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Author Topic: Monster Within - Chapter 22 (KojiYuu) 16/11/2014  (Read 51568 times)

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Monster Within - Chapter 22 (KojiYuu) 16/11/2014
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:04:47 AM »
Hello everyone!!! As you know I am miyumi!! Writer of many stories that no one may or may not know! Anyways here is my new story that you guys voted on and so without further ado, please enjoy my newest creation, Gambler's Luck. Enjoy~

Here is the link to my newest story Monster Within. Hope you like it!

Ah and if you're reading my fic for the first time, here's a link to my first fic!


Gambler's Luck


It was a cold night in the city of Tokyo and although many were home or in their beds, the night life in Tokyo is almost as wildly as the day life. Bars were open and serving drinks while the clubs were open and the music was blasting. There were late night shops open and people walking about all around the city doing their normal things. The night life in Tokyo was as abundant as ever and things were just getting started. There are three different types of people in Tokyo all standing at their own individual class. There was the lower class which were people who lived in the slums. They were the poor people who had a home but it was very poor and they had low paying jobs. Then there was the middle class who were people who had decent jobs and decent homes. It was your typical office worker really. Then there was the class that everyone dreamed of being. The high class were the rich people and they were the people who wore fancy clothing and drove expensive vehicles. They had huge houses and an army of servants with one big thing. They had tons and tons of money. They had much power as well and because of this many people strived to be them. In order to become rich you had to do one of three things. One is to earn it through business, another is through crime and then the last and most risky of all is gambling.

Gambling is the most risky way where you could either win it all or lose it all. It's all a game of luck. I've seen many people win it big and many people lose everything they lost. Those who are desperate take loans and when they lose it, that's when things get serious. When you don't pay back people get angry and you either end up severely injured or dead. I have never had to loan in my life and you wanna know why? Be cause I am-

"We have a winner!"

"Not again!"

"There goes my savings!"

"What am I gonna tell my wife?!"

As the men scowled in disappointment, the dealer pushed all the poker chips over to me sitting at the end of the table. I was sitting there happily in a clean pressed suit and tie. My short hair combed back and my glasses pressed close to my eyes. I smirked and then pulled in all the poker chips sliding it into a bag. I smiled and said,

"Thanks for the fun boys I'm gonna go clean out the slots~"

I picked up its bag and then left without another word. I stood in front of three machines and placed the tokens in them at the same time. Then I pulled all three of the levers ad then the machines rolled. They all rolled until they stopped and each and everyone had the same out come.

"777 baby that's what I like to see! Jackpot!"

The machines roared and coins nearly flooded out of the machines. People gathered to spectate the wonder of such amazing luck. Once the machines were done, I pulled in all the coins and then walked over to the cash out booth.

"Here ya go~"

"Wah another grand haul! You're amazing Watanabe-san I'm amazed that the casino is able to keep up with you're winning streak!"

"Ah I'm sure if I kept going I would clean the whole place out!"

"Hey if you do that I'll be out of a job!"

"Ah I wouldn't let that happen to such a pretty girl like you~"

I reached out and held the cash out girl's chin giving her a seductive look. She blushed but then focused on her job and gave me the money I had earned. I sighed and she just giggled how she wasn't allowed to have relationships with regulars meaning me since I come basically almost everyday. I was tired though and I had plenty of money so I packed it away and then headed my way out of the casino. I walked outside the building where my car was waiting for me. The driver opened the door and I walked inside where she shut it behind me and then asked,

"Where to mistress?"


The driver took me home and pulled up to the front gate with a large W designed into the gate. The gate doors opened and then the car pulled into the circle drive. The door opened and I stepped out. I gave the driver her usual tip and then walked into the house where the doors had opened and I was greeted by a long line of maids all cutely dressed. They all greeted me with a,

"Welcome home Watanabe-san!"

They all bowed and I walked down the hall up the stairs waving to them and smiling. No matter how many times I see that it never gets old. I told the maids to go to their chambers and rest up while I went back up to my room. Changing into my comfiest pajamas I undressed and put them on and then got ready for bed. Taking off my glasses and placing them on my night stand, I got into the big kind sized bed and then looked up at my ceiling. Another successful night of gambling in total I pulled in 50 million yen. It's not my best but it's enough for me and tomorrow I'll try to win more. I guess I was just tired tonight and what not. Feeling satisfied with myself, I turned off my light and got under the covers closing my eyes for a deep sleep. However my night wasn't over when I felt too girls come up from under the covers in nothing but underwear and lay their hands on me.

