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Author Topic: Waiting in that summer - Chapter 12 (14/09/20) (MaYuki & others)  (Read 32485 times)

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Hello! Actually this is my first time to do a fanfic.. and well since it's summer I said to myself that I shall give it a try..  :lol:
please spare my English. Not much of a native English speaker  :panic: so here's my start.. douzo!  :nervous


Waiting in that summer..


Correlation Chart


“Watanabe Mayu. 20 year-old guy who just came back to Japan to handle his family’s business in Osaka. He was 16 years old when he left Japan to study college abroad. As he was exploring and get to have his feels back in the country, he never expected that he will ever see his childhood friend, his ‘MU’ partner back in high school named Kashiwagi Yuki who’s already a famous idol in the country. Will their relationship back then will ever come back?
Who knows? Maybe both of them are still waiting in that summer..”

A/N: MU or Mutual Understanding is a term for two people who obviously like each other, but have not yet committed to a relationship.

I wonder if I'll ever finish this tho~  :? comments are totally welcome here~ so yah.. I wanna hear you guys out  :yep:
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Waiting in that summer..
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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer..
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please write till the end! will be looking forward to read some old memories of the pair and the conflict, jealousy, romance, etc ahead of them during their reunion  :)
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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer..
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Please continue

I want to see how they going to be togethere

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[MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 1 ~ -UPDATE-
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@DC2805: Heya~ will try my best to finish this in the end~  :nervous
@Kirozoro: oh yes. I will do continue~

Hope past moments will not get you guys bored  :panic:
so here's Chapter 1~ \(^o^)/

Chapter 1
“I’m Back...”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Japan!” Mayu said while riding on the family’s car with his family.
“Welcome back, Mayu-kun.” Mayu’s mom and dad said with a cheerful smile on their faces.
“It’s been awhile, Yuu-niichan!!!” Miyuki happily shouted and she hugged his twin brother.
Mayu smiled back seeing his family doing great. While they’re traveling back to their home they caught up in a traffic, he was looking on the car’s window he saw a poster passing by. On the poster said “Kashiwagi Yuki’s 3rd SOLO LIVE ‘NETEMO SAMETEMO YUKIRIN WORLD 〜MOTTO MUCHUU NI SASECHAU ZO♡〜’” and he saw a girl on the poster who’s dazzling in a red dress. Suddenly he remembers a girl named Kashiwagi Yuki before back in his younger days.
“Kashiwagi Yuki? Don’t tell me that girl on the poster... is that what I think it is? Yuuchan?!! Ehhh?!” He suddenly let his shocked out and his family looks back at him.
“Yuu-niichan, are you okay?” Miyuki curiously asked him.
“Ahh~ sorry if I shocked you guys, I’m fine... I was just shocked about what I saw... He he he~” Mayu nervously said.
“Is that so? If you need something I’ll be always around here, Yuu-niichan!” said Miyuki with a big bright smile on her face.
“A-Arigato Miyuki, thanks for still being there even if it’s been a long time since we talk like this.” Mayu said with a worried smile.
“What are you saying, Yuu-niichan, I’ve never change since the last time you talk to me like this, you really haven’t change a bit too. You’re still the niichan I know who’s always worried about everything!” Miyuki said while pouting.
“Hahaha! Hai Hai~ you know me too much, Miyuki...” Mayu said while patting Miyuki’s head.
“We’re here!” Mayu’s parents said in unison.
He open the door’s car and went out and see’s the old Watanabe Mansion located in Osaka. He begun to remember all the things he does before in the mansion.
“The mansion is still the same, looks awesome as always.” he said with a smile on his face.
And all of a sudden he remembers his younger years back and it all started in summer back when he was 10 years old in Kagoshima.
“Ahh yes, I wonder how does Kagoshima looks like now. The place where I first met Kashiwagi Yuki, yep... Yuuchan. I wonder if the girl on the poster I saw was really you. Looks like you really did achieved your dreams eh? I’m still hoping that I could still talk to you like we used to be... Like how we met in that summer days.” Mayu thought about it.
10 years ago...
“Mayu-kun, please listen... You’re going to Kagoshima... You’ll be staying in your grandparent’s home. I want you to have a private life in Kagoshima and continue on with your education there.” his mom explained to him.
“But why Mom? I want to be with our family. Who’s going to look after Miyuki if you’ll send me to Grandma and Grandpa’s place? Why?!” Mayu said while tears are falling on his cheeks.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Miyuki, please just go with it Mayu-kun. One day you’ll know why we did this decision and will definitely say it when the time will totally come. You can visit us here in Osaka on you vacation days but for now, just please stay in Kagoshima. It’s for your own good.” his mom said while wiping Mayu’s tears.
“I’m going to miss this place, Mom! I’ll miss you, Dad and Miyuki and everyone here in the mansion but if this is for my own good... I guess I’ll accept it... But I’ll definitely visit here on my vacations, okay? Promise me you’ll look after Miyuki for me and promise me that I can always visit the mansion if I wanted to” Mayu replied back to her mom.
“Yes, we promise you that. Just do your best In Kagoshima, okay, Mayu-kun” Mayu’s mom replied back while her tears started to fall.
Mayu wipe her mother’s tears and said “I’ll definitely do my best, Mom... I promise you that.”

On that night...
“Nee, Yuu-niichan, why are you packing your things?” Miyuki questioned his niisan.
“I’ll be leaving the mansion, I’ll be going to Kagoshima to continue what I started here... Miyuki, please always look after Mom and Dad for me... Promise me?” Mayu replied back.
Miyuki begun to cry and said “I promise, I don’t want Niichan to leave but if that’s for the best for the family I won’t stop you, Niichan” then hugs Mayu.
Mayu hugs back Miyuki and said “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine... Whatever happens... If you want to talk to Niichan you can always call me, I promise I’ll definitely listen, okay?” pats Miyuki’s head and wipes her tears.
Miyuki nodded and the twin siblings fell asleep.

The next day...
Mayu says goodbye to her family and everyone else in the Watanabe Mansion and travelled to Kagoshima with his grandparents. After a few hours they finally arrived in his grandparent’s home. Their home in Kagoshima isn’t that big like the Watanabe Mansion but it is located near the beach. Mayu’s grandparents gave him a tour in the house after that, they let him unpack all his things to put it in his room and arrange everything.
After everything was settled, they have dinner because it was getting late. While having dinner they also talked to each other about how he is doing and some random questions.
“Mayu-kun, after summer ends you’ll be studying in Kagoshima Middle School. I’m sure you’ll make new friends there but for now please enjoy summer and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it since your new home is near the beach.” his grandma said with a smile on her face.
“Hai grandma, I will definitely enjoy. Hope I’ll make friends this summer too.” Mayu said while smiling back.
“I’m sure you will. Well anyway, you should go get ready for bed… it’s getting late. You need to sleep so that you can explore the beach early tomorrow.” grandma replied.
“Yes grandma, I’ll get ready for bed… I’m getting sleepy… Oyasumi, Grandma.” Mayu said while giving his grandma a kiss on the cheek.
“Oyasumi, Mayu-kun.” grandma said while giving his grandson a hug and kiss on the forehead.

As Mayu went to his room and went to his bed, his thinking about what’s happening to his family in the mansion and he hopes that they are alright. “Hope everything will be alright from now on.” he said and slowly went to sleep without even noticing.

The next morning…
Mayu woke up around 7:30 am and he decided to take a stroll in the near beach around his new home. After a few walks from home he finally arrived in the beautiful clean beach. He was looking at the scenery and he was mesmerize on how beautiful was the sea at that moment.
“woah, sugoii! The sea is so calm now…” he said.
He strolled the beach for a while but after that he didn’t noticed that he was already lost his way home.
“Waaa!?! I’m lost?! Where am I?!” he said with a worried face.
While he was still roaming around to find his way home he saw a girl near the beach. The girl was just sitting near the beach alone. Mayu was planning on approaching the girl but when he was about to ask the girl, she begun to run away from him but Mayu chased him and got a hold of her.
Will the girl help him to get back home?

Chapter End.


please do leave a comment~ thanks for reading!  :twothumbs
oh I'll be posting this too~ it's the correlation chart for the fanfic. Just a small teaser.. enjoy!  :lol:
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Waiting in that summer..
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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer..
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Hahah Mayu is lost

I wonder who is that girl

Thx for update, and the chart too

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 2 ~ -UPDATE-
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looks like I'm like updating this fic daily.. Hope I won't get lazy on updating it... oh gawddd~ I need motivations  :panic:

Well, anyway... here's Chapter 2! douzo!  :twothumbs

Chapter 2
“I caught you”

After that grand chase with that girl he finally get a hold of her hand…

“Hey, can you please stop for a moment, I’m not gonna hurt you… just please listen to me…” he said while scratching his head.

