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Author Topic: Onee-chan, daisuki yo! (WMatsui OS)  (Read 6949 times)

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Onee-chan, daisuki yo! (WMatsui OS)
« on: November 28, 2015, 03:10:36 PM »
“It’s over now so stay away from her. Keep your promise as I have kept mine.”

“Eh~ You seriously took that promise for granted..? Come on, let’s do it again sometime. I know you like it.”

“Lay your hands off from me.”

“In truth, you wanted it too don’t you? I knew you had always liked me. Your expressions, your scream, your breath, all of your being was screaming for more as we did ‘it’…it was sickeningly sweet. Besides - ”

“Whatever you say won’t have an effect, Ken. I’ll make a fresh start for both of us. And this time…without you.”

“Make a fresh start? What are you talking about? You’ll never be able to get away from me. You’ll always be MINE… MY - ”

“NOOOO!” A shout was suddenly heard as a raven haired girl got up from her bed, panting hard. Cold sweat was evident on her already pale face, making her hair wet and sticky. Her hand was clutching her chest, she could feel her heart beating at a faster rate than normal.

-Knock Knock-

“Rena- Gekikara-sama? What happened?” A figure ask as she opened the door only to see her best friend panting hard to the point of hyperventilating.
The so called ‘Gekikara-sama’ took a few seconds to calm her still frightened self before putting on her usual expression: an expressionless poker face and answered, “No, it’s okay Kumi. Sorry for causing you worry.”

Getting up, she took the towel handed by Kumi as she walked to the bathroom, “What’s my schedule for today?”

“Hai, today all you have to do is a check-over on the newly security system performance.” Kumi answered as her mistress took a shower. Now, one might consider this to be rude since nobody likes to be disturbed during their personal time but not for Matsui Rena or more known as Gekikara. Being the founder and the president of the strongest programming company, Matsui Co. , Rena doesn’t have time to care about typical things such as ‘personal time’. Apparently, she spends her days more in her company than she does in her own house.

“I see. How is the condition for the new security system patch? When’s the next meeting for board of directors? And what happen to those noisy shareholders?”
The conversation continues with Rena asking questions and Kumi answering every single one of them until Rena entered the company’s car. Only then, no more words were heard from here as she focuses on the laptop and flipping through numerous files given to her.




It was a few minutes past midnight when Rena finally walked out of the company. She can’t go home since she had told her chauffeur to go home earlier before and it’s too late to take a train. Rena doesn’t mind walking but the rain cancelled her intention. With no other choice, she decided to rest at the 5-star hotel nearby.
Entering the door, Rena was greeted by the staff which she answered with a small nod. As she walked towards the reception area, her eyes keep scanning the area. The design, the marble floor, the glistening bronze statue, everything. The lobby was empty but that was not what she was seeing. Ever since entering the business world, her mind kept devising plans that she had a pile of paper full of business strategy piling up uselessly on the corner of her own room.

“Yes, how may I help you miss?” The receptionist questioned as he looked at Rena ridiculously.

“I’m staying for the night. Give me the most private place you have. I don’t want to be disturbed.” Rena replied as her eyes still scanning the lobby, her mind endlessly working like a clockwork as they started to devise strategy to overcome the patent of this current hotel she’s in.

“Then, I would say the our Royal suite would- ”

 “I’ll take that room.” Rena interrupted flatly.

“With all due respect miss, but even our normal single room would cost a fortune let alone the Royal suite. I’m sorry but that room is our most expensive. I doubt that you can-“ The receptionist said in a mocking attitude as he observed Rena who was wearing a plain suit (the receptionist would know, since he’s used to seeing expensive suits…).

Pulling out her wallet, Rena took out a card and placed it on the counter, “You were saying?”

The receptionist immediately stopped his rambling when he saw the platinum card. If this was a cartoon, his eyes would bulged out and his jaw reaching the ground. “Pla-Platinum membership..card..” His hands shakily hold it and his mouth were agape as though a fish gasping for air.


