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Title: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 9 (151027) + replies
Post by: Yuki88 on June 02, 2013, 06:41:01 AM
I was inspired to write this when I listened to Team K's song entitled Virgin Love (Yeah, I know, same as the fic title XD)
This is going to be fluff, imagine you're reading a shoujo manga.  :nervous
As for the pairing... Well, I just can't deny the little amount of Tomochin x Yukirin lately  :fap

I need to thank Max (AKBlasphemy) for proofreading this first episode.  :bow:

Anyway shall we just start it? 3 2 1...

Virgin Love
A TomoYuki fluff
( (

Episode 1 (Just scroll down)
Episode 2 (
Episode 3 (
Episode 4 (
Episode 5 (
Episode 6 (
Episode 7 (
Episode 8 (
Episode 9 (


Virgin Love

Episode 1

"Nee, Tomochin what should I do?"

I turn my head to the girl who sits behind my seat in class.

"What's wrong, Acchan?"

"I think Minami wants to move our relationship to the next stage but I'm nervous," says the black-haired girl, whose face turns into shade of pink when she talks. I'm pretty sure she's asking for some advice here.

"I-is this your first?" I ask her. She nods her head and hides her face from embarrassment.

"You just need to tell him to take things slow." I tell her what she has to do, though I'm not really sure what I'm actually saying.

"Ah, is that so... thanks for the advice, Tomochin! As expected from the well-experienced girl~" says the girl who now has a big smile on her face.

There it goes again, people saying I'm well-experienced in love (and sex too). I may look like someone who has a lot of experience but I'm really not! God, I'm still a virgin! It couldn’t be helped that I play along to the expectations though. Sigh.

"Oh? Is it another advice-seeker again?" Someone pokes my right arm and I turn to see my best friend holding in her laugh with all her might. Yes, this well-endowed girl here knows my secret of being a virgin and she often makes fun of me on that topic.

"Yeah, as usual, Tomo~mi, and don't laugh!" I pout at her large grin.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just that..... TOO FUNNY!" Sigh, I guess she can't hold her laugh for any longer. It's always like this, anyway, someone usually obtaining advice from me, followed by her who ends up making fun of me for it. I'm pretty much used to it already.

"You know, you should just look for a boyfriend and let him do THINGS to you so that you can experience for yourself what you've given as advice to so many other people around you." Tomo~mi teases me again. It's the same old topic.

"I don't want a boyfriend only to do THOSE! You know me, Tomo~mi." I roll my eyes at her idea.

"Hmm, maybe I'll introduce you to a nice handsome guy next time we go out together." She smirks and pinches my cheeks.

"Ouch, you don't need to pinch them!" I rub my pinched cheeks.

Our homeroom teacher enters the class soon thereafter and makes an announcement. Since she is being transferred to another school, our class will be getting a new homeroom teacher. Sigh, it was a good time with her anyway. Then she introduces the new teacher who makes an entrance.

"Good morning, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki. I will be your homeroom teacher and replacing Ms. Matsui here. It's a pleasure to meet you." The new teacher greets the class with a nervous smile. He looks pretty good actually--a prim image, neat clothing, and tidy short black hair. The girls in the class sound pretty excited about him as well it seems. Poor miss Matsui, so soon to be forgotten. The boys will surely miss her though, so it's okay for her.

"Sir, do you have girlfriend?" A girl from the class suddenly asks the new teacher a sensitive question. Ugh, teenagers nowadays.

"Ah, it's a bit embarrassing but I'm still single." He rubs the back of his hair while blushing. Aww, that's cute. Cue the girls roaring for attention.
Suddenly, I feel Tomo~mi tapping my shoulder and whisper, "Tomochin, what do you think of him?"

"He seems like a good guy, why?"

"Wanna try hooking up with him?"

To be honest, I thought she was joking about it, until I see her eyes looking quite serious with a faint smile on her face.

"Ehh, what are you talking about?! He's a teacher you know. TEACHER! And of all things, our homeroom teacher!" I whisper back. I'm getting kind of hysteric to be honest. I do have a bit of interest in him and I think I'm blushing hard at the moment so I hope Tomo~mi doesn't notice that.

"Well, as long as nobody knows the two of you are dating it should be totally fine." She smirks. Oh man, this girl. I can't believe that nobody realizes she's much more experienced than me when it comes to love (and sex, of course). Damn that innocent look.

"O-okay. Maybe I'll try. It would be a tough challenge though, especially with him already having so many fans on his first day as our teacher." I shrug.
Tomo~mi punches my right arm and says, "That's good spirit you have there." She laughs silently as I hear my name being called.

"Itano Tomomi-san? Ah, must be an absence.” I raise my hand, "Yes, I'm here."

He looks at me for a quite long time and I don't know why. I wonder if there's something wrong with my face. He looks kind of flustered but probably that's just me.

"Tomochin~" Aaaand Tomo~mi calls again.

"I think he has the hots for you. You have a chance Tomochin!" She grabs my hand while keeping a teasing grin on her face.

"Girl, seriously, we can do the talk later." I try to focus myself to the front of the class and find him taking small glances at me from time to time and blush nearly every time he does so. Damn, I guess  Tomo~mi's right but... ugh, dating a teacher? Sounds like a shoujo manga I read yesterday, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I guess I should just wait and see.


That's all for the 1st episode. Comments and critics are welcomed.  :thumbsup
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 1 (020513)
Post by: cisda83 on June 02, 2013, 06:54:05 AM

AH... Minami is a boy here... and he is with Atsuko... Yeah

Eh.. Tomochin is going to make Yuki fallen for her...

He is a teacher... I thought that was illegal...

Well what Kasai said was right... as long as no one knows it's fine...

What's going to happen next

Can't wait

Thank you for the interesting story

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Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 1 (020513)
Post by: bunny_rabbit on June 02, 2013, 07:00:55 AM
tomochin here reminds me with sakura kara no tegami...people see her as an 'expert' on relationship (and sex) and she go long with that image...

anyway,nice opening for TomoYuki...
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 1 (020513)
Post by: Elo on June 02, 2013, 09:41:43 AM
tomoyuki new but makes mee want to know more

awwww yuki is flustered because of tomochin

cant wait to kno wmore update ^^
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 1 (020513)
Post by: Dieyg48 on June 02, 2013, 10:10:07 AM
Ouuuu!! TomoYuki i see...This going to be interesting!!
 :) XD :yep:

~Yeah, me too bunny_rabbit-san...It's remind me of Sakura Kara No Tegami too!!~
 :wub: :w00t: :)

~The opening is interesting and yeah...Takamina is a guy here..huhu~Take Acchan to a whole new level!!!
 :drool: :D :heart:

~I'm rooting for them, and i'll be rooting for Tomochin too...Tomo~mi is naughty~~heheh
 :twisted: :inlove: :oops:

~Pls...Pls update soon!! Can't wait for the next chap here!!!
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Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 1 (020513)
Post by: RJay on June 02, 2013, 06:03:14 PM
Damn! A new pairing :lol: Never heard or seen of this kind of pairing before. :lol:

Wonder what going to happen next. Please update soon! XD
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 1 (020513)
Post by: Yuki88 on June 04, 2013, 11:38:05 AM
First of all, thank you for the warm comments  :love:

@cisda83: Haha, it is illegal relationship if they become official ofc, which is why I'll probably have to do some time skipping to make them official  :nervous

@bunny_rabbit & Diegy48: I won't deny that the fact Tomochin came up into my mind while working on this was because of her role in Sakura Kara no Tegami  :nervous  But then again, Tomochin does give that kind of vibe so I just go along with it  :grin:

@Elo & RJay: Hahaha, I'm challenging myself to do this because I was the one who wanted to see some cracked pairing  :P

And I'd also like to thank the silent readers  :bow:

I didn't expect people would actually like this sort of random pairing and I'm really glad to see the comments  XD

Anyway, Episode 2 nau. Again, thanks to Max (AKBlasphemy48) for the proofreading. This is a bit longer than the 1st episode and beware of the fluff. You have been warned... XD


Virgin Love

Episode 2

So... days has passed since Kashiwagi Yuki became our homeroom teacher and... honestly, no improvement on his side. He continues to steal glances at me from time to time when nobody notices. I really hope nobody notices because I feel actually flustered, like seriously. He's a really slow, shy guy, isn't he?

One day, Tomo~mi and I are having our tea-time in a cafe near the school when she suddenly spouts, "Maybe you should make your move, Tomochin. Be the aggressive one."

I spit the milk tea I was drinking when I hear that idea. "WHAT. NO." I reject the idea flatly. No way have I become the one who's chasing him.

"You and your tsundere side again," Tomo~mi shakes her head. "You've seen him being so overly passive despite of its so captain obvious that he likes you!" She almost shouted it out loud had she not realized where we were.

"But, but, but, I don't wanna be the one who's chasing! It's the guy who should be the chaser!" I pout, forming my infamous duck-lip.

"You know, you're so old-fashioned when it comes to love and I really wonder how you can give all those sophisticated love advices when you yourself have never even experienced it." She laughs at me. Sigh, my innocent-looking-yet-more-experienced best friend.

"It's all over the books and the internet, for God sake." I sigh.

"That's why now I'm telling you to put aside your old-fashioned female pride and go chase him!" She puts her hands on my shoulders in attempt to convince me on turning into the love chaser. Ugh.

"I can't believe this is happening to me." I tell her while feeling like digging a hole to hide myself. "Just having the thought of me being the chaser is already embarrassing, you know!" Damn I'm so flustered.

As if my fate is making fun of me, at the corner of my eyes I see the subject entering the cafe on his own. Oh God, WHY! I can totally sense Tomo~mi's smirk from here.

"See? Even God is giving you a push on the back to become the chaser." She smirks. I roll my eyes. Should I really give up my female pride and walk th..... AHH WHATEVER I'll give it a shot.

I pretend walking past his table and greet him with an awkward smile, "O-oh, Good afternoon, Mr. Kashiwagi. It's a surprise for me to meet you here. Spending time alone?" I think I'm being a bit way too aggressive here, I hope he won't run away from this. I look at him and.... God, I think he looks flushing red and I become more nervous.

"A-ah. Go-good afternoon, too, Itano-san," he stutters at his word. That's cute, actually, I would have squealed had I not been so nervous. He then continues, "Yes, I like coming to this cafe after work. It's refreshing." And then he smiles. Oh God he looks so cute and I hope I'm not blushing.

"Itano-san? Are you okay? Your face seems a bit...... reddish," he says with worried face. That confirms my worry of blushing myself hard.

"I, I, I-m totally okay, just this place a bit hot hahaha," damn I must have sounded awkwardly stupid.

"I-if you don't feel well I can accompany you on your way home," he adds, still sounding worried. I wonder if that's just him being a responsible teacher or a guy worrying over his crush.

I glance over Tomo~mi and see her giving an okay signal. Sigh, guess I have to go on with this.

"O-okay. Let me take my things first."

I walk in rush to my table and pack my bag. Tomo~mi gives me a silent 'good luck, babe' before I leave her to walk to his table.

"So... we can go now." I tell him but it seems he saw Tomo~mi as he asks, "What about your friend sitting there.... umm, Kasai-san?"

"A-ah, she still has things to do." I just made up an excuse there.

"I see. That can't be helped. Let's go, then." He smiles as we leave the cafe. Then he asks me where I live.

"It's just few blocks from here. My house is pretty close to the school, actually." I answer. He looks a bit surprised.

"Eh, my apartment is very close to your house, then. What a coincidence!" He says, now looking a bit more cheerful and less awkward.

"Really? I was thinking if it was troublesome for you to walk me home..."

"No, really." He keeps smiling. And then he mutters, almost like he is talking to himself, "Even if you live far from here I'll still walk you home."

"Hmm? Did you say something, Mr. Kashiwagi?" I pretend not hearing his self-talk but I know my face were hot and red due to excessive blushing at the moment.
He seems a bit flustered and shakes his head. "No, nothing," he says. "A-anyway, Itano-san, you can just call me Yuki outside the school," he smiles shyly.

"A-ah, is it really okay?" I want to confirm. It sounds like a surprisingly quick advance on him, you know.

"Y-yes, please call me Yuki outside the school." He sounds a bit more firm this time.

"O-okay, then you can call me Tomo..... Yuki-san," I reply to his advance. He only replies to me with a short, "okay... Tomo," then he goes blushing as well. Oh My God, I actually did this all. I hope we won't combust from all the blushing we had this afternoon.

We have an awkward silence after that sudden advance. Soon, we reach my home. Finally.

"So here's my house. Thank you for walking me home," I smile at him. "Would you like to visit my house?" I add, just for some kind of courtesy actually.

"N-no, it's okay. Maybe next time," he replies with faint smile on his face.

"I see.... S-see you tomorrow at the class... Yuki-san." Oh goddammit I still feel really awkward calling him with his nickname.

"S-see you tomorrow, too, Tomo." He smiles again as he turns his back and left.

That's it, I'm running up the stairs to my room and squealing all the way--not realizing a certain well-endowed brunette has been waiting for me ever since.

"How was it?" She says and hearing Tomo~mi's voice makes me jumped from the shock. I turn around and see her wearing a huge grin on her face.

"Wait, how the fuck you arrive earlier than me?!" I'm quite confused.

"Oh, you two were so absorbed in your own world that neither of you realized I walked past you not long after you walked out of the cafe." She chuckles then continues. "Now tell me what happened."

Damn, can I just run away from her?! I know I can't. Sigh.


Tomo~mi hugs me after I've done telling her the story. "Awwwwwww that was so cute of you two. I'd like to barf rainbow if possible."

See? This damn best friend of mine starts teasing me again.

"That was a good start, Tomochin," she shakes my shoulder with a huge smile on her face.

"It was BUT I DUNNO HOW TO FACE HIM TOMORROW," I cover my face from embarrassment.

"Nah, just act like usual, maybe you can give him a smile every time he glances over you from now on," she pulls a tongue-in-cheek face.

I roll my eyes. "You little devil. That's way too embarrassing, girl."

"No, really, you should do that. That gives him the signal." She suddenly sounds more serious.

"Oh? You sure?" I raise my eyebrows. She chuckles on my reaction.

"Yeah, and I'm sure you've given this advice to anyone before," she smirks as she continues, "Why don't you try it for yourself this time?"

"I'll give it a thought." As much as I wanna give it a try, seeing her putting on that smug face makes me want to do it otherwise but... hmm, maybe I should try it tomorrow.

"Anyway, I should go home before my mom comes and drags me back home, haha." Tomo~mi raises herself from the bed and prepares to leave.

"Yeah, even though you live next door," I laugh. Tomo~mi's mom is a bit over-protective toward her daughter sometimes but she's a caring mother.

"Yosh, okay. See you tomorrow."

Aaand she left. Here I am alone at home. My parents are having their second honeymoon at Hawaii and not coming back until next week. Sweet lovey-dovey couples aren’t they.

"Oh well, shall just eat instant noodles again then bath and sleep." I thought.

I look at the mirror and smiles. "I can't wait until tomorrow comes."


Comments and Critics are Welcomed  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 2 (040513) + replies
Post by: Dieyg48 on June 04, 2013, 12:00:43 PM
Ahhhhh!!! Yuki88-san!!! Your story is so different than the other!!~
 :twothumbs :thumbsup :lol:

~well anyway, guhuhuhuhu~ Yay!! Tomchin has began her first move to Yuki-kun!!!~
 :twisted: :wub: XD

~Wahaha!! LOL where tomo~mi said -"See? Even God is giving you a push on the back to become the chaser."-
 :lol: :P :w00t:

~And huuuu...Tomochin's parent is going to Hawaii which mean....A CHANCE!!! *nosebleed*
 :heart: :banghead: :drool:

~Arghhh!! Yuki-kun!! You're suit with Tomochin!!! Thanks to Tomo~mi's help..uhuhu
 :yep: :P :oops:

~I'll be waiting for the next update!!! Love your fanfics!!!!
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Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 2 (040513) + replies
Post by: Elo on June 04, 2013, 12:07:48 PM
Awwww so cute

so they like each other I hope no one comes between them

cant wait to know more ^^
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 2 (040513) + replies
Post by: bunny_rabbit on June 04, 2013, 12:12:02 PM
yay update yay :onioncheer:

shy tomochin is cute...I love to see this diferent side of her...

if in the end of the chapter Tomochin said that she can't wait until tomorrow comes then I will say "I can't wait until the next chapter comes." :on lol:

ps: I do like the unique and unusual pairing
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 2 (040513) + replies
Post by: cisda83 on June 04, 2013, 12:38:32 PM
I don't think it's wrong for girls asking to be chased by boys... same can be said for boys... they also want to be chased around...

It would just proof that they really like them or they are attractive... Whoever would want to chase someone that's attractive...

Good for the pride huh?!  8)

The mood between Tomo and Yuki was very good.... they seem to have good impression to one another...

Kasai... was happy with the development.

Can't wait to see how the relationship between Tomo and Yuki going to develop...

Thank you for the update

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Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 2 (040513) + replies
Post by: RJay on June 04, 2013, 03:59:11 PM
Well, you're the first to make a pairing like this. Hehehe :lol:

And you're right it's fluffy but cute and sweet somehow.

I want to know what's going to happen next. Please update soon! XD
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 2 (040513) + replies
Post by: Yuki88 on June 06, 2013, 07:42:47 PM
Sorry for the lateness. I was stucked at my dorm without internet (running out of WiFi quota here haha  :nervous )

Thanks for the comments!!! And here I thought everyone would die from diabetes because of the amount of sweetness  :nervous  :bow:

@Diegy48: NOOO, I'm not going to venture into lemonade things. Not only because Tomochin's age factor in this fic, but also because I just can't  :panic:

@Elo: Hehe, yeah they like each other. I wonder about someone coming between them, though. I have several ideas which I've yet to write about that  :P

@bunny_rabbit: thanks for liking this random cracked pairing XD Tomochin IS this cute, you know. She's so shy behind that cool face of her  :fap

@cisda83: traditionally it's the guys that chase girls around, and Tomochin here is a girl with rather orthodox way of thinkin.g  :roll:  Doesn't help that Yuki is rather shy guy too  :nervous

@RJay: Hehe  XD  Thanks a lot, really.

Anyway, here's episode 3 and thanks to Max (AKBlasphemy48) and Deukie (LoyalFlutist) for the proofreading.  :bow:

I hope it won't get cheesier within each episode.  :panic:

Virgin Love

Episode 3

"Tomochin~ wake up~"

I feel somebody shaking my body really hard, ugh. "5 more minutes..." And I go back to my slumber.

This person doesn't give up and shakes harder. "Tomochin, wake up! We're going to be late!" Sigh. I have no choice. I got up from my bed and prepared myself for school while the person waking me up waits for me.

"I wanna sleep again," I grumbled within my tooth-brushing session.

"What, you don't wanna meet Mr. Kashiwagi...or should I say, YUKI-san?" She emphasizes on 'Yuki' part. Oh man, so early in the morning and I have to face the teasing already. Damn best friend.

