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Author Topic: Joshi Gakuen - chapter 45 (MaYuki & others) 29/08/2013  (Read 46477 times)

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 7 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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hueuhuehueue :cry: Their past is so sad!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 8 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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kahem: Yeah~ it's really sad  :(  and yes Mayu is a really good sister but she's the type who gets what she wants and if she can't get something by asking then she'll get it by force  :)

DC2805: Yeah poor oshiri sisters :(  but don't worry Mayu has Yukirin and Yuko has Kojima so they'll be fine  :)
AkemiHomura: I can't disagree with you I also feel sorry for them. What am I saying I'm the one who wrote it  :)  Oh and yes it made their bonds stronger  :)
vPANDAv: Thanks for reading this...  :yep:  don't worry I'm gonna do my best to make this story interesting  :)
mo-chan: Hehe yeah same here :)  while I was looking for ideas about Yuko and Mayu's past I felt like sombody whispered to me and said "Make it a sad one" so I made it sad  :)
Chanaline: Yes, yes it is but all that matter now is that they're happy now so please don't cry or elese I'll cry... just kidding  :)

Okay here's.....
_______________________________Chapter 8__________________________________

~SaeBlack's POV~

Black skipped gym because she thinks that it's not really worth of her time. She went to the rooftop because she saw somebody following her.


Black went to the fence and stopped the person who's following her stopped also

"What do you want?" Black said

"Nothing, I just want to say hi" the girl said

"If I remember correctly your name is Sae I'm sorry but you have to go I don't any intentions to be friends with someone!" Black said

"What do you mean?" Sae said

"I'm only here to fulfill my mission!" Black said

"Mission? what are you talking about?" Sae said

"I'm saying that I'm one of those agents!" Black said

"Agents? What kind of agent? there are many types of agents!" Sae said

"You have too much questions! It's annoying so can you stop it!?" Black said

"No! I want to know who you really are!" Sae said

"And why? what would you get if I tell you who I really am and what I do?" Black said as she walked towards Sae and pushed her against the wall

"I don't know! but still I want to know!" Sae said

"I don't care if you want to know or not either way it doesn't concern you!" Black said as she walked to the door and grabbed the door knob

"Yes it does concern me because this is my school!" Sae said

"Whatever" Black said as she closed the door leaving Sae behind. The bell's ringing indicating that they have to go to their next class.

"Kashiwagi Hime I'm gonna figure out your motive one of these days and protect Yuki from you! You evil twin!" Sae said

~ After School ~

"Hey Mayu wanna walk with us?" Jurina said while hugging Rena

"Nope it's okay I have to do something so you can go first" Mayu said

"Okay! Yukirin~ do you want to walk with us?" Jurina said but before Yuki can answer Mayu hit Jurina in the head

"I told you I'm the only one that's allowed to call Yukirin Yu-ki-rin!!" Mayu said as she hit Jurina in the head again

"Ow! geeze can't you take a joke? anyways guess what?" Jurina said excitingly

"What?" Yuki said

"Rena's gonna be my room mate!" Jurina said still hugging Rena

"Rena-san you might want to wear your mask before you sleep if you want to keep your first kiss" Yuki said

"Why?" Rena said

"Because that puppy over there is actually a kissing monster!" Mayu said

"What? how'd you know?" Jurina said

"Well for one good reason You've been my classmate for almost 3 years so it's a given that I know that" Mayu said

"Oh! yeah~ okay then see ya girls" Jurina said as she drag Rena out of the room

"Help mee!!!!!" Rena said

"Good luck!" Yuki said

"Yukirin let's go to a convenient store I want some ice cream!" Mayu said

"Ok!" Yuki said

"Hey Mayu which one do you like better, chocolate or vanilla?" Yuki said

"Well~ I like chocolate but since vanilla comes with Akiyama Mio action figure I'll go with vanilla" Mayu said

"Okay... Then I'll get mint flavor, since it also comes with one of the anime figures" Yuki said but Mayu didn't listen to her because when she grabbed her ice cream she ran straight to the cashier

"Oi! listen to me when I'm talking!" Yuki said watching Mayu as she gets her action figure... Mayu's eyes were sparkling and a really bright aura's coming out of her

"Whoa~ It's too bright!" Yuki said. Yuki's referring at the aura that's coming out of Mayu.


"Nee~ Yukirin what kind of sister is Black?" Mayu said looking at her new toy

"Hmmmm... let's see... She used to be really sweet, protective she won't forgive anybody who hurts me, always smiling, like's singing, really loud, she's really lively and just the most nice person you've ever met but all of those changed when our dad died she became aggressive, grumpy, she never smiled or even if she does it doesn't mean any good, she became disrespectful, and a cold, scary person" Yuki said

"I see... gomen ne Yukirin I made you remember your dad's death I didn't know" Mayu said with a sad face

"No! it's okay Mayuyu... Hee~... even though you're such a cyborg you still have a heart" Yuki said teasingly

"What do you mean by that? mou~ Yukirin tebba" Mayu said as she keeps on punching Yuki who's laughing

"Here you go Mayuyu!" Yuki reached to her pocket and gave Mayu the action figure that she got from the ice cream. Mayu looked at the action figure.

"Are you sure Yukirin?" Mayu said

"Yup!" Yuki said Mayu took the action figure from Yuki and hugged it and Mayu said "Thank you Yukirin!"

"Don't mention it!" Yuki said smiling

"Hey Mayuyu wanna go to the park?" Yuki said

"Why?" Mayu said

"Because I wanna watch the sunset with you" Yuki said with a wink which made Mayu blush

"I-if you put it that way then I guess I have no choice" Mayu said

"Yay!!! Thanks Mayuyu!!!" Yuki said hugging Mayu

"Ge-get off me Yukirin!!! I can't breath!" Mayu said


"Nee~ Mayuyu... are we you know.. uhhmm... a co-co-co-couple?" Yuki said with her face turning totally red

"I don't know" Mayu said with her expression-less face

"What do you mean you don't know?" Yuki said (she's a little bit upset)

"I mean I've never asked you to be my girlfriend and you've never asked me to be yours" Mayu said she's still keeping her emotion-less face

"So if I ask you to be my girlfriend will you say yes?" Yuki said

"Oh! look the sun is setting! 5,4,3,2,1!" Mayu said as the sun disappeared and the moon appeared covering the sky with deep blue and making the stars visible

Yuki's looking at Mayu while Mayu's watching the stars. "Why didn't you answer my question? does that mean you don't like me? or are you just not ready yet? which is it Mayuyu?" Yukirin thought

"Okay~ it's time to go back to the dorm Yukirin we can't stay here or elese we'll catch a cold" Mayu said

"Y-yeah you're right" Yuki said with a sad voice

~MaYuki's room~

Mayu and Yuki walked without saying a word to each other

Yuki opened the door but when she opened it she saw Atsuko chasing Takamina (It looks like Atsuko wants to eat Takamina), Yuko hugging Kojiharu while Jurina's trying to kiss Rena but Rena has her hand on Jurina's face making Jurina's kiss impossible