The girl stop from struggling on his grip. “I’m so sorry, I’m not really used to talking to strangers and besides you scared me when you approached me.” the girl said with a small voice.
“Ehh?! Am I that scary?! Is it about my face?” he curiously said. While Mayu said that he touch his face and head, finally he realized that he didn’t combed his hair which is so messy that he looks like a wanted criminal.
The girl was standing straight looking at him while he was looking for what’s wrong with his face and he begun to speak. “Wahh?! I forgot to comb my hair?! So that’s why you run away from me. You thought I was a criminal or something. I’m so sorry for scaring you.” The boy said while doing a bow to the girl.

“Hahahaha!! What?! You forgot all about that before you leave your house?! Hahahaha! I guess that’s how boys’ nature is… I’m so sorry for running away like that I was just a little scared you know.” the girl said sincerely.

“Oh no… it’s my fault for having this criminal look… and for not checking my face before I leave the house… by the way… my name’s Mayu.. Watanabe Mayu... anata wa?” he said and puts a smile on his face.

*-blushed- he really looks a criminal with that hair but that smile… a perfect smile tho~* “Ahhh, my name’s Yuki… Kashiwagi Yuki… by the way, why are you on this beach at this time? It’s pretty early for someone to go here.” she said while trying to hide her red face.

“Oh about that, I was thinking on having a stroll in the beach but the thing is… I kinda got lost with my way home… I forgot about the path to the exit of this beach… since I’m still new with the place… I’m from Osaka actually… So yeahh... hehee~” he said with a worry smile.

“I can help you get back to the beach’s exit if you want…” she said with a bright smile.
*woah. To be honest she really has that cute smile -blushed-* “Uwahh~ I’m really glad I met you here… please do help me out… onegaishimasu!” he said while doing a 90 degree bow.

“heheee~ please stop that… you don’t have to be formal you know… come on let’s start walking… the exit is kinda far from here so we gotta start moving now.. Ikimashou…” she said then pats Mayu’s shoulders.

As they stroll back to the exit of the beach they talked random stuffs about themselves. “Nee, you’re new here in Kagoshima right? Where are you staying now? Don’t you have friends here? Or someone to talk to?” Yuki curiously asked him.
“uhmm, yeah I’m very new here in Kagoshima… I just arrived here yesterday… I’m now staying with my grandparents since my family is really on Osaka now and as you know I just arrived here… so I barely know someone here except for my grandparents and some helpers at home… uhmmm? How about you? Where’s your home? Is it near here? Since you’re already strolling in the beach… you’re also early in the beach eh?” he replied back.

“ahhh, ehh? Watashi? A-ano… my house is actually near here… it’s just 2 blocks away… ohh~ since it’s summer I always stroll in the beach for almost every day to have some fresh air and calm myself.” she said shyly.

“ohhh… souka~ That’s good… you get to enjoy the sea breeze every time you want to…” he said back.

“Yep! The sea always calms me after all… ohhh! And the exit is finally there! Let’s hurry up!” she said while grabbing Mayu’s hand and run towards the exit of the beach.

The two run towards the exit and Mayu finally realized which way his way towards home. “Finally, I can remember my way back home since I kinda know this place now… Nee, Yuki… Arigato ne! If I haven’t met you I won’t even know if I can find my way back home… so uhhmmm, as a thank you thing… will you come with me to my home? I’ll treat you breakfast if you don’t mind.” Mayu said with a sweet tone.

“Uhmmm, are you sure it’s alright to have me at your home? I mean we just met… I don’t know what to do since this is my first time that someone asked me to have breakfast at their home…” Yuki replied with a worried face.

“Daijoubo dayo~ I’m sure my grandparents will be happy… they always wanted me to have friends here… and well, you’re my first friend here… so please? This is a thank you gift for guiding me out from the beach... pretty please?” he said with a begging tone.

“Mouu… wakatta... wakatta… only for now… since you insist... I have no choice... and also you already considered me as your friend… fine… you’re also my new friend… hope we’ll be good friends, Mayu-kun… yoroshiko!” Yuki said while gives her hand to Mayu to shake their hands.

He took her hand and they both shake hands. “Hai, I’m sure we’ll get along, Yuki-chan… yoroshiko!” Mayu said with a happy face.

As they walk towards to Mayu’s home… Mayu saw her grandparents waiting for him at the entrance of their home. They both hurry up towards to Mayu’s house. “Mayu-kun! Where have you been?! Me and your grandpa are worried about you...” his grandma said.

“Sorry for making you worried, Grandma… Grandpa… I just wanted to take a stroll in the beach but I end up having myself lost on my way back… hounto ni gomenasai…” he said sincerely.

“Ok, at least you’re safe Mayu-kun… next time you want to go to the beach… please tell us first… okay? And oh I see you brought a friend.” his grandma said.

“Oh yeah, Grandma… Grandpa… she was the reason why I got my way out to the beach… she’s my new friend… Yuki-chan... Kashiwagi Yuki.” Mayu said with a cheerful smile when she introduced Yuki to his grandparents.

“Ohhh, so you’re the one who save our grandson.” his grandpa said to Yuki. “Ahhh, I’m really thankful for guiding our grandson towards home, Yuki-chan.” grandma said while holding Yuki’s hand.

“Uhh, it’s nothing really… uhmmm~” Yuki said but she suddenly paused. “What’s wrong, dear? Grandma ask Yuki. “Uhmmm? I don’t know how to call you~ hehee~ I’m sorry M-Ma’am?!” Yuki said. “Aww! That! You don’t have to be formal to us... You can call us grandma and grandpa like Mayu-kun does… Since you’re Mayu-kun’s first friend here… you’re always welcome here in our humble home… I’m sure Mayu-kun will be happy if someone will always play with him this summer. Am I right, Mayu-kun?” grandma said. “uhmm, of course! I’m already getting bored here after all.” Mayu said. “So that’s it… feel free to come here, Yuki-chan… okay?” grandma said to Yuki. “uhmm~ sure… if you don’t mind… I’ll be happy to be around here, Grandma.” Yuki’s response.
“So, since you kids are now here… how about we grab some breakfast now… you two are really up early you know… let’s go inside.” grandma said.

They all went inside to have breakfast since this is Yuki’s first time to enter Mayu’s home and she was surprise how things was set-up in his home. All the things that are displayed looks expensive and elegant at the same time. *woah? I guess Mayu-kun is really from a rich family in Osaka… looks like I wasn’t wrong from the first time I talked to him* thoughts that runs in Yuki’s mind.

“Okay kids, breakfast is ready on the dining table… just go ahead.” grandma said. “Let’s go, Yuki-chan… we don’t want the food to wait for us…” Mayu said while moving the chair and he let Yuki sit on the chair. “A-Arigato, Mayu-kun” Yuki said while sitting on the chair.

Both of them had their breakfast. After that breakfast, Yuki decided to go home for now because her family might be looking for her now. “Uhmm, Mayu-kun, thanks for the breakfast and thank you for accepting me here in your home.” She said. “Haha! No problem, I told you that you’ll get along here~ hehee~” he said. “Well, anyway… I have to go… I need to see my family now… they might be worried about me… I’ll come by tomorrow to have some fun if you don’t mind…” she said. “Oh sure… feel free… since its summer… I wanna spend summer in a fun before classes’ starts after all… See you tomorrow” he said. “Oh sure… I’ll come by here tomorrow… hope you won’t oversleep! Hahaha! See you!” she said and run off to home.
As summer days past, they always see each other. Usually Yuki goes to Mayu’s house and go to the beach together. Until the days of summer has come to an end. “Nee Mayu-kun, one more week till summer ends, what’s our plan?’ Yuki asked Mayu. “Hmmm? Let’s see? How about we attend the fireworks show at the beach? I’m sure that it would be fun to watch for the last moments of our summer.” Mayu replied back with a smile. “uhmm… sure… that’s 7pm at the beach, right? I guess we will see each other there I guess...” Yuki said. “Yep! I’ll see you there then… 7pm! Don’t be late, okay?” Mayu said. “Of course! Promise me that you’ll be there, okay?!” Yuki said while doing a promise sign. “I promise… I’ll see you there.” Mayu said and also did the promise sign. “We’ll I’m off then gotta help Mom with the house chores… See you, Mayu-kun!” Yuki said while she runs off to her home. “See yah, Yuki-chan!” he said while thinking about the upcoming fireworks show. “Last moment of fun for this summer huh? I’ll definitely look forward for it.” he thought.