"Tomo~mi, you said we're getting late so please stop with that for a moment, I need to hurry." I tell her while wearing my uniform. Sigh. I prepare my bag and walk out the house with her.

Just in case anyone asks, my parents left a key for Tomo~mi to wake me up every single morning during their second honeymoon. Not that Tomo~mi herself is an early bird though, so I rolled my eyes at them when they decided to do that.

We walk in hurry to the school when I hear someone calling my name.

"Tomochin~!!" Ah, that sounds like Acchan. Bringing result, I wonder.

She's running toward me, looking really happy. "Thanks a lot for your advice, Tomochin. I have a great n-..time with Minami yesterday!" She blushes.

"D-don't mention it," I tell her, feeling rather awkward. I can hear the girl beside me holding her laugh in again.

"Anyway thanks a lot. See you in class, Tomochin!" And she runs to the school gate which we soon pass as well. I look at the girl beside me to find her smirking.

"So, Itano-san, will you 'take things slowly' with Mr. Kashiwagi?" She pokes me on my arm.

"Seriously girl, give me a break." Sigh. This girl.

And my fate must be an S who likes to torture me as I see the certain person walks pass by and greets me.

"Good morning, T... Itano-san." And he smiles. I feel like flying into the sky but I can't so...

"Good morning, Mr. Kashiwagi," I reply to him, trying to sound as polite as usual. What? He's still my homeroom teacher you know.

"How are you today? Feel better?" Oh, he's still worried. I'm flustered.

"Y-yes, thank you for the company yesterday, sir." Damn, I'm stuttering on my words.

"It's been my pleasure," he says, smiling sweetly. God, what should I do?! And the bell suddenly rings. Time’s up. Thank God.

"A-ah, it seems that I have to hurry, Mr. Kashiwagi. See you in class." Then I run to class. I see Tomo~mi has been sitting on her seat. I go to my desk and place my bag on the hanger. Soon, my new homeroom teacher makes his entrance.

"Good morning, class!" Oh, he's in good spirit today.

"Good morning, Mr. Kashiwagi~" everyone in the class greet him back.

"So I'm going to check the absences for today." As he continues with his morning duty, I prepare my notebook on the table. And then it reaches my name.

"Itano Tomomi-san," he calls.

"Yes, here." I take a look at him and give him a smile. Tomo~mi must be proud of me after this. He looks surprised but smiles back at me. Then he continues to take the attendance.

"Good job, Tomochin~" she praises me. See? My neighbor is fast.

"It's just a smile, Tomo~mi, anyone can do it." I roll my eyes.

"At least now he'll think of you even more," she winks. This damn little devil.

"Whatever. We'll see." I feign ignorance despite of my curiosity on how well this will work.

"Everyone, since this is my first time being a homeroom teacher, I'd like to know more about you." He announces it and somehow I feel his eyes looking at me when he said 'you'. Then he continues, "Please write an essay on the topic 'Real Me'. You can spill all the beans out if you want."

The class murmurs to his idea, but does what he asked anyway. Meanwhile I hesitate on what I should write. 'Real Me', he said. Should I write on how people misunderstand me of being someone who's experienced in love? That, in fact, I am actually seeking for my first love experience (which is him)? I turn to my right side, looking for some help from Tomo~mi.

"Tomo~mi, what should I do?" I'm confused.

Tomo~mi pats my shoulder, "Just do what he wants. Write the real you," and she smiles while giving me a wink.

"Real me... Huh?" I speak to myself. Oh well, I shall write a bit of the rather embarrassing truth down.

At the moment, he is going around the class, checking on our works. When he passes by my desk, he stops and takes a peek at the paper I'm writing on. I didn't realize he was standing beside me so when I do...I try to hide the paper from his sight.

"You can read it later, sir. Privately." I pout at him.

He laughs and tells me to help him bring the papers to teachers' room when everyone's done. That took me by surprise and I think my cheeks turned a bit reddish as I tell him that I will help him. Ugh, I can feel it already. Tomo~mi will surely tease me after this.

"Everyone please submit your paper to Itano-san when you're done with it." He announces it to the class as the bell ringing. "Itano-san, I'll be waiting at the teachers' office," he says as he smiles to me, so I smile back.

"Okay, sir." I confirm briefly. Then he leaves the class.

"Everyone hurry up and finish the essay so we can have longer break time," I shout. Luckily, the class seems to pay attention and actually submit their essays almost as soon as I told them to.

“Aren’t you a bit rushed?” I hear a girl speaks out. I almost snap out before I realize that’s just Tomo~mi teasing me. Geez.

I roll my eyes, “Yea, I am, as if you don’t know why.” I think I sound more sarcastic than I intended to be.

“You must be lacking of calcium today,” she laughs. “Drink some milk, ducky, that will help you in MANY ways.” she says so while discreetly looking at my breast.

“Screw you. I’m fine with how they are now.” I shrug her off. “Either way, it seems everyone has submitted their papers so I shall leave now.” I smirk at her.

“Yea, yea, yea, go ahead.” She rolls her eyes. Role reversal, huh? “Oh, and I’ll buy you milk.” She grins as she goes on with that ‘help offer’. Sigh. I just can’t win against her either way.

I hurriedly go to the teachers’ room bringing my classmates' essays to Yu... I mean Mr. Kashiwagi. When I arrive, I see him talking with his fellow teachers, Miss Kojima the math teacher and Miss Akimoto the P. E. teacher. I decide to wait a while and observe the three of them.

"So, Kashiwagi, how was your class today?" Miss Akimoto asks him.

"It was great. I want to know more about them so I asked them to write essay on the topic of themselves." He smiles when saying the reply.

"That's nice idea, Yuki-kun." Miss Kojima praises him. "Makes me kind of curious on what they wrote... But, wait, I don't see the papers." She looks confused.

"Ah, I asked one of my students to deliver it, she'll proba.... ah there she is!" He exclaims as he sees me standing at the door.

"Excuse me..." I politely walk to his desk to submit the papers.

"Thank you very much, Itano-san. Now I can read them all, hehe." He looks happy. Hmm, he definitely should not read mine in public and I want to remind him about that but how to do it with Miss Kojima and Miss Akimoto standing here.

"Umm, Mr. Kashiwagi, I think you should read them when you're alone. Who knows if they wrote something really PRIVATE and don't want other people to find out about it." Yeah, I hope that sounds polite enough. Somehow I can hear Miss Kojima giggling and whispering something to Miss Akimoto which makes her giggles as well.

"Now that you mention it, yeah, who knows if there's anything talking about Miss Kojima and Miss Akimoto among these papers? Surely wouldn't wanna tell them," he laughs.

"Are you sure, Yuki-kun? There might be something about you, too," Miss Kojima chuckles and teases Mr. Kashiwagi. He suddenly stops laughing and blushes at the thought... and I think he stole a glance on me just now. Damn, I should keep my poker face in front of Miss Kojima, never thought this seemingly airhead teacher is that sharp.... oh wait, she's math teacher after all so she must be smart ass.

"A-ah, yeah, that's true." he rubs the back of his head, again, from embarrassment. That's so cute, ugh, makes it harder for me to hold my poker face because I really want to smile at him right now.

"Anyway, I shall make my leave before I run out of break time," I excuse myself--trying to escape, actually.

"S-sure, see you, Itano-san. Again, thank you for the help." He said. And I leave as he is being teased by Miss Kojima and Miss Akimoto.
I walk fast and reach my class to see a box of milk on my desk and Tomo~mi waiting for me at her seat. She grins at me. This girl. Sigh.

"I've bought you your milk," she winks. I roll my eyes. Oh well, sigh.

"Thanks." I thank her anyway. Need to appreciate her goodness.

"It's been my pleasure," she sounds happy. Hmm?

"Oh, you sound happier than earlier. What's up?"

She grins even wider. "Do you know Masuda-kun?" She asks.

"Masuda..... ah, the basketball club ace. What's with him?"

"He asked me for a date. This afternoon." Now she looks dreamy.

"Heh~ this afternoon? So it means I'll have to go home alone, huh?" I chuckle.

"Yeah, so sorry Tomochin. He doesn't usually ask girls for a date so I have to use this rare chance," she apologizes.

"Nah, it's okay. Really, I have to shop for food anyway." I pat her head.

She pouts. "Mou, I'm not a kid anymore."

"But you're so cute like that! No wonder that Masuda asked you for a date." I tease her. Rare chance, yeah.

"Well, of course." She giggles. "Anyway, how was your little walk to the teachers' office? She smirks. Bah, she turns the tide so fast.

"Nah, nothing interesting." I shrug her question off. Besides, nothing was really interesting anyway. Except maybe...

"Oh, right. I have a feeling Miss Kojima knows about Mr. Kashiwagi's crush... on me. And mine too." I whisper the last parts, not wanting the whole class to know about it.

"Oho~" Tomo~mi seems amused.

"The thing is she probably told Miss Akimoto about it. I remember leaving the office with them teasing Mr. Kashiwagi."

"That's interesting. That airhead math teacher, of all people." she giggles. She then tells me not to worry too much about Miss Kojima. "Who knows if she'll end up helping you getting close to Mr. Kashiwagi one day?" She adds while smiling.

I roll my eyes at her thought. "As if that will happen."

And soon the bell rings, signaling that break time is over.


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so yuki do get the message...and using 'want to know about his students' as an excuse huh :hehehe:

add maritroll on the teasing party will force yuki to dig a hole and burry himself in :on lol:

loved how chiyuu teased tomochin about her assets...but don't worry tomochin,yours are still bigger than a certain hetate wota :on lol:
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I have two thoughts when I was reading this

1. Tomochin be more aggressive towards Tomo

2. Yuki-kun might have a gf by no consequence before they actually get together

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The interaction between Yuki and Itano was so cute and sweet...

Yuki was so shy... and Itano was quite panic but braver than Yuki...

Itano wrote a love letter.... so cute

Ah... Yuki was getting teased by Akimoto and Kojima....

Eh... Kasai was going to get a date with Masuda-kun...

Getting interesting

Can't wait to see what Yuki going to do about the letter?

Thank you for the update

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Auuuu~~Why is Yuki-kun's reaction toward that smile is so kawaii~~
 :inlove: :wub: :heart:

~Mann...Seriously, i love Tomo~mi in here...She's fast!!!~
 :twisted: XD 8)

~The airheaded teacher and the P.E teacher is teasing Yuki-kun!!~
 :twothumbs XD :)

~Kyaaa~~~I can't wait for Tomochin and Yuki-kun's moment!~!~!~!~
 :w00t: :banghead: :wub:

~So...PLS UPDATE THE NEXT ONE ASAP!!! I'll wait anyway..nice update~~~
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By Masuda.... Do you mean Masuda Yuka? :?
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First of all, I'd like to apologize for the long delay before posting the 4th episode. TBH, I'm not in the right mood throughout this semester to write this kind of fluffy love story.  :banghead:  Episode 5 will be delayed even longer, perhaps until my holiday comes  :panic:

Anyway, I added poll (2 weeks time limit) to help me decide what I should do with episode 5. Inputs are exactly welcomes.  :welcome

Also, huge thanks to everyone who has read and commented AND WAITED FOR THIS UPDATE!!  :bow: :bow:

@bunny_rabbit: Haha, maybe next time for Maritroll  :P  as for Tomochin's assets.... yeah, I agree with you.  :grin:

@kurosawa87: WUT, you read my mind with #1 LOL  :panic:  #2 is... hmm, please do with the poll XD

@cisda83: well Tomochin didn't exactly write about her crush to Yuki so... we shall see :P

@Diegy48: Hehehe, I hope you will love this episode, then.   XD

@stv_wong: YEP. IT'S MY SHAMELESS KAMIOSHI PLUG HAHAHA. *is shot* Yuka is a guy here, though, and I took her character from an old fic profiling draft  :nervous

And excuse me for this editing of ikemen Mr. Kashiwagi image
I edited it myself and.... Isn't he so good looking?  :fap  *is whacked*

For Tomochin's image, I use this one:

*Ahem* Anyway, I talked too much (yes you do). *is whacked* My gratitude for Deukie a.k.a LoyalFlutist for proofreading this episode.

*warning* diabetics level of sweetness ahead. douzo!  8)


Virgin Love

Episode 4

"Jaa, I shall leave first. See you tomorrow, Tomochin. Wish me luck!"

Tomo~mi hugs me before she leaves, joining the guy who stands near the school gate, waiting for her. Must be Masuda-kun. Now that I think of it, I see why Tomo~mi is so eager on dating him. Good-looking gentle guy and of course, he’s the ace of basketball club. I can see other girls looking at them with envy in their expression.

"See you, and good luck." I shout at Tomo~mi. She turns her back and smiles, then continues her date.

I look at her walking away and decide to leave too since I need to buy some materials for my dinner.....and hopefully tomorrow's bento.

After I've done with the grocery shopping, I walk home, only to see a certain someone walking with a bag of papers.

"Yuki-san!" I call him and he turns his back, looking for the source of the voice.

"Ah, Itano-san!" He seems surprised. "Back from shopping, it seems?"

"Yes, can't keep on eating instant ramen forever." I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs.

"Yeah, you shouldn't. It's not good for your health either Itano-san."

"I know, right!" I reply, but then I realize...

"Wait. Yuki-san, didn't I tell you to call me Tomo outside school?" I pout.

He stops walking, looking at me, then starts walking again.

"A-ah, you did." And he stuttered at his words. "O-okay, Tomo." He smiles shyly. HE'S SO DAMN CUTE LIKE THIS, OH GOD I HOPE I WON'T BLUSH.....wait, this feels like a deja vu.

"T-Tomo, are you okay? Your face looks.....reddish." He taps on my shoulder, looking confused and worried and that snaps me back to reality.

"A-a-ah, I'm okay. Totally okay." See, I wasn't kidding when I said it felt like deja vu.

He sighs. "You should take care of yourself more, and eat well." And he pats my head. Okay, that's my weak point, the head patting. I think my legs have gone jelly and my face is totally flushing red.

"Ehhh, Tomo, you're totally not okay!!!" He is shocked when he sees me going down and sitting on the street. I wanna feel sorry when I see his panicked face but I can't. Hell, he's the one who caused it!

"Tomo, can you walk?" He looks extremely worried now so I try to stand but I can't. Damn legs.

He crouches and looks at me, looking troubled as if he has something on his mind.

"Yuki-san?" I feel embarrassed when he looks at me like that, seriously.

"Hmph. Okay. O-o-okay...." He takes a deep breath. He seems nervous.

"Y-yes?" He makes me feel nervous, too.

"S-since you're still unable to walk home..." he smiles nervously. “I will carry you home." And he shows me his back.

"A......a piggyback ride?" I ask. And he nods. My goodness, what kind of development is this.

He turns his head to look at me. "So... please make yourself comfortable," he said as he smiles.

"O-okay." I nervously get on his back, trying to position myself well so I won't fall.

"Ah." He gasps when I hug him from behind. Can't help, you know, for safety reason. I don’t wanna fall on my back. It does make me blushed even more, though. Isn’t this a bit too intimate?

“Are you seated properly?” He asks nervously.

“Y-yes, ready for departure sir!” I crack a joke. What, I’m nervous, too!

“O-okay... I’ll stand and walk now, okay?” He carefully rises to walk.

"Okay..." I see the back of his ears flushing entirely red. Seriously. He must be extremely nervous.

We have another walk in awkward silence. To be honest, I can feel my heart beats so fast and with this kind of closeness I'm even more nervous, knowing that he might be able to feel my heartbeat on his back. I lay my head on his shoulder. It feels so embarrassing, yet so comfortable.

"Aren't you tired, Yuki-san?" I try to break the awkwardness.

He laughs. "Nope. Anything for you, missy."

"You treat me like a child, don't you?"  I pout.

He laughs even more. "Of course not! I just..." He stops in the middle of his words, as if something troubles him.

"You just?" I try to 'fish' the words out.

He shakes his head. "Nevermind."

"Tell me?" I poke his cheek... okay I think I've crossed the line a bit there. He looks to the side, staring at my face and thinking for a long time. I feel nervous as I can feel his breath due to our closeness so I try to look forward, pretending I'm not eyeing him. And that's when I realize we're getting really close to my home.

"Errmm, Yuki-san, I think I can walk by myself now." I snap him back to reality by the words, it seems.

"A-ah, are you sure?" He slows down before he stops.

"Yeah, besides, that's my home." I giggle and leave his comfortable back to stand on my own. Good, I can stand properly.

"Oh, you're right." He straightens his body, ugh, I feel really sorry for him.

"Thanks for carrying me all the way, Yuki-san. I'm really sorry. I must have made you exhausted from my heavy weight." I bow down.

"No no no, you're not heavy at all! Really, it's been my pleasure to help you." He waves his hand in a panic.

"Would you like to join the dinner at my home tonight? I'll cook." I offer him my gratitude. He blushes at the idea almost the moment I tell him.

"No no no, I don't think that's a good idea," he immediately rejects. Hmmph, I must force him a bit.

"But I insist," I say as I grab his hand and drag him toward my home. He still tries to resist but somehow I manage to drag him to the front door. I open it and tell him to enter.

"Please come in, Yuki-san."

He hesitates so I pull him inside. I start to regret my own  idea, honestly. Way too aggressive for my personal preference. Sigh. Oh well, I'm in too deep.

I guide him to the living room and tell him to wait as I leave to prepare the dinner. After I enter the kitchen, I check my shopping bag to check on the ingredients.

"Hmm, eggs, sausages and bacons."

I check the refrigerator, only to have frozen french fries. Nothing special, huh. Damn, I'm so unprepared. I guess I have to feed him junk food.

I cook the ingredients I have and serve it on the table. He is still waiting at the living room so I go to call him, only to see a certain neighbor sitting across him with a huuuge smirk on her face when she sees me. Sigh.

"Tomochin, my mom asked me to invite you for a dinner..." she pauses, eyeing Yuki-san before she continues with tongue in cheek, " but I guess I should tell her you can't today."

I roll my eyes. I wish it came sooner so I don't have to feed him those junk food.

"You can just deliver the food here."

Tomo~mi chuckles. "Maybe later. Just enjoy your time now." She winks. I swear that she's going to tease me so much when she visits after Yuki-san goes home.

After Tomo~mi walked out the door, I turn to Yuki-san to bring him to the dining room, where the junk food I prepared is ready. He still seems awkward, and I think Tomo~mi's sudden visit has increased the awkwardness.

"So Kasai-san lives next door, huh..." he asks.

I laugh. "Yeah, we have been next-door neighbors since I don't even know when."

"By the way, Tomo, I haven't seen your parents...."

"Oh, they're having their second honeymoon, leaving their single daughter home alone." I roll my eyes.

"Ah... I... see...."

Oops, I think I've just increased his nervousness into a whole new level by revealing the fact that there's only the two of us in this house. Not that I will do anything to him, like seriously.

"Anyway, Yuki-san, here is your dinner. I apologize that I couldn't prepare anything special." I bow to him sincerely.

"A-ah, no, really, I appreciate this so much!" Again, he waves his hand panickedly so I giggle.

"Let's just start eating, Yuki-san. I don't want you to leave too late in the night." I smile at him.

He blushes from the subtle care I showed him. I didn't have any intention when I said that, honestly, but now that I think of it... yeah.

"S-sure." He replies and starts eating the junk food I feed him.

We eat our dinner in silence. Nobody does the talk since both of us are pretty nervous about the situation. When we finish, I stand up to take care of the dirty dishes. I am taking his plate when he stops me.

"I, I'll help you with the dishes," he offers.

I'm surprised and my heart beats even faster now, I hope it won't be exploded.

"But you're my guest and I should serve you as a form of my gratitude." I try to give him a reasonable excuse. Not going to lie here, but I am still a normal girl and he's still a normal man (I assume) so ANYTHING can happen. As in ANYTHING. You know what I mean.

He looks somewhat disappointed, yet relieved at the same time. I wonder if he has same thought as me. I smile at him as I walk away to wash the dishes. Another moment of silence engulfs us before he finally breaks it.

"I'll wait at the living room," he says as he takes his leave.


It doesn't take me long to finish the chore so I immediately follow him to the living room, where he waits patiently.

"Sorry for the wait, Yuki-san."

He shakes his head as he rises from the sofa. "No, no problem at all." He smiles.

I walk him to the door. "I'm really sorry that I only have those to eat this time."

"Thank you for the dinner. It was simply delicious." He tries to assure me. That's very kind of him. I giggle.

"W-well, then, I should leave now."

"Y-yeah, you should. It's getting late."

I accompany him to the gate. Then an idea passes my mind.

"You definitely should come for dinner next time. I'll cook better food for you." There, I threw the bait. Will he bite it?

He seems a bit taken aback by my sudden invitation for a 'dinner next time' and seems really flustered. He gives a thought on it and replies with a shy smile.

"Sure. And..." He pauses for a while. "In exchange for the meals, if you have any difficulties with the study, I will help you in my free time."

Wow, not only he took the bait, he also gave a counter-attack. I... I think my heart can't take it anymore.

"O-okay." I blush. I think this is a good chance to...

"M-m-may I have your phone number? If that's okay with you..." I ask him with quiet voice. This is beyond embarrassing, really.

"E-eh?" He's a bit shocked by my question but recovers fast. "S-sure." He gives me his number, and of course, I give him mine. Amazing. This has suddenly escalated to new level. I'm all squealing inside.

After the phone number exchange, Yuki-san excuses himself and leaves with a huge smile on his face. I decide to pay a visit to my dear neighbor instead of waiting for her to come. Plenty of stories to tell!


"Girl, I'm so proud of you. You finally dare letting a guy enter your home. On top of that, there were only the two of you at home."

Tomo~mi holds my shoulder while pretending to wipe tears from her eyes. Crocodile tears, meh. Tomo~mi and her never-ending teasing.

"It's not like we did anything in particular." I roll my eyes.

She chuckles. "Said someone who cooked junk food for her crush yet still got to exchange phone number with him."

Sigh. I better try changing the topic.

"Anyway, how was your date with Masuda-kun?"

"It was... okay." Tomo~mi pouts. Oh? She seems unsatisfied there.

"Hmm? You don't sound excited. What happened?" Curious, I am.

"He had to leave earlier," she said.

"I thought he had no basketball practice today, didn't he?" I asked.

"His part-time boss called, saying one of the part-timers were sick and he had to sub her position." Tomo~mi sighs.

I pat Tomo~mi's head. "I see. That's so unfortunate."

"Nah, there's still next time. He apologized so much before leaving."

"Good for you." I smile.

"Not better than you, though." Tomo~mi laughs. Damn, she recovers way too fast.

"You mean?" I put up innocent face.

She rolls her eyes. "Girl, Yuki-san let you piggyback-ride him! To think that he's such a shy guy... that's very courageous of him!"

"Surely." I shrug.

Tomo~mi looks at me with disbelief. "I'm not sure if you're trying to joke around or you're hiding your embarrassment by playing innocent."

Ugh, she hits the bullseye. I'm pretty sure the redness of my face is unmeasurable now because Tomo~mi actually grins at the change in my facial expression. No, wait, she's laughing at me now. Damn best friend.

"Stop laughing! Mou, I'm leaving!" I pout as I stand up and leave her bed.

"You know, you really should see your own face now. It's like tomato!" said Tomo~mi as she giggles.

"Don't want. And don't need." I tell her off. I don't need her to tell me how red my face has become.

Tomo~mi pats my shoulders. "Yuki-san is so lucky to get such a pure virgin like you."

I roll my eyes. "Girl, we haven't even on dating stage yet."

"Well, at least you're progressing well." Tomo~mi assures me.

I can only smile back at her. No matter how much teasing she has done to me, she's still a very supportive best friend.


I look at my watch. "Anyway I really should go home. It's getting late and I haven't had my evening bath."

"Okay." Tomo~mi sends me off, then cheekily adds, "I'd rather you don't take a bath. You wouldn't want Yuki-san's scent to leave your body, would you," and she grins really wide.

I feel my cheeks getting the heat again hearing her words--remembering the comfortable warmth I felt on Yuki-san's back.



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This is extremely funny.  Although Chiyuu is hinting jealousy XD
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wake up and saw an update on this fic brighten my cloudy morning...I hope it wont rain again...

anyway,glad to see the progress on their sweet :luvluv1:
with tomochin cooking dinner for two and ate it in a silent and nervous atmosphere made them looks like a newly wed :on lol:

for the poll...since you said you had trouble to write something fluffy why don't go nuts...give them love rival :kekeke:
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Kyaaaa~~~Piggyback...Yuki-kun piggyback Tomochin~~
 :w00t: :wub: :inlove:

~Haaa...At last...They've exchange number phone~~Yaa...Isn't that good~~
 :thumbsup :heart: :yep:

~Auuu...Tomo~mi can't have a fun date with Masuda-kun~~
 :cry: :( :smhid

~Eheheh....anyway~~I really can't wait for what'll happen next!~!~!~!~
 :twisted: :twothumbs :lol:

~So pls update soon~~ Can't wait for it~~ Nice one..~..~..~
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OMG.... Yuki looked very great there... very handsome... actually suit the body... How did you do that... so GOOD  :heart:

And Tomochin as always look so beautiful...

Ah... TomoYuki situation developing... nicely....

Piggy ride-back, coming to Tomo house while parents not around, and Tomo cooked dinner for Yuki...

Great... Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

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I found this story really funny too! Definitely one of the more lighthearted stories I've read.

Even though I don't usually read any Tomochin nor Yukirin stories, will be sure to follow this one!
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Yaaaahh, hi there everyone. Here's your snail writer Yuki  :panic:

I'm currently facing writer's block (most probably due to uni stress etc which weirdly I don't think I'm thinking off) so I apologize that the update will be.... *ehem* very late. *is shot*  :bow:

Anyway, I appreciate anyone who has voted for the poll. Just a bit of spoiler from Episode 5 which I have started (just a very short idea, though)

"Tomochin-san, do you think I have a chance with Mr. Kashiwagi?"


"What am I doing here?"

I have also updated the first post with an index to make it easier for newer readers  :D
And ofc, I added a self-made banner............. I know I suck though  :nervous

Anyway, thanks for those who have commented and even those who silently read this fic. You are my support  :twothumbs

@kurosawa87: Chiyuu is jealous because she didn't get to have much fun with Masuda-kun :P

@bunny_rabbit: Hehe, I'm glad it brightened your cloudy day :D  and... EH HAHAHA NEWLY-WED TOMOYUKI, yeah now that you mentioned it XD  and yessss, I'm giving them rival. I'll do it one by one, though, since I'm not all too good with too much character  :nervous

@Dieyg48: Fufu, did it make your heart goes dokidoki?  :P

@cisda83: Just some sort of luck there to find a body that actually fit the face haha. The previous ones were horrible, I'm telling you  :bleed eyes:

@sharlatan: I'm glad if people find this fic funny. I admit I have rather weird sense of humor most of times  :panic:

SOO..... Once again, I apologize for the very long delay in update for episode 5. I'll do my best in finishing this fic  :bow:
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hoo...raibaru toujou :kekeke: who will it be :hehehe:

imho,one rival at a time is good...that will make the story more interesting :on GJ:

nice banner there... :on GJ:

writer's block is really annoying...go beat that him who's the boss :onionwhip:
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i never knew tomoyuki can be this cute.. XD
looking forward to your update  :ding:
update soon :on gay:
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Ohh...What's this?!?!? Who?! Who's the one saying that line?!?!?
 :? :shocked :O

~Well, stupid me...Of course you won't answer it until episode 5!~!~!~!~
 8) :P :lol:

~Hm...She ask Tomochin if she get a chance on Yuki-kun...To Tomochin?!?!?
 :shocked :smhid :banghead:

~Oh man...How will Tomochin react after that unwanted question?~?~?~
 :( :) :yep:

~Well, i will still wait, don't you worry Yuki88-san!~!~ I'll be looking forward for chapter 5!~!~
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First of all, I'd like to apologize. I'M SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING. I have finished my final exam but I still have some things I need to take care this week.  :banghead:

Thank you for those who have been waiting patiently for episode 5  :bow:

@bunny_rabbit: thanks  :) and hehe, PLEASE HELP ME TEAR THIS BLOCK  :banghead:

@Chichay12: awwwww hehehehehe thanks.

@Diegy48: Well, it's not like anyone in the school have the slightest idea on TomoYuki.... except Tomo~mi, that is  :P

Anyway, I feel extremely guilty since I've finished only like..... 30% of episode 5 but I guess I don't want to keep you guys waiting for way too long.  :bow:

So here I am presenting 1st part of Episode 5. Gratitude to Deukie a.k.a. LoyalFlutist for the help  :bow:

-moved to here, complete episode 5 (

Very short, I know. And this is just small piece to Rena arc, in fact. I planned it to be only 1 chapter but we'll see on the progress  :nervous :panic:

Comments and Critics are appreciated.  :panic:
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Tomochin sure has a battle on hand against Rena XD
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Thank you for those who have read the part 1.... which I shall delete now that I have finished episode 5.

So... finally I (sorta) finished with episode 5. A bit shorter than I thought, but it's more because of I cut the story to be included in episode 6 (yes, episode 6 is still correlated to episode 5).

@kurosawa87: Not really a fair battle for Rena, really  :P

Thanks a lot to Deukie (a.k.a. LoyalFlutist) for every help and ideas during the development of this episode. Also gratitude to my non-JPH!P friend for the proofread.

Hereby I present Virgin Love episode 5.


Episode 5

"Tomochin-san, do you think I have a chance with Mr. Kashiwagi?"

I swear I was shocked when I saw the mail. It was from the honor student of class 3-B, Matsui Rena. I got to know her from the cram school.

'What should I do...' I have no idea this reserved girl actually has interest in a guy. Last time I saw our junior chasing her around like a puppy; she rejected him almost immediately when he actually confessed, saying that she had no time to be in a relationship. Yeah, she is that serious about study so it is so surprising to receive this kind of mail from her.

I am thinking of asking Tomo~mi for some advice, but then I remember that today is Sunday--which means she is on a date with Masuda-kun at the moment. Nope, definitely shouldn't disturb them.

'Hmm...' I look at the message on my phone again. To be quite honest, I'm not sure how I should react to it. My goody-goody side is telling me to help her, but I know I may inflict pain on myself if I do so. Besides, we all know that... *ahem* Yuki-san likes me.

I massage my nape and let go a sigh. "Of all guys you know, Rena-chan, you just have to pick him."

I decide to reply to her with a generic answer as I type "Why not? Just give it a try" and send it to her. It doesn't take long for her to send a reply back.

"B-b-but how?! I-I-I don't know how to. >_<~"

Sigh. I really hate this situation. Seriously. Oh well, I shall just call her and ask to meet up at the usual cafe.


"I’m really sorry for taking your time, Tomochin-san." This pale girl in front of me bows her head down before sitting on her seat.

"Nah, it's not like I have anything to do anyway," I tell her as I sit down and raise my hand to call the waiter. After we finish with the order, both of us sit in silence anxiously before Rena-chan decides to open her mouth.

"Tomochin-san, w-what should I do to get closer to Mr. Kashiwagi?" Her face is reddened as she utters the words. Oh, fellow maiden, I know how it feels (in fact, I'm in progress of the attempting the thing she's asking). Hmm, how about this...

"I think you should pretend there are things you don't understand in the class." I give her a rather half-hearted suggestion there. She seems confused so I take a deep breath and explain more.

"I know you're the smartest girl in our school, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to not understand the subject. You can get closer to him by pretending that you have something you don't understand in the class and ask him outside. It's good timing to do it now since we're having final exam for the current term soon."

From the look on her face, I can see that a light-bulb has been turned on inside her head as she looks surprised yet happy with that wide grin on her face. Also, I think I’m imagining things as I see stars in her pupils.

"I see... Thank you very much, Tomochin-san!" She jumps from her seat and shakes my hand vigorously. I can only watch her in awe.

"D-don't mention it."

As our order comes, we finish our meal and go our separate way afterward. I call out to Rena-chan and wish her a "Good luck!" while waving my hand.

"Thank you very much, Tomochin-san!" She waves back with a huge smile on her face and walks away afterward. I watch her back as she walks away and let go a sigh.

"What am I doing here?"


"Nee, nee, Tomochin, have you heard about the honor student Matsui Rena starting her approach toward Mr. Kashiwagi?"

It doesn't take long until the news spread, it seems.

"Yeah, what a news, haha." I chuckle, trying to answer the question from Acchan without sounding awkward.

"Seriously! I thought she has no interest in guys." The black-haired girl tilts her head, looking puzzled.

"Maybe she wants to feel the youth in her last school year." Another classmate of mine who has gachapin-like face joins the conversation.

"What do you mean by 'youth', Miichan?" My brain isn't really registered on what she was meant to say.

"LOVE, Tomochin! LOVE." The short-haired girl raises her hands as if she's worshipping something.


"Well, coming from the well-experienced player like you, that's not too surprising." Miichan chuckles and shrugs me off. Sigh, as always.

I turn to my right side to see a certain well-endowed neighbor of mine squinting her eyes at me. She keeps silent as she stares at me with questioning look.

"What's with that face?"

Tomo~mi lets out an annoyed chuckle to my reaction. "We need to talk later, after the school."

I look at her, thinking of what I have done to make her into like this.



"My hunch keeps telling me that you're helping Rena-chan."

I'm sitting on my bed with Tomo~mi crossing her arms on her chest. She seems a bit angry and I have to admit it is entirely my fault. I forgot to tell her about this matter because.... well, I didn't want to disturb her lovey-dovey time. Sigh.

"To tell the truth.... yes, she did come to me asking for help."

"Did you help her?" This feels like a criminal interrogation, damn best friend.

"Well.... I did. Just a bit, though."

Tomo~mi chuckles. "You think it is only a bit. Now she's occupying most of his time outside class and you don't even get to meet him as often."

I roll my eyes, feeling slightly annoyed. “Well, who am I to get in her way, I’m not even his girlfriend!”

Tomo~mi is clearly unsatisfied with my answer as she rolls her eyes. Sigh. As much as it annoys me, I realize that what she stated is entirely true.

“I’m sorry.”

Tomo~mi lets out a sigh and pats my shoulder, accepting my apology.

“I’m sorry, too, Tomochin.”

I shake my head, “You shouldn’t have, Tomo~mi.” She certainly shouldn’t have. After all, she made me realize how much unnecessary sacrifice I made here when I am supposed to get closer to him. But then again, I won’t tell her that or this damn well-endowed best friend here will tease me to death.

“So what will you do?” Tomo~mi raises her eyebrows in question as I give a thought to it. It doesn't take long before she suggests me to...

"How 'bout asking him to be your tutor at your home?"

I raise my eyebrow to the idea. That is almost exactly the same as the one I gave to Rena-chan.

"Wait, no. I don't wanna use similar tactics as the one I told Rena-chan, you know. It makes me feel dirty-handed, like I'm backstabbing her."

Tomo~mi rolls her eyes before she stares at me in disbelief as she tells me, “You don’t have that responsibility to make sure she gets him.”


"No buts!"

I still feel rather guilty toward Rena-chan but.... Sigh. Sorry Rena-chan. I guess I should listen to Tomo~mi this time.

“Okay fine, I’ll just ask him later.”


I am lying on bed--typing the message for Yuki-san, asking him to tutor me. After that, I am getting ready for my journey to the dreamland, when my phone rings and disturbs my preparation.

I roll my eyes as I have a thought in my head, 'Who the hell calling in the middle of the night...' so I check the caller ID and it says... WHAT, speaking of the devil...

"He-hello, Yuki-san." I pick up the call nervously.

"Hello, too, Tomo," he says, sounding weirdly nervous, before he becomes silent and I can hear roar of laughter from his side. I raise my eyebrow.

"Yuki-san, what's wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong." Now he sounds like he's anxious and in hurry to end the call. From the speaker I hear a guy's voice saying, "C'mon Yuki, man up a bit!" while the others laughing out loud. I won't deny that it made my heartbeat became 200% faster, you know. Who knows if those words will make him confess to me, not that I expect it to happen, though.

"Yuki-san? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am really okay. I'm very sorry for the sudden call. Please excuse me." And then he hangs up the call.

I look at my phone in disbelief. "Yuki-san and prank call?" Doesn't seem like his style but... Oh well. I shall just shrug this case off for now and head over to dream land, hoping to see him there.


"Good morning, T-, Itano-san."

I was checking my locker when I heard this greeting from a familiar male voice. What a real good morning I'm experiencing right now. I turn my head to smile and reply to his greeting.

"Good morning, too, Y-, Mr. Kashiwagi." I bow my head down as a part of respect toward older people. What, don't forget he's still my teacher.

"See you in class," said Yuki-san as he smiles back and walks away happily as he is humming to something that sounds like "want you, need you, love you". It seems that he remembers something afterward as he stops walking and turn back to tell me,

"Ah, about the tutoring, sure. I have nothing to do this afternoon so we can have the session right away."

I'm sorry, Rena-chan, but I guess we will fight for Yuki-san's attention in fair and square way...

"Okay! See you later." I tell him back. I can feel my lips turning into smirk before I suddenly remember about the call he did last night. He didn’t seem to remember about it. Hmm~ I guess I should ask him about it during the tutoring session.


I’m so nervous. Seriously. This will be the second time Yuki-san visiting my house, although this time, it’s for tutoring. I was rolling on my bed imagining things when I hear my mom’s voice calling me. I guess I haven’t told you that my parents have come back from their second honeymoon, have I?

“Tomomi? Your teacher has come for your tutoring session!”

“Yes mom! Wait a bit!” Oh gosh, I’m so excited for the wrong reason! I run down the stairs quickly. In the living room, I see my mom is talking with Yuki-san with a sheepish smile on her face. What the?

“Good afternoon, Y- Mr. Kashiwagi!” I cut their one-way conversation while glaring at my mom.

“Tomomi, your teacher is still so young and so handsome!”

