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Author Topic: Joshi Gakuen - chapter 45 (MaYuki & others) 29/08/2013  (Read 45308 times)

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 4 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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It was beautiful!!! :twothumbs Yuki really have a twin?? isn't it a lie??? :?

Mayu and Yuki kissed!!!!! :w00t:

Is it normal that I see a lot of " [/color] and [/size]" because it is hard for me to read...
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 4 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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I love it  :inlove:
Sae  :smhid
yes Sae Yuki is only to Mayu and no one is else  :angry:
Is it normal that I see a lot of " [/color] and [/size]" because it is hard for me to read...
me too I think you have to cheak your post alex-san  :)
ps: I wanna ask something can you add Wmatsui pairing  :sweatdrop:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 4 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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yuukimoko: Thanks for reading it makes me happy whenever I see new comments  :onioncheer: 
mo-chan: Yeah that's right Mayu you have to remember!!! :lol:   yes yes the do fall in love easily  :) 
Chanaline: I'm glad you think it's funny because some of my friends told me that my joke are not funny  :nervous   Yes, yes they are perfect  :roll: 
BbSis: Thanks I think your Huhuehue's funny :lol:   don't worry your gonna know what Mayu's gonna do after you read this  ;) 

_____________________________________Chapter 4________________________________________
~ Lunch ~
Mayu was staring at the window then Yuki went to Mayu carrying her lunch

"Hey Mayu~ wanna-" Yuki was cut off by Mayu's "NO THANKS" Then Mayu stood up from her seat and went outside the room leaving the confused Yuki behind "I haven't said anything yet" Yuki said

"Yuki-chan~" A girl from behind Yuki said

"Oh! hey Sae" Yuki said

"Wanna go later for some karaoke with Yuko-senpai, Takamina-senpai, Aachan-senpai, and Haruna-senpai?" Sae asked

"Sure! wait we're not going with Mayu?" Yuki said

"I don't think so she doesn't look like the type of person who likes to sing" Sae said

"Oh~ WAIT what do you mean you don't think so?" Yuki said

"Well Yuko-senpai told me to ask her if she wants to go but I don't know if I can ask her because whenever I try to approach her she keeps on ignoring me" Sae said

"Ok then I'll ask her for you" Yuki said

"Really you'll do that for me Yuki? Thank YOU!!!" Sae said

"Don't mention it anything for a friend" Yuki said

"A friend huh?" Sae said to herself with a voice that only she can hear

"I'm sorry Sae I didn't hear you what did you just said?" Yuki asked

"Oh! I-It's nothing yup just nothing hehe" Sae said as she scratches her head

Sae's thoughts: Kashiwagi Yuki I like you will you go out with me? Okay that would work!!!  I'm gonna tell her that latter at the karaoke place prepare yourself Yuki!!

"Sae... Sae... SA~E!!!!" Yuki shouted

"What? What?? What's happening?? do we have an earthquake?" Sae said as she jumped out of her chair and hid under her table everybody, including Yuki, laughed at what Sae did while Sae's blushing because of embarrassment and because of the sight of Yuki's laughing face.

"What happened to you first you were spacing out and now you're acting like an idiot" Yuki said still laughing. Sae stood up from where she wast and sighed.

~After School~
Mayu's walking at the hallway when all of the sudden she heard somebody calling her name and running towards her from behind she looked back and saw Yuki

Yuki: Mayu!!! wanna go with us for some karaoke?

Mayu: Who are you gonna be with?

Yuki: Sae, Baka-Yuko, Takamina-senpai,Atsuko-senpai, and Haruna-senpai

Mayu: I see so my BAKA sister's gonna go with you that doesn't sound right. Okay i understand I'm going with you!

Yuki: Really? Thank you Mayu!!! (Yuki jumped and hugged Mayu. Mayu blushed)

Mayu: Baka Yuki!!!

Yuki: What did I do? Mayu wasn't able to answer Yuki's question because Sae showed up with the senpai gang (Atsuko, Takamina, Kojiharu, and Yuko. Yup I call them the senpai gang.)

Yuko: Yo Mayu!! so are you going?

Mayu: Why do you think I'm here?

Yuko: Cold as always huh my dear sister (Mayu rolled her eyes)

Sae's staring at Yuki, Yuki's staring at Mayu which made Sae pout

Kojiharu: So what are we waiting for? Let's go!!! (Kojiharu said as she punch her fist up in the air

Everybody did the same thing and said "OOHH!!!"

Yuko's singing Ponytaill To ShuShu

Poniiteeru (hodokanaide) kawarazu ni
Kimi wa kimi de boku wa boku de hashiru dake
Poniiteeru (hodokanaide) itsumademo
Hashaide iru kimi wa shoujo no mama de

~The song ended~

"YAY!!" Everybody said

"Nyan Nyan I need to go to the rest room go with me" Yuko said

"Why me?" Kojiharu said

"Please~ I really have to go and I'm scared I don't know If there's a ghost there" Yuko said

"Okay~" Kojiharu said lazily (Seriously your such a kid Yuko, Kojiharu thought)

"Yuki can you order some beer for me?" Atsuko said

"What?? Beer?" Yuki said surprised

"Oh I forgot to tell you despite what Aachan looks like she is quite a drinker Te-Hee~" Takamina said as she hit her head with her hand and winked after that.

"Don't Te-hee me!!" Yuki said

"Please Yuki" Atsuko said with a pouting face

"Okay senpai but I'm only doing this because your'e cute" Yuki said making Mayu jealous

"Here's you beer ladies" a guy wearing a butler costume said

"Thank you" Atsuko said before the guy exited the room

Mayu smelled the familiar smell and her head started aching she hold her head with both hands and she closed her eyes Yuki saw what Mayu was doing so Yuki sat next to Mayu.

"What's wrong Mayu?" Yuki asked Mayu with a worried face

"My head hurts" Mayu said. Yuki hugged Mayu.

