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Title: Atsumina : An Old Story To Tell (Chapter 4)
Post by: sadrilim on March 05, 2015, 07:29:46 PM
Ok, I am bored so I try to write some fanfic. Hope you like it. No comment please~. Btw, its a short OS.

Sorry for my bad eng. This is my first time post it on jph. I hope it is work.

Btw, i ever post it on my blog, so do not think i copy it from anybody.

Takahashi Minami, 17 years old, boy, a very nice boy, love to play basketball even though he is a midget. Nickname Takamina.

Maeda Atsuko, 17 years old, girl, a playfull girl that everybody love, many boys are after her, very beautifull and have a nice body. Nickname Acchan

Takamina is not as his usuall self. One may say he has something on his mind.
Takamina OS
At the roof top
Haaah... What will I do, my feeling toward her are stronger than before. 

And those smirk at her face, just like she really know my feeling. I wish I could tell her that I love her, but I am afraid that I could not stand a chance. There are a lot of boy who fall in love with her, but everybody who confess got rejected.

Ahhh... With those angelic smile, brownise eyes, cute nose, and lastly that seductive lips. I really want to make her become mine.

Takamina met Acchan when he at his first day move to a new school that he attend now. That time, he lost his wallet at cafetaria and unable to buy any food. Since he hadn't eaten from this morning, he really not in any mood to do anything. But he still try to find his missing wallet.

Then suddenly somebody tap his shoulder. Its was Acchan with her angelic smile.

Why my heart beat so fast?, Takamina thought.

Acchan : anoo, did you lost something? You looks troubled.

Takamina : ye..yeah, my wallet is missing.
Damn, why did I suttered

Acchan : hmm~ souka. Let's me help you.

Takamina : eeeh!!!??? Really? Thanks you really help me a lot.

They try to find it for quite a long time. But the missing wallet are now here to be found. Takamina didn't know that actually, Acchan have found the wallet, but she decided to tease him a bit.

Acchan : umm... My name is Maeda Atsuko, people call me Acchan.
Btw, what is your name?

Takamina : ough! How rude of me. I haven't introduce myself. My name is Takahashi Minami. Just call me Takamina.
Takamina then smile and show his dimples. For everybody information, Its made Acchan blushed a little.

Acchan : say~ Do you want to eat? The class will start soon, and I bet you still not eat any lunch yet. It will be my treat ~♥♥.
Acchan said with playfull tone.

Takamina : its is ok? I am really grateful for it.  I am really grateful.

Acchan : hehe, its ok ~. Wait here ok?
Then Acchan go to order the food for both of them.

After a while, she back with two plate of food. She order the most expensive food and that make Takamina somehow fell uneasy.

Takamina : say.. It is really ok for me to eat this?

Acchan : what? You don't like it?
Acchan pout cutely.

Takamina : nooo!! That's not what I mean. It's just that the food you order are very expensive, and cost a lot.

Seeing Takamina trying to explain himself desperately make Acchan giggle.

Acchan : hehe, its ok~♥. I just got some money. So I will treat you.

Takamina : some money?

Acchan : yup! I got it from here.
Acchan then point out the missing wallet.

Takamina can't describe his feeling right now. Angry? Sad? Happy? All become one. When Acchan look at Takamina's frown face, she just laugh.

Acchan : moo~ you are so cutee. I am just kidding, My father just give me some money today, so I didn't use your money at all. Let's eat nee.

Takamina faced became so red, not because of embrasshment but because Acchan call him cute. They then started to eat the food. After he finished the food they decided to go back to their class.

Day by day their friendship grow. Every day Acchan would try new trick on Takamina. She loved to see the boy reaction and see how easily his faced became red. She also find that Takamina actually are very kind and care toward everybody. That make him become the class president.

And same goes for Takamina. He find the girl are very special, because she always  try to trick him in every aspect, but never failed to make Takamina blushed and fall for the girl more and more. Even though she trick him, but Takamina always forgive her when Acchan give him, her puppy eyes.

Takamina actually aware of his feeling, but he is too coward to confess it to Acchan. Fear that Acchan will reject him and refuse to talk to him anymore.

Until one day, there a new transfer student in their class. Oshima Yuu. This new transfer student soon become attach with Acchan, and Acchan didn't mind at all. This guy even love to hug Acchan. This make Takamina hurt so much.

Acchan : moo~ Yuu chan, you are too close. (Trying to be free from his hug).

Yuu : but, I want my skinship ~

Takamina : sigh... Stop it Yuu!! Acchan did not like it! (Give a deadly glare to Yuu).
Why they looks so close?? Did I miss something. It is true that this stupid Yuu have a quiete good looking face, with that dimples. Arrgh.....!!!, Takamina said in mind.

Yuu : ara~ Jealous Takamina is scary.

Actually Yuu chan is Acchan cousin, but Acchan didn't tell Takamina about it. Acchan is planning some trick to Takamina. And Yuu agree to help his cousin.

Acchan : its ok Takamina, I don't mind.

Takamina just sigh and then leave.

Acchan : wait!! Takamina where are you going? Let's go home together.

Takamina : sorry Acchan, I have something to do.

Acchan then pout and give him her trademark puppy eyes.

Takamina : ugghhhh... not that puppy eyes again. Fine, tomorrow we will go home together ok?

Acchan : yeah~♥ Takamina daisuki.

Deg DEg DEG...
Takamina blused and his heart pace are quickly than ever. He then held Acchan shoulder and think to confess.
Takamina : Acc... Acchan...

Before Takamina could finished his word, Yuu come to the class.
Yuu : Acchan what takes you soo long?? Upss..Did I distrub something?

Takamina : no its okay. It is not something important. Umm..see you tomorrow Acchan.
Without wait for Acchan respond, he quickly run.

Actually Takamina didn't have anything to do. But because of Yuu, now he has a complicated feeling and decided to spend time at arcade.

Present time
While he kill some time, some body tap his shoulder. It is turn out to be his old friend at his old school. Itano Tomomi, the queen of fashion.

Itano : long time no see Takamina. I see nothing change at all huh?

Takamina : yeah. But you do change become more beauty yourself. (Takamina smile to show his sweet dimples)

Suddently Takamina have an idea.
Takamina : say..Tomochin, are you busy. Can you help me?
Takamina then wishpered something to this fashion queen. And makes Tomomi grinned.

Itano : well, what the deal then?

Takamina : umm.. Free voucer to eat all you can eat at my father shop for a week?
For information, Takamina father owned a shop cake and it is quiet famous. He sometimes help his father and learn some skill from there.

Itano : deal! Now let's go to buy some stuff first.
She then held Takamina hand and start to drag him out of arcade.

Tomorrow morning..
Takamina : sigh... Why I do have an idea to change my style. What if Acchan hate it?
Takamina usually just a normal guy with normal fashion sense. But yesterday, Tomomi had made Takamina to change from up to down. She teach Takamina to be fit in nowdays fashion in exchange of one week voucher

Now Takamina change his old fashion glasses into contact lens, dyed his hair from black to gold. And of course change his hair style. He change how he wear his uniform. Though you can still call it neat. He looks handsome despite of his height.

At school
So handsome, kyaaa...
Who that? New transfer student?
Did we miss that hot dude ever?

Takamina just ignore the whispers, since what really matter is Acchan comment on him.

At Class room
Acchan is talking with Yuu, and they stop when they see someone sit at Takamina chair. Actually that someone is Takamina, but because he change his appereance they didn't recognize him.

Acchan : excuse me, but this is not your seat. And the owner will come in any minute. Please move away.

Takamina : moo.. Acchan, you don't recognize me?
Takamina said smilling to her.

When Acchan see those dimples, and look on his eyes, Acchan is shocked by Takamina new apperance. She just frown and see Takamina from head until toe. And the reaction same goes to Yuu.

Notice this, Takamina then said.
Takamina : do I look good?
He then looks at Acchan passionately.

Acchan : y.. you looks g... good.

Yuu : wow! Takamina, I don't know you are that handsome before. Do you want to interest someone?

Takamina : un.. You can said like that.

Soon after Takamina said that, the school bell rings. So they quickly return to their own seat.

But out of what Takamina expect is there are so many student who came to see him. Well most of them are girls, and he miss the chance to talk to Acchan.

Girls : Takamina~♥♥♥ daisuki!!
Takamina I want you, I need you, I love you~
Chant the girls who became Takamina fans.

Takamina : nooo!!! Help mee...
Start to running and find somewhere he can free from those girl. He then go to roff top and after see no one there, he start to feel relieve.

Takamina thought
Sigh... why everything I do always ends to failure?! I just want to impress Acchan and I get fans instead. I wonder what Acchan doing now? Damn.. I hope she didn't hang out with that baka Yuu again.

Mean while at other place
Acchan is walking together with Yuu. And seems that Acchan has lost in her mind.

Acchan mind
Uggh.. I am bored. I wish Takamina is here. Stupid him, why he need to be so kakoi all of sudden. And that stupid fans of him!! Try to touching him.

Acchan release her dark aura. And Yuu is really tense beside her. But because she still lost in her mind, she tripped. Yuu quickly hold her on her waist. And make their distance become very close.
Note : if you see from different angel it can be seen as kissing.

Back to Takamina.
Takamina is bored so he decided to see around to look for Acchan. Beside he is at roff top, so it will be easier to him to eagle eyes everything. And his eyes stop at certain someone.

Yes! It is Acchan, but he also see some other, Yuu chan. His eyes widened by what he had seen, they both kissing. Suddently there is something snap from his head.

Back to Acchan and Yuu
Silent were between this two. Before Yuu broke the silent.
Yuu : you need to be careful, Acchan.
Acchan : yeah.. Sorry Yuu chan and thanks
Acchan give him, her angelic smile

Yuu : mou so cute~ I wish you are my girlfriend Acchan.
Yuu are just about pinch Acchan cheek, when suddenly somebody  slap  his hand. And yes! That somebody is Takamina.

Takamina : don't you dare to touch MY ACCHAN!! Back off!
Takamina give him a dead look

Acchan and Yuu are stunned by Takamina action. Before, he just let it pass if Yuu pinched, tapped her head.

Acchan : Ta.. Takamina.

Yuu : easy my boy. Don't get me wrong, but Acchan is free by her own. What's wrong with me touching her?

Takamina : what did you say?! Sure, she is no body one. But that's doesn't mean you can do what ever you can. Kissing is forbidden!!! Not before you are in relationship!

Yuu &Acchan : What?! We kissing?!

Takamina then held Acchan hand and then start to leave Yuu.

Being left alone Yuu just smirked.
Yuu : well, my dear cousin. I wish your plan works~

Acchan : Takamina, slow down please
Takamina ignore her and keep walking.

Acchan : Takamina... Taka.. Minami!
Finally Takamina stop and look at her. Now they are at the back yard.

Takamina thought
Ok! Now or never Minami. I won't wish anymore. But I will make it happend.

Takamina : Acchan.. um. Maeda Atsuko, I know I am not a great guy but one thing for sure I will give you my everything just for you. My effort, my love, my time, my heart, and lastly my life just for you. I love you so I will give you my everything. Will you be my girlfriend?

Takamina looks her with passionate yet nervous eyes. And Acchan started to cry.

Takamina : Acchan! I am sorry, did I do something wrong? Sorry if It is ok if you don't feel me as what I feel for you.

Takamina is about to leave when suddenly Acchan hug him from behind.

Acchan : Bakamina! Don't leave me. I.. I love you Minami.

Takamina then turn around and faced Acchan. He now understand what the meaning of Acchan tears. It was tears of happiness.

Takamina thought
Takamina you baka! You fail again huh?! But not again this time.

Takamina then lean closer to Acchan. Their face just inched away and they can feel each other breath. Takamina then slowly capture Acchan lips. It was soft and sweet. He kiss her gently and slowly. Trying to feel her lip. Acchan then return the kiss and soon their kiss become more passionate.

After a few minutes they broke the kiss and stare at each other.

Takamina : Thank you Acchan for your love. I promise I will love you till my last breath.

Acchan : Atsuko, call me by my name Minami. I just let my special person to call me by name.
With that Acchan move closer wanting to another kiss.

Takamina smile and lean closer, soon they have their second kiss.

Although he is happy but he still remember the kiss Acchan shared with Yuu. So, he stopped the kiss. This made the girl confused and look him at his eyes.

Takamina : But I want you to promise not to kiss Yuu anymore or even stay close to him.

Acchan : hihihi.. Minami, to tell you the truth Yuu is my cousin and I see him as my brother. And I never kiss him, I keep my first kiss to you, Minami ~. Yuu chan just help me. He prevent me from falling down.

What? Cousin?!. Takamina frown his face. One can said he is very shocked. So this means he is being tricked again.

Acchan see his face and lean closer touching his cheeks. This make Takamina looks at Acchan.

Acchan : gomenne Minami. But I did this so you can feel jeaolus. I really wish you to confess your feeling to me. I have been waiting for your confession.

