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Author Topic: [RikuYuu] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 10 05/05/15  (Read 42047 times)

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 7 06/03/14
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seriously i cant wait to read the next chapter
why you did not continue this story??  :bow: :bow:
I looking forward to the continuation of your story  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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@atsukojiyuu_C: LOL Sorry for the small Kojiyuu last time but this is a Kojiyuu fanfic anyway. :D It will always focus on them most of the time so I gave a little scene for Atsumina just for that chapter. Sorry for the wait here's the next chap.

@Haruko: You want a Riku well me too! :P

@PinellaEdlyn: Geez, you're making me blush. :wub: You want me to make another RikuYuu fanfic? Hmm.. With my schedule right now it's kind of impossible and I have other 2 more fanfics to take care of.. I can probably make an OS but it might take a long time... But I'll try to think of something.

@Kirozoro: Oh I love those ships as well! :inlove: And Riku? I can't tell yet. :shakeit:

@Kojiyuulove: Thank you. Here's part 1 of chapter 8. :D

@yuuyu: Hehe. I will make another KaiAcchan chapter in the future that will answer your question. :w00t: And confession? No one will until the end will come!

@ChibiRine: Oh, why Thank you. :wub:

@mgxx: I was out of too long that it made you thought I gave this up but I, myself, still have a hope to finish this. My updates are just getting slower... :nervous

Okay guy I'm sorry for not updating for almost 3 months. I'm busy with school. Got a lot of things to do. But at least I managed to finish something. I need to warn you guys that my updates will slow down from on(I should have warned you guys last time). I have no idea when part 2 will be finished but for now please enjoy this chapter I offer to you guys. :) 

Chapter 8 Part 1

Yuko's POV

I lay down at the couch waiting for Riku to finish washing the dishes. I'm so sleepy. The truth is I slept very late. I was nervous to cook for Riku that I had a drama marathon at my room cause I can't sleep and ended up sleeping at 2 am thus, I woke up late. My eyes...

“Sorry for the wait. Which one do you want to watch?” Riku finally arrived and showed to me 3 DVDs. One was horror while the other two are romance films.

“Let's go first with romance. Any of the two of them would be great.” It's not because I'm scared of horror films that's why I chose romance, in fact I love them. I just don't want to feel scared right now and I'm feeling too weak to scream.

Riku placed the CD on the player and then he sat right next to me a little closer than the usual. The movie was really boring and it made me sleepier but I fought the urge to do so. A little later Riku slowly placed his arm at the back of my shoulders.

“Riku?” I didn't get any respond from him as his eyes were too fixated on the TV and didn't bother to take a single glance at me. But he was completely open as if he was inviting me to lean on him. Not wasting the chance, I leaned on him as he pulled me closer, tightening his grip on my shoulder. We stayed like that for who knows until when as I slowly drifted to dreamland.

End of Yuko's POV


A comforting scent welcomed Yuko as she slowly woke up from her slumber. Confusion was portrayed on her face as soon as she opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings upon realizing that she was not on the couch but instead on a bed.

“This is Riku's room, right? When did I got on his bed? Where is he anyway?”

Just on time the door opened quietly revealing the man Yuko was looking for. “Ah, you're awake already.”

“Sorry. I feel asleep.”

“I don't mind. The movie is boring anyway.” Riku replied to the newly awake Yuko as he sat beside her. “Do you like to do anything? Something that won't make you bored?” Riku continued.

“Ehhh... Hmm.. What should we-!!” Yuko's eyes wandered around Riku's room and saw his cabinet. A smirk appeared on Yuko's face as she remembered the contents of it.

“Ne Riku.”


“There is something I want you to do but can you promised to really do it?”

“Only I will do something? How about you?”

“I'm your guest. You must satisfy me.” Yuko said in a demanding way.

“Eeeeeh...” Riku had dissatisfied face completely showing his enthusiasm to Yuko's.

“Come on Riku. Didn't you say you would do anything I want in exchange to be your fake girlfriend?” Yuko nudged Riku's side to make the guy remember his words.

“You still remembered that?”

“Of course, so if you won't do to my request I will tell your mom about your hobby.” Yuko threatened the poor lad.

“Wait! How did it went that way?”

“I have your mom's number Darling.”


“Riku~ Don't make this long. You'll do it anyway.” Yuko tilted her head with a smirk on her face.

“Ugh...” Seeing those sparkling eyes from his fake girlfriend, he decided to comply. Whatever he is going to be asked to do as long as Yuko keeps smiling then he is satisfied with that. “Say it Princess.”

“Yes!” Yuko stood up from the bed and dragged Riku towards his cabinet. “I want to see you in a girl's clothing.”


“No turning back now.” Yuko opened the cabinet and searched for anything that will suit Lady Riku.

“You serious?” Riku asked as he watched Yuko get some stuff from his cabinet.

“Uhuh. Let's try this.. Oh! And this!” Yuko excitedly gave the clothes to her dear doll.

