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Author Topic: Destiny's Game - chapter 22 (MaYuki) 11/09/2013  (Read 21189 times)

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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #20 on: February 11, 2013, 01:59:37 AM »
The pictures! The story! You're just too good!

Hey, I have a request.:
If you can, make a Mayuki/Kojiyuu OPV and the song is Berryz Koubou's "Loving you too much."

I'm looking foward to more! :bow:

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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #21 on: February 11, 2013, 02:22:54 AM »
I'm loving this story!

Can't wait for more Mayuki and Kojiyuu action

Keep the updates coming, I'm eagerly waiting for them  :D

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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #22 on: February 11, 2013, 02:55:38 AM »
Hehehe I like tbis fic but I kinda feel bad for Sae

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Re: (Chapter 1) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #23 on: February 11, 2013, 03:52:59 AM »
great chapter
yuko touch a lot oshiri  :panic:  XD
thanks  :twothumbs

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Re: (Chapter 2) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #24 on: February 11, 2013, 10:39:32 AM »
I want to know the next!! Ahah! Yukirin already confess her feelings XD

YAy :cow: continue!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: (Chapter 2) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #25 on: February 11, 2013, 11:49:18 AM »
I love this chapter  :heart:
I curious what'll happen next :roll:
Hope it'll has a lot of Mayuki/Kojiyuu scenes :D
Please update soon!
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: (Chapter 2) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #26 on: February 11, 2013, 12:53:26 PM »
this matsui sensei loves teasing cute girls her students hehe... and she's now eyeing on cool girl "Jurina-chan". Wanna see more interaction between the cold mayu & the fangirl yuki!
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[Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: JR + YH)

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Derailed - OS featuring Aya x Nao

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Re: (Chapter 2) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #27 on: February 11, 2013, 04:58:47 PM »
 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: love this fic :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I want more mayuki :w00t: :drool:
and thank you for linking the page  :jphip:

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Re: (Chapter 2) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #28 on: February 15, 2013, 12:16:27 AM »
I really love this fiction (and your other one too~  :grin:)

Oh Yuko. Using Mayu's absence as an advantage to grabbing oshiris.  :hiakhiakhiak:

I hope you update this fiction soon!  :hee:

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #29 on: February 16, 2013, 02:36:50 AM »

_____________Chapter 3_____________

“Since I still have an hour break for now I guess I'll just sleep” Mayu said while yawning she laid down on the sofa in front of her and sleep

“Are? Where am I?” Mayu said  as she looked around and while she was looking around she saw a tall girl in front of her

“Yuki-san?” Mayu said while Yuki's just smiling at her. Mayu was walking towards Yuki but all of the sudden everything became white. Then she was surrounded by kids, swings, slides, and sandpits.

“A playground?” Mayu said

“MAMA!!! *Sniff* *Sob* MAMA!!!” A little girl said while crying which got the attention of Mayu

Mayu walked up to the little girl and asked why she's crying but she received no answer then a little girl with a really familiar face popped out in front of the little girl that's crying and talked to her

“Wait this girl..... is me” Mayu said referring to the girl that just popped out

“Then this means I'm dreaming” Mayu said “Interesting let's see where this is going” Mayu continued as she stepped back and watch the whole thing

“Why are you crying?” The little Mayu said

“I * Hic* don't know anybody here, I'm scared” The little girl said

“I see, well don't worry I'll be you're friend, so it's not scarry anymore” Little Mayu said as she stretched out her right hand to the little girl and said “I'm Mayu and you are?” little Mayu continued

“Yuki” the little girl said and stopped crying, she stretched out her right hand to little Mayu to shake her hand

“Nice to meet you Yuki-chan!” little Mayu said but she didn't let go of Yuki's hand

“Why are you still holding my hand?” Yuki asked

“Nee Yuki-chan I want to show you something!” little Mayu asked

“What is it?” Yuki said

“Let's go!” little Mayu said while dragging Yuki with her

“Where are we going Mayu-chan?” Yuki asked

“You'll see!” little Mayu said

“I didn't know I was that energetic when I was young” Mayu said as she smiled and just followed the two little girls with her eyes then all of the sudden everything became white again and when it was gone Mayu looked around

