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« on: November 21, 2016, 05:25:15 PM »
Chapter 1

6 years ago

         Infront of one house,can be seen two young girls hugged each other.One of them is crying while the other one try to make her friend calm down.Their parents also confused what to do in this situasion.

            "Yukirin,stop crying",said one of the girls to this girl named Yukirin.

            "But...but Yuchan,you will be moving.That's mean I can't see you anymore"Yukirin said while continue to cry.

            "Yuki-chan,you have to let go of Yuchan.She and her parents have to get going soon"persuade her mother.

            "Yada..Yada ...Yada!I don't want to.If I let Yuuchan go,she will forget about me"Yukirin hold Yuchan tightly doesn't want to let her go.

            "Yukirin,don't cry please."said Yuchan.She take out something from her pocket and give it to Yukirin."Here,I give this to you"

            Yuki look at the necklace that Yuchan give to her.Yuchan take out another necklace and show it to Yuki.The necklaces have a same design with each other.

            "This necklace as a promise from me that I will never forget about Yukirin and someday I will find and meet you again"said Yuchan to Yukirin.

            Yukirin stop crying.She held the necklace thightly and held out her pinky finger."Promise?"

            "Promise"Yuchan let out her pinky finger and they made a pinky swear to each other.


         Yuki woke up from her sleep and remember her dream again.She hold her forehead.',it was not a dream.It was a memory.Old memory' she sigh.She open her drawer and take out a necklace.The necklace that she was holding right now have a memories of her with a certain someone.Her dear childhood friend that she last seen 6 years ago.She never meet her again.

         "Yuki-chan,if you don't get up right now,you're gonna be late"shout her mother.

         "Yes mom"she put the necklace back in her drawer and prepare herself.

Yuki POV

         Hi,my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.I am 16 years old and in 2nd year of high school.Its been a week I transfer here from Kagoshima to Tokyo because of my father's work.Today is my first day at my new school,I am so excited and I hope I will get many friends at there.Oh no,I gonna be late.

          I rush toward the door,put my socks,shoes,open the door and yell"I am going!"

          "Have a safe trip"I heard my mother reply before I close the door.

          I walk toward my new school happily.It always been my dream to live in Tokyo and my dream finally come true.It was not because I hate my hometown or something,it just that I came here with a wish to meet Yuchan.Who am I kidding?There's no way that Yuchan will be here.If she was here after all,it was a miracle.Sigh....To be honest,I am almost give up to meet her again because it was already 6 years since we seen each other.Maybe,she already forget about me.
          I enter my school yard and saw many students at there.While I am passing by them,I noticed the students either boy or girl looking at me.I just ignore them because I already used by it because at my old school I get a same reaction from some of the student at there.Even until now,I can't really understand why they always looking at me.Weird right?.I just walk silently until I feel a pair of hands touch my oshiri.

       "Aaahhhhhhh!What are you doing?"I turn around and yell at the person who touche my oshiri.

       "Hmm,your oshiri is perfect but nothing compared to my Nyan Nyan.I give you 9 point from 10 point.Well how about your oppai?"the pervert girl trying to touch my oppai but I slap them away.

        "Don't touch me,you pervert squirel!"I covered my chest so that pervert can't touch them.

         Me and the pervert girl I think named Yuko turn our head toward the source of the shout and see two girls walking toward us.One is a hooded girl that I can't see her face very well because her hoodie covered her face and the other one is a middle scholar?No I think she just a midget.When they infront of us,the midget girl slap Yuko's head.

         "How many times I must tell you to stop touch other people oshiri or oppai huh?"said the midget.

         "It was none of you business midget!"Yuko said to the midget girl.

         "You're one to talk.You also a midget"

         "At least I am still taller than you,Bakamidget"

         "Wha?Get back here Yuko!"They two start running to chased and be chased.I stare at them dumbfound.I really don't get it.

         "Sorry,I hope you can forgive Yuko.She always like that.A pervert"

         I turn around and realize that the hooded girl still by beside me.

         "Nah its okay.But I hope you can control your friend"

         "Thank you.I try"The hooded girl look at her watch and said"Well,I gotta go to my class right now or I will gonna be late"the girl walk away.I look at her until she dissappear and only realize that I am gonna be late.I hurrily enter the school building to find a principal room.

End Yuki POV

         Class of 2-B still noisy as always with the boys and girls talk but the sound of chat disappear when a teacher walk in.They hurrily take their seat,greet and bow to the teacher.

         "Okay class.Today you will get a new student in your class."

         The class room became noisy when they heard about the announcement.They whispered to each other about the new student.

         "Okay okay thats enough"the teacher knock at the desk to calm the student."Okay new student,you may come in now"

         The new student walked in.All the student in the class looking at her in awe except for a few student.

          "Thats the girl from this morning"said one of the students.

          "You know her Takamina?"ask her friend.

          "Not really.She was Yuko's victim this morning,Sayaka"explain Takamina.

            "That girl really doesn't change huh?Poor the new student"said Sayaka.

            Beside them two,there is a tomboyish girl that looked at the new student full of interest.

            "Good morning,my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.I just transfer here from Kagoshima because of my father work.So from now on,Yoroshiku Onegaishimashu"said Yuki.After bowing,she look at her new classmates and her eyes caught this tomboyish girl that really looked ikemen to her.They staring at each other for a long time.

        "What is this atmosphere?"ask Sayaka to Takamina.

        "Don't ask me"answer Takamina.

         "Ehem..ehem..Kashiwagi san,Kashiwagi san"

        "Ye...yes?"Yuki broke the staring when she heard the teacher called her name.

         "You can sit at there"point the teacher at one of the empty desk in this class.

        Yuki walk to her desk and sit.

          "Psst,Psst Kashiwagi san"

           She look beside her and see a short haired girl smile at her.

           "Maeda Atsuko,just call me Acchan"

            "Kashiwagi Yuki,you can call me Yuki"

              They shook each other hand and start talking.

              "Kashiwagi-san,Maeda-san...I know that you want to know each other but can you do it after class ended?"

              "Sorry sensei"they both apologized and start paying attention toward the lesson.

To be countinue........
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Re: Meet Again
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Who is Yuchan? Mayu-chan~ Mayuki fanfic?  :inlove:
Keep going for an update Author-san  :thumbup

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Re: Meet Again
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Yu-chan is Mayu right ? I hope is right wkwk
Really need mayuki fics

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Re: Meet Again
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Chapter 2

       It was a break time,the students in class quickly went toward Yuki asking her many questions.
Because of that,Yuki have a hard time to answer because the questions keep coming from her classmates.Seeing Yuki like that,Acchan decided to take an action.

      "Okay,that's enough guys.Leave her alone for a moment.She need a break.You all can ask her again later."Acchan shush her classmates.Her classmates leave Acchan and Yuki alone when hearing Acchan said that.Yuki feel relieve and grateful to Acchan.

      "Thanks Acchan"

      "You're welcome.Hey,how if you have a lunch with us?"offer Acchan.


      "Yeah,me and my friends.They all must be at the canteen right now.What do you say?"

      "Well,okay"Yuki take that offer.She take out her bento and walk together with Acchan to the canteen.

      Arrive at the canteen,Acchan lead Yuki to one of the table that occupied with a few students.

      "Oh its Acchan and looks like you bring along the new student with you"said one of the students at the table.Yuki look at their faces and stopped when she saw someone familiar.

      "Eh?Rena-chan?"Yuki said shocked,point at one of the students at that table.Her eyes became big because of suprise seeing Rena,her friend from middle school at there.

      "Yuki-chan hi.You're same as always,a reaction queen."said the girl named Rena.

      "What are you doing here?"

      "I am a student at here"

      "Wait-wait,wait for a moment.You two know each other?"ask the midget at that table.

      "Un,we're classmate at middle school but I transfer when in 3rd year,Takamina"explain Rena.

      "Oh.Well,I am Takahashi Minami,you can call me Takamina like everyone else.We're in the same class".Takamina introduce herself.

      "My name is Akimoto Sayaka,just Sayaka is fine"the taller girl who looked like gorilla a bit introduce herself.

      "I am Miyazawa Sae.Call me Sae-chan"said the genking-ikemen girl.She also sent a wink to Yuki.

      "My name is Kashiwagi Yuki.You all can call me Yuki"said Yuki introduce herself,a bit shy because of the wink.

      "My name is Matsui Rena,just call me Re..."Rena want to iintroduce herself but got interrupt by Yuki.

      "I already know you".They laughed.After the intoduction,they start talking to each other friendly.

      "Oh yeah Yuki,I want to apologize about this morning.That Yuko girl always like that,a pervert.Never change even if she got a girlfriend now"said Takamina.

      "Its okay.Your friend already went ahead and apologize to me"

      "Friend?Yuko?"Takamina confused.She wondering if Yuko already apologize to Yuki.

      "No-no.The hooded girl"correct Yuki.

      "Oh,it must be Mayuyu because she's with us this morning"


      "Yeah Mayuyu.She is our kouhai.Actually we will have lunch with her today but she's busy with her club"

      "That's right.Actually,we supposed to be many today,but everyone are busy with their own things"said Sayaka.Yuki nodded her head,understand the situasion.After that,they continue eating and chatting.

Yuki POV

       School ended.Everyone packed their things and go home,some of them have a club activity to attend.
Because it was my first day at here,I don't have club and I am not interested to have it.What I just want right now is going home and rest .

       When I passed the courtyard,I can see a basketball club doing a practice.I looking at them and realized Sae-chan and Sayaka-san is there,playing.They two look so cool,especially Sae-chan.She looked more handsome when playing basketball.I doesn't realize that I stare at her to long until a voice interrupt me.

       "Miyazawa Sae from class 2-B.An ace of basketball team.Are you perhaps interested in her?"ask a girl who I never meet.I look at her confused who she is and I think she realize that I am wondering who she is because she start introduce herself.

       "I am Sashihara Rino from class 2-A.I am also a vice-president of newspaper club in this school.Nice to meet you"

       "Kashiwagi Yuki.A transfer student"

       "Oh,so you're the new kid.Not bad.Maybe,I will send one of my people after you next time"

       "Huh?What do you mean?"

       "Don't mind that.So back to my question,are you interested in her,Miyazawa Sae?"Sashi lift her eyebrow and grin.

       "Wha?What are you talking about.There's no way"I denied but my face betray me because I am blushing.

