She closed her eyes and leaned her head to the wall. “If I get interested to her, will there be any conflict?”

Jurina’s ears twitched after hearing Sakura’s answer. She looked at her with furrowed brows.

“But I told you that I like you, Sakura!” Jurina almost shouted with her fists balled. “Am I still not enough for you?”

Sakura took a look at her with sad, tired eyes. Jurina was taken aback.

“Juu…” Sakura called in a low voice. “You always say that you like me… That I am yours… But…” Sakura heaved a sigh. “Are you even mine?”

The elevator bell rung just right after Sakura dropped the question. Jurina was unable to say anything. The elevator’s door opened and another person is waiting for it.

“Are? Jurina? Sakura-chan?”

The attention of the two was caught by the lady standing outside the elevator. The familiar voice made Jurina’s head turn in an instant to confirm who the owner is. She was right.

“R-Rena…” Jurina stammered after finally finding her voice. Right in front of her is the girl that she has been wanting to meet for the past months; the girl that she badly needed to see; the girl that she crazily missed.

Sakura noticed Jurina’s reaction and just tried to smile at the lady in front of them.

“Good evening, Rena-san.” She greeted. “I’m sorry but I shall go first.”

Before leaving she gave a look to Jurina and whispered. “This is what I mean.”

That’s all and she left, trying to conceal the frustration in her face. Jurina looked at the other Matsui who is wearing a faint smile on her face.

“It’s fancy meeting you here, Jurina.” Rena started. “You had a fight with a girlfriend?”


“IT’S NICE to have coffee again, isn’t it?”

Rena asked with a smile on her face. They went on a nearby café where they sat near the window. It is raining. Probably it is one of the last downpours of summer.

Jurina is just looking at her Frappuccino while mixing it. Rena noticed the low mood of the younger Matsui which made her look outside.

“Are you worried that Sakura-chan got drenched?” Rena asked with a hint of pain in her voice.

Jurina rose up her head and looked at Rena. She is indeed worrying of the other girl. She shook her head to wake herself up.

“How’s everything, Rena?” She asked. Her voice was full of longing.

Rena smiled and took a sip of her Americano before answering. “Everything is going on smoothly. My career as a soloist is better than what I expected.”

“It’s good to hear that.” Jurina uttered under her breath. “SKE is doing well too. We were having separate promotions from the main group.”

Rena nodded. “Yeah. I heard them from Churi.”

“You’ve been hanging out a lot with her, right?” Jurina bitterly asked.

“We’ve been seeing each other a lot lately. Just having some girl-talks and all.”

“Why weren’t you responding to any of my mails?”

Rena just looked at her cup coffee and sighed. The wonderful smile is still pasted on her face.

“Because I am trying to move on…”

Jurina suddenly felt cold water being splashed on her. She traced the pain in Rena’s voice even though it is being concealed by her smile. Ashamed, Jurina fell silent and started to stare blankly at her Frappuccino.

“It was kind of hard being in love with a girl who finds everyone cute and kisses them, right?” Rena tried to look at Jurina but immediately lower her gaze. “We were official but you couldn’t help but look at other girls, right?”

“It’s not like—“

“I closed my eyes about your relationship with Mayu-san during our relationship. But you didn’t regret it and even had more girls aside from me.”


“I tried to make you jealous by also flinging with other girls but it didn’t work. You never seem to mind it at all.”

“Rena, it’s not what—“

“So tell me…” Rena raised her head and looked straight to Jurina’s eyes. “Do you really think I will come back and open up the wounds after I became free from you?”

Guilt overflowed from Jurina’s soul after hearing Rena’s statement. Was she really that wild before? Is this how much she has hurt her?

“I…I’m sorry, Rena… I was young back then…”

“That would always be the excuse, right?” Rena took another sip of her coffee. She was surprised herself that she has managed to remain calm after saying everything that she has been carrying in her heart for a very long time.

Rena took her phone and opened her mailbox. She looked at it while snickering and she is even blushing. This made the guilty Jurina curious. Rena showed her a video after turning up the sound of her phone. Rena cannot control her laughter.

“What the hell is that?!” Jurina’s eyes widened when she saw who the person in the video is. It was her, sleeping at a futon, mumbling.

“R-Rena…” she heard herself saying while fast asleep. “I want to see you…”

She suddenly heard annoying laughter from the one taking the video. Then the focus of the camera went to Sakura who seems like an accomplice but her face cannot be painted.

“Look who’s jealous.” The person behind the camera snickered again but in a more controlled way. She was careful not to wake the victim and the others.

Sakura’s face crumpled even more. “Stop it, Haruhi-san!” Sakura whispered but with a puffing face.

“A-Aniki!” Jurina gasped. “She took this?!”

She saw Maru’s arm extended to Sakura and pinch her nose. “Cute.”

“Rena…” They heard Jurina mumble again and Maru laughed once more.

“Stop it! Juu will be angry if she sees this!”

Sakura grabbed Maru’s phone and ended the video. Rena couldn’t stop laughing while looking at the shock painted at Jurina’s face. She then took her phone back and started looking for something.

“That girl is really funny.” Rena said in between snickers. “She sent me this. I don’t know how she got to know how to contact me but she’s really interesting. Ah! Here!”

Rena showed her the message part of Maru’s mail.

Good evening, Matsui Rena-san. I am the ‘Aniki’ of a puppy called ‘Matsui Jurina.’ I don’t know if you know me but they call me MMG before. I’ve sent you a video of this miserable puppy to make you laugh. You can do whatever you want with this because she is a really annoying puppy.

But if you don’t mind… Please try to meet her again…

Jurina gulped. So the reason Rena is in front of her now is because Maru made a move to make them meet.

“Of course I know who MMG is.” Rena said with a smile. “She’s the one that made twitter explode last time, right? But suddenly asking me to meet you is kind of hard so I asked her a favor.”

Jurina just looked at Rena with her curious face. Rena smiled at her.

“Just look at my wallpaper.”

Jurina did what Rena said. She pressed the home button and then voila. She almost cracked when she saw Maru’s face as Rena’s wallpaper. Rena gave out another laugh.

“She is really cute in that pic, right?”

“If you are saying that she is cute with dog ears and a collar while posing like a dog, I will say that this is hilarious!” Jurina laughed at the said picture. “How could you even get that picture from her?”

Rena took her phone back and looked at her wallpaper. “It is the payment for me to meet you.”

The smile from Jurina’s face faded after hearing Rena. She suddenly remembered the fact that Maru doesn’t like her pictures being taken but she took a ‘cute’ selfie with dog ears just to convince Rena to meet her. However she looks at it, she cannot see anything that Maru will benefit for doing something she is embarrassed to do just to convince someone to meet somebody else.

“You got a very nice Aniki, Jurina.” Rena put her phone back to her bag before looking back at the surprised puppy. “I told her how I really don’t like to meet you for now but if she will send me a picture of her without a mask, I might change my mind. I even asked her to wear dog ears and a collar because she said that she is an aniki of a puppy. I really thought she will give up. With my little knowledge about her, she is not the type who will post her picture in SNS. But she sent me one without hesitation even though she looked so much embarrassed at that photo.”

Rena finished her cup of coffee and released a sigh. “For a cute girl to ask me a favor like that, how can I not grant her wish?” She even blushed while saying those things. Rena likes cute girls from the very start. She then composed herself and looked at Jurina.

“Today… will definitely be the last time that I will meet you in purpose. Let’s free each other, Jurina. Don’t be overcome by guilt. You move on as well. I’m getting used with the life I have now. Go on and enjoy your life as well.”

Rena picked up her bag and stood up. “Thank you for everything, Jurina.” She smiled at Jurina and started walking away. But she’s not even a meter away when the frozen Jurina got thawed.

“Rena!” she called her while still stuck in her seat. The other Matsui looked back at her with a curious face. Jurina took a deep breath. “I’m really sorry… But I really loved you!”

Rena smiled at her with her most beautiful smile.

“I love trains.”   


MARU was about to drink her dosage for the night when her doorbell suddenly rang. She immediately swallowed the pill and gulped a glass of water before going to her door. She looked at the small monitor by her door to see who it is and she rushed to open the door.

“Sakura!” Maru almost shouted when she saw the Kagoshima girl drenched from the rain. Her eyes are swollen and she seems lost.

Maru immediately grabbed her inside. She looked at her left and right before she closed the door. She made sure that no one has followed Sakura. She’s not even in a mask or anything.

Maru locked the door and turned to Sakura.

“What happened to you, Sakura?” Maru worriedly asked with her hands on Sakura’s shoulders. The girl lifted her head up and looked at Maru with those swollen eyes. A drop of tear rolled down her cheeks which made Maru more worried.

“What the heck, Sakura? Don’t just cry like that in front of me.” Maru grabbed her bag and accompanied her to the bathroom. “Go and take a bath first. I don’t want you getting sick. I’ll leave some clothes here. About the undies, I’ll go buy and come back as fast as I can.”

Maru closed the door but then opened it again. “Get yourself together, Sakura. I’ll be back really quick. Don’t open the door until I come back, got it?”

Sakura gave a weak nod. Maru extended her arm to wipe her tears away. Sakura just felt the warmth from her hand. “I’ll be back.”


This is only a fanfic. Don’t go after my head please. XD

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w-wha... Wmatsui and jurisaku.... maru is a nice person ne... :cathappy:
"I love trains"  :banghead: :banghead:
keep living maru-san :( I'm glad that you survived till now :(
what now author-san? a marusaku ship?
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“Juu…” Sakura called in a low voice. “You always say that you like me… That I am yours… But…” Sakura heaved a sigh. “Are you even mine?”

The elevator bell rung just right after Sakura dropped the question. Jurina was unable to say anything. The elevator’s door opened and another person is waiting for it.

“Are? Jurina? Sakura-chan?”

The attention of the two was caught by the lady standing outside the elevator. The familiar voice made Jurina’s head turn in an instant to confirm who the owner is. She was right.

“R-Rena…” Jurina stammered after finally finding her voice. Right in front of her is the girl that she has been wanting to meet for the past months; the girl that she badly needed to see; the girl that she crazily missed.

“It’s fancy meeting you here, Jurina.” Rena started. “You had a fight with a girlfriend?”



wmatsui and Jurisaku


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Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-01) Drabbles #1
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I guess I dropped something really hard yesterday. Here is something to light up the mood. (I hope so.)

TTM Drabbles Presents:


Some time ago when Maru’s face hasn’t been revealed yet

Sakura is being flooded by questions from the fans about the Mysterious Masked Girl.

How does Maru-sama look like?

Please give us even just a clue of how MMG looks like.

Describe her features, please, Sakuratan!!!

Sakura sighed with all the requests she is receiving from the fans. She then typed:

Maru-san has a really cute face. Sometimes her stare is scary but she really has kind eyes. Hmm.. Sometimes her smile is a little awkward but it’s a charm point, I think.

Sakura posted her reply to the fans in her 755 account. Comments from the oshis came so fast.

Description is so bland. It doesn’t really give us any idea!

“Geez.” Sakura types as fast as she could.

Wait, I’ll try to draw Maru-san!

Sakura dropped her phone and went on to get some pen and paper. She was busy drawing but her 755 log is still busy.

Sakuratan is drawing Maru-sama? Yabai! Hahaha.

I know where this is heading. lol.

HAHA. Never forget.

*Sakura’s portrait of Nakanishi Chiyori, Murashige Anna and Wakatabe Haruka

“Done!” Sakura smiled proudly at her portrait of Maru. “This resembles Haruhi-san so much. Too bad I’ll be posting it for free.”

Sakura took a photo of her drawing and uploaded it right away.

This is how I see Maru-san. This definitely looks like her. Trust me.


Lol. Thank you Maestro Sakuratan!

I’m crying so much with this. Thank you! HAHA!

Sakura just nodded proudly at the comments she is receiving when a Line message came in.

Haruhi-san: Sakura, what the hell is that?

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I’m crying so much with this. Thank you! HAHA!
I'm crying too :lol: what a masterpiece :lol:
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Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-04) Drabbles #2
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MARU was given a segment in AKB48 SHOW where she will read tweets about her. Aki-P asked her personally to do this. It was her first time to appear on TV without any other members to support her. The General Manager, Yuihan, is present but she will not be a part of the interview. She’s just there for some moral support.

Yuihan: Good luck, Maru-chan! Do your best! *raises her fist* How do you say that in Korea? Fighting~!

Maru: *sighs* Thank you, GM. I’m really nervous but I’ll try to do my best. I don’t care if they bash me but I’m kinda anxious of their questions.

Yuihan: Don’t worry, they will not ask hard questions.

Program Director: Hoshino-san, come here now. We will be starting now.

Maru: *gulps* I’ll be off then.

Yuihan: *Slaps Maru’s back for motivation* Have fun, Maru-chan!

Maru went straight to the seat prepared for her. She tried to sit comfortably as the PD explains further more.

PD: We will just do this in one take so just feel free, okay.

Maru: H-Hai!

PD: Okay, we will start in 3, 2 ,1 ACTION!

*cameras started rolling*

PD: Do some sellf-introduction please

Maru: U-Uhm… Good day, everyone. I’m Hoshino Maru. I’ll be on your care.

PD: Start reading the tweets.

Question from __misaki46-san: Do you have any plans to grow your hair longer?

Maru: I don’t know. It has grown quite a bit now since I met Shimazaki Haruka-san and Miyazaki Miho-san. I haven’t cut my hair since that. My curls are getting visible and I’m having rashes in the nape because of the hair. I think I should cut it. I just don’t imagine myself with hair longer than this.


From infinitze-san: What do you think of AKB’s new generation.

Maru: Uhm… I sincerely hope that they receive favor from the people as well. I don’t want them to just imitate the seniors but make their own names. They should realize how important it is that they are being called as the new generation. It means they are the ones continuing the dreams the seniors had for the group. While on that, they should have dreams for their selves as well. I believe that AKB is a place where dreams are being fulfilled. And AKB inspires a lot of people not only in Japan but across the globe. I don’t want AKB to disappear just like that.

Follow up question: Do you have someone you like from the new generation?

Maru: I do. *goes to the next question*

Program Director: Who is it?

Maru: The sender didn’t ask so I’m not saying it. *tucks tongue out*

PD: *face palm*

From MatsuiLee-san: If you are going to be stuck in an island, whose member will you choose to be with you? Why?

Maru: Hmmm… This is one tough question. Do I really have to drag someone if I get stranded in an island? *thinks carefully* Maybe I would want to be with someone like Watanabe Mayu-san or Sashihara Rino-san? Why? They have huge hordes of fans. The oshis will not rest until they are found. I believe we will be saved in no time. We won’t even last a day in that island. *smiles proudly at her brilliant idea*


From shortcut48-san: Why are you so unpopular?

Maru: *pauses to think about the question* I wonder why this person asks me about this. *reads the question again* I don’t know. *shrugs her shoulders* Wait, I think I know who this sender is.

From Genkikid-san: Maru-kun, I think you're starting to fall for Paruu…

Maru: *eyes widened* *throat started drying* *gulps* I-I-I don’t know if this is a question or what. I wonder if you are Miyuki or Koinu hiding in that username Genkikid-san. They always tell me the same thing.

PD: Just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Maru: *turns as bright red as a ripe tomato* W-W-What the heck! The sender didn’t ask me to confirm it so I won’t say anything about it. *zips her mouth*

Last question from LuckyMatsui: If you are to be a boy, who is the member that you prefer to get married with? And if all the members were boys, who do you want to be your husband?

Maru: *pauses for so long*

PD: It’s a question so you have to answer it, right?

Maru: *still on a pause*

PD: Answer it or the sender will be angry!

Maru: Hmmm… *claps once* And there you have it everyone. This segment is already over! See you again if ever this segment will be revived. *stands up from her seat and bowed* *sees Yui standing in the corner*

Yui: *staring sharply at Maru while popping her knuckles*

Maru: *sweats heavily and goes back to her seat* W-What was the question again? *finds the question in the phone* *rereads the question* Why am I being asked with things like this? *sees a cue card from the GM*

Yuihan: [Make the shippers happy]

Maru: *reads the card with her lips* *blows her bangs in despair* If I were a boy, I would definitely go after K-Kodama Haruka-san because she is my oshimen. I think explanation is not needed with that. *breathes out in despair* And if all these members were a bunch of guys, I would like to marry Matsui Jurina-san. I don’t know why. She just came on my mind. Probably because she has a lot of money. *fakes her laughter* *looks at Yuihan*

Yuihan: *smiling happily because Paru’s name was not mentioned* *raises an okay sign*

Maru: *releases a sigh of relief* Okay, we’re finished, right? Thank you for all your comments and questions. If this happens again, please make your questions easy to answer.

Staff: But the viewers will find it boring if it’s like that.

Maru: *releases her breath slowly while looking at the PD* okay! *raises her hands* Go and ask anything! I will wait for it! Arigato gozaimasu~! Hoshino Maru-deshita~


Maru dropped dead from her seat. Yuihan came to congratulate her with a somehow well-done job.

Yuihan: *rubs Maru’s back* Nice job, Maru-chan. You really showed off your character.

Maru: *looks at Yuihan with blank eyes* I felt like my seat was burning.

Yuihan: *helps Maru to stand* Welcome to this world~

Maru: I lost all my energy already. *remembers a certain username* I will roast that person for making an interview about me instead of uploading a chapter.



On the other hand...

Fans transferred to Mayu’s 755 from Sakura’s log.

Mayu-san, please draw Maru-sama for us!

Mayu’s eyes twinkled and started drawing. She uploaded it right after taking a picture of it.



Cut here. I purposely didn’t upload a chapter so you can all take a rest from all the happenings with the story. I’ll be back with the main story in Wednesday. Sorry for all my drawings. Especially to my drawing of Maru, it might fail to reach all your expectations of her. You can still keep the Maru on your imagination if you don’t like my drawing. Haha. I know Mayu-san can do better than this. :) *i told you guys... Maru is an iron board*

Anyway, thanks again for reading this. Please continue to join me as more of this story unfolds. Have a nice week~!

Question: Should I continue with this interview thingy? If you yes then please send me materials. HAHA. Thank you~ If you wanna go anonymous then tell me. :)
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Here is my question:

Dear Pizza Chain, when your delivered my pizza they guy was 30 minutes l8, can you replace it 4 me.
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Here is my question:

Dear Pizza Chain, when your delivered my pizza they guy was 30 minutes l8, can you replace it 4 me.

This ain't a bad question. Let's hope Maru has an answer to this. But if you can give a better one, I will appreciate it. Haha. But thanks, I loled so hard with this. XD
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Are you a genestealer?

From the Ordo Xeno of the Imperial Inquisition
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thank you for this haha :lol:

Maru: I lost all my energy already. *remembers a certain username* I will roast that person for making an interview about me instead of uploading a chapter.
haha you'll be roasted right now author-san  XD XD

and thank you for your drawing... it's better than sakura's lol
it's really helped us to imagine maru's appearance

update the main chapter please :D
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thank you for this haha :lol:

Maru: I lost all my energy already. *remembers a certain username* I will roast that person for making an interview about me instead of uploading a chapter.
haha you'll be roasted right now author-san  XD XD

and thank you for your drawing... it's better than sakura's lol
it's really helped us to imagine maru's appearance

update the main chapter please :D

Yeah.. I guess I'll be. haha.

I will update on Wednesday. :)

Is the image really not appearing to some? Tell me if you can't see the drawing. So i can do something about it. Thank you. :)
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I want to see the picture  :panic:
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I want to see the picture  :panic:
Thank you for reading the fic~ :)

I heard from some readers that image is not coming out if you are viewing it on your mobile. I visited the page with my phone to confirm it and it's true. I wonder why.

Here is the link of the same update from my Tumblr: (

And here is the address of the drawing itself: (

I hope this helps~ :)
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Thanks shortcut48-san. Yeah I'm reading your fic from mobile. It's really good. Keep up the good work.
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With that picture now I can imagine all this story like a movie in my head. Thx Cut-san!!

Well that was not supposed to be a question. But anyway now I'm imagining Maru answering that "question". A little bit panicking and a little bit flustered... Shishishishishi
Oh, and I swear I'm not Miyuki or Jurina. If so then I'm an oshi of myself  :whistle: :whistle:
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Thanks shortcut48-san. Yeah I'm reading your fic from mobile. It's really good. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much. I'm doing my best for this fic~! :)

With that picture now I can imagine all this story like a movie in my head. Thx Cut-san!!

Well that was not supposed to be a question. But anyway now I'm imagining Maru answering that "question". A little bit panicking and a little bit flustered... Shishishishishi
Oh, and I swear I'm not Miyuki or Jurina. If so then I'm an oshi of myself  :whistle: :whistle:

It doesn't have to be a question really. If I see some material-worthy from the comments, I'll use it without your permission. BWAHAHA. XD JK.

Haha thank you cut san it's really entertaining, so that was a real question from the reader right? And you can create a story from it.. Amazing!! :cow: (Takayama (kazumin'style!)

Ameyjing~! XD Thank you that you found it entertaining. Yes, those were all from readers (except one). HAHA.

Thanks for reading this quick drabble. Please get yourselves ready for the next chapters~  :bingo:
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-07) Undokai + Thanksgiving (I)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“GREAT. We were late and Maru-san is not here.” Kojina Yui grunted while looking at her mirror.

“But we placed second in the over-all ranking. I think that is already great.” Tomonaga Mio commented and then look at Yabuki Nako who is sitting beside her.

“It would be nice if Maru-san was there. I really want to meet her!” Little Nako said in frustration.

“Why does Maru-san have to work with Nogizaka46 during this event?” Tanaka Miku sighed before munching a well-done meat.

The girls of HKT are in deep disappointment even while eating the delicious barbecue dinner prepared by the management for them. They were late for the 2nd Dai Undokai because of the delay with their flight and the person that they want to meet is not even around.

The girls have been wanting to meet Maru up close and personal since she saved Sakura from the HS attack and they knew that she is a Haruppi-oshi which gives a chance that she can also be an HKT oshi. Last time they were so focused on the SSK that’s why they couldn’t hunt her while Maru just disappeared right after the AKB Fes taping.

“She might appear tomorrow at AKB’s Thanksgiving Festival, though.” Tashima Meru commented with her mouth full.

“But we will not be there tomorrow!” Nako protested once again. She then turned to Haruppi. “Haruppi-chan! Contact Maru-san now and invite her here. She’ll definitely come if you are the one who invites her!”

Haruppi choked at the sudden request of Nako. “I can’t jyu that!”

Sakura and her best friend, Murashige Anna, are just listening to the endless rants of their co-members. Sasshi left them already because the queen is busy with other programs.

“Is it true that Maru-san is having a shoot with Nogizaka46?” Aanya asked Sakura.

Sakura nodded. She swallowed her food first before talking. “I heard from Shinobu-san that she’ll be guesting in Nogibingo.”

“Wow.” Aanya uttered under her breath. “Last time I also saw that she had a short interview at a morning talk show. I guess she has begun appearing to shows slowly by slowly. But why is she appearing to a Nogizaka show too?”

“Haruhi—I mean Maru-san already got a lot of invitations even before SSK but she kept on running away from them.” Sakura sighed and leaned on the wall. “I guess the demand about her is so high that she cannot even run away now. I hope Maru-san will be fine.”

Aanya imitated Sakura and leaned on the wall. She just looked at Sakura with observing eyes.

“Why?” Sakura asked.

“I’m just wondering if you are already okay.” Her best friend answered.

Sakura snickered. “I am. I even ran today, right?”

“You got quite a fever before this event so you got us all worried.”

Sakura heaved a sigh. “Maru-san helped me a lot that day. But I don’t think my sudden appearance helped her at all.”

“Why did you even run to her that time?” Aanya irritatingly asked. “You should’ve come to me!”

Another sigh came out of Sakura. “I couldn’t help it. You were in Hakata that time and my mind just went blank. After all, aside from you, only Maru-san knows that secret.


SAKURA sat at the sofa wearing only a bathrobe. She left her wet clothes inside Maru’s clothes dryer. The lost kitten is finally back to her senses. The sudden confrontation with Jurina and encounter with Rena somehow broke her heart.

She was able to ride a taxi even though the driver somehow scowled at her for making his taxi wet. She absentmindedly arrived at Maru’s apartment and she is praying hardly that no one was able to recognize or follow her. It has been almost an hour but Maru is still not back. This made her worry even more.

“What have you done, Sakura?” She asked herself in a sigh. “You can’t bring trouble to Haruhi-san.”

The Hakata princess stood up because of anxiety and went to have some glass of water. She went straight to the kitchen and an empty glass caught her attention before she opened the refrigerator. Beside it is a little, white container that looks like a prescription bottle.

Sakura looked at the direction of the door to see if Maru has already arrived but she saw no one. The bottle really ticked her curiosity. She was about to pick up the said bottle when the doorbell suddenly rang. She jerked in much surprise.

“If it is Haruhi-san she will just open the door right? Why does she—“

Her monologue was cut when the doorbell rang again. She slowly went to the door and took a view of the visitor through the monitor.


Standing by the door is non-other than Shimazaki Haruka. She’s holding an umbrella on her right hand while fixing her newly cut hair. It was a bit shorter than before. She’s seems like she’s growing a little impatient but nervous at the same time.

The unlocking of the door made Paruru jerked and straightened her back. Sakura slowly opened the door which gave a shock to the waiting salty girl.

“S-Sakura-chan?” Paruru stammered as she looked at the girl from head to toe; shocked of the only thing the girl is wearing. “What are you doing here and… why are you dressed like that?”

Sakura blushed furiously after remembering that she is only in a bathrobe.

“S-S-Something really bad—“

“Did I interrupt into something?” Paruru asked in a low voice without even looking at her.

Sakura’s eyes widened. She started panicking, not knowing where to start explaining. She opened the door widely to make Paruru see that no Maru is inside. “Y-You got it wrong, Paruru-san. Maru-san is not here. She went out to buy—“


The two girls looked at the direction of the owner of the voice. They both gasped when they saw Maru also drenched with her knees bleeding. She looks dirty with mud all over her shirt but the smile on her face doesn’t show that she cares about how she looks now.

“What brought you here?” Maru asked as she comes near them.

“W-What happened to you?” Paruru asked her with worry written all over her face. She wanted to reach her for her face and wipe the dirt from it but something is forbidding her to.

Maru just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “I was running so fast even on the stairs. I didn’t notice the last step that’s why I kissed the ground.” She explained while scratching her head. She gave Sakura a plastic bag containing the change she bought for her. “I luckily managed to protect it from getting wet. Go now and change. Sorry, I just guessed the size.”

“But, H-Haruhi-san you should go and clean yourself too.” Sakura said. Maru just smiled at her faintly. “I will. Go first. Use the clothes I prepared for you.”

Sakura looked at Paruru and then back to Maru before she got inside to change. The two were left in awkward silence.

“What’s up? You’ve never been here for a long time.” Maru stated as she closed the door. It seems like she doesn’t have any plans to let the other girl in. “Nice hair, though.”

Paruru heaved a sigh. “I’m sorry. I’m busy lately preparing with the girls of Baito AKB.”

“Silly, you don’t have to be sorry.” Maru gave out a faint smile. “It can’t be helped if you are busy. What brought you here anyway?”

Paruru looked at her with eyes telling that she, herself, doesn’t know why she came. The problem isn’t really about time but this is the only time that she finally mustered up her courage to meet her after the party.

“Don’t tell me you are going all ponkotsu like this in one rainy night?” Maru asked when she got tired of waiting for an answer. “Go home now and rest. I got some ‘cat’ to take care of.”

Paruru was about to say no when her phone suddenly rang. She immediately took it out of her pocket.

“Yuihan…” She murmured after looking at the caller ID.

“Go and answer it.” Maru said in a calm voice. “Why are you thinking twice of receiving it?”

Paruru felt her heart tightened for a moment. She just looked at the girl who is busy fidgeting with her broken umbrella. She then picked up the call and turned her back to Hoshi.

“Hello, Yuihan… Eh? You’re at my house?”

Maru just found her eyes automatically darted to Paruru. She shook her head, believing that it can also shake the sudden annoying emotion that wages in her heart.

“Me? I am just…” She took a glimpse of Maru that immediately looked at a different direction. “I-I went to buy something… I might take time, though… Uhmm… See you…”

She then put her phone back to her pocket and slowly turned to Maru. She noticed the wounds on the girl’s knees once again. She suddenly remembered the thing Maru has about blood.

“S-Should we take care of your wounds?” Paruru asked.

“As I have heard, GM is waiting at your house. Are you planning to make her wait longer?” Maru threw back a question. “She is busy, you know? But she is making time just to visit you.”

“But your wounds—“

“Don’t worry about these scratches. I am old enough to take care of them by myself. I’ve had more severe ones before.”

Paruru just looked at her with confused and worried eyes. She can clearly feel that Maru is a little cold to her. She really wanted to have a nice talk with her since they haven’t talked like the old times since that AKBingo episode happened.

The sound of the pouring rain was the only sound that can be heard that time. They were just staring at each other, waiting for someone to break the wall that was suddenly established between them.

“You should go.” Maru cut the connection of their stares. “You can’t have your girlfriend wait for you that long.”

Paruru felt liked she heard her heart cracked. She suddenly remembered the fact that she is already Yuihan’s girlfriend. She looked down while trying to contain her emotion. One. Deep. Breath.

“Okay. I’ll go now.” She tried to look at Maru with a smile on her face. “Just take care of yourself, will you?”

Maru returned a smile to her. “I will.”

She was about to pat Paruru’s head just like the usual but her hand stopped halfway. When did they become this awkward?

“T-Take care on your way back. Sorry, I can’t drop you because I have to help Sakura with something.”

“I’ll be fine.” Paruru raised her umbrella and pointed to the direction of the stairs. “I’ll be leaving now. See you around.”

“Mhm… See you…”

Maru didn’t wait to see her disappear from her sight. She immediately went inside and the sound of the door closing made Paruru look back. Her heart was too heavy and she could feel the tears prickling on her eyes.

“At the end I couldn’t tell her…”

“PARURU-SAN already left?”

Sakura asked as soon as Maru entered. She has been waiting for them anxiously. She doesn’t know why but she feels like there’s a weird air between the two.

Maru smiled at her. “She already left. Apparently GM is waiting at her house.”

Maru took off her wet shoes and went inside. Sakura, who is already on the clothes that she prepared, just followed her.

“I hope Paruru-san didn’t get the wrong idea about us.”

Sakura was surprised when she bumped at Maru’s back. The girl just stopped walking all of a sudden. She then looked at Sakura with innocent eyes.

“What kind of idea are you talking about?”

Sakura started blushing. “N-N-Nevermind!” She then pushed Maru to the bathroom and told her to take a shower as well. Maru shrugged her shoulders and just followed what Sakura told her to do.

Maru came out from shower really fast. She sat on the chair opposite to Sakura, just like the first time the other girl came into her house.

“Sooooo…” Maru started while drying her hair with a towel. “What happened to you?”

Sakura averted her gaze at the sudden question. “It’s nothing.” She whispered.

“Nothing?” Maru rested her back on the chair with her arms raised; looking just like a drunken salary man. “Was it about Koinu?”

Sakura remained silent. Maru looked at her as she can see right through her. She stood up and opened a drawer near the TV to get some plasters. She immediately went back to her seat.

“I believe Matsui Rena-san already went to meet Koinu. My plan was a success.” Maru casually stated while putting the plasters on the wounds in her knees. She was amazed of how she can resist the sight of her blood.

Sakura nodded. “I was supposed to come here with Juu but we saw Rena-san on our way out of the building.”

“Ehh~” Maru took one final look at her plaster masterpiece before looking back at Sakura. “You actually witnessed their meeting, huh?”

Maru noticed a tear escaped from Sakura’s eyes which the girl immediately wiped away. Her heart felt heavy knowing that she can’t do anything more with the situation.

“Let’s just see what will happen after they talk. Will they be reunited or will they put a proper end to it? Let’s just wait for Koinu to have this confirmation.”

Sakura, again, just nodded but this time she couldn’t handle her emotions anymore. She started crying without any sound at all. She struggled in wiping her tears as if she’s trying to erase her whole face. Maru heaved a deep sigh. She went to sit beside the crying girl and got a hold of her hands.

“Don’t wipe your face like that. You’re an idol, you know?”

Sakura started crying even more. She took refuge on Maru’s arms and the other girl just let her be. She gave soft pats on her head as she cries.

Maru felt a little frustrated. It was her idea to have Jurina and Rena meet so that Jurina can confirm her real feelings. She’s been going after Sakura for a while now but it is obvious that she still hasn’t forgotten about the other Matsui. This ace from Hakata is obviously afraid of a ‘positive’ outcome from that meeting. She’s afraid of the fact that the girl she really admires might go away.

Maru already knew about Sakura’s feelings towards Jurina long before. Apparently, Sakura fell with Jurina when she first entered the AKB senbatsu. She always had looked up on her and she loves it whenever the other girl notices her. But since Jurina is in a relationship, she kept all her feelings inside. That’s why the amount of happiness she felt was outstanding when fans started shipping her with Jurina after Rena graduated. It also looked like Jurina likes the ship so her heart really fluttered.

But… Does Jurina really like her? Or she only sees her as a way to forget the past? This makes her heart suffer.

“Sorry.” Maru uttered under her breath. “I don’t know much about romance so I can’t really give you an effective piece of advice.”

She hugged the crying girl tightly as she felt the latter’s grip on her shirt tightened. Maru felt confused. ‘Should people really suffer just for this kind love?’ That question came running into her mind. ‘Does unrequited love really hurt that much? What do I have to do just to make this girl feel better?’

After some time, she found out that Sakura already fell asleep at her arms. She wiped her cute face wet with tears and carried her to her room. The girl had a slight fever so she put a fever relief pad on her forehead. She also contacted Sakura’s manager to let him know about the girl’s situation and the manager promised to take Sakura home to Kagoshima in the morning.

Maru tried to take a rest on the crouch. Her thoughts are still in a deep mess. She tried to close her eyes but a certain girl’s picture would always flash in her mind. It would always sting. Her heart would always tighten.

“I am doomed.”


“MOSHI, MOSHI… Aniki?”

Jurina was sitting on her hotel room’s veranda while having some soda. She’s just looking at the busy street lights.

“Koinu? What’s up?” The other girl on the line asked. Her voice was quite hoarse.

“Eh? What happened to your voice?” Jurina worriedly asked.

A sigh was heard from the other line. “A lot of things happened during today’s shoot. I didn’t know that I will get pranked again.”

Jurina laughed. “You got pranked by Nogizaka?”

“It’s a long and embarrassing story, Koinu.” Maru cleared her throat. “So, what’s the matter? How was the Undokai?”

“Hmmm…” Jurina thought aloud. “It was really fun. Team KII got the highest score! It’s from my tribe!”

Maru gave out a laugh. “Well, congratulations. I thought Team 8 would bag it again this year.”

“Sorry, they failed to get it for the third time.” The smile from Jurina’s face slowly faded. “Aniki, what should I do?” Jurina sighed as she slid to the table in front of her.

“I don’t know. It’s already your problem. I already helped you in meeting Rena-san. I cursed that picture a million times before sending it to her. I want to drown myself when I hit the send button.”

“But Aniki… Sakura…”

“Is she still distancing from you?” Maru asked. “Just go and talk to her.”

“It’s not that easy… After that scene in the elevator…”

“I don’t know what else to advice. I’ve done my— OUCH!”

Jurina suddenly straightened up from her slouching. “What happened to you, Aniki?!”

“Damn.” She heard Maru whispered. “I bumped into a glass door again.”

The puppy gave out a laugh. “Again? Stop acting silly, Aniki.” She is hearing someone laughing at Maru. It sounds like someone from Nogizaka.

“Stop laughing at me, please, Shiraishi-san… Please?”

Jurina laughed after hearing Maru’s plea. She sounded like she is about to cry because of embarrassment. Jurina stood up and headed inside her room. “Anyway, thank you so much for your help, Aniki. Thanks for helping me meet Rena even though I didn’t ask for it.”

“Silly, don’t feel indebted about it.” Tsundere mode on.

“But I may say that the picture you sent Rena is really hilarious!”

