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Author Topic: Monster Within - Chapter 22 (KojiYuu) 16/11/2014  (Read 50988 times)

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 4
« Reply #40 on: December 28, 2013, 10:59:31 PM »
It is getting more interesting!!! So Mayu is a girl :D
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 4
« Reply #41 on: December 28, 2013, 11:10:11 PM »
I admit I too, was confused if Mayu is a guy or not  XD Since you cleared it up already that SHE IS A GIRL. Well my reaction is this...


I was right! this story has  a lot to offer, now Mayu is a hired killer (?) and the idea of Yuki being strong on her ground hating rich people is funny. It kinda made me feel nostalgic with some korean series. I like stories like that actually.  :lol: She just brought down 6 men and all...and yet she's no match with Yukirin's handbag~! PRICELESS  :rofl:

I thought Mayu has already fallen in love with poor Yuki, but was wrong. She still plans to throw her away after winning, eh? Bad Mayuboy. LOL but I believe this story is more like fanservice still, so never mind that.

Jurina the ultimate rich kid/love guru was the awesome-est part of the update though! I definitely imagined her in her role! I'm very much excited with her part in the story, I mean reading the real-deal...(oh it rhymes  :lol: )

and Yeah, I wonder about how Yuki knew Mayu's real sex (oh yeah not gender LOL I'm kinda sure she's a tomboy bisexual here *facepalm* )

Still wishing for more AtsuYuu though and yo! EAGERLY WANTING TO READ THE NEXT UPDATE!

Thanks for your Christmas gift too Miyumi! :D
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
« Reply #42 on: December 30, 2013, 03:29:54 AM »
Yosh yosh here's the next update! Time to introduce a new character~ Hope you like it!

Chapter 5

I woke up earlier than usual this time because of a god awful nightmare that I had. It was absolutely terrifying seeing her like that. I just wanted to scream and shoot myself right there it was so scary. I remember it so clearly as if it had happened to me in real life but thank god it didn't. I had a nightmare about Yuki and Mariko together and they were making out together right in front of me. The worst part was I couldn't do anything and it was killing me! I just wanted to stab Mariko right there and then and take Yuki somewhere far away so she will never be taken away from me. As I was sitting there going over the thoughts in my head I realized that I just needed to calm down and it was going to be alright. It was just a bad dream and that's all it will ever be. Seeing how I couldn't go back to sleep, I decided to get up and get ready for my daily routine. I got in the shower once again and then when I got my robe on I walked into the kitchen and made a batch of coffee. I sat there quietly while drinking from my cup and thought about what I was going to do today. I thought that perhaps I should go and visit Yuko today since I have some business to do with her anyways. In the meantime I should also wonder what I'm going to do with Yuki today when I see her in the casino. I have a couple of questions to ask her after last night.

So many things to do today and the day was just getting started. It was also raining heavily so that was a great way to start out the day. I walked into the main room where I turned on the TV and watched the morning news while eating my breakfast. There was nothing really new in terms of anything interesting to me. Crime rate was still the same as usual and the stocks were down once again. Nothing really interesting in terms of what I find interesting except for one story about a new type of genetic defect that is now recently starting to take light. Apparently there was a child who was born with blue eyes and can see in the dark. It was a very rare gene that are only found in a couple people in the world. I thought that was something quite interesting seeing how most of the people I know are brown eyed. Hell even I am and the cool thing was the child that was born with such eyes was Chinese. As I was sitting there watching TV I heard a knock at the door and I wondered who it could be so early in the morning. I walked over to the door and opened it only to find a girl standing there in a white long skirt, a black corset with a white blouse under and a suit case with an umbrella protecting her from the rain. However I could tell the umbrella didn't do much seeing how she was still pretty wet after seeing her hat.

"May I help you?" I asked.

"I've come looking for work. Would you be as kind to give me a job?" she asked in a gentle tone.

"Well.. I already have enough maids but.."

I moved my head slightly so the light could fall on her face and I could get a better look. From what I could see she looked young and also pretty. I decided I would let her in seeing how the rain was pouring and it was bitterly cold outside. She took off her shoes so she wouldn't drip onto the floor and then I handed her a towel so she could dry her hair. She sat in a chair and took of her hat revealing medium length raven black hair like Yuki. Her skin was extremely pale and her eyes were almost almond shaped which I found interesting. This girl certainly caught my interest from the moment she entered my and I wondered how she wasn't able to get a job with her looks. I offered her some tea but she declined and then said,

"I am looking for a job as a house keeper."

"Hmm what can you do?" I asked.

"Anything you ask."

"Well that's what most of my maids can do but what makes you so special?"

The girl opened her suit case and then handed me a file with all her information in it. I started to read the file and I slowly found myself getting to know her. Her name was Matsui Rena and I found it ironic how her surname was the exact same as Jurina's but they didn't look related. She was 22 and from Nagoya which was what led me to something that really stuck out to me. Rena apparently used to be a body guard for a top politician and the politician's name was listed but they left a review saying how Rena was an excellent worker. I looked back up at Rena who was staring at me with a calm look in her eyes. After consulting with the other staff, they all agreed they wouldn't mind the extra help so I walked over to Rena and said,

"Welcome to the Watanabe house hold Matsui-san. The head maid will show you what's expected from all the staff members and your new living quarters. We don't have any free rooms right not so I'll have your things moved to my room for now and you'll have to spend the night there. For now since it's so early let me get you your new uniform."