And finally the firework show has come. Mayu and Yuki prepared for tonight’s fireworks show at the beach. Mayu went first at the beach and waited for Yuki to show up in the fireworks show. After a few minutes, Yuki arrived and Mayu saw her coming towards her. Yuki wears a pink Yukata that made Mayu stared at her for a long time. “Hello? Earth to Mayu-kun, are you there?!” Yuki said to Mayu who was dazing off with her outfit. “A-ahhh?! Oh hello, Yuki-chan… A-ano, you look good on that Yukata.” Mayu said with a red face. “A-Arigato, Mayu-kun” Yuki said while blushing.
After a few minutes fireworks begun to spread in the sky. “Woahhh!! Sugoi!!!~” Mayu shouted. “Ahhhh! Kirei hanabi!! “Yuki shouted back. After seeing the fireworks suddenly they look at each other. “Uhmmm? Mayu-kun, will we ever spend like the good times even though classes will start?” she asked. “Of course! Why not? I’m still hoping that will be classmates at school… I hope we got the same section.” He replied. “I hope so too. Nee, can I have a last favor? She asked again. “What is it?” he replied back. “Can I call you Yuu-kun from now on? I mean I really consider you as my closest friend now… I hope you’re alright with it.” She asked with a super red face. “Sure! I’m good with anything you want to call me… well then, starting from now on… I’ll be calling you Yuuchan too! Now we have our own self nicknames to call each other… Cool!” he said with a big smile. “I’ll never forget this summer Yuu-kun” she said while was still watching the fireworks above. “I’m glad I meet you first when I got here in Kagoshima… this beach will always have a memorable moment for me… an unforgettable summer indeed.” he replied back.

And summer days has officially ended.

Chapter End.


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Waiting in that summer..
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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 2 ~ -UPDATE-
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mayuki so sweet

update update
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 2 ~ -UPDATE-
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So sweet

MaYuki kawaii  :deco:

Please update soon  :cow:  :cow:

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 2 ~ -UPDATE-
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It must be fate that they have meet again after 10 yrs

Update soon

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 3 ~ -UPDATE-
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back with update.. kinda caught up with a cold lately but still manage to finish Chapter 3!  :nervous
so here's Chapter 3, douzo!  :jphip:

Chapter 3
“Our bonds”

“It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been staying here in Kagoshima…” Mayu thought.
Mayu and Yuki have been on the same class since then in middle school. After spending on studying on their middle school days they end up graduating as time passes by. Mayu got top 1 on their batch, as expected from a responsible student. After middle school Mayu and Yuki planned on going to high school in the same school again. They took the high school entrance exam and thankfully both of them passed their entrance exams.

High school days…
Back in junior days…

It was the first day of classes and as usual, Mayu goes to Yuki’s home to fetch her. As he arrived at the Kashiwagi Resident he saw Yuki’s younger brother, Natsuo. “Yo, Natsuo! Is Yuki-neechan still there?” he said while doing a hand shake sign with Natsuo. “Yo, Mayu-niisan! Neechan’s inside… you should wait for her… well, I’m off to school then. See yah around, niisan.” Natsuo said while waving goodbye to Mayu.

After a few minutes finally Yuki went out together with her youngest sister, Sakura. “I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting Yuu-kun.” Yuki said. “Mayu-niichan! Ohayo!!!” Sakura said while giving Mayu a high five. “Ohayo Sakura-chan… Ohayo Yuuchan! And oh it’s not a big deal on waiting… I guess we better get going… since we need to drop Sakura off at her school, right?” Mayu said. “Yeah, we should get going…” Yuki responded.

When they about to go, Sakura went to Mayu’s back. “Mayu-Niichan, I wanna ride again on your back.” Sakura asked Mayu. “Oi! Sakurachan, don’t do that, you’re already a grown up girl.” Yuki protested. “Nah, it’s okay Yuuchan… I’m glad on giving Sakurachan a ride on my back. I’m like having this as my daily routine.” Mayu said. Sakura climb on Mayu’s back and they started to move towards to Sakura’s school. “hehee!~ Nee, I can almost see my school from here, Mayu-niichan!” Sakura said. “Ohh! That was fast… where almost there, Sakurachan… hold on tight because we’re going on full speed ahead!!!” Mayu slightly run full speed ahead towards to Sakura’s school. “Oii! Yuu-kun, don’t run with Sakurachan on your back… Mouuu!!” Yuki said with a worried face. *but I’m really happy that he’s close with my siblings… I guess Yuu-kun can be a great father in the future* Yuki thought. “Oh, what the heck am I thinking… this is so embarrassing.” Yuki said to herself while blushing.

Finally they left Sakura at her school’s entrance gate. “Mata ne, Neechan! Mayu-niichan!” Sakura waved goodbye to them. “Awww~ that sister of yours is really full of energy… not like you… you’re like turning into an old woman.” Mayu said while he slightly laughs. “What did you just said?! I’m not that old, Yuu-kun! I’m just being a responsible girl for a change.” Yuki said while giving a slap on Mayu’s shoulder. “Itai! What was that for?!” Mayu said while Yuki stuck her tongue out to Mayu. “Bleeh! If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late, Yuu-kun!” Yuki said while she rush towards school. “I shall have my revenge, Yuuchan! Prepare for it!” Mayu shouted while dashing with her.

The two them are always together since they’re still in the same class. As usually, Mayu’s the one who always excels in their class and as the teachers describe him that he will be a candidate for their batch’s class valedictorian. As for Yuki, she was most likely the class’ “Idol” since she’s always the representative of their class when there’s a cultural programs in their school and that’s why they always questioned why Mayu and Yuki are being so close to each other despite with their difference with each other. Also many guys are really jealous of Mayu for being that close to Ms. Idol. Same goes with Yuki, many girls are getting jealous because she’s so close to the class’ “Good-looking Genius”.

There was a time that the school held a school play and the faculty was in-charge with the picking of cast for the school play and cast was announced. “The main male role will be played by… Watanabe Mayu.” one of the faculty announced. “And the main female role will be played by… Kobayashi Marina”. After that announcement Mayu was still in shocked for the sudden role since he’s not really not into acting. Same with Yuki, she was really shocked because of out of the girls, why Kobayashi Marina. Kobayashi Marina is actually known for the school’s “Ms. Popular” because of her looks and known for having tons of admirers and she always had a grudge on Yuki because she has a huge crush on Mayu since freshmen days. Marina went towards to Mayu. “Nee, looks like we’re going to be partners for a while. Yoroshiko, Mayu-kun.” she said with a seductive tone. “Ahhh, yoroshiko, Kobayashi-san.” he replied with an awkward face. Yuki saw that moment and she walkout from the room. Mayu saw that Yuki leave the room. “ahhh, Kobayashi-san… I’ll see you around. Jaa ne~” Mayu said and run off to look for Yuki. He looked everywhere for Yuki in the campus but he can’t find her. “Mou, Yuuchan? Where are you? *sigh*” he said with a worried face but a few minutes he remembered something. “Don’t tell me… she’s at…” he didn’t finish his sentence and he runs toward to the location where they always hangout. He went to the beach where they always hangout and also the beach where he and Yuki met. After a few minutes of searching for Yuki he finally saw her sitting near the seashore. “Aha! Mitsuketa, Yuuchan! I knew it that you’ll be around here.” he said grabbing Yuki’s shoulder. “Go away, Yuu-kun… you should go practice with the play with your partner.” she said while she removes Mayu’s hands on her shoulder. “Ehh? What’s wrong Yuuchan? Why did you leave me at school? I thought we’re going home together?” he said. “You don’t need me anymore! Besides you’re going to be busy with the play! Just go hangout with Kobayashi-san… I’ll be fine… and you don’t need to fetch me at home every morning… I can go by my-. “Mayu suddenly hugged Yuki that made her silent. “I won’t let you do that, Yuuchan… even so if I’ll be that busy I’ll still do my best to look for a time just for us to hangout… I don’t want to lose my daily routine on going to school and going back home with you… I want us to have a time with each other… I know we’re getting busy because of our studies and such… but there’s one thing I won’t allowed to happen… and that’s to hang out with you… so please…. Don’t push me away, Yuuchan… you’re important to me!” he said while hugging Yuki. From behind Yuki became silent and had a super red face from behind. “Yuu-kun…” while hugging Mayu back. “I’m so sorry for pushing you away… I just thought that I’m a burden in your plans in your life… and also because of our studies I kinda got carried away with it… Honto ni gomena, Yuu-kun… I’m so sorry for being selfish… I just don’t want Yuu-kun to be away from me.” she said while Mayu hugging her tighter while blushing. After a few minutes of silence. They break the hug and smiled at each other. “Let’s go home… I’m sure Mamarin will be worried about you if we go home late… and I did promised them that I’ll be with you and bring you home.” Mayu said. “Ahh… Yeah, let’s go home, Yuu-kun.” she replied with a smile.

After that announcement, the students started to check their scripts and practice for the big school play. “Nee, Mayu-kun, we can practice together after classes since we’re the pair in the play. Marina said. “Ahh, I guess so.” he replied back awkwardly. While Marina and Mayu are talking about their roles, Yuki was just practicing her lines alone while looking at them. *why do I feel so jealous when those two talk… I mean I’m just Yuu-kun’s friend… I’m not even his girlfriend, I don’t have my reasons to be jealous… I just really hate this… it feels like someone is crushing my heart.” Yuki thought. After a few minutes of practice Marina and Mayu went out of their room to practice on stage. Mayu went out first, then as Marina leave the room she pass by to Yuki’s chair. “heh~ I’m going to take Mayu-kun away from you, Ms. Idol! See you around.” Marina smirked. After that tease, she leaves Yuki in the room.  Yuki was in her silence “I don’t want to lose Yuu-kun… Yuu-kun is an important person in my life.” She said silently then suddenly tears are slowly falling down on her face. “Yuu-kun… please don’t let yourself to fall for that girl.” she taught. As days passes by finally the day for the school play will start. At the back stage, everyone is already preparing for the play. Yuki was silently recalling all her parts and suddenly a guy was approaching towards her. It was Mayu. “Nee, Yuuchan! It’s been a while since we last talk… can I talk to you for a moment?” Mayu said. “What is it about Yuu-kun?” she replied. “Uhmmm? After this… can we hang o-“Mayu didn’t finish his sentence because someone called him out. “Mayu-kun, let’s get going… Let’s do a little rehearsal before the show starts.” Marina butt in their conversation. “Uhh yeah? I’m coming. Just give me a minute.” Mayu replied to Marina. “Nee, Yuuchan… I’ll talk to you after this play… don’t you dare go home early… See yah and Good Luck with the play later.” Mayu said while leaving her. After the preparation, they started the play.

The play starts, it took almost an hour and finally the last part of the play was about to happen, the part where the main actor and actress will have their moment. “Finally, we could be together now.” Mayu said in like a prince would sound like. “Oh yes my prince, let’s be together forever.” Marina replied. The two ended up hugging up on stage for a long moment because of Marina making the hug long that their usual practice. The crowd went excited except for Yuki who’s watching back stage. “Yuu-kun no baka. He seems to like it though.” Yuki said silently. Finally after that, the play was done. It was time for the awarding. Marina got the best actress award and last award was announced, the best actor award. “And the best actor award goes to… Watanabe Mayu!” and the crowd cheered for him also with Yuki beside the stage. “Please get your award and what can you say about it.” The announcer said. Mayu went to stage got his award and starts to talk. “Uhmmm, Thank you for this wonderful award… actually I couldn’t give my best if it wasn’t for this important person who always makes me work hard for this play… So may I say that I dedicated this award to my long-time friend and also one of the important treasure of my life… the person who always been there with me since my first stay here in Kagoshima… I dedicated this award to no other than, Kashiwagi Yuki… Yuuchan, this one’s for you! After this, please let’s hang out again like we used to. Thank you very much.” Mayu ended the speech and the crowd was so cheering for them and he walk downs the stage and walk towards to Yuki who’s been blushing silently. “Nee, Yuuchan… let’s get back together like we used to before… okay? I swear, we’ll have much more fun than usual. Mayu said then gives her a massive long hug. “Yeah… like the old times… It’s been awhile Yuu-kun.” Yuki replied back while still hugging Mayu back. After that conversation they’re now enjoying the after party and suddenly while the two of them are talking, Marina went towards to Mayu. “Hello Mayu-kun… care to have fun with us?” she asked. “Uhmm… thanks for the offer, Kobayashi-san… but I’m more comfortable and having fun with Yuuchan more… so yeah please enjoy the party, I’ll be fine with Yuuchan.” He said back while looking at Yuki. “Fine! Have a nice night!” Marina left with a glare towards Yuki. Then the two went back on talking random things. As the party ends. They went home together, Mayu drop Yuki at her home. “Well, I guess I should get going now… It’s totally late… I’ll just call you later… Oyasumi, Yuuchan.” when Mayu was about to go Yuki called him all of a sudden. “Yuu-kun!” Mayu stopped and turned his back and Yuki run towards him and gave him a kiss on the cheeks that made Mayu’s face all red. “Thank you for tonight. Oyasumi, Yuu-kun.” she said and went back inside. “I’ll never forget this…” Mayu thought and walks towards home.

Chapter End.


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Idk what to say...beatiful relationship

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Chapter 4
"One more time"

As another year pass… the last part of their high school days has come… SENIOR YEAR!

Its weekends and usually Yuki would go to Mayu’s home and hang out like they always do. “I think I’ll go to Yuu-kun’s home later to wake him up… I’m sure he’s still sleeping at the moment…. He’s a sleepyhead after all… also it’s been a long time since I hang out in his home too.” Yuki thought while she’s still in bed. ‘It’s not like that I miss him or something… it’s just a normal thing for us… as close friends.’ Yuki thought.

She prepare herself and went to Mayu’s house. As she arrives she saw Mayu’s grandma. “Ahh, Yuki-chan, it’s been awhile… Mayu-kun’s just in his room… feel free see him there.” “Ah, thank you, grandma.” She replied back and went towards to Mayu’s room. As she enter Mayu’s room, he didn’t saw him around. She decided to look around his room and suddenly the bathroom’s door opened. She look towards the bathroom and saw Mayu just topless with on a towel around his neck and with a boxer shorts. “ohh? Yuuchan! Ohayo!” he said. “ehhh?! H-he-hentai!!!!! Yuu-kun no hentai!” she said and throws the pillow on his bed and she run off outside. “Itai! Nandayo? What did I do?! What kind of a morning greeting was that? (=A= ;; ) I wonder why she freaked out seeing me like this... I mean she already saw me like this back in the old days *sigh* I better go talk to her.” He said while changing to his clothes and walk outside. While at the living room, ‘Mou! Why do I have to see that! Honto ni, Yuu-kun no HENTAIIII!’ she thought and made a blush. ‘Never thought I would see his body like that… it’s been awhile I guess? Mou! What are you saying, Yuki?! It’s not like you miss him being like that.’ she thought while it gave her a total red face and Mayu finally went to the living room. “What was that all about, Yuuchan?! Why did you throw me with those pillows? (=A= ;; )” he said. “It’s because why did you even go out from the bathroom w-without clothes! Mouuu!!” she said back. “ehh?! Because I took a bath, silly! And besides you already saw me like that before.” He replied with a small blush. “Mouu! Yuu-kun, that was like when we were in middle school! And look, I’m a girl… you’re a boy… what do you expect? Yuu-kun no baka!” Yuki replied back with a full red face. “*sigh* Wakatta… Gomen… I’m sorry… I should wear my clothes before leaving the bathroom.” he said while giving Yuki a puppy eyes. ‘Oh please don’t give me that puppy look Yuu-kun…’ she thoughts and well after a few minutes she totally gave in. “Mouu... Wakata yo~ I forgive you… I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t go to your room at that time. I should have just waited you here in the living room.” she said. The two just look at each other for a moment and then Mayu broke the silence.

“By the way… why all of a sudden you went here, Yuuchan?”
“Uhmm~ well… since its weekends I was just thinking that we could hang out today… we should… you should make up to me for what happen today.” She replied.
“Ehh?! Fine… sure… it’s been awhile after all. Let’s go to the usual place? The beach?” he replied back with a smile.
“Sure… Let’s go, Yuu-kun.”

After that the two of them went to the beach. The sea looks peaceful as usual on weekends and the thing is no one’s around the beach at that time. They own the beach for now. “How about we take a swim?” Mayu said while removing his t-shirt that made Yuki blush. “C-Chotto matte, Yuu-kun? As in now?!” Yuki replied. “Of course! Like we used to do… so come one, Yuuchan!” Mayu said and took Yuki’s hand and went to the seashore. “Matte, Yuu-kun.” Yuki stopped and took off her loose shirt where she revealed she’s wearing a two piece top and shorts that gave Mayu a mesmerize look.

“Yuu-kun! Don’t look at me like that… it’s embarrassing!”
“Ahhh, Sumimasen… it’s just… it looks good on you, Yuuchan.”
“Mouu~ well, anyway let’s go to swimming now… Iku yo, Yuu-kun!”
She took Mayu’s hand and they went swimming. After that they went back to Mayu’s home for lunch then they decided to continue their day at Yuki’s home. As they arrived at Yuki’s, they saw Natsuo sitting outside.
“Natsuo, where’s Sakurachan?” Yuki asked her little brother.
“She’s inside with Mamarin, Neechan.” Natsuo responded.
“I’ll go check them for a while. I’ll be back.” She said to the two boys and leave them outside.

Mayu started talking to Natsuo.

“So, How’s it going, Natsuo?”
“I’m good, Nii-san. It’s been a while since you visit here.”
“Yea, we kinda got busy with school after all… since we’re already graduating students.”
“Oh yea, I heard you’re going to be valedictorian again… Omedetto Nii-san!”
“Aww! Thanks, Natsuo! How about you? How’s school?”

Natsuo suddenly became silent.

“Uhmm? About that… I’m good with school… it’s just someone’s been bothering me in school.”
“Someone? Who?”
“You see… I have this classmate… she really hates me… she always scolds me… I don’t even know what the problem is… the thing is I don’t know how I feel but when I’m with her it feels like I’m okay every time when I’m with her… even though she always beats me up.” Natsuo explained.
“Hohoho~ looks like Natsuo has a crush…” Mayu teased him.
“Nii-san… Yamete yo!  She’s just a classmate… a little inspiration I guess?” Natsuo replied shyly.
“Don’t worry, Natsuo… this is a guys’ talk… this is a little secret… just the two of us…” Mayu responded.
“Jaa, How about you Nii-san? You have something you like?”

That question suddenly made Mayu silent.

“Uhmmm? Well there’s always been this someone who’s always been there to me ever since… and well, she’s really precious to me… and I don’t want to lose her… she’s really a big part of my life… but for some reason… I still don’t know if she knows it already… or maybe she just sees me as her friend. ”
“Nee, Nii-san? Are you talking about Yuki-Neechan?”
“Ehh?! Why are saying that it’s her, Natsuo?!”
“Well first of all, the way you describe it… it sounds like Yuki-neechan… but like you said… this is a guys’ talk so yeah… it’s just between of us…” Natsuo responded with a smirk.
“Well, as you said… this is just between us guys… okay… I admit… I like your Neechan… but I guess… it’s not the time to tell her about that… I’m waiting for the right time… and l guess we both prioritize our education for our future… Hope you’ll do the same, Natsuo… don’t rush things… okay?”
“Yeah, you’re right Nii-san, I should take things easy… I know I’ll have get in there in the right time… Thanks for the advice, Nii-san and about your feelings for Neechan… I approve with it… Please always look after my Neechan, Nii-san~” Natsuo responded with a high five to Mayu.
“Of course! I will… Thanks a lot, Natsuo” Mayu replied.

After that talk, Yuki went back to them and saw the two of them talking.

“What are you guys talking about?”
“Uhhmmm… oh nothing…” both boys said in unison.
“Mouuu… Fine. More like a boys’ talk… sorry about the interruption.” She said.

After that the three of them went inside home to have snacks that Mamarin prepared for them.
“It’s been a while since you last visit here, Mayu-kun.” Mamarin said.
“Yea, It’s been awhile, Mamarin… glad to visit today.” He replied.
While having their snacks they end up having random conversations until it was time for Mayu to go back home.
“uhmm, Thanks for having me here again, Mamarin, Sakurachan, Natsuo and Yuuchan. I enjoyed a lot… hope I’ll come by again next time. Jaa ne! And Oh, Yuuchan… see you at school. He said while leaving the Kashiwagi Household.

Only few more months until their graduation. At their school, their senior prom is also coming its way. Many students are now looking for their dates for the said event, an event that would remind their senior year. As for Mayu and Yuki, both of them doesn’t have a pair for the prom. As all of the students are busy finding for their pair. A guy entered the classroom and went to Yuki’s table. It was Katayama Haruki, the school’s varsity player. He is really popular with girls but he has a long time crush on Yuki ever since they started in High school. Sometimes Yuki gets irritated when he talks to him.

“Ohayo, Kashiwagi-san!” he said with a smirk.
“What do you want, Katayama-kun?” she said with a glare.
“Oh please don’t give me that glare, Yuki-san… I’m just here to ask you on our senior prom. Please be my date.” He replied back.
On the other hand, there’s also Mayu having Kobayashi Marina asking him out for the prom as well.
“Mayu-kun, please be my date for the upcoming prom.”
“Uhhmm? Kobayashi-san… out of all people in our class, why even me?”
“Because I like you, Mayu-kun… please be my date for the prom…” she said back and went to Mayu’s ears and whispered something.
“If you don’t be my date… I’ll do something bad to your Kashiwagi-san on the day of our prom.” She whispered that made Mayu worried.
“Fine! I’ll be your date! Just don’t do something stupid for the prom.” He replied that everyone heard especially Yuki.

(Back to Yuki)
As she heard that from Mayu she felt something breaking in her heart.
“Nee, Yuki-san… so what’s your answer?” Haruki asked.
“Katayama-san, I’ll be your prom date.” Yuki replied to him that also heard by everyone in the classroom.
Mayu heard it as well that made him silent.

‘So she finds her date… hope she’ll be fine with it *sigh* How I wish it was me though. I’m doing this for your safety, Yuuchan. Hope you’ll understand.’ he thought.
‘He choose to be with Kobayashi-san rather than with me on the prom. I can’t believe him. How I wish to spend the last days in High school with him. I guess he likes Kobayashi-san after all *sigh*.’ she thought.

The two never spoke at each other…
Their prom day finally came…

Everybody arrived with their partners in the prom. Mayu went together with Marina and Yuki went together with Haruki. The thing is that both pairs arrived at the same time. Mayu and Yuki just look at each other and pretend that they didn’t see each other’s faces.

‘Yuki looks pretty in her dress. How I wish I was her partner in this prom. *sigh*’ Mayu thought.
‘Looks like Mayu’s enjoying his time with Kobayashi-san. *sigh*’ Yukirin thought.

As the prom comes to an end… it’s time to announce the Prom Queen and King.
“And for this year’s Prom King is no other than… Watanabe Mayu!” announcer said.

Mayu went up stage with a straight face.

“Okay, time to meet your Prom Queen for this year and this year’s Prom Queen is no other than the school’s idol, Kashiwagi Yuki.” announcer said.

Both Mayu and Yuki’s face were shocked they didn’t expect all of this. While Marina walked out and also Haruki went outside not wanting to see the two together on the stage.

“The results are actually came from the crowds’ vote. So, Prom King and Prom Queen please have your dance together now.” announcer said.

Mayu and Yuki just stared at each other for a moment and finally Mayu gives his hands to Yuki. “Uhmmm? If you don’t mind… can I have this dance with you, Prom Queen?” Mayu asked.
“Uhmmm, sure.” Yuki replied with a blush on her face.

The two of them dance on the stage and as the time goes by… finally they talked to each other…

“Nee, Yuuchan… to be honest… you look pretty tonight… I mean you’re always pretty but tonight you look so stunning… and… uhmmm… how I wish I was your my partner for tonight… the reason why I didn't asked you to be my partner is that Kobayashi-san will make something bad to you if I wouldn't go out with her tonight… I don’t want Yuuchan to be in danger for our last prom after all. I’m so sorry for not talking to you these days too… I was scared that you don’t want to talk to me and also I thought you got angry at me. I’m so sorry, Yuuchan.” Mayu explained.

And for that Yuki replied with a tight hug and said “Yuu-kun, you don’t know how much I missed you… I thought you really want to be with Kobayashi-san rather than me… I thought you don’t want to speak with me.”

“Looks like we thought the same thing… I thought you want to be with Katayama-san rather than with me tonight… uhmmm? Even though I spend my time dancing with Kobayashi-san… I’m glad that I got to dance with you… and one thing this will be my last dance for the prom… last dance with you is more memorable to this prom.” he said.

