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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 48732 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-04) Next Generation (II)
« Reply #160 on: January 05, 2017, 01:16:46 AM »
Yatta!!! I was right  :yossi: :yossi:
I think I want to hug Yui right now  :deco:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-04) Next Generation (II)
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Thanks again Cut-san for another update.
But seriously, WTH?!!!

This chapter kinda had a serious vibe to it. And why Shunkan Bunshun. WHY!!!!!
Who did you capture thus time???!!!!

And I feel really sad for Yui. I ship the the two so badly but I'm curious as to where Maru and Paruru's relationship will go.

Can't wait for the next update. Gambatte!!!!

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-06) Drabble #5
« Reply #162 on: January 06, 2017, 03:38:29 PM »
:cow: :thumbsup :thumbsup wohoooo it's getting intense!! AMAZING! (Steal kazumin style) Cut san!! I really like sayanee and jurina character in this fic... "Daddy's coming" and "younger bro is on the way" manage to crack me up  XD :lol: keep up your good work cut san!!  :cow: :cow:
Thank you~ :) Dorky aces~ XD

If Maru gets kidnapped by does Finacial people or something I will bring out my guns and call my fellow Starmarks and rescue her.

And maybe steal lodes of there emone.
That's kind of you to rescue Maru but I don't think it will come to that point. :)

Another trouble coming....  Shunkan bunshun....  :on voodoo:
Shunkan Bunshun, exposing scandals since IDK. XD

thank you author-san :cow:
and... wow... you make me speechless this time..  :sweatdrop:
can't wait for Sunday :twothumbs
Thank you~
Hopefully I can finish the update for Sunday. I got it all in my head but can't make a soft copy of it. XD
Maybe I haven't moved on completely from Paruru's graduation. HAHA.

Yatta!!! I was right  :yossi: :yossi:
I think I want to hug Yui right now  :deco:
Yeah~ You got it right~! :)
1 Like = 1 Prayer for GM-san. :(

Thanks again Cut-san for another update.
But seriously, WTH?!!!

This chapter kinda had a serious vibe to it. And why Shunkan Bunshun. WHY!!!!!
Who did you capture thus time???!!!!

And I feel really sad for Yui. I ship the the two so badly but I'm curious as to where Maru and Paruru's relationship will go.

Can't wait for the next update. Gambatte!!!!
This fic is getting deeper into drama.  :shocked uh oh...
Thank you. I will give my best for the next chapter as well. :)

I started to read everything I wrote from the beginning and I facefalmed a lot of times because I can really which part I dozed off. But man, it has been this long already? I started posting here on October and there are already like 30+ chapters (because there are times when I posted in consecutive days.) I stated that I'm writing this fic because Paru's graduating and now that she already graduated, I just found myself a little empty inside I couldn't write my thoughts very well. HAHA. Enough of the drama. XD

To have a break from all the heavy things happening on the main fic, here is the last part of the JunMarco drabble. Douzo~

TTM Drabbles #5

idol_cyborg posted:
[Marco’s POV]

It's been a while since I have these feelings towards you.

Something I haven't felt before in my entire existence.

 At first, I thought it was a brotherly love.

 But whenever you came close to me, or gave your brightest smile...  I feel butterflies in my stomach.

 A big thump in my heart.

And time stops on its own.

 I noticed whenever Haruka's there, you always make that face.

That handsome face painted with sadness and jealousy.

I haven't told you that I don't have feelings for her.

I only see her as my little sister. A little sister that I haven't had. A little sister that I want to love and protect.

Days have passed, and I noticed that you're avoiding me lately.

Is it because of Haruka?

Or is it me, avoiding you?

Avoiding my feelings for you?

I don't know any more.

All I know is that I love you.

And all I know is I'm standing here outside your house on this cold winter night, gazing through your window. Hoping you might be awake and decided to look outside and look upon the sky, which is filled with stars shining brightly.

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

There you are, my prince.

"It's cold out here. How long have you been standing out here? You might catch a cold, you know?"

That's one I like the most about you. Your kindness.

"Actually, I went by to your house and It's crazy finding you here, outside of my house"


You gave me that serious look and look straight into my eyes.

"You know. I have something to tell you. I know it might sound crazy."

You looked down and took a deep breath.

"I know you might hate me, but I can't take it anymore."

Tears forming in your eyes. "I love you, Marco. I don't when I started to fall in love with you."

You said it. You finally said it. Your feelings.

You wipe your precious tears away and smiled at me.

"So this mean goodbye?"

You walk pass through me, but I grabbed you and pulled you towards me.

My lips captured yours.

Everything in slow motion.

And I haven't seen the stars shine this bright even before. It looks like that the stars become our very own spotlight.

I broke the kiss and said.

"What goodbye? I haven't told you my feelings yet."

You cried again, not because your sad, but because you know that your love for me isn't the unrequited love you are thinking.

"So are we a couple?" You asked.

I gave you my sweetest smile. "Un!"

You also smiled, but it turns into a smirk.

"Can we kiss again?" that mischievous smile.

What a kissing monster. My very own kissing monster.


YUKIRIN almost shrieked when she saw Mayu and Sayanee in the dressing room with their noses dripping with blood. Both of them are laughing very creepily while looking at their phones.

Yukirin: Wth is happening with you all? Crow’s Blood is long over!

She got ignored by the two. She went to see what they are looking at.

Yukirin: *gasps* How did you retrieve the account?

Mayu and Sayanee turned to her with creepy, pervert eyes. Yukirin was taken aback,

Mayu: If you want something to sail, you’ll go even if there is a storm, There are million of ways!

The two BL lovers laughed still with blood continually rushing from their noses. They went back to their phones and started a discussion, completely ignoring Yukirin.

Sayanee: How about we do a collab fic next time? Let’s make it more intense!

Mayu: That’s a wonderful idea! *took an intimidating look at Yuki* I wonder if MaruParu shippers can top that.

They laughed victoriously again. Yukirin facepalmed.

On the other hand...

Paruru: *continually scrolls the page even though she has already finished reading it all.* What in the world is this, Jurina-chan?

Jurina: *laughing uncontrollably* Some fanfic about me and Aniki. It’s the finale.

Paruru: *looks at Jurina* Yours and Hoshi’s.

Paruru’s face is filled with disbelief. She shook her head slowly.

Jurina: I’m sure Aniki also has read that already. She’s hoping for her character to end up with someone else but at the end she ended up with me. I wonder what is her reaction.

Paruru: *whispers in disappointment* Yadda... *starts browsing the site* Is there also a fanfic about MaruParu?


On a shoot where MaruSaku is a special guest.

PD: We are starting now!*looks around but fail to see Maru* Miyawaki-san, where is Hoshino-san?

Sakuratan: *scratches her head* She rushed to the restroom after reading something.

PD: What!? Does she feel sick?

Sakuratan: *tilts her head cutely and innocently* Maybe... She’s puking rainbows.


I hope you all had fun reading this. Special thanks to MatsuiLee for writing the JunMarco drabbles~ Really. Thank you so much~ :)

I wonder what would be nice for the next drabble... Hmm...
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-06) Drabble #5
« Reply #163 on: January 06, 2017, 04:49:02 PM »
It's the  last drabble??  :cry: :cry:

The drama really get too deep.. You really like to make everyone heartbroken

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-06) Drabble #5
« Reply #164 on: January 07, 2017, 04:00:40 AM »
Paruru: *whispers in disappointment* Yadda... *starts browsing the site* Is there also a fanfic about MaruParu?
😂😂😂 lol so Paru wants to read a fic about her and Maru and I wonder how did Maru feels about the fic hahaha

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-06) Drabble #5
« Reply #165 on: January 07, 2017, 03:45:26 PM »
Yo! Here I go again. LOL.

So basically, the last chapter is so intense. (I guess? LOL) Maru kissed sleeping princess Haruka, pouring all of her feelings on that kiss. (Dude! You are soooooofreeeeeaaaaakiiiiiin' luuuuuucky! I don't mind kissing Paruru too, even if she's sick. LOL) But in the end, guilt took over her.

What’s up with the young bro and daddy, Jurina and Sayanee? I laugh so hard at that part.

On the other hand, I pitied Yuihan. All she wants is Haruka. I just..... I can't explain it.... Come here Yuihan, I'll give you a warm hug.

Lastly, thanks Cut-san for posting my lame, shitty works on your precious, beautiful, amazing, excellent, exquisite... (Flips dictionary) fic. I stained your fic, sorry for that, and I would also want to say thank you to Cut-san's readers and silent readers, who endured my works. Thank you :)
« Last Edit: January 07, 2017, 03:55:55 PM by MatsuiLee »

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-06) Drabble #5
« Reply #166 on: January 08, 2017, 03:03:07 PM »
I don't really like reading a fanfic where it has the OC got the position of the main character/protagonist

but this really caught my attention...

the first time when i read it, i got bored but pushed myself to read more cuz i think maybe in the future it might get interesting  :D

and guess what?

I'M LOVING IT!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

after reading a few chapters, can't help to read more and i was no stopping on reading this

although, as a YuiParu shipper myself, i put them aside for now with the things happening in this fic cuz it has the OC x Paru ship lol

but above all, i love how the story flows in this... considering me, i love dramas! (angst, tragedies and such to be exact, love them)  :P

keep it up!  :twothumbs

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-08) Next Generation (F)
« Reply #167 on: January 08, 2017, 03:36:18 PM »
@Genkikid-san, Yes, that would be the last one for the JunMarco drabble. Looking for guest writers again for other ships. :)

@yuuri14-san, Maru didn't like it. specially the kissing scene so she kinda felt puking. Sakura knew about  the fic too so she said 'puking rainbows'. XD

@MatsuiLee!! Come on, buddy! Stained? You graced the thread with your drabbles! Thanks you so much!

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, thank you for giving another chance to the fic. I'm glad you are enjoying it~ Thank you so much!

@shirachan48-san, i forgot to reply to your comment before. it was my fault that you keep seeing Maru as Techi. Haha. But also thanks for reading this. And also the likes on every update on tumblr. I believe you are also on tumblr.. am i wrong?

anyway. i decided to finish this chapter up.

