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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 224255 times)


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Hi readers!
I have drafted several plots/scenarios for 4 chapters.
There's already someone who messaged me and willing to help me writing a chapter.
But I think we still need more people to write other chapters.
Actually I have drawn the general arcs for the whole Season 2 until it finished.
For those who is willing to help, or just curious about my ideas, PM me okay?


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I’m really, really sad with Mayu’s graduation (I even cried when I heard about her graduation).
But I don’t know why I ended up writing this yesterday (well actually it’s because this has been born since years ago).

Do not read this if you’re not a SaeYuki shipper.
I recommend you to re-read CHAPTER 11 (WEAK AS I AM) and SPECIAL CHAPTER A (DREAM AWAY), in order to get more emotional depth when you read this update.

This will really be the last update from me.
I just have to post it now because this idea was born when I was still in the middle of writing Season 1 Special Chapter A (Dream Away).

After this update, I will be fully relying on those who are willing to help me.
Actually, I have drawn a very detailed plots until Chapter 25 for this Season 2.
But I don’t have free time to write anymore.

Enough talking. Now I present you a SaeYuki flashback story, with a bit of SaeYaka.

And oh, this chapter is not for the weak-hearted. It’s full of angst.

And it is a very long one too (18000+ words).
Almost as long as my longest record (Chapter 24 Mario Must Die Part 1).




Part 1


The sound of alarm woke me up early in the morning. Opening my eyes a bit, I turned my head to see alarm clock. It was still 6 AM, but I had to wake up early because today I have an important agenda. So I got up and stretched my body, and then after spending another minutes in the bathroom, I made my way to the kitchen.

I started to make a breakfast, and hummed to a song titled “Kare no Kitchen”. It’s a song I heard from a radio, sung by a certain idol group which consists about a hundred members or so, which I find it ridiculous sometimes. How do they even perform on stage with that crazy amount of members? Though I find their songs are good, and most of my friends are fond of them. And because right now I’m in the kitchen and I’m cooking a breakfast for myself, my mouth automatically choose one of their song, which is about kitchen and cooking.

His kitchen.
How I've longed for that.
That is every girl's start line.
If I put on a cute apron.
It'll be a contest of specialty dishes.
I'm rolling up my sleeves for this.

Something like, "You ate the lunch I made…,"
Is something that's expected for a boyfriend, but…

Well, I'm learning the basic of love and cooking.
The recipe my mother knows, I learned overnight.
Up until now, I skipped classes.
I'm a beginner with no confidence in the taste.
Help me!

Well, I wanted to be skilled at cooking,
But do men consider the ideal type to be a girl who can skillfully cook something delicious?

Surely, I'm more fit to eat the food than to make it.
I burnt it in the frying pan.

Funny thing is, my girlfriend is really bad at cooking. She can’t measure how much salt or spice must be added into a menu, she can’t differentiate a variety of spices, she can’t measure how long a raw meat must be cooked, she burns her cooking most of times, heck, she can’t even crack an egg properly.

Miss Kashiwagi Yuki (yup, that’s my girlfriend!) sucks at cooking. I myself is not a good chef, but at least my cooking is edible. There was a time when I had a diarrhea because Yuki put too much spice on her cooking.

But who am I to complain about her?
She’s my goddess. And I’m just the luckiest man on earth, now that she’s mine and I’m hers.

I finished my breakfast in five minutes and then spend another minutes to check my preparation for today’s agenda.

I changed my clothes and put on my suit and a yellow tie. And then I look into the mirror, only to find a handsome face looking back at me. Call me ‘Narcissus’, but I know I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m a heart-throbber.


I still had a few minutes to go, so I decided to stop by at the cafetaria where Yuki works.

“Hi, Yukirin, good morning,” I walked to the counter and greet her with a smile.

“Stop calling me that, Sae,” she said while frowning.

‘Yukirin’ is the nick-name I made up just to tease her. I said that her neck is long, just like a giraffe (kirin), so I began to call her that. She doesn’t like it. But somehow, I become used to call her with that nick-name. It’s cute. And I after I get to know her more, I find that behind those cold, tough exterior, she’s actually a nice and soft person. Not so many people knows that.

“You’re early today. And you look….neat.”

“Yeah, I’m having an interview today. To work as an internship in a big company.”

Yuki looked surprised.

“What? You’re still a sophomore and you’re already taking internship job?” asked Yuki as she gave me a cup of coffee.

“Uh-huh.” I nodded and looked straight into her eyes, and whispered, “I want to be a good husband to you.”

After I said those words, I immediately saw a faint pink blush on her cheek.

(Yay, score!)
I know now how to make this girl blush and become lovey-dovey. She never shows it to anyone, but she’s actually vulnerable against sweet words like that.

“I didn’t see you last night. Is everything okay?” I asked while taking a sip of my coffee.

“Unn.” Yuki nodded. “We fought off a lot of vampires last night. Nacchan got injured so I have to take care of her first.”

“How is she now?”

“She’s still in bed-rest.”

“I hope she’ll get better soon.”


“So, can I see you again tonight?”

“Sure. I’ll be at the cemetary tonight.”

“Okay. See you at the cemetary.”

It sounds like a weird date, right? Who will be dating at a cemetary anyway? Me and Yuki. That’s who.
The cemetary has become our private place since several months ago.

“Bye, bye, Yukirin.”

“Bye, Sae.”

I took my bag and left.


Today interview was not so bad. I’m pretty confident I will nail this job.

With a heart full of spirit and happiness, I entered my afternoon class, ready to radiate and shine bright for everyone around me.
I was already known as a genking anyway, long before I met Yuki. And ever since I met her, my life just gets better each days.

While waiting for the professor, I decided to browse something on my laptop.

A ring. An engagement ring. For my lovely goddess.

She had just graduated from high school last month, and now she’s working full-day in cafetaria and convenient store. She’s an orphan therefore she could not afford to go to a university or college. But don’t worry Yuki, I will support you, once I graduate from this bachelor degree and get a full job. That’s why I want to buy her a ring, and propose to her soon. I know it’s too soon but I want to tell her that I want her to be my wife. And I can’t wait for that happiest day of my life to come true.

I was still preoccupied with my happy thought, when a group of friends approach me. They are my close friends, Yagira, Hongo, and Arioka. And I used to hang out with them all the time.

“Hey, Sae. How was your interview?” Yagira asked me.

I smiled at them. “It was good. I think I’ll nail it.”

Arioka said, “We’re going to Ikebukuro tonight. Are you coming?”

Ikebukuro is a famous hostess club in this town. It is known for its famous beauty hostesses.

“Err…No, I’ll pass.” I closed my laptop and put it into my bag.

“What’s the problem with you, Sae!?” Hongo speaks. “You’re rarely hanging out with us anymore! Do you have a girlfriend now?”

I chose not to answer his question.

“Wooooh!! So it’s true, you have a girlfriend. Our Cassanova finally ends his journey and settles down. Who is she? Who is the lucky girl!?” asked Arioka.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” I said firmly.

Those three boys suddenly come at me. Yagira grabbed my head and put me in a headlock. Arioka hold my arms, while Hongo started tickling my body.

“Tell us now! You traitor! Who is she!?”

“No!! I don’t have a----- Ouch! Stop it guys!” I tried to break free from their attack.

But they were holding me so tightly, I could hardly breath.

“Alright! Alright! I’ll tell you tomorrow. But I have to speak to her first.” I finally gave in.

They released their grips and stares at me with a funny look, while I could only frown at them.

“You need a permission from your girlfriend to do that? Are you afraid of her? Oh wow! You’re whipped, Sae! You’re so whipped! Hahaha!” Yagira said. And they all laughed.

Before I can answer that, they all jumped at me again, willing to launch their second attack.
I sighed in defeat, unable to do anything.

Just then, the professor entered the classroom and I cheered silently, feeling so grateful for being saved from these bullies.


After the class ended, I decided to go to the library to borrow some books for my assignments.

I saw Kuramochi and Takajo sitting in the reading room. They saw me and greeted me.

“Hi, Sae-kun!”

“Hi Mocchi, hi Akicha!” I greeted them back.

I approached them and took a seat in the same desk with them. “Can I sit here?” I asked while putting all my books and bag onto the desk.

“You already sit, Sae.” Mocchi said.

“Haha. Well, what are you reading?”

“Psychology 101. Ugh, there are so many homeworks, I’m lacking sleep at night,” said Akicha.

“Oh yeah. I’ve been there too. Congratulation for being freshmen.” I said to them.

Mocchi and Akicha had just entered this university this year, and so now they become my juniors, only they were studying in different departments. I’m in Engineering. Mocchi and Akicha are in Social.

For an hour later, the three of us was busy reading and working on our assignments.

“Sae, how is your date with Yuki?”

I raised my head to see Mocchi staring at me with a serious look. Akicha took off her eyes from her book and also stared at me.

“Oh, we’re good. Actually I’m going to see her tonight.”

I turned my eyes to my book again and pretended to continue reading.

I knew Mocchi and Akicha had a crush on me, long before I met Yuki.
I knew that Mocchi was a good friend of Yuki.
I could imagine how hurt Mocchi was, when she found out about me and Yuki being in a relationship.

The girls did not talk to each other for two weeks. I knew it was Mocchi who was trying to avoid Yuki back then. It wasn’t Mocchi’s fault. She just needed time to accept that. Now Mocchi had already got over it. She and Yuki were already back to being best friends.

And it’s not like Yuki wanted all of this to happen. Mocchi was one of her many reasons that she kept on rejecting me. I was the one who kept asking her out. And I was persistent.

“Listen, Sae. Yuki is my best friend. And I always knew you were a player. If you break her heart, I’ll never forgive you,” Mocchi said coldly. She almost made me scared.

“If you don’t love her, or just want to play around with her, you gotta tell her now. Better you break her heart now than later,” Akicha added.

“Sure. I do love her. I’ll treat her right. Trust me,” I said.

“Okay.” Mocchi then closed her book and gathered her belonging. “Let’s go Mocchi.”

And those two left.

I continued working on my assignment for the next hour, before I got up from my seat and prepared to leave the library. I am planning to go home first, change my clothes, and eat dinner before I go to meet Yuki in the cemetary. Because obviously, if you’re meeting and dating someone in a cemetery, it will never involve a romantic dinner. Most of the times, I must bring some snacks to nibble on while I’m watching her doing her duty.

As I walked to the front desk, a girl accidentally bumped into me.

“Ooops, sorry.” I said and squatted down to help the girl picking up her scattered books.

“No, it’s my fault. I wasn’t looking,” the girl said apologetically.

I took a time to look at her and realized I have seen her a few times before, she’s attending same classes with me. Her name was Xu Chen Chen. She was an international student, coming from China.

“Hi, Chen Chen.” I smiled at her.

“Oh, hi….uuhh----“

“I’m Miyazawa Sae. You can call me Sae. We attend the same class.” I explained.

“Oh, right, I’m sorry,” Chen Chen said as she looked at me.

Our eyes met, and suddenly her pupils widen as if she was in shock or had just seen something horrible.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“……..It’s…..It’s…..” she stuttered.


“No. No… I just…..Never mind. I’m sorry,” she quickly got up and walked away from me.

I was stunned for a while.

Chen Chen was quite a mysterious person for me, much like Yuki, even worse. Not only she was a loner, all of my friends also think she’s a weirdo. She always dressed in ethnical clothes and wear gypsy accessories. Some of my friends told me that she has an obsession for astrology, Tarot, palm-reading, and everything related to gypsy culture.

I shrugged off, thinking Chen Chen probably was just being delusional as usual.
It was already dark when I left the library. I hurried up to my apartment. I couldn’t wait to see Yuki tonight.



Yuki and I were having a date at the cemetery. We walked around and hunt for vampires. The weather was warm and we didn’t encounter so many vampires, so we had enough time to talk while hunting.

“Yuki…” I called her as she walked beside me. “I want to ask you something.”

Yuki turned to me, “What?”

I stopped for a moment and took a look into her eyes.

“Why won’t you let me tell my friends about us? Why must we keep it secret?”

At first Yuki did not answer, but then she looked at me.

“I don’t want too many people to know.”


“It’s dangerous, Sae. I’ve told you, it is for our safety.”

“What? What danger? I know hunting vampires is not really a safe thing to do. You fight a lot. You face danger everyday. But I see some people are doing that too out there. What kind of danger are we talking about, Yuki?”

Yuki seemed hesitated.

“Someone is after me. And now I’m hiding from him,” she finally spoke.

I was silent for a while. “Is he a vampire?”

Yuki nodded.


“I can’t talk about it with you now.”

“Is he stronger than you?”

“Yeah, he is. Much stronger.”

“Who is he?”

“I can’t tell you now.”

“Why? Is it a secret? Yuki, now I feel as if I’m dating a covert agent. I’m your boyfriend. If you need to share something with someone, you can always trust me. I can keep your secret.”

Turning her gaze away, she stares into the ground and took a deep breath. Her lips formed a thin line.

“You know Sae, we should probably just break up.”

“WHAT!?” I was in shock.

“Maybe we should stop seeing each other,” she said.

“What are you saying something like that? Are you not happy with me? Did I do something wrong again?” I asked.

“No, Sae, I just--- I just don’t want you to get hurt because of me.“

“Please stop saying those things, Yuki. You know I will never leave you.”

Yuki didn’t say anything, only staring at me with those dark orbs.

I sighed. “Okay then, if you don’t want me to tell my friends about us now, I will wait until you’re ready.” I said as I pulled her and kissed her.

She smiled at me. “Thank you, Sae,” she replied as she returned the kiss.

And that was our conversation that night. I feel that Yuki is still hiding something from me. But that’s okay. I’m willing to wait until she’s ready to tell me everything.

Up until now, it’s only Mocchi and Akicha who knew about my relationship with Yuki. I haven’t told my parents and my sister yet. I really want to tell them and bring Yuki to meet them. I am sure my parents and my little sister, Mayu, will like her very much. I think Yuki and Mayu will get along and like each other. I can totally see Yuki will be fitting the role as a big sister for Mayu. Mayu had always wanted a big sister. Oh I can’t wait to make them meet and introduce them to each other. I was actually planning to bring Yuki to my home town this summer holiday, but since I was busy my assignments and club activites, I must postponed my plan, and rearranged it for the next holiday.


Few weeks later, I was already busy with my study and work. Just as I expect, I manage to pass the interview for the internship job. They asked me to work for at least three hours a day at their office, and sometimes I must bring some works home and finish the tasks remotely. Therefore I have to spend more time at night for studying and working on my campus assignment. This made me unable to meet Yuki every night. We only managed to see each other twice or three times a week. But I always tried to find a spare time to stop by at the café where she works. And in the weekend, I always come and go out with her, either it is for a real date which involve a romantic movie and dinner, or it’s just our usual date in the cemetery.

Everything is going well. My mood never gets down when I’m with her. And when I’m not with her, instead of daydreaming about her, I’m focusing my mind to do my best on my study and works, so that I can achieve my dream to marry her.

And then one day, I started having a recurrence dream when I sleep at night.

It wasn’t a bad dream or nightmare, but it makes me feel uneasy everytime I wake up in the morning after.

In my dream, I see myself walking alone in a long, lonely road.
I don't know where it goes, but I feel like it’s the only road that I have ever known.

There’s no one else but me there. It's only me, and I walk alone.
It seems like the whole city sleeps and I’m the only one walking on that road.

My shadow is the only one that walks beside me.
And I cannot listen to any sound other than my own heartbeat.
My heart is the only thing that's beating.

It was a really a weird dream, and it keep recurring in my sleeps for several consecutive nights.

I wonder what is the meaning of my dreams.
Those dreams bothered me somehow, but eventually I choose to brush it off.
I never thought dream is of importance anyway.
They’re probably just a chemical reaction occured inside our brain when we are sleeping.


A few weeks later, I finally managed to buy a ring for Yuki.
The ring was not cheap, and I have to use most of the salary I made from my internship job to buy that ring.

And it was worth it.

I took Yuki to the beach a few hours before the sun set.
I knelt down in front of her, opened the box and put the ring on her pinky finger.
And I asked her, “Yuki, will you marry me?”

Yuki didn’t say anything. She only smiled and nodded.
I knew she was happy inside.
I’m going to make her the happiest person in this world.

We spend an hour to walk on the seashore.
Then we sit on the white sand, talking to each other.
Her head was resting on my shoulder, and I held her in my arms.
We watched the seagull flying above the sea, and the wave rising and breaking.
We wrote our names on the sand and watched as it’s washed away by the wave.

That day I was so happy.
Both of us were happy.
And she was that beautiful.


I was reading in the library when that Gypsy Chick come and sat in front of me.

“Hello Sae. Can we talk for a minute?” she asked in a worrying tone.

“Sure. What’s up?” I turned my eyes to her, and when I saw her in a serious mode, I decided to put my book aside and give my full attention to her.

“Sae-kun, I know it’s sound weird, but, I have to tell you this,” Chen Chen said, “I have a bad omen about you.”

“Bad omen? Like what?”

“I don’t know how to say this. I really don’t want to tell you this, Sae, but---“

“Just say it! Is it that bad?”

Chen Chen closed her eyes for while, and after taking a breath, she hissed. “It’s abouth your death, Sae. You’re going to die soon.”


Other visitors in the library immediately turned their eyes to me.

“I’m sorry,” I said to them awkwardly, and shifted my gaze back to Xu Chen Chen.

“Chen Chen-san, please do me a favor. Don’t make a joke like that. It’s not funny at all.”

“This is not a joke, Sae. I’m serious. I’m an indigo. I can see when Death is around us. Death is watching you now.”

I felt a shiver down my spine and I spontaneously looked around to see my surrounding, as if trying to find the said Death.

“Tell me what you’ve been dreaming lately, Sae.”

“My dream? But what does it has to do with this?”

“Dream is a premonition. Of what will happen in the future.”

I chuckled a little upon her statement. This isn’t making any sense at all.

“I dream about different stuff every night. I dream about every little things, unimportant things. I don’t know which one of it you’re talking about.” I shrugged.

“Had any bad dream?”

“Sometimes. But I don’t remember what it is.”

“Well, then, let me tell you about your dream, Sae,” Chen Chen locked her eyes at me and stared at me deeply. She has such a freaky eyes, it made me scared.

“In your dream, you see yourself walking alone in a boulevard. There’s no one else but you there. It's only you, and you walk alone. You don't know where it goes, but you feel like it’s the only road that you have ever known. Is that right, Sae-kun?”

I stared agape at her, unable to believe what she just said.
That was exactly my dream.
How did she know?
I never told anyone about my dream, not even Yuki.

I tried to hide my shock, but I think she can see I’m getting nervous now.
I’m starting to believe Xu Chen Chen is indeed an indigo with a psychic ability.

“The boulevard you see in your dream, it’s a road to your death. You’re walking down the road to your own death. And whoever you see at the end of the road, that person will become the cause of your death.”

“No, this can’t be true. It can’t be.” I denied her words.

“Sae-kun. Look, I have an advice for you. There’s still a way for you to avoid your fateful death.”

“What is that?”

“You must go away from whoever person you’re most intimate with now. Leave that person as soon as you can. He, or she, will be the cause of your death. So you must leave her if you want to save your life.”


What the hell is this? It keeps on getting more freaky.
Should I believe in her words?

“Leave that person Sae. You’ll be saved.” Chen Chen said as she got up and left.

And there I was, sitting alone, frozen for a moment.
There’s no way I can leave the person closest to me now.
There’s no way I can leave Kashiwagi Yuki.


I was walking like a zombie when I arrived at my apartment, trying hard to process all those stuff Xu Chen Chen had just said to me.
My mother called me on the phone, asking on why I haven’t called her since gazillions years ago.
I apologized to her, saying that I am very busy I forgot to make a phone call to her.

“No, Okaasan, I’m afraid I won’t be coming home this holiday. I have an internship and a project for my film-making club. Maybe next holiday. Yeah, I’m sorry, Okaasan.” I said to her on the phone.

She then told me that Mayu, my little sister, had just won a local art competition.
That news made my mood lightened up a bit. I’m always happy for whatever Mayu is doing. She’s smart, talented, and passionated. Mayu always made me proud.

