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Japanese / Re: Rena Takeda 武田玲奈
« Last post by muppet on Today at 02:48:08 AM »
She is
Nanaka Matsukawa
松川 菜々花

Power Nap!

Japanese / Re: Tsubasa Honda 本田翼
« Last post by fjroev on Today at 02:40:43 AM »
Tsubasa, Say cheese!

Japanese / Re: Rena Takeda 武田玲奈
« Last post by fjroev on Today at 02:35:13 AM »

3 angels From non-no September issue
Rena Takeda, Fumika Baba, & ????   
It's not good. It's really really not good. Both are losing hope of being together and Churi's over protectiveness is not helping at all

And here I am still blaming bunshun for everything that is happening
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Little Glee Monster
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:40:52 AM »
Sound not so good, but nice crowd shots during a live,
And bonus photos of each member when they were young

Little Glee Monster めざましライブ/めざましテレビ
Japanese / Re: Rena Takeda 武田玲奈
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:17:47 AM »
Rena san!
十万 views +

What do you think
about that?

Japanese / Re: Jun Amaki 天木じゅん
« Last post by Jul3 on July 24, 2017, 09:16:25 PM »
Jun + Aya do a dance cover of Twice's TT
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: MaaSaku
« Last post by oaxiac on July 24, 2017, 09:00:05 PM »

“Hello, Jurina…”

Jurina stared at the new visitor in disbelief, following closely her every step as she walked inside the room and slid the door close carefully behind her. “I heard what happened during handshake,” Their gazes locked across the room when Rena turned around to face her. “I wanted… I wanted to see how you were doing.”

Jurina opened her mouth to reply, but words desperately refused to come out. Despite comprehending it wasn’t an illusion and Rena was indeed standing in flesh and blood a few feet away, she remained deeply entrenched in a state of denial. A silence that lasted an eternity surrounded them, until Rena’s light footsteps resonated on the floor as she approached. When she paused by the side of her bed, Jurina was struck by the range of emotions reflected in her eyes.

Rena was trying her best to appear calm, yet was doing a poor job at concealing her true feelings, her deep concern utterly unmistakable. It was such a sharp contrast with their last interaction; Rena’s emotionless voice and unreadable expression when she broke up with her a painful memory impossible to erase, that she found herself destabilized.

“Are you… alright?” Jurina felt like an electric shock run down her spine when Rena extended her arm, and her fingertips brushed gently the back of her hand. “They said you passed out during handshake. What… What happened?”

Extremely distracted by the feeling of Rena’s soft fingers laying on top of hers, it took her a couple of seconds to process what she had uttered. “Who told you?” she asked in bewilderment when she came back to her senses, immediately cursing herself at her silly question. The incident had occurred right in the middle of a handshake session; many fans had witnessed the whole scene. Evidently, it had been reported swiftly. 

“It was all over Twitter,” Rena answered, confirming her deepest fears. “They said you were at the hospital, but I couldn’t get more details. When I heard about it, I sent a message to your manager to know where you were staying. I thought… I was afraid it could be serious.”

“I’m fine,” Jurina looked away, embarrassed to hear the incident had caused such an unwanted commotion on social medias. “It was only a bad fever.”

“So, you are not injured?” Rena asked, Jurina witnessing the great relief spreading instantly across her face when she shook her head in reply. “That’s good news… That’s really good news. When will you get discharged, then?”

Jurina heard the question well, but too many conflicted feelings were currently juggling inside her head to formulate a coherent answer. Rena’s unexpected apparition had provoked a multitude of questions, and she was still failing to fully grasp the situation. However, something became gradually clearer as she attempted to make sense of it. A complete misconception deeply engrained inside her mind these last two months, that Rena’s current presence inside her room contradicted.

“You still care about me,” Jurina’s eyes lit up in realization. “All this time, I believed you didn’t want me in your life anymore. You never made contact after that day. But… you came to see me today. It means… It means you still care.”

Rena stared back at her in astonishment. “Of course, I care about you,” she slipped her fingers quickly inside hers. “Jurina, I…” she gave her hand a strong squeeze. “I never stopped caring about you.”

A glimmer of hope lightened Jurina’s heart for the first time in two months. Their breakup had assuredly devastated her, and she still couldn’t erase from her mind those dreadful words Rena had uttered on that fateful day of April. However, and despite the tremendous pain and countless tears their separation had provoked, she could never bring herself to harbor feelings of resentment towards the other girl.

Day after day, Rena’s image persisted stubbornly in her head, making her seriously question her capacity to forget about her, and doubt that her heart would ever stop beating for her. Rena’s unsuspected visit had led her feelings to resurface, making her consider the possibility that those feelings may be shared, and the older girl hadn’t completely stopped loving her after all.

Maybe it was a sign; a sign that it wasn’t too late to mend things up between them.

Jurina snapped out of her daze when she felt Rena slowly removing her fingers from her grasp, noticing the older girl casting a glance in the direction of the door. All of a sudden, Jurina feared she was debating leaving. But how could she let her go when they had barely been reunited? If there was the slightest chance of repairing their relationship, then she wanted to seize it.

Hastily, she grabbed her hand again. “Wait, don’t leave… I want to talk to you.”

Two small brown orbs looked back at her, and Jurina read easily the uncertainty in them. A few times, Rena opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but no words ever left her lips. When the older girl still appeared undecided about her next course of action, Jurina knew she absolutely needed to find a way to tilt the scale in her favor, and she gave her hand an encouraging, light tug. “Please. Stay with me a little longer.”

When her perseverance bore its fruits and she received a small nod in reply, Jurina relaxed instantly, scooting further away on the mattress to grant Rena sufficient space on the side of the bed. Once she was seated, Jurina’s attention fell upon their joined hands and, as she relished the pleasant feeling of Rena’s warm fingers inside hers, realized how much she had longed for the physical intimacy.

This morning, she hadn’t stopped lamenting her powerlessness, cursing her weak body and fragile health for continuously failing her. Filled with a great sense of guilt - she had missed performing her duties during handshake - she now viewed this incident from a brand-new perspective. Unknowingly, it had led to the most unpredictable positive outcome: it had caused Rena to come out of her silence.

Overwhelmed by a feeling of pure bliss, Jurina couldn’t contain herself any longer. Closing the distance between them, she pulled the older girl into her arms without hesitation. “I missed you,” the confession left her lips naturally. “I missed you so much…”

The body grew rigid against her and, for an instant, she feared the other girl would not accept the affectionate gesture and reject it. Jurina waited in anticipation, reassured when Rena didn’t push her away and returned the embrace, albeit a bit clumsily. “I should have trusted my instincts,” Jurina berated herself, a certain article submerging her mind. “I should have known it was ridiculous rumors.”

“What… are you talking about?” Rena asked, in a small hesitant voice.

“The Bunshun article,” Encouraged by Rena’s compliance, Jurina decided to push her luck and nuzzled her nose against her neck, appreciating the delicate scent of her familiar, sweet perfume. “Now, I know it. Nothing is true.”

They stayed quietly into each other’s arms until Rena slowly broke free from the embrace, Jurina noting her troubled expression when they came face to face and the latter examined her figure attentively. “Are you sure you’re fine? You still don’t look well…” Rena murmured worriedly. “Maybe you should lie down.”

Jurina was about to proclaim that she was feeling much better and she surely didn’t wish to rest – especially not during such a crucial moment - when it occurred to her the other girl hadn’t said anything about the article. Trying to figure out the possible reasons for Rena’s silence on the subject, she felt a tinge of insecurity.

“It’s not true, right?” she stammered, swallowing a nervous lump in her throat. “You’re not dating…” She couldn’t muster the courage to utter the actor’s name. “You’re not really dating him?”

“Nothing is going on with Yosuke-san,” Rena replied, and stated on a serious tone. “I enjoy spending time with him and he’s a talented actor, but he’s never been more than a co-worker.”

Jurina released a breath she didn’t even realize she was holding. “You don’t need to explain,” Her mouth tugged into a small, pleased smile. “I… I believe you.”

Jurina raised her arm tentatively to caress her cheek, catching a flash of unease in Rena’s eyes the instant her fingertips came in contact with her skin. Uncertainty filled her chest and she lowered her hand, trying to grasp the meaning of Rena’s discomfort. Could she be moving too fast? Was it too soon for affectionate gestures? But how could it be wrong, when she was only following her heart’s desires to reconnect with Rena?

