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Author Topic: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 20 (09/04/2021)  (Read 74284 times)

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 1
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ohhhh~ MaYuki kiss!!! :deco:
I'm happy :wub:

and also KojiYuu moment~ :heart:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 1
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Yuko used her brain to send Mayu-Milky far away from Yuki, but in the end Yuki still saw them .____. Bad luck Mayu.
But hey, that's lead to great improvement for her with Yukirin XD

And KojiYuu had a sweet time together.... Ferris wheel saikou!!! (>̯┌┐<)
I'm waiting for their development~ KojiYuu arc, maybe? XD :P

Part 2 please~~

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 1
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Chapter 17 [part 2]

Time flies by really fast after a lot of things happened, last week was the exam week and it was already June.
The rankings for the exams are now posted. As usual yuko, Sayaka and acchan was in the top ranks. Rena and yuki was also in the top ranks but compared to the last rankings, yuki’s rank dropped.

Yuko and acchan knew the reason why yuki’s ranking dropped. It was because of the truth or dare game. Somehow yuko was feeling guilty because she was the one who planned that.  She was going to talk to yuki but acchan stopped her. acchan said that it is for the best not to talk about it for now. Actually acchan was getting mad at yuki because she don’t want to see her friends failing just because of their love life.

Currently the student council is having a meeting at the student council room with their adviser, Takamina-sensei.
Every month of June, their school is having a community service. And because of this, they are having a meeting about it. The community service that they will do is tree planting.

Currently they are planning how to have more students volunteer for the tree planting. Takamina is walking around the room while discussing how important this activity is, acchan, yuko and yuki are sitted in front while the other staffs like mayu are sitted side by side of the long table.

“Scholars of our school are required to join but it is still not enough. Well the students here are elites so I’m not expecting to get student to volunteer but we need people in the community service. Do you have any suggestions of how can we get more volunteers?” Takamina asked.
“Well we can get more volunteers if we talk to the president of each club and encourage their members to join us” acchan said while holding her pen playing with it
“I guess so” Yuki agreed without thinking twice. she’s still not in her usual self.
“But other sports clubs like the basketball club and kendo club will have some sports competition on the last week of this month so maybe they can’t help us” one of the staff said
“You’re maybe right… but” said Yuko and then she grinned “but I need the two prince to join and the two matsui”
“the two prince and the two matsui? Could it be akimoto-san and miyazawa san of the basketball club and the kendo club’s matsui Rena-san and matsui Jurina-san?”a student council member commented
“ah-! we know now! The two prince and two matsui have their own fan clubs so if they are going to join we can get more volunteers! as expected from our kaichou! That’s a good idea”
“hehe~ deshou? And also we have yuki and acchan here, they also have many fans~” yuko added while smiling, she sure is having fun…
“but how are we going  to convince them to volunteer?  They are preparing for the sports competition”a student council member suddenly asked.
“akimoto-san is a scholar so she is required to join but how about miyazawa-san, and also the two matsui-san”another student council asked
“don’t worry about that, miyazawa will surely follow akimoto around like a puppy and also I just need matsui rena to volunteer and surely matsui Jurina will also follow like a puppy~ leave that to me~ hehe~”

Mayu was not paying attention to the meeting at all, instead she was looking at yuki the whole time. And when a student mentioned Miyazawa, she saw yuki flinched. Mayu was thinking that yuki is still affected whenever sae is involved, but she was more determined to make yuki forget about sae.

“Well we still have this week to have more volunteers so please think of something to attract more students to help us” Takamina said
“Don’t worry I have a plan so at least for now let’s call it a day. Everyone should take a rest since we already prepare the things we needed for the community service.” Yuko said
“Yes all of you should, everyone looks so tired. I know we just finish our exams last week but please put all your heart on this. This is for our school and everyone will have a great experience on it. Helping others is really fun! Okay mina?! Yosh! Otsukaresama deshita!” Takamina said encouraging her students.

While others are preparing to leave, a certain squirrel holds acchan’s and yuki’s wrist.

“Both of you stay, we need to discuss something” yuko said

At the same time Mayu was about to walk towards them but Yuko give her a sign to go first and just wait Yuki outside. Mayu was thinking that it must be the rankings and the event from the group study but she knew yuko will not hurt her friends
When everybody is already out, Yuko starts talking.

