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Author Topic: xsilentreader's Short story wasteland XD (Updated april 9 2014)  (Read 2643 times)

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I'm very much happy that people really reads my story 'how to write a love story' :bow:. but...just like chibi author... my brain is too lazy for today...
but don't worry!! it's done in MY MIND. too lazy to type XD
May i present~~ my very very short story from my English subject last year~~ very unplanned indeed!!!
It was a usual peaceful Thursday night at Flower Village. People were now sleeping peacefully. Nothing was new -- except that this night was a special night for a certain girl. That day was birthday of  the said girl. And what do we expect on birthdays? Of course a lot of suprises. And her friends can’t fail on giving her that.
“ Is she here already?” whispers a certain girl kneeling behind a couch.
“ Not yet...Tomomi will just inform us…if she had already arrived with her…” the other girl said while checking if all the plans were going well.
“ Oh come on!!!My knee is already aching…” the first girl said whining.
“ Then stop kneeling there and assist me first useless gachapin.” The girl who was checking the plans said. “ Great it’s done!! As expected of the great Master Mariko-samaa.k.a me!!!” she said proudly.
“ Don’twanna!!!And don’t call me useless!!!” Miichan complained.
“ Girls Minami said that she’s already with the birthday celebrant!!! And- “Haruna  ran and entered the scene and was about to announce something but…
“CAREFUL THE FLOOR IS SLIPPERY!!!” Miichan and Mariko shouted together to warn the said girl but too late…she already slipped.
“OUCHHHH!!!!!”Haruna shouted in pain.
“…shhhh….come here…” Mariko hushed the almost crying girl for the sake of the neighbors who were in their dreamland already.
Suddenly miichan’s phone rang. “Hello tomomi?”
“ Be ready we’re almost there…” tomomi said.
Miichan hanged up the phone and said, “…time to get the party started…” she said grinning.
On the other hand.Mayu,the birthday girl has  a of bit idea on what’s going on in her house and the party of course. Well it was expected she was a cyborg after all.
“ Heytomomi why are you so excited to go in my house?” Mayu asked. “ Did she forget that it is my birthday today?” she thought.
‘’N-Nothing…” tomomi said as she looked away.
When they reached Mayu’s house it was already late at night. When Mayu opened the door it was pitch black. Then suddenly…
“ Happy Birthday Mayu!!!!” Tomomi, Miichan , Mariko and Haruna greeted in chorus accompanied by the popping sound of the newly-opened wine.
“ W-What!?” Mayu asked shocked. “Y-You girls remembered my birthday?”
“Of course silly!!! You’re special to us!!! Heck we’re almost like sisters!!!” Miichan said giving Mayu a light punch on her arm.
“Well disregarding the person who said it…” Mariko looked at Miichan. “…it’s true that you’re very important to us…” she looked at Mayu warmly.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT!?” Miichan glared at Mariko.
After that laughter filled the room. Eating.Dancing.Singing.And many more. Then more hour passed by and the magic of the wine made a slight effect already. Sitting at the sofa the friends chatted more and almost endlessly.
“Who would thought that this thing has an effect?” Haruna said referring to the wine. Her eyes were almost closing.
“…looking back at the past…it’s quite amazing that we’ve became successful people today…” Miichan said.
“ I agree with you…” Mariko agreed. Actually those two never agreed with each other. Maybe the wine has magic after all…
Mayu placed her palm on her chest and said, “…and it would be impossible for me if he wasn’t there…”
The others looked at Mayu.
“How long it has beenMayu?” tomomi inquired.
“…ten years…since that day…”
Ten years ago life was never easy for Mayu-- even from the start. She was smart, caring,and very responsible . And she’s also very popular with the boys making girls jealous. Therefore she was often bullied by them but Mayu won’t fight—she can’t fight. She has no friends. And  the only friend she has betrayed her. She was even the target of the foul play made by her friend. And her family doesn’t even believe at her. But even though her life was like that Mayu was able to smile. Whenever she was sad Mayu would think of her only true friend;Kuroi.
“…even though I’m far I’ll continue to watch and protect you…Mayu…” Kuroi promised Mayu. Mayu met Kuroi by fate but it was also fate that tore them apart. But they still occupy a space in each other’s hearts.
Mayu still believed that there was someone out there for her. Someone who’ll love her and protect her.
But…Mayu was just a human who can be sometimes weak and wants to give up.
Alone in an abandonedMayu sat on a corner with her scent stinking because of the soy sauce purposely spilled on her by the bullies in the school. Mayu was used to it and she just let it pass by to let her bullies know that she wasn’t affected—though how she felt was really opposite, Mayu was really scared. Now alone in the classroom Mayu sobbed freely she doesn’t have to worry with her bullies seeing herbecause the abandoned room on where she was now was believed to be a ghost’s lair. But Mayu proves it wrong. She was always in there when she can’t take it anymore and there were no ghost. She was absolutely sure.
She just cried and cried. Her vision was almost blurry but she didn’t stop.
“Are you okay? Oh why do I even bother asking that? Hahahaha…” a voice suddenly came up.
‘A-A ghost!?’Mayu thought. ‘Impossible!!And she was laughing at me!? What a devil!!!’
Mayu looked up to see the owner of the voice. And she was utterly shocked. Shiny longraven hair. Eyes black as night. Skin as white as snow.An angelic gentle voice. The owner was no devil but an angel!
“Here.” The ‘angel’ gave Mayu a handkerchief. “…wipe your tears.’’
But Mayu didn’t follow she just stared blankly at the given handkerchief. She was undeniably captivated by the person. If she was really a person—Mayu thought.
“…my name isYuki…”Yuki sighed. “…here let me wipe your tears…” Yuki,wipedMayu’s tears making her face close to Mayu’s. This gesture made Mayu’s heart pound.
‘…and she smells sweeter than candies..’Mayu thought. And after some realization. It had hit her. The thought made her redder than the reddest tomato in the galaxy.
Mayu admitted that at that time…she was indeed in love.
Later she found out that Yuki was a transfer student. And she was immediately entitled as the school’s ojousama. Yuki said that she was wandering around that time when she saw me.
After that Mayu and Yuki we’re always paired up. Much to Mayu’s confused heart. She can’t focus with Yuki around at first. But later on she found herself safe with her. She even got jealous when somebody tries to approach Yuki.
Everyday Yuki picks and sends Mayu to her home. One day on their way home Mayu was quiet..well she was always reserved but Yuki felt something wrong on Mayu.
“Are you okay?” Yuki asked with concern clearly plastered on her angelic face.
Mayu’s mind and heart was arguing if she should tell her or not.
“…I’m scared…” in the end her feelings just came out by itself.
“…Mayu…I won’t leave and betray you…” she said. “even though I’m far I’ll continue to watch and protect you…Mayu…”
Mayu’s mouth hanged wide-open. “Kuroi!?’’
‘’…when I said I was just only wandering at that time…it was a lie…I really wanted to be with you Mayu…” she said seriously while a tinge of red slowly appears on her naturally pale face ‘’..I love you…Mayu…
“me…too… I also do.’’