I shake my head as it makes me cringed inside, looking at my mom’s gushing over Yuki-san like she’s a teenager. Meanwhile, Yuki-san seems pretty embarrassed as he scratches his head and blushes a bit, not knowing how to react to my mom’s squeal.

“Errm, Mr. Kashiwagi, you can follow me to my room and ignore my over-enthusiastic mom here.” I tell him as I show him the way.

As we walk up the stairs, my mom teases me with "DON'T DO ANYTHING IMPROPER YET, OKAY." Ugh, mom. Don't add more fuel onto fire, please. Seriously.

I look at Yuki-san whose face is reddened and feel glad that my mom can't see his current state or she'll tease even more. Yeah, she's so much like Tomo~mi that I often wonder if she's really my mom or actually Tomo~mi's.

I tap Yuki-san's shoulder when we reach the door to my bedroom. "Yuki-san, don't bother. We're only here for a tutoring session." I try to reassure him with a smile, although I am very nervous myself. What, anything can happen between two persons who not-so-secretly like each other in that small room with bed, you know! Not that I expect it, though.

"Ye- yeah..." He takes a deep breath before calming himself. I wonder what's on his mind right now.

I put my hand on the door knob, ready to open the door. "So, shall we enter the room?"


"Okay, douzo." I invite him to enter my room. As I lay my eyes on my bedroom, I start to feel embarrassed, to be honest. I just realized how messy it is right now.

"Umm, I'm sorry about the current state of my bedroom, Yuki-san. It's a bit... messy."

Yuki-san just smiles awkwardly while making an entrance to my messy bedroom. I tell him to wait a bit as I make space for the coffee table. He looks around and offers his help to me.

"Let me help you with the table."

I just reply to it with a simple hum and a nod. We are about to move the table when a small 'accident' happens.

He put his palm right above mine, accidentally touching my hand and making me gasped. It's as if the time has been stopped. My heart beats seriously fast and I can feel my face getting hotter as I look at his hand that is still on my hand then move to his face, which has also become as red as tomato. He also does the same, before he is snapped back to reality and removes his hand off mine quickly.

"I- I'm sorry, Tomo."

"No, no problem, Yuki-san." I wish he would hold my hand a bit longer but I don't think that will be good for my heart.

"L-let's continue moving the table so we can immediately start the session."


Oh God, will this tutoring session be alright?!

----------------- ------------

TBH, it's a bit boring and I'm sorry for those who expect more YukiRena as it has TomoYuki fluffy moments as usual  :nervous

Comments and critics are welcomed  :bow: :bow:
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Tomo wins the round but the war is still going XD
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Wow! I've just read the whole episode!!!~
-Orgh!!~ Tomo~mi loves teasing in here huh?
-Same with Tomochin's mom~ lol~
-Eh?! So the spoiler thing...It's Rena who is behind this!!
-Tomochin!!~ I'm on your side!!~ *thumbs up + grin*
-This 'accident' ...Hahaha!!~ You're the best Yuki88-san!!~

>Plz update the next episode!!~ Tutoring is the best alright!!~ Hehe~
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I can not wait for something happen between Tomochin and Kashigawi san!
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need a help to break the writer's block? will a sledge hammer enough :kekeke:

anyway...I can imagine some smexy time between tomo and yuki then another smexy time between rena and yuki...and to complete it tomotomo+rena ganged on yuki :on bleed: hurray for yuki the harem king :onioncheer: :on woohoo:

me and my pervert thought :wahaha:
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So... Everyone who have read and left comment, as well as thank you, on this fic of mine, I really appreciate it. It is one of my source of spirit in working on every episode (and also the future possible episodes!).  :bow: :bow:

@kurosawa87: well............ okay I shall not comment since the answer lies on this episode  :nervous

@Kochiki: Tomo~mi is a total teaser, so is Itano-mama hehe  :rofl:  Thank you hehe, I'm not the best here but I'll do my best  :D

@Minami-chan: Hehehe, we'll see. *winks*

@bunny_rabbit: HAHAHA, If only I can break the writer's block with a sledgehammer  :banghead:  as for the smexy time.... NOOOOO *Yuki's brain gets steamed as she attempts to write*

Oh, just so everyone have easier time to imagine their appearances, I looked for pics that somehow fits the character. Still lacking some people, though, but in the mean time, here they are.


Matsui Rena


Miss Kojima

Miss Akimoto

A bit teaser for you: Miss Kojima will have a role in future episodes.  :grin:

Anyway, finally, 1 month after episode 5.... I finished with episode 6!!!  :panic:
I managed to deliver this episode thanks to my RL friend who has been helping me with ideas (Brainstorming time with you is always gold, girl) as well as Deukie (a.k.a. LoyalFlutist) for the suggestions and proofreading. To be honest, I feel uneasy about this episode because of the pace. And btw this episode is going to be the longest episode I've ever written for Virgin Love.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy Episode 6.  :)


Episode 6

"In a sentence, you have to check whether it has a verb or not. If it doesn't, you will have to use a 'to be'. However, you will use both 'to be' and verb if it is a passive sentence."

I'm trying to pay attention to Yuki-san's words as I jot it down on my notes. Ugh, English is so hard. Doesn't make it easier even when the one teaching it is Yuki-san.

"Is there anything you don't understand yet, Tomo?" It seems Yuki-san noticed how I look bewildered from his explanation.

"English is so difficult!" I lay my back on the floor from frustration. Yuki-san lets go a sigh and gives an understanding smile.

"Haha, it's not that hard if you keep on practicing. That's why I'm here."

I feel that I gain a little courage from his words. I raise my back up to the table and continue the lessons... until something flashes on my mind.

"Nee, Yuki-san, did you call me last night?"

Yuki-san looks confused. "Did I?"

"You did."

It seems that he doesn't remember about the prank call so I decide to show him my phone call received log. He stares at the screen for a little while when he suddenly remembers something as his eyes look like they're going to bulge out any moment.

"I-I-I, I did, huh..." He stumbles on his words and he is so flustered. Great.

"What's wrong, Yuki-san?" I watch him curiously.

"Nevermind!" He panickedly waves his hand. Is he trying to flee before I ask for explanation?

"Oh ho~ isn't this suspicious?" I flash a cheeky grin at him. He won't get away with this!

"N-no, seriously. How 'bout going back to the lesson, Tomo?" So now he tries to divert my attention. Not so fast, Yuki-san.

"Lessons can wait." I tell him as I start moving out of the coffee table and shift toward him slowly. Realizing what I'm trying to do, he moves backward, trying to run away from me.


I let out a giggle when I say "Yes?"

"Umm..." He panickedly looks around for an escape route. Too bad for him, as he continues to move backward, his back finally hits the end (which is my bed, actually) so he can't no longer flee. I'm slowly crawling closer to him when my door is knocked.

"Tomo? Here's the tea."

I quickly move back to my previous spot, pretending that I'm still working on the exercise, before my mom makes her entrance. Meanwhile, Yuki-san seemingly still shocked from the sudden approach from me is frozen in his position like a statue.

"Mr. Kashiwagi?" My mom stares at Yuki-san dumbfoundedly.

It seems that Yuki-san is snapped back to reality with my mom's call. He stands up and tells my mom that he needs to use the toilet so my mom tells him the way.
It is when he goes out of my room that I realize how embarrassing it was. WHAT HAVE I JUST DONE?!

"OH God, did I attempt to seduce him to do indecent things... no no no no, I just wanted him to tell the truth about the prank call... that's all of it."

Yeah, here I am, trying to convince myself that I wasn't doing it because of a hidden desire. I hope that's just true because... I never thought tutoring session with Yuki-san can be this dangerous! Damn that Tomo~mi. I have a feeling that little devil had this calculated inside her dirty mind when she suggested to me to have private tutoring session with Yuki-san.

Yuki-san shows up not long after I'm finished with my internal self-cursing. He still looks extremely awkward and... can't blame him for it.

"I-I-I'm really sorry, Yuki-san." I stand up and bow my head to apologize for what I've done to him.

"A-ah... It's okay."

I slowly raise my back and face him without looking at him in the eyes, probably with my face blushing red from the little regret. I don't want him to misunderstand so I try to explain.

"I... just wanted to know... about the prank call."

I anxiously play with my fingers, waiting for his answer. If he's answering, that is.

"O-oh..." He scratches the back of his hair as he walks to the coffee table and sit back on his previous place so I follow suit.

He lets out a sigh before he opens his mouth to explain. "S-so... Last night, I went for a reunion with my old friends from the high school days."

"Uh-huh..." Ah, that explains the noise from his side of speaker.

"We had a little drinking... and as we usually do, we played a truth or dare game."

"And then?"

His eyes are restless and keep looking around nervously, probably wondering if he should tell the rest of the game that caused him to do that call.

"So, basically one of my senior dared me to do something and... that happened."

What's with that 'do something' thing?

"Emm, may I know what he dared you to do?" I ask him while staring at him curiously. It seems that my nervousness from before has disappeared. Good for me.

He looks at me for a while then blushes and looks away. "I-I'm sorry, I can't remember much about that."

“I see...” I guess I can’t push to tell him any more than this. Hmmph.

I open the exercise book again and suggest, "We should continue with the lesson, then."

He let go a relieved sigh. "A-alright."

We continue the session from what we left before, thankfully this time without any 'incident' occurs. Can't get anymore awkward from this, can we. After a while, Yuki-san looks at his watch to check the time.

"A-ah, it's already 7 o'clock. I guess this is the end of our first tutoring session."

Wow, time sure flies fast. I wait for him to take care of his belongings before going downstair with him. He is about to leave when my mom calls.

"Tomomi, please ask Mr. Kashiwagi to have dinner with us!"

What kind of development is this, dear mom. I shake my head as I smile at him.

"Well, you hear what my mom said, Yuki-san. Would you like to have a dinner with Itano family tonight?"

I give him some time to think when my dad makes his appearance behind my back.

"Mr. Kashiwagi, don't be shy! My wife has cooked enough for all of us." My dad puts his arm around Yuki-san's shoulder and drags him to the dining room while laughing. Yuki-san stares at me over his back helplessly. I just raise my hand up to my shoulder apologetically, silently telling him to just go along with my happy-persistent daddy while I follow them to the dining room.

As we reach the dining room, my mom already waits at the table as my dad asks Yuki-san to sit at the seat beside my usual place. What kind of situation is this?!

My dad grabs his utensils and announces, “Let’s not waste more time and start eating!”

During the dinner, I take a discreet look at Yuki-san who still looks very nervous. I let out a smile as I continue with my meal when my mom decides to open a conversation.

“So, Kashiwagi-kun, do you have girlfriend?”

Kashiwagi.........kun? What’s with the sudden intimacy?

Yuki-san is taken aback by the question as he lets out an “E-eh?” as a reaction. My mom then goes on with her little blabber.

“Well, Kashiwagi-kun is so smart and handsome. Of course, he already has a girlfriend. Nee, Kashiwagi-kun?”

Yuki-san can only smile sheepishly, hearing what my mom said. “Thank you for the flattering but actually I have never had a girlfriend, Ms. Itano.”

“Ehh~?! Really?” My mom just won’t stop with this, will she.

“Then, what about a girl you like?”

Yuki-san chokes on his food as he heard that question. I can sense him stealing a glance on me as I, too, choke on my food when I heard my mom’s question. That brings curiosity out of my dad.

“Why are you choking, too, Tomomi?”

Yep, the choking part, not the Yuki-san-glancing-at-me part. What were you thinking?

“Kashiwagi-kun, don’t rush when eating meal,” is what my mom says with innocent look. Yuki-san just nods his head while drinking the water. Of course, my mom doesn’t realize what she has caused (or maybe she pretends she doesn’t) and continues with the ‘interrogation’,

“Hmm, since you’re not telling about the girl you like.... How about the type? What type of girl do you like, Kashiwagi-kun?”

“What’s with the questions, mom?” I stare at my mom who just answers me with a wink. What the...

“I like a kind girl...” Thankfully, Yuki-san gives a generic reply... or not.

My mom is unsatisfied with his answer as she says, “Eh~ but ‘kind’ is so relative, Kashiwagi-kun~”, to which Yuki-san replies with a simple smile.

“Then, what about my cute daughter?”

Once again, Yuki-san chokes on his food while I protest to my mom who dropped the bomb without any warning.


I give him a glass of water and rub his back to calm him. He becomes a little more relaxed and he takes a deep breath before he turn his head to me, looking embarrassed.


"Don't mention it." I glare at my mom, to which she just answers with a teasing giggle. My dad decides to close the conversation as he tells us to finish the meal.

After we finish with the meal, my mom and I clean up and go to wash the dishes, leaving my dad and Yuki-san at the dining room. When we leave, my dad starts his talk with Yuki-san. Oh, poor Yuki-san. I try to listen carefully to their conversation, with my dad being the first one to strike.

"Mr. Kashiwagi, I shall be straightforward from this point so..."

Yuki-san gulps to the serious tone in my dad's voice.

"How long have you been with my daughter?"


"W-what do you mean, Mr. Itano?"

"Don't try hiding this from me, Mr. Kashiwagi. This is my fatherly instinct."

Yuki-san is probably trembling right now as he can't even respond properly to my dad's words.


"C'mon, Mr. Kashiwagi. We're talking as fellow MALE creatures here. Tell me, how far have you two been in your relationship?"

Right now I feel like running to the dining room (which is just a few steps from the kitchen) to help Yuki-san so I quickly wash the dishes and leave right away as I finish. When I arrive at the dining room, I can feel how tense the air between my dad and Yuki-san.

"T-t-there's nothing between me and Itano-san, sir!" He puts up as straight face as possible. I can't help but letting out a sigh before I butt into their tension.

"Mr. Kashiwagi, it's already late so you should go home."

The tension between Yuki-san and my dad dissolves quickly as my dad flashes a grin on the nervous teacher and my palm cupping my face looking at my dad.

My dad shakes Yuki-san's hand. "Please come and have dinner with us again next time." And then he sneaks a wink for me when Yuki-san doesn't pay attention as I push him from the back toward the door.

When we reach the gate, I figure that I should pretend I have no idea what my dad and Yuki-san talked about.

"Yuki-san, sorry about my parents." Never thought they're that quick in picking out the thing about us.... not entirely, though.

The teacher with flushing red face just lets out a sheepish smile when he says, "It's okay."

"You know, I wonder what my dad asked you when I was with my mom washing dishes. Care telling?"

I thought his already red-as-tomato face couldn't be even redder--guess I'm wrong.

"No-nothing important."

"I see..." I decide not to pursue this further since I did listen to the talk. It seems that Yuki-san can't see me in the eyes as he keeps stealing a glance and quickly looks around afterward.

"O-okay, then, see you tomorrow, Tomo."

The flushing-red teacher is turning to leave when I grab his hand unconsciously. He turns around with an obviously visible nervousness.


To be honest, I am also surprised with my hand's reflect. I bite my lower lips while thinking what I should say to him.

"Erm... ah right, thank you for the tutoring."

I don't know if my face is now turning as pink as his but at least it makes him let out a giggle when he sees it and he becomes a lot more relaxed afterward.

"It's been my pleasure, Tomo. I'm looking forward for the next session."

I just smile at him embarrassedly as I let go his hand.

"You better leave now, Yuki-san. It's really getting late now."

He glances at his hand that I held before he takes a deep breath and says, "I guess so. I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow."

There's a hint of disappointment in his voice. Maybe he still wants to be here but I told him to leave too soon? I shrug that thought off and tell him, "take care" as he walks away.

I quickly return inside my home and go straight to my bedroom so I can avoid my parents. It's kind of scary to face them right now if they can just detect that both Yuki-san and I have crush on each other just by seeing our interaction.

I lay my back down on the bed and grab my phone. I send a message to Tomo~mi to tell her about my private tutoring session with Yuki-san, also I ask her if she had envisioned the little 'accident' we had back then. I'm not angry, actually, just curious.

While waiting for Tomo~mi's reply, I decide to send a message to Rena-chan, asking for her progress in approaching Yuki-san. I'm amazed at how fast I receive the reply from the smart girl. There has yet any message from Tomo~mi to come, that little devil!

I open the message from Rena-chan. It says:

"To be honest, I'm not really sure about it, Tomochin-san. You know how kind Mr. Kashiwagi is toward all of his students. ;>_<)"

I know, Rena-chan. Yuki-san is so loved by everyone in my class because he always takes care of our class so well even though he's new. I do wonder if it has anything to do with the essay we worked on weeks ago, though. At least, I did write a bit of my real side there, who knows about the others.

I'm thinking of a reply message for Rena-chan when a new message arrives. I open it to see that it's from a certain neighbor of mine.

"Good for you, girl. And to answer your question, yes I had. :P"

As I finish reading it, I feel like throwing my phone right on her face--if only she's right in front me.

"You little devil!"


Our private tutoring session went for 2 weeks. Thank God that it went normally as the final exam for the term is coming close. I think my English has become slightly better, thanks to Yuki-san's patience in teaching. Tomo~mi occasionally came and studied together with us after my mom told hers one day in their afternoon tea that I had private tutoring session with Yuki-san. Of course, the well-endowed brunette wasn't really happy about that but even I understand her mom's decision since Tomo~mi is really bad at studying.

"I'm sorry for disturbing your quality time with Yuki-san, Tomochin." Tomo~mi whispers to me at the end of the last session, hoping that the mentioned shy teacher didn't hear her words.

I roll my eyes and pinch her cheeks as I tease her. "Nah, I don't really mind it since my best friend isn't the brightest girl in the world."

She pouts to my words and pinches my cheeks, having a revenge on me. "I don't wanna hear that from you."

"Don't forget that my grade is still way above yours."

We continue pinching each other's cheeks, not realizing that Yuki-san has been staring at our childishness, holding his laugh.

"You girls are surely very close friends."

Tomo~mi looks at me then grins at Yuki-san. "We are, Mr. Kashiwagi. I even know her 3-size in details."

Lies. I don't remember ever stripped in front of anyone including her.

"Don't listen to her, Yuki-san, she..." I stop in the middle of my sentence when I see his face flushing red with his jaw dropped. I smack Tomo~mi's head.

"That hurts!" She protests and glares at me.

I roll my eyes and point my finger to Yuki-san. "Look, what have you done, stupid."

Tomo~mi then proceeds to check the shy teacher who is now hiding his blushing-like-tomato face behind his palms. She giggles and lets out an "Oops."

I smack her head again. "Don't ‘oops’ me!"

"I told you that hurts!" She whines again as she pouts. I ignore her and move a bit closer to Yuki-san.

"Yuki-san, are you okay?"

He takes a peek at me in between his palms. Sigh.

"I'm sorry for what I will do to you, Yuki-san." And I pinch his arm, making him shriek from the little pain and release his palms from his face.

“It hurts, Tomo.” He pouts as he rubs his arm.

“Yuki-san, you pervert.”

I just give him a smirk when he suddenly blushes. I was wondering why until I realize how close the proximity between our faces is. I don’t know how long we stay in that awkward position. I only move backward after I hear Tomo~mi’s cough from the side.