“I need to talk with the both of you and also to clear things” Yuko said in a serious tone
“I know it seems that there is nothing wrong but I can see that there is an awkwardness between us, I can feel it. Please, we should just tell what’s wrong directly to each other, we’re friends right? We are team. We help each other, so if you have something bothering you, just tell what’s wrong.” Yuko continued
“I just don’t like Yuki acting like this. I’m really irritated seeing Yuki like this. Always spacing out, thinking and letting her love life interrupts her studies” acchan said bluntly, she may be harsh with her words but she cared about yuki that she wanted to wake her up.
“eh?”yuki’s eyes just widen, she was actually confused right now, she seems to be disturbed.
“yuki, I just want to say… trust your heart, okay?” yuko smiled at her and dismissed them.


the next day, the student council members were encouraging students to join, they already announced it throughout the whole school but only few volunteered.
Yuko went to the Kendo club. When she arrived at the Kendo club, Rena has just dismissed the practice. Yuko shouts Rena’s name to get her attention and give her a signal if they can have a talk. Rena nods and walks towards them and as yuko predicted Jurina tags along with rena.

“Hehe~ how’s practice?” Yuko said energetically
“Hmmm I feel something is not right, Yuko paying me a visit in my club” rena thought
“Do you want something from me?” Rena said frowning at Yuko
“hehe exactly” Yuko said grinning at Rena and Jurina
“Eh? What it is Yuko-nee-chan?” Jurina interrupted
“Well nothing much but We need volunteers and we need the both of you to join us and encourage your members to help the student council too”
“Sorry yuko, but we need to prepare more for the tournament”
“hmm… ok don’t worry about it”

Even though rena declined, Yuko put Rena and Jurina’s name in the list of volunteers
She also went to the basketball club, but there are currently in the midst of practicing. She was watching them practicing for a while and she noticed something, unlike from the childish brat that they were teasing last week, sae was serious and composed.

“hm… as I thought, she never acts like a childish spoiled brat in front of others… she was always serious and acts cool as if there were barriers around her. I wonder if that childish brat is her true self… well, Sayaka can handle her childish side but… *sigh*” yuko thought, she realized that if the real sae was that childish then things will get hard for their relationship, not to mention there were secrets in their past like the accident happened that she overheard last time. And Sae didn’t seem to mention that to Sayaka and kept it all to herself.

“it feels like she was running away from the problems”


The day after, the lists of volunteers is posted on the bulletin board of the school. Ans as yuko expected, many students volunteered… they were from the fanclubs.

Rena was shocked when her name was on the list

“Anou… Rena you should calm down” Jurina trying to calm down Rena
“That squirrel!”
“Cool down”
“How could I? Our names are listed there. We need to prepare for the tournament. I’ve already told Yu-” Rena was cut off when the door of the student council office opened. It was Takamina-sensei approaching her
“Told what? Hehe” Yuko said appearing from Takamina’s back
“You!” Rena said at Yuko aiming to hold Yuko but suddenly Takamina block her
“Rena-chan thank you so much for your help. You helped the student council a lot. Because both of you and Jurina-chan join the community service a lots of students also volunteered to help the activity… thank you so much. I’m glad a leader like you is willing to help out our school even if I know your busy preparing for the tournament” Takamina said still holding Rena’s hand
“b-but…”rena tried to clear things but their sensei continue thanking her
“*sigh* Yuko-nee-san”Jurina looked at yuko who was grinning
“Hai? Jurina-chan?”
“About the tree planting where it will be anyway and what day? So we can adjust the kendo practice”
“that’s why I like Jurina-chan more~ Listening to nee-san, good girl~ haha” Yuko tries to teased Jurina.
after a few minutes Takamina-sensei took her leave to go to the chairwoman’s office.
“Yuko you really are troublesome” Rena said glaring at yuko
“Haha it will be fun Rena-chan~ and besides you should enjoy yourselves, don’t be pressured in the competition ok? Hehe~ and all of your members need some fresh air too”
“eh?! they also volunteered? ” Rena said
“Haha~ anyway Jurina already have the details about the program so get ready for next week activity okay?” Yuko said as she take her leave also she still needs to finish some paper works.


The student council scheduled the tree planting program on Saturday.
The sun is not yet up but a lot of volunteer are widely awake and excited for the activity. Well most of the popular students in their school are participating that’s why a lot of student joined.

“Yosh! Minna please gather around here and fall in line” Takamina said holding a megaphone on her right hand giving instruction to all students participating
When everybody is all gathered around in front, the student council president, yuko, went in front of them and gave a short speech.

