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Author Topic: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)  (Read 149287 times)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight #16
« Reply #200 on: September 17, 2014, 04:53:33 PM »
Great OS!!!!

Im so touch at Jurina love for Rena

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight #16
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Pedobear Rena lol

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight #16
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I love this very much!  :on lol: I'm also grateful this story is not sad ending :mon squee:
Thank you for this OS anakpanti-san :on GJ:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Four Seasons #17
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Here we go again… WMatsui.
When I thought about the plot, I think WMatsui is more fit for the story.

To those who asked for JuriMayu, my upcoming OS is called “Girl’s Love” and Jurina-Mayu-Yuki will be in it. Please wait~

Words: 1,4 K


#17 WMatsui - Four Seasons

Oh, it’s raining.

I go back inside my house and then I grab the transparent umbrella behind the door. I use the umbrella to cover my head and then I walk forward, leaving my house behind. While walking toward the place that I aim for, I notice the sun will set soon. Beautiful. It was what I thought when I noticed that the sky is changed into the beautiful red and orange colors.

I avert my eyes back to the front and walk slowly on the sidewalk while keeping my umbrella with my right hand. Ah, there! I smile when I’m able to see the flower shop from afar. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, so I want to surprise her by going back to Nagoya tomorrow with bouquet and gift in my hand.

But then… after a few steps forward, someone blocks my view in seeing the shop. There is someone who walks toward my direction and then my eyes meet with her eyes. I know her. She is wearing the white shirt, just like me and she is also using the transparent umbrella. She can’t hide her shocked face, just like me. She stops and we both look at each other eyes in a melancholic way.

It feels like I’ve been dreaming… standing here in front of her, standing face to face. Suddenly, hundreds of beautiful memories are coming back to me. I hear the voice of a promise that we’ve said some years ago. I try to restrain myself at the thought of her because I don’t think my heart is strong enough to take it.

“It’s been a long time, Jurina.”

I don’t know why I clench my fist. Her voice gives a huge impact to my body and I don’t know if I can keep calm or not. “Yeah, it’s been a year… Rena.” Finally, I could say her name again. I’m not sure whether my voice cracked or not, but I’m sure that my eyes are teary now and I’ll try to hide it no matter what.

“How has your four seasons been?”

She is still gluing her eyes on me while gripping the umbrella tightly. I don’t answer her; I just stand and stare at her instead. I don’t see her smile, not even a tiny smile. Well… in fact, I don’t smile either. What happen to us? Why both of us looking at each other with a pair of agony eyes like this? I hate this situation because it makes me remember those heartbreaking stories and vain arguments that happened to us a year ago.

“It’s cold out here. Coffee?” I pointed a small café across the street.

She simply gives me a nod, again… without a smile.

I walk first as soon as the green light is on and she follows me quietly. I open the door for her and then I do a quick order before we look for a table. The waitress offers herself to lead us to the empty table but Rena politely refuses it. Then here we are… sit on the corner table while facing each other.

“I wish we can go back to our first days.” She broke the silence. “We both were happy. Our days were filled with laughter and smiles, not with a miserable atmosphere like this.”

I sigh and then I look at the ceilings. “Don’t try to make me cry on our first-day-meeting-after-a-year, Rena. Let’s just talk about something else instead of digging our old scar.”

She snorts a little and then she sips the warm coffee. “For me… it’s not just an old scar, it’s still fresh on my mind. This wound haven’t close, even after a year.” She is covering her eyes with her palm. “At that time, If only we had been a bit more mature… we won’t end up like this.” Her voice cracked.

She’s crying. I don’t know what to say and what to do. Her tears dripping onto the table, it’s so painful to see. Then… this moment, pathetically, I realize that I still love her. She is the only girl I love and keep falling in love with her over and over again.

Just by looking at her sobbing so hard like this in front of me, I know immediately that she didn’t find another love to replace me. I grab her hand that covering her eyes gently and then I pull it down. I see her wet and red eyes; those eyes were full of regret. I grasp her hand and then I smile. “You asked me how was my four seasons has been, right?”

She looks confuse.

“I’ve been living like usual, nothing much change. The only thing that changes after you left me is… I’m trying to forget you. For a while, I thought I was doing fine… however, after I saw you… I realize that I am nothing without you.” I hold her hand tighter. “If only I knew how we would be right now, I wouldn’t easily let you go at that time and I would beg you to stay. These endless regrets, I’m afraid to dig it and overcoming it so I’ve had to just hide them for a whole year… I bury them so no one can see that I’m hurt. My year has pass like that, how’s yours? Could it be your four seasons were same as mine?”

She wipes her tears by using her other hand. She sniffed before she answered my question. “My year is exactly same as yours.” Her eyes look so red. “No matter how many seasons pass and how many years go by… I know that I can never escape from you. It’s only a matter of time I would come back to you. Will you give me another chance?”

“Do you even need to ask, Rena? You’ll always be a part of me!” I cupped her face and she tilted her head a little toward my hand while showing a slight smile. I’m happy that she is still feeling comfortable around me after all this time. “Just bury all of that now and I hope we won’t meet like today again, full of tears and regret.”

Her smile grows bigger after I said that. Her smile is so beautiful; it’s still same as I remember. I can’t hold the urge to kiss her after I see that kind of angelic smile. I bend my body to the front and then I capture her lips. Oh God, how I miss her! She kisses me back with so much passion and for a while we’re forgetting that all of people’s eyes in the cafe are staring at us.

I pull back my lips. “I think we need to stop before they pour the hot coffee onto our face.” I whispered it to her and then I let out a soft chuckle in the middle of my heavy breaths.

She laughs a little. She lifted her hand and then she fixes my bangs while locking her eyes on me. “Remember the eternal promise that we made on our first day? I won’t break that promise again… EVER!”

I nod while showing my cat smile. “Let’s keep our everlasting love.” I let her play with my bangs. “Oh wait. How do you know that I’m here?” I frowned. I don’t remember that I ever tell her my new address. We lived together in Nagoya before, but a month ago… I went to Tokyo because I got a new job here as a photographer.

“I don’t even know that you’re here. I accidentally saw you when I was about to- WAIT!!!!” She stands up in an incredible speed and it makes my heart jump.

“What?” I frowned while looking at her panic face.

“My boss asked me to take an important document from our branch company! We have an important meeting tomorrow morning!! But I forgot about that when I saw you!!” She’s facepalming now. “I’m going to get fired tomorrow.” She throws her ass back to the chair.

Huh? “HAHAHAHHAHAAA.” I laughed really hard. I can’t take it, she’s so cute! I stop laughing when I see her irritated face. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” I try to cheer her even though I know that it’s a fatal mistake.

I see her sulking in front of me and again… I can’t hold my laughter because her face is way too funny. How I hope my day will always full of laughter like this… forever.


Forever will be not enough for me to show you how much my love for you, so… here, I make a promise in front of you to not stop love you until the end of time.” – Jurina

Your promise is my promise as well. Let’s keep it together.” – Rena.

================================ THE END ================================

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Four Seasons #17
« Reply #204 on: October 02, 2014, 01:30:41 PM »
Hahah, clumsy Rena XD
Eh really? You're gonna make a JuriMayu??? I'm gonna wait for it! :bow:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Four Seasons #17
« Reply #205 on: October 03, 2014, 12:29:10 AM »
Haha Rena

So sweet Wmatsui

Happy ending ~~

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Stuck with You #18
« Reply #206 on: November 27, 2014, 04:08:37 AM »
Hi. It’s been a long time.
Blame my laziness. LOL.

Please enjoy my random OS.
I made this fic after I read a post on Tumblr about suicide.

Words: 4,4 K


#18 WMatsui - Stuck with You

= Jurina =

“H-hey! Wait!!” Jurina ran with all her strength, trying to catch a guy who already stepped in to the elevator. “Oh, shit!” She almost caught the guy, but unfortunately… the elevator door closed right in front of her nose. “Aww!” She bumped into the door.

Jurina quickly pressed the button near the elevator. “Come on! Come on. Come on.” She looked impatient while waiting another elevator and her hand gripped the camera tightly. She looked at the number above the elevator door decreased one by one. Right after the other elevator door opened, she noticed the elevator that taken by the guy had stopped on the basement. It was already late for her to chase the guy who probably already rode his car and went to somewhere. She kicked the trash can as a sign of frustration. “Why the celebrities nowadays are really good in running away?!”

Jurina sighed while putting her camera back into her bag and then she took her phone. “I’m sorry… I lose him again.” She talked to the person through the phone.


Jurina closed her eyes when she heard her boss yelled at her through the phone. Damn it! “I tried to take his picture but his bodyguard kept pushing me.”

How can you lose him, Matsui?! Could you imagine how big our profit if his face become the cover of our magazine this week??!! He is a hot topic now!!

“I know and I’m sorry. I’ll definitely get the news and pictures before this week ended.”

YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR WORDS, MAT-” The call ended all of a sudden because Jurina’s phone ran out of power.

Jurina let out a loud sigh. Being a journalist is surely hard. After she put her phone back into her bag, she tidied her wrinkled white shirt. My shirt becomes so messed because of that brat. When she already satisfied with her shirt, she pressed the elevator button again. I’m sure he won’t come back for tonight, so… I think I’ll just go back to my room.

Last week, Jurina rented an apartment in that building for a month because she heard a rumor that the guy she chased before stayed in there too. Lucky, it was the right decision to trust the rumor. Although her room was on the different floor, but at least she was in the same building.

The elevator door opened. Jurina stepped in to the empty elevator and then she pressed ‘19’. Her room was 8 floors above the guy’s room. When the door was about to close, there was a girl who entered the elevator as well. She saw the other girl pressed the top floor button, 26.

 Jurina frowned. As far as I know, the rooms only up to 25th floor. There was nothing on the 26th floor except helipad and some utility poles. The elevator door closed, however she decided to not say anything to the other girl. She took a little glance at the other girl who stood on the other side of the elevator. The other girl wore a white one-piece sleeveless dress and a pair of…. slippers? She frowned again. She walked out in a pretty dress, but using the slippers?!

Jurina stared at the girl, but the other girl looked at another direction so Jurina couldn’t see the face. The other girl’s hair was dominant with dark brown but also using light brown highlights… it was very contrast with the pale skin.

Jurina shocked as the other girl looked at her from the mirror. Their eyes met for a few seconds. Shit! She felt like being caught in stealing something. She looked at the elevator monitor that still showed ‘15’. Four floors more! Hurry up! She felt awkward after get caught staring at the other girl like a creepy person. She really wanted to run away. She impatiently wait the number on the monitor increased one by one because it felt so slow.

Finally, the number ‘18’ showed. One more floor and Jurina was ready to run really fast, with all her strength but- “Aww!!!” She lost her balance as the elevator suddenly stopped and the light off by itself. The elevator stuck between 18th floor and 19th floor. The heck!! She stood up quickly and the she pressed help button. “H-hello!! Hello! Is there anyone there?! Hey, the elevator is broken in here!!!” She kept yelling but there were no answer.

“I think the button is broken. The help button should light up if someone pressed it.”

Jurina stunned because she heard the other girl’s voice in the middle of the darkness. She didn’t know how to respond it, so she just said… “Oh.” She sighed before she sat down inside the elevator. “We’re stuck here.” She rested her back to the wall.

“…” The other girl didn’t say anything again.

A few years ago, Jurina was afraid of the dark… but it was all changed after she was 20. Lucky me… I’m not afraid of the dark anymore. If I’m still like I was, I would embarrass myself in front of this girl. She remembered how childish she was when she cried so hard and screamed every time there was a problem with electricity that caused the light off.

30 minutes had passed but both of them still didn’t say anything to each other. Jurina pressed her knees toward her chest and then she hugged them. “You are not panic at all. How come?” She decided to begin the talk. “Both of us stuck here in the dark, you know?”

“… so are you. How come?”

“…” Jurina didn’t answer it right away because she also didn’t know how on earth she could remain calm in the situation like that. “Maybe because I’m sure that someone will rescue us, even though I don’t know when they will notice us… this is in the middle of the night anyway.” She stopped for a while. “And the fact that I’m stuck here with you, a girl. I would have freaked out if you’re a guy.” She let out a soft chuckle.

The other girl didn’t talk again for another 30 minutes.

As a journalist, Jurina felt uncomfortable in the quiet situation like that. She was a talkative girl and being silent for an hour made her stressed out. “What do you want to do on the top floor? I saw you pressed ‘26’ before.”


“Do you want to meet someone there?” Jurina cursed her journalist intuition, she started asking many things without she even realized it. “Why do you wear slippers?”

“… Yeah, I want to meet someone.”

Jurina frowned. Meeting someone in the midnight on the top of building? That’s weird. “Who?” She cursed herself again because she was being overly curious and crossed over the boundary. She smacked her own head. What the hell am I doing?! She’s a stranger!!! She m-

“God. I want to meet Him.”

Jurina gasped and then she blinked many times with her mouth open. If the light was on, she was sure that the other girl would see her stupid face. “Sorry?” She pressed her brain in such a way to find another answer, but the only thing that came to her head was…

“I want to commit suicide. If this fucking elevator isn’t broken, I might be dead by now, jumping down from up there.”

Jurina gulped. WHAT THE FUCK! How could she say it so lightly like that?! Like it was the easiest thing to do in the world!!!

“Some people say that when we die… our spirit will wear our last clothes forever. I wear my favorite dress now, so I can wear it forever.” The other girl chuckled. “But I was too hasty and I didn’t pay attention to my feet.”

“W-wait… wait a minute.” Jurina couldn’t believe to what she heard. “D-do you mean that… you were in a hurry to kill yourself?” It made her goose bumps. It means… I might be the last person on earth who saw her before she died?! Wow! That was……… scary? No. That was extremely sad, despite the fact that she was stranger. She didn’t know why she thought that she would be sad if the other girl committed to suicide an hour ago.

“Yes. I’m so stupid, right?”

Jurina could hear the other girl cried hard. She wanted to hug the other girl, but she didn’t know where the other girl sat because she couldn’t see anything in the darkness like that… and on top of that, we are strangers.


= Rena =

Rena was never thought that she could be THIS ridiculous. How on earth I only wear slippers?! She facepalmed. If this young girl didn’t say it to me, I would have wearing slippers forever. She chuckled. She found it funny because after all this time, she was a ‘fashionista’, a person who dresses according to the trends of fashion. She would feel stupid if in the afterlife world, she only wore a pair of slippers.

“Why are you laughing?”

Rena stopped chuckling right after the young girl talked. “Nothing.” She simply answered it. “What’s your name?”


Rena nodded even though she knew the other girl couldn’t see her. “Well… Jurina, do you have something to drink? I feel thirsty.” She wiped her sweaty forehead. They already stuck there for an hour and there was no air flowing because the air conditioner was dead too. She felt hot and thirsty.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Rena heard the noise. She guessed that the other girl was trying to find it in her bag by throwing everything to the floor and grope everything one by one.

“Oh! I found it!!”

Rena could hear the cute happy voice that came out from the other girl lips, it sounded like an innocent kid who finally found her lost toy. She’s cute.

“Where are you? I can’t see you.”

“Here, at the right corner of the elevator. You’re on my left, right?” Rena held out both of her hands in the dark, trying to find Jurina. After that, her palm touched something. “There you are!” She tried to grab it.

“Aww! You smashed my face.”

“Oops! Sorry, I thought it was your hand.” Rena laughed. She felt Jurina slowly reached her hand and passed the bottle to her hand. “Thank you.” She pulled back her hand after she grabbed the bottle and then she drank the water.

After that, the dark elevator became quiet again. It was silence there. Rena didn’t know what to say to the other girl. She was the type of girl who couldn’t light up the conversation, especially with someone who she barely knew.

“Why do you want to kill yourself?”

Rena gasped. She didn’t expect the other girl to remind her about it. It was a long silent before she decided to answer the question. She wanted to pour out everything because her chest felt so tight, full of miserable memories. “I have a boyfriend… and he is a bastard. We have been dating since we were in high school. He was an ordinary boy at that time, he was a humble boy. Right after we graduated, he began his career. I knew that someday he would success because he was a nice person and also a hard worker.”

Rena felt that her eyes started teary. “I’m right. After 5 years, his career continued to climb. Since then, everything was sweet, at least for me. We are both success in our own field. But then… a few months ago, my happy life was turned into a hell.  Without I knew it, he was married to someone else… the fucking rich CEO!!” She cried. She was screaming because it was too painful to remember.

“WHAT?! Why didn’t you just leave him?!”

By hearing Jurina’s words, Rena knew that the other girl thought that she was stupid to commit a suicide just because of broken heart. “I’m p-”

BAAM! The lights turned on again and the air conditioner was working back. After 2 hours they isolated inside the small and dark elevator, finally… they could see each other.


The lights were working again. After blinking many times because of the sudden bright light, Jurina finally could see Rena’s face clearly. The other girl was also looked at her with the red and teary eyes, and… still sobbing. Then, she noticed something. “Y-your mascara…”

“Oh.” Rena wanted to clean up her cheeks that already ruined because of her mascara with her hands, but Jurina grabbed her hands.

“Wait… I have a tissue.” Jurina quickly grabbed the tissue pack and gave it to Rena.

Rena smiled. “Thank you. You help me again.” She took the tissue pack from Jurina’s hand.

While Rena busy with cleaning her face, Jurina collected her stuffs from the floor and put them back into her bag. “I guess the elevator will be working back as well.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Rena shrugged and then she looked away. It was an awkward and embarrassing situation for her. She only trapped with the other girl, a stranger, for 2 hours… but she already told the most important thing in her life to the stranger. I’m a piece of shit. She facepalmed.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Eh?” Rena looked at Jurina.

“Thinking that you want to kill yourself because of a jerk like that…. It’s such a waste. With a pretty face like that, you will definitely find someone better, much better.” Jurina sighed. “But… I’m a stranger… I don’t even know your name, so I don’t have a right to tell you what to do with your life. It’s up to you… and I’m happy to be the last person on earth who talks to you.” Jurina smiled but her eyes were teary.

Rena wanted to say something, but she couldn’t because she was surprised. The elevator was moving. So… they already fixed it.

Jurina squeezed her own hands as the elevator moving up. “Do you still want to commit suicide?” Somehow, she wished that elevator didn’t work for more hours so Rena didn’t have to kill herself that soon. Before she could hear Rena’s answer, the elevator stopped at 19th floor and the door already opened.

“Are you okay, Miss?” There were three men stood outside the elevator. “We’re so sorry for the trouble. The electricity that supports the elevator should be turned off because of the short-circuit.” They bowed her head at Rena and Jurina.

“It’s okay. At least we didn’t die… yet.” Rena smiled at the men. And then she turned her head toward Jurina. “This is your floor, right?”

Jurina nodded and then she stepped out from the elevator. She hoped that Rena would follow her and stayed with her instead went to the rooftop.

Rena looked at one of the men. “The problem is solved, right? So it doesn’t matter for me to use this elevator again.”

Jurina gasped. Oh no…

“Sure-sure. It’s okay, Miss. I guarantee that there is no problem anymore.”

“Great.” Rena pressed the button to close the door. During the process, she saw Jurina looked at her with the sad eyes. “It’s nice to meet you, Jurina.” She showed a bitter smile. “My name is Rena. We are not strangers anymore.” The door closed.

Jurina saw the number that showed above the elevator door was increased; it means Rena went up there. She clenched her fist. Fuck! She grabbed the collar of a man there. “Why did you have to tell her that the damn elevator is okay???!!!! Why did you have to fix this fucking elevator???!!!” She yelled at him.

The man confused and didn’t know what to say. “I… I-”

“Where’s the emergency stairs?” Jurina waited the answer. “Hurry up!!!!”

“The- there.” He pointed at the white door on his right.

Jurina let go of the man and then she sprinted to the emergency stairs door. I hope I’m not too late. She climbed the stairs in full speed. Come on, come on. Come on! She cheered herself while running. After climbed seven floors, she finally arrived at the top of the buildings. “Renaaaaaaaa!!!!” Her feet barely could move because she was very tired. She was panting.

Jurina forced herself to walk around to find the other girl. “Rena!!! Just fucking answer me, please!!!” A few seconds later, she found Rena’s slippers scattered near the edge. She cried. She can’t be dead by now… she can’t be. She was believed that it was already too late. I wish I was her friend or her sister, so I could freely tell her to not do something stupid like THIS!!!

“Why are you crying while holding my slippers?”

Jurina stopped crying and then she looked at the girl who stood in front of her. “You’re alive!! HAHAHAHHAA.” She laughed really hard and then she hugged Rena. “Don’t die, please.” Finally, she was brave enough to say it.

Rena rubbed Jurina’s back to comfort the sobbing girl. It felt so weird for Rena to see someone that she met only two hours ago, crying for her so hard like that. “Somehow, I already had a feeling that you would chase me.” She smiled.

Jurina let go of Rena’s body and then she looked at Rena’s eyes. “Just forget about that guy. I’m sure that you will find someone better… and if you don’t find it, I can make you become the happiest person in the world. I promise! So… don’t kill yourself, EVER!”

Rena took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant, Jurina.” She could see Jurina’s shocked face. “Broken heart is not the only reason I want to end my life. Just imagining me and my baby’s future… people will mock us! There’s no future for us!!”

“I’m your future.” Jurina said it firmly while pointing her finger to her chest. “You’re not alone. Let’s raise your baby together.” She had no idea why she said it. She wondered if other normal person would say it too, especially to the stranger.

“Sorry?” Rena frowned. “Did you just… propose me?”

Jurina felt the air suddenly left her lungs. She choked. “I- me- propose y- WHAT?” Oh great… now I’m proposing a stranger. But I guess… yeah… “Yup. Let’s be happy together. Will you?”

“I don’t want to become a burden.” The tears rolled down on Rena’s cheeks. “I’m glad you care about me so much, but you don’t have to force yourself this far.”

Jurina pouted. “I didn’t force myself. I swear!”

“Then… let’s try to life together from now on.” Rena kissed Jurina’s cheek. “Thank you.” She smiled.

Jurina blushed by the sudden kiss. Although it was only her cheek, but it already made her face became red enough. She didn’t want to become the only one who blushed there, so she cupped Rena’s face. She approached the beautiful face slowly. When she saw Rena was about to close the eyes, she kissed Rena’s forehead instead the tempting lips.

Rena opened her eyes and she saw Jurina’s cheeky smile. Shit. I’m embarrassing myself again.

Jurina laughed when she saw Rena’s shy face.

Both of them went near the edge and then they sat there, enjoying the fresh air and the night view. Their fingers intertwined together and they sat in silence, playing with their own mind.

“If you don’t mind, uh…” Jurina looked hesitate. “Who’s the baby’s father? I will make you and your baby stay away from him forever.”

Rena chuckled. “Why? Are you afraid that he will steal me from you someday?” She saw Jurina nodded. “What? We only knew each other for three hours. You just proposed me 45 minutes ago. Now, you already got jealous and thinking about the future. That was fast.” She giggled.

“What do you expect? I climbed seven damn floors through the emergency stairs to prevent you commit the suicide because I already like you from the very first sight. I almost had a heart attack because I thought you were dead. I won’t let you go easily! If he wants to get you back later, I… I have to make sure that you and your kid will be happier with him rather than with me.”

Rena couldn’t believe that Jurina would care about her that much. She was happy. “Kenji… Kitagawa Kenji.”

Jurina’s eyes widened. “Kitagawa Kenji? The famous actor?!” She saw a slight nod from Rena. “Fuck.” What a fate!

“Don’t worry. I won’t leave you for a man like that.” Rena tightened her grip on Jurina’s hand.

 “I’m glad to hear that from you.” Jurina smiled. “I heard he lives here, is that true? I heard from someone that he often went to this building.”

Rena shook her head. “No, that’s a wrong rumor. I’m the one who live here.”

Oh! So, he went here because he visits Rena, not because he lives here. Jurina smirked as something came to her mind. “Do you want to take revenge on him?”

“Huh?” Rena frowned.

Jurina took the camera from her bag. “Look. I’m a journalist and my boss eagerly wants to make his face become the cover of our magazine. I’m moving here because of the rumor. In a few hours ago, I tried to chase him, but he successfully escape from me… I met you after I failed to take his picture. Listen… my boss asked me to collect his news and take his picture with his affair, you, as a proof. I will hide your identity, of course. We can ruin both his showbiz career and his life forever.”

Rena smirked. “He will easily jump into my trap.”

======================= Some Years Later =======================

“Aw! Aw! Aeri, stop pulling my hair! Aw!” Jurina stopped reading the newspaper because the cute little kid kept pulling her hair harshly… while laughing.

Little Aeri giggled. “I don’t want to. You look funny.” She kept messing with Jurina’s hair.

Rena walked from the kitchen and saw the hilarious scene. She quickly grabbed little Aeri and carried her away from Jurina. “I’m sorry, Jurina. My daughter is always hyperactive when she’s with you.” She looked at Jurina with apologetic eyes and then she looked at Aeri. “You shouldn’t make her hurt, Aeri.”

Aeri pouted. “I’m sorry, mom. She’s too funny and kind.”

Rena put Aeri down and pointed her index finger to her daughter. “Go to your room. It’s time to sleep.”

“Yes mom.” Aeri looked down and then she went to her room while showing a big pout.

Jurina took the newspaper. “You don’t have to scold her. She’s just having fun with me. I’m not really angry, you know? You’re too strict.”

Rena sighed. “You’re too pampering my daughter, always.” She saw Jurina chuckled before Jurina read the newspaper again. She stared Jurina for some minutes while having a deep thought about something. “Jurina…”

“Hm?” Jurina answered without looked at Rena.

“It’s been 4 years since I lived with you and umm… Aeri is big enough now.” Rena finally got Jurina’s attention; Jurina looked at her while frowning.

“What are you trying to say all of a sudden, Rena?” Jurina put the newspaper on the table.

Rena looked at the floor. “What I’m trying to say here is… Aeri and I can’t keep depending on you. I have a promising job now and Aeri seems already accepted the fact that her father is a jerk. So we-”

Jurina stood up. “Do you want to move out?!” She looked at Rena in disbelief way. “I can’t believe it. After all these years…”

“Jurina.” Rena stood up as well. “I’m so thankful that you care about me and my daughter, but both of us can’t keep becoming a burden to you.”

“I don’t see both of you as a burden! I-”

“Oh come on, Jurina.” Rena rubbed her own forehead. “I know that 4 years ago, you tell me that you like me and allowed me to live with you because you’re afraid that I will try to commit suicide, right? You only feel pity for me and my baby at that time. Now, I can accept the truth and I won’t kill myself. I have a reason to live, Aeri. My daughter and I are strong enough to live alone now.”

Jurina scoffed. “What?! You think that I care about you just because of a pity?!” She walked toward Rena and stopped right in front of Rena. “I can’t believe that I have to say this. I think I already show it enough by the way I act.” She looked at Rena’s eyes, a pair of beautiful brown eyes. “I love you. I do really love you and I think I can’t live without you and Aeri.”

Rena moved by Jurina’s words. “I love you too. You’ve never said it properly to me, so… I thought-” She couldn’t continue to talk because she was crying. She covered her face with her hands.

“Hey…” Jurina pulled Rena’s hands that covered the angelic face. “Don’t cry.” She kissed Rena’s lips until Rena stopped crying. She gave a deep kiss to the tender lips. “I love both of you and I will do everything to make you guys happy.” She hugged Rena.


Rena and Jurina turned their head to Aeri, who already stood outside her room. They were surprised by the sudden presence of the cute kid.

Jurina smiled and then she opened her arms, asking Aeri to come into her hug. “Yeah… everything.”

Aeri grinned and then she ran happily toward Jurina. “So, as long as I’m happy… I can pinch your cheeks every day? Can I eat all your ice creams and drink your milk in the refrigerator? Can I keep pulling your hair? Can I eat on my bed? Can I sleep a bit late? Can I-”

“Aeri!” Rena scolded her daughter again. She seemed angry as she put her hands on her waist and glared at Aeri.

Jurina laughed. “Yes, you can.” She kissed Aeri’s cheek. “The only thing you can’t do is… burn this house.”

“Yeay~” Aeri escaped from Jurina’s hug and ran to the kitchen. “Ice cream~”

“No, you can’t!” Rena yelled at Aeri. “You already brushed your teeth!” She irritated by Jurina’s laugh. “You’re pampering my daughter again!”

“Stop saying ‘my daughter’ all the time. She’s my daughter too! Aeri is OUR daughter.” Jurina chuckled. “Your angry face is cute.” She grabbed Rena’s waist and pulled the other girl into her hug. “Don’t be jealous… I will pamper you as well… tonight.” She whispered seductively. “I’m sure that I will do everything to make you happy… tonight.

Rena’s cheeks blushed crazily.

============================== THE END ==============================

PS: I don’t know when I will update my other fanfics, again, blame my laziness. :3

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Stuck with You #18
« Reply #207 on: November 27, 2014, 04:19:20 PM »
Omg the last part is so cheesy..Kyaaaaa~~~

Thx for the wonderful OS

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Stuck with You #18
« Reply #208 on: November 27, 2014, 05:23:36 PM »
KYA SO SWEET!!! I LOVE THIS!!! :ptam-shy:

PLEASE WRITE MORE WMATSUI!!! :ptam-cry: :ptam-cry:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Stuck with You #18
« Reply #209 on: November 27, 2014, 09:06:42 PM »
Aw~ That was so sweet of Jurina to take Rena and her child in :mon lovelaff:
“No, you can’t!” Rena yelled at Aeri. “You already brushed your teeth!” She irritated by Jurina’s laugh. “You’re pampering my daughter again!”

“Stop saying ‘my daughter’ all the time. She’s my daughter too! Aeri is OUR daughter.” Jurina chuckled. “Your angry face is cute.” She grabbed Rena’s waist and pulled the other girl into her hug. “Don’t be jealous… I will pamper you as well… tonight.” She whispered seductively. “I’m sure that I will do everything to make you happy… tonight.”
Haha~ Jurina pampering them both :mon lol:
This was so nice, thank you for the OS :k-thrilled:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Stuck with You #18
« Reply #210 on: November 28, 2014, 02:05:50 PM »
So cute~ just read this on your tumblr
aw Wmatsui family is to cute, Jurina surely pampering their child :)
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Stuck with You #18
« Reply #211 on: November 29, 2014, 03:44:49 AM »
the OS about Wmatsui family is the best author-san :shy2: , just hope another OS will make Wmatsui family story.  :stuffed:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - New Year #19
« Reply #212 on: December 31, 2016, 06:04:04 PM »
Happy New Year!!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: This is my give for you all, especially WMatsui shipper.


= 11 AM =

Rena have been staring the picture for about an hour while sitting on her couch. How long has it been? When the last time I stood and sang on Jurina's side? She's wiping her tears that has been rolled down since hour ago. Oh my God, I miss her so bad! If I knew that graduate would be this hurt, I wouldn't make this decision until she graduates as well.

Last year, Rena hope that when she graduated,  her 3 years of unrequited love for Jurina could end as well. But now, she's realizing that it's a meaningless hope. Her pain is doubled even since her graduation from 48G. I can't keep living in a pathetic life like this.  She laughs a little while putting the photo frame back to her desk.

Rena walk toward her bed and throw her body onto it. Lucky for her that she doesn't have any schedule until next week, so her swollen eyes won't be a problem as long as she wears black glasses if she goes outside her house. How are you, Jurina? I'm here, alone. She looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. It seems I will celebrating new year by myself tonight.

Since last month, Rena have been refused dozens of invitation from the fellow artist, her new management, her 48G friends, and even from her family. She wants to be alone. Fuck with new year, she said. Days are all same for me, full of pain. It's tiring to keep smiling like an idiot in front of people when our hearts are broken, right?

Rena close her eyes.

=================== *** ====================

= 3 PM =

"Jurina!!!! Don't you have a year end party with SKE48 family at 5?! Hurry up!"

Jurina could hear her mom's voice from downstairs. "Okay mom!!!" She answered it. But instead of getting a shower, she goes back to her bed while carrying a photo frame on her chest.

Jurina lift the photo frame so she can see the picture again. That was the last time I felt her hug. She said it while caressing Rena's face on the picture. I miss her yet I still have not a courage to talk with her. She sighed. “Is this really the last…? Will I not meeting her again?” She felt so lonely and drown with memories that she had with Rena for years. It hurts.

Jurina realizing her stupidity for not keep maintaining a good communication with Rena. Since Rena graduated, she was never called Rena, not even a single short message was sent to Rena. Sadly, Rena is also do the same to her. It's like they become living in the different world after the graduation.

At first, Jurina was too busy in maintaining SKE48 balance because of Rena's graduation so she didn't even let her own personal matter distracted her even for a second. But weeks after her beloved SKE48 has been stabilized, she's realizing her mistake. She always thinking about Rena every time she's alone but she doesn't have a courage to begin the communication with Rena. She is hesitating with her own mind. What if she disturbing Rena? What if Rena find her annoying for calling out of blue? What if Rena already found someone she likes? What if... What if... What if...

Jurina staring at the picture once more before she takes a shower. Happy new year, Rena. She smiled but the smile that full of regret and pain.

=================== *** ====================

= 7 PM =

"Oi Jurina." Masana said it while taking a sit beside Jurina.


"Why don't you try to invite Rena-chan? Look." Masana pointed her finger toward ex-members who also joining the party. "It's okay to invite her. It's not like we do this party with our management." She was trying to convince Jurina.

Jurina look hesitant but then she takes her phone from her handbag. After she find Rena's name on her phone, she glance at Masana again. A convincing nod from Masana give her a courage. She presses a dial button and then she put her phone on her ear. Her heartbeat become uncontrolled as soon as she hears the dial tone. She's waiting... and keep waiting. "She didn't pick up my call." She said it to Masana.

"Oh. Maybe she is in the middle of having a party as well." Masana shrug her shoulder. "It's okay, Jurina. Maybe next time." She's patting Jurina's back.

Jurina doesn't say anything. She's just looking at the ground. What if... her being in the middle of the party is not a problem here? Maybe she simply doesn't want to talk to me anymore.

* At Rena's house *

W-what was that?! Her hand trembling while holding her cellphone. J-jurina called me?

Now, it's Rena's turn to not having a courage to start a communication with Jurina again. The phone was in her grip when Jurina called her, yet she's too afraid to feel hurt again.

She remembered the thing that happened 2 years ago. At that time, she and Jurina had a big quarrel because of something and it caused both of them didn't talk for about 2 weeks. So one day Jurina came to her to apologize and make up, she felt really happy at that time. But after that, her heart sank when Jurina was also announced her relationship with Mayu. Rena tried really hard to maintain her smile until she excused herself to go to the toilet.

Maybe if I keep not talking with her, my heart will get used to it and slowly forgetting her. Even though that Rena doesn't so sure about that, she decides to keep her heart locked. She puts her cellphones back onto the desk.

================= *** =================

= 10 PM =

Jurina keep fidgeting her fingers. Why Rena haven't call me back yet? She knows that I was calling her, right?! She massaged her forehead. She is drowning in her mind.

If it's about Rena, Jurina become overly thinking about everything she does. It's always happened since 3 years ago, when she and Rena became extremely close to each other than before. At that time she was sure that her feeling for Rena was not just a friendship, it was love. But as usual, those "what ifs" came to her mind like crazy. What if Rena only saw her as friend? What if her confession ruined their relationship? What if Rena already had someone she likes?

And that bad habit of her made her decided to lock her feeling deep inside her heart and started a special relationship with Mayu. Deep inside her heart she wanted too see Rena disappointed face when she announced her relationship with Mayu, but it was not happened. What she saw was a big smile from Rena. Not long after that, she heard from other members that Rena started dating with Yukirin. It made her felt regret for a long time.

Jurina gasped. That's it! Regret! I don't want to feel it anymore! She quickly stand up and excusing herself to everyone. I don't want to feel regret anymore. If Rena reject me, so be it. I have nothing to lose. She is not in SKE anymore so even if she rejects me, I won't see her face everyday and become awkward with each other. I can simply avoid her if  that happen. She runs out of the building and quickly looking for a taxi.

================= *** =================

= 11.15 PM =


Rena flinched as she heard her apartment's bell ringing. Huh?! I don't remember that I inviting someone. She hesitantly walks towards the door and then she see the uninvited guest through the peephole. J-jurina???!!!! W-what? Why?! Oh my God! What should I do?! She walks back and forth for quite long time.

"Rena-chan, are you in there?! Please open the door." Jurina keep pressing the bell even though she does not sure if Rena is in her apartment or not. She keep trying to call Rena for about 15 minutes but no answer from Rena. She sighed. What makes me think that Rena would be in her place? She must be having fun with someone now. She smiled bitterly and then she decided to go home.

But when she turns away, she hears the door unlocking. She quickly turns her head toward the door.

"Hi. It's been a long time, Jurina."

Jurina saw Rena's smile and even without her realizing it, the tears rolling down on her cheeks. It's - It's Rena. In a flesh! Her smile... her voice... She smiles yet she's crying even harder.

"Oh my God, Jurina!" Rena quickly pulling Jurina into her hug and slowly lead Jurina go inside her apartment. "What happen? Why do you come here in the midnight like this? It's dangerous you know!" She patting Jurina's head to calm her down.

"Baka, it's your fault!" Jurina finally find her strength to talk. She let go of the hug and wiping her tears.

Rena get confused. "Me? Why me? It's even our first time talking after a long time." She talked like that while pointing her own face.

"Why did you not answer my call?! Or at least call me back if you didn't hear it at first!" Jurina looked irritated after she knew that Rena is actually not in a party. "You obviously knew it, right?"

Rena flinched. "I... I'm sorry."

"I'm not asking your sorry. I just want to know why. Do you hate me that much?"

"No. Of course not. What are you saying?!" Rena denied it firmly.

"Then why?" Jurina can't understand what inside Rena's head. She always remember how Rena only show her smile in front of her, even though she realize that Rena is having a trouble in her mind. She sit on the chair. "Is it maybe because you don't want to talk to me anymore after your graduation?"

Rena flinched as she heard Jurina's question. It really hit her. She also take a sit on the chairs beside Jurina. "Listen to me, Jurina." She looked straight into Jurina's eyes. "I'll tell the truth if you insist. I have nothing to lose anymore because we're not in the same group anymore. So... if you want to go after you hear this, then I won't prevent you." She takes a deep breath.

Jurina close her eyes and clenched her fists. She's sure that she's going to face her worst nightmare ever.

"I'm in love with you since 3 years ago and-"

What? Jurina open her eyes and looking Rena in disbelief way. For 3 years I've been thinking so many "what ifs", but this what if was never crossed in my mind. Not even once. When she saw that Rena is going to talk again, she pulled Rena's face onto hers. She captured Rena's lips. She doesn't care about the rest, confirming their love is good enough. No more drama, no more tears, no more explanation.

Both of them kissing each other passionately, trying to forget all the pain that they felt in those 3 years. Somehow, they both feel so stupid for not confessing their love to each other since the beginning. If both of them were brave enough to take a risk, both of them didn't have to feel those great amount of pain and regret.

"Me too. You've been in my mind since 3 years ago."

After Jurina's said it, they saw the fireworks has been fired up to the sky. Both of them holding hands while walking through the window and open the curtain fully, so they can enjoy the view better. Both of them smile and tightening their grip onto each other hand.

"Happy new year, my dear." Rena smiled toward Jurina. "This is going to be the best new year celebration in my life."

Jurina snorted. "What makes you so sure that this is going to be your best new year celebration?"

"Hm?" Rena tilted her head as she was confusing about Jurina's statement.

Jurina chuckled. This girl is surely cute. She pinched Rena's cheek gently and then she pulling Rena's body back into her hug. "I want to make every new year's party become so awesome until you confused which one is the best." She laughed and then she give a light kiss onto Rena's forehead. "Happy new year, Rena-chan. And congratulation because you're officially become a girlfriend of The Great Matsui Jurina." She releases her hug and give Rena a cheeky smile. "Wow. You must be proud of yourself because you succeed in becoming SKE48's ace girlfriend." She laughs really hard.

Rena show her WTF expression but then she laughs together with Jurina.

==================== *** ===================

How ironic isn't? Those great amount of pain and regret that us carried in our own mind and heart for 3 years, can be solved in about 30 minutes only with a magic word like "love" without need any other explanation.

Please don't make a same mistake like us. Confess your love and take the risk. That's the only way you can be happy even if your love is not mutual. :)

Happy new year, guys.

================== THE END =================

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - New Year #19
« Reply #213 on: December 31, 2016, 06:38:03 PM »
I barely make replies anymore on the forum since I've been busy and out of whack with literally everything on this forum, but I had to after giving this OS a read.

Very nice one shot on wMatsui! I don't know if it's just me, but it felt like years (maybe it is) since I've last read something about them. Regret is definitely something that gnaws at us like there's no tomorrow. It's a nice message you inserted at the end from the two Matsuis. Makes it feel like a nice closure to the story. Maybe it might be cliche, but I thought you used it well in this sense. Also, the usage of picture really reminded me that, oh right, Rena graduated, ha... ha...

Back to the story, the plot is easy to digest, and I like the twist with Rena "accepting" the fact that Jurina has a special relationship with Mayu. Little did she know that Jurina actually felt disappointed when Rena didn't showcase any form of objection towards it. Making matters even worse, we got the YukiRena train going TOOT TOOT! (At least Mayuki is probably in the background, going "score! they've finally confessed after 3 years, jesus christ. let's make up the time we missed at a love hotel--" slapped) The angst of romance... The "what ifs" are always the killer. In reality, the same issue occurs and that's always the roughest part for a confession. If someone doesn't reciprocate with the same kind of affection or emotional response, then it just spirals downhill from there. Love is a mixture of simplicity and complexity. Definition is easy, but to actually understand love is just a whole level of philosophy involving too much ethics, ugh. (And most anyone would rather read Twilight than sit down and contemplate on that!)

Usage of pictures really increases the "doki doki wMatsui!!!" shipper heart. Yes, that includes my shriveled up heart in this fandom. doki doki Though I have to admit, I really did laugh out loud when Jurina was ringing the doorbell and calling for Rena's attention for 15 minutes. That's a lot of dedication, but I'm not sure why I pictured the scenario to be more comedic than it should've been. Regardless, I'm glad they finally got their feelings through with each other after that long, and that young Matsui is still herself around the older Matsui.

Excellent OS overall, so keep up the good work! I might fade in and out of your thread now if I don't die from overworking myself. Also, Happy New Year to you, anakpanti-san, and may the new year treat you as well, if not, even better than this year!

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - New Year #19
« Reply #214 on: January 01, 2017, 01:11:36 AM »
Wow. LoyalFlutist. We all know that you won't come out just everywhere in this forum.
So somehow, I feel honored everytime you write me a comment.  XD :lol:  :lol:

Your comment always become a great feedback for writers. Thank you for that.

Yeah... Rena's graduation makes me and maybe some other writers find it harder to get the "WMatsui feels". Even I, an absolute shipper of WMatsui have to watch bunch videos before write a fanfic to get the feelings back. Hahaha.

Btw, your English is kinda a bit too expert for me and it made me had to read some parts twice, so I can understand it well. The stupid of me :lol:
Thank for this amazing comments, as usual.

Happy new year too you as well.  :twothumbs.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.1) #4
« Reply #215 on: January 03, 2017, 04:34:45 PM »
I'm sorry for all SaeYuki shippers who wait the continuation of this fic for the longest time.  :bow:
I try my best to write this fic as good as I can so I can end it here, but the result is... the last part unexpectedly become longer than I've planned before, so I have to separate it into 2 parts. I'll update the last part in 2 days.

In case, you're already forgot about the story, here: Prologue, Part 1, Part 2.



PART 3.1

Yuki keep staring at the mirror inside the dressing room. This dress is so beautiful. She keep turning around so she can see the dress better from several sides. I hate to admit it but... I'm glad that this wedding dress perfectly fit on my body. She keep smiling by herself.

"Are you THAT happy?"

Yuki flinched as her eternal enemy suddenly show up behind her back and talked near to her ear. "The fuck." Her expression suddenly change 360 degrees, from super happy to super annoyed. "When is my turn?" She pointed at the number on her right chest, 35.

"It's still up to 15th. Maybe you'll go in about 30 minutes." Sae suddenly grabbing both Yuki's shoulders and make her turn around to face her. "Stand still. Let me check the dress once more."

"Ugh!" Yuki almost fell because Sae made her turned around way too fast. "Hey! Slow down! Can't you see I've just done with my hair and everything?! You sure doesn't know how to say thanks to your savior."

Sae snorted. "You're not my savior if I don't get an A for this final project."

Yuki rolling her eyes. "Whatever."

Sae focusing on the dress on Yuki's body. She narrowed her eyes on every inch of Yuki's body while walking slowly around Yuki without taking off her eyes from the dress. She wants to make sure that no more flaws that can ruining her grade.

On the other side, Yuki looks really awkward and her cheeks are slowly become redder. She knows that Sae only checking the dress, but somehow she also fells that Sae's pervert eyes are also checking out her body. She is definitely doesn't know where to look, especially in such a close distance.

Without Yuki realizing it, she already staring at Sae's face. Somehow, Sae's "work-mode" always make her heart fluttering uncontrollably. This is bad. She sighed. Wake up you stupid girl! She cursed herself. You have Mayu!!! For God's sake, Yuki!! Besides, he is a guy!!! A fucking guy!

"What are you doing?" Sae cross her arms on her chest while raising one of her eyebrows. "You're making such a silly face. I don't want to see you making that face on the stage, okay?" She sighs.

Yuki gasped. "O-oh right. Okay." She quickly looking at the ground to hide her blushing face.

"Well then... I'll go outside. The judges will ask me some questions after you go on the stage, so don't immediately step down from the stage after catwalk-ing. Stand beside me until they're done asking me." Sae walking toward the door and reach the knob. "Hey." She turned around before going out from the dressing room.


Sae smile at Yuki. "Thank you for helping me and umm... you look stunning in that dress." After she said it, she closes the door.

Yuki stunned as she saw Sae's sincere smile for the first time. You've got to be kidding me. She can't believe that her heartbeat go faster once again. This is really bad.

*On the Other Side*

Sae looking at her watch. Oh, I still have 15 minutes. I'll go outside for a minute to get some fresh air. She walks outside of the auditorium.

Sae rested her back on one of the pillar while standing outside the auditorium. I couldn't believe my eyes before. She's smiling by herself. The dress... my dress... looks even 5 times more beautiful after she wears it. She couldn't stop herself from smile and even without she realizing it, she's already giggling. She doesn't care about people who's staring at her strange behavior.

“Sae senpai!!” Someone come and poke Sae’s shoulder.

Sae turn her head and gasp. “Ah, Jurina??!!” Her eyes grow bigger. “When did you come back??” She feels so happy, so she's go hugging Jurina tightly.

“I arrived yesterday. I called your mother this morning and she said that you must be here.” Jurina clean a bit dust on Sae’s clothes. “You looks so kakkoii, as usual. No doubt, you’re a designer after all… you design your own clothes. The clothes that can make you look like a cool ikemen.“

Sae give a big grin to Jurina after releasing the hug. “My pleasure to hear that from you.” She's observing Jurina from head to the toe. “You’ve changed.” She can’t hide her admiration toward the girl who's standing in front of her.

“Modelling school forced me to become like this.” Jurina pout. “Is it that bad?”

“Are you kidding me?! You’re so beautiful. You looks so mature and girly. I think that I’m going to miss you as a boy.” She laughs.

Jurina is grinning as well. “Is a job as your model still opened for me? Because I wanna give my application letter to you.” She sticks out her tongue.

"Huh?" Sae laugh again after hearing Jurina's question, then her hand approaching Jurina’s hair and ruffling it gently. “It’s yours since the beginning. Don’t tease me.”

Jurina laughing. "Don't even try to break your promise to me! Make me your first model when you start your own company, okay?" She smiles after Sae give her a nod. "Are you busy? Let go for coffee." She reaches Sae's arm and hold it.

"Sorry. I'm in the middle of doing my final project, Jurina." Sae give an apologetic look to Jurina. "My model will up in about 5 minutes inside the auditorium."

Jurina look a bit surprised. "Really?! Can I watch as well? I want to see the dress that you make."

"Of course you can. Let's go inside." Sae pulling Jurina's hand and they walk together into the auditorium. "You can sit here." She's pointing at the chair and let Jurina sit on it. "I'll go there." She pointing at the participant's seat.

Jurina give a nod while smiling. "Good luck, senpai."

Sae smile as well. She look around as she hears that the auditorium become more noisy than before. She's a bit surprised when she sees that almost everybody looking at Jurina. She bend down her body a little and approach Jurina's ear. "I can't believe that you've stole their hearts already. Your beauty is not a joke right now."

Jurina laugh. "You silly!" She punches Sae's arm gently. "Now go there and kill it!" She raises her two thumbs.

After that, Sae go and seat on the participant's seat and waiting for her turn.

"NO. 35, MIYAZAWA SAE!" The judge finally called Sae's name.

Sae stand up and waiting for Yuki appear on the stage. 5... 4... 3... Sae's counting down inside her heart. 2... 1.... now.

Yuki walk slowly yet elegant. Yuki's natural beauty make the whole students can't close their lips while looking at Yuki. Yuki forming a smile on her reddish lips and make people admire her even more, including Sae. No matter how often Sae have seen Yuki in that dress, she'll never be able to turn her eyes away from Yuki.

Yuki take a slight glance at Sae. Sae reply it with a smile and a slight nod. Good job.

* 1 Hour Later *

Yuki throw her body onto the chair inside the dressing room after she's done changing her clothes. I don't know that I'll be this tired. She takes a bottle of mineral water from the table and she gulps it all in one go.

"Tired already? You like an old lady."

Yuki rolling her eyes. "Why do I feel like want to slap you every time you open your mouth?"

Sae laugh out loud. "Just kidding, I'm sorry. Let's go grab some food. I'll buy you a dinner." She grins.

"Oh, thank God. You finally have some manner." Yuki stand up and walk toward Sae. "Here your dress." She gives Sae's the wedding dress that have been neatly folded.

"It's for you. Take it as my gratitude."

Yuki raising both her eyebrows. "Wow. Thanks."

Sae smirk. "Just in case you miss me when I graduate later."

Yuki give Sae a WTF look. "In your dream! By the way, this dress is not even as good as you think. I don't think you'll get the 1st place in this project." She throws the dress onto the table. "I don't need it."

Sae is kind off offended by Yuki's word. "Look who is talking now. Do you think you can defeat my grades even for one subject? You're just too arrogant." She takes the dress that have been thrown by Yuki before. "If you don't want this, I'll give it to someone else."

“If I get the 1st place in our class, you must do the kneel bow at me in front of all students here!!” Yuki looked so pissed off.

Sae shrug. “Okay.” She grabs Yuki’s hand and pull it, and it cause Yuki’s body fully leaning on her. She approaches Yuki’s face and then she whispers, “but if I win, you must kiss me…… on the lips.” She smirks. “You don’t have to do it in front of many people… just you and me.”

“Get off me!” She pushes Sae strongly. “Sorry, I don’t like boys!” She replied it sarcastically.

“That’s good.. because I’m a girl.”

“You’re joking.”

“I’m not." Sae smirk. "Why? Are you happy because finally you can totally and deeply falling in love with me from now on?" She laughs sarcastically as she knows that she's successfully defeat Yuki in this argument.

Yuki massaging her forehead while making a stressful expression. She still can't believe her foolishness. Shit! Shit! Shit! It can't be true!!! Oh no. What should I do now? Deep inside her heart, she knows that the fact Sae is actually a girl will make her hesitant even more about her feelings toward Sae because no barrier between them anymore.

"Now, let's go." Sae opening the door for Yuki. "I'll also want to introduce you to someone who is really important to me."

When Yuki doesn't even finish with her own struggle, Sae surprise her again. "What?!" She walks outside and both of them walk together toward the parking lot after Sae close the door behind. "Who?!" She feels uneasy.

"You don't need to be nervous. I'm not going to introduce you to my parents, you know?" Sae laugh really hard. She can't understand it herself why teasing Yuki become her hobby. She's enjoying Yuki's irritated face up-close. "Oh, it's her." She pointing at the girl who stand beside her car.

Jurina waving her hand at Sae and Yuki when she sees both of them approaching her. A bright smile is still gluing on her lips.

Sae move closer at Yuki and then she whispering at Yuki. "She's my childhood friend. I treasure her more than my own life, so you better be nice to her today."

After hearing that, Yuki feel something strange going on inside her heart. It can't be a jealousy, right?

=========================== *** ===============================

"Hello? Yuki? Are you still there?"

"Oh. Yeah, I am. I'm sorry." Yuki slap her own face. How could I think about someone else when I'm talking with my own girlfriend?! Stupid.

"Are you tired? Do you want to sleep?" Mayu sounded worry.

"No. Not yet."

"..." Mayu paused for a while. "Do you have something in your mind that you want to tell me?"

*THUMP* Yuki flinched because Mayu's question really hit the target. Sometimes I feel that Mayu have 6th sense. She's almost can see through me even though she's far away. She doesn't know how to tell Mayu about the fact that Sae is actually a girl without making her girlfriend worried. She knows that she can't keep hiding it from Mayu because later if Mayu know it herself, then a big conflict will be started. But how can I tell Mayu after all this time?! I went to Sae's place and even stayed the night?!!!! Oh my God.


"No. Nothing. Everything is fine and you don't need to worry." Yuki curse herself for lying, but she doesn't ready yet to tell the truth.

"... Okay." Mayu paused again. "I love you. You know it, right?"

Yuki staring at the ceilings. She's remembering the memories that she has been spent together with Mayu. "I know and I love you too." I can't keep act like this, I have no heart if I ever try to hurt her,the only one person who always stand by my side even in my most terrible days.

========================= to be continued =========================

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.1) #4
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Hello, welcome back 😁 i thought i would never see you around anymore.
We talked through askfm before, but i doubt you remember me. But i don't use anon hahahaha

Anyway, seriously i forgot about the story. So i need to re-read it again 😅😅😅
For some reason i do agree with yuki, everytime sae opened her mouth why do i feel like my hand want to strangle her  :lol:
Will mayu drop by surprise?

Of course i can see J becoming 'woman'  not boyish again since she always try to change her image. But she still a cute puppy 🐶

Thanks! Its so rare to see SaeYuki project now 😊😊
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.1) #4
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Oh, Tama-san? Of course I remember you.  :lol:

Well... let's see what would Mayu do in the last part.  :P
I feel bad for her though since it's SaeYuki fic.  :P

Among all characters that I've ever wrote in my fics, I think I've hurt Mayu the most.  :cry:

Yeah... Sae's teasing character also make me wanna kick her ass.  :lol:
Usually, after I finished writing a fic, I would re-read it before posting it. Then I'll be like... "What the f**k are you doing to my precious Yuki?! :banghead:" when I read Sae's part.  :rofl:

My baby Ju growing up so fast in this 2 years.  :inlove: :wub:

I love SaeYuki, but after this fic end, I'm not sure when I'll write this pair again.  :P

Thank you for your comment and support. Glad you're enjoying this part.  :thumbsup

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.1) #4
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 AUTHOR SANN  :fainted: :fainted:
 I LOVE YOUR STORY AND LOVE YOU TOO  :on slopkiss: :shy2:
 GAMBATTE AUTHOR SAN  :on GJ: :byebye:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.2) #4
« Reply #219 on: January 12, 2017, 05:17:53 PM »
I'm really the worst here. LOL.
I still can't end the story in this chapter. However, I think it's better going on like this rather than a rushed ending fic. Right?
I'm sure that the next one will be the last. Really.... the last.


PART 3.2

Sae is still have an extremely annoying behavior like always, especially towards Yuki. Yuki is also still want to whack Sae's head every time she sees Sae's face. Everything looks same, except... in these past 2 months (after Sae's final project is done), somehow, Yuki and Sae managed to become closer than before. For some reasons, both of them are already accustomed with each other's presence.

"Hey, Yuki 'The Hot Bitch'. Let's grab some drinks after our classes over." Sae sit on the table beside Yuki's chair right after the professor walk out of their class.

Yuki rolls her eyes. "No time for that, Miyazawa-san. I still have to do my homework tonight. Just go with one of your harem or maybe with all of them." She didn't even need to turn her head because she was already knew that it was Sae's voice. She is still focusing her eyes on her laptop. She doesn't want anyone come and disturb her in studying.

Sae let out a sigh. "Why do you even need to study so diligently? You know that you'll never be able to beat my grades." Suddenly, she remembered something. "Wait. Don't tell me that you're really want to beat me because of our silly bet 2 months ago. That was a joke, you know?"

Yuki stop. "It's not because of that." She turns her head at Sae.

"Then why?"

It's because I don't want to go too often with you and I have to keep myself busy so I don't have to think about you every minute. Yuki obviously couldn't said it directly to Sae, so she just turned her eyes back to her laptop. "I have a dream to work as designer in Paris, so... it's so obvious that I should have enough qualification for that."

Sae stand up. "Bullshit." After that, Sae's hand reach Yuki's laptop and close it by force.

"Hey!!!" Yuki look so irritated.

Sae ignoring Yuki's irritated face because she's already used to it, and then she take the laptop into her grip. "Come on." She walks away while bringing the laptop and leave Yuki's behind.

I hate her. Yuki quickly grab her handbag and the she runs toward Sae. "Give my laptop back!" She tries to reach her laptop.

Sae swiftly moving the laptop into her other hand, so Yuki can't reach it. "Oh come on. Every girls in this college are dying just to walk together with me. You should be feel honored." She laughs.

Yuki groans. "Urgh! I'm not one of those stupid girls. Why don't you just ask Matsui-san to drink with you?!"

Sae stop after she hears Yuki's word. "Jurina?" She frowned. "Why did you suddenly involve her?"

Yuki doesn't know why she suddenly said Jurina's name like that. She didn't even realized it when the name came out from her lips. She feels even more stupid when she sees Sae smirk at her.

"Are you jealous at her?" Sae look at Yuki while showing her mischievous smile. "Interesting."

"Quit dreaming, Miyazawa." Yuki rolled her eyes while saying it. "Don't you realize how narcissist you are?!" She tried her best to make it sounded normally even though her heart was almost explode because of the nervousness.

Sae laugh again. "Oh man. Just kidding." After that, she takes her phone from her bag. "But it's a nice idea actually. We can invite Jurina as well." She's looking for Jurina's number on her contact and then she presses the dial button. "I bet she's only lazying around right now." She said it as she remembered that Jurina was already graduated from the modelling school 2 months ago. "Hello, J." She said it after Jurina picked up her call.

Yuki gluing her eyes on Sae, who is still on the phone with Jurina, while showing her straight face. I think I've just digging my own grave.

*2 Hours Later*

Yuki, Sae, and Jurina walk into the club as if there is a slow motion camera there. The moment they entered the club, almost all pair of eyes glued on them. Jaw drops everywhere.

Jurina and Yuki are wearing sexy black dresses while walking like supermodels. The heavy smokey eyes make-up are also make them looks more stunning. On the other side, Sae is wearing a cool white suit with light blue tie attached on her. She walks with one of her hands inside her pants pocket and she uses the other hand to wear the black glasses.

Jurina shaping a slight smile on her lips as she is perfectly aware that 3 of them are gaining everyone's attention. She nudge Yuki's hand while walking and then she whispers at Yuki's ear. "Hey, it was actually a nice decision for us to drop at Sae's place and borrowing her own designed dress before going here."

Yuki put her palm on her lips to cover her chuckle. "You're right, although we were making a total mess in her place while searching these dresses." She whispered back at Jurina.

"Return my dresses as soon as possible after you wash it. Don't even dare to leave any permanent damage on the dresses." Sae roll her eyes. She is remembering how happy Jurina and Yuki after she gave them permission to wear any dresses that they liked. The memory of Yuki and Jurina laughing and smiling in excitement as they were trying almost all of her dresses collection are also popping up in her mind. Such a kid.

"Stingy as always." Jurina stick out her tongue at Sae.

While letting Jurina and Sae doing their cat-fights, Yuki looking around as she's trying to find an empty table. "There!" She pointed her finger at the empty chairs in front of the bartenders.

Sae and Jurina stop their 'fight' and following Yuki from behind. After they sit on the chair, they order some drinks while enjoying the loud music inside the club.

After 20 minutes of sitting and drinking only, Sae feel that her adrenaline begin to pump up and her body begin to sway along the music beats. "Hey! Wanna go to the dance floor?"

Yuki frown and then she turns her head at Sae. "What?" She couldn't hear anything except the loud music inside the club.

Sae approach Yuki's ear. "Wanna go to the dance floor?" She raised her voice so Yuki could hear it. "Dance with us!" She pointed at herself and Jurina.

Yuki shake her head. "Umm. No. I don't dance."

"Okay." Sae take her glass and then she gulps the vodka that left in the glass in one go. She feels a bit dizzy and her body feels hot as well, but it excite her. "Come on, Jurina. It's been a while." She grabs Jurina's hand after put the glass back onto the table.

Jurina smile and then she stands up. She looks excited because it's been a long time since she and Sae 'hit the floor' together. "Challenge accepted." She let Sae pull her hand and bring her toward the dance floor. "Join us anytime if you feel bored, Kashiwagi-san!!!" She said it to Yuki before Sae pull her further from their table.

Yuki give a slight nod to Jurina. She looks indifferent at first, but then she can't hold back her urge to watch Sae and Jurina. She keeps gluing her eyes on Sae and Jurina while drinking her vodka little by a little.

At first, Jurina and Sae dance powerfully as the music beats 'tell' their body to do so. Both Jurina and Sae look like the expert dancers and it makes, once again, both of them gaining a lot of attention. Yuki is also praising them inside her mind. Wow, so cool. No wonder they're become best friend, somehow, they have a same vibe.

After 3 songs played, the DJ start to change the music type. This time, the music is still have a good beats but also sounds sexier. Jurina start to dance a bit sexier toward Sae, who is also making a kind of seducing expression. Both of them dancing intensely without letting go their eyes toward each other.

The hot atmosphere between Jurina and Sae increasing as Jurina raising her arms while dancing and Sae quickly put her hands on Jurina's hips. Both of them are dancing so close to each other. Finally, Jurina put her arms around Sae's neck and their body locked to each other. Their bodies swaying in the same beats with their faces are almost touching.

Yuki close her eyes for a moment to calm the rage inside her heart. Oh God, my heart is going to explode here. After taking deep breaths several times, she opens her eyes again, hoping the rage is gone. She's wrong. Looking at Sae and Jurina dance intimately like that make her mind is going to explode anytime.

Yuki ask bartender to give her 3 more shots of a kind of strong alcohol beverage and then she drinks them in a shot. I HATE THIS FEELINGS!!! Then she stands up and walk straight toward the dance floor. She pushes everyone who is about to bump onto her body at the dance floor. Finally, Yuki is already stood right in front of Sae and then she gives a death glare at Sae.

When Sae realizing Yuki's presence, her body stop. "What are you doing?" She frowned as she confused about Yuki's sudden strange behavior.

Jurina letting go of Sae's body and then she turned back. "Oh, Kashiwagi-san?" She move a bit from Sae's side because she feels the strange atmosphere around them as well.

Without a single warning, Yuki steps forward and grabs Sae's necktie. It makes Sae forced to bend down a little. "Dance-with-ME." She whispered it at Sae's ear.

Sae flinched a little as she heard an angry tone at Yuki's voice. She looks at Jurina, asking for a help, but she only receives a big grin from Jurina.

"Go for it and good luck." Jurina say it to Sae without letting out her voice. After that, she walks away from the dance floor while smiling. What kind of womanizer who doesn't even realize that there is a jealous girl in front of her? She chuckles.

Sae take a moment to think about what is happening there. Ah! She gasps as she realizes something. She looks at the pair of eyes who is still looking at her angrily. She's jealous. And if she's jealous at me, it means... she loves me!

Sae was never considering that there is a love between her and Yuki before. She only felt happy when Yuki was around her. She was even happy when Yuki scolded her. Even Yuki's irritating face was cute for her. For some reason, everything that Yuki did were always lovely in her eyes. She's just realize it at that... after she met Yuki, no other girls took her interest anymore. The moment she saw Yuki for the first time, without she realized it before... Yuki was already imprinted in her heart as the most beautiful girl for her. I love her as well.

Sae hold the delicate hand that grabbing her necktie and put it around her neck. She is also putting Yuki's other hand gently around her neck. After that, she's placing both of her hands around Yuki's waist. She approaches Yuki's ear. "I'd love to dance with you." She whispered back at Yuki.

They begin to dance together with their bodies glued onto each other. Both of them dance crazily without caring about other people who amaze at them because of their amazing look. With their stunning look, Sae and Yuki put everyone there below their levels. They're surely in goddess level.

Yuki doesn't even remember who initiate it first, but their lips are already intertwined together. Her body feel hot as soon as her lips touching Sae's lips, and it makes her want to kiss Sae more passionate than before. Maybe it's because she's under alcohol influence but she doesn't even care a bit. On that night, her mind goes blank and doesn't think of anything else... including Mayu.

On the next day... Yuki wake up on Sae's bed.

========================== *** ===========================

It only need 2 days for everyone in their college to know about their relationship since it's so obvious. For 2 days in a row, Yuki and Sae attend their morning class together and of course they walk home together as well. No more strict atmosphere between them, no more fight and yelling, only smiles and laughs that appear on both faces. The way both of them looking at each other lovely make everything become so convincing.

Usually girls will go mad if their harem dating someone else, but it doesn't happen. No one seems mad at Yuki since they know that Yuki is far beyond their level, so they really can't do anything. If it's someone else, maybe they will keep trying to take Sae away. But since it's Yuki, no one have an enough confidence to do that.

Yuki doesn't fully realized what is she doing with Sae until a week later, a girl come at her and say, "Kashiwagi-san, congratulation for your relationship with Sae-chan. Both of you looks good together." She smiles and then she walks away, leaving Yuki dumbfounded on her chair.

Wait... Suddenly, Yuki's can feel her palm and her foot gradually become colder and even colder. I-I'm... two-timing Mayu. Her hands shaken as she massaging her forehead in full of frustration. Maybe because of her happiness to become together with Sae make her mind blind for days and make her forget about the consequence that she has to face near in the future. S-Sae is also doesn't know about my relationship with Mayu. Her sight go blurry because she has too much fears in her mind. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

Yuki quickly grab her bag and then she walks away from her class. There is no way she can concentrate in her study with her messy head like that. She walks fast toward the main gate and stop the taxi, she doesn't bring her car since Sae always pick her up at her apartment every single day.

As soon as she arrives at her apartment, she throws her bag onto the desk and lying her body onto her bed. What should I do? That question keep coming onto her mind over and over again.

====================================== *** ==========================================

Without she realizes it, it's been 3 days since she lock herself inside her apartment. She doesn't even bother to pick up calls from anyone, neither Mayu or Sae.


Yuki flinched as she heard the door bell ringing. It must be Sae. She easily guess it since only Sae, Mayu, and her parents know her place. She covers her face with the pillow. She doesn't intended to open the door at all. I'm sorry. I don't know what to do.

In those 3 days, Yuki push her brain to solve this problem. But even with her smart brain, she still doesn't able to find the answer. There is only one solution that she has on her mind: break up with one them before any of them realize that I'm two-timing them. Then the problem is... she's not ready to lose one of them. Mayu, the one who always stand by her side for the longest time even in her darkest time. Sae, the girl who left a strong impression inside her heart and her love for Sae is strangely escalated quickly only in a couple months.

Yuki let out a sigh of relief after she hears no more bell ringing. In a moment later, she's receiving a message from Sae.

From: Sae-chan

Where are you?
Is something happened to you? Don't leave me like this.Please answer my calls or at least reply my messages.
I miss you and I'm so worried about you.
I come to your place everyday but it seems you're not at home.

Please share your problem with me, I'll help you with all my strength.

I love you.


The tears rolled down on Yuki's cheeks as she read the message from Sae. I'm the worst.

*On The Next Day*

Yuki still not having a courage to meet Sae even though Sae have not yet to know what exactly is going on. But after she thinks about it again, she still has to go to her college. She can't keep skipping the classes like that. But how can I avoid Sae when everyone perfectly know both of us?! Having a pretty face have the advantages in many ways, but it become a curse when something bad come up like this time.

In the middle of her own struggle, her phone is ringing. She look at the screen but it's an unknown number. She wants to ignore it but... How if it's one of my professor's number? Anything is possible when you skip your classes for almost a week, especially when you're usually a diligent student. She decides to take the call.



Yuki shock to the death as the voice that perfectly familiar to her ears raising her voice as soon as she picks up the call. "M-Mayu... I-"


"Look, Mayu. I'm sorry. Let me expl-"


Yuki immediately regretting her decision in answering the call. Oh crap. Here we go... another problem comes. "Look, I-"

"You're the worst, Yuki!!!" Mayu keep raising her voice.

Yuki clench her teeth. "Let me finish my words, Watanabe Mayu!!!!" This time is Yuki's turn to raise the voice.

"..." There is no answer from Mayu.

Deep down in Yuki's heart, she knows that it's not her position to get angry. She's obviously deserved Mayu's anger after what happened in the last couple of months. But her brain couldn't let it happen. Somehow, her regret and her fear of Mayu would know what she had doing with Sae transform into an anger feeling. The way Mayu cornered her made her even more frustrated. "I'm busy, Mayu." Here the lies begin. "I'm busy and frustrated with my study here, yet you only care about our damn anniversary?!" Lies over the lies. "You're the one who was not stopping my parents for making me study here, far away from you, yet you're the one who angry at me for not taking your calls only for some fucking several days?!"

"...." Mayu is still silent after all things that Yuki said at her.

"You're the first one who was digging up our holes like this!!!" Yuki's mind is already blank since the moment she answered Mayu's call. Everything that she said was only flowing like that without she realized it. "But look at you now... angry at me for a silly reason." Yuki trying to get her sanity back. Stop it Yuki!!! Stop it!!! It's all lie. You can't keep hurting Mayu like this! But it seems her lips and her brain doesn't want to hear what her heart say. "If you can't handle this long distance relationship, then why don't we just break up?"

"WHAT?!" Mayu sounded surprised because of this nonsense argument.

What?! Yuki is surprised by her own words as well. "I-"

Before Yuki even say another word, Mayu cut her off. "You know Yuki... do what you want to do, but I hope you can get your sanity back again." This time, Mayu doesn't even need to raise her voice to show how irritated she is. "And you forget one more thing, Yuki. Yesterday was my birthday." Mayu let out a sigh. "Bye." Mayu ended the call.

Yuki slamming her phone hardly onto the ground. Can anything get any worse than this?! I'm so stupid.

====================================== *** ==========================================

"Yuki! Oh my God!"

Yuki can feel a pair of hands hug her from behind as soon as she comes out of her car. "Hi, Sae." She forces her lips to give Sae's a slight smile.

"Are you okay?" It seems Sae still not wanting to let go of her hands from Yuki's body. She puts her chin onto Yuki's shoulder. "I miss you."

Yuki turn around and facing Sae. "Thank you for worrying me and keep texting me even though I'm not replying any of your message."

Sae show a bright smile at Yuki. "Nah. It's okay. At least you look fine... because I thought you were involved in an accident or something." She let go of the hug and then she reaches one of Yuki's hand and hold it gently. "Come on. Let's go to our class. We're almost late."

Yuki frown. "Are you not going to bombard me with any question?"

Sae shake her head with her smile still on her face. "No."

"Are you not curious at all?" Yuki can't believe Sae is letting it go just like that.

"I'm curious, of course. But if it's something that you're not ready yet to tell me, then... there's no point to ask you." Sae ruffled Yuki's hair. "I can wait."

When she hears those warm words from Sae, she finally can smile sincerely. "Thank you." She's glad that Sae's act in facing a problem is actually matured than she thought. Maybe because she's older than me? She can't help herself to not comparing Sae with Mayu. Well... if it's Mayu, maybe she is already dragged me to the corner and interrogating me until she knows exactly the details of it.

====================================== *** ==========================================

Day by day passed without any major problem happened. Yuki decided to keep her darkest secret locked deep inside her heart. Thanks to Sae's maturity for not digging any of it. She's so comfortable around Sae and that's make her fall for Sae even more.

When Yuki's with Mayu, Yuki is the one who take more effort in their relationship since she's older than Mayu. On the other hand, when she's with Sae, she can be more relax since she knows that Sae is going to take care of her.

Even though she's already comfortable enough with Sae, it doesn't make her forget Mayu just like that. She's still in love with Mayu. She and Mayu is already knew each other for 6 years, it's including the last 4 years she spent with Mayu as her girlfriend. It's been 2 weeks since the last nonsense argument happened. She wants to say sorry but she doesn't know how to start it. If only Mayu is around me, maybe I can solve our problem easier. But what can I do? The distance between Paris and Japan is no joke. Even if I call her, we will end up fighting on the phone again.

On the usual day, either God bless her or curse her, Mayu appear out of no-where as if God hear her prays but grant it in a kind of wrong time.

"You looks happier than I thought."

Yuki feel like there are dozens of needles piercing her body on the same time when she sees Mayu standing right in front of her... and Sae. "M-mayu. H-how? W-why?" She can feels a sudden cold sweats appear on her palms.

Mayu took a sharp glance at Sae before looking back at Yuki. "And you looks not busy AT ALL."

Yuki look at Sae for a moment and then she look at Mayu again. "Umm.... I-"

"You know... it's a bit hard to find you." Mayu looks totally relax, but her words sounds so sharp and clear. "I asked some students here 'Do you know Kashiwagi Yuki's class?', and strangely their answer were all same 'Oh! Sae-chan's girlfriend. Both of them are in the same class at the second floor of A building'. So I just went and waited here, in the main gate, in case you're passed through here by accident since I was doubting that their Kashiwagi was same as the Kashiwagi that I mean."

"You can just call me."

Mayu smile. "Don't you forget what happened last time when I call you?"

Yuki can't say anything. She doesn't know how to start the conversation, especially when 3 of them gathering in the same place like that. The thick atmosphere last for about 5 minutes.

Sae look at Yuki and Mayu alternately. "I think I'll go first." She walks away without looking back.

Mayu is observing Sae's back as she following Sae with her eyes. "She's definitely a girl, Yuki."

Yuki bit her below lip while staring at the ground. She doesn't even have a courage to look at Mayu's eyes.

============================ to be continued ==============================

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