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Author Topic: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 20 (09/04/2021)  (Read 74222 times)

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  • Mayuki & Kojiyuu ROCK!!
mayu should be more forward! seduce her!  :lol:
maybe danso mayu is good  :twothumbs

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mayu should be more forward! seduce her!  :lol:
maybe danso mayu is good  :twothumbs

-actually, there will be.. coz we love mayu's danso  too :love:

it will happen in mayuki's highlight after wmatsui highlight  :D

haha, why am i giving spoilers  :lol:

anyways we also look forward on writing those scene coz other pairs would go danso too...  :D

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Sae is just hurting Yuki more :k-sad:
At least Rena is trying her best to get Jurina to notice her :hee:
With Jurina avoiding her, Rena still hasn't told jurina that she and Airin broke up.
I wonder what jurina would do when she learns about it
I agree, Jurina might not find out soon if she keeps ignoring Rena :mon whimper:. But who knows maybe something will happen :mon noprob:
I should teach her to love oppai and oshiri too *grins* I’ll be her sister from now on as well haha” Yuko thought while smiling.
Will this be the birth of the Oshiri Sisters? :on lol:
That Atsumina moment was adorable ~ :shy2:
“e-ehehe-ehe” yuko laughs a bit nervous but she was enjoying this
Poor Yuko :mon lol: Looks like she will have to face Yuki :mon sweat:
She notice the full moon, then she lift her hands in the sky as she looked at her left wrist and then gaze at the tattoo that was marked in her
What could that tattoo mean? :mon huh:
~we don't want a linear and predictable story so we're considering twists in the story and balancing the appearance and the impact of their conflicts, it is really difficult  :cry:
Good Luck and Do your best :mon thumb:
I'm looking forward to the next chapter~ :k-great:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (Update - Chapter 4)
« Reply #43 on: August 23, 2014, 05:09:52 PM »
Chapter 4: Best- friends

It was a fine morning with clear skies; a certain girl was walking in the school garden before classes...

“oh… a neko!” the girl said happily as she saw a cat sitting near the bed of flowers

She walks carefully towards the cat, not making any noise so that it won’t run away from her

“meow… meow..” she mimicked the cat to catch its attention
“Ah~ kawaii~” she said happily as she played with the cat not noticing the time…

At the 2rd floor of the school building in a place where you can see the school garden from above, the student council president was watching the girl amusingly…

“Nyan-nyan, you never change do you” the kaichou smiled

the school bell rung signifying that the classes are about to begin-

“wahhh- I’m gonna be late” the girl said as she dashed but the school garden was far from her class

After several minutes…

“oh! Kojiharu~ you’re late, where have you been?” asked her energetic classmate

-kojiharu was worried about her getting late because her teacher will really scold her

“you’re lucky,  Mariko-sensei is not yet here…”
“ah~ you’re right mii-chan~” haruna giggled as she was relieved not getting scolded
“but, I wonder why sensei is late…”
“hm.. I wonder too, she never gets late… I guess I’m really lucky…” kojiharu said cheerfully
“you know, I’m very lucky these days… last time I sneaked outside to shop alone then there were scary guys who talked to me but good thing there was a police who passed by… and then yesterday I dropped my student manual I really can’t find it but I saw it in my desk later…” kojiharu shared
“what a luck!”


- meanwhile at the faculty

“…don’t worry about it, I know you’re really trying your best as a student council president, if it’s you, you can do it… so, are there any more problems you want to consult?”
“uhm- that’s all Mariko-sensei, thank you for your advice”
“my pleasure, …but you could’ve asked me after class though”
“ah- right you have classes, sorry sensei I made you late… really sorry” *bows*
“well then, I’m going now, you should go back to your class too..”


And then the student council president went back to her class…

“hey Yuko, where have you been? Even if our teacher was absent it doesn’t mean that you should fool around” acchan scold her
“haha, acchan are you impersonating takamina~?”
-Acchan glared at her…

Yuko just laughed then take a seat… they were having a group study session as instructed yesterday by their teacher.

“So in this sentence… hey Yuko, how do you read this?” acchan asked but yuko is fooling around
“hey!” acchan yelled at yuko but she’s still fooling around with their other classmates
“ah, this word you read it like this……” a classmate and group mate said

Acchan maybe a scholar but she’s having a hard time in English subject…

“ah… thanks, Sayaka-san” acchan thanked her group mate
“you could drop the –san you know” her group mate said while smiling

“oh-- when did the two of you got close? ” yuko butted in their conversation
“She’s our classmate last year yuko… we talked often”
“eh? Ah, right… ” yuko laughs
“despite being tall, I’m not noticeable, am I?” her group mate, Sayaka, joked as they laugh
“Sorry… I’ve been busy last year; I didn’t have time to hang out with our other classmates”
“well that’s kinda true… you’ve been busy last year till the end of the last school term… you only get to hang out with us in the student council room” acchan said wondering
“haha, don’t worry about it…”
“So, when did the two of you got close?” yuko continued
“well, you’re being anti-social acchan so I’m surprised you  got close to others than us”
“ah- well, she helped me a lot last year… and I met her a few times outside school”
“eh? I helped you?” Sayaka wondered when
“Well, in P.E class you carried me to the nurse office when I got sprained and when I lost my notebook you helped me find it… and when were in the villa last month, when my phone broke you lend me yours”
“ahh… that? Haha well that’s nothing… anybody should help someone in need right?”
“well, not at all..” acchan said disagreeing
“hmm… kind and cool? that’s why you’re popular with girls in this school”  yuko remarked
“eh?... *laughs* well this is an `all-girls` school though…” Sayaka commented
 “ah--  well that’s right, there’s no guys here so you would only be popular with girls…” they all laughed…
“but even in my middle school where it’s a co-ed but I’m not popular with guys, only some of the girls have approached me… so I’m thinking am I that scary?”
“well sometimes…” acchan replied
“haha, it’s because you’re so serious… you should smile more” yuko said
“is that so? but I’m trying to be approachable though” Sayaka sighed
“come on, you shouldn’t worry about that. You could asked your girlfriend how to be approachable…” yuko suggested
“hm… yeah she’s really friendly… eh!? g-girlfriend?”

“she’s blushing?” Acchan and yuko noticed
“oh..? You’re going out right? –with sae-chan” yuko asked
“eh? u-uh no… we’re not going out together”
“eh? they’re not really going out?” acchan wondered
“why are they trying to hide it?” yuko was wondering because it’s obvious to her as she is an observant person


“rena-chan, please help me to talk with sae”

It was already lunch time; sae was heading to the rooftop when her childhood friend, rena stopped her…

“hey, sae-chan”
“what is it rena?”
“y-yuki, she’s crying… please go talk to her…”
“please” rena pleaded

From: Sae
Subject: Sayaka~
Sayaka gomen!!!! .•´¯`(>▂<)´¯`•.
Please have lunch without me…
See you after class ( ^◡^)❤
-sae ~(^з^)-♡

Sae went to look for yuki…

“hey, yuki-”
“Sae-chan, please let’s have a talk… I can’t stand that things are like this for both of us… Please….”