Takamina : mou!! How you can be so sure about my feeling? What if I love another people? I even didn't give any extra reaction  when Yuu hugged you.

Acchan : Minami~ Sorry, but I hear what you say when you are at the roof top the other day. When you said about your feeling.

Takamina : eehh??!! Mouu.. Atsuko, don't said it anymore.
Takamina now blushed like tomato. His cheek are very red.

Acchan : ahh~ Shy Minami is cute ~♥ I love it.

Acchan then lean closer to Takamina searching for another kiss.

Acchan : I love you Minami

Takamina : I love you more Atsuko.
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Nice KaixAtsuko OS

Great sweet love story

Thank you for the lovely OS

Can't wait to see more

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cute atsumina
Title: Re: WMatsui OS : The Woman In Black
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okay, here is another OS for WMatsui. Yeah!!! :cow:

i manage to finish it at 4.40 Am in the morning (in my country).  :sweatdrop: That really drain my energy.
But, I love to write in the morning or night like this. I can focus and finish my Fanfic.

Any way enjoy and sorry for bad English.

W Matsui OS : The Woman in Black

That woman in the black dress, her face is so beautiful. That brunette eyes, white porcelain skin, shoulder length hair. Sadness can be seen in her eyes, her face doesn’t smile, but only made her become more beautiful and gorgeous.

The way she walked and the way she see the man in front her, make me wonder, what had happened to her. In the middle of night, walking alone like that. It is her beauty that I was drawn by her, or the other thing. She play her hair a little, as she watching the man disappear with another women, watching them go away with his car.

She looking at the car till it disappear, then she walking  up to the ladder, standing on the top, while picking her shoes, looking down stair.  She looks stunning and if not because of night and her black dress, one might mistake her as a goddess that come from  heaven.

Tear slowly fall down from her red cheek, as she looked at the sky where there weren’t any star that night. She slowly closed her eyes as her face looked down again. The woman in the black ready to fall down from the stair, hitting the dark and cold floor.

Until a pair of hand holding her back from falling down. The woman in black opened her eyes, and find out the other pair of black orb looking straight at her. With desperate she try to release the grip from the person. Only to find out that she doesn’t have enough strength. Desperate can be seen on her beautiful brown eyes, tear continue to fall down from her eyes.

“let go of me!!!”


“I said let go of me!!”

Instead of answering or follow her demand, the man held her tightly on the hand and started to pull her from the stair. The woman refuse to move, but the more she refuse, the grip become tighter and tighter. It hurt her hand so much. In the end the woman was drag by the man.

The man bring her to the nearby park, silent engulf both of them, as there are the only person in there. As the woman stopped resisting, the man release his grip, and exchange it by a gentle touch in her hand. As if saying sorry for hurting her.

When their eyes met again from the second time, the man black eyes soften. As if looking for forgiveness. The girl still crying and sobbing.

“Let go of me.. please”, said the girl with the cracking voice. As if she is struggling to say a word without chocking herself.

The man let go of her hand, and silent engulf them once more. As the wind blow, the women feel shiver because of the cold. With the dress that reveal her shoulder, it will be matter of time before she feel completely frozen. And yet, a pair of arm pull her and give her a warm jacket to cover.

“why are you doing this?”


The man just sigh, he looked at her with that warm gaze, as if he has fallen in love with her. The same gaze the woman will give to the man who leave her just for another woman. the woman look at him with those straight eyes, before the man moving his gaze.

“You should go home, it is not safe for woman to stay this late”, the man said.

“Home? I have nothing called home. Tonight I lost everything. Only me alone, nobody want me”, said the girl.

There are some surprise look at the young man, but it is soon disappear.

“come with me”, said the man.

The girl look at the man with surprise look, she look at his eyes again, looking for some evil in him. But, she find nothing, instead she find a determined gaze. As if proven that he is serious with his word. never she see that gaze, even with her ex, there never been any like that. She want to trust him, but her memory of man betray her guts.

“why should I, we are stranger to each other”, said the woman.

“my name is Matsui Jun. For you, I may be just a mere stranger. And I know this may sound creepy. But to me you are not a stranger, I always looking at you. Happy face, frustrated face, smiling face, sad face, crying face. No word exchange but, I know you, Matsui Rena.”

Rena : how di..

Jun : you always sitting on the corner of our café, with the same order. I know, because everything happened right in my eyes. How you always waiting for that man, how he broke his promise to you, how he broke you heart again and again, and yet you always come back waiting for him. Until how he broke up with you tonight….

Flash back

In the café

Rena : how could you!! I believe in you, I waited for you to come back. And now, you want to broke up with me, and kick me out from our apartment?

Airin : apparently that is not our apartment. but it is mine from the start. I am sorry, but I should say it sooner, we are not mean to be together Rena. I have packed your things, and put it in front of the apartment. This is good bye Rena. I have sold the apartment.

Rena : you can do this to me! I thought you have the same feeling with me.(crying)

Airin : I am sorry, please be happy Rena.

With that Airin, leave the café, leaving Rena alone. But, little did he know Rena follow him and then she saw that Airin met another girl, and then they kissing before go inside the car.

End of flash back

Rena : why should I? I have enough of man bullshit. All they said at first is love, but in the end it is all just a lie!! I better die.

Rena is crying hard right now, she started to run again. Run to that stair once more time and feeling hopeless. She run and manage to be on top of the stair, ready to fall. Her body is falling down, and she can feel the gravity pulling her down. she closed her eyes and ready to feel the impact. Until she feel a pair of strong arm pulled her into a hug.

The next thing she know is, there is a blood that cover her body, but it is not her blood. It is Jun blood. Blood come out from his head covering half of his face. Still hugging Rena tightly, he then used his last strength and whisper to Rena.

Jun : Please give me a chance to prove that you deserved to be loved…


Rena POV

Ten years has passed since the accident. How I broke up with Airin, and how I know the man named Matsui Jun who become my husband. Turn out, he is the owner of the café where I always come to wait and met with Airi.

At first, I think I met some crazy guy who are a stalker, but seeing his action, his word, and also his gaze. I know that day there is something in left for me in this world. Before that day, I was so sure that I love Airin, but turn out that I am wrong. The feeling I have for him is not love. Jun taught me a lot of thing. the meaning of life  and the meaning of true love.

I really are thankful that he jumped and shield me, so that I still alive, safe and sound until now. through it really make Jun almost lost his life, that day, he got bone fracture on his ribs and leg, and also fall to coma for 3 months.

At first I didn’t come to the hospital, because I am afraid, guilty. But the day when I come to visit him, that day he opened his eyes. His parents are really happy. They thank me a lot even though I am the one who is at fault. I try to explain, but Jun said that all is his fault. He cover me, and saying that there is nothing wrong. that he decided to jump and help me that day.

after that I often come to visit him. At first it is so awkward, and there is nothing to say between us. But gradually, the feeling is off. Turn out, we have the same hobby, and the way he see me really make me flustered. Slowly I am able to completely move on, and love this amazing guy.

End of pov

“Re.. Rena… Rena!”

Rena : ah, I am sorry Jun kun. What did you said?

Jun : why you day dreaming huh? is it something that bother you?

Rena : hm.. nothing

Jun : then, what are you thinking? My beautiful goddess. (stealing a kiss)

Rena : mouu, Jun kun (blushing)

Jun : I just can’t wait to kiss your lovely lip. He he I love you, Rena.

Rena : I love you too, Jun (leaning and give a kiss to Jun)

With that they walked together and ready to go home.

End of story

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thats so cuteee *thumbsup

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Thanks for wmatsui os
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Yipppiii.... Wmatsui os :hip smile: :shy2:
Thanks, Author-san :on asmo: :gmon bang:
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Thanks for the wmatsui gender bend OS :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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wow!! wow!! i like it!!!!!!
btw.. when will you update My Instant Girlfriend?
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I love wmatsui ~
Thankss :)
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@key17 : i will update the next chapter next week, but please don't hope too much.  :nervous I can guarantee I will update it soon. there is some other fanfic in my mind. I hope you don't mind.

@gokulin, @emprezz48, @kumabear : thank you for liking my fanfic. Yeahh!! :cathappy:

An Old Story To Tell


Someone POV

“If your beloved one commit a crime, what will you do?”

 Will you help her/him?  will you protect the one you loved? Will you willing to change place, so he / she will be saved.  Or will you ignore your feeling and be true to the justice. will you let her / his get taken away from you because you are too afraid to help him / her? What will you do?

There never be an answer of that, in the end when things like that happened whatever you choose doesn’t really matter. People will always judge you, although they didn’t know about the truth or about your feeling, they will keep talking about you as if they understand you the most, as if they have a right to say things about you.

That is human. The races that I disgusted the most. But whatever I do, that filthy blood of human will always be part of me.  The blood that I ever feel proud of it, the blood that has give me some hope, has give me calamity. I hate part of myself. I hate it…

End of POV


In this world not only Human as a great race, there are many of other race that far more excellent that Human being. Once Human called them monster, God, legend, fairy, mutant. As they have their own name. Together with  Human, there are four different race :

1. Anima

This race has animal ability in them. As they blend with nature, Human called them half blood. As they come in many variant. They grow claw, grow tail, grow wings, grow horn. Whatever they become, they are a lot stronger than Human.

2. Fai

This race has know for their ability of healing. They are know for their kindness, as they always befriend with the other race, but they hate Human the most, because for decades, Human has taken them for granted. Kidnapped their races and sell them. Torture them to get their blood and tears as it is the most effective to heal a disease. They have a fairy trait in their blood. So their ears are pointy.

3. Elem

This race is the mysterious one. they have the same appearance with Human, but one thing that differ them with Human is their eyes. Their eyes are Red. They are very intelligent as they can communicate with Rune. They can control five element (fire, water, light, earth, wood, wind). But they hate war,and will always try to avoid other race than them.

4. Human

The weakest race in the world, but has the ability to learn, adapt better the the other three race. They didn’t have fangs like Anima but can create machine or item like to match them, don’t have healing ability like Fai, but they have the alchemist to make potion for healing, they didn’t have ability to control element, but they take benefit from them, and make some spell out of the element. They are called witches, blacksmiths, and many others.

Once, four of the race live happily with each other, they are ruled by a wise king. That king is different from the four race, he has heart as good as Fai, as smart as Elem, as strong as Anima, but most important he has ability to adapt with any situation like Human. No body know what race he is, but  everybody respect him and loved him so much, they trust him, but not his older brother. And in his rule everybody found a peace.

Despite being the younger one, the precious king has choose him as a king, not his brother. And because of in his brother heart, grew something that is very ugly. That is hated. His older brother hated him so much to take his place as a king, hate him so much because he is loved by many people, hated him so much because he is too kind as if he is happy of what he has. He hate him so much as he willing to change anything for what his younger brother get.

The younger brother know that the older brother hate him, but he choose to love his brother, despite all the harsh word and action that his older brother give to him. As the younger brother grew older, he find his love one, they get married and have kids. But, the last kid have bring him  troubles. The last kid that born, has the rarest power among his siblings. He has claw and fang like anima, his appearance like human, but he has an ability to control fire and lighting, and an ability to heal his body fast like Fai.

Therefor people become afraid of him, even his own siblings never want to be close to him, Get no trust, no loved, people started to called him monster, many of them worship him as a God, others call him Mutant of four race. But it doesn’t matter to him, as his father loved him and his mother doted him. it is enough for him. And he willing to seal his power so nobody can get hurt by him in any way.

As the king older brother realize that he has an opportunity to take what his younger brother have, he began his plan. He tricked King youngest son, as the youngest fall in love with Human girl, he order the Human girl to betray the youngest son, and he began to feel distrust, hate, broken.  As those feeling come to his heart and with his uncle breaking his seal, he began to lost control of his power, and started to destroy the kingdom. Soon many people call him, Calamity.

In order to safe the kindom and his people, King together with his other son, go to stop his youngest son. And to do so, it take the King and his son life. As the king  died, the older brother began his  rule. As his govern make many races suffer, many of them began a war to each other, and from that day the four races never come along with each other.

But, as war come in few decades and its never end. Four races agree to stop the war for the sake of all people in this world. And  life their own life in their own contry. So in the end the world come into peace once again.

end of Prologue

psst!! this will be another Atsumina plus other pairing.
but the main is Atsumina  :cow:
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can i expect mayuki adn wmatsui too..??
cause i think u love em too~~~and

cool prologue sadrilim san~~~
waitin for chapta 1~~

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nice  intro :wub: :wub:
great prologue , Love the main pairing Atsumina
is this going to be a multi-pairing  :)
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Too late... I do hope too much now haha
Well i will wait for it
I'm thinking about wmatsui while reading 'an old story to tell' hehe
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Chapter 1 : A fresh Start

“so what happened with the King’s youngest son, granny Gumi?”

Granny : well nobody ever know what has happened to the youngest son. Legend say that he is died, killed by the other sibling. Many said that he run away to the sky and never return, and the other say that he is hiding, waiting to take revenge, because he has been tricked by the Human whom he loved so much.

