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Author Topic: [NMB48's fanfic] This is love.... isn't it? [Chapter 7 - 25/10/2014] AkariKei  (Read 6895 times)

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There's not so much NMB fics around here, let alone this couple, I don't think many know about them. But short to say, they're really really beautiful girl and they fit so well together

So please take easy on this, (and because I'm using my crappy phone to type this one so I'm sorry for all the mistake ) :P

This is love... isn't it? - Chap 1

"Why are you angry again? What is it this time?"

Jonishi Kei felt the urge to ask her girlfriend because she know Akari wasn't being herself at all through out the photoshoot.

Normally the cherished girl would always held a smile on her face, only because she just her smile is beautiful enough, others reason is needless.
But today, Akari just pouted all the time, Kei knew the theme was to be look sexy and somewhat cool... but that didn't mean she couldn't smile even in the background or break times.  It's not like they have a chance to have a photoshoot together everyday, it's quite rare for them actually. And her girlfriend didn't even glance at her even once throught out shooting. She just kept the piercing and bothersome look in her eyes.
Of course, Keicchi couldn't let it go. So as soon as the photoshoot was over and they on their way to get back, she pulled Akari back to ask her directly.

"I'm not angry, I'm just frustrated ... and you kinda bother me. I want to go home soon, I'm tired"

Yoshida answered clearly, still not looked at Keicchi, not in her normal highpitch voice but in the low and deep tone that made Kei felt uneasy.
But being the one that have thing do her way, she continued pushed on

"Then answer me honestly, what was nothing you so much that you don't even want to look at me once?"

Still avoid Keicchi's gaze, Akarin kept her eyes straight to the door of their locker room. Tried to walk pass Kei to go there but failed when she felt Keicchi firm hold on her. Sometimes you'll be surprised how strong a small girl can be.

Looked like this girl wouldn't let her go without getting the answer from her.

Fine, if that's what she want then she'll got it.

"You went out with Fuu-chan yesterday, didn't you?..."


"You don't need to ask how I knew about that, Osaka is big but smaller than you think. Beside, you just flirt alot with Mirurun in the photoshoot."

Looked at the troubled face of Kei right now, Akari just sighed and continued

"This happened a lot that I think I might get use to it. You being with other girls..
 I think I need a break from all this. I'm tired, Keicchi. Just because I never want to make a fuss about everything doesn't mean I'll take it all.
    I know our relationship started different from anyone but I just want it at least have one thing like others. Faithfulness.
    I don't want to be rushed to say something like 'let's break up' but let's have a short break. I need my own time to think"

Kei just stood there. Listened to each word Akari just said and she felt herself being speechless. Yes, she's the one at fault and yes, their relationship started didn't like any others. That why she never felt content with it... that's the reason she kept for her own.

"Okay, I get it. Take your time"

Spoke out with a calm and slow voice. She tried to hold herself back. Somehow she felt really angry, she just want to stop everything. But being more reasonable, she know Akarin was right, she need to let her has sometime.

Watching Akari walked pass her, still didn't mind looking back even just once.
 Looked at her back gradually disappeared behind the door, she felt like somethick stuck on her throat but she tried her best to swallowed it down.

Little did she know, the reason Akari just kept going forward only because she didn't want Kei to see the mess on her face. She did her best to hold back her tears when faced up with Kei. But the moment Keicchi let her go easy, she felt like someone just poked at her heart, the unreasonable tears falling randomly.

*Night at Kei's house*

She took herself to the bed, what a day. Full of headache. When she got the phone and lied warmly in her bed. She intended to text some goodnight word to her girlfriend but remembered what happened earlier, she let go of the phone and sighed.

*beep beep beep*
'A new message '

She quickly picked the phone up again, but felt somehow disappointed when that text didn't came from Akarin.

「Keicchi, I heard that you had a photoshoot today, was it fun? I just wonder if  you'll be free tomorrow. Let's go out again, I miss you already (;_;)


'Arg, how could Fuuchan text me like this right now? What should I do'

But then again, who she is to denied the invitation from the girl she love .. ah, it's loved? Beside she might need someone to clear up her head and have some relax time anyway.

「Sure, Fuuchan. Anything you like」


*Night at Akari's house*

She twisted herself in bed. A sleepless night.

'She didn't text me anything at all... Of course she won't, this Keicchi we talking about. That girl look might be very cool but she just a strong and empty head.'

Akari sighed the nth time that night. Right from the start, why did she got into this relationship anyway.. it's so meaningless, but bothers her a lot somehow...


About a years ago...

It's been some weeks from the day Matsuda Shiori graduated, Akari still couldn't take it somehow.

Shiori was more than a friend to her, they have their sweet times together. Had Shooting beside her made her feel save and happy more than ever. Especially when she have to take her time off because that f****** scandal, the one that always be there to encourage her is Shiori. Akari was happy, she felt like the most wonderful thing about got into NMB was meeting Matsuda Shiori.

But out of nothing, without any sign before, Shiori turned up in front of her and said she sorry, sorry for everything that happened between them and she would graduated soon. 

That hit Akari really hard, she acted like zombie for days until she found her mind back but not sure about her heart..

And now, she just being here in the rooftop of their theater. This place is somekind of hideout place for her in break times. She might look really fine outside when she kept her gentle smile with everyone, but the truth is she just wanted to be alone.. she needed to find her heart back to herself.
This place is nice, the sky's view was nice...

"Oh, you're here too?"

Someone voice startled her. She didn't know anyone will care to go up here.

"Keicchi? What are you doing here anyway?"

