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Author Topic: Love is simple - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari) [Updated Kei's POV] - OS COMPLETED  (Read 2968 times)

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Just something come when I was listening to 48 group song ^-^
So I just did it for my dear crack couple ^-^
It's might be a little bit boring and my writing is not good, especially with my habit of writing everything by my phone. So please bear with it :'(
Thank you all for reading this :-*

——————A Love Like Ours ——————

 "AHHHH! I'm late again!!"

Akari cried out while trying to fit in her dress. Somehow I already familiar with this scene.

Akari tended to be late and always rushed. Sometime it was because she just cannot wake up early.

Sometime it's because she spent too much time on her make up or picking clothes. But most of the time, it's because both of those.

"Keicchi~~ where's the milk? I can't find it ~ Keicchi!!"

Akari shouted out the question made me sighed a little bit. I myself at that time also still in my bed. As a free writer, I don't have any reason to wake up early. But when Akari kept calling out to me, I had no choice but dragged myself towards the kitchen, opened the fridge and brought the milk can to Akari and to treat our cat some too since I know Akari will forget about it. Really, where else did she think milk was beside the fridge anyway.

But the truth is somehow, I quite glad. I don't know why but when she need me for those so little thing made me feel like I'm taking care of her, that somehow made me happy.

Then out of somewhere, near the sofa, her phone ringtones filled up the air.

But then again, Akari was too into her make up to break it.
Actually, I kinda like this part of her, she may looked alot like a sassy girl but truely, if she concentrated on something then no one or anything can stop her from doing it.

Looked at her from behind and I smiled, how many good deeds I had done in my previous life to have such a beautiful girlfriend like this right now?

Noticed me from the mirror, she looked at me with a seductive smile.

"Hey Keicchi? Can you help me with my zipper please?"

Heaven must be damn. Who could ever resist such kind of smile and look? I guessed she'll definitely go to work late this time.

"Don't mind if I do"

I replied shortly and got closer to her.

Our figure reflect on the mirror in front of us. I can devour almost every beauty line of her and to make sure this goddess in my arms are real. This is just us of today and everyday, but this is the happiness of my life...


"I'm sorry. I know it's my fault"

Akari hasn't talked to me since yesterday. She just lied there in our sofa, showed off her long legs giving me no space to sit and pretended that she's sleeping and couldn't heard what I said.

I know it's my fault that I just disappeared almost 4 days without mailing or calling her even just once although I did left her a note when I go. But then I'm a writer,  I'm just going anywhere that bring me an inspiration.

A friend of mine called me that day to tell me about the new place she's just find out, Sayaka, she's a photographer. Both of us together are always seek for something that amazed us. Apparently that small island was just more than the word beauty itself.

Me and Sayaka was too eager to go and completely forgot about what we should bring along.

So when our phone ran out of battery and all we had were Sayaka's camera and my eyes to captured all the greatness of the nature before us.

Until after that, we found our way back to the small village and wait for the next ship to get us home. I wanted to get back as fast as I can though, I know Akari would be worry about me alot.

And no need to say more, Akari was furious. To the point that when I got home, she'll still there, sat in our sofa with bag under her red eyes 'cause of crying I guess.

I felt pain inside to look at her like that. She must be worried a lot. When she saw me, she's broke into tears and hugged me like she'll never let me go. After calmed her down. I had to face with her wrath.

Apparently, she didn't get any note I left on the kitchen counter which I assumed my cat must done something with it. And she has stayed at home for 3 days straight just to wait for me.

 I feel guilty a lot now. I should had called her when I had chance, but then, there's always an "if" for every mistake that we made.

Right now, it's like a cold war between the 2 of us.

I kneel down in front of her face, wonder how should I say the word sorry next.

Then I saw my cat nearby lazily stood up, stretched its legs freely just to rolled back like a ball once again.

Akari and this cat is pretty much the same, hard to please and very independent on your own way but love to be pampered and taken care of.

I tried to get my cat ran into my arms. I failed.

It just sat there, looked at me with despite eyes then changed it gaze towards it's own tail.

"Look at our cat over there..
It has woken up and played so happily."

