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Author Topic: Destiny's Game - chapter 22 (MaYuki) 11/09/2013  (Read 20714 times)

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Destiny's Game - chapter 22 (MaYuki) 11/09/2013
« on: February 06, 2013, 01:28:54 AM »
Little sister: Nee-chan can you help me with my homework?

Big sister: Sure let me see it

Little sister: It's this problem

Big sister: Ok so first you have to.....

Little sister: Nee-chan? Nee-chan!

Big sister: Ah! gomen

Little sister: What were you looking at?

Big sister: It's nothing.... Hehe

Little sister: You're looking at Watanabe Mayu again?

Big sister: What? NO!

Little sister: Nee-chan you need to get over her! She's an idol and you're just a normal girl!

Big sister: But whenever I see her on T.V. I just can't help but to stare at her

Little sister: What do you even like about her?

Big sister: Everything!

Little sister: But nee-chan she don't even know you

Big sister: Ii no! Hai tsugi! You do like this and this then you do this

Little sister: *sigh* Nee-chan you're just so stubborn

Big sister: My sisters' just too energetic.I forgot to introduce myself! My name's Kashiwagi Yuki I have a little sister her name's Yokoyama Yui. Me and Yui doesn't have the same father that's why our last name's not the same. I was watching T.V. When I saw this supper cute idol named Watanabe Mayu and whenever I see her I go crazy! Her hair her face her voice everything is just perfect! She's like a goddess! but whenever I see her there's a weird thing I feel like I met her before... Oh! I'm sorry I forgot I'm still doing the introduction. Anyways I'm on 2nd year high school my grades are normal

Girl: Normal? Your grades are beyond normal Yuki-chan!

Yuki: Sae-chan it's not the time to talk! Oh! I forgot to introduce her! She's Miyazawa Sae-chan she's in 2nd year high school and same class. Oh! And I forgot she's also my childhood friend

Sae: Yuki-chan I'm not just a childhood friend I'm your lover! *trying to kiss Yuki*

Yuki: Stop with the jokes *trying to push Sae's face away from hers*

Yui: Nee-chan I'm gonna take a bath so DON'T COME IN! *slam the door behind her*

Sae: Yui can be scary sometimes. Wait! You went inside the bathroom while she's taking a bath?

Yuki: No! it was just an accident I didn't know she was taking a bath when I came in

Sae: What a pervert sister

Yuki: No! that's not it! (Somebody help me!) What are you doing Sae-chan?

Sae: Hmmm??? I'm just gonna watch T.V. *Turned on the T.V.*

-10 minutes later-

Sae: Nothing good's on! *Changing the channel*

Yuki: Wait!

Sae: What?

Yuki: Turn it back!

Sae: Why?

Yuki: Just do it!

Sae: Okay! *Turning back the channel*

Yuki: Stop!

Sae: What happened? *Looked at the T.V. And realized why*

Yuki: Mayu-chan is just sooo cute!!!

Sae: sigh* I'm gonna go home bye Yuki-chan!

Yuki: Bye Sae-chan! * said while staring at the T.V. *


Yui: Sae-san you're already going home?

Sae: Yeah I'm just tired

Yui: Oh ok! What's nee-chan doing?

Sae: Watching T.V.

Yui: What is she watching?

Sae: I don't know something called AKBINGO

Yui: Is Mayu-san playing?

Sae: Yeah

Yui: Figured

Sae: Okay Yui-chan I'm going! See ya! * Grabbed her jacket and went home *

-Yuki's Room-

Yuki: Mayu-chan ganbatte!

Yui: Nee-chan time to sleep!

Yuki: I'm gonna sleep after this..... Ah! Poor Mayu-chan got hit!

Yui: Just be sure to sleep early nee-chan you have school tomorrow!

Yuki: Hai~

-Outside Yuki's Room-

Yui: *sigh* What am I gonna do with you nee-chan?

Yui: I know my nee-chan already did the introduction but I want to do it again! My name's Yokoyama Yui my onee-chan, Kashiwagi Yuki nee-chan, is addicted to this girl named Watanabe Mayu I don't know why but she just is. I'm on my 3rd year of junior high and my job is to take care of my nee-chan due to her childish behavior. That's it! I'm sleepy so oyasuminasai~

-Somewhere else-

Girl: Otsukare Yuko-chan!