"What the heck are you doing here?" Mayu said as she pushes Yuki out of he way making Yuki's face hit the door

"Hey that hurts you know!" Yuki said but Mayu ignored her

"Why are you here?" Mayu said

"What's wrong with her?" Yuki thought

"What? we're here to have party!!!" Jurina said

"How'd you get in?" Mayu said

"Remember you gave me a duplicate" Yuko said holding her pair of key up

"How-" Mayu was interrupted by Takamina who wrapped her arms around Mayu's neck

"You have too much questions Mayu-chan, that's not cool!" Takamina said

"Hands off!" Atsuko said

"Yabai! Acchan's mad!" Takamina said as she unwrapped her arms off of Mayu and ran

"Oi! Takamina! come back here!" Atsuko said chasing Takamina. Mayu sighed

"Do whatever you want I don't care anymore!" Mayu said as she went to her bed

"Okay!" Jurina, Yuko, and Takamina said

"What?" Rena, Kojiharu, and Yuki said then they sighed at the same time and they looked at each other with a "Help me!" face. Atsuko was to busy chasing Takamina so she didn't say anything

"Okay that's it I give up!" Atsuko said then she stopped running, she sat with Rena and Jurina and started eating the chips on the table

"Tired already Acchan~" Takamina said hugging Atsuko from behind

"Yeah I want to rest" Atsuko said

"Here" Mayu said throwing Jurina, Rena, and the senpai gang a pillow and blanket

"Thanks!" Everybody said. Yuki went to take a shower

"Mayuyu! can you hand me my towel? I forgot to take it with me!" Yuki said

"Let me take it for you!" Yuko said with a pervert look

"No! I'll take it!" Mayu said holding Yuko's shoulder from the back Mayu has a black aura coming from her Yuko can feel it

"Ok, Ok Mayu! you don't have to be mad!" Yuko said as she sweat-drop

"Hey Yukirin! here's your towel!" Mayu said Jurina and Yuko are watching Mayu. Mayu knows that ones Yuki opened that door Jurina and Yuko will see Yuki's naked body and Mayu doesn't want that so Mayu gathered all of her strength and opened the door closed enough so that she could come in. Yuko and Jurina looked at the floor with disappointed looks in their face

"Yu-Yukirin! here's your towel" Mayu said as she raised her hand she could feel something soft's touching her hand Mayu's eyes are closed so she can't see anything

"Aaahhhh!!!! Mayu you perv. why are you in here?" Yuki said as she hit Mayu's head

"Ow that hurt you know!" Mayu said she forgot that Yuki's naked so she opened her eyes

"Nice oppai!" Mayu said rubbing Yukirin's uhhmm... You know what

"Wha- Mayu!!!" Yuki said her face turned all red

"Uwa~ nice oshiri" Mayu said aas she rubbed Yuki's oshiri

"Mayu!" Yuki said with a lower voice. Mayu's groping Yuki and Yuki's too tired to resist so she just let Mayu do whatever she wants

"Nee~ Yukirin is it okay if I kiss you?" Mayu said

"What? what kind of question is that?" Yuki said

"So is it okay?" Mayu said with puppy eyes

"I-I guess" Yuki said. "Aaahhh!!! Why do you have to make that puppy eyes?" Yuki thought

"Then I'll do it with no holding back!" Mayu said. She went straight to a passionate kiss which startled Yuki at first but then she gave the kiss back they broke the kiss due to the lack of air

"So Mayuyu do you love me?" Yuki said

"Yup I love Yukirin the most! So Yukirin will you be my girlfriend?" Mayu said

"I would be glad to" Yuki said then both of them smiled at each other and started to kiss again

"I guess a new couple's born again tonight girls!" Yuko said. The girls was listening to the whole conversation of tha MaYuki pair

"Let's just congratulate them tomorrow! for now let's leave them alone!" Kojiharu said

"Okay! I guess it's time to go home!" all the girls said

"Bye Mayu! Yuki!" The girls said

Mayu and Yuki heard what the girls said and their faces turned really red. That night they slept  at the same bed hugging each other.

That's it for Chapter 8! Hope you like it!  :hee:
Bye!!!  :mon bye:
it's already 1:04 in the morning here I'm gonna look like this tomorrow  :on polter: 
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 8 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Good job author but don't do night work too much, it's not really good ^^
Finally!!! They are together!!!! It was so cute!!!
Takamina was so funny here xD

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 8 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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oh they are finally together, mayuki....

 Black's a agent?! dun dun duuun!!

can't wait to find out more about black, and hopefully sae will steal her heart  :heart:

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 8 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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________________________Chapter 9____________________________

~Atsumina's room~

"Acchan.... Acchan it's morning wake up..." Takamina said softly as she holds Atsuko's cheeks and looking at her with sweet eyes

"10 more minutes" Atsuko said groaning

"That wont do! you have to wake up Acchan" Takamina said

"Mmmm.... Good morning Takamina" Acchaan said as she opens her eyes and hugged Takamina

"Morning Acchan... now go get ready for school" Takamina said as she kissed Acchan's cheek

"Hai~" Acchan said

~Kojiyuu's Room~

Yuko's poking Kojiharu's cheeks while smiling. Kojiharu woke up and saw Yuko poking her cheek

"Morning Yuko... What are you doing?" Kojiharu said as she yawns

"Nothing! it's just that Nyan Nyan's really cute when she sleeps" Yuko said

"Here you go again Yuko with your sweet talks" Kojiharu said as she sighs

"Nyan Nyan you're not supposed to sigh in the morning or something bad will happen!" Yuko said

"You still believe in that?" Kojiharu said

"But you're the one who said it!" Yuko said pouting

"I just made that up" Kojiharu said as she gets ready for school

"Oh well!" Yuko said as she fixed her hair

~Wmatsui's Room~

"Rena-chan~ I can't... *laugh* I can't eat anymore" Jurina said as she rolls on her bed

"What are you doing" Rena said looking at Jurina then sighed

"Oi! Jurina! wake up!" Rena said *Geez even if she's sleeping she's still noisy" Rena thought

"Jurina!!!" Rena shouted

"Oh~ Rena-chan! Ohayo *yawn* I'm don't know why but I'm really tired~" Jurina said

"Ohayo. You were rolling and laughing at your bed when you were sleeping so I guess that's why you're tired" Rena said while she's tying her tie

"Oh! ok!" Jurina said while she stood up, ran behind Rena and hugged her and stole a kiss from her cheeks. Rena blushed from Jurina's action, Jurina saw Rena's face then smirked

"Just go get ready for school you little puppy!" Rena said

"Whoof!" Jurina said in reply and ran towards the shower

~SaeBlack's Room~

"No! please don't leave me! Mom! Dad! Yuki! don't leave me alone!!!" Black said as she tried to run desperately to catch Yuki, Yuki has her hands reaching for black but their hands didn't reach each other