Jonishi Kei was her teammate right from the start but she never really got closed to Kei, maybe it's her personality. Keicchi is known as somewhat players, she don't have that kakkoi look or such a gallantly  like Sayanee but Kei got her charm and a look that kill, well, many girls like bad guys anyway.

"What's your, then?"

Yeah, forgot to say this girl is know for being an extremely S type too.

"Non particularly, I just go here for some fresh air"

She answer with a smile, Akari can hide her feeling very well, she looked like an easy girl so no one would doubt her when she lies anyway.

"Then me too, no big deal"

Keicchi smile back too, but like a little smirk, Akari somehow noticed it but brushed it off anyway.

They sat silently next to eachother. Had their back against one of the wall and looked up to the blue sky...

After some moment of quite but surprisingly not awkward at all, Keicchi raise her voice..

"It's Shiori's graduation isn't it?"

The name mentioned made her heart skipped a beat. How could Kei knew about it? Maybe she just thought they are 2 bestfriend anyway.

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"You still sad about Shiori's graduation right? You guys seems really closed and after she gone you kinda... shut down"

Kei tried to find the right word to speak but it just end that way.

"Those kind of caring words coming from you is kinda surprise, it's usually came from Sayanee, you know? But did you noticed it?"

Akari replied truthfully, she knew Keicchi is nice but not the caring type before

"Of course I knew it, even a blind man would knew something that obvious. And don't say like I such a coldheart, I care about all the member you know? We are one team. Like a second family"

Kei looked kinda cute when she stumbled with her answer. Akarin just chuckled, she felt a little better known that there's still somebody care about her.

"Yeah, I'm still a little sad about it.."

"Just a little?  You really need to see how you practice. At least smile wholeheartedly,  all those forced smile is not good for beauty."

Okay, this was started to be weird, since when Kei became like this? Or she's always been like this but Akari just didn't notice about its because she'd always had Shiori beside her?

"Don't look at me like I'm an idiot. I just tend to be frankly with everything. I know you're really upset, but Shiori had gone for weeks, and you're still here. You're still here because you want to be here more. So let just focus on what you love more, okay. 'Cause if you let the past bother you too much, you'll lost yourself at present and future.. it's 2 thing you'll lose for the never returned past."

Akari heard every words Kei said very clear but at that moment, she didn't know how to response right away so there's just a huge quite between them. But still, it's not awkward at all.

"Say, Keicchi, people always give advice that themselves need the most. What's your problem then?"


Kei let out a smile,

"Sometimes it's the present that bother us. I'm stuck, that's all"

Akari just nodded at what she said, maybe she just didn't want to talk about it.

After awhile, when Kei stood up and about to leave the rooftop,  she told Akarin

"You know, we have more commons than we think, let's hang out sometime."

She said it with such honest smile that made Akari felt at ease.


Akarin smiled back, it's her real smile after a long time.


To be continued

Sorry, it's short, but if you're reading this then thank you so much :D
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ahh finally someone wrote fanfic for keiichi, though her ​​partner is not fuuchan
but I still love your fanfic so much because there kecchi ...
please update soon
I'll wait for the update
I really like it a lot :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :) :) :) :) :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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i really like this couple. Thanks for writting this, i fell in love with ur fic  :heart:  cant wait for ur update :jphip:
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Woa :D someone do know them and could accepted this one :D I'm so happy :-*
But they could really made a nice couple, if you find it good enough :p

This is love... isn't it? - Chapter 2

*continued flashback*

Akari got along more with others members and especially with Kei after that conversation on the rooftop.  Just closer than before, nothing serious. But she really didn't know what Kei meant when she said they have more commons than she think.

Beside the discovered of Kei surprisingly easy to be shy when ever practically getting closer to someone like when their face got really close to eachother. Kei would pulled off right away. It's funny, and she thought Kei would be liked a player. Sometimes she liked to tease Kei with that.

One more surprise was Kei somehow acted like a dork. She looked so cool and everything about her is so contrary. Akari get along with Kei's dorkyness anyway.  It's fun, and she think she would be need all the distraction in the world to forget her sadness.

She admits that love being here in NMB right now more than the love she has for Shiori. Truth to say, cause she still here, never the thought of graduation came to mind. So she would tried her best to focus more on the thing she loved. Heart-broken was normal thing, it just needed time to heal.... didn't know how long would it take though....

But, think about Kei, when she reminded about 'the present that bother'. She wonder what's it? She's a girl, of course she curioused. Beside, think about other problem is the best way to take your mind from your own one, right?

It's not news for anyone in the group to notice the fondness of Fuuko and Keicchi at eachother.
Soles said it's was Fuuko that liked Kei a lot and clinged on Kei everytime she had a chance. And of course the oh-so-nice Kei would never turned up such a cute kid like that. They looked good together to be honest... it's nice to see young love.

But lately, seemed like their relation is on a rock or something. She hardly saw Kei had any pic or g+ video with Fuuko. Maybe just because of their tight schedule, Fuuchan was the face of team M after Jo-chan graduated, so she must has many works to do.

Of course, Kei didn't look happy at all. She always kinda upset. Such a tsundere like Kei would never told Fuuchan her thought.

Akarin didn't know why but she thought she really should confront the short girl about this. Maybe because she owed Kei one at the rooftop. But maybe she just didn't want to see anything broke apart again. So she decided to talk to Kei about this after their practice end.


"Ne, Keicchi, I need to talk to you about something"

Akari began when that both in their locker room.

"What's wrong?"

Kei just asked simply, continued with her changing.

"When Shiori left, my heart was broken..."

Akarin didn't know how to start the conversation in a smooth way so she just felt like she need to open up first. That might made Kei opened up about herself back, she thought.


The sudden  confession from Akari startled Kei a little but she didn't think about it that much. Maybe Akari needed someone to talk with and she sure did not mind this at all. Think about other problem is better than take care of your own anyway.

"And after sometimes, I think just get over it already.  But the pain I felt when I lost the one I loved is hard to bear you know? That's must be something no one ever want to feel... or seeing somebody suffer...."

Akarin slowly trailed off. This made Kei squinted her brow. She somehow might not like where this was heading to.

"What do you mean?"

"You're like Fuuchan alot, don't you? "

Looked at somewhat shocked expression on Kei's face. 'Way to being too direct Akarin' she thought to herself, but no way back now.

"- it's okay, it's not hard to realize other feeling when you're an outsider anyway. Beside sometimes you guys just being too more obvious like wanting to knock out the SayaMilky couple out of their crown."

"So what do you wanted to say anyway, I feel like I don't want to talk about this"

Kei replied firmly with her voice, she don't need any remind of Fuuko right now. She really love Fuuchan, at first it just came out of politeness but gradually she couldn't helped falling into the younger girl. Those time everything was so simple, just they having the time with eachother is good enough. She was so happy. But then Jo's graduation came up. The staffs decided to put every plans they had for Jo into Fuuko. Of course,  Jo graduated was a great loss but a huge opportunity for Fuuko to shine. Never thought it would affected their relationship since they no longer had the same position now, not much chance of working together or freetime together again. The worst was, Fuuchan seemed to act different lately... she seemed to be tired... Kei felt it, but what could she do? even she a senbatsu member but still always on the last round, never the pushed up one. It's something that had been decided, not hers to choose. Beside accepting everything and do your best with it. You don't have much choices in this idol world.

"Why can't you be honest and confess with her?"

'Akarin, how could you think everything that simple?'- Kei let out a sigh with the answer

"It's not something we could chose. Our status now is different, I don't want this to bother her. Fuuchan has enough things to think of lately. Beside, what should I say? 'Drop everything and stay at the state that the same that I'm?' I won't be that selfish ever. Just let it be. Que sera sera, what will be will be."

It's not like Kei never thought about it before but this just simply the selfishness of her own. How could you ever be selfish to the one you love anyway? So she just brushed it off right away. But somehow Fuuchan kept the distance between them more and more further made her really frustrated. So she didn't want to think about any of this anymore, she just with she have somewhat magic to skip those kind of time and next to when everything will be fine again. But it's life, shrugged her showder, the pain is the most defined that you'really still alive.

Akari felt like an idiot right now, Kei was right... maybe this is what Kei meant when she said they had common. But Kei hadn't broken up yet, she shouldn't be that pessimistic. But really, didn't know what to say more so she just let it go

"You're right, I think. But if you ever need someone to talk with, don't mind calling me, 'kay?"

"Uhm. Thank you"


Akarin never thought that the day Kei called her could be so soon. But listened to the cracking voice over the phone really made her worried.

"Akari?  Fuuchan just broke up with me "

Just that simple words, no snobbing, no sniffle... Kei must really good at holding herself back.

"Where are you now?"

"In front of your house?"

Okay, Akari dashed out right to the window and Kei wasn't lying at all. She's indeed standing infront of her house gate.


Let Keicchi and decided to not ask her about what's happened, at least today. Since Kei's face looked so unfazed, she looked like some emotionless people. So Akari just settled down a place for both of them to sleep. They had work tomorrow anyway.

But until midnight, when she thought Kei must be in a deep slump by then, Akari felt the body next to her began to shake a little. And she swore she heard a sniff..
 No need more thinking she turned around and hugged Kei tight from her back. She remained that way didn't know how long 'cause she felt the sleep was taking over her, at least before it, she could felt the little figure in her arms was relaxed, and sleep well.


To be continued.

Sorry this seemed to be boring. My writing skill is suck :( so please forgive me if there're lots of mistakes. *bow* thank you for reading this.

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no no its not suck at all . Ur Writting's skill is really good that make me love the story. I've already bookmark ur page :heart:
Fuuchan just left her in the past and now she wants to comeback beacause she realize that she still loves Keicchi. Cant wait to read the next chapter~~~~

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can't wait for the next chapter :D :D
I love your fanfic :heart: :heart:
please update soon, I'll wait :inlove: :inlove:
 :wub: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Hello! Glad to find your fanfic :heart:

AkariKei is my NMB kamiOTP. There 2 girls can be such lovely pairing :wub:

Love your story. moreover it seems so realistic. KeiFuu, shiori & Akarin's relationship (with the scandal), kei's personality. Those really happened in real life.

I'm waiting for your update...

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Ohhhhhhh this... THIS!! I dunno how  I should comment, really!!

Player Keicchi and bitchy-looking Akarin haha. And the triangle love with Fuuchan yeaaaaaaa \:v/
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Ah, just take my time the passed few day to understand more about this couple, it turned out pretty good and I'm very satisfied. So if there's anyone reading this one, thank you *bow down* it may take a long time for me to complete this but I'll definitely complete it. :D

Thank you alleluia for your kind comments, I know it's hard to read about some couple you didn't know :D

@yukofan: OMG it's you *bow* I have waited like forever for the day you update your fic about Geinin club. Please come back. And thanks a lot for the compliments, at first I didn't know that it would be related with the real one, but after I did some serious research,  I feel really satisfied cause everything I wrote is seem realistic enough. Even myself have more and more faith in this couple. :D they're my KamiOTP now, too. :D

This is love... isn't it? - Chapter 3

*Back to the present day*

*Akari's POV*

This morning I have a photoshoot for a magazine. Even my mind seem to be bothered cause that certain someone. I still did my work perfectly.  Again, after Shiori , I still can went on with my work then Keicchi will never be a problem... or at least that what I told myself. Nevertheless, we haven't broken up yet anyway.