But fate can really be cruel…you slept with a smile on your face…
They are now official. And Mayu gained true friends except from Yuki…they are:Tomomi,Miichan and Mariko.
Bitter tears the next day you’re going to taste.
Life was really cruel to Mayu and she won’t deny that there were times that she wished for her life to end. But why now….
When her birthday…
Three days before Mayu’s birthday…
Becomes her death day…
Became the  last days of Mayu’s life…
Mayu was diagnosed for a severe heart disease. And her due date? Her birthday.
“…what do you want for your birthday my Mayu?”
However Mayu was busy looking outside the window—looking at a butterfly,
“…mayu…I love you…”
Second day…
for some unknown reasons to Mayu, Yuki wasn’t  able  to visit her that day. But Mayu still waited.Unti she fell asleep.
Last day…
“…Mayu…shall we spend this last day with our own world?....
….there, no one can hurt us… we’ll be together…forever…
I’m sorry if I wasn’t be able to catch a butterfly for you…
But my heart is yours….take care of it Mayu…

Last day…..with you.
Mayu woke up the next day.
It’s too bright…am I in heaven?
No…I’m not.
Why is miichan crying? But the biggest question is?
“Why am I alive?’’
Nobody can answer Mayu…but she herself.
I’m sorry if I wasn’t be able to catch a butterfly for you…
But my heart is yours….take care of it Mayu…

A little bit drunk and tired Mayu was really sleepy…and finally she fell asleep. Unknown to all the people in that place…
Afading and transparent figure stood there…a girl with Shiny long raven hair. Eyes black as night. Skin as white as snow. An angelic gentle voice…
“…happy birthday Mayu…even though I’m far I’ll continue to watch and protect you…Mayu…and my heart is yours…”
Unconsciously a smile made into Mayu’s lips.
Yuki  promisedMayu. Mayu met Yuki  by fate but it was also fate that tore them apart. But they still occupy a space in each other’s hearts.