I took Rena to the dressing room where the uniforms were there pressed and freshly washed. I handed her one and she took it bowing and then going into the changing booth. When she came out I had to admit she looked very nice in the uniform but I didn't want to show her that I was some creep so I helped her up to my room where she could place her things for the moment. I looked at the clock and saw the it was around eight in the morning and the staff were just starting to get up. I had the head maid take Rena while I got ready to head out. I got in my car and then drove to my first stop which was Yuko's place. I drove up to the front door and when I walked inside I was surprised to see Atsuko standing on a chair and Yuko holding onto her legs. I walked in and Yuko saw me come in so she greeted me.

"Hey Mayu what's up?"

"Nothing much just came to see how you and Atsuko have been doing. What are you doing?" I asked.

"Ah well you see the light bulb went out and I'm not tall enough to reach it and Atsuko wasn't either so I'm having Atsuko stand on the chair and try to replace the bulb."

"Don't you have maids who could do that?"

"Oh I didn't even think of that! Atsuko dear come down."

"I almost got it!"

I watched Atsuko turn the light bulb in one last time putting it into place. Once that was done she began to climb down but she lost her footing and started to fall down. Luckily I was there to catch her midway and she or the baby was hurt.

"Wah thanks Mayu! That could have been a mess." Yuko said.

"Yuuchan you baka!"

"Gomen Acchan gomen!"

Once we got Atsuko back onto the ground, she thanked me and then ran off to do the laundry. Meanwhile Yuko and I went to the kitchen where we sat down and had a drink together.

"So did you clean up the mess I had made from my little visit last night?" I said.

"I got it all taken care of." Yuko said while sipping her drink.

"That's good and thanks for the money by the way. So what are you doing here anyways? Shouldn't you be at the office?"

"I took a day off to relax a little since I've been working nonstop for the past few months. Atsuko said she missed me around the house too so I decided to let the co-president handle it today."

"You mean Paru? Oh she'll take good care of it."

Yuko and I talked some more until she was called to help Atsuko out with the clothes. Honestly they have staff that does all that stuff for them so why do they bother to do the housework? They're basically paying the staff for doing nothing and if I were them I would have fired all the staff. Maybe they're doing it just so they can feel like a real couple which is actually cute. Definitely keeps up the whole "family values" look. While Yuko was doing the laundry I suddenly heard a knock at the door and since no one was answering I decided to get it. When I opened the door I was surprised to see Jurina standing there holding a medium sized box.

"Jurina what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I came to talk to Atsuko about something. What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit Yuko. They're both here."

I let Jurina in and when Atsuko came out she quickly led Jurina to another room for the two to talk in private. Yuko on the other hand came back in with a laptop and some magazines. She typed something into her laptop and then showed me a house that was for sale in Costa Rica asking me if she should buy it as a vacation home for the family to go to. I looked at the prices and the location and I told her no. Costa Rica has some nasty viruses you could get and finding a cure is hard to get. Yuko agreed and then continued her search but I wanted to talk to her so I brought up the subject about Yuki and Mariko with what had happened last night. As soon as I had mentioned Mariko's name Yuko looked up with a serious gaze and said,

"Mayu if you really love this girl I would suggest you get her quick."

"Why?" I asked. 

"Because once Mariko has her eyes set on something she likes she will do whatever she can to have it."

"What? There's no way-"

"It's true!"

I looked over and saw Jurina come in with a stare just like Yuko's.

"The reason why I'm so good with the ladies Mayu is because Mariko taught me the ways. She is the ultimate lady snatcher and can get any girl or boy she wants with little to no effort. I mean have you seen her in action?"

"Yeah I have on my girl."

"Well technically she isn't your girl." Yuko stated.

That remark hit me straight to the chest and it hurt. I know Yuki wasn't mine but she will be soon. I just gotta keep working and I'll get her for sure.

"I'm working on it." I said glaring at Yuko.

"Well you better work fast because Mariko is a stone cold hunter. She's good at what she does and her technique is flawless. You're going up against a grand master Mayu so be prepared to go to war if you have to." Jurina said.

"I don't even know if she even likes Yuki."

"You better find out then before you go off and make a total ass of yourself." Yuko said while taking a sip of her drink.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Last time you went after someone you nearly blew their head off when they were only trying to apologize to you. Remember Mayu? You should since you had to hide at my place for a couple days from the police."

"Oh yeah.. those records have been erased. I'm clean now."

"Yeah for now~"

Jurina got that cat smile on her face as if she was getting ready to toy with me so I got up and left without saying a word. I forgot how sadistic Jurina can get sometimes when she starts to play with others. Something she had picked up from Mariko since the two were always together in high school and she learned practically EVERYTHING from her. Damnit if I don't do something about Yuki then Mairko could possible take her away from me and then my nightmare would com true. I do not want that happening so I went down to the casino which was now already starting to open. I was one of the first customers inside and looks like I was too early seeing how Yuki wasn't there yet. She must be running late or worse, she was seeing Mariko. The sheer thought of her with Mariko was driving me insane and I knew I had to calm down if I was going to face Yuki so I started to play some games and win some more cash since I was going to need a large amount soon. I'm going to need money to pay for some renovations of the house since Rena was moving in and whatnot. I had to get a couple million so I went around playing the games that won the big bucks and I was able to get enough in no time. After finishing up another round of dice, I looked over and saw Yuki was now at her stand serving a customer. I walked over getting ready to talk to her but then when I saw who the customer was I nearly had a heart attack right there.

