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Author Topic: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)  (Read 156638 times)

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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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It's just a preview/teaser video, and already I'm wanting Vol.91 to get subbed.  :)2

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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【Young Magazine】2017 No.26 ~ Maria Makino 牧野真莉愛!YMZRXAoT!Rs0u0eaCEEzq4B50ERZV3ovtAh1VXqHmk1HaEmV2Xmo

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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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The conquest of another territory continues to succeed

Beautifulest women of all time 1.)Sayumi 2.)Fukumura Mizuki 3.)Airi 4.)Uemura Akari 5.)Ju Jingyi 6.)Asakawa Nana 7.)Ikuta Eripon 8.) Oguri Yui 9.)Yamamoto Sayaka 10.)Yajima Maimi

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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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*MORNING JOGAKUIN w/ Ikuta, Oda, and Sato - Translated By Ronin from H!O

Eripon: Last week's guest was Haga Akane. I was there too. And Hagachin seems to be aiming for a half-regular position at Morning Jogakuin.
Odango: What!?
Eripon: She said "The next time I'm a guest here, please let me do the day duty.".
Odango: Akane sure loves that kind of thing, right?
Eripon: Yeah.
Odango: She loves to be the host, the one in control. And I think she'd be great at it.
Eripon: Plus, it's funny when Hagachin is the host.
Odango: Because the youngest member is the one in control.
Eripon: Hagachin's often the host at release events and she always plays us.
Odango: We get played. We all dance to her tune.
Eripon: Yeah, she makes us dance to her tune.
Odango: But if Akane is going to get greedy and try to take over Morning Jogakuin, then we're taking over their 12th gen radio show, right?
Eripon: We haven't been invited even once yet.
Maachan: Odango, you used to have your own show too for some time, right?
Odango: It was a web radio show.
Maachan: Yeah, right?
Odango: But that web radio show was originally a 9th & 10th gen show, which became mine and later turned into a 12th gen show.
Maachan: Right, right, right. What was it called?
Eripon & Odango: "Maji de Pyoko Pyoko".
Maachan: That takes me back!
Odango: It was "MajiPyoko" at first, but then it became "Sakura Sakuradio", then "12ki Relay" and is now a 13th gen show, what's it called, "Reversible Radio"?
Eripon: Really? Eri has never heard of any of them!
Odango: Senpai!
Maachan: Paisen! Sub-leader!
Eripon: I mean, Eri doesn't even know any of the Kenshuusei.
Odango: Yeah, Ikuta-san doesn't know any Kenshuusei. Except for Kirara-chan.
Eripon: Kirara-chan is the only one I know.
Odango: Your love for Kirara-chan is amazing though. All your love for the Kenshuusei goes to Kirara-chan and Kirara-chan only.
Eripon: Yeah, that's what it feels like. But seriously though, I don't even know what the other MM members are doing in their free time.
Odango: On days off?
Eripon: On days off or even at work. I only check my own timetable.
Odango: Ah, you get the timetables of everyone, but you only check yours?
Eripon: Yeah. I sometimes wonder what which member is doing.
Odango: I do too. Whenever I have a few free hours I start looking for others who are free too. I even check which other members are free at the same time and whether they will do something together.
Eripon: I wonder about that too. I often wonder about who's hanging out with who. What do you usually do, Masaki-chan?
Maachan: Umm... You mean after work?
Eripon: After work or...
Odango: Between two jobs. Say, you had four free hours.
Maachan: Four hours? I'm probably sitting next to my manager. If I only have four hours.
Odango: How come it's often four hours?
Maachan: But in any case, I'm usually thinking about how I could spend the time in an enjoyable way. Like going to karaoke.
Eripon: I see.
Odango: The other day, I spent my free time alone for the first time since I joined Morning Musume even though that was almost 6 years ago.
Eripon: What did you do?
Odango: I tried walking around Shibuya even though there was nothing I wanted to buy.
Eripon: Window shopping?
Odango: Yes, that! I never understood why people would walk around town even though they're not looking for anything specifically, but then I checked out artbooks and even bought some. Then I tried entering a Tully's by myself.
