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Author Topic: Monster Within - Chapter 22 (KojiYuu) 16/11/2014  (Read 50990 times)

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
« Reply #20 on: December 21, 2013, 02:29:31 PM »
i imaginei imagined yukirin in that clothes in the story and... NOSEBLEED  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: i need to stop it!! :banghead: :banghead:

haha well youre story is very interesting
it has atsuyuu too!!!!!!

haha i imagined mayu as a father there

and the main
thank you for this fanfic :bow: :bow:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
« Reply #21 on: December 21, 2013, 10:06:07 PM »
Did really Mayu fall in love with Yuki? Already?
Thanks for update.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
« Reply #22 on: December 22, 2013, 03:48:27 AM »

the spy kit is funny knowing t'was from YUKO  XD can't wait for the next chapter!  :bow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
« Reply #23 on: December 22, 2013, 03:52:10 AM »
Oh.. Mayu bet with Yuki

Is Mayu poor before?

Can't wait for the next ch

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
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Oh my, Oh my, AtsuYuu is here~!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

That aside, I hope Yuki looses  XD We all want them to marry each other nee  :inlove:

GOOD JOB Miyu, waiting for the next chapter~
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
« Reply #25 on: December 22, 2013, 10:42:44 AM »
Yuki can you just stop being so cold towards Mayu  :cry:
This is veery interesting, i can't wait to see Mayu to make Yuki falling in love with herr :w00t: :grin:
Looking forward to next chapter :hip smile:

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
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I came here because an angel (or possibly devil. Dunno. It depends on the mood) from above (or below) sent me here. And just as the devil (okay gonna call er dat) said, AtsuYuu!!!!
That aside, Mayu has already fallen. Now all we need to do is wait for Yuki to follow suit in this game of... whatever the hell it is.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
« Reply #27 on: December 23, 2013, 04:45:51 PM »
Gambler’s Luck

Sorry for not comment in your last chapter of Blood Wars

But I can say it’s wonderful fiction of WMatsui and other pairings

Anyway, Gambler’s Luck is also good as I read it (Prologue and Chapter 1)

Impress at Mayu’s luck but I’m more impress at Yuki’s luck at the game….

This is interesting fiction, I’m also curious who will Jurina’s love team….

I hope it’s Rena-chan…(Hehe)


I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 2
« Reply #28 on: December 23, 2013, 05:25:22 PM »
Interesting plot (/'ω')/
ikemen/playboy Mayu is so bold *_* (little unexpectedly, since Mayu generally is shy and cold, but fits her danso character, so kakkoi ('o') )

this bike
is so nice! Great choice!

hoping to see this titanic clash of lucky persons... Does Yuki's luck somewhat cancels Mayu's luck?? Had a feeling that is something like this

Merry Christmas!!!

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 3
« Reply #29 on: December 25, 2013, 09:53:06 PM »
MERRY CHRISTMAS MINNA!! Hope you're having a happy holiday! Enjoy the update~

Chapter 3

The deal was on and now every move had to count and mean something if I was going to win this bet. However I knew for sure that I was going to win and once I do, I'll simply get rid of her I mean really this has become something more of a game to me. All that stuff I was feeling last night was just rubbish. That's not who I am. I don't love anyone and I don't need anyone not when I have money. All I see in Yuki is something that I want because she truly is something that is a rare sight. Something you don't see every day and that's what makes her fascinating. Then once I have her I'll dispose her and never see her again and continue my hunting spree. I mean that's what I do and I've done for the past six years so I think this one will be like no other. Same old same old I'll win the bet and she'll be mine. The thing with marrying is was simply a lie and I really have to stop doing that but hey that makes things interesting. I think when she does fall for me I'll play with her for a couple weeks and then discard her like the other. It's a simple system and it makes me look terrible but to be honest I don't care. Because all those people to criticize me are lower than me and they know if they try anything I will personally destroy their entire being. I think this game is going to be very interesting and something I won't forget as easily. I was planning on making the first move and so I went out to the store and bought some flowers and chocolates. Girls really like this stuff so this will probably work. I drove over to the casino and walked inside where Yuki was sitting at her usual post.

"I brought you something thought you might like."

I showed her the gifts and she simply turned her head away and didn't say anything. I was surprised seeing how she was unaffected by the chocolate and flowers and so I knew she was going to be a tough one to crack. I gave the flowers and chocolate to a guy who I watched later on give to his wife who was at the slot machines. Once that was taken care of I went back over to Yuki and said,

"How about we have a chat and get to know each other a little bit nee?" I said.

