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Title: The Hardships of love - chapter 7 (AtsuMina) 28/5/2014
Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on November 09, 2012, 03:21:29 PM
I had a new idea for a fic and so I asked for Karupin12 to make a trailer for me luckily she said yes and made this video for me.

Thankyou Karupin12!!

Oh this fic is about Atsumina lol

Takaminas parents are Mariko and Miichan and Madea's are Mayuki and here is the trailer : (
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Trailer
Post by: hazwani on November 09, 2012, 03:42:51 PM


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Post by: karupin12 on November 09, 2012, 04:02:49 PM
Looking forward on its first chapter  :deco:
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Post by: Pdpond on November 09, 2012, 04:20:13 PM
Waitting for new update! :heart:
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Post by: RJay on November 09, 2012, 04:31:54 PM
The plot sounds really good; wonder how things are going to get.
It sounds a little like Romeo and Juliette; two families hate each other and at the end, they get along just fine. :lol:

Please update soon. XD
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Post by: bimbo on November 09, 2012, 04:34:53 PM
I love it  :)
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Post by: farquhar97 on November 09, 2012, 08:20:12 PM
Ah Robyn its really good can't wait until you update it and ah lol I wouldn't of been able to guess the couple when you told me to guess lol I'm not tht smart and update soon please
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Post by: TakaminaBG on November 09, 2012, 08:50:50 PM
Another AtsuMina fic!!! That's what I need!!
This looks really interesting. I'm looking forward to the first chapter!!
Update SOON!!
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Trailer
Post by: arrow27 on November 09, 2012, 09:50:39 PM
Awesome trailer :) & loving the sound of the plot, can't wait to read it once you upload the chapters :D Good luck :)
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Post by: yourockme on November 10, 2012, 12:31:18 AM
Takaminas parents are Mariko and Miichan and Madea's are Mayuki
Atsumina!!  :on gay:
waiting for the next update
and waiting for the other characters
Arigatou  :mon olympics:
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Post by: dark48 on November 10, 2012, 03:01:29 PM
Yes Another ATSUMINA!!!

Sooo Excited for this fic!!!!
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Post by: hazwani on November 10, 2012, 04:40:49 PM
i really hope that u will post chapter 1 soon...

cant wait to read your story...
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Trailer
Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on November 11, 2012, 05:28:07 PM
The hardships of love
Chapter one 

Waking up in the morning always use to be hard for me especially when i was younger but now not so much.My alarm in the morning is none other than my parents arguing over their stupid rivals it never use to be like this when I was younger I use to wake up to the sounds of singing and laughter coming from my Mother and Mummy. However ever since Shinoda Mariko and Minegishi Minami turned up 10 years ago with their annoying failure of a daughther Takahashi Minami my parents seemed to have created a distance between myself and them. They stopped coming to school plays and my ballet recitals so now all that consists between me and them is a wall that can never seem to broken. As I grew older I started to take singing lessons and joined clubs in school just to pass the time so I didnt have to come home. My parents never really seem to care away but then they never took notice.

If you are wondering who they are you know my parents they are none other than the famous Kashiwagi Yuki aka Mother and Watanabe Mayu aka Mummy the owners of Mayuki corp and I am their daughter Madea Atsuko the girl who will be taking over the company when they pass it down to me.

Now if you are wondering why Shinoda Mariko and Minegishi Minami is such a bother its simply because they are my families rivals with their business MariMii and our two families from what ive heard have a long history with one another and from each story ive heard I hate them more and more especially their daughter. Their daughter Takahashi Minami is a pain the two of us cant stand eachother the teacher doesnt even let us be in the same room as alone as she is terrified we might kill eachother there and then. I would tell you more but I have to get ready for school so excuse me.

Okay now that im ready for school its time to grab something to eat and go to school.I made my way down stairs quietly as I want to hear what my parents are saying but to my disappointment they stopped but only to replace the shouting was the sound of crying. I jumped off the last step and ran into the living room to see my mummy crying and my mother holding her in a tight hug."What is the matter?" I asked my mother just gave me the leave-us-alone look so I just nodded my head and went to the kitchen quickly making a piece of toast then snatched my bag off of the maid then ran out of the house so I woudnt be late for school.

Takamina's pov

"Takamidget it is time to wake up."

I opened my eyes to see my mum with a smirk attached to her gacchupin face. "She cant help if she is small she takes after you." My mommy said as she walked into my room. My mum turned around and stuck her tounge out at her only to get flipped off in return. I chuckled at the scene im postive my parents never grown up. "Get ready for school then come to the living room we need to talk to you." My mommy said leaving the room with my mum following behind her. I rolled out of bed then got to my feet.What bow should I choose for today hmmm ahh the red one.I changed into my school uniform then went to the living room like my parents asked.Oh thats right I need to introduce myself I am Takahashi Minami the daughther of Minegishi Minami aka mum and Shinoda Mariko aka mummy I am 18 years old and top of my class in grades and my rival is none other than Madea Astuko the devil in desguise as an angel.I will explain more later after ive finished talking with my parents.

I walked into the living room rubbing my eyes since I was still a little tired because I stayed up all night studing medicine since I want to be a nurse when im older. "The reason we asked you to talk with us is you know the Mayuki comapany correct?" My mum asked. Of course I do they are the ones that have been trying to sink my parents business ever since we moved here.I nodded my head and then my mummy started to carry on the converstation. "Well about a hour ago we heard Mayu's father died of cancer and now all the money and shares he has of her comapany with her wife will be going to their daughter so we have been thinking we know you want to be a nurse but we cant allow that you will take over the family business wheather you like it or not." My mummy explained.My jaw dropped they have always been supportive of me wanting to be a nurse but now just because the stupid rivals came into more money I cant do what I love.You have got to be kidding me."Dont I have a say in this?" I questioned only to get a shake of their hands as an answer."This isnt fair!" I shouted.

"Wheather it is fair or not it is happening an you have to deal with it its either this or our business goes down the drain we wont have money to surive in this stupid world you will take other the company when you turn 19 and you will look after it now get to school!" My mummy screamed shocking me this was the first time she ever raised her voice at me.My mum seemed to be on mute everytime she opened her mouth no words came out. I nodded my head and excited the room then left the mansion.

What am I going to do?

I sighed annoyed at my parents how could they do this to me?

"Takamina!" A voice shouted I turned in my heels to be greeted with the smiling faces of my two best friends.Oshima Yuko the youngest millonar in the country also the biggest perv in the country she use to be a player until she was tamed by her girlfriend who is my other best frined Kojima Haruna. Kojima Haruna is a complete air head who is totally obsessed with morning musume oh and she is also a secret genuis. "Hey Kojiyuu." I replied waving at them the pair chuckled when they heard me calling them their couple name. "Whats the matter and dont try and smile it away we know you to well." Said Yuko I groanded I didnt even need to try and trick them they already noticed. As we continued to walk to school I explained everything that happaned this morning from me waking up to my mummy shouting. The pair coudnt believe their ears and were speechless not even my best friends could offer me words of comfort they knew once my parents had their minds set on something they will never change it.
I sighed again I hate my life.


I fell to the ground my butt hitting it the ground first ouch."Im so sorr- oh wait no im not." Oh great just what I need the wicked witch of the west.

Madea Atsuko.

TBC ....

A/N : Sorry this isnt that good for the first chap but i had to rush it because my family and I had to go through Xmas stuff and they kept me really distracted lol anyway i hope it was okay comment and say what you liked an what needs improving thanks.