Before lunch was over Sayaka was walking in the hallways near the garden when she bumped into a girl who was carrying a stack of papers…

“ah, I’m so sorry, did you get hurt?” Sayaka apologized
Sayaka helped the girl to stand and fixed the papers that fell
“ah- some of the papers flew…. Sorry, I’ll get it… please stay here” Sayaka told the girl then she runs towards the garden where the paper flew

As she picked the papers, the garden’s pavilion caught her attention as she saw someone in there…
Two person who seems to be hugging each other…
“huh? Sae?”
When she saw it, she felt a sharp pain in her chest as if she was stabbed…


- It was after school, in the student council room two girls are waiting for others to arrive while talking to each other.

“Ne Yuko-chan, you’re the school chairman’s half-sister right? Could you just fire Yui-sensei?” Acchan said coldly
“ooh.. our spoiled lover here is jealous… I see…” Yuko teased her and then sit beside Acchan while she stares at her with a grin in her face
“Just do it”
“hehe, Sorry but I can’t… Why just you tell her to ignore sensei…  Takamina would do it anyway” Yuko said still wearing her squirrel smile

“I already told her that but she still keeps on talking to her”
“Well they are co-teachers anyway…hmmm….. Why don’t we try something new?” Yuko stands up and put her hands on her pocket then winks at Acchan
“Ooooh! That’s why I like Yuko-chan the best! Then tell me what’s in your mind”
“But first… help me on something… it will be her birthday soon….”
Deal” Acchan said as she smile widely at Yuko


- Near the school yard, there are two people sitting under the Sakura tree

“Are we just gonna stay here Jurina? We need to find a club soon” asked Mayu
“Well I don’t know either, I just wanna spend my free time with my best friend that’s all” Jurina said smiling at Mayu
“What’s bothering you? You’re not on your usual self” Mayu said as she comes closer to Jurina
“N-Nothing” as she shakes her head and trying to avoid Mayu’s eyes
“Oh! So this nothing was named Rena right?” Mayu said as she grins at Jurina
“geez~ why do you always hits the bull’s eye Mayu?”
“Because I’m Watanabe Mayu, your best friend” Mayu said fierce fully and wears again her blank expression
“So… did you already make a move? Or not?” Mayu added
“I-I-am—I’m still thinking about it…”
“what?!!” Mayu said loudly and frowned at Jurina
“Geeezzz…Mayuyu don’t be like that”
“What’s wrong with you?!” Mayu stated irritated
I’m scared” Jurina said in a sad tone then she looks down
 “I’m scared… what if she didn’t love me after all? What if she’s just pitying me? Even if we will be together, what if she will leave me again? I’m scared… Because she left me once she can leave me easily when she wants to”
“You’re turning to your clone again… That’s not my best friend at all” Mayu said annoyingly
*sigh* “I know your hurt Jurina but are you really gonna let that Airin get your princess just like that?” Mayu added
“I really don’t know what to do Mayu… All those pain I felt… I- I might not be able to bear the pain the next time it will happen….”
“Just talk to her, let her know what you really feel and stop fooling around”
“I’ll try”
No Jurina, don’t just try it. Do it… if you really are eager to get her back

Before Jurina could answer, a group of girls calls Jurina’s name at loud. It was a bunch of girls from another section in the same grade as them. And then they come closer to Jurina and Mayu

“Jurina-san~” one of the student said in a cute voice
“Matsui-san let’s walk around the school~” another student said and clings at Jurina’s arm
“Yes please Ju~ri~na~” another student said in a seducing tone

Mayu started to get irritated by the scene. Mayu then glared at them

“Hehe, sorry girls but I’m having a private time with my best friend here now, maybe next time?” Jurina explain and then winks at them
“Mou~ not fair Jurina-san your using your cuteness against us again…we can’t help it...” said the student that always in seducing tone
“Ok Matsui-san be sure next time and I’m really hoping next time your alone” said the other student then stares at Mayu. Mayu just stared back at her.

-her phone vibrates notifying that she received a mail

From: Rena-ojou-sama
Subject: (No Subject)
Jurina come here and join the kendo club.
This is a command.

As Jurina reads the message, they didn’t notice a girl was watching them from a far.

Jurina, please come back” Rena whispered as she can only stare at them… she was trying to hold back her tears

Without any further ado, Jurina excuse herself to Mayu and the other girls. Then Jurina gave them a kiss on the cheek except for mayu who pushed Jurina’s face when it’s getting closer.
Mayu ignore the other girls then she went inside the school building hallway.


-While Mayu is wondering around on the hallway, someone hugged her from behind


“Mayu-chan!!!” the girl said
“huh?” mayu said as she turns to see who hugged her from behind…
“eh..? Milky-senpai”
“hehe, how many times I told you to drop the -senpai… and wow why are you here?” Milky said
“I’m studying here of course, Milky-senpai”
“Mou! Mayu-chan please drop the -senpai… you don’t have to use formalities, It’s like we really don’t know each other”
“Hai.. hai, whatever you said Milky-senpai”
“eeh… maaaa~yuuuu chaaaaaan… e? but you’re a year younger than me right? Why are we in the same grade now?” the girl said with a sudden change her expression from a childlike tone to a curious one
“I took an accelerated exam”
“Wow!!! Mayu-chan you really are brilliant!” *hugs*
“Hai, hai… that’s enough hug please” Mayu just letting Milky hugs her tightly
“Hehe your cold side is still cute as always…. And I’m really glad that we can be together again…” as Milky’s eye glaze at Mayu’s eyes tenderly

At the gymnasium, many first years came to observe the basketball club as they were having a try-out   and a practice match to attract the first years to join…

“e-to… I’m the vice-captain Miyazawa Sae” sae introduce herself cheerfully to the first years as she was spinning the ball on her forefinger.
“kyaa~ miyazawa-senpai~ so cool~” some of the first years are squealing as they adore sae’s stance and looks…
“She looks handsome~ wearing a jersey~” the girls continued squealing

“……... and even if you don’t have a knowledge in playing this sport, you can still join, we will teach you” sae finished the introductions as she smiled at the first years...
“we’ll join, we’ll join…”  one of the first years said
“oh? we got new members… thanks guys!!!” sae thanked the first years with a cheerful tone as she smiled at them..
“kyaa~ miyazawa-senpai.., teach us~” the first years then gathered around sae… 

The club’s captain was only gazing at them as she was readying for the practice match…
-ever since lunch break, her feelings was in mess, she can’t think straight… she can’t understand what she’s feeling right now… she was upset… confused…

I want to trust her

-The practice match have started…
-at the 1st half of the match Sayaka can’t seem to concentrate and her team was losing…