And that stupid Keicchi haven't called or texted me once since.

Ahh! I hate Keicchi!

With my photoshoot finished early, I decided to head out for some shopping - Forever the best way for a girl to relax herself.

Let's go to the mall ~~

... As I was enjoyed myself as ever, drowned myself in the happiness of all the beautiful thing around me. That most stupid, hatred, disturbed person have to show up.

I ran into Keicchi at my favorite store. She looked like choosing something by herself.

Wait a minute, don't tell me she intended to buy something for me as a make up's present?

Okay, I might think about it if she really did that.

Stupid Keicchi.

As I was walking over to surprise her, instead I was surprised. Some girl held her from behind that made she turned back.

That's not some girl! That's Fuuko!

That's it! Stupid Keicchi! I hate her!

I can't believe I just thought that she would tried to make up with me. I felt something stuck in my throat as my heart kept feeling of being attacked. I don't know why but it's hurt.

My mood just flied away, I think I should just go home already.

But then,


I heard a voice called my name. F*** this. Tried my best to calm myself down, I intended to walk away without looking back but a voice just stop me.


I felt like bursting out a cried at that very moment, how could she called me again like that. How could her voice still has power over me like this. After all she did... used my strength to hold back any tears that fighting to let out. I turned myself back facing Kei.

"Oh, Fuu-chan, Jonishi-san, you guys out here for shopping too?"

I think I really should try out acting. Base on my smile and voice at this situation, I'll be a perfect one.
A cheerful voice as usual and a fake sweet smile, I look at Fuuchan clinging on Kei arm. Kei just keep staring at me with her unpredictable eyes, I might said that it's looked a bit in sorrow, but I don't want to. I either think she just looked the same way that usual. Too much assumptions end up broken. I don't need more of that.

"Hai, we about to go for a dinner too, Akari-san goes out alone?"

Fuuko replied with the sweet voice of her.

'Of course, my stupidest ever of a girlfriend is right next to you'.
I thought to myself, but the truth is I never hate Fuuko or something, it's Keicchi that I hate the most, beside I don't blame her not knowing about me and Kei's relationship. That's a secret we both kept for ourselves.

"Yeah, just finished one of my photoshoots earlier, so I just go..."

With the same voice tones I answered Fuuchan truthfully,

"But you guys seem like you have a date with eachother, I wouldn't want to bother so... have fun, there's something I really need to buy now too"

I speak myself really fast in attempt to not let Fuuchan invited me to go with them out of politeness. That would be ridiculous. I was about to walked back and started to wave to them.

Suddenly, Kei let out

"That's your favorite shop, right?" - she pointed back to the store she was in earlier - "did you intend to get something from it?"

Calm, deep voice as usual, I want to hit her right now. What is she trying to do? Just let me go already!

"Yeah, Keicchi intended to buy something from that store too. Akarin-chan, you're our fashion leader, maybe you could help her pick up something. "

Okay, after listened to Fuuchan's suggestion I's seriously want to hit Keicchi now.

"...ah, uhm... I guess.."

"Let's go"

This time Kei took the lead as she suddenly pulled my arm toward the store's direction. And let Fuuchan go of her arm somehow. That made Fuuko surprised more than me.

This stupid Keicchi, what does she want? She will hurt everyone around her if she keep acting like this. She really need to make up her mind.

I shrugged off her grasped with all my strength

"I can go there myself"

Kei looked a little taken aback but still composure as always, she just nodded and Fuuchan catches up with us right away. She looked annoyed somehow.

When we're inside that store, Fuuko being her cute little self and held out anything she found pretty or cute to Kei, I felt like I'm a thirdwheel or something. Sarcastic much?

At least I did found something I felt like buying it but if I bought anything now I might broke for the rest of this month. Ah ~ Idol is poor, you know?

"Do you like that one?"

Annoying Keicchi is Annoying.

"No, just check it out"

I don't want to give her any chance to do something ridiculous stupid again. What she need to do now is make up her mind and decided. 'It's the present that bothered ' she said, but it's her fault to stuck in that mess.

"Oh, okay"

A little disappointed in her voice. But whatever, she still bought that one in the end.
This because she knew me too well or because she is truely a idiot.
Yes, she is a idiot, she made me had dinner with them too. Even Fuuchan still smile cheerfully, I guess she wouldn't like it at all. Whose would ever want your date ruined by someone anyway?
Heh? Trust me, with Keicchi, that happened a lots. I think I get used to have somebody on our dates already.

Anyway,  here I am, all by myself, sit in front of Kei and Fuuko. The silent around us is awkward. Until it's our turn to order everything just round up about some little funny stories Fuuko shared and my trademark smile in distribution.

How I wish to be at home right now.

After the dinner, when I finally thought I had the chance to escape. But no, we had to walk Fuuko back to her house since she's the youngest and her home is on the same way as mine.

"You know Kei? Since it's late and your home is farthest, why don't you go home now and I'll walk Fuuchan home?"

I suggested, it's seemed reasonable enough. But then stupid Keicchi!  I hate her! I know I said that a lots today but when she spoke out something like "I want to walk Fuuchan home, too". I feel like hitting her small face right away.

An "aww" from Fuuko and she attached herself next to Keicchi once again. This just ridiculous until the very end. I'm such a wonderful and never-ever-have of a girlfriend to endure all this.
But the 'break up' word is still something unbearable for me. I don't know why through out this whole day, beside the want of hitting Keicchi, I never thought about breaking up with her... this just getting more and more complicated than I thought it was.