“You have no idea…” Rena started, getting Jurina’s whole and undivided attention. “You have no idea how incredibly relieved I am that you’re feeling better and it’s nothing serious, but…” Rena’s voice dropped to a whisper, and she averted her gaze. “I think I should better go now…”

Jurina’s heart pounded inside her chest at her last, alarming words. Dreading she might lose her for good and never see her again if she didn’t stop her, she knew she needed to act fast when the older girl put words into action and began moving up from the bed. Resolute, she caught her hand in a firm grip, and didn’t think twice before pressing her lips hastily against hers.

Rena’s lips grew still at the impulsive kiss, Jurina noting the stupefaction plastered all over her face when she pulled away. “I love you,” she stated without delay. “And after you came today, I’m sure you still have feelings for me too.”

Jurina waited in expectation, but grew apprehensive as the seconds went by and the other girl remained desperately silent. Wishing to prove that she meant strongly every word she had uttered, she made a move to claim her lips once more, but halted a few inches away from her lips when timid fingers clutched her shoulder. “D-Don’t. We can’t… We can’t do this.”

The atmosphere became tense as Jurina let the words sink in, helplessness gradually overcoming her. “Why? I don’t… I don’t understand,” she gazed back at her in incomprehension. “You came to see me because you were worried about me. You just admitted caring about me,” A wave of doubt swept through her. “Was it… Was it just a lie?”

“Of course not!” Rena exclaimed. “I care about you. I really do, but you don’t understand that-”

It was all the reassurance she needed to hear. Jurina leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her neck, determined not to let go of her until she had conveyed her feelings properly, and Rena was fully hers again. “I just want to be with you,” Sensing Rena’s frail body shuddering slightly, she tightened her hold around her. “So, can we just… Can we just go back to the way it was before?”

Maybe was it extremely naïve of her to believe they could go on with their lives as if nothing happened, but those two last months without Rena by her side had been a living hell. If this separation had taught her anything, it’s that she needed Rena’s love, just as she needed air to breathe. If she couldn’t have her, then she wanted no other: that was a certitude deeply anchored in her heart.

Because no one else on earth but the beautiful and dear to her heart twenty-five years old young actress would ever manage to make her heart race uncontrollably.

There was an endless silence.

Jurina placed some tender kisses against Rena’s hair, in the hope the small demonstration of affection would loosen her up, and show her she wasn’t ready to give up on her. Revive Rena’s belief in them; a faith that their relationship still stood a chance. The feeling of Rena’s fingers squeezing the back of her hospital gown made her pause in her ministrations, and she held her breath in anticipation.

“This was a mistake,” Rena’s voice sounded weak and tremulous in her ear. “I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t have come.”

Jurina was too stunned to react when the older girl pulled slowly out of her arms, the mattress shifting as she left her side. At last, when it dawned on her what had been said, Jurina stared back at her standing form in alert, her instincts screaming at her not to give up and reduce the distance at once before it was too late. Removing the bedcover and taking a seat on the side of the bed, her feet had barely touched the ground that the other girl had already taken a cautious step back.

“No… stop,” Rena desperately pleaded. “I’ll always care about you, but nothing you can say or do right now will change the situation. We just can’t… We can’t be together.”

Rena’s final words crushed her hopes and broke her heart all over again. Helpless tears sprang to her eyes, understanding there was no going backwards when the other girl looked so decisive, and the moment after slowly turned on her heels to head towards the door. As she watched her walking away, she progressively realized her heart would never be able to recover if she had to meet Rena once more under such painful circumstances.

Her decision made, her soul tore apart at what she was about to say.

“If we can’t be together…” A tear began rolling down her cheek. “Then it’s best if we don’t see each other again.”

Rena stilled, her feet pausing instantaneously in front of the door. For a moment, Jurina believed the older girl would turn around one last time in her direction but their eyes never met again, nor did she utter a single word in reply. The faint sound of the door sliding open was the last thing she heard, Rena’s silhouette vanishing out her sight as she stepped out of the room, and the door closed progressively behind her.