"Hey I won!"

"Good job Shinoda-san! You just won ten thousand yen~"

"Ah I should have bet more?"

"Care for another round?"

"Nah I better get home. I have a big campaign speech tomorrow and I have to prepare."

"Ah come back anytime Shinoda-san and good luck with your speech! I'll be watching on the TV!"

"Thank you Yuki-chan~"

When the hell did she let people call her Yuki-chan? I can barely call her Yuki without getting a handbag swung at my face. I watched Mariko leave and I quickly took the seat before anyone else could get it. As soon as I sat down Yuki's entire being changed and she turned to her usual cold self.

"What'll be Watanabe?"

"Watanabe? I'm Mayu."

"Bet please."

"Uh black twelve."

Yuki rolled the ball and I watched as it once again landed it on the wrong number. Yuki took my money and then said,

"Care for another round."

"Will you tell me why Mariko was here if I do?"

"Sure why not."

We played another round and even though I lost Yuki did tell me why Mariko had come to the casino.

"I had invited Shinoda-san to come see where I worked and things. She was very polite about it and even won some money."

"Do you like Mariko?"

Yuki remained silent and I knew she was not telling me the truth. She likes Mariko I know it I just need her to admit it. Therefore I made a bet to her that if I won a round then she would tell me if she liked Mariko or not. Yuki laughed at the thought because she knew I always lost at this game so she was expecting me to never win. However I was going to prove her wrong so I placed my bet and set the number. I lost as usual but I wasn't going to let that stop me and so I kept playing and ended up losing twenty more times. I was going to play another round but then Yuki told me to stop and said she felt sorry for me and decided to tell me.

"I don't like Shinoda-san in that way. If I were then I would get a lot of publicity and attention since she's a politician and I really don't want that."

The church bells were ringing inside my head at that moment and the angels were singing. I was so glad that Yuki didn't like Mariko in that way and that meant there was still a chance for me. I grabbed Yuki's hand and shook it really good since I wasn't sure if she was comfortable with hugs or not yet but I was so happy that I could just kiss her. However I didn't want to creep her out so I restrained myself with all my might and then walked out of that casino as a very happy girl. I went straight home feeling in the mood for some good food and wine today because I was just in such a cheery mood. When I walked in the door though I was surprised to see the entire house sparkle and shine like it was brand new. There wasn't a single speck of dust or dirt anywhere. Even the floor was so clean that I could see my own reflection in it. I asked what had happened and all the maids said that it was Rena who had done it. They said she was an excellent worker and she had cleaned the whole house top to bottom. She even had enough time to make dinner because when I walked into the dining room there was a full course meal sitting there for me at the table freshly baked and ready to be eaten. I saw Rena putting on the finishing touches to the noodles and so I called her over. She walked over to me and I grabbed her by the shoulders staring at her directly into her eyes and I said,

"Rena you have done a fantastic job. Thank you."

That night I ate one of the best meals I had ever had. Rena's food tasted even better than the personal chefs I had hired. Everything was just spectacular and Rena really was something. After the feast I took Rena up to my room where I had her get ready for bed and told her she would be sleeping in my bed while I went and slept on the couch. She deserved a good night rest after all the hard work she had done today. Rena had tried to reject my offer but I had ordered her to sleep in the bed and relax. She then told me she would only sleep in the bed if I slept with her. I was a bit astonished by her request but none the less I wanted Rena to be relaxed and feel comfortable so I got in the bed with Rena and turned off the light. Soon after we both feel asleep feeling very happy with myself and just everything in general. Something tells me Rena was going to fit in just fine and I was starting to like her myself. That politician was right when they said she really was a hard worker.

Yosh yosh look forward to the next update! There's much more coming up for our little gambler and it will all fall into place soon~

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
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first time for giving a comment on this fic
MOAR MAYURENA~ (I thought it would be interesting)

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
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Seriously? oh my heart!!!  :deco:

Paranoid Mayuboy is so cute! and finally! a wild Rena appeared! Yeah MayuRena is awesome!  :bow: the AtsuYuu couple is so cute, don't you think?  XD DIYing stuff (LOL)

WOW, I'm so excited! UGH *bites on le shirt hem drooling for an update*
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
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THE QUEEN APPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could feel the bond of MariHaru there for a bit
Rena ish awesome~~~
I wonder if Mariko's just playin.. O.O
Ya know, to get Mayu to make a move on Yuki

Btw, AtsuYuu moments there.
They really are a sweet couple~~~

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
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RenaMayu?! :shocked
AtsuYuu cute~ :P
Mayuyu ganbatte!~  :yep: you have to win Yukirin's heart~ :heart:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
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Thx for the update!!!

Rena has appear!! Is MayuRena or Wmatsui??