“Ohayou minna! Thank you so much for participating in our tree planting activity today! Once a year, we conduct activities to help and support our community. And it is our school’s mission to give a wonderful experience for the students to do such things that we didn’t normally do. I’m really glad to see all of you are energetic to participate in our activity today. Let’s do our best to plant more trees!” Yuko finished her speech to start the activity

All volunteers are busy planting. And because many students volunteered, many teachers also helped to assist them. There is also Mariko-sensei and Yui-sensei assisting other students.

“Why Yui-sensei is here Yuko?!” Acchan said irritated looking at Takamina who was talking happily to her co-teachers
“Easy now tiger. Haha~ but nee-chan instructed all teacher to participate here because we have lots of volunteer today… thanks to our popular students haha”
“And that’s your fault for putting their name in our list”
“Haha hey! Don’t forget that you’re popular here too Acchan”
“I don’t care”
“haha~ hey is that the right way to treat your fans? Look, look they are staring at you~” Yuko poking acchan’s cheeks
“geeez Just do your task now Yuko or I’ll punch you”
“wooo~ kowai ~ haha… hai hai~ I wonder where’s Haruna? She also volunteered~ hehe~ ” 
“she’s with Jurina-chan and Mayu-chan. Why? Are you missing your cat again?”
“Yeah~” answered Yuko while digging.

Acchan smiled a bit, Seeing Yuko smiled like that with no worries, she knew that her friend has some troubles especially with her family, although she didn’t knew exactly what troubles are they.

Meanwhile on the other part of the forest…

“Ne Rena-chan”
“Hai?  Yuki? What it is?” Rena said as her eyes are still focused on the ground she’s digging
“about last time, when you’re trying to cheer me up, I’m so-”
“I understand Yuki-chan” Rena said facing yuki and giving her a sweet smile. Yuki hugged her tightly. She was sorry because last time she was paying no attention to her best friend who was just trying to cheer her up.
“There…there…”Rena patting her best friend’s
“Rena-chan, I-I have something to ask-” she was thinking if she will tell to Rena what happened to her and Mayu and asked an advise because she don’t know what she is feeling right now and just thinking about the kiss happened between her and mayu, Yuki always blush and can’t seem to think straight. Actually after what happened that night yuki always blush every time she was close to mayu. It was awkward for her.
“What it is Yuki-chan?”
“Captain Matsui, Mariko-sensei is calling you and Kashiwagi-senpai Takamina-sensei said assist the first year class B-1“ a staff from a student council said
“Hai Arigatou, let’s go Yuki-chan”

After few minutes Rena arrived where Mariko-sensei is...

“Yo Rena-chan” Sae shouted
“eh? Sae-chan! Why are you here? Where’s sensei?”
“Mariko-sensei asked me to help here *sigh*” She was a little down because she wanted to be with her girlfriend, Sayaka. Sayaka was with the first year students, helping them. Sae can hear the girls fangirling over her girlfriend who was helping them… saying how `cool` Sayaka is.
“Is there something wrong?”
“Ah haha… nothing why are you here too anyway?”
“Mariko-sensei asked me to help too”

“Hey you two!” Mariko-sensei shouted
“Sorry to bother the both of you”
“Yeah you should be sorry” Sae murmured
“What is that Miyazawa-san?” Mariko glared at her
“Ah- ahaha I said nothing sensei”sae was frightened when their sensei glared at her
“how can we assist you sensei?” Rena said backing up Sae
“Oh yeah can you please guide and take care the first year class A-1”
“Oh Mayu-chan’s class right?” Sae said to Rena
“Oh you know Watanabe-san? Anyway this is Minegishi-san the class president of class A-1, help and guide her okay?”

Meanwhile on the other part of the forest…

“Why Milky is here?! What a bad day for me… assisting her class and she’s the class president too… geeez *sigh* focus Yuki you promised acchan to do your tasks whatever happens” Yuki was murmuring

“Ohayou Kashiwagi-senpai” Milky was smirking at her
“good morning to you too, Watanabe-san”

The atmosphere between them seems really dark so students around them didn't bother to talk to them.

It was already late in the afternoon and the sky is shady.
Mayu lost a notebook where Mariko-sensei’s students are listed and was looking for it.

“Ah I must have left it there. I should find it quickly.” Mayu thought then dashed to that place while the other students gone back

While running in the forest the rain burst out heavily.  Mayu was still running in the middle of the forest.

