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Author Topic: [RikuYuu] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 10 05/05/15  (Read 45781 times)

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[RikuYuu] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 10 05/05/15
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My Girly Boyfriend

Chapter 1

*Yuko's POV*

I was bicycling my way to school while appreciating the beautiful Sakura petals falling down. Not until I saw from afar a brown haired guy wearing the same uniform from my school took a stray cat from the box with a sign "Please Adopt Me" and gave the poor cat milk.

‘What a kind-hearted person and not to mention he's handsome too.’ I thought as I pass by them and got a closer look at the guy.


I was about to take out my indoor shoes when somebody suddenly tap my shoulder. “Wow! You're early today Yuko. Excited for the first day of school?”

“That should be my line. I am always early.” I said while giving my friend a suspicious look but then turn into a mischievous one.
“Ohoho. Don't tell me you're early for YOUR Atsuko.” I said playfully. Kai's cheeks immediately turn red. ‘Bullseye.’ I thought.

“She asked me to... watch her... to you know... practice her speech for the opening ceremony...” Kai said while averting his eyes anywhere avoiding eye contact with me.

“Helping your girlfriend huh. Must be nice.” I envy them. I want to have someone like that too in my life.

“She's not my girlfriend......yet.” Kai said and whispered the ‘yet’. Honestly, this guy is soooo slow. He's been in love with Acchan for 5 years yet he is still not confessing.

“Really Kai what's stopping you from telling her your feelings?” His facial expression became sad and when he was about to answer me his cellphone rang. Reading the name of who is calling him, red spread through his face. It must be Acchan.

“Moshi moshi..... Yeah, I arrive already...... Ok........ Bye.*beep* Sorry Yuko I need to go already.” Kai said hurriedly. It's so obvious that he is excited to see Acchan.

“Okay, see you later.” I said while watching Kai rushed to the Student Council room.


After the Opening Ceremony we were asked to go to our respective classrooms. It looks like I'm in the same class with Kai and Atsuko.

“Good morning class. I am Togasaki Tomonobu, your advisor for this school year.” Togasaki-sensei said.

“I know all of you are old students but let's do the basics. You are going to introduce yourselves” I saw most of the students groaning. After the self-introduction, a knock was heard from the front door. Togasaki-sensei went outside to talk to the person who knocked and went in with a student.

‘Wait! That's the guy I saw this morning! I can't believe we're classmates.’ I thought and I can also hear some squeals from the girls.

“Well, we have a new student. Please introduce yourself.” Togasaki-sensei said.

“My name is Kojima Riku and I came from Mendol Boys High School” Riku said and bowed down.

“He came from Mendol!” Said Girl 1.

“Wow! No wonder, that school is full of ikemen!” Said Girl 2.

“Kyaa!!” Said Girl 3.

‘That guy completely captured the heart of the girls. Not so surprising since he is super handsome.’

“Kojima-kun your seat is the vacant one at the back.” Togasaki-sensei said while pointing Kojima's seat. The teacher based the seating arrangement from our height so I'm seating at the front row. During recess a lot of girls were surrounding Kojima. Most of them are trying to look cute, impress Kojima and volunteered to tour him around the school. Those girls *sigh* poor Kojima he really looked like he is having a hard time.

“Look at the girls surrounding him there are some who are not even from this class. Amazing.”  Kai said with Acchan by his side.

“And because of that this classroom has gotten noisy.” Acchan said while wearing an irritated look.

“Why don't you chase them away? You are the Kaicho afterall.” I suggested.

“Do not underestimate the power of the fangirls Yuko-chan.” I saw fear in Acchan's eye which is quite rare to see from the strict Kaicho.

Kai immediately comforted Acchan by patting her head which caused for the Kaicho to blush. Geez, they're so lovey-dovey early in the morning. Although they look cute, they annoy me so I reverted my eyes back to the new student who is still wearing an uneasy look. Fortunately for him the bell rang and the girls immediately dispersed and went back to their respective seats and some to their classrooms.