“but not all human is bad.” (pouting)

Granny : that’s is right Acchan. Not all people is bad. Nobody can judge who is bad or who is good base on your blood. You are you. Don’t ever let people judge you, just because you are Human, Acchan.

Acchan : un! I will granny Gumi. I will try my best to be the great witch that make you proud.

Suddenly the room become dark, and Granny Gumi is missing leaving Acchan alone. Nobody in there except Acchan. That make Acchan become very scared. But she then hear some voice. She doesn’t know who it is, but somehow in her heart, she know that she really missed this voice. It is just she can’t remember who it is.

“ hey.. please don’t leave me..”

Acchan : who are you..?

“ you forget about me..? so cruel, I wonder if you also forget about our promise..?”

Acchan : promise..?


Acchan : so.. sorry.. but,I don’t even know you. did we ever met somewhere?

“it is okay. Even if you don’t remember the most important is I remember, our promise that we make together that day. I will be waiting for you.”

Acchan : eh?.. wait!


Acchan blinked her eyes so many times, wondered why she see that dream again.

Atsuko POV

Sigh.. this is the fifth time I saw those dream this month. Why I always remember the way granny Gumi told me about those story. And my promise I make to Granny Gumi when I was young, but every time after those story, I always dream about other room, the dark room, and I can hear some voice, but I never have those memory, a weird dream. Maybe because I am nervous? 

My name is Maeda Atsuko. This year I am 24 years old.starting today I am a witch. I live in Arslyn. Arslyn is a town where all races come together in peace. Yes, just like what the old legend tell. The four races never really befriend to each other. And there been a war since I ever remember.

Arslyn is the only place where all the four clan can live peacefully together. And a place where you can met many people from different place and different time. The four race promised each other that they will not attack Arslyn. If one dared to attack, that’s mean war toward the other Races.

In Arslyn, you not only can met many people but there also many thing you can learn and buy. So here I am in the Arslyn. I am in my first year to study to be a great witch.  And today is my big days. Today I is my first day at Infinar School. Let me tell you, Infinar is the greatest school on Arslyn, or may be on this world. In there, not only us Human, but also Fai, Anima and Elem that study in there. Infinar used to be a old castle but they turn it to be a school where ever body can learn and study more about each other races or to achieve the title Grand. Grand is the title that people give you in other to acknowledge your ability, status or achievement, but not many get the title. And I want to have that title one day.

Arslyn is a great place, where it is ruled by Four people. Well, they are the represent of each Races. First is Oshima Ryouki, he is the an Elem, unlike other Elem race, he is not a mysterious one. He is friendly and trustworthy. Second, Kojima Riku, he is a Fai. Have a handsome trait just like other Fai. They always beautiful and handsome, but other than that, he is gentle and very wise. Third, Akimoto Sayaka, she is an Anima. Well, don’t dare to mess with her. she has the great sense of justice. And she can transform to be a big wolf with three head if you make her angry. Other than that, she has an special ability for Anima. Rumors say she can transform herself to become other monster, but no body ever see that. Last is my own Granny, Yup.. Granny Gumi or should I say Ohori Megumi, she is the great witch that can mastered all spell in this world, that all people say. But, Granny always say that there is a probability there are other spell that she doesn’t know.

 I walked to the gate school, even though I always stay in Arslyn, but I never get inside the Infinar. Only the choosen one can become the students in here. And aside from the council, teacher, and students, nobody can go inside infinar.  Many people try to get inside.
But alas, they will not be able to go inside Infinar. If lucky enough, they will land their feet in the garden.  Infinar has a great defense, just like guarding something, but no body know what those building guarding at.

As I  come faster, there aren’t many people yet. But, there is somebody that stand in front of the gate already.  Standing there, he is Kojima Riku, beside him there is a beautiful lady, her hair is long, has a milky skin, round eyes that make perfect to fit her beauty, and model like figure. From the look I know directly that she is a Fai.  Seems like she is one of the student here.

End of POV

“ Papa, I am scared. What if people inside are bad?”

Riku : don’t be my baby girl, there won’t be any people that are bad inside infinar. All is the choosen one. beside, you are strong. Don’t let me down, Haruna.

Haruna : but.. Papa. I wonder why I should move to Arslyn? I want to go back to our country. What if they used me as experimental thing?

Riku just chuckled at Haruna reaction. Well, truth that Fai never really want to interact with other races if can. that why Fai is very rare in Arslyn, they prefer their own kind, up until now. and so does his daughter. But he know Haruna need to study in Arslyn to be more open minded, that’s why he register her daughter in, and luckily Infinar choose her daughter as one of their student.

Haruna : mou!! Papa don’t laugh.i mean what I said.

Riku : well, I already teach you how to defend yourself if something happened right? Don’t worry, you are strong and Infinar is a save place.

Haruna : but.. I don’t like to hurt people…

Riku : you don’t need to Haruna, how many times I said, that Infinar is a save place. well, why don’t you make a friend with her? (point to Acchan)

Haruna : eh?! but…

Riku : come on my baby girl, made me proud.

Haruna then come closer to Atsuko. But she seems afraid of Atsuko. Afraid of human. As Atsuko notice Haruna, she then try to befriend her.

Atsuko : hi, nice to meet you, my name is Maeda Atsuko.

Haruna : h..hi, my name is Kojima Haruna.. are you a student in here too?

Atsuko : yup! let’s go inside together. Nice to meet you, Kojima san. You can call me Atsuko or Acchan.

Haruna : un.. you can call me Haruna or Kojiharu. You are nice..

Atsuko : eh? thank you. let’s be a friend, Haruna?

Haruna : un.
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Super cute, I love the Kai Acchan one!

Another chapter plz!!
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Acchan and Haruna ^_^

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Chapter 2 : Infinar Gate

Atsuko and Haruna want to get inside the school. Before they can entered the school there are two big statue that stand beside the school gate.  And there is some word engrafe in front of the gate.

“only the chosen and special one can enter Infinar”

Atsuko and Haruna try to open the gate but there isn’t no used.

Atsuko : hm… what should we do? isn’t we are a new student here? why we can’t enter the gate?

Haruna : I also don’t know. Papa never told me anything about the gate.  But if we see the word that engrafe its said “ only the chosen one or the special one” does that mean we are not the one of that?

Atsuko : hm.. how about we try another gate?

Haruna : gate?

Atsuko : yup,  Infinar have four gate. So may be another gate will do? how about it?

Haruna : hm.. I am not sure. But, let’s try it. where is the other gate?

Atsuko : it on the other side of the building. This is anima gate, the nearest one is on the west, Fai gate.

With that Haruna and Atsuko go there and when they are arrive they met the other new student. From his appearance, he look like a human. He looks confuse to open the gate. As they come closer, they see the guy emits some aura. there are some of water ball that appear near him. And he attack the gate.

Atsuko : what are you doing? Stop it! you will wake the gate keeper.

Guy : huh? Who are you? I just want to go inside. but the gate won’t open. So I think I will try to open it by force.

Haruna : guys.. looks like it is too late.. look!!

The statue is moving, they looks angry and ready to destroy the intruder. As they moving the ground is shaking. The statue turn out to be Golems. They are the creature that create by magic, and they have no soul. As one of them see Haruna is the closest one to the gate, it try to catch Haruna.

Haruna : noo!! help me!! aahh!!!

Haruna closed her eyes ready to feel trap by the statue hand, but she feel nothing. As she opened the eyes again. she can see that the golem hand is being push away by big water ball. As the water ball hit the golem core, it is broken and can’t move. As one of them is destroyed, the other try to slam Haruna and that Guy.

But suddenly the Golem stopped moving. No, if you are really look at the Golem, the Golem become slow. As they are too amaze by the Golem, Atsuko shout from behind.

Atsuko : quick move from there, I can held it for any longer.

Haruna and the Guy quickly dodge the Golem, but before they move, The Guy create a big water ball and hit it to the Golem. But then there a claps sound.  When the see, there is somebody come out from the school.

“Hilarious! You two really have a great team work. But, there is not the way to enter the school the new one.”

Then the guy claps his hand and the golem directly stand up again. Stay in their old position.

Oshima Yuu : my name is Oshima Yuu, I am the second year and also the student council president. Nice to meet you guys. As you can see, I am a Elem.

Haruna : My name is Kojima Haruna, I am a Fai. Nice to meet you.

Atsuko : My name is Maeda Atsuko, I am a Human. Great to meet you, Watanabe san.

Guy : My name is  Watanabe Yuma, I am an elem. So how can we get inside?

Yuu : straight to the question, huh? You are not really funny aren’t ya? (smirk). Just see the clue from the gate, and you will know it. and if you can’t get it, may be you can start to next year.  Oh, please don’t break the Golem again. Or you will be out of this school.

Yuma : cih! I better see the other gate.

Haruna and Atsuko then see the word.

“May the blessing bring you to Infinar”

Atsuko thought

What blessing? And why I never heard anything from Aunt Gumi about this. I know every year the test always different. So there isn’t any chance for the new comer to have a clue about the test.

Haruna : Atsuko, do you know about the clue? I really don’t understand about it.

Atsuko : I have no idea. Blessing… what is blessing mean?

Haruna  : ah! I know! Papa always said that us, Our clan can save a life, it is the same with bless from God, right?

Atsuko : un.. you got a point, there.

Haruna : I will try it.

Haruna then stand in front of the gate and put her hand in the gate. she then hold her breath and close her eyes. She feel nervous because she never really used her ability. After a few second, she then opened her eyes and from her hand there is some green light  from her hand. The light than emit surround the gate and the gate opened.

Haruna : yatta! Atsuko I did it!

Haruna then go inside and Atsuko follow her from behind. But then there is a barrier that prevent Atsuko to come inside, the gate then close again.  Leaving Atsuko alone outside the gate.

Haruna : Atsuko! Wait, I will open the door again.

As Haruna want to opened the gate again, but the door won’t opened. She try and try but the gate still closed.

Haruna : no! open! Open!!

Atsuko : Haruna, I think I need to find the specific gate, I also try by using my magic on the gate, but it won’t open.  Let’s meet inside the school. I promise I will find a way to go inside.

Haruna : ok.. it’s a promise.

With that Haruna go inside the school together with Yuu. As Atsuko is searching for another way to go inside.


I can sense her present. she must be near. She is back!! I want to play with her. giggle….
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cool....more character ahead~~

oooo...why atsu and haruna got block at first??
and how come atsu the one got block again??

and whose the one giggling???
usually..rena the one whose giggling
cute like*remember geki

thankss for the update
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@kuro_black29 : I am sorry, but the person I mention in this story isn't Rena. I still debate to have her inside my story or not. Since her graduation I seems lost interest in Wmatsui. I try to make it, but the story seems bad. :nervous

Chapter 3 : The Guardian of Lost Forest

Atsuko try to search the other gate, as she know that there are still two other gate, but as she think about it, she think she got the clue.

Atsuko Pov

Haruna is a Fai, and she got inside via Fai gate, as the first gate it is an anima gate, so if my analysis is correct then I need to find Human gate. it is quiet far away from Fai gate. I need to go there faster. But why I feel insecure when I arrive here… sigh

May be it is just my feeling.  I need to be focus, I promise Haruna that I will meet her inside. And I promise to Aunt Gumi to not let her down. I really need to be focus.

If I want to go to Human gate from here the only shortcut is to pass the ‘Lost forest’.  But it is a bit risky. I ever read from the book that ‘Lost forest’ is actually alive, the forest have feeling and there is a guardian who have live very long time.

But, I am sure the forest won’t get mad if I don’t do anything wrong. All I have to do is pass this forest and I will be able to reach the Human gate. Alright, here goes nothing.

End of Pov

Atsuko then go inside the forest. At first there is a gentle breeze that pass her, and there isn’t anything weird, so she decided to go deeper to the forest. As she go deeper and deeper, there is a thick fog around her, but she try to act calm, she can’t help her insecure feeling. Atsuko don’t know why she keep walking instead of turning back. Even though there is a thick fog, she feel that she know the way out, but then she hear a sound.

“ you are back… I think you won’t come to here again. I wonder why…”

Atsuko : wh.. who are you.. where are you? show yourself!

“hm..? you don’t recognize my voice? That a bit sad you know…”

Atsuko : I .. I don’t know you, this is the first time I go inside the forest. Please, I just want to pass the forest to go to Human gate.

“Liar.. with this thick fog, there won’t be any creature that can know the way out. but you almost pass the forest. This is not your first time.”

Atsuko : no! it is really my first time. I don’t understand what are you talking about.

“ well, that’t not important, now..why don’t you stay and play with me, just like the old time?”

Atsuko : what?! No! I am sorry but I need to go now.

Atsuko then  started to run away, but as she is running, the tree suddenly move and started to warp her. she manage to avoid the tree. As she look in front of her, there is a light and she sure there is a way out of the forest. As she run and reach the end of the forest, she failed to pass the forest. There is a vine that warp her leg and pull her inside the forest again.