       "Really?You're blushing though.But if you're interested in her,just forget it because she already had her own fanclub that maybe will kill you if you make a move at her".Sashi point toward a group of girls that yelling 'Sae-sama' or 'Sae-san' nonstop.I look at them and agreed maybe Sashi was right because I really think that I will get killed by those girls if I make a move at Sae-chan.

       "Sashi-senpai,here.I already take the pictures you request"

        "Thanks Mayu-chan".When I heard Sashi said 'Mayu' I look at the girl infront of her and realized it was really Mayuyu,a hoddie girl from this morning.

        "Hmm,good-good.As expected from my best club member"Sashi said after check all the pictures.

        "Can I go home now?"

        "Sure you can.See you tomorrow,Mayu-chan"

        After hearing a word 'home',I remember I also want to go home.I excuse myself and went to home.

Yuki's house

       Reach my home,I wwent to my room and threw myself on my bed.I am so exhausted.I heard a knoock at mh door and a voice from my mom ask if she can come in.I said okay and she came into my room and sit on my bed.

       "How's school today?"she ask.

       "It was great.I made friends at there"

       "That's good.So?"

       "So what?"not understand what she mean.

       "Find any any candidate for a boyfriend at there?"said my mother while grinning.

       "What?No mom!"feeling suprised with her question.

       "Un okay.....How about a girlfriend?"

       "Mom!No,get out!"I threw my pillow at her.My mother dodge it and get out from my room laughing.I am so don't like her teasing.Sigh.Why I have a mom like her?

End Yuki POV

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Re: Meet Again
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Chapter 3

 Yuki POV
     It has been 2 weeks since I transfer here,I get along with my classmates,especially Acchan,Rena,Sayaka and Takamina.They also introduce me to they other's friends that is not in the same class as us.Firstly is Shinoda Mariko or Mariko-sama(call by some of her fans) is a person that really like to troll other people along with her childhood friend,a certain gachapin that I've never meet before because she is busy with her club.But of course she also have a favourite person to troll and that person is that certain gachapin herself.

     Next is Kojima Haruna or Nyan-Nyan,an airhead beauty.Because she is an airhead,she always in her's dreamland but it is not being a bother to us all.She have a girlfriend,I heard her girlfriend is our student council president and because of that,it makes her really popular at this school.After that there is Itano Tomomi or we call her Tomochin,she is a stylist person in our group along with Acchan,Mariko and Nyan Nyan..She have a girlfriend who have a same first name as her.Her girlfriend in a student council and I met her her once.

     Right now we're at the rooftop,eating our own lunch.We talk about random things until Nyan Nyan asking me if I want to join student council.Oh yeah,she also a student council but she always wandering around not attend the meeting.If she attend,she just sleeping through a meeting.So yeah,no one cares.

"Ne Yuki-chan,want to join student council?"she ask me.

"Well,we're short of people right now and because this school become busy lately,we thought it must be good to add more people"expain Haruna.

"But why me?You can ask Takamina,Acchan and everyone else at here",

"Sorry Yuki,but Sae and me will be busy with basketball pratice"said Sayaka.

"Yeah,a tournament is coming up after all"add Sae with an apologetic look.

"I have Kendo practice" state Rena.

"Do you forget that I'm in drama club?" said Mariko.

"Me and Tomochin are a model.We can't be late for our job",said Acchan.

"Even if I really want to spend time with my Tomo~mi,Acchan is right" said Tomochin.I look at Takamina hoping that she doesn't have club.

"I'm not in any club....."my smile become wider"....but...I have a part time job"my smile dropped.sigh.Why I'm the only one with no work?While I'm thinking of an excuse to to avoid from joining,the door to the rooftop being open.We turn our head at the door and see two girls walking out from the door.

"What I said Mayu-chan,she must be here"said a one of the girls to the other girl that I known as Mayuyu.

"Hi Gachapin"I heard Mariko said to the girl who talking early.I look at her face and I admit she look a bit alike to Gachapin.

"Hei!How many times I must tell you to stop calling me by that name"

"Well how about I call you glutton from now?"

"That too!"

"So how am I suppose to call you?You're looked like gachapin and you really like to eat,so that's your name"

"I have a proper name too.Minegishi Minami.M-I-N-E-G-I-S-H-I  M-I-N-A-M-I"

"Yeah-yeah whatever.GACHAPIN"

"Wha?You're wanna fight huh?STICK!".Miichan holding a fighting pose.

"Ano Miichan-senpai,can you keep the fight later?We have a duty to fulfil"said Mayu.

"Oh Mayuyu,you're here too"said Acchan.Acchan pull Mayu into a hug."You're so nice to cuddle,Mayuyu".I don't know if I'm imagining it or what but I think I saw a fire in Takamina's eyes.

      Miichan attention change toward me when she realize I am there."Oh you're the new kid.Hi,my name is Minegishi Minami,you can call me Miichan."she hold out her hand to shake.

"Kashiwagi Yuki"I accept her handshake.

"You really a beauty just like the rumor said,oy Mayu.Introduce yourself"

"Watanabe Mayu"Mayu said bowing.

"Hey it's rude to greet people like that.You have to show your face"said Miichan and pull the hoodie on Mayu head.Mayu face is not covered anymore and at at that time,what in my head just one word 'cute'.

"So,what you two come here for?"ask Takamina broking my thought.

"Oh yeah,that squirel president want to meet Nyan Nyan.So,we're here to pick up her" explain Miichan.

"Perfect timing.How about you come with us Yuki-chan?" .Haruna clasp my hand.


End Yuki POV

      Standing outside the coucil room is three girls.That's girls are Yuki,Haruna and Mayu.At this time,she curse herself for not reject the offer earlier.She really doesn't want to join any club that will make her had to go home late.Haruna knock at the door and open it.

"Oh Shiriri-chan,you came back with Nyan Nyan .........and looks like you brought another girl too".Yuki really really feeling regret now because the student infront of them is the same student who harrass her butt another days.

"You!You're that pervert girl"Yuki point at Yuko.

"Oh looks like you remember me"

"Of course,how can I forgot someone who grab butt"

"Grab butt?what is she talking about....Yuchan?"said Nyan Nyan and a dark aura can be seen around her.

"No-no Nyan Nyan.It's not like that"Yuko said while trembling.

"It's the truth.I was there at that time"add Mayu with a poker face.

"How could you Shiriri-chan!I trust you"

"Oshima Yuko,come here"Haruna grab Yuko and drag her into another room.Mayu and Yuki stood there silent waiting for that two to comeback.

"Is she gonna be okay?"ask Yuki to Mayu feeling guilty.

"It's okay.She deserve that"said Mayu while smiling evilly.This girl is dangerous thought Yuki.Haruna and Yuko comeback and a handprint can be seen at Yuko's face.Yuko walk toward Yuki and bow.

"'I'm sorry Yuki-san"

"It's okay.I forgive you"

"But you's butt had a nice shape and big too.It was perfect to hold it"said Yuko with a pervert smile on her face.

"Yuchan"another dark aura can be seen around Haruna.

"Ju...just kidding Nyan Nyan.You're my number one"Yuko trying to calm Haruna down.

"Yuchan?"Yuki said in low voice but still can be heard by Mayu who is beside her.

"Yeah that person is this student council president Oshima Yuko.We just call her Yuko but her girlfriend,Haruna-senpai called her Yuchan."explain Mayu.She look at Yuki's face and notice that her face become paler."Are you okay,Kashiwagi-san? You don't look good"

"I'm okay.Nothing's wrong."Yuki said with a forced smile.Mayu don't buy that,she know something is wrong and it must related to Yuko but she just stay silent,doesn't want to interrupt someone else business.

         Yuki lay down at ber bed and thinking about what happening earlier today at school.Haruna invite her to join student  council and she gave her time to think about it.Of couse she doesn't want to join because she set her mind already to not join any club.But is she refuse the offer from Haruna,she can't figure out if Yuko-san is really her childhood friend,Yuchan.She doesn't remember her childhood friend real name and she really regret it.She thinking for a while and found her answer.She made up her mind what she gonna do.

Next day at school

       Yuki walk toward student council room to give an answer to Haruna's offer.She take a deep breath and knocking the door.She open the door and enter the room.Yuki saw many faces she doesn't  know except Yuko,Haruna and Tomo~mi,Tomochin's girlfriend.

"Oh Yuki-chan.What are you doing here?"ask Yuko.Yuki look at Yuko's face and answer her question.

"I want to join student council"

"Ehhh!Really?".Yuki nod.

"Thanks Yuki-chan"said Haruna thanking Yuki for accepting her offer.

"Well because we have a new member at here.Let's introduce ourselves.Well me first,I'm Oshima Yuko and I 'm the student council president.And one more thing,Nyan Nyan is mine so back off".For saying that,she got a smack from Haruna.

"You already know me,Kojima Haruna".Haruna said while trying to get off Yuko from her.

"My name is Yokoyama Yui.I'm the vice-president.Nice to meet'cha"Yui intoduce herself while trying to help Haruna get off Yuko frm her.

"Yamamoto Sayaka.Nice to meet you.Knock it off Yuko"Sayaka give a smack to Yuko's head because she still doesn't want to let go Haruna.

"Just ignore them Yuki-chan.It's always like this every day.I'm Kasai Tomomi,you're already meet me"

"Watanabe Miyuki~des.Please call me Milky" said a cute looking girl.Milky shake Yuki's hand and it makes Yuki in awe,frozen.

"Oy Milky.Don't you dare seduce the new kid"Sayaka take Yuki away from Milky."Please be careful with this girl,she really like to seducing other"warn Sayaka.

"I'm not seducing her Sayanee.And I also don't seduced other people"

"Yeah-yeah.Whatever you said"

"Mou Sayanee."

Yuki look at her new friends and smiled.She think maybe it was not bad joining this club.But it doesn't mean,she will forget her purpose for joining.To find the truth is Yuko is really Yuchan,her childhood friend.

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Re: Meet Again
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Chapter 4

Yuki POV

It's already been 3 days since I joined student council.As expected,I'm really worn out with the works they gave me to handle.I don't know this job can be tiring.And so far with my mission to observing Yuko-san,I can't find any similarities between her and Yuchan.Maybe just their nickname are the same after all,there are many people in Japan that named Yuchan.Right now,I'm peeking at her who is now harrasing girls.'What a pervert,that's why I can't accept if she is really turn out Yuchan'

"What are you doing,Kashiwagi-senpai?"

"Aahhhh!O-oh,Wa...Watanabe-san.You scared me there"I turn around and find it was Watanabe Mayu who voiced earlier.I hope that Yuko-san not heard my yell earlier and looks like she really doesn't heard it.