*Thunder sound*

*Ack* Mayu tripped and sprained her right foot. She hit a big rock.
“Itai! Uugghh! clumsy Mayu!” she scolded herself

She walked carefully supporting her right foot. Everything was dark and she’s the only one in there.
Then another thunder struck. She was startled and slipped, hitting her head. She fainted because of the impact that hits her head.

////// Mayu’s dream/////
“Huh? Where am I? Eh who are they?” Mayu said to herself she saw two girls running away.

“Hey! Yuki… Yuki … don’t leave me”
a little girl appeared and shouted to the two running girl

“Is that me?” Mayu thought and then closes her eyes because she cannot believe on what she is seeing right now. But then she heard another sound.

“Let go of her!!”

Mayu opens her eyes and saw a man was holding a raven girl’s hand so she cannot escape.
That big guy was hitting girl with a raven hair and trying to harass the raven haired girl.

“Hey stop that!” Mayu shouted angrily she didn’t like what she’s seeing right now. Then the other little girl who looks like Mayu throws a stone that hits the man’s head.

“Why you son of b***”
Said the one of the big guys
Then that little girl who threw the stone had been caught by another big man
and holds her neck and waist from behind that she can’t move.

“Stop! Don’t put your filthy hands on her”
The little girl shouted struggling.

Mayu on the other hand really wants to punch that guy but she cannot move at all, she can only see it. She closed her eyes again and she was scared to open it again but she heard a scream she immediately opened her eyes and saw a scene again

The man pushes away the raven haired girl from him and hit the girl which makes the girl faint. The man pulled something behind his back, it was a knife, planning to hurt the raven haired girl, the little girl who looks like mayu struggled and ran very fast to save the girl

Then everything went blank again, and another scene flashed in mayu’s dream

“mayu… sorry! I’m really sorry!”
“All this feelings… I must endure it all, it’s all my fault.”
“I’m really sorry Mayu”


“Huh Sae?!”

//////////////////////////////// end

Mayu woke up from her dream. She feels really empty when she woke up like there is something missing in her. Like there is something that she have forgotten, but what it is?

“Mayu! you’re awake! Thank goodness! I’m so worried about you!” Yuki exclaimed and hugged mayu
“Huh? What happened?”
“You hit your head little sister. Ugh! we are so worried!” Yuko trying to hold her tears hugging acchan
“There there squirrel… Mayu is okay now” Acchan said patting yuko’s head

“Miyazawa-san looked for you when we found out that you are missing. She insisted on helping to look for you even if the weather is getting bad” Acchan said
“Sae?” Mayu murmured as she close her fist

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 2
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Woah~ So Mayu remembered a little piece of the past. Is it possible that the incident that took place, was the one that caused Sae to distance herself from the others? :dunno:
Hm, now that Mayu remembers something, will she ask Sae what really happened? :mon huh:
Even though rena declined, Yuko put Rena and Jurina’s name in the list of volunteers
Yuko, you sure are lucky that Jurina was there to help calm Rena down and to manage things. :mon lol:
Acchan getting angry at Yuko for letting Yui join, she's definitely feeling irritated and jealous. :mon sweat:
Yuko's so smart, knowing that when the popular students join volunteering, so will their followers. :mon determined:
Thanks for the update, can't wait for next chapter. :mon bye:
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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 2
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“don’t worry about that, miyazawa will surely follow akimoto around like a puppy and also I just need matsui rena to volunteer and surely matsui Jurina will also follow like a puppy~ leave that to me~ hehe~”

waa..yuko's have everyone wrapped around her fingers.. :shocked :lol:

i wonder why mayu clenched her fist at the end of the chapter? :?

cant wait for the next update! :panic:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 2
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Holy crap the things are going to be interesting in the next chapter, thanks and update soon!!!

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 2
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I don't know anymore

Who's that man?

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 2
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 :on gay: :on gay: Waiting For the next Chapter..  :ptam-ok: :ptam-ok:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 2
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Yuriiiiiiin pwiiis moooreeee!!

I hope after the accident yuki accept mayu's love

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 17` Part 2
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Chapter 18 – Confusion
[Part 1]

//////// flash back from chapter 17////////
The weather is getting bad, the sky is getting dark and the rain was falling heavily. The students have gone back and the teachers decided to end the activity because of the bad weather.
They were about to go home when Yuki noticed that Mayu is missing because she was looking for her.