"Welcome home Wa-ta-na-be-san~"

"We've been waiting for you~" 


I am Watanabe Mayu and I am the world's greatest gambler.

Hope you like it~
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2013, 08:00:35 AM »
Finally it's here! :w00t:

What a lifestyle she's living. Everything is too easy for Mayu.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
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one lil'question :is Mayu a boy? cuz she has short hair.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
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OMG OMG OMG :cathappy:

This is gonna be good, I just know it will. :deco:

Thank you so much for this. Update soon. :heart:

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
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Now waiting for those plot points you mentioned~  :wub:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
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Ohh~ Mayu seems kakoii~
huhuhu... well, it's started... this fic, looking forward to whatever comes next as always

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
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mayuyu seems to be chick boy xD

yukirin will get jealous~~~~~~
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
« Reply #7 on: December 08, 2013, 02:32:18 AM »
WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!   :thumbsup miyumi-san  :bow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
« Reply #8 on: December 08, 2013, 12:48:57 PM »
I wish I could like Mayu :ding:
Can't wait to see when Mayu would meet Yuki :on gay:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
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Mayu is a gambler wow

I wonder how Mayu and Yuki meet

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
« Reply #10 on: December 09, 2013, 10:09:06 AM »
hi there ガルシア アレックス or Alex Garcia member me? I didn't know heh that you were in the group when I posted a link of your story on FB  :nervous  but either way like I promise I am here to comment on this story now that I am a bit better  :) . This story is actually good I like how you started :) and I am hoping to see a bit of Mayuki soon  :twothumbs as you are well aware of I am a fan of Mariharu and Kojiyuu but once in a blue full moon I love reading other pairing fics so yeah keep up the great work and hope to read more of this soon  :twothumbs
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
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hehe~ sorry i didnt comment sooner~ :nervous
i love the start to the fic  :heart: :yep:  'miyumi-san~'  :lol:
update soon please~ demo no rush~ :cow: :bow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck
« Reply #12 on: December 10, 2013, 03:18:00 PM »
Uwaaa~ I wanna be like Mayu~! Such luck on her side..

I'll be waiting for the next update and witness all of it.. :twothumbs

Hope you update soon.. Thanks for your hardwork :bow:

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 1
« Reply #13 on: December 14, 2013, 03:49:17 AM »
Wah sorry it took me so long guys I've been busy with exams and all but here's the first chapter! Hope you enjoy~

Chapter 1

I woke up the next morning to the sound of birds chirping outside my window. I opened my eyes and bright sunlight crashed down on me nearly blinding me if the curtains weren't there to protect my vulnerable eyes. I sat up and stretched my arms cracking a couple of joints and then straightening out some things. I tried to get off my bed but then I felt something move preventing my arm from moving. I looked down and saw a girl holding on to me sleeping soundly naked. I tried to remember who she was but hell I don't even have a name so I didn't really care. Instead I lightly pushed her arm off and then got up from my bed. I made my way over to the bathroom where the bath was already ready for me. I undressed and then got in where I was refreshed with the scent of lavender and roses. The two aromas filled the room and the warm water just soothed me down in my very soul. I looked out the window and saw it was another beautiful day and that meant another beautiful day for me to go out and win some more cash. However before the casinos weren't even open until late so I had a lot of time to kill. Therefore I started to wonder what I would do today. I didn't really have a job which was the best thing ever because I could basically do whatever I wanted and had all the free time in the world. Therefore I had to think of the things I would do today while waiting for the day to go down. Once I finished my bath I stepped out and started to do my daily morning routine. Looking in the mirror I saw I looked pretty bad as of right now. However after drying my hair and brushing my teeth and combing it in the perfect spot, I was looking fine. All I had left was to add my glasses and my look was complete.

I stepped out of the bathroom and saw that the girls were gone and the bed was already made. Sitting on my bed was a fresh suit and a matching tie to go with it. Today was Monday which meant a new day and so I wonder what new things the world will have to offer me today. I finished getting dressed and then I went down stairs where I was greeted by the morning staff. I greeted them all and then went into the dining room where my breakfast was already there. Today was monday and so the chef had prepared me a traditional eggs and toast breakfast with a side of coffee two sugars and a little milk. It's the perfect combo if you ask me but others have said it was too sweet. Me being the person I am, I love sweet things so of course I'll have a natural sweet tooth. When I finished my meal I thanked the staff and then headed off for whatever it was I was going to do today. I didn't really have a plan so I thought that maybe a walk around the town would help me figure it out. I didn't want the driver to take me so instead I decided to take my bike. Pulling out the keys to my MV Augusta F4CC, I hit the button and the garage opened.