After taking a shower and eating my dinner, I went to sleep.

And strangely, I had that dream again.

This time it’s a bit different.
In my dream, I’m still walking in a long, lonely road.
A boulevard.
But this time, I see Yuki at the end of the road.
And strangely, everytime I close my distance to her, she disappears, and then appears again in another end of another road.
Everytime I try to get closer to her, she always disappears again.

It keeps on repeating for I don’t know how long, until I wake up soaking wet in the middle of the night.

And after that, I couldn’t close my eyes, I couldn’t put myself back to sleep again.
So I just lied there, staring at the ceiling upon my bed, until I was rescued by the break of down.


“Yuki, let’s talk about it now.” I said to Yuki as we meet up again on the next weekend.

Yuki was taking a day off from her usual hunting and slaying, so now we’re on a restaurant, having dinner together.

“About what?” Yuki asked back.

“About someone who is after you.” I locked my gaze at her. This time I won’t let her get away with this issue. I’m going to make her tell the truth.

There was a pregnant pause between us.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I am your fiancee. I have a right to know everything about you, as it will become about us, eventually.”

Yuki let out a sigh. And at that moment, I swear I can see a stint of sadness and frustration in her eyes.

“Sae, do you remember when I told you my parents died because of an accident?”


“I lied to you. My parents didn’t die in an accident when I was nine. They were murdered.”

Yuki’s words hit me. I opened my mouth, wanting to speak some words, but nothing come out. I was too surprised.


“They were murdered by a vampire. And this vampire is very strong. I was lucky I was saved by a loyal friend of my family.”


“Sometimes I feel like they’re chasing me. The vampire who killed my parents, they’ll be coming back at me, someday. You know Sae, sometimes I feel…….scared, because of that.”

I gulped down upon hearing that. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say. That was a big burden for Yuki, and I didn’t expect this kind of thing could happen to her.

“I always feel this urge to hide myself from them. I just hope they won’t find me.”

“So that’s why you don’t want me to tell my friends about our relationship?”

Yuki nodded.

And now I understood, the reason why she rejected me when I first confessed my love to her, it’s because she was afraid she’s going to drag me down into her situation. She was afraid I’m going to get hurts because of her.

“So, am I still your girl now?” Yuki asked out of the blue, and stared at me again.

I always become weak everytime she gives me those glare. It’s like her stare is piercing right into you. And other time, when she’s not glaring, she has those dreamy eyes that I love very much. Her dark orbs were like ocean, it got me swimming around and around, and I lost in her ocean.

“Or should we just break up right now?” she asked.

I let out an awkward laugh. I hate this tense between us now. I hate it when she’s talking about breaking up.

“Are you kidding me? There’s no way I will leave you, Yuki. No way.” I said and smiled at her, trying hard not to be feeling down after hearing the truth from her just now.


It’s been a few weeks since I had those conversation with Yuki.
And since then, I’ve been trying to hold myself together.

I try to put all those pieces.
The truth that Yuki had told me.
And the bad omen that Chen Chen had told me.

Now it all does make sense.
I never believe in fate.
I never believe in fateful day.
All this time I always believe that my first encounter with Yuki was just a coincidence.

I never believe in fate.
I never believe in destiny.
Because I choose to believe in free will.
I choose to believe that everyone has an option, a free will, a power to choose their own action.

For me there’s nothing such a sealed fate in this world.
Everyone can always change their own fate, as long as they keep on trying.

After I encounter Yuki, and Chen Chen.
My stance of view has changed a little bit.

I start to believe that my first encounter with Yuki is indeed a fate.
And with Chen Chen’s premonition, I also start to think about my death.
Is death also a sealed fate?
Does God decide who will live and who will live?
Does God decide when, where, and how someone will die?
Or He will just let us decide on our own death?

The more I think about it, the deeper I get drowned in this abyss of darkness.

Am I destined to die for Yuki?
Will that be my fate?
But I always thought, and always dreamed, that I will grow old together with Yuki.
If I die now, then someone else is going to replace me in her heart, right?
I don’t want it to happen.

I always thought I will be the one who will last forever in her heart.

Suddenly I feel so down and lost my spirit just to thinking about this.


I spend another few weeks avoiding Yuki.
I need a time to think for myself, for my future.

I kept myself busy doing my homeworks, projects, and internship job.
And when I’m not busy studying, I choose to hang out with my bromance gang: Yagira, Hongo, and Arioka.
I even join them to go to the hostess club, in order to get Yuki out of my mind for a while.

I rarely pay a visit to Yuki at her café anymore.
I often make excuses to skip our date in the weekend.

Sometimes Yuki messaged me, just to say hello and good night, and asked if I was doing okay.
And I just replied with short messages.

I don’t know if she’s aware of my change of behaviour lately, being the oblivious person she always is.
Probably she’s aware of it, but she choose to brush it off.

Last time I go out with her in a date, she was acting normal as if nothing happen between us.
But deep inside, I know she knew.

And I feel like I’m the most foolish person on earth now, for acting like this toward her.
I was the one who fell head over heels for her.
I was the one who always tried to get her attention.
I was the one who confessed first.

And heck, I was the one who had proposed to her, asking her to be my wife.

Now I’m acting like a jerk.

Yuki, I’m so sorry.
I just don’t know what to do.

I want to always be with you, yet I’m afraid to die for you.

I’m such a jerk, I know.
I really don't deserve you, Yuki.

And maybe you’re right.
Maybe we should just break up.

And so there, in a brief moment of weakness, I finally come to think about breaking up with her.


In one summer night, I took Yuki to a new place for our dinner.
It was not our usual, favourite place.
I said that it will be a good change for us, to go to a different restaurant and try new dishes.

And now here we are.
Just you and me, Yuki.
Sitting in front of another.
In one summer night.

Summer came and left without a warning.
Somehow the city doesn't look the same anymore.

I realize now, not everything would go as we planned.
You know Yuki, if things were different, I would’ve taken you to my hometown by now, on this summer holiday.
And you would’ve met my parents, and my little sister.
I don’t think you’ll ever meet them in the future, after what happen between us tonight.

Last night I was dreaming about you again, Yuki.
You seemed so faraway from me.
I tried to get to you, but all at once I looked and you were gone.

And now here you are, sitting in front of me, and looking back at me.
While I’m desperately searching for a way that we can be like we were before.

Can we go back like we were before, Yuki?
Before you told me everything about your secret.
And before that Gypsy Chick told me about all this bad omen and premonition.

Now I'm back to what I knew before I met you.
I am a guy with hope and dream. A dream to do something meaningful in my life. Something that I really passionate on doing.
I am a guy who has been hanging my hope and dream, high in the sky.
And I will fly to where my dream are hiding, somewhere in the sky.

My future has still yet to come.
I’m just not sure whether my future will be with you, or not.

I never thought I’ll be the one who’s saying goodbye to you.
And now, time is all we have, until I finally say goodbye to you, tonight.


“Sae, is everything okay? How’s your study?”

Yuki’s voice break me out of my shell.

“Unn…Everything’s fine, Yuki. Ah, let’s try this. It looks delicious.”

I grab the menu and push a button on the display to make another order.

“Naah, I’m full.” Yuki said and smiled as she looked at me. “Isn’t that, like, your sixth dishes? Are you sure you can still eat it up?”

“Boys need fat more than girls do.”

“Yeah, I know. But Sae, you look a bit pale tonight. Are you feeling unwell? We can just go home now and cancel our movie.”

I let out a silent sigh.
I’ve been spending my time this evening, trying to find a way of how to break up with Yuki.
But I can’t seem to find the right words.

Oh, how about this?
Yuki, I’m sorry, I fall in love with another girl.
Yuki, I think I’m not in love with you anymore.
Yuki, I think we’re not suit for each other, let’s break up and find someone else for us.

What am I even thinking?

And everytime I opened my mouth to speak those break-up sentences I’ve been pracitising in the mirror, I always backed down.

“I’m okay, Yuki. Please, don’t worry about me.”

So I continue sitting there, trying to find a words to break up with her.

And then, a really unexpected event happened that night, at the restaurant.
An event that would absolutely change my stance of life again.

There was a sudden noise around us, a sound like gunfire, and then sound of people screaming, glasses and mirrors breaking.
I looked around and saw people starts running everywhere.

It was like a chaos.
The first thought that came upon my brain was a dokkiri, or a reality show, or someone is filming an action movie.

And suddenly Yuki jumped off from her seat, and threw herself upon me.
From the expression I saw on her face, I knew that she was panicking like hell.

A second later, the screamings got louder. I saw people running in and out.

While I was still trying to register what was happening, I spotted several figures moving around us in a quick motion, bringing firearms. It was at that moment I realized this isn’t a dokkiri, nor a reality show, nor an action movie.

I hear people continue screaming.
Some are running, and some are lying on the floor, looking for cover.
The food and beverages are all scattered on the floor.

I look upon Yuki whose body was very close to me.
She put herself upon me, shielding me from any danger.

And somehow I find this situation is really not right.
It should be me who’s protecting her.
A man should always protect his girl.
Not the other way around.

But my mind was so fucked up that night, too busy to think a way of breaking up with her, that when this event occurred, I failed to conduct a chivalry act towards her. I failed to act as her knight in shining armour.
Time seemed to crawl its away, as I hold my breath and waited for what’s going to happen next.

And then, I heard a sound of something cut through the air next to Yuki’s head.
It was like watching a scene in a slow motion, and I swear I could have seen a bullet coming and grazing into the skin of Yuki’s cheek.

Instinctively, I grabbed her and pushed her body closer to me.
Our bodies were in a very close proximity.
I feel her breath upon my breath. And my heart was beating rapidly against her heart.

I heard someone yelling loudly about terrorist attack. It was something that rarely happen in our country.

And then I heard a sirine of police car, and the gunshot continues between the terrorists and the police squad.

All the while, Yuki kept shielding me with her body. And as much as I want to switch my position with her, I can barely move.

After a long moment of chaos, the gunshot finally over.
My guess is those assailants had retreated, or they had been shot by the police squad.

I feel the weight of Yuki’s body loosened as she lifted herself up from me.

Just when I was about to sit up, Yuki touched the area around my stomach and screamed.

“OH MY GOD, SAE, YOU’RE BLEEDING!” she screamed in panick.

I looked down upon my stomach, and saw the shirt I was wearing was tainted with red liquid.
But I don’t feel anything.

I checked my pulse and my vital signs, and I know I’m still alive.

“Wait Yuki, this isn---!” I tried to calm Yuki down. I can feel her body trembling uncontrollably beside me.


I sat up quickly and hugged her.

“Hey, Yuki, calm down.” I hugged her tightly to make her trembling stop. “Calm down. I’m okay. I’m not injured.”

“See, Yuki, this is just a ketchup. It’s not my blood.” I said to her and put her hands upon my stomach again.

Yuki was frozen for a while, until she realized that I really am not injured.

Her body is still shaking due to fear and shock, so I kept hugging her.

And then she cries. Hard.

“Sae, you scared me….I thought you were going to die…” she cries harder, almost choking her self.

And then it was my turn to be stunned.
Because I never saw her crying like this before, not even for me.

Yuki was crying uncontrollably. Her face was full of tears.
It seemed like her body wouldn’t stop trembling.

And suddenly I feel something tug into my heart.

Suddenly I realize something like I’ve never knew before.

This girl loves me so much.
So much that it pained her to see me dying in front of her.

For a minute, I just sat there, staring at her.
Amazed by this sudden turn of events.

Yuki loves me so much.
Probably even more than I love her.

I can’t believe I was planning to break Yuki’s heart tonight.
Thank God it just didn’t happen, thanks to this unexpected event.

Now I see Yuki from a different view.
She's just a girl in a world, she's moving as fast as she goes.
She was left by her parents, alone in this world.
She feels scared all the time, afraid that her parents’ murderer will come back at her.

Now she’s just trying to find her happiness, the only secure that she knows.
And after seeing how she cries for me tonight, without no doubt I can say this: her happiness is me.
It just happen to be me.

When we both got up and look around, I saw blood everywhere and it made me cringed. The police announced that they had got the situation under control. And after answering several questions from the police officers, I then brought Yuki into to my apartment because it was nearer from the restaurant.

For an hour, Yuki just sat there on my chair, without saying anything.
Her tears were still falling, although now she doesn’t make any single sound.

I couldn’t help but feel a soft spot towards Yuki now.

I never saw this side of her before.
She always put herself behind a tough-girl mask.
I never knew she was so soft and vulnerable inside.

She was really helpless.

“Yuki, are you done crying now?” I looked at her, unable to contain my smile. “I never knew you can cry like that, and for me too.”


“And you know what, Yuki, you look cute when you’re crying. Hehe. I wonder if I can make you cry like this again. Maybe with a prank? Hehe.” I chuckled as I came closer and put myself in front of her.

She frowned at me, and then hit my chest out of anger. “It’s not funny, Sae! You almost died! And it’s not something to be made fun of!”

She kept on hitting my chest.
And ouch, man, she hits like a train, she actually hurts me a little.
Where did she got that strength from?

“Ouch…ouch…stop it Yuki, stop!”

Yuki still frowned, but she stopped hitting me.

I continued, “Yuki, I just realize now that, seeing your reaction like this, you can be really prone to pranking. I can imagine, if you meet my little sister, you’ll get pranked by her every so often.”

“Oh right, your little sister. Mayuyu, isn’t it?”

“Yes. My little sister, Mayuyu. She always has a lot of idea on pranking people. Her favorite pranks are, let see, a death joke, like pretending to get drowned in a pool or a river. Also a fake call prank and an SOS prank, it’s like faking a call to her friend, saying she’s in trouble.”

“Really? That’s wicked!” Yuki’s eyebrow rise in amusement. She thought this little sister of Sae must have a very funny personality.

“Yeah. I must warn you, she’s a devil. A little devil with a flawless Cyborg face,” Sae said with a smirk plastered on his face.

“I hope she won’t prank me too often.” Yuki said.

“Oh I bet she will. So you must prepare and strengthen your heart, Yuki. Her pranks is really not for a weak-hearted. If you’re weak, she’ll make you cry everyday.”

Yuki made a frown, which Sae couldn’t help but find it’s very cute.

“Yuki, I’m going to my home town next holiday. You wanna come with me? I’ll introduce you to my parents and to my little sister.”

“Sure. I’ll come with you.”

“Thank you, Yuki.”

“You must be very close to your sister, huh?”

I nodded, and then I grabbed my necklace and show it to Yuki.

“Yeah. You see this necklace I’m wearing? It has my name craved on it, M.S., Miyazawa Sae. My mother give this to me, and give one to my sister. For my sister it is M.M., Miyazawa Mayu.”

“That’s a beautiful necklace, Sae,” Yuki said as she stared on my necklace.

Suddenly Yuki realized something.

“Ow I’m late. I should go home now,” she said.

Sae shaked his head and looked outside the window.

“I think it’s better for you to stay over for the night. It’s already dark outside and after the incident happen tonight, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be wandering around out there now.”

Yuki thought for a while. “Okay, I’ll just make a phone call to Nacchan to make her sure that I’m okay.”

After making the phone call, Yuki then washed her face and changed her clothes.
I lend her my shirt and of course it doesn’t fit her size. But she still looks cute in that, even cuter.

“You can sleep on my bed. I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“Thanks, Sae.”

Yuki seemed to be very tired after the accident that had drained her, emotionally and physically.
She fell into a deep sleep within no time.

Her face looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping.
I’m tired too, but I somehow I decided to spend a few minutes more just to watch her sleeping.
I touched her cheek gently, and found that there’s a slight wound on her cheek, as a result of being grazed by the bullet.
It was just a graze, almost unnoticable, but it meant so much for me.

Seeing that wound, I couldn’t help but think of how brave Yuki was back then.
I still could not believe she had been the one protecting me all the time during that incident.
The vision of her when she jumped at me and put me on the floor under her body, it keeps replaying on my mind.
From that moment, I realize that this girl really, really loves me.
To the point that she’s willing to take a bullet for me.

Yuki has so much love, and she’s willing to give it all to me.
And I could not ask for more, could I?

I’ve never felt so loved like this before.
Yuki, why do you love me like that?
Why do you love me so much?
Do I even worth your love?
Do I deserve someone like you?

Yuki, you were panicking because you thought I’m going to die?
But did you know that you almost lose your life too, to protect me?
You almost took that bullet for me.

Yuki, I was foolish to ever think about breaking up with you tonight.

And now, sitting in front of this sleeping beauty, I then made a promise to myself.
I promise that I will never break, as long as my heart still beating.

I promise to always be by her side.
To never leave her and never break her heart.

Yuki, please teach me, show me the way, tell me how to be brave for love.
Help me be brave for love.

I don’t know how my future is. How our future is.
I am scared just as much as you, Yuki.
But I really want to break through this fear, and make it with you.

So now I’m turning the key, unlocking the door, embracing the rollercoaster world, with you.
Stepping outside, with body and soul, I’m taking whatever future holds.
From now let’s take it in stride together.
And let’s see how far we’ll be able to go.
We’re still so young, and you know we've all been hurt before.
So why must we afraid of getting hurt again?

Yuki, I've given it thought, and now my heart is ready.
I’m ready to die for you, anytime if you need me to.
I will be with you, be in and around you, for as long as you want me to.

Now that I have realized my love for you, it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, Yuki.
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
They will never be able to drag me away from you.
I will always stay by your side, until the day I die for you.

My goddess, Kashiwagi Yuki.

I kept staring at her face until I fell asleep on the chair beside her.

And one thing I learn from that night is that is God is actually likes to play with our destiny.
God actually likes to make jokes, and play with our my heart to His own contentment, while He’s watching us from the heaven above.

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Part 2


And so from the day of that incident, Sae suddenly changed into a totally different person.
He embraced his inner fear, and he’s ready to take anything for Yuki.
He knew he can’t fight like Yuki, but he definitely will do his best to make Yuki safe.

Everyday, he treated Yuki like a princess, no, like a queen.
He made everyday as if it’s a special day for Yuki.
He sent messages to Yuki everyday, saying how much he loves her.
He visited Yuki everyday at the café.
He bought Yuki a gift almost every day.

Yuki was wondering at first, she didn’t know what makes Sae change, but she definitely enjoyed his treatment.

One day, Sae was in a library again, and Xu Chen Chen come at him.

Xu Chen Chen : “Sae-kun, I still have a bad omen about you. Have you taken my advice?”
Miyazawa Sae : “Errr…..No.”
Xu Chen Chen : “Eh? Why? You don’t believe me?”
Miyazawa Sae : “Well, I believe you, but I choose not to change my destiny.”
Xu Chen Chen : “Why? Aren’t you afraid of death?”
Miyazawa Sae : “No. Not anymore. Thanks for your advice though. It kinda opened my eyes.”

Sae then left his desk, leaving Xu Chen Chen stupefied.
Xu Chen Chen was quite surprised upon hearing Sae’s words.
She never met someone like Sae before, who is bold and brave to embrace his fateful death.
But then she smiled as she stared at Sae from behind.
She must have seen Sae from a different view too, now.


And then come the fateful day, or more precisely, the fateful death.

It was just a usual evening, Sae was walking alone from his campus to his apartment.

He heard a sound of someone fighting, and then running and panting.
He decided to look for the source and followed the trail.
Hiding low, he saw several figures (probably vampires) moving around on the roads and alleys, as if they were looking for someone.

Sae kept hiding himself, and then he walked into a dark alley, and he found someone lying on the ground, bleeding.
And he was shocked to see it was Yuki who was lying there.

“Yuki, what happen to you? Who hurt you?” Sae knelt down before the bleeding girl.

“It’s them, Sae……. They found me…..Uukkhhh…!!” Yuki hissed in pain. She tried to get up but failed as her body fell to ground again, losing the ability to support herself.

Sae quickly checked the wound on Yuki’s stomach. It was quite deep and Yuki was losing so much blood.

“We have to get you to a safe place first. My apartment?”

“No. My home, please.” Yuki hold very tightly onto Sae’s arm.