"What are you doing Baka Yuki? let me go!" Mayu said

"Shhh..... It's okay it will help you with your headache" Yuki said. Mayu stopped resisting and let Yuki hugged her. Mayu inhaled Yuki's smell and a flood of memories came to her. Mayu remembered what happened that night she looked at Yuki and Yuki looked back at her their faces are so closed together tat their lips almost touched each others Yuki was so shocked so she pushed Mayu away. Mayu smirked

"Yu-Ki-Rin~" Mayu said teasingly

"Wait did you just called me Yukirin? do you remember that night now?" Yuki said

"Yup! and now I'm claiming you mine again" Mayu touched Yuki's bo*bs and kissed her on the lips. The gang didn't notice anything that just happened because Mayu and Yuki are behind them and also they're too focused on Atsuko who's singing. Since the room is dark nobody could see Yuki's blush. Then Yuko opened the door and went in with Haruna

"Yuki *hip* I need to go to *hip* the bathroom *hip*" Mayu said

"Mayu? are you drunk? but you didn't drink any beer why are you drunk already?" Yuki said

"Who *hip* cares *hip*" Mayu said

"I do! Yuko-senpai" Yuki said

"What is it Yuki?" Yuko said

"I think Mayu's drunk but she didn't drink any beer how can she be drunk?" Yuki said

"Did she smelled the alcohol?" Yuko asked Yuki

"NO but I think she inhaled some of it because Atsuko-senpai ordered some" Yuki said

"Oh ok... You see Mayu gets drunk easily if she smelled the smell of an alcohol even though she didn't drink it she'll get drunk" Yuko said

"What? Nobody told me about this" Yuki and the rest said

"Oopss I'm sorry I forgot to tell you" Yuko said

"What kind of sister are you?" Yuki said as she shakes her head from left to right

"So I'm *hip* gonna sing for *hip* my Yukirin *hip* YAY!!!" Mayu said as she's holding the mic. and started singing aitakatta

Everybody's laughing and singing with Mayu at the same time

"Wow I never thought Mayu can sing this good even though she's hiccuping on every lyrics!"Yuki said

"That kid might not look like she sings good but Hey for all I know she might be the best singer I ever met well except my Nyan Nyan My Nyan Nyan's the best!" Yuko said as she hugs Kojiharu. Kojiharu just smiled

Mayu wasn't able to finish the song because she fell on Yuki and fell asleep. Yuki carried Mayu bridal style and Yuki told Sae and the Senpai gang that they're gonna go back to the dorm.

"Wait Yuki I'm going with you It's not safe for pretty girls to go to the dorm alone" Sae said

"Thanks Sae" Yuki said

"Here let me carry Mayu" Sae said

"NO it's okay Mayu's not that heavy anyway" Yuki said"Yeah but I'm stronger than you!" Sae said

"OH yeah? how about we do a round of arm wresling and whoever wins get to carry Mayu" Yuki said

"Sure! I'm gonna win anyway" Sae said confidently

"Hehe arm wrestling? that means I get to touch Yuki's hand" Sae thought

"Ready set Go!" Yuko said Yuki beat Sae as fast as ligting and Yuki let go of Sae's hand and looked at her finger. Sae was so shocked that she was speechless.

"Told you I'll win, now leave Mayu in my hands don't worry I won't drop her" Yuki said smilling

"Okay I give up let's go, bye senpais" Sae said

"Bye!!" The senpai gang said


"You don't understand Yuki I don't care about Mayu I just don't want you to be tired!" Sae said looking at Yuki.Yuki has a big smile on her face she looks really happy carrying Mayu.

"Okay nobody's around and Mayu's sleeping oky all clear" Sae said

"Yu-Yuki!" Sae said Yuki stopped walking and looked at Sae

"What is it Sae?" Yuki said

"Ka-Kashiwagi Yuki! I-" Sae was interrupted by a bunch of yankees

"Oh look it's BLACK!" The yankees said

"Black? who's Black?" Sae said

"Look you got it all wrong I'm not Black! I'm her twin sister so can you please let us trough" Yuki said
"You have a twin sister?" Sae said
"Yup! but she's a yankee" Yuki said

"What you have a yankee sister? cool!!" Sae said

"No it's not!!" Yuki said

"Okay I'm sorry!!" Sae said

"How long are you gonna talk and by the way we don't care if you're her twin or not as long as you look the same, we're gonna beat you!!" The yankees said
"This is bad Sae let's run now let's go back to Yuko-senpai and the others!" Yuki said but before they could escape they were already surrounded.[/size]
"Sae take Mayu don't let her get hurt" Yuki said as she gave Mayu to Sae. Yuki started fighting with the yankees Yuki's not that fast but she sure is powerful. Sae started slapping Mayu telling her to wake up fortunately Mayu woke up and she's mad < Mayu hates getting slapped in the face>. Mayu punched Sae back and Sae shouted
"Don't punch me! punch them!" Sae pointed at the yankees.[/size]
"What the heck?" Mayu said

"I'll explain latter for now let's help Yuki" Sae said. Mayu looked at Yuki she has few bruises on her arm a cut on her lip and her cheek's bleeding Mayu felt her blood boiled and she put her hood on

"You bunch of garbage!!! I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to my Yukirin!" Mayu said
"You're Yukirin?" Sae said[/size]
"So you still remember!" Yuki said with a big smile.Somebody was about to attack Mayu from behind but Mayu dodged it, she grabbed the arm of the guy and twisted it hard enough to break the guy's right arm making him scream and roll in pain on the ground. Sae's watching Mayu fight, Sae said "She's making them dance she's making them do what she wants without them knowing AMAZING!!!" While Sae's occupied with her thoughts a guy hit her in her head making her all dizzy and paralyzed. Yuki gave the guy that was attacking Sae a really powerful upper cut and it knocked him down instantly. Yuki's guarding Sae making sure that nobody hurts her
The Senpai gang appeared Yuko saw Mayu figting but Mayu has a cut on her lip which made Yuko really mad Yuko ran up to Mayu[/size]
"Leave this to nee-chan Mayu go take care of Nyan Nyan and the rest" Yuko said