"There she is~"

Gazing upon it's beauty, I was truly marveled by how wonderful this bike truly was. It was my favorite one for many reasons. The slick black design with the custom W made of pure gold welded to the side of it was just perfection. However the main thing I loved about this bike was when I turned it on, the bike only made a couple small puffs and everything else after that was silent. I had it custom made to not make a noise when I rode it because personally I hate loud motorcycles. Opening the gates up I drove out and into the main streets where things were just getting started for some people.

Seeing how the morning rush was just starting to settle in, I decided to go get some coffee since I was still feeling a little drowsy from last night. I pulled into the parking lot and then parked my bike securing it making sure it was safe. Then I walked in and as soon as I did I got all kinds of stares from almost everyone there. They probably weren't used to seeing people like me since this was a somewhat middle class shop but hell they have cheap coffee and honestly it's better than the expensive stuff. I ordered what I wanted and when the cashier asked for my name I told her,

"The World's Luckiest Gambler."

I winked and then sat back down waiting for my order. When it was done they called the name I had given on them and when I received the cup, I saw the cashier was blushing. I took the cup and then sat down at the table. I let the coffee cool down a little bit and then proceeded to pick up the cup where I saw a phone number on the cup. It must have been the cashier's number and I laughed noting such a cute gesture. I sipped my coffee and I had to admit it was pretty good for commoner's coffee and far better than the expensive stuff I used to get. As I was sipping my coffee, I noticed a couple of school girls coming over to me. They were all flustered and blushing and then one of them asked,

"Excuse me is that your bike parked outside?"

"Why yes it is." I said.

"Wow you must be very rich mister! Mind if we hang out with you?"

"Haha flattered I am really but I think now. Don't you kids have school to attend?"

One of the girls checked her phone and realized that they were going to be late. They all panicked and started to run out the cafe catching the last bus. Seeing those kids rush off to school reminded me of the olden days when I used to go to high school. As I sat there drinking my coffee I saw a girl run out and was looking for something. I noticed she had the same uniform as those girls who had just left and so I told her,

"Your friends already left and are probably on the bus by now."

"Eh?! No way! Mou I can't be later for school again they'll expel me!"

I sat there and watched the girl who was panicking trying to think of a plan. Seeing how I had nothing better to do, I decided to help the poor girl out.

"Follow me."

I took the girl and led her out to my bike where I handed her a helmet and had her get on with me.

"Hold on tight."

I started my bike and then sped off heading towards her school which I happened to know because it was the exact same high school I went to. I pulled in front of the gate where the students were gathering and then I stopped. Of course all the kids were staring at me but I ignored them and had the girl get off my bike. She thanked me and I simply smiled and then drove off far away from that school. I didn't like going to school since it had so many bad memories for me. I was sitting at a light when I felt a buzz in my pocket and I knew who it was from so I didn't even bother to check. Instead I drove to Oshima Inc which was Japan's most powerful Manufacturing company producing almost all of Japan's main goods. I walked inside the building where I was greeted by the head secretary there and then made my way up to the elevator. I put in my key and twisted it revealing secret button. I pressed it and the elevator took her all the way to the top floor. The door opened and I walked into a big office with a huge window facing the city. There was a large desk in the middle along with a chair facing towards the window.

"I'm glad you got my message Mayu." a voice said.

"I didn't even have to look because I knew it was you Yuko." I said.

The person in the chair turned around and there sitting there was a small girl who dressed something similar to a man like myself and when she saw me she smiled.

"So what is it you need this time Yuko?" I asked.

"I need help with something very important.." Yuko said with seriousness in her voice.

"What's wrong?"

Yuko walked over to me hiding something behind her back. I was wondering what it was and thought Yuko was doing something that was actually serious. Yuko walked over to me and placed one of her hands on my shoulder. Then she looked at me and said,

"Mayu.. Should I go with pink or purple?"


"For the baby's room!"

Yuko pulled out sample sheets of paint and I just realized that she had called me over for designer advice and nothing serious as usual. Nowadays she calls me and asks me stuff about things I don't even know I mean hell I've never had a kid before. I sighed and said,

"I would go with red."