"Nooo!!!!" Black said as she sat up from her bed but ended up bumping into somebody's head really hard

"Ow!!! are you okay?" Sae said

"What do you need?" Black said

"I was about to wake you up because you're groaning a lot it looks like you're having a nightmare" Sae said as she rubs her red forehead

"Mind your own business" Black said as she got up from bed and started putting her uniform in front of Sae, Sae got nosebleed from the sight of Black's smooth back

"What? never seen a girl dress out in front of you?" Black said in a cold tone of voice

"Well I have but NORMAL girls don't usually dress out in front of other girls!" Sae said trying to stop her nosebleed

"If you don't like it why don't you just look at the other way!" Black said while she's tying her tie

"It's easier said than done" Sae said

"It's not that hard to do PERVERT!" Black said as she grabbed her bag and went outside leaving the dump-founded Sae behind

~MaYuki's Room~

"Oi Mayuyu! Wake up! Stop eating the pillow you cyborg!!" Yuki said trying to wake up Mayu

Mayu's having a dream where she's inside a marshmallow land everything you see is marshmallow and really soft *Mayu's eating a whole building of marshmallows hehe*

"Mayuyu!" Yuki shouted and took the pillow away from the sleeping Mayu Making her wake up

"Oh~ Ohayo Yukirin~" Mayu said with her eyes still half closed and rubbing her other eye

"Ohayo sleeping beauty now go get ready for school!" Yuki said

"Yes MOM!" Mayu said as she gets up from her bed and give Yuki a fast peck on her lips

"I'm not your mom!" Yuki said blushing

"You're right you're not my mom, you're my Ka-No-Jo (Girlfriend)" Mayu said with a wink then she ran to the shower leaving the red Yuki


"Ohayo Mayu, Yuki!" Jurina said hugging Rena

"Ohayo! Jurina give the poor Rena a break will ya?" Yuko said from behind (Yuko and the others knows Rena's name from the last chapter)

"Whoa~ Senpais! Ohayo~" Jurina said

"Ohayo!" The senpais said

"Rena-chan how was your first day of school?" Atsuko said

"I guess you can call it normal" Rena said

"I see... is it because of Jurina?" Mayu said

"Mayu!!! of course not right Rena-chan?" Jurina said as she looked at Rena's eyes

"I-I guess?" Rena said as she sweat-drop

"So how was yesterday Mayu Yukirin~" Yuko said teasingly as everybody looked at them with weird eyes

"Wha-what? No-nothing happened last night!" Yuki said nervously while shaking her hands

"Are~ I didn't say anything about last night!" Yuko said with a smirk on her face

"O-ok ok you got me! I can't take this anymore!" Yuki said

"Yukirin you BAKA!" Mayu said

"Gomen Mayuyu but I got too nervous so~" Yuki said sad

"That's okay Yukirin you did your best" Mayu patted Yuki on her head

"Mayuyu" Yuki said

"So~ are you gonna tell us or not?" Takamina said excitingly

"Okay I'll tell you me and Yukirin are dating!" Mayu said proudly while Yukirin's face is totally red

"Omedetou!!" Everybody said

"But that sure was fast huh new couple, you just knew each other for a week and you're already together" Kojiharu said impressed

"A week?" Jurina and Rena said at the same time then looked at the MaYuki pair

"Well for me it was love at first sight" Yuki said

"Watashi mo (Me too)" Mayu said looking at the other side trying to hide her blush

"So that's why!!!" Everybody said

"Same here I fell for Rena at the first sight" Jurina said looking at Rena

"Is that supposed to be a joke?" Rena said confused

"Who knows~" Jurina said teasingly

"I fell for Nyan Nyan at first sight!" Yuko said

"Well for me Yuko was so persistent so I don't know when I started liking her" Kojiharu said putting her arms around Yuko

"Thi-this is a rare scene!" Yuko said with a big eyes as Kojiharu hit her in the head making everybody laugh

"So how was yours Acchan and Takamina senpai" Jurina said

"Well~ Acchan fell for the male me" Takamina said

"What do you mean?" Rena said

"Well at that time I was with Nyan Nyan and some girl named Mii-chan we were playing a batsu (punishment) game and we lost so we have to go to school with the male uniform and disguise ourselves for a week as boys unfortunately we cached the girl's attention in our class including Acchan well at that time this school wasn't an all-girls school so they didn't know who we were" Takamina said

"Then I told Takamina who called her self Kai at that time to go to the rooftop and I confessed to her well him then he told me that he was actually Takamina then he took off his wig revealing a long hair at that time I was really mad I felt as if she betrayed me so I slapped her and left her there" Atsuko said looking at her hands

"After that I told myself that I will make her fall for me again but it wasn't easy it took me like 4 months to make her my girlfriend" Takamina said holding Atsuko's hand

"Who~ it sounded like some drama" Jurina said making everybody look at her

"What?" Jurina said

"Nothing!" Mayu said "Thanks for ruining the mood Jurina!" Mayu thought. The bell rang

~MaYuki's Class~

Mayu's looking at Yuki trough her mirror she was pretending that she's looking at herself

"It's a good thing Yuki's sitting behind me" Mayu thought then she saw Yuki sighed Mayu found it very unusual so she wrote "What's wring Yukirin?" then passed it at her back Yuki saw the note so she opened it and responded quickly "Nothing I'm okay Mayuyu don't worry" Then she passed it back to Mayu. Mayu wrote "Promise?" Then passed it again "I promise now listen to sensei!" Yuki wrote and pass it again Mayu wrote "I don't have to Mom~ you know that I'm the smartest girl in these class and I already know these stuff" Mayu passed the note "But still you have to listen to the teacher that's what good students does!" Yuki wrote and  passed it to Mayu "Okay Okay but let me say this first..." Mayu gave it to Yuki after Yuki read it she was wondering why Mayu didn't complete the sentence so she tapped her at her shoulder Mayu looked back and said "I Love You!" then winked at Yuki. Yuki turned completely red after that.

The bell rang indicating the end of that class

"Girls the school trip is gonna be after this week be sure to get your parents permission!" The teacher said

"Sensei! where are we going for the trip? and how long will it be?" Sae said

"We're going to a private island owned by this school! and it's gonna be 2 weeks long! Any other questions?" The teacher said

"Nope~" The girls said

"Okay see ya" The teacher said as she exited the room

"Yatta!!! we're gonna have a long rest away from school!!!" A girl said

"Mayuyu are you going?" Rena said while Jurina's hugging her right arm

"Yup! I'm going with Yukirin!" Mayu said

"Hey Black are you going?" Sae said

"Times running out! I have to find out who those two are!" Black said with a serous face

"Black?" Sae said

"You're annoying!" Black said as she slammed the desk gaining everybody's attention

"I-I'm sorry" Sae said looking down then Black went outside the classroom

"What's wrong with her? she's always moody, I can't stand people like her" Some of the girls said

"Hime-chan" Yuki said worried about her twin

"Don't talk about her like that! She has her own reasons!" Sae said slamming her desk making everybody jump they can tell Sae's really mad.