"If you're going to try to use cheap pick up lines I will you tell you now they won't work because I've heard them all and I don't need to hear them again." Yuki said in a cold tone.

"Well I don't use cheap pickup lines so you can relax on that. I was just gonna play a little game. Ever heard of 20 questions?"

"I don't have time for your games Watanabe now get out of here before I call security."

I could tell Yuki was getting irritated by me mere presence and so I backed off and decided to seek advice from the top lady killer I knew. Pulling up to Jurina's place I parked outside and knocked on the door where one of the maids answered and soon let me in. I walked inside and to my surprise I saw Jurina on the couch playing a game of chess with a girl across. The two looked like they were in an intense game and then suddenly the girl made the final move and then she said,

"Check mate."

"Eh? No way!"

Jurina stared at the board in disagreement and I looked at it as well. She had Jurina's king blocked up and he couldn't move anywhere. He was trapped like a rat with nowhere to run and that was shocking because usually Jurina never loses at chess. The girl stood up and turned around where she was surprised to see me. She bowed and apologized and then quickly left the house. I sat on the couch and then looked at Jurina who was focused on the board. I lightly tapped Jurina's head and watched her come back to Earth and realize I was here.

"Who was the girl?"

"She was a girl I picked up at a cafe. She said she could beat me at a game I chose and so I chose chess and well.. I lost."

"Maybe you're getting old."

"How when I'm younger than you Mayu?"

"Dunno. Anyways I've come to ask you something."

"What's up?"

"So there's this girl who I've come across and I want her but she wasn't going to follow me easily so I made a bet with her."

Jurina looked at me with a disappointed yet nostalgic look on her face and then said,

"Another one Mayu? What is this the hundredth one?"

"Dunno lost track after fifty."

"Well what did you do bet with this girl?"

"I bet that if she fell for me she would marry me and if she didn't then I would give her all my money."

Jurina's eyes nearly popped out of her head when I told her that. This was the first time I had placed a bet that high but hey I was getting bored with my life and wanted to do something new for once something exciting. Yuki was the perfect thing to stamp a new chapter into the Watanabe life and I was planning on stretching it out for as long as it could go.

"That's a high bet Mayu. You think you're gonna win?"

"Of course I will. It's just been a while so remind me on all the tricks to pick on the ladies."

"Alright then pull out a pen and paper Mayu because this is going to me a long day."

After five hours with Jurina the Love Guru I was now ready to get back into action once again. I had forgotten all the old things I used to do since it had been such a long time. I had stopped after my last girl because when I got rid of her she came back and nearly killed me. I thought that I would stay in the single life for as long as possible and I had to admit I had some good times but now it's time to stretch out the old wings and start flying again. I pulled out of Jurina's house and realized that it was really late. Yuki was already off her shift and probably home by now. I didn't want to just show up to her house magically because she'd probably think I was a stalker considering the fact I did follow her home and spy on her and her family. Therefore I decided to go visit another friend of mine who I hadn't talked to in a long time. I got in my car and drove off to a bar where I walked inside and sat at the bar. Soon after a very charming person walked over and asked,

"What can I get you?"

"You already know what I want."

"One Lucky Star coming up!"

The bar tender pulled out a glass and mixed different drinks and I watched as the colors blended evenly to a golden brass kind of color. The bar tender then took a piece of apple and sliced it to take the shape of a star and placed it into the glass along with some ice. The bartender handed my the drink and I placed the money on the table. I took a sip of the drink and the flavor on my tongue was just as amazing as I had remembered it. A small smile appeared on my face and soon after I heard a small chuckle.

"You haven't changed a bit Mayu."

"Same to you Mariko."

With her hair slicked back and her sleeves neatly folded to a crisp and every button on her vest promptly buttoned up, Mariko smiled at me showing off that signature troll grin. Mariko grabbed a glass and poured herself a drink as well and sat down across from me. She took a sip and said,

"It's been a while nee?"

"Yeah.. How have you been?" I asked.

"Been good. Getting ready for the next election and I know I'll win again."

"You know Mariko I don't understand why you work as a bartender when you're also a politician."