The rest of the class when by without a hitch. We were dismissed a little early because this day is still the introduction day to the different subjects and meeting the teachers. I decided to waste my time roaming around a certain mall and to my surprise I saw Kojima in a shop that specializes in teddy bears. I was curious so I followed him inside the shop.

‘He probably have a girlfriend.......... Or maybe not? He seems to be enjoying too much looking at these teddy bears.’ I doubted my first guess when I notice that there's a glint, excitement and happiness in his eyes. My thoughts were interrupted when the cashier asked Kojima to wrap the cute p-pink teddy bear.....

“No need Miss” he replied brightly and the cashier just smiled back. Now I don't want to start doubting his gender so I convinced myself that he is giving it to someone and wanted to wrap it himself. Yeah, that's right wrapping it yourself can bring some personal touch. I shook my head and went outside to go home.

*End of POV*


*2 months later*

June is the last month for the spring season. Riku is as popular as ever. Nothing much changed same with Yuko's usual days, the same faces and routine. But she never expected to discover the shocking secret of one of the most popular guy in their school, Kojima Riku.

*Yuko's POV*

Togasaki-sensei gave us an art project by partners. He randomly chose the partners for the project. And to my discomfort my partner is Kojima. I can already feel the glares from the girls.

After school Kojima approach me and said “Oshima-san can we start planning about our project?” I can't help but give him a surprise look I mean the project is due in three weeks and it’s not that hard so why the rush?

“Okay, sure. Where?” I tried to smile.

“Great. Then let's head to the library.”

After a while of researching we decided to make a miniature of bridge made from broomsticks. Kojima volunteered to do the sketch. I can totally sense from him that he wants to finish this project fast so I agreed. He told me to just prepare money for the project and as soon as possible we will buy the materials to start our project.

On Friday we went out after school to buy the necessary materials and decided to do the project at his apartment. I was against at making the project in his apartment because you know... We will be alone... And that's not comfortable at all. But he assured to me that he is not going to do something suspicious. I can feel the sincerity in his eyes so I gave in and believed in him.


“Tadaima.” He said as we enter his apartment.

“Ojamashimasu.” I looked around and noticed it’s pretty clean and tidy for a guy.

“Oshima-san please sit down here and take out the materials while I get some snacks and drinks for us” He said while pointing to a small table enough for two people.

As I waited for him I took out the broomstick from the plastic bag that he was carrying and a ball of black yarn. I also took out my scissors. He came back with two tea and two slices of strawberry shortcake.

“Ne, is it really alright for you to give that cake to me?” I can't help but ask.

“Don't worry I baked this.” He told me happily.

“Really?! You made this?” He just nodded. I was really shock and he seems to be telling the truth.

“Wow. It looks great. Like the ones being sold out there in pastry shop.” I can see that he is blushing lightly. How cute.

I took a bite. “Uwah~ it tastes delicious as it looks!” His face became red after hearing my words. His reaction made me convince more that he really made it. He suddenly changed the topic to our project. He must have been really embarrassed.

It was almost 5:30 pm so we stopped making our project. It's amazing because we're halfway done. We were about to clean up when an earthquake occurred. Remembering the earthquake drill taught by the school, we immediately hide in the nearest table.

My fear suddenly vanished when I started to notice how close our bodies and faces are. My eyes couldn't get away from him even when I heard something heavy fall down. He is just super-duper handsome in closer look even if he has a worried face. After the earthquake we went outside to be safe. His right arm is at my back giving me support from the shock but he doesn’t know that I am in shock and blushing for the long physical contact we had.

“Oshima-san are you alright?” He asked while looking at me worriedly. I feel that my face heated up even more.

“Oshima-san your face is really red. I repeat, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

I snap out and replied “A-ah! Oh. Y-yeah I'm perfectly fine. I'm not hurt anywhere or anything. Ehehe.” I tried to laugh to hide my embarrassment and pulled myself away from him to calm myself. We waited a bit outside and went back in.

“Kojima-san, I heard something fall down. Do you want me to help you clean up?” His expression suddenly became nervous. ‘Hm? Is he hiding something?’

