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Author Topic: [NMB48's fanfic] This is love.... isn't it? [Chapter 7 - 25/10/2014] AkariKei  (Read 6873 times)

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i need more T_ T :cry: keiiiiiii iiiiiii  :cry: :cry: akarin noooooooooooo  :shocked

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NOOOOOO :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
come back together please  :cry:
I hope you will continue this, I want to read more about AkariKei

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can't believe I missed this story... :sweat:

ms.Alien and ms.Kirin eh...nice one :on GJ:

and please do continue...things are getting more interesting....onegai :kneelbow:

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thank you all for you kind comments and taking time to read this ; v ; I'm grateful. Since this couple is definitely the OTP of mine ... I mean just a few people might notice about what's there between them and beside, KeiFuu might be more popular. But yeah, AkariKei is cute and keep everything secrets (but if you're stalker, you'll sure find out) =v=
Shipping them made me became a stalker and I proud about it ^_^v

Back to the story, since there's some moment of AkariKei lately, I'll try my best for a more nice ending ^_^ no guarantee it'll be a happy one though.

A pictures for love ^_^v

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Nee author-san, could you continue this?
have been around this couple lately, and hoping for happy ending :)
just love to read alot of fiction story

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I actually thinking about turning all my tics into a happy ending so... yes :-? I think I will started with this one first :D

Chapter 7

A month later after the break up that came to know by no one besides the 2 of them. Both Keicchi and Akari did a pretty good job at avoiding each other despite staying at the same team.

The key is to show no special emotion or looking at each other for too long and drown yourself in works. That's for Keicchi, or like Akari. She went back to the care of her "sister" in the group - Kishino Rika. When Keicchi still casually hang out with her best friend, Kawakami Rena.

After realizing that involving with too many cost Kei the love of her life. Keicchi became more secure and no longer flirting like she's used to be. Of course, put an completely end between her and Fuuko. Needless to say how angry the younger was or how others think it's such a unnecessary thing to do because it's seemed like she's trying to put the blame at others people.
She just didn't really care though. Kei just wanted to clear any sights of her broken relationship. Maybe she just didn't want to look at her own fault any longer.

But of course, life can never be easy, you'll always get what you always hate. Keicchi might deleted all the sights of their relationship, but never could deleted the sight of Yoshida Akari - who was all in front of her most of the time when they had works together. And that very girl is now being lovey dovey with other person.
Maybe they had broken up. But it's never Keicchi's idea. She's never wanted to break up with Akari before. So it's quite fair to say she still in love with Akari a lot. Now looked the girl she loved..and once had... stayed with another. It's just crazily frustrated. Especially when Kei couldn't do anything about it, since Kishino was her teammate and a very cool friend. Not to mention, was into Akari since the day they first got into this group. Despite had been rejected by Akari for several times but still in love with her, nonetheless.

Don't tell her, it's was their break up that actually opened up a chance for Rika.

That kind of thought was botherer Kei for so long that she needed to go out every night or spend her free time with Renapyon or she might go crazy about it.

Each time she saw Akari closed to Rika, Kei just couldn't help her jealousy and started to hit it off with another girls closed by. To what Akari showed no sight of caring about it and be more sweet towards Rika.

That did create an endless cycle. Until one day, Keicchi couldn't take it all by herself anymore and fumed out to the restroom.

This time, Renapyon couldn't help but followed her best friend. As she walked in, Kei was splashing water into her face furiously. When Keicchi finally done washing and looked at the mirror, she noticed Rena had already there.

"Are you okay? I don't know how to say it but I think you're not yourself recently"

Rena said in worried looking at the state of her friend. She and Keicchi had always been best of friend since the time they got into NMB and even stayed in the shared house together. So of course she did senses something was wrong with her friend.

"I'm fine, just having a tough day. That's all"

"You know you can speak with me about anything right?"

"Sure sure! Don't worried. I'm fine"

Even Kei kept on denying but Renapyon did not buy it. She knew her friend was a very sensitive person but never a good one at showing her true emotion. That's why she always looks so calm and cool.
But recently, Kei seemed like she was lost her control ability. She did everything so carelessly and so meaningless. Normally, Rena would say that's a looked of a heart broken girl. But this is Jonishi Kei, if she's really have a lover then it'll be half of the girls in this group. Besides, she would at least told her best friend about this if she's having one, right?...