"Eh? Why red?"

"Because they baby is probably gonna have its mother's eyes and I think Atsuko looks lovely in red."

"You make a valid point.. thanks Mayu!"

"No problem. Oh how far is Atsuko by the way?"

"She's three months now and I can already see the belly starting to form!"

"That's great Yuko! You'll be a father in no time nee?"

"I know and I can't wait! If it's a boy we'll do all kinds of cool manly things and if its a girl then well Acchan will have to take care of that because I'm not that girly~"

"Come one Yuko you're a girl you should know this stuff!"

"Oi don't blame me!"

"Hai hai well I gotta go. Have fun decorating the kid's room!"

I walked out of the building and back out to the parking lot. I can't believe Yuko sometimes and he crazy stuff she did. When she first told me her and Atsuko were getting married I was so shocked but in the end I was very happy for her. The two make a cute couple and when she told me Atsuko was pregnant I was over excited. I'm sure Yuko will be a proud father and will take good care of her kid. As for myself well I prefer to be single. I never really imagined myself with someone else because well I wouldn't have the freedom that I have today. Therefore I'd rather run solo and play with as many girls as I want because that's just how I roll~ Even though I get lonely sometimes, I don't let that stop me I mean who needs girls when you have all the money you want. Honestly I'm better off being single and that's how I'm going to leave it for now. After visiting Yuko's place I looked at the time and saw that it was still hours away from the casino's opening so I decided to visit another friend of mine who should be up by now. I mean hell it's two in the afternoon now who would be asleep? I pulled up in front of the large gate similar to mine and pulled in. I walked up to the main door and knocked where there was a long pause of silence. After about two minutes there was some shuffling and tumbling noises and then the door slowly opened.

"Morning Jurina."

"Hey Mayu.."

The door swung all the way open revealing my good friend Matsui Jurina. She was still in her pajamas of course probably sleeping off another hangover. Honestly this kid gets into a lot of trouble for doing what she does. She's doing risky business in an adult's world and honestly she does better than most of the adults I know. Jurina lost her parents when she was young and so she inherited their fortune. Jurina's father owned all the dance clubs and bars in Tokyo and her mother owned all the hostess clubs and video arcades. When they died it all went to Jurina and now she's living the life that any kid her age would dream of. However in reality, it's tearing the poor kid apart and I wonder how much longer she can handle it. Jurina let me in and I walked into the house where it was a complete mess. There were clothes and empty alcohol bottles scattered on the floor and a couple of women sleeping. Another typically morning for Jurina the kid tycoon. We sat down at the couch and Jurina started to pour herself a drink. She asked me if I wanted some but I said no.

"So how have things been going Jurina? Last time we talked you had just expanded your businesses in Hokkaido and Okinawa correct?" I asked.

"Yep and I already got a club and bar in Okinawa and three more bars in Hokkaido." she said.

"Well done Jurina. What do you have planned in the future?"

"Well once we get a couple of more clubs and bars settled in I'm gonna try to head out west towards America. They got a lot of people there who seemed to be interested in my arcades so I might do business with them."

"That's pretty bold. To be hones I would start in Europe."

"True but lots of companies do business with America so why not join in? Besides America's got some pretty fine ladies if you know what I mean~"

Jurina winked and I just laughed throwing a couch cushion at her. In the end we laughed and talked about business and whatnot. It was good hearing from Jurina after such a long time. Jurina have been friends since primary school all the way to high school and even now we're best friends. I'm happy we were able to become so successful. After a couple hours the casinos were open and it was time for me to split into action. I went to my first casino and easily won a couple million yen. Then I went to the next one and won another ten million there. I went to the casino down the road and won the big hundred million prize there which was pretty easy. So far the entire night has been nothing but straight up wins and tons of cash which is usual for me. Although sometimes wish there was some kind of challenge for me. I don't know really but hey if I did get a challenge I would lose and then I wouldn't have money so I better not. I walked into a my favorite casino that I always won big at and I was excited to see what riches I would win today. I walked over to the slots and started to play and cleaned them all out pretty easily. Then I was about to make my way over to the Black Jack table but then I heard a ton of cries. I looked over and saw the group of my usual gambling buddies all hanging their heads low. I walked over to them and asked,

"What's wrong guys?"

"The new girl took most of our money!" one said.

"She's really something to be able to outplay us." another said.