“NO! I mean it’s alright I can do it by myself.” He is definitely hiding something.

“No, I'll help. Payback for the food and from the sound a while ago many things fell you might take a long time cleaning up.” I said while heading to a door which I assume his room.

“It’s okay! Really.” He is totally against me going in which made me even more motivated to come in. As I went in things are still neat except near the closet. All the things from the closet fell out.

“What the.” I realize that the things on the floor were cute teddy bears and oh, the one he bought two months ago is here. So it is for himself... Another thing that shocked me the most is that there are dresses, wigs, makeup, high heels, sandals, bags for girls, and other girly stuff on the floor. I just stood at the door trying to process what I have just seen.

“T-these are n-not mine.” He said while blocking my view from those things. “Those are..... Uh.. Owned by my l-little sister!” What a lie. I saw his picture frames at the living room and all of them consists of him and his parents, no other girl except her mom.

“You don't have a sister.” I said firmly. He gulped so hard that I can hear it.

“Kojima-san, tell me the truth. Are you gay?”

“No!” I gave him an I'm-not-buying-that look.

“I just... love to... cross-dress and do girly stuff but I assure you I am still attracted to females.” He is trying to convince me. ‘What a waste. If those girls ever knew this they might be sad and disappointed.’ I thought.

“You got such an unusual and weird hobby for a guy.” I said.

“Please don't tell anyone about this.” he kneeled down.

“I won't so get up.”

“How should I know you won't spill my secret?”

“Uh.. Let's be friends?” I said as I reach out my hand to him.

“I don't get it.” his face is totally confused.

“I don't betray my friends and if we spend a lot of time together I might understand you.”

I saw hesitation in his eyes. “You can trust me Kojima-san.” I made a sincere face. That at least help, he started to reach my hand.

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” He said. A small smile appeared in his face and shake hands with me. I show my dimple smile. “Yoroshiku.”


This came up in my mind when I remembered the manga called Otomen. I just based Riku's hobby from the main character in there. :D

KaixAtsuko is just a cameo... I think. :P I'll see if I can make something for them.
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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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I'm loving this!!  :heart: :heart: . . . . 

Please update soon  :D :D !!

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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Owhh. Sooner Riku will fall in love with Yuko and same goes to Yuko in love with Riku

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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Super interesting..

Next chapter,please...

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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What happened next?! XDD
I thought that Riku's secret is that He's actually a She. hahahahah... I was wrong.
Anyway a crossdressing Riku... Hmm... Interesting.
Update soon pls. :3

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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I'm loving this!!  :heart: :heart: . . . . 

Please update soon  :D :D !!
Same feels XD
New kojiyuu fic kyaaaa
Cant wait to read the next chapter :on gay:

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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Yeay new kojiyuu fic!!! (≧▽≦)づ♥
Based on Otomen huh, very interesting :3 (though I haven't read the manga, just watched the dorama)

Let's wait for their progress :D
Update soon author-san~~

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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its so funny

continue Soon!!!


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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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Now that was unexpected! o.o
Looking forward to another chapter~! c:

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 1 11/24/13
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I like this fic. please continue. this is seriously intresting!!

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2 12/5/13
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@shiruba_rein: Thanks.  :shy1:

@Sydney W: This is a Kojiyuu fanfic so it will happen. XD

@olive29: Oh, you're here. I didn't expect you. :D

@kiruchi: It will take few more chapters before Yuko sees Riku crossdressing. :D

@Chichay12: The world needs more RikuYuu! :twothumbs

@atsukojiyuu_C: Even I haven't gone too far from the manga. Actually there are many differences in the manga and drama. Don't worry because I just borrowed a little idea from Otomen like the father and Asuka's hobby + a little crossdressing.

@Archer1992: I'm trying hard to improve my sense of humor since I fail at it most of the times. :sweatdrop:

@yuuyu: You finally gave a comment. :w00t: I noticed your name at my OSs.