“Sorry guys-”
“No, no, it’s because we aren’t good enough captain- sorry”
“no- not at all… you guys really improved” she said as she gives them an apologetic smile
“geez, what am I doing? Making my team feel down” she then decided not to think anything but the game

And then when the 2nd half of the match started, she played offensively, dashing forward…

“don’t think anything, don’t think of anything… just think of the match” she reminded herself

She then played, scoring consecutively… she’s just dashing forward not thinking of anything

Before the match ends, it was a tie but before the time runs out, her team mate was able to get the ball and shoot but the throw was misdirected…
The captain dashed and jumped high towards the ball… catches it in the mid-air and dunked it…


The students who was watching, her team mates and their club members gasped as they were amazed…

-and then times up…

“woah! Captain~ that was so cool~!” her team mates screamed as they gather around her…
“really? Thanks…” she said trying to force a smile…

Sae was only watching from the bench. Even before the match started, she noticed Sayaka was acting weird and she was avoiding her… sae wanted to ask Sayaka but she can’t find a time because they were busy in their club’s activities…
she wanted to talk to Sayaka right now, but the first years were pulling her…

“Sayaka-chan~!” a first year student called
“eh!? yuka!?” Sayaka was surprised and at the same time she was happy to see the girl again…
“Sayaka-chan~! I’m happy to see you” the girl said as she hugged Sayaka
“I’m also glad to see you yuka… Eh? wait, why are you here? did you took the scholarship?”
“of course, I wanted to follow you~ hehe”
“but, didn’t you say you don’t like to study here because you hate arrogant rich people?”
“Just because they’re rich they always fool around playing… they are not working hard… those rich kids might be bullying you and I’m worried so I followed you, because you’re too kind they might take advantage of your kindness so as your best friend I must defend you!”
“yuka-” Sayaka was touched hearing her best friend was worried for her…

She considered yuka as her younger sister as they know each other ever since they’re kids and they live near but 3 years ago yuka’s family moved apartments and they are on different grades so they didn’t get to hangout often as before…

-The club’s practice have ended and the captain dismissed them…

Sae was finally able to get free from the girls surrounding her and was waiting for Sayaka outside the locker room,
“Sayaka is there something wrong?” sae suddenly asked sayaka as she saw her
“there’s nothing wrong sae” Sayaka replied, not looking into sae
“then why are you avoiding me?”
“I’m not avoi-” Sayaka said still not looking at her but before she could finish she was cut off by sae
“Sayaka- look at me… why are you avoiding me? I can feel it”

But before Sayaka could reply, a first year called Sayaka again…

“Sayaka-chan~ let’s go home together”
“Okay- I’ll just fix my things, just wait there yuka”

“sorry sae, I’ll just mail you later…”


From: Sae
Subject: Sayaka T_T
Sayaka… Are you mad at me? T_T

From: Sayaka
Subject: (No Subject)
Why would I be mad?

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Mm~ Sayaka and Sae~~~ T^T

From: Sae
Subject: Sayaka T_T
Sayaka… Are you mad at me? T_T

From: Sayaka
Subject: (No Subject)
Why would I be mad?

That really got me! *faints*

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Ah... Sae was hugging Yuki... and Sayaka saw it...

Now Sayaka is so insecure... and avoiding Sae... Dunno what to do about Sae...

What's going to happen with their relationship?

Would they break up?

Why did Sae and Yuki hugging each other?

Would Sae be able to explain herself to Sayaka...?

How about Jurina...?

Would she join Kendo club to be with Rena?

Would she  confess to Rena?

Would they get together?

Poor Atsuko... so jealous over little thing....

Minami is not allowed to talk to other girls.... Atsuko even asked Yuko to fire Yui... just for being closed to Minami

What's going to happen to them?

Eh... Milky liked Mayu??? Does she have feeling for Mayu romantically?

What about Yuki....?

Would she let go of her feeling for Sae... and start focusing on Mayu?

Well... can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Great chapter :ding:

Acchan sure is scary when she jealous.....glad she is not related to school chairman
if not whenever there is a girl talking or near Takamina will get fired or kick out from school :on lol:

SaeYaka :ptam-hbk: why Sae...why you hug Yuki...!?
now you hurt Sayaka's feeling...

and Milky had a feeling for Mayu :shock:
will that make Yuki jealous and notice Mayu?

the story become more interesting  :twothumbs
can't wait for more

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 4)
« Reply #47 on: August 24, 2014, 02:24:12 AM »
yuko's been protecting haruna from the dark.. hope she would caught red handed by haruna soon! :luvluv2:

jealous acchan... :on lol:

now sayaka is hurt, is it just a misunderstanding?? :mon huh:

and Milky had a feeling for Mayu :shock:
will that make Yuki jealous and notice Mayu?

was wondering about it too  :mon determined:

rena's message: This is a command

she must miss jurina too much to actually use her authority on jurina :mon whine: :k-sad:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 4)
« Reply #48 on: August 24, 2014, 03:21:18 AM »
SaeYaka: Oh gawd Sae! You should fix this! Hmmm, Yuka? Tano Yuka? Or Masuda Yuka? :tantrum:

AtsuMina: Acchan is jealous with Yui? Lawl :glasses:

WMatsui: The way Rena command Jurina is just......BRAVE :luvluv1:

MaYuki: Yuki hugged Sae? Milky hugged Mayu?! :tantrum:

KojiYuu: Uwaaaah! *-* Yuko protecting Haruna is just....ugh :luvluv2: 


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 4)
« Reply #49 on: August 24, 2014, 04:34:20 AM »
Yuko you saved Haruna from getting scolded by Mariko :mon thumb:
“But first… help me on something… it will be her birthday soon….”
Hm, that 'her' is Haruna? Will Yuko tell Nyan Nyan the truth on her birthday :mon huh:
From: Rena-ojou-sama
Subject: (No Subject)
Jurina come here and join the kendo club.
This is a command.
Rena is really trying hard to get Jurina back to her :mon exhaust:
Of course Jurina can't disobey her masters command :mon sweat:
Milky had a feeling for Mayu :shock:
will that make Yuki jealous and notice Mayu?
I wonder if Milky does hold feelings for Mayu and What did she mean by them being together again? :dunno:
I hope Yuki notices Mayu but I also don't want her to get hurt even more :depressed:
“I want to trust her”
Sayaka please trust Sae!  :pleeease:
But why was Sae hugging Yuki in the first place :tama-uhh:
Acchan really dislikes Yui doesn't she :mon lol:
What are Acchan and Yuko up to  :mon evillaff:
I hope SaeYaka will be in good terms soon :kneelbow:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 4)
« Reply #50 on: August 24, 2014, 01:21:15 PM »
if sayaka avoiding's totally sae fault
because sae not being honest with her friends,and keep their relationship on secret,who's not be unsecured? you have a girlfriend but you cant show to the world that she is yours!
i'm disappointed with sae!
not because she hurt sayaka but she hurt yuki and her friends too!

as for wmatsui, igonna said rena was doing good job,at least she tried to win jurina heart again,but it's still to early to win those prize that she ever have, i like jurina play hard but dont too long because everything could happen,yeah everyhing! like this watanabe milky lol! i couldnt believe,when yuki still sad,mad,hurt with sae,she has to face another problem when she realized that someone hunt her mayu lol yeah milky hunt for mayu love (maybe) and hope she fast enough too realized that she has a special feeling for mayu.

i still curious what yuko hiding?

acchan was mean lol


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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (Update - Chapter 4)
« Reply #51 on: August 25, 2014, 08:30:24 AM »

From: Sae
Subject: Sayaka T_T
Sayaka… Are you mad at me? T_T

From: Sayaka
Subject: (No Subject)
Why would I be mad?

It's soooooooooooo cute!!!! just like sae and sayaka in the real life!
oh, yuka appear as the one interfere sae and sayaka haha
and sayaka blushing when yuko tease her haha~ so cute~!!!
I like sayaka being cool outside but really girly inside~
and the puppy sae always cling to her sayaka but in deep very ikemen to the girly sayaka hehe

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 4)
« Reply #52 on: August 25, 2014, 01:59:37 PM »
Hi guys..  :on woohoo:
Yurin here !!!


@Ruka Kikuchi


@MaYuki x JuRena





Thank you so much for your comments... your comments gave us energy :bow: thank you!! Sorry we didn't reply until now ... We're kinda busy but hey! we will update any minute now chapters 5 and 6 :) I'm just waiting for Ryo-chi  to arrive home. Hehe 

I hope you will like this chapters...
chapter 5 (MaYuki, WMatsui, SaeYaka)
chapter 6 (WMatsui, KojiYuu, AtsuMina)


Please keep supporting our fanfic hehe
Thank you so much! :love:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 4)
« Reply #53 on: August 25, 2014, 02:59:04 PM »
Chapter 5: Jealousy

It was 7 in the morning, many sports club have started to practice in the morning… the students were cheerfully practicing as they were having fun… indeed it was a wonderful weather, perfect to start the day- except for one person

“Sayaka, you’re definitely ignoring me… You said you’ll mail me… but you didn’t reply again… Why?”
Sae was sulking outside the locker room as she was waiting for her girlfriend who was ignoring her since yesterday.

“Huh? Miyazawa-san? What are you doing there?” a club member asked as she noticed Sae
“ah, well just having some fresh air… ha-ha” she said trying to stay cheerfully
“by the way, did you see Sayaka?”
“Akimoto-san? Hmm… I saw her earlier talking with a first year”
“eh? really? Thanks…”

Sae went to look for Sayaka, and then when she saw her she was still with the first year.

“Sayaka… Morning practice…”
“Right, sorry…. Sae this is our new member yuka, uhm… Sae is the Vice-captain of this club.” Sayaka introduced the first year but Sayaka is avoiding eye contact with Sae.
“I’ll be joining the basketball club, my name is Masuda Yuka, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu”
“ah, same here. Thanks for joining… So you’re Sayaka’s best friend? She have told me about you”
“Hai. Uh-m... Are Miyazawa-senpai and Sayaka-chan friends?”
“Yep! We’re Close friend. Super Close friends! Well, I am her--”
“Yes, right! We’re close friend, uhm Yuka I think you should go now and change as we are starting the morning practice, okay?” Sayaka abruptly said to cut off what Sae was saying.
“eh? How about you?” yuka said as she was puzzled by Sayaka’s reaction
“Ah, right. I’ll change now too.” Sayaka replied but when she was about to go to the locker room Sae grabbed her hand
“You could go on ahead, we still need to discuss some things” Sae said to the first year while wearing a smile

-and then Sayaka’s best friend went to the locker room ahead of them

“Sayaka, why didn’t you introduce me as your girlfriend?” 
“Well, we agreed that we wouldn’t tell others right?” Sayaka answered still avoiding eye contact
“But she was your best friend though, you could’ve introduced me” Sae said as she looked down, Sayaka noticed that Sae was a bit upset
“Well, that’s the same for us right? I mean we can’t tell it even with our best friend coz we don’t want conflicts with them”
“Yeah, yeah… I know…” 
“Well then, we should go now”
Sayaka said as she tried to loosen Sae’s grip on her hand but Sae gripped her hand tighter…
“Sayaka- look at me!”
Sayaka asked as she face her but still avoiding having eye contact with Sae
“I knew it! there’s definitely wrong with you… Sayaka let’s talk about this, Please” Sae said pleading as she cupped Sayaka’s cheeks and look at her in the eyes
Sayaka was surprised and look at Sae but she averted her gaze.
“not now. we still have morning practice”


Afterwards… the morning practice has ended… the club members changed into uniforms and are heading out for the classes are about to begin… except for two people

“You could go on ahead guys, we’ll just have to finish this club report” Sae said cheerfully as she waved at other members…

…and then the club members left

“Now then…” Sae said as she locked the door


“Mou- Sayaka why are you being like that!?”
“You said you’ll mail me, but you didn’t replied. I asked you if you’re mad, you just said no, what’s with that???”
“…… sorry I fell asleep after that…”
“That’s not it! Sayaka- please talk to me, what’s bothering you? Did I do something to upset you?”
“Sayaka, I know there’s something bothering you! Please- talk to me, why are you mad?”
“I said nothing, right!? I’m not mad.”
“Sayaka! Why are you being like this? Just tell me what’s bothering you… just be honest to me”

“Yesterday, lunch time, I saw you at the garden”
“eh!? garden? Ah- N-No…  Sayaka that’s was just- were just having a talk that’s all…”
“I know- I know! Sae- Please… I want to trust you”
“Sayaka--” Sae was shocked, guilty… she can’t utter a word…
“I will trust you Sae, even if I see you hugging others, even when you’re popular and others are always clinging to you… Sae, I will trust you…”
Sayaka can’t hold back her tears anymore…
“Sayaka- sorry… I’m really sorry… I made you feel like this, I made you cry” Sae hugged her girlfriend.

Sae was disappointed with herself…

“You see, yesterday my best friend wanted to talk to me coz she have problems so I was just comforting her-” Sae tried to explain

“Sayaka gomen, I can’t tell you right now what we’ve talked about… I promise I’ll sort this out coz you’re the only one for me” Sae thought

“Sayaka, I’m really sorry…” Sae apologized again as she hugged her tighter
“No… Sorry Sae, I should not be mad at you, I know you’re very friendly and you always care for others so there are many people who like you… Sorry, it was because I didn’t ask you first… sorry, I can’t really understand what I am feeling right now.”
Sae can’t take it anymore, she don’t want to see her girlfriend crying…
“Sayaka, if you’re jealous you should just tell me, you know-” Sae said while grinning while she faced her girlfriend
“huh? Jealous?”
“eh? what `huh?` It’s like saying you don’t know you’re being jealous”
“I’m not being jealous…”
“… you are…”
“I’m not, I mean it’s not a good thing to be jealous right? and I said will trust you”
“huh!? That’s not it-!”
“So, I’m not jealous okay, I just can’t understand what I am feeling…”
“*sigh* you’re not really jealous? Then what are you feeling?”
“I don’t know… when I saw others hugging you or clinging into you I was just a bit irritated and upset and I can feel a bit pain…”
“That’s Jealousy…”
“*sigh* geez Sayaka~ just admit that you’re jealous… you really love me do you~”
Sae said happily looking at Sayaka as she closed their distance
“….” Sayaka said nothing and turned her face to avoid Sae’s face closing to her
Sae hugged her girlfriend again
“Sayaka- I really love you! Thank you for trusting in me…” Sae then faced her girlfriend and closed their distance and hug her…

…and then she suddenly kissed her.