"Hey Watanabe you go over there and try I guarantee you she'll swindle you out of your money too!"

Intrigued by this mysterious new girl, I made my way over to the table where she was. When I saw that the game was roulette I knew I was going to win because this was a game that I never lost. I made my way over and there was a single girl standing there wearing her dealer outfit. I had to admit she did look a lot different from most of the dealers I've seen. Her hair was black and in a bun and her red lip stick stuck out to me along with her interesting shaped eyes. Her uniform fit her perfectly showing off every curve and feature of her lovely body that I had to admit was pretty admirable. I had to focus though because I was here to show that my luck is luckier than anyone in the world and I'm going to clean her out good. I sat at the table and when she saw me she smiled and said,

"Welcome, please place your bet."

Her voice was very gentle which I liked but I couldn't let that distract me.

"I'll bet small.. ten thousand yen."

"Color and number?"

"Black number thirteen."

"Very well."

With her gloved hand she span the wheel and then soon after she threw the ball in to the wheel. The ball spun round and round five times before the wheel finally started to slow down. I saw the ball make it's way over to the black thirteen and I knew for sure that it was going to land in it. However to my surprise the ball went over the number I had betted on and instead landed in a completely different one.

"Red twenty three. I'm sorry."

She collected my money and then said,

"Would you like to play again?"

I was in shock that I had actually lost that game. That was the first time I had lost ever and I was in complete utter and total shock. I didn't even respond to the girl who was standing there waiting patiently for me to respond. I just looked down and saw the ball in the spot and thought that there was no way in hell that it happened. I started to suspect that maybe this new girl was a cheater and so I decided to place a bet again.

"I'll go black number sixteen."

"How much?"

"Twenty thousand yen."

"Very well."

The girl spun the wheel and threw the ball into the wheel. Instead of staring a the ball I stared at the girl watching her the entire time. I watched her stand there silently with her hands to her side looking at the wheel. Her stare was solid and her face was still. She didn't move until the wheel had stopped and she said,

"Red thirty five. I'm sorry again."

I had lost again and she took my money. I couldn't believe this happened a second time and I knew there was something up. However I had watched her for the next five spins and every time I lost and never once did I see her touch the wheel. There was no signs of cheating and in the end I lost five hundred thousand yen. I knew I had to stop myself there otherwise I would lose a lot more. I thanked her and she thanked me and asked me to come again like normal dealers. I walked away with my bag of money and walked over to the slot machines that I knew I couldn't lose. I put the money in and in an instant I won the jackpot and money came flooding out. I did it two more times and the same outcome happened. That's what made me wonder what exactly was it that made me lose at that game? I went around the casino and played every other game and won big at those games. Then I went back to the roulette table and placed my bet.

"A hundred thousand on black number forty eight."

"Very well."

She span the wheel and I watched it spin round and round and when it landed I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Black twenty eight. I'm so sorry."

I had lost a hundred thousand yen right there and then. In order to avoid any more loss I quickly rushed out of the casino over to the cash out area. As I was cashing out I asked the cashier,

"Hey who's the new girl at the roulette table?"

"Ah her? That's Kashiwagi Yuki. I must say she's very good at what she does despite doing nothing." she said.

"Does she uh.. cheat?"

"Watanabe-san you and I both know all our dealers here are honest and do not swindle. We are the most prominent casino in Tokyo after all and anything like cheating would ruin our good name!"

"Ah you're right sorry... Anyways night."

I left the casino and rushed home where I laid down in my bed and tried to get some sleep. However I couldn't get any sleep and I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I had lost. I couldn't figure out if it was me or the game or maybe.. that dealer! That dealer.. I thought for a while and then said to myself,

"Kashiwagi Yuki huh? Well Kashiwagi one thing is for sure.. you've certainly caught this gambler's attention."

Well look forward to the next one!

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 1
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Save. :shakeit:

OMG AtsuYuu!!!  :deco: :wub:

I still haven't collected my words  XD I knew it this fic's pure awesomeness!!!  :lol: :w00t: :inlove:
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
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Well winter break is here which means more time to write updates! Enjoy the update guys and look forward for more!

Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up and found I had a couple messages from Yuko saying Atsuko was going to need a ride to a doctor’s appointment and she asked if I could do it since she was busy with work. I looked at the clock and saw that it was already ten and Atsuko’s appointment was at ten thirty. I quickly got up and started to get dressed. I grabbed some pants and a button up along with my coat and then I rushed out the door. Getting in my car, I drove over to Yuko’s place where Atsuko was standing outside the house. I had no idea why since it was so cold outside but at least she had a coat on. I pulled up and quickly got out to open the passenger door for her.