@chemicalstar: I will continue it and I hope you will have lots of holidays so that you can update yours. :P

Chapter 2

*Yuko's POV*

“Can you do a very very important favor for me?” Riku said. We are now inside a certain ice cream shop that is quite far from school. It’s been a month since we became friends but I never saw Riku cross dress before. He is probably shy. I am really curious to see what he looks like as a girl. I also noticed that whenever there is a crochet lying around when he is happy, he always ends up making ornaments or anything cute from it.   

“That favor of yours sounds hard so.... No, I refuse.” I said as I continue to eat my ice cream.

“Please Yuko-chan. You are my only hope! I'll do anything you want for the whole year. I'll be your maid or something.” He grabbed my free hand.

“Why so desperate? What is your favor anyway?”

“Please be my girlfriend.” Riku said. I almost drop my ice cream.

“WHAT?!” People started to look at our direction because of my sudden outburst.

“Yuko-chan turn your voice down.” He said as he tried to calm me down.

“How can I- anyway what is that all about? Explain yourself.”

“I accidentally slip to my mom that I have a girlfriend and she wants to see her.” he explained slowly.

“Why me? There are a lot of girls out there who wants to be your girlfriend.” I started to feel irritated and took my hand away from him.
“Those girls will definitely cling on me and touch me with impure intentions and I know that whatever sweet I do to you you will not fall for me.” He said.

“I never had a boyfriend and I don't know how to act.” I tried to counterattack.

“You don't know how to act? You're lying. Atsuko and Kai showed me a video of a play you participated during middle school. And I have to say, your acting is better than the main characters.” He said and added a wink which made my heart beat faster. 'Is he trying to flirt with me?' would be the normal thoughts of a girl but knowing him. He is definitely not flirting.

“Please Yuko-chan it’s just for one day.” he held my hands again and this time he held it tighter.

“...... Ok.” I gave in to his request. Who can’t resist to those cute eyes and the fact that he is handsome doesn’t help at all.

“Really?! Thank you Yuko-chan you are a life saver!” He released my hands and sat beside me to give me a hug. I notice that we are receiving stares from the people again so I tried to break away from his hug.

“That's right! I'll help you so please let go of me. We are attracting attention.” I'm sure that I'm already blushing. Riku look around and finally notice the stare from the people. “Oh, sorry.” He said as he went back to his seat. ‘He doesn’t want a girl to touch him but if he touches a girl he’s fine.’

“Yuko-chan, she will come on the next Sunday and if you want we can practice at my place.” This guy thinks it’s going to be easy? I admit I was sad when he believes that I won't fall for him. I not saying that I'm in love with him I mean it is just a crush. But still, it hurt a bit.

“Yuko-chan~ are you still there?”

“Ah. Yeah. Let's practice at your place this Sunday umm.. around 1 pm.”

“Okay.” He replied. We both continue to eat the melted ice cream.


Today is Sunday and I am now heading to Riku's place. *Sigh* This is going to be a long day.

“Yuko-chan you did came!” He looks really happy to see me.

“I don't take back my words easily.” I said as we headed to the living room. “By the way, how the hell did you slipped into telling your mother you have a girlfriend?” I asked while we were heading to his living room.

“Uh.. You know I came from Mendol Boys High right?” I nodded. Mendol High is very popular because the guys there are ikemen so it's a girl’s fantasy to be there. It is located in an isolated island and students are allowed to get out only during weekends, holidays and semester break.

“A guy was discovered that he is a gay and the students started to bully him. The bullying was more on physical. I can totally see how much painful it is for him to stay there everyday, enduring the pain. He can't also complain because the ones bullying him are the sons of the powerful people in business and politics. So I got afraid. What if they discover my hobby? Will I be able to handle the bullying? Before that could ever happen I decided to transfer giving Mom the alibi that I want to have a girlfriend that is near to me.” His voice was sad.

“Your mother just accepted that kind of reasoning?” I asked.

“Yeah, she does want me to get married early to assure that her business will have an heir.” So that's the kind of parent he have. The "everything is business" type

“So.. Let's get started?” He said, sat closer and stared at me. I suddenly became nervous.