Yuko: Ah!  Mayu-chan! Otsukare!

Mayu: Good thing your arm wasn't chopped off of you!

Yuko: You bet! If that trick failed and I'm dead now, I swear I'm gonna go back to life and chop that guy's head off of him!

Mayu: Yuko-chan that's not what an idol should say

Girl: Hai~ Otsukaresama

Mayu: Manager? What is it?

Manager: Well Mayu-chan we have a new project called High school Disguise oh! And Yuko-chan this also applies to you what you're gonna be doing is you two will disguise as a guy and study at this high school

Yuko and Mayu: What? Why?

Manager: To be an idol one must be cute, pretty, smart, and knows everything new such as the latest fashion trend or the famous type of music oh! And I almost forgot you also need to know how the youngsters feel, what they like or dislike and such! And just in case you fall in love with someone, which is a big no no! This project will take place on a girls school, clear?

Yuko: Wait this is just strange! Well be exposed once we take a step on that school!

Manager: Which is why I brought this with me!

Mayu: What? but those are male uniform!

Manager: So?

Mayu: So~ we're going on a girls school not a boys school

Manager: You two are exceptions the principal already knows this project so she said that it's okay

Yuko: Wait so that means we're the only guys in the school?

Manager: Yup!

Both of the girls: But that's a problem

Manager: Why?

Mayu: Because we're gonna be the only guys in the school that means girls are going to be chasing us!

Manager: When that happens just try your best to not be exposed!

Both of the girls: What? How?

Manager: I don't know! It's up to you! Well that's the news and my work's done here so bye!

Mayu: *Sigh* Why does this have to happen to me? Is the world mad at me?

Yuko: It's ok Mayu-chan! You can do it!

Mayu: I bet you're just gonna go to the roof and sleep there and you're not even gonna listen to the teacher

Yuko: Hehe Barechatta?

Mayu: This project is not really a good idea

Manager: Oh! Mayu-chan, Yuko-chan I forgot this project will last for a whole school year and it's gonna start tomorrow so bye!

Both of the girls: Tomorrow!!??

Yuko: Hey wait! I just realized something we're gonna be going at a school that's filled with girls right?

Mayu: Yeah, what about it?

Yuko: That means entering that school can also mean entering the oshiri land!

Mayu: Now that you said it this project MIGHT be a really good idea!!!

Both girls: Yay! *High five*
About the pairs I'm not sure yet but Wmatsui and KojiHaru are one of the pairs  :mon pissed:

That's it for now Hope you liked it  :mon sweat: :mon bye:
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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2013, 01:38:36 AM »
This looks really funny.

I'll be waiting. :deco:

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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2013, 01:50:32 AM »
sound good !!
and funny
yuko & mayu the only boys in that school  :w00t:

please update soon   :panic:

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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2013, 03:03:09 AM »
please continue. will be patiently waiting for new.
but you said KojiHaru is going to be one of the pairs, so she is paired with herself o.O

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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2013, 05:14:14 AM »
Ohoy, Yuki keeps on forgetting. WTF O _ O

Update soon~ :3
I'm the lazy author who rarely updates.

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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2013, 12:23:16 PM »
WWOWW !!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

It's so good.. !!  :yep:

Wanna know what will happen next !!  :wub:


P.S. Can't wait for the Wmatsui and Kojiyuu (?) !  :peace:

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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2013, 12:42:55 PM »
yay another mayuki!!  :deco:
love the story so far  :heart: :yep:
looking forward to further updates  :cow: :bow:
and oshiri!! :shakeit:
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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2013, 04:07:23 PM »
you just know they are gonna be perving lol

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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #8 on: February 06, 2013, 04:24:25 PM »
aaaaaaaaaaaah Oshiri sister danso!!!  :rofl:
I can't wait to read more chapters of this fic  :cathappy:
Mayuki !!  :deco:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #9 on: February 06, 2013, 04:32:35 PM »
I can't wait!!! It seems to be a great fanfic!!