"Oh,are you perhaps interested in Yuko-senpai?.Now I know why you always glancing at her,so that's because you like her".Without my knowing,she also look at the direction that I'm looking.Her statement really make me shocked.'She knew?

"You've got it wrong!I'm not interested in that squirrel"That's true though."I..I'm just wondering why that pervert can be a president and Nyan Nyan girlfriend" Now that's a lie.There's no way I can tell her my reason.It sound stupid.Think that she was your childhood friend because of the same nickname.

"Really?Oh well whatever,it's none of my business...The student council searching for youand Yuko-senpai.Have an urgent meeting,I think.Well I gotta go so,I'll leave telling Yuko-senpai to you for me" she said and then walking fast so that I can't protest anything to her.And I'm sure I saw her smirking earlier.'She doing this on purpose right?

End Yuki POV

The air around newspaper club look tense.It was because the members still can't come up with something to write in newspaper for next week.They have two days more before the newspaper have to be release.They want a story that can be a scoop this time because all the newspaper they had published this month are boring.Not many students are interested in it.If this continues,their club budget  will not raise at all and maybe will get decreased.

"So......any ideas?..Anyone?"Sashi broke the silent and asking the members what topic should have been write.

"How about TomoTome couple?" suggest one member and get reject.

"Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuko story?"

"We already wrote about it when they become a couple last year.Futhermore,there is no new story about them"

"How about we interview Rena about how her past relationship affected her so much 'til now because she still don't date other people since then"

"Are you crazy?!You want to open up people's wound" said Sashi jolted up when she heard the idea.

"I don't know that you can care about other people"said Mayu suprise with what Sashi had said.From her knowing,Sashi really like this kind of story so that's why it suprise her.

"Okay,I agree if you all want to write about it but in one condition,you all must be the ones who will accept Gekikara wrath.Don't include me" said Sashi,challenge the members.All members become quiet,just looking at each other feeling scared.Mayu who don't get scared easily also shut her mouth.All the second years and third years who in the club last year remember clearly what happened to them after they wrote about Rena's breakup.They all shivered just remember about it,especially Sashi who almost got a pencil in her nose because she's the one who handle that newspaper at that time.

"So,what're we suppose to write?"said Yuka feeling frustated.

"A-ano,how about the transfer student,Kashiwagi Yuki?We can write about her",suggest Masana.That idea makes all members look at her."W-what?"

"That's....That's right,that's right,that's right!How stupid am I to forgot about the new school beauty.Kashiwagi Yuki.A beauty who make most of our male students fall in love with her,make the girls jealous over her think want to kill her"   "I think the kill part is too much"    "Shuush,don't interrupt me.And also in just two weeks,she got scout to be a member of student council where most of our popular students gathered.There must be many students who want to know more about her.It's awesome.Brilliant.Amazing.Good job,Masana-senpai.I love you"


"Okay where's Miichan.Where's Miichan.She must interview that beauty right now"Sashi search Miichan among the members.

"You told her to went and find a story earlier.She's not back yet"

"Damn it!No time to wait for her.Mayu-chan!"


"Go and find that salty girl from photographer club to accompany you to interview this Kashiwagi Yuki"

"You mean Shimazaki Haruka?"

"Yes who else a salty girl at this school beside that Paruru girl.You're smart Paruru but you can be stupid sometime.Go go...go now!!!Don't back before you get her respond or I'll destroy your beloved anime figure"Sashi push Mayu toward the door.

"Wait,how you got my anime figure?Who do you tak..SLAM!!!"before can finish her sentence,Sashi already slam the door.

"I think she's more like a president than vice-president"said Yuka,get a nods from members.

"Hahaha...This is why I'm not hesitate to leave this club in her care"said Mizuki,a president of newspaper club.


         Yuki behind a bushes,looking at Yuko who is fighting words with Takamina.They calling each other midget.The students just passed them like it was a familiar sight everyday.Not too long later,Haruna and Acchan came and scold that two for making a ruckus.Yuki look at them and think 'Don't they two realize the two together a midget'.Yumi so busy looking at the scene infront of her that she doesn't realize there are two girls looking at her from behind.

"So,you're really interested in Yuko-senpai huh?".Yuki startled and spun around fast later find it was Mayu and a girl she don't know at behind her.Click.

"Nice reaction there Kashiwagi-san"that unknown girl said to her.

"Hey!Delete that"Yuki try to catch the camera but get stopped by Mayu.

"That was her job,it was your mistake for letting your guard down"

"Hmp..fine.So what're you two doing here?"

"We come to interview you"said Mayu.

"Interview me?For what?"ask Yuki confused.

"Ah,you don't know.To be short,I'm from newspaper club and she" point at Paruru "is Shimazaki Haruka from photographer club.We work together this time to interview you"explain Mayu.Paruru beside her just nodded.

"I'm not going to agree with it",refuse Yuki.She really don't like the idea to have her face in newspaper even if it was a school newspaper.

"Well I'm sorry Kashiwagi-san.We're not a kind of club that will ask people permission first before we publish anything about them"said Mayu smiling evilly.'Okay,I start to don't like this kid'thought Yuki irritated with that smile.

"Futhermore,if you don't want to agree with us.We just write about how you like Yuko-san,our student council president.I think people will like this idea"said Mayu again.

"Wha?I don't like her."denied Yuki.

"Really?But it looks not like that to me"said Paruru who just silent all this time.She take out a pictures and show it to Yuki.It was a picture of Yuki stalk Yuko.There are many of them.People who sees this will really think that Yuki like Yuko.

"When you take this all?".Yuki try to snatch the pictures away but Paruru is much faster,she block Yuki hands from touching it.She put all the pictures back in her bag.

"I always run into you while you busy stalk her.Because you're popular,I think it will just for a bit a newspaper club will target you.So,I take this so I can blackmail you if you don't want to agree be interview.And looks like it I really need it."said Paruru without any sound of pity.Yuki can't believe what she just heard.

"Nice job Paruru 👏."said Mayu,proud of her friends.She faced Yuki again"So what're you gonna do?I'm sure Haruna-senpai will like this news.Don't worry,we're not gonna said if you reject us because we will get more interesting things to see later.A world war 3.Right Paruru?"said Mayu.Paruru nod her head.She also seems to like it.Yuki look at the two infront of her with unbelieve face and sigh.With that,Paruru and Mayuyu know that they already got her.


After that forced interview,Yukk walk toward the gate while sighing.She really feel mad because of those girls,brave to using a blackmail against her.People around her can see a black aura coming out from her.

"Oy Yuki-chan,wait for me" a voice make Yukj stopped walking and she turn around."Let's walk home toget..Woah.What's with that face?You look so mad "said Sae shocked when she saw Yuki face.

"Oh,it was Sae-chan"Yuki calm her self and smile."You don't have practice today?"

"We finish early today.How about you?student council?not going back late?"

"No,I always leave early after finish my work.I don't like stay at school late.Where is Sayaka,you two always walking home together right?"

"She got a things to handle.She told me to go home first".Yuki nodded.

"So why the angry face earlier?"

"There are certain little mouse and her friend blackmail me"said Yuki to Sae.That made Sae laugh hard."What so funny Sae-chan?Mou"

"Sorry sorry.Let me guess,that must be Mayu-chan and Paruru-chan right?"ask Sae.Yuki look at Sae shocked.How she know?
"Guess I'm right if you face like that.That two girls are dangerous.They always find a way to make people agree to them.That's why they become a best member in their club and well known in this school.I also through the same thing,they found my weakness and blackmail me"said Sae and laugh again.

"Huuuu...I can't believe it."Yuki look down again.

"It's okay princess,maybe next time we will get our revenge"Sae pat Yuki's head.That action make and 'princess' word make Yuki blush.They two walking home together.

To be continue.....
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Re: Meet Again
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Chapter 5

Today is a nice day,it has a perfect weather for students to enjoy their lunch outside,including Yuki.Yuki always happy when lunch time because she can have lunch with her friends but today is different,she's not happy at all because of a certain girl that also sit with them today.

"Yuki-chan,why are you glaring at Mayu-san?"ask Rena with a small voice who sit beside her.

"Why that little brat here today?"whisper Yuki still glaring at Mayu.

"If not busy with club,she will ate lunch together with us sometimes.It also can't be helped because she are close with Yuko and Takamina"answer Rena still with a small voice.Mayu that noticed they were talking about her decide to speak.

"Yuko-senpai invited me today to eat lunch with you all.If you have any problem with this,you can speak to her,Kashiwagi-san"she said annoyed.

"Why you're the one who feeling annoyed?It supposed to be me,you blackmail me!"

"It is not my fault,you're the one who doesn't want to cooperate with us even if we already asked nicely.We've got no choice,Sashi will kill us and my dear Mio will be destroyed"

"Wait-wait-wait,you two.What blackmail that you two talking about?"ask Takamina.

"I don't know much about what story she used to Yuki but,this little mouse over here dare to blackmail her to agreed be interviewed for a newspaper"explain Sae who know about the situasion.

"Again Shiriri-chan,hahahahaha.I can't believe it,how many times already you blackmail people,hahahahaha"

"Ah the newspaper,I read it already and saw nothing's wrong with it"said Acchan.

"I don't like that kind of thing.Thanks to that,many students been looking at me more lately.And the main problem is not that,it was how they forced me to agreed with it"

"I'm suprised though,because you also had a story that people can't know about.What story you used Mayu-chan?" ask Tomochin interested.She really like this kind of things.

"Oh it was about sh-mmmmmm....."Mayu want to tell them but Yuki fast covered her mouth,prevent her from saying it.Mayu wrestling with her now to escape.

"You two sure are close"comment Rena gigling.

"No,We are not!!!"both Yuki and Mayu said at the same time.They all laughing except for one person.

When break time over,they all walking back to their own classroom.Before Yuki can enter her class,a hand hold her shoulder prevent her from doing so.
It was Sae's,she get closer to Yuki and whisper to her ear.

"You and Mayu seems close.You making me jealous Yuki-chan".After that,she leave Yuki alone who frozen in her place.

"Yuki-chan,Yuki-chan~Hello,anyone there?"Rena wave her hand infront of Yuki's face,waking her up from her daydream.


Rena look at Yuki with a serious gaze,making Yuki feel uncomfortable."Ne Yuki I just want to warn you as a friend.......don't fall for Sae"

"W-what are you talking about?Of course I wo..won't.You know I'm still waiting for my first love to find me"

"That's good.Because if you fall for her,you're just gonna get hurt"said Rena with a pained expression.Seeing her best friend face like that,Yuki want to ask what's wrong but she just decided it might be good if she don't ask about it.