“Don’t make me remember that, you senseless pup!” Maru shouted with her hoarse voice. “I just hope that you are now sure with your feelings.”

“Un!” Jurina answered with a wide smile on her face. “I’m sure now!”

“Nice.” She can imagine Maru also smiled after hearing her answer. “Hey, Koinu… Are you free tomorrow?”

“Don’t tell me you’re asking me for a date, Aniki?”

“Shut up, flirty pup. Just tell me if you are free or not.”

“Wow~” Jurina continued to annoy her. “So what if I’m free? Am I not allowed to say no to whatever you are going to make me do?”

“Okay, I’ll be going alone.”

Jurina snickered. “I’m just kidding! Just kidding! I’m free tomorrow, aaaalllll day! So what’s the matter?”

“Come with me at the Fans Thanksgiving Festival tomorrow. I want to watch as a normal fan.”

“Eh?” Jurina gasped. “How are you going to watch it?”

“I got two DD tickets, want to come with me?”

“That’s not what I am talking about!” Jurina dropped herself on the bed. “How are we going to watch that like a ‘normal fan’? Do you think we can sit with the fans without them realizing who we are?”

Jurina heard Maru release a deep breath. “No choice, Koinu… We should go with that.

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Jurina heard Maru release a deep breath. “No choice, Koinu… We should go with that.

"That".... What is "that"???!!!!
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For some reason, Maru has a striking resemblance with a friend of mine who studies in Korea named Rosalie.

She has that hair and waits those kinds of glasses.
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Finally Maru- kun met nogizaka girls  ^_^
I'm really really curious, for what were happened with nogizaka girls and Maruu... (please make a drabble about it too!!!)

Is it just me who thinking "That" thing that Maru plan is DANSO?? (I hope I guess it right >_<)
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maru has a work with nogizaka? yeay~ are you gonna make nogizaka's members fall for maru charm too? :w00t:

“You should go.” Maru cut the connection of their stares. “You can’t have your girlfriend wait for you that long.”
yeah! you should go, please don't make maru suffer again because of you :(

"that" it must be danso right? :D
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“WHAT the heck, Aniki. I’m getting nervous!”

Jurina fixed her mask before taking her seat. Their seats are next to the aisle but around them hardcore looking wotas. She just followed Maru’s lead.

“We’ve managed to enter without being suspected. Our disguise looks effective.”

Maru fixed her wig in place. The two are in danso. Jurina is wearing a black wig while Maru went for the blonde one. They are wearing normal clothes that guys of their age would wear. They had a serious argument about the clothes but in the end they decided to go with the plain ones. It’s important not to stand out.

Maru even made her eyebrows look very thick and put a mole under her left eye. She thinks that it will help to avoid being busted through her eyes. She even had blue contact lenses to complete her Caucasian look. Jurina on the other hand also had colored lenses topped with square glasses’ frame. She even had freckles on her cheeks. All the JunMarco shippers will throw a feast if they see them in this form.

They looked around at the Saitama Super Arena and it is full-packed with fans. They were filled with awe on how enthusiastic the fans of AKB can be. Their hearts were suddenly overwhelmed with gratefulness.

“I’ll make sure that it will be SKE that will be holding this event next year.” Jurina said with determination.

Maru smiled at her. “Let’s wait and see.”

The Thanksgiving Festival started with Mukaichi Mion doing the Kageana. The hype went stronger when the Overture started playing. Everyone is up from their seats doing their chants while waving their light sticks. Maru and Jurina did the same. They are having such a nice time enjoying the event.

The show went on like that. Everyone seems too occupied with the show to notice that there is an idol and someone who is on the line of being one having fun with them. The two are having a good time like real siblings going into a concert.

On the other hand, on an online wota community…

Under the JunMarco [Jurina x Maru] thread:

idolTRASH posted a pic: (Maru and Jurina picture taken from the side)

idolTRASH said: Am I dreaming or is it really Jun-sama and Marco-sama watching the Festival?! They are freaking sitting on the DD side!!!

48forever said: No FREAKIN’ WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! They are on DANSOOOOOO!!!!

wota_drill_sgt. said: Dare to get their attention or I’ll skin all of you alive!

captainShipper: Just let them enjoy the show! No one dare approach ‘em!

eienDD posted a picture: (picture of Maru and Jurina from the back, enjoying the show)

eienDD said: I can’t have a good shot of their faces. Kuso! I’m so close!!!

JunMarco shipper said: Don’t dare touch the princes! I can’t handle this! I should’ve gone on the event!

wota_drill_sgt. said: Don’t take pictures now! They might leave if they knew that their disguises are busted! Take pictures when it is time for us to take them!

eienDD said: Yes, sir!

wota_drill_sgt. said: I repeat, don’t creep them out! Let them enjoy the show! Those who are near them, ACT FRICKIN NORMAL!!!!


“YOU’RE right, Aniki! No one is recognizing us!” Jurina said. It is already MC5 which is being led by Team K and no one is approaching them or anything. “Our disguise is really amazing!”

Maru just looked at her with narrow eyes. The girl released a breath. “I don’t know, Koinu. I’m having a feeling that cameras are being focused on us.”

It seems like Maru’s camera sensors are still working.

“No way! I don’t feel anything! I can feel like I can remove this mask!”

Jurina really did remove her mask. Maru tried to stop her but Jurina also snatched away her mask and threw it on the air.

“Finally! I’m free from the mask!” Jurina rejoiced with her hands up in the air.

Maru was just looking at her with a ‘seriously dude’ face. She was like ‘What the hell is wrong with you, pup?!’ but she chose not to say anything. She anxiously looked around to see if people are looking at them. Whenever she turns her head, the wotas are fast to change the direction of their sight.

Maru’s eyes narrowed even more. She pulled more mask from her pocket and forced the wild puppy to wear one. She even almost suffocated Jurina because the latter was so stubborn to wear it. Jurina just gave up when she started running out of air.

“Don’t try to throw that again, Koinu, or we will not be able to get out of here!” Maru annoyingly went back to her seat and swiftly wore another mask.

“You sure got a lot of bullets.” Jurina commented after recovering air. She even held her chest to help herself breathe.

“I got feeling that you will do this.”


idolTRASH posted a pic: (Jurina looks like kissing Maru while removing the mask. Maru’s eyes looked so surprised.)

eienDD said: What the hell did you just captured? XD XD XD

464748 posted a pic: (Maru looks like kissing Jurina while forcing her to wear a mask. Taken from the other side. Jurina looks like struggling from the kiss.)

JunMarco shipper said: Wait for me! I’m on my way to the even now! XD

eienDD posted a pic: (picture of two masks)

eienDD said: look what I just got my dear friends! Bow down!

wota_drill_sgt. said: F*CK! JUST GO AND TAKE PICTURES! *nosebleed*


The Team K MC finished and a round of applause can be heard from the audience as the members exit the stage. The lights dimmed and the next song started playing. The members of Team A came out and the fans started cheering again.

It is [Lavender Field], a song from the M.T. ni Sasagu stage and the one centering it is non-other than Salt herself, Shimazaki Haruka. Maru suddenly fell quite on her seat. Her stare got fixed on Paruru who is happily performing on the stage. Jurina noticed the girl’s sudden change in behavior. She looked at the direction where Maru’s stare is fixed and she just smiled. She just let Maru get absorbed in her own world.

When it was time for the interlude, Yui came in front and arched her arm around the center’s waist. She started leading the cheer and both of them seem like sparkling on that stage. Maru instinctively dropped her head to avoid the scene. That action didn’t escape Jurina’s observant eyes. She bumped Maru with her shoulders.

“Wassup with that gloomy look?” Jurina nosily asked.

Maru released a sigh. “They just look so good together. It’s a waste I didn’t bring my camera with me to capture this moment.”

“Ehh?” Jurina rolled her eyes in disbelief. “I don’t know, Aniki, but I have a feeling that you like Paruru-chan.”

Maru’s eyes widened. She stared at Jurina like a kid unsure of what reaction she will give. “Are you acting Miyuki now? You girls are really weird. I understand that you are all attracted to same sex but why do you keep on dragging me to it?”

Jurina suddenly remembered Maru’s story. It somehow halted her for trolling her but she has decided that she’s going to treat her like she never heard the story so the other will not feel weird with the sudden change in treatment.

“Just admit it, Aniki. You like Paruru-chan, right?” She even had her face near Maru’s.

“I should’ve called Miyuki if only I know I will still be asked things like that.” Maru shove her off and her eyes went back to the stage. “I will never fall in love with anyone. I swear that.” She emphasized but then released a sigh. “And seriously, how can I fall with someone who is in a relationship? That would be too much of a bother.”

Jurina just gave a meaningful smirk and shrugged her shoulders. She then went back to watching. Lavender Field is already over and the girls are now performing Juuryoku Sympathy. Maru tried to recover the energy that somewhat faded after the topic about Paruru was brought up. She’s here to have fun watching her favorite group. It’s the only reason.

Team A’s MC finished and all the girls are gathered on the stage to perform Heavy Rotation. Maru and Jurina are on their feet, cheering with the crowd. They still don’t know that photos of them are being taken. Maru is amazed that with the number of girls present on the stage, her eyes will automatically fall down to only one girl.

Now it has come to the time where the girls go to their oshis’ section. [Fan Letter] is being played while they go and roam around, saying thanks to their fans who voted for them for the last SSK. Waving and smiling, letting the fans take their picture. Most of them even shed a tear for how moved they are with all of this support.

[Anata ga itte kureta kara] came next on the playlist but before it was played, the General Manager gave words for the fans.

The pup noticed that Paruru is somewhere near them so she rotated Maru’s head to the girl’s direction.

“Let’s call, Paruru-chan!” Jurina energetically said while pointing at Paruru. “Paruru-chan!”

All the other fans are calling out to Paruru as well. Maru just looked at the girl who is standing still by the stairs. A lot of people are calling out to her. Can she be heard if she shouted?

Why not…give it a try?

She removed her mask and took one deep breath. One deep breath and a lot of courage.

(A/N: This is a real video of Paruru trying to find someone from the crowd??? I’m not sure but I based it here. All credits to the uploader of the vid.)

Paruru jerked to where she is after hearing her name. She tried to look for the direction of the caller but she couldn’t find it because of the sea of people in front of her. Her facial expression changed almost every time she turned her head. Failing hard to locate the caller, she shrugged it off with a smile.

“I got noticed?” She whispered to herself. A smile got slowly carved on Maru’s face. She felt a sudden flow of warmth coming from her heart. “I got noticed! Koinu I got--”

All of a sudden, Maru lost her balance. She felt like all the strength in her lower body got drained for about a second. Thankfully, Jurina’s senses were sharp so she was able to give her support before she hit the ground.

“Aniki!” Jurina worriedly called. Maru was holding unto her shoulder for more support. The girl just looked at an empty space with wide-opened eyes. “Aniki! What happened to you? Aniki!!!”

Jurina kept on calling her but it seems like she doesn’t hear anything. A wild, violent shaking from the puppy somehow brought her up to her senses.

Maru shook her head violently and closed her eyes for a moment followed by a lot of blinks. She went back to her feet but Jurina still hasn’t let go of her.

She shook her head again then let go of her hold to Jurina. “T-Thanks, Koinu.” She said in a low voice. Her eyes are still lost.

“What happened to you? Are you okay?” Jurina asked her.

Maru blinked and looked around with her eyes squinting. She then released a sigh of relief and looked at Jurina. “I’m okay, Koinu.” She dropped herself back to her seat. The puppy sat as well. “I think I’m just a little tired.”

“Let’s get out of here. You need to rest.”

“No… It’s okay. I can handle it. It is about to finish anyway.”

The shouts of the people from their side became louder but they didn’t seem to notice it. Maru felt cold sweat running down from her head. What did just happen?

“Found you!”

Maru jerked after hearing the familiar voice. She looked at the owner of the voice and her heart started to beat even faster. Jurina followed the direction of where Maru is looking.

“Paruru-chan!” Jurina smiled at the idol who is smiling from ear to ear. She’s leaning on the railing, as if she is taking a rest.

“Hello, Jun-kun~” Paruru waved at her; giving her a kami taiou. The girl then turned to Maru and smiled at her with such a sweet smile. “I found you… You called me, right?”

Time seemed to stop for Maru. She just looked at the beautiful maiden in front of her. She gulped. She is really doomed.

“Aren’t you going to take a picture?” Paruru tilted her head. All the other fans are already taking photos of her. Maru hurriedly went to pull her phone from her pocket and clumsily launch the camera.

“Damn, don’t lag at this time.” She cursed audibly which made Paruru laughed. Her guide is already telling her to move on but she stayed until Maru successfully took a picture of her.

“Show it to me later, okay?” Paruru snickered. “See you later.”

That’s all and the girl left giving everyone her unusual kami taiou. Maru still has her eyes fixed on the lady’s direction even though she cannot see her anymore due to the crowd in front of her.

Jurina waved in front of her face to bring her back to earth. Maru flinched and rested her back to her seat. She still can’t believe what is happening. Jurina released a sigh with her.

“You can’t fall in love, huh?”

“IS IT TRUE that Jurina and Maru-chan watched the event in danso?”

Mayuyu ecstatically asked Yukirin in the backstage. She has her phone prepared to get more photos of them. She is the number one source of their pictures.

“Yes.” Yukirin answered while wiping her neck with a towel. “Apparently, that is their disguise but a lot of fans recognized them and they are making all the shippers go crazy.” Yukirin took a good look on Mayu. “Just like you now.”

“Where are they? Where are they?” Mayu is jogging in place because of excitement.

“They are being reprimanded by Shinobu-san and Yuihan. They really did something risky. It was good that the fans are kind enough not to bother them but a lot of their pictures were taken.”

“Where? Where? Where?!”

Yukirin single handedly held Mayu’s head to stop her from her excitement. “Calm down, Mayu-chan.” She sighed.

On another room…

Maru and Jurina couldn’t even lift their heads while Shinobu is scolding them. The manager is a little bit furious of them sneaking around without even asking permission.

“Really, you two.” Shinobu sighed. She is in front of them; walking back and forth. Yui is just on a corner, silently watching with her arms crossed. “You can use the VIP section but why go dare devil at the DD section? What do you think will happen to the two of you if there are aggressive fans out there?”

“There weren’t any of those fans so—“

“So you, girls, became the aggressive ones?” Shinobu showed them the wota site where all of their pictures were uploaded. “Is it already your hobby to kiss in public?”

Yui snorted in her place; trying so hard to control her laughter. The two girls had their jaws dropped with how the pictures turn out. They look like they are really kissing.

“I-I-It’s not like that, Shinobu-san!” Maru stammered. “You got it all wrong! The pictures were just taken to an angle that we look like kissing!”

“Y-Y-Yes, Shinobu-san! It’s what Aniki said! Trust this photographer!”

“Aniki?” Shinobu’s face crumpled. “Are you so much into danso now?”

“I’m really sorry, Shinobu-san. I dragged Jurina into this. It was all my idea.”


The manager released another sigh with her hands on her hips.

“I hope this never happens again. We just want to protect the two of you so don’t misunderstand what I am doing. If you want to do this again, tell me first so I can send look outs. Do you, girls, understand?”

The two just nodded.

“I’m glad we are in the same page.” Shinobu readied her phone’s camera. “Yui-chan, please take a picture of us.”

Yui almost fell from where she is standing. “Shinobu-san, you just scolded them and now picture?” She laughed.

“Come on, Yui-chan. I can’t miss this!” She made the two stand up and she stood in the middle of them. Maru tried to escape but Shinobu’s grip to her arm is so strong. A perfect three-shot was taken and the manager came out of the room with a huge smile on her face. It is something that she will brag in her 755.

Yui laughed at the two girls. They look like wet, abandoned chicks.

“You, two, really went far this time.” She shook her head.

“Sorry, GM.” Maru apologized with a puppy face.

Yui laughed even more and slapped Maru’s shoulder. “Stop being silly, Maru-chan. Don’t imitate Jurina.”

The door suddenly opened and the tension in the room suddenly changed.

“Yui, are you done—“It was the rushing Paruru. Her words were halted when she saw who are with Yui. “I-I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?”

“No…” Yui shook her head with a smile. “This meeting has just ended.”

“I’ll go ahead, GM.” Maru waved her hand to the Soukantoku and went on her way. She also gave a light, quick pat on Paruru’s head when she passed her by the door.

“Wait, Aniki—“ Jurina was about to follow Maru out when she felt Yuihan stopping her by the arm. Jurina just looked at her with a confused look. Yui then turned to Paru and with a smile on her face, she nodded at her.

Paruru, as if getting what Yui wants to convey, hastily returned a nod and went out running. Yui let go of Jurina.

“What was that for?” Jurina asked with a confused look.

“I’m just letting them talk.” Yuihan answered with a faint voice.

“Talk about what? To tell you, Yui-sou-chan, my Aniki is—“

“I know…” Yui sighed. “It’s obvious. I know exactly what is going on…”

“Then why—“

“Because—“ Yui was surprised to the sudden rise in her tone. She heaved a deep sigh to get herself together. “Because this is the fate of the Soukantoku.

MARU dropped herself to a seat in the arena. She rested her back to the chair and released her breath. She looked at the whole arena that is currently being cleaned by the staff.

“That was a fun event.” She whispered to herself. She then looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes. She suddenly remembered what happened earlier. “Did I forget to drink one today?”

She remained that way for about a minute until her olfactory nerve received some information.


Paruru jerked when she heard her name. She came stealthily at the back row but she still got noticed. “How did you know I am here?”

Maru opened her eyes and looked up at her. “I told you I know your smell.”

“You are really Jurina-chan’s Ani—“

Maru got curious when Paruru suddenly stopped. The other girl even covered her mouth to prevent herself from saying the word.

“What’s up with that?” she asked with a brow raised.

“B-Because of your past—“

“I told you all that if you change the way you treat me because of my past I will be angry, right?” Maru looked back at the arena. “Shakure King and Koinu got it so they didn’t change the way they call me. Don’t be too anxious of how you are going to treat me because of my past.”

Maru closed her eyes once again. “All of the names you guys call me… All of those are important to me. Even my danso name, I treasure it.”

Paruru just looked at Maru’s head for some time until she decided to sit on the same row with the other girl. There is a seat in between them.

“Hoshi…” Paruru called in a soft voice. “A-About me and Yui… Uhm… We—“

“Is that the reason why you came to find me?” Maru opened her eyes and pulled her back from the back rest. She heaved another sigh. “I honestly didn’t know that you guys are serious.”

“W-Wait, Hoshi. Let me—“

Maru sneered. “You don’t need to explain about it, you know? I was kind of surprised when you guys announced it at the party. You never even said anything about it whenever we talk and then suddenly there it is.” She laughed a little. “What the heck? Why do I even feel bad without being informed about it?”

“I-I’m sorry, Hoshi. But the truth is—“

“You don’t see me as a friend, do you?”

Paruru’s eyes widened, her heart started beating twice the normal rate. She felt her cheeks warming up so she instinctively bowed her head to avoid getting caught up by her Hoshi. It’s true that she doesn’t see her as a friend.

Maru was just observing her without turning to her. She combed her fake hair with her fingers and sighed. “I’m not really a friend for you, right? During SSK, you didn’t speak to me. I didn’t ask any more for the reason because I somehow have a grasp of your personality. But you cried when I said I’m about to leave? What were those tears for?”

The mood suddenly changed after those words. So she is meaning to say another thing? Paruru was about to say something but no voice came out of her.

“I came back and you welcomed me with a smile. But then right after the AKBingo taping you started being cold to me again. I messaged you just like the usual but I didn’t receive any replies. After that I will just know that you are already in a relationship. I got no clue that was coming. What’s next? Hmm… Suddenly finding you in front of my apartment with a worried face? And then giving me a kami taiou just a while ago but then sitting away from me now. I just don’t know what to feel about the way you treat me.”

Maru laughed after all the remembering she is doing. All of her words shook Paruru. Was she that harsh to her the past days?

Maru looked at her with a forced smile on her face. “Don’t worry. I know you are quite occupied. The way you treat me wouldn’t be always the same, right? Especially now that you are also in a relationship with a girl, becoming close to another girl can become a source of jealousy. I understand it.”

“H-Hoshi please… Listen to me first.”

“I’m sorry for thinking that I am your friend.”

“Hoshi please—“

Maru’s hand landed softly on Paru’s head. “Stop…” She slowly looked at her straight to the eyes. “There’s really nothing to be explained, right? I’m okay. Don’t worry so much about me.”

The girl with fake blue eyes took a stretch to refresh herself. “I’m a YuiParu shipper too so it’s a good thing that you ended up together.”

Paruru heard the cracking sound of her heart. She felt like there is nothing more to say. Maru doesn’t even let her speak. Her heart felt heavier. They only have a distance of one seat but it feels like miles and miles of gap between them. How did it all turn out like this?

Haruka forced a smile. She can’t look at Maru’s face. “Sou? I didn’t know that you also ship.”

Maru forced a laugh. “It’s a fan thing, you know?” She put her hands at her nape and looked up. “Can you promise me one thing?”

“P-Promise?” Paruru flinched.

“Uhm.” Maru nodded. “Show me… Show me that romantic love lasts.”

[I don’t believe that romantic love lasts.]

Those words of Maru echoed on Paruru’s mind. She bowed her head, cursing herself of what she has got herself into. She can already feel the tears prickling in her eyes but she can’t let them go. Again, faking a smile, she looked at her Hoshi whose heart is miles away.

“Okay.” She said after gathering her remaining strength. “I will show you but don’t cry!”

Maru’s brows flinched. “Why would I cry?” she asked innocently. She then sneered. “Go now. I believe GM is looking for you now. Take some good rest. You really look tired.”

Paruru nodded and stood up. “S-See you around, Hoshi. I-I’ll message you in the evening. Let’s hang out again some time.”

“Haha! Don’t feel guilty, silly. See you around.”

Paruru looked at Maru for a moment as if engraving her face in her mind. Another fake smile curved on her lips. “Bye, Hoshi…”

That’s all and she turned her back to the girl in danso. She ran as fast as she could and her tears went on rushing. She didn’t have the courage to look back. Everything she heard was enough to break her heart into pieces. She is torn to a promise she has with Yui and her feelings she has for Hoshi.

Paruru stopped and leaned on the wall in the hallway. Catching her breath and trying to suppress her sobs, she tried to maintain her balance.

“P-Paruru-chan!” Jurina rushed to her aid. She was there waiting for their conversation to finish. Paruru looked at her with her eyes overflowing with tears.

“Jurina-chan, w-what should I do?” More tears came running as her face crumpled to the bitterness consuming her. “I like Hoshi—no! I love Hoshi but I can’t leave Yuihan just like that. How can I say no to her final request to me? But now… But now Hoshi is…”

“C-Calm down, Paruru-chan…” Jurina worriedly said. Paruru might encounter asthma attack if she continues to break down like this.

“Hoshi is too far away from me now! What should I do?” She wiped the tears from her eyes but it was immediately replaced by new ones. “She doesn’t even want to hear me talk and now I made a promise with her to prove that love lasts. What should I do, Jurina-chan? Tell me what I should do…”

Jurina hugged her to console her. She looked at the entrance of the arena where Maru is. She rubbed Paruru’s back to help her grab a hold of her emotions.

“Don’t worry Paruru-chan… Everything is going to be okay…” Jurina assured her even though she herself doesn’t have any form assurance. She is also confused of the situation but she heard the story from Yui already. All parties are making moves that make everything complicated.

Maru was left staring blankly at the high ceiling of the arena. She was wondering of the things Paruru was about to say.

“Damn. Why am I even wondering when I purposely prevented her from speaking?” She smiled foolishly to herself as she continues her monologue. She raised her left hand and looked at her scarred wrist.

“Should I try again?” She sighed but then immediately shook her head after realizing how bad the idea is. She covered her eyes with her arm and took a deep breath.

“It is not true… You are not in love with her… If you are… Don’t worry it won’t last. It’s not true, 혜준—“She opened her eyes after hearing her last words. “Damn, did I just call myself this name again?”

END of this ARC. XD

There you go, everyone. that is DANSO! I hope you enjoyed this adventure of JunMarco. Hahaha. But I hope all the MaruParu shippers out there are still breathing. XD

Finally Maru- kun met nogizaka girls  ^_^
I'm really really curious, for what were happened with nogizaka girls and Maruu... (please make a drabble about it too!!!)
maru has a work with nogizaka? yeay~ are you gonna make nogizaka's members fall for maru charm too? :w00t:
They will have their own arc. Nogizaka’s arc will be published before the fic’s last arc. :)

For some reason, Maru has a striking resemblance with a friend of mine who studies in Korea named Rosalie.

She has that hair and waits those kinds of glasses.
Someone who looks like Maru?! Wow! I got interested with your friend. Is that friend of yours also, you know, ikemen like Maru? haha.

Next arc will probably be the last girl to have her solo arc.
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honto ni arigatou author-san^^ *deep bow*

you really make me laugh so hard with the danso especially at mayuyu and shinobu's part, and make my heart broken too with the last part... yabai... you really did your job^^
i see that you really collected some source before making it into a fic, you even used the video^^

but please, don't make maru suffer more than this :(
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Both MaruParu have mutual feelings of each other but each's ego and perception prevent them to be together :cry:
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Eeeeeeeeh? Nani kore....?
You know, Shortcut48-san, I am a big YuiParu shipper.
But, if it turns out like this, I don't want Paruru to end up with Yuihan if she does not really love her.
It's just too painful.
Paruru ending up with Maru may feel like a betrayal. But, Paruru staying with Yuihan because of the complicated situation will be a downright insult.
(Huh? Why am I being this serious over a fic? Lol...)

Anyway, I'm liking this fic more and more although it's breaking my heart more and more as well.
I can hear my heart's cracking when I read the part where Yuihan said that it's her fate as the Soukantoku.
Really... Your writing is just too painfully beautiful (or beautifully painful  :cry: ?)

*But that wota forum chat was really entertaining   XD

Thank you very much for these arcs. Will be looking forward for more :)
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@ミサキ-san , Thank you~^^ It's true that I consider everything that happens/happened in reality before writing. And guess what? Because of graduation announcements here and there, an arc I was thinking of got ruined. I'm still wondering of whether I should change the lead of that arc or just drop it. Wait, what am I even blabbering about? Haha. And about Maru, hmmm... :)

@Genkikid-san, That is a little sad, ain't it. But I'm kinda more sad because of Yuihan when I was writing this. :(

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Next Arc is KH. :)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic



Haruppi asked her stylist for the nth time. Before the SSK, she promised that she will go around in the fashion of a Harajuku High School girl is she ranked in the senbatsu. Now wearing a blonde long hair in twin-tails and a usual Tokyo girl’s uniform, she is about to walk in the streets of Takeshitadori to fulfill this promise.

“You look fine, Kodama-san~!” Her stylist assured her for the nth time as well. Haruppi looked back at the mirror. She is not used to seeing herself in long hair and to add more, it is blonde! She is worried about what the people will say.

She has been concerned of all the people’s comment from the very beginning. She always tells herself that it is okay but she always ends up in the same pressure every time. She checked her eye makeup once again. It really feels off for her but a promise is a promise. She has to fulfill it.

“Will Maru-san come?” She asked herself as she does final touches to her clothes. She personally invited Maru through LINE and it seems the girl was so busy to even give a reply.

Haruppi took one deep breath before she came out of the Love Trip Bus. She was surprised to see that a lot of fans have already gathered to see her. People with wide smile on their faces welcomed her on the streets. Her heart suddenly jumped in joy and she couldn’t help but to smile widely as well. These are the people who helped her to get the 9th place, an awesome increase in her ranking.

She made a nice pose for her fans to photograph and cheers for her hauled in the busy street. There was even a Bonta-kun mascot among the fans and it is waving to her like crazy. Haruppi gave out a snicker. It looks like she will enjoy this walk.

And then it began. The ace of Hakata started the tour. The staff and the fans are following her. Making short stops for people to take her pictures and non-stop smiling are her main activities during the tour. Well, she won’t grow tired giving smile to these people. She's fairy Haruppi after all.

“Ha! Look at her trying so hard.”

Some girl’s loud comment somehow made Haruppi paused but then she just ignored it.

“She’s really trying hard with her hair when nothing really fits her. How about go bald?”

“I really can’t believe that she is Maru-sama’s oshimen. Maru-sama is already surrounded by more beautiful faces like Paruru and Milky but why her?”

“I hate her from the very beginning!”

“OOOOI! Are you girls not going to stop?!” A loyal fan got agitated to the group of girls wearing masks. They are clearly Haruppi’s antis. “Stop following us if you’re just going to destroy the mood!”

Haruppi felt alarmed with the rising tension between her fans and the antis. The staff tried to drive them away but the girls are too persistent. If they make any move that will anger the antis more then it would be her who will come out as the bad one.

More of her fans started to argue with the rude girls when the Bonta-kun mascot suddenly stood between the two parties. Everyone fell silent with its sudden appearance. It’s holding a CD player and started to play Love Trip through it. The mascot started dancing the song.

(This is the Bonta-kun version of the anime Amagi Brilliant Park)

Everyone was just staring at the mascot, wondering what it is actually doing. Bonta-kun twirled and made a cute pose. “Please don’t spread hate. Everyone here is working hard.” It said with a cute voice.

Bonta-kun jumped towards Haruppi and stretched one of its cute arms to the startled girl. Haruppi just reached for it with much hesitation. The mascot led her in front of her antis. The girls took a step backward.

“She may not appeal much to you, girls, but she deserves a chance.” Bonta-kun looked at Haruppi’s way. “Haruppi-san, how about give these cute girls a handshake?”

“E-Eh? Cute girls?” The girls started blushing at the mascot’s words. It seems like their hearts are being thawed.

Haruppi smiled to the mascot and then she turned to the girls and stretched both of her arms. “I’m HKT48’s Kodama Haruka, it’s nice to meet you. Please take care of me in the future.”

The antis looked at Haruppi’s hands. They didn’t expect to be treated kindly after all the harsh words they threw to her. They suddenly felt ashamed. Bonta-kun went to their back and pushed them to Haruppi.

“It’s a rare handshake from Haruppi-san! Go and take it!” It cheerfully said.

The girls, with their heads bowed, reached for Haruppi’s hand one by one. The fans started to cheer with the good outcome of a supposed chaos. Haruppi’s wide smile returned to her face. She looked at the cheerful mascot and it raised its hand for a high five. Haruppi went for it and they all laughed together with the new fans.

The tour continued with the walk being led by Haruppi with mascot walking beside her. It ended with a small interview at the finish line. It was a really fun experience for her.

The ace looked around but the said mascot cannot be found. She wanted to say thanks for helping her with the commotion but the big guy just disappeared.

“It’s a waste I was not able to say thanks to that Bonta-kun.” She told herself after looking one last look around. She shrugged her shoulders and climbed back the Love Trip bus.

“Oh my!!!” Haruppi held her chest in huge surprise. The mascot is inside the bus sitting on where Paruru was sitting during the MV’s shooting. It was staring at her. The people who saw her reaction laughed at her.

“W-Why is the mascot here?” She asked the staff. The guys just raised their shoulders and went out of the bus. They locked Haruppi inside which freaked out the Hakata girl.

“It’s okay, Haruppi-chan, just go talk with Bonta-kun! We are just going for some snacks! We prepared some snacks for you. Bonta-kun has it. Enjoy~”


Haruppi tried to open the door but it was no use. If the staff has left her with the mascot then it is most probably harmless. Anyway, it was the one who helped her get through the chaos.

She slowly walked to the aisle and sat to the seat opposite to Bonta-kun. The mascot moved a little which made her freaked out for a while. It was only giving her the snacks the staffs were talking about.

“A-Arigatou…” She said with a small bow and then reached for it. There were some muffins and a familiar chocolate drink. Haruppi’s eyes widened; she looked at the mascot’s way with her jaw dropped.

“A-Are you by any chance—“

Her statement was cut when Bonta-kun took off her mascot head. Bathing with her own sweat, Maru’s face was revealed. She shook her head to get rid of the wet hair on her face. She then smiled on the girl from Hakata.

“I guess my voice changing technique was effective. You didn’t recogni—WAIT!” Maru was taken aback when she saw Haruppi’s eyes tearing up. “A-Are you going to cry after seeing my face?!”

Haruppi looked up and fan her eyes with her hand to dry all the tears. “I’m sorry, Maru-san.” She said as she looks on the confused Maru. “I just didn’t think that it was you. I thought you have work so…”

“You thought I was not going to come?” Maru asked.

Haruppi just nodded. Maru gave out a snicker and reached to pat Haruppi’s head with her Bonta-kun arm. “You sent me a message of invitation, right? I can’t just decline it. Well, I’m sorry if I didn’t send a reply.”

I really freaked out when I saw your message so I wasn’t able to reply.

Haruppi tried to smile but a drop of her tears managed to escape. She immediately wiped it away; asking herself why she feels so touched just by seeing Maru at this small event. She wonders if Maru already thinks that she’s a crazy girl for crying so easily whenever the latter is around.

“T-Thank you for saving me a while ago.”

Maru released a sigh of relief. She’s hiding her smile; somehow proud of herself that she managed to protect her oshimen from antis. “Actually I couldn’t really stand what they were doing and then I even heard my name being dragged on this. I don’t even know if they are really supporting other girls or they just simply throwing hate on you without enough reason.”

Maru blew her bangs off of her face. “Y-You’re… You’re cute, Haruppi-san. You are beautiful the way you are. Other people may not like the way you look, it’s normal. People have their own preferences… but in times of self-doubt, remember all the people who treat you as if you are their princess just like the oshis who came to see you today.”

“Un.” Haruppi nodded and put the straw on her chocolate drink. She happily took a sip of it. Maru’s words definitely moved her. Most of the time she compares herself with the other aces such as Sakura, she always forgets about her self-worth.

“Unfair. I can’t drink mine.”

Haruppi looked at the grumbling Maru. Because of her costume, she can’t put the straw on her drink. Haruppi, out of her weird instinct, she just put her drink in front of Maru’s face and the straw landed straight to the other girl’s lips.

Maru’s eyes widened. Her body stiffened. Only her eyeballs were able to move and look at Haruppi’s way. Realizing what she did, Haruppi’s jaw dropped.

Maru took a sip and released the straw. “T-Thanks. P-Please put a straw on my drink too.”

Haruppi immediately pulled back her arms. Thankfully she had a control on her grip or else she might’ve already squeezed the pouch. Her face is bright red due to embarrassment. She got Maru’s drink and impaled the straw on it.

“W-Why do you have to appear in a costume anyway, Maru-san?” She asked in a shaky voice, just to get rid of the awkward situation she made. “Here is your drink.”

“Thanks.” Maru took a sip of her drink for her drying throat. “I have to. There are fans who hate me because I ‘betrayed’ you at the last election. It will be bad if I suddenly appear at your event and be treated specially. I had to go disguise again.”

“It’s totally okay for me! Paruru-san is your close friend so it can’t be helped.”

Maru just release a faint smile and had a bite of her muffins. Haruppi immediately got the signal that it is not a good topic to talk about. She bit her straw to relieve her tension but she suddenly freaked out after remembering where it was before she bit it.

“Since the Thanksgiving Event I haven’t met her or even talked with her.”

Haruppi looked at Maru’s way. The other girl is just eating her muffins. For Haruppi those muffins are delicious enough to be her mood booster but it doesn’t look the same for Maru. All she can see is the sadness in the girl’s eyes.

By any chance, is she…

Haruppi felt her heart tightened for a moment. What’s that for?

“P-Paruru-san sure is busy.” She commented. “But don’t you think you should go meet her?”

“Eh?” Maru turned to her way with her mouth packed. Moving with that costume really made her hungry.

I guess I’ll be fairy Haruppi for now~

Haruppi smiled widely at her. “If you’re that sad after not seeing Paruru-san, shouldn’t you just go and make a way to see her?”

Maru looked at her with astonishment in her whole face. She swallowed the food in her mouth. “Who’s sad? I’m not sad!” She terribly denied. Tsundere mode on. “There’s no reason to be sad!”

If there is no reason then why do your cheeks turn red so badly?