Black heard everything "Why are you so nice to me? are you an idiot I'm not nice to you and yet... and yet" Black thought then she disappeared

"Whoa that was scary!!" A girl said

"Yeah it was" another girl said


Mayu's surrounded by her fanclub "Mayu-chan go with me!" "NO Mayu go with me!" "Mayu go with me I'll buy you everything you want!"

"Hai~ Hai~ hai~ make way please hai~ arigatou gozaimasu" Yuki said as she walks towards Mayu

"Yuki~ help me!" Mayu said reaising her hand making Yuki see her

"Okay Mayu's busy today please come back another day" Yuki said Mayu's behind her

"Who are you?" One of the girls said

"I'm Mayu's manager now please go" Yuki said with a smile then everybody went away

"Wow my girlfriends my manager! awesome" Mayu said

"That was scary" Yuki said then sighed

"Arigatou Yukirin!" Mayu said

"No prob. I don't want them all over my girlfriend anyway" Yuki said with a wink

"Yukirin's a really good manager!" Mayu said and both of them bursted out laughing
kahem: Well most of my ideas come to me when it's night time but I'll try my best to not do too much night work as possible arigatou gozaimasu Kahem-san :kneelbow:

vPANDAv: Arigatou gozaimasu vPANDAv-san
That's it for chapter 9 hope you liked it  :byebye:

Time to sleep I have school tomorrow  :sleep:

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 9 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Waaaaah I love mayuki  in your fanfic!!!!! awww! Black is too kawaii!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 9 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Finally had time to comment\o/

This is great! Awesome really^^ I'm just too curious about what Black 'has to do' ><

Every couple is so cute o/ heuheuhe I really wanted to read about Takamina trying to make Acchan fall for her again xD

Thank you for the updates *.*

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 9 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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no problem make sure you sleep enough ^^
Atsumina story seems really interestingp

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 10 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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___________________________________Chapter 10____________________________________

-1 Week Later-

-KojiYuu's Room-

"Kojima Haruna I demand you to not closed the light!" Yuko saidpointing at Kojiharu who's hands are ready to flip the lights off

"What? Why?" Kojiharu said making her air-head expression

"Because if you closed the lights ghosts are gonna appear!" Yuko said

"Don't tell me you read those things again!" Kojiharu said in disbelief

"What? they're true I tell you! ghosts are real! I saw one in the hallway it was scary!" Yuko said. Then Kojiharu sighed and closed the lights

"AAahhhhh!!!!! Ghosts!!!!!! they're all over the room!!!!!" Yuko said shouting on top of her lungs with her eyes closed Kojiharu laughed and opened the lights she looked at Yuko who's eyes were wide open and her mouth's forming a big wide *O* Kojiharu laughed even more till she get to the point where she's rolling at the floor holding her stomach and laughing

"Mou~ Nyan Nyan it's not funny I was really scared you know!" Yuko said

"I'm sorry *laugh* I'm sorry *laugh* I can't help it! You *laugh you should have seen your face" Kojiharu said as she crawled into her bed

"Take these! Yuko boulder!" Yuko said as she jumped on Kojiharu

"Ow!!" Kojiharu said rolling in pain

"Hah! that's what you get for scaring me Nyan Nyan" Yuko said crossing her arms

"I'm sorry! now let's just go to sleep tomorrows the trip" Kojiharu said

~AtsuMina's Room~

"Takamina which swim suit should I bring?" Atsuko said

"Hmmmm.... I guess this one" Takamina said pointing at a plain white 2 piece

"It's pretty nice!! okay I'll take these one!" Atsuko said

"So which one are you gonna bring?" Atsuko said

"I'm just gonna bring the school's swimsuit!" Takamina said

"Why? you should wear a two piece for a change!" Atsuko said

"No! it's too embarrassing!" Takamina said hugging herself

"Whether you like it or not you're gonna wear a two piece now go put that away!" Atsuko said with a dark aura coming out of her and pointing at the school's swimsuit

"Noooo!!!!" Takamina said throwing the 2 piece at the window

"Aaahhh!!! What a waist and I was looking forward to seeing you with a two piece" Atsuko said pouting

"I'm sorry Acchan but that's impossible! I'm not gonna wear that swimsuit!" Takamina said

"Then bring your wig and your male costume!" Atsuko said

"What? why?" Takamina said

"Because I'm gonna make you Kai for the 1st day!" Atsuko said pointing at the wig

"What if I don't want to?" Takamina said stubbornly

"What if I ignore you for the whole trip?" Atsuko said

"Okay Okay anything but that!" Takamina said

"Good girl and good night!" Atsuko said jumping on her bed and fell asleep

"Sweet dreams Acchan!" Takamina said sighing

-Wmatsui's Room-

Jurina and Rena are done packing their things

"Jurina? ate you awake?" Rena said

"Jurina?" Rena repeated "I guess not" Rena said then sleeps. At the middle of the night Rena heard somebody groaned Rena looked at Jurina, Jurina's having nightmare where she's being chased by a bunch of monsters who wants to eat her

"Aaaahhh!!!!" Jurina suddenly shouted so it scared Rena so Rena shouted also

"What's wrong?" Rena said

"Monsters.... monsters are coming!!! Jurina said shaking Rena making Rena dizzy

"O~okay I get it I get it so stop shaking me!!!" Rena said with spinning eyes

"I-I'm sorry Rena-chan are you okay?" Jurina said feeling guilty

"Y-yeah, now go back to sleep we have to wake up early tomorrow" Rena said tucking herself back to her bed

"R-Rena-chan can I sleep with you?" Jurina said

"Why?" Rena said as she yawns

"Because I'm scared" Jurina said pouting

"Okay but just for tonight" Rena said holding her blanket up

"Woof!" Jurina said as she went inside the cozy blanket and hugged Rena. Rena brushed Jurina's hair with her hands until she fell asleep

~SaeBlack's Room~

Black's having a dream

"Kashiwagi Hime from now on your name's gonna be Black from now on you'll be working for me and you're to abandon your life" A person said Black can't see if the person's a girl or a guy

"What are you saying? I'm not anybody's pet!" Black said

"You have no choice Black now if you refuse to cooperate then I'll have no choice but to get your sister instead" The person said

"What are you gonna do to her?" Black said

"We're gonna make her a killing machine" The person said

"What your'e gonna make her a murderer? you can't do that I'm gonna call the cops!!" Black said

"Hah! What can the cops do? they can't do anything against me! now take my hand!" The person said.

