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Author Topic: She's Different (25/02/2015)  (Read 3505 times)

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She's Different (25/02/2015)
« on: February 22, 2015, 02:51:23 AM »
In a school where you thought you could be fully accepted,
how would you respond to the fact that you were actually the 'different' one?

It is currently the year, 2007.

Atsuko Maeda, a 16 year old girl, enters AKB All Girls School. Coming from a prestigious family, she was accepted despite the fact that she was something she couldn't be if she were to enroll there.

Her parents had no other choice but to bring their daughter there, since they thought it was the best way to get her to focus on her studies.
With no boys, Atsuko could be more mature and bring honor to their family's name.

Even after the principal of AKB All Girls School warned them about one important thing:

All the girls here are gay.
Yes, no one is straight.
Why do you say?

"No straight girl can enter because it will only cause broken hearts." - Principal Sakai


"...You're straight?"
Atsuko nodded as if it was the most normal thing to do at the moment. The remaining 8 girls stared at her silently, with rounded eyes.
"H-How..?" Haruna subconsciously muttered out loud.
Yuko kicked her foot under the table, and the latter bit her lip in realization.
Atsuko raised an eyebrow, "Eh? How what?"
Takamina smiled nervously and shook her head, "Uh, she meant.. How are you straight after coming here? There are so many pretty girls here, like, uh.. Haruna!"
Haruna nodded quickly, "Y-yeah! That's what I meant. No girl has stayed straight after seeing me, y'know." She confidently stated.
Atsuko let out a scoff and gave her a teasing smile, "Actually.. maybe I am already gay- for you." She winked at Haruna playfully with no suspicions.
Haruna blushed without knowing and she just looked down.
Yuko raised an eyebrow at her reaction and kicked her foot again, causing the latter to squeal.
Takamina observed the younger girl's actions from afar. Atsuko Maeda.. How are you here if you're straight? Do you even know where you are? She thought to herself.
The other five girls were also shocked. Jurina and Mayu looked at each other, confused. Miichan, Mariko, and Tomochin just kept glancing at each other.
Something was definitely fishy.

Characters: Atsuko Maeda, Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Oshima Yuko, Jurina Mayu, Mayu Watanabe, Shinoda Mariko, Minegishi Minami, and Itano Tomomi

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! I am a new member here. I created this account mainly because I wanted to share this story with you all. I hope you will support my first story! Pairing is still undecided but the options are, AtsuMina, KojiYuu, TomoAcchan and AtsuHaru for the main pairing.*
As for the side pairings: JuriMayu, AtsuJuri, and MariMii.*

*These will not be the only pairings in the story.

And so, thank you for the support and I will post the 1st chapter soon!

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 04:10:46 AM »
Kojiyuu ?  :pig lunch:

Atsuharu?  :pig gtfo:

Atsumina?  :pig red:

Yeah!!!!!! :pig sleep:

Can't wait for Chapter 1!!!!!!

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2015, 08:24:58 AM »
TomoAcchan /AtsuHaru might be main pairing oooo~ I've secretly wanted to read TomoAcchan but never really found any..

It seems interesting, I'm waiting for chapter 1 ~  :gmon nya:

Also, would you consider a lil MariAtsu action...?  :mon innocent:

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2015, 10:00:52 AM »
I have been summoned here by a certain somebody and I don't even know why... But oh! Aggressive Atsuko! And AtsuHaru! Perhaps mayne even an AtsuHarem? That would be awesome. I don't mind actually since Atsu looked like such a tease. Though I do not see possible AtsuYuu which makes me sad :'( Nevertheless, I hope to see more of Playboy Atsu from you!

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2015, 10:13:36 AM »
Hmm...  :hehehe:
I want to know what will happen next..
However, my favorite pair is Atsumina, but from the start I would like that Atsuko  trying others, until she get Minami in her hands..  :kekeke: ..and.. yeah.. :D
And I agree AshuraX about Playboy Atsu.. its sounds very.. interesting.. however there is possibility, that someone heart will be broken..