Oshiri sisters danso! wouhouuuuuuuu!!!

i love Yukirin, obsessed by Mayu XD

And the end is too funny!! Wahahahahahahahahahhahaha!Always oshiri sisters XD
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #10 on: February 06, 2013, 07:24:05 PM »
Yay oshiri sisters go danso  :drool:

Someone please provide pic for school boy yuuko  XD

*gulp* that Yuuko-boy pic.... that's the pic I took somewhere and posted it on my soup account long time ago  XD
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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #11 on: February 06, 2013, 11:04:07 PM »
TTLuver497: Thank you

stepk: Thank you

Necco: I didn't notice that I put Kojiharu instead of KojiYuu Hehe thanks for pointing that out

ChuuuPuffss: Haha Yuki keeps on forgetting things

smarty0821: I will update by tomorrow or the next day and yes it's KojiYuu

mayuki_daisuki: Oshiri~ Hahaha

XxRoByNxX78: lol lots of perving, Bingo!

mo-chan: Thank you very much

Chanaline: wouhouuuuuuuu!!!

Yuki88: About the picture I found it on google  XD 

 I also put Mayu's picture just in case somebody wants to see it hehe  :) Yuko Mayu

I don't know how to upload pictures so I just did it this way hehe

I'm not going to update today maybe tomorrow or the day after sorry  :mon pray2:
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Re: (New Fic) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs [Replies]
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Hihi oshiri sister power!!!!

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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #13 on: February 08, 2013, 04:02:49 AM »

____________Chapter 2____________


“Nee-chan time to wake up it's your first day of school today” Yui said shaking her deep-sleeping sister

“Ohayou Yui what's for breakfast?” Yuki said then Yui stopped shaking her sister

“We're having tamagoyaki” Yui said opening the door infront of her

“Oh ok” Yuki said and got ready for school

-5 minutes later-

“Yui what's happening outside? it's pretty noisy” Yuki asked as she pulled a chair and joined Yui for breakfast

“It's just our new neighbor” Yui said

“Oh ok” Yuki said as she took a bite out of her tamagoyaki

-10 minutes later-

“Yui I'm off to school don't forget to lock the door!” Yuki said

“Hai~” Yui said (Yui is still off from school)


Yuki looked at her new neighbors and was surprised to see a smaller boy unpacking everything by himself

“Ohayo gozaimasu” Yuki said while doing a small bow.

“Oha-” The boy said with a high pitched voice but did a little cough to make Yuki forget what just happened “Ohayo gozaimasu” The boy said with a little deeper voice he bowed and smiled after it

"This guy looks familiar" Yuki thought

Then another guy came out and he was about the same height as the first boy

“Ohayo gozaimasu” The second guy said

“Ohayo gozaimasu” Yuki said in response

“May I know your name pretty lady?” The second guy said

“Kashiwagi Yuki desu” Yuki said

“What a pretty name, mine's..... Oshima Yuu” The second guy said

“And mine's Watanabe Yuuta” The first guy said

“hajime mashite” Yuki said

“kochira koso hajimemashite” The two guys said

“Well then I should get going now” Yuki said and made a little bow then walked away

“That was close!” Mayu said

“Glad we didn't get exposed” Yuko said

“But that girl sure have a good~” Mayu said

“A good~” Yuko said looking at Mayu's eyes

“Oshiri!” Both of them said doing their oshiri sign and laughed

“We also have to go to school so let's just put everything inside and fix it later” Yuko said

“Okay!” Mayu said

"I can't wait to grab some oshiri!" Yuko said and ran out but Mayu stopped her

"I don't want to get a bad image because of you so do not! I repeat DO NOT touch anybody's oshiri for now" Mayu said

"O-okay" Yuko said because she was feeling an aura that can murder anybody at anytime now and she doesn't want to be killed before she stepped on the oshiri land


“Yuki-chan~” A boyish girl said while waving

“Sae-chan! Do you know which class you have?” Yuki asked

“Yeah! We're going to have the same class!” Sae said

“Really?”  Yuki said putting her hands in front of her mouth with her eyes as big as apples

“Yay! I have the same class as you!!!” Sae said while hugging Yuki and both of them are jumping from happiness

“Yuko-chan look it's he girl from this morning!” Mayu said pointing at Yuki

"I have to hold back, hold back, hold back, hold back" Yuko keep on thinking so that she won't touch anybody's oshiri because she promised Mayu