"I'm sorry Yuki-chan" Black took his hand

"Good girl now here's your mission all you have to do is to find the girl, she studies at an all-girls school she has the key to the new world find her get the key and dispose her!" The person said

"Wait! this school is where Yuki-ch no Yuki's studying!" Black said

"That's right I order you to do anything that's necessary to complete this mission if you fail this mission then I have to kill your precious Yuki-chan" The person said and laughed

"Noo don't!!!" Yuki shouted which woke Sae up making her fall off of her bed

"Black!!! are you okay?" Sae said rushing to Black's bed but when she reached Black's bed Black's gone

"Black..." Sae said worriedly

That night Sae didn't sleep because she's waiting for Black but Black didn't went back

-MaYuki's Room-

"Mayuyu time goes by fast huh" Yuki said throwing a ball at the ceiling and catching it

"Yeah it's been almost 2 weeks since we met" Mayu said

"and tomorrow's our 1st week of being girlfriends oh and don't forget about our school trip tomorrow" Yuki continued

"I'ts almost magical huh" Mayu said as she lays on her bed

"Hey Mayuyu do you think we'll be together forever?" Yuki said

"Why are you asking that?" Mayu said with a soft voice

"Nothing it's just nothing" Yuki said then closed the lights and went to her bed

"Hey Yukirin can you please sleep with me tonight?" Mayu said

"Why?" Yuki said

"I-I'm scared to sleep alone especially when the lights are closed" Mayu said while blushing Yuki heard what Mayu said and laughed

"I-I didn't know that! why didn't you tell me" Yuki said in between laughs

"Well I was too embarrassed to tell you" Mayu said as she grabbed her blanket and hid half of her face

"Okay but just for tonight" Yuki said teasingly

"Eeehh!!! just tonight? can you sleep with me every single night until I die?" Mayu said

"I-is that supposed to be the answer on my question?" Yuki said

"Who knows~ so can you please Yukirin!" Mayu said still hiding half of her face

"Okay" Yuki said as she went over to Mayu's bed and went under the blanket when Yuki was laying down properly Mayu hugged her and buried her face on Yuki's chest then fell asleep

"Good night and sweet dreams Mayuyu" Yuki said as she kissed Mayu's head


Everybody met in front of the school bus

"Okay girls this is a special trip so you can sit wherever you want even if it's with your senpais" The teacher said

"Yay!!!" The girls said

"Yukirin don't let go of my hand so you won't get lost okay" Mayu said

"And I' the one that's always been called MOM!" Yuki said to herself

"Did you said something Yukirin?" Mayu said

"What? No! Hehe... hehehe" Yuki said with nervous face because she knows how scary Mayu can be (one time when Mayu was mad at her she started to throw everything she gets her hands on Yuki and she started biting her. Reason: Yuki's not paying attention on Mayu.)

"Oi! Mayu there you are!!" Yuko said with Wmatsui, AtsuMina, and Sae behind her

"Sae-chan? you look terrible did you sleep last night?" Yuki said

"No 'cause I was waiting for Black last night but she didn't came back" Sae said

"I see. Sae-chan I'm sorry" Yuki said

"For what?" Sae said confused

"Well my sister's causing you trouble" Yuki said

"No don't worry it's okay!" Sae said waving her hands

"Sa-" Yuki was interrupted by Mayu "Yukirin let's go!" Then Mayu took Yuki's hand dragging her inside the bus

"I guess somebody's a little possessive" Yuko whispered earning her self a chop from Kojiharu

"Ow so I guess Nyan Nyan's punch got an upgrade it became cuter and PAINFUL!!" Yuko said

"Are you gonna come in or not?" Mayu shouted

"Ok, Ok we're coming! Looks like somebody's a little grumpy!" Yuko said Takamina and Atsuko looked at each other it looks like they're talking trough looking at each other's eyes while Jurina's hugging Rena at her at her right arm AGAIN

"You sure do like my right arm huh" Rena said

"Woof!" Jurina said then Rena just sighed and looked back at Sae

"Sae-san let's go!" Rena said with a soft voice

"Huh? ahhh! mmm...." Sae said

Everybody's sitting next to their pair but Sae's not because Black's not there

The bus's engine started and they took off. Inside the bus everybody's throwing papers at each other some are talking some are playing card some are sleeping some are just quiet and some are eating non-stop

Mayu and the gang are talking and laughing

Mayu's hugging Yuki like saying "Yukirin's mine nobody will take her away from me" Yuki just smiling and admiring the smaller girl's cute side

Yuko's doing the same while Atsuko's forcing Takamina to wear her wig, Takamina gave up and wear her wig making the girls inside the bus scream "Kyaaa Kai-senpai!!!" "Oh great" Takamina or should I say Kai said rolling his eyes while Atsuko's laughing

The Wmatsui's talking with Sae, MaYuki, and KojiYuu pairs 

Chanaline: Arigatou gozaimasu Chanaline-sama  :kneelbow:

BbSis: There's your answer  :hiakhiakhiak:  For the AtsuMina story I'm gonna cover that at my next chapter  :glasses:  Arigatou gozaimasu BbSis-sama  :kneelbow:

kahem: I will  :hee:  I'm gonna cover the AtsuMina story at my next chapter  :glasses:  let me say this again arigatou gozaimasu Kahem-sama  :kneelbow:

That's it for Chapter 10!  :whistle:
 Hope you liked it!   :on asmo:

Next chapter's gonna be more interesting than this chapter  :on GJ:  
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 10 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Juridog is so cute~
yay atsumina background!!!!
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 10 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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I'm Mayuki Shipper
Can I translate your fic into vietnamese?
I promise to credict your name !
Please !

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 10 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Sorry to leave you waiting >< I had a turbulent weekend in my home city><

Great update o/ I wonder if is what what Black is hiding ><

This is getting really interesting ^^ I'm curious about this trip huahuahuahha

Thank you for the update o/

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 10 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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the girl that Black is looking for ... could she be Mayu???

Yukirin is like a mother to Mayu, just like Rena is like a master to Jurina (woof)! hahaha!

please update next chapter soon!
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 11 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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_________________Chapter 11______________

"Huh? where am I?" I said it looks like I'm at the side of a big fence with a sign that says "Private Property No Trespassing!" as I was about to go away I heard somebody shouted "She escaped! Find her!!!"

"Find who?" I thought then I walked to the forest side I saw another fence I saw that it was an abandoned navy base I stopped and looked at it to my surprise I saw a very fast thing ran past me as if it was a really fast bird I tried to look for it again but as I wondered to the direction where that thing went I heard somebody shouted "I found her!" I got scared because I thought they were talking about me but to my dismay it was not me who they saw it was a person the face was blurry but I can tell that it's a girl "Why is everything's blurry? Oh! wait not everything it's just the face" I thought

"Get her!!!" A soldier looking person said pointing at the girl that's running desperately for her life  soon after that a bunch of guys that are wearing the same uniform ran after girl. They ran after the girl until the girl was cornered

"Oh No what are they gonna do to you?" I said to my self trying to hide myself

"Oh crap!" The figure said looking for a way to escape but unfortunately there's no way to escape

"Give up your futile resistance Black my dear" A person said it looks like that person's their leader but again I can't see that person's face

"wait did that person just said Black? could that girl be Hime-chan? no! wait there are many people that has the name Black so that girl may not be her that's right I'm still not sure if that girl's Hime-chan" I said to myself but what if she's actually Black? what should I do?

