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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
« Reply #240 on: March 12, 2017, 01:56:34 PM »
Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
Shimazaki Haruka – Graduation

“ALL SET!” Maru exclaimed after she has convinced herself that her camera is already prepared for the event. By that time, Paruru and the others are currently busy preparing for her graduation stage. The last time she check the dressing room, she could only hear giggles from the people inside.

She isn’t sure if graduation is really something to celebrate. It is a day that they are sending off someone anyway. They won’t be able to dance and sing with that person. Won’t be able to spend the same amount of time… But everyone seems to be putting up a smile to make the mood a lot lighter.

How could you even get sad if it is Shimazaki Haruka, the one who got famous with her salty reactions, leading everyone with a wonderful smile on her face? It is evident that she doesn’t want this day for people to get sad. She wants to see people smile until the end.

Maru can even hear how loud the 9th generation and Yui’s voice is on the top of it. All she can do is shake her head and smile foolishly to herself.

“Are you ready, Maru-chan?” Shinobu, who is busy adding final touches to Paruru’s graduation gown, asked her. “I don’t know how to describe your face right now.”

Maru’s lips curved up and then went near to Shinobu’s working table to take a better look at the dress.

“Just one look at that dress the thought of Shimazaki Haruka will immediately enter your mind.” Maru nonchalantly said then snap a picture of it. “I believe she will surely like it.”

Shinobu smiled faintly, holding back the tears that keep on prickling her eyes. “This is the last dress that I will personally tailor for her…”

“Come on, Shinobu-san… It’s too early to cry.” Maru teased her then took a picture of the manager.

The said manager gawked at her and sobbed. “Stop talking like that when you are also one of the problems here.” Maru just sneered at her and continued to scan her gallery. Shinobu heaved a deep sigh. “Anyway… How is your left—“

“Shinobu-san, have you seen the belt for this dress?” A staff suddenly interrupted their conversation. The manager immediately answered the inquiry then went back to Maru. She’s now busy looking at the hair accessory that Paru is going to wear later.

“Thank you for this, Shinobu-san…” she stated while still looking at the said accessory. “Thank you for fulfilling my request.”

Shinobu just looked at that satisfied face of Maru. She looked up the ceiling and started fanning her eyes with her hands. “Y-You owe me one, Maru-chan…”

Maru snickered. “Stop being silly, Shinobu-san… I owe you a lot.”

PARU was chasing for her breath when she greeted the crowd. She just performed the four singles in which she is the center. For someone who is graduating because of health issues, it was really hard for her to execute that opening. But she managed to do it and that makes her proud of herself!

She is wearing contact lenses for today as she has promised so she can see even the fans on the far back. She can clearly see Hoshi even though the girl is going here and there to take pictures. She can clearly see her as if there is a separate spotlight just for that girl.

After that short MC, Yui and Paruru performed 「Tomodachi de Irarerunara」. It is crystal clear how Yui is trying to prevent her emotions to fill her. Maru took a lot of pictures of the said performance. She knows that Yui will like it when she sees it.

There was an invisible force pulling her heartstrings but she chose not to entertain it. She knows that it will not help her at all. She has to get used on seeing this.

After that YuiParu song, kouhai members performed the songs Paruru performed in special units. Paruru used this time to breathe and relax herself. She feels like everything is just going right before her eyes. Time is flying faster than she expected.

She then performed 「Risuke」 with Nakamura Mariko who is claiming that she is like Paruru’s manager. She has been with Paruru to every team that they got transferred.

Risuke is one of Paruru’s favorite songs on stage. Aside for it being originally performed with her dai-senpai, Kojima Haruna, this was the song she was sing when she saw Maru again. That meeting gave the song a more special place in her heart.

She’s stealing glances at Maru who is busy taking her pictures. The girl put the camera down for a second and returned Paru’s stare. Their eyes locked for a moment that was just broken when Paru smiled cutely and then changed her position.

Maru smiled to herself. She is indeed blessed with yet another wonderful sight. Thankfully, she managed to see this scene. Thanks to her stubbornness.

It is MC once again and the puppy from Sakae came out for Paruru as a surprise. She indeed surprised them. Maru didn’t hear anything from her that she is coming.

“When I saw the senbatsu for your graduation stage and didn’t find my name in there it really made me want to come here!” Jurina energetically told everyone. She even brought flowers for Paruru. She then threw a teasing stare to her Aniki who is below the stage. One of her main reasons is to make Maru jealous as revenge when Sakura kissed her.

Maru rolled her eyes in disbelief. Little did she know that her lecture on how to ask for a kiss in Korean was really effective that Jurina finally got to kiss Sakura.

Paru chuckled. “But you are a senpai…” She really appreciates the fact that Jurina came to her little set off stage. She wasn’t expecting other members of the senbatsu to come because she knows that they are all busy and who is she to be sent off in a huge stage by all of the members? She still feels that she doesn’t deserve to be treated specially even if it is already her graduation.

But Paruru isn’t done with throwing salts and one of her last victims is Fukuoka Seina. Sei-chan was telling her most memorable moment about Paruru when the Salt interrupted her with, “But before that, I don’t even know your name.”

The whole theater laughed at that signature style. That is something that they will surely miss on stage. Sei-chan and the other members made sure that Paruru will remember her name but Sei-chan will be remembered as one of the last receivers of the salt.

The performances continued with 「Manatsu Sounds Good!」, 「Oogoe Diamond」, and 「Iiwake Maybe」 but before they went on to the last song which is 「10nen Zakura」, Yui’s feelings somehow slipped off.

“I wish Paruru could stay longer on this stage…” The whole theater agreed with this statement of the Soukantoku. Paru lightened up the mood by joking if they really have to do it or not.

Maru heaved a sigh. She knows that she is having the same feeling with everyone who is watching the show. The heaviness of having someone graduate will not be easily lifted up by a joke. She also knows that this event is a go signal for her.

The last song was then performed where Takahashi Juri and Iriyama Anna were seen with almost crumpled faces. There was a part where Annin couldn’t even sing in her efforts to keep her tears. Paruru was seen trying to cheer Annin up.

The main setlist ended like that with Paruru giving her thanks to all the people. The lights dimmed; something that Maru really hates. A member of the staff assisted her somewhere she can rest assured that she isn’t going to trip.

She heard some members delivering some speech from the backstage. She could hear how the kids were sobbing but still trying to do their job correctly. Then the Paruru call started which somehow calmed Maru down because the light sticks were lighted up.