"Okay I'm counting on you" Mayu said[/font]
[/color]"Oh no we're in trouble!" 1 of the yankees said "Why?" another yankee said "Are you blind? that's Osima Yuko! the former most powerful yankee!" another yankee said "Oh no run!!!" another yankee said but before the yankees ran Yuko stopped them she beat the 20 yankees in just 20 seconds
"Wow! Amazing!" Yuki said
"Mayu! is your face okay?" Yuko said
"My legs hurts" Mayu said
"Yea yeah I don't care about your legs I'm asking you is your okay?" Yuko said but instead of a reply from Mayu Yuko received a punch from Kojiharu instead
"Ow! I was just kidding Nyan Nyan! You didn't have to puch me!" Yuko said as she hugged Kojiharu Then everybody laughed.
"Hey Yuki can you help all the way to the dorm? I'm still dizzy" Sae said
"Okay" Yuki said
"Wait!!! Yuko!!! go help Sae, Yuki and me have to do something so we have to go" Mayu said
"What? why me?" Yuko said
"Because I want you to!!! now go and help her this is for groping my Yukirin!!!" Mayu said

"Okay Okay!!" Yuko said

Mayu and Yuki parted ways with Sae and the senpai gang because their dorm is on the other way

~Sae with the senpai gang~

Atsuko's hugging Takamina like a monkey, Sae's being carried by Yuko and Kojiharu"My plans!!! They're all ruined!" Sae said
"What plans?" Takamina said everybody's looking at Sae now
"You see I was planing on confessing my love for Yuki but I didn't have the time" Sae said
"If I were you I'll give up on that one you'll just end up crying" Kojiharu said
"Why?" Sae said
"Because my sister's in love with her and can't you see? Yuki loves her back so stop it before you get hurt" Yuko said
"NO! I won't stop tell me Yuko-senpai if Haruna-senpai loves somebody else and that somebody loves her back would you just give up on her?" Sae asked Yuko
"Yup! I will but before that I'm gonna tell that person to make her happy and if she hurts my Nyan Nyan I'm gonna kill her" Yuko said
"Yuko~" Nyan Nyan said
"But mines different Yuko-senpai I'm not gonna give up until I get her answer!" Sae said
"Do whatever you want we're just trying to help you" Atsuko said
"Thanks senpais but I'm gonna do my best and even if I don't end up loosing her I won't regret it!" Sae said
"That's the spirit!" The senpais said

~Mayu and Yuki are now alone~

"Why you don't want me to help Sae?" Yuki asked
"Because Yukirin's mine and I don't want anybody to touch her unless I say so!!!" Mayu said then Yuki smiled and stared at Mayu
"Wha-What do you want?" Mayu said but after Mayu said that she felt something touched her lips Mayu kissed Yuki back then while they were kissing Mayu smirked and touched Yukirin's but and squished it then Mayu found a chance and she slid her tongue inside Yuki's mouth making it a passionate kiss.

~ After The Kiss ~

"Look at you your cheek's bleeding!!! let's go back to the dorm and get that fixed!!" Mayu said
"You're not gonna ask what happend?" Yuki said
"Questions can wait for now let's get you clean" Mayu said
"Okay~ Mayu you sound like a lover!" Yuki said laughing
"No I don't it's called being and adult Yu-Ki-Rin!" Mayu said
"Yeah Yeah whatever Mayuyu!" Yuki said
"Mayuyu?" Mayu said

"Yup Mayuyu from now on that's what I'll call you" Yuki said

"Whatever let's go Yukirin!" Mayu said"Mayuyu your so bossy!" Yuki said

"No I'm not and I order you to stop calling me bossy! If you don't move from there I'll leave you behind" Mayu said

"Wait for me!!" Yuki said as she runs towards Mayu

"Hurry up!" Mayu said running with a big smile on her face
That's it for Chapter 4
Hoped you liked it!!! :hee:
Sorry for the grammar mistakes :kneelbow: [/size]

Now I have to study for my test tomorrow See ya!!!  :on study:
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 4 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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I'm sorry I had to re-post chapter 4 I didn't notice the /color and /size and  thing so I'm really sorry  :kneelbow:
@Tam_atsu: I'm trying to make Yuko sweet at this fiction  :)
@BbSis: glad you like it  :)
@Chanaline: thanks I'm really glad you like it about Yuki having a twin you're gonna know that later and I'm really srry about the /size and /color  and  I was having some problems  :kneelbow:  I just fixed it. I'm really sorry  :gyaaah:

@mo-chan: I'm really sorry about the size and color  thing  :kneelbow:  About the Wmatsui sure I can add them  :)
___________________________________Chapter 5 COMING UP!!___________________________________
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 4 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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____________________________________Chapter 5_____________________________________

~MaYuki's Room~

"Mayuyu wake up" Yuki said. Mayu groaned

"10 more minutes" Mayu said as sho roll on her bed

"No you only have 9 minutes to prepare for school now get up!" Yuki said

"What 9 minutes!! Baka-Yuki why you didn't wake me up sooner" Mayu said as she jump out of her bed and ran to the bathroom

"I tried but you kept on saying 10 more minutes" Yuki said even though Mayu could'nt hear her

~KojiYuu's Room~

"Yuko wake up!" Kojiyuu said

"No Nyan Nyan~ I can't... I can't eat anymore" Yuko said

"Why does it always have to be like this?" Kojiharu said as she went to the bathroom and get a water gun

"YUKO WAKE UP!!!" Kojiharu said but Yuko still won't wake up

"Sorry Yuko you leave me no choice" Kojiharu squeezed the trigger and water came out. The water landed on Yuko's face which made Yuko sit up really fast. Yuko looked at Kojiharu

"Morning my dear Nyan Nyan" Yuko said as she shake her head which made Kojiharu wet a little