As Atsuko desperately want to relase the vine, she then release her magic. As she doubt to used this magic. She know her magic can hurt the forest. But, she can do anything right now.

Atsuko : I am sorry..

Atsuko then release her magic, and there is a small fire ball from her palm. She aim it to the vine and the fire burnt the vine.

“ How dare you hurt it, you know that we only miss you and now you hurt it. I won’t forgive you!”

With that Atsuko can see there is a big tiger that come out behind the tree near the entrance. It fur is white with golden strip,  it is very big,  bigger than a normal tiger.  The tiger then show it fang to Atsuko, and ready to charge Atsuko. But luckily Atsuko quickly put a barrier on her.

“ wow! Great barrier, but this small magic won’t be able to protect you for a long time. you has become weak now, huh.. but I don’t care. You need to be punished.”

The tiger then tackle the barrier again and again. as Atsuko magic really used her energy. She lost her energy gradually until then the barrier broken. She then fall down and pass out.  before she pass out, she see the tiger run into her.


Where.. where am I ..

As Atsuko awake, she is now in different place, she never know this place. so she walk around the place. until she hear a voice calling her name. as she turn around she see a guy around her aged that run into him. she is about to greet the stranger back and asked him a lot of question, but then she realize there is something wrong. The guy just passed her.

Atsuko Pov

What!? Why he just run away and didn’t even looked back when I called him back, didn’t he called me just now. I think I just need to follow him. gosh… he sure can run. He is very quick. I bet he is an anima, but he is a bit weird for an Anima, I think I saw a pointy ear from him. A Fai?! For a Fai, he sure a bit short.

Hm.. he went inside the room, what room it is,  well, I just need to go inside. but why I can’t touch the door. my body, it is invisible?! But, why? Did I died already. No! I refuse to think about it. But, did the tiger eat me and now I am a ghost?!

End of Pov

Atsuko sit down near the door, she started to cry as she think she is died already, but then the door opened and from there is a girl that come out from the door followed by the guy. When Atsuko look at the girl, she is very shock to see the girl. she have the same face as Atsuko.

Atsuko : no way! It is impossible, how can it is happening. Who is she?!

“stop following me!!”

“why you are so angry? I didn’t do anything wrong…”

“sigh… go away..”

“at least, let me know your name..”

Atsuko now can clearly look at the guy face since they are standing near her, and the guy is facing her. He has a pointy ears like fai, red eyes like elem, and when he smile, she can see his fang. What is he?!

Atsuko POV

I never see somebody like him, an elem?! No… an anima… not really. Fai ..? but a bit short  for a fai. When I looked at his face, somehow it make me very calm, there is something about this guy. I fell like I know him. it is because of his aura… but why I feel sad, and guilty in the same time. did.. I ever met him somewhere?...

End of POV

Atsuko then snapped from her own thought, because the girl who have the same face with her are leaving the boy, and the boy trying to chase her. it is not take long time until the guy pinned the girl to the wall. The guy looked at the girl intensely. The girl then whisper something to the guy before smirking.


Hey… hey… wake up!!

Atsuko : huh?!

Atsuko slowly wake up and she see a short girl who sit beside the white tiger. Atsuko then realize that she is being tied with very strong vine. And it is night already.

Atsuko : how long did I fall asleep?! where am I?! who are you?!

“now, you forget about me again. she is so cruel, right Tora?”

Atsuko : I don’t have any time anymore. I need to go to the human gate. did I pass the midnight already?

“and now she is leaving, even without playing with us.” (pouting)

Atsuko : please..

Yuka : alright, since we don’t meet each other for a long time. I will tell you again, my name is Yuka. Tano Yuka. I am the guardian of this forest. it been a long time, Acchan!

Atsuko : Acchan?! How do you know my name?!

Yuka : like I said, we ever met and we are friend. you used to play with me..

Atsuko : but, friend didn’t tied and attack each other.

Yuka : that because you are leaving so soon. I still want to play with you.

Atsuko : I promise to play with you, but I really need to go now. please Yuka chan..

Yuka : you promise to play with me too that time, but you broke it… and now you are leaving again.

Yuka looked at Atsuko with those hurt eyes. There is a bit of tears in her eyes.

Atsuko : I am sorry…  Yuka chan, i will be back. but right now I really need go to human gate or I won’t make it. They just accepted new student until today!! If I didn't go there before 12.00 AM then I will fail the exam.

Yuka : are you in hurry?

Atsuko : yes, I am!

Yuka : why  don’t you said it soon? I thought you don’t want to play with me again.

Atsuko : seriously?!

Yuka : Tora and I will take you there.

With that Yuka release Atsuko and they went to the human gate.

Atsuko : I hope I still make it to the Human gate.

Title: your 3 word (sayamilky) short OS
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Hi everyone,

this is sayamilky short os. I hope you enjoy it.

sorry if the story is lame.

Your 3 Word

How is the feeling being hate...




I have loved someone.  No word can really describe how beauty she is. Perfect in my eyes. How her laughter can really make me happy. How every simple greeting can make my heart beat so much. I love everything about her. But, she will never love me back as much as I do. I am no worth to have her love. Who I am to wish for it?!

No matter what happen. I know that I doesn't suit to be with her. Her presence alone is enough.  I don't need to have her.

It is happend three month ago. I have killed somebody. But I won't feel sorry for what I have done.  This is the best for her.

Right now, I am in the prison.  Alone...

Her sad eyes when she look at that jerk

Her tears that fall from her beautiful eyes.

May be it is better if I die too.

That desperate cry I hear

Those questions she asked me

None of that I wish to happend

But, I have done it to you.  I wonder if it better for me to die instead of him. I am wonder, just slightly wonder...

If she know the truth will she forgive me?

Forgive is the only thing I would asked from her.  Dare not I to asked more...

But I have prepare for this. I know I will be hated. I will be punished. I know I do the wrong action. But this is the only way to protect you.

I am so sorry...

I never want to see your tears, yet I make you cry all day.

I never want to make you sad, yet I take away your happiness.   

I always want to protect you, this... at least this little thing I am able to do it.

Flash back
My name is Yamamoto Sayaka. People used to say I am scary, I am no good to be friend with. I am a misfortune that even my parent leave me alone.

I used it. How every child will mock me for that. How every adult will keep their child save from me. I am all alone, but that's okay. I will live stronger and prove to them I am something. And they will regret of how they treat me.

But you are different. I know it from the first time you moved here. You greet me, smile at me, and even talked to me.


That is the first thing I feel about you. I used to this lonely feeling.  And you try to give me another one. A new feeling that creep me out. It give me a new sensation that I have long forget about it.

I treat you coldly. How I always ignore your greet. How I always glare at you each time you smile at me.  Not all of that have stopped you to be friend with me. You are friendly after all. All people love you.

Slowly I am used to you.  every morning you will greet me. Talked about everything to me. Not to talk bad about something, you will always talk about good things.

The first time I greet you back, I think I saw your gleaming eyes. How you smile for the whole day at that time.

I always think you are different from me. I who is an outcast with you who is welcome by anyone.  How I wish I am you. Being loved by anyone. Until I knew you little secret.

Watanabe Miyuki..
You always smiling but no body ever see your tears. How your brother always abused you.  Hit you everytime things he is upset. How he force you to go to work in club, to get more money from that flirty place.

Yes, life is unfair from the first time. I was such a fool.  I didn't notice how you try to hide those eyesbag. How you always used long sleeves to hide you brother sin. I have enough of this. You are the same with me. No parent. Yet, you still forgive your brother. And never even hate him.

That night, I met your brother. Drunk... leaving a corner of that little road. Curious I pass the dark alley only to find out that you sobbing, lying in the cold floor. Your cloth are torn,  your little bag was missing.  There no more smile in your eyes,  emptiness that I saw make my heart hurt so much.

Giving you my jacket, I hug you for the first time, saying sorry for you, I take you to my apartment  and that the last time I saw you...

I ran and chase your brother, seeing him laughing as nothing happend. My heart boiled. I hit him. As  he swing his knife.  I try to dodge, but still he got me. He pinned me with knife on his hand. With one hit and push I am able to push him hard.

His head hit the bar hard. And it started bleeding uncontrollably.  I don't care, I hit him over and over. Thinking of what he had done to you. He don't deserve to life. DIE!!


Five year has passed... how are you? I hope you are happy.  I hope you can forgive me. I am not worth for you. But I really wish your happiness.

Today, I got visitor. Weird...
I have no body.  Friend... family... no one of them will care for me. I have prove it. I asked the police, who is it? The police just smile, saying a cute girl has visit me, she has a great smile.

My heart beat faster every step I take. Can I hope for you? After everything I have done? The door opened... it can't be possible. It is really you.

The girl I loved. You looks more beautiful.  With your shoulder length hair. Your smile, and warm gaze. You bit your lower lip. As I know you are nervous.  You always do that.

I sit in front of you. Didn't dare to look straight to you.

Miyuki : hi... how are you?

Sayaka : fine.  How about you? I hope I didn't give you much trouble.

Miyuki : I am fine...


Sayaka : I am sorry...

As I have nothing to say, I get up and ready to leave the room.

Miyuki : wa..wait!!

I looked at her, confused... but the things that make me wonder did I really deserve it is her next three word to me.

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SayaMilky :inlove: kyaaaaaaaa :heart: :heart: :heart:
Title: wmatsui os : I love you my first love
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Enjoy this is wmatsui os. It take time a long time ago where king rule the country.

Wmatsui OS : I love you, My first love

Man pov

Beautifull... That is the perfect word to describe you. Even though you never really show your smile, I know everyone will agree if I say that.

I never know I would fall for you.  And when I realised it. Everything is too late already.  You have choose another man.
I hope that you're happy with him.  I hope that he will treat you more than I do. Like the vow both of you say in the church back then.

I guess I should move on.  Find someone whose heart belong to me, can feel emptiness in my heart.

Yeah...Without you I feel empty. But this is all my fault.  I took you for granted.  And now I must pay the price for that.

Good bye my first love.

End of man pov

Girl pov
The heart that crying, searching for your presence.  Wondering why you didn't love me like I do.

The smile that you give to me always light up my day. A small affection you give can make my heart beating like crazy.

I feel in love. I love you.  Yet, I know I can't have you.  Even if my soul searching for you,  hoping to run from this cruel reality.  That just my wish... wish that never come true.

I always dream of you. Imagine, you are the one touching me, holding me. But, it is too late. I wonder, really wondered what will happened if I tell you about my feeling back then. Will we be together? Will you love me back like I do?

I know I am wrong. This body may be someone else but my heart still searching.... searching for you.

I hope you're happy.  I hope you can find someone who will love you.

Good bye my first love

End of pov

Yuuma : are you sure about this Jun? I will miss you a lot you know.

Jun : yes, I am sure about this.  Beside it is perfect opportunity to me.

Yuuma : hmmpt!! You just running away!! You might get killed in that war!!

Jun : I know. But they give me opportunity become general.  If we can win this war, I will be famous.  And I won't be a poor man. I will have everything !

Yuuma : sigh... does it really matter? Money? Power? Politics?

Jun : at least you could get what you want with that all.

Yuuma : just... be safe. Remember we all care for you. And will always. Rena will be sad if she hear about this...

Jun : a ha ha. Don't worry, I tell her first.  And she is okay with that. Well, at least... I could see her before I go...

Yuuma : more or less, you still have feeling for her, huh? I bet this is your way to run away from reality.  Try to move on... I won't blame you.  I think I will do the same if Yuki married with another man. I can't stand to see her with others.

Jun just smile at his friend comment.

Matsui Jun
a handsome young man who have a great talent. Good at sword art, clever, strong,  with his cheerful personality, many do like him.  Born as poor farmer son. He is the only son in his family.  As his family owe a lot of money. They decided to sell their one and only land.  Soon after that, his father died. Due to his sudden sickness. His mother has died long ago. And now he is an orphan.  Luckily, Rena's father pick him and he become part of Matsui family. To show his loyalty to the family.  He adopt their surname. That how he met Rena. The most beautiful girl in that town.

In Jun eyes, she is perfect.  Not only her appearance, but also her personality.  Any man who got her will be super lucky.  

They grow together, play together, and understand each other even without voice out their thoughts.  But really, none of them aware that they fall in love with each other.  They thought they have the feeling is sibling love. Until Rena get engaged with next town general's son.

Rena refuse. Of course who wants to get married with person you are not in love with. But, she doesn't have much choice as her father last wish is to be able to reply the debt he own to that general. He also have no other choice as the general doesn't want the money but Rena as the replacement.  He have asked for many times and lastly he used Rena'father debt to force him, giving his daughter.

The day Rena get married, Jun also go to join the war. He fight hard, as he have no regret or afraid of death as he has lost everything.  Money? Power? That just his fake reason, so he can leave the town. 

Five years later
Jun come back to his town. He has won the war.  Gain trust not from his soldier, but also the King of the country.  He become the highest General in the country.  Many have offered their daughter to become his wife.  But he politely refuse them all. No matter what, he just can't forget the certain girl in his old town. 