“eeeh!???” sayaka was surprised and she blushed furiously
“So am I your first kiss?” Sae grinned happily at Sayaka’s reaction and want to tease her more
“HAAAA!!?? I’m not? Then who was your first kiss!?”
Sae’s playful look now turned into a jealous and furious look…
“hey, What’s with that attitude?”
“…” *grumpy*
“well it’s my friends back in middle school, they were just fooling around you know”
“Sae? Come on, cheer up now… It’s not really like I’m also your first kiss too right?”
“Hey- `I never started the kiss… I’m always the one being kissed by others! ` [1]”
“The one and only person I took initiative to kiss is Sayaka though[1]”
and then she kissed her again, this time longer and more passionate…

A possessive kiss…

“h-hey! Why you did that?”
Sayaka said as her heart was beating furiously
“Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend and others are allowed?” Sae pouted at her and closed their face again
“…” Sayaka blushed redder and pushed Sae’s face
“hehe, Sayaka always acts cool, but this feminine side of Sayaka is so cute~! And! You only show it to me~ right!?” Sae said happily and smiling widely like a selfish child
“… I don’t act cool-”
“Sayaka~ look here *chu*”
“we’re going to be late… stop it”
Sayaka tried to resist but Sae didn’t let her escape…

And then the two of them skipped a class…

-> Class 2-A
“Hey~ Sayaka, where have you been? You missed English Class” Yuko called loudly
“huh? Your face is red, having a fever?”
“u-uh a bit, I’m alright now, I- I already went to the clinic…”

-> Class 2-B
“Sae-chan… she skipped classes” yuki said to rena as they are wondering and then a minute later Sae entered the room
“Sae-chan you skipped a class!” rena called out to her
“Ah- haha well, I fell asleep after morning practice~ hehe~” Sae said as she smiled brightly

Yuki only looked at her and then looked down…
Remembering what they’ve talked about yesterday, she feels dejected.

Then time passed by, it was already lunch time…

Yuki find herself alone because Rena was looking for Jurina, and Mayu… she can’t find her…

“Mayu… where are you? I’m feeling down right now… Mayu I need you”

She then tried to mail Mayu… but no reply….
Yuki mailed Mayu again and decided to look for her…
And then… She heard someone called Mayu…
As she turned around, she saw Mayu… and a girl hugging her from behind…

“Huh!? Mayu!? Wait, who’s that girl? Why is she hugging her!?”
she called Mayu but it seems that Mayu didn’t heard her
“Mayu!!” she called again but again she wasn’t heard.
The girl who was hugging Mayu was now clinging into her arms…

Yuki noticed Mayu’s face, her expression… it was a bit different…

”Who’s that!? Why do Mayu let her clings into her!? She never let others do that, who is she!?”
While Yuki watched them irritatingly… the girl now was taking Mayu away holding her hand…
“Mayu!!!” Yukirin called out loud while walking towards them
Mayu glanced as she heard Yukirin’s voice
“Ah, Yukirin-”
“Mayu~ I was looking for you”
Yukirin said pretending to smile but the girl who was clinging to Mayu noticed Yuki’s irritated look
“hmm-” the girl thought as she moved closer to Mayu and whispered something…
“Mayu~ is that your princess? hmm~”

Mayu’s faced turned red but still wearing her cyborg face

Yuki noticed this and was irritated even more
“Ne Mayu~ won’t you introduce me to your friend?” Yuki said while faking a smile
“Ah right, Yuki this is my senpai and we went on the same club during middle school- Milky-senpai”
“Milky? Is she calling her by nickname!?”
yuki thought irritated
“mou~ Mayuyu I told you to drop the formalities~ it’s like we’re not really close~”
*irritated* “oh, really? So you’re Mayu’s close friend then?”
“Yes~ we’re really close~”
she said as she clings to Mayu so close you couldn’t even see a distance
“Would you not cling to her!? And Mayu! Why are you letting her cling to you!?” Yuki angrily thought but she can’t say it as she was trying to be nice
“oh, you’re close friends? Mayu didn’t told me that though” Yuki said sarcastically as she was more irritated but still, she’s smiling
“mou~ mayu, are you not considering me close friend~? *pout*”
“It’s not like that Milky-senpai”
“mou~ Mayu~” *hugs*

Yuki was very irritated on what she’s seeing right now, she wanted to separate them as the girl continues to cling to Mayu…

“Mayu- won’t you introduce me to your friend?”
“hehe, I already know you though… Mayu told me…”
Yukirin was surprised knowing that Mayu had told her friend about her
“Yep, you’re Kashiwagi Yuki right?”
“uh- hai…”
“You’re Mayu’s older sister right~? Well not really sisters but you’re like a big sister to her right? Hmm ah right! you’re just like a mother to her right!?”
hearing that she’s just like that to Mayu, Yukirin felt a tingling pain somewhere in her heart… 
“We’ll be going now then, Kashiwagi-senpai” the girl said as she holds Mayu’s hand and pulling her away
“hey! Wait!” Yukirin wanted to stop her but she was shocked by what the other girl said to her
“Ano… Milky-senpai, sorry but I’ll be having lunch with Yukirin- sorry”
Hearing what Mayu said Yukirin’s face lightened up a bit
“ehhh~ Mayuyu no fair- we rarely eat together though” the girl said while holding Mayu’s hands locking their fingers
As yuki saw that she unconsciously tapped Milky’s hand and pulled mayu towards her
“Sorry, but we’re having lunch together”
“hmmm…” the other girl said as she smirked
“Is that so? Hm… okay, Mayu~ let’s have some fun together sometime” Milky said as she kissed Mayu’s cheek

Yuki’s eyes got widen by the sudden action of the girl. Milky just gazed at Yuki and smirked

At the kendo Club after class the members of the kendo club are practicing

“Jurina-san~ you’re so good! As expected from Captain Matsui’s cousin” one of the members complemented Jurina
“I’m not really that good though~ but if I were to protect beautiful girls like you I would be the best” Jurina said as she winked on them
“Kyaaa~ Matsui-san”
“Jurina-san~ kakkoi!!”