As we got to Fuuchan's house, she suggested Keicchi slept at her place since it'll be late for Kei to get back to Shiga all by herself anyway. Fu** this, I think I'm angry.

"Yeah, you should stay at Fuuchan's place, it'll better for you. So, bye! "

I said in a sarcastic voice and turned over to walk off right away.
Then I felt myself being pulled back cause something was holding into me hard.

Keicchi, she just could not let go of me ever, couldn't she?

"It's okay, if I stay here then Akarin will have to go back alone, it's not safe for her. Beside, it not the first time I slept over at her place anyway"

Wait wait, who invited her to stay at my place? Stop decided everything by yourself, you brat! 
I'm sick at you getting everything your way! I wont take it anymore! !!

In the end, I still take it. No matter how much I want to kick her out of my room, I just can't. I blame myself for being too kind.

"This" - Kei held out the bag she got at that store - "I know you like it... I'm sorry for making you mad"

She said the last line like whisper. But I still can hear it. Somehow I'm not surprised.

Maybe we'be known eachother too much to guess what will happen.

"That doesn't matter anymore. I'll get you a futon, stay away from my bed"

I replied in a cold voice. She just made her still-angry girlfriend being the thirdwheel in her date. She still dating with other girl when her girlfriend is angry. She's being lovey-dovey with other girl and didn't mind calling or texting her girlfriend even once. And now she said she's sorry? What am I? A toy to her?

My tears starting to fall out unconsciously.  I don't know how to held it back, I feel painful, really, really painful.

She reach out try to wipe away my tears but I stop her.

"Don't touch me again"

I hate her. She hurt me this much, I just don't ever want to see her face again.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what more to say beside I'm sorry"

She just stood there, with a confused look in her face, her voice full of worries.

Suddenly, I spoke out something that made both of us feel never the same again

"Let's break up"

*End POV*


Just a short one. I'll try update this sooner, and yes Yochida is the Nick name Kei has for Akari for some certain moments :p

And sorry for all the mistake, it just me and my crappy phone :/

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Re: [NMB48's fanfic] This is love.... isn't it? (Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari)
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Jealous Akarin... MEH GUSTA. >///<

Please update soon. ^_^V

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Re: [NMB48's fanfic] This is love.... isn't it? (Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari)
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This is love... isn't it? - Chapter 4

*Akari's POV *

After the break-up thing with Fuuko, it seemed like Kei got over quite fast, she soon gathered herself back, still playful with other members and worked hard more than ever.

And just like she said before, we have more commons than we think, and now we became closer, like really really close. I came to realize I enjoy her company a lot, I feel safe when I'm next to her. She's such a dork, but a funny and a cute one. I like teasing so much, I may always said "I hate her", but who would take it seriously anyway. Maybe stupid Keicchi? When I told her I love her, she looked really surprised though,... stupid Keicchi is stupid.

My feeling for her just gradually grew without my noticing it.

Until one day, when I was in the same hotel room with her again,

"Oi, Keicchi, you should put on a blanket, it's cold at night you know, you'll get sick"

I scowled at her, this idiot kept denying put on a blanket , she such a kid sometime, I tell you..

"But..." - " There's no but at all, it's simply the truth and you have nothing to go against it, so just listen to me"

I showed her my dominated side, this was for her best anyway, our schedule is hard enough, I just didn't want her to get sick when she tired already.

"Then I just have to stick with you " - She said with a mischievous smile and attached herself to me. Pull my blanket over the both of us and snuck up close to me. This surprised me a little bit, but then I soon felt so comfortable with her arms over me, so unconsciously, I pull her closer, feeling her warm breathe next to my face. It's felt so nice, I just closed my eyes and feeling peacefully more than ever.

Until I felt something on my lips.. I opened my eyes, realized that it's Keicchi... she was kissing me. I didn't know why but I felt so naturally, somewhat even happy about that. Before I knew it, I was already kissing her back.

It's not hard for Kei to notice the sign and continued thing on from that


After that night, we had became a couple, secretly of course ... the feeling that needed to show off for other people was not Keicchi's taste. And I didn't care much about status anyway, so let it be.. as long as we have eachother, anything's fine.

*End Flashback*

*Nowadays, Akari's room*

"Let's break up"

I couldn't  believed I just said that, I have tried my best not thinking about that phrase just one bit. The reason for that - I don't know.. I don't know why I have to hold back myself like that, it's because I was traumatized by a broken relationship before or I really have fallen in love with Kei? ... I wanted myself to choose the 1st one, but... I don't know.

I looked at her again, this is the first time I saw her had such a desperated look like that. She looked so hurtful, confused with the tears started to well up her eyes. After everything she did to me, I never thought she could be like that.

"Why? Why so suddenly? ... what did I do so wrong that it become like this?"

She asked me with her trembling voice, she still tried her best to hold back herself.

"After everything you did, .. and now you ask me that?..."
- I looked at her straight, remembered what I had to bear with, I just couldn't. -
"Do I have to remind you of how many time you stay over at Renapyon's place? How many time you flirt Natsumin? And I may say depend on the post on G+ she have about you every single day, you had succeed in getting her fall for you.
 And there's always Fuuko, after you guys broke up, not so long after sometimes I think it's never happened ever... and that just team M only, in team N there's Mirurun, and Shuu in BII. Really! I'm just sick of all that!"

I had to say it all, all the thought I kept in my heart throughout the time I had with her. Full of others mark, ... what's the point of our relationship anyway?

"You and Airi,.. the honey and darling thingies... what's about that?"

