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Author Topic: AMNESIA: Chapter 14 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuki]~ (18/12/2015)  (Read 64554 times)

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Re: AMNESIA: CH06 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [15/07/2013]
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Sorry for a late reply everyone! I thought about replying with the next chapter, but it's going to be quite a while so I decided to put a reply on for now...

Terragen: Agreed! But that's how story goes. :) rena-chan is innocent after all!

kenjoy12:Glad you enjoy it! XD the story would get more intense from here now.

Shinoki: Glad you enjoy! there would be loads of more fights going on between Jurina and Airin, and obviously with Rena in the middle of it

K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: Yes, Airin is a bad guy in this story. ><" Sorry that it made you sad... (with Airin as a boy character) But who knows he might actually become a good person in the end :)

Chichay12: Right now Airin is bad as she's trying to make Rena doubt in Jurina and Yuki after he knew Rena is Jurina's sister. Sorta make use of her for his personal needs...

DC2805: glad that you enjoy this fic! XD I personally like Mayu's character in here too! Trolling + caring person

Tupi: glad you enjoy it!

White Hawk: Glad you enjoy it! RenaMayu? Hmm~ There will be more of their moments, but in the end it would be WMatsui and MaYuki. Who knows? If there's many people wanted RenaMayu pairings in this fanfic, I might write a side-story or OS of an alternate ending of Amensia with Rena x Mayu pairing? :D if that's what everyone wants I'm willingly to write it out~ (it would be so interesting to write that pair out)

LoyalFlutist: Wow! I always love your comment! XD Rena's going through rough time but she's staying strong in order to learn all the truth! Rena's family's death was one of the minor reasons why Jurina didn't tell Rena the truth. And Yup, Airin is making his way through Rena and try to make use of her for his personal needs against Jurina, that's part is going to be intense later on!

gek geki: Airin is evil in here so yes! ><"

Zita: Don't worry she will be happy in the end :D MIght be painful and tormenting for her in the middle of the story but it will be a happy ending :D

@everyone who keeps update with the fanfic: Thank you for your patience with this story! I'll update asap and make sure it gets better every time I write as well. I hope all of you enjoy reading it! :)

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Re: AMNESIA: CH06 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [15/07/2013]
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White Hawk: Glad you enjoy it! RenaMayu? Hmm~ There will be more of their moments, but in the end it would be WMatsui and MaYuki. Who knows? If there's many people wanted RenaMayu pairings in this fanfic, I might write a side-story or OS of an alternate ending of Amensia with Rena x Mayu pairing? :D if that's what everyone wants I'm willingly to write it out~ (it would be so interesting to write that pair out)

♪Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Banana na arrrr♪

Me like that plan~ :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Looking forward for your next up.. :fap :thumbsup

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Re: AMNESIA: CH06 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [15/07/2013]
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White Hawk: Glad you enjoy it! RenaMayu? Hmm~ There will be more of their moments, but in the end it would be WMatsui and MaYuki. Who knows? If there's many people wanted RenaMayu pairings in this fanfic, I might write a side-story or OS of an alternate ending of Amensia with Rena x Mayu pairing? :D if that's what everyone wants I'm willingly to write it out~ (it would be so interesting to write that pair out)

♪Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Banana na arrrr♪

Me like that plan~ :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Looking forward for your next up.. :fap :thumbsup

I guess I'll make a poll after the story ends for those who wants RenaMayu pair ending then! :D

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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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A/N: Finally it’s here~ I’m writing this super long because my school is about to start, for the next chapter to come out would take quite some huge amount of time…so please enjoy this chapter as well~! Probably the longest chapter ever I updated too.

Amnesia: CH07.1


[Rena’s POV]


I slowly woke up and I started to remember what I did before I fell asleep. Right, I was at Mayu’s secret room and I was crying there along. I’m still at her room and…eh? There’s a blanket on top of me. “…Is it Mayu?”

I guessed with was Mayu that out a blanket and a pillow for me. But she was nowhere to be seen. She came to check on me? I wondered… I got up and then got out from the room to see Mayu at her office. I knocked on the door and entered quietly. Gratefully, Mayu was there and she was working on her paper files.

“Mayu…thank you.”

“…What got into you now to thank me?”

She asked as she put down her pen. “You must slept in so much, this is now 2am…”

“Wow…that’s late.”

“YES it is…I’m really tired now.” She yawned and then suddenly stood up. “I’ll take you to your room…okay?”


So I walked back with Mayu to my room. It was a huge silence between us and as we arrived at my room, she ruffled my head and walked away. But before she did, she turned back to me to say something first.

“In few days, it’s the Yukirin’s father’s birthday, so there would be a evening party at the lobby. Pretty sure Yukirin will invite you as her guest, I look forward to see you there.”

“O-Oh, okay.”

“Good night.” Mayu left and went back into my room. She seemed to be a little odd today. I wondered what happened. I guess I would ask her tomorrow if I’m dropping by to her office. I washed my face and stared at the mirror.

There was my reflection. I touched the mirror and stared at myself.

“Am I afraid to learn the truth?”

I asked my reflection. Obviously I won’t get an answer from it. But then it started to make me worry. I wanted to know who I am and the truth that Jurina kept it hidden from me. I swore I would learn the truth by myself but then…some curiosity popped up in my head. What would happen if I regained all my memories, what would…happen to the current me right now? Will I be the same person?

The moment I blinked again, I saw blood scattered everywhere in the mirror, and all over my clothes, arms, hands, and my face. I flinched back and then the blood had disappeared. It was just a hallucination? But it felt too real. Was it a part of a memory that I…might’ve wish to forget?


I woke up again and I was at this house, this place looked so familiar…I walked around and then saw this young girl that looked like to be around 3 years old, she was playing with a stuffed animal in the living room.

(This place…it’s my house!)

“Rena-chan, snacks are ready.”

I heard someone speaking from behind me and then the young girl turned towards me. Her face, I knew that face really well. Those eyes, nose, lips, and face structure…it was me. She got up with that bright delightful smile and rushed in towards my direction. “Oneechan~!”

She ran through me and went into someone’s embrace that was standing behind me. As I turned around to see, I recognize that face very well. That Cheshire grin…it was her…it must be her…
“Let’s go, neh?”


They both walked away, holding each other’s hand. I remembered that warmth from that hand really well…the warmth from Jurina’s hand. Back then, I looked happy, and Jurina looked happy too. She always looked after me ever since I could remember…she was there all the time, by my side, protecting me.

(She’s…my older sister, but…my feelings that I have for her are…)


(Eh? I thought I heard a voice…who is that…?)


I slowly woke up from my dream. It was already morning; I had a dream again…a dream about Jurina. After I woke up for quite a while already, Yukirin came to see me and brought breakfast with her as well.

“Good morning Rena-chan!”

“Good morning Yukirin.” I smiled to her as I started to enjoy my breakfast while she sat beside me, watching me eating. “How’s your day?”

“I’m good~ Oh right!” She told me about her father’s birthday and the evening party that would be organized in few days from now, and she wanted to invite me to the event as her friend. The staffs here would be attending, so Jurina and Mayu would be there as well.

“So…are you coming too?”

“If that doesn’t bother you guys…sure?”

“Awesome~! Hehe, I’m so glad you’re going!”

Yukirin’s smile brightened up my mood. She shared so many stories with me and told me that she would bring me a good dress so I could attend the evening party with her and everyone. I bet Airin-san will be there as well…After Yukirin was called over for help at the emergency section, I decided to walk around the hospital, as for exercising and relaxing at the same time. I needed to distract myself from Jurina sometimes…it could be painful just to keep thinking about her all the time.