“It’s too far. We’re going to my apartment.” Sae said.

“No…..No……. Not your apartment…… My home……” Yuki said in between her heavy breating. She then tried to get up again, but failed again.

“Yuki, I can’t bring you there. I saw your assailants around here. They would have caught us before we can reach your home. My apartment it is.” Sae said firmly.

Without waiting for Yuki’s agreement, he took Yuki a bridal style and carry her to his apartment.
It wasn’t an easy job, because Sae had to encounter those people who were chasing Yuki for several times.
And all he had to do was hiding low and doing hide-and-seek, or cat-and-mouse game with those people.
Until finally he managed to arrive at his apartment.

He then put Yuki carefully on his bed.
Yuki was barely conscious already and her face had turned into a pale white, almost like a snow.
The color of her white, ivory skin were contrasted with the color of red liquid that is covering her body and her clothes.

Sae ripped Yuki’s shirt opened to reveal more of her wound. Her shirt was already soaked with blood.
The wound was even worse than Sae had thought before. A knife injury of about four inches wide, and very deep one.
Sae had never seen an injury like this before, not with his own two eyes.

The scent of copper infiltrated into Sae’s nose, and he felt nausea.
He was never one to have a heart to see people getting injured.

And on top of that, what pained him the most was because, it’s Yuki who’s lying there, bleeding to her death.

Yuki was breathing heavily every time she inhaled and exhaled. And it seemed that each breath she took brought more pain into her body.

Sae was on the verge on tearing up. He could almost feel Yuki’s pain.
For a moment, Sae was frozen, unable to do anything, only staring at Yuki on the bed.

Sae then turned on his CCTV and saw those assailants are moving around their apartment building. The apartment has a security lock on the entrance gate, and only acknowledge visitors can enter it. But if someone (the residents) opened the gate from the inside, anyone from outside can slip his way through within a short moment of time before the gate closed again. And because it was automatic gate, it will not closed if someone stand in the inside right behind the door. It was only a matter of time until those assailants arrived at Sae’s door.

“Yuki, if they’re all vampires, they can’t enter this room without our permission, right? Then we’re safe.”

Yuki shook her head slowly. “Some of them…hhh....are human…hhhh….They’re....professional….”

(Oh, now that’s the bad news. And seriously, they’re hiring professional assassins just to kill my girlfriend? What the heck is happening here?) Sae thought in frustation.

“Okay, now we’re have to take care of your wound first. Or should I call a doctor? Or should I call Nacchan?”

Sae was started panicking. He didn’t know what to do first.

“Right, I’m gonna call Nacchan first. Hang in there, Yuki!” Sae said.

He dialed a number on his phone, and waited until someone picked up the line on the other side.

“Hi Nacchan, can you come here quick? Yuki got stabbed……..Yes, at my apartment.”

Sae talked for a moment before he hang up. His face become more worried.

“Nacchan said their home and dojo were being attacked by vampires and assassins.”

Yuki bit down on her lips, either caused by pain or anger, or both.
As Yuki was still living with Nacchan’s parent, Nacchan’s home means Yuki’s home too.

Knowing that Nacchan won’t be able to come to his place anytime soon, Sae then decided to tend to Yuki’s wound.
He was never good at nursing. His hand was shaking when he tried to clean Yuki’s wound with an alcohol-dipped gauze.
But he tried his best to tend to Yuki’s wound without hurting her more.

“Sae, I’m sorry……..I’m so sorry for this.” Yuki said sofly, almost whispering.

“Sssshh…..Don’t talk now, Yuki. I’m concentrating here.” said Sae.

After cleaning Yuki’s wound, Sae then put a bandage around Yuki’s wound.
Yuki was now lying on the bed.

Sae came by the window and took a peek from behind the curtain.
He saw their assailants were still surrounding their building.

“Sae, you should leave now…..They’ll be here in a minute.” Yuki said with a weak voice.

“And leave you here alone on your own? No I won’t do that, Yuki.”

“This is it….My time is up, Sae…..I already saw this coming….”

“Yuki, please, don’t-------“

“I never expect us to go this far…..I never expect you to stay with me this long….”

“What do you mean, Yuki?”

She raised her finger and then, much to my surprise, she took off her ring. The engagement ring that I have given to her.

“Just go now, Sae…….Leave me alone……And give this ring to someone else,” said Yuki.

“What!? No!!” Sae protested.

“Sae, listen……I have always knew…..that we will never be able… get married…..and grow old together…..I’m sorry to tell you this now…..But I’m happy that we’ve been together….until now…..Please cherish me….in your memories…” Yuki said, catching her breath in between her sentences. Tears start falling down her cheeks.

And this genking boy was frozen by her words.

“Now, please, go. Save yourself, Sae.”

The boy was still frozen for a moments more.

But if I leave now, I’ll be breaking my promise to you, Yuki.
A promise that I made silently in my heart, just a few weeks ago.
You didn’t know it, right? About my promise to you.
That’s why you keep saying something stupid like that.

Should I repeat my promise again to you?
That I’ll never gonna leave you?

Have I not told you before, Yuki?
That it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.
And there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
They will never be able to drag me away from you.
I will always stay by your side, until the day I die for you.
That’s my promise to you.
But you didn’t know it, do you?

You, my goddess, you.

The boy then realized something.
That his fateful death is probably coming soon now.
It’s not about Yuki’s death. It’s about his.
Yuki will die another day, but not today.
And the boy will make sure of that.

The boy then kept thinking, listing all the options they had.
He knew they didn’t have much time left.
Their enemies would be coming at their door anytime soon.

Fighting them off would be impossible because the girl is injured, and he himself cannot fight.
Running away was also impossible because they were surrounded.
Hiding in this room wasn’t a good idea either, because soon they will come and break into this room.

The boy didn’t want to give up yet.
He had to make sure first that the girl is safe.

The boy looked around and he recalled there was a big locker chest inside his room.
The locker was small, so nobody will suspect if someone is hiding in there.
It can only fit one person. And it can only be locked from outside.

He then turned to see the girl who’s still lying on the bed.
He came at her, and carry her in a sudden, much to the girl’s protest.

“Sae, where are you taking me!? Put me down!”

The boy didn’t answer.
He kept carrying the girl to the locker chest.

He then pushed the girl into the locker.
The girl resisted. She was injured but her strength was still enormous.

“What are you doing? Sae, please stop it!”

The boy said, “Don’t worry Yuki, you’ll be safe in here.”

“And you? What about you? Where will you be hiding?”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll survive.”

“What? Then no, I’m not going to get in here alone. Not without you. Let’s just die together, Sae!”

“No, that’s not going to happen. If one of us should die. It should be me, not you.”

“Sae! You---Ugh!” her words were cut when the boy suddenly punched her hard on her face.

The girl now was knocked out cold.

The boy continued to push the girl into the locker chest.
And then, he stared at the girl’s face for the last time, and planted a kiss on her lips.

(See you in another life, Yuki! I hope I didn't punch you that hard.) He smiled at the fainted girl.

(This is our last goodbye now.) He took a look at her face again for the last time.

After that, he closed and locked the chest, and put the key under the flower pot next to his door.

He still had several (only two, in fact) things to do.

Making one last call to Nacchan:

“Nacchan, please come here as soon as you can. I put Yuki in a locker chest inside my room. The key is under the flower pot next to my door. You must get Yuki out of here A.S.A.P. Thanks, Nacchan! No, don’t worry about me!”

And to the police station:

“Officer, please help! There’s a robbery in my house…..Yes….My address…..Higashi-ku Apartment, Room 508.”

After that, he cleaned the blood from the his bed and floor, so that those assailant wouldn’t be so suspicious.

And then he sat down on the sofa and waited for those assailants to come into his room.


When those assailants finally arrived at his door, he knew his death was coming near. Funnily he didn’t feel any fear, only a bit a regret because he won’t be able to see his girl anymore.

They asked him questions, but he refused to answer.

Those assailants were still searching inside his room, trying to find where the girl is hiding, when suddenly a sound of sirine was heard from nearby. The police officers had come to fulfill the boy’s request for help.

Those assailants had no choice other than leaving the place, in order to avoid making a scene. Failing to find the girl, they decided to take the boy instead. The police came at the boy’s apartment, but didn’t find anything. And they concluded that it was only a prank call.



The said girl wake up in a secret chamber inside her uncle’s residence. This girl, Yuki, had been saved and brought by her cousin Nacchan, back to their home and into this secret chamber.

When she opened her eyes in the morning, she knew something bad has happened to the boy. She found herself with a bandage on several parts on her body, and one on her head.

“Where is Sae?” she asked her cousin, but she only received a silent answer.

She tried to get up from her bed, but her cousin hold her down back onto the bed.

“Stay down, Yuki! Your body is still weak.” Nacchan said.

“But, Nacchan, I need to see him! I need to go back to his apartment!” Yuki insisted.

“There’s no use, Yuki. He’s not there anymore. They took him away.” Nacchan stared at her with a deep concern in her eyes.

“No! No! No! This is my fault!” Yuki put her hands covering her face, feeling devastated at what just happened.

“This is all my fault. They should’ve killed me last night.” Yuki started to cry.

“Oh, Yuki…..” Nacchan could only muttered and hugged her cousin tightly to share the pain with her.

And Yuki kept on crying.



“Shinoda-sama, I’m sorry we cannot find Kashiwagi. She’s disappeared from our radar. But we brought you her friend,” a person spoke to the tall figure in front of him.

“Good. Make him talk. And I don’t care how you do it, but we must find this girl.” The tall figure said.

The person left, and now the tall figure was left alone.

Another person came entering the room.

“Umechan. Why are you here?” Shinoda said.

“I was wondering, Shinoda. Why do you insist on finding this girl? Who is her name again?”

“Tck….Kashiwagi Yuki…..She’s my greatest enemy now,” the lord answered.

“She’s your greatest enemy? And she’s only 18 years old now? You gotta be kidding me, Shinoda.”

“Oh, don’t mock me, Ume. I need to find Kashiwagi and kill her before she grow up stronger than me. We almost caught her last night, but she was saved by her friend. And now she’s hiding somewhere again.”

“Shinoda, there’s nobody stronger than you. You can be sure of that.” Umechan said.

“I know,” the lord said and left the room.


Miyazawa Sae wake up inside a cell. He found his arms and feet were chained down to the floor. He then saw several figures standing in front of him. Those were the ones who had chased Yuki into his apartment last night.

Sae started to feel worry. He knew he will never be able to get away from this. His fate has been sealed. His death is coming near. And now all he regretted was why he didn’t spend more time with his girl, and cherish more time with her. Now he would never be able to see her again.

A person spoke harshly to him, “Where is the girl? Where are you hiding her?”

Sae didn’t answer it, and he received a punch on his face, causing him to bleed swiftly from his nose.

The person spoke again, “You better tell us where she is, or lose your life.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” answered Sae, and that earned him another punch onto the side of his face. Sae was already in pain after receiving only two punches. And he was never the one to be able to withstand a beating.

They repeated the question, and everytime Sae answered it with a silent, or with an ‘I don’t know’. And they continued beating him until they get a satisfying answer, which he never give.

Sae didn’t know how long he was locked up in this cell.
Day passed by and he couldn’t even differentiate days from nights.
For him, Time was already stopped, and he waiting for his death sentence.
But he know he had done something right by saving his girl and keeping his mouth shut about her.
He was glad that in the end, he didn’t break his promise to that girl.
He finally fulfill his oath, to die for the sake of that girl.
He has traded his life with that girl’s life.
So now, he could die happily and rest in peace.


“Yuki, where are you going? It’s still not safe for you out there.” Nacchan spoke as she saw her cousin gathered up her clothes and other belonging and put them inside a suitcase. It’s been two weeks and Yuki was already recovered from her injury.

“I’m moving out.” Yuki answered shortly.


“Away from this city.”

“But, why, Yuki?” asked Nacchan.

Yuki stopped packaging and stared frustratingly at Nacchan.

“You see, I’m tired of all this! I’m tired seeing people get hurt and killed because of me! They should’ve killed me last night, but they didn’t! And someone else is dying instead of me! Arrrrrggghhhh!!!” Yuki let out a cry of anger.

“Okay, Yuki, I know how you’re feeling. But please, stay here. Stay with us. It’s for your own sake,” said Nacchan.

“I don’t care about it anymore.” Yuki shook her head and continued packaging. “I have nothing to lose now. If they want to find me and come at me again, then let them do. Let them kill me. I’m not afraid anymore.”

“.........Yuki, you’re not in your right mind now.”

“Nobody said I ever am.”

Nacchan sighed. Unable to say anything more, she could only watched as her cousin walked out from their room. Not even Nacchan’s parents were able to persuade Yuki to change her decision.

It seemed that just shortly after Sae died (or disappeared), Yuki suddenly turned into a rebel, filled with anger and regret.


Yuki decided to visit Sae’s abandoned apartment first before leaving out of the town.
She still has a spare key of Sae’s apartment that Sae had given her before.

As Yuki entered the Sae’s room, she found that it was still in good condition, albeit empty and a bit messy.
Those vampires didn’t make any huge damage. All the furnitures were still intact and there was no stain of blood anywhere.

Yuki looked around and decided to spend some time in Sae’s apartment, as if she wanted to cherish her memories together when Sae was still there besides her.

Yuki could still feel Sae’s presence in every spots and every corners inside this room.

Yuki then looked into Sae’s wardrobe and found his clothes were still there.
She took out one of Sae’s favorite clothes. She closed her eyes and inhaled the scent from it.
She still can feel Sae’s scent from the clothes.

A tears start brimming on her eyes, as she remembered the days she had spent together with Sae.
It was all gone now.

Yuki put herself on Sae’s bed, lying there for a few moments.
Closing her eyes, she suddenly feel the urge to sleep there.

It was as if Sae was still there with her, watching her.
For a moment Yuki felt like she was going insane.
And she wondered, does it ever drive you crazy, to think of just how fast the night changes.
Everything that you’ve ever dreamt of, it’s all disappearing when you wake up.

She was happy with Sae, already imagining herself in a marriage with Sae.
But then it’s all gone, just in one night change.

Yuki kept on closing her eyes, and finally succumbed into the deep slumber.


Shinoda and Umechan entered the cell and found Sae was lying unconscious on the floor.

“That boy is really persistent huh? He’s not going to tell you anything.” Umechan said. “Why don’t you intrude into his mind and find out what’s inside it?”

“I can’t, Ume. You know I can’t intrude a human’s mind. I can only intrude a vampire’s mind.” Shinoda answered.

Shinoda and Umechan both has superpower ability related to mind-control and mind-manipulation. Shinoda could intrude someone’s mind and control it, making that someone become his doll for a very long time, sometimes it can last for a life time (just like Gekikaka’s case). Umechan could intrude into someone’s mind only for a few minutes, and sent a virtual pain into the brain, causing the person to feel an extreme pain (albeit it was ony virtual pain, not a real physical pain). The other difference is the target. Shinoda could only do that to vampire’s mind. While Umechan could do that to human and vampire’s mind, and other human being.

“So what are you going to do to him, Shinoda?”

“I might just kill him. He is of no use anymore.” Shinoda approached the fainted boy and grabbed his head, ready to break his neck.

Just then, Umechan saw the boy’s face.
(Oh, he’s quite handsome, without those cuts and bruises on his face).

“Wait! Shinoda, can I make a request?”

Shinoda turned at Umechan.

“Can we sire him, Shinoda? I think he will be more useful if we sire him.” Umechan said.

Shinoda thought for a moment, “Okay, I’ll grant your wish, Ume. I’ll sire him.”

And so that day, Shinoda sired Sae-boy and turned him into become a vampire.


Yuki woke up in Sae’s bed and realized it was already dark.
She decided to spend a few more days in Sae’s apartment, hoping the boy would probably come back out of the blue.
But she knew it was only a false hope.
Sae would never come back to her.
And she just had to learn to accept that.

She heard her stomach growled and she realized she hadn’t eaten something since the morning.
She took her jacket and went outside to have a fresh air and buy some dinner.

She decided to walk along the several places that has their memories.
She went to the place where she first met Sae on that fateful day, when she was fighting vampires and Sae was hiding and watching her.
She went to the café where she worked, and Sae usually paid a visit and come to see her every morning.
She went to the university gate where she always waited for Sae when they were going out for a date.
She went to the cemetery where she often spend her evening nights with Sae, while she was hunting vampires and Sae accompanied her.

But all of it, all those memories, it only hurts her more, knowing that she could never have them again.
She would never be able to meet Sae again, to kiss him again, to hold him again.

Yuki kept on walking with sadness engulfed inside her heart.


The transformation took place for a few hours. Sae felt his whole body burning up and he was in so much pain. He couldn’t stand the pain and fall unconscious again.

When he woke up, he felt like he was in a different body. A much stronger body.
He could feel all his senses become sharper.
He could see more clearly in the dark.
His sensitivity and agility improved very much, in a way that he could never imagine before.
But on top of that, he suddenly felt this insatiable desire for a specific compound : a human blood.

Shinoda and Umechan decided to train this young vampire boy in order to be able to survive in this vampires world.
They trained him how to fight and to defend himself against hunters.
They trained him how to lure a prey and to drink blood from their human prey.
They trained him how to kill.
They trained him how to become a strong, cunning, and evil vampire.

Umechan then fall in love with him, and wanted to mate with him.
She said she imprinted this boy to become her property.

And the boy, whose mind being controlled under Shinoda’s power, he just did whatever they asked him to.

Slowly and slowly, the boy forgot about the raven girl whom he had loved wholeheartedly, and whom he had sacrificed his life for.

There were times when Shinoda’s power over him is weakening, and he remembered about that raven girl, and he felt so sad about it, but there’s nothing he could do.

He knew he would never meet that raven girl again.


Yuki was walking along the beach again.
She recalled the day when Sae proposing to her, asking her to marry him, and putting a ring on her pinky finger.
She still remember how they spend those days, just watching the birds flying, writing their names on the sand, and watching it washed away by the wave.

And once again, Yuki was drowning in her own monologue.

Sae, I need to talk with you again. Why did you go away?
All our time together still feels like yesterday.

I never thought I'd see a single day without you.
The things I take for granted, now I’m losing it.

Sae, if I promise not to feel this pain, will I see you again?
Will you come back to me again?

I know time will pass me by, and maybe I'll never learn to smile again.
But I know I'll make it through, if you wait for me in heaven.

And all the tears I cry, no matter how I try, they'll never bring you home to me.
Sae, won't you please wait for me in heaven?

Do you remember how it was?
When I never seemed to care about you.
The days went by so quickly, because I thought you'd always be there.

And it's hard to let you go, Sae.
Though I know that I must try.
I feel like I've been cheated, because we never said goodbye.
I thought I was the one who was going to die that night.
It should’ve been me who was killed that night.
Why did you trade your life me?

Because I miss you so, Sae, and I need to know.
Will you wait for me in heaven?
Please wait for me in heaven Sae.

Yuki continued to sit on the sand and watch the birds fly, remembering all her happy days with Sae.



In someone’s bedroom.

“Owwww! Ittai! You’re naughty Sae!” a vampire girl shrieked and hit the boy whose body was on top of her.

“But you like it don’t you?” the vampire boy asked flirtatiously.

He then put his hands all over the girl’s body, caressing her, kissing her, biting her.
His action made the vampire girl fly into cloud nine.
They continued to kiss each other for a few minutes.

The vampire girl then looked at the vampire boy, staring deep into his dark orbs.
His hair were messy and it made him look even more attractive.

(Sae, you’re the first person who ever make me feel this way.
And you’re so good in bed too. I can’t get enough of you.
I’m glad Shinoda decided to sire you instead of killing you that night, Sae.)


“Yes, Ume?”

“Let’s go for a honeymoon abroad next week.”

“Hm? But we’re not married yet.”

“Who cares? You’re mine and I’m yours. Let’s go away from awhile. I’m bored here.”

“Okay, where do you wanna go?”

“America, Italy, Spain, France, Egypt, and of course Romania, the homeland for our race.”

“Sure. Whereever you go, I’m coming with you, darling.” Sae said and kissed Umechan passionately on her lips.