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

WARNING: Another long chapter. Not edited. Raw. So forgive me for mistakes. I will edit this tomorrow maybe. This also kind of rushed. HAHA. Sorry.


I’LL BE announcing my graduation tomorrow at 1pm. If you don’t mind, I want you to come and see me. I will wait for you, Hoshi.

That was the message sent by Paruru to Maru. Her announcement was done already but there was not even the shadow of the invited girl anywhere.

She didn’t use the actual ‘graduation’ word during her announcement. She just talked about the schedule of her final handshake event and her final performances as an AKB member. According to plan, no graduation concert is taking place which made everyone a little too disappointed that they cannot send an ace off in a dome or somewhere but the theatre.

Together with Sasshi, Mayu and Yui plus Tokomitsu-san who somehow became her favourite MC, she announced everything without the hint of being sad. Her feelings about it are still surreal.

“Is Maru-chan around?” Yui asked some members of the staff. So far, none of them has seen the girl as well.

Yui turned to Paruru who is having fun with Sasshi about her dirty slippers. She can trace a bit of anxiousness from the girl even though she is all smiles playing with Sasshi.

The announcement was done. It’s over. This is where everything about YuiParu will start to dissolve even the public’s eye. They had one teary night yesterday. She’s sure that there’s no other chance to have that talk so she grabbed the last opportunity. Above all, she considers Paruru as her bestfriend, putting all the romantic feelings aside. That itself already cuts inside.

And now she has to see her get with another girl? Is there anything worse than this?

Yui opened her Line to check if Maru already ready her message. She also sent her an invitation to the event but the message was unread. She heard that after Maru passed out a few days ago she had the luxury to rest for a week. She’s sure that Maru is just wandering somewhere.

Where are you and you dared to miss Paruru’s announcement?


Yui jerked at Paru’s call. The girl sat in front of her with a smile on her face. She wonders what that smile is for-- Relieved of the graduation announcement or happy that she’s finally free?

“What is it?” Yui casually asked.

“You’ve been looking at your phone for quite a while now. Is there a problem?” Paru asked back, effortlessly cute.

The GM’s breath was taken away as usual. This girl just never fails to be beautiful in her eyes. Unfortunately, starting from today she cannot call her hers.

Yui sighed. “Maru-chan, I’ve been messaging her the past few days but there is no single reply.”

Paruru fell silent for a moment. “She does not respond to Jurina and Sakura as well. I heard she replied once to Haruppi but other than that there’s no news from her.”

“If she’s not replying to you then how would you expect her to reply to somebody else?”

Paru tilted her head to the side. “Eh? I don’t get you.”

Silly, you still don’t believe that she likes you as well?

“Nevermind.” Yui shrugged her shoulders. “When are you planning to talk to her?”

Paru averted Yui’s eyes by bowing her head.

“M-Maybe later. I’m free for the rest of the day. I might go visit her at her apartment later.”

Yui laughed to lighten up the mood. “Be sure to tell her everything. Don’t get fazed when she started acting tsundere again.”


Paru felt a hand on her head which made her look up to Yui.

“Stop feeling guilty, okay? We’ve talked about this last night, right? Go on and pursue the things that you like. The time you have given to fulfill my selfish request is more than enough.”


“If you get any problems with making her understand the situation call me. I will help explain since it is somehow my fault that she got awkward at you.”

Paruru just nodded. She doesn’t know how to thank Yui enough, for everything... For understanding her.

Smiles were drawn on both of their lips as they look at each other. Yui stood and kissed her on the forehead, giving Paru a little surprise.

“I’ll be supporting you in the sidelines.”

That’s all and she walked away. Paruru somehow felt some sort of relief. The only problem now is Hoshi. She has to be sure about the girl’s feelings and she has to explain well that the promise of making the relationship with Yui last will not be fulfilled. Because the truth is she is the one that Paru loves.




IT has been Paruru’s fifth time in ringing Maru’s doorbell but there is still no answer. She tried to call her but the number is unreachable, most probably her phone is off. It’s still Maru’s holiday so Paru’s sure that the girl should just be in her house.

She has fixed her perfectly styled hair a lot of times but the one she wants to look good to isn’t coming out.

Should I just enter the password and surprise her?

Paru then input the password but to her surprise, it was incorrect. Did she forget it? But she’s sure that she pressed the right buttons. She tried to do it again but the lock isn’t giving a good response.

Her face suddenly got tainted with anxiety.

“Come here. This is where the room I was talking about is located.”

Paruru flinched when she saw two guys who just got off the lift walking towards her. She immediately recognized who the other person was.

“Just a few days ago someone really famous was living here but then she—“ The older guy noticed Paruru standing in front of the door of the room he was talking about. His face brightened up. “Shimazaki-san~! What brought you here?”

The landlord rushed to Paru while the guy he was with was left rubbing his eyes. He couldn’t believe that he is seeing AKB48’s Shimazaki Haruka in flesh.

Paruru bowed as a greeting to the landlord. She then awkwardly pointed to Hoshi’s room.

“Uhm… Is Hoshino-san inside?”

“EH!?” The old guy’s surprised face can’t be painted. “Don’t you know? Hoshino-san already left three days ago.”

Paruru just looked at the landlord until the information slowly sank to her consciousness. Her mouth opened in shock.

“W-What are you talking about, Landlord-san? Do you mean that she’s not living here anymore?”

The landlord nodded. “Hoshino-san didn’t tell you? She told me about leaving about a month ago. Are you seriously telling me that she didn’t inform you about it?”

Paru’s thoughts were put into chaos. What is happening? Where is Hoshi?

“W-Where is she? Did she happen to tell you where she is going?” Haruka asked; her voice a little shaky.

“I don’t really know. I guess she’s just transferring somewhere. It’s not that she would leave Japan right after having a big break here, right?”

Paruru thanked the landlord and left them curious about all the happenings.

What in the world is happening? Where is Hoshi? Who should she call? She’s running now but she really has no idea where to go. She tried to contact Maru again but she’s still unreachable both in Line and phone. She also tried to call Hiroko but it seems like it is not a good time to call her because she got directed to voicemail box. She’s sure that none of the members know anything about this as well.

She stopped running to get some air. She eyed the last card she got and then pressed the call button.

“Moshi moshi, Paruru-chan? Why—“

“Where is Hoshi!?”

Shinobu, who is on the other line, was taken aback at Paruru’s tone. She sensed a feeling of emergency; that girl will never raise her tone like that if she’s not in deep frustration.

“Are you talking about Maru-chan? She’s at her home taking a rest.”

“I just went there but the landlord said that she already left!”

Shinobu bit her lips knowing that one of the secrets has been busted already. She stood up from her sewing machine and took a good distance from the other tailors.

“Don’t worry. Maru-chan just transferred to another apartment. She didn’t go back to Korea or anything.”

“Do you know where she transferred? Please, tell me!”

The manager heaved a sigh. Her dearest Paruru-chan is asking her in an almost crying voice but she had a promise with Maru. “Sorry Paruru-chan. Maru-chan asked me not to tell anyone about her new address.”

“B-But why?” Paruru didn’t know but tears of frustration already escaped from her eyes. “What’s happening with her? Tell me, please?”

“Calm down, Paruru-chan.” Shinobu answered, worried of how the girl on the other line sounds. It seems like her asthma is on the way. “Breathe. Calm down.”

The girl did try to calm herself. She leaned on a wall for support.

“I want to see her.” She said, her grip on her phone tightening. “Tell me where she is now, please…”

Shinobu scratched her head. “I’m really sorry. It’s Maru-chan’s decision to let you know where she is now. You have to wait for her to explain everything. She told me that she will tell everyone the reason once she had her mind cleared.”

She didn’t hear any response from Paruru. She can only hear sobs which made her worry even more.

“Listen Paruru-chan. If you force yourself to see Maru-chan now she might come to hate you. It will not help both of you. Let her have this time for herself.”

She heard more sobs before Paruru answered with a faint ‘hai’ and then dropped the call. Shinobu shook her head and then massaged her nape for a bit. She’s not wrong when she predicted that Paruru will react like this. She saw how Maru’s face showed worry when she told her about it but the other girl just shrugged the idea off.

The manager couldn’t help but heaved a sigh.

“Seriously, what is going to happen with this mixture?”




“HERE is your lunch~”

Milky sing-sang as she placed the average Japanese lunch she prepared for Ijiwaru. It’s composed of a bowl of rice, miso soup, pickled vegetable and fish. Maru just looked at the food in front of her with a hint of disgust on her face.

She wiped her face with her bandaged hand. “Fish again? Can you prepare some other food? I’d like to have some meat.”

Milky pouted as she placed her hands on her waist. “I can’t go out to buy meat or else you will lock me outside!”

Maru released a sigh of defeat. They are in her new home. Much, much better than her old apartment. She’s now occupying the penthouse of a condominium in Roponggi. She went for one for exclusivity and privacy.

Milky caught her when she was transferring. The girl dropped by when she heard from Sayanee that Maru fainted because of high fever only to be surprised to see that she is changing houses. She can clearly remember how Maru looked surprised as she was caught red-handed. She tried making excuses but none of it got away from Milky.

Milky tagged along and didn’t leave her side for the past three days. She can’t leave her alone. Seeing that hand with a fresh cut on it made her worry even more. What is happening during the time that she’s gone? The Maru that she’s with now is quite irritable and scary. She remembers how she got pinned in the wall just to remind her that she should not tell anyone about her new address.

That face. She knows that Maru can be scary at times because of the way she stares but that face the pinned her to the wall was really scary that her knees even shook. Maru got mad because she insisted to stay. Because she was asking a lot of question. Because she was getting really annoying. She knows that something is horribly wrong.

But she is Warukii. She can’t be fazed by this tough tsundere act. She knows Maru well. She can’t leave her at this state. She won’t be driven out by something like this.

“Mah, forget it. I’d just order something for dinner. You go eat that alone.”