Mayu combatte!!! Lucky Yuki not interest in Mariko, but Mariko still dangeruos

Please updatesoon

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
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Mayu hurry up and get Yuki :grin:
Rena chan is hereeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cow:

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 5
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hohoho~~ good job mariko!! :thumbup :thumbup XD

mayu realize you love yuki!!

but mayurena is  :heart: :heart: :heart: too

i love that mayurena!!!!
 i came to love mayurena!!

but of course

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 6
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It was late and I couldn't sleep so I made an update. Enjoy~

Chapter 6

I woke up in the morning and was surprised to see a cup of coffee and some toast already waiting for me at the table. I saw Rena placing the last piece of toast onto the plate before bowing and leaving in plane sight. I ate my breakfast and then went into the bathroom where the bath water had already been prepared for me. I turned around and saw Rena leaving a towel for before bowing and closing the door behind me. Once I had finished by bath I had stepped out and saw a set of clothes already set on the bed for me and I heard the door shutting behind me. I was guessing it was Rena's work again and so I put the clothes she had picked out for me and then headed down stairs. I was about to walk out but then I saw a piece of paper on the table. I picked it up and began to read it and I was surprised to find that it was a list of all the casinos in Tokyo and their big jackpots scores were. It showed the prices of each jackpot from highest to lowest and there was even a list of all the games I had to play. I looked up and saw Rena standing there holding my shoes and car keys and I had to say I was very impressed with her work. I put on my shoes and then Rena handed me my keys where I walked outside and noticed that the car had been washed. It was so clean that it almost looked completely brand new like the day I had first purchased it. I sat there in my car and inhaled the scent of car cleaner and said to myself,


Seeing how Rena had basically just done everything for me I started to think that Rena really was something. However I couldn't let that slow me down for my main goal today which was to find another way to get to Yuki since I now learned that she doesn't like Mariko which means I have a chance. I remember hearing Yuki say about how her bike was giving her trouble so I thought maybe I would secretly go over to her house and try to fix it myself. I'm not the best at it but I thought I would give it the shot with the proper tools. I drove out to Yuki's place and found her bike parked outside of her house. Because it was early I knew she was still asleep so I had to do this quickly and quietly. I took out my tool kit and then the instruction manual of "mechanics for dummies" and I started to look through it. I didn't understand half of what it said and so I just found a picture of a bike and compared it to Yuki's bike. Everything seemed normal but then I noticed a part that didn't seem right.

"What is that??"

Looking at the bike and then the picture I couldn't find what it was in the book so I just thought maybe it was a piece that needed to be replaced. It was connected by a set of screws so I took a screwdriver took off the piece. That was a big mistake because as soon as I took it out I saw the bike start to shake and get ready to fall apart. I held the bike with one hand while holding the piece in the other. I had set the piece down and then I grabbed the new one from the tool box. This was the part that was going to get tricky if I wasn't careful so I used my shoulders to hold the bike up while I had both hands to freely attach the part that was missing. Once it was in, I got back up and the bike was perfectly fine. I felt a moment of satisfaction right there but then I heard a voice from behind me that made my bones jump out of my body.

"What are you doing to my bike?"

I turned around and saw Yuki with a very irritated face. She looked like she had just gotten out of bed seeing how she was wearing pajamas and her hair was in a messy bun.

"I uh.. eto.."

"You have two seconds to tell me what you were doing before I call the cops for grand theft auto." she said in a serious tone.

"I was just trying to fix your bike ok? Look I had replaced one of your old parts with a new one."

Yuki had bent down to look at her bike and I couldn't help but notice a slight glimpse of her panties. They were white with some kind of blue lace lining and I was just dying to know what was under the pants but I didn't want to be a pervert so I restrained myself. After inspecting her bike and making sure I didn't steal anything or damage the bike any further she turned to me and said,

"Thank you Mayu I appreciate your help but I can fix it myself when it needs it."

"I'm sorry Yuki.. I was just trying to help.."

I held my head down feeling bad about what I had done and was getting ready to leave but then Yuki said,

"Why don't you come in and have some coffee since you're already up and I had to get up anyways."

I couldn't believe what was happening where I was actually getting invited into her house. I walked inside and took off my shoes before entering and then followed Yuki to the kitchen where she had me sit at the table. She told me to be quiet since the kids were still sleeping and she didn't want me waking them. I sat there as quiet at a statue and didn't move and inch. Then a couple minutes later Yuki came back with a cup of coffee and handed it to me. I took a sip of it and almost choked on it because it tasted so bad. It tasted like a mixture of black tar and sewer water which wasn't very pleasant. I wondered how Yuki was to stomach that stuff down considering the fact that she probably drank it everyday. Yuki walked over and sat down across from me and we drank in silence. I wanted to say something but there were many things I could say. I had to pick my words wisely because I didn't want to say something that could upset Yuki in anyway.

"So what are you planning on doing today?" I asked.

"Get the kids up and drop them off at school then come home and sleep some more before getting ready for work." she said as she drank her coffee.

"Do you need any help? 

"Well if you don't mind could you drop the kids off at school if I give you the address?"

"No problem."

"Thank you Mayu. Let me get the kids up and ready to go and then I'll leave them to you."

Yuki got up and went into the other room where the kids were sleeping and got them up and dressed ready for school. They came out and when they saw me the youngest one asked,

"Nee-chan what's Santa doing here?"

"Eto.. This is Mayu and Mayu is going to take you to school today." Yuki said casually.

"Ah ok.."

Yuki packed the two their lunches and then handed it to them before kissing their cheeks and then handing them to me.

