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Author Topic: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 32 28/08/2017  (Read 9584 times)

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 21 03/06/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 21.  :D

Chapter 21: Conflict

At the hospital’s Backyard

Jun pulls Atsuko to the hospital backyard and pushes her to the wall. Atsuko hits the walls and falls down. She coughs because of the hit on her back


Then Jun picks her up by her collar again and said in angry tone

“Tell me what is happened inside? Why did you be the one run out of that first? Why didn’t you protect her instead?”

Atsuko stays silent and looks down


Atsuko and Rena are inside the Maeda altar. It is a very big altar. She turns and whispers in Atsuko’s ear

“Let’s kneel down and greet your ancestors Acchan”

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Both of them kneel down in front of the altar. Then they close their eyes and start praying. While Atsuko is praying, suddenly she is pushed aside. Then she hears the sound of something breaking

Atsuko quickly opens her eyes and sees a masked man standing with a knife in his hand.

The masked man turns and looks at Atsuko. Then he rushes and attacks her. However, Rena quickly rushes to the front and holds his wrist to block his attack. Suddenly, three more men rush out from their hideout inside the altar.

“Man! How can they get in here?” Rena thought

She kicks the man at his stomach and throws him to the other three. Then Rena said

“Mizuki, step back” Rena said

Atsuko steps back to the corner of the room near the one of the altar pillar.

“You want to attack me right in the Maeda land huh?” Rena looks at the three men and said

Those men stay silent and rushes to attack Rena again. Rena steps aside and dodges the attack easily. After all, she is a well-trained bodyguard of Atsuko. Those . Because of too focusing on Rena, Atsuko doesn’t know there is a man behind her. He raises the knife and tends to stab Atsuko from behind.

At the same time, Rena is fighting the man. She feels a little weird because those men don’t really intent to attack her.

“Why didn’t they attack me?” Rena thought in confused.

Feeling something weird, Rena jumps up and uses round kick to kick all three on their face making them fall on the ground. Then she quickly turns to look at Atsuko. She widens her eyes in surprised when seeing a man behind Atsuko. He is about to stab Atsuko. She quickly throws a small knife toward the man

“Mizuki, rush to the door quick” Rena shouts

“Ok” Atsuko nods and rushes to the door

At the same time, Rena is fighting all four assassins for Atsuko to come out. Atsuko opens the door and calls Rena


“Run out first, Mizuki. I'm behind you” Rena said

Atsuko nods and runs outside. Suddenly she hears Rena’s shout

“Mizuki, watch out”

Atsuko turns around and sees Rena pushes her down, and there is a man behind Rena. He stabbed a knife on Rena’s shoulder

“Acchan” Atsuko shouts in surprised

“Are you ok, Acchan?” she asks in worried tone

“I...I’m fine, Mizuki.” Rena holds her bleeding shoulder and said

End flashback

Seeing Atsuko staying silent, Jun shouts angrier

“Tell me, Maeda Mizuki. Why did you let her get hurt? Why did you run out of there first?”

“Because I can't fight. Acchan protected me” Atsuko whispers

Jun is very surprised with what Atsuko said. He is angrier than before. At first, he is angry because Rena was hurt because of protecting Atsuko. Now, he is angrier when knowing that Atsuko is incapable of protecting Rena.

“Can't fight huh? What did I tell you? And what did you answer?” Jun holds Atsuko’s collar higher and said

“I told you to protect her. I told you to protect her, Maeda Mizuki. I still remember your answer” Jun shouts

“I’m sorry” Atsuko whispers

“Sorry? You say sorry? For what? For not protecting her or for your uselessness” Jun shouts

“Tell me” he continues

Instead of saying something else, Atsuko whispers the same thing again

“I’m sorry”

This pissed Jun off. He takes her collar again

“Stop saying sorry, you useless weakling” He punches Atsuko’s stomach and said

Atsuko bends down and coughs painfully.

*Cough* *Cough*

“Stand up” Jun said

Atsuko slowly stands up as Jun said. She looks at Jun and said while holding her fists tightly

“I’m sorry. Acchan was hurt because of shielding for me from that stab. I’m a weakling. I can’t ever protect her.”

Jun holds his fists angrily. He is angry at Atsuko’s words. He rushes to Atsuko and said

“Then don’t promise protecting her. Don’t promise thing you can’t do”

He raises his fists to punch Atsuko’s face. However, suddenly, Rena stands in front of him. Jun quickly stops his fist before it hits Rena’s face.

Rena came with Mayu and Yuki. When she reaches the place, she sees Jun is about to hit Atsuko. She quickly rushes to shield for her

“Acchan” Jun said in surprised tone

“What are you doing, Jun?” Rena asks while frowning

“Why did you shield for him? You know how dangerous it is?” Jun asks while frowning

“Because he is important to me, and I don't care about dangerous as long as he is safe” Rena said

Jun holds his fists tightly in anger

“As long as he is safe.” He whispers sarcastically while looking at Rena's bandaged arm


Rena turns around and asks Atsuko

“Are you ok, Mizuki?”

Atsuko looks down silently. Rena looks at Atsuko and sees her clothes are all messy, and dust is all over her clothes and hands. She turns and asks Jun while frowning

“Why did you hurt him, Jun? What did he do? What did he ever do to you?”

“This is men business. It is not your business” Jun said

“What’s wrong with you, Jun? You are not yourself” Rena said

“I’m still myself. You don’t need to interfere in this. This is problem between me and him” Jun said and point at Atsuko

“Stop saying that this is not my business. This is my business. You hurt Mizuki, that is my business” Rena frowns and said

“Right, Mizuki’s business is your business. You love him so much huh? So much that you willing to die for him huh? What about him? He is just a useless weakling. He promised me that he would protect you, but he can’t. Instead of protecting you, this weakling caused you to get hurt. He is just your burden” Jun shouts out of angry

Hearing that, Atsuko holds her fists tightly. Rena is also very surprised with Jun’s words. She never thought Jun would say thing like that

“Jun, don’t say that to Mizuki. I won't forgive anyone who said thing like this to him ever. He is not burden. He will never ever be a burden. He is my family.” Rena looks at Jun and said in hurtful tone

Suddenly Atsuko speaks up

“He is correct, Acchan”

“Mizuki” Rena turns to Atsuko and said in surprised tone

“I never thought about it. I’m too naïve. However now I know. I know so well that I can’t do anything. I’m a useless person. I’m a burden.” Atsuko said while tear rolling down on her cheeks

Then she turns and rushes away.

“Mizuki” Minami calls and chases after Atsuko

Minami reaches the hospital backyard just a little later than Rena, Yuki, and Mayu. He saw everything. When seeing Atsuko rushed away, he quickly chases after her

Rena also wants to chase after her, but Jun stops her

“Step aside” Rena said in angry tone

“Acchan, you are in danger. Plus, you are injured.” Jun said

“I don’t need your worry” Rena said

“Protecting you is my job. Your safety is my first priority” Jun said

“You…” Rena said

“Acchan, Takamina already chased after Mizuki. He will protect him. Let’s get you some rest” Yuki said

Rena stays silent awhile. Then she sighs and said

“Ok, let’s get back to Maeda house and wait for Mizuki”

When they are about to go, Rena stops and whispers in sad tone

“I don’t know why today you act like this, Jun. This is not Matsui Jun who I knew. I know you are not an unreasonable person who hitting someone like that. It saddens me a lot when seeing you like this. Why did you put your frustration on Mizuki? I really don’t understand.”

Jun is very surprised when hearing Rena’s sad tone. He also can hear the breaking sound like she is crying. He looks at her back sadly. Mayu looks at Jun and shakes his head sadly

“Acchan is correct Jun. Why did you put your frustration on Mizuki? Are you angry because Acchan hurt? Are you angry because Acchan hurt because of Mizuki? Or are you angry at yourself because you were late in protecting her?” Mayu said

Jun looks down

“Jun, let’s put yourself in Acchan’s place. If you love a person, willingly to protect that person no matter what is normal, right?” Mayu asks

Jun still looks down and stay silent. Suddenly he speaks up

“I’m really wrong, Mayu. I don’t know what is gotten in me. Maybe you are correct. I’m frustrated to myself because I can’t protect her, or I just felt frustrated because she loves him not me. I told you and Takamina that I'm fine. However, I'm not fine. I can't stand seeing them together”

“What should I do now? How can I say something like that to Mizuki? I ruined everything” he continues

“It’s ok. Let’s apology him later. Mizuki is a nice person.” Mayu pats Jun’s shoulder and said

Then they go back to Maeda house together with Rena and Yuki


At the shore

Atsuko is running to the shore. She stands there while wiping her tear. Minami reaches the place and sees Atsuko is crying. He slowly walks toward Atsuko and calls her

“Mizuki, are you ok?”

Atsuko just stays silent. Minami comes closer to Atsuko and said

“Mizuki, you remember what I told you before, right? You can tell me anything. We are friend”

Atsuko turns and looks at Minami while tear rolling down on her cheeks.

“Stop acting, please” she said to him in hurtful tone

Her voice surprised Minami a lot

“Mizuki, what do you mean?” Minami asks

“If you don’t want to come here, just say it. If you see me annoying just say it. If you don’t want to be my friend just say it. I don’t need your act.” Atsuko shouts

“Mizuki, I really want to be your friend. I mean what I said that I want to be your friend. I never think of you as annoying” Minami said

“Don’t lie to me, Takamina” Atsuko said

“If you meant what you said, then why did you ignore me?” she shouts and rushes away

“Mizuki” Minami raise his hand to call Atsuko

However, his voice doesn’t form.

“I really messed thing up” Minami sighs and though

He runs after her, but instead of calling her, he walks behind her with a certain distance which he can protect her

In Maeda house

Everyone got back there and each stay in their room. Minami is outside because he knows Atsuko doesn't want to see him right now.

Jun is in his room thinking over the incident in the morning while Mayu went to the crime scene to gather information. Yuki is taking care of Rena

In the room

“I'm worry for Acchan, Yuki” Rena said

“I know. Since the incident of grandfather, she always thinks bad about herself.” Yuki said

“That is what I'm afraid. This morning, Jun said the thing that I almost certain that Acchan would think she is. ‘Burden’” Rena sighs and said

“What can we do now, Rena?” Yuki asks

“I don't know because we can't talk her out of that. The only person can talk to her now is Takamina” Rena said

“However, there is something between them. Acchan seems to be hurt or something since the incident Takamina went to the blind date, then she starts isolating herself when grandfather passed away. Everything just comes to her at one since she just came back here. I know it shocked her a lot” Yuki said in worried tone

“Yesterday, when seeing her smile, I thought she finally get over everything. However, now, this incident, I don't know what should we do now.” Rena sighs deeply and said

“Hope she will be fine soon” Yuki said

In the evening

Yuki and Rena come to Atsuko’s room to call her.  This evening, they will have a welcome party with all the Maeda members in the island. Yuki knocks the door and said

“Mizuki, let’s go to the Maeda center. It is time”

Atsuko opens the door and said

“Go ahead, Yuki, Acchan. I don’t want to go”

Yuki and Rena look at each other in surprised

“What are you saying, Mizuki?” Rena asks again

“I don’t want to go.” Atsuko said

“Come with me” Rena said and pulls her to her room

After closing the door, Rena quickly said

“Why don’t you want to come, Acchan? This party is actually for you. Obviously, you have to be there”

“But I don’t want to go” Atsuko said only one sentence again

“Acchan, don’t be stubborn. You have to come with us.” Yuki said

“I don’t want to cause trouble again. If something happens, I will only be a burden. Why don’t I just be here and don’t go anywhere?” Atsuko said

“Acchan” Rena and Yuki thought in surprised

“Acchan, don’t say that. You will never be our burden” Yuki said

“Yes, Acchan. You know that well, right?” Rena said

Atsuko looks down silently.

“Acchan, don’t you trust our words anymore?” Rena asks in sad tone

“Seeing you like this saddens us a lot Acchan.” Yuki sadly said

Atsuko looks up at Yuki’s and Rena’s sad eyes.

“Of course, I trust you two. I just don't want to trouble you because of my useless. I can't do anything for you two. You two take care of me since I was little until now. Since the day I got back here, I caused even more trouble to you two. It frustrated me a lot when thinking about that.” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko gently

“My baka Acchan, you have done a lot of thing to us.” Rena pats Atsuko's head and said

“Uh, your presence means a lot to us, Acchan. More than you know” Yuki said

“So trust us and don't isolate yourself like that ok? Please come with us, Acchan” Rena smiles and said

Atsuko looks at Rena then Yuki. She sees they are smiling at her

“Ok, I’ll go” Atsuko said

“Good girl” Yuki and Rena pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Let’s go, Acchan” Rena said

Then they leave the room. When they get down the stair, they see Minami, Jun, and Mayu there.

Jun walks toward Atsuko.

“I'm sorry for my rudeness this morning, Mizuki” he bows at her and said

Atsuko is surprised and doesn't what to say. Feeling silent from Atsuko, Jun continues without looking up

“Mizuki, I'm really sorry. I spent all day thinking about my action. I notice how unreasonable I was. I put my frustration on you, and I hit you while you done nothing wrong. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me, Mizuki”

“'s ok, Jun. That is in the past. Let's forget everything” Atsuko said

After that, they all come to Maeda center to join the welcome party.

In the Maeda center

Rena comes to the stage with Yuji. Atsuko still follows her from behind. Minami, Jun, and Mayu stand guard at the stage protecting them.

“Hello everyone” Yuji said

“Hello elder” the crowd said

“Many days ago, dark clouds covered the Maeda clan. My cousin, Maeda Ryuu, the head of Maeda clan passed away. He left leaving us with sadness and also worriedness about the future of our clan. However, today, we finally welcome new head of the clan. According to my cousin’s will, Maeda Atsuko who is the missing daughter of his youngest son, Maeda Heiji will be our new head of Maeda clan when she turns 21 years old. Let's give her our warm welcome” Yuji said in formal tone

“Welcome back Ms. Atsuko.” The crowd said

“Atsu, come and greet Maeda members.” Yuji turns to Atsuko and said

Rena nods and comes to the microphone.

“Hello uncles, aunties, and everyone. Thank you for this warm welcome party. I lived alone since I was 5. This is the first time, I finally meet my family. Please acknowledge me and be kind to me” Rena said

Then she bows at the crowds. The crowds give her a big applause.

After the greeting, they get back to their table and start the party. Atsuko, Rena, Yuki, Minami, Jun, and Mayu sit at the same table with Yuji.

“How is your injury, Atsu?” Yuji looks at Rena and asks

“I'm ok now. Thank you great uncle” Rena smiles and said

“Mizuki, I don't know how can you be a butler and let your master hurt like this. If something happens to Atsu, that is the lost of the whole Maeda clan. With a small life like you, can you ever be able to bear that responsibility?” Yuji frowns and said in strict tone

Hearing that, Atsuko looks down sadly.

“Uncle, please don't scold him. He did his best. I'm fine. The attack is so sudden” Rena said

“Atsu, I forgot to say this. How can you use yourself to shield for a butler? Your life and his life are in two different level.” Yuji said

“I'm sorry uncle about my reckless. However, he not only my butler, but he also is my childhood friend” Rena said

“Atsu, I want to remind you about your position and your responsibility not just for yourself but for the whole clan. Please be more careful, and think of this clan before anything else” Yuji strictly said

“I understand uncle. I will be careful next time” Rena said

“Good, that is just my small reminders. Now enjoy yourself with the party” Yuji said

The party is very fun with a lot of different activities and shows. However, to Minami, he doesn't see anything. The same thing applies for Atsuko. She looks at her plate sadly. Minami looks at Atsuko and notices her sadness.

“Mizuki” Minami thought

Suddenly he remembers Atsuko's words.

“If I'm annoying, just say it”

“If you don't want to be my friend, just say it”

“If you don’t want to come here, just say it.”

“I know I'm useless. I can't do anything. I'm annoying so please just ignore me”

“Stop acting”

“You don’t need to act in front of me”

“Why did you ignore me?”

“Why did you ignore me?”

“Why did you ignore me?”

Those words keep appearing in Minami's head. It causes a lot of trouble to him. He also remembers Atsuko's hurtful face when she said those words to him

“Idiot, you are an idiot, Takamina” He scratches his head while scolding himself in his head

Seeing strange action from Minami, Mayu turns and asks

“Hey, what's wrong?”

Mayu's call snaps him out of his thought. Minami looks around and sees everyone in the table looking at him.

“I'm sorry. Please enjoy your time” Minami said while blushing

Then he takes a glass on the table and drinks it not knowing what is it.

“Takamina, what are you doing?” Jun asks in surprised tone

“I just drink water. What's wrong?” Minami asks

“Wait a minute, the taste is weird” he thought

Suddenly he feels dizzy. Minami quickly looks at the glass and smells it.

“This is wine” He thought

Then Minami quickly turns to Jun and asks in surprised tone

“Jun, did I just drink wine?”

“Uh” Jun nods

“Uh-oh” Minami thought

Then he drops down on the table

“Takamina” Atsuko calls in surprised tone when seeing Minami suddenly drops down on the table

“As expected” Jun and Mayu look at Minami and thought

“What’s happened to Takamina, Jun, Mayu?” Atsuko turns to Jun and Mayu and asks

“He is fine. He just can’t stand alcohol. He will get drunk with just a small sip” Jun explains

“Is he ok?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

“Don’t worry, Mizuki, he is fine. After a long sleep, he will be as good as new” Mayu said

“I see.” Atsuko said

After the party, Jun and Mayu help Minami get back to his room

Atsuko opens the door for Jun and Mayu to bring him in. They put the unconscious Minami on the bed.

“Is he ok, Jun?” she asks him in worry tone

“Don't worry. He will be fine. He just doesn't used to alcohol.” Mayu said

“We will go back to our room now” Jun and Mayu said

“Mizuki, are you ok by yourself?” Rena asks

“Yes, do you need any help?” Yuki asks

“I’m fine. Don't worry Acchan, Yuki” Atsuko said

“Really?” They said in concerned tone

“Yes, I’m fine” Atsuko smiles and said

“Then we will leave now” Rena and Yuki said

“Uh, Good night” Atsuko smiles and said

“Goodnight” They said

Then Rena, Jun, Mayu and Yuki leave the room.

Atsuko looks at Minami who is now frowning while pulling down his tie because he doesn't feel comfortable. Atsuko quickly rushes to his bed and asks

“Are you ok, Takamina?”

“Uhm…” Minami frowns uncomfortably 

“Maybe a cold handkerchief on his forehead will help” Atsuko thought

When she is about to stand up, Minami holds her hand and pulls her down on his bed

“Takamina” Atsuko yelps in surprise

Minami quickly moves on top of her. His action causes her to blush madly.

“T...Takamina, what are you doing?” she calls him shyly

“Mizuki” Minami calls her while caressing her face

Then all of sudden he presses his lips on hers making Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised


That is chapter 21. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 22 11/06/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 22  :D

Chapter 22: Mizuki Is A Girl!!!

In Atsuko's and Minami's room

Atsuko looks at Minami who is frowning while pulling down his tie because he doesn't feel comfortable. Atsuko quickly rushes to his bed and asks

“Are you ok, Takamina?”

“Uhm…” Minami frowns uncomfortably 

“Maybe a cold handkerchief on his forehead will help” Atsuko thought

When she is about to stand up, Minami holds her hand and pulls her down on his bed

“Takamina” Atsuko yelps in surprise

Minami quickly moves on top of her. His action causes her to blush madly.

“T...Takamina, what are you doing?” she calls him shyly

“Mizuki” Minami calls her while caressing her face

“Maybe I'm really crazy. How can I think a man cute?” he said while bending down near Atsuko's face.

His words make Atsuko's heart beats very fast. Hasn't let Atsuko response, all of sudden Minami presses his lips on hers making Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised. Her heart is beating extremely fast, and her face is super-hot

Minami kisses her stronger and deeper. Atsuko tries to push him out, but he is so strong.

“Takamina, do you know who I am?” Atsuko asks when she finally able to pushes him out

Minami looks at her.

“I don't care you're are a guy, Mizuki. I only know that my heart feels so different when I see you. This is the feeling that I have never had before. You cause my heart to be different.” He said while bending his face very close to Atsuko again

“Minami” Atsuko thought

She is surprised with what he said.

“He felt the same” she mumbles

“You know why I had to ignore you, Mizuki? I have to do that to run away from my messed head. I even agreed with my mother's suggestion coming to blind date. However, in the end, I can't. I can't get your face out of my head. I'm really crazy”

“That is the reason” Atsuko thought

Somehow, she feels extremely happy with Minami's words. Her confusion is all cleared up now. She now knows Minami doesn't hate her or sees her annoying

When she is about to say something to Minami, he kisses her lips again stronger and rougher. He pins down her two hands on each side of her head and kisses her lips intensely and passionately.

After awhile, Atsuko finally gives in. She closes her eyes and replies his kiss. The kiss turns into more passion and intense.

“Uhm…” Atsuko moans when Minami suddenly pushes his tongue in her mouth.

Then he moves his kiss to her neck and licks down. He kisses her neck and sucks on it

“Minami” Atsuko yelp in surprise when he sucks there.

Then all of sudden Atsuko feels Minami stops his movement. She feels his breath on her neck. She looks down and sees that Minami already felt asleep.

Atsuko slowly pushes him aside. Her heart keeps pounding crazily. Her face is so hot. She doesn't know what to do except lying there next to Minami. She touches her lips and smiles happily. Then Atsuko turns to look at Minami sleeping face. She caresses his face and whispers

“You didn't go crazy Minami. I think your heart somehow know my true identity”

She kisses his cheek and said

“My heart also beats like crazy when I'm with you, Minami”

In the morning

Minami slowly opens his eyes and sits up. He feels headaches and uncomfortable.

“What's wrong with me? why my head hurt?” Minami thought while caressing his temples.

Then he remembers last night

“That’s right, I accidentally drank a glass of wine and blackout.” Minami mumbles

“Wait a minute, how can I get here?” He thought in confused while closing his eyes trying to recall what happened last night

“Takamina, I don’t know how can you forget about the glass of wine”

“Are you ok, buddy?”

“That’s right. Jun and Mayu helped me back here” Minami mumbles

Suddenly something flashes back in his head

“Mizuki, maybe I'm really crazy. How can I think a man cute?”

“Takamina, do you know who I am?”

“You know why I had to ignore you, Mizuki? I have to do that to run away from my messed up head. I even agreed with my mother's suggestion coming to blind date. However, in the end, I can't. I can't get your face out of my head. I'm really crazy”

Minami widens his eyes in surprised when remembering most of thing that happened last night with Atsuko. He remembered the kiss that he kissed her. It makes his heart beat extremely fast while his face starts turning red.

“What have I done? How can I face Mizuki, now? You are crazy, Takahashi Minami” Minami hits his head and said

“No, I have to apology to him” He thought

Then he quickly turns to look at Atsuko’s bed, but he only sees an empty bed

“He might come to Acchan’s and Yuki’s room” Minami thought

“I have to go there now” he said

Then he quickly jumps down from his bed and rushes to the restroom. He opens the door and rushes in. Suddenly he sees someone is already in there, a long-haired girl. Minami widens his eyes in surprised when his eyes met Atsuko’s

At the same time

Atsuko just finished taking a bath and steps out from the shower. Suddenly she hears the sound of the door opens. She turns around and sees Minami standing in front of her, and their eyes met

Atsuko screams in surprised while pulling her tower to cover herself. Minami snaps out of his stun when hearing Atsuko’s scream. He quickly turns around and said

“I...I’m sorry”

His face is all red.


Rena and Yuki are standing at the door to call Atsuko. When they are about to knock, they hear Atsuko’s scream.

“Acchan” Rena and Yuki look at each other

Then they quickly open the door and rush inside. When they are inside, they hear Minami's stuttering

“I...I'm r...really sorry. I...I…”

“I...didn’t...mean. I...I…”

Then they hear Atsuko's small voice

“C...can you go out?”

They rush to the bathroom and see Minami standing there while his face facing them. Inside is Atsuko standing with only a tower covering herself.

“You get out of here, pervert” Yuki pulls Minami out and said while Rena rushes to the front of Atsuko to cover for her

“I...I’m sorry” Minami stutter and quickly rushes out of the room

Minami rushes out of the bathroom to the door. At the same time, Jun and Mayu rush to his room because they hear a lot of noise. They come in and asks

“What’s wrong, Takamina?” Jun asks

“We heard a lot of noise.” Mayu adds

“” Minami stutters while his face getting redder

They look at each other and back at Minami in confused.

“What’s happened, Takamina? Why did your face all red?” Jun asks in confused tone

“You confused us, Takamina” Mayu said

“I….I...I accidentally stepped into the bathroom while M...Mizuki is there” Minami stutters while blushing

Jun and Mayu look at Minami. Then they laugh loudly

“What is the matter, Takamina? He is a guy like you” Jun said

“Yeah, you acted like you step into a girl bathroom or something” Mayu said

“He...he is not a he” Minami said

“Huh?” Jun and Mayu look at Minami in confused

“He is not a he? What do you mean, Takamina?” Jun asks

“M...Mi...Mizuki is a girl” Minami said

His face is redder because of the memories in the bathroom.

“What???” Jun and Mayu shouts in surprised

“Hahaha...your joke this time is really funny, Takamina. You finally success” Mayu said

“Yeah...He somehow look really like a girl, but how can that be” Jun said

“I’m serious.” Minami looks at them and said while frowning

They stop laughing and look at Minami

“Really?” Jun and Mayu asks

Minami just nods. Then they hear the door open. Minami quickly stands up and turns to look at the bathroom direction. Rena and Yuki come out with Atsuko hide behind Rena. Jun and Mayu widen their eyes in surprised when seeing a girl with long hair and a face look just like the man Mizuki who they knew.

“ girl?” They stutter and ask at the same time

“Sit down first, and we will tell you everything” Rena said

“O...ok” Jun and Mayu said

About Minami, he is still standing there and staring at Atsuko. His heart never once stops the crazy beating. However, then Jun’s voice snaps him out of his stun

“Takamina, why are you standing there?”

“Ah..oh...ok” Minami said and comes to sit down on the sofa

About Atsuko, she only looks down and stays silent. She feels so embarrassed to look at Minami, right now.

“To all your confusion, yes, Mizuki is a girl” Rena said

“Ehhh!!!!” Jun and Mayu shout in surprised

“Really?” they ask again

“Yes, her name is Natsuki Mizuki.” Yuki said

“If she is a girl, why did she have to disguise herself as a man?” Mayu asks

“Mizuki is granddaughter of grandpa’s friend. Her parents passed away in a car accident when she was 2 years old. Then her grandfather also passed away when she was 3 years old. Therefore, grandpa took her to the island and raise her with us” Rena said

“Since Mizuki was little until now, she is a very weak little girl. She looks so fragile and so defenseless to the outside world. To protect her, we helped her to disguise as a boy when coming back here. Also, on this trip coming back to Japan, we doesn’t know what dangerous is waiting for us, especially Acchan. Therefore, if there is a boy, we hope we can be safer.” Yuki said

“So that is the reason, Mizuki?” Minami asks in gentle tone

“Uh” Atsuko nods


After Minami left the bathroom, Yuki quickly closes the door.

“Are you ok, Acchan?” Rena asks in whisper tone

“I...I’m” Atsuko said

“Did he do anything inappropriate?” Yuki asks

“No, he didn’t.” Atsuko quickly shakes her head and said

Suddenly she remembers their kiss last night which makes her blush madly. Noticing that, Rena asks

“Really Acchan? Why did you blush all of sudden?”

“Yes, he didn’t do anything. It was my fault in the first place because I forgot to lock the door” Atsuko said

“Ok” Rena and Yuki said

“What are we going to do now, Rena? Takamina properly knows she is a girl now” Yuki asks

“Uhm...that gets me to think too” Rena folds her arms and said

“Can we just tell him about my real identity? He, Jun, and Mayu are our friend, right?” Atsuko asks

“Plus, I really don’t want to lie to Takamina anymore” she continues

“You are right, Acchan. However, that will be too risky” Yuki said

“I agree.” Rena said

“But, only three of them. There wouldn’t be any problem, right?” Atsuko reasons

“We know we can completely trust them, Acchan. However, we don’t know for sure if that will be a safe choice.” Rena said

“Yes, if they know, their focus will change. That sudden change can make those who want to harm you feel suspicious.” Yuki said

“Even if we can act perfectly with them, there is still a lot of things that we don’t know around here and also your relatives, Acchan” Rena said

“Just wait a little more, Acchan. We will tell them right away when we are sure that your safety is guaranteed.” She pats Atsuko’s head and continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods

End flashback

“I see. That is why you have to disguise” Minami said in happy tone

He feels very happy when knowing Atsuko is actually a girl.

“I have a request” Rena said

“What is it, Acchan?” Jun asks

“Please keep this as a secret and see her as a man.” Rena said

“Yes, we don’t want anything to change. It can bring another trouble” Yuki adds

“We know. You two don’t have to worry” Mayu said

“Uh” Jun nods

Suddenly he remembers the incident yesterday.

“Wait, if Mizuki is a girl, then tyesterday, I hit a girl. I insulted and hurt a defenseless girl. What kind of man am I?” he thought

“I’m a jerk” he hits his head and said

Then he quickly stands straight up. His action surprised everyone.

“Mizuki, I’m really sorry for my action yesterday. I hit you unreasonably.” Jun bows deeply at Atsuko and said

“I...It ok, Jun. As I said, that is already in the past. Plus, at the time, you didn’t know I’m a girl” Atsuko said

“Thank you, Mizuki” Jun said

Suddenly he remembers another thing

“Hold on, if Mizuki is a girl, then their relationship is a fake. Acchan lied to me again” Jun thought

Then all of sudden, he holds Rena’s hand and pulls her with him

“Acchan, I need to talk to you right now” he said

“What is it, Jun?” Rena stops him and said

“Just come with me” Jun said

“No, not after you tell me the reason” Rena said

Jun just stays silent and pulls Rena out of the room despite her objection. There are only Atsuko, Minami, Yuki, and Mayu there.

“Ok, everything is clear. Yuki, let’s go out with me. We will have a date around the island today” Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and said

“Ok, Mayu. I love your plan” Yuki happily said

“Only love my plan? How about me?” Mayu pouts

“You are such a kid, Mayu. I love you too” Yuki pinches his nose and said

“Ehem, you two. You two can go out and be lovey dovey” Minami said

“Oh, right. Sorry. Someone is jealous because he doesn’t have someone to pinch his nose” Mayu teases Minami

“It is so true, Mayu. Let’s get going before Takamina feels jealous more” Yuki said

Then she turns to Atsuko

“Mizuki, we will leave now. You can have breakfast and lunch with your beloved, I mean Takamina”  Yuki winks and said

Her words make Atsuko blush

“See you later, Mizuki” Yuki winks at Atsuko and said

Then Mayu and Yuki leave the room. Now, inside the room are only Atsuko and Minami. They just look down and stay silent still feeling embarrassed over what happened in the bathroom.

“Uhm...Mizuki” Minami calls Atsuko

“Yes” Atsuko asks still looking down.

“I...I’m sorry about just now.” Minami said while blushing again

Atsuko's face also turns red when hearing that. Suddenly she remembers the incident last night again. She gathers all her courage and asks

“T...Takamina, do you remember what you said last night?”

She wants to clarify her feeling and also his.

“Last night?” Minami thought

Atsuko’s words remind him of the incident last night between them again. He stands up and bows at her

“I’m really sorry, Mizuki. I’m really sorry for my inappropriate action when I was drunk”

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then she looks down sadly.

“So what you said last night was just because of alcohol.” She mumbles sadly

Hearing something, Minami looks at Atsuko and asks

“What is it, Mizuki?”

“No, nothing.” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

Then she takes a deep breath and said

“It’s ok, Takamina. I know you didn’t intent to do that.”

“I’m sorry. I have to use the restroom” She continues and quickly rushes away

However, Minami catches her hand and asks in worried tone

“What’s wrong, Mizuki?”

“Nothing, Takamina. Please let’s go of my hand” Atsuko said while trying to pull her hand away from his grip

Minami can hear the shaking in her tone like she is crying.

“Are you crying, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“Of course not. Why am I crying?” Atsuko laughs and said while using her hand to secretly wipe her tear

Minami frowns. He strongly turns her to look at him, but Atsuko turns her face away. He sees tear on her cheeks, and it makes his heart feel tight.

“Why are you crying, Mizuki?” Minami asks in gentle tone

“I’m not” Atsuko still stubbornly said that

“Then what is it on your cheeks, Mizuki? Why did you cry?” Minami asks while frowning

“Did I do something inappropriate to you last night more than uhm...I kissed you?” Minami asks in concerned tone

“No, there is nothing” Atsuko shakes her head and said

Her tear is still rolling on her cheeks.

“Then why are you crying, Mizuki? Please tell me, Mizuki” Minami said in more worried tone

“I said nothing. Now please, let me go” Atsuko said while struggling from Minami’s grip.

Minami frowns. He pushes Atsuko and pins her to the wall making Atsuko looks at him with surprised look

“Why are you crying, Mizuki?” Minami asks in serious tone

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then she cries louder. It makes Minami surprised.

“Minami, you are meanie. Why are you so mean to me?” Atsuko said while crying

“Mizuki” Minami thought

“Last night, you told me that your heart feels strange whenever you see me. Then you told me that you see me cute. After that, you suddenly k...k...kissed me. I thought you have the same feeling as me”

“I was very happy. However, today, you said that that incident was because you were drunk. You stole my first kiss without any feeling.” She continues while crying like a baby

Minami looks at the crying girl. His eyes turn soft. He uses his left hand to hold down her hands and uses his right hand to wipe her tear away. Atsuko looks at Minami with her red eyes while sobbing.