At Yuki's home,

Yuki done taking a bath.She take a hairdryer and dry her hair.When finish drying her hair,she lay down on her bed and thinking what happened this morning at school with Rena.She never saw her making a face like that before since she knew her,she looks in pain and sadness.'Is there something going on between her and Sae-chan?' thought Yuki.

Sigh.'More important than that' she get up and take a necklace,gift from Yuchan from her drawer and stare at it 'What am I suppose to do now?I still can't make sure if she is Yuchan or not.I hope that is her because I don't think I can wait for her forever,I also want to move that's why this is my last chance to meet her.After this,I'll give up if she's not Yuchan.But I also know...deep inside me,I hope it is not her because she's Nyan Nyan's lover.I don't want that' thought Yuki.She wear that necklace and start to fall asleep without notice,still thinking about her Yuchan.


The next day at school,Yuki get there earlier from usual.It was because of her mom got a time wrong and think she is late for school but she rushed here for nothing.Even Sae,Rena,Takamina,Sayaka and Acchan not thereyet,just a few students was there.Not long after that,Milky came and telling her to come to the student council room when a break time.She agree with it without asking more because Milky face look mad.

When a break time,she rushes to student council room without touching her bento.She enter the room and shocked with a sight infront of her.Everybody looks busy with a papers that pile up infront of them.They all looks so serious and she can see Milky and Tomo~mi complain about something.

"Ah perfect timing!Can you help me here Yuki-san?" ask Sayanee.Yuki hurrily to her side and help her.

"Woah!Why there are so many works?" ask Yuki,suprised with the amount of works that have to be done.

"We don't know,it has been a weeks since there a works coming nonstop.Yuko,Yui and me thought we can finish this without any other members help but sorry,we were wrong"said Sayanee with her hands and eyes still on the papers.

"Its your three fault in the first place why this works become many like this,if you told us and let us help,we already can finish this"said Tomo~mi.She irritated because of this works,she can't go on date with Tomochin.She also can't see her and this all was that three idiots fault.

"Sorry,sorry"both Sayanee and Yui apologizing.

"Where Yuko-san and Nyan Nyan?"ask Yuki when she don't see that couple are not in that room.

"Yuko have to discuss something with principal and Haruna-san the rooftop maybe,having lunch"answer Milky.

"Wait!Why she's there?She supposed to be here!"said Yuki unsatisfied.

"It's Haruna-san we're talking about.Just let her be,Yuko-san also don't mind it.Even if she's here,she'll not give much help at all because she always off in her own lalaland.It much better without her,with that there are no papers we have to do correction because of her own mistake and there are no one can distract Yuko-san"said Yui honest with no feeling of pity with what she just said.Meanwhile Yuki is the one who feeling pity for Haruna because she an useless person in Yui's eyes.

They stopped working when break time over and back to their own classroom to continue their lesson.After school ended,they come again to council room and continue their works.Yuki never touch her lunch and eaten or drink anything since she start working.She feel hungry and tired but she hide it,she don't want others know but Yuko who been looking at her doing works notice it.She take a buns and juice,put it infront of Yuki.Yuki stopped working and look at the foods infront of her and look at Yuko,wondering what's up with that food.

"Its not too much but hope it can decresed your hunger"said Yuki.Yuki want to say she is not hungry but Yuko cut her off."Don't deny it,I can see from your face that you really hungry.Don't hold back"

Yuki start eating and finish the foods and drink in no time because she's too hungry.She not eaten anything since morning.She look at the room and noticed just her and Yuko leave,there are no sign of others.Yuko noticed her wonder  and fast answer her question without being asked."They already went home,you too focused in your works that you don't realize they already leave.You also can go home now,it's getting late"

"B-but the works"

"Its okay.We can continue it tomorrow.I also will ask some help from other students.For now,lets just go back home and get some rest okay?"said Yuko,smile and pat Yuki's head.Yuki amazed with Yuko infront of her right now,it don't look like Yuko that she knew at all,a pervert.Yuko that infront of her is nice,caring,cool,serious with work and have a nice smile,not her usual pervert smile.

"Why your face is red?Do you feel sick?"ask Yuko when she saw Yuki's face in red color.She want to check Yuki's temperature but got blocked by Yuki,saying she was fine.'What a weird girl' thought Yuko smiling.
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Re: Meet Again
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Chapter 6

The next day like yesterday after school ended,all members of student council went to council room and continue their unfinished works that pile up.Haruna also there this time,helping them with works although she had a hard time doing it.

"The works increased again.We'll never get to finish it on time.With the midterm coming closer,we' get no time for study at all"complain Tomomi.

"Looks like I have to prepare for failing huh"continue Milky.

"We can't fail! If the student council fail in exam,we will get laughed at" said Yui.

"Except you,Yuko and Sayanee of course.You all smart so you will passed this exam with high scores."said Milky,agreed by Tomomi and Haruna suprising even Yuki.Even though she can do this work,Yuki is not clever at all in academy.Their conversation stop when a door being opened by their president.Yuko step in the room with a huge smile on her face.

"Guys!I brought our trump cards.Our works will be done in no time".She step aside and appear Takamina and Mayu from behind her.All members overjoyed except Yuki when they see the two,and the most happy is Yui when she see the senpai she admired is there."This two here will help us until our works done,so...Yuki-chan!" she said Yuki's name make Yuki look at her."Please be nice to them okay?"pleading Yuko.She know that Yuki dislike Mayu but she've got no choice...she has to finish this works and Mayu is one of people who can help with it.Seeing Yuko pleading her,she can's disagree with it because Yuko look cute at that moment.They continue their works but Yuki can't stop herself from thinking why it must be Takamina and Mayu who help them.

"Why that two must be the persons who help us?Isn there any other students?"

"Because Takamina-senpai is an ex-member of this council and she's the one who supposed to be this year president but because of some trouble at home,she quit this club and refuse the offer to enter election.And Mayu,she's clever girl so this works is not a problem for her" answer Yui who sat beside her.

"Eh really?I don't know about that Takamina.But seriously?That mouse?Clever girl?You must be joking"

"Looks like senpai really hate her"Yui chuckled.

"Yeah you can say it like that.I still holding a grudge against her.But you also seems to hate Yuko.I noticed that you behavior toward her.You always got mad at her and scolding her"

"You noticed that?I can't believe it.It was not like I hate her or anyhing but I hope the one become a president is Takamina-senpai.Unlike her who always being a pervert and distract herself went there are Haruna-senpai,Takamina-senpai is a reliable person who do work seriously." confess Yui what she don't sastified about but also at the same time feeling proud because she can praised her favourite senpai.

"Yui-chan, you like Takamina?"

"W-what?Nononono,She just someone that I admired not someone that I like"

"Oh.But I think you're wrong about Yuko because this past days,don't you think she also take works seriously.She also work hard to finish it and willing to find a person asking for help" said Yuki,who don't realize she defending Yuko.

"I thought that you also don't like her?"

"When she being a pervert of course I don't like her"

"So is she's serious like this,you like her huh,Yuki-chan senpai?"suddenly a seductive voice also join them.

"Milky chan?"both Yui and Yuki startled with Milky's voice.

"Hehe gomen gomen.Your conversation looks fun so I also want to join in.Did I suprised you two?"

"Yes,you suprised us there Milky-san.But to answer you question,I don't like her"

"But that isn't what Mayu-chan told me."

"Wait,you like our president?That's why you defend her earlier" Yui said suprised with what she heard.

"Wah?No!Don't trust that stupid little mouse!".Yuki shouted earning an attention from other members.

"Cough,cough......I don't know what you three have been talking about're noisy."interrupt Sayanee.The three of them noticed all heads are turned looking at their direction.



Yuki POV

Two days after that,all works that have been given to us are finish early than everyone expected and it was all thanks to Mayu and Takamina's help.All of them overjoyed and thanking them two.Tomomi long gone,probably went to see her's Tomochin.Sayanee and Yui had their heads on table,tired.Milky on phone,talking to her boyfriend.Everyone looks relaxed but I noticed our work not done yet,we must give all this report to the teacher.Being kind,I voluntereed myself to do the work.I pick all the files but it was to heavy and almost drop it but luckily Yuko hold the files,preventing it from dropping.

"Its too heavy for you to do it alone.Someone has to help her lift this to teacher's room."said Yuko.She looks serious and worry,made me think she's really cool.

"I'll help her" Mayu offer herself.It makes us shocked.What the hell is wrong with her?

"O-okay.Let Shiriri-chan help you."said Yuko.From her tone she looks worry,maybe because think Mayu will try to annoy me again.She's worry if I will tired out because of Mayu.

We two walk in silent heading to teacher's office.I enjoying this silent without a tease coming from her or so I thought,that little mouse broke the silent with a tease.

"I saw you,looking at her with those similar eyes same as her fans.I'm not suprised though,because she really look attractive is she's not being a pervert.So that's why you like her"

"I said already that I don't like her.How many times I suppose to tell you so you'll understand"said me to her but she's not look convince enough because she's still smirking at me."You know what?If you attention just want to teased me,give me that.I don't need your help" I said and try to grab the files in her arms with a files still in my arms.She try to stop me but I don't stop at all.

"Hey,stop it!You'll drop-brukbrukbruk-....all this files"she want to said but already late.All the files scattered around on the floor now."Look what you have done,you dropped all this files"she yell at me.

"Me?You're the one who don't want to let it go I already said that I can carry this myself" I said defending myself and start picking all the files.Lucky for us,the papers in it don't come out if not,there will be a problem to arrangge it.

"And drop it later.Here let me help you"she said and crouching to also pick the files."I can't believe thi-..........."she stopped talking suddenly.I look at her,wonder what's up with her,suddenly became quiet like that.She looking at me and shocked expression clearly shown on her face.

"That's why you have been stalking her"


"Nothing"she said.She carry all the files and continue walking.This time,our walking is in silent with no voice come out from any of us.

End Yuki POV

"Haaaa.....just a week leave before the exams start and I still bad in studying.If it continue like this,I'll ended up fail and take a make up exams or take an extra class this summer.But the worse is,of course being lectured by my mother"Yuki said.She turn her head toward her companion when she heard her laughing."Mou don't laugh at me Rena-chan"

"Sorry-sorry.It just funny that you've never change,still sucks in studying"

"Yeah yeah,I know.Unlike me who bad in academics and don't do sport,you have a good grades and being an ace of kendo club.Lucky you.Laugh all you want,Matsui Rena-san"said Yuki pouting.Rena burst out laughing again seeing her friend like that.