Arriving in his old town, he wondered to his favourite place. It is where he used to play with his friends.  Lost in his own thoughts.  A voice started him.

"Matsui Jun?"

Jun looked back.  There is a man who holding a small boy in his arm. He looks again and widened his eyes.

Jun : Watanabe Yuuma?!

Yuuma : you are alive? I thought you are dead!!

Jun : yeah.  I am alive. The war did almost took my life but I think I am lucky. 

Yuuma : why didn't you come back? I thought the war has ended two years ago? We thought we lost you for good. Especially Rena...

Jun flinch when he hear those name. The name that always haunted him up until now.

Jun : how is her? I bet she have children already.  And have a happy family.

Yuuma then glare at Jun. Before he gave a sigh.

Yuuma : answer me first, why don't you come back soon?

Jun : I was promoted to be the highest General in this country.  And the king asked me to arrange his other town which are full of thugs. So... it took me a while before I come back. What happened...?

Yuuma : Matsui family feel apart.  Soom after you leave, the general broke the promise and still tool all Matsui property with them. As Rena beg for them not to harm her family.  But it is not used. She  refuse to be part of their family. But from what I heard, they didn't allowed her and have put her in their personal jail. They didn't allowed us to visit her.

Jun : they WHAT?!

Anger took over his body.  He quickly rush to his horse and go to next town.
He go straight not wasting any of time.  Broke to the General house and quickly go to their jail.

Jun : Rena.. Rena!! Where are you???

He drag one of almost fainted guard and ask for Rena. He then pointed the last cell.  Quickly he go there. Break the cell door. He heart feel weak when he see the girl.

Jun : no... what have they done to you...

Jun voice is weak. He can't stand to see the girl he love. Her usual smooth skin have bruises all over her body.   Scar and dried blood. Her dress are torn and barely have enough to cover her whole body. She is hugging her knee and her head down covered by her bangs.

Jun : Rena... this can't be true...

Jun voice barely audible. His body trembled.  Using his hand, he gently touch the girl body only make the girl flinch and shaking in fear. He can hear the sobbing voice that hurt his heart so much.

Quickly he remove his clothe and cover the frightening girl. Soothing her. As if no of his word can be heard. The girl keeping said sorry again and again. Refusing to see Jun face.until she hear Jun name.

Jun : Rena, please... don't say sorry.  I am the one who need to say sorry to you. It is me Jun.

Rena : Jun..?

And then Rena finally lift her face and look at Jun. Touching his face, cheek, hair, and then lips.

Rena : it is really you. Jun.. I.. miss you a lot...

Jun quickly swept the tears that want to come out from Rena eyes. Take her into his hug. Give her soothing word.  And promise her to not letting anything bad happend to her anymore.

As he lift her bridal style out of the jail. He is stopped by the General and his son.

General : what are you doing? Who are you? How dare you come here!!

Jun is surrounded by many of guard. As they are ready to attack Jun. But none one of them dare to do that.  Jun is really angry right now.  And by glaring at them enough to send a shiver tp their spine.

General : what are you doing? Arrest him!

But before Jun was attack, he lift a jade symbol.  That is the symbol that given by the king to his right man. Only few has them. Disobey the holder will bring death not only for that person but for whole family.

Jun : behold you.  Kazera the General of Ozuka town and all of his family.  With this I, Matsui Juri the empress general will punish you for your crime.  And for you dishonest to break the promise you once have with Matsui Rei. All of you will be put in jail and work as slave for the rest of your life! And for you to break the promise.  The marriage between your son and Matsui daughter is never happend.

General : what?! No!! Kill him!! He bring no body.  No body will know if we kill him. I will give anyone double pay for that.

The soldiers was confuse of what to do. They hesitate a bit. And no one dared to move a inch.

General : you all useless. I will kill him by myself.

Kazera run straight to Jun and Rena using the spear want to end their life once and for all. But Jun swiftly dodge it and break the spear with his bare hand. Before anybody realise.  They are surrounded by empress army.

Takahashi : drop all your swords and spears!!!

Kazera : this can't be happening!! Please spare my son and daughter.  They didn't do anything wrong.

Jun : ...

Kazera : please have some mercy.

Jun : I am generous enough not to let you see I killing them one by one. And did you do the same when Rena beg for forgiveness even they didn't do anything wrong?! Enough!! Takahashi, arrest all of them.  Make sure you give them the right punishment.

Rena wake up at very cozy bed. She never feel this comfort for a long time. And she is well dress.  All her wound is treated.

Rena : is this a dream?

Jun : no it is not.

There is Jun, he just come inside to the room. But he hear what Rena said as there only two of them. He quickly go to Rena and when their eyes met. Rena tears fall again. But it is not a sad tears more to happy tears.

Jun quickly wipe her tears and hugging her caress her hair gently. 

Jun :  I am sorry...

Jun : I am really sorry...

Rena : no Jun.. I am glad that you come back for me. I always wish that one day you will come and take me out from there. I don't care if that mean I am died.

Jun : Rena please don't said something like that. It really broke my heart when I saw you back then.  And now that I got you back, I won't let anybody separate us apart. I will be with you forever.  As long as I am alive I promise you, I will prote you.  I love you Rena. From the first time, you are my first love.

Rena looked at Jun with a shock. Does that mean Jun also love her? That's mean their feelings are mutual. But, Rena feel miserable.  She is not pure anymore.  She was married woman. She doesn't deserve this great man. He deserves better.

Rena : no Jun. I am sorry... but you deserve better.  I don't deserve you.  Please find your happiness.

Jun : silly you, I won't go anywhere.  Or looking for somebody since the one that I looking for is here right in front of me. You are my happiness Rena. I love you and my feeling didn't change at all.

Rena : but Ju.. hmmpt?!

Didn't let Rena to talk again, Jun sealed her mouth with a kiss. He pour all his feeling in their kiss. Hopefully Rena understand that he truly love her.

Feeling no reply from Rena, Jun break the kiss and look deep in her eyes. He know it, he know Rena do have feeling to him. But she doesn't let it out. 

Jun : please Rena... don't make it harder for both of us. If.. if you don't feel ready for relationship I am willing to wait. Wait for you, even If it take my whole time.  So please don't make that hurt face, it hurt me so much.

As Jun caress her face and wipe tears that almost fall from her eyes. He give her a sweet kiss in the forehead.

As Rena didn't look at him, she still have that pain look on her face

Jun : but please don't hate me for what done... I am sorry.

Rena : why... why Jun? I am not pretty anymore.  I have scratch and scar most of my body. I worried too much.. I cry to much.. I am dirty... hiks... find more perfect..

Rena try not to cry and want to finish her word but it end up she choke herself. And she have a difficult of breathing.  Jun try to ease her, by hug her. But Rena keep struggling and want to break from his hug.

Jun then hold her shoulder.  And make her face him.

Jun : listen Rena, you are beautiful as you are. For me you are the perfect one. Your heart is far more beautiful than any other have. If you want to cry, it is okay. I will be always be there for you, you are not dirty at all Rena. I love every part of you and I won't change you for anything.  You are the real diamond, Rena. I won't allow anybody to hurt you. Not even myself.

Rena : baka! Baka! Why you always make my heart beat so much. Despite all things I say, you won't give up on me. Why? You have everything Jun. And you deserve better!!

Jun : that's because I love you Rena.

And the second Jun said those word. He know Rena believe on him. No matter what, he will try to win Rena again and again.  No matter how she push him, or reject him. Jun believe it just matter of time until Rena really accept him.

And the second time he lean to kiss her, Rena reply his kiss.

Rena : I love you, my first love.

The end

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If you guys confuse for the story. 
Just ask.

In this story Jun change his  name when he was promoted to be empress general. Since it is King suggestions.
He remain him about his late son who died in the war.
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Rena and Jun soooo cuuttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  :nya: :nya:
And dat General is pissing me off. How dare he hurt Rena like that.  :on voodoo: :on voodoo:
But Jun save her. Soooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!  :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
Title: Till the end SayaMilky OS
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Hi all,
enjoy my Sayamilky OS. Lately too many SayaMilky happened.
so I decided to write another OS about them.
forgive me  :bow:
I will write my long OS after this. :cow:

Sayamilky OS : Till the end SayaMilky

Sayaka phone ring. And when he looked at the phone number, he frowned. It been really a long time when he saw the name in his phone screen. He doesn’t press the button right away, but in the last ring he decided to swipe it.

Sayaka :…

Milky : Moshi – moshi?

Sayaka  : what do you want?

Milky : don’t be so cold Saya kun, It been a long time since the last time we talked. (giggle)

Sayaka : sigh.. I am not. It is just the usual me. what do you want?

Milky : I will be waiting for you in the old place.

Sayaka : I told you I won’t come. The day you choose to go Tokyo, I said that  we are over right?

Milky  : … I will wait for you…

Sayaka : don’t waste your precious time for somebody like me. I know you are busy.

Milky : just come. I will be waiting until you come.

Sayaka : whatever… I won’t come.


Sayaka POV

Sigh.. why must now?! don’t you happy enough to make me suffer in here. and now after I decided to move on and forget about you, you come again. I gritted my teeth and throw away my phone to my bed. I won’t come. Whatever you beg or asked I won’t come.

I even neglected my love for music. I can’t focus at all because of you. And after 5 years you go, you said you want to meet me. Not even once you called me or e-mail me about you. I also don’t do that thing, why should I?! I won’t beg for you, it is enough for me to try once. And I won’t do that again.

End of POV

Sayaka try to distract himself to forget about Milky, he went to meet up with his friend, Yokoyama Yui, who also come from Tokyo that time. They went to eat and have fun together that time. until it is almost pass 1 hour from the promise time.Sayaka looks restless and Yui noticed that, actually since this morning, Sayaka already looks weird. He look at his phone again and again. But he didn’t want to tell Yui what wrong.

Yui : you looks like have something to do Sayaka. It is okay, you can leave me alone in here.

Sayaka : no, it is not a big deal. Let’s go! I promised you to take you to Namba café right? the cake and coffee there is so delicious.

Yui : if you say so…

When they go arrive to the café, suddenly it rain very hard.  Sayaka doesn’t even enjoy his cake at all.  even though it is his favorite chocolate cake. It make Yui wondered why did his friend in this state. Well, there only two thing that can make, If it is not music, then it is definitely about one girl, Watanabe Miyuki aka Milky. So, Yui take a bet to ask about it.

Yui : so.. how Osaka these day?

Sayaka : .. Huh? ah.. still the same like usual. There nothing really change since you go.

Yui : I see…so, how is Miyuki?

Sayaka almost choke because of the question. He quickly drink his ice coffee in rush. And looked at Yui with a surprise look.

Yui : bingo, huh? you looks space out from just now, and when it is raining, you look more restless. Is Miyuki waiting for you somewhere?

Sayaka : how?!

Yui : how did I know? Well, don’t blame me, if I can read you like a open book, Sayaka. It is very obvious in your face.

Sayaka : I .. am not… it is must be Milky told you a thing

Yui : sigh… it is not, just because I am dating with her best friend doesn’t mean I know everything about her. But, I will break my promise to Haruka for your good.

Sayaka : no need, I don’t want to make your relationship worst because of me.

Yui : it is for your own good. You know, that I recently just realize that my girlfriend is Miyuki’s friend right?

Sayaka : yes, I know that, so?

Yui : Milky was sick, Sayaka. She is suffered from heart diseases. That why she must go to Tokyo for further examination and treatment.

Sayaka : haha, what a joke you tell here, Yui. How come she is sick? She always looks lively.

However Yui give him a stern look and make Sayaka silent.

Yui : she doesn’t want to make you worried, stupid Sayaka. And more, last time the probability to survive is very low. So I think that’s why she make you hate her. so that why, she broke up with you, and then said that she want to purpose her life in Tokyo right? That all a lie… Milky didn’t want you to feel broken than ever. So that why she said to keep it secret from you until she said to you by herself.

Sayaka : that stupid milky. Yui, I need to go a place. I leave first.

Sayaka run with all his might. His heart beat so much. anger, frustrated, guilty come to his mind and heart right now. He is angry to himself to not be able to understand his ex girlfriend well, frustrated because he is the last person who know Milky condition for quite long time, and guilty because he know how stubborn will Milky. she won’t go from that place even if it is raining hard.

Finally, he arrive at their usual place,  this place is also where Miyuki accept his confession, where their first kiss happened, and because of too much happy memory with Milky happened in this place, It is a place that Sayaka hate the most this five years. His eyes quickly caught a figure that  stand in middle of the rain. 

The person that he miss the most and also the person that he hate the most this past year. But it is all doesn’t matter. Because right now, Sayaka really sure when he look at her again, his heart started to beat really faster again. This beat, that he missed the most because there only one girl that can make his heart beat like this.  He quickly run to her place.
Notice somebody run to her side, Miyuki look at that person. And her tears quickly fall down. Sayaka quickly hug her, and Miyuki quickly hug him back.  Sayaka lift her face to let him see her face, he miss this whole time. Her smile didn’t change, and her eyes that reflect so much her love to him that never make Sayaka tired to see.

Sayaka : I am sorry I am late, Milky.

Miyuki : un.. no.. it is me who need to say sorry. I am sorry, Sayaka. This whole time, and sorry to call you again. I just.. I really miss you… I…

Sayaka : shhs.. don’t say a thing anymore. Let go back to my apartment first. Your body is really cold. Baka Milky..

Miyuki : un…


At his apartment, Sayaka quickly give Milky towel and spare clothes of him to change. He quickly rush to make a cup of warm chocolate. Milky look at his apartment, there isn’t really  much change since the last time she went to his apartment.  As Milky is a bit sad because the old photo of them are missing. Well, maybe Sayaka throw it all away, because it is true that she and him are broke up already. What did she expect to.

"Maybe… maybe… Sayaka just pity her… and told her to go away after this."

The fear of the thought really make her feel afraid, and tears started to fall again, and this time her breath become unstable, her heart feel hurt. Sayaka notice this and quickly give her a hug. he lift her face, but Milky refuse to let Sayaka see her face. Sayaka sigh, and give her a gentle pat on her back. To Milky surprise, Sayaka give her a kiss on forehead.

Miyuki : Saya..kun?

Sayaka : ah.. gomen.. I …hmmppt..?!

And now, it is Sayaka who is surprise. Miyuki give him a deep kiss. it took Sayaka long enough to recover from a shock, until when Miyuki move back. Sayaka quickly pull her again to a deep kiss, make sure Miyuki understand his feeling, and as Miyuki reply his kiss, their kiss become bolder and bolder. As Sayaka pull her closer to him, and Miyuki wrap her hand on Sayaka’s neck to deepened the kiss. They try to pull each other closer just as they miss each other.

Until Sayaka broke the kiss, and put his forehead to Miyuki. They still can feel each other breath. Sayaka really sure that Milky still love him, as he really can’t totally move on, and still love her as well. They prove it from their previous kiss. But Sayaka think he really need to say it on word.

Sayaka : I love you, Miyuki.

Tears fall again from her eyes, as Sayaka wipe the tears from her face, he held her face long enough as Miyuki still can’t look at his eyes.

Miyuki : I am.. sorry… Sayaka… I ..

Sayaka : it is okay… I the one who need to say sorry to you… all this time, I didn’t realize that you are sick..

Miyuki : but.. how..?!

Sayaka : Yui told me, I really am sorry, for being cold to you, and I am sorry for being such a loser.. I…

Miyuki : no.. it is my fault, I hurt you.. I deserved this.

Sayaka : don’t say that! I won’t let you go anymore. Not after this. I promise to myself. I love you until the end.

Miyuki : I love you too.

end of OS
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Heart Heart SAYAMILKY!!!!!  Just as expected Sayaka will never leave Milky alone. Woooohoooooo
Title: Re: Till the end SayaMilky OS
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Atsumina's really cute though SayaMilky seems to be cuter.
Thank you for the OS. I did enjoy reading it.
Keep it up author san!
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Yes... there are too many SayaMilky things going on lately.
With Milky's graduation, I am afraid it will be like a rush of the last spurt in a race...
Like how a candle tend to burn the brightest before it dies down...
I am preparing my heart to no longer see any new SayaMilky material in the future... :(
But, I hope the pairing will live forever in fanfic world, just like WMatsui.
Thank you for the fic, Sadrilim-san.
I really enjoyed it.
I wonder... will it be possible for you to make an "Ima Naraba" based fic?
I don't want to impose on you, but I'm sure that I'll enjoy it as well if you make one...
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Nice :)  :cow:
Title: Re: Till the end SayaMilky OS
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@ Janix123 : yes, I do hope, their friendship last till the end. if not i really are afraid that it will have influence with my fanfic work. Just look at my Wmatsui One  :banghead:

@ phoenix0i : thanks, i hope you enjoy to read my other fanfic. please check it.  :lol:

@DeNight : i am sorry , i took a long time to reply back. even though i have see it and update my other fanfic. But here is the thing, I usually write my fanfic in my laptop, and when i update my short OS one, I use my phone. So, blame my laziness to update a long OS or the other comment.
I will think to made one of the story of Sayamilky, but as for now please enjoy my other fanfic. i have Sayamilky sweet moment on Wmatsui OS : my instant girlfriend.

@chocolatepandastarlight : thanks :lol:

Title: Say Your Answer is... (SayaMilky OS)
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Sayamilky OS : Your Answer is…?

Truth to be told, Sayaka never feel this complicated as ever in his whole 23 years old life. Life could be good and challenging sometimes, but he never did feel this confuse and afraid of making a choice for his whole life.  As he believe life never been a complicated, the humans are the blame for it. It is our own choice to choose what we want to do, people always have an option, good or bad who knows. 

But right now, all his brain system and heart agree the only complicated one is thing called Love. If only.. yes… if only… Sayaka know that things will never be the same when he meet with the certain girl back then.

Yamamoto Sayaka, the famous member of boy band, is now facing a dilemma.  He is afraid, yes the great Yamamoto Sayaka is afraid, afraid of giving his heart to certain cute girl, that always greet him with a smile. A smile that can make your trouble goes away.

If only the certain girl feel the same with him, things won’t be that difficult Sayaka thought. if only… but what can he do, there is nothing he can do today, he also don’t have any mood to do anything plus his band practice is being canceled today.

Flash back

Yui : Sayaka, if you sighing again I will really smack your head. I think you just need to go home today. You really don’t have any mood for band practice.

Jun : yeah,  his mood really is running the whole practice. Can we just stop now? We have been training like heel this recently.

Yui : No way! we will have our performance in next week, do you think I will let all of you slip from the training?!  Moreover our mismatch schedule, we have little time to practice!!

Jun : but.. we have been practice really hard, and I think we will be okay in next week live. pretty please… leader sama (puppy eyes attack)

Yuuma : well, I think you just want to have some break, and have your time together with Matsui Rena right? I have an info that today she is at Tokyo, having some work from Yuki. That why you have been finding some excuse to used so that you can asked her  for a date right?

Jun : once again, Detective Yuuma, you are correct. I still wonder how come you can read me like an open book, my dear friend. 

Yuuma : heh, it is just on my blood to have a great observation skill (smirk)

Jun then whisper to Yuuma something

Jun : and can you help me to find a way out from this hell ? I really need to see my angel. Pretty please, we hardly meet each other.

Yuuma : what the deal?

Jun : urgh!! I will buy you one week meal..?

Yuuma : you know, the CD of new Anime song I really like one? They will have a sales and it is really a limited edition… and I

Jun : okay, okay deal. I will buy it for you. You really know how to make me broke. You know Rena also want that song right? (pout)

Yuuma : deal. (giving Jun innocent smile).

Yuuma then talked to Yui, Yui have a frown on his face, but soon he face went white as soon as Yuuma mention about Shimazaki Haruka.  Yuuma return to his position with a smirk in his face, giving OK signal to Jun.

Yui :fine, we will practice again tomorrow, and right now we will have a little break.

Jun : really? Yatta!! you are the best Leader sama. I will bring my 200% energy tomorrow.

Yuuma : I will also meet with Yuki, so don’t bother to find me today. I don’t want anybody to ruin my date with her.

end of flash back

When he is in daze there a line on his phone.

“ I hear from Yui, your band practice is canceled right? I meet him just now, he is picking Haruka chan.”

Sayaka look at the Line ID and sigh… talked about devil he though

Line conversation :

”S : Yeah, we canceled it today, so no band practice until tomorrow.”

“M :  great, so… I just think do you have spare time right now? I just wondering if we can practice together…? For our next filming...”

Sayaka paused himself from texting, as a perfectionist person, he really like to have everything done or better. He aim for the best on everything he do. He has a quick flashback on the day when he met with the certain girl, the girl called Watanabe Miyuki

 As he is being famous, he was offered by the famous director to work with him in his next drama. And Sayaka agree with him, and In that drama he will be the leading actor, and now he is working with Watanabe Miyuki, she is the new idol who is famous. Same with Sayaka they both are newbie in acting who have they name become famous recently.

As Sayaka working with her in their new drama, he started to  know her little by little, sure she is cute and pretty but not only because of that he fall in love with her, her great personality and kindness are one of the things that Sayaka like about her. And because of that, they become friend with each other, Sayaka also think that talking with  Miyuki bring him so much fun, he really find Miyuki easy to talk with. Sayaka know he has feel something about her, but he is just too stubborn to admit that Miyuki already win his heart. He think that his feeling is just an admiration, not love.

another notification come again, and it snapped Sayaka from his day dreaming.  He look at his phone, and now his heart beating so much.

“M : so, what do you think about that?.... I will be waiting at my apartment if you don’t mind.. since it is near with your band practice.”

“S : okay, sure. I will come around 30 minute”


Sayaka now is standing at Miyuki’s front door, as he stopped a bit before he knocked the door.  few minutes later, he hear a foot step and when the door opened he is stunned by the girl. Miyuki is wearing her usual clothes, and she decided to let her hair loose, looks like she just come from shower. As Sayaka can see her hair is a bit wet. As for Sayaka, the view of Miyuki right now is attempting. He is in daze before she hear Miyuki giggle looking at him.

Sayaka thought

I must be look like stupid, standing in there.

Miyuki : come in, please make yourself at home. (giggle)

Sayaka : ah.. shitsureishimasu…

Miyuki : please sit down and make yourself at home.

Sayaka and Miyuki then practice their line together, since each of them are professional, they somehow have memorize all the script already, and they don’t find any difficulties, until when in the drama two of them started to date each other and have a quite romantic scene. Sayaka find it is very difficult for him to stay on his logic, his heart beating very fast because of the closeness, he need to close their gap by faking kissing her, and the sweet smell  from Miyuki didn’t help at all.

Sayaka hand is trembeling as he touch Miyuki shoulder, this shouldn’t be happened because in the main character are the person with very high confident, and he need to kiss her confidently, as in the woman in the drama is the shy one.  Right now on the contrary of that, Sayaka can’t help himself from  this feeling. This is really the first time, he been this close with Miyuki.

Sayaka : urgghh.. I am sorry, but I can’t!!

Miyuki then opened her eyes and look at Sayaka again. She give him a smile and telling him that it is okay to redo the scene. But Sayaka doesn’t miss a hint of disappointed from Miyuki eyes. He wondered why, may be because of his lack of acting..

Sayaka : I am really sorry

Miyuki : it is okay, but I  never know the lady killer like you will be nervous when kissing a girl.

Sayaka : lady killer? who? me?

Miyuki : yes, most of the article and show called you with that name. don’t you know that? because you are the only boy from your band who doesn’t show interest in any certain girl. Rumors said that you have been dating a lot of girls, and never really into them.

Sayaka : that.. that not true! I never date any girl. The management just make up story that I have been dating before. They said that I have some kind of bad boy image.

Miyuki : Really?! so… you never fall in love with somebody?

Sayaka : un.. so.. I am sorry, I don’t really know how to imply myself in that situation.

Miyuki : well let’s practice, shall we?

Sayaka : practice?

Miyuki then come closer and hug Sayaka. Her action make Sayaka surprised, he doesn’t know what to do until he decided to hug her.

Sayaka POV

what should I do.?! what should I do?! Oh my god!! she is so close to me, and I can feel her warm body on me, her smell are so nice, should I hugged her too?

as I try to hug her back, somehow I feel relax. just until now, I feel like my heart and mind are going to explode. but as soon as I hug her, I have a mixed feeling, I feel calm and peace. I … feel happy 

end of pov

 Miyuki then withdraw herself and look at Sayaka, she give him, her sweet smile before giggle again

Miyuki : so, do you feel relax now?

Sayaka : un… but I don’t think I can do the kissing scene now…. I think we should end the training, I a bit tired.

Miyuki : it is okay, take your time, we still have three more weeks before the kissing scene take part. beside, I need to prepare for another job, I will have a photo shot today.

Sayaka : this late?

Miyuki : un, we need to take the night scenery

Sayaka : souka, be careful not to overdo yourself, Miyuki san.

Miyuki : un, I will

As Sayaka is ready to leave, Miyuki stopped him.

Miyuki : Say… Sayaka kun…

Sayaka : nani?

Miyuki is a bit nervous and she blushed a bit which made Sayaka think that she is really cute.

Miyuki : I just wondering… what do you think of me… ah.. nandemonai… just forget about what I talked about just now.

Sayaka : it is okay, to tell you the truth I also don’t know, I think I admired you. You really have a great talent on acting, and you act very professional. I don’t know how you are able to do it, but you really make my heart beat so hard just know with your act, when we practice that kissing scene.

There is a awkward pause between them. As Sayaka curse himself, how come he said that kind of thing, since they are not even a couple. They are just a friend who work together. Sayaka has his face very red, but he doesn’t notice that Miyuki also have a red face, she is flustered of what he said, before she try to regain her composure and smile sweetly at Sayaka.