Maachan: How come you can enter Tully's by yourself, but can't enter Starbucks?
Odango: No, no, Tully's was hard enough for me.
Eripon: So you're afraid of entering coffee shops by yourself? What kind of stores are you not afraid to enter then?
Odango: The other day, I was even afraid of entering McDonald's.
Maachan & Eripon: McDonald's!?
Odango: Yes.
Eripon: McDonald's is every country bumpkin's friend though!
Odango: I know! I know! It's bad. We had McDonald's everywhere where I came from, but I just couldn't. I do think it's bad that I can't even enter McDonald's by myself. But when you're alone...
Eripon: At McDonald's, you'll feel accepted from the bottom of your heart, no matter who you are!
Odango: What's that? What kind of ad slogan is that?
Eripon: Everyone's welcome at McDonald's!
Odango: I know! I used to be able to enter by myself just fine, but one day I just couldn't anymore. I just don't like the registers.
Maachan: Ah, I know what you mean! I don't like open registers either!
Eripon: What open registers?
Maachan: Everyone can see and hear what you're ordering. It's not like an individual handshake, you know?
Odango: You mean you'd prefer a store where customers order at the same time?
Maachan: Yeah, it's like handshake events where we're in a line vs. handshakes where each one of us has their own booth.
Eripon: But there aren't many stores where people can order at the same time, are there?
Maachan: It's like a sushi restaurant vs. Starbucks. Because in sushi restaurants, you can just go beep-beep-boing and you get your sushi, right?
Odango: Ah, I see.
Eripon: This is a radio show. You can't just go beep-beep-boing.
Odango: What she means is that there are touch panels where you can order your sushi.
Maachan: Yes, yes, yes. While at Starbucks, you have to tell them what you want and they're like "Okay, please wait here a moment.". I don't like how you have to stand around and wait by yourself.
Odango: I know what you mean.
Eripon: I have no idea what you mean.
Odango: I'm too embarrassed to order fancy menus at Starbucks.
Eripon: I think I'm one of those who order fancy menus.
Odango: No, it's okay when others do it. I just shouldn't do it.
Eripon: Why not?
Odango: Because it's just not for me.
Maachan: Ah, is it because you're too small?
Odango: I don't think my stature has anything to do with it!
Maachan: Do your hands even reach the register?
Odango: They do! I'm not that small!
Maachan: Ah, so that's why you've been wearing high heels lately?
Eripon: You are?
Maachan: She's wearing these shoes that look like sneakers but have heels.
Eripon: You're doing your best, huh?
Odango: Well, yeah, but I think 152cm is normal.
Maachan: No, no, no...
Eripon: I'd rather want to be 155cm.
Odango: There are many girls who aren't even 150cm.
Eripon: Eri always thought I was 159cm tall, but I wasn't when I measured it the other day. One of my friends said I'd become shorter.
Odango: Oh? Oh? Is it because of your age?
Odango: Isn't it a bit early for that?
Eripon: I panicked and when I measured myself, I was only 157cm. The last time I checked was when we had a physical examination in first year of middle school and I cheated by standing on tiptoe.
Odango: You can't cheat like that!
Eripon: In other words, I haven't grown at all since I was in first year of middle school!
Odango: Ever since you joined Morning Musume?
Eripon: Not a single centimeter! I think it's sad, but well...
Maachan: When I joined, I weighed 39 kg.
Eripon: 39!?
Odango: That little!?
Maachan: Only 39kg. When I joined.
Odango: Well, you were a child.
Eripon: Yeah, you were only 12 or so.
Odango: I think I weighed about the same too when I was in sixth year of elementary school.
Maachan: Yeah, Ikuta-san was in second year of middle school when we first met. And now I just heard Ikuta-san is turning 20. I can't believe it.
Odango: Time sure flies...
Maachan: Yeah. And you'll be 30 soon, Odango.
Odango: Why the hell!? I'm still only 18!
Maachan: But they say you turn 30 in the blink of an eye!
Odango: You're 18 too, Satou-san. We're the same age! I'm only two months older than you!
Maachan: I've been scared of my birthday lately. I used to look forward to it, but now it's just scary.
Odango: How many more times do you think it'll come around?
Maachan: About 100 times more, at least.
Odango: Um, I doubt you'll have 100 more birthdays.
Ikuta: 100 times!? When you get into the Guinness book of records, I'll personally congratulate you, Masaki-chan.