Churi took a deep breath, trying desperately to calm her nerves. A few seconds ago, she had arrived in front of Airi’s familiar doormat, but was facing real issues in controlling her agitation. Deciding it was wiser to wait until she was a little more appeased to ring at the door, she chose to delay a bit more the announcement of her arrival, instead reminiscing the painful scene she had witnessed less than an hour ago. 

When she had walked in Jurina’s room and found her in bed with tears streaming down her face, she immediately feared the doctor had visited her recently and given her bad news about her health. Unexpected news that were forcing her to stay at the hospital much longer than originally planned. Jurina never made a secret her complete distaste of hospitals, and she certainly never enjoyed being forced to stay idle because of an unfortunate injury or a troubling health problem.

Not being able to do her job for even one single day was already way too much for the full of life, and strongly committed idol named Jurina Matsui. 

That day, never would Churi have foreseen the true reason behind Jurina’s tears. When the words had fallen from her quivering lips, and she had revealed that Rena had visited her, Churi had stared at her in incredulity for some pregnant, long seconds. When she had finally gotten over her initial shock at the news, she couldn’t help but analyze the situation carefully, and draw her own conclusions. Not only was Jurina’s distress a clear sign that this meeting was definitely unplanned, it was also evident to her that it hadn’t gone so well.

Churi had listened worriedly as she had disclosed bit by bit the content of her conversation with Rena, a little startled when, after finally calming down a little, Jurina had let out with a somewhat resigned look that there was truly no hope anymore of them getting back together. It’s over; she made it more than clear. I need to accept it now… I need to try and forget about her…  Deep down, Churi knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task to accomplish; not when she had been so deeply in love with Rena during all these years.

Nonetheless, hearing those unexpected words coming from her made her hopeful the time of tears may finally be coming to an end. Those last two months, it had been awfully painful to observe Jurina’s daily suffering. An agony that showed no sign of stopping, not even when she cleverly attempted to disguise her true feelings behind a fake smile. Today, Jurina had visibly come to a crucial decision, and she wanted nothing more but to support her.

If there was absolutely no chance of repairing their relationship, then there was no point of clinging to false hopes. 

When, a little while later, she had left the hospital and Jurina’s side, her thoughts had drifted towards Airi, the urge to meet her friend impossible to resist. Remembering she was spending the afternoon at her apartment, her steps had led her naturally in that direction. And so here she was now, staring at Airi’s doormat, and trying to figure out how she was going to broach the subject with her. Believing to have calmed down sufficiently, she raised her arm to ring at Airi’s door.

Hearing light footsteps approaching from inside the apartment, Churi looked up towards the door in expectation. All the way here, she had barely been able to contain her frustration, a multitude of questions piling up inside her head at Rena’s baffling behavior. Much as she mulled it over in her head, none of it made sense. Why on earth would she go and visit Jurina at the hospital, if she had no intention of making things right between them?

Churi was really counting on Airi’s help to decrypt the complete mystery that represented Rena Matsui.

Churi held her breath in anticipation at the sound of the key turning slowly inside the lock, her gaze falling instantly upon Airi as she appeared. Her friend’s great surprise was the evident sign that she was definitely not expecting her visit, which was a predictable reaction considering - not only they were not supposed to meet today - she hadn’t warned her of her arrival either.

“Rena came to see Jurina at the hospital,” Churi spoke plainly, realizing she wasn’t in full control of her emotions when she failed to keep the irritation out of her tone. “Did you know she would do that?”

Airi’s initial astonishment vanished, giving way to a manifest awkwardness. “Yes, I know she visited her,” she nodded slowly. “But, I had no idea she would. I didn’t even know she was back in Nagoya until a few hours ago.”

“Why would she go and see her?!” Churi exclaimed, her incomprehension resurfacing with great ease. “Do you know what she did? What she dared to tell her?”

The atmosphere shifted between them, growing incredibly tense as both stared deeply into each other’s eyes without uttering a single word.

Given the total absence of curiosity in Airi’s expression, Churi had no doubt anymore the older Matsui had confided in her and she knew perfectly well what she was referring to. The more she pondered over the situation, the more it occurred to her Airi may have been keeping some information from her these last two months. Not only had she been a little distant, the fact that she never mentioned Rena a single time during their conversations hadn’t escaped her either.

Could she have been trying to avoid broaching this tricky subject on purpose?