“Any news from Sae yet?” asked a middle-aged woman to his husband. The look on her face indicated that she hadn’t been taking enough sleep for days.

“No. But I just received a call from the police, they will need us to testify and answer some questions. They said they found a suspect. So please prepare. We’re going to Hiroshima this afternoon,” her husband replied.

The middle-aged woman began to cry.

“Sae, oh my boy……Are you still alive, Son? Why did you disappear like this? Who did this to you?” the woman continued weeping.

Her husband pulled her into his embrace, trying to calm his wife.

A twin-tailed teenage girl come and stood by the door, staring at two.

“Mayu, we’re going to Hiroshima now.”

“Did they find Oniichan?”

“No. Not yet. But hopefully they’re close it.”

The twin-tailed girl nodded.
This girl was just fifteen back then, when she lost her elder brother, and later, her parents.


Yuki walked her way down the pathway, heading to her motel.
She still had money, but only enough to rent a cheap motel room.
She was thinking to look for a job, probably a cashier in a convenience store, or a janitor.
She didn’t mind to take any kind of job, as long as she could make enough money to support herself.

She decided to buy a dinner on her way home.
There was a nice, cheap stall around the city park, so she turned her direction and took a another route.

On an alley, she felt someone is stalking her from behind.
One. No, two person.

Yuki was quickly alarmed, and raised her guard up.
She knew Shinoda is still chasing her, hunting her down.
And that vampire lord will stop at not nothing in his attempt to kill her.

She continued walking, still fully aware of the presence of her stalkers.
Judging by their shadow, Yuki could tell those stalkers were male.

Yuki then felt a hand grabbing her shoulder from behind, and she quickly threw her elbow to whoever person standing behind her, causing him to have a bleeding and broken nose.
She turned around and saw the second stalker.
She didn’t wait for an attack, and immediatelly pushed that person to the brick wall.
She pushed him up, high upon the wall.
Her hand was on his neck, ready to suffocate him.

The other man, who had a broken nose, came at her, trying to separated her from his friend.
And while doing that, he shouted to her :

“Do not fight! We’re police officers!”

That words caused Yuki to halt.
A second later, Yuki felt her body being pushed rather harshly towards the brick wall, and next thing she knew she was kissing the wall.
One person held Yuki by giving a push on her back, while his partner worked on the handcuff.

Yuki was still trying to remember what she did wrong. And then one of the officers spoke to her.

“You are arrested on the charge of Miyazawa Sae’s murder. You may remain silent, because every words come from you can be used and testified against yourself.” The officer said as he showed her the badge and the arrest warrant.

A minute later, Yuki was already sitting inside the police car, with her arms being restricted behind her.



Mr. and Mrs. Miyazawa had just arrived and now they were talking to the officer in charge on this case of Sae’s disappearance.
They were told that they have a suspect, but they still have to collect all the evidence and prepare the legal document before they can go for a trial on murder. The police had found out that Miyazawa Sae met a girl named Kashiwagi Yuki that night, just before he disappeared. And now they were searching for that girl.

After that, they were asked to wait on the lobby room, along with their daughter, a twin-tailed girl with a flawless Cyborg-like face.
They still need to answer some more questions and completed certain procedures.

The twin-tailed girl seemed to be sleepy and bored.

“Okaasan, I’m thirsty. I’m to going buy something from the vending machine,” the twin-tailed girl got up and walked out to the door.

A minute later, a certain raven girl arrived at the police station, her hands were restricted, and she was guarded by two police officers.


It was the first time for Yuki to visit a police station, moreover as a convicted one.

Inside the police station, she saw so many people walking around, filling out documents, talking to the police officers, etc.
She also saw several person coming in and around, their hands were also handcuffed just like hers.
Many of those criminals had a fierce look and appearance, causing people to feel afraid to get near them.

Yuki couldn’t help but thinking about how bizarre and unfortunate her luck is tonight.
Not only had she lost her most beloved person, she also get convicted because of it.

Yuki suddenly felt like she was the unluckiest girl on earth, to ever experience something like this.

Everything was her fault.
And she couldn’t help but start hating on herself.
Maybe this was her punishment for always causing danger for everyone around her.

And then, as she looked around to see her surrounding, suddenly her eyes met with a man in his middle age.
The man was very handsome, but what surprise her the most was because his face was very familiar to her.
The man's facial feature has a lot of similarities with Sae.
It was as if Yuki was seeing Miyazawa Sae in a much older version.

Yuki wondered who this man is, and why he had a very close similarity with Sae.
She was still stunned by the sight of that man, she didn’t aware when another middle-age woman come and walked up to her.
The man followed that woman, and without Yuki realized, they were already standing in front of her.

Yuki still had no idea who they were.
But then the woman asked her this question, while staring straight into Yuki’s eyes:

“Are you the one who killed my son? Did you murder him?”

Yuki was in so much shock, she could barely speak to answer it.
It’s all clear now, why this man looked very much like Sae. It’s because he is his father. And this woman is surely Sae’s mother.

This realization hit Yuki right in the spot, and she immediately felt devastated. Never occurred to her before, that her first meeting with Sae’s parents would be in this kind of situation. Sae had told her so many times before, that he had planned to bring Yuki to his hometown, and introduced her to his parents and his little sister. She had always imagined, that she would meet with Sae’s family in such a happy and colourful circumstances. But not in this situation.

“Please just tell me, where is my son!? Please tell me he’s still alive!” the woman shouted at her, and she looked just as devastated as her.

Yuki was still unable to utter a word. She could only shook her head.

“Oh….So you did it. You did murder him, didn’t you?” the woman shouted louder. Her voice sounded like she was about to break into tears.

Yuki knew she should just deny it and said no.
But somehow, she couldn't, and didn't want to deny it.
She was the one who caused Sae’s death/disappearance anyway.

So there, Yuki just stood without saying anything to the woman.
She didn’t even try to deny it.

And apparently, this made the woman become even more devastated.
Because then she swung her palm towards Yuki and hit the girl hard on her cheek.

The sound of the slap was echoed throughout the room, loud enough to earn everyone’s attention.
Yuki’s face was immediately flicked to the side, and she found herself staring to her side.

Everyone else inside the room turned their eyes at Yuki and that woman, they were surprised to see a young girl getting a slap from an older woman.

But then they quickly returned back to their business as if nothing happened.
For those who had been spending most of their time in a police station, they knew that such a drama like this can happen from time to time. Most often, those dramas happen between the convicted persons and the family of their victim.

Yuki felt a pang deep inside her heart.
All these events was too much for her.
Her being hunted down by a powerful vampire lord, and then her boyfriend's death/missing, and then her being arrested for the murder, and now, her getting slapped in public by an elder woman.

And the fact that the slap was coming from Sae’s mother (the woman who is almost to be her mother-in-law), it’s that fact that made Yuki hurts even more.
No, it was not the physical pain.
That slap was nothing she couldn’t handle, although it actually stung her a bit, and made her cheek felt like burning.
No, it's not that. It was the emotional pain that hurt her.
It was excruciating, overwhelming.

And even if it wasn't Sae's mother who's giving her that slap, it would still hurt in a non-physical way. Because being slapped in a public space, in front of everyone, is surely going to hurt your pride so much. Nobody wants to get slapped in public. It's embarassing and will make you ashamed.

Yuki didn’t say anything after receiving that slap.
She just uttered an apology, and bowed politely in front of Sae’s mother and father.

That slap made her hair become messy. Her bang were covering part of her eyes.
But because her hands were restricted behind her, she couldn’t reach and fix her hair.

A small frown formed in her lips, unnoticed by everyone.

One by one, her punishment will come.
The slap from Sae’s mother, Yuki knew it was her first punishment.
And Yuki was ready to take whatever punishment she will received next.
She knew everything's been her fault anyway.
And it's easier for her to take all the blame.

After that, she was taken and put into a cell, where she was locked up along with other criminals and convicted person.

And shortly after, a twin-tailed girl came entering the room, holding a plastic bag containing food and drinks she had just bought from the vending machine.

She looked at her mother and she wondered why there were tears on her mother’s face.

“Okaasan, why are you crying?” ask the twin-tailed girl.

“It’s nothing, Mayu. It’s nothing,” answered her mother, wiping the tears on her face.

Later that day, the Miyazawa Family left the police station, and went home back to their town.


That night was the first time for Yuki spent a night staying inside a jail.
And all the while, she didn’t talk to anyone who were locked in the same cell with her.
She just sat in the corner, and staring empty through the bars in front of her.

Next day in the morning, her uncle come with Nacchan to bail her out.
A few days later, the police announced that she wasn’t guilty and cannot be trialed, due to the lack of evidence.

A few months later, Sae was declared as missing, and his case ended there.



One day, a vampire boy named Sae suddenly remembered his past life, his life before he was sired.
He also remembered about the girl that he had loved so much, the girl whom he had traded his life for.
He managed to remember it, because Shinoda’s power was weakening a bit, and it made him losing his control over Sae.

Sae then runaway.
He come back to his town, and tried to find that raven girl again.
But the raven girl wasn’t there anymore. She had moved into another place, and Sae didn’t know where.
And then he went to his hometown, only to find his parents were already died from an accident, and his little sister disappeared.
The boy was so sad and devastated to see his family fell apart.
He could only hope that his little sister was still alive somewhere.

And then, not knowing what else he could do, he continued searching to find Yuki, while also knowing that his time was limited.
Shinoda most likely would chased him down again now, to take control over his mind again.

Sae tried hard to resist Shinoda’s power, but he knew eventually he will lose against the vampire lord.
Shinoda was too strong for him.

So he decided to just kept on trying and searching for that raven girl, hoping that he could meet again for the last time before he lost his soul and sanity, and fully succumbed into the abyss of darkness.

And fortunately for him, on one fine evening, he found that girl again, wandering from town to town.
He was happy to see her still alive, to know that his sacrifice is worth it.

But unfortunately for him, he could not show himself in front of the girl.
Because now they were in two different worlds.
He was a vampire. And she was a hunter.

So instead of showing himself, he chose to stay in the shadow, watching that girl from a far, while secretly following her just to make sure she is safe and unharmed.


On one fine evening.
Yuki stepped into the night, walking alone without showing any single circumspection.

A few drunken men stopped her on her path.
They started getting into an argument.
Those drunked men tried to abuse her.

One man made his advance. But he got punched and kicked in the groin.
His friends were enraged and they come to her, all at once.

A few minutes later, those drunken men were lying on the ground, immobilized.

Yuki looked around and listened carefully to her surrounding.
She felt as if she was being stalked again.
She’s been feeling like this for a week.
She felt as if there’s someone who is watching her and following her everywhere she goes.

Somehow she knew her stalker this time is not a dangerous person.
Somehow she knew her stalker is someone who once was so close to her.
She made a wild guess, it’s probably ‘him’. The boy who had sacrificed his life for her.
But she brushed her thought off, assuring herself that ‘he’ was already dead a year go.

Another day.
When Yuki felt beyond depressed.
She walked out, and picking fights with the yankees whenever she spotted them.
She just wanted to vent all her anger and frustration.

And yet another day.
When her guiltiness took over and become unbearable.
She walked out, picking fights again with the yankees.
But instead of beating them up, this time she just let them beating her up, right then and right there.
On the days like these, it was much easier for Yuki to take a beating and deal with the physical pain, than to deal with emotional pain.
She knew it sounds like a masochist, but she could find no other way to punish herself.

Sometimes she thinks of suicide.
But coming from a highly respected samurai clan, she knows that she doesn’t serve a suicide.
One can only do suicide (harakiri) for a good reason, that is to defend his honor.
But looking at herself now, she doesn’t have anything to defend, not even honor.
She already lost her honor and pride a year ago.


On one fine evening.

Sae was hiding in a shadow, watching for a certain raven girl.
As much as he wanted to show up and reveal himself in front of the girl, he was also afraid of how her reaction would be, upon seeing him in this vampire state.

He was so afraid the girl would hate him.
Being hated by the girl he loved the most, it was something that he could not afford.

So he just stood there, hiding under the shadow, watching the raven girl, and following her everywhere she goes.

One time he watched Yuki picking fights with yankees, which kinda stupid, but he knew why Yuki did it.
He knew how much anger and frustration Yuki kept inside herside.

Another time, he watched Yuki picking fights again, but deliberately losing the fight, allowing herself to be beaten.
It was really painful for Sae to see Yuki suffered like that.
He wanted to show himself up, and talked to Yuki, to knock some sense into her head.
And to tell her to move on and find a new love.
But he can’t. His vampire state stopping him from showing up.

Lately Sae had been wondering, who will be there to take his place inside Yuki’s heart.
He knew that after he’s gone, Yuki will still need love to light the shadows on her face.

A year ago, a great wave had fallen upon them.
And now Sae wonders, between the sand and stone, can Yuki make it on her own?

If only he could, then he definitely would go wherever Yuki will go.
Way up high or down low, he will go wherever she goes.

And maybe, he’ll find out the way to make it back someday.
To watch her, and to guide her through the darkest of her days.

Sae could only hope that there will someone out there, who can bring the happiness back to Yuki’s life.
But he knows now, just quite how her life and love might still go on, that in Yuki’s heart, and in Yuki’s mind, he'll stay with her for all of time.

Someone will come and replace his spot in Yuki’s heart.
But he also know, that he will still love forever inside the girl’s heart.


Day after day, Sae could feel Shinoda’s power over him getting stronger.
So then one day, he decided to stop following Yuki, and leave the raven girl for good.

He decided to follow his own path, trying hard to keep the soul and sanity, the last thing about humanity that he still maintain underneath his blood-thirsty exterior.

He wandered around for a while, but he knew someday he must return to Shinoda’s place.
The lord’s voice is calling him, and he cannot resist against it.
He cannot fight against him.

And then one day, right after he left Yuki, he encountered a yet unexpected person: Akimoto Sayaka.

Meeting Sayaka, however, had made Sae lightened up a bit.
Sayaka was Sae’s first love, back in his hometown, long before he met Yuki.
Sayaka was Sae’s neighbor.
They had been friends since they were infants.

Sae decided to stay with Sayaka for a while, saying he didn’t have enough money to rent his own apartment.

Sayaka didn’t know that Sae had become a vampire.
Every morning, before the sun rises, Sae would leave Sayaka’s place, saying that he had works to do.
And then on the evening, after the sun sets, Sae would come back at Sayaka’s place, saying that he had finished his works.

They spent their nights together.
Sayaka treated him very nicely, just like a best friend would.

Sae enjoyed every last days he had with Sayaka so much, while also trying to suppress his blood-craving nature whenever he was around her.

Until one day, he finally left, leaving Sayaka alone, and disappeared without trace.


Yuki arrived at another town.
It was a small town, and Yuki felt safe because here, noone will know and recognize her.
At least she won’t be bringing danger to anyone close to her again.
She was a total stranger in this town.

There was a small café, and Yuki felt a sudden interest to enter this café.
Inside the café, she saw two men, conducting a live singing in front of the visitors.

She decided to stay and watch.
The singer looked attractive, and his voice was heavenly.

He sang a very sad song, while his partner playing the piano.
He sang it very beautifully and he put all of his emotion into the song.

Yuki sat there and listened to the song.
And she felt as if she was brought to another dimension.

She felt as if the song was meant for her.
The lyrics fit her so much.

Just how far have I walked?
If I look back behind me, I'll find a trail of tears.
I was wounded, and hurt others in return.
And now I've finally reached the place where you hide.

Such a thing as love;
It's only you.
You demand too much, and I don't have it all.

Such a thing as love;
If you're not there, there's no meaning to life!

Do you truly love me with all your heart?
Even now, I feel insecure, yeah.

Within my dreams, I saw your face and you were crying desperately.

Please stop crying;
I won't let you go,
You are the one and nothing matters more.
Such a thing as the future,
If you aren't there, then I can't see it.
It's unnecessary.

The morning rays of sunlight.
Shone upon your sleeping face and I smiled, embarrassed.
Because we were happy then.
I wish that the love I felt during those days.
Would continue on till, forever.

Such a thing as love;
It is only you,
You demand too much and I don't have it all!
A long way down with you,
Such a thing as love;
If you're not there, then there's no meaning to life.

No matter how much I love you, it seems like it's never enough.

Such a thing as the future,
If you aren't there, then I can't see a future.

[LYRICS: NEWS - Ai Nante]
[Here's the link :

A tear falling down from Yuki’s eyes, down onto her cheek.
She was crying in silent.

Sae-chan, that’s true.
Such a thing as the future,
If you aren't there, then I can't see a future.

The song ended, and Yuki was still frozen on her chair.

Suddenly a gentleman came and approached Yuki.
It was the singer. His name was Tegoshi.

He said hello.
And he asked why Yuki was crying alone.

Yuki wiped her tears and replied to him, that she had just lost someone close to her.

The man said, “Don’t worry, you will find a new love and happiness.”

And suddenly, Yuki said to him, “Go out with me, please.”

The man was stunned upon hearing that.
Yuki herself didn’t know why she said that to him.
Maybe she just wanted a company, so desperately.

Tegoshi said yes, he would like to go out with Yuki.

They continued seeing each other for a while.
They even kissed, but somehow Yuki felt their kisses were lacking something.

And then, one day, Tegoshi asked her something.

“Yuki, do you love me?”

“Of course I do, Tegoshi-kun.”

Tegoshi smiled, and then, after looking into Yuki’s eyes, he said. “No, you don’t love me. But thanks for saying that, Yuki.”

After that, he broke up with her.


Yuki continued wandering to another town, trying hard to find a cure for her broken heart.

And then one day, in a small town somewhere in Shizuoka, she encountered yet another fateful day. She was walking down on the street, after roaming around to search and apply for jobs. Near a city park, she saw three figures moving in a bush. They didn’t realize Yuki was standing near them, watching them behind the shadow.

Those figures whispered something about hunting vampires, which made Yuki suddenly got interested.

“Okay, give me that arrow now! I think I got him good from here. I can shoot him,” a cute, boyish girl said whispering to another girl. She was bringing a bow.

The other girl passed her an arrow. She brought a heavy bag on her back.
The first girl then pointed her arrow and tried to shoot a target in the dark.

Meanwhile there was another girl standing not far from them. She was covered by the building’s shadow, but still visible.

Yuki kept on watching these three people, out of curiousity.

“Please hurry! I’m scared. He’s coming…” that girl whispered to her cellphone. She was cute, and her face reminded Yuki to a squirrel.

“Calm down, Squirrel! Takamina is shooting him now,” answered the girls who carried the heavy bag, to the cellphone.

The girl named Takamina said, “Sssshhh…….I’m trying to focus here!”

The girl who carried the heavy bag, who looked like a hetare/geek, then said, “Sorry!”

Yuki saw a figure coming out from the dark alley, quietly moving closer to the frightened squirrel girl.
The girl with the bow seemed to be focusing herself on her target.


“OUUUUCCCHHH……!!” the figure screamed in pain. But he didn’t vanish into dust, because the arrow missed his heart by some inches.

Yuki kept watching those three girls’ antic from behind the shadow. She was amused by how goofy they were, but also stunned by how brave they were to be able to act so confidently like that, going against vampires without having adequate skill and weapon.

“Crap!! ….I missed it!!” the girl with the bow grumble.


Yuki watched as those three girls run upside down. They just run and run for their life. They run like there was no tomorrow.

But then Yuki saw the hetare girl being left behind.
That girl was carrying a heavy bag, so she couldn’t run as fast her friends.

Yuki followed the hetare girl, knowing that the girl would be in so much trouble.

The hetare girl run as fast as she could, but her heavy bag kept slowing her down.

And then came another vampire, a dyed-blond girl, suddenly appeared just few meters in front of her. She smirked and vamped out her fang.

The hetare girl seemed so scared.
She tried to reach out her bag and take one of her arrow. But Yuki could see that her hand were trembling a lot.

“YOU SHOOT MY BOYFRIEND…!!! You shouldn’t do that, you know…” the vampire said at the hetare girl, and then walked slowly and tauntingly, closer to her prey.

The hetare girl fell down on her knees, not able to stand still. “No, it wasn’t me. Please…. have mercy….I haven’t even get married, please don’t kill me now…”

Yuki frowned.