Maru took a deep breath. “It will be the end soon, right?” She asked herself before joining the fans in doing the Paruru call. She surely won’t forget that ever in her life. This is how the people love Shimazaki Haruka. She can see through the help of those light sticks the loneliness on the faces of the fans.

“It is really hard to see someone go, right?”

The encore then started with 「River」 being performed solely by the members of the 9th generation. In this song, a graduated member, Nagao Mariya, who is also part of the 9th generation and a close friend of Paruru came and joined the performance. After it was a quick costume change to 「Hashire! Penguin」’s legendary penguin costume which the girls really enjoyed performing.

After another short MC, a VTR of Paruru’s journey in AKB was shown. The theme of the video was stars, in accordance to some round-glasses girl’s request. Starting from Paruru’s kenkyuusei era up to her current status, everything was summarized on the video.

The atmosphere of the hall became even more heavier when Paruru’s graduation song 「Better」 started playing. Paru came out from the middle wearing the dress that Shinobu-san tailored for her. On her hair is an accessory made of stars. The one who requested it said, “Please put the two loveliest things in my life together.” And thus her request was immediately granted.

The song is really for Paruru. The lyrics feel like entirely for her. As expected from Aki-P. He is a genius in making songs that will move people since the inspiration of his songs are either from real people or real life situation.

Everything felt like it just flashed before Maru’s eyes. It ended before she even realized it. The final song was 「Kimi wa Kimagure」 which is quite a surprise because the usual final song for graduations is 「Sakura no Hanabiratachi」.

After the fans went outside and some small interview at the 9th generation, Shinobu went up on stage with a crying face. Paruru immediately went to comfort her. The scene was so interesting that Maru stole a picture. Shinobu looked like she is acting all tsundere with Paru trying to make her smile.

After that Paru was guided by the staff to the hall where the photo frames are located. It’s time to do the traditional act of taking out the picture from the wall which will seal the graduation as official. Maru followed them without saying any word. She doesn’t want to steal any attention. This is Paruru’s day so everything must be focused on her.

Paru had to remove her heels to climb up the small ladder. Her photo is on top anyway. Maru made sure that she captures everything on her camera. She can’t afford to miss anything. This is what she begged Aki-P for. It will be worthless if she wouldn’t be able to maximize the chance given to her.

After taking off her picture, Paruru was led to the balcony where she greeted her fans for the last time. Just like Maeda Atsuko, she didn’t use a megaphone but shouted on top of her voice words of gratitude which somehow made through her fans’ hearts.

Then they went to the AKB48 café where Paru wrote her last message.

“Honto ni arigatou :D is her only message. Something that Shimazaki Haruka would really say. It’s not that she doesn’t have anything to say but she just wants to remain as the Paruru everyone came to know during her last days of being an idol. She wants to leave a memory that if someone sees it, the thought of her will immediately enter that person’s mind.

Finally all the traditional things were executed and Paruru finally had her time for her own self. She immediately searched for Maru who was currently trying to get a rest on a seat. She pulled her from the seat without noticing that the girl was massaging her temple.

Paru embraced her dearly before asking, “How did I perform today?” with a bright smile.

Maru smiled faintly and acted like she was thinking. “Well,” she shrugged her shoulders. “You still suck with your dancing.”

Paru puffed her cheeks and hit Maru on her shoulder. “You are too much!”

Maru laughed but that laughter gave some sort of throbbing pain to her head. She brushed Paru’s face with her palm. “You did a very good job. Congratulations on your graduation!”

Paru returned a wonderful smile. “Hoshi, can you take a picture of me with the bouquet the fans gave me?”

“Sure. Let’s go.”

Paruru dragged her by the entrance of the theater but the pain on her face is so evident. Everytime Paru looks at her she manages to put up a farce like nothing is hurting on her.

“Don’t you think the lighting is a bit off?” Paru asked her.

“Well, the lighting at this area sucks to begin with.” Maru answered, denying the fact that something is wrong with her. She took more pictures of Paruru at the entrance of the theater.

“Do you still think they are off?” Maru worriedly asked. “I will just enhance the picture’s lighting at home.”

Paru just chuckled. “They are still wonderful because you took them!”

“Silly, they are wonderful because you are the one who is on the picture.”

“Stop it~!”

Maru smiled at her then reached for her hand. “Let’s go back inside. You should go and change to something warmer.”

Paru energetically nodded at her and then they headed inside. Even before they reached the dressing room, Paruru suddenly lost strength with her knees. Fortunately, Maru was attentive enough to prevent her fall.

“Haruka!” She called her. “Are you alright?”

Paru looked at Maru with heavy eyelids. “I-I suddenly feel dizzy…”

“THAT’S for overworking yourself. I told you to take frequent rests, right?”

Maru lectured her girlfriend as she gently places her to the bed in the master’s bedroom. She made her lie there comfortably and covered her with the blanket.

Paruru almost fainted due to over fatigue. It was severe to the extent of her receiving emergency IV drops on the theater’s dressing room. She was supposed to go on a small party with the 9th generation but they had to postpone it due to Paruru’s condition.

“I just got a little bit tired.” Paru answered with a cute grumpy face.

Maru put her hands on her waist and sighed. “Yeah, yeah… You got a little bit tired to the point of having your legs numb.” She went to adjust the room temperature to make it warmer. “And don’t put up that cute face. It won’t work on me.” Another lie.

“Mou…” Paru tried to sit down then leaned her back to the headboard. “That’s why I didn’t put up a graduation concert. The fans will just watch me chase for my breath.”

Maru threw her a serious stare, her eyes squinting. Paruru was taken aback. Maru rushed back to her and sat on the bed. Their stares locked before Maru started talking.

“That’s why after Kouhaku promise me that you will take better care of yourself, okay?” Paru was about to joke around but she was halted when Maru held her hand and threw her the look the passes through her soul. “Promise me… Please…”

Paru softly tapped Maru’s cheeks. “Did I make you worry?”

The girl with glasses held Paru’s hand and pressed it to her face. She closed her eyes and nodded weakly. A thrift smile was painted on Paru’s lips. That cute, pitiful face drew her to hug the other girl.

“I’m sorry for making you worry, Hoshi…” she whispered to the girl’s ear. “I promise I will take good care of myself from now on.”

She felt Maru nodded weakly before she was slowly pushed. Maru silently looked at her, stealing glances of her lips. Then there it is, her heart started to jump off its place again. Her grasp to Maru’s shirt tightened as she felt their bodies getting magnetized with each other.