@Rukaera: Thanks i hope the first chap was good for you I know it aint that good lol  =)

@Hazwani: Thanks i hope you like the first chap =)

@Karupin12: Thanks again for making the trailer an hope you enjoyed the first chap =)

@Pdpond: Here is chap one hope you like it =)

@RJay: Romeo and Juliette huh if i remember propaly they both die right hmm I wonder if that will happen here hmm thanks for your comment hope you enjoy the first chap =)

@Bimbo: Thanks and i hope you enjoyed this chap =)

@Adam: I swear you tease me saying that you have ice cream lol i have some now so =p and you are so confusion lol an piss of talkin bout assiassnas creed 3 mine got posted today so i have to wait like a week

@TakaminaBG: Sorry it isnt that good for the first chap but i promise that second will be so much better coz i will have more time to write it =)

@Arrow27 : Luck is what i need right now lol thanks for the comment and i hope you enjoy the first chap =)

@Yourockme: Thanks for the comment I hope you enjoy the first chap and im happy you like the parents for them lol =)

@O R I G A M I : Thanks for your comment hope you liked this chap =)

@Dark48 : Thanks hope you liked this chap =)

@Hazwani : I hope you liked the first chap and i love the dancing Yossi lol =)
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Chapter one 11/11/12
Post by: farquhar97 on November 11, 2012, 05:46:51 PM
Ahh this is so good Robyn even if you did rush it and her parents are horrible if they are making her take over the business even if they would lose the money or sell the business to their rivals? I hope she will become a nurse  she should and ahh I hope they don't die in the end and Robyn with the paragraphs that you put in its really easy to read with them put in jeep the paragraph spaces in helps to read it lol ahh I love the update update soon please btw lol its my job to tease you about ice cream and assassins 3  lol btw its so good and to confuse you with I do a lot hehe
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Post by: arrow27 on November 11, 2012, 05:47:56 PM
Thanks for the update :D I def enjoyed the first chapter :D It was a great introduction. Poor minami and Atsuko can't exactly follow their dreams cause of their families rivalry. & they both def seem to be on bad terms :P Can't wait to see how their relationship develops. Looking forward to your next chapter :D
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Post by: Haruko on November 11, 2012, 07:33:13 PM
wow.. love it.. htey heat each other and kojiyuu is together :D
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on November 11, 2012, 09:48:52 PM
KojiYuu  :wub: :wub: :wub:

And AtsuMina, rivals...hah... Well, they soon to find out they are destined for each other, nee?  XD

Great update, thank you, Robyn-san!!  :bow:
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Post by: steftakami on November 11, 2012, 10:52:33 PM
woooo so great!!  :thumbsup

please continue!  :bow:
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Post by: Crossing Crossroads on November 13, 2012, 03:04:00 AM
It's a pet peeve of mine when a writer doesn't know how to spell a character's name. You can ignore me. All I wanted to say is that it's Maeda, not Madea. This does interest me though. ;) I do hope to see more.
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Post by: saeyukilover on November 14, 2012, 10:32:24 AM
 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

i want ur nxt update  :bow: :bow: :bow: onegai!!!
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Post by: cisda83 on November 19, 2012, 01:02:03 PM
Just Joining

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you for interesting trailer :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Post by: kahem on November 20, 2012, 11:24:16 AM
I like it! Can't wait to see how they will pass from hate to love
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Post by: dark48 on November 20, 2012, 12:58:05 PM
Love the first chapter :heart: :heart:

Can't w8 for the next update
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Post by: miayaka on November 20, 2012, 03:22:47 PM
the more you hate the more you love  :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Post by: KojiYuu44 on November 20, 2012, 08:05:09 PM
Another Atsumina!!
*fireworks all around*
Life is treating me well :)
Please update soon!
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Chapter one 11/11/12
Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on December 01, 2012, 10:45:45 PM

@Kojiyuu44: Glad you like it thanks for commenting lol glad life is treating you well

@Miayaka: They do say that dont they lol forgot about that saying thanks for commenting

@Dark48: Ive writ it but im not going to put it up just yet coz im going to Germany for two days and it needs some tweeks I promise you will love the update

@Kahem: It will be a long process lol

@Cisda83:Thanks for reading glad you like it

@Crossing Crossroads: You know I never noticed thanks for pointing it out I will take more care in the future  :)

@O r i g a m i: Its going to be a long wait till they are a couple remember they have to be friends first ahaha

@Steftakami: Thanks and thankyou for commenting

@Sakura_drop_: Yes but there are alot of obstacles ahead lol ahahaha and did you know 2NE1 won no awards this year in the MAMA'S but big bang and Gd did lol

@Haruko: Thanks for commenting and yes Kojiyuu are together i dont think I have a fic without them lol

@Arrow27: Thank you for the support and im glad you like it im still deciding how to make them like eachother ahahaha and how to make their families seem even worse than they are so I hope you look foward to it

@Adam: Yup their parents are mean but ooooo well lol off 2 germany 2morra you want a gift lol and sorry for the no update i know i promised but was busy it has been writ tho

@Everyone: Thank you all for reading and supporting my fic chap 2 has been writen but i wont post it yet coz it needs spell checking and tweeks need to be made also im going Germany for two days so it wont be up to soon sorry about that but anyway thanks for reading and thanks to those who commented and even thoughs who didnt =) hmmm what else to say lol hmmmm oh thats right Have a lovely Xmas people =)

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Post by: farquhar97 on December 01, 2012, 11:02:19 PM
Hehe yes please and don't worry I know you've been busy so don't worry about  it lol.  Well at least it will be up when you come back  looking forward to it. Btw hope you have a amazing time in Germany and if you go check point Charlie there is a McDonald's there because we all know what your like about McDonald's don't we lol  and oh yeah try not to be too bad for the teachers. Merry Christmas to you too :)
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Post by: chemicalstar on December 01, 2012, 11:24:05 PM
Ah, nice story! Keep going :)
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Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on January 13, 2013, 09:06:00 PM
The hardships of love
Chapter 2

My day offically ruined and its barely even began why?

All because of a sertant manly miget that goes by the despicable name of Takahashi Minami.

Aish she makes me sick how dare the insect speak to me like that! If it werent for her best friends jumping into our agrument and dragging the bafoon away im postive that we would have killed eachother.

Okay Atsuko calm down calm down ahhhh who am I kidding im going to kill that pip squeak and make her wish she never crossed the great Maeda Atsuko! I charged through the school gates pushing all who dared to stand in my way when im in such a bad mood. I quickly entered the school and opened my shoe locker taking my normal shoes off and throwing them inside as I took the indoor shoes out to wear. I slammed the shoe locked door closed then made my way to the school roof to cool down.

As I arrived I heard voices which I quickly knew who the owners of were. I opened the with force and walked onto to the roof the air hitting my face instantly cooling down my face that was red with rage. "Ahhh Atsuko!" I heard a high pitched voice shout. "Hey Tomomi." I said waving at my best friend since I was five. And there right next to her was none other than the notorious fashion queen of the school my other best friend and her girlfriend Itano Tomomi who i've known her since I was 13. We just nodded at eachother to acknowledge the others existence we never really needed words to communicate we just seemed to know what the other was thinking. I suppose that shows how close we are huh?

"So whats wrong?" She asked putting her arms around Tomomi's waist causing her to blush with the unusal show of affection. "That miget!" I screamed kicking the ground. "Again?" They asked in unison. I nodded my head and clenched my fists in anger I was never really good at calming down but then neither is Tomochin a bad trait of ours yes. "You know what to." Said Tomomi showing a smile to me as she moved her body more in to Tomochin. Aish this couple. I shook my head and walked over to the rails of the roof then put my hands on them pushing my body foward a little then shouting "BAKAMIGET!" letting out all my anger into the innocent air. I screamed and screamed while Tomotomo just watched me silently happy that I was able to get out my frustrations.

"Atsuko come on its time for class we are already 10 minutes late." Interuppted Tomomi as I shouted. I nodded the turned around and headed towards the door opening it then stood there waiting for the couple to follow. Tomomi relcutantly removed herself from her girlfriends arms but easliy recovered from her disappointment ment when Tomochin took hold of her hand and interwined it with her own. Cute. Tomomi skipped over to me while dragging a rather amused Tomochin behind her. I shook my head and went down the steps with Tomotomo following closely behind chatting about fashion like always.

We entered class. Instantly all eyes were on us. "Miss Maeda Miss Itano Miss Kasai you are late." Said the teacher sternly. "Congratulations you pointed out the obvious want me to clap?" Replied Tomochin sarcasticly as she made her way to her seat by the window. I chuckled at Tomochin's sentence but unfortunately for Tomochin Tomomi didnt find it funny like me. "Tomochin~~ what have I said about being polite to the teachers?" Asked Tomomi making her way to her seat which was besides Tomochin. "Never be disrespectful but what do you excpect me to do since she pointed out the obvious." Said Tomochin waving her hand to Tomomi literally meaning just leave it be. Tomomi huffed but didnt argue instead she sat down and started to copy down notes that where on the board. As for me I was still stood at the front of the class by the teacher.

"Care to give me a pen I left mine at home."

"Thats not the only thing you left."

"What do you mean by that miget?!"

"Well you certantily left your brains at home and dont call me a miget baka!"

"Dont call me a baka you imbesil."

"Wow a big word there for you huh?"

"Thats it im going to kill you!"

I jumped foward and took Takamiget by her collar lifting her up from her seat. Just as I went to slap her something stopped my hand and pulled it back forcefully. "Let go of Minami." A girl said I let go of her collar and turned around to face who ever stopped me from killing the miget. "Yuko...........let go of me and I will leave the small frie alone." I said trying to push her away thankfully she let go. "Get to your seats the both of you Miss Takahashi Miss Oshima Miss Kasai Miss Itano and lastly Miss Maeda detention after school dont argue also extra for Madea Oshima and Takahashi for the disturbance and also Itano for talking back to me got it?" The teacher questioned with a tone of dont-you-dare-say-no in her voice. "Yes Miss." We replied not wanting to argue since we were already on her bad side knowing that this was her being kind.

"Bakamiget." I muttered under my breath as I walked past loud enough for her to hear only for her to trip me up as I went past. "Miss Takahashi oustide now!" Exclamined the teacher. "Okay." Takahashi got up from her seat shooting a sneaky evil smirk in my direction as she did.

TBC ...............

@Everyone: Sorry for the late update everyone chapter two deleted itself so I had to re-write it im sorry its short.
Can anyone gusse who the teacher is ?????

And Thanks for reading my fic =)

Oh and anyone heard Say!! Ippai by our lovely awesome Ono Erena if not check it out !!!!!
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Updated 13/1/12 chapter 2
Post by: farquhar97 on January 13, 2013, 09:19:27 PM
Umm I don't know who the teacher is going to be and lol tht was good that yuko was there to stop her anyway its about time you updated Robyn :P anyway it wasn't that short so don't worry update soon
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Updated 13/1/12 chapter 2
Post by: arrow27 on January 13, 2013, 11:37:14 PM
thanks for the update :D Really like this fic so was happy to see the next chapter up :) I'm also not sure who the teacher is & I'm horrible at guessing, but I feel bad for her whoever she is, that she has to deal with those kinds of students in her class lol.
& wow, a fight almost broke out there but good thing Yuko held Atsuko back otherwise it wouldve been messy :P
Thanks again, looking forward to your next update :D
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Updated 13/1/12 chapter 2
Post by: kahem on January 14, 2013, 02:14:30 AM
lol it is really the war! I wonder how they managed to not kill each other during all those years xD
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Updated 13/1/12 chapter 2
Post by: cisda83 on January 14, 2013, 04:18:48 AM
Atsuko and Minami is fighting again...

Their fight is quite childish...

Well what's going to happen with Atsuko and Minami... next..

Thank you for the update... can't wait to see the next

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Updated 13/1/12 chapter 2
Post by: Haruko on January 14, 2013, 04:56:51 AM
lol it is really the war! I wonder how they managed to not kill each other during all those years xD
yeah!!.. omg but since when they hate each other?
Title: Re: The Hardships of love (Atsumina) Updated 13/1/12 chapter 2
Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on February 02, 2013, 09:41:16 PM
The hardships of love
Chapter 3

I cant believe the teacher gave me detention!

But then tripping that brat up was well worth it.

She deserved it I mean she was going to slap me before. She should thank Yuko that she didn't slap me because I would have do ten times worse back then just trip her up like I just did. As if this day didn't start out bad enough I cant follow my dreams to be a nurse because of the stupid family company then I had to see the it. Then I've been sent out by the stupid teacher and to top everything off I have detention. But then its not all bad Yuko has got it with me ......... oh and so does the brainless blonde and her idiotic friends.

This day officially sucks!

(rumble rumble)

Ahhh I'm starving I don't even know if I this morning which is unusual for me. Ah where can I get food at this time in the morning in school. Come on Minami think .................. THE CANTEEN! I clicked my fingers and walked away from the classroom letting my stomach lead the way to my second home. As I arrived I could smell freshly made toast and other delicious things being made. "What are you doing out of class Takamina?" Asked Sae who is the cook of the school and also I very good friend of mine I'm proud to say. "I got sent out and I'm hungry so get in the kitchen and make this hungry girl some pie!" I ordered with a playful tone. She shot me a funny looking glare then replied back "I'm not making you pie again how about something else?"


"Hmm bacon sandwich?"


"Okay be back in a second sit down and wait."

She patted my head and walked away into the schools kitchen. I could hear soft humming from inside as she cooked. That girl really loves to cook huh?

Minutes later she came back to me with a plate with 2 bacons sandwiches on top. I smiled with glee then quickly snatched it away. The first bite I took was like heaven. I swear I went slightly dizzy with how good it was. As i continued to eat my sandwiches I remembered about Sayaka who is Sae's wife and co-chef here. Hmm it doesn't look like she is here huh I wonder where she is. "Sae where is Sayaka?" I question curiously while still eating causing a small bit of bacon to fall out. "Gross and hospital don't you remember that she gave birth to my handsome baby boy like 2 days ago." She answered a look of disgust on his face as he watched me take the bit of bacon that fell from my mouth and eat it. Like I care its food.


In all honestly I cant remember at all about what he just told me so I just deiced to lie through my teeth. You would to don't judge me. Oh wait was that what he was on about the other day when I was eating the katsudon she made. Well I guess I will never know. "Ahh yer right sorry forgot congrats by the way." I said tapping his shoulder as I stood up from where I sitting passing her the plate. "I will be heading back to class before the old lady notices I'm gone." I said yawning. She smiled at me and waved to when I went out of the canteen.

Rubbing my belly I headed to the room of hell which held the demon of ice called Maeda Atsuko and her two dimwitted friends. Oh and my awesome cool funny amazing friends. Just as I got there the teacher opened the door her face calmer than what it was before when she sent me out. "You can come back inside now Miss Takahashi just please no arguing with miss Maeda." She said pleadingly. I chuckled and nodded then skipped inside earning a glare from the ice princess as soon as I came inside. Which in reply I quickly stuck out my tongue and flipped her the bird when the teacher turned around to face the board. She however instead of taking it like an adult jumped up from her seat and slammed her fists against her desk surprising everyone. "MISS MAEDA!" The teacher screamed. "I didn't do anything the stick did!" She shouted back. The teacher looked at me quizzically of course I put on the innocent look and said "I dunno what she is on about she only wants attention ignore her."

"Stupid midget!"

"Stop bullying me!"

"Your a bully victim what do you ecxpect."

"If anything you are the bully victim incase you didn't notice I'm the most popular girl in school idiot."

"I am the most popular!"

"No I am."

"I am!"

"No I am."

"I AM!"

"God calm down and lower your voice your giving me the headache."

"If your in pain I will keep doing it."

"What your doing it?"

"Excuse me?"

"You said you are doing it."

"No I didnt."

"Yes you did oh my God everyone listen up Maeda Atsuko is sexually active so tell me who was your first oh my god I get it your moody all the time because your pregnant!"

"Shut up no I am not."


"Both of you shut up and sit down I have a lesson to teach."

"Okie dokie."

"Argh whatever."

I think I won that don't you? Stupid girl. Anyway guess I will have to catch up with everyone else. I sat down at my seat and took out my note book then started to jot down some questions that where neatly written on the board.

5x^-2y^10 over 2x^-1(-3x^-3y^-1)^-2 = (45/2)x^-7 y^8

That wasn't hard. Okay next. I started to work through the questions with no sweat at all this has to be the easiest math questions we have done in a while. I wonder if the teacher just done them like that because of all the arguing myself and Atsuko have been doing. Its most likely considering there is about ten minutes left of this lesson until break time. Which means more food and more arguments but this time the skinny blondes friends and mine will be involved. How do I know this? Its a daily routine the arguing the fighting the teasing well except for the hole me getting sent out in first lesson that is a new record usually me or her get sent out normally about third or forth maybe second depending on each others mood.

Like I said ten minutes later the bell rang signaling to all the students that it was time for break (food). I sprang up from my seat and sprinted to the canteen not even bothering to wait for my friends. When I got there like most of the time I was the first one. I smiled to myself then skipped to Sae. "Food." I begged using my cute mode making the older girl scrunch her face in dissatisfaction. "You don't have to torture me god what did my ears do to deserve that." She said teasing me. I scoffed playfully as she passed me over a sandwich that I always get at break. Just as he did the voice that haunted me for life was heard. "How don't you grow when you eat so much."

"What happens after we die is there a heaven and a hell why were we put on earth why don't people run when they see you baboon but like face hmm the questions of the world that can never be answered."

"Why yo-."

"Why yes im sexy thanks for reminding me."

"I hate you."

"I hate you too."

Before I could say anything else her stupid fanged friend butt into our little dispute. "Poof be gone, your breath is too strong, I don't wanna be mean, but you need listerine, not a sip, not a swallow, but the whole friggin bottle." Now that was a good one I will give her that now its my turn to say something back. "I have always wondered why people bang their heads against brick walls..... then I met you." I said earning a few chuckles from the crowd that was now around us. " Tomomi If you're gonna act like a dick you should wear a condom on your head so you can at least look like one." Said Yuko as she pushed through the crowd with Kojima by her side. "Nice one." I complimented. "I'm great what do you excpect." She replied sarcastically. "Don't talk to Tomochin like that!" Shouted the high pitched girl by the fanged girls side. "Aww look Chiyuu~~ is standing up for her girlfriend." I teased patting her head. "Shut up Takahashi Minami I think this argument is over for this break time just remember JESUS loves you but everyone else thinks you're an idiot." Insulted Atsuko turning around and walking away with her two best friends beside her.

You win this round Maeda Atsuko.

But just wait till detention.

TBC ..................

@Adam : Ive forgot who the teacher is myself lol so much for it being someone good lol

@Arrow27: Thanks for commenting im happy you like my fic and as said before when i was replying to adam i have forgot who the teacher was going to be myself lol any suggestions and I feel sorry for the teacher to lol

@Kahem : I wonder that to but then I think its probaly because of each of their friends pulling them away from one another lol

@Cisda83 : I agree their fight is childish but i suppose if you dislike someone you will do anything to annoy them lol

@Haruko: They hate eachother since they met but then oppisates attract dont they?

@Everyone: Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this chapter now im going on AFF to read some soosica lol bye bye
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THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! Aw Takamina sure loves her food :D Sae is so nice to her lol.
Lol the two groups sure love to argue with one another, its a good things Takamina and Atsuko both have back up cause if it were just the two of them they would've killed eachother by now :P

& lol at forgetting the teachers identity :P i've forgotten something like that b4 when a wrote something so I began to keep notes to make sure I don't forget :P & hm...ya not too sure who the teacher can be...maybe someone who was in SDN48 or an AKB grad XD Well I'm sure you'll think up of something, but the teacher can also just remain as "the teacher" :P

Looking forward to the next chapter as always!
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Hahaha... all those fight between Minami and Atsuko is getting more and more childish by the minute....

Ah... Sae is nice to keep giving Minami food....

What's going to happen with them?

How are they going to be lovers...?

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the update

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OMG!!!! Saeyaka has a little boy!!!!
wow when they are arguing tbey don't pretend lol
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Lol she eats loads an I feel sorry for takamina lol always getting picked on by the meanies but the insults are awesome an I should be off tomorrow lol an update soon
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Jeje takaboy.. i love it kakkoi
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when will turn hate to love  :P

i love your fic please update soon  :bow:
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Hardships of love
chapter 4

Maeda's pov

Detention I can't believe i'm stuck in detention because of a small stupid idiot! God I hate my life! And if things cant get any worse not only is she here so is her annoying friend Oshima Yuko. Tomochin and Tomomi are here but that doesnt make things any better as it seems the pair are in their own little lovey dovey disgusting world. It makes me want to puke my pure eyes have to put up with that crap everyday but I suppose I have got to be happy for them considering it took them forever to finally become a couple. I sighed and put my head on my desk using my arms as pillows so that I could use the detention time to sleep rather than to argue or watch the ever so annoying couple moments between my two best friends. Before I even had a chance to shut my eyes something hit my head. I shot my head up from my arms and looked around the room to see that stupid idiot Takahashi Minami with a straw and pieces of small scrunched up paper laying on her desk. She had a huge grin on her face and looked like she was trying to hold her laughter in that is until she couldn't any longer and started to chuckle.

I glared at her making her freeze. Maeda Atsuko you have still got it. I smirked and decided to get some payback. I opened the top of my desk and started to look for my ruler and rubber. It didnt take long for me to find them and with the top of my desk up Takahashi-san had no chance to fire a spit ball at me and actually hit me. I closed the desk then started to rip off bits of my rubber. Takahashi-san obviously oblivious to what I was doing as she looked at my confused. I placed half of my ruler on the desk and placed a small bit of the rubber on that bit that wasnt on the desk. I pressed the ruler back then let go letting the rubber fly through the air and hit Takahashi-san directly on the head. Then did the same only this time missing the target and hitting Oshima Yuko.

The latter jumped up from her desk which was next to Takahashi-san's and charged towards me. Then before she reacher me Tomochin quickly stood in her way the pushed her back. "Don't even try it while i'm here." She said giving oshima-san a death glare. HellTomo activated thank God i'm not on her bad side. I tore my eyes away from Oshima-san and Tomochin and looked at Takahashi-san who seemed to be in a daze for reasons unknown. I replicated my actions from earlier and once again hit her head sucssessfully snapping her out of her daze. "What the hell smurf!" I chuckled then replied "What I just wanted to take that stupid look from your face it was distracting and you should really keep your dog on a leash don't want her hurt especially since HellTomo has been activated and Tomomi looks like she doesnt want to stop it any time soon." detecting a glare coming from Oshima-san's direction I turned my head to face her. "You have a problem?" I asked trying to sound like I cared.

She just growled proving my point about her being a dog. Tomochin shook her head and took Oshima-san by her collar lifting her off the ground. Tomomi took this as a sign to get up from her desk and control her girlfriend. "Tomo~~~chin stop you promised no more fighting so stop." Ordered Tomomi softly walking over to Tomochin and rubbing her soothingly. Tomochin's soon calmed down and her let her grip on Oshima-san's collar soften until she finally let go.

"Yuko calm down or Vic will get mad." Takahashi-san's said her voice slightly raised as if she was trying to calm herself down. Oshima-san huffed and went back to her desk. "You are seriously like her trainer or something." I remarked trying to make Takahashi-san angry because I need some entertainment. I spotted her fist starting to clench and her left foot starting to tap in anger. I smirked inwardly knowing I was getting my way. " Aww why so silent stupidity got your tongue?" I asked. Just as she was about to say something back the classroom door slid open and the new teacher came in yawning. "Yuko Tomomi you can leave and so can you Tomochin your parents called saying they need you home." With that the teacher left the room not even looking back. I shot Tomochin a confused glance and all she did in reply was wave her phone at me. I shook my head then something clicked and it seemed the midget clicked on to the same thing to. "Hell no i'm not being in the same room as you alone its bad enough I have to be in the same room as you with other people!" We screamed in unison. "Wow that teacher seriously is new if she is letting you guys stay in the same room together." Said Tomochin taking Tomomi's hand in hers leaving the room saying "See you later that is if your still alive." the two of them could have at least stayed with me!