Maru stood up and went to the living room just to sit grumpily on the crouch. Milky watched her dialled something; the knot on her forehead is so visible. Milky heaved a sigh. She looked at the food she prepared, surrendered and just covered it with a clear wrapper.

“Don’t mind her grumpy acts, Miyuki. You didn’t name her Ijiwaru for no reason at all. Breathe.” She monologued before going to the living room. Maru is lying on the crouch submerged to her phone. Milky hasn’t seen her furrowed eyebrows smoothened even for once.

“Ijiwaru-kun…” she called more a whisper.

“Maru.” The other girl corrected her. This is also suspicious. She doesn’t want to be called by other names anymore. Is she seriously cutting special ties with everyone by dropping the names she received from them?


Milky gasped when Maru suddenly threw her phone. She got up from lying. Thankfully the phone just hit the opposite sofa or else it will be in pieces with that strength.

“How many times should I have to tell you that it is Maru!?” Maru shouted at her; she’s showing that frightening face again. “Stop calling me other names already!”

Milky started to tear up. She bowed her head to hide her face. Maru was taken aback after seeing Milky tearing up. She pulled her hair and departed from the sofa. She went by the huge window, walking back and forth while biting her lips. She suddenly shouted which scared Milky even more. She was about to punch the mirror, thankfully Milky was fast enough to stop her by hugging her from the back.

“Waru-kun…” Milky called her in a faint voice. She’s trying to contain her sobs.

“Let me go, Miyuki!” The rampaging girl shouted. She tried to free herself from Milky’s hug but she started to weaken. Her angry face started to crumple until she shed tear. She bumped her head to the window and slowly slid down. She cried. Bitterly. Furiously.

Milky hugged her tighter. She’s right that something not right is going on. She just witnessed Maru broke down in front of her. She made the girl face her and she embraced her affectionately. Maru returned the embrace; her body’s trembling.

“I-I’m sorry, Miyuki… I’m sorry…” Maru hugged her even tighter. “I don’t mean to act like this. I-I don’t know what’s happening to me. M-Miyuki…”

Milky placed her chin on top of Maru’s head as she rubs the latter’s back. She just went for some tour and this is what she’ll arrive to? Her tough Ijiwaru crying like a little kid in front of her now. Sobbing like there is no tomorrow.

“I’m scared… I-I’m scared! I’m damned scared!!” Maru gritted. “Why does all of this happening to me!? Why does it have to be me!? Why is it always me!?”

“Shhh… shhh…” Milky hushed. “I’m here. We are all here for you. Don’t face everything alone. You have your friends to help you.”

“No!” Maru disagreed violently. “No one can help me! This is dead end! No one can fucking save me!!!”

She cried even more. Milky just let her cry. She couldn’t help but cry as well; seeing this girl crying for the first time but in this heavy intensity is sure a huge shock to her. She couldn’t ask her why. She knows she would not say anything.

Maru stayed at her embrace until her she can’t cry anymore and her tears dried up. She slowly pulled herself from Milky and walked groggily towards her room like nothing happened. Her eyes were dead; containing no spirit on it. The sound of the room shutting is a signal that Milky should just leave her alone.

Milky just looked at the direction of the room with a worried face.

The next morning, Milky woke up with a blanket covering her. She fell asleep on the crouch but she can clearly remember that she has no blanket that time.

She looked around while wiping the sleep from her eyes. There isn’t any trace of Maru anywhere. She searched at the bedroom but she isn’t also there. The fisher found a paper bag on top of the dining table and some note on it.


I’m really sorry about last night and for the last three days that I’ve been extremely rude to you. I hope you can forgive me. I’m not on my normal state of mind. This happens once in a while. I’m really embarrassed and ashamed for treating you like that.

On the bag is more change of clothes. If you want to stay even more it will be fine but please don’t tell the others about this. But I prefer that you just leave for now. Don’t worry. I will not do anything bad and I will also let you in when you come back.

I’m off for a schedule. I ate the food you prepared last night for breakfast. I’m really sorry.



Seeing that Maru used the name she gave her as a signature made her feel relieved.

“Seems like she got splashed with cold water already.” Milky told herself while she checks the clothes. She tried to smile but she couldn’t really calm herself. Seeing tons of prescription bottles at Maru’s bedroom won’t make anyone feel at ease.




THE DRESSING room where some members from 13th to 15th generation are in is currently in a dense atmosphere. Aki-P heard about the OPLAN: OSHIHEN thing and so he decided to make an episode of it on AKBingo.

Oshima Ryoka, Iwatate Saho and Murayama Yuiri were chosen as 13th generation’s representatives. The three remaining members of 14th gen, the three musketeers: Okada Nana, Kojima Mako and Nishino Miki are also called for the challenge while Owada Nana, Komiyama Haruka, Mukaichi Mion and Taniguchi Megu will represent the 15th generation.

It is 8th of October and yesterday, a live broadcast from Shukan Bunshun’s Nico Nico Live has shocked everyone due to another exposé. They released photos of Owada and Nishino’s picture while having an alleged double date with a former Johnny’s Jr and a magazine model.

It has been an unsung rule inside AKB to remain quiet about scandals. They don’t talk about it and act like nothing is happening especially when the member involve is around.

But this happening is a bit different. They can’t help but to feel extremely awkward because just before an important taping, the members involve were cut from the show on the set itself, right in front of the other members.

Naanya and Miki are in one corner sulking while the others are preparing for the show. They cannot face the other but they can’t go home by their own as well. They must go out with their managers so they will be guarded in case of paparazzi or anti attack. They must wait for the whole taping to finish before they can go. It’s one period of wanting just to evaporate because of shame and embarrassment.

The Director of the show suddenly entered the room with a face that cannot be painted. He looked around and her eyes landed on the two girls in the corner.

“Owada! Nishino!”

Everyone fell silent. The two stood up from their seats at the call.

“Go and prepare for the shoot. You two are back in the line up!”

“Eh?” The two looked at each other, confirming if they heard the director right. The other members are also surprised by the reassignment.

The two girls who got another chance immediately went to do as the director said. They know that whatever action they may do in this episode will either save them from the disgrace or bury them even deeper.

They didn’t know that they will face one hell of a shoot.




“YOU are nothing but a gigantic piece of alien jerk!”

Naanya threw her boots on the Maru which hit the girl right on the back of her head. It was a bull’s eye but the girl didn’t seem hurt. It was just enough for her to stop walking. Everyone who saw it gasped.

The shoot just ended and the girls are on their way back to the dressing room. No one succeeded to oshihen Maru. Haruppi still has a tight hold of the throne.

“Naanya!” Miki held her to stop her from raging. “Stop it or else—“

“Or else what!? She just shamed the hell out of the two of us! She also dissed everyone during the shoot! All of the fame is she gaining is going all to her head!”

Naanya looked at Maru while gritting her teeth. All the other members didn’t know what to do. It’s true that Maru kind of said some hurtful words during the shoot but they heard all the people who were by the sidelines laughing their hearts out so they thought it was a good thing. But Naanya and Miki’s case were a bit different.

When asked about what she thinks about them, Maru used comments that were obviously from a hate thread that went out after the scandal was exposed.

“I once had high hopes on her but it’s all gone now.”

“She can forget ranking at the next election.”

“I won’t waste my money voting for her.”

And she even threw innuendoes like,

“Their metabolism looks like it is super slow. They have to walk from home to a game centre then back to their homes at 2am just to properly digest everything.”

And when she was asked of who she thinks can win her favour, Maru answered:

“I think I will go to the girls who I can see are serious with their idol jobs. I believe that efforts will be rewarded just like what Takahashi Minami-san said… That’s also one thing I liked about Haruppi-san. She is really working hard.”

Her eyes travelled to the girls on their seats and it landed Naanya and Miki. She then flicked her tongue and grinned which triggered the two girls to rampage. On the middle of the shoot, the focus changed into Maru’s battle with Naanya and Miki. Maru intimidates them and they get furious.

“Who the hell are you to talk like that!?” Naanya cannot contain her anger. She felt so embarrassed. “I even thought you were nice but you got some sharp tongue! You talk like you know a lot, like you are so established when the truth is you are just using you connections with all the big members to gain popularity! Leech! Asshole! TRASH!”

“Naanya~!” Miki cried. “Don’t make a scene here!”

“Stop it, Naanya!” Ryoka tried to calm her down as well but no use.

Maru slowly turned to her. Her eyes look so bored. She isn’t wearing her specs that’s why the piercing stare is so direct it made everyone almost bowled over.

“Are you finished now?” She asked very monotonously and then yawned. This move irritated Naanya even more.

“This jerk—“

Maru bowed down to pick up the boot Naanya threw at her. She dusted it off and went towards the girl to hand it off. “I wonder if this boot was made for you or if this is passed down by a senior.”

Naanya gasped. It wasn’t originally hers. It wasn’t tailored for her. It was indeed an inheritance from a graduated senior.

The two girls are looking up at the taller girl but the latter couldn’t look back at them. Maru even covered her eyes with her arm before starting to talk again.

“I’m sorry for saying such words. I know I hurt the two of you. God knows how much I tried just to say those words. But please…” She removed the cover of her eyes only to reveal a very lonely set. “Take care of the things your seniors have passed down to you… Take care of AKB.”

She then started walking away. No one from the girls was brave enough to follow her. They all just watched her travelled that hallway. She even bumped herself on a trashcan.

“AKB minna-san!”

Their attentions were caught by the director who came from behind. He was smiling from ear to ear like he has won a lotto jackpot.

“It was a really great taping! Give a round of applause to yourselves!” The director clapped and everyone also compromised. “I believe it will be a fun episode to watch!”

He then turned to Naanya and Miki. His eyes formed a squint but he is still smiling. “You girls did well too. I was kind of worried for casting the two of you but you managed to pull it off somehow. Thanks to Hoshino and her sharp tongue. You all did well with your tsukkomi reactions.”

The two looked at each other. Are they seriously being praised for getting angry?

“Well then…” the director placed his hands on his waist. “Where is Hoshino? Have you said a word of thanks to her?”