Up till that day, she hadn’t paid real attention to Airi’s behavior, too occupied with keeping an eye on Jurina, and making sure she didn’t collapse out of exhaustion. Hearing that Rena had abruptly reappeared in Jurina’s life after two months of silence - only to achieve such terrible results - appalled her at the highest level. She badly needed answers, and a little voice inside her head was telling her the one who could likely provide them had been standing in front of her nose the whole time.

“When Jurina saw her, she was so hopeful they could fix things,” Churi continued when it didn’t appear like her friend was ready to speak. “Instead of that, Rena only managed to make her feel even worse. What kind of person would do that? How insensitive can she be?”

Her last words managed to strike a chord.

“Don’t say that,” Airi shot her a disapproving look. “She went to see her because she heard what happened during handshake, and was terribly worried about her. She never meant… She never meant to upset her or hurt her.”

Churi heard the retort well, but couldn’t help thinking it was solely her protective side speaking. It was no secret Rena and Airi had always been very close; to the point the latter had even boldly confessed her feelings for her more than two years ago. Even if she faced Rena’s rejection, it hadn’t tarnished her attachment for her over the years. Churi always viewed Airi as a collected, hard-headed person, who always managed to keep a clear head no matter the circumstances. But, on this issue in particular, Churi was afraid Airi wasn’t being completely neutral.

That, unfortunately, she was letting her feelings affect her better judgment.

“I know she’s your friend and it’s natural for you to defend her but, you need to face the reality,” Churi deplored, hoping her friend would listen to reason. “Two months ago, she broke Jurina’s heart in the most devastating way. No matter what you think, you can’t deny it was inappropriate to go and see her at the hospital,” Churi refused to back away. “She should have anticipated what her presence would do to Jurina; how badly it would affect her emotional state. So, if you can figure out what’s going on inside Rena’s head then I beg you to tell me, because I don’t have the remotest clue.”

Airi nibbled on her bottom lip nervously. “I’m sorry, but I can’t betray Rena’s confidence. She trusts that our conversations stay private, so I can’t-”

“Airin!” Churi cried out, incredulous in the face of such obstinate loyalty. “Do you know how awful it makes me feel to witness Jurina’s distress every day, and not being able to do anything about it? Can you imagine how powerless I felt when I saw her lying on the floor unconscious? The last time she ended at the hospital, I promised myself to take better care of her, and make sure it never happened again. I failed her. I failed her, Airin.”

“I know what Jurina means to you,” Airi’s features softening at the vibrant manifestation of Churi’s torment. “I know how much you care about her and that you’re only trying to protect her,” she gave her trembling fingers a brief, light squeeze, before making a short pause, searching carefully the adequate words to continue. “But they are both adults. What happened is between them; it’s not our place to judge or to intervene.”

“You wouldn’t be saying that if it was the other way around,” Churi interjected. “If it was Jurina who had broken Rena’s heart, and your friend had been crying in your arms day and night, you would have done the impossible to fix the problem and get them back together. The impossible.”

“You’re being unfair…” Airi whispered hurtfully. “I understand; you’re mad at me because I’m not giving you the answers you want. But trust me,” she looked straight into her eyes. “I want them to be both happy as much as you do.”

Guilt spread through Churi’s chest in remorse, realizing she had inadvertently gone too far. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” she murmured apologetically. “Can you let me in so we can talk about it?” she looked up with hopeful eyes. “I promise not to get angry. I only want to try and understand things better.”

“It’s really not a good time,” Airi clutched the side of the door, and avoided her gaze in unease. “I was… I was about to go out anyway.”

Churi could recognize a lie when she saw one and right now, Airi was definitely not telling the entire truth. Frowning a little at her odd behavior, she chose not to insist. Still feeling bad after what she had said to her, she didn’t want to take the risk of making things worse by being too forceful. As she was about to leave, she reconsidered, and faced her friend anew.

“When you see Rena, please try to make her understand that her actions are torturing Jurina,” Churi spoke up softly but seriously, noticing a brief flash of surprise in her friend’s eyes. “If she doesn’t want to be with her anymore, then… she must let her move on.”

Airi didn’t reply, not that she really expected her to say anything. Sending her a last weak, thankful smile, she turned on her heels, hearing the front door of Airi’s apartment slowly closing behind her as she walked away.