Miyuki : thank you…

and before Miyuki close her door, she called Sayaka one more time, she give him a kiss on his cheek before whisper to him

Miyuki : although part of it, I really mean it.


Sayaka is in high spirit in this past week, and after their concert end, it is his time to focus with his drama with Miyuki. He read the script again,  he is at his dorm right now, along with Jun and Yui. Yuuma have another recording with Kashiwagi Yuki, one of the top singer in Japan right now.  As Yui is reading some books, Jun is watching the television. As he change the channel,  one of the news caught Sayaka’s attention.

Watanabe Miyuki has been spotted go out with Kinoshita Momo, they are spotted to met in the fine restaurant after the photo shot two weeks ago, and there are photos of them hugging each other before they went to their own separate way. Moreover Kinoshita Momo declare that he will have Miyuki as his lover. They looks like a perfect couple for this year.

Jun : woah.. they look good on each other, don’t you think so Yui, Sayaka?

Sayaka : I am going to have a little walk before I go to shot the drama today.

Yui : that is one scary face for you.

Jun : nee Yui, what happened with Sayaka today? He seems very pissed of something. Did I miss something?

Yui : well, I guess that Baka will realize something soon (smirk)

Jun : Huh? what do you mean?

Yui : ara… looks it is time for me to pick Haruka. I will be going first.

Jun : Yui han!! don’t leave me hanging like that, I also want to know what happened with Sayaka (pout)


Sayaka didn’t really want to met Miyuki right now, after he hear about the news, he have a mixed feeling, he feel angry, disappointed, and sad.  But what can he said, as on today schedule they will meet each other due to work circumstance. They are having some photo shot and interview to promote their new film.

The whole photo shot is a hell for him, as he need to have close skin ship with certain girl, to make worse, his heart can’t stopped beating so fast, it make him feel really nervous, his whole body feel tense and the photographer need to redo things because he been acting very awkward.

“Yamamoto san, this is not good. I really need your cooperation, please relax your muscle. We will have a break first. After this we will continue the photo shot. ”

Sayaka : hai.. I am sorry, I will.

Sayaka then go back to his room, not knowing that somebody have followed him from behind.  Sayaka now is in the deep thought, he began to talk to himself, as he feeling really frustrated.

Sayaka : sigh… what happened to me?!  This is so wrong! I hate this feeling… what have you done to me Watanabe Miyuki…

“what have I done?”

Sayaka surprised of what he hear, Watanabe Miyuki is now standing not far from the door. Her hand is folded, looking straight at Sayaka.

Sayaka : no.. nothing… what are you doing here? I thought we have our free time now?

Miyuki : hm… yes we do have our free time, and why? Can’t I come to your room?

Sayaka : no, that not the problem here, but… people will start gossiping about us…

Miyuki : what wrong with that? I am fine with it.

Sayaka : what?! … souka, so you are fine with whatever man huh?

Miyuki : what do you mean?

Miyuki then come closer and now standing in from of him. They have staring contest, and Sayaka feel Miyuki feel hurt by what he has said. But, as he also feel hurt inside, he need to clarify things with her, or not he won’t be able to work properly. As he can’t stand it anymore, he blur out what he has been thinking.

Sayaka : aren’t you dating with Kinoshita Momo san?  and now you said you are okay with everybody think us as couple? That is wrong!

Sayaka can’t help it when he said the last word with a bit higher tone, but as Sayaka finish his word, he feel surprise, that tears are falling from Miyuki eyes. Miyuki quickly wipe her tears away, and walk away from him.


Sayaka is back from his work early, as they canceled the photo shot, since Miyuki said that she feel sick, the photographer also agree since he said he need to prepare few thing and fix some of his theme for them.

As he come back to their dorm, there is no body expect Yui. He is reading a book, and without closing his book he talk to now sulking Sayaka. Between all of them, Sayaka always find Yui a better companion than other members. He doesn’t know why, but he feel like he can trust Yui every time he have problems or secret he need to share with.

Yui : so what happened to you? Mind to tell me few things? I am all ear.

Sayaka : well… I don’t know either. Now, I hate myself.

Yui : with many other girls and boys dream to dating and be like you? (chuckle) you need to feel more grateful you know. The great Yamamoto Sayaka is now facing a dilemma?

Sayaka : quiet mocking me (sigh) I don’t understand girl and I hate myself for being a jerk.

Yui : well, sometimes, boys do something stupid. But that doesn’t mean that we are being a jerk here, you just become a jerk if you let the thing hanging  and run away from the problem. Haruka sometimes mad at me too, but I never let her mad at me for too long. Girls can be difficult, they have different mindset from us boys, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t understand them, we just need to try.

Sayaka : … and how if the situation is not as what we expected? I am afraid of rejection Yui, and now I am hated I don’t think I deserve for her.

Yui : well, why don’t you trust your gut? You know what? Girls like to give hints to people they love.

Sayaka : you know what Yui? Thanks a lot. Now I fell better after talking to you.


Miyuki didn’t believe of what she has see. God must hate herself so much. Now, standing in front of her door is none other than Kinoshita Momo. The last person she wish to see. Smiling proudly as usual, he try come inside even without Miyuki invite him to. He then sit in her sofa and putting the banquet to the table.

Miyuki : Kinoshita kun, what bring you here?

Momo : I heard from you manager that you finish your job, and doesn’t feel well. So.. I bring you some fruits and flowers.

Miyuki : that so nice of you. Thank you, you are so kind.

Momo : I know, you don’t have to thank me for that babe, that is what I must to for you.

Miyuki try to ignore what she just heard about, by trying to find another excuse. And she is giving a mental note to punish her manager later on.

Miyuki : ara.. but I am so sorry, I have another plan for today. I do feel a bit tired, but I have promise a friend to go out today.

Momo : who is that?

Miyuki : that… (God, anybody..please help me…)

As giving an answer of what Miyuki been prying of. There is a bell sound, and Miyuki go to open the door. To her surprise, Sayaka is now standing in front of her door.

Sayaka : eh.. hi… I know this is so sudden, but do you mind if we have a dinner together tonight? I…

Before Sayaka finish his word, he see Momo inside Miyuki’s apartment.

Sayaka : ah.. I am sorry if I interrupt your time together. I will take my leave now.

But, to his surprise, Miyuki held his hand and they eyes met for a moment. Sayaka really believe that Miyuki seems troubled. Should he trust his gust?

Sayaka : Miyuki, what wrong?

Miyuki : Kinoshita san just visit me because he think that I am sick. Don’t tell me you are forget about our date.

Momo : da… date?!

Miyuki then giving a hint for Sayaka to play along. Miyuki then held Sayaka hand lovingly.

Miyuki : that right, today I having a date with Yamamoto Sayaka san. I didn’t tell my manager about this.

Sayaka : yes right, we are planning to have a dinner together.

Sayaka also round his hand around Miyuki’s shoulder. He looks like her boyfriend now.

Momo : well, mind if I join you guys? I also haven’t eat dinner yet.

Sayaka : no you can’t. I am sorry, but I just booked for two people. Miyuki, please prepare yourself, I will waiting for you. Now if you excuse us.

Sayaka and Momo having a staring contest at each other, they looks like ready to fight in any minute, and as if Momo still want to declare that he still have a chance with Miyuki and provoke Sayaka. He held Miyuki hand and kiss her hand gently.

Momo : fine, please contact me again babe. It a fun night back then. (smile sweetly at Miyuki)

As Momo is leaving, the room fill with silent again. Things been awkward between them, and with this, Sayaka doesn’t know where to start. His mind feel in complicated things.

Miyuki : ano… Sayaka kun… there is nothing between me and Kinoshita san. We are just a mere friend, nothing more. So… Sayaka kun, tell me what are actually purpose to come here? Does that just for asking me for dinner?

Sayaka POV

As if she know what am I thinking about. She just explain things for me even without I asking about things between them. Does this mean it is okay for me to stay with her? Think Sayaka! Think! Like Yui said, maybe… maybe she is giving me a hint?
And I also own her a sorry,  I have made her cry and I hate to admit it, but yes. I feel jealous, by seeing them together really make my heart boil so much. it bring pain to my heart. I confirm my feeling once again, thanks to this incident. Now, I am sure that I love this girl.  She asking me as if she is waiting for me to say it.

Stupid me, for denying my feeling for her. I bring pain not for myself but to her as well.

End of POV

Sayaka : Miyuki san, I come here to ask for forgiveness.

Miyuki : of what?

Sayaka : for judging you having a relationship with Kinoshita san,saying awful thing and I am sorry for yelling at you back then.

Miyuki : do you have anything to say anymore?

Sayaka : I… yes, I do.

Sayaka thought

Now or never, I must tell her. This is my chance, I am just stupid not to realise thing sooner.

Sayaka then move closer to Miyuki, and place both of his hand on her shoulder. He is looking at her eyes and he can see that Miyuki is still waiting for him to say it.

Sayaka : I love you, Watanabe Miyuki. Will you be my girlfriend?

Miyuki smile brightly and throwing herself to Sayaka, hugging him. There a tear form in her eyes, but Sayaka believe that is a happy tear. He wipe away her tears gently, and slowly closing the gap between them. They started with a gentle kiss, before Miyuki try to tease him by asking for access to his mouth, Sayaka soon giving her the access, and they kiss become more and more bolder, as Sayaka pinned her in the wall and Miyuki is trying to make their gap closer by hugging him by neck. They kiss until they run out of air, both are looking at each other still attaching their head together.

Sayaka : say..Miyuki..I haven’t got my answer yet.

Miyuki : I love you too, Sayaka kun.

The end  :cow:

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Mayuki : Beetween Me and My Childhood Friend

“There is new girl in our class, did you know that?”

Yuuma just hummed with his usual bored expression. while Jun talk to him with his beaming eyes excitedly.

Yuuma : so..? what about this beautiful girl that just transfer to your class?

Jun : how do you know that the new transfer student is a girl and more over she is a beauty?!

Yuuma raise his one eyebrow and look at Jun with smile on his face. He just shake his head and continue to look at his phone again. It is lunch break after all. Everybody in the school know Jun for being “over friendly” to girl especially a beauty. He is a lady killer after all. Many of his so called girlfriend even doesn’t mind he dating a lot of girls.

Jun : ah.. man, you are not fun at all. I wish to give you some surprise but you totally doesn’t get any interst on this girl don’t ya? Even though she is from the same hometown with you. Ah.. speak of the devil, there she is.

Yuuma just hummed again doesn’t even bother to look at the girl. This make Jun feel irritated a bit. He grab Yuuma phone by force and his action success to make Yuuma look at him with annoyed face.

Yuuma : Seriously, Jun. don’t you have another thing to do? Like may be go to be friendly to that new student?

Jun : well, I am planning to do that. But, I am just curious do you know about this girl or not. Since she is from the same town when you are a child. She even said that she live in the same neighborhood.

Yuuma just sigh, and look at the so called new student. Right now they are at the cafeteria, and there are a lot of student, since it is lunch break. But it is not hard to see the so called new student. Oddly, many student are giving some space to her.

The girl giving some princess vibes, she has a long black hair, and her big almond eyes really suit her face, as Yuuma is busy looking at her, their eyes meet briefly. That when the girl have the best shock reaction Yuuma ever see or so he think.

Yuuma POV
Hm.. those reaction, I wonder when I ever see that kind of reaction. I think this is not the first time I saw one. Huh?! She coming to this direction. Ah… this must be because of Jun. Then, she will be another Jun so called girlfriend. Then I guess I just need to leave, I do hate people attention.

End of POV

As Yuuma about to leave, a gently hand hold his jacket. This make Yuuma look at the one that hold him. To his surprise the one that hold his jacket is the new transfer student. She bit her lips, before giving a shy smile looking at Yuuma.

Yuuma swear he could feel many boys stare at them, and their stare are now making really make a good hole through his body. Some of them also whispering and do some punching gesture. Yuuma try to look calm and giving her, his usual cyborg face.

“Ummm… Watanabe Yuuma right?”

Yuuma : yes, that me. (ignore the stare…. Ignore the stare….)

“ano… do you remember about me? I am your childhood friend back on Kagoshima. We used to play together.”

There is a long silent around them, and Yuuma look closely at the girl. This make the girl look down trying to hide her blushing face, and that make Yuuma could not see her face at all. Her action make Yuuma come closer and lift her chin, on the second their eyes meet again. The girl give a shock expression again, and move backward.

Yuuma : no way… Yukirin..?!

The so called Yukirin girl, smile and her eyes beam with happiness, and there are loud riot from the boys and also from girls. Feeling more eyes on them, make Yuuma become more uncomfortable. He then grab the girl hand leaving the cafeteria. They then arrive at the roof top.

Yuuma : sigh… finally we are alone here. It really was you, Yukirin.

Yuki : mouu.!! even though I recognize you for the first time we meet.

Yuuma : I am sorry, look I never know that you have become this beautiful. I barely recognize you at all.

Yuki is now blushing, and as Yuuma just realize what he has said, and that also make him feel shy suddenly. There are a long silent between them, before Yuuma started to talked again.

Yuuma : ano..Yukirin, what make you move to this town? It is weird for people to move in the middle of the term like this.

Yuki : well,my father got promoted to the Tokyo, and my father decided that everyone need to move to Tokyo with him.

Yuuma : I see, but no problem, you will be alright. If there anything you need for help I will gladly helping you.

Yuki : really? I am so glad that I am in the same school with you Yuuma kun. At first I really sad that I need to leave my friend and home back at Kagoshima but now I am so happy.

Yuki is now holding Yuuma hand flashing an angelic smile, and that brief contact and make Yuuma success to beats faster. Luckily, He manage to cover it with his cyborg face though. Their moment are disturb by the ringing bell, and Yuuma prepare to go down back to their class, but before Yuuma exit the roof top, Yuki held his hand and tilting her head to the left a bit.

Yuki : nee…Yuuma kun, do you mind if we go home together later?


It been a month since Yuki move to Tokyo, and this whole week, Yuuma has been accompany Yuki back to her house. Many people envy him, even Jun tease him. As he seem to have Yuki all for himself. This make Yuuma a bit irritated as he always excuse himself as his childhood friend, but as for Yuki, she doesn’t really mind what people said about them, since she have a crush at him for a long time.

On the way home today, they have a small conversation.

Yuki : you know Yuuma, for the school festival, our class will have a play. It is about snow white.

Yuuma : hm… our class doesn’t do any of that, we just have normal café. So, what role are you playing at?

Yuki : the class choose me as the princess, and Jun as the prince.

Yuuma stopped for a while after hearing the news. Snow white story where at the end of the show there will be a kissing scene.

Yuki : I already try to refuse it, but because it come with the highest votes, I could not do anything about it. Yuuma kun… are you listening?

Yuuma : hmm… I see

Yuki : so, for this two weeks before the festival, I need to stay at the school late. It is okay if you want to go home first, Yuuma kun.

Yuuma : … alright.

Yuki is a bit disappointed about Yuuma reaction. She hope for more reaction come from Yuuma, but it seems like Yuuma just being his usual self. But, unknown for Yuki, actually Yuuma is on quiet shocked, imagine that Jun will manage to kiss Yuki. This is the first time Yuuma feeling this kind of jealousy, and he hate it so much since both Yuki and Jun is his dear friend.

Yuki : ano… Yuuma, the day before the play, could you come to my house? Could you help me for the play? You just need to read the script.

Yuuma : alright, I will help you, and for these whole week, actually I don’t mind waiting for you. After all, I don’t have anything to do after school, so it is the same for me to come home earlier or not.

Yuki : really?! Yuuma kun, you will wait for me? yatta!! I am so happy, Yuuma kun arigatou.

Jun : you know Yuuma, if there is something you want to say to me just said it already. I really hate it when you give me that kind of poker face every day, and stop giving me that dark kind of aura. (stealing Yuuma’s karage)

Yuuma : hm..? What are you thinking about? I am just in my usual self, don’t you dare to take a bite of that Karage. (Take back his karage)

Jun : give me just a bite will ya? I really miss your mother cooking, especially the Karage. It is so delicious.

Yuuma : not a chance, not for Karage.

Jun : cheap stake.

Yuuma just continue eating. Being his friend for a long time, Jun know that there is thing that Yuuma would never share to anybody. Everything that he consider as his most favorite. Any begging will have no use, since Yuuma has zero consideration at all.

Jun : you know Yuuma, about the play there will be a scene where I will kiss Yuki in front of other people.

Yuuma : that just a faking right. Why do you tell me this?

Jun : well, our class want to have more vote on our class play, so they told us that the kiss need to real. It will just a quick peck through.

Yuuma : why… why are you telling me this? It has nothing to do with me.

Yuuma then leaving the cafeteria, leaving Jun alone in there. Jun just looking at his friend back, before taking a deep breath.

Jun : … what a stubborn friend I have here. What should I do to make you realize about your true feeling, Yuuma….


The night before the play, Yuuma agree to come to Yuki house and help her with her role.

Yuuma : ojamashimasu.

Yuki : don’t need to be so formal, it is just you and me. My mother is at my grandparent house, since my grandmother is sick, and my father have a late shift.

Yuuma : souka…

Yuki : ah, Yuuma kun, please go straight to my room, I will prepare some tea first.

Feeling bored, Yuuma around at Yuki’s room, and his eyes catch one frame. It was him and Yuki back then in Kagoshima. The picture was take when they were playing at the garden, he touch the frame and smiling thinking back then when they were so young and no need to think about what other people think or say. His trail of thought is disturbed by Yuki voice.

Yuki : ah, Yuuma. I just found that old photo, so I decided to frame it.

Yuuma : yes, little Yuki was so cute back then, too bad, now that the cuteness was gone. (smile teasingly)

Yuki : mouu!! Yuuma kun, stop teasing me (pout), now shall we practice? ah.. I think I leave the script below. Wait here nee..

As Yuki go down again, Yuuma sit at the bed and sigh.

Yuuma : too bad that you turn to be so beautiful..


As they begin to practice, they come to the climax, as the snow white Yuki now pretend going on the deep sleep surround by seven cute plushie,  Yuuma sit beside the bed and looking at Yuki, amaze by her lovely face.

Yuuma : She’s so lovely…. I’d love to kiss her.

As Yuuma come closer, Yuki heart also pounding so hard. She could feel that Yuuma’s breath and she know that he is so close to her. This may be too much for her to bear, as her sleeping face is some some nervousness, as Yuuma think that she is uncomfortable being so close with him.

Yuuma then move back and Yuki opened her eyes, Yuuma smile at her.

Yuki : Yuuma, I…

Yuuma : Snow white, will you to marry me, and live at the caste with me?

Yuki : I …would love to, I love you.. my prince.

Yuuma then close the script and look at Yuki, he smile at her and pat her head.

Yuuma : you will be alright for tomorrow, just get some rest for tomorrow.

Yuki : un, thank you Yuuma kun.

Yuuma : you are welcome, anything for my childhood friend after all.

Yuki :… nee… Yuuma kun, what do you think about me? Do you see me as just a childhood friend?

Dumbfounded by Yuki question, Yuuma try to rummage his thought to find the right answer. What is Yuki for him? Is it really just a mere childhood friend?

Yuuma : well, for me you are not just a mere childhood friend… for me you are very important person like my family.

Yuki heartbroken when she hear the answer. Yuki fall in love with Yuuma, and she have been holding these feeling for so long, and it pain her to know that her feeling that Yuuma have is not the same as hers. She been trying hard this days to let Yuuma notice her feeling or at least make Yuuma have the same feeling at her.

Sensing something off with Yuki, he held her face and look at her eyes gently. His action make Yuki couldn’t stop her tears any longer, she cover her face and move back.

Yuuma : Yuki.. did I upset you? I..

Yuki :.. no, its nothing. I am fine, don’t worry about me. I am sorry, tears just suddenly flow. Please forget what you saw just now.

Yuuma : but I,…

Yuki : just go Yuuma kun, Its late already. I am fine.

There is silent awkward between them, as Yuuma still stand there, even though Yuki have push him toward the exit.

Yuuma : no, I won’t leave until you tell me what happened. If I make you upset, I am sorry Yuki. Please tell me,why you are crying.

Yuki : … Yuuma, why you make things so hard. Please leave..

Yuuma : no. not until you tell me what happened.

Yuki : ..I.. I love you. But, I know that you just see me as childhood friend nothing more than that, that’s why… please forget everything. I don’t want us to be a stranger.

Yuuma : Yuki listen to me.

Yuki : yadda!! Yuuma kun, please just go.

Yuki doesn’t want to listen what Yuuma say, as she close her eyes and cover her ears. Yuuma try to face her and make her listen, but no use. Yuki doesn’t even budge to listen, and tears started to fall again from her eyes.

Yuuma thought
“The truth is, I am not sure what should I do. I hate this kind of feeling. If only I could be more honest to you Yuki…” you won’t be hurt like this.

Yuuma then do something unthinkable, Yuuma kiss Yuki, his action make Yuki shocked and look at Yuuma with her big shocked eyes. Their eyes meet and this time, Yuuma is holding both of Yuki hand, preventing her for cover her ears again.

Yuuma : Yuki, listen to me. I am sorry, the truth is that I have love you, but I am afraid that I am too confident, and full of myself, if someone that is so beautiful, kind, smart, and outgoing like someone like me. That why, I said something like that. I am sorry.
Yuki : baka Yuuma. You are the smartest in the school, and yet you are so dense about my feeling.

Yuuma : I know right, I am stupidly in love with you, Kashiwagi Yuki.

-The end-
Title: Re: An Old Story To Tell
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It been long time after the Chapter 1 - 3, and this time I try to continue this fanfic.
The Chapter 1-3 of this stories might be mixed with other OS, sorry about that. I don't think I manage to make too many off side story for that many before continue this story.  Anyway enjoy.

Chapter 4 : Awaken of the Devil

Atsuko finally come to the Human Gate, with Tora help she manage to go faster.  It is midnight already, but Atsuko doesn’t give up. She try to look at the clue on the Human Gate, but the Gate doesn’t show any word or any clue left. There also no single student left on the school ground.

Disappointment engulf herself, as she doesn’t know what to do. She has been so confident this morning that she will passed the test and make her grandmother proud of her. She even made friend already. If only she doesn’t choose to pass the forest, despite knowing that the forest is dangerous.

Atsuko POV

What to do… I know I passed the time limit already, and failed already. There no single clue left on the gate, and there no other person left on the gate.

I should have just go home. Aunt Gumi might be worried about me if I don’t come back sooner. After all, she now should be aware that I have failed the test. I just need to try harder next time…. maybe I am not capable at all to join the school yet.

Too many thing happened in one day, meeting new friend, kidnapped by the weird girl, and that dream… why it is feel so real. I.. don’t know why.. but my heart keep telling me to not give up.  Why do I keep feeling that I must go inside this time, and there no other time.

I wonder what is this weird feeling… I could feel my head hurting again.

End of POV.

Atsuko touch her head, as she could feel her head hurting and her heart pounding so hard. She feel enormous mixed feeling and could not control her emotions. She look at the Gate again, and the tears started to flow from her brunette eyes. There is constant voice that keep whispering to her to come closer to the gate.

Atsuko feel unconscious for a moment before she get up and as if being in trance, Atsuko come closer and then she touch the gate while chanting inaudible spell and her magic began to flow through the gate.  Suddenly there is magic circle appear on the front of the Gate and the Gate react and glow brightly,  and her action make not only Human Gate, but also the other gates react. The Gates glow brightly and illuminated the whole town.

Atsuko finally realize her action and with her hand still on the gate, her magic being drained by the gate. She try to cancel the magic spell, but the she is not able to break the magic circle. Gradually, Atsuko could feel her body become weaker and when she feel like she on the bright of fainted, she is able to release her hand from the gate, and the gate open.

Atsuko fall down feeling really worn out, but seeing the gate open in front of her, make her feel excited. She must be passed the test and that make her the last student that do the test she thought of herself.

After drinking a recovery potion she brought, she manage to stand up but when she try to pass through the Gate, but a strong barrier thrust her hard and make her fall down.

An antique doll suddenly appear in front of Atsuko, and cast a detection magic into her. The doll appearance look old and tattered, but it can't hide the horror emitted from all over the its wooden body. The doll move its head left and right as if thinking of something while its hand point to Atsuko.

The doll then jump high enough and its wooden hand turn into knife ready to stab Atsuko to death. Atsuko manage to move barely only to escape the knife, she then force herself to cast small fire to defend herself, which make the doll jump back.

Atsuko is at her limit, as her magic already drained and she doesn’t have enough time to recover her magic. She only have small amount of magic left. She looks anxiously at the puppet which judging from its movement is ready to strike back. She knows with her limit, she must finish the doll with her attack this time, or else she will be in great danger or even death. 

This time the doll charged from the front, and Atsuko cast out a large enough fireball to attack it. However, apparently the doll quickly stepped back and managed to jump and dodge the fireball. The doll manage to pinned Atsuko and injured her. She got stabbed on the stomach and hardly breathing due to fatigue and bleeding.  The Doll began to chant some ancient magic circle toward Atsuko.

But before the magic circle activated, a golem come and punch the doll and save Atsuko. It is Oshima Yuu who is arrive in the scene, and manage to help Atsuko right before the doll finished Atsuko. Looking at Atsuko condition, Yuu instruct the golem to go inside the school to get some help. The Doll try to attack the golem that holding Atsuko and prevent her to go inside the school, but
Yuu create bigger golem and held the doll from moving anywhere close to Atsuko.

The golem manage to go inside the school, and after seeing Atsuko already inside the school. The doll then let out huge scream, and create strong explosion to blast the golem that holding it. The Doll then withdraw and escape.


On the other place inside the school, a statue started to crack and inside there a man that slowly started to awake leaving that place.

--End of Chapter 4--