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Re: xsilentreader's Short story wasteland XD
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That was heartbreaking.  Good job!
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: xsilentreader's Short story wasteland XD
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It was so sad...that Mayuki can not be together...

Thank you for such a heartbreaking OS

Can't wait to see more OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: xsilentreader's Short story wasteland XD
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So  sad     :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:...

i like it.... thanks for the update....  :thumbup :twothumbs

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Re: xsilentreader's Short story wasteland XD (Updated april 9 2014)
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A-Rose (pronounced as arrows.)

is a fictional unit by me XD in which all the members are my oshis and in this, the reaction queen is the captain XD
This will be included in my Alphabet Series...
not in order though XD
first one~~

One Shots....

D is for Date


It is a peaceful Sunday in an amusement park in the city.

Two seemingly couples are sitting on a bench, resting from the tiring experiences with different rides in the said amusement park.

Both are wearing sunglasses and a couple shirt.

Some singles stared at them with envy.

Only if they knew…that the midget and the ikemen girl are not a couple.

Or at least, not a real one.

 The midget sighed, “…you owe me big time…Jurina.”  She said as she sips from the juice that the ikemen girl had bought earlier.

“Sorry… I am very sorry, Takamina…”  Jurina smiled sheepishly.

“Tss. And they call you the Charmer.” Takamina commented sarcastically.

 Takamina sighed again as she wonders why, Jurina, also known as the Charmer, is having a hard-time asking a certain girl.

Well, the subject of the Charmer’s attention is not just a normal girl, for that matter.


Jurina paced back and forth outside the Ice princess’s room. When she noticed Atsuko looking at her, she stopped whatever she is doing for the past thirty minutes, and that is, well, pacing back and forth outside Rena’s room.

“You know what…there is an action called knocking on the door, which enables you to finally talk to the person inside the said room.” Miichan remarked annoyed, most-likely because of Jurina’s pacing back and forth disrupting her from designing her toenails.

“If it is that easy…I won’t be pacing here back and forth like a pregnant woman who is having a hard time on her labor!!!” Jurina spat back.

“I never thought that I’ll ever agree with Miichan, but you need to stop doing that, Jurina.”  Mayu agreed.

“Just take back the damned tickets, Atsuko.” Miichan ordered when Jurina continued pacing annoyingly.

“Don’t remind me of that ticket.” Atsuko said with a quite cold voice that all of the members present that time stopped whatever they are doing to look at her.

Once she noticed that all the stares are on her, Atsuko pouted and left.

‘Just what happened to her…?’  all asked in their minds.

 Anyways, back to Jurina, she finally gathered the courage to knock on Rena’s door but the owner opened it herself.

 Jurina felt nervous all of the sudden.

The way that Rena stares at her is just…too cold.

Not that she wasn’t expecting that…Rena wasn’t the Ice princess for nothing.

It’s just that… there is something wrong.

“What are you doing here?” Rena asked. Not even bothering to look at the ikemen nervous mess in front of her.

Before Jurina can even utter a single letter, Rena started walking away.

Seeing this, Jurina regained her consciousness and grabbed Rena’s a hand to stop her from walking away.

“What do you need?”  Rena asked with a very cold voice.

Something is definitely wrong. And everybody knows it. Also, it was evident at the group’s leader Yuki, who used to be calm at times like this, even raised her eyebrow.

Jurina took a deep breath, “W-Will…y-you…ahmm…go on an amusement park with me?”

Everyone at the room wanted nothing but to get out of the room at this time. For certain reasons such as,

One, the atmosphere was too cold and heavy to handle.

Second, they can’t bear the sad face of the group’s clown once she was rejected by Rena. Again.

But the next words from Rena’s mouth glued them to their seats.

“Why? You have no one to flirt to, as of the moment that’s why you plan on going with me?” she asked with a low yet accusing voice.

Mayu was about to stand up for Jurina, however Yuki held her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Mayu sighed.
She hates the feeling of not speaking for Jurina, after all, it was Jurina who brought her and Yuki together. But with that being said Yuki is her girlfriend, so as the leader of the group. That’s why she remained quiet. 

Nobody dared to speak a single word.

Everyone present in the room was confused.

Jurina always annoys Rena, as she always does to everyone, or maybe more, but nevertheless, that is her way to show her love for those people, and so, instead of being annoyed, most of the times, people find it adorable. And for that same reason, Jurina never received any hurtful word from Rena, even though the latter always pushes her away.