I can't believe she's trying to turn the table on me, that's just ridiculous

"You, yourself know it's a joke, she is friend with both of us, you're the one that film one of G+ video about me and Airi before. And you even have more intimate moment with her than me. So just stop think such a stupid way like that! "
"Then what different when it come to me with others girl?..."

Kei mumbled enough for me to hear

"With everygirl.. Renapyon is like my bestfriend and I just couldn't bother you everytime I stay here at Osaka, 'cause I know you have to go to school early the next morning. And the rest, they're just like sisters to me, you know I have a soft spot for the little cute one"

This time, Keicchi looked deep into my eyes and tried to speak with her firm voice, what's she trying to explain?

"What do you mean? You treated all of them like lovers, and me just like a friend. Then what's the reason you don't want anyone to know about our relationship? "

A long silent after my voice rang out.Kei just kept looked straight at my eyes unabled to say anything. I know my question shut her up. Of course she couldn't had any good enough reason for that. This argument is just  meaningless. A part of me wanted her to give me such sweet reason and I might flowed with that, but her silence like scratching more to my already opened wounded. I felt painful...

"You said 'Let's break up' - but I denied it" - Kei raised up her voice again - "I'll give more time for you to calm down but I'll not break up with you, that is all. We all have long day today, just go to sleep"

She was just ordered me around again. I felt like got it back at her but I'm tired enough. Let's just call it a day, I still have school and my job tomorrow.

"Sleep on the floor!"

I shoo-ed Keicchi out of my bed, this girl really knew no shameful at all.

After we settled down and I turned out the light. Tried to lure myself into sleep, I heard Kei's soft whispering

"Doesn't matter how sweet it is, for everyone it's just the same. But when it came to you, everything is different,  because you're more special than anybody..."

... Maybe I agreed with Kei's idea of stop the argument, because deep down in my heart, I would never wanted Keicchi to break up with me.. did I really love her like that?..


To be continued

Sorry about my lazyness, :p this maybe nothing much but I'll try my best to finish this story :D

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This is love... isn't it? - Chapter 5

*beep beep beep*

'Ummm...' I reach my hand towards the noise of my alarm. Obviously I have school today, but I just want to lay in bed like all day . It's freezing out side and right now, I'm feeling so warm, so soft... and she smell so good too...

Wait a minute!

My eyes open immediately, seeing that Keicchi is hugging me tight with her arms around me and her head snuck in a corner of my neck.

What the hell did she think sneaking into my bed like that!! Really, this girl know no shameful at all.

I feel like push her back to the ground right away but look at her sleep and soundly face... it holding me back a little... for about 5 minutes. What ever it is, I still have to school to attend anyway so..


I heard Kei's cried out after I push her out of my bed. Stupid Keicchi is stupid.

"Get up already, we all have job today"

I simply told her when I heard some grunted from her.

"... and don't you ever got into my bed again until I say so!"

I looked at her small face still just to recover after the fall, yeah, she look like an idiot.

"But it's cold last night, I didn't want to catch a cold sleeping on the ground"

She whined tried to be reasonably.

"Then next time, you go sleep in Fuuko's bed"

A long silent took over after I said those words. I didn't know if I should regretted about saying that or not ... it sounded like I still jealoused over that, which I didn't know if I did or not. Keicchi looked a bit irritated.

"I chose to be with you because I want to be with you, everything else is just irrelevant. "

She replied quite seriously.
Not this feeling of wanting forgive everything again. I couldnt be weak this time.

"Whatever you say, I'll take a shower now so stay away from my bathroom "

Before Keicchi could answered anything, I walked out the door hurriedly. This was not the 1st time she stayed over at my house anyway. She would be fine.

At this moment all I needed was a quick shower and went to school. Kei made my head ache and my heart too. I didn't want to think about her anymore.

After I got back from the bathroom, Keicchi was gone. She did leave a note next to the shirt that she bought for me yesterday. It's something like

"Forgive me soon, okay?"

... just that short. Really! Tell me why did I or any girl could fall for this type of person. She's so shallow. I don't need someone too mushy but can she be sweeter a little more?

"Forgive you? Ha, I'm still in deep angry"

But this shirt was the one I love anyway. It's not like I'm going to see Keicchi anytime today too. So why should I wasted a cute thing?

After my changing I just lead myself to the kitchen, my mom must be making the breakfast and prepared our lunch by now.

"What's the..."

Here I was, in my dear kitchen of our house, seeing Kei happily ate the breakfast. And I'm wearing her present for god's sake.

I could saw her mouth slowly formed up a smirk the moment she looked at me. If I couldn't found any hole around to buried myself then I just wanted to slap that smirk out of Kei's face. Keicchi might be stupid all the time but she still knew me too well.

"Akarin, why are you standing there? Hurry up and eat your breakfast."

My mom reminded me. Clearly, Kei used to stayed over at my house a lots so my family already familiar with her. It's not a big deal if they saw her as a closed friend of the family.

Cursed you Keicchi, with your ability of sweet talking.

"Yeah, Akari, your mom cooking just good as always, come and join us"

Okay, I really wanted to hit her face hard, stopped smirking already! ! My morning just veins ruined.


After the breakfast, both I and Kei had work of our owns. But still she insisted walking with to the bus stop. Whatever she said anyway, it not like I could stopped her from doing something. So I just didn't talk with her all the way to the bus stop. Still kept her victory smile on her face, Keicchi seem to be satisfied with herself.

She must thought that she's winning when she got everything the way she wanted. But right from the start, this had never been a game or a competition. There's nothing such a win or lose.. just what we'll lost or gain ...

I couldn't always be the one that gave in to protect our relationship. Kei needed to grow up and acted seriously cause now, I'm tired of it.