After a while laughing,Rena stopped laughing and apologized to her friend who continue to ignoring her.Her eyes caught a certain mouse who not far away from them.

"Mayu-san!!!".The person being called turn her around when she heard her name being called.Rena pull Yuki to catch up with Mayu who infront of them.

"Rena-senpai,you don't have practice today?"ask Mayu to Rena.

"No,sensei want us to focused our mind on this exams,so there will be no practice until exams over.What about you,Mayu-san?"

"Mizuki-senpai given us a rest aswell.She don't want the club will be having trouble cuz there are members who failed.That's why I'm heading home now."

"Perfect timing.We're in our way toward library now to study for this exam.If you don't have any plan,how about you join us?"

"It's fine to me but..........."Mayu glance at the person beside Rena who look like want to murder her right there,right now.Rena look at Yuki and nudged her shoulder,telling her to stop with that murderous look.Yuki give a 'what' face to her.

"It's okay,don't mind her.Lets go now" Rena said and start walking.

Mayu look at Yuki and run to catch up to Rena when she saw Yuki give her murderous look once more time.Yuki who don't like Mayu pull Rena closer and whisper to her ear.

"Why you invited her?You know I hate this girl"

"I do this for you own good.Mayu is a clever girl for her age,she can teach you for this exam"

"Why I need an underclassmen to teach me?She's not in my grade"

"Like I already said,she's clever.She's the one who teach Takamina,Acchan and Haruna to passed this school entrance exam.Trust me,you're not going to fail this time"

Yuki became quiet after that,she still feeling uneasy about this girl ability to teach her so she can pass.

Their study session went well than as expected.Yuki and Rena studying seriously while Mayu busy teaching them what they don't know.Compared to Rena,Yuki made many mistake and slow in learning how to answer,so that's why Mayu spend much her time with her.At Mayu's side,she never once teasing Yuki and made her mad this time,much to Rena and Yuki suprised.Because of the study give many progress to them,Rena made a deal with Mayu to teaching them everyday after school ended til the day of the exams,Mayu agree with it in return Rena and Yukj have to treat and buying her lunch.Look like Yuki don't have to worry about failing anymore.

Midterm exams are over and the result will be out today.Yuki,Tomomi,Tomochin,Haruna,Yuko,Takamina,Acchan,Sae,Sayaka,Rena and Miichan also want to look at the results but can't because there are many students infront of them.The students pushes each other to look at their name and because of afraid being pushed,the group just stay at the back silent.

"It so crowded,I can't saw anything at all"said Miichan when came back after being pushed around in the crowd.

"Give up already you midgets,you'll never ever going see the result even if you tip-toeing like crazy there."teased Mariko to Yuko and Takamina.She came out of nowhere."Let me show you how to doi it......EHEM guys,make a way!"

All of sudden,the front of the buletin board become empty.All the students make a way for Mariko to see the result.The students who don't want to make way also have to do it because they being pushed aside,forced to move.Thanks to that,the group can see clearly the result announcement.


"Why I don't think to do that before?"said Tomochin to herself.If she want,she also can do the same with what Mariko do earlier.

"As expected of Mariko-sama"said Takamina clapping her hand.

"Hey Yuko!You're number one again"said Sayaka.

"Wah!That's good.Right Nyan Nyan?"Yuko jump to Haruna want a reward but got a smack instead.

Meanwhile Yuki busying herself to search her name while prying not to fail.Her mom already warn her yesterday,if she fails she have to be prepared to get ready to go see a doctor to get an ears treatment.

"20th place?Yuki-chan congratulations!You passed and rank in 20th"shout Rena to Yuki after see her friend's result.

Yuki push Rena aside and see her own result and get a shock after that because Rena's right.She passed and got a high rank for this exams.Suddenly all her worries about make up exam,extra class and her mother lecture dissapeared.She jump around feeling happy.

"Looks like my hard work teaching you paid off,althought it's lower rank than I expected you to be but well,congratulations Yuki-senpai"said Mayu appear suddenly.

"Thanks Mayuyu.Thank you verh much.You have no idea how happy I'm right now.Very thank you"said Yuki hugging Mayu while thanking her over and over again.


"Y-yeah.You're welcome"said Mayu flushed.That scene caught her friends off guard,they can't believe their are seeing infront of them.Yuki are hugging a person who she claim her enemy!

"Uh senpais,.......what's wrong with them?"ask Ota Aika who came together with Mayu.She pointing at Takamina,Miichan and Mariko who at the corner.A dark sad atmosphere can be seen surroundings them.The mighty Mariko-sama earlier suprising also in that depressing state.

"Unlucky for them,they fails this exams"said Haruna calm without aware there are dark aura coming from a person behind her,she feeling more annoyed when hear Haruna said that.

"Haruna-senpai,I don't want to hear that from you!You also failed.I remind you already to not failed this exams but you still failed.This is not good for our council-..Stop patting my head Yuko-senpai!You also at fault here,you supposed to teach her but you blablablablablabla......."the scolding for Yui coming nonstop from her.Her friend Sayanee just stand there smiling don't know what to do to stop her friend on rampage.

'Yuihan is scary' thought the other student council member.Yuki more than glad she don't fail this time when she saw Yui like that.

To be continue.......

Sorry because this story is boring.I hope when the story continues will enjoy it
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Re: Meet Again
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Your fic is fine i like it
dont worry just keep going :)

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Re: Meet Again
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Chapter 7

Since the study session together,Yuki and Mayu become close with each other.Yuki found out that Mayu is a better person than she expected and it was okay to have friendship with her.Of course it makes theirs friend shocked when saw them talking to each other without fight or insult going on.They talking like they known each other for long time already.When that two see each other,they surrounding doesn't matter anymore.It's a relief to their friend because they can have a peaceful lunch again.

Yuki's class right now are heading toward a music room.While walking,Yuki look out the window and see a certain little mouse with her classmates running on the field.She open the window and wave at that mouse.

"Mayuyu!!!"she shout and waving her hands.Heard her name being called,Mayu look at the building and saw Yuki waving her hands at there from the window.In respond,she waves back much to Yuki's happiness.

"I'm jealous Yuki-chan.How could you treat her who you known for a short time better than me ,who known you known for a long time" Rena said faking a sobs.

"Rena-chan is right.Last time I remember you really hate her to your guts" said Acchan with a playful vioice,joining the fun.

"And now you smiling and spoiling her whenever you saw her like there's no tomorrow"add Rena,stop with the fake sobs and use a playful smile.

"Shut up guys.I'm sorry cause I said I hate her.I'm mistaken,so stop it" Yuki try to stop her friend to continue teasing her.Her face right now are red from emberassment,but her friends still didn't stop.

"Keep moving.It was not a time to joking around" Sae said with a cold tone.She fasten her steps,leaving her friends behind.Sayaka shot apologetic look to them before run to catch up with Sae.

"What with her lately?She always angry for no reason"said Takamina.She just got 'I don't know' from her friends.


"What with them making a joke like that.It was not funny at all and also that Yuki and Mayu,act like a annoying".I take a rest from practice sit on the bench.

"Oy Sae!" it was Sayaka calling me and there are bottle of water in her hand."Catch this"

I catch the bottle and drink the water.Haaa~I feel refresh now.She take a sit beside me and asking me."Why are you seems to be in bad mood lately?You makes us worried with your behavior like that."

I just stay silent,thinking if I should tell her or not until she start speaking again."Does this have relation with Yuki?" BULL EYES

"Un.I don't like it when she get too close with Mayu.It makes me annoyed when heard they talking and laughing with each other.I like it better when she and Mayu always fighting" I said,decided to be honest with my problem.

"You like Yuki"

"Yes I like her.She's different from any girls that I had been with.But,how do you know that?"

"It's obvious to me.We friends since middle school and been together since then.Of course I know you more than anyone else"

"As expected from Sayaka,my bestfriend.Thanks for hearing me out,I feel much better now"I said patting her back.But in that moment,I see a sad smile plaster on her face but didn't give too much thought about it.

End Sae POV

Sayaka POV

After our little talk,Sae got back to pratice and leave me alone.I flashback what Sae said about me being her bestfriend.Yes it's true I'm her bestfriend but my feeling to her more than that.I love her,I'm in love with her since middle school.Because don't want our friendship ruined,I decided to kept this feeling of mine locked away.For me it was enough to just be by her side as her bestfriend.

It was hurt though whenever I saw her flirt or date other girl.It was not easy to fall in love with a playboy.Yes,she a playboy in this school.She always flirt with another girls even though she already has a girlfriend.Many girls were hurt because of her including one of my friends.After that heartbreak moment between them,Sae friendship with that girl became sour.I think even now,that girl still hate Sae.Sigh.

But don't know why,Sae have never flirt with girls again since Yuki came to this school.Maybe as she said,Yuki may be different from the past girls that she had dated before.No matter what,I'm just going to support her.

"Oy captain,do we practice or not?You know that we can't start praticing without you"

"Okay-okay,I'm coming"

End Sayaka POV

Yuko POV

Hi,my name is Oshima Yuko.I'm from class 2-A and a president of this school student council.Suprising right because I already a president in my 2nd year.It was because  I got many votes than any other second year candidates last year.Why?Because I'm popular with boys and girls.That's why I used this power of mine to make the members of student council with just girls only.HAHAHAHAHA..Don't worry,I picked a reliable persons though except from my Nyan Nyan,I think.Well she can just be my recharger whenever I'm tired.Oh even though there are many girls,my girl is Nyan Nyan only.Sweet right?

Enough of that.Lately I feel I'm bbeing watched.And I think it start when we got a new member,Yuki-chan.I caught her staring at me one time when we were having lunch together with everyone.When our eyes met,she quickly avoid my eyes and look somewhere else.Weird right?Is she in love with me?If it's true,there will be a war between her and Nyan Nyan.Nyan Nyan is so goddamn scary when she got angry.That's why my fans just looking at me from afar,afraid to get close.So I must know the truth so I can avoid the war from happening.

I want to ask Rena about it but she look busy with her club.I wandering around until I see Shiriri-chan with her friend,Ota Aika.

"Ohayo Shiriri-chan.And you too Aika-chan"

"Ohayo" they greet me back.

"Where are you two going?"

"Class of course.Rabutan,don't get too close with this pervert or you gonna get harrass" Mayu said,push Rabutan away from me.