“Wow there's a lot of tall grasses here” Mayu said then she heard two little kid laughing Mayu looked at the direction of the two kids and sure enough it was her and the little girl named Yuki

“Sugoi!” Yuki said Nee Mayu-chan where are we?” Yuki continued

“This is my secret place!” little Mayu said

“Has anybody been here?” Yuki asked

“No, my grandpa owns this place and before he died he showed this to me” little Mayu said

“Why did you brought me here?” Yuki asked

“Simple because you're my special friend!” little Mayu said as she put her arms around Yuki's neck

They both laughed and chased each other and when they got tired they laid down on the long and soft grasses

“Mayu-chan” Yuki said

“Yes Yuki-chan?” little Mayu said while looking at the clouds. Yuki turned sideways to look at Mayu and said

“Arigatou” Yuki said and she turned around to face the sky again

“Mou~ Yuki-chan you're making me red and you'll pay for it! Take that and that and that!” little Mayu said while tickling Yuki who's laughing like there's no tomorrow

-1 hour later-

“Yuki-chan it's getting dark outside it's time to go home” little Mayu said as she pulled Yuki up so that both of them are standing up

“I don't want to go home I want to stay with Mayu-chan” little Yuki said while hugging little Mayu

“Don't worry Yuki-chan we can see each other again tomorrow at the playground and we'll go back here” little Mayu said

“Promise?” Yuki said while sobbing

“I promise” little Mayu said and they put their little pinkys together

“Pinky promise, if I lie, I will drink 1000 needles, and cut my pinky “ They both sang it and released their pinkys and laughed

The dream ended

-Present Time-

Mayu woke up from her dream and stretched while yawning

“I wonder where Yuki-chan's now I forgot her last name” Mayu said as she sighed

“Mayu-chan time for the interview” Mayu's manager said

“Hai~” Mayu said and walked out of her room


"Yatta! Mayu I mean Yuuta's not here! freedom!!!" Yuko shouted at the front gate then all of the girls looked at Yuki, Sae, and mainly Yuko. Sae and Yuki don't like it when many people are looking at them so they slowly walked away from Yuko

"Yosh! time harvest those nice oshiris" Yuko said ad started touching every girl's oshiris no one's safe from Yuko-sama the master of oshiris!

"Yo oujo-chan" Yuko said

"Hai?" The girl asked but after that Yuko squeezed the girl's oshiri making her yelp

"Nice oshiri you got there" Yuko said and winked making the girl blush then Yuko went to another girl

"How come all of his victims doesn't call him hentai or something?" Yuki asked then Sae just shrugged her shoulders

"Yo! Yuki-chan, those oshiris sure are nice! I'm going to get some more later!" Yuko said then she nothiced the Yuki's backing up one step at a time and Yuko laughed

"Don't worry! I'm not going to touch yours, your oshiri belongs to somebody I know" Yuko said earing herself an evil look from Sae

"And I'm not going to touch yours either relax" Yuko said but still have the look from Sae

"Well then I'm off for more oshiris!" Yuko said and dashed away


“Kashiwagi Yuki-san! Kashiwagi Yuki-san!!!!” The teacher kept on shouting

“Yuki... OI Yuki!” Sae said trying to wake her friend up

“Oh~ Sae-chan ohayou~” Yuki said

“Kahiwagi Yuki-san!” The teacher said

“Ha-hai!” Yuki said as she stood up

“In the hallway now!” The teacher said

“Hai~” Yuki said in a bored tone which made everybody laugh


“As usual Yuu-san's really popular huh” Sae said

“Yeah but I don't get it he's a pervert that likes to touch everybody's oshiri and yet he's still popular” Yuki said as she took a bite out of her food