“Don’t cry my crybaby Mizuki” Minami said in gentle tone

“I’m not a crybaby” Atsuko pouts and said

“But you are, and I love your innocent side” Minami pinches Atsuko’s nose and said

“Stop making fun of me” Atsuko pouts

“I’m not.” Minami looks at Atsuko’s eyes and seriously said

“Yes, last night my action was under control of alcohol. However, what I told you was my real feeling, Mizuki” he holds Atsuko’s hands and said

Atsuko looks at Minami with surprised look

“My heart has been crazy since the first time I met you. Your innocent smile, the way you said, the way you act, everything about you can make my heart goes crazy. I spent a lot of time wondering why my heart is so crazy? Why could I fall for a man? However, now I understand why. I’m an idiot, but my heart can somehow feel that you are a girl.” Minami smiles gently at Atsuko and said

“What do you mean, Takamina?” Atsuko asks

Minami smiles. Then he leans down and kisses Atsuko’s lips gently. After breaking the kiss, Minami hugs Atsuko and whispers in her ear lovingly

“What I mean is I love you, my lovely Mizuki.”

Atsuko looks at Minami with surprised look

“Taka…” hasn’t let Atsuko finish her words, Minami seals her lips again

“Call me Minami like you did just now, baby” Minami said

His words make Atsuko blush madly.

“M...Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami and calls him

“Uh, now answer my confession, my Mizuki” he said while connecting his head with hers

“Your confession?” Atsuko looks at Minami innocently

“I just said that I love you, but you didn’t answer me. You don’t love me, Mizuki?” Minami asks in sad tone

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said immediately when hearing Minami’s sad tone

Minami laughs loudly and pinches Atsuko’s cheeks

“You are so cute, Mizuki. I love you so much” he said in happy tone

“Minami, you tease me again” Atsuko pouts and hits his chest

“I’m sorry baby. Let’s me tell you something.” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko buries her face on his chest and asks

“Last night was my first kiss too” Minami whispers

“Really?” Atsuko asks in surprised tone

“Of course, I save it for my one and only true love” Minami smiles and said

“However” he continues in sad tone

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks worriedly

“I was able to remember what happened last night. However, I can’t remember how does it feel” Minami smiles evilly at Atsuko

Then he seals Atsuko lips again without letting her say anything

“I want to taste your sweetest kiss again, Mizuki. Not only this time, but forever” he said between the kiss

Atsuko smiles at his words. She hugs his neck and replies to his sweet kiss


In Jun’s room

Jun pulls Rena to his room.

“What are you doing, Jun?” Rena strongly withdraws her hand from Jun’s grip and said while frowning

“You lied to me again, Atsuko” Jun said

“What do you mean?” Rena turns away and said while crossing her arms

“Mizuki is a girl. There is definitely nothing between you and her. Why did you lie, Atsuko?” Jun said

“Why did you lie to me, Atsuko?” he repeats the question in painful tone

“Do you know how pain it is? My heart was torn apart by your lie, Atsuko” He continues in sadder tone

Rena turns to look at Jun when hearing his painful tone.

“My heart is also in pain when seeing you hurt, Jun.” she thought

“I'm sorry, Jun” Rena wipes his tear and said in gentle tone

“Atsuko” Jun holds Rena’s hands and calls her gently

“I know you have feeling for me, Atsuko. Why are you always trying to deny that?” he said while looking directly at Rena’s eyes

Rena looks at Jun’s serious eyes.

“Atsuko” Jun raises his hand to caress Rena’s face

Suddenly, Rena withdraws her hand and turns away

“I’m sorry for lying to you about Mizuki and I. Please understand why did I have to do that, Jun” she said

“Why Atsuko? Why?” Jun asks in sad tone

“I really can’t return your love, Jun. I don’t want you to waste your time with me anymore.” Rena said

“I don’t understand why can’t you give me a chance, Atsuko? Do you have someone you love?” Jun asks

“I don’t have anyone I love. I can’t return your love because as I told you before, I have a lot of things to manage. Grandpa just passed away. I have to take care of Maeda clan. I can’t think about love. I have to focus on that” Rena said

“I can help you Atsuko. We can do it together.” Jun said

“I can’t Jun. Please, see this as I beg you. Please understand me.” Rena said while looking at Jun with begging eyes

Jun closes his eyes and sighs deeply.

“Ok, I will respect your choice. However, as I said before, I will never give up my love for you, Atsuko no matter what you said.’ he said with serious tone

“Jun, please don’t waste your time” Rena looks at Jun and said

“Waste or not is myself who decide this, Atsuko. I love you, and I see it worth very much my time.” Jun said

“Now, do you want to go for a drink?” he asks

“Jun, I…”

“Though you aren’t my girlfriend, we are still friend. I can’t even invite my friend for a drink?” Cutting Rena’s words, Jun said

Rena looks at Jun and sighs


At the same time

At the shore

Yuki and Mayu are sitting on the white sand looking at the morning sky. Yuki leans her head on Mayu’s shoulder while entwine their hands together. They just sit there silent. Suddenly, Mayu speaks up

“Yuki, I feel very happy right now”

“Really?” Yuki asks

“Yes. Though we meet each other every day, it has been so long since we can be together alone like this” Mayu smiles at Yuki and said

“I’m sorry, Mayu. There has been a lot of  happened in Maeda clan.” Yuki said

“Baka, I know. I also felt a lot of stress in you. I’m glad that today you seem to be less stressful” Mayu strokes Yuki’s hair and said

“Thank you, Mayu. Thank you for understanding me and supporting me” Yuki said

“That is obvious. You don’t need to thank me silly girl” Mayu smiles and said

Yuki smiles at Mayu. Then she leans on his shoulder while hugging his arm tightly

“I’m sorry and also thank you for supporting me, Mayu. I know from your eyes, you have a lot of questions. However, you didn’t say anything and just silently supporting me. I’m thankful for that. When the time comes, I will definitely tell you everything, my love” Yuki thought while tightening her hug on his arm

Mayu is surprised. However, he just smiles and strokes Yuki’s hair.

Back to Atsuko’s and Minami’s room

Atsuko is now sitting on Minami’s laps while Minami round his arms and hugs her waist tightly.

“Baby, what do you want to do today?” Minami asks lovingly

“Uhm...I want to go out and play. I still haven’t looked around this island, and tomorrow we have to go back to Tokyo.” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami said

“Let’s go and prepare Mizuki. I will take you to this place” he continues

“Where is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“That’s a secret” Minami pinches Atsuko’s nose and said

“I want to know” Atsuko pouts and said

“Be patient, my lovely” Minami smiles gently and said

“Ok, give me a second” Atsuko smiles happily and said

Then she stands up and rushes to the bathroom to change her clothes. Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles. Suddenly, he notices something on the floor. It is a locket necklace. He picks up and looks at it. Minami widens his eyes in surprised because of what he saw in front of his eyes


That is chapter 22. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 23 17/06/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 23  :D

Chapter 23: The Truth, Anger, Sadness

Minami notices a necklace on the ground. He picks it up and looks at it

“Is this Mizuki’s necklace?” Minami thought

“I guess she dropped it. Clumsy as always. I will tease her first and give her later. I love her cute face” He smiles to himself and thought

Then he notices something written on the back of the locket. Minami turns the locket and looks at it. He widens his eyes when seeing the words

“Beloved Granddaughter, Atsu”

“Atsu? Atsuko? How can Mizuki have this?” Minami thought

Suddenly he remembers what Rena’s said when they were at the hospital.

“Because he is important to me, and I don't care about dangerous as long as he is safe”

The thought makes Minami’s heart beat faster. 

“Could it be….? No, how can that be? She protected her because she l…” He quickly shakes the thought away.

However, then another thought appears in his head

“No, Mizuki is a girl. There is nothing between them. So what does that sentence mean?”

“That is right, Acchan said Mizuki is like her little sister. She properly protect her because of that. That is right. That’s right” He keeps nodding while telling himself the solution for his confusion

“Also, this necklace. Maybe she keeps this for Acchan. It is just like she keeps the Maeda ring for Acchan.” Minami reason to himself

However, then another thought appears in his head

“Maeda’s ring can only be kept by the Maeda. If Mizuki is not Acchan’s butler, then why?”

“Did she lie to me? No, it can’t be. Mizuki won’t lie to me.” Once again, Minami rejects his thought

“There is one way to find out” he thought

When Minami is about to look inside the locket, he suddenly hears Atsuko's voice

“Minami, I'm done”

Minami quickly puts the necklace into his pocket and turns to Atsuko. Seeing Minami's weird action, Atsuko tilts her head and asks

“What's wrong, Minami?”

“No, nothing wrong, Mizuki” Minami smiles and said while walking toward Atsuko

He holds her hand and said

“Let's go”

“M...Minami, we can't go out like this” Atsuko said shyly while looking at their entwined hands

“What's it, Mizuki?” Minami asks in confused tone

“We can't hold hand like this and walk out. It will be very weird with my disguise” Atsuko said

“Oh, right.” Minami releases Atsuko’s hand and said

However, Atsuko once again holds his hand back.

“What’s wrong, Mizuki?” Minami looks at Atsuko and asks

“But…” Atsuko looks down while tightening her grip on Minami's hand

Minami looks at her in confused

“But I want you to hold my hand. I feel very happy when you hold my hand” Atsuko closes her eyes and shyly said

Minami can see her face slowly turn red.

“She is so cute” he smiles and thought

Then he quickly pulls her into his chest and hugs her tightly

“You are soo cute, Mizuki. What can I do with this cuteness?” Minami said

Atsuko smiles and buries her face on Minami's chest. Since she knows thing until now, this is the first time she knows what is love. She feels so happy, and her heart is filled with joy.

“She definitely will never lie to me” he smiles and thought

Then Minami breaks the hug and looks at Atsuko

“Just a little time when we go outside. When we are alone, I will never let go of your hand no matter what ok? If you want, I can hold your hand when you sleep too” Minami entwined his hand with Atsuko’s and said

Atsuko smiles widely at Minami's words. She quickly leans up and kisses his lips.

“I'm happy, Minami. I love you” Atsuko happily said

“I love you too, Mizuki” Minami pats her head and said

“By the way, Mizuki, before we go out, are you sure you have everything?” he looks at Atsuko and said

“Have everything? What do you mean, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confused tone

Minami smiles at Atsuko’s cute confused face.

“Just check again, Mizuki” Minami said

“Huh?” Atsuko thought while looking around herself

Minami smiles to himself while seeing Atsuko looking around herself clumsily and confusingly

“As expected, she is so cute” He thought

Then he puts his hand inside his jean pocket taking out the necklace. However, he accidentally drops it. Hearing something drops, Atsuko looking down and sees something like a necklace. Atsuko quickly touches her neck when seeing it

“I dropped my necklace” She said

Suddenly, she remembers something

“My name, My picture”

Atsuko rushes to pick the necklace, but Minami said while bending down

“Let’s me pick it up for you”

“You are so clumsy, Mizuki. How can you forget that yo…” Minami said

However, he pauses when seeing the picture inside the necklace. When the necklace is dropped, it hits the floor, and the locket is opened. Inside the locket is Atsuko’s picture. Minami stops a little. Then he silently closes the locket and picks it up

Seeing Minami’s strange action, Atsuko calls him in hesitant tone.

“M...Minami, what’s wrong?”

She is scared that Minami will see the picture and the words behind the locket. Because she stands the other side, she doesn’t see that the locket is opened

“Mizuki, can I ask you something?” Minami asks in serious tone

Atsuko feels worry when hearing Minami’s strange tone

“W...what is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Is there anything you hide from me?” Minami asks still turning his back on her

“H...hiding from you? What do you mean, Minami?” Atsuko asks in shaky tone

Since she was kid until now, she never lies, and she never wants to do that, especially to Minami, the person she love.

“What is your name, Mizuki? Is your name really Natsuki Mizuki?” Minami asks

Atsuko is very surprised with Minami’s question. She is scared even more

“Did he see my picture inside?” Atsuko worried thought

“Answer me, Mizuki” Minami turns to look at Atsuko’s eyes and said

“ name of course is Mizuki.” Atsuko tries to evade Minami eyes while saying

Minami frowns. He holds Atsuko’s shoulders and asks in serious tone

“Look at my eyes and tell me, Mizuki. Did you ever lie to me except that you are a girl?”

Atsuko is scared because of Minami’s voice and eyes.

“Tell me, Mizuki. I want the true.” Minami said

This time, Atsuko can hear his sadness. She looks at Minami’s eyes and sees his sadness.

“Minami, I…” When Atsuko is about to say sorry, she remembers Rena’s words

“Acchan, we still have to keep this as a secret. This is for protecting you”

“If I reveal this, Rena and Yuki could be danger too?” she thought worriedly

“I’m sorry, Minami” Atsuko thought

“Tell me, Mizuki” Minami said seriously

“Minami, everything I told you is true. My name is Mizuki.” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

“I’m really sorry Minami. Lying to you is the least thing I ever want to do. It also hurt me a lot” Atsuko thought painfully

Minami holds his fists tightly. He shakily raises the necklace in front of Atsuko and asks

“Then tell me what is it?”

“Th...this is Acchan’s necklace. She asked me to keep this for her” Atsuko lies again

“This is Acchan’s necklace, huh?” Minami asks

“Y...yes” Atsuko said

“Then tell me why did your picture is inside the locket?” Minami opens the locket and asks


“Tell me why did your picture inside Acchan’s locket?” Minami repeats in angrier tone

“ Acchan gave this to me as a gift” Atsuko said

“If this is Acchan’s gift for you, then why did you say that Acchan asked you to keep it for her? Also, this is her grandfather gift, why did she give it to you” Minami asks in angrier tone

Atsuko shrunk herself in scared. Her tear start rolling on her cheeks

“Tell me how long are you planning on lying to me?” Minami holds Atsuko’s arms and said while frowning

“I...I’m sorry, Minami” Atsuko looks down and whispers

Minami looks at Atsuko

“So you admitted you lie to me?” he asks

Atsuko nods slowly

“So your name is…” Minami pauses

“M...My name is Maeda….Atsuko.” Atsuko pauses and said

Minami looks at Atsuko. He feels his heart break in pieces when Atsuko said her name. He feels betrayed because the person he loves lied to him. Then he laughs bitterly while tear rolling on his cheeks

“So you lied to me. Am I that untrustworthy to you? I don’t even deserve to know who you really are huh?” he asks in painful tone

“Of course not, Minami. I trust you with all my heart” Atsuko quickly holds Minami’s hands and said

“Then why did you lie to me? I don’t care when you hide your identity as a girl because at that time we were still stranger. I understand why you didn’t tell me. However, until now, until now, you still lie to me. Why? Why? Why?” Minami angrily withdraws his hands from Atsuko’s and said

“Minami, I…”

“Don’t, you don’t need to say anything Ms. Maeda. I well understand your reason. It is because I’m until now is still a stranger to you” Minami said and angrily leaves the room

“Minami, wait” Atsuko calls him


Rena just steps out of Jun’s room with Jun. Suddenly they see Minami angrily rushing out. Then they hear Atsuko’s voice

“Minami please hear me out”

Atsuko quickly chases after Minami. However, Rena stops her

“Mizuki, what’s wrong?”

“Minami...Minami saw my necklace” Atsuko said in tear

Then she rushes to chase after Minami. Rena stands there with surprised and confused face still doesn’t comprehended what Atsuko said.


Atsuko catches Minami’s hand and said

“Minami, please hear my explanation”

“There is nothing to say, Ms. Maeda.” Minami coldly withdraws his hand and said

“Minami, please listen to me. I really don’t want to lie to you” Atsuko rushes to the front of Minami and said

“Please Minami, please hear my explanation. I beg you” she holds Minami’s hands and said in sincerely tone

“You don’t need to explain anything to me, Ms. Maeda. After all, I’m just your bodyguard. After this mission, we will be stranger again” Minami withdraws his hands from Atsuko’s grip and coldly said

Then he turns around and walks away. Before he goes, Minami stops and said

“From now on, there is nothing between us except my mission as your bodyguard. I’m Takahashi Minami, a police who will protect you, Maeda Atsuko, the heir of Maeda clan. That's it. We are over” he whispers

Atsuko tears roll on her cheeks when hearing what Minami’s said. She can feel the pain in her heart. An unbearable pain that she can’t ever bear with it. She closes her eyes and rushes out of the house.

Back to Rena

“Takamina saw her necklace. That is grandfather’s gift for her. Wait...there is her name engraved on that. Also, her picture inside? Could it be?” She widens her eyes in surprised and thought

Seeing Rena’s strange action, Jun asks

“What’s wrong, Acchan?”

Suddenly Rena rushes down stair.

“Acchan wait, tell me what’s wrong?” Jun stops Rena and said

“I will tell you later. I have to chase after her now” Rena said and rushes to the stair

However, when Rena reaches downstairs, she doesn’t see Atsuko anywhere.

“Not good. She can’t go out by herself like that” Rena thought and rushes to the door.

At the same time, Yuki and Mayu return home. Seeing Rena’s hurried face, Yuki quickly asks

“What’s wrong, Acchan? Where is Mizuki?”

“Seem like Takamina knew the true. He is angry, and she chased after him” Rena said worriedly

“What? That is bad” Yuki said in surprised tone

“Let’s go and find her” She continues

While they are talking, Jun and Mayu look at each other with confused look. They don’t understand what Rena and Yuki talking. When they see Rena and Yuki are about to walk away, they stop them

“What are you two talking about? Takamina knows what?” Jun asks

“And what is the true?” Mayu adds

“We have no choice now. I think she will be fine with Takamina with her. Let’s tell them everything first” Yuki said

“I guess you are right” Rena said

“Ok, we will tell you two everything” She turns to Mayu and Jun and said


Atsuko is walking aimlessly on the road. The previous conversation with Minami hurt her a lot. She feels guilty and sad for lying to Minami and hurting him.

“I’m only your bodyguard, Ms. Maeda”

“After the mission, we will be stranger again”

“We are over.”

“We are over.”

“We are over.”

“I know why did you lie to me. Because after all until now, you still see me no more than a stranger to you”

Minami’s words keep appearing in her head. It causes a lot of pain in her heart. She holds her chest tightly as if it can ease the pain in her heart. However, that pain just keeps increasing as a tsunami splashing over her head causing her to drown in sadness

“Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls Minami repeatedly in her head

Then she looks down sadly.

“Minami doesn’t care about me anymore.” she thought painfully while tear rolling on her cheeks.

Suddenly, she hears someone’s voice

“What do we have here? Mr. Butler of Maeda clan?”

Atsuko quickly wipes her tear and turns around


However, hasn’t finished her words, someone hits her from behind making Atsuko fall on the ground lost conscious.

“Good night, my walking treasure” the man said and laughs loudly

Back to Maeda traditional house

In Rena’s room

Jun and Mayu are sitting on the sofa while Yuki and Rena are sitting opposite of them.

“Yuki, please tell us what did you two hide? What is the true that you said?” Mayu said

Suddenly Yuki and Rena stand up.

“Before we tell you guys everything, we want to do one thing” Yuki said

“We are really sorry for lying to you two” Rena and Yuki said

Then they bow deeply at Jun and Mayu. Their action surprised Jun and Mayu. They quickly stand up and rush to them

“What are you two doing? Don't bow like that” Jun holds Rena shoulders and said

“What do you mean by lying to us?” Mayu asks

“The true is…” Rena takes a deep breath

“The truth is I’m not Maeda Atsuko, the person who you two are supposed to protect” she said

Jun and Mayu look at each other with surprised look. 

“What do you mean, Acchan?” Jun asks

“My real name is Maeda Rena. I’m an orphan. Grandpa adopted me when I was 5 to be Acchan’s bodyguard” Rena said

Jun and Mayu widen their eyes in surprised

“We decided to let Rena disguises as Acchan when knowing that she has to come back here. We did this to protect Acchan from all the assassins who want to harm her” Yuki adds

“Wait...wait...hold on.” Jun and Mayu said at the same time

“You are Maeda Rena, bodyguard of Maeda Atsuko?” Jun asks again

“Yes” Rena nods

“Then who you really are, Yuki?” Mayu asks

“I'm still Maeda Yuki. I’m also an orphan. It was Acchan’s parents adopted me.” Yuki said

“So if you are Rena, and you are Yuki, then who is the real heir, Maeda Atsuko?” Jun asks

“Don't tell me Mizuki is…” Mayu said in surprised tone

“Uh, Mizuki is really Maeda Atsuko” Yuki finishes Mayu’s words

At the same time

On the shore

Minami sits there looking at Atsuko’s picture inside the locket.

“Minami, please hear my explanation”

“There is no need for your explanation”

“After the mission, we will be stranger again”

“We are over”

“We are over”

“We are over”

Minami closes the locket and sighs deeply. He lies down on the sand and closes his eyes. His conversation with Atsuko still echo in his head.

Then the memories when he met Atsuko on the island go back to him one after another. He still remembers clearly Atsuko’s innocent and happy face, and also her pure smile when feeding the baby birds on the tree

“Yes, eat a lot so that you can grow quick ok”

Then he remembers their very first conversation under the tree in the forest


“Mizuki is fine”

“Then let’s be friend, Mizuki”

Also, the time when Atsuko asked him to go to the bird net with her

“Yes, Takamina. He is my friend”

“Takamina, let’s go play together”

“Takamina, let’s go to the bird net. I want to see how they are. They need food too”

Then the time when they were in the plane that is about to explode

“Takamina, just leave me alone. The plane can explode any second”

“Don't worry, Mizuki. I will definitely take you out no matter what. I promised you that I will take you to amusement park and natural park, right? I won't break my promise”

“Are you ok, Mizuki?”

“Uh, I’m fine. But your hand is hurt Takamina”

Minami can still remember Atsuko’s worried face when she treated his injury. He also remember the time when they were at the tower to watch the stars together

“Thank you, Minami. You are my best friend”

“I said that I will take you to watch the stars. However, I should thank you for showing me this beautiful scenery Mizuki”

“I see. I’m glad that you like it.”

“Thank you, Takamina”

“Why did you thank me, Mizuki?”
“Thank for comforting me. Except grandpa, Yuki, and Acchan, you are another person who treat me so nice. I don’t know much about the world out there, and of course, I also don’t know much about people out there. However, I only know one thing, having you, Yuki, and Acchan around me, I will be fine. You are my important friend, Takamina”

“You are my important friend, Takamina”

“Minami, I love you”

Minami sits up when remembering Atsuko’s words. However, he closes his eyes and shakes his head

“Let’s forget everything.”

Then he stands up and walks back to the Maeda traditional house.

Back to Rena’s room

Jun and Mayu sit silently since they hear the true from Rena and Yuki. They are very surprised and shock. Rena and Yuki look at each other. Then Rena calls them

“Jun, Mayu”

“Huh?” They look up at them

“Are you two angry at us because we kept this secret from you?” Yuki asks

They look at Yuki and Rena. Then they sigh deeply

“Of course, we feel a little disappointed because you kept secret from us.” Mayu said

“It makes us feel like we are not trustworthy or something” Jun adds

“No, of course we trust you, especially you, Mayu. How can I not trust the person I love?” Yuki said while holding Mayu’s hands

“It is just…” she pauses

“Don’t worry Yuki. I just feel a little disappointed. I know that you can’t easily trust anyone around you three especially after seeing how Acchan’s relative action, right?” Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and said

“Uh. I was afraid that just a little change can cause dangerous to Acchan. That is why I didn’t tell you guys about her even when you guys knew her a girl” Yuki said sadly

“I’m sorry, Mayu” she looks down and said

“Baka. Don’t say sorry. I understand.” Mayu pats Rena’s head and said

“Mayu” Yuki looks at Mayu lovingly

“My lovely Yuki” Mayu calls

Suddenly they hear Jun’s voice

“Ehem, there are people in here”

“So what? Don’t you see my girlfriend is sad? I have to comfort her” Mayu hugs Yuki’s shoulders and said

“Ok ok, whatever. Back to serious business.” Jun said

“Though we aren’t mad, but the problem is Takamina. He hates the most is liar, especially someone important to him”

“That mean you aren’t mad at us for keeping this secret from you Jun?” Rena asks

Jun can hear happy in her tone

“Of course, I was mad, sad, and angry because you kept secret from me. Just like I said, I feel like I’m not trustworthy. However, maybe because I get used to your lies. That is why those feelings just blown away like a wind” Jun chuckles and said

Rena looks down sadly. She knows she lied to him and hurt him a lot of time.

“Don’t be sad Rena, I’m just kidding” Seeing that, Jun pats her head and said

Rena looks at Jun with confused eyes

“Through a lot of conversation with you, I always notice that there is something deep inside that you want to hide. I always feel that in your eyes there is something you have to do, something very important. At first, I thought is managing Maeda clan. Now I understand. The important thing to you is protecting Acchan, right? I can feel your worry, so I understand” Jun smiles and said

“Thank you Jun” Rena said

“However, to Takamina is different. He is a serious person, no he is a too serious person, and he treasures every single thing around him. This problem is directly toward him. The person he loves lied to him about her identity” Jun said

“Yes, because he loves Acchan so much that this lie hurt him deeply. He definitely has the feeling of untrustworthy like us, but in stronger level. I believe this lie shocked him a lot” Mayu adds

“I see. So what can we do now, Jun?” Rena asks

“We will talk to him. Don’t worry” Jun said

“Who know, maybe he and Acchan already be fine by now.” Mayu adds

“I hope so” Rena and Yuki said

Then they leave the room to outside to wait for Minami and Atsuko.

When they get downstairs, they see Minami walking in. However, Rena and Yuki don’t see Atsuko with him. Rena and Yuki quickly rush to him and ask

“Takamina, where is Acchan?”

“Huh?” Minami looks at them with confused look

“I ask where is Acchan, Takamina?” Rena asks again impatiently

“I don’t know. I thought she should be at home” Minami said

“Acchan is not home, Takamina. When Rena and I got downstairs, we didn’t see her or you” Jun said

“What?” Minami said in surprised tone

“Yes, we thought she is chasing after you” Jun said

“That mean Acchan is outside alone” Mayu said in surprised tone

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He quickly turns around and rushes to find her. When he gets to the door, his phone rings. He takes out and sees that is her father who called him

“Hello dad” Minami said

“What? When?” he asks in loud and surprised tone

“Ok, I understand.” he said and hangs up

“What’s wrong, Takamina?” Jun asks

“Suzuki Ichi just ran away from the jail last night, and this morning, Mr. Maeda Hayate’s wife was found dead in her own backyard. She was killed. My father suspected that is his doing. He asked us to protect Atsuko tighter and be more careful” Minami said in shaky tone

“I have to find Atsuko” he thought and quickly rushes outside

Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu look at each other with surprised look.

“We have to find her quick. She might be in danger” Rena said

“Yes, let’s go”

Then all four of them rush out of the house to find Atsuko

Minami’s side

He is looking for Atsuko everywhere. He asked every single person passed by him.

“Excuse me, did you see a man in butler suit passed by?” Minami asks a woman passing by

She just shakes her head and keeps walking. That is the answer he received since he rushed out of the Maeda house

“Atsuko, where are you?” Minami looks at the sky and thought worriedly


That is chapter 23. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 24 24/06/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 24  :D

Chapter 24: Rescue

In a strange place

There are three men surrounding Atsuko. Her two hands are tied on the pillar behind her back, and she is still unconscious because of the hit on the back of her head.

“Who is this person?” The man in the middle asks

“Shin, this man is the butler of Maeda Atsuko” the man on the left said

“Maeda Atsuko? The heir of Maeda clan huh?” Shin asks

“Uh, that is that person” the man on the right said

“So why did you kidnap this brat?” Shin asks

“I think we can get a lot of ransom from this butler” the man on the left said

“Really? I doubt it. Don't you see how cocky those rich people are? They won't ever give out money for a mere servant” Shin said

“Toka heard some very interesting information between him and his ojou-sama” the left man said

“Interesting information?” Shin asks

“Naru is correct. I heard that this weak looking butler is little darling of Maeda Atsuko” Toka said

“Little darling huh? Are you sure?” Shin asks

“Yes, we are positive” Naru nods

“Do you remember the rumor about Maeda Atsuko is attacked yesterday at the Maeda altar and is injured? She is injured because she shielded for him from the attacker.” Toka said

“Really?” Shin asks in doubted tone

“Yes, I heard this in the welcome party. I'm also a Maeda, so I was invited to that party” Toka said

“I see. This little brat is that powerful huh? He can make the heir of Maeda clan shield for him huh? How amusing” Shin comes to look at Atsuko’s face and said

“Good, do any of you know that girl’s phone number?” He turns to Toka and Naru and ask

“No, we don't” they shake their head and said

“I see. Then we have to do this in old fashion way.” Shin said

“Toka, water” He stands up and orders

“Right away, Shin” Toka said

Then he goes out and brings in a bucket of water. Shin takes the bucket and splashes on Atsuko.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Atsuko coughs and wakes up because of the water. She looks around in confused. She feels her head is hurt.

“Where am I?” She thought

Then Atsuko feels her hands are tied. She struggles but can't take her hands out

“You finally wake up, butler or should I say Ojou-sama’s darling” Shin sits down in front of Atsuko and said

Hearing a man's voice said, Atsuko quickly looks up. She sees three scary looking guys in front of her.

“W...who are you?” Atsuko asks in shaky tone

“Who we are? Hahaha...I’m your best friend, buddy” Toka laughs and said

“I don't know you” Atsuko said

“Come on, don't be like that. These days, we are kinda short in money. I really want you to tell your beloved Ojou-sama to give us some of her money to save her butler boyfriend back” Naru said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise.

“Help, anyone help” Atsuko shouts scarily.

“Shut up you brat” Toka kicks Atsuko stomach and shouts

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

The kick makes Atsuko cough painfully.

“I hate every single person in Maeda clan. Don't make me hurt you” he said

“Toka, you can hit him. However, I want him to do one thing first” Shin said

“What do you want him to do, Shin?” Toka asks

“Brat, tell me the phone number of your beloved Ojou-sama” Shin looks at Atsuko and said

“No way” Atsuko shouts back

Shin slaps Atsuko hard and said

“Don't you dare to use that manner to me. I'm a boss here”

“Even if you kill me, I won't tell you anything” Atsuko shouts

She is scared, but she won't forgive anyone who wants to harm people dear to her

“Don't worry. We won't kill you right now. After we get your Ojou-sama, we will kill” Toka said

“What do you want? I won't let you do anything to my Ojou-sama” Atsuko said strongly

“Hum...I start to like your attitude” Shin said

“How about cooperate with us to trick Maeda Atsuko. You will write a letter to your lovely Ojou-sama telling her to bring here for us one hundred million Yen. Also add a site note that she has to be the one brings that amount to us.” He continues

“After she comes here, we will kidnap her and asks Maeda clan for a big fortune. What do you think, little guy?” He asks

“You are a genius, Shin” Toka and Naru said

“So what do you think, my friend? Don't worry, I will give you enough money for your contributions” Shin looks at Atsuko and asks

“No. Not in million years” Atsuko said strongly

Shin is angry at Atsuko's another rejection. He stands up and kicks Atsuko's stomach strongly making Atsuko cough painfully

“If you don't want soft way, then fine. I will give you what you want. Toka, he is all yours. However, remember to keep his little life.” Shin said

“Leave him to me. I will give him what he wants so bad” Toka smirks and said

Shin bends down and holds Atsuko's collar

“Don't hate me. This is what you want” he said

Then he punches Atsuko at her stomach. This time is very hard making Atsuko coughs up blood

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Then he takes off Atsuko's watch.

“We will prepare a letter and use this to convince the Ojou-sama.”

“Enjoy, Toka” Naru said and comes to the table with Shin

“I will” he said and smirk.

He takes Atsuko by her collar and punches hard on her stomach again.

“I already told you how I hate each of the members in Maeda clan even their servants. All of them look down on me. They never see me as a Maeda. Even when they invited me, they still treated me as their lowlife servant. I hate those stupid egoists.” Toka said in angry tone

“You don’t deserve to be a Maeda. You are a despicable, greedy criminal” Atsuko said

“That is why none of Maeda see you worthy” she shouts

“You dare to shout back at me like that? You little brat” Toka angrily said and kicks Atsuko’s stomach making her cough painfully

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Then he keeps kicking Atsuko at her stomach. She closes her eyes and frowns because of pain.

“Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls Minami’s name endlessly

Then she faints because of pain

In the evening

At Minami's side

Minami already looked for Atsuko for all day until now, but he still hasn't gotten any information about Atsuko.

“Atsuko, where are you? I'm sorry for angry at you” Minami looks at Atsuko’s necklace and thought

Then his phone rings. Jun called him. Minami quickly picks up his phone

“Jun, did you find him?” Minami asks

His face immediately turns sad

“I see. No, I will look for her more.” Minami said

Then he hangs up.

“I will find you Atsuko” Minami thought

Suddenly he notices three little boys running toward his direction.

“Should I ask them? They are kids” Minami thought

“Let's give it a shot” he tells himself

Then he rushes to the boys and asks them

“Hello you three”

“Hello oniichan” the boys said

“Oniichan has a question to ask you” Minami said

“What is it, oniichan?” One of the boys asks

Minami takes his phone and shows it to the little boy

“Did you see this oniichan?” Minami asks

The three kids look at the picture on his phone. Suddenly one of them said

“I saw oniichan”

“Really? When did you see him and where?” Minami quickly asks

“This morning when I was running to school. Oniichan helped me when I tripped on a rock and fell” the little boy said

“Then where did he go, little boy?” Minami asks

“I don't know. I said goodbye to oniichan to go to school. Then I left” the little boy said

“I see” Minami said sadly

“Oniichan, you can ask Toka-nii about this. When I left, I heard he called him.” the little boy said

“Toka? Who is he, little boy?” Minami asks

“His name is Maeda Toka, his house is near the train station not far from here.” the little boy said

“Maeda Toka, a Maeda huh?” Minami thought

“Can you wait for me a little little boy?” Minami asks

“Yes” the boy nods

Then Minami walks far away from the little boy. After that he takes out his phone and calls Jun

“Hey Jun, I got a clue about her. Can you and Mayu investigate about a man name Maeda Toka for me?”