“Yuko~ Yuko~ YUKO!” Mayu said

“What? What? What?” Yuko said

“What are you doing at?” Mayu said

“Oh! Nothing hehe...” Yuko said while looking at a tall girl by the entrance of the school

“Look it that girl from this morning!” Mayu said

“Oh! You're right! It's the oshiri girl!” Yuko said

“I don't think it's a good idea to call her that” Mayu said

“This wig's itchy!” Yuko said

“Yeah mine's itchy too. Anyways let's go find our class shall we?” Mayu said

“Sure Yuuta-kun!” Yuko said trying to hold her laugh

“Don't call me by that name” Mayu said with narrow eyes

“But hey you know everybody's going to call you that pretty soon” Yuko said while pocking her elbow at Mayu


“Today's the first day of school! So how's it going? Are you guys having fun?” The teacher said

“Hai~” The whole class replied energetically

“Okay first I'm going to introduce myself my name's Matsui Rena and I'm going to be your homeroom teacher for this year” The teacher said

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” The class said

“Okay first you're going to introduce yourself. Start from the first row then come down to the back” Rena said

“My name's Kojima Haruna, yoroshiku onegaishimasu” The girl said then yawned

“Mine's Matsui Jurina yoroshiku~” The girl said with no energy

“Miyazawa Sae tanjo! Yoroshiku!” Sae said with full of energy

“Kashiwagi Yuki desu yoroshiku onegaishimasu” Yuki said politely

(Everybody in the class already did their introductions)

“So eventhough it's everybody's first day I want to introduce you our special students!” The teacher said

“Special students?” One of the girls said

“Oh! I saw them this morning they're really cute!” One of the girls said

“Wait they're guys right?” One of the girls

“Right! Right!” One of the girls said

“I'm so glad I'm in this class kyaa!!!” One of the girls said

“Okay let's stop with the chit chat for now~” Rena said

“Come in!” Rena said then two guys went in and the girls either fell off of their chairs or they're standing up with both of her hands on either side of their heads and screaming (except for Sae, Jurina, Yuki, and Haruna)

Yuki have a shocked face, Haruna's sleeping and both Sae and Jurina have the bored face

“Everybody calm down!” Rena said but nobody's litsening

“SIT DOWN!” Rena said Gekikara-like and everybody immediately stopped and sat

“Ok will you two please introduce yourself?” Rena said

“Hai! I'm Oshima Yuu and I like cute girls yoroshiku” Yuko said with a wink

“Kyaaa!!!!” Everybody said except the 4 girls

“Hai! I'm Watanabe Yuuta yoroshiku onegaishimasu” Mayu said with a smile that only prince's have

“He's my prince!” One girl said

“No! He's mine!” The other girl said

“No! No! No! He's mine!” Three girls said then everybody argued

“I'm everybody's prince” Mayu said then smiled making most of the girls in the class faint

“I wonder if this class's going to be fine” Rena thought

"Looks like someone's popular" Yuko whispered

"It's the power of charm" Mayu whispered back

“Sesei? Where should we seat?” Yuko asked

“Oh! That's right okay Oshima-san go seat hmmm... lemme see go seat behind Kojima-san over there” Rena said

“Hai~” Yuko said

“And you Watanabe-san may seat behind Kashiwagi-san” Rena said

“Hai~” Mayu said

“Yoroshiku ne” Yuko said to Haruna

“Ah~ yoroshiku~” Haruna said with a sleepy voice

“I saw you by the big tree this morning, you were sleeping” Yuko said and Haruna put her hands in front of her mouth and yawned

“You looked really cute but you look better when you're awake!” Yuko said then winked Haruna pretended that she didn't care but secretly liked it

“Kashiwagi-san nice to meet you, again” Mayu said

“Same here” Yuki said then smiled


Everybody was divided into half one half went to Yuko while the other half went to Mayu

Yuki went outside with Sae, they went to the rooftop Haruna went to buy food and Jurina went to the courtyard


“Those two are our new neighbors that I was talking about this morning” Yuki said

“Do you like any of them?” Sae asked

“Not really” Yuki said

“I'm glad” Sae said then wrapped her arms around Yuki's neck

“What you mean?” Yuki asked

“I'm just glad that nobody's going to take you away from me!” Sae said

“What's that supposed to mean? We're not even couples” Yuki said

“Then what are we?” Sae asked

“Best friends” Yuki said then Sae pouted

“What if I ask you to go out with me will you?” Sae asked

“What kind of question is that?” Yuki said then stood up she faced at the direction of the door because her handkerchief was blown away by the wind

