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Author Topic: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013  (Read 5602 times)

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Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« on: April 24, 2013, 09:35:41 PM »
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this OS... even if I'd want to..
***I don't know if the plot or title was used earlier by other writer... if so... please accept my apology for not checking the whole site. (I'm lazy to check page per page)  :kneelbow:

I just remembered this oneshot manga that I had read... and well... decided to use the plot and change it here and there.  :mon sweat:
I originally want this in MAYUKI pair but... I dunno... I can't imagine them in this setting.
Well then... Please enjoy.


I don’t have any luck in Love.

Or… Having a boyfriend is just a wishful thinking.

These are the kind of thoughts that runs through Rena’s mind whenever she sees a couple or two, taking their sweet that PDA-ing. ‘I might as well join an idol group with a love ban law,’ she grumbled to herself mentally.

“Kyaaaaa! Jurina!”

“Look here!! Look here!!”

“Jurina~ This is for you~”

Great. Fangirls.’ Rena sighed when she heard a distinctive irritating high pitched girly shrills. Then again, they are in an All-girls school. ‘But… I never thought that ‘that’ will happen—


-xx days ago…-

Huh?” Rena blinked. There something must be something wrong with her… or her ears… ‘I’ll have to visit a clinic or hospital later…’ she thought to herself, ‘This must be a case of severe hallucination.’

I like you Rena. Will you go out with me…?” Jurina nervously smiles at her, anticipating for her positive reply. “Please?” plus a puppy eyes here.

E-eh?!” Rena blushed.

‘Is this a dream? No. This must be a dream!’ She thought, ‘there’s no way Jurina will date a plain girl like m—’ She was pulled out from her mental debate when Jurina put both of her hands on Rena’s shoulder.

Please. Go out with me.” Jurina stared at Rena with a serious expression on her face.


*Flashback end*

“Ohh~ There’s Jurina’s fangirls… swarming like bees as usual.” Yuki giggled a bit.

“You can’t blame them… Jurina’s have this masculine aura around her.” Haruna pointed out, “and the smile… It makes you want to hog her for yourself.”

Yuko stared horrified at Haruna. “Nyan Nyan! Don’t say that!” She pouted, hugging Haruna from behind, “I’m jealous!”

Haruna laughs, patting Yuko’s arms around her waist. “I’m not interested. Besides, if ever Jurina would date someone… that person will become the fangirls' public enemy number 1, right Rena?”

Rena stayed silent in her seat.

“I’m sure that person, as lucky as she/he was for dating Jurina, will be dead.” Yuki added, nodding.

Rena paled. She stands up. “I remember. I have something to do.” Rena murmured and took her bag and quickly walks away.



“We have to keep this a secret!!!” Rena told Jurina.

Jurina stared at her. “Why?”

“That’s just that.” Rena replied. ‘I’d die if your fangirls discover us!’ She thought frantically. “In return, I’ll listen to whatever you want me to do.”


“This is our secret! I have to go now! Bye!” Rena runs away, while Jurina stared at her back.


-School Gate-

“Rena!” Yuki waves at her.

Rena trotted towards their position, “So… what are we going to do?” she asked.

“We’re going to this newly opened café.” Yuko replied.

“We’re still waiting…” Rena asked again, “for someone?” Her voice faltered when she sees two girls walking toward their place. ‘You gotta be kidding me… Kami-sama! Why?!’ She screamed mentally.

“Yukirin!” The pig-tailed girl runs to Yuki, hugging her. “I brought Jurina as promised!”

“Good girl Mayuyu~” Yuki pats Mayu’s head.

Rena shifts her eyes away from Jurina, who just keep on smiling at her. “Uh… I think I can—”

“You won’t tell us that you can’t come and eat with us…” Jurina grins happily, “Right, Rena-chan?” but Rena can sense the threat under that happy grin.

“Of course… Of course.” And with that Rena mourns silently to herself.


-Café Shop-

“So I heard that Rena’s going out with someone…” Jurina started, looking around the group, “Did you girls know that?”

Rena, who was feasting on her beloved melon pan at that time, chokes a bit and hastily drinks some iced tea.

“Eh?! Really?” Yuki’s eyes widened in surprise and turns to Rena, “Is it true?”

“Is it a girl or a boy?” Yuko asked.

“How long are you dating this person?” Haruna asked.

Mayu was just too happy eating her cake to ask Rena, but she still manages to throw an anticipating stare at Rena.