"Black you're coming back to the room one way or another!" The person said

"My names not Black!" The girl said

"No please don't say her name please!" I said

"My name's Kashiwagi Hime! and I'm not your pet!" The girl said

"Fine then you brought it to your self Black, Gaurds!!" The person said making a signal to the gaurds to take her back to the so-called room Hime tried to fight back but she only strategy that she knows is the strategy that she always used when she's in the middle of a yankee fight so she lost to the gaurds

"No it really is her what are they gonna do to her? Hime-chan!!!!" I said as I ran towards her but when I went oer the fence everything became dark all I can see is her standing in front of me

"Yuki-chan what will you do if I kill the person closest to you?" She asked me

"What do you mean Hime-chan?" I said

"Will you forgive me?" She said

"I'm sorry Hime-chan but I don't think I can forgive you if you kill her but why are you asking me this? are you going to actually kill her?" I said but she just stood there doing nothing but staring at me

"Say something Hime-chan!!!" I shouted

"I'm sorry Yuki-chan I'm not Hime anymore I'm Black now I'm not the nice yankee that you know anymore I'm sorry" She said with an emotion-less face

"What do you mean?" I said confused and don't know what to do by that time I heard somebody else called my name I tried to look for the owner of that sweet voice but I didn't find the owner then I felt as if my body's moving backward I looked back at her and saw my self moving farther and farther away from her I shouted her name again and again trying to reach for her hand before everything disappear I saw her say something I didn't hear her but I can tell that she said these exact words "Protect her" and everything vanished into a thin air I opened my eyes only finding my self inside an empty bus

"So it was all just a dream huh" I said and let out a sigh

"Yukirin help me!!!" Mayu said Yuki looked at Mayu who's buried under the bags

"What are you doing?" Yuki said as she took the bags that are on Mayu

"I was trying to get my bag but when I got it the other bags fell on me" Mayu said wit teary eyes

"Did you got an injury? Does it hurt anywhere?" Yuki said inspecting every part of Mayu that could be injured

"No I'm fine Yukirin... arigatou" Mayu said as she jump on Yuki and hugged her

"Where's everybody?" Yuki said

"They went outside! they said they were all hungry so the teachers told the driver to stop at the nearest rest stop! Wanna go eat something Yukirin?" Mayu said

"No I'm not that hungry" Yuki said as she yawns and sat back to her seat

"Oh Okay!" Mayu said and sat next to Yuki. Mayu rested her head on Yuki and fell asleep

-After the Trip-

After a really long trip with the road and boats they finally arrived at their destination

"I I need to go to the bathroom! I can't hold it!" Takamina said running to the teacher asking for the directions

"That''s what you get for eating a whole bucket of ice cream!!" Jurina shouted

"Urusai!!" Takamina shouted and dashed to the bathroom. Atsuko, Rena, Jurina, Sae, Yuko laughed at the sight of Takamina running desperately towards the bathroom while Kojiharu's spacing out AGAIN

"Mayuyu... Mayuyu... MAYUYU!!!" Yuki shouted the last part, she's trying to wake up Mayu who's sleeping inside te boat

"I'm up, I'm up!!" Mayu said

"Finally now let's go the teacher said that each room will have 10 people inside so let get going!" Yuki said dragging Mayu out of the boat

"Finally our little princess's up!" Yuko said looking at Mayu but Mayu ignored her

"What a cold princess" Yuko said crossing her arms

"Girls! how many do you have over there?" The teacher said

"10!" The girls said then the teacher nodded and gave them the key to their room

"We can finally rest!!!" Jurina said throwing herself at one of the beds

"That's where you're wrong Jurina-chan!!" Yuko said as she unfold a really long blanket and placing it at a free space at the corner

"Who's ready for some chips and some games!!!" Yuko said then everybody jumped off of their blankets

"For starters let's play some spin the bottle!!!" Yuko said excitedly the end of the bottle stopped at Rena and te cap stopped at Takamina

"So Takamina-senpai when you said that you tried to get Atsuko-senpai to fall inlove with you what did you do exactly?" Rena said

"Are you sure it's gonna be a long story!!!" Takamina said

"That's okay senpai we have the time!" Jurina said wagging her tail

"When did you get that fake tail?" Rena said looking at Jurina's tail

"Woof!" Jurina replied to Rena, Rena just sighed and said that's not actually an answer! but whatever Takamina-senpai please continue" Rena said

"Okay after Acchan slapped me I decided to make her mine it went like these"

-AstuMina's Story-

]1st Month[

I woke up first thing in the morning I thought about Acchan, I went to school I saw her talking to a bunch of pretty girls but the weird thing is I thought that she's the prettiest among those girls even though those girls are more popular than her. I went to their spot but when the girls saw me they looked at me, stood up of their chair and went out of the room leaving me and Acchan alone

"What do you want?" Acchan said to me

"Nothing I just really want to say sorry for deceiving you that's all" I said then I felt a sharp pain in my cheek and a loud "PaKKK!!!" echoed inside the isolated classroom I looked at the person in front of me she looks really hurt and mad at the same time that was the last thing I wanted to see on her face

"You're the worst!!!" Acchan said and left the room I felt really guilty at that time "Maybe she thought I'm still playing with her well I'm not and I'm gonna show you that!" I said to myself trying to forget the guilt that I was feeling inside

]2nd Month[

"Acchan good morning" I waved my hand at her but she ignored me

"It's okay Takamina if you still feel bad about you wearing that wig and her falling in love with you then get over it! if she really like Kai not by appearance then she wont care if he's actually a girl!" Yuko said to me

"You don't get it Yuko! you're only saying that because you have your Kojiharu and you're happy in love!" I said

"Wait that dialog I heard that before wait for it... wait for it.... Aaahhh!!!! now I remember that's what my other friend said when she fell in love with another girl she didn't knew about it!!! On no Takamina you're in love!!!" Yuko said

"You just realized? I've been in love with her for a month now and you just realized?" I said

"I can't help it! I'm not really good at reading a person's heart and actions okay!" Yuko said then Acchan came inside the room

"Look at her entering the classroom like a princess, She's so pretty" I said with my eyes sparkling Accan then looked at me and rolled her eyes

"You're hopeless" Yuko said

"See ya Yuko let's talk later!" I said waving my right hand at her then I ran to Acchan

"Hey Acchan I lost my math notebook do you mind if I borrow yours?" I said hoping for a *Yes* as an answer

"In your dreams!" Acchan said and rolled her eyes at me again

"I guess pretend you lost your math notebook and borrowing her notes plan failed!" I said

"That's too long for a tiltle plan Takamina" a girl that looks like Gachapin told me