“Fine.” Riku right there and then stripped in front of Yuko which made her blush from seeing such hot body. Yuko averted her eyes and pretended to look for another clothes in Riku's cabinet.

“D-don't forget to wear your wig.”

“Hai hai.” Riku took his time and Yuko was able to look for another 3 more clothes for him to wear.

“Ugh.. As I thought I don't want you to see me in this kind of clothing.” Riku said and Yuko turned around only to find Riku stripping off the blouse.

“What? Wh..y?” Yuko being quite perverted, her jaw dropped seeing Riku in lesser clothes on.

With only his boxers left Riku replied. “It's embarrassing.”

“B-but I'm bored Riku.” Yuko said while focusing her eyes on Riku's face fighting the temptation to look lower.

“I got an idea that would make us both happy!” Riku said with a mischievous smile. “Yuko are ticklish?”

“Eh? Why do you ask?” Yuko asked cautiously while taking a step back somewhat feeling that she knows what Riku was about to do.

“The get ready for my tickle attacks!” Yuko's eyes widen as Riku started to come to her.

“W-wait! Hahaha! Riku! Haha! No! Not t-there!” Yuko's laughter kept the whole room very noisy and Riku's smile never wavers for he was also enjoying seeing Yuko in that state. Yuko's struggled a lot from Riku's attack until she lost her balance and grabbed Riku's arm to regain her balance. But Riku also lost his balance and the two ended up falling on his bed together.

With them falling down Yuko's laugh stopped and she stiffen upon knowing that she is sandwiched between Riku's bed and Riku himself who is more than half naked. Not to mention Riku was completely lying on top of her and his face was just right beside her. He was heavy but with his naked hard upper body touching Yuko's upper body she can't help but ask Kami-sama for them to stay like that for a little longer.

Unfortunately Kami-sama didn't grant Yuko's wish as Riku slowly rose up placing a gap between their upper bodies but their legs were still touching. “Are you alright?”

“U-un.” Yuko replied. Her face started to heat up being in this position with Riku.

“Wait. Are you blushing?” Riku asked with a smirk on his face. Not wanting to admit Yuko shook her head vigorously in denial.

“N-no! Why would I?”

Riku's smirk only grew wider with Yuko's retort and began to make the gap of their faces smaller until the tip of their noses was almost touching. “I don't know. Care to tell me what can make you blush?” Riku asked in a soft voice with his eyes only looking at Yuko's.

“......” Yuko was unable to talk due to their super closeness. Heck, her mind is even in chaos. She can totally feel Riku's breath. Just one move from Riku and for sure she will get to taste those lips. And Riku's eyes.. Only looking at her with such great intensity that could melt Yuko away.

“Yuko.” Riku uttered Yuko's name before finally closing the aching distance between them.

They had kissed before but it was to show the people that they are really a couple, halfhearted kisses. Even Riku steal kisses from her but those are just pecks and not like the kiss they are experiencing now. It was longer and it had passion.

Yuko took no long time to respond to Riku's kiss and wrapped her arms to his neck to pull him closer to her than they could ever be. Riku saw this as a sign to make their kiss grow wild. He sneaked his tongue inside Yuko's mouth and the two started playing with each other's tongue. The two only broke the kiss when they're both needing air.

The two were panting hardly and their cheeks were red from the kiss. As soon as they got enough air Riku dived in again and started another round. Riku's hands this time became adventurous and placed his hands inside Yuko's shirt completely feeling Yuko's flat stomach and perfect curves. The kiss was going along well until..

“Riku! My son! We need to attend a!.... Par..ty...” A woman suddenly barged into Riku's room and interrupted the two. The fake couple broke their kiss and diverted they're attention to newcomer still panting from their activity.

“Oh my.” The woman somewhat smiled seeing the two in that position. “I'm sorry to interrupt you love birds but my matter with Riku.. Hmm.. And you too Yuko darling, needs to be attended first. I'll give you two 5 minutes to prepare to talk with me.” The woman said with a smile before closing the door.

“Oh my gosh!” Yuko said covering her face. “This is really embarrassing. To get caught kissing with the son who is just wearing his boxers!”

Riku then sat beside Yuko. “Mom doesn't seem to be mad though.” Riku said to himself.

“I can't face her!” Yuko said and buried her face to the pillow near her.

“Then do you regret it?” Riku asked.

“We kissed out from our hormones, right? Then.. yeah.” Yuko replied with the pillow still on her face making Riku missed the sad face from Yuko. ‘Riku likes someone else. So that kiss was definitely only nothing to him. Hormones, right? That’s the only reason why he can kiss me like that.’ Yuko thought.

“I see..” Riku weakly replied and started to get his clothes to put them on.

Yuko still lying on the bed with the pillow covering her face said, “Tell me when 5 minutes is over.”



I'm really getting rusty. :banghead:
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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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You updated! Waaaaah~! I will edit my comment later. Fufufu. :glasses:

I want to be the first one to comment, huehue. :luvluv1:

Thank you for the update Konoe-san! :mon thumb:

I can't help but to squeal because of Yuko and Riku kissing. Uwaaaah *-*

But then, Riku's mother caught them, and Riku was naked! Fufufufufu. :hehehe: Well not totally naked because he's wearing his boxer short :tantrum:

Riku and Yuko being a dorky, cute, and lovely couple at the same time :luvluv1:

They're the perfect couple! WAAAAAH

I really needed some good KojiYuu fics these days, finally Kami-sama answered my prayers! :on gay:

I will wait for you Konoe-san. :) That didn't sound like I confessed lol :hehehe:

Update soon. :mon bye: I didn't know you were a Filipino too. AWESOME! Kabayan! \(>o<\)
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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Really? why they don't say what they feel!? omg now they are suffering for nothing because they love each other

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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One must say their true feeling..
Aww the hot moment on the bed!
RikuYuu so cute!
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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cuteeee....... Love rikuyuko .... Thank you author I thought you forgot this story.... When will Riku confess to yuko

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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 :lol: :lol: :lol:
caught by Riku´s mother!
 :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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both of them
why dont tell ur true feeling?

i really like riku's mom

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 1 08/31/14
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I'm so much in love with this story!!!! But it is really slow and at the same time fast between RikuYuu!!!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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[RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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@ChibiRine: Hey you're a filipino too?! :w00t: I seem to love writing Kojiyuu being like dork, cute, and lovely. I love making Riku doing the kissing, teasing and harassing. It feels refreshingly more cute to me. :lol:

@abcari: Now where is the fun in the drama for that? :P

@deguchi: Hehehehe. They are cute alright! :D

@PinellaEdlyn: I still don't have the feeling of dropping this. I was just busy with school that's why my updates became slower. Just stay tune. :grin:

@Minami-chan: LOL Yuko got into an awkward situation. :lol:

@l3utt0sai: Because that's what I want to happen. O0 I like Riku's mom too. Very supportive. XD

@Chanaline: Hehehe :wub: Thanks. You're right, it is fast at the same time slow and it continue to be like that until! :D

Chapter 8 Part 2

Riku and I went out from the room and proceeded to the living room where Auntie was staying. I don't have a face to show to her anymore. What should I do?!

“Relax Yuu-chan. We will not be scolded I swear.” Riku tried to calm me down but I really can't. I want to hide forever! To get caught kissing by the mother of the guy! Isn't that awkward and embarrassing?!

“It's not that.” I whispered. Riku held my hand and squeezed it.

“I'm here.” He said. Don't say cool stuff at a time like this. Seriously.

“Mom we're here.” Riku said getting the attention of Auntie who was busy scanning channels of the TV.

“Oh you two are done! Well let's get going then.” Auntie got a hold of the both of us and dragged us outside.

“E-eh?! Where are we going?” Riku asked.

“We're going shopping cuz we're attending a party later! Sebastian the car please!” Auntie announced cheerfully pulling the two along with her.

“Yes Madam.” A man suddenly responded as we got outside and went ahead to the said car. The man opened the car's door and bowed a little.

“Thanks Sebastian.” Riku said to the man who in turn nodded.

Riku's mom was at the front seat while Riku and I were at the back. With our curiosity disturbing us Riku asked a question.

“Mom can you explain what's going on?”

Auntie faced us and said, “My son, a friend of mine is throwing a party for her success in her business and then we came up to an agreement to bring our child to brag.”

“I see.. To brag huh.”

“Eh? Am I going too Auntie?” I finally spoke after getting caught making out with Riku on his bed.

“Why not? You are great to brag too. My son found a cute pretty girlfriend perfect for him. It would add more points to me later.” Auntie gave me a wink.

“Am I really worth to be brag about?” I asked still feeling ashamed of getting caught.

“Oh dear, are you still embarrassed? It's really fine with me. You two are a couple, of course you have urges. Although the two of you taking it too fast.”

“I'm sorry.” I said.

“See? She's not mad at all. In fact, she's happy.” Riku whispered to me. In return I elbowed him on his side.


“Shut it Riku.” I said and observed Auntie. Indeed she has been smiling for quite a while now but maybe she's just in a good mood that's why she let it pass. I mean, most parents’ reaction if they see their child making out in the bed they would be hysterical right?

“Mom is our outfit alright for that party?” Riku's question made me realize that I was just wearing my casual clothing, a green jacket and inside is just a plain white shirt that fits me with my skinny black jeans. There's no way I will to a party dressed like this.

“Of course not. It's a formal party.” Auntie answered.

“But look at what Yuu-chan and I are wearing right now.”

“I know son. That's why we will go shopping.”

“Eh?” Riku and I said at the same time.

*After more than an hour*

Auntie was serious when she said we will go shopping but it was only me and her. It seems that she already brought a suit for Riku so she asked him to buy presents for her friends instead. Auntie chose the dress for me and it was an orange one. It was cute in an adult’s way. It was less flashy from the other dress that I tried so I agreed to take it. And not just that, we shopped for heels for me to wear and found one that matches my dress. Good thing the heel was just 3 inches. Anything more than that and I'm bound to embarrass myself to the people at the party.

After that Auntie and I went to a parlor to have our hair styled and get a make-up. Auntie entrusted me to one of her favorite stylist in the parlor. The beautician, with a pompadour hairstyle, didn't bother to talk to me about what I want and started his work. I hope he will do great. He looks more like a Yankee rather than a beautician with those scary eyes so I'm concerned with the outcome.

I really don't know much about this stuff. I would have felt more relieved if Riku was around but unfortunately he was still out buying presents.

A lot of things had happened today and I'm sleepy again. I guess I should take a nap...




“It's finish.” The pompadour beautician woke me up and I was shocked to see myself.

Auntie instantly popped up. “Yuko-chan is finished? Let me.. S-see......” Auntie froze from her position with her eyes still on me.

“Um.. Auntie?” I fidgeted from nervousness because Auntie's stare is becoming uncomfortable. Do I look ugly? The beautician made my hair a bit wavy but I think it actually suits me and the make-up was just thin which I was thankful for. I like it simple. Maybe Auntie thinks otherwise. (Just imagine Yuko in Kyou made no Melody PV)

“Sata Masaki you are the best stylist in the whole world! Yuko-chan is so pretty!” Auntie suddenly squealed in delight and hugged me. The pompadour beautician only scoffed and said, “Of course I am the best.” Before leaving us.

“T-thank you Auntie.” I said between Auntie's hug.

“If only Riku was here. I'm sure he'll be speechless and will fall 100 times harder for you! You're so beautiful Yuko-chan~”

Eh? Riku will fall 100 times harder for me? I hope so. *Sigh* Who am I kidding? He doesn't even look at me that way. But maybe he can! Well yeah, in my dreams. He has someone else he likes.

“My son really has a good taste. I'm so proud of him.” Auntie said completely clueless to my real relationship with Riku. Just how long will this exactly continue? I'm feeling bad with all the lying Riku and I have been doing especially in front of Auntie and Dad.

The door chime clanged which means somebody went out or the opposite. At the same time the girl from the cash register happily greeted a welcome to the newcomer.

“Mom I bought everything on the.. List...” It was an empty-handed Riku. He somewhat froze in his position as soon as he saw me. Why? Maybe he didn't like it?

“Riku where are the presents?” Auntie asked.

“It's in the car.” Riku replied to his mother but his eyes were still on me. I can't read his eyes at all.  I'm getting nervous with his personal opinion.

“Hehe. I'll leave you guys alone but don't be too long. We gotta move.” Auntie smirked and pushed Riku closer to me before leaving us alone.

As soon as Auntie was out of sight Riku talked. “It suits you a lot.”

“R-really? Thank you.” I felt relief but at the same time my heart started to race.

“You're beautiful Yuko.” There he goes again. Making my heart flutter by saying my name and who wouldn't blush if your crush told you you're beautiful? Riku's voice was gentle and his eyes look sincere.

“Ah.. Th-thanks.”

Riku reached for out my hand with his handsome smile that left me loss for words. “Let's go.” I only nodded because of the contact. His hands gave me a special feeling than usual. It was as if I am his only princess.

*After 3 hours*

Riku accompanied me home through a cab. Auntie doesn't want to go out from the party but I need to go home before Dad since I didn't ask for his permission so she sent Riku to accompany me. And I'm still wearing the dress too. I guess I’ll give it back the next time Riku and I would meet.

The whole party was tiring. Auntie's close friends were totally shipping me with Riku. Despite that there were still others who wanted Riku to be their son-in-law. Who wouldn't? He is handsome, tall, gentleman, and rich. Too bad they didn't know his hobby. I bet they will all be disappointed and maybe he was not separated with me almost the whole the time we were at the party. They totally stole Riku from me and because of that there were also guys who tried to flirt with me but I of course rejected them instantly. I only kept an eye on Riku.

Those women were too busy forcing Riku to meet their daughters. Some of those girls were really being flirty and Riku was obviously uncomfortable. He sure hated those kinds of girls and that's why he chose me to pretend as his girlfriend. Pretend, huh. I wonder why I agreed. If I said no my crush on him might not probably develop into love.

My train of thoughts was interrupted by a weight on my shoulder. It was Riku's head. “Riku?”

“That party was horrible.” He said as he closed his eyes with a sigh. “Let me sleep for a while.”

“I see you didn't enjoy meeting new girls.” I teased him.

“Oh please, they are as horrible as my fangirls.” Disgust was evident on Riku's tone. “You had no idea how much I wanted to be with you.” Riku whispered. Riku you idiot, saying things that can be easily misunderstood. I'm sure he meant he wanted to escape to those women so bad. “J-just sleep already.”

“Mm.” I felt my cold hand being embraced by a bigger warm hand. I took a glance at Riku who was sleeping on my shoulder. I looked far away from him to distract myself from feeling hot because I was holding his hand back.

The ride was long. We got caught up in a traffic jam. Good for Riku, bad for me. While he was sleeping soundly right beside me my heart won't stop beating fast. During the ride Riku snuggled closer to me, so close that I could feel his hot breath on my neck. It has been sending me a weird feeling all along the ride. I tried to move his head but seconds later he will go back to his previous position. I gave up after the 5th time.

I suffered throughout, okay well not exactly. I did enjoy the ride but it was too much for my heart to take. I'm sure my face was red the whole time too.

“Ah! My house is that one sir.” I told the taxi driver as soon as my house was one sight. I released his hand from mine and I shook Riku to wake him up but he was still asleep and would fell over me. I shook harder and harder but it was no use. I even pinched him and he responded by frowning but it didn't make him open his eyes instead he hugged me.

“Ahaha! That's one hard sleeping beauty you got there Miss. Maybe your boyfriend wants a wake up kiss.” The taxi driver said.

“Wh-what?! Stop joking sir!” I blushed at the thought of kissing a vulnerable Riku.

Suddenly a phone was ringing. “Oh excuse me.” It was the driver's phone and he answered it.

My attention darted by to the cute sleeping Riku. The taxi driver's words made me remember my make out session with Riku just this afternoon. I could still remember the taste of his lips, the way our tongues clashed, his tongue exploring my mouth, and his hands touching my abdomen. It all really felt good. I want to experience it again. Maybe I should just indulge myself and kiss him. He is sleeping after all. He wouldn't know about this. Yeah, do it Yuko! You can do it! The driver is still busy with his phone call. It's now or never. Yosh!

I pulled Riku a little just enough for me to adjust his face to mine. Slowly I inched my lips closer to his and finally placed a wet kiss to his lips. I put more force until I felt Riku responding to the kiss. Now that was fast! He's awake already! But I felt him smirking during the kiss. Why would he be-?! This damn guy! He was just pretending to sleep and I fell into his trap!

I bite his lower lip hard which made him break the kiss. “Owww... That hurt a lot.” Riku whined touching the place that I bite.

“Ahahaha! See? I was right! Haha!” The taxi driver laughed. Since when did he finish his phone call?! Mou! I got caught kissing Riku again! Today, twice! Unable to stand the laugh of the driver and from the embarrassment, I got out of the car. “Eh? Yuu-chan wait! Oh the bill! Keep the change.”

I furiously walked towards my house and opened the gate. When I reached the door I realized that I don't have the keys with me.

“Um Yuu-chan.. I-I'm sorry.” I heard Riku said from my back.

I turned towards him and reached out my hand in anger. “My things. Give it.”


“Riku.” I called out his name warningly.

“Not until you listen and forgive me.” He said back.

Stubborn guy, no point in talking then. I attempted to snatch the paper bag he was holding but he raised it up. So high that I couldn't reach it Damnit, why am I so short?! “Hey! No fair!” I used his shoulder as a support for me to be able to jump higher to it but it was no use. Our height gap is too big making it very hard for me to reach the paper bag.

“I'm sorry. You got into another embarrassing situation because of me.” Riku said gently and made stop from reaching the paper bag and look at his eyes which I regretted immediately. How can I possibly not forgive him when he's looking at me like a sad cat that was abandon in the streets? He is so cute!

“I-it's.. You cheater. Giving me that face.” I punched his chest lightly. “I forgive you.”

A smile was plastered on his face and hugged me. “Thank you. Here are your things my princess.” He broke the hug and handed over the paper bag. He changed his expressions too fast. But I love seeing him happy rather than sad. “Jeez.” I replied back as I got my things from him. He seriously didn't need to add that ‘my princess’ at the end.

“But if you do that again I will leave you at the car next time, got it?”

“Yes my highness.” So now I'm a queen. “But you can't blame me Yuu-chan.”


“You're so soft that I want to hold you forever.” Riku smiled and it turned into a laugh after I smacked the paper bag on his chest.

“Stop teasing me!” I feel my face warming again. He always messes with my feelings. I continued to hit him with the paper bag as he laugh. It only has my casual clothes that I wore earlier and also my sneakers so I'm sure it didn't hurt Riku a single bit.

“Okay okay. I'll stop!” Riku took a hold of the paper bag to stop me from attacking him and tried to seize his laugh. I only glared at him and he didn't seem to be affected by it when he has that handsome smile on his face. “I'm grateful you're here. At least you made up from the bad party Mom dragged us into.” He said.

“Why the hell should I be the one to make up for it? Riku, you idiot.Hmph!” I folded my arms and turned my face on the side with my eyes closed. This guy! Seriously! I got teased just because of that?!

I suddenly felt warmth on my forehead which spread throughout my body. When I opened my eyes Riku was so close to me as he gave a long kiss on my forehead. He slowly pulled away with a serene face that I can't help but stare at.

Why did God created a perfect guy like him? If he was not here I probably would not be feeling this sadness and pain of unrequited love. I would not be living in this wonderful dream that would hurt me in the end. And I wouldn't experience this excitement and extreme happiness whenever I'm with him.

“Good night Yuu-chan.” Riku said snapping me from my sad thoughts. I smiled at him and uttered a good night.

I watched him turned his back at me and walk away. But before he could reach the gate he came back to me and gave a light peck on my lips. “You're not only soft. Your lips are addicting too.” Riku teasingly said while grinning.

“.........” It took a long time for me to process what he said and by the time he noticed I was about to recover he ran away towards the gate. “Wha-?.. Ri-riku!! You meanie pervert!!!” I shouted and earned a laugh from the guy who stole my heart.


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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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Riku i dare you to confess to Yuko now! I think they had mutual understanding relationship

Thanks for update author-san

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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Well, it's true, if they say what they feel, theres no drama, so theres no fanfic anymore xD but aagh, they are so dense xD

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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Too much happiness for me this day!!!!!
Finally an update!! \(^▿^)/

And..........this is just too sweet~~ could Riku and Yuko be more lovely like this???!!! (≧▽≦)づ♥

But have to say this, when you mentioned orange dress my mind already on Kyou Made No Melody PV........ And when you said it, can't help but to felt a little twinge in my heart.... Yuko-sama :farofflook:

Can I expect the next chap already?? :P
Goodluck~ thankyou! :D

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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updated! yey!! but but agh.. riku you are so.. gentle and idiot

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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OMG!!! They're so cute!!!!

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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That's the point of KojiYuu hahahaha  :wub:

Yeah, Filipinooooo~ awesome lol :mon thumb:

Cute and dorky KojiYuu is the best~  :twothumbs

I remembered Kyou made no Melody and my heart skipped a lot  :wub:

Plus, Riku being the dere dere is just  :heart:

Riku, if you like someone else, why'd ya dared yourself to kiss Yuuchan?  :inlove:


More KojiYuu hahaha :on gay:

Riku being an idiot and a gentle guy is my type of man~ He's too perfect right now~ :luvluv2:

Thank you Konoe-san, hontou ni~ :mon determined:

Thank you for the awesome update~ :mon thumb:

PS: I couldn't help but to squeal because of your fic :mon inluv:


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For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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Such a great chapter. It was so cute  :twothumbs XD

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 8 Part 2 11/03/14
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Please update author-san.. :bow:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 9 03/01/15
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Chapter 9

Summer is over and our protagonists are back to school. Because of what had happened between Yuko and Riku's fans at the last day of summer class, Riku never left Yuko's side as much as possible when the new semester started. To make sure his fangirls won't have an opportunity to risk Yuko's life Riku has started walking Yuko home until she gets inside the house. He even walks Yuko to the restroom during school hours despite the cute protests of his fake girlfriend.

“Your boyfriend is so sweet. How nice.” Atsuko teasingly said to Yuko as they washed their hands inside the restroom.

“Duh, you're just jealous that Kai doesn't do that.” Yuko retorted back although slightly uneasy with Riku’s over-protectiveness.

“Well he protects and saves me in a different way. Let's go out now. Your boyfriend must miss you already.” Atsuko continued to tease the shorter girl who in turn shrugged. Both girls pat dried their hands with their handkerchief before going out of the restroom.

An unpleasing sight welcomed Yuko as she saw a group of girls swarming around her fake boyfriend. “He misses me alright.” Yuko whispered irritatingly completely ignoring the forced and uncomfortable smile Riku has been wearing while talking to the girls. Yuko began to walk away from the scene with annoyance in her face. Amused with what the Student Council President was seeing, she continued to tease the shorter girl.

“Oh wow, a jealous Yuko. This is a rare sight.” Yuko glared at Acchan and denied the accusation. “I'm not jealous.” Yuko said and continued to walk away.

Atsuko's grin only grew wider. She turned back at Riku's direction and called the attention of the poor guy. “Hey Riku, Yuko is not feeling well. Take her to the infirmary for me cause I need to go to the student council.” Yuko flinched and looked back at Atsuko who had this winning smile. Atsuko tapped Yuko's shoulder happily. “You should really thank me you tsun-tsun squirrel. He's all yours back now.” Atsuko gave Yuko a wink before walking towards the student council room.

“Yuu-chan what happened?” A worried Riku immediately came to Yuko's side. From Riku's back Yuko can see the annoyed expression of the girls. 'They're definitely badmouthing me.' Yuko thought. “Acchan was bored. She lied. Nothing happened. I'm fine, you see?” Riku scanned Yuko and sighed in relief. He held Yuko's hand close to his lips and kissed them tenderly. The girls at back were gasping and made silent screaming actions which totally made Yuko want to laugh that the guy that they like will never be theirs.

But of course, Riku's action left more impact to Yuko than those funny faces of the girls. Her heart, no doubt, skipped a beat as Riku kissed her hands like how a prince would do to his princess.

Riku faintly smiled at Yuko. “Let's go.” Riku said. “The girls are scary.” Riku added in a whisper which earned Yuko's small laugh.

Riku's admirers watched in vain as the couple went off to their classroom.

The walk towards the classroom was peaceful. Although they do get stares from the girls that they passed through both didn't heed the attention. Their peaceful walk interrupted by a short dark brown-haired boy. He went in between Riku and Yuko and placed his arms on their shoulders. “Hey Kojiyuu!”

The couple was startled with the sudden lively interruption and also with the ‘Kojiyuu’. “Kai, what's up?” Riku asked seeing his friend having such a cheerful aura although he really did wanted to ask about that Kojiyuu thing that Kai called them but chose to keep silent about it for now.

Kai giggled and removed his arms on the couple before taking a step forward and faced the two. “The school festival is coming! And that means F-U-N, fun!” Kai happily declared. “I heard we will discuss about what our class will do later in Homeroom. I'm so excited!” Kai said then ran towards somewhere else which left Riku speechless.

“Is he?”

“Always like that.” Yuko finished. “Kai loves festivals so yeah. That's why his tension is very high especially a few weeks before school festival.”

“Oh, I see. The school festival is coming, huh.” Riku looked far away and didn't seem happy. Yuko noticed and it made her curious. “You don't like school festivals?”

“Well.. I'm.. Alright with it, maybe?” Riku said with hesitation and started to walk followed by Yuko.

“You're definitely not.” Yuko acclaimed and earned no reaction from Riku. ‘He ignored me.’ Riku being unresponsive made Yuko more curious as there has got to be a deep reason why Riku didn't seem to like school festivals. “You got bad experience on it or what?” Yuko asked but still received no reply. “Oi Riku.” Yuko poked Riku's arms and aimed higher as Riku was unresponsive until the poking went to his cheeks. Having enough of Yuko's poking Riku turned his head to Yuko.

“You want to know what I feel about school festivals?” Riku asked with an emotionless face and low voice.

“Um yeah..” Yuko got nervous because of a sudden change of attitude of Riku. Still with his expressionless face, Riku moved his head closer to Yuko and asked again, “You really really want to know?”

“O-of course c-cuz I'm curious.” Yuko stuttered. This time Riku stepped closer to Yuko but Yuko kept on stepping back until her posterior hit the wall. Riku got Yuko trapped in between his arms and asked again, huskily this time. “You really want to know?” Yuko only nodded finding it hard to talk with the closeness of their faces.

“What would I get if I satisfy your curiosity, hm?” Riku continued and moved until their lips were just an inch apart. ‘Damnit! He's too sexy!! I wanna kiss him!’ Yuko shouted in her head. ‘But I can't let myself lose!’

“Yuu-chan~ What will I get?” Yuko's breathing hitched upon feeling Riku's breath as he talk sexily. Yuko looked away nervously. Her situation looks really bad. Not to mention they are the hallway which was miraculously empty at the moment. “Stop it Riku. It's not a good joke.” Yuko said and pushed Riku back.

“Eh?” Riku looked at her dumbly. Yuko thought Riku was just playing around with her feelings and got more frustrated on how she can easily fall into his tricks.
Yuko walked away and left him while clenching her chest in hopes of slowing down the fast beating of her heart. “I guess I went overboard this time.” Riku whispered to himself as he watch Yuko walk away.

The class continued with Riku trying to keep his eyes on Yuko who was sitting at the front row. He thought deeply on how to approach her to apologize for what he did. Although he is not sorry at all he doesn't want Yuko to hate him. She is the only person whom he can be himself. He doesn't want to lose a friend like her.

“Class, for Homeroom I'll let the class president to take over. Discuss what you want to do at the school festival. Kasai-san, tell me what you have decided later.” Togasaki-sensei said and left the classroom.

“We will collaborate with 2-A for a play.” The class representative said right away with finality as soon as she was in front of the class earning a lot of complaints for those who didn't want to do a play and for the unheard opinions.

“Wait we didn't vote for a play!”

“Heck! There was no voting at all!”

“Oi Kasai don’t abuse your power!”

“Maeda-kaicho say something! Eh!?” The student said and turned for a rescue from the student council president only finding Atsuko's seat empty.

“Maeda-kaicho!? Where is she, Kai?” Another student asked for Kai only to find him nowhere.

“Jeez, those two! Vanishing right when we need them!”

Yuko sweat dropped at the actions of her friends. “They got away from trouble for now. Although it's weird Kai is not here considering that he's looking forward to the school festival the most. The power of love.” Yuko said to herself.

“Mou, a play is great. Not to mention it is a collaboration between two classes. Work will be lesser” Kasai defended.

“Even if you say that..” A student said.

“Tomomi.” A man's voice near the door called for the class representative.

“Oh my gosh! It's Itano-sama!” The girls squeal in delight upon seeing the wild rebellious heartthrob of 2-A in their classroom, Itano Tomo.

Itano stepped inside the classroom and stood beside Kasai. “I hope you wouldn't mind to collaborate with 2-A for a play. It would be nice to work with you all.” Itano said coolly making the girls fawn over him.

“We agree!” Majority of the girls desperately said to catch Itano's attention.

“We would love to!”

“We want to help you Itano-kun!”

“That's great to hear.” Itano smirked smiled to the girls making them squeal louder. “See you all soon.” Itano said and left the noisy classroom.

“Charming the girls again.” Kasai said with a pouted to herself which had gone noticed by Yuko who was sitting right in front where Kasai was standing.

“Hey what about the opinion of us guys! We don't have a stand on this!” A guy proclaimed his complain bravely but he instantly faltered with the glares he received from the girls. “B-but yeah! P-play is awesome too.. Hehe..” The guy fell back to his seat feeling the madness of the girls.

Meanwhile with Riku, he just hopes he won't be part of the cast.

*The Next Day*

“The leading man is Kojima Riku.” Kasai announced holding the paper securely where the name of the cast is listed. The rest of the class nodded in agreement for the male lead.

“Hold on! I don't want to.” Riku stood up from his seat.

“Why not? This is a big opportunity Kojima-kun.” Kasai said.

“I can't act. I don't know how to.” Riku defended which made Yuko roll her eyes.

“Don't worry. The ace of the Drama Club and at the same time your leading lady at the play will teach you.”

“And that is?” Riku asked, a stupid question in Kasai's perspective since the Ace of the Drama Club is very popular. Why would Riku himself, another popular student, wouldn't know the existence of one of the most popular girl in their school. “It's the Shinoda Mariko-sama Kojima-kun.”

“Ooh. Mariko-sama and Kojima. Not bad!” A guy commented.

“What ‘not bad’! It will be the greatest tandem!” A girl commented in. The whole class then started to agree and was anticipating seeing Shinoda and Kojima as lovers. The beautiful Shinoda and the handsome Kojima, for sure the play will attract a lot of people.

“But I really can't..” Riku weakly said looking at Yuko's back for help but Yuko never turned her head to him. He managed to apologize to her for what he did yesterday and Yuko stopped ignoring him but she seems to be back being cold. Never once she looked at him since his name was announced as the male lead.

“Next, Itano Tomo as the second male lead.” Kasai continued rejecting Riku's objection to his role in the play.


The fake couple walked side by side in silence in the same usual path that they go to. Riku really had a long day. A lot of girls approached him today asking if it was true that 2-A and 2-C will be collaborating and that he will be paired up with Shinoda. He even heard some girls saying that it was better if Shinoda was his girlfriend and not Yuko. Riku of course, didn't tell Yuko about it.

“So you'll be busy with the play soon.” Yuko said breaking their silence.

“Yeah. But that doesn't mean I'll keep my eyes off you. I'm still worried about them hurting you.” Riku said while Yuko smiled bitterly. “I'll protect you with all I can.” Riku looked at Yuko seriously but Yuko didn't look back at him.

‘Don't look at him Yuko. You'll just fall deeper in his charms.’ Yuko fought herself mentally knowing the effect of looking at Riku's cool handsome face. “Is the script finished? I'm curious about it. It seems interesting.” Yuko abruptly changed the subject.

“Kasai-san said the script is nearing its completion. Maybe next week the rehearsal will start.”

“That's fast. They're obviously fired up.” Yuko laughed while Riku sighed. “It's troublesome.”

“How pitiful of you.” Yuko raised her hand to Riku's head and messed up his hair.

“You're supposed to be comforting me.” Riku removed the hand that was messing his hair and held it softly against his. Yuko smiled lightly at their hands as she clasped it tighter together. “Does that make you feel better?”

“Hmm..” Riku placed his free hand on his chin and acted that he was thinking deeply. “Nope. I need a kiss.” Riku smirk teasingly which was removed right away with Yuko's scary glare. “I'm sorry. I was just kidding.” Riku apologized right away and was afraid to make the same mistake again. “You're so sensitive these days.” Riku complained with a pout.

“Whatever.” Yuko's smile returned again seeing Riku being cute.

‘My mood changes too quick when I'm with him.. Yabai na..’ Yuko thought.

The two continued their walk in silence unaware of another person lurking watching them closely.

“I'll steal him from you Oshima.” A girl’s voice said confidently before leaving her sight to the couple.


New characters appeared. :D And the end is nearing... or not. :P Really, unless my pace continues to be this slow. :lol:

Thanks for the comments everyone. I always appreciate them. :wub:
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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 9 03/01/15
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Opps Mariko-sama in act! Will there be micchan too?
Atsumina run away from trouble XD
ikemen tomo saved cute tomo~~  :heart:
Poor yuko, wonder what'll happen Next
just love to read alot of fiction story

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