She took off Maru’s glasses which the latter just let her do. She then felt Maru’s hands travelling towards her waist which made her tremble. They could already feel the warm breath of each other, they hearts resounding with each other, both wanting to do the same thing…

Paru closed her eyes. Based on the situation she can predict what is going to happen but…

Maru just looked at her. The girl’s eyes are filled with loneliness. She took one deep breath before dropping her head on Paru’s shoulder. This action surprised the other girl.

“H-Hoshi?” she called but Maru isn’t answering. “Hoshi…”

“Alright!” Maru abruptly stood up and took a stretch. “You have to take one good rest, Hime-sama.” She leaned to Paru and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. “Good night, Hime-sama.”

That’s all and she turned her back to Paru—leaving the other girl hanging.

“W-Wait!” Paru halted her. “W-Where are you going? This is your room, right?” her tone is evidently covered with frustration and disappointment.

Maru turned to her with a curious face. “Well, I am letting you use the best bed in the house so I should sleep somewhere else, right? I’ll be sleeping on the couch in the living room because it is the second best for me.”

Paru had her own room at this penthouse. They had never slept on the same room together even after getting official. They might’ve slept together when Maru asked for her company before and on the sofa last Christmas but aside from that they always sleep on separate rooms.

“But Hoshi…” Paru called her once again. Gathering all the courage she can gather, she blurted out what she really feels inside. “Can you… Can you please stay with me? Please don’t leave me…”

Maru closed her eyes and brushed her hair back with her fingers. She then covered her eyes, trying not to show her burning cheeks to Haruka. She rushed back to the bed, still covering her face. She grumpily lifted the blanket and went inside, pushing Paruru to the other side.

Maru lay down on the bed, her back facing Paruru. This cute action made Paruru chuckle. She also lay down and embraced Maru from the back.

“I’m free tomorrow, Hoshi. Do you want to go somewhere?”

“Are we on this again, Haruka? You have to take a rest, okay? I will jail you in this house if that’s what it takes for you to be able to take a proper rest.”

Paru gave out a snicker. “Anyway Hoshi… You have asked me about my plan next year but you haven’t told me about yours.”

She heard Maru gave out a sigh before turning to her. Maru raised her head up with her palm as support.

“I really don’t have any plans for next year.” She lied. “I’m just going with the flow as always.”

“Maybe we can go on holiday trip next year!” Paruru excitedly suggested. “What do you think?”

“The Queen of Shut-ins just invited me for a holiday trip. Yey~” Maru monotonously responded. “Tell me more about it.”

“Hmmm… How about we go to my hometown? I want to introduce you to my parents. And have I told you that my younger brother really thinks that you are cool?”

“Yeah, a lot of times.”

“I think it will be nice if I can spend time with them together with you. It will be really fun!”

Paru went on with her plans with Maru silently listening to her.

“Maybe after that we can go visit Hiroko-san in Korea. I’m going to bring her a lot of gifts. I will also bring some for Ae-ri-chan of course. Since I will have my time for these kinds of stuffs now, I want to travel with you and take wonderful pictures! Let’s go on stargazing! I know you really love that!”



The distance between them suddenly closed when Maru planted a kiss on Paru’s lips. This took the other girl off-guard. Basically her heart just stopped beating for a moment.

“Good night, Haruka…” Maru whispered. That melody of her name made her heart go wild. “You got nice plans but for now you have to rest—“

Maru wasn’t able to finish her sentence when Paruru took her revenge by giving her a longer kiss.

“H-How about we spend more time… d-doing this…?”

Maru’s cheeks burned even more. She slapped her forehead but she couldn’t help but to sneer.

“Can’t you see that I am trying hard to control myself?” Maru asked her then her eyes suddenly turned serious. “Don’t regret that you asked me about this…”


DISCLAIMER: Credits to the owners of all the pictures. I just needed it to give some sense of reality to fic. Thank you for such wonderful pictures. :)


This is it!
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
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@Genkikid-san and to everyone (I guess), Let's wait for the rest of the story to unfold. :)

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, Sorry, I don't know what to do about the size of the pictures.. :(

@yuuri14-san, Don't stress yourself too much.. :) Get well soon.

@yukine-san, hello! Welcome aboard. Thank you for giving time in reading the fic. Thank you so much!  :heart:

@hackata48-san, you must really admire that friend of yours, don't you? Pushing her to MNL48 to the extent of cheating. XD

@misaki-san, thank you! I'm still fighting! :)

@Goto24-san, don't worry. she's okay... I guess. :)

I'm going to update next Thursday! (Hopefully) And about the poll, the first two choices are on a tie so someone please break it. XD
Have a good week everyone! :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
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Please make it a happy ending please Cut-sama!!! :bow: :bow:

Aww~ That MaruParu moment 😍😍😍
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
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So we're down to the final chapters now aren't we Cut-san?

That MaruParu moment.

Can't wait for the ending.

And yeah. Those pictures make it feel like it was actually Maru who took them.

Looking forward to that final story. Gambatte.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
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Maru reminds me of a similar girl right Cut? XD
But i'm looking forward to the end. Advanced Goodbye for Maru-kun until the last! Lol

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
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*ignore me

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
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LOL told you I was just a bit surprise, nothing to worry about :D

And man, THE END IS NEAR! I was hoping for a tragic end but nah I think it will also be worth if it is a happy end, right?
Will they marry each other? //slapped  :P

Anyway, I'll be looking forward again the next chap!  :cow:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
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thank you for the update shortcut48-san XD

anyway.... where did you get those pictures? are you Maru...? :lol: :lol:

and..... those MaruParu scene.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: *don't mind me XD

please update soon!! :cow: :cow:
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation + Q!
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Good evening! Cut here! :)

@yukine-san, Come on, calling me to that extent is a bit too much. I'm okay with just -san, even without honorifics is okay too. ^^ I'm just a random human being in the web anyway. XD But anyway, I saw your post at the writer/reader thread and you said that this fic is your favorite. I was surprised! It's the first time someone wrote about my fic on that thread. I am really grateful! I'm happy that you like this little work of mine. I got more energized to work with the remaining chapters! Please look forward to it. :)

@Goto24-san, I'm glad the pictures served their purpose. :) Yeah, the next arc is the last one... I think... :(

@Captain Haruppi-san, Maybe... Haha... Thanks for showing her to me...

@Genkikid-san, sorry... I can not ignore you. Haha..

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, can you draw more? JK. Haha.. sorry for asking too much. XD People who want a happy ending are in majority now.

@Misaki-san, I'm just good at grabbing photos. haha..