"Sorry Takamini I have to go as well me and Nyan Nyan have a date planed cya." Oshima-san said taking her things in her hands and running out of the room leaving a angry Takahashi -san behind. The air in the room became tense and uneasy. We just glared at each other our eyes not leaving each others just incase the other trys something. "This is all your fault." We both accused "Stop copying me!" we both shouted once again at the same time. "I hate you." We both said. Furious with her saying everything I was I stood up and walked towards her in return she stood up and walked towards me until we were face to face well not exactly face to face considering how small she is I was facing the air while she was looking up at me in the middle of the empty classroom.

"Enjoy what your looking at?" I questioned with a teasing tone is my voice. I looked down so that I could look her in the eyes. "I would you have an ironing board as a chest so nope." she insulted emphasizing of the p. "Oh and your one to talk flat chest and your so small I feel like I have to use binoculars just to look at you." I retorted. She smiled then said "Thats okay say what you want however Statistically speaking, tall people die younger than short people. I already feel better, knowing I have that to look forward to."

"I guess as long as I dont get to see your face anymore I can count that as bonus."

"What so you want to go to hell?"

"Who said I was going to hell I mean surely i'm already there if your here."

"I'm sorry can you repeat that my brain cant process shit."

Before our little argument could go any further the classroom door once again slid open this time revealing the music teacher Miss Heo (A/N: Exid's Solji) "Do you ever stop arguing?" She asked calmly. "The midget started it." I answered taking my sight from the giant to look at Miss Heo. "Thats it I have been discussing this for a while with the head and this argument just sealed the deal the both of you are going into the schools couple therapy together."

TBC >>>>>>>>>>

A/N: So yer I just remembered about this fic recently I have been more concered with my soosica ver rather than this one so for that I am sorry espically since the Soosica one is now 3 and almost 4 chaps ahead of this one. Im sorry guys thanks for reading hope you liked it.

@Arrow27: Well I might just leave the teacher as said lol since I cant remember who to put in however the therapy person they will see will be someone we all know lol and i'm glad they have a back up to but as you can see that did not alot of good in this chap lol but thank god for miss Heo =) And yer Takamini loves her food lol

@Cisda83: Glad you like it and the hole falling in love might be hard for them but then with whats happing with their familes they might not even notice it

@Kahem: Lol yer Saeyaka have a lil boy lol and yer they dont mess around lol

@Adam: The fact u have read this all ready lol

@Haruko: Thanks for reading and commenting I am glad u like the fic

@Elo: Sorry u had to wait long but here is the update lol hope it was worth waiting for =)
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Hahaha yeah ive read this already but its so good it deserves a second read lol and i like the ironing bored tease lol and umm them two in therapy together that can't be a good thing ? Update soon please Robyn and btw good luck next week :)
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Thanks for the update :D Great chapter as always ^^ Enjoyed reading it! Haha couples therapy, I wonder how that'll work out for them :D Looking forward to the next chapter! :)
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hahaha..this is fun..please continue...
too bad that i have examination tomorrow for a whole week...gotta stop reading fanfic for a week.. :(
jaa ne... :hand:
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yep it is worth it  :w00t: :P

i hope they will like each other soon  :D :P

and why dont takamina and yuko fight back ma ma please update soon  :bow:
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lol school couple therapy hahaha!!!!
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of course i llike atsumina fighting is awesome :B
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As usual.... Takamina and Atsuko are arguing with each other, they are so not close to each other...

They can't stand each other....

What's going to happen to make them like each other?

I can't wait to find out how the story going to develop

Thank you for the lovely update

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Hardships of love
chapter 5

No ones pov

"COUPLES THERAPY!" The pair shouted. Their eyes widening in the process. "Yes couples therapy lower your voices or I will give you both detention for a week." Said Miss Heo shaking her head at the pair in front of her. "There is no way I'm going to go to couple therapy with this thing." Complained Atsuko with a look of disgust. "The so called thing has a name stick and that beautiful name is Takahashi Minami remember that." Retorted Takamina glaring at Atsuko who looked like she was ready to rip Takamina's eyes from their sockets.

"And the two of you have just proved my point of why you need it congratulations dummies your therapy will start tomorrow after school with the school's therapist Miss Ono no ditching because if you do you will be suspended simple okay?" Explained Miss Heo earning a nod from each of the two annoyed girls. "And here I thought you were the nice teacher." Said Takamina crossing her arms. "Oh I am be thankful it wasn't Miss Park that found you otherwise instead of therapy you would have been suspended here and now anyway you are both dismissed go home or whatever." Replied Miss Heo waving her hand as she walked out of the room. Atsuko didn't have to be told twice she quickly gathered her things and left the class that is before remembering to bump into Takamina on the way out.

Takamina growled under her breath and started to place all her things in her designer bag that she had gotten off her parents for her birthday and left the class room.

Takamina's pov

Couples therapy are you kidding me. I have to spend time with that freak of nature. May God strike me down where I stand what did I do to get tortured like this. Is it because I refused to not take over the company? Is this my karma? God I hope not I now Karma bites like a bitch but this is over the top. Leaving the school I turned right the opposite way of from which I usually go thinking back to this morning I don't really want to go home. I scratched my head and decided to go to the arcade since its the only place that I can think of that might calm me down.

Arriving at the arcade I saw that there was a huge crowd gathered around it all looking memorized at what was before them. Curious I walked forward and pushed people out of my way so that I could get to the front of the crowd. People around began chanting as the specimen before me started to beat the high score on the dance game. Which also happened to be my high score which was also before I beat it Yuko's. I only won because I managed to get Koji to distract her go me. Brown blackish hair bounced up and down to the beat of the song and the sound of the girls breathing could be heard. "NEW HIGH SCORE!" Screamed the game causing the crowd to cheer in response. Impressed I decided to speak to the now tired girl. "Amazing you beat my highscore." I complimented "Thanks can you believe its my first time playing it." Spoke the girl turning around to face me ........ OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME ITS MAEDA ATSUKO!

The smile that was on her face was short lived because as soon as she seen me her face dropped into a ugly frown. "Are you stalking me midget?" She questioned obviously not liking my presence. "Explain why I would want to stalk something as ugly as you." I answered the crowd that was once cheering was now silent and listening into out little exchange of insults. "Isn't it obvious why would stalk me I'm every ones dream girl while you well your you." She responded looking me up and down. "Your a arse no wonder your parents don't spend time with you." I said and she looked like a kicked puppy.

Not feeling any sympathy for anything I said I continued "Your parents obviously love your sister more considering they went to all her plays and everything while they went to maybe one of yours how does it feel to be lonely?" I asked. She didn't say a word instead she let her hand do the talking.Her hand came flying towards my face landing firmly on my face with a loud noise behind it. "Don't ever mention my family again you stupid midge you should just die!" She snapped however she found her shoes more amusing to her as she kept looking at them. Suddenly small droplets of tears started to hit the ground forming a small puddle. She didn't want me to see her tears ......

"You jerk look what you did!"

"How dare you make that girl cry!"

"You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Say sorry!"

The crowd shouted. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I felt no guilt no anything its like after all these years I've become immune to her feelings that I don't feel anything when we argue its like I'm numb. Maeda didn't even look up to face me and I wasn't even able to hear her sobs all I could see was her tears crash to the ground and look at clenched fists that looked as if they were trying to stop herself from hitting me again. Then she began shouting again. "Just go away I hate you more than I've ever hated you just die get out of my sight!" She cried though it seemed that she was begging slightly.