"It's just about the looks" Sae said

"Yeah~ Yuu-san's cute" Yuki said

"What about me?" Sae said

"Ikemen" Yuki said and smiled at Sae

"Yatta!!!!" Sae said and ran around

“What were you dreaming about when we're in class these morning?” Sae asked when she calmed down

“How did you know I was dreaming?” Yuki asked

“It was obvious because you were smiling while you're sleeping” Sae said

“Oh~” Yuki said

“So what is it?” Sae asked

“Oh it's nothing it was just about my childhood friend” Yuki said

“We are childhood friends!” Sae said

“I know we are but I have another one” Yuki said

“Who is she wait is it a she or a he? if it's a he I don't think I will like it!” Sae asked

“Her name's Mayu but I forgot her last name” Yuki said

“Mayu? You're not talking about that Watanabe Mayu are you?” Sae asked

“Of course not! How can that cute, beautiful, smart-”

“Yeah yeah I get it how can that perfect Mayu be your childhood friend, that's what you were gonna say right?” Sae said

“Right! Hehe” Yuki said

“So if this Mayu really your childhood friend how come she's not with you and I didn't met her?” Sae asked

“Because I met her before I met you and the only thing I have that helps me remember her is the little piano music box that she gave me when we met for the last time and it was inside a hospital, she was sick at that time and I heard that it was really bad that they have to transfer her to another hospital” Yuki said with her eyes glued on the ground

“and that's when you met me” Sae said

“Yup Mayu was the very first friend that I made” Yuki said

“Do you still remember the year and the hospital?” Sae asked

“Yes” Yuki said

“Then let's go there this weekend and look for her!” Sae said

“Really?” Yuki asked

“Yeah! I know that girl's really important to you and I want to meet her so we're going to look for her!” Sae said

“Sounds interesting enough for me” A guy said at the door

“Yuu-kun! What are you doing here?” Yuki said

“I'm just taking a break from grabbing oshiris, but anyways count me in!” Yuko said

“That makes us 3 then!” Sae said

“Make.... huff... that.... huff..... four!” Another guy said while panting while leaning on the door

“Yuuta-san!” Yuki said

“Yo!” Mayu said

“What are you doing here? I thought you have a lot of things to do today?” Yuko whispered

“Yeah but I took care of everything!” Mayu whispered back

“What are you two whispering about?” Sae asked

“Oh! It's nothing it's just about the homework that this little squirrel didn't do because he went here at the roof top and skip classes just because of oshiri” Mayu said while glaring at Yuko who seems to have shrunk from Mayu discovering her doings

“Oh!” Sae said

“Wait Yuuta-san I thought you're not feeling good today?” Yuki asked

“Oh! That? Well I just remembered that I forgot to take my medicine that's why I had the headache” Mayu said

“Oh ok! Yuu-kun we still have 30 minutes to do your homework I think you should do it now Rena-sensei's punishment's pretty scary you know” Yuki said

“What is she gonna do to me?” Yuko asked

“Oh nothing she'll just do this and that” Sae whispered to Yuko which sent chills down her spine and Yuko ran back to that room to do her homework

“What did you said to her?” Yuki said

“Nothing~” Sae said

“Good job!” Mayus said as she raised her right thumb in the air at Sae

“Yuuta-kun” Yuki said as she sighed


“I don't want to be whipped! I'm not a freaking M!” Yuko said while writing like crazy

“What are you doing?” The once sleeping girl in front of Yuko asked

“Oh! Kojima-san!” Yuko said

“What are you doing?” Kojiharu said

“I'm just doing my homework” Yuko said

“Let me see oh so you're doing English this one's wrong and this and what is this? working? mou~ all of them are wrong!” Kojiharu said

“Gomen” Yuko said. Kojiharu took the chair near her and sat next to Yuko

“Here this one's wrong you need to put an apostrophe here then s then this put a...” Kojiharu said