“Okay, you said it, Maru-san.” Haruppi took another sip of her drink. She doesn’t care anymore if it is an indirect kiss. She just wanted to see the person in front of her happy; the person who said that whenever she smiles, it also makes her smile. She has been smiling for her widely for about some time now, but why does a single happy smile from her hasn’t appeared yet?

You’re not the source of her happiness, Haruppi. You’re not the Haruka that she’s been wanting to see. You’re not the one.

“H-Haruppi-san!” She was taken by surprise when Maru suddenly held her on the shoulder. Worry can be traced on the other girl’s face. “Why are you crying again?”

Haruppi felt her cheeks and found out that it is wet with tears. She’s sure now that Maru thinks that she’s crazy. “W-Why am I crying?” She tried to laugh.

“That’s what I am asking you. Are you depressed or something?”

Am I crying because of the fact that Maru-san doesn’t like me?

“I’m just really overwhelmed by today.” She covered up. “I hope I gave the fans a really fun time.”

“You did!” Maru exclaimed with a smile on her face. “Everyone enjoyed your company!”

Haruppi smiled faintly. She heard Maru release a sigh.

“Whatever you are thinking right now, don’t worry about it. You make people smile and that is important.”

Then why won’t you just smile happily and genuinely?

“Uhn!” She then gave out her ‘happy’ fairy smile.

MARU was dropped in front of her apartment by another manager. She even took home the Bonta-kun costume that she bought just for her disguise. She smiled at the costume which she displayed at the living room, telling it that it was a job well done.

She opened her phone and saw messages coming from various people.

Puffer Fish Miyuki: Waru-kun, I’ve started taking my mum into a tour. Here is a picture~

Maru smiled. It was nice to see a mother and her child happily going places.

“Have fun with your trip.” She replied.

Yokoyama GM: Maru-chan, I heard you just declined another job offer. People might get a wrong impression of you if you continue doing that.

The girl released a sigh. “I don’t want to go alone and they are not giving me any member to be with. I understand that you guys are busy but there are also younger girls from the group that can come with me. It would be a great chance for them to promote themselves if the management just let them go with me.”

She pressed the send button and went on to the next message.

Hiroko-san: Neko-chan, are you drinking your medicine on time? Don’t skip it even if you’re busy, okay?

“I don’t skip them, Hiroko-san. Don’t worry so much about me ‘cause I’m immortal. Haha.”

Kuroishi-san: Maru-chan, I’ve been harassing the play button of the clip where you fainted because of the dark room. It is really funny. Your horrified face is making me laugh so much. Anyway, we really want to see you again~ ^^

Maru rolled her eyes. “Please stop reminding me of that day, Shiraishi-san. That’s so embarrassing.”

애리 (Ae-ri): 미남아~ 한 달이 남아 있다~^^ 빨리 와용~ 보고싶다~!

“응. 한 달밖에 안남았다. 좀 또 기다려봐……”

(Translate at your own risk. I purposely didn't put the translation~)

Shakure King: Hey son, your great dad is recording now. Wish me luck~ (Sayanee’s selfie.)

“Ha! You don’t have to send me your picture. Are you that proud of your chin?”

Maru laughed and then there’s no more message. She put her phone in the table, dropped herself to the sofa and looked up in the ceiling.

“She said she will message me but none is arriving.” She sighed. Her phone suddenly rang and she went all clumsy just to see who it is. A face of disappointment came soon after she read the caller ID. She answered it.

“Koinu, what’s up?”

“Aniki, Paruru-chan is about to go home. How about try to meet her today?”

Maru’s heart skipped a beat but she managed to immediately regain her composure. “What are you talking about?”

“Anikiiii~” Jurina called like a kid asking for a candy. “I was just talking with Paruru-chan a while ago. She said that her schedule for the day just finished and she is about to go home~~~!”

“And so? Are you telling me that you are closer to her now?”

“WRONG!” Jurina shouted in the other line. She seems like someone who can’t handle her pee. “How long are you going to deny that, Aniki?”

Maru sighed. “Deny what?”

“MOU~~!!!” Jurina started throwing tantrums. “I just told you a piece of important information. It’s up to you now on what you are going to do it. I’m going to write a song for you Baka-Aniki, just wait for it! Jaa, oyasumi!”

That’s all and Jurina dropped the call. Maru just sighed and looked at the time.

“She’s heading home so late.” She bit her lower lip as she stares at an empty space. Her sight accidentally landed to the costume on the corner.

 “Not again.”

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welcome back author-san! and yey you updated it :cow:
that's so sweet... maru is stand for haruppi  :inlove:
I sense MaruHaruppi here  XD
that baka still denied that she's love paru, even after jurina trying to help her :smhid
please keep your work! :cathappy:
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Bonta-kun kawaii~~

Ooh Haruppi... Not being the Haruka Maru likes... Being an oshimen and love interest (even Maru keep denying) are different things  :cry:

And  now I'm wondering what the meaning of the fate of GM Yui was saying

Aahhh the nogizaka program Maru was Guesting is nogibingo since the darkroom is nogibingo style...
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So, you really found some time to write after all, Shortcut48-san :)
Thank you for this update. It must not been easy with the busy life you're going through.
So even Haruppi could see from such an early time that MaRuppi may never be a couple because she was not the Haruka that Maru's been wanting to see.
Guess this is why people say that love is blind. Everyone can see it except the particular two people involved...

*About what you said in reply before... Iyaiyaiya... I'm not a great writer yet. I'm learning a lot from reading your fic, you know :) And don't worry about my broken heart. I've tried to mend it by watching some part from the 9 Gen sleep over episode of Nemousu and Paruru's interview in Yui's Consultation Room in AKB48Show XD
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-21) Haruppi (II)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

PARURU was just dropped by her manager in front of her apartment. Before the manager left, she was reminded of the schedules for tomorrow one last time. Tomorrow will be the shoot of one important commercial.

Now on black hair for a new drama, she made her way towards her apartment unit. She heaved a sigh as she massages her stiff shoulders. Being in demand is also not good at some part. She was reminded by her doctor not to overwork herself but her work’s nature won’t let her rest.

That’s why she chose to leave one of the most important things for her…


Paruru just went off of the lift when she saw a weird creature sitting by her door. She immediately hid herself behind the vending machine.

“What is that?” She asked herself as she took another look at the creature. It was a cute mascot who seems to have passed out in front of her door. It looks like a sad mascot thrown out from its own park. “Could that be a fan?”

The salty queen grabbed her phone from her pouch and immediately dialed a number.

“Moshi, moshi… Paruru-chan?” Jurina answered her phone. She’s already in her bed but still surfing the net with her laptop.

“Jurina-chan, something is in my door!” Paruru whispered but almost in a form of a shout. “What should I do?”

“Something?” the other girl asked her eyes are still glued on her laptop’s screen.

“It’s a mascot. It’s sitting in front of my door.”

“A mascot?” Jurina suddenly remembered an article she just read a while ago. She immediately searched for it again. “Can you take a picture of it and send it to me?”

“O-Okay.” Paruru dropped the call and took a picture of the mascot which is 3 doors away from her. She zoomed it to take a proper picture and sent it to Jurina’s Line.

“Bonta-kun mascot at Kodama Haruka’s event rumored to be Hoshino Maru…” Jurina read the article’s title. There’s even a picture of Haruppi with the said mascot. She distanced her face from the screen and opened the picture Paruru sent. Her heart jumped in joy. “Bonta-kun!!!”

Jurina called Paruru. “Paruru-chan! Don’t worry, that mascot is harmless!” She said excitedly.

“E-E-Eh? What do you mean, Jurina-chan?” The anxiousness on Paru’s face can’t be erased by Jurina’s excited voice. It made her worry even more.

“Just go to your room. That mascot is harmless. Your apartment has a tight security, right? The guards will not just let any stranger in. Rest assured.”

“A-Are you sure of this, Jurina-chan?”

“I am! If that mascot did anything bad to you I’ll rip its head off. Is it moving?”

Paruru took another look at Bonta-kun. “It looks like it is sleeping. Its head is almost dropping.”

“It must’ve been there for a long time now. Just go, Paruru-chan. Trust me!” Jurina bit her lower lip in pure excitement. She even has her fist balled.

“E-Eh… Okay… I will call you if something happens, okay?”

“Okay. Enjoy~”

That’s all and the call ended. Paruru looked at her phone with a confused look. “Enjoy? Enjoy what?” She took one deep breath and balled her fists. “Here I go.”

She walked with caution towards her door. She made sure that she won’t make any sound. She was already half a meter away from it but it is still not moving.

“What should I do? It is really on my door.” She murmured to herself. “If I open my door I might wake it up or it will fall.”

She looked at the cute mascot and Jurina’s words suddenly echoed in her mind.

“It’s harmless!”

She sat on a lotus position on the side where the mascot’s head is almost dropping. Her heart is beating like crazy. She went to poke its big head but it just twitched on its place.

Paruru took another deep breath. She cupped the mascot’s head and she slowly lifts it up. But the mascot suddenly moved and held her hands to stop her from what she is doing. The salty girl pulled her hands quickly and stood up, making a good distance from the mascot.

It fixed its head that went out of place. Paruru watched it stretched its cute limbs as she heard a yawning sound from it.

“Did I fall asleep?” She heard it ask itself. The familiar voice immediately sent butterflies to her stomach making her gasp.

The mascot looked at her way and it paused in a while before it freaked out. It tried to stand up but its legs are sleeping making it tumble back to the ground. A yelp was heard from it when it made a thudding sound as it hit the ground.

Paruru knelt in front of Bonta-kun to assist it. She held its shoulders and the mascot froze right in the moment. Their stares locked. The silence was covered by the sound of their hearts.

“H-Hoshi…” Finally, Paruru broke the ice. “It’s you, right?”

The mascot bowed its head for a while as if it sighed then it went back to look at Paruru again. No sound or any sort of answer was heard from it.

Paruru’s hands traveled to the mascot’s face. Its big eyes are looking straight to her. Her heart is quaking so much as she tried to lift its head again. But yet again, she was stopped by Bonta-kun’s cute hands. It slowly shook its head.


The first word that Paru heard from her Hoshi after a very long time was her name. It made her heart flutter so much. She gave out a sweet smile.

“I came to check you out.” Maru smiled as well; feeling so blissful after seeing the other girl’s smile for a very long time. “Black hair looks good on you.”

Paruru looked at her hair and blushed slightly. “T-Thank you…”

Maru reached out to pat Paruru’s head. “Well, every hairstyle suits you anyway.”

They both laughed. Maru’s legs are still asleep so she moved to rest her back to the wall. Paruru followed her and sat beside her. “You want to head inside? Did you wait for so long?”

Actually, she has been waiting there for a good 45 minutes.

Bonta-kun shook its big head. “Nah… I’ll go home after my legs’ senses come back.”

“Mhm…” Paruru looked at her with teary eyes. This girl just doesn’t know how much she missed her. She tried so hard not to cry although her emotions are already filling her up. How long has it been? 23 days… It has been 23 days since that conversation they had at the festival. No words or meetings came after that.

“Why did you come here in that outfit?” Paruru asked.

“I just thought that you would like to see something cute after working so hard.” But the truth is she is ashamed to show her face to her.

Paru snickered. “I want to see your face.” The mascot turned to her and their stares locked once again. “Before you show your face only to me… Is it the other way around now? Am I not allowed to—“

Bonta-kun grabbed her hands and slowly lead them to her giant head as if telling Paruru to remove it now.

“Is it okay?”

“Mhm…” Maru nodded. “But I’m so sweaty. Bear with it.”

Paruru slowly lifted Bonta-kun’s head and a shy and sweaty Hoshi was revealed. She can’t even look at Paruru’s eyes now.

“Your hair is getting longer now.” Paruru said after she put the mascot’s head aside. She reached for Maru’s hair but Maru was fast to pull her head away.

“I’m wet with sweat. Don’t—“

Maru almost swallowed her tongue when Paruru suddenly hugged her. The girl just buried her face to Maru’s body of a mascot. She can feel Haruka’s tight embrace even though her costume is thick. She leaned her head on the wall and just let the girl stay like that; thinking of what she is going to do with her hands. Will she return a hug or what?

In the end the thought of the kind General Manager came into her mind. She can’t do something terrible to someone who is really a great person. She suppressed it…The need of embracing the girl in front of her.

“If you stay longer that way my legs will fall asleep again.”

“I don’t mind.” Paruru answered. “That case you won’t leave soon.”

Maru smiled and sighed. “I do mind, Haruka-hime-sama. It’s my body.”

“I thought we were not going to be able to talk again like this.” Paruru raised her head and looked at her Hoshi with those teary eyes.

Maru was taken aback by those verging tears. Her body started moving by instinct. She caressed the beautiful face of Paruru and the girl just closed her eyes and felt her mascot hand.

Paru opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at her Hoshi. Maru’s mind went blank after seeing that alluring smile. Her face suddenly descended towards Paru’s. The other girl was shocked that she couldn’t even move an inch. Maru came back to her senses when her lips are just an inch away from Paruru’s. She felt like she woke up from a trance. She can already feel Paruru’s breath. Her heart started raging as if it is telling her to just go for it. She then found herself looking at the girl’s startled eyes.

Maru wiped Paru’s right cheek. She move away from her and showed her hand to the girl. “You got some dirt on your pretty face.” She said as if nothing happened.

“E-Eh?!” Paruru felt her cheek that was wiped. “W-Was there?” She blushed in embarrassment. She definitely thought that Maru was going to kiss her. The feeling was like missing a fashionable dress that she waited for so long.

“Help me stand up, please?” Maru said as she dropped both of her hands: freeing Haruka.

“A-Ah, yes!” Paru stood up and helped the big mascot to stand up. Maru then exercised her legs while dusting off her costume.

“You should get inside now. It’s really late and it is cold. I don’t want you to get sick. GM will kill me for sure.” Yes Hoshi… It is a good idea to bring up GM’s name after that scene. “How are you guys doing anyway?”

The smile on Paruru’s face weakened even more. She suddenly remembered the promise she made with Hoshi. “T-Tomorrow I will meet her—“

“Ohhh… A date, huh? Maru said synchronized with a nod. “It’s cool that you guys are busy but still have time for date.”

I-It’s not a date. It’s a commercial taping. “A-Ah, yes.” Paruru lied.

Maru fell silent for a moment. She released a sigh and looked at the beautiful girl beside her. She grabbed Paruru’s hand with and led her to her door. “Time to rest, Hime-sama.”

“E-Eh?! Are you really going—“

The damsel was not able to finish her question when she felt Maru hugging her from the back. The feeling of déjà vu kicked in. With Maru’s chin resting on her shoulder, she whispered, “Haruka’s scent is the best.”

Paruru’s heart started beating even wilder. What’s happening with the two of them? A while ago she just jumped to hug her without hesitation then Maru almost went to kiss her, and now this hug? Is this how much they missed each other?


“Open the door. I want to see the password. You know mine, right?” Maru gently whispered and the hug went tighter. Damn Hoshi. You told yourself not to hug her just a while ago, right?

“Mhm…” with cheeks burning, Paruru input her password. She’s glad that Maru can’t see how red her face is now.

The door opened. Maru slowly freed the other girl from the embrace. “Okay then Haruka. Go and rest now.”

She gently pushed Paru inside. She smiled to the girl as she closes the door but Paru halted the door from closing.

“Are you really going now?” The girl asked. “Are you going to be fine?”

“Don’t worry about me.” Maru put on the mascot’s head. “Right now I am Bonta-kun and my apartment is just blocks from here.”

Haruka smiled sweetly at her but frustration can still be traced with her smile.

“Hoshi… Can you wait for just one more month?”

“A month?” Maru asked. “What’s with it?”

Paruru shook her head. “N-Nothing.”

A laugh from Maru was heard. Her hands went to caress Paruru’s face again. Oh how she would love it if it's her bare palm caressing that beautiful face and not Bonta-kun's. “You weirdo.” She uttered under her breath. “I’ll be going now. Oyasumi, Haruka…”

“Mhm… Oyasumi, Hoshi~”

It was already their parting words but their stares are still locked with each other. Maru was the one who cut it with a sigh. “Aitakatta…”

Bonta-kun started walking away. Paruru just followed her with her eyes as Maru reached the elevator. Maru lifted her mask a bit to take a good look of Paru for one last time. With a smile showing her dimples, Maru waved to Paru and the elevator door closed.

The mascot leaned on the elevator wall for support. Her heart was throbbing so fast that she consumed a lot of energy. She slid down to sit and started slapping her mascot head.

“Are you really getting crazy?!” She asked herself followed by a hard spanking. The lift’s door opened and Maru grumpily stood up. She was on the midway of taking her first step out when everything went pitch black. A loud thudding sound was heard as she fall face down. Thankfully she was wearing something on her head or else she could’ve sustained a bad injury just by looking at how she hit the ground.

The girl tried to stand up as her sight slowly comes back to normal. “How many times has this happened already?” She started running fast as soon as she regained her balance. She has to get home quick to save her lovely costume from the red fluid running out from her nose.

“HOW WAS IT, Paruru-chan? How was it?”

Jurina was even jogging in place while she was bombarding the resting Salt with questions. They are taping a very important commercial for Paruru’s career and the two are currently in a break. They are sitting near the entrance of the venue.

“Ask Pepper-kun over there~” Paruru said while trying to stop grinning. She even pointed at the intelligent robot that she really adores.

Jurina smirked and squinted. “Judging your unexplainable good mood today even though we are doing this commercial… hmmm… I can say that something really good happened last night.”

“Ssshh…” Paruru went nearer Jurina. A smile slowly curved on her lips and she nodded bashfully.

“Ara!” Jurina backed out with a teasing smile. “Did Bonta-kun do something strange?”

The other girl tried to hide her embarrassment with a cute scowl. “I’m just so happy that we finally talked again.”

“And then? What else happened?”

“Nothing else happened—“

Their conversation was interrupted when Paruru got a notification from her Line. That was from the only person in which she set its own notification tone. A cute smile flashed from Paruru.

“F-From Bonta-kun?” Jurina asked in excitement. She tried to read the message but Paru was fast to get away from her. But persistent puppy is indeed persistent, she somehow made Paru agree to let her read the message.

Hoshi: Have you eaten lunch, Haruka?


Paruru immediately covered Jurina’s mouth while she looked around to see if someone’s there.

“I still can’t be really vocal about this, Jurina-chan.”

“I know, I know.” Jurina sighed as her shoulders dropped. “Because you promised Yui-sou-chan that you’ll be her girlfriend until the announcement of your graduation, right?”

Paru became silent and looked back at her phone’s screen.

Another sigh came out from Jurina. “You’re all making this thing complicated. You suddenly announced that you are in a relationship without telling Aniki about it. Of course she will be shocked. She might be developing feelings for you but then you shut the door just right in front of her annoying face!” Jurina even swayed her both hands hard as if she really smacked a door close.

“You even promised to her that you’ll make this relationship last when the truth is you only got cornered in a request that you can’t say no to. You should’ve told her something like ‘Hoshi-kun, I’ll be in a relationship with Yuihan, but it will only be until I announce my graduation. Don’t take that seriously, okay. This is her final request from me so please understand. The truth is, you’re the one I really—“

“Paruru, Jurina-chan!”

The two froze on the spot when they heard Yuihan’s voice. She’s standing in the entrance of the café where they are doing the shooting.

“Come back here now, we will resume!”

“H-Hai!” The two stammered. That’s all and Yuihan went back inside. The girls released a breath of relief.

“I thought we’ll be dead.” Jurina stood up from her seat. Paru did the same. “Yuihan knows everything anyway. I understand her… She said that it’ll be the last time that she’ll think about herself. After this she’ll give all of herself for the group. Her request is really hard to be ignored.”

Paru just nodded. “But Jurina-chan, everything that you said earlier…I can’t just say it all to Hoshi. I haven’t told her about graduation and I’m not sure if she really likes me the way I like her.”

Jurina slapped both of her own cheeks. “Man, Paruru-chan! Do you really think like that?”

“Hoshi is kind to everyone…She also visited Haruppi-chan with that costume, right? And she’s not into romance.”

“Ara, Haruppi-chan? I don’t know but I don’t think that she’ll really be your rival with Aniki—“

Another Line message came from Maru and the two of them hurriedly went to see it.

Hoshi: No reply again, huh? You must be busy.
          Ah! I forgot you are in a date with GM. Have fun~
          I’m eating lunch now with Haruppi-san. I hope you eat your lunch on time.

“What the h—“

“Jurina-chan! Paruru!”

Paruru almost dropped her phone when they heard Yui’s call again.

“Let’s go, Jurina-chan.” Paruru started marching inside. It’s undeniable that her mood got ruined.

Jurina slapped her forehead and then messed her hair. “Mou~~! What the hell are you doing now, Aniki?”

–TBC– :)

Thank you again for reading this chapter. Thanks for all the comments. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to you all because I'm a little drenched from the rain and I got to update first before anything else. I enjoy reading all your comments! :D thank you so much. :) I guess I'll reply a little bit later. :)

To all the people who likes MaruParu, this is my Christmas gift. (And to all YuiParu shippers, please just let this pass for now. It'll be Christmas soon! XD)
Advance Merry Christmas to all of you~ (although I'm going to update and greet you all again on the exact date. but my heart that time may be in a great damage because of you know why.)

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Maruuu!!!! Why do you have to say you're with haruppii!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

GM......  :( :cry: :cry:
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Hello Author-san!!!!

Bye Author-san!!!!

Just kidding. Well, it's been a few weeks? Months? Idk, since the first time we chat. Lol. And I always say to you that I will leave a comment here and how I will turn this thread a life changing narrative on how Sayanee's chin stabbing moments changed my life. So here it comes.

The reason is every time I read those scenes which I always do on my way home after work is that everyone in the car watching me secretly laughing myself so hard that I look like a mad person and giving me a -this gay must be crazy- face lol.

And that's it. That's the reason. I already told you that on our convos.

I already told you that a read your fic for the 5th or 6th, idk I lost count. It's so good that I read it so many times. You already knew that. So, that's it. I leave a comment. So yeah. Good job on this WONDERFUL fic!

PS. Please MOOOOOREEEEEE JUNMARCO SCENES. (It looks like I'm the only one who's a JunMarco shipper here, is there anyone who's a shipper like me?)

PPS. You know Cute Cut-san Maru looks like someone I know. Lol

PPPS. I leave a comment again. If I'm in the mood lol. Bye!
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yo! sorry for the late comment :sweatdrop:

thank you for MaruParu scene shortcut48-san^^

The lift’s door opened and Maru grumpily stood up. She was on the midway of taking her first step out when everything went pitch black. A loud thudding sound was heard as she fall face down. Thankfully she was wearing something on her head or else she could’ve sustained a bad injury just by looking at how she hit the ground.

The girl tried to stand up as her sight slowly comes back to normal. “How many times has this happened already?” She started running fast as soon as she regained her balance. She has to get home quick to save her lovely costume from the red fluid running out from her nose.
eh? what happened with Maru? is she has some illness?? :(

Maruuu!!!! Why do you have to say you're with haruppii!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
agreed!! Maru no bakaaaa!! :frustrated:  :angry1: :err:
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TTM Drabbles #3

Maru and Jurina arrived at the rendezvous. They are out to hang out with Sayanee. Only the three of them. They found the Namba ace giggling by herself at the table where she is waiting. She’s currently busy with her phone.

Maru: What are you doing, Shakure King?

Jurina: Probably reading Yaoi again.

Sayanee: *trying hard to control her grin* I don’t know if I should consider this BL.You, two, should go read this.

Maru: *waves her hand before taking a seat* No thanks. I’m fine.

Sayanee: What a killjoy! Go and read this Jurina-chan.

Jurina: *sits beside Sayanee* Fine. Let me see it.  *starts reading* What the-- Wait, is this a fanfic?

Sayanee: It obviously is! Read more. It is just short!

Jurina: *finishes the fic. slaps her forehead while blushing faintly* What the hell is that? Is that really a thing?

Both of them looked at Maru with wide grin on their faces.

Maru: *finds the stare uncomfortable* What?

Jurina: *grabs Maru close to them* You should also read this, Aniki. *puts the phone close to Maru’s face*

Maru: *sighs and rolls her eyes* Fine. *starts reading*

Here we are, in this four corners of our class room.

Just the two of us.

I stole a glimpse of you for every seconds now while your too busy reading your book about stars.

Your somewhat shoulder length curly hair.

Your beautiful, fierce eyes under those round thick glasses. 

Your pointy nose.

Your kissable lips that I want to savor.

I ask myself:” When can I call you mine?"

"Hey? Is there something on my face?"

I walk towards you and removed your glasses.

You really are a master piece created by God. I can't help but to look at you.

Your lips caught my attention. Those red lips.

"Hey Jun? Why do you remove my glasses?"

"Oh? Ah. It has some dirt on it?" I gave my cat like smile.

"What dirt?" You snatched your glasses from my hand.

"Oh. Maybe my eyes playing tricks on me again."

"Your a total weirdo, Jun." 

I sat back on my chair and stare at you again.

"Maybe I am, a total weirdo for you, Marco"

Maru: *blushes furiously* What-the-hell-is-this?

Sayanee and Jurina laughed at her reaction.

Sayanee: *grabs her phone back* This short drabble already has a lot of access, you know? Apparently JunMarco is surpassing the fame of MaruSaku and MaruParu.

Jurina: *raises her eyebrows up and down* What do you think of me, Aniki? *looks at Maru seductively then bites her lips*

Maru: *grossed out. goose bumps all over her skin* Don’t ever try to talk to me like that again.

The two laughed even more. Maru felt her head ache for a second because of the two. She stood up from her seat and headed towards the exit.

Jurina: Where are you going, Aniki? *wipes her tears*

Maru: I have to go cut my hair!

That’s all and she left. The two girls stood up from their seats while still chuckling.

Jurina: Who in the world wrote that?

Sayanee: I don’t know, But it looks well made.

*on the other hand*

Mayu: *sneezes* I hope nobody is talking about me behind my back. *wipes her nose then goes back to her phone* Yay~ The drabble is being accessed by so many people. I’m so happpy!!! JunMarco FTW!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the abrupt post. HAHA.

That JunMarco drabble was written by MatsuiLee-san. This person is a hardcore JunMarco shipper, I don't see why. XD Thank you so much. I went ‘kyaa~’ while reading it.

@Misaki-chan, thanks for welcoming back. Sorry for replying late. :)

@Genkikid-san, Bonta-kun is really cute, right?
Yes. That is Nogibingo. :D About that fate of the GM. I'm planning to make an OS about it but I'm still occupied. Hopefully I can get it done.:)

@9purple-san, That would be a good drabble material. :D Thank you, too. :)

@DeNight-san, Can you give me the link for that sleepover? Haha. I don't know if there is something to learn with the way I write though. I write at the time where my brain is already drained. Haha. But I'm not kidding when I said you're a great writer. :)

@MatsuiLee-san, that comment was really looooooooong.  Thank you so much. :) You're already the second one that claims Maru looks like someone they know. Maru's appearace might be that generic. XD Thank you for the JunMarco drabble you wrote. :)

If you want to do something like this too, you are so welcome to send it to me. :) Thanks for reading~
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The fanfic part in s too short.... Me want moreeee I pleaseeee
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The fanfic part in s too short.... Me want moreeee I pleaseeee
Let's ask MatsuiLee for it. I also want moreee! XD
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Hello Cut-san. Silent reader here. Been dying to come out.
I just want to say that I did not expect such a fanfic to appear here and how you wrote the story is beyond exceptions.
I was really surprised in how you wrote it, saying that you got the idea from the manga to write your own story - I throw my hat to you.

A lot of things was happening through the story that I couldn't comprehend properly and you did say that it was a fanfiction so we readers shouldn't think to much about it.
But I can't help but feel torn apart after reading all of the latest chapter so far.

I would like to comment on some parts and ask questions as well, if that is ok. But first, are you Filipino? Just a question. There were some sentences or words you used that Filipinos used but that's just probably me looking too much into things.

Ok so first, I am really antonished in how you wrote out the plot and Maru's background. She must have had a hard life. Even though you said to us readers that we can imagine ourselves being Maru, not gonna be that easy.
After each chapter was written, I couldn't imagine being her and even though I am a Paruru-oshi and a hardcore YuiParu, I can't help but feel like I want her to be with Maru. I am unable to understand my current feelings after that latest chapter were she nearly kisses Paruru. And also how Paruru does have feelings for her. I enjoyed the story but I also found myself not being able to continue the story at times.

(Ok, this is just me ranting but I just wanted get my feeling out there because I have no one to talk too  :cry: )

Also I want to say that there were parts there that I enjoyed. Especially when you added the Danso episode and the hosts were still Bad Boys. Also trying to figure out who Maru's oshimen was. Before reading the next chapter that was talking about who Maru's oshimen was, I went and checked the ranking and saw that it was Haruppi.

There are a lot of things that also caught my attention, like how did members start to date secretly (you don't have to further explain that concept), Maru's real name (I'm sure everyone wants to know that), where is she from, also things about the members like is Yui sure about her decision and also where will this story lead to if you end Maru and Paruru together?

To be honest, after reading that last chapter, I started to think that Maru might have some sort of sickness and that will lead her to not live for a long time or something like that.

Anyways, I might have commented and said too much. I'll be leaving it here and will wait for you next update on the story. Even though I said a lot of things about your fanfic, I really am enjoying it.

Hope you keep up the work and enjoy what you do.
Thank you for writing such a story and can't wait.
Thanks again.
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-25) Haruppi (III)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“WHO’S THAT?” Haruppi casually asked. She has been observing the restless Maru for quite some time now. The two are in an Italian restaurant, eating some delicious meat ball spaghetti.

Maru flinched. She looked at the phone in her hand and put it back in her pocket. “I-I just sent a message to someone.” That’s all and she went back to eating.

“Ehhh~” Haruppi squinted. She started twirling her fork to get some pasta. “Must be Paruru-san, ne?”

Maru choked after hearing the name. Haruppi got alarmed and started to panic. She immediately poured some water for Maru to drink. The dying girl got saved by that glass of water and dropped herself back to her seat. Thankfully, there were only a few people that time or else they would get the attention that they don’t want to receive as for the moment.

Maru released a sigh of relief. “Why do I have to hear her name from all of you?” She took another gulp of water.

Haruppi smiled faintly. “Isn’t it obvious?” she whispered.

“Are you saying something?”

“N-Nothing!” Haruppi looked back at her half-finished pasta. “Hmm… Maru-san, I know it is kind of late to ask but… What were you doing in the hospital?”

She looked up and met Maru’s surprised eyes. The girl’s cheeks are stuffed with spaghetti.

Yabai! She’s so cute! Haruppi screamed internally.

She watched how Maru chewed and swallowed her food. She also found the way she wiped her lips with the napkin really cute.

“About that…” Maru started in a somewhat serious voice. This made Haruppi straightened her back. “I had to consult a doctor because my heartbeat is somehow weird whenever I meet a certain person.”

W-Wait! Isn’t that love? How innocent! How cute!!!

“E-Eh?” Haruppi noticed something strange. “If it is about your heart then why were you in the ENT section?”

Maru flashed a smile at her. “Mhm, just wondering around the hospital. How about you? Why were you there?”

Is she changing the topic or what?

“I am considering getting LASIK treatment because I’m getting tired of wearing lenses. What do you think of it?”

“I don’t know.” Maru answered while trying to fork a meatball on her plate but she keeps missing it. “I haven’t tried that.”

The strange feeling inside Haruppi started to grow heavier. She inquired Sakura about LASIK before and the girl told her to ask Maru about it because it came from Maru, herself, that she underwent that surgery; explaining why the round glasses are no more. But why did she say that she didn’t?

“Gotcha.” Maru finally got the meatball and ate it. Her eyes looks so tired and she looks a little pale as well. This made Haruppi worry even more.


“Haruppi-san,” The girl called back with a faint voice. “Next SSK, I promise that my votes will be for you.”

“E-Eh?” The sudden change of the topic into Sousenkyou made Haruppi forgot what she is about to say. “W-Why?”

Maru cleared her throat. “Actually, I prepared for the SSK for many months because it would be the first time that I would vote but sorry for not being able to cast the votes for you. I promise that next time, even if Haruka change her mind and run on the next election, I will vote for you.”

The girl from Hakata felt warmth on her cheeks. She instinctively felt her own cheeks and got embarrassed to her sudden movement.

“W-Why?” She stammered.

“Why?” Maru innocently asked. “You are my oshimen. Should there be another reason?”

Haruppi tried not to show Maru her smile that she is forcing to keep. That surely got her.

“I’m not a really a fan of the group for a long time.” Maru continued. “I’m just lucky that the people who adopted me are hardcore fans that they even have a room just for 48G products. I spent most of my time just to watch shows and concerts. It diverted my attention from killing myself.”

A smile suddenly flashed on Maru’s face with the remembering she is doing.

“When I was really new to the fandom there was a time when I was searching for a DVD to watch. I don’t know where to start watching so I just randomly picked one and it turned out to be Hakata Hyakkaten.”

“Hakata Hyakkaten?!” Haruppi gasped. She really loved that show because it became one of HKT’s stepping stone but she also kind of hated it because she was only picked once. There were a lot of times that she tried but would always end up being rejected.

Maru nodded with a cute smile on her face. “I watched all of it. I was wondering the whole time why they didn’t choose you. I was like, ‘Man, she’s doing great! Why isn’t she getting picked?!’ I was really glad when Umeda-san chose you. You deserved to be picked from the very beginning!”

The violent quaking in Haruppi’s heart isn’t stopping. She feels like there are butterflies in her stomach. Mou, Maru-san, stop saying those things or else…

“W-What… What made you choose me?”

Maru took a quick glance of her and then she placed her fork on the mat. She then rested her back to the chair and with her arms crossed, started thinking.

“Hmmm…” She thought a loud and then blew her bangs off. “Because I probably relate on you.”


“Mhm. Like I saw myself on you. You were supposed to be the center but you were barely being noticed that time. It was like me, when I was supposed to be me but people around me are thinking of someone else. I was there but they kept on searching for somebody else.”

Maru tried to laugh to lighten up the mood. “Please don’t think that I chose you out of pity or anything. I decided that you are my oshimen because even though you got rejected continuously, you are still giving your best to everything that you are doing. Even though they laugh at you whenever your tongue gets tied, you’ll just let everything pass with a cute, adorable smile. I wish I could shrug everything like how you do it.”

Haruppi just stared at Maru. She can trace the sadness in each word. She somehow got proud of herself that she can make a person who is heavily scarred as Maru smile and be inspired. She felt so much ease that she chose the path of being an idol even though it is a tough battle stage for her.

“There was also a point in my life where I couldn’t speak a single word. I had to undergo speech therapy and such. That happened after I was embarrassed in front of a girl when I first came to Japan.”

“E-Eh? What happened?” Haruppi asked in full curiosity.

Maru took a sip of her iced tea before continuing her story. “Actually, I have been here when I was younger. My father took me to a business meeting to present me as his son to an important business partner. I sneaked out of the building and wandered around until I found myself enjoying in a park. I ran like a free bird, the other kids might’ve thought I was crazy.”

A warm, little smile curved on her lips. “Then suddenly, when I was already tired, a girl sat next to the swing where I was sitting. She handed me some papico. I was really surprised.

She just said, ‘You know, I’m just at home watching Studio Ghibli movies this summer vacation. I just went out to buy some refreshments and then who would’ve thought I will see someone wasting his energy, running wildly in a park. I wonder where you get the drive to do that.’

I wasn’t really that good in Japanese that time but that was what I understood. It was the first time that another kid talked to me. I thought I was finally making a friend but my father found me and then the rest was history. I bet that girl got traumatized with what she saw. Thankfully, my father was scolding me in Korean or else she would be more scarred.”

Haruppi was just nodding while listening to Maru’s stories. She’s happy that the latter can be this open to her about her past.

“Were you able to meet her again?”

Maru slowly shook her head. “I got locked into my room after that. I don’t even know that girl’s name. It would be better if she has forgotten about me anyway.”

