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Title: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Yuiparu Finale
Post by: sadrilim on March 06, 2015, 04:49:50 AM
Ok, this is my another fanfic. Sorry for the bad english
Enjoy ~ i try to change my writing style a bit.

"Hey did you hear, there will be a transfer student. And I hear she is a hot babe."


"Hoyy!! I am talking to you, takamidget!"

The boy who is being called takamidget glare at his friend. He is really sensitive about his height.

Takahashi Minami, young boy with blonde hair, a bit short and quiet handsome, good at fighting. He is looks like a bad baddas but, actually he is a good student. And rarely get into any fight.

"Hehe.. sorry, its because you didn't give any respond. I think you imagine something nice?"

"Well I am not like you, a pervent." Minami talk back.

"I am not! I just like to see the beauties. Yep! God almighty creatures. Ahh..~"

Takamina just sigh at his friend behavior. Aoshima Yuu. A friendly boy. Who also a short one. But a bit higher than Takamina, he is handsome, and due to his behavior many girls fall in love with him, he always get into fight with somebody boyfriend. Not because he is a playboy, but because of he really can make many girls fall for him.

"You know what takamidget. I actually started to believe that you are a gay. How come you don't like to talk about sexy girl at all?", yuu said.

"I just don't like to talk about random girl. They just a bunch of stupid girl, especially your fangirl. " Takamina said looking at the girls in their class.

"I wonder will you ever get a girlfriend like this.", yuu said as he close his eyes and sigh.

"I just don't want to rush a thing. Ok? How about you? Act like ikemen one. But why don't you date any body? ", kai retord.

"My heart just for my Nyan Nyan you know that." As Yuu said that, he smile bitterly.

"Just forget about that girl. You don't even know her real name. "

Before Yuu answered. Their teacher come along with the transfer student.

"Wow! She is hot!"

"What a beauty"

"I wonder if she have a boyfriend or not."

All the male student whisper and make some noise.

Until the teacher tell them to be quiet and make the transfer student introduce herself.

My name is Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you all. I hope we can be friend.

Sensei : "Ok Maeda san, Well, you may sit beside.."

Beside me! Oshima Yuu answered.

Sensei : "Ehm.. You may sit beside Takahashi Minami. I DONT WANT ANY HARASSMENT TO NEW STUDENT FROM YOU AOSHIMA."

"EHH? But I never harras any body sensei. It called skinship. Yep!"

All the student laugh at Yuu answer.

Takamina didn't paid any attention. So he didn't know that  Maeda sit beside him.

Sensei : "Takahashi san.. Takahashi?? Erm.. TAKAHASHI!!"

"Eh? Hai sensei?" He quickly stand up and that's when his eyes met with Maeda's eyes.

Takahashi thought (Wow! What a beautiful eyes. Those brunnete eyes. Makes me very calm somehow..)

Atsuko then flash an angelic smile to him. And somehow make Takamina blushed.

Atsuko then walked and sit beside him.

Atsuko : "Nice to meet you, Takahashi san. I hope we can be a friend."

"S.. sure. Ni.. ce to met you, erm.."

"Maeda Atsuko desu~. You can call me Acchan though". Atsuko flashed him her angelic smile again.

It make Takamina blushed. He then decided to focus on the lesson.

After lesson

Many student come to Maeda desk and ask her many question. She looked a bit uncomfortable, so Takamina try to help. He then stand up and glaring at them told them to be quite. And its work.

If Aoshima Yuu are famous of his friendly behavior, Takahashi Minami is famous of his cold behavior.  Plus his yankee style really make people scared.

When he decided to leave his desk. Atsuko held his hand gently and said to him Thank You.

Somehow it really make Takamina heart skipped.

Takahashi : "Umn.. no problem. Its looks like you are in trouble with that many question through. And I dont like many people around me."

Maeda : "Say..  would you like to accompany me to look around the school? "

Before Takamina answered. Yuu appeared behind them.

"THAT WOULD BE OUR PLEASURE!!", Yuu said with smile in his face.

"I am glad that Takamina finally talked to a girl." Yuu faked his tears.

"Shut up Yuu". Takamina then glared at Yuu with the look I gonna kill you later looks.

Atsuko then giggle and make the two boy look at her.

Beautiful.. Takamina murmured. But it didn't missed by Yuu.

"Well.. well. Look at the time, I need to go to the cafetaria. I have a date with girls. I will leave Maeda to you then Takamina". With futher ado, Yuu leave them alone.

Takamina then accompany Atsuko to look around the school. After that, they decided to back to class.  In the middle of their trip, there is wind blow and Atsuko notice there is a scar at Takamina head. It covered by his bang so people rarely notice it. Atsuko then asked something
"Anoo.. Takahashi san, what happend with your head. I can see a scar in there."

"Oo.. this scar I get when I am small, I fall down from a tree at the park near my house."

Maeda : "Hmm.. Did you by any chance have a sister? "

Takahashi : "Yeaah.. Takahashi Mai. People call her Mai mai though. Why do you ask? Did you know my sister?"

"Hm.. it is secret. " Atsuko then thank him for the tour and kiss his cheek as thanks to accompany her.

At night
Takahashi resident
Its already 9 pm, but Takamina not yet sleep. He is very happy today. And he still remembered Atsuko smile and her kiss.

So he decided to have some walk. Plus his stomatch is growled asking for food.

He then went to buy some food in minimarket near his house. When he want to go back. He heard a faint scream in the ally. It is dark and normally people will not go there.

He then decided to walk to the ally. To his suprised, he see four men sorround one girl. Even though it is dark, there still a dimp light so he can see them. And that girl is Atsuko. One of them pinned her down and one of them close her mouth. One of them started to ripped her upper cloth.

Takamina really angry. He run towards them and started to punch the four of them. The fight is quite fierce but Takamina didn't back down. He dodge the punch and the kick and counter the attack. One of the man then grab the iron stick and aim it to Takamina head. But Takamina didn't see through it. And it hit him a bit. His head started to bleed. But it didn't make Takamina back down. He glare at the man who hit him and started to punch him. The man was down one by one and lastly they run away.

Takamina is very tired and his vision is a bit blurry. But he need to check on Atsuko first.

At.. Acchan are you alright?

Atsuko is crying and trembelling. She is very afraid and barely can moved. Seeing this make Takamina heart hurt. He then decided to cover her body with his jacket and when their eyes met. Atsuko quickly hug him tightly. She hide her faced on Takamina chest and start to sobbing.

It alright Acchan, you are save now. I will protect you. I promised Acchan. He then lift Atsuko face to see her face. He gently touch her cheek and removed her tears. Atsuko is still sobbing, so Takamina then kiss her forehead. And start to gently rub her back. This action make Atsuko a bit calm. But then she see Takamina head, she become panic again. His head is still bleeding. But Takamina assurred her that he is fine. It just a scratch.

Takamina then accompany her to her house. Atsuko then lead him to sit in the sofa and she left to take the medical kit.

Takamina notice it is very quite and looks like there is no body at home. Not long after that Atsuko come back.

She then started to patch his wound with bandage. Takamina notice some bruise at Atsuko hand, so he gently take her hand and rubbed it.

Atsuko just stare at him. They went silent like that for the moment. Until Atsuko broke the silent.

"Thank you Minami, you save me again.  And I troubled you again." She then touch Takamina wound.

Takamina thought : (again? What that mean? Did she mean about this morning?)

Takamina just shook his head and said "it is not your fault Acchan. But promise me not to pass that dark ally again.  Btw, where are your parents? I didn't see them. You shouldn't go alone Acchan."

Acchan : "They rarely at home, they love to travel. Right now i am alone in this house, ..."

Hear this make Takamina sigh. "Well, next time if you are alone and want to go out, let me know ok? I will go to accompany you."

Acchan : "Ehh? No.. I don't want to be burden for you.. "

"Acchan, you are not a burden... you.. "

Atsuko look straightly to his eyes, and make Takamina stunned. He forget what to say. And his body move closer to Atsuko and then he seal it with a kiss.

Atsuko thought :
(I dont know what had happend. But when I see his eyes, those serious eyes make me relieve, calm. And when his lip touch mine, I feel butterfly in my stomatch. My heart beating so fast. His kiss is so gentle and when I kiss him back, his depend the kiss. Somehow I really like it. I want more...)

Mi..mina.mi, Atsuko said in the middle of the kiss. She then wrap her arm around Takamina neck. And somehow hearing Atsuko said his name with a moan,  make Takamina really happy. He then break the kiss and hug Atsuko tightly.

Takahashi : "I know we just met, but I want to say, I love you Acchan. I like you. And I can't hide  my feeling anymore. Seeing you get hurt, break my heart so much. And I didn't want you to think I take the advantage from you Acchan. I willing to prove it to you, mu feeling  my love for you."

Atsuko just smile at Takamina word. Her face blusshed and you can say it is red. But she doesn't care. She then come closer to Takamina ear and say :
"I also like you Minami. I love you. From the first time we met. You may be forget but I like you since we are small Minami. "

Little Atsuko is visiting her grandma. She then decided to play at park near her grandma house. She enjoy the park and playing a swing, but suddenly There are group of boy disturb her, claiming the swings. But Atsuko refuse to leave because she still want to play. That time Atsuko is little chubby and wear a glasses. They forcefully take her glasses and throw it inside the pound near the park. And leave her alone. She just can cry.

That time little Minami come to park to play. He see little Atsuko crying and ask her what happend.
"Hey.. why are you crying?" 

"Hiks..hiks my glasses.. "Atsuko then point the pond where the glasses had been thrown.

"Ouhh.. Don't cry. I will get it for you. "He then take off his shoes and go inside the pound. But due to Minami height, it actually make him a bit difficult to take the glasses. But Minami didn't give up. He bend hiz body till he get Atsuko glasses. It make his whole body wet.

He then return the glasses to Atsuko. He help Atsuko to wear her glasses.  And wipe her tears.

"Stop crying nee.. what is your name?" My name is Takahashi Minami. People around me call me Takamina though.

Atsuko then thanks him. She notice there is a scar in his head.
Um.. you have a scar. What happend?

Ah! This scar? It because when I try to climb that tree. But then I am fall down and hurt my head. So it left some scar. Hehe..

Mai mai : "TAKAMINA!!! What happend with your cloths? It all wet! Mom gonna kill me for sure. I just tell you to go first, and what I get? Trouble!!"

Takahashi : "Whoaah!! Mai Nee chan calm down. I just helping her."

Mai mai :"We need to go back now! Mom will punish me for sure."

Takamina : "But.. Nee chan."

Mai mai "No but! Let's go back now!"

With that, Takamina leave the park. Leaving Atsuko alone.

End of flashback

"Hee??.. you are that chubby girl?! " Takamina said in suprise.

Well you can't blame him. Because Atsuko now became a beautifull girl. Now she doesn't wear any glasses and not a chubby girl anymore.

"Mouu..!! So you think I am fat back then? Hidoii, Minami." Atsuko then pout and she pretend to cry.

But her reaction make Minami really panic, he never interact with any girl. And he somehow even confuse from where he find this courage to kiss this girl.

Takamina " "Noo no no.. Atsuko you are beautiful even if you are fat.. eh.. I mean you are not fat. Urm.."

Seeing Minami reaction, she can't help but laugh at him.

Minami frown at her reaction. He didn't understand her at all. Notice he being teased, he then pout. "Acchan.. stop teasing me."

Atsuko then decided to kiss that pouting lip. "Hai! My lovely boyfriend."

Takamina can't help but feeling very happy. He then decided to get the third kiss.

"I love you.."
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: Haruko on March 06, 2015, 05:45:08 AM
cute fic... but what happen with yuu and nyanyan?
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: phoenix0i on March 06, 2015, 01:41:55 PM
Very cute fic. Maeda is somewhat chubby when she is still young.
Love Atsumina moments.
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: arawche079 on March 06, 2015, 02:41:39 PM
Yes what happend to nyan nyan and yuu...

Cool fic!!!!!!

Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: cisda83 on March 06, 2015, 07:35:41 PM
Ah... great OS again... but may be you can make a OS about KojiYuu here

Kai is like a knight that kept coming to Atsuko's rescue

Yeah.. AtsuKai together

Thank you for another lovely OS

Can't wait to see more

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Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: sadrilim on March 07, 2015, 05:25:41 AM
Well, I try to make KojiYuu.

You can say I continue the story from Kai acchan. But this part is kojiyuu one.

enjoy and sorry for the bad eng.

My Promise

"Kyaa.. Yuu kun, look over here."

"Yuu kun let's eat lunch together"

"Yuu kun want to hang out together?"

"Sorry guys I am busy. Later okay?"


"Sorry, I am busy..."


Ouch! The guy named Yuu looked at the person who hit him, Takahashi Minami.

Takamina : "I am not one of your fangirl okay!?"

Yuu : "But, you don't need to hit me this hard." Yuu said while rubbing his head.

Takamina : "Well, you seem in lost pal. Not like you usual, a happy go lucky guy."

Yuu just smile. They have been friend since small. And if one of them have trouble, they will try to help each other. And Yuu know he can trust his best friend.

Yuu : "Well you know what? I think I saw her yesterday."

Takamina : "You mean..that Nyan nyan girl?"

Yuu : "Yup! I saw her but... I am not sure."

Yuu pov
(I met Nyan nyan in the park. I am ten years old and I went to visit my granpa for my summer holiday. At that time, she trying to help a kitten that couldn't go down.  That time she manage to catch the cat. But in the end, she could not go down by herself. Because she climb it very high.
Well, what an airhead girl.  She began to cry because she didn' t see any body willing to help her.
That time there are no body in the park except the children playing in there. Seems that she didn't have any friend.

So, I go under the tree and ask her if see need a help.

Yuu : "Hey, lil girl.. are you okay? Need some help?"

The lil girl just nooded.

Yuu : "Okay! Let this awsome Yuu help you. "

So I began to climb the tree and held her. I ask her to held me tightly as I piggy back her. While i held her cat inside my cloth.

I carefully go down one step for another step. Until i step the ground, this lil girl still hold me tightly.  I find it cute through.

Yuu : "Hey.. lil girl. We are safe now. You can let go off me. "

"Umm.. Thank you", she then look at me with that puppy eyes. Well, big eyes, big ears, clumsy, just like a cat.

Yuu : "You are welcome Nyan nyan."

"Nya.. nyan nyan?" She titled her head as asking about the nickname I gave to her.

Yuu : "Yes! You just like a cat, so I will call you nyan nyan."

"Un.. i like it. Nyan nyan sound good." She then flash a smile to me. What is your name?

"I am the great Oshima Yuu. You can call me Yuu."

Un Yuu chan. Nice to meet you.

Because I need to go back to my hometown, we make a promise that every summer I will come and met her here in this park. So we can play and keep in touch. As a promise I give her a  squirrel key chain. Since my mom said I smile like squirrel may be it can remaind her about me. Hehe...

And since that day, every summer holiday I will go to my granpa house to play with this girl.  We became close friend until the third summer holiday.
I came as usuall. But I don't see her. I wait and wait until the sun set. But, I never see her again. I even didn't know where she live or what her real name. I am such a stupid.

It is too late to realize that I like that cat girl. I wait for her but I never see her. I come every summer but I never ser her again. So I stopped when I am 16 years old. I think I need to move on. But, I can't, not until I found her and ask her why she broke the promise.

Well, I see her wear  Majisuka gakuen uniform. I am not sure it is her or not. Since the girl I saw is such a beauty, with white skin, smooth skin, beauty lip, smooth hair, big eyes and big ears. Ahh~ not forget she have a nice oppaii!!


Ouch!! Can you stop hitting me? Gezz..

That to wake you up from your dirty mind. Majisuka gakuen...? I think Atsuko can help. She transfer from there right?

Heh! Look at you. A cold Takahashi Minami finally get himself a girlfriend. Not to mention a beauty. I though I will get married first or at least get my girlfriend first. And have my FIRST TIME. But now you surpass me pal. You surpass me the great Oshima Yuu.

Stop it Yuu. Ugghh.. Takamina feel embrassed. We not yet do that ok?! Not until we are married.

Do what? Atsuko appear from Takamina back. What are you talking about?

Aah! Acchan, Takamina is talking about se..hmpptt!!!

Before Yuu can talk the main topic, Takamina quickly close his mouth.

"No!! It is nothing Atsuko. Hehe.."
Btw, did you ever know a person with this criteria? Takamina then tell Atsuko about Nyan nyan charactetistic, but not about Yuu story.

"Yadaa! Even if I know who you talking about I don't want to tell you! Minami you can only see me. You tell me like you like this girl, you even mention about her oppai.Hiks..hiks.."
Atsuko started to cry.

What?! No.. no.. It is not for me but it is Yuu who want to met her. Believe me Atsuko I just have my eyes on you.

Note : our bakamina just told Atsuko the way Yuu talk about that girl.

Atsuko : "Really? Minami just love me?"

Takamina : "Yeah. Of course."

Minami then wipe Atsuko tears and unconsiously  want to close the gap between their lips, but ...

Yuu : "Awwh~ What a lovely couple. I wish I have one. Oh god, why my best friend is so cruel. Acting lovely dovey around me. Who is still single? "

The Atsumina couple then blushed realize they are not alone.

Atsuko : "Since it is not you who looking for her, then I shall tell you what I know. With the criteria you give, I think the girl you mention is Kojima Haruna. Our school Kami 7." Atsuko then give a picture of Kojima Haruna and kami 7.

Yuu : "Kami 7? What that?"

Atsuko : "Well in our school, there are 7 beauties. And their popularity are marvelous. Every boy always dream about them.  Plus they don't have any boy friend. So they are like every body idol."

Yuu : "Wow! Atsuko, you really know about them a lot. May be you can help us to met this Kojima Haruna."

Atsuko : "Well, I am used to be part of them. Before I move to this school."

Takamina : "Uahh!! Sugoii Atsuko. To think my Atsuko is every one idol. I am really proud of you. "

Yuu : "Hehe yours?... such daring confession nee Takamina?"

Both of Atsumina then blushed.

Atsuko : "Any way I can help. But you two need to tell me the reason. Why you need to find her?"

Yuu : "Pleaseee Acchan I really need to make sure something. I can't tell you the reason."

Atsuko : "Then it is a big NO! I don't know what will you do to Haruna. "

Yuu : "Hee? You don't believe your boyfriend bestfriend? "

Takamina : "Well, can't help because you are a hentai. But, I will help you. "

Yuu : "Yeah? How come? Even my squirel smile and puppy eyes can't make Atsuko change her mind. You know every girl will fall for my attack."

Takamina : "Atsuko.. can you help Yuu? He have his reason to met your friend. And I can guarantee it is not something devil plan. If it is really happend then I myself will take responsible. Yuu is very dear for me. Please."

Atsuko : "Minami.. un. Sure I will help. Anything for my Minami~♥"

Takamina : "Thanks Atsuko. " Takamina then give a light peck on Atsuko cheek.

What just like that? No puppy eyes attack? No flashy smile?!

Atsuko : "Well, I have Minami, so your flirt attack won't give any attack."

Yuu thought (Urghhh and why in this important event I need to bring my twin?)

"Nii chan, Yuu nii chan you want to go out? May I join? It been a long time since I saw Takamina. Pleasse, i am boring." Yuuma kun pleaded.

Oshima Yuuma, Yuu kun's twin, but have different face and hobby. Yuuma like to read books, and very intelegent. That's why he jump the class. He is one grade higher than Yuu. Not really energic type like Yuu.  But they have same interest, if you can say they both are hentai. Love oppai oshiri very much. Not many know this, because yuuma is a bit cold and not really like stranger very much. He just show his chilldish side to his family.

Yuu : "No! Yuuma, today I want to meet someone important. "

Yuuma : "Not fair. When I think we can spend some time together." Yuuma pout.

Well the truth is their parent divorce already. So Yuu stay with father while Yuuma stay with mother. It is really rare to see them together these day since they stay in different town.

Yuu : "Okay! Okay! But promise me you won't disturb me when I met this girl."

Yuuma : "Yeaah!! Btw, do you think she really that Nyan nyan girl? Just because you pick her key chain?"

Flash back
Yuu on his way to go to Akibahara. Well, his beloved twin is going to home. So he want to buy some action figure for him.
When he pass the book store he remember his twin love to read manga also. So he decided to stroll around. Looking for a new manga.

He then see a girl looking down. Her face looks like she want to cry already. Beside her, have her friend. She looks like a ojou sama with a pale skin and long hair. She also looks like looking for something.

Yuu then stroll around the manga corner. He then notice something on the ground. To his suprise, he saw the key chain. The squirell keychain that he give it to Nyan nyan.  Just when he pick it. He hear a scream.

"Ahhh!! That mine."

Yuu looks suprise as he looks at the girl from up to down. Scanning her every part. It make the girl unconfortable with him as she step back and run away. Before she left, he turn around and said sorry and thanks.

End of flashback.

Yuu : "Sigh.. I don't know Yuuma, I don't want to think about it."

After that they decided to go to the meeting place. When they are arrived, they see the Atsumina couple and then join them.

Yuuma : "Yoo!! Takamina, long time no see." Yuuma then see Atsuko who sit next to Takamina. "I see you have a beauty beside. Mind to introduce her to me?"

Takamina : "Well Atsuko met Oshima Yuuma, he is Yuu's twin. Yuuma this is Maeda Atsuko, my girlfriend."

Not long after their introduce each other. There is three girls come to their table.

"Acchan! Long time no see."

"We miss you a lot"

"Kojipa! Yukirin! Rena chan ! It been a long time nee. Thank you for coming. Let me introduce  my friend. "

They introduce theirself one by one. Until it is Yuu turn.

Yuu tought (now or never. Come on Yuu do it)

Yuu : "Ehm.. I am the great Oshima Yuu. Nice to meet you. NYAN NYAN!"

Haruna flinced when she hear that nickname. Her eyes widenen because of the shock.

Yu.. yuu chan?! It is really you yuu chan?  Haruna started to cry. She then quickly leave the cafe.


Not wanting to mess up again. Yuu decided to chase her. He quickly chase after her. Then he grab her hand prevent her to run away.

Haruna : "Sorry.. hiks.. so sorry Yuu chan.. I broke our promise. "

Yuu just stay silent as he can't think of anything. 'Why? Nyan nyan? "

Haruna then started to tell her story.
"My parent go divorce when I am 13 years old. Both of my parent didn't want to take care of me. They want to leave this town and have their own free life. They saw me as hiderance. So they decided to let me stay at my aunty house at America. And I was force to move before summer. That time I am still small, I am afraid as I didn't have any courage to stay alone. I.. hiks sorry Yuu chan.. hiks"

Not able to see Haruna like this anymore. Yuu quickly try comfort her.

Yuu : "Shussh... Nyan nyan. It is Ok. Now I know you also have a hard time. It can't be helped. "

Haruna :"Hiks.. Yuu chan... didn't hiks hate me? For breaking hikks.."

Yuu then hug her and said.
"No.. I can't do that at all. Because I like you Nyan nyan. I really love you. "

Yuu then lift Haruna face to see her face.
"Finally I can say it. My feeling for you, Nyan nyan. And this feeling become stronger each year."

Haruna : "Yuu chan.. I am glad, you have the same feeling. I also want to meet Yuu chan again. So I decided to move here again back to Japan. But then I became afraid what if Yuu chan hate me. And I have no clue where are Yuu chan.. so last summer I wait for you at that park, but I never see you. So I thought you have forget about me."

Yuu then give her a light kiss. Which Haruna replay.  They kiss become deeper until and they can feel how each of them miss each other a lot.

"Promise me Yuu chan, we will together from now on. Always.."

"Anything for you, Nyan nyan.."

The End.
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: kuro_black29 on March 07, 2015, 09:32:27 AM
Great story sadrilim san..thanks
Atsumina couple just too cute.. :nya:
is it the end??...i wonder what happen
at the cafe after kojiyuu left  :dunno:
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: sadrilim on March 07, 2015, 10:29:58 AM
@kuro_black29 san, well actually I not really good at making long story and yes it is the end of kojiyuu.  So I plan to make short story again. Yuuma is mayu. So I plan to make mayuki for the next fanfic along with wmatsui.  I will split it into two OS but still have connection to Atsumina and kojiyuu OS.
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: kuro_black29 on March 07, 2015, 11:50:00 AM
Thank you sadrilim san  :kneelbow:
waiting for it with patience...:on drink:
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: Zhen on March 07, 2015, 01:05:49 PM
Love your writing style~ :3
Hehhehehe. :D thank you for ur awesome os...
Waiting for wmatsui and mayuki ones. :D
Title: Re: Atsumina (kai acchan) the transfer student is my girlfriend OS
Post by: cisda83 on March 07, 2015, 10:26:38 PM
Great OS there about Kojiyuu

May be you can make more about Yuuma, Yukirin and Rena OS

What's happening after Yuu chased Haruna?

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to read more

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Well, you all can say I have no idea to write the Mayuki ver (Yuuma version), right now I am working for Wmatsui OS. I will let you all see the prolouge. Still.have connection witj the atsumina and kojiyuu OS.

enjoy~ and sory for bad eng.

"Nii chan.. No... Please.. hiks..I don't want this... hiks"

"Sussh... be quiet or I will hit you. Damn.."

The boy then kiss the girl forcefully and he manage to open her upper bloushe. He then rub her breast

"No.. nii chan.. pleasee stop .. hiks.. hiks.."

The boy then smiled evilly toward the girl.
"Be a good my girl Rena.."

"Noooo!!!!" Rena wake up from her slept. Her body sweat a lot. Her breath is not normal. She feel hurt in her heart. She quickly take her madecine and drink it. After a few moment, she feel better.

"That dream again? Why I can't erase it?! Hiks.. hiks.. I don't want to be bound to this feeling. "
Rena crying till she is asleep.
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Atsumina os was great!!! :banghead:

Kojiyuu os perfect!!!!!!!!  :banghead:

I wish their story was bit longer but I still like it....... :on drink:

Thank you author san...... :on gay:
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Damn u nii chan.... :on voodoo:

 :scared: :tantrum:.....RENA SAMA....:gyaaah: :frustrated:

Thanks for the prologue~
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Finally Wmatsui OS is done! It is a bit different from the two OS. Not too romantic.
but still enjoy~

If I am with You

"Nii chan.. No... Please.. hiks..I don't want this... hiks"

"Sussh... be quiet or I will hit you. Damn..!!!"

The boy then kiss the girl forcefully and he manage to open her upper bloushe. He then rub her breast

"No.. nii chan.. pleasee stop .. hiks.. hiks.."

The boy then smiled evilly toward the girl.
"Be a good my girl Rena.."

"Noooo!!!!" Rena wake up from her slept. Her body sweat a lot. Her breath is not normal. She feel hurt in her heart. She quickly take a glass of water and drink it. After a few moment, she feel better.