But this time was an exception.

It wasn’t that harsh if you may judge, but even though their status is complicated, even the slowest Takamina sensed that there is something more to Rena and Jurina, or Jurina for certain.

“N-No…it’s not like that…” Jurina explained.

“Don’t add me to your collection.” Rena said as emotionless as possible.

Time continues to run, but for the people at that time, the clock never moved. Time may exist but was never known.
Jurina gulped, “So…that’s how you think of me?” she asked bitterly.

Everybody was shocked.
Jurina’s eyes showed anger, confusion, sadness, disappointment, and pain. But to make it even worse, Jurina, the Clown, was crying.

“If…If that’s what you think… that I’ll just flirt with everyone I see…” Jurina wiped her tears, “…then be it.” She dared.
She then grabbed Takamina’s hands and crushed her lips to the latter.

“Sorry…for earlier.” Jurina apologized for who knows how many times that day already.

“One more apology and you’ll be my dummy for my taekwondo practice.” Takamina warned.
Jurina wrapped her arms around Takamina.

“Thank you…Takamina.” Jurina said.

Takamina messed the taller girl’s hair, “Shall we continue our date?” she said followed by a whisper, “…our stalkers our getting impatient.” She said as she took a stolen glance from the bush behind them.
Jurina just giggled.

The stalkers, or the people following the fake couple; namely Yuki, Mayu, Miichan, Mariko and Rena are indeed getting impatient.

It was Yuki’s idea to follow them. Mayu just wanted to be with her girlfriend. Miichan decided to use this chance to snatch away Mariko from her textmate, which was quite unsuccessful because the latter was busy with her phone, much to Miichan’s disappointment.

And Rena…

Nobody really knows what Yuki did to make her join this silly stalking.

“I think I should just go home. Someone needs to take care of Atsuko.” Rena said.

Atsuko suddenly got sick. And the reason was still a mystery.

Yuki just glared at her. Rena doesn’t have a choice but to stay.

The gang continued to follow the fake couple as they pursue their date.

---Back to TakaJuri---

Jurina can’t contain her laughter as she watch the pouting Takamina trying to climb on one of the horse of the carrousel which was too high for her height.

“You should really drink milk, Kid.” Jurina teased her knowing that Takamina hates milk.

“Shut up.”

Having no choice, Jurina lifted Takamina on the back of the horse; afterwards she rode on the same horse.

“What are you doing here, idiot.” Takamina stared at the ikemen girl at her back.

“Look at the kids around us. They deserve to ride better than I, and you’re just small anyways.” Jurina said as she wrapped her arms around Takamina’s waist.


Among the gang, only Mayu is enjoying those TakaJuri moments. Yuki was busy trying to figure out what is really happening. Miichan was busy catching Mariko’s attention who was still busy with her phone.

And Rena…

Well…who knows where she is.

And since everybody is busy with their own lives, no one seemed to notice that she was already gone.


Takamina can’t stop teasing Jurina, once the ikemen girl did whatever she can just to avoid the horror house. Well, every fan knows that the great Jurina is afraid of horror house. Takamina just want to have her revenge because of the carrousel thing earlier.

Soon they decided to take buy cotton candies while they were strolling around. Takamina told that she’ll just buy juice for the both of them, but when she did not come back. Jurina searched for her. Once she reached the forest-like part of the park. She carefully looked around because it’s a challenge to look for someone especially when it was already sunset at that time.

She was busy looking for Takamina that she didn’t notice someone was behind her. That someone hugged her tight. Jurina was about to shout when the stranger covered Jurina’s mouth muffling her scream.


And with that Jurina’s body became stiff.


The midget sat on the bench.

Takamina looked at the sunset, she was admiring the orange sky when she thought about how great it will be if she’ll be
watching it with someone.

She smiled at the thought.

Not a long time ago, she dreamt of watching the sunset with Jurina. How she wished that Jurina and she will have a date on this very amusement park.

Her favorite amusement park.

And it came true this day.

Though it happened on a way that she least expected it to happen. But it doesn’t really matter at all. Jurina is still Rena’s.

Not long time ago, Takamina is in love with Jurina. And she was hurt by the fact that Jurina’s heart belong to Rena from the
start. Jurina noticed her feelings and she apologized for that. There she realized that she doesn’t want to lose Jurina and she’d rather be a friend than a lover for Jurina. She drank the juice that she bought for herself and Jurina earlier. There are so many people in the park today, and also because of that, Takamina managed to lose their stalkers. A smile crept into her face as she remembered her encounter with Rena earlier. The ice princess was looking for Jurina.