Haruppi just tilted her head and continued with her pasta. It would be bad to ask anymore about that dreaded past. She noticed that Maru checked her phone again. She released a sigh.

“Is Paruru-san still not replying?”

“Yeah. Normally she replies fast but—“ Maru slapped her mouth. Haruppi just sneered at her. Maru’s face started to turn red up to her ears. “Y-You got me there.”

Just as I thought. It is Paruru-san…

“You really… like Paruru-san, don’t you?”

The question came out like there are needles piercing her heart. Maru was taking time to answer and it made her throat dry for some reason.

Say no please… Say no…

A deep, heavy sigh came out of Maru. She slid down a little from her seat, trying to cover her face with the collar of her shirt.

“If even you are telling me that… then most probably I really do li—“


Maru jerked at Haruppi’s sudden call. The girl was even up to her seat and leaning on the table. Her face looks like a little crumpled together with those blushing cheeks. Frustration is clearly pictured by that face. And there it goes again, her uncontrollable teary eyes.

“H-Hai?” Maru stammered.

“P-Pleash…” Haruppi took one deep breath before continuing. “Please go on a date with me!”

The other girl froze on the spot. Her brain somehow couldn’t process what is happening. She gulped to somehow relieve the sudden dryness of her throat.

“W-What are you say—“

Haruppi smashed the table which attracted a lot more attention but she doesn’t seem to care.

“Go out with me… on a date! Only the two of us! On a planetarium!”


“THIS play will be over soon.”

Yui leaned her back on the wall. The coldness from the wall somehow brought shivers to her but she didn’t mind. She even thought that it would help her cool herself.

Sayanee sat beside her. They were having a late night shoot for a guesting in a certain show. It was around 3 in the morning that’s why the hallway where they are resting is empty.

“Was it able to make any difference?” Sayanee asked.

The soukantoku weakly shook her head. “Nothing… I tried to get her back to me but my move just made her realize that she really loves Maru-chan. I asked her to give me a chance to be her girlfriend until the announcement of her graduation with the hope that along the process she will realize that it is really me that she likes and not anybody else but…”

A vexed sigh ended Yuihan’s statement. Sayanee just look at her with worried eyes. She knows how Yui really loves Paruru right from the very beginning. She can see that Maru and Paru have mutual feelings with each other but she somehow can’t fully support it with this state of her close friend.

“You don’t know… Maybe Paruru-chan has already—“

“No, Sayanee…” Yui cut her friend’s statement off. “This move was really bad. I took advantage of her guilt that she’s leaving the group without being able to support me. This just made her heart go farther from me.”

Sayanee released a sigh. She doesn’t know what to say because both parties are important to her.

“You think so?”

Yuihan nodded. “When Takamina-san asked me to take over of the role of the Soukantoku, she told me already about this. I didn’t know that it will come too soon.”

“What are you talking about?” asked the puzzled Sayanee.

Yui leaned forward. “The Soukantoku’s fate… Takamina-san explained it to me very well; the downside of being the general manager of this group. Having no time for yourself, promoting others before yourself, and seeing everyone who were once beside you on the front line graduating one by one… You’ll see yourself together with new faces, feeling really awkward... You’ll see the one you hold dearest graduating and then you’ll grow apart... One day, you’ll just wake up that she has already found someone else because you don’t have the time to spend with her anymore.”

Yui stood up from her seat and took a good stretch. Sayanee just watched her trying to be cheerful. “I don’t regret accepting this position. I love the group so much; I want this whole thing to continue. I don’t hate Maru-chan because she didn’t do anything wrong. If there is something that I regret not doing, that is when I accepted a job offer rather than going with Paruru to Korea.”

“W-Wait! You were supposed to go with her that time?”

Yui tried to smile. “Yeah, but I chose to go on a shoot so she asked Myao-san to go with her.” Her head dropped with the frustration. “I always wonder if I were the one who went with her, would she still end up getting lost and then meet Maru-chan?”

A teardrop rolled down Yui’s cheeks. Sayanee stood up and arc her arm around Yui. The girl started to cry even more.

“Come on, Yuihan. Don’t cry like that.” Sayanee sighed; trying to comfort Yui but there are no words left to comfort her.

“There’s only a few days left and this play will end. I’m happy that she was able to grant my last request. She can go to Maru-chan after this... I’m really sorry about how I unintentionally made them awkward with each other. After her announcement, I will set her free.

She tried to control her sobs but it was no use. Tears just kept on flowing.

“I’m happy that she’ll be happy… But it hurts to know that it isn’t me that’ll make her happy.” Yuihan broke down even more. “The way she looks at Maru-chan now is the same as the way she looks at me before. What the hell happened between us?”

“Yuihan...” Sayanee released another sigh and then hugged Yui. She didn’t say anything more. She just let the frail girl cry her heart out. The Soukantoku is also human as well. No matter how strong she may seem in front of the other members, she also has this moment where she can only cry to let herself feel a little better.


SAKURA’S eyes widened when Haruppi barged in the dressing room. The other members of the senbatsu were also quite surprised in the way she went it. Realizing that she disturbed those who are sleeping, Haruppi took a small bow of apology and went straight to where Sakura is.

“What was that, Haruppi?” Sakura asked in a form of a whisper; a little irritated of Haruppi’s way of entrance. “Everyone is trying to rest, you know?

Haruppi just looked at the table in front of her. Her face kind of look pale and her brows are furrowed.

“I think I heard some conversation that I shouldn’t have heard.” She answered after taking a good 10 seconds of freezing.

“What are you talking about?” Sakura threw another question. “Where is the chocolate drink?”

Instead of answering Sakura, Haruppi froze again. Sakura shook her head in disbelief.

“You know, Sakura…” Haruppi whispered. “I invited Maru-san on a date.”


“SHHHHH! SAKURA!” Sasshi shouted after being awoken by Sakura’s shriek. Everyone was looking at the two with their drowsy, pissed eyes. Haruppi noticed Paruru who is also looking at them but she is the only one with eyes wide-awake. Their stares met.

Haruppi immediately turned to Sakura and dragged her to stand. “Let’s talk outside.”

The other ace just let herself get dragged. Haruppi took another glance to Paruru before they went out of the room. The other Haruka just shrugged it off and then went back to her phone.

“Explain now, Haruppi.” Sakura ordered after they took a good distance from the dressing room. “Did I hear you right earlier? You asked Maru-san out for a date?”

Haruppi gave out a quick nod. Her cheeks are bright red.

Sakura’s jaw dropped again. “Y-You really asked her? How bold!”

“Look at you. You even asked her for you to sleep at her room during the last SSK, right?”

Sakura was taken aback. “Well, I had reasons…” she said while scratching her head. “Anyway, this conversation is about you so let’s go back to you!”

Haruppi pouted. “It’s true… I asked Maru-san out. We are going in a planetarium at the 12th of this month.”

“Sugoi~” Sakura even have her hands clasped together. “Did you fall for Maru-san already?”

Haruppi looked at Sakura with tears on the verge of falling down. Once again, Sakura was taken aback. Haruppi smiled at her.

“I think so.” She then laughed forcibly. “But she doesn’t feel the same towards me, right? So why do I have to stress myself with this?”

Haruppi turned her back to Sakura; probably a little embarrassed that she is about to cry just because of this.

“H-Haruppi…” Sakura worriedly called.

“I changed my mind about the date.” The older girl continued talking. Her voice was a little cracked. “I-I’m… I’m now planning to set her up with Paruru-san at that day.”

“But Haruppi—“

“It’s okay, Sakura.” She then looked back at Sakura, still with a smile on her face. “This feeling hasn’t grown deep yet so it will be fine once I stop it from doing so. As Maru-san’s oshimen, I want to deliver happiness in her life. I will be okay.”

Sakura looked at her with an unconvinced look. “You may say it that way but remember that Paruru-san is in a relationship with Yuihan-san. If we set them up like this, Maru-san will be the one who will be hurt in the end.”

The other girl was on point but Haruppi remembered the conversation she accidentally heard while she was on her way to buy some drinks.

“Don’t worry, Sakura!” she ecstatically said as she grabbed Sakura’s hands. “Let’s make it a day where Maru-san can give a chance for herself! It doesn’t have to be a real date for the both of them. They can just say they are hanging out or anything!”

Sakura pulled her hands away from Haruppi and put them on her waist. “Okay…” she sighed. “What is your plan then?”

“I have already secured that Maru-san will go on the planetarium. We just have to get Paruru-san go there! You go and invite her out, Sakura!”

“EEHHH?! No way! I’m not even that close with Paruru-san!” Sakura protested. She even waved her hands as a big no.

“But you are on the same team with her on AKB. You were the main characters in Majisuka Gakuen! How come you are not close?”

“We’ve been on the same group for how many years now and I still don’t consider you as a friend.”

Haruppi backed out with her hand on her chest. Sakura just blew off some good damage on her. “You got me there.” She laughed. “So how shall we get Paruru-san go there?”

“Hmmm…” Sakura thought a loud. How shall they get Salt go to the planetarium? Her head was about to burst but then an idea flashed in her mind.

“Haruppi!” She called and then placed both of her hands on Haruppi’s sexy shoulders. “I know someone who can help us!”

Haruppi nodded. She can’t help but to look at Sakura suspiciously because the girl is blushing furiously. “W-Who is it then?”


I hope you enjoyed this chapter as well. :) Any guess on who will be that person Sakura is thinking of? :) I'm really sorry for the late update. I got caught up with the season's spirit. It was yet another busy day for me.

@Goto24-san, first of all Merry Christmas~ Thank you for spending time in reading this fic and for typing that long comment. I feel so honored. Thank you so much. :)

Which sentences or words are from Philippines? I guess I've been hanging out with Filipinos so much. Kkk^^

Uhm... About how you are being torn apart with dropping and continuing this fic ... I guess I learned that concept from Aki-P. He gives us shows that we might hate like this Kyabakura thing. We hated how the girls are being close to guys but we still continue to watch it. there are things happening that we don't like but it keeps us going, hoping that something nice will happen along the way. I don't know why I am saying this tho. It just came out of my weird mind. XD

I'm glad that you enjoyed the Danso arc. I guess we all love whenever they do Danso. Haha. I'm glad that you also got curious about the oshimen to the point of looking up on the rankings. :)

The questions will be answered! Hopefully... Sometimes, I'm really tired I overlook stuffs.

I think she was just a little clumsy.  :sweatdrop:

Thank you again for reading. I'm sorry that I'm a little bad in terms of replying to comments. My social skills aren't really good.  I'm a half human, half bird. Eh... Why am I even saying this. Haha. I hope you can stay until the ending. :)

And to all of you who left comments and hit the thanks button for the last chapter. Thank you very much. I hope you are all having good times this season. (although i know I'll be crying tomorrow because...  :cry:) See you on Wednesday~ ^^
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Merry Christmas, Shortcut48-san! Thank you very much for this Christmas fic-presents! XD

“I am considering getting LASIK treatment because I’m getting tired of wearing lenses. What do you think of it?”

“I don’t know.” Maru answered while trying to fork a meatball on her plate but she keeps missing it. “I haven’t tried that.”

The strange feeling inside Haruppi started to grow heavier. She inquired Sakura about LASIK before and the girl told her to ask Maru about it because it came from Maru, herself, that she underwent that surgery; explaining why the round glasses are no more. But why did she say that she didn’t?

Huh? When I first read that Maru ran into a glass door a few chapters back, I thought it was because she was really troubled by seeing Paruru & Yuihan together. But, when she ran into some door for the second time, I started wondering what was that about. Could this be the reason? How could she see without her thick glasses then?   :huhuh

Maru took a sip of her iced tea before continuing her story. “Actually, I have been here when I was younger. My father took me to a business meeting to present me as his son to an important business partner. I sneaked out of the building and wandered around until I found myself enjoying in a park. I ran like a free bird, the other kids might’ve thought I was crazy.”

A warm, little smile curved on her lips. “Then suddenly, when I was already tired, a girl sat next to the swing where I was sitting. She handed me some papico. I was really surprised.

She just said, ‘You know, I’m just at home watching Studio Ghibli movies this summer vacation. I just went out to buy some refreshments and then who would’ve thought I will see someone wasting his energy, running wildly in a park. I wonder where you get the drive to do that.’

I wasn’t really that good in Japanese that time but that was what I understood. It was the first time that another kid talked to me. I thought I was finally making a friend but my father found me and then the rest was history. I bet that girl got traumatized with what she saw. Thankfully, my father was scolding me in Korean or else she would be more scarred.”

I wonder if this little girl would turn out to be Paruru :)

Yui leaned forward. “The Soukantoku’s fate… Takamina-san explained it to me very well; the downside of being the general manager of this group. Having no time for yourself, promoting others before yourself, and seeing everyone who were once beside you on the front line graduating one by one… You’ll see yourself together with new faces, feeling really awkward... You’ll see the one you hold dearest graduating and then you’ll grow apart... One day, you’ll just wake up that she has already found someone else because you don’t have the time to spend with her anymore.”

This one is just too real, it broke my heart all over again  :cry:
Whenever I saw Paruru seeming more independent and farther away from Yuihan, I started thinking about something like this as the cause.
*While I am also aware that it's probably just the management stopped giving push for the combi and moving on to push the next fresh and promising members/combi who'll give the group more revenue*

“I’m happy that she’ll be happy… But it hurts to know that it isn’t me that’ll make her happy.” Yuihan broke down even more. “The way she looks at Maru-chan now is the same as the way she looks at me before. What the hell happened between us?”

Somehow, this part reminded me of that period between the time they were promoted, entered senbatsu, until around 2012 or so... You know, that time when Paruru seemed so cute and clingy to Yuihan instead of being beautiful and independent like now? (not that I hate the change, though)
But, it did mean that Paruru loved her. It's just about time that one of them fell out of love and moved on... After all, not all love will last for eternity. Sometimes, people should just keep on going and let it be a sweet memory from the past.  :cry:

*But, somehow, it gave me the urge to write a fanfic of your fanfic in which Yuihan has also moved on and found someone else for herself... Because, whatever will happen to Maru next, I don't really like the idea that Yuihan would be a mattress to catch Paruru's fall. Yuihan will be a great best friend who'll hold her and cheer her up. But, no matter how much she loves Paruru, there's no point of staying in a relationship if the other party can't love her back... (and with that, you just made me be too serious over this fic of yours (again), Shortcut48-san...)


“I changed my mind about the date.” The older girl continued talking. Her voice was a little cracked. “I-I’m… I’m now planning to set her up with Paruru-san at that day.”

“But Haruppi—“

“It’s okay, Sakura.” She then looked back at Sakura, still with a smile on her face. “This feeling hasn’t grown deep yet so it will be fine once I stop it from doing so. As Maru-san’s oshimen, I want to deliver happiness in her life. I will be okay.”

This kid is too kind and too wise for her own good...

Sakura looked at her with an unconvinced look. “You may say it that way but remember that Paruru-san is in a relationship with Yuihan-san. If we set them up like this, Maru-san will be the one who will be hurt in the end.”

The other girl was on point but Haruppi remembered the conversation she accidentally heard while she was on her way to buy some drinks.

“Don’t worry, Sakura!” she ecstatically said as she grabbed Sakura’s hands. “Let’s make it a day where Maru-san can give a chance for herself! It doesn’t have to be a real date for the both of them. They can just say they are hanging out or anything!”

Guess the kid just overheard YokoYamamoto's convo...

“Hmmm…” Sakura thought a loud. How shall they get Salt go to the planetarium? Her head was about to burst but then an idea flashed in her mind.

“Haruppi!” She called and then placed both of her hands on Haruppi’s sexy shoulders. “I know someone who can help us!”

Haruppi nodded. She can’t help but to look at Sakura suspiciously because the girl is blushing furiously. “W-Who is it then?”

Huh? Since she's blushing... Is it Jurina?  :huhuh

Anyway, thanks for the compliment, Shortcut48-san. I'll take it as another holiday present. Sorry for the long comment, and I hope you enjoyed the links :)
Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-25) Haruppi (III)
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@DeNight-san, WOW. Just wow....
I feel like you dissected the whole chapter. I may say that you analyzed it very well. Thanks for all the commentaries. I enjoyed reading them. I'm nodding so much like Noddy. XD I believe the other readers will have reading them too so there's no need to say sorry for the length. :)

A fanfic of a fanfic?  :dizzy: Of course I would love to see it. Who am I to object with that idea? It would be really nice to read one. I even 'kyaa' -d so bad with MatsuiLee-san's short drabble about JunMarco. Haha. Do whatever pleases you, DeNight-san. :)

I enjoyed the links. Thank you so much~ Happy holidays~ :)
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well Shortcut48-san.
That was a long reply to my long comment. (I'm sorry for it being so long.  :depressed: )
But thank you for your time to reply to it and thanks for all those infos.

And now that you updated, I just want to say.......... WTH?!!! :OMG:
That was really something. Haruppi being brave and then being too nice as she is.

Hearing all those things that Yui said to Sayanee also pains my heart.
I was nearly tearing up as I read that part. I wanna cheer for Maru and Paruru but like I said in my previous comment, I'm a YuiParu shipper and would still like to see a chance, even if it's a small one, that Yui and  Paruru would become close again or end up together.

(Again I am sorry for my rantings. All the things I say really come.out when it involves SayaMilky or YuiParu.)

Also hearing Sakura say that Haruppi is still not her friend hurts.
I mean like dude, you have been together since day 1 and still she is not your friend?!!

I wanna add more but I will keep them for the latest updates. Since I am up to date, I might end up commenting after every update you make.
Also I have a question. When do you update?
Plus, how do you attach or add a picture?

Thank you again for you hard work and can't wait for the latest update.
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It's okay. :)

Haha. The only person Sakura considers as her friend is still Murashige Anna until now. I don't really know what is running on Sakura's mind but let's say she's just really unique and deep. Haha.

I update every Sunday and Wednesday. But I'm thinking of updating only once a week since production is really not good these days. I'm just considering it. It's not yet decided.
You can add a picture by clicking the button with monalisa and a code will appear. it's 'img' inside []. the other one is '/img' also inside a []. You can also just type them. I can't type it directly because it won't appear since it's a code.  Just paste the address of the picture in between them and the picture will be uploaded. Check the preview first just to make sure that it is really coming out. I hope this helps. :)

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Can I just cry to vent up my frustration of the YuiParuMaru love triangle...  Yui  :cry:  :cry:..... 
Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-25) Haruppi (III)
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Can I just cry to vent up my frustration of the YuiParuMaru love triangle...  Yui  :cry:  :cry:.....

Same my friend.
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-28) Haruppi (F)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

WARNING: Long chapter ahead.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I am spending my free time hiding like this.”

Jurina’s words are in between. She really love to see what is going to happen at this setup but she is also a little pissed because she cannot use this time just to relax. She is currently with the two aces of HKT, hiding somewhere, facing the entrance of the TENKU planetarium at the SKYTREE TOWN.

Their faces are covered with masks as a usual disguise material. It’s just around 6 in the evening but it’s already dark. It’s another sign that winter is just around the corner.

“I’m really shorry for dragging you out like this, Jurina-shan.” Haruppi apologized; her lisp is coming out because of the cool breeze.

Sakura rolled her eyes. “She doesn’t really have to come but she volunteered so there’s no need to be sorry about it, Haruppi.”

“Ehhh?!” Jurina reacted in great disbelief. Did Sakura just dis her? She looked at the girl with her wide-opened eyes questioning her for the sudden coldness but Sakura just threw back a sharp stare. “Don’t forget that I’m the key to make this plan a success!”

She then put up a smug face and looked down at Sakura but the girl just did the same.

“Come on…” Haruppi calmed the two down. “It’s about time for them to arrive, right? We have to make sure that we don’t miss a thing.”

“Hai…” The two answered in chorus. They both took a look at each other before looking back at the entrance. Both of them have cheeks blushing.

“Have you messaged Aniki already, Haruppi-chan?” Jurina asked.

“Y-Yes… She said she’ll arrive soon—“

“Wait, guys! Haruhi-san is already here!”

They watched how Maru walked in front of the entrance. She’s wearing a black trench coat but she still has her hoodie underneath it. She also got her hair cut back to the original length when Paru first met her. At the three’s surprise, she isn’t wearing her trademark mask but she is wearing the round glasses back. Maru’s looking around, most probably searching for Haruppi.

“What’s with that attire?” Jurina audibly murmured. “Aniki looks so cool.”

Haruppi gulped. So this is the Maru that she is supposed to go out with. She clenched her fists and bit her lower lip. What the hell is running in her mind that she just gave up?

Jurina looked at Sakura who is also mesmerized by Maru’s appearance.

“Earth to my Sakura!” she distracted her with a wave of her hand.

Sakura just scowled at her and looked back at Maru. “Isn’t it about time for Paruru-san to arrive? Contact her, Juu!”

“Wait! I don’t have to come, huh?”

Jurina did what her Sakura ordered her. It only took two rings and the call was immediately answered.

“Moshi, moshi. Jurina-chan?” As soon as the call was answered, Paruru entered the scene from the other side. She is wearing a rose quartz autumn coat on top of a white turtle neck. It is paired with black stockings and red kitten heel. She is also wearing a red beret and her bangs are tucked inside.

She stood at the other edge of the entrance; opposite to Maru. They were like mannequins placed in both ends of TENKU The other girl is busy looking at her phone while she is busy on the phone with Jurina.

“A-Are you on the planetarium now?” Jurina asked even though she already knows the answer.

“Uh, yeah.” She then turned around to see that she is at the right place but a couple went out just as her sight was about to glance at Maru. She went back to her last position without noticing the girl with glasses. “Where are you now?”

“W-Wait, Paruru-chan. Stay right there. I’m about to arrive.”

That’s all and Jurina hung up. It was obvious at Paruru’s reaction that she found the sudden drop of call fishy. She then just didn’t mind it and went to check her twitter account.

“What are we going to do next?!” Jurina panicked. The two main stars of the setup are already on the venue but they haven’t even seen each other yet. They can see Maru looking around but it seems that she can’t recognize Paruru because the latter has her back facing Maru.

“Did you forget what we rehearsed, Juu?” Sakura asked, also in a panic. “Go and call Maru-san now. Tell her that this date is really with Paruru-san!”

“Geez! Why am I the one doing all the talking?” Jurina hurriedly dialed Maru’s number.

Maru was surprised to see Jurina’s caller ID flashing on her screen. “Koinu?” she curiously asked herself before picking it up. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Aniki, I’m sorry but Haruppi won’t be able to make it today.” Jurina took a glance of the other Haruka involved. The girl was smiling but there is another story written in those eyes.

“W-Wait, what?” Maru asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Why? Did something happen to Haruppi-san?”

Jurina took one deep breath. Sakura is just watching her talk while Haruppi’s eyes are fixed on the entrance. Her phone is in loud speaker in order for the two other girls to hear. “The truth is…” she released her breath in one go. “You have to look at your left side to find out.”

“E-Eh?” Maru looked to where Jurina told her to look. She saw the girl in an outstanding cute outfit. Her eyes widened when she finally recognized who the lady is. Her heart started raging. That surprised reaction soon turned into an angry one. “What’s the meaning of this, Jurina?!”

The puppy gulped. She was called in her real name. It looks like her Aniki is really angry. “It is as you see…W-We set you up with Paruru-chan. She also doesn’t know—“

“Look.” Maru wiped her face in disappointment. “Are you still all believing that I somehow like Haruka more than friends? Whether I do or not, is there something that all of you will benefit from this? The other girl is in a relationship! And not only that, the one she’s in love with is my friend as well! Do you know how all of this is getting really annoying?”

“B-But Aniki we just want to help you!”

“How is this even going to help me?!” Maru covered her mouth so no one can hear her shout. She balled her fist, feeling the urge to punch it into something. She has been trying to control her emotions and here they are trying to lay more traps for her. She bit her lower lip and tried to somehow cool herself. “Well, no, thank you. Please don’t try to do this again.”

The furious Maru was about to hang up when Haruppi suddenly shouted her name. This caught her attention and she tried to listen. “Haruppi-san… What’s this, really?”

“Lishen to me, please?” Haruppi pleaded. She is now holding Jurina’s phone on her hands. The other two girls are just looking at her with worried faces. She seems like she’s about to break down in any minute.

Her plea was answered by silence from Maru. Jurina looked back at her Aniki and she is listening, still with those furrowed brows.

“Do you remember what you said to those antis? That I deserve a chance? W-Well I’m telling you this as well…” A teardrop managed to escape from her eyes. “You deserve a chance too! Please! Just for now think about yourshelf and go on a date with Paruru-shan! Don’t think of anyone else. Just think about that thing that can make you really happy! ”

There was a little term of silence after that but then Maru’s heavy sigh broke it. “Even if you say that, what you are making me do is really hard. I’ve long accepted that this will not go anywhere.”


Maru was dumbfounded after hearing her oshimen’s frustrated shout. She just froze on her place.

Jurina and Sakura were also surprised. “Quick, Juu! Execute plan B!” Sakura mouthed.


Jurina snapped her fingers as a sign for the back up to move.

“L-Look, Haruppi-san… I know that you are all just trying to—“

“Paruru-san! You are Paruru-san, right?”

Maru’s attention was caught by the voice of young girls calling Paruru in a loud voice. She turned to the lady’s direction and found her being cornered by two middle schooler fan girls. Paruru is already panicking, not knowing what to do. She tried to look for Jurina but there is no Jurina coming to save her from this.

The girl with glasses just shook her head while watching the scene. “I will talk to all of you after this.” She then hung up.

“Paruru-san, Paruru-san! Can we take a picture?” the girl with short hair asked.

Paruru looked at the two girls with her usual salty yet worried face but the two girls cannot be moved. They kept on bugging her.

“E-Eh… Okay. But just one, okay?” Paruru surrendered. The two girls jumped in joy with the affirmation.

“But who will take the picture?” The girl with long hair asked her friend.

“Go and take it, Orin-chan.” The cute girl with short hair pleaded. “You’re taller than me so you can take a proper group photo.”

“That’ll be unfair, Manaka-chan! I don’t think I’ll get a good spot on the photo like that.”

The two quarreled with the task. Paruru wanted to try and stop them but she couldn’t find the timing to do so. They are arguing so loud, mentioning Paruru’s name at almost every sentence. If this continues, they will sure gain more attention and the idol would be in a big pinch.

“How about I take your picture?”

The three of them looked for the source of the voice. They found Maru extending her right hand to them, asking for the phone. The two girls became even more excited when they recognized who it is.


“Shhh…” Maru signaled them to tone down their voices. She leveled her height to them by bending her knees a little. “Don’t be too loud or else you will not get the picture.”


Maru smiled and patted the heads of the two fan girls making them blush in no time. “Good. Now go and make a pose with Shimazaki-san.”

Maru took a look at the also startled Paruru. That surprised look is obviously asking of what she is doing there. Maru just gave out a faint smile.

“Ne, ne, Maru-sama, are you going on a date with Paruru-san?”

“Manaka-chan! You can’t just ask it like that.”

Maru sneered and messed the hair of the two girls. “Silly girls, just go and I will take the picture.”

“You have to be included in the picture too, Maru-sama.” The girls demanded even more.

Maru sighed. “Okay, I will take your picture with Shimazaki-san first then let’s take a group photo, okay?”

“YAY~!” The girls stood at both side of Paruru, careful not to touch her, they took a pose. Maru took the picture with great ease. Obviously because it is her specialty. The two thanked Paruru and the girl faintly smiled back. The two ran to Maru and the girl sat on a lotus position. They automatically posed for the picture and a one of a kind three-shot was taken.

“No uploading, got it?”

The two couldn’t handle the excitement while they view the taken pictures. They thanked the two and left, still looking at the picture they just got. They just got a picture with the salty member of AKB48 and with the bitter irregularity who hates having her picture being taken.

“H-Hoshi…” Finally, Paruru called after the kids are gone. Hoshi turned to her and stood up.

“She’s not coming…”

“Eh?” a message came right after. It was from Jurina.

Sorry Paruru-chan, Me, my Sakura and Haruppi set you up with Aniki. If ever she asks what I said on this text, just tell her that I told you that I am sick or stuck up in a schedule so she won’t know that you know this is a setup. I’m sorry that we pissed her off before meeting you. Have fun~

“Is that Jurina?”

Paruru nervously nodded. Maru indeed looks so upset. Her voice doesn’t show any emotion at all.

“What did she say?”

“S-She said she got stuck up in a schedule.”

Maru flicked her tongue. She looked around to see where the other girls are hiding but she failed to search for them.

“Let’s go home, Haruka. I’ll drop you at your apartment.”


Maru started to walk away without any more words. The three aces that set things up started to panic again because they didn’t prepare a Plan C.


Maru was stopped when Haruka held on to her coat. She turned to her only to see a cute, irresistible, pleading face.

“Let’s go inside together… S-Since we are already here.”

Don’t look at me like that…

The painful look on Maru’s face is so evident. Even the three who are watching on the sideline can see how she suffers. She is torn with following her feelings and suppressing it. The girl she holds dear in her heart is just in front of her, asking her out, but the guilt just doesn’t leave her.

“Hoshi…” Paruru called. Her voice a little shaky because of the cold breeze.

Don’t call me like that…

Maru closed her eyes for a moment and a vexed sigh was released soon after.

Think of myself, huh? You guys really don’t know what you are all talking about.

She grabbed Paruru’s hand and held it next to her lips. Paruru turned red in a moment together with those who are watching them. Haruppi smiled even though deep inside… it cuts.

“You feel cold?” Maru asked. Her breath giving warmth to Paruru’s hand.

“A-A little…”

Maru looked at Paru with those longing eyes. Their stares locked. A smile formed on the bespectacled girl’s face. This brought relief to Paruru.

“Let’s head inside.” Maru said. She then put their clasped hands in her pocket. “Before Hime-sama gets cold.”

Paruru smiled widely and nodded. They walked inside the planetarium with smiles on their faces. Paruru sneakily made an okay sign with her free hand for Jurina and the others to see.

The three released a sigh of relief. They exhaustively leaned on the huge flower bed where they are hiding. Jurina took a stretch to relieve the tension of her leg muscles.

“It ended up a success in the end! After all the suppression, Aniki still gave in.”

“Are you sure they will be alright?” Sakura asked. “I feel bad for Yuihan-san and for—“

Sakura was meaning to say Haruppi’s name next but the girl is smiling widely when she turned to her. It seems like nothing happened.

“It will be fine, Sakura.” Haruppi assured her. “I know we might be doing something that we shouldn’t but I just really want Maru-san to be happy. She has been through a lot already. It is my job as her oshimen to make her sm—are?”

Tears came rushing down without her noticing it. She then found herself being hugged by Sakura.

“It’s okay, Haruppi. You can cry as much as you want.” Sakura rubbed her back. “Maru-san told me that it is good to release your emotions rather than keeping them inside.”

Haruppi was in lost of words then there goes the tears. She hugged Sakura back and started crying like a child.

“It hurts, Saa-chan. Maru-san is my first love…” she wailed to Sakura. “She’s my first love!”

Sakura listened to her wailing in silence. She just let her know that she has someone by her side with that hug. Jurina looked at Haruppi with sad eyes. She’s amazed on how she could give up her love for someone just like that. She even went to set things up just for them to meet.

“Orin-chan, Manaka-chan…” Jurina called the two accomplices. The two are obviously puzzled to why Haruppi is crying. “You did a good job today. Sorry for taking a day of your practice from you.”

“I-It’s okay, Senpai!” They answered, a little bashful of Jurina.

“Let’s all head back before it gets darker. We have already done our part here.” Jurina stood up and she assisted Haruppi to stand up as well. The girl wiped her tears away and gave out her best smile.

“Mission accomplished for Fairy Haruppi.”

Maru and Paru went straight to a ramen house for dinner right after the trip to the planetarium. Somehow Maru forgot the irritation she was feeling earlier because of the experience she had in TENKU. She felt like she is legit floating in the outer space watching all the stars that she loves.

The owner of the ramen house was so star struck when they entered in. He was kind enough to close the store for the time they are eating. They arrived in a good time where there are only very few customers. The owner just let the eating customers finish their bowls and didn’t accept any customers in. Maru told him that he doesn’t have to do it but he told them, ‘You guys are working your asses off lately, you need a rest from the public eye. It’s a treat for you doing your best,’ in a very manly way.

Maru thanked the ramen house master and then led Haruka to a seat.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been in a ramen house like this.” Paruru muttered excitedly while looking around.

“It’s because you are always on exquisite places, right?”

Paruru snickered. “Ramen houses are always in demand and full of people. It’ll be hard to go here alone or even if I have someone else with me, it will be hard for both of us.”

Maru smiled. “Yeah. Because your salty face is as popular as ramen.”

“Hey~~!” Paruru puffed her cheeks. “Did you just call my face salty?”

“You even went for shio ramen.” Maru teased her; her chin resting to her palm.

“Hoshiiii!” Paru puffed her cheeks even more which tempted Maru to pinch her cheeks.

“Stop doing that. It’s so cute!”

Their sweet moment was interrupted when Maru heard a familiar name on the news. She turned to the television and Paru curiously just watched the news.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the downfall of South Korea’s former largest investment service provider, Baekhan Financial Group. It became worldwide news since the said company was backing up a lot of large companies when the scandal about the Baek family broke out sometime in 2010.

The CEO, Baek Ho-joon, was murdered by his wife due to continuous abuse but his father, Baek Tae-joon managed to warp the story up by simply saying that the wife was having mental illness hence the reason for murder. The horrifying generational secrets of the clan, such as forced abortion if the baby turns out to be a girl, were revealed when their long-time head housekeeper confessed everything to the authorities.

The maid was forced by her conscience to expose everything after the heir, Baek Hye-joon, was taken custody by Tae-joon. The old lady, who is only known as Mrs. Kim, told in detail how the heir was maltreated and brought up jailed from the society.

But then, it was recently discovered that the Baek Ho-joon left a huge amount of money for his son which is kept safe in a bank. There are no claims on the money and no one is knowledgeable about the whereabouts of the heir. No one even knows if Baek Hye-joon is still alive.

“Ramen’s out!”

Maru jerked at the sudden call of the owner. Two bowls of hot ramen were placed in front of them.

“T-Thank you.” She stammered. She felt cold sweat run down her back.

“Eat well, Paruru-chan, Maru-sama!”

Maru forced laughter. “You don’t have to address me with –sama, Ramen-san.”

She took of her glasses and grabbed the spoon for the soup. “Itadakimasu!” She yelled ‘Oishiii~’ right after her first sip of the soup. She looked at Paruru who is just staring at her with worried eyes.

“What?” Maru innocently asked.

“The one the news… That was—“

“Not me. It’s definitely not me.” She assured Paruru with a smile on her face. “My family’s company wasn’t that big. Go and eat you ramen now or else it will turn cold, Salt-chan.”

“Mou~ You’re not funny.” She just let Maru got away from the topic. She’s sure that Maru is somehow related to that news. She then just focused on her ramen.

The news program finished and commercials soon came after. The Baitoru Next commercial then came on air, getting Maru’s attention. Paruru watched the surprised reaction of Maru while watching the commercial. She gulped. It’s her turn to explain now.

“Sotsugyou?” Maru asked as her sight landed on Paruru. Her heart received more damage with the commercial rather than the news earlier. “This isn’t about graduation, right? This is just a commercial, right?”

Paruru answered her with silence. Maru dropped her spoon and leaned on the chair.

“Man, you got me surprised yet again.” She sighed. “When are you going to graduate?”

“I’m going to announce it officially in a press conference at the 3rd of next month.”

“The reason?”

“I was told by my doctor to refrain from strenuous activities. My health isn’t really at its best lately.”

Maru wiped her face with her palms as if trying to erase her whole face. “You really don’t fail in surprising me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell it to you this way. I just couldn’t find the right timing to tell you.”

“When is the graduation concert?”

Paruru sighed. “I won’t be having one. I don’t think I can handle a concert with such a condition. I will just disappoint everyone if I mess up during the concert. I will have it done in the theater at the 26th of December. My activities on AKB will stop on the 30th.”

“Three months and a half, huh?”

Paruru weakly nodded. “It will be announced in the Ranked Concert in the 15th of this month that I will be the next single’s center. It will be the last single I am centering.”