“You know, I don’t wanna be a third wheel here so can you two keep this kind of thing just for your privacy?” She says while wearing this deadpan look on her face.

“W-w-w-what are you talking about, Kasai-san?!” Yuki-san is trying to deny Tomo~mi’s straightforward words while his face is already so red that I wonder how many red-cell blood he has.

“I guess next time we’re having this kind of study session I should just ask Masuda-kun to come along," says Tomomi as she shrugs her shoulder.

I can still feel the heat from all the blushing I had on my face but at least I'm already used to Tomo~mi and her teasing compared to Yuki-san, who is hiding his face again but unable to hide his flushing red earlobes, though. Meanwhile, Tomo~mi is giggling before I stare at her and punch her on the arm lightly.

I turn to talk to the flushing red teacher, "Like I said, Yuki-san, don't listen to that little devil."

Yuki-san slowly looks up and shows his face, looking at me with some sort of puppy eyes.


All of sudden, he acts like a kid. A very very cute one. Please excuse me while I'm barfing rainbow... oh wait. I have to fix this first.

"Yeah." I tell him as I glare at Tomo~mi, who gives me tongue in cheek.

It seems that he finally calms down as he gathers his belongings and prepares to leave. When he's done, Tomo~mi and I accompany Yuki-san to the gate.

"Jaa, good luck with the exams," says Yuki-san as he steps out of the gate.

"Thank you for the tutoring, Yuki-san. We really appreciate this." Tomo~mi discreetly looks at me when she said that 'we really appreciate this' line. I roll my eyes, knowing what she actually means.

I turn to smile at Yuki-san as I say, "We'll make sure to get good grades on English and make you proud," and winks.

Hearing my statement, Yuki-san smirks and pats my head (Thank God I can handle myself, unlike last time). "I believe you can get good grade, Tomo." Then he turns to Tomo~mi and pats her head as well. "Well, you have to work hard, Kasai-san."

Tomo~mi chuckles. "Yeah yeah, I know."

Yuki-san looks at his watch and hurriedly turns around to leave. "I'm really sorry but I have appointment with my friends. See you!" He says as he waves his hand and runs.


"Tomochin-san, I will confess to Mr. Kashiwagi after the last exam. I'm scared. >_<~"

Sigh. Of all times to receive this kind of message, Rena-chan, you just have to send it before our exam's last subject. I send her a short message.

"It's all up to your courage, Rena-chan. :3"

I don't know how I should encourage her since we're rival (although she doesn't know about it) but I guess that should do. It takes a little while before a reply message comes.

"You're right, Tomochin-san. Thanks for encouraging me! ^^"

I smile as I look at the message before I let out a sigh.

"I wish I can be as courageous as you, Rena-chan."

It's true. I envy her for having the courage to confess to Yuki-san. I bet you wonder why I have yet to confess to Yuki-san. I know I like him and he likes me back but to confess is another matter. He's still my teacher and I honestly think a love relationship between teacher and student won't work well. The society doesn't easily accept it.

I lay my head on the table, trying to not thinking about Rena-chan confessing to Yuki-san. It is soon the time for the last subject of the exam and I engulf myself in answering the questions, pushing all the thoughts away.

After I finish with the exam, I hurriedly walk out the class, ignoring Tomo~mi's call. I look for Rena-chan and quietly follow her from a safe distance. On my way, I see a certain puppy-like junior student following the honor student as well. Remember when I told you she rejected a junior back then? Yep, that’s him. I guess he’s a persistent kid, still chasing Rena-chan even after the rejection.

You’re asking me for his name? No, I have no idea about that. All I know is that he has same surname as Rena-chan, which is Matsui.

Anyway, back to Rena-chan. I (and the persistent puppy junior) follow Rena-chan to the school backyard, where a certain man on subject has been waiting. Both of us choose a hiding place that (we think) is safe to observe the confession scene in front of us.

"T-thank you for coming, Mr. Kashiwagi." Rena-chan stutters on her words as she strikes on Yuki-san. He just gives an awkward smile as a reply.

"Anou, Mr. Kashiwagi, I have something I want to tell you!"

Yuki-san seems a bit startled when the pale girl blurted those words. Nervously, he let out a "..Yes?"

Rena-chan takes a deep breath to calm herself before she says, "Mr. Kashiwagi, I-I-I I like you!" And she bows to Yuki-san who is now looking sad. He taps Rena-chan's shoulder gently and let his eyes meet hers as he tells her, "Matsui-san, I'm really sorry."

To be bluntly honest, I let out a slightly relieved sigh when I heard his rejection. Rena-chan looks like she's going to break into tears anytime soon but she holds it.

"Can you tell me why?"

Yuki-san takes a step back as he explains.

"A teacher can't have relationship with his student, Matsui-san. Social consequence awaits for those who break the norms. I don't want you to suffer from that kind of things, especially when you still have a bright future ahead."

I don't know why but I can feel tears flowing from the corner of my eyes. 'So he has the same thought as me...' is on my mind. I shake my head and erase the tears as I continue observing the two.

"But, Mr. Kashiwagi, I can wait!" Rena-chan cries, at last.

Once again, Yuki-san let out a sad expression as he tells Rena-chan, "I'm sorry, Matsui-san. I already have someone I like."

Rena-chan drops her shoulders. "I... see..." was the only thing she said before she runs, still with tears, and leaves Yuki-san standing on his place. I notice the younger Matsui stands up, looking agitated as he shouts at Yuki-san.

"How dare you hurt Rena-senpai!" He turns his back and runs to chase Rena-chan afterward.

I stand up to leave as well when I hear Yuki-san's shocked voice calling my name. I turn around to see his face filled with guilty feelings so I give him an understanding look as I move my lips in silence.

"I will wait."


Okay.... Comments and critics are accepted, as usual.

I have started working on episode 7, but I don't think it will be finished soon with the current situation in my life. I'd like to apologize in advanced for that *bows*
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Tomochin parents is so cool XD
I cant stop smilling while reading this
Because of this fic im starting to ship yukitomo :wub:
Kyaaaaaa this is to much to heart :inlove:
I hope u will put some yuki's pov so that i know what is going on inside his head/heart :doh:

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Update soon~~~
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I'm with chiyuu...let's make them do something...well, you know what I mean :kekeke:

poor rena being rejected...hope she will find someone a perverted squirrel like guy would be nice :luvluv2:

I hope u will put some yuki's pov so that i know what is going on inside his head/heart :doh:

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Oh! An update~ I was waiting for this!!~
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>Whatever it is, plz update soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~
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First of all, I would like to deeply apologize for my inability to update Virgin Love.
There are a lot of things happening in my life right now (I won't exactly tell you the details) but it sort of affects my spirit in writing this fic. I'm still trying to work on it every time I have the right mood but it's very rare occasion, not to mention there's also writer's block jamming my way.

Then, I would like to offer my gratitude to those who do wait for the update patiently. I can't promise you when I will be able to finish episode 7 but I will definitely do my best to complete this TomoYuki fluff.

Next shall be replies. Once again, thanks!!

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BUT ANYWAY. I'd like to thank anyone who has been waiting for this update so so so patiently. Took me months to finally able to update this  :banghead:

Bunch of gratitude to LoyalFlutist who have been a helping hand in various things and also some of my other friends that aren't a member here.  XD

Let's not talk anymore and move on to the long-awaiting episode.

I present you Virgin Love episode 7  8)

(I hope I'm not losing my touch  :panic: )


Episode 7

I am lying on my bed, gazing at the ceiling. The confession scene from earlier still lingers on my mind. I still remember the look on Yuki-san's face as he watched me leaving--the expression of his mixed feelings. I wonder if he caught the words I gave to him.

Suddenly my phone is ringing. I check to see a message coming from Rena-chan. It was a very brief one. Oh girl.

"Rejected. >_<~"

Sigh. Somehow I can understand her feeling so well. I decide to console her a bit.

"You have done what you could do, Rena-chan."

There, sent. It sounds cliche, I know, but better than nothing. She's probably crying right now so I hope it cheers her up a bit.

I raise myself from the bed, thinking of visiting Tomo~mi to tell her what happened today, when the door of my bedroom is opened and I can see who is coming.


Tomo~mi comes to me and places herself on her bed beside me. She rounds her arm on my shoulder and gently massage it.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

I look down and let my fingers play with each other.

"Rena-chan confessed to Yuki-san today."

"I see. But he rejected her, didn't he?"

"He did."

Tomo~mi grabs my shoulders and make me face her eye-to-eye.

"Then why do you look so down?"

I can feel beads of tears forming at the corner of my eyes. I bite my lower lips as I try to hold the tears from flowing.

"Because of his reason... is what I have been thinking all this time."

Tomo~mi looks confused. "What reason?"

"His reason for rejecting Rena-chan."

"What was his reason?"

I tell her about his thought (which is the same as mine) that teacher-student relationship won't work in the public's eyes. Then I go on with the whole story of the confession. When I am done, Tomo~mi lets out a sigh and gently rubs my back.

“Let’s hope he got your message, then.”

I nod my head slowly and look at my best friend, who is now smiling and pats my head. She hugs me tight, before she releases me suddenly.

“Oh right, I almost forgot the reason why I came here.”

I raise my eyebrows from curiosity. “What was it?”

Tomo~mi grabs my hand and lets out a sly smile. “Since it's summer holiday, do you wanna go to beach tomorrow? Just the two of us.”

“Well, sure. But I don’t have bathing suits.”

The little devil chuckles. “You can just buy them at the shop near the beach anyway.”

Sigh. “Okay. Just wake me up tomorrow.”




"Catch me if you can~~~" says Tomo~mi to her boyfriend Masuda-kun while running through the waves of sea water. The athletic boy grins as he catches up quickly with his well-endowed girlfriend and pulls her into a hug from behind, to which she responds with giggles.

Meanwhile, I sit under the umbrella on my own--staring at the idiocy called teen romance: beach episode, acted by the little devil Tomo~mi and the cheery Masuda-kun. Sigh. I wonder why I believed her when she told me that there would be just the two of us. Idiot me.

“Tomochin~ come here!!” Tomo~mi calls me to join while playing water happily with Masuda-kun. I just wave my hand rejecting the offer then roll my eyes when they don’t notice. As if I have the heart to break my best friend’s lovey-dovey moment. Duh.

Since I have nothing to do beside staying below the umbrella, I decide to observe the people around my spot. There is an adult couple sitting not that far from me. They just sit next to each other, with the woman’s head on the man’s shoulder. So romantic. I become engrossed in observing this romantic couple until they start to get more intimate as I see the man rounds his arm around the woman’s shoulder while her arms wraps around his waist. Gulp. Why am I observing them again?

“Hey girl, I see you’re alone here.”

When I hear a stranger’s voice, I raise my head up to see a tanned guy who looks like a delinquent. The fuck. Is he hitting on me?

“Tomo, I’m sorry I made you wait for so long!”

Before I even open my mouth to let out rude words to respond to the stranger guy, I heard that familiar sounding voice so I turn my head to the origin of the voice and… I knew it.

“Ah, Yuki-san, finally!” I decide to act along and smile at the shy teacher.

“Tch. She’s with someone.”

The stranger finally decides to leave so I pull a tongue in cheek when he has gone far.

I turn to face Yuki-san. “Thanks a lot, Yuki-san. You saved me from unneeded argument.”

The face of the shy teacher was already pinkish from the heat, and it seems that I have added more red colour to his face. “D-don’t mention it,” he said embarrassedly.

There is an awkward silence between us afterward.  I wonder if he is still affected by what happened yesterday. I decide to try to break the wall and start the conversation.

"By the way, what a coincidence to meet you here, Yuki-san."

"Y-yeah." is the only thing he says and both of us become quiet again. Hmm, what to say… Let’s see… He is bringing three bowls of shaved ice. He must be coming along with someone else.

“So, Yuki-san, you brought so many bowls of shaved ice. I’m sure you won’t eat all of them alone, will you?”

He finally smiles. “Of course not! My friends asked me to buy them earlier.”

Wait. His friends asked him, he said? What is he to his friends? A slave? Poor Yuki-san. I should help him.

“Ah, I see. Lemme help you bringing all of these, then.”

His smile grows wider. “Thanks a lot!”

I was about to raise my lazy bums when I remember that Tomo~mi asked me to take care of our belongings. Sigh. I guess I am a slave, too.

“Ah, Yuki-san, I’m sorry. I don’t think I can leave all this things behind without someone to look after it.”

"A-ah... I... see..." He glances at the bags behind me then looks back at me. There's a rather obvious disappointment there in his facial expression.

"See you later, Tomo," says Yuki-san as he walks away with two bowls of shaved ice on his hands. My eyes trail behind him, following his movement to see where his friends are. To my surprise, his friends are the adult couple I observed earlier. Like, seriously?! Aren't we so alike, being our friends’ third wheel, duh.

I sit back and notice there is still a bowl of shaved ice left. I wonder of he forgot about it or… Let’s not give myself a hope, okay. I turn my attention back to Yuki-san and his couple friends--observing them again. I want to know how Yuki-san acts around his friends.

Yuki-san seems to notice me observing him when he glances at the place where I'm sitting and quickly turn his head back to talk with his couple friends. I'm not sure what happens there but they turn their head to me and wave their hand at me while covering their mouth with the other hand so I just wave back with an awkward smile.

To my surprise, they decide to tag along with Yuki-san who is walking toward my direction. When they are coming closer, I'm very shocked to find out that the woman is actually the school's PE teacher, Miss Akimoto. She lets her hair down and set it wavy, giving her a sexy exotic look. Her dark blue bikini shows her naturally tanned skin and unsurprising well-toned abs. I didn't recognize her because she looks really different compared to how she usually is (she is usually in her jersey all day at the school). I look at her in awe as I let out a comment.

“You look stunning, Miss Akimoto.”

The tanned PE teacher giggles and thanks me for the praise. Then the smile on her face quickly turns into a sly grin as she observes my outfit. She nudges Yuki-san with her elbow playfully when she says,

“Kashiwagi, you have a good taste here.”

I don’t even need to see Yuki-san’s face to know that it has turned into tomato, just by hearing his reaction, which is similar to that one time when we had our tutoring session with Tomo~mi.

“W-w-what are you saying, Akimoto-san?!”

Miss Akimoto smirks to Yuki-san’s reaction. “Well, I heard from Kojima about you and…” She doesn’t finish her sentence but I can feel her discreet glance toward me so I sort of get what she means to say. Sigh. I better try to divert the topic.

“Miss Akimoto, I was observing you and your boyfriend earlier. You two were so cute!”

She glances at the tanned, muscular guy beside him and he gives a peck on her forehead. She blushes a bit as she introduces him.

"This is my boyfriend, Miyazawa Sai."

Miyazawa-san, who wears navy blue tank-top with white surfing pants, offers to shake hand as he winks. "Nice to meet you, Itano-chan."

"Ni-ni-nice to meet you, too, Miyazawa-san." I stuttered with my words. Damn! What the heck, Itano Tomomi?

Miss Akimoto isn't happy with her boyfriend's flirty behavior and sends him a glare while pinching his arm.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, Sayaka, it hurts!"

"Don't you dare hitting on my pupil."

At that moment, strangely I feel a dark aura coming from Yuki-san. I must be imagining things because there's no way such a kind guy like him can exude that kind of presence, can't he.

It takes a little time for me before I realize how Miyazawa-san called me.

"Wait. Miyazawa-san, how did you know my name? I don't remember introducing myself to you."

He smiles, with a little winch as Miss Akimoto keeps on pinching his arm, as he points his thumb at Yuki-san and says,

"Well, I have heard a lot about you from this Kashiwagi here."

The mentioned shy teacher turns his face away, possibly from another wave of red flush on his cheeks again.

"A-ah, I see."

Miss Akimoto teases Yuki-san with some nudges to his arm while having huge grin on her face, when I hear my name being called.


I turn my head to the direction of the voice and see Tomo~mi coming back with Masuda-kun, all wet from playing with water earlier. When Tomo~mi arrives, all of sudden she is stunned when she meets eye with Miyazawa-san. She glances at me before saying,

"M-m-may I know who are they?" While pointing at the direction of Miss Akimoto and Miyazawa-san.

Masuda-kun pinches his stunned girlfriend's cheek. "This person is Miss Akimoto, you know."

Tomo~mi pouts. "N-no, I mean the guy beside her."

Miyazawa-san laughs as he offers to shake hand with the couple. "Miyazawa Sai. Your teacher's boyfriend."

No good, I think Miyazawa-san is Tomo~mi's type. She doesn't even blink an eye when she looks at Miyazawa-san, complete with pink shades on her plump cheeks which I'm sure isn't due to the heat. Miyazawa-san can only smile cheekily before Miss Akimoto rolls her eyes and pinches him harder, making him groan from the pain. That will surely leave a mark.

"Anou... Akimoto-san, Miyazawa-san, please don't forget the shaved ice I've bought for you!"

Yuki-san, who has been silent for a while suddenly speaks out. The tanned couple stares at him with a similar smirk on their face.

"Yeah, yeah, okay, we shall go back to our spot." Miyazawa-san shrugs as he and Miss Akimoto turn their back to leave, but not before Akimoto-san taps Yuki-san shoulder and whispers something that makes the shy teacher jump a little and shakes his head panickedly.

Tomo~mi looks pretty disappointed with Miyazawa-san leaving so she drags Masuda-kun away again, leaving only me and Yuki-san standing at our place in an awkward situation. How can it be not awkward when the thing just happened yesterday?!

I decide to just sit down but Yuki-san seems hesitant. I look up and stare at him.

"Yuki-san, would you like to sit?"

Yuki-san still hesitates but decides to sit anyway--with a clear space between us, of course.

There is a long awkward silence between us, with no one having any idea how to strike a conversation. It feels so long before I decide to try and crack the wall between us.

I turn my head to see him as I utter the word “Anou..” right when he does the same thing--at the same time. We stare at each other for a while before we both look away-- again on the same time. I can feel heat getting on my cheeks as well as Yuki-san’s.

“Y-you can go on first,” says Yuki-san, placing his gaze on the beach sand.

“No-no, you first, Yuki-san.” I stutter with my words. What should I say… what should I say…

Yuki-san looks far far away to the sky. “T-the weather is nice, isn’t it…”


Oh, mother of cliche line. Again, the silence engulfs the air between us. Now that I am not as distracted as before, I decide to take a good look at the outfit Yuki-san is wearing. He’s wearing khaki pants with white sleeveless parka which shows his well-proportioned arms--not as muscular as Masuda-kun but not skinny either. He looks good, even though it feels kind of weird seeing him not in his usual tidy attires of shirts and trousers.

Oh, and it seems that he is doing the same thing as me--observing my outfit. Just for your information, I'm wearing a two-piece bathing suit. In other word, bikini. Pink colour as chosen by that damn well-endowed Tomo~mi. It's embarrassing, though, so I wear jeans shorts and black jumper over the bikini.

I glance over his face and I don't even know anymore whether the redness on his face is caused by the heat or he is just plain blushing.


Hmm? Did I just hear something from him?