"You make sure they get there safely or otherwise I'll blast that pretty head of yours all over the walls with my 45."

Yuki had a dangerous black aura coming from her and so I knew she was dead serious about these kids. I nodded my head and then left taking the kids to their school where I dropped them off and then headed back to Yuki's place. When I walked inside I saw that Yuki wasn't anywhere in the main room so I walked into another room and found her sound asleep in her bed. Seeing Yuki all curled up in a ball and sleeping made me think she was really cute. I just wanted to take a picture of her right there and then but I thought it would be bad. Instead I made sure she was properly covered and then left a note saying I had dropped the kids off. Before going though I had decided to do something daring and so I leaned in close to Yuki and barely, just barely, I lightly kissed Yuki on the forehead before running for my dear life as if I had just triggered a bomb. I got in my car and drove away hoping that Yuki didn't notice me and then decided to head to go back home and relax for a while since I had nothing better to do. I walked inside and was shocked to see Rena with a vacuum in one hand and a duster in the other. There were sponges on her feet like shoes and her head had a brush on it. She was sliding across the room because of the sponges on her feet and she vacuuming and dusting at the same time while cleaning the floors. It truly was a strange sight.

"Eto master you got a letter today in the mail."

I looked over and saw the head maid holding an envelope in her hand and so I took it and thanked her. Before leaving the maid had mentioned that Rena had never went to bed last night and had been cleaning all day and night since she had gotten here. I was very astonished by the statement and so I went over to Rena and said,

"Rena perhaps you should go to bed. The head maid told me you haven't slept in days."

Rena paused and looked up at me saying,

"I do not need sleep master I am fine."

Now I thought that statement was a load of crap and I was going to argue but then I got a text from Yuko telling me to open the letter I had received. I opened the letter where there was a white note. I read it and realized it was in invitation to Mariko's campaign party. Apparently she had won and now she was going to celebrate with all her friends. I was happy for Mariko but didn't really feel like going after all since I wasn't really a social person. I decided to leave the invite for now and worry about it later. For now though I thought a nap would be nice since I have nothing better to do and the casinos didn't open for a while. Therefore I took off my shoes and then walked into my bedroom where I feel on the bed and soon fell asleep after that.

"Mother father look what I won at school today!"

"Sugoi Mayu-chan you must be very lucky!"

"Mother what does lucky mean?"

"Hmm it means a lot of good things happen to you using little to no effort."

"I see.. then I must be really lucky because I have mother and father always by my side!"

"You're the luckiest girl in the world Mayu-chan."

"I love you mother, I love you father!"

"We love you too Mayu-chan."

I woke up startled by a noise coming from downstairs. After recovering from my half awake state I walked down stairs where Yuko was down throwing darts at the wall. When she saw me she smiled and said,

"What were you doing sleeping this late Mayu? Honestly it's four in the evening know."

"Ah I was taking a nap when you showed up." I scowled.

"Well I come to ask if you got the invite since you didn't reply to my text."

"Ah yeah I got it. I might not go I'm not sure.."

"Well I think you should since your girl is going too." Yuko said.

"What? Yuki is going?"

"Yep Mariko said she invited her so of course Yuki was more than happy to accept."

"Are you kidding me?!"

I couldn't believe that Mariko had invited Yuki let alone Yuki had accepted the invite. Now I had to go if I were to make sure that Mariko didn't try anything on Yuki and protect her. I had to stop her and so I had come to the conclusion that I was going to attend the party and watch Yuki. Yuko also mentioned that I could bring a guest so I thought that if I brought a guest then it would make me seem less obvious seeing how Yuko was going to take Atsuko and Jurina was probably going to take some girl with her as well. I thought about asking Yuki to attend with me so after Yuko left, I went over to Yuki's place and saw she wasn't there. I looked at the time and saw it was late and so she must have gone to work already. I went to the casino and found Yuki and Mariko talking once again. I swear I wanted to shoot Mariko right there and then but I managed to control myself and so I walked over and stood next to Mariko. When they saw I had arrived the two had stopped their giggling and then Mariko said,

"So I'll be expecting you at my party?"

"I wouldn't 'miss it for the life of me." Yuki said happily.

"Great I'll send a car to come and pick you up. Eight o clock~"

"Hai hai you take care Shinoda-san~"

Mariko left and I was ready to punch the living lights out of Mariko if Yuki wasn't there. I looked over at Yuki who was still in a dazed state so I had to bring her back to Earth.

"Ah Mayu I found your note and I just wanted to tell you thank you for dropping the kids off."

"It was no big deal. Anyways I have something I want to ask you.."

"What is it Mayu?"

I froze at that moment when I saw the look Yuki was giving me. It was a look that just seemed stunning to me and I had no idea why. She looked curious but also looked very pretty in the lighting and I couldn't help but pause for a moment However Yuki brought my back and then I mustered up the courage to ask,

"Well I was wondering if you would like to attend Mariko's party with me?"

Yuki smiled and then said,

"As much as I would love to, I already have a guest I'm taking with me."

"Really? Who?"

"The kids. Shinoda-san said I could bring them since I didn't have anyone to watch them. I was going to be out so late that no baby sitter would want to wait that long so Mariko said I could bring them with me and if they got sleepy she would have a private room for them to go and relax and a security guard watching them the whole time. Shinoda-san sure is nice isn't she?"

