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H!P Fanfics / Re: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
« Last post by tru_harmony on Today at 04:57:38 PM »
Final part!

The Long Walk Home

As soon as their front door shut behind her, Masaki began to think. She hated it. She hated thinking. She hated the sound of her own voice in her head. But she couldn’t stop it once it started. Especially when she thought about Duu. Everything else just became irrelevant or invisible.

She crossed the narrow streets without looking either way. She didn’t care how dangerous it could be given what time it was and the fact that she was wearing a black parka. It was just her, her Senheisers, Ariana Grande and Duu.

She didn’t want to admit it but she really had been feeling guilty about how she had treated Duu. She knew how much thought Duu puts into her actions. She was a really sensible girl. That’s probably why she could understand Masaki. As Masaki thought back on their times together, for all the times that they fought, it was more often that Duu apologized to her than the other way around. Even for the times when she was just being over-sensitive. Even through the times that Duu had been mean to their other generation-mates, Duu was always kinder, gentler and more understanding with her.

She also didn’t want to admit how happy she was when Duu confessed her love last night. Duu’s voice kept playing over and over in her mind, drowning out “Focus” by Ariana.

She thought that saying out loud that MaaDuu was over would prod Duu to protest and argue that it wasn’t over. She was really disappointed when Duu didn’t. She thought it meant nothing to Duu. Was being caught really that big of a deal to Duu? It wasn’t like Duu wasn’t affectionate to anyone else. They could have always said that it was just friendship between them. Like with everyone else. Was it because Masaki herself was bad at hiding her feelings? Heck, even Tsunku♂-san could see it and they barely ever see him at all. Then again, they were an idol group. Dating wasn’t allowed. Their fans see everything. Was that the problem?

Masaki was so lost in her own thoughts but she went through her regular route by muscle memory or instinct or whatever. She didn’t notice that she was being followed since she passed by the local Family Mart.

Duu apologized to her again last night. Did Duu really hurt her? As far as Masaki was concerned, she knew she was hurt but was it really Duu who hurt her or was it because she was over-thinking everything. She already tried to keep her distance from Duu after the announcement of her graduation to lessen her attachment and to train herself for when Duu would leave her but at the first sign of affection from Duu, she would find herself running back and holding on tighter.

With her thoughts and Bruno Mars creating a cacophony between her Senheisers, she couldn’t hear that deep, husky voice calling out her name as she was about to cross the street.

Haruka ran to close the distance between them, grabbed Masaki by the shoulders and pulled her back to the sidewalk as a speeding motorcycle drove past Masaki, missing her by half a foot. A strong cold wind mixed with motorcycle exhaust blew past her face.

Masaki froze from shock. She was so used to safety on the streets, she forgot that random assholes could pop up and drive by anytime.

Haruka went in front of her, still gasping for air from that unexpected run.

Masaki hugged Duu tightly. She was crying again. Duu gently stroked her on the back to comfort her.

When Masaki had calmed down, they walked to a nearby park en route so they could sit down.

After Masaki sat down, Duu opened a bottle of water and handed it to her. “Are you okay?”

Masaki nodded, looking at Duu’s face. Duu looked so worried.

“You saved me again.” Masaki said with a soft smile. “What am I going to do now, Duu? How do I go on alone?”

“Maybe… you don’t have to.” Haruka sat beside her. “I am here, you know? Always.”

“I know you’re there.” Masaki answered with a giggle. “Wait a minute… You told my mother you had to go on location early. Did you lie to Haha?”

“Well, eight o’clock is early for some people, isn’t it?” Haruka sheepishly answered. “I had to step out. Think.”

“You too, huh?” Maasaki stood up and threw the empty bottle of water in a garbage can. “I think I should be getting back to the house. Haha would be worried if I stay out for too long.” She started a different route home.

Haruka had given up on getting an answer from Masaki. It was enough that they were more or less okay with each other for now. “I’ll walk with you.” Duu went to Masaki’s side and matched her pace.

“Suit yourself.” Masaki shut down her music player and put phone back in her pocket. “Duu…” She softly called as she took Haruka’s hand. “I’m sorry. I really am very selfish and childish.”

“You just really know what you want and take no prisoners.” Duu assured her. “I admire and envy that about you. You aren’t afraid of being yourself.”

“But I hurt you… a lot.” Masaki went on. “I haven’t really been fair to you, have I?”

“It’s okay, Maachan.”

“No. It’s not. I have to learn… to be good… to you… to everybody.” Masaki looked at the sky. “I don’t think I can do that when you’re always there to protect and defend me.”

Haruka didn’t know what to say. She didn’t really get what Masaki was trying to say either.

Masaki stopped walking. “Duu. I love you, too.” She looked Duu in the eye. “But I’m still an idol so, I can’t be with you.”

“I understand.” Duu replied, with some disappointment.

“… Please wait for me.” Masaki whispered as she cupped Duu’s cheek with her hand and pulled her in for a short, gentle kiss on the lips. “I love you. If you can wait... maybe we can be together.”

“I can still see you, can’t I?” Haruka cautiously asked. "With the others?... Just the two of us...?"

“Maybe.” Masaki answered with a wink. “You should go. Haha won’t let me date you if she finds out you’re a liar.”

“I’m going.” Haruka kissed Masaki’s hand before letting it go. “I love you. Take care.”

Masaki gave her one last hug. “I will. Duu, thanks for taking my long walk home with me."


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Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: H!P Girls in the shade of Nomura Minami's chin
« Last post by resop2 on Today at 02:33:44 PM »

2018/3/17 Hello! Q&A

Tsubaki Factory

Q: If you could make a bride out of a Hello Pro member, who would it be?

Ono Mizuho

Nomura Minami-san.
Since she seems good at cooking.

Onoda Saori

Kobushi Factory's Nomura Minami-san.
Since she's good at cooking, and I think she'd do housework properly too.
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