"Whatever see you tomorrow stick."

And with that I turned around and once again pushed through the angry this time having to escape from peoples death grips that managed to clasp on to my body every now and then. God they don't even no the girl weren't they listening to the argument she started its not my fault she cant handle the truth.

What a baby....

Atsuko's pov

I cant believe she mentioned my sister ..... my parents!

Who gave that stupid ugly giant the right to talk about them!

"Excuse me miss are you okay?" Asked a calm voice. I looked up from the tear soiled ground to be met with a face of a handsome male. My hearts pace increased and I felt stunned tears that threatened to fall didn't. "Y-y-yer." I answered wiping away any left over tears. "You shouldn't do that use this." He said passing me a handkerchief. Hesitantly I took it from him and started to wipe my face. I thanked him and which in reply her just smiled. "No one as pretty as you should cry by the way I'm Donghae." He introduced himself showing a charming smile. "I'm Atsuko." I said leaving out my last name so he wouldn't find out who I was. "Atsuko-san let me walk you home a beautiful lady like you shouldn't be walking home when feeling the way you do." He requested. I agreed and told him a road that was my sisters girlfriends road and house number. "28 Sone road." I said. He smiled then took my hand making me blush but I didnt refuse.

Arriving infront of the house I thanked him once again and told him that he should leave but he refused and said "No I want to see you to your front door and see you go inside the house so I know your safe and Atsuko-san maybe we could do something sometime." He said looking down shyly. "Yer sure Donghae-san I would love to here is my number." I said taking a pen from my blazer pocket and jotting down my number on his hand. I turned around then knocked on the door to the house with Donghae looking at me confused and I mouthed to him that I had forgotten my keys. He chuckled then the door opened. "What are you doing here sis?" Asked my sister who just had to open the door at least her girlfriend would have gave me a chance to speak. Quickly I pushed her inside and muttered a quick goodbye to Donghae.

"Yah what the hell!"

"Shut up Rena!"

"Why are you even here?!"

"Because I am get over it!"

Rena shot me a dirty look and thrown her hands up in the air in defeat. she signaled for me to go to inside the front room with her. I walked inside to see a sleeping Jurina holding onto the the teddy bear Rena got her for her 5th birthday. "Your here while she is sleeping?" I asked. She nodded and said "She has been off ill for a week and she wouldn't let me visit until now since her parents just went out of town plus she wouldn't let me come saying she was was to ill." I laughed and sat down on the floor with Rena sitting by my side taking Jurina's hand in hers as she did so.

I wonder if I can have love like this someday ..

TBC <<<<>>>>

Thank you everyone for the comments I hope this update and the last one was enough for your forgivness since I didnt update for a while

Oh I need u guys to imagen that Jurina is like a year younger than Rena lol

@Adam: Thanks good luck to you aswell

@Arrow27: I am happy that it is good lol thanks and well it will work good for them i hope

@No-chan: I hope you do good at your exams and you are unlucky that you cant read for a week so I will update alot so you have things to look forward to

@Elo: They dont fight because they dont want to loose their tempers lol dont worry tho because I will show one of those consquences about them loosing their tempers later on

@Kahem: Yup look foward to it lol

@Haruko: Your right its odd to see them argue in fics tho considering how close they are in real life lol

@Cisda83: I am sure you can make a sort of gusse about how they will end up liking eachother lol and yer they really dont get along they are like fire an ice
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That was mean what she said in the arcade I hope they can sort it out and her sister didn't look to pleased to see her lol update soon
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Thanks for the update!Wow, that scene at the arcade was intense. Hopefully they can work things out! They did technically get along for a split second at the arcade when they didnt know they were talking to eachother :P that shows potential! :D

Atsuko has it tough with her fam it seems.

looking forward to ur next update, thanks again :D oh, & miss heo is an interesting kind of teacher lol
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This chapter made me cry a little bit T_T
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hahaha couple therapy.... it's going to be funny session  :lol:

Ah... Minami is kind of a jerk there....

Saying all those hurtful words.... making Atsuko cried

Ah... is there going to be love relationship with Atsuko and Donghae...?

How is the couple therapy is going to proceeded now that Minami was being a jerk the day before?

I can't wait to find out what's going to happen to Atsuko and Minami....

How they are going to be together?

Thank you for the lovely update

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then show me hehe update

hohooo rena is here it is getting interesting update
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Post by: Archer1992 on July 12, 2013, 03:35:59 PM

Please u.u'
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Hardships of love
chapter 6

Takamina's pov

When I got home the first thing that I was met with was the sound of my parents screaming at one another which was pretty rare. Silently I crept up the steps wanting to avoid getting involved in the argument. I went inside my room and dropped my things on to the floor then dropped on my bed. Why do I feel guilty? That is not important now anyway I am more concerned about why my parents are arguing yes I avoided getting involved but I still want to know.

And well its seems curiosity has took over me because as of now I'm stepping down the stairs quietly until I got to the final step where I sat down and let the screams and shouts into my awaiting ears.








Then it turned into slight whispers that my ears were finding hard to catch.

"W-wait what?"

"They wont my mother is dying you know that yours is in a home do you remember little Jurina well her mother and father have lost their jobs and had to tell her they will be out of town while she doesn't know they are looking for jobs this family needs our income or we wont survive Minami needs to take over because we are getting to old."


"Come here."

My body froze. I was being selfish if I don't take over the company my family wont survive I have to do the right thing and forget my dream I will look after my family. I could feel tears about to roll down my face quickly I wiped them away and stood up. Okay Minami it's time to forget about your selfish dream and do what is right to protect this family. I slowly breathed in and out calming myself down before I faced my parents. I stepped down from the last steps and went to the living room as that was most likely where the couple was. "Mommy mama (A/N: Mommy is Mariko and mum is Miichan) I want to take over the company." I stated walking inside and the pair released from their hug and looked at me in surprise. "Minami when did you-" "I came in a little while ago is it true about Jurina's Mama and Papa?" I asked the pair then nodded their heads. "Then that settles it I will take over the family company." I announced faking a smile. "You don't want to be a nurse anymore?" Mommy asked with a look of sympathy in her eyes. "That was my fake dream I just want to look after the family company." I lied looking Mommy in the eyes. Obviously not noticing that I was lying she smiled at me and pulled me in to a hug. Slowly I wrapped my arms around her tall body and rested my head on top of her shoulders since I was smaller and caught my mum's eye. "Thankyou." She mouthed.

I just let out a small smile which practically told her it was okay then she joined the hug.

Looks like my dream will have to be put on hold my family is more important.

Next day after school couple therapy

So little miss perfect is late for after school therapy. While I am sitting here with the councilor Mr Kwon waiting for her stupid arse. Tik tik tik minutes and seconds went by I have no idea how many had passed when the door finally opened raveling a very tired looking Jessica. "Okay Maeda-san please site down next to Takahashi-san since you have finally arrived and then I will begin to explain things to the both of you." Maeda shot me one of her famous glares and sat down beside me that is not before she moved her seat away. I rolled my eyes and waited for Mr Kown to explain. "Okay now that you are both here I am Mr Kown but just call me GD the two of you are here because you lack respect for each other and you hate each other you have no choice but to come here or you will be suspended unless you are ill then you are obviously excused now the first thing I want the two of you to do is introduce yourselves and tell me one thing about you." He explained grinning at the end. He pointed at Maeda to introduce herself first. "I'm Meada Atsuko daughter of the owners of Mayuki corp and I hate this stupid midget." She said. GD gulped a little when hearing who her parents were. I chuckled and introduced myself "I'm Takahashi Minami daughter of the owners of MariMii corp and this giant who I hate only hates me because I am small and sexy well I am the entire package." I bragged.