Maru’s face cannot be painted. “I guess I have to cancel my plans.” She whispered.


“Nevermind. Let’s just eat in peace then go wherever you want next.”

Paruru did what she was instructed to do. They ate in silence but her heart is throbbing so fast she couldn’t concentrate with eating. It looks like she ruined Maru’s mood again. Does she need to take her again at the planetarium?

“Anyway,” Paruru jerked when Maru spoke all of a sudden. “Originally, I was going on a date with Haruppi-san today.”

“Eh?” Her heart suddenly felt heavy. Is she disappointed about being set up with me?

“She really emphasized that it will be a date. But she didn’t come and then you were there.”

“Are you upset that it was me who turned out and not your oshimen?”

“To be honest, I was really looking forward for this day. I couldn’t help it because she’s my favorite member.” Maru took a slurp of her noodles.

“Ah… I see…” Paruru faintly answered. Who wouldn’t be disappointed?

“But you know…” she chewed her noodles and swallowed first before continuing. “I also like it that I’m with you now… I actually… like it… better…”

And it hit her hard, like a quake in the maximum possible magnitude. The heat on her cheeks isn’t brought by the steam coming from the ramen. She’s well-aware that it was due to Maru’s words. How crazy it is that this one person is enough to get her ride an emotional roller coaster. She has now sent her into a cloud nine right after she made her think that she doesn’t like being with her.

Maru is hiding how red her face is by facing the ramen bowl. More push and she will really give in. If she doesn’t have a heavy reason to contain her emotions, she could’ve let it explode long ago and admit it to herself that she is indeed inlove with this beautiful woman in front of her.

“I also like it… that I’m with you now…” Paruru said, almost whispering.

“Silly.” Maru said, still busy mixing her noodles. “Eat fast so we can have enough time to wander around. We can’t trouble the owner for a long time.”

A wonderful smile was painted on Paruru’s face. “Hai~!”

They had so much fun eating while catching up with each other. They chose not to talk of heavy stuffs because they both know that it will ruin the mood. They are just happy about being together now and even though without any oral agreement, they both just want to spend the rest of the day in peace, just like the old days where the feeling that complicates things wasn’t known to them and in the deep bottom of the surface.

Both of them are wishing in their hearts to just have this day extended. Maru somehow felt bad about shouting back at Jurina. She is still kind of pissed about it but she can never deny that she’s having one of the best days of her life although she has to constantly remind herself that this chance will only be until the clock strikes at 12 midnight. It’s the time limit she allotted to herself.

“Thanks for the delicious ramen, Ramen-san!” Maru showed her gratefulness with a bow at the owner of the shop. “Come on, Haruka. Say thank you as well.” She even gently pushed Paruru into a bow. The cute scene made the store owner laugh.

“You two look like you’re really close. I want to see more of you being together in the future.” The guy commented and then took out the pen and paper that he eagerly prepared while the two were eating. “If you don’t mind, please give me a sign just for remembrance. I will brag about this and post it in the shop!”


Maru turned to the eager Paruru. She was surprised that the lady agreed to the request really fast. Wasn’t she supposed to give a shio taiyou? Even the store owner was dumbfounded that he could get Paruru’s sign that easily.

“Are you sure about this, young lady?” the store owner asked. Paruru got the pen and paper from him and happily signed it.

“Shouldn’t you be happy that I agreed with the request, Ramen-ojii-san?” Paruru asked while chuckling. “Someone here thinks that I’m always salty, I have to prove that I can be sweet, too.”

“Wait, are you pertaining about me?” Maru pointed herself. “And hey, you aren’t the type to prove yourself to other people!”

Paruru looked at Maru with bored eyes. “Well for once I want to prove it.” She then slid the said paper in front of Maru. “Your turn, Hoshi.”

“Do I have to do this as well?” Maru asked innocently.

“Of course!” The owner and Paruru said in chorus.

Maru was taken aback. She stared at the paper for quite a while. She has never signed anything for a fan before. This is her first time to do an autograph. She nonchalantly held the pen while thinking hard on how she will take this into action.

“Hmmm…” She thought aloud. “Sorry about this Ramen-san but this will be my first time signing something so I’ll just scribble whatever.”

Maru wrote her Hoshino with a kanji for star 星埜 and Maru in hiragana and just added a star at the end of it. The store owner was so delighted with the signatures.

“My daughter loves both of you so much! I bet she will dance with joy after seeing this. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

Maru was amazed on how that simple signature made someone smile from ear to ear. She even took another look of the store owner from outside the ramen house. He’s still looking at the once ordinary paper with great joy evident on his face.

“Hoshi?” Paruru called her which made her snap back to reality. “What’s wrong?”

“E-Eh…” Maru scratched her chin with her index finger. “He’s so happy with a sign. My sign was so simple but it made him so happy. I somehow feel… what do you call it… accomplished…”

Paruru smiled at her. She also felt accomplished. Seeing this growth from the self-destructive Maru to this one who feels accomplished in making people smile is a very nice feeling. Paru took a deep breath.

“So, where are we going now?” She asked.

Maru looked at her and smiled. “Wherever our feet will lead us, I guess.” She held out her hand to Paruru, inviting the girl to hold hands.

Paru tried not to grin but the smile still leaked out. She reached for Maru’s hand and they started walking. It was nice.The weather is not that cold. There are only a few people noticing them. The sight of the city lights to behold that night was also wonderful. Everything was going out fine. It was fine until…

Paruru’s phone’s vibration caught her attention. They had to stop walking so she could answer it.

“Moshi, moshi. Sayanee-san?”

“P-Paruru, where are you?” Sayanee sounded like she was running out of breath.

“E-Eh? I’m currently out with—“

“Nevermind, you have to come here quick. Yuihan just fainted because of over fatigue. She’s rushed in the…”

All the other words of Sayanee didn’t enter clear at Paruru’s ears. Guilt covered her in an instant. She instinctively pulled her hand away from Maru and stood back away from her. Maru was thrown into state of confusion. She just looked at Paruru, startled of the sudden distance the girl drew between them. Paruru’s terrified face concerns her even more. It looks the girl is also confused and torn.

“H-Hoshi… I-I’m sorry…”

Can I just cry to vent up my frustration of the YuiParuMaru love triangle...  Yui  :cry:  :cry:..... 
I feel you. :(

Hello, everyone.
Sorry for the long update.
Next arc will start on Sunday. Hopefully I can finish the chapter by that day.
Raise your hand if you watched Paruru’s graduation and somehow you wondered what could be on Maru’s mind during that time. HAHA. See you on Sunday. Or probably this Friday for a drabble and a cool poster for this fic made by a respected writer. :)
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As I expected, a cliffhanger. You always do that. /*sigh.
So, I'm going to wait AGAIN till Sunday. It's ok, I'm used to waiting lol. Oh btw, just sharin', while reading today's chapter, try to listen to Ariana Grande's Almost Is Never Enough. /*This song is approved by Cute Cut-san as the OST for this chapter.
Waiting for the next chapter :)
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Another storm in a good day
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What the..... What the...... 😞😞😞
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Thank you for the update, Shortcut48-san.
Don't worry about the length. I (and I'm sure the other readers as well) enjoyed every bit of it :)
I'm really sad about Haruppi. But, I feel really proud of her as well. She's one strong and very kind kid.
On the other side, I always like how you describe Paruru's situation and feelings.
If I were in her shoes, I would also feel very confused and guilty upon hearing about Yuihan.
I may even think that somehow it was my fault for having fun... That bad things happen if I follow my heart and be selfish...
Anyway, I'm sure that Yuihan will be okay.
(With the number of YuiParu shippers who already got their hearts broken over YuiParuMaru, I don't think you would dare to put Yuihan's life in danger. Lol.)
I'm more worried over where Maru planned to go and why...
Well, I have to admit that Yuihan collapsed from overwork was something I did not see coming, though.
So, I guess the ending will still be one big mystery and I can't wait for you to unravel it.
Keep up the great work :)

p.s.: No. I didn't watched Paruru's graduation. Couldn't bring myself to watch it. But, I'm looking forward to read how Maru feels about that.
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Huhuhuhuhu.. Cliffhanger Cut-san.
But awesome update.
Now we just gotta wait for next chapter.

And yes!!!!  :hand: :hand:
I watched her graduation ceremony live!! So sad.
Kinda did imagine Maru's reaction to that.

By the way, still can't find a way to upload a picture. Can't find that monalisa you where saying.
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TTM Drabble #4

SAYANEE entered the dressing room and sees Mayuyu having trouble with her phone or something.

Sayanee: *pulls the chair beside Mayuyu* What’s up with that worried face Mayuyu?

Mayu: *looks at Sayanee with eyes tearing up* My Jphip account got hacked!

Sayanee: *panics* EH? The one where you are posting JunMarco fanfics?

Mayu: *weakly nods* I was planning to post an update today but I can’t log on it anymore. And look! The hacker even posted an update to it! My JunMarco romantic story got ruined!!!

Mayu buried her face on her hands. Sayanee got the phone and read the said chapter.

I’ve been thinking about it lately.

 Is there a possibility that the 2 princes can be together?

You and me?

Some may say that it’s a sin.

 Some may say that love has no boundaries.

Without a second thought, I asked you. “Marco, what do you think about me?”

You glance my way. You took a deep breath. You look straight into my eyes with sincerity in it.

“You knew all the hardships I have been through, you’re the only one there to support me and, I’m thankful to have you by my side.”

That smile My weakness.

Somehow, I felt that there is a possibility.

I asked you again. “Uhmmm, Marco, what do you think about love?”

For the second time, you glance my way and gave me your signature poker face.

“I do not believe that romantic love would last.”


What you’ve said is a lie.

“Marco-kun!” That girl called you, giving her biggest smile.

“Oh? Haruka! What are you doing here? Aren’t you with Lemon-san?”

Haruka sat beside you.

“Yup, they’re outside the gate. Uhmmm. Marco, can you accompany me? They have their dates, and I..... I don’t have a date.”


You agreed without hesitation.

“Oh. Jun! See tomorrow.” You held her hand and left.

You answered me that you don’t believe in love, but I know that you have fallen head over heels for her.

Sayanee: *eyes widened* Nandeyanen! Is this Haruka Haruppi or Paruru?

Mayu: *sobs* I was about to update that JunMarco are going lovey dovey but then I got hacked and the hacker even added a character on it! Now the comment box has an on-going war between shippers!

Sayanee: ARGH! I’m enjoying JunMarco but what the hell is this!?

On another hand...

Yukirin took a bite of her toasted bread with her eyes fixed on her phone. She sneered. She’s having fun with the war after she posted the chapter.

Yukirin: Huh, JunMarco!? MaruParu FTW!!!

On another foot...

Jurina: *peeks at Maru’s phone* Hey! You’re reading that fic now?

Maru: *rolls her eyes* I just got lost to this page.

Jurina: *puts on her troll face* You’re interested about the fic now because Paruru-chan got added, right?

Maru: *slaps Jurina with the towel she’s holding* You wish.

LESSON: Don’t let your girlfriend take a peek when you’re inputting passwords.


Hello. What’s up everyone? :) MatsuiLee-san also wrote that short JunMarco drabble~ Thanks buddy! You’re awesome!

And presenting the Christmas gift I received from another writer, a poster for this fic~


Cool, ain’t it? :)
I really feel bad for the one who made it but that person told me to hide his/her identity. But thanks to you buddy. I feel really happy with this. :)

Things like this make my hard days a bit easier. kkkk. I'll reply to your comments on the next chapter. :)

This may be the last post I will do this year. See you all next year. HAHA. Have a great new year! I hope you are all having fun reading this fic. Thanks for dropping by to this thread again. :kneelbow:
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Ohoho yukirin is a maruparu shipper!!!! If it's about junmarcoparu love triangle why is there lemon-chan mentioned? Why not someone closer to Ju??
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Yeah, you got Hacked!

By me! Da one and only Hackata48.

Give it up Rosalie! I know its you!
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I love your fic and can't wait to read more!
JUNMARCO  :heart:
Is it my fault I see Techi whenever I imagine Maru?
Anyways, thank you for writing and Happy New Year!
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looks like that i missed 4 updates :sweatdrop:

www that JunMarco fic... yabai.. you turned me out into a JunMarco shipper author-san :inlove: :inlove:

in kodama's arc part III, i thought that Haruppi is really asking Maru for a date, but she wanted to set it for Paru! she's a nice person :cry:

for final part... EH!? so Maru's real name is Baek Hye-Joon :shocked and what happened with GM? argh.. another cliffhanger :banghead:

Mayu got hacked by... her mother :lol: can't believe that Yukirin actually is a MaruParu shipper XD and thank you for the poster XD

please update soon!! :cathappy:
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

ANOTHER national handshake event is being held by the 48G. As usual, the whole place is packed with people patiently waiting for their turn to shake hands with their idols. It is sure another busy day for the members.

One member was forced to freeze her line for a moment to rest. She was in such a high fever last night but still she did her best to meet her fans today even though she’s still a bit feverish. It is very obvious with her pale skin that she isn’t really feeling well.

“Paruru-chan looks really sick today.” Iriyama Anna sighed and then turned to Kizaki Yuria beside her. “Don’t you think she should’ve just rested at home?”

Yuria took her face away from her phone to look back at Annin. “Even though she is salty, she still values her fans. No wonder she came even on that state.”

The two of them are currently on their break together with the other younger members while the lines of the bigger names seem unending.

“Have you seen Maru-san going around?” Annin asked out of nowhere which made Yuria’s brows furrowed.

“Wait, did you also join those girls who are planning to do an oshihen attack on her?” Yuria asked. She doesn’t seem entertained that Annin is asking about that peculiar person.

Annin hit her in her shoulder. “Why would I, silly!?” Yuria tried to avoid the spanking but it was too late. It hurt a little that she has to rub her shoulder.

What Annin is talking about is the 13th, 14th and 15th generations plan to overthrow Haruppi at Maru’s oshimen ranking. They are planning to fish Maru and be entitled as Maru’s new oshimen believing that it will be a big impact if their names got attached to the name that is making so much noise in the Japanese entertainment industry nowadays.

“I am just a little worried about her. She also seems like she is sick.” Annin explained with her arms crossed.

Yuria tried to remember how Maru looked like when she came to her booth a while ago to take pictures. She nodded in agreement. “She does look like she is sick. Seeing her back on that mask and glasses in a handshake event somehow feels a little scary.”

The girl with pretty, long hair nodded fervently. “It kind of brings back memories of the last handshake incident.”

“Well, I wish she just take care of herself. First it was Yui-sou-chan and now it is Paruru-chan and her. They should take care of themselves since they are like trump cards of this group. The change in season is really getting a lot of people sick.”

“Mhm… Yeah…” Annin then formed a grin making Yuria a bit uneasy.

“What’s up with that sly smile?”

“I didn’t think that you have already accepted Maru-san as part of the group. I’ve heard a lot of rantings from you about her getting some sort of special treatment and such but here you are thinking of her as a member.” Annin even rested her chin on Yuria’s shoulder and looked up on her while she teases her.

Yuria rolled her eyes. “She’s here to help us out so I don’t think it’s bad to look at her that way.”

“Ehh? You wanna join the OPLAN: OSHIHEN team?”

The next candidate for the title ‘BAKA CENTER’ looked at her treasured Annin with bored eyes.

“How about no?”


“ARE you guys really serious about this OPLAN: OSHIHEN thing?”

15th Generation’s original ace, Owada Nana, asked Oshima Ryoka. They are looking at the other girls who are stalking Maru wherever she goes.

“It’s just for fun, Naanya!” Kusogaki answered with a wide smile on her face. “I really find Maru-san cool, you know? The way she handles herself in public is really awesome. Her character is being well-loved by talk and variety shows alike. We can learn so much from her.”

“Hmmm…” Naanya looked at Maru who sat on a free chair to rest. The girl pulled down her mask before looking at the photos she has taken. She doesn’t look really pleased with what she is looking at; very evident with those bored, tired eyes.

“It won’t be really bad to befriend her.” Ryoka added. “I talked to her once and she didn’t ignore me. I think she’s the type that waits for someone else to start the conversation.”

“Let’s go and approach her now!” Komiyama Haruka eagerly told the other girls who are hiding on a pillar with her. “She’s not with her usual peers! We can go make our move!”

“But we might scare her if we will come to her in a horde like this.” Murayama Yuiri commented.

The other girls nodded knowing that she has a point.

Kojima Mako snapped her fingers after a brilliant idea entered her mind. “How about we go to her one by one to appeal? But we will only spend a minute or two so the other girls can go next.”

“I think that’s okay.” Iwatate Saho agreed. Everyone agreed with that idea.

“YOSHAA!” Nishino Miki stood from where she is sitting and raised her sleeves. “I will go first!”

The other girls shook their heads with the first batter. “Just don’t creep the hell out of her.”

“I can do this! Maru-san winked at me at the last SSK!”

“Let’s go Naanya. This looks fun!” Ryoka dragged Naanya closer to the other girls to have a good look of what is going to happen. Miki fixed herself and dusted off her dress before having her way towards the resting photographer.

“Ikemasu!” The hyper active girl started walking towards Maru. The other ladies are just looking at her; feeling a little nervous on how Maru is going to receive the first contender. Will she return a bitter treatment or will she give a positive one?

Miki is only about two meters away from Maru. She took one deep breath.


“Hey, son! What’s up?”

Sayanee and Yui suddenly entered the scene making Miki immediately went for a U-Turn, acting like nothing happened. She hurriedly went back behind the pillar where the other girls are hiding. They all welcomed the rushing Miki back to the horde.

“Mou~! Why do they have to appear so suddenly?” Saho puffed her cheeks in disappointment.

“W-Wait, if Sayanee-san and Yui-soukantoku-san are here then it is our turn now for the handshake event!” Mako rushed after the realization. “Come on, girls! We can’t be late!”

The other girls started running back to their booths as well.

Naanya took one last look at Maru who is currently looking up to the two big names in the group. She doesn’t know why but she kind of feeling irritated on how the other girls are so eager to get the 1st place in the oshi ranking of this one irregularity.

“Naanya~!” Ryoka went back just to fetch her. “It’s not time to idle around. We might get scolded by Togasaki-san if we arrive late.”

“E-Eh? Uhm!” Naanya started running as well, going back to her booth with the thought of Hoshino Maru left lingering in her mind.

“Oh? Shakure King, GM, are you on a break?” Maru asked. Her voice a little bit hoarse. She wore back her mask before talking to them, careful that she might pass the flu to the busy idols.

“Are you sick, kiddo?” Sayanee asked and then placed her hand on Maru’s forehead to get a gist of her temperature. The ace from Namba immediately pulled off her hand as if she got burnt. “Kiddo! You are running in high fever!”

“I’m not running, Shakure King. I’m sitting—OUCH!” Maru held her head after being knocked by Sayanee. Yui snickered while watching the scene.

“It’s not time for jokes, kid!” Sayanee scolded her.

“Sayanee is right.” Yui seconded. “You should go and take a rest instead of going around taking pictures.”

Maru dropped her head and looked at her camera. “But this is my real job, GM. This is the thing that I really love doing. I’ve been receiving invitations here and there that I almost lost all the time for photography.”

“Don’t overwork, idiot.” Sayanee flicked Maru’s forehead. The girl yelped one more time. “I thought you don’t get sick easily and here you are getting sick just because of the sudden change in weather?”

Yui laughed. “Maybe Maru-chan, kissed someone who is sick that’s why she also got the flu?”

Sayanee’s eyes widened. She looked back at Yuihan with her jaw dropped. Her friend is just looking at Maru, a smile pasted on her face but she seems like waiting for Maru to admit something. Sayanee then turned to Maru; the other girl is still busy with her camera. She doesn’t look fazed by Yuihan’s sudden innuendo.

“What are you talking about, GM?” Maru smirked as she looked up and meet Yuihan’s stare. “Are you still sick and you’re imagining me kissing other people? I thought you are fine already.”

Yuihan gave out another laugh. “I think I am probably still sick.”

Maru stood up from her seat and tapped Yuihan on her shoulder. “Get treated, GM. You can’t be sick for two weeks!”

Yui nodded. “I’m okay now, Maru-chan. You are the one who should go and rest.”

“Yadda.” Maru answered, raising her camera. “I’m still AKB’s photographer, aren’t I?” She then started walking away and waved at them without looking back. The two just followed her with their eyes until she disappeared from their sight.

“WAH~!” Sayanee exhaled loudly while rubbing her chest. “Nandayanen, Yuihan? I thought I was going to die with the tension.”

Yui smiled at her. “In the end she still went, Sayanee.”

Sayanee’s eyebrows met. “What are you talking about? Can you please narrate the story better, with a proper start and ending, please?”

Yuihan looked at her with her eyes forming a squint. “I’m talking about last night. We were together in a taping when I phoned Maru-chan, right?”

Sayanee’s face cleared out after remembering what happened last night. They were on the bus resting from a late night shoot when Paruru sent a message to Yuihan about her being sick; asking if she could come to her apartment and accompany her even for a moment so she could fall asleep. But, instead of replying to the message, Yui contacted Maru.

“Maru-chan, Paruru-san is sick. She is asking me to accompany her but I’m currently trapped in a schedule. That girl is restless whenever she is running with a fever. She will not fall asleep unless she gets assured that she isn’t alone. Can you please go and accompany her? Your apartment is close to hers, right?"

The girl was stunned by Yui’s call. She couldn’t even answer fast with Yui’s request.

“I’m sorry, GM… I’m also stuck up with something. I’m listening to a lecture about photography now. I can’t miss it since the professor will be travelling abroad after this.”

“Well, if ever you change your mind and realize that Paruru is more important than that, just go and accompany her, will you?”

“You are her girlfriend, for Bisu’s sake! How about drop that job and go to her?”

“You know that I can’t do that.”

“Well, I can’t drop this as well. I’ll be back to the lecture room. Ask someone else to accompany her. Jaa~”

That’s how their conversation went on and Sayanee heard it clearly for she was sitting right beside Yuihan that time.

“She went to Paruru-chan’s house last night? Are you telling me that she lied to us?”

Yuihan nodded and crossed her arms, looking at the direction where Maru went.

“It’s normal for her to lie. She doesn’t intend to hurt me. She’s a very kind girl.” There was a short silence between them before Yuihan sighed. “In the end she couldn’t fight back the urge to see Paruru…”

Sayanee threw a serious stare to Yuihan. “Are you really sure that you’re doing this?”

“I’ve thought about it a thousand times already, Sayanee. I’m sure of this.”

“B-But Yuihan? The kiss you are talking about…?” Sayanee threw another question. Her eyes are almost bulging.

The Soukantoku gave out a chuckle while scratching the back of her head. “That was just a hunch.”

THE event finished like a blink of the eye. The fans are all satisfied and happy to meet the girls again. They are also happy to see Paruru even though they got worried about her. She indeed looked very pale which is  clearly evident to the pictures taken by Maru.

The staff are already clearing the venue and the girls are already resting when Shinobu was seen to be in a rush. She went to the place where Mayu, Yukirin and Sasshi are resting and with a terribly worried voice she asked, “Have you seen Maru-chan?”

The trio looked at the manager curiously. Everyone who heard her question got their eyes diverted on her direction.

“I-I haven’t seen her since the event finished.” Mayu answered then turned to Yukirin who agreed in her statement right away.

“I’ve seen her helping a staff-san earlier but after that I didn’t see her anymore.” Yukirin seconded, her head tilted.

“That kid!” Shinobu sighed. She looked around with her hands on her waist.

“Did something happen to Maru-chan?” Sasshi asked.

“She’s in a high fever but she is forcing herself to take pictures. I told her to be always in my line of sight but stubborn kid is stubborn. She didn’t even eat her lunch!”

Paruru who also happened to be resting nearby heard the conversation. She stood up and weakly walk towards Shinobu and the three other girls.

“What happened?”

“Paruru-chan!” Shinobu clapped her hands after seeing the other sick girl. “Have you seen Maru-chan?”

“I haven’t seen her today.”

Then everything went silent. Everyone who was on the area who heard her answer suddenly fell quiet.

“W-Why?” Paruru curiously asked with all the ‘seriously, dude?’ faces in front of her.

“She’s been going around the whole time and you haven’t seen her even at your booth?” Sasshi asked in disbelief. “As far as I remember you guys hang out a lot during events like this and then you haven’t seen her even once?”

Paruru was taken aback. Yes, they were close.

“Maa…” Shinobu broke down the awkward silence. “I’ll have to go look for that kid. Paruru-chan, you also go and take a rest. I think I saw her earlier with Jurina-chan so I should go ask her. See you later.”

“Otsukaresamadeshita.” The three said in chorus as the manager went off.

“I think I also should go and look for her.” Paruru murmured to herself. She took a faint bow to the three girls and went off, wobbling a little in her every step.

Mayu looked at Yukirin with a sneer on her face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Yukirin asked, a little bit annoyed at Mayu’s smug face.

“Didn’t you hear that Maru-chan is with Jurina-chan?” Mayu snickered a bit. “I told you it’s gonna be JunMarco.”

“Ehh.” Yukirin squinted. “It is MaruParu! Look! Paruru-chan is even going to look for Maru-chan even on that state. ”

“MaruParu is obviously in a rift. Surrender your ship already. It’s not happening!”

“What are you talking about?” Yuki agitatedly asked. “MaruParu is real!”

“Are you hearing yourself?” Mayu rolled her eyes in dismay. “YuiParu is out of shipzone already. Stop fighting for something that’s not going to happen!”

“What the hell are you guys fighting about?” Sasshi, the current queen, butted in. She leaned on her chair and crossed her arms. “None of your ships is real.” Her lips formed into a curl. “The real thing is MaruSaku!”

The other two were startled that they just looked at Sasshi with their eyes widened. Mayu and Yuki started to throw arguments and proofs of how real their ships are. Mayu brought out all the paparazzi pictures she took while Yuki presented all the incidents where she thinks MaruParu is true. Sasshi, on the other hand, presented the large scale followers of MaruSaku since the handshake attack in which we all know that Maru became Sakura’s hero. Thus, the World War III started.

“What is happening with them?” Tano Yuka asked Muto Tomu who is sitting beside her. “Are they seriously fighting about the best girl for Maru-san. This is crazy!”

Tomu laughed at the scene. “Isn’t it cool to know that they also ship?”

“But you know guys,” Izuta Rina started. “Isn’t the way Shinobu-san cares for Maru-san also a bit fishy? I mean, she’s being taken care to the point that she should not leave Shinobu-san’s sight. Isn’t that weird?”

“What?” Kato Rena laughingly asked. “Are you shipping Maru-san with Shinobu-san?”

Laughter broke out with Renacchi’s question.

“Iyayayayaya.” Izurina terribly denied it with a continuous wave. “Isn’t Maru-san being taken care of like really, really special? There is no official announcement of her being a taken as an AKB member but she is being treated really special. Even more special than the other members of the senbatsu!”

“Now that you said it, you do have a point.” Renacchi agreed and all of them nodded in synch.

“There is also a cameraman going around interviewing members that Maru-san are close with.” Takahashi Juri said, finally breaking her silence.

“I’m sure with one thing regarding this issue.” Tano-chan’s eyes formed a squint. “Hoshino Maru is not yet done in making noise.


NAANYA opened her second lunch box for the day. She went by the fire exit so no one will be able to find out that she bagged the untouched bento left on the table.

Her eyes sparkled as the delicious food was unraveled. The food itself looks like glittering for her.

“It’s a waste that no one is touching you.” She talked to the food so dearly. “Don’t worry. I’ll have you serve your purpose now, Itadakimasu~!”

She split her chopsticks in to two and immediately went to munch a meat ball. Her face brightened even more as the taste spread throughout her mouth.

“Uhmmmm~ oishi~~” she exclaimed with her hand on her cheek. She’s a complete picture of happiness. She then went on with eating rice next.

Naanya was eating in joy when a body suddenly fell from the stairs. It hit the ground on its right side together with a loud yelp. Naanya almost spit what’s on her mouth.

“Damned last step.” The girl who fell stood up quickly, having her hand catching her dizzy head. She fixed her glasses and looked to the right.

“No one saw that.”

To the left.

“No one saw that.”

To the back where Naanya is sitting, leaning against the wall with the bento on her lap, looking straight at her.

You saw that.” Maru stated casually although her ears started burning up in an instant.

“M-Maru-san!” Naanya squeaked. She put the lunch aside and stood up to check Maru. “Are you okay?”

Maru forced laughter. “I’m okay. I just didn’t see the last step.” She explained while scratching her head. “J-Jaa, I’ll be going ahead.”

That’s all and she wobbly walked away. She hasn’t even took her 10th step when her knees started giving up and she fell on the ground again.

“Maru-san!” Naanya worriedly called as she attended Maru. She helped her sat in a better position, making her lean to the wall.

“H-Hot!!” She exclaimed as she touched Maru’s shoulders. “I should go call Shinobu-san!”

“Stop.” Maru halted her by holding her hand. Her grip was so weak. “Don’t call anyone. I don’t want to make them worry.”

“But Maru-san—“

“It’s okay. I won’t die of a high fever. That would be very lame.” She leaned her head to the wall and closed her eyes. “I just haven’t eaten lunch yet so I feel weak.”

Naanya’s jaw dropped. She looked back at the lunch that she was happily eating a while ago then back to the sick Maru. She went to pick the lunch box.

“Would you mind if you share with my lunch?” She asked.

Maru’s eyes opened in half. “But that’s yours, right? You must be working hard that you are eating lunch this late.”

Crap. The truth is this might be really your lunch because I just stole it.

“I-I-I don’t really mind. You should go and eat.”

Maru heaved a sigh. “No. There’s only one pair of chopsticks. If we both use that you might catch the flu as well.”

“Mou~” Naanya scratched her head with how stubborn the girl is. “I will not eat this anymore so you can go have it.”

Maru closed her eyes. Her sight is really swirling.



Naanya took this opportunity that Maru’s eyes are closed to send an SOS to Shinobu.


Naanya almost dropped her phone at the sudden call. She looked back to Maru only to see that her eyes are still closed.


“Have you done something that you think is really fun to do… something that makes you happy… but you’re actually not allowed or even entitled to do it?”

Naanya froze on the spot. She almost swallowed her tongue, she couldn’t even say a single word.

Is there any chance that Maru-san knows about…

Maru snickered. “This might be my punishment.”

“W-What are you talking about, really?” Naanya asked. She’s so confused of the sudden ramblings of this girl that she’s talking with for the first time.

“No matter how much you like to do something… if you’re not in the position or forbidded from doing it… No matter how it looks desirable and pleasing to the eye… If you force yourself to get it, there will always be a punishment.”

Naanya scratched her head in all the confusion with Maru’s statement. She fell more worried. It seems that Maru is being delirious due to high fever.

“Really Maru-san, what did you do?” the younger girl asked. She’s obviously getting annoyed with the situation.

“I stole something last night. I was so tempted to do it. I couldn’t resist.”

“E-Eh? You stole what?”

Maru looked at the young member with her signature piercing stare but this version has the eyes that are full of loneliness. She managed to answer Naanya’s question before she totally passed out.

“I stole… I stole a kiss.”

And let that scene stay with you until the next update. XDI don't really know what to title this arc so I just went with the title I used.
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I bet she stole Paru's kiss last night 😂
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hello author-san :cow:
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GM :( it's sad to let Paruru for Maru :( since I also shipped YuiParu :(
www sashi joined the war! XD and what was that? MaruShinobu sounds good :P
thanks God that Naanya is there when Maru collapsed.. EH?! a kiss? :w00t:

please update it!! :bow:
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A GM's hunch should not be underestimated... Yet that hunch might hurt herself  :cry: :cry:
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@yuuri14-san, let’s  see~~ 😊

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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

SHINOBU was surprised to see the amount of people waiting outside the small room where Maru was taken. She was bombarded by questions about the photographer’s well-being. Normally, they don’t let this out to the media to avoid allegations of overworking their talents but here she is being interviewed not by the media but by the girls themselves.

Maru is currently receiving IV drips. She’s in a very deep sleep that the noise outside couldn’t even wake her up. Her temperature reached up to 40°C which explains the ramblings during her conversation with Naanya.

“Excuse me, daddy’s coming!” Sayanee made her way throughout the sea of girls. She was surprised that Maru has this much amount of ‘fangirls’ inside the group itself. Most of them are from Team 8. The ace of Namba is together with Yui and Paruru.

“How is the kid doing, Shinobu-san?” Sayanee asked while chasing for her breath.

“Sleeping.” The manager sighed. “She really had herself work to her limit. I got a report that she’s not eating on time. Sometimes she doesn’t eat at all. She uses her breaks just to study about the things that she is being told to do.”

Sayanee facefalmed. “She doesn’t have to go this far just to promote the group.”

Shinobu fell silent; diverting her eyes from Sayanee and the others. It seems like she is pondering something that none of the girls knows about.

“Is it okay for us to get inside?” Paruru asked.

The manager looked at her with very worried and sad eyes. That action didn’t escape the sharp, observant eyes of the soukantoku. She sure got a little pinch in her heart when Paruru asked about going inside because she isn’t clearly the type to show how she cares for people but Shinobu’s actions are making her more worried.

“It’ll be best if you don’t go inside. She’s sleeping peacefully, you might wake her up.”

“But Shinobu-san—“

“Sorry Paruru-chan, even if it is you I will not let anyone enter to let her rest even for a bit. You should also take a rest. Look at how pale you are!”

“Excuse me! Younger bro is on the way!”

Their attentions were caught by Jurina rushing together with Sakura and Haruppi.

“Shinobu-san!” Jurina called in a loud voice. “Where is my Ani—“

“Even you, Jurina-chan! No one is allowed to get inside.”

Jurina stiffened; surprised at the Shinobu’s tone. “Eh? Why? What happened?”

“Let Maru-chan sleep. Naanya is already watching her inside. You don’t have to worry about her.” Shinobu clapped to call the attention of the other girls. “Time to go home ladies! Those who are part of the theater show tomorrow should go and take a rest…”

Shinobu started walking away while ordering the girls of what to do. All the other girls left the area aside from the six people close to Maru.

“Is Maru-shan okay?” Haruppi asked the Soukantoku.

Yuihan nodded. “Shinobu-san said that she’s taking IV drips and is now sleeping.”

Haruppi released a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness~”

“I think the amount of her jobs caused her immune system to deteriorate.” Sakura stated, basing everything on personal experience.

“It’s quite suspicious that she started accepting all the invitations.” Sayanee heaved a deep breath. She looks like she’s in a deep thought. “She isn’t saying no to anything. This is so unlikely for kiddo to do.”

Yui remembered the questionable actions of Shinobu. She’s having a hunch that the happenings are related to it.

It is true that Maru has been accepting almost everything. She even accepts solo guestings and she is doing it all very well. The sudden change in her actions is indeed shady.

The General Manager turned to her girlfriend who is just looking silently at the door of the room where Maru is. A curl was formed in her lips.

“Jealous that you’re not the one taking care of her?”

Everyone stiffened. They turned to the GM, surprised at the very words she just threw.

Paruru also looked at Yui with a confused look on her face. “What are you talking about, Yuihan?”

Yui sighed. “Hmm…” She thought aloud. “Are you worried that someone else might steal her heart while you are with me?”

Sayanee gulped. Has Yuihan gone loose already? It’s not an innuendo anymore, it’s direct confrontation! And she’s doing it in front of everyone!

Paruru’s eyebrows met. She was about to answer when Yui went to throw another grenade that would make the air more dense.

“Are you still dreaming that she went to your house last night and took care of you and then… kissed you? Just like this morning that you thought I was her and called me ‘Hoshi’ when you saw me at your kitchen?”

Paruru’s eyes widened and so as everyone around. Someone has to stop Yuihan!

Yui turned to look at their stunned faces with an innocent face. “Why are you all looking like you’ve seen a ghost? It’s not like you setup Paruru with Maru-chan to the extent of borrowing kenkyuuseis, right?”

The trio who did the setup also gulped. They didn’t know that the GM also knows about that date. None of them has the guts to return Yui’s stare.