“Yuko, did you see Mayu?” Yuki worriedly asked
“eh? shiriri-chan? Didn’t saw her, wait! Is my sister missing?! You go ask the others first and I’ll inform the teachers, okay?” yuko rushed to inform the teachers and the staffs who is responsible for the students safety
Then Yuki asked Rena and Jurina for help to ask the other students.
Sae happened to overheard that Mayu was missing

 “eh?!” sae shouted in her mind, she was worried, she rushed to Yuko to asked what happened
“yuko did you already asked the staffs and body guards to look for her?” sae asked with a worried and panicked expression
 “yes I already asked them, the teachers too are asking the students where did the last place they saw mayu” yuko replied
“she’s really worried, I can see it in her face there’s also a guilt showing in her expression… or I just thought” *sigh* yuko thought when she recalled again about the `accident` that Jurina had told her

“Sae, are you okay?” Sayaka asked, she know that her girlfriend might be really worried about her childhood friend
“Sayaka, I’ll go look for her, wait for me okay”
“eh? then I’ll go with you sae”
“no, please just stay here okay?”
“the weather is getting worst, let the staffs and guards look for her” yuko said stopping Sae
“no! I’ll look for her!”
“but, sae…”
“I’ll go look for her!”
“Are you an idiot?! What if you also get lost and can’t find her? Then the staffs will just have more problems looking for you” acchan scolded her, she might be blunt but they knew what acchan said was true
But despite of what acchan said, sae rushed to the forest to look for mayu

 “I know that you’re worried for her but don’t follow her!” yuko reprimanded to stop Sayaka as she was about to follow sae in the forest.
*sigh* “what an idiot… I’ll just go tell sensei that sae rushed to the forest to look for mayu, so that they can tell it to the staffs to also look for her”

-- Few days passed --
The basketball club was having a practice for the upcoming sports competition between elite schools but Sae can’t seem to concentrate, more like she was spacing out after what happened during the last time’s activity (tree planting activity).

Sae’s POV

“sae look out!” I heard my girlfriend shouted at me

We were having a practice match, I didn’t saw that my team mate passed me the ball and the ball was heading directly on my face. Before it was able to hit me, I was able to block it but I lost my balance.

“Sae! Are you okay?” I saw my girlfriend rushing towards me with a worried expression
 “mmm…” I instantly replied, I don’t want to see her worried but somehow I was really happy that she’s too worried about me.

She signaled the other members to continue practicing, the other members followed but I heard her best friend (yuka) said something to her

“Sayaka-chan, just let her rest alone.” Her best friend said
“I’ll just accompany her for a bit till she feels better” my girlfriend replied, she’s really worried about me…
“captain! We should practice, she can take care of herself, she’s the cool senpai whom everyone adores right?!” her best friend said… geez, she really don’t like me… what should I do… I don’t want to tell Sayaka not to get close with her friends, I know she will get angry… but… what if… *sigh* never mind…

“Sae-chan please don’t make me choose!”

A crying voice from a certain person suddenly flashed on my mind… now, I’m feeling anxious… several thoughts are running through my head… a several what ifs
The past is haunting me… I’m frightened

“Just a few minutes, I really need to see if she’s really okay, please just resume the practice without me! Onegai!”  Just when I was feeling frightened, hearing that my girlfriend is really that worried about me and choose me over what her friend said makes me reassured
`She wouldn’t choose her best friend over me right?` that thought flashed my mind as I stare at my girlfriend who was now checking for my temperature
“good thing you don’t have a fever” she seems relieved
“hehe, I’m just feeling tired a while ago but I’m okay now sayaka~” I forced to sound cheerful so that she would worry less… I don’t want to see her sad face…
She raised her eyebrow not believing what I told her, this girl really sees through me… she knows if I’m feeling unwell…
She accompanied me to our clubroom, and let me lay on the bench near the lockers…
“sae? Are you okay? Feeling better now?” she asked
“mmm~” I nod as I hold her hand, locking our fingers together as I closed my eyes
“sae, you should go home now, if you’re feeling tired. Please, you should get some rest” she said… *sigh* this girl… she’s trying to take care of me but doesn’t know how, not romantically at least…
“don’t want to go home yet, we’ll go home together” I replied, I was expecting that she would blush on what I said but when I looked at her I just saw her worried face… geez…
“Then just sleep here okay? I’ll be back, I’ll just check on our members” she said and I pouted on reply, I’m a little disappointed… this girlfriend of mine is really unromantic *sigh*
“Sayaka, sleep with me~” I teased her pleading cutely as a puppy
“eh?” she replied, a tint of redness appears on her whole face… I really love teasing my girlfriend like this…
“haha, I’m okay now Sayaka… you should go back to the practice” seeing her blushed like that because of me makes me really happy…
 “t-then I’ll be back after practice, you should s-sleep now okay?” she said, her face was still red…
I closed my eyes and started drifting off to sleep…