Rena was only watching, she was trying to maintain her calm composure as she is the captain…
*cough*cough* she coughed forcefully to stop the members from behaving like that
Honestly she was really irritated that she wants to scold her club members badly.

Yesterday she mailed Jurina to join the club but as soon as she got into the club she already became popular with the club members and in addition to that she’s actually fooling around with them totally ignoring her…

A couple of minutes later… still Jurina is fooling around with other members

“I can’t stand this anymore, why are you like this Jurina?” Rena can’t stand seeing Jurina as she was flirting with others anymore so she went outside to cry…

“I’ll get you back, Jurina”
That night…
“Jurina, you’re coming with me tomorrow”


ryo: actually, I’ve got no motivation and ideas to start writing… so, I’m doing researches for their personalities…
and I got this part of saeyaka’s dialogue [ `I never started the kiss… I’m always the one being kissed by others! ` [1] ][“The one and only person I took initiative to kiss is Sayaka though[1]]

from ->

…. but then I got lost on some sites that have lots of Sayaka’s pictures… aaah~ *nose bleeding* She’s so mature, cool, strong, smart and beautiful!!! *squealing*  she’s totally my type!!! *enters fan girl mode*

*cough*cough* sorry about that… haha XD

Actually I was at fault that the posting of chapter 5 & 6 got delayed coz I ended up fan girling yesterday LoL haha… Gomen… >w<
well anyways… for

Saeyaka:  I tried to adapt their so called `stupid conversation` yeah that kind of conversation where they are the only ones who understand it /or as if they are on their own world (LoL) … I was imagining what their conversation would be like with a childish but romantic Sae, a bit tsundere but plain-spoken Sayaka and a typical misunderstanding that can cause jealousy… XD
~I can’t think of anything so it ends up like that XD haha forgive me…

Mayuki: I tried to bring out a little bit of Yukirin’s black side… well I really really like her black side XD
-and my friend Yurin was actually rushing to write the preceding chapters because she was so heartbroken on that mayuki scene, she can’t stand seeing yukirin be hurt anymore---
(good luck on that haha)

And WMatsui, Kojiyuu and atsumina -> please see the next chapter XP and enjoy~ *grins*


Yurin -> *cough* cough* heeeey! I’m not heartbroken I just love yukirin so much and and…. I’m just in love with mayuki pairing!! <3 *kyaaaaaaa* mayuki mayuki mayuki <3 <3 <3 [inner side: no no no no no stop! Stop! Stop! you need to calm down no fan girling mode for now]  </3 and Oh! I’m really excited to write the danso part fufu Mayu in DANSO…. Yuko in DANSO and….. *oooopppsss* spoiler alert!! :D just wait for the preceding chapters there will be a lots of fun :D

Now for chapter 6 ……


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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 5)
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jealous sayaka lol, saeyaka moment is too cute omg  :inlove:
need more wmatsui pls  :banghead:

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 5)
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Chapter 6 – Trapped


“So what do you want me to do then?” Acchan said
“Hehe well actually, I already invited Nyan nyan to join the drama club, but she keeps on rejecting me </3”
“So because she joins the music club you will use my authority to control her?”
“Hey! Not controlling! I just want to celebrate her birthday. It will be her birthday on Saturday”
“So you want me to set you a date with her?”
“Yes please”
Yuko said with pleading eyes
“So what will it be in return?”
“I’ll help you to punish Takamina in a secret room here hehe because both of you are very busy lately so you will have a lots of fun and Yui-sensei is not here every Saturday so no one will disturb both of you”
Yuko said while grinning at Acchan
“OK” said Acchan who was also grinning in return


It was a fine Saturday morning. But two girls are really fired up to get ready everything done. As the two partner-in-crimes are happily doing they have planned, they glance at each other again and smile.

“Are you ready for this Acchan?” Yuko said wearing the biggest smile on her face
“Yes! I will get my Takamina back!”
“Hey! hey! Don’t be just fired up. And no one has taken Takamina from you. Takamina is yours’
  〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
Acchan blushed. “Yes! She’s mine! Even if she denies it, I know she will love me back!”
“Ok we’re done; we just need to call them… Yosh!” (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑

“Moshi moshi, Takamina?”
“Hai? Nani Yuko-chan? It’s really early for you to call me…”
“Where are you right now?”
“Well, I’m currently buying some things for lunch later and for dinner as well”
Takimana said while looking at the price of daikon radish. She will make sashimi for Acchan, because lately Acchan is really moody and its Acchan’s favorite food.
“Oh! I see but can you come here today at school? My sister wants to talk to you…”
“Huh? But its Saturday…Oh well it can’t be help… I’ll be there… just give me time to prepare I need to take this home first”
Takamina said as she turns off her phone and rushed to the cashier

“Done. Now I will just text her to go to nee-chan’s mini library”
“Ok I will call Kojiharu-san now…”
Acchan said

After calling Haruna, they proceed to the chairwoman’s mini library. It’s a cylinder room but it is not that wide, every shelf has lots of books in it. The ambiance is really relaxing and at the middle of that room is large and comfy sofa.

As they arrive in the mini library…

*message received*

“Looks like your love are here now. Get ready!” Yuko said to Acchan

Yuko fetched Takamina at the front gate and they walked together inside the school.

“So, what do Gichou need from me? It is really rare for her to call me at this time.”
“You’ll know when we get there”

As they arrive in the front door of the mini library Yuko opens the door and let takamina get in first afterwards Yuko slammed the door and locked it.

“EEEEEEEEH!!! Yuko-chan this is not funny!!!!!!! Stop this at once!” 

“Huh? I’m not alone”
Takamina thought nervously
“Afraid to be alone? Don’t worry I’m here with you” Acchan said while smilling devilishly at Takamina
“EEh?! Acchan?! What’s the meaning of this… you two make fun of me again… ”
“Hey love birds enjoy your time together!” Yuko shouted and get going to the next place.
“What?? Love birds??? ∑(O_O;) UUGH! Damn you Yuko-chan!”
“Ok now please behave as we stay here”
Acchan said
“I should have learned … You and Yuko tricked me again.” Takamina said while scratching her forehead
“Why are you always being stubborn?” Acchan asked seriously. Takamina flinched
“What are you talking about? Look I’m gonna make some sashimi for you later so please let me go for now I need to prepare it”
“You only think about that sashimi?”
“No acchan! I think about you, it’s for you, because you’re so moody lately and I-I was… thinking to make up with you”
takamina said while trying to look at acchan
*blushed* Acchan turns her head to avoid Takamina’s gaze “I’m just moody because you still keep on talking to Yui-sensei and you don’t even bother when she clings to you”
“We’re friends Acchan. So please don’t be so childish. We need to talk, because we are co-teachers too”
“Ok ok fine… Why are you always nice to everyone? But not to me?”
Acchan said irritated
“Huh?! I’m being Nice to you, I am really taking care of you…”
No!  Because you just taking me for granted!!”
Acchan said angrily
“Huh? What? I-I didn’t… Please Acchan don’t be like this” Takamina starting to get teary eyes

Acchan got closer to Takamina. Acchan put her right hand on Takamina’s chin as she pulls it up at the level of her lips and she began kissing Takamina. It was gentle, like all Acchan’s emotions are put in that kiss. Slowly Acchan began to nibble the lower lip of Takamina. Takamina tried to resist but she can’t. Like her whole world just stop and she’s out of strength. Then Acchan lick Takamina’s lips asking for permission to enter and she let Acchan do what she wants. After they kiss Takamina’s mind was really blank…

“See?? You also want it; you just keep on denying it.” Acchan giggled as she gets the key from her pocket and the opened the door
“See you later at home. Make my sashimi good. I’m just gonna assist Yuko-chan for now. Bye.”
Acchan wave her hand as she let the door open and left Takamina stunned.


