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Author Topic: [4 Shots] What should I do? (SaeYuki) - [COMPLETE]  (Read 11836 times)

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[4 Shots] What should I do? (SaeYuki) - [COMPLETE]
« on: September 18, 2013, 09:59:25 AM »

"Hi, I’m your new classmate. My name is Miyazawa Sae, I just transfered here from an High School in China. Nice to meet you!" I bow to them.

"Are you Chinese?" A student ask me.

"No. No. I am Japanese. My parents worked there since I was a child. So, after this 7 years my family come back to Japan. My father got a new job here."


"Ahayou, Sae!" Someone touch my shoulder from behind.

I turn back, “Sorry… you are………..” I still can’t remember all my classmate’s name.

"Do you forget me huh? I’m Oshima Yuko.. I’m the one who led you to the principal’s office yesterday. Baka!" She hit my back.

She seems friendly. I mean….. we just see each other for 3 days and she already called me as baka and hit me. I smile.

"Ohh.. Oshima-san. I remember your face and your voice… actually I can’t forget you because you’re the one who touch my butt in my first day." I laugh. "I just forget your name. But I’ll remember it."

"That’s a good boy!" She stroke my hair. "You like to dress like a boy?" She observing me from my head to my feet.

"Yes.. It’s suit me the most. Why? Is it prohibited here?"

"No-no.. It’s OK.. I just hear a lot of girls talked about you… they seems to like you. Such an ikemen! Prepare yourself… you’ll got a lot of fans in here."

Am I that handsome? I think not. I just didn’t like to have a long hair and girl’s outfit make me uncomfortable.

"Which club would you want to join, Miyazawa?"

"I don’t know.. I don’t wanna be a part of any club, I wanna focus on my study."

"No-no-no. You’ll be get bored. Let me choose for you. Hmmm…. how about soccer or basketball??"

"No! I don’t wa-"

Yuko grabs my hand and drag me to another class. “Sayaka. We got a new member!!” Yuko pointed at me. I looks confuse.

"I am sorry? What do you mean?" the girl named Sayaka look as confuse as me.

"Welcome to basketball team!! Yeaaayyy.." Yuko dance herself.

Basketball?! I never play it before. Yuko!!!

Sayaka look at me, “Well… you have a good height. You looks genki. OK… Let’s practice then. We need someone as our Shooting Guard.” Sayaka still observing me.

"Yeess.. We’re a little bit get trouble when Tanaka-san graduate last year. She’s our best Shooter back then," Yuko show her pleading eyes to me, made me in an awkward position.

"But….." I try to refuse

"Come to our court at 2PM today, we wanna see how fit you are in our team. I am Akimoto Sayaka, Basketball’s Captain.. and you are?"

I’m bowing, “Miyazawa Sae. Please take care of me.”

I see Sayaka and Yuko smile. Basketball???? huuuffttt.


 ”1… 2… SHOOT!!” Sayaka give me a command.

I shoot the ball to the ring. Fail! Fail Again! I have no talent in here.

Sayaka walk towards me, “Look Miyazawa… I know you can do it. Just focus, Okay?!”

"I can’t. I give up." I sit on the floor.

"No Sae. You can’t give up." Yuko try to calm me. "Sae-chan.. you only need to stare the ring," She help me to stand again. "Look at that ring.. There’s not too far from you, right?"

I nodded.

"Forget all that pressure, forget about your distance to that ring, forget about your fails before, forget all your burden, forget about me.. sayaka.. and our friends stands here.. We’re not staring you because we wanna see you feels humiliated. We’re here to see our Shooting Guard, we wanna see you sucess. Now go!"

I close my eyes, I try to remember what Yuko said before, I take a deep breath, I calm myself, and I….. SHOOT.

I did it!!

Yuko smile, I hug her. “Thanks Yuko.”

"No. No celebration yet. That’s 2 poin shoot. Your main job is to shoot from outside of this line. 3 poins shoot." Sayaka show me the line.

It’s so further from before. Can I do it? I lost my confident again. But Yuko show me an ‘You can do it!’ eyes.

"I will try." I go to the center, I shoot, fail. It’s OK to fail in a first try. I try to remember what Yuko said again. Shoot! It’s in!! 3 points.

"Such a good shoot! We know you have a talent.. you just haven’t realize it yet." Sayaka hit my forehead. We laughed.

I will do my best to this team!