“I don't know why but I want to say this” Yuko thought

“Now what's the answer here?” Kojiharu asked

“I won!!” Yuko said in English

“Right! But you don't have to shout the answer” Kojiharu said

“Huh?” Yuko said trying to process what Kojiharu just said

“That's right! The answer is I won” Kojihau said

“I guess beginners luck?” Yuko said

“Beginners luck only applies to first timers you're not a first timer so it's just luck” Kojiharu explained

“Oh that's right Kojima-san a girl told me to give this to you yesterday” Yuko said as she handed a wig over to Kojiharu

“Ah! My wig I almost forgot about it! Thank you Oshima-kun” Kojiharu said

“You can just call me Yuko EHEM! I mean Yuu” Yuko said “That was a close call” Yuko thought

“Oh ok! Yuu-san you can just call me Kojiharu that's what my friends call me” Kojiharu said

“Well then Kojiharu-san may I say this? You look really pretty whenever you're sleeping but you're pretier whenever I see you more and more” Yuko said and winked

“Well then it looks like I found myslef a sweet talker, may I say this? I'm starving so I'm going to eat now!” Kojiharu said as she walked out of the room

“She's beyond perfect!” Yuko said staring into space

-Somewhere else-

Matsui Juria is stretching after she just ate her bento

“Nothing better than peace!!” Jurina said as she leaned at the tree behind her and looked at the blue sky

“Help me!!!” A voice said

“Where are you?” Jurina shouted

“Top of the tree” The voice said Jurina looked up and somebody's clinging on a branch

“Matsui-sensei? what are you doing?” Jurina asked

“Hehe.... I saw a cat that was stuck up here so I tried to get it but it went down on its own and now I'm stuck here” Rena said

“Sensei you look like a little kid you know” Jurina said

“But I can't help it! I love cats and that one looked like it can't go down so I went up here but it got scared of me so it jumped down please help me!!!” Rena said while pouting

“And who's supposed to be older one here?” Jurina said whispered

“I heard that!” Rena said

“Hai~ hai~” Jurina said while sighing. Jurina started to walk away

“Where are you going?” Rena asked but Jurina didn't answered her

“JURINA-SAN!!!!” Rena shouted but it was no use Jurina still ignored her and kept on walking and when Jurina was out of Rena's sight

“I'm done for” Rena said and sighed

-2 minutes after-

A ladder came up to the branch where the sleeping Rena is on

"Matsui-sensei! wake up!" a girl said Rena woke up and tried to stretch but when she did the stretching she almost fell so she immediately clung on the branch

“A ladder? Yay! I'm saved!!!” Rena said and went donw when she got down she saw a high school girl with a cat like smile smiling at her. Rena was attracted by the smile and hugged the girl which startled the girl and pushed Rena making her fall on the ground

“Sensei! What are you doing?” The girl asked

“Gomen Jurina-san it's just that the shape of your smile is like a cat's smile so I just couldn't help it hehe” Rena said while trying to stand up

“And who's supposed to be the teacher here?” Jurina said and walked away

“Jurina-san arigatou!!” Rena shouted Jurina turned around for a second to look at Rena's face then she ran and disappeared

“Wait was she blushing just now?” Rena said “Kawaii!!!!” Rena continued as she hop around the tree but ended up tripping on one of the roots and fell on the ground

"Itai~" Rena said while looking at her bleeding knee

"Mou~ sensei you need to be careful here show it too me I'll fix it for you" A girl said

"Airin? When did you got here?" Rena asked

"Just now, I just came from the library. Now please don't move it will hurt a little" Airin said and Rena nodded then when Airin sprayed the antibacterial spray on Rena's wound she didn't move a bit

"I just have to put the band aid and... there! you're good to go now sensei you did a good job for holding it" Airin said

