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Author Topic: Konoe's OS: Mayuki AU Reboot 11/28/21  (Read 52004 times)

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Konoe's OS: Mayuki AU Reboot 11/28/21
« on: October 28, 2013, 09:08:14 AM »

Typhoon Mayuki (MaYuki)
My Unrequited Love (MayuNatteruxMaYuki)
Wish Granted (MaYuki)
Back To Me (MaYuki) Part I   Part II
New Year (MaYuki + YuiParu)
Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (MaYuki)
Who is My True Love Prologue  Part I
Sick (MaYuki)
Losing Isn't So Bad (MaYuki)
I'll Do My Best (MaYuki)

Hi! This will be my first OS. Enjoy!

Typhoon Mayuki

There goes those girls again trying to flirt with her. I really want to pull their hair and tell them that she's mine but no, I can't because I am the same as them. I’m just a regular customer in this Danso Cafe next to my neighborhood. I always come here every after school just to see her and will order some beverage or parfait. The only words we exchange are her welcomes, my order and repeating my order but sometimes she tries to have a conversation with me. It just wouldn't last long because my response makes the atmosphere awkward. This went on for half a year.

Many girls ask for her service hence she's called the top batter of this cafe. Those services are not free of course. On your first day they will give you a card where your points will be saved. The more food you order the faster to earn points to get a two-shot pic, a kiss, or even spoon feeding.

I never used my card. I'm too shy telling her what I will order and I can't even look at her straight in the eyes, how much more if I got to talk to her. I just sit here in my usual sit and watch those girls in envy because they got the confidence to talk to her. I'm really pathetic. I'm in love with that handsome girl but I am not doing anything to get closer to her. I let my shyness get the best of me.

"Ojou-sama, here is your cafe latte." My thoughts were interrupted by her.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"The rain has gotten heavier. I heard a typhoon is coming." She said while looking outside.

"Is that so..." I mentally smacked myself. Really, don't you have anything better to say to her Kashiwagi Yuki!

"Yuma-kun, can you come here for a bit." A girl called for her attention. She smiled at me before going to that girl.

*Sigh* I let the chance slip away again. And she's right the rain has gotten heavier. I forgot to bring my umbrella. Mou, baka Yuki. I stalled time at the cafe until 7:30 pm because the rain showed no signs of stopping and the cafe is closing early today because the typhoon is already signal no. 2. Almost all of the waiters here minors.

I stayed around a waiting shed. I am drenched because I ran through this rain just to get some shelter from it. I'm shivering from the coldness. I'm too far from the bus stop that can take me near my home. I didn't bring enough money for taxi. This is such a bad day. I hate this typhoon.

A twin tailed girl wearing the same school uniform that I'm wearing also made her way to the waiting shed. That's weird because my school is in the next neighborhood. Why would she come all the way here?

The bus from this stop finally arrived. I was hoping for the girl to hop inside the not so crowded bus but sadly no. She is still right beside me and she also has an umbrella. What is stopping her from going home? Is she waiting for someone?

I looked at her to see her face clearly. Wait. Her face looks familiar. Yuma-kun? She looks so cute as a girl. She suddenly looked at me but this time I didn't look away from her. I continued to stare at her.

"This is the first time you looked into my eyes without looking away Ojou-sama." She said and smiled at me. I looked away feeling shy from what I had just done.

"Why are you always like that?" She mumbled to herself but I still heard her.

All of a sudden she's right in front of me and reaches out her hand. "My name is Watanabe Mayu. Nice to meet you." She said.

"Why are you telling me your name? Isn't it forbidden to tell your customers your real name?"

"Yeah but we are going to the same school anyway. We're bound to see each other sooner or later." I hesitantly reach her hand. Despite the cold season her hand was still so warm and soft.

"I'm Kashiwagi Yuki. Nice to meet you." She shook our hands with enthusiasm.

"I finally got the chance to talk to you Yuki-san. Oh and you can call me Mayu."

"Un." Yuki-san. This is the first time she called me by my name. She took out something from her bag.

"Here. I will lend to you my jacket. At least that will lessen your shivering." She passed the jacket to me.

"Make sure you take off your upper uniform. Don't worry I'll cover you with my umbrella so that you can change with ease."

"Is it really okay for you to lend me your jacket?" I asked.

"It's alright and you can always give it back to me since we see each other everyday. Now change."

She opened her umbrella and turned away from me. I changed fast so that I won't make her wait too long. The jacket smells nice, strawberry.

"I'm done."