Waiting first chapter! 8)
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Re: She's Different
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2015, 10:54:24 AM »
please make it atsumina...
you can pair atsuko with other girls
but please make it atsumina in the end
we're lacking new atsumina's story here now days
PS: ganbatte author San, I'll be waiting for your updates^_^
*Senpai Please Notice Me (TakaYui x Atsumina Fic) (on going)

*Kuroishi Jealosy (One Shoot)

*Nogizaka Girls High School Club Love Story (on going)


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Re: She's Different
« Reply #6 on: February 22, 2015, 11:20:32 AM »
New Author..New story!! and it is AtsuHarem!!! :cow: :cow: :thumbsup

I'm waiting for chapter 1.. :D :D

This picture[Credit to Owner] :)
I'm Natsuko Akimoto(夏子秋元).
Kami-Oshi: Maeda Atsuko
Oshimen: Takamina, Miichan, Yuihan, Mayuyu, Kojiharu, Yukirin, Sasshi, Rena, Jurina, Miho.
Oshimen ExMem.: Yuko, Mariko, Sayaka, Chiyuu, Tomochin, Meetan.
OTP: Atsumina
Other/s: wMatsui, Mayuki, KojiYuu and a little bit Atsuyuu (but I really like AtsuHarem

That's all!! Douzo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
[I'm not that really good in English, I'm still in the long long way to get better.]

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #7 on: February 23, 2015, 02:07:41 AM »
Chapter 0.5: Theme Song- Kibouteki Refrain by AKB48

"Acchan, you'll be transferring to AKB. It's a school with only girls."

Atsuko blankly stared at her mother, who was sitting across from her on the dinner table. She dropped her fork on her plate and glanced at her father who remained silent.

"M-mom, why?"

This time, her father spoke up, "Acchan, you know exactly why. Your grades have been dropping ever since you met that transfer student. We overheard you talking to him on the phone instead of doing your homework."

"D-dad! He's not the reason my grades have been dropping! It's just that.. what we're learning is too hard." She panicked, trying to convince her father. She was at a loss right now. How could she live without him?

"He's a distraction. In 2 years, you'll be taking over our business. I want you to be mature."

Acchan sighed, "B-but.. I'll try harder! You don't have to take me to another school.."

Despite her trying to convince her parents, they still stood firmly on their decision to enroll her to another school.


Atsuko's POV:

I'm here. My new school. This is my first time being in an all-girls school and I was very nervous. Most of my friends were boys and I already miss them a lot.

"Ma'am, we're here." My driver spoke. I smiled and nodded, "Thank you. Have a good day."

I hesitantly opened the door and left my limo. Many girls were staring at me. I realized how formal I dressed compared to the students here. My hair was in a braided bun, and my uniform was completely ironed.

I didn't know what to do. Should I smile at them? Yes, sure.

And I did. What happened next was completely unexpected.

"Kawaii!" "She's so cute! Is she a transfer?" "Wa~ her eyes are pretty!"

I blushed from the comments and made my way to the entrance. As I walked up the stairs, I met more students and recieved the same reaction. I entered the principal's office and he happily welcomed me, "Ah, Maeda Atsuko, right?"

I nodded.

"Good! So, you have to meet Takahashi Minami. She's in the same grade as you are, so she will accompany you throughout the day. You two are also in the same homeroom, so you'll just find her there."

I nodded again and bowed, "Thank you."

"No problem!"

I smiled again and left. I suddenly stiffened at the amount of people outside. Why were so many people crowding here?

"There she is!"

Suddenly alarmed by the group of girls, I ran as fast as I could to the opposite direction. As I turned to the corner, I was welcomed by two girls making out. I gulped at the sight, but I still ran towards them, still oblivious to my existence.

When they finally saw me, they stopped making out and they raised an eyebrow at my fleeing state.

I charged upstairs and tried to shake off the thought of the lesbian couple.

To my greatest luck, I saw a sign on the wall.

23 B - 30 A

"Yes!" I exclaimed and searched for my homeroom which was 25 B.

As I caught the sight of it, I immediately entered the room. All the girls were out of their seats; some were gossiping, others were playing games.

I started to wonder where Takahashi Minami is. Is she pretty? Would she be here right now? I stared at the clock. 7:20 AM. I'm 10 minutes early, however there were already a lot of students in my homeroom.

A short girl suddenly approached me. She had masculine features. She even walked like a man.

"Excuse me, but who are you?"

I gulped, "U-uh, Maeda Atsuko."

"Hm.. wait, you're.. Maeda Atsuko?"

I nodded hesitantly, "H-hai.."

"Oh, I'm Takahashi Minami. I'll be taking care of you today."

Ah! So she's Minami.. "Nice to meet you, Takamina!" I grinned and put out my hand to her.

She stared at my hand, then back to my face.

I heard her mumble some words before she slowly accepted my handshake.

"What was that, Takamina?"

"Takamina? How did you know about my nickname?"

"Oh, it is? I just guessed." I giggled.

I noticed her face turn red. She diverted her eyes away from me, causing me to smile.

"Do you have your schedule?" She asked, trying to avoid the awkward silence. I nodded and gave her my schedule.

She studied it carefully before nodding, "You're in all of my classes except for algebra and English."