-Meanwhile at the greenhouse at their school a little squirrel is waiting

“Sure nyan nyan was late. But it’s okay hehe” Yuko said while she wears her biggest smile because of excitement

“Yo! Acchan that was fast?! Haha did takamina got her punishment already?” Yuko said as she notice the one approaching her
“Hai~! ”Acchan said happily while grinning
“So no sign of your princess yet?” Acchan asked
“Hmm Maybe she get lost again, oh well I’m going to call her”

Suddenly the bell hanging from the top of the door rang.

“Oh she’s here.” Yuko said
“Ok now I’ll welcome her and just stay here” Acchan said
“mhm!” *nods*


“Hi Kojiharu-san!”
“Oh! Senpai! Where are the others?”
Haruna asked
“Well they said, they’re going to be late. Everything is ready so let’s go?” Acchan said wearing a smile on her face and offered her hand to Haruna
“Hai senpai!”

Then they arrive inside a room in the greenhouse. It is full of different kind of roses and also petals are everywhere. At the wall there is a tarpaulin attached “Happy Birthday Kojiharu!” At the center of the room there is a rounded table there is a mango cake and a tea set.

“Wow! Senpai! Is this party really for me? eh? Eto.. arigatou!!”*bows* haruna politely as she said with teary eyes
“Hai hai just for our newest member” Acchan said while wearing her devilish smile but Haruna didn’t notice it
“Oh! I will just fetch the others coz it looks like they here now just enjoy everything here” Acchan said as she walks out the glassed room. While Haruna enjoying the scene and taking pictures of it through her phone, Yuko entered the room without haruna noticing it and locked the door and immediately hide the key on her shirt.

“Yo! Nyan nyan!”
Haruna turns her head
“Huh? Why are you here kaichou?”
“hey… that wasn’t nice to say… Hehe first of all I’m the student council president and it’s my duty to look around”
“But its Saturday…”
( ̄~ ̄)
“Yep! And it’s your birthday! Happy birthday Nyan nyan” Yuko said cheerfully greeting her and then she giggled

“Why do I always have this doki doki feelings when kaichou called me nyan nyan” Haruna thought

“ano… kaichou why are you always calling me nyan nyan? My name is Kojima Haruna, okay?” Haruna said while she avoid looking at the kaichou’s eyes who was looking at her directly
“Still grumpy because I touched you? Haha” Yuko pointed Haruna while laughing
“Because you’re so cute like a NEKO hehe~”
“haha~  Yey! A cake! Where are your friends?”
Yuko said like she doesn’t know anything
“Atsuko-senpai fetched our club mates”
“Oh I see so while they are not here let’s eat your cake then”
“Eh!? No!”
“Why not? It looks so yummy. Mango is the best!”
“You like mango too kaichou?”
“Nah I like cheese! But someone very special to me really loved mango”

“ahh, so kaichou already belonged to someone?”
“Oh so your starting to have interest in me? I see” *grins*
“Huh!? Never!”
“haha nyan nyan is so funny”
then she walks towards the cake and slice it. She takes one slice and Haruna was shocked from what the kaichou done.
“Eh why did you slice it? They didn’t even sing me a happy birthday song yet”
Yuko put a candle on the top of the sliced piece of the cake and start singing happy birthday.
“Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday happy birthday dear nyan nyan happy birthday to you~!!”
“Make a wish”
Yuko said happily while Haruna was stunned and was about to cry. Then she blows the candle and Yuko get a piece of it and put to Haruna’s mouth.
“Delicious isn’t it?”
“Hehe ok then. I’ll be going now. Oh almost forgot! Here! Catch!” Yuko gets something in her pocket. She throws it to Haruna. It was a red ball of yarn.
“Huh? What is this for?”
“A birthday present!”
“anooo. Arigatou.. demo, why a ball of yarn?”
“you don’t like it? I thought cats love those things Haha”
“Ja ne nyan nyan have fun!” (=゚ω゚)ノ


--Meanwhile at Matsui Residence

“Jurina let’s go” Rena said walking towards their main gate
“…” Jurina was just silent and follows Rena. Then Jurina notice that Rena didn’t ride the car.
“Chotto matte… Ojou-sama, are we just gonna walk?” Jurina asked confusedly. Because Rena always ride a car when going to school she don’t like walking even if Jurina request it to her.
“Yes… I want you and me to walk… ”Rena said while smiling and hold jurina’s hands then pulled her. Jurina wants to break loose but she was waiting for this a long time, to hold Rena’s hands again. Deep Inside her she was happy… but still there was a pain hurting her.

They walk hand in hand together going to School. After a long walk they arrive at the front gate.
“Hmm.. First let’s go the kendo club… I’m just gonna check the members afterwards let’s go the library so I can return these books” Rena said while showing a plastic full of books.
“Hai… Ojou-sama. You really like to read do you? Maybe Airin likes reading too” Jurina said sarcastically. But Rena just ignores it.

They went to the kendo club. While Rena talks to the team. Jurina is just waiting outside the club.
Then a group of girls again calls her name the same bunch of girls that calls her name when she’s with Mayu.

“Jurina-san~! Why are you here?” one of them asked
“Oh! Nothing really.” She said with a smile
“Good you’re alone~” said the one with seducing tone
“Hehe yeah!”
“Oh~ Matsui-san did you join the kendo club?”
“Yes! You will watch me right? ”
Jurina said while wearing a playful smile
“Yes we will! For you Jurina-san” They all said.
“Come on! Let’s have some fun outside, our club meeting is finished anyway.” The other girl said and hugs the right arm of Jurina
“Yes. Pay back for the last time. Okay?” said the other one and also hugs the other arm of jurina and the other one just smiling at front of Jurina
“Hai hai hai.. So let’s g-” Jurina was cut off by a sudden voice
“Jurina!” Rena shouted

Jurina just looked down.