“T-Thank her for what?” Naanya asked.

The director shook his head. He still can’t remove the grin from his face. “Hoshino was devastated when she found out that the two of you were dropped from the lineup. She came straight to me and begged to get you back. I was worried because of the recent ruckus so I was firm to answer no but then she knelt in front of me! Hoshino did a dogeza for your sake!”

Their jaws dropped as if on cue. Maru seriously went that far to bring them back?

Uno-D heaved a sigh of relief and tapped the two on their shoulders. “You might still get one more shot with this. People will surely find this episode funny!”

He clapped again and turned to the other girls. “Otsukare!” then he waved at them and left.


Everyone looked at the two girls. They are still in shock.

Ryoka placed her hands on the head of the two girls and smiled at them. “Good job for today!” After that she went inside the dressing room. The other girls did the same, congratulating them for a job well done one by one. The two started tearing up, guilty of biting into pleasure and putting AKB’s name on the scandal spotlight again.

They ran crying in the dressing room where the other members welcomed them with warm hugs.




“SO SHE went for Ariyoshi-style?”

Aki-P asked Togasaki who reported him the happenings of the latest AKBingo shoot.

“Seems like it.” The other guy thriftily answered.

Aki-P nodded his head slowly. “Ariyoshi threw all sorts of bad comments to Sashihara when her scandal broke out. Sashihara managed to give wonderful reactions which made the whole show really funny. Even Sashihara knows it herself, all the bad-mouthing she received from Ariyoshi somehow made the hearts of the people soft and accept the blow of her scandal seriously. She was somehow saved by that.”

Togasaki didn’t answer but he definitely agrees with the words of the Sensei. Aki-P went back to his seat and looked at the two girls who are on the other room looking at their old uniforms.

“I wonder if Owada and Nishino will also be saved by this.” Aki-P continued. Most of the members who got involved into a scandal had resort into graduation even without the management asking them too. It was like an automatic, inevitable ending. But there are girls who chose to be punished instead of just disappearing like that. To the Sensei, those are the girls who really reflected on their actions. The once who remain despite of the shame and continue to persevere are the ones who saw how important AKB is to them.

Whichever path they will choose, they will still be judged by people. Why not prove their selves again?

“Sensei…” Togasaki called. “It’s rare to see those two girls here. What is happening?”

“Ah? Maeda and Oshima?” Yes. The two girls they are talking about are the former rivals on dead heat, Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko. They are looking at their old uniforms for some reason.

“Is this about that girl again?”

Aki-P leaned to his chair and swivelled it to face the window.

“I already told you and Shinobu. I want her to see all the scenery the other girls are seeing. I want her to experience all of this.” He closed his eyes. “…Let her experience all of it while there is still light.”


you might want to see the tumblr version cause all the highlighted words are there already. I got really no time to check this. sorry. See you on Wednesday(????????)
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-08) Next Generation (F)
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thank you so much for updating this :cow:
about JunMarco's drabble, it was so funny!  :lol:
Sayanee: How about we do a collab fic next time? Let’s make it more intense!
wwww YESSS! please make it :ding: JunMarco FTW! :shy2:

thanks God milky was there to accompany maru, maru will ended up hurting herself if milky wasn't there :sweat:

Aki-P leaned to his chair and swivelled it to face the window.

“I already told you and Shinobu. I want her to see all the scenery the other girls are seeing. I want her to experience all of this.” He closed his eyes. “…Let her experience all of it while there is still light.”
looks like I must prepare myself for the worst  :on drink: :prayers:

if bad things happen to maru tho :shifty:
please update soon! :kneelbow:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-08) Next Generation (F)
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Naanya miki....   :cry:

Maru is having another suicidal period...  Is it caused by that news about her family or paru's graduation? Or both?

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-08) Next Generation (F)
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After reading this chapter, I remembered Naanya and Miki announced their graduation. Was it because of that scandal? I wasn't updated about the reason they chose to graduate.

I really wanna hug Yuihan here 😢

Still, as always Cut-san, awesome chapter. Can't wait for next one.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-08) Next Generation (F)
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That MaruMilky scene, deym! My handsome Maru had a breakdown, hey Jun! What are you doing? Console your your beloved prince.

Oh btw, I read your fic on my way to work and I literally hold my tears so hard. Don't want to see me cry in a public transportation, but deym! I'm kinda a S & M that's why I read it twice. LOL

And what the heck Naanya and Miki?! Maru helped you and that's what she will get from you two? I'm very disappointed. Tsk tsk tsk. Hope you two do something to thank Maru.

PS. I know you're having a break this week, but I hope to see the next chapter this Sunday.  :on cny2:

PPS. Spoil me already or else I will call you. LOL. Just kiddin'.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-04) Next Generation (II)
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While waiting for your update, I once again re-read this scene's chap...

The General Manager turned to her girlfriend who is just looking silently at the door of the room where Maru is. A curl was formed in her lips.

“Jealous that you’re not the one taking care of her?”

Everyone stiffened. They turned to the GM, surprised at the very words she just threw.

Paruru also looked at Yui with a confused look on her face. “What are you talking about, Yuihan?”

Yui sighed. “Hmm…” She thought aloud. “Are you worried that someone else might steal her heart while you are with me?”

Sayanee gulped. Has Yuihan gone loose already? It’s not an innuendo anymore, it’s direct confrontation! And she’s doing it in front of everyone!

Paruru’s eyebrows met. She was about to answer when Yui went to throw another grenade that would make the air more dense.

“Are you still dreaming that she went to your house last night and took care of you and then… kissed you? Just like this morning that you thought I was her and called me ‘Hoshi’ when you saw me at your kitchen?”

Paruru’s eyes widened and so as everyone around. Someone has to stop Yuihan!

Yui turned to look at their stunned faces with an innocent face. “Why are you all looking like you’ve seen a ghost? It’s not like you setup Paruru with Maru-chan to the extent of borrowing kenkyuuseis, right?”

The trio who did the setup also gulped. They didn’t know that the GM also knows about that date. None of them has the guts to return Yui’s stare.

Yui smiled to lighten the mood. “Come on, girls. It’s not that I am angry about it or anything. I know you all know that my relationship with Paruru is fake.”


Paru wasn’t able to speak more when Yui turned to her with a very faint smile on her face. It somehow says that she’s okay and just let her do the talking.

“I still got like five days left. I hope you can all wait for that before you fully show your support for the both of them. I know this can be selfish but let me spend the remaining days of this fake relationship without any regret. Let me show that I really love her.”

Yui dropped her shoulders. Somehow she managed to say everything without tearing up. Her head is being consumed by the thoughts of this messy love affair. She noticed that it has been dragging her down and it is not good for the Soukantoku to be like this. She has to face all of it…. Just like how Takamina faced this fate.

“Let’s go, Paruru.” She extended her hands to the girl she loves the most. It hurts. She has to let go of her after everything that they have gone through together. After all these years... “Maru-chan will be fine. You also have to rest.”

Paruru looked at her hand for a while before finally reaching for it. Yui smiled. Even if it is because of pity that she reached out for her hand she doesn’t care anymore. She held her tight.

“Saa, we’re leaving now. You girls should go as well.”

That’s all and she left with the sick Paruru. The trio were looking at each other with guilty faces.

Sayanee got relieved when the two already went away. Yui has rose the tension twice already. She’s sure that her friend is having a very hard time dealing with all of this.

 “Be strong, Yuihan...” she whispered in the air. She then turned to the room where Maru is. “Just what the hell did you do that Yuihan is acting like this, kiddo?”

After reading it for the second time, I still cried in the end :cry:

Damn... it really hurts to see Yui like that...


Now, I'm waiting for your next update bud :D

bring some more DRAMAS!    just kidding, ease with it 'cause I need to see Yui to be happy again lol

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-08) Next Generation (F)
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Shortcut48-san, please update soon.  :( thanks

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-18) Janken Taikai
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


I know it’s already late but yeah... Here it is... Sorry for not being able to post anything for the past week... Just got caught into something...

But yeah... I came back! Lol. Here is the continuation of the story~


PARURU, Jurina, Sakura and Haruppi met at the hallway coming from different directions. They were chasing for their breaths. They just ran throughout the whole area which they should not have done because they will be opening the event.

“Have you seen her?” Paruru asked them. Jurina is in her assistance.

Sakura and Haruppi shook their heads.

“No sign of her anywhere.” Sakura answered.

“Maru-san…” Haruppi’s troubled face didn’t escape Paruru’s eyes. Her chest tightened a little.

Sayanee and Yui joined the group soon after. It’s evident to their faces that their search was also negative.

“Where the hell is that kid?” Sayanee asked while still looking around. “That stupid kid making us worry like this!”

“Minna~! What’s up~?”

They all jerked from their places and then turned to the owner of the playful voice.

“Milky?” Sayanee called the girl’s nickname; bewilderment is all over her face. A smile then curved on her lips. “What are you doing here?”

The fisher smiled sweetly at her. “I was once the Janken Queen, remember?”

She ran to Sayanee and the other girl’s arm automatically wrapped to her waist.

“I want to watch this year’s tournament live.” She cheerfully added before looking at the other girls. “Why are you all looking tired already? Did something happen?”

“We are looking for Maru-chan.” Yuihan answered. “Is there any chance that you’ve seen her?”

Milky flashed a cute, curious face. “She’s missing?”

“If she’s not then we’ll not be searching for her, right?” There goes Sayanee’s tsukkomi. Milky turned to her with a grumpy face but still cute. “Maru-kun changed houses without telling anyone of us. She blocked us on her Line and she doesn’t answer our call. That punk!”

“Really?” Milky pulled her phone from her pocket and checked her line. She’s also blocked. She didn’t know about it since she has been staying at Maru’s penthouse and there’s no need to contact her. Her eyebrows met and she puffed her cheeks. “Ijiwaru-kun!”

“Shinobu-san and Togasaki-san know about it but they refuse to tell us anything.” Jurina continued the explanation. “This is the first group event after her sudden disappearance so we thought we will see Aniki here but there’s no sign of her.”