I was thinking of posting the next chapter tonight because I don't know where to cut it. But...  I thought that posting a long one won't be bad as well. Please look forward to it. Thanks for everyone who participated with the poll. While waiting for the next chapter, how about we talk about something else?

I know it is a little bit early to ask about this but if there is...

Q: What is your favorite arc/chapter of the fic? Why?

I just want to know. Everyone is, of course, welcome to participate. I'll be waiting for your answers (if there is. I'm not forcing anyone, okay? :D )
Next chapter will be up this Thursday! See you!
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Q: What is your favorite arc/chapter of the fic? Why?
It mean that I have to re-read it right? :lol: since every arc is good.. it's like watching movie! every parts unforgettable but it's hard to decide which one is the best XD
well yeah... I choose Shimazaki Haruka (I)
it's because it was the beginning of the story... what if Maru didn't meet Paruru? they won't be together like this right?? XD XD XD
how Paruru feels calm even though Maru was a stranger at first XD and it wasn't because of Yuihan XD
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I like the chapters with Sakuratan in it.

And I can't wait for the chapter where...

*Demonic Voice*

Maru dies a horrible and VERY painful death!!!!

*Normal Voice*

Livss happily ever after

*Back to Demon Voice*

.....IN HELL!!!  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :twisted: :twisted: :yep:


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Since i'm online now and saw an update...

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, can you draw more? JK. Haha.. sorry for asking too much. XD People who want a happy ending are in majority now.

For the request, i guess i can tho i'm kinda busy finishing all the requirements in school so it can take a while. No prob for me :) Sad to know lol yet happy at the same time cuz it will have a happy ending hehe :D

Q: What is your favorite arc/chapter of the fic? Why?

I like how Yui expressed her feelings here (kinda harsh but meh) when she's the one who's been hurting inside  :twothumbs ireallyloveangst

And... next one's the last, man time flies so fast! LOL :lol:
that's all, I'll be waiting for the next chap!

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-12) Paruru - Graduation
« Reply #252 on: March 14, 2017, 02:42:50 PM »
LOL told you I was just a bit surprise, nothing to worry about :D

And man, THE END IS NEAR! I was hoping for a tragic end but nah I think it will also be worth if it is a happy end, right?
Will they marry each other? //slapped  :P

Anyway, I'll be looking forward again the next chap!  :cow:

I was just reading comments a while ago saw your crossed out words.
Now I'm also thinking of that.
Cut-san, will they?!!!!

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I was thinking of posting the next chapter tonight because I don't know where to cut it. But...  I thought that posting a long one won't be bad as well. Please look forward to it. Thanks for everyone who participated with the poll. While waiting for the next chapter, how about we talk about something else?

I know it is a little bit early to ask about this but if there is...

Q: What is your favorite arc/chapter of the fic? Why?

Why make such suspense?!!! I seriously thought you might've posted a new chapter.  :fainted: :err:

Anyways, since I'm here already.

I don't have a specific arc because each arc of the story just draws you on the whole story and to know more about this mysterious girl.
Every part and details and dialogues ( especially that scene where Yuihan just blows up and those kinda cheesy but sweet moments Maru and Paru share) is mind blowing and magneficiant.

Reading it for the first time, I wasn't all that interested with Maru. The way how she was able to get close to them with no much effort. Even making Paru fall for her when she clearly is suppose to be with Yui (this whole line here is just me ranting). But as the story progressed you slowly get to know who Maru is. And what she has gone through. How her life now is calmer and seems to revolve being around these girls. She may be cold and tsundere most of the time, but can be sweet and nice. Also a bit of a mischief maker.

This might have strayed away from your question but it just kinda lead me there. Sorry.

But yeah. I've enjoyed it since the beginning and am ready for the finale. Come what may.

And I hope you write more stories, if you ever have the time. Looking forward to future words.
Hope this wasn't too long.

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 I've written a somehow a little bit long comment to answer that favorite arc question and than my phone kind of delete everything I've written and I don't even remeber touching anything to delete that whole comment and I'm to lazy to rewrite everything all over again :fainted:
Let's just say I love all the arc and can't really choose one to be my favorite :cool2:

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I've written a somehow a little bit long comment to answer that favorite arc question and than my phone kind of delete everything I've written and I don't even remeber touching anything to delete that whole comment and I'm to lazy to rewrite everything all over again :fainted:
Let's just say I love all the arc and can't really choose one to be my favorite :cool2:

Same with Genki. But if you ask me what is my Favorite arc/chapter of your Fic maybe ....... The one that Maru wear a skirt.... Lol i can't remember what chapter is that..... Because i'm happy to see her like a girl... Lol like she looks more feminine on that chapter.... Then the ramen guy came to see her in Handshake event..... Then she meets​ her Grandma again....... Lol that's it.
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-16) NHK KOUHAKU (I)
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Good evening, everyone! Thanks for those who answered my question! I've read them all and I was moved. Thank you so much! Those who want to share their thoughts are still welcome. And yes! I won't be posting an update for today. Sorry about that! XD JK. As promised, I've prepared for you one, long (I think) chapter. You can pause if you find it boring and then just continue reading in some other day. haha. Please don't mind the mistakes. I believe I misplaced a (") somewhere but I couldn't find it.

Without further ado, here it is!
E N J O Y ~

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
KOUHAKU UTA GASSEN – Before The Year Ends

29th of December, 2016.

CHOSEN members from HKT, NMB, NGT and SKE are already revealed. They are all in the AKB Theater during the announcement. With 10 members from HKT who is a strong house during SSK, a surprising 11 members from NMB who is not that of a crowd favorite in SSK, a good three-member start from NGT and a shocking 6 members from SKE which is known for having strong hako-oshis, the road to Kouhaku continues to get everyone off guard.

Everyone in Japan is waiting whether the enigma, Hoshino Maru, would manage to get in the chosen 48. There are only 18 spots left and this is making everyone more anxious.

Despite the big importance of the considered one of the grandest senbatsu revelation of the year, the mysterious girl isn’t anywhere to be found. She isn’t in the studio or in the theater. No one even knows where she is right now even the General Manager of the group.

The hosts didn’t announce how many members made it through for AKB but went on announcing the names first to add more thrill to it. The chosen members were announced in alphabetical order.

“Iriyama Anna-san… Oya Shizuka-san…”

Hearing the name of the veteran, Shii-chan, was so unexpected that it received a mixture of surprised and happy reactions. Even the girl, herself, couldn’t believe that she made it through.

“Owada Nana-san…” Naanya made it despite the controversy she got involved with. This proves that the original ace of the 15th generation still has power even though she has already announced graduation.