(Really? Ok we will do it, right away) Jun said

“Thank you” Minami said

Then Minami hangs up and rushes back to the boy

“Little boy, can you show me the way to his house?” Minami asks

“Yes” The little boy said

Then he takes Minami to Toka’s house. Walking for about 10 minutes, Minami can see a small and rusty house surrounded by a lot of trees.

“Oniichan, that is Toka-niichan’s house. I can’t come there because my parents don’t allow me to come near his house” the little boy said

“Huh? Why is that?” Minami asks in curious tone

“My parents said that he is a bad person. They said I will learn bad thing from him if I talk to him” the boy said

“I see. Ok, thank you little boy. Here, take this and buy something for you to it. This is my thank” Minami said while giving him some money

“Thank you oniichan.” The little boy said and rushes back to his house

“Be careful on your way home” Minami said

“Yes” the boy said

After the little boy left, Minami turns and looks at Toka’s house with serious eyes. Suddenly his phone rings

“What is it, Jun?” Minami asks while his eyes still focusing on the house

(We investigated about him. His name is Maeda Toka, and he is an orphan. Though he is a Maeda, everyone in Maeda clan doesn’t see him as one. All he does is messing around, shoplifting, stealing, fighting, bullying, and a lot more. He also has two other friends who are also not a good one.) Jun said

“I see.” Minami said

“So there is a chance that he kidnapped Atsuko for ransom. I have to do something quick before she is in any danger” Minami thought

“Thank you, I will check on him” Minami said

(Where is his house? Mayu and I will come there help you) Jun said

“It is near the train station. When you get there, you will see an old looking house. That is the only house, and it is surrounded by a lot of three.” Minami describes

(Got it, we will go there right away) Jun said

Then they hang up. Minami looks at the house and thought

“Let’s investigate this place. Atsuko, wait for me”

Back to Maeda traditional house

After Jun hangs up, Rena quickly turns to ask him

“Did Takamina have information about Acchan, Jun?”

“Uh, he reaches the house of that Maeda Toka. Mayu and I will go there now to help him” Jun said

“We will come with you two” Yuki quickly said

“No, it will be dangerous if that man really kidnapped Acchan” Mayu said

“I don’t afraid of dangerous. I’m her bodyguard. I’m trained to protect her” Rena said

“Me too. I trained myself to protect my sister” Yuki said

“We know you two can handle dangerous. The dangerous here is your identity” Jun said

“Yes, last time when you shielded for Acchan, you already created a question mark not only for your great-uncle, but other people. If those want to harm Acchan knew about this, they will feel the suspicious” Mayu said

“Uh, it will be very dangerous” Mayu nods and said

“I see. But Acchan…” Rena said in worried tone

“Don’t worry, Rena. I will definitely protect her in place of you” Jun said

“That’s right Yuki. I will protect her for you” Mayu reassures Yuki

“Ok, we will wait here. Please bring her back to us” Rena said

“Yes, we are counting on you two” Yuki said

Then Jun and Mayu leave the house

Back to Minami

Minami stealthily walks toward the house. He hides behind a big tree not far from it to observe the whole place.

“Why didn’t I see anyone?” Minami thought

Suddenly he hears a man voice

“What a useless man, I just warmed up, and he already fainted”

“Huh?” Minami thought

“The voice comes from behind this house” He thought and carefully goes to the back of the house in silent

He reaches the backyard and sees three men standing there.

“It can’t help, right? He is a butler of such a rich family. Plus, he is his Ojou-sama darling. I bet he don’t even know what is the word hardship means” the other man said

“Butlet? Atsuko? Those jerk, they really kidnapped her” Minami thought angrily

“Enough of chit chat. Go and put this in front of the Maeda traditional house. Be careful of those three men who are with them”

“Maeda traditional house? So they really did want ransom” Minami thought

He raises his phone and takes the picture of the man. After that he texts Jun

(Catch this man Jun. he is about to bring a kidnaping letter to Maeda traditional house. This is his picture)

“Ok, all done. Atsuko, I'll save you” Minami thought

Waiting for Shin and Toka walks back into the house, Minami stealthily walks toward the storeroom. Then he knocks the door

“Naru, did you forget something?” Toka opens the door while asking

When the door opens, he widens his eyes in surprised when seeing Minami standing there.

“Who are y…”

Hasn't finished his words, Minami kicks his stomach and rushes in. When he gets inside, Minami Atsuko unconsciously and her hands are tied behind her back. Her head is bleeding.

“You jerk” Minami thought angrily

“Who are you?” Shin stands up and shouts while taking out a gun in his clothes

However, Minami quickly kicks his hand making the gun fly away before he can do anything. Then doesn't lets them react, Minami rushes to them. He hits, punches, and kicks them hardly. None of them can do anything.

“How can you do that to Mizuki? How can you hit Mizuki? I will definitely kill you” Minami shouts

He hit those guys until they can't stand properly

At the same time

Jun and Mayu reach the place with Naru is tied. Seeing Minami angrily attack Shin and Toka, and they are half unconscious. Mayu quickly rushes to stop him

“Calm down, Takamina”

“Mayu and I will take care of them. Go and see how is Mizuki.” Jun said

Minami slowly calm down. He quickly rushes to Atsuko and unties her

“Mizuki” Minami wipes the blood on her face and calls her

“I’m sorry” he hugs her and said

Atsuko is half awake. She can see Minami blurrily.

“, I’m...sorry” she whispers weakly

Her words make Minami heart tighten. He lifts her up and takes out to the car.

Then the police come in. After talking to them and tell them what to do, Jun and Mayu go to the car and drives back to Maeda traditional house

“I’m sorry Atsuko. I shouldn't be mad at you and left you behind my love” Minami thought painfully while hugging unconscious Atsuko in his arms.

Tear rolling on his cheeks when he looks at the bruises on her face, arms

After awhile

They get back to the Maeda house. Minami quickly takes Atsuko back to their room. Rena and Yuki gasps in surprise when seeing Atsuko's condition.

Minami puts her on her bed. Suddenly Rena takes his collar and slaps him hard on his face. Yuki also holds his collar and slaps him again. Minami doesn't do anything. Mayu quickly holds his girlfriend back while Jun holds Rena back

“Takamina, how can you leave her like that?” Rena shouts in tear

“Since she was a kid until now, she never experiences any hardship. Even the smallest one. She is afraid of hurt. She is scared of blood. But look at her now, what do you think how she felt?” Yuki shouts

Minami looks down sadly while holding his fists tightly

“Do you think she is happy when lying to you? She really wants to tell you everything. However, because of her greedy relative that is why I told her to keep it secret for now. She is too weak to go against them don't you see?” Rena shouts

“Rena, please calm down. Takamina also doesn't want this thing to happen.” Jun said

“Get out of this room. I have to treat for her” Yuki said coldly at Minami

Jun and Mayu take Minami out of the room waiting for Rena and Yuki.

In the room

Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko in tear. The little girl they love and care is hurt so bad.

“We are sorry, Atsuko. We have to protect you, but you are hurt like this” Rena said in tear while wiping blood on her head

“Atsuko” Yuki thought while treating her other wounds.


Minami keeps walking back and forth worriedly. He scratches his head and strokes his face panicky

“Don't worry, Takamina. Acchan will be fine” Jun said

However, Minami just stays silent

Back to the room

After finishing everything, they clean up and open the door. When Minami is about to rush in, Rena pushes him out

“Don't come near her, never ever” she coldly said

“I just want to see if she is ok” Minami said

His eyes are already moistened because of tear

“Rena stated it clear. Don't come near her ever again. You do nothing but hurting her one after another” Yuki said

“Yuki, please. Takamina is also very hurt and sad about this. Can you two forgive him this time?” Mayu said

“Yes, this thing happened, none of us want this, Rena” Jun looks at Rena

“As I said…”

Suddenly they hear Atsuko's weak voice


Worrying, Minami rushes through Rena and Yuki to Atsuko. Atsuko is still unconscious, but she is shaking and struggling.

“Ge…” when Rena is about to say something, Jun stops her

“Ssh...Rena, let's him be.” he said

“Yes, only him can give her secure feeling” Mayu holds Yuki hand and said

Rena and Yuki look at Minami. He sits down on Atsuko's bed and holds her hand tightly

“I’m here, Atsuko. No one can harm you. I will protect you, my love” he whispers and kisses her forehead

Atsuko slowly calm down. Minami keeps patting her head to comfort her

Seeing that Rena's and Yuki's eyes soften. They sigh and leave the room with Jun and Mayu. Before they leave, Rena stops and said

“Those jerks splashed water on her causing her to wet and cold. That is why she got a little fever. Remember to change the wet towel on her forehead”

“Take care of her carefully. We will check on her tomorrow. If her condition gets worse, you know the consequence” Yuki adds

“I know” Minami said while his eyes still looking at Atsuko

Then Rena and Yuki leave the house.

Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“I’m sorry, Atsuko”


That is chapter 24. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 25 02/07/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 25  :D

Chapter 25: Yuki’s Past

After Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu left the room, Mayu takes Yuki to the kitchen. He wants to make something for Yuki to drink and helps her relax. She has been worried for Atsuko the whole day.

At the same time, Jun and Rena go and sits at the deck of the house to relax

In the kitchen

Mayu is making hot tea for Yuki to relax while Yuki is sitting on the chair waiting for him. Mayu looks at Yuki gently. He knows she has been worried about Atsuko a lot

After fishing the tea, Mayu brings the cup out for Yuki. He puts it in front of Yuki and massages her shoulders gently

“Everything is ok now, Yuki. Don’t worry too much, ok” Mayu gently said to Yuki.

Yuki holds Mayu’s hand and leans her head on his hand.

“I was so scared Mayu. If something happened to Acchan, I don’t know how can I face my parents and grandfather. I feel so useless. I swore to myself that I will protect her, but in the end, I let's her be kidnapped by those jerks.” Yuki said

“Baka, don't blame yourself. This thing happened so sudden, how can you know it? Also, everything is ok now, and Acchan is safe” Mayu pats Yuki's head and said

“Still I feel so useless when I can’t protect her. She is very important to me” Yuki said

“I told you that my parents adopted my, right? However, that is not all” she continues while looking at Mayu

Mayu looks at Yuki waiting for her to continue

“I was abandoned by those who supposed to be my parents in front of Acchan’s parents’ mansion gate.” Yuki said

Mayu widens his eyes in surprised

“That's so cruel, right Mayu?” Yuki smiles bitterly and said

“Yuki” Mayu holds her hands and calls her gently

“Don't worry Mayu. I got over that pain long ago.” Yuki smiles and said

“When I was young, I don't know why except my parents and grandfather, everyone in Maeda treated me with a cold shoulder or ignored me completely, even the maids and butlers in the Maeda do the same. Then when I was 5, Acchan was born. Though our parents always treat us fairly, I can see how Maeda members treat her with completely different attitude. At that time, I really don't know why.”

“Whenever Acchan hurt or cry, I was the one to get the blame. At those time, I really hated it. I thought why they are so unfair. I’m also a Maeda why did they treated me like that. What is the difference between me and her. Therefore, I slowly distance myself from her. I don’t want to be scolded unreasonably. No matter what she said or asked, I always refuse.”

“Until one day ….” Yuki said


Acchan is playing at the playground of Maeda mansion.

It is a big playground which is built when Acchan was born because Ryuu loves her the most. Yuki is sitting on the bench reading her book. Suddenly she feels someone pulling the hem of her shirt. Yuki looks down and sees Atsuko smiling at her

“Yuki-neechan, play with Acchan” Atsuko innocently asks Yuki

Yuki looks at her little sister. She doesn't like spending her time with Atsuko because she feels the unfairness between her and Atsuko. Plus, whenever something happens to Atsuko, she is the one to get blame.

“Go and play by yourself Acchan. I'm busy” Yuki said

“Yuki-neechan, play with Acchan. It's boring to play alone” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Acchan, I said I'm busy” Yuki frowns and said

Atsuko looks at her big sister with teary eyes.

“I'm sorry, Yuki-neechan” she looks down and said sadly

Then Atsuko turns around and walks back to the swing. Yuki feels a little sad when seeing Atsuko tearful eyes. She looks at Atsuko and sees she slowly walk back to the swing and looks at it. It is higher than her, so she can't climb on it. She wants to ask Yuki to play with her, but she doesn't want to. Therefore, Atsuko has to play by herself. She just stands there and pushes the swing by herself sadly.

“So, she wants to play it” Yuki thought

She puts her book down and plans on coming there to play with Atsuko. However, she stops when remembering all the time that she was scolded unfairly whenever Atsuko hurt.

“Why did you let her get hurt?”

“You are her sister. You suppose to take care of her”

“Why did she cry? Why didn’t you take care of her?”

“I don't want trouble.” Yuki thought and sits back

She picks up her book and continues reading. While reading, she suddenly hears someone’s voice

“Atsu, that's dangerous.”

Yuki looks up and sees her eldest uncle, Hayate rushing toward Atsuko. She turns to look at Atsuko and sees Atsuko trying to climb on the swing. Hayate picks Atsuko up and said

“What are you doing, Atsu? Climbing like this is very dangerous. You can fall and hurt yourself”

“I'm sorry uncle. I just want to play” Atsuko said

“Why don't you ask Yuki to play with you?” Hayate said

Then he turns to Yuki and said coldly

“Why don't you play with her? Don’t you see it is very dangerous for her to play by herself like this? What if something bad happen to her?”

Yuki looks down and stays silent.

“I know this gonna happen.” She thought angrily

“Atsu, uncle will take you inside and tell the maid to bring for you some milk ok?” Hayate gently said to Atsuko

“Uncle Hayate, Atsu wants to play more.” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“But it is about your snack time” Hayate said

“Atsu will play a little. Then I will go inside with Yuki-neechan. Please uncle” Atsuko said in pleasing tone

“Ok, my little princess” Hayate laughs and said

Then he puts her down on the ground and turns to Yuki

“Watch her carefully.” He said

“Yes uncle” Yuki said

“Atsu, uncle has to go back to work now. See you later ok” Hayate said

“Ok. Bye bye uncle” Atsuko smiles and said

After Hayate left, Yuki turns and walks away. She is angry because of the unfairness and her endurance reaches its limit. She just wants to get away from this place. Atsuko chases after her and calls

“Yuki-neechan, wait for Acchan”

However, Yuki just ignores and keeps walking into the forest.

“Yuki-neechan, wait for Acchan”

Though she already walks far away from the playground, Yuki still can hear Atsuko’s voice. She stops and turns to Atsuko. Atsuko stops and looks at her big sister

“Stop following me. Go back inside. It is your snack time” Yuki frowns and said

“But Acchan wants to play with Yuki-neechan.” Atsuko looks at Yuki and said

“I told you, I’m busy. Now go back” Yuki frowns and said while pointing toward the house.

Atsuko looks at Yuki with teary eyes. Yuki eyes turn soft when seeing that. However, she turns keeps her straight face and said

“Go back”

Atsuko looks at her sister. Then she cries

“Why Yuki-neechan doesn’t want to play with Acchan? Acchan just want to play with Oneechan.” Atsuko said while wiping her tear

Yuki looks at Atsuko with surprised look. Atsuko looks at her sister with teary plus pouting eyes. Then she turns and runs back to the house. However, she tripped on a stone and falls down on the ground


Yuki steps one step toward Atsuko when seeing Atsuko falls on the ground. Then she sees Atsuko turns around and looks at her with teary eyes. Yuki sighs and walks back to Atsuko. She lifts her up and brushes away dust on her clothes. Then she notices that her left knee is bleeding.

Yuki quickly takes out her handkerchief and wipes the blood on Atsuko's knee. She carefully wipes the wound, so Atsuko doesn't feel hurt.

While treating the wound, Yuki feels weird because Atsuko doesn't cry or anything. Usually she will cry when she got hurt because after all she is just a little 4 years old kid.

Curious, Yuki looks up and sees Atsuko is closing her eyes while holding her fists tightly like she is enduring the pain. Yuki notices some tear on the corner of Atsuko's eyes

“Are you hurt, Acchan?” Yuki asks

Atsuko opens her eyes and looks at her sister. Then she nods slowly.

“Then why don't you cry?” Yuki asks

Atsuko quickly shakes her head

“Acchan won't cry. If Acchan cry, uncle and auntie will scold Yuki-neecham. Acchan doesn't want Yuki-neechan sad. Acchan wants Yuki-neechan smile” she said and smiles innocently at Yuki

Her words surprise Yuki a lot. She quickly hugs Atsuko tightly in her arms. She feels like she is so selfish toward an innocent child like Atsuko who loves her very much

“Acchan, oneechan is sorry” Yuki whispers

“Why did Yuki-neechan say sorry? Acchan fell because of the rock.” Atsuko tilts her head and said in confused tone

Yuki looks at Atsuko. Then she smiles happily and hugs her again.

“I'm so stupid to let other thing around bother me.” She thought

After cleaning the wound, Yuki caries Atsuko on her back and walks back into the house. On the way, Atsuko is humming some kind of happy melody which make Yuki happy too.

“You are happy Acchan?” Yuki asks

“Yes, Acchan is happy because Yuki-neechan carrying me on your back.” Acchan innocently said

“Acchan loves Yuki-neechan” she continues and kisses Yuki’s cheek

Yuki smiles when hearing what Atsuko said

Walking for awhile they reach the house. Yuki comes into the house. Hayate is talking to Hinata and her husband, Ichi. Next to him is his wife, Miku

Seeing Yuki comes in with Atsuko on her back, and they see Atsuko's knee is tied with a blood handkerchief, Hinata quickly rushes to them and asks worriedly

“What's wrong with Atsu, Yuki?”

“Acchan fell and hurt her knee” Yuki said

“What? Let's me see” Hinata lifts Atsuko from Yuki's back and said

“What kind of sister are you? You can't even take care of a little 4 year old girl huh?” Hayate said

Yuki looks down. Suddenly she sees Atsuko standing in front of her and stretches her arms like she wants to protect her big sister

“Uncle, don't scold Atsu’s oneechan. Atsu fell by myself. This is not Yuki-neechan’s fault.” Atsuko said

“Acchan” Yuki thought

“Ok ok, uncle won't scold your sister. Now let's me take you to the sofa for auntie to treat your knee ok?” Hayate sits down and said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and said

Then she turns and holds Yuki's hand

“Let's go Yuki-neechan” she said

“Uh” Yuki nods

After Hinata taking care the wound on Atsuko's knee, Yuki takes her back to her room because this is Atsuko's nap time.

Atsuko is sitting on her bed swinging her feet happily while waiting for Yuki to bring her, her milk.

“Acchan, don't swing your feet, your knee will hurt again” Yuki puts the tray on the table and said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles happily and said

Then Yuki takes a glass of milk and gives it to Atsuko

“Drink your milk then sleep, Acchan” she said

Atsuko takes the glass and drinks it happily.

“Good girl” Yuki pats her head and said

After finishing the milk, Yuki helps Atsuko lie down and said

“Now be a good girl, close your eyes and sleep”

“Yuki-neechan” Atsuko looks at Yuki and calls her

“What is it, Acchan?” Yuki asks

“Are you busy?” Atsuko asks

“No, why are you asks?” Yuki said

“Can you sleep here with Acchan? Sleeping alone is scary” Atsuko said

Yuki is surprised with what Atsuko said. Normally she just brings milk for her and left. When their mother is at home, she will be the one who watches Atsuko sleep. Yuki never done this. Atsuko asked her once, but at that time, she always feel annoyed and don't want to talk to Atsuko for long, and her excuse is busy.

“Ok, I will stay here” Yuki smiles gently and said

“Yay!!!” Atsuko smiles innocently

Then Yuki climbs on the bed with Atsuko. The little 4 years old girl smiles happily and lies down next to her sister. She moves closer to Yuki and holds her shirt. Her other hand, she put a thumb into her mouth and closes her eyes. Her lips still form a smile

Yuki smiles at her innocence little sister.

“You are a little spoiled kid, Acchan” she pats her head and thought

Suddenly Yuki remembers something. She calls Atsuko


Atsuko looks up at her sister and asks

“What's it, Yuki-neechan?”

“Don't you hate me?” Yuki asks

Atsuko looks at her with super confused eyes. Yuki knows she asks a question that is too much for a little 4 years old kid to understand.

“Never mind, Acchan. Close your eyes and sleep” Yuki pats her head and said.

Suddenly Atsuko smiles widely at her and said

“Acchan loves Yuki-neechan a lot”

Yuki is very surprised with what Atsuko said.

“Acchan loves mommy, daddy, grandpa, and Yuki-neechan the most.” Atsuko said while looking at her innocently

Yuki smiles and hugs Atsuko tightly.

“Thank you, my little sister, and I'm sorry” she thought

End flashback

“That incident made me feel so stupid to hate the little lovely girl just because of those people around me” Yuki smiles and said

“I see. It must be wonderful to hear that, right?” Mayu asks

“Uh. I'm very happy when hearing that. However, my happiness was not last long until I knew a cruel true. That true threw me to the deepest darkness. I finally know why those I called family treated me like that.” Yuki said


In Atsuko’s room

After Atsuko fell in sleep, Yuki slowly sits up carefully not to wake Atsuko up. Then she takes the tray of Atsuko’s milk back to the kitchen. When she passes by her uncle room, she hears a voice

“Hayate, you seem to care for Atsu a lot huh? I saw you so fierce when scolding that abandoned child”

“Abandoned child?” Yuki thought

Curious, she stops and looks into the room. She sees her uncle and his wife are talking to each other

“Hahaha…. care for her. Give me a break.” Hayate laughs loudly and said

“I care for that little girl just because of that old man. I don’t know why I’m also his son, but he only loves Heiji. That little girl is his only daughter, and my father loves her more than any of his other grandchildren. Didn’t you see what he gave her. Just one words, she can get everything. If she wants the whole universe, I bet he will get that for her too. Therefore, if I can make her happy, I can get everything” Hayate leans on the sofa and said

“About that abandoned child, I don’t understand why my stupid little brother adopted her. Doesn’t he think an abandoned child like her can lower this family reputation. However, that is not important in comparing to having an addition person to stand in line of inheritance.” he continues

“She is just an abandoned child not a full-fledged Maeda. I don’t think father-sama will give her anything.” Miku said

“I doubt it. Don’t forget she is the adopted daughter of Heiji who my father loves the most. He will listen to everything Heiji said. That is why I always scold her every little thing. I want to kick her out of this house.” Hayate said

Hearing until that, Yuki can feel her heart is beating so fast. Tear is already rolling on her cheeks. She turns and rushes back to Atsuko’s room. She closes the door and sits down while holding her head

“What's going on? What's going on?” Yuki thought

“I’m not mom’s and dad’s daughter. I’m not their daughter. I’m an abandoned child.”

Yuki’s can feel her heart beats so fast in scared and pain. No matter how understanding she is, she is still only 9 years old. This cruel true is too much for her. She is scared, scared that her parents now will one day abandon her again, scared that Atsuko will hate her, scared that she will lost everything that is dear to her

Suddenly she hears Atsuko’s voice.


Yuki looks up and sees Atsuko sitting up on her bed while rubbing her eyes.

“Yuki-neechan, Acchan is thirsty” Atsuko said in sleepy tone

Yuki just stays silent looking at Atsuko


When Atsuko is about to call her again, Yuki said in loud tone

“Don’t call me anymore. I’m not your sister.”

Yuki’s loud voice surprised Atsuko. She looks at her with teary eyes.

“Acchan is sorry oneechan. I’m sorry Yuki-neechan. Did Acchan do anything wrong? Acchan is sorry. Acchan promises that Acchan will be good. Yuki-neechan, please don’t hate Acchan” Atsuko said in tear

Yuki is very surprised with what Atsuko said. She looks at the little girl in front of her. She keeps crying while saying sorry to Yuki. Yuki quickly rushes to Atsuko and hugs her

“Sshh….don’t cry Acchan. Yuki-neechan is sorry for yelling at you. I’m sorry” She said while patting Atsuko back calming her down

“Yuki...hix...-neechan is… hix… Acchan’s….hix….sister….Yuki...hix...-neechan is… hix… Acchan’s….hix…. sister” Atsuko said in sobbing tone

“Uh, of course, Yuki-neechan is Acchan’s sister. Yuki-neechan is Acchan’s sister forever.” Yuki pats Atsuko’s back and whispers

“Yuki-neechan loves Acchan. Yuki-neechan doesn’t hate Acchan. Acchan is Yuki-neechan’s precious little sister.” she continues

Atsuko looks at Yuki with her teary eyes.

“Yuki-neechan doesn’t hate me?” she tilts her head and asks

“Of course, Yuki-neechan doesn’t hate Acchan. I love Acchan” Yuki pats Atsuko’s head and said

Atsuko slowly smiles widely at her big sister.

In the evening

Their parents come back from their business trip. They pick them up and go back to their house after eating dinner with Ryuu and the rest of Maeda members

On the car

Yuki is sitting silently while Atsuko is humming happily next to her.

“Yuki” their mother calls her

However, Yuki just stays silent. She is still deep in her thought about what she heard from her uncle. Therefore, she doesn’t hear her mother call her. Until she feels someone pulling her sleeve. Yuki turns and looks at Atsuko

“Yuki-neechan, mommy called you” Atsuko said

“Oh, yes mom?” Yuki looks at her mother in the front seat and asks

“What’s wrong honey? You seem so silent today. Did something bother you?” Nami asks

“Uh-uh, nothing mom. I’m fine.” Yuki smiles and said

“If you said so. However, remember that you can tell us everything ok.” Nami said

“Your mom is correct, Yuki. You can share with us everything.” Heiji said

“Yes Yuki-neechan, you can share everything with Acchan” Atsuko turns to Yuki and innocently said

“Atsu also huh?” Nami laughs softly and asks

“Yes, Atsu can listen to Yuki-neechan’s problem” Atsuko proudly said

“Problem? Did our Atsu say about problem? Wow our baby grow up now” Heiji said and laughs loudly

“Daddy, Atsu is already 4” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Daddy, our Atsu is already 4, you know” Nami said to her husband in happy tone

“Sorry baby. Daddy's Atsu is a big girl” Heiji said

Atsuko smiles proudly at her parent’s words. Then she turns to Yuki and said

“Yuki-neechan, you can always rely on Atsu”

Her tone is like she is a grown person. It makes her parents smile at her innocent. Yuki also smiles at Atsuko. She pats her head and said

“Uh, Yuki-neechan knows. If Yuki-neechan has problems, Oneechan will tell Acchan, ok”

After awhile

They reach their house. Atsuko is already asleep. Heiji goes out opening the door for Nami and Yuki. Then he picks his lovely daughter up gently careful not to wake her up. They walk to Atsuko's room and puts her down. Nami gently pulls the blanket covering her little baby. She leans down kissing her forehead and whispers

“Goodnight my baby”

After that Heiji comes and also kisses his daughter on her forehead

“Goodnight mommy’s and daddy’s treasure” Heiji said

Yuki stands and sees her parents’ gentle face when they are looking at Atsuko.

After that they leave the room, and close the door.

“Mom, dad” Yuki calls them seriously

Heiji and Nami turn and look at Yuki

“What's it, baby?” Nami gently asks

“I...I have something I want to ask” Yuki hesitatingly said

She decided to ask her parents about her real identity. She wants to verify if everything her uncle said is true.

“Ok, let's go to your room” Nami smiles and said

In Yuki's room

Nami and Heiji sit down on a small sofa in Yuki's room. Yuki comes and sits down opposite of them.

“What do you want to talk to us, Yuki?” Heiji asks

Though Yuki is only 9 years old, she is an understanding girl and her parents always see her as an adult.

Yuki stays silent while holding the hem of her shirt tightly. A few moments later, she speaks up

“Today, I heard uncle Hayate talking to auntie Miku.”

Heiji and Nami looks at Yuki seriously

“I...I...Am I your daughter mom, dad?” Yuki looks up at them and ask

Heiji and Nami look at each other with surprised look. They nod at each other and turn back to look at her gently.

“We planned on telling you this when you get older. However, now you already know it. Yes, 9 years ago, we found a lovely angel inside a box in front of our house. She is so cute. When I picked her up, she smiles at me and Nami. At that time, we decided. This little angel will be our first-born child, and we name her Maeda Yuki” Heiji said

Yuki widens her eyes in surprised. Nami stands up and walks toward to sit next to Yuki. She hugs her in her arms and gently said

“You are our little Yuki, and Atsu’s big sister, Yuki no matter who you are.”

“Uh, since that day, you are our daughter. Don’t listen to other people ok” Heiji smiles and said

“Mom, Dad” Yuki thought in surprised

Her tear already rolling on her cheeks.

“Yuki, listen to mom and dad. Don’t think about who you really are because you are our daughter. This is your house, we are your parents, and Atsu is your sister ok” Nami wipes Yuki’s tear and said

“Uh, that is the only true here” Heiji smiles and said

Yuki is speechless and still doesn’t know what to say.

“It is late now, Yuki. Let’s sleep. Do you want to sleep with mom like when you were little?” Nami asks with gentle tone

“I’m fine mom. I can sleep alone” Yuki said

“Ok, goodnight baby. Sweet dream” Nami kisses Yuki’s forehead and said

“Goodnight Yuki.” Heiji kisses her forehead and said

“Goodnight mom, dad” Yuki said

Then they leave Yuki’s room.

Yuki walks back to her bed and lies down. She pulls the blanket to cover herself from head to toes and curves herself into a ball.

“Mom and dad is not my parents. Acchan is not my sister” Yuki said in choking tone

“I’m not their daughter. I’m not Acchan’s sister” she cries silently under the blanket

Unknowingly she fell in sleep


Yuki slowly opens her eyes and sees that she is standing in her house.

“Huh? Why am I here?” she thought

Then she sees her parents walking toward her. Her father is hugging Atsuko in his arm.

“Mom, dad” Yuki smiles happily and rushes to her parents

However, she sees her parents didn’t say anything. Instead her parents frown and look at her.

“Get out of my house” Suddenly her father said

“” Yuki calls Heiji in confused

Then she turns to her mother


“Who are you?” Her mother suddenly said

“Mom, dad I’m your daughter. I’m Yuki” Yuki said

“I don’t know you. Our only daughter is Atsu. She is our only treasure” Heiji said

“Dad, I’m Yuki. Acchan, it is me, Yuki-neechan” Yuki looks at her little sister and said

“Daddy, who is this oneechan?” Atsuko turns to her father and asks

“Don’t mind her Atsu. Let’s go to the park” Her mother said

“Yay!! Yay!! Go to the Park!! Go to the Park” Atsuko said happily

Then they turn and walk away.

“Mom, dad, Acchan, wait for me” Yuki chases after her family and said

She stops when her father stops walking. He turns and looks at her while frowning

“You are just an abandoned child. You always cause my daughter to get hurt. You are an unlucky child” Heiji harshly said

Yuki falls on the ground when hearing what her father said.


“Mom, dad” Yuki shouts and sits up

Yuki looks around and sees that she is still in her room.

“So that is just a dream” She wipes her sweat and thought

“But that is the true” Yuki cowerly leans on the headboard while burying her face on her knees.

Suddenly she hears the knocking sound. Then Atsuko’s voice appears

“Yuki-neechan, go out and play with Acchan”

Yuki just stays silent while holding her knees tightly. She doesn’t want to go out. She is running away from the reality.

“Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls her again

Then she hears her mother voice

“Atsu, don’t bother your sister. It is still early. Let’s her sleep”

“But Atsu wants to play with oneechan” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Then daddy will play with you ok. We will go out to your playground and play swing” Her father said

“Atsu wants to play with Yuki-neechan” Atsuko pouts

“Baby, you have to be good. Yuki-neechan is tired. You have to lets her rest. When Yuki-neechan is better, she will play with you” her mother gently said to Atsuko

“Ok” Atsuko said

Then Yuki hears the footsteps slowly fading and fading away leaving her with a deadly silent. She continues closing her eyes and buries her face on her knees.

Yuki is woken up by some noise coming from her closet. It is like something pushing and kicking. Then a loud noise of something dropping. Yuki quickly rushes to open her closet and sees Atsuko is lying under two big carton boxes. Luckily, those two boxes are leaning to each other. Therefore, they didn’t drop on top of her.

“Acchan, what are you doing here?” Yuki quickly picks her up from the boxes before they fall and asks

“I come to visit Yuki-neechan. I come to your room by the small door daddy made.” Atsuko smiles and said

Yuki looks at Atsuko and notice a little red on her forehead. Yuki remembers now. When Atsuko was 2, their father made a small door for them to go to each other room and play. It has been so long, and she never thought Atsuko would remember that place

“What happened to your head?” Yuki asks

“Acchan hit my head on the door.” Atsuko smiles and said

“Are you ok, Acchan? Are you hurt?” Yuki caresses Atsuko’s forehead and said

“Acchan is ok. Acchan doesn’t feel hurt because Acchan is a big girl” Atsuko smiles innocently at Yuki

“Are you ok, Yuki-neechan? Mommy and daddy said you are sick” Atsuko asks

“If Yuki-neechan is sick, Yuki-neechan has to drink medicine so that oneechan can get well soon. After that we can play swing together.”

Yuki looks at Atsuko. She keeps saying all her plans to play with her innocently. Yuki doesn’t know why, but her tear just starts rolling on her cheeks. Suddenly she hears Atsuko asks

“Yuki-neechan, why did you cry? Are you hurt?”

“Where did you hurt Yuki-neechan? Acchan will tell ‘Pain, Pain Go Away’.” Atsuko said while wiping Yuki’s tear

“I’m not hurt Acchan. I just had a nightmare that I can’t see you, dad, and mom again” Yuki said

Suddenly Atsuko hugs Yuki tightly and pats her back

“Yuki-neechan, don't be scared. Acchan is here with you. Mommy, daddy, and Acchan won’t leave you.” Atsuko said

She repeated what she heard from her mother whenever she had a nightmare. Yuki is surprised with what Atsuko said. She hugs Atsuko tighter and rests her head on Atsuko's small shoulder.

End flashback

“That so small and innocent words from Acchan just like the greatest pain relieve. Her words plus my parents’ kindness pulled me out of darkness. From that time, the feeling of protecting Acchan grow stronger in me. I want to be strong and protect her. I want to protect that smile and that innocent heart.” Yuki said

“From that, I asked grandfather to learn martial art. Though my parents object me, but finally, I can convince them. Then grandfather took me to the island. At first, I didn’t know about Rena until I reached there” she finished

“Yuki” Mayu comes and hugs her in his arms

“I didn’t know the pain that you had been through since you were little. I’m thankful for Acchan and your parents. They all have a very beautiful heart” he continues

“Yes they are” Yuki said

“Don’t worry Yuki. From now on, I will do my best to help you protect Acchan. I will also protect you, my love. I won’t let anything happen to you” Mayu smiles and said

“Thank you, Mayu” Yuki smiles at Mayu.

“Baka, you are my girlfriend. You don’t need to thank me. I will do everything for you” Mayu caresses Yuki’s face and said

“I love you, Mayu” Yuki pecks his lips and said

“I love you too, Yuki” Mayu hugs Yuki deepening their kiss and said


That is chapter 25. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 26 09/07/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 26  :D

Chapter 26: Rena’s Past

At the same time with Yuki's and Mayu's conversation

In Rena's room

At the balcony

Rena and Jun are sitting on the chair while looking up to the sky. They just sit there silently. Suddenly Rena speaks up with a sad tone

“I feel so useless. After all I can't protect Acchan”

Jun turns and said

“What are you saying, Rena? You did your best to protect her. Your shoulder also got hurt by those assassins in order to protect her.” Jun said

“That's not enough, Jun. I still let her get hurt by those kidnappers.” Rena shakes her head and said

“I promised to grandfather, her parents, and especially to myself that I will never let her experience any hurt, but…” she looks down and continues

“Rena” Jun thought

“My real name is Yamato Isuzu. My father is a drunkard and also a gambler. Thought I was only 4 at that time, I still remember clearly how he always came back home drunk. He also hits my mother anytime if she didn't give him money for his gambling or just because he frustrated. It haunted me every day night” Rena said

“One day, he came back home drunk again. He asked my mother for money”


Rena is cowerly sitting in the corner of the house. She uses her hands to cover her ears and her head. Her father is shouting like crazy while hitting her mother

“You bitch, give me money” he pushes Rena's mother to fall on the floor and shouts

“I don't have any money. You took everything and burn it in your gambling and drinking including money that I saved for Rena. I have to raise her.” Rena’s mother said

“I don't care. I just need money” her father said

Suddenly he changes his attitude. He sits down in front of Rena's mother and said while touching her face

“Honey, I'm sorry for hitting you. However, I really need money. If I don't have money, those loan shark will kill me”

“I told you I don't have money. This is what you deserve for gambling” Rena's mother slaps his hand away and shouts

“You little” Rena's father slaps her mother

Then he takes her collar and shouts

“Then go and find money for me. Just sleep with those rich man, and bring money back to me”

“You jerk” Rena's mother slaps him

“How can you say that to me? I'm your wife” she said in tear

“Tsk...I don't care as long as I have money” he coldly said

“If you don't want, I will sell her” suddenly he rushes to Rena and picks her up

“Mama….Mama” Rena calls her mother in tear

“Leave my daughter alone, you jerk” Rena's mother rushes to him

However, he kicks her making her fall on the ground.

“Mama...mama” Rena keeps calling her mother in tear

“Shut up you brat” her father shouts

Suddenly something hits him from behind. He falls on the floor unconscious. Rena's mother took a flower pot and hit him at the back of his head

“Isuzu, let's go” she hugs Rena and runs away from that hell

End flashback

“That's so cruel! How can he do that to you and your mother. He is not human” Jun angrily said

“Jun” Rena calls him in surprised

Realizing what he just said. He looks down and said

“I'm sorry for saying that to your father Rena”

“It's ok, Jun. He is long dead in my head. He is not my father. My only family are my mom, Acchan, grandfather, and father Heiji and mother Nami” Rena said

“After ran away from him, my mother gathered all her money and buy two train tickets for us to come to Yokohama” Rena continues her story

“My mom had to work day and night to earn money and take care of me. I can still remember how tired she was whenever she got home. Though she always tired, she would never show me that. She smiles at me whenever she got home. She also played with me so that I don't feel sad or lonely. She did a lot of things for me.”

“Then at that fateful day, when she took me out to buy a cake for my birthday, she was hit by a truck when she was crossing the street to the cake store. She died because of that. She died in front of my eyes” Rena cries and said in shaky tone

“Rena” Jun hugs Rena in his arms to comfort her

“It was because of me that my mother died” Rena said

“'s not your fault Rena. Your mother loves you. She wants you to be happy therefore she took you out. That is just a tragic accident. Your mother wouldn't want to see you sad like this because of her death” Jun pats Rena's back and said

“Mama” Rena buries her face on Jun’s chest and cries silently

After awhile

They break the hug.

“Thank you, Jun” Rena looks down and said

“Anytime, Rena” Jun smiles and said while wiping Rena's tear

“So how can you meet Mr. Ryuu?” He asks

“After my mother passed away, I was taken into an orphanage. Because the pain of my mother’s dead, I isolated myself from everything. Those kids in the orphanage bullied me every day. At that time, I don't care about anything, and I hate everything” Rena said

“Then one day I met them those who will save me from my darkness. However, at that time, I didn't think that way” she continues


Rena is taken to the principal office. Today, someone came and wants to adopt her.

“Isuzu-chan, it is great isn't it? Today, you will have a new family” the teacher said

Rena just stays silent while reading her book

“Isuzu-chan, the person who adopts you is a big shot. He is the famous president Maeda Ryuu of Maeda clan. You have to be good and listen to what he said” the teacher said

Rena still stays silent and doesn't respond anything.

“Isuzu-chan, I just want good for you. You are lucky to be adopted into Maeda clan. They have both power and money. Even if just being their servant, you will still be higher than a lot of people. Therefore, you have to be good.” she keeps saying

However, to little 6 years old Rena, she doesn't care. Thought she just a little kid, she had been through a lot in just a short period of time. To her, everything around her is now just darkness. She doesn't care about anything else.

They walk for awhile and reach the principal office. The teacher knocks the door and said

“Sir, I brought Isuzu-chan here”

“Come in”

Her teacher opens the door, and Rena sees an old man sitting in there with the principal.

“Come inside, Isuzu” her teacher said

Rena walks in with her teacher

“Isuzu, greet Mr. Maeda. From now on, he will be your guardian” the principal said

Rena just bows silently at the old man. Then the old man stands up and walks to Rena. He sits down at her level and smiles.

“From now on, your name will be Maeda Rena, and I will be your grandfather” the old man said

Still Rena just stays silent. Worrying, the principal said

“I'm sorry, president Maeda. Isuzu-chan is just being shy.”

“If you don't like, I can introduce you to…”

“It's ok. I know. I watched her long enough to choose her” cutting the principal’s words, the old man said

“Now, let's finish the paperwork” he continues

After doing some paperwork, the old man takes her with him to his limousine.

In the car

Rena is sitting in the car opposite with Atsuko's grandfather. She still stays silent while looking down at her feet.

“Rena, I have something to show you.” Ryuu said

Rena looks up at the person who adopted her.

“But firstly, do you know why I adopt you?” Ryuu asks with a smile

Rena looks at him and shakes her head.

“I guess part of it is fate. Fate brought me to your orphanage. Then I saw you. The moment I saw you, I know I will adopt you as my granddaughter. It is because you are honest. Your eyes show me no lie. I know little kids are always pure. However there is also differences. I see the honest and strong will in your eyes. That is important. I want someone like that to be my granddaughter friend and protector” Ryuu explains

Rena just looks at him with confused face. Of course, she is only 6. She just barely understood what Ryuu means. Ryuu looks at Rena’s confused face

“Hahaha...I’m sorry. I’m really old. The thing I said is too complicated to you, right?” he laughs and said while patting Rena’s head

“Now, let's me show you this.” the old man said and brings out a picture.

He shows the picture to Rena. In the picture, there is a couple. The woman is sitting on the bed while hugging a little new born baby, and a man sitting next to the woman. He is hugging the baby together with his wife. They have a wide happy smile on their face

“The little baby is my youngest granddaughter. Her name is Maeda Atsuko. She was just born last week. She is very cute and adorable, right? I love her very much” the old man smiles at Rena and said in happy tone

Rena can see happiness in his face when saying that. Rena looks at the couple in the picture. She can see their happy smile. It is very wide and bright. She remembers those smile. It just like her mother's smile whenever she is playing with her

“Rena, please be her friend and protect her.” Atsuko’s grandfather said to Rena

Rena looks at Ryuu with more confused face.

“I believe that you don’t know about my house. Being born in my house will have to face a lot of dangerous situation especially when I love her so much. Jealousy is a scary thing. I don’t want her to be in any dangerous situation. I hope you can protect her. Another thing, being in her position mean having no real friend. It is very lonely. Therefore, I hope you can also be her best friend." He continues while looking at Rena

“Now I will take you to a far away place where I will tell someone to train you so that you can be strong enough to  protect her and yourself.”

Rena just nods at him

“Didn’t he just want me to be her servant?” she thought

End flashback

“After that grandfather took me to that island, and my first teacher was a strong and trusted butler of grandfather whose name is Maeda Ken. After he passed away, Mr. Matsumoto who was introduced by him came and became my teacher” Rena said

“Maeda?” Jun asks in surprised tone

“Yes, I heard grandfather said he was also adopted and raised when he was just a little. He followed grandfather since then. He was a nice and gentle person. Unfortunately, he passed away so early.” Rena said in sad tone

“What’s wrong?” Jun asks

“He was killed together with Acchan’s parents” Rena said

“I see. That is sad” Jun said

“Uh” Rena nods

“So you were trained in that island?” Jun asks

“Uh, since I just reached there” Rena said

Then she continues telling Jun her story

“At the time, I felt to them I’m only a tool they use for protecting their daughter and granddaughter. However, I didn’t care because it was them who adopted me. Who am I? Just a little orphan with a worthless life” she continues

“Rena” Jun calls Rena in surprised tone when hearing what she said

“Don’t worry Jun. I did not think of my like that long time ago. Acchan, father Heiji, mother Nami, and grandfather didn’t think of me as a servant. They see me as their family” 

“I still remember the first time I met Acchan, father Heiji, and mother Nami is when Acchan was three. At that time, I really felt envy of her. I really, really feel envy of her when I see how her parents love her. How she is spoiled by both her parents and grandfather. I thought why did she have everything I didn’t, why their parents love her but my father didn’t, and why did she have a happy family like that while at her age, I had to suffer a lot from my father.”

“But eventually with her so pure and lovely characters, I don't know since when I started wanting to protect that little girl, protect my little sister. In my heart, there is no more envious”


In the island

Rena is training at the backyard of the mansion. Then he hears Ryuu call her

“Rena, come here”

“Yes, grandfather” Rena said and rushes inside the house.

When she reaches inside, she sees her grandfather is sitting on the sofa with a cute little girl on his laps. She is about 3 years old and is playing with her teddy bear happily. Standing next to him, she sees a gentle looking couple.

“Come here, Rena” Ryuu calls her

Rena nods and comes to Ryuu.

“Grandfather” Rena bows politely and said

“How is your training, Rena?” Ryuu asks

“Good, grandfather. I learned a lot from sensei” Rena said

“That is good” Ryuu smiles and said

Then Ryuu puts Atsuko on the floor. Atsuko looks up at Rena and smiles innocently at her

“Rena, this is Atsuko. I showed you her picture before, right?” Ryuu said

“Yes, grandfather” Rena said

“Atsu, go and say hi Rena-neechan” Ryuu said

Atsuko walks toward Rena. She smiles widely and said

“Hello Rena-neechan”

“Hi” Rena said

“Atsu, Rena-neechan doesn’t know your name. Tell her what is your name” Nami said

“My name is Atsuko, Acchan” Atsuko smiles widely and said

Her words make her grandfather and her parents laugh loudly.

“So Atsu wants Rena-chan to call you Acchan, right?” her mother asks

“Yes” Atsuko said

“Hello Rena-chan.” Nami bends down at her level and said to her gently

“Hello Rena” Heiji also bends down and said

Rena just bows silently at them

“Don’t be shy Rena. From now on, call us father and mother. Our Atsu will be in your care. We want to thank you beforehand” Heiji said

“Uh, from now on, we will be family” Nami smiles and said

Rena looks at their warm and gentle face. She feels her heart feel so warm when hearing what they said. Since she was taken into the orphanage, she never felt this. Plus, her father's cruel action toward her mother haunts her until now

“Yes father Heiji and mother Nami” Rena nods and said

“Aww!! Rena-chan is so cute. Your voice is so lovely” Nami pats Rena’s head and said

Suddenly Atsuko hugs her arm and calls her

“Mommy, mommy”

She tries to hug her arms. Her action makes her parents and grandfather confused. However then they realize the reason.

“Someone is jealous, honey” her father laughs and said

Nami smiles and turns to her daughter

“Atsu is so cute too. Atsu is mommy’s treasure.” She said and pats Atsuko’s head

“Mommy kiss” Atsuko said cutely

“Mommy loves my Atsu the most” Nami smiles gently and kisses Atsuko's forehead

Atsuko smiles happily. Then she looks at her father and grandfather

“Daddy and grandpa too”

“Ok ok, little princess” her father said and picks her up

“Daddy loves Atsu the most. Atsu is my treasure.” He kisses her forehead and said

“Now let’s grandpa hug” Ryuu stands up and takes Atsuko from Heiji’s arms

“Grandpa has present for my little princess.” He said and kisses Atsuko’s forehead

“Yay!!!” Atsuko said happily

“Dad, I will leave Atsu here for you. We will go back to Japan now” Heiji said

“Ok.” Ryuu nods

“Atsu, daddy and mommy will leave now. 3 day later, we will pick you up, ok” Heiji said to Atsuko

“Mommy daddy” Atsuko calls them with teary eyes

“Aww baby, don’t cry. You can play with grandpa and Rena-neechan. We promise we will bring you some present when we pick you up, ok” Nami said

“Atsu is a big girl, Atsu has to be good” Heiji said

“Ok” Atsuko wipes her tear and said

“That is my girl. Now come to mommy” Nami raises her hands and said

“Mommy, Atsu miss mommy” Atsuko said and hugs her tightly

“Mommy will also miss Atsu. We will call you ok.” Nami kisses her head and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Now give mommy a kiss” Nami said

“Atsu loves mommy” Atsuko kisses Nami and said

“Atsu doesn't love daddy huh? Daddy feels so lonely.” Heiji teasingly said

“Atsu, daddy is jealous of us.” Nami said

Then Nami gives Atsuko to Heiji

“Daddy, Atsu also loves daddy” Atsuko said and kisses his cheek.

“Bye bye my baby. Daddy will miss miss you a lot.” Heiji said

“Come here with grandpa Atsu” Ryuu said and lifts Atsuko from Heiji.

Then Nami bends down at Rena

“Rena-chan, please take care of Atsu for us” she said

“Yes, we entrust our Atsu to you.” Heiji said

Rena looks at Heiji’s and Nami’s gentle eyes

“I understand” Rena nods and said

Then Heiji and Nami leave the mansion to their private jet.

“Bye bye mommy, daddy” Atsuko waves her hand and said to her parents

“Bye bye baby. Be good and listen to grandpa and Rena-neechan ok” Nami said

“Yes mommy” Atsuko said

After her parents left the island, Ryuu takes Atsuko into the mansion. Atsuko is resting her head on his shoulder

“Are you hungry, Atsu? Let’s me take some milk for you ok” Ryuu said

Suddenly his butler walks out with a phone in his hand

“Sir, you got a phone call” he bows at Ryuu and said

“Is it important, Ken?” Ryuu asks

“Yes sir” Ken answers

“I see.” Ryuu said

Then he turns to Rena

“Rena, can you take Atsu into the house and bring her her milk? This is also about her nap time. Therefore, after the milk, can you bring her to her room and watch her sleep for me?” Ryuu asks

“Yes grandfather” Rena said

Then Ryuu bends down and gives to Rena.

“Grandpa” Atsuko hugs his neck

“Atsu, be good. Grandpa is busy, right now. Rena-neechan will take milk for you” Ryuu said

“Ok” Atsuko said

Rena hugs Atsuko in her arms carefully.

“Be careful, Rena. Don’t drop little Miss” Ken said

“I understand, sensei” Rena said

Then she brings Atsuko back to the kitchen and puts her on the chair.

“Stay here” Rena shortly said

“Yes” Atsuko said

After making sure that Atsuko is sitting still on her chair, Rena turns and walks to the kitchen to pour the milk into the glass for Atsuko.


Atsuko is sitting on the chair humming some happy melody while playing with her toy.

“Ami, are you hungry?” she asks the pink teddy bear in her arms

“Don’t worry, Rena-neechan will bring milk and snack for us” she continues while smiling

After Rena got the milk, she came out. However, she doesn’t come to Atsuko yet. She just stands there and looks at Atsuko.

Atsuko is all that she ever wants her life to be. It is not about Atsuko’s wealthy family, but about her mother and grandfather, especially her father. Rena can see how he loves and spoils this little girl. Rena just wants her life to be like that, a gentle and loving father and a happy family.

“Why?” Rena just thought painfully

Then she walks toward Atsuko and puts the tray down

“This is your milk and snack” Rena shortly said

Then she steps aside and stands behind Atsuko. Atsuko turns and looks at Rena with confused look

“Rena-neechan why you stand there?” she tilts her head and asks

“I watch you eat. If you need anything, tell me” Rena said

“Rena-neechan don’t want to eat with Acchan?” Atsuko asks

“That is your food” Rena shortly said

“Oh” Atsuko said in confused tone

“Then Rena-neechan, let’s sit down” she jumps down from her chair and holds Rena’s hand

“No” Rena withdraws her hand and said

Atsuko scratches her head while looking up at Rena in confused.

“Acchan wants Rena-neechan to sit next to me. Mommy always sits next to when I eat” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“I’m not Nami-sama” Rena said

“Sama? Mommy said that oneechan will call mommy mother, right?” Atsuko asks

Rena just stays silent and turns away

“Please Rena-neechan” Atsuko pulls her hand and said

“I can’t. I’m not your mother ok” Rena frowns and said

“But you are Acchan’s oneechan.” Atsuko said

“I’m not your real sister.” Rena sighs and said

“But mommy, daddy, and grandpa told me before that Rena-neechan is my family, my oneechan.” Atsuko said

Rena is surprised with what Atsuko said.

“Please Rena-neechan, please, please, please” Atsuko keeps asking her with cute tone

Rena looks at the little girl who is shaking her hand while asking her in pouting tone. She doesn’t know why, but she feels her heart suddenly feel warm, like when Ryuu, Heiji, and Nami talk to her. She looks at Atsuko’s cute face. It has been a very long time since her heart feels this warm. It makes she smile to herself.

“Ok, ok, I will sit down” Rena said

In her voice, there is a trace of happiness

End flashback

“At first, I just thought of myself as their servant, but it is different. They see me and treat me as a part of their family. Also, Acchan’s innocent action made my heart feel so warm. Her little child action makes me open up little by little every time I interact with her.” Rena said while smiling

“Those three days to me were like the greatest days in my life since I was born until that time. She keeps following me, pulling me to play with her every single game, giving me her snack. She even offered me her milk because she said she loves me a lot” she continues in happy tone.

“Then when mother Nami came to pick her up, we even cooked together, me, Acchan, and mother Nami.”

Jun looks at Rena happy smile and smiles happily.

“After she left, I suddenly felt that I miss her. The sweet little girl who always following me”

“Then next year, I got to meet her again. I thought she would definitely forget about me because after all she is still a little child, but she didn't.”

“She didn't?” Jun asks

“Uh, she didn't. Instead, she rushed to hug me when she saw me. She said that ‘Acchan misses Rena-neechan a lot’. You can't imagine how happy I was at that time. It was just like a confirmation that I'm not alone, this is my family.”


Rena are standing at the plane park waiting for Ryuu's plane to land with Ken. After the plane completely landed on the ground, the door of the plane open. Ryuu comes out with Heiji and Nami follow behind him. On Nami’s arm is Atsuko. She is leaning her head on Nami’s shoulder and sleeping peacefully.

When they reach the ground, Ken bows and said

“Welcome back Master Ryuu, Master Heiji, Mistress Nami.”

“Hello Ken” Heiji said

“Hello Rena, how are you?” Nami smiles gently and asks

“I'm very well mother Nami” Rena answers

Hearing voice, Atsuko looks up while rubbing her eyes

“Mommy, we reach Rena-neechan yet?” she asks her mother in sleepy tone

Rena is surprised after hearing what Atsuko said. She never thought Atsuko would remember her. They just met and be together no more than 3 days.

“Yes baby, Rena-neechan is right here” Nami gently said while putting Atsuko down.

Atsuko looks up and smiles widely at Rena. immediately, she rushes to her and hugs her tightly

“Rena-neechan, Acchan misses you a lot” Atsuko innocently said

Rena is surprised with Atsuko’s words. Nami looks at Rena’s face and smiles

“She misses you a lot, Rena-chan. She keeps asking about you every day. Because we were so busy that we can’t come here until now. On the way here, she kept talking about Rena-neechan and her plan to play with you” Nami pats Rena’s head and said

Rena smiles and hugs Atsuko

“I miss you too, Acchan” she whispers

End flashback

“I see. She is a nice girl.” Jun said

“Uh, she is a sweet and pure girl. After interacting with her day by day, the feeling of protecting her growing stronger in me. I want to protect her to return grandfather’s, mother Nami’s, and father Heiji’s kindness toward me. More importantly, I want to protect her because she is my little sister, my only family” Rena said

“I understand your thought and feeling, Rena” Jun said

“Thank you, Jun” Rena said

Suddenly Jun stands up

“What's it, Jun?” Rena asks in confused

Jun stays silent and sits down next to Rena. He holds her hands and looks at her seriously

“You know what, Rena?” Jun said

Rena looks at him in confused

“I also feel so grateful toward Mr. Ryuu, Acchan’s parent, and her because they give me the chance to meet a very wonderful girl I have ever seen before.” Jun said while looking directly at Rena

“Jun” Rena thought in surprised

“After knowing about your past and everything, I want to say this to you again, Rena.” Jun said

Rena looks at his serious and determined eyes

“I love you, Rena. Please be my girlfriend. Please allow me to be the one to take care and love you, to protect you from any dangerous situation, and to be your family” Jun kisses Rena's hand and said

“Jun” Rena whispers

She doesn't know why, but her tear starts rolling on her cheeks

“Jun, I'm so…”

“I don't allow you to reject me again, Rena. Now after knowing everything, I understand that you just try to push me away because of your life mission. I understand that you want to protect Acchan with everything. However, please Rena, I know your feeling. Please allow me to help you. To share the heavy burden in your heart. Because I love you more than anything in this world, and I want you to be safe and happy” Jun said seriously

“Jun, you already know that I have to protect Acchan. I swore to myself that I will protect her by my life because if not them, I wouldn't be here, my life will still be buried in darkness and never knows how love is” Rena said and caresses Jun’s face

“Yes, I love you, Jun.” She said in gentle and full of loving tone

Jun smiles happily when hearing that

“However, I don't want you to waste your time on me. I decided for a long time, that I will use my life to protect Acchan, my most precious little sister. I don't want you to hurt and pain if something really happens” Rena whispers while withdrawing her hands

“I don't care, Rena” Jun catches Rena's hands and said

“I don't care of anything. I love you, and I'm happy just being with you. Also remember this, I'm a stubborn man. I won't allow my love to leave me that easily. I'll protect you by my life, and I will never see this as the waste of my time. I love every moment being with you. If I don't follow my love, that is really the waste of my life” He looks directly in Rena's eyes and said seriously

“Please Rena, please be my girlfriend and allow me to protect you, my love” Jun whispers while leaning closer to Rena's face

Rena looks at Jun. Tear of happiness just keeps rolling on her cheeks. She caresses his face gently. She leans closer to Jun and whispers

“I love you, Jun.”

Then she closes her eyes and kisses his lips gently. Jun smiles to the kiss and reply Rena's kiss. He hugs her tightly while passionately kiss her lips. Rena also hugs his neck while they deepen their kiss. They kiss each other passionately and intensely until neither of them have air. Then they break the kiss. Jun leans his head on Rena's forehead and whispers

“I'm happy, Rena. I'm so happy that I can't describe it. I love you so much, Rena”

“Me too, Jun. You don't know how I dream to be in your arms like this” Rena whispers

“I love you a lot, Jun” she continues

Jun smiles happily at Rena. They stay in each other arms for awhile then Jun said

“You should go to sleep now Rena. It is late, and you must be exhausted.”

“Ok Jun” Rena pecks Jun’s lips and said

“Let's go Rena” he holds her hand and said

“Uh” Rena nods

Then they walk back to her room.

“Goodnight Jun” Rena pecks Jun’s lips and said

“Of course, I will have a good night because of this kiss. I will dream of you” Jun said mischievously

“Sweet talker” Rena said

“I said the true.” Jun laughs and said

Suddenly they hear Yuki's voice

“What do we have here, Mayu? A new lovebird standing in front of my bedroom confess to each other”

In her voice, there is a trace of giggling and teasing

“Y...Y...Yuki” Rena calls her while blushing

“Goodnight, Mayu…mwah” Yuki said imitate Rena's voice while copying her action

“Of course, I will have a good night because of this kiss. I will dream of you” Mayu said teasingly and winks at Jun

Rena blushes madly while hiding behind Jun

“Shut up you both. You make my girl shy” Jun hugs Rena's shoulder and said

“ girl” Yuki and Mayu said while giggling

“Yuki” Rena pouts

“Ok ok, I won't tease you. Congratulations you two” Yuki said in happy tone

“Yup, congratulations my buddy” Mayu said

“Thank you, Yuki, Mayu” Rena and Jun said

“Ok, now we have to go to sleep. See you two in the morning” Yuki said while pushing Rena into the room

“Ok, see ya” Jun and Mayu said

“Rena, you so have to tell me everything” Yuki said

Her words make Rena blush again

Jun looks at Rena and smiles happily. Mayu comes and said teasing

“Ok, ok, keep that happy smile and go to sleep now Mr. Happy”

“You little brat” Jun said and laughs happily


That is chapter 26. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 27 16/07/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 27  :D

Chapter 27: Going Back

At the same time

In Atsuko's room

Atsuko is still lying unconscious on the bed while Minami sitting on the chair. His right hand is on the bed, and Minami is resting his head on his hand sleeping. His other hand is still holding Atsuko's hand tightly

Suddenly Atsuko frowns while shaking her head like she is having a nightmare


“Mommy, read story for Atsu”

“Ok baby”

“Mommy, tomorrow we will go to the park and play, right?”

“Yes baby. Tomorrow mommy and daddy will take you to the park. Grandpa will also go with us”

“Yay!!!! Yay!!!!”

“Ok, my little princess. Lie down and sleep.”


Atsuko's face suddenly shows more painful expression. She frowns painfully and sweat cover her forehead


“Mommy, what's wrong?”

“Atsu, hide in this closet and don't make any sound ok.”


“Sshhh… baby, don't cry. Stay here and be good ok”


“Mommy…mommy...mommy” Atsuko unconsciously calls in shaky tone

“Don't leave Atsu...mommy….mommy…”


“You!!! Why did you? Trai…”

*Bang* *Bang*

Suddenly everything is spinning around and turning to the crimson color.


“Blood...blood… a lot of blood” Atsuko shakily and unconsciously said while shaking her head scarily

Minami is woken up because of Atsuko's shaky voice. He quickly looks up and sees Atsuko is struggling unconsciously. Her face is covered with sweat, and her expression is so painful

“Mommy...daddy…. don't leave Atsu. Atsu … scared …. mommy...daddy” Atsuko keeps calling her parents shakily while tear rolling from the corner of her eyes

Seeing Atsuko's state, Minami quickly holds Atsuko's hands and said

“Ssh...Atsuko, don't be scared. I'm here”

“Mommy … daddy ...Atsu ….scared. Where…are…you, mommy…daddy?” Atsuko is still struggling with terrified tone

“Sshhh...Atsuko, I'm here. I'm here. No one can hurt you. I will protect you. I will protect you, my love.” Minami kisses Atsuko’s forehead and whispers gently

“I'm here Atsuko. I'm here. I won't let anyone hurt you ever again” Minami strokes her hair and whispers lovingly

He keeps whispering while stroking Atsuko's hair and caressing her face to calm her down. Atsuko slowly calms down and stops struggling. Her breath then returns to normal, and she slowly goes back to her sleep.

Minami looks at Atsuko gently. He takes the tower and wipes Atsuko's sweat gently.

“Atsuko, what's really happened to you in the past?” Minami whispers worriedly

Suddenly Atsuko sits up and shouts scarily

“Mommy, daddy”

Atsuko pants heavily while shaking. Minami quickly hugs Atsuko tightly in his arms while stroking Atsuko's back. He can feel Atsuko is shaking in his arms and her body is cold.

“Sshhh...Atsuko, calm down, calm down”

“You are safe now. Don't be scared. I'm here for you, my love” Minami kisses Atsuko's head and said while stroking her back calming her down

Atsuko's breath slowly goes back to normal. She whispers Minami’s name while looking at Minami, but Minami can see lost in her eyes


“Uh, it is me, Atsuko. I'm here. You are safe now” Minami smiles gently at Atsuko and said

“Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and buries her face on his chest.

“I'm scared, Minami. I'm scared.” She shakily said

“It's ok, Atsuko. I'm here. I'll protect you. I'll protect you.” Minami pats Atsuko's back and whispers lovingly

He keeps patting her back and whispers in her ear

“I'll protect you, Atsuko. You are safe now. You are safe now”

Slowly, Minami can feel Atsuko's breath becomes steady. He looks down and sees Atsuko already falls back in sleep in his arms.

Minami smiles gently and brushes the hair on her face. Then Minami continues hugging Atsuko while patting her back. He wants to make sure Atsuko is sleeping deeper.

After awhile

After making sure that Atsuko already fell in sleep deeply, Minami gently puts Atsuko down on her bed and pulls the blanket to cover her.

“Sleep well, Atsuko” He gently kisses Atsuko's forehead and said


Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and frowns because of the brightness. Minami left the light on for easy taking of Atsuko. She looks around and realizes that she is in her room.

“This is my room. How can I get here?” she thought in confused

When Atsuko is about to raise her hand, she feels something holding her hand very tight. Atsuko turns to her side and is surprised when seeing Minami. He is resting his head on his hand and sleep while holding her hands tightly.

Minami’s action reminds her of their conversation yesterday.

“Just a little time when we go outside. When we are alone, I will never let go of your hand no matter what ok? If you want, I can hold your hand when you sleep too”

She smiles while tightening her grip on Minami’s hand. However, her smile quickly disappears when she remembers what Minami said when he found out her real identity

“Tell me how long are you planning on lying to me?”

“So you admitted you lie to me?”

“So you lied to me. Am I that untrustworthy to you? I don’t even deserve to know who you really are huh?”

“Then why did you lie to me? I don’t care when you hide your identity as a girl because at that time we were still stranger. I understand why you didn’t tell me. However, until now, until now, you still lie to me. Why? Why? Why?”

“Don’t, you don’t need to say anything Ms. Maeda. I well understand your reason. It is because I’m until now is still a stranger to you”

“You don’t need to explain anything to me, Ms. Maeda. After all, I’m just your bodyguard. After this mission, we will be stranger again”

“From now on, there is nothing between us except my mission as your bodyguard. I’m Takahashi Minami, a police officer who will protect you, Maeda Atsuko, the heir of Maeda clan. That's it.”

“We are over”

“We...are...over” Atsuko whispers while tear rolling down from the corner of her eyes

She wipes her tear and closes her eyes to stop her crying, but tear just keep coming out. She can’t stop it. Her hand unconsciously squeezes on Minami’s hand hard.

Feeling Atsuko’s hand, Minami opens his eyes. He looks up and sees tear rolling down from the corner of her eyes. He is surprised.

“Atsuko is crying” he thought in surprised

When Minami is about to call Atsuko, he hears Atsuko broken whisper tone

“Over...Minami doesn't love me anymore”

Minami widens his eyes in surprised.

“Stop crying Maeda Atsuko. Your fault. This is all your fault. You lied. You lied to the person you love. You betrayed Minami's trust” Atsuko whispers in broken tone

Minami feels his heart tighten when seeing that. He raises his hand and wipes her tear away. Feeling someone touching her face, Atsuko quickly opens her eyes and sees Minami is looking at her gently.

Atsuko quickly sits up. She wants to turn away because she thought Minami hate her now and doesn't want to see her face. However, when she is about to sit up, her head feels dizzy. Her fever already gone down, but she is still sick.

Minami hugs her shoulders and gently lay her down again

“Let’s lie back down Atsuko, you just woke up. Plus, you are sick” Minami gently said

Atsuko lies back down, but she still tries to look the other side. Minami notices this. He touches her face and said

“Look at me, Atsuko”

However, she still looks away. Atsuko is still sad, so she doesn’t notice that Minami calling her by her first name all the time.

“Atsuko, please look at me” Minami calls her again

However, Atsuko still stays silent and looks at the other side of the room. Minami looks at Atsuko sadly.

“Atsuko, are you mad at me?”

Atsuko quickly looks back at Minami and shakes her head

“Then why didn't you look at me, Atsuko? Do you hate me for leaving you alone?”

Atsuko holds the blanket tightly while staying silent

“Atsuko, please, please look at me Atsuko” Minami touches Atsuko's face and said in pleasing tone

Now Atsuko notices something.

“Atsuko? Did he called me Atsuko not Maeda-san?” she thought

She slowly looks up at Minami. It makes Minami happy when she does that. He looks at her sobbing face. Somehow, he feels her face look so cute. It makes him laughs softly. His laughter confused her. Atsuko tilts her head and looks at Minami in confused.

“Atsuko, your face is so cute” Minami pinches Atsuko's cheeks said

Atsuko blushes at Minami's action and words. Suddenly Minami's face turns serious. He gently looks at Atsuko. However, instead of saying anything, he just stays silent while caressing Atsuko's face. Atsuko looks at his eyes and notices the gentleness in them

“M...Minami” Atsuko calls him hesitantly

“Huh?” Minami asks while caressing Atsuko's face

“Can you help me sit up?” Atsuko asks

“What do you want, Atsuko? I can get it for you” Minami asks

“No, I just want to sit up and talk to you” Atsuko said while serious tone

Seeing her serious eyes,

“Ok” Minami nods and helps Atsuko to sit up

“So what do you want to talk to me, Atsuko?” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and asks in gentle tone

“Do you forgive me, Minami? I heard you called me by my first name” Atsuko looks directly into his eyes and asks in hoping tone

Minami stuns in surprised because of Atsuko’s question. Atsuko’s words remind him of what he said to her yesterday. Then he remembers Atsuko’s words to him yesterday before she fainted

“I’m….sorry, Minami”

Minami slowly withdraws his hand and looks down silently. He feels so sad and regret because of how he treated her. He also feels so angry at himself and holds his fists tightly.

Seeing Minami action and his silent, Atsuko thought that he is still mad at her.

“So he still mad at me” Atsuko thought sadly while tear rolling dropping on her hands

Back to Minami, he decides to apology to Atsuko properly. However, when he is about to look up and apology, he suddenly hearing Atsuko’s sobbing tone

“I’m sorry, Minami. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for lying to you. I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me, please. I’m sorry.”

Minami is very surprised with what he heard. He looks at Atsuko and sees she keep crying while telling sorry to him over and over. This makes his heart feel so hurt. He feels so sad because of his action.

“I’m sorry Minami. Please don’t say that we are over. Minami, I’m sorry. Please don’t treat me as stranger. I’m...”

Minami quickly holds Atsuko’s hand and pulls her into his embrace. He hugs her tightly and whispers gently in her ear cutting Atsuko’s words

“Don’t say sorry my love.”

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised when hearing what Minami said

“You done nothing wrong. It was me. I’m stupid. I shouldn’t say those things that hurt you and make you cry. I shouldn’t mad at you for no reason like that. I’m sorry because of me that you were hurt so bad in both mentally and physically. I’m sorry Atsuko” Minami tightens his hug and said to Atsuko

“I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you good. I let those jerk kidnap you and hurt you. I’m sorry, Atsuko. This is not your fault. I’m the stupid one” he kisses Atsuko’s head and said

Atsuko is very surprised. She quickly looks up at Minami. The gentleness that she saw when she woke up is still there. However, Atsuko can also see pain and regret.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him gently

Minami also looks down at Atsuko’s beautiful eyes which are now all red because of crying. He can see her hope in those eyes. Minami kisses Atsuko’s forehead and strokes her hair

“About your question early, I should be the one to ask you that. Please forgive me, Atsuko. Please don’t hate me for my stupid Atsuko. I shouldn’t be mad at you like that. I shouldn’t leave you causing you to be kidnapped by those jerks” he gently said to Atsuko

Atsuko quickly shakes her head and said

“I don’t hate you, Minami. I will never ever hate you, Minami. I…” Atsuko stops and looks downs

Minami looks at her with confused look waiting for Atsuko to continues her words

“I...I love you, Minami” Atsuko shyly said

Minami smiles widely when hearing what Atsuko said. Suddenly Atsuko looks up at Minami and asks again, the same question

“Minami, do you hate me because I lied to you.”

Didn’t answer Atsuko, Minami bends down and seals his lips with Atsuko. This makes Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised. Minami holds Atsuko’s waist and pulls her closes to him and kisses her lips deeply and intensely.

Atsuko, after a shock moment, slowly closes her eyes and replies Minami’s kiss. Minami tilts his head and kisses Atsuko more roughly while pushing her down to her bed with he on top of her. They kiss each other until none of them have any air left. Then they break their kiss and look into each other eyes.

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami whispers

Tear of happiness rolling down from the corner of Atsuko’s eyes. She is very happy when hearing what Minami said

“I’m sorry for saying those harsh words hurting you, Atsuko” Minami wipes Atsuko’s tear and said

Atsuko shakes her head

“It’s ok, Minami. I was at fault because I lied to you. I shouldn’t lie to the person I love. I… I….”

“Shhh...Atsuko, I understand your thought now.” Minami puts his finger on Atsuko’s lips and said

“I should have understood your situation. I should understand your worries instead putting my frustration on you”

“No, Minami. It was all my fault. I’m sorry. I should have told you my real identity. I shouldn’t let you feel like your trust is betrayed. I…”

Once again, Minami seals Atsuko’s lips and words with his. He kisses her gently while caressing Atsuko’s face. Then Minami breaks the kiss and said

“Don’t say sorry anymore, Atsuko. Yesterday is already in the past. Let’s forget those painful time and be happy again, ok”

Atsuko looks at Minami. She smiles widely and nods.


Suddenly Atsuko remembers Minam’s words again making her smile disappear again

“We are over”

“We are over”

Seeing that, Minami asks in confused tone

“What’s wrong, Atsuko?”

“Yesterday, you said that…. that….” Atsuko is hesitant

Minami looks at Atsuko waiting for her to continues

“You said that ‘we are over’…” Atsuko wants to ask Minam about them, but she can’t form any words.

Minami smiles gently and kisses Atsuko’s forehead

“I’m sorry for saying those words to you Atsuko. I shouldn’t say thing like that no matter what. I’m sorry.” Minami said

“So you mean we are…” Atsuko happily said, but she suddenly stops

She turns away while blushing. She suddenly feels so shy when realizing their position now and also what she thought they are. Noticing her cute shyness, Minami bends down and nibbles Atsuko’s ear making her blush even more. After that he whispers while turning Atsuko’s face to look at him

“We are what, Atsuko? Who am I to you?”

Atsuko can feel her heart beat so fast like it can jump out of her chest any moment. She shyly stays silent while trying to divert her eyes from his. Minami loves her reaction. It makes he want to tease her more so that he can see how cute she is. He bends down until his nose touch Atsuko’s. Then he whispers again

“Who am I to you, Atsuko? Answer me”

Their lips are barely touching each other.

“…” Atsuko stutters cutely

This makes Minami laughs to himself because of her shyness.

“She is so cute” he thought

He decides to tease her even more

“If you can’t say it, that mean you still hate me. I’m sorry. I will leave now” Minami said with a fake sad tone while stepping down from the bed

As reflection, Atsuko quickly sits up to catches Minami’s hand and said

“Minami, I love you more than anything in this world. You are my boyfriend. I want us to be together forever”

Minami surprised with what Atsuko said. He turns to look at the girl he loves and sees that Atsuko’s eyes are closed while her face is all red. Her so cute face making Minami laugh loudly.

Atsuko opens her eyes and looks at Minami with surprised look. She doesn’t know why Minami suddenly laugh like that

“You are so cute to tease, my love” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said

Now she slowly realizes that Minami just wants to tease her. Her face is redder because of that. She hits his chest slightly and said in pouting tone

“Minami, you baka. You tease me again.”

“I’m a girl and you made me say those embarrassing words. Minami, I hate you. I don’t care about you anymore” she continues and turns away from him

Minami smiles at the pouting girl. He sits down on the bed and hugs Atsuko’s from behind

“Don’t hate me, my love. I’m sorry for teasing you ok. Don’t say you don’t care about me. It makes my heart hurt a lot” He cutely said while burying his face on Atsuko’s neck

“I just want tease you a little because I miss your cute face when you shy. I’m sorry my lovely girlfriend, Atsuko” He whispers and kisses Atsuko’s cheeks

Atsuko smiles at Minami’s words. However, she still keeps silent like she is still mad

“Atsuko, don’t stay silent like that.” Minami turns Atsuko to look at him and said

“No I hate you.” Atsuko turns away and said

“Please don’t hate me baby” Minami said cutely

“Then tell me who am I to you? Who we are?” Atsuko turns to look at Minami and said

Minami smiles evilly at Atsuko. Suddenly he pushes her down on her bed and moves on top of her

“You are my Maeda Atsuko. You are the one and only girl I love more than anything in this world. You make my heart beat like crazy when I see you even in your boy disguise. You change my world and brighter my life with love. And of course, you are my girlfriend, my love, and my future wife.” Minami said sweetly

His words make Atsuko blush because of shy, her heart beat faster because of joy and happiness

“W...who will be your wife?” Atsuko said shyly

Minami smiles. He bends down and pecks Atsuko’s lips

“You are, Maeda Atsuko. You will be Takahashi Minami’s wife. You can never escape me, Atsuko.” Minami smiles and said

“Baby, do you want a honeymoon night, right now?” He teases her again

Minami’s words make Atsuko blush madly. She hits his chest and said

“You pervert, Minami”

Minami laughs loudly. He turns and lies down next to Atsuko. Then he hugs her waist pulling her into his embrace.

“I’m just being pervert toward my Atsuko” Minami whispers

Atsuko smiles and buries her face into his chest feeling so safe.

“I’m happy, Minami. I love you” Atsuko whispers

“Me too, Atsuko. I love you” Minami whispers and kisses her head

Then Atsuko closes her eyes and listen to Minami’s heartbeat. She feels so safe and happy in his arms. Minami looks down and smiles at her.

“I will protect you forever, the love of my life” Minami thought

Suddenly Minami remembers about Atsuko’s nightmare. He calls Atsuko and asks

“Atsuko, do you remember anything when you first woke up?”

“Woke up?” Atsuko looks at Minami with confused face

“You mean just now?” she asks him in wonder tone

“So she doesn’t remember that” Minami thought

Then he smiles at Atsuko and said

“Uh-uh, nothing, Atsuko. Let’s sleep”

However, Atsuko is still confused with his question. She looks at him and asks

“Minami, what do you mean by my first woke up?”

“Uh-uh, nothing baby. Let’s forget about it and sleep ok. You are still sick. You have to rest” Minami shakes his head and said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

She is still confused, but she listens to Minami. Atsuko closes her eyes and snuggles closer to Minami’s embrace. Slowly she falls in sleep because she is still tired.

“That could be a very frighten memory to her. I don’t want to remind her that. I will ask Yuki and Rena about that later” Minami thought

“I will protect you, Atsuko” he kisses Atsuko’s forehead and said

In the morning

Minami wakes up and sees Atsuko is still sleeping peacefully in his arms. Just by looking at Atsuko, Minami can feel his day is fulfilled. He slowly and carefully withdraws his arms and sits up so that Atsuko isn’t woken up. Then he steps down from the bed and fixes the blanket to cover Atsuko.

“I will make a breakfast full of love for you, my love” Minami thought

Then he leaves the room and comes to the kitchen

In the kitchen

While Minami is cooking, he hears a sudden gasp and a teasing tone

“Oh my, what did I see in the morning, Mayu. Are we still dreaming? Our almighty captain and the heir of Takahashi clan is cooking”

“You’re so right, Jun. This is so, so, so rare. I have to take a picture of him and put in the police department” Mayu said

“Do it. Remember to put the caption, Captain Takahashi Minami is cooking breakfast for his lovely girlfriend” Minami turns around and said

Then he winks at the two. This make those two feel cold deep down in their spine.

“Wow how sweet of you, Takamina. Our Acchan is so lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend like you” Rena comes into the room with Yuki and said

“Yup, he even cooks breakfast for her. That is so rare for a boyfriend to do that. Takamina is a perfect boyfriend” Yuki said and glares at Mayu

“I can do that too” Jun and Mayu said in definite tone

“I smell jealousy around here” Minami teases

Then they all laugh loudly

“How is Acchan, Takamina?” Yuki asks

“She is fine now. Her fever is gone down. She is still sleeping in her room” Minami said

“I see. That is a relief.” Rena said

“By the way, Takamina, we are sorry for slapping you yesterday.” she continues

“It’s ok. I deserve that” Minami smiles and said

“Oh, another thing, there is another big new here, Takamina.” Yuki happily said

“What is it, Yuki?” Minami asks in curious tone

“There is a certain someone finally got his princess” Mayu said while giggling

Minami looks at Jun and Rena. He sees the two looking down shyly while holding each other hand

“Oh, I see. Congratulation you two. You look perfect to each other” Minami smiles and said

“Thank you buddy” Jun said

After finishing cooking, Minami leaves the kitchen and brings food for Atsuko.


In the kitchen

“That is really a surprised” Jun said

“Yea” Mayu nods in agreement

“What is it, Jun?” Rena asks in confused tone

“It is Takamina. Though those words we said just now is just to tease him, but that is the true” Jun said

“Yes, Takamina never cook for anyone. After all, he is the heir of Takahashi clan. A son of a big clan with a lot of servants. He never done something like this before.” Mayu said

“In addition, being his buddy for all those years, I never see him treating something like that. He normally is very cold toward people.” Jun adds

“It is really true when saying love can change a person” he continues while holding Rena’s hand and smiles at her

“Uh.” Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and said

In Atsuko’s room

Minami walks in and puts the tray on the dresser. He turns to look at the lovely girl who is still sleeping cutely. He sits down on Atsuko’s bed and calls Atsuko’s gently

“Atsuko, Atsuko”

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and looks at Minami with sleepy eyes. Minami smiles gently and said

“Good morning baby”

“Good morning Minami” Atsuko sleepily said while rubbing her eyes

“You are so cute, Atsuko. You keep making me fall in love with you deeper and deeper every second” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said

Atsuko blushes at Minami’s words.

“Minami, stop teasing me” she shyly said

“I said the true, my love” Minami said

“Now Atsuko, I already made breakfast for you. Let's eat. After that, I will give you some medicine” he continues

“You cooked for me, Minami?” Atsuko asks in happy tone

Minami can see her face lit up in happiness.

“Of course, I can do everything for my Atsuko.” Minami said lovingly

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and said

Minami smiles and kisses Atsuko's head

“Everything for you, my love” he said

“Ok, let's me bring the tray here for you.” Minami said while standing up

He comes to the dresser and takes the tray. He puts it down on the bed and said

“Now say ah, Atsuko” Minami gently said

“I can eat myself, Minami” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Uh-uh, I will feed my Atsuko” Minami shakes his head and said

“Now be a good girl and say ah” he continues while raising the spoon

Suddenly they hear voice coming from the door

“Let's me feed you Rena”

Atsuko and Minami turn and see Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu standing there giggling

“I can feed myself, Jun” Rena said imitating Atsuko's tone

Their action makes Atsuko blush.

“Uh-uh, I will feed my Yuki” Mayu imitates Minami continuing their teasing

“Now be a good girl and say ah, Yuki” he continues

“Ah…” Yuki said and winks at Atsuko

Then the four laughs loudly. This makes Atsuko blush even more.

“Minami” Atsuko turns to Minami and pouts

“Stop it guys, you make my girl shy” Minami said and hugs Atsuko's shoulders

“Oh...oh...oh...we are sorry for making ‘your girl’ shy” Jun said teasingly

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko pouts

“Ok ok, you two, stop teasing our cute little sister” Rena said

“Yup, she is so shy now. Her face looks like a tomato” Yuki said

“Yes, ma’am” Jun and Mayu said in soldier form

Then Yuki and Rena come to Atsuko

“How do you feel now, Acchan?” Rena pats Atsuko's head and asks

“Are you still hurt?” Yuki adds

“I'm fine now, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko smiles and said

“That's good.” Yuki and Rena said

“Acchan, Yuki-neechan has a good news for you.” Yuki said

“What's it, Yuki-neechan?” Atsuko asks

“Our Rena-chan finally has a boyfriend now” Yuki smiles and said

Atsuko smiles widely and said in happy tone

“Congratulations Rena-neechan. I'm very happy”

“Thank you, Acchan” Rena pats Atsuko's head and said

“Jun, please take good care of my Rena-neechan” Atsuko turns to Jun and said

“I know. You can count on me” Jun said strongly

“Ok, we just want to check on your health and tell you that good new. Now we will leave you alone with your Minami, ok” Yuki said and winks at Atsuko

“We will leave now little girl” Rena said

“Take good care of Acchan, Takamina” Rena turns and said to Minami

“I will” Minami said

Then the four leave the room.

“Let’s eat Atsuko” Minami said to Atsuko

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then she opens her mouth for Minami to feed her. Atsuko smiles brightly when she took the first bite.

“It's so delicious Minami.” She said in happy tone

“Is that so? I'm glad” Minami smiles gently and said

After finishing eating, Atsuko asks Minami

“Minami, can you take me outside to where you said you want to take me?”

“Uhm...ok. After you drink your medicine, I will take you out.” Minami nods and said

“Great! Thank you, Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

After Atsuko drinking the medicine, Minami takes her out. They leave the house like normal. Atsuko will have to disguise herself back to Mizuki again

Outside of the Maeda house

When they get outside, Atsuko turns to Minami and asks him again. She is curious about the place Minami said and wants to know what is that place

“Where are we going, Takamina?”

She has to call Minami “Takamina” because they have to act like normal.

“Just follow me. You will know eventually. I believe that place will be even greater to you now” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko looks at Minami in confused. Then she follows Minami for awhile until they reach a place look like a forest with a long metal fences surrounding it.

“Mizuki, do you know what that place is?” He points at the place and asks

“A forest?” Atsuko said in question tone

“Yes, it is a forest, but a different one” Minami smiles and said

“Different?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks in confused tone

“Let’s go inside. I will tell you while we are walking” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then they walk toward the gate.

“Hello Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Maeda” the security said

“Hello” Minami said

“I heard elder said that you will visit this place today. Please come in” the security said while opening the gate

“Thank you” Minami said

“Mizuki, can you come in first? I want to talk to Mr. security a little. However, don’t go so far ok?” He turns to Atsuko and said

“Ok” Atsuko nods and walks into the forest.

While walking, she turns to look at Minami and sees him saying something to the security. Then she turns back to look at the view. This is a very big forest.

“Wow!!! This is so beautiful.” She thought in amazed while looking around

This scenery somehow reminds her of the island where she lives.

“Grandpa, there is a flower Atsu wants grandpa to see. Atsu saw this yesterday while playing with Rena-neechan”

“It is very beautiful”

“Really Atsu, grandpa can’t wait to see it”

“Wow!!! That is really beautiful.”

“Grnadpa, Atsu misses you” Atsuko whispers

While deep in her thought, Atsuko hears Minami calls her


Atsuko turns and smiles at Minami.

“I asked the security for the map. Let’s go explore this place, Mizuki”

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and nods

“This is a forest, and it is also a park. This is the biggest natural park that is created by Maeda clan to protect animal.” Minami said while they are walking

“Do you know who created this?” he turns to Atsuko and asks

Atsuko shakes her head in confuse

“This place is created by President Ryuu. I heard this place is created as a celebration for the date of his most beloved granddaughter was born.” Minami said

Atsuko turns and looks at Minami with surprised look. Minami looks around. Then he bends closer to Atsuko's ear and whispers

“Yes Atsuko, this place is for you. That is why I said it has even greater for me to take you here now”

Atsuko feels very happy when hearing that. She looks around the natural place while smiling. She remembers her grandpa once told her about a place where he wants to take her to

“Atsu, when you old enough, grandpa will take you to this place”

“Where is it, grandpa?”

“That will be grandpa's secret. You will definitely love it when you came there”

“Grandpa, is this the place where you want me to come? I'm here now grandpa. Atsu is here” Atsuko smiles while looking at her necklace

Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles gently. Then he said

“Let's go now, Mizuki”

“Uh” Atsuko nods

They go around the park enjoying the natural view with trees, lakes, and streams around the place. Atsuko is very happy to be close to nature which she loves a lot. Minami is also very happy when seeing his lover happy.

They play until evening then they go back home for dinner.

In the dining room

Atsuko, Rena, Yuki, Minami, Jun, and Mayu are eating together happily.

“Acchan, how is your date?” Rena asks

“I came to grandpa’ natural park. It is very beautiful. It reminds me of the island a lot” Atsuko said

“I see” Rena said

“It seems very fun, right?” Yuki asks

“Yes, it is very fun. I'm very happy to know about that place” Atsuko said

Then she tells them a lot of different things about the park happily. Minami looks at Atsuko's face and smiles happily. He is happy because he made Atsuko happy

After finishing their dinner, everyone goes back to their perspective room to rest. Tomorrow they will leave the island early

In Atsuko's room

When they just walk into the room, Minami quickly hugs Atsuko from behind. He kisses her cheek and buries his face on her neck exhaling Atsuko's scent

“Minami” Atsuko calls in surprised

“You don't know how I miss hugging for all day long. I had to restrain myself from hugging you like this” Minami said and tightens his hug on her waist

“Me too, Minami. I miss your hug” Atsuko leans on Minami and said

“Do you know what did I have to restrain the most, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko turns to ask Minami

“That is…” Minami leans closers and whispers

“...kissing you, baby” He finishes his words and captures Atsuko's lips with his.

Atsuko closes her eyes and replies to Minami's kiss. Minami hugs Atsuko's pulling her closer to him while Atsuko hugging his neck. They kiss each other deeply and intensely. After awhile, they break the kiss. Minami kisses Atsuko's nose before moving back looking at her lovingly

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami said

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

“Ok, my princess, let's me bring you your medicine. After that, you can go to bed and take a good sleep. Tomorrow we will go back to Tokyo early” Minami said while walking to the dresser
Suddenly Atsuko holds his hand. Minami turns around and asks in wonder tone

“What's it, Atsuko?”

“Uhm...can you hug me and sleep like yesterday?” Atsuko asks while blushing

She feels safer when Minami around her. Minami smiles at Atsuko's words. He stays silent and walks close to Atsuko. Atsuko looks up at him in confused. Suddenly Minami lifts her up bridal style making Atsuko yelp in surprise


“Let's go to sleep now my princess” Minami said happily

He puts her down and lies down next to her. He hugs her waist pulling Atsuko into his warm embrace. Atsuko smiles happily. She closes her eyes and snuggles closer to Minami

“Goodnight Minami” Atsuko whispers

“Goodnight my love” Minami said and kisses Atsuko's forehead

In the morning

At the ship dock

Atsuko and the rest are getting ready to leave the place. Rena is saying goodbye to the Maeda and Yuji

“Goodbye great uncle.” Rena bows and said

“Bye, Atsu. Be safe” Yuji said

“Goodbye Ms. Atsuko” the Maeda said

Then they all walk into the ship. This time, they also take the three criminals who kidnapped Atsuko back to Tokyo for investigation. Two police will come with them to guard the three criminals

“Sir, where will we take those three to?” A police officer asks

“Take them to the storeroom and lock them there. Guard them carefully” Jun said

“Yes sir”

Then the ship leaves the ship dock and heads back to Tokyo


At another place

“How is the plan work?” a man asks

“It works smoothly sir. Now we only wait for the right time to execute” another man said

“Good job”


That is chapter 27. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 28 23/07/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic

Here is chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Plan is Exposed

At night

In the ship

Down at the dark storeroom

There is a police sitting in front of the storeroom guarding it. Then another police come to him.

“How was it?” The man sitting on the chair asks

“All done, sir. I disabled all the camera in this ship. I also put sleeping pills in their food. They properly sleep like dead by now” The other man said

“Good job. Now what left is those three’s work” the man sitting on the chair said while standing up

“Open the door” he orders

“Yes sir” the other police said

Then he opens the door.

Inside, the three men are standing at the door. Seeing the door opens, they smirk and walk outside

“Took you long enough” Shin said

“Stop complaining and do your part probably if you want to get out of here and money” the leader said

“Ok, ok, you are the boss here.” Shin raises both his hands and said

“Go and kill them. Remember, only kill those three annoying police. Don’t mess up my plan.” The man coldly said

“I know, I know. That is the deal” Shin said

Then three of them split up and do their task.

“Those low life people. Don’t mess up my plan” the leader said

“Don’t worry sir. I already make sure that they can’t mess up anything.” the other man said

“Good, now go to the ship deck and wait for our boss to come here” the leader said

“Yes sir”

In Minami’s and Atsuko’s room

The man slowly opens the door and comes in.

“Those men said that I can turn on the light huh” he thought and switches the light

Shin looks around the room with two beds. One is Atsuko sleeping on, and the other is Minami.

“That jerk, he dared to hit me pretty hard that time. I will make you pay.” Shin mumbles

“I will kill you as they said, but not now.” he thought and slowly walks toward Minami’s bed


In Rena’s room

The man comes in and turns on the light. Toka looks around the room and stops at Rena’s bed. He smirks and walks toward Rena’s bed.

“Maeda Atsuko. Those Maeda always look down on me. Let’s see what they would say if I do something to their precious Miss head of the clan to be” He thought while looking at Rena

“Those people say I can’t kill them not saying anything about leave them alone. Allow me miss” he whispers in evil tone

At the same time

In Yuki’s room

Naru turns on the light and looks around the room. He sees Mayu is sleeping on the left bed and Yuki sleeping on the right bed.

“I still have time. Let’s see if they have something valuable. After all this man will die in my hand” Naru thought

He quickly takes Mayu’s phone and other electronic devices. Then he turns to Yuki. He wants to take valuable belonging of her too. He looks at Yuki’s face and said

“What a beautiful girl. It is a waste if I just leave like this.”

He smirks evilly and walks closer to Yuki

Back to the deck

The two fake police standing there waiting for ther boss to come. Then from afar, there is a ship coming toward them. It parks nears the ship and bridges to Minami's ship.

Then a man comes out and walks to Minami's ship. The light illuminates his face showing who the man is. That is Ichikawa Juichi.

In a dark place

“So he is a real traitor” someone thought

Back to the deck

“Sir” the two fake police bow at him and said

“How are things going?” Juichi asks

“Everything works according to our plan sir. Now we only wait for those criminals to kill those police. After that we can blame everything to them” the leader said

“Good job”

Then they hear a loud noise like something is thrown into the sea.

“Seem like our plan is success sir.” The leader said

“Good job. Now bring those three to my ship. Our boss wants to meet her” Juichi said

“Yes sir” the leader said

Then Juichi goes back to the ship. He goes down stair to one of the ship cabin. He knocks the door and said

“Sir, I have a report”

“Come in” A voice said

Then Juichi opens the door and walks in. There is a man sitting on the chair while facing his back to him

“Sir, our plan works smoothly. Those police are killed by those criminal that we bribed. Those criminals will also take Maeda Atsuko here to us shortly” Juichi bows and said

“Good job.” The man said and laughs loudly

Back to the ship deck

The three men come up to the deck and said.

“We finished our job”

The two fake police turn around and looks at them. They can see bloodstain all over their clothes.

“Good job. Now go down there and take those three up here.” The leader said

“You just said that we only have to kill those three police. Now let’s us free and give us the money” Shin said

The leader comes and slaps Shin’s face. Then he puts the gun on his head

“I said come down there and bring those three to that ship. If you say another word, this bullet will go straight into your head.” He said in cold tone

“O...ok” Shin stutters

Then the three rushes down to get Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki.

After awhile

They come back with Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki on their shoulder.

“Good, now follow me” the leader said

Then he and the other fake police come to Juichi’s ship with the three criminals behind him.

“Sir, we brought them here” the leader said

“Follow me” Juichi said and leads them to the boss room

He opens the door for them to come in

“Puts them down” Juichi orders

The three men listen and puts Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki down.  Right after they put them down, suddenly three gunshots echo through the ship

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Shin, Naru, and Toka look at Juichi with terrified look. There is a big bloodstain on their left chest right at their heart. Shin raises his hand to point at Juichi


Then they drop down on the ground and die instantly

“Clean up those trash aside and wake them up” the man behind the chair said in cold tone

“Yes sir” Juichi said

Then he turns to the two police and said

“Bring them to that side.”

“Yes sir”

After those three putting the three corpses to the side, they take water and splash on Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki. They wake up and cough because of the water

*Cough* *Cough* Cough*

They look around the strange scenery. Then their eyes stop at the familiar face

“Juichi?” Rena said in surprised tone

“You finally wake up, Ms. Maeda” Juichi bow and said

“What are you doing?” Rena asks and struggling when realizing their hands are tied behind

“What do you think, Miss?” Juichi smirks

“You kidnapped us? What do you want?” Yuki asks

“You will know about it soon enough” Juichi said

Suddenly they hear a familiar voice coming from behind the chair

“We meet again, my dear great niece”

The chair turns around showing the man sitting behind it. Rena widens her eyes in surprised when knowing who is it

“Great-uncle Tora? How? Why? What are you doing?” Rena asks in confused tone

“Look Juichi. The poor thing doesn’t know what to say when seeing me” Tora said in sarcastic tone

“How great to see their shocked face like this, sir” Juichi laughs and said

“Now let’s Juichi fill you in” Tora said

“We invited yo…”

“Kidnapped” Cutting Juichi’s words, Yuki said

Juichi frowns and looks at Yuki

“What with that eyes? Did I say something wrong? Or is this how you elite people invite someone?” Yuki sarcastically said while looking at Juichi then Tora

“You are a big mouth, huh? Let’s see how long can you run this big mouth” Tora said and looks at Yuki with cold eyes

However, Yuki doesn’t afraid of those eyes. She sits straight up and stares back at him with strong and determined eyes. Suddenly Tora laughs loudly and leans back to his chair

“Hahaha…. that old man really did trained you very good huh?”

“Juichi, continue” Tora said

“We have some paperwork to give the future head of the Maeda clan to fill in and sigh. Hope you gladly accept that” Juichi said

“Paperwork you said? Is this about I will give all my inheritance to my greedy great-uncle over there” Rena said with a smirk

“What a sharp mouth. However, I will see it as a complement to me. In the world, is there anyone stands up to say that they don’t want money. That is human nature” Tora said

“However, that is not all. I do this to take revenge from that old man. How dare he turn my son to the police. How dare him” He slams his table and continues

“Easy, if your son didn’t do anything wrong, my grandfather wouldn’t do that. He got what he deserves”

Suddenly another gunshot echo through the place


The bullet flies pass Rena’s face and hit and steel door


There are three people standing there, hearing that one of the man tend to rush in, but the other two stop them

“He won’t harm them” a person whispers

Back into the room

“Don’t make me kill you” Tora said

“I bet you won’t. After all, I still have something you need” Rena said

“But those two beside you don’t” Tora said

“How about I kill one of them to warn you, my dear” Tora said

“You…” Rena holds her fists in angry

“Let’s see who will I choose” Tora said

“ about that butler?” he continues and points the gun at Atsuko

“Don’t you dare?” Rena tries to lean to shield in front of Atsuko

“Oh my, he is just a butler. Why did our mighty Oujo-sama so protecting him?” Tora smirks

“You know what Atsu? I heard a very interesting information that that little man behind your back and you have some kind of fishy relationship. Is it true?” he asks

“That is none of your business” Rena said

“That is my business my dear, and trust me. You do want to tell this to me or if I will kill him, right now” Tora said

“If you kill him, you get nothing. I will do nothing you said even if you kill me.” Rena said

“In grandfather’s will, if I die, half of Maeda’s property and fortune will be given to charity. You get nothing” she continues in strong tone

“You…” Tora said in angry tone

He leans back while holding his hand tightly

“Keep your story, Juichi” Tora grits his teeth and said

“Seem like you know about our intention. Then feels free to do as we said. Fill this form stating that you will give all your inheritance to master Tora because you feel that you don’t have enough experience to manage the clan.” Juichi said

“After that we will go back to Maeda, and announces this.” he continues

Suddenly Juichi takes Atsuko’s arm and pulls her up

“Mizuki” Yuki and Rena call worriedly

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill him, at least for now.” Tora said

“His life will depend on you. If you do as I said, he will alive. If not, this bullet will go straight into his head” Juichi said

Rena looks at them with angry look. Then she sighs and said

“Give me the paper”

“That is a good girl” Tora said and signal one of the fake police to take the paper to Rena

“You won’t get away with this” Yuki said

“Oh you know what my dear? We actually did” Tora said

“Did you see those corpses over there? That will be the criminals in tomorrow news” he continues

Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki turn and see the three men who kidnapped Atsuko before

“Wait, we have one more criminal” Tora said

“Bring him out here.” he continues

Then the two fake police come to the room inside this room and bring out another man

“Suzuki Ichi” Rena said in surprised tone

“Yup, that is him.”

“The tomorrow news will be Suzuki Ichi after killing Maeda Toyama Miku. He cooperates with some criminals in the island and snuck into Maeda Atsuko’s ship to attacked them. He killed three brave police who on duty protecting her. Luckily, officer Ichikawa Juichi got there in time, he was able to kill all four of them and saved Maeda Atsuko, her butler Maeda Mizuki, and her sister Maeda Yuki” Tora said

“So, how does it sound?” he asks

“It is pretty good plot, but there is a problem” Rena said

“What?” Tore frowns

“Actually, the three police already knew about the plan. They just follow the wave to see who is the real culprit behind everything.” Rena said

“They even called reinforcement since they just left the island. And seem like everything worked very well according to their plan” Yuki finished

She quickly stands up and kicks Juichi at his face while taking Atsuko back behind her. At the same time, Rena turns and disables the two fake police in a blind of time.