Yuihan noticed something’s off with Milky’s reactions. There’s nothing wrong with her actions but her the way she avoids eye contact is a bit suspicious.

“Girls! We will start the event in ten minutes!” One member of the staff interrupted their meeting. “Be on standby please!”


Sayanee turned to her Milky. “We’ll be going now. Enjoy the event, okay?”

The girls bid their temporary goodbyes to the master fisher and left. Milky released a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t say any lie, didn’t I?” She cupped her cheeks, feeling a little bit stressed. “Waru-kun~! Just look at what you are making me do~!”


“LADIES and gentlemen! AKB48’s 46th new single HIIIIIIIIGH TEEENSION!”

The lightsticks started to light up after that opening call. The music entered and the lights turned on. It’s the first presentation of [High Tension], the last AKB48 single that Paruru is centering. She’s on twin tails, in response to Yuria’s tweet the day she announced graduation.

Everyone on the audience is on fire because of the new song. It’s a very upbeat song, something that Shimazaki Haruka wouldn’t usually do but here she is dancing it on the zero position.

She’s performing well but Maru still occupies most of her thoughts. She’s changing positions a lot at the choreography so she took those as chances to look around. She tried to search for the only photographer that makes her blush everytime she’s being told that she’s stunning. She tried to look everywhere but there is still no sign of Maru. Her chest started to tighten.

Thankfully, they only performed the short version of the song or else she might face trouble. She was running out of breath which is noticeable when the song ended and the camera focused on her. She was holding back the tears of frustration.

After High Tension, Paruru immediately exited the stage and went to get some air. She couldn’t believe that performing that short would make her this tired already. She backed out from the tournament because she’s already graduating but why is her heart in an uncontrollable pressure?

She looked to left and her right. All she can see are the Janken contestants getting ready for the tournament. She threw herself to a seat while getting some oxygen. She closed her eyes, trying to calm herself but the sudden increase in noise didn’t let her rest.

“No way! Why is she here?”

“You must be kidding, right?”

“This is impossible! I can’t believe my own eyes!”

Paruru opened her eyes. Her eyebrows furrowed, a little annoyed until she saw the topic of the chattering. Her eyes widened in bewilderment.


Maeda Atsuko turned to her with a surprised face. A cute smile slowly curved on the face of the eternal ace of AKB. She ran to her precious Paru-chan and hugged her.

“Paru-chan~ I missed you so much! Good job on the latest single! It is so cool! I’m already LSS on it!”

Paruru just gawked at her dear senpai. She still couldn’t believe that she’s on a costume as well. And not just any costume, Acchan is on her Majisuka Gakuen seifuku. She’s even wearing the original glasses she used on that drama.

“Paru-chan? What’s up with that look?” Acchan curiously asked.

“W-Why are you in a costume?” Paru stammered as she blinks fast, making sure that she’s seeing everything right. “Are you participating in the tournament?”

“Mou~ What are you talking about?” Acchan chuckled. “Hmm… Let’s say I am here for some star.”

“E-Eh? What do you—“

“Acchan! Seriously what are you doing!?”

Everyone looked at the direction of that familiar voice. Paru was surprised to see Oshima Yuko, also in her character in Majisuka, complete with the eye makeup.

Acchan just chuckled while looking at the angry squirrel. “I’ll be there in a minute~!” She then turned to Paru with a meaningful smile on her face. “You better watch the event. Don’t go home just yet. Ja ne~”

The eternal ace winked at her before running to the room where Yuko is peeking. Acchan gave out an apologetic cute smile to the squirrel before she entered the room. Yuko just shook her head and surrendered at the unfailing cuteness. Yuko accidentally turned to the direction where Paru is. Their eyes met. Yuko just smiled at her before closing the door.

“We saw it correctly, right?”

“It is Maeda-san and Oshima-san! There’s no mistake on it!”

“But why are they here?”

“Maybe to promote the spin-off of Majisuka Gakuen? What was it again? Cabasuka Gakuen?”

The murmurs didn’t stop. It would really be weird seeing the graduated aces at the backstage just like that. And not just that, they are on their legendary characters.

“Here for some star?” Paruru repeated what Acchan said then her face brightened in realization. “Could it be…?”


TANABE MIKU of the 3rd generation won A Block. She is now a sure part of the sub-unit that is the price of the members who will win their own blocks. The top 7 will fight over the center position after they are gathered.

It’s time for Block B. It is the block where Paruru should be but she gave up her slot which made a lot of fans sad and disappointed. Everybody wants to see her play this last janken of hers. She was once a Janken Queen for the good times sake. It would be nice if someone could win it twice.

Paru, still on her High Tension costume, is sitting on the seat for the members. Everyone is surprised to see her watching the event. Normally this kind of things does not concern her but here she is watching just because Acchan told her so.

“Excuse me…” It was Milky going to the row where Paruru is sitting. Next to her is Jurina who is also still in her High Tension costume. The next one was a familiar tall girl that sat next to her. Paruru’s eyes widened in bewilderment when she recognized who it was.


“Bingo!” Mariko pointed at her with her hand posing like a gun and winked at Paruru.

“W-What are you doing here?” Paruru asked.

Mariko bowed her head with a sneer on her face. She then spread her hands as if she is presenting the row she is in. “Janken Queens.”

Suddenly, their row was displayed on the screen and the audience roared in astonishment. They are seeing the past Janken Queens, all sitting in one row. Paruru looked shock but the three seems like they are prepared for the camera shot. They even winked on the camera in synchronization.

The focus now transferred to the presentation of the contestants from Block B. Mariko, Jurina and Milky high fived after the successful synchronize winking.

“Sorry Paruru-chan, we didn’t have the chance to tell you about it.” Mariko said after the small rejoicing with the other two Janken Queens. “Now that you think of it, the first Janken Queen isn’t around.”

Paru heard Jurina laugh. “I bet she’s busy frying meat.”

“I wish she was also here.” Mariko sighed. “Anyways, let’s just enjoy this tournament. Right, Paruru-chan?”

Paruru just smiled back at that meaningful smile being given to her by the Mother of Trolls. Acchan, Yuko and now Mariko; something is just about to explode.

The contenders are being presented one by one. They all came out with their lovely costumes, some were outrageous. The presentation suddenly halted when it was Paruru’s turn to be presented. All of the lights turned off. It would be completed darkness if it weren’t because of the light sticks.

“Nandeyanen!?” That was Sayanee’s voice. She is one of the announcers and commentators of the tournament. “What is happening?”

The arena was in deep confusion when a legendary song suddenly played. Just hearing the intro of it, the whole audience roared once more.

A spotlight lighted up the other end of the stage which revealed Maeda Atsuko who is on character. The audience jumped in joy. They couldn’t believe what they are seeing.

“Maji ni naranakya katenee yo…”

“Iku ze!” The viewers gasped again when the other end of the stage was lighted up. It was non-other than the great Oshima Yuko! Most of the audiences are having their jaws dropped or their hands on their heads. Everything suddenly went crazier.

The two former aces ran together on the center stage while shouting the ‘Rock n Roll’ part. Paruru’s heart began to escape from the ‘ease zone’. She even saw Acchan took a glimpse of her when she was running. She can’t mistake that meaningful smile she received from her senpai.

When the two arrived in the center stage, the music stopped leaving everyone in bewilderment. The two aces were just smiling at each other while the audiences continue to cheer. It was a nice view on the stage until they started to flash some weird but awfully familiar pose.


(Based on Dragonball Z’s Fusion Technique. XD)

Their fingers connected and smoke suddenly filled the stage. Paruru was up to her feet, waiting for the smoke to clear up. It was a long minute of suspense until the smoke thinned up. There was only one silhouette remaining on the stage.

The audiences screamed in excitement. They know it is Paruru’s turn but she withdrew and she’s sitting with the other Janken Queens so they are sure it isn’t her. The cheer went even louder as the smoke finally clears up and reveals a girl in a Majisuka Gakuen seifuku.

The girl is wearing Maeda’s style of uniform but her sleeves are rolled up just like Yuko’s, revealing most of her battle scars. She also has chains hanging by her waist just like Yuko and also bespectacled like Maeda. It’s just this girl is wearing round glasses.

The camera focused on the girl’s face and her piercing stare filled every screen in the stadium. She sneered to the camera and then walked towards her seat.

“MAAAAARU HOSHINO!” The announcer broke shouted her name and another outcry filled the whole arena. The view of Maru’s back is just too badass it was too heavy to handle.

As usual, because it is a live event and is being broadcasted worldwide, wotas from everywhere had a share of their thoughts.



She’s not a member of AKB!

OK! Hoshino Maru just took Paruru’s place in Janken. Great. Just great. PFFT.

Acchan and Yuko just did the Fusion technique and then Hoshino Maru came out!? Is Aki-P telling us that she is a combination of the two?????

Whether she wins this tournament or not, this is going down in history!

It will be more epic if she loses on the first round. Hahaha!

Push! PUsh! PUSh! PUSH!

Costume is cool but I like to see more Danso! LOL

One day we will just see her running in the SSK!!!

“Paruru-chan…” That faint call from Mariko made the salty girl jerked. She was just staring on the stage when Mariko called for her attention. “Tears… You are on screen.”

It took a while before Paruru looked at the screen and saw her own face wet with tears. When did she start crying? Why is she even crying?

She immediately went back to her seat and wiped her tears away. She’s here! Hoshi is here! She didn’t leave Japan! She looked at Jurina who happened to be also looking at her. The pup’s eyes are teary and she’s even biting her lower lip.

“That’s my SON!!!” Sayanee shouted with her fist up on high. Everyone is happy to see Maru again. Even Sakura and Haruppi who were currently on the backstage were rejoicing with the fact that Maru is still in Japan. All that is left is her explanation to why she left her house without notice.

Maru faced another Haruka on the first round. It was Ueno Haruka from HKT48. She greeted Ijiri Okada with a nod and faint smile. The referee of the match somehow sneered on her; probably the memory of her fainting in Nogibingo came to the comedian’s mind.