“Okada Nana-san… Kashiwagi Yuki-san… Kato Rena-san… Kawamoto Saya-san…”

“That’s already seven…” Haruppi whispered to Sakura. The other girl just nodded.

“Kizaki Yuria-san… Kojima Haruna-san…” Of course, Kojiharu inevitably made it.

“Kojima Mako-san… Shimazaki Haruka-san…” Paruru, who seems to be enjoying the announcement more than anyone else, stepped forward as her name was called. The girl is undeniably in a very good mood. One word: blooming.

Komiyama Haruka, who somehow made it through the preliminaries, sadly got her name skipped.

“Minegishi Minami-san…” The remaining 1st generation member who hasn’t announced graduation also made it despite being absent because of colds. But together with the announcement of her name were gasps from some members because Takahashi Juri’s name was supposed to be before her. The one who made it to senbatsu last SSK didn’t make it!

“Mukaichi Mion-san… Muto Tomu-san… Murayama Yuiri-san…”

“That’s already 15…” Milky murmured to herself. Her eyes are fixed to her television’s screen.

“Yokoyama Yui-san…” Of course the GM made it. If she wouldn’t all hell will break lose!

“And last but not the least, Watanabe Mayu-san.”

Sasshi suddenly stood up to her seat after the final name. She was keeping track of the count together with all the people in the studio. She got the eyes that clearly couldn’t believe of what is happening. It is the same for everyone; Twitter and other wota sites started to explode.

Paruru was seen jumping in joy at the monitor screen when she realized what is happening.

“And yes, everyone!” The emcee put more oil on the fire. “It is what you see, ladies and gentlemen! 17 members from AKB made it giving it a total number of 47 members with all the 48 groups combined. This just means that, Hoshino Maru, the irregularity, will be completing NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen’s Dream Senbatsu’s 48 members!”

The reaction from the people in the studio and the theater was quite a mixture of disbelief, bewilderment and happiness. Sayanee is showing how a proud daddy she could be and Jurina is a proud little brother as well. Sasshi and Kitarie were left with their jaws hanging while Yui and Mayu were just seen clapping in the background.

“But before we continue with the celebration, we have some announcements.” An announcement, right after a major announcement… Yes, that seems like a good idea. Everybody fell silent.

“Since AKB48’s performance in Kouhaku will be really late, we are sorry to announce that HKT’s Yabuki Nako-san and Tanaka Miku-san will not be able to join the performance due to age curfew. We have promised the two girls that they will be joining a performance in an earlier spot.

In line with this, they have to be replaced by the girls who are next to the rankings. HKT’s Matsuoka Natsumi-san and SKE’s Kitagawa Ryouha-san will replace them!”

Shouts of joy were heard from the studio. The two girls came on for a short interview, overwhelmed that they somehow made it. Everyone has finally digested the happenings. They are all ready to get into practice and to the battle stage. Paruru is ready to go to the scheduled dinner date she has with Maru. Little did they know that there is one more announcement that will shock them…

“A phone call?” The MC asked after reading the cue card. “A phone call from Hoshino Maru-san?”

The studio and the theater were suddenly filled with anxiety. What is it now?

“Moshi moshi, Hoshino-san?”

“Konbanwa, Hoshino Maru-desu.”

Everyone cheered for her after hearing her voice. Even those who are watching in their homes got excited with this phone call interview. But Yui’s Daijoubu sensor started to ring when she noticed Maru’s voice is cracked.

“Hoshino-san, how do you feel that you made it through the 48-nin senbatsu despite all the unbelief and controversy of your candidacy?” The host asked which made everyone silent.

They heard Maru took a deep breath. “First of all, I want to show my gratitude to all the people who has supported me and made this impossible thing possible. I’m not worthy to be treated like this. I still couldn’t see what is to be supported about me. Thank you very much for all the trust and love.”

“That would really make someone happy, right?” The host said to his partner. “We all know that Hoshino-san is a huge 48G fan and having he chance to perform to Kouhaku with them is like a dream come true, isn’t it?”

They heard chuckles from the girl on the other line. “MC-san, you somehow made it harder for me to say what I really want to say…”

The whole studio was filled with ‘Eh!’s after that statement. What on earth is she going to say?

“S-Sumimasen, Hoshino-san. Go on, go on…”

There was a short silence from Maru which almost killed everyone due to thrill.

“Everyone… I’m really, really, really sorry… I hate to say this but I, Hoshino Maru, will not be participating at Kouhaku Uta Gassen.”


The studio and theater were covered with shouts of disappointment and surprise. It felt like chaos for the show itself. It felt like the time stopped after her withdrawal from the senbatsu.

“I know the people who have worked hard just for me to get in will surely hate me for doing this. It’s not that I don’t give importance to the favor you have done for me. The fact that I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart will never change…”

Paruru was also dumbfounded by the sudden announcement. Maru didn’t say anything about it to her. Right then she knows that something is definitely wrong.

“In line with this, a press conference for me will be held tomorrow at 1pm. The details of the press conference will be posted on AKB48’s official website. I will explain the reason of my withdrawal at the presscon.”

Maru sighed. She tried to make the atmosphere a bit lighter by raising up her tone a bit. “I know I somehow ruined everyone’s mood but I’m ready to face the consequences. See you all tomorrow at the press conference.”

The host was so startled that the director of the show raised a cue card for him to talk.

“T-T-Thank you, Hoshino-san. I believe a lot of people will be sad regarding this announcement but there is definitely a valid reason for this, right?”


“You will explain it all tomorrow, right?”


“Alright everyone, there you have it! Thank you so much, Hoshino-san. See you tomorrow at your presscon.”

“Hai, arigatou gozaimasu. Hoshino Maru-deshita.”

That’s all and the line was cut but the tension does not cease. Souda Sarina of SKE, who is next in the rankings, was announced to replace Maru in the chosen 48. The program was then put into a close after the MC’s final remarks.

Paruru immediately went to change clothes so she could hurry and go to the rendezvous. The uneasiness has already resided in her heart.

The girls on the studio headed to the dressing room with anxiety painted on their faces.

“What happened to Maru-chan?” Sasshi asked Yui who was also contemplating of the happening.

“I don’t know, Sasshi-san.” Yui weakly shook her head while massaging her temple. “No one notified me about this.”

“Look!” Jurina showed her smartphone to them. “Her forum thread is already being trashed. Everyone felt betrayed by what she did.”

“That kid is already acting strange before this happened. As I thought something is really fishy with her actions.” Sayanee gritted her teeth as she walks back and forth.