Suddenly what caught my eye was this lost boy in the middle of the corridor. I walked up to him to talk to him. He looked really frustrated. “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

“I-I can’t find mommy…”

“Ah…is she a patient here?”

“Yes…” He started to cry and I tried my best to comfort him with a hug. I patted his head gently. “Oh…don’t cry, I’ll help you find your mommy.”


“Yep! Don’t worry, oneechan is quite familiar with the hospital.”

“Thank you oneechan!” A smile finally appeared on his face and then I decided to go to the ward where Yukirin would be in order to ask her for help.

I held the boy’s hand and walked to Yukirin’s ward. As soon as I arrived there, the person I met there was Jurina. I was shocked to meet her there and she looked slightly surprised to see me there too. “Oh? Where are you going Rena-chan?”

“A-Ah…I’m helping this boy finding his mom, he said she’s a patient here.” I replied back to her and she nodded. She looked at the boy and crouched right in front of him.

“You’re looking for your mom?”


“Okay~ I’ll help too!” Jurina giggled cheerfully and ruffled the boy’s head. She made him smile so fast, she must be really good with dealing with kids. “What’s your name?”

“Koji, Kitamura Koji.”

“Oh? I think I know where you mom is now~” Jurina made Koji-kun smiled delightfully and exclaimed with happiness.


“Yup! So, shall we go together then?” Jurina turned to me and I nodded softly.

Both of us each held Koji-kun’s hand and walked down the corridor. I asked Jurina how did she know where his mother was and she told me that Ms. Kitamura was actually her patient. She was about to go check on her but before she did she met with us first…wow, that’s a pure coincidence we had there. 

As soon as we arrived at the patient’s room, we entered and the boy had this surprised expression across his face. He ran in towards his mother immediately. “Mommy!”

“Oh Koji! Where did you go!? Don’t you know your daddy is so worried about you?” The woman stroked the boy’s head before she turned up to look at Jurina and me. “Thank you so much Dr. Kashiwagi…for help bringing my son here.”

“Don’t worry about that~ It’s Rena-chan that picked your son up.” Jurina replied and the mother’s eyes directed to me instead. What I saw was a warm welcoming smile from her as she expressed her gratitude towards me.

“Thank you so much, Rena-san. Koji-kun, thank you her too!”

“T-Thank you so much oneechan! You’re super kind!”

I was a little surprised and realized that it did felt really comforting to help someone out…Both Koji-kun’s smile and his mother’s smile made me smiled with content. So this is how Jurina felt when she helped someone? After that, I watched Jurina doing her job with Koji-kun’s mother and it seemed she’s getting much more healthier after the operation, she would be released in few days. I felt good for them, and afterwards, Jurina and I left the room.


“So, what are you going to do now?” Jurina asked me and I only shrugged my shoulder. She glanced at her watch and it was already her lunch break time. “So, do you want to go grab something to eat?”


I went to the cafeteria with her and then ordered some noodles to eat. Jurina bought for me again since I didn't have any cash with me. She would always pay everything for me…I started to feel guilty to put such burdens on her.

“I’m sorry to make you pay everything…”

“Don’t worry~ I have too much money to just use it on me.” She joked and it made me laughed softly. We enjoyed our lunch together and then I don’t know why I just wanted to talk about love with her. Maybe…I wanted to know how she thought of me? So that’s where I tried to start the conversation with Jurina.

“Hey Jurina…how does it feel to love someone?”

“W-Wow…that’s a bold question.”

Jurina looked surprised and mused for a second before she replied back to me. She was actually trying to think of a proper answer to reply to me. “I would always be happy to be with this person all the time. Sometimes I felt my stomach was filled with butterflies, but sometimes I felt so calm like a still water…that’s how I felt.”

“I see…so that’s how it feels.”

“Is something a matter?”

“…But if the person you love already loved someone already…how would you deal with it?”

My question made Jurina froze. I wondered I should’ve asked that question or not. She took a sip of her coffee before she actually replied back to me. My question really did give her a hard time to answer it. “I…probably will still love that person and waited for the day that person will turn to look at me…hehe, I could be greedy sometimes though.”

I didn’t expect that kind of answer from her at all. My eyes grew wide with surprise, also with tinge of happiness in my chest. Her answer gave me hope for my love, but at the same time, I felt like if I had too much hope it would be so painful if I got shot down by disappointment.

“Thank you for answering though, I know the questions are weird…”

“Don’t worry about it! Is something bothering your mind?”

I couldn’t tell her the truth. I looked up at her into her eyes, I didn’t want to lie to Jurina at all, but I have to. “Nothing, I’m just curious.”

“Ah I see, that’s fine~”

After we’re done with eating, Jurina had to go back to work while I returned back to my room to rest. My mind was slightly distracted from the ‘truth’ I’m trying to find about Jurina. I really started to calm myself down more than before, maybe I could think things much straight than before now.


It was pure silence in the room. I walked towards the window and glanced outside to see the traffics in front of the hospital. I was on the 25th floor, so I had a wide view of the scenery of Tokyo. Also…it’s raining.

As I stared at the rain, it felt as if it helped arrange my thoughts more properly. I was eager to know my past, but a part of me feared it. But no matter what I tried to think or maybe be deceiving myself…there was one fact that was certain.

“…I love…”

Yes, I started to understand my feelings even more after I was calmed down by the scenery of rain. I couldn’t erase the fact that I had fallen in love with Jurina, my stepsister. But I guess what really matter was that what would I deal with these feelings from now; will I still love her after I regained all my memories…?


Today was the night of the party that Yukirin told me. Around early evening, Yukirin dropped by with this black lace shirt that she prepared for me. She also did my hair and put on the make-up. It was really cute and I love it! She also brought her clothes to change as well and she was wearing a white pink one-piece dress. She did her hair and put on the make-up herself, it was just…wow, Yukirin looked ridiculously pretty with those make-up on!!

“Are you ready to go?” She asked me and I flinched myself out from my daze

“Y-Yes!” I replied quickly and then we both exited my room and headed to the party, which was located at the big hall room at the lobby ground.

As we entered the party, it was filled with people. I recognized some of them, as they were staff of the hospitals themselves. Nurses and doctors were everywhere! Everyone in their casual outfit, yet looked very neat at the same time. It was also a special night that they would get to party since they barely had enough time to do anything socializing. As I wandered my eyes around, it seemed there were people that came to catch up with Yukirin and I.

“Ah, you guys were here already? That was fast…”

I turned around and it made me surprised. I saw Jurina in her neat looking blue gingham shirt and black jeans. As for Mayu…wow, she made me stumbled so much. I gawked with her as I never saw her in this kind of look before! She was in a pink girly shirt and a white skirt. I never saw her wearing a skirt before at all…she looked so much like a girl, and now my gaze at her started to make her irritated.

“STOP staring at me…it’s not like I want to wear this!”

“Wow~! It really looked good on you Mayu!” Yukirin yelped as Jurina nodded with agreement. “Phew! Glad that the size fits you.”

While Mayu was busy blushing and looking away from Yukirin, without I realizing it, Jurina came in to pat my head softly. “I guess we can start moving to get some food?”

“Agree, I’m starving…”

Mayu added as the four of us headed to grab some dinner at the main table. It was a buffet. It was just so luxurious! I guess that’s what you expected from the owner of the hospital. Everyone had wine and cocktails to enjoy their night together along with their food. A classic song was opened as the background music of the party. It gave a really relaxing atmosphere that made me felt safety.  While I was getting some more food, I accidently met with Airin-san at the buffet line. I was so surprised and really happy too.

“Ah, I didn’t expected to see you here Rena-chan. ”

“Airin-san! Good evening.”

“So it seems Yuki-san invited you didn’t she?” He asked as I nodded. “Ah no wonder, since it’s only staff members party, if you’re her guest it won’t be surprising to see you here.”

“Yeah, how’s your day?”

“It was nice and same as usual, thank you…I’m glad you’re cheered up now.” He smiled to me and made me remembered that the last time I talked to him, I asked him to leave me alone after I learned about my parents’ death. Of course I was devastated from it, but how could I blame Jurina for that mistake? Because…mistakes happened everywhere. I would say…it’s already a miracle that I survived the accident, without her, I would be dead by now.

“Yup, thank you for caring for me.”

“Not at all, if I could help you anything, feel free to ask.”

He patted my head before he decided to leave back to his table. Airin-san was a very kind person that really cared for me. But Jurina was really nice as well…I wondered why they couldn’t go along that badly? Just because Jurina took the position that Airin-san was supposed to get? I had a feeling there were something more than that…

After we’re so full with food, we went to sit down around this small table to listen to the music while enjoying our drinks.

“Yukirin, your dad sure throws one luxurious party again.” Mayu turned and made her nodded.

“Probably he wanted to thank you the staffs?”

“Hmm…I guess that’s as expected Azuma-san, he’s a really kind person.” Jurina had a sip of fruit juice while we’re talking with each other around the table. I didn’t recognize the name Azuma-san at all, was he Yukirin’s father? Before I could even ask them, Jurina turned to me first. “Do you enjoy today Rena-chan?”

“Yes, it’s really fun.” I smiled back to them and made all of them smiled with relief.

While Yukirin was looking for her purse, she didn’t seem to be able to find it. She looked through her back but saw nothing. As a result she started to have a feeling it would be somewhere in the party, maybe she accidently dropped it somewhere.

“Oh no…I’ll go look for my purse, can you guys wait here?” She asked but then Mayu stood up as well.

“I’ll go help find it with you, it would make things much faster.” Mayu followed Yukirin from behind to help her find the phone. I don’t know whether she was doing this on purpose or not but…I was left with Jurina right now. I stared at Mayu and Yukirin’s back as they disappeared into the crowd.

…This is an awkward silence.

I didn’t know what to talk to her. As I slowly diverted my glance to her, I saw Jurina had this weird expression on her face…as if she looked…sick? My attention was focused on her instead as she acted unlike her usual self. “Jurina?”


She wasn’t responding to me. She sighed out softly and pressed her hand against her temple. Oh no, she didn’t look well at all! I touched her shoulder in order to grab her attention this time. “Jurina, are you okay? You look really sick…”

“Ugh…I-I don’t know why but…I don’t feel good.”

“Alright…I’ll take you back to my room, bear with me.”

I took her arm and she clung onto my tightly. I could feel her weight shifting against my body, she walked so wobbly, just now she still looked good and now she looked like a person who was going to faint! As we finally reached my room, I sighed with relief and put Jurina on the sofa. It seemed she still have a vague conscious left but at the same time, barely none. I wondered what made her like this. There were alcohol drinks around…but I’m pretty sure she had fruit juice! Did by chance she take in an alcohol? Hm…but I believe after she had a rest she would be good as new. Should be though.

“I’ll go get some water for you, it might help.”

I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and then crouched down beside her, nursing the sick Jurina. “Do you want to have water?”

“Nngh…” She grumbled in pain and didn’t respond to my question.

“Jurina…take the water, it might help you feel better.”


Now she wasn’t responding to me anymore. I sighed softly and held the water bottle to myself while I tried to figure out what to do. Maybe I should get a pillow and a blanket for her to rest here for the night. But before I did so, I actually felt thirsty myself and decided to have a sip of the water. Oh right! I should tell Mayu and Yukirin that we left the party earlier since Jurina looked sick, so I sent her a text, hoping that Mayu would see it before they started finding us all over the places in the party.


I flinched as I heard Jurina calling making a weird sound in a wobbly weak voice. She totally grabbed my attention, as she seemed to be mumbling something that I couldn’t even hear or understand at all.



I sighed again; she acted unlike herself so much today. I wondered what happened to her that made her like this. Her hair strand dropped down to block her face and I brushed it away for her. “…Why do you have to be my sister?”


“Tell me…what am I to you?”


I chuckled sarcastically to myself as there was no way she would answer that kind of question to me, but those were things I really wanted to ask her ever since I know Jurina was my stepsister. I would be so hard to gather any information from the hospital itself, maybe the only thing I could rely on was the memories I regained back from my amnesia. I had faith that all the answers would be lie within my lost memories.

“You protected, and cared for me, because I’m just a sister to you…right?”


Oh, now she had fallen asleep, I bet it was when she started to remain silently. I chuckled softly hoping to not wake her up. I brushed her hair with my fingers gently and realized that Jurina looked cute when she was actually sleeping. I couldn’t hold back my smile, seeing her sleeping soundly like this…I don’t mind being in this position forever though.


“…Why do you have to hide things from me? What are you trying to hide? You know what, I was really sad that you didn’t tell me that…you’re my sister.”

I sighed softly and slowly diverted my glance towards the floor. Bearing this pain in my chest, I continued to speak what I truly felt. “Even we’re not blood-related…I deserve to know this…why Jurina? Why…?”


I flinched as I watched Jurina twitched and slowly opened her eyes. She was looking at me but I could barely guess what was going on in her mind. She looked like she had just woke up from a deep slumber and her conscious was not perfectly here yet. “Juri---”

Suddenly, even before I could finish my words, she leaped towards me and threw her arms around me tightly. She rested her face on my shoulder as I fell backward from the momentum. Even though I crashed the floor, I still managed to still sit, as for Jurina she was still in the same position… hugging me tightly.


“Rena…” She called me without any honorifics behind my name. Just Rena, just my name and it made me blushed instantly. For Jurina just to only call my name like that already made my heart beat insanely spontaneous already. N-No, I should get a grip, Jurina wasn’t act like herself right now, I should try to talk to her to find what’s wrong with her instead of thinking about this.


She kept calling my name, I didn’t know what’s going on but I could feel her hugging me tighter like there was no tomorrow. I wondered what’s wrong with Jurina right now. “Yes, I’m here…talk to me. ”

“No~” She released me from the hug and backed away. Making an eye contact with me with those half-asleep eyes, but with that suspicious cheshire grin.

This didn’t look good as I expected it to be. “Jurina are you oka—mmph!?”

My eyes grew widely like it’s about to pop out. My mind went instantly blank as Jurina’s lips clashed with mine roughly. With enough of Jurina’s strength, it made me fall back onto the ground but still she remained the lips intact with mine. I resisted against her, I tried to swing my arms but then Jurina grabbed my wrist, pinned it down on the floor without any mercy. She had so much strength…I never though she could be this strong, or it’s just my body was really weak. But as my thought started to function again…Jurina was kissing me. Oh no this isn’t good at all! Part of me didn’t want to resist and urged to kiss her back, but I know I have to. I forced myself to but then I could feel her tongue entered my mouth and she started to deepen the kiss even more. Oh I hate to admit this…that it felt really good. I don’t know it was because it’s Jurina or because she kissed really well…it had weakened my body and eventually I don’t have enough force to resist her. She even played and dug her teeth onto my lips, making me twitched in slight pain, she seemed to enjoy it…she had now turned into a sadist…

Then suddenly, she removed out lips before I could’ve suffocate from the kiss…I panted quickly as I could see Jurina’s alluring eyes and smile in front of me. When I started to realize that she was sitting on to of me right now, it made me felt even more embarrassed with this…My mind right now couldn’t understand what was going on and why did it happen and what caused it…the only thing I could think of was about her tempting kiss.

“Rena…I love you.”

W-What did she just say just now? I snapped and I was just…I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Happiness bloomed in me, but then I knew that this wasn’t right, but a part of me hoped it was the truth…the reason was just so obvious.


“Neh…Do you love me?” Out of blue, she just asked such a bold question that it made me flushed immediately. Obviously, how could I maintain my tone when she asked me a question like that!? Why did she have to ask me a question like that…it’s a question that really hit on the bull’s eye.


“Do you…hate me?”

This time, she had that sorrowful puppy eyes and it felt like tons of needles pierced in my chest. I never saw Jurina made that kind of sad expression before ever since I could remember. Why she looked so sad like this…it was so sad enough to even pained me to see her like that. “…Do you?”

“N-No!!” I yelled out back to her. “I-I don’t hate you…never I will.”

“So…do you love me?”

Why was she being so demanding like this, it starts to hurt my heart even more…it pains me too much for her to make me answer that question.

“Stop playing with my feelings…Please Jurina…!”

I uttered and shed tears at the same time. It made her expression changed slightly, now she looked a little surprised. But I couldn’t hold back any more tears. I hate it. I hate when Jurina was doing like this to me. Kissing me, saying that she loved me, asking me whether I love her or not…that’s just too much for me to handle right now. “Stop playing with my feelings! You don’t love me, I’m only just a sister to you!!”

“No…you’re not.”

Jurina replied coldly and wiped the tears from my eyes with her cold finger. She slowly caressed and brushed my hair away from my face. Her touch was just so gentle and caring. Her eyes were... actually dead serious. Just only making eye contact with her, it made my mind froze and mesmerized by that seriousness in her orbs. “I’m not lying…I’m serious, my feelings for you are serious.”

“No…it’s not.”

I denied and it made her move her face in closer and whispered closed to my ears. “You don’t love me…in that kind of way.”

“I really love you…Rena, please…don’t hate me.” She slowly up and kissed my forehead gently. Then she rested her forehead against mine, closing her eyes. “Don’t hate me…”


“Rena…do you love me?” She pulled herself back, and asked again, but this time in a much more gently tone that softened my heart down instantly. I gulped, looked away, before I looked back into her dark pure eyes. I couldn’t lie to those pure eyes at that were staring at me calmly.

“…Y-Yes, I…love you, so much, or maybe…too much.” 

Finally I confessed my feelings to her, even though Jurina didn’t seem to be at her right self right now, but I did felt like I finally got to tell her my feelings. A smile slowly appeared across her face and it was the most beautiful smile from her. It was a smile that actually did came…from the bottom of her heart.

“Yatta~ I love you too…Rena. I love you so much…”

“…What love do you actually have for me?”

I asked and it made her looked puzzled for a short while. “What kind of love…do you have for me?”


“…Answer me, Jurina.”

“Uhmmm, as much as I wanted to make you mine forever~!”

W-WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO SAY THAT!? T-TThat is too…MUCH! It made me blushed so BADLY that I as I actually dumped my face into a bucket of red paint. Definitely, Jurina was not on her right mind. Normally she wouldn’t say something…like that…but deep down inside me, I really did hope she meant that way, because…I felt the same towards her.

“Let me show my love for you…”

This time, she cupped my face and kissed me gently this time. It was so tender and I couldn’t resist this temptation at all. As she had her tongue explored my mouth, and I kissed her back…I hugged her tightly to deepen the kiss. I hate to admit it…that my body desired her and was lusted for Jurina so much. I didn’t care I would suffocate or lose my breath from this kiss with hers. She held my hand and I held back tightly as the kiss started to get more aggressive and lustful. At this point, I lost my mind already; I don’t care about any little things anymore. I just let my instincts took over me, right now…I just wanted to belong to only Jurina, and wanted her to only belong to me…because…I love her so much, or maybe just too much…


~Continue Part 2~
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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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“Let me show my love for you…”

This time, she cupped my face and kissed me gently this time. It was so tender and I couldn’t resist this temptation at all. As she had her tongue explored my mouth, and I kissed her back…I hugged her tightly to deepen the kiss. I hate to admit it…that my body desired her and was lusted for Jurina so much. I didn’t care I would suffocate or lose my breath from this kiss with hers. She held my hand and I held back tightly as the kiss started to get more aggressive and lustful. At this point, I lost my mind already; I don’t care about any little things anymore. I just let my instincts took over me, right now…I just wanted to belong to only Jurina, and wanted her to only belong to me…because…I love her so much, or maybe just too much…


Amnesia: CH07.2


“Eh…Mayu! Did you find my purse yet?”

Yuki asked as Mayu was still diverting her glance around the floor. The nurse had started to get worried about leaving Jurina and Rena at the table already. “I think we should head back…”

“Forget about them, they left already.” Mayu replied as she still had her eyes throwing all over the place. “Rena texted me that Jurina they went back earlier.”

“Oh I see…I guess that works?” As they kept looking for Yuki’s purse, the nurse seemed to lose her patience and just suddenly yelled out loud. “Mayu! Let’s go drink!”


Mayu was dumbfounded, and Yuki just grabbed her hand and dragged her to the bar counter to grab some alcohol drink. “Uh…Yuki--”

“Shush…let’s just drink now, and forget about the purse…I don’t want to ruin the night.”

She sighed as she ordered a cocktail to drink, as Mayu had a weak alcohol drink instead because she didn’t quite favor it that much. Yuki seemed to enjoy the drink a lot while Mayu was sitting there looking after her quietly. The doctor knew that Yuki was upset, that’s why she dragged her to have a drink. That’s how Yuki avoided being upset in the middle of public and Mayu knew that very well. She obeyed what Yuki wanted to do and then the nurse ordered another drink again, which started to make Mayu worried about her.

“Yukirin…I think that’s too much.”

“I’m not drunk yet!”

“…Jeez, you are.” Mayu sighed with how Yuki was acting like a child now. “Do you feel better now?”

“…A little.”

“Right…So, do you want to have a walk outside?” She invited the nurse for a quiet walk and she nodded softly. Mayu was slightly relieved that Yuki accepted her invitation and then they both headed outside the party room. As they got out, it was ridiculously quiet, this is a place that would always filled with sick people, patients, staffs…the lobby floor would probably be one of the place that never there wouldn’t be people there…24 hours a day cramped with people. However this time, there was no one here at all, except Mayu and Yuki.

“Ah…this feels totally unusual!” Yuki skipped around and threw her eyes all over the lobby area, which was amazingly peacefully quiet. “I like it this way more.”

“Then we won’t have a job!” Mayu teased back and it made Yuki pouted at her. She slapped the doctor’s shoulder, it made her laughed and started to run away from the nurse. “What was that for?”

“Mou…your sarcasm again!”

“Haha! Well it’s fun for me.” Mayu stuck her tongue out at Yuki and it made the nurse to chase over her. But then it was hard for Mayu to run because she was also wearing heels tonight and eventually Yuki caught up with her.


“Too bad!”

Yuki finally caught up with Mayu and then she threw her arms around Mayu’s neck to catch her from behind. That instance the doctor flinched with a big surge of heart attack striking her. She could actually feel Yuki’s chest against her back and her breathe against her own neck. It made her froze and blushed badly. Gratefully Yuki was behind her so she didn’t see Mayu’s expression but then an uninvited guest was interrupting the doctor’s paradise.

“Ah, it’s nice to see you here, Yukirin.” It was the man’s voice and it made Yuki flinched.

Mayu could feel Yuki’s twitch as the doctor turned towards the origin of the sound and saw this same man that she once met at the amusement park, if she recalled his name properly, it was Miyazawa Sae, whom was Yuki’s ex-fiancé.

“Sae-san…” Yuki stared at him with uneasiness and irritation in her eyes.

He slowly approached them and then Mayu stood up forward to block him from Yuki. As well as pretend to be friendly as she could because she wouldn’t want to lose her temper against him. “Ah, Miyazawa-san is it?” She smiled to him, using her well-known cyborg expression with him. She extended her hand towards him as a formal greeting. “Nice to meet you, I guess this is the 2nd time we met.”

“Ah, you’re the person at the amusement park…nice to meet you, I’m Miyazawa Sae, but I guess you know my name now.” He grinned and took Mayu’s hand and had a firm handshake. “And you are?”

“Watanabe Mayu, a heart surgeon of Kashiwagi Hospital.” She introduced herself with that cyborg smile. “I am Jurina and Yukirin’s friend.”

“I see, I can pretty much guess that you’re their friends.” He looked passed Mayu and made a short eye contact with Yuki, but then she stared back and made him sneered softly. “You looked pretty today, Yukirin.”

“Why thank you, Sae-san.”

“You don’t have to be formal with me.”

He smiled, trying to impress Yuki no matter what. “I hope you’re enjoying your night today.”

“Why are you here?”

Yuki threw in a bold question at him and made him chuckled sarcastically back at her before he showed her an invitation card to the party. It was addressed to Miyazawa’s family, and that’s when she knew that it was her father, Kashiwagi Azuma, the man that invited Miyazawa’s family to the party as well as his special guest.  After Yuki realized that it was her father, she remained in silence and didn’t utter a single word, only but stared back at him.

“As you could tell, my family is invited to the party. So it’s obvious I would be here…” He smirked and approached closer to both girls. He scanned around looking for something before he turned back to Mayu and Yuki.

“Ah? So that girlfriend of yours not here?”

Sae scorned with a soft smile across his face and it caught Mayu’s attention. She knew immediately he was referring to Jurina. As he approached closer to Yuki knowing no one would hinder him this time, but unfortunately Mayu stood forward and glared at him. She’s indirectly declared enemy against him. Also, it seemed he realized it as well. “Ah…Watanabe-san, I would give you this chance to move away, I have some matter to talk to Yukirin.”

“…” Mayu remained in silence but she knew that Yuki didn’t want to talk to Sae, or even meet him here. “Sorry, but no.”

“May I enquire why? I’m certain it’s none of your business.” He smiled, but his words were extremely aggressive. But that didn’t make Mayu moved an inch. She was completely unaffected by his words, as if she was used to hearing harsh conversations. “I wouldn’t want to ruin our good introduction we have on a matter that’s not even your business.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you Miyazawa-san.”

She smirked back to him, with that suspicious smile that caught Sae’s attention. It made him realized that now he’s confronting with a dangerous person, whom can be a huge threat to him. Since Mayu was a mastermind like him. “…I do whatever I want to, so I’m being a bitch, meddling in my friend’s problem when I’m not supposed to…so unfortunately it’s my business now.”

It made Sae stumbled and he whistled softly, he didn’t expect that kind of counterattack from the doctor whom he just known today. But then it didn’t stop him from continuing. “But that made me curious, why are you keen to hinder Yukirin and I? I believe there’s much more reason that you just wanted to, am I right?”

He nailed right at the point. Mayu twitched slightly and knew he’s a mastermind type like her. But then it made her smirked maliciously with excitement, she didn’t meet a mastermind type like her that often and it made her blood boiled with excitement.

“I’m flattered you think so deeply about my thinking process.” She chuckled softly. “But I guess I’m acting as a good friend, protecting my best friend’s girlfriend.”

“Ah? I doubt that…” He smirked back. “Is that really your reason? Or is there more than that?”


Mayu glared back and Sae started to grasp a sense that he got the upper hand in this argument, but then before he could say anything, Mayu continued where she left off.

“…One more reason then, it’s because Yukirin is my best friend.”

Sae couldn’t analyze her cyborg expression at the slightest. He stared at her and wondered what Mayu was thinking, but he failed. He could only guess what the doctor was thinking but then…there wasn’t enough evidence to support his reply. Before he could even say or think of anything further, Mayu continued to push harder.

“I believe it is not wrong to help your best friend when they needed one, right?”

Her questioned nailed the conversation down and it made Sae smirked. He was excited, and impressed with how Mayu could equally matched with him in an argument. It made him looked forward to meet with Mayu even more. He clapped his hand softly and slowly stepped back.

“Hehe, I’m satisfied with today. I’m impressed with you…Dr. Watanabe.” His calm suspicious smirked appeared across his face. “It is much more intriguing to talk to you that Jurina…nice to meet you though.”

He suddenly left without saying a word, likely returning back to the party. Mayu didn’t even bother to say a word to him. But after he left, she could hear Yuki sighed behind her. The doctor turned around to the nurse. “Are you okay?”

“Thank you Mayu…you really did save me there.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Mayu crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I’ll look after you when Jurina’s not around. You’ll be safe.”

Even though Mayu said with a smile, deep down inside her she was damaged by what Sae asked her. She didn’t really see Yuki as her best friend, but it was one-sided love. She saw Yuki more than just a friend, but she had to lie. With her poker face, only she could hope was that Sae didn’t see through that poker face. Mayu’s main weakness was her crush, Kashiwagi Yuki. If he discovered about Mayu’s love, hardly the doctor could protect her nurse like this time…

“It’s my first time seeing Sae backed away with a smile like that…I don't feel good.” Yuki got more cautious but then Mayu tapped her shoulder to not make her worry too much about it.

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Alright…I won’t then.” She smiled with relief. “I’m so jealous of you, Mayu is so strong…”

“No I’m not.” Mayu replied back immediately and avoided eye contact from Yuki. “I’m not that strong…it’s just everything forced me to be or else…”

She stopped. Mayu didn’t continue where she left off and it picked up Yuki’s curiosity. The nurse approached the doctor and tried to have her eyes meet with Mayu, and then she started to get worry about her.

“Mayu…are you okay?”


“Is something bothering you?” She asked and Mayu didn’t want to just lie to Yuki. Something unpleasant was bothering her right now and it made her sighed. She nodded softly back. “Do you want to share it?”

“…I guess it might make me feel better.”

They had a seat on one of the benches in the lobby ground. It was when Mayu started to talk about her family issues that she was the only child, and was expected to inherit her father’s position in his business. The doctor didn’t want to mention what kind of business it was and Yuki didn’t force her to tell, only she listened quietly and patiently. So her father made her go through many intense teachings by him and his men to make Mayu become a well all-rounded person that could do everything perfectly, since she was a woman, he needed her to be strong enough to carry the surname Watanabe on her shoulders alone. She was taught to show no emotions to people, and show no affection towards anyone…

 She was admired by many people in the hospital due to her being independent and capability all-rounded skills…but back then she had went through so many pain and sufferings that she couldn't share with anyone…because she had none to go to. “…I’m not that quite proud of being admired due to my independent personality and being capable to do everything.”

“I see…I’m sorry for saying something like that.” Yuki apologized and it made Mayu felt guilty instantly.

“Don’t say like that! Its okay that you say it…” Mayu sighed softly and finally let out a smile of relief. She never shared this story to anyone before and it really did made the weight on her shoulders lifted away. “It feels much better to talk to someone about this.”