(The heck! What did she just say? Getting married? Ahahaha!
Is she stupid or she’s just trying to make a joke here?)

Yuki muffled a silent laugh.
And that was the first time for her, after two years, to see something so amusing and hilarious like that.

“I won’t, darling. Instead, you will live forever, and you’ll be happily married forever with whoever you want, FOREVER!!!”
the vamp-girl laughing out loud.

“No no……I mean, I have kids…They still needs me….Please…” the hetare cried.

Yuki couldn’t but frown even more.
(This girl is seriously joking right now. A really, really bad joke.)

Vamp-girl: “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!! Are you really afraid of me, OR NOT?”

The vampire then moved towards her victim very fast, too fast for a human to react and dodge it.
The hetare girl was too scared and too shocked, she couldn't do anything other then bracing herself, ready for the beating.

(That's it!
I'm helping her now!)

Yuki decided.
She then jumped and kicked the vampire down.

“Hey, thanks…” the hetare girl said. She seems relieved, but still trembling. She tried to stand up and reach her bag.

“Here….here…..I have many weapons here, arrow, batter, stick, knife, ….” said the hetare girl as she handed those stuff to Yuki.

Yuki glared at the hetare girl.
(Why is she not running now? Run moron! Run!)

“GET OUTTA HERE!  ARE YOU MORON OR WHAT?” Yuki scolded the hetare girl.

“Geezz….I was just trying to help….” The hetare girl pouted.

“WHAT?....I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU...!!! ” Yuki was already getting on her edge now. She stared at the hetare girl with her death-glare eyes.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!! Go on. Continue..." the hetare girl said and withdraw herself, hiding in a safe place.

“How dare you take my prey away!!!” the vampire said.

“Bring it on, b*tch!! I’m right here!!” Yuki cursed. She was now in her angry mode, and there’s no way this vampire could escape from her.

The vampire lost her calmness and attacked Yuki with full strength.
Yuki fought the vampire off.
They traded some blows and kicks, until Yuki managed to get the upper hand.

Just before Yuki was about to dust her, the vampire runaway and escaped.

The hetare girl was very grateful and continuously saying thank you to Yuki.
She asked Yuki’s name. But Yuki didn’t answer.

She just left immediately and went back to her apartment.



Yuki didn’t think much about her encounter yesterday with those weird hunter girls.

Today she’s going out again to do job hunting.

And somewhere, inside the market, someone bumped upon her.
They both fell to the ground.

Yuki looked to see the other person.
It was a teenage girl, wearing a pink hoodie and a seifuku uniform.
She had a cute, flawless face, like a Cyborg.

The hoodie girl looked into Yuki’s face. “Oh I’m sorry. Wrong person.”

They both stood up and continued to walk to their direction.

But after a few steps, Yuki realized something.
(My wallet!! She stole it! That hoodie girl!)

“Hey, you…!!! Stop right there..!” Yuki shouted at the hoodie girl.

The hoodie girl freezed for a second.

“You stole my purse!!!” Yuki shouted again and then run after that hoodie girl.

The hoodie girl’s running her ass off.

The hoodie girl was skinny and able to blend herself in the crowd.
Yuki had to run fast and get through the crowd in order to get her.

It was like a cat-and-mouse game.

For a moment, Yuki lost the hoodie girl because of the crowd.
(Damn! Where is that girl!)

Yuki felt her anger started building up again.
She didn’t expect that little girl to be a thief, a pickpocket.
She made a note to herself to be more careful next time.

She tried hard to find that girl.
Finally, after searching around for a few minutes, she spotted girl hiding behind a cardboard.

Yuki moved like a ninja and approached the girl quietly from behind.
While that girl seemed to be unaware of Yuki’s presence.

Yuki waited for a few minutes more, until she saw that girl getting out from her hiding.

Yuki frowned.
(I got you now, little girl! You can’t runaway from me!)

Just before the girl started walking away again, Yuki gave a sudden pat on her shoulder, causing the girl to halt.

The hoodie girl seemed surprised to see Yuki was still following her.
She tried to push Yuki. But Yuki was taller and stronger. Yuki then grabbed that girl’s arm.
The hoodie girl resisted, trying futilely to free herself. But they both ended up falling to the ground again.
This time, Yuki was on the top of that girl. Their position was a little bit awkward.

“You can’t run anywhere now. Give me back my purse. Or I’ll drag you to the police.” Yuki said angrily, while holding
that girl’s arms on the ground.

The girl tried to push her, but Yuki was way stronger. The girl didn't have a chance against Yuki.

And then suddenly Yuki’s eyes landed on the girl’s chest, and she saw a very familiar necklace.
Yuki was in shock to see the necklace.
It was very similar with Sae’s necklace, and it has an initial M.M. craved on it.

And while Yuki was still stunned, the hoodie girl managed to push her and quickly stood up and then covered her necklace like it was very precious for her.

“Let me see it.” Yuki softened her voice, not wanting to scare this girl.

“No. Don’t.” answered the hoodie girl. She quickly gave the purse back to Yuki, and stepped back.

Yuki just stared at the hoodie girl. The hoodie girl has nowhere to run now, because there is a wall behind her, and noone else are around them. Only Yuki and that hoodie girl.

“I just need to see it. I don’t mean any harm.” Yuki said, still staring at the hoodie girl.

“I said no. Can you please leave me? I’m sorry about the purse,” said the hoodie girl.

“Okay then.” Yuki gave up. She really didn’t want to make this girl scared or hurt.

But this hoodie girl still need a warning, if not a punishment. So then Yuki said, “Anyway, I’m letting you go this time. But if I happen to see you stealing again from somebody else, I will throw you right to the police, and I’ll make sure they keep you in juvenile’s prison.”

Yuki throw a deep stare at the hoodie girl.
The hoodie girl stared back at Yuki.
They’re both staring at each other.

“Don't worry. This won't happen again,” the hoodie girl said almost reluctantly.

"Mayu-chan..!!!" somebody called out the hoodie girl’s name.

Yuki froze upon hearing that name.
Mayu-chan. It’s the same name with Sae’s little sister.
And she had the same necklace too, similar with Sae’s necklace.

Now Yuki realized, this hoodie girl is really Sae’s little sister.
It was unexpected, and somewhat bittersweet, for Yuki to be finally able to meet Sae’s little sister.
It seemed Anzai-san the fate had decided to arrange their first meeting, right here, right now.

For a moment, Yuki kept on staring at the hoodie girl.
It was as if the world suddenly narrow into just the two of them.

And then Yuki saw three people coming closer at them.
They were carrying some food, artillery, and other stuff.

"Hey, it's you!" the hetare girl seemed to be surprised to see Yuki.

"Who?" the boyish girl asked. "Oh…might it be, you're the one who saved our friend last night?"

Yuki didn’t answer, but the hetare girl spoke. “Yes, she was the one who saved me last night!”

The boyish girl extended her hand. "I'm Takahashi Minami. My friends call me Takamina."

"I'm Yuki. Kashiwagi Yuki." Yuki said, giving a hand shake.

The boyish girl then looked at Yuki and the hoodie girl. “Do you know each other?" she asked.

“No.” the hoodie girl said.

"Yes." Yuki said at the same time.

Awkward situation.

"Well, she stole----" Yuki began to speak but she was cut.

“I just met Yuki today, and now we’re good friends,” the hoodie girl said, interrupting Yuki’s words.

"Are you new around here, Yuki? Where do you live?" the boyish girl asked.

"Yes. Not far from here."

"Do you live with your friend?"


"Oh great. So how about hanging out with us then?" the squirrel girl asked cheerfully.

"I got work to do." Yuki walked away.

"Meeeuuhh….She doesn't like to talk, does she?" said the squirrel girl.

"Mayu, think of something to get her." said the hetare girl to the hoodie girl.

"She already said no, and I don't want to force her," the hoodie girl answered, showing least of interest.

"But you were the one who got excited about having that girl in our team. Why do you give up that easily?"

Yuki stopped at her track. (What, she wanted me to join their team? Does she know me?)

That question then led to another question inside Yuki’s mind.
(Does she know who I am? Does she know about me and Sae? Does she know that I’m the one who caused Sae’s death?)

Yuki couldn’t help but feel so nervous when she thinks about all those possibilities.

Still feeling fazed, and now knowing what to do, Yuki continued walking.

The boyish girl chased Yuki, hardly catching up with the raven girl. "Yuki, wait…!! Listen….!!!”

Yuki stopped and turned around.

“I know what you capable of. You helped my friend last night," the boyish said.

"I wasn’t helping anybody,” replied Yuki.

"Still, thanks for that. And I think we can fight them together."

"Fight what?" asked Yuki, still walking.

"Things, you know. Fight the thing you battled last night, and other thing. Many things."

Yuki stopped.

"Are you also with that school girl?"

"With Mayu? Yes, why?"

"Okay, I'll go with you," Yuki agreed.
(I'll just stay with them until I'm assured that she's really what I think she is.) She thought.

The boyish girl said cheerfully, "All right!! Come on!! We’ll show you our place!!" 


So that was how Yuki met those hunter girls and the Cyborg girl, for the first time.
Yuki then decided to stay with them and befriends with them, and joining them hunting vampires.

And the rest is history.



And that’s that, readers!
I just brought you back to Season 1 Chapter 1. Yaaay!!!
And cheers to re-reading again!  :deco: :deco: :deco:

I’m not expecting any comment because:
(1) I know SaeYuki shippers are usually silent readers.
(2) This chapter has a very sad ending for SaeYuki.

This chapter only contains a bit of SaeYaka.
Expect more SaeYaka in later updates. That, if there’s someone who is willing to help and collaborate with me.

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I'll break the belief that SaeYuki shipper is silent reader  :kekeke: :kekeke:

It's been a while since I post in jphip (blame on my work :imdead: :imdead:)

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Enough for chit-chat

First of all, uwaaaahh you just made my day  :shifty:
though it's not really fluffy or typical of SaeYuki story (i meant happy ending one), still kinda nice to read one ^^
You know there aren't many SaeYuki's writer (I can't remember any at the moment, except me)

This prequel, really describe SaeYuki's relationship in the past. They were so in love, but fate said the other way  :on speedy:

Oh I enjoyed a little romance and flirt here and there such as scene where Sae teased Yuki on cafe about being a good husband for later.
I was kinda raised my fist in the air and said "Yeaaay"   :whistle: :whistle:

about your story, as much as I want to help. I am afraid mine are already busy with my fanfics  :on cloudeye:

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@ genkingblack:
Thanks for your comment. Your previous username is buciq right?
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Yes I'm busy with studying, but I really wanted to update this SaeYuki special chapter because I've already been working on it since 2012. So I decide to sacrifice my studying time a little just to write this.
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Yap that's me!

Yeah, tbh i didn't expect mayu will be the first one leaving.
Oh sadly, i just watched yukirin's showroom and she said she has no intention of graduating at the moment  :(
As much as i want to her grad, i meant she is so ready to go solo....

Good luck for study! I hope to see you around 😊
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LOL I just had to show up and update this again.
Now I present this for all Sae-oshi, and all SaeYaka shippers, and all SaeYuki shippers.
Sae is good to be paired with anyone: Sayaka, Yuki, Acchan, Yuko, Rena, Mayu, Umechan, Kasai, Mocchi, etc. etc. the list could go on and on.

@ genkingblack: I think Yukirin just wants to continue being idol, and nurturing younger members  :lol:
Thanks for your info. I have watched her latest showroom but I didn't understand Japanese language.




It’s been a month since I started following Yuki like a stalker. I witness it my own eyes, how she’s been messing up without me.
I’m really worried about her. I saw it several times, she’s picking up fights with yankees, often letting herself being beaten up. I knew she just wanted to punish herself for what had happened to me.

Everytime I watched her getting into a fight with yankees, I had to do my best to suppress this urge to reveal myself and help her. I must not let Yuki see me. I must not let Yuki know that I’m still around her. If she sees me, she’ll never be able to move on from me.

And also, there’s other reason why I cannot get any closer to her. Everytime I get close to her, my blood-thirst temptation suddenly become stronger. All I wanna do is to take a sip of Yuki’s blood. I want to feel her blood flowing down in my throat and my body vessel. I’m craving for her blood. And I know it’s wrong.

So all I could do was just standing in the shadow and watching her from a far.

And then one night when I saw her sitting alone in the park, I bid her a silent, last goodbye. That was the last time I saw her. She never saw me in my vampire state. But I’m sure I will meet her again.

Shinoda had planted his mind-control power over me, I can so hear his voice inside my mind, calling me. And I feel myself begin to lose conscience and control over myself. It feels as if I’m seeing my soul being pushed away from my own body, and someone else is trying to occupy my body. I know I will be fully under Shinoda’s control within no time. Soon, I will be his doll, and he will use me to fight against Yuki. Shinoda will make me meet Yuki again someday, and when that day comes, it will be me and Yuki fighting against each other.

So now I must leave her and stay away from her for a while, because now she’s really in a vulnerable state, and she’s not ready yet to fight me and kill me. Her heart is broken and I can tell that she had lost her reason to live. And I don’t want to fight Yuki in her current state. I need her to get stronger before she finally able to stand up and fight me.

I know the day will come, when she will be ready to fight me, and I will die once again, in her arms.

Out of all people in this world, I will allow only one person to kill me. And that person is Yuki. She’ll be the last person I see before I vanish into dust.

So after I left her, I decided to wander around for a while, moving from one place to another.

Day after day, I feel Shinoda’s power getting stronger. And I see myself falling deeper into this black hole.

I cannot resist my hunger anymore, my blood-thirst temptation. Every night, I would go out and hunt for preys. Man and woman, young and old, they all fall to be my victims. I don’t know how many people I have killed since I become a vampire. Almost all of those victims were trying to put up a good fight before I killed them. But they were all failed, because I am too strong and too fast for them.

I myself couldn’t be more amazed, by how much I’ve improved since Shinoda sired me. When I was still human, I never took a martial art lesson, and I never picked up fights against anyone before. I got into a fight only when I was trying to protect my little sister, Mayuyu, from bullies. And most of the times I ended up getting my ass handed to me by those bullies.

But hey, look at me now. Now I can fight like a pro, thanks to Shinoda’s training. For several months, Shinoda made me undergo a harsh training to make me become stronger. And thanks to him too, not only I become stronger, I also become evil.

And nothing is worse than seeing yourself being evil, and fully aware of it. To be totally aware of yourself being evil, to know that you are now turning into a monster. It’s beyond madness.

My soul and my consciousness is still presence somewhere within me, and I can still feel a little compassion toward those whom I bit and killed. But that doesn’t stop me from killing people. Everytime I kill a human, I feel for their fear and despair.
And I still kill them, because I cannot fight my blood-thirst temptation.

And that makes my mind go insane. My body shivers when I think about all those people I have killed and those whose blood I have drained.

I could only do nothing other than waiting patiently until Yuki come and fight me, and end my misery.


I spent most of my days staying inside a motel, hiding myself behind these four walls. Everyday I found myself staring at the ceiling, making friends with shadows on my wall. It feels like I'm headed for a breakdown. All night I’ve been hearing voices telling me, that I should get some sleep, because tomorrow might be good for something. But I know there won’t be something good for me again, ever since I walked away from Yuki’s life.

One night, the voice inside me had become so torturous and unbearable. Unable to endure it any further, I decided to go out for a walk. I went to a subway station and picked a random direction. I don’t care where I’m heading. I just needed to keep moving.

Inside the train, I tried to hold myself together and act normal. But once again I hear Shinoda’s voice echoing inside my head, haunting me. I could no longer differentiate between his voice inside my mind, and other people’s voice around me.

My body started shaking, my lips open but there’s nothing comes out from my mouth except inaudible sentences. A few minutes later, I begin to talk to myself in public, in front of other passengers. I can see people around me starts looking at me strangely. I know what they're thinking about me. They must think that there’s something wrong with me.

I dodged their glances on the train, and force myself to walk towards the nearest passenger door. I need to get out of this train now.

The train stopped suddenly and I lost my grip on the handle. I stumbled down, my hands flailing in the air, trying to find a grip. Then I feel someone grabbed my arm, preventing me from falling down.

“Are you okay? You look un-----“

I turned my face to see her. And both of us were in shock.

“Sae!! You’re Sae, right?”  that person looked at me with a widened eyes.

“……..Sayaka….” I’m just as surprised as her.

“Sae, I can’t believe I found you here!” Sayaka said.

“Me----me too, Sayaka….” I said.

The voices inside my head suddenly stopped and I started to think more clearly. And next thing I knew, I was being pulled into a tight hug.

“Sae, I can’t believe you’re still alive! I thought you were dead!” she said.

I smiled at her.

“Are you planning to go somewhere today?”


“Alright, let’s come with me. We need to talk, Sae.” Sayaka said as she dragged me out from the subway station.

And few minutes later, I was sitting in front of her inside a café. We ordered a few foods and drinks, and then she started questioning me.

“Where have you been, Sae? We’ve all been searching for you everywhere.”

“I was kidnapped.”

“By who?”

“Gangsters. Yakuza.” I lied.


“They thought I had something they’re looking for. It turned out they took the wrong person. And finally they freed me.”

“We must report them. Do you know who your kidnapper is?”

“No. They locked me in the whole time. And I never get to see their faces. They always wear a mask when they’re talking to me.”

“Do you remember the place where you’ve been locked? Or do you remember anything about them, like their voices, or their physical features?”

“No, I don’t remember anything at all. Sayaka, can we just stop? I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.”

“Okay.” Sayaka looked at me with a deep concern.

We were silent for a while, until she began to speak again.

“You know, Sae, about your family….”

“I know. My parents died in an accident last year, and Mayu disappeared.” I said in a low tone, and stared at the foods in front of me.

“Do you think they also kidnapped Mayu?”

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe Mayu just runaway because she never likes to live in orphanage.”

“Sae, come with me. I’ll help you to find Mayu. Let’s find her. She’s the only family you have now. And she needs you.”

I looked at her, and suddenly I feel a heart-warming sensation grew inside my heart. I never felt like this again ever since the fateful night when I become a vampire.

I continued staring at Sayaka, and my mind was then brought back to my childhood. Akimoto Sayaka was my neighbour and my childhood friend. We’ve been a good friends since we were infants. Our friends called us Twin Tower, because we both were the tallest amongst them.

Sayaka was a year older than me. We went to elementary school, junior school, and high school together; and she was like a friend and senpai to me. I’ve known her for the longest time of my life.

And now, sitting in front of her, hearing her saying those heart-warming sentences to me, it made me wanted to hug her tight and shared all my burden with her.

Oh well…..
Sayaka was my first love.
Long before I met Yuki.

I fell in love with Sayaka when we’re both still in junior high school. But it was only one-sided love. She was my senior, and I couldn’t find my courage to confess to her. I wonder how things would've been different, had I found the courage to confess. Sayaka would probably be my girlfriend right now, instead of Yuki.

Now I wonder, why is it that I always fall in love with tall, strong, and beautiful women. Yuki and Sayaka both fall into those categories. The only difference is their personalities. While Yuki is a loner, cold, laid-back, and introvert; Sayaka is loud, cheerful, energetic, funny, extrovert. And Sayaka can cook too! Had I never met Yuki, I would probably still be madly in love with Sayaka.

And now I couldn’t help but think how bizarre it is, for me to meet Sayaka again in my new state.

“Do you have any idea where Mayu is?” Sayaka asked.

“No. I have searched for her everywhere. I have visited my grandparents’ town but she’s not there. I have no idea where she is now.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, Sae. I’ll help you. Don’t give up,” she said and put her hands on top of my hands.

“Thanks.” I nodded.

“Where are you staying now, Sae?”

“I live in motel XYZ.”

“Are you planning to rent an apartment?”

“No. I don’t have much money.”

“Well, stay with me then.”

And so I moved into Sayaka’s apartment.

Later I learned that she’s now attending Police Academy. I’m glad that she’s following her dream. She’s been dreaming to join the force ever since we were little. Sayaka’s father was also a police officer, so I can totally see it’s running in her blood.