I whispered into Akari's ears

"Isn't fighting with each other is boring? Let's make up, ok?"

Then I softly lay down a kiss on Akari's lip.

Until I felt her wrapped her arms around me to pull me in closer. When we parted our for air, she murmured with tear at the corner of her eyes

"Don't you ever leave me like that again"

"I promise "


The 2nd time that we fought, everything was much more complicated this time. Apparently, this was my fault again. I wonder why it was always me, the one that made her suffered in our relationship.
I do love Akari with all that I might but seem like my habit of being nice to everyone just backfired on me.

That time when Akari was out of town for a business trip. I got a call from a friend in the state of drunkenness. I was the advisor of this girl once when she's still a student and I was still a falculty at the college, which I quitted after realized I just cannot take any bound.

Fuu-chan was confessed to me once, I did consider about it at that time but turned her down anyway. I didn't think she could be the one that made me changed. And so it ended.

Until recently when I had some jobs of writing a few thing for a newspaper. I met Fuu-chan there's and we exchanged contact. That's all. I didn't think that she would still had any feeling for me, 'cause we both different now. She's grownups and I now somewhat changed thank to the love of my life.

But apparently I was wrong.
When came to get her at the middle of the night, I realized I didn't know her address at all.

And all Fuuko did was just clinging on to me like her life depends on it.

No more choice, I brought Fuuko back to my place.

After tried to make her rest comfortably in my bed, Fuu-chan started to cry, told me she still love me and etc.. the truth is I didn't care about it much. I don't like girl that drunk and I already have Akari.
But her hold of me was really strong, even I did try but still really hard to let it go.

Besides, I was tired a lot from all the sudden awakened and dealing with a drunk girl. So I decided to just let it be and sleep on that bed. Not like anything can happened anyway.

Magic happened in a most mysterious way. The next morning I was waken by the familiar voice in max volume to find Fuu-chan in my arms and we both naked with Akari stand in our room.

Long story short, we're now separated to find a place of our own. I didn't bring much thing though, just a part of my life when I'm with her and my dear cat.

I found myself a small but warm place. It's an old, five-storey building. Down a small alley, next to a red roof. The single room apartment that have a big window faces South.
It's definitely not large, but I can't fill up the blank margin of love anyway.

Life just went on without much changed for about 6 months. I wonder if it's long enough to talk to Akari again... was it's long enough to fade away some of the misunderstanding?

Luckily, there's always an up and down in life. That's one of the reason why I still have fate in it enough with go on living without complaining about anything.

I happened to meet her again at a coffee shop I stopped by. She's still beautiful as I believed she has always been.
She sat there next to a window and talking to someone.
I chose a sit that gave me a clear view of her and enjoyed my time just sat there and look at her. Somewhat happy..
She must be the inspiration of my life. I think I have always known about it.

For hours later I guess? Her mate departed and left her alone.

Ah.. should I go there and say Hi? I wonder... For a minutes I realize that she had somewhat relaxing aura around her. I think I shouldn't intruded it again. Somewhat painful...

But for sometime later, when I was sipping on my 3rd cup of coffee that day. I found the chair in front of me shifted.
When I looked up, it's her.
I smiled with my honesty and a dumb looked, unable to say anything more than


She looked back at me, I don't know what the meaning inside of that look anymore.
Akari let out a sigh along with a smile and said back



We did have a properly conversation that day. Like friends, but I rather not use that kind of comparison.

We talked about our new life, our new place and our job. No mentioned of the past though.
Many things changed but yeah, I'm fine as long as she isn't dating anyone.

I told her about my new home. Asked her to come over sometimes when she want. It's kinda hard to find but I don't mind come picking her up whenever or wherever she was.

I don't think I can get use to the life without her again. My cat sulks almost everday since I moved out and hasn't got close to me since then.
I admit I'm very lonely, so if Akari ever felt like she's alone. Don't mind, just came here.

There's always a part of this place, waited to fill up by love.


Not so long after, one evening, when I was watching some soccer match on TV. I heard a knock.

As I opened the door, I found her stood there with a suitcase in her hand. Simply passed her baggage to me. She walked in and head towards my fridge.
I closed the door, and made way to my bedroom. At least I have to keep this thing in place first.
When I returned, I saw her stumbled over things in my kitchen. Realized my existence again, she asked with a pouted lips

"Keicchi, where's the milk?"