"Airin~" Rena said and hugged the younger girl

TTLuver497: I'm not that good :shy2:  Yuki88-san's better because of the pic. that she posted  :bingo:  About the OPV maybe I might make one but I'm still thinking about it  :mon sweat:  Hope you liked this chapter
nik11: Sorry for the wait  :mon sweat:  Hope you liked this chapter  :mon trudge:

kahem: Don't worry Sae's gonna be fine~ :mon determined:  Hope you liked this chapter  :mon cute:
stepk: I'm pretty sure Yuko enjoyed the oshiris while they lasted  :mon noprob:  Hope you liked this chapter  :mon huh2:
Chanaline: Hahaha :lol:  Sorry for making you wait  :mon sweat:  Hope you liked this chapter  :mon lurk:
leEwẬy: I like your avatar :mon star:   Sorry for the wait  :mon sweat:  Hope you liked this chapter  :mon suspect: 
-gibson-mayulover: Sorry for the wait :mon sweat:  hope you liked this chapter  :mon innocent:
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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #30 on: February 16, 2013, 03:13:38 AM »
Yuko as a male character is too surreal, always going  for oshiris although Mayu is a conservative type and Yuki in dream state is awesome
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #31 on: February 16, 2013, 03:49:14 AM »
Yuko and her obsession over oshiris. I wonder what would've happened if she touched Yukirin's? Probably get whooped by Sae.  :on lol:

Oh Rena. You're so childish and cute, especially when you're around Jurina.  :luvluv2:

And the past of Mayu's and Yuki's... I'm making assumptions that they both have met each other in the past, hm?  :hehehe:

Looking forward to your next update!  :kneelbow:

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #32 on: February 16, 2013, 04:09:35 AM »
renairin  :wub:
yuko touch a lot oshiris   XD
great update thanks

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #33 on: February 16, 2013, 06:29:53 AM »
Thank you for the update.
Wow  :wub: Yuki and Mayu knew each other when they were kids. Interesting  XD
This fic is also interesting as the joshi gakuen one :) I'm waiting for the updates of both.

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #34 on: February 16, 2013, 07:28:12 AM »
Thank you :)
So Mayu and Yuki are chilhood friend :w00t:
Yuko touch lots of Oshiris when Mayu not there :hiakhiakhiak:
JuriRenaAirin-threesomes :kekeke:
Update soon please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #35 on: February 16, 2013, 04:12:55 PM »
Yuko and the oshiri world...

So they Were Childhood friends!!! So cool!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #36 on: February 16, 2013, 08:22:35 PM »
The story sounds interesting xDDD WMatsui is so cute <3333 and of course Mayuki....

I wonder if Mayu remembers anything if she get's back to the hospital...?...Maybe not lol

Btw thank you for the fic, please update soon

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Re: (Chapter 3) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #37 on: February 17, 2013, 01:38:57 AM »
Mayu and Yuki were childhood friend...

Mayu was sick when she was young so that's why she could not remember Yuki until she met her again

Yuki is such a hardcore fan of Mayu

What's going to happen when they went to the old hospital in seaching for Yuki's childhood friend?

Rena is so child-like.... Airin is always there to help Rena somehow... and Rena always seem to meet Jurina at every turn....

Haruna is so clever somehow... although lazy...

What's going on next... Can't wait

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: (Chapter 4) Destiny's Game MaYuki and other pairs
« Reply #38 on: February 24, 2013, 11:10:24 PM »
_______________Chapter 4_______________

On chapter 3 Yuki was dreaming and this is what she dreamt about:

Yuki's dream:

"Mmmm....... Where am I? Yuuta-kun?" Yuki said and stared at his face

"Why every time I look at your face I feel like something's different?" Yuki said but no response came from Yuuta

then everything became white then when she became aware of what's happening she saw herself running because there's 4 yankees chasing her

Before she knew it she was already cornered

"No! please let me go!" past Yuki said

"Huh? We'll let you go if you pay the money that you borrowed and kneel before us" the yankees said

"But I can't please can you please give me another month to pay my dad's debt?" past Yuki said

"Too bad little girl you only have oh wait! 10 seconds to say your prayers because after that you'll be ours" Their leader said

"….3.... 2... 1... Too bad you couldn't pay at the right time now you'll have to go with us" Their leader said while the others are laughing