I stayed with Sayaka for a few weeks. And what surprised me is, was suddenly become much easier for me to suppress my blood-thirst nature everytime she was around me. It seemed that Sayaka had a totally different effect on me, compared to Yuki.
While I was craving for Yuki’s blood the whole time, Sayaka is the opposite. She gave me a calming effect, and I feels like I’m a human again, not a vampire.

Of course there are some occasions like when Sayaka accidentally cut her fingers when she’s busy cooking in the kitchen, and I have to try harder in order to suppress my blood-thirst temptation.

But all in all, I was happy to spend my last days with Sayaka. She treated me so well, just like a best friend would.


One day, I was walking home to Sayaka’s apartment. It was already dark and I saw noone around me. But I heard footsteps, and someone whispering. It was almost inaudible, but thanks to my enhanced, supernatural senses, I can clearly listen to the sound.

Those people were muggers and they were planning to rob me. Well, it’s not a bad thing for me.

I smirked as I stopped on my track and waited for them.

Three persons showed up in front of me, each of them holding a knife. “Give us your money,” they said.

I raised my hands up, showing a sign to surrender. I then reached into my pocket and held out my wallet. I fished out all the money inside my wallet and showed it to them.

Those muggers were excited when they saw I had a lot of money. They thought I was about to give it to them, but then I throw all those money to the ground. All except a paper of 1000 yen. I then torn the paper into half, right in front their eyes.

“You want the money, pick it up yourself.” I said smuggingly, pointing to my money which was now all over the ground.

My act somehow enraged them.

“You haughty bast*rd!!! You’ll regret for playing around with us!!”

One of them swung his knife at me. I stepped back and moved my body in a swift motion. He swung his knife again, and again, and again. But all his attacks seemed like a slow motion to me. I can see his movements very clearly, making me enable to dodge all his incoming attacks.

I myself was amazed by how much stronger and faster I have been, after I become a vampire. Everything around me suddenly moves very slowly, as if I was watching a movie in a slow motion.

I grabbed the man’s arm from behind and started twisting his arm from behind. He was screaming in pain, but I didn’t stop until I heard a cracking sound from his arm. His screamed got louder, and he fell to the ground, writhing in agony.

I stared at him, feeling satisfied after breaking his arm.

“You son of a----!!” the other muggers were enraged to see their friend got hurt so badly.

“I’ll kill you!!!” they shouted angrily and jumped at me at the same time.

Once again, I dodge them swiftly. I stared at them, putting a smile on my face.

(Killing me? Oh no, you can’t, people. There’s only one person in this world who is able to kill me.
There’s only one person in this world who is allowed to kill me.
I will not die unless it’s in her arms.)

The two muggers came at me again. I spinned my leg and kicked each of them in the face, causing those two to fall to the ground. I didn’t give them a chance to retaliate, as I continued punching them and kicking them mercilessly. The ground beneath me now changed into a blood pool, and my knuckles were covered with blood.

Beating up this muggers somehow had given me a creepy, tingling feeling of satisfaction. The feeling was almost comparable to orgasm.

All this anger and frustation I have bottled up inside, now I’m letting it all out.

Suddenly I heard someone calling my name.

“Sae! Are you o----“ I heard footsteps, and I turned around…..

……and I was frozen.

There I found Sayaka staring at me, while I’m standing on a blood pool, with three bodies lying on the ground.

“Sae, you…..You did this?” Sayaka stared at me, and then at those bodies, and then stared back at me, as if I was someone else.

I parted my lips to say something, but none coming out.
All I could do was staring at Sayaka’s face.

I knew Sayaka was surprised to see me beating up these people, even so mercilessly like this. Fighting was never my forte. And I was never a merciless person before. Sayaka had known me for the longest time of my life, but now I’m just somebody that she used to know.

Now I’m just somebody that she used to know.

And suddenly I felt so afraid. Afraid that Sayaka would leave me after she saw me like this, turning into a merciless person, beating people up into a pulp.

When I met Sayaka a few weeks ago in my vampire state, I felt that she had become my respite. The only respite from my daily dosage of nightmares. Being with Sayaka had brought me back to my childhood, when I was just a happy little boy, running around the park with her and our friends together, playing in mud, climbing trees, catching butterflies and fireflies. Being with Sayaka had brought me back to those old times, long before this tragedy happened to me.

I kept on staring at the girl in front of me.

Time has stopped and I was frozen.

Sayaka, are you going to leave me too now?
Are you going to cut me off now?
Are you going to kick me out of your life?
Are you going to see me in a different way?
Are you going to treat me like a stranger?

Are you going to end our friendship?
Or can we still be friends after this?

Sayaka, now and then I think of when we were still young.
We were just little kids, and we got into troubles a lot.
But we were happy, so happy that we could die.
And then one day I had a crush on you.
I told myself that you were the right one for me.
But that was one-sided love and it's an ache.
You never cared about me, and I never had the courage to confess to you.
I still remember how my heart was broken when I learned about you going out with one of your classmate.

And now, I found myself get addicted to a certain kind of sadness, again and again. Like resignation to the end, always the end. This will be the end of my friendship with Sayaka.

And I just can’t bear it anymore. After losing Yuki, I cannot afford losing my friendship with Sayaka too. I cannot afford being hated by the two persons I had fell in love with. No, I don’t wanna live that way. And I don’t wanna die that way too, being hated by Yuki and Sayaka, the two person I love the most just like my family.

Please Sayaka, don’t hate me.
Don’t despise me.
Don’t cut me off now.
Don’t treat me like a stranger.
Please stay with me, until the last bit of my humanity left me.
Please stay with me, because I’ll feel so lonely without your company.

I know this won’t make any sense.
I have lost my family and my lover.
Our friendship is the last thing I can hold onto now.
Sayaka, you were my best friend.
Please say that we’ll still be friends, eventhough now I’m just somebody that you used to know.

And then, in a bottom peak of my weakness, I broke down to my knees, and I cried. I couldn’t stop this tears from falling. All my strength and coolness were suddenly gone. I knew it’s wrong for a grown up man like me, crying like a little girl. I knew I shouldn’t cry like that, much less in front of Sayaka.

This was probably the first time Sayaka see me crying. When I was getting beaten by those bullies to protect Mayu, and get rescued by Sayaka later, I never cried. I was quite a tough kid back then. I never cried, not even when I was losing a fight. I never cried in front of anyone, not even Yuki.

Boys don’t cry, that’s what my parents told me.

But now I’m crying in front of Sayaka. I was screwed, over and over again, in front of this very person who happened to be my first love back in my childhood. I didn’t want Sayaka to see me in a weak and vulnerable state like this, but I couldn’t do anything. This was all too much for me.

And then, much to my surprise, Sayaka come at me and pulled me into her embrace. And I found myself crying on her chest. I was crying like a little kid, and being hugged by Sayaka made me feel safe and secure. I felt like I was young again, and I felt like being hugged by my mother.

I kept on crying in her embrace. And my body would not stop shaking. It’s embarassing. But I couldn’t help it.

“Sshh….Sshhh…..It’s okay, Sae…..Stop crying…..It’s okay…You’re gonnabe okay….I’m with you….” Sayaka said and rubbed my head gently, trying to calm me down.

She kept hugging me until I stopped crying. And then, after calling an ambulance and sending those muggers to hospital, she took me back to her apartment.


Inside the apartment, Sayaka put me in her bed. She gave me a blanket to cover my trembling body, gave me a glass of water, and then sat beside me.

“Sae, what happened to you? Are you hurt?” Sayaka stared at me, looking deeply concerned.

I closed my eyes for a moment. “No, I’m not hurt.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m just….I’m just a little unwell….” I said and hugged myself.

“Okay then, I’m going to buy us a dinner. Don’t go anywhere okay?” Sayaka said and was about to get up.

But I grabbed her arm and held her.

“No, please, stay with me for a while.” I said to her, almost whispering.

“Okay,” she sat down again and held my hand.

Sayaka, you must be thinking that I’m crazy now.
But no Sayaka, I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell.
I know right now you can't tell.

But please, stay awhile and maybe then you'll see a different side of me.
I know right now you don't care, but soon enough you're gonna think of me and how I used to be.

I'm talking to myself in public, dodging glances on the train.
And I know, I know they've all been talking about me, I can hear them whisper.
Out of all the hours thinking, somehow I've lost my mind.

I've been talking in my sleep.
The vampire lord is calling me.
Pretty soon they'll come to get me.
And they're taking me away.
And no one can rescue me.

After a few hours, she was about to get up again.

“I’m going to sleep on the sofa.”

And once again, I held her.

“No, please, sleep with me here. Hug me, Sayaka. Just hug me, please,” I begged her.

“Okay,” she said with a smile.

And so I spent the whole night lying and resting on Sayaka’s bed, with Sayaka hugging me for the whole night long.

Few days later, I left a note to her, and left her place for good.



And now, as a closing scene, I present to you in the next part, a SaeYuki scene.
I never wrote a scene like this before, so forgive me if I disappoint you in this.]


A few weeks after Sae proposed to Yuki and gave her an engagement ring, Sae asked Yuki to come into his apartment. And they spent their first night together. At this point of time, Sae had not met with Xu Chen Chen yet, and he had not had those recurrence dreams, and he had not known about the bad omen about his own death.


The light inside my room turned into a dim light.
I stared at the only person who is present in this room, in front of me.

I took a step and began to walk up to her.
But she raised her hand and gestured me to stop.

I frowned, but I obeyed her.

And then suddenly my heart began to race.
I saw her undressing herself, slowly detaching the buttons on her shirt, one by one.

I waited patiently until she fully undressed herself.
The last thing she took off from her body was her ring. Our engagement ring.

And next thing I knew, I’m staring at a God’s masterpiece, in a barenaked form.
Not a single thread on her.
It was a perfect, exquisite beauty.

No word could express my bewilderment at this moment.
I couldn’t speak.
I couldn’t move.
I couldn’ breathe.
I was bewitched, and bedazzled.

[continuation in the PERV SECTION here]



Your eyes.
Those diamond eyes.
It notices me.
It comes to me.

Something in your eyes, it just be there, and makes me feels I’m in paradise.
I see your smile, you can’t hide it.

I can see you moving closer to me, and I can feel your energy around me.
I can hear your voices inside my head.

Sae, tonight I’m giving you all I have.
My body and my soul.
Just show me what to do tonight.
I’ll do what you’re telling me to do.

Tonight is the time, I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.
I can sense the magic, I can feel it coming through.
Love is in the air, love is around us.
I cannot hold this feeling back, no matter what I try to do, I see it through.

Well, I don't know what you do when you do what you do.
But oh boy, I don't even care no more.
You've got me so caught up in your spell, it's like a voodoo, boy!

You said you’re seeing your future in my eyes.
Well, I wanna be there for sure.
I wanna be there in your future.

Sae, every time that we rendezvous, I don't wanna go back home.
And every time that I'm holding you, there isn't no way to let you go.

You're shining down on me, blinding me, mesmerizing me.

And I don't wanna play this game no more.
I’m tired of playing this game with you.

Cause the only one that I want is you.
So tell me, Sae, what you wanna do, because I just can't stay away from you.

And there's nothing that I can do.
Sae, you can have your way, anyway that you want, just as long as I can have you.

And I'd do anything for you, Sae.
I'd do anything for you.

Now I've been told, that you’ve got yourself a lot of girlfriends before you meet me.
They told me you’re a player.
But I don’t care about it anymore.
You’re the way I wanna roll.
I'm down anything, only you and me.
It's the way you know it's supposed to be.

Cause I just can't stay away.
There's nothing that I can do.
And baby you can have your way.
Just as long as I can have you.




Sorry if it’s not good.
That was my first attempt to write a scene like that.

Don’t worry, MaYuki scene is a must too, hehe.
Just like Sae, Yukirin is also good to be paired with anyone :)
But I mostly prefer MaYuki, they’re the best LOL!
And MaYuki have proven themselves to be the last ship to still continue sailing, even after all other popular OTP ships are sinking (I mean graduating)!
MaYuki ship has the longest sailing record in history of AKB48!
Sure now there's so many new OTPs in 48G, but the pairings from 1st-2nd-3rd are just classic.

And this is really my last update (LOL I keep on saying that but I still update it again and again!).
Now I’m going to procrastinate until the next three years.
See you again in 2020!

Oh wait I still have a few more trailers.

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Here’s more trailers.
And again, these are not just some random plot bunnies jumping around inside my head, because I really have planned how to make all these trailers appear/happen in Season 2.




At high school, Mako saw Yuki walking with a new student to the principal office.
Mako    : “Hi! You’re a new student here?”
Sakura : “Yes. I’m looking for Class 1-E.”
Mako   : “Oh that’s my class. Looks like we’re gonnabe classmate. I’m Kojima Mako. What’s your name?”
Sakura : “Miyawaki Sakura.”
Mako   : “Sakura-chan, I saw you coming to the principal office this morning, with Kashiwagi-san. Is she your relative?”
Sakura : “Unn…Yuki-senpai….is my elder cousin….”
Mako   : “I see. Where do you stay in this town?”
Sakura : “I’m staying in Yuki’s apartment.”
Mako   : “Oh, their apartment!? That means you also know about Yuko, Acchan, Sasshi, and Mayu. And my sister also stays there with her girlfriend Yuko.”
Sakura : “You mean Kojiharu-san? Yeah, I often see her together with Yuko-san.”
Mako   : “Well, Sakura, let me tell you something. Those hunter girls are weird people. If you see something interesting about them, or if you happen to know about their dirty secret and such, don’t be hesitate to tell me, okay?”



Sayaka : “Just admit it, Kashiwagi, you killed Miyazawa Sae, didn’t you? And now what are you planning to do with his little sister? Are you going to kill her too?”
Yuki      : “Alright, I  admit it. I killed him, but I had no choice, he’s going to harm me and Mayu.”
Sayaka : “That’s not what I heard.”
Yuki      : “Would you mind telling me what you heard then?”
Sayaka : “You and Sae met and had a love quarrel, and you were violent to him, you abused him. You beat him up and killed him.”
Yuki      : “That’s not true.”
Sayaka : “So, what’s the truth? Let’s hear your version”
Yuki      : “He’s a vampire.”
Sayaka : #scoffed# “Right, and I’m a werewolf.”
Yuki      : “You don’t believe me?”
Sayaka : “Sure I don’t. Unless you bring me the prove.”
Yuki      : “Ask Mayu.”
Sayaka : “No, you’ve brainwashed her too.”
Yuki      : “I’m telling you the truth. Miyazawa Sae was a vampire. I had no choice but to kill him.”
Sayaka : “Tck, I’m sure you’ll say the same thing about me too after you kill me tonight with my own gun. You’ll kill me and you’re going to tell them that I’m a vampire. And you’re going to get away with it, again. Great. That’s just great, Kashiwagi.”
Yuki      : “Please, I don’t wanna fight you.”



In the girls’ apartment.

Sayaka    : “I’m here to arrest her.” #pointing at Yuki#
Takamina: “If you’re going to arrest her then you must take her with peace. No force. I am sure if you have good reason to arrest her, Yuki will not mind to come with you.”
Yuki         : “No, I don't want to go to jail. Not again!”
Takamina: “Calm down, Yuki.”
Mayu       : “Sayaka, what Yuki said is true. My brother is a vampire.”
Sayaka    : “Look Mayu, I am a cop, and I know some people can just kill each other and say the other one is a vampire and get away with it. So I will not believe in what you said unless you give me a prove.”



The Original Vampires confronted the Hunter Girls at the cemetery.

Jurina      : “Relax, guys. Our battle is still a long way to go. We’re just here to say hello. And I must admit that you’re stronger than I thought. You all managed to kill Shinoda. Congratulation.”
Takamina: “And you’re smart too Jurina, running away from the battle, leaving Shinoda on his own. Very smart, Jurina.”
Yuki         : “Yeah, running away, you’re all cowards!”
Geki         : “..……GRRRHH!!”
Geki was angered and was about to jump onto Yuki, but Jurina stopped her.
Takamina: “What are you planning now Jurina? You want to kill us for killing Shinoda? Listen, if you just go away and never come near us, then we won’t disturb you. How about that?”
Jurina      : “If I just go away from you, I will still meet another group of hunters. There is always other hunters in other places. You’re not the only one in the worlds. So why should I run from you anyway?”
Acchan    : “Jurina, please I beg you. Leave. I’m asking you this because I still love you as my sisters, I don’t want you to get hurt or killed. Please, leave this town, Jurina.”
Jurina     : “As if you can hurt me, Acchan. And surely Rena won’t let me get hurt, right, Rena-chan?”
Jurina then turned around to search for her favourite enemy.
Jurina      : “Where is Cyborg, by the way?”
Yuki         : #sending a death-glare to Jurina# “What are you planning with her?”
Jurina      : #smiled at Yuki# “Nothing. See you later then.”
Takamina: “Wait, Jurina, I know you’re working with Nakanishi.”
Jurina      : “Hm, you knew it already? That was fast, Takahashi-san.”
Takamina: “You and Nishishi can walk under the sunlight. Do you have that ‘ring’?"
Jurina      : “No it’s not the ring.”
Takamina: “Well, whatever it is, I’m going to find out.”
Jurina      : “Sure, I’ll wait for that, Takahashi-san.”



Yuki      : “Acchan, I need to tell you something. But promise me, don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”
Acchan : “Okay. What is it, Yuki?”
Yuki      : “I think I saw Geki’s vision.”
Acchan : “Geki’s vision? Like what? And how?”
Yuki      : “Few weeks ago, I was holding my sword. You know, the sword that I used to kill Shinoda. And I accidentally cut my finger with it. And then I saw a vision. It was a bloody massacre. People were being killed, their limbs were cut in half. And then, I saw a girl in a dungeon. She was battered and tied up. She looked at me and whispered Rena’s name. She said something about betrayal, and asking for Rena’s forgiveness.”
Acchan : “Oh my! That was scary! Yuki, you just saw Geki’s past life! I knew from Shinoda that she was a warlord before he sired her. So what you’re seeing then must be a vision of Geki killing those people in a bloody war!”
Yuki     : “Yeah, Acchan. It was very brutal and bloody. It’s like a nightmare for me.”
Acchan: “Yuki, Shinoda also lobotomized Geki when he sired her, making Geki forget her past life. And after we killed Shinoda, most likely Geki will remember her past.”
Yuki    : “Yeah, that must be.”
Acchan: “We must tell others about this.”
Yuki     : “No, I don’t want to make them worried, especially Mayu. Please don’t tell them, Acchan.”
Acchan: “Okay, but still, we must tell Takamina. She’s our leader, so she has the right to know everything about us.”
Yuki     : “Okay. Just Takamina.”
Acchan: “Yuki, I’d like to make a request to you. I know it’s impossible, but, please don’t kill Geki. I know that deep inside, Geki is a good person, even if she was a sinner in the past. Once she realizes her inner good, she’ll go way down the path of redemption. She can be a good person, Yuki.”
Yuki    : “Acchan…….”
Acchan: “Yuki, please, promise me, don’t kill her, okay? Let me try to change her into a good person.”
Yuki    : “Acchan, I’m not sure I can promise you that. You know she’s more than likely going to hurt me and kill me, especially after I killed Shinoda.”
Acchan: “Yuki, please, I never ask you something before. This will be the only thing I ever ask from you.”
Yuki    : “…………..”
Acchan: “You don’t know how much Geki means to me. She’s the one that I love the most, amongst my family.”
Yuki    : “…….Okay, Acchan. I promise, I won’t kill Geki. Not that I can actually kill her anyway....and definitely not without your help.”



Takamina is sending Yuko, Yuki, and Acchan out to infiltrate into AkiP’s mansion in order to steal some information and stuff.
Yuki and Acchan will act as a decoy/distraction and let themselves get caught by the vampire, while Yuko will carry out the rest of their mission: spying and stealing inside AkiP’s mansion.

The vampires brought Yuki and Acchan in front of AkiP.
AkiP   : “Well, well, aren’t you the most famous hunters in town?”
Yuki and Acchan were unable to move as they were being held by several vampires.