I could see another gulp come from GD as he who my parents were. I force myself not to giggle then awaited for him to speak. "O-o-okay then Maeda-san can you please name three things you like and dislike about Takahashi-san." He requested looking a bit scared. "She only cares about food she is stupid she is ugly she never thinks before she speaks she never stops eating she acts like a five year old an-" GD interrupted her before she could say anything else and said "I thought I asked you to name three good and bad things." Maeda tilted her head to the left then replied "I could only think of bad things she doesn't have anything good about her." she then turned her head to face me and stuck her tongue out at me. "Takahsahi-san can you please do as the same as I asked Maeda but actually name three good things." I nodded then began "She is ignorant thinks she is better than everyone else and she thinks she can tell people what to do the things I like about her are ...... erm I cant think of any but my list of things I dislike can go on and on and on." he shook his head at me. "You are both hopless." He muttered pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Now why don't we see if you guys have anything in common okay I'm going to ask you guys some questions and both of you answer at the same time okay?" The two of us looked at him rolling our eyes hinting that we didn't want to do this but he didn't get the hint since he started asking the damn questions. "Okay so things you hate?"



"O-okay erm food you dislike."



"You guys arnt food."

"Well we can be eaten by sharks right so we are food so the thing I dislike that is food is Maeda."

"And I dislike Takahashi."

"Aish okay things you like."

"Things that arnt Maeda or her friends."

"Things that arnt Takahashi or her friends."

GD looked as if he was about to scream that was until a light bulb lit up in his head. He clicked his fingers and jumped up from his seat landing firmly on his feet screaming "I've got it I've got it!" I just looked at him unfazed by this since I was use to it because of my cousin Jurina. "What have you got?" Inquired Maeda clearly not impressed by GD's little jumping kid like faze. "Takahashi you will walk home Maeda tonight and Maeda will walk you home tomorrow and you cant refuse or you will be suspended." He answered smiling proudly to himself.


"I am not walking that thing home!" Myself and Maeda exclaimed jumping from our seats. "Isnt it worse enough we have to do this and see each other everyday?" I asked. GD laughed and shook his head not wanting to hear what I had to say. "Come on please I don't want to go to prison for killing her I'm 18 please I'm begging and a Meada never begs." She begged getting down to her knees. GD just shook his head once again then said "Okay you can leave now Minami take her home." I sighed and took Maeda's hand in mine dragging her up from the floor and pushed her towards the door. "I need to get home so hurry up idiot."
"Don't touch BAKA!" She shouted opening and slamming at behind her as she walked out. "Go get her or you are both suspened."

"This school sucks."

"Get use to it."

I went after Maeda quickly catching up to her since I am fast. "Idiot wait up just let me walk you home I don't want to get suspended." I ordered she didn't stop much to my disappointment. "Stop now and let me walk you home or I will tell the school your secret!" I demanded. She stopped in her tracks. Truth be told I really don't know any of her secrets but if just saying that this is enough to stop her then I think I will use this more often. "What secret?" She whispered once I caught up to her. "Thats for me to know and you to find out." I replied walking a head motioning for her to follow which she did. "But I already know it after all it is my secret." She said. "Well now its mine to keep secret." I said.

The walk to her house felt like years had passed when in reality it was about half an hour the air around us was tense and awkward. Standing outside her house I waited for her to enter. "Go inside so I can go Idiot." I said she groaned at me and flipped the middle finger up in response and entered her house.

I hate my life.

TBC <<<<>>>>

@Adam: Lol not updating my fics yet i'm updating the one you have already read lol

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Lol finally you updated this fic but i read lol n poor her needing to give up her dream but it was verty noble of her n hope feel better Robyn :) and update soon
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thanks for the update!!!!

LOL the couple thearpy was hilarious, those two need a lot of work in order to get along :P nice suggestion with the walking home idea :D

& aw, it was very considerate of Minami to give up on her dream to be a nurse in order to help the family. But also really sad :(

looking forward to your next update!
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LOL the therapy is AWESOME! :mon yeah:
I really can't stop laughing~  :mon lmao: too funny~ xD
So is the idea of walking home together...hmmm...wonder if that will at least improve their temper against each other...  :mon noprob:
thanks for the update! looking forward to the next one...  :mon thumb:
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whats gonna happen next? whats gonna happen next?!!! OMG UPDATE SOON  :tantrum:
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hope u can update this story
looking forward to its  :)
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Author san. Where are you? ? I love this story.  It's gonna be more interesting><
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Hardships of love

chapter 7

Atsuko's pov

So the midget walked me home. Not much to say about it really apart from the fact it was the most awkward thing I have ever experienced in my life. The air was tense and the only thing that was on my mind was how do I get rid of her but much to my disappointment no ideas came to mind. She ended up walking me the entire way home and watched me enter my house. The worst thing was is that I walked inside to an empty home and a note that was attached to the lamp in the living room with cello tape that said dinner is in the fridge. Suddenly I ached for the midgets company again no matter how horrible or awkward it may be. My parents always did this left without telling me and then they wouldn't be back until maybe the next day or a week later at the most. Most teenagers would love the fact they have the house all to themselves but to me I just feel lonely and abandoned but then I pretty much feel like that when they are here my sister is the apple of their eye after all. No matter how jealous I am of that she still doesn't know I try and keep my feelings secret to those around me even Tomochin and Tomomi don't know how much I envy my sister.

After all my sister has everything.

A girlfriend who she loves more than anything and vice versa she also has our parents love which she doesn't really seem to want it while I crave for it. Who thought that the older sibling would be in the younger siblings shadow shouldn't it be the other way round. When did life become such a mess.

Its now officially 7pm and my sister hasn't came home which means she will be staying over at her girlfriends so that means I am alone ... again. I got up from the couch were I had been sitting for a couple of hours since I arrived home and went to the kitchen to heat up my dinner. I opened the fridge and got a strong smell of stew. I took it out of the fridge and placed some in a bowl and heated it in the microwave. Once it went ding I took it out and placed it on the table grabbing a spoon from inside the top draw in the kitchen and sat down. Taking a scoop I blew on the stew to cool it down then eat it only to spit it back out again. Spicy. My parents don't know anything about me at all. Sighing I poured the rest of the stew down the sink and cleaned the bowl then began to make myself something to eat from the little amount of edible things we had in the fridge and cupboards.

By the time I made something well I think I made something I mean after all I am not the best cook so whatever is on my plate looks like black mush. But whatever its not my fault I cant be perfect like my sister. I eat whatever I made and well it tasted better then that stupid spicy stew. Washing my plate after I had finished I decided the best thing for me to do now was just to take a shower and sleep so that is exactly what I don't there is nothing better to do in this house anyway.

The next day

The next morning I awoke to a silent house. Not wanting to stay here in this deafly silence any longer than I have I changed for school and gathered my things. Leaving the house with my bag hanging over one shoulder I closed the door behind me and locked it. Checking my watch I could see that I have a good 1 hour or so to get to school meaning that I can take my time.

I took my time to get to school but when I got there for some odd reason a crowd was standing around the school gates. "Atsuko help!" Screamed Tomomi who was near the back of the crowd. I speedily walked forward not wanting to run after all Madea Atsukodoes not run not matter what the situation. "Whats wrong?" I asked Tomomi rising my eyebrow. "T-Tomochin got into a fight because someone said something about me and before I could calm her down a crowd gathered and I was pushed to the back." Explained Tomomi who was obviously leaving out an important part of information. But that didn't matter right now. "Everyone move out of my way and step aside!" I screamed causing people to turn back and face me the so called Ice princess.

Just like I ordered parted like the red sea allowing myself and Tomomi walk in between without having to get pushed and squashed into others. When I got to the front I seen Tomochin on top of a girl I believe to be named Kitahara Rie about to punch her in the face. Tomomi however didn't let this happen she took hold of Tomochin's arm which was in the air and pulled her off of Rie. "Calm down Tomomi!" Exclaimed Tomomi turning Tomochin around to face her. Not caring about what else was happening my eyes landed on Rie who was shivering on the floor in fear. "Everyone leave!" I ordered and repeated because it seemed people didn't want to process the message. Slowly the crowd started to disperse leaving me my two best friends and the still shivering in fear Rie. Noticing that Tomochin had calmed down I took it as a chance to ask why she had snapped. "So Tomochin why did you snap I though you promised not to get into fights anymore or was that just a phase?" I questioned with a slight teasing tone trying to lighten up the mood. I could see Tomochin's fist clench with anger which was quickly suppressed as Tomomi pretty much sensed it and took hold of Tomochins hand before anything could happen.

"That thing right there called Tomomi a poor disgusting lonely idiot and also added that Tomomi's parents voluntarily died in the car crash when she was five so that they can get away from her." Tomochin said clenching her jaw since Tomomi had hold of both of her hands. Anger flooded within me my blood boiled. I stomped over to Rie who was still laying on the floor. "You said what?!" I shouted dragging her up from the floor taking her by her wrinkled collar. "I-I-I am sorry!" She squealed fear adamant in her eyes and facial expressions. "Atsuko leave her it doesn't matter seriously." Begged Tomomi from behind me. Hearing the pleading tone in her voice I complained and let go of Rie's collar. "Get out of my sight I don't to ever see your face again." I said she nodded then ran to her class. "Tomomi thats not okay." I said turning around to look at her. She just gave me a weak smile and replied saying "Don't worry I have you and Tomochin so I am fine." those words calmed me down I am happy that myself and Tomochin can help Tomomi even if its just in a small way since she refuses to take money off the two of use being her usual stubborn self.

"Its still not okay Tomo."

"It is fine okay but thank you for standing up for me Tomochin I love you."

"I love you too Tomomi and I will always stand up for you."

The pair gave each other a chaste kiss then Tomomi spoke once more. "Thank you too Atsuko." I smiled at her then realised the time. "Guys its time for class." The pair nodded at me then intertwined their hands together and the three of us headed to class.

Arriving at class we just made it in time since it seemed the teacher was running late. Scanning around the class room I noticed that the midget hadn't arrived just yet. Finding that odd I looked around the class room once again to see if her two friends were here and they were which was odd since the three are usually tied by the hip at least thats what it seemed like. "Everyone get in your seats." Ordered the teacher as she entered. Not needing to be asked twice I sat down in my place that was by the window and waited for the teacher to start her lecture which happened to be one of the best ways for me to have a good sleep since her lifeless voice sent me straight to lullaby land.

Waking up hours later I could easily tell that I had slept through break lunch and all the lessons excluding this one that I have woken up in. Rubbing my eyes as I lifted my head from my desk I yawned and quickly trying to cover it with my hand. Letting my eyes get use to the light they had been depraved of I scanned the room for the second time of the day to see that the midget was in school looking rather exhausted. Remembering today that after the couple therapy I had to walk her home I frowned.

Class ended so that meant it was time for therapy I quickly made an excuse to Tomochin and Tomomi about why I couldn't walk home with them and left to go to therapy.

When I got there the midget was sat down in the chair she sat in yesterday her head in her hands. "Maeda-san please sit down and I forgot to mention this yesterday but you will be walking home with each other everyday taking it in turns." Said GD not wanting to argue I just stayed silent and sat down. "Okay so today I want the two of you to say one of your secrets don't worry this is confidential so whatever you say wont leave this room." GD said leaning back in his chair. "She apparently already knows one of my secrets." I said glaring at Takahashi who looked like she was staring into space. "Is that true Takahashi-san?" Asked GD looking slightly shocked. Takahahsi didn't answer though it was as if her mind was else where. "Takahashi-san Takahashi-san." Repeated GD eventually getting the giants attention. "Huh what?" Said the midget snapping out of her daze. "I asked if its true if you knew one of Maeda-san secrets Takahashi-san."

"Erm no I don't I just made it up so that she would walk with me yesterday." She said. I cant believe that the midget tricked me! "Oh and just call me Minami or Takamina." she added then went back into a daze. What the hell is wrong with this girl today. "Oh okay Takamina will you please tell us one of your secrets?" Requested GD smiling. Taking a couple of minutes Takahahsi answered saying "I am a neat freak." you are kidding me right that is one of your secrets wait does that even class a secret I mean I always knew it. "Okay now Maeda-san."

"I hate spicy food." I said honestly since I am proud of myself since I Handled my situation with them yesterday pretty well. "Good start guys now I am sorry but this session has to be cut short my boyfriend wants me home since its our anneversiery." He said excited. I stood up from my seat and wished him a happy anniversary an told him to just call me Atsuko. He replied with a smile then pointed towards Takahashi who was sat in her seat once again in a daze. "Yah midget come back from muchkin land so that I can go home." I demanded yanking her up from her seat and leaving the room my hand still firmly around her slim wrist. "You can let go you know I can walk by myself you damn queen." Said Takahashi pulling her wrist from my grip.

"Well it doesn't seem like that since you cant even answer one question without having to be asked twice."

"Whatever I am not arguing with you."

Surprised by what she had said I stopped walking and watched her walk ahead. She doesn't want to argue .....

Clicking back into my senses I quickly went after her even if she didn't want to argue with me she was going to whether she liked it or not.

Catching up to her after a long time of walking quickly and shouting after her making me look like a fool since we are not out in public and God knows how far away from her house. "Yah I know we don't get along but you could have at least waited for me." I said hitting her with force in the arm as we walked. "Sorry." I stopped again in my tracks. Did she just say sorry? Takahashi Minami just said sorry. For the first time to me. Something has got to be wrong. Catching up to her again I tried everything to get her to speak calling her names tripping her up pushing her and pulling on her clothes but nothing worked. Its like she is lost in her own little world. By the time we got to her house only the word sorry was the last to spoken by Minami.

Watching her as she went inside her house I sighed.

Minami is the only person who gave me attention even if it was bad. Not even my friends give me the attention she does.

And now I don't even get that.

TBC <<<<>>>>

A/N: I love Kitahara Rie but I needed a bad person for this chap sorry to those who are her fan she was the one who came to mind anyway thank you for the comments the views and the thanks sorry that it took so long. I have exams so I wont be updating but everyone wish me luck! Also I got into the sixth form collage I wanted! I went to a Little Mix concert on friday and injured my knee and after wards I went to Mcdonalds and had to repeat my order twice because I lost my voice because of screaming and i cried when they sang wings!! Anyway love you all thanks for reading no replies because I'm busy =) Also does Anyone remember who I put as Atsuko's sister?
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Okay... Atsuko wish for attention that the argument she has with Minami is better than none

So desperate for attention, I think...

Well what kind of troubles are they going to cause next?

Poor Atsuko for being in her sister shadow

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you

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Yay you updated I like this chapter so make sure you update after your exams and good luck wish me luck too:p
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Poor atsuko..lack of attention
wonder what happened with minami..
Nice chap!
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It has been almost a year, aaandd..
Finally, u updated this.

 :welcome back author san.
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what happen to minami? :?
poor acchan .. they left her alone. :(
i wanna know more author san!! :doh:

(actually i run away from my assignment to read this. kinda frustrating since im searching for sources since morning till evening. the heck didnt find a clue. DAMN sir only give us paper of shit...
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BUT reading fiction reduce ma stress..
ganbatte author san... :fap
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kinda old story but i just managed to read, maybe i won't manage to read this if no newest update Lol
nice story  :twothumbs please continue
i hope that you can have time to update this story constantly  :D
thank you author-san ..
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Okay... Atsuko wish for attention that the argument she has with Minami is better than none

So desperate for attention, I think...

Well what kind of troubles are they going to cause next?

Poor Atsuko for being in her sister shadow

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you

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Then again I saw the last update, author-san, where forth arth thou! Please don't leave the fic hanging! :cry:
Will be waithing for it please! :bow: :D :)
I really wanna know what happens next! :(