When Yuki was about to grab her handky the door bursted opened and Yuki bumped into a guy and they both ended up falling on the ground

The guy's on top of Yuki with his face buried between Yuki's chest and his hands are cupping Yuki's mountains

“Oi! Get off of her!” Sae said then she pushed the guy on top of Yuki making him bump his head on the rough ground

“You made me bump my head!!!  Ahhh!!!” The guy said rolling on the ground with his hands on either side of his head

“Watanabe-san! Are you ok? I'm sorry about that. Sae-chan you shoudn't have done that!” Yuki said

“Gomen” Sae said then helped Mayu get up

“It's ok it was just an accident hehe” Mayu said with forced smile

“So what brings you here Watanabe-san?” Yuki asked

“Those girls wouldn't leave me alone and I thought if I go to the roof I could get some peace for myself but I guess I was wrong” Mayu said while looking at Sae's eyes

“Don't think just because you're a guy I wouldn't go against you!” Sae said while grabbing Mayu's collar

“Sae-chan stop it!” Yuki said and broke Sae's grip from Mayu's collar. Mayu fixed her bangs and her tie

“Thanks Kashiwagi-san and it looks like somebody's a little wild” Mayu said

"Why you~" Sae said and was about to punch Mayu but she was stopped by Yuki's hand

“It's okay Watanabe-san, and you can just call me Yuki” Yuki said

“Well then Yuki-san you may also call me by my first name if you want” Mayu said

“Yu-yu-yu-Yuuta-sa-san?” Yuki said with a little red surfacing her cheeks then Mayu smiled

“I must go to the principal's office now see you later Yuki-san” Mayu said

“Se-see you” Yuki said then Mayu closed the door behind her

“Well somebody's having a good time” Sae said

“What wrong with you?” Yuki said

“What do you mean?” Sae asked

“Why did you do that?” Yuki said

“Because he was annoying me!” Sae said

“Just because of that? Sae-chan that's not nice!” Yuki said

“What's nice? Your Watanabe-san?” Sae asked

“Wait don't tell me.... you're” Yuki said

“I'm what?” Sae asked

“Jealous?” Yuki said

“What? Me? The great Sae-sama jealous? No way!” Sae said

“Whatever you say~ Ms. Jealous” Yuki said and ran around the roof with Sae chasing her


“That Mayu left me with these crazy girls! just when I have to hold back this is what have to happen!” Yuko thought while running and went inside the ladies bathroom

“Wait I went inside the ladies bathroom and everybody see me as a guy and if I change to a girl everybody will know that I'm Oshima Yuk! Oh man! This is gonna be supper bad! And I have to go to the principal's office pretty soon! Ahhh!!!! Mayu this is all your fault!! you and the promise you made me do!!” Yuko thought (She's inside a stall)

"I was surrounded by girls! if it wasn't for that promise I would've touched all of them in a second!" Yuko said

“Wait this is not time for that! What should I do I'm in a pinch!” Yuko said out loud

“Do you need help?” A girl said

“That depends~ are you alone?” Yuko asked

“Yeah” The girl responded

“Do you have a wig with you?” Yuko asked

“Well most of the normal people doesn't but since I'm doing a play in the drama club then yeah I have one” The girl said

“Can I borrow it?” Yuko asked

“Yeah but why?” The girl asked

“Yabai! I don't know what to say! Ummmm....... I know!” Yuko thought

“My hair's supper messy right now and I can't it fix unless I'm in my house and the only solution is a wig” Yuko said

“Is this really gonna work?” Yuko thought

“Oh! Ok! Here you go!” The girl said and tossed the wig on top of the door so Yuko can catch it

“Thanks! You're the best!” Yuko said

“Yeah no need for that! I'll be going now! Just give it back to me tomorrow” The voice said

“Wait! What's your name?” Yuko asked

“Kojima Haruna! See ya!” The girl said and went outside the bathroom
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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #14 on: February 08, 2013, 02:06:11 PM »
Mayu was like a prince.  :wub:
 Yuki is devlopping some feeling for Mayu danso without knowing  :lol:
Yuko was sooo funny she wants to touch oshiris :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #15 on: February 08, 2013, 05:22:37 PM »
LOVE IT TOOO MUCH!!! :heart:

Yuko is soo funny!!! :lol:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #16 on: February 08, 2013, 07:14:02 PM »
wow~ sounds fun to be in the Oshiri land!  XD
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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #17 on: February 08, 2013, 11:11:53 PM »
this is oshiri everywhere
yuko and mayu soon they
be a pervert   XD
thanks   :twothumbs

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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #18 on: February 10, 2013, 06:54:40 AM »
Love this fic hope for another update hehehehe i'm such a Mayuki lover  :inlove:
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Re: (Chapter 2) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
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_________Chapter 2_________

“Kojima Haruna? That supper hot girl this morning?” Yuko said

“Yeah that's her now wear that wig Einstein!” A familiar voice said

“Mayu?” Yuko said

“Sshhhh......” Mayu said

“How did you know?” Yuko asked

“Don't underestimate my memory and observing skill!” Mayu said

“Wait where are you?” Yuko asked

“At the door of this bathroom now hurry up and get over here! It's getting embarrassing the girls are looking at me!” Mayu said

“That's what you get for making me do your promise!” Yuko said as she put on her wig

“Wha-. Never mind just hurry up and change into these. I'm gonna go first” Mayu said and tossed a girls uniform inside the bathroom when nobody's looking, then she left

Yuko ran as fast as she can to get the girls uniform that Mayu tossed on the ground (The uniform's inside the bathroom so nobody can see Yuko)

-Principal's office-

Somebody's knocking on the door

“Come in!” The principal said

The person came in and closed the door behind her

“Watanabe Mayu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu” Mayu said

“Oh! Mayu-chan! Long time no see!” The principal said. When Mayu saw the face of the principal her eyes grew big from the shock

“” Mayu said trying not to cry

“I know it's been awhile my dear” The principal said and hugged Mayu

“Where have you been?” Mayu asked

“I'm sorry I left you with your dad, 10 years ago, without saying goodbye but I just have to do it because of my previous work but everything's fine now” The principal said

“Oshima Yuko is here!” Yuko said in a loud voice

“You're voice is a little bit loud you know?” Mayu said

“Hehe.... gomen gomen” Yuko said

“Wait why are you two hugging?..... Mayu don't tell me you...” Yuko was interrupted by Mayu

“What? I'm not like that! Anyways this is my mom a.k.a the principal of this school” Mayu said

“What? I didn't know your mom's a principal” Yuko said

“I also didn't know and now we know! Now that's done with why don't we seat down and do what we're supposed to do!” Mayu said

“Ummmm..... actually I just wanted to see you two that's why I called you here but now that I have, you can both go now” The principal said. Mayu and Yuko's jaws dropped

“So you're saying that I had to go trough all those troubles for nothing?” Yuko asked

“That's your fault for going inside the ladies bathroom not mine” The principal said

“How did you know I went inside the girls bathroom?” Yuko asked

“Simple! It's because of this” The principal took out a remote and clicked the green button then the giant wall moved revealing a bunch of monitors showing various parts of school even the rooftop

“Why?” Yuko asked

“Because I want this school to have a safe environment meaning having a hidden camera everywhere” The principal said

“Mayu, did you know anything about this?” Yuko asked

“You didn't?” Mayu asked

“NO! I couldn't even see those cameras!” Yuko said

“I saw them the first time I entered this school! There's one at the front gate!” Mayu said

“I didn't see that!” Yuko said

“Anyways go to CLASS!” The principal shouted the last part

“Hai!” Both of the girls said but before Yuko get to go outside Mayu dragged Yuko back in the office

“What?” Yuko asked

“Are you seriously going to go outside wearing that?” Mayu asked and pointed at Yuko's uniform

“Oh! Right! I forgot about it” Yuko said

“Obaasan! Where can I change?” Yuko asked

“Who are you calling obaasan? I'm only on my 30's and you can change over there” The principal said pointing at a door