"How rude!I never intent to harrass her,don't make me look bad infront of your friend"

"Yeah-yeah.What do you want?"

"Well...I'm here to ask you something"

"Ask me what?"

"Do Yuki-chan"

"No,why she want to like someone as pervert as you?"

"Hoi!You also a pervert.If not,how can we became Oshiri sisters"

"Atleast,I'm not as pervert as you".,She's right exactly.Since she start high school,she never touched someone butt anymore.'Huh,I miss my oshiri sister.She became mature now' .

"Back to the main topic,so why does she have been stalking me if she's not inlove with me?"

"Ask her yourself" she said and pull Rabutan walk away,leave me alone.'Eh?'

End Yuko POV

At the library,Mayu at there reading a book peacefully until someone interrupt her reading.That person take a sit in front of her.Mayu look at that person,wondering why she's there.

"Ne Mayu-chan,can I ask you something?"

"What's it Kojima-senpai?"Mayu close her book and paying attention to Haruna.She never saw her this serious before.

"It's about Yuki-chan"said Haruna.'Not again' ."Lately,I saw her watching Yuchan many times.I know it's too soon to just jumped to this conclusion but, Yuki-chan like Yuchan?You seems close with her lately so you may know something"

Mayu look at senpai infront of her with disbelief."Listen Kojima-senpai,just because we're close now doesn't mean she'll tell me everything,including the person she loved.If you want to know about that,the person you must ask is Rena-senpai,not me.But to answer your question,no.She don't like Yuko like that,believe me."said Mayu.'What's with this couple?Asking the same question.If more person come to me and ask the same thing,I'm going to consult with Yuki about this' thought Mayu.

"Oh that's good.You know Mayu-chan,I'm so scared if Yuchan will leave me and go to Yuki-chan.After all,Yuki is beautiful,have a nice body,big oppai,perfect oshiri and she must can treat Yuchan better than me.So I'm scared if she is going to steal Yuchan away from me.I love Yuchan and I blablablablabla.....".Haruna keep talking about her feeling for Yuchan.She pour all things inside her heart about Yuko to Mayu.At that time,'What am I,a love counselor?Why she just don't tell this to Oshiriko-chan so that squirel girl can understand her feeling.All she just do is just being a tsundere toward her's Yuko...Hope the library committee didn't kicked us out from here because make to many noise.And now,she start crying'. Mayu hand her's handkerchief to Haruna who start crying when she tell her about Yuko that always make her hurt and jealous when she still look and touch other people asset even if she already have her.With that,Mayu sat with Haruna in the library listening to her love story.


The next day at student council


"Come in"

"Sorry for intruding.Eh Yuki,you're alone here?Where everyone?"ask Takamina.

"They had some business to do so they'll be late."answer Yuki."Why are you here?"

"Oh,I've got something to talk with Yuko but looks like she not here.I'll wait"

They sat in silence,wondering what to talk about because they two never been alone together before so it kinda awkward.The silence continues until Yuki thought something.

'Wait,didn't Takamina and Yuko have been friends since long time?Maybe I'll ask her about Yuko'

"Uh,Takamina-san?"Yuki said,catch attention of Takamina who still thinking at that moment.Seeing she already paid attention to her,"How long have you and Yuko-san be friends with each other?"

"Since we were kids.We also went to same elementary school and middle school together with Acchan"

"You three from Kagoshima?"ask Yuki again.She start confused.She knew Yuchan is schooling and living there since her birth until she transferred 6 years ago but she never met or saw Acchan and Takamina there.

"No.We never went there before.Why you ask?"

"How about Yuko-san?She from there right?"

"I'm sure she not from there and never step there,I know her hometown."

'So,she's not her'

Hearing Takamina answer that comform Yuko are not Yuchan makes her dissapointed.Takamina noticed her dissapointed face started to worry if she said something wrong.

"Yuki,you okay?Is there something wrong?You can tell me.I'll listen to it"

Yuki smiled,think maybe it was okay to tell Takamina.She start to tell her about who is Yuchan,what she is to her,when she separated from her,never meet her agin since then and how she always wait for her to keep the promise.Yuki also told her about how she thought Yuko is Yuchan because of the same nickname.That part makes Takamina really want to laugh but she hold it when she see Yuki's sad expression.From her face,it clearly tell that she really miss her childhood friend.

"You must miss her so much"


The sad atmosphere surrounding inside the room until;

"Such a sad story" a voice that don't belong either the two suddenly appear.


"Relax you two,it just us"

"Yuko-san,everyone,since when you all came?"ask Yuki when she see Yuko,Haruna,Tomomi,Sayanee,Yui, and Milky at the front door.

"Enough to heard the whole story"


"That was a sad story.Waiting for your childhood friend to come back,that must be suffering" Tomomi said after she and everyone else take a sit.

"I agree with that.So that's why you had been stalking Yuko-senpai" said Sayanee.

"How you know that?" ask Yuki suprised.She thought everyone else except Paruru and Mayu didn't noticed about her stalking.(She don't know Yuko and Haruna already noticed it.)

"It's obvious.How can everyone not noticed if you always glancing at Yuko like that.Sometimes,you staring at her so long that you don't heard someone have been calling for you" said Takamina.

"We really think that you like Yuko-senpai"added Yui,earning an agreement from others.

"But it's not the case.I'm relief or if not......." Haruna face change to scary one.She got a murdeous look on her face,send a shiver to others including her own girlfriend.'Why I have this scary girlfriend again?Ah that's right,because I love her'

'Better not tell them that Yuchan also is my first love or not,they will assume me that l'll steal her from Nyan Nyan.The worst,probably get killed'

"Ha-ha-ha-ha"Yuko laugh awkwardly.

"But Yuki,you better clear this misunderstanding with our friend or there will be a rumor going around that you had feeling for Yuko" Takamina warning Yuki.

"OMG!!What suppose I do?"


"Mou Rena-chan,stop laughing" Yuki said to Rena pouting.Both of them are walking home together and Yuki told Rena about what happened today at student council.Rena already knew Yuki and Yuchan's story from Yuki herself since they knew each other at middle school,so that's why Yuki don't have to explain it to Rena.

"Sorry-sorry,it just funny.How can you mistake her for Yuchan because they has same nickname?"

"Yeah-yeah,I know.If you want to scold me please don't,because I already got a scolding from Takamina-san"


"Are you stupid or what?How can you thought Yuko is your childhood friend just because of the same nickname?There are many girls in Japan or this world that named Yuchan.You have to be grateful because the person you mistake for is Yuko,but how if it was someone else who want to take advantage of you?They'll say they are Yuchan and you believe them,hanging out with them,don't know about their's attention for lying to you.What are you suppose to do at that time when you realize you already fall for their trap huh?" Takamina scolding Yuki nonstop.Yuki stay silent all the time,feeling ashamed of herself.

End of Flashback

""As expected from Takamina,she really knew how to said it.But Yuki-chan,next time if you want to search her tell me first,so that I can help you"

Yuki shook her head."Thanks Rena-chan but there will be no next time.I already wait and search for her 6years,and now I think it's enough.I'll give up waiting for her to keep the promise she made" Yuki said with a sad smile.

"But....your feeling for her?"

"It just childhood love.Like everyone said,first love doesn't mean it will be our last love,so I want to move on.Even if she come,I'm not certain if I still in love with her because like I said earlier,it just child love,kid love.It don't last long"

"That's good.I hope you will find another love that can make you happy,not sad.I'll support you"

"Thanks Rena-chan" Yuki said as she smiling widely at Rena.

'She finally move on huh?' thought Rena suddenly remember a certain event in her mind.


"Yuki-chan,you don't want to take a ......"she stop talking when she saw Yuki already asleep."You sleep already huh,even though you're the one who invite me over"

She lay futon for herself,ready to sleep.

"Yuchan....don't...leave me" Yuki mumble in her sleep.

"You really miss her huh,Yuki-chan?" she said as she adjust Yuki's blanket."Sleep well,Yuki-chan" she said in a small voice.

End of Flashback

'It's good that you will forget about her.I don't want to see you sad anymore'


She immediately look behind and search if there are someone behind them.

"What's wrong Rena-chan?" ask Yuki when she see Rena look behind and her eyes wanders around,like searching for something.She also look around but seeing nothing there.

"I thought I saw....nothing.It's nothing.Let's go home"


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Re: Meet Again
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Chapter 8

"Umi~!!!"shout Yuko,Sae and Miichan when the saw the beach and the sea.The run toward the sea while laughing.

"They behave like a child" Tomochin said when seeing the three reaction."What are they?Elementary kids?"

"Just let them be Tomochin.They look so happy,chiyuu" Tomomi calm her lover.

"In the end,she really didn't come" Sayaka said while looking around.

"Who?Takamina or Mayu?"ask Mariko.

"Takamina"answer Sayaka.

"Ah~That's why Maeda-senpai look gloomy today" Sayanee pointing at the short haired girl that sat under umbrella on the beach,looking down.

"Are they still fighting?" Yuki said after she remember what happened 2 days ago.

"You can said it like that" answer Yuko,who came back after satisfied running around.


"Yuko-san,do you noticed anything strange with Mayuyu lately?"Yuki ask Yuko.

"Shiriri-chan?No,I don't.Why?"

"She behave strange this days.Almost like she trouble with something"

"I don't think so,she seems normal to me.But don't mind that,if you really focused on your must noticed something strange with that two over there"point at two girls who seems ignoring each other.

"Takamina-san and Acchan?Ah I know,they don't talk to each other this days,even in class they completely ignoring each other.I wonder why"

"This must related to the newspaper" Mariko said,joining the conversation.

"Newspaper?What newspaper?School newspaper?" ask her,earning a shock face from Yuko,Mariko and even Tomochin who eavesdropping them.

"You don't know?" ask Tomochin.

"Hehe,no I don't really like reading.So,what newspaper?"

"Well last week media newspaper said,Acchan and Oneo Matsuya are dating.It means in relationship.The reporter caught them on a date,having dinner together and kissing each other in his car" Mariko said.

"Wow seriously?Acchan and that actor?"Yuki suprise,can't believe her friend having relationship with the famous Japanese actor.



The four of them keep their's composore so they don't get caught gossipping.

"Sorry but I had to refuse you invitation to your's villa.I have work that day"

"Oh it's oka—"

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?You said to me that you'll come with us this vacation!" Acchan shout at Takamina,making all of them stunned.Haruna who is spacing out also suprised with the shout of Acchan.

"All of them went silent,watching the two.