The sound of the cheers echoed in the whole arena. Maru is looking on their fists ready to throw their cards. Her eyes look dead serious that her opponent was taken aback.

Chill Maru, it’s only Janken! XD


And the cards were thrown. Maru’s eyes widened. She threw rock while her opponent threw scissors! She’ll move on to the next round! She felt at ease. Finally, another expression was revealed by her face—relief. She was so focused on the game that she couldn’t even smile properly.

On the next round, she faced with Naanya that was on bye. The younger girl still hasn’t had the opportunity to apologize for what she has done during the taping. This is also the first time that she is facing the public after her scandal broke out. It was nerve-wracking just to come out on stage and now she has to face Maru. What more can she ask for?

She couldn’t even look at her opponent’s face. She just looked at their fists, waiting for the awkward moment to finish. Maru’s fist opened up and waved at her to get her attention. Naanya looked up at her only to see that the bespectacled girl is smiling at her.

“Chin up. Eyes on me.” Maru mouthed followed by a wink. Everyone who was watching read what her lips were saying which made another wave of excitement.

Paruru felt a sudden pinch in her heart with that sudden action from Hoshi. What was that for?

Naanya smiled back at her. Her chest felt relieved after seeing that Maru isn’t mad at her. She nodded at her and then Ijiri shouted the signal.

It was another match between rock and scissors. Maru’s hand was raised by Ijiri as she was proclaimed winner by using rock again. Even the Janken Queens are seen cheering for Maru.

While they were exiting the battle stage, the bespectacled girl was seen patting Naanya’s head nonchalantly before she went back to her seat. Naanya felt so much at ease but moved at the same time. She’s fine even though she lost the match. For now, this girl is the one she wants to win the block.

Not long after it, Maru faced Nozawa Rena next. It is probably the first time in her life that she played Janken but she finds it really, really awesome.

The two competitors made their fists meet at the center.


Ijiri placed his hands on top of their fists. After making sure they are on the right place, he shouted one of the only two lines he has in this competition. (aside from interviews.)



“YOU SHOULD’VE kept using rock.”

Yuko slapped Maru’s back so hard that her lungs almost went flying out. She saw Maru sulking at the room where they secretly prepared earlier. She was looking at her palm. She used paper at her battle with Nozawa which made her eliminated from the competition.

The shock from everyone watching even from her opponent cannot be forgotten. All their reaction faces infers that the world just ended after Maru lost.

“Maru-chan~” Acchan called her and sat beside her which made her a little flustered. “Did you enjoy it?”

Maru nodded at her. “I just wished you didn’t do the introduction that extravagant.”

Yuko laughed at her and slapped her again in the back. She’s sure she’ll be sent to emergency room because of this squirrel’s strength.

“You are the combination of our characters in Majisuka Gakuen!” Yuko declared with a huge smile on her face. “What will be your name? Hmmm… Atsuko plus Yuko… Hmmm…”

Maru anticipates the next word that will come out. The thought that she will receive a new name is enough to make her happy.

“How about KoKo?”

Acchan’s innocent but funny suggestion made Yuko laughed out loud. Maru just looked at the eternal ace with her jaw hanging. She sure has received quite interesting names like Mi-nam and Ijiwaru but she didn’t expect to receive such a peculiar name from these two.


“How about add Mariko to make it KoKoKo?”

Their eyes transferred to the only member of 1.5 Generation who just came inside the room. She gave a salute on Maru with a troll smile on her face.

“What’s up KoKoKo-chan?”

“Mari-chan~!” Acchan called the Mother of Trolls. “Did you enjoy the tournament?”

“Yeees! Tanabe Miku-chan deserves to be on the spotlight.” Mariko commented on the new Janken Queen. “But… It will be fun if you got me into that introduction as well, right, KoKoKo-chan?”

Maru just looked at her with a face that can’t be explained. She isn’t sure if she’s going to be happy to be called KoKoKo or what.

“Anyway…” Maru sighed. “Thank you for taking care of me today. I don’t know how can I return this to all of you.”

The three just smiled after receiving a word of appreciation from the girl. After all the recognitions and spotlights she is gaining, she’s still shy and humble that she can’t even look at them in the eyes.

Acchan gently patted Maru’s head. “You’ve done well today, Hoshi-chan.”

Maru raised her head up and looked at Acchan with a surprised face. The ace just flashed a smile followed by a wink.

“Let’s go. Akimoto-sensei is waiting outside.” Mariko even pointed at the door with her thumb.

“Are we going out still in these costumes?” Maru asked.

“Why not? It’s cool!” Yuko jumped off of her seat and dusted off her costume. “Let’s go. Let’s not make the old man wait.”

Maru sighed. She stood up. She could feel Acchan’s hand on her back assisting her. Having this three around her makes her so tense she can’t even act her usual.

Mariko opened the door for them and what welcomed them out is Aki-P and Togasaki being confronted by the Soukantoku and the others. The confrontation was put into a halt when they saw Maru.

Maru averted their stares especially Paruru’s and just looked at Aki-P and nodded at him. The creator of AKB released a sigh and started to walk towards the exit. She just followed him together with the former members.

The others are now sure that she is really avoiding them.

“M-M-Maru-shan!” Sakura pushed Haruppi in the front to have her call her oshi but Maru didn’t even stop to look back. She just continued walking.

“What is happening with that kiddo!?” Sayanee gritted in frustration.


Maru instantly turned to Aki-P at that call. Her heart quaked a little due to nervousness.

“When I told you to prepare them, this is not what I mean.”


Yui turned to Paru only to see a hurtful expression on the girl’s face. She bit her lower lip.

“Maru-chan!” The Soukantoku who is still on her samurai outfit shouted. The others started calling her as well.

“This decision of yours… I kind of don’t agree with this.” Aki-P stopped walking which made them all stop. “This is not the reason why I am making you all these jobs. I did tell you that you can extend your stay if you do as I say… But with this method?”


Maru immediately turned after hearing Paruru called her. Her heart shook after seeing the girl’s expression. She’s on the verge of tears.

“Uh-oh~” Acchan flicked her tongue and started to tease Maru with a smile. “Looks like Hoshi-chan made Paru-chan cry.”

“And I don’t want you to make any of the girls cry like this.”



Maru was taken aback when Yui and Sayanee started to run in the hallway. Acchan, Yuko and Mariko made a way for them.


Yui rushed to her and delivered her a clothesline which knocked her over, sending her to the ground. Sayanee immediately applied a figure-four leglock to antagonize Maru even more.


Jurina came running at Yui’s call and tapped the Soukantoku’s hand. Sakura set up a chair for her which she used to jump higher to execute a leg drop on Maru. Maru shouted in pain as Jurina landed on her. Yui covered her up and Mariko was fast enough to do the counting.

“1! 2! 3!”

Mariko raised Yui’s hand to present her as the winner. Acchan and Yuko were clapping for that little show they performed.

Yui made Maru stood up by raising up through her collar.

“Don’t ever dare to make Paruru make that face again or I will skin you alive!”

Maru just looked at her, bewildered of everything that has happened. She turned to Paruru but then immediately averted from the girl’s eyes. She bowed her head in embarrassment.

“I-I… I am sorry…”

“Penthouse of Yamatori Condominium. Located in Roppongi Hills.”

Maru’s eyes widened and turned to Aki-P. The Sensei just gave out her new address away but he is still in his poker face. Aki-P fixed his glasses before heading to the exit. Acchan and Yuko just waved at her while Mariko gave her a thumb up.

“Soooo,” Sayanee also fixed her glasses that went out of place after the little wrestling match they did. She then arched her arm to the awestruck Maru. “How about you take us to your place now?”

Yui let go of her and Jurina also arched her arm to her to secure she won’t run. “Yeah, Aniki… It is bad to leave your friends clueless like that.”


“We are your friends, Haru-san! How come you make us all worry like this!?”

Maru turned to Sakura, in her SakuSakuKamen costume, who was projecting a frustrated face. It just came from the lone-wolf that they are friends.

Yuihan heaved a sigh. She still looks a bit disappointed. “I will just change and we will go to your place. Don’t even try to run away!”


Yui and the two HKT aces went to change while Maru is still on the security of Jurina and Sayanee. Milky went near her with a teasing smile on her face.

“Ijiwaru defeated~!” She cutely said and gave a soft chop on Maru’s head. Maru sighed out a smile and dropped her head.

“Seems like it...”

She suddenly felt herself being lifted. Sayanee and Jurina carried her in front of Paruru. They just looked at each other but Maru really can’t stand facing the girl. She can’t afford her emotions to be pushed at the moment.

She dropped her head but Sayanee held her cheeks and made her look at Paruru with her lips squashed by her cheeks. This made the crying salty queen gave out a laugh. Maru rolled her eyes and shook Sayanee’s hand away.

Paruru wiped her tears away and tried to smile.

“So this is how it feels like… Suddenly being ignored…” she smiled bitterly and then looked at Maru. “I’m really sorry…”

She slowly hugged Maru and buried her face on the girl’s shirt. The knot being formed by Maru’s eyebrows smoothened. The two guards released her.

Maru sighed. She did everything just to get away from them but look at just what happened. She’s back in square one and she doesn’t know how she can get out of it with this tight hug. She’s so in love with the feeling of having this girl jailed in her arms.


“TODAY was a good show, Sensei.”

Yuko commented while they are on the elevator. It was her that broke the silence.

“I can say that she’s really one of a kind. I can’t blame you that you are pushing her this way.”

Acchan was just listening with her usual smile on her face.

“I told you that it is all part of my deal with her.” Aki-P answered briefly.

Yuko sighed and leaned on the elevator wall. “I hope for the best to be upon her…”

Aki-p remained silent as if contemplating of something.

“Hmm…” He thought aloud. “Togasaki-kun, what do you think of turning into wrestling after Cabasuka Gakuen?”

Togasaki immediately facepalmed after hearing Aki-P’s idea while Acchan and Yuko burst out into laughter.

“Sasuga, Sensei!”


THE ELEVATOR of Maru’s new home opened and everyone was thrown into confusion. A beautiful girl was sitting in front of it, hugging her knees and crying. The girl stood up after seeing other people. She almost fell down because she has been sitting like that for a while.

Her eyes traveled to all of them. Her pretty face produced an agitated one as her stare got fixed to the astounded Maru.


The girl marched towards her and slapped her right in the face which surprised her even more.


Ae-ri gnashed her teeth and continuously hit Mi-nam in the shoulders

“8월 말에 한국에 돌아갈 거라고 했잖아? 왜 아직도 여기 있어? 바보 같애! 죽을래?”
(You said you are going back to Korea at the last day of August, right? Why are you still here!? Fool! Do you want to die?)

“A-Awkward…” Sayanee whispered. “Someone turn on the subtitles please.”

Maru hugged Ae-ri to stop her for throwing tantrums but the girl just wailed even louder.

“W-Who?” Jurina mouthed on Milky.

“Ijiwaru’s original girlfriend.” Milky playfully answered.


Ae-ri pulled Maru out of the elevator and hugged her tight. Her eyes fixed on Paruru.




Thank you for all your comments! Sorry for being absent for the past week. Maybe it's just winter that made me want to hibernate. Sorry for making you all wait and sorry for the outcome of this chapter... XD Why do I always say sorry anyway? Maa, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as well. Thank you for reading! :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-18) Janken Taikai
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I know it's not really proper, but somehow I can't stop grinning while reading this chapter. It's full of happiness  :D
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welcome back author-san! :welcome :welcome
woah! the akb's legend members came! :onioncheer:
Maru in majijo uniform~ :shy2:
eh?! Ae-ri is maru's original girlfriend?! :stoned: my MaruParu ship is sinking now :on speedy: :gyaaah: :imdead:

please update soon! :kneelbow:
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First of all, welcome back and thanks for the update bud, I was really enjoying it  :welcome  :twothumbs


Maru was taken aback when Yui and Sayanee started to run in the hallway. Acchan, Yuko and Mariko made a way for them.


Yui rushed to her and delivered her a clothesline which knocked her over, sending her to the ground. Sayanee immediately applied a figure-four leglock to antagonize Maru even more.


Jurina came running at Yui’s call and tapped the Soukantoku’s hand. Sakura set up a chair for her which she used to jump higher to execute a leg drop on Maru. Maru shouted in pain as Jurina landed on her. Yui covered her up and Mariko was fast enough to do the counting.

“1! 2! 3!”

Mariko raised Yui’s hand to present her as the winner. Acchan and Yuko were clapping for that little show they performed.

You don't know how much I laughed at this scene, lmaoo  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

THE ELEVATOR of Maru’s new home opened and everyone was thrown into confusion. A beautiful girl was sitting in front of it, hugging her knees and crying. The girl stood up after seeing other people. She almost fell down because she has been sitting like that for a while.

Her eyes traveled to all of them. Her pretty face produced an agitated one as her stare got fixed to the astounded Maru.


The girl marched towards her and slapped her right in the face which surprised her even more.


Ae-ri gnashed her teeth and continuously hit Mi-nam in the shoulders

“8월 말에 한국에 돌아갈 거라고 했잖아? 왜 아직도 여기 있어? 바보 같애! 죽을래?”
(You said you are going back to Korea at the last day of August, right? Why are you still here!? Fool! Do you want to die?)

“A-Awkward…” Sayanee whispered. “Someone turn on the subtitles please.”

Maru hugged Ae-ri to stop her for throwing tantrums but the girl just wailed even louder.

“W-Who?” Jurina mouthed on Milky.

“Ijiwaru’s original girlfriend.” Milky playfully answered.


Ae-ri pulled Maru out of the elevator and hugged her tight. Her eyes fixed on Paruru.


And this...

I'm sensing another wave of drama coming next chap.. Like seriously? Maru has a girlfriend already, not to mention, ORIGINAL?

Sayanee never failed to amuse me tho, 'Someone turn on the subtitles please'.  :lol:

Now I can't wait for the next chap!

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Next chapter should be entitled "The Things That Mix - Maru's Harem" hahaha Aeri is so possesive for Maru 😂😂 blame the handsomeness she carries haha

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

THE ATMOSPHERE of the whole room is so thick due to mixture of awkwardness and irritation. The gang is all sitting on the sofa opposite to where Ae-ri is sitting. No one is talking but Ae-ri is just staring at them as if she’s going to melt everyone with her stare.


Ae-ri yelped as Maru gave her a chop on the head. The girl just finished changing her clothes. She’s now back to her usual attire.

“Don’t look at them as if they have done something against you.” Maru warned Ae-ri with her arms crossed. She’s standing behind the crouch where Ae-ri is sitting.

“그냥 가라고 해. 여기서 할 거 없잖아.”
(Just tell them to go. There’s nothing to do here, right?)

Maru ruined her hair which made her more annoyed.

(What the hell!)

“Introduce yourself properly.” Maru ordered. “And do it in Japanese.”

The girl just rolled her eyes and exhaled tiredly. “I am Ae-ri Park.” She looked at them one by one before giving out a sarcastic smile. “It’s nice to meet you all.”

Around five seconds has passed before the gang reacted. They finally let out the tense air they’ve been holding since arriving at the penthouse.

“Well, you can actually talk in Japanese!” Sayanee wiped the sweat on her forehead. “You should’ve used it from the very beginning!”

Ae-ri flicked her tongue. “Of course I know Japanese, I’m a halfie!”

“Ya! Stop being a kid, Ae-ri!”

“But Mi-nam! You said you are going to—“

The doorbell suddenly rang and the delivery guy flashed on the small monitor by the elevator. Maru heaved a sigh and went to receive the food that she ordered for everyone. It seems like they are not going to let her go without explaining anything even with the presence of the Korean girl.

Maru placed the food on the table in the middle--Korean style fried chicken. The girls’ eyes twinkled at the sight and the smell of the food.

“Dig in…” Maru said without any enthusiasm. “Be careful, it’s a little bit spicy. If you want rice, there are ready to eat rice in the kitchen. Just put it on the microwave oven.” She then turned to Ae-ri and tilted her to the lanai. “We’ll talk.”

Maru then went to the lanai without looking back. Ae-ri just followed her but she still managed to throw a death stare to everyone. They all sighed when the two are already outside the room.

“Well, that kid is awfully irritating.” Sayanee grumbled before getting some wet wipes to clean her hand. She then turned to Milky who is sitting beside her. “Is she really Maru-kun’s girlfriend?”

Milky just laughed at Sayanee while busy searching for her favorite part of the chicken. “I was just kidding. That girl is the daughter of the people who took care of Waru-kun. Waah! Gocha chicken wing!”

“Wooh!” Jurina exclaimed. “I will really chop Aniki’s head off if that’s really is her girlfriend. She’s making her harem here and now she has a girlfriend? You must be kidding me!”

Everyone looked at her with a disgusted face. She just turned quiet like a cute pup and started to hunt for her own piece of chicken.

“She should be explaining to us now… But look at her explaining to another girl…” Yui rolled her eyes in disbelief. She doesn’t seem like she has the appetite to eat.

“It looks like they also have their own misunderstandings. Maru-kun will not get slapped that hard if she didn’t hurt the Korean girl in the first place.” Sayanee stated, now munching her chicken. “E-E-Eh! Spicy!”

Paruru, Sakura and Haruppi are just eating silently while listening to the comments of the others. Paruru thought that she could already stop worrying about Maru but here is another issue again.

“Sayaka, Sayaka!” Milky cutely called. “Let’s dub what they are saying.”

A grin was pasted on Sayanee’s face. They all look at the lanai. They can’t hear what they are talking about but they can clearly see everything just like a mute television because of the glass window.

“Sounds fun!” Jurina got her energy back. “Go on!”

Milky took the role of Ae-ri while Sayanee as Maru. The two are seen looking at each other while the smaller girl is trying so hard not to cry; still using her killer eyes

“I’m going to look at you like this, get frightened!” Milky dubbed that made the others snort.

Maru heaved a sigh and brush her palm on Ae-ri’s face.

“Don’t look at me like that. That’s not really a cute monomane of me.”

Somehow Sayanee’s joke made even the angry Soukantoku smile. Ae-ri suddenly hugged Maru which surprised them all. The girl started crying again and frustration is clearly written on Maru’s face. She returned a hug, her left hand on the girl’s waist while her other hand placed on the girl’s head.

“I know I suck at monomane… but please don’t cut that scene and air it, please!”

“I’m sorry lady. You just ruined my reputation by mimicking my infamous glare. Now pack your things and go back to Korea!”

Everyone burst out into laughter. They somehow hit Maru’s peripheral vision which made the girl throw them the real infamous stare. They all pretended that they are just eating and talking to each other. Maru hid Ae-ri from them by facing her back to them.

Now let’s head to the real conversation…

“Mi-nam… Please go back to Korea with me!” Ae-ri raised her head to look to Maru; her face wet with tears. “You told me you were coming back! I was waiting for you, you know!?”

“Sorry Ae-ri… I was really decided to go back but some things just happened. I had to finish this year here in Japan no matter what…”

“Is this because of that girl again? You’ve been doing things that you don’t usually do just for her!”

“Haruka has nothing to do with this.” Maru lied.

“But Mi-nam! Your ey—“

Maru removed her glasses and looked straight to Ae-ri’s eyes. “You don’t have to worry, Ae-ri. I’m fine. Nothing bad is going to happen to me.”

“But Mi-nam!!!” Ae-ri buried her face to Maru’s shirt and wailed. “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you! Please go back with me and refrain from doing all of this!”

Maru made the girl face her. She wiped her tears away and made their foreheads touch. This move somehow made them look like they are kissing if viewed from the back. Everyone gasped.

“Don’t cry. I’ll be back in one piece. I promise. You just have to give me a few more months. I just want to take more pictures of them. I really can’t go back for now. You know how they are searching for me there. In my passport I am still Baek Hye-joon. They might trace me.”

“But you are appearing so much in television!”

“You have to remember that they are looking for a boy. I am presented here as what I really am.”

Maru took a look at the people inside. She can somehow see that everyone is busy eating now aside from a certain girl. She can feel that she is looking at them. She slowly released Ae-ri from her hug and wore back her glasses.

“For now, I am going to enjoy my time in here. I know that there will be a time that I’ll get back in Korea but it is definitely not now. Don’t worry so much, okay?”

Ae-ri somehow calmed down after crying her heart out. She looked Maru with those swollen eyes. Maru laughed at the sight of her face as if her snot and tears mixed.

“바보! Don’t laugh at me like that!”

Maru stopped snickering and wiped Ae-ri’s face with her sleeves. “Don’t call me stupid!”

“We both know that you are stupid from the very beginning!” She looked at her Mi-nam, examining the girl’s face with a fool-like smile pasted on her cute face. Ae-ri started to tear up again. Maru was fast enough to wipe her tears away.

“You are already like a family to me, Mi-nam… You’re like the older sibling that I never had.” Ae-ri bit her lower lip and tried to stop herself from sobbing. “So I don’t want to lose you… I don’t want anything bad to happen to you…”

The Korean girl jerked when she felt Maru’s palm on her head. “Don’t worry, okay? Anyway, congratulations for being accepted in Seoul University! You did really well, Ae-ri.”

Ae-ri smiled a little and then took a deep breath. “I’m Park Ae-ri, remember? Passing it is the only thing I can do.”

Maru messed her hair even more. “Yeah, yeah my dearest little sister… How about we go inside now? It’s a little cold, isn’t it?”

Ae-ri just nodded and Maru escorted her back inside. The gang made their selves busy with the food but Paruru’s worried face welcomed Maru back. She wanted to make that beautiful face smile but she still can’t bring herself to talk to her like the usual.

She sat back to the opposite crouch together with Ae-ri. This made the others stop their attack to the spicy fried chicken.

“Are you guys going to say that you are going to get married now?” Sayanee joked while chewing some meat.

Maru rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh. “Shut up, Shakure King!”

Her eyes traveled to everyone. All of their faces are obviously waiting for explanation. Maru took a deep breath. So in the end I have to tell them this, right?

“Okay, okay… I will explain…” She leaned forward with her elbows resting on her knees. “I don’t know if you have heard it already, but there is this heir that is being searched lately in Korea because of the big money his father had left him in the bank… That heir they are talking about is me.”

“Tch.” That was Ae-ri. Maru just took a glimpse of her annoyed face then just continued her story.

“My family got into so much trouble after getting bankrupt. A lot of companies got ruined because of our downfall. A lot of businessmen are seeking for someone to blame all of these happenings unto. Those affected families are sure on rage once again after the news of me still having a lot of money leaked out. I’m sure they are thinking that I suppose to suffer like them and be left with nothing.

I don’t want you guys to also get into trouble so I am trying to stay away from you all. My existence is dangerous up until now. I can’t have anyone of you dragged down into this mess.”

“How about you try to lean on others? That will not be bad.”

Everyone turned to the Soukantoku whose eyes are dead fixed on Maru.

“You have to remember that you are not alone. You have us! We are your friends. Whether you like it or not, we are already a part of your life. We already had a lot of memories together. Your existence has already moved us before you realize it.”

“I agree with Yuihan…” The always smiling Milky butted in, wearing her rare serious face. “You should’ve told us your situation first before. It will be our choice if we are going to stay with you or leave you.”

“Yeah, Milky is right.” Jurina seconded. “You appeared so sudden and blended in effortlessly, Aniki. You can’t just separate yourself right after mixing in.”

“And don’t even think we will let you separate yourself like that to us.” Sayanee said with her eyes full of seriousness. “I will hunt you wherever you will hide and pull you out from your hole.”

Sakura stood up from her seat and went to sit on the other side of Maru. She held Maru’s hand tightly and looked straight to her eyes. Her cute worried face made the glasses girl tear up a bit. She immediately hid her face by bowing down her head, too embarrassed to have her crying face get seen.

Haruppi was fast enough to go and give her a hug from the back. She hugged Maru in the best way that she can feel that she is important.

“친구들 많이 생겼구나… (You’ve made a lot of friends…)”, Ae-ri whispered. She’s smiling at Maru but her eyes are telling a story of sadness. “말한 건 사실인지 알아. 근대 진짜 이유는 그거 아니잖아… (I know what you have just said is true. But the real reason is not that, right?)

The Korean girl stood up. She took a bow at the other girls and then went to Maru’s bedroom to give them some private time. Maru just followed her by gaze until she entered the said room. She was kind of thankful that Ae-ri didn’t spill anything.

After making sure that Ae-ri’s eyes is not upon Maru anymore, Milky rushed to hug Maru. The other girls followed and buried her in their embrace. Yui and Paru are the only ones left on the other sofa, looking at the happy scenery on the opposite crouch.

“It seems that this issue is already solved, Paruru.” Yui said in a voice that only Paruru can hear. “You can go confess to her anytime, when you guys get your time alone.”

Paruru’s eyes widened. She raised her head up to turn to Yui. She’s flashing her usual smile.

“Don’t worry about me anymore, okay? I’m fine (I will be fine). You have to think of what will make you happy now, you got me?”

“B-B-But to confess…”

“Why not?” Yui innocently asked. “You see, she’s popular to other girls! You can’t just look and let her be taken away by others, right? That kid has a weird way of thinking. You won’t know when she will try to escape again. If you don’t tell her what you feel you will only regret everything in the end.”


“Just have the courage. Don’t think of what she will answer. What’s important now is to let her know about it. Trust me.”

Paruru nodded at Yui. Her heart started to beat so fast in response to the idea of confession. She then turned to Maru’s direction whose face is currently being played by Sayanee; making her do weird faces.

Haruka smiled. Tell Maru her feelings? Yui is right that nothing will happen if she will continue to watch on the sideline. She almost lost her already and she can’t afford to experience that agony of searching for her again.

She took a deep breath.

“I will do it… I will tell Hoshi what I really feel… I will confess…”

Yui smiled.


THE AROMA of green tea filled that private room of a traditional tea club. Aki-P is sitting on the tatami mat. He took a sip of his tea. Its bitter yet relieving taste somehow prepared him from talking.

“It’s a good tea…” He commented. “Take a sip, Madam.”

Sitting in front of him is an old lady in a very respectable attire. The way she’s dressed infers that she’s not just from a normal family in terms of economic power. Her wrinkled face doesn’t really show any enthusiasm for tea.

Aki-P got tired of waiting for the lady to take a sip so he just started the talking.

“As you can see, you don’t have to worry about your granddaughter… Madam Baek Yeong-su.

The silence between them was broken by the old lady’s sigh.

“I’m glad…” She started in a shaky voice. “I’m glad to see that Hye-joon is having fun like this.”

The happiness on her words is very evident although there is a hint of regret and bitterness on it. Her hands are just holding the cup of tea to have herself calm down a bit. She has been wanting to cry but doing it in front of someone is something that the strong Korean blood flowing within her will not let her do.

“Who would’ve thought that she will experience all of this after all that happened when she was young. She’s…” She gulped to relieve herself from choking. “She’s being supported by a lot of people and she found a lot of friends… Who would’ve thought that she will be admired like this…?”

Aki-P took another sip of his tea. “You should go and meet her then…”

The old lady shook her head terribly. “No… No…” It seems like the idea isn’t that good. “How can I present myself to her after I let her father and grandfather ruin her life. I should’ve done something to protect her but I was also a victim of the stupidity of that clan. If only I chose to stand up for her then she would never experience all of those pain. I will not be surprised if she does not remember me as her grandmother.

After the scandal of the family broke out, I ran here to Japan to hide and save myself from shame. I’ve forgotten about her and just thought of myself. But there is no day that passed without having her in my thoughts.”

The old lady paused to release a bitter sigh. “Hye-joon… Will she even have the will to look at me?”

“But you want to meet her no matter what, am I right, Madam?”

The old lady just nodded her head weakly.

The Sensei pulled something from his pocket. It looks like a ticket. He placed it on the table and slid it towards the lady.

“W-What is this?”

Aki-P nonchalantly fixed his glasses.

“Handshake event ticket.”


Hello! Sorry for the short update! I’m just going to give you that drabble I wrote months ago which I said I want to have an illustration but I am so busy I cannot draw so yeah... Just to relieve everyone from the drama and to catch up with my slow updates... XD

TTM Shorts

Yuihan Rage

*sees MaruParu thread on a wota site*

Yui as anonymous45981: Maru is Paru’s DAUGHTER with Yui!!!

*hears MaruParu cheer during SSK*

Yui: She’s Paru’s child for Bisu’s sake!!!

*sees Paru ran to kiss Maru*

Yui: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*sees MaruParu ship* she’s our kid!!!

Jurina: *sees MaruSaku ship* Sakura is mine!!!

Mayu: *sees JunMarco ship* OHHHHHH YEAHHH!!!

Sayanee: HAHAHA. There is no MaruMirukii ship! *sees SayaMaru ship* WTHHHHHHH!!!!

Is no one gonna react on MaruPpi ship? *giggles*

Ae-ri: *sees all the ship* 개새끼들아!!!!!!

Ship part two

Paru: *sees MaruParu ship* *blushes* This ain’t real. I like Yui.

Milky: *no MaruMirukii* WTH, Imma start the thread about it!!

Sakura: *sees MaruSaku ship* *blushes* Will she get jealous?

Mayu: *sees JunMarco ship again* *drools* MAKE 18+ FANFIC!!!!

Haruppi: Why is no one reacting about our ship???!!!

Ae-ri: *investigates all the ship* NUKE JAPAAAAAN!!!!!

Trains > Jurina

Jurina: I really loved you!

Rena: I love trains. *blushes*

Jurina: W-What was that again?

Rena: I said I love trains. Actually I am already engaged with N7000 Shinkansen! *hands Jurina a wedding invitation*

Jurina: *reads the invitation* Rena and N7000 Shinkansen’s wedding?!!

Rena: I’ll be expecting you there. *winks*

Jurina: WTFFFFFF!!!

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