“Thanks” Yuko said

“That's not all of Oshima Yuko” Mayu said

“I guess I got myself a troublemaker” The principal said and sighed

-Behind the school building-

Matsui Jurina's looking for a secret spot where she will not be disturb by anybody. While she's walking she saw a tree surrounded by bushes she saw a space inside the bushes so she crawled pass the bushes and when she looked up she thought that the space is pretty good so she started eating her bento in peace

“This way nobody's going to disturb me and I think I actually found a really good spot!” Jurina said

Jurina heard the leaves from the bushes moved she didn't paid attention to it because she taught it was just a cat but when she looked she was surprised of what she saw

“Matsui Sensei?” Jurina said

“Oh! Isn't it Matsui-san!” Rena said

“Why are you here?” Jurina asked

“You see this is my secret spot and ever since I became a teacher at this school I've been eating here everyday, but I guess it's not much of a secret now” Rena said with a smile while sitting and opening her bento

“Hhhmmm....” Jurina said

“How about this Matsui-san, let's make this spot our secret spot?” Rena said

“Sounds like plan to me, I guess” Jurina said and took a bite out of her food

“Well then itadakimasu” Rena said clapping her hands together

“So Matsui-san-”

“You can just call me Jurina since we're both Matsui”

“Okay then Jurina-san have you made new friends?” Rena asked

“No I don't need one” Jurina said

“But if you don't have a friend you'll be lonely” Rena said

“I'm pretty much used to it so I don't need friends” Jurina said as she cleans her bento box

“Are you going already?” Rena asked

“Yeah I'm done with my food so I'm going back to class” Jurina said

“Okay but Jurina-san I think you should consider having friends” Rena said but Jurina was already out of sight when she was done with her sentence

“What's with that teacher? I just needed a place where I can be alone and away from all the noises that those annoying girls makes!” Jurina said while scratching her head

"Look it's Jurina-sama!" One of the girls said

"Kyaaa~ she's so cool!!!" One girl said

"Jurina-sama please eat lunch with me" A bunch of girls said but Jurina ignored all of them

"And that's exactly why I want to have a secret place" Jurina said while sighing

"Wow Jurina-chan sure is popular" Rena said while looking at Jurina from a long distance

"Oh this is just between you and me, when I'm alone I call Jurina with a chan got it?" Rena said to herself

"Sensei what are you doing?" A girl asked

"Talking to myself?" Rena said

"Sensei you're already old enough to not talk to yourself" The girl said

"But I can't help it!!!" Rena said and playfully hugged the red-faced girl

"Airin's soo cute!!" Rena said and made the girl even redder


“Yuki-chan let's go!” Sae said excitedly

“Gomen Sae but can you wait for a little bit I want to ask Oshima-san and Yuuta-san if they want to go with us” Yuki said

“Why?” Sae asked

“Remember? they go at the same direction as us!” Yuki said

“Oh! Right! Hehe” Sae said Yuki just smiled and walked towards Yuko and Mayu

“Oshima-san, Yuuta-san do you two want to walk with us?” Yuki asked

“Sure!” The two replied


“So are you two you know a couple or something? Because Yuki said you two share the same house but you have different last names” Sae said

“Sae-chan! That's too rude!” Yuki said

“It's okay Yuki-san. But we're not couples we're just cousins and due to some difficulties we have to live together” Yuko said

“Yeah difficulties!” Mayu said

“Do you two like AKB?” Yuki asked

“Why did you asked that?” Yuko said

“Because I thought you like them because you two are guys” Yuki said

“Well yeah they are pretty cute but we're really not that interested in them we're more interested with the cute girls in front of us if you know what I mean” Yuko said

“Yeah we're not interested in playboys” Sae said wrapping her arms around Yuki as if she's saying Yuki's mine!

“But anyways who's your oshimen in AKB Yuki-san?” Mayu asked

“ME? My oshimen's Watanabe Mayu” Yuki said. Yuko poked Mayu by her elbow

“What do you like about her??” Mayu asked

“Everything!” Yuki said

“Well this is our house so I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow” Yuko said

“Okay bye” Yuki said Sae just kept on walking

-Yuko and Mayu's house-

“That oshiri girl likes you Mayu-chan!” Yuko said

“Yeah but I'm not really interested in like or love or stuff like that!” Mayu said and walked upstairs

“You say it like that Mayuyu but you'll see in the end you're gonna fall in love and you can't stop it!!!” Yuko shouted.