"Well you see I like to relax and making drinks relaxes me. Seeing the smile on people's faces or the tears on others, this place is a place to drink away their sorrows or start up new joys and fun times. I'm just happy to see it all with my own eyes because by doing this I know what it's like to be one of the people."

"Spoken like a true politician."

I took another sip of my drink and ended up drinking all of it because it was so good.

"I have to admit though you make good drinks."

"Well after the elections I plan on having a big party so you're welcome to attend and even bring a guest if you want."

"That'd be great. Thanks Mariko."

We tapped glasses together and chatted for another two hours before the night rush started to come in and Mariko got busy with drink orders. At that moment I knew it was my time to go so I left quietly and then headed home for a long needed rest. Now I have better knowledge as to what to do next time I see Yuki. The first thing I need to do is get Yuki to open up to me and let me in. Once that's done she'll be all mine and I can move in to make the final strike. I just know I'll win and there's no way a person like her can win.

The next morning I woke up and I had a whole new plan laid out as to how to attract Yuki. I realized that Yuki might have an eye for the more finer things in life like jewelry. Therefore I went to the jewelry store and bought the finest piece of jewelry that the place had and had it placed it a special case. Once that was done I went to the casino and walked over to Yuki. I knew Yuki wouldn't take it from me directly so I decided to be a little sneaky and do a little something else. I walked over from behind Yuki while she was busy with a customer and then quietly slipped the jewelry next to her purse and then running off. I ran over to a slot machine and hid behind it so I could watch her without being noticed. I watched Yuki finish with her last customer and then when she turned around to get something from her bag she saw the box and opened it. I was expecting a look of shock or happiness but instead I get nothing but a blank expression. Yuki closed the box and then continued the rest of her shift like nothing happened. I thought that maybe Yuki was so shocked that she didn't want to overreact in front of such a large crowd so when she ended her shift she would scream with joy. I just thought I would wait a little longer to see what she would do.

Eventually Yuki's shift ended and I watched her leave the building and get onto her bike. She drove off and I followed her expecting her to go home however that was different. Instead Yuki pulls in front of a building and walks inside holding the jewelry. I couldn't hear anything but through the window I saw her give the jewelry to the cashier and in exchange he gave her a ton of money. Yuki thanked the cashier and then left the building. I was surprised to see this and I thought Yuki was just going to take my money. Then suddenly I noticed Yuki was walking towards me where she had found where I was hiding out. She grabbed my hand and then placed all the money in it. Then she looked at me in the eyes and said,

"I don't need shiny things." 

Yuki then got back on her bike and drove away leaving me with the money in my hand. I put the money back into my pocket and chuckled.

"Ha.. how strange Yuki."

Yuki really is something doing an act like that. Most people would have kept the money or the jewelry but instead she gives it back to me. Either she is the craziest person out there or she's the most honest. Yuki left and I stood there for a while trying to think of how to react to such a situation like this. In the end though I decided to just go home and relax for the rest of the night. As I sat there with my drink in my hand I started to think that how in the world am I going to win the heart of this girl? I underestimated her and now I'm starting to wonder what I could do. I looked at my phone and saw I got a Christmas message from Yuko telling me Merry Christmas. I had completely forgotten it was Christmas considering the fact that there was a lot of Christmas decorations up and around everywhere. Seeing how it was the Christmas holiday, I realized this was another lonely night with me and no one else. No presents, no friends no family just me. This was the fifth year this year and to be honest I had gotten used to it but there were times where I really did miss spending Christmas with someone else. While sitting on my chair I had thought about Yuki and wondered what her and her family were doing. Maybe they were opening presents or maybe they didn't have any presents at all? Thinking about Yuki and her family made me think of how they have nothing yet they're together and here I am with everything but I have no one. The loneliness was starting to consume me but this time I fought back.

I grabbed my car keys and went out to any stores that were open. All the fancy stores were closed for the holidays but there were some that were still open. I bought all kinds of toys for her siblings and then some cake for everyone to share. I felt sorry for the employees who had to work on Christmas so I gave them an extra bonus just for them to keep. Then I went to Yuki's home and calmly walked over with a sack full of presents behind me. I took a deep breath and then knocked on the door three times. Soon after the door opened and there standing there was Yuki wearing a simple red sweater and a Santa hat.

"Merry Christmas Yuki.. I was out and saw these toys that were on sale and I thought the kids would like them. Don't worry I didn't spend much and I brought you a cake to. Here take them. Happy holidays Yuki."