At that moment I felt the rage inside me start to bubble and get ready to burst butI had to keep it under control. However I couldn't get over the Shinoda-san this and Shinoda-san that it was just sickening to me. I wanted to go stab my ears with knives but I didn't so I just decided to go home and drink away my sorrows. When I pulled into the house I saw it was clean once again thanks to Rena and I guess she knew I was going to be stressed because when I walked into the kitchen there was already a drink waiting for me. I picked it up and drank it quietly and then when it was empty I set the glass down and walked into the main room where I could relax and watch some TV. I turned on the TV and the first thing that came on was the news announcement about Mariko's big victory in the elections. Seeing her face on my big TV was irritating to me so I changed the channel to something that wasn't political or have anything to do with the news. There were some romance dramas but they all reminded me of Yuki and so I change the channel on those programs as well. There was nothing really good on expect for pro wrestling which was barbaric and stupid but since there was nothing left to do I decided to watch it. As I sat there watching the gross sweaty men fight, Rena came over with a tray of cookies and tea.

"Thank you."

I took a cookie and took a bite and I had to admit they were pretty good. I ate all the cookies on the tray and drank all the tea. As I was setting the glass down Rena came out and cleaned the mess I had made. The way Rena came out so quickly it was as if she was waiting for me to finish. As I was sitting there watching the TV about Mariko's victory party I started to think who was I going to take to the party since everyone was going to have a guest but me. I stood there thinking for a while and then suddenly Rena walked in holding another glass of tea. I looked at Rena up and down and then smiled coming up with a genius plan that was sure to work. I walked over to Rena and placed my hands onto her shoulders with a big smile on my face. I looked at her and asked,

"Rena, how would you like to go to a party with me?"

"If master wishes so then I shall go."

"Good! Get your finest dress because we're going to a party~"

I hope you liked it and look forward to the next update!

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 6
« Reply #51 on: January 02, 2014, 10:05:13 AM »
Rena is just simply amazing. Such a very very hardworking girl. The best maid in the whole universe. XD

Mayu's jealously never fails to make me happy. :D

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 6
« Reply #52 on: January 02, 2014, 10:20:04 AM »
lol Yuki and her black aura :P
Mariko-sama?!  :shocked yada! Yuki dont go with Mariko-sama!~ :cry:
Mayuyu! dont use Rena like that when shes working hard for you!~ *sigh*  :(
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 6
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Rena is going to the party and i wonder Jurina is also there

Mayu have another plan i wonder what it is

Cant wait for the next ch

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 7
« Reply #54 on: January 03, 2014, 06:51:36 AM »
Yosh here's the next update! What's gonna happen at the party? Well let's find out shall we?

Chapter 7

Looking in the mirror I made sure my tux was proper and looked neat since tonight was the big night for the party. For the special occasion I wore I blue suit with a black tie and a white dress shirt with some nice shoes. My hair was slicked back and my glasses were precise to make sure that I had looked fine. I brushed my teeth to a minty clean freshness. Then I opened my jewelry box and picked out my best watch hooking it onto my wrist and then going back to the mirror to comb out any last minute touches. I had finished styling my hair when Rena walked in and I almost dropped the comb I was holding. Rena stepped in wearing just a plain black dress that went down to her shins and hugged her body very nicely. The dress had some frills at the bottom and on the side of it there were roses that were bejeweled onto it. Even though it was just a plain dress I had to admit she looked very nice with the way it shaped her body into something beautiful. However I thought there was something missing so I walked over to my jewelry box and pulled out a lovely ruby red rose pendant. I hooked onto Rena's dress and then I stepped back looking at my work.

"Perfect~ So are you ready to go?"

"Yes master."

"Now at the party you don't call me master you call me Watanabe-san or Mayu."

"Yes master."

Rena was solid like a stone statue and I was worried that she was going to be too emotionless when we were at the party. However I didn't have time to worry about it for the car that was supposed to take us had arrived and it was time to go. We got into the car and the driver took us to the place where the party was being held. It was being held at a fancy hotel where Mariko had had rented out their ballroom. The doors opened and there was already a paparazzi waiting outside taking pictures and trying to get questions. I simply ignored them and walked inside where there were already a ton of people. I told Rena she could go off on her own and do what she wanted and so she obeyed my orders and disappeared. Meanwhile I was on a mission to find Yuki if she had arrived already and I had a good idea as to where she was. I headed to the most populated area and in the middle I found Mariko sitting on the couch with Yuki sitting next to her. Yuki's sisters were also there with her so I knew Mariko wasn't going to try anything. Yuko, Atsuko, Jurina and some other girl was also there with her so I decided to go join them.

"Ah Mayu I'm glad you came." Mariko said.

"I wouldn't miss it." I said with a smile.

I sat down next to Jurina who handed me a drink and then said,

"So where's your guest?"

"She.. ran to the bathroom." I lied.

"Ah well I hope she comes out. I'd love to see since you always tend to bring some fine gals."

"Jurina don't you already have one around your arm?"

"Ah she'll be gone by the end of the night I just didn't want to be the third wheel."

Honestly I couldn't believe some of the things Jurina did with her women. She went through women like chopsticks one after another with an infinite number of them at her disposal. I hope that she comes across a girl one day that she won't throw away and she'll be happy with just that one. However in the mean time I was more interested in getting to Yuki who was right next to Mariko sharing a drink with her. I made my way over wedging myself between the two and sat there sipping on my drink quietly. As we were sitting there Yuki suddenly decided to ask,

"So what will you do now that you've been elected?"