Tora quickly takes his gun to shoot them, but a bullet suddenly hit his hand making him drop the gun. Minami kicks the door opens and shot Tora. Behind him is Jun and Mayu who is pointing the gun at Juichi. Then a lot of police come in the take control of the situation

“Surrender Maeda Tora. You are surrounded” Kai said

Suddenly the three dead men also stand up

“You? How can that be?” Tora stands up and said in surprised tone

“Sorry to disappoint you, but we are still alive, safe and sound” Jun said

“How can that be?” Juichi said

“Let’s me tell you” Minami said


In Minami’s and Atsuko’s room

“Takahashi Minami, I will give you what you gave me in that storeroom” Shin said while raising his fist to punch Minami

However, before his fist hit Minami’s face, a hand stops him. Shin is surprised when seeing Minami’s hand stops his fist. Then Minami opens his eyes. He looks at Shin and said


At the same time

In Rena’s and Jun’s room

When Toka is about to touch Rena’s face, a hand stops him. Then a strong strength yank him to turn around, and a fist hits his stomach strongly making him fall on the ground and coughs

“Don’t you dare to touch her,” Jun angrily said

“ can you?” Toka said


In Yuki’s and Mayu’s room

“What a beautiful girl. It is a waste if I just leave like this.” Naru said

“Let’s have some fun” he mumbles while raising his hand to touch Yuki’s face

Then a hand catches his hand

“Take your dirty hand out of my girlfriend, you lowlife” Mayu said in angry tone while twisting his hand making Naru kneel on the floor

“ didn’t get the sleeping pill” Naru said in surprised

Mayu looks at him and smirks

Then carefully Jun and Mayu take the two to Minami without the two fake police knowing

In Minami’s room

“What do we do with them Takamina?” Jun asks

“Uhm...they want us dead, then let’s those three report like this. Let’s see if the big puppet master is him” Minami said

“That is a good idea. Did your father’s submarines came, Takamina?” Jun asks

“He is just right under us. Just one signal he will be here in no time” Minami said

“Great. Our plan works accordingly.” Mayu said

Then Minami bends down and said

“Do as we said or you three will know your future” Minami said

“What do you get when we listen to you” Shin said

“Police protection. I know that in your mind, you also doubt that they will spare your life, right? Why don’t you trust us police? We will make sure that you three will be alive.” Minami said

Shin, Naru, and Toka look down and think. Then they look up and said

“I will”

End flashback

“How can you still awake? I saw you all drank that cup by my own eyes.” The fake police said

“That is just a little trick we always do to ran away from people who force us to drink something we don’t want” Jun said

“When we put our hands to the cup, actually we already take all the water out by a very small suction tube.” Mayu said while raising up the tube

“We already gave those three bulletproof vests. Those red thing is just color which is used for acting”

“I see. What a nice demonstration” Tora said

He doesn't show any hesitation or scare.

“You seem to be so normal as a criminal huh?” Kai sarcastically said

“Why should I? If I win, I'm a king.  If I lose, I will be in your hand. Prison? I don’t care.” Tora smirks and said

“Oh really? However, why did I see your hands are shaking? Am I getting old, so I see thing? Or Are you too old to keep your hands stop shaking?” Kai smirks and said

Tora is angry, but he can't do anything except staying silent.

“Why are you so silent? Am I right?” Kai keeps attacking.

Tora just stays silent trying his best to stay calm. Kai smirks then he turns to Minami and said

“Tell those criminal about their act, Minami, Jun, and Mayu. Remember to say it louder so that Mr. Maeda can hear”

“Yes sir” Minami, Jun, and Mayu said

“Let’s me tell everything since the gangster named Toka Isuka” Minami said

“He is not just a street gangster, but he used to be a police in a small town outskirt of Tokyo am I right, Juichi?” He turns to Juichi and asks

“How should I know? Didn't you all check his record?” Juichi said

“Don't play dumb Juichi. We already recovered the file that you deleted. You are his mentor in training to be police.” Mayu said

Juichi looks down silently.

“I can't believe you turned him from an enthusiastic police into a criminal and kill him like that” Jun said

“What did I do? And I didn't kill him. He killed himself” Juichi stubborn denies

“Toka Isuka has a wife and a daughter. They live very far from here in a very small town in Yokohama. His daughter has a heart problem and has to have a surgery in order to live. Because he is just a small police, he has no choice, but to ask you. Taking that chance, you pushed him into this path.” Minami said

“Also, don't deny that you didn't kill him. You used his family to kill him. I saw that in the camera. If I guess correctly, you would tell him that ‘If you don’t die, your family will be in your place’”

“Don't make me laugh. In the camera, he just did some crazy stuffs before killing himself” Juichi said

“Let's me show you.” Mayu said

“His first action was raising his hands scratching his head crazily. However, in a swift moment, you will see his hand clap together forming an action of asking” he continues

“His second action, he keeps hitting the wall scratching it by his nails. If you hear the sound whenever he looks up at the camera, it is the Morse code for the word S.O.S which mean help me” Jun adds

“But who need help? It will be in his last action” Minami said

“He keeps hitting his face one hand then the other. It happened in sync. However, there is one swift moment when his right hand touches his chin and then move down to the crook of his left hand. His action in sign language is ‘Daughter’. At that time, when he did that sign, he looked into the camera with pleading eyes not a crazy eye” he continues

“If you look at the video carefully. Whenever he gave out a sign, he would look at the camera. Then when you connect all these words will be ‘please help my daughter’. For your information, Toka Isuka used to work in a charity community for disability children” Minami finished

“Based on that, we did an extensive investigation with Takahashi’s top-secret agent and found out about his wife and daughter. We asked them to act like don't know anything in front of you so that you can be careless and make mistakes lie” Kai said

Juichi steps back in surprised

“That jerk. How can he” He thought

“Now, let's continue with our demonstration to the next piece. It is Suzuki Ichi” Minami said

“Juichi, correct me if I’m wrong. Mr. Tora and you planned this for a very long time since you got into police school, right?” Minami asks

“Also, there is another important piece which you killed, right? Thank to this piece that you become a trusted spy near Suzuki Ichi, right” Jun adds

“What are you saying? I don’t understand” Juichi said

“We mentioned about Maeda Toyama Miku, Maeda Hayate’s wife” Mayu said

Juichi just stays silent

“Maeda Toyama Miku is your mistress, right Mr. Tora?” Minami said

Tora is surprised with the question, but he still keeps his cool face.

“You knew about that also huh?” Tora said

“When we decided to make this trap, we already make sure that we got everything in our hands” Kai said

“Hahaha...I should have known who am I dealing with. However, she is just a greedy woman who I use to control that man Suzuki Ichi” Tora laughs loudly and said

“I knew they have an affair with each other. Then I told her to introduce Juichi to him. Juichi will tell him everything about Maeda Atsuko. I want him to mess up everything for me to easily execute my plan” he said

“I see. Juichi, why did you do this?” Minami asks

“I thought your dream is to be a good police helping everyone” he continues

Juichi looks at Minami and smirks

“Don’t make me laugh. Good police won’t get me to anywhere. Only Mr. Tora, he helped me to find my goal.” Juichi said

“Find your goal? Being a criminal huh?” Kai asks in angry tone

“Money, that is money. If I have money I can have everything I want. I remember at that time, I have a crush on a girl in police school. However, she looks down on me. Do you know what did she tell me?” Juichi asks

“She said that I’m just a butler of Takahashi. No matter how good I’m, how promising I’m. I’m still son of a butler” he continues

“Your father will be so disappointed in you” Kai said

“Tsk...that old man only knows about being loyal to Takahashi. I don’t need him” Juichi said

“I feel so disappointed. I trusted you for so long, Juichi.” Kai said in disappointed tone while shaking his head

“I have only one question” Juichi said

“What is it?” Minami asks

“Since when did you suspicious me?” Juichi asks

“I acted very careful in everything” he continues

“We want to trust you until the very end. However, your act since we arrested Suzuki Ichi make us suspicious. Then he ran away from jail. His action was so smooth leaving no trace. It makes us think there could be someone helping him. We officially investigating you was when Maeda Miku was killed.” Minami said

“Yes, though it was very careful without any trace, there still be a small evident pointing to you” Jun adds

“What is it?” Juichi asks

“Because of your habit. You strangely obsess to organize thing. Those flower pots on the table in the garden, they were reorganized.” Mayu said

“If my deduction is correct, you were the one who reorganized it” Minami said

“How did you know that those pots didn’t change before?” Juichi said

“I saw the moved trace. Plus, I asked the gardener who responsible for taking care the garden. He said that those pots are put as Mr. Hayate order. He doesn’t want those pots to line up in a line but follow the zig zag order.” Minami said

“I see. Just a little habit” Juichi laughs bitterly and said

“Ichikawa Juichi, Maeda Tora, you are under arrest for kidnaping, and murdering.” Kai said

Then he turns to the three kidnappers

“You are under arrest for kidnapping Maeda Mizuki”

The police come and hand cup them all. When the police take Shin, Toka, and Naru out, Toka said

“I know I’m a disgusting person, a criminal. However, you two are despicable. You no better than me Maeda Tora, a worm of Maeda”


That is chapter 28. Hope you guys enjoy reading it 
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 29 29/07/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 29  XD

Chapter 29

In early morning

In Takahashi mansion

The black car takes Atsuko, Minami, Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu back to Takahashi mansion. It has been a long night for them all because they had to stay at the police department for the case. Finally, everything is done at 8:00 a.m., so they can go back and rest.

They tiredly walk into the house.

“ is so tiring. I have to go back and sleep until night” Jun sketches his arms and said

“Yes, this is really tiring” Rena caressing her temples and said

“Are you tired, Rena?” Jun worriedly asks

“Uh” Rena nods

“How about a hot tea?” Jun asks while massaging her shoulders

“That sound good, but you are tired, right? You need to rest” Rena said

“Nah...I’m fine. Making you happy will regain my power” Jun said while smiling

“Thank you, Jun” Rena kisses Jun’s cheek and said

“Aww!! So sweet since early morning. Sorry but I really don't need sweet, right now” Mayu walk in and said teasingly

“So what? Are you jealous of us” Jun smirks

“Why would I? I already have my Yuki, right here.” Mayu said while pulling Yuki to his arms

“Ok, ok, cut it out, you guys. Don’t you feel tired. You still have power to teasing each other huh?” Minami walks in with Atsuko sleeping in his arms and said

“Well yeah.” Jun and Mayu playfully said and  shrugs

“She is still asleep huh?” Rena asks

“Uh, I guess she is still very tired.” Minami said and looks at Atsuko's sleeping face

“I will take her to her room now.” he continues

“Thank you Takamina” Yuki said

“I'm her boyfriend after all, right?” Minami smiles and said

Then he walks upstairs to Atsuko’s room

Back to downstairs

“Ahh...I need some coffee, right now” Yuki said while walking to the kitchen

“Let’s me make some for you” Mayu said

“It is ok. I can do it. You are tired. You should go to sleep” Yuki said

“No, I’m fine. I can do everything for my Yuki” Mayu smiles and said

“Aww!! Thank you Mayu, you are so sweet” Yuki pinches Mayu’s cheeks and said

Then the four walks into the kitchen together.

In Atsuko’s room

Minami gently puts Atsuko down and pulls the blanket to cover her. He sits down and looks at Atsuko’s peaceful face

“It has been a very long night for you” He whispers

Then he leans down and kisses Atsuko’s forehead

“Goodnight my love” he whispers

Then Minami leaves Atsuko’s room and goes back to his room to rest.

In the afternoon

Atsuko wakes up from a long and deep sleep. She sits up and sketches her arms

“What a good sleep” she thought happily

After preparing everything, Atsuko leaves the room. She comes to the dining room and sees everyone is here.

“Atsuko, you are up” Minami stands up and said

“Minami, you can call me that in here?” Atsuko asks in confused

“Don’t worry Atsuko. I asked my dad to call Keiko-san back to Takahashi house. There are only us in this house. Therefore, I don't have to distance myself all the time. I can be close to my lovely girlfriend anytime” Minami said and pinches Atsuko's cheeks

“I see” Atsuko smiles and said

“How is your sleep, Acchan?” Rena asks while putting food on Atsuko's table

“Very good. Thank you Rena-neechan”

“The incident last night didn’t scare you, right?” Yuki worriedly asks

“Uh-uh. I’m fine. I know Minami and everyone will protect me” Atsuko smiles widely and said

“Of course, I will protect my Atsuko no matter what” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“Hey, hey, stop being so sweet here” Jun and Mayu said

“I’m just being sweet with my lovely girlfriend” Minami smiles and said

“By the way Acchan, do you want to go somewhere today?” Rena asks

“I want to visit grandpa’s grave. I didn’t have a chance to come there since his funeral” Atsuko sadly said

“I’m sorry about that time, Atsuko” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“It’s ok, Minami. I know everyone did that to protect me” Atsuko said

"In addition, I also want to visit my parents grave. Though I'm their daughter, I never once visit their graves. I always want to visit them." she continues with serious tone

"Ok, we will visit them also. Don't be sad" Minami pats Atsuko's head and said gently

He knows Atsuko is very sad. She had to live in the island isolating from everything for over 15 years.

"Where else do you want to go, Atsuko? Do you want to go somewhere to play like park or zoo?" He asks

Minami wants to take her to somewhere to play to cheer her up.

"Uh-uh, I want to go back to my house after that.” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“You want to go back there?” Rena and Yuki ask in usion with surprised tone

Their tone also surprises Minami, Jun, and Mayu

“Uh, what’s wrong?” Atsuko asks in confused when hearing their tone

"Yea, what's wrong, Rena, Yuki? I think it is normal." Jun said

"Uh, I think so too" Mayu said

“Uhm...nothing. We are just surprised." Yuki shakes her head and said

"Uh, we are just surprised. Why do you want to go back there, Acchan?” Rena looks at Atsuko and asks

“I just want to go back to my house. I don’t know why I can’t remember anything, the time I spent with mommy daddy, everything. It is like my memories went blank. I know grandpa took me to the island when I was just 5, but at least, I have to remember something” Atsuko said

“I see. Ok, we will go there after visiting grandfather, mother, and father” Yuki and Rena said

Minami looks at them and notices that their worried look at Atsuko. It makes he feels something strange

"Why they don't want Atsuko to go back there? Is it because of that tragic incident? Is it somehow involve Atsuko?" he thought

After they eat their lunch, they all leave the house to the Maeda cemetery. Atsuko puts the flowers on Ryuu’s grave. Then she kneel down on the ground.

“Grandpa, Atsu come to visit you. I'm sorry I didn't come here earlier.” Atsuko said in tear

“Grandpa, Atsu miss you. About 2 more weeks is my birthday. However, it won't be like the old day anymore. Grandpa is not here celebrating with Atsu” Atsuko cries and said

“Ssh...don't cry Atsuko. Mr. Ryuu will be sad if he sees you like this” Minami bends down and said

“Remember what I said in the island? He will be over there watching over you, like you parents and Mr. Matsumoto. If they sees you like this, they will be sad” He continues while wiping Atsuko's tear

“I'm sorry Minami” Atsuko said

“Baka, don't say sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. Just don't cry ok. I know what your grandpa wants the most is your smile. I also want to see your smile” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods and smiles at Minami

“Good” Minami pats Atsuko's head and gently said

Then he turns to Ryuu's and Atsuko’s parents grave and said sincerely

“Grandpa, please allow me to call you that. My name is Takahashi Minami, and I'm Atsuko's boyfriend. I promise that I will always love her and protect her from everything.” 

“Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles happily

“I love you, Minami. Thank you” She hugs him and said

Minami smiles and said

“I love you too”

"Now let's go visit your parents grave. I also have to meet my parents in law, right?" Minami said

Atsuko blushes at Minami's words

After visiting Ryuu’s and Atsuko’s parents grave, they go straight to Atsuko’s parents’ house. After about 1 and half hour, they reach the mansion. Though it has been abandoned for almost 15 years, the outside still looks very new, and flawless.

“Wow the house look so new and beautiful” Mayu said

“Yes, it is not like the house that is abandoned for over 15 years” Jun said

“That is because grandfather always orders people to take care of father’s house.” Yuki said

“Yes, he wants this house to always look new and flawless. He doesn’t want father Heiji’s house to look abandoned. You can say this is his regret. He wants it to look always new like father Heiji and mother Nami were still there” Rena said

“I see” Jun and Mayu said

“Grandpa loves your parents a lot, right Atsuko” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods happily

The car stops in the front door, and Atsuko steps out with the rest, except Jun because he is the driver. Atsuko walks toward the keyboard that is mounted to the wall.

“Acchan, do you remember the password grandfather told you?” Rena asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

She opens the board and types the passcode. Then Atsuko presses her thumb on the board for identifying her identity. The process is similar to the process in secret in the island except for eyes identification.

After her identity is verified, the gate slowly opens. Then they walk into the house while Jun driving into it first and parks near the fountain.

Atsuko looks at the European style mansion. Then she shifts her look to the scenery around her. It is so familiar to Atsuko, but she can’t remember any of her childhood memory here. Her eyes then stop at a swing under a sakura tree. She feels so familiar to it.

Atsuko slowly walks toward the swing. Seeing that, Minami and the rest also follow her. Atsuko slowly touches the swing.

Suddenly something flashes back in her head. Atsuko can see her in her younger childhood. She is sitting on the swing. Her father is pushing the swing for her while her mother is looking at her while smiling gently


Little Atsuko is sitting on the swing while her father is standing behind and pushing it

“Mommy, Atsu is flying” little Atsuko looks at her mother and said in happy tone

Her mother looks at her and smiles gently

“Daddy, Atsu wants to fly higher” little Atsuko said in happy tone

“Ok my princess” her father said and pushes her higher

“Be careful not to fall, Atsu. Honey don’t push the swing too strong” her mother said

End flashback

The flashback makes Atsuko smiles. She touches the swing and thought

“Is that my childhood memory”

Seeing Atsuko’s smile while looking at the swing, Minami comes and asks

“Atsuko, did you remember something?”

“Uh, I think I remember something, Minami. I feel so warm when remembering that.” Atsuko said while sitting on the swing

“My parents, their voice, I think I can hear it. I can see their smile. It is so warm” Atsuko closes her eyes and said

“Is that so. I’m happy” Minami smiles and said

“Do you want me to push the swing for you?” he asks

“Uh” Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles happily

Then Minami walks to the swing and pushes. Atsuko smiles happily when the swing moves higher and higher

“This is so fun, Minami” Atsuko laughs happily

“Higher Minami, higher” she said

“Ok, hold on tight Atsuko” Minami said

Then he pushes her higher and higher

“Yay!!! Yay!!” Atsuko said

Rena and Yuki stand there and smile when seeing Atsuko’s happy face.

“I hope she won’t remember that” Rena whispers

“Me too” Yuki said

Jun and Mayu hear something. They turn and look at their girlfriend

“What did you say, Rena?” Jun asks

“Uh, we heard something” Mayu nods and said

“Uh-uh, nothing” Rena shakes her head and said

“Uh, we didn’t say anything” Yuki said

They still don’t want to mention that tragic incident.

After playing for awhile, they go into the house. However, when they just step into the doorstep, Atsuko suddenly stops. Minami, Rena, and Yuki turn around and look

“What’s wrong, Atsuko?” Minami walks toward her and asks

Atsuko just stands there and says nothing to Minami. There is something flashing back in her head

“Mommy... Daddy…where are you? Atsu is scared”

She just sees herself walking inside the house while crying.


Her voice still echoing in her head, the scared and frighten voice

Seeing Atsuko silent, Minami calls her again while holding her hand


“Atsuko, why is your hand so cold?” Minami asks in surprised when feeling Atsuko’s cold hand

His call snaps Atsuko out of her thought. She turns and looks at Minami. Minami can see lost in her eyes.

“Acchan, are you ok?” Rena walks to them and asks worriedly

“Are you tired? How about we go back to Takahashi mansion” Yuki adds

Rena and Yuki have a feeling that somewhat Atsuko felt something when getting near the house. Therefore, they want Atsuko to go leave.

“No, I’m fine. I want to stay here” Atsuko said

Rena and Yuki look at each other deciding if they should tell Atsuko about what happened that year. Atsuko actually doesn’t know the real reason why her parents passed away. Her grandpa just told her that they passed away because of car accident. Then they nod at each other.

“Acchan, we are sorry. There is something that we haven’t told you about mother Nami and father Heiji” Rena said

“The truth is…”

“I know. My parents were killed in this house, and I were in there at that time, right?” cutting Yuki’s words, Atsuko said

Rena and Yuki looks at each other with surprised look. Minami, Jun, and Mayu are also very surprised. They just knew about the incident. They never know about Atsuko was also in the house at that time.

“You knew about that, Acchan?” Yuki asks in surprised tone

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Since when, Acchan?”  Rena asks

“Few months ago, I overheard your conversation with grandpa.” Atsuko said

“At that time, I was really shocked. However, I knew grandpa, you, and Yuki-neechan worry about me. Therefore, I acted like I don't know. I don't want everyone to worry about me” she continues

“Acchan” Yuki and Rena call her in surprised

“I also know that I could be the witness of my parents’ case. That's one of the reasons I want to come back here except for finding my childhood memories with my parents” Atsuko said

“But Acchan, at that time, you were just a child. I think you don't need to remember that painful memories. When grandfather took you to the island, you were sick for a month” Rena said

“Rena-neechan, I'm all grown up now. I want to know the truth. If I'm really a witness, I want to know who killed my parents”’ Atsuko seriously said

Then she walks to the door. However, Minami steps up and blocks her way

“Minami?” Atsuko calls him in surprised

“I won't let you go in, Atsuko” Minami seriously said

“Why, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I don't want you to get hurt. Grandpa, Rena, and Yuki hid this truth from you because they are afraid that you will be hurt by that memories. I don't want you to remember.” Minami said

“But Minami, I really want to know who killed my parents. You are police, you also want to arrest the culprit, right?” Atsuko said

“Yes, I'm a police. I of course really want to catch that culprit. However, there is another very important thing. I'm your boyfriend. I have to protect the girl I love. I know this is selfish, but that is what my heart told me. About the culprit, I will definitely catch that person no matter what” Minami seriously said

“You know right after we saved you from those kidnappers, you got a nightmare about your parents. At that time, I saw how scared and frightened you are. You kept calling your parents while shaking. Looking at you, my heart hurt. I don't know how to comfort you except telling you I'm here, will protect you. I don't want you to experience that ever again”’ he continues in determined tone

“Minami” Atsuko thought in surprised

“Minami, I know you worry about me, and I'm very happy about that. However, Minami, this is a part of my past. I want to remember that. I believe this is the only way I can get over it. I want to face it both for my parents and me. I want to know the culprit” Atsuko said while holding Minami's hands

She looks at him with strong eyes. Minami looks at Atsuko's eyes. His eyes turn gentle. He caresses Atsuko's face and gently said

“If that is what you want, Atsuko. Please remember this, I will always be by your side no matter what.”

Then he smiles at her. Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles. She holds his hand and said

“Please face this memory with me, Minami”

“Of course, my love. I'll always be by your side no matter what” Minami smiles gently and said

Then he holds her hand and said

“Let's go, Atsuko”

“Uh” Atsuko nods

She raises her hand and opens the big door. Atsuko looks at Minami. Minami smiles at her and nods. Then she takes a deep breath and slowly walks in with Minami.

Atsuko looks around the house. She feels so familiar with the house. Atsuko looks at the big European style staircase in the middle of the house.

Suddenly another memory flashes in her head. Atsuko sees she when she was little. She was rushing down the staircase, and Yuki was chasing after her

“Yuki-neechan, catch me”

“Acchan, wait for me”

“Don't run like that. It is dangerous, Acchan”

Atsuko smiles and walks toward the staircase. Their laughter is still echoing in her head. Seeing Atsuko relaxed face, Minami sighs in relief. Rena and Yuki follow them from behind also smiles in their mind when seeing Atsuko's face.

However, suddenly Atsuko drops down on her knees while holding her head. Quickly Minami bends down and asks in worry tone

“What's wrong, Atsuko?”

Rena and Yuki also rush toward Atsuko together with Jun and Mayu. Rena and Yuki also bend down and asks

“Are you ok, Acchan?”

However, Atsuko can't hear anything. Her head is aching with all the memories flashing in her head.

“Atsu, stay here.”

“Shh...little miss, stay silent and don't come out”

“Mommy.. daddy”

“Die… die...die”


“Aahhhh” Atsuko screams in pain and then faints because of overwhelming.

The memories of the incident in the past is too much for her to endure.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami catches Atsuko in his arms and calls her worriedly

“Quick take her back to her room” Rena said

“Ok” Minami nods

Then he quickly carries Atsuko bridal style up to her room.

In Atsuko's room

He puts her down on her bed and covers her with a blanket. Minami takes out his handkerchief and wipes Atsuko's sweat on her face.

“Rena, Yuki, can you two tell me about what was happened that day except what the police knew” Minami asks still holding Atsuko's hand

“Ok, however we also didn't know much.” Rena said

“That is an early morning. Grandfather came to father Heiji’s house to visit them after his long business trip.” Yuki said


The black limousine takes Ryuu toward the gate of the mansion. Ryuu looks at the screen which is connected with the camera in front of the car.

Everything seems to pretty normal to him. He types the password opening the door. Then the car slowly goes into the yard. After the driver parks the car, Ryuu steps out. He goes to the door and rings the bell. However, no one answers the door. Then Ryuu rings the bell again

“Heiji open the door” He calls Heiji and knocks the door

Suddenly Ryuu sees the door slowly opens by his knock. Feeling weird, Ryuu turns to Yuji and said

“Yuji, call Kai quick”

“Yes sir” Yuji said

Then Ryuu pushes the door open

“Master, let’s me go first. Be careful of dangerous” Yuji said

“It is fine, just call Kai for me” Ryuu said

He slowly opens the door and the first thing he saw is Ken’s body. He is lying motionless on the floor with blood all over his body.

“Ken-nii” Yuji shouts and rushes in

Ryuu’s heart beats faster when he saw Ken. His son, his daughter-in-law, and especially, his most precious granddaughter, what is happened. Suddenly he hears a crying sound. It is coming from the family room.

Ryuu quickly rushes there. He opens the door and sees a horrific scene. Atsuko is kneeling on the floor while shaking her mother’s and father’s body. Their body is covered with a lot of blood

“Mommy...daddy… please wake up. Mommy daddy” Atsuko cries loudly while shaking them

Ryuu can hear that Atsuko’s voice is cracking and shaking. This make his heart tighten when seeing that. He holds his chest tightly because of pain. However, he tells himself he has to be strong. He has to protect his granddaughter from whoever did this terrible thing.

Then Ryuu quickly comes and hugs Atsuko in his arm. Then he immediately goes out of the room. He doesn’t want Atsuko to see the scenery anymore. However, Atsuko cries loudly when she is taken out of her parents

“Mommy…. Daddy…. Mommy… Daddy” she calls them in tear while struggling

“Sshh….Atsu, grandpa is here” Ryuu gently said while patting her back

“Grandpa… Daddy...mommy...Atsu wants daddy mommy” Atsuko cries loudly while looking at her grandfather

“Don’t cry my baby. Grandpa is here. Everything will be fine” Ryuu said trying to calm Atsuko down

However, Atsuko still cries a lot.

“Atsu want mommy daddy… mommy daddy” Atsuko cries on Ryuu’s shoulder

She wants to get down and run to her parents, but Ryuu hugs her tightly in his arms

“Sir, what’s wrong?” Seeing Ryuu and Atsuko, Yuji rushes to him and asks

“Did you call Kai?” Ryuu asks

“I did. Master Kai will come here shortly” Yuji said

“Grandpa, Atsu wants mommy. Atsu wants daddy” Atsuko keeps crying in Ryuu’s arms

“Atsu, my little Atsu” Ryuu looks at his granddaughter in tear

“Grandpa won’t let anyone harm you.” he thought

After awhile, Atsuko fell in sleep because of tiredness. She sleeps on Ryuu’s shoulder with tear still on her face. Sometime, she will unconsciously call her parents in tear

“Yuji, prepare the plane. We will get back to the island right after Kai come here. Plus, don’t let this information about my visiting here and Atsuko leak out” Ryuu said

“Yes sir” Yuji said

End flashback

“After uncle Kai came, grandpa entrusted everything to him and brought Atsuko to the island” Rena said

“I see. That must be very painful” Jun said

“Uh, I can feel her pain when grandpa took her there” Rena said

“Yes, very painful” Yuki said and wipes her tear

“For almost a month, all she does was crying and calling her parents. She refused to eat anything we gave her or grandpa gave her. Even if we can force her to eat, she would throw up eventually.” Rena said

“At the time, the only thing keeps her life is the vitamin that is injected to her when she was sleeping because the tiredness from crying.” Yuki adds

“Then one day, she got a very heavy fever. The fever almost takes her life away. Grandpa was very worry. Luckily, she recovered from it. However, after that, she can’t remember anything. To grandfather and us, we think that is a very fortunate when she forgot everything. We don’t want to see our dear family suffer since she was just 5 years old” Rena said

“Uh, taking that chance, grandpa lied to her about her parents because he doesn’t want Acchan to remember anything about that tragic day. He wants her to live a happy life with no worry” Rena said

“Though sometimes she still got nightmare about that day, she still doesn’t remember anything. We are happy about that. However, now she wants to remember it. We don’t want that memory haunt her again” Yuki worriedly said

“Don’t worry” Minami suddenly speaks up

Everyone looks at Minami with surprised look

All this time, Minami listens to Rena and Yuki very serious. He wants to know about the thing that haunt Atsuko every night until now. Now he knows. He knows how painful Atsuko has been through

“Don’t worry, I believe Atsuko will get over it. She is a strong girl. She is stronger than we thought” Minami smiles and said

“Plus, I will always be with her no matter what” he continues in serious tone

Rena and Yuki look at Minami and smile

“Thank you, Takamina. We are glad to meet you guys” Rena and Yuki said

After talking for awhile, Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu leave the room and go back to their perspective room to rest.

Minami turns and looks at Atsuko. He leans down and kisses her forehead gently

“Don’t worry Atsuko. I will always be with you” Minami whispers

Then he lies down next to Atsuko and hugs her tightly in his arms. He knows Atsuko will feel safe if he does this

“Goodnight, my love” Minam whispers and pulls her closes into his arm


Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She looks around and sees that she is standing in a big mansion.

“This is my house” Atsuko thought while looking around

Suddenly she hears the sound of someone crying. Atsuko turns and sees her when she was little walking down the stair while crying

“Mommy… mommy...Atsu is scared”

Suddenly someone grabs her from behind and pulls her under the stair. Atsuko rushes to follow them. She sees the man genlty puts Atsuko on the floor and said

“Sshh...little miss, don’t cry. Uncle Ken is here”

“Uncle Ken?” Atsuko whispers in confused

“Little miss, I want you to stay here and don’t go anywhere. I will go and look for master and mistress, ok” Ken said

Little Atsuko looks at him and nods. However, when he just gets to the stair, the front door suddenly burst opens. Atsuko turns around and sees a man standing in front of her with a gun in his hand. Strangely, Atsuko can’t see his face.

“Want to go somewhere?”

Then suddenly a loud gunshot echoes through the place. Atsuko bends down and covers her ears in terrified.

When Atsuko opens her eyes again, she sees a different scenery. That is her garden. A very beautiful place. Then she sees her parents walking toward her with a gentle smile.

Atsuko smiles widely and rushes toward them. Suddenly, she hears gunshots again. Atsuko widens her eyes while her hands covering her mouth from terrified. She sees blood dripping down from her parent's’ chest.

“Atsu” they whisper and slowly drop down

Behind them Atsuko sees the man again. However, she still can’t see who that man is. He smirks and raises his gun at Atsuko. Suddenly she sees a lot of the men surrounding her. Atsuko bends down and holds her head because of scared.

“Mommy, daddy, grandpa, Yuki-neechan, Rena-neechan” Atsuko calls her family

“I’m sacred… I’m scared” she whispers in scare

Suddenly something flashes in her head

“I will always be by your side no matter what. Let's face your past together”

“Minami” she whispers Minami’s name

Suddenly Atsuko feels warm arms wrap around her and a whispering

“I will protect you, my love”

Atsuko opens her eyes and sees the darkness slowly disappear. She looks around the place and feels the warm sun. In front of Atsuko, she sees Minami is standing there while sketching his arms waiting for her

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

“Minami” Atsuko smiles happily and rushes to Minami.

She hugs him tightly and buries her face on his chest


Atsuko slowly opens her eyes feeling the warm arms wrapping around her. She realizes that she is sleeping in someone embrace, and she knows very well who is it. She will always realize the comfortable and safe that Minami gives her.

Atsuko looks up and smiles at Minami’s sleeping face. She caresses his face and whispers

“Thank you, Minami”

Then she closes her eyes and buries her face on his chest again going back to sleep


That is chapter 29. Hope you guys enjoy reading it   :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 30 05/08/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 30  XD

Chapter 30: Another Attack

In the morning

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. The first thing she sees is a pair of gentle eyes looking at her. Minami smiles gently at her

“You are awake, baby” he gently said while caressing Atsuko's face

Atsuko smiles at Minami and nods

“Good morning Minami” She said in happy tone

“Good morning, Atsuko” Minami kisses Atsuko's forehead and said gently

“How do you feel now, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“I'm fine, Minami. It's all thank to you” Atsuko smiles at Minami and said

“Actually, last night, I got that nightmare again. I was so scared because I was all alone in that darkness. I saw that person killed uncle Ken, then my parents. Blood, blood all over the place. After that, I saw him, a lot of that person surrounding me. I was so scared” she continues in shaky tone

“Atsuko” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and pats her back to comfort her

“Don't worry, Minami. As I said I'm fine.” Atsuko looks up at Minami and said while smiling

“When I was so scared and couldn’t do anything, I suddenly hear your words echo in my head. ‘Atsuko, I will always be with you and protect you’. I feel so warm with those words. It gave me strength to get over everything. Because you are always there for me, I can get over that fear” she whispers while caressing Minami's face.

“I'm glad” Minami whispers

“However, …” Atsuko looks down sadly

“What's it my love?” Minami asks

“I still can't remember what really happened that day. I can't remember the face of that person. I saw him, I saw him, but I can’t see his face” Atsuko sadly said

“Sshhh… it's ok, Atsuko. Don't rush. Just take your time ok. I promise I will find that culprit and revenge for your parents” Minami pats Atsuko's head and said in gentle tone

Atsuko smiles at Minami. She kisses his lips and said

“Thank you, Minami. I love you”

“You're very welcome, my love” Minami pinches Atsuko's nose and said

“Now, let's get up and take a walk ok” Minami gently said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles happily and said

In the garden

Atsuko and Minami are walking together while holding each other's hand tightly. She takes a deep breath and smiles happily. Minami sees Atsuko is smiling happily

“You look very happy, Atsuko” Minami asks

“Uh. Today, I’m very happy, really, really happy” Atsuko nods

“What's it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“It's a secret” Atsuko winks at Minami and said

“Tell me” Minami said while hugging Atsuko waist.

“No way” Atsuko pushes him out and runs away

“You little, I won't let you run away until you tell me” Minami said and chases after Atsuko

“Then catch me sir” Atsuko mischievously said

Minami smiles and chases after Atsuko around the garden. They run around while laughing happily. The whole garden once fell on deadly silent now is brighten up with laughter.
Then Minami hugs Atsuko from behind and said

“Caught you”

“Let's go off me, sir” Atsuko struggles and said

“No, you are under arrest for teasing me” Minami tightens his hug and said

“Now tell me” he continues

“No way” Atsuko said giggling while turning away to push Minami away.

“You won't get away, baby” Minami catches Atsuko hands and pulls her back into his arms

Suddenly Atsuko kicks Minami's leg and gets away from him. Atsuko runs far away from him. Then she turns around and said in happy tone

“You can't catch me, Minami”

However, she stops smiling when seeing Minami sits on the ground while hugging his leg. His face shows a painful expression. Feeling worry, Atsuko rushes back. She bends down next to him and asks in worried tone

“Are you ok, Minami?”

“Are you hurt? I'm sorry. I didn't mean. I thought it is just a light kick” Atsuko said while checking on Minami's leg

Minami looks at Atsuko while smiling. Actually, he didn't get hurt because of Atsuko's kick at all. He just wants to tease Atsuko, and he is very happy when seeing how carry Atsuko toward him.

“Minami, are you hurt?” Atsuko looks up at Minami and asks him again

Seeing Minami just stays silent looking at her, Atsuko said

“I’m so…”

However, hasn’t finished her words, Minami leans and kisses Atsuko lips deeply stopping all her words. Then he pushes her down on the grass while pinning Atsuko’s hands. Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look while Minami smiling at her his mischievous smile

“Got you, baby” he said

Atsuko now realizes what just happened, she looks at Minami and pouts

“You tricked me, cheater” she said in pouting tone

Minami looks at Atsuko and laughs loudly

“Just how cute you are, Atsuko.” He said

“Now, since I caught you, tell me the reason of your happy” Minami said

“No can’t do sir” Atsuko mischievously said

“Yes, you do have to tell me.” Minami said

“If not, I will make you” he continues and starts tickling Atsuko

“Hahaha… stop it, stop it, Minami” Atsuko laughs loudly and said while trying to push Minami out

“No, not until you tell me” Minami laughs and said

Their laughter echoes all over the garden. Because they are playing happily together, they didn't notice there are four people standing there watching them happily


At the doorstep of the backyard

Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu are standing there looking at the two who are playing like little children in the yard. Rena is rounding her arm on Jun while leaning her head on his shoulder, and Yuki is also leaning her head on Mayu’s shoulder while holding Yuki's hand.

Yuki and Rena smile happily while looking at Atsuko's happy face. Her face shows that she finally got over the fear of the past

“We seem like some kind of old people who watching grandchildren playing” Jun jokily said

Then the four laughs loudly

Suddenly they hear a cough behind them


The four turns around and widen their eyes when seeing Kai. Behind him is an old man in suits with a cane in his hand

“U...uncle Kai, grandfather Takashi” Jun stuttering while bowing at them

“Hello uncle Kai, grandfather Takashi” Mayu bows and said

“Grandfather?” Rena and Yuki look at Jun and Mayu with confused look

“Grandfather Takashi is Takamina’s grandfather” Jun and Mayu lean and whisper to Rena and Yuki

Yuki and Rena widen their eyes in surprised. They quickly turn to look at two people who are still happily playing.

“Tell me, tell me” Minami said

“No way, no way”

“That idot” Jun thought

Then Kai and Takashi walk toward them. Doesn’t know what to do, Mayu calls loudly


Minami turns around. His smile quickly disappears when seeing his father and his grandfather. He quickly stands up, and bows at them. Atsuko also quickly stands up when seeing those two. She hides behind Minami because of scared

“D…, grandpa” Minami stutters

“Don't misunderstood us dad, grandpa. We were just training together, right Mizuki?” he continues and looks at Atsuko

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Luckily, Atsuko is still in Mizuki disguise.” Minami looks at Atsuko and thought

Kai looks at Minami then Atsuko behind him. After that he said

“Go back to the house”

“Yes dad” Minami said

Then they all go into the house

In the family room

Kai and Takashi are sitting on the sofa while Minami and Atsuko are standing in front of them. Behind Minami and Atsuko are Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu.

“So you are training with Mizuki, huh Minami?” Kai asks

“Yes dad” Minami said

“Since Mizuki is Acchan’s butler. I want to train some martial arts for him so that he can defend himself and protect Acchan” Minami said

He puts his hand behind his back signaling Jun and Mayu to help him

“That is right uncle. This mission is very dangerous sometime. More people know how to fight, more safe, right Mayu?” Jun said and turns to Mayu

“U...uh” Mayu nods

“Really? Why did we see it different?” Kai said

“W...what do you mean dad?” Minami stutters

“When we walked in, we saw you two look like a couple playing with each other” Takashi said

Minami and Atsuko blush when hearing that.

“W...w...what are you saying grandpa? That is impossible” Minami quickly denies while stuttering

“Really? But that is really what we saw” Kai said

“O...of course not. How can I with Mizuki? That is not possible. He is a guy like me. How can there be something between us? Right guys?” Minami said and smiles awkwardly 

“Uh..uh” Jun and Mayu nods

“Really? So there is nothing between you and Acchan, huh?” Kai asks

“Yes, there is nothing between me and A…” Minami pauses

He and Atsuko look at Kai with surprised look. Jun and Mayu are also very surprised

“Dad, what did you just say?” Minami asks

“Your father said is there nothing between you and little Atsu” Takashi said

“Atsu? Atsuko?” Minami mumbles

Then he looks at his father and grandfather with surprised look

“You mean you know?” Minami asks

“Wait does that mean uncle Kai and grandfather Takashi” Jun said

“Knew about Acchan’s real identity” Mayu finishes

Suddenly Kai and Takashi laugh loudly. Rena and Yuki also laugh loudly. This make Minami, Atsuko, Jun, and Mayu super confuse. They look at them with confused face.

“Can someone tell us what we didn't know?” Jun said

“Yes, we are like completely lost” Mayu said

“Your question about Acchan’s identity. Yes, uncle Kai knew about mine and Acchan’s real identity” Rena said

“Uh, he knew it a long time ago” Yuki adds

“Dad, you knew. Grandpa also?” Minami said in surprised tone

“Of course. Who am I? I'm Ryuu's best friend after all. I know everything about Maeda” Takashi said

“And I'm his most trusted police. Plus, Heiji’s best friend” Kai said

“How can I not know about Heiji’s daughter? I watched you grow up, Acchan” He pats Atsuko's head and said

“You knew me that long, uhm…” Atsuko doesn't how to call Minami’s grandfather

“Call me grandpa like Minami” Takashi said

“Grandpa” Atsuko calls

“Good” Takashi pats Atsuko's head and said

“Yes, grandpa is very happy to see you again, little Atsu” he continues

“Also Minami, I have one more interesting thing to tell you” Kai turns to Minami and said

“What is it, dad? Minami asks

“Actually you met Acchan before” Kai said

“I did?” Minami asks in confused tone

“Uh, a couple of time. You even hug Atsuko in your arms” Takashi adds

This makes both Minami and Atsuko blush

“W...when is it, grandpa?” Minami asks

“When Acchan was born, you hugged Acchan in your arms” Kai said

“I still remember what you said when you hugged her. When little Atsu smiled at you, you said ‘Minami wants to marry auntie's baby’.” Takashi said and laughs loudly

His words make Minami and Atsuko blush again.

“I did say that? Why didn't I remember anything” Minami said

“That time you are still a kid. Of course, you don't remember that” Kai said

“So now answer my question, Minami” he continues

“Your question?” Minami asks in confused

“Is there anything between you and Acchan?” Kai said

“Atsuko is my girlfriend” Minami hugs Atsuko's shoulder and proudly said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him shyly

Kai and Takashi look at each other and smiles happily

“We knew it.” Takashi said

“I can't believe. Just one mission, our Minami solved problem about his gender” Kai teases Minami

“Dad, I'm a man, a real man” Minami said while blushing

“I don't know. Maybe Acchan will know” Kai said and winks at them

Hearing that, Atsuko blushes madly. She looks down shyly and doesn't know what to say

“Dad, stop teasing my Atsuko” Minami said

“Oh my! My Atsuko” Takashi said and laughs loudly

“Anyhow, congratulations you two” Kai said

“By the way, I assume that Rena-chan is with Jun, right?” Takashi said

“Of course, dad, look at them, they stick like glue” Kai teases

Their words make Rena and Jun blush shyly

“So, one mission, our three musketeers finally found their princesses.” Kai said

“That is fate” Takashi said and laughs happily

“Congratulation all of you” Takashi and Kai said

“Thank you, uncle Kai, grandfather Takashi” They said

“Thank you, dad, grandpa” Minami said

“Thank you, uncle Kai, grandpa” Atsuko said

“Ok, now back to business” Kai said

His voice turns into serious tone

“What's it, dad?” Minami asks

“I know you two are a couple, and you two want to be close with each other. However, remember Acchan is now still in Mizuki disguise. Plus, maybe there is another party want to investigate. Don't be careless. I believe there is more than just Maeda Tora” Kai said

“I understand dad. I'll be more careful” Minami said

“I'm sorry for my careless” he continues

“It's ok. I understand you want to be with the one you love” Kai pats Minami's head and said

“Uh, waiting for this to over, we will talk about your marriage. It has been about 15 years of neglecting.” Takashi said

“15 years?” Atsuko said in confused

“What is it, grandpa?” Minami asks

“I forgot to mention, Takamina, do you remember your 10th birthday after the party you asked me and your mother about a cute little girl?” Kai asks

“Yes, I'm” Minami nods

“That little girl is standing next to you, right now” Takashi said

Minami widens his eyes in surprised.

“Grandpa, Dad, you mean Atsuko is that little girl?” Minami asks

“Uh, that day, we planned on announcing your engagement with her at your birthday, but because of Heiji's sudden business, we had to postpone it.” Kai said

“Engagement?” Minami said in surprised tone

“Uh. Atsuko's father and I are friends, so we want our child to be close to each other” Kai said

“So that's why my 10th birthday, you celebrated in Japan, right?” Minami asks

“Uh. Though we are best friend with each other, at those time, we rarely meet each other. One reason is because at that time, I lived in Los Angel Les for police business. Plus, Heiji was very busy in Europe and Japan. After almost 5 years, we finally got together and talked about engaging you two” Kai said

“When you asked your parents and I about a little girl who based on your description is little Atsu, we were very surprised because Heiji dropped by very quick” Takashi said

“We planned on telling you, but then we decided to introduce her in your engagement day. However, the next day, we received the worse news. Acchan’s parents were murdered.” Kai said

“Because Acchan's information has to keep secret, so I decided not to say anything about her”

“I see” Minami said

“By the way, why did you and grandpa come here?” He asks

“We came here to visit you kids. Plus, I came here to talk to you about Tora.” Kai said

“There is something weird in his testimony” he continues

“What's it, dad?” Minami asks

“He admits that he planned the attack on the street near the mansion, at the cemetery, but he denied the attack at Maeda alter” Kai said

“He denied that?” Jun asks

“Uh, he said he didn't do that” Kai nods

“Why did he deny that? If he already admitted the murder plan, denying one or two things doesn't get him anywhere” Mayu said

“Uh” Kai nods

“Dad, how about the plane explosion case of Mr. Matsumoto?” Minami asks

“Both Tora and Juichiro said that they don't know anything about that.” Kai said

“Weird, then who planned the attack at the altar, and who killed sensei Yuji?” Rena said

“Is there really another party who want to harm Achan?” Yuki said in wonder tone

“Could be. The day of little Atsu’s birthday is near. They will probably want to attack her again. You all have to be more cautious with everything” Takashi said

“We understand” they said

“I have one more place I want to go” Atsuko suddenly speaks up

“Where is it, Acchan?” Kai asks

“I want to go back to the island.” Atsuko said

“You want to go back to the island?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“You want to watch the stars?” Rena asks

“Yes” Atsuko said

“Watching stars?” Jun said in wonder tone

“Whenever near Acchan's birthday, grandfather and Acchan would come to the tower to watch the stars and moon” Yuki said

“I see” Minami thought

“Ok, let's go there. We will watch stars together” he holds Atsuko's hands and said

Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles happily

“Dad, can we go?” Minami turns to Kai and asks

“Uhm… I think it's ok. However, remember to be careful. We still don't know if there is another party with a bad intention toward Maeda clan.” Kai said

“We understand” Minami, Jun, and Mayu said

Two days later

The plane lands on the island. Then the door opens and Atsuko steps out of the plane. She smiles happily while looking around the familiar environment of her home. She finally back to her home. Atsuko happily rushes down the stairs.

“Be careful Acchan” Rena and Yuki said while smiling

They are happy when seeing Atsuko happy. Minami also smiles to himself while looking at Atsuko who is running around like a little kid.

“Atsuko, wait for me” Minami steps down from the stair and said

“Minami, Minami, let's go back to the house.” She holds Minami's hand and pulls him with her

“Yuki-neechan, Rena-neechan, Jun, Mayu, everyone quickly” she said

They smile and start walking back to the house.

In the front door

Atsuko happily pushes the door open. She rushes into the house and said

“I'm home”

Minami smiles and walks toward Atsuko. He pats her head and said

“Welcome home, Atsuko”

Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles happily.

Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu look at each other and nod. Then they walk toward Atsuko and Minami.

“Takamina, come with us for a second” Jun and Mayu pull Minami outside of the house

Atsuko turns and looks at them with confused look.

“Where are they going?” She turns and asks Yuki and Rena

“I guess just some guys business” Yuki said

“That’s correct. Don’t mind about them” Rena adds

“Acchan, why don’t you go back to your room and take a bath for refreshment. The long flight must be very tiring” Yuki said

“Yes, just take a bath” Rena pushes Atsuko upstairs

“Ok” Atsuko nods


Outside of the house

Minami is pulled out of the gate. He crosses his arms and looks at Jun and Mayu

“So what do you two want?” he asks

“We just followed order.” Jun said

“Yup, Rena and Yuki want to tell you that, tonight, when you take Acchan to the tower to watch the stars, just go straight to the top and don’t stop at any other room” Mayu said

“Huh?” Minami looks at them in confused

“Why is that?” he asks

“We will prepare a birthday party for her in the kitchen of the tower. Therefore, don’t let her go in” Jun said

“I see” Minami said

“But when will be the party?” he asks

“When she is about to finish watching the stars, you will signal for us to come” Jun said

“You mean is I will take her straight to the top of the tower?” Minami said

“Correct” Mayu said

“Then you two will stay in one of the room in the tower to prepare the party while we are watching the stars” Minami asks

“Yup” Jun nods

“Got it.” Minami said

“Great” Jun and Mayu said

Then the three walks back into the house.

After awhile

Atsuko finished the bath and walks downstairs. When she just reaches the floor, Rena and Yuki quickly come to her

“Acchan, are you tired? Why don’t you go back to your room and rest?” Yuki said

“Uh, you must be exhausted” Rena said

“No, I don’t feel tired. I’m very happy to go back here” Atsuko smiles happily and said

“Ok, then...uhm...why don’t you go out to the forest and play with Takamina” Rena said

“That’s right. You can also visit your bunny friends or the birds on the trees. Also, you can go fishing with him.” Yuki suggests

“That is a great idea” Atsuko said

“Don’t you two want to go with me?” she asks

“Sorry Acchan, I’m busy with Mayu. We will take a walk around the shore” Yuki said

“Yes, me too. Jun and I have a plan on taking care the garden. I abandoned for too long” Rena said

“I want to do that to” Atsuko said

“It’s fine, Acchan, just go and play with Takamina” Rena said and pushes her toward Minami

“Let’s go out and play Atsuko. Let’s see how your birdy friends doing” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“After that, we will come to the tower and watch the stars” he continues

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and nods

Then the couple leave the house. The fours sigh and relief

“Ok, let’s get to work now” Rena said

“Ok” they said

In the forest

Atsuko is walking hand in hand with Minami while thinking about Yuki’s and Rena’s weird action

“Minami, Yuki-neechan and Rena-neechan are weird” She looks at Minami and said

“Huh? Why so?” Minami asks

“They act so strange just now. I don’t know how to explain, but it seems like they are hiding something from me” Atsuko said

“I know what they are hiding” Minami smiles and said

“Really Minami? What is it?” Atsuko asks

“Do you love me, Atsuko?” Minami suddenly asks Atsuko a question

The question makes Atsuko blush. She looks down and answers shyly

“I love you”

Minami smiles. Then he lifts her face up and whispers

“I love you too”

“So, do you want to spend a lot of time with me, only two of us?” Minami asks another question

“I do want to be alone with you. I want you to hold my hand, and we will walk around enjoying our time together” Atsuko said

Minami smiles and said

“That is the reason of their acting weird”

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then slowly she understands his words

“I understand now. I should have thought about that.” Atsuko said

“Ok, let’s put that aside. Let’s go and play Atsuko” Minami pecks on Atsuko’s lips and said

“Ok” Atsuko happily said

Then they continue their walk

“Safe. You are smart, Minami” Minami thought while smiling to himself

At night

Minami and Atsuko come to the tower. Minami successfully took Atsuko to the top of the tower without any problem.


In the kitchen

They are almost done with preparing everything for the party. Suddenly Rena realizes something. When she tests the lighter, Rena realizes that it is out of gas.

“The lighter in out of gas” she said

“Let’s me go and get another one for you” Jun said

“No, I can go and get it” Rena said

“Don’t worry Jun. The mansion is near here. Plus, no one knows about this island. I will be fine. You stay here and help Mayu and Yuki” she continues

“Ok, be careful” Jun said in hesitant tone

Then Rena leaves the room. She sits on the cart and drive back to the mansion.

Rena opens the front door and walks in. She sees the whole house is covered with darkness

“Weird? I thought I still left the light on” she thought while talking out her phone for flashlight.

Suddenly someone uses a handkerchief covering her mouth from behind

Rena falls down on the ground and lost conscious

In a strange room

Rena slowly opens her eyes. She realizes that she is tied to the chair. Rena looks around the strange place and notice someone’s standing by a big glass wall

“Who are you?” She asks

“You finally awake, my precious daughter, little Isuzu” the person said still hasn’t turned around to look at Atsuko

Rena widens her eyes in surprised when hearing her old name. When she is about to ask who is he, she hears a big explosion. Then the window is lightened up by fire

“That is the tower” Rena widens her eyes in surprised

“Acchan, Jun” She calls their name in tear


That is chapter 30. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 30 05/08/2017
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shouldn't have read it in the evening. .  :( :(
Now I can't sleep . . wondering what will happen next

But I hope their will be Mayuki drama scenes in the story. . .  :) :)

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 31 14/08/2017
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@shimazaki_haruka: Thank you! There will be drama scene for Mayuki  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D
Here is chapter 31  XD

Chapter 31

In the kitchen

Jun is preparing the table in the dining room which is connected to the kitchen. Sometimes he will look up to the door waiting for Rena. She already left for almost an hour and still doesn't come back.

Jun doesn't know why, but his heart suddenly feels so uneasy. He is very worry about her. He quickly rushes into the kitchen.

“Why Rena hasn't come back yet?” He said in worried tone

Yuki looks at her watch and said in wonder tone

“That’s right, what took her so long?”

“Maybe she has to look for it somewhere” Mayu suggests

“Could be, but the lighters are placed in the same place. I remember we didn’t change any order” Yuki said

“I will call her to make sure everything is ok” Jun said

He takes out his phone and dials Rena’s number. He waits for her to pick up her phone, but the phone just keeps ringing without any response

(The number you dial...)

Jun hangs up the phone. Then he quickly said and rushes out of the kitchen

“I have to find her.”

He rushes out of the tower to the golf cart. While he is preparing to start the engine, someone puts a gun on his head.

“Don’t move a muscle”


In a strange room

Rena is sitting on the chair while both of her hands and legs are tied to the chair. She is unconscious. There is a man standing at the big glass window looking at the tower with a smirk on his face.

“What a wonderful night” he said in deep tone

Rena is woken up when she hears something. She slowly opens her eyes and quickly looks around when realizing she is in a strange place. Then she realizes that both her hands and legs are tied to the chair.

“What’s going on?” Rena thought while struggling

She still doesn’t notice there is a man standing by the big window. Suddenly she hears a strange, but somehow familiar voice.

“You finally awake my daughter, little Isuzu”

Rena widens her eyes in surprised when hearing her old name. She quickly turns to the source of the sound. She sees a man standing there with his back facing her.

“Who are you?” Rena asks

“You should remember your father’s voice, don’t you think, Isuzu” The man said

“Father?” Rena thought in surprised tone

When she is about to say something, suddenly she hears a big explosion. She looks straight to the place that suddenly got lightened up by the fire.

“That place? The tower? Acchan, Jun” Rena thought in surprised

“Acchan, Jun” she calls their name in tear

“What a lovely sound, right?” The man said to Rena

“Who are you? Why did you do that?” Rena shouts at the man

“This is me, Isuzu” the man turns around and said

Rena widens her eyes in surprised when seeing the man’s face

“Sensei Yuji? How?” she whispers under her breath in surprised tone

At the same time

In the kitchen

After Jun left, Yuki and Mayu look at each other.

“Mayu, I’m also worry about Rena.” Yuki said in worried tone

“Normally, she will be very fast. I don’t know why, but I feel something weird. I got this feeling shortly after we landed on this.” she continues

Mayu looks at Yuki’s worried face. Then he said

“Uhm...let's go back to the house, Yuki”

“Uh” Yuki nods

Then they leave the kitchen. When they get to the dining room door, suddenly a big explosion appears in the kitchen shaking the whole tower. The impact makes Mayu and Yuki flies out of the room. Mayu hugs Yuki to cover for her.

“Are you ok, Yuki?” Mayu helps Yuki to stand up and asks

“Uh, I’m fine, Mayu. However, what’s going on?” Yuki turns around and said

“Let's get out of here first Yuki” Mayu holds Yuki's hand and said

However, Yuki remembers Atsuko. She said

“Acchan, we have to get her”


When they are about to rush to the stair, another explosion appears right in front of them. The brick wall falls down blocking their way

“Acchan” Yuki calls and rushes to the pile of stone.

However, Mayu stops her

“Calm down Yuki. Let's get out of here first. Acchan has Takamina protect her”

“But…” Yuki said hesitantly

“Yuki, trust me, Takamina will definitely protect Acchan from everything” Mayu turns Yuki to look at him and reassures her

“Ok” Yuki hesitantly nods

Then the two quickly rush toward the door. However, when they reach the door, another explosion on top of their head. The floor above them crumbles and fall on them

“Watch out, Yuki”

Mayu pushes Yuki out of the pile of falling brick and stone.

“Mayu” Yuki shouts

The whole place is crumbling and shaking because of the explosion.


At the top of the tower

Atsuko and Minami are happily watching the stars together.

“You know what Minami” Atsuko said

“What’s it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

 “When I was little, grandpa always took me here to watch the stars with him. He told me a lot about my parents. He said that my parents also love stars very much. They were in the same astronomy club when they were in university in U.S” Atsuko said

“At there, they met each other, fell in love, and married. Grandpa said that my father always said ‘The star brought us together. The stars are the witness of our love forever’.” She continues

“I see. That is so wonderful. I guess your love to the stars, one part is coming from your parents” Minami said

“Yes, I think so too. I must inherit that from mommy and daddy” Atsuko smiles and said

“Thank you Minami” Atsuko turns to him and said

“For what, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Every year, this is the time I waited the most. Watching the stars with grandpa is very fun. He taught me a lot of thing and told me a lot of story. This year, when grandpa passed away, I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch the star in my birthday ever again because even if I can, it won’t be the same anymore.” Atsuko said in sad tone

Minami holds Atsuko’s hand like giving her support and telling her that he will always be here with her. Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles sweetly

“It is true that this time, it doesn’t like any other time. However, my heart feels so warm because the person I love is here with me. I know grandpa will be very happy when seeing this” Atsuko said

“Thank you, Minami for loving me and spoiling me with all my requests” she continues

Minami smiles gently at Atsuko.

“I’ll do everything for you, my love.” He pecks Atsuko’s lips and said

“Not just this birthday, but next year, the year after, and forever, I will always hold your hand like this and watch the stars. Like your father said, the stars will also be the witnesses of our love” he continues in loving tone

Atsuko feels very happy when hearing what Minami said.

“Thank you, Minami. I love you” she said and kisses his lips

“I love you too” Minami whispers and kisses her back

After awhile, they break the kiss. Then Atsuko continues looking to the sky while smiling. Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles

“I guess I can tell them to come here now” He thought

When Minami is about to take about his phone, a big explosion appears shaking the whole place.

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami in frightened tone

Minami quickly hugs her in his arms and comfort her.

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I’m here. Let’s get out of here”

When they are about to rush into the house, the floor of the balcony suddenly crumbles. Minami knows that the floor will break. He quickly pulls Atsuko with him to jump to the room, but before he can do that, the balcony broken

“Minami” Atsuko shouts in scared tone

Luckily, Minami can catch the handrails preventing them from falling. His other hand, he is holding Atsuko's hand tightly. However, the handrails breaks causing the two falls down together with all the material. Fortunately for them, under the balcony is a lake. They fall down into the water.

Minami quickly gets back his balance right after he landed into the water. He looks for Atsuko under the cold water. He sees Atsuko is struggling in the water while slowly sinking

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He quickly swims toward Atsuko. He sketches his hand trying to reach Atsuko’s hand, but she is sinking quicker than him. He sees that Atsuko slowly lost her conscious

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He gathers all his strength and swims toward Atsuko. He sketches his hand again. Fortunately, this time, he can catch her hand. Minami quickly pull her to him. He hugs her in his arms and swims up to the surface of water. Then Minami swims to the band. He helps Atsuko to go up, and then he also climbs up. Atsuko is exhaling deeply while panting and coughing because of the water

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

*Cough* *Cough*

“Are you ok, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“I'm fine, Minami. But I'm scared” Atsuko said in shaky tone

“, don't be scare. You are safe now” Minami pats Atsuko’s back and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Minami looks at the burning tower

“I hope they will be fine. I have to get her back to the house first. Those attacker could be here somewhere.” he thought

Feeling Atsuko now calms down a little, Minami looks at her and said

“Let’s go back to the house”

“Ok” Atsuko said

However, before they can stand up, someone hits them from behind making them fall down and lost conscious

Back to the secret place

“Sensei Yuji? How?” Rena whispers under her breath

“What a lovely face? Your surprised face is so cute, my little daughter” Yuji said

“Let’s me clear all your confusion one after another ok” Yuji sits down on his chair and said

“However, firstly, let’s me tell you a good new.” he continues

Rena looks at Yuji with confused eyes. Yuji claps his hand. The door opens showing 4 men dragging two people into the room, one girl and one man.

“Acchan, Takamina” Rena calls while struggling

Acchan and Takamina are unconscious. Rena can see they are soaking wet.

“Acchan, Atsuko, Atsuko” Rena calls in worried tone

“Don't worry. They are still alive.” Kenichi said

“Put the down” he orders his men

Those men put Atsuko and Minami down. Then they tie their hands and legs to the chair.

“What do you want? Release them” Rena shouts

“Easy, my dear. My show just started” Yuji said

“Takamina, Takamina, Atsuko, Atsuko” Rena shouts

“Ssh...don’t be too loud, my dear” Yuji said while pointing the gun at Atsuko

Rena stops while looking at him with angry look

Minami slowly opens his eyes when hearing someone calling him. He struggles when realizing that he is tied to the chair. Remembering Atsuko, Minami quickly looks around, and sees Atsuko is also tied to the chair next to him.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, wake up, Atsuko” Minami calls Atsuko

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes when hearing Minami’s call. Realizing her situation, Atsuko looks at Minami with teary eyes

“Minami, I'm scared” she said

“'s ok, Atsuko. I'm here. I'll protect you. Everything will be just fine, baby” Minami smiles and said

Suddenly, they hear a man voice

“Ok, enough for a reunion here”

Atsuko and Minami turn to the voice and sees a familiar face

“Yuji/Mr. Matsumoto” Atsuko and Minami calls in surprised tone

“Yes, this is me. However, you have one more friend” Yuji said while pointing at Rena who is at the other corner of the big room near Yuji’s desk.

Atsuko and Minami turn to the direction Yuji pointing. Atsuko quickly calls when seeing Rena


“Acchan” Rena smiles at Atsuko

“Are you ok, Rena-neechan?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, I’m fine” Rena said

“Why are you here, Yuji? Didn’t you?” Atsuko looks at Yuji and asks

Suddenly, Minami realizes everything. Those puzzle pieces now seem so fit

“You fade your death” Minami said

“Yes, I fade it” Yuji said

“So you were the one who behind the attack at the Maeda altar?” Minami said

“Yes, it was me. I did that.” Yuji sits back on his chair and said

“Why did you do that, Yuji?” Atsuko asks

“Because I want to kill you” Yuji said to Atsuko in cold tone

“So that I can give my daughter all your inheritance” he continues

“Daughter? What do you mean?” Minami asks

“My daughter is her” Yuji said and points at Rena

“You lied. You are not my father” Rena shouts

“Don’t be angry. I will tell you everything now.” Yuji said

“Where do I start? How about when your mother hit me and ran away with you? The time, my name was still Yamato Kenichi” he continues

Rena, Atsuko, and Minami just stays silent and looks at him

“At that time, when I woke up, you two already left. I was so angry, and I desperately went to look for you two everywhere” Kenichi said

“You looked for us so that you can sell us, right?” Rena said in sarcastic tone

“You don’t understand, Isu…”

“Shut up, don’t call me by that name. Yamato Isuzu is already dead with her mother in the car accident. My name is Maeda Rena, Maeda Atsuko’s bodyguard. My role will and always be that”
Rena shouts cutting his words

“Why don’t you try to understand me, Rena. I know that in the past, I was wrong. I’m a terrible husband and father. However, I really love you and your mother. You two are my only family. At that time, I really have no choice. Those loan shark would kill me if I don’t give them their money” Kenichi said

“So that you sell us? I really can’t find any reason to believe that you love us” Rena shakes her head and said

“Rena, please just listen to my story” Kenichi said

“When I knew that your mother and you ran away, I was very angry and furious. Then those loan shark came. I had to run away from those loan shark from the back door. For half of the year, I had to live a life like a rat, hiding from those yakuza.”

“What is the point of telling me that?” Rena said

“I just want you to know about my life when you two left” Yuji said

“Sorry, but I’m not interested. You live or not is not my problem.” Rena coldly said

“Rena, I did everything is for you. The time being alone helped me to reflect what I did. I know I was wrong, and now, all I want is to make it up to you. Just a few days, all the property of Maeda clan will be yours. You will be the richest and most powerful person in Japan” Yuji said

“What do you mean?” Rena asks

“You will slowly get what I try to make you understand” Yuji said

“You want to kill Atsuko. Because Rena is in her identity now, if you can successfully kill all of us, she will officially become Maeda Atsuko” Minami said

“Yes, that is my intention. You are really like your father huh” Yuji said

Atsuko is very surprised with what she heard

“However, I still don’t know why you become Matsumoto Yuji while you are Yamato Kenichi? As my knowledge, Matsumoto Yuji was son of Maeda’s butler. He is a very loyal person” Minami said

“He can’t be Yamato Kenichi at the same time” he continues

“Matsumoto Yuji and Yamato Kenichi are two different people, and Matsumoto Yuji is no longer exist in this world” he said

“What do you mean? What did you do to him?” Rena asks while frowning

“One year after hiding and running away from those loan shark, I met him, Matsumoto Yuji.” Kenichi said

“You didn't know about my past, don't you?” he looks at Rena and said

“As I said, I don't care.” Rena coldly said

Kenichi sighs sadly and said

“Matsumoto Yuji is actually my younger brother who is also your uncle.”

Rena widens her eyes in surprised

“We are orphan. However, he is lucky than me. He was adopted, and I was raised in orphanage and grew up like a trash. I hate my fate and his fate. I hate him for that” Kenichi said

“I still remembered he was the one who recognized me. He told me he is so happy to find me. He said he looked for me everywhere. What a faker.” He continues in sarcastic tone.

“Why did you know he fake? It is only your hatred” Rena said

“You don't understand how my life was like. You will never understand” Kenichi said

“So you killed him because of that” Rena said

“Yes, I killed him right after I knew everything about him. That stupid little brother told me everything about him, and his work as one of the most trusted person in Maeda clan. He told me everything. He even said that he will introduce me to Maeda clan to work” Kenichi said

“Why did you kill him since he is so nice to you like this?” Rena asks in disappointed tone

“Because I don’t want to be just a lame and low servant. I want to be a person who has a big position in Maeda. By that, I can easily to get what I want” Kenichi said

“You are a greedy person” Minami said

“Yes, I’m. I grew up not like you or her. I had to live in the world that if you don’t have money, you are nothing. My only knowledge is money can buy for you anything” Kenichi looks at Atsuko and Minami and said

“Firstly, I asked him to lend me some money. I lied to him that my wife has cancer, her treatment is chemotherapy. Because of that, I had to borrow a lot of money from those loan shark. However, she didn’t make it. That stupid immediately agreed and gave me a big amount of it. I used it to do the surgery changing my face like him. Then I invited him to my house and killed him there” he continues

Rena looks at him and shakes her head

“You are more disgusting than I thought. Not just a husband or father, but as a human being” She said in disgust tone

“You can see me anything you want. I know that. However, trust me this, everything I did is for you” Kenichi said while standing up

“When I became Matsumoto Yuji, I got to see you. I realized immediately you are my daughter, my only daughter. After hearing what Maeda Ken said about yours and your mother's life, I changed my first intention. My ultimate goal now is giving you the Maeda’s property no matter what” he walks toward Rena and said

Rena is very surprised with his words. Suddenly, an idea flashes back in her head causing tear unconsciously rolling on her cheeks. Seeing that, Atsuko quickly calls her and asks in worried tone

“What’s wrong, Rena-neechan?”

Rena looks at Atsuko.

“Acchan” she thought

Her tear suddenly rolling down more. The thought in her head scared her even more now. She doesn’t want to ask, but at the same time, she wants to ask so that she can verify everything. After gathering all her courage, Rena looks at Kenichi and shakily said

“Tell me”

Kenichi looks at her waiting

“Tell me, when you said ‘no matter what’ does it mean you killed Acchan's parents?” Her voice is shaking in fear

She fears that her own father killed Atsuko's parents. She fears that it was her own father causing miserable to Atsuko. She fears that Atsuko will hate her forever because of that.
Atsuko is very surprised with Rena’s question.

“My parents?” she thought

Then she hears Kenichi said in ease tone


Just a simple word, but it causes a very deep pain in her heart. Atsuko's parents are like her parents, her family who gives her back hope and happiness. How can he do that, how can he cruelly killed them.

Atsuko’s heart feels so tight when hearing that. Tear starts rolling on her cheeks

“Mommy, daddy” she thought

“You killed my parents” Atsuko shouts in angry

“Yes, I did” Kenichi walks to Atsuko and said

“You are lucky little girl. Because Rena is adopted to be your bodyguard, if something happened to you, that old man will erase everything. Therefore, I spared your life, and I got this brilliant idea. Fortunately to me, that day you didn’t remember my face. If not, I would have to kill you. My plan will be ruined” he continues while looking at Atsuko

“You are heartless. How can you kill my parents?” Atsuko shouts in tear

“They didn’t do anything to you. You heartless.” she continues in broken tone

“You will pay for what you did, jerk” Minami said angrily

Rena looks at Atsuko. Her heart is in pain when seeing that.

“How” Rena whispers

“How” she continues whispering

“How can you do that?” She looks up and shouts at him

“How can you do that to Acchan and her parents” she asks Kenichi in tear

“They are...they are the only people who didn't try to hurt me. They see me as their family. How can you? How can you?” Rena shouts angrily at Kenichi

“They are liars. They just want you to be their servant and do everything for them without any thought. They use you” Kenichi said

“You are a bad person so you think everyone is the same as you” Rena said

“Rena, why don't you try to understand me. I really did everything for you. I killed her parents and left her alive so that I can execute my plan because I know that old man would definitely bring her back to the island. I also had to kill that man, Maeda Ken. If not, he would ruin my plan because I felt at that time, he knew something. That's why he appeared there. However, he never expected that I'm not his buddy and brother Matsumoto Yuji” Kenichi said

“Thank to that I easily killed all of them” he laughs loudly and continues

“You… how can you do that?” Rena said in tear

“So that mean, you did something to grandfather” she asks in shaky tone

“Yes, I killed him. After I killed Maeda Ken, I became his most trusted assistant. Therefore, I got to know more about his plan for his dearest little granddaughter. He wants to give her the inheritance when she turns 21. For 15 years, I waited for that little girl to grow up. Then I execute my plan. The first thing was kill that old man. I changed his daily medicine by a fake pill. As expected a month later, he broke down and then died.” Kenichi said

“ killed my grandpa. You killed my grandpa. How can you do that to him?” Atsuko shouts in hurtful tone while struggling

She wants to rush there to hit him. She is very angry. Her parents, her grandpa, her family, he took away all her family.

“Why did you kill all my family, why?” Atsuko shouts in tear

Rena holds her fists in anger when seeing Atsuko is in pain. She also feels extremely angry. Everything, her everything, her grandfather, her parents, her most respected teacher, everyone who is dearest to her was taken away by the person who is so called her father. She feels anger. The only thought in her head now is to die to repay everything for Atsuko

“How can I face Acchan now? My so called father…” she looks down and thought

“You are so selfish, Yamato Kenichi. You killed your own brother just for power. You took away other’s family because you want their money” Minami said in disgust tone

“So what? However, I kill them is for my daughter.” Kenichi said

“Don’t defend yourself. You said that you do everything for Rena, but the truth is you just want to get money for yourself.” Minami said


“Shut up” Kenichi shoots a warning shot and shouts

“You will never understand me” he continues

“Watanabe Mayu and Maeda Yuki already died in that explosion. Now I only need to kill you two. Then another piece of my plan will complete” he said

“You… you… why don't you just kill me right here” Rena shouts in tear

“Rena, I won’t kill you. Everything I do is for you” Kenichi said while taking out the gun in his clothes. Then he orders his man

“Untie her”

“Yes sir” the man said and untie for Rena.

When Rena is about to rushes to him, Kenichi puts the gun on Atsuko's head

“Stop” he said

Rena stops and looks at him angrily

“I knew you would do that” Kenichi said

“Daddy still has something to show you” he continues

Once again, the door opens and a man come in. His hands are tied from behind.

“Jun” Rena calls him happily

“Rena, are you ok?” Jun asks

“Uh” Rena nods

“You don't need to worry about my daughter. I won't harm her” Kenichi said

“Daughter?” Jun quickly turns to the sources of the sound.

He widens his eyes in surprised when seeing Kenichi

“Matsumoto Yuji?” He said in confused tone

“Matsumoto Yuji already died a long time ago. The person standing in front of you is Yamato Kenichi” Kenichi said

“I killed him to take his place. I killed Maeda Heiji and his wife to prepare a big plan. I killed Maeda Ryuu to execute my plan of getting Maeda properties for my only daughter. Now the last piece of my plan.” He continues and turns to look at Rena

“Rena, kill her and Takahashi Minami.” Kenichi said

“No, I won't. Even if you kill me” Rena strongly said

“Rena, as I said, I did everything is for you. I won't harm you because you are my daughter. I want to do this to make up everything for you. You will be happy about this later.” Kenichi said

“Now listen to me, kill them.” He continues

Suddenly Jun laughs loudly. His laughter pisses Kenichi off

“Why did you laugh?” he asks

“I laugh at your stupid confident” Jun said

“What did you say?” Kenichi angrily said

“Am I wrong? You said you did everything for Rena, but you force her to kill people. You don’t even consider her feeling” Jun said

“I did this to train her to not become a weak person. I want her to be a strong person in every situation. With that, no one can harm her” Kenichi said

“You want her to become a heartless monster like you, huh?” Jun said

“Shut up, I don’t need you to teach me how to do” Kenichi shouts and puts the gun on Jun’s head

“Rena, pick up the gun on the floor and kill Maeda Atsuko, or I will kill him” Kenichi said

Rena is hesitant. She doesn’t know what to do. One is her family, her sister who pulled her out of her loneliness. One is the man she loves more than anyone else. He gives her hopes and love that she has never known before

“Choose Rena, either your boyfriend or that little brat” Kenichi said

Rena shakily picks up the gun

“Rena, don’t do that. I know how important Acchan to you. If you kill her, you will never forgive yourself. You will torture yourself day by day because of that. I can die for you, Rena” Jun said

“I said shut up” Kenichi punches Jun’s stomach and said

Jun coughs painfully because of that

*Cough* *Cough*

“Jun” Rena calls Jun worriedly

“You won’t get away with this” Minami said angrily

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I already did. Since her parent’s case” Kenichi smirks at Minami

“Do it, Rena” he looks at Rena and said

Rena’s hand is shaking. She slowly turns to Atsuko.

“Rena, please don’t. You can’t do that” Minami said

“Minami, don’t force Rena-neechan. I know she is hurt more than anyone else” Atsuko said

“Rena-neechan, no matter what, I won’t ever hate you. You are my big sister, and I love you a lot” she smiles at Rena and said

“Acchan” Rena thought

She slowly raises her hand pointing at Atsuko. Atsuko smiles at her and closes her eyes. When Rena is about to pull the trigger, she shakes her head and turns around

“No, I can’t. I can’t do this” Rena said

“Rena, do you want him to die” Kenichi said

“If you kill him, I will kill myself, right here. If so, your plan will be over” Rena points the gun at her head and said strongly

“You…” Kenichi said

Suddenly he laughs loudly.

“If you don’t want to do it, then I will do it for you” Kenichi said

“If you kill them, I will kill myself.” Rena said

Kenichi smirks and shoots at Jun’s left leg. Jun kneels down and frowns in pain

“Jun” Rena shouts worriedly

“I'm fine, Rena. Don’t do anything stupid” Jun said

“You force me” Rena looks at Kenichi and said

Then she pulls the trigger

“Don't Rena/Rena-neechan” Atsuko, Jun, and Minami shouts

However, there is nothing happened when Rena pulled the trigger. Suddenly Kenichi laughs loudly again.

“That gun doesn't have any bullet, Rena. I just want to test you” He said

“Hold her” he orders his man

Those men hold her.

“Let's go off me” Rena angrily said while struggling

“Rena, I will teach you to become a stronger person later. Now I will show you what is a strong person” Kenichi said

He walks slowly to Atsuko while preparing his gun.

“What are you doing?” Minami asks while struggling

“I'm teaching her the first and most serious skill” Kenichi said in cold tone

“In this world, there is no one stand by your side except you. Family, friends, lovers everything will pull you down” he continues while putting the gun on Atsuko's head

“If you want to be strong, you have to put aside everything”

“Please, please don't do that” Rena said in tear

“Please don't kill her dad” she continues

Kenichi stops his gun when hearing Rena calls him. He turns around and looks at her

“What did you call me?” Kenichi asks

“Dad, I call you dad. You are my father” Rena said

“Dad, please, I now understand your thought” she continues

“I know everything you did is for me. You want to make up for me, right?” She stands up and asks

“Yes, Rena, I did everything for you” Kenichi walks toward Rena and said

“The only thing I want is your forgiveness” he continues

“Dad, I forgive you. I can feel your love for me” Rena said

“You really forgive me?” Kenichi asks

“Yes, I'm. I can feel your love” Rena slowly walks to him and said

“I will listen to you dad. I will learn your first lesson. Killing your loved one will make you stronger” She continues

“Good, understand is good” Kenichi said

“Dad, can you give me the gun? I will finish her, right here. I will become your good daughter” Rena said

“Ok, make me proud” Kenichi said

He slowly gives the gun to Rena. Rena raises her hand to take the gun. Suddenly he pulls back and said

“After all, I still have to show you how to do it correctly” Kenichi said

He aims at Atsuko and quickly pulls the trigger


“Acchan” Rena shouts


That is chapter 31. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 32 28/08/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 32  XD

Chapter 32: New Problem

In the strange room

“The only thing I want is your forgiveness” Kenichi said

“Dad, I forgive you. I can feel your love for me” Rena said

“You really forgive me?” Kenichi asks

“Yes, I'm. I can feel your love. I understand you now. I know you love me” Rena slowly walks to him while saying

“I will listen to you dad. I will learn your first lesson. Killing your loved one will make you stronger. I will be the strongest” She continues

“Good, understand is good” Kenichi nods and said

“Dad, can you give me the gun? I will finish her, right here. I will become your good daughter. I will make you proud” Rena said

Kenichi looks at Rena while thinking. Then he said

“Ok, make me proud, my good daughter”

He slowly gives the gun to Rena. Rena raises her hand to take the gun. Suddenly he pulls back and said

“After all, I still have to show you how to do it correctly” Kenichi said

He aims at Atsuko and quickly pulls the trigger


“Acchan” Rena shouts

Atsuko, Jun, and Minami widen their eyes in surprised with what just happened in front of their eyes in just a swift moment 

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko shouts in tear

“Rena” Jun also shouts in tear

Rena is standing in front of Atsuko. she shielded for her the shot. The bullet pierces in her stomach and bloods is dripping down.

Kenichi is also very surprised with Rena's action.

“Why Rena? Why did you do that?” Kenichi asks in shaky tone

“I…I… told you already. I don’t need anything. I just want people who I love to be happy. I will always protect Acchan no matter what. That is my only goal of life” Rena said while holding her bleeding stomach.

“Even if I can have everything, I still can’t lie to myself. I will never forgive myself if something happened to Acchan. She is my family and everything to me. She was there for me when you, my father abandoned me, didn’t see me as his own daughter” Rena said in tear

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko calls her in tear

“Why did you choose that path while you can have everything, Rena? I told you those Maeda just want to use you for this reason. Now everyone who knew about your real identity already died. You only have to kill all of them here. I can spare that police life if he promises to follow us. Then we can lure Takahashi Kai here and finish him. After that you can have everything Rena” Kenichi said

“I don’t care. I would rather die than kill Acchan” Rena shouts

Then she bends down and hugs her stomach tightly because of hurt

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko calls her worriedly

“Rena” Jun struggles and calls her

“I..I’m… fine” Rena said weakly

“Rena, I will help you realize about what I said later. Now I will kill them and execute my plan” Kenichi said

Suddenly the door swing opens and a voice appears

“Sorry, but your plan won’t work”

Everything turns to the door and sees Yuki walking in. Her clothes are covered with dust and some blood. Next to her is Kai and behind them are a lot of police rushing in. The police surround the place and arrest Kenichi and his men.

“Dad/ Uncle Kai, Yuki-neechan/Yuki” Atsuko, and Jun call happily

“Rena” Jun quickly rushes to Rena to help her while Yuki release Atsuko, and Kai unties Minami.

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko rushes to Rena and calls her in worry tone

Rena smiles at Atsuko.

“Don’t worry, Acchan. I’m fine” She pats her head and said

Then she slowly falls in Jun's arms and lost consciousness.

“Quickly, let's take her to the plane. The plane has emergency kits. We will get back to Tokyo immediately” Kai said

“Ok” Jun nods

He carries Rena bridal style and quickly rushes to the airplane.

“Take them to the plane and lock them up” Kai orders

“Yes sir” the police said

“How can you?” before being taken out, Kenichi looks at Yuki and said in surprised tone

“Do you think that you can kill us there? You didn’t know that grandfather already made a secret passage for every building in this island to protect Acchan of something happen.” Yuki said


Yuki and a group of police rush through the secret passage back to the tower.

“Uncle Kai, quickly. Mayu is hurt” Yuki said

When they reach the first floor where Mayu is, Yuki shouts in tear

“Mayu, Mayu, I’m back. Uncle Kai and reinforcement is here. We are saved”

However, she didn’t hear any response from Mayu

“Mayu, Mayu, please answer me” Yuki rushes to the place where Mayu is stuck and calls louder

“Mayu, Mayu”

However, there is still no response

“Mayu, Mayu. Please answer me. I shouldn’t leave. I shouldn’t leave you” Yuki calls in tear

“Calm down, Yuki. Mayu will be fine. Let’s me” Kai said

Then he quickly order his men

“5 of you go there and lift those things up. The rest goes around checking everything to see if there is anything suspicious in here”

“Mayu, Mayu, please be safe” Yuki thought worriedly while looking at the police

After awhile

The bricks are cleared up. Yuki widens her eyes in surprised when seeing Mayu is leaning his back on a piece of the wall unconscious. His stomach is bleeding

“Mayu” Yuki calls him

She rushes to hugs him

“Mayu, Mayu, please open your eyes. Please” Yuki calls Mayu in tear

“Mayu, Mayu” she leans her head on his shoulder and calls in tear

Suddenly she hears Mayu’s weak voice

“Don’t cry Yuki. I’m fine”

“Mayu” Yuki looks at Mayu with teary eyes.

She smiles happily when hearing Mayu’s voice

“Quick get him back to the plane” Kai said

End flashback

“Mayu and I won’t die that easily. You failed completely” Yuki said strongly

Kenichi looks at Yuki. Then he asks her another question

“One last question, how can you know where am I?”

“Just for Acchan safety, each of us already put a detector inside out clothes. If one of us got problem, that detectors will be activated. That is my father’s idea” Minami said

“I see” Kenichi said

Then he laughs loudly

“No wonder the strongest police in Japan. Takahashi Kai, I lost” he looks at Kai and said

In the plane

Atsuko is sitting near Rena while holding her hand tightly. She is worry about Rena.

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko calls her in tear

“Don't worry, Atsuko. Yuki already said that she is fine” Minami pats Atsuko's head and said

“Yes, Acchan. Rena’s condition is stable now. The bullet didn't hit any of her major organs. When we get to the hospital, Dr. Yamamoto will check on her again. She will be fine, Acchan” Yuki pats Atsuko's head and said

“It was all my fault. If I didn't ask you all to come here, Rena-neechan wouldn't end up like this. She is hurt because of me” Atsuko said in tear

“Baka, of course this is not your fault.” Minami said

“Uh, don’t say that to Rena. She will be sad” Yuki said

“By the way, how can you two escapes that explosion?” Jun asks

“About that” Mayu said


“Yuki, watchout” Mayu pushes Yuki out and said

Yuki opens her eyes and a big pile of brick blocking her with Mayu

“Mayu, Mayu” Yuki quickly stands up and calls Mayu worriedly

She tries to pull some of the brick out, but they are too heavy.

“Mayu, Mayu, please answer me. Mayu” Yuki calls in tear

At the moment

Inside the pile of rock

Mayu is lying unconscious on the floor. His head is bleeding. Luckily, those floor brick didn't fall on him.

Hearing Yuki's voice, Mayu slowly opens his eyes. He tends to sit up, but a sudden pain on his stomach stops him. He looks down and sees his stomach is injured.

“Mayu, Mayu” Mayu hears Yuki’s shaky tone calling him

“I'm fine, Yuki. Don't worry” Mayu said

He tries his best to keep his voice normal so that Yuki doesn't know he is hurt.

“Mayu, are you ok?” Yuki asks

“I'm fine, Yuki” Mayu said gently

He tries his best to sit up and leans on a piece of the floor. He looks down and sees his left leg is stuck on the pile of bricks.

“I'm glad. Wait for me, Mayu. I'll help you out” Yuki said

“No, Yuki. I'm fine. Go and find if there is a way out.” Mayu said

“But I can't leave you here” Yuki said worriedly

“I can find a way out of this pile brick, Yuki. This tower might have more boom than these that exploded. You have to find a way out for both of us.” Mayu said

“Ok, I know a place. I will find it. Wait for me, Mayu” Yuki said in tear

“When you find a way out, you have to go out immediately and call uncle Kai. He and police are not far from us. He will be here, right away” Mayu said

“But how about you, Mayu? What if the tower…” Yuki said worriedly

“I will be fine, Yuki. I will find a way out. I'm a man, right?” Mayu said

“But I can't leave you” Yuki said

“Baka, who said that you leave me. After you call uncle Kai, more people to come and help me, right? You are our hope to find someone for help. Plus, we don't know about the other, we have to find them also, right?” Mayu said

His voice is a little weaker because he is tired. He can't fake his voice for any longer. Yuki notices that. She asks in worried tone

“Mayu, are you ok?”

“I'll be fine, Yuki. We have a promise to have dinner with my parents, right? I won't break it” Mayu said

“He is hurt. I'm sure about it. I have to find a way out” Yuki thought

“Ok, Mayu. Wait for me” Yuki said while wiping her tear

“Uh, I'll, Yuki” Mayu said

His sight is slowly blurry now. Sweat all over his face. He slowly lost his consciousness

“You have to get out of here and be safe, Yuki” he thought and faints

Back to Yuki

Yuki is rushing through the pile of bricks back to the staircase.

“I hope the way to the basement didn't block.” She thought

She reaches the place and sees the way is blocked, but not much. Yuki quickly pulls those bricks out.

“I have to be quick” she thought while pulling those out.

Suddenly she accidentally cuts her hand by that. However, she just keeps pulling those bricks and rocks out without caring about anything

“Mayu, Mayu wait for me” Yuki though while tear rolling on her cheeks

Finally, she is able to pull out everything. Then she quickly rushes downstairs to the basement. Luckily, this tower was built very strong in base. Therefore, the basement doesn't effect much.
Under the basement, Yuki quickly rushes to the fireplace.

In front of the fireplace, there is a stone engraved solar system. Yuki turns the dial around while thinking

“Acchan's birthday. The planet she loves.”

Then Yuki pushes the dial. A door in the fireplace slowly opens. Yuki rushes inside and runs along the tunnel.

End flashback

“Thank to grandfather's secret tunnel, I can save Mayu before the tower is complete burned down.” Yuki said

“Yes, thank to that, I was saved before I become a pancake under those, or die because of loss of blood, or a turn into a turky” Mayu jokingly said

“Baka, don't say joke that. Do you know how worry I am? When I came there, I saw your face was really pale. You were nearly killed because of me. This is the second time you were hurt because of me. Don't do that again” Yuki said in worried tone

“I'm sorry for making you worry, Yuki”’Mayu pats Yuki's head and said

“However, no matter how many times, I will always do that because I will always protect my Yuki” he smiles and continues

“Baka, you have to live to be with me forever” Yuki pouts

“Of course I know. Even if you don’t want me to be around, I will always be around.” Mayu hugs Yuki and said

“We are glad that you two are ok” Minami smiles and said

“Thank you” Mayu said

Jun looks at Mayu and smiles. Then he looks down at Rena.

“I’m sorry Rena. I can't protect you.”

After an hour

The plane reaches Maeda hospital. Atsuko is quickly taken to the emergency room for additional treatment.


Jun is walking back and forth outside worriedly. Atsuko and Minami are sitting on the chair while Yuki is with Mayu in another room for Yuki to check on his injuries.

“Calm down, Jun. Acchan will be fine” Minami said

“Yuki already treated for her. You know that her condition isn't in danger anymore” He continues

Then the door of the operation room opens, and Sakuya walks out. Jun quickly rushes to him and asks in worried tone

“Sakuya, how is Atsuko?”

“Don’t worry, Jun. She is fine. The initial treatment is very good. She will wake up soon” Sakuya said

Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles happily. Minami smiles gently at Atsuko. Jun smiles happily when hearing that.

“Thank you, Sakuya. Thank you” he said in happy tone while shaking Sakuya’s hand

“No problem. You all can go there and visit her”

“Ok” Jun said and quickly rushes to the room

Sakuya looks back and smiles at Jun

“Thank you, Sakuya” Minami said

“You’re welcome.” Sakuya said

Then he leaves the place. Minami turns to Atsuko and said

“Let's go inside”

“Uh” Atsuko nods

At the same time

Yuki and Mayu come back after the checkup.

“Takamina, Mizuki” Yuki calls them

Atsuko and Minami turn around and see Yuki and Mayu walking toward them. Yuki is helping Mayu while he is walking with walking stick

“How are your injuries, buddy?” Minami asks

“I'm fine. Yuki is my doctor, so I'm fine.” Mayu said

“I see. That’s good” Minami said

Then the four walks into Rena's room to visit her.

At night

Rena slowly opens her eyes. She looks around the place.

“Is this hospital? Am I still live?” She thought

Then she feels someone is holding her hand. Rena looks down and sees Jun sleeping on her hand. She smiles happily at him.

“You always stay by my side no matter what. Thank you, Jun” Rena looks at him gently and thought

When Rena looks up from her left side, her eyes suddenly turn sad. She sees Atsuko. She is sleeping on the sofa, and her head is resting on Minami’s laps. Minami is leaning on the sofa and sleeping.

“Acchan” she thought sadly

Then she turns her head back to look at the ceiling. Rena closes her eyes and thought

“I’m sorry, Acchan”

Tear is rolling down from the corner of her eyes.

In the morning

While Atsuko is sleeping, she hears someone call her gently. Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She looks up and sees Minami smiling at her gently

“Good morning, my love” he said

“Good morning, Minami” Atsuko said still with sleepy tone

“How is Rena-neechan, Minami?” She quickly asks

“Don't worry, Acchan. Rena is fine. Her condition is stable. You can see her face is much better than last night. She will definitely wake up soon” Yuki said

“Rena just woke up last night.” Jun suddenly speaks up

Everyone looks at Jun with surprised look.

“Really Jun?” Atsuko asks in happy tone

“Uh” Jun nods

“She woke up last night. However, she saw you all were asleep. Therefore, she said that let you all sleep because everyone is exhausted” Jun said

“I see. Good to hear that” Mayu said

“Uh, glad she is ok” Minami said

“That's a relief, right Atsuko?” he looks at

“Uh, I'm happy” Atsuko smiles happily and said

“Then Acchan, why don't you and Takamina go out and grab something to eat” Jun said

“That's right, Atsuko. Let's go and eat breakfast ok” Minami adds

“After that, I'll take you home for changing” he continues

“But I want to see Rena-neechan” Atsuko said

“Just go out and eat breakfast, Acchan. Rena has me, Mayu, and Yuki take care. She just asleep. When you come back, she properly will be awake” Jun said

“That's right, Acchan. Go and eat. After that, going home for refresh. Then go back here. It won't be too long” Yuki pats Atsuko's head and said

After a minute of thinking, Atsuko said

“Good, now let's go, Atsuko” Minami said

Then the two leave the room.

In the room

Jun turns to Mayu and Yuki and said

“Yuki, do you need to change bandage for Mayu?”

“That's right. I have to change bandage and check his injuries again” Yuki said

“Then you two go ahead. I'll stay here and takes care Rena.” Jun said

“Are you ok by yourself?” Mayu asks

“Yes, I'm fine. I already asked the nurse to bring something here for me to eat” Jun said

“Ok, then we will go a little. We will be right back” Yuki said

Then Yuki and Mayu leave the room. After closing the door, Jun goes back and sit down on the chair. He holds Rena's hand and gently said

“Rena, they all left. You can open your eyes now”

Rena slowly opens her eyes. She looks at him with surprised look. Jun just smiles gently at her

“How are you feeling now?” He strokes her hair and asks

“I'm fine. Still a little hurt” Rena said

“How did you know that I awoke last night, Jun? How…”

“Sshhh…” hasn't finished her words, Jun puts his finger on Rena's lips and said

“I'm your boyfriend after all, right?”

“How can I not know when my lovely Rena wake. How can I not know how do you feel?” he continues

Rena looks at Jun by her sad eyes. Jun looks at Rena’s sad eyes. He holds her hand up and kisses it gently.

“You don’t know how to face Acchan right now, right?” Jun asks gently

“I saw your tear last night, and those tears break my heart” he continues while caressing Rena’s face

Rena nods slightly while looking at Jun. Then silent fills the whole place. After awhile, Rena speaks up

“I can’t bring myself to look at Acchan, Jun.”

“Though I told myself that he didn’t relate to me in any way, still I know one true, he is my father. In addition, I’m a part of his plan. I caused her miserable. I can’t meet her. I can’t” she continues in broken tone

“Baka, why did you think like that?” Jun said

“No one think of you like that” he continues

“I know, but I can't win against myself. His words keep repeating in my head. It is echoing in my head right now. He killed her parents and her grandpa. It's so cruel, and the main reason was me” Rena said while putting her arm covering her eyes preventing her tear

Jun leans down and hugs Rena in his arms carefully not to hurt her injury

“Sshh...Rena, please don't cry” Jun said while stroking her hair

“That isn't your fault. Don't listen to him. He said like that just to bring you to his side. He lied to you. He is selfish. Don't blame yourself” He continues

Jun breaks the hug and looks at Rena. He takes her hand out her face. Then he kisses her forehead gently

“I'm sure Acchan also doesn't want to see you blaming yourself like this. Let's forget everything ok” he said while wiping her tear away

Rena just nods at Jun

“Good” Jun said

“That is my Rena” he pecks her lips and said

“Thank you for always being by my side, Jun” Rena said

“Of course, I'll always be by my Rena's side because I love you. I can do everything for you” Jun said

“I love you too, Jun” Rena smiles and said

Then they hear the knocking sound.

“Maybe Mayu and Yuki are back. Let's me open the door for them. Close your eyes and sleep if you are still not ready” Jun said

Rena shakes her head.

“I'm fine, Jun.” she said

“Ok, let's me lift your bed up a little for comfortable first. Then I will go open the door for them.” Jun said

“Thank you, Jun” Rena said

After Jun lifts her bed up, he comes to the door and opens it. He sees Mayu and Yuki are standing in front of the door

“Sorry for late opening guys” Jun said

“It's ok. Did Acchan awake?” Yuki asks

“Uh” Jun nods

Then he steps aside for Mayu and Yuki walk in. Yuki quickly rushes in to find Rena. She quickly sits down in the chair next to Rena’s bed when seeing her sitting on the bed

“Rena, how are you?” Yuki asks in worried tone

“I'm fine, Yuki.” Rena said while smiling

“That's good to hear that” Mayu said

“Thank you, guys.” Rena said

“Acchan was so worry about you. I’m glad that you are ok” Yuki said

“She will be very happy when knowing this” she continues

Rena just smiles slightly at Yuki. Yuki saw that, and she knows how Rena feels. She holds her hand and said

“Rena, don't think about what happened. Everything is in the past. The one on blame is him. Don't worry, Acchan won't think of you like that. You are like her sister and my family, ok”
Yuki looks at Rena and smiles

“Thank you, Yuki” Rena said

Suddenly, they hear another knocking sound. Jun stands up and walks to the door. He opens and is surprised when seeing Minam and Atsuko are standing there.

“Huh, you guys are quick” Jun said while standing aside for Minami and Atsuko to walk in

“Atsuko still worry about Rena, so we just came to the cafeteria for breakfast. Then we come back here” Minami said

“I see” Jun said

When seeing Rena is awake, Atsuko happily rushes to her.

“Rena-neechan, you are awake. I’m happy” she hugs Rena happily and said

Rena is very surprised with Atsuko’s action. Slowly she raises her hands and hugs Atsuko. She pats Atsuko’s back and said gently

“I’m fine, Acchan. I’m sorry for worrying you”

Atsuko breaks the hug and said

“It’s ok, Rena-neechan”

“However, don’t ever do that dangerous thing again. Why did you shield for me? You could be killed.” she continues in sobbing tone

“Baka, I’m your bodyguard. Of course, I have to do that no matter what” Rena pats Atsuko’s head and said

“But that is dangerous. This is the second time you shield for me. Don’t ever do that again. I don’t want you or anyone to get hurt because of me” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“Acchan, my mission is protecting you. I don’t care about dangerous.” Rena said

“But you are my family. I don’t want you to get hurt. Promise me, don’t ever do that again. Please, promise me” Atsuko looks at Rena with teary eyes

“Please, please Rena-neechan” she continues while looking at Rena with serious eyes

Rena looks at Atsuko’s serious eyes. She sighs and nods

“Ok, ok, Acchan. I promise you.”

Atsuko smiles happily when hearing that.

“That is good, right Acchan?” Yuki smiles and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods happily

Minami looks at Atsuko’s happy face and smiles happily. Since the morning until now, her face always shows worry expression.

At night

In an office room

There is a woman working with her file. Suddenly she hears a knocking sound

“Come in” She said

The door opens and a man walks in

“Hello, my dear little sister, Hinata” the man said

“What is it, Hayate-nii? Why did you come to my hospital this hour?” Hinata asks

“I come here because Itachi called me” Hayate sits down on the sofa and said

“Itachi called you? Why?” Hinata asks in surprised tone

“He said that to take revenge and catch imposter” Hayate said

Hinata frowns when hearing that

“What do you mean?” she asks

“You will know when Itachi come here.” Hayate said

“Could it be?” Hinata thought

1 weeks later

Rena finally got discharge from the hospital. She walks back to Atsuko’s mansion with Atsuko and Yuki. Minami, Jun, and Mayu are carrying her clothes from behind.

“How do you feel now? Going back to your home?” Yuki asks

“Great. I feel so much better just by walking in here” Rena said

Atsuko smiles happily when hearing that. She quickly rushes to the front of Rena. Her hands are hiding behind her back. Rena looks at her with puzzled look.

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko calls Rena while smiling at her

Rena looks at Atsuko’s happy smile

“Welcome home” Atsuko throws the glitter in her hands up and said happily

“Yes, welcome home, Rena” Yuki said

Jun, Minami, and Mayu blow the party whistle and shouts celebrating.

“Congratulations on your discharge and welcome home”

Rena feels so touch and happy.

“Everyone” she thought

She looks around everyone with happy eyes.

However, while they are enjoying their celebrations, suddenly they hear the sound of the bell ringing.

“Who is that?” Minami said

He comes out of the door and sees black car parks in front of the gate. Then he sees two men and a woman walking out. They are Hayate, Itachi, and

“Why are they here?” Jun said

“Don't know. Let's open the gate for them first” Minami said

Then Minami clicks the button on his remote and the door opens.

After parking the car, they come into the house. Seeing the glitter on the floor, and everyone is holding a party whistle, Hayate smirks

“Why don't you invite your uncle for this party my dear Atsu?” He said in sarcastic tone

“I'm sorry uncle. This is a surprise that everyone did for me. I of course didn't know beforehand to tell you” Rena said sarcastically

“May I know the reason for your arrival? Or did you come here to congratulate on my discharge?” She asks in sarcastic tone

“We come here to make a request to the three high ranked police here” Hayate said

“What do you want?” Jun asks

“We want you to arrest an imposter, a scammer, and a faker who tricked our family.” Hayate said while looking at Rena, Atsuko, and Yuki

Minami, Jun, and Mayu frown at his words while Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki look at each other with surprised look


That is chapter 32. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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