-------- sae’s dream --------
“Why do you always prioritize her over me?!”
“why am I always second?!”
“why! Why do you always favor her?”
“I thought you love me? You said that you like me!? Why are you always paying attention to her?”
“why is she your priority?”
“Yuki, who is more important?! Just tell me already!”
“just choose me already, you said you loved me right?”
“if mayu didn’t came to our life, yuki would only look at me!”

“Yuki, who do you love more?!  Is it me or Mayu?! Just choose already!”
“No! Mayu! Yuki!”
“Mayu, Yuki, wake up… please”
“…it’s all my fault”

“I’m sorry”
“I’m really sorry”
“sorry… sorry… I’m really sorry…”

“ -up! Sae! Sae wake up!” I heard Sayaka waking me up
“ah- ” I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend’s worried face
“is it a bad dream?” she anxiously asked
“mmm… somehow” I replied forcing a smile, it’s a dream I don’t want to remember… the past is really haunting me…
“sae, if you’re having any problems or if something is bothering you, please don’t bear it alone” she said, a hurtful look can be seen in her face
“hehe~ no need, I’m genki!”
“Sae!” she raised her voice…
“I know there’s something troubling you” she insisted but I don’t want to talk about that
“nothi-” I tried to say nothing but I was startled when she reached her hand to my face, wiping my tears…
“eh?” I didn’t know I’m crying… 
 “please, I don’t want to see you being like this.. I’m always here for you, please let me know if I can do something or if I can’t do something about your problems then I’ll just listen to it, I’ll stay beside you… so please…”
I didn’t replied… instead I just hugged her…

We were walking home together but Sayaka said she forgot something in the clubroom, I would’ve accompany her but she insisted that I should wait, probably she’s still worried about me being tired

I was standing the school’s hallway waiting for Sayaka to get back when I heard a familiar voice

“mayu?” I was surprised to see her approaching me
“I just want to say thanks about last time, I heard you looked for me. I just don’t want to have a feeling of gratitude towards you” she said but I can’t think of something to say, my mind seems blank so I just nod
“uhm I want to ask”  she looks serious, I was really anxious
“why did you saved me last time? Why did you insisted to look for me?” I was surprised by her question
“well- I was worried about you, I-I don’t want that to happen to you again” I said to her,
“huh? What happened to me again?” she asked me as if she doesn’t know
“well about that time… mayu I’m sorry” I don’t really want to talk about that accident happened that time… actually I’m feeling anxious, I was worried, I was scared, I wanted to run away
“What about that time? What again? I don’t get you, why are you saying sorry?”

Eh? she didn’t remember what happened? !

“mayu, about that acci-” I was about to ask her if she can remember that accident when yuki suddenly showed up
“Mayu! Sae-chan! It’s been forever since I saw you two together” she said, she was rather happy seeing mayu and I talking, since when we’re young she always want us to get along
“sae… i-” yuki called me but I averted my gaze and saw mayu furious… mayu walked away…
“mayu? What’s wrong? Wait! Mayu?! Wait for me” yuki called her when mayu suddenly walked away… I can only stare at them
`you always chase after her… you already chose between us…  that time I knew you would choose her… if only I hadn’t be selfish that time`
“Hehe… “ I can only helplessly giggle at this situation, I don’t know now what I’m feeling right now…
Tears… it’s just flowing in my eyes…
“sae?” I felt a sudden light tap on my shoulders, just when I was feeling down I know sayaka would save me…
“what happened?” she asked, again I didn’t replied I just hugged her and she hugged me back
“sae, you’re really a cheerful person I know but if you’re not feeling well it’s okay to cry, I’ll be beside you. Please don’t bear your problems alone, I’m here. Please don’t force a smile on your face, it hurts.” She asked as she hugged me tighter
I’m really glad I have met Sayaka…
“I’m okay, since you’re here… just please love me because of what I am… Sayaka, please stay by my side”
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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 1
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Finally a new update

There is something wrong with sae, sae you must told mayu and yuki
Btw i want mayuki moment onegai author san m(_ _)m

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 1
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the mayukisae accident and lost of mayu last activity cause a little saeyaka sweet moment I love it!! hei hei ^^ I am just too anxious abt what happened years ago!!