Never did Rena know, Kei didn't want to talk to anyone about her relationship, especially her best friend. She had her own reason about this. One could be, because she's a cryptical type and 2, somehow she knew her friend would object her relationship with anyone. They once both made a vow to be on the front row of the group together. Sometimes Kei felt like even she took their relationship with Rena is just best friend, there's a thin line where she felt like she still owe Rena for the vow they made. Because even Kei might not be the top girls in the group, she still managed to have a secure place in the senbatsu. While Renapyon is nowhere at team M. Kei couldn't help but feeling guilty about this. So she never wanted Rena to feel like Kei's leaving her to another girl.
Thus, when nothing is so sure, Kei decided to keep everything in secret.
"Sometimes ago, I could hardly catch a sight of you. All was just accident meeting in the bathroom of the shared house on the night you came back to sleep. I was so lonely at that time. Then you back to yourself again and cheerfully for awhile. And recently you're acting like you just lost your soul. How can I not worry?"

Rena then giving Keicchi a back hug to express her feeling. To what Kei just let out a sigh and laid her hand on Rena's hand.

But before she could speak out anything, she realized the familiar face that was reflected in the mirror.


Keicchi shrugged out of Rena's hold and turned back immediately just to face with Akari's cold gaze.

"Don't mind me. Do continue"

Akari said with a bit annoyed in her voice then walked out of the room right away.
Renapyon lean her head in confused, what was that kind of reaction, and what about Kei? Why did she acted like that when Akari came in?

When Rena was about to turned around to ask Kei, she felt the smaller girl ran passed her and out of the restroom without saying anything.
Was she chasing after Yoshida or something?

"Akari! Akari! ... can you wait a minute?"

Kei didn't know why she's chasing after Akari like this. But after seeing Akari's gaze at her and her bitter voice, Keicchi felt like she needed to explain to Akari. She didn't want her to misunderstand. But the girl kept ignore her call and fastened her pace walking along the hallway.
That made Kei had to catch on Akari's hand to finally stop her.

"Let me go! What do you want!"

Akari tried to flung her hand out of Kei's grasp but fail since the smaller girl still stronger than her.

"Why were you walking out like that?"

"Was it even your problem? I just felt like I don't need to wash my hand, that's all."

Akari shrugged her shoulder like she didn't care. Jonishi hugged a girl, hell, she wouldn't even surprise if Jonishi was making out with some girls. But apparently, all those thing Kei said that day was just a lie. What kind of best friend and "sisters" was that!

"You looked like you're upset. Listen, there's nothing..."

"Keep it for yourself. I no longer need an explanation from you. We're no longer in a relationship. It's not like you tend to did it in the past either."

Akari grunted out bitterly. Jonishi Kei would never changed, didn't she. All through the month she still Kei flirted with many girl whenever they practiced. And she thought Keicchi would at least learnt some lesson. Thank God Rika-chan was there to be her emotion support. At least she knew Rika well enough to be sure she's under a great care and will never left her for another girls like Kei did.

"So that's the reason why you give Rika a chance? And swooning all over her like that? Just because we just ended a month ago?"

"I don't have to tell you about anything between me and Rika. She's a very great girl and take a good care of me. Especially, she only have the eyes for me, and only me! I was lucky to have her compared with my time wasting with you!"

Keicchi then got angry and hit it hard directly at the wall. Thanks for all the karate years when she's at school, her hand was just fine when the wall was scratch up a bit.

Feeling the anger from Kei and her hold on Akari had loosened. Akari just shook her shoulder.

"We're break up for more than a month, and you're acting that way seeing me being closer to someone. Imagine what kind of pain did I have to take throughout all those time...
Now you understand a small part of my suffering"

Akari said ironically, if she knew Kei would react that way, she should do it sooner to Kei could understand her feeling, watching your girlfriend acted all sweet to another. That probably her fault to be weak when loving Keicchi, everything she saw at that time was Kei only.

On Keicchi side, Akari's word just like a awakened bell for her. She could felt the pain more visible as much as her mistakes. So this mixed feeling of hurt is what Kei made Akari felt everyday... this is it.