Continuation of the Morning Jogakuin episode.

Question: What do you always take with you when you ride the bullet train?

Eripon: Portable DVD player.
Maachan: Bags.
Odango: Headphones.

Eripon: The question was what we take with us when we ride the bullet train.
Maachan: For Masa, it's bags.
Odango: Well, well, we all take bags with us.
Maachan: I usually have two bags with me. Three if you count my trolley.
Odango: Yeah, it's always three.
Maachan: I get worried when I don't have everything with me.
Eripon: You always have way too much baggage. Even if it's a one night trip, you have so much baggage it feels like you're going on a 10-nights trip.
Odango: It's shocking how much Satou-san's trolley weighs every time.
Eripon: I bet you'd have to pay extra to take it with you overseas. It exceeds the baggage weight limitations.
Maachan: You never know what might happen if you don't have everything with you. That's why I end up taking a lot more stuff with me than just clothes.
Odango: Yeah, you even have these weird electronic devices with you. Ones that make you go "Do you really need this?". Like speakers.
Eripon: What would you use speakers for!?
Maachan: The speakers are for when we stay in hotels. There are ghosts in hotels, right? There are always ghosts in hotels, so I blast loud music to distract myself.
Eripon: It was funny when we went to Osaka together the other day. I was invited to a radio show and Masaki-chan had an individual handshake event, so we both had to stay there for one night. We had separate hotel rooms though. Masaki-chan suddenly said she was afraid of her hotel room and started checking all bookstores till she bought a "Can you see what I see" board game. In the end, we played "Can you see what I see" with people from the staff in my hotel room all night.
Odango: It's fun, isn't it?
Maachan: I was really afraid. When I talked about it, Ikuta-san and her manager got worried and asked me if I want to come with them to the radio show, but I suggested that we go get something to eat first and then I waited in the restaurant for Ikuta-san's radio show to end, so we can go to Ikuta-san's hotel room after that.
Odango: That's hilarious.
Maachan: I had to wait for hours in the restaurant, thinking to myself "What's taking Ikuta-san so long!?".
Eripon: It was a live radio show, I couldn't help it!
Maachan: I had to wait so long!
Odango: She had to do her job.
Maachan: I was worried the restaurant might close.
Eripon: You talk a lot today, Masaki-chan.
Maachan: Yeah. Because I'm pretty nervous about the job I have to do after this.
Odango: Please do your best.
Eripon: What about you, Oda?
Odango: It's headphones in my case. Everyone else falls asleep after a while. I love talking to other members, but when the person next to me falls asleep, I have no choice but to do something alone.
Eripon: Yeah.
Maachan: A two-hour train ride can feel like an eternity.
Odango: And I never sleep on trains.
Maachan: You could watch a whole movie in that time.
Odango: You could, yes.
Eripon: Since I have a portable DVD player with me, I'm always watching a movie.
Odango: You're always watching a horror movie!
Maachan: Yeah! What's up with that? You should stop doing that, Ikuta-san! They're so scary!
Eripon: They're not horror movies though.
Maachan: They're super scary though!
Eripon: They're suspense horror movies.
Maachan: HAHAHA
Odango: Sometimes, Ikuta-san's seat is in front of mine and when I glance over, I always see something I shouldn't have seen.
Maachan: Something's always going "GAAAHHHHH".
Eripon: Yeah, sometimes there are zombies and stuff.
Odango: It's so scary!
Maachan: When I see something like that just when I wanted to sleep, I can't sleep anymore!
Odango: It's going to give you nightmares!
Eripon: The one I watched the other day was about someone with multiple personalities? But I watched it with only one earbud.
Odango: Because it was too scary?
Eripon: It was. There were jump scares.
Odango: That's so scary.
Maachan: You know, I wish they'd turn off the lights in bullet trains when it takes hours to get to the next station.
Odango: In conclusion, we each have our own way of spending time on trains.
Eripon: Yes, to each his own.
Odango: Most of us sleep.
Eripon: That's right. I watch a movie half the time and sleep the rest of the time.
Odango: Yeah.