Yui smiled to lighten the mood. “Come on, girls. It’s not that I am angry about it or anything. I know you all know that my relationship with Paruru is fake.”


Paru wasn’t able to speak more when Yui turned to her with a very faint smile on her face. It somehow says that she’s okay and just let her do the talking.

“I still got like five days left. I hope you can all wait for that before you fully show your support for the both of them. I know this can be selfish but let me spend the remaining days of this fake relationship without any regret. Let me show that I really love her.”

Yui dropped her shoulders. Somehow she managed to say everything without tearing up. Her head is being consumed by the thoughts of this messy love affair. She noticed that it has been dragging her down and it is not good for the Soukantoku to be like this. She has to face all of it…. Just like how Takamina faced this fate.

“Let’s go, Paruru.” She extended her hands to the girl she loves the most. It hurts. She has to let go of her after everything that they have gone through together. After all these years... “Maru-chan will be fine. You also have to rest.”

Paruru looked at her hand for a while before finally reaching for it. Yui smiled. Even if it is because of pity that she reached out for her hand she doesn’t care anymore. She held her tight.

“Saa, we’re leaving now. You girls should go as well.”

That’s all and she left with the sick Paruru. The trio were looking at each other with guilty faces.

Sayanee got relieved when the two already went away. Yui has rose the tension twice already. She’s sure that her friend is having a very hard time dealing with all of this.

 “Be strong, Yuihan...” she whispered in the air. She then turned to the room where Maru is. “Just what the hell did you do that Yuihan is acting like this, kiddo?”



THE night before the handshake event is one starry night. The sky is clear, presenting all the wonderful constellations that mid-autumn offers.

Paruru is sitting on her couch with her eyes closed. She’s waiting for Yui’s response to her message but it has been a good thirty minutes but there’s not even a hint if the other girl has seen her text. Being a soukantoku is sure busy and hectic.

She feels really cold. She had to get a blanket to cover her frail body. She’s sweating but she couldn’t help but to roll up on the blanket because she’s shivering. She can feel her muscles aching and her head is aching like crazy. She tried to sleep so many times now but being alone while she is sick frightens her. She doesn’t even remember when she started acting like this.

Her family isn’t anywhere near and she doesn’t want to bother them at this time of night. If she tells them that she’s sick again they might force her to quit show business as a whole.

“Yuihan…” she muttered under her breath, still with her eyes closed. The scene of the final moments of her date with her Hoshi flashed back on her mind. The awful feeling that she felt when she found out that Yui passed out but there she was having a great time with another girl. She was consumed by guilt in an instant that she pulled her hand from Maru’s grasp like she was being violated but in reality she loves how the other girl’s hand fit to hers. She remembered Maru’s reaction when she told her about Yuihan fainting; all the gladness from the girl’s face disappeared in an instant.

Maru took her to the clinic where the General Manager was rushed. Maru didn’t talk after that. She just went to see Paruru going inside the said building and then she left. She doesn’t have a face to show the kind GM after the ‘betrayal’ that she has done. She hasn’t heard anything from the glasses girl until now.

“Mou~” Paruru started stomping. “Why does it have to be like this!?”

She suddenly heard a clicking sound from her door. She jolted and looked at its direction.

“Yuihan?” she called but then the door stopped from opening. It stayed like that for a while and then she heard a very deep sigh. The door opened widely and revealed a sweaty Hoshi. And there goes the usual butterflies back in Paruru’s stomach.

“I’m sorry… I’m not GM.” Maru tried to look at her straight to her eyes but she immediately averted from the stare lock. “Yet again I’m a substitute.”

“H-Hoshi?” Paruru stuttered. She rubbed her eyes and then looked at the girl again.

“I’m really Hoshi. You’re not dreaming or hallucinating. I’m sorry I just opened the door without knocking.” Maru monotonously stated. She took off her shoes and then entered the room. Her eyes traveled throughout the whole space. “What a very clean room.”

“I-I clean everytime I want to clear my thoughts.”

Maru walked towards her. She is holding a small paper bag on her right hand containing flu medicines that she bought along the way.

“Hmm… I guess your thoughts are always messy.”

She then looked at Paruru. The other girl still looks surprised with her sudden appearance.

“Don’t give me that disappointed look. GM called me and asked me to accompany you tonight. Let’s just say that I am returning the favor. You also stayed with me when I needed somebody.”

“Y-Yuihan called you?” Paruru asked. Disbelief drawn all over her face.

“Uhm.” She nodded and sat on the crouch’s arm rest.

Maru, without any permission, placed her palm on Paru’s forehead while her other hand on her own. “Man, I told you to take care of yourself, didn’t I? That’s some high fever you got there.”

Their stares met for a while. They seriously need to stop letting days pass before meeting again. Meeting after a very long time is a trap for hidden feelings to come out.

Maru stood up and put her hands on her waist. “You ate dinner, right?”

“Yes. I had some during the shoot earlier.”

“You worked at that state?” Maru sighed. “There’s a handshake event tomorrow, right? You seriously need to change the schedule of your fever. You always get sick during this kind of events. People might think that you just don’t like to meet your fans.”

“I’m sure a lot of people are already thinking like that.”

Then there was silence. Paru has her eyes closed. She’s thinking of why of all people Yuihan asked Maru to take care of her. The GM didn’t even reply to her but the she sent this girl. She doesn’t know what to feel anymore. She wants to look at the face of this person with her but she knows that it won’t be of any help at the current situation.

Her eyes opened on its own when she felt her body being lifted up from the crouch. Hoshi carried her up in a princess-carry. She instinctively clung onto her; their faces are so close to each other she couldn’t help but stare at Maru’s face.

“I’ll bring you to your bedroom, Hime-sama.”

“I-I can go there on my own.” She stuttered and then buried her face on Maru’s shoulder. The truth is she doesn’t want to be let go.

“Yeah. You can go there even if you are shaking like this.” Maru’s pertaining to her shivering. Paru tried to control it but her fever is really too high. The cling turned into hug as her grasp to Maru tightened.

“I hate being sick…” She muttered. Her breath somehow tickled Maru’s neck.

“I still got around four hours remaining last time.” Maru said out-of-nowhere.

Paru looked up at her only to meet the girl’s stare that passes throughout her whole being. “What do you mean, Hoshi?”

“I’m going to redeem the remaining time today.” Maru cryptically said. She was actually pertaining to the time allotment she gave to herself last time. The emergency took the remaining four hours from her.

Paru felt a sudden warm spring sprung from inside her when she felt Maru’s lips on her forehead. It wasn’t just a smack but it was planted like it was full of longing, full of care.

“Time to sleep, Haruka. You have to get well for the HS event tomorrow.”

Maru brought her to her bedroom and placed her at her bed. She made her rest her back on the headrest with a pillow and even fixed the blanket so she won’t feel cold. Maru dashed outside to bring the medicine and a glass of water. She made Paruru drink one and the latter obediently did what was instructed even though she hates the tastes of medicine.

The visitor looked around the very neat bedroom. Everything is in place. There is a pin board full of Paruru’s pictures taken with the 9th generation and two-shots with her beloved seniors. Maru realized even more how important the group is for Paruru with all this pictures displayed in her room. It’s not the generation for printed pictures anymore but this girl is going that far to keep these precious memories close to her.

Maru noticed that pictures taken with Yui are really a lot. It gave a pinch in her heart but she just ignored it like she always does. She took the glass from Paruru and placed it on top of the drawer near the damsel’s bed. She didn’t notice the framed picture on top of it.

She made Haruka lay on the bed. She gently assisted the fragile lady and then covered her with the blanket. She then made sure that the temperature inside the room is okay by adjusting the AC. She’s been running around, preparing everything. Just by that an hour already passed.

“Hoshi…” Paru called in a very frail voice. Maru stopped from keeping herself busy and then turned to the sick girl.

“What is it, Hime-sama?”

She made her way towards Paru and stood on the side of the bed. Paruru, with her usual salty face, pat the bed twice-- an invitation for Maru to sit. Maru sighed and just followed Salt. She sat on the side of the bed Paru told her to sit.

“What is it that you need more?” Maru asked.

Paru looked at her apologetically. Her face seems like she is saying sorry for suddenly leaving her alone last time. She was so worried of Yui that she didn’t notice Maru’s not following her anymore when she entered the clinic. She stretched her hand towards her.


Maru looked at the girl’s hand reaching out to her. She closed her eyes for a moment, thinking of what’s the right thing to do.

Three hours… I still got three hours.

She surrendered to her feelings and held Paruru’s hand. Paruru held her tight.

“Don’t leave me, okay? Stay with me, please?”

“Are you high because of the medicine already?” Maru smiled, returning a pressure to Paru’s hand.

“Who’s high?” Paruru chuckled, her eyelids slowly dropping. “How about you sing for me so I can sleep now?”

Maru laughed at the unreasonable request. “You want to hear some cat being  slaughtered by a bread knife?”

“Your voice is really nice, Hoshi. I can’t forget how much you moved me during the Karaoke tournament.”

“That was just some luck I got there.”

“Please, Hoshi, please?”

“Why are you acting like a kid—“

“Why did you agree on singing when Mayuyu-san asked you to? But here I am, already used two ‘please’ but still no use.”

Maru was a little shock. Are those… words of jealousy?

She heaved a sigh. “Okay, I’m going to sing… But it will be in English.”

“Mou~~ Why do you have to sing in English? And how come that you also know English? How many languages do you know really?”

Maru laughed. This talkative Haruka is really amusing. She keeps firing questions that she normally doesn’t do. Nevertheless, she still likes this side of Paru.

“You’re studying English, right? You can understand this.”

“Hopefully, Hoshi, hopefully.”

“Stop repeating your words.” Maru chuckled. She stared at Paru’s face for a moment. The girl already had her eyes closed but it’s obvious that she’s still awake. Maru found it amazing… The way she still finds Paru pretty even if she’s sick.

“Here I go…” She took one deep breath and she started singing. On her own pace, she sang. It’s a little embarrassing but just to grant the unreasonable request of her princess, she swallowed all the pride. She doesn’t have much time left.

Yes, I do, I believe

That one day I will be

Where I was right there

Right next to you


And it's hard

The days just seem so dark

The moon and the stars

Are nothing without you

How loved would you be if someone who has found the heavenly bodies as her most special thing say that those things are nothing without you? Maru raised Paru’s hand that she’s holding and held it near her face. She took a moment to continue singing, trying to savor the moment that she can hold her hand again.

Your touch, your skin

Where do I begin?

No words can explain

The way I'm missing you


Deny this emptiness

This hole that I'm inside

These tears

They tell their own story

[Don’t cry!] Those words of Paruru before they parted during the Thanksgiving Festival echoed in her mind. She remembers clearly how she just laughed when she heard those words from the girl. Cry because of what? Because of her loving Yui? Why would she feel sad to the point of crying? But now here she is, trying her hardest to keep everything inside.


Told me not to cry when you were gone

But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong


Can I lay by your side?

Next to you, you

And make sure you're alright

I'll take care of you

I don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight

She stopped to relieve the dryness of her throat. Her insides are going crazy together with her heart. Biting her lower lip with a little pressure, she tried to calm herself. She closed her eyes and continued singing.


I'm reaching out to you

Can you hear my call?

This hurt that I've been through

I'm missing you, missing you like crazy

A tear escaped from her eye which made her stop completely. She immediately wiped it away with her free hand. She hasn’t cried for a long time now but look at her shedding a tear. She smiled. Bitterly. Mocking herself because she ended up looking like a complete fool for only one girl. Must be something she inherited from her mother.

But she knows that if this craziness persist, she would only make Paruru suffer with her. The girl’s dream are being fulfilled. She can’t afford to have her near knowing the future that lies ahead of her; knowing how dangerous her own existence can be.

Paruru is already fast asleep. That sure didn’t take long. She was so worried that lying to the soukantoku became useless. In the end she couldn’t stop worrying about Paru. She was just at home busy fixing her stuffs. There has been no photography class to listen to. After all, everything will be useless in the end.

“When did all of this even started?” Maru muttered, finally speaking after staring at the girl for quite a while. “What did you to break the wall that I set up? What is with you that I’m having hard times now just trying to get you out of my mind?”

Maru looked at their clasped hands. This may be the last time that she can hold her hand. She slowly let go of it. Every centimeter breaks her heart.

She went off the bed and sat down on the floor with her back inclined to the side of the bed. She just looked at the night sky through the window.

“It sure is cloudy.” Maru exhaled, disappointed. “Why can’t I see the stars?”

She stayed like that until the time she has left was about to finish. She stayed sitting like that, looking up for something she couldn’t see for almost three hours. Her body felt heavy as she slowly stood up, knowing that her time is over. It’s over.

She went to feel Paru’s temperature for the last time. It seems like the fever has gone down a bit. Her chest relaxed a little with that little good news. The damsel is doing fine now. She can go with peace of mind.

Maru, with all the strength that she got, dragged her feet towards the door. She took one last look at the sleeping girl and released a  vexed sigh.

She went out and the door closed…











The door flung open. Careful not to make any noise, she tiptoed, rushed to Paru who is fast asleep. Her fists balled, her face burning, her heart beating wildly.

There it goes. All her feelings. All the love. Everything she wanted to tell the other girl. All of it… she let it go… as her lips pressed on Paruru’s.

The first kiss that she herself initiated. The first kiss that she ever wanted. The only kiss she was dying to do.

Maru slowly departed. She can feel the heaviness of her heart at the same time the leap of joy it is making inside. Her eyes fixed on Paru’s sleeping face; the girl who received the kiss didn’t even twitch. She’s still fast asleep.

Maru straightened her back. Her cheeks burnt even more as her action started to sink in deeper. She combed her fringe into a pull as she foolishly smiles to herself. That smile slowly turned into anguish. She bit her lower lip so that the tears won’t fall. She bit it so hard that it bled.

“This won’t last. This-won’t-last.”

She ran outside the apartment. She made sure that the door was locked before she ran off the streets. The taste of iron lingers in her mouth as she continually bites her lips. The sight of blood somehow excites her but she can’t bring herself to inflict more pain. She tried to catch her breath and found a wall for support.

She looked up at the sky to find company from the stars but it is pitch black. Knowing the fact that this is supposed to be the time where they should shine the brightest, tears started to flood her eyes. She bit her sleeve to prevent herself from shouting as she slid down into her knees.

It was cold but it didn’t matter. Her life is one lifetime of icy winter. This has no end. Her future is controlled by her past. The thought of it ending after meeting AKB48 is just an illusion. She will never get out of it. Never.



“SENSEI, I hope you don’t mind but isn’t this a bit too much?”

The head of the whole 48G just took a snack from his snack plate and ate it as if no important question just came from the over-all theater manager. His eyes are focused on his computer monitor, reading all the news about Hoshino Maru.

“Sensei…” Shinobu called again, her voice stained with worry. “Maru-chan… Are you sure she can handle all of this?”

“There’s no need to worry.” Finally, Aki-P answered. The news he is reading transferred to the search for the missing heir of BaekHan Financial Services. “This is an agreement between Maru and me. Not all requests are being fulfilled without anything in return.”

“But what if something happens while—“

“Do you think that I’m making her do all of this for my own benefit, Kayano-san?”

Shinobu was taken aback when Aki-P turned to her with a serious face. “Everything will be fine. Trust me. Trust Maru as well. You saw with your own eyes how she pleaded for this.”


The door of the conference room flung open spitting out Togasaki. The guy was chasing for his breath and couldn’t even stand up straight.

“What happened, Togasaki-san?” Shinobu asked as she assisted the guy to stand upright.

“It’s…It’s Shunkan Bunshun!”

Aki-P’s ears rang right after that certain magazine name vibrated into the air.

“They got…” Togasaki took a deep breath. “They got our girls again!”



Yay~ I managed to finish it. Sorry if it’s late.

Maru sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith. I honestly prefer the slower version. XD

I won’t mind if you give feedbacks tho. I need a little push, I think. lol. Thanks for reading~ :)
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If Maru gets kidnapped by does Finacial people or something I will bring out my guns and call my fellow Starmarks and rescue her.

And maybe steal lodes of there emone.
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Another trouble coming....  Shunkan bunshun....  :on voodoo:
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thank you author-san :cow:
and... wow... you make me speechless this time..  :sweatdrop:
can't wait for Sunday :twothumbs
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Yatta!!! I was right  :yossi: :yossi:
I think I want to hug Yui right now  :deco:
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Thanks again Cut-san for another update.
But seriously, WTH?!!!

This chapter kinda had a serious vibe to it. And why Shunkan Bunshun. WHY!!!!!
Who did you capture thus time???!!!!

And I feel really sad for Yui. I ship the the two so badly but I'm curious as to where Maru and Paruru's relationship will go.

Can't wait for the next update. Gambatte!!!!
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:cow: :thumbsup :thumbsup wohoooo it's getting intense!! AMAZING! (Steal kazumin style) Cut san!! I really like sayanee and jurina character in this fic... "Daddy's coming" and "younger bro is on the way" manage to crack me up  XD :lol: keep up your good work cut san!!  :cow: :cow:
Thank you~ :) Dorky aces~ XD

If Maru gets kidnapped by does Finacial people or something I will bring out my guns and call my fellow Starmarks and rescue her.

And maybe steal lodes of there emone.
That's kind of you to rescue Maru but I don't think it will come to that point. :)

Another trouble coming....  Shunkan bunshun....  :on voodoo:
Shunkan Bunshun, exposing scandals since IDK. XD

thank you author-san :cow:
and... wow... you make me speechless this time..  :sweatdrop:
can't wait for Sunday :twothumbs
Thank you~
Hopefully I can finish the update for Sunday. I got it all in my head but can't make a soft copy of it. XD
Maybe I haven't moved on completely from Paruru's graduation. HAHA.

Yatta!!! I was right  :yossi: :yossi:
I think I want to hug Yui right now  :deco:
Yeah~ You got it right~! :)
1 Like = 1 Prayer for GM-san. :(

Thanks again Cut-san for another update.
But seriously, WTH?!!!

This chapter kinda had a serious vibe to it. And why Shunkan Bunshun. WHY!!!!!
Who did you capture thus time???!!!!

And I feel really sad for Yui. I ship the the two so badly but I'm curious as to where Maru and Paruru's relationship will go.

Can't wait for the next update. Gambatte!!!!
This fic is getting deeper into drama.  :shocked uh oh...
Thank you. I will give my best for the next chapter as well. :)

I started to read everything I wrote from the beginning and I facefalmed a lot of times because I can really which part I dozed off. But man, it has been this long already? I started posting here on October and there are already like 30+ chapters (because there are times when I posted in consecutive days.) I stated that I'm writing this fic because Paru's graduating and now that she already graduated, I just found myself a little empty inside I couldn't write my thoughts very well. HAHA. Enough of the drama. XD

To have a break from all the heavy things happening on the main fic, here is the last part of the JunMarco drabble. Douzo~

TTM Drabbles #5

idol_cyborg posted:
[Marco’s POV]

It's been a while since I have these feelings towards you.

Something I haven't felt before in my entire existence.

 At first, I thought it was a brotherly love.

 But whenever you came close to me, or gave your brightest smile...  I feel butterflies in my stomach.

 A big thump in my heart.

And time stops on its own.

 I noticed whenever Haruka's there, you always make that face.

That handsome face painted with sadness and jealousy.

I haven't told you that I don't have feelings for her.

I only see her as my little sister. A little sister that I haven't had. A little sister that I want to love and protect.

Days have passed, and I noticed that you're avoiding me lately.

Is it because of Haruka?

Or is it me, avoiding you?

Avoiding my feelings for you?

I don't know any more.

All I know is that I love you.

And all I know is I'm standing here outside your house on this cold winter night, gazing through your window. Hoping you might be awake and decided to look outside and look upon the sky, which is filled with stars shining brightly.

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

There you are, my prince.

"It's cold out here. How long have you been standing out here? You might catch a cold, you know?"

That's one I like the most about you. Your kindness.

"Actually, I went by to your house and It's crazy finding you here, outside of my house"


You gave me that serious look and look straight into my eyes.

"You know. I have something to tell you. I know it might sound crazy."

You looked down and took a deep breath.

"I know you might hate me, but I can't take it anymore."

Tears forming in your eyes. "I love you, Marco. I don't when I started to fall in love with you."

You said it. You finally said it. Your feelings.

You wipe your precious tears away and smiled at me.

"So this mean goodbye?"

You walk pass through me, but I grabbed you and pulled you towards me.

My lips captured yours.

Everything in slow motion.

And I haven't seen the stars shine this bright even before. It looks like that the stars become our very own spotlight.

I broke the kiss and said.

"What goodbye? I haven't told you my feelings yet."

You cried again, not because your sad, but because you know that your love for me isn't the unrequited love you are thinking.

"So are we a couple?" You asked.

I gave you my sweetest smile. "Un!"

You also smiled, but it turns into a smirk.

"Can we kiss again?" that mischievous smile.

What a kissing monster. My very own kissing monster.


YUKIRIN almost shrieked when she saw Mayu and Sayanee in the dressing room with their noses dripping with blood. Both of them are laughing very creepily while looking at their phones.

Yukirin: Wth is happening with you all? Crow’s Blood is long over!

She got ignored by the two. She went to see what they are looking at.

Yukirin: *gasps* How did you retrieve the account?

Mayu and Sayanee turned to her with creepy, pervert eyes. Yukirin was taken aback,

Mayu: If you want something to sail, you’ll go even if there is a storm, There are million of ways!

The two BL lovers laughed still with blood continually rushing from their noses. They went back to their phones and started a discussion, completely ignoring Yukirin.

Sayanee: How about we do a collab fic next time? Let’s make it more intense!

Mayu: That’s a wonderful idea! *took an intimidating look at Yuki* I wonder if MaruParu shippers can top that.

They laughed victoriously again. Yukirin facepalmed.

On the other hand...

Paruru: *continually scrolls the page even though she has already finished reading it all.* What in the world is this, Jurina-chan?

Jurina: *laughing uncontrollably* Some fanfic about me and Aniki. It’s the finale.

Paruru: *looks at Jurina* Yours and Hoshi’s.

Paruru’s face is filled with disbelief. She shook her head slowly.

Jurina: I’m sure Aniki also has read that already. She’s hoping for her character to end up with someone else but at the end she ended up with me. I wonder what is her reaction.

Paruru: *whispers in disappointment* Yadda... *starts browsing the site* Is there also a fanfic about MaruParu?


On a shoot where MaruSaku is a special guest.

PD: We are starting now!*looks around but fail to see Maru* Miyawaki-san, where is Hoshino-san?

Sakuratan: *scratches her head* She rushed to the restroom after reading something.

PD: What!? Does she feel sick?

Sakuratan: *tilts her head cutely and innocently* Maybe... She’s puking rainbows.


I hope you all had fun reading this. Special thanks to MatsuiLee for writing the JunMarco drabbles~ Really. Thank you so much~ :)

I wonder what would be nice for the next drabble... Hmm...
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It's the  last drabble??  :cry: :cry:

The drama really get too deep.. You really like to make everyone heartbroken
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Paruru: *whispers in disappointment* Yadda... *starts browsing the site* Is there also a fanfic about MaruParu?
😂😂😂 lol so Paru wants to read a fic about her and Maru and I wonder how did Maru feels about the fic hahaha
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Yo! Here I go again. LOL.

So basically, the last chapter is so intense. (I guess? LOL) Maru kissed sleeping princess Haruka, pouring all of her feelings on that kiss. (Dude! You are soooooofreeeeeaaaaakiiiiiin' luuuuuucky! I don't mind kissing Paruru too, even if she's sick. LOL) But in the end, guilt took over her.

What’s up with the young bro and daddy, Jurina and Sayanee? I laugh so hard at that part.

On the other hand, I pitied Yuihan. All she wants is Haruka. I just..... I can't explain it.... Come here Yuihan, I'll give you a warm hug.

Lastly, thanks Cut-san for posting my lame, shitty works on your precious, beautiful, amazing, excellent, exquisite... (Flips dictionary) fic. I stained your fic, sorry for that, and I would also want to say thank you to Cut-san's readers and silent readers, who endured my works. Thank you :)
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I don't really like reading a fanfic where it has the OC got the position of the main character/protagonist

but this really caught my attention...

the first time when i read it, i got bored but pushed myself to read more cuz i think maybe in the future it might get interesting  :D

and guess what?

I'M LOVING IT!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

after reading a few chapters, can't help to read more and i was no stopping on reading this

although, as a YuiParu shipper myself, i put them aside for now with the things happening in this fic cuz it has the OC x Paru ship lol

but above all, i love how the story flows in this... considering me, i love dramas! (angst, tragedies and such to be exact, love them)  :P

keep it up!  :twothumbs
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@Genkikid-san, Yes, that would be the last one for the JunMarco drabble. Looking for guest writers again for other ships. :)

@yuuri14-san, Maru didn't like it. specially the kissing scene so she kinda felt puking. Sakura knew about  the fic too so she said 'puking rainbows'. XD

@MatsuiLee!! Come on, buddy! Stained? You graced the thread with your drabbles! Thanks you so much!

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, thank you for giving another chance to the fic. I'm glad you are enjoying it~ Thank you so much!

@shirachan48-san, i forgot to reply to your comment before. it was my fault that you keep seeing Maru as Techi. Haha. But also thanks for reading this. And also the likes on every update on tumblr. I believe you are also on tumblr.. am i wrong?

anyway. i decided to finish this chapter up.

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

WARNING: Another long chapter. Not edited. Raw. So forgive me for mistakes. I will edit this tomorrow maybe. This also kind of rushed. HAHA. Sorry.


I’LL BE announcing my graduation tomorrow at 1pm. If you don’t mind, I want you to come and see me. I will wait for you, Hoshi.

That was the message sent by Paruru to Maru. Her announcement was done already but there was not even the shadow of the invited girl anywhere.

She didn’t use the actual ‘graduation’ word during her announcement. She just talked about the schedule of her final handshake event and her final performances as an AKB member. According to plan, no graduation concert is taking place which made everyone a little too disappointed that they cannot send an ace off in a dome or somewhere but the theatre.

Together with Sasshi, Mayu and Yui plus Tokomitsu-san who somehow became her favourite MC, she announced everything without the hint of being sad. Her feelings about it are still surreal.

“Is Maru-chan around?” Yui asked some members of the staff. So far, none of them has seen the girl as well.

Yui turned to Paruru who is having fun with Sasshi about her dirty slippers. She can trace a bit of anxiousness from the girl even though she is all smiles playing with Sasshi.

The announcement was done. It’s over. This is where everything about YuiParu will start to dissolve even the public’s eye. They had one teary night yesterday. She’s sure that there’s no other chance to have that talk so she grabbed the last opportunity. Above all, she considers Paruru as her bestfriend, putting all the romantic feelings aside. That itself already cuts inside.

And now she has to see her get with another girl? Is there anything worse than this?

Yui opened her Line to check if Maru already ready her message. She also sent her an invitation to the event but the message was unread. She heard that after Maru passed out a few days ago she had the luxury to rest for a week. She’s sure that Maru is just wandering somewhere.

Where are you and you dared to miss Paruru’s announcement?


Yui jerked at Paru’s call. The girl sat in front of her with a smile on her face. She wonders what that smile is for-- Relieved of the graduation announcement or happy that she’s finally free?

“What is it?” Yui casually asked.

“You’ve been looking at your phone for quite a while now. Is there a problem?” Paru asked back, effortlessly cute.

The GM’s breath was taken away as usual. This girl just never fails to be beautiful in her eyes. Unfortunately, starting from today she cannot call her hers.

Yui sighed. “Maru-chan, I’ve been messaging her the past few days but there is no single reply.”

Paruru fell silent for a moment. “She does not respond to Jurina and Sakura as well. I heard she replied once to Haruppi but other than that there’s no news from her.”

“If she’s not replying to you then how would you expect her to reply to somebody else?”

Paru tilted her head to the side. “Eh? I don’t get you.”

Silly, you still don’t believe that she likes you as well?

“Nevermind.” Yui shrugged her shoulders. “When are you planning to talk to her?”

Paru averted Yui’s eyes by bowing her head.

“M-Maybe later. I’m free for the rest of the day. I might go visit her at her apartment later.”

Yui laughed to lighten up the mood. “Be sure to tell her everything. Don’t get fazed when she started acting tsundere again.”


Paru felt a hand on her head which made her look up to Yui.

“Stop feeling guilty, okay? We’ve talked about this last night, right? Go on and pursue the things that you like. The time you have given to fulfill my selfish request is more than enough.”


“If you get any problems with making her understand the situation call me. I will help explain since it is somehow my fault that she got awkward at you.”

Paruru just nodded. She doesn’t know how to thank Yui enough, for everything... For understanding her.

Smiles were drawn on both of their lips as they look at each other. Yui stood and kissed her on the forehead, giving Paru a little surprise.

“I’ll be supporting you in the sidelines.”

That’s all and she walked away. Paruru somehow felt some sort of relief. The only problem now is Hoshi. She has to be sure about the girl’s feelings and she has to explain well that the promise of making the relationship with Yui last will not be fulfilled. Because the truth is she is the one that Paru loves.




IT has been Paruru’s fifth time in ringing Maru’s doorbell but there is still no answer. She tried to call her but the number is unreachable, most probably her phone is off. It’s still Maru’s holiday so Paru’s sure that the girl should just be in her house.

She has fixed her perfectly styled hair a lot of times but the one she wants to look good to isn’t coming out.

Should I just enter the password and surprise her?

Paru then input the password but to her surprise, it was incorrect. Did she forget it? But she’s sure that she pressed the right buttons. She tried to do it again but the lock isn’t giving a good response.

Her face suddenly got tainted with anxiety.

“Come here. This is where the room I was talking about is located.”

Paruru flinched when she saw two guys who just got off the lift walking towards her. She immediately recognized who the other person was.

“Just a few days ago someone really famous was living here but then she—“ The older guy noticed Paruru standing in front of the door of the room he was talking about. His face brightened up. “Shimazaki-san~! What brought you here?”

The landlord rushed to Paru while the guy he was with was left rubbing his eyes. He couldn’t believe that he is seeing AKB48’s Shimazaki Haruka in flesh.

Paruru bowed as a greeting to the landlord. She then awkwardly pointed to Hoshi’s room.

“Uhm… Is Hoshino-san inside?”

“EH!?” The old guy’s surprised face can’t be painted. “Don’t you know? Hoshino-san already left three days ago.”

Paruru just looked at the landlord until the information slowly sank to her consciousness. Her mouth opened in shock.

“W-What are you talking about, Landlord-san? Do you mean that she’s not living here anymore?”

The landlord nodded. “Hoshino-san didn’t tell you? She told me about leaving about a month ago. Are you seriously telling me that she didn’t inform you about it?”

Paru’s thoughts were put into chaos. What is happening? Where is Hoshi?

“W-Where is she? Did she happen to tell you where she is going?” Haruka asked; her voice a little shaky.

“I don’t really know. I guess she’s just transferring somewhere. It’s not that she would leave Japan right after having a big break here, right?”

Paruru thanked the landlord and left them curious about all the happenings.

What in the world is happening? Where is Hoshi? Who should she call? She’s running now but she really has no idea where to go. She tried to contact Maru again but she’s still unreachable both in Line and phone. She also tried to call Hiroko but it seems like it is not a good time to call her because she got directed to voicemail box. She’s sure that none of the members know anything about this as well.

She stopped running to get some air. She eyed the last card she got and then pressed the call button.

“Moshi moshi, Paruru-chan? Why—“

“Where is Hoshi!?”

Shinobu, who is on the other line, was taken aback at Paruru’s tone. She sensed a feeling of emergency; that girl will never raise her tone like that if she’s not in deep frustration.

“Are you talking about Maru-chan? She’s at her home taking a rest.”

“I just went there but the landlord said that she already left!”

Shinobu bit her lips knowing that one of the secrets has been busted already. She stood up from her sewing machine and took a good distance from the other tailors.

“Don’t worry. Maru-chan just transferred to another apartment. She didn’t go back to Korea or anything.”

“Do you know where she transferred? Please, tell me!”

The manager heaved a sigh. Her dearest Paruru-chan is asking her in an almost crying voice but she had a promise with Maru. “Sorry Paruru-chan. Maru-chan asked me not to tell anyone about her new address.”

“B-But why?” Paruru didn’t know but tears of frustration already escaped from her eyes. “What’s happening with her? Tell me, please?”

“Calm down, Paruru-chan.” Shinobu answered, worried of how the girl on the other line sounds. It seems like her asthma is on the way. “Breathe. Calm down.”

The girl did try to calm herself. She leaned on a wall for support.

“I want to see her.” She said, her grip on her phone tightening. “Tell me where she is now, please…”

Shinobu scratched her head. “I’m really sorry. It’s Maru-chan’s decision to let you know where she is now. You have to wait for her to explain everything. She told me that she will tell everyone the reason once she had her mind cleared.”

She didn’t hear any response from Paruru. She can only hear sobs which made her worry even more.

“Listen Paruru-chan. If you force yourself to see Maru-chan now she might come to hate you. It will not help both of you. Let her have this time for herself.”

She heard more sobs before Paruru answered with a faint ‘hai’ and then dropped the call. Shinobu shook her head and then massaged her nape for a bit. She’s not wrong when she predicted that Paruru will react like this. She saw how Maru’s face showed worry when she told her about it but the other girl just shrugged the idea off.

The manager couldn’t help but heaved a sigh.

“Seriously, what is going to happen with this mixture?”




“HERE is your lunch~”

Milky sing-sang as she placed the average Japanese lunch she prepared for Ijiwaru. It’s composed of a bowl of rice, miso soup, pickled vegetable and fish. Maru just looked at the food in front of her with a hint of disgust on her face.

She wiped her face with her bandaged hand. “Fish again? Can you prepare some other food? I’d like to have some meat.”

Milky pouted as she placed her hands on her waist. “I can’t go out to buy meat or else you will lock me outside!”

Maru released a sigh of defeat. They are in her new home. Much, much better than her old apartment. She’s now occupying the penthouse of a condominium in Roponggi. She went for one for exclusivity and privacy.

Milky caught her when she was transferring. The girl dropped by when she heard from Sayanee that Maru fainted because of high fever only to be surprised to see that she is changing houses. She can clearly remember how Maru looked surprised as she was caught red-handed. She tried making excuses but none of it got away from Milky.

Milky tagged along and didn’t leave her side for the past three days. She can’t leave her alone. Seeing that hand with a fresh cut on it made her worry even more. What is happening during the time that she’s gone? The Maru that she’s with now is quite irritable and scary. She remembers how she got pinned in the wall just to remind her that she should not tell anyone about her new address.

That face. She knows that Maru can be scary at times because of the way she stares but that face the pinned her to the wall was really scary that her knees even shook. Maru got mad because she insisted to stay. Because she was asking a lot of question. Because she was getting really annoying. She knows that something is horribly wrong.

But she is Warukii. She can’t be fazed by this tough tsundere act. She knows Maru well. She can’t leave her at this state. She won’t be driven out by something like this.

“Mah, forget it. I’d just order something for dinner. You go eat that alone.”

Maru stood up and went to the living room just to sit grumpily on the crouch. Milky watched her dialled something; the knot on her forehead is so visible. Milky heaved a sigh. She looked at the food she prepared, surrendered and just covered it with a clear wrapper.

“Don’t mind her grumpy acts, Miyuki. You didn’t name her Ijiwaru for no reason at all. Breathe.” She monologued before going to the living room. Maru is lying on the crouch submerged to her phone. Milky hasn’t seen her furrowed eyebrows smoothened even for once.

“Ijiwaru-kun…” she called more a whisper.

“Maru.” The other girl corrected her. This is also suspicious. She doesn’t want to be called by other names anymore. Is she seriously cutting special ties with everyone by dropping the names she received from them?


Milky gasped when Maru suddenly threw her phone. She got up from lying. Thankfully the phone just hit the opposite sofa or else it will be in pieces with that strength.

“How many times should I have to tell you that it is Maru!?” Maru shouted at her; she’s showing that frightening face again. “Stop calling me other names already!”