She heard some movement from the bushes.

She smiled, “You may come out now.” 

The ace crawled out from the bush. Takamina smiled at the adorable girl in front of her.

“You’ve got leaves on you hair…Atsuko.” Takamina said as she removed the leaves from the latter’s hair.

“How did you notice me?” Atsuko pouted.

“You’re tall. Stupid.” Takamina answered.

“I’m not stupid.” Atsuko retorted.

“Oh yes, you are, just who in the right mind will spy on a person while being sick?” Takamina Smirked.

Atsuko was shocked for a moment, “H-How did you know?”

Takamina smiled, “Miichan…she talks too loud, even when she’s spying. No doubt that Jurina heard it too.”

No one dared to move.

Rena continued hugging Jurina but never said anything.

“What are you doing here?” Jurina asked using the same cold tone that Rena have used to her.

“Yuki warned me…” Rena whispered, “…and I have no choice but to follow her.”

Jurina sighed. ‘It was because of Yuki…that’s why she came…it’s because of Yuki…honestly…what are you expecting, Jurina?’ she thought.

Rena was hugging Jurina from the back that’s why she can’t help but to shiver every time Rena whispers on her ears.

Her shivers worsen when Rena bit her ear softly.

“Ahh…” Jurina can’t help but moan.

Her knees felt like jelly at that time so she fell on the ground with Rena supporting her.

“…Yuki said…that I’ll lose you to Takamina…” Rena said, “…but I know that you’re in love with me…so I dared Yuki.”
Jurina blushed due to Rena’s words.
‘Rena doesn’t want to lose me…and s-she knew t-that I l-love her…’ Jurina thought.

“…but…” Rena hugged Jurina even tighter, “…when I saw you being so sweet to Takamina…I want you to be away from her…it makes me feel like I want to kiss you in front of people and say that you’re mine…”  Rena whispered huskily as she bit Jurina’s ear again.
“Ahh…R-Rena…ahh…I’m s-still mad...ahhh…” Jurina was having a hard time resisting her moans when Rena started kissing her neck.

Rena stopped, “Are you mad?” she asked sadly.
“Of course I am…” Jurina mumbled, “…I want to go on a date with you…but instead you pushed me away.”
Rena looked away and Jurina saw a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

‘She’s BLUSHING!!!’ Jurina exclaimed in her mind.
“I-I…saw a picture of you and Churi… on the internet…” she started mumbling, “…and I got jealous...that’s why I was so mad…” She finished, her blush getting redder by seconds.
Jurina cried because of happiness, “Churi and I are just friends…and besides, there is only you I can love…” she said sincerely.


Jurina smiled as she gently pushes Rena to the grass, making her on top of Rena.

“Let me prove it to you…” Jurina whispered.

She touched her lips to Rena. It was soft and joyous until it became more passionate and wanting. Rena responded equally.

“Mmm…J-Jurin…aahh..Jurina…ahmmm…J-Jurin..aahh..” Rena moaned into Jurina’s mouth.

“I…I…I’ll never kiss someone like that other than you…” Jurina said as she tries to catch her breath.

She kissed Rena’s lips again…then proceeded to the latters ears.

Jurina teasingly bit the ears of the girl under her followed by licking, earning her a Yukid moan from Rena.

“Ju-Jurina..nn…mmm…Ahh…Jurina…Ahhm…J-Jurina…” Rena moaned under the Charmer.

“I…I’ll never be addicted to someone’s moans like I did to yours…” Jurina smiled as she kissed Rena’s forehead.

“S-Stupid…” Rena gently punched Jurina, “…I love you…Jurina…damn…I was charmed by the Charmer…” she smiled sweetly.

Jurina kissed the other girl’s lips for a few seconds, “…and I have melted the ice princess’s heart…”

They lay side by side. Their hands intertwined.

Suddenly, as if on cue, the fireworks started to fly.

‘I love you’ was written in the dark night sky. 


Atsuko sighed again as she lay in her bed, with Takamina nursing her.

“What’s wrong?” Takamina asked.

“We missed the fireworks…” she pouted.

Takamina thought for a while.

“There are fireworks up until next time…” she smiled.

A smile invaded the patient’s lips.

‘There will be next time…’ she thought excitedly.

---THE END---

Hope ya like It~~~

i appreciate comment people XD
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Re: xsilentreader's Short story wasteland XD (Updated april 9 2014)
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more updates please~~

more mayuki please~!!!

a happy ones please~~
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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