Before Yuki could say anything I turned around and walked away getting ready to get back in my car. However I heard Yuki call my name suddenly and she even threw a snow ball at me. I looked over and saw her giggling and then she said,

"Aren't you going to come in?"

I smiled and walked inside where for once I got to see Yuki's home. It was very small and kind of dirty but it had a homey feeling to it. In the corner of the room was a small Christmas tree with paper ornaments on them. I saw two little girls sitting on the floor staring at me as if I was from some other planet and I simply smiled and said,

"Santa's arrived!"

I set the sack down and some presents slid out. Their eyes grew to the size of plates and they looked at Yuki with big puppy dog eyes and said,

"Nee-chan can we open them please!!!"

"Sure go ahead." Yuki said smiling.

The girls opened the presents and one by one they discovered all the new toys I had gotten. I picked out things that girls liked such a plushies and dolls and that seemed to do the trick. I also got them some fuzzy pajamas that somehow fitted them and a couple of new shirts and pants. Then to top it off I got them both new shoes since their old ones looked about done for. Yuki herself was amazed at all the things I had gotten her siblings and of course I didn't leave Yuki out as well. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a small box and handed it to Yuki. She opened the box and was surprised to see not jewelry but a cookie with a piece of paper that said,

"Would you join me for lunch sometime?"

Yuki smiled softly and said,

"Sure why not?"

The bells were going off inside my head for a miracle had just happened. Yuki actually accepted my invitation to a lunch date and this was truly a Christmas miracle. I was already planning out what I could to do like where we could go and what we could eat. So many things were going through my mind but then they were all cut off when Yuki said,

"Let's have some of the cake Mayu got for us!"

Yuki handed me the knife and told me to make the first slice. I smiled and happily sliced pieces of cake for her and the kids. They all agreed it was really good and I was happy that they were all enjoying the cake. This year I got to spend Christmas with someone this year and I was very happy to be with someone. I was with friends and maybe just maybe, maybe even a lover. All I can say is that for once I don't feel so alone this year. As I was eating the cake I saw Yuki smiling and having a fun time and so this year I knew I had done something right.

Look forward to the next one!

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 3
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Poor Mayu...

Aww Mayu so sweet, after 5 years being alone in Christmas Day

She have someone to soend with

Please update soon and thx for the update

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 3
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Mayu is slowly getting Yuki open up to him.

Even though he did those stuff to make Yuki like him with his not-so-good intention, I still feel sorry for Mayu instead of Yuki, who is currently being fooled by him. Mayu is very poor in love. :cry:

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 3
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I really it :wub: Cute and all  :twothumbs
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 3
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Mariko is so deep and so cool!~  :shocked
mayuyu and yukrin kawai!!~ :cathappy: :deco:
and aww mayuyu im glad she dont feel alone :3 and yuki smiled which is a good sign!!~ :twothumbs
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 3
« Reply #34 on: December 27, 2013, 05:49:52 PM »
 :heart: :heart: :heart:
 :fap :fap :fap
 :bow: :bow: :bow:
48G FTW. Yoroshiku.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 4
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Yosh yosh here's the next update and well it appears I confused some of the readers in terms of Mayu's gender. Gomen minna Mayu is a GIRL who dresses like a boy and well the reason why is explained in the chapter. Anyways I hope you enjoy the update and again hontoni gomen on the confusion! ><'

Chapter 4

It was the day after Christmas and I was in a very happy mood after the events that happened yesterday. I had all kinds of fun with Yuki and her sisters who were just the sweetest kids. Yuki is doing a really good job at raising them for a woman her age and having no parents to help her with them. Just seeing her with the way she handles the kids already shows that she's gonna be a good mother. Today is a new day now and it's also the day I get to take Yuki on that lunch since she has the day off today. I knew exactly where I was going to take her and I think she'll really like it. I was going to go pick her up at her place around noon and it's eight in the morning right now so I have time to make proper arrangements. I called the restaurant to make the reservations and then I went out to the store and bought a couple things to help prepare for the future festivities. I bought some wine that we could share when we chat by the fireplace. We could talk and relax and I made sure my music player was set to the right playlist that was properly labeled "Romance" I had the maids make sure the place was extra clean and then I got ready as well with a shower and a nice outfit. I didn't want to look too dressy so I decided to wear some nice jeans and a button up with a blazer. I started to get dressed and then I noticed that my button up was too tight around my chest area.