AkiP   : “I heard you’re the one who killed Lord Shinoda. Is that true, Maeda-san, Kashiwagi-san?”
AkiP   : “What are you two doing inside my mansion? What are you looking for?”
Yuki and Acchan kept silent.

AkiP then took a cup of fresh blood and approached Acchan.
AkiP  : “Maeda, you’re a vampire, right? Living with human and being friends with them, you probably had stopped feeding on human blood. When is the last time you drink human blood?”

Taking the cup closer into Acchan’s mouth, AkiP started taunting Acchan.  “Come on Maeda, drink this!”

The smell of the blood was so tempting. Acchan was trying hard to resist the temptation. She didn’t want to back to drinking human’s blood. Seeing Acchan suffering from the blood temptation, Yuki then jumped and sprung her legs, and kicked the cup away, causing the blood spilled all over the floor, and tainting AkiP’s suit.

AkiP  : “What the heck!! You ruin my suit!! How dare you!!”
AkiP  : “Put them in a cell, until I figure out what to do with them.”



Suzuru : “So, you’re Matsui Rena, the daughter of Lord Shinoda?”
Rena    : #stares and keep silent#
Suzuru : “I heard you runaway from your last battle and left Shinoda to fight to his death alone, is that right?”
Rena    : “I wasn’t running away.”
Suzuru : “Oh I understand. Even with you helping Shinoda, I bet he will die anyway. And you know why?”
Rena    : “Why?”
Suzuru : “Because he’s weak. He’s nothing compared to my father. That’s why Shinoda was easily killed. It’s because he’s so weak.”
Rena    : “What did you say? Take that back!”
Suzuru : “What? I’m just saying the truth!”
Rena    : “You son of a b**ch……..GRRRRRRRHHHHH!”  # suddenly turning into Gekikara and then jumped at Suzuru, and started beating him up#



Rena was crying and screaming uncontrollably after having a bad dream about the girl in the dungeon.
Jurina : #hugging Rena tightly# “Sssshh….Rena…It’s just a bad dream….I’m here, Rena-chan…I’m with you…”
Annin : “Is she okay? She kept having a bad dream lately.”
Jurina : “She’ll be okay, don’t worry.” #keep hugging Rena until Rena fall asleep#
Annin : “Jurina, I know you’re hiding something from me.”
Jurina : “About what?”
Annin : “About Rena.”
Jurina : “I’m not---“
Annin : “Rena doesn’t remember her past before she was sired. Noone knows about her past. That’s strange.”
Jurina : “I’ve told you, Shinoda lobotomized her mind. And so after he died, Rena’s memories is locked in forever.”
Annin : “Tell me what do you know about Rena.”
Jurina : “You mean in her past life?”
Annin : “Yes.”
Jurina : “She was a warlord. She used to kill people.”
Annin : “Only that? Nothing more?”
Jurina : “Yes. Why do you ask?”
Annin : “Because I believe you’re not telling me the whole story about Rena.”
Jurina : “I’ve told you everything, Annin.”
Annin : “Jurina, you do know that Rena’s memories is now in a Pandora Box. And once it opened, it will be a disaster. And I believe you know how to open that box, Jurina.”
Jurina : “No, Annin, what are you talking about? Stop talking nonsense!”



Yuria : #staring at Milky# “What is your intention, Milky?”
Milky : “Huh, what do you mean?”
Yuria : “You suddenly come and decide to stay here. I know you’re planning something. You’ve been staying abroad for years. There’s no way you would return to Japan without any reason.”
Milky : “Why can’t I, Yuria? This is my family too. And I can’t visit and live with my family now?”
Yuria : “If you considered them your family, you wouldn’t have done what you’ve done to them before. Now, I don’t know who you're going to hurt this time. But I promise if you hurt one of them, Nishishi, or Takumi, or Suzuru, I’ll make you regret it.”
Milky : “Tck…Don’t worry, Cousin. I’m not here to make trouble.”



Jurina      : “Hello, Ume! It’s been a year. How have you been?”
Umechan : “Jurina, how did you find me?”
Jurina      : “It’s easy. Your witch friend has her information all over the Internet. She’s actually quite active in Facebook and Twitter. I already knew you live here since six months ago.”
Umechan : “Why didn’t you come sooner to find me?”
Jurina      : “The time was not right. But now it is. I was waiting for a right time like this. Are you ready, Ume? Are you ready for our sweet revenge? Let’s turn those hunter girls’ lives into a living hell.” #smirked devilishly#
Jurina     : “Come with me, Ume. Leave this place. And from now on, you’ll stay with us in Nagoya.”



In a bizarre first encounter of Jurina and Akane (in the present time).

Jurina   : “Oh, you’re awake. Here. Drink this first.” #gave Akane a glass of water#
Akane   : “Where----where am I? And who are you?”
Jurina   : “I’m---uhh---I’m Matsui Jurina. And you’re Takayanagi Akane right?”
Akane   : “Hm? No, but close. I’m Yaginakata Akane.”
Jurina   : “Ohh…right…Yagi---nakata-san.”
Akane  : #rubbing her own head, feeling dizzy# “Where am I? And how do I end up here?”
Jurina  : “I found you lying on the street. I thought you’ve been attacked or robbed. So I brought you here. This is my apartment.”
Akane   : “Thank you, Matsui-san.” #attempts to get up from the bed#
Jurina   : “Wait, wait, you’re not fully healed yet. Just stay on the bed for a while. I’ll get you medicine and food.”
Akane   : “Oh okay, thank you again, Matsui-san.”



Yui        : #holding out a bo staff# “Fight me, Haruppi!”
Haruppi : “What? Are you serious?”
Yui        : “I’m always serious. Fight me!”
Haruppi : #hesitating, staring at Yui on her wheel-chair#  “But you’re----“
Yui        : “I’m wheel-chaired. But it doesn’t mean I can’t fight. Come on, Haruppi, fight me.”
Haruppi : #still hesitating# “Okay.”
Yui        : “Here’s the rule. Whoever manages to touch their opponent’s head with the bo staff, she wins.”
Haruppi : “Okay.”
Haruppi started circling Yui, while Yui still sitting quietly on her wheel-chair, barely moving.
Haruppi : “I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
Yui        : “Don’t worry, you won’t.”
Haruppi started attacking Yui. And then after several minutes, Yui managed to land a hit on Haruppi’s head.
Haruppi : “Oucchh!! That’s------How did you do that?”  #staring amazed at Yui#
Yui        : #smirked#  “Now, your turn, Sayanee.”
Sayanee: #stepped up#  “Get yourself ready, Yui!”  #attacks Yui#
Sayanee was more careful and strategic than Haruppi, so their sparring scene took longer.
Yui and Sayanee managed to land a hit on each other’s head at the same time, resulting in a draw.
After that Yui walked out from the training room, leaving Sayanee and Haruppi stupefied.
Haruppi : “Tck! Now imagine if she could walk.”
Sayanee: “No, Haruppi, that person is not about brawn. She’s all about brain, intellect, and cunning. If she could walk, she will become an average people, she’ll become just like us, and she wouldn’t be as ruthless as she is now.”
Haruppi : “Wow, I never thought that.”
Sayanee: “Yeah, her paralysis is what makes her insane and strong. It fuels her anger.”
Haruppi : “And she’s a pure blood vampire too. Oh I can’t wait until Nana-chan finish that bionic legs for her.”



Cyborg had an idea to make money fast, that is by creating a Hunter Academy, a school which will teach young girls how to fight against vampires, monsters, and demons. And of course, this chapter will contain a lot of random, hilarious things. That includes training scenes like these:

Takamina : “Okay, everybody, gather up here, we’re going to teach you the basic of fighting.”
Everybody gathered on a field.
Takamina : “Okay, first I’m going to give you a demonstration on how to fight a vampire. Acchan, come here, baby.”
Acchan    : “Hmm….you want me to fight you? Sure, Minami.”  #giggle#
After a few minutes fighting, Acchan put Takamina’s head in head-lock.
Takamina tried to break free, but being that close with Acchan suddenly made her got turned on.
Takamina : “Aaahh….Uhhh….Ahhh….”
Yuko        : “Stop it you two! That’s not fighting, that's smooching.”
Takamina : “Oh, sorry, hehe. Sorry, everyone.” #break herself from Acchan#
Takamina : “Now, how about you fighting Yuki, Acchan?”
Acchan     : “Oh sure, Minami.”
Yuki          : #smirked#  “Get yourself ready, Acchan.” #raising both fists#
Yuki and Acchan fought so brutally and violently, causing their spectators to wince everytime Yuki and Acchan landed a punch and kick on each other.
Girl A        : “Oh my God, are they fighting for real? It doesn’t seem like a training at all.”
Girl B        : “If this is how we’re supposed to fight a vampire, then I don’t wannabe a vampire hunter ever! No! This is just so violent! I’m going home now!”
Yuki and Acchan continued their brutal fight. And those young girls were terrified as they see Yuki and Acchan started destroying the place.
Yuko         : “Tck….Somebody should break this up now. Takamina!”
Takamina : “Alright! Alright! Acchan, stop! Yuki, stop! Stop fighting! You’re both scaring our apprentices!”
Takamina : #frustrated# “Oh well, now it’s your turn Yuko.”
Yuko        : “Okay, now, everybody, I’m going to show you how to ride, I mean, fight, against a werewolf. Come on Haruna.”
Haruna nodded and transformed herself into a werewolf.
“WUAAAAHHHH…..WHAT’S THAT! SO SCARY!!! AAAHH!!”  all the apprentice were scared seeing Haruna in her werewolf form, and all of them runaway like crazy, leaving our hunter girls dumbfounded in the training field.



Yuko : “Yuki, get out of here now! Bring these kids to a safe place.”
Yuki  : “And what about you?”
Yuko : “I’m going to get into the control panel room. That’s the only way to open the gate and get all of you out of here.”
Yuki  : “Wait, Yuko, that means you’ll be left behind.”
Yuko : “Yes. But don’t worry. I will figure my way out.”
Yuki  : “No, Yuko! That’s a bad idea! You don’t know if there is another way out for you. I won’t leave you alone here. Let’s fight them together.”
Yuko : “It’s an order Yuki. I’m your leader now. You have promised to obey me, all along.”
Yuki  : “But, Yuko---“
Yuko : #pulling out her gun and pointing it at Yuki#  “Get out of here now or I swear I’m going to shoot you!”
Yuki  : “What? You can’t be serious, Yuko!”
Yuko : #firing her gun to the wall near Yuki# “I’m serious, goddammit! Get outta here now!”



Haruna : #searching for her squirrel# “Yuki, where is Yuuchan? Where is my Squirrel?”
Yuki      : #looking down, unable to look into Haruna’s eyes#  “I’m sorry, Haruna. She asked me to go and escape first.”
Haruna : “What? What do you mean, Yuki?”
Yuki      : “She’s still inside. She didn’t escape with us. I left her.”
Haruna : “Whh-----WHAT!!!?? YOU LEFT HER!!!?? HOW COULD YOU, YUKI!!”
Yuki      : “I’m sorry but---“
Haruna : “How could you leave her like that, Yuki!! I will never forgive you if something happen to her!!”
Yuki      : “I--- I will come back again and rescue her…..”
Haruna : “Yuki, you don’t even know how to get into that place! Only Yuko knows how to get in and out of there!”
Yuki      : “I’m sorry, Haruna.”
Haruna : “That Saeko!! I can’t imagine what she’s doing to my squirrel right now…..Aaaahhh!!! Yuu-chaaan!!!” #collapsed and fainted#



Yuko was taken hostage and was chained up to the ceiling.

Saeko : “Oh, Yuko, Yuko, what are you thinking? Trying to be a hero by saving those children? Why are you always trying to ruin my plans? You know you can’t stop me.”
Yuko   : “Tck….If I didn’t stop you, someone else will.”
Saeko : “Yuko, unlike your friends Takahashi and Kashiwagi, you have no personal feud against vampires. I can’t see why you’re so persistent in fighting us like this. What I do with those children is none of your business, Yuko.”
Yuko   : “Well, I’m making it my business.”
Saeko : “Why? You don’t even know those children. They were orphans. Noone care about them.”
Yuko   : “I care about them. And I won’t let anyone hurt them.”
Saeko : “I’ll offer you something, dear Yuko. And we’ll let you live happily and in peace. We won’t disturb you, as long as you don’t disturb us.”
Yuko   : “What do you want me to do?”
Saeko : “Stop fighting against us. You must make a promise to never fight against us anymore. And tell your friends to stop fighting us. You’re their leader now. They will obey everything you said. Tell them to stop.”
Yuko   : “No, I can’t do that. There’s no way I’m telling my friends to stop.”
Saeko : #pulling out a whip#  “Not even with this?”
Yuko   : #widened her eyes upon seeing that whip#
Saeko : “Look, this will be painful for you.”
Yuko   : “…..…” #staring at the whip, gulping#
Saeko : #cracking the whip in front of Yuko#
Yuko   :  “…….”
Saeko : “You’re shaking. Are you afraid?”
Yuko   : “No. I’m just a bit freezing here. It’s winter now.”
Saeko : “Oh Yuko, you’re such a terrible liar. I know you’re scared.”
Yuko   : “You don’t make me scared at all.”
Saeko : “Yuko, Yuko, just make that phone call and tell your friends to stop disturbing us.”
Yuko   : “Go tell them yourself.”
Saeko : “Why are you so stubborn? Yuko, you really don’t know what’s best for yourself and your friends.”
Yuko   : “Are you done talking?”
Saeko : “Tck, I will break you, Yuko!” #cracking the whip again#
Yuko   : “…..”
Saeko : “I’m going to give you, let’s see, five lashes for every single child you have freed and saved from this place. So, Yuko, how many kids you had just saved until today?”
Yuko   : “Umm….twenty?”
Saeko : “No, it was thirty. You do the Math now, Yuko.”
Yuko   : #gulping and fidgeting nervously# (Five by thirty……Oh God, I’m so dead!)
Saeko : “Now start counting, Yuko.”  #raise the whip and starts swinging it down onto Yuko’s back#



Tomochin and Tomomi entered their headquarter, carrying a person whose face was fully covered with a cloth/mask.
Then they put the hostage on a chair and tied her arms onto the chair.

Tomochin : “Everyone, now I present you, the Great and Almighty, Jessica Jung!” #opened the mask and revealed the hostage’s face#
Everyone was jawdropped.
Mayu        : “Wait, wait….Is she---?”
Tomochin : “Yes, she is a former member of Girl’s Generation.”
Sasshi      : “Oh my God! I never knew Jessica Jung was a vampire!”
Jessica     : #frowned# “Yeah, and don’t tell anyone about me! I still have a lot of fanbase, you know!”
Sasshi      : “Jessica-shi, I’m one of your big fan!”
Jessica     : “Oh really? Thanks.”
Sasshi      : #still fangirling over Jessica# “So, Jessica-shi, is this why you were kicked out from the group? Because you’re a vampire?”
Jessica     : “Sadly, yeah, it is.”
Yuki          : “Sasshi, cut your chitchat. We have more important things to do with her.”
Sasshi      : “Oh right, sorry. Now what are we going to do with her?”
Tomochin : “Of course we’re going to trade her with Yuko. She’s an important person, I’m sure AkiP will do anything to rescue her.”
Jessica     : “Let me go!!”
Tomochin : “We will, honey. But not before AkiP free our friend first. But until then, you will have to stay here with us.”
Jessica     : “What!!? No!! Let me go!!”
Sasshi      : “Oh, I have an idea! Let’s make her sing a few songs. Jessica-shi, please sing Oh!, or Gee, or Genie, or Mr.Taxi, or Run Devil Run!”
Jessica     : “…..…..”
Mayu        : “Good idea, Sasshi! And Jessica-shi, can you sing it in Japanese version?”
Jessica     : “Alright, alright. I’ll sing! Just give me some blood first, okay? I’m thirsty!”


As you see in the trailers, I’m planning to write a torture scene for Yuko.
Acchan and Yuki had already taken enough beating/torture in Season 1.
So to make it fair between those three, I’m going to make Yuko to take some too, in order to prove just how strong and brave she is.
Acchan-Yuko-Yuki was the legendary Top 3 that once spelled their respective team: A, K, and B.
Thus I want to portray them as strong girls, and I will do that using my favourite devices (beating/torture/fight scene).
Blame my S&M fetish.
But don’t worry, aside from those violence, this fic is more about love, hope, sacrifice, courage, friendship, loyalty, battle of right versus wrong, humanity, chivalry, heroism, and all that stuff.

See you in 2020!

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Several song lyrics I've used in Season 2:

Chris Daughtry - Home

Morning Musume - Love Machine
Selena Gomez - Undercover
Boy Hits Car - LoveFuryPassionEnergy

One Republic - Counting Stars

Chocolave - Kare no Kitchen
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Kavana - Will You Wait For Me
The Calling - Wherever You Will Go
NEWS - Ai Nante

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
Matchbox 20 - Unwell
Jojo - Anything



I would like to change/revise my previous offer.
I see that everyone here is either busy or reluctant to help and collaborate with me.
I understand because this fic is not your typical romance, fluffy fic.
And most of us are really, really busy with life.

However, I don't want my ideas get buried under the piles of folders in my computer, so I am going to change my offer.
My offer is, I need one person to help me writing just one chapter.
Only one person, for only one chapter (3000-4000 words of length), and that's all I ask.
I have no expectation of finishing this fic because it will be very, very hard, even for me.
So all I'm asking from my readers here is just one-chapter collaboration.
I'm sure a one-chapter collab is not really that hard.

If you're willing to help me, to write just one chapter, please PM me.

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(This will be put in Chapter 40+)

My name is Okada Nana, 15 years old.
Not long ago, I was sired by a crazy, psychotic vampire named Matsui Rena.
Now I live with my patrons: Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina.
Basically, they are my parents now.

They told me that I’m the first human Matsui Rena had ever sired.
Rena-san never sired anyone before.
She only beat up her victims, sometimes kill them, but she never sired any of them.
And sometimes I wonder, why she chose me and sired me.

I still keep my surname and didn't change it into a Matsui, but I enjoy being a part of Matsui Family.
Sometimes I call them okaasan and otousan, and that made them giggling and smiling while throwing a meaningful look at each other.

Rena-san teaches me how to fight (though from what I’ve seen, the way she does is not fighting, it’s just sheer brute-force and violence).
And Jurina-san teaches me how to lure and seduce our victims.
Jurina-san said that I have something in common with her: a suave, charming, ikemen look.
Jurina-san also said that if she finally become a lord someday, she will make me as her direct successor, the crown prince for her kingdom.

Every day, I learn something about my patrons.
Rena-san is very strong, fearsome, and ruthless if she's in Gekikara mode.
While Jurina-san is smart, cunning, dark, brooding, and yet appealing.

Jurina-san told me that she was a mugger before she got sired.
While Rena-san was a warlord, but she didn't remember anything about her past life.

They also told me a story about their master, Lord Shinoda, who was killed by a group of vampire hunters.
So now their mission is to avenge Shinoda’s murder, and of course, I’ll be included as a part of their mission.

I’m Okada Nana.
This is my life. My story.
And my journey as a vampire has just begun today.


So now we have the children of our main pairings:
- MaYuki's child: Miyawaki Sakura
- AtsuMina's child: Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru)
- WMatsui's child: Okada Nana
- KojiYuu: ???....still have no idea who would this be (probably an original character)

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 3 (Okada Nana Introduction)
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Waiting for your next update~

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So now we have the children of our main pairings:
- MaYuki's child: Miyawaki Sakura
- AtsuMina's child: Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru)
- WMatsui's child: Okada Nana
- KojiYuu: ???....still have no idea who would this be (probably an original character)
Nishino Miki :thumbup

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 3 (Okada Nana Introduction)
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Mukaichi Mion should be Kojiyuu's child! Yuko chose Mion as her successor for centering HebiRote and Mion admires Kojiharu!


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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 3 (Okada Nana Introduction)
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@ Rhythm : Are you willing to wait until 2020? Because now it’s really impossible for me to update. And even if I do update, it’s probably just trailers/teasers and trivia.