“Good morning Mayu~” she said.

“Morning Atsuko sorry I kept you waiting.” I said as I started to drive.

“Thank you for taking me to my appointment I’m sorry if I’m a bother.”

“Ah no it’s fine I’m happy to help.”

We drove to the doctor’s and I helped Atsuko into the building. Winter was coming and it’s getting cold so I don’t want Atsuko exposed to the cold weather. I know I sound like the father myself but I care about Atsuko since she helped me out a lot back in the day. Even though Atsuko is only three months, I feel like she’s eight for some odd reason but maybe I’m just paranoid. Anyways we walked into the waiting room and I checked her in with the receptionist. She said there would be a couple minutes until the doctor can see us so I walked over to Atsuko and sat next to her. She was busy reading a magazine so I decided to just to look around the room where it was decorated very nicely. There were pictures of mothers with their new born babies and pregnant woman. There were also pregnant women in the room waiting with us as well and for some reason I thought that they were looking at me for a while. I even thought at one point there was one that licked her lips at me. Seeing how I was practically being undressed mentally by the other females in the room, I was hoping that the nurse would come and get us soon. While trying to avoid the gazes of other women, I felt Atsuko poke my arm.

“Nee nee Mayu look at this.”

Atsuko showed me a picture of a baby in a blue pajama one piece that had a duck on it.

“Do you think the baby would look cute in this?” she asked.

“Hmm maybe if it was a boy.” I said.

“Ah good point.”

Just then the door opened and the nurse came in saying it was our turn. We walked into the room and the nurse had Atsuko lay down in the chair while I sat up over by the wall. Soon after the ultrasound technician came in and started to prep Atsuko for the examination. Once ready the technician placed the camera against Atsuko and on the screen we could see the baby. It was still small but we could see the limbs starting to develop and we could see a heartbeat. Atsuko was staring at the screen in amazement as she saw her developing baby inside her. The technician looked at the fetus and nodded her head in satisfaction. Then she looked at Atsuko and said,

“The baby is doing just fine. Everything seems normal and the development is going smoothly.”

“Wah yokata~ I can’t wait to tell Yuuchan when I get home!” Atsuko said happily.

“I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear.” I said.

We finished up and then I took Atsuko back home where she thanked me for the ride and then left. Now all that was left was to wait for the night to come and the gambler’s to come out.

Night came and it was time for me to play and most importantly, go to that casino and see Yuki again. I went straight to the casino and made my way over to the roulette table where Yuki was there staring at me with a blank expression. I sat at the table and then pulled out some money.

“What will it be this time?” she asked.

“Black number 2.” I said.

“Very well.”

She span the wheel and threw the ball in and we both watched the ball spin around and around until it stopped. Once again it hit a different number completely different from what I had betted on so of course I lost my money again. However that didn’t stop me and so I placed another bet.

“Red 18.”

“Very well.”

Once again the wheel spun and I watched the ball wind its way around the wheel until it came to a stop and as always the ball was nowhere near my designated target. Yuki took my money and I was pulling out getting ready to place my next bet I looked up at her and said,

“You have very lovely eyes.”

She seemed to ignore that comment and didn’t even react. All she did was look at me and say,

“What would it be?”

It was obvious that I wasn’t going to get anywhere so I decided to keep playing the game and maybe my luck will change.

“Black 14.”

She span the wheel and I lost again but that wasn’t going to stop me. I don’t care if I have to spend every penny I have I will do whatever I can to get this girl to talk to me.”

“Red 26.”

I lost again but I just kept playing and playing for about five more times and then I said to her,

“Your lips look very nice as well.”

At that moment I thought I saw a hint of a smile perhaps but I wasn’t sure so I just kept playing. I kept losing more money but I still kept playing hoping to get through to her.

“I like your hands they look lovely in your gloves.”

This time I got a feint blush and I knew I was slowly getting to her.

“Your skin is as white as snow.. I find is intoxicating.”

This time I almost got a shade of red from her and I was starting to feel my words slowly getting to her. However I realized that I was out of money and I was going to have to go and win some more. I told her I would be right back and then I went over to the slot machines where I started to win a couple jackpots. As I was watching the coins pour out, I looked over and saw Yuki staring at me. When our eyes made contact she quickly looked down and I smiled. Then as I was about to collect my cash I felt something sharp being pressed against my back.