Btw, here's the part about Karaoke from the last Morning Jogakuin:

Odango: This letter is from someone called "Oda-chan Oshi". Thank you for the letter.
Eripon & Maachan: Thank you very much!
Odango: "Maachan, Eripon, Oda-chan, KonbanSakura!"
Eripon: KonbanSakura!
Maachan: Konbanwa!
Eripon: You refuse to say KonbanSakura, huh?
Odango: "I always enjoy listening to Morning Jogakuin. I love to sing and when I go Karaoke, I always sing H!P songs.".
Eripon: Thank you!
Odango: "Songs I always sing are Koi ING, Kiss me Aishiteru and The Vision. Have you three been to Karaoke lately? Which songs do you sing? I'll be rooting for you from now on too." is what she wrote. Thank you very much.
Eripon: Oh. What about you, Masaki-chan?
Maachan: I go to Karaoke a lot.
Eripon: A lot?
Maachan: A lot.
Odango: Any songs you sing every time?
Maachan: Songs I sing sing every time...
Odango: That was one "sing" too many.
Eripon: Too many "sing"s.
Maachan: Ehh... I don't think there are any. In particular.
Odango: Oh?
Maachan: Instead of singing, since I get nervous and can't sing in front of others, I talk a lot. I go to Karaoke and talk.
Odango: You talk at Karaoke?
Maachan: Yeah.
Eripon: You normally go to Karaoke to sing, you know?
Maachan: I know, I listen to others sing, but I'm too embarrassed to sing much.
Eripon: The last time I went to Karaoke with you, Masaki-chan, you sang a lot though.
Maachan: I did?
Odango: Maybe you can sing when you're with one of the MM members.
Maachan: Maybe that's it. Don't you get embarrassed? I get really embarrassed. When I went to Karaoke with Yassan, she sang Butterfly.
Odango: Kimura Kaela's Butterfly?
Maachan: No, the one the OG members sing.
Odango: Ah, the Dream Morning Musume one.
Maachan: Yes, yes, yes. Ikuta-san sang "Rock no Teigi" and...
Odango: It's called "Shining Butterfly".
Maachan: Yes, Yassan has "Shining Butterfly" and Ikuta-san has "Rock no Teigi".
Eripon: "Has"?
Odango: You mean it's the song they always sing?
Maachan: Yes.
Odango: You go to Karaoke a lot, don't you, Ikuta-san?
Eripon: I do. Lately, I've been singing Idolm@ster songs.
Odango: Like all the time.
Eripon: Yes. Only Idolm@ster songs all the time. Especially "Everyday Dream", a song sung by the character Sakuma Mayu, voiced by Makino Yui whom I love.
Maachan: Wow.
Eripon: What else... I wonder what I usually sing...
Maachan: See? You don't know, right? It depends on that moment and what is popular that time. Right now, it'd be "DESTINY" by CHE'NELLE.
Odango: Ah, that drama theme song. Then "Koi" by Hoshino Gen maybe?
Maachan: And that song from "Quartet"...
Eripon: "Otona no"...
Maachan: "Otona no"...
Odango: The one all four actors sing together.
Maachan: People usually sing what's popular right now, what's played in commercials.
Eripon: In that case, I'd probably sing that Hoshino Gen song.
Maachan: The one that goes like Talalala?
Odango: "Koi".
Eripon: Yes, that or "Kudaranai no naka ni".
Odango: Ah, that's the one he sang at Music Station.
Eripon: I guess I listen to Hoshino Gen a lot.
Maachan: I don't really have any songs I sing every time.
Eripon: What about you, Oda? I imagine you only sing H!P songs.
Odango: Yes, H!P songs only, but if you ask me which song I can sing best, I'd say "366 days" by HY.
Eripon: Oh boy, everyone sings that!
Odango: That and "Hanamizuki" are songs anyone can get good scores at.
Eripon: That's right.
Maachan: Oda gets super high scores though, Ikuta-san. She gets 97 easily.
Odango: I don't know if I score that high every time...
Maachan: 97 is the highest score I've ever seen when I went with Odango.
Odango: 98 might be my highest score.
Maachan: 98 is crazy!
Eripon: You know, when Kei-san, Ougi Kei-san, participated in the Karaoke Battle show the other day, she was talking about how she prepared herself for it. She said how she got 98 points and how it was still not good enough. I was like "98 is high enough! It's almost impossible to get a score like that!".
Maachan: When Maachan and Odango went... I mean, Masaki and Odango went to Karaoke, I kept getting scores in the 80s.
Odango: Haha. Yes.
Maachan: And when I finally got a score of 89, she was like "Satou-san! You're almost there!". Hahaha.
Odango: When I listen to Satou-san... You know how there are ways of singing that get you high scores at Karaoke while other ways of singing don't. When you think about it like that, the score isn't all that important.
Eripon: That's right. The score is just one way of having fun at Karaoke. In my case, it's not about the score anymore. I just try to beat others in the national ranking. It tells you which rank you are out of this many people etc.
Odango: Yes, it tells you how high your score ranks among how many hundred people.
Maachan: I've never seen that.
Odango: You can check it.
Maachan: I'm always messing around with the robot voice modifier.
Odango: Ahh...
Maachan: Ah, I know! I know! I know! Please listen!
Odango: Go ahead.
Eripon: She got hyper all of a sudden.
Maachan: You can change your voice to that of a 12-year-old or 13-year-old.
Odango: Ah, the "minus 5 years" thing?
Maachan: Yes! And when I turn that on, my voice goes actually back to how it was back then! I don't know how it works, but with it, I can suddenly hit the high tones in "Pyoko Pyoko Ultra" that I normally can't hit anymore. My voice reverts back to how it was years ago!
Odango: It's fun to play around with it.
Maachan: I wish I could go back to that voice! I wish I could use that thing on the microphones in concerts too!
Odango: The "minus 5 years" thing?
Maachan: Yeah, I want that on my concert microphone.
Odango: Your voice will get way too high-pitched.
Maachan: But my voice was high-pitched back then!
Eripon: My voice range has increased a lot compared to back then.
Odango: It sure has.
Maachan: What was vocal range again?
Eripon: It's like the range of notes you can hit.
Maachan: Ahhh...
Odango: My vocal range has always been very narrow. Always been. I could never hit the high notes you can hit, Ikuta-san.
Eripon: Which ones?
Odango: Your high notes. I could never sing "Goodybe Natsuo" like you can. I can sing the song, but not the way you do.
Maachan: But you can do what Ariane Grande can. Like Dadarada~.
Eripon: Whistle tones?
Odango: Whistle tones. But I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.
Maachan: I'm not sure either.
Eripon: The problem is there's no one who can tell if you're doing it right or not.
Odango: Yeah. Wait, what were we talking about again?
Eripon: Which songs we sing at Karaoke.
Odango: Oh yeah, I hope you got an impression of what we sing at Karaoke.
Eripon: I also like to sing Ohara Sakurako and AAA songs.
Odango: Ahh... I need to listen to more Jpop. I only know H!P songs.
Eripon: I usually only sing Jpop songs. That's about it. So if you go to Karaoke next time, please try singing the songs we mentioned.
Odango: Yes, please. Aim for a highscore!
Eripon: Let's all try to become Nr. 1 in the national ranking!
Odango: Yes, let's!