Milky started to tear up. She bowed her head to hide her face. Maru was taken aback after seeing Milky tearing up. She pulled her hair and departed from the sofa. She went by the huge window, walking back and forth while biting her lips. She suddenly shouted which scared Milky even more. She was about to punch the mirror, thankfully Milky was fast enough to stop her by hugging her from the back.

“Waru-kun…” Milky called her in a faint voice. She’s trying to contain her sobs.

“Let me go, Miyuki!” The rampaging girl shouted. She tried to free herself from Milky’s hug but she started to weaken. Her angry face started to crumple until she shed tear. She bumped her head to the window and slowly slid down. She cried. Bitterly. Furiously.

Milky hugged her tighter. She’s right that something not right is going on. She just witnessed Maru broke down in front of her. She made the girl face her and she embraced her affectionately. Maru returned the embrace; her body’s trembling.

“I-I’m sorry, Miyuki… I’m sorry…” Maru hugged her even tighter. “I don’t mean to act like this. I-I don’t know what’s happening to me. M-Miyuki…”

Milky placed her chin on top of Maru’s head as she rubs the latter’s back. She just went for some tour and this is what she’ll arrive to? Her tough Ijiwaru crying like a little kid in front of her now. Sobbing like there is no tomorrow.

“I’m scared… I-I’m scared! I’m damned scared!!” Maru gritted. “Why does all of this happening to me!? Why does it have to be me!? Why is it always me!?”

“Shhh… shhh…” Milky hushed. “I’m here. We are all here for you. Don’t face everything alone. You have your friends to help you.”

“No!” Maru disagreed violently. “No one can help me! This is dead end! No one can fucking save me!!!”

She cried even more. Milky just let her cry. She couldn’t help but cry as well; seeing this girl crying for the first time but in this heavy intensity is sure a huge shock to her. She couldn’t ask her why. She knows she would not say anything.

Maru stayed at her embrace until her she can’t cry anymore and her tears dried up. She slowly pulled herself from Milky and walked groggily towards her room like nothing happened. Her eyes were dead; containing no spirit on it. The sound of the room shutting is a signal that Milky should just leave her alone.

Milky just looked at the direction of the room with a worried face.

The next morning, Milky woke up with a blanket covering her. She fell asleep on the crouch but she can clearly remember that she has no blanket that time.

She looked around while wiping the sleep from her eyes. There isn’t any trace of Maru anywhere. She searched at the bedroom but she isn’t also there. The fisher found a paper bag on top of the dining table and some note on it.


I’m really sorry about last night and for the last three days that I’ve been extremely rude to you. I hope you can forgive me. I’m not on my normal state of mind. This happens once in a while. I’m really embarrassed and ashamed for treating you like that.

On the bag is more change of clothes. If you want to stay even more it will be fine but please don’t tell the others about this. But I prefer that you just leave for now. Don’t worry. I will not do anything bad and I will also let you in when you come back.

I’m off for a schedule. I ate the food you prepared last night for breakfast. I’m really sorry.



Seeing that Maru used the name she gave her as a signature made her feel relieved.

“Seems like she got splashed with cold water already.” Milky told herself while she checks the clothes. She tried to smile but she couldn’t really calm herself. Seeing tons of prescription bottles at Maru’s bedroom won’t make anyone feel at ease.




THE DRESSING room where some members from 13th to 15th generation are in is currently in a dense atmosphere. Aki-P heard about the OPLAN: OSHIHEN thing and so he decided to make an episode of it on AKBingo.

Oshima Ryoka, Iwatate Saho and Murayama Yuiri were chosen as 13th generation’s representatives. The three remaining members of 14th gen, the three musketeers: Okada Nana, Kojima Mako and Nishino Miki are also called for the challenge while Owada Nana, Komiyama Haruka, Mukaichi Mion and Taniguchi Megu will represent the 15th generation.

It is 8th of October and yesterday, a live broadcast from Shukan Bunshun’s Nico Nico Live has shocked everyone due to another exposé. They released photos of Owada and Nishino’s picture while having an alleged double date with a former Johnny’s Jr and a magazine model.

It has been an unsung rule inside AKB to remain quiet about scandals. They don’t talk about it and act like nothing is happening especially when the member involve is around.

But this happening is a bit different. They can’t help but to feel extremely awkward because just before an important taping, the members involve were cut from the show on the set itself, right in front of the other members.

Naanya and Miki are in one corner sulking while the others are preparing for the show. They cannot face the other but they can’t go home by their own as well. They must go out with their managers so they will be guarded in case of paparazzi or anti attack. They must wait for the whole taping to finish before they can go. It’s one period of wanting just to evaporate because of shame and embarrassment.

The Director of the show suddenly entered the room with a face that cannot be painted. He looked around and her eyes landed on the two girls in the corner.

“Owada! Nishino!”

Everyone fell silent. The two stood up from their seats at the call.

“Go and prepare for the shoot. You two are back in the line up!”

“Eh?” The two looked at each other, confirming if they heard the director right. The other members are also surprised by the reassignment.

The two girls who got another chance immediately went to do as the director said. They know that whatever action they may do in this episode will either save them from the disgrace or bury them even deeper.

They didn’t know that they will face one hell of a shoot.




“YOU are nothing but a gigantic piece of alien jerk!”

Naanya threw her boots on the Maru which hit the girl right on the back of her head. It was a bull’s eye but the girl didn’t seem hurt. It was just enough for her to stop walking. Everyone who saw it gasped.

The shoot just ended and the girls are on their way back to the dressing room. No one succeeded to oshihen Maru. Haruppi still has a tight hold of the throne.

“Naanya!” Miki held her to stop her from raging. “Stop it or else—“

“Or else what!? She just shamed the hell out of the two of us! She also dissed everyone during the shoot! All of the fame is she gaining is going all to her head!”

Naanya looked at Maru while gritting her teeth. All the other members didn’t know what to do. It’s true that Maru kind of said some hurtful words during the shoot but they heard all the people who were by the sidelines laughing their hearts out so they thought it was a good thing. But Naanya and Miki’s case were a bit different.

When asked about what she thinks about them, Maru used comments that were obviously from a hate thread that went out after the scandal was exposed.

“I once had high hopes on her but it’s all gone now.”

“She can forget ranking at the next election.”

“I won’t waste my money voting for her.”

And she even threw innuendoes like,

“Their metabolism looks like it is super slow. They have to walk from home to a game centre then back to their homes at 2am just to properly digest everything.”

And when she was asked of who she thinks can win her favour, Maru answered:

“I think I will go to the girls who I can see are serious with their idol jobs. I believe that efforts will be rewarded just like what Takahashi Minami-san said… That’s also one thing I liked about Haruppi-san. She is really working hard.”

Her eyes travelled to the girls on their seats and it landed Naanya and Miki. She then flicked her tongue and grinned which triggered the two girls to rampage. On the middle of the shoot, the focus changed into Maru’s battle with Naanya and Miki. Maru intimidates them and they get furious.

“Who the hell are you to talk like that!?” Naanya cannot contain her anger. She felt so embarrassed. “I even thought you were nice but you got some sharp tongue! You talk like you know a lot, like you are so established when the truth is you are just using you connections with all the big members to gain popularity! Leech! Asshole! TRASH!”

“Naanya~!” Miki cried. “Don’t make a scene here!”

“Stop it, Naanya!” Ryoka tried to calm her down as well but no use.

Maru slowly turned to her. Her eyes look so bored. She isn’t wearing her specs that’s why the piercing stare is so direct it made everyone almost bowled over.

“Are you finished now?” She asked very monotonously and then yawned. This move irritated Naanya even more.

“This jerk—“

Maru bowed down to pick up the boot Naanya threw at her. She dusted it off and went towards the girl to hand it off. “I wonder if this boot was made for you or if this is passed down by a senior.”

Naanya gasped. It wasn’t originally hers. It wasn’t tailored for her. It was indeed an inheritance from a graduated senior.

The two girls are looking up at the taller girl but the latter couldn’t look back at them. Maru even covered her eyes with her arm before starting to talk again.

“I’m sorry for saying such words. I know I hurt the two of you. God knows how much I tried just to say those words. But please…” She removed the cover of her eyes only to reveal a very lonely set. “Take care of the things your seniors have passed down to you… Take care of AKB.”

She then started walking away. No one from the girls was brave enough to follow her. They all just watched her travelled that hallway. She even bumped herself on a trashcan.

“AKB minna-san!”

Their attentions were caught by the director who came from behind. He was smiling from ear to ear like he has won a lotto jackpot.

“It was a really great taping! Give a round of applause to yourselves!” The director clapped and everyone also compromised. “I believe it will be a fun episode to watch!”

He then turned to Naanya and Miki. His eyes formed a squint but he is still smiling. “You girls did well too. I was kind of worried for casting the two of you but you managed to pull it off somehow. Thanks to Hoshino and her sharp tongue. You all did well with your tsukkomi reactions.”

The two looked at each other. Are they seriously being praised for getting angry?

“Well then…” the director placed his hands on his waist. “Where is Hoshino? Have you said a word of thanks to her?”

“T-Thank her for what?” Naanya asked.

The director shook his head. He still can’t remove the grin from his face. “Hoshino was devastated when she found out that the two of you were dropped from the lineup. She came straight to me and begged to get you back. I was worried because of the recent ruckus so I was firm to answer no but then she knelt in front of me! Hoshino did a dogeza for your sake!”

Their jaws dropped as if on cue. Maru seriously went that far to bring them back?

Uno-D heaved a sigh of relief and tapped the two on their shoulders. “You might still get one more shot with this. People will surely find this episode funny!”

He clapped again and turned to the other girls. “Otsukare!” then he waved at them and left.


Everyone looked at the two girls. They are still in shock.

Ryoka placed her hands on the head of the two girls and smiled at them. “Good job for today!” After that she went inside the dressing room. The other girls did the same, congratulating them for a job well done one by one. The two started tearing up, guilty of biting into pleasure and putting AKB’s name on the scandal spotlight again.

They ran crying in the dressing room where the other members welcomed them with warm hugs.




“SO SHE went for Ariyoshi-style?”

Aki-P asked Togasaki who reported him the happenings of the latest AKBingo shoot.

“Seems like it.” The other guy thriftily answered.

Aki-P nodded his head slowly. “Ariyoshi threw all sorts of bad comments to Sashihara when her scandal broke out. Sashihara managed to give wonderful reactions which made the whole show really funny. Even Sashihara knows it herself, all the bad-mouthing she received from Ariyoshi somehow made the hearts of the people soft and accept the blow of her scandal seriously. She was somehow saved by that.”

Togasaki didn’t answer but he definitely agrees with the words of the Sensei. Aki-P went back to his seat and looked at the two girls who are on the other room looking at their old uniforms.

“I wonder if Owada and Nishino will also be saved by this.” Aki-P continued. Most of the members who got involved into a scandal had resort into graduation even without the management asking them too. It was like an automatic, inevitable ending. But there are girls who chose to be punished instead of just disappearing like that. To the Sensei, those are the girls who really reflected on their actions. The once who remain despite of the shame and continue to persevere are the ones who saw how important AKB is to them.

Whichever path they will choose, they will still be judged by people. Why not prove their selves again?

“Sensei…” Togasaki called. “It’s rare to see those two girls here. What is happening?”

“Ah? Maeda and Oshima?” Yes. The two girls they are talking about are the former rivals on dead heat, Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko. They are looking at their old uniforms for some reason.

“Is this about that girl again?”

Aki-P leaned to his chair and swivelled it to face the window.

“I already told you and Shinobu. I want her to see all the scenery the other girls are seeing. I want her to experience all of this.” He closed his eyes. “…Let her experience all of it while there is still light.”


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thanks God milky was there to accompany maru, maru will ended up hurting herself if milky wasn't there :sweat:

Aki-P leaned to his chair and swivelled it to face the window.

“I already told you and Shinobu. I want her to see all the scenery the other girls are seeing. I want her to experience all of this.” He closed his eyes. “…Let her experience all of it while there is still light.”
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Maru is having another suicidal period...  Is it caused by that news about her family or paru's graduation? Or both?
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After reading this chapter, I remembered Naanya and Miki announced their graduation. Was it because of that scandal? I wasn't updated about the reason they chose to graduate.

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Still, as always Cut-san, awesome chapter. Can't wait for next one.

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That MaruMilky scene, deym! My handsome Maru had a breakdown, hey Jun! What are you doing? Console your your beloved prince.

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And what the heck Naanya and Miki?! Maru helped you and that's what she will get from you two? I'm very disappointed. Tsk tsk tsk. Hope you two do something to thank Maru.

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While waiting for your update, I once again re-read this scene's chap...

The General Manager turned to her girlfriend who is just looking silently at the door of the room where Maru is. A curl was formed in her lips.

“Jealous that you’re not the one taking care of her?”

Everyone stiffened. They turned to the GM, surprised at the very words she just threw.

Paruru also looked at Yui with a confused look on her face. “What are you talking about, Yuihan?”

Yui sighed. “Hmm…” She thought aloud. “Are you worried that someone else might steal her heart while you are with me?”

Sayanee gulped. Has Yuihan gone loose already? It’s not an innuendo anymore, it’s direct confrontation! And she’s doing it in front of everyone!

Paruru’s eyebrows met. She was about to answer when Yui went to throw another grenade that would make the air more dense.

“Are you still dreaming that she went to your house last night and took care of you and then… kissed you? Just like this morning that you thought I was her and called me ‘Hoshi’ when you saw me at your kitchen?”

Paruru’s eyes widened and so as everyone around. Someone has to stop Yuihan!

Yui turned to look at their stunned faces with an innocent face. “Why are you all looking like you’ve seen a ghost? It’s not like you setup Paruru with Maru-chan to the extent of borrowing kenkyuuseis, right?”

The trio who did the setup also gulped. They didn’t know that the GM also knows about that date. None of them has the guts to return Yui’s stare.

Yui smiled to lighten the mood. “Come on, girls. It’s not that I am angry about it or anything. I know you all know that my relationship with Paruru is fake.”


Paru wasn’t able to speak more when Yui turned to her with a very faint smile on her face. It somehow says that she’s okay and just let her do the talking.

“I still got like five days left. I hope you can all wait for that before you fully show your support for the both of them. I know this can be selfish but let me spend the remaining days of this fake relationship without any regret. Let me show that I really love her.”

Yui dropped her shoulders. Somehow she managed to say everything without tearing up. Her head is being consumed by the thoughts of this messy love affair. She noticed that it has been dragging her down and it is not good for the Soukantoku to be like this. She has to face all of it…. Just like how Takamina faced this fate.

“Let’s go, Paruru.” She extended her hands to the girl she loves the most. It hurts. She has to let go of her after everything that they have gone through together. After all these years... “Maru-chan will be fine. You also have to rest.”

Paruru looked at her hand for a while before finally reaching for it. Yui smiled. Even if it is because of pity that she reached out for her hand she doesn’t care anymore. She held her tight.

“Saa, we’re leaving now. You girls should go as well.”

That’s all and she left with the sick Paruru. The trio were looking at each other with guilty faces.

Sayanee got relieved when the two already went away. Yui has rose the tension twice already. She’s sure that her friend is having a very hard time dealing with all of this.

 “Be strong, Yuihan...” she whispered in the air. She then turned to the room where Maru is. “Just what the hell did you do that Yuihan is acting like this, kiddo?”

After reading it for the second time, I still cried in the end :cry:

Damn... it really hurts to see Yui like that...


Now, I'm waiting for your next update bud :D

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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


I know it’s already late but yeah... Here it is... Sorry for not being able to post anything for the past week... Just got caught into something...

But yeah... I came back! Lol. Here is the continuation of the story~


PARURU, Jurina, Sakura and Haruppi met at the hallway coming from different directions. They were chasing for their breaths. They just ran throughout the whole area which they should not have done because they will be opening the event.

“Have you seen her?” Paruru asked them. Jurina is in her assistance.

Sakura and Haruppi shook their heads.

“No sign of her anywhere.” Sakura answered.

“Maru-san…” Haruppi’s troubled face didn’t escape Paruru’s eyes. Her chest tightened a little.

Sayanee and Yui joined the group soon after. It’s evident to their faces that their search was also negative.

“Where the hell is that kid?” Sayanee asked while still looking around. “That stupid kid making us worry like this!”

“Minna~! What’s up~?”

They all jerked from their places and then turned to the owner of the playful voice.

“Milky?” Sayanee called the girl’s nickname; bewilderment is all over her face. A smile then curved on her lips. “What are you doing here?”

The fisher smiled sweetly at her. “I was once the Janken Queen, remember?”

She ran to Sayanee and the other girl’s arm automatically wrapped to her waist.

“I want to watch this year’s tournament live.” She cheerfully added before looking at the other girls. “Why are you all looking tired already? Did something happen?”

“We are looking for Maru-chan.” Yuihan answered. “Is there any chance that you’ve seen her?”

Milky flashed a cute, curious face. “She’s missing?”

“If she’s not then we’ll not be searching for her, right?” There goes Sayanee’s tsukkomi. Milky turned to her with a grumpy face but still cute. “Maru-kun changed houses without telling anyone of us. She blocked us on her Line and she doesn’t answer our call. That punk!”

“Really?” Milky pulled her phone from her pocket and checked her line. She’s also blocked. She didn’t know about it since she has been staying at Maru’s penthouse and there’s no need to contact her. Her eyebrows met and she puffed her cheeks. “Ijiwaru-kun!”

“Shinobu-san and Togasaki-san know about it but they refuse to tell us anything.” Jurina continued the explanation. “This is the first group event after her sudden disappearance so we thought we will see Aniki here but there’s no sign of her.”


Yuihan noticed something’s off with Milky’s reactions. There’s nothing wrong with her actions but her the way she avoids eye contact is a bit suspicious.

“Girls! We will start the event in ten minutes!” One member of the staff interrupted their meeting. “Be on standby please!”


Sayanee turned to her Milky. “We’ll be going now. Enjoy the event, okay?”

The girls bid their temporary goodbyes to the master fisher and left. Milky released a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t say any lie, didn’t I?” She cupped her cheeks, feeling a little bit stressed. “Waru-kun~! Just look at what you are making me do~!”


“LADIES and gentlemen! AKB48’s 46th new single HIIIIIIIIGH TEEENSION!”

The lightsticks started to light up after that opening call. The music entered and the lights turned on. It’s the first presentation of [High Tension], the last AKB48 single that Paruru is centering. She’s on twin tails, in response to Yuria’s tweet the day she announced graduation.

Everyone on the audience is on fire because of the new song. It’s a very upbeat song, something that Shimazaki Haruka wouldn’t usually do but here she is dancing it on the zero position.

She’s performing well but Maru still occupies most of her thoughts. She’s changing positions a lot at the choreography so she took those as chances to look around. She tried to search for the only photographer that makes her blush everytime she’s being told that she’s stunning. She tried to look everywhere but there is still no sign of Maru. Her chest started to tighten.

Thankfully, they only performed the short version of the song or else she might face trouble. She was running out of breath which is noticeable when the song ended and the camera focused on her. She was holding back the tears of frustration.

After High Tension, Paruru immediately exited the stage and went to get some air. She couldn’t believe that performing that short would make her this tired already. She backed out from the tournament because she’s already graduating but why is her heart in an uncontrollable pressure?

She looked to left and her right. All she can see are the Janken contestants getting ready for the tournament. She threw herself to a seat while getting some oxygen. She closed her eyes, trying to calm herself but the sudden increase in noise didn’t let her rest.

“No way! Why is she here?”

“You must be kidding, right?”

“This is impossible! I can’t believe my own eyes!”

Paruru opened her eyes. Her eyebrows furrowed, a little annoyed until she saw the topic of the chattering. Her eyes widened in bewilderment.


Maeda Atsuko turned to her with a surprised face. A cute smile slowly curved on the face of the eternal ace of AKB. She ran to her precious Paru-chan and hugged her.

“Paru-chan~ I missed you so much! Good job on the latest single! It is so cool! I’m already LSS on it!”

Paruru just gawked at her dear senpai. She still couldn’t believe that she’s on a costume as well. And not just any costume, Acchan is on her Majisuka Gakuen seifuku. She’s even wearing the original glasses she used on that drama.

“Paru-chan? What’s up with that look?” Acchan curiously asked.

“W-Why are you in a costume?” Paru stammered as she blinks fast, making sure that she’s seeing everything right. “Are you participating in the tournament?”

“Mou~ What are you talking about?” Acchan chuckled. “Hmm… Let’s say I am here for some star.”

“E-Eh? What do you—“

“Acchan! Seriously what are you doing!?”

Everyone looked at the direction of that familiar voice. Paru was surprised to see Oshima Yuko, also in her character in Majisuka, complete with the eye makeup.

Acchan just chuckled while looking at the angry squirrel. “I’ll be there in a minute~!” She then turned to Paru with a meaningful smile on her face. “You better watch the event. Don’t go home just yet. Ja ne~”

The eternal ace winked at her before running to the room where Yuko is peeking. Acchan gave out an apologetic cute smile to the squirrel before she entered the room. Yuko just shook her head and surrendered at the unfailing cuteness. Yuko accidentally turned to the direction where Paru is. Their eyes met. Yuko just smiled at her before closing the door.

“We saw it correctly, right?”

“It is Maeda-san and Oshima-san! There’s no mistake on it!”

“But why are they here?”

“Maybe to promote the spin-off of Majisuka Gakuen? What was it again? Cabasuka Gakuen?”

The murmurs didn’t stop. It would really be weird seeing the graduated aces at the backstage just like that. And not just that, they are on their legendary characters.

“Here for some star?” Paruru repeated what Acchan said then her face brightened in realization. “Could it be…?”


TANABE MIKU of the 3rd generation won A Block. She is now a sure part of the sub-unit that is the price of the members who will win their own blocks. The top 7 will fight over the center position after they are gathered.

It’s time for Block B. It is the block where Paruru should be but she gave up her slot which made a lot of fans sad and disappointed. Everybody wants to see her play this last janken of hers. She was once a Janken Queen for the good times sake. It would be nice if someone could win it twice.

Paru, still on her High Tension costume, is sitting on the seat for the members. Everyone is surprised to see her watching the event. Normally this kind of things does not concern her but here she is watching just because Acchan told her so.

“Excuse me…” It was Milky going to the row where Paruru is sitting. Next to her is Jurina who is also still in her High Tension costume. The next one was a familiar tall girl that sat next to her. Paruru’s eyes widened in bewilderment when she recognized who it was.


“Bingo!” Mariko pointed at her with her hand posing like a gun and winked at Paruru.

“W-What are you doing here?” Paruru asked.

Mariko bowed her head with a sneer on her face. She then spread her hands as if she is presenting the row she is in. “Janken Queens.”

Suddenly, their row was displayed on the screen and the audience roared in astonishment. They are seeing the past Janken Queens, all sitting in one row. Paruru looked shock but the three seems like they are prepared for the camera shot. They even winked on the camera in synchronization.

The focus now transferred to the presentation of the contestants from Block B. Mariko, Jurina and Milky high fived after the successful synchronize winking.

“Sorry Paruru-chan, we didn’t have the chance to tell you about it.” Mariko said after the small rejoicing with the other two Janken Queens. “Now that you think of it, the first Janken Queen isn’t around.”

Paru heard Jurina laugh. “I bet she’s busy frying meat.”

“I wish she was also here.” Mariko sighed. “Anyways, let’s just enjoy this tournament. Right, Paruru-chan?”

Paruru just smiled back at that meaningful smile being given to her by the Mother of Trolls. Acchan, Yuko and now Mariko; something is just about to explode.

The contenders are being presented one by one. They all came out with their lovely costumes, some were outrageous. The presentation suddenly halted when it was Paruru’s turn to be presented. All of the lights turned off. It would be completed darkness if it weren’t because of the light sticks.

“Nandeyanen!?” That was Sayanee’s voice. She is one of the announcers and commentators of the tournament. “What is happening?”

The arena was in deep confusion when a legendary song suddenly played. Just hearing the intro of it, the whole audience roared once more.

A spotlight lighted up the other end of the stage which revealed Maeda Atsuko who is on character. The audience jumped in joy. They couldn’t believe what they are seeing.

“Maji ni naranakya katenee yo…”

“Iku ze!” The viewers gasped again when the other end of the stage was lighted up. It was non-other than the great Oshima Yuko! Most of the audiences are having their jaws dropped or their hands on their heads. Everything suddenly went crazier.

The two former aces ran together on the center stage while shouting the ‘Rock n Roll’ part. Paruru’s heart began to escape from the ‘ease zone’. She even saw Acchan took a glimpse of her when she was running. She can’t mistake that meaningful smile she received from her senpai.

When the two arrived in the center stage, the music stopped leaving everyone in bewilderment. The two aces were just smiling at each other while the audiences continue to cheer. It was a nice view on the stage until they started to flash some weird but awfully familiar pose.


(Based on Dragonball Z’s Fusion Technique. XD)

Their fingers connected and smoke suddenly filled the stage. Paruru was up to her feet, waiting for the smoke to clear up. It was a long minute of suspense until the smoke thinned up. There was only one silhouette remaining on the stage.

The audiences screamed in excitement. They know it is Paruru’s turn but she withdrew and she’s sitting with the other Janken Queens so they are sure it isn’t her. The cheer went even louder as the smoke finally clears up and reveals a girl in a Majisuka Gakuen seifuku.

The girl is wearing Maeda’s style of uniform but her sleeves are rolled up just like Yuko’s, revealing most of her battle scars. She also has chains hanging by her waist just like Yuko and also bespectacled like Maeda. It’s just this girl is wearing round glasses.

The camera focused on the girl’s face and her piercing stare filled every screen in the stadium. She sneered to the camera and then walked towards her seat.

“MAAAAARU HOSHINO!” The announcer broke shouted her name and another outcry filled the whole arena. The view of Maru’s back is just too badass it was too heavy to handle.

As usual, because it is a live event and is being broadcasted worldwide, wotas from everywhere had a share of their thoughts.



She’s not a member of AKB!

OK! Hoshino Maru just took Paruru’s place in Janken. Great. Just great. PFFT.

Acchan and Yuko just did the Fusion technique and then Hoshino Maru came out!? Is Aki-P telling us that she is a combination of the two?????

Whether she wins this tournament or not, this is going down in history!

It will be more epic if she loses on the first round. Hahaha!

Push! PUsh! PUSh! PUSH!

Costume is cool but I like to see more Danso! LOL

One day we will just see her running in the SSK!!!

“Paruru-chan…” That faint call from Mariko made the salty girl jerked. She was just staring on the stage when Mariko called for her attention. “Tears… You are on screen.”

It took a while before Paruru looked at the screen and saw her own face wet with tears. When did she start crying? Why is she even crying?

She immediately went back to her seat and wiped her tears away. She’s here! Hoshi is here! She didn’t leave Japan! She looked at Jurina who happened to be also looking at her. The pup’s eyes are teary and she’s even biting her lower lip.

“That’s my SON!!!” Sayanee shouted with her fist up on high. Everyone is happy to see Maru again. Even Sakura and Haruppi who were currently on the backstage were rejoicing with the fact that Maru is still in Japan. All that is left is her explanation to why she left her house without notice.

Maru faced another Haruka on the first round. It was Ueno Haruka from HKT48. She greeted Ijiri Okada with a nod and faint smile. The referee of the match somehow sneered on her; probably the memory of her fainting in Nogibingo came to the comedian’s mind.


The sound of the cheers echoed in the whole arena. Maru is looking on their fists ready to throw their cards. Her eyes look dead serious that her opponent was taken aback.

Chill Maru, it’s only Janken! XD


And the cards were thrown. Maru’s eyes widened. She threw rock while her opponent threw scissors! She’ll move on to the next round! She felt at ease. Finally, another expression was revealed by her face—relief. She was so focused on the game that she couldn’t even smile properly.

On the next round, she faced with Naanya that was on bye. The younger girl still hasn’t had the opportunity to apologize for what she has done during the taping. This is also the first time that she is facing the public after her scandal broke out. It was nerve-wracking just to come out on stage and now she has to face Maru. What more can she ask for?

She couldn’t even look at her opponent’s face. She just looked at their fists, waiting for the awkward moment to finish. Maru’s fist opened up and waved at her to get her attention. Naanya looked up at her only to see that the bespectacled girl is smiling at her.

“Chin up. Eyes on me.” Maru mouthed followed by a wink. Everyone who was watching read what her lips were saying which made another wave of excitement.

Paruru felt a sudden pinch in her heart with that sudden action from Hoshi. What was that for?

Naanya smiled back at her. Her chest felt relieved after seeing that Maru isn’t mad at her. She nodded at her and then Ijiri shouted the signal.

It was another match between rock and scissors. Maru’s hand was raised by Ijiri as she was proclaimed winner by using rock again. Even the Janken Queens are seen cheering for Maru.

While they were exiting the battle stage, the bespectacled girl was seen patting Naanya’s head nonchalantly before she went back to her seat. Naanya felt so much at ease but moved at the same time. She’s fine even though she lost the match. For now, this girl is the one she wants to win the block.

Not long after it, Maru faced Nozawa Rena next. It is probably the first time in her life that she played Janken but she finds it really, really awesome.

The two competitors made their fists meet at the center.


Ijiri placed his hands on top of their fists. After making sure they are on the right place, he shouted one of the only two lines he has in this competition. (aside from interviews.)



“YOU SHOULD’VE kept using rock.”

Yuko slapped Maru’s back so hard that her lungs almost went flying out. She saw Maru sulking at the room where they secretly prepared earlier. She was looking at her palm. She used paper at her battle with Nozawa which made her eliminated from the competition.

The shock from everyone watching even from her opponent cannot be forgotten. All their reaction faces infers that the world just ended after Maru lost.

“Maru-chan~” Acchan called her and sat beside her which made her a little flustered. “Did you enjoy it?”

Maru nodded at her. “I just wished you didn’t do the introduction that extravagant.”

Yuko laughed at her and slapped her again in the back. She’s sure she’ll be sent to emergency room because of this squirrel’s strength.

“You are the combination of our characters in Majisuka Gakuen!” Yuko declared with a huge smile on her face. “What will be your name? Hmmm… Atsuko plus Yuko… Hmmm…”

Maru anticipates the next word that will come out. The thought that she will receive a new name is enough to make her happy.

“How about KoKo?”

Acchan’s innocent but funny suggestion made Yuko laughed out loud. Maru just looked at the eternal ace with her jaw hanging. She sure has received quite interesting names like Mi-nam and Ijiwaru but she didn’t expect to receive such a peculiar name from these two.


“How about add Mariko to make it KoKoKo?”

Their eyes transferred to the only member of 1.5 Generation who just came inside the room. She gave a salute on Maru with a troll smile on her face.

“What’s up KoKoKo-chan?”

“Mari-chan~!” Acchan called the Mother of Trolls. “Did you enjoy the tournament?”

“Yeees! Tanabe Miku-chan deserves to be on the spotlight.” Mariko commented on the new Janken Queen. “But… It will be fun if you got me into that introduction as well, right, KoKoKo-chan?”

Maru just looked at her with a face that can’t be explained. She isn’t sure if she’s going to be happy to be called KoKoKo or what.

“Anyway…” Maru sighed. “Thank you for taking care of me today. I don’t know how can I return this to all of you.”

The three just smiled after receiving a word of appreciation from the girl. After all the recognitions and spotlights she is gaining, she’s still shy and humble that she can’t even look at them in the eyes.

Acchan gently patted Maru’s head. “You’ve done well today, Hoshi-chan.”

Maru raised her head up and looked at Acchan with a surprised face. The ace just flashed a smile followed by a wink.

“Let’s go. Akimoto-sensei is waiting outside.” Mariko even pointed at the door with her thumb.

“Are we going out still in these costumes?” Maru asked.

“Why not? It’s cool!” Yuko jumped off of her seat and dusted off her costume. “Let’s go. Let’s not make the old man wait.”

Maru sighed. She stood up. She could feel Acchan’s hand on her back assisting her. Having this three around her makes her so tense she can’t even act her usual.

Mariko opened the door for them and what welcomed them out is Aki-P and Togasaki being confronted by the Soukantoku and the others. The confrontation was put into a halt when they saw Maru.

Maru averted their stares especially Paruru’s and just looked at Aki-P and nodded at him. The creator of AKB released a sigh and started to walk towards the exit. She just followed him together with the former members.

The others are now sure that she is really avoiding them.

“M-M-Maru-shan!” Sakura pushed Haruppi in the front to have her call her oshi but Maru didn’t even stop to look back. She just continued walking.

“What is happening with that kiddo!?” Sayanee gritted in frustration.


Maru instantly turned to Aki-P at that call. Her heart quaked a little due to nervousness.

“When I told you to prepare them, this is not what I mean.”


Yui turned to Paru only to see a hurtful expression on the girl’s face. She bit her lower lip.

“Maru-chan!” The Soukantoku who is still on her samurai outfit shouted. The others started calling her as well.

“This decision of yours… I kind of don’t agree with this.” Aki-P stopped walking which made them all stop. “This is not the reason why I am making you all these jobs. I did tell you that you can extend your stay if you do as I say… But with this method?”


Maru immediately turned after hearing Paruru called her. Her heart shook after seeing the girl’s expression. She’s on the verge of tears.

“Uh-oh~” Acchan flicked her tongue and started to tease Maru with a smile. “Looks like Hoshi-chan made Paru-chan cry.”

“And I don’t want you to make any of the girls cry like this.”



Maru was taken aback when Yui and Sayanee started to run in the hallway. Acchan, Yuko and Mariko made a way for them.


Yui rushed to her and delivered her a clothesline which knocked her over, sending her to the ground. Sayanee immediately applied a figure-four leglock to antagonize Maru even more.


Jurina came running at Yui’s call and tapped the Soukantoku’s hand. Sakura set up a chair for her which she used to jump higher to execute a leg drop on Maru. Maru shouted in pain as Jurina landed on her. Yui covered her up and Mariko was fast enough to do the counting.

“1! 2! 3!”

Mariko raised Yui’s hand to present her as the winner. Acchan and Yuko were clapping for that little show they performed.

Yui made Maru stood up by raising up through her collar.

“Don’t ever dare to make Paruru make that face again or I will skin you alive!”

Maru just looked at her, bewildered of everything that has happened. She turned to Paruru but then immediately averted from the girl’s eyes. She bowed her head in embarrassment.

“I-I… I am sorry…”

“Penthouse of Yamatori Condominium. Located in Roppongi Hills.”

Maru’s eyes widened and turned to Aki-P. The Sensei just gave out her new address away but he is still in his poker face. Aki-P fixed his glasses before heading to the exit. Acchan and Yuko just waved at her while Mariko gave her a thumb up.

“Soooo,” Sayanee also fixed her glasses that went out of place after the little wrestling match they did. She then arched her arm to the awestruck Maru. “How about you take us to your place now?”

Yui let go of her and Jurina also arched her arm to her to secure she won’t run. “Yeah, Aniki… It is bad to leave your friends clueless like that.”


“We are your friends, Haru-san! How come you make us all worry like this!?”

Maru turned to Sakura, in her SakuSakuKamen costume, who was projecting a frustrated face. It just came from the lone-wolf that they are friends.

Yuihan heaved a sigh. She still looks a bit disappointed. “I will just change and we will go to your place. Don’t even try to run away!”


Yui and the two HKT aces went to change while Maru is still on the security of Jurina and Sayanee. Milky went near her with a teasing smile on her face.

“Ijiwaru defeated~!” She cutely said and gave a soft chop on Maru’s head. Maru sighed out a smile and dropped her head.

“Seems like it...”

She suddenly felt herself being lifted. Sayanee and Jurina carried her in front of Paruru. They just looked at each other but Maru really can’t stand facing the girl. She can’t afford her emotions to be pushed at the moment.

She dropped her head but Sayanee held her cheeks and made her look at Paruru with her lips squashed by her cheeks. This made the crying salty queen gave out a laugh. Maru rolled her eyes and shook Sayanee’s hand away.

Paruru wiped her tears away and tried to smile.

“So this is how it feels like… Suddenly being ignored…” she smiled bitterly and then looked at Maru. “I’m really sorry…”

She slowly hugged Maru and buried her face on the girl’s shirt. The knot being formed by Maru’s eyebrows smoothened. The two guards released her.