“Scream and I’ll kill you here.” a voice said.

“Looks like another one got in.” I sighed.

“What’d you say?!”

Before my attacker could do anything I grabbed his arm holding it in place and then turned around while twisting his arm in a way that I could feel the snap. He screamed but still tried to stab me however I kicked it out of his hand and it went flying across the room. Then I bashed his kneecap backwards and he went down as I popped his shoulder out of his arm. Soon after security came over and arrested him and giving me some reward money. It had been a while since people like that had managed to sneak into the casino. They try to hold up someone who won lots of money and then rob them dry. Luckily though I was raised by a family who knew how to fight. I was applauded by my bravery but when I looked over at Yuki I saw that her face was bleeding. I walked over to her and said,

“Come with me.”

I took Yuki to the girl’s bathroom and then I tended to her wound. It was a light cut but I didn’t want to risk the cut scarring her beautiful face. I pulled out my handkerchief and wiped away the blood on her face. Then I pulled out a bandage and placed it over her face.

“Thank you.” she said.

“No problem. It would be a shame if that pretty face of yours was scarred.” I said.

Yuki blushed a little and looked away from me. I simply chuckled and then said,

“The name is Mayu. Watanabe Mayu.”

“Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Nice to meet you Kashiwagi-san. Say when your shift is over would you be willing to get a drink with me?”

“Nope sorry I have to get home right after. I was nice meeting you Watanabe-san.”

Before I could say anything else Yuki left the bathroom and I stood there dazed. That was a quick rejection but what hey I gave it a shot. At least I got her to talk and well I guess that’s a start. However I was determined to take this girl home with me and get to know her a little better so I walked out of the bathroom and went over to the bar where I got a complementary drink from the bartender. I took the drink and walked over to Yuki who was at her usual position.

“Here I got this for you.”

“No thanks I don’t drink expensive stuff.”

“Expensive stuff?”

“Yes that brand of wine is worth more than my entire house.”


Yuki sighed and then said,

“It’s nothing it’s something you rich people wouldn’t understand.”

“Rich people?”

“Please step to the side I have customers waiting in line.”

I turned around and saw a line of men all waiting to play the roulette table so I happily stepped aside for them to get through. As I walked over though I noticed that some of them weren’t even there to play but they were actually hitting on Yuki. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who was testing their luck to win that lucky lady. I walked over to the bar and sat down enjoying a nice drink watching the men try to make their way into Yuki’s heart. However Yuki was relentless and didn’t budge an inch. At one point there was one guy who kept saying that he had tons of cash and if she went with him he could make all her dreams come true. In response Yuki simply spun the wheel and ignored the man’s offer showing him that he had lost. The man tried to be daring and placed a very large bet to try to impress Yuki and show that he could win. However to his dismay, he lost and lost all that money he had betted. It seems that no one could get to Yuki and eventually they all left.

Finishing my drink, I thanked the bartender and then made my way over to Yuki once more hoping to seem like a good person and not cheesy like those other guys. I sat down in front of her and sat there silently for a while thinking of a plan to try to seem nice to her. Then I looked at her and said,

“Hey I hope I don’t seem cheesy or anything but I really want to get to know you better so.. Do you think maybe we can get together for.. coffee?”

I looked at Yuki with the most sincere, honest look I could pull and Yuki didn’t say anything. I thought she was thinking about what to say to me and turns out I was right for she said to me,

“I’m sorry but I don’t associate with rich people.”

She said it in such a cold tone that I thought the air turned to ice.

“I’m sorry but what do you mean by rich people?” I asked.

“I don’t talk with rich people. People with insanely large amount of money. I’m only here to do my job and earn what I can and I do not need arrogant, cocky, snooty rich people trying to have their way with me just because they have money. I’m not the type of girls that sell their bodies for money ok I am a dignified woman and I will not affiliate myself with the likes of you. Now if you excuse me I’m going to go home now for my shift is over.”

I was left speechless as Yuki packed her things and prepared to walk out. She said one last goodbye and then walked out of the casino leaving me stunned at what I was just told. Something told me that she didn’t like me because of my rich persona but little does she know who I really am. I followed Yuki out the back door and into the parking lot where I thought Yuki was going to get in her car. To my surprise though Yuki walked over to an old beat up scooter that was being held up by just a mere flimsy kick stand. She grabbed the helmet and fastened it on her head and then mounted the bike getting ready to take off. I watched her pull out of the parking lot and so I decided to follow her. I followed Yuki down to a neighborhood that was known for being very poor and even high in crime. I watched her park outside a small shack that was supposed to be a house and walk inside.