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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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So after Kudo's grad MM will still have 13 members...wonder if h!p will do a otomegumi/sakuragumi-ish group split again?
Beautifulest women of all time 1.)Sayumi 2.)Fukumura Mizuki 3.)Airi 4.)Uemura Akari 5.)Ju Jingyi 6.)Asakawa Nana 7.)Ikuta Eripon 8.) Oguri Yui 9.)Yamamoto Sayaka 10.)Yajima Maimi

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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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Lots of members for sure....

Wonder if that leads to any j.......

20170716 モーニング娘。'17 『ジェラシー ジェラシー』
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Re: The Morning Musume Thread (モーニング娘。)
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*Translated by Ronin

I translated the bits I found most interesting. Hope I managed to keep it as funny as it was in Japanese:

Maachan: Yes!
Ayumin: What's wrong?
Maachan: Yes! The H!P concerts have begun!
Ayumin: Right, they've begun!
Fukunura: Yay, finally!
Maachan: The rehearsals were so short this time Masaki didn't know what to do.
Ayumin: Yeah, they were very short.
Fukunura: We did our best to learn the choreography.
Ayumin: There were so many songs to learn the choreography of.
Maachan: It may be weird to say it myself, but Masa really did her best this time.
Fukunura: Hehehe
Ayumin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's do our best so that the audience can approve of it too.
Maachan: No, I approve of it myself.
Fukunura: lol
Ayumin: Yourself?
Maachan: Masa approves.
Ayumin: Well, I guess it's important to praise yourself too.
Maachan: I'm not praising myself.
Ayumin: Eh?
Maachan: I said I'm approving of my hard work.
Ayumin: Oh?
Maachan: You should work on your Japanese more, Ayumin.
Ayumin: Yes, I'm very sorry. Wait a second here.
Maachan: Good, let's start today's Morning Musume Morning Jogakuin After School meeting!
Ayumin: Satou-san, please work on your Japanese more too.

