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SayaMilky OS Collection
« on: January 27, 2023, 10:41:55 PM »
                                                                                         Broken Heart           
Miyuki looked at Yui, cuddling and laughing with Haruka, longing and sadness evident in her eyes. Then she smiled sadly.

“At least she’s happy, that’s enough.” She whispered to herself. but Sayaka whose beside her, heard it.

“Whose happy?” she asked. Miyuki looked at her, all the pain and grief plastered on her face.
“The one I love.” She said then stood up. Sayaka just stared at Miyuki’s back, knowing to well how she feels. She looked at Haruka who was smiling brightly at Yui. Then she looked back at Miyuki, whose entering her bedroom. But before doing so, Sayaka saw the slient tears streaming down her face. It made her sigh.


Miyuki wiped her tears away and laid on her bed, tiredly. She then stared at the ceiling, their memories together, flooding her mind. The laughter, the smiles, and the cuddles, the kisses, and the tears. She missed it, she missed her. She fell asleep with tear stained her cheeks. Their memories together keep lingering on her mind.

Sayaka walked to Miyuki’s room, hesitating to knock on the door. But she gained her courage to knock the door and there was no reply. So she carefully opened the door incase Miyuki is sleeping. She peeked inside and she was right, Miyuki was sleeping peacefully. She decided to talk about it tomorrow, so she turned back and closed the door. But then she heard a quiet sob. She looked back and found Miyuki crying in her sleep. She became worried, so she cautiously tiptoed across the bedroom, avoiding the mess scattered on the floor. She sat beside Miyuki’s bed and slowly wiped Miyuki’s tears away. She caressed her face slowly and delicately.

“I want to heal your broken heart, but I’m afraid we both are not yet ready to love someone else” Sayaka whispered and kissed Miyuki’s forehead.

Hello everyone, here's a drabble fic. i have new fanfic in my draft that is still in progress, it is not connected with this fanfic. i just wanted to post something since its been a while since i write ff. i planned to make a SayaMilky OS Collection so i dont have to make new ones over and over again. i still dont know how to put links and stuff. so yeah, enjoy!
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______ - flashback
______ - current time

Happy tears.

The motions they do after seeing such a big accomplishment from someone or seeing their favorite artist rocking on the stage.

Why I feel empty? There is so many people cheering for me, I should be happy. This is what I want. I did my job well. People compliment me for what I worked hard for. This is what I chased for in my life.

It's me. I'm the one they clapped for. I successfully win a case, my client was proven innocent, they keep saying thank you and shaking my hands unstoppably. The court that was slient and gloomy, transitioned into a blissful atmosphere. Defendant running into his family arms, the joyful reunion instead of sorrowful meetings.

Why did I never do the same I wonder? Maybe, no. If I did, you would be still in my arms.

What am I thinking? I'm already out of time.



A bubbly girl running closer to another person that she called for. She ended up hugging this person tightly after 1 month they got separated for the job she accepted.

"Hey babe, I missed you so much." Says Sayaka while resisting the urge to kiss her.
"Don't be shy, it's midnight, only few people here in the airport. I know you want to kiss me." The girl chuckling while looking at Sayaka.

"As much as I want to, I don't want to do the risk and get our faces in the news tomorrow. What if they know and they'll write "succesful business woman Watanabe Miyuki is dating?!" Sayaka imagining the news with her hands.
"And I bet many paparazzi are here, even if they're not, people would recognize you."

"But I don't care what they're thinking, they are always bugging me like I'm a celebrity, thanks god I'm not" pouted Miyuki.

Sayaka smiles and listening to her girlfriend rumblings.

"Why are you smiling at me like that?" stated Miyuki confused.

"Your cuteness making my heart melt, and I'm glad I am the only person seeing this."

Miyuki is blushing as she got attacked by a rare sweet Sayaka. She really don't see this coming.

"I think I left only 1 month, I didn't know this dere-dere Sayaka exists."

"Well, you should expect more from this dere-dere" grin Sayaka.
"Anyway, let's go home. you are freezing, and I don't want you catching cold." Sayaka escort Miyuki out from the place to her car, which was ready to being them home.

"Wait! I need to find my PA to bring my stuffs to your car!" Miyuki fishing out her phone to call her personal assistant.

"No need darling, I already messaged her to go to my car in case we are having our romantic reunion late."

"Since when you be this cheesy?"

"Since I know you gonna leave me for your business trip, all those calls make me I guess"

"As far as I know I'm the one who always making the move, it's slowly rubbing on you." Miyuki stated.
"So I need to be far away from you for you to be like this. Hmm. Great idea." Miyuki cocking her eyebrow.

"Don't you even think about that." Sayaka rolling her eyes to her girlfriend.

"Like I can, any time without you is far too long" Miyuki encircled Sayaka while walking.

"You know, seeing you on the TV, knowing you are being known to world. How happy you are when you launching your stuffs and I know how hard you to be there from scratch, you make me proud, you know that?" Sayaka beamed.