"Well first I would like to focus on trying to improve the city. I want to first fix the roads in the poorer are since there have been so many traffic accidents caused by pot holes or bad cracks."

"That would be wonderful Shinoda-san. There is a pot hole right outside my house and I see cars hit it all the time nearly jumping a meter in the air!"

"Well I'll get construction workers to get right on it. Things are going to change for Tokyo and they're going to change for the better."

People applauded and I simply muttered under my breath as I took another sip. Then I saw Yuki get up and walk away so naturally I followed her down the hall to the bathroom where she walked inside. I walked in as well and pretended to look at myself in the mirror hoping she wouldn't suspect me. She came back out and washed her hands and then looked at herself making sure there wasn't a flaw. I slowly made my way a little closer and then Yuki said,

"Hey can you tell me if my make up looks alright?"

Yuki moved over to me and I looked at her for a long time admiring her beauty. I had to focus and make sure I wasn't floating away somewhere else so I looked back at Yuki and said,

"You look stunning."

Yuki giggled and then thanked me before heading back up. I followed her back out and saw her make her way over to the food table while Mariko was talking to some other officials. Since Mariko was busy I thought now would be a good time to try to make my move so I walked over to Yuki and poured a glass of champagne. I turned to Yuki and then said,

"Want some?"


Yuki took the drink and sipped it leaning back against the table. I stood there staring at my drink and then asked,

"So how have things been for you?"

"Good. I got my pay check so I'll be able to pay the bills this month."

"That's good. Hey I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me to dinner sometime. My treat?"

"I'll think about it. I have to find someone to watch the kids so I don't know."

"I have a maid who'd be happy to watch them. She's an amazing worker."

"Really? I'll have to meet her then. Here"

Yuki took a napkin and a pen and wrote down something on it. She then handed it to me and winked before walking away. On the napkin was her number and a note saying "call me" I felt my heart soar through the sky with happiness when I realized that I had gotten her number and I was really happy to see that. However I then realized that I had done something really stupid before when I had put my number in Yuki's phone. I don't think she knew so I knew if I called and she saw it was me in her contacts she would know that I had gone through her phone! I had to get her phone and delete my contact before I do anything. I looked around and found Yuki sitting next to Mariko once again. I knew I was going to have to think of a way to get her purse because that's probably where she kept her phone. While Yuki wasn't looking I tried to snatch it but she turned back around and I pulled back as she reached in to grab some make up.

When she put her bag back down, I was getting ready to grab the bag once more but there were people giving me weird looks so I had to pull back. I didn't want people to think I was trying to steal something from Yuki so I had to think of another way to get her phone. I stood there thinking for the longest time until I finally came up with an idea that was sure to work. I walked away from Yuki and walked around for a while and then walked back over to Yuki. I put on my best poker face and then shyly tugged on Yuki's dress. She looked over at me and was at first going to scold me for bugging her but when she saw my face she immediately softened up and asked,

"What's wrong Mayu?"

"Um Yuki.. I um.." I stuttered trying to sound embarrassed and nervous.

"What Mayu?"
"Um Yuki I think I'm having that time of the month thing.. Do you have um.. lady items?"

I was so embarrassed myself that even my face had turned bright red and Yuki knew exactly what I meant. She handed me her bag and told me to go to the bathroom and take care of it and then come back. I took it and thanked her before running off into the bathroom where I locked myself in the stall. I took out her phone and then went into her contacts where I saw mine and deleted it. Mission accomplished and I was safe but to make sure that Yuki didn't suspect anything, I took out one of the lady items and simply threw them away. To be honest I never really got that time of the month thing even in high school. I've never had it and it probably means there's something wrong with me but hey, no painful cramps and bloating, moodiness, bloody underwear and sheets is better to me. Seeing how my mission here was done I walked out of the stall and then back over to Yuki where I handed her the purse back and thanked her one last time. I saw Mariko had left and now it was just me and Yuki so I decided to enjoy the rest of the night.

Yuki and I had talked about many things from sports to music. Turns out Yuki likes baseball and loves pop music which gave me a great insight as to what she's into. Her favorite color is white and she's likes ramen and vanilla cakes with strawberries and cream on top. She warned me how if I had screwed with her the wrong way she would tear my head off and she even mentioned her past yankee life known as the infamous "Black" who's speed was greater than the cheetahs in the safari. Despite her dark past though, she turned out to be a really nice person when a certain event in her life took place and she got back onto a straight path. She managed to find a job at the casinos and had been raising her siblings all on her own for four years now which was quite impressive. Yuki told me she secretly wished to be an idol but because of the way things were, she had given up on that dream and focused on her family. I admired that quality of Yuki's and found her very earnest.  She really was an interesting person to be around and I truly did enjoy my time with her. We were really into the conversation and even Yuko and Atsuko had joined in.

"So how far along are you?" Yuki asked.

"I'm three months." Atsuko said.

"I know we haven't come far but I'm just so excited to be a papa!" Yuko stated.

"I'm sure you'll be a great father Oshima-san."