It’s been a month since my first shoot in this court.

Sayaka teach me a lot of basketball techniques and rules. She’s a great leader. She’s our Point Guard. She’s strong, she can do a whole match without many break time.

Yuko gave me her spirit when I feel tired, I must admit that Yuko has an amazing speed.. she support our defense and attack well. She suppport every side.

And I will become a great shooter. I promise.


Our hardwork didn’t useless. After 6 months passed, we won many competitions. Yuko and Sayaka always said to me, “Basketball Club get the popularity back. Thanks to you.. thanks for your hardwork.”

This year is my peak. I’m in a spotlight.

Basketball club get their success back after long time, they always said that’s because of me. But I think is not. It’s because we have an amazing team’s member, we have a great teamwork.

My study goes well too. I got 1st place in class ranking. I participate in a Japan scientific competition, and unpredicted before.. our school won. God give me his blessing for this whole year.


I’m alone in our court. I sit and hug my basket’s ball. Today is my first day as a 2nd year student.

This is the last year for Sayaka and Yuko.

This is my biggest concern. Next year, can I do this alone? It’ll hard without them, not only for the team, for me too. They’re precious friends for me. I will give them a great memory this year. I must do something that they’ll remember for the rest of their life.

I look at my watch. 3PM, It’s time to go home.. school has been very quiet.. it seems all student already went home.

I open the door, then I hear something beautiful. I try to guess what it is. I walk around to find where the sound come from. I found it, it comes from music room. I peek it from the window. That’s a girl.

"Sorry to bother you, sir.. do you know who is it?" I ask a gardener and I pointing that girl.

"Ohh.. she is Kashiwagi Yuki. She always play her violin in that room until evening."

"But she’s alone. Why she didn’t play it with other members from Music Club?"

"You didn’t know her story? Are you new here?"

"No. I’m second year student. But I transferred from China last year."

"You certainly haven’t heard her story."

"What story?

That gardener sighed. “Very sad story.”

============ TO BE CONTINUED =============

My first fan fiction with Sae-Yuki as pairing.

Sae as my main character here. In this part, mostly.. I wrote about her.
Next chapter I will show Yukirin more often.
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Re: [4 Shots] What should I do? - Part 1 (SaeYuki)
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2013, 07:23:56 PM »
yeay! please do continue.. thankyou so much writing a saeyuki fanfic :bow: :cry: im waiting.! really

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Re: [4 Shots] What should I do? - Part 1 (SaeYuki)
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2013, 07:31:56 PM »
yeay! please do continue.. thankyou so much writing a saeyuki fanfic :bow: :cry: im waiting.! really

I will update the 2nd Part in 5 minutes.. Just wait a little while. :D

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Re: [4 Shots] What should I do? - Part 2 (SaeYuki)
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Yuko is right. I didn’t mean to boast myself but I got many fans in school. I feel bad when there are my juniors came to me and I don’t know their names.

Now, my most difficult homework isn’t Math anymore.. but to remember all of those kohai who came to my class almost everyday. I scratch my head and put that list to my pocket. I feels like a boy in this girl school. Super silly.

"Miyazawa-san." I hear my teacher call me.

"Yes mam?" I walk away from my sit and comes to her.

"Can you please give this to Mr. Tanaka? You can see him in his office. If he isn’t there, maybe he teaching in Class 1B right now." She gave me a book.

I go to see him in his office but no one there. Maybe he’s teaching in 1B. I go down to the 1st floor and I peek to that class. He’s here.

I knock the door. I hear the students start to whispering and give me their best smile. I smile back to all of them, then they giggled. But ……..

"Miyazawa-san? What’s bring you here?"

"Oh, sorry. Mrs. Maeda give this to you." I give him that book.

"Thank you, Miyazawa-san." I’m bowing to him.

There’s someone who didn’t smiling at me. I notice it because she not only didn’t smile, but she even didn’t look at me and keep staring the blackboard with blank stare. She was a girl that I saw last week: Kashiwagi Yuki. She’s not look like a murderer.

—————————- FLASHBACK —————————-

"I am sorry. Sir. But can you tell me what happen to her?" I ask that gardener to answer my curiosity.

"I do not know exactly happened, I just heard it from some students." that man silent for a while.

"2 years ago.. she’s start to school here. She’s so popular back then. She’s beautiful and kind. She has a best friend who school here too, Watanabe Mayu. People said that they already know each other since kid. Both of them was always stuck to each other."