"Damn not again.."

Looks like the "things" are growing again. Honestly they get bigger every year and it's becoming harder to hide them. I mean I am a girl and I think wasting money on a surgery to make me into a boy is a waste. Besides I've seen the outcome pictures and they look nothing like the original. Therefore I just do my best to hide me femininity from the general public because well if I actually "tried" to look like a girl society would have one hell of show. In this town women who have large amounts of money and power are either respected or seen as whores who got all that power and money by sleeping with a man. I don't want to be seen that way so therefore I hide my girly side and then people don't treat me like a whore. I know it's bad for my body but then I always remind myself that my parents did want a son.

Once I had tightened my chest binding my shirt had fit and then I made a note to myself to go get some new shirts. In the meantime I went down to the garage and got my car. Then I drove to Yuki's place where she was waiting for me outside the door. I was going to open the door for me but she stopped me and opened it for herself telling me she didn't need to spoiled princess treatment. I sighed and just went along with it as we went to the restaurant that I had picked out. I was looking forward to our lunch outing and the place I had picked was perfect. However when I pulled in to the parking lot Yuki demanded that we go somewhere else.

"Why do you not want to eat here?" I asked.

"It's too fancy and expensive. Do I look like I am dressed for such a place?"

I looked at Yuki up and down and saw she had a cute blouse on with some old jeans that had holes in them and sneakers. I had to admit she did look a little sloppy but I liked that about her.

"Let's just go to another place. I know the perfect one!"

"As you wish."

I cancelled our reservations and then I took Yuki to the place that she had requested and as expected we decided to go to an old ramen hut. I thought the place looked like a dump but Yuki said it was her favorite place growing up so of course I had to go along with it. We walked into the small hut and we were greeted my the chef himself.

"Hello Yuki-chan! Who's your fancy friend here?" he asked.

"Ah he's just a friend don't worry about it~" Yuki said.

"Alright then what'll be?"

"Two regulars please."

"Hai two regulars coming up!"

As I thought Yuki did think I was a guy and I don't know whether to see it as a good thing or a bad thing but I'll have to deal with it later. In the meantime we took our seats and a couple minutes later the chef came out with two ramen bowls. Yuki took some chopsticks and when she took her first bite she said,

"Wah oishi!! You make the best ramen in town!"

"I do my best Yuki-chan enjoy your meal."

"Mayu you have to try this!!"

Yuki handed me some chopsticks and naturally I looked down at the bowl and saw the noodles floating around with other variety of things. It didn't look very appetizing but I kept telling myself I was doing this for Yuki and so I sucked it up and took a bite. To my amazement the ramen was far better tasting than anything I've ever had. The taste and flavor was something I couldn't even describe it was just so good. It had a homemade feeling to it like something your mother would make for you when you were sad. After sitting there speechless for a while I ended up scarfing down the whole bowl in a matter of seconds. I asked for another bowl and the chef gladly gave me another bowl. I finished that one fairly quickly as well and pretty soon I had ended up eating ten bowls. When I finished I saw Yuki staring at me with a astonished stare as if she had seen Big Foot or something. I realized that I had just eaten a ton of food and probably shot the bill up and I felt really bad. Then suddenly Yuki leaned across the table and got really close to me to where I could feel her breath on my neck. I didn't move and I remained frozen like a deer caught in headlights for I was just so shocked.


Yuki leaned back and then revealed a tiny noodle bit that must have been on my cheek. I felt a small blush appear on my face and that made Yuki giggle which made me feel really embarrassed. When we finished our lunch the bill actually wasn't very high despite the fact that I had eaten so much. I wanted to pay the bill but Yuki said she could cover it. After seeing her house though I had insisted since she had showed me such a wonderful place so Yuki let me pay the bill this time. When we had left the place I had asked Yuki,

"Would you like to go to my place?"

"Ah no thanks Mayu I have to watch the kids so I have to go home now." she said.

"Ok I'll take you home then."

I drove Yuki home and as she was getting out she turned to me and said,

"Thanks for the lunch."

"No problem." I said.

"Ah and Mayu.."


Yuki leaned in close to me ear and whispered,

"You know if you weren't a girl, you wouldn't even know me~"

Yuki then smiled and waved before turning around and going inside her house. I didn't even know what to say I was so shocked.