Looked at Kei waved at me when I departed. I realized, the one that needed time to think, it's never me, it her. I myself already had a decision. Now, it just Keicchi's time to think how to accept it.

*End POV*


*Keicchi's POV*

The moment I saw her wearing the shirt I bought for as a make-up gift , my heart just filled with joy. That mean it's only take time for her to forgive me, sooner or later... I feel relieved.

I just felt like smiling all the way till I bid her goodbye. Akari may not forgive me now but I can wait.

The desperated feeling I had the very moment she suggested us broke up, still haunts me from last night. I felt scared more than ever, scared of losing your most precious.

I know I may not act the way it is. I know Akari still look at me as a player sometimes. The way I act is just one of my habits. I tended to be flirtatious with all the pretty girls and sweet to all youngers. It's the most easy way to hide someone's true self, I think.
But the truth is in my eyes, all most every girl are the same, beside my nakama like Renapyon, Macchun, Sayanee...and Akari. Why can't she see that she the only one that different.

Maybe because I didn't think about it too much. For me, when you communicate with others people, you always should have to be nice, out of politeness at least. But when you stay with your family and your friend, you'll act more freely and stay true to yourself.
I don't think of Akari as my friend, she was. I think of her a part of my family. Not the sister type, I already have a brother and younger sister already. But like a real family, I feel like I want to have her by my side for the rest of my life. The 2 of us make up a family of our own.  That thought has always been warmed my heart.
I can be myself when I'm with her. I'm the type that maybe mischievous sometime but still like a kid and don't think much about the consequences. I take that me and Akari is something that constantly and naturally that cannot be changed. At that thought, I had forgot about her feeling.
How can I be stupid, just acted without thinking. I've hurted her and still going out with other girl. But how can I explain that they just no more than a friend, a teammate to me?

Okay, it's my stupidity to think Akari will be fine and won't get jealous.

Wait, that's my stupidity or my love for her have gotten so strong that I trusted myself will never into anyone beside Akari.

If it not for her study and her family won't allow her to stay outside that easy since they already in Osaka, I would have her stay with me in an apartment right now, our own apartment. Instead of staying at the boring shared-house of NMB48.
We could be started our family right now... speaking of study, Akari is a really good student, she tried her best between the school job and the idol jobs. Hence the reason why I rarely want to bother her and tend to go out with my friend.

Thus all this mess is just a big misunderstanding and certainly, indeed my false. All I need now is Akari calms down and I will explain everything to her. I know she'll understand. I believe it. I believe her. Because this is the first time ever I feel so sure about something. It's just can't be wrong.

So no need for other pessimistic thing like breaking up - urg, I just hate that word.

Ah, such a nice day to day, we have stage performance today. I guess I should go back to prepare. At least I still can meet her tonight...

*End POV *


Forever lazy-ing ( :3) ×)〆 ~~~

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Huaaa its a good story >< especially it included akari ><

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Huaaa its a good story >< especially it included akari ><

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Re: [NMB48's fanfic] This is love.... isn't it? (Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari)
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I'm waiting for your update...
I'm waiting for your update too nita-san  :kneelbow: :k-sad: :peace:
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At first, I was on Akari's side. Now, I already moved to Keicchi's side. The last chapter made me think keicchi is really care about akari and akari is tsundere.

Update plizzz  :bow:

*never thought that there are people who still remember me  :cry:*touch* I'll try my best!*

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@yukofans I'm desperately waiting for you to update your fic, really! And thank you for comment, I just didn't know what I should do next but I will finish this story. =D

This is love... isn't it? - chapter 6

*Kei's POV*

It's been one week since the last time I stay over at Akarin's place. I know that I said I would waited for her to calm down and explained everything. I'm not rushing or anything but the problem might harder than I thought.

Cause Akari was calmed and acted normal for a week now, too. It's like there's nothing troubled her at all.
Of course she still acted like I was invisible but when we had to work together, she doing very normally like nothing happened.

I know I should be glad about it and talked to her ... but that's not the case.
The biggest problem is she's not showing any special feeling for me anymore. Like when you and your girlfriend have a quarrel, your girlfriend's angry and when ever she had to do anything that concerned to you, she'd be frustrated or something like that. It's the most normal thing and completely understandable.

 But when she showed you no sign of emotion, that she completely fine with or without your existence. That's the sign of she already had a decision, to go on with her life without you liking it or not.

Okay, the last part might seem a little pessimistic since you still can help mended everything if you do it fast enough and on time.

In my case, after one week of waiting and decided that upon my theory if I don't  do something right now. I will be regret for the rest of my life.

I feel like crying right now. I relied on my mind to think as much as possible cause my heart was broke down at the thought that I had already lost Akarin.

To the one who always think that you're clever, and experienced enough to have everything in your way. "You're just a fool"

I don't care what it is I have to do to fix everything , just please, don't take away my Akarin.

I pray to myself, and decide to text Akari, it's now or never already. Thank for my stupidity of course, and my ego too. If I used my head to think more than just praised and satisfied myself. I might haven't in such a situation, a deadly one if I must say.

'I think we really need to talk. Please.'

I press the send button with a sigh, my heart is restless. If she doesn't reply me or say something like "we don't have anything to talk" then I will.... ah, no, I don't want to think about that. I will get her back, I promise.

*Ding Ding*



*Akari's POV*

I think I did a pretty good job, ever since the day I made up my mind and had a decision of my own, I felt more comfortable more than ever.

Everything so far has always been Keicchi's falls, why should I kept holding on torturing myself.

When I loved her, it's mean I gave her the chance to hurt me deeply more that anyone, cause she'll be the one that closest to my heart.