That man sighed, “But.. half year later an accident happened. She, Watanabe-san, and their other friends did a mountaineering activity.”

"Their friends didn’t know what really happen but she and Watanabe-san had some quarrels. In the second night of their camping….. she… sh-she push Watanabe-san from the cliff."

Seriously„ I am scared right now.

"Watanabe-san died in the hospital with serious injury in her head."

Is this a horor movie?!

"Her problem with the police seem over and she comeback to school this year"

—————- END OF FLASHBACK ——————

So, if that accident didn’t happened.. she must be a 3rd year student right now, same as Yuko and Sayaka. Oh, Yuko!! I can ask her about Kashiwagi-san.

"Why are you still here, Miyazawa-san? Is there anything do you want to say to me?"

"No-no-no Sir…" I hear those students laugh at me. I feel embarrassed. I go out from that class.

When I walking.. I see Kashiwagi look at me. She saw me still in her blank stare and no smile. Suddenly I feel afraid, but somehow… I wanna get closer to her and bring her precious smile back. I must be crazy.


Our basketball practice schedule only twice a week, but lately I did it everyday on purpose. Other people thinks that I became really ambition about basketball.

It’s not like what they said. I practice so I can have a reason to see Kashiwagi-san playing with her violin everyday. Actually… I’m not seeing her but… peeking her.

No. I am not a stalker. I just too shame to say ‘Hi’ to her.

But after weeks passed, I build up my courage and knock her ‘music room’.

I get in there, “Hi… Uhmm.. Hello. My name is Miyazawa Sae.” I bow to her. Yeahh you know, she’s actually my senpai if that accident not happened.

She’s still playing her violin. I don’t have any choice beside waiting her to finish playing that song. I close my eyes and enjoy that song. It’s beautiful. I smile, but then the music stop.

She staring me, I can see her cold eyes. “What are you doing here.” She said it not as a question but more like as a complain.

"I want to listening your music. It’s beautiful and I can’t help it to not come here." We have an eye contact.

"You still can hear my music from the outside."

"Ehh?" She is not as kind as that gardener said.

"I see you peek me everyday from that window. So I believe you just can hear it from there." She pointed to a window.

I hit my forehead. Ahhh… Stupid me! How shame is this! She know it!!

I’m bowing her and went out from that room.


"I have an annoucement." Sayaka stand up. "We invited to participate in National High School Tournament!!"

All of us can’t believe it. We did it! We scream and crying. Tears of joy.

"When the competition start?" Yuko ask it to Sayaka.

"The preliminary round started next month. We still have a month for practice. We must do our best!"

"Ok then. Let’s make a circle." We make a circle like Yuko said.

"National Tournament!!!!" Sayaka said that with spirit.

"Iku ze!!! Aaaaaa!!" We stomping the floor.

I will make this as our moment. We will win and make that as graduation gift from us to Sayaka and Yuko.

"Sorry guys, I have to go first. See you tomorrow!" I carry my bag and run to outside.

I still can see Kashiwagi’s back. She walking alone (as usual) to her ‘music room’. I run towards her.

"Ohayou, Kashiwagi-san!" I smile at her and she ignores me for a hundred times. She walks and treated me as nothing.

I walk with her, but she’s still silent. So, I broke the silent, “You know… We will participate in National Tournament!! Yeaayy…!” I said that with excitement in my face and voice.

She’s still silent.

"We start the competition next month." I see her face. So beautiful. Her skin is so white. She’s like an angel.

We arrived at her ‘music room’. She pick up her violin. She still didn’t say anything.

"Ah. You wanna practice. It’s OK then, I don’t wanna bothering you. See you tomorrow Kashiwagi-san." I bow and walk away. I close the door. I hear a song played.

I will go home after I hear this song. I have 1 favorite song, she always play it as her first song. It’s like her warm-up song.


If I saw her walking to her ‘music room’, I don’t care if it’s in the middle of practicing or not, I always escort her on the way there. I always tell her what happened to me that day.

She still silent after all, but I didn’t care anymore. After that I will walk to outside, and stand behind the door to hear her first song.

I did that everyday. I don’t care if she’ll ignore me forever, I just don’t wanna her to feel alone in this world. At school, I never saw her walks or talks with someone. Even the teacher didn’t approach her.

I know how it feels, it happened to me too when the first time I school in China… everybody keep their distance from me.