“Tadaima..” she said as she walked into the door.

The door shut and I couldn’t see anything after that. Luckily I had brought my government spy kit that Yuko got me for Christmas and I decided to use it. Inside, I could see Yuki setting her things down and soon after two kids came running in. They were two little girls who both rushed to Yuki and I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they looked like they were sisters based on the way they were acting around Yuki. Yuki patted both of them on the head and then made her way over to the kitchen where she stated to make dinner for the little ones. When she opened it I saw there was very little food and there were even a couple holes in the walk along with some leaks in the ceiling. She barely had enough food to feed the two and even the clothes they were wearing were patchy from where they were torn. It was obvious that Yuki’s family wasn’t the richest but somehow they were living. The thing that made me wonder that most was where was Yuki’s mother and father? I didn’t see any but as I was watching them I saw that they were laughing and smiling having a fun time. I wondered how they were able to be so happy despite being in such a poor environment.

After watching Yuki and her family I decided to go home and think about all the things that happened today. Seeing Yuki like that made me not feel sorry for her but actually feel more attracted to her. Just seeing her like that made me think that this girl can truly be happy with nothing unlike me. If I don’t have something I’m not happy. Therefore I want Yuki and I will do whatever it takes to make her mine.
The next day I waited for Yuki to get off her shift and then I followed her out to the parking lot. I watched her get on her bike and start it up getting ready to go once again. However when she tried to start it the bike let out a puff and a popping sound but then the engine died. Yuki looked down in disbelief and said,

“Are you kidding me?!”

Yuki continued to try to start to start her bike but in the end she had nothing. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to make my move and so I made my way over to Yuki and then said,

“Need some help?”

“No thanks I got it.” said as she kicked the motor.

The motor let out another spew and a puff of smoke that didn’t look good to Yuki.

“Man don’t tell me this thing blew out on me again!”

“Here Yuki let me help.”

I knelt down and saw what the problem was and laughed a little. Turns out there was ice blocking the exhaust pipes. I kicked the ice off and then told Yuki to get it started again. She turned the key and sure enough the bike started to work again.

“Thanks Watanabe-san.”

“Call me Mayu.”

“Well thank you Mayu.”

She was getting ready to go but then I stood in front of her and stopped her.

“What do you want now?” she asked in a demanding tone.

“I really like you and I want to get to know you better. I want to show you that I’m not like those other rich guys who flaunt their money and act like they can get whatever they want. I want to show you the true me so please give me a chance.”

Yuki looked at me with a cold look as if she was going to kill me. I decided to change the way I’m playing my cards and decided to show her the other side. Forming the words in my head I finally had enough to say,

“Let’s make a bet.”


“I’ll make a bet with you that if I can’t get you to fall for me then you can have all of my money.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m very serious. I am a very rich person and I’m sure you could use the money for something good in your life.”

Yuki thought about it for a long time and then said,

“And if I lose?”

“Then you have to marry me.”


“I really like you Yuki. I feel like I have a chance of happiness with you. So what do you say? Do we have a deal?” 

I held out my hand hoping she would accept it and take the deal however my doubts were high. There was a long pause and then to my surprise, Yuki reached out and grabbed my hand. She looked at me with a serious look and said,


Look forward to the next update~

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
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nyaha~ :deco: i want yuki to lose the bet now so she can marry mayu :twisted:
but mayu needs to learn to control herself a bit with the bets  :sweatdrop:
yuki so cold as always~  :P
thanx for the update miyu :cow: :bow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
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wahhhh the deal is on  :wriggly:
Look forward to the next update~
YES YES!!! I CANT WAIT to read ur next chapter :D
update soon :on gay:

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
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I hope Yuki loses too but it seems that Mayu will fall faster.

I'm so excited for the next chapter!

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
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nyaha~ :deco: i want yuki to lose the bet now so she can marry mayu :twisted:

 iiya iiya  :roll: not now Higappi the story won't be exciting if Yuki fall for Mayu very fast  :cathappy:

I can't wait to read more  :grin:
good job papa~  :thumbsup
update soon  :cathappy: :deco:

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