"She knew?!"

How did Yuki know I was a girl?! I had no idea how she knew and that was something that was very surprising because I thought I had done a good job at hiding my femininity yet somehow she knew. My question is though is how did she know? I realized that trying to think about it was too difficult so I decided to go home and try to see if anything was wrong with me. When I got home I looked in a mirror and saw there was nothing that seemed feminine to me. I mean my hair was short like a guys and the glasses I had on were meant for guys. I didn't understand how Yuki saw through me and it still bothered me. Feeling unsettled by this I decided to talk to Jurina and see what she thought. When I walked into her house I felt something fly past me and slam into the wall. I looked behind me and saw a golf ball and when I looked over I saw Jurina staring at it with a look of disappointment.

"Damn I'm over par.." she said.

"Jurina what the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"It's too cold to play golf outside so I'm playing in here."

"Isn't that dangerous?"


Jurina swung her club and another golf ball went flying getting ready to go flying out the window but then a maid jumped out of nowhere and caught it with a baseball glove.

"Good catch!"

"Thank you master!"

"Jurina I need to ask you something." I said in a serious tone.

"What is it?"

"Do I look feminine to you?"

Jurina looked at me for a long time and then said,

"No you look like a guy to me. Why do you ask?"

"The girl.. she saw through me and saw I was a girl."

"Are you serious? Dang Mayu maybe you're losing your touch. Maybe you should take the surgery like Taka-"

"No Jurina I already told you those surgeries are expensive and a waste a money. Plus the end result isn't what you had bargained for."

"Suit yourself."

Jurina went back to her golfing and I knew I wasn't going to get anything from her so I decided to leave. I drove to the casino and decided to gamble my stress away and try to relax for a while. I went up to the slot machines and won a couple jackpots and then I went over to the Black Jack table where I won five hundred thousand yen and then won some more jackpots. Once I finished cleaning out the casino I went over to my place where I was surprised to see a visitor there waiting for me.

"Hey Mayu."

"Hey Yuko what are you doing here?"

"Came to stop by and tell you about a possible business investment you might be interested in."

"Show me."

Yuko handed me a file and I read through it. Apparently there was a gang that was smuggling Yuko's goods illegally and making lots of money without her permission.

"Take them out for me and I'll pay you handsomely." Yuko said.

"Just tell me where to go and who to kill and I'll take care of it."

Yuko gave me the coordinates to an abandoned recycling plant where there were already cars parked outside. I parked my car somewhere hidden so they wouldn't find it and then I went around and opened the trunk. There inside was a small case inside where I pulled out two black leather gloves and two hand guns. Once I made sure they were loaded I locked my car and then got ready for the fight. Making my way inside I saw a small group of men discussing about transportation and money of the goods. It looks like they were getting ready to send another shipment out and it was my job to stop them. I saw the four main guys and then there were other guards watching them. I thought I should take the guards out first so I went around to the first guard and took him out with a quick punch to the side. Then I went to the other one and took him out with a stab to the throat. There were six other guards and I was running out of time so I was going to have to speed up. I pulled out my pistols and added the silencers to them. Then I hid behind some crates and waited for the right moment.


I shot all six of them and then I stepped out from my hiding spot. The four men were surprised and shocked to see me and that was expected of course. They all pulled out their own guns but I quickly shot them out of their hands. Then I shot their knees so they would fall to the ground and not be able to escape me.

"So which one will die first?"

They all looked scared out of their minds thinking that I was going to kill all of them which I was but I like to give false hope.

"Alright look you can take the goods back just let us go." one guy said.

"Where's the money?"

"The what??"

"The money you get from selling my boss's goods. Where is it?"

They were silent for a while and didn't say anything. I knew it was going to take some encouragement so I fired off another round and that made them talking.

"It's in the safe upstairs!"

"Combination?" I said while aiming the gun.


"Thank you. Pleasure doing business with you gentlemen. Nice knowing you."

After that I shot them all and then went up the safe to collect my reward. Once that was done I went back to Yuko's place and gave her the money where she gladly gave me my share.

"Thanks a lot Mayu I can always count on you."

"Any time Yuko any time."