It’s been 3 weeks I did that thing to Kashiwagi-san but… her wall seems too thick and too tall to reached. She still didn’t say any word to me since the first I talk to her 2 months ago.

I already tell her everything! My family, my life in China, my friends, my basketball thing, my study, and even my ex (opps). And.. I also tell her about how I feels at that time, like if I angry at someone or sad because of something.

I sighed. What should I do? I really wanna see her smile.


Someday, Yuko drag me to the bathroom.

"Wait Yuko. What is this??!!"

"Sssstttt… Silent!" She kinda whisper to me. "I just wanna tell you one thing. You’d better not too close to Yuki."

"Kashiwagi-san? Why?!" I raise my tone.

"Ssstttt… Silent baka!" She hit my head. "Just don’t. Everybody is start to talked about you. Did you even realize that your fans didn’t came to your classroom anymore??!!"

"I realize it. But I’m happy about it. I didn’t need to remember their names anymore." I grinned.

"That’s not our topic now!! Not too close to her. It’s even better if you don’t talk to her anymore." She open the door and walk away.

"Why? Because you think that she killing someone? Huh?!" I being too rude now. I forget that no matter what, she’s my senpai. I bow to her, "Sorry, senpai."

She just silent and go out from the bathroom.

I just wanna go outside but I feel my heart almost fell. “Ka-Kas.. Kashiwagi-san?” I feel my body suddenly become stiff.

================== TO BE CONTINUED ================

What happened to me? I make Yukirin image in this chapter as a mysterious-cold-black girl.. =_____=”

Thanks for your support.

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Re: [4 Shots] What should I do? - Part 3 (SaeYuki)
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"Why are you still standing there? I want to use that."

I go outside.

She go inside and say, “You seems to like daydreaming. This is the second time I see you like that.” She wanna close the door.

I hold the door, she look at me.. she feels annoyed.

"I-I am sorry.. I just too happy. This the second time for me too….. to hear your voice after 2 months 14 days." I release my hand from that door and walk to my class.

After school over, I go to the court.

"Come on Sae, sit here. We waiting for you." Sayaka call me.

"Okay." I walk and sit there. I see Yuko, but she didn’t say anything to me. Usually, she always call me, hug me, smile at me, and ask me to sit beside her.

Sayaka start, “As my announcement before… tomorrow is our first match!!”

I hear everyone cheer.. not everyone, except me and Yuko.

"Today, we cancel our practice and go take some rest and prepare our body well." Everybody nodded their head.

"And Sae!"

"Yes?" I replied Sayaka.

"During this match, if we gonna make it until final… it’ll spend 2 weeks. So, I ask you to please don’t go in the middle of our practice again. I know that you already practice everyday, but It’s for our teamwork sake."

"Okay." I still can shoot well even if I’m not practicing.

"Of course she can skip the training…" I stare at Yuko. then she continue,"She already satisfied of herself! She underestimate her club and her teammates."

"Yuko! Don’t make a fight today!" Sayaka look angry to Yuko.

"She can say anything that she want to say. She’s a senpai anyway." I say that in a cold way and wanna go outside.

"Sae, back to your sit, now! I’m not finished talking."

I pick up a ball at throw it hard to the floor. Everyone shock. “I don’t need basketball!! I don’t even care if I play in that match or not!! At first.. I don’t wanna join this club. She forced me here!!” I pointed at Yuko.

"Then go! We don’t need a lazy, childish, and stubborn girl in our team! I’ve make a wrong decision to brought you here." Yuko stand and pointed her finger at me.

"Fine! I quit!!"

Sayaka grab my head, “Go and calm youself. But tomorrow please coming here at 11AM.. we will go to that match together. We must! We waiting for you.” Sayaka keep look my eyes for a while and then she release me

I slam that door. I punch the wall. It’s embarassing but.. I’m crying. I see Kashiwagi walk behind me and just walk through me.

"Sorry.. I can’t accompany you for next 2 weeks!" I didn’t run towards her as usual. She’s stop. Now, I know that she can hear me.

"Like I said over and over again to you that I participate in National Tournament. It’ll start tomorrow!" She still silent.

"Ahh…. you didn’t care about me, why I must telling you about this. I thought you’ll looking for me if I’m not telling you first, but actually.. I didn’t need to. Take care. See you in 2 weeks."

This is the first time for me to didn’t hope her answer. I just go and leave her alone. I see her continue walking to her ‘music room’.