"I know, and I hope I get to see you on top too, Ms.Attorney."

"Milky! Sayanee! Over here!"

Sayaka and Miyuki turning their head to someone calling their name and get closer to her.

"You guys are seriously taking so long, I'm freezing over here!" Miyuki's personal assistant hugging her body.

"I'm sorry Nana-san. I told you to get into my car earlier?" Sayaka with one hand up with slight bow.

"Huh? You don't even leave your carkey to me! How do I get in?!"

"Ah, I forgot about that. Sorry." Sayaka making a mental note to not forget things again.

"Enough both of you, let's go." Miyuki says calmly.

"Yes ma'am." by both Sayaka and Nana.


That time, when I was a law student, which is really hard starting from nothing. We are in the same age, but you are really successful in young age. Unlike you, you are super known entrepreneur that if you walk, crowd will notice you right away. I still remember how first we met, how awkward I am when I saw you. How tiny I felt when our hands shaking each other. How my heart beating so fast when our eyes met. I was nothing back then. I have nothing back then, I don't even know how you fell in love with me. But somehow, we made it. Like you said, "it was fate that brings us together"

Sayaka shaking her head trying to stop her mind from thinking. Sayaka put her guitar in the case. She already done with her playing, she really likes to play guitar as music brings her calmness that she didn't know exists. She need to ignore those memories flooding through her mind, leaving her with regrets.



Sayaka checking her phone and noticed it is her client, telling her about the next case she handling. She unlocked her phone and see a wallpaper of her and Miyuki, when they had a date at Disneyland. Sayaka sighed with a long breath.

I won't give up on you.


With her spectacles, Sayaka was seen doing her never ending assignments. She has been that state for hours. She even skipped her lunch, dinner. She is really serious when it comes to her career. She want to become a lawyer, she dreamed of it when she was a child and she one step ahead to become one.

"I'm home" a voice was heard from the door.

That person went to upstairs and see Sayaka in her room writing.

"Ah, not giving up I see. Still having that hope?" That person snickers.

"Get the fuck out of my room." Sayaka don't have energy to turn her head to see her sister.

"Just for you to know, with that low IQ, you'll fail your semester." Sayaka's sister leaving her room still with snicker.

Sayaka just keep slient and never argue about it. She never wanted another fight with her sister, she knows she still has that debt after she asked her sister money for money scam. She got scammed for money, saying they will provide a job after she transfer with specified amount. They never tell their parents about this. It would be a disaster if they did. Not to mention, she has student's debt in her plate.

Sayaka always working hard to pay all her debts not only her sister, but to many people. She doesn't want to borrow anymore money. Lesson learned.

"If only I could use money cheat code in my 'simulation' life." Sayaka sighed then continuing her work.

It's been awhile since she talked to anyone from her family, except her parents. But she only talk when needed to them. She has this argument with her siblings and it was all her fault. She was the one started the whole thing. If only she didn't start, maybe her and her brother would bother her sister right now. She realized that.

If you wonder why she didn't ask her girlfriend to pay the debts with all that money, Sayaka never tell her girlfriend about this matter as she don't want to be in another debt again. She want to pay with her own money without involving someone again. Even if her girlfriend would say she didn't need to pay her back. The guilt still there. Everything that happened was her doing.


Sayaka removed her spectacles and moved to the bed to grab her phone.

Milky ♥

-Have you eaten yet?

                                                                                                                                                                        -No, I haven't.

-You forgot to eat again?


-You sound off today, care to tell me what's wrong?

                                                                                                                                      -I'm good. Nothing to tell you.

-You can always tell me what's wrong..

                     -No, I'm really fine. Just doing some assigments. How about your day? What's the tea?

-Be prepared baby, the tea is really HOT 🍵

                                                                                                                         -becareful there, I have cat tongue 😔

Then there's goes their conversation until their eyes begging to sleep.


Sayaka with her lidded eyes, covering her eyes as sunlight comes through her window.


"Seriously, no need to shout. I bet our neighbours will wonder why this household is so loud." Sayaka talk with low voice as she grumpily wake up from her bed.

"COME DOWNSTAIRS, WE NEED TO TALK" Sayaka's father shout from downstairs.

"YEAH I'M COMING!" i know what this 'talk' gonna be about

"Sayaka, I know I've talked about this before but I've been seeing someone now.." Yamamoto said with sheepish smile.

"Dad, I'm tired. Can we talk about this in evening or something? I want to get more sleep."

"No, Sayaka listen. I'm lonely, your mom has left us. I need someone to be with me, I need to ask for your blessing, as my daughter. I bet you want a new mom right?"

"Great. Great. This is perfect Dad." Sayaka mockingly said.