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Re: [OS] A love like ours - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - AkariKei)
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This is pretty nice and I like AkariKei pairing haha. More pls :3
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Re: [OS] A love like ours - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - AkariKei)
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Nice OS of yours

I like AkariKei too but they aren't so popular though

Do more about then :hee:

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Re: [OS] Love is simple - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - Akari's POV)
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Ah, thank you for reading and comment ^_^ Since this is my biggest ship ever so I just decide that even if it down like Titanic , I still ride with it till the end. *Ah ha ha*

Another oneshot *from my phone again* ^_^v

===== Love is simple =====

"I want to see Natsumin stripped on Zipper!!"

"I want to be on the same unit with Keicchi"

And I just wanted to slap the laptop's monitor away which of course I did not dare since that's what I borrowed from one of the staff.
How could that idiot goes and talks such a thing at all? I know as well as everyone in this group know how much Keicchi into Natsumin, especially now Yamagishi-san had transferred to team N. But really, Zipper is our unit song, how many times must I remind that I love that song.
If they talked like that, then where am I?
 I'm here in the practice room alone, after school ended, I came here to practise more. Meanwhile they play with eachother and talks about thing like that?
Think about it clearly, even if the laptop is mine, I wouldn't do that, I shouldn't waste anything for that player anymore. I'm so over her, not worth it.

Yes, the one I'm talking about is Jonishi Kei. That biggest pimp on the group that never once I thought myself, Yoshida Akari could had fallen for.

At first, my impression of her was she such a small and quite girl. As time gone by, she proved to me that never judge a book by it cover.
By the time I realized it, seem like Jonishi Kei has became one of the most wanted girl by others member in the group. Many kouhais or younger member tended to say "Keicchi-san's so sweet" "Keicchi is nice" "Keicchi is kakkoi" ..etc etc along with swooning over her body and look.

To tell the truth I didn't care much about it, she and I have a different play group. Beside talking about someone nice and sweet? I'm already familiar with that kind of treatment. No big deal. I bet just Rika-chan would spoiled me a lot better than the Jonishi Kei.

That is until oneday, after I was resumed all the activities from that stupid scandal out of nowhere.
As I tried to regain my position as before, my bestfriend on the group Shiori just graduated, Rika-Chan had her own problem to handle. I was all alone that time. Even the room hotel I got when our group had some job outside Osaka, there's just me in a single room.
That's where Keicchi came. Apparently, she read the G+ post about me being alone and decided to pay me a visit along with some foods, mostly vegetables cause she knew I'm on diet and didn't eat much at dinner. That's somewhat surprised me, she noticed it.

But the funny thing was, almost everything that she did when she stayed in my room was sat on my bed and played with her phone. While I ate some of what she bought, painted my nail and checked out my phone.
Sometimes I took a look at her too see what's Kei doing? But she only sat there, concentrated on playing game. It's supposed to be awkward but turned out to be much more comfortable than I guessed.
A peaceful silent but I felt no loneliness.

Then before she went back to her room to sleep, Kei told me
 "Sorry for couldn't talked much. But I didn't know much about you so I'm not sure what should I say... then can you tell me more about you so I can just keep you company better next time?"

I believed I somewhat started to fall for her since that day. I'm a girl too, and every girls like it sweet.
I started opening up to her more, talking with her more, going out with her more.
Because it's Keicchi, she was spoiled me as much as she could.
And that's when I realized I did have feeling for her. For a "tsundere queen" like me, I couldn't be the one that confessed, that's so not like me. But as I saw her flirted or being lovey-dovey to other girls, I couldn't hold back anymore. Stupid Keicchi will never understand.

The day I confessed to her was also the day my heart broken.
I still remembered the words she said to me
"Girls are always that selfish, always want to keep the best thing for themselves. For a long time, I thought you're different. But I guess we can still be friend?"

How much I wanted to hate Keicchi from that day. But I didn't even know what she kept inside that small pretty head of her. At some part, I knew I wasn't the one to judge what she did was right or wrong. Even if it's hurt me so much with that unreasonable reason of her.