“The card is genuinely mine if you’re thinking that I snitch it. Hurry up, I don’t have much time.” Rena showed her id card. Her mood was already bad with all this rain and now she has to face a receptionist who acted like an annoying interrogator.

“H-hai Matsui Re- Matsui-sama.” A glare from Rena was enough to stop the man from speaking out her full name. The man immediately does his job before return back Rena’s card.

“Ah, I don’t need any assistance or food delivery. Just leave the floor out. No. Matter. What.” Rena said, stopping the man from ordering a staff to attend her.
Entering the elevator, Rena heaved out a sigh, “This is why I hate going to hotel.”

Walking out of the elevator, Rena walked to her room. As expected, the only sound that accompanied her was the hollow sound of her own footsteps and the still-pouring rain. Ignoring the latter, Rena walked inside the suite. Taking her clothes off, she went to take a quick shower before going to bed.


It was in the afternoon but it looked almost like night-time due to the cloudy weather. Rain was pouring mercilessly as students ran to avoid themselves from getting more drenched than they already had. Behind one of the school buildings, two girls were standing as heavy atmosphere surrounds them. Both were soaking wet from head to toes but all was ignored.

“…Rena, how could you do this to me! I trusted you!” Yuria cried, disappointment was evident in her eyes.

“Yuria, at least let me explain-“

“There’s no need for any explanation, Rena! I thought you were my best friend!”

Rena approached Yuria and grab her on the shoulder, “Yuria, listen to me! Airi is just playing with your feelings! He’s –”


Rena felt a stinging pain on her left cheek at the place where Yuria had just slapped her. Rena doesn’t know which was more painful, her cheek or her heart. That was the first time that Yuria had slapped her.

“Enough Rena. I know that you dislike me being with Airi but that doesn’t mean you can say those things just to keep him to yourself!”


“You wanted him? Fine! Take it!” Yuria turned her heels.

“Yuria, wait-” Rena tried to reached for Yuria but was instead pushed to the muddy ground.

“Don’t touch me, Matsui.”


Rena immediately wake up for her dream. Again, her memories started to play games in her dreams. It was only a year since then and Rena knows that it’ll haunt her but she doesn’t expect it to last until now. Panting furiously, Rena placed her hands on her face. She walked out of the bed and went to the small bar inside the room and grab a vodka. Not minding to pour in a bottle, Rena chugged down the whole bottle in a matter of seconds. Pain registered to her brain and fiery burst was felt the moment the liquid went down her throat but that’s what she needed most at the moment.

Slamming down the finished bottle, Rena was about to take another bottle when she heard a ruffling sound from her suite’s door. If it was the usual Rena, she would have called the hotel management and threatened them to settle whatever it was but alcohol made people do unexpected things. Putting down the bottle of vodka, Rena dragged her feet towards the door.

“Hai~” Rena sluggishly opened the door to see no one. She was about to close the door when she felt something lean on her legs. Rena looked down to see a kid, no bigger than 10 years old was sleeping against her. Being in her drunken state, Rena dragged the kid inside her room and laid him against the wall. Rena crouched in front of the kid, observing his sleeping face.

“Ne~ who are you kiddo? Haha~ You’re cute~Why are you alone~? Don’t worry, since you’re cute, Rena-chan will take care of you~” Rena grinned as she pinched both of the kids cheek. Rena wrapped her arms around the kid.

“Ne, they said a guardian angel will come to you when you’re not conscious and help you. I never believed it but is it true? Are my guardian? If you are, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me all alone. It hurts…It really hurts to be like this. To live like this.” Rena whispers desperately as she slowly fell asleep.

A few seconds later, the kid opened his eye. Taking Rena’s arm off his neck, the kid carried Rena to the bed before wiping away the tears on Rena’s face.
“Of course, I won’t leave you. I didn’t fall for nothing. No matter what, I’ll never leave you…”

“...My dear Rena.”


sorry its a hanged up ending, lol^^"
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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2015, 03:46:01 PM »
waiting for more~ :on woohoo:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2015, 04:43:09 PM »
who is the kid? Jurina??

please update soon :D
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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2015, 04:57:15 PM »
I don't understand :(
Who's the kid ? And where's Jurina?
Jurina is the kid?

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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #4 on: November 28, 2015, 07:34:30 PM »
Where is the next chapter???
I can't found it>,<
I need more, author-san>o<
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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2015, 08:55:12 AM »
authorchi don't leave us hanging T^T,I need more  :catglare:
good fic anyway  :cathappy:

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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #6 on: November 30, 2015, 11:54:32 PM »
Nooo...!! Don't leave it there :doh:
Is that jurina?  :?
Pls update more soon. It's interesting  :twothumbs

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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #7 on: December 05, 2015, 07:11:43 PM »

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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #8 on: December 07, 2015, 04:28:25 AM »
Please continue this fic author-san :bow:
~WMATSUI forever~

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Re: Guardian Angel (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #9 on: December 07, 2015, 07:01:47 AM »
Please continue don't become an OS..
Its so deep the tragedy I mean..

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Onee-chan, daisuki yo! (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #10 on: January 29, 2017, 10:13:51 AM »
It started with the bell ringing, signaling the end of school for the day. While some kids waited for their parents, some simply went home either on their own or with their friends. Among all those students, a kid is still playing at the playground, her bag tossed to the side. Seeing that, the teacher approached her student.

“Ne, Jurina. Why aren’t you going home yet?” The teacher asked.

“Rena told me to wait since she’s coming to pick me up today.” The kid smiled happily.

“Rena? Your guardian?”

“Nope! My waifu!”

“Eh? Wife?!” The teacher astounded.

“Yep! Rena’s my wai- ouch!” The kid winced when something hit her head.

Both of them turn around to see a middle school girl. Her raven-black hair only made her already pale skin seemed even paler. Endorsing the uniform of the most elite middle-school, her elegant stature only amplifies the unexplainable beauty of kurokami shoujo.

“Who are you calling your older sister as waifu? Its onee-chan.” the girl questioned, taking her bamboo sword off of the younger girl.

“Onee-chan!” the kid quickly forgot the pain on her head as she ran to her sister.

“I assume that you are Rena?” the teacher question.

“Yes. I’m Matsui Rena, Jurina’s older sister. Thank you for taking care of my sister Jurina.” Rena bowed.

“Rena, I’m hungry…” Jurina clinged to Rena’s leg.

“I shouldn’t be bothering you should I?” the teacher laughed.

“Well then, I’ll be excusing myself. Come on Jurina. Bid you your teacher goodbye.”

“Bye bye, sensei!”


“Jurina, you need to fix your habit of lying.” Rena said, unlocking the door.

“But I wasn’t lying though.”

“What you’re feeling is only temporary, Jurina.” Rena locked the door.

“No it’s not. I’m gonna marry onee-chan in the future.”

“We’re siblings.” Rena replied plainly.

“Not related by blood, though.” Jurina retorted back.

Rena heaved a sigh, not in the mood to quarrel.

“Hehe~ Onee-chan, daisuki!” Jurina cheered seeing Rena giving up.

Both entered and put away their stuff inside their room.

“You take a bath first, Jurina. I have a lot of assignments.” Rena unbuttoned her jacket.

“Okay~” Jurina took a change of cloth and quickly walked out of the room.

Rena put out her load of assignments onto the table.

“Assignments…too much.”  Getting up, Rena was about to change out of her uniform when she felt a presence. Rena sighed.

“Jurina, if I open the door and you’re there…no curry for you tonight.” Immediately, the sound of running and falling from the stairs could be heard. Finally, the sound of showers.

Quickly changing into her normal cloth, Rena stares at the pile of papers before getting up, arranging them in order of importance and date of handing them in.

“This is gonna take a lot of time.” She heaved a sigh again.

Walking to Jurina’s table opposite of her, she pulled out the books from Jurina’s bag and check for her sister’s homework. Dividing the subjects with homework and ones without, she arranged them in a neat order. Rena walked out of the room, going to the kitchen.

Jurina finished her bath not long after. Hearing the sounds from the kitchen, Jurina knew Rena was cooking dinner for them. The sight of her sister’s back would always have a calming effect on her that she loves. From the plain-checkered pattern apron that she usually wore to the ponytail that she would tie her hair to keep them from bothering her. All of them are a treasure for her.

Slowly, she crept towards Rena. Her plan to give a surprise hug was utterly failed when Rena simply told her to finish her homework without even looking back as she cuts up the potatoes.


The two sisters eat in silence, with the sound of tv accompanying. Once in a while, Jurina would open up a conversation, only to be answered with either a nod or one syllable from Rena. Being a big eater, Jurina finishes up her dinner first. However, instead of going to the tv or her room she would wait until Rena finishes. It was her way of expressing her gratitude and Rena didn’t seem to have any problems with it. Jurina knows, no one likes to have dinner on their own. Not even her cold nee-san even though the older never said her point on it.

“Thank you for the food.” Rena finally finished and got up from her seat.

“Un! Onee-chan’s curry is the best, daisuki yo!”

Rena stared but didn’t say anything. Taking the dishes to the sink, she washed them as Jurina went to watch tv.


It was already past midnight. Jurina barely managed to finish her homework a few hours ago and is now fast asleep while Rena was at her own table. She did her assignments in a constant pace but it doesn’t seem to be finishing up at all. It was one of the things she hates about her school. Too many assignments. Too many UNNEEDED assignments.

“If only I could quit from the school.” Rena sighed.


Rena turns to her left to see Jurina in her bed.

“But, I can’t yet can I?” She questions herself as her eyes moved to the drawing on the wall next to the bed. It was a drawing of her in her uniform written ‘My sister is the best! I’m going to be like her! I love her! -Jurina’

“I need to be an example to her.” She turns back to her table and continues her assignments.


“Finally~!” Rena whispered as got up and stretches. Taking off her spectacles, she placed them on the table.

“Just a few more years. A few more years and I can put off this façade. At least until Jurina doesn’t need me. ” Rena looks at the difference of Jurina’s and her own table.


“Really, your sleep-talk happens at the weirdest times, Jurina.” Rena stated to herself.

Rena looked at the clock on her table. The needle points at 3.30 am.

“I better get to sleep.”

Rena set her alarm 30 minutes fasters than Jurina’s before slowly crept into her bed, trying on not waking up the younger girl. As if sensing the calm presence, Jurina turned and snuggled herself towards Rena. The latter can only smile in defeat before she too, snuggled to the sleeping kid.

“Oyasumi, Jurina.” Rena wished as she kissed the younger girl’s forehead.

Her feelings for you are only temporary, Rena. She’s only a kid and you’re the only one by her side most of the times. It’s logical that she feels that way to you. However…it is only during these temporary moments that I can have her all to myself. Daisuki da yo, Jurina.


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Re: Onee-chan, daisuki yo! (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #11 on: January 29, 2017, 10:37:23 AM »
It's touching~  :deco: :deco: :deco:
Thank you for the gift, daisuki yo tsun~!!! :wub: :cathappy: XD
Ps, sorry for all the wailing during the making of this fic ne~ :hip smile: :sweatdrop:

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Re: Onee-chan, daisuki yo! (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #12 on: January 30, 2017, 12:11:51 AM »
thanks for this OS!

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Re: Onee-chan, daisuki yo! (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #13 on: January 30, 2017, 05:59:13 AM »

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Re: Onee-chan, daisuki yo! (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #14 on: February 07, 2017, 02:49:27 PM »
What,seriously? Please don't leave them as OS! Omg, so much suspense, so much to go!  :bleed eyes:
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