" I know right? Your siblings and you look like you want someone to a mother figure beside you, I think it's the per-

"IT'S THE PERFECT TIME TO REPLACE HER JUST AFTER MOM PASSED AWAY FOR 3 WEEKS! JUST FUCKING 3 WEEKS!! Tsk, I phrased it wrong. YOU CHEATED ON HER! YOU WERE WITH THAT BITCH WHEN MOM WAS DYING. YOU FUCKING KILLED HER!!" Sayaka rages with her eyes shot red. She couldn't stand seeing a murderer being free without all legal action taken. Her dad uses his mistress money for clout.

"WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU TALKING TO?!" Yamamoto stand up and has his hand up to slap Sayaka, but somehow he stopped.

Sayaka remained unfazed, staring her father's eyes as if she trying to convey how much she hate her father.

"You disgusting piece of shit" Sayaka went to her room, unleashing tears that was welled up.

Sayaka still remember that day, when she see her mom was covered in blood. From her mouth then her body. She saw her dad and his mistress, laughing at her mom's dying body. As they were seen poisoning her, forcing her to drink it. With all that money of course her dad can get away from charges, but not from law. She will bring justice to her mom's death. That is why she wanted to become a lawyer.

"Mom..." whispered Sayaka with tears.


That killer that I really ashamed to call my father, was prisoned 1 year ago. He was charged with murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Guess who let him in? I am. The evidence and alibis, the witnesses which is me and my siblings was enough to bring him inside the bars. It took years to bring him in but I'm satisfied. I still can't get that bitch in, she was reported running abroad after police broke in her house. Even though he is my father, but the crime he did wasn't acceptable. I had to do what I must for justice.

Sayaka brushing her suit before meeting her client as per people say, first impressions are very important as they can be about attitude as well as dress. Visual impact is at least as important as verbal impact. People will very quickly make assumptions based on your personal appearance, including your facial expressions, the clothes you wear, how well-groomed you are and your body language. That's why she like to have her hair short, more applicable and manageable.

She arrived at a café, she managed to get an unoccupied window seat, she put down her case on the table and ordered latte macchiato. As she waited for her order, she surveying on customers there. Some highschool students chit-chatting, some older and young couples dating in the café.

"Rei kun, you misordered my coffee again!"

"ahh I'm sorry, I thought you said espresso!"

"I don't like espresso! They're for despresso and bitter!" the high school girl sulk and cross her arms.

"Hey espresso is good you know! You never know unless you try it! C'mon give it a try!" the high school boy named Rei try to shove espresso towards the girl, Mikana. The girl was doubting if she should take a sip or not, with Rei's pleading eyes, she tried it anyway.

"PFFT- what the heck is this?! Its bitter! Nooo I don't like it!!" The latter wiping her mouth with tissue and Rei laughing happily as he saw his friends' reaction for a coffee.

Sayaka smiling after seeing that couple and reminisced.

"can I get a black coffee please?" Sayaka giving back the menu to the waiter.
"and for me latte macchiato please." uttered Miyuki smiling. A few minutes after the waiter leave, Sayaka asked

"Latte? Seriously, you like a kid."

"At least latte tastes good, unlike you drinking bitter black coffee like an old man." Miyuki sticking her tongue out to Sayaka.

"Here's your drinks" waiter handing out their orders and bow then taking her leave

"Here, Sayaka, try it, you'll like it!" Miyuki shoving her drink to Sayaka

"No, I have my own drink, thanks" Sayaka taking a sip on her drink

Miyuki pouted.

With a sigh, Miyuki really know her weakness and Sayaka couldn't stand that face. So she ask
"what will I get if I try it?

Miyuki thinking "A kiss?"

"DEAL." Sayaka without any thought having a sip of the latte eagerly.

"Now, where's my kiss?" Sayaka smirking

"No way I would kiss you here and with that...froth on your mouth" Miyuki giggling taking a tissue from café tissue holder

"You said you would kiss me if I drink the latte..." Sayaka making a sad face while Miyuki wiping froth from her mouth

"Silly girl.." Miyuki leaning in cupping the stoic girl face, kissing her for a moment, even though it was short, both of them smiling contently.

"So, how was the drink?"

"Not that good, except the kiss."


Scoffing, Sayaka smile bitterly as she look at her macchiato latte.

I lied. That was the first I fell in love with the taste, I really love it.

Looking at that couple really remind her of her own.

They look so happy, just like we were.


"Finally, bed."

Sayaka arrived at her home after a long day and slumped her body on her bed after taking a shower.

"Let me see what she's doing" taking her phone, she scrolling on her feed searching Miyuki's account only noticed she has new story popped up.

A picture of Miyuki and her boyfriend was seen smiling happily while having a party with champagne on their hands.

"If he mess up just a little, baby, you know my line" Sayaka smirking and turning off her phone, staring at the ceiling. The smirk turning into a frown.

If only..i told you everything... it was all my fault..