@ GSAZero : Thanks for your suggestion! The Tentoumu Chu! unit is starting to gain my interest, so I’m planning to include them here too.

@ Ruka Kikuchi : Oh yes, Mion! How could I forget about her!? She’s probably a KojiYuu shipper in real life too anyway! I actually have read her bios some time ago, but couldn’t remember that she was the one chosen by Yuko as her successor. Now you see just how bad my knowledge is about new-gen members!

Also I’m planning to include more new pairings such as NagiUha, FuuMiru, and FuruMarion. I know this fic has become too crowded with the inclusion of so many members and pairings. Well, I try to make this fic to be as appealing as it can be to a much broader audiences by adding a lot of new members and new pairings, even though I know so little about them. And I don’t have much time to explore the group recently, so please help me with that!
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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 3 (Okada Nana Introduction)
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2020? It's just 3 years more  :)

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 3 (Okada Nana Introduction)
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KojiYuu's child would be mukaichi mion or kojima mako (?)

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 3 (Okada Nana Introduction)
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since you add naachan here how about add yuiri as well so there will be Yuunaa pairing (okada nana x murayama yuiri) since it will be weird to see naachan without her (or his since she is too ikemen for a girl) beloved waifu
and since there is sakura what about add haruppi as well

ohh and don't forget sayamilky as well they are my no.1 pairing in 48G


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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 3 (Okada Nana Introduction)
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Hello again!
Our thread almost reach 200k views!
Start the countdown now, people!

@ Rhythm : LOL you’re really a loyal reader huh? 2020 is just three years more huh? But then again, yes, three years is just a short period of time. Time sure flies. And also, please forgive me if I cannot update this in 2020 just as I’ve promised. Now I’m not even sure if in 2020 I can still have free time to write fanfics anymore.

@ Tiptip : Mako won’t be their child because she already gets a role as Kojiharu’s little sister.

@ FZA02 : There’s a YuuNaa pairing? Okay, I’ll browse about them first. As for Haruppi, I already add her in the character bios. Or perhaps you want me to add SakuRuppi pairing? And of course, SayaMilky will be included too.




Yuki[Sae] : “Mayuyu, I miss you!”  *runs and hugs Mayu*
Mayu        : “Eh? I just went to the bathroom and you already miss me?”
Yuki[Sae] : “No Mayu, I mean…Look, it’s gonna sound weird but…It’s me. Sae.”
Mayu       : “Sae-niichan? Haha! Nice try, Yuki, but you have to do better than that if you want to prank me.”
Yuki[Sae] : “But Mayu, this isn’t a prank. I’m Sae, your brother.”
Mayu       : *glares*  Give me a prove.”
Yuki[Sae] : “Hmm……You have a weird panick-syndrome, that everytime someone is on top of you, you will slap them by reflex.”
Mayu       : “True. But Yuki knows that too. In fact, she’s the one who caused it and she’s the one who also cured it, but of course nobody knows about that. Give me something else.”
Yuki[Sae] : “Okay…how about this one? Mayu, you sabotaged all my dates when I was in high school. You even sent Yuttan to ruin my date by pretending she’s pregnant! You had given me so much trouble back then, Mayuyu!”
Mayu        : “Oh sh*t! Yuki, did Sae tell you about that too?”
Yuki[Sae] : “I told you, I’m not Yuki, I’m Sae! After Yuki dusted me, I became a spirit wandering around on this Earth, and now I’m borrowing Yuki’s body so that I can talk to my little sister again!”
Mayu       : “I----I can’t believe this. I need one more prove. If you’re really Sae, then you must be able to answer this correctly. Who is Miyazawa Sae’s first love? I know it’s not Yuki.”
Yuki[Sae] : *sigh* “Well, my first love is……Akimoto Sayaka. And please, don’t tell Yuki anything about Sayaka being my first love, okay? It will be embarassing for me if she knows it.”
Mayu       : (Holy sh*t! She’s answering it right! Is Sae really inside Yuki’s body now?)
Yuki[Sae] : “Now do you believe me? I’m Miyazawa Sae, your one and only brother.”
Mayu       : *stares with teary eyes* ………..Sae-niichan!”
Yuki[Sae] : *opens arms widely* Yes, yes, it’s me!”
Mayu       : “Sae-niichan~”
Yuki[Sae] : “Mayuyu~”  *arms wide open, ready to hug*
Mayu       : “Niichan~”  *suddenly kicks Yuki[Sae] on the knee*
Yuki[Sae] : “Owww!! That hurts! Why did you kick me!? Don’t you feel happy to see me?”
Mayu       : *kicks Yuki[Sae]’s knee again* “That’s for not telling us anything about you dating Yuki three years ago! They kidnapped you because you’re trying to protect Yuki, right? You should’ve at least told Okaasan! Didn’t you know how devastated she was when you were missing huh!?”
Yuki[Sae] : “I know, I know, I’m sorry! Oww!!!”
Mayu       : *continue kicking Yuki[Sae]* (And this is for dating Yuki first before me!)
Yuki[Sae] : “Ouucchh!! Oucchh!! Stop kicking me!! You little brat!!!” *pushes Mayu and then both are rolling on the floor, brawling*

Meanwhile, the real-Yuki, who is currently in the form of a spirit (ghost), could only watch desperately at the sight of her own body brawling with Mayu on the floor, trying to punch and kick each other.



Takamina : “I just received a message from Eguchi. She said we must return Salt to her, within 24 hours from now.”
Yuko         : “Hm? Who is this Salt again?”
Takamina : “It’s Paruru. Salt is a codename made up for her by Eguchi.”
Acchan     : “Okay. And what if we don’t?”
Takamina : “They will come and take her by force.”
Yuko         : “They will come to our apartment? But they’re vampire. They can’t barge in without invitation right?”
Takamina : “Right….Unless---- Unless Eguchi and her employees are human.”
Miichan    : “Oh, I never think of that. A human serving under a vampire. That’s a new one!”
Takamina : “Well everything is possible so we have to be prepared.”
Paruru      : “Please, don’t send me back to them! I don’t wanna go back to that place again! Please!!!”
Acchan    : “We won’t, Paru. Don’t worry, we will protect you.”  *hugs and soothes Paruru*
Haruna    : “How about we ask for police protection?”
Acchan    : “That’s impossible, Haruna. Do you forget already? Paruru is a vampire! Nobody is going to protect her!”
Haruna    : “Technically she isn’t. She’s a mutant.”
Miichan   : “A mutant who feeds on human blood. Acchan’s right, Haruna. The police won’t protect this mutant.”
Acchan   : “Don’t call Paruru mutant, you gachapin!!”
Miichan   : “Hey don't shout at me! I’m actually taking your side, you stupid vamp!!”
Takamina: “Oi, oi, stop bickering!!”
Paruru    : “Huwaaaaaaa……..Please don’t send me back to them!!! I’m scared…….Huwaaaaa!!!!”



In a hospital. Yuki enters the patient room and sees Mayu lying comfortably on the bed.

Yuki   : “Hey, how are you feeling?”   *leans in and kisses Mayu softly on her cheek*
Mayu : *holds her chest*  “Still in pain, but I’ll live.”
Yuki   : “The doctor said you’re lucky. One inch to the left, and you won’t be able to survive that shot. You made me worried like hell, you know that?”
Mayu : “I know, I’m sorry.”
Yuki   : “Just….just don’t do it again, please… Promise me you won’t do that again….”
Mayu : “Okay, Yuki, I promise.”
Yuki   : *crosses arms* “Good! And you better keep your promise. Because if you ever die on me, I will hunt you down and drag you from hell, and kill you again.”
Mayu : “Oh come on, Yuki! You’ve cheated death more often than me, so I should’ve been the one saying that!”
Yuki   : “Look, there’s a big difference between you and me. I’m better suited in the battlefield than you, and I have more endurance than you. I’m a fighter, and you aren’t. Which part of those that you can’t understand? If I jump into a battle and die, I’ll die as a hero. But if you jump like that and die, you’ll die as an idiot who only knows how to waste her life on a battle she cannot win.”
Mayu : “Hey, that’s rude! I’m not an idiot! But okay, I get what you mean.” *murmures*  “Tckk, now you know how I feel everytime I see you out there facing danger and fighting the bad guys…..” *murmures* 
Yuki   : “What? What did you say?”
Mayu : “Nothing. Just forget it.”



In a cemetary, Sakura, Paruru, and Haruppi are chasing a bad guy who turns out to be a teen, ikemen vampire. After several minutes, they manage to corner the said vampire.


The ikemen vampire now is down on the ground, bleeding; thanks to the cooperative teamworks of our lovely trio.

Sakura steps closer, raising her knife, ready to stab the vampire.

Sakura : “Okada Nana, you dare showing up here. Now prepare for your death! Any last words?”

The teen vampire rolls away in order to avoid being stabbed, and quickly stands back up.

Nana    : “Don’t be too cocky, you rookie-hunters!! Wait until I tell my mother about this! She will beat you up to death!”
Sakura : “Oh really? Who is your mother? I bet my mother is stronger than yours!”
Nana    : “No, mine is stronger!”
Sakura : “No! Mine is!”
Paruru  : “You both are wrong. Mine is actually the strongest.”
Haruppi : (Hm… I wonder who their mothers are.)



Yokoyama Yui invites Oshima Yuko and Akimoto Sayaka to her mansion to discuss some important things. Yuko is accompanied by Acchan, Yuki, Sasshi, Haruna, and Miichan; while Sayaka comes alone.

Yui      : “Good morning, everyone. I guess you already know who I am, so I won’t waste your time with the introduction. I ask you to come here so that we can negotiate several things. As you see, we have a common enemy now. So why not help each other out and defeat this enemy together. And to do that---“
Yuko   : “Wait, before we start, please explain to me why she’s here. Do you not know that she’s a cop?”  *points at Sayaka*
Yui      : “I know. Is that a matter, Yuko-san?”
Yuko   : “Of course it’s matter. Are we really going to cooperate with the authorities? It will complicate many things. And I don’t prefer that. I’d rather stay independent from the authorities. So, Akimoto Sayaka, care to explain why you’re here?”
Yui       : “Well, Sayaka here is----“
Sayaka: “I have my own reason to be here.”
Yuko    : “And what is that?”
Sayaka: “AkiYashu’s troops put a bomb in our car, killing all my comrades. Our witness died and we lost the evidence so I cannot press a charge against them. I’m a police and I usually work according to the protocol, but now this is my last resort. How about you? What did he do to you?”
Yuko   : “Oh, he did many things. First, he framed our friend for a high crime and put her in prison. He’s responsible for the inhuman experimental research involving transmutation of supernatural species, and now we’re protecting one of his victim. And also, our long-time enemy, the Matsuis, now is working for him too.”
Yui      : “So to sum it up, we all hate him right? He’s our public enemy. Now let’s move to the next part. I’m going to offer you two options: do you wanna work with me, or work for me?”
Yuko   : “Wait, aren’t we just together? Isn’t it that simple?”
Yui      : “Actually, there’s more than that. If you work with me, it means we’re on different team, we will cooperate and consolidate, I will provide you with weapon and stuff but that’s just it, and you have the rights to acts on your own behalf and not follow my order. But if you work for me, it means we’re on the same team, I will pay you regularly every month, for each of you. I will pay for your insurance, accomodation and extra expenses, and I will be responsible for everything that happen to you, but you have to put my agendas on top of your priority list, and I will have the final words on everything. So which one do you choose?”
Sayaka: “My choice is clear. Since I’m an officer, I cannot work for anyone else other than the government.”
Yui       : “And how about you?” *stares at Yuko and the hunter girls*
Yuko    : “Well…..Umm….I cannot decide it now. Let me discuss it with my comrades first.”   /*rubs the back of her head, feeling a bit confused*/
Yuko    : (Geeez…..Why is this become so complicated like this? I need to discuss this with someone. If only Takamina was here.)



At a cemetery, Acchan and Gekikara attack and beat Yuki at the same time. Yuki tries hard to defend herself but those vampires are much stronger. Soon she finds herself being cornered and getting knocked down to the ground.

Yuki : “Don’t be cowards. Come at me one by one and I’m sure I can take each of you down.”  * gets up and cleans the blood on the corner of her mouth *
Yuki : “Now, who wanna go first?” *raises her fists*
Acchan: “Pfft…Haha…Are you trying to bluff, Yuki? You know, even if it’s a one-on-one battle, you still can’t beat me or Geki. So why wasting our time here?”
Geki : “Leave it to me Acchan, I’ll finish her.”
Acchan: “As much as I want to leave it to you, Geki, I think threesome is much more interesting. Let's finish her together.”
Geki : "Okay, hehehe."  *cracks her knuckles and her neck*
Yuki : (Oh crap! I should run now! They’re too strong for me. I can’t fight them alone.)

Yuki runs to other direction. However, Acchan chases her with full speed and manages to catch Yuki. She grabs Yuki’s collar from behind, and throws the hunter back to their ‘playing ground’.

Acchan : “Trying to escape already? We barely even started, Yuki. Don’t runaway like that. It’s kinda ruin your image. You never runaway from a fight before, right?”  /*grabs Yuki and put her in a headlock, suffocating her*/
Yuki     : /*struggles to breath*/  “Nope….I wasn’t trying….to runaway.”   /*elbows Acchan on her ribs, and tries to runaway again*/
Acchan : “You weren’t? You’re obviously running away from us now!”
Yuki      : “No! I just need to do something………I need to go….umm… the toilet!”
Acchan : “Haha! That’s not funny, Yuki! Geki, go catch her!”

Yuki continues to runaway. But then Geki jumps at her, and now both are rolling and brawling on the ground. Acchan quickly joins in. With the two vampires join venture, Yuki stands no chance to defend herself. Acchan and Rena continues beating Yuki, giving the later some synchronized punches consequtively. Yuki can barely see the punches but she feels the pain. Soon she’s lying with her face on the ground, bleeding. Acchan put her foot on Yuki’s back, preventing her from moving/escaping.

Acchan : “Now, Geki, come here. Bite her. Drink her blood.”
Yuki : (Oh no,  I’m gonna die tonight…..Please someone help me...)   /*prays for a miracle*/

And suddenly there’s a sound of motorcycles. Our mighty Squirrel comes with a reinforcement. Yuko and Tomochin each are riding big motorcycles. While Kojiharu sits on the backseat of Yuko’s motorcycle.

Yuko : “Wow, two against one! I can’t believe you vampires are really coward suckers!”

Yuko and Tomochin come closer with their motorcycles, attempting to scare Acchan and Rena away.

Acchan : “Oh wow. If it isn’t Oshima Yuko and the Four Heavenly Queen. Hello, Yuko. I actually like you, ‘cause we’re both pervert haha. Too bad we have to fight each other now.”
Yuko     : “Nyannyan, please take Yuki to the safety first, while me and Tomochin fighting off these bandits.”
Rena    : “Hey, I’m not a bandit! I’m a warlord! Have respect to me, you Squirrel-Face!”
Tomochin: “Hey Psych, last time we fought, you made me broke my nails. I’m going to make you pay this time.”
Haruna : “Yuki, are you okay? Come on. Come with me.”   /*lends her hand to help Yuki up*/
Yuki      : “No. I’m okay. I still can fight.”
Haruna : “Tckk…You’re so stubborn, Yuki.”
Acchan : “Wuaaah….This is so exciting….I’ve been waiting for this fight since so long. If only Shinoda-san was still alive, he could’ve joined this bloodbath. It would be so much win. Oh well….Hey, Yuko, are you ready to fight me? And oh, before I forget, Yuko, please send my message to Takamina. Tell her to go to hell. Or tell her to just rot in jail. Whichever, I don’t care.”
Yuko     : “Acchan, I know you’re still in there. You can fight it. This isn’t you.”
Acchan : “No, you’re wrong. This is the real me now. The one who was always hanging out with you and going out with Takamina, that one is the fake one. I never want to be your friends in the first place.”
Yuko     : “Then you left us with no choice. Itano, strike now!!”
Tomochin : “Aye aye Captain!”

The two motorcycles made a roaring sounds, and then lunge towards Acchan and Rena, causing those two vampires to fall onto the ground. The motorcycles keep circling around Acchan and Rena, lunging towards them over and over.

[A/N: After I watched Majisuka Gakuen 1, I always imagined a fight between Yuko vs Acchan, or Gekikara vs {Black+Torigaya+Shibuya}. That will be too awesome!]



Sayanee : “Yui, we must get out of here now. This place is surrounded. They’re already inside.”
Yui          : “What? How? Nobody knows this place.”
Sayanee : “I’m afraid someone has betrayed us ………. Kanon.”
Yui          : “Your sister? She betrayed us?”
Sayanee : /*sigh*/ “She’s the only one besides us who knows the code to enter this building.”
Yui          : “No. No. It can’t be her. We trusted her! Where is she now?”
Sayanee : “Forget about her. We must escape now.” /*walks toward the panel board*/
Yui          : “Right. I’m coming with you.” /*moves her wheelchair to follow Sayanee*/
Sayanee : “No. You go with Haruppi. I’m going to stay here and gather our troops first. I’ll escape with them later.”
Yui          : “I’ll stay with you then.”
Sayanee : “No. You’re only slowing me down if you stay. Just go now!”
Yui          : “No, I won’t leave you!”
Sayanee : “Haruppi, take her with you! Now!”
Haruppi   : “Aye aye Captain!”  /*grabs Yui’s wheelchair and pushes it towards the exit door*/
Yui          : “Noooooo! Haruppi! What are you doing? Stop! I’m your leader! You should listen to my order!”
Haruppi   : “Sorry, Boss. This time I’ll only listen to Sayanee.”  /*continues pushing the wheelchair*/



After school.
In the hallway near Takumi’s classroom.
A cute girl stomps her way towards a pretty boy.
She then shoves the pretty boy against the locker.

“You used me!!! How could you!? How could you!!!??” the girl punches the boy repeatedly.

“What? Kanon-chan, what are you talking about?” the boy asked in confusion, while trying to block the punches.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, Takumi! You followed me to my basecamp, you stole my code, and you gave it to your father so that he can attack my family!”

“Huh? No! I didn’t do that! Why are you-”

“Don’t lie to me! You’re just using me all this time, right? Everything you’ve said to me, it was all a lie, right? You…You never loved me!!”

“I…I didn’t lie to you, Non-chan. I do love you. Please believe me.”

“…*sobs*….It doesn’t matter anymore. My sister, my family, and Yui, they’re all dying now. And it’s my fault…It’s my fault…I killed them…*sobs*”  Kanon cries and walks away.



Somewhere in a dark, hidden place.
A figure emerges from behind a shadow.

“Miyuki. Why do you call me?” the figure speaks to a person standing in front of her.

“I wanna help you,” the said person replies.

“Help me do what? In case you haven’t noticed, Akimoto already defeated my troops. I don’t have friends nor army now. I lost my sister. And they captured Yui too. Maybe you can tell me something about her. Is she already dead? Has Akimoto killed her?”

“No, Yui isn’t dead yet. She is currently locked in our research facilities, along with your friends. I’m afraid they’re being used for Eguchi’s experiment.”

“F*ck!!” Yamamoto punches the wall near her, frustrated. I can’t do anything to protect them.

“I will help you free them, Sayaka.”

“You wanna help? How can I be sure you’re not going to stab me on my back?”

“Have I done something like that before? Have I stabbed you on the back before? You do realize that all information I’ve been giving to you since the beginning is all true and useful for you. I would’ve never done that in the first place if I didn’t want to destroy my uncle. My own family.”

“Is that so? However, one who betrays her own family should not be trusted by anyone, even by their family’s enemy.”

“Well that’s a wise saying. But it does not apply for my case. And I’m the only chance you have right now. So do you wanna free your friends, or not? If so, then you must let me help you.”

“Alright, Miyuki. Let’s work together. Again.”



The “Human vs Vampires” series contains a lot of fighting scenes, violence, blood, and torture scenes. However, the author refuses to take any responsibility if this story affects the readers in some way. This fanfic is not meant to encourage people to indulge into violence in real life. Violence should be limited only for fiction/imagination, and not to be conducted in real life.


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Thank you for reading, everyone.

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