“Okay... What should we do first?” I said as I also stare back at him. He held my hands. “Let's hold hands for the whole duration of our planning to get use to the feeling.” I agreed with him. He talked to me about the likes and dislikes of his mom. I've gotten a bit bored to the talk of what I should do. I want to move around so I suggested something to him.

“Ne Riku, let's kiss.” As expected his eyes widen.

“What are you talking about? Holding hands is enough. We don't need to be that lovey-dovey in front of Mom.” I can feel that he is getting nervous as I started to get closer to him.

“Yuko-chan you're kidding, right?” I lunged at him but I ended up kissing the armrest of the sofa. Tsk. He dodged it.

“You! Stay away from me!” He said as he started to run away from me. Of course I chase after him while sticking out my lips getting ready to kiss him anytime. After running around the living room he headed to the kitchen.

When he turned to the right at the working table he suddenly stopped running. I took this chance to grab him but he jumped away from me. After two more steps I stepped on something and slipped. I close my eyes to prepare myself from the pain but instead of colliding with the hard floor my body fell on something hard but definitely softer than the floor.

I open my eyes only to find out Riku broke my fall. I took this opportunity to kiss him. A bit grateful to him I decided to just kiss his cheeks and let my lips stay there for 5 seconds.



“Ouch! Hey! I just broke your fall and the reward I receive for that is a smack?” He frowned.

“Yup.” I said as I started to get up. “It's your fault why I slipped. Why didn't you throw that banana peel at the garbage?!” I said as I pointed to the banana lying near his foot. “I forgot.” He mumbled and got up too.

“Don't do that again.” He said and crossed his arms in his chest. “So this is how it feels to be raped.” Hearing his statement I smacked him again.

“Say something that would anger me and I will kiss you RIGHT AT YOUR LIPS, YOU UNDERSTAND.” He face was filled with fear. He doesn't want to get kissed by me that much? I unconsciously pouted. When I look back at Riku I noticed that he is staring at me.

“What?” Seems like he snapped out from whatever he was thinking. “N-nothing. By the way I am not yet finish talking about our 'pretending'. We need to choose what you'll wear too.” We went back to the living but with snacks and started to plan how we should act and some other necessary things.


*Riku's POV*

It's 10:45 am. I am waiting at the park to meet up with Yuko. Mom wanted to have lunch in the newly opened branch of her restaurant which happens to be the nearest to my place. We're supposed to be there at 12 noon but Yuko and I decided to meet up an hour earlier to prepare our minds. I snapped out from my thoughts as I spotted a familiar figure.

“You're always punctual Yuko-chan and I was right with the dress.” I said as I look at her from head to toe. “You look beautiful.” I ended.

“Thank you.” She's blushing. Yuko-chan is a bit tomboyish but can be unexpectedly cute. Like last week when she threatened me. She pouted and she was really cute.


‘Hm? What was that?’ I look around to know where the sound came from but found nothing that can possibly make that noise.

“What's wrong?” She asked.

“Did you hear a click a just now?” She just gave me a confused look and said no. ‘It’s probably nothing.’

“Is that so... Do you still remember the Do's and Don'ts” We found a bench and sat there.

“Un. Always wear a small smile. No matter how insulting the words I receive from your Mom I should never talk back and keep my smile. And give my brightest smile only when your Mom started to brag about herself.”

“Good.” Actually Mom wants a girl who is not afraid to go against her and someone who doesn't get fazed with our richness. I told Yuko-chan the opposite because I don't want to drag her longer in this problem of mine. Just showing to Mom that I'm getting a girlfriend will relieve her mind.

The remaining time we have been spent on practicing close contact to make us look like a couple. I've become slightly comfortable when our faces are near. A little improvement. I just don't like it when a girl becomes too close physically especially those with impure desires, wants to eat me alive and too clingy. I want to puke and get myself away from those disgusting women. At least with Yuko-chan, I don't feel like I'm taken advantage.


We are now standing in the restaurant with Mom facing us.