After sometimes of watching Kei continued pimping many other cute girls I decided to get over all this. And ignore her as much as I can.
Feeling cannot disappear but it can change from one to another. Maybe saying thing like that made other thinks I'm just finding a substitute.
But if I'm actually found someone, settled down with them and finally maybe I could change my feeling then it wasn't a wrong thing to do at all. And as long as I'm doing nothing bad or cheating, I'm still a good lover.
Kishino Rika-chan has always been a sister figure to me since the day we got in the group. After all the times, she's the only one that always there and be nice to me. I knew that she's seeing me with different eyes, even when I was into Keicchi, she still waited for me.
After the thing with Kei ended, I gradually accepted her feeling.
She had a good sense of humour and a very caring person. I'm must be very happy... I supposed so..

We talked, we went out together, being lovey-dovey ...
Sometimes I wonder if Kei's seeing this? Seeing that I'm perfectly fine and happy without her existence then what she think? Or she didn't care at all.
The 2nd option maybe right. She didn't care. She still have her harem next to her anyway. What was I thinking? Why did I think about that? What am I hoping?
Another G+ post to brag about my relationship in secret before I went to bed.

The ringtones from my phone rang out. One new message, and it's from Keicchi.

"Girl is really selfish right? Then again, everyone just want to keep some happiness for themselves. I hope that you're happy now"

What did she mean by this, it's not that I don't get what she wanted to say, but more like I don't understand why she's saying it now. Why out of blue she just cares about my being again?

"I am. And fyi, sometimes, selfishness is good. At least it hurts no one"

Simply I sent back her a replied. Maybe I still not got over her completely yet, but at least I'm content with my relationship enough to make it work. So I didn't need her to tell me anything with that stupid way of thinking of her.

But, Ha! I got the player Keicchi to notice. That's quite satisfied. I may get a nice sleep tonight.


This is the end of Akari's POV, I guess I'll make another one in Keicchi's POV =v=

Oh my cracked ship. Sometimes I just wonder why I love them that much.

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Re: [OS] Love is simple - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - AkariKei)
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2014, 12:09:58 PM »
This is out of the park brilliant by you.  great job!!!!
Random Thought:


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Re: [OS] Love is simple - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - AkariKei)
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2014, 06:28:25 PM »
AKARIKEI !! WUHUUWW !! YEAAAYY ! :cow: :cow: :cow: me love kei x all (?) (♡˙︶˙♡)
me love keicchimp >w< thanks for made this wonderful and sweet fanfics... I love it  ( ̄▽ ̄)♡♡♡
I hope you will update it soon x)
thankyou verymuch :bow: :bow:

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Re: [OS] Love is simple - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - AkariKei)
« Reply #6 on: April 13, 2014, 10:05:14 PM »
Brilliant!! No it's not even cracked pairing. It's just not as popular as FuuKei. I prefer AkariKei BTW ;3
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Re: [OS] Love is simple - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - AkariKei)
« Reply #7 on: April 13, 2014, 11:52:07 PM »
Nice fic of yours, and I like AkariKei even if they aren't not so popular

Waiting for more :hee:

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Re: [OS] Love is simple - (Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari - AkariKei)
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2014, 12:31:23 PM »
nice :on GJ:

the petite beauty pimp Keichhi and the lady like tsundere queen Akarin... :luvluv2:

AkariKei ship is not sinking like still sailed under water, it's a submarine :bingo:

keep up the good work...will wait for the next :kneelbow:

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Thank you all for your generous comments (^O^)(^O^)

Cracked or not I'll still ship them anyway so ... here the Keicchi's POV I said earlier.

since I do all this with my phone so please forgive all my mistake. Thank you for reading
( ̄▽ ̄)

===== Love is simple (Keicchi's POV) =====

Today YNN channel I have a chance with Natsumin again and Renapyon too, so much fun.

I believe for those that doesn't have a lover, hang out with your best friend is when you're feeling the best. Then again, that may apply to those already have one too.

Natsumin to me may not such kind of friend like Rena and I. I like her, of course, but I see her like the person that you're adore, look up on them, swooned by them but nothing more. Just a fan towards her idol.