I turn my head to see him. "Yuki-san, did you say something?"

He's startled by my question and stutters on his words when he says, "B-beautiful..."

I raise my eyebrow--not raising my hope, okay. I doubt he has the courage to say it so I just go along with a "What is?"

The blushing teacher 's eyes take a glance at me before turning his face again. "Y-you........... see, the sea is beautiful, isn't it...."

EH, Yuki-san, did you just…

I turn my head to look at him as I say, “Really? I thought you meant something else..."

"E-eh?" It seems that my question startled him as he panickedly shakes his head. "W-what do you mean, Tomo?"

I let out a sigh. "Hmm~ nevermind."

And there goes the wall breaker. The silence between us is a total contrast with our noisy surroundings. I look around before I realize something. The shaved ice he forgot earlier.

"Anou, Yuki-san?"


"I think you left your shaved ice here earlier." I extend my arms to take the bowl of shaved ice, which is already melted by now, and hand it to him

"A-ah, you're right. Thanks."

I look at the melted shaved ice, which still looks demanding even after it's melted. My gaze must have been fixated on it for a long time that Yuki-san stops eating.

"T-tomo? Do you want to taste it?"

Gulp. I glance at him with puppy eyes. "If it's okay with you..."

Yuki-san just let out a smile and offer the shaved ice. "Douzo."

I stare at the spoonful of shaved ice and gulp. Then I come to a realization...  Isn't this practically an indirect kiss? And he doesn't even realize it, does he. That thought alone brings heat to my cheeks so I cover them with my palm. I look up and see Yuki-san still smiling.

Ugh, then I should...

"Then... I-itadakimasu." I let him feed me and feel the coldness of the ice as it is melted inside my mouth. At the same time, I really can feel the heat on my face. I mean, it was indirect kiss with Yuki-san. How can I not...

"How is it?"

His voice brings my inner self battle to an end and I hope he doesn't notice the blush on my face.

"I-it tastes good."

He smiles as he offers me another spoon of shaved ice, which I immediately decline because the thought of me and Yuki-san eating from the same spoon is going to blow my mind and I don't think I will survive.

I let Yuki-san finish the shaved ice and while he is eating, I lay my eyes on him. I hug my knees and rest my head on them. My thought walks back to Rena-chan's confession scene from yesterday and I let out a sigh. It seems that Yuki-san hears that and he puts the empty bowl aside. He looks straight to the front and asks me,

"Tomo, What's wrong?"

I follow his steps and look straight to the front. "Anou ne, Yuki-san... I..."


"I want to tell you something..."

"What... is it?"

"It's about Rena-chan..." I pause and bite my lips as I hesitate. "She sought advice from me......."

Yuki-san is stiffened.

"I'm sorry I.. eavesdropped on... that scene. I just... wanna know the result." For my own sake, though, not for her sake.


Silence. I hope I'm not ruining everything. I really want to know what he is thinking now so I mutter the same thing I whispered to him from afar yesterday.

"I will wait... until the graduation."

He looks at me with surprised.


I hug my knees tight and hide my blushing face behind them.

"Did you say something?"

Sigh. He is playing dumb so I shake my head. "Nevermind."

My reply leaves him unsatisfied but I'm glad he doesn't chase me on it. I let out another sigh and do a little stretching on my stiffened body--I must have sit for too long time. I lay my hands on the side on my body after that and look around. I see, on one side, Tomo~mi puffing her cheeks then gets them pinched by Masuda-kun. I turn to the other side to see Miss Akimoto and Miyazawa-san cuddling intimately.

Ah.... I envy them. I wish my relationship with Yuki-san can be that simple.

I was drown in my own thought when I feel Yuki-san's hand on mine. I am surprised with what he is doing and glance to the side to see him staring at the sand with his cheeks turning pinkish. He seems like he wants to say something but it takes a while before he does. I patiently wait and when he does...

"I can wait."

His words warm my heart... and apparently my face, too. I let out a small giggle as I turn around and grab his hand (that is holding my hand) with my other hand.


It seems that my words did reach him as he turns to face me with a smile while his face still looks like steamed lobster. We gaze at each other and... I feel like I'm sucked into his gaze. This feels like a replay of that scene in my bedroom.

My breath becomes a bit heavier and my heart pumps the blood faster to my already-flushing-red face. I hope I won't blow because this situation is surely playing with my head with the "k" word keeps on appearing inside my brain. No, no, that shouldn't happen.... is what I'm thinking, but without I realize it, my body slowly moves forward. And to my surprise, Yuki-san does too.The space between us slowly disappear and.. Holy.... his face is so close should I just...

"I don't think I left you two with all this sexual tension in the air, do I."

The teasing tone from the sweet voice of a certain little devil snaps me back to reality and so does Yuki-san. Both of us quickly create a space between us and the redness in our face is on the enormous level--realizing what we have almost done unconsciously.

The little devil's athletic boyfriend is looking at us with an amused face. "Wow, I never knew that you two are..."

"NOTHING." is our quick, simultaneous response to that statement before he even finished with it. It seems like we added fuel to the fire instead since Masuda-kun let out a playful snort and glances at Tomo~mi with the side of his eyes. I quickly stare at the giggling Tomo~mi and hope that she won't spill any beans regarding Yuki-san and me to Masuda-kun.

Masuda-kun just lets us escape with a shrug of disbelief and a totally smug face as he says, "Oookay."

Tomo~mi comes to me and taps my shoulder. “Anyway, Tomochin, I hate to ruin your lovey-dovey moment (I narrow my eyes and stare at her as I spout, “No, It’s not.”) but I think it’s time to leave.”

I look at my watch to confirm. Ah, she's right. We promised our parents to be at home before dinner so we really have to take off now.

"T-then, I guess I should go back to my friends as well." Yuki-san raises his butt from the mat and bows politely as he leaves, but not before the little devil Tomo~mi asks him to give her more information on Miyazawa-san, to which he refuses politely while taking a glance at the seemingly-oblivious Masuda-kun.

When Yuki-san walks away, he turns his back and waves his hand at our direction. I can see him smiling at Tomo~mi and Masuda-kun, but when his eyes meet mine, he looks extremely nervous (me too, actually) and both of us quickly look away. The scene from earlier is still fresh on our mind and sends another waves of red-blood cells to my cheeks.

Damn, an awkward episode has ended, now another awkward episode--with entirely different meaning--has started.

"Nee, Tomochin." Tomo~mi wraps her arms on my shoulder as she whispers.

I let go a sigh as I hear that teasing tone in Tomo~mi’s voice and roll my eyes. "What?"

The little devil smirks. "You know what to do when we arrive at home later, don't you."

Ugh, I should have known this is coming after she caught me red-handed on that embarrassing scene. I hope I can escape from Tomo~mi and her interrogation later as I shrug her off.

"Not. Happening."


Comments and Critics and Suggestions are totally welcomed with open-hand  :thumbup

So hopefully you all won't have to wait this long for episode 8 since I have the draft ready since long long long time ago lol.
See you next time.
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Damn Tomo~mi  Chiyuu had to be honest and take Tomochin away  :lol:

Yuki is such a nice guy in catering to her and Sai appears as Akimoto's gf although the sexiness comes to mind quickly of her  :wub:
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(I hope I'm not losing my touch  :panic: )
oh god! u dont lose ur touch its still here :hiakhiakhiak:
the fluffyness is still here..i cant stop squeling at this  :wriggly:
tomoyuki rainbow everywhere XD

yuki88 cant wait for more :on gay:
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sweet as ever :luvluv1:

nice timing chiyuu...nice timing :cool2: just when they're about to...

and one thing,does that little devil will try to hit on miyazawa :dunno: I think it would become a nice side story to add :kekeke:

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its look that Tomo and Yuki are in the good way !!
I can´t wait to see they two in a relationship
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Read the whole thing in a shot! :) XD.
Tomochin and Yukirin are really a very rare pairing, it's really interesting and exciting.

Ah~ A teacher and student relationship. Their feelings for each other are also mutual; it's really cute and fluffy.

Please update very soon, I'll be waiting for it patiently. XD
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i just found this story and... wiiuuuu~ it was a very cute story  XD

you really did an good combine in there... the rare cute side from tomochin x the over reaction side from yukirin was very very very great idea.. !! its combined perfectly !! i love it !!!

truthfully i was mayuki shipper  :lol: .... but aside from that, this story has blowed me up with tomoyuki pair !!! splendid !! hhaha

an update please !!  :twothumbs
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So.... yeah, as you've (probably) read in the my OS thread, I'm losing steam with this fic for many reasons. It's been almost 1 year since I updated, wow. Time flies fast, eh. I need to apologize first before I continue with other words. I'm sorry for the very late update. "orz

Anyway, thanks for every single person who came to this thread to read and leave comments and thank yous. I really appreciate it so much. Also thanks to those who pestered reminded me to update this haha. I did my best to make TomoYuki possible (because I know their relationship was not as close as other pairings haha) so I'm glad if anyone actually likes this story. From this point, it will take very long before I will actually update it again. I think I once said that I wouldn't ever drop this fic and certainly finish it but now I'm not so sure about it.

That's said, I had slowly worked on the upcoming episode. It should have been longer but I decided to publish this since I noticed how it was actually long enough for a chapter. Obviously not as long as the recent chapters, though.

So... I present you the new episode to Virgin Love. This is the first time I post an update without a beta but I thank Deukie (aka LoyalFlutist) and special thank to kuro808 for the private talk haha. Also my RL friend for the discussions.
Replies will be below the update.


Episode 8

"Nee, Tomo..."

I turned my head to face the person calling me. "....yes, Yuki-san?"

"Can I....?" He asks as he slowly leans forward.


Wait a minute... WHAT?! He's closing in and I can't take my eyes off his lips!! What should I do... what should I do....


I close my eyes as I'm waiting for him to close the gap between our lips BUT I'M SO NERVOUS.

"Eh, wait. I'm not ready..."

"Tomomi, wake up. Aren't you going to school today?"

Huh? The voice doesn't sound like Yuki-san anymore so I open my eyes to see... my mom. She stares at me confusedly.

"Yea, yea, I'm awake." I slurred those words as I slowly rise up from my bed. My mind flies back to the scene..... I mean the dream earlier. Damn that was scarily real dream. All thanks to that embarrassing moment from a month ago at the beach.


What? You don't know what I mean? And... hey! What's with that weird grin on your face?! Okay, then let me refresh your rotten mind. So last month I went to the beach with Tomo~mi and met Yuki-san there, then due to circumstances we almost...

We almost what? Now that I think of it, we didn't do anything, did we. Huh? You said we almost kissed? No, that didn't happen. Wait.... SO YOU DO KNOW. Screw....

Ugh I must have been crazy. What am I doing, talking to myself.

"Tomochin~ quick~"

Ugh, I heard that sweet voice of a certain little devil. I hate myself for losing to her whim and ended up telling the whole story about what happened that day at the beach between Yuki-san and me.

Not that ANYTHING really happened though.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming."

I quickly run down the stairs and see the little devil waiting for me impatiently--crossing her arms on her chest and forming a pout on her lips.

"What took you so long?"

"I was too lazy to wake up from..." I try to look for nice words to cover the reality and end up with "a very pleasant dream."

Tomo~mi pouting lips turn into a smirk as she lets go an "Oh ho~" and annoys me with her tone. My eyes form a narrow line as she lets out a giggle.

"I wonder what kind of dream it was," the little devil says as she nudges my shoulder.

I give her a stare before I decide to let it go and sigh.

"Let's go. We're gonna be late."


"Nee nee, girls, which of the guys in our school that is your type?"

It is lunch break and I gather with some of the girls in my class. We were having the usual love talk before Acchan suddenly threw the bomb. I can sense Tomo~mi giggling beside me--ready to tease me if I answer it right away.

"Acchan, you already have Minami, don't you."

The chubby-face girl sitting beside the black-haired girl groans and pinches her neighbor's cheeks.

"It hurts, Miichan." Acchan pinches her opponent's cheeks back while adding, "It's not like I will answer it myself."

Miichan seems to accept Acchan’s reasoning and shrugs off. She then turns her attention to me and Tomo~mi. I give Tomo~mi a look, telling her to answer first and she responds with a smirk.

"Well, I’m liking the type like Miyazawa-san (Miichan butts in saying "Who's Miyazawa-san?" but Tomo~mi ignores it), but as you know, I’m currently dating Masuda-kun so I shouldn’t say anything more." Tomo~mi puts out her tongue in cheek.

"How about you, Tomochin?" Acchan looks at me out of curiosity. I really have no idea on what to answer. I don’t think that mentioning Yuki-san’s name here is a wise decision so I look around the class and go with...

"Hmm, maybe Oshima Yuu?"

The others give me a shocked expression. Shit, did I make a wrong choice there?

Acchan looks retarded with her jaw drop. "Wow, Tomochin, I never expected you to like someone like Oshima-kun."

"Yeah! We know he’s the star of track-and-field club but..." Miichan stops her words as she turns around to check whether anyone is listening, before whispering "Isn’t he a well-known pervert?"

"I-I think he's cute." That's all I can think of. That squirrel looking boy is indeed cute and... well, he is the smart-ass of the class, ranking only lower than Matsui Rena in this school.

I turn to Tomo~mi to see her covering her mouth from laughter. I pinch her arm from annoyance.

"Ouch!" Tomo~mi glares at me for what I've just done to her. I ignore her as I observe Oshima-kun.

"Anyway, I heard that he likes our math teacher, Miss Kojima." Tomo~mi rests her head on her palm, doing the same thing as me--observing Oshima-kun.

"Eh?!" Acchan, Miichan, and I shriek from the shock.

"Sssshh, not so loud!" Tomo~mi hushes us as the others in class become silent and turn their attention to our tables.

"Where did you hear that?" Miichan whispers curiously.

"Yeah, I've never heard about this before." Acchan also whispers with a confused look.

Tomo~mi looks around and whispers back, "Well, you know that Oshima-kun is Masuda-kun's close friend so he often talks about him and one day he blurted about it. He asked me to not tell anyone about it, though."

Acchan, Miichan and I now look at the short guy dumbfoundedly.

"Please don't tell anyone, okay?" Tomo~mi begs us and we just nod.

It doesn't take long before Oshima-kun realizes that the three of us have been looking at him for quite some time. He walks to our table looking curious.

"Anou... Is there anything you need with me, girls?"

We are snapped back to reality as we shake our head frantically.

"Nope, nothing at all." I tell him while waving my hands.

He seems unsatisfied but shrugs it off--walking half way back to his friends before he walks back to our table.

"Itano-san, do you mind if we have a short talk?"

"Eh? Why?" I'm taken by surprise here. I have no idea on what he wants to talk with me.

He lets out his signature cheeky grin. "Well, it's a secret."

Secret? I wonder if he's actually seeking advice on Miss Kojima. Or maybe Masuda-kun told him about me and Yuki-san so he decides to share the same pain.... whatever.

"Well, okay." I decide to accept his request.

"Then, let's go to the nearby cafe after school." He smiles happily. To be quite honest, to people who don't understand the matter, he sounded like he was inviting me to date and I don't think that was what he meant.

Miichan pokes my arm. "Is it just me or that was an invitation for a date?"

I roll my eyes. Told ya.

"It's just you."


Oshima Yuu and I are sitting in the usual cafe nearby the school after that sudden invitation during the lunch break.

"Itano-san, I know from Yuuta that Kasai-san is your best friend so I figure that you would know what I want to talk about here."

"Yuuta... ah, you mean Masuda-kun."

"Yeah, Masuda Yuuta, the school’s basketball ace. My best pal since we still wore diapers, hehe." The squirrel looking guy is flashing his cheeky grin as he goes on bragging about his best friend before he realizes he got distracted. "But anyway, let's get back to the topic."

I let out a smile as I look at him. This little squirrel is indeed adorable, I thought, putting his best friend on the top. No wonder he's pretty popular among the girls even with the label of pervert tagged under his name.

“Okay, Oshima-kun…” before I even finish my words, he raises his palm in front of his face.

“Errr, wait wait. How ‘bout we drop this entire formality in the name calling?” He says as he rests both his arms on the table. “I don’t feel all too comfortable.”

“Heh… So how should I call you?”

“Well, you can call me Yuu. And in turn, can I call you Tomomi?” Again, he flashes his grins showing his cute dimples. I reply to that adorable attitude with a smile.

“Of course.”

Damn, how many times I have said “cute” and “adorable” along with the being of “Oshima Yuu” in a sentence today? Oh well, he’s really adorable to begin with. Nobody will ever complain about it, right?

“Tomomi? Can you hear me?”

Ugh, I must have been zoning out that Yuu had to call my name so many times.

"Umm, yeah. Sorry, I was thinking about... things." Yeah, there's no way I'd tell him what I was thinking. I straighten my sitting position to clear my mind.

"So... What is it that you want to talk about?"

Yuu puts up a serious expression. "What would you do if you fell for our teacher?"

Here it comes.

"Do you?"

He rubs the back of his hair. "Well, yeah. I do. Do you?"

"Let's just say I do."

My vague answer creates a huge grin on his face.

"Oh ho~ the famous Itano Tomomi-san is falling for a teacher? What a news~"

I roll my eyes. Now I wonder if Masuda-kun did tell him about me and Yuki-san or not. From his reaction, I guess not so I decide to steer the talk back to the original path before he asks me for more information.

"Then? Who's this teacher you're talking about?"

All of sudden, Yuu lets out a sigh. "It's miss Kojima. Our beloved airhead math teacher."

I giggle. "Why am I not surprised."

Yuu only chuckles. "You have probably heard a thing or two from Kasai-san about this, haven't you."

I think I should be honest. "Well, yeah. She just talked about it earlier."

Then suddenly it rings in Yuu's brain, it seems. "Ah, don't tell me you girls were staring at me because of it."

I let out a giggle. "To be honest? We did."

"Oh maaaan." Yuu laughs as he adds, "girls."


He replies with a grin on his squirrel-like face. "Nothing."

I roll my eyes. "But anyway, lets get back to the topic."

Yuu drinks his milk tea before he throws the question. "So what do you do? To this said teacher you have a crush on."

I decide to give him my honest answer. "I keep a close distance with him but I know we can't be in a relationship as long as we're still teacher and student."

Yuu raises his eyebrows. "That's one seriously unexpected answer from someone like you."

"Don't believe what people say about me."

The squirrel boy gives me sympathetic smile. "I know that feeling, somehow."

Now that’s surprising--my turn to raise my eyebrows. "You mean?"

"You know that people says I’m a pervert, right?"

I nod my head. "Yeah, of course."

Yuu chuckles to my response. "Well, that's actually not true."

I can't believe it--my eyes form a narrow line when I tell him, "are you kidding me?"

"Nope. I’m telling you the truth." Yuu smiles wrily as he crosses his hands in front of his chest.

"Then how about that time when you broke into female bathroom?"

"I know this may sound like a lame excuse but it really happened." He pauses a bit before he continues. "I was walking at the corridor with Yuuta when I heard the girls shrieking from a room so I opened the door and rushed into the room to check what was wrong..."

I continue his words where he left hanging. "And turns out they were changing clothes."

"Well, I didn't realize that it was female bathroom as I jumped straight into it and heard them panicking about COCKROACH so I wanted to help them! Until I saw the girls only wearing underwear and I was stoned by the scene...."

"And the rest is history." I end his sentences. "The girls said you looked at them with pervert look, you know."

Yuu lets out a chuckle. "I couldn't help it! After all, I'm still a normal male teenager with raging hormones."

He looks sad as he stares at his glass of milk tea. Looking at his pitiful expression, I decide to believe him for now. “Well if you say so…” I shrug my shoulders.

His mood seems to be lifted with me believing him with him standing up then extending his hands to grab my hands and gives me the gaze that is filled with stars--complete with a huge smile on his face.

“Thanks a lot, Tomomi!! Nobody believed me when I told them so that makes you the second person who believes in me!!”

I look at him dumbfounded. “A-ah, okay.”


“By the way, Tomomi…”


“We’re straying too much from our topic.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Okay. Tell me about your current status with that teacher you have a crush on.”

“Errmm, well…” I hesitate to tell him.

“It’s okay, just tell me, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Well, Tomo~mi and I think he likes me as well.”

“Whoa, isn’t that good for you?”

“Not really good to know such thing when we can’t even start a relationship yet.”

“Ah… yeah, surely. Well, at least that’s better than my situation.”

“Then tell me about it.”

“Let’s see… Where to start, huh...”

“Up to you.”

Yuu takes a deep breath before he starts. "Then lemme tell you how I fell for her."

....That far behind?! O-okay, I'll just listen then.

“It was one normal afternoon where I had my routine practice for the track-and-field club. I was preparing myself for the upcoming sprint competition so I ran, ran, and ran to perfect my time record.”

I stare at him blankly. Track-and-field club practice and Miss Kojima do not compute at all.

“And then?”

“Then as I finished a lap, I lifted my head and let myself basked in the ray of afternoon sunlight." He grins and makes gesture as if wiping the sweat from his forehead. Again, I stare at him blankly as I try to recall.

....Has he always been this dramatic?

He doesn't seem to notice my blank stare and continues his story. “That was when I turned my head and noticed a girl standing near the window of class 2-B.”

Oh, here it comes. At last.

“I saw the girl staring at the sky with a sad expression on her beautiful face. When the wind blew her hair softly, she looked like a goddess stranded on the earth.”

His face now showing the typical someone-in-love grin as he says, “And that was when the cupid struck me with his arrow of love for Miss Kojima.”

...Oh my GAWD. Okay, forget all those ‘CUTE’ and ‘ADORABLE’ words I said before. I never knew Oshima Yuu is such kind of guy who would spout flowery words like this.

“....I see. That was an..... interesting story.” I tell him with a deadpan face.

Yuu bursts into laughter and pull his signature squirrel smile. “I can tell that your words don't match what you have in mind just from seeing your face.”

Not sure if I should be glad that he noticed it. Oh well, at least he doesn't seem offended. Still giving him my deadpan face, I tell him, “Glad that you see through it.”

Again, he laughs. “Sorry, I just over-exaggerated my actings.”

I raise my eyebrow. Acting? Oh right, I forgot that he was once part of the theater club too.

Yuu lets out a chuckle. “Yeah, it was all just my bullshit except for the part where I fell for Miss Kojima.”

“O.... kay?” I feel the urge to smack Yuu on his head but I hold it back and let go a sigh.

“Now what 'bout you and your said crush?”

His question surprises me. “You mean?”

“How did you fall for him?”

Ugh, I don't think I wanna talk about it with him yet. I mean, I don't really know how to answer it either!!

“It just happened naturally.” I try to shrug him off.

Yuu smirks. “If I could guess who this crush of yours is, could he be one of the teachers who teach our class?”

Close enough. I try to keep my poker face on. “Go figure?”

His smirk grows wider. Damn. “I think I have an idea who he is now.”

Ugh, better divert his attention. This squirrel is as sharp as Miss Kojima.

“Then any attempt you have done to get closer to Miss Kojima?”

“To be honest, nope.”


“I don't have the courage to ask her out!”

I stare at him with disbelief. “Are you serious?”

“I am! She's so perfect and unreachable I just can't!”

I shake my head to his reaction. “Then try to impress her at the festival? You know we're having school festival soon, right?”

My idea lights some bulbs in his head and I can see his grin grows wider by seconds. He jumps from his seat and shakes my hand vigorously.

“Thanks so much for the idea!”

I shrug my shoulders. “Don't mention it.”

“Okay, as my form of gratitude, I'll pay for whatever you order today.”

A smirk forms on my lips. “You better not regret this later, Yuu.”



@kuro_808: Well, kids gonna go home (even though they're technically 18 lol)

@chicay12: Haha, the wait's gonna continue after this are you ready though? XD;

@bunny_rabbit: Don't worry, it will be sort of cameo here and there.

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Any comments and critics are appreciated!!
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Who shall we blame to get this story again? XD

Anyways, Yuu being the derp and being deep XD

I need the motivation to not kill my readers XD
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heeee you should upadate and finish this story  :P must if i can say hhaha *its because i have been strucked with this story u,u

how much time for an update ? 1 year ? again ? whooa~ you should now about this... even if its need 10 year...  for me, i'll always be waiting for your story.. so, keep writing please *just kidd... be hurry for the next update please -o-
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No problem XD. To read the whole, it took me at least an hour or two, three hours max :lol:
 :lol: It's only normal why people starting writing something and end up questioning why decided to write and chose a topic like that; I do that sometimes :P.
You shouldn't stop writing; you have to continue and finish this fic :cry:. I mean, c'mon; I was starting to like this fic, you know.

Please PLEASE update the next chapter, and if possible, PLEASE PLEASE finish it. :cry: :bow: :bow:
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SOOOOO After 1 year and 3 days I finally decided to update this story LOL. THANK YOU TO WHOEVER STILL REMEMBER THIS FIC EVEN EXISTS AND COME VISITING *cleans the dusts around the corner*

@kuro_808: Dunno lol let's just blame everyone for graduating  :panic:  Derp and Deep. I like that :rofl:

@mayura48: You know, the faster way to get me to write is actually bothering me and feeding me with ideas since, I, after all, have moved to the other ships  :nervous

@Haru_Jei: Now you have it  :grin:

I had this episode's draft kept for a long time until it started collecting dust and I gotta say, I'm not too satisfied with what I have as the writing style is quite different with how I write nowadays and it feels like a filler episode with the slow pacing... Nevertheless I shall present you the new episode of Virgin Love. Thank you Cometerz48 for the constant bugging (lol) and kuro_808 for always listening to my silly ideas lol.


Episode 9

"So who wants to be our class representatives for the upcoming festival?"

The class murmurs in the talk of being class representatives when I see Yuu raises his hand vigorously.

"Mr. Kashiwagi, I want to volunteer."

Yuki-san smiles at Yuu's voluntary. "Great, Oshima-san. Who's next?"

Again, Yuu raises his hand. "May I nominate someone for my partner, sir?"

Yuki-san nods. "Yeah, sure."

"I want Itano Tomomi-san to be my partner."

The silence that happens after Yuu finishes his words soon turns into huge noises, which I’m sure coming from them questioning about our relationship so I let go a sigh. I feel Acchan poking me from behind before she asks, "Are you two dating?!"

I shake my head and give her a brief answer, "No."

I can feel Tomo~mi's piercing glare from my side so I turn my head to face her.


Tomomi narrows her eyes into line and whispers, "Are you betraying Yuki-san?"

I roll my eyes--trying to hold myself from shouting at this best friend of mine in the class.

"I thought you are the closest friend I ever had." I put a palm on my face and shake my head dramatically.

Tomo~mi shrugs it off. "Well, I'm just making sure."

“Anou… Itano-san?”

I hear my name being called by Yuki-san so I turn my attention back to him and see him giving me a stare from the teacher’s desk.

“Yes, sir?”

“Would you like to be Oshima-san’s partner as the class representative?”

I shrug my shoulder as I say, “Sure, I don’t mind.”

Yuki-san keeps his stare at me for a little while before he turns his gaze to the class and says, "If there is still any of you who wants to nominate yourself, please raise your hand."

The class, again, murmurs but in the end no one raises their hand so Yuki-san speaks again.

"Okay then it's decided that Oshima-san and Itano-san will be our class representatives for the festival." He looks at both Yuu and me and strangely,
I feel a little jealousy from Yuki-san's stare. Maybe it was just my imagination.


I feel Tomo~mi poking on my arm so I turn to look at her. “What?”

Tomo~mi’s lips form wry smile as she whispers to me. “Yuki-san seems upset.”

A sigh escapes my lips as I get what she meant to say before I whisper back to her. “It’s not like I’m dating Yuu anyway!”

She rolls her eyes. “The thing is from his point of view, it seems like you’re dating Yuu.”


“No buts. We’ll talk again later."

Oh God why all of sudden it becomes like this?!


I find myself sitting beside Yuu along with Tomo~mi and Masuda-kun on the other side of a table at the corner of the usual cafe.

Yuu looks confused as he opens his mouth to speak. "So, care explaining why we are here?"

I share his sentiment. "Yeah, and why is Masuda-kun here, too?"

"Related party." Masuda-kun rises his palms as he shrugs.

Tomo~mi's getting impatient--looking from her glare.

"What are you two planning to do?"

I exchange a confused look with Yuu, as if I ask him through our stare, "Did we plan anything?"

The squirrel looking boy grins and turns to see Tomo~mi. “What do you mean?”

Tomo~mi narrows her eyes into a thin line and stares at Yuu. "You, what are you doing? I thought you're into Miss Kojima."

"I am!"

"Then why did you choose her as your partner?"

"I just thought that we would work well together."

Masuda-kun stares at Yuu. “Since when are you two this close?”

Yuu smirks. "Since she became my love life savior!"

The heck, I haven't even done anything. I roll my eyes. "I'm not, Yuu."

“Oh yes you are, Tomomi.”

"Look, you're in first name basis already!" Masuda-kun widens his eyes as he points his finger to us.

Yuu rolls his eyes at his best friend. "That doesn't mean anything though. Right, Tomomi?"

I nod my head in agreement. "Yep."

I can hear Tomo~mi taking a deep breath before she releases it and points her finger to Yuu.

"I won't forgive you if you ruin Tomochin's love story with Yu-"

"AH!" I interrupt her before she can finish her sentence and mention Yuki-san's name completely. I really don't want both of these guys to know more than anything they have already known.

Tomo~mi and I are exchanging understanding glare when Yuu suddenly laughs, breaking our intense glare session.

"Ohhhh, my guess was right!"

I turn my head to glare at him. "What guess?"

Yuu smirks. "That teacher you have a crush on."

"Who?" Masuda-kun raises the question as he tries to hold his laughter so I kick his legs under the table that he protests in pain.


I give him a tongue in cheek to shut him up and Yuu laughs at the scene happening before he drops the bomb.

“His initial is KY, right?”

My eyes almost bulges out of their sockets from his guess before I smack him on the arm. I see Masuda-kun trying to hold his laughter so I send a glare at him, making him hold his arms on his chest. Beside the basketball ace, his girlfriend a.k.a. my little devil best friends seems to be in shock more than I am with her jaws dropping. I let go a sigh.

“Tomo~mi, close your mouth before a fly flies in.”

With my cue, she covers her mouth and shakes her head.

“I’m sorry, Tomo!!”

I give her wry smile. “Not your fault.”

Masuda-kun is quick to cuddle his girlfriend as she looks like she is about to cry--which I’m sure she’s just acting so that she can get lovey-dovey with her boyfriend. Meh. Whatever. I turn to stare at the squirrel boy as he grins widely.

“So my guess was correct.”

“Well, let's just say it was.” Sigh. I’m going to grow old fast with so many sighs I let out today.

Yuu chuckles. "Well, I don't blame you..." He takes a sip of his drink and continues. “I mean, almost every girl in our school secretly have a crush on him.”

I nod my head in agreement. “Yeah, he’s handsome, he’s nice, he’s cute. What can I say…”

"And you've seen him more than the other female students do,” adds Tomo~mi with the tongue-in-cheek as she hides behind Masuda-kun’s back when I send her a glare. Told ya she was faking the whole crying for apologizing thing. Her wordings, though, makes Masuda-kun and Yuu stare at me in disbelief so I roll my eyes as I can already guess how they interpret it.

“Take your mind off the gutter, guys. It’s nothing like that. At all.”

Both of them look at each other before they look back at me and smirk. Sigh. I don’t wanna know what’s going on inside their head so I decide to bring the talk back to the original topic.

“So, if there’s nothing more we need to talk, we should just go home.”


“Nee, Tomo~mi, do you really think that Yuki-san is jealous?”

As we are walking home without Yuu and Masuda-kun, I ask Tomo~mi the question to confirm my own suspicion on the jealous stare Yuki-san gave me earlier today. Tomo~mi lets go a sigh.

“Well, going by how upset he seemed when he confirmed your participation, I guess he really is. No way he’s not jealous with this kind of situation happening, you know.”

Okay, at least it’s not just me who thought so. That confirms my doubt. Sigh.

“Do you think I should explain it to him?”

I turn to see a mischievous smirk on Tomo~mi’s face. Ugh, I have a bad feeling about this.

“Nope. Let him be jealous, I wanna see his reactions on everything that happens between you and Yuu.”

‘You’ and ‘Yuu’. What a nice pun there. Never mind. Aside from the little bad feeling I have on her idea, I am actually kind of curious about how Yuki-san will react as well. I let out a giggle.

“Okay. I will explain to him after the festival.”

Unless anything happens before the festival finishes. Hopefully none.


I've almost completely lost the steam with this fic and, with that said, I apologize that this might (or might not) be the last update I have here and, once again to remind you all who come visiting, you will always be welcomed to discuss the fic with me and how I want the story to end  :lol:

Comments, critics, and suggestions are always welcomed ;)
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Once per year updates :hip smile:

Anyways, Is everyone playing the aspect of "Let's figure out Tomochin before she figures it out." :lol:

Yuki is jelly, definitely jelly :lol:
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Okay, I just realized I still have yet to comment on this. I will save a spot here for one of the lengthiest version of my comment. I will let you know when this post has been updated! Plus, I have to... you know, REREAD through the series to catch up on what the heck is going on.

- LoyalFlutist
Peace :peace:
Title: Re: Virgin Love (TomoYuki) Episode 9 (151027) + replies
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Girl, I think I broke my back multiple times over this. Forgive me if there are errors or, for some weird reason, incomplete sentences floating around...

After ten thousand light years... I now have the chance to write the review for you! Keep in mind that this will encompass most of your recent update. It would be extremely unfair for me to critically analyze and advise you on tips to write better when, really, you have already gotten better with the later chapters. (Please be prepared for a, somewhat, long review.)

First of all, thank you so much for writing this series, Yuki. It was one of my older favorites when I first joined in the forum! I was fond of reading just about anything in the past, so this was a great gem to find in the treasure chest. I would love to digress further and further till I stop talking about this series, but let's start with the review before that happens. Let’s jam. :peace:


It's your stereotypical shoujo story, especially when you add the student-teacher relationship. What more could I say? Going down the order of Episode 1 to 9, let’s begin with the opening chapter of this romantic tale.

Episode 1
I won’t lie: I did enjoy the opening sequence. Many readers who are only reading for the ship would giggle, squeal, and/or praise to the Holy Lord that, “OH MAH GURD, ATSUMINA”. (Okay, let’s face it… Most of us do that, even me.) If writing for the sake of garnering attention, then good job, opening up a story with a popular ship is the first step to keeping your shipping readers’ attention span longer than the introductory paragraph.

However, I assume your aim is a bit more pure than resorting to shipping techniques. Quick dialogue exchanges and word choices between Itano and Atsuko gave me the immediate impression of what the story is going to be about. The statement from our main character about how others view her was not forced down the readers’ throat. (At least, for me.) I believe it is due to how smoothly you transitioned from their interactions to the given fact of her situation. Emphasizing the main issue of the story is Kasai. (That girl is A++ material, I tell you.). As we go through the story of the first half in this chapter, it was an amazing read. Even when I was inexperienced in differentiating what is a horrible fiction (sorry, there are plenty of them) and gold fiction a few years ago, I could tell this was something I could read again and again with joy.

Introduction of Mister Sexy—I mean, Yuki, is done well. Stereotypical scenario of a new homeroom teacher. I won’t lie… At least you did not decide to make the time setting the first day of school. That would be so cliché, I think I would cry bitter tears. Literally.

Poor miss Matsui, so soon to be forgotten. The boys will surely miss her though, so it’s okay for her.

The above quote I copied was pure gold. I could imagine the guys in class creating a scene full of ugly sobbing. May the princess move on and meet her prince in another school… As for Yuki’s position, it’s time for the ladies in the class to fawn after their new homeroom teacher! I found the transition between the two homeroom teachers to be perfect.

Love love LOVE how you’ve written about the reactions towards Yuki. Lust at first sight for Itano, huh? I can’t blame her. Teenagers and their hormones. It’s hilarious to see how Kasai is so open to a teacher-student relationship. In a more serious and gritty soap opera-like fiction, it would be… awkward. Nonetheless, I would rather read something filled with love and fluff, thank you very much!

As for the ending, good way to end the first episode! Gives us just enough idea of who the romantic love interest is, who the main characters are, their personalities briefly touched about in the right amount, and, most of all…

ugh, dating a teacher? Sounds like a shoujo manga I read yesterday, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I guess I should just wait and see.

…giving off vibes of a romance-genre story. That’s exactly how fluff should work, especially when you’re setting it up to be shoujo-like.

Episode 2
Opening starts off with an internal mumble jumbo from our main character… Which is a great starter to the next installment of this series. It may be easy to start off a series in the beginning, but knowing when and where to start off the following chapters is crucial to keeping the readers stuck along the ride.

”Maybe you should make your move, Tomochin. Be the aggressive one.”

Did you know the number of times I died in laughter from the blunt, yet honest, remark from Itano’s friend? Yeah, me neither. If readers were considering if they should drop this series, I highly recommend they don’t. Dialogues like these should keep, even the most stubborn one, glued to the chapter.

I’ve found it even funnier when one considers the age range between this student and her homeroom teacher. The aggressive one being the youngest… I guess this can break the stereotypical image, could it…?

Stuttering from both Yuki and Itano. How adorable! I could tell that this is the start of, not only a lustful love from the first chapter, but an actual relationship between the two. I really like how this isn’t going straight into the “No, I cannot love you because...” reason or “What? Love? What?” oblivious scenario that, literally, annoys most shoujo fans. (God dang it, notice the girl/boy!) As we get to see them converse to each other till Yuki brings Itano to her home, it appears that the two are making pink flowers grow in mid-air. Talk about how fluffy they can be…

I have to admit that Kasai is one heck of a great character.

”I’d like to barf rainbow if possible.”

She and I literally think the same with Itano’s and Yuki’s relationship, if you know what I mean. Wink wonk. Love the way you ended this episode, and it’s left the readers (or at least, me) anticipating for the next update. It ended in a rather sweet note, you might as well “barf rainbow”.

Episode 3
I swear my reviews aren’t getting any shorter lately, is it?

Anyway, moving on after Itano’s excitement for the next day… is sleeping in. Girl, I bet she’s so excited from having her homeroom teacher allow her to call him by his first name, she stayed up all night in fluffy day… er, night… dreams. Least Kasai is there to knock her up awake. It’s always good to have these kind of friends, huh?

As we follow our main heroine into school, I could see that Atsuko fared well with Minami. I wonder, based off on this episode’s knowledge and none afterward, if Atsuko would speak more about her time with her lover? (Wink wonk.) Of course, we got Kasai to tease Itano about her relationship with their teacher. Doesn’t help for the fact that Yuki greeted her!

Their interactions are so adorable. You know how much rainbow I’m barfing now? Also, I would love to continuously rant on about the hilarious conversation that occurs between the two Tomomis, but I’ll keep that to a minimum.

When we see the assignment he’s given to the students in order to know more about them, looks like Itano’s at a lost. Fear not, for we got her friend! Hopefully the essay she’s written and turned in isn’t so embarrassing… I mean, Yuki is getting the teasing treatment from both Kojima and Akimoto. Similarity bearing between his poor fate along with Itano’s? Perhaps.

Finally, we end the chapter with Itano learning that she must go home alone for the day. You go, Kasai, with your new boy! May this rare chance with Masuda bring you a chance to get closer to love… I think. (I’m no love expert.) As for Itano… Crossing fingers that Mister Handsome takes her home. (WINKY WINK.)

It was, overall, a sweet and fluffy chapter. Likable, and I truly enjoyed it. Progression is a bit slow, but I love the banters. This entire series is meant to be fluffy, so it truly delivered the vibe to me as a reader.

Episode 4
Though I’ve noticed it since opening the thread’s first post, I should say it anyway: Image is spot on for Itano and Yuki.

Back to the story, looks like Itano bumped into Yuki from grocery shopping. Endless flowers being produced in mid-air… Could a man really be oblivious to the fact that Itano has fallen for him since the first time their eyes met!? She’s red… slumps down on the ground in a typical shoujo-like pose… and stutters. His articulations with the words follow a similar pattern as this student, so… I’m only getting the image that he’s either dense like a brick, or actually falling for her too! Cue internal fangirl squeal.

”Ah.” He gasps when I hug him from behind. Can’t help, you know, for safety reason. I don’t wanna fall on my back. It does make me blushed even more, though. Isn’t this a bit too intimate?

Uh huh, Itano. “For safety reason.” I’m sure she’s liking this, alright. Not many girls get the chance to have a man offer them a piggyback ride to their house. It would be a little funny if the man/boy can’t carry the girl… but I digress.

A++ move from Itano for inviting Yuki into her house. Even better… Cooking for him! She may be a virgin with love, but wow, those tips she’s handing out to others are really paying off. Such a dominant girl she is! The only issue would be… this…

I check the refrigerator, only to have frozen french fries. Nothing special, huh. Damn, I’m so unprepared. I guess I have to feed him junk food.

I died laughing here. Out of all the timings to bring him in, you have nothing much to offer. Talk about first impression in regard to personal life. Maybe, out of politeness, Yuki accepted the food and ate it without any complaint. Common sense rule about how mean it is to call out on the chef. To Itano’s favor, she got his phone number! This girl is one closer to achieving victory with Yuki!

She chuckles. “Said someone who cooked junk food for her crush yet still got to exchange phone number with him.”

Kasai’s remarks are always pure gold. You can’t stop me from liking this character. She did speak the truth, though. Love how this episode ended with the girl teasing her friend. It’s a shame Masuda wasn’t able to stay for long with Kasai, however.

Cute, yet hiarious, way to end this chunk! It would make reader desire more for the next chapter. Entirety of the post encompasses some kind of progress with Itano and Yuki… That’s what many readers need, and you truly gave them what we need.

Episode 5
I’m so close… Past the half mark point!

Oops. We open up the chapter with a huge shocker… There’s a rival for Itano! The Matsui from the first episode I’ve gotten was Rena… But maybe that was just me. Going back to the main issue, it’s great to see a romantic rival for the main heroine. Fluff as it may be, a little drama never hurts. Instead, it tends to spice up the plot! I bet shippers of YukiRena are screaming in the background for this to work. Of course, it won’t work. It will defeat the purpose of this series and main pairing if it happened!

Oh Itano… She might just be too nice. Sometimes being kind will lead to one’s demise. Rena could be the greatest threat between her and Yuki… Even Kasai’s gotten the sense that her friend is helping out her rival.

Never understood that sudden call from Yuki to Itano, though. Perhaps he did, with her buddies, confess that he likes her… Perhaps… Or maybe my mind is deluding the facts. BUT, Yuki doesn’t seem to be the type to prank a call, as Itano mentioned...

We do have the stereotypical, fluffy tutoring scenario that goes on in the last part of the chapter. When Mister Handsome came over…


Winner of ‘Best Fictional Mom’ definitely goes to Itano’s! How supportive of her mother. Even she got the hint that the two were meant to be together! Sorry, Rena!

It ends fairly well with a question that is asked at an appropriate moment… Will Itano be really okay during the session? A single touch from her homeroom teacher by accident seems to make both party blush like a tomato! May the Lord bless these two for a smooth time.

Episode 6
I approve of the pictures you’ve chosen for the staffs and students. You ALMOST convinced me that I should just go back to the idol realm… At least, with the old members that have mostly graduated, cries. I’ve noticed that this is an episode that I’ve proofread in the past… Whoops. I kind of forgot about that. Let’s go through it again with my new lens!

Great starter! Jumps straight into the action of the tutoring session between student and teacher. After the introduction, lovely to see how we’re now watching Itano ask Yuki about the phone call.

If Yuki has forgotten, could he have been drunk…? I would think not, since a drunken individual tends to be… careless with their chosen words. It could be a different case for this man. Itano surely is dominant, though! Look at this student go after him like a tiger! Too bad Itano’s mother interrupted their moment, boo.

It is when he goes out of my room that I realize how embarrassing it was. WHAT HAVE I JUST DONE?!

Good going, Itano. Good going. When Yuki is, forcefully, joined to eat dinner with Itano’s family, I died from laughter. Her father is rather friendly to the teacher, and her mother acts as though they’re on close terms already. Gosh, reading this portion made me ‘barf rainbow’. Fluff is done extremely well, and the family interaction with Yuki is executed in the most shoujo-like way ever. That’s a check plus in my book! The development was also made here about the feelings between the two. Let’s keep butting out Rena. Girl, you need Airin or Jurina.

As I kept on reading, I stumbled about Kasai’s gold words…

Tomo~mi looks at me then grins at Yuki-san. “We are, Mr. Kashiwagi. I even know her 3-size in details.”

Lies. I don’t remember ever stripped in front of anyone including her.

Oh Kasai… Aren’t you a good friend of Itano. Yuki’s reaction to the two interacting are both understandable and outright adorable. When you have two individuals close together, they tend to be in their own world from an outsider’s perspective, after all.

We finally got Rena rejected in the end. So not sorry. She got Juju running after her, for crying out loud! Fight me. Yuki already has someone he likes, but it appears that he has the same moral thoughts as Itano:

”A teacher can’t have relationship with his student, Matsui-san. Social consequence awaits for those who break the norms.”

I can only conclude that:
a)   He likes Itano, but needs to wait for her to graduate, at least.
b)   He actually likes someone else!

It’s painful to see Itano feel a sense of dread from the realization that he, too, understood the taboo relationship between a student and a teacher. You can’t help it when love strikes hot. Love is an extremely complicated concept, and no one can generalize or give a straight answer about it.

Episode 7
Do you know how happy I am to be almost done with this? I think I snapped my spine TWICE from doing this. I’m joking.

Kasai’s that one friend that will find ways to cheer up another… at least, that’s what I would like to think from what I’ve read. As they’re at the beach with her boyfriend, Masuda, poor Itano is sitting by herself! It doesn’t help that there was another man hitting up on her!

Alas, we got Mister Handsome coming to save the day! (Like many shoujo scene would play out.) The exchange was sweet, yet awkward, between the two. It turns out that the buddies he came to the beach with was with Akimoto and her boyfriend, Sai! I find it humorous to see the name change from “Sae” to “Sai”, but it worked out. It’s also hilarious to see poor Akimoto having to deal with a flirty man. Oh Sai… Don’t act like a playboy! He might never see the next day with Akimoto as his girlfriend! I can’t blame how Itano and Kasai acted when they first saw him, however. I bet he looks quite handsome.

The talk between Itano and Yuki… GOD, HOW CUTE CAN THEY BE. Even though there was some drama as they struggled to deal with their morality of a relationship, Yuki’s words of him waiting for Itano to graduate… That was just gold. I tell you, I rooted for this moment. I live for this moment! Then, due to the timing, they were about to kiss… and…

”I don’t think I left you two with all this sexual tension in the air, do I.”

Kasai attacks again!

I was awaiting for everything to tumble downward into an angsty spiral, but… knowing you, I don’t think you’re the type to trick your readers into despair for a fluffy series. Thank you for not being the devil like myself.

Episode 8
Is it me or are these chapters just getting longer and longer?

A dream-like sequence where TomoYuki happened. Too bad it ended early from a wake up call by Kasai!

It appears that in school, there’s a rumor (or more like a fact, ha) that Oshima Yuu has fallen for Miss Kojima. Looks like we got another case of the teacher and student relationship in this academy. Perhaps Itano could finally discuss her feelings about the situation with him! Perhaps. He even dragged her out of class to talk about how to handle Kojima. Though looking for advice only from the best person, it’s funny how Itano could also be one secretly in love (or not so secretly for some) with her homeroom teacher. Looks like the two got something in common to talk about.

Yuu is, potentially, another golden character.

”Then as I finished a lap, I lifted my head and let myself basked in the ray of afternoon sunlight.” He grins and makes gesture as if wiping the sweat from his forehead. Again, I stare at him blankly as I try to recall.

….Has he always been this dramatic?

So close to Kasai, yet so far… You’ll make it there to my favorite character list! It’s a shame this kid didn’t make any move towards Kojima. Thankfully, there’s Itano to solve most, if not all, of your love problems.

I don’t really have too much to say on here, but it was great character development for the other casts! (Or maybe I’m just too tired from writing this all out, lol.)

Episode 9

Jealous Yuki? I so need to see this! It appears that talking with Yuu gave the impression that Itano could be dating the squirrel. I guess when you’re in love, you tend to be in a haze. Most normal situations become exaggerated and blown out of proportion when one is paranoid. Perhaps an explanation should clear up the confusion…

As I went through the story, I found a couple of humorous lines from, not only Kasai and Itano, but Yuu.

Sigh. I’m going to grow old fast with so many sighs I let out today.

This made me chuckle. Itano surely has been frequently sighing over the course of the episodes… Praying for no wrinkles to this perfect character.

”Nope. Let him be jealous, I wanna see his reactions on everything that happens between you and Yuu.”

Kasai can be rather cruel! Though experimentation and watching is fun, I don’t think Yuki nor Yuu would find this enjoyable. The pun was pretty good, so she can be forgiven. Not to mention Itano’s curiosity getting the best of her. Teenaged girls… The last sentence was a little worrisome, however. There better not be anything weird going on in the midst of the festival! (Of course there will be… OF COURSE. We need drama!)

Last two updates seem to have a shorter length… but it was enjoyable, regardless!

Overall Impression
Lovely, quirky, and most of all… Kept me plastered to the story from beginning to the most recent update. Please update, woman. I need to know more! At least conclude it with a solid ending of them graduating, and Itano finally going out with Yuki! Do it for your readers! Do it for me! Or I will haunt you forever, mwahahaha.


Let me tell you one thing: “You are amazing in writing characters,” as this reviewer proceeds to drop the microphone, and flashes a gang symbol—

Okay okay, jokes aside, you really did write the characters well! I won’t indulge too much in the other characters since I’ve written God-knows how many essays from up above there. For now, I will briefly discuss about Itano, Yuki, and Kasai.

My favorite character is Kasai. You cannot stop me, and you cannot make me not love her. The way you’ve written her is so well-developed as a best friend material for the main character, I, literally, grin whenever I read her parts whenever she shows up. Most BFFs I’ve noticed are stereotyped and heavily written to be the random side characters that the lead character would interact with. (Basically, they’re useless.) You, on the other hand, wrote her out to the point she developed as a strong female integrated into this story. Had you removed everyone but Kasai, I wouldn’t see any issue.

Itano, oh Itano… What a unique, but adorable, main character you are. The relationship between her and Kasai are ones that would make any shoujo fan go crazy. Even crazier, she’s falling for her teacher! Yet she has a sense of morality involving her relationship with Yuki. Teacher and student kind of have a… rather forbidden romantic interaction. In today’s social standards, it’s viewed negatively. I cannot blame the thinkers. I too think of it that way. If the student graduates and reaches at an age that considers them as an adult, I wouldn’t really care, frankly. As a main heroine, she’s a likable character. Internal dialogues strengthen her character throughout the story. Definitely a shoujo-like MC! 

Yuki’s a sweet gentleman. I have no idea if there are guys like this around (I hope), but you’ve written him in a way that makes him likable. The perfect gentleman… That’s how shoujo-like romantic interest are written, for the most part. (It’s either the jerk or the gentleman!)

As I read through the episodes, the three characters that seemed “meh” grew onto me. I won’t lie… Their personalities could’ve easily been one-dimensional. It could be so boring, I would cry and drop this series in a heartbeat. You didn’t let this happen. Instead, you hooked me, one of the more pickier readers, into reading a romantic tale between a student and her teacher. What an investment! 


It’s kind of difficult to pick up on them since this is a rather light-hearted tale. However, these are a couple on what I managed to scour.

1)   The longer love is felt between two individual, the more difficult it is to sever
2)   Teacher x Student

Love is slow in this series. Some readers might be turned off from this fact. Shippers love to read something that’s, most likely, already settled. Two characters paired together from the get-go… That’s great and all, but a story where love starts blooming? One of the best, but I digress. (For the third time… fourth time… whatever time in this review.)

Love is a sensitive topic. We all speak the term as if it’s nothing to us. “I love you.” Those words carry so much weight, yet, at the same time, hardly carry any. Some people rush into relationships. Others would like to take their time with each other. You wrote a tale of a slow relationship between teacher and student. Despite the immediate lust Itano has towards Yuki, it appears that, as they spend more and more time together, they really start feeling for each other. It could heavily backfire should something happen to this fragile red thread. (As seen with Yuki mentioning the next upcoming topic I am about to speak…)

Teacher x Student. One of the topics that most people are uncomfortable talking about in a serious manner. It is proven that a healthy relationship between a student and their teacher will lead to benefits.1 However, this taboo topic can and has led many people into a horrible bind.2 Though the student may not get into trouble, the teacher, by the laws, is sitting in prison for having a romantic relationship!

We may be asking… Why? What’s wrong with this? If the two party comes to a consensus, then they should be fine! Love is universal, love is unbreakable. Love is everywhere, whether we like it or not!

You can say that, but for all the legal system knows, it’s illegal to a certain extent. Most association between a teacher and a student strictly remain professional. (Ever wonder why your teachers/professors seem to not care about their students at a certain point?) At most, friends can be achieved. I’ve had students in my high school joke about how hot our Psychology or incoming Sociology/Government teacher is. I’ve heard my classmates in college blabber on about how sexy their English professor is. Fight me all you want with opinions, folks, but let’s admit it… Don’t make the teacher a pedo, and certainly take your relationship outside of school grounds. It is kind of awkward in the real world to see your professor kissing your classmate right before class start, wouldn’t it?

Basically practice the law, and don’t get caught if you do end up breaking it. Wink wonk. In the fictional realm… It’s a lot easier to talk about this. (Not bashing this fiction, but I’m merely stating the real issue we can/are face with.) In reality, it’s much uglier and difficult in comparison to the fluff between Itano and Yuki. If only life was much simpler…


Perhaps some of my analysis on your language was somewhat leaked in the story portion of this review. Fear not, for I have plenty of good news on here! (I hope it doesn’t fill up like crazy from up above.)

Your usage of dialogues flowed naturally between the characters. It flowed so naturally, I could literally imagine my friends and classmates in school talking in the same manner as them. I do understand there were a few moments where exaggerative conversations (such as Itano’s family talking to Yuki when he tutored their daughter) could rarely happen in the real world. However, since this series serves as both comedy and romance, it fits the scenarios far too well. Jokes thrown into the story made me chuckle and even grin as I read through them!

There were also so many witty lines, it would be impossible for me squeeze them all into this post. Should I have done that, you might as well consider this a one shot list! As I’ve stated earlier in this paragraph, words were natural to the readers, it made reading a pleasant experience!

There might not be so much details in the characters’ actions, but I believe simplicity can work as well as being descriptive. You allow the readers to think on their own, forcing their imagination to churn their wheels. I cannot express the number of times I complained to my writing friends in school of readers that want every single scene spoon-fed to them. However, there were, in the past chapters (such as the beginning of of episode 3), odd placement of details that just seems so… random. When we consider this to be an internal thoughts of Itano, then it isn’t much of an issue. Should this be outside of Itano FPOV, it would be a major problem.

Many of the metaphors and analogies used to express Itano’s happiness to the sly nature of her best friend is spot-on. They were used correctly, and definitely not overused. The worse that any writer could be pointed out for is the redundancy of this literary device.

Internal thoughts could be a major setback for some fictions. In First POV, it could be done poorly too. Sometimes, inexperienced writers would jam the protagonist’s thoughts into the text. That would make just about any reader cry from the pain of trudging through forced opinions. You did it differently. You managed to incorporate Itano’s mindset into the episodes seamlessly.

There are nitpicks about grammars and spellings, but I will not focus heavily on it. (It’s unfair to poke and probe harshly at updates done months ago.) What matters the most is the plot, and how well you executed it. So far in this ride, you managed to deliver the plot in a fashion that I enjoy reading! (Keep in mind that only a small handful of fictions and most novels can only do this to me.)

Personal Opinion

You know, girl, it makes me wonder if your first chapter really is from 2013… because the quality is great, and the later chapters are even better! It was a lot of fun reviewing this series (I didn’t mind sitting here for an hour in the law school cafeteria to continue writing this, nope!), and it was definitely a ride to read your work.

Although I specialize in angst, I do need to get a grip of my sanity by reading something adorable and cute sprinkled with a few drama here and there. By reading over your work, it serves as a piece of literature that I made me feel thankful and giddy on the inside. Who knew Yuki and Itano could work out so well for each other!

Keep up the good work, and I demand you to have the next update soon! I will be sure to review the next chapter in a heartbeat—wait… That’s too fast… How about… “in a lunar eclipse-beat”? Sorry, not sorry. Don’t stop writing, for you have a loyal reader here. Thank you for keeping this series alive!


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