"Mii-chan~ help me capture the heart of a cute girl!" I said

"Okay so whose the girl?" Mii-chan said

"Maeda Atsuko" I said in whisper

"HER!!" Mii-chan shouted and stood up making everybody look at us I stood up and bowed my head saying sorry then before we seat I hit her head

"Ow! I'm sorry I couldn't help it!" Mii-chan said

"So are you gonna help me or not?" I asked her

"Don't worry I'm gonna help you but are you willing to wait for another month 'cause I have to think about strategies for these" Mii-chan said t me as she winked

"Sure! Thanks Mii-chan" I said

"Save the thanks for later after we got her heart! Trust me we're gonna capture that heart in a maximum of a month!" Mii-chan said and I just smiled

]3rd Month[

"So Mii-chan are you ready?" I asked her

"No the wuestion is are YOU ready?" Miichan said as she showed me 8 whole paper back and forth full of plans

"Wow you really are something you know that?" I said impressed

"Oh please! I've known that for a really long time" Mii-chan said

"Okay so which one should we do first?" I asked

"Well let's do pass sweet love letters during class!" Mii-chan said

"What? are you crazy?" I said

"Well have any other idea? No? Exactly! so do what I told you to!" Mii-chan said to me like a boss

-During Class-

I wrote "Hey pretty!! You look very charming today wanna have lunch latter? By your love Takamina" Then folded the paper into a paper plane, The paper plane landed on Acchan's desk and I whispered to myself the word "Yess!!" I looked at her, she raised her hand and handed the paper to the teacher. The teacher read every single word on that paper out loud making everybody look at me and laugh

"Is that embarrassing enough for you Takahashi-san? Now go stand at the hallway!!!" The teacher tolled me as I go outside the room I saw Acchan laughing silently at her chair while Mii-chan's face palming herself


"Mii-chan that plan didn't work!" I said impatiently

"Okay okay keep your cool let me look for a good one... how about this ask her to eat lunch with you at the rooftop and start to talk about positive and funny things okay" Mii-chan said and pushed me at the back. I asked Acchan but she said no

]4th Month[

We already tried everything that's on Mii-chan's papers even confessing but it seems like it made everything worst between me and Acchan so I gave up

One day I was on my way to the convenience store and I saw a girl being cornered at a narrow alley it looked like the girl's in trouble so I went behind the tall guy

"What are you doing?" I said with a tough voice

"Nothing we're just playing! wanna join us?" The guys said

"Don't fool around with me I'm not in a good mood right now!" I said angrily

"Looks like we have a little toughy!" The guy said to me teasingly I looked at the girl I can't see her face but I can see she only has her under wears on, I can tell she's really scared and crying. I hate seeing girls crying so my blood boiled and I started to give beat them up they gave me few blows on my face but I knocked them down when they're all down I looked at the girl again and for my surprise the girl was Acchan my blood started to boil with anger again but this one's not just ordinary anger it's much much more worst I started kicking the unconscious guys but I felt somebody hugged me by my waist it calmed me down and I stopped I gave her my T-shirt and extra pants I had my jacket to cover my upper body so it's okay

We went to a nearby park so if the police sees the guys they wont question us

"Are you okay Acchan?" I said worriedly

"Why?" She said

"What do you mean Why?" I said

"Why you it could be anybody so why did you have to save me?" She said and started punching my shoulder

"Do you really hate me that much Acchan?" I said sadly

"No! it's not that I hate you it's just that you annoy me!" She said

"Annoy you what do you mean?" I said

"I meant every time I see you my heart beat races it feels like my hearts gonna jump out of me and I hate that! and the same thing happened again when you saved me from those guys!" Aachan said I laughed really hard

"Wh-what's so funny?" She asked me

"Well it' just that Acchan's really cute when she's blushing" I said and started laughing again but I stopped laughing when I felt a really soft thing touched my lips I opened my eyes and saw Acchan "Too close!" I thought she looked at the other way and silence began to surround us then all of the sudden I sneezed breaking the akward silence between us then both of us started laughing

"Wanna sleep over tonight?" I asked her

"Sure!" She said

While we're walking

"So Acchan are we a couple from now on?" I said holding her hand

"I guess I mean only couples hold each other's hands and kiss eachh other on the lips right?" She said innocently

"Are you sure about these Acchan? I mean both of us are girl and it's not actually normal" I said

"So? what's wrong if we're both girls? doesn't that just mean that we're a little special than anybody else? and you see love is not about age, appearance, and gender it's all about what you feel when you with that person what you want to do with him/her and that you want to be with that person forever!" She said seriously and it was the very first time I've seen her that serious

"I guess your'e right thank you Acchan" I said hugging her

-End of the Story-

"and that's how we ended up together!" Takamina said

Yuki's hugging Mayu while Mayu's head's resting at Yuki's shoulder
Jurina's head is resting on Rena's lap while Rena's brushing Jurina's hair
Yuko has her hands wrapped around Koojiharu's neck while Kojiharuu's head's resting on Yuko's head
And Acchan's leaning on Takamina's back sleeping while Takamina's telling the story
As for Sae she's at balcony thinking about Black
kahem: Okay if you say so Kahem-san  :hee:
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Hai~ that's it for chapter 11  :luvluv2: :on lol: 
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 11 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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I think, it's the connection of the twins that make Yuki's dream...

Mayuki I loke you!!!

Just want to say that! Ah and thank you for this update!!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 11 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Yes , of course, Can you gave me a pemission? so that I can be allowed post by mod's my forum:shifty:
Hope ur new updating  :shy1:
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 11 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Atsumina story is so cute~ Takamina is so cool!
Black has to kil Mayuyu?!!!!
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 11 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Mayuki I loke you!!!

Hahaha yeah I mean who doesn't love Mayuki?  :bingo:

Yes , of course, Can you gave me a pemission? so that I can be allowed post by mod's my forum:shifty:

Uhhmmm.... can you please tell me what to do? I'm sorry I'm a newbie and doesn't know this stuff and I need the link  :kneelbow:   :gyaaah:

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Once again I'm really sorry!!!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Re: Joshi Gakuen CHAPTER 12 [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui,]
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Soryy no update yesterday my left hands doing good now  :mon sweat: 
 :mon closeup: Anyways here's Chapter 12
Hope you'll like it!!!!  :mon cute:

_____________________________Chapter 12_________________________________

"Good Morning Students!!! Get up and let's do some exercise" The teacher said through the speaker then after that a really loud music played so the students would get up

"Aaaahhhh it's really loud!!!! I can't take this!!!!" Yuko said running around the room with her hands covering her ears

"Urusai yo Yuko!!!" Kojiharu said rubbing her eyes and sitting on her bed

"Mayu... Mayu... OI WATANABE MAYU I DEMAND YOU TO WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!!!" Yuki shouted but still no response from the smaller girl

"What am I gonna do with you?" Yuki said rubbing her forehead from frustration then she felt somebody sat behind her