"There are workers can't come that day,so my boss told me to work at that day.So what am I suppose to do?Refuse it?Do you want me to get fired?"

"An excuse.Just be honest that you want to spend your time with that Kuromochi girl!"

"She just my co-worker and my classmates,ours classmates.There's nothing between us"

"For now! What co-worker that looking at you with an eyes that tell want to jump at you any moment,flirting,bite yours ears and clinging onto you?!.Did you don't realize it or pretending don't realize and enjoyed it?!"

"Wha?You know what?..Think whatever you want.I'll not deny it anymore.I'm tired of this and also,I don't promise I'll come so it's not my fault" Takamina said give up.

Acchan eyes start to tearing up."BAKAMINA!!!" she shout and stormed out from the rooftop.

""Whatever,I don't care anymore"Takamina said quietly.

End of Flashback

"That was my first time saw her angry like that.It makes me scared honestly" Sayaka said.She's not close witb Acchan so that's why it has suprised her saw her became that mad.

"That Bakamina,how can she turn her jealously into a fight?That's why,she had to be honest about her feeling" Yuko said,shooking her head.

"Ma,ma...Let them be.It their own business,right Yuchan?"

"Right Nyan Nyan!"

After that,they do their own thing and having fun playing.But,there are something have been bothering Yuki for awhile.

"Ne Milky-chan,why Mayuyu didn't come today?"

"Ah that,she said her club president asked them for help to clear the clubroom during this holiday.There are mwny extra newspaper that have to be taken care of,she said.And the cleaning start today,that's why she can't come to this vacation"

""Oh,is that so.Well can't be helped" Yuki said try to be cheerful.

"Ohooooo.......What is this?Don't tell me,you miss her senpai?"

"Un I miss her.I want to play with her here today"

"Aahhhh~But it's strange,why does she suddenly want to help them and miss this chance to went to the beach?This is so unlike her"

"Hmmm...Maybe she's just want to be a good kouhai to her senpai"

"Pffttt.."Milky snicker when she heard what Yukk just said. "That cybory,being a good kouhai?Really?"

"Hey,she's your cousin right?Stop laughing"

"I'm not laughing senpai"

Milky still didn't stop and it makes Yuki also laugh with her.Without they notice,there are person that eavesdrop all they conversation about Mayu.

"Wah,I'm tired and hungry.I want to eat!" Miichan said,complaing about her stomach who must be filled.

"Shut up,Gachapin.Can't you just be patient?" Mariko said,annoyed with Miichan rumbling about her stomach.

"Mind your own business,stick!"

"Why you...!"

"Food~~~"she yell while running from Mariko,headed toward the place they will be having a meal.

"That Gachapin;,.."

"Relax Mariko-sama.You know,it's Miichan after all" Sayaka patted Mariko's back.

They arrive at the dining place and had theirs jaws dropped except Tomochin and Tomomi(already used to it).On the table,there are many foods waiting for them and barbecue things also had been prepared by the servant.The sceney also beautiful,making them feel peaceful when the wind brushes against their's skin.It relaxing.

"I knew Tomochin are rich,but not this rich!"

"It's a waste Takamina didn't come.She will like this place,right Acchan?"

"I don't care about that midget"

"Ahahaha" laughing awkwardly.She really angry at you,Takamina

They take a seat and enjoying the foods that have been prepared for them.Sayaka and Sae take the job grilling a meats while Miichan pestering them to hurry.In return to that,Mariko slap her head and drag her to seat.They laugh and talk to each other like normal friend,forgetting about senpai-kouhai formality.Because of the light mood,Miichan being a member of newspaper club didn't want to miss this chance to find the truth about the rumor of Acchan dating.

"Acchan,is it true that you're dating Oneo Matsuya?" she ask with a loud voice,catching the attention of others.

All eyes on Acchan,waiting for an answer.Sayaka and Sae who are busy with meats act like they don't care but the truth is,they ears also waiting for an answer.Acchan release a sigh,already knew the question will coming sooner or later.

"No,I don't.It's true that I went on a date with him but it all because of the drama.We must look like a real couple in there and so,that's why we had been praticing for it.About the dinner at restaurant,that was a dinner among friend,co-worker for now,nothing less nothing more.Even our managers and staffs are also there with us" Acchan explain to them it was a lie,just a scandal not true.

"Oh,......But what about the kiss?" Miichan asked again still not feeling satisfied.

"I don't know about that,but it wasn't me.I swear" Acchan put her hand up.

"Haaaa...That's good.I know my waifu will never cheat on me" Miichan said and tackle Acchan for a hug.Acchan just let her.

"What that mean Gachapin" comment Mariko with a frown on her face.

"You must tell Takamina about this,she misunderstanding that you really going out with that guy" Yuko said.

"Hmp..I don't care about that Bakamina.Let her be" Acchan stuff the food in her mouth,it was a sign to everyone she angry now.

"A-hahaha,looks like the fight between them will not end for awhile" Yui whisper to Sayanee beside her.

"Yeah I agree.Poor Takamina-san" Sayanee take her cup and realize it was empty.She must finish it without her noticed.She get up to take some water but Yui stopped her.

"Let me take it for you" she said and take the cup from Sayanee.But because of the rush,her leg hit a chair make her lose balance and want to fall.

Sayanee notice it and rushly run toward her to catch her before she can touch the floor.But she also lose a balance and fell together with Yui on top of her.

Sayanee open her eyes and get a shock when she realize she and Yui are kissing!
The ruckus they made from the fall made everyone turn their's head toward them.They look at the two on the floor and jaws dropped.

"IT A KISS!!!" Miichan shout,pointing at two.

"I never know you two in relationship before"

"Find a room,if you two want to do it"

"Woohoooo" loud persons at there cheering.

Sayanee push Yui get off her body and stand up."Nonononono....It was an accident.Yui help me here"

"Ah?O-oh yeah.Like she said it was just an accident.I want to take water for her but got tripped and she wa—"



They look at Milky who just hit the table earlier.The cheerful and positive Milky they know like never existed before when seeing Milky scary face.They never seen Milky like this.

"I'm done" Milky said coldly,make them shiver from hearing her voice.

"What's wrong with her?"

The answer for that question don't coming from the others because they also don't know anything.The cheerful just now gone,same with Milky who left this place earlier.


Yuko woke up from her sleep when she feel she want to pee.She try to wake Rena but the girl in deep slumber,maybe tired from playing around at the beach She also try to wake up Acchan but same with Rena,no respond.

With no choice,she had to go to the toilet alone.Sbe rushing to the toilet with no care about her dark surrounding and do what she want to do after arrived there.

After wash her hands,she walk to her room happily while humming quietly until she stopped when she hear a noise.It sound kike someone whispering or talking and a moan(?) also can be heard.Even she afraid,she follow the source of the sound and find it was from another bedroom.

'Isn't this where Mariko and Miichan staying'

Another moan coming from the bedroom,suprised Yuki.She put her ear on the door when she hear a voice of talking again.

"Mariko-sama,pl-please.Do-don't tease me" Miichan,Mariko-sama?

"This a punishment because you pissed me off earlier" Punishment?What punishment?

"B-but,tha-that was a joke"

"A joke or not,I don't care.You still pissed me off and what about calling Acchan your wife again?You know I don't like it."

And another loud moan can be heard.

"What that two doing?'

"Psst,psst..Yuki-chan" a small voice called Yuki.

Yuki look at the person calling her and found it was Sae not too far away.

Sae walk toward Yuki and take her hand.

"Come with me" she said and pull Yuki to follow her.


"It suprised me hearing that.I didn't know that two in relationship" Yuki said after they finally stopped.

"They try to hide it from us but thanks to Yukk who is sharp,we knew it immediately"

"Since when?"

"We knew it last year but not sure how long that two have been together like that"

"Oh"Yuki nod.She look at the scene in front."It's beautiful"

Sae had brough her to the cliff near the villa.The scenery of beach and sea from there are pretty and the stars at the sky look close from there.It really captivad Yuki's eyes.

"Are you cold?" Sae ask Yuki after she saw her shivering.The wind at there are nice but it also makes you cold to death if you just wear one layer of clothing.

Yuki shyly nodded.

Sae take off her jacket and put it on Yuki.

"Ho-how about you?"

"I'm okay.I'm used to it already" Sae said,giving Yuki her genking smile.That smile makes Yuki blush.

She knew it already that she had a little crush on Sae since she saw her in the classroom on her first day school.Many student are there but just Sae caught her attraction.Maybe bacause of her boyish looking.

"Yuki-chan,can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"What is your relationship with Mayu-chan?Do you have feeling for her?" Sae ask carefully as she prying the answer no.


"W-well,you seems close with her this days.So,I'm wondering if your hate toward her turn into love"

"Nah,we just friend.I like to hang out and spoil her.She also looks like enjoying it.Nothing more,nothing less between us two.Just friend"

"Hearing Yuki answer made Sae grin like crazy and almost make her jump from cliff but she hold the feeling.She don't want to die yet,she want to going out with Yuki first before she can die peacefully.

"So,I have a chance"

"What chance?"


Deep silent fall between them but even with that silent,they enjoyed it because of each other company.


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Re: Meet Again
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Yo,long time no see.I'm sorry for the late update,I have been busy with the start of school.High school is so different from a middle school,my life has been hectic since then.I didn't know if I can update often with the so much works to do but,I'll do my best to finish this fanfic.Okay,and here we go:


  Since that night,Yuki and Sae relationship become more closer than before.After come back from the vacation,they always hang out together.Sometimes with Sayaka or Yuko too.But today,it just two of them walking around at the mall,shopping.To be exact it was just Yuki cause Sae just watching her and following her around.

Yuki look at the clothes with a dazzling eyes,she really like to go shopping,especially for girl stuffs.Meanwhile Sae just watching with a smile on her face.She didn't mind to just follow Yuki around and carry the bags even if it's heavy,she didn't mind that cause she can see Yuki smile.She like seeing Yuki smiling face.

After out from the shop with bags in her hands,Yuki again drag Sae to find a restaurant because she start to feel hungry.Sae just happily let her be,again she didn't mind been draging around.On their way,something or to be exact someone caught Yuki's eyes.She let Sae's hand go and run to tackle the person into a hug.


"Yuki-senpai?What are you doing here?" ask Mayu suprised when her senpai suddenly show up from no where and hug her.

"I miss you,Mayuyu.We had not been in contact since the holiday" Yuki still don't let go of Mayu and pinch her cheek.