Why it's Natsumin of all people , I guess many of my fans just wondering that?

To tell the truth, when you see someone and suddenly you just wanted to know more about them, the more you know the more you found they cute, the more you fell for them. I always believe, there's no detail reason for liking someone, but because you like them, you know more about the details.

Isn't love the same like that?
I wonder what's the different when it come to love? If I don't know then why I can have enough confidence to say that I don't love Natsumin that way?

I'm a really easygoing person. I like being good to other.Only because that's my nature. It's just seeing someone happy made me happy too so I tend to be nice and spoiled others.

That's when some girls came to me and confessed their feeling for me. Most of them seemed to quite jealous when I got closer or being nice to other girls.
So is this some kind of a definition of love?
Love is to hold back the kindnesses around only you?
I thought it's selfish.
And it seemed to cost a lot of freedom too. What a hard exchange.

So I would just denied them all. I think they should be like Natsumin more. I always like her and treated her well, and in returned she also treated me well and like me back without asking anything.

Really girls, if I liked you and did many thing for you, the last thing I wanted would be you asking me to give you my love too. That would be too greedy and selfish.
I don't like it at all.

Maybe my head just messed up more than anyone, but I tend to keep it simple like that. No need for long explanation.

That is until I had my eyes on Akari. She's suffered from a meaningless accusation. But back again nonetheless. Looked at her tried her best everyday to catch up gave me some respect for her.

Outside is a look of a sweet and sassy girl, but somehow I felt like she the type that can endure anything but not to cry about it later or to pity for herself. It's more like she can endure all the hardship because she'll look for the bright side, always positive and forgot all the hardness she had to take.
A happy person, I would like to know her more.

And I did got close to her afterward. Kindness must be the power for everything. *in some sort of way*

At first she kinda playful, a tsundere. I felt really comfortable to be with her. We joked we talked, nothing to hide. A comfort feeling like bestfriend but somehow not like it.
There're many thing I don't mind doing to Rena or any pals of mine, but I seemed to be shy in front of her. I supposed to be the clever one in the group to trick the others but when it's came to her, I felt like I should be the one that took the fools and accepted her trick.

My time spending with her made me wonder, everybody always say I'm such an S, but isn't I'm a little M too to take thing like that?

From that day I hardly think at myself as an S again.
Being an M felt wasn't bad anyway. The feeling of being taken care by someone is quite nice. I can get use to that

Times gone by and as we got closer to eachother, something had changed.
I noticed that Akari became more possessive towards me.
At first I thought it's just a joke, gradually I realized the look on her face had changed. The positive smiling girl had some frowns permanent on her face, the look of sadness when seeing me appeared more and more.

Until the day she confessed to me. I didn't know if I should happy or not. My mind have the definition of it's own for so long that I became a headstrong.

Thinking she's just like all the others made me a little bit disappointed.

I meant I'n willing giving her anything she wants or stay beside and take care of each others forever.
But that doesn't mean she could ask me for it. It's like she got the wrong brick out of the wall and everything collapsed.

After I refused her, we kinda drifted away. She found her way back to her old bright self. And I have never change. It's take sometimes for us to be normal to eachother but everything still good.

Later I learnt that she's seeing someone else. Rika-chan, I didn't surprise much. Considered their well relationship throughout those years, it wasn't hard to believe. In fact, I think if it wasn't for me, they would had got together long ago.
As a goodfriend of both, I may say, I hope their both happiness.

But this time, there's something weird inside me. Normally, I'm happy when others is happy.
But this time, I didn't feel happy at all. Actually, it felt like I was lost something. This must be the first time for me to feel like that.
Then again, why do I care for their relationship anyway? Why do I mind what going on about them? And especially, why each time I know more, the more I sigh?

Is this because my selfishness has appeared?
Is it the most necessary thing in love?
After reading her recent post, I think I need to ask Akari more about this.
Not long after I got my replied... she said she did happy.
Then why am I not happy to see her happy with other people?

So is this love then?
Sometimes it's fine to being selfish. At least it hurt no one.


I think if there's ever be a next time. I should try more with a sensible plot. _(:3 」∠)_

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