And she did. So I need to be smarter and strong-will enough. It take me lots of time to persuade myself to follow my mind and not my heart. Even now I still have to hold myself back everytime we're together and get familiar with the thought of 'no Keicchi' in my mind all the time. It's like a thorn in my heart that I need to take off. It might really hurt once, but more than have to endure it forever.

This time, I will be the one decide it, not her. Everything is going her way too much already. At least I must have the right to decide where our relationship should be, since I'm the only take care of it.

So all I need now is time for Keicchi to realize and accept everything. That girl really need to grow up already.

*Ding Ding *

'I think we really need to talk. Please.'

This must be the time then. So I reply her with a sudden pain from my heart


"It'll be the end soon, Keicchi" - I mumble to myself without noticing that some of my tears and made it way down my cheeks.


I had no surprise when the place that Kei's chosen is our theater rooftop, the place that we had that deeply conversation for the first time. At least, let it end where it's started.

I found Keicchi has already waited for me there. She stood near the edge, leans on the rail. Known that I've arrived, she turned back and gave me a smile. 

"You came.."


Silent took over the air. It's not like awkward silent because both of us didn't know what to say. It more like we both afraid of saying anything.
I felt that Keicchi must has known thing by now. That person may not good at treating her own lover, but surprisingly good at reading atmosphere and caring others people. In this case, she must has read the atmosphere of I was gradually became other people, not her lover anymore.

"It's such a nice day today, right?"

She started off slowly, looked at the sky. Felt the wind calmly passed by. I nodded


"I miss you"

This time she said it directly, and looked straight at me. But I still kept my gaze toward the sky and inhaled a deep breath.


I replied her again.

"I'm sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me"

 When they said the 3 words that women wants to hear the most is "I was wrong" - they was right. At that very sentence, I turned to face Kei unnoticed. She looked like a lost puppy with her doe eyes looked at me pleading to take her in. Unsure of what I supposed to say back, I decided to keep quite and wait for her to continue again. It's her last time to explain anyway.

Without me showed any sight of speaking or melted down from her sincere look. She just carried on.

"I'm sorry I didn't care about your feeling. It's just because to me, spending time or being with other girls doesn't mean anything more that just for fun, nothing special. All of them were just friends for me so I didn't consider it'd be something that bother you. I'm sorry I neglected your feeling.

But please believe me that I just love you and only you. I promise those thing will never happen again. The passed time without you was desperated for me.
I just can't go on a day without thinking about you. I have learnt my lesson and put up with my punishment. So please, forgive me. I just want to have you back"

Looked at how sincerely Keicchi right now made me wanted to throw all my willpower down from this rooftop and fall back into her arms. But then I remembered who she is. She is Jonishi Kei. It's her natural to be a player. She had gotten over Fuuko really fast just to win up that girl back right away just for fun. Not to mention many other girl that fell for her sweet-talking.

And she saw all of that is nothing.

If I gave up now, and came back to her. Nothing will change at all, she thought the she would changed but I knew she wouldn't.

"I've never doubt your love for me" - I spoke out clearly for her, a glint of happiness appeared in her eyes when she looked at me - "But that's not the problem.

You said that you being with others girls is nothing more than just for fun for you right? If you see it that way then, do you find any reason for you to stop?

 If you keep that kind of thought in mind then tell me, how can you stop doing something that you do in regular basics that became your habit when it means no harm for everyone?  Trust me, you won't find any reason for yourself to stop. And if you said you do that for me, soon you will find it unreasonable and tired from holding yourself back"

Keicchi seemed to surprise from my word, she tried to utter something but her words died down after I continued

"Can you see the problem now? It's never our feeling that not the same. But the way we thought is just ... don't fit. We always have the definition of thing in our own.
They said 'Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction'. But we ... we see thing different, Kei. The way I see it, you won't and the way you see, I just can't force myself in the same."

I trailed off with my tears slowly rolled down my cheeks, I can see the shocked face of Keicchi with the tears also welled up her eyes, she tried to step forward closer to me, her voice's shaking now

"Akarin ..."

 I swallowed down the invisible air that stuck on my throat and speak again

"I know you're not cliche at all, you understand what I'm talking about right?... you also know it's the truth right? ... sometimes thing is not that way because it's natural. Something is just to accept not to decline... or can be changed"

Even now my eyes was blurred because the uncontrollable tears, I still can see the mess up upon Keicchi's face. All her tears fell like the rain with the eyes kept opening and her kept being speechless. Looked at me with a pleading and desperate eyes and her mouthed a 'please, don't ' when I about to start again

"Let's break up Keicchi. Please, you have to let me go this time. Please think for me this time if you love me. This is all of my willpower left to say these words. You have trust in your love for me, but can you believe on your own natural?
We still young and there's still lot of thing ahead us, you may be sure now, but not tomorrow, or next week or next month... so just let me go this time Keicchi. Do it for me, cause I don't want to suffer anymore and I'm not strong enough to leave you by myself.

Let's break up"

I just said everything I need to just now, nothing hidden anymore. I just said it all, all the truth. This my last power to hold myself back from her. I know myself well enough to understand if Keicchi decided she wanted me like the way she want it should be. I couldn't fight back her for long. I'm weak before her and I know it not good for myself.

But I trust Kei's love for me, if she really love me, she'll think for me and thus let me go.

Sometimes, things are just not made together only because they were born that way. Even it's hurt so much....

"Okay, .... I accept it. Let's break up, Akari"

I think it's must be raining really hard right now, because I feel cold and every thing was blurred like mirage....


I don't know if it should be the end or continue any more ; ______ ;

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 :roll: I just hope. yes you should still continue

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my hope you continue this fanfic :inlove:
because I want to know the state of the two of them after they broke up? :?

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