For some reason, my eyes were glued onto her face. I didn't know why but my eyes didn't feel like moving away. I realized that I had been staring at her for too long when she raised a curious eyebrow at me.

"Something on my face?"

I shook my head with a smile,

"No, it's perfect."

She raised her eyebrow again but this time, her face was red. The corners of my lips couldn't help but to rise again, seeing her reaction.

"Perfectly clean, I meant."

She smiled and rolled her eyes, "Whatever. You can sit next to me by the way. Here, follow me."

And so, my first day at AKB High started like that.

Author's Note: Konichiwa! How was the first chapter? Please leave your comments below! I would love some feedback!  :D

Also, who would you prefer for Acchan? Takamina, Kojiharu, Or someone else?

I'll update the 2nd chapter soon! Please be patient~ :grin:


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Re: She's Different
« Reply #8 on: February 23, 2015, 09:17:08 AM »
Aaa..i prefer takamina.. love them..both acchan n takamina..perfect..
wait..i'm not the one that decide that...

ah..thx for ur update..gonna wait for ur next update..for sure.. [emoji4][emoji4]

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #9 on: February 23, 2015, 09:59:00 AM »
this is rather interesting ... please continue! :D :sashiko:
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #10 on: February 23, 2015, 10:37:14 AM »
of course takamina,..

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #11 on: February 23, 2015, 01:29:47 PM »
Please continue!!!!!

Lol this a gay school


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Re: She's Different
« Reply #12 on: February 23, 2015, 01:49:09 PM »
Have to agree with that Jhom dude. We can practically see the ending

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #13 on: February 23, 2015, 01:53:22 PM »

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #14 on: February 23, 2015, 03:54:52 PM »
Wow author-san.. :shocked that is an interesting idea.  :inlove: I enjoyed reading it and was definitely captivated on Maeda's end. To her she's just acting normal but who knows what kind of feelings and unconscious advances that she's creating and deliberately doing towards her other schoolmates especially towards Takamina... I can sense the drama already ^^  :twothumbs
For me personally I would love to see WMatsui in this... I know that a JuriMayu is also becoming an option as well but if you can I would love to see some WMatsui action ;) ^^
In terms of who is paired with Acchan, the obvious of course, would be Takamina. The both of them together is always creates such a lovable story. The way that Takamina and Acchan, in terms of their personalities, bounce off of each other always presents a sense of satisfaction. Though, instead of like a clueless kind of Takamina, could you give her a different twist if the latter were the case? A more assertive Takamina or serious sort of affectionate kind.. idk but it's up to you author-san ;)
In another case I wouldn't mind seeing like a JuriAcchan if things were to shake up. It feels like it would be an interesting combination. Especially if Jurina is also this serious sporty kind of character and then when she unravels herself with Acchan she becomes more affectionate and shy... That would be cool too.
Well keep up the good work Author-san ;) I can't wait to see as to how the story unfolds. ^^ Fighting!!! :D

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2015, 07:07:36 PM »
I would say like others before - Takamina!!!  :D

By the way.. very good starting!  :wink:

Can't wait for next chapter, thank you!  :)
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Re: She's Different
« Reply #16 on: February 25, 2015, 12:37:11 AM »
Chapter 1 Theme Song: Sugar Rush by AKB48

"Guys, this is Atsuko."

The 8 remaining girls stared blankly at the cat-eyed girl in front of them who just smiled, "Konichiwa! I'm Atsuko but you can call me Acchan."

"Hi Acchan!" Mariko was the first to break the silence. The two younger girls beside her also smiled, "Welcome Acchan oneechan!" They exclaimed in unison.

"I'm Matsui Jurina, and this is Mayu Watanabe. But you can call me Jurina! And you can call her Mayu." Jurina smiled.

Atsuko smiled, "Nice to meet you both," She then shifted her eyes to the older girls sitting closest to where she was standing.

"I'm Tomochin. Welcome too." She shyly introduced herself. Acchan nodded, still keeping her signature smile that already melted tons of students.

"Haha, sorry Acchan. Tomochin's a bit shy and quiet. But you'll see that she really isn't like that." Takamina whispered to Atsuko. Atsuko giggled and nodded, "So she's that type, huh?"

Tomochin raised an eyebrow and secretly glared at Takamina, "Hey, Takamina, stop spreading lies about me!"

Atsuko giggled again and shook her head, "Don't worry. It's not a bad thing. She just told me you're shy to new people."

Tomochin stared at Atsuko suspiciously, "I trust you.. but just because you seem nice!"