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 1
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exactly what happened few years ago.. :banghead:

update soon! :cathappy: :fap

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 1
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Aw, Sae was this close to telling Mayu the truth :sweatdrop:
That SaeYaka moment, it shows how Sayaka truly cares for Sae :wub:
Update soon :twothumbs

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 1
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Yuki remember right?

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 1
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I had a feeling that you already wrote for chapter 20 or 25

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 2
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Chapter 18 – Confusion
[Part 2]

Mayu’s POV

I was waiting for Yuki when I saw Sae standing near the hallway, there’s a sudden urge inside me to talk with her. Actually I want to ask her something but I don’t know how to put it in words… after when I woke up that time, I felt something was missing in me… it seems I have forgotten something…
And that dream, what it is all about?

“hey” I walked towards her, she seems surprised to see me, like she have seen a ghost
“I just want to say thanks about last time, I heard you looked for me. I just don’t want to have a feeling of gratitude towards you” I swallowed my pride and thanked her, honestly I don’t want to owe her or anything… She was just silent
“uhm I want to ask” I said, i want to ask her about the dream but I don’t really know how to say it
“why did you saved me last time? Why did you insisted to look for me?” I asked instead. She seems surprised that I asked her this question, honestly I don’t get her,
“well- I was worried about you, I-I don’t want that to happen to you again” 
“huh? What happened to me again?” I said, what is she saying? What exactly happened?  Did I get lost when we’re kids?
“well about that time… mayu I’m sorry” she said, why is she saying sorry? And what’s with that guilty face?
“What about that time? What again? I don’t get you, why are you saying sorry?” I don’t really get what she wants to say, she should just say it why do I have the feeling that she’s afraid?

“mayu, about that acci-”
“Mayu! Sae-chan! It’s been forever since I saw you two together” yuki suddenly showed up, i didn’t hear what sae have said as I turned my attention to yuki

Honestly why did she want us to be close, I don’t want this… now she’s looking again at sae…

“sae… i-” yuki called her … it pissed me off. She’s looking again at her with those caring eyes. I hate this! What about the last time when you kissed me back yuki?! Does it matter to you? Or it was just nothing?

I was so pissed that I started to walked out, I’ve got enough of this pain, I’ll just go home!!!

“mayu? What’s wrong? Wait! Mayu?! Wait for me” I heard her calling for me but I didn’t stopped
“mayu!” she grabbed my hand and forced me to look at her
“what’s wrong mayu?” she said, why is she asking me that with a worried face?
“you should just talk to her, you’ll be happy right? I’ll just go home! go back to your sae-chan!” I bursted out without thinking, I maybe being selfish right now but

I don’t like seeing her that happy because she saw her. I want her to be happy but not because of her!
I got into the car and told the butler to send me home, yuki also got into the car trying to talk to me  but I’m not really in the mood, I’m so pissed right now but I am trying not to utter a single word because I might just burst out my anger. Even if I was mad or hurt I don’t want to direct my anger to her.
She stopped trying to talk to me, maybe she’s tired trying? I don’t know if I’ll be happy with that. I want her to comfort me but somehow I just want to be alone.
As soon as we got home I headed directly to my room and locked myself. I heard her calling me again, she was now knocking at my door.
“Mayu, let’s eat dinner?” I didn’t reply… I lay down in my bed and let myself calm down…
A few minutes passed… and I heard a knock again
“Mayu? Let’s watch some anime? How about we watch hetalia? You like that right? We could eat some snacks while watching, please?” again I didn’t replied…
An hour passed and my anger have gone down, but she didn’t knocked again. Maybe she’s really tired of comforting me, I feel disappointed. Well it’s my fault for getting angry, and ignoring her. But I can’t help from getting angry… I just want to cry…
Just when I was about to cry, I heard a knock, Yuki was calling me… I smiled a bit… I can’t get angry with her for long… I laughed at myself for being like that, I might look like a fool but I really love her…
I hide my smile and put on my cyborg face before I open the door.
I opened the door and saw a mid-sized alpaca stuff toy greeting me…
“eh? ah! Alpaca! Kawaii~!!!” I was surprised, but I can’t help to say cute to that alpaca stuff toy, it’s really cute but I stopped myself from hugging that alpaca stuff toy
“mayuyu~ are you still angry with Yukirin? Please don’t get mad and talk to her, please~” a weird voice said, I laughed but I tried to hide it, what is Yuki doing? She doesn’t sound a cute alpaca at all… I can’t hold it, I burst into laughter… and I saw her smiling…
“Are you still angry mayuyu?” she said with a cute face… geez Yukirin is so unfair, how can’t I forgive her if she’s giving me that face…
“is that for me?” I asked instead of saying I’m not mad anymore
“if you will forgive me, I’ll give this to you” she said smiling trying to tease me…
“then, I’ll just sleep” I said and tried to close the door but
“no! I’m just joking mayu!!!” she suddenly hugged me, the alpaca stuff toy was in between us….
“hehe~ mayu are you not hungry?” she asked me, well I’m a little hungry so I didn’t struggle and agreed to eat dinner now…