"That dream again? Why I can't erase it?! Hiks.. hiks.. I don't want to be bound to this feeling. "
Rena crying till she is asleep.

Matsui Rena, a quite girl, she likes anime very much just like Yuuma. Have a icy air aroud her and very timid. She is a beauty and have a ojou sama looks. But she never realize her ojou sama aura and think she is not a beauty people think she is. Due to her past, she is afraid of man.

On the other place

Yuuma : "Sigh.. maybe I really miss Yuu nii. But, after he got a girlfriend his time with me become.. sigh... this summer holiday will be just you and me right Rin chan."

Note : Rin chan is Yuuma's dog. Actually it is Yuuma mother's pet but due to his mother always busy. So every time it is Yuuma who take care of it.

"Woff! Woff!" The dog just bark as if she understand that her owner is talking to her. 

Ringg!!! Suddenly his phone ring.

Yuuma : "Moshi moshi.. "

"YUUMA kun! Hey boy want to hang out together this weekend? We will go to the beach together. " turn out his twin is calling him.

Yuuma : "We?"

Yuu : "Yup! Me and Nyan nyan, Atsumina couple together with Atsuko friend."

Yuu : "Hm.. sound great Yuu nii. Mind if I bring my friend too?"

Yuuma : "You mean that Matsui boy? Sure! It will be so much fun!! See you this weekend Yuuma."

Matsui Jun, Yuuma best friend. He also jump grade.  Very sociable. Love sport and smart. Typical of prince. That's make him very popular in their school.

Yuuma : "Yes!! Rin chan, Yuu nii didn't forget about me at all. Well I better phone Jun."
Yuuma then phone his bestfriend.

Jun : "Moshi moshi.. "

Yuuma : "Moshi moshi, Jun. Do you want to go to the beach with me? We together with my brother gang."

Jun : "Hm.. it is rare for you to hang out with other people. Did our cybrog finally input the social ability in his system? Usually it will be just  us, two looking for the beauties."

Yuuma : "Very funny Jun. Now get to the point, join or not?"

Jun : "Ha ha ha, chill man. Sure, I would love to. "

Because Yuuma and Jun come from different town. They come to stay at Yuu place first before they go to beach. They come two day faster since Yuuma want to go to Akibahara to buy his fav action figure and the newest manga.

At the anime store
"Wow! Look at those figure!!"

"So cool!!. Wow! I haven't have those!!"

"Awwh~ This is heaven!!!"

Jun just sigh at Yuuma reaction. This is not the first time he accompany the cyborg guy to anime shop. And it end up for him to wait the cyborg boy for quite sometime with hearing his reaction towars new anime things. The usuall cold cyborg will turn to become hyper one. Just like his other twin, Yuu.

Fell bored he then stroll around. He played his keychain by throw it up, but then he miss his catch and the key chain fall under the shelf. He then notice something on the floor beside his keychain. A melon pan shape wallet.

"Cute~ I wonder who have this." He then decided to pick it while looking at the owner. Until he hear a girl sound.

"What? You lost your pouch! Mouu Rena chan.. after you work so hard to save your money to buy that action figure and now you lost it? Are you sure you have look over all this place? " the princess aura girl talking.

Rena : "I have stroll this place for fifth time, Yukirin. I wonder if people have see the amount of the money and take it. "

Yuki :"I will ask the casier. Wait here okay."

Rena : "But Yuki.."

Before Rena can finish her word. The girl named Yuki already dash to the counter.

Kashiwagi Yuki, Rena best friend. Act like mother to Rena than best friend. She is very beautiful and have a princess aura. She is good at singing and is a part of kami 7 from Majisuka gakuen.

Rena :"I already ask the casier.. sigh"

Jun :"Anoo.. sory to disturb you. I didn't mean to hear your conversation but, if it is yours? " Jun then handed the melon pan pouch.

Rena eyes gleamed. "Yes!! It is. Arigatou." Rena can't help but feeling so happy. She show him her angelic smile.

Jun (Deg! Wow what a beautiful smile. )

Jun :"Hehe no it is ok. It will be my pleasure to help. Especially this beautiful girl". Jun then flashed his trade mark smile. Cat smile attack ~

Rena then look down and close her face. She does not dare to look at Jun face because Jun will notice she is blushing. Plus She doesn't used to be near the boys. And because of some accident make her hate boys. But that doesn't mean that she is likes girls.


Jun :"Hm..? What wrong? " Jun then move closer to see Rena face. He is curious why Rena close her face.

"Ahh!! Stay back! Don't come near her! Don't worry Rena chan. I come to rescue you. "

Rena : "Yu.. yukirin?!"

The socalled yukirin girl come back to rescue and quickly take Rena hand and drag her together.

Jun :"What? I didn't do anything wrong. Hey!!"

Jun then decided to find his bestfriend. And then go back.

The day they go to the beach
They decided to go by train.  First come Atsumina couple. Next is Atsuko friends, Yuki, Rena. They wait for a moment until kojiyuu couple come together with Yuuma and Jun.

"Aaaah!! Hentai!!!" Yuki scream while point her finger to Jun.

Jun :"What?! Who? Me?"

Takamina : "No way?! To think there is another people being called hentai than Yuu?"

Everybody eyes then look at Jun.

Until Rena broke the silent. "Umn anoo.. actually..."
Rena told them what happend yesterday but she didn't tell why she close her face.

"Hoo.."  everybody said in unison.

Yuki : "Gomenasai! I think you want to harras Rena chan. So I..."

Atsuko : "Well you can't blame Yukirin, Rena doesn't really like to interact with boys. She will be freak out if there is a boy who come closer to her."

Yuu : "Hee really? Then you never date any one?"

Haruna :"My dear Yuu chan, us kami 7 never date anybody before. You are my first."

Yuu :"Yattaa!! I am so happy Nyan nyan." Yuu try to kiss Haruna but instead of kiss he get hit in head.

Haruna   "Not here Yuu chan. Many people see us! Moouu...!!"

Yuu :"But I want my kiss from you Nyan nyan. I not yet have my morning kiss." Yuu then try to kiss his girlfriend again.

Haruna : "Noo!!! Yuu chan choose kiss now and i will give you punishment no date for a month."

Yuu : "What?! How about three days? Don't be so cruel Nyan nyan ~"

Haruna : "No! You choose"

Yuu : "Fine nyan nyan. No kiss." Yuu then pout.

"One more time, I am really sorry!" Yuki then bow toward Jun

Jun : "No no its ok. Everything is cleared. And I don't think protect your friend is bad thing."  Jun then smile and look at Rena again. He know the girl is shy toward her, but he really want to see that smile again. Those smile which is very nice and very angelic.

Rena somehow realize Jun's gaze toward her and smile back to him.

And that didn't miss Yuu sharp eyes. He smile devillish and whispper something to Yuuma. They whisper something and make a smirk together.

Yuuma : "Well let me introduce first. This is my friend Matsui Jun. "

Jun : nice to meet you, just call me Jun.

Atsuko : "Well,  this is my friend Kashiwagi Yuki and Matsui Rena."

Rena : " just call me Rena. Nice to meet you."

Yuki : "nice to meet you. "

Before they go inside the train,  Yuu said something
"Wait guys, lets play fate game."

Takamina : "Huh?! What that?"

Yuu : "Let fate decided with whom we sit ~"

"Yadaaa!!" all of them said in unison except Yuuma. He just show his cyborg face.

"I don't want to be separated from Minami". Atsuko hold Takamina tightly

Takamina : "Umnn.. right Yuu, this game is stupid."

Yuu : "Huh! You just want to lovely dovey with Acchan right? Admit it. Since you have girlfriend you forget about our friendship." Yuu then faked to cry.

Yuuma : "Well I don't see any problem. It is fine with me. Looks fun. Come on Takamina". Yuuma then whisper something to Minami.

Haruna : "I agree because Yuu chan will try to distrub me when I play my PS."
Note : Nyan nyan is a game maniac. Usually if she didn't day dreaming, she will play her game.

Yuu : "Ehh?? Nyan nyan don't care about me anymore. Don't you say whatever happend we will alwaya together? "

Haruna : "Well  we still together right? In the same train."


Yuuma : "Okay, lets just vote. Who agree with it and who are not."

Agree team : Yuu, Haruna, Yuuma, Jun, Minami.

Disagree team : Yuki, Atsuko, Rena.

Atsuko : "Minami I hate you!!"

Takamina : "urghh I am so dead. Come on Atsuko. There is still a chance for us to sit together."

Atauko :"Hummpt!!"

Yuu : "Alright! alright! enough with that couple quarell. Well Yuuma care to explain?"

Yuuma : "Well you see I have these stick. If both of you pick the stick with the same colour, then that mean you are mean to be together.  Here lady first okay."

So Yuuma hand over the stick to them one by one. But in fact Yuuma have mark the stick but normal people won't notice. He have remembered who the stick. After he let the girls pick the stick, he then let the boys take the stick. Of course he let Yuu get Haruna and Minami get Atsuko, he then take his own stick and left the last one to Jun.

Yuu : "Yatta!!! NYAN NYAN we have the same colour."

Haruna : .... (busy playing the game)

Yuu : "Nyan nyan~ don't ignore mee..."

Takamina : "Atsuko.., don't angry please, we still together."

Atsuko : hummpt!!

Soon they know with who they sit. Of course that is a good news with the couple. But Yuki is not so happy. Because Rena and her don't sit together. Rena is with Jun and she is with Yuuma. But the game is a game. She can't help it. She look at Rena with the are you gonna be okay face.

When Rena want to go inside a train. Somebody bump into her. It is quite hard. So she almost fall down. Luckily Jun just beside her. He quickly pull her and hug her.

It need a few moment for Rena to realize that Jun just embrace her. Her face become red and she quickly pull away. Quickly she pull away.

Jun : "Gomen, I think you will fall down."

Yuki quickly checking Rena. She is really worried about her.
"Are you sure you okay? How if we cancel the trip. We still can go home Rena chan."

Rena shook her head. "No, it is ok Yukirin. It is my decision. And Jun just help me I don't mind. Beside.."

Yuki   "Hm..? Something wrong Rena chan?"

Rena : "No.. its ok."

Yuki : "Rena.."

Rena just smile and nooded as she is understand what Yuki want to tell her.

Yuki : "Sigh.. Rena is something happenend please tell me. If you need something just tell me. I have bring your favourite snack, some candy, and your asma medicine. Oh and.."

Rena : "Yukirin I am okay. Beside you just sit in front of me. I am sure I can handle it. "

"Okay.. sure. " Yuki then give a glare to Jun. The massage from her glare is clear. If you dare to do anything bad to rena I will kill you.

Glup.. Jun just can smile nervously. He fell like dating a girl and her mother give a death glare look as if he will take her daughter far far away.

Jun : "Don't worry Kashiwagi san. I guarantee you, Matsui san is save. And nothing will happend in this trip."

Rena then giggle at Jun reaction. She find its cute.  She know that Yukirin is really protective toward her. Since they know each other when they are small. They have  become friend longer than the other kami 7 member. And because of something under circumstance, Rena can't be near boys. She will sweat and worse trembeling and crying. But with Jun beside her, she don't feel those feeling. Instead she found new feeling in her heart. A warm and happy feeling.

In the middle of the road. Our Matsui boy feel sleepy. Well, no body can blame him because yesterday the twins are so noisy. They talking non stop about many things. From friend, Nyan nyan, oppai and oshiri..

He then fall a sleep.  Not long after he sleep. His head unconsiously tild his head to to our Matsui girl. At first Rena is suprised. She is reading the book and not aware if Jun is sleeping. But the she look at the sleeping Jun. His face is very calm, so Rena decided not to wake him up plus she is not trembeling at all. This is the new thing for her.

Uhm.. What is this comfortable feeling. Hm.. nice scent.
Jun slowly wake up and the first thing he see is Rena face. So close to him. Suprise he quickly stand up and trip falling to the back.

Jun :"Ouch!!"

Rena : "Matsui san?! Are you okay?"

The other also see him. He can see Yuuma and Yuki who sit infront of them looking at him. Yuuma smirking and Yuki raise her eyebrow.

"Ha ha ha!! Are you okay Jun?" The cycborg laugh happily. It is the second suprise. The cold cycborg laugh?!

Jun : "Yeah! No problem. I am perfectly fine. He then stand up and quickly stand up, sit back to his place."

Yuki then turn around and said.
"Rena  you okay? Nothing wrong right? Did anything happend?" She then look at Jun with suspicious look.

Rena : "Un.. nothing happend. I think Matsui san just have a nightmare."

Jun : "Ye.. yeah. A full of suprise dream." He then looks at Rena and smile. Cat smile attack time~

Uhn.. rena quickly look down. She  blushed and turn her face pretend to see the scenery.

Not long after that, they arrive at their destination.

Yuu : "Yeaahhh beach~ summer~ sound good~"
Yuu dance happily

And lastly... Yuu see his twin and then they said it together
"Bikini~ oshiri~ oppai~"

Looks like Yuu really can take Yuuma cherfull personality out.

Haruna just facepalm her face.
"Yuu chan stop it. It is embrassing. Mou..!!" Haruna then pout

Yuu : "Eh? Nyan nyan.. don't angry please~"

Haruna : "Hmpptt!!"

Takamina : "Haha.. Haruna such a tsundere huh?"

Atsuko : "Hmmpt!! I am still angry with you, Minami". Atsuko then go first.

Takamina : "Eeh?? Atsuko wait.. "Minami then go to chase his girlfriend.

Yuuma : "Well I don't know Acchan is a tsun tsun also." And every body nod.

They arrive at the hotel first before they go to the beach to put their things first and change to more comfortable cloths.

In the beach.
The boys are waiting for the boys. They just wear  simple pants. Takamina is revailing his sexy abs same with Jun, but the twins are not. Yuu wear a simple tshirt and yuuma wear a short hand hoddy jacket.

Takamina : "So Jun, how your trip? It is nice??"

Yuu : "With Rena chan beside him, I am sure he will enjoy it"

Jun : "Wha.. what ? I don't understand what are you talking about."

Not long after that The girls came.

Atsuko : "Guys..What are you talking about?"

Yuu : "Wow?! Nyan nyan!!"

Takamina : "At.. Atsuko?!"

The girl have come to the beach. They are wearing their bikinis except Rena. Atsuko wearing white cream bikini. While Nyan nyan wear a stipe red and white bikini. Yukiri  wearing red bikini. Rena wear bikini but she hide it with t shirt and short pant.

"Beautiful~ " yuuma unconsiously said it while looking at Yuki.

Yuki notice it, but she then smirk at him want to teasing him. "So you want to touch my boobs again? Yuuma Kun? Hmm..?"

Yuuma : "Urggh!! I said sorry right? It is an accident."

Yuki : "Yeah.. twice mr. Do you think I would believe you?!" Yuki retorted.

Yuu : "Hee..? What happend with you two?"

"Nothing!" Yuuma and Yuki said in unison.

They played and swimming happily. The couple are enjoying their time together. Rena is sitting enjoy the scenary and because she is not the sporty type. She can't stand being to long for outdoor activity. Yuki went to buy some drinks along with Yuuma. She want Rena to come along but she decline.

Not long after that, a bunch of boys come near her. She quickly stand up ready to leave. But one of the boys hold her hand. She become anxious, her body are trembelling and she started to cry.

Rena : "Le..lets.. hiks.. go.."

"Easy girl. We just want to be a friend. "Just one of the boys want to touch her face.

"Don't touch her!!!"

Its Jun who come with his angry looks. And when he see Rena is crying, his rage become more and more intense.

"Let go of her!!" He then push the boy who hold Rena's hand. He then stare at the boys give a dead glare. "Leave now!"

The gaze Jun give really work plus Yuu, Minami, and Yuuma come to help. The boys started to leave. "Cih! It is not over yet!!"

Jun then look at Rena. She is trembelling and still sobbing. He then hug her. At first Rena were suprise and try to resist. But when Jun rubbing her back. She feel calm and stop resisting.

Not long after that Yuki come back. Atsuko and  Haruna have told her what had happenned.

Yuki : "Ohh Rena!! Are you okay? Which part is hurt?" Pulling Rena apart from Jun.

Rena just shook her head. Assuring that she is ok. They then went back to the hotel.

The reaction Rena have when she made contact with the boys sure make Jun supprise. So he went to ask the girls.

Atsuko said that Rena doesn't really like boys. She never really like to be approach by boys. Even by sensei. Her mother have give some explanation to sensei. So sensei not really bother by her behavior. And Rena never want to talk about that.

Haruna said that she never saw Rena with boys. This is the first time she see Rena actually hang out with boy. Wait.. or the second? Or third? Hmm..?!

Note : actually it is second. If you see Kojiyuu fanfic. I write Rena in there.

Jun thought (Hmm.. no helping. Not anybody know about Rena. What actually happend to her? Maybe Yuki will help.)

Jun then ask Yuki about Rena. He then go to their room. Just when he want to press the bel. The door opened. Looks like they want to go out.

Jun : "Uhmn.. Kashiwagi san, can I talk to you? Just us two..."

Yuki : "Hm... why?"


Actually it is about the girl I like. I want to ask your advice.

Hearing this make Rena sad. But she hides it very well.  But Yuki doesn't miss that.
"Uhmn.. it is ok. Yukirin I will wait in the lobby first. "  and then Rena left.

Yuki : "Ok. So talk.. what do you want? It is about Rena?"

Jun : "?!.. How do.."

"How do I know? Well that's not important.." Yuki then smirk at Jun. Actually she accidentally hear what Yuu and Yuuma talking about back then. Before they go inside the hotel.

Yuu : "Hey Yuuma, do you think Jun will be able to date Rena? I am really sure Jun  fall in love with Rena chan."

Yuuma : "Hmm... I don't know. If only that whitch didn't distrub their moment. I think he will have a chance to date her. Well.. the problem is I think Rena have problem when we apporach her. Remember when you chase Nyan nyan out from the cafe? You left us with the girls right? We wait for you in the cafe  because We think you need some time with Nyan nyan. Takamina then explain the things so the girls didn't worried about her being with you. After that accidentally I drop a drink and it make Rena skirt become wet. I try to help but she directly reject me and she is trembeling when I touch her. Of course not to mention that old lady give me a dead glare and a full of lecture. Ugghhh...!!"

Yuu : "Hee... You sure are close to that kashiwagi girl nee.. usually you never mention any girl with this much reaction."

Yuuma : "Wha..t? No way I would like that old hag!!! Not to mention her behavior toward me. Urgghh..!! What a waste for her beauty face and nice body... "

Yuu : "Oh oo.. Yuuma you better run now." Yuu notice Yuki from behind. She is filled with dark aura.

Yuuma : "What? Why? When he turn around he see Yuki."  With reflex he quickly run away. "Lateer Yuu nii... !!!"

Yuki : "Yuuuuummmmaaa!!!!! Come back here!!!!!"

End of flashback.

Jun : "uhmnn.. Kashiwagi san, I hope you don't mind if I ask you about Rena."

Yuki : "Hm.. its depend on what will you ask. But first call me Yuki. It feel weird if you always adress me with Kashiwagi and you adress Rena with only Rena."

Jun then tell her what he want to ask.

Yuki : "Hm.. why? It is better if you ask her by yourself. From now on I just can say that I will give my support to you. But if I see Rena chan suffer.. You know what will I do .. or you better not." Yuki flash him a devilish smile.

Jun : "Gulp..But.. I afraid I will hurt her."

Yuki : "Rena chan is a strong girl. Maybe she look like always crying and need my protection, but I know she is can do it when the time is right."

Jun : "Hm..? What do you mean?"

Yuki just smile and then wave him good bye. "Why don't you go to lobby now? Rena chan is waiting~."

Jun : "Hee..?! Waiting for who?!"

Yuki : "Waiting for youuuu!! Bakaa!!"

Actually at first Yuki don't like Jun at all. She think that Jun is just like another guys. Especially he has that charming prince aura. Which make Yuki think he is a player. But when she see how Jun protect Rena and how Rena react toward him, make her think twice. She even ask Rena about Jun and how her feel about Jun. And obviously Rena decline her feeling. But it is not Yuki if she can't see that Rena is lying. She know Rena too well.

Yuki : Rena chan, you know you have change a lot.

Rena : Hm..? Change?

Yuki : Yup! You change become more beauty, more cheerful and lastly I can see your smile. You really smile a lot. I am happy~

Rena : Mou!! Yuki, you talking way just like my mother. But do you really think I am beautiful? I mean... boys will see me the same too? I don't have nice body like Kojipa, or princess aura like you  or angelic smile like acchan, and I..

Yuki : Stop!! Rena is rena. It is good the way you are. So please don't judge yourselves with such a negative think. People likes you Rena, and boys sure want you to be their girlfriend (well, if I don't interrupt), and even you have a bad past, but believe me there will be somebody who will accept you the way you are.

Rena : Uhm.. do you think I have a chance to be.. uhn.. nandemonai..

Yuki : Rena..? Say,.. how do you see Matsui Jun?

Rena : ?! Well... he is unique.

Yuki : Unique?

Rena : Yess.. the way he smile looks like a cat right?  And also he really cute when he is sleeping, he also so kind to me, and... I am not trembelling when I am with him, somehow he made me feel calm.

Rena blushed. She just realize Yuki is smiling at her. She realize she has made a mistake to tell this things to Yuki.

Yuki : Well, the way you tell me make me think you like him. Not a bad choice.

Rena : Uhm.. what are you talking about? I.. I don't understand at all, Yukirin.

End of flashback

While waiting for Yuki at the lobby, Rena decided to take a walk in the hotel park. It is very beautiful and have a great night sight. So Rena decided to walk in there while waiting for Yuki. That when she see with the boys from the beach walking in front of her. She become afraid and started to run. Her action didn't help at all. The boys manage to catch her and take her by force to the bushes.

"LEt humpt..!!!" Rena want to scream but one of the boys started to close her mouth.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Now no body will disturb us nee?"  Just when he want to touch Rena, he got hit from the back.

"Get off from her!!" Jun said angrilly. He then started to beat the boys one by one.  And warned them, if something like this happend they won't just get few breaking bone. More than they can imagine.

Note : he is a black belt karateman and have won a lot of medal.

Finish beating them, he then go to check Rena. Rena is trembelling again. Tears started to roll in her cheek. Jun then wipe her tears and kiss her forehead.
"Its ok Rena chan. Its over. Please don't cry."

Jun then started to lift her with bridal style. Rena doesn't refuse. He left the bushes and then let her sit in hotel's bench.

Rena has stopped trembelling but she can't stop crying. She is really afraid. What if Jun didn't come.

"Rena..." Jun called her name and pat Rena head. This action make Rena stop crying and see Jun.

And when their eyes met. Jun know he need to tell Rena. 

Jun : "Rena... I like you.. no! I love you! "

Rena is suprised, her heart beating so fast and she can fell her face is heating. She didn't except Jun to confess to her. To think Jun like her. She also like him, but..

Rena : "I.. "

Seeing Rena confuse face, Jun started to doubt himself. Will she reply him? But Jun wait for Rena answer.

Rena then close her face and said
"I.. think.. I also love you Jun.. but..
I don't deserve you. You deserve better.."
Rena then started to cry again.

Jun : "No!! I know it from the first time I meet you, you will be the one I will protect, you will be the one that I want to share my happiness, you are the one I want to embrace, you are the only one. Rena..."

Jun then take Rena hand and see Rena face, he lift her face, but Rena refuse to see him.

Rena : "You don't know Jun.. I am not normal.. I am afraid of men, because..."
She close her eyes, pain can be seen from her face but she decided to tell Jun about her past.

Rena was ten years old when, she got a new family. Her mother remarried and she need to stay in a new place leaving her bestfriend and hometown. She got a new brother. But her new brother always act wierd. He love to touch Rena and sometimes kiss her cheeck. At first Rena just ignore it as she think it is just a brother love to his sister. But one day, her brother come to her room and started to molest her. She almost got rape, luckly her mother has just come back from the market and found out what her new brother had done.

Rena then got send back to her hometown and live with her grandma. But because of the accident, she began to hate and afraid of men. She found them disgusting.

Hearing the story make Jun blood boils, he is really angry that somebody has hurt Rena so badly and yet he can't do anything. It is all in the past and of course  he can't help at all.

Jun : "Rena.. listen. I don't care about your past. Rena is rena. I like you for being just Rena. I love your everything. So.. Rena I love you and my love for you will not change. I can assure that. Please give me a chance Rena."

Seeing Jun deternination towards her. Rena is crying, but those tears are tears of joy. She nooded at Jun as her answer to Jun feeling.

Jun is really happy. He can feel he is the luckiest guys in the world. He then give her a light peck on her lips and hug her.

But he realize what has he done, so he quickly stay back. He feel guilty and said sorry

Rena face is very red. She never know Jun kiss will give her so much happy feeling. See Jun reaction, She giggle and say
"If I am with you, I think I can.."

Rena then hug Jun and say
"Arigatou Jun. I love you"

Jun : I love you too Rena.

The end.
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THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL....Wmatsui...wooooooow... :farofflook:
Thank you for the update sadrilim san  :on gay:
Waitin for mayuki ver... :nya:
thanks again~ 
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About Mayuki Version I seem in lost, maybe because I am not their oshi  :?. So i think I will take a break first.
will come back soon.
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HEHE.... ;D You're awesome~
Even though I wish for more... I'm sure you are busy writing mayuki~ Is okay then~ I'll wait for your next update
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Finally, I am back!! Well, enjoy the Mayuki OS. Sorry if it is lame.

Mayuki OS : my stupid cyborg

Yuuma waiting for Jun in the park. In there he see there are two kids playing. The two of the kids seems playing happily. He then remembered about his past with his twin brother, Yuu. It was a happy moment until they parents decided to divorce.

Flash back

Yuuma : "Yuu nii.. Yuu nii. I don't want to go. Pleasee oka san.. otou san.."

Oka san : "Now, yuuma be good boy. We need to go. You can visit Tou chan and Yuu chan when holiday come. I promised."

Yuuma : "Yuu nii... "

Otou san : "Yuuma be strong. Even if I am not around be good boy to Oka san. Don't make her sad okay?"

Yuu : "Yuuma we will meet again for winter holiday. Don't cry."

Yuuma : "But Yuu nii.. it will be different without Yuu nii around. Yuu nii..."

Yuuma awake from his day dreamming when Jun tapped his shoulder.

It was about his past. When their parent divorce and he need to move away. That time he just 5 years old, but he understand what have happend. Indeed he is a smart boy. Separated from his broher, best friend and his otou san. It was really hard time for little Yuuma, because everytime there will be Yuu or Takamina who protect him.

After separated from Yuu nii, the crybaby Yuuma started to get bullied.  And no body help him thats time. 

At the class room.
"Yuuma the cry baby. Need his mama around~ Yuuma the cry baby~"

"Hey! Yuuma bring this for me."

"Yuuma do my homework."

Everyday seems like a hell for Yuuma. But he try to bear it.  It make him become cold person. The bully stop after he change his grade. Plus he started to study kendo.

Note : he is smart so he jump the grade.

But that didn't stop him for having a cold personality. People often called him cyborg.  Only his family and bestfriend that know Yuuma is not a cold boy, actually he resemble Yuu a lot.

Jun : "Hey.. thanks to coming sorry I am late."

Yuuma : "No problem, so what the matter? "

Jun then tell him that He and Rena will have a date and he want Yuuma come along since Yuki also come.

Yuuma : "Sigh... why do I need to accompany you again?"

Jun : "Well, its because Rena still not used to be just us two. Beside Yuki always want to come along, so.."

Yuuma : "So you give your bestfriend live to that witch?!"

Jun : "Come on Yuuma.. beside we will go to Wonder land. In there also have some anime stuff you can buy. It is not like you will be bored."

Yuuma : "Hm... ok! You know last time when we go to beach? I still have some unresolve problem with that witch."
Yuuma then smirked.

Jun : "Well it is your fault anyway. Why you touch her butt? No wonder she is angry."

Yuuma : "Well she didn't need to slap me that hard twice. And she take my Miku away!!!"

Note :
Miku is Yuuma favourite vocaloid idol. And Miku he refer is his phone strap mini Miku, a limited edition one. Yuki confiscated it, as the result of talking bad about her. ( I refer to Wmatsui OS when Yuuma talking to Yuu).

Jun : "But Yuuma no offense, how can she slap you and always call you hentai?"

Flash back

Note : please read the Wmatsui OS first, before you read this OS.

Before they go inside the train, Yuki and Yuuma decided to buy some snack in the snack bar along with Atsumina couple.

Atsuko : "I want this... this ... that... oh... this one also.."

Takamina : "Atsuko you sure buy a lot."

Atsuko : "Well it is because Minami really pissed me off."  Atsuko then look at Minami with an angry look.

Takamina : "Glup... At.. Atsuko just buy what you want. I will pay it all."

Atsuko : "Yeah!! Minami daisuki. Well.. I also want this.. that and oh.."

Yuuma then approach Minami and said
"Sorry Takamina. I know it is not your fault."

Takamina : "Well it is ok. Beside Jun is my friend. So I willing to help. But are you sure Jun really like Rena?"

Yuuma : "Yeah. I am really sure. He never give any affection toward girls. This is the first time. "

Yuki is walking in front of them. She is looking for Rena favourite snack. And also other thing that Rena like. And she spotted one of favourite snack. But it is located in the highest shelf. So she can't reach it. She then spotted a mini chair so she used it to take the snack.

She manage to take it but unfortunately a boy has run and bumped the chair, it make Yuki fall down. Before she fall, Yuuma manage to run and catch her. .

PLAK!! hentaiii!!! Yuki face become really red.  she slap Yuuma really hard.

Appearently Yuuma has caught her but his hand accidentally touch her butt. More like grabbing it. Let's said their position to blame for.

Yuuma : "Ouch! What are you doing witch?! I just trying to help you."

Yuki : "By gropping my butt? What a hentai boy."

Yuuma : "What?! It's not. It was accident.  To think I actually touch your butt, I might be cursed. "

Yuki : "What did you say?"

They look at each other with rage in their eyes.

Atsuko : "Err... Yukirin I think we need to back. The train will be depart soon. "

"Yuuma, can you help me to take this. I think I need a help." Takamina said hopefully can distract Yuuma.

"Fine!" They said it together

End of flashback.

Jun : "Sigh.. Yuuma just don't make any troubles"

Yuuma : "Well, I won't. I just want my Miku back! Beside it is you who ask me to your date. Why don't you ask that witch to go away. She must not distrust you."

Jun : "I don't want to make Rena feeling uncomfortable.  Beside Rena said Yuki want to meet you. But don't say it, loud in front of Yuki, she told Rena not to tell me."

Yuuma know Jun really waiting for this holiday to come. Jun and Rena lived in different town so it is hard to keep in touch every day. And he is amaze to think that witch want to see him?

Yuuma :"Naa.. impossible the witch want to meet me, but ok. Beside I am free on this holiday. Yuu nii want to go somewhere else. Just with his Nyan nyan alone. "

Jun : "Yeah!! Thanks Yuuma. "

At Wonder Land entry
They promised to meet in the entry.  Yuki and Rena arrived first.  They two looks stunning. Well for Rena, she want to make Jun happy so she wear a beautiful summer dress. As for Yuki, she likes fashion, so no wonder her dress looks dazzling.  Many boys are looking at them.

"Hey, are you two free? How about going out together? Two stranger ask them."

Rena step back a little, she still didn't used to talking to a boys expect Jun and his friend ( Yuuma, Yuu, Takamina). Other that that, she will find it is difficult. Seems like mission impossible to her.

"Sorry, but we are waiting for our friend." Yuki said politely. 

"Oo.. I am sure they can wait. We are insist". One of them grab Yuki hand.

"You better leave! You hear what she said. " Yuuma said to the boys who grab Yuki hand. He stand in front of them and his hand holding Yuki waist to prevent her being touch again.

"Why you ..!!! Arrgh...!!!???" When one of the boys want to attack, Jun twisted his arm.

It was Jun and Yuuma. They finally arrived.

Cool down man, we just joking. With that, the two stranger quickly run away.

Jun quickly checking Rena.
"Rena, are you okay? Nothing hurt right?"  Jun then caress Rena's back to make her calm. And give her a gentle hug.

Rena : "Un.. I am okay Jun. Thanks."

"Uhmnn Yuuma, ar.. arigatou." Yuki face is red. She is really surprise when Yuuma held her waist. More surprise than when the boys hold her hand. And her heart beating so fast.

"Hm..? Did you say something?" Yuuma decided to tease her. He then walked closer enough to Yuki and smiled. He lean closer and whisper Nee.. for a witch, You are beautiful.

Being close enough make Yuki blush.  She is aware that this Oshima boy is teasing her, but she can't help when their distance  are this close. She then push Yuuma away.

"Nandemonai... " Yuki then walked away.

After that they decided to go to eat. And play a lot of game.

Yuki : "Nee Rena which one you want to play?"

"Hm.. this one." Rena point the rolling coaster in front of them.

Yuuma : "Yeah I also want to play. "

Yuki : "I.. think I will pass."

Jun : "No Rena.. I think I will stay accompany Yuki in here. You two have some fun."

Rena : "No.. I don't want. I want to go together Jun." Rena is not good at puppy eyes attack but her pleading eyes really make Jun heart flushed. 

Jun : "O.. ok. Let's go nee."

"Love sure can do anything huh?" Yuuma smirked at Jun.

Rena : "Yuki chan, let's go together.."

Yuki : "No"

Yuuma smiled and come closer to them. "Let's me handle this, Rena chan."

Rena : "Un.."

Yuuma : "Hey, to think the witch afraid to the high place? It something new."

Yuki : "Hummpt whatever.  I won't go. Not a chance."

Yuuma : "Hm... are you sure? How about this.." Yuuma then whisper something to Yuki.

"If you can pass this challenge without passed away. I will give you a reward. Jusy say something. If I can effort it, I will do it or buy it..."

Yuki : "Hummpt!! You think I am a kid? No!!"

Yuuma : "Hm.. Rena chan come here first, you too Jun." Yuuma then discuss something to them.


Ready? Ok now. Puppy eyes and cat smile attack~. Yuki pleaseee ~


Next, Yuki realize she is inside roller coaster.  Beside her is Yuuma. "Urrghh.. why I am here again?!"  Yuki is really tense. She doesn't mind the height but the speed really make her tense. Yuuma realize about that things and he feel sorry to tease her,  so he gently touch her hand. Intertwined his and hers.

Yuuma : "It's okay.  I am with you."

"Un..." yuki blush.


After the roller coaster trip
"Rena.. rena chan..." Jun held Rena tightly. His face a bit pale. And he looks like want to pass out. Well, who know the cool and strong Matsui Jun is afraid of height?!

Rena feel worried so she suggest Jun to take some rest in the bench.  "rest here Jun." Rena let her lap to become Jun pillow, somehow this make Jun very happy. They never have this kind of skinship.

Yuuma : "Well, we will go to buy some drinks. Wait here."

Yuuma then take Yuki. He hold her hand and this somehow make Yuki heart beat faster. But suddenly Yuuma drag her to another direction.

Yuuma : let's go to there.
He point to the ferris wheel. 

Yuki : "what?! But they are waiting. I can't leave Rena like this."

Yuuma : "I already mail Jun that we will have a date. Beside spare them ok? It is not like Jun will do anything bad. Instead I am sure he will protect her. Come on."

Yuki : "da.. date?! With who?! Me?!"

Yuuma : "yup! Let go, shall we? But before we go to there, let go there and there."

Yuuma point the souvenir shop. They then go to there. At there Yuuma look at various anime figure. He look happy and act like a little kid. Yuki just smile, see how Yuuma resemble Rena a lot. She then stroll around.  Then she stop, there is a beautiful necklace and the price is quiet expensive.  But then Yuuma appear from behind

Yuuma : "looking for something?"

Yuki : "aah!! Mouu... you scare me. No its nothing. Have you finish?"

Yuuma : "yeah! Look what have I found! It a limited edition of Miku mug and this is really awesome. And this is Miku in wonderland poster and this..."

Yuki just smiled at Yuuma reaction, even though she is not the fan of anime but sure she is listening to all Yuuma stories.

Yuuma : "ah! Sorry I am a boring person right?"

Yuki : "hm~ not at all. You seem very happy. And I am happy to listen to your story. "

Yuuma : "souka.. let rest in that cafe. They sell a delicious ice cream."

Yuki : "ice cream?! I love to~♥. Let's go. "Yuki then drag him to the cafe.

In the cafe
"Welcome! We have a special menu for the cute couples. If you take lovely picture  in there, you will get to eat choco heaven. Our specual menu that not everyday we have."

The waitress  then let them see the choco heaven picture. It make Yuki eyes beaming. She really love to eat ice cream. But she then remember the term that make her blush.  It is impossible for her to ask Yuuma.

Yuuma : "ok, we are in."

Yuki : "wh.. What?!"

Yuuma : "let's go."

They then go to the photo spot. Yuki doesn't know what to do as she just stand there. She can't think of any lovely act. As yuuma just remain calm. He then smile. He then take an action. He make Yuki facing him and then he kiss her forehead.

Yuki face was flushed.  To think the cyborg smile and then kiss her. It a new thing.

"Ok. It will be a nice picture. Here your coupon of choco heaven"

The waitress make Yuki snap from her thought. as they change the coupon and they then sit enjoying their choco heaven. But for Yuki, she still remember the kiss. It still make her heart beating so fast and she is not enjoying the ice cream at all.

Yuuma : "hm..? What's wrong? Does The ice cream not good enough?"

Yuki : "no.. it's nothing." 

Yuuma then smirked and whisper to yuki. " you know your reaction are really something when I kiss you."

Yuki then blush, she can't help but continue eating her ice cream.  Somehow she feel like being teased.

Yuuma : "ah! I forget to buy souvenir for Yuu nii. Yuki you wait here. I will be back."

With that Yuuma quickly go and leaving Yuki alone in there.

Yuki : "yuuma!! Mouu!! How can I finished the ice cream alone?!"

It take a while for Yuuma to come back, as there are three boys come to Yuki.

Boy A : "hey! Cute girl, want to hang out together? "

Boy B : "yeah, you looked bored. I am sure we will make you excited. "

Yuki : "sorry, but I am waiting for someone. "

Boy C : "come on. I am sure your friend won't mind if we borrowing you."

Yuuma : "sorry guys, but she is taken. And could you all leave us."

Yuuma has come back. He quickly stand in front of Yuki and facing the boys.

"Cih! She is taken"

"You will regret it girl, let's go guys."

With that they leave.

Yuuma : "what a de ja vu."

Yuki : "moou!! Yuuma what take you so long? I.. I think you are leaving me in here. "

Yuki then started to cry.  Yuuma wiped her tear and pat her head.

Yuuma : "I am sorry.  It really took long enough to pick the present.  Forgive me nee.."

Yuki : "un.. promised me not to leave alone like this again. I hate it when I am alone in this crowded place."

Yuuma : "let's go. It almost noon, the best time to ride the ferris wheel. "

With that they go to the ferris wheel. 

Inside ferris wheel
Yuki : "whaa... kirei nee"

Yuuma just smile, somehow seeing Yuki reaction really make his day different.  He feels that really happy.

Yuki realize she is being watched.
Yuki : "what? Why do you stare at me?"

Yuuma : "no. I just amazed to think the witch can smile like that."

Yuki : "hmmpt!! I am not witch! Stop calling me like that. I have name. "

Yuuma : "gomen..Yuki. "

Yuki a bit surprised when Yuuma called her name. There is a weird feeling when she is called by Yuuma. She know this feeling, but she won't admit it. Not her, but..

Yuki : "I... Yuuma, I like you."


Yuki dare not to look at Yuuma face, as there is a silent between them, she think Yuuma have reject her. Not long after she confessed, the ride is over. And she quickly want to go out. But a firm hand grab her and make her sit inside again.

Yuuma signaled to the waitress that they will take another turn. And she glandly give them another ride.

Yuki : "let's go of me! Why.. hmmpt?!"

Yuuma then kiss her. She try to resist at first, but then she feel Yuuma kiss her with full love. As she kiss him back. After a while they parted.

Yuuma : "I am sorry, I am too surprised you will confess to me and I am not not good at talking sweet. But, Kashiwagi Yuki I hereby declared you as my girlfriend and please do love me. Because I love you deep from my heart."

Yuki giggle at Yuuma confession.
Yuki : "you might be clever, mr cyborg but you are really bad at confession. "

Yuuma : "hey! Don't laugh! "
He then kiss her again, this time a short kiss. It make  yuki blush.

Yuuma then smirked
Yuuma : "hehe that is my revenge."

Yuki : "mouu!! Yuuma hidoii!! Stupid cyborg. "

Yuuma : "but you love it right?" Yuuma then kiss her again.

" I love you, my stupid cyborg."

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Anybody interest for their after story? I will make it.
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after story~make it too~xD
sadrilim san..thanks for the update~ 'salute
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Kuro_black29, i think i will make for Wmatsui or Atsumina first, since i am their oshi. But, i will need some time, since i decided to take some break in making any stories.
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Awww realy sweet stories
I'm realy enjoy them  :twothumbs
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Which one should I make first? I have some new idea about yuiparu and sayamilky.
new story or after story?
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Sadrilim san...after story first pleaseeee..onegaiiiiiiii~
And because wmatsui and mayuki is my oshi~
Hahaha...and then new story..thanks for the hard work~

Waiting for yours awesome story~
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before you read the story, please forgive me. The story I make is become lamer and lamer.  :banghead:
I manage to finish the after story, but I don't think it is good enough. so sorry.
But anyway, enjoy it, the Wmatsui after story.

Wmatsui afterstory : My valentine chocolate

Jun is very happy. he can't stop grinning, because tomorrow is Valentine day and he and Rena promised to have a date. He just like a happy puppy, and now his invisible tail is wagging. He prepare a present for Rena. He prepare a ring, and it was worth of his part time job for 6 month. He started a part time job in a cafe, he want to make Rena happy, so he think a present would be good. Yuuma introduce him to a ring maker, he want to have  matching ring with Rena, so he order those ring, that will definitely match for him and Rena.

Rena pov
Tomorrow I will meet Jun kun, it been a while for us to meet in person. Last time is at the wonder land. It was such a nice date.  The other side of Jun is very cute through. I really miss him. Jun kun…

Note : please see the Wmatsui OS first since this fanfic is the after story from that. and also Mayuki OS.

We decided to ride a roller closter, at first Jun decline my offer but, after I insist he finally give in. we sat together. He is really tense, I can sense it from his body language.

Rena : Jun, calm down. it is okay. actually it is fun you know, we can feel the thrill and the speed is awesome.

Jun : Noooo!!! it not fine at all. those thrill and height. Rena, if something happened to me, please be safe. remember I will always by your side, and I want you to know that I love you more than myself always and forever.

Jun looks like want to pass out already, Rena just giggle at Jun reaction. it make her puppy pouted

Rena : Jun kun, don't afraid. I am with you okay? if you are good, I will give you a reward.

Jun eyes beamed like a child. hearing 'reward' word make him very happy.
Jun : you promise?

Rena : un! I promise.  Rena give him a smile, and a pat at his head.

After dating Jun, she find out that Jun actually a bit childish. Outside he looks like a mature and cool guy, but inside he really is a cheerful child with puppy personality. If he is happy, you will see his invisible tail wagging happily. if he is sad you can see his puppy ear bend down together with his tail. And if he is afraid, you can see his puppy eyes and his whine. Just like puppy our matsui boy doesn't like to be alone and for some people Jun attitude sometimes can be annoying (especially for Yuuma, sometimes he can't handle Jun's whining), but for Rena it is different. She love everything about Jun.

.... after roller coaster

Jun : Rena.. Rena..

Jun hold Rena tightly, as if his live is depend on it. The Yuki  just look at him at awe. As Yuki never see Jun like this, for Yuuma, he is relieve he didn't sit beside Jun. He can't imagine if he is being hug by Jun like that. Not in a million chance he will let that happened.

After that, Yuuma and Yuki go to buy some drink, meanwhile Jun is resting accompanied by Rena.

Jun : nee, Rena, how about my Reward?

Rena : hm..? what are you talking about?

Actually Rena just teasing Jun, sometimes she loves to tease him, his reaction just too cute.

Jun : mouu!! Rena chan..

Jun then pouted, it make Rena giggle. She then decided to give him a kiss on the cheek. somehow it make Jun smiled back. He is very happy. For Jun, even a small skinship from Rena is enough, because it is always Jun who give some affection. He know Rena is still nervous when she dealt with man, even though she never complaint if Jun want some affection, but sometimes if Jun is too over, her body language will tell him, that she is nervous. So instead of forcing her to do it, he will always stop. For Jun, he really love Rena so he is willing to do anything for her. He also want to make his relationship with her become deeper, but he will wait patiently for that, even if it will take forever for him.

Jun : nee.. Rena, lets meet again when valentine day come.

Rena : why we need to wait for that long Jun?

Jun : um.. I have some family gathering on 24th and 25th December, so I think it is not possible.

Rena : …

Jun : um.. Rena?

Rena : un! It’s okay. Let’s wait till valentine.

End of flashback

Rena decided to buy some ingredient for chocolate, together Yuki with her other friend Tani and Churi.

Tani : waa.. I am so jealous with you guys, I want a boyfriend too. So I can get a chocolate.

Churi : Tani! If you have boyfriend you need to give chocolate instead of get chocolate.

Tani : eh?! I don’t want to. I am suck at making sweet. It is better I give him something than poisoned him to death. Hm.. what should I do in valentine?

Rena : watch some anime

Yuki : just sleep

Tani : mouu!! Any better idea? Sigh, I hope there is somebody accompany me. My soul is so lonely. My parent ask me to go to Tokyo through. To visit my onee san, but I know my parent just want to be a lovey dovey together at home and my onee san want to go to a date.

Churi : I know! Just  visit the SKE café. I hear from my brother, they give some service for you, if you are alone. Some of their waiters will come and you will have a buddy talk. If you are lucky, you will have some skinship.

Tani : really? Wow! I sure will visit that place!

Yuki : maybe the waiters are ugly boy.

Tani : ehh??? Noo!!!

Churi : no, I have a prove, they are all handsome. I went there a couple time with my sister. The last time I go is at christmast, blame Airin for that, he really a jerk that leave me when christmast. So I go there, and have some fun. I also sent some photo to him.

Churi then show them some photo, and they see it, some of them is just too plain to be called handsome. Then Tani, see somebody, and that somebody is very attractive. She then showed it to Rena and Yuki.

Tani : looks! This one is handsome! I wonder if I will be lucky enough to be a buddy chat with him.

Yuki eyes  grow big, as it want to popped out from it place, as Rena is speechless. The photo Tani showed is  Matsui Jun. He wear a butler like clothes and is smilling in that photo. In that photo, he is taken a photo with Churi.

Rena : sorry guys, I think I have something to do, I will go home first. See you later girls.

Yuki : Rena!!

Yuki is chasing  Rena as, Churi and Tani don’t know what had happened.

Yuki : Rena wait!!

Rena didn’t wait for Yuki, as she keep running, her heart hurt so much. she doesn’t understand why Jun lied to her. Yuki manage to catch her. But, when Yuki see Rena crying, she doesn’t say anything and just hug her. Soothing her, that maybe there is a explanation for this. Yuki then take Rena home and go home, as Rena reject her accompany. Rena know, Yuki need to prepare a chocolate for Yuuma. Yuuma and Jun will come tomorrow, for valentine.

At home Rena just laying in the bed and crying, she want to ask Jun, but she afraid of Jun answer. She afraid Jun is tired of her, because she never be a normal girlfriend.

14th February

Yuuma and Jun come to Nagoya to meet their beloved one. As for Yuuma, he will go to Yuki house and together they will go to restaurant. Yuuma have reserved it as for Jun, he also go to Rena house, so they can go together. But, when he go to Rena house, Rena isn’t there.

Rena grandma : Jun kun, good to see you, but why are you here? Rena leave an hour ago. She dress beautifully, so I know she will have a date.

Jun : eh? really?

Rena grandma : did something happened, Jun kun?

Rena grandma is very happy when they found out Rena have a boyfriend. Moreover Jun is very good at steal Rena granny heart. Well, our Matsui boy is good at this. He is friendly after all. So, Jun doesn’t want to make Rena grandma worried, so he find another excuse.

Jun : ahahah!! Silly me, I am forget to meet her at restaurant. I need to go there now, so Rena won’t wait for me. 

Rena granma : please take care of her, Jun kun.  Tonight, I will go to gathering and I think I will not go home.

After that Jun excuse to himself to find Rena. he phone Rena but, Rena is didn’t answered the phone. He began to panic, as he didn’t know this place. he decided to go to the restaurant, but he doesn’t find Rena in there. As he phone Rena again, this time Rena answered.

Jun : Rena! where are you? I go to your home and your grandma said you already leave. I am so worried about you.

Rena : … Jun, I.. I really love you.

Jun : Rena?

Rena : but, I will never be a good girlfriend for you. You deserve better.

Jun : Rena, where are you now? Please don’t scare me.

Rena : let’s meet at a park near my house.

Jun : wait there okay, I will be there in any minute.

The place their reserved is not far from Rena house, and that park. So Jun run as fast as he can to the park. He afraid something will happened to Rena. At that park, near the the tree, there is Rena standing looking at the tree. The weather is a bit cold, Rena looked cold. When Jun is there, he quickly hug Rena.

Jun : Rena, you made me scare.

Rena : …

Jun : Rena?

Rena : Jun, let’s break up.

Jun : what? No!! I love you Rena. And I will never give up on you.

Rena : but, I am tired of this Jun. I am tired of long distance relationship. And I hate a liar!

After saying that, Rena run away, she is crying but, Jun manage to chase her. He hug her from behind and didn’t let go of her even though Rena resist him.

Jun : Rena, please tell me what happened.

Rena : Jun kun.. why are you lying? I really missed you, every day,

Jun : eh? what are you talking about, Re..

Jun is shocked, he doesn’t understand what is Rena saying as he see Rena is crying, Rena then manage to break free, and run as fast as she can. she manage to go inside her house and close the door. As Jun is in front of her house. He knock the door but, no answer. He know Rena is still in front of the door.

Jun : Rena, please open the door.

No answer from Rena. but then, there is a call from Yuuma.

Yuuma : hey, Jun kun. How is your valentine?

Jun : shut up Yuuma, I doesn’t have  a time to chat for that.

Yuuma : as I thought. Yuki have told me what happened. and I already explain that to Yuki the reason you are working.
Yuuma then told Jun, what had happened.

Jun : souka.. so she is angry because of that.

Yuki : Jun!

Jun : eh??

Yuki manage to snatch Yuuma phone and talked to Jun

Yuki : I need to talk to you, you baka Jun. Jun, you know that Rena never have a boyfriend before, and because of her past, she is become very timid. To tell you the truth, I am very happy because I see Rena become more cheerful, after she have you as her boyfriend. She smiled more and every day not only anime she talking about, she always talking about you when we are hang out together. She is really trust you. So when she find out, you are lying and have some time together with other GIRL!!! She is really sad. She is crying and heart broken, she think she is not good enough for you, she think you are bored, she think you doesn’t like to spent some time with her. You better fix everything JUN!!!

With that, Yuki close the phone. As for Jun, he is standing there. He sigh and take the ring from his pocket. He opened it and see it. He then shout some word.

Jun : Rena chan, I love you and I will wait here until you forgive me and let me in.

Jun is waiting, and waiting. As the weather is become colder and colder, because the snow started to fall. He become tired as he decided to sit down, his body already numb at any point and he think his vision become blurry. He passed out.

Rena is at her room, she heard what Jun said, but she is too angry and sad as she decided to ignore Jun. part of herself want to opened the door, but part of herself is to angry for that. As she lay down at her bed, she become sleepy, when she woke up, it already midnight. She looked from the window and find out Jun is still there. It is snowing and it really make her worried as something will happened to Jun.  So she go down and check Jun. She find out Jun is sleeping, his body is very cold. She then decided to drag Jun inside the house and manage to lay him at the sofa. But then Jun opened his eyes. When he see Rena, he quickly hug her tightly, doesn’t want to let her go.

Jun : Rena, I am sorry. Please hear me, I didn’t intent to lying to you. I.. I want to give you surprise. But instead of make you happy, I end up hurting you. I don’t want to break up with you. I love you.

Rena : Jun…

Jun then take out a box contain of ring and give it to Rena.

Jun : I have working at café because I want to give you a present. A great present for you. I want to give you surprise.

Rena : hiks, baka Jun.. I think you are bored at me, and you want to find another girl. I..

Jun : Rena, please have a confidence. I just love you and my heart will not fall on other women. You are the only women I want. And no other! Let’s engage, I already told my parents about this and they agree. I also have told your grandmother. And ask your parent permission. They agree about it.

He then wipe Rena tears, then he lift her face, as their eyes meet. Rena can see, Jun is very serious. As, he caress Rena face, Jun then kissed her. He kissed her with a full love and passionately. And Rena kisses her back. Jun is very happy, he can felt her kisses to him is full of love. He taken it as a yess answer from Rena. Jun then decided to deepened the kiss. He decided to cross the line. Normally, Rena is will started to tremble, but right now Rena is hugging Jun back to make their distance closer. Until Jun, break the kiss, because they need an air.

Jun : beside of the ring, I have another surprise to you.

Rena : huh? What it is Jun?

Jun : Rena I will move to Nagoya, so we can always be together.

Rena : really Jun?

Jun : un. Starting next week, I will move to Nagoya. take care of me nee, Rena chan.

Rena smiled at Jun baby talk, she find it really cute. As she caress his face give him a quick peck in the lip.

Jun : so Rena chan, where is my chocolate?

Rena : hm..? I don’t have any.

Jun : mouu!! Rena chan, I though I will have chocolate from my girlfriend.

Rena : hm.. alraight, I will give you one.

Rena then take out a chocolate candy, she put it in her mouth as it melt in her mouth, she then kissed Jun, give it to him mouth by mouth. As he sucked every chocolate from Rena mouth. Jun is extremely happy. Never he feel Rena this extreme.

Jun : it is  a good chocolate, my best valentine chocolate ever. Can I have another one? Can I have you as my chocolate valentine?

Rena : hm.. no.

Jun : eh?? Rena chan?

Rena : you need to promise me first. Not to work at that cafe again, Jun can only see me.

Jun : hai! hai! I promised, now can I have my chocolate valentine?

Rena just blush but she give him a nodded. As then Jun move closer and kiss her. They enjoy their valentine together that night.
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So how the after story?Depent of your comments, I will decide to make another or not.
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Gahhhhhhhhhhhh....wmatsuiiiiiiiii~  :shy2: :shy2:
'Died from happiness.... :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:
awesome after story~  :ding: :ding:  :on gay:
Please do the other sadrilim san~  :tantrum:
And thanks for the wmatsui after story  :kneelbow:
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Love it! A lot! :3 good job yo. I want to see mayuki after story. :3. Hehehehhehehe this is awesome.
Thank you for the hardwork. :v
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AUTHOR SAN~~  :deco:
please do make the continuation of this fic.  :mon beam:  :mon inluv:
i want to know what'll happen to them next. :mon XD:
also thank you for the lovely updates, hope to see more coming up~ :heart:  :mon fyeah:
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@yuuchans, haha I will make it, maybe after I finish with other character afterstory.

@Zhen, I will make the other charc afterstory based on the poll. So far, Mayuki is the last. Maybe if it change to be second, I will make it soon.

kuro_black29, sure I will make it, but please be patient. because I need to make the next chapter for Wmatsui long story, my instant girlfriend.
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Awww so cute WMatsui  :)
Now waiting for Atsumina  XD  :heart:
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Yahoo!! I decided to update my Atsumina OS. some of you may be didn't like the story at all. Sorry...
But don't worry. I will make the other after story for Atsumina and my other pairing, if you all insist. lols

Any way, enjoy my lame fanfic. sorry if it become lamer and lamer.  :banghead:

sorry for bad english. And please wait for my other OS, next one is Mayuki!!!! :cow:

Atsumina After story : Always with you

"Minami let’s break up..”

Minami : why? You are kidding right? stop it!

Atsuko clenched her hand and look at Minami with her straight eyes. Deep inside Minami heart, he know that from her eyes, she really mean what she said just now.

Atsuko : I am not kidding Minami, I.. I am tired of you. so let’s break up.

Minami : no! I don’t want to be separated from you. please tell me what’s wrong.. Atsuko. I will change for you. if I upset you, tell me, I will try not to do the thing that upset you. Please…

Atsuko : I am sorry Minami, but we really need to break up. You and me didn’t really mean to be together.

Atsuko want to leave him, but he grab her shoulder and make her to face him, as he want to find that Atsuko is lying to him. But, he find nothing, he find that she is serious.

Atsuko : please let me go, this is the last time we will met.  I have somebody that I love, and I will go with him to US.Please… please be happy.
And with that Atsuko go away, leaving Minami who is desperate. His heart hurt so much, and he really doesn’t understand why Atsuko want them to break up. They really doesn’t have any fight lately. And for God sake, they date each other for 6 years already, and Atsuko never seem that she is bored with him. Why now?!


“ you know what, Takamina.. I never know that you will be in this state.. sigh..”

Minami : ahhh Yuu, my friend. How’s your days? I bet you just have a date with your Nyan nyan. Ha  ha ha... sorry to ruin it.

Minami is at police officer right now. He just get caught because he had some fight with another gangster at bar. And now he is drunk. there are few of bruise in his face, and some cut too. But when Yuu looks at the other cell, the gangster also not in a good condition. Most of them has a bandage in their head and moreover bruises.

Yuu then take Minami out, as he set himself as a guarantee for his stupid friend.  Yuu bring him to his apartment and set him on his sofa, while  he bring some water from his kitchen, Takamina started to sing a song, and dancing while walking toward the toilet. He fall down in the middle through.

Yuu : arggh!! Why you are like this, Takamina?! I will call Acchan.

Hearing Acchan name, Takamina then stopped Yuu for calling her. his eyes looked sad in pain.

Minami : there is not need. She won’t come. I already break up with her.

There is a silent , until Yuu realize what Minami has said.

Yuu : what?! Why? How? What did you do? did you upset her?

Minami : she asked me for break up. She said that she has another person that she loved. I beg for her, but she didn’t want to.

Yuu : and you believe that? You believe there is somebody that she loved beside you? Bakamina, you know she change school because of you, and she didn’t went to Tokyo university even though she have a recommendation to go because she want to be with you, as you know her parent move to the UK, and she  choose to be with you instead of with her parent. Did you think that Acchan is the person who want to break up with you just because she is tired of you? I don’t think so, or it is your love that not as strong as her?

Minami get up, his eyes filled with anger, as he want to punch his friend. He already clenches Yuu’s clothe,  but he didn’t do it. instead, what make Yuu surprise is, he is crying. The cold Takahashi Minami is crying.

Minami : I know it dammit! I also think that there is something wrong. But, what should I do Yuu? She… she kisses somebody else in front of me. just to proof that she have somebody else.

Flash back

Minami doesn’t believe what has  Atsuko said, so after Atsuko leaving him, he follow her to her house,  Minami wait long enough in front of Atsuko door, as Atsuko doesn’t want to let him in. Not long after that, there is a car that stopped in front of Atsuko house, from the car, come out a handsome guy.

Atsuko then opened the door and welcome the guy to come inside. Minami looks angry and held the door to prevent Atsuko to closed the door.

Minami : Atsuko, who is this guy?

Atsuko : don’t held the door please Takahashi san. This is my new boyfriend, Itano Tomo.

Minami : what?!

Hearing Atsuko called him Takahashi instead of Minami, really make him pissed off. More over hearing Atsuko said that this guy in front of him is Atsuko’s boyfriend. Make his heart tears into piece.

Minami : no! you are lying!!

Atsuko : no.. he is my boyfriend.

Atsuko then grab the boy clothes and kiss him. As Minami look at them, he then closed his eyes and go away. Next thing, he do is he is drinking at the bar.

Yuu : that… not possible, right? Takamina…

Minami just shakes his head and continue to go to the toilet. As he finished, he asked Yuu if, he can stayed in his apartment, because if he go home, he will remember Acchan again.  As Minami already sleeping, Yuu go outside and phone someone.

Yuu : hello, Nyan nyan? Are you sleeping?

Haruna : Yuu chan..? umn.. almost, what happened?

Yuu : Acchan and Bakamina aren’t couple anymore. Minami said that Acchan asked to break up with him, did you know something about this?

Haruna : WHAT?!!!  Yuu chan, don’t kidding me.

Yuu : sigh.. I also doesn’t want to believe what Minami said, but seeing him in this stated really don’t think he is lying.

Haruna : Acchan didn’t mention anything. Wait.. she did mention that she want to go to UK.

Yuu : she what?

Haruna : upps… Acchan said not to said this matter to anybody. Sorry Yuu chan.

Yuu : come on Nyan nyan. What did she said? Beside you already said it to me, why not spill all the milk?

Haruna : no.. Yuu chan. I will close the phone first. There is something that I want to make sure, good night Yuu chan. I love you.

Yuu : Nyan.. sigh.. girl’s secret sure is complicated. And now how I will deal with that Bakamina?

Next morning Minami wake up, but his head hurt so much. and his eyes is so heavy. As he adjust his vision. He know that he is at Yuu’s apartment.  slowly, he remember yesterday event.

Minami : so.. it is not a dream huh.. I wish it is just a dream. But looks like it is a reality.

Yuu : yoo Bakamina, you are awake? Take a bath will ya?  Let’s have a breakfast in AKB café. And I don’t want to hear no as the answer. So let’s go.

Minami just smile at Yuu, he know that his best friend just want to cheer him up. After a long day of sake and crying yesterday. Somehow his heart feel better. Alright. I will go to have a bath first. And after that we will go.

When they are enjoy their meal, Yuu got phone from Haruna.

Yuu : moshi moshi.. Nyan nyan?

Haruna : Yuu chan.. are you with Takamina?

Yuu : yeah… he is with me. nande?

Haruna : this is bad, Yuu chan, do you know that Acchan is sick?

Yuu : what?! What happened?

Haruna then tell him, after Yuu tell Haruna that Atsuko and Minami is breaking. Haruna then phoned the other girl to confirm something. As they always have a girl night, once in a three month, last one is held in Acchan’s house. when they are at her room,  Yuki find out a ticket to UK. And they asked Atsuko about it. it is dated on today. Acchan just smiled at them, and said that she missed her parent and she want to go there for a while. But she told them not to tell anyone.

Haruna asked Kasai Tomomi, her friend in UK. As Haruna feel weird, because Yuu tell her about Acchan new boyfriend name. as Haruna remember, Kasai’s boyfriend also named Itano Tomo.  That night, Haruna phoned Kasai Tomomi alas Chiyuu. She really need to wait till night, because of the difference of time.

Haruna : moshi – moshi, Chiyuu?

Tomomi : un.. Haruna..?

Haruna : sorry to interrupt you. but are you still dating that Itano boy?

Tomomi : yes , of course. Why you asked? I will met him though. He is back from Japan.

Haruna : hm..? why so?

Tomomi : he will accompany his cousin back to UK. His cousin is sick. So he will accompany her.

Haruna : may I know his cousin name?

Tomomi : if I am not wrong, her name is Maeda.. Maeda Atsuko.

Haruna : yabai…

End of conversation.

Yuu then tell Takamina about Acchan condition. It make Minami surprised. He is angry to himself. he never know that Atsuko is sick, and never did she say it to him. it make him upset to think that Atsuko didn’t trust him enough to share her pain to him. He is too stupid not not realize there is something wrong with Atsuko.

Yuu : don’t think too much, bakamina. I think Atsuko have her own reason why she didn’t want to tell you.

Minami : Yuu, I need Haruna help. I will go to UK to meet her. I want to know what happened to her and what her reason. Please help me.

Yuu : of course, my friend.

Minami : thank you my friend.


Acchan is at hospital, waiting for her result to come out. she been lying in the bed since yesterday. As she run a lot of check up for her body, she become quite tired since she already at the hospital for three days to do  a lot of check up and preparation for her surgery. Her mind run to a certain midget that make her heart skipped a beat. She really love that certain midget, but now is impossible. After all she the one who asked for break up.

Maeda ma : Acchan dear, are you tired? Do you want to take a rest? or are you hungry? I will buy you some food.

Acchan : un.. both of that, mama. I want to drink a tomato juice.

Maeda ma : wait here okay? I will go to buy some. May be I wil take some time, because I will go back to bring you clothes more.

Acchan : okay mama.

With that Maeda ma is leaving, and Acchan feel so tired so she went to sleeping. In the middle of her sleep. she hear a voice, a voice that she loved to hear, a voice that she miss so much. yes, it is a voice of a certain midget that she loves so much. Acchan open her eyes, and she see Minami right in front of her, smiling. His face is so close to her, as Acchan think that she still dreaming,  she then touch Minami face, from his hair, his forehead, his eyelash, his eyes, his nose, his dimples, and lastly his mouth, and lip.

Slowly but sure, Minami close the gap between them, as Atsuko fell Minami lips on hers, it really made her feel really happy. It is good to have this dream, they kiss and kiss until Minami kiss her more passionately, he depend the kiss and it make Acchan realize that it is not a dream at all. she can feel Minami tongue inside her mouth, and it is too real.

Breaking the kiss, Atsuko face looks surprise, she then touch Minami face again, but instead of held them gently like last time, she pinch his cheek.

Minami : itaii!! Atsuko!! It is hurt!

Atsuko : Mi..Minami?! why are you here?

Minami : to visit my sick girlfriend of course.

Atsuko : wha.. what are you talking, Takahashi san.. you are not my boyfriend anymore.

Minami : please don’t lying, Atsuko. And stop with that “Takahashi san”, it is Minami for you. I know everything. That’s why I am here.

Atsuko seems surprise with Minami’s answer. As she doesn’t even let everybody in Japan know about her condition.

Minami : Atsuko, you will be healty again after this surgery, I am sure of it.

Atsuko just shake her head, as she began to crying.  She know eventhough she pass the surgery. And become healthy again there is something will still be missing.

Atsuko : you don’t understand..

Minami : about what? The possibility of you won’t have a child right?

Atsuko :?!.. how..

Before Minami can answer, from behind Maeda Ma is coming.

Maeda Ma : I the one who told him, Acchan.. I met him before I went back to home.  He insist that he want to be your boyfriend even though he already know the consenquence.

Atsuko : hiks… no.. Minami, I don’t want to.

Minami : not this time, Atsuko. Even though you push me hard this time, I won’t go back. If you don’t want to be my boyfriend, I will always be your side, until.. until you find your happiness.

Atsuko : please.. Minami.. you are my happiness, seeing you sad, also make me sad. that’s why I lied to you.. I don’t want to make you sad.

Minami : so do I, Atsuko don’t you understand than when you said to me that you want to break up, my heart hurt so much, I though there is something missing. And my day seems over. Please Atsuko. If I the one who got sick, will you leave me too? Even though I tell you to go away?

Atsuko : yada!! But…

Minami : no but! Let’s make a promise. After your surgery, I want us to be together forever.. so… Maeda Atsuko, will you married me?

Atsuko just stay silent. Deep in her heart, she is very happy. It is one of her dream. To be together with Minami. And get married and have a child, stay together till they become old. Be happy together. But she know there isn’t any guarantee for her to be alive after the surgery, and if she ever survived, the doctor said that she won’t have a child anymore.  She doesn’t want to ruin Takahashi blood line because of her. Minami is the only child from Takahashi Family, and she ever met Minami’s parent, how they really want for Minami and her to get married soon so they can have a  grand child.

As understand what Atsuko has taught. Minami then held Atsuko hand, gently and with determination eyes, look at Atsuko eyes.

Minami : please don’t say no to me. I know things will be different, but believe me, I am the happiest when I am with you. And I don’t care what people said or even doctor said, I just want a baby that born from you tummy. and if it is impossible, I don’t care. As long as I am with you, then I will throw everything.  We will find a way. Right now, what I wish the most is your heath. And don’t dare you said that you don’t love me. you kiss me hungrily just now, you know that?

Atsuko : Mi..minami!! (blushed)

Minami :  he he.. my love one.  So, are you ready to be my everything?

Atsuko : un.. we will be always together.

end of Atsumina after story.

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Awwww that was cute  :mon waterworks:

Acchan, don't worry, you can adopt, I'm sure Takamina wouldn't mind

Can't wait for the next after story!
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That was.. khmm.. yeah.. from the start very sad.. but at least, they in the end will be together for ever and ever.. well, they have no other choice.  8)
AtsuMina!  :love:
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Hey all,

I am back with Atsumina again, since the last OS a bit gloomy for them (and I hate to make them suffer), I make the second after story for them. Sorry, I did promised that I will continue with Mayuki, but today the idea pop out, and here it is.

Anyway, enjoy and sorry if there is something that weird term in the story, since I am to lazy to identify Acchan's sickness and so.

ATSUMINA OS : The Happiest Man In The World

Yuuma : Acchan are you sure with this decision? Takamina will kill me for sure…

Atsuko : come on Yuuma, you know that I want it for a long time.

Yuuma : but, this is too risky. What if Takamina and Yuki know? I don’t want to be hate or get killed.

Atsuko : I will deal with Takamina. It is okay..

Yuuma : sigh.. Takahashi Atsuko, I ask you again,  do you really want to do this? it may take your life.

Atsuko pov

Five years since I and Minami get married, everything is great. Minami love me so much, good environment, and great friend. but there is something missing if in the marriage  you don’t have children. I know I should be grateful enough to be alive after the operation. Yes..  I am sick, but that a long time ago. And that sickness almost separated me from Minami. At first it is my decision to break up from him. But he insisted to be with me even though I won’t be able to have any child anymore. He support me and show me how much he love me  very much.

This is the tough decision for him and his family. Because knowing that I have a small possibility to have a children… But Minami insist that he don’t want any girl beside me. And at last his family agree about our marriage.  Me and Minami agree that we won’t talk about it anymore. But, deep in my heart I really want to have Minami’s child.  Bearing his child is one of my greatest gift beside having Minami beside me.

And now I talk about this matter to Yuuma. Yes.. Oshima Yuuma, as known as a great doctor in the most famous Hospital in Japan. As I consulted to him, he find a way for me to have a child. But, he said this is risky and I may die because of that.

Well, I know that I am selfish, I don’t even ask Minami about this, because I know he will object about my decision. I asked Yuuma to trick him, for our last check up, so I can get his sperm. And now the decision is on me. Yuuma seems disagree with Minami’s absence right now. But my decision is final.

End of pov

Yuuma : sigh.. alright, I will inform you three days later. But before the sperm injection, I want Takamina to be here with you. if not, I won’t do this procedure. He is your husband so he need to know.

Atsuko : … fine, I will try to talk to him.

At other place in the same time

Minami : hey.. Yuu.. sorry I am late

Yuu : Takamina I miss you so much!!!! (hug Minami)

Minami : aw!! Don’t do that! I don’t want people think us as a gay..

Yuu : don’t you miss me?

Minami : nope!

Yuu : Takamina, you are so cold.. (fake tears)

Minami  : for god sake Yuu, we just meet last week, and congratulation, Nyan – nyan is pregnant right? I hear it from Atsuko.

Yuu : yeah.. thank you Takamina. But.. hey.. what with that face? You congratz me but you make that sad face..

Minami : ah.. I am sorry, I just remember about Atsuko..

Yuu : ah…

Minami : you know, I think she want a kid…

Yuu : why don’t you adopt a kid?

Minami : I don’t think that the main problem..

Yuu : what do you mean Takamina?

Minami : Yuu.. she want our kid. She want to have a kid that run my blood. Even though I know that is not possible. But she seems to bring that matter again. I think she and I agree not to talked about it anymore. Sigh… I know how much she want a kid just like my parent want to. But if by having a kid will make me losing her, I better end up not having a kid. I am a selfish man right?

Yuu : well, I know you feeling very  well. I also afraid of losing Nyan – nyan. Even though, Yuuma said that everything will be alright. But I really afraid something got wrong when the delivery time come  and I will lose her forever.  And Takamina, didn’t you said that Acchan possibility to have a kid is very low? What make you afraid?

Minami : … I don’t know Yuu. I just have a feeling. sigh.. I better go home, right now. I promise her that I will be at home before 8 p.m.

At Takahashi Resident

When Minami go home, he didn’t find Atsuko in the living room, so he went to their room. it is dark, as he can’t see anything. But when he went inside, somebody tackle him and make him fall down in their bed.

Minami : At.. Atsuko?!

Atsuko sit on top of him, and started to kiss him hungrily. As he touch her body, he realize that Atsuko didn’t wear anything. She is naked.  Minami never get tired of her body, her smooth skin, her perfect body, and mostly her moan. Every time they make out, her moan always make him want more and more.

While kissing Minami, Atsuko began to undress him.  Touching his bare chest, down to his stomach and now to his friend.  Her touch really make him gone crazy. Minami can’t stand of it anymore. He then rolled and now he is on Atsuko top. He started to kiss her all over her face and down to her neck, giving a love bite to her, as Atsuko moan her name, his friend began to be bigger and bigger. Atsuko can feel it between her tight.

Before Minami continue, Atsuko held his face and now they are staring at each other..

Atsuko : Mi..Minami… do you love me?

Minami look at her, he don’t understand why she asking about that thing right now. But, Minami know there is some insecure in her eyes.

Something must be wrong. Instead of answering, Minami seal their lips deep and passionately. After kissing her, he caress her face, and giving her assuring smile.

Minami : Atsuko, I deeply in love with you. I want to be with you forever, and I am sure my feeling won’t change no matter what. What wrong, Atsuko? Did something bad happened?

Feeling that Minami really cared about her, Atsuko really feel guilty. She know that having a kid is not her matter only. But it is hers and Minami, yet she didn’t even tell him up until the now.

Atsuko : hiks.. I … am hiks.. sorry.. Minami… please don’t hiks..hate … me…

Minami : Atsuko… don’t cry please.. tell me what wrong? I promise I won’t angry or even hate you. now tell me, my love.

Minami then hug her, and take her to his embrace. He is confuse but, he wait for her to calm down. Caressing her hair gently and give her a gentle kiss. He wait for Atsuko to calm down. As Atsuko calm down, she started to tell Minami about her plan of having a child.

Minami : wh.. WHAT?!! Why don’t you tell me sooner?

Atsuko : see.. you are angry. (sulking, and pouting)

Minami : eh? no.. not like that… Atsuko, I thought that we already talked about this matter.

Atsuko : …

Minami : if it is because of Haruna is pregnant?

Atsuko then look down not dare to look at his eyes. Bull eyes! Minami thought.  Minami then lift her face. But then, he buried his face on Atsuko’s neck. Inhaling her sweet scent, he hug her and tightened his hug.

Atsuko : Minami..?

Minami : Atsuko.. I am afraid.

Atsuko : Minami.. I know. I also afraid. But I also ready for this. I know I am..

Minami : but.. how? I thought the possibility is very low, because…

Before Minami finish his word, Atsuko interrupt him

Atsuko : I have talked those matter with Yuuma. And he said that with the newest technology, he can make the possibility higher.

Minami : sigh.. I guess let met Yuuma tomorrow, with I know that eyes Atsuko, no matter I said what, you will do it right?

Atsuko : so that mean..

Minami : yeah, let.. try it. let us have our child.

Atsuko : Minami, I love you.

Minami : he he.. now, let me finish what I left. (pinned Atsuko )

Atsuko : Mi..Minami… (.. blush)

Next day…

Minami : Yadaa!!

Atsuko : but, Minami you promised me.

Minami : with the probability you will die? Not a chance.

Atsuko : Yuuma, please help me..

Yuuma : sigh.. what problem did I bring, eh? Takamina, I know there is a possibility for Atsuko to erm.. dying. But the possibility is very low, if she followed the procedure, and if the worst one happened then, there is a way to save her, that is by having  second surgery and take out her ovary.

Minami : meaning?

Yuuma : well, this time she won’t have any chance to get a child anymore and may be she need to consume some vitamin and medicine to support her for a while.

Atsuko : please.. Minami..  (pleading eyes)

Minami : urgh.. fine. If something bad happened and in the end will take her life, I want you to take out the babies, alive or dead. Your life is my top priority.

With that Atsuko started to have follow the program and at last she is pregnant. Not only one child, but two. She bearing a twins.  Minami really take care of her, he hired a housemaid to help Atsuko, give her a delicious food, and also bear with Atsuko high level of stress.  He really make sure that he never missed out anything regarding Atsuko’s health.  Everytime it is time for Atsuko check up, he will take a day off and accompany her.  He really make sure there isn’t something wrong with Atsuko and her babies.

During the delivery day.

Yuuma lead the surgery, as Minami wait in the waiting room accompany by Yuu and Jun. While Rena accompany Haruna. Few days ago, Haruna giving a birth to a beautiful baby girl. As Atsuko have to delivery sooner because of her body can’t stand it anymore and for her own safety and her babies also, Yuuma suggest them that Atsuko need to give a birth sooner.

Yuu : OMG, calm down Takamina. I am really tired to see you walk around like that. you will started to make a hole  if you continue like that. sit down! I am sure Yuuma will take a great care of her and her babies.

Jun : yeah! you are the one to talk, I still remember when Haruna san is giving a birth. You are worse than Takamina, you shaking my body non stop asking me what time it is, and complaining why it is not yet done. But, Yuu is right. Takamina, you need to calm down. believe in Yuuma and Acchan. I am sure Yuuma is trying his best, same with Acchan.

Yuu : HEY!! that;s not true!!

Takamina : but I CAN’T !! I really want to help her or at least ease her pain.

Yuu & Jun : sigh..  ( it is gonna to be a long day)

As the time since take forever, Yuuma finally come out from Surgery room. right after he come out, Takamina quickly run to him, asking him about Atsuko condition. 

Yuuma : congratulation Takamina, you are a father now. two healthy baby boy are born into this world.

Takamina :  How is Atsuko? Is she okay? How her condition? Is she in pain? Did something bad happened?  Yuuma, tell me (shaking Yuuma )

Yuu : geez.. Takamina, calm down. let him finish his word first!

Yuuma : Atsuko is fine, we will move her to her room, after that you can see her.

Takamina can’t stop grinning, he is the happiest man today.  He got to see his sons, before they get inside the cube. Yuuma explain that they need to be inside the cube from a few days,  but not need to worry, they are healthy, just a little weak, because they are force to born soon. After that, he go inside the room where Atsuko is resting. 

Atsuko : Minami… have you see them?

Minami : yeah, they are handsome.

Atsuko : just like their dad (giggle)

Minami : un.. they have your face too Atsuko (blushed)

Atsuko : have you thought of their name?

Minami : un.. I will name them Yui and Sayaka

Atsuko : that is a sweet name.

Minami : thank you Atsuko, for bringing them to me. Thank you Atsuko, for making me the happiest man in the world. I love you.

Atsuko : I love you too, Minami..

end of POV
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Congrats atsumina and kojiyuu too :D
Will you continue that fic author-san? Nice story~ :D
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Ah... so they have kids at last...

Well the family is happy...

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

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Hi all,
I decided to make the other after story and it is Mayuki!!  :cow:

I know I should make Kojiyuu after Atsumina, but the idea for Mayuki has been nagging me for quiet a long time. Sorry  :sweatdrop:

I spilt it into two or three part. hopefully you will like my fanfic.

Mayuki OS : Love and Betrayal

Part one

Yuki POV

Love sure is complicated. I thought I know that I am moved on already, but why after this long time, he come back again? I wonder what is this feeling I have.  It is because Yuuma isn’t here? Is it because I don’t love Yuuma with my whole heart.

End of POV

Yuki and Yuuma has been dating even after Yuuma graduated first and get an opportunity to study in UK.  Yuki know that her boyfriend has a lot of opportunity, but being apart from him for so long, really make her miss him so much. Sometimes she wonder if she really have a boyfriend. It been two years since they started this long distance relationship. And lately there isn’t any massage or even goodnight call from Yuuma.

And in this lonely time, Yuki meet with her crush, Miyazawa Sae. When she is in the middle school, she is close with Sae kun. He is handsome, and always nice to Yuki, not only that, he also an atheltic type who is very active and full spirit very different from Yuuma. But after high school, Sae move to another school and they lost contact with her.

Yuki once have a crush with Sae kun, but she never told him about her feeling. She once regretted it. But after a long time, she finally can forget about Sae and then not long after that she met her cyborg boy. And fall in love with him.

That night, Yuki have a fight with Yuuma. And her feeling isn’t really well. That day is valentine day. And Yuuma didn’t even call her or message her. She know that Yuuma is busy. But how busy is him in this special occasion?!

 Flash back

Yuki walking alone in the street, as tonight is the valentine day. But she feel really awful. She has been trying to call Yuuma, but his phone is not active, she has send him massage from this morning, but until now, there isn’t any message or phone call from her beloved boyfriend. 

She checked her phone again once more time, still there isn’t any answer or reply. So she decided to send another message.

To My idiot Cyborg :

I miss you…

As she send it while walking, she didn’t notice that she bummed into somebody.

Yuki : ah! I am sorry, I… Sae kun?

Sae : Yuki? Kashiwagi Yuki? Is that really you?

Yuki : ah.. yes, it is me. how have you been?

Sae : woah! Fine. I really missed you so much.  I see you has become a beautiful lady. (smile to her)

Yuki : ah..thank you (blushed)

Sae : you alone?

Yuki : un… I want to go shopping after that I plan to go home.

Sae : in this valentine day? Woah.. why don’t you join me to the karaoke? Still remember Sata and the gang? I am going to the karaoke with them tonight, why don’t you also join us?

Yuki : er… I am not sure, Sae kun..

Sae : come on, it must be fun. And It been a long time since we hang out together. Okay?

Yuki thought that she missed her old friend too. Maybe it is not a bad thing to go with Sae kun.  Beside, her boyfriend didn’t even missed her lately. Going out together with a lot of friend is not cheating right? she just go together to that place with Sae.

Yuki : alright, count me in.

So, Yuki go there with Sae. She meet her old friend and they enjoy that day together. Yuki really enjoy her friend company. Until it is late and it is time to go home. Sae offer her to take her home by car. in the car,  finally they can talked to each other freely, they talked a lot about everything that happened, and they talked until they want to reach Yuki apartment. Sae stopped her.

Sae : so Yuki, do you have a boy friend already?

Yuki : hm… I wonder. How about you? I bet you already have a girlfriend already. You are handsome and kind. Every girl will fall for you, Sae kun.

Sae : really?... but I don’t think you are right. there is one girl that I love so much back then, but silly me I never have a chance to tell her that I loved her. until now, I still l love her, and each day my feeling toward her is very strong.

Yuki : you should tell her your feeling, Sae. If not, then you will always think about her and hard to move on.

Yuki isn’t aware of who Sae talking about. The one that Sae mention is Yuki herself.  Sae also love Yuki so much. But back then, he is too young to realize about his feeling. And not long after that, he lost contact with Yuki, because of his father work, he has to move to another place to another place.

Sae : so you think that girl will accept my feeling?

Yuki : hm.. it is depend on that girl, if she love you, may be she will

Sae : heee? What with that answer.. (pout)

Yuki : aww.. Sae kun so cute (poking his cheek)

Looking at Yuki who smile to him, Sae didn’t think to much, and because of the alcohol. He become so brave and move closer to capture Yuki lip. At first, Yuki is so shock. She want to push him, but Sae grip her tightly and making it harder to move. Yuki resist at first, but then she return the kiss.

They kiss and Sae move closer to make them closer. But then Yuki try to push him again.

Sae : Yuki, the person that I said I am in love is you. I have fall for you for a long time. And until now the feeling get stronger and stronger each day. I really want to meet you again, and now I meet you. I won’t give up on you.

Yuki : I …  I … I am sorry Sae kun.

Yuki then directly leave  Sae and go inside. Her mind is at mess, and also her feeling.

Yuki Pov

What is this feeling? Why my heart beating so fast. And why I didn’t reject Sae kun? I … I already have Yuuma with me. After this, I wonder why my heart still beating for other man.

After that kiss, Sae kun confess his feeling to me, and but then in my mind, I remembered Yuuma. On that moment I can see Yuuma face flash in my mind. And I know this is wrong. I can accept Sae feeling. not now, after I have Yuuma. But, why my feeling is beating like crazy. I think I move on already. But, now I not really sure about this.

Yuuma kun… I am sorry.


Yuuma Pov

Tonight finally I can back to Japan,  after three years in UK, finally I can finish my study and I can go back to Japan. I am so busy this morning, because I have rush to go back to Japan. Today is Valentine day after all. I want to give some surprise to my girlfriend.
I bet, her reaction will be very funny. To see me back in Japan. I didn’t tell Yuki about it. because it will be one of my surprise to her. I still have another surprise to her.

I smile as I think about the other surprise. I look at the ring that I have prepared for her. I will ask her to married me. Time fly so fast, as I know I been so busy lately to prepare all the thing done so I can go back to Japan. And I feel very guilty because  I don’t even have a time to talk to her or reply her message quickly.

As I arrive from the airport, I quickly open my phone. And I can see a lot of mail and missed call from my beloved girlfriend. The last email really make my heart hurt.

“I miss you…”

Only those word she texted and it can make me feel very guilty. I quickly called taxi, asked him the nearest flower shop that still open, I need to give her a beautiful flower so she can forgive me, right?

He he.. thinking about her reaction when I am arrive, can make me smile like an idiot. Be it angry, be it crying, or anything. Her reaction really can amuse me.

As I almost arrived to her apartment. I forgot to say that Yuki has move from Nagoya to Tokyo to attend university back then, and she because she continue to work in Tokyo she life in Apartment near her office.

Actually beside of that, it is near my house. so back then I am the one who suggest her to live in this apartment. it have a great security too, so I feel relieve when I have to study at UK back then.

As I knock the door, there isn’t any body inside. I wonder why she didn’t go home yet. It is already so late and I know she never go home this late before. I wait for a quiet a while until I hear a foot stepped that come nearby, I looked and see that is Yuki and the other man.

I think if Yuki see me now, she will laugh at me. because I believe my face is frowning and full of jealous.  I can see how that man keep looking at my Yuki smiling face. And why did she smile so happy like that. Damn it!

That man stopped Yuki for walking farther, and the next one I can see is… that man kiss Yuki. It make my heart boil. I really want to hit him, as I want to come closer, I was shocked. I can see Yuki kissed him back. They are too engross with each other, and looks like they didn’t see me at all.

This can’t be real right? I don’t know why, but I run away. I don’t want to meet Yuki right now. I don’t want to hear that she want to break up with me. I don’t want to hear that she want to dump me. why.. Yuki… I thought that you love me, but why you do this to me!!

End of Pov
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Sae  :on voodoo: :on yellcard: :angry1: :on kimbo:



:scared: :scared:

:frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:



 :kneelbow: :on drink: thankss for the update sadrilim san :ding: :glasses:
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Aaaahhh yuki !!!! Why???!!!???  :O :cry:
Author-san.. please update soon! :grin: I'm so curios!! Nice story :thumbup :D
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I remember that previously, Yuuma's name was Ooshima Yuuma since he's Yuu's twin. Or have i misunderstood something? :?
Anyway, nice story u got here. I hope MaYuki would be back together soon. :thumbup
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@kuro_black29 : I need to find a bad guy here, but please don't hate Sae. :nervous

@Safiraalsana : well, this is the next part. But please don't kill me because it become more lamer and lamer. lols  :banghead:

 @faanpal : well, I don't really get what did you asked about. But yes, his name still Oshima Yuuma. if you ever see him with the name Watanabe Yuuma (in Atsuko OS after story) that because I type the wrong one. Sorry about that. I have edit it.  :panic:

Okay, here is the last part of Mayuki after story. I am sorry if I make not so good OS.  :bow: I think I have run out of Idea for them. But anyway, I manage to finish the OS. Enjoy and Sorry for the bad english.

I will make KojiYuu after this. Hope you will enjoy the story I made for them. I planned to make the different story for them. No angst in their story after. I am done with Atsumina and Mayuki for it.  :sweatdrop:

Part two


The next day, Yuki wake up and feel her head in a lot of pain. Not only that she also feel her eyes is sore. And then she realize that she has been crying since she is at home, luckily that she take a day off today. so she doesn’t need to explain her panda eyes. Beside she didn’t have any mood. She then checked her phone. And found one missed call and one mail.
She is very happy, because she think it is from Yuuma. But then she need to be disappointed because it is not from Yuuma but Sae kun.  Sae mailed her, asking her if she have time this afternoon. After yesterday meeting, Sae has asked her phone number so that they can keep in touch again.

As Yuki read the mail, she remembered yesterday event and guilt quickly come through her heart. she know she need to clarify the thing soon to Sae, because after yesterday event she know that the one that she loved so much is Yuuma. She just feel confuse because when she is kissed by Sae, her heart beat so much, but as she reply Sae kiss, the one that she think is Yuuma. She feel guilty now.

As she is in daze, her phone ringing. it is from Rena. 

Yuki : moshi – moshi, Rena chan?

Rena : Yuki ? what happened with you? your voice looks hoarse. Are you sick?

Yuki : no, I just tired. Yesterday I have a hang over.

Rena : hm.. after long time no see, you have a great time with Yuuma, eh? he he he

Yuki : what?! Rena chan, you sound like his twins. What do you mean?

Rena : eh? you didn’t meet him yesterday? I hear from Jun, that he has come home yesterday. And he plan to meet you yesterday.

Yuki : but… I didn’t met him yesterday…

Rena : eh?! I …

Yuki : it is okay, Rena chan. May be he is tired, so he change his plan. So, what wrong Rena chan? Why you called me?

Rena : well…  right now I come to Tokyo since Jun want to meet with Yuuma. It been a long time. So, I wonder if I can meet you. Jun also invite Minami and Atsuko. Too bad Yuu and Haruna is on their vacation.

Yuki : well, why not. Count me in. where is the meeting place?

Rena : in Akiba Mall, in Bitter and Sweet Café,  this afternoon.

And now Yuki feel furious, why don’t her boyfriend inform her about his arrival. Now she go back to sleep as she feel tired and confused, she will deal with Yuuma in this afternoon.

In the other hand, Yuuma is at his house. he really doesn’t have any mood to do anything. after seeing Yuki kissing with the other man, he feel uncertain. Will Yuki break up with him or will she pretend there isn’t anything happened. Will she tell him about that man.

As he lost in thought. His phone ringing. lazily he opened his phone.  It is from Jun. he has inform Jun about his arrival and his plan to purpose Yuki yesterday. but he know Jun will called him back if he reject his call, and don’t try to turn off the phone. Or he will come to bang his door house.

Yuuma : hello..

Jun : yo man, what’s with you? how about yesterday? did Yuki accepted it?

Yuuma : …

Jun : hello? Yuuma?

Yuuma : well, yesterday I am really tired and because of the delay. I postpone the plan.

Jun : What?! Oh well, I just plan to tease you about that thing. but, it is okay. How about today? we are present. There will be me,
Rena, Atsuko, and Minami in there. Meet us in our old place this afternoon, 6 p.m. Don’t be late.

Yuuma : okay.

Yuuma thought if just they four. Then it is okay. He doesn’t want to meet Yuki, not right now. too much thing that he afraid of.


At Bitter Sweet café

Atsuko : kyaa.. Rena chan, long time no see. I missed you so much

Rena : un, me too, Acchan. You become more beautiful

(note : this time, Atsuko and Minami will be married and don’t have kid yet)

Atsuko : you too, Rena chan. I wonder when will you two join us. We should have our double dating.

Jun : of course, Rena chan is beautiful, she is my girl after all.

Minami : well, not as beautiful as my wife.

Jun : no, Rena chan is the most beautiful. No girl can compare about it

Minami : well, for me no body can  replace her place. she is the most beautiful.

Rena : Ju.. Jun, don’t be like that. It is  embarrassing.. (blushe madly)

Atsuko : kyaa!! Minami you are so lovely. You never said it out loud when we are in public.

Yuuma : yeah.. can’t you too be quiet. It is in public place.  Whatever…

All of them : …

Yuuma : Why don’t we eat first? I am hungry.

Minami : yeah, I also very hungry.  I missed this café special katsudon.

When they eat their dinner, Yuki come there. she is late because she wake up late, but luckily she still manage to come.

Rena : ah! Yuki!!

Yuki : Rena chan, I missed you so much. (hugging Rena)

Yuuma is surprise when he see Yuki in here. he then make an eyes contact with Jun. from his eyes, Jun know that he is angry. But, Jun doesn’t get it, why he is angry. Did he has a fight with Yuki. But how come, even if they always seems to fight with each other,
and tease each other. But the fight won’t stand a chance in second, and they will become lovely dovey couple again. Jun just let it pass. As he doesn’t understand why Yuuma is angry in the first place.
Yuki then pay her attention to Yuuma, her gaze now fix to her boyfriend as Yuuma didn’t even bug to look at her. it make her some how pissed off.  But instead of broke the mood, she choose to sit down and eat.

They chat with each other happily, but Yuuma and Yuki didn’t even talked to each other, even though they sit next to each other.  after the other couple go back, leaving Yuuma and Yuki alone.  Yuki then break the silent as Yuuma didn’t even bug to start the conversation.

Yuki : I heard that you come back yesterday, why don’t you meet me or even tell me, so that I can come to pick you up.

Yuuma : there is delay on my flight, and I am too tired to make a call. Let’s go home.

Yuki : liar! I checked yesterday flight, and there isn’t any delay from UK. When we eat, you don’t even looked at me, even talk to me. Yuuma.. I missed you so much..

Yuuma : you missed me so much? Why? Kashiwagi Yuki, I don’t understand you anymore.

Yuki : wh.. what are you talking about. Yuuma..

Yuuma then looked at Yuki with his cyborg and cold gaze. And Yuki is too surprise. She never see Yuuma gaze which is very cold. She often see his cyborg face, but not with this cold gaze.

Yuki : answer me! Yuuma..

Right now Yuki voice is shuttering. She feel weak when she see Yuuma icy glare to her. some how her guilt rise again. as she know there is something that she hide from Yuuma.

Yuuma : you want an answer? fine Kashiwagi Yuki, I know that I always busy, and lately I don’t have a time for you. I also missed you so much and I don’t want to have this long distance relationship with you. So in this three month I work like crazy to earn my degree and so I can go  back soon to Japan. Yesterday is the last day  for my assignment. I go back as fast as I could to your place.  And I.. saw you kiss that man yesterday.

Yuki : I.. I..

Yuuma wait patiently despite his heart is very hurt right now. why don’t she deny that it is him that kiss her by force. Why don’t she deny it say that she love him. Yuuma feel betrayed. Seeing, Yuki just stay silent, tear slowly come out.

Yuuma : sigh… I think we need some time alone, Kashiwagi san. let’s go. I will take you home.

Yuki is surprise by Yuuma reaction. He call her by family name and with that cold gaze and tone. That is she realize that she doesn’t want Yuuma to leave her side. Not even once.  All anxiety and sadness quickly come out, as she think about Yuuma not in her side.

Yuki :no.. Yuuma. Please don’t do this. I love you.

Yuuma : …

Yuki : hiks… please… Yuuma. I am sorry, last night… I hiks.. met my hiks…

Yuuma : don’t cry in here. let’s go home. If you don’t want then I will call a taxi for you.

Yuki : no!! Yuuma. Please… her me explain..

As Yuuma want to leave her, she hug him from behind. Tears flow from her eyes. As she sobbing and held Yuuma tightly. Yuuma feel hurt to see her like that. He want to ease her pain and hold her into his embrace. But again, his mind can’t forget the moment when Yuki kiss that man.

Yuuma try to break free and go away. As Yuki try to follow him and doesn’t let him to leave her. As Yuuma pass the street, Yuki  follow from behind. But then, there are a car with high speed. As Yuki is too shocked, her body refuse to move. As she think it is the end of her life she closed her eyes, but instead of that,  she feel an embrace, and there isn’t any pain at all. When she opened her eyes, she can see Yuuma. His head is bleeding, his breathing becoming hard, and slowly Yuuma lost his conscious.


Yuki is  at hospital right now. she is waiting for Yuuma to wake up, as doctor say that the impact to his head is not a worried matter. He is fine and just unconscious because of the shock to his head.  Wmatsui and Atsumina also come to hospital after hearing that Yuuma has an accident.  But as it is getting late and the doctor said there isn’t anything worried about his injuries. They get back to their house.  Jun has inform Yuuma’s parent and said they will come tomorrow, because they are at Kagoshima to visit their grandmother.

Yuki looked at her boyfriend who is sleeping. She then touch his hand and interwind hers with him. Slowly she fall a sleep beside Yuuma, not long after that, she can feel her hand is being squeeze gently.

Yuki wake up and her eyes meet with Yuuma eyes. His gaze is not that cold anymore.  It become warmer. They looked each other and none of them want to break the gaze. Until Yuuma break the silent.

Yuuma : you really make me worried, Yuki.

Yuki : don’t do it again, I can bear any feeling of losing you. you scared me to death when your head is bleeding and you lost your conscious.

 Yuuma : why? It concern you so much, doesn’t you have a new boyfriend already?

Yuki : WHAT?! No!!! Stupid Yuuma. I don’t want to break up with you. please.. hear my explanation. I know I am wrong. I beg for you forgiveness. Please… Yuuma

Yuuma heart really in ached seeing Yuki pleading eyes, and her hoarse voice. And he realize that his love toward her is still so strong.  And seeing her suffer like this make his heart hurt also. He decided to hear Yuki explanation

Yuuma : tell me, who is that guy. And what happened back then..

Yuki then tell him everything and of course about the kissing scene.  And she also tell him her feeling toward him.

Yuki : I know he is my crush back then, and I am confuse with my feeling. but then, I realize it, when he kiss me, deep in my head I think about you and after see you unconscious, I know my answer. I love you.. I LOVE YOU YUUMA!!

Yuuma  : Yu..Yuki (blushed)

“Mr. Oshima is something wrong? What happened ?!”

Because of Yuki loud voice, it make the nurse who have an late shift worry. So she checked on Yuuma. To see if he is okay.

Yuuma : ah, no it is okay. Sorry because of my girlfriend’s loud voice.

“please be quiet, and if there is something wrong please press the emergency button. Now, please excuse me”

After the nurse leave, there are silent between them. Yuki has told him anything and also her feeling. but will Yuuma forgive her. Or will he asked for a break up. Thinking about breaking up, make her heart hurt, and tear unconsciously fall from her eyes.

Yuuma : don’t cry.. I hate it when I see my girlfriend cry.

Yuki : Yuu.. Yuuma, that’s mean you forgive me?

Yuuma : yes, I know I am at fault because I have been so eager to finish my study and go back to Japan and forget about my girlfriend. I can’t blame you at all, if you want to break up with me. I..

Haven’t finished his word, Yuki quickly kiss him. she kissed him with full love and desperately. Her hand round around Yuuma’s neck and pull him closer. As now she is move to Yuuma lap.  Yuuma in the other hand, pull her down and now he is lying and Yuki is on his top. They kiss until they feel the urge to breath.

Yuuma : I love you too, my witch. You really have bewitch me with your love.

Yuki : mouu!! Yuuma, stop with those witch things (blush)

Yuuma : hm.. I will, if I get another kiss.. maybe.. (smirk)

Yuki : stupid cyborg (blush)


Sae : so that’s mean…

Yuki : I am sorry, Sae kun. Thank you for your feeling for me. But, we can’t be together. I realize that the one I love is him.

Sae : I see… well, can we still be a friend?

Yuki : of course.. Sae kun. You always be my friend.

Sae : thank you Yuki. Thank you for your answer.


Yuki : ah, I am sorry. Please excuse me (picking up the phone)

Phone conversation

Yuki : moshi – moshi

Yuuma : what make you so long? come out now. I will be waiting for you in the car

Yuki : but Yuuma, it just 15 second ago.

Yuuma : no, I don’t want. not for this guy.

Yuki : hai, hai. I understand my jealous cyborg.

Yuuma : what? I am not jealous. You remember that we still have to meet with Jun and Rena right?

Yuki : hai. I won’t take long

Sae : your boyfriend?

Yuki : yes.. I am sorry Sae kun

Sae : ha ha, it is alright. If I was him, I also will be jealous, if his girlfriend met with another man. and more over she is so beautiful

Yuki : Sae kun, stop teasing me. Yuuma and I promised our other friend that we will have a dinner in Akiba Restourant.

Sae : well, see you again Yuki

Yuki : un.. see you again, Sae kun.

With that Yuki leave the café, and go inside the car. Yuuma then drive to meet with his friend. Yuuma drive until they reach a high class restaurant. When they arrive in there, there are no Wmatsui expect them.

Yuki eyes become bigger, because she can see a big banquet of roses in the dining table. With a romantic music, Yuuma lead her to the table and give her the banquet. He then kneeled in front of Yuki.

Yuuma  : Kashiwagi Yuki, I know I am not a perfect boyfriend. I make you worry and lonely. But I can guarantee you, that you are the only girl I love in this world more than anything. I want to be with you always, and I want to see your smile just for me. And I can guarantee you, I swear to make you the most happiest woman in this world with all my might. I promise. So, will you marry this stupid cyborg ?

Yuki : Yes! I will. I love you, Yuuma.

Yuuma then get up and round a ring in her hand. As now they shared a lovely kissed to seal the promise.

The end
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Mayuki >,<
Thanks for this great OS author-san
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@Mayukishipper : I am glad that you like it  :twothumbs, I am worried since Mayuki after story is quiet failure I think... I don't have confident on it, and left it hangging for quiet a long time. :banghead:. BUt I glad, I post it, if not it will be on hiatus.

Okay, I guess all my after story come to the end.  :cow:

Finally after a long break. I manage to finish them all. The last one come to KojiYuu couple (this is the longest OS I ever made till now which contain full version).

I wonder should I make for SayaMilky and Yui Paru.   :?

I will let you all decided. :lol:

Or should I make another Wmatsui after story? Since most of them are married or will be married, and the last one is Wmatsui left hanging. :nervous

Please comment, Sayamilky or Wmatsui  :bow:

Anyway, please enjoy my story and sorry for bad English.

KojiYuu OS : I am yours

One day, in the morning. Somebody knock the door of Takahashi household. And when Minami opened the door, there is a guy with squirrel teeth smiled at him. while Minami give a frown to the guy.

Yuu : Takamina good morning!!

Minami : good morning Yuu, what bring you to come to my house this early?

Yuu : he he he, can you help me this time? you see, I have some business and I need somebody to take care of Milky.

Oshima Miyuki

The daughter of Oshima Yuu and Kojima Haruna, have a bright personality, and very cheerful. She have her mother beauty and her father bright personality. Her nickname is Milky.

The so called girl then look at Minami while she hides her half of body on her father leg. The girl shyly looked at Minami before she flashed a bright smile at him.

Milky : hi uncle Minami, good morning

Minami : hi Miyuki chan

Yuu : please, help me this time only. This will be the last time.

Minami : sigh.. fine, I will help you this time, but I think you should stop, you know if Haruna find out, she will be pissed off, or rather sad.

Yuu : I know, but I can’t help it. even though she already explain it to me, I really need to go and look the person. I can help it but feel insecure. Takamina, I am sure if you are in my shoes you also do the same thing.

Minami : okay, okay. I understand. Say, Miyuki chan do you want to help uncle to wake up Sayaka and Yui?

Milky : un, I want to uncle. I want to play with Sayaka

Yuu : hee? Just Sayaka? How about Yui?

Milky :  of course with Yui too, Papa don’t tease me. I will tell Mama about this.

Yuu : hee!! Papa so sorry, Milky. don’t tell mama please!!

Milky : un, alright. Milky will help Papa. But no teasing anymore.

Yuu : alright my baby girl. (give a kiss on her cheek)

Minami : wow, to think that your six year old daughter know the thing you want to do, that actually scared me, Yuu.

Yuu : well, she has my genes for this thing. 

Minami just rolled at his eyes, as Yuu said it proudly.

Minami : say, Miyuki chan why don’t you go upstair? They are at their room.

With that, Milky then go inside, leaving two man in front of the door.

Yuu : alright, Takamina I leave my baby girl to you. Thank you

Minami : just make sure you come back before dawn.

Yuu : hai!

With that Yuu go and drive to Haruna work place. Right now, Haruna work as Model, even though she is married and have a child already, her body didn’t change much. Yuu even think that her body is sexier day by day. Even though he doesn’t like Haruna job, he can’t say no, just because he didn’t like any body see his wife body, it is Haruna dream job. Since high school she dream to be a model.  And as a good husband, he will support Haruna for her job as long as it is not nude or gravure.

Lately, he find out that Haruna has been close to a person name Shinoda Mario. When Yuu asked about him, Haruna just laugh and said there is nothing between them. She said that Mario didn’t interest in her. They just patner in job.

But Yuu won’t believe that easily. Because if there is a chance every men will want to date Haruna.  That what Yuu think of, and some of magazine have proven that Haruna  was inside of list top women that you want to date.

After he arrive, he quickly go through the front door, and went inside. Yuu have the access to the building, because he is best friend with the security. Usually, he accompany Haruna to her working place and that why, he also got the access from the security.
While he looking for his wife and then he see her with a good looking tall guy walking, and went to the photo studio. Haruna is giggling, and looks like the Mario guy is saying some joke to her. it is make Yuu heart boiling.  But he keep his composure, and follow them to the photo studio

Yuu Pov

I don’t understand. Why Nyan nyan look happy with that guy. It is really just a partner for work? This really make my heart boiling. I know that lately, we barely met each other because of work. Don’t tell me, when I am absent that guy try to steal my nyan nyan away?
Damn!!! I won’t let that happened.

End of pov

He hide himself in the back, so Haruna can’t see him. He see them work together, and even though he hate to admit it, they look good together. And if it is not because of work, Yuu will definitely go there and take Haruna back. So he wait until their work is finish. 

As Haruna want to go back, Mario called her and whisper to her. His action, make Haruna blushed and smile shyly at him. He also give something to Haruna and this doesn’t escape from Yuu eyes. As soon as, Haruna go home, Yuu quickly go and met Mario.

Mario feeling that there is somebody who come closer to him, he turn back and met with Yuu who yank his cloth. At first, Mario is surprise with Yuu action, and as he met Yuu furious eyes, somehow it send shiver to him.  But he try his best to act normal as possible.

Yuu : Shinoda Mario, am I right?

Mario : that is me. what  do you want? and who are you?

Yuu : my name is Oshima Yuu. Do you ever hear the name?

Mario : I see, so you are Haruna’s husband.

Yuu : don’t call her name as if you are that close to her. She is my wife, and I warned you to stay professional.

Mario : what do you mean?

Yuu : don’t act stupid. I saw you whisper something to my wife. What did you say to her?

Mario : about that huh? why don’t you go home now? you will know about that soon. You should trust your wife more. (smirk)

Yuu : You! Fine, if you didn’t want to tell me. I will find out about that thing myself. And stay away from her.

With that Yuu leave Mario and prepare to go back. He need to pick his little girl before go back to his house. As Yuu knocked Takamina house, Atsuko come and greet him.

Atsuko : hey, Yuu. come to pick Milky?

Yuu : yeah. where is she?

Atsuko : she is inside, playing with the twins. Come inside.

Yuu : Milky, let’s go back

Hearing no answer from his daughter, he decided to look for her.

Atsuko : hm.. weird, just now she is with Sayaka. Yui, do you see your brother and Milky?

Yui : I don’t know, I saw them run to up stair together.

Atsuko and Yuu then go up stair and when to the twin room. But they find no one.

Atsuko : I think they play hide and seek.  I wonder where they are. Sayaka, Milky? are they inside the futon?

Atsuko pretending to find them, as she know they are hiding at the wardrobe. From the wardrobe they can hear some laughter. Until Atsuko opened the door. 

Atsuko : there you are! Got you

As Atsuko lift the boy and nuzzle her nose to his neck, make the boy laugh.  Yuu also lift his daughter.

Sayaka : stop it, mama. Ha ha ha.. it is ticklish…

Atsuko : what are you two doing inside the wardrobe? You know it is Milky time to go home, right?

Milky : I don’t want to go home yet. Papa, I want to play with Sayaka longer. Please.!!

Yuu : may not. It is dark already. We need to go back, Mama will be worried if we are not at home yet.

Milky : I don’t want to!! (struggling)

Yuu : hey, Milky. don’t do that. Come on now.

Atsuko : say, Yuu. why don’t you let Milky to stay tonight? I am sure Sayaka and Yui will be happy.

Yuu : but..

Milky : pleaseee (pleading eyes plus a bit teary)

Yuu : sigh.. don’t give me that look, lil girl. Alright. Tommorow is Sunday anyway. Play as much as you want.

Milky : yeah!! Papa daisuki!! Sayaka kun, let’s go down stair, you still need to finish the dish I made for you.

Sayaka : un..

Atsuko : they looks like husband and wife don’t you think? (giggle)

Yuu : too fast. I don’t want to think about it yet. Anyway Acchan, I will go back first.

Atsuko : okay. Say my hello to Haruna, okay?

Yuu : okay.

With that Yuu go back to his house. when he go inside his house, he is greeted by Haruna.

Haruna : Yuu chan, where have you been? Where is Milky?

Yuu : I bring her to Takamina house, and she want to stay a night in there. So, I leave her at there.

Sensing there is something wrong with her husband, Haruna then touched Yuu face, and caress it. she then move closer and kiss him. Yuu also returned the kiss, but not as passionate as his usually.

Usually, if Haruna kissed him, he will return the kiss and kiss her wildly and passionately. But, this kiss is different. So she break the kiss and looked at him confusedly.

Haruna : Yuu kun.. is there something wrong?

Yuu : hm.. there is nothing wrong, nyan nyan. I just a bit tired. Today is a busy day. Any way, how your work today?

Haruna : .. it went well. I manage to finish it without any problem.

Yuu : that’s good. What do you cook for? I am so hungry.

Haruna feel weird, but she let it a slip, because she know Yuu doesn’t like to be push for the thing that he doesn’t ready to tell. It is not like, he will keep a secret from her. But, Yuu always need a time, before he can tell Haruna about it. All Haruna need is wait for the right time.

After they finish their dinner, Yuu go and take a bath. As he go inside the ofuro, his body relax a bit.  As he lay down on the bathtub, erase his memory about the scene this evening. As he feel tired, he feel a sleep.

As he feel a sleep, the door opened and there is a light steep come inside the bathroom.  And then go inside the bathtub.

Yuu feel there is something soft that pressing his body and there are a pair of hand that caress his face. As he opened his eyes, he see Haruna smooth body which is covered with the towel. But, Yuu can see her the curve of her oshiri, and more  over it is pressing his chest. As Haruna come closer, she started give him a quick peck on his eyes, his noses, his cheek, and lastly she move closer and kiss him slowly on the lip. As her hand round around his neck. She kiss him deeply, and asked for his access to his mouth.

As Yuu can feel the lust from the kiss, and from Haruna eyes. Too much temptation to handle, as he quickly give Haruna the access to his mouth, their tongue meet each other and battle for domination. As Yuu, became more aggressive, he suck Haruna tounge, and make her moan lewdly.

He quickly throw away the towel that covered Haruna body. And his hand roam to her body, started from caressing her back, bosom, stomach, and butt. His action, make Haruna moan louder and louder. Her lewd sound echoes.

Haruna then get up and leave the bathtub, her action make Yuu wondered, but then she come back with bringing a paper bag.

Yuu thought “ that is the paper bag, that Shinoda guy give her, what is that?”

Haruna then take out a bottle of some kind of oil. She smile shyly at him, and asked him to go out and lay on the floor which has been covered with layer.

As soon as Yuu lay down, Haruna began to pour the oil in her hand and body, after that she give him a massage. Sometimes, Haruna will tease him by pressing her body to his back.

Yuu : Nyan nyan, it is feel so good.

Haruna : I am glad you like it, I have been worried since you looks down lately. And I can see you are overwork.  So, I asked Mario to give me some of these oil. These have aroma therapy flavor, so you can relax.

Yuu : you look close to him and nyan nyan, you don’t need this oil. For me, your present are enough. (pouting)

Haruna : are you jealous, my dear Yuu chan? (giggle)

Yuu : yes, I am. Satisfied?

Haruna : please don’t, mad. I just asked him, as my friend, what usually make man happy, and also relax. So he give me this oil. He said, his wife will massage him with this oil, and it make him relax.

Yuu : What?! he is married?!

Haruna : yes, and he also have a child.

Yuu : souka.

Haruna : un.. so Yuu chan, please don’t let this thing bother you. I know sometimes you are jealous because of my job. But Yuu chan, please know this I love you, and the person who own my heart and body is you. I am yours Yuu chan. I love you

Yuu : Nyan nyan, I love you more.

With that, they kissed passionately and that night, the feel each other and become one.

end of the Story
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Please make another wmatsui author-sama, im beging you~ pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  :kneelbow:
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Mannn...i love author san wmatsui..mayuki and kojiyuu afterstory
Do write sayamilky yuiparu version too~~
And make more wmatsui and mayuki fics~~
XD...glad author san not on hiatus..yeay~~
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Thanks author san.....
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Awww Kojiyuu are so cute  :nya:

After all, a jealous Yuko makes a great story...

Please make a Sayamilky and Yuiparu one next!
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It's an amazing ojiyuu fic, thank you for this!
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Any body interested with Tanotomu fanfic?
I am planning to make Natsumado, Tanotomu, and snh48 (zavoki and kiku) beside Sayamilky and Yuiparu...
Or I should make more Wmatsui?
But if no body want to.
I won't make any of them.
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Any body interested with Tanotomu fanfic?
I am planning to make Natsumado, Tanotomu, and snh48 (zavoki and kiku) beside Sayamilky and Yuiparu...
Or I should make more Wmatsui?
But if no body want to.
I won't make any of them.

Tanotomu yeahh :3
I am looking forward to it, Sadrilim-san.
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More wmatsui!!
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gendbend wmatsui XD
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WMatsui pleaseee . . .
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Okay, so aside for SNH48, I will make another pairing. 

I planning to make them as Mayuki and Wmatsui child. Any idea for Tanotomu and Natsumado?

Who will be whose child?

For Paruru, I have my mind already. So just for these two.

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Natsu being Mayuki's n Mado being Matsui's. As for TanoTomu, it's up to you, author-san..
I'll look forward to it. :wub:
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Goto Rara for wmatsui
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seriously,  I really don't know what have I written. I am really sorry if this is not as good as usual.  :bleed eyes:
somehow it become very long story and I don't know how to stop. It is even out from my first concept. And since it has become this long.  :banghead:
The actual story I planned to make it become 2 part. But in the end I do change my mind. And the concept become a bit off.
Please don't kill me for who have request the WMatsui after story.  :bow:
I will try to remake it, or continue it. But, I won't promise anything. Since there are a lot of story I left hanging.  :doh:

WMATSUI AFTER STORY : Till the end I will always love you

The sound of table being hit is surround the silent room.


Rena : Jun.. hiks… I .. am .. sorry.. please don’t .. mad.

Jun : … WHY?!

For the second time in that day, Rena startled by Jun’s action. Never did Jun do something like that. She know that he is very angry. But, she also very scared of him. With his serious expression, and the tone of how he talked to her, really make her scared to death.

Rena hand started to shaking, and because of her crying, she can’t answer Jun properly.

Rena : I.. I..hiks…

Jun sighed at what he see. He hate it. Really hate the way he treat his girlfriend right now. How his action make her cry and scared. He promise himself to not let anybody to make her cry. But in the end he himself make Rena cry this much. But she really can’t understand why did Rena did those thing. Unable to keep his composure. Jun decided to leave the room.

Rena : Jun..don’t .. hiks.. leave.. me.

Jun : I am sorry, but right now please let be alone. I don’t want to do things that I regret.

Rena : JUN!!

Without looking back, Jun go away from the room. Leaving Rena alone in there.


Jun : Moshi – moshi, Yuki san , do you have a moment ?

Yuki : Moshi – moshi, Jun kun? What happened?

Yuki feel weird, because Jun rarely phone her. Plus, she is with Yuuma right now. Usually, Jun will asked about Yuuma not herself. If he is in urgent and need to talk to Yuuma and her boyfriend didn’t answered Jun message or call.

Jun : I need your help to take care for Rena today.

Yuki : eh? what happened to her? did something bad happened?

Jun : I.. make her cry. And right now, she is alone in her house.

Yuki : EH? WHAT? I don’t understand.

Jun : well, I will explain later. Please help me this time.

After that Jun turn off his phone, without waiting for Yuki to answer.

Yuki : moshi – moshi? Jun? MATSUI JUN?!

Yuuma : what happened? why you look so pissed off?

Yuki : sigh.. Yuuma, I think we need to canceled our date for today. I need to rush to Rena’s house right now.

Yuuma : …

Yuki : Yuuma? Please don’t get angry.

Yuuma : I am not.

Yuki : I am sorry ne. I will make up for this. I think, Rena is not in the good shape.

Yuuma : fine. I will go to find Jun too. Since I come to Nagoya.

Yuki : agrigatou Yuuma.

Yuuma : but before that..

Yuki : eh? wh..

Without waiting for Yuki to questioned, Yuuma quickly steal a kiss. Yuuma didn’t let Yuki to withdraw. As he held her waist and pull her closer to him. He kissed become more passion and wild. As Yuki didn’t have any option instead of return back Yuuma kiss. They kiss for a while, until they lacked of air.

Yuki : Yuu.. Yuuma (blushing)

Yuuma : well, let’s go Yuki. I will accompany you to Rena house first. after that I will go to search that stupid.

Yuki : make sure, you give him a good puch from me. for making Rena cry, and for breaking our date (dark mode).

Yuuma : glup… I will.

With that They go to Rena house. when Yuki knock the door, she hear a quick step to the door, and when the door is opened, They can see Rena with her red eyes, looking hopefully. When she see the one is Yuki. Somehow her eyes looked sad.  Her tears started to fall again.

Yuki : Rena.. what happened with you?

Rena : Yuki.. hiks.. Jun hate me

Yuki : baka Rena. I don’t think he hate you. come to the house first. it is not good to stand in the front like this.

Rena : un


Now they sit at the sofa, Yuki is busy to confort Rena, while Yuuma busy typing message to Jun. But alas, he didn’t even bother to look at the message.  Both of Mayuki didn’t know what had happened with Rena and Jun. But, one thing to be sure, Rena must be done something really bad. That make Jun angry like this.  Even Yuki admit in her heart that she never see Rena crying this bad, and she is a bit pissed by Jun’s action. But, she can keep her head cool and remain calm.

As Rena finally calm down a little. Yuuma directly straight to the topic. He want to know what just happened between both of them. So he can think of something to help both of them. Or may be give some advice to his stupid friend.

Yuuma know Rena’s grandma just passed away not long ago, and it really make both of WMatsui sad, as Rena’s grandma is really kind and always treat both Rena and Jun as her own grandchild. Luckily, Jun is there for Rena, so she doesn’t feel so sad about losing her beloved grandma. Yuuma also heard from Jun not so long ago, that Rena’s parents come and talking something to Rena. But, Rena didn’t really want to talk about that thing.

Yuuma : so Rena, what just happened between you two? Did this has something to do with your parent at Tokyo?

Rena : … did Jun tell you about this?

Yuki : wait? What issue? Why I am the last person to know the news? (dark mode on)

Yuuma : gulp.. calm down Yukirin.. well, I even can’t contact Jun right now. I just assume things from the last thing he talked to me. He is quite worried about you, since your grandma death. And he try to cheer you up. He told me, you have been down lately after you met with your parents again.

Rena : …

Yuki : Rena, say something. Maybe we can help…

Rena : alright, I will tell you two..

Flash back

Today, both of WMatsui have a great day. They just go home from their date. And Jun have come to Rena house for dinner. Rena asked him, If he want to eat her homemade spaghetti meatball. And Jun gladly agree. She know Jun love spaghetti so much, and she ever made some for Jun which Jun gladly to have a second or third plate.

In the middle of eating, Rena started the conversation.

Rena : nee… Jun, I just wonder about your college thing.  Have you choose your university yet?

Note : Jun is smart and he is now in the last year of his high school. Same with Yuuma.

Jun : un? Yes, I have choose to enter Sakae University at Nagoya.

Rena : why don’t you take the Tokyo University? They give you scholarship right?

Jun : well, that not important Rena, the most important things is I can always be with you. Maybe our time will be less, but believe me. This is the best for both of us. Beside, Sakae have education. So don’t worry too much for it.

Jun then caress Rena face and give her a quick peck. He can see an insecure in Rena eyes, but he already made up his mind. He will never leave her alone in Nagoya.

Rena : Jun… actually, I have something to tell you… I.. it is regarding my parent request…

Jun : hm..? about what?

Rena : they… want me to come back to Tokyo to live with them.

Jun : wh.. what? No… you can’t Rena. not with you step brother in there.

Rena : I am sorry Jun.. I already agree with them. When  I am in third year, I will go to Tokyo.

Jun :.. why… don’t you remember what have your brother done to you?! I won’t allow it Rena. I will talked to your parent.

Rena : stop it Jun. this is my decision, so please... Papa and Mama is worried about me in here after Grandma died.  About my brother, he promise to me that he won’t do something like that anymore. He really sorry about what he has ever done.

Jun : Why… Why don’t you understand Rena. Once he do it, he will do it AGAIN!!! He is a scumbag who once try to rape you Rena!!

Rena : please don’t talk bad about him. he also part of my family, and I already forgive him..


The sound of table being hit is surround the silent room.


Rena : Jun.. hiks… I .. am .. sorry.. please don’t .. mad.

Jun : … WHY?!

End of flash back

Both Mayuki stay silent after they hear Rena story. They looked each other before, Yuuma started to speak up.

Yuuma : I think I understand why he is very angry. but, I don’t think you have done something wrong, Rena san. I know part of you want Jun to take the scholarship. You are thinking that by agreeing with your parent about your moving to Tokyo, right?

Yuki : it is true Rena chan?

Rena just nodded her head, she is too tired, both physical and mind after fighting with Jun.

Yuuma : but again, I don’t think he is mad at you. well.. maybe he is, but one  thing for sure, I am sure he will be back to you. just wait here. I will bring him to you, even if I need to beat him to pulp.


Jun is sitting in the park near his apartment. looking at the blue sky, somehow make his heart a bit calm. Thinking back at how he is so angry to Rena. And when Rena sad eyes flashed in his mind, he sighed. He know it is not her fault, after Rena grandma died, he know soon or later, Rena’s parent will come and try to reunited their family. He know that Rena’s mother actually feel bad because she leaving Rena alone with her mother. But, she can’t say no to her mother request to make Rena stay at Nagoya and accompany her. Rena ever mention it, not because they don’t care. Actually they care, but Rena’s grandma is over protective to  her, afraid something might happened to her if she is back to Tokyo. Rena found it out, when her grandmother was sick and her mother come to visit them. She over heard they talking about it.

Whether want to apologize to Rena or not, his mind is disturbed by phone ringing. He looked at the caller, and decided to pick it up. It has ring since forever and when he think it will stopped, the phone ring again. he is annoyed and directly turn off his phone.  He lay on the grass and gazing at the sky again.

Jun : Ittai!!

There is somebody who hit him with stone. And when he looked up to the person, it is Yuuma, with his cyborg face. From his aura, Jun can feel that his friend is very angry or annoyed right now.

Yuuma : hey, Jun. why don’t you pick your damn phone?

Jun : leave me alone…

Yuuma : if not because of Yuki, I won’t bother to go find you right now. I have a date today with her, and you just ruin our precious moment. You know I will go to English to study, I have been very busy, and when I have a time with her alone, you disturbed our time. and now you are nowhere to be found. Face it man. you are not stupid. just because of your fear, you think badly about other, and worse you don’t want Rena to reunite with her family?

Jun :but..

Yuuma : you are not even her family.. yet. and if Rena agree with that, why don’t you accept it? do you think you can control her?

Jun : … do you want to have a fight, Yuuma? Shut up! I know I am selfish. I know that I have no right to stop her. I know that this day will come. But, do you ever see how she struggle because of her past, how afraid she is with a man. you will never have idea, when you see her insecure eyes. It take a lot of effort to make sure she is okay. You will never know… how hurt my heart when I see her trembling. How hurt my heart when I see she crying, hating herself because of this. How I afraid, hurting her because I am also a man. A MAN who can hurt her, just like her brother DO!!!

Yuuma : I know.. you are the stupid man who always try to protect his princess. But do you ever think of Rena in different way? Love is not about how much you give. You also need to understand both. Rena is not weakling. I know that, Yuki and I both can see you two are perfect couple. but, both of you didn’t show your true feeling to each other.  Jun, Rena is not a weakling. She is strong by her own way. She is not the person that you think you always need to protect in everything. That will make her think that she is a burden to you. and because of her, you will miss all the opportunity given to you.

Jun : Mind your own business and leave me alone.

Yuuma : Nope, until you willing to go back with me.

Jun : never!

Yuuma : looks like I need to use force.

Jun : try me.

Yuuma : fine (smirk)


Yuuma and Jun has been fighting each other for a while. As Yuuma try to take Jun back with him, and Jun refuse to go back. There is bruise in their faces  and body. As Yuuma really determined to bring Jun back.  Until a voice make Jun startled.

Rena : Jun stop!!

Yuki : Yuuma, what are you two doing?!

Jun : what? but why?

Yuuma : you think I am this stupid? I know I won’t be able to bring you back, so before I talked to you, I has phone Yuki to bring Rena here. after that, I just need to hold you until they come.  They really took some time, it really not a good idea by taunting you to fight. Sigh… now, I think you need to hear Rena explanation.

Yuki  : we will wait you two to finish your problem. and don’t try to run away. I am watching you, Matsui Jun (black mode on)

With that Mayuki couple leave Rena and Jun for a while.  Now Rena and Jun is sitting in the bench. Rena want to speak with Jun. But, as Jun doesn’t even try to look at her. Rena know that he is still angry with her. Rena take a deep breath before start talking.

Rena : Jun, I am sorry..

Jun : … for what? You have done nothing wrong. I am the one who is selfish enough.

Rena : I … I should talk to you first about this matter. Before agreeing with mother to come back to Tokyo. I .. sorry.. Jun.. hiks I .. am .. really.. sorry… please don’t hate me…


Hearing Rena say sorry many times, really make me feel guilty. And now she is crying in front of me. the reason why she is crying is because of me. I really are a jerk. Her sobbing voice really make my heart hurt so much. In the end, both of us are still in high school. I am not mature enough to face this problem.

End of pov

Jun : Rena.. stop crying…

Jun lift Rena face so that their eyes can met. And when their eyes met, Rena can see that Jun is not angry with her anymore. His gaze is calmer, there isn’t any anger in his eyes. Jun then move closer and wipe her tears. Give her a quick yet deep kiss. but, Rena then wrapped her hand to Jun’s neck, she want more and doesn’t let Jun to finish it quick. They kissed each other until they are out of air. 

Jun : No matter what, I will never hate you, Rena.  I am sorry to hurt you this much. I am sorry.. I am a bad boyfriend..

Rena : No!! I .. I don’t want anybody else. For me, Jun is the best. I am grateful, that you are my boyfriend. I understand that you are afraid of my brother. To tell you the truth, I also afraid of him. But, I think I should move on. I don’t want to dwell in my past. And I want to give him another chance. This is not only about him, I also want you to take your scholarship in Tokyo. With me moving to Tokyo, we can have more time together Jun. I really wish you think of yourself more Jun. This is the best for us.

Jun : Rena.. fine. Let’s go to Tokyo together. I will take the scholarship and I will make sure to work harder for us. I know right now, I am just a mere high school. But I will work really harder and harder for both of us in the future. So, please wait for me.

Rena : un, I believe on you Jun. I will wait for you even if it take forever for me.

Jun : I love you too.

end of Chapter

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Hi all, I decided to post this OS, before I post another pairing OS.

Enjoy, this story take time before all after story OS for every pairing

Girls Talk

Today our four girl decided to have a pajama party at Atsuko’s house. They decided to have a girl talk with four of them. Since they date the boys they become close to each other.  And since Atsuko’s parents went abroad, they decided to take this opportunity to have a little party. Of course they didn’t invite any boys in today.

They went to market to buy food for them, cook together, and have fun shopping together. It been a while since they have a little hang out together with girls without any boys.

At Maeda household.

Atsuko : yeah!! Let’s party begin!!

Yuki : woah.. Acchan you sure are hyper today.

Atsuko : he he.. because it been a while for us to hang out together like this. I think last time is last summer.?

Haruna : nope. Last time is before you move from your school to chase for Takamina. After that we never really have our time together.

Rena : … (typing some message)

Atsuko : hee.. Rena chan, what are you doing? Miss the Matsui boy already?

Rena : eh?!! No.. I mean.. (blushed)

Yuki : Rena chan, don’t just stare at your phone. Come join us too. Did Jun message you or something?

Rena : un.. he message me a good night mail. (blushed)

Atsuko : so nice. Jun is an romantic type huh? I wish my Minami to be more aggressive.

Yuki : yeah.. sometimes I wonder is me and Mayu is dating each other. we always quarrel each time we have our date. (face palm)

Haruna : same with me. Yuu chan just too pervert. I wish he can act more gentleman.  All he think just skinship. Sigh…

Rena : … eh? I think much of them are gentle enough, but..

Yuki : there won’t be as gentle as Jun, right?

Rena : eh? how..

Yuki : How did I know? Rena chan!! We have been together long enough. I even can write some manual book about Matsui Rena. Or should I write one? to give it to Jun?

Rena : Yukirin!! Mouu.. don’t tease me..(blushing)

Atsuko : aww… Rena chan is blushing. ( hugging Rena chan)

Rena : but, I don’t think Jun is an romantic type alone. sometimes he can be a little aggressive.

Yuki : that jerk! What kind of thing that he did to you Rena (angry mode)

Rena : eh?! calm down Yukirin. I mean for seeking affection. He really is aggressive.

Haruna : you mean like Yuu chan?

Yuki : What?!!! Is he groping you any inappropriate Rena chan? I will kill him now. (try to reach her phone right away)

Atsuko : calm down Yukirin. I don’t think it is a bad thing, I mean they are dating. It will be nice if Minami can be more aggressive.

All looked at Atsuko : …

Atsuko : wh.. what? It  is not a bad things right? Want more attention and affection from you boyfriend.

Yukirin : sigh.. I guess it is true.

Haruna : hm..? too much can be poison, you know? I just with Yuu chan can be a little gentle like Takamina.

Yukirin : so. Why don’t you just change your boyfriend?

Atsuko : NO! I wound never do something like that. Minami is mine. And I won’t change him for anybody. (pouting)

Haruna : yup. although Yuu chan is pervert. I love him.

Yukirin : hai! Hai! I am sorry for saying such nonsense. I also doesn’t wont to change anybody for that stupid cyborg. Anyway what should we do now?

Haruna : hm.. how about we play… truth or dare game?!

Yukirin : nee..  I don’t think it is a good..

Atsuko : yatta!! Agree!

Yukirin : MAJI?! Rena chan? (looking at Acchan with her reaction queen expression)

Rena : I think I will

Both Atsuko and Haruna are looking at Rena with pleading eyes and puppy eyes.

Rena : let’s… play.  ( I should get used to this kind of attack, sigh)

Yuki : eh??!!! (reaction queen again)

Atsuko : Yatta!! Let’s begin!!

Haruna : me first! Yukirin, truth or dare?

Yukirin : eh?!! etto.. truth..

Haruna : Yukirin, actually you like if Yuuma a bit pervert toward you right?

Yukirin : eh? what?!

Haruna : yes or no?

Yukirin : um.. yes.. (blushing madly) mouu!!  Why such question!!

Atsuko : eh? really? In which part you love him to touch?

Yukirin : stop!! One question each person.  Now my turn

Atsuko : mouu!! I also want to ask

Yukirin : Rena, truth or dare?

Rena : eh?.. truth…

Yukirin : truthfully, Did Jun ever asked or do something forcefully to you?

Rena : … no, I don’t think so..  ah!! there are some times when he will eat my melon pan share. (pout) but.. instead of him, I think I am the one that forcing him to do something.  I often asked him to accompany me to watch horror movie. Although I know that he doesn’t like to watch it, I always asked him to watch or maybe giving him my share of spicy senbei food, ah.. there are sometimes..

Yukirin : ma.. ma.. I think that enough, Rena chan (taking of mental note give some advice to dodge Rena super spicy food to Jun)

Rena : alright, Acchan.. truth or dare?

Atsuko : hm.. dare!

Rena : hm.. I dare you to…


At other place, Yuu also invite Takamina to play at his house, since he know Nyan nyan also have some girl night with Atsuko. They are watching some soccer game. And Takamina receive a mail from Atsuko.

Takamina : Huh? a mail, with picture attach? What on it?

When Takamina opened the attachment.  He quickly have a nose bleed.

Yuu : huh? Takamina? What happened to you? don’t tell me you are watching some porn? (beam happily) I understand you. I mean, I also like to see those beautiful oshiri.. ahh.. too bad, Nyan nyan has burned all my collection when she found out about it.  What are you looking at? Let me see

Takamina : huh? idiot!! I am not pervert like you!! and no!! this is off limit. I won’t let you see. Even if you beg me!

Yuu : huh? I gonna tell acchan about this!! let me see, don’t be so stingy!!

Takamina : I don’t care. Tell her if you want to. She will agree with me this time. beside she believe in me.

Yuu : hoo.. don’t tell me. it is from Acchan?! (eyes gleaming!!) did she send you some erotic picture of her?

Takamina : wha!! What?! No.. Noo!!! it is not!!

Yuu : alright, alright.. I won’t force you this time.

Not long after that.. Yuu also got an email from Haruna. And when Yuu see it, he fainted immediately.

I will let you all imagine what picture Acchan and Nyan - Nyan send to them.  :lol:
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Great fanfic author-san. Waiting for WMATSUI's love child  :D
Title: Re: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Sayamilky
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Hi all, enjoy the Sayamilky story. Sorry if it is a lame story. Anyway enjoy. :cow:

Sayamilky : Little promise

Little Sayaka is sulking. He is very upset because today his parent break their promise to play with Milky. His best friend.

Yui : Saya~ let's play.  I will be police and you will be the bad guy today!!

Sayaka : ...

Yui : Sayaka? Are you crying?

Sayaka : I not!! (Choking)

Yui : don't be sad, I will play with you. 

Sayaka : but!! We will leave Japan soon!! And I won't be able to play with Milky...

Yui doesn't know what to do. He just stand there and pat his twin head. Try to lift his mood. He give him his candy, in which Sayaka refuse.

Yui : come on!! Cheer up. I will ask Mama to take us to Milky house tomorrow.  With that you can play with her. I will try to ask too.

Sayaka : I really want to meet her... it is impossible.  We will be leaving tomorrow and I won't have any time to play with her.

As Yui know how stubborn Sayaka can be, he just let him be. Because he fail to cheer his twin. He then leave their play room and go to upstair to read some books.

Suddenly somebody have throw a stone to their window. It make Sayaka startled.  He then look at the window. And he is very surprise to see Milky outside.  She sign him to be quiet.  And Sayaka nooded agree with her. He then opened the window and let Miyuki go inside.  With little struggle, finally Miyuki manage to go inside.

Sayaka : what are you doing out there? Why don't you ring the bell like usual?

Miyuki : I come here to play~ (giggle)

Sayaka : really?! Yeah!!! Yu.hmmmptt

Before Sayaka can call Yui, Miyuki manage to stopped him.

Miyuki : Sst!! Don't tell anybody.  I run away from my nanny.

Sayaka : what?! But why?

Miyuki : but I want to play with you. Mom said that tommorow you will be leaving and I can't play with you any more.  Hiks... I hate.. this

Sayaka : milky don't cry. I also hate it...

Sayaka used his small hand to wipe Milky tear. He give her a gentle pat on the head. But suddenly,  Atsuko called in panic.

Atsuko : Yui! Sayaka! Milky is missing.  We need to search for her!!

Sayaka : Mama is coming! Quick hide here.

When Atsuko arrive, Miyuki have manage to hide in the drawer.

Atsuko : Sayaka, mama and papa will search around our neighbour.  Uncle Yuu have asked our help. If milky come to our house, phone your papa immediately.  You know to used the phone right?

Sayaka is a bit nervous.  He never good at lying before and her mother is quiet panic too. But he really want to play with Milky. And he know milky is with him so there won't be hurt to lie once in a while.

Sayaka : un. I know mama

Atsuko then leave with Minami to search for Milky together with Yui since he also want to go outside. He insist to come with their parent.

Sayaka : Milky... come out. They leave already.

Milky : now we can play~

Sayaka is very happy and so do Milky.  They play for quite a while. And they didn't realize that Atsuko and Minami has come back to check their house together with Yuu and Haruna.

Haruna : MILKY!!

Minami : SAYAKA!!

Both glup and know they are in trouble. Milky looks really scared. Never did her mom raise her voice like that. As Sayaka notice that, he gently held Milky small hand and come toward their parents.

Haruna  then raise her hand ready to hit her child. She is really worried and angry.And Miyuki is ready to feel the pain. But nothing come. As she opened her eyes, she saw Sayaka come in front of her sheilding her.

Yuu : Haruna calm yourself. They just a small children. The important things is Milky is found already.

Yuu quickly come and held her wife hugging her wife that is crying worriedly. Their nanny has almost have heart attack because of her. And  their parents canceled all meeting and job to find her.

Atsuko also feel hurt to see her son get hit. But he also at fault. She take Yui at her embrace because he is the one who cried, since Sayaka get the hit. Sayaka just stay silent, his hand still hold Milky hand and didn't try to let her go.

Sayaka : aunty please don't get mad at her. I am sorry. I also lying to mama I didn't tell her soon. Don't hit her, just hit me.

Yuu then smile and caress Sayaka head gently.

Yuu : we are not angry at you two.  we just really worried.  Milky, you need to say sorry to Ohori nanny. She really in panic state when she can't find you.  And I better called her now. 

Minami : sayaka, I know you want to play with Milky today. Since tommorow we will move to America. And I am sorry to break the promise, but you need to know how worry we can be. Don't ever do that again!

Sayaka : I understand papa. I won't...

Yuu then lift Milky up and get ready to go home since it is almost dinner time. Last time before they go out, Sayaka yank Yuu cloth and make Yuu look down at him.

Sayaka : promise me, you won't hit her?

Yuu : yes, I am.

Sayaka : pinky swear

Sayaka offer his tiny hand and offer it to Yuu. Which made both of parent chuckle.  Yuu then offer his hand and they made a pinky swear.

Atsuko : why don't we engage them (giggle)

Yuu : hee?! I don't want to think that now. They just six years old.

Sayaka : mama what is engage?

Yui: that's mean you will promised to live together like papa and mama later.

Yuu : what did you thought your kid, Takamina? Are you sure he just 6 years old?

Minami : well, Yui that not completely correct.

Yui : I am wrong? it is a promise to married with each other in the future right?


Yuu : kids these day... whatever, I don't think we need to do that.  We are not sure if they will really fall in love to each other in the future. I just don't want to bind them. Let them be, if in the end they really love each other, I don't mind about that. I am happy for her.

Minami : wow! you really become wise, huh?!

Milky : papa could you put me down a moment?

Yuu then put Milky down. She then smile at Sayaka. And lean in giving him a kiss in lip.

All : ..?!

Haruna : oh dear.. Milky why did you do that? A friendly kiss?

Milky : I have decided, I will married Sayaka when I grow up.  Dad say that first kiss is important because you need to give it to someone special. So I giving it to Sayaka.

Atsuko : kyaaa!! So cute!!

Minami : looks who talking now. She sure are your daughter, Yuu.

And when their parent busy chatting, Sayaka still flustered.  He barely want to say something.

Sayaka : milky ... (blushing)

Milky : giggle... Sayaka, remember your promise when we hide in wardrobe.

Sayaka : un (nodding and still blushing) I will!

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This is quite  long.  So please bear with me.  :lol:
Enjoy  and sorry for  bad English

Yuiparu : love you,  stupid.

A beautiful girl is surrounded by four men,  they looks like Yankee. But despite the situation,  girl just smirk and there no fear in her eyes.
It pissed the Yankees.

Yankee A : oiii!!  What a nerve you have here!!

Yankee B : what a beautiful  girl like you come here?  Do you want to play with us?

Yankee C : we will be gentle. Right Aniki?

Girl : I just want to take back what you take from that grandpa. And maybe I need to payback what you all have done to him.

Yankee D : ou?  What grandpa?  Does he is your grandpa?

Girl : no,  but I won't let you to do as you please.


Girl : don't ever show your face to that grandpa again. If not,  I will break two or more bone of yours.

Yankee : damn!!  Remember this Shimazaki!!!!

Haruka pov
My name is Haruka,  i used to be Shimazaki until my aunt and uncle adopt me to be their daughter.  It is not like I hate them,but I really despite  Matsui to be my name.  I used my mother surname.  And I will live as one.
Even if I have Matsui  blood but I would think I will be able to forgive him . But that will be another story to tell. 
Unconsciously  I touch the ring again.  I have make it become necklace so it will be save when I punch some bastard.

"I miss you,  Yui... Will I be able to meet you...? "

Flashback at America

Haruka : stop!! Don't take my food please...  Hiks

Boy A : looks what she got? A poor kid like you have this beautiful  lunch.  You are not worth of it. Asian!!!

Little Haruka  just cry,  she can't get her bento box back and the kid that usually bully her even shove her till she fall down. And began to eat her food.
Usually she won't get that much luxury of bento.  Just a plain onigiri,  but today her mother give her a supprise because actually today is her birthday too.
Well,  no body really care about her anyway. Even though she get bully no body will stand on her.  They just enjoy to see her suffer.
Haruka  try to take her bento again.  But seems like she upset the boy and the boy want to hit her.

"hey!! What are you doing? "

Suddenly there is a boy who stand in front of her.  Haruka never see him before. But for the first time she is happy there is somebody that really stand in front of her.

Boy A : who are you?

Yui : my name is Takahashi Yui,  start from tomorrow I will attend the school here. I just want to see around and I see you hitting a girl.

Boy A : a new student huh?  You looks rich,  I will forgive you if you want to become my friend.

Yui : looks who talking. I don't need a friend like you.

Boy A : you will regret it.

And then the boy and his gang go away,  leaving Haruka and Yui in there.

Yui : are you alright? Did something hurt? Stop crying, okay?

Haruka : hiks...  My bento.

Yui : that boy eat yours? What to do...

Haruka :...  I don't want to.  I want mama handmade bento. Hiks...  Mama...

Haruka is very sad right now. As she started to hiccuping,  but soon  she taste something sweet being muffled to her mouth.  It is Melon Pan?!

Yui : I just have a Melon pan with me.  Eat this okay? What is your name?  I am takahashi yui.

Haruka : my name is Matsui Haruka.

Yui then notice there is a scratch  on her knee.  So he lead Haruka to the nearby chair. He take a bandage and put it on Haruka's knee.

Yui : there..  There...  All good.

Haruka : thank you.. Takahashi kun.

Yui : just call me Yui.

Yui pats her head and smile at her. Little that he know,  his action really make Haruka blushed so much. Her heart started to beat really fast and it is the first time Haruka feel like this.

Suddenly  somebody call Yui.

"Yui,  where  did ya go? "

yui : ah, Sayaka I am here.

Another boy appear and look annoyed. He come and grab Yui hand.

Sayaka : I told you not to run right?mama will be worried. Jezz ,  I wonder why you love to wonder around.

Yui : I am sorry.  But you see,  let me introduce  you with her.

Yui : Haruka,  this is Sayaka.   He is my twin brother. He will also study in here.

Sayaka  : nice to meet you.  I am takahashi Sayaka.  Yui twin brother.
Haruka : ni.. Nice to meet you.

Yui : hee?  You know how to speak  Japanese?  I should have know.  Sayaka still learn English,  since he never love to read books.

Sayaka : hey!!  At least she know what I said.

Haruka : un,  please don't fight you guys.

Yui : ah,  don't worry.  He just cranky  because he can't see his best friend.

Sayaka : I am not!

Yui : oh yes you are.

Sayaka: hummmpt!!!!  I will go back to mom.  You better hurry  up  too. 

Yui : wait a minute.
Yui then take out another  thing,  it is chocolate candy.  He give it to Haruka before he go back.  Since that day,  Haruka will be always together with Yui.   Like Sayaka with Milky.  Although it is a bit different.
Yui  love to read books,  so he will drag Haruka to the bookstore or library to read. Another reason is,  Yui didn't want to let Haruka alone.  Yui know that Haruka will be bullied. Haruka also enjoy Yui presence.
And because of the twin presence,  Haruka love school.  She will be able to hang out with Yui and Sayaka. 
But their happiness didn't last long. As Haruka was transfering to Japan .  Due to her mother death,  and his father bad behaviour,  make it worse. 
She began to close herself from the other,  even  Yui.  Yui know that there is something wrong  about her,  but Haruka didn't want to tell him,  so it make Yui  angry, because he think Haruka has keep a secret  from him.

Last time  is they met were before summer holiday,  they are fighting.  After that,  Haruka is force to move to Japan  because nobody want to take care of her expect her uncle and aunt.
That time, Haruka is so timid and barely have a gut to say no.  After all,  her uncle and aunt are very nice to her even though  they never met her.

End of flashback

Haruka then went back to her house.  As she come inside, she is suprise because her aunt has waiting for her.

Haruka : what is is Aunty?

Rena: Haruka,  you start your summer holiday tomorrow right?  Do you have any plans?

Haruka : no,  I don't think I have something to do.

Rena : then come packing,  your uncle and I will go to Tokyo start from tomorrow. 

Haruka : why?
Rena : your uncle think that it is best for you to study in Tokyo.  You will live with Osama family. But before that  we want you to feel how is it to life in Tokyo.

Haruka :...

Rena : are you okay with that?  If you don't want to,  aunty can talk to your uncle.

Haruka : no,  I don't have any problem.  I will pack my thing.

Rena : alright,  then it is settle.  Haruka chan,  if there is something trouble  you lately, please do tell us. 

Haruka : I know aunt Rena.

"Not fair!!! "

suddenly  there are disagree voice from the door.

Matsui  Kumi
Matsui Jun and Matsui Rena child. He has his mother fair skin,  and handsome  trait. His personality are  same with Matsui Jun.
Cheerfull personality,  a  little bit spoiled,  but over all he is a happy go lucky guy that love to hang out  and have many friend.  His playful character often mistake by being a play boy. He can be a bit clumsy  and dense sometime.

Rena : Kumi   what wrong?

Kumi : I want to study at Tokyo too.

Rena : we have thought about that too.  But it is after you graduate from your middle school.

Kumi just pouted and give her mother his puppy  eyes.

Rena :you know  that won't work on me,  silly son. (Giggle)

Kumi : then I need to give you my bear hug. Please  mama~

"it won't work "

Kumi : papa?!

Jun : you know,  only papa can melt mama heart.  You need your own girl,  Kumi.

Jun then come closer and held Rena on her waist. Giving her a quick  kiss on Rena's cheek.

Rena : Jun,  there are kids here.

Jun : a haha,  they are all big already.  Well,  this is what I hope for. We will go to Tokyo and we have our second honeymoon,  Rena.

Kumi : you mean your tenth honeymoon  this year,  papa?  I lost count how many honeymoon  you have.

Jun :well, we need our privacy,  son.

Rena : Jun,  behave!  Sigh..  You become more like Yuu.(faceplam)

Jun : I am sorry  please don't get angry to me.  (puppy eyes attack,  plus cat smile attack)

Rena : sigh..  I will cook dinner, honey.  You go and have a shower first.

Jun :hai~

Jun looked at his son,  and do a winning pose. He really know how to tease his wife without having  any punishment. As Kumi just rolled his eyes because of his parent antic.

Haruka smile at her uncle and aunt.  She always enjoy  their closeness and how they still looks like new married couple despite how many years they have go thru  together. It is really different  with her parent back then.

... ///...

To be countinue
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 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:   Wow~  the next gen  I miss you  Author- san 
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Kyaaah!! I want a continuation!!! Hehehe Jun and his antics always get away. Hahahahha What a happy family! And then looking for more Sayamilky and Yuiparu
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@ Naoru_chan : Thank you, I am happy there are somebody who still like my fanfic.

@Janix123 : yes, I used to love Wmatsui very much aside from Atsumina. But, I am sorry I plan to stop writing. I will finish all my fanfics. So maybe there won't be any of them. :sweatdrop:

Here is some really short thrill from my Yuiparu :cow:

Yui : STOP! Who are you?!  why do you hurt them?

“… Mind you own business. Or are you one of them?”

Yui : so what ? Stop now!

“or what?”

With that the girl hit Yui hard, but Yui manage to held her fist, but the girl quickly give him a flying kick .

“you really are something… “

Yui : is it really you? Haruka?

Haruka : … who are you?

Yui : it is me Yui. Your best friend..

Haruka : I am sorry but I don’t remember.

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YuiParu : Tokyo, the place I Met you again

Haruka is enjoying listening to the music on her phone. As she feel somebody poked her, when she turn around she is smiling. Yes, the person who poked her is Matsui Rara. Matsui Jun and Matsui Rena second child. She is 5 years old, and have a very bright personality like uncle Jun. she is very attach to Haruka, as Kumi always tease her. She even told her papa and mama that she wanted to change Kumi with Haruka as sibling.

Haruka : what is it Rara chan?

Rara : Haruka Onechan, can I sit in your lap?

Haruka : sure, come here.

Rara : One chan.. will really you stay at Tokyo? I will really miss you (pout)

Haruka : hm..? well, I will just stay there for a while, I will be back after holiday end. How about that?

Rara : but… I will be lonely without you…

Haruka just smile and pat Rara head. But before Haruka answerd back, Kumi already talked back to Rara.

Kumi : you won’t be lonely Rara chan, I am here with you. I will make sure you don’t feel lonely or feel alone. (smirked)

Rara : no! I want Haruka onee chan. Kumi nii chan can go to Tokyo.

Kumi : oi brat! Do you really want me to leave home that much?! I feel hurt you know. (pretend to touch his heart and feel hurt)

Rara giggle at her brother action and give him a pat at his head.

Rara : there… there… don’t be sad Kumi nii chan. I will play with you the whole summer okay?

As the three of them have a good chat, Jun come to inform them  about their departure.

Jun : Haruka are you ready yet ? We need to go now.

Rena : Rara chan, be good with Kumi nii chan okay? we will be back three days later. So don’t be a bad girl and listen to Kumi nii chan.

Rara : un! I will mama. Take care and enjoy your honeymoon with Papa, and don’t forget to bring me  a little sister or brother to play with.

Rena : Ra.. Rara chan?! from where did you learn that word? (blushed)

Rara : Kumi nii chan told me to say that! He said, if papa and mama have a honeymoon, they can give me a brother or sister.

Rena : KUMI!! Come here!!!

As Rena yell at Kumi, he already run to his room, as Jun just laugh his heart out.

Jun then whisper something to Rena with make her blushed.

“Jun : maybe we can manage to have another one, what do you thing? Rena chan?”

Rena : mou… Jun kun, that enough! like father like son. Stop it or I will give punishment to you!!

Jun : Rena chan.. please don’t!!

There is lively in Matsui household before they leave Nagoya to Tokyo.

As the other place at the airport

Atsuko : are you sure, you two want to stay in Tokyo?

Sayaka : un! We are sure, mom.  Beside we talked about this already right?

Atsuko : sigh.. can’t you two wait for all of us to move back to Tokyo together?

Minami : it is okay dear, beside they need to learn how to be independent, and there are Yuu and Haruna that help us.

Atsuko : you are right.

Yui : don’t worry about us Mom, we will be fine.

Atsuko : you two take care okay? don’t give any trouble to Uncle Yuu and Aunt Haruna.

Minami : now now, it is time for them to depart. Call us after you are on Tokyo, take care sons.

Sayaka and Yui : we will, we love you mom,dad.

Inside the plane

Sayaka : I can’t wait to start our life in Tokyo.

Yui : heh, you just can’t wait to see Miyuki aren’t you? (smirk)

Sayaka : eh? what are you talking about.. It is normal if I want to see her.. I mean we didn’t see for each other for a long time.

Yui : yeah yeah, it is really good if you have somebody you love. I wish I can have one. the person that only belong to me.

Sayaka : Yui.. I am sure you will find her. Maybe you will find one in Tokyo. Since you prefer Japanese Girl and no other girl meet your eyes in America. Or you still didn’t forget that little girl we met before?

Yui : well, I just don’t like to rush things. Beside I still enjoy my single life.

Sayaka : if you say so…

Yui thought

I just hope I can met her again. I miss you Haruka

At the other place in Tokyo

Rena and Yuki are hugging each other while Jun and Yuuma are talking to each other. The Matsui family have arrived in Tokyo and right now they are at Oshima Yuuma house. 

Haruka : good evening, my name is Matsui Haruka. Nice to meet you Aunt and Uncle Oshima.

Yuki : oh my she is really are beautiful, I have seen her picture and she is more beautiful in person.

Yuuma : don’t be so formal, just call us Aunty and Uncle.

And then they go to the living room and have a little snack that Yuki have prepare for them.

Rena : It been quite a long time Yuki, I miss you a lot.

Yuki : I miss you too. Jun didn’t make you sad didn’t he? If he did, please tell me right now Rena chan, I will sure to punish him right away. (emits dark aura)

Jun : glup.. your wife sure is scary just like the old time. (whisper to Yuuma)

Yuuma : nope, she is like that when you are around, usually she is the caring, lovely wife that love me too much. (beaming with happy smile)

Yuki : Yuuma, stop that, and Jun don ‘t think I don’t know what are you whispering about (emits more dark aura).

Rena : Yuuma kun become so sweet since you two get married huh? I still remember you two are always have quarrel everytime you are on you dates.

Yuki : we still do. But…

Yuki looked at Yuuma and Yuuma smirk at her.

Yuuma : I love you Yuki.

Yuki : mouu, enough!! Well, Haruka chan right? (blushed)

Yuki : Let me take you to your room, okay? your room is next to Yuria. I hope you can get along with Yuria. She is the same age with Kumi.  But she is at school right now. She have a club activity.

Haruka : I will Aunty.

Jun : well, we will take our leave now Haruka chan, you will start your school tomorrow, since we have take care all the administrative things.

Rena : Take care okay, and if you find it is hard to live in Tokyo, you can always back to Nagoya.

Haruka : un… I will, thank you Uncle Jun, Aunty Rena.

The next day

Haruka POV

Everything seems so boring, the usual introduction, and fake smile from classmate. But luckily I manage to have a seat near the window. I can see the blue sky more often. Some of the girls try to befriend with me, but I think they will get bored with me soon, since I didn’t really into what they talking about.

I guess I will stroll around the city after this, I manage to have permission from Uncle Yuuma and Yuki, since I said I will go to nearby bookstore and buy some stationary.

End of POV

As Haruka go to nearby bookstore, she manage to find few things she need for, and after she finished. She went to nearby garden, and have a sit in there. Looking at the blue sky really make her calm, but suddenly she hear somebody screaming, as she opened her eyes, she see not far there few girls are messing with a girls, she recognize the girls uniform are from her school, and looks like they are bullying the girl.  As they take the girl to a town valley, in there some of the boys are waiting. As the girl are force to give her money to them, one of the guy also started to molest her. Tear slowly fall from her eyes. As she beg to let her go, but they just laugh at her. As Haruka is silently follow them, she can’t stand by looking at them any longer, so she start to fight them.
One by one fall down in  her hand, most of the girls run away leaving the girl and one more guy.  Haruka manage to cornered the guy, and the guy are trembled with fear.

Guy : please forgive me.. we just playing, we are her friend. We just joking with her.

Haruka : …. (come closer)

Suddenly they hear man voice, Haruka still didn’t see him, as she is backing the man.

Yui : STOP! Who are you?!  why do you hurt them?

Haruka : … Mind you own business. Or are you one of them?

Yui : so what ? Stop now!

Yui is holding the Haruka shoulder, as he still didn’t know about her.

Haruka : or what?

With that Haruka hit Yui hard, but Yui manage to held her fist, but Haruka quickly give him a flying kick .

Haruka : you really are something… disgusting man.

Yui is in dazed, not because of the kick, but he see something that are familiar with him, a certain necklace that little Haruka have. She always wear it because it is her mother momento.

Yui : is it really you? Haruka?

Haruka : … who are you?

Yui : it is me Yui. Your best friend..

Haruka : I am sorry but I don’t remember.

And with that Haruka run away leaving Yui in there.

to be continue  :cow:
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Sadrilim-san, you're back!
I've been wanting to know what will happen more to YuiParu XD
I wonder if Paruru did forget about Yuihan or she was just so mad at him, she did not want to remember (or admit that she did remember).
Anyway, Merry Christmas! I'm hoping to read the continuation soon as a Christmas or New Year's present XD

*p.s.: I tried to vote for YuiParu. But, guess the older ships still sail strong  :)
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Haruka doesn't remember Yui???

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you

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Oyoyoyoy just when the story was about getting interesting...  :cry:

I got left hanging...  :cry:

Please update author-san this story is too precious when YuiParu is in it  :bow: :bow: :panic:
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Hi all, it been a while.
i am so sorry if i leave you hanging  :bow:  for a while.
I try to write again, and I don't know if i still have that kind of touch for my fanfic  :nervous
and please not killing me because of the weird story.  :banghead:
anyway enjoy, sorry for the bad english.

YuiParu : Between You Me and She

Tonight, Oshima Yuu family will have dinner together with Takahashi twins. They are now heading to studio where his wife and daughter are having a photo shot. Yes, his daughter, Oshima Miyuki is become a model just like her mom. She has her debut since she was 7 years old.

That time, Miyuki was following her mother to the studio where her mother work, and the director soon fall in love with Miyuki, he said that she will be perfect to be the child model, since she have a very beautiful face and bright personality, everybody seems love to work with Miyuki, and until now she have her own fans at school and some of international group have their eyes on Miyuki, but her parent didn’t allow her to do outside work from Japan before she graduate.

Yuu :  Boys, what will we eat tonight? I wonder if it is okay with you if we go to sushi restaurant?

Sayaka : yes, sound good to me Uncle Yuu. I really missed some of Japanese food. Even though Mama is a good cook, but believe me sometimes I do want to tastes Japanese food aside from what our mom cook for us, right Yui?

Yui :…

Sayaka : Yui?

Yui then snapped from his own thought.  He now look at Sayaka, who is looking at him worriedly.

Yuu : you been dozed off since you come back from the book store. What wrong with you, Takaboy? You even have a punch on your face.

Yui : I am okay uncle Yuu. I am sorry, I just thinking about something.

Yuu : so Yui, are you okay with Sushi?

Yui : I love too.

With that Yuu continue to driving while Sayaka is playing some game from his phone. While Yui is back to his own thought.


Was that really you Haruka … but, you looks so much different from back then, you image have completely different. I always imagine that you will be a princess like girl, since you always love to be pampered by teachers and me. could I see the wrong girl…? but that necklace, it is impossible that I was wrong right?! But, if she really was Haruka, why did she run away, and say that she didn’t recognize me. did I have a wrong person..? Maybe…

Flash back

Yuu : okay boys, since you will start you school tomorrow, why don’t we go to stroll Tokyo? There are a lot of store you can visit and buy some goods for school tomorrow. What do you think, boys?

Sayaka : sound good. I want to go to check music store nearby. I want to buy some string for my guitar.

Yui : I want to see some good books

Yuu : alright, we will meet up at Akiba Café at 5 O’clock and before that fell free to go the others place. I need to meet my friend, it is okay with you guys?

Yui & Sayaka : Yes, it is okay for us Uncle Yuu.

With that Yui and Sayaka have their own separate way. Sayaka head to the music store and Yui head to the book store. He really enjoy his time in there, and he find a lot of good literature book for his studies and he also buy some goods for school. Feeling that he is done with all his shopping, he then plan to go Akiba café and wait for Sayaka and Uncle Yuu. it will be nice to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the books he bought.

On his way to the café, he passed a dark valley, and he hear a scream voice,  more like a groan. As he is curious of what happened, he went to there to check there are one girl that hitting four boys. Three of them already fall down, and looks like they are from the same high school. Feeling a urge to stop the fight, Yui stepped in. The girl is covering her face with handkerchief.

Yui : STOP! Who are you?!  why do you hurt them?

Haruka : … Mind you own business. Or are you one of them?

Yui : so what ? Stop now!

Yui is holding Haruka shoulder to stop her from hitting more.

Haruka : or what?

With that Haruka hit Yui hard, but Yui manage to held her fist, but Haruka quickly give him a flying kick .

Haruka : you really are something… disgusting man.

Yui is in dazed, not because of the kick, but he see something that are familiar with him, a certain necklace that little Haruka have. She always wear it because it is her mother momento.

Yui : is it really you? Haruka?

Haruka : … who are you?

Yui : it is me Yui. Your best friend..

Haruka : I am sorry but I don’t remember.

And with that Haruka run away leaving Yui in there. Yui try to chase after Haruka,  but then he was stopped by the scream sound of the girl. when he looked back there a girl cowardly hide her face while one man try to hit the girl.  Yui then react quick and stopped the other man.

Yui : Stopped it now, or I will call police.

Hearing the word of police, the guy stopped and wake the other guys. They then run away.

“ano… thank you so much”

Yui : no, it alright. I don’t do anything. it is her who help you….


Yui : yes? Is there anything wrong?

“you seems troubled, what happened?”

Yui : well, I am not sure if I know the person who help you, you have the same uniform with her, do you know the girl? The one who saved you?

“um… I am not sure I know that person…”

Yui : I see…

Girl : my name is Kawae Rina, nice to meet you. Thank you so much for saving me, I am from Akiba School.

Yui : nice to meet you too. My name is Takahashi Yui, I bet we will meet each other again.

End of flash back


I will find you, Haruka. I won’t let anybody separate us again just like before. I hope you will forgive me, Haruka…

End of POV.


Yui and Sayaka are getting ready for their new school, as they go their new school, they need to finish few of administrations. They are separated on different class, since they move from America in the middle of the term. But, Sayaka didn’t have any problem at all, since he is the same class with Miyuki.

Sayaka : so I will leave with Miyuki. Are you sure you will be okay by your own?

Yui looked at him with the ‘are you kidding me’ look.

Yui : I am fine, Sayaka. Seriously?! I should be the one who need to ask you about things. Luckily, Milky is the same class with you. if not I need to insist to our teacher to let us in the same class you know. You always make troubles.

Sayaka : oi, what do you mean by that?

Yui raised one of his eyebrow, before smirking at him.

Yui : are you sure you want me to tell EVERYTHING you have done in America?

Milky : eh? nani? Nani? What have you do Sayaka? Don’t tell me… you have another girl? (pout)

Sayaka : what? of course no, I always thinking about you!

Milky : Sayaka kun (blushed)

Sayaka blushed so hard because of what he said. While Milky smile happily of what she hear.

Yui : whatever I am leaving you two love bird here. Milky, please take care of him. I don’t want to get scolded by mama because of his stupid action. Bye.

With that Yui then process to his class.


Another boring introduction I guess. I am sleepy, since I thinking about Haruka last night. How much I missed her. I really with I can meet with her again. I hope I can have another chance to meet her again. as I go inside, there are a lot of chatters. I try to smile at them, which earn many squirms from the girls and groans from the boys. Luckily I didn’t go inside with Sayaka. Things will be more dramatic than just a squirms, I think it can cause screams. 

Well, I need to admit few things, since we both got our father and mother good genes, or should I say good looks from them, back then in America we are quiet popular, and I guess things will be happened in Japan too. Loves letter, fans, and worse stalkers.

End of POV

Teacher : please introduce yourself

Yui : my name is Takahashi Yui, I move from America together with my twin, he went to class B. I love to read books, and hopefully I can be friends with you all.

Teacher : alright, that all. Well, you may seat behind Matsui san?

Student A : sensei, Matsui san is a bit sick this morning, so she said she will be in the infirmary to take some rest.

Teacher : ah.. Alright, please sit in that row (point of Yui’s seat).

Yui : thank you.


After class break, I quickly excuse myself from the class, and because I doesn’t want to bother Sayaka date with Milky, I tell them that I want to take a stroll, even though Milky insist that she will be our quide. But I like to take a walk alone. I went to the rooftop, and up there, there is a girl, standing there looking at the scenery from up.  But, she looks familiar… wait… my heart is beating so fast. It is impossible, no way?! Haruka?!

End of pov

Yui : Haruka, is that you?

Haruka : who are you?

Yui : it is me.. your childhood friend, Yui.

Haruka look at Yui carefully, she have her doubt, but after Yui smile at him, looking straight to his eyes, she recognize him. Tears can be seen from her eyes, but Yui know that it is a happy tears.

Haruka : no.. it is not possible, am I still dreaming?

Yui : no, you are not dreaming. It is really me, Yui.

As Yui come closer to Haruka, and hug her, she looks a bit strange. And suddenly, she push him. From her eyes, there a cold glare.

Yui : Haruka?! What wrong?

As Yui is confused, Haruka give him a smirk.

Haruka : ah.. she will be gone for a while, you could call me Salt. What with that face? don’t be surprise. You could call me the other of her. Her alter ego...
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Awh...ut made me sad when Haruka cannot remember Yui. But i was happy to know that it was just an alter ego

Sayamilky are on the same class!! Hope to see more of the two.
Title: Atsumina the transfer student is my girlfriend OS update Yuiparu part 4
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@ Janix123 : well, I will try to ship them in, but please don't expect to much since this is YuiParu story.  :cathappy:

YuiParu : A broken memory

Yui still in shock of what he have heard, he look at Haruka eyes as if asking him if it is a joke, but all he got just a cold glare. Haruka now is looking at him with frown in her face.

Salt : don’t ever hug me again.

Yui : Haruka…?

Salt : sigh… listen, if you think I am what you used to know that weak and always cry little Haruka then you are wrong, and oh, do call me Salt.

As Haruka want to leave, Yui stand in front of her, stopping her from leaving.  Haruka then with a swift move giving him a punch, in which Yui barely dodge because of the fast motion.

Salt : move or you will regret it. I am serious here.

Yui : no, never. I have long looking for you, and I promise myself that I won’t leave you ever again.  Also… I want to tell that I am sorry for..

Haruka then give a quiet powerfull kick, making Yui fall back holding his stomach.

Salt : save your word. by the way, she will never hear you, not if she become “me”. One word, leave us alone. You are late for long time, and now you say you are sorry.  Why don’t you keep your sorry for yourself?  Yui han?

There is hint of sadness in Haruka voice, as Yui looked at her eyes directly, he is quite sure that Salt herself is Haruka. They have the same eyes, despite the different of personality.  As Haruka walk away from him, this time Yui is letting her go. He is not sure of what he has hear and feel right now.  At first, he is extremely happy because he has found Haruka again, but now he is really confuse of her.

Yui : Haruka chan… what has happened to you..?


Yui is worried of what has happened to Haruka,  he is now looking for her, the bell is ringing and that mean the rest is over. But Yui doesn’t bug to join the rest of the class. As he still busy looking for Haruka. As he looking for everywhere, he have no clue where did he go, and bad luck for him, he met with the head master.
Head Master : what are you doing here? the class have started right?

Yui : ah.. yes.. ano.. I am still new with the school, so I am a bit lost here.

Yui know his excuse are pretty lame, and the head master have rise his eyebrow  looking at him. But looked like the head master let this matter slip for this time.

Head Master : fine, what class are you? I will accompany you to there, and please note that your excuse is pretty lame Takahashi san, just because I am your father friend that doesn’t mean I will make any exception if you do bad thing and didn’t follow the school rule.

Yui : yes.. I understand, I am sorry… sir

As Yui go inside his classroom, he feel really surprise and happy, the girl that he looking from just now is now sitting beside him.

Yui : Haruka…?

Haruka : hai?

As if there is nothing had happened, Haruka look at Yui with innocent look, this made Yui unsure whether he need to push the issue futher or not. To make sure about it, Yui then asked Haruka.

Yui : .. do you remember anything Haruka?

Haruka : what do you mean…? did something happened? why do you have a bruises in your face? Did… did I do this to you? I …don’t remember anything right after I met you… and after that I find out that I was sitting on  my chair…

Yui somehow can sense there is guilty feeling come from Haruka and uneasiness, but he know that right now she didn’t remember anything, and he doesn’t want to push any unneceserry issue between them, beside he just meet with her again after a long time.

Yui : ah…ano… it is nothing, I just feel down .. he he.. you didn’t do anthing wrong Haruka chan.

“Takahashi san and Matsui san, please stopped talking in middle of the class, or I will give you two punishment.”

Yui : ah… yes sensei. I am sorry.

Yui then give Haruka a  note.

“ let go home together after the class is over. I want to tell you something”

After the class..

Sayaka go to Yui and Haruka class together with Miyuki.

Sayaka : Yui? let’s go home.

Yui : Sayaka, come here.

Sayaka  : what wrong?

Sayaka then look at the person who standing behind Yui, at first he doesn’t know who is she. But as soon as he look at the dimple of her face, he recognize her quickly.

Sayaka : uso..?! Haruka chan? is that you?

Haruka : hai.. long time no see, Sayaka kun.

Sayaka : this is so great!! I never know that you are in the same school with us.

Miyuki : Paruru chan?!

Haruka : Milky?!

Sayaka : Paruru?

Yui : eh? you know each other? That great!

Miyuki : yup, Paruru aka Matsui Haruka. well, my parent are best friend with her uncle and aunty. So, sometimes when they visit Tokyo, they will go to our place to play. But, I never know that you are in the same school with me. why don’t you tell me? (pout)

Haruka : I am sorry, Milky.. I planned to tell you, but back then I didn’t find you in your class. Your classmate say that you didn’t come, and I tend to forget things, so…

Miyuki : it is okay. I am not mad at you. (smile and hugging Haruka)

Yui: is it your last surname is Shimazaki, if I remember correctly…?

Haruka : ah.. yes.. I change my surname, Matsui is my father surname, and Shimazaki is my mother surname.

Miyuki : ah.. souka? How come I never know about this thing…?

Sensing that Haruka didn’t want to prolong this talked, Yui quickly nudge Sayaka, and when their eyes meet, he know exactly what to do. Sayaka then change the topic

Sayaka : un… Milky let go? We promise to stroll around today right?

Miyuki  : eh? but I also want to talked with Paruru chan.. (pout)

Sayaka : sa.. how about you two join us?

Yui : wait the minute.. you two plan to go strolling without me didn’t ya? You always like that if you have Milky around, since back then you will always leave me with books and chose to play with her.

Sayaka : ups… er… well… don’t be jealous, you have Haruka now right? (grin)

Sayaka word make both Yui and Haruka blushed, and it make Yui find it awkward.

Yui : what are you talking about?! Stupid Sayaka!

Sayaka : oi! I am not stupid!

Miyuki : ma… ma.. stop it you guys.. jezz.. even after these year, you two still the same, always fight for small matter. Yui kun, Paruru chan why don’t you two join us? It will be fun

Yui: ah..

Haruka : that will be great idea, isn’t it Yui kun?

Yui want to say that they have something else to do, and even though he have give a note to Haruka, she seems didn’t remember that, or she trying to avoid just being two of them, as Yui just shake that negative thought, he then let it slip, since it also been a long time for Miyuki to met Haruka too.

Yui : yeah, why not? I also want to go to the nearby book store.

Miyuki : yeah!! Let’s go some where first, it been a long time since the last time I met you, Paruru chan. I really have a lot of thing to


That day, night time

Haruka POV

Today is the greatest day in my life, I finally met with Yui again, I never imagine that my transfer to Tokyo can make me meet with him again. He has grown so much, as he grow taller than me now, but after all his gentle eyes and his trademark smile really doesn’t change at all.

I always dream about meeting him, and what will I said to him, can… can I be able to say the feeling to him. But I never imagine that “she” appear again.  I know soon or later “she” will appear. I am afraid, really afraid, what will Yui said about me. That’s why I feel relieve when Miyuki asked us to join. I am afraid If I am alone with Yui, “she” will appear again. I know Yui was lying about his wound. He must have meet my “other half” this morning.

I never really know her, but I was told that I ever have memory lost back then in Japan. Not long after I move from America, that day I was hit by car because I try to save a kitten back then.

After that I don’t remember anything. I don’t understand, but I feel like sleeping on a long time, and sometimes I could see  dreams of me, the different me who have the same face but different personality of me.  Every day is different dream of me, it felt like the continuation of the dream I had. 

Before I realize I become fond of the other me, the person who is dependable, the person who can said straight what she like or not, the person who is strong enough to protect other people. She is a complete different from me, but…I realize there is the same thing that we have in common, we are lonely…

For a long time finally I wake up from the “slumber”, I am confuse at first but after a while aunt Rena have explained to me that I have lost memories for eight years and now the old me is back. But, after all things don’t get easy for me. I have no memories of what had happened for eight years, and if I want to recall the ‘dream’ that I suppose is the memories that had happened for the whole eight years, it will become blurry,  I feel like I know what had happened to me but nothing really comes up, just like a dream, right after you wake up, you don’t have any recall of what happened most of them, just the feeling of it. The real feeling of what had happened. The angry, lonely, and sadness didn’t leave me at all. I feel like a stranger in my class, with my own family.

I try to kill myself to remember once, and I end up unconscious. I don’t remember anything until I end up in the hospital again with a lot of wound, it is like I just have a fight with somebody.  My other me have take over my body for whole 1 month. I realize in I can become a different person, and I have no control of it. I am afraid… what will happened to me. Aunt Rena break down as soon as I regain my consciousness, I can feel I have cause more that trouble her so does Uncle Jun and Kumi and Rara. So I promised them that I won’t do stupid thing anymore.

I started to have my medicine and rehabilitation, and now after I thought that I have get rid of “her” she appear again. Why bad things happened to me again and again… Yui… help me..

End of chapter 4

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This story is quite interesting. I wonder what's going to happen in the next chapters. 

Keep up the good work! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"
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Please update author san  :bow: :bow:
I'm curious what will happen next  :panic:
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Author sannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! PLS CONTINUE ITTTTTTTTTTTT :cry: :cry: I'm dying to know what will happen next! :panic: :fap I need more of SAYAMILKY AND YUIPARU!!!!!! :bow: :bow:
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Finally done!!! After so long on hiatus. Anyways enjoy the story for Yuiparu.

Yuiparu : Thank you for Everything

It been a week since Haruka didn’t go to school. She need to go to Nagoya for some consultation about her condition. Both of the Matsui really worried about herself, as they think that she is stressing out and started to show another symptom again.

Haruka must assure the Matsui so many times that she is alright and she enjoying her study in the new school, and nothing need to be worried about. They finally let her go back to Tokyo after her usual psychiatrist also gives an approval.

On the way back to Tokyo, she remembered the conversation she have with her psychiatrist.


Flashback at the counseling

The psychiatrist,  Dr. Shinoda Mariko had handled Haruka cases since her early symptom. With time goes by, she become closer with Haruka and she even able to communicate with Salt before, since then she have formed bonds between two “Haruka” and at least earn their trust.

Mariko : Haruka chan, it been a while, how are you?

Haruka : well.. actually I am not so good Mariko san. I think the other me have woke up more frequently these day, after “long sleep”.

Mariko : hm.. I see, are there things that bother you recently?

Haruka : I .. I am not sure, but I think it is because I able to meet my childhood friend again... I thought that I will feel happy and excited about him, and yet deep down I feel sad and afraid. I don’t know why this happening, I don’t understand my feeling at all….

Mariko raise her eyebrow and look at Haruka body language and facial face, she looks excited and restless at the same moment.  She knew about Yui and she knew how Haruka had missed her childhood friend dearly.

Mariko hold Haruka hand and then smile at Haruka, giving her time to collect some of her thought before she ready to continue.  After a while, Haruka then continue.

Haruka : But I just not sure whether it is because I meet him again or not. Since I am able to communicate with him but suddenly I lost consciousness. That make me become afraid that he already see the other me. No… I have hunch that he find me weird. That day, he seems to want to ask me something, but I try to avoid the conversation alone since I am afraid of him hating me.

Haruka started to cry as she remember Yui confuse expression back then. She afraid of him hating her and she afraid of Yui rejection of her condition. If she can’t find any solution to control her other self  or at least to make “her” disappear forever then she is certain that she will not be able to bear the feeling of  whatever harsh reality that will happened.

Mariko quickly giving her tissue and pad her head to ease her sadness and fear. She give her assurance smile and keep telling her that it will be okay. But, suddenly Haruka become silent and in the moment her facial expression change, she look at Mariko with cold gaze and smirk. Mariko quickly realize that the one that facing her now is Salt.

Salt : It been a while, doctor. Still with that stupid counseling of yours? Do you think that giving those medicine of yours will make me disappear for good?

Mariko quickly regain her composure and smile at Salt. She welcome her as an old friend, since she know that Salt never really like to being treated as patient.

Mariko : not at all. In fact most of it only vitamins. So, what your plan this time? what trigger you to awake again after this long time?

Salt : Awake?! Doctor, it seems that you misunderstood something. In fact that I never asleep, I always aware about her situation, and when things get bad it is always me that help and settle things. She just doesn’t remember as she just weak and useless. Different from her, when she is awake, I am aware of what she doing. After all I am stronger than her.  If she doesn’t settle her insecurity this time, I might take over for good this time and who know she might be the one who will really disappear for good,
There staring contest between Mariko and Salt. She smirk when she senses Mariko’s annoyance. After all, Mariko rarely show any negative feeling no matter how hard Salt try to annoy her, and this time her words really annoy Mariko.

Mariko : … it is about time for Haruka to have her life back. Even though the situations are hard for her to handle, she need to face it. Salt… you know that you are part of her. I understand that you just want to protect her. But… you know that Haruka is not alone.
Mariko look straight at Salt as if she try to talking and make Haruka back to her sense. It some how work as Salt sit down and look sleepy herself.

Salt : …I don’t care about what you said. Deep down she know that she needs me. As for now, I will look at how she handles thing. I.. I will always looking at her.

Salt then become unconscious and after a while Haruka have her sense back. Mariko smile at her and pad her head. Haruka’s body become really weak and tired, even so she try to looks strong in front of Mariko.

Haruka : what had “she” said or do?

Mariko : well, we just have small talk, nothing more. From now, I will not giving you any additional medicine, just continue with the usual will be good. But Haruka, I think you need to try to tell Yui about your conditions, because soon or later Salt will come out, and he might confuse about your behavior. If talking directly seems so hard to you, why don’t you try to write a letter to him? From your stories about him, I am sure he is a nice guy and will understand your condition. 

Haruka : but… what if he think of me as weirdo and hate me… I.. I don’t want to be hate by Yui… after all this time.

Mariko : trust me this time. If he think of you as important as you think of him. Then he will accept you no matter your circumstance are.

It took a while for Haruka to finally nodded and agree with Mariko.

Haruka : I .. will try doctor. Thank you for today.


Haruka goes back to Tokyo exactly on golden week, and Miyuki asked her to join her shopping with the twins, which Haruka agree with, but to her surprise there is new girl that joining them. She seems close with Yui and is not afraid to express her feeling toward Yui at all. She clearly have some feeling toward Yui.

The usual smiling Miyuki is pouting, she couldn’t help to not hiding her upset mood. Kawaei Rina appear on their meeting spot, even though she doesn’t invite her today. She try to be nice at the new girl that just recently join their gang, but she couldn’t have a chance. The new girl only have her eyes on Yui, and she even doesn’t put any effort to befriend the others.

The new girl that join their group is Kawaei Rina aka Ricchan, the girl that Yui saved before. She is in the different class but she started to come and bother Yui ever since he bumped on her on the way to canteen last week. Since then on any occasion of the rest time, she will try to come and talk to Yui. She really like hunter, and always able to find them despite of Yui few attempts to get away from her.

The whole shopping time, Yui really have no chance to be together with Haruka. Everytime he try to come closer, Ricchan always interrupt their conversation.  In the end of the shopping time, they are divided into two group, since Sayaka would like to see some music instrument. Miyuki try to take Haruka together on her group, but Haruka refuse politely as she know that Miyuki and Sayaka also need some time together. She assures Miyuki that she will be fine with Yui and Kawaei san, thus she also is a bit tired after strolling around.

Three of them then decided to have some rest on the nearby fast food restaurant. Yui then goes to order their food and beverage, while the girls are left alone. Both of them are on awkward situation, where nobody seems eager to talk to each other. Ricchan then take a peek , and after make sure that Yui will take longer time, with the long line, she then break the silent.

Ricchan : Shimazaki san right? I don’t think I have proper introduce myself, my name is Kawaei Rina. Just call me Ricchan.

Haruka : ah.. just drop the formalities, we are on the same age after all. Please call me Haruka.

Ricchan : Well, I will goes to the point. I have feeling toward Yui, I hope you could be more considerate? As his childhood friend, don’t you want to help him to have a girlfriend too? After all, it is Yui who invite me to today shopping time. But then you show up. Please don’t make things harder around us. I want us to get along too, Haruka chan.

Haruka :… I.. understand.. then I will leave first. Just tell Yui that I have other things to do.


When Yui come back and notice that Haruka is gone. He quickly asks Ricchan about her whereabouts, and he is really disappointed when he learn that Haruka has excuse herself to go home first. Yui quickly leave Ricchan and goes to chase after Haruka. He manage to find Haruka and then hold her hand afraid of Haruka to run away leaving him.

Still panting for running so fast, Yui held Haruka closer to him. Haruka doesn’t refuse but just stay silent while looking down avoiding his gaze. He then lift her face up, and their eyes meet each other. There are silent around them, until Yui giving his usual warm smile at her. His warm gaze and gentle gesture only pain Haruka. Imagining that all Yui will act differently after he in relationship with other girl. Can’t contain her overwhelming feeling, Haruka tears unconsciously fall from her eyes.  Not wanting to let Yui see her sullen expression more, she releases herself from Yui grip and started to run away from him.

Yui on the other start panicking when he see Haruka run toward some busy street. He try to catch up, but alas a running bus hit Haruka hard enough and send her flying.


Haruka open her eyes and now she is in different place. She don’t recognize this place,  everything is dark with only little light on the place she stand. She try to look around but she couldn’t find anybody in that place. She don’t know how long has it been for her to be trapped in this place. In her mind she prayed that somebody will come and safe her.

In the end I am all alone…again…somebody.. help me…

As Haruka grew tired of walking on that place and want to close her eyes, she hear a voice. She turn around and to her surprise, she see there another girl, but she could not see her face as her face is surround with some dark fog. As the girl come closer and Haruka move backward. Haruka try to run, until she meet an invincible wall that hinder her from running. 

Haruka could no longer move away and close her eyes afraid of facing the girl that now standing right in front of her. The girl then raise her hand touching Haruka face, before talking to her.

“Are you afraid of me? Even though I am the one that had helping you all this time?”

Haruka eyes widened in surprise after she realize that the girl have the same voice and when she look closer at her, she is able to recognize her. It is Salt, her other personalities. She now could see clearly the face of the other girl.

Haruka : Why.. this never happened before.

Salt laugh at Haruka puzzled face and look at her directly at her eyes.

Salt : Ha ha.. are you sure? Don’t you remember that when you were little, you used to talk to me like this.

Haruka : li..liar..I never recall to have ever talk to you.

Salt : you are the one that choose to forget about myself, even though you the one that wish for somebody to come and safe you from your hard situation. You are the one that create this personality and then you afraid of everything. You afraid of losing the other after you got this strong personality. You ask to forget about the pain you received.

Salt then connect their head together and their gaze meet each other try to understand each other, but after a moment Haruka now refusing Salt gaze. The latter chose to look down avoiding Salt gaze.  There are silent, as Haruka recall her memories of herself  regarding Salt, one by one her memories reassurance, and each time she recollect her memories there sharp pain in her heart, she feel sorrow and loneliness come through her feeling and and tears started to flow from her eyes.

Salt then walk away from her. Whether or not the latter want to follow her is now not her problem anymore. But words from Haruka make Salt stopped and turn back.

Haruka : I am sorry for leaving each time I face some hardship. Forgotten every memories that you hides. I know I am not able to change the past, but I am not going to deny anything that had happened. No matter how hard and hurtful the reality is, I will face it. This time it is my time to endure everything that had happened.

This time, Salt smile at Haruka. She come closer and hug her, and then the whole place become bright white, leaving one door behind Haruka opened.  Salt then push Haruka toward the door.

“I know you can do it, after all you are not alone anymore…This is the last time you have my help. Good Bye.. and thank you for everything”


It been a week after those devastating accident, everybody really worried about her condition, as not only she suffered from some physical injuries but also trauma that cause her now unconscious and the doctors have done their best to maintain her condition stable. Almost every day Yui will stay late at the Hospital, and he will always try to stay and have some conversation with her. Today too, he come early to the Hospital and when he entered the room, he froze looking at Haruka which is now has awake and sitting at the bed.

The first time Haruka does when see him is smiling at him. Realization quickly surge through Yui, as he quickly run and hug her, happy tears flow from both of their eyes, as Haruka hugging Yui back, and close her eyes, thinking all the encounter that she had.

Even if I never see you again, I know that it is not the end after all my heartbeat and your heartbeat are the same, our memories, and our feeling are connected.

The end
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OH MY GOD! AN UPDATE???? YESSSSSSSSS! This story is beautiful :shocked. Finally, the ending has come. XD It looks rushed but it's alright as long as it has a happy ending  :thumbsup I realized I must've looked desperate now looking back. Thank you for updating after a long hiatus :lol:  :bow: