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Author Topic: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)  (Read 149286 times)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [4 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (Prologue) #4
« Reply #60 on: December 06, 2013, 10:10:46 AM »
I just found your OS! They are interesting! I love the JuriMayu fic you made! I'm so happy that the ending is JuriMayu! Thanks for making it! ^_^

And I cant wait for the Saeyuki fanfic 'Regret'. I'm sure that its going to be a great story!! Please update it soon! :)
Kanon is so cute, but she's only mine! 0.o I mean my sister! ;)
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [4 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (Prologue) #4
« Reply #61 on: December 15, 2013, 03:34:39 AM »
From the prologue, i think it'll be a great story. Plus, SaeYuki is my OTP. Please update as soon as possible Putri-san!!
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [4 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (Prologue) #4
« Reply #62 on: December 15, 2013, 04:09:35 AM »
Hope you update soon! :heart:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [4 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (Prologue) #4
« Reply #63 on: December 15, 2013, 04:46:20 AM »
Update please~

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [4 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (Prologue) #4
« Reply #64 on: December 15, 2013, 05:18:49 AM »
Ah! For SaeYuki fanfic, I'm really sorry... but I wish you can be more patient for waiting 'Regret'.
I will update chap 1 in the end of this month or in the beginning of January. Hontou ni gomenasai.  :bow:

For this month, I have 2 pending omake for 'Wanted!' and 2 WMatsui OS... :imdead:
I won't abandon this fic.  :)

Thank you for your understanding.  :kneelbow:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
« Reply #65 on: December 15, 2013, 04:37:31 PM »
Hi. :)

I know… there are pending omake and SaeYuki fanfic, but the idea to write this OS suddenly came up when shechi asked me to write WMatsui OS with Christmas theme.

Thanks alot yamachan80 for your permission to use this cute fanart. Thanks for his quick response so I’ll able to post this OS today. :’)



#5 Last Christmas - WMatsui

= Rena, 22th Dec 2013 =

She opened her eyes slowly, she rubbed it so she could clearly saw the clock that hanging on her wall. 9 AM. Geez! I’m still sleepy. She covered her face with her blanket again.

When she was about to close her eyes again… Jurina. As soon as the name popped up in her brain, she woke up and sat on her bed. “Tsk.”

After she tidy up her bed, she walked to her desk and took the calender. She took a red marker and then she put the cross mark on ‘21’, and then she looked at her note on ‘23’: ‘Go home! To Japan!! Don’t be late! XD

She smiled as she remembered that it was Dec 22th, 2013. It’s been almost 2 years I lived here, alone. I miss Jurina… I really miss her. She put the calender back to her desk and then she walked to her bathroom.

After some minutes, she stepped outside her bathroom. “Ahh… it’s really cold here. Thankfully, this place have the hot waters.”

Rena went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. She walked towards the window while holding her tea, and then she opened the curtain. She could see the snow almost covering the road in front of her house. She sat on the couch and kept looking at outside through the window. “Good morning, New York.” She sipped her tea.

I wonder what’s Jurina doing right now. Well… I think she’s sleeping while hugging her teddy bear right now. I’m sure that she feels cold too. She chuckled.


= Jurina, 23 Dec 2013 =

Shit! I still can’t sleep!! Jurina looked at her watch. 1 AM?! God, save me! The air temperature in Tokyo can kill me anytime.

Jurina sighed. She walked to her wardrobe and grabbed a jacket. This is the third jacket that I wear, if I still feeling cold, I swear that I will sleep inside the oven!!

After she wear the jacket, she climbed up to her bed again and she covered her body with 2 blankets. Worst night, ever! She stared at the ceiling. Rena-chan….

Suddenly, Jurina’s heart beating crazily. What I have to do when I meet her tomorrow? Jurina glanced at a red-small box on her desk. Should I give it to her? What should I say to her?

Without she realized it, she already fell asleep with the calender on her hand. The notes that writen on ‘24’: ’High School Reunion Party at 7 PM


= Rena, 22th Dec 2013 =

Rena already done with her tea. She quickly prepared herself, she grabbed her white coat and her brown boots. I have to looking for a gift for Jurina… a christmas gift. I will feel awful if I don’t bring anything for her.

She grabbed her handbag, and then she stepped outside her house, she locked the door. She walked fast to the main street so she could get a taxi easily. I must hurry, I’ll freezing out here. She put her hands into the coat pocket to endure the cold weather.

She ride a yellow taxi.

"Stop, please." Rena stopped the taxi in front of the shopping mall.

She walked around for some minutes. Urgh! What should I give to her?! We’re become friends since we’re still in junior high school and we always give each other the christmas gift every year.

She entered a clothing store. She stared at a black jacket on the corner of the store. It’s really suit for Jurina. But after the second thought, she shook her head. No! I already gave her a jacket on our 4th christmas. She walked outside.

She entered another store. How about the cap? No, I already gave it to her on our 1st christmas.

She ride the elevator and then she stopped at 4th floor. She looked around and then she saw a sports shop. Should I gave her a basketball? She wanna step inside the shop, but then.. she stopped. Is she still playing basketball?

Rena sighed as she realized that she has no idea about the gift. We give the christmas gift to each other since 6 years ago… we did it every year and I had no difficulty before. But why this year I get confuse?! Come on Rena, you can be more creative than this!!

She decided to go to a coffee shop and sat for a while. I wonder what Jurina’s gift for me. She smiled… but it was a bitter smile.

Rena moved to New York and lived there right after they graduated from high school, March 2012. She moved there to continue her study in 1 of the famous universities there. The communication between Jurina and Rena went well for months even though they lived on the different countries.

They even sent their christmas gifts to each other by post last year. But without realized it, their communication gradually decreased, after that.. because of their busy life in their studies, they stopped calling each other.

They stopped the communication since 8 months ago. Besides because of their busy life, the time differences between them became a big problem too. Local time in Tokyo was 14 hours ahead of New York. The ‘14 hours’ wasn’t a joke, they often felt difficult to find a right time to communicate.

Rena’s eyes got teary when she realized that she didn’t know anything about Jurina anymore… She felt bad about it. That was the reason why she felt confused to choose her christmas gift this year, their 7th Christmas Day.

Finally, she went outside from the coffee shop and then she decided to only walk around the mall since she has no idea about what should she brought for Jurina.

After an hour passed, she decided to go home. “Ahh… it’s really cold. I forgot to bring my scarf.” When she was about to call the taxi…. Maybe…. I’ll give her the scarf. Yes, It’s simple.. but in the cold days like now, scarf is the important thing.

She went back inside the mall.

======================== ***** ======================

= Japan, 24th Dec 2013 =

Rena put all of the luggage into the taxi. She didn’t have someone to pick her up to the airport. Her families are in Nagoya. Yes, Jurina is in Tokyo but she felt too shy to call Jurina after these long times.

She sat in the taxi. Urgghh!!! 13 hours flight is not a joke!! My plane take off at 23 Dec, 7 AM… but when I arrived here, it’s already 24th Dec, 10 AM… jet lag.

After some minutes, she arrived at her old apartment. “Tadaima.” She said it even though she knew that no one inside.

She put her suitcases into her bedroom. She looked at her watch. 11 AM, I think that I still have some hours to take a rest. My head feels so dizzy.

She slept for some hours, she will keep sleeping if the alarm didn’t ringing. Thank to the handphone alarm.

*Bell Ringing*

Hm? I didn’t ask anyone to come here. She put the lipgloss on the table and then she walked towards the door, she opened it.


Rena’s eyes widened as she realized the girls who stood in front of her door and shout her name in the same time. They hugged Rena. “G-guys… easy. I- I can’t breath.”

"How are you?!"

"I’m fine, Churi. I hope you’re fine too." Rena smiled at Churi after she let go of her arms.

But one of her friends still hugged her, she even tightened her hug on Rena. “It’s been so long, Rena. We missed you.” She almost cried.

Rena rubbed her friend’s back. “I miss you too, Airin.” Rena looked at Churi. “How can you know that I’m here? I even didn’t tell anyone that I’m coming.”

Airin let go of her arms. “Jurina told us. She asked us to pick you up.”

Churi chuckled. “Yeah, she said that she’s afraid that you may lost your way to our old school. She’s sure that you will come back and go to our reunion party.”

Rena’s smile widened after she heard ‘Jurina’.

Airin pouted. “You told her about this, but why you didn’t tell anything to us?! We could pick you up in the airport too!!”

Rena shrugged. “I didn’t wanna bother you, guys. I wanna give you a surprise!” She grinned.

I didn’t tell anything to Jurina too. But, if she’s sure that I will come, why she didn’t pick me up or come here by herself instead of asked Churi and Airin? Rena smile gone.


= Reunion =

Rena stopped in front of the hall door while Churi and Airin already rushed into the hall. She glanced the green box inside her handbag. I will give it to her as soon as I see her.

Rena tried to calm down. Her heartbeat hammering faster and faster. She took a deep breath. I miss her.

She held the knob and then she opened the door. The hall was more crowded than she imagined. Rena narrowed her eyes, she was looking for Jurina. She looked around for some minutes, but she still couldn’t find Jurina. Where are you?

"Kyaaaa!!! It’s Jurina!! Jurina is coming!!" A girl shouted.

Rena quickly turned her head to the door direction.

It was not strange for Rena to see many girls screaming when they saw Jurina, Jurina was really famous in their school. Jurina was in the track & field team and she was a basketball player too, she was brilliant in dancing, she’s cute, she always showed her cat smile and her puppy eyes to many girls, she’s cool, she’s beautiful, she always showed her kindness to others… everyone loves her.

Rena couldn’t control her heartbeat anymore, it beating crazily as she saw Jurina walked into the hall. Sh- she looks so cool. As usual, Jurina always showed her tomboyish side through her clothes. She wear a simple black suit, but it was already enough to make her looked like an ikemen. No, she even more awesome than ikemen.

"J-Jurina…." Rena wanna call her, but her voice didn’t come out. It even only sounded like a whisper… no one could hear her. Jurina, please look at me… I’m here. Rena raised her hand.

Rena didn’t have an enough confident to walk towards Jurina. Rena is a shy girl, she has the opposite personality with Jurina. Rena didn’t join any club during high school. What she did back then was only reading and reading. She didn’t hang out with her friends, she even didn’t eat her lunch in the cafetaria.. she always ate it on the small garden behind their school.

Without Jurina, it was even impossible for her to get along with Churi and Airin on their 2nd year… even though she and Jurina had the different classes, but Jurina helped her to entered Churi’s group for the chemical class.

Jurina is the only one person in her small world.

Rena put down her hand as she saw Jurina gave her a little smile. Jurina was about to walk towards her, but a pair of hands grabbed Jurina’s arm comfortably. A girl clinging on Jurina’s arm.

Rena shocked. Rena hope that Jurina will refuse the girl and come to her… as usual, no matter how many girls that came to Jurina… Jurina always ignored them and walked towards Rena.

But…. it didn’t happen tonight. Rena was taken aback as she saw Jurina turned her head to the girl and smiled at her. Jurina even wrapped her hand around the girl’s waist and then she kissed the girl’s cheek.

Rena felt her heart broke into the pieces, she felt her heart was like stabbed by a sword. Her tears almost fell down.

Look-look… they look very fit together." "Yeah!! Mayu is the prettiest girl that I’ve ever seen and Jurina is the most handsome girl that I’ve ever met." "Mayu looks like a doll!! She’s so cute. I love her! If her parner isn’t Jurina, I will steal her! But Jurina isn’t my rival, she’s too high." "Are they dating?

Rena clenched her fist as she heard many girls whispered behind her. She really anxious about the last question that she heard… ‘Are they dating?’

Yes.. I heard that both of them became a lover on last christmas. Jurina confessed her feeling on Christmas Day. Isn’t it too sweet??!!

Sh-she leave me. She lied to me!! Last Christmas?! She confessed her feeling to me too!! She played with my heart. Finally, Rena couldn’t hold her tears anymore. She felt her tears rolled down on her pale cheeks. She clenched her teeth. She rushed outside the hall.

She took a green-box from her handbag and then she threw it to the trash can in front of a class.

Rena ran outside the school building while wiped her tears. No matter how often she wiped her eyes, but her tears seemed never stopped. Her tears kept coming. She bite her lip, she didn’t wanna burst out in front of many people… she tried hard to not cry out loud.

Rena raised her hand to stop the taxi, she wanna go back to her apartment as soon as possible. She cried softly inside the taxi. I hate you, Jurina.


Jurina stopped her car in front of a house. “We’re arrived.” She smiled at a girl who sat beside her. Mayu.

Mayu smiled at Jurina. “You looks so cool tonight.”

"You looks so gorgeous too, Mayu." Jurina pulled Mayu closer and then she kissed Mayu’s forehead. "Everyone there seems so jealous at me because I’m with you."

"I could say the same." Mayu put her hands around Jurina’s neck and then she planted a deep kiss onto Jurina’s lips. "I love you, Jurina.

*An hour later*

Jurina pressed a bell over and over again, but no one opened the door. Is she didn’t come back here?

Jurina looked at her watch. 2 AM. Geez! I already stood here for an hour. Oh Rena, come on!! Open the door.

After some minutes later, she heard sound of unlocked door. The door opened slowly.

Rena-chan…" Jurina looked at Rena.

Rena seemed so shocked when she saw who’s coming to her apartment. “You!!” She was about to close the door again, but Jurina pushed the door strongly. She even almost fell backward.

Jurina stepped inside Rena’s room. “Why did you run away like that?!” She stared at Rena’s eyes. “Do you planned to leave without saying anything to me again?! Like the last time?!”

Rena glared at Jurina. “Then.. what I was supposed to do?! Keep standing there to watch you and your girlfriend kissing each other there??!!”

Jurina closed the door behind her, she didn’t want other people heard their conversation. “What’s so wrong with that?! Are the lover can not kiss their own girlfriend?”

Rena tried to hold her anger so she chose to not answer that question. She was surprised that Jurina said it clearly that Mayu is her girlfriend.

Jurina sighed. “I’m sorry… I’m not here to fight with you.” She walked inside and sat on a couch there. “How are you? It’s been a long time.”

"Why are you so comfortable? I didn’t ask you to come in and sit there!" Rena replied sarcastically. "How am I? I was better before I saw you."

Jurina stood up. “So, do you want me to leave?”

Rena looked at the girl who stood in front of her. Physically, Jurina looked same, nothing much changed after a year except her hair.. her hair grew longer. Jurina still wearing her black suit, the suit that made her looked so handsome in Rena’s eyes. “Yes. I want you to leave, now!”

"Tsk." Jurina rushed towards Rena and then she pinned Rena onto the wall.

"Jurina! What do you thing you’re doing!! Get off me!" Rena struggled although she knew that she would never win against Jurina’s power. "I will call the security!!"

Jurina approached Rena’s face. Their face became really close to each other. Jurina could feel Rena’s warm breath swept her face. “Why do you mad at me, Rena?” Jurina’s voice sounded quivering.

Rena clenched her teeth. “Do you still asking why I’m angry at you?! You said that you love me!! You always said it to me back then!!” She released her hands from Jurina’s grip because she felt that Jurina loosen her grip. She slapped Jurina. “Then what I just saw in the hall?! You said that you love me but you’re dating with someone else!! Last Christmas you confessed your feeling to me but then I heard you confessed your feeling to Mayu on the same day too!!! I hate you!” She pushed Jurina.

Jurina didn’t care about her red cheek, she kept looking at Rena. “Why are you so selfish, Rena?! You’re the one who refused me. You refused me twice!!!” Jurina’s tears fell down. “What should I do then? I’m not yours so why I must kept standing alone? I want someone too… I want someone who loves me back! You can’t have me forever, Rena.. you always used me to do everything for you, you acted like you love me too!! You gave me a fake hope.”

"But…." Rena couldn’t believe about what Jurina said. She think that I use her? She thought that I’m keeping her beside me for years so I can took some benefit from her? She’s rich and famous, she always kind to me.. she will do everything if I ask for help. But… "I didn’t use you, Jurina."

"So, why you refused me?!" Jurina glared at Rena. "I asked you to become my girlfriend at a day before our graduation day… I confessed my feeling, my honest feeling on the rooftop of our school. But then….. what? You didn’t give me any answer, 3 days after that you went to New York without said anything to me. I even didn’t know that you will study overseas!!" Jurina raised her voice. "Didn’t you know how sad and hurt I am?"


"And then!" Jurina cut it off. "Even though I already sent my gift by post to you, I still came to New York just to see you, Rena. Last Christmas I came to New York to confess my feeling once again!!!" Jurina took a deep breath while her tears kept flowing on her cheeks. "I did it because after my last confession… I never could sleep easily, I kept thinking of you every night, Rena."

Rena remained silent.

Jurina kicked a chair beside her. “But you refused me… again! I tried really hard to accept that you didn’t love me like the way I always love you. I even stopped calling you even though I really missed you.
But now….. when I already found someone, why do you act like that again?! You always act like you’re jealous when I’m with someone else. It makes me think that you really love me. Stop playing with me!!”

Rena wanna touch Jurina’s shoulder. “Jurina.”

Jurina slapped Rena’s hand before she succeed to touch her shoulder. “What? Don’t ever think that you can own me like a pet. Stop asking me to keep standing on your side because it’s too hard for me. The more I’m with you…. the more I get hurt and hardly accept that you didn’t love me.”

Jurina walked towards the door, she left Rena’s apartment without say anything again. She even didn’t look at her.

Rena sat on the floor. She closed her face with her palms. What have I done to her?

Suddenly, she felt really afraid. The fear that she never felt before. She was afraid that she will never meet Jurina again, she felt afraid that she couldn’t meet her forever. She grabbed her phone, she tried to call Jurina.

Rena kept trying, but it seemed Jurina didn’t want to talk with her. So, she decided to send Jurina a message instead. ‘Jurina, let’s meet at the place when we meet for the first time 7 years ago. I’ll wait you there at 5 PM. I wanna spend my Christmas day here with you… only with you.

Rena put her phone on the table. If she didn’t come, then it’s over.

======================== **** =======================

= Last Christmas =

Rena stood under the bus stop. She looked at her watch for a hundred times. 9 PM. Where’s she? Rena sneeze. Ahh… it’s really cold here. She sat an then she wiped her nose with a tissue paper. I’m sure that she will come. She kept saying it in her mind.

But her faith almost fade away when her watch already showed 10 PM. There’s no people on the street anymore, Rena was the only one who sat there.

She put her palms near her mouth, Rena blew her palm.. she wanna give her hands a warm from her breath. She put her hands back into her pocket. The gloves didn’t help much, I still feel cold. Rena cried. It’s fucking cold out here. Where are you, Jurina!

Suddenly she saw a red car stopped in front of the bus stop. Rena smiled as she saw who’s coming from the car. Jurina.

Jurina held a blanket and then she wrapped it on Rena’s body. “Baka! You should go home instead of waiting me like this. I can come to your apartment even though I didn’t see you here.” She hugged Rena and then she lead Rena got into her car.

Jurina got into her car too. She touched Rena’s forehead and neck. “Your body feel really hot. You got a fever.. you may catching a cold too!!” She looked really worried.

Rena gave Jurina a weak smile. “You come, finally.”

Jurina started the engine. “Of course I will come. I can’t hate you forever.” She used one of her hands to caressed Rena’s head while the other hand kept holding the steering wheel.

"Thank you." Rena sneeze again.

Jurina saw Rena was shivering. ”Please hold on, okay. You’ll get warm soon.” She speed up her car.

After some minutes, they arrived. Jurina quickly carried Rena into Jurina’s house.

Rena blushed. “J-jurina… I’m not dying. I still can walk by my own feet.” She looked away to hide her face.

Jurina giggled. “It’s okay. Although you gain more weight, I still can handle it.”

Rena hit Jurina’s arm. “Are you trying to say that I’m heavy?!”

Jurina shrugged. “I’m strong, so… you are not heavy.” She grinned.

Jurina asked her maid to help her opened her room’s door. She put Rena on her bed and then she quickly turned on the room heater. “Is this warm enough?”

Rena nodded. She tried to take off her coat. “Your bed will get wet.” She put it on the floor.

Jurina took a small towel from her drawer. “Don’t worry, you can keep wearing it if you want.” She sat beside Rena and then she helped Rena to dry her hair with the towel.

"Jurina…. I’m sorry."

Jurina stopped. She saw Rena avoided her eyes. “It’s okay.” She stood up. “You can sleep here. I will drive you home tomorrow.” When she was about to leave the room, she felt her jacket grabbed by Rena from behind. She turned back.

"I… I… " Rena looked at the floor while her right hand still holding Jurina’s red jacket. "Like I said before, I wanna spend my Christmas Day with you.."

Jurina looked at the clock. It was still 1 hour until the christmas day over. She held Rena’s hand that still grabbing her jacket. “Okay. You can loosen your grip now.”

Jurina climbed up her bed and then she sat beside Rena.

They just sat without talking for about 10 minutes. They were still awkward towards each other.

"Umm… Jurina." Rena decided to start the conversation. "I’m sorry, for this Christmas I didn’t have anything for you. I forgot to buy a gift for you." Rena decided to hide the truth, she didn’t wanna Jurina know that the gift have been dumped because she was jealous at Jurina and Mayu.

"Liar." Jurina simply said it without looked at Rena.


Jurina pointed at her neck. “This is your gift. I saw you threw it yesterday. I picked it up when I ran to catch you up.”

Rena saw a green scarf on Jurina’s neck. She gasped. Yes, it is. Sh-she tried to run after me?

Suddenly, Jurina pulled Rena into her hug. “Did you make it by yourself?”

Rena’s heart pounding so fast when she put her head on Jurina’s shoulder. “Y-yes. H-how do you k-know it??” Her nose could smell Jurina’s perfume on Jurina’s neck.

"Because the seams a little bit messy."

"What?! You didn’t need to say it." She hit Jurina’s chest softly.

Jurina giggled. She tightened her hug. “Thank you. I love your gift. I loves all your presents for me.”

Rena smiled. “I miss you, Jurina. I miss you so bad.” She put her arms on Jurina’s waist. “I… I refused you because I was not sure that we could survive in the long distance relationship. I will always jealous at you. I’m afraid that when I’m not around you, other girls will take a chance to steal you from me.”

Jurina sighed. “You didn’t trust me.”

"No.. of course I trust you. But, I didn’t trust the others… I’m afraid that I’ll get hurt. I’m afraid that I’ll lose you." Rena’s tears rolled down on her cheeks and it caused Jurina’s jacket wet by her tears.

Jurina wiped Rena’s tears. “Don’t cry, Rena-chan. I’ll keep stay by your side even though I know that it’s only one sided love. I won’t leave you.”

"I have to cry, Jurina. Because it’s already too late… you already found someone else. Our friends are right, both of you really fit together. This will be our last Christmas together, I will go back to New York tomorrow."

Jurina sighed. “Why do you always like this? You never share your thought with me… you always play with your own mind.” She let go of her arms. She took a red-small box from her desk. “This is my Christmas gift for you. Open it.” Jurina smiled while she gave the gift to Rena.

Rena quickly unwrapped her gift. “Key?” She frowned. “What k-“

Jurina pressed her lips onto Rena’s lips, she climbed up to the bed and then she pinned her down. “Let’s live together in New York.” She pecked Rena’s lips. “My family have a house there. Let’s live together, only 2 of us.” She pecked Rena’s lips again. “Please don’t refuse me this time. Please trust me more. I’m only yours.”

Rena was really surpised. “H-how about Mayu? Didn’t she’s you girlf-“

Jurina gave a deep kiss to Rena’s lips. “I already broke up with her.


"I could say the same." Mayu put her hands around Jurina’s neck and then she planted a deep kiss onto Jurina’s lips. "I love you, Jurina.

"I love y-"

Mayu touched Jurina’s lips with her thumb. “Stop it, Jurina. Please stop.” Her eyes looked teary. “Don’t lie to me again. I know that you didn’t love me as much as you love that girl.”

"What do you mean?" Jurina tried to kiss Mayu again, but Mayu looked away to avoid her lips.

"Your gaze changed when you saw that girl. Rena. And… her eyes are full of jealousy and anger when she saw us. You love each other.. I can see it." Mayu bit her below lips, she tried to not cry too hard.

Jurina hugged Mayu. “You’re wrong. She already dumped me twice! She didn’t love me. The only one that I love is y-“

"Jurina, please don’t say that you love me again." She caressed Jurina’s cheek. "She must have a reason behind it, Jurina. The reason why she has to refuse you. I can see her love for you in her eyes, but why you can’t see it?
Last year, you asked me to become your lover only because you felt lonely, right? You only need someone to wipe your tears after she refused you, right?”


"I knew it, Jurina. I knew it since the beginning."

Jurina gasped. “So.. why?? Why did you accept my feeling?”

Mayu smiled as her tears kept coming. “It’s simple, Jurina. It’s because I love you. I want always be there for you when you need me. Go and catch her, Jurina. Don’t let her take a stupid decision again.”


Rena smiled. “So, are you a single girl now?”

Jurina could feel Rena’s smile while she kissed her. “No, I’m not. I’m already yours.”

"I haven’t say ‘yes’."

"You didn’t say ‘no’ either. I will be transfered to your college on the next semester."

"Wow… you’re fast."

Jurina stopped. She wrapped her arms onto Rena. “I didn’t want to lose you again.” She kissed Rena’s forehead. “Let’s sleep, we will go out for the real date tomorrow.” She grinned.

Rena chuckled. “Well…. I guess that I will enjoy this Christmas night. This is the last Christmas for us as a single girl. Start from tomorrow, I will make sure that you’ll become mine… only mine. I love you, Jurina.”

Jurina turned off the lights and then she covered their bodies with a blanket. “I love you, Rena. Good night.” She wrapped her arms onto Rena's body.




Why were you late to come to the bus stop? I said 5 PM.

Honestly… I forgot about that. I thought the coffee shop is the place where we meet for the first time. I’ve waited there since 4 PM.

Rena hit Jurina with a pillow. “What?! How dare you forget about it?! We met on Christmas night at the bus stop when we’re still 1st grade in junior high school. You’re lost on your way to go to your home.
I treated you a cup of hot milk in the coffee shop before I helped you to find your way to go home.”

Jurina scratched her head. “Sorry. I just remembered that when I ordered a hot chocolate.”

Rena hit Jurina again. “You enjoyed yourself there, you drank a hot chocolate while I’m freezing at the bus stop?!!”

Jurina hugged Rena. “Well, I’m sorry. I will never forget about it again. I promise.” She chuckled.

Rena hugged Jurina back. “I love you. I can’t wait until tomorrow comes to enjoy the snow with you.”

“Me too. We will make our own Christmas. I will wear a santa claus outfit tomorrow.”

Rena chuckled.

====================== THE END ====================

I can’t wait for Christmas!! >.<

Thank you for reading. :)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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Again me :cow:
Hi you :deco:
I love you so much. Lol I confessed you many times :hip smile:
The Os so cute. I can't stop smiling.  :rofl:
Again thank you so much. The Os like a Christmas gift for me. :deco:
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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I was waiting for a Wmatsui~~  :cathappy: :deco:
at first I thought it won't end well like your last wmatsui one shot  :catglare:
but I was wrong and wmatsui are together now!!  XD :grin:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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I first thought that they are not goingt to be together, And I was like :shock: then it was even worst :stoned:
But at the end :on gay:
Thanks for "chrismas" update :mon santa4:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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sweet chrismas for wmatsui and worst for mayu

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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u know i was suppose to read this when im on the bus otw to school..
but when i was about to get my phone in my bag...
guess what...someone stole it  :banghead:
i was like no!!! i still need to read this update and i forgot that i was supposed to be sad because i lost my phone...

this is was the worst monday... EVER!
but thanks to ur update...
u make me smile even though i dont have a phone! imagine that..NO PHONE  :err: :frustrated: :fainted:
can wait for more update..


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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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hi.  :)

I feel sorry for your phone.   :cry:
Are you okay?
If it happens to me, I will sulking in the corner for a week. LOL.

Well... my OS didn't mean anything... your phone is more important!! *call the police*

@Terragen: Sorry for Mayu (again).

@Zita: Thanks for reading too.  :mon santa2:

@mo-chan: I can't make my WMatsui being sad during Christmas.  :lol:

@shechi: I'm really glad that you like it.  XD

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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Omg the story isso cute ><

Please update more

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Last Christmas #5
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cute wmatsui

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] MaYuki - Follows The Snow #6
« Reply #74 on: December 21, 2013, 07:25:59 PM »
Hi Hi...! :) This is me again.

After Last Christmas, I'm back again with Christmas-themed OS... and this one is Mayuki!! >.<

Thank you so much mochichan00 for this cute fanart. Thank you... you granted my request about the chibi MaYuki. :')



#6 Follows The Snow - MaYuki

Mayu turned back as she heard someone fell behind her. "Yukirin!" She walked towards Yuki and helped her to stand up. "Are you okay?"

With Mayu's help, Yuki stood up slowly. "I'm okay." She cleaned the dirt on her knees. "I didn't see those kids ran towards my direction."

Mayu sighed. She looked at Yuki's knee and pointed at it. "Look, your knee injured. Let's just go home.. I'll help you to treat your wound."

When Yuki saw Mayu was about to walk to another direction, she spread out her arms to block Mayu's way. "We don't need to go back. I'm okay." She took a tissue paper from her handbag, she used it to wipe the blood on her knee. "See? It's only a small wound." She smiled at Mayu.

Mayu frowned, she looked hesitant for a while. But then... she nodded. "You need to be more careful."

Yuki simply nodded. In a few seconds later, Mayu already walked first and then Yuki followed her from behind. "M-Mayu!" She tried to call Mayu, but Mayu couldn't hear her in the middle of crowd street like that. Mayu kept walking and left her behind. Yuki sighed. As usual... she leave me behind. Why she always walks so fast?

======================== **** =======================

"1,2, 1-2-3-Go!" Then music played.

Everyone in the training hall started to dance as soon as their dance teacher gave them the cue.

Yuki, who was given the position on the 2nd row, tried to follow the dance but everytime she moved her left feet, she felt the pain. Tsk. I forgot to take care of my wound before I went to sleep, I was too tired last night.

Yesterday, Yuki offered herself to accompany Mayu to go to book store, even though she was really tired after practiced for Team B theater performance. And today, she had to do rehearsal for their special show at Christmas Eve.


Yuki gasped after she heard that her name was called by their sensei. "Y-yes..."

"What's wrong with you?! Do you think we still have much time for daydreaming?!!"

Yuki bowed. She glanced at Mayu who stood not too far from her. Mayu was given the position on the 1st row along with Jurina. She sighed as she saw that Mayu even didn't look at her. "I.. I'm sorry, sensei."

The sensei looked so irritated because one of the members messing up the dance formation. "Okay, all. I give you 10 minutes to take a break!"

Everyone sat on the floor as soon as the sensei said it. All of them whispered at each other about how tired they are.

Yuki walked away to get her bag to take her reusable water bottle, she sat on the floor while drank her water. She lifted her left pants so she could look at her wound. Yabai, ne? I thought it was just a small wound. She sighed and then she closed her wound again.

Yuki glanced at Mayu direction. She saw Mayu talked with Jurina, they chuckled many times. Tsk. Why she always cold towards me? We've been dating for 7 months yet I never see her laugh like that.. I even forget when the last time she smile at me. Does she still think of me as her girlfriend?

After she let out a sigh, she tried to stand up slowly because she saw the sensei already entered the dance practice hall again.

"Here, let me help you."

Yuki surprised because a pair of hands grabbed her waist to help her. "Thank you, Rena." She smiled.

Rena let go of her arms after Yuki completely stood up. "No problem. But, you'll hurt yourself if keep dancing today. I'll talk to our sensei about your knee."

"No! I'm okay. Rena!" Yuki tried to stop her, but Rena seemed didn't care about it. She saw Rena discussed about her injury with their sensei.

The sensei nodded. "Okay, Kashiwagi-san.. you can go home now. I'm sorry because I didn't know about your knee and end up with mad at you."

"It's okay, sensei. Thank you." I bowed at her.

"Matsui-san, you can go with her too. I give you permission to take her home. Be careful."

"Hai!" Rena ran towards Yuki after she bowed at the sensei. She held Yuki's waist to help her walk. "See? It's easy." She grinned at Yuki.

Yuki rolled her eyes. "You used me to get your day off."

Rena chuckled. She approached Yuki's ear and whispered. "I'm not doing this because I'm lazy. I need your help..." Rena looked around, "but let's go to your place first."

Rena grabbed Yuki's bag and then both of them stepped out from the hall.


"Hey, Mayu." Jurina nudged Mayu's hand. "Why don't you accompany her? Why Rena?!" She slapped Mayu's shoulder.

Mayu smacked Jurina's head. "Don't blame me." She kept staring at Yuki and Rena who walked together...... actually, she stared at Rena's hand on Yuki's waist. "Jurina."


"Rena is your girlfriend, right?"

Jurina laughed. "Are you fucking kidding me, Mayu?! We both know that it's just for 'fan service', WMatsui didn't exist at all."

Mayu narrowed her eyes. She kept looking at Yuki, but then.... she turned her body and went back to her dance position. "Come on, Jurina. Stop looking at your 'fan service' partner and come back to your position." She teased Jurina.

Jurina looked annoyed because of Mayu's words, but she realized that the sensei already glared at her so she decided to ignore Mayu and back to her position.

They continued the rehearsal.

======================= **** ========================

"Then... what is it, Rena?" Yuki asked the question.

"Hey! Let me treat your wound first. Do you think I'm that awful to ask your favor before I do my job as your friend?" Rena pouted.

Yuki smiled. "I'm sorry." She pointed at the cupboard. "You can take the first aid kit there."

Rena nodded and then she walked toward the cupboard. She took the kit. "Hmm... I guess we have to clean it first. Wait here, okay? I will take the warm water." She stepped out from Yuki's room.

Yuki layed her body on her bed. It will be more sweet for me if Mayu is the one who's here. She closed her eyes. Mayu, why you never let me get more closer to you? You keep the distance by always standing and walking in front of me. I know.... I'll never surpassing y- "Awwww!!!" Yuki screamed as she felt the pain on her knee. "Rena!! Can you please give me the clue before touch my wound?!"

Rena rolled her eyes. "Come on, Yuki... quit acting like a baby." She kept 'playing' with Yuki's wound, she didn't care even though she saw Yuki grimaced in pain.
After some minutes... "Done."

Yuki sat on her bed. "So, what is it?"

Rena sat beside Yuki. "Can we eat our lunch first before we talk about th-"

"Rena!" Yuki looked impatient. "Now."

"Okay-okay." Rena took a deep breath. "I want to give something for Jurina... you know... Umm... Christmas present. But I have no idea about it. Can you please come with me to buy it tomorrow?"

Yuki realized something. Duh! I'm forget about it. I haven't buy anything for Mayu too. "Okay. No problem."

Rena looked surprised. "Wow. I never thought that it'll be that easy to ask you. If I know it before, I won't waste my time here and just asking you instead." She chuckled.

Yuki pushed Rena. "As I thought, you did this because you want something for me. You are not my real friend."

Rena put her arm around Yuki's shoulder. "I'm just joking, Yuki. You kinda become more sensitive lately.. is something happened between you and Mayu?"

"W-what?! No.. N-no! Of course not. We're fine." Yuki looked uneasy about the question.

"Well... then I have to go now." Yuki stood up. When she was about to pass the door, she turned around. "Yuki, you can tell everything to me. It's not good for you if you keeping it by yourself. See you tomorrow." She closed the door.

Yuki threw her body onto her bed. Mayu...

====================== NEXT DAY ====================

Mayu looked really tired. "Yuki, let's go home." She grabbed her bag.

Yuki stopped packing her stuff. "M-mayu.... ano... I wanna go to somewhere else...." She felt uneasy to say it to Mayu since they always went home together after their schedules finished.

"It's okay. I'll accompany you then." Mayu walked first.

Yuki scratched her head. "No. You don't need to. You can go home first."

Mayu frowned. "Why? I don't have another schedule today."

"Because I-"

"Yukirin, come on!!"

Mayu turned her head to see who called her girlfriend.

Yuki saw Rena called her, from the exit door. "O-okay! Wait a minute, Rena-chan." She answered her before Rena start to yell at her again.

Mayu turned her head to Yuki again.  "I see..." She walked out even before Yuki say 'See you later' to her.

Yuki felt uneasy about the short and cold answer from Mayu. She walked towards her before Mayu went too far. "I'm really sorry, but-"

"Jurina!" Mayu raised her hand so Jurina could see her. "Let's go home together."

Jurina smiled. "Okay. But please wait a while, okay? Akimoto sensei just calling me."

Mayu walked toward Jurina, and leave her girlfriend who still stood in front of the door. "Okay, but before we go home, let's have dinner first... my treat."

Jurina smirked. "This is my lucky day."

Yuki saw Jurina put her arms on Mayu's shoulder.. they laughed together after Jurina say a silly pun to Mayu. Yuki kept staring at them. Somehow... she felt jealous to Jurina, maybe it was because Jurina could casually talk with Mayu.

"Hey." Rena patted Yuki's shoulder. "Ready to go?"

Yuki nodded. She glanced at Mayu for a seconds before they went through another door.


Mayu released herself from Jurina. "I will go home alone." She walked away.

"What??!! You said that you wanna treat me a dinner!" Jurina crossed her arms. "Liar"

Mayu didn't pay attention to her friend who grumbled behind her.

========================= **** ======================

Mayu and Yuki sat facing each other, they enjoyed their latte.

Yuki smiled while looked at Mayu who still busy with her phone. I wish I can be close to her like this forever. I can see her beauty up close, I can see her cool side clearly. Even though she don't really talk much when she's with me, but I'm still happy to sit beside her like this.

Yuki sip her latte, she prefer the hot one since she really care about her throat.. she believes that the cold drink wasn't good for her voice. "Mayu, should we go to somewhere on Christmas day? We didn't have any schedule on that day."

Mayu drank her latte, on the other hand... Mayu prefer to drink cold beverages although the weather already cold enough. "I don't know... it's still 3 days away, so maybe I will have another plan."

Yuki pouted. Great! It feels like I didn't have a girlfriend at all. She used her hand to prop her chin, she looked out the window. Everyone will spend their Christmas will someone that they loved, but me? Stuck in my apartment... alone! Congratulation Yuki.

Mayu realized the change on Yuki's expression. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Yuki uttered it without looked at Mayu. Why everything start to be cold and so gloomy everytime I'm with her?

They drank their coffee in silence... Yuki was too lazy to start the conversation, she just looked at the snow outside the window.

"Let's go home." Mayu stood up. "It's already dark, we will freezing out there if we go home too late." She walked first.

Yuki stood and followed her from behind. I don't care even if I turned into a snowman out there! She even didn't ask my opinion... I haven't finish with my latte yet she already ordered me to go home.

Yuki looked in trouble while following Mayu because the street was totally crowded that night. Mayu always walk faster and never looked back as if she didn't care about Yuki who kept following her back.

=================== Christmas Eve ====================

Yuki already done with her make-up. She glanced at Mayu, just... a little glance. As usual.. she still busy with her bangs. She smiled. It's funny.. she always stress out because of her bangs.. that's too cute for my eyes.

"What happen, Yuki? You looks happy." Rena grinned, she sat beside Yuki.

"Ah.. nothing. I'm just too excited about our show." Yuki tried her best to find a great reason. And thankfully, Rena seemed 'ate' it well.

Rena nodded. "Yeah, me as well. It's great to have our own show, especially in Christmas like this. I wish next year SKE will have our own show too, maybe on new year eve? since AKB-san already took every Christmas Eve." She giggled.

Yuki smiled. "I hope so. It must be hard for you and Jurina, since both of you the 'top 2' and also the SKE face." Suddenly, she remembered something. "Hey! Speaking about Jurina.. how is it? Do you still wanna take the first move tomorrow? Are you sure to not w-"

Rena's eyes widened, she quickly closed Yuki's mouth with her hand. Rena approached Yuki's face so she could talk quietly. "Can you DECREASING your volume while talking about Jurina?!" She hope no one could hear them.

Everyone in the dressing room looked at them in a weird way.

Yuki nodded and made a peace sign with her fingers, since she couldn't talk because Rena's palm still covering her mouth.

"Good." Rena pulled back her hand, she grabbed Yuki's hand and pulled her hand. Both of them went out from the dressing room.

Jurina walked toward Mayu, she stood beside her. "Yuki is your girlfriend, right?"

Mayu looked at the mirror again. "Why?"

"Are you sure that she's your girlfriend? Because both of them seems very close lately."

Mayu shrugged. "They are best friends."

"Tsk." Jurina grabbed Mayu's shoulder. "I mean... they are become too close. Rena often sneaked out from our hotel... almost every night. Last night, I tried to follow her because I'm worry at her... and guess what? She went to Yuki's apartment!"

Mayu's expression started to change, she clenched her fist. But a few seconds later she was back to her cold expression. "Well... you looks jealous at her. Are you sure that WMatsui didn't exist at all? Is she only your 'fan service' partner?" She smirked.

Jurina rolled her eyes. "I can't believe that you still don't jealous at her. I wonder if your heart is made from a stone or an ice... OR, you didn't love Yuki anymore."

Mayu looked irritated, she put her lipgloss onto the desk. She glared at Jurina. "And how about you, tsundere girl? You acts like a cool kid in front of Rena, but when she wasn't around you... you start to worry, TOO worry."

A staff went in to their dressing room. "AKB48-san, we will start the recording in 5 minutes. Please go to the stage now."

Jurina and Mayu looked at each other, they knew that it isn't the right time to talk about it because their show almost started. They gave each other a 'We MUST talk about it after the recording finished' look. Then... they walked away.

* 3 Hours Later - Recording time is over *

Yuki kept smiling while packing her stuff in the dressing room.


"Co-cch-chotto matte kudasai..." Yuki seemed afraid. "No one tell me that we must play with the mud!" She looked troubled, but she still tried her best to hold the rope and hung there.

The MC laughed. "Yes, we only wrote in the script that there's a game in this show, but we didn't write about the mud as the punishment. Surprise!" They laughed hard.

Yuki bit her bottom lip. No, I'm not afraid being ugly and dirty in front of the camera, But... my skin is quite sensitive to the mud, last time I played with it... my skin turned into red, really red! It even feels very itchy. I will do anything except the mud! Her eyes started to get teary.


Yuki looked at below her as she heard that someone fell into the mud. She gasped, she looked really surprised. Mayu?!

"Yeeyyy!! We already found the loser for the second round!" The MC laughed while clapping their hands.

The staff helped the rest of the team who still hanging on the rope to get down.