I walked out of Yuko's place and I decided to make a midnight stroll. Walking in the streets under the moonlight brought back some good old memories of mine back in the day. Step my step I made my way across the sidewalk where there were people walking past by me living their daily lives as they usually do. It was fascinating to see how far people have come in life. As I was walking I saw a very familiar person walking along the streets. Up ahead was Yuki who seemed to be window shopping looking at the shops and walking by. I carefully made my way over to Yuki and stood right behind her where I then popped up and said,






I didn't think I would scare Yuki enough for her to turn around and smack me with her bag. She hit me right in the face! My entire face was throbbing and it hurt like hell. I could feel blood pouring from my nose so I used my hand to try to cover it up. Yuki grabbed my arm and pulled me to the nearest building where she pulled me into the bathroom.


"Quit being a baby and hold still!"

Yuki took a wet towel and started to wipe away the blood from my face while trying to fight the constant flow. Once the blood was cleaned she handed me some more towels to help me prevent anymore blood shed and then she said,

"Jeez don't seek up on me like that Mayu. I could have killed you."

"Ha yeah right." I muttered.

"What'd you say?!" Yuki said with an angry look.

"Nothing! I'm sorry I snuck up on you I didn't know you'd beat my face with a handbag."
"Well now you know."

Yuki was about to walk out on me but then I stopped her. Like hell I was going to let her walk away after that kind of stunt.

"You can at least have a drink with me after nearly scarring my face."

"Sure thing let's go prima donna~"

"What'd you call me?!"

"Nothing nothing let's go Mayu~"

Yuki and I went to Mariko's bar where we sat down and soon after Mariko walked over to us and saw me face.

"What happened to you?"

"Save it Mariko just bring me a drink will ya?"

"You want the usual?"


"And for the lady? I'm guessing what an apple martini?"

"Nah just give me a glass of vodka."

I heard two men spit their drinks out in shock when they heard Yuki's request. Even Mariko was a little shocked after hearing Yuki because most women can't stand strong alcohol. However Mariko had no objections and so she brought us our drinks. We chatted for a while having a couple drinks and I was surprised how Yuki showed no sign of alcohol intoxication despite the fact that she had already had three drinks. I knew I wasn't going to let her walk home by herself tonight but dang she must be a woman of steel or something. Maybe she was raised by Russians..

"Hey bartender aren't you Shinoda Mariko the young politician running in the election this year?" Yuki asked.

"Why yes I am." Mariko said.

"Good luck on your election. I'll be voting for you!"

"Thank you very much I really appreciate that from good people like you Kashiwagi-san."

"You know my name?"

"Of course it's my job to know the people so I can help them the best way I can."

"Wah you're incredible Shinoda-san!"

"Alright Yuki I better get you home. I bet the kids are worried." I said.

"Ah that's right! Thanks Mayu I'll talk to you late Shinoda-san! I got a couple ideas you could use when you're elected!"

"Hai hai take care now~"

As I escorted Yuki out of the bar I saw how she had a dazed look in her eyes like a school girl who just saw the dream lover.

"Shinoda-san is so dreamy~"


Yuki started to giggle and also started to hiccup. Her giggle sounded almost bubbly and her steps were staggered like a drunken sailor. Looks like the alcohol was finally starting to hit her.

"Let's get you home Yuki."

I took Yuki home and carried her into her bedroom where I tucked her in and put her things away. Before I left I hacked her phone and then added my number in her contacts so she had number just in case. Yes it's wrong but hey what if she needs me? Once that was done I walked out of her house and called my driver to come and get me. While sitting in my bed I couldn't help but wonder if Mariko was going to try to take Yuki. There's no way she would but what if Yuki was falling for Mariko? Mariko was always the lady killer even back in high school so I knew I was screwed if she was falling for her. Though I doubt it she was just tipsy that's all. Those words didn't come from her they came from the alcohol right?         

Well look forward to the next update!

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 4
« Reply #36 on: December 28, 2013, 04:10:51 AM »
Thx for the update!!

Omo Mariko sama is a lady killer

Please update soon

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 4
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I wonder how Yuki knew that Mayu is a girl :P
Mayu is getting jealous XD

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 4
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Mayuyu Dnaso!! :cathappy:  :heart:
lol Yukirin is so cheeky~  :P
Pffffffttttttt! Mayu's a primadonna~ :lol:
and awww the kids are so cute!  :deco: calling Yukirn 'ne-chan~' such a cute scene~
thanx for the update Minoru~~ :cow: :bow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 4
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How Yuki found out about Mayu? :?
She is jealous. :rofl:

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