"Babe! I got the job!" Sayaka grinning happily showing the email from law firm to her girlfriend that has been living with her after she ran from her house. Of course she didn't tell Miyuki about the running away part, all she said was she is lonely and wanted to live with her girlfriend.

"Congratulations baby! After years working hard, you really deserve it!" with a bear hug, Miyuki showering the other girl's face with kisses, showing how proud she is hearing her girlfriend finally got the job she desires. Sayaka giggling upon the rain of kisses she got. Sitting on the couch, they are cuddling without smile disappearing on their faces.

"So, what can I do for you to celebrate?" Miyuki playing with Sayaka's bangs.
"I don't really think much about that.." Sayaka scratching her head. "maybe..cook something for me? your food are always the best"

"How about..something else instead?" Miyuki shifted her place to Sayaka's lap and put her arms around her neck.
"What is..something else?" Sayaka completely being clueless, as if she having question mark on her face.

"You know, I had a reallyyy bad day today in the office.." Miyuki move her index finger up and down from Sayaka's stomach to her chest. "so I'd like some.." paused as she play with Sayaka's shirt upper button "...relaxation.." finished with a smirk.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? Who is that? Do I know them? Let me talk to them." Sayaka gritting her teeth.
Miyuki sighed "why are you so stupid.." Miyuki remove herself from the previous position and went to the kitchen.

"Wait what? What did I do? You said you having a bad day so I-"

A pillow were thrown to Sayaka's face.


This month was the busiest for both sides. Miyuki was busy getting tenders and keeping the clients while Sayaka was struggling to rank up her position. It was the time when Miyuki would stay late in her office and Sayaka at home, skimming through papers over papers. Sayaka noticed a mistake in her document.
"Shit, I overlooked this" even though it was a single minor mistake, but Sayaka couldn't let that go. She need to see this in perfect and flawless form. Then she goes checked the other documents to make sure it doesn't have any mistakes.

"I'm home~" a step of someone getting in their apartment. Getting in she noticed no one's there. "Sayaka! Where are you?"
"In the office!"

Finally found her significant other, Miyuki gave her a kiss on the cheek. Hugging her from back and take a sniff of her girlfriend's neck.
"You didn't eat dinner yet, didn't you?" the eyesmile girl with chin put on her girlfriend's shoulder. Sayaka just gave her sheepish smile.
"I already ordered food delivery, you don't have to cook"
"Why don't you-"
"I waited for you so us can eat together." Sayaka finished the line. "oh, I already prepared your bath, enjoy" The stoic girl giving a kiss on top of her girlfriend head.

She feeling so grateful having a partner like Sayaka, she might be dumb and clueless all of the time, but deep there she is an affectionate and thoughtful person.

"Sayaka" Miyuki muttered with a tight backhug. Just a hum answering her.
"Are you busy this week?"
"This week? Let me see my schedule.." Sayaka opening her tab to see if she's available.
"Babe, I'm so sorry but I really packed up for this week. Next week also." She said with guilty voice.
"Can't you at least stay for few days? I really miss you." with her drowning eyes, she begged to stay by her side.
"I am really sorry Miyuki, I got a lot of work in the firm. I promise to make for it later when I'm free, okay?"

Miyuki let the hug go. "I understand" with a sad smile.

Sayaka feel really bad seeing her face but she really can't make any free time. Turning around, she put her hand on her girlfriend's face.
"I promise I will make it later, please don't make that face. Give me that beautiful smile."
Miyuki smiling hoping it would buy her girlfriend.
"Now that's my baby, now go to bath. You smell stinky."

"I won't take long" Miyuki gone to the bathroom.

Taking a break, Sayaka took out her phone and sees Miyuki's story with a random guy.



She doesn't really care about the picture, she trusted Miyuki with all her heart. She is a business woman afterall, of course there will be a lot of guys in her field. Then something clicked on her mind as her eyes went wide.



Sayaka sliently walked behind her girlfriend who was angrily stomping her way inside their room. She closed the door behind her back gently with a sigh before she walked to Miyuki who waited for her beside their bed arms crossed in front of her chest and a frown was still sticking on her face. It wasn't her fault afterall, but Sayaka feel bad for putting a frown on Miyuki's face instead of a smile.

"Listen, babe.. I don't know what was wrong, but can you stop?"
"Stop? Why don't you ask her instead?"
"Baby, look at me" Sayaka said with a stern voice hoping Miyuki would turn her head to her, but Miyuki still couldn't look at Sayaka.

A big sigh coming from Sayaka.

Hanging her head low, Sayaka explained "She is my new plaintiff, we were just talking about my next case. It was just work-related stuff, nothing else."
"So I'm not allowed to be upset that she were hanging all over you?"

"Please tell me you're not serious right now"

"I don't fucking care, you are mine."

"Can you stop overthinking? We did nothing"

"Am I not allowed to be jealous? She fucking touched you, SHE GOES ALL OVER YOU. Imagine if I wasn't there, I bet she'd kiss you! and work? Is that including hugging you and flirting? Hold your hand with that sex eyes? If that's what your work is all this time, now I know why you keep canceling our dates these past months."

"Did you just...assume me cheating?" Sayaka trying to hold her emotion from being apart, but her heart is burning with that assumption.

"Why not? Even though I'm busy but I still had time for you, I agree to cancel all my appointments so I can spend time with you, but you can't even let one case slip up. IS YOUR WORK MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME?!" with her eyes shot red, she screamed and tried to make her point right.

"MIYUKI!" Sayaka stand up after hearing those gibberish coming from Miyuki's mouth.



A shards of glass being shot on her wounded heart.


With all those words coming out from Sayaka's mouth, she can not contain all the pain she had been hiding all this time. She had to tell her all about it.

"Do you ever think about yourself? Do you ever think that you hurting yourself?" Miyuki gripped her hands hard with her head low.

"w-what do you mean?"

"Why don't you never tell me about what's going on with your life? Why you never tell me about your struggles? Why you never tell me ABOUT YOUR MOM'S DEATH?!" she snapped.

The short hair girl gasped on the truth. "h-ho-how do you know"

Miyuki took and throw all the files in the drawer to Sayaka, which she has read when she clean up Sayaka's office. Sayaka look at those files with empty eyes.

"I..i always wonder if all this time I love a real you.."
" never give me a chance to know you?" she sobbed and lean her head on the short hair girl
"WHY?! WHY?!" few punches onto chest making Sayaka move on the impact.

Sayaka was wordless. She couldn't think to make a sentence to come out of her mouth. She bet if anything that come out would not make any sense. Her mind stopped functioning. All the things that supposed to be hidden was found. Her weakness that she never wanted anyone see was vulnerable. She thought she did a great job hiding all of her darkness. The girl on her chest right now is crying but she couldn't rise her hand to wipe her tears. She was lost.

"all these years we been together...was all fake? Is our relationship fake to you?"
"N-NO! I it wasn't.." Sayaka muttered.

"then what?" Miyuki snarled.
"what am I to you Yamamoto Sayaka? WHO THE FUCK AM I IN YOUR EYES?!"

Miyuki sit down on their bed, trying to get her girlfriend answer all the things that going on in her mind. She hold her sob, playing with her fingers.

"I wonder what the other things you haven't tell me. I'm just...tired, all the time"

With that word said, Sayaka had her head up and quickly gives a respond "A-are y-you tired of me?"

A slience as an answer.
"No --- No, no, no, no ,no --! Not like this!" She goes to her girlfriend's lap, kneeling and hold her hands with tears flowing begging her take her words back.

"Did I not mean anything to you Sayaka?" Miyuki caressing the short hair girl softly.

"I love you Miyuki, you meant a lot to me..please..don't" sobbing on used to be bright girl lap. She trying to make her to stay.
" wasn't supposed be this way.."

Miyuki brings her girlfriend's head to face her, she look at those glistening eyes with empathy.
"I hope I get to see you on the top too Sayaka. Unfortunately, without me by your side." She whispered with a hurtful smile. "I hope what you get what you have been chasing for, I hope your hardwork is worth it."

That smile got her heart shattered without any pieces left. She knew even if she wanted her to stay, she can't. She doesn't deserve to. With her hands on her cheeks, she holding it tried to grasp everything her ex-girlfriend said.

She said with a smile

"I never stood a chance, did i?"

"That's the sad part – you did once"


Sayaka tried to touch on the contact on her screen, but her heart keeps saying no. What will she answer if she pick up the call? She is not ready for it. Insteadshe open her spotify, wear her headphones in and tried to sleep. She trying to getengulfed with the music playing. Hoping all the wound she caused would heal. She hopes.

The last few months, I've been working on me, baby
There's so much trauma in my life
I've been so cold to the ones who loved me, baby
I look back now and I realize

I'm out of time.


based on : Out of Time - The Weeknd

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Re: SayaMilky OS Collection
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To. X

A/N: Apologies for the bad english as it is not my first language.


“Hello there, who are you again?”

“I’m Yamamoto Sayaka. My secretary, Akari, told me to meet you here.” Sayaka extended her hand.

“Watanabe Miyuki. I thought Akari was the one meeting me here?”

“Supposedly, yes. But she told me to meet you here. I arranged for her to meet with our other client. They are first-time clients, so I needed her for our company's image.” Sayaka took a seat and placed her case on the table.

"So, you are the boss?"

"You could say that."

"Sorry for being rude earlier."

“You were not rude at all. No worries. Anyway, these are the files you requested. We still want your tender and are working on resolving the issues we encountered before.” Sayaka handed the files to Miyuki, who began reviewing them thoroughly. Akari and Miyuki were best friends who had inadvertently become each other’s clients. Whenever their bosses needed materials, they always had each other's back.

"Waiter, could I get an iced coffee, please?"