When Akari was about to walked away one more. Keicchi caught on her wrist again, turned her around and give Akari a direct kiss on her lip. Everything was too fast, making the taller girl froze for a moment.

Until Akari knew what Keicchi was doing, she pushed Kei away immediately and slapped her on the cheek.

"Are you crazy or out of your mind!"

Akari almost shouted, felt like she's also getting mad. Keicchi did have the permission to do such a thing to do that to her.

"Whatever it is. I still love you"

"I don't care. Just let go of me"

"And I don't care if you care or not. I finally understand what I made you felt all through those time. How I have been so terrible. I'm sorry... but I won't give up on you. I don't care if you no longer loving me. I'll make you love me again!"

Keicchi looked direct at Akari's eyes and said with her determination. Then before Akari could react again, she pulled Akari in for a deep kiss. Just to receive another hard slap from Akari again

"Do it again but I won't change my word. I love you, and I want you back in my life. I'll do it and never let you go. I promise to not hurting you ever."

Akari shook her head, never thought she could felt her heart beat this fast again. This felt like the Kei she once love. But of course, Akari wouldn't fall back that easy though. Jonishi still had a very long way if she wanted to earn back Akari's trust.

"Whatever you say. It's not like I believe you can do it anyway. Now let go of my hand."

Kei reluctantly let go of Akari again to see her loved one walked away hurriedly.

"Even a hundred years, I still wait for you. For the days in the future I can looked back and smiling with my eyes closed 'there's such a time like this too' "

Keicchi shouted loudly enough for Akari to hear from afar but came back is the sound of the door being closed so hard.

"Why are you shouting the lyrics of '100nen saki demo's?"

Kei turned back to see Rikanyan looking at her with curious eyes, and a coffee can on her hand. She must be just bought it from the vending machine. And judge by her look, she didn't know Akari was here or Kei sure she'll have to taste Rika's fist.

"It's just some words my heart wanted to say. That's all"

"You're weird .. now let's head back to practice"


To be continued.

The next chapter might appeared if I ever see this topic appears again on the 1st page =))))) such a long time.

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please update! this is really interesting! :bow: :thumbsup

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You've to make this happy ending...
finally kei relize her mistake huh, and fight for your love!!
waiting for next update~
just love to read alot of fiction story

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uwaa happy ending ~~ thanks author-san
 it would be great if u also made a happy ending for the other kei and akari fic!

hehehe ive been reading  the nmb fanfic how to get a girl too! ^^

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uwaa happy ending ~~ thanks author-san
 it would be great if u also made a happy ending for the other kei and akari fic!

hehehe ive been reading  the nmb fanfic how to get a girl too! ^^

Really? Thank you \:D/ I received quite complaints about the sad end so I'm thinking how to revive it too =)))

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I'm glad you decided to continue this story haha. I'm fine with sad ending (not every story ends happily, after all) but if you think it's better to make a happy ending, you better give my AkariKei very happy ending XD
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Aaaaaaa AkariKei fic, love it  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

This is a favorite couple I like after SayaMilky.

Thank for you wrote this fic  :thumbup

I hope you'll give them happy ending but sad ending never mind for me :)

Can I trans your fic :)

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Ah! Thank you all for liking this ship of mine though :D I'll try to work their way back together.

@Noel of course you can. Thank you :D

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arigatou gozaimasu
thanks for wrote this cap, but
please update soon  :bow:
actually I'm a silent reader so gomen nasai for no leave a comment
beacuse my english is bad
then please update ...and this too -->You are my destiny

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Re: [NMB48's fanfic] This is love.... isn't it? (Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari)
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i really like this couple. Thanks for writting this, i fell in love with ur fic  :heart:  cant wait for ur update :jphip:

I know, I LOVE FUUCHAN AND KEICHII ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY'RE TOGETHER!~ :glasses: :on lol: :luvluv1: Im thinking about making an FuuKei fanfic pretty soon so yeah and it will be good (i hopee) :bigdeal:

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 Nice one author-san :on GJ:
I really like this fic,
So please continue  :bow:

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This is an amazing fic. Hard to find AkarinKei pairing fics here.

How did I not stumble upon this years ago?

Please do continue the fic!! (Even after 3 years since the last chapter.)

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Wow.. 3 years and still waiting for this..
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