“Mom, my girlfriend, Oshima Yuko.” I smiled at her hiding my nervousness.

“Good afternoon.” Yuko smiled at Mom. “Good afternoon dear.” My Mom replied. After the greetings we sat down and ordered our food.

“Yuko-san, what do you like about Riku?” My mom asked. An expected question. Of course, we planned what Yuko would say.

“Riku is a bit cold but when he starts to open up with you, the warmth he emits is something that can throb your heart. He never makes you feel that you are alone. And also..” Hm? There's more? From what I remember those are supposed to be the only thing she would say of what she liked about me.

“He is kind to animals. On the first day of school I saw him feeding milk to a stray cat. Most guys nowadays would only ignore a stray cat. For me, guys who are kind to all living creatures have a good heart and will truly love you.” My heart was touched by what she said. Yuko's sincere eyes while she said that feels like she's not lying.

“Yuko...” She shifted her attention to me. “Hm?” She then tilted her head a little. 'Cute' I thought.

“Thank you.” I took her right hand and smiled sweetly. I'm sure with this Mom would somehow believe in our little act. Our sweet staring was interrupted by the waiter.

The lunch ended. It’s strange that Mom didn't brag in front of Yuko. I wonder why. This lunch is unexpectedly peaceful because Mom was quiet. Yuko talked the most because she talked about herself. Well Mom did ask her to about herself.

“It was nice talking to you Yuko-chan. See you next time.” My mom said. ‘Eh? There's a next one? Did she like her?’

“Same here Mrs. Kojima. It’s a pleasure talking to you.” Yuko said as she flashed her dimples smile. Mom also smiled. We bid goodbye to my Mom.


Yuko and I are back to the park. Both of us are riding the swing.

“You totally gave me a scary impression of your mother. She was very kind.” Yuko started.

“I don't know what happened to her. She was always harsh to the past girlfriends that I had introduced to her.” I'm telling the truth. I really wonder what happen to them.

“Oh, so I'm not the first one huh.” Her tone is quite grumpy. Is she mad?

“Un. You're the 4th actually. All of my so called 'girlfriends' sticks to me like super glue so we never last a week and I never even kiss them.” I said.

“You actually got the guts to ask those girls out.”

“It was very hard for me you know. I want to puke every time I'm near them. I'm forcing myself to those girls to please Mom.”

“Hm... Ne Riku, can you push my swing? I want to feel the wind more.” I obliged to her request and pushed her swing.

“They look so sweet” A girl said.

“That girl is sooo lucky. The guy is so handsome and a gentleman.” the other girl said.

“I am so jealous. I want a boyfriend like him too.” the first girl said.

'Geez, they talk so loud. Do they even know that I can hear them?' I ignored those girls and focused on pushing Yuko. 'She smells nice.'

“Ne Yuko, what shampoo are you using?”

“Why? Does my hair smell bad?”

“No. It smells good. I want to try it.”

“I'm not telling you or else we will end up having the same scent.”

“Stingy.” I stopped pushing her swing.

“Hmph.” She got off the swing. “Anyway, I want to go home.” She said.

“Okay but I will walk you home. I want to know where you live.”

“If you say so.” Yuko said. We keep talking about normal stuff until we reached her house.

“Thank you for the helping me Yuko.” I am very grateful to her.

“Why are you thanking me? This has a price remember. You promise that you will do anything I want.” She said with a hint of mischief.

“I know but still thank you.” I smiled from the bottom of my heart.

“……… You're welcome. See you tomorrow.” It took her awhile to say that...

“See you.” She waved at me and I waved back before she closed their door. I felt my phone vibrating.
To: Kojima Riku
From: Mom
Subject: Yuko

Good aftey son. So far from the
girls you had introduced to me,
Yuko-chan is different. It seems
like it was right to transfer you to
a COED school. I hope you two last
long. I am looking forward to eat
with Yuko-chan again.


'So she likes her. Next time she will ask about Yuko I should tell her we broke up. Besides I only asked Yuko once to pretend and I feel like I'm not going to like what she will ask me to do.’

*End of Riku's POV*


*The next day*

Yuko is peacefully making her way to the school gates. There are not many students arrived yet but somehow all of the students she cross path with are taking a glance at her. Reaching her destination, a classmate approached her and showed the newest issue of the weekly school newspaper to her face.

"Oshima, is this true?!" the classmate asked with a hint of desperation. Yuko on the other hand didn't know what to say.

"The Junior's Prince, Kojima Riku, is dating Oshima Yuko"

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2 12/5/13
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Oh so this is a completely different story ne?
So far I love it so much!!! (≧▽≦)づ♥
Well since it's a kojiyuu story anyway, surely I'll love it to the end XD
I like your idea for 'pretending' girlfriend :D

And oh riku-boy, you'll fall with the squirrel girl immediately! XD lol

Please continue this soon author-san~~
Not pushing you though, I'll wait m(_ _)m

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2 12/5/13
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Oh, so someone stole a picture of them while they're in the park . . . . And the whole school thinks that both of them are going out . . . .

Riku is gonna have a hard time to 'break-up' with her now that everyone speculates that they are really dating . . . .

I like the aggressive Yuko without any lustful intentions towards Riku  :D :D  . . . .

And if they really become official . . . Yuko doesn't have to worry about her 'soon-to-be-mother-in-law'  XD

Thanks for this chapter, Looking forward to your next one!  :) :)

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2 12/5/13
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You are in trouble yuko ~

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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The update is fast because this is short but the next one might take some time...

@atsuminakojiyuu_c: Yup, it's different from Otomen but I seemed to be not yet showing much Riku's girly side. :(

@shiruba_rein: Yuko in fanfics always have lust for Kojima. Let's give her a change of character once in a while. XD

@Haruko: Oh yes she is. :P

Chapter 2.5

Yuko's eyes widen as she saw the headlines and what's more is that it even have pictures of her and Riku when they are practicing in the park. They totally looked like couple being lovey-dovey in their 'date' if you look the photos. The worst is they were also caught having dinner with Riku's mom.

“The Junior's Prince, Kojima Riku, is dating Oshima Yuko”

“You should ask Riku about that and I also got some stuff to do.” Yuko answered to the poor classmate and immediately dashed out from the classroom proceeding to the office of Newspaper Club. Panting hard from the running she opened the Newspaper Club's door harshly.

“Today is such a beautiful day, ne my dear cousin.” The president of the club said to the panting Yuko with his ever famous cyborg smile.

“There is nothing beautiful today MY DEAR COUSIN!” Yuko said furiously.

The president only chuckled. “You know, I was really surprise to see you at the park looking pretty.”

“Mayu! Stop the distribution of the newspapers right now!” Yuko smacked the president's table with both hands.

“If you're trying to stop the news from spreading, I tell you it’s useless. A good number of students bought the newspaper. I can say every classroom has at least one to two persons that have a copy.” Mayu said while adjusting his glasses.

“Why did you even publish that? Did you forget our happy childhood adventures? Do you have a grudge against me?” Yuko asked.

“Don't worry Cuz. You are still my favorite cousin. But lately the sales of the school’s newspaper have slowly dropped. As the president I should do something. And then while looking for something to write I saw you. So I use it.” Mayu explained.

“You're not doing it the right way. Take back everything you wrote in the newspaper. Tell them the photos are edited!”

“I know it’s wrong. I admit I was desperate and I can't take back what I wrote. People will not believe its edited because it's too legit” Yuko was about to open her mouth when someone suddenly came in.

“Mayuyu~ ohayo. Yuko-san?” The vice-president of Newspaper Club, Kashiwagi Yuki, entered.

“Yuki! Please convince your insensitive boyfriend to take back what he wrote!” Yuko plead as she shook Yuki's shoulder.

“Sorry, but for the club I can't. By the way Yuko-san, you caught such a nice catch.” Yuki teased and winked at Yuko.

“He is not my boyfriend.” Yuko added a sigh.

“We know you two are just pretending at that time.” Mayu said.