"Please somebody save me" Yuki thought then all of the sudden a coin went flying towards the guy that was carrying Yuki making everybody silent and look at the direction where it came from

"Oh! that's my coin! It accidentally slipped from my hands" A guy around the same age as Yuki said while smiling

"Who do you think you are huh?" One of the guys said

"Yuuta-san?" The present Yuki said

"Oh! I'm nobody I'm just a passerby that decided to drop off" Yuuta said

"Well then little boy I recommend you walking off now" One of the yankees said

"and what if I don't want to?" Yuuta asked

"then we'll just have to erase your memory if you know what I mean?" Their leader said

"Run!" The past Yuki said

"Don't worry" Yuuta said then Yuuta walked behind their leader and as soon as Yuuta got passed him he suddenly fell down on the ground

"What are you?" The leader said

"Just a passerby" Yuuta said he also took down the remaining 4 yankees and when he was done he fixed his neck tie then brushed his hands against his black pants and stretched his hands towards Yuki

"Are you ok?" Yuuta asked while helping Yuki to get up

"Arigatou" Yuki said

"It's not a big deal from now on take care of yourself" Yuuta said while waving and walked away

End of the dream

"So that's why Yuuta-kun's face looks really familiar he's the guy that helped me when I was in trouble" Yuki said while standing in the hallway

Present time:

"Kashiwagi Yuki" Rena said

"Hai!" Yuki said

"Kojima Haruna"

"Hai~" Kojiharu said

"Matsui Jurina"

"Hai" Jurina said

"Miyazawa Sae"

"Hai!" Sae said

"Oshima Yuu" There's no answer so Rena looked up and sure enough Yuko wasn't there

"Where's Oshima-san?" Rena asked

"I saw him going to the gym this morning" one of the girls said

"Cutting classes again? that's the 3rd time this week *sigh*" Rena said

"Watanabe Yuuta" Rena said and again no answer Rena looked up and sighed

"Where's Watanabe-san?" Rena asked

"I saw him go with Oshima-san" one girl said

"Partners in crime" Rena said and proceed with the lesson

"She's a little childish sometimes but if she actually tries she can be a really good teacher" Jurina thought referring to Rena

"I wonder what Yuuta-san's doing?" Yuki thought

“Yuki keeps on looking at that Watanabe guy's seat it's getitng annoying! Yuki look at me instead of an empty chair!” Sae thought

Kojiharu went to sleep after Rena took attendance as usual


“Wooohhh~ look at those perfect oshiris!” Yuko said while patting Mayu's back

“They're not that perfect” Mayu said which made Yuko look at her with big eyes

“Wha-wha-what did you just said???? are you out of your mind? Look at those! Those pair of oshiri! They're round like a ball! And you say they're not perfect? How could you?” Yuko shouted

“Oi! You two over there! Come over here!” The coach said

“And here comes trouble” Yuko said

“Who's fault do you think it is that we got caught?” Mayu sarcastictly remarked

“Why are you two here? You're supposed to be at Matsui-sensei's class!” The coach said

“Well that's because we're in the middle of hunting oshi-” Yuko wasn't able to continue because Mayu covered her mouth

“What she I mean he's saying coach is that we're in the middle of looking at the school, you know so that we won't get lost” Mayu said

“Oh is that so? Well then go to your class after this okay?” The coach said

“Hai~” Mayu and Yuko said and went away

“That was close~” Yuko said while wiping her sweat on her forehead

“Like you're the one to talk” Mayu said “We almost got in trouble you know!” Mayu continued

“Hehe gomen” Yuko said “I'll make it up to you” Yuko continued

“How?” Mayu asked

“By hunting for more oshiris?” Yuko said and Mayu just sighed and walked faster

“Gomen gomen! So what do you want me to do?” Yuko asked

“Do the house chores for the whole week that includes cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and doing your homework!” Mayu said