"I didn't expect a girl like you to like iced coffee."

"What makes you think that?" Sayaka raised her eyebrows.

Miyuki looked her over while continuing to review the files.

"A stoic person like you?"

"There's nothing wrong with having a soft side."

Miyuki chuckled.


"Can I get your number?"

Sayaka glanced back at the bubbly girl.

"My number? For what?"

"It's easier to discuss things over the phone than to meet every week. Akarin is always busy, so I can't discuss this with her." Miyuki handed her phone to Sayaka, who exchanged hers to input her number.

"Done. Do you want to meet next week?" Sayaka asked.

"Nope, now that I have your number, no need."


"Hey, Milky."


Sayaka hesitated, still pondering her words.

"What is it, Sayanee?"

"Can you follow me for a moment?" Grabbing Miyuki's hand, Sayaka led her to the nearest park on a cold fall day in Osaka. They sat on the closest bench, and with a tight grasp on Miyuki's hand, they stared into each other's eyes.

"I know we just met two months ago, but I think I like you."

The world seemed to stand still. Miyuki's eyes widened as she struggled to breathe, speechless after hearing Sayaka's confession. A drop of sweat formed on Sayaka's forehead as she waited for Miyuki's response.

Minutes passed, and thoughts of rejection crept into Sayaka's mind. Just as she felt her muscles tensing, Miyuki leaned in and kissed her. It took Sayaka a few seconds to register the situation, but she responded in kind. Pulling Miyuki close, she wrapped her arms around her waist, feeling a hand cupping her cheek and tracing her jawline. Sayaka was relieved their feelings were mutual. They parted, their breaths mingling in the cool night air.

"What's next?" Miyuki asked, pressing their foreheads together.

"Girlfriends?" Sayaka suggested, feeling their hot breaths on their skin.

"Well, I guess there is none" Miyuki giggled.

"I don't know why, but I like it." With a snicker, they ended the day with love on their lips.



"Sayaka! This is a lot! I told you not to spend money on me!" Miyuki texted after a bunch of delivery boxes arrived at her house. AGAIN. She heard a ding and checked her phone.

"Baby, I just want to show you my love. It doesn't hurt to see you smiling! Plus, didn't you say you wanted that expensive bag? I got it for you!"

Miyuki examined the expensive logo on the box. She opened it and realized her girlfriend wasn't lying.

"Holy shit, I forgot she's rich," she muttered, admiring the possession. She dialed a familiar number and waited for it to be picked up.

"Baby, thank you for these,"
she said, feeling overwhelmed by the gifts. They were still new in the relationship, yet she received all the presents everyone wished for.

"Milky, honey, listen. These are nothing compared to what you gave me. You gave me love, and that's what I'm always grateful for."

"I've never received things like these before."

"Not even from your exes?"

"No, they were terrible."

"Well, I can be better than them. Honey, I need to go. I have a meeting in a few minutes. I'll call you soon. I love you, baby." a smooch sound making Miyuki laugh.

"Good luck with the meeting! Bye."



"Baby, are you alright?" Miyuki asked, taking a seat beside her girlfriend. She brushed Sayaka's hair out of the way, searching for the problem. Sayaka had been silent all day, perplexing Miyuki.

"Baby..." Miyuki cupped Sayaka's face, making her look up. Sayaka pouted, her eyes meeting Miyuki's. Miyuki kissed her, squealing at her girlfriend's cuteness.

"Where did you go last night?"

"I went out with my friends. What's wrong?" Sayaka's voice was unsteady, the words rushed and unconvincing.

"Where did you go?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"We've lived together for three months, yet I can count how many times you've been here when I wake up," Sayaka whined. She heard a sniff from beside her.

"I didn't know you were this lonely. I shouldn't have gone out while you were here alone." Wiping away Miyuki's tears, Sayaka hugged her, reassuring her that she wanted her there.

"Milky, I mean it. I'm lonely in this house, especially in the mornings. You always prepared me lunchboxes, but these past few weeks, you haven't done that at all."

"Honey, I've been busy with my new manager breathing down my neck, and I had to meet my coworkers outside of work hours. Even last night was for work purposes. You're overthinking, baby." Miyuki rested her head on Sayaka's chest, her hand on her cheek.

"Who are your coworkers?"

"Akarin and Nana. You told your secretary to finish the tender, right?"

Sayaka sighed in relief, recognizing the names. "Fine, what's for dinner?"

"Uhmm... what about oyakodon?"




"Fucking hell, Sayaka! This is the fifth time this week!" Miyuki exclaimed, slumping her drunk girlfriend onto the bed after picking her up from the club for the umpteenth time in three weeks. The older girl's mind was preoccupied with work, especially when shareholders disagreed on key decisions and threatened to leave. Investors doubted her company's marketing, making her think only alcohol could temporarily solve her problems.