I decided to go to that match.

I already promised myself to give this trophy as Sayaka and Yuko graduation gift. They’re still my friends.

And we’ll make it to final. I did as Sayaka said before. In this 2 weeks, I didn’t skip any practice and try hard to keep my shoot well. I practice to shoot the ball over and over again from any side.

Yuko and Sayaka are the person who in charge to pass a ball to me and then I will make a poin. We practicing well, but our personal problem isn’t solved yet.

We make a circle in our waiting room.

Sayaka say, “Today is our final match. We must keep doing our best. We will make sure to bring that trophy to our school. Me, Yuko, and other 3rd year students really thankful to spending our time with you in this 1 or 2 years. This is the last tournament for 3rd year students, after this… we’ll give continuance this club to your hands.” Sayaka shed her tears.

We hear our school name called. We make a cheer and go to face our last match.

We keep make the distance to our opponent score, but not too far.

After we reach last quarter, I realize that they keep hit me. They seemed to know that I have a big impact on our points. They keep attack me and I struggle to escape from their action.

But I can’t not escape forever, I feel my knee kicked by someone. I fall to the floor and scream. Ahhhhh!!!! This is hurt. Too hurt. I can’t feel my right foot. I can’t move it.

I cry and punch the floor over and over again, I try to hold the pain.. but is useless. Judge give a break for our team. I see medics team come to me and carry me to courtside.

I keep hold Yuko hand. "I don’t wanna go. I want to keep fighting with all of you and win this."

Sayaka give a sign to change player. I’m sad. Yuko whisper to me, “It’s OK Sae, you are a great player. Don’t think about this match, just go to the hospital. We’ll do the rest.”

I nodded and release Yuko’s hand. I carried to the hospital.


I skip school for the next 3 days because I can’t walk. Sayaka and Yuko visit me to my house.

"Did we win??" I’m curious about this. But after see Sayaka and and Yuko sad face, I know it, "Ohh… we lost." I look down.

"Don’t be silly and don’t underestimated your team, Sae-chan. Do you think you’re the only one who can shooting the ball?!" Yuko pout.


Sayaka lift up 2 trophies, “We won. We are a national champion!” Sayaka grinned.

We won?!! Waaahhhh…. I hug them. “Why there are 2 trophies?”

"This one is for you." Yuko give one to me.

I read it. “MVP??!!” I see their smile.

I can’t believe it!


A week after that match over, finally I can go back to school. I have not fully recovered, I still helped by crutches to walk. It’s better rather than I keep in my house, my body aches because I did nothing.

My friends, senpai, and kohai keep shake my hands. They congratulate me. But actually, I hope Kashiwagi come to me too. I miss her, I didn’t see her face for 3 weeks. It’s too impossible to her to come. I will visit her in her ‘music room’ after school over.

Suddenly this classroom become quiet, I saw the teacher already enter to our class. But someone walk to my table.

"Hi Miyazawa-san. How are you?" She smile at me.

It’s… It’s… Kashiwagi-san??!!

"Are you okay? I hear from some students that you’re sick. So……" Her cheeks blushed.

I still silent because I don’t believe this. I think the world comes to end. I see her walk away from my table.

"Wa-wait. Thank you Kashiwagi-san. See you in your ‘music room’". I smile and she smile back. She go outside.

God… Thank you!


I healed completely now.

My relation with Kashiwagi goes well.

"Ahayou Miyazawa-san. You looks genki now. Not a like a grandpa with a stick anymore." She laugh.

"Did you just laugh?" I think I misheard, but my ear seems okay.

"Of course. I’m a human. I can laugh." She laugh again.

"Why do you started to talk with me?"

"You don’t like it? I can silent again. No problem for me."

"No-no. I do like it. I mean… you act like I’m nothing for months. But because you suddenly talk and even laugh to me. I’m totally shock."

She silent for a while, then she smile. “It’s because you’re so kind to me. You always come to me even if I make you hurt. Honestly, I really feel annoyed when you talk to me everyday.”

"But one day, when I didn’t hear your chatter, when I didn’t hear your voice, when I didn’t look your face, and I didn’t see you opened that door for me… I feel loss."

She smile at me, “Maybe.. I already get used to all of it and I already get used to see you run toward me everyday. Even if you only talk about 5 minutes everyday back then… I feels relieved because I still have a friend.”

I see her cheek blushed. I see her smile. I hear her voice. I hear her laugh. I see her pretty eyes. I see her lips. I come closer to her and……..

"What are you doing, Miyazawa-san?" She step back. But I pull her arms.

"From now on, you can call me Sae."

I kiss her.

=========== TO BE CONTINUED ==========
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Re: [4 Shots] What should I do? - Part 3 (SaeYuki)
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aaaaaaaaa... please please pleasee update this when you see my comment.. :cry: :cry: please I beg you... seriously.. im crying for god sake :cry: I dunno why im crying rightnau :cry: :cry:
you are the bestt.. :bow: thanks!

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Re: [4 Shots] What should I do? - Part 3 (SaeYuki)
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aaaaaaaaa... please please pleasee update this when you see my comment.. :cry: :cry: please I beg you... seriously.. im crying for god sake :cry: I dunno why im crying rightnau :cry: :cry:
you are the bestt.. :bow: thanks!

hey.. hey.. don't crying...  :smhid
But actually, I feel touched too when I wrote that.
It's like...... I can feel Sae's warm heart and Sae's patient to Yukirin.  :wub:

I will update the last part tonight.. I'm working on it.
The last part is quite lenght. I try my best to end it in a properly way. It's hard  :sweatdrop:

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Re: [4 Shots] What should I do? - Part 4 (SaeYuki)
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"You are not afraid to me?" She broke the kiss.

"No. How can I afraid to you?"

"I don’t wanna other students far away from you too because of me. I know you’re very popular here. I mean… you may heard this… that I kill my best fr-"

I cut her lips with mine. “You talk too much. If become your friend means I have to face a cruel world. I’m in. I love challenge.” I giggled.

" I’m serious, Sae!"

" I’m serious too. Why are you thinking too much about this? Look.. I’m okay." She still silent. "OK. Can you tell me what happen? I didn't believe you did that."

"That night. I see her kissing my boyfriend…." She shed her tears and I hug her to calm her down.

"Next day… I drag Mayuyu to the quiet place, so we can talk well."

———————— FLASHBACK ————————-

"Yukirin.. Where are we going to?"

Yuki release Mayu’s hand. “I wanna talk about something.”

Mayu seems nervous, “What’s about? Did we really need to talk this far from our friends?? I’m afraid! This is a jungle, Yukirin.”

"That’s not our topic!!" Yuki yell at Mayu. "Since when my boyfriend cheating?"

Mayu open her eyes widely, “How should I know? She’s your boyfriend, that’s not related to me.” Mayu avoid Yuki’s eyes.

"I saw you both last night. Behind our tent."

Mayu gasp. “You must be dreaming Yukirin. That’s impossible. Now let’s go back to our tent.” Mayu hold Yuki’s hand but Yuki refuse it.

"I am not dreaming Watanabe Mayu!!! This is the 3rd time I see you both together!!" Yuki cried.

"I am so sorry Yukirin." Mayu look to the ground. "I didn’t mean to hurt you.. but I love Takeda too. I love him even before you met him. But…. you get him first, so I’m sad. But now I-"

"How long we have been friend?!!!" Yuki hold Mayu’s arms and shake it. "Answer me!! How long??!!"

"10 years."

"So why don’t you just tell me??!!" Yuki slap Mayu.

"I didn’t wanna hurt you…"

Yuki slap Mayu again. “Now look at me!! Am I not hurt??!!”

Mayu just silent.

"Our friendship is over…"


"I will give Takeda to you. I will erase my memories about you and him!!!"

"Yukirin.. It’s not like that…."

Mayu grab Yukirin shoulder, but Yukirin push her. Mayu lost her balance and…….

"KYAAAA!!!!!" Mayu screams.

Yuki turn her head. NO!! MAYUYU!!!

Mayu holding into something. Yukirin try to grabs her. “HEEELLLLPPP!!!!” Yuki screaming for help but they're too far from their camp.

Yuki try to lift Mayu up, but their hands slip and Mayu fell in front of her eyes. Yuki see Mayu said ‘I-LOVE-YOU, YUKIRIN’ with her lips. Then…….


————— END OF FLASHBACK —————-

Yuki cry so hard. She scream. I try to calm her down again.

"It’s okay.. It’s okay Kashiwagi-san… I’m here. Your best friend up there will sad too if you close yourself and blame yourself like this. I believe she’s already forgive you."