“Wait! Doing my homework's not a part of house chores!” Yuko said

“Well it is now!” Mayu said “See you at Matsui-sensei's class” Mayu continued and left Yuko

“This sucks!” Yuko said lazily

-3 minutes after-

Yuko's trying to sneak in while Rena's teaching the lesson but Rena saw her

“Oshima-san! You sure have guts to interrupt my class” Rena said Gekikara-like

“Gomenasai!” Yuko said while kneeling in front of Rena because of fear

Everybody's laughing which woke Kojiharu up. Kojiharu looked up and saw Yuko kneeling in front of Rena while Rena's saying something to Yuko, Kojiharu's too sleepy to understand what she's saying but she can tell that Yuko got busted and now she's facing her punishment, Kojiharu yawned and went back to sleep

“Oshima-san! Go to the hallway and take this two buckets with you!” Rena said and Yuko just did what Rena said

“Ha-ha-hai!!!” Yuko said and ran out of the room as fast as she can

“Class be quiet! Let's go back to the lesson” Rena said


“That Mayu! She said she's going to be in the room she's definitely not in there!" Yuko said

Inside the principal's office a certain cyborg's laughing by herself (Note: The principal's absent)


“Matsui-sensei's really scary when she's mad” Yuko said

“Told you” Sae said

“Yo!” A guy said

“Don't yo! Me!” Yuko said

“So~ how was it?” Mayu said refferring to the scene with Matsui-sensei

“She sure was scary!” Yuko said and Mayu just laughed

While Sae, Mayu, and Yuko are talking, Yuki came in between their conversation and asked Mayu if she can talk to her alone and Mayu went with Yuki

Sae was following them with her eyes


“So~ what is it Yuki-san?” Mayu asked

“I have something to ask you, Yuuta-san” Yuki said

“Hmm?” Mayu said

“Do you remember when you saved me from the yankees?” Yuki said

“No” Mayu said

“I see” Yuki said

“Gomen” Mayu said

“No! There's no need hehe... actually there's another thing I want to tell you if it's okay” Yuki said

“What is it Yuki-san?” Mayu asked

“Yuuta-san I've known you for a week now and ever since the first time that I saw you I fell in love with you... *Deep breath* Yuuta-san, I love you, please go out with me” Yuki said with a bow Mayu's scratching the back of her head

“E~to, Yuki-san you're a very nice and beautiful princess but I'm sorry I can't go out with you” Mayu said while bowing then she looked at Yuki straight in the eyes

“Why?” Yuki asked

“I'm sorry I can't tell you” Mayu said “I'm really sorry” Mayu continued and left Yuki

Yuki went to the vending machine and got herself a soda and she sat on the bench by herself. Then all of the sudden Kojiharu appeared out of nowhere and sat at the same bench as Yuki

“What's wrong?” Kojiharu asked

“I.... got..... dumped” Yuki said slowly while looking at the sky

“You know at times like that it's better to drink hot chocolate instead of a soda” Kojiharu said

“Why is that?” Yuki asked

“I wonder, I guess it's just the magic of chocolate” Kojiharu said

“Here take this!” Kojiharu said as she tossed her chocolate to Yuki

“What's this for?” Yuki asked

“If you don't have hot chocolate just get a chocolate bar” Kojiharu said and left

“I don't get it” Yuki said while staring at the chocolate bar. Yuki took out her phone and started looking at Mayu's pictures

"This is bad even Mayuyu's pictures can't make me smile" Yuki said and sighed


“Oshima Yuu-san, Oshima Yuu-san please come to the faculty. I repeat Oshima Yuu-san, Oshima Yuu-san come to the faculty please” A student said through the school's speaker

“Yuu, you're in trouble~” Sae teased

“Don't worry the great Oshima Yuu can get through everything!” Yuko said while playing sumo wrestling with Sae

“Haya~” Yuko shouted and took Sae down then loud cheers from the girls can be heard

“Ja ne~ Sae” Yuko said and ran away

“Well then! Time to look for my princess” Sae said and got up

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