Sayaka smirked with hiccups interrupting her. "Gi-girl, chill. It's not li-like I don't co-come home a-at all. I g-g-gotcha on my mah back!" She sniffed

Miyuki's neck and pampered it with little kisses. "D-don't worry m-my sweet girl, I can give you anything you want, no matter the price."

Feeling uncomfortable, Miyuki pushed her lightly. "You reek of alcohol and sweat. Wake the fuck up! I can't keep doing this while seeing you with a girl touching you in the club! The last time I kicked her ass, I got a warning!"

"Oh b-baby, you're a fuzzy kid, aren't you? It's because of your tiresome thoughts you entertain. No girl can take your place here," Sayaka said, holding Miyuki's hand to her chest.

"Yamamoto Sayaka, you-" Miyuki's sentence was cut off as she was pinned against the wall, one hand above her head. A fiery kiss echoed in the room. Her body was moved to the bathroom while she tried to resist the power of Sayaka's hands.

"Wash me up then?"



MW ♥


"Honey! Look at this dress!"

                                                                         "It's pretty. What about it?"

"I saw this while walking around the mall, and it is sooo cute. Imagine if I had the money to buy it. I would look fabulous!"  "Also, the materials are imported from Europe! I tried it, and it was so comfortable! I can even run in it!"

                                                                     "But don't you have the money?"

"Yeah, duh, I spent it on a girls' day last week, remember? *sigh* If only I could wear this dress while walking around with you..."

                                                                              "Fine, how much is it?"

"Sayaka, you don't have to do this, you know..."

                                                             "It's fine, as long as my girl is happy."

"Yayyy, thank you, honey!"


The couch seemed like a good place for the couple to make out. Rustling fabric, hands tousled their clothes, and breaths huffed into each other's mouths passionately. A stain of lipstick on Miyuki's lips made her furrow her eyebrows. She contacted Sayaka's eyes while gasping for air.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't like the taste of this lipstick." Sayaka removed the stain from her lips.

"Why? You know this is my favorite one." Miyuki leaned in to kiss, but Sayaka gently pushed her back.

"It tastes funky now, maybe because of the chemicals in it."

"But you were always okay with it." Sayaka pouted.

"Now I'm not. Change your lipstick or no kisses for you again." With a sigh, Sayaka got off Miyuki and went to wash her makeup off, putting lip balm on. She looked at her favourite old lipstick for the last time, she had to throw it away in the bin.


"Miyuki, what the hell is this?"

Miyuki noticed her girlfriend holding her wrist tight when she was about to get up to get some tea. Looking into her eyes, she knew Sayaka demanded an explanation after being caught red-handed by her coworker who saw her with a guy in a cafe. Someone had sent her girlfriend a picture as proof.

"It's not what you think, Sayaka," Miyuki said, her voice trembling slightly.

"Then what is it, Miyuki? Because it looks like you're cheating on me," Sayaka replied, her voice cracking with emotion.

"No, Sayaka, it's not like that. He's just a friend, a colleague. We were discussing a project."

"Why didn't you tell me about it?" Sayaka's grip loosened, but her eyes were still filled with hurt.

"I didn't think it was a big deal. I didn't want to worry you with something so insignificant," Miyuki explained, tears welling up in her eyes.

Sayaka sighed deeply, letting go of Miyuki's wrist and running a hand through her hair. "Miyuki, you know how much I trust you. But seeing this... it hurts. It makes me question everything."

"Sayaka, please," Miyuki implored, stepping closer. "You have to believe me. I would never do something like that to you. To us."

"How can I believe you when you didn't even think to mention it?" Sayaka's voice was pained, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. "You know how much I hate secrets, Miyuki."

Miyuki's heart broke seeing the hurt in Sayaka's eyes. "I know, Sayaka, and I'm so sorry. I should have been more open with you," she said, taking Sayaka's hands in hers. "Please believe me. I love you and only you."

Sayaka looked into Miyuki's eyes, searching for the truth. "Why didn't you tell me, Miyuki?" she asked, her voice softer now, tinged with desperation. "Do you have any idea what it felt like, seeing that picture and not knowing what to think?"

"I didn't want to worry you over something so trivial," Miyuki whispered, her own tears falling now. "It was just a work meeting, Sayaka. Nothing more."

"Then why does it hurt so much?" Sayaka's voice broke, and she looked away, trying to compose herself. "I don't know how to move past this."

"Sayaka," Miyuki said, her voice firm yet gentle, "who else'll get your world, if not me? Who else knows you like I do, loves you like I do?"

Sayaka's breath hitched at Miyuki's words. She knew there was truth in them, but the pain and doubt were still too fresh. "I need some time to think," she said quietly, pulling her hands away from Miyuki's and turning to leave the room.

Miyuki stood there, watching Sayaka's retreating figure, her heart aching with the weight of their unresolved emotions. She wanted to run after her, to hold her and promise that everything would be alright, but she knew Sayaka needed space.