“Same here… my last dance will be yours, Yuu-kun… I’ll definitely remember this…”

“Nee, Yuuchan… I have one thing left to say… we’ve been close friends since then but I really have this thing about you… I don’t know but every time I’m with you I feel like everything’s okay… Yuuchan, uhmmm… I’ve always love you since then… love more than just a friend… Yuuchan… I love you… it’s been a long time that I’ve been keeping this… but that’s how I really feel towards you… I’m really falling in love with you...”

After hearing those words, Yuki can’t help it but blush all the way which made her face so red.

“Uhmm, a-anoo… I’ve always wanted to hear that from you… and I thought I’m the only one who has that feeling towards Yuu-kun… I’ve always been in love with Yuu-kun… ever since we’ve become close friends… I have different feelings towards you… you’re more than a friend to me Yuu-kun… you’re important to me… and I don’t want to lose you… Yuu-kun… I love you…”

The two stop dancing and ends up hugging each other and later they realize they are still on stage and the crowd became excited that made the two embarrassed on stage. Later, they went down stage and talk for a while and ended up going home.

While on their way home, the two decided to stop by at the beach for a moment.
“Hey, also this place… the place where we first met… Of course, I won’t ever forget this place…” Mayu said.
“Of course… if you didn’t grabbed my hand back there… we wouldn’t have met.” Yuki said.

The two went silent, and suddenly, Mayu is moving his face towards Yuki… and they made a short kiss. That was their first kiss together.

“Nee, I don’t mind giving my first kiss to Yuu-kun.” She said while blushing.
“Watashi mo, Yuuchan’s my first kiss you know. I’ve been planning on giving you that. I don’t want anyone else to get my first kiss but Yuuchan.” he said with a super red face.

The two decided to go home since it’s getting late. As they go toward to their homes the two will never forget their prom night that put smiles into their faces.

The days passed by and also their graduation day is fast approaching.
At Mayu’s home.

Mayu received a call from his dad. “Hello Mayu-kun after your graduation, you’ll be studying abroad in order to take over our business… like you said before… since we already planned this before I want you to prepare yourself for it. Good Luck, son.” Call ended.

As Mayu finished talking to his dad, he became silent and thinking. ‘How could I even forget those times I said to my family… I’ll be leaving Kagoshima… that mean’s I’ll be leaving Yuuchan too… I don’t want to leave her but this is for the best… and I swear I’ll explain everything to her everything before my time will be out.’
One more day before graduation… Mayu said that he wants to meet up with Yuki on the beach.

“Why did you want us to meet here, Yuu-kun?” she asked.
“Uhmm, Yuuchan… there’s something you need to know about after our graduation… uhmmm… I’ll be leaving Kagoshima… I’ll be leaving Japan… I’ll be studying abroad… Actually, I’ve been talking about this with my family before where we already agreed about it and now that we’re graduating… I can’t just simply turn down what my family has requested to me. I’m so sorry for not telling you soon.” He explained.

Yuki was shocked from what she heard. She then run away from him. She wanted to be alone for a moment since its really painful for her since she was really looking forward to have college with Mayu.

‘Yuu-kun, why? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I don’t want to get separated with you’ she thought.

Graduation day has passed by… Mayu got the Valedictorian spot as predicted. After that, Mayu went to Yuki’s house and handed a letter for Yuki and leave.
Yuki read the letter.

“Dear Yuuchan,
I’m sorry for being a selfish friend for not telling you about my studies in abroad. I know you’re pretty upset about me leaving. I’m so sorry about it. If you want to see me before I leave please come by at the beach at 5:30pm. My flight will be tonight. Hope at least before I leave… I get to see you for the last time… I’ll wait for you there…
-   Yuu-kun”

As she looks at her watch it was already 4:48pm which made her run towards the beach and good thing it was 5:28pm that she got there and she did made it and saw Mayu waiting for her in the beach.

The two went to each other and gave each other a hug.
“Have a safe trip, Yuu-kun… I really hate seeing you go but if it’s for the best I’ll bear with it, Yuu-kun. I’ll be waiting for you here in Japan. I promise you that… I’ll definitely wait for you…”
“Yuuchan, I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can… I’ll work hard to be back soon… Yuuchan, I love you… I’ll never forget you… I swear I’ll definitely be back”
As time is running out... both of them gave each other a kiss on the lips.

“I love you, Yuuchan.”
“I love you more, Yuu-kun… I’ll be waiting…”

They gave each other a long hug and Mayu suddenly leave something to Yuki, a pinkie ring for a sign that he will be definitely back to see her again in the future.

“I’ll be leaving now, Yuuchan… my flight is almost there… Take care.” his last words then he left the beach.
‘I’ll be waiting Yuu-kun… I promise….’ Yuki thought while holding the pinkie ring that Mayu gave.

Chapter End.


So that ends the past moments between Mayu and Yuki 10 years ago.. next chapter will be about the present. Thanks for reading and please do leave a comment  :twothumbs

~ Yukirin Oshi / Sayumin Oshi ~

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Waiting in that summer..
Love in Okinawa


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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 4 ~ -UPDATE-
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they parted wahh :'(

when will they meet??

i hope the next tiime they meet they still love each other


i'll reread this fic xD i want again to read their sweet moments xD

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 4 ~ -UPDATE-
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Mayuki perfect together!! cant wait for them to be together again  :on lol: :mon nyah:

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 5 ~ -UPDATE-
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Heya. I'm back with Chapter 5. Thanks for the peepz who's been reading this story since from the beginning. :bow: Starting in this chapter, you'll meet the other characters in the story. The story will now start on the present time. So here's Chapter 5, douzo!  :jphip:

Chapter 5
“The start of everything.”

It’s been a month since Mayu’s return in Japan.

[Mayu POV]

I just woke up and having thoughts on what to do after my one month vacation… because after this one month rest I’ll start working in our family’s company… Actually, me and dad already discussed about this… that I’ll be starting to handle work in the company… since I already finish my college degree abroad… I wonder if I can help that much for the company.

While I was in bed… someone knocked in my room’s door… it was one of the mansion’s maid.

“Mayu-sama, someone visited you…” the maid said.

“Oh? Okay I’ll be down there… Just give me a minute…”

I fixed myself and went downstairs and saw the visitor… it was my cousin, Oshima Yuuji who is a year older than me. We studied college in the same school in abroad but after he graduated a year ahead of me he went back here in Japan first to handle their family’s company.

“Yo! Mayu, it’s been awhile! Good thing your back now.” Cousin said.

“Ahh~ yo, Yuuji! It’s been awhile… How’d you know that I already came back?”

“Oh about that… I knew about it yesterday at our company’s meeting… since your dad was there! And what I heard you’re also going to start working in your company too… I’m happy for you… looks like your sacrifices back in college will help Watanabe Pro’s to improve more. Good luck with that, Coz!” Yuuji said while giving a pat on my shoulders.

“Arigato, Coz! Will do my best and looking forward for our companies to work in the future.”

“Well anyway, see you soon then… I have to go to a client’s meeting. Bye, Coz.” Yuuji said then left.

“Looks like everyone in who’s related to our family knows that I’m back… “*sigh*

Someone opened the main door… it was Mom, Dad and Miyuki.

“Tadaima” the three of them said it in unison.
“Okaeri! Didn’t expect to see you guys to be back early…”

“Well, I have something to tell with Mayu-kun later… that’s why we went home early for dinner… I will discuss it after dinner.” Dad explained.

Mom, Dad and Miyuki went home together because the three of them are working in the same company after all, our family’s company, “Watanabe Pro”. Our company is a talent agency for Artists, Idols, Models and so much more talents. My twin sister, Miyuki is my mom’s right hand in the company. More likely she’s assigned in the Model section of the company, she also works as a model for the company. She likes modelling since we’re young, modelling is kind of a hobby for Miyuki.

It was time for dinner, we ate dinner with everyone and after that Dad was starting to explain everything why they’re back early today.

“Mayu-kun, this coming weekend the company will have a welcome party for you. Since you’re going to be my right hand for the company, from now on please do your best for our family’s company… I’ll be looking forward to it.” Dad announced.

“Uhmmmm? Dad, do we really have to throw a party for it. I mean I’m just okay without it though.”

“C’mon, son. Let’s just throw this party. It’s also your welcome back party and I want everyone in the company to know my son since you’ve been out for like 10 years in our family nobody thought that I had a son… so please, just be okay with this. This is only for a night after all.” Dad begged.

“Okay Dad, I understand. I’ll do my best from now on. I’ll help this company to stand still until the future will come. Also, will look forward for the party.”

“Arigato, Mayu-kun. As expected from you… I’m really thankful for having a son like you… please do your best and you’ll be meeting a lots of people in the party… especially our company’s big time Talents and also our company’s partners in the business.” Dad said.

“Oh yes, I will look forward for it, Dad. Anyway… I have to rest now. Oyasumi.”

I went back to my room. I felt so tired today even though I haven’t do anything that much today. Maybe because I’m feeling the amount of work I’ll do after this party. I lie down on my bed and starting to think random things for our family’s company and I turn to my right side in my room and saw my picture with Yuki back in our senior prom.

“When will I ever see you, Yuuchan?” I said while I was staring at the photo. It’s been four years, huh? I really miss you a lot… and until now my love for her didn’t change. As I continue to think about it suddenly someone knocked the door.

“Yuu-niichan, Are you still up?” Miyuki said while knocking the door.

“Ahh, yes! I’m still awake, Come inside Miyuki.” I said and then the door open and Miyuki come towards to my bed.

“Yuu-niichan, are you okay?” Miyuki asked.

“I’m good, Miyuki… why you asked? Don’t tell me you’re being too worried about me do you?”

“Well, of course I’m your twin sister after all… I can’t help it to be worried for my twin brother you know… and I think you’re being pressured for the company.” Miyuki replied.

“Yappari, I know how you feel about how the company is giving me the pressure but Miyuki I was actually expecting this… I’ll be fine… Of course I’ll give myself some time to rest if I really need it… so there’s no need to worry about me. Niichan will be fine, I promise you that. Okay?”

“Wakatta niichan, but if you need help I’m always here to help out, remember I work in the company too you know.” She said.

“Okay Miyuki, I’ll put that in mind.” I said. “Anyway, you should go back to your room and rest… you have a shoot tomorrow right?”

“Oh yes, I have to go, Niichan. Thanks for the time. Oyasumi.” Miyuki said and gave me a hug.

I hugged her back and said “Oyasumi, Miyuki” and she left my room.
I was all alone again in my room again. I looked back at the photo in my right again.

“I really miss those moments, Yuuchan. Will I ever see you again?”

I said and suddenly I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

- As days passed and finally the day of the party has come. -

I was fixing my necktie and someone knocked on the door.

“Niichan! We’re leaving in a few minutes. Please hurry up.” Miyuki said.
“Hai! Be right there!”

I hurry up on fixing my looks and went down stairs and I see my parents and Miyuki waiting for me.

“Son, are you ready? We should get going to the party now… the party will start in an hour.” Dad said.
“Hai, I’m ready to go and oh one thing dad, in the party… If you try to introduce me to everyone in the party, please use my second name… my English name okay?”
“Yes, Marc. When you’re in the company or at work, you’re known as Watanabe Marc.” Dad said.
“Thanks Dad.”

We all went inside the family’s car and we are off to the party. After a few minutes of travel, we finally arrived in the venue.

As expected from the party, many famous people where there… from the company’s most famous talents to business partners and to family’s friends and relatives were also there.

I’m really getting nervous but I didn’t lose my cool in the party, I just acted cool and go with the flow. Everyone was enjoying their conversations and enjoying the party’s food as well. After a few moments there was a noise from the party’s speaker. It was Dad who’s speaking.

“Good Evening, Everyone. I want to thank everyone for coming to this company’s biggest party for this year. Actually this party is not just about celebrating for the success of this company but also I have an announcement to make tonight. I want everyone to know that there is now someone who will be my right hand for helping me to maintain the company’s success. Everyone, I want you to meet my right hand for the success of this company, my son, Watanabe Marc. Son, please come here.” Dad happily said to everyone.

Everyone was shocked because nobody in the company knew that the owner has a son. They thought, Miyuki was their only child.

“Minna-sama, Konbanwa! I’m Watanabe Marc. I just came back to Japan after I finish my studies in abroad. It’s been four years that I left Japan. I’m really honoured to take responsibilities for this company. From now on, I will do my best to serve Watanabe Pro and to make it more successful than it is today. Yoroshiko onegaishimasu!”

I ended up my speech and people made an applause for it. After that, Dad introduced me to some business partners of the company… some workers and lastly he also introduced me to the company’s famous talents.

I also meet my best friend in college, Matsui John. We met back in abroad since we were classmates back in college and actually we both came back to Japan together. He is the son of the famous lingerie/clothing brand company, Peach John.

“Marc! What’s up, bro? Looking good, man!” He said.
“Haha! Same with you bro! It’s been awhile. Glad to see you here. Thanks for coming.”
“No problem, dude. Thanks for inviting me here. Great party. Hope one day our companies will work with a project someday. Anyway, we should hang out sometimes bro, don’t stress out yourself with work. I know you will do that since you always do stress out with school works back then.” He said while laughing.
“You know me too much, bro. Yeah, I’ll try to catch up with you soon. Anyway, I have to meet some guests. Thanks for coming again, bro. Enjoy the party” I said while doing the handshake we always do back in college.
“See you soon, bro.” he replied.

And I leave the scene.

As I meet everyone in the party. There’s this one Girl Talent that my dad introduced to me, he said at this moment she was the company’s most successful idol / soloist in the showbiz industry.

“Marc, this is our company’s most successful talent as of now… Kashiwagi Yuki.” Dad said.
“Konbanwa, Watanabe-san… I’m Watanabe Pro’s successful talent, Kashiwagi Yuki desu. Yoroshiko Onegaishimasu.” She said while she puts her hands towards me for a handshake.

‘Kashiwagi Yuki? Wait a minute? Isn’t she the girl on the poster before? I don’t know what I’m thinking but I’m starting to see Yuuchan in her. Don’t tell me…’ my thoughts stopped.

“Watanabe-san?” Kashiwagi said while staring at me with those beautiful eyes.

“Ahh, I’m sorry… I was spacing out… hehee~ anyway, I’m Watanabe Marc. Yoroshiko Onegaishimasu, Kashiwagi-san.” I said while I’m getting nervous looking at her.
We both shake each other’s hands and accidentally look at each other in the eyes that totally made my heart to skip a beat.

“Anyway, looking forward to work with you, Watanabe-san.” She said.

“Oh yes. I’ll look forward for that too, Kashiwagi-san. Anyway, I’m going to meet the other guests now. Please do enjoy the party, Kashiwagi-san. See you around.”
“I will. Thanks for the invitation for this party, Watanabe-san. See you.” She said while having that sweet smile and waves her hand bidding me goodbye.

Now I’m really wondering if she was the girl that I was looking for…
[End Mayu POV]

[Someone’s POV]

Watanabe Marc? Have we met before? I thought while I was looking at him leaving.

Chapter End.

Thanks for reading~ please do leave a comment~  :twothumbs

~ Yukirin Oshi / Sayumin Oshi ~

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Waiting in that summer..
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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 5 ~ -UPDATED-
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looking forward for the next update~ :cow:

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 5 ~ -UPDATED-
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This is really a heartwarming Fanfic   :thumbsup

Ah~~ wonder if Yuki will remember Mayu  :?

Looking forward to the next chapter  :cow:

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 5 ~ -UPDATED-
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thank you for the update  :cow:
uaaa did mayu change that much till yuki didnt notice him??  :?

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Re: [MaYuki] Waiting in that summer.. ~ Chapter 6 ~ -UPDATED-
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@affiber: thanks for reading  :bow:
@vivinardisa: thanks for reading... I wonder if she does remember him~ ( ̄▽ ̄)
@kazutoryu: well he did kinda got matured after those years  :nervous

I just finished Chapter 6, guys! to all readers, from the bottom of my heart.. Thank you so much  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
so anyway... here's Chapter 6, douzo!  :jphip:

Chapter 6
“We meet again…”

[Yuki POV]

‘Watanabe Marc? Have we met before?’ I thought while I was looking at him leaving.

“Why does he reminds me of Yuu-kun?
Oh please, Yuki… Yuu-kun and Watanabe-san are not the same person… just because they share the same last name doesn’t mean they’re related or something… and Watanabe-san looks more matured compare to Yuu-kun. *sigh* Yuu-kun” I said to myself.
It’s been four years since I last saw his face. We didn’t have a piece of connection with each other either. I wonder if Yuu-kun came back to Japan already. Well, if he’s back… do you think he still remembers me?