"No!! She’ll not forgive me. I kill her. How can you said that?! You even didn’t know her!!"

"You’re not a killer!! That was an accident! You didn’t mean to do that, right?!" I see her eyes.

"You said that she say ‘I LOVE YOU’ when she fell, right? It’s mean she really love you as her best friend and forgive all your mistake.." I hug her tight and I strokes her hair.

She hug me and cry on my chest. “Thank you. Sae-chan.”

"No problem. We’re friend, friend help each other." I smile to her. "Now get up. It’s already dark. I will drive you home."


"Miyazawa senpai!" I hear someone call me and run towards me. Ahh.. she’s Miyazaki, 1st year student. She’s cute.

"Yes, Miyazaki?" I smile to her.

"Are you busy senpai?"

"No. Why?"

"I wanna tell you something. Can we go to another place?"

I laugh. “No-no. I have a class after this break. Just tell me in here.” I look around. There are too many people here, maybe I can go to the library and talk comfortably.

"Miyazaki-san, Let’s go to the libr-"


This is bad. Really bad. Everybody in the 2nd floor staring both of us.

"Look Miyazawa-san. I…"

"Congratulation Sae!!! Yeaayyy." Sayaka punch my back.

I see Yuko come too. This is a disaster. “Is this Miyazaki-san from 1B??”

"Yes I am, Oshima-san." She looks confuse.

1B??!! NO!! That’s Kashiwagi class too.

"I …" I want to refuse her but…

"Sae-chan often talk about you to both of us. She said that you’re so cute. I don’t believe that you really love each other."

Yuko, What the f*ck are you doing?! Yes, she’s cute. She always come to my class, she’s pretty, often bring an extra bento for me. But.. I’m not love her in that way!!

"You’re lucky Sae." Sayaka grin to me. "I can’t wait to see both of you dating."

I see Miyazaki’s happy face. She’s too happy because Sayaka and Yuko. She’s so innocent, I can’t broke her heart soon and make her cry. It’s a bad thing.

Can I maybe accept her for some days? I can talk to her slowly about I actually only think her as a friend, then we can break-up with peace.

"Don’t just standing there Miyazawa-san. Give your answer!!" I do not know whose voice it is.

"I-I.. I accept you, Sakiko-chan." I smile and then she hug me. I’m glad too see her smile. I hug her back.

How about Kashiwagi? I like her, but she seems didn’t has any interest of me. Be her friend is good enough for me.


It’s only need 1 day.. All of them already know about me and Miyazaki.

Yesterday, I looking for Kashiwagi in her 'music room', but she’s not there. Maybe she’s busy with her study.

Why don’t I come to her class and talk a while about this?? I need her advice, this is really complicated.

I’m walking to her class. I see to the corner table. She’s there. I enter her class, she look at me, and I'm about to raise my hand to call her. But Miyazaki come to me first.

Sh*t. I am forget that Miyazaki have a same class with Kashiwagi.

"Sae-senpai? Are you looking for me?" She act really cute.

"Yes Sakiko-chan, I want to have a lunch with you." I smile at her. Actually, I really want to hit my head to the wall.

I swear that I just saw Kashiwagi cry. I can’t come back to that class, because Miyazaki with me now. After school, I will ask about why she’s cry.

I'm feeling uneasy. I want to school can over as soon as possible. Bell ringing. I run to her class, of course I avoid Miyazaki first. I don’t she Kashiwagi walk through and their class already empty.

I run to her ‘music room’, but she’s not there too.


Kashiwagi like a ghost lately, I can’t see her everywhere. I always come to her class before class started, break time, lunch time, and after school… she’s not there.

I’m waiting in front of her ‘music room’ but she seems didn’t come. It’s been 2 weeks, I can’t bear it anymore. I take my motorcycle.

About half hour later, I’m arrive at her house but her house is locked. I waiting in front of her house.

2 hours.. 3 hours.. 4 hours.. She isn’t come yet.

I’m hungry and I left my jacket in my class. Arrrgghhh! Is she stay away from me purposely?! Did I do someting wrong to her?

I sit on my motorcycle. It’s already become more darker, I look at my watch. 9PM. I still can wait her.

I see someone walk in the dark. Yuki. That’s Kashiwagi Yuki!

"Sae-chan? What are you doing here?"

"I’m waiting for you." I sneeze. I feel really cold.