"Yuko stop!!" Kojiharu said while she's laughing Yuko kept on shaking her head

"Yuko really we have to go to school we're gonna be late" Kojiharu said

"Okay" Yuko stood up but she fell back down because she's dizzy Kojiharu laughed at her

"That's what you get for making me wet" Kojiharu said

"Nyan~ Nyan... The room's spinning~ I-I can't stnad up" Yuko said

"Here let me help yyou get dressed" Kojiharu said

~Atsumina's Room~

Takamina's having a nightmare where Atsuko looks like a giant monster that's gonna eat her

"Aaaahhhh!!!!" Both Takamina and Atsuko shouted

"A-Aachan!!! What are you doing?" Takamina said still scared

"No-nothing!! I'm not doing anything I was just watching you sleep" Atsuko said

"No wonder I had that nightmare" Takamina thought

Takamina got dressed and AtsuMina went to school


MaYuki, KojiYuu, and AtsuMina met at their meeting spot

"Good Morning!" MaYuki said

"Ossu!" The senpai gang said

"Hey guy's have you heard about the new students?" Takamina said

"I heard they're gonna be at Mayu and Yuki's class" Kojiharu said

"Really? when did you heard this?" Yuki said

"Just this morning!" Yuko said

"Oh and I heard one of them looks like you Yuki" Atsuko said

"I-is that so?" Yuki said nervously  "I wish it's not Hime" Yuki thought

"That's pretty weird" an energetic looking girl said

"Oh! Hey Jurina!" Yuki said

"Who is she?" Yuko said poiting at the girl

"Okay first it's not polite pointing at people second my name's Matsui Jurina I'm at Yuki and Mayu's class" Jurina said

"Mayu do we have homework yesterday?" Jurina looked at Mayu but Jurina suddenly screamed

"Aaaahhhhh!!! Mayu watch out!!!" Jurina said but she was too late Mayu banged her head on the post that was in front of her

"Ow!!! why you didn't tell me there was a post over hear" Mayu said as she rubbed her red forehead

"Not my fault you were sleep walking!!!" Jurina said making everybody laughed. Mayu blushed

"So how was your morning?" Jurina said

"Horrible!" Yuki, Kojiharu, and Takamina said at the same time

"Why what happened? Yuki start first" Jurina said

"Mayu is too hard to wake up! she kept on saying 10 more minutes" Yuki said

"HEY!!!" Mayu said pouting Yuko let out a small giggle

"I don't think you want to giggle now Yuko!" Kojiharu said. Yuko stopped and gave Kojiharu a confused look.

"This morning Yuko was so hard to wake up that I had to take the water gun and shoot her" Kojiharu said

"Wha- HEY~" Yuko said

"SO! What happened to you two?" Jurina said looking at AtsuMina. Atsuko gave Takamina a confused look as Takamina sighed

"Well I had a dream where Aachan became a monster and she looks like she's gonna eat me!" Takamina said as everybody laughed because Atsuko pulled Takamina's ears.

~Bell Ringing~

"We're late!!!" Yuki said as she grabbed Mayu's hand and ran towards their room leaving Jurina and the senpais behind

"Wha-" Mayu wasn't able to finish her question because she looked at her hand and blushed

"A new couple has been borned" Yuko said as she took a camera out and took picture of Yuki an Mayu running while holding each others hands

"what? Mayu and Yuki are couples?" Jurina asked the senpais. The senpais looked at each other and shouted "RUN!!!" as they dashed to their room

"I wasn't finish talking to you!!!" Jurina said


"Today we have new students. Yup you heard me STUDENTSSS" The teacher said

"How many are they sensei?" Jurina said holding a bucket of water on one hand and another on the other (Jurina was punished because she was late)

"Just two,  and go back to your seat" The teacher said

"We sure have a lot of new students these year" Mayu said

"Please don't be her please don't be her" Yuki said

"Come in!" The teacher said. The 2 student went in they both look like princesses

"Oh this is just great!!" Yuki said as she covered her face with her hand. Everybody on the class are whispering

"Hey look at one of the new students she look exactly like Yuki!" One of the students said

"Why? Why do you have to say that?" Yuki said as she looked back at the girl the girl bowed her head and said sorry. Yuki looked at the so-called her look alike. "Yup it's definitely her" Yuki said

"Matsui Rena desu yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" Rena said

"She's pretty!" Jurina said

"Ok Matsui-san you're gonna seat right next to the other Matsui. I hope you're not a trouble maker like her" The teacher said

"Sensei!" Jurina said making everybody laugh

"Kashiwagi Hime Yoroshiku you can call me Black" the girl said

"BLACK!!!" The girls said in unison

"Are you by any chance related to Kashiwagi Yuki?" One of the girls said

"Yeah we're twins" Black said

"What? Twins?" The girls said in unison (AGAIN)

"Ya heard me twins now stop your unison thing 'cause it's bothering me!" Black said

Mayu looked at Yuki and whispered "is she the reason why that happened last night?"

Yuki sighed and said "Yeah"

"Figured" Mayu said

"Okay New Kashiwagi-san go sit right beside  Miyazawa Sae" the teacher said. Black went to her new seat and slammed her bag on the desk and sat on her chair

"She's kinda scary don't you think? Hey I'm Matsui Jurina" Jurina whispered to Rena and winked

"Yup she's kinda scary. Hey do you mind if I call you Jurina-san 'cause we have the same last name" Rena said

"Sure but only if you let me call you Rena-chan" Jurina said

"Okay nice to meet you Jurina-san" Rena said

"Same here Rena-chan" Jurina said winking

"You sure do like winking" Rena said laughing

"You're pretty when you laugh" Jurina said

"Thanks" Rena said

"At least Jurina's having a good time" Yuki said as she sighed

"Don't worry Yuki what could go wrong? she's just your twin" Mayu said

"I hate that word! What could go wrong? because obviously something bad's gonna happen" Yuki said

New Pairs: Wmatsui and BlackSae

I don't want Sae to be all alone so I added Black to the story.
Why I didn't use Sayaka instead? Because I don't know what to write about Sayaka so
SaeYaka fans I'm sorry  :kneelbow:

That's it for chapter 15  :) 

Hope you liked it  :mon cute:

Even though it's a little short :mon bye:

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 5: 2 New pairs [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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Kashiwagi twins, interesting hehe

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 5: 2 New pairs [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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yay new pairs!!

and yay to saeyuki!!!  :deco:

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 5: 2 New pairs [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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T-this.. This is..
Just a hiatus KojiYuu/WMatsui butthead.

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 5: 2 New pairs [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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it is really interesting!!! I love Black!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 5: 2 New pairs [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina]
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Black looks colder than Yuki  :nervous and she is kinda scary  :lol:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 6 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmtsui. SaeBlack]
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kahem: It's a good thing you find it interesting cause if not this will haunt you!!!  :gmon ringu: Just kidding Nyan~  :gmon nya:
vPANDAv: New pairsYAY!!!  :mon squee:
ZeriusLei: Yay!!!  :mon santa3:
Chanaline: Thanks!! Same here I also love Black  :mon yoyo: :mon yell: :mon speechless:
mo-chan: Hehe She is supposed to be scary  :mon worklate: :mon wtf: :mon yell:

Thanks guy I was having a really bad day because of school but your replies made my day so thanks again  :gmon heartu:  Okay! here's chapter 6 enjoy!!!

_________________________________Chapter 6__________________________________________


Yuki got up from her seat and went in front of Black. Everybody's looking at them.

"Ok Hime-chan what are you doing here?" Yuki said as she slammed Black's table.

"Don't ask me ask Tetsuya! and don't call me by that name! Marimokori~" Black said

"First of all his not Tetsuya his Dad! and don't call me Ma-Ri-Mo-Ko-Rin!" Yuki said as she tighten her hand into a fist ready to punch Black anytime now

"Look! he's not my dad ok? I only have one dad and he's already dead!" Black said

"How could you say he's not your dad? He gave you everything you want! He love us like we're his real daughters and this is how you're gonna repay him?" Yuki said as she swung her fist but all she hit was nothing but the thin air because Black is really fast. Everybody in the class was really shocked and the room was so quiet that you almost here a cricket chirping

"A-awesome!" Sae said breaking the silence. Everybody looked at Sae.

"What? I was just telling the truth!" Sae said as she sweat-drop

The bell ris ringing indicating that it's time for the next class

"I guess I was saved by the bell" Sae said then she looked as she looked at the students exiting the room


Yuki stopped walking because she saw Mayu walking towards the opposite way from gym

"Mayuyu! where are you going?" Yuki said

"Nurse's office" Mayu said

"Why? does it hurt anywhere? do you want me to carry you?" Yuki said panicking

"No! Yukirin I'm fine. It's just that I don't want to go to gym it's too much exercise!" Mayu said lazily

"Oh so that's just it *laugh* I thought it's something bad" Yuki said

"Geeze Yukirin your'e over thinking it" Mayu said as she walked way but Mayu stopped walking because she felt somebody pulled her wrist

"Mayuyu I'm not gonna let you skip gym today" Yuki said

"Oh really?" Mayu said as she freed her self from Yuki's hands and ran

"Really!" Yuki said as she chased Mayu down the hall when Yuki saw Mayu touching her knee and trying to catch her breath. Yuki went closer to Mayu without making noise so that Mayu wouldn't know she was there

"Surprise hug!!" Yuki said as she hug Mayu from the back. Mayu blushed

"Ok Mayuyu you're going with me to the gym! Lets Go!" Yuki said

"Iyada!!!" Mayu said struggling really hard

"Mayuyu looks like a child!" Yuki said

"Yukirin looks like a mom! now let go!" Mayu said

"I don't want to! If you don't go with me to gym then I'm not gonna give you your pudding" Yuki said

"Okay okay all I have to do is go to gym right?" Mayu said

"Good girl" Yuki said patting Mayuyu's head

"Oh! so now I'm your dog!" Mayu said "But it feels good hehe..." Mayu thought

Yuki stopped petting Mayu's hair which made Mayu pout. Yuki noticed Mayu's action and said "Don't worry I'll pet your head again later" Yuki said and winked at Mayu. Mayu smiled and said "I-It's not like I want you to!"

~Locker Room~

Yuki went in and saw everyone's running for their lives because Jurina's groping them. Jurina looked at Rena, Rena shook her head as if she's saying please don't go to me don't please. Jurina was about to grope Rena but Yuki lifted Jurina by her shirt like a dog

"Okay little puppy it's time to stop" Yuki said Jurina let out a whine making her look like a dog begging for food everybody looked at Jurina and started laughing

"Thanks uhhmm.. Black-san?" Rena said. Yuki dropped the poor Jurina and Jurina hid behind Rena as if Rena's her owner. Rena sweat-dropped and looked at Yuki

"She's not Black she's Yuki remember?" Mayu said

"Oh yeah that right... I'm sorry Yuki-san" Rena said

"I'ts okay" Yuki said

"K girls it time! get you buts out!" The teacher said

"Let's go!" Yuki said dragging the lazy Mayu out. Jurina's hugging Rena's arm like a monkey and dragged her out of the locker room.

"Okay today we're gonna play dodge ball girls be careful from the flying balls, you don't want your face to get flat!" The teacher said.

"Oh great, just what I need!" Mayu said as she rolled her eyes

"Relax it's just dodge ball. Trust me it's gonna be fun Mayuyu" Yuki said as she smiled at the shorter girl

"Yeah that's right Mayu! it's gonna be fun!" Jurina said still hugging Rena's arm. Rena just sighed

"Yeah right!" Mayu said in a cyborg way

"Oh look it's Mayu!! MAYU!!!" A very familiar voice shouted. Mayu looked up and sure enough it was Yuko waving at her like and idiot.

"Oh wow it just keeps on getting better and better!!!" Mayu said

"Mayu *sigh* you and your sarcasms" Yuki said

"Okay girls I want you to be on two groups 12 on each side now go!" The teacher said everybody chose the side that they want to be on. Mayu's on the red team with Yuki while Jurina's at the blue team with Rena. The teacher blew the whistle and the game started

Mayu got the ball and threw the ball at Rena. Rena let the ball bounced in front of her then she took the ball at the other side of the court and hit a girl in the face making the girl's nose bleed, the teacher blew the whistle

"Ambulance group! get the girl and don't let any blood spill on the floor" The teacher said pointing at Atsuko, Takamina, Kojiharu, and Yuko.Yuko pointed at herself and said "US?"The teacher said "Yeah you who else is in here?"

Atsuko let out a sigh and said "I'ts all your fault Yuko"

"What? how is it my fault?" Yuko said

"You're the one who told us to go here in the first place MIDGET!" Takamina said

"Look who's talking" Yuko said

"Let's just go ok? the teacher's waiting and I don't want to hold back the girls from having fun" Kojiharu said

"Just as I expected from my Nyan Nyan! so kind, not like some Midget that I know" Yuko said. Then Yuko and Takamina started to stare at each other and all of the sudden there are sparks flying across the room

"Let's just go!" Atsuko said as she dragged Takamina's ear

"Ow Aachan that hurts Ow!! MY EARS ARE GETTING DISLOCATED!!" Takamina said

"Is that even possible?" Mayu said, Jurina heard what Mayu said and she bursted out laughing making Mayu's face look like a tomato. Then Mayu took the ball from the floor and threw it at Jurina who barely caught the ball

"The game's not over yet!" Mayu shouted

"Almost forgot!" Jurina said as she threw the ball hitting Yuki in the face which gave her a nosbleed

"Hey!! don't damage Yukirin's face!" Mayu said as she threw the ball at Rena but Jurina caught the ball before it landed on Rena's face then Jurina threw the ball at Mayu

"Carefull now Rena-chan Mayu's mad 'cause I hit her Yukirin" Jurina said as she winked at Rena

"Hey Jurina! No flirting during the game and don't call Yukirin, Yukirin 'cause I'm the only one that's allowed to call her that!" Mayu said as threw the ball at Rena. Jurina didn't see the ball because she was spacing out all of the sudden Jurina heard a "BOOM!" she looked at Rena and saw that Rena's face has blood coming out of her nose

"Ren-chan!" Jurina said

"Don't worry about me Jurina I'm okay just keep on playing" Rena said

"Hai~ another one's out!" Yuko said as she dragged Rena out of the game

"Wow Yuko you sure do like to drag people out" Atsuko said Yuko gave her a big smile and said

"No it's not like that it's just that I've never seen Mayu so happy like that for a really long time" Yuko said with a big sis face looking over her little sis happily

"And it's also been a while since I saw that face on you Yuko" Kojiharu thought.

"That's for Yukirin, Yukirin I avenged you haha!" Mayu said waving at Yuki, Yuki waved at Mayu and gave her a smile

"What? then Rena-chn watch me I'm gonna get revenge for you too!" Jurina said to Rena and Rena just sighed

Finally the only ones in the field are Mayu and Jurina because whenever they throw a ball to each other they're also sending a girl out of the field with their nose bleeding.

~20 minutes later~

Mayu and Jurina are now sweating and their both panting really hard.

"So Mayu do feel like giving up now" Jurina said

"Me give up? Never! I'm not gonna give you you're revenge!" Mayu said

"Just what I expected"

"Why do they look so~ like Takamina and Yuko?" Kojiharu and Atsuko said

Jurina threw a powerful ball at Mayu but Mayu successfully caught it then Mayu threw a really fast and powerful ball at Jurina, it was so fast that Jurina wasn't able to dodge it so the ball hit her in the face which made her dizzy. everybody could only here a loud "BOOM!" Then the teacher said "Jurina down!!!" Everybody shouted "AWESOME"  Rena ran up to Jurina, Jurina's walking like a crazy zombie.

"Seriously that's what you get for trying to show off" Rena said

"Re-Rena-chan~ Why is everything spinning~?" Jurina said. Rena smiled and said

"Lets go! we don't want to be late for our next class.

""Rena-chan I can't walk" Jurina said as she fell back down to her butt

"Okay let's go" Rena said as she lifted Jurina and hold her by the waist

"Thanks Rena-chan!" Jurina said with a smile

"Don't mention it" Rena said.

Jurina's thoughts: Yes! Hehehe Rena's holding me by the waist it's almost like a hug! SCORE!

"Hey Jurina did you see the other new student?" The teacher said

"Oh you mean Black. Yeah she skipped gym with Sae" Jurina said

Rena's thoughts: Jurina you weren't supposed to say that! Now Black's gonna kill us!

"So I guess the new kid's a trouble maker" The teacher said

"Bye sensei~" Jurina said as she Rena walked away

"Black huh! interesting" the teacher said as she rubbed her chin


All of the girls ran up to Mayu and started to talk to her telling her about how cute and cool she was. Mayu thought that they were annoying so she just started to walk away but her new fans kept on following her.

"Looks like somebody earned a new fan club" Yuko said

"Whatever, now it's like middle school all over ugghh this sucks!" Mayu said.

Yuki heard what Mayu said

"Haruna-senpai do you know what Mayu was like when she was in middle school?" Yuki asked Kojiharu

"Yup we were childhood friends so I know a lot about those two sisters" Kojiharu said

"Can you please tell me what happened?" Yuki said
"Sure thing" Kojiharu said
___________________Next chapter: Yuko and Mayu's past________________
Sorry I had to end this chapter like that.  :mon sweat: 
I just wanted to make it more interesting  :mon geek:   :mon scare: :mon lmao: :mon bye:   
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 6 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui, SaeBlack]
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Double update for me xD

I liked both chapters o/ huehue now there is two "Yuki" interesting ^^

But huehue what Black and Sae were doing? XD

Mayuyu and Yuko's past \o/ can't wait^^

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 6 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui, SaeBlack]
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eeeeeeeeeeeeh  :shocked
I wanna know oshiri sister's past  :catglare:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 6 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui, SaeBlack]
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Jurina and Mayuyu's little fight is funny and cute ^^

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 6 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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BbSis: Sorry for making you wait  :)  about Black and Sae you're gonna find that out at the next chapter  ;)
mo-chan: Don't worry you're gonna know it after you read this chapter  :D
kahem: Thanks! I'm really glad you find it funny and cute  :twothumbs

I'm sorry I wasn't able to update yesterday I was busy because of school  :kneelbow:
Okay. I present you......