“I know right? I’m glad you felt much better!”

Yuki chuckled with a lively smile. “I’m happy that you felt better~ If there’s anything I could do for you…you must tell me okay?”

“A must?” Mayu giggled softly with surprise on how Yuki was being demanding on her. The nurse nodded back and made her sighed softly on top of that smile. “I guess I don’t have a choice huh…”

“Yup, you don’t. I said so.” Yuki declared and confirmed her previous statement.

“I see…” Mayu felt glad that Yuki cared for her, even though she only saw her as a friend. The unintentional smile that came out from her heart after she received a warm care from the nurse. Before she forgot, she pulled out a purse from her pocket, and it was actually Yuki’s purse.

“T-That’s my purse! You found it!?”

“Right after you called me over to go to drink with you, I tried to give to you but you kept interrupt me…”

Yuki took the purse back and sighed with relief while Mayu stared at her with those loving eyes before she uttered a word that she kept repeating inside her heart. “Also, thank you for your help…Yuki.”

Yuki’s heart skipped a beat by that genuine smile from Mayu. She was dumbfounded and also realized that the doctor didn’t put any honorifics in her name, she just simply called her name…just Yuki. She couldn’t recall when was the last time Mayu called her just by only her name, or maybe this was the very first time she heard it from her. 

“Yukirin? You there?”

Mayu’s call snapped her off from being too absorbed by Mayu’s smile. Suddenly, she felt so embarrassed that she was staring at the doctor all the time and tried to change to topic quickly.

“Oh right! What happened to Jurina by the way? Did Rena-chan tell you?”

“Oh, she said that Jurina looked sick.” Mayu replied back calmly but it made Yuki paused for a second. She mused and then she snapped back to Mayu.


Her yell and dramatic reaction caught Mayu off-guard. “H-Huh?”

“She’s healthy like a horse before the party! D-Don’t tell me she had alcohol!?”

Yuki shrieked and got up with a pale expression. As Mayu tried to formulate what Yuki was saying, her jaws dropped and had that gawking expression. The doctor broke into sweat and realized that right now Jurina was with Rena, and it’s not good at all.

“Oh no…R-Rena is screwed!! We have to hurry!!!”

Mayu sprinted towards the elevator before she could even think of anything else and Yuki followed from behind at full speed…it seemed Yuki picked a great topic to actually distract her from the awkwardness she had in her stomach. Since they had another whole new problem to focus on now.


[Rena’s POV]

“J-Jurina…” I tried to struggle, but then Jurina nibbled my ears. I don’t think I really have a good feeling how things were proceeding anymore. “S-Stop!”

“Nono~ your expression is so cute~” Jurina giggled and licked my ears and it made me twitched, I held back my moan but then it seemed Jurina knew it. “I know you like it…you don’t have to hold back.”

She whispered with that sexy voice and I felt turned on somehow…I struggled but her grip was too strong and now I felt like my wrist was hurting, I guess I got a bruise now…

“Jurina get a grip! Stop! You’re drunk right now!”

“No I’m not~”

“Y-yes you ar---AH!” I yelped as she kissed my neck and slowly moved down to my collarbone. “Y-You have Yukirin…! Don’t do this! Don’t you love her!?”

“I do~ But I love Rena~”

“S-Stop! Yukirin will be sad if you—O-Ow!”

D-Did she just bite my collarbone!? I could feel her teeth dug onto my skin, it wasn’t as deep, but it was enough for me to feel pain.

“You talk too much…”

Oh now she’s dominating me. I used my full strength to move my wrist, but even though I did slightly move it up from the floor, Jurina would always manage to pin my arm straight down onto the ground again. My endless struggling would always have the same ending and the pain accumulated…now what I’m suppose to do…please…Jurina…stop…


I started to cry silently and she realized it. She stopped what she was doing and slowly backed away, watching my crying. I could see that guilt slowly accumulated on her face. The grip on both my wrists slowly softened down and we had this long silent eye contact.


She apologized to me? Her mood was too fluctuating for me to follow up with her. Just now she’s being a sadist and now she’s apologizing like a guilty puppy. When you’re got drunk, one could change much huh…?




I heard a familiar voice; I turned my head towards the door and saw both Mayu and Yuki there with a shocked expression. I expected no less than that since Jurina and I were in the very…bad position. She barged in and then pushed Jurina away from me. When I realized it again, Yukirin came to my side and hugged me close to her chest, as if she’s attempting to protect me at all cost.

“Ah! MAYUYU~!”

Jurina’s attention turned to Mayu immediately and then it made her frowned back. As Jurina leaped towards her, Mayu struck her down with a handknife strike right on her forehead.

“Don’t touch me!!”

She yelped back with anger and it seemed Jurina had knocked out instantly with that one strike from Mayu. She panted hard and had a huge sigh from her. Both Mayu and Yukirin sighed as the same time as they realized that Jurina was now unconscious. She rushed to my side immediately and I could see worries on both their faces.

“Rena-chan, you’re alright now…we’re so sorry to leave you alone!” Yukirin stroked my head, trying to comfort me as much as she could. But she looked more panicked than I do actually.

“Mayu! You should’ve told her that Jurina’s very sensitive to alcohol and never go close to her if she drank it!”

“How the hell should I know!? Isn’t it Jurina herself that should tell Rena?!”

Mayu yelled back but she changed the topic really quickly. “Anyways, we managed to save Rena before things might get too ugly…”

“A-Ah…thank you, I didn’t know what to do back then at all…”

I replied back as I looked at both my wrist, it was really red and I could still feel the pain from it. “She’s so strong…I couldn’t fight back at all.”

“I’m so sorry for Jurina…”

Yuki apologized to me still embracing me. “Jurina is REALLY weak against alcohol, she might’ve accidently had a sip without realizing it…if she did, she will always ended up like this.”

“A kissing raping molesting monster that targets cute girls.” Mayu sighed with anger in her tone, it made me wondered why she was angry since Mayu was always composed and calm in all situations.

“Wow, that’s one complete description of her when she’s drunk.” Amazingly, Yukirin actually agreed with what Mayu said.

“How the heck she took alcohol without realizing it…that idiot!”

“You looked angry…did something happen?” I asked Mayu and she didn’t answer me, I wondered why. After Mayu avoided asking me, Yukirin decided to answer in her place for me.

“Mayu was actually a victim…once.” Yukirin spoke up while Mayu still had that frowned and terrified expression across her face. “It’s back during the graduation night, Mayu was exactly in the same situation as you…taking Jurina back to her room after she looked really sick at the party, it was quite terrifying…”

“BACK then you could’ve told me you know…?” Mayu remembered her graduation night that she was with Jurina back in the hotel. But she seemed to be terrified and sighed just to think about it. “I ended up sending her to hospital…”

After this had happened to me, I’m not surprised that Mayu managed to send Jurina to hospital. I’m just too weak to deal with Jurina right now but not Mayu. But I wondered how it actually happen that time for her though... Yukirin chuckled wryly and felt slightly guilty that she could’ve told Mayu in order to avoid it.

“Hehe…I’m sorry~ didn’t know that was coming.”

She apologized to Mayu before the doctor went to check on Jurina’s condition. Yukirin then released me from her arms and apologized to me again. “I’m so sorry in Jurina’s place, please don’t get angry at her…she didn’t meant to hurt you.”

“D-Don’t worry…I figured she’s drunk…” I chuckled wryly and it made Yukirin felt really guilty for what Jurina had done to me. She’s a really kind girlfriend…she didn’t blame Jurina for what she had done, but it made me felt even guiltier.