Airi listened as Churi drew away in the corridor, her last words resonating in her head as she slowly closed the door behind her. For a little while, she remained paralyzed in front of the door, rattled after her last tense exchange with Churi. Maybe should she have anticipated her friend to come and see her one day in search of answers. These last two months, Airi had avoided cautiously bringing up the topic of their mutual friends’ breakup. Not only she figured they would have more than a few points of contention, she feared it wouldn’t take long for Churi to see right through her, and deduce that she knew more about it than she was willing to admit.

Unfortunately, it appeared Rena’s impromptu visit to the hospital had been the last straw for Churi, triggering her strong protective side and high need of answers.

Airi was never one to raise her tone or get unreasonably upset or angry at someone, yet it had been a daunting task to keep her composure while listening to Churi’s harsh criticism regarding the young actress. Of course, it was out of the question to betray her friend’s trust and divulge her real motivations behind the separation, but the urge to claim that Rena was hurting just as much as Jurina from this painful situation – if not even more - had been hard to resist on more than a few occasions.

At the sound of footsteps behind her, Airi turned around in mild apprehension, discovering a feminine silhouette standing in her living room. They looked quietly at each other, the expression of discomfort in Rena’s eyes enough indication that she had most likely overheard her whole talk with Churi. Imagining easily how affected she must be after hearing such hurtful words directed at her, Airi couldn’t help but curse Churi’s terrible timing.

Rena averted her gaze and moved towards the window, concern spreading through Airi’s chest as she slowly joined her side, and pondered over the appropriate words to say in such a situation. Giving her silent friend a nervous side glance, she diverted her attention to the window, watching as rain came down in sheets and lightning flashed every few seconds in the streets of Nagoya.

“I’m so sorry you had to hear that,” Airi lamented. “She had no right to say all these things. I’m not even sure… I’m not even sure she really meant it.”

“She’s angry at me. I can’t hold it against her,” A sad smile crossed Rena’s face as her eyes remained glued on the torrential downpour outside. “I shouldn’t have gone to the hospital. I realized my mistake too late. I never meant… I never meant to hurt Jurina and give her false hopes.”

“I know you didn’t,” Airi shook her head slowly, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You only wanted to make sure she was alright. It’s completely understandable; I would probably have done the same thing.”

“Akane is right,” Rena’s face darkened, her voice falling to a deadly whisper. “If I can’t make Jurina happy, then I need to stay away from her.”

Airi tensed, fearing the consequences of such an irrevocable decision. Hearing Rena wishing to protect Jurina’s wellbeing didn’t come out as a surprise, yet it wasn’t the only thing to consider and at stake. What about her own happiness? Airi was aware of how remorseful she already felt for breaking Jurina’s heart, a part of her was afraid of the damages a permanent separation would do on the actress’s mental balance. Would she ever be able to ease her guilty conscience without receiving Jurina’s forgiveness?

“Are you sure about this? Maybe things will soon quieten down with the paparazzi,” Airi offered tentatively. “When that happens, I’m sure you’ll have an opportunity to meet Jurina again, and explain her why you chose to keep your distance with her.”

“You saw what happened in Tokyo. I have no idea why Bunshun is harassing me, but it’s not safe to be with me,” Rena’s distraught eyes met Airi’s compassionate gaze. “If we were to get back together, I would only be putting Jurina in danger. And if she was forced to leave SKE and graduate because of me, I…” Her voice cracked. “I would never forgive myself.”

“I’m worried about you…” Airi confessed, pained when she heard emotions submerging her. “I don’t want you to take a decision you’ll risk regretting later.”

“I’m already regretting it,” Rena’s throat constricted, tears gathering in her eyes. “But I refuse to witness her suffering once more because of me.”

Tear spilled down Rena’s cheeks, Airi feeling a small weight on her shoulder when she leaned her head the following moment. As the drops of water beating loudly against the window covered the sound of Rena’s crying, Airi feared a grim future awaited her friend’s tortured soul. Maybe was it her optimistic side emerging, but she decided nonetheless to cling to a glimmer of hope. Because, no matter the hard struggles one person could go through in their life, she had one certitude anchored deep inside her heart.

There was always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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