“Have you tried contacting Akimoto-sensei, Yuihan?” Kitarie asked.

Yui shook her head. “If Sensei wanted me to know about this he would’ve already called me to his office.”

“What the hell is happening?” Sayanee sighed. She can’t hide being annoyed.

“Anyway, let’s forget about this and hope that we are going to be enlightened at tomorrow’s press conference. For now we should go get our rests because rehearsals are early tomorrow.” Yui told them with the dignity of a GM.

Everyone followed her instruction and they left one by one. Yui was about to get out of the building when her phone suddenly rang.. Seeing who it was, she immediately picked it up.

“You finally called me, Maru-chan.” She started after taking a deep breath. “Tell me; is this because of your condition?”

She heard chuckles from the other line which irritated her a little. It is not the time for her to be snickering like that.

“Calm down, GM. Don’t go so fast.” Maru answered with a happy voice. “That’s one crazy announcement, right?”

The Soukantoku didn’t look amazed of Maru beating around the bush. “Cut the chase, Maru-chan.”

There was a short silence before a vexed sigh. “GM… About my request—“

“Please Maru-chan… I thought we have already arrived at the same conclusion with that request? Can you please just explain me—“

“Okay, okay… Calm down, GM. I just want to see if you are going to change your mind if I ask you again…” Maru jokingly said then she cleared her throat. “Are you free? Do you mind if we meet now and talk about this face to face?”

“I’ve done everything scheduled for today.” Yui seriously answered. “Where do you want to meet?”

“I’m going to send you my location through LINE. Sorry if I made you feel like I’m not respecting your position as the General Manager. You already know a bit of the story; I will make it clear for you. See you in a bit then.”

Maru ended the call and a few seconds after it, a message about her location arrived on Yui’s LINE. The GM balled her fists. She knows that she will not hear any good news but she didn’t expect that the news will be that bad.


PARURU arrived at the restaurant that looks reserved just for her and Maru. There isn’t anybody around. Even the staffs of the said restaurant are nowhere to be found.

Her heart started to beat wilder. She looked around but Maru isn’t there. She checked her phone to confirm that she’s in the right place. It’s right! She’s at the rendezvous. But why does everything seem off?

A waiter suddenly came out and guided her to a seat. She felt like she got a heart attack when the guy appeared behind her out of nowhere. The girl couldn’t stop searching for her date but there is still no sign of Maru.

She was about to call her when Maru’s caller ID suddenly flashed on her phone’s screen. She immediately answered it.

“Hoshi?” she called. “Where are you now? I thought you are going to be waiting here?”

There is no answer coming from the other line. This made Paruru even more anxious.

“H-Hoshi? Are you there?” she asked. “Are you okay? Is there something wr—“

“Haruka, do you remember when I told you that I am not a fair player?”

That voice was so cold, it sent chills to Paruru;s spine. Her throat dried up in an instant. She stood up from her seat and looked around, hoping that she would see Maru.

“What are you talking about?” Paru tried to laugh. “Is this a dokkiri or something? Hoshi, please don’t pull a prank like this one.”

“I’m sorry, Haruka…”

“Come on, Hoshi.” Paruru laughed once again but her pretty face started to get crumpled. She tried her best not to be affected. It might just be a prank. “Come on now… It’s not a good joke.”

“No matter how hard I try I really can’t…”

“No, please… Stop saying that…”

“I really can’t believe that this thing will last…”

Paru felt her chest tightening. The smile that she was forcing was finally eaten by the pain that’s attacking her whole being. She leaned on a table, trying so hard to prevent herself from crying.

“Please Hoshi… Don’t do this to me… I thought you love me as well…?”

“You know how much I tried Haruka… I tried to believe that I do love you as well. In the end it is just because they are consistently pushing me to you… It’s my fault that I let myself get pushed…”

Paru pressed her eyelids close. Tears started rolling like waterfalls. She bit her lower lip, still on denial of the sudden happenings. She weakly fell on a seat and started sobbing.

“All this time?” She asked after finally getting her voice back. “After all this time you are just pretending that you love me too?”

“From the start… From the start this is just a role play, isn’t it?”

Paruru felt like her world suddenly fell into pieces. What on earth is happening? She already felt that something is weird with Maru the past two days but she never expected that it will lead to this.

She’s sure about it! She knows Maru also loves her. She feels it as warm as the summer breeze. She can never see it as fake. The way she looks at her, the way she cares for her, the way she kisses her… She never felt that they are forced.

“H-Hoshi…” she called. “If there’s a problem with me, just tell me please… Don’t do this to me–”

“I don’t love you, Haruka. I never did.

The line was suddenly cut. Maru just dropped the call. Paruru tried to call her back but her calls are not getting through anymore. She dropped her head on the table and wept.

The chimes by the restaurant door made random melodies when the door opened. Paru’s attention darted on the entrance only to see Yui came in. The General Manager’s eyes widened when she saw Paruru’s helpless state. Calling out to her name, she rushed to her and helped her sit properly. She also poured her some water but the girl declined it.

“Paruru, what happened? Where is Maru-chan?” Yui worriedly asked.

Paruru just continued crying. She could hardly breathe. Tears just go on rolling down. Yui’s heart crumbled at the scene. This is the last thing she would want to see ever in her life. She hugged the frail girl whose sobs are unstoppable. Yui’s immediately called Maru. Her call has been picked up.

“Where the hell are you!?” She shouted at the girl on the other line. “What the hell are you doing!?”

There was no answer coming from the other line but Yui can hear faint sobs. The GM started to look around; she has a strong feeling that Maru is somewhere nearby watching them. She kept on calling Maru’s name until she heard a response when she got a good distance away from Paruru.

“GM…” Maru started; her bleeding arm finally free from her bite. Her voice a bit shaky but she still managed to put up a front. “I guess this will leave you no choice but to agree with my request.”

Yui’s blood boiled even more. She tried to calm herself down by speaking in a low voice; gnashing her teeth due to anger. “What the hell, Maru? What the hell!? You can just tell her—“

“Don’t try telling her about it. Let her hate me. Believe me… That will be the best for her.”

Yui turned to Paruru who is still crying. A staff member was there assisting her.

“Are you mad? You are thinking that this will be better for her!? Can’t you see how she is suffering right now!? Come out here and I will beat the hell out of you!”

“I’m sorry, GM. You are the only one I can entrust her to…”

Yui rubbed her face with her palm. “Shut up, Maru. SHUT UP! Just come out and take back whatever you said to her!”