Ayumin: The first message is from a fan about how she came to like Morning Musume. It's from someone called "Maachan is my daily solace".
Fukunura: lol Thank you very much.
Ayumin & Maachan: Thank you very much.
Ayumin: "Fuku-chan, Ayumin, Maachan, good evening."
Fukunura & Maachan: Good evening!
Ayumin: "Let me tell you how I came to like Morning Musume. I'm attending a vocational school right now."
Fukunura: Ohhh.
Ayumin: "At the admissions interview, I was told by the interviewer that I look like Matsuoka Mayu when I smile."
Fukunura: Huh. She's cute.
Ayumin: "Shortly after that, I saw in the news that Matsuoka Mayu would temporarily join Morning Musume for a drama series or something."
Fukunura: Oh.
Ayumin: "The song One-Two-Three she performed at that time was so cool that I've been a Morning Musume wota ever since then."
Fukunura: Ohhh.
Maachan: Wow. Amazing.
Ayumin: "And ever since I saw the Utakata Saturday Night music video for the first time and fell in love with MaaDuu at first sight, I've been a MaaDuu fan. I'm very sad that I won't get to see MaaDuu anymore after Kudou-san's graduation, but as someone who loves MaaDuu from the bottom of my heart, I want to root for MaaDuu until the end. I can't wait for the fall tour! Please take care of yourselves and do your best at work!"
Fukunura: What a nice fan.
Maachan: Wow. Matsuoka-san.
Ayumin: In one of her drama series, Matsuoka-san said she'd like to become the gasoline for Morning Musume, the fuel for Morning Musume, and here's the proof that she actually got us a new fan. I'm so happy I got to hear about this. Thank you very much for the message.
Fukunura & Maachan: Thank you very much.
Fukunura: I'll read the next message. This one is from YukiMegu-san.
Ayumin & Maachan: Thank you very much.
Fukunura: "Everyone at MoJo, good evening!"
Ayumin & Maachan: Good evening!
Fukunura: "I came to like Morning Musume thanks to Sashihara Rino-san".
Ayumin: Oh my!
Maachan: Sashihara... Sasshi-san?
Fukunura: "I'm originally a fan of AKB48 and check Sashiko-chan's twitter regularly."
Ayumin: Okay.
Fukunura: "And one day, Sashiko-chan posted a picture of Morning Musume singing 'Utakata Saturday Night' with the text 'Just bought this. It's such a good song, I want more people to listen to it.'."
Ayumin: Thank you very much!
Fukunura: "When I saw that, I figured I could give it a listen since Sashiko-chan is recommending it so strongly and watched the music video on Youtube."
Ayumin: Yes, yes.
Fukunura: "That's how I became a fan of Satou Masaki-chan, who happens to be Sashiko-chan's Oshi too, and before I knew it, I had come to love Morning Musume."
Ayumin: Wow! Wow!
Fukunura: "Fast forward to now. I'm a member of the H!P fan club who's attended Masaki-chan's birthday event and the Morning Musume '17 spring tour. Like I said at the beginning, I'm a fan of AKB48, but the H!P fan club is the first fan club I've ever joined."
Ayumin: Oh my!
Fukunura: "That's how much addicted to Morning Musume now. I'm really grateful to Sashiko-chan for introducing me to a wonderful idol group like H!P."
Ayumin: Yeah, yeah.
Fukunura: "Please take care of yourselves and do your best! I'll be rooting for you.".
Maachan: Thank you very much.
Ayumin: Wow, thank you very much.
Fukunura: She's only 15 years old.
Ayumin: Oh my! So young!
Maachan: Younger than Masa...
Fukunura: lol I'm so happy.
Ayumin: I am too.
Fukunura: That people became fans of us thanks to people who talk about being fans of us.
Ayumin: Yeah.
Fukunura: This YukiMegu-san, for example, was a fan of Sashihara-san first, but then became a fan of us too.
Ayumin: Yeah!
Maachan: Wow.
Fukunura: But yeah, Sashihara-san has been saying that she likes Morning Musume and we even got to sing with her as Sashining Musume.
Ayumin: Yes! Yes! Get you!
Fukunura: It was our first time collaborating with her, so I was really nervous.
Ayumin: We collaborated in TV shows too.