Rena laughs nervously. “It’s boring… Let’s just change the topic.”

Jurina just grins, “Don’t say that. We want to hear the details.”

Yuki nods. “Right!!! Now. Talk.”

Rena scowled at the grinning Jurina. ‘I hate that grin!!! Why is she grinning happily anyway?! I just told her to keep us a secret… I’m sure she’s teasing me.’ She looks around their table, ‘They’re expecting me to answer.’ Rena sighed.

Jurina drinks her soda and smile at Rena. “It’s ok if you say it, you know.” She said.

Rena looks away and started, “I… Honestly, I don’t know if we really are dating. That person just suddenly confesses about liking me and wants to go out…” She paused, “But… I don’t even know what that person see’s in me… so it feels like that our ‘dating status’ is more like a truth or dare consequence to me.”

“Oi Rena.” Jurina smile disappeared. “Are you telling us that you don’t have any charming points?”

Rena looks at Jurina.

“That’s not true, you know… The way you always try your best in everything that you do… Your perseverance and will to strive on no matter how hard the situation is… Your nervous expression… Your smile…” Jurina murmured, “I think that it’s really cute whenever to do those things.”

Rena blushed. ‘She knows…’ She thought, ‘She’s watching me.

“I sure that person you’re dating noticed those qualities too… so don’t say that you don’t have any charming point. Believe in yourself sometimes.” Jurina drinks her soda again to hide her blush.

“Nicely said!” Mayu and Yuko give Jurina a thumbs up.

“Jurina’s sweet… I want someone to say something like that to me.” Haruna smiles.

“Eh!?” Yuko sputters. “I’ll say those things to you everyday, Nyan Nyan!!”

Rena and Jurina keep silent until the group go on the separate ways. Mayu and Yuki. Yuko and Haruna. And last, Rena and Jurina.

Jurina quickly dragged Rena to the park. It was pass 5pm and the area was secluded of playing children.

“I don’t have any reward?” Jurina asked, grinning.


“I want a kiss.”

“What?! We’re in a public place.” Rena blushed, stuttering, “Also… I’m a senior student. And you’re a freshman Jurina… I gonna be jailed if we are seen kissing.”

Jurina pouted. “You said you’re going to listen to my wants. Remember?” She noted out, “And also, you are my girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with kissing my girlfriend, right?”


“Just do it.” Jurina said, “Here, I’ll close my eyes.” She then closed her eyes.

Rena gulps and leans toward Jurina to kiss Jurina. ‘I knew it! I really can’t do i—’ Her mental banters was halted when she felt something soft pressed over her own lips.

Jurina step away grinning. “Thanks for the kiss.” She stuck her tongue at Rena and skips away.

That girl…’ Rena thought blushing… ‘She’s fooling me again!


-The next day at school-

“Ah! Jurina-san!” A couple of first year students surround Jurina. As usual. “We made some cookies in our home economics class… uh… we want to give you some. Here.”

Jurina give a surprised look and take the cookies. “Thanks…” She opens it and eats some, “It’s a bit sweet but taste good.” She smiles.

“Kyaaaaa~” and the girls squealed in delight.

The seniors, being used to this kind of everyday sight, just continue with their daily life.


“What do you want now?” Rena asked, panting.

Jurina looks at Rena and then glances at her phone. “You’re 5 minutes late. Again.” She noted, not hiding the irritation that she was feeling for waiting. “I told you that once I messaged you, I want you here within a minute.”

Rena groans. ‘Relax, Rena. Relax. You’re the one who told Jurina that you’ll follow her demands.’ She reminded herself. “You can’t expect me to fly or teleport here in an instance… And besides my classroom is quite far from the staircase plus the floors that I have to climb.”

“But still to defy my wants…” Jurina crossed her arms. “I’m disappointed.”

This girl is evil…’ Rena thought, ‘Why didn’t I see this? Right… because she’s nice and smiles cutely like a prince in a non-existent happy-ending fairytale.

“I want that.”

“Huh?” Rena asked.

“I want that… That’s for me right?” She smirks like a playful fox.


“Cookies?” Jurina peeks inside the paper bag and eats a cookie. “Bleeh—” She sticks out her tongue, “Too sweet… I hate sweet.”

“Wha—” Rena stared in shock. ‘How dare she… after she ate her fangirls’ cookies.’ She grabs the bag of cookies, “Then don’t eat it.” She screamed at Jurina. “I’m not forcing you to eat this!” She added with teary eyes. ‘I’ll just eat this… I knew that she didn’t really like me anyway.’ She begins eating the cookies.

Jurina gritted her teeth. She goes near Rena and grabs her face and kisses her. Jurina grins, licking her lips, “Who told you to eat my cookies?”

“…” Rena blushed. ‘Did she just use her to-tongue?

“It’s really sweet…” Jurina sticks her tongue out again and then grins, leaning forward to Rena again, “But… I wouldn’t mind tasting those cookies again.”

The words snap Rena out of her reverie, ‘This is still Jurina… The mean Jurina that keeps on teasing me…’ She holds back a sob. “I.. want… t.. br..k…p” She murmured.

Jurina looks at her. “Hmmm?”

“I want to break up.” Rena demaded.

Jurina stops and steps away from Rena. “What? Why?”

“We’re just kidding ourselves here, Jurina.” Rena cried, tears streams down her face. “And I don’t want to be your plaything until you get tired and toss me around. I think… It would be best to just break up and continue with our own separate lives. I’m just tired of all of this!"

Jurina stomps her foot on the ground. “You’re tired of this?! You’re unfair you know!” Jurina cried too, “I was really happy that you agreed to go out with me after I finally gathered my courage to asked you… then suddenly you came up to me telling that our relationship should remain a secret!!”

Rena’s tears stops.

Jurina sniffed, “I was so sad that you wouldn’t let others know about us. Even to your friends. You won’t even say that you like or love me…  All this time, I was thinking about what’s wrong with me… is it me… my acts… what?... I was so confused that all I can do is to tease you… I really want to treat you gently, but it was too late. I… I—” Rena kissed Jurina, stopping her from rumbling continuously.

Rena hugs her sniffing girlfriend, “Sorry… I didn’t know that you felt that way.” She moves away to looks at Jurina. “Sorry for being unfair.”

“Shaddup!” Jurina hides her tear stained, blushing face from Rena.

Rena grins, “You cried, I notice… Sorry.”

Jurina begins tearing up again, “You’re mean!” hiding her face again.

Rena giggled, “Sorry. Sorry.” and drags Jurina with her, 'hmmm’ a smile appeared on her face and leans closer to Jurina’s ear. “I love you.” She whispered.

Jurina blushed… “I… You… I—”

“Just walk me home, okay?”

“Ye-yes ma’am…” Jurina replied, holding Rena’s hand with her. Still blushing.

-the end-

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Re: Because I Like You (Wmatsui) (OS)
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coz words are not enough to express the feels...

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Re: Because I Like You (Wmatsui) (OS)
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This worked out well although Rena was so concerned about the backlash that she hesitated to reveal the secret but in the end Jurina would have been protective of her girlfriend :)
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Re: Because I Like You (Wmatsui) (OS)
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Rena and Jurina is so cute....

Teasing, Fighting and Make up...


Very nice update... Thank you

Can't wait to see the next

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Because I Like You (Wmatsui) (OS)
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Only one thing that i could say 'bout this fic
nice fic :twothumbs, hope to see another fic of them from u kiruchi-san

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Re: Because I Like You (Wmatsui) (OS)
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Silly but cute couple! What a destined pair!  :lol:
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Re: Because I Like You (Wmatsui) (OS)
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I enjoyed the little segment with KojiYuu too! Please continue writing :)

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Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS)
« Reply #7 on: May 14, 2013, 06:16:06 PM »
Disclaimer: I don't own Mayuki or any other AKB related characters... 'cause if I did... I--

Like the first OS (the WMatsui), I picked up another OS manga plot and twist some parts here and there in to my liking. :glasses:
Oh yeah... The first one was inspired by Isero Ayano's OS manga, "Suki Nan Desu"... While the inspiration for this one's from Otsu Hiyori's OS manga, "Maple Love".
I don't know if this kind of plot was used already by some else... if so, please tell me or something. (too lazy to check)  :depressed:

My grammars are so-so... and I'm being called God of typo by some evil people out there... Whatever that is.  :cool2: just kidding. XDD
Anyway please bear with me.  :kneelbow: and enjoy reading.

BECAUSE I LIKE YOU (Mayuki Version)

It’s a really good cloudy day. Cool breeze... Cherry-blossom petals falling... A really good time to take a short nap outside the school…’ Mayu pondered happily with her back on the grass, ‘Unfortunately… the spring time of love is here too.

Besides Mayu, a bush and a skip away, are two girls in the middle of heart flattering confession.

Ugh… Why?’ Mayu thought, covering her face with her hands, ‘Why of all places they choose this place to confess? I wish I have super speed or invisibility power or something to escape this scene.

*Anime song playing (phone ringtone)*

Great.’ Mayu scowled. ‘Kami-sama… You can take me now. I beg you!

Too late.

The two girls found Mayu laying down on the grass by the bush.

Mayu sighed and pushed herself to sit up. “I’m sorry.” She bowed.

“Eh? Ah! It’s ok.” The tomboyish girl blushed and walked away swiftly.

O-kay.’ Mayu stared at the running girl, ‘what happened?’ She looks at the other girl, ‘hmm… she’s pretty.’ “Uh… You’re letting her walk away?”

The pretty girl nodded, smiling. “Yep… Sae’s kind of popular so she’s going to be fine.”

“I think she’s a nice catch though.” Mayu replied, “It would be a waste to let her go.”

“Well… I like cute girls more.” The girl winks at Mayu.

“Oh.” Mayu stares at the girl. ‘Didn’t see that coming.

“Oh… Where’s my manners…” The girl puts her hand on her lips, “My name in Yuki. Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Watanabe Mayu” Mayu replied, bowing.

“I hope my preference wouldn't bother you.” Yuki smiled, sitting on a bench. “And I’d like to thank you for saving me the trouble to turn Sae-kun down, Mayuyu.”

Mayuyu’ Mayu groans inwardly. ‘Feeling close already huh?’ “Don’t worry… That doesn't really matter or anything… You’re preference is your own to decide, not others.” Mayu shrugs.

Yuki blushed and them giggled a bit before a smug smirk appears on her pretty face, “How about we try this?” She asked and then quickly leans toward Mayu to steal a quick kiss. Her happy grin was quickly wiped off by a book landing flat on her face. “Ooww… My nose” Yuki holds her nose. “You hit me… with a book.”

“Yes… Yes, I did. “ Mayu replied, showing her book.

“Nobody dared to hit me before… You’re the first one.”

“You’re welcome then.” Mayu smiled, stepping away from Yuki. “Oh! And please don’t randomly kiss anyone next time… That will save you a lot of future troubles.” And with that Mayu turns her back to walk back to their school building.

Yuki smiles at Mayu’s retreating form, takes out her smartphone and snap a picture of Mayu.

Yuki-san’s pretty and all… but I wonder…’ Mayu contemplates with her eyes closed.

“Oi! Mayu!!!” Aika called out. “Where have you been? I’ve been calling your phone, you know.”

“I know.” Mayu replied, “I was out, kissing a pretty girl.” She mumbled the last part to herself.

“Huh? What?” Aika stared at Mayu.

“Nothing… Let’s go Ai-chan.”

“Eh?! Wait Mayu-chan!”

Again, Mayu was laying down on the same place but this time an anime magazine was laid on top of her face.

“I’m glad to see you again, Mayuyu.”

Mayu grimaced inwardly at the nickname being used. She takes off the magazine to look at Yuki, “Hello Yuki-san.” She greeted politely, “Anything I can do for you?”

“Ah well…” Yuki muttered, “I think I like you, Mayuyu… Will you go out with me?”

“No way.” Mayu flatly replied.

“Eeh?” Yuki’s eyes widened in shocked at Mayu’s reply. “Why?”

“I don’t really know anything about you… So I can’t and I won’t go out with you.”

Yuki’s shocked expression turned into an amused one, “Okay then… How about friends? I want to be your friend. Can we become friends?”

“Hmm… I have no problem with that.”

“Great!” Yuki clapped her hands and take her smart phone out. “Let’s take a picture… a remembrance to celebrate our friendship.”

“Wha—” Mayu was cut off by a quick flash and a snap sound from the phone.

Yuki looks at the picture and laughs. “I caught Mayuyu in a candid pose.” She shows Mayu a picture of both of them, with Mayu’s mouth wide open.

“Oi!!! Delete that!”

“No way! I’ll save this!” Yuki laughs, keeping the phone out of Mayu’s reach and hide it. “By the way, what are you doing here?

“I’m taking a nap… obviously.”

Yuki shrug off Mayu’s answers, “its lunch time… You should be eating.”

“I’m saving up for this upcoming Anime CD album… so I’m just wasting up some time here before the next class.”

“That’s bad Mayuyu! You should eat.” Yuki pinches Mayu’s cheek, “Come on… I’ll treat you.”


“Yes really! Call me Yukirin. We’re friend right?” Yuki offered her hand to Mayu.

“Thanks…” Mayu smiled, “Yukirin.”

And that was the start of Mayu and Yuki’s friendship.

In the study hall…

“You should put this in here to get the factor of X…” Mayu pointed out in Aika’s notes, while Aika listens and nods in reply, once in a while. “Just memorize this, this and this… you’re going to be fine when we have our next test.”


“Huh? Mayuyu?” Aika looks at Mayu, then to Yuki, and back to Mayu.

“Hey! Yukirin.” Mayu wazes at Yuki.

“Waaaah… Your hairstyle is cute!” Yuki grins, taking a photo of Mayu using her phone. “Oh! I have to go now! Bye Mayuyu!” Yuki rushed out, waving Mayu a good bye.

“Oho! Mayuyu, huh?” Aika grins at Mayu, “I didn’t know that you are friends with the school’s princess. When did this happen?”

“A couple of days ago…” Mayu pondered a bit, “I think.”

“Either way, just be careful, Mayu-chan.” Aika said seriously.


“I heard some bad rumors about her.” Aika whispered to Mayu, “They say, the seniors, that she steals her friends' boyfriend… And even seduces Sae, the school’s prince, to follow her like a lost puppy.”

“Really?” Mayu looks at Aika, “But she’s kind to me… She even treats for lunch and dinner, sometimes home cooked food.” ‘That and she said she likes cute girls’ Mayu thought to herself.

Aika stared at Mayu with blank expression, “No wonder she’s kind in your eyes… She’s feeding the animal. Wait… She can cook?”

“Hey! I’m not an animal! And no she can’t… The food was cooked by their family chef. She can’t even cook a boiled egg by herself.”

“Really?!” Aika looks at Mayu, surprised at the sudden info about the ‘Princess’, ‘She certainly live up to her nickname as a ‘Princess’.’ “Anyway, Mayu-chan doesn’t have any boyfriend to worry about so I guess you’ll be fine.”

Mayu shrugs and look outside the window, catching a glimpse of running Yuki, before reviewing her notes with Aika.

In a food court (mall), after class…

“So that’s what I heard…” Mayu told Yuki about what Aika told her earlier, omitting the fact that it was Aika who told her.

Yuki smiled sadly, “About that… I guess… I’m so pretty that my friends’ boyfriends fell for me… I did flirt with this one guy to break him up from a friend that I like but the plan backfired on me.”

“Oh how modest of you… hmm… Being too pretty can be a huge pain in the ass, huh?”

“Eh?! Mayuyu… This is where you’re supposed to say ‘I feel sorry for you…’ or something like that...” Yuki playfully scolds Mayu, “Not giving me some smart-assed remark like that one… Anyway, Mayu is the only one in my heart right now.”

“We’re not dating.”

“I know… But I still like you.” Yuki smiles.

Mayu just stayed silent and watch Yuki smiles and sips on her drink. “It’s raining.” Mayu mutters, looking outside.

“Wait… Let me finish this.” Yuki finished her drink, following Mayu out of the mall, “I have an umbrella with me… Let’s go over that car and I’ll drive you home.”

“You can drive?” Mayu asked, while Yuki opens the umbrella.

“No, I can’t.” Yuki replied.

“You lost me.” Mayu groans.

“I just want to share umbrella with Mayuyu.” Yuki said, smiling, as Mayu step besides her. “A picture for our very first ai-ai gaza!” A snap and a flash from Yuki’s smartphone captured the moment, “Let’s keep going… My driver’s waiting.”


“Hey Ai-chan” Mayu stops writing and turns to Aika, “What’s the difference between friends and lovers?”

“W-what?” Aika stutters.

“Come on… tell me.”

“Friends and Lovers?” Aika taps her pen to the desk, “Well… Are you two doing it?”

“…” Mayu stared at Aika for some seconds, “How about fuck buddy then?” Mayu said, “I never knew you have such a wide experience in this type of topic, Ai-chan.”

“Shaddap Mayu-chan.” Aika takes out her laptop, “We’ll google it. Happy now?” Aika taps on her keyboard a bit, “Here… two persons in love with each other… umm… a person who loves, especially a person who has or shows a warm and general affectionate regard for others… So I think, friends become lovers when you came to really really like this person to actually make an effort to adapt to each other’s differences. Friends are plainly satisfied no matter how their fellow friends act, behave, or appear.”

“Lovers?” Mayu leans her head on to her hand, remembering Yuki’s action. ‘I didn’t go out with her simply because I didn’t know her and that I don’t like her… but what about now…?’ Mayu shakes her head, ‘Hmmm… I’m not really sure…’ Then Mayu thinks about Yuki’s actions.


Act 1

Yuki: Mayuyu! Let’s have lunch together! *carrying a picnic basket with her*
Mayu: You cook? *looking anxiously at the basket, remembering the time when Yuki offered her self-cooked Tamagoyaki (pan fried rolled egg)*
Mayu (thinking): How can you go wrong with a fried egg?
Yuki: Nope… Our chef wouldn’t let me step into or kitchen. More like begging me not to enter the kitchen again. I wonder why? *tilting her head, thinking deeply*
Mayu: I’m sure he was just worried about you... I would too, knowing how clumsy you can be. *she takes the basket from Yuki*
Yuki: Eh?! I’m not clumsy! *eyes widening, then pouts*
Yuki (thinking): Is Mayu flirting with me?  *blushing*
Mayu: Hey Yukirin.
Yuki: Ah! Sorry. Let’s go… I know a good spot.
Mayu (thinking): This is what friends do? How come Ai-chan never brought me something for lunch before?


Act 2

Yuki: Mayuyu! I have some romance movie Blue-ray DVDs at home! Let’s watch it together!
Mayu: Romance movie? *stares blankly at Yuki* I don’t like romance movies. *turns around to walk away*
Yuki: It’s an Anime Romance Movie.
*Mayu stops*
Mayu: Anime? What Anime? *Eyes shining in anticipation*
Yuki: Nagareboshi Lens... and Gekijouban Bungaku Shoujo… I think I have some Hetalia and K-on OVA too.
Mayu: Ooooooh!!
Mayu (thinking): Nagareboshi  Lens and Gekijouban Bungaku Shoujo… they are so-so romance films… but Hetalia and K-on on the other hand… She’s attacking my weakness… But I can’t resist.
Mayu: Okay!!! I have some DVD series at home too… We can have some Anime movie marathon, if you want.
Yuki: No problem! I’ll fetch you at 10:00am.
Mayu: Yes ma’am! *salutes and runs away*
Mayu (thinking): Wait… Yuki’s not that interested with anime before… I wonder what happened. Oh well… at least she has a load of interesting anime OVA… I guess it’s normal for friends to have movie marathon together… alone… hmmm


Act 3

*celphone ringing* sfx: Hetalia Anisong
Mayu: uuhh— *groggily, her hand searches for the ringing phone* It's 6:30am. Who's calling this early? *looks at the screen (It says Yukirin)* Yukirin? Wonder what's up? *pressing the answer button*
Yuki: Mayuyu!!! Wake up~
Mayu: Yukirin... Its still 6:30am. *yawns*
Yuki: I know... I just want to make sure you wake up for your 8:00am class.*giggles*
Mayu: Ugh... What are you? My mother? I'll call you Mamarin from now on.
Yuki: That's so rude Mayuyu... I'll see you later at lunch! I'll bring some extra bento for you. Oh! Do you want to meet up before 8am? I'll bring some breakfast.
Mayu: mm-kay.
Yuki: Meet you at 7:30am then. Go ahead and prepare now, 'kay Mayuyu? Ja ne~ *Yuki hangs up*
Mayu: *looking at the phone* I know that friends care for each other but… Ai-chan didn’t go this far to call and wake me up, then offers food. I guess she’s a wifey type.


Mayu grimaced as she didn’t know how to classify those three acts of so-called friendship. ‘I guess I have to research about love and all that sh*t’ she mentally grumbles to herself.

“Oi Mayu-chan!” Aika slaps Mayu’s shoulder… really hard slap.

“Oww—” Mayu sooths her shoulder, “What?”

“I’m asking you something but you are mentally wondering in your own la-la land!” Aika crossed her arms.

“Sorry Sorry.” Mayu nervously laughs, “My bad… so what is it?”

“This friend of friend of friend of mine is going to host a mixer party.”

“Mixer party?” Mayu looks at Aika, confused.

“It’s a group dating party… They’ll serve a wide variety of food.” Aika replied.


Aside from anime… Food is another blackmail material for Mayu-chan.’ Aika nods mentally, ‘No wonder Yuki-san easily gets Mayu’s attention… what’s that saying again…? A way to a man’s heart is through his belly. In Mayu-chan’s case its food and Anime.’ “And if you can… Can you invite Yuki-san too? A friend of this friend of a friend of a friend is kind of interested in her.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Mayu replied, “But I won’t promise anything Ai-chan.” Mayu takes her phone out and calls Yuki. “Ah! Yukirin! Do you want to attend a mixer party?”

“Mixer party?” Yuki replied from the other line.

“It’s a group dat—” Mayu explained but was interrupted by Yuki.

“I know that it’s a group dating party Mayuyu”

“Good! That saves me from explaining then.” Mayu happily replies.

“Are you going?”

“I guess… Ai-chan pretty much bribed me with food.” Mayu shrugs.

“I didn’t bribe you with food. Stupid Mayu-chan... tarnishing my good image.” Aika grumbled in the background.

“Okay then… I’ll attend if Mayuyu attends the mixer party.” Yuki replies.

“Got it.” Mayu gives Aika a thumbs up, “I’ll message you for the party details.”

“Okay… Bye bye Mayuyu.”

Mixer Party, xx/xx/20xx at some Yakiniku Restaurant in Shibuya…

The girls included in the mixer party watch with envy while the guys flocked around Yuki, as they (the guys) desperately to make an impression to Yuki. Meanwhile, Mayu didn’t really care about the happenings in the party and happily cooks some meat for her to eat.

“Wow… I didn’t think that Yuki-san’s really this popular with guys.”  Aika whispered to Mayu, “And Mayu-chan… You should at least make yourself presentable. Also, hand over some meat here.”

“Oi… I did put some foundation.” Mayu replied, giving some cooked meat to Aika. “and you are the one who told me that Yuki’s popular for her pretty face.” Mayu whispered back.

“I did.” Aika chewed a meat, “But seeing it personally and hearing it from envious seniors/classmates are quite different, you know… but wow.”

Mayu looks at Yuki. ‘Her voice’s a bit hesitant when I invited her the yesterday… Hmm… Is the atmosphere here too awkward for her?’ Mayu observes the group… A dark aura is building in the girls’ side of the table while some painfully pink and flowery aura is in the guys’ side, particularly the area where Yuki was surrounded. ‘I guess… It is… to endure all those envious glares. Yukirin is amazing.’ Mayu smiles, but noticed that Yuki’s cheeks are red. ‘Is she drunk? Or tipsy?’ Mayu tries to remember their orders, ‘Wait… no one ordered any alcohol… that means…’ “Excuse me.” Mayu said, leaning over the table to check on Yuki. Putting her hand on Yuki’s forehead, she let out a small tsk-ed sound and moves away, circling around the table and drags Yuki out. “We’re going home now.” She paused and quickly walks to Aika, “Here’s our payment for our part Ai-chan.” And then proceed to push Yuki out.

While waiting for a taxi outside, Yuki bowed her head shamefully,  “Are you angry, Mayuyu?” she asked.

“No.” Mayu replied, still looking out for a taxi, “…but we’ll talk later…. Taxi!” Mayu waves at a taxi.

Mayu’s apartment room…

“I’ll don’t where you house is since you always fetch me… I hope my room is decent enough.” Mayu said while she covers Yuki with her bed’s comforter. “Sorry for forcing you to attend that party… You could have say no.”

“I didn’t say no because I wanted to go with you.” Yuki looks away, covering her nose and lips with the comforter. ‘It smells like Mayu.’ She blushed, thinking.

“But you have fever! I should have told me.” Mayu said.

“You’ll still attend without me right?” Yuki replied, “I don’t want that! I don’t want someone to take you away from me!” Yuki paused, and covered her face with the comforter. “I know that I’m being a annoying for doing things… that I’m using our friendship as an excuse… Who am I kidding anyway?” Yuki added, hiding from Mayu’s view. “Mayuyu’s cute… I’m sure someday a filthy guy will steal you from me.” Yuki added.

Mayu sweat dropped at that. ‘Filthy? She could have use more appealing word than that… It’s not like I’m popular or interested with guys.

“Sorry for being so annoying…” Yuki cried under Mayu’s sheets.

Tsk… this girl is stupid.’ Mayu grimaced while looking at the sobbing girl under her comforter, ‘With her looks, I’m sure she can attract other cute girls out there… So why me?’ Mayu smiled, ‘Funny… I have this feeling… that I want to do anything for her.’ She covered her blushing face with her hand, ‘It’s her fault for making me feel like this.’ “Oi… Yukirin. Get out there.”

“You’re angry…” Yuki murmured, peeking from the comforter to look at Mayu.

“I’m not…” Mayu replied. ‘Damn… she looks like a scared bunny, even if she’s afraid of bunnies… kinda cute though.’  Mayu remembered the time when she learned about Yuki’s most guarded secret. Yuki being afraid of bunnies. Cute little harmless bunnies. “Let’s make a deal then… Come out and I’ll do anything you want.”

“Then…” Yuki stared at Mayu, “Be mine… only mine Mayuyu. No one else’s.”

Mayu stared.

Yuki giggles, “I’m joking… I think this fever makes me say weird stuffs…” Yuki grins, “I think I’ll have some tea and medicines and—”

Mayu leans in to kiss Yuki, stopping her from rambling continuously. “I guess…” Mayu started, leaning her forehead on to Yuki’s, “I’m yours now… As you wish”

“I-idiot” Yuki’s sobs, “You’ll get my fever stupid Mayuyu.”

“Then Mamarin should just take care of me if I got sick.”  Mayu smirked.

“That’s really rude.” Yuki pouts, “Calling your girlfriend Mamarin… that’s awkward.” She grumbled.

Mayu just laughs.

Mayu PoV…

Nothing really changed ever since got together… I guess we just make things official or something like that.

“Hey Mayuyu!” Yuki greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, “Let’s go?”

“Uhn” I nodded. “…” I looks at Yuki.

“W-what?” Yuki blushed, looking aimlessly at herself to see if there’s something wrong.

“Want to hold hands?” Mayu offered her hand.

“S-sure.” Yuki holds Mayu’s hand; her face reddens like a tomato. “Won’t other people think that it’s a bit weird with us holding hands?”

“…..” I stared at her, ‘This is from the girl who shamelessly stole my first kiss.


“Nothing… I was just thinking how cute you are blushing like a shy girl.” I replied.

“Shu-shut up Mayuyu!” Yuki’s face blushed a bit more if it’s even possible.

-the end-

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #8 on: May 14, 2013, 06:22:52 PM »
 :lol:  Aika being involved only makes it it more interesting

Mayu and Yukirin have this weird relationship going on with each other and still it comes down to the ending which reaches the truth :nervous
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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #9 on: May 14, 2013, 07:24:27 PM »
this is the cutest Mayuki fan fiction I've ever read  :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
and I've read a lot of Mayuki fiction ( because i'm biased about the pair)heheh
but I can say this is a cute oneshot

thank you for this

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #10 on: May 14, 2013, 07:32:56 PM »
The mayuki os is sooooo cute.. Mayuki is love ♥... Mayu got easily blackmailed because of food and anime.. Hehehe..

Thanks :) Hope you make another Mayuki fic.. Great job :')

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #11 on: May 14, 2013, 07:51:44 PM »
uchi im so proud of you!!
there's no typo here XD
and your os is sooooooo cute :on gay:
thank you for this :D

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #12 on: May 14, 2013, 11:48:14 PM »
Aww, this is so cute. Mayu is so tsun-tsun and Yuki is so dere-dere :wub:

More pleaseeeee :heart:

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #13 on: May 15, 2013, 08:27:43 AM »
I like this kind of story..!! :3

So sweet and cute..

And the story was about my OTP.. :")
Really miss them!!

Good story anyway..! ^^

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #14 on: May 15, 2013, 08:59:11 AM »
Too much cuteness!

Too sweet!

I think im going to have cavities!


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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2013, 10:27:06 AM »
Yuki is such a flirt here... even so bold that she went and kissed Mayu so suddenly...  :twisted:

Ah... Yuki was hit by a book that Mayu carried... Poor Yuki...  :lol:

Yuki is so funny... wanting to be Mayu girlfriend because she likes cute girl like Mayu...   :sweatdrop:

And their friendship scenes are so fun to see...

Even when they become lovers... But it seems that Mayu is the flirty one afterward instead of Yuki

Great Os

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2013, 11:35:41 AM »
love the two fics  :cow: :heart: :love: :deco:
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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #17 on: July 21, 2013, 08:36:57 PM »
hiyaaa another mayuki  :mon lovelaff: I love it  :mon dance:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #18 on: July 21, 2013, 09:12:24 PM »
So sweet. XD
They should be together forever. :grin:

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Re: Because I Like You (Mayuki) (OS) 5/15/2013
« Reply #19 on: July 22, 2013, 02:07:04 AM »

woow the people really likes that manga eh?? ñ_ñ

its ok i like it too.

thanks ^_^

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