"So you're having the same problems huh" Atsuko said shaking her head

"Yeah I can't wake her up... She sleeps like a ROCK!!!" Yuki said

"Same here... I have an idea!!!" Atsuko said standing up from the bed and making the *I GOT IT!* pose

"What is it?" Yuki said then Atsuko pulled Yuko and Kojiharu

"What is it?" Kojiharu said sleepily

"We're gonna wake up Mayu and Takamina with these!!!" Atsuko said as she pull out 4 water guns

"Isn't that a little harsh?" Yuki said worriedly

"Hey they deserve this!" Atsuko said

"I know but-" Yuki was interrupted by Yuko who shouted "Nice idea!" Then Atsuko tolled Yuko and Yuki to spray the water on Mayu while she and Kojiharu will be doing Takamina

"Okay you ready?" Atsuko said

"Ready!" Yuko said excitingly

"Okay Seno!" Atsuko said then Yuko and Yuki sprayed the water on Mayu's face. Mayu immediatly sat up screaming

"What the heck is this!!!!" Mayu shouted on top of her lungs looking at her drenched clothes

"Sorry Mayu but you just wouldn't wake up so we had to do this" Yuki said laughing at Mayu's reaction when she woke up

"and because you made us wait so basically this is payback!" Yuko said

"What the heck!!! that's nonsense!!!" Mayu said mad

"Hey you brought these to yourself!" Yuko said then Mayu just groaned and went to the bathroom to change her clothes

-Takamina's side-

"Seno!" Atsuko said then both of them sprayed the water on her face but this water's different from Mayu. Mayu's water is warm while Takamina's icy cold

"COLD!!!" Takamina said sitting up and trying to warm her self up but it was useless her clothe's really drenched with water

"My sto-stom-stomach hurts!!!" Atsuko said laughing holding her stomach while Kojiharu has an airhead expression

"What's with the idea? and... OI! don't you feel anything? you just drenched me with water and you're just standing there with no expression?" Takamina said pointing at Kojiharu

"I don't get it!!!" Kojiharu said confusedly and Takamina face palmed her self while Atsuko's still laughing


"Okay girls we're gonna do some stretches first then we're gonna walk!" The teacher said only earning herself a bunch of whining from the girls

"Stop whining and just do what I tell you to!" The teacher said with a strict voice

"Hai!" Everybody said

"Okay next we're gonna sit down and touch our toes, for those who can't do this get a partner!" The teacher said

Atsuko partnered with Takamina
Mayu's with Yuki
Yuko's with Kojiharu
Jurina's with Rena

"Owww!!!" Everybody said while doing the stretches

"I think I'm gonna die before I can do the walking thing!" Takamina said

"Yeah same here!" Mayu said

"Same here also!" Yuko said

"Well not here Rena-chan doesn't even need help!" Jurina said impressed

"Oh yeah by the way where were you this morning? Both of you were already up when we woke up" Yuki said

"Well I saw Sae going outside so I followed her then all of the sudden I lost her by the beach side then I saw Rena-chan looking at the ocean so we talked and walked a little" Jurina said

"Oh okay! but I wonder where she went?" Yuki said

"Yeah speaking of Sae isn't she acting very weird last night and even when we were in the bus!" Atsuko said

"Now that you said it she is acting really weird!" Yuko said

"I wonder why?" Kojiharu said

"Maybe she's having some problem and she just doesn't want us to know" Rena said

"Okay girls that's it for the stretches! let's go walk!!" The teacher said leading them inside the forest

"Ummm Akane sensei are you sure you want us to go farther into the forest? I mean we might get lost" Rena said with Jurina holding her shoulders from behind

"Yeah I know this forest! Actually when I was a little girl me and my parents are always going here so I pretty much know where to go!" Akane said

"Oh! Ok if you say so sensei" Rena said

"Are? where's Mayu and Yuki?" Yuko said trying to look for her younger sister and the so-called her mom but they're no where to be found

"Just leave them for now Yuko don't worry Mayu's with her Mom so she'll be fine" Atsuko said winking at Yuko

"Hey! no winking Acchan!" Takamina said covering Atsuko's left eye but she's too small so she's having a hard time covering it which made everybody laugh

-MaYuki's POV-

"Sae-chan" Yuki said worriedly, Mayu noticed that somethings wrong with Yuki so she looked at her she heard what Yuki said and she saw Yuki's expression

"What? Why is Yukirin so worried about Sae? Is she more important than me?" Mayu thought and that very thought makes her really mad no that's not the word the actual word is JEALOUS

While walking Mayu saw Yuki running to the opposite direction where the teacher's going Mayu's really concerned about Yuki so she followed her but she doesn't want Yuki to know that she's following her so every time Yuki stops Mayu will hide behind a tree

"Sae-chan! I finally found you" Yuki said looking at a boyish figure that's walking in front of them Yuki dashed towards Sae Yuki jumped and hugged Sae from the back making them fall down with Sae on top while Yuki's on the bottom then Sae is getting closer and closer to Yuki's lips then all of the sudden Yuki looked the other way before Sae could touch her lips Mayu saw what happened (From Mayu's view you'll think they really kissed)

"Yukirin?" Mayu said trying her best to hold her tears from falling while she's feeling a very painful sensation inside her chest as if somebody or something's ripping her heart into pieces she couldn't take it it was just too painful for her she couldn't watch it anymore so she ran away she went back to Yuko and the rest

Sae realized that the person in front of her is Yuki and immediatly blushed same thing with Yuki

"Yu-Yuki-chan? What are doing?" Sae said immediatly standing up and offered Yuki her hand which Yuki took and both of them are now standing up

"I'm the one who should be asking that... What are YOU doing?" Yuki said

"Well I thought you were Black so I got a little" Sae said scratching her head

"That's okay why were you acting so weird recently?" Yuki said

"Well I'm just really concerned about Black" Sae said

"You're such a good person you know that? Don't worry Sae-chan, Hime-chan's not just fast she's also very strong so she'll be okay just relax don't over do yourself okay?" Yuki said holding Sae's should by one hand

"Okay Thank you Yuki-chan" Sae said and smiled

"More like it!" Yuki said as she saw the smile on Sae's face


"Mayu? What's wrong why are you crying? Where's Yuki?" Yuko said hugging Mayu while Kojiharu, Takamina, Atsuko, Rena, and Jurina's looking at Mayu with a really concerned look but Mayu didn't answer Yuko's question instead Mayu just hugged Yuko and cried on her chest

"I wonder what in the world happened?" Jurina said with a really worried face Rena looked at Jurina and was surprised because it was the very first time she saw that side of Jurina and Rena found it very attractive

"Let's go Mayu" Yuko said her back's facing on Mayu "Climb on! I'm gonna carry you to the room" Yuko said then Mayu climbed  on her big sis's back on the way back Mayu fell asleep on Yuko's back while Yuko's really desperate to see Yuki and ask her what happened.
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