______________________________Chapter 7_________________________________

Mayu and Yuko came from a rich family.

Mayu was 12 years old at that time she was very smart for her age, she has good manners, she was her school's smartest girl, she was very popular, her parents was really proud of her, basically she was the perfect daughter.

On the other hand, Yuko was 14 at that time was not so smart, her grades are average, she always get in troubles, she was the class's clown, she was the school's basketball team's captain. Yuko was the type who always do her best on almost everything 

But their parents doesn't seem to care about Yuko they only care about Mayu.

~ Dinner ~

"So Mayu how was school today?" Dad said

"It was normal as usual everybody's round me and talking to me and oh! I'm the only one in my class that got 100 on the test!" Mayu said smiling

"That's great!" Mom said, she paused for a second she looked at Yuko with a slightly irritated face and asked her "SO how was YOUR school today?"

"I got 88 at the test! and my team won the championship!" Yuko said

"So Mayu do you want to go somewhere tomorrow?" Dad said

"What bout nee-" Mayu was interrupted by Yuko who slammed the table

"What about me? I did my best on the test, I won the championship and you just acted like I didn't say anything?" Yuko said

"Yuko! sit down! It's a bad manner to slam the dinner table! Why can't you be more like Mayu? Mom said but Yuko stood up from her chair and said "Mayu this, Mayu that, why can't you be like Mayu? seriously! what about Yuko?" Yuko said as she slammed the kitchen door

"Just let her!" Dad said as he grabbed Mom's hand

"Onee-chan I'm sorry" Mayu thought as she continued to chew her food

~Yuko's Room~

Yuko's laying on her bed crying

"Why? why they're not paying attention to me? Why am I the one that's always wrong? Why?" Yuko thought as she continued to cry later that night Yuko ran away but their parents didn't do anything to look for her, They acted like Yuko's not their daughter like Mayu's their only child.

~ One month later ~

Mayu just woke up. She went down stairs ate her breakfast and went to school

~ Mayu's class ~

"Mayu-chan~" a girl said

"Oh! hey Love-tan! What is it?" Mayu said

"What happened to your sister?" Love-tan said

"I don't know, she ran away from home, I've been searching for her for a month now but I can't find her" Mayu said with teary eyes

"Do-don't cry Mayu-chan! It's gonna be okay so please don't cry! I'm begging you!" Love-tan said panicking ( Love-tan hate seeing her bestfriend cry because it makes her really sad)

"I'm sorry Love-tan" Mayu said trying her best not to cry

"I-it's okay. Hey Mayu want to go to the park later?" Love-tan said

"Sure!" Mayu said

~ Walking ~

Love-tan pulled Mayu behind the bushes because she saw two yankees in front of them

"Hey I heard that the newbie beat the strongest!" yankee 1 said

"Yeah I heard about it too and I heard that she's only been a yankee for a month plus she used to be a captain of basketball!" yankee 2 said

"Hey wanna challenge the new strongest? I heard she's fighting right now at the park" yankee 1 said

"Against how many?" Yankee 2 said

"I don't know maybe 20!" yankee 1 said

"Awesome let's go watch it! I wanna see how good she is!" yankee 2 said as the two yankees ran toward the park Mayu looked at Love-tan and Love-tan did the same

"Do you think they're talking about nee-chan?" Mayu said

"I don't think so but I'm gonna go home." Love-tan said as she walked away leaving Mayu behind

"What kind of best friend are you? but whatever I have to check out what's happening" Mayu said as she dashed to the park

~ Park ~

Mayu saw somebody really familiar fighting

"Nee-chan!" Mayu shouted. Yuko looked up and saw Mayu

"Mayu! run! don't get involve with this!" Yuko said. While Yuko was distracted a yankee punched her hard enough to make her fall down the ground and unable to move. Mayu got so mad that she ran up to the yankees and started to punch them as hard as she can

"Don't touch my nee-chan!" Mayu said as she fight the yankees but unfortunately Mayu was over numbered and she has a terrible stamina so the yankees started beating her up. Yuko's forcing her self to move but every time she stand up a yankee will punch her in the face.

Yuko gathered all of her strength left and stood up then she shouted "Mayu!!!!" as she ran up to the yankees beating them to the ground one by one. Yuko ran up to the unconscious Mayu and saw her face full of cuts from the punches she received Yuko touched Mayu's cheek and said "This is why I told not to get involve with this!" Yuko said then she passed out.

Mayu and Yuko's parents are looking for Mayu then they saw them at the park

Mom saw her daughters's face. Mom's shocked, sad, mad, and all kinds of negative emotions are gathering at her she couldn't take it anymore it was so heavy that she had a heart attack. Dad rushed to the hospital with Mom and Mayu and Yuko, Yuko regained her consciousness so she was able to help her dad

~ Hospital ~

Mayu was confined but Mom didn't survived the heart attack and died


Doctor: Where's Mr. Watanabe?
Yuko: He went back to work
Doctor: I see, so you're Ms. Yuko right?
Yuko: Yes that's right so doctor is my mom alright?
Doctor: I'm afraid she only have a very small time left
Yuko: What? What do you mean doctor?
Doctor: I'm sorry we did our best but the her heart couldn't take it anymore
Yuko: Sonna~
Doctor: I'm really sorry, you're mom's at the other room you say your goodbyes now