Fukunura: Yeah, we were in TV shows together, but it was our first official collaboration, so I was really nervous. And it was super fun because I think collaborations like that are pretty rare among idol groups.
Ayumin: We should treasure them.
Maachan: Sasshi-san and others always come to our concerts, right?
Ayumin: Yeah.
Maachan: And the other day, there was the AKB48 election, right?
Ayumin: Yeah.
Maachan: Masa was really happy about it.
Fukunura: That Sashihara-san got first place?
Maachan: When I saw Sasshi-san ranking first, I was like "YEEAAAHHHH".
Fukunura: lol
Ayumin: That's a funny way to express your joy about something. lol
Maachan: I was really happy about it.
Ayumin: It was exciting to watch.
Maachan: It was. It was also thanks to Sasshi-san that we got to sing "Get you" together. Seeing Sasshi-san come up on top like that, I thought to myself again how cool she is.
Ayumin: Ohh.
Maachan: After all, she's older than us. I mean it in a good way though.
Fukunura: In a good way? lol
Maachan: I mean, she's more mature than us. So I look up to her and think she's really cool.
Fukunura: I was so surprised when such famous idols like Sashihara-san or Watanabe Mayu-san came to the first day of our concert tour.
Ayumin: That's right.
Fukunura: Kashiwagi Yuki-san too said she likes Morning Musume. I'm always so happy to hear that they came to like Morning Musume in the past and still like the current Morning Musume today. That means, we have the responsibility to keep Morning Musume's history alive, so let's try to protect what makes Morning Musume Morning Musume while exploring new territory.
Maachan: Hehehe.
Ayumin: Yes. Now here comes a message about the "Fun facts about Morning Musume members only fans know" category which I love.
Fukunura: It's the first time I hear about that category.
Maachan: *cough*
Ayumin: Let me read it.
Fukunura: Okay.
Ayumin: It's from someone called "Endless Sayumist Medium-spicy Penguin".
Fukunura: lol
Everyone: Thank you very much.
Ayumin: "Here are some fun facts I noticed about Masaki-chan from watching concerts and DVD magazines."
Fukunura: Oh.
Ayumin: "01. As soon as the leader finishes her pep talk before a concert, she runs off somewhere in a hurry."
Fukunura: lol
Ayumin: "02. When she gets too excited during a concert, she sexually harasses other members."
Maachan: lol
Fukunura: True.
Ayumin: "03. She still loves to draw Deli-kun everywhere."
Fukunura: Ahh...
Ayumin: Now comes a bonus fun fact about me. "When Ayumi-chan has to get up early, she slurs her words all morning."
Fukunura: lol
Ayumin: There's one about you too, Fukumura-san. "When Mizuki-chan hugs the other members, it's always a bear hug.".
Fukunura: lol Wow, that person is so observant.
Ayumin: It's so funny too! After the leader has held her speech and we've done the "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!" together, most members go to the space behind the stage because the concert is about to start.
Fukunura: Yeah.
Ayumin: Because it's usually a few minutes before the concert starts. Only Maachan rushes back to the dressing room for some reason.
Maachan: lol *cough*
Fukunura: Yeah, she starts running the second we finish saying "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!". lol
Ayumin: lol
Fukunura: I always think "How come she's in such a hurry?".
Ayumin: It's like she was still in the middle of preparing herself.
Fukunura: She starts running at the "shoi" of "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!". Like it was "Ready, steady, go!".
Maachan: But I really mean it when I say "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!".
Ayumin: Of course, of course.
Fukunura: Really?
Maachan: Of course! Okay, next time, I'll only look Fukunura-san in the eye while making a face like "Let's go!".
Ayumin: More like "Let's go back to the dressing room!".
Fukunura: lol