Takamina smiled and rolled her eyes, "Well, next to Tomochin is-"

"I'M YUKO! Nice to meet you, Acchan!" She cheerfully introduced herself. Acchan nodded with a smile, "You're pretty energetic, huh?"

Yuko shrugged with a smile.

"Now who's this beautiful girl next to you?" Atsuko softly asked. She noticed the girl was quite quiet and she  decided that maybe she should make the first move.

"I-I'm.. Kojima Haruna." The girl next to Yuko shyly smiled. She was clearly blushing and her own friends were confused by the way she was acting.

Atsuko chuckled and leaned her face in closer to hers, "Hm, that name is too long. Can I call you a nickname?" She cutely asked without even realizing it. She didn't know why but she found Haruna very attractive. It was as if she had a magnet on her; she was pulling Atsuko closer and closer.

"N-nyannyan is fine.." She avoided Atsuko's eyes. Yuko noticed how Haruna was feeling uncomfortable.

"U-um! Moving on," Yuko cleared her throat, causing Atsuko to divert her eyes to the latter. However she still looked back at Haruna, who was still red as a tomato.

"Miichan! Why don't you introduce yourself?"

The girl with the nickname "Miichan" nodded excitedly, "I'm Minegishi Minami! The clown of our group." She grinned.

Takamina raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me? Who do you think you're calling a clown? I'm obviously the funniest one here!"

As the girls childishly argued over who's the funniest, Atsuko took the opportunity to sit next to Haruna, who was still bothered by how close Atsuko's face was to her own.

"Hey there,"

Haruna slightly jumped at Atsuko's appearance. "O-oh, hi Acchan." She smiled, a little better compared to how she was earlier.

"Did I scare you earlier? I'm sorry, it's just that.. I'm very excited in meeting new people. I didn't know-"

"N-no! I'm okay. I'm just not used to having someone approach me like t-that.." She shyly admitted.

"Like this?" Atsuko leaned her face closer to the older girl with a smile.

Flustered once again, Haruna moved back in an instant, "A-acchan, why-"

Atsuko giggled and retreated, "Sorry, that was a bad joke. I just like teasing you, y'know? You're quite cute."

Yuko and Takamina who were secretly witnessing everything, glanced at each other.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Yuko asked quietly.

Takamina shrugged, "I think so."


After lunch, Takamina decided to (more like, she was forced to) give Atsuko to Haruna because of their schedule. The two girls were still a bit awkward with each other, but Atsuko tried her best to ease the awkward silences.

"Y-you're quite smart."

Atsuko smiled charmingly, "Really? How do you know?"

"I-I mean, you're in my math class.. and I'm a year above you. So, you're quite advanced.." Haruna replied, with her eyes on the floor.

Atsuko giggled, "Arigato nyannyan~ Actually I hate math but I guess my brain likes it enough to be good at it."

Haruna chuckled, "That's interesting."

Slowly the two girls got closer after the one class they had together.


After school, Yuko and Haruna went home together like the usual. Haruna was more quiet than usual, and Yuko knew exactly why.

"Hey, Haruna.."

Haruna bit her lip. She knew what was coming. Normally when Yuko was about to say something serious, she would call her by her first name.

"I don't want to get ahead of myself but, I'm just really curious.."

Somehow, Haruna had a feeling of what the shorter girl was going to ask. Yet, she remained silent and she waited for her to continue.

"Do you like that new transfer student?"

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #17 on: February 25, 2015, 06:30:50 AM »
 :mon thumb:
i like your fic ...  :mon lovelaff:
please update soon ...  :mon cute:
My fic:
Look at Me, My Love (Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Mayuki, WMatsui, etc)
The Reason I Became Crazy (Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Marimii, and others)
Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) - KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others
Oh My Ghost!! (KojiYuu, Atsumina)

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #18 on: February 25, 2015, 07:13:35 AM »

Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!Yuuchan was jealous... :gyaaah:

Kojiyuu moment.... :imdead:

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Re: She's Different
« Reply #19 on: February 25, 2015, 12:34:04 PM »
I knew I made a smart choice thinking that Atsu's a PLAYAH. But still, don't you think it's a liiil too short? MA HEARTO IS ACHING FOR MOAR!!!
Takamidget and Miichan arguing who's funnier, (the latter would get my vote) Yuko being all jellyjelly coz Atsu's getting so close to her PROPERTY, and do I see a possible AtsuMayu here? THE AtsuMayu?! Am I the only one thinking Taka's not really THAT into Atsu? Atsu may or may not harbor feelings for the midget, but it doesn't actually look like Taka feels the same way. She may be in love with Haruna tho. No, I WANT her to be in love with Haruna.
Anyway, good update, ttyl

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