The mud was covered by a black plastic before. Because the first round just fell into the water, they thought that the punishment will same... water. But.. NO! After the plastic opened, they could see the mud waiting below them.

Yuki rubbed her palm because she felt the pain. Well, of course... she hung there over 5 minutes. She didn't know where her strength come from, since everyone and herself expected that she will be the one who lose in this round. Rena already lost in the first round. Everyone knew that Yuki and Rena were really weak.

But this... how? Mayu fell as soon as the MC mention about the mud. Yuki smiled. She help me.


Yuki already done with her stuff. I have to thank her. She carried her bag and then she was looking for Mayu. Here she is. She saw Mayu combing her hair in front of the mirror.

Yuki raised her hand. "Mayu! Let's g-" She stopped as she saw Jurina approached Mayu.

Jurina patted Mayu's shoulder."Let's go!" She grinned.

"Where?" Mayu zipped her bag.

"My hotel room, of course. Rena planned to go back to Nagoya tonight, so... we're free!!" Jurina winked at Mayu.

Mayu rolled her eyes. "Are you trying to ask me to stay overnight there?"

Jurina smirked. She whispered. "Yes, we can freely talk about Rena and Yuki there."

"Ah, okay then." Mayu shrugged. "But I will go home first to take my clothes."

"Thank you, my cyborg girl!!" Jurina cupped Mayu's lips and then she ran away.

Mayu gasped. "You!! Kissing monster!! Come back here!"

Yuki saw Mayu tried to catch Jurina. Yuki left the scene, she went out from the dressing room. She sat on a chair in the waiting room. Bad Christmas, ever!

She looked at the clock. 1 PM. She took out her phone and started to type a message. 'Mom, I will go to Kagoshima today. I didn't have any schedule tomorrow, so it will be great to spend my holiday with you and dad. Wait me.' She sent the message.

"You're here."

Yuki lifted her head. Mayu.

"I'm looking for you everywhere." Mayu turned back. "Let's go home together." She walked first.

Yuki followed Mayu from behind. Since that day was Christmas eve, the street was extremely crowded. She tried to follow Mayu with all her strength. After she succeeded to decrease the distance, she talked to Mayu. "How about it? Can we spend our Christmas day together?" She looked panting.

"I can't." Mayu simply answered it without looked at her.

Finally, they arrived at the bus stop. Yuki stood behind Mayu. "Why? Is it something important?"


"Is it more important rather than spend your day with me?" Yuki almost felt hopeless.

"....." Mayu didn't say anything until the bus arrived. She just got into the bus without gave the answer... yet.

Mayu comfortably looked for her seat. She sat on a chair. When the bus was about to move, she looked out the window. Wait.... Yuki???!!! Mayu looked panic. Why she didn't get in?!

Mayu want to get up but it was too late, the door already closed and the bus started to move. Mayu kept looking at Yuki who still stood on the same spot, she looked at the ground.

As soon as Yuki lifted her head, Mayu saw the tears...... rolled down on Yuki's cheeks.

Shit! Mayu felt stupid because she couldn't do anything, she couldn't stop the bus arbitrarily as in the movie. All that she could do was only sat back on her chair.


Yuki stared at the bus that already left. She wiped her tears and walked through another direction. She kept walking, she didn't care about the cold weather and the people who looked at her weirdly because she kept crying. Thank God, she wearing a cap so no one could see her face.

After 30 minutes, she arrived at another bus stop. She randomly got into the bus, she didn't know where she heading to. She looked at her phone. She even didn't call me. I guess... I'm right. I didn't mean anything to her. Why am I so stupid?! Why I asked her to be my girlfriend?! I confessed my feeling and it caused our friendship ruined?!!

Yuki sobbed in the bus, she spent another half hour in the bus. She glanced at the window. Beautiful snow. She have a huge interest at the snow.. she always said that it's beautiful.

Yuki saw a ramen shop still opened, so.. she decided to stop at the bus stop nearby the restaurant. She went in.

* 3 hours Later *

Ahh... it's so cold. She sneezed. And I feel so full. She touched her stomach.

Well... Yuki ate 3 bowls of ramen and drank some glasses of Sake. She ate it all while crying. Everyone in that restaurant started to worry at her.

After she paid the bill, she went out from the restaurant. I think I have to go back to my apartment now. I must go to Kagoshima as soon as possible. Mom and dad are waiting for me. She sighed and then she walked to the bus stop.


Mayu looked at her watch. "Tsk." She took her phone and then she started to play the game.

A few minutes later, she felt someone passed her. She lifted her head. "Y-yuki!" She put her phone back into her pocket and quickly ran towards Yuki. "Yuki, where have you been?! I've waited you for almost 5 hours here." She grabbed Yuki's shoulder.

Yuki slapped Mayu's hand away from her shoulder, she glared at Mayu. "I didn't ask you to wait!" She walked into the elevator.

Mayu was taken aback, but she didn't want to thinking too much.. she quickly stepped into the elevator too. It was lucky that only both of them in there. "I'm worrying at you, Yuki."

Yuki crossed her arms. "WOW. That's new. You never worry at me before." She replied it sarcastically. She quickly walked out from the elevator after it already reached the floor where her room are.

Mayu tried to catch her up. "Can you tell me what's going on??"

Yuki unlocked her door. She stepped into her apartment room. "Nothing is going on, Watanabe." She glared at Mayu.

Mayu gasped. It felt like a bomb exploded inside her ear after she heard Yuki called her by her family name. She quickly held the door as she saw Yuki tried to close it. She pushed it strongly, even Yuki almost fell backwards. "Tell me... what happen!" She closed the door behind her after she succeeded walked into Yuki's room.

"It's over, Watanabe. Now, get out from my room!!" She pointed at the door.

Mayu couldn't believe about what happened. "What do you mean about... IT'S OVER?!" She clenched her fist.

Yuki turned away, she walked into her bedroom and start to pack her clothes into her bag. "It's over! We break up.. today."

Mayu grabbed Yuki's shoulder and forced her to stop packing her stuff. She made Yuki turned back forcefully. She felt Yuki struggled to ran away from her grip.

"Let go of me!!" Yuki pushed Mayu strongly.

Mayu surprised as she felt Yuki slapped her cheek. She clenched her teeth. "Is this really what's you want?!"


"You ask me to break up with you just because I didn't spend the Christmas day with you?!! I can't believe it!"

Yuki started to cry, she cried for the countless times today. "It's sounds stupid for you, huh?!" She sobbed.
She sat on her bed. "Since the day I confessed my feeling toward you... how many times you said that you love me?!" She wiped her tears. "Never."

Suddenly.... Mayu lost her anger.

Yuki looked away. "You always cold towards me and you never care about me.. you didn't care at all!"

Mayu want to say something, but Yuki started to yelled at her.

"You always cold towards me but you keep smiling and laughing while talking at Jurina!! Don't you ever count how many times you smile at me??!! You even never look at me in the eye when I'm talking with you."

"Yuki, I-"

"Do you ever care about how small my steps?" Her tears already drenched on her shirt. "Do you even care how many times I gasping for breath while I'm walking with you?!
No... I even didn't feel that I'm walking with you. You always leave me behind... I'm walking... alone!
I guess... you already knew how weak I am, don't you care about me? I always try to catch you up... I'm walking frantically!
I keep following your back yet you never look back to see me... you never hold my hand. You always leave me alone at the crowd place."

Mayu remained silent.

"You never ask how am I... you didn't care about I'm okay or not."

"Yuki, I care about you! I'm your girlfriend, of course I care about you." Finally, Mayu got her voice back.

"Really?? You care about me so much.. so you choose to stay overnight in Jurina's place rather than to be with me?!"

Mayu looked shocked because Yuki knew about it. "You bring Jurina into our problem?! Then... how about Rena?! Both of you keep holding hands in front of me! You even let her grabbing your waist!!" She tried to defend herself.

Yuki stood, she walked towards her cupboard and took something from inside. She threw a red box onto the bed. "That's the reason."

"What is that?"

"She asked me to help her choosing a Christmas present for Jurina. And... it's supposed to be your gift." She pointed at the red box that she threw before. "Now, I think I'll just throw it to the trash can."

The table turned, Mayu was in a pinch. She didn't know what should she say to Yuki.

Yuki sat back on her bed. "You said that you care about me, but you even didn't call me when I'm not taking the the same bus with you. Why?!"

Mayu stared at the ground. She didn't have a guts to look at Yuki. "Even though I called you... I'm sure that you won't pick it up. You're really angry at me, so I decided to just wait you here and hope that your anger already decreased.
But... I seems I'm wrong, you're become totally mad at me. I'm so sorry about it."

Yuki sighed. "Please stop being so cold at me everytime, Mayu. You need to show your love to someone that you loved even though when they're really angry at you. If you just keep silent all the time, they will misunderstand."

Mayu lifted her head, she looked at Yuki's sad face. "Please don't break up with me." She pleaded.

"Why? You seems okay without me."

Mayu shook her head. She lifted her hands and touched Yuki's face, she looked deeply into Yuki's eyes. "Because I love you.... and I'm not okay without you."
Mayu looked away as soon as she said it. "I'm start to worry when I didn't see you around me... but yes, I never show it to you. I guess.... it's because I'm too shy." Her cheeks started to blush.

Yuki was very happy because it was the first time Mayu being so honest in front of her. She smiled and then she pulled Mayu's hands. "Sit here, Mayu."

Mayu nodded and then she sat beside Yuki. She still didn't look at Yuki, she tried her best to avoid Yuki's eyes.

Yuki chuckled. She didn't know that her girlfriend was so shy like that. She covered her shyness by her coldness. "Mayu..."

"Hm?" Mayu still persistent to not turned her head.

"Look at me... now. If you keep looking away, I take that as 'you agree to break up with me'."

Mayu didn't have another choice, she turned her head slowly. "P-please... dd-don't break up with me... " She stuttered.

After Mayu completely looked at Yuki. Yuki approached Mayu's lips quickly. It felt like in a blink of eye... Yuki's lips already pressed onto Mayu's lips. Mayu's eyes widened.

At first, Mayu was really shocked.. she didn't move even a bit. Yuki wanna make Mayu feel comfortable, so she placed her hand on Mayu's neck and another hand started to caress Mayu's cheek.

"Come on, Mayu. Make our first kiss become memorable." Yuki said it in a seductive tone.

Hearing those words, Mayu started to move her lips and enjoyed Yuki's kiss. Her hands started to explore Yuki's back. She pulled Yuki's waist, so she could feel Yuki's body fully leaned on her. Their kiss started to become more passionate and wild.

Mayu didn't know where she got her guts, but her intuition and her feeling told her to become more aggresive and to make a big move. She obeyed it, she pushed Yuki slowly onto the bed without let go of their kiss.

Yuki broke the kiss and gasped for air. "Wow, easy Mayu. I'm only asking for a kiss." She giggled.

Mayu's 'real' soul come back into her body. "S-sorry." She want to get up but Yuki put her arms on Mayu's neck.

"I'm kidding." Yuki pulled Mayu's neck and started to kiss her again. She could feel Mayu's smile while she kissing her.

*CUT to : AKB48 Perv Fanfics*

"I  love you, Yuki. I really love you." Mayu kissed Yuki's lips gently.

"I know. I'm sorry for doubting your love." Yuki tried to speak even though she was really tired. She smiled.

Mayu leaned her forehead onto Yuki's forehead. "Umm... I'm sorry, I didn't have any present for you. I didn't know that the Christmas is so meaningful for you."

Yuki shook her head. "It's okay. This is the great present, ever!" She caressed Mayu's cheek.

"Well... is there any special wish for this Christmas? I will try to grant it." Mayu grinned.

"Yes, I have. Please walks more slower from now on." Yuki giggled.

Mayu laughed as well. She kissed Yuki's forehead. "I will."

======================== **** =======================

Yuki groaned. "Urgh! I lost sight of her again!! She didn't change at all!" She grumbled by herself while she kept walking.

She lifted her head, she surprised because she saw Mayu waited her not far away from her place right now. Mayu gave her a warm smile, Yuki smiled back and then she walked faster towards Mayu. She hugged Mayu.

Mayu grinned. "See? I'm waiting for you. Come on." She grabbed Yuki's hand and then they started to walk while holding hands.

Yuki smiled. I don't mind if I'm not walking by your side. I will be happy if you always turn your head like you did just now, to look at me... to watch over me. I will follow your back forever, you're my snow and my Christmas.

===================== THEN END ====================

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] MaYuki - Follows The Snow #6
« Reply #75 on: December 21, 2013, 09:56:05 PM »
They are so sweet. :grin:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] MaYuki - Follows The Snow #6
« Reply #76 on: December 21, 2013, 11:58:36 PM »
i love the fanart its so cute!! :deco:
poor yukirn!! :cry:
mou mayuyu your too cold to yukirin :(
wmatsui not real?! *faints* jurina, rena should kissu for real and realize their feelings! :yep:
im glad mayuyu finally showed her love to yukirin :heart:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] MaYuki - Follows The Snow #6
« Reply #77 on: December 22, 2013, 12:54:06 AM »
Mayu... Mayu...

Your coldness almost cost you Yuki..

But, it's good to see she finally open up to Yuki..

Nice story... :thumbsup

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] MaYuki - Follows The Snow #6
« Reply #78 on: December 22, 2013, 01:16:17 AM »
HALU! I guess it's my first time commenting here so.... Welcome to me!  :nervous

a story like this is quite common THOUGH I just couldn't get enough of it, well, first it's MaYuki. It's funny though, the story just revolved around a single misunderstanding and they were like almost  breaking up and finally ended up on BED  :lol:

TOO TSUNDERE Mayuyu!!! too much!  XD and plus the wMatsui bribery  :lol: this OS made me laugh actually, almost felt like Mayu's bullying Yuki, oh I really love these four  :nervous

More powers to you! I'll read the rest of your works.  :)

my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] MaYuki - Follows The Snow #6
« Reply #79 on: December 22, 2013, 09:38:16 AM »
More powers to you! I'll read the rest of your works.  :)

 :mon misch: TD you gotta read Putri's "Wanted". It's awesome but might be a little painful for a Mayuyu oshi like you. :nervous

Anyway! I was wondering how it led to smut since Mayu was too cold. Poor Yuki she couldn't take Mayu's coldness and wants a break up. :cry:

Mayu was just hiding her shyness by being cold but she was so bold in bed. She was the dominant one! XD

This is nice. :D

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