“If I tell her my situation, she will only follow me. She might give her dreams up just to be with me. I cannot allow that to happen…”

“Can you please stop being negative just for once!?”

“Let her hate me so the process of forgetting won’t be that hard.” Maru gulped. The taste of blood covers her mouth. “GM… I’m sorry for borrowing her for a moment from you… Please take care of Haruka.”

“What the—“ The line was cut which agitated Yui even more. She dialed her number again but it seems like the other girl already blocked her number. Her calls aren’t getting through. Tears of frustration started to wet her face. She rushed back to Paru and tried to calm down the girl.

The phone slipped from Maru’s hand. Her eyes are lifeless as she watches everything on her room through the CCTVs of the restaurant. The back of her wrist is bleeding after she bit it hard to prevent her sobs to be heard. Her feet are tied to the seat she is sitting at to stop herself from running if Paruru breaks down.

She watched Paruru being taken outside by Yui. The girl’s face is filled with tears. Maru started to laugh. “It’s done…” she whispered to herself as if she couldn’t believe that everything is over. “It’s done!” She shouted to herself and continued laughing.

She laughed and laughed…bitterly. Her laughter slowly got engulfed by that bitterness. Her face crumpled and tears fell down even more. Her eyesight became even more blurry because of tears. She freed herself from the bondage that she made for herself. Blood from her hand drips on the floor.

Maru tried to stand up but she couldn’t find strength on her knees. That confrontation just vacuumed all the energy she has on her body. She fell on the floor, weeping. Her heart so heavy she finds it hard to breathe.

She wanted to run to Paru’s side and tell her that everything is just a joke but her belief that this will be the best for the girl maims her. It wouldn’t be this hard if she managed to hide her feeling. It wouldn’t hurt both of them if she managed to keep everything inside. Now, she had to break everything in the most painful way.

She hugged her knees. Loneliness, her old friend, has come to meet her once again and she knows that it is here to stay. Blood from her nose started to come out as fear embraced her so tight to the point she could feel her insides being crushed.

It’s the end. It is over.


30th of December, 2016
1 day before Kouhaku

THE PRESS was gathered at a conference hall somewhere near the AKB48 Theater. Everyone is anxious about the announcement that Maru is going to make. Different speculations are circulating the internet.

People are predicting that she will be announced as an official member after she miraculously made it to the top 48. Theories such as she is technically acting as a kenkyuusei for the past months are raised and now that she has proven her popularity with her solo handshake event and kouhaku, she has now the right to be called an official member.

The rumors of her replacing Paruru in the frontline surfaced once again but her antis already predicted the fall of AKB once she is announced as an official member. Their argument is that the efforts of the girls who have went to the normal process will all be futile if she suddenly got absorbed just like that.

On the other hand, there are lots of people that think she can be AKB’s hope to bring itself back to the pedestal. Her potential to be an ace is just overwhelming but there are others who think she will be better off as a soloist.

One hour before the conference starts. Everyone on the dressing room is twice as anxious as the press people because there is not a single sign of Maru. Just like how Paruru announced her graduation, Yui, Mayu and Sasshi will go with her on the stage as support and to help her answer the questions the journalists will ask her.

There should only be three supports but the dressing room looks a bit crowded. Sakura and Haruppi are on one corner together with Jurina. Sayanee and Milky can also be seen inside; Milky’s face cannot be painted due to anxiousness. Paruru can also be seen at one corner looking at an empty space. They all went to the location after the practice for Kouhaku, meeting Milky that is already in there.

The atmosphere of the room is so heavy and Paruru’s broken look doesn’t help in lifting it at all. The GM also seems like she is about to rage any minute. Mayu and Sasshi went to talk with the important people from the management about the details of the press conference but no one is saying anything. This made the two a little bit annoyed. How could they help Maru if they are clueless about what is going to happen?

They suddenly heard some ruckus outside which made them leave their seats. The terribly worried face of Shinobu-san immediately caught their attention. She’s talking with someone who looks like Maru’s manager. The guy has his head down and couldn’t even look at Shinobu.

“Are you sure she isn’t there? Have you tried entering her room?” Shinobu asked in a tensed voice.

The guy, who certainly looks terrified, found it hard to answer. He felt like he has lost his voice. “I-I… I called her phone but it seems like it is off. There isn’t any response when I rang the doorbell so I went inside… Her room… Her room was…” The guy covered his mouth. “There are traces of what seems to be blood on her room. The TV screen is broken and I found her phone among the shards. It seems like she threw her phone to her to the screen…”

The guy slowly raised his head to look at Shinobu, his whole body is shaking. “I-I… I’m sure about it Shinobu-san… There’s blood on the floor of her room… And it’s a lot…”

Shinobu almost fainted at the report. Thank goodness, there were people whose reflexes are fast enough they assisted her on a nearby seat.

Maru’s friends didn’t know how to process the information they just heard. Paruru went to run but Yui didn’t let her go any further.

“Where do you think you are going, Paruru?” Yui asked her, holding out to her arm.

Paru tried to free herself but it was futile. “I have to look for Hoshi, Yuihan. Something is definitely wrong with her. I know what happened last night is against her will. I can’t just wait here and do nothing!”

“Where are you going to search for her then!? She cannot be contacted. No one knows where she is! How will you look for her!?”

Tears started to roll down Paru’s cheeks. She continued to struggle with Yuihan’s hold but the girl isn’t letting go. “Please, I need to see her… I need to see Hoshi…”

Yui bit her lower lip. “Listen Paruru, that kid… Maru… She has already lost her le—“

“Moshi, moshi. Togasaki-san?” Their conversation was interrupted with that phone call Shinobu received. “Maru-chan was at the theater earlier?”

Everyone was alerted by the information. They stood there frozen, listening to whatever they can hear. Shinobu mouthed for them to enter the dressing room and she followed them. She locked the door before putting her phone into loud speaker.

“Yes, she was here around thirty minutes ago. She looks tired and pale at the same time. When I asked her if something is wrong she just answered that she’s just hungry. It is so cold but she’s just wearing her normal attire. Her right hand is covered with bandage as well.”

Shinobu stood up from her seat. “Why did she go there? Did she tell you the reason? Where is she now?”

“That kid said she personally wanted to see me.” Togasaki answered. It’s evident to his tone that he is really worried. “She said that she has never forgotten her promise to me. After that she just turned her back to me and headed outside. When I asked her where she is going she just answered that she is going to her favorite ramen house before she go to the press conference.”

Paru’s eyes widened. She immediately pulled her coat. “I know where she could be at!”