Maachan: You see, at the first day of a concert, it's not about make-up or preparing myself, but don't you tear up when a concert tour is about to start? Like when everyone's like "Ganbatte Ikuta!" "Ganbarou!". And it seems like I'm really weak against it. Sometimes, Ayumin and Duu start crying at that moment, right?
Ayumin: Yeah.
Maachan: And when I see you guys cry, I start crying even harder.
Ayumin: It's infectious.
Maachan: Yeah. It makes me cry twice as hard and all my make-up and everything would be ruined.
Ayumin: Yeah.
Maachan: That's why I go back to the dressing room and say "Alright, I'm going to ASDFGHJKL!!!" to myself by myself.
Ayumin: So that's why you go back.
Fukunura: She's making up her own words again.
Maachan: But isn't it funny how Ayumin slurs her *cough* words in the *cough* morning?
Ayumin: Maachan, you're the one who's slurring your words right now though.
Maachan: What does "slurring" mean again?
Ayumin: It means you can't speak clearly.
Maachan: Ah, you're really bad at speaking clearly, Ayumin.
Ayumin: Really?
Fukunura: Everyone in Morning Musume is bad at it.
Ayumin: In the morning, yeah. It's okay at this time of the day.
Maachan: Masa is pretty good at it.
Ayumin: What?
Fukunura: You're not!
Maachan: Eh? I am!
Fukunura: In your case, it's more like you're not even trying!
Maachan & Ayumin: HAHAHAHA
Fukunura: Because you could if you tried!
Ayumin: True.
Maachan: How mean... lol
Fukunura: Like before, you could speak clearly if you wanted. You're good at tongue twisters too.
Ayumin: Plus, you slur a word and just roll with it. You don't even try to say it again.
Fukunura: lol She does.
Ayumin: I'm like "No one will understand you that way." every time.
Fukunura: See? You're not even trying.
Maachan: No, speaking is just too diffcult!
Ayumin: You mean Japanese?
Maachan: It's way too difficult! Just think about it for a second! Ever since I joined Morning Musume in 6th year of elementary school, I've finally gotten to this point where I can speak like this after getting taught how to speak by the members in my generation like Ayumin and Duu and I still suck at it!
Ayumin: Normally, people can already speak when they're in sixth year of elementary school.
Maachan: I'm finally starting to get the hang of how to use Japanese. Like when you say "Arigatou", where to put the "o" sound. Or the dashes and circles in Hiragana characters. I'm finally starting to understand all the lyrics in our songs.
Fukunura: No way.
Maachan: I'm serious! I'm not lying!
Ayumin: How old are you now, Maachan?
Maachan: Huh? I'm in third year of high school.
Ayumin: Whoa...
Fukunura: 18.
Maachan: But it's okay. Even people like me can still live their lives.
Ayumin: Yeah, you can. Let's keep living.
Maachan: And everyone tells me how much I've improved.
Fukunura: It's thanks to all the adults around you who raised you.
Maachan: And I got chewed out a lot.
Ayumin: That's right! It's thanks to the other 10th gen members who taught you everything.
Maachan: Don't expect me to feel grateful now.
Fukunura: You won't? lol
Maachan: *cough* lol But! But I must admit that the other three 10th gen members are really good at teaching kids like me.
Fukunura: lol I guess that means the three of them will make wonderful mothers in the future.
Maachan: Definitely. I think so too.
Ayumin: HAHAHA Maybe so.
Fukunura: lol What a weird way to sum this up.
Maachan: I think they'll make great mothers. In any case, let's end this meaningless chatter and play the second song.
Fukunura: lol

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Egao yes Nude w/ Morito

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I hope I remember to watch this a few times because I liked it a lot (and it doesn't get deleted in like 5 hours)

Everyone got a solo line!
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^It's on the recent ep of Upcoming just in case it gets deleted


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