As Sayaka walked away, she felt a storm of emotions raging inside her. She loved Miyuki deeply, but the trust between them had been shaken. She needed time to sort through her feelings, to decide if they could rebuild what had been broken.


The days that followed were filled with silence and tension. Sayaka and Miyuki barely spoke, each lost in their own thoughts and fears. Sayaka spent more time at work, avoiding the pain that awaited her at home. Miyuki, on the other hand, found herself drowning in guilt and loneliness.

One evening, Sayaka came home late, the weight of the world on her shoulders. She found Miyuki sitting on the couch, staring blankly at the TV. The room felt heavy with unspoken words and unresolved feelings.

"Sayaka, we need to talk," Miyuki said softly, turning off the TV and looking up at her.

Sayaka sighed, dropping her bag on the floor. "I know."

Miyuki took a deep breath, trying to steady her voice. "I can't keep living like this. The silence, the distance... it's killing me." "I don't know what to say, Miyuki. I don't know how to fix this," Sayaka replied with her voice breaking.

"Maybe we can't fix it," Miyuki said, tears streaming down her face. "Maybe we're just too different, too broken." Sayaka's heart shattered at the sight of Miyuki's tears. "Do you want to break up?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"I don't want to, but I don't see another way," Miyuki replied, sobbing. "I love you, Sayaka, but love isn't enough if we can't trust each other." Sayaka felt her own tears welling up. "I love you too, Miyuki. More than anything. But you're right. We can't go on like this."

They sat in silence for a long time, holding each other and crying for what they were about to lose. Finally, Sayaka stood up, pulling Miyuki with her.

"Let's end this before we hurt each other even more," she said, her voice filled with pain. Miyuki nodded, wiping her tears. "It's for the best."

They spent the night packing Miyuki's things, their hearts breaking with every item they put into a box. By morning, Miyuki was ready to leave.

At the door, they shared one last, tearful kiss. "Goodbye, Sayaka," Miyuki whispered.

"Goodbye, Miyuki," Sayaka replied, her voice choked with emotion.

As Miyuki walked away, Sayaka watched her go, feeling like a part of her soul was being ripped away. She knew that this was the right decision, but it didn't make it any less painful.

Sayaka stood there for a long time after Miyuki left, staring at the empty street. The love they once shared had been real, but sometimes, love isn't enough to overcome the challenges life throws at them. As she closed the door, Sayaka knew that she would carry the memory of their love with her forever, even if they couldn't be together.


As Sayaka sat alone in the café, she tried to process everything that had happened. The café's bustling sounds faded into the background, leaving her in a cocoon of her thoughts. The memories of Miyuki, their love, and the pain they both endured lingered in her mind. It was difficult to let go, but she knew it was necessary for both of their sakes.

Months turned into years, and Sayaka slowly rebuilt her life. She poured herself into her work, climbing the corporate ladder and earning respect in her field. She made new friends, traveled, and even tried dating again. But no matter how much she moved forward, a part of her heart always carried the ghost of her love for Miyuki.

One spring day, as cherry blossoms bloomed and the city was alive with color, Sayaka found herself walking through a park. She paused by a bench, lost in thought, when a familiar voice called out to her.

"Sayanee?" Sayaka turned around to see Akari, her former secretary, now a successful businesswoman in her own right. Akari smiled warmly, and they hugged.

"It's been a while," Akari said, taking a seat beside Sayaka on the bench. "Yeah, it has," Sayaka replied, smiling. "How have you been?"

"Good, good. Busy with work, you know how it is. What about you?"

"Same here. Just... trying to keep moving forward."

Akari nodded, understanding the unspoken weight behind Sayaka's words. "Have you heard from Miyuki?"

Sayaka shook her head. "No, we haven't been in touch. Last I heard, she moved to Tokyo." Akari sighed. "I hope she's doing well. You both went through a lot."

"Yeah," Sayaka said softly. "We did."

As they sat there, enjoying the peacefulness of the park, Sayaka felt a sense of closure settling over her. She had loved deeply and lost, but she had also grown and found strength within herself. The pain had shaped her, but it didn't define her.

Later that evening, back at her apartment, Sayaka received an unexpected message on her phone. It was from Miyuki.

"Hey Sayanee, I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I’m getting married next month. I wanted you to hear it from me. I hope you've found happiness too. Take care."

Sayaka stared at the message, a whirlwind of emotions swirling within her. She felt a pang of sadness, but also a sense of peace. Miyuki was moving on, and it was time for her to do the same.

She typed a response, her fingers trembling slightly. "Congratulations, Milky. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Take care of yourself."

With that, Sayaka put down her phone and looked out the window, watching the city lights twinkle. She knew that life would continue to bring its ups and downs, but she was ready to face whatever came her way. The love she once had with Miyuki would always be a part of her, but it was time to embrace the future and all the possibilities it held.




 MW ♥





SY ♥





The End.

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