“Wait, is that Shimazaki?” Togasaki asked. “Look, don’t make any ruckus out there. Don’t let the press think that there is something wrong going on!”

“I’m sorry, Togasaki-san.” That was Yui also wearing her coat. “Let’s go, Paruru.”

With that action of the GM, the other girls also prepared of getting outside.

“Yokoyama!” Togasaki shouted. “You are the General Manager of the group! Don’t move without thinking! Let the staff look for—“

“I KNOW IT ALREADY!” Yui suddenly shouted which made everyone fell silent. Her fists balled. “I already know that she’s going blind! I already know that her left eye can’t see anymore and her right eye won’t last long as well!”

Gasps were heard from everyone inside the room. Every piece is getting on its place now. Maru’s clumsiness isn’t really because she is clumsy. Her extreme fear to dark places, the prescription bottle that Sakura and Milky saw, Haruppi meeting Maru at the ENT section, and the over protectiveness of the management to her…

Paruru’s knees weakened. She has been with her for the past days but why didn’t she notice anything about the girl’s sight?

“The lighting?” She murmured to herself and tears began to roll again.

“I can’t stay here any longer and wait for someone who might get to some serious accident. It’s not just because of her sight; she’s emotionally unstable as well! Maru is a friend. I can’t let her be if she’s like this!” Yui turned to Paru and supported her. “Let’s go.”

Paru, who was still a bit dizzy of what she heard, nodded and followed Yuihan. The others followed them leaving only Sasshi and Mayu behind. In case they got late in fetching Maru, the two will go up the stage to buy them some time.

They went out of the building through the fire exit to avoid the media’s eyes. Everyone is quiet. Sobs from Milky and Haruppi can be heard as they run.

“I’m sorry…” Yui suddenly broke the silence. “For hiding everything from all of you. I was also shocked—“

“Don’t think about it for now, Yuihan.” Sayanee cut her. “What’s important now is to drag that little punk to wherever she is and make sure she won’t do anything bad to herself.”

Everyone agreed, hoping that Maru is doing fine.

“THANK YOU for the meal! I will surely come back again!”

Maru bid farewell to the owner of the shop who can’t stop gawking at her. He looks at Maru suspiciously.

“Don’t look at me like that Ramen-san. I told you already that I’m going to say everything on the press conference. Look!” Maru pulled a piece of folded paper from her pocket. “I even wrote a script so I won’t forget anything.”

The store owner heaved a sigh. “Wait for me here, kid!” The guy went upstairs where his house is located. He came back with a scarf on his hand. “Use this!”

“For what?” Maru innocently asked. “I don’t really feel co—“

She was silenced when the ojii-san put the red muffler around her neck. He was blushing a little, looking around to make sure that there are no paparazzi around. He doesn’t want Maru to get involved into any dating scandal just because of an ojii-san.

“It’s crazy that you are not getting cold going out with just that!” The owner commented at her outfit after making sure that the muffler is fixed. “It’s my daughter’s. Give it back when you come back here!”

Maru snickered and scratched her cheek. “You are such a great father… I wish my father was like you…”

“HAHAHA!” The ojii-san laughed together with his ears clapping. “Don’t be silly, Maru-sama. You won’t like a ramen vendor to be your father.”

Maru pressed her lips together. “I don’t care about the job though…” She whispered.

“Anyway, I know you have to go now or else you will be late to your press conference. Just take care of yourself, alright? You look extremely pale today.”

“Thank you for the concern, Ramen-san.” Maru smiled. She then slid the door of the store open. “See you s—“

A rushing motorcycle suddenly passed in front of her. She was lucky the store owner managed to pull her back inside or else she could’ve been hit. It looks like a delivery service that’s in a hurry.

“That was close!” The store owner released his breath. “You better me more careful, Maru-sama!”

Maru snapped back to reality. Her eyes wide open, her heart skipped a beat. “Thank you, Ramen-san. I better hurry now. See you! Regards to your daughter!”

That’s all and Maru sprinted away from the restaurant and when she got a good distance, she took 5 pills of her medicine. “Come on, Maru. You’re almost there. Just finish this year and you can go fully blind.”

She finally reached the crossroads where the venue is on the other side. She waited for the light to turn green together with a lot of people. She covered her face with the muffler. She kind of getting some weird attention because of her clothes but she didn’t mind. Her eyes are just focused on the stop light.

As soon as the light changed, she started walking. Her head is aching like crazy, her eye started to blur even more. She took a deep breath and tried not to think about the situation. All she has to do is get on the location safe.

She let out a sigh of relief when she reached the other side safe.

“Come on! We can still make it!”

“Hurry up, Saa-chan! Don’t run like that for now!”

“Let’s just run faster before the light changes!”

She looked back to the pedestrian crossing to check for the group of girls that just passed her. There were a lot of people that she couldn’t see them well.

“I thought I smelled Haruka…” She murmured to herself. The thought of the girl gave a pinch on her heart. She then just shrugged her shoulders and continued walking towards the venue. She started walking on the special yellow tiles which somehow made her laugh to herself. The lights for the cars turned green.

Maru suddenly stopped walking. Her knees suddenly felt stuck up. Everything turned into pitch black once again. She tried to calm herself. Her medicine does not take effect anymore.

“Calm down, self. You are on the tiles…” She convinced herself and continued walking. Feeling the tiles under her feet, she used them as guide. She could already feel some fluid coming out from her nose. She couldn’t deny the terror that she feels. “Come on, light. You are supposed to be back by this time.”

All of a sudden, she felt something bumped her by the shoulder which pushed her off the tiles. She heard a faint ‘Gomen nasai’ from a guy then it went on as if he is talking with someone on his phone.

Maru started to panic even more. She tried to feel the tiles but she couldn’t locate them anymore. Finally, she could see a faint light. Light is slowly coming back atlast!


She could hear a bicycle bell ringing. She has to get out of the way but to where she should go exactly is something that she doesn’t know. She could hear people telling her to get out of the way which made her panic even more. She took a step on her right. One wrong step.

The attention of Paruru and the others were caught of the shouts of the people from the other side. They stopped from running to take a look and got surprised on what they saw.

The driver of the black car came out and his face couldn’t be painted. His whole body is trembling. The guy that fell down from the bike stayed on the ground; aghast of what has happened before his very eyes. The car got its windshield cracked.

A body wearing a bright red muffler is seen lying face down on the road. Together with her on the floor was yet another cracked pair of glasses. Warm red fluid is flowing out like crazy from her head.

And once again, Paruru’s world turned into pieces… into much finer pieces.


You may want to listen to this song after reading this chapter.
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