“Jurina let’s go” Rena said fierce fully while glaring at the girls surrounded Jurina
“Matsui Rena, the captain of the kendo club sure looks scary...” whispered the other student
“We will go now Jurina-san... There will be next time anyway” the girls said looking at Jurina and then excused themselves.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Rena said angrily
“Nothing just talking to my friends”
“Then why they cling to you like that?”
“Why is there something wrong about that? Airin clings to you like that too… oh- my bad, she’s more than that right”
Jurina said coldly and ironically 

Rena just ignores what Jurina said and walks to the direction of the school library, while Jurina follows her.

When they are inside the library nobody was there only the two of them so Rena decided to put the books that she borrowed in the correct shelf where they belong. Jurina is just silent while watching Rena. Rena was really irritated on what she saw but she keeps herself calm.

“What’s her problem?” Jurina thought
“Jurina can you please get the ladder”
Then rena climb the ladder. She was putting the last book. When she gets down she slip
but jurina was fast so she catches rena they land on the floor. Rena was now on top of Jurina, their face was close to each other eye on eye they stares at each other.
“Rena-sama was blushing? cute” Jurina thought…

But while they are looking at each other
…suddenly the floor shakes as it goes down


When they opened their eyes
“Huh? A secret passage?” Rena said while she looks around but it’s too dark suddenly she can feel someone was holding on to her shirt really tightly.
“Anooo.. Please don’t mind me”

*Giggled*“I forgot Jurina was scared of the dark” Rena thought while smiling
“So you’re still afraid of the dark?” Rena said teasing Jurina
“Sorry for being scared of the dark… Sorry for not being brave like Airin” Jurina said irritated. But still Rena ignores it
“Ah just remembered I have a flash light here in my pocket” Rena said then she pulls out the little flash light in her pocket
“Ok… I’ll hold it for you” Jurina said still holding rena’s shirt

“Please don’t push me to my limit Jurina… You’re hurting me… At least notice my feelings for you.” Rena thought

They walk and walk and walk finding for an exit.
“kyaaaaaaaaaa!” Rena shouted while she hugs Jurina tightly
“A rat a rat!!!kyaaaaaaaaaah !!!!” Rena said again. Jurina was shaking also that time because she is afraid of rats too but she keeps on fighting her fear because of Rena… without even thinking she walks towards the rat
“Go away !!!” Jurina shouted then the rat runs. Jurina hugs rena who was then crying
“Sssssh.. The rat is gone now. So please stop crying my pr--” Jurina stop herself to finish her whole sentence
“Ju-Jurina” while rena sniff
“Etoo. Let’s get moving Ojou-sama” Jurina said and become cold again towards Rena

They keep on walking but it’s like there is no ending to it. They are both bored on just walking so Rena start a conversation because it keeps her on bugging her mind
“uhm… Jurina who are those girls talking to you at the kendo club?”
“like what I said Ojou-sama, they are just my friends”
“Did they know that we are engaged?”
“No. Don’t worry I won’t tell them. Like what you did to Airin. Well I don’t know either if you really ever told her that we’re engaged anyway”

Rena just sighs.
“Any more questions Ojou-sama?”
“Why you keep putting Airin’s name to our conversation?!”
Rena said as she was reaching her limit
“Sorry if you’re stuck here with me and not with Airin maybe you are really irritated being with me now”
“Stop it!”
Rena shouted
“Me and Airin already broke up!”

Jurina was shocked from what she heard.

“w-when?” Jurina asked curiously
“I see.”
“So please Jurina stop it. Stop bringing her up. She’s no longer important to me.”
“Jurina please listen… I know I’ve hurt you a lot and I know deep inside, you still love me… So please listen… I love you Jurina, I really do love you from the very start and always will… always!.. I-I just never noticed it till now”
“So please give me chance to prove it to you”
“Are you done talking Ojou-sama? We need to get out here soon it’s getting late”
Jurina said ignoring Rena to control herself but at the back of her mind she’s thinking

“Is she just using me because Airin is no longer with her… I don’t know what to do” Jurina thought

“Don’t change the topic Jurina. Please come back to me... I want to wake up in your arms again.. I’m really sorry for hurting you so much. I really am sorry for not noticing my feelings for you until now. So please Jurina.. please” Rena then hug jurina’s back.
“I-I’m” Jurina was cut off by a sudden light turns on not far from them. She grabs Rena’s hands towards the place.

It was like a sanctuary. At the middle of the wall there is a statue a wolf and a cougar on top of it. And below the statue was a rectangular shape stone where there is a letter cursive letter O in it.

“I wonder what that was for.” Jurina thought as she grabs Rena’s hands and walked again towards a passage beside the statue. They just walk straight and they found a door as they open it they were at the stock room of the theater.

They stay silent for a while until they reach the front gate.
“Ojou-sama I already texted one of our butler to come here. So you don’t need to walk.” Jurina said
“Jurina I’m serious on what I told you. I love you Jurina. Please give me chance to prove it to you”

Jurina just stayed silent until the car arrived.

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 5 & 6)
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So how was it guys? :) chapter 5 & 6?
by the way Yurin here.

For atsumina I’m searching for acchan’s personality through watching some vids and reading some zodiac horoscope haha and guess what? Yukirin and Acchan zodiac sign is cancer like me!! YEY!  XD haha I hope you like a playful but loyal Acchan here.  There will be more conflict regarding on this pairing for the preceding chapters. :D

For KojiYuu, I put some hint about Yuko’s family background in the part on WMatsui trapped part. And I also like playing the “You’ll fall in love with me again” part for Yuko. Sorry kojiharu~ but it will be more fun to find it on yourself ~ fufu  : :shy2:

For Wmatsui, so for this pairing this chapter is the start of their highlight in the story. It will be WMatsui Arc now haha :D Are you excited to know what will happen to this pairing? Fufu  :cathappy: So for the preceding chapters for this pairing it will be my fault if we will have a delay to update (sorry  :bow:) But don’t lose hope I promise I will try my best to keep the fire on!! well lately I always sleep late so I really can’t decide on what to do i just wanna sleep T_T  and my laziness strike sometimes and and and I'm really trying hard to avoid fan girl mode but but I can't help it mayuki is just  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I’m really sorry but wait for the month of July in the story it will be very exciting. fufu  XD

and we will update every week at least 2 or 3 chapters  :D
ja ne~

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 5 & 6)
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OMG can't wait for THE DANSO!!
Kya Yuki is Jealous!! Hoho good job milky!

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 5)
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Yeay! Yurin-san, Ryo-san, i want more! i want more!! i want more!!! more!!!!!
i love Mayuki and wmatsui here! *fangirling*
good job milky! yuki starts to jealous hehehe uuu~ mayuki~
wmatsui, i got the feeling... yeah the pain is hurt but interesting though hahaha
the spoiler! i really waiting for the next part!
ah about yuko and her secret, i'm really curious... the wolf and the o, eh?

i hope even you're busy with works but still have times to update this story XD
ja, see you on next your next update! thankyou :bow:
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Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread (UPDATE - Chapter 5 & 6)
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The Saeyaka moments were TOO sweet!!!


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