“Will…Jurina be okay?”

“Green pass, she’s knock out for good.”

Mayu had a check on Jurina to confirm that she’s already unconscious. “Yukirin, why don’t you take Jurina for now? I’ll be with Rena.”

“O-Oh…okay, sounds good.” Yukirin nodded and went to take care of Jurina while Mayu walked towards me.

“Yukirin.” Mayu called her back before she left the room. “I think…let’s not tell Jurina about what happen, what do you think?”

“…I agree.” She nodded and then headed out from the door. “I’ll see you later.”



Right now, it’s only Mayu and I in the room. She crouched down beside me and held my wrist. She realized that I flinched from her touch because it actually hurts when someone touch my wrist now. “It’s bruised…”

“I-I guess it is…”

“…I should’ve realize this sooner.” Mayu hugged me and patted my head gently. “I’m sorry Rena, I’m sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing Mayu? I’m okay. Nothing happened to me…really.” I replied to her but at the same time I’m trying to comfort myself with my own words.

“It must hurt when that beast was playing around with your feelings…I know how that feels.” Mayu saw through my feelings and then slowly backed away to look at me from head to toe. She realized the biting mark on my neck and some vague hickies around my neck and collarbone.

“Damn…that beast.”

“Mayu…I’m okay.”

I tried to tell her I’m fine, but she ignored me. “Do you want to tell what actually happen? I’m…concerned with your feelings at the moment right now.”

I froze as I slowly looked down at my bruised wrists before I replied back to her. “She…kissed me.”

(Mayu: …As expected from that kissing beast)

She nodded and waited for me to continue finish what I’m saying. She knew that I’m not done yet. Part of me wanted to tell her everything, but at the same time, I didn’t want to remind myself what happened. “…She pinned me down, talking with beautiful words…but what’s worse…she told me she love me.”


“It…I didn’t resist her even though I know it’s wrong…!” I saw tear droplets dropped onto my hands, I was crying and I hurried my face on my hands. I wanted to hide myself from this shame and sin I committed. “Mayu…I kissed her back, there’s once…I ignored everything and only think about Jurina! I disgusted myself so much for doing that! I betrayed Yukirin…!”

“Stop it Rena.”

Mayu grabbed my arm and pulled it away from my face. I accidently made an eye contact with her and I could see a vague smile on her face. Her smile calmed me down so much…her smile was just so pretty. “If it’s Yukirin and me, I would do the same, probably much worse than you. I even attempted to break up Jurina and Yuki even though I know it would hurt both sides despite being their best friend…you’re not disgusting, you’re not.”


“You’ll be too insane to stop your love for someone. I couldn’t even do that.”

Mayu ruffled my head and had a big smile across her face. That moment, I didn’t matter whether it was a cyborg smile or not, but all I know was that I’m really comforted by it. “If your love for Jurina is real, this time…it’s my turn to help you, if something were to happen, blame me, don’t blame yourself…I’m much more selfish and dirty than you.”

“N-No! You’re not dirty at all! Please don’t say something like that…”

“…So what’s your answer?” Mayu completely ignored what I said and demanded for an answer from me. “Is your love you for Jurina serious enough?”

“But she’s my step sister--”

“Screw that.” She replied as if it was some simple thing that could be neglected. “What I really care was that do you love her or not?”

“…” I blinked with surprise before I started to calm myself down by closing my eyes. I still remembered that kiss I had with Jurina, which was also my first kiss I could remember. But because of that kiss…I understood my feelings more.

“Rena, your answer?”

“…Yes I do. I love Jurina…I love her.”

I finally I got the guts to confess and state it clearly to her. It made Mayu got up and lent me a hand to pull me up on my feet. I took her hand and made an eye contact with her after I stood up.

“Glad the hear that.”

She still had that smile across her face. She looked really happy. I wondered what made her that happy though. But Mayu really looked good with that smile, she should smile even more. “You gave me courage to approach Yuki…this time, it’s my turn to give you as well. Don’t give up on Jurina, you got that?”


I nodded weakly and she ruffled my head again, even though it’s roughly like she usually do, it was filled with her kindness. “Thank you, Mayu.”

“I didn’t do anything much, you’re the one with a strong heart Rena.”

I was shocked to hear her actually complimenting me on something with that honest tone. I actually thought she was lying, but maybe she actually was not. She didn’t say anything further than that, even do I. She told me to go take a shower while she went to take a medicine to apply on my bruised wrist. As she’s done with giving me the medicine she left the room in order for me to rest. So many things happened tonight, too many things happened. So many emotions surged all over the places and made me so confused with myself. Even that kiss got from when Jurina was drunk…I couldn’t forget that sensation I had. I really couldn’t give up on my love for Jurina after all…couldn't I?


Mayu grabbed her bag from her office and was about to head home using her car. Before she was about to leave, she received an SMS from someone.

“…Who is that in the middle of the night like this?”

She flicked her phone and surprisingly it was from Yuki. She opened the text immediately without waiting.

[I forgot to tell you something…please just keep the clothes I gave you. It looked really pretty on you. I have loads of it more at home so don’t worry about it. Don’t return it to me, because I won’t take it!]

The clothing and heels that Mayu actually got today was from Yuki, she was forced to wear because the doctor always wore jeans and a hoodie all the time. Yuki wanted to change Mayu’s appearance a little so she brought her clothes for the doctor, but it seemed she gave it to her in the end.

“Hehe, that nurse…” She chuckled softly with a smile of relief. “I guess I’ll take it then.”

She drove back home with happiness in her heart. But then what Rena told her about Jurina today actually made her surprise. She recalled properly that…even though her doctor friend was drunk and would turn into a kissing monster, she never lies. She remembered there were few things that when drunken Jurina told her back at that graduation night…and it was all the truth despite her being a molester in that situation.

(Mayu: Jurina, it seemed you’re hiding much more things that I expected…)

The mastermind doctor mused and no one knew what she was thinking. But it seemed she had some ideas in her mind already…


~To Be Continue~

Just realize how long I wrote this so I decided to break up into two parts...It's like Part 1 is WMatsui moments, while Part 2 is MaYuki moments. It would take me a LONG while for the next update for this fanfic (going around with other fanfics + other reader's OS requests) and my school is opening this monday!!  :panic: Life is going to be much more won't be able to update that fast anymore. I hope you all enjoy it and thank you for staying update to Amnesia!  :bow:

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Uwaaaaa~ Two parts for today's update! :fap

Ohmygosh! The moments are so OVERLOAD~ :wub: :wub:

WMatsui kissed and MaYuki had their moments ALONE :w00t: :wub: Though Sae showed up! :banghead: :smhid

Jurina you kissing molesting monster! You better figure out.your feelings for Yuki and Rena!

Aaarrrggghhh! Don't want to see Yuki or Rena hurt because of Jurina's decision when the time comes..

Ohwell.. That can't help it.. Whatever happen to them.. It's bound to happen sooner or later..

Ahhh.. It seems Sae got interested on Mayu about something.. Don't you dare try to hurt my Mayu :angry:

Mayu so caring~! Oh Mayu go confront Jurina..!

But if Mayu confront Jurina.. I have a feeling that Jurina knew about Mayu's feelings toward Yuki..

Looking forward for more updates :fap

Thank you for your hard work and update :bow: :twothumbs

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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [25/07/2013]
« Reply #46 on: July 25, 2013, 06:49:20 AM »
Jurina, how dare you hurt Princess Nagoya like this?! :angry1: :angry1:

I'm gonna  :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom:

Seems like jurina became a kissing monster and a molester when she's drunk, huh?