“Yeah. We were listening you know.” Yuki added.

“Then why did you guys still publish that Riku and I are dating if you knew the truth.”

“For the club.” Mayuki replied. Yuko can only face palm.

“What am I going to do?! I'm sure Riku's fans will hunt me down! They are already mad at me because Riku and I are friends. How much more if they read this?!” Yuko said as if she is really going to get killed.

“Cuz, I have a suges-“ Mayu was cut off by the door opening. There stood Kojima Riku.

“Where is Watanabe Mayu!” Riku said with a hint of anger. Realizing Yuko is also at the same room. “Yuko-chan? What are you doing here?” Riku asked.

“I'm sure we have the same reason of coming here.” Yuko replied.

“I'm Watanabe Mayu and if you are also asking me to stop the news from spreading, I repeat I'm telling you it’s impossible. A good number of students bought the newspaper” Mayu said with Yuki by his side nodding in agreement. Riku feeling hopeless faced Yuko.

“Yuko-chan I'm really sorry for getting you involve with my mess.”

“I agreed to it so don't apologize.”

“I will tell them we broke up so that my admirers will not harm you.” Riku said.

“Mayuyu wrote in the article that it happened yesterday. I'm sure nobody will believe the break up especially that there is a picture of the both of you with Kojima-san's parent with the date of when it was captured.” Yuki said.

“Yukirin is right. No one will believe because just yesterday you were so sweet and now a sudden broke up? The two of you hang out together a lot too. If you really want to say you two broke up then you have to ignore each other. You got to make the people believe you broke up because of a bad fight.” Mayu said.

“Wouldn't they just believe it was a nice mutual break up?” Riku asked.

“It's unrealistic. You got no choice but to ignore each other like Mayuyu said or just continue this and protect Yuko-san with all your might.” Yuki answered

“But I don't want to ignore Yuko-chan.” Riku said.

“Riku let's just ignore each other. We can still hang-out after school somewhere.” Yuko said.

“No! I can't. I'll end up partnering a clingy girl during groupings and the boys doesn't want to partner with me because the girls cling on me.” Riku said.

“The perks of being handsome. Well my dear cousin, what can you say? Your 'boyfriend' here seems to suffer his high school life if you are not by his side.” Mayu said.

“*sigh* Okay. Fine. We will continue to pretend dating?” Yuko asked Riku.

“Yes please. And I promise I will always protect you and I'll definitely grant anything you want.” Riku immediately hold Yuko's hands with a very serious face. 
The Mayuki couple watched the two with amusement.

Riku and Yuko went back to their classroom. As expected when they arrived they were immediately asked by the people if it's true.

“Yes. Yuko and I are dating.” Riku declared at the classroom. His fangirls were crying loudly. They couldn't accept that their beloved prince was stolen by an ordinary tomboyish girl.

Starting that day Riku joined in eating lunch with Yuko, Atsuko and Kai and their fake dating continued.


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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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A lovely twist! With their "break-up" postponed, this is getting interesting... o.o

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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im loving this much,that i want the update now XD

Update soon :on gay:

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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kyaaa riku so kakkoiii and sweet.. Pls update soon *_*

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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Oh an update! Yeah they continue to pretend, will yuko get bully or something??
Let's wait for next update~~ soon if possible hihihi I'm so demanding XD but take your time~

Nah it's okay author-san, just show riku's girly hobbies in next chapters and it's fine ;)
He's boy (in this story) afterall, his gentleman side is natural :D
I like this <3

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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So, they still continued to 'date' . . . .

“But I don't want to ignore Yuko-chan.” Riku said.

“Riku let's just ignore each other. We can still hang-out after school somewhere.” Yuko said.

“No! I can't. I'll end up partnering a clingy girl during groupings and the boys doesn't want to partner with me because the girls cling on me.” Riku said.

But the way Riku replies in this conversation shows that he intends to use Yuko for his personal benefit  :smhid

So I'm looking forward while they are pretending, the feeling of love for each other develops. . . .  :wub:  :wub:

Thanks for this chapter!  :D :D

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