"Yuki-san, is the bus you'll ride is in the next two bus stop stations from here?" She asked and faced me. I just nodded in surprise. How did she know?

"Since we are going to the same school I'm sure you live near there too." Can she read my mind?

"I can't read minds but I can read your expression. You are too easy to read Yuki-san." I blushed because of the embarrassment.

"Let's go there together and please don't be shy." I just nodded. How can I not be shy? I am with the girl I love.

"Please let me hold the umbrella!" I told her.

"Eh?" She turned her head to me.

"Please let me hold the umbrella. It’s all I can do for you now." I repeated but this time with confidence.

"Okay. Here you go." She gave me the umbrella happily.

She was talking the whole time we were walking and riding the bus. I, on the other hand, was silent the whole time busy listening to her voice.

I learned that she works at the cafe because her cousin needed more workers at the beginning. After working a while there she started to love being in that cafe that's why she is still there even though her cousin has hired enough girls to keep the cafe running. I also learned that our age is the same. Her class is 2-A while I'm from 2-B. Our classrooms are next to each other. She was always been this close to me.

She walked me all the way to my home and it is still raining.

"Are you sure you'll be alright by yourself? You can come in if you want. My parents are not home." I want to repay her kindness to me.

"Well if it’s really alright with you, then why not." We went inside my house and lead her to the living room.

"Feel at home and wait for me. I will just change my clothes and make us a hot chocolate." I said as I open the TV.

"Take your time." She said and searched for an interesting channel to watch.

After changing and finishing making 2 cups of hot chocolate I went back to Mayu-san. I heard the TV brought the news while giving the hot chocolate to Mayu-san. "Typhoon Mayuki will be gone in the next 2 days and it is confirmed that classes are suspended tomorrow. Back to you Suzuki-san." I like the name of the typhoon. Its sounds like a coupling name of me and Mayu-san.

"Um. Yuki-san?" Mayu-san started. "Can I sleepover? The rain sounds even worse now. Ah! How about your parents"

“They won't be coming home. Nothing can stop them from working. Not even typhoons...” I said as my voice slowly fading.

"I can relate to you. My parents are the same too." Her expression turned sad and just stared at the cup.

"You must have been lonely too right." She looked at me intensely. I stared back with the same intensity. Who knows how long our staring contest lasted. Mayu-san slowly leaned closer and touched my cheeks with her hands. I feel like I'm being hypnotized by her eyes. I can't move. As the gap between our faces lessens I closed my eyes. My mind went on cloud nine when I felt her soft lips into mine. I can't believe I'm kissing the girl that I have always watched and loved. The kiss was so pure I feel like I can die happily now. My bliss was interrupted when she pulled away.

"I love you Yuki." My heart beat even faster when I heard that. This day has started to get even better. Still shock from everything happened; Mayu continued and held my hands.

"I know you are shocked right now. But please believe me when I say I love you. Ever since you started going there I had always keep my eyes on you. You are very different from the others. You’re mysterious. Just a few seconds of looking at your eyes makes my heart beat faster." Mayu-san stopped for a while to take a deep breath.

"Please be my girlfriend!" She bowed. My vision started to get watery. I'm crying. I can't believe this is happening. If this is a dream then I don't want wake up, ever!

"Yuki, why are you crying? Did I upset you?" Mayu-san started to panic. Ugh! I can't take it anymore. I kissed her, this time with passion. We pulled away because we need oxygen.

"I love you too Mayu! I always have." I hugged her tightly.

"Yokatta. I'm so happy right now" Mayu said and hugged me back.

We never let go of each other that night. That was the best day of my life. I had never been so happy to have Mayu in my life. Although she still works at the cafe and I have to resist myself from hurting those girls. I don't have a choice but to let them go because after Mayu's working hours I can have her only for myself. Thanks to typhoon Mayuki and my love was granted.

The End.

I hope it turns out well. :)
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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2013, 09:18:25 AM »
Hahahaha what a nice story:).

Really made me happy^^, more Mayuki story:P

 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Once upon a time, There lived two beautiful girls.
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Another named Kashiwagi Yuki.
They fell in love with each other and married.
The end.

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2013, 09:21:39 AM »
welcome to world of writers :v after a few months you ll understand
well I really love for you first os I like it *thumbs up*
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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2013, 09:33:46 AM »
Nice one shot keep up the good work
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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2013, 01:45:04 PM »
Nhyaaa this was so fluffy and kawaii~

Please write more o/

Thank you~

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2013, 03:17:45 PM »
Konoe, too much FLUFF!! I see rainbows and unicorns!  :inlove::wub: :wub: :wub: You made my day  :nervous Happy First OS! YAY~!  :lol:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #6 on: October 28, 2013, 04:42:14 PM »
nyaha!~ :cathappy: mayuki kawaii~
lol yukirn's jacket smelled if strawberrys yum!! :lol:
and awww yuki said shes always loved mayuyu :deco:
thanx for this  :cow: :bow:
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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #7 on: October 28, 2013, 05:46:54 PM »
Wow.... Nice OS you have here....

Looking forward to your next OS or are you going to write a fanfic?

Anyway thanks for this

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #8 on: October 28, 2013, 07:52:29 PM »
TOO SWEET AND CUTEEEEEEEEEE!!! :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

Thanks a lot  :inlove:

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki (Replies)
« Reply #9 on: October 29, 2013, 05:47:39 AM »
Thank you guys! I'm so flattered. :shy1:

@ZorxCemoon: I'm glad that made you happy. :D

@mo-chan: Thanks for the warm welcome~

@kuro_808: Thank you. I'll work harder. :shy2:

@BbSis: I'm happy that the fluffiness is in your liking. :nervous

@imteedee: Wow! My favorite writer is here. Thank you. :shy1:

@mayuki_daisuki: The jacket belongs to Mayu. She just lend it to Yuki. And yeah, Yuki fell in love at first sight. Thank you for reading. XD

@Haruto Lee: Hmm.. I guess I'll stick to OS... for now. :D

@Koneki: Thanks. I'm glad its too sweet and cute for you. XD

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #10 on: October 29, 2013, 09:18:47 AM »
Mayu worked at Danso Cafe.  :wub:

This is your first OS?! It turns out really well.
I love this.

Keep writing. You get my support too. :D

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #11 on: October 29, 2013, 12:07:50 PM »
"WAHAHAHAH!!! MAYUKI!!!!!!" :twothumbs  :drool: :drool: :drool: :twothumbs

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Re: Typhoon Mayuki
« Reply #12 on: October 30, 2013, 12:19:35 PM »


Hi (:
Your MaYuki one-shot is very nice...
Simple but interesting to read..

Anyway, Yuki is so shy around Mayu..
By the way, Mayu is so handsome in
the story, right?  :inlove:

MaYuki moments is so romantic   :wub:

Please make more One-shots..
Thank You

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I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Konoe's OS:My Unrequited Love (MayunatteruXMayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #13 on: October 31, 2013, 02:04:18 AM »
@anakpanti: Thanks :) Your support means a lot.

@X8RTIER: :on woohoo:

@Wmatsui22: Of course Mayu is very handsome! (Points at your Signature)

My Unrequited Love (MayunatteruXMayuki)

During our duet at the handshake event in Nagoya for the Yuruyuru Karaoke, you were so cool that I fell harder for you. I was very happy to share this stage only with you. You made me feel that I am the queen of your heart. The way you look at me while singing your part was filled with love.

But I know that those gazes are not for me. It's for your Yuki. You are just imagining it’s her whom you are singing with. This is not as fun as the Wasshoi B! both of you sang back in 2010; the Ashitaga Kurunara which was coated with so much love; the most expressive Temo Demo no Namida. And I know this duet doesn't mean to you as it means to me. I erased those painful truth during the song because I want to live in this fantasy. Even just one minute I want to feel your love even if it’s really not for me.

"Mayuyu you were really cool during the performance." I told her the undeniable truth.

"Thanks Marin-chan." You looked at me shyly. 'Why are so cool but adorable at the same time?'

We keep on talking about takarazuka, the only that connects us, until you saw her and left me. This always happens. When you see her you will always leave me. I want to stop you but I don't want to wipe that smile away from your face. I'm sure you are showing off your manliness to her. Just like what happened a month ago.

*Flashback one month ago*

I ignored the pain in my chest when I saw you flirting with Kashiwagi-san live in front of many people. I dash away from my seat and looked for you right after you won from the match between you and Kashiwagi-san to congratulate you. But I found you, still with her. You cornered her in an isolated corner with a tomato face Kashiwagi-san trapped between your arms.

"What do you think Yukirin? Do you like my costume?" Mayuyu smirked.

"I don't li-like it." Mayuyu frowned.

"I really love it." Mayuyu's smirk was back in her handsome face.

"Am I much more handsome than Sae last year?"

"Sae? Her huge hat was a bit ridiculous. Beside my eyes were looking at you the whole time at last year's Janken Taikai... And you are the most handsome danso out there." Mayuyu's smirk grew.

"Nice answer. Do you want me to give you a dozen of flying kiss as a reward? Or maybe…" Mayuyu leaned closer to Kashiwagi-san whose face became even redder.

"A kiss" I can't stand seeing them anymore so I ran away from them with my tears running through my face.

*End of Flashback*

Even if I knew you will never love me, for now I just want to be by your side and let myself dream. Because being with you can make me happy. I love you Watanabe Mayu.

The End.

I suddenly remember Clubhappy's fanart while making this. You know, Dr. Watanabe blond version and Priestess Kashiwagi.

Sorry if this is too short. I didn't really put much thought on writing this. But I will be back later to post another Mayuki OS which I had just finished this morning. It's longer than Typhoon Mayuki. I have to go to school now so I'll just to edit it after I get back.

Ikemen Mayuyu has been showing up in the past few months. I'm going crazy. :mon lovelaff:
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Re: Konoe's OS: My Unrequited Love (MayunatteruXMayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #14 on: October 31, 2013, 02:19:19 AM »
Sorry marina (?)
asdasdasd ahhhhhhhh mayu's danso is just dbewbdjwedew  :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

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Re: Konoe's OS: My Unrequited Love (MayunatteruXMayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #15 on: October 31, 2013, 02:30:43 AM »
Nhyaaa poor Marin~ why did you have to fall for someone who already have a beloved one? I got you. Things of live ;p

Thank you o/

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #16 on: October 31, 2013, 09:01:52 AM »
I just realize I created a hurdle to myself.

@Koneki: That's right! MAYU BELONGS TO YUKI!!

@BbSis: Mayuki's duets are something else. :inlove:

Wish Granted

A girl swiftly made her way to her classroom to eat lunch with her best friend. She just rejected a confession and thanks to that persistent person 15 minutes of her lunch time was wasted.

"Sorry for making you wa-Hey you are finished eating already!" The raven girl said with a hint of exhaustion and then irritation.

"Go get your bento already and don't worry I won't be going anywhere anyway." The twin tailed girl replied as she took away her lunch box.

"Mou, baka Mayuyu. She didn't even wait for me or at least slowdown in eating." The raven girl whined as she went to her seat to get her bento. When she finally sat down in front of her best friend her irritation grew. Her best friend went to her 2D world.

"Mayuyu please don't read K-ON!(Light Music!) right in front of me. I want to talk to you." The girl Mayuyu just looked at her friend and rolled her eyes. She slowly put down the manga as if it's the most fragile thing in the world.

"Okay, fine Yukirin. Start talking I'm listening now."

The girl called Yukirin sighed and looks sad. Her best friend gave her the vibes that she is disturbing her and just forced herself to listen to her. "Maybe I should get myself a boyfriend."

"That's a good idea. That will definitely help you get away from the love letters and confessions." Mayu said in a carefree way which made the other girl madder.

"I have decided! Whoever will confess next will be my boyfriend!" Yuki said and chew her food angrily. Mayu just looked at her friend with a confused face and thought 'Is it her time of the month?' and reverted back at reading her manga.

*The Next Day*

Yuki found her locker with letters. The locker is not filled with letters because most guys who chased after her had given up. She went to her classroom right away to read the letters in order to know if there is someone who will confess today. And she was right because there is one.

Dear Kashiwagi Yuki-san,

Please meet me at the rooftop, 12:00 nn. I will be waiting for you.

Sincerely Yours,
Yokoyama Yui

'Lunch time again?! Why do these guys confess on lunch time?! I have to sacrifice my precious time with Mayuyu again. Yokoyama Yui? Isn't that guy the rhythm guitarist in the Light Music club?' Yuki frowned. Speaking of Light Music club. *Images of Mayu enjoying her manga yesterday flashed* Yuki's whole body froze. 'What if Mayu will like him and fall for him then my plan of making my existence bigger in her heart will crumble!'

Mayu, who just arrived at school, noticed the letters at Yuki's table and the big frown plastered on her best friend's face. A little worried she approached Yuki.

"You know, if you really don't want a boyfriend then don't force yourself." Yuki snapped out and stared at Mayu without any emotion. Suddenly Yuki's eyes were filled with burning determination.

"No! I will accept Yokoyama Yui's confession!" 'I don't understand her anymore.' Mayu thought.

"Okay." Mayu said and went to her seat.

*At The Rooftop*

"Kashiwagi-san please go out with me!" The guy said and bowed down.

"Un." The boy immediately looked up at Yuki with pure shock.

"Eh?" Yui's reaction is not so surprising. Ever since middle school almost every week there is always a guy or sometimes a girl will confess to Yuki. But all of those confessions were rejected. Yuki was never in a relationship until now.

"Starting now you are my boyfriend." Yuki smiled. 'Why does it seem that he is not happy?' "Yui-kun let's just meet up after school I got something to do."

"Okay. Kashiwagi-san, can I introduce you to my club members later?"

"Sure. And Yui-kun you can call me Yuki. We are dating after all. See you later." Yuki went inside and closed the door of the rooftop and saw a shoulder length haired girl was walking away from the rooftop. 'Did she hear our conversation?' Yuki brushed away the thought and again swiftly made her way to the classroom only to find Mayu taking the last bite of her lunch. 'Again?! I was just gone for 10 minutes! Her rate in eating is increasing.' Yuki went to her seat right away to get her bento and sat in front of Mayu who is gracefully putting away her empty lunch box. 'This is happening way too frequently lately.' Yuki thought. Lately Yuki has been receiving too many confessions.

"How did it go?" Yuki was surprised. Mayu never cared about the confessions. This is actually the first time she asked about it to Yuki. That's right, for 4 years Mayu had always ignored those confessions for Yuki. Such a caring best friend, isn't she?

"It went well. We are dating now. Yui-kun and I." Yuki stared at Mayu hoping to see some reaction but no, the cyborg remained unfazed.

"Congratulations." Mayu said and took out another volume of K-ON! manga. 'You really don't care about me, don't you?' Yuki thought and sadly ate her bento.

*After School*

"Guys, meet my girlfriend Kashiwagi Yuki." Yui said awkwardly.

"Yukirin?" A girl said with a surprised tone.

"Milky! You are a member of this club?" Yuki was also surprised. Watanabe Miyuki is Mayu's cousin, the complete opposite of Mayu.

"Yeah. I joined just this year. I am the bassist and vocalist." Milky held the arm of the guy next to her. "Yuki this is Yamamoto Sakai our lead guitarist and my boyfriend." Yamamoto smiled in a shy manner.

"This is Shimazaki Haruka, the keyboardist." Yui said. The girl named Haruka just formed her lips into her a smile but her eyes were empty.

"You don't have a drummer?" I asked.

"Yes. Our drummer graduated and until now we can't find a replacement." Yui said.

"...." 'I remember back at middle school I took drum lessons because I had a stalker who hates drums.' Yuki reminisced. Mayu suddenly appeared in her mind.

"Ne Yui-kun, can I be the drummer?" The Light Music club members except Milky, who is enjoying clinging to her boyfriend, widen their eyes.

"The princess as the drummer?!" Yamamoto said.

"Yeah. Why not?" Yui said. "But you must play first." Yui opened a cabinet and gave the drumsticks to Yuki. Yuki positioned herself and started playing. The members except Milky were astonished by Yuki's talent in drumming. This day gave a lot of surprises to the Light Music club members. First, their leader is dating The Kashiwagi Yuki. Second, Kashiwagi Yuki-sama knows how to play the drums. And lastly, The Kashiwagi Yuki-sama will be their new drummer.

*The Next Day*

Yui and Yuki went to school together. The news has spread throughout the school that they are dating. Many people can't believe that Kashiwagi Yuki is dating Yui. It's not that Yui is not popular he got admirers too but most people thought he will end up with a certain ponkotsu girl.

*Recess Time*

Yuki is sitting again in front of Mayu. Her elbows are on Mayu's table and her hands supporting the weight of her head watching her best friend reading another volume of K-ON! They were always like this whenever Mayu brings a manga. Mayu peacefully reads her manga while Yuki watches her. The otaku would ignore Yuki the whole week if Yuki would disturb Mayu's reading time four times. Meaning Yuki can only talk to Mayu 3 times. During the times when Mayu doesn't bring a manga the two would always engage in conversations that only they could understand. The people around them got used to the best friends being like that.


"Hm?" Mayu replied with her eyes still on the manga.

"I joined the Light Music club."

"To spend more time with your boyfriend? Nice idea Yukirin." Mayu said with no feelings and her eyes not moving away from the book.

Yuki felt like crying. Mayu was always been cold but lately she had gotten colder. Mayu had also started to bring her manga everyday thus, lesser time talking with Mayu. She had realized her love for Mayu during their 3rd year in middle school.
Mayu is also popular to the boys but she is known as the ice princess. She never went to the person who wants to confess so that makes the guy wait for her until the sun is down. That is her way of rejecting a confession. But there was this guy who took the longest time to give up on Mayu. His name? It's Matsui Jun.

Jun had always bothered the two, mainly Mayu. On the 3rd month he stole Mayu's first kiss and it happened right in front of Yuki. Various scenes flashed on Yuki's mind as she saw Jun kissing Mayu. For example, Jun and Mayu going on a date happily, kissing passionately, kissing passionately without clothes, a wedding ceremony and having a family.

She should be happy that there is a real guy who loves her cold best friend. The only problem is why does her chest hurts when those scenes flashed in her head? It finally hit Yuki that she loves Mayu not as a best friend but as a woman.
Fortunately for Yuki, Jun's father made a business deal with his childhood friend. The fathers decided to engage their son and daughter. Jun can't win against his father so he gave up and went along with the engagement. The name of Jun's fiancée is Rena. Yuki's heart jumped in happiness now that the annoying guy got engaged.

Yuki, feeling helpless on her feelings for Mayu, decided to seriously make herself fall in love with Yui. The two had started to eat lunch together and Mayu started eating lunch with her other best friend who is in another class, Ota Aika.
Mayu and Yuki's friendship slowly fell apart. They had not been talking for quite a while. They are not even making an eye contact when forced to talk to each other. Despite the distance they made, Yuki fell harder for Mayu. You know what they say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." There is no night that Yuki dreams of Mayu. Even when she closes her eyes Mayu's face will always show up. The cyborg has completely hacked Yuki's mind and heart.

The Light Music club is busy practicing for the school festival. It's been 3 weeks since she joined this club but she still felt the awkward atmosphere between Haruka and Yui. Yuki thought that it will be gone soon but it's been a month and Haruka and Yui are still the same.

"Ne Milky, is Paruru and Yui-kun always like this? Awkward?" The band is on a break now and the other 3 went out to drink water so the ones left on the room are Miyuki and Yuki.

"They've been like that since you and Yui started going out."

"Does Paruru like Yui?" Yuki said.

"Un. I guess she is too obvious huh. I don't want to tell this to you Yuki but... I think Yui still loves Paruru."

"Then why did Yui ask me out?"

"My darling told me Yui wanted to make Paruru jealous by confessing to someone. Yui choose you because the possibility of getting rejected is 100%. Seems like things didn't went on how he wanted." Seeing Yuki's lack of reaction, Miyuki asked "Aren't you bothered that your boyfriend loves another girl?"

All of a sudden the door opened revealing an annoyed Haruka. She looks so pissed off about something. When Paruru is angry, it is best to leave her alone or else she will snap out on you so Milky and Yuki choose not to disturb her. Yuki changed the subject so that Haruka won't find out they were talking about her.

"How is Mayuyu?" Miyuki going along the flow answered. "Aren't you two best friends and classmates? You should know the answer." Confusion is evident on Miyuki's face.

"We have not been talking and she is clearly avoiding me." Yuki added a sigh. "I only disturbed her 3 times every time she reads her manga and I am sure I didn't do anything wrong to her so what's wrong with her? I really really really miss her!" Yuki whined.

"Why don't you disturb her 5 times? Or confront her?"

"Wouldn't she ignore me even longer if I do that?"

"Just try it. Maybe it will work."

"Hm.. Tomorrow I'll disturb her first then after school I will confront her."

"That's a nice plan. We don't have practice tomorrow too." 'Hehe. Tomorrow my darling and I will be having a date. I can finally be alone with him.' Miyuki thought. Yuki, who was planning what to say to Mayu, received a text from Yui.
To: Yuki
From: Yui
Subject: Important Talk
Please tell the members inside the
room that practice is over and that
you can go home now. Next
practice will be next week, Monday.

Yuki please meet me at the rooftop
 as soon as you read this.

Yuki obediently did what Yui asked her to do and now she is standing in front of Yui.

"Yuki... Let's break up."

"Okay." Again same like what happened to Yui's confession, Yuki carelessly agreed. Yuki noticed Yui's confused face.

"We got to admit we love somebody else. We only used each other to make the one we love jealous. Am I right Yui-kun?"

"How did yo- Milky told you?"

Yuki nodded. "Good for you Yui-kun because your love is definitely not unrequited while mine is...*sigh*" Yuki's sad expression made Yui in panic.

"Eh? Ah! Cheer up Yuki! I'm sure he likes you too he is just in denial." Yui tried to comfort Yuki.

"I am sure that she hates me. Yui-kun I'm going home now. Oh, and make sure you made up with Paruru." Yuki left Yui in gaped. 'Just how much does Yuki know and what does she mean by "she"?' Yui thought.

Yuki was walking deep in thought thinking of what she should do about her feelings for Mayu. Forgetting is out of the question. Look what happen to her after not being able to talk to Mayu. Mayu kept on haunting her mind. She even wanted to kiss the girl and do more. She was able to suppressed it but for how long? Yuki's thoughts halted when somebody hold her shoulders tightly which caused her to stop walking.

"Quit spacing out Yukirin. You were about to hit that pole." Yuki heard the voice that she missed. Yuki immediately turned around to confirm if it was really Mayu.

Yuki's face brightens while Mayu was just poker face. Yuki missed her best friend so much that she didn't mind Mayu's expression and hugged the smaller girl tightly.

"Mayuyu I miss you!" Mayu replied the hug and they stayed like that for a while.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you Yuki." With that Yuki broke the hug to see Mayu's face.

"Why were you avoiding me? What did I do wrong? Just tell me what it is and I will make it up to you." Yuki's eyes started to get watery. Mayu's eyes finally soften seeing her best friend like that.

"None of it was your fault Yuki. It was just me. I was trying to figure out something in peace."

"Am I really that noisy? But what was it that you were trying to figure out?" Mayu's expression from soft it turned to sad.

"It is... Family issues." 'She is lying' Yuki thought.

"Liar. Why won't you tell me the truth?"

"Trust me Yuki. It's better if you won't found out what I realized. Just please forget about it and as a payback for ignoring you I will grant you 3 wishes."

"Why only 3? I want you to grant all my wishes as a payback!"

Mayu flicked Yuki's forehead. “Don’t be so greedy.”

"Then don't be so stingy!" Yuki retorted back. Mayu rolled her eyes because of Yuki's childish behavior.

"One week of ignoring you is equal to one wish so choose your wish wisely." Mayu walked ahead.

"Eh?! But that is so unfair." Yuki tried to convince Mayu to grant all her wishes but the cyborg is very stubborn. Eventually Yuki gave up and at night she emailed Mayu of what her first wish will be.
To: Mayu
From: Yuki
Subject: My First Wish (●⌒∇⌒●)
Mayuyu let's have a date on
Disneyland this Sunday. Your treat.

The next day everything went back to normal. Yuki started to receive love letters again. ‘News spread so fast’ Yuki thought.


*Sunday at Disneyland*

Yuki arrived at the location first. She wasn't able to get enough sleep because she is too excited and today a big change will happen so she wore the prettiest dress in her closet.

"Mayuyu, you're late." The cyborg just wore a casual t-shirt, a black skirt and her favorite pink hoodie.

"No, I'm not. I am 30 minutes early. When did you arrive?" Yuki sweat dropped. She actually arrived an hour ago.

"I j-just got h-here. Ehehe." Yuki scratch her not-scratchy-head. Mayu brushed it off.

"Well, what do you want to do first?" Mayu asked. She decided to let Yuki drag her around the amusement park this time.

"Hmm. Ah! Let's ride the Merry-Go-Round!" Yuki said excitedly.

"Merry-Go-Round?!" Yuki took Mayu's hand and guided her to their first location. While waiting for their turn, Mayu can't help to ask why the heck does Yuki wanted to ride this.

"I want to feel like a child again." Yuki dreamily said.

"Is that why you are so childish these days?" Yuki slapped Mayu's arm.

"That is not true! Hmph." Yuki turned away from Mayu.

The two had almost gone to all the rides in Disneyland. Yuki started to ride the calm ones then the crazy rides next. Mayu was completely exhausted to the crazy rides she had been to. Honestly, where did Yuki get that energy? She looked like she can still ride the longest roller coaster available. Fortunately for Mayu, Yuki decided to go to the Ferris wheel as the last ride. The sun has started to set and both have a curfew time so they need to start moving after this ride.

The two were silent until Yuki broke it. "Mayu, I want you to grant my second wish now." Yuki sat beside Mayu.

"What is it?" Yuki looked at Mayu with serious eyes. The comfortable atmosphere became heavy.

"Kiss me." Mayu was taken aback and Yuki's expression didn't change.


"Kiss me on the lips and don't pull back until you need air."

"You're kidding, right?" Mayu hoped it was a joke but Yuki's face told her that Yuki is serious. Mayu swallowed her saliva hard when Yuki's expression became pleading.

Mayu touched Yuki's cheek and slowly leaned closer. With just one inch away Yuki closed her eyes, waiting for her wish to be granted. Mayu paused for a while and finally closed the gap.

At first the kiss was gentle but Yuki started to suck Mayu's lower lip causing the smaller girl give in. Yuki took this opportunity to invade Mayu's mouth. Yuki's tongue tasted all parts and sides of Mayu's mouth. Mayu hating losing, started to use her tongue to explore Yuki. Both tongues clashed for dominance. The battle took a long time to end. No winner was declared since both pulled away at the same time gasping for air.

Yuki still panting talked first. "Third wish is... Love me."

*After 2 months*

"That was an awesome dance number by the Hip-hop club! I would like everyone to please wait for a moment because next up is the Light Music Club! While they put their instruments on stage, I would like to share a story and it's really funny blah blah blah." The host of the program said with over enthusiasm. The Light Music club took 5 minutes to finish their set-up. Unfortunately the host was too busy sharing her funny story so they waited 10 more minutes. 'Last year the host was too boring but this year this one is too talkative. Can't they get a person who can do a job of a real host?' Mayu whined in her thoughts.

"Oops, guys I would like to share more but we are running out of time." 'Finally!' Mayu rejoiced. The audience has started to wake up too. Many felt sleepy hearing the host's "funny" stories. "Let's give it up for the Light Music club!" Everyone applauded.

"Ano.. We are the Light Music club. We were supposed to sing three songs but we are running out of time so we will perform only one." Yui said while glaring at a certain room above, the room where the host is currently staying. "Please listen to this. My Love is a Stapler." (A/N: I want to put the video but I don't know how. :nervous )

"1. 2. 3.!" Yuki signaled the others to when to start.

As the music starts, Mayu's eyes never went away from Yuki even though Yuki is placed at the very back and is occasionally blocked by Yui's figure. In her eyes, Yuki us the only person at the stage. She admired each of Yuki's strike to the drums. It was as if drumming is easy and light. Every move of her arms still looks graceful. Yuki really looked like she was having fun. Her head followed the beat and she is also singing in her seat. Too bad they are only singing one song thanks to that talkative host. The song ended and the club received a roaring applause from the audience.


"Yukirin congratulations!" Mayu hugged the taller girl. "Thank you Mayuyu." The two broke the hug.

"You were so cool at the live performance." Yuki blushed at Mayu's statement. "Let's go around and find something to eat. My treat." Mayu grabbed Yuki's hand and drag her away from her club mates without saying goodbye. The two bought an ice cream, chocolate for Yuki and vanilla for Mayu. The two ate it in an isolated bench. Yuki looked at the figure beside her who is enjoying the ice cream. Yuki suddenly remembers what happened 2 months ago.

"Third wish is... Love me." Yuki got the courage to say those words because of the kiss. She felt that everything is possible. It gave Yuki optimism.

"Why do you want me to love you?" Mayu calmly asked even though she already knew the answer. 

"Because I love you." Yuki felt light. A heavy burden was lifted off from her shoulders. She had finally said those words to the person she loves the most.

Without warning Mayu pushed Yuki to the edge of the seat and kissed Yuki again. Another hot battle of tongues started but this time Mayu is dominating. Yuki felt weak against Mayu. She was confused. Mayu is kissing Yuki on her own will. Does that mean
Mayu will grant her third wish? Mayu pulled away to catch some breathe.

Mayu looked at Yuki lovingly. "Ne Yukirin, do you know what I realized while we were ignoring each other?"

"Wh-what is it?"

"I love you." Mayu give a peck on Yuki's lips. Mayu repeated her words and actions until Yuki finally spoke.

"I love you too Mayu. Thank you for granting my wish." Yuki hugged Mayu tightly. Their sweet moment was interrupted by a worker in the Ferris wheel.

"Uh... I'm sorry to interrupt but the ride is over." The worker said nervously. The two broke away from each other with their faces red from the embarrassment.

*End of Flashback*

"Why are you grinning Yukirin?" Mayu's question snapped Yuki out of her thoughts.

"I was just reminiscing the day we became official."


"Mayuyu, you got an ice cream here." Mayu faced Yuki only to be greeted by Yuki's lips.

"It's gone now~" Mayu's face flushed from the bold move of her girlfriend.

"Liar. There isn't an ice cream on my face. You only wanted to steal a kiss."

"I never said it was on your face. Vanilla is delicious I should try that next time." Mayu’s face turned redder. Yuki got up from her seat. "Come on Mayuyu! We have to try all the booths." Yuki pulled Mayu's arm and led her to where the booths are.

"Slow down Yukirin." Mayu said helplessly.

The End.
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