"Yuki-chan,don't disapper like that again" Sae that already catch up with Yuki said.

"Gomen-gomen Sae chan" Yuki smile and let go of Mayu.

"Sae-senpai?...You two,..?"

"Yeah!We're on a date,right?"

"Geez,stop it Sae-chan.She may got the wrong idea.Just ignore her Mayu,we just went out shopping together" Yuki hit Sae's arm playfully.

"But,it's good if she got the wrong idea,because I like that more" Sae said with a soft voice to herself but it didn't escape from Mayu hearing.Mayu give a cyborg glare to that tomboyish girl in front of her.

"What about you Mayuyu,what are you doing here?" ask Yuki but her question already been answer when there are running girl called Mayu name.

"Mayu-san,sorry to keep you waiting" said the arrived girl.

"Aahhhh!You that salty girl from before" Yuki point at the said girl.

"Shimazaki Haruka,that's my name name.And you overreacting" Paruru said with a salty face."Konnichiwa Miyazawa-senpai" she bow.

"Konnichiwa Paruru-chan.What is this?Are you two on a date?" Sae give a playful grin to the two young girl.

"Eeh?" Yuki look at Sae shocked.

"No,we're not.Let's go Paruru" Mayu pull Paruru away and walk away without saying goodbye to her two senpai.

"Girls this day  *sigh*  why can't they be honest?Let's go Yuki-chan.....Yuki-chan?Oiiii,anyone there?"


"Are you okay?"

"I am fine.It just,don't you think Mayu has been acting weird?"

"Weird?How so?"

"Well she.....nevermind.Maybe it was just my imagination"

"Oh okay.Let's go"

"Un". Yuki let Sae led her way but her eyes still on the direction where Mayu and Paruru disappear"


Mayu and Yuki enter the restaurant and went find a seat.After take a seat,they call the waiter and and order foods.While waiting,Paruru noticed an upperclassmen of them at there,she wearing that restaurant waiter's uniform.

"It's Takamina-san.I don't know she work here"

Mayu look at where Paruru is looking and see the same thing."I didn't know it too.Last time I check,she had been working at the convience store"

"She looks tired.She must works hard this holiday"

Mayu let out a snicker."I bet half of it must be cause of a girl named Acchan"

"They were still fighting?"

"Yep.With the scandal going on,Takamina had been bitter toward her since then,making their's friendship falling apart"

"I don't understand them.IIt's so obvious for all of us that they two love each other"

"Yeah,but not to them"

"Well,if that so why can't the just be honest and confess to each other.It'll solve the problem"

"Scared to lose their's friendship?"

"Huh?There are many people said and think that way.What just they need a courage to tell,what's the problem in there?"

"It's not easy as you think it is...You'll never understand Paruru,because you never fall in love before.So you can't feel what their's feels"

"So,had you?"

"Who knows"

"What kind of answer is that?" not satisfied.

Mayu don't answer,she simply looked out at the window and smile.Paruru look at her classmate with a puzzled expression,she is the same as Mayu who can easy read people but no matter how many times she try,she can't read Mayu at all.She hiding her emotion and feeling very well that no one can easily know it,even Yuko and Milky can't do it.They sat like that for awhile until the waiter came with their's food.The conversation from before never brought up again.

"'s so hot.How dare you mom,making your only daughter shopping in this middle of heat" Yuki cursing her mom while trying to hold the plastic of foods in her hand so it'll not drop.

"Can't wait to quickly get home and enjoy the watermelon in my room with an AC being turned on.Ahhh~Paradise"

Yuki fasten her legs,hoping to reach home quicly but cause of the heat,her legs slowing down again.She start to curse her mom again.

"Eh?Mayuyu!!" she shout when seeing Mayu infront of her not too far.She fasten her pace in hope to reach the girl but stopped when sense something wrong with Mayu steps.She looks like she will fall anytime soon...FALL?..Not long after that,Yuki's think come quickly when the younger girl collapsed.Not care about her the plastic in her hands anymore,she run to that girl.

"Mayu,Mayu,MAYUYU!!!" is what Mayu heard her eyes closed and her surrounding became dark.


Mayu slowly open her eyes and forcing herself sit up on the bed.She look at the room and recognize it was not hers.From the stuffs in that room,she sure it was a girl's.But who?

The door open and a tall long black haired girl came bringing a water.

"Ah,you already awake"


"Glad you're alright now.You really worried me there,fainting at the road.Lucky you that I were there at that time" Yuki give Mayu the water and medicine told her to take it.

"Thank you" mumble Yuki and take the water and medicine.

"My mom said you got a headaches from the heat.Be careful from now."


"Yuki!Dinner's ready.Come down and bring your friend if she already awake!" Yuki's mother shout from downstairs.

"Dinner?It's night already?" Mayu look at the clock beside her and see it already 7 pm.

"Yes.You heard what my mother said.Let's go" Yuki hold Mayu hand afraid if she'll fall and bring her downstairs.

Reach the kitchen,Mayu see an older woman that looked like an older version of Yuki preparing a meals on the table.

"Take a seat Mayuyu" Yuki said.

"Y-yes" Their two sit down.

"You must be Mayu-chan,Yuki always talk about you.I'm Yuki's mother.Nice to meet you,Mayu-chan" she give Mayu a warm smile.

"Watanabe Mayu.I'm her kouhai at school.Nice to meet you Kashiwagi-san" she bow.

"Oh please don't be so polite,and please just call me Mamarin.Kashiwagi-san makes me feel old"

"Accept the fact that you're an old lady now mom.Don't pretend that you're young." Mamarin pout,making Yuki rolled her eyes with her mom childness."Where is dad?He's not home yet?"

"He outstation this morning.Didn't I already told you?"

"Oh yeah.I forgot"

"Mayu-chan,eat as much as do you want.Don't be shy"

"Yes Ka-I mean Mamarin" Mayu correct herself when see Mamarin looking at her.Hearing Mayu call her with that name,make her satisfied.

After done eating,together the three of them clean the table.They already told Mayu to take a rest cause she a guest but Mayu refused to do so because they already had been helping her since she fainted so she want to do something for them.

"Mayu-chan,it's already late.How about you spend the night here" Mamarin said to Mayu.

"Nonononono..I dont want to give you trouble more" Mayu refused.

"Its not a trouble at all.I am more than happy if you spend the night here"


"Just give up Mayu because my mother will never give up until you accept her offer.Futhermore,it is danger for a girl walking alone at this time.You should spend the night here" Yuki interrupt.

"Look!Yuki also agreed and went said that.So?"

"Okay,I'll call my home to tell them that I'll be staying the night here" Mayu give up refusing,there were no way she able to win this mom daughter.

"Perfect.Let's go to the front and have a chat"

"The dishes?"

"Its okay,its okay.Just leave it to Yuki" Mamarin push Mayu to follow her to the living room.

"Wait!Why me?Mom!" Yuki protest but her mother just ignore it.'Is this how she treat her only daughter?' Yuki thought still sulking.


After wash the dishes and prepard the bath for her kouhai,she went to the living room to call Mayu and find them talking about something.But when they saw her,they immediately stop talking and smiling at her like they were hiding something from her.

"What are you two talking about?" she eyeing them suspiciously.

"Nothing" her mother answer while still smiling.Meanwhile Mayu keep her cyborg face but Yuki can know she is hiding something.She become more suspicious.

"Mayuyu,the bath are ready.You change of clothes also there.You can take a bath now"

"Ah,thank you" Mayu excuse herself make way to the bathroom.Mayu avoid Yuki's eyes on her when she past her,making Yuki grow more suspicious.

"Seriously,what were you two talking about?And don't give me nothing bacause I'll not give in with that such lame answer" Yuki said with a seriousness.

" *sigh*  okay okay.Mom just telling her how cute of you when you were little and telling her what you looks like.Just that"

"Mom!I already told you to stop telling my friends about my childhood story.Its emberassing" she take the cushion and hit her mom with that.Her mother just laughing while defend herself.


Mayu lay the futon where she will be sleeping while Yuki already on her bed,sit and looking at Mayu.She noticed Mayu still have the trouble expression on her a little.And she thought it is a good time to ask.

"Mayuyu,is something had been troubling you ?You has been acting weird his days—no,since before the holiday start.What is the problem?Tell me,maybe I can help"

"You noticed?"


"I think I hide it very well,but you noticed.Not everybody can know about what am I thinking or what I feel.So,I am amazed that you can."


"You were right about me.I had been thinking lately about my happiness or what should I do but don't worry cause I had decided what to do.So,you don't have to worried about it anymore"

"Really?" she ask again not convinced with that answer.

Mayu nodded.

"Well thats good.But next time if something troubling you,tell me.So that I can help you.I'm worried about you.We're friends right?Promise?"

Mayu look down.


"You're too kind Yuki.Too kind" Mayu lift her face,smiling.

    BA-THUMP eh?Why,just now?


"J-jaa,I'll sleep now" Yuki lie down and cover herself with blanket,facing the wall.Mayu still look at Yuki back and she make up her mind.

"Yuki-senpai" she called out to thd older girl.

"Yes?" Yuki turn her body facing Mayu.

"Be honest,do you love...Sae-senpai?"

"Wh-wh-wh-what with that question?" Yuki cover her face with blanket to hide her redden face.She take a peek at Mayu face and found there were no smile or grin on her face.Her face shown that she really need the answer."I can't say it was love yet ..but I am sure that I like her"

"Then,I have decided to help you to get her as your girlfriend"


"If it makes you happy,I'll do anything"

Yuki chuckle."Lets sleep now" she said and close her eyes again.

"It doesn't matter if you accept it or not,I'll still help you"

"Just sleep Mayuyu.Goodnight"

"Goodnight" Mayu lie down on the futon and close her eyes.Yeah,anything

To be continue

I hope this story is okay and not boring.
Kami Oshi : Matsui Jurina

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Re: Meet Again
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My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Weird! Mayuyu is weird!!!  Why you...!? Aaaaargh just please update soon author-san!!!  :banghead:

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Re: Meet Again
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I think mamarin knows mayu is yuchan
Why mayu you want help yuki to get sae as her girlfriend?
if you really like her go and winning her heart, yuki still loves you so much   :wub:
(Hope mayuyu is really yuchan)
Update soon author-san :twothumbs

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it's so good!!! :farofflook:
Baka Sayaka!! You are the worst! How come you don't realize it, Baka! :on voodoo:
I hope you keep writing this story :: :hee: :

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I miss your fic author san  :mon cute:

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Kami Oshi : Matsui Jurina

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