Maru sighed. She did everything just to get away from them but look at just what happened. She’s back in square one and she doesn’t know how she can get out of it with this tight hug. She’s so in love with the feeling of having this girl jailed in her arms.


“TODAY was a good show, Sensei.”

Yuko commented while they are on the elevator. It was her that broke the silence.

“I can say that she’s really one of a kind. I can’t blame you that you are pushing her this way.”

Acchan was just listening with her usual smile on her face.

“I told you that it is all part of my deal with her.” Aki-P answered briefly.

Yuko sighed and leaned on the elevator wall. “I hope for the best to be upon her…”

Aki-p remained silent as if contemplating of something.

“Hmm…” He thought aloud. “Togasaki-kun, what do you think of turning into wrestling after Cabasuka Gakuen?”

Togasaki immediately facepalmed after hearing Aki-P’s idea while Acchan and Yuko burst out into laughter.

“Sasuga, Sensei!”


THE ELEVATOR of Maru’s new home opened and everyone was thrown into confusion. A beautiful girl was sitting in front of it, hugging her knees and crying. The girl stood up after seeing other people. She almost fell down because she has been sitting like that for a while.

Her eyes traveled to all of them. Her pretty face produced an agitated one as her stare got fixed to the astounded Maru.


The girl marched towards her and slapped her right in the face which surprised her even more.


Ae-ri gnashed her teeth and continuously hit Mi-nam in the shoulders

“8월 말에 한국에 돌아갈 거라고 했잖아? 왜 아직도 여기 있어? 바보 같애! 죽을래?”
(You said you are going back to Korea at the last day of August, right? Why are you still here!? Fool! Do you want to die?)

“A-Awkward…” Sayanee whispered. “Someone turn on the subtitles please.”

Maru hugged Ae-ri to stop her for throwing tantrums but the girl just wailed even louder.

“W-Who?” Jurina mouthed on Milky.

“Ijiwaru’s original girlfriend.” Milky playfully answered.


Ae-ri pulled Maru out of the elevator and hugged her tight. Her eyes fixed on Paruru.




Thank you for all your comments! Sorry for being absent for the past week. Maybe it's just winter that made me want to hibernate. Sorry for making you all wait and sorry for the outcome of this chapter... XD Why do I always say sorry anyway? Maa, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as well. Thank you for reading! :)
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Maru was taken aback when Yui and Sayanee started to run in the hallway. Acchan, Yuko and Mariko made a way for them.


Yui rushed to her and delivered her a clothesline which knocked her over, sending her to the ground. Sayanee immediately applied a figure-four leglock to antagonize Maru even more.


Jurina came running at Yui’s call and tapped the Soukantoku’s hand. Sakura set up a chair for her which she used to jump higher to execute a leg drop on Maru. Maru shouted in pain as Jurina landed on her. Yui covered her up and Mariko was fast enough to do the counting.

“1! 2! 3!”

Mariko raised Yui’s hand to present her as the winner. Acchan and Yuko were clapping for that little show they performed.

You don't know how much I laughed at this scene, lmaoo  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

THE ELEVATOR of Maru’s new home opened and everyone was thrown into confusion. A beautiful girl was sitting in front of it, hugging her knees and crying. The girl stood up after seeing other people. She almost fell down because she has been sitting like that for a while.

Her eyes traveled to all of them. Her pretty face produced an agitated one as her stare got fixed to the astounded Maru.


The girl marched towards her and slapped her right in the face which surprised her even more.


Ae-ri gnashed her teeth and continuously hit Mi-nam in the shoulders

“8월 말에 한국에 돌아갈 거라고 했잖아? 왜 아직도 여기 있어? 바보 같애! 죽을래?”
(You said you are going back to Korea at the last day of August, right? Why are you still here!? Fool! Do you want to die?)

“A-Awkward…” Sayanee whispered. “Someone turn on the subtitles please.”

Maru hugged Ae-ri to stop her for throwing tantrums but the girl just wailed even louder.

“W-Who?” Jurina mouthed on Milky.

“Ijiwaru’s original girlfriend.” Milky playfully answered.


Ae-ri pulled Maru out of the elevator and hugged her tight. Her eyes fixed on Paruru.


And this...

I'm sensing another wave of drama coming next chap.. Like seriously? Maru has a girlfriend already, not to mention, ORIGINAL?

Sayanee never failed to amuse me tho, 'Someone turn on the subtitles please'.  :lol:

Now I can't wait for the next chap!
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Next chapter should be entitled "The Things That Mix - Maru's Harem" hahaha Aeri is so possesive for Maru 😂😂 blame the handsomeness she carries haha
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

THE ATMOSPHERE of the whole room is so thick due to mixture of awkwardness and irritation. The gang is all sitting on the sofa opposite to where Ae-ri is sitting. No one is talking but Ae-ri is just staring at them as if she’s going to melt everyone with her stare.


Ae-ri yelped as Maru gave her a chop on the head. The girl just finished changing her clothes. She’s now back to her usual attire.

“Don’t look at them as if they have done something against you.” Maru warned Ae-ri with her arms crossed. She’s standing behind the crouch where Ae-ri is sitting.

“그냥 가라고 해. 여기서 할 거 없잖아.”
(Just tell them to go. There’s nothing to do here, right?)

Maru ruined her hair which made her more annoyed.

(What the hell!)

“Introduce yourself properly.” Maru ordered. “And do it in Japanese.”

The girl just rolled her eyes and exhaled tiredly. “I am Ae-ri Park.” She looked at them one by one before giving out a sarcastic smile. “It’s nice to meet you all.”

Around five seconds has passed before the gang reacted. They finally let out the tense air they’ve been holding since arriving at the penthouse.

“Well, you can actually talk in Japanese!” Sayanee wiped the sweat on her forehead. “You should’ve used it from the very beginning!”

Ae-ri flicked her tongue. “Of course I know Japanese, I’m a halfie!”

“Ya! Stop being a kid, Ae-ri!”

“But Mi-nam! You said you are going to—“

The doorbell suddenly rang and the delivery guy flashed on the small monitor by the elevator. Maru heaved a sigh and went to receive the food that she ordered for everyone. It seems like they are not going to let her go without explaining anything even with the presence of the Korean girl.

Maru placed the food on the table in the middle--Korean style fried chicken. The girls’ eyes twinkled at the sight and the smell of the food.

“Dig in…” Maru said without any enthusiasm. “Be careful, it’s a little bit spicy. If you want rice, there are ready to eat rice in the kitchen. Just put it on the microwave oven.” She then turned to Ae-ri and tilted her to the lanai. “We’ll talk.”

Maru then went to the lanai without looking back. Ae-ri just followed her but she still managed to throw a death stare to everyone. They all sighed when the two are already outside the room.

“Well, that kid is awfully irritating.” Sayanee grumbled before getting some wet wipes to clean her hand. She then turned to Milky who is sitting beside her. “Is she really Maru-kun’s girlfriend?”

Milky just laughed at Sayanee while busy searching for her favorite part of the chicken. “I was just kidding. That girl is the daughter of the people who took care of Waru-kun. Waah! Gocha chicken wing!”

“Wooh!” Jurina exclaimed. “I will really chop Aniki’s head off if that’s really is her girlfriend. She’s making her harem here and now she has a girlfriend? You must be kidding me!”

Everyone looked at her with a disgusted face. She just turned quiet like a cute pup and started to hunt for her own piece of chicken.

“She should be explaining to us now… But look at her explaining to another girl…” Yui rolled her eyes in disbelief. She doesn’t seem like she has the appetite to eat.

“It looks like they also have their own misunderstandings. Maru-kun will not get slapped that hard if she didn’t hurt the Korean girl in the first place.” Sayanee stated, now munching her chicken. “E-E-Eh! Spicy!”

Paruru, Sakura and Haruppi are just eating silently while listening to the comments of the others. Paruru thought that she could already stop worrying about Maru but here is another issue again.

“Sayaka, Sayaka!” Milky cutely called. “Let’s dub what they are saying.”

A grin was pasted on Sayanee’s face. They all look at the lanai. They can’t hear what they are talking about but they can clearly see everything just like a mute television because of the glass window.

“Sounds fun!” Jurina got her energy back. “Go on!”

Milky took the role of Ae-ri while Sayanee as Maru. The two are seen looking at each other while the smaller girl is trying so hard not to cry; still using her killer eyes

“I’m going to look at you like this, get frightened!” Milky dubbed that made the others snort.

Maru heaved a sigh and brush her palm on Ae-ri’s face.

“Don’t look at me like that. That’s not really a cute monomane of me.”

Somehow Sayanee’s joke made even the angry Soukantoku smile. Ae-ri suddenly hugged Maru which surprised them all. The girl started crying again and frustration is clearly written on Maru’s face. She returned a hug, her left hand on the girl’s waist while her other hand placed on the girl’s head.

“I know I suck at monomane… but please don’t cut that scene and air it, please!”

“I’m sorry lady. You just ruined my reputation by mimicking my infamous glare. Now pack your things and go back to Korea!”

Everyone burst out into laughter. They somehow hit Maru’s peripheral vision which made the girl throw them the real infamous stare. They all pretended that they are just eating and talking to each other. Maru hid Ae-ri from them by facing her back to them.

Now let’s head to the real conversation…

“Mi-nam… Please go back to Korea with me!” Ae-ri raised her head to look to Maru; her face wet with tears. “You told me you were coming back! I was waiting for you, you know!?”

“Sorry Ae-ri… I was really decided to go back but some things just happened. I had to finish this year here in Japan no matter what…”

“Is this because of that girl again? You’ve been doing things that you don’t usually do just for her!”

“Haruka has nothing to do with this.” Maru lied.

“But Mi-nam! Your ey—“

Maru removed her glasses and looked straight to Ae-ri’s eyes. “You don’t have to worry, Ae-ri. I’m fine. Nothing bad is going to happen to me.”

“But Mi-nam!!!” Ae-ri buried her face to Maru’s shirt and wailed. “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you! Please go back with me and refrain from doing all of this!”

Maru made the girl face her. She wiped her tears away and made their foreheads touch. This move somehow made them look like they are kissing if viewed from the back. Everyone gasped.

“Don’t cry. I’ll be back in one piece. I promise. You just have to give me a few more months. I just want to take more pictures of them. I really can’t go back for now. You know how they are searching for me there. In my passport I am still Baek Hye-joon. They might trace me.”

“But you are appearing so much in television!”

“You have to remember that they are looking for a boy. I am presented here as what I really am.”

Maru took a look at the people inside. She can somehow see that everyone is busy eating now aside from a certain girl. She can feel that she is looking at them. She slowly released Ae-ri from her hug and wore back her glasses.

“For now, I am going to enjoy my time in here. I know that there will be a time that I’ll get back in Korea but it is definitely not now. Don’t worry so much, okay?”

Ae-ri somehow calmed down after crying her heart out. She looked Maru with those swollen eyes. Maru laughed at the sight of her face as if her snot and tears mixed.

“바보! Don’t laugh at me like that!”

Maru stopped snickering and wiped Ae-ri’s face with her sleeves. “Don’t call me stupid!”

“We both know that you are stupid from the very beginning!” She looked at her Mi-nam, examining the girl’s face with a fool-like smile pasted on her cute face. Ae-ri started to tear up again. Maru was fast enough to wipe her tears away.

“You are already like a family to me, Mi-nam… You’re like the older sibling that I never had.” Ae-ri bit her lower lip and tried to stop herself from sobbing. “So I don’t want to lose you… I don’t want anything bad to happen to you…”

The Korean girl jerked when she felt Maru’s palm on her head. “Don’t worry, okay? Anyway, congratulations for being accepted in Seoul University! You did really well, Ae-ri.”

Ae-ri smiled a little and then took a deep breath. “I’m Park Ae-ri, remember? Passing it is the only thing I can do.”

Maru messed her hair even more. “Yeah, yeah my dearest little sister… How about we go inside now? It’s a little cold, isn’t it?”

Ae-ri just nodded and Maru escorted her back inside. The gang made their selves busy with the food but Paruru’s worried face welcomed Maru back. She wanted to make that beautiful face smile but she still can’t bring herself to talk to her like the usual.

She sat back to the opposite crouch together with Ae-ri. This made the others stop their attack to the spicy fried chicken.

“Are you guys going to say that you are going to get married now?” Sayanee joked while chewing some meat.

Maru rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh. “Shut up, Shakure King!”

Her eyes traveled to everyone. All of their faces are obviously waiting for explanation. Maru took a deep breath. So in the end I have to tell them this, right?

“Okay, okay… I will explain…” She leaned forward with her elbows resting on her knees. “I don’t know if you have heard it already, but there is this heir that is being searched lately in Korea because of the big money his father had left him in the bank… That heir they are talking about is me.”

“Tch.” That was Ae-ri. Maru just took a glimpse of her annoyed face then just continued her story.

“My family got into so much trouble after getting bankrupt. A lot of companies got ruined because of our downfall. A lot of businessmen are seeking for someone to blame all of these happenings unto. Those affected families are sure on rage once again after the news of me still having a lot of money leaked out. I’m sure they are thinking that I suppose to suffer like them and be left with nothing.

I don’t want you guys to also get into trouble so I am trying to stay away from you all. My existence is dangerous up until now. I can’t have anyone of you dragged down into this mess.”

“How about you try to lean on others? That will not be bad.”

Everyone turned to the Soukantoku whose eyes are dead fixed on Maru.

“You have to remember that you are not alone. You have us! We are your friends. Whether you like it or not, we are already a part of your life. We already had a lot of memories together. Your existence has already moved us before you realize it.”

“I agree with Yuihan…” The always smiling Milky butted in, wearing her rare serious face. “You should’ve told us your situation first before. It will be our choice if we are going to stay with you or leave you.”

“Yeah, Milky is right.” Jurina seconded. “You appeared so sudden and blended in effortlessly, Aniki. You can’t just separate yourself right after mixing in.”

“And don’t even think we will let you separate yourself like that to us.” Sayanee said with her eyes full of seriousness. “I will hunt you wherever you will hide and pull you out from your hole.”

Sakura stood up from her seat and went to sit on the other side of Maru. She held Maru’s hand tightly and looked straight to her eyes. Her cute worried face made the glasses girl tear up a bit. She immediately hid her face by bowing down her head, too embarrassed to have her crying face get seen.

Haruppi was fast enough to go and give her a hug from the back. She hugged Maru in the best way that she can feel that she is important.

“친구들 많이 생겼구나… (You’ve made a lot of friends…)”, Ae-ri whispered. She’s smiling at Maru but her eyes are telling a story of sadness. “말한 건 사실인지 알아. 근대 진짜 이유는 그거 아니잖아… (I know what you have just said is true. But the real reason is not that, right?)

The Korean girl stood up. She took a bow at the other girls and then went to Maru’s bedroom to give them some private time. Maru just followed her by gaze until she entered the said room. She was kind of thankful that Ae-ri didn’t spill anything.

After making sure that Ae-ri’s eyes is not upon Maru anymore, Milky rushed to hug Maru. The other girls followed and buried her in their embrace. Yui and Paru are the only ones left on the other sofa, looking at the happy scenery on the opposite crouch.

“It seems that this issue is already solved, Paruru.” Yui said in a voice that only Paruru can hear. “You can go confess to her anytime, when you guys get your time alone.”

Paruru’s eyes widened. She raised her head up to turn to Yui. She’s flashing her usual smile.

“Don’t worry about me anymore, okay? I’m fine (I will be fine). You have to think of what will make you happy now, you got me?”

“B-B-But to confess…”

“Why not?” Yui innocently asked. “You see, she’s popular to other girls! You can’t just look and let her be taken away by others, right? That kid has a weird way of thinking. You won’t know when she will try to escape again. If you don’t tell her what you feel you will only regret everything in the end.”


“Just have the courage. Don’t think of what she will answer. What’s important now is to let her know about it. Trust me.”

Paruru nodded at Yui. Her heart started to beat so fast in response to the idea of confession. She then turned to Maru’s direction whose face is currently being played by Sayanee; making her do weird faces.

Haruka smiled. Tell Maru her feelings? Yui is right that nothing will happen if she will continue to watch on the sideline. She almost lost her already and she can’t afford to experience that agony of searching for her again.

She took a deep breath.

“I will do it… I will tell Hoshi what I really feel… I will confess…”

Yui smiled.


THE AROMA of green tea filled that private room of a traditional tea club. Aki-P is sitting on the tatami mat. He took a sip of his tea. Its bitter yet relieving taste somehow prepared him from talking.

“It’s a good tea…” He commented. “Take a sip, Madam.”

Sitting in front of him is an old lady in a very respectable attire. The way she’s dressed infers that she’s not just from a normal family in terms of economic power. Her wrinkled face doesn’t really show any enthusiasm for tea.

Aki-P got tired of waiting for the lady to take a sip so he just started the talking.

“As you can see, you don’t have to worry about your granddaughter… Madam Baek Yeong-su.

The silence between them was broken by the old lady’s sigh.

“I’m glad…” She started in a shaky voice. “I’m glad to see that Hye-joon is having fun like this.”

The happiness on her words is very evident although there is a hint of regret and bitterness on it. Her hands are just holding the cup of tea to have herself calm down a bit. She has been wanting to cry but doing it in front of someone is something that the strong Korean blood flowing within her will not let her do.

“Who would’ve thought that she will experience all of this after all that happened when she was young. She’s…” She gulped to relieve herself from choking. “She’s being supported by a lot of people and she found a lot of friends… Who would’ve thought that she will be admired like this…?”

Aki-P took another sip of his tea. “You should go and meet her then…”

The old lady shook her head terribly. “No… No…” It seems like the idea isn’t that good. “How can I present myself to her after I let her father and grandfather ruin her life. I should’ve done something to protect her but I was also a victim of the stupidity of that clan. If only I chose to stand up for her then she would never experience all of those pain. I will not be surprised if she does not remember me as her grandmother.

After the scandal of the family broke out, I ran here to Japan to hide and save myself from shame. I’ve forgotten about her and just thought of myself. But there is no day that passed without having her in my thoughts.”

The old lady paused to release a bitter sigh. “Hye-joon… Will she even have the will to look at me?”

“But you want to meet her no matter what, am I right, Madam?”

The old lady just nodded her head weakly.

The Sensei pulled something from his pocket. It looks like a ticket. He placed it on the table and slid it towards the lady.

“W-What is this?”

Aki-P nonchalantly fixed his glasses.

“Handshake event ticket.”


Hello! Sorry for the short update! I’m just going to give you that drabble I wrote months ago which I said I want to have an illustration but I am so busy I cannot draw so yeah... Just to relieve everyone from the drama and to catch up with my slow updates... XD

TTM Shorts

Yuihan Rage

*sees MaruParu thread on a wota site*

Yui as anonymous45981: Maru is Paru’s DAUGHTER with Yui!!!

*hears MaruParu cheer during SSK*

Yui: She’s Paru’s child for Bisu’s sake!!!

*sees Paru ran to kiss Maru*

Yui: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*sees MaruParu ship* she’s our kid!!!

Jurina: *sees MaruSaku ship* Sakura is mine!!!

Mayu: *sees JunMarco ship* OHHHHHH YEAHHH!!!

Sayanee: HAHAHA. There is no MaruMirukii ship! *sees SayaMaru ship* WTHHHHHHH!!!!

Is no one gonna react on MaruPpi ship? *giggles*

Ae-ri: *sees all the ship* 개새끼들아!!!!!!

Ship part two

Paru: *sees MaruParu ship* *blushes* This ain’t real. I like Yui.

Milky: *no MaruMirukii* WTH, Imma start the thread about it!!

Sakura: *sees MaruSaku ship* *blushes* Will she get jealous?

Mayu: *sees JunMarco ship again* *drools* MAKE 18+ FANFIC!!!!

Haruppi: Why is no one reacting about our ship???!!!

Ae-ri: *investigates all the ship* NUKE JAPAAAAAN!!!!!

Trains > Jurina

Jurina: I really loved you!

Rena: I love trains. *blushes*

Jurina: W-What was that again?

Rena: I said I love trains. Actually I am already engaged with N7000 Shinkansen! *hands Jurina a wedding invitation*

Jurina: *reads the invitation* Rena and N7000 Shinkansen’s wedding?!!

Rena: I’ll be expecting you there. *winks*

Jurina: WTFFFFFF!!!

Thank you everyone for all the comments and for hitting the like button. I appreciate them all! I'll be having time to write this Lunar New Year holidays so yeah... ;)
Have a happy Lunar New Year! 복 많이 받으세요~
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Yui... come here, lemme hug you  :cry:

gosh, it sounds like Maru is a wanted criminal lol just kidding :lol:

as always, thanks for the update :D
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Jurina : sakura is mine !

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(yes ju..yes calm down)
Title: Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
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Rena: I said I love trains. Actually I am already engaged with N7000 Shinkansen! *hands Jurina a wedding invitation*

Jurina: *reads the invitation* Rena and N7000 Shinkansen’s wedding?!!
^ Correction about this part it should be N700 not N7000. :3
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#Trainzoned. Poor Juriboy.

Wait?! HANDSHAKE EVENT???? Is Maru going to participate? Oh can't wait for tomorrow's update Cut-san!
Title: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-30) Cabasuka Gakuen + HS Event
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


Long chapter ahead~


AE-RI went back to Korea the next day. She didn’t say anything to her parents and just left without permission so Maru forced her to go back as soon as possible. She can’t afford having Hiroko and Choon-soo worry even more. Maru promised her that she will be back when the year changes. She can’t move that scheduled date anyway. She really has to go back no matter what.

October passed in a blink of an eye. Maru’s popularity really rose up as she has been into a lot of solo activities. Everything she does seem to be likable to the general public. She has made all the variety shows she has been even livelier with her bitter reactions to everything but idols. She’s always lively and talkative when the topic changes to idols. The enthusiasm will never falter especially when she talks about how AKB48 inspired her to dream.

The way she bumps and trips on things somehow became one of her charm points. There are a lot of times when the camera captured how clumsy she can be. Bumping on glass windows and doors, tripping on wires and other things, and reading kanji wrongly gave her the human feel upon her.

On the other hand, she isn’t exempted to antis. She has acquired quite a lot of it. All the attention that the management has been giving to her made a lot of fans mad. It is quite understandable. She isn’t an official part of AKB in the first place. She belongs to no team. She has never performed in the theater but she has stood out as a center and even participated in Janken Taikai. There’s still no official statement from the management. Some people are getting tired of the silence of AKS in regards to this issue.

Hoshino Maru has taken the country by storm. That’s one thing for sure.

AKB48’s drama, Cabasuka Gakuen, is featuring a lot of Majisuka graduates, Nogizaka members and even comedians as the club’s guests. Everyone is expecting that Maru is also going to have a cameo appearance on it. She wore a Majisuka Gakuen seifuku on the Janken Tournament so the fans are speculating for her to have her drama debut through Cabasuka Gakuen.


The comedians on the scene together with Paruru can’t concentrate on their acting because of the certain glasses girl standing on a corner, looking at them as if she will devour them anytime they lay a hand on Paruru. The nervousness on their faces is real and not just acting. Those eyes are clearly saying that the owner is ready to kill.


That signal from the director instantly changed the expression on Maru’s face. Paruru immediately turned to her direction and Maru is fast enough to pretend that she’s busy with her camera than watching the shoot itself.

Paruru, aka Plankton, ran to her with a cute smile pasted on her face. “Hoshi, how was it?”

Maru only took a glimpse of her. It was too fast. She doesn’t want to let anyone to have weird speculations about them anymore. The last sin she has committed against the Soukantoku is already enough.

“How about get changed to Salt fast? It doesn’t fit you.”


Maru looked at the girl on the edge of her eyes. She doesn’t seem to have any bad reaction to her honest comment about how she looks. Paruru is just looking at the black dress she is wearing.

“Hmm…” Paru thought aloud. “This also really not my style so I will quickly get changed. My scenes as Plankton are all taken already so I guess there’s no need to stay on this outfit and make up.”

Maru just nodded at her and the girl dashed out but then stopped midway as if she has forgotten something. She ran back to Maru and held her by the sleeves.

“Let’s go home together, okay?”

Maru instantly blushed. That cute face surely got her yet again. “I’m sorry, Shimazaki-san. I hope you remember that I live in a different neighborhood now.”

“I know. I remember.” Paruru cutely answered. “It won’t be bad to drop by at your home just like the old days, would it?”

The taller girl rolled her eyes. “At times like this, you should just go and have a date with GM—“

“Just go home with her, baka.”

Maru’s eyes widened in pure shock when the lady in red, sparkly dress passed by and dropped those words. Otabe passed by just like that. She didn’t even look at them. Paruru just laughed at what Yui did.

“D-Did GM just called me, baka?”

Paruru snickered at the shock painted on Maru’s face. “So, it’s settled then. Wait for me, okay?”

Plankton ran to the direction where Maguro went since the dressing room is on that way. The two chatted on their way while Maru just followed them by sight.

It still stings. How long will this feeling endure?

“Hey, Aniki!” Jurina suddenly appeared beside her and arched her arm to her like the usual. “Did you take a lot of pictures?”

“I did.” Maru sighed. “But I just don’t like the way you are all dressed. It makes me nauseous.”

Jurina snickered at that comment. “Why? Is there something wrong?” Jurina turned around to flash her awfully sparkly outfit. “Isn’t it sexy?”

“It’s too much, Koinu. I prefer fighting than to see you girls flirting with guys. It doesn’t really make sense to me.”

Maru leaned on the wall while browsing the photos she has taken. Jurina just watched her do her thing with a faint smile on her face.

“Does it really have to be like this just to make noise?”

Jurina crossed her arms and sighed with that question from Maru. She knows where she is getting it from. She sure has seen how awkward it is for the girls to wear those kind of outfits, how it is really nerve-wracking to have physical contact with the ‘customers’ when they really don’t have much experience dealing with guys.

“You don’t have to worry, Aniki.” Jurina assured her. “Everyone is doing their best here. That’s the only thing that you should see here.”

“Mhm…” Maru didn’t answer anymore but just submerged herself to the photos she has taken. Jurina took a peek and saw that she’s looking at Paruru’s picture as Salt. It was a very good picture that she has taken.

“Phew!” Jurina whistled. “Are you going to print a poster of that picture and post in your bedroom wall?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Maru immediately turned off her camera. “My oshimen is Haruppi-san, you know!?”

Jurina pushed her face near Maru’s which made the other girl taken aback.

“But your true love is PA.RU.RU.CHAN.”

Maru blushed even more. Her ears burnt. She shove Jurina’s face away single-handedly.

“Are you still pushing that thing to me?”

“Are you still denying it?” Jurina also leaned on the wall and released a sigh. “Still worried about Yui-sou-chan? How about I tell you that there is really nothing to be worried now?”

“What are you talking about?”

Jurina smirked at her. “YuiParu… They already broke up…

Maru felt the time stopped. Her jaw dropped and her heart almost stopped beating.

“Are you serious?”


“DID I make you wait?”

Maru shook her head in response to the question Paruru asked her. Since Maru couldn’t stand looking at the girls’ cabaret outfits, she went out of the building even though it is a little cold outside. She just waited for Paruru to finish according to the promise.

She just monitored the ticket sales of the sudden handshake event that was organized for her by Akimoto Yasushi himself. She doesn’t even know why but she was just called in the office to be informed that she will be having this event. She doesn’t like to do it. Who is she that people will line up just to shake her hand? But since she has a deal with Aki-P, she can never say no to whatever work comes her way.

“No… Not really…” Maru looked around. “So which car are we going to use? Your manager’s car or my manager’s?”

“Hmm… How about we take public transport today?”

“Ehhh…” Maru felt a sweat broke out of her scalp. “Don’t tell me you are planning to sleep in my house?”

“Why not?” Paruru looked down at her. “Milky-san slept at your house for three consecutive days, right?”

Maru slapped her forehead. Really, Puffer fish?

“I got changed of clothes, you know?” Paruru raised the paper bag that she’s holding.

The smile on Paruru’s face always gets Maru. She couldn’t even say no to her anymore.

“You are not prepared, aren’t you?”

“I’m not.” Then that smile again. It really takes Maru’s breath away. “Shall we go?”

“Okay. How about we stop somewhere for dinner?”


Maru smiled for the first time after a long while. “The usual place.”



The ramen ojii-san almost swallowed his tongue right after seeing the customers that arrived. Maru just raised her hand to greet him.

“We are back.” She said with a sincere smile on her face.


The owner immediately guided them to the table where they last dine in. It’s already late so there aren’t any customers. They are about to close before Maru and Paruru arrived.

“What’s your order, Maru-sama, Paruru-san?”

“I said that just Maru is fine.” Maru corrected him. “We’ll be having the same ramen as last time.”

“Roger that!”

The owner immediately went to prepare food for them. Maru looked around and saw their signs are really posted on the wall of the restaurant. She felt an amazing emotion at the sight of it.

“Don’t you think Ramen at night will be bad?” Paruru asked.

“You’re not doing gravures anyway so why worry?” Maru innocently asked back. “You have to eat a lot you know. You obviously lost a lot of weight.”

“Look who’s talking.” Paruru is pertaining to the evident thinning of Maru’s cheeks.

“That’s why I am eating ramen now, right?”

“You should also watch over yourself.” Paruru sighed. She just looked at Maru’s face for a moment before she opened up a new topic.

“Your first handshake event is tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“U-Un…” Maru affirmed.

“Are you nervous?”

“Of course I am. I’m not really good at interacting with people. I know you are well aware of that.”

Paruru smiled at her like she is planning something bad. “How about I teach you how to deal with fans?”

Maru froze but then she snorted as she tried so hard not to laugh. “Salt-san is going to teach me how to deal with fans? Do you want me to throw salt to them as well?”

Paruru’s mouth formed a perfect O after Maru dissed her. She then puffed her cheeks. “What is that for, really?”

“Shio Ramen has arrived!” the energy of the ramen ojii-san is off the roof. “Please enjoy your meal~! I added more meat on it!”

Maru’s eyes sparkled in joy. “Thank you, Ramen-san!”

The guy smiled a satisfactory smile. “I am going with my daughter tomorrow at your handshake event.”

“E-Eh? Really?”

“She has been waiting for it to happen for a very long time. She immediately avail tickets after the news about it broke out. Don’t forget us tomorrow, okay?”

Maru started to be ecstatic. She began talking to the owner with a higher pitch as evidence of her excitement. Paruru just watched her act like a young kid, a little surprised that she also has this side of her. Maru noticed Paruru’s stare and she suddenly froze. She cleared her throat and sat upright.

“I-I’ll be waiting for you guys there. That might be my first and last handshake event so I am off to do my best!”

The owner laughed with a strong feeling of being proud of Maru. “Go and kick everyone’s ass! Saa, enjoy your dinner and go home fast so you can prepare for tomorrow. Don’t bump into a glass door and avoid injuries, got it?”

Maru smiled at him and he went back to his place. The glasses girl turned to her ramen and put her hands together. “Itadakimasu!”

The two ate together in silence. Somehow Paruru is a bit traumatized with the place because the last time they went there their date got interrupted of emergencies which made the gap between them even wider. She’s thankful that somehow after their reunion in Maru’s new home everything went back to normal. But she knows… There is still a gap… That one seat during the Thanksgiving Festival is still between them.

They went out of the ramen house with their stomachs satisfied. The memory of them holding hands after going out the shop returned to Maru’s mind.

“Hoshi…?” Paruru called. “Are you okay?”

Maru jerked from where she is. She immediately put her hands on her pockets. “N-Nothing. Let’s go.”

Is she by any chance thinking of the same thing? Paruru asked herself as she has also been thinking of holding each other’s hands. Hiding her hands… That just means she’s not up to it, right?

Paruru followed her and tried to keep up with her pace. She’s silent. She has been always silent like this whenever she’s with her. She noticed that she acts normal with the other members but she would always tend to be silent when she’s with her. It’s still a bit awkward between them.


Paruru jerked at that sudden call. She opened her eyes only to see that she’s leaning on Maru’s shoulder. She immediately sat upright; the lights somehow blinded her eyes for a moment.

“We are going off to the next stop.”


The announcement about the next station echoed throughout the whole train. Who would’ve thought that the moments will past by just like that? They haven’t even talked 20% of how they used to talk before.

“Let’s go…” Maru stood up. The train is already slowing down. It is the last train for that day so worrying about fans is not a problem. Paparazzi can be considered a problem, but they are both girls… That will never create any scandal. Shippers may like it even more if they had stolen pictures published.

Paruru saw Maru reached for the iron bar but her hand fell short. She only grabbed the wind which made her lost his balance when the train stopped. Luckily, Paruru was there to pull her before she really fall. Paruru ended up hugging Maru’s arm.

“A-A-Are you okay, Hoshi?” Paru worriedly asked. Hoshi turned to her with a surprised look on her face. The door of the train opened and Paruru guided Maru out of the cart.

Maru looked back at the train, still stupefied of what happened. She removed her glasses and wiped it with her clothes. “M-My glasses are just dirty…”

“Are you sure?”

A wide smile got painted on Maru’s face. She patted Paruru’s head. “I am. Maybe I’m just sleepy like you. Let’s get home fast.” She freed herself from Paruru’s tight grasp and started walking towards the stairs. She bit her lower lip. She’s sure she has forgotten to take this night’s dosage that’s why she’s acting this way again.

The next thing Paruru remembers is they are already in the elevator of the condominium where Maru’s penthouse is. They are standing in opposite corners of the lift, still unable to thaw the invisible ice between them.


There it goes again… Paruru’s favorite melody.


“How does it feel to be graduating from the group?”

Paruru looked at the glasses girl. She’s just focused with the floor indicator.

“What’s with that sudden question?”

“Today’s Cabasuka shoot… This is your last drama shoot for AKB, isn’t it? I wonder how you feel…”

Paruru also turned to the floor indicator. “I… I’m really grateful for all the chance AKB gave me. If it isn’t because of AKB, I will not have the chance to participate in dramas. I would not discover that I really enjoy acting this much. I would never dream of becoming a proper actress.”

Her stare transferred to the floor as she recalls all the bitter-sweet memories. “At first I really couldn’t act but AKB still trusted me by making me the lead actress. I know I failed horribly… but that became my stepping stone to improve myself. I started to be casted on works outside AKB, I even starred a film… It’s crazy how a ponkotsu like me got to do these things.”

“You actually claimed you are a ponkotsu.” Maru smiled.

Paruru gave out a cute chuckle and then sighed. “That was my last, isn’t it?”


Another adorable smile was drawn on Paruru’s face. “Saigo no isshun mo happy end…”

The elevator’s door opened. Maru went inside and Paruru just followed her. The whole area is very clean and the lights are already on when they came in. It’s such a huge space but the lack of furniture makes it look a lot wider.

Maru immediately opened one of the two guest rooms and lead Paruru inside.

“Here?” Haruka asked as her eyes traveled across the room.

“Why?” Maru asked back. “Do you want to sleep with me?”

Paruru’s face turned bright red. “N-N-No! I-I-It’s not like th—“

“Well then, good night…” Maru went out of the room yawning. Paruru rushed to her before she even closed the door. “What is it?” Her eyelids look really heavy already.

“A-A-Are we going to sleep already?”

Maru let go of the door knob and faced the troubled salty girl.

“It’s already 1AM in the morning and I have to wake up early. You also have to rest, you know?”

“But I still want to talk with you—“

“You already fell asleep at the subway. You are tired so take a rest. And talk? You barely even said anything on the way here and you want to talk? What’s with you, really?”

“I-I-I…” She looked down to avoid that piercing stare. Gathering all the courage she can get, she said what she really feels. “I… The truth is… The truth is I really missed you. That’s why—“

Paruru gasped when Maru suddenly pulled her for an embrace. Her heart almost died the moment she felt Maru’s face buried on her shoulders. It is indeed a tight embrace but she doesn’t want to be let go.

“Stop saying those things, Haruka… You don’t know what you are saying…”

She gasped even more when she felt Maru’s breath on her neck. “I missed you too… You don’t know how much I missed you… And this scent…”

Paruru’s heart pumped even wilder. How she wishes there’s a switch that would make her heart stop bea