Yuko ran to her mom's room her mom looked at her with a very sad eyes

"Mom!" Yuko slammed the door closed she ran to her mom and hugged her

"Yuko, Yuko I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! It's all my fault you became like this, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Mom said

"It's okay mom it's okay" Yuko said crying and still hugging her mom

"Yuko please take care of Mayu for me" Mom said

"Don't worry mom I'll take care of Mayu" Yuko said

"Thank you Yuko and I love you my daughter" Mom said as she slowly close her eyes "I love you too mom" Yuko whispered softly. Mom's eyes closed completely and the machines stopped beeping indicating that she's dead. Yuko cried quietly as she still hold on to her mom's hands

~End of Flash back~

~Mayu's room~

Yuko went inside Mayu's room and she sat next to Mayu's bed. Mayu slowly opened her eyes

"Where am I?" Mayu said

"You're at the hospital Mayu" Yuko said

"Where's mom?" Mayu said

"She's gone Mayu" Yuko said as tears started to roll on her cheeks again

"What? What happened?" Mayu said ignoring the pain from her cuts

"She had a heart attack and she wasn't able to survive" Yuko said

"I see" Mayu said as she held back her tears Yuko couldn't take it anymore she bursted out crying as she hugged Mayu

"Mayu!!! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry It's all my fault! It's all because of me that mom... that mom has to die!!!" Yuko said crying out loud

"No it's not your fault, it's not anybody's fault nee-chan it's okay" Mayu said with a really sad smile, she's trying to be strong for Yuko. Yuko looked at her and stopped crying. Yuko told Mayu everything that happened and that she will never run away anymore.

"That's good to hear nee-chan please take care of me from now on" Mayu said with a smile. Yuko's eyes got teary again and Yuko jumped at Mayu and hugged her "Mayu!!!!!!" Yuko said crying. Mayu sighed and said "and I'm supposed to be the younger sister"

~ Three months later ~

Dad's blaming Yuko for their mom's death hes been abusing Yuko for 3 months now Mayu wanted to do something but Yuko told her not to do anything

One day Mayu couldn't take it anymore she went to her dad's office

"Dad please stop abusing nee-chan or else I'm gonna report you to the police!" Mayu said. Dad got really mad and punched Mayu, he grabbed and pulled her hair, then he ripped Mayu's clothes off of her.

Yuko was about to go to Mayu's room nut she heard a scream coming out of her dad's room. Yuko knew that it was Mayu's voice so she ran towards the room. When Yuko opened the door she saw Mayu with only her underwear on

"Onee-chan!!" Mayu stood up and hid behind Yuko. Mayu hugged her Yuko could hear Mayu's crying and trembling with fear. Yuko's blood is boiling with so much anger that no word can explain it.

"What are you doing? Are you trying to rape you own daughter? You bastard you're gonna pay for this!!!!" Yuko said. Yuko can't hold her anger anymore so she punched dad over and over Yuko wanted him to suffer he wanted him to feel something worst than death Mayu tried to stop Yuko but Yuko was stronger so Mayu wasn't able to stop her. Mayu called Kojiharu "Haruna-san help please we need you" "Okay okay I'm going over there now just don't panick okay" Kojiharu said. after a minute Kojiharu arrived and saw Mayu with only on her underwear Kojiharu hugged Mayu but Mayu broke the hug immediatly and pointed at Yuko who's beating her dad

"Oh no Yuko!" Kojiharu ran up to Yuko and hugged her until she calms down. Finally Yuko calmed down she looked at Kojiharu and said "Thank you I'm really sorry about this" Yuko said then she looked at Mayu who's crying. Yuko hugged Mayu who's still scared "Don't worry Mayu everything's gonna be just fine don't worry nee-chan's here" Yuko said kissing Mayu's forehead. Mayu bursted crying "Nee-chan!!!"

That night the police came Yuko wasn't out in prison because she was found innocent thanks to Mayu's self-made hidden camera she made that camera when she was 7 years old.

"Afteer that their dad was sent to a local mental hospital Mayu and Yuko were sent here along with me and after that incident Mayu became gloomy, she barely talks she became expression-less, she became a clod person and earned the tittle CYBORG" Kojiharu said Yuki's crying

"But ever-since she met you she became more sociable her expressions are going back to normal. I don't know what you're doing Yuki-san but thank you for making Mayu more like her self again" Yuko said from behind which made Kojiharu and Yuki jump

"Yo! Nyan Nyan" Yuko said as she jump on Kojiharu and hug her

"Yukirin why are you crying? are they bullying you? Mayu said pointing at Yuko and Kojiharu

"Mayuyu!!!!" Yuki said as she hugged Mayu

"What's happening? let go of me Yukirin!!! I can't breathe!!!!" Mayu said. Yuko looked at Mayu with a really happy smile

"I'm glad you're my sister Mayu" Yuko thought

"Mayu-chan~" Mayu's new fanclub said Mayu looked slowly behind her and saw her fanclub ready to eat her Mayu freed her self from Yukirin and ran for her life yup Mayu's screaming "Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!"

That's it for chapter 7 hope you liked it  :sweat:
I'm really sorry Atsumina, SaeBlack, and Wmatsui didn't appear at this chapter  :kneelbow:
Oyasumi~  :sleep:
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 7 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Sad story T_T
Mayuyu is a good sister

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 7 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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very dramatic...but poor yuko & mayu ... the parents are to be blamed, they could have stop all these tragic.

yukirin will shower mayuyu with TLC from now on...soon the cybord will transform back to human!  :)
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 7 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Ran up against some serious problems at such a young age, I really feel sorry for them. :(
But that made the bond between them stronger, didn't it? :twothumbs
Such a beautiful relationship between sister ;)
Thank you for updating  XD
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 7 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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yuko and mayu's past is so sad  :cry:

but good thing now that they both have someone supporting them  :deco:

thanks for the update, can't wait for the next chapter (lol)

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 7 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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I didn't exept that Mayu and Yuko such a past  :shocked
yeah! Yuki make Mayu more and more sociable  :D

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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