"I'm going to sleep I have work tomorrow!" Mayu said and slammed her door close and Yuko just shrugged her shoulders

-Yuki and Yui's House-

“Tadaima!” Yuki said

“Okaeri!” Yui said

“I'm going to my room” Yuki said

“Okay! Is Sae-san with you?” Yui asked

“Yeah” Yuki said

“Yo!” Sae said

“The food's in the fridge!” Yui said

“Thanks Yui-chan!” Sae said and dove for the fridge

“So how was your day Yui-chan?” Sae asked

“Normal” Yui said as she took a sip out of her drink

“Cool!” Sae said se took the food, closed the door of the fridge and ran upstairs. Yui just looked at Sae then sighed  while she resumed watching T.V.

-Yuki's Room-

“What time is it?” Sae asked while eating her food

“11:00” Yuki said watching (They're watching a movie)

“Isn't time for that AKB show?” Sae asked

“Yeah I recorded it so we can still watch the movie” Yuki said

“Oh! Ok!” There's a sudden pause because the two are concentrated at the movie

The movie ended the room was really dark then all of the sudden Yuki heard a sobbing
she was wondering what or who's making the noise so she walked to the light switch and turned on the lights as soon as she looked at Sae she started laughing really hard that her stomach started to hurt

“What so funny?” Sae said with tears in her eyes

“Why.... are.... you..... crying?” Yuki said trying to catch her breath and hold her laugh at the same time

“Because the movie was really sad! The girl got a heart disease then she lost the guy that she likes and her best friend hates her” Sae said. Yuki couldn't hold her laugh anymore and she laughed like a crazy person on the floor rolling

“I had it! I'm going home good night!” Sae said and dashed to the front door and left Yuki's house (Sae's house is just right besides Yuki's)


“Nee-chan time to wake up you have school today” Yui said shaking her deep-sleeping sister

“Ohayou Yui” Yuki said then Yui stopped shaking her sister

“Ohayou neechan don't tell me you stayed up late last night watching the T.V show that Watanabe Mayu was on" Yui asked

"Just a little" Yuki said while yawning

"Nee-chan you have to start sleeping early" Yui said

"But I want to see Mayuyu before I go to bed" Yuki said

"You have posters nee-chan" Yui said

"But posters are different they're not moving and at T.V shows I can see Mayuyu move" Yuki said

"I can never win arguments with you nee-chan. Anyways don't be late for school I'm going now! Your food and bento's on the table” Yui said opening the door in front of her

“Oh ok” Yuki said and got ready for school

While Yuki was eating the door bell rang Yuki opened the door and saw a boyish looking girl in front of her

“Ohayou!” Sae said with full of energy

“Ohayou~” Yuki said with no energy

“What's wrong?” Sae said

“Nothing” Yuki said as she yawned

“Let me guess you were watching that AKB again weren't you?” Sae asked

“Yeah” Yuki said as she packed all her stuff and went out of her house

-While walking-

“Yo! Yuki-chan” A handsome boy said

“Oh! Yuu-san!” Yuki said

“When did you two became so close?” Sae said

“So what were you two talking about?” Yuko said ignoring Sae

“Hey! Don't ignore me!” Sae said but no use Yuko still ignored her

“Yuki was talking about how cute Mayu looked at the show last night” Sae said with a bored tone

"Hehe I got a new information! I can't wait to tell Mayu that oshiri girl said she's cute. I wonder what Mayu will do" Yuko thought

“Where's Yuuta-kun?” Yuki asked

“Oh! She I mean he's not feeling well today” Yuko said as she sweat drop

"They're still ignoring me!" Sae thought

“Oh ok! Can I visit him after school?” Yuki asked

“What should I do? Mayu have a lot of things to do right now I bet she's going to go home really late at night today” Yuko thought

“Well May- ehem! Yuuta doesn't really want to be bothered while he's resting, but don't worry he'll be fine tomorrow! Hehe” Yuko said

“Something's strange with this Oshima and Watanabe pair” Sae thought

“Oh ok if you say so” Yuki said

"Managed to escape. Wait not just that since Mayu's not going to be at school today that means I can touch oshiris! I'm so smart! Go me!" Yuko thought

“I wonder why I feel sad” Yuki thought

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