"Let’s go inside. You’re freezing!" She open the gate and the door quickly. She led me to her living room.

She give me a cup of hot tea, then she touch my feet. “Hey, what are you doing?!” I try to move it, but she hold it tightly.

She open my shoes and my socks. She wrap a wet towel to my foot. Ah.. it’s warm.

"Thank you Kashiwagi-san."

"How long you’ve been there?" She ask me calmly, so I think I can be honest about that. She seems won’t be angry.

"Wait a minute… About 6 or 7 hours?"

She hit my head. “What actually your smart brain used for?! How can you wait there for 6 hours without wearing a jacket or a scarf?!”

"Sorry.. can you angry to me later? Can you give me a bread or some snacks? I didn’t have any food since morning…" I pout.


I giggled. Her shock expression is really funny,

"You laugh?! I am angry at you, not telling some jokes."

"I know.. I know.. "

"What’s about? Why are you come here?"

I answer her question, with a question. ” What’s about? Why you always stay away from me? I come here for that questions.”

"You can sleep here. You will not be able to drive home in this cold weather." She walk away to her room.

"That’s not the answer of my question."

"Your room is on the right, you can change your clothes there. Then sleep, we have class tomorrow." She about to close her door.

"Are you jealous? Did you angry because I’m dating with Sakiko?"

"What are you talking about?" She open her door again.

"Just answer me."

"No. Why should I jealous to her? I just don’t wanna be your burden because you’ll spent more time with me rather than her."

"That’s sounds like a jealous."

"What?!" She yell at me.

"Even if I have a girlfriend, it will not interfere our time together. I always have time for you.”

She didn’t say anything.

"Do you like me?" I ask her.

She didn’t say anything again.

"I take that as ‘No’. Thanks for your tea, I’ll go home. Goodbye." I wear my shoes and walk to the door.

"Goodbye? You always said ‘See you.’ words."

I open the door.

"No. I do not like you." She firmly say it.

I'm about to close the door.

"Why are you still silent!! I said I don’t like you." She yell at me again.

I finally open my mouth, ” I didn’t talk to you only about 3 minutes and you already angry like this. You didn’t talk to me for 3 month, remember?”

"So, you blame it to my face now? You wanna said that it’s my fault?"

"No. I want to show you how much I love you, Kashiwagi-san. It’s okay to me to just being your friend."

She shock. She show that funny expression again, but this time I can’t laugh.

"But how about Miyaza-"

I kiss her. Not a friend kiss like we did in ‘music room’ back then. It’s a passionate kiss. She kiss me back. I smile while She kiss me back.

"I ask you once again. Do you like me?" I look in to her eyes.

"No.. I don’t like you." I step back, but she hold me. "I don’t just like you.. I love you, Sae-chan." She hug me.

I smile. “So… Are we dating now?”

"No. You still have Miyazaki."

"I can have 2 girlfriends, you know.. It’s easy." I wink at her.

"I don’t want to." She pout.

"I am kidding, I already break up with her yesterday. I told her about my feeling for you. I got 2 slap. But she accept my decision." I giggled.

She peck my lips, “Yes, we’re dating now.” She smile.

I love that smile. I own that smile now.

"Well…. tonight will be our long-long night ever. Promise me to not sleeping in a class tomorrow, Kashiwagi-san." I grinned.

She punch my arm. “You can call me Yukirin.”

She kiss me again. And I feel her hands traveling to all over my body.

================ THE END =============

Finally… the end.   :D

I’m not really often saw them together in AKB, I just realize about their close relation from here: —»
then after I watch that, I explore about them more.

Are they closer because they cast together as main characters in ‘Infinity’?
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aiyeye captain!! thanks for this happy ending saeyuki fanfic.. it feels like one hundred years Im not read any saeyuki happy ending fanfic :cry:

I will be very2 glad if you can make another saeyuki fanfic.. onegai~

thanks! thankyou very many much :lol: :bow:

yep.. one main reason why they are so close are because the kagekidan infinity~ and they two are a jailbait for me XD

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aiyeye captain!! thanks for this happy ending saeyuki fanfic.. it feels like one hundred years Im not read any saeyuki happy ending fanfic :cry:

I will be very2 glad if you can make another saeyuki fanfic.. onegai~

thanks! thankyou very many much :lol: :bow:

I didn't like to make a sad ending. Because if I read something like that, I'll so stressful. But, I think I will make it once.  :P
Thanks for reading.

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