Yuki is starting to have some feelings for mayu~ :mon lovelaff: :mon firecrack: :mon dance:

Great work for the super duper long chapter! :on GJ:

It's kinda sad that it will be a long time till you update again. :frustrated: :OMG: :err: :fainted:

But I'll wait patiently!  :whistle: :whistle:

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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [25/07/2013]
« Reply #47 on: July 25, 2013, 07:17:38 AM »
That WMatsui moment!!!!  :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed:

Ahem, I was hoping J would molest Yukotin as well, but I guess we have enough molesting for this chapter. XD Also I'm glad to know Mayu was a victim as well. I'm curious what J said to Mayu during that graduation's night though.

And I know it! I know it! J, you love Rena that's why you distanced yourself from her, right?!!!  :smhid

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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [25/07/2013]
« Reply #48 on: July 25, 2013, 09:34:15 AM »
wow this is really something jurina drunk LOL

rena and mayu go! go! go!

but somehow im still curious what rena and jurina relation in the past,i mean if they in a bad relation gonna be know if nothing bad happen jurina not gonna hidden her identity to rena right?

it's iteresting

yuki past also misterious
about she yakuza daughter? LOL

thank for the update


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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [25/07/2013]
« Reply #49 on: July 25, 2013, 09:54:16 AM »
OH, could it be that Jurina left Matsui family because she fell for Rena? Or something along that line! O.o

And hehehe Yukirin, started falling deeper for Mayuyu? 8D

Interesting! Very interesting update and HAHAHAHA DRUNK JURINA.
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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [25/07/2013]
« Reply #50 on: July 25, 2013, 11:50:21 AM »
clubhappy: YES! There will be more MaYuki moments for sure~ XD

kenjoy12: Hehehe, don't worry Sae is interested in Mayu because she's just the same type as her, mastermind people. We'll see what did Mayu decide to do with Jurina for Rena's sake~

kevinwkl: Sou desu~ When Jurina's drunk, she becomes a kissing monster! Yuki spend a lot of time with Mayu and started to have feelings for her~! Don't worry, I'll try update asap! I look forward to your supernatural partners season 2 as well! :)

Sherin: Hehe! Glad you enjoy the WMatsui moments~! We'll soon know later on what did Jurina said to Mayu during the graduation night! WOW! You nailed it~ You seemed to got my hint! Jurina's confession + when she's drunk, she speaks only the truth = she does have feelings for Rena. Sugoi~! You got it! XD

kurogumi: As you thought kurogumi-san~ I couldn't tell whether Jurina and Rena's relation in the past is bad or not, but there's something that actually happen :D (The reason I couldn't tell yet becuz I'm not completely sure about their past yet! XD) Yuki's past desu neh~ Might be a good make for this! Mayu as yakuza daughter? Wow, how did you know that!? Hmm...! you're so sharp kurogumi-san...  :OMG:

Yuki88: EH!?!?!? I guess many clues through out the story is enough to make a guess now? ><"  :OMG: As much as I could tell now! Jurina got into a fight with her parents and left Matsui family, the reason is Rena herself. XD Glad you enjoy it!

OMG right after Sherin-san, everyone started to make a very sharp guess O_O! I guess it's starting to get a little more obvious now. Thank you for your lovely comments minna-san~!

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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [25/07/2013]
« Reply #51 on: July 25, 2013, 11:54:19 AM »
Argh I accidentally delete my comment while trying to edit it =w=" my stupid phone
Then...... This will be a re-comment lol XD
I'm waiting for the next Mayuki moments then :D

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Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ UPDATE!!! [25/07/2013]
« Reply #52 on: July 25, 2013, 12:03:16 PM »
MINNA-SAN! Some announcement,

I made a poll for CH07 ~ Omake! Well, i'm just a little bored that's why XD Vote which ever option you like! The one with the most vote will be posted soon :) Cheers~

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for the poll
can i ask all of them to be post?
i'm curious 'bout all of it

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I think all of them.. Ahaha :fap

1st pre-prologue, 2nd Jurina's history and Mayu's history.. Oh and Yuki's 18th birthday

I think that's the sequence? :?


Thanks :bow: :twothumbs

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Rena-chan Daisuki: Don't worry, all will be revealed, like, if everyone wants it, I guess I'll do for all! XD But I need the order for each and prolly it's going to be written according to vote points. We'll see how it goes :)

kenjoy12: Ah I see~ Thanks for showing me the sequence! XD Might come in handy in the future~

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The poll.....a hard choice.  :catglare:

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The poll why dose it have to be so difficult to decide :(

Why is Jurina a kissing raping molesting monster??? :nervous hahaha
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Okay, first of all.... WHY ARE THE CHOICES OF THE OMAKE SO DIFFICULT!? XD What are you trying to do to us, Kate! What to choose, what to choose, what to choose... So hard to pick one! :panic:

"Kissing Raping Molesting" person is what Jurina transforms when she becomes drunk?! Although the scene with Rena is quite hot, I somewhat agree that it was a little wrong at the same time with the current situation at hand. Thank god Mayu and Yuki were able to come in time and save her before things goes too far (as much as I want to see some wMatsui, LOL). But since Mayu knows that Jurina doesn't lie when she's drunk, then Jurina's feelings for Rena must be the same as Rena herself to Jurina... (As they say, one of the two times an individual is completely honest is when they're drunk like hell) And poor Mayu having to go through Jurina's "Kissing Raping Molesting" transformation back a while ago. :panic: Though they didn't want to tell Jurina what happened, I hope Rena gets a chance to express her love in a proper fashion to the other girl. :sweatdrop: Ganbatte Rena-chan! :cathappy:

Now for Mayuki... Yikes! Sae wanted to talk to Yuki and Yuki doesn't seem to want to talk to her... Better yet see her. At least Mayu was able to shoot down Sae's arguments and made her leave. Then there's Mayu's past, which was sad when she has to remain picture-perfect and stuff for the sake of her family. :cry: Telling Yuki about it made her feel happy, so I'm glad that happened. :thumbsup Burdening yourself with guilt and keeping a cyborg mask does wear down over time, so I'm glad Yuki was able to let the other girl spill out what was bothering her. Now for both Mayu and Yuki, looks like their relationship is forming and bonding deeper and deeper the more they spend time with each other. :deco:

Thanks for the update and looking forward to more of your work! Ganbatte on your school and take your time! I'll be waiting~ :deco:

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Thanks for the update~

White Hawk: Glad you enjoy it! RenaMayu? Hmm~ There will be more of their moments, but in the end it would be WMatsui and MaYuki. Who knows? If there's many people wanted RenaMayu pairings in this fanfic, I might write a side-story or OS of an alternate ending of Amensia with Rena x Mayu pairing? :D if that's what everyone wants I'm willingly to write it out~ (it would be so interesting to write that pair out)
Oh oh oh~! I love your idea! Please write it! Hihihi xD

Oh yeah~! Those chapters are good!
Yukirin started to fall in love with Mayu~ lol
And that WMatsui moment! (DrunkJurina is scary >.<)
Ughh.. It would be much better if Jurina wasn't drunk.. xD
And the MayuRena moment~  :heart: :heart: :heart:

The moment I blinked again, I saw blood scattered everywhere in the mirror, and all over my clothes, arms, hands, and my face. I flinched back and then the blood had disappeared. It was just a hallucination? But it felt too real. Was it a part of a memory that I…might’ve wish to forget?
For a second, I thought Rena was Gekikara before she lost her memories, then I remembered that she got into an accident LOL xD

Btw, is Mayu's father is a mafia leader? xD

Cant wait for your next update xD

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