Oh yes, this is Kashiwagi Yuki… After Yuu-kun left after our graduation. I didn’t took college but I decided to take the road as an idol. I always have this dream to become Japan’s #1 idol. I work hard from the beginning and now I’m one of Japan’s most famous idols. I’ve been into this idol group, AKB48 which became my ticket to my success in the idol world. After what I achieved in the group, they offered me to start my solo career as well. My first step in solo career became successful as well… thanks to the help of my talent agency and management of Watanabe Pro, I manage myself to be a successful idol and soloist now.
About my life now, I did leave Kagoshima and move out to Tokyo. My parents are the only one who’s in Kagoshima now. Since my siblings, Natsuo and Sakura decided to live with me in Tokyo. Now, Natsuo who’s already 17 years old is now a member of an idol boy group called “IkemenDol” which is one of the famous idol boy group in Japan now. When Natsuo decided to be an idol, he did change his name. His screen name is Matsuoka Natsuo so that nobody will know that me and Natsuo are siblings, he doesn’t want the people to know that me and him are related because he wants to gain popularity by himself and not by just depending on me which made me so proud of him.. Now his group is gaining much attention lately that also has gained them more fans. As for Sakura, she is now 15 years old. She decided to be an actress. She started to be a child actress and because of her outstanding skills in acting she gain more projects and popularity in the acting world. Also she became famous because of her love team in dramas or movies with Murashige Andrew, an Actor / Idol, Natsuo’s group mate in their idol group too which also made him famous in the showbiz world. Sakura and Andrew’s love team called “SakuDrew” made a big name in the acting scene that making them one of the most talk about love teams in their generation.

Right now I attended Watanabe Pro’s party. I met the owner’s son, Watanabe Marc, I’m really curious about him and why did the company hide his identity before.
To be honest when we both met I don’t know what I really felt back then but when we hold our hands and have a handshake I kinda felt something like a similar vibe before. I really wonder if I meet him before…

[END Yuki POV]

As the party continues, many guests continued to have a nice conversation in the event.
Mayu went on having socializing with the guests in the party until he bumped into someone.

[Yuuji POV]
“Mayu! Nice party ‘Coz” I said when I bumped into Mayu in the party.

“Yuuji! Oi! Nee, nobody knows that I’m Mayu, anyway just a favor when I’m in the company or even work related matters call me Marc or ‘Coz will do.” Mayu replied with a low voice.

“Wakatta, ‘Coz. By the way, Watanabe Pro sure does has a lot of beautiful talents. Sasuga! As expected from Japan’s top talent agency.”
“Ohh stop it, ‘Coz… you sounded like a perverted dude again just like back in college.” Mayu replied with a laugh.
“Oh please, Marc. I’ve change since I came back in Japan. I kinda stop myself for being a perverted dude and focusing on my work in the company now.” I said while a laugh out loud.

“Ohhh, that’s really new Yuuji, Good thing you decided to grow up now.” Mayu let out a laugh.

Yes, I’m Oshima Yuuji… Son of “Oshima Entertainment”, Watanabe Pro’s talent agency partner. Watanabe and Oshima clan are also related with each other that’s why two companies are often making partner projects together. As what Mayu said back in college I was one of the perverted dudes, I just can’t help it when I see girls with nice beautiful faces, bodies and oshiris. And because of my good looks I have a lots of girls back in college but now that I’m handling my family’s company I tried to grow up with my childish acts and act like a grown up man for the company.

“I’m serious about it, ‘Coz… and I guess it’s also time to be serious on picking the girl I want to be with forever.”

“Hahaha! Wakatta! Wakatta! You have a point. That’s a great start for you… I’m Happy for you, Yuuji.” Mayu responded.

[END Yuuji POV]

As the two cousins talked somebody bumped into them.

[John POV]

“Yo! Marc… Oh! Yuuji! Bro! It’s been awhile! Nice seeing you here, dude!”

“Osu! Nice seeing you again, John… oh which reminds me you arrived in Japan with Marc, right? Glad that the two of you decided to come back.” Yuuji said.

“Of course, well we decided to help our companies after we graduate college after all… Glad to see Yuuji again and now you’re helping Oshima Entertainment as well! Nice one, bro… Keep it up! Ohh, so how’s your girls doing? Still the chick magnet, Yuuji?” I said while he burst to laughter.

“Very funny, John… I already graduated from being a bastard playboy long time ago… and besides its time to grow up… and you! You should try to grow up too… you know you’re going to handle ‘Peach John’ now, looking forward to work with your company, John. I’m sure your company needs some of our talents.” Yuuji responded.

“Oh wow! You totally change, dude! Fine, Yuuji… I’ll try to be responsible as well… since my family is really expecting me to give my all for the company. Thanks for the advice and oh yes! Our company needs some model talents soon for the upcoming fashion event. We’ll talk about it soon. Looking forward for it, bro!” I said while shaking hands together.

Yo! I’m Matsui John, son of the owner of “Peach John” Lingerie and Clothing Brand Company. I know Marc and Yuuji back in college since Marc’s my classmate and also my best friend, also I knew Yuuji through Marc since he’s Marc’s cousin. Back then in college, the three of us always hangout together… like I said before… Yuuji’s one hell of a chick magnet… most likely the girls in the campus would stick to him and asks him to go out with them.  I’m more likely his apprentice on being a chick magnet before... Most of the girls are going crazy about us… but of course… only Me and Yuuji are always enjoying those moments because Marc is really not that kind of a guy… he’s totally an opposite to us… even though many girls are always flirting with him, he just simply ignores it… I know he’s being like that because he’s still waiting for that girl in his past to be with him again which I completely understand.

“Well, anyway… you guys just chill and enjoy the party… I gotta go meet some guests in the party… See you, ‘Coz… Later, John…” Mayu said and bid the two goodbye.

“Let’s hang out soon, Marc! See you!” both Yuuji and Marc said in unison.

[END John POV]

And the party ended.

[Mayu POV]

As I leave the party while riding the family’s car I saw Kashiwagi Yuki about to ride in her car and leave the venue as well.

“Kashiwagi Yuki, hope I’ll get to know you more. I wonder if you’re really the Kashiwagi Yuki, I’m looking for all these years.” I thought silently.
As we arrived in the mansion, I went up to my room to have my rest and all of a sudden, I just fell asleep on my own. After that party, a few days has passed and I started to work in our company.

I was in Dad’s office, he was discussing everything I need to know and to do in the company and he decided to make me in charge of the idol department of the company… which kinda shocked me because in all departments in the company why even in the idol department?!

“Uhmmm? Dad, in all departments of the company…. Why in the idol department?” I asked.

“It’s because at this moment, the idol department is the largest department of the company and I want my son to handle it. The idol department needs someone like you, son… so please… I entrust the idol department to you… please do your best… and can I have another word regarding with this?” Dad explained.

“I understand, Dad… I’ll do my best… and what is it?” I replied.

“About the idol department’s talents… especially Kashiwagi Yuki… please do keep an eye on her… you know she’s our company’s successful talent… I want you to take good care of her. Ok? I’m more on putting you in-charge of her career status too. I’m sure the two of you will work it out. Do your best, son.” Dad said.

“Ehh?! I’m in-charge of K-Kashiwagi Yuki’s career now?! Well, that’s a big responsibly, Dad but if you really entrust her career to me… Well, I have no choice… I’ll try my best to maintain and improve her career status then” I said with a sigh.

“As expected from you, Marc… anyway, here are all the documents for the idol department and here… that’s Kashiwagi Yuki’s documents about her and about her career and success as well. The rest is up to you. I’m counting on you, son.” Dad response and leave the office to attend a meeting.

“Ahhhh!! I just started working and mannnnnn…. The pressure is already rising hard! Hoping for the best! *sigh*  :sweatdrop:

I went back to my office and starting to think the things I need to do from now on. I was reading the documents as well… as I was reading through it… there was some parts in Kashiwagi Yuki’s documents that made me shocked.

‘Kashiwagi Yuki, idol / soloist. AKB48 member. From Kagoshima. Birthday: July 15, 1991. Graduated from Kagoshima High School. Nickname: Yukirin. Likes: Watermelon. Etc… etc…’ what I read in the documents.

“Chotto Matte? She’s from Kagoshima?! And she also graduated in the same high school as me and we’re in the same age… don’t tell me? Kashiwagi Yuki? Could it be… are you really, Yuuchan?!”

[END Mayu POV]
Chapter End.

Thanks for reading~ :bow: please do leave a comment~  :twothumbs

~ Yukirin Oshi / Sayumin Oshi ~

Fanfics (MaYuki)

Waiting in that summer..
Love in Okinawa


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