"Call me Yuko! And the lovely lady here is my wife Atsuko~"

"Mou Yuuchan don't embarrass me in front of people~"

"You can call me Jurina." Jurina said popping out of nowhere with a girl wrapped around her waist from behind.

Yuki became well acquainted with my friends and soon we were all chatting and having a wonderful time. Then suddenly Yuki had come to a realization where she got up and started to walk around. She walked around the entire room and so I got up and walked over to her where I asked,

"What's wrong?"

"I can't find the kids!" Yuki said in a panicked tone.

"Where did you see them last?"

"I saw them by the snack table last but after that I don't remember."

"Let's go talk to Mariko."

We made our way over to Mariko and asked her where the kids where and she said that they had gotten tired and so she had them taken to a private room where they could rest. Mariko took us up to the private room where the guard was standing there right outside the door. He moved aside and Mariko unlocked the door where she opened it and we were expecting to see two little girls sleeping soundly on the bed. To our despair though the girls were gone with no trace in sight. Mariko scolded the guard for letting the kids escape but the bigger problem was where were the kids? They had to be somewhere in the hotel because Mariko had guards guarding all the entrances and exits. All the upper levels were restricted and guarded with system locks so there was no way they were anywhere upstairs. They had to be somewhere on the ground floor either in the ballroom or somewhere else on the ground floor. Mariko made sure the guards and blocked all the windows and doors and had all the guests gather in the ballroom to make sure that no one would get in the way. Then Mariko had other guards move out and try to find the kids. Jurina and Yuko had split up to try to cover more ground while Yuki went with Atsuko to try to find them as well.

Meanwhile I decided to go search on my own and I had checked every possible place I could think kids would like to play around in. However every place I checked I got now results and I was really starting to get worried. Then in the midst of my panic I remembered that I didn't come alone and so I called out for Rena and then seconds later she appeared before me.

"You called master?"

"Go find Yuki's sisters quickly. We don't know where they are and we're worried."

"Yes Master." 

Rena ran off and I continued to search for the kids still coming up with nothing. I was running in the halls when then I suddenly noticed something on the ground. There was icing on the floor along with crumbs of cake and and cookies. There was a trail leading down the hall at the very edge and it was so tiny that no one could have noticed it if they weren't panicking. I started to follow the trail down the hall to a janitor's closet where the trail had stopped. I tried to open it but the door was locked and so I had to go get someone to unlock the door. To my surprise though when I turned Rena was standing there holding a key which she handed to me. I thanked her and then unlocked the door and inside I found the two sleeping soundly covered in chocolate and other sweets. I sighed in relief and then with all my strength I picked the two up and carried them out into the main room. As soon as Yuki saw them she instantly almost teleported over to me and swooped them out of my hands. I didn't even see her she had moved so fast and she had set them on the couch.

The two had awakened and Yuki was furious but also relieved to see that the two were alright. The sisters explained how they had gotten hungry so they snuck out the room using another door and grabbed some sweets. When they tried to get back inside the door was locked and so they had wandered around trying to find a place to relax. That's when the stumbled upon the closet since it was quiet and no one would disturb them. The two had settled there where they ate their sweets and then soon after they had passed out. It was a mad panic to try to find the two but in the end everyone was glad to find the two unharmed and safe therefore the party certainly ended with an interesting note.

After the party I told Rena to go home without me while I took Yuki home and made sure everything was alright. I walked Yuki and her sisters inside and helped Yuki tuck the kids back into their beds where they slept peacefully. Knowing that the sisters were safe Yuki walked me out to the front door and then said,

"Thank you for finding them. I don't know what I would have done if you didn't."

"Well I did what I had to do. Besides I'd hate to see you cry." I said.

"Mou you baka. You really are something Mayu you know that?"

"I'm just doing my best Yuki.. Can you blame me?"

"No but I can give you a little reward for being my hero of the day."


Yuki leaned in and then she planted her soft lips right on my left cheek giving me a sweet kiss.

"You're not bad Mayu. I think you're starting to rub onto me if you know what I mean~"

She then smiled and said goodbye right before she shut the door leaving me to stand outside in the cold for a while. I stood there trying to figure out what had happened and when I did I felt my heart skip three beats and my head sent flying into the sky like a rocket. I had just gotten my first kiss from Yuki on the cheek and it was incredible. Even though it wasn't much I still loved it and I knew that I was slowly making the right choices and moving closer into Yuki's heart.

Looks like Mayu is making her way in but will she succeed? Find out what happens next on the next update~

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 7
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Ohhh! You update really fast :D

Ummm It seems Yuki got some interest on Mayu. Well now they are friend. Maybe?

ahhh Mayu jealousy XD
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 7
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Can't wait for more!!  :heart: :wub: :inlove: :love:

Ganbatte!  :thumbsup :thumbup :twothumbs

Please don't hurt Mayu

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 7
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now rena-chan is like a cyborg :nervous
and yay! im glad mayu is rubbing off on yuki!!~ :deco:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 7
« Reply #58 on: January 03, 2014, 05:47:56 PM »
Rena is so quiet

Good job Mayu..u got Yuki to kiss u

Thx for the update

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Re: Mayuki: Gambler's Luck update chapter 7
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i thought there will be a mayurena today too bad


mayu got her first kiss from yuki!! :inlove: :inlove: even though its only in the cheek
ahh again too bad

but  :thumbup :thumbup for this
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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