 While we are eating, she was paying too much attention to me, offering me dishes and trying to feed me… I’m happy but… she was feeding me vegetables most of the time…

“yada!!! I won’t eat that!” she was feeding me again those weird green things
“Mayuyu!! Just eat some vegetables it’s for your health, I don’t want you to get sick”
“but I am taking vitamins so there’s no need” I retaliated but she gave me a pouting face…

We finished dinner and I took a bath after, *sigh* I nearly throw up those veggies…
I was now heading at my bed to sleep when she hugged me in the back

“mayu~ ah- you smell nice~” she said sniffing me, what’s with her? Why is she being too clingy today…? I don’t know if I’ll be happy with that…
“mmm…” I said with no emotions, I always try to hide my emotions because I cannot control myself… like what happened a while ago before we went home… it’s not good… but well, there is a time when it was not a bad thing… like the last time I kissed yuki… didn’t expect that she would kiss me back…
But what was that? Why did she kissed me back? I want to clear that to her, I want to ask her… I don’t want to have false hopes…

“-yu? Mayu? Are you okay?” I suddenly snapped, I didn’t know I was spacing out… she faced me and looked at my face, she put her hand on my forehead
“you didn’t seem to have a fever?” she said, I was stunned… I didn’t know what to do… I wanted to ask yuki about that kiss… after that time she just acts normal… what if it was just nothing to her? I’m scared… I looked at her, I want to kiss her, I don’t want to lose her… I closed the distance on our face until it’s only a inch away… she was surprised by my actions… I was also surprised on what I was doing; maybe I really loved her this much that I cannot control myself…
I don’t know how long but were just staring at each other’s eyes when she suddenly kissed me…

“eh?” I squealed on my mind, yuki is… yuki is kissing me? Why?

I kissed her back thinking perhaps she’s giving me a chance… I want to believe that… please give me a chance… I kissed her passionately, pushing her body until we both fall on the bed… I was on the top

We only stopped when we were out of breath… I was staring into her eyes, a little while she averted her gaze… I noticed that she was blushing…
“yuki-” she faced me and placed her index finger on my lips stopping me to say anything
“mayu…” she said brushing my lips with her fingers, she has a wanting expression…

I’m confused of what was happening, is she accepting me? Do I have the chance? What is this? I don’t know now…I’m confused… please tell me if I have a chance…

“mayu… kiss me” my mind is already blank, I’m so confused that I just don’t want to think… I kissed her more passionately than I did before, she was letting me do what I want I feel in bliss, I can’t help but to be happy…
Please tell me that this is not a dream… Please tell me that you’re giving me a chance, tell me that you love me too, Yuki!



After that night, they really didn’t talk about what happened. She noticed that every time she’s closing the distance of their face, Yuki would blush and stay still… Mayu wants to believe that Yuki was giving her a chance so she’s just letting Yuki slowly fall into her. She doesn’t want to force her because she loves her that much.

"Yuki I’m still hoping, hoping that you'll love me back"
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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 2
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yappari, i still cant understand yuki's heart.. :smhid

she was happy seeing sae yet she (kinda) reciprocate mayu's feelings.. :O

update soon! :w00t:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 2
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Ah yuki please just accept mayu's feeling.. And sae please tell mayu what actually happened "that night"

Thanks for update author-san

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread ~ `Chapter 18` Part 2
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I dont know anymore....

It just like...yuki playing mayu heart if she keep it like